Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 22, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 22, 1861 Page 1
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THE NE W ? OR K H ER A LD WHOLE NO. 9234. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1861. PRICE THREE CENTS. Tho Recent Movements on the Upper Potomac. Skirmish Detwecn 11 Portion of Gen. flrCall's Division and tJ;e Rebels Iter Ilraine&ville. THE FIELD OFFICERS EXCAGED IN THE FIGHT SKETCH OJ? THE GENERALS. The Blilitary Movements in lire IXelgli loihood of \\ili'amsport. CUR RHP OF THE LOCALITIES, lie., tt., lie. In aridltlen to tho lata brilliant victories of lho Tnton troops in Missouri anil Kentucky, wo lnve to reooril another ui Virginia. The following is the ofilclal doepatcii from General MoCull to General Marcy, recounting the fkcts:? OFFICIAL REPORT FROil OEM. iTCAI.I,. rraims.- vi.i.K, Dec. 20?I P. M. General Ord'a brigade, with tlio First regiment of Pctin Bjlvania rifles and Km ton'a battery of artillery, had a brirlt affair with the cm my, consisting of four regiments and a battery of artillery, near this place, at cwi lye M. to" day. I arrived during the nelion, and sent for General Roy noMs, who was left at Difficult r in. The enemy was d? yea tod, and (led before General Reynolds arrived. We havo found forty killed of the enemy and ten wounded on tho Held. Uur loss is two killed and throe wounded. We have taken two caissons, with tho liar Besses, the horses having been killed. Tho regiment of rifles behaved finely. Lieutenant Colonel Kane was very slightly wounded, but Is still in the Held. 1 have collected tho dead and wounded,uud am about to niovo back to camp. GEO. McTAIX, lirigadier Oen.Commanding. As official drs|Mitthes are generally meagre with regard to details if battles, n ri urn - of tho particulars, as fur nished by our reporter, may be interesting as an illustra tion to our map. THE ADVANCE. At six o'clock on lho morning of th<- 20tli General Ord, with a full brigade of General MoCall's division, consist ing of four infantry rcgimeuts, a regiment of riiles, and a bnttery of artillery, proceeded on a foraging exncditiou to the north of tboir position. General Metal) ?xpected they might bo attacked, und therefore ordered tho other two brigades of bs division to advance, he, also, w ith li s stall and escort, following the satno route. General Ord's brigade advanced to Thomson's house, on the road to Drainosviite. General Reynolds' brigade hiok tip a position <m the roadway whero it crosses DIIDc It creek, and the o'her brigade occupied a placo nearer the camp. ( THE FIGHT. When General Ord's command had advanced to Thorn ton's house thoy were suddenly fired upon by a force lying in ambush in deuso woods adjacent. This was the ?igunl of battle, and a brisk cncagomcnt promptly ensued. General McCall, who arrived a few minutes previously, took command. In a moment's timo Kaa ton's battery was planted alongside the Thornton, and fired rapidly and with terrible effect in the enemy's ambush. Colonel Kane's "Bucktnil Riflemen" wore placod in ad vance, and fired upon the enemy wherever they inado their apppurnnrc. Tho rebels, who had a battery of six pieces, returned the cannonading, and replied to the rifles With musketry. The wing was kept up somo three-quar ters of an hour, when the enemy retreated rapidly in the Circeiion of Fairfax Court Houso, the fire of the whole brigade, rifles und battery, boing too liel for thorn. The men fought bravely and steadily, and the slight loss sus tained was by the riflemen, who were most exposed. THE TROOl'S IN THE FIGHT. Although tho whole forco under General McCall baj advanced, but one brigade was actually in <bo r hi. The following are the chief officers:? COMMANDER OF DIVISION. Mnjor General Gl'-ORGE A. M STAFF. Assistant Adjutant Genera!..Colonel H. J. Riddle gudgeon Major .lames King, M. D. Aid Capt. Hon. Kaw. Mci'hersop. COMMANDER OF RKIGAhK. Brigadier General EnwAsu O. C. Ord. STAFF. Asslstimr Adjutant General. ' atitaln Plncidos Ord. Quartermaster Captain Ans. n Stager. Bt CKt'AII, RIFLKF. Colonel Hon. Chus. J. Riddle (absent in Congress). Xieut. Colonel Commanding.. Thomas I.. Kane (wounded)'. Alitor Roy Stone. SIXTH l'ENNSYLVANIA HI.SEUVK COUPS. Colonel William W. Kicketiu. lieutenant Colonel William R Penrose. Mn.or Henry .1. Madill NINTH PENNSYLVANIA RESERVE CORPS. Colonel G. F Jackson. X. leu tenant Colonel.. Robert Anderson. Major James McK. Snorlgriss TENTH PENNSYLVANIA KKSKRVK COUPS. CtiloDol ; John s. MeGalmont XJeutciiaut Colonel him1 s T. Kirk Mtyor Harrison Allen. TWELFTH PENNSYLVANIA RESERVE CORPS. Colonel John 11. Taggart. X.ieuL uaut Colonel Samuel N. Uaiiy Major Peter Raldy BATTERY A, THIRTEENTH PENNSYLVANIA RESERVE GOBI'S. Captain.... H. Kaston. Flint Lici tenant W. riulteuberger. Second I.ieuivnnnt II. Palcsgrove. Third Lieutenant Win. Stilt. SKETCH Or GENERAL McCALL. Major General Ge?>r :? Archibald McClll is a native Of Pennsylvania, and entered West Point in 1S18; was pro moted to Second Lieutenant of tin- First infantry in July, 1922, and in December of the same year appointed to the same position in tin Fourth infantry. Ho was ad iranoed to the f irst t.ioutonantr.y in January, 1820, and ajUKiiuted Assistant Commissary of Subsistence in the latter part of the same year, which position lie held until April, 1 s: 11, wi cn he was appointed Aid do (.'amp to Ma jor General C ; nines, retaining tlio satrie appointment until 1S30, noting u portion of the time as As enfant Adjutant General. Ho wag in September. 18"0, appointed Captain, and distinguished hituself under Colonel Worth in the Florida war. He was one o(. t"ho most active officers in the Mexican war, and per. formed no unimportant part in that campaign. He was breveted Major ard Lieutenant Colonel tor bravery and distinguished services performed at Palo Alto and U saca de la Palmn; was appointed As.,i taut Adjutant General, with rank of Major, duly 7, ISM, and on the 22d of De cember, 1847, was pr motcd to be a Major in the Fourth Infantry, wh-tt lie rclinou.hed hi.; stair appointment Ho was advanced to Inspector Goners!. with rank of Colonel, in Ik'.O, relinquishing at the same time Ins rank in the line. Be has not been oonnectei with the army during thi) last t voor three years, having been engaged a end etig'neer, hut was called nut by the autbori ti- Pennsylvania, who pla-.d him in charge of the jaiyr i i trve force organized by that State It h o-been ?p ndi u the summer organizing and drilling thi., for . It is '.wing to lib, activity thai Pennsylvania was obit to forward eleven thousand troops to !]*? sent of war with n forty-eight bout ; after the rout at Bifjl run. Hid he hcen placed in command of thi" f tci o v Harper's Frrrv, inr oad of Patterson, Gcuera! Johnston w " Id havs had i me work to porf irm before he ar: lv 1 afUlut'-at-sas Jur.ct en His ni,p,, ;ii n.cnt to activo srrvice is "tie of the symptoms of a change from a political lo a nti'itary army. SKETCH Oh' GENERAL ORD, Brigadier General KdwardOihoCresap Ord wae ben.' In the Ft ate of Maryland, and eutered thi Academy at West Point in *-ptember, isCS. He graduated in July, 1885, when he w?-. :tpp uerf from the Linnet of Colum hia a Second Lieutenant of the Third artillery. In July, J841, he was promoted to i. First I. tbo tlb of September, 18U0, received his commission as a Captain in the i bird regiment of United Stues arttllery In I8i6 ho was dibiiuguisbod in several severe conflicts OPERATIONS ON THE UPPER POTOMAC. The Skirmish of Gen. Grd's Brigade of Gen. McCall's Division?Movements of tlxe Rebels Opposite Williamsport, ?co. \nAGERSTOWIU HAVRE BE CRACE/ / \ 7 bMltimo b?Rbvviule-' UNGTlQf) $ / no a ? \zm\* V 04. , -^y>rtmwfr w?g ? v ^ - SHJA'OrOfJL ?--L > \ ~~ tyhP . . .... .J*mgnrfflK=2&? o_ ^S'As'sas ?Sa?* P* X \ ^. 1 IV???- >v ^ ALEXANDRljf j j>WATFR8'& SON. N. V. / CAIAWA.*1 'smr V-'* with the Indians, near Rogue river, Oregon, and In .Sop tomher, lSf>8,was engaged in the conflict with the savages on the north of Snake river, Washington Territory. On his recent return from California he was appointed a Brigadier General <# volunteers, and in this his first engage ment with the rebels ho has distinguished both hiuisnll and his command. THE MOVEMENTS NEAR WILLIAMSPORT. Tho rebel General Jackson i ft Winchester uu Tuesday with five thousand seven hundred men and one hundred boats, each calculated to carry twelve men, and marched to Jlartinsburg, where ho was reinforced by tw o thou sand ouo hundred men. ifj was also reinforced by upwards of two thousand men from Charlostowtt, Ho advuucod on Williamsport and commenced ?o shell the town from a position three miles below it. Tin1 tiro was returned by Best's battery, and b >th lir. ceded in the evening,after lasting s iverat hours. Jacks left five hundred men at Winchester and forty thru' ,v. Charlestown. His object was to make a dash for Hi suppliesOi salt, sugar, Ac., at Willlamsport. Ho In lost hia opportunity, General? Hamilton and Williams, and several regh units from Frederick, have arrived at WUliamsport to chc kmale his plan The shells throwu at Colonal Geary 's catnp were clearly intended to cover the above movement Affairs iu and around the vicinity of Wllliatnsport were quiet up to the evening of the 20th, except an ex chango o; shots with the enemy at Hani No. 5 and K illing Water. Jackson's libit cry, at the i rinar place, Includ ing a twelv" pounder rifled gun, hits been ut work endeav oring to destroy the dap), Which now ? ms to be tlie principal object of his demon trillion. His flro is re sponded to by two Parn-tt guns of Kuapp'sPennsylvania battery. At tho lutt i place one section of Best's battery has becu oporatitig Occa- tonally against two of Jackson a guns. Tho design of the enemy ut l ulling Wator appears to be to distract our attention from Mam No. 5. Tho Connecticut Fifth ?us to join (1 mend KoUcy's com mand,and roiKirt at Hancock or Ronmoy. Ikilonel Ken ley's First Maryland. Murphy'" Twenty moth Pennsyl vanla and Lieutenant Cushing's section of Best's battery arrived at Willlamsport on the kOib. Thero'Iocs not appear to be tho least danger of Jack son attempting to cross. Itesertera say that he has been ordered tc do. troy Main No. a ut all sacritic m; but Colonel Leonard's forces are so disfiosed as to prevent any danger of a surprise. On tho lath a party o( the Connecticut Fifth and Lieu tenant Rickett's battery were sent over in a skiff, and burned the mill at t'am Xo. 6, which has been occupied by thu rebels as a stronghold. They captured some gut s, tools Tor breaking up the dam, blankets. Ac. Jackson, it is m l, has been promoted to the command of the win > valley of Virginia. He has flvo regiments on the neck oppnsito Williams! ort, with fifteen guns OUR WILLIAM." PORT CORHESPO.VEDNCK. Wiu.i.ivspojir, Md., f ee. IS. I "(J I Excitement at ll'ifh tm j . t?Report of the Rebels Crux ing? Jht V.i, :t TrooptEsip/armd, rfc. This place w.i" mil l- nly thrown Int > a Ftsf.o of tho mod ir.ti n.-f- f: litem -it, ibout nine O'clcc . last evnlcp, by a report that tli ? r ela were crossing tho rivrrin large numbers it Falling Wate-, about four ti n b ow this. A portion of colonel Leonard s men, Hi Masse ChUsetla Thlruentb. who wci> still here, w.a?at once ord red to the |ketef the raported crossing, ami tho citisens were speediljr formed inu> a sort or home ptud lor tb pvoteel un or the p ice, la tho absent a the .- -1 diets. The Illinois Thirty-ninth, who receive . their new arms a few day) since, left here yesterday torn ngfor Hancock, . V-ut tw- "ty n? : s I'urtl.- r up tl.e rlv.v, and why? the report of iho iris3iug came tin pop. tion of the Hasanohusstts men thit went down were Ihe only forces here. This left the town in almost an unprotected condition until after midnight, when n portion of two companies, forming at Hngrrslown, about six miles from here, arrived On the ground. During tho early part of the uveuing, however, many women and children wore taken away, under the apprehension of an attack; but most of them have returned, and comparative quiet again ieigne supremo. The Massachusetts Tinrteenth has not yet returned from Falling Water; but, although nothing reliable has arrived from there, hea\y firing iu that direction during most of the day is some evidence that they have liud an engagement. It is generally believed, however, that the enemy him not mode any very strong ofl'ort to get across the rt'v or at that point, and tliat his only object is to draw our taeu in that direction so as to prevent, if possible, thoir going further up the river, where he will probuby show himself iu force iu a few clays. There will soon be a sufficient force, however, here and above on this river to guard against any emergency. Tun Connecticut Fifth, Colonel Terry. and < aptalo Be.-t 's battery have arrived from Frederick to-day, and other ftii t s wili soon follow. The army of the rebel Jackson .*vi lently not far from us now, on the opposite side of tho rivur, his pickets being visible in almost all direr t. ins . but ho uiuy expect a worm reception as soon as ever lie may make an attempt to cross over to this side. large body of his tucn have been hard at work to-day trying to damage l-av? No. 6, eight miles above this, wheie the skirmish took place a week ago last Sunday, by tearing away a sufilotoni portion of the structure on tho other side to caablo tho water itse'f to d stroy the datn; but they did not appear to progress very successfully m iho undertaking, and have apparently abandon'd It. A pot (ion of the men of tho Massachusetts Thirteenth, who are slill on picket duty at the dam, fired at tUotn for seme time with their muskets;but they were too tn ch concealed behind the portion of the dam noxt to the shore, h re lie-., succeeded in making ? large exca vati n before discovered, to enable our melt to interrupt their operatidU.i very tauch. Tlie object of destroying the datn is to prevent nut ition on tho Cln b.i;teako and Oln ?? canal. The deposits in tlie Washington County Bank wore re moved from hi re to Ha.."' town during the oxciteiaent last night. The removal, however, was altogether premature, as tho enemy did not trouble us at ail at this point, and inasmuch as we are new rendered pretty see ".to by our reinforcements today. There is sii1; a largo quantity of (lour and salt here, and it was thought that the object of an attack upon tho plage would ho t'i obtain thoso two artjel s and tie money there mi; lit bo in iho bank. The incomplete companies from Hagerstown which Came hero last ni ht have again returned to that plice, wbare Captain ?ok'x comi'any, from 8barpsb0g, ubout flMoen md': below ill.:, hive also arstVcd during tho tiny. J buy Lave gone to ihat jd ice to protect some government arms and ammunition which just arrived thero. and to iSti.i In the construction of a telegraph lino Irom that [Kitut to liomncy. The weather Is again v>ry delightful,and tho men are comfortab'io in their camps. WllttAMSPORT, Doc. 20,18t>l. Today alarm dwelling near the burnt mill, opposite T? on No. 5, was discovertd to bo OB tiro. Four tie a from the i II -; Virginia Volunteers went over and extingui.-tho 1 the . re. J'/.ey in ought back ntany useful articles left by the I'ObeX An artillery duel occurred at tho same place between oi <? ol ourl'aiioUt n pocudcrs and a twelve poBthior of tho oi riaf. Tli ? iettt r was drivcu olf. .-'?prids of tit- ni' my cavalry mads Ibo.r ap| or'ra;:<e Ojii" d" Wit.ia.M-p ? t bat niiido no dum'-n-tratio 1 It Is generally thuu.'ht that (icnoral Jackson's fore. -?

have cone htrii' il to day at F'allittg Waters, but only an oocasi' a i! picket is seen there. Rofd. opH continue to arrive by the way of Hute Thoy i nniiini in' re; ort of this morning, ari l add that tho whole of t.- neral Jack - -n < fnrc.i ?< n?ir!y fifteen thou sand im n, four tlnuisan 1 of whom arrived at Wi: chssti r on Sundays t. m tho valley. It is tit'.ht that it ; sen's intention to erase iver and sack W8iiams|iort. ; ?.?? ffioven.cnts are being raids among t or troops to day to meet ai y attempt of the kind. OUB POINT OF B0( KS CORRESPONDENCE. Vuikt OS llocxs, Doc. 21, 1S01. All quiet at Willi,unsport. Four hundred shells sett tbrnwri by tho rebels at Dam So, fi, on fhttrsday, many i (them tho latest Frltisli patent. Tho dam is not do stroyed ADDITIONAL DETAILS OF THE BATTLE. WiBiiNann, I >??<?. 21, 1861. Tbe details of Hit battle at Dratnesvllle yesterday enhance tbe brilliancy of tho ailalr ami mid to tbe merit of the federal troopts engaged. After the foragers had lienn set at work, General <n il's command was Jtrooeoding along the Istc-.burg pike to Urnineaville,gome distance beyond. Tim advance lmd already entered (he village, and tho "Bucktulls" wen about to do so, when a rt In I Hold battery of six guca was discovered unliinberiug upou a road loading from Centre ville Info the Loesbnrg pike, a short distance this side <?!' liratncsvllle. Tbe position of the battery was about tltreo hundred yards from the pike, and just within the edge of a dense Wood, between which, and the pike the ground bad been cleared, but was cover ed with rank undergrowth. At tho same moment rebel iuiautry were discovered occupying a grove, of about a quarter of an acre In extent, upon tboici ioi tho battery, and about half way between it and the pike. Those were subsequently ascertained to bo tbe First Ken I'u Vy regiment, commanded by Colonel Tom Taylor, of Frankfort. Tbe principal part of the regiment is from Lo'ii"vi!le. Tbo "BucktaH" regiment, undei I.leut Col. Knnc, was Immediately directed to charge upon this thicket. It wus guilunily done. Tho rebels reserved their lire until the "Buekutlls" wore within about iirty yar.;? but tbn 1'emisylvauiuns did not return the lire until tbry had approached about twenty yards nearer, when they delivered a 'tunning volley, which completely pel to Might the party In the glove. In tho meantime the other regiments?the Ninth,Tenth and Sixth Pennsylvania reserves?were formed, skir mishers wore thrown out on either side, ami a charge made through tho cleared ground towards tin wood, tv 'hcli was ??coupled by the rebel baitory supported by the I Seventh Kentucky and T' nth Alabama r eg I me i t aud a body of cavalry. At tho same moment that the itfan try was ordered to form, Captain Fasten placed his tour guns in position on the right of the mke, Immediately opposite tho opening of the road from Cotitrov lie, and precisely opposite the rebel battery. Captain Koston commenced firing briskly. His : rst shell struck oneof the enemy's c ilssons ami caused an evpii'MOQ of its cou t. nta, by which several of tho rebels were killed and wounded. Our lour guns were worked with wondeifbl rapidity and precision. Tho enemy'k balls and shells came thick nnd fast, but were Are I too high. One of tliem bur ' hUfoediately over I oMri's oath-ry, hi t most of them passed Over ami struck la a ploughed field lu bind. Not a -Ingle one of our artillerymen was wounded. Tho relic' reined before the charge, aud Ctpt tin 1 '.as ton movo.l up two of bis guns to (be position the rob 1 ba'.lury bad orc.'inally occupied. Tho re'renting cntuny were pursued f r a short distance^ hut as 1'ralncs vnie is only ?* far as frca CVnircvillc, where tile main body of tbe rebel army I* posted, as it is from the h .. ' iSftersof General Merall's division, tho piirau t w;u i ' PI'i t to avoid a (lank movement of ftu> etcmy, in wi ich GnueialOrd's. t iiimai , might be cut oir. The Held of battle was occupied by (Jeucta . Ord nutil tb: k,when tb#h :ncw u-d march wasb ? n, in iibtJion -c , to tfon order t yivcrt Mc'"i n. j A party was dualled to gnllcet tho dead and an m 'ed j cf the enemy. Kitty --cveo dead i.e.n collocte.!. and i twenty two woumlc i w brought ft. in tin-, ?.d. hr-e 1 ( f tboni 'lied #btle they tvero b'-ing i?uii.> ed,an ! A : n j oth ?:s of thorn were mortally wound-d. ;:.ght n ? w'.. u led prisoners were tt?! en. Among tho dor I was . no. - c "i 1 ho i- i ant of the ! irst K< nti cky n i it vat. Fpom tt-.o prisoners it was lasrned that several officers it.-- --Bled, b- t they had been carried back mm th > j Co'.'. Among them was < ndinol Tat lor. A number of toad -o! . rs ttiru also cairn ! away, and all if the wounded , who could bear removal. In the grove flrst occupied by Colonel T.i> lor's regiment there win found twenty ouo dcud bodies. In the vicinity of tins p-bel battery, at which ilio Arc of our artiilury am cMelly din cted, Ihc ho ties were inch Dangled, aottu "f th< ni w tli iho head* > iinpifteiy shot away. Our men bohavod moat gallantly, f'jirly in the uctton onoof the "liin ktai'.s ' had IiIh t-beek shot away by a ah"U, but fought onto lltoC"i|i!u ioa of tho battle. fo!. Kane wa.-i slightly wounded in the chock by a fragment of a hliell. Tli ? rebels wore provided with an abunilar :o of pro virion? in thoir liaversiu ks, com pored of tioilci fro h beef andbtecuita, ruches the soldiers take for th-ui reives. Thoir clothiug was principally cittOC cloth. Thoir overcoats was of gray cotton, lined with heavy I Osnaburg. I ."'omi! hundred yards in the roar of the original i m i ion ! of (he roitel battery w ' found an immense ? i> of blankets, overcoats, revolvers, haversack* nod r I laggage, showing that the rebels had stripped lor the I light, and had not lira" to gtop to pick up thoir traps In J their flight. From the prisoners It was ascertained thai the rob- In ! 'k.j information last night (hat General Ord'e foraging parti wero coming out iu the morning, end tli" (one under Colonel Hunter, of the Tenth Alabama regiment started from Ceolrovtlle for thi purpose of tonkin , the attack. They left (ontrovlllc about the -ame time that Oenornl Or l marten from bis cam>? FURTHER I'.VH't LOU LARS. Boi. Tum/Taylur. commanding the Rcntuok y rebc^ | rifles, whs kilted and his add' brought away by Colon") i Kasha!. (oi. Taylor, t will be recollected, ova-incd , OMtcli exritcnii-nt at the coram*:,osnicnt or tho war by tUMBpeetcdly ' !?p< aring ;u Arlington with a fl-igef trsov, and by uterwirds being brought to headqtuirters hero hli idfuhlc 1, ami ??thSMtnc-itly conveyed outride oar litnv] tlin object of hi nihtt ioti, ah exchange Of prisoners, b ? 'ng unucconiplh bed. i Thndct. from (Jem ral MeCDI'i dive lull which took i art iu the battlo did not arrive at Darnwvlil' until about noon, Mid remained until half past two o'clock, when th< enemy apponrcd in force coming from tho di | red ion of Cenirevill". Previously to this, G< neral Ord bad placed tun forces in ! position to repel ati en'" ipated attack. Tho lirc 'wa- ilrsl opened by the rebel battery throwing i solid hot, shell and nauulster. This was immstfla "1; fsp mlej to by Enston's battery ! with Durkod efli-ct. ' Th- itifaniry on ssch tide - on engaged in tho con" ! flicf, an I it t??lie/ tli* > were not more th in sixty yards : upari. After general fighting for about an hour, a shell from i our >ido i-deJ in the ammunition of one of the i rebel's ci/vii-, niaki i.orful havoc, three of ttio ; n,be! baring ilielr heads . ompletety blown off", at.d ; others 'fere terribly mutilated. At this tmo tho ? , emj wavered, and showed a ?: y ?? it ion to run, when General Ord g.iro the command to cwhich Whs gullaBtl} obeyed, and at | Once tho re! < s pkcipitiG'-ly fled. They were pursued for tip ward of a mile, wkou General j m < all, arriving < n tlio ground, ord": d a re : Ui to be rounded, u lion our troop fell back to the position j i t va? 'ite'i by the Me my, l?vo.ity of th<? wounded rebel re'- ived trpw tl treat ment fixm Bib Lowuian u ' aj 'iii' -.ha ? be n talent into le ?? -s fort: it p- r,??.???. They d have fcoea bronchi Mct'sU's ciniplt > ainbu I'm lv"d in |f - t "i . All our oi ...J ami tv mn lc ' were ' o,,r\ r : ? ought -.way. A I 1 e ii ??ib r o. tri'i.b es wer<t-ccurcd by our troops, nil b..';s :words, p , ' litis, .*;c. 11 the pc ketu of (load i bei- were found Richmond p ipers of the lotb insl , tv.1t they contained no itetnrof partinilir interest. Several letter* were found on the boon * of 11 hel officers, show iug an infuse hostile fooling In iti South against the North. In one of thoso tetters, dated Csntieville, Jfth toot., addressed to a friend,ond but purtly finished, It was suul It was impossible for the ITnloi iftts to remain much longer In their present posl tion. H at the effort of the news from England, iiml the l?r<? sore of Congress, would necessarily compel Mct'leltan to advance; that iu such event a victory on the part of the rebels, In their present position, would bo certain. During Hid stampe lo of tho rcti ds eight of them were taken pri. i nor*, who wora brought to tVushlngton to day. Tie \ - > that lb j l. rt Controville very early on iWJay morning, In order toeinmn forage, and unexpaetedly met with our troope, who had proceeded thither in similar busliie s. They also said that a larger number were kille l on tlie purl of the rebels than we supi used. Three of the prisoners, who had become bewildered In the re treat, canje up to one of our regiments, not knowing they \vi r> I nton troops, and Inquired for the direction to Con tre\ die, but tliey, Instead of being taken prisoners, w ri shown the way to Washington. Tho \ irtory on,the part of our troops is considered the more brilliant as they had novor before beon In auy action. They have bean blglily compllmeuled botli by M i or tleuorul McClollan und General M<Tall. lour companies of tha First Pennsylvania cavalry Were also with the brigade; but the condition of the country was such, being thickly wooded, that they could not render servico to tho extent they desired. Gonoriil Ord, while passing though tho woods during th i action, lust hw iword, but was immediately supplied with another, which had been token from n dead rebel officer. NAMES OF TUB KILLED AMD WOUNDED. SIXril PENNSYLVANIA UkbtMENP. KILLED. Samuel C. Walter, Company A Daniel Purlin, Company C. WOI'NDID 11. Lathrop,CoupuQy C, in the breast, and It Is tbcughi mortally. W. II .layne, Coinpnny r, in the hip, severely. Jam.* Jurone, Company (', in the hip, severely. Wm. Van Dyke,Company P, In thigh, severely. Capt. Daniel Dradhury,Company F, in tho tag,severely W. II Dnnsmora,Company P,tn the thigh, slightly Edgar Smith,Company (!, in tho shoulder, sevoroly. Thomas ( onway,Company H, in tho forehead, slightly Charles Yahn, Company 11, severely. John V. Brown,Company lC,ln tho leg, severely George Brown, company h, In ilm arm, ? ighily Edwin Demouder, in the broast, severely The ah ii" regiment was commanded during the action byCapt. Vet. NINTH PENNSYLVANIA RUDIMENT, the rullow iig are the casualties in the Ninth Pennsyl vania regiment, commanded by Colonel Jackson:? KIM Sl>. Jl hn W. fltorkdalo.COnipany F. Jolin Soxlon, Company E. WOI'MIKU Alas and i n" Smith, Company A, wounded In the nock John SVhmiilt, Company B, wounded in the arm, William Earnest, Company wounded in tbe leg. Captain Bobort Gal way, Company D, wounded In ib? leg. George, Company D, wounded In the tblgb and arm. Ji htia Mi'Mastcr,--,Company D, wounded in the thigh Wm. t}. Mother, company D, In tho loins Job . huj i.iond, ( unipany D, in the arm B. Fat ton, Company I , in the thigh. Wm. Ltnscy, Company U, lu the hip. John F. Hume,Company D, In the urm Corporal l'iorsell, Com; nny I), in tlie liend, slightly Halpli White, Company K, in the no k. Captain S. W. Dick, Company F, iu the tlugh. t\ illlam MeOllt, company F, In the abdomen John Hatch, company K, in the ai in. William Miltson, company F. in the hip. Edwin l'a\ is, company 11, in tlie leg. Willis B. Newell, compant II, In the hip. John li. Weber, company I,In the thigh. The Major of the regiment bad his borre Shot under him. TDK ill'CKTAII, PKNMSYI.VANIA KKOIMKN'T. K1U.EU. orgo ('"ok,Company K. Corpora! James Galbrailh, Company B. George Cimpany B. WOIM1ED. I.iputcnayit Colonel Kane, who was in coiumaosl, wound imJ in tin check, if. (i. Wolfe, Company P. severely wounded. John l'anol, Company It. severely wounded. Captain II. )?:. Nil* a, Company K, severely wouudad John Itoli. Co.o.ian.v C. seven ly wounded. ' dm I'. Pane , ''ompnm K, uverely wounded 'ami s (ili nil, Company K. severely wounded. There were several others wnundod In tho Ru'.kintl H , hut lie ir won; is are '.phi. on: m.vl? Oe ma: localities. \S n :aiti |rc sent, r>urrei.>u; with a map i hewing nil tie' .nt Img I' cull:. ?? iieu.ll'eu'il in the foropoin, marks. Urn map < aces ail pmuta on tho l'cuon.ic !"? ? i .t i?>. itn niw f ?* tullei. above Wtlllutr.spnit and Mertinrbiirg, en tin n ? ihwi; I,'o Frederick burg ou tho south, and Ka itern Vhginiaon the ?uthuest. As it cm tiroes Washington urul Alexandria, some i lea of tho rola positions between tlio points oi th i military movo men .niii'i > ipitai can ho noon at a glanco. In reference to General tinl ? nvo-enmit, it will he por ce|-.ed that Tliornton s house ? I'mm lit i di-t un e alaivc Vi.una, which is opposite tho nortl.cni i>- rti- u <if the I'.strict of' Columbia, in which i tie: iupi il. I i> nit ere- ? is also [minted out. ami at the place whore I lie road cro.-s s It is tlio position oeeoj . I by (ieneral ltcyiioids' brigade during the fight. The proximity to tho (Tin :i Brieve and Groat Kalis is also upp i 'out, and tl;'#ln?"tvil , a place Oittimi s mentioned .s on the road to I.c -bu-g, Ac. i i if a x Court f louse, to which (ho rob.ds roireuto I, is : outh of Vienna, nnd tho road from Thornton's to that pllico eutl lie easily pr.o on ti ? map. The Marylnnd side of tho river, from the capital to u hit. higher up that any shown on this map, is occupied by Union troops. I.'uuoock i ; a little farther north (bun iiia map shows. VulliamspoiT, tbo supposed uliyim, the rebel ettai k, ji inly hovvn, ami tho canal, tho travel c which the ilcsirueiion <: dam nambor Ave would so interrupt, ;? also clearly poieepiiliio. Falling Water is ?.ii die V :,uia ide. at a point northeast of .Marlinsbui g und thw t oi WUltyNMport. Wlncbosttr, wbteb is nearly sou; It of Martinsburg, i npoiutof interest, in . much ir (moral Keilv is advancing from Komriey by om" :'"'.i'e upon that locality, t'liarlestown is to ll ? east, or rigid, liatid side, oi' Winchester, the tlirco points?Win c i.e ler.Churle .town and Mart ins burg?forming a triangle. The iemuindor of the map does not require any very particular remarks at the present timo, although the military movements to bo made will cause it to he of tu tor' gt on more than olio NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. DEATH Of hit. <, OF NKW YORK. Isicisvii.i.s, Ky., Dec. 21, 18'",l. Nashville papers record tho d uitb of Dr. Urlswold, of to Thi ty giith regiment of New Vorlt, a political pvi sonor ;:t f irlestou. Advices from Major Hal vet I aud others say that they are kindly treated as prisoners at Nashville, and a doing well. o ,thorn p.ip i's say that I'arson Brownlow has hee? imprisoned sine* Die 7th inst. THE KENTUCKY LEGISLATURE. KKiV'.eoRT, Ky., Dec. 21. I SOI. Tho House to-day, by a vote of gtuty nine ( <? ev cone;, re ! in the .ato's a:ic u Imcut to the bill n ... by the Ho . (0 ('mmittoe on Federal 1: !at: tn.thi the'.'!?? snicut for b moliflca lions of U tcral i pro ?n. at ion and. Secretary i.'.-nncroo's . u i ig tho i're.-wtlont to -miss Secretary I t", f m the Cabinet. The \r ivfotimllHiul Telegraph Mno. Sr. Johns. N. F., Dee. 2d, 1 oil in i'( ply to . veral inrpti i. r, it may he slated ..i ?. i litir. , jii" eab'n reportwl broken b tween Prince 1 A y .? a, .1 t the mainland forms no part c. t' eoimietlon Willi New Foundland, a: I does n : in w r...? t 11 i? lie ini-.. . uef tuRiUees toCapeK. ;>ny ether pla In this prct ince.

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