Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 23, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 23, 1861 Page 1
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w WHOLE NO. 9235. - NEW YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Arago and Edin burg Off Cape Race. FIVE DAYS LATER NEWS. THE RETURN OF GENERAL 8C0TT. Important Interview with Prince Napoleon. THE MASON-SLIDELL AFFAIR Hopes Entertained that Our Govern ment will Disavow the Act of Captain Wilkes. TUE NEUTRALITY OF FRANCE. MORE TROOPS FOR CANADA. ADVANCE IN ALL KINDS OF SECURITIES. Advance in Cotton-Breadstufl's Dull Provisions Firm, Ac., &c., &c. 8t. Johns, N. F., Doc. 21, 1861. The steamship Arago, from Havre on the evening of tho llth, via. Southampton on the morning of Iho 12th lost., *i rivet off Cape Race at six o'clock this (Saturday) evening. Tie Arago has aixty eight pa?seng?rs, Ave hundred tons of cargo and the mails. The dates per the Arago are four daye later than those per the America at Halifax. General Scott is a passenger by tho Arago. His health l^ffCfejmproved^ ? v.. There a as a much disturbed state of feeling at War ?aw,Foland. The steamships Edlnburg and Canadian arrived at Liverpool on tho Tth inst. The steamship Niagara arrivod at Quecnttown on the 8th iuet. The steamship Etna,from Now York, arrived at Liver pool on tho 10th inst. Tho steamship Norwoglan, from Portland, elso arrived at Liverpool on the 10th inst. THE MASOtf-SEIDELL AFFAIR. Opinion of the British lUiuUtcriii Paris? Hopes Entertained that Our Govern- i meat will Disavow the Action of Cap. 1 tain Withes?Stocks Rising?franco to Remain Neutral in Case of War?More Troops for Canada, &c., &(? The Faris correspondent of tho London Tim" says flint the official opinion of tho British Foreign Minister on tho outrage perpetrated on the Trent is most prectse and positive, namciy .?That the ri-.'-n- e (jomn.i'.trd by the Cup 'at'rt rf the San Jacinto is indefensible ; and that by regard ing the Commissioners, Messrs. Hasan and SliJell, as contra band, Mr. Li.icoln and his ministers aJict themsehes, for tlioy refused to admit they w -re aware of their pre' kjco. The correspondent adds that the Emporor Napo leon doo* nut materially dissent from this view of the ease. Tho Loo don Times of the 10th iustaut says that the Heamship Niagara's ulviccs encourage the hope of a disavowal of tho Ban Jacinto outrage by the Cabinet at Washington and tho surrender of tho Eouthern Commis ?toners. Tiirj Niagara's advices caused an advance of live eighths in tiro prico of consols. .At Lloyd's there was loss excitement, although little eras being done on war ri. kj. Risks on American slope were offered, but refused. Canada tivos had a Ivancol four par cent. Bolted State? five uud Now York (antral shares also ad van ced on the 9 l'u iust. The rate of discount si Hamburg hu t Jeel.ued to three per cent. Tho Bank of Amsterdam had raised its rate c.f discount to four per cent. Tho Bank of Holland had also raised its rate of discount 10 four per cent. Consols closed on tho lOilt instant ?l 90.1.,' a 00', for money, and 90;.: a 00'J for the account. Tho Admiralty agent, Williams, of the Trent, had re ceived a letter from .he British government, approving of his conduct. The first m.d third battalions of the raili'ary train, six hundred strong, with a battery of six pieces, and the eighteenth company of the Royal Artillery, have ben ordered to proceed immediately to Canada. The Grenadier Guard are to hold thoraselvea iaroaJi acss to embark at a moment's notice. The various military stations in Ireland had been Wdered to coinpleto the strength of the sixty-nine regi ments of the liue. The British gov-crnSlont was negotiating for steamers to trau./port troop.' to Canada. The Warrior 1m l been ordered to 1?? supplied with eight Armstrong otto hundred poun.iors. ami p> cl.nngo bar fbriy pounriora for seventy pounders. She would he ready for a three years service on the 11th inst. The Hiuck Priticc was being fitted out as rapidly a" pos. lib la* Tho Chsttllcloor, carrying eevu" n guns, had been ordered on IramedUrle foreign service. 'lite British transport Melbourne .-ailed from Woolwich on Die tub instant, with troops arms and ammunition for Canada. Tho Ilero, carrying eighty nine gun?, sai'.od en tho 8'h Inst, to join the North American squadrou.aad tho Sot ley, carrying fifty-oii" gunc, was lo lie despatched to tho same ih tinatiea foi tl.wi'U. The st*Mv ?hips Pert in ar.d .tost: alasian wore to nii for rao.vla on the J5tb inst. v. ith ilcvn hundred sc-Miors, five thousaud nan 1 of o> ie-\ three hunt!: c t tons of store 3 and two field battel ies. Oihor steamers were lo follow Ibem hort'y. A lrrgc sea'f of medical officers hav been ordered to Cai.ada, and nutty serge nts as drill Instructors for the CVmtdian militia. The Fifth Dragoon Guards had also r- /-..'jFOd orders to srubark hnmed! itely for t'anada. The French pre??, tho Moni'mr c.n.'v ted, say that in tho event of v. at between j ighu I and tiio United States, fiance will remain neutral. The Fat is Hours- war Brni and bad advanced a q ..rter The Rentes tvci e quoted at tiff. 70c. ou the 10th in.t. Commcrrinl Intcll iprncc. LONDON J10?.V MAH? BT. London, Dec. 11,1981. Consols dosed at 00,'i a CO'.. for m- n- >. LIVERPOOL CO-I-IO.V MARKET. Tlie sei s of coti ..1 (>n Monday and Tuesday reached 78,030 bnle.'. inch.-tit g SgiOO bales to sprculators in -I ex porters. The market iu, gt titer, and nil dcscripti us had ?lightly advanced. MANCHESTER TRADE BEPOttT. The Manchester market was tirmer but quiet. LtVEItrOOI. JiHEADftrUFK MARKET. The broadstu;f r.urket was generally dull. Wakefield, Nash It Co., and others, report:?Flour dull at a d >c'.i;n of fld. a is. por bid.; "quote ( at 30s. a 34-. Wheat quiet end declined 2d. per cental: ro d wan lirm ut 11?. Ud. a 12s. fid.; rod Southern, 12s. Oil. a 13s.: white wceturn 13a. ? 133. fld; white Southern, 13s. 9d. a If?, sd. Corn heavy, j0LDd declined Is. a Is. fld. per quarter; mixed, id?, LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET, fk'e provision market le generally firm and unchanged. Beef v1rm- I'otksteady. Bacon las au upwaid leadi'my! lard a own ward, with light transactions; quotations avo ?t 490. ?>61e. Taliow steady at 40?. a 61e. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET. Rosin qufhl ftt 18?. fld. for common. Spirit* turpenttuo nominal. PugV easier. Bicc flrm. >|beafl?ady; nets a' 3T* 8(1 , pear's at 303. Linseed oil quiet; quoted at ufis Od, a 30. TUB LATEST MARIRTS. Ijvkb" O'., Doc. 12,1801. roTTo.v.?'The tales of cotton for tbo laiit two Jays havo boon 18,000 bales, of which 6,0u0 wcro taken by specu.a tor* ami sxporters. Tbo market continued firm, vvilb a slight advance. Tho Man* lu at or mark?t continued (Inn and qr.lut. Huraixheek dull. Flour declined 01. a la. TV heat quiet at 3d. decline. Corn heavy and dec mod Is. a Is. 6d. PKOvni.i>N8.? Beef tlrnt. ' Fork steady. lUcou upward. Lard downward. Tallow steady. Piumi i k.?As) es ilrii). Kosiii tlwdy at l.le. 6J. Splnm turpentine nominal. Sugar inactive, llics quiet, but steady. Coffee-No sales. THE NEWS BY THE EDIM8URG. Cape Race, Dec. 21, 1861. Tho steamship Edlnburg, from Mverjiool en Wednes day, via Qucenstown the afternoon of Thursday, 12tb Inst., arrived off this point this evening. She was hoarded by the news yacht and her despatch*! obtained. Her advices are but ono day latsr, having sailed on tho afternoon of the same day as the Arugo. The steamship Saxouia, from New York, arrived at Cowes <>n (he 12th, en route to Hamburg. The Elinbur" has one hundred and ninety passenger, and tho American mails. She reports, off Deli lJuoy, 11th, at fire r. M.,saiv the American ship Fidelia. tic net ai Scott, previous to embarking in the nleamshlp Arago for New York, had a loug interview with I'rirce Napoleon. It is reported 1hal tho Gen ral carries to America tho expression of tho French Emperor's de?lro to bring about a pacific solution of tho question lately arisen between tho English and American government", consequent upon the soirure ot Messrs. Mason and Sliletl. The steamship Australasian was to sail on the night of tho 12th, full of troops, munitions of war, Sic.,for thoSt. Lawrence. Tbo steamship Niagara wn3 announced to sail on tho succeeding Saturday, taking ?50 artillerists to Halifax. There is no abatement in England of warlike prepara tions. The ship Mary Ann, from New York for Qucenstown, has been abandoned at sea. Tho crew were saved. The Latest Market*. Liver Poor, Dec. 12, 1861. All Tiov?The sales of cotton yo lerday and to day foot up 20,000 biles, of which A,000 bales wers to speculators and exporters, the market closing firm at unchanged quo tations. Breadstuees?The maikot is dull hut steady, at un changed quotations. ljR"Visio.\."?Tho mnrliel is Steady. PRODl'CS.?!.Spirits turpentine firm at 66s. Rd l/WDOM, Deo. 12, 1861. Consols closed for money at 90}g a U0}(. American eecunlies arc nominal. IMPORTANT FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Foktewa Monroe, Dsc. 21,1661. From & most reliable source 1 have been enabled to ob tain very important Information of the operations of the rebels at Norfolk, and an expose of some of their intended mo\ cments. An expedition on a largo sc*ie is being fitted out to proceed against Halters* inlet and retuko whit was cap tured from them by Commodore Flringham. The fleet will consist of eleven large a,do wheel steamboats and propellers, and a number of ship's launches taken from the Norfolk Navy Yard. It is expected to rendexvous at Roanoke Island, aud when Joined by tho gunboats cow fining out at the Navy Yard and iron works at Norfolk, will at once proceed to the coast of North Carolina. Commodore Lynch, of Dead ?oa exploration notoriety, now commands the rebel naval force infesting the wafers of Virginia and Not tli Carolina. The expedition against lla'tras Inlet i- to 1 - in command of Arthur Sinclair, late of the United States Navy, and a resident of Norfolk Captain Patrick Mc'-finirk, late ('apt.-tip of tho pa. songer boa's Coffee and Nor''umptin, of the Bay lino between Baltimore and Norfolk, is to he attached to the fleet as sailing master. Captain McCarriek is a native of Ireland, and was muster of the Cofl'oo, or Wiiislow, at the lime sho was run ashore while endeavoring to assist tho French corvette Proney, which was lost on the North Carolina coast in November. Jtiihntexi t McCarriek sot fin to the Wimslow ami Came near losing lnsluo. All the tick, d.nbl'.d, badly shod and clothed soldiers have been removed from Roanoke Island to Norfolk, leav ing but a very mall force at tho former place. l'ully eleven hundred men are now employed at the Norfolk Navy Yard,a largo portion of them bomg un gijcd in rilling old and new guns. A number of the old guns which had been removed to llardy's farm, back of 6' Helena, directly opposite the Navy Yard,are being unmasked and returned to the yard, rifled and distribut ed. The mechanical direction of the yard i3 under the supervision of William P. Williamson, a resident of Nor folk, *ud for many yours an engineer in ihc United States Navy. He has been many years ai sea; but owing to his habitual laziness, ho has never done much service while at sea. The practical working rnuu of this department is ,m Englishman named Carr, and ho has now a recent importation of a largo number of his own countrymen Willi him, who ere encaged iu making projectiles aad rifled guns after revnt English patterns. When the yard was left by our farcer an irr.tnen e quantity of timbor was stored in the sheds,not one-fourth of v. bieh has been removed from the wet or mud docks. The wage* of tho men omploycd in tho yard arc, on an average, aluut one do.lar and eighty cents per day, which is paid only semi occasionally, aud then in sbin plssfers. As fast as the money is paid to the baud ? a rush is made to get rid of it. This is owing to an r. pre heat toft of an attack by our forces, and in such a vase these men dread to have any or tho Southern currency found on their persons. This state or alhurs is partly what causes so much suffering among the laboring clones* lb* period between pay days being so long. My Informant assures mo solemnly that the majority of the people beg and pray for a speedy advance of the L'niou troops, and as eoou as tho SlarB and Stripes are unfurled on the points opposito Fortress Monroe we w 1.1 receive such assistance as would drivo tho enemy before us like sheep. Tho United States steam transport Ericsson arrived last evening from I'ort Royal. She brings no later news than that by the Atlantic, except that a portion of tho stone fleet had arrived at Charleston, and was being sunk to more effectually obstruct the channel. Fohtkess Monro*. Pec. 22, TSC1. A bright light whs seen from this place last night in | the diioction of Norfolk, it was probably caused by a conflagration in that city. Tlio S. B SpauUllng sails for Hattcras Inlet this after n> on. T. day ha* be n-very blustering and unpleasant. No flag i f truce v as sent out day. A n w mail route was opened to-day from Old Point C iwfort to Cherrystone Inlet, on the Eastern Shove,by t'.c do; a.'tma of th.o steamboat Gcorgo Washington Tor the 1st' r r'uee. The mail will leave hero three times a veal;?lu -da. Thursdays and Saturdays. 1'be stesmf isip Krictson, ( apt. G. A. Colo, from Port P I'.'.l, has arritad. Tim Ericsson left Port Royal on We lues i.y. Sb? towed seven of the st mo fleet to Claw yton on that day, and nine othe.s followod tinder tvih V.'fcua ib' . , at ten I'. M.,operations wore about t?. begin, flic huliat were towed to a point abcut a uiilc out . o ('at bur, \*b?ro six gunboats we;c ready to place fL. in iu y y..i >u. Oparath mt vguinst^tsrsaw Island were in progress, but no b le Lad bam- ac >ompllsbed when the Ericsson left, the will leave for New York on Monday. NAVAL JfAWiSRS AT BOSTON. Boi-tov, Dec. 12, 1881. 'iba Beaton Sunday If-raUC learns, cn good authority, that the Uee-of-batMe-thip V?n mout, now nearly ready for sea, is dostinad for a uustc-a' house and hospital at Port Royal, sfbo will carry thirty gtuis and a crew of not over t'OO m?n. The ship of the line Virginia, rv'J.'uh ht?? baen on the st' cits about forty years, and is r po? ,0'' forlectly sound, be lav. bed tb.u ; resnul we.-lc. r-V? is au eighty four gi rr p, uud ic puires a crow of 821 mci ?the sarnoas the Vermont, Ihe k*el of the second ride wheel steak I0r was laid in the ship h ufo jestcrdny aftornoon. is nearly coppered, aud wbo taken Out of the dry dock Tuesday. The gunboat Katbadin, built at Hath, May"?, com menced isUi.-g on h ard her engines and machinery ycn te'i iy arrerndon. Tbo guub"ot Heron got upsfoam yesterday afternoon to try her c ugtne. bho will ami by .Saturday next. [ Another sloop of war is to be built in the ship a* | iCyn 4* thf Virginia is launched. the WAR IN MISSOURI. Map Showing Platte County and the Sur rounding Vicinity. THE TROUBLES IN PLATTE COUNTY, MO. How They Affect Gen. Hunter's Department. GENERAL HUNTER'S ULTIMATUM* Our Map of Hie County and the Surrounding Vicinity, *?., &c., Ac. We have received many despatches relative to the bar barous conduct of tbo rebels located in this region of country. Tbo vandalism and outrageous manner in which til. y have treated all belonging to loyal men of the Cnion are go well known that the tamo of Si Cordon hag bo come a byword. The part of Missouri in which Platte county is situated bo. ders on Leavenworth comity, Kansas, the Missouri river only being the dividing lino; and as long as the* rebels H e allowed to roam about in the former county, committing depredations without lot or hindrance, so long will (his part of Kausas be hourly In danger of a raid from suck lawless vagabonds. The rebels hero are not like as army fighting for independence, but moro like a reckless body of banditti, who would scarcely have any more rcspoct for those who sympathize with the doctrine'lboy pretend to uphold than they would for those who are opposed to them, providing that by au attack they could obtain plunder of any value. Such being the caso,Genotal Hunter, some time once, issued the following etnphatio proclamation IlsiDQUJiareus IIkpahtmfn r ov Kaxsus, ) Foht Lkavumwohth, Dec. 2,1801. J To TtisTnrsTrB!?<op Platih Cirv, l'M-mt Coturrv, Mo. Gent!fmvn?Having received reliable information of depredate us and outrages of every kind committed by a man iiutri"d Si Gordon, it leader of rebel marauding bauds, I .civ.; >\.ti notice that uni ts you seize and deliver thyaid Gordon to 1110 ut these headquarters within ten days from tlii3 dat", or drive him cut cf the county, 1 shall send n foii'o to your city with orders to reduce it to ashes, and to t. iru the house of ovrry secessionist in your county, and to carry away every slave. Col. Jeunifcon's regiment will ho entrusted with the exe cutiou of this order. The following persons aro particularly directed to this notice:?Diivid Hunt,Clinton Cockerill, James Merrymao, Robert Cain, John Murray, 11. T. Kreelond, William 1 'ax - ton. W. C. B' tniugton, Amlr. w 'fribble,R. P. S. Illy, Jack sou Miller, Robert Clark, \V. Tutman, II. M. Cochrane, Bumuul II. Hayes, Joseph Todd nud Jouaa nurkharl. D. HUNTER, Major Genora) Commanding. Cerlain persons aro particularly warned in this pro cJwnatlcu that Cen. Hunter will aland no shilly-shallying, but that ho will follow out his intention to the letter. Col. Jennison appears; to bo much droidcd in the neighborhood. Con soqnently Gcu. Hunter has takou advantagoof that fear to say that he "will he entrusted with the execution of tho order." But why this fear? Lukewarm patriots and half-secessionists aro prone to upoD this commander severe aspersions, making him out to be but "tbo loador of r band of marauding jay hawkers aud banditti, eager only lor spoils, little caring who are tbo victims." Colonel Jcuuis u b policy is to draw the line strictly, and find out who aro ths Union men and who aro tho ioul.- l?. Those v.ho refuse Ibo oath are assessed to pay tho ex. peers Of the war. Ilo looks upon this war as precipi tated vpcu the country by those who have deliberately plotted the do t reel ion of the government. Ilia view is that there are but two parties?the friends aud tho ene mies of the Union. Ills proc T3 is to lift t'uein out, and protect Union men wlii'o ho scourges the robcls. The highest proof that Co'onnPJounUon has strictly <>b s -rved nil tho ruler, of honorable warfare is the fact that ho has received (or himself and tho First Kansas cavalry tho m rt marked testimonials of favor and ap. proval frra his rrlor ofllcori. Recently General Hunter La altarLeJ to his command three infantry regi ments witti which iio was to bo despatched to this new Pel 1 in Wee,torn Ml*s >ur!. V,'ith officers like bim*hc re h -l'-.on i3 not ennor the rebels tbomselvos unharmed. With such persons rs aro bis detractor*, continually* raging in tli" ears of terrifind non-combatants words im plying such a character to CoIodcI Jennison an abuvo quoted, it can be no wonder that his name should causa a dread; and,rith'r than have his command in their county, tbj truiic s would do Iheir best to capturo thu reb Is themselves, and either give them up or drive thoui cut of the place. The C -l -ncl of tie Eighteenth Missouri Volunteers, in command of Weston, has also issued a procloiaotin rela. live to these marauder s. it is as follows ? VVk'tox, Dec. 9,1361. To ths CmsE.vs us WrWW* sin Pt.atti; i'oi-.w Fy orders IV-eu H>a<<jaarters of tbs Army of North Mif-ourl, 1 ti.cipy Uo: city of Weston aud surrounding country with tho' force ufiler my commend, and tako charge of ttie pt.atte County i'*ilroad. Two bridges bsH born destroyed within six rri'U" of this town, vtlijch I have repaired, and now 1 call ujpon and expect the loyal citizens of this county to aid mo in keeping them from being further disturbed. If any iru."" knowingly allows said road, the engines, ears or other prof, erty belonging to It to be injured without giving me uvmedjato notice, ha shall bo hold responsible. If necessary' for tho protection of the road, 1 shall cause trocpe to be stationed at or net the difierent bridges, occupying the house* and buildings belonging to tho rcheia in the Doighborhu?d. My regi. ment wax raised in Missouri, and it I* my hearty wish to cultivate a friendly Iceimg wherever it inny ho stationed. 1 came among you for the sole pury- so of giving protoc t n to (lie loyal people,or those who may desire to be come so, and 1 with to eucourago all lawful pursuits and avocations. It haf, been reported to me that many citizens have let't their liotnes and families, scattering tin tuselves through the country. All such I dec ire to return at once, and become good loyal citi/ens. They and tle ir

property shall be protected when they give evidence of loyalty. 1 have appointed Major Alfred Williams to act us Vro vo?t Jtar,-hal for the city of Weston and comity of I'latle. ) Ivory person leaving the city or county will bo required 1 o obtain a passport from him. No negro will be allowed Inside of rump linet without a written permit from bis master and a pass from the l'rovosl Marshal, aud espo citlly wdl tbey in no caso bo allowed to go from the State without express orders front their masters aud the VrovoEt Marshal. All Urea- in* and ammunition hi this city and vicinity, not iu po->s<MHiou of officers or b Mlers in the United States sort ice, must bo delivered up to tho Provi st Mar shal, oxenpt wiili express license to the contiary. Ail squads of armed men found spying about tho <w mty will be shot. 'this will be rigidly adhere 1 to. IV. JAMFS M'iRCAV, Colon"! f'ightcnulh rogliiv nt Missouri Volume#!*, com manding post. Colonel Morg tit's regiment is a portion of tho command stationed in various places for the protection of t! a Unionists on the north t f tho Missouri river, aud uUn to insure tho safety of tho railroad from Hannibal to St. Joseph. The brigade headquarters is at St. Joseph, tho Mi' syuri militia being under Brigadier General Loan, aud the volunteers under Brigadier (lencral Prentiss. General 1 reutiss, with a body of troops several thou tantl Hirer,g, is pursuing Si. (iordou, with Ibe.ibtCOtan of capturing him and hi* follow ,8, but as yet has failed;for on Tuesday last the St. Joseph Jeui nal published tho fol. lowing paragraph:? Upon General Prentiss' ari Ival a'. Liberty lie got re- -t of si Gordon,and took tho track; but Si doubled en liiui leaving seven of his eumirani.-riH hi tho lurch: and tin o were taken, and will iorm a valuable auxiliary force to the pickaxe brigade at Fort Smith. The capture of a few of hits gang is better than nothing; but if they do not got tho ringleader trio troops will have to do all their work afresh. At least, if they can succeed in scann ing the bund, ami Gordon to the other side of the Missouri, wo may trust to General Hunter and Pope to finish him. Having-Dins explained the position of affairs in tliis vi cinity, we will now make afow brief remarks relative to orn MAP OP TUB NEIGHBORHOOD. The map embraces a section of country extonding from a few milts orr'h of St.* Joseph, on the Wire nri river; giving a portion < f Gen. Hunter's department a ? the river's western bank; she wing the location of Fort l.cavon worth, Wyandot at, J other recently noted places; fol. lowing the rioer in its windings until it retches Kansas C.ty,'\. here It takes e.i ly cMr, thow irg portion of Gin. royo'i; sub-department that borders cu Kauc-Os and the r iter; then taking t northerly direction along tl j borders of tho troubled county to a point of the N'ortb Missouri Railroad, and particularizing certain places on either rule of the Bame to the city of St. Jose, h. In it nre specified the locations of many places men tioned in the earlier stages of tlio Missouri rebellion, A shot t distance Bout! east of Kansas City is tho little town of Independence, oflesi held by both sides of tbo contending armies, but never at thegame timo ; and out tho opposite side Of tho river to the northeast is the town of crty, near which tho battle of Blue Mills took pl.tco, when the Union troops wore ad. vancing from ft. Joseph to the rcliof of Loxiugtou, and at which (loneral Sturgis was reported when Lexington fell. A United States arecnal is located a little south of Liberty, and Una north of that town i3 Ibo town of Platts* burg, situated tn D o branch railroad in the courro of construction from the North Mi'souri Railroad tn the river ami Kansas City, f ollow ii i the river north fi m Kansas (ity, tbo reader arrives at Platte City and We ton, both places being nearly Opposite to Fort Leavenworth, tho headquarters of General Hunter. Ibo next mo:import ant piace along tho same route is hi. Joseph, tbo fccoo of many a uerlous rebel riot, ami v.hlch was for several ('ays unfier rebel iaart,?l law, every privl. lege excluded from tlio residents utiles they subEO. .bed to tho destruction of tho govern ment of tho United States, and linired them salves with tho anarchism and marauding bnJgj burners. Tho tnuila, during this unfortunate period, wt re seized, banks broken open, h u ses plundered, and, ts tho St. Joseph Journal described It at the time, all law was at an end, ar. i anarchy was triumphant. But the strong arm of truo patriotism arose, the riotors wore put down, Union troops tc k per ->ssion 1 f the place, and, although inaitial law still prevails, tli ? loyal citizens fl..d that such a mort al law i3 perfect liberty to that im po-e i by tho protended supporters of tho independence of tb' south. The ether portions of our elegant little map explain themselves; and, as almost eVbry point therein may bo brought into notice bei<>re long, we advise eur readers to preserve it for future reference. Trk Naw F-nguato Sc Tho annual dinn r of this | Society takis place to day at tho Astorllouso. Amongst J lie guests expected ie be present are tbo six N'"iv Kng Jnxid Governors, Governor Morgan, tho Hon. Charles Au dcram, brother of Genoa! A ruler son, aud Colonel Mulli gan, the Jwro of l-oxington. The gathering is expected to be the most brilliant and interest ntf mat has taken place for inuny years'. NEWS FROM FORT ROYAL Arrival of the Star of the South and Philadelphia. The Rebels Attempt to Drive the Union Troops from Tybce Island. Reinforcements Sent from Hilton Heu<l. THE STONE FLEET AT CHARLESTON, &c., &c,, &c. The United States steam transport Star of tho South, Capt. Kearney, from Port Royal Oeoembor 18, arrived at this port yesterday morning, bringing oi.a day's later t o iVl than that brought by the Atlantic, Tiio.Unttod States atoam transport Philadelphia, from Tort Royal, also arrived yeate lay. Heavy cannonading nua hoard iu the direction ofTyPoe Wand the night of tho 17th Instants The team tran- ;mrt Marten arrived at Hilton Head tiu? following miruing. and reported that i! was from the robe! guns at Port Pulaski, wlio were attempting to drive tho Union forces from Ty boo Island. The Marlon was to return miiuo liu:oiy to tho island after receiving on board a reinforccm-nt of eight hundred troops, probably from General Vlole's bri gade. PASSENGERS PRH STAR OF TUK SOl'TH. Captain,i. j.O'Muli y,Cumiany II,forty-seventh regi ment .Vow York Volunteers. Captain A. B. Nicholson, Forty-seventh icgimoat Hew York Voluntoers. Llouteuant Edward I ant r, Forty-seventh regiment New York Volunteers. J. II. Meyers, Forty-flfih Pennsylvania Volutitoora. Four lu steorsgc. OPERATIONS OP THE STONE FLEET. Ol/ll JCXl'KHITtONAUY CORKKf I'ON'l'kNC IC. Orr CiUHt.KSTON HiRaort, Dor. 18,1801. D'parture nf T?lncfeenVessrh of the Stone fleetfixim I'ort Uoynt?Their Arrival at Charleston Harbor?The Paw nee Pi red upon bp the Rebels?Preparation for thtffec tual Blot hadi of Charleston, etc. The stone heel, to the number of nineteen soil, loft Fort Royal harbor on Tuesday morning, in company with the guuboats Ottawa, Pocaiiontus and Seminole, and tho transports Philadelphia, Cohiwha and Ericsson, tho Cubawba losing on hoard Captain Davis, of tho Wabash, to whom tftWdoisiDg of Charleston harbor it entrusted? tho fleeter of tbo ships being nttdor canvass, and tho ?lower ones totved ouUidn tho bar, whoro all an' chored during tho night. Kariy the next morn ing tho fleet weighed anchor and wcro soon under canvas", two of tho Blower ships being taken in charge by the Philadelphia, two oilier.-; by the CaUawba and two by tho Ericsson, tho others trust ing to their canvas. For aomo tlmo tLo fleet was toge ther, tho vos.tels under sail very nearly equalling tho speed of tho steamers, with their heavy tow : but towards mld 1 day, tho brce.'.i'dylnj av.ay, those ships under canvas,8 j wore slowly loft astern by tho steamers, and soon woro I receding otto by ono from our view baneath tho distant i horizon. I About throe o'clock wo camo hi ci.;ht of ihn lighthouse j up on Morris Island, when wo heard the booming of hoavy C us Itt tho disUnco, whl, h wn soon foilow od by a den60 column of smoke that roso to a great height in the air. Evidently r'ecssli. thought un attack was to bo made. The runs, 1 afterwards loam ?d from Captain Davis, were thosa of the Paftnoo, which ship had been sent upon a reconooir ranee of tho region about Stono. Continuing our jouruoy, wo reached our blockailnd tl e>t as tin sun was dipping, red bs crimson, in tho far away western odgo of the circle of which we s<vinad the ccntro. Iloro all let go the anchors, and a boat was despatched from Ilia Philadelphia, with Mr. Ives, tho government up nt of that ship, who wont on board of the C .hawba to roccir* any despatches or orders from Captain Davis. Alter rcoelring letters and orders, Mr. 1 . v.-returned to the Philadelphia, which was Immediately gotiou under way for how York. ?fur, stone fleet wn<" to bo sunk I he following mom rig. The Ericsson was lapt to us: ltd in tho work and take o(T tho din' rout crows, when blio will return immediately to Now York. < The circular issued by General Sherman with regard to tho diiforcnt members of the pro.-swus, upon n p ,inlio on tho part of the reporters not to sen I for publi- atlon hi y information that might be of use to the rcb-ls, re. culled, aid matters stand as thoy wore before. 1 .otters will bo forwarded by the Ericsson, with a full account of the sinking of tho st'no licit. OUR PORT ROYAL CORRESPONDENCE. STKAMSHIP Mario*, ) Port Hotal Hahbor, liec. 10, l >;i. ( A Tilp to Tyltt?A .S''e?*toi? St'a mr Shorn Itirlf?Th. Briti-h Toxczr?Light ifowc?S'fomt Flret,<f .. (Pc. Wo took a trip down to Tybee yesterday, tor the pur pose of towing down a schooner carrying tho mnil ami a lot of stores for the troops slationod there ^Forty-sixth New York) forwarded from New York by Adams'Ex press. Wo found the razeed frigate riarurtnah and gun boat* Seminole and Star maintaining the blockado. At eight o'clock this morning a secession steamer, sup posed to bo tho Everglade, was seen corn ,ng down tlio r' rpp -routly with hostile Intention '. Whoa within ?, alio turned broadside t-> ns and we oxpecltd ' i c .ant to soo her open tiro. But lia/in'? suddenly d.s ,c d our row of teeth? to wit, fo-T rifled guns, twelve sad eightoen-p.iuuders?she evidently coiicdutlod nottotrytbo exp"riinont,and being sntisflod with tho rcconnoissunco went back to tlio fori. Tho chances for a brush seemed very fair, as wo were anchored inside of the vesrvls-of-war, and might have exchanged a few shots before either of the gunboats got under weigh. The little Havana ferry boat, the Itegla (which it is ex poet'd will bo condemned as a prize!. pulled 1 p auchor iu a hurry and took refuse under our lee. Tho Regta had arrived only a few hours before tu from thin place, hav ing taken tho inside passage. She towed throe large launches,each having a Parrott gun on hoard to ho mount" cd on tbo fortifications now being strengthened Hiid coin pic ted by the Forty-sixth. Tito "id tower built by tho British in the old Revolu tionary war is quite a curiosity. It is .ocular inform, about thirty or forty foot high, twenty foot inside diame ter, walls ton feet thick, and built of concrete shells. The upper part is plercu.1 for twelve guns; the lower part ootiroly plain, without even ? loop's do. It .* surmounted by another tower of much loss diameto.* than tho main struct re, of about live foot in height,and piorcod with openings apparently for musketry, in th? Interior is a column,built jwirtly Of brick and timber, with beam-, radiating an-l 1st into the h -avy wail to strengthen it. Tho Utno honored, originally built .? far back as 1703,i3 a mournful m-uuuncut, with It* lltflg .red and blackened walis, of th.i rebellion. Tho insblo w is entirely burned out by thu re ?.*, an 1 notblug but tho walls and the rem 'ics of th ? iron f. aim work ot the la.. tern are left. Its height Is 103 feet from tho lovol of tho eta to the focal plane of the iigiit, an I u.nety two from the base or lb-; tower. It was regarded at an old friend by cur coastwise navigators, who sadly foci tho lose. It is to bo hoped Iho government will goon have the light replaced. Tho troops are hard at work, under Colonel Rosa, throwing up lutre.nchm'als and pci fee ting the oarthworks commence I by the robjia around (lie old lowor. Four largo vessels of the stuiie fleet have been sunk off j tho shore, so as to form a breakwater to enable boats to I laud, 03 lli: surf r !'; in with violence, and is expovd to northorg. Two of these veterans >f ill ? ?e i at o the l our Dcmill and South America. Thrown together as wrecks, they forcibly called to mind a picture of the groat de struction of shipping iu tho harbor of Havana during the hurricane of 1S10. The island is very sandy, aurt covered with a stunted growth of live oak, pine, holly, pal mctlo, Lc. OUR HILTON JII-WD CORilESPONDWMCB. H.u o.l jfHADj 3. C., Doe. 14, HOI. Th Line of Cast Now Occupied by Our Troop?M m CfcM :itU </ Comni' ce?>",t and Charleston to U. bTwat !'p?tlouthn it Cilion Pmple. Claim the J'rvtectbm >f Our Soldi-r$?Muit ii vi Savannah, dc.,dc. Tins I nioti troops now posaoss the seacotint for eighty or ninety miles. Beaufort and Port Royal Hand is our fli nt advance |x|:i: it, and fmm it Ilia march to Savannah or Charleston will be a short story when we got ready. Ihe no'.v oxpotlilion down the coast has boon abandoned for the present. A few stmo thipe In Ctuarleetou barber will m.!; ? ?-'?! ua t or ami Moultrie valueless, and shutout tba n.'?t of trearon frrm all commercial Importance hereafter, and trade will dud a new channel through Beaufort. Tybcii l latiil is onra,ai I fn mil Pulaukicanboroduccd; wohvva ahcady found the instdo pa rage, and our gunboats havu been between tho fort and Savannah. A Mr. William H iding and his wife came in to day from Tybeo Island, claiming the | rotection of tho authorities as loyal citis' na. They rode through the camps, and arc tho fir t who have cctuo out in the I hi ion cause. Tliev roprceent Savannah ..a in a deplorable ntate; the wholo city complotoly demora lized, great want of provisions, and uN leaving who can getaway. If the government really understand the Im port ruee of our ruecosa here, it will give us 50,000 mon, anil then?-: s good aa io.oui) more?lend us Ueu.iral Met lollau for sixty .'.ays (no dl respect to our gem. raloflico .i). 1 be lieve t hat to - rule of the Iraltoi s \\ill ho at a? aud, ami then th igood an I loyal men of the South will dura to speak, The are,ego of our weather is glorious, hko our pleasant Jane weather. Hiirow Hkad.B. C., Pee. 0, loll The Ounboat She I fas Don?The. (Mel Plod and Stnjf Shot Away?The Oj/h rt of Ihe fbrbes?Their Positions During the Pngayement ?' Port Royal, dr. When the fleet left Hampton Roads the gunboat R. R. Forb s was selected to remain and bring ihe flag officer his despatch*;. This was the first acknowledgment of her speed, nnd woll she proved it indeed. She come up to tho flagship off Cape lhmry, and, having delivered th" desjiatchos, was ordered to assist the gunboat Mnadiliu to her etatlon abreast the Wabash. In the terrible gale which succeeded she rendered effi cient service to several distressed vessel*,especially the Commodore I'erry nnd tho schooner Rachel 8. U.llor. On the morning of the 7lh, having b?oti ordered to get th# Ureal Republic over the bar, she started after lior , but the engagement commencing, the men became excited, and she had to drop the vessel and pturt up for the light. Running up within 400 yards of Fort Walker, she stopped and at tho fuurlh lire the after gun of the second division, in charge of Master Wm. Tomlinson, shot away tli" label ilag-tall'. Cheers upon cheers ream ndod from the th ct, and, being ordered by tho flag ollhvr to leave hor ilai'geroim poeiti .ti, sho winded her way through lha fleet. amid tho liuxzas of all, nnd reported to tho flagship. There she received orders to tnko a jiosluj n a little farther off, and unfllado tho butteries. I'fwioally the Stui s litid .-'ti l| t.i waved over Soc rsia, and then lbs cheers rosinmied th-oogh th* vaulted heavens. Too much cannot ho paid n pratio of the otllcers and men of this vessel, llcr surgeon?lamia Unhel?one of your townsmen, rendered vrty effective service, nnd lur.isled on working a gun in a very exposed situation. Master Wild, In charge of tin First division, allowed himself fully o pull to the occasion, and some i f the rebel* will long remember his deadly shots from an nighty pound rilled nuii. Master TonUinson, in charge of the Se cond divt Ion, was also very hravn, aud at the fourth ilru shot, away tho Hags tuff. Master llerncr, her signal oll.ecr, and Paymaster Morion, wnro fli'.'t In ono place and then its another, rendering nil necessary aid. l.leulcnant Com nuuidiug II. 11. 3. Neweuiiib.and hor excc.utivo uph or, M. IfnXrest, directed the motions of tho v Ful and too lire of tba divisions, unmoved among tho muni .ous-Bower ol shot and shell, and iui|>nr('iig courago to all by tlieir cool ilopoi tuioiit and steady orders. Usitku Status Stkamku Mocar Vr.unow, 1 Oi r Bt'Ai'roitT, N. C., Nov. JO, 1361. f TheSaitir.g ? f the Mount turn?An ojjber t.mjt Uthind? A Chatufor His Vessel?The Vest As Blockading lleanj'orli North Carolina?Brittik Ships in the Harbor? Changes of Officers. We loll Bu'.limoroon tholOth instant. Th" ship wan under weigh when 1 went onshore, and had to gail, be cause of the title, before I got back. I went down to Humi u Rcati^n the Baltimore nnd Norfolk mail boat, whit h-ailed Ijn hours after tlie Mount Vernon, and ar rive ' about half ; u hour before hor. I was on board ua g ,cn r a Uo anchored. Wo retnainod one hour at Hampton Roads, and tlion sailed for 1 Hit placet whero we have since laid. We are tho senior otiio.r. We have two other vessels under our orders, viz.?the 1'ultcd States harks Rrazillcra and (!? msbok. there are two tiuo largo English sblp.i nnd a hatk laden with tiii'ts'uiiiie aud rosin laying plainly in sight undor the guns of F I v n,cl itoi itownol Beaufort, N.?' I it ieh Uioy wouhl com; out anil give us a chance. Wo have had ou very ho .vy couth .,' si i ale we cam" do" uiiere. Tlici uithwcel or ?tilbwi.ul ft ihe only oui that can hurt us hero, but unfortunately it is a very prevalent one iu th winter months. Blockading is very hard and kvcio work on the coast Itt tl.o vri* tor. You will *co by Hie c.ii It-sctl list licit w J h.ivo had a good many changes among our oflJcers. it speaks vmy well for I'aptalnUlUsoii thai, of ttm thicc man' w'umilee i whinii he to"U from Nir.v York with him in May,one ia lna-tei nail exec .live other, ono ma lor.'aud tho other e.,a 1. pilot. Wo expect to get up to Old Point ahot* Ilia midrtt*of January next, nod do cot oxpet to hear one word ti via homo bclor? that timo. JlK' Blir.l n n, IS'II. The veAsel "ey which I hud hoped to aot.d yoa lif lotto* of the kiitk ult., proved to bo tlie United States . tenmo* Flat ? of Georgia, ordered down here under our orders, so there was no chance of sending (t until now, as she ro turns to Old Point, by which you will g t lliCaO letter*. Wn all hope that -ho will gel back by t'hr.stiuaa day, s? a ? to bring us frr. h meat and vcg-tabl. g. The following is a list of the oltice a of the Mount Ver non :? ('..mia tnd r?Oliver P. Olissnn. ifasler and Keee.uti*' Ojkef-M?M Allen. Matters? Henry 3. St urges and John D. Barclay. Auidunl J'ayiin t-r?ll ury Y. Gli.sson. A> ids'tilSurgmm- Kamuel B. lloppin. C'h ief Knun e'r?Joseph M. Kulght. AuU'.anl Liigineer*?loha l.arduor and James 11. Ilora ford. * Coast Pilot?John P. Foote. AfiU'er't Jlatc-P.obori C. Wright. 1 MILITARY AFFAIRS IN PENNSYLVANIA. Ilxaaisutuil, Tii., Bee. 22, 1801. Ilonry Soldi t 1 l> '<*n appointed Surveyor (.moral of Itio State, to iill tin' vacancy caused by tho resignation of Wni. II. Helm,\vlio been appointed and confirmed Brigadier General. A .Stats flag was pj^sented yestordny to tlio Eighty fourih regiment, which will start to-morrow for Romticy. lh on-' hundred ami tenth regiment, now full, starts for tlio uuo destination on Wednesday. Governor Curtln ho.) gone to New York to attend the annual dinner ol' the New England Society. A?t itntl Aft Isle?-Van Herat and 'l.tan T(J Tun KIJITOU OF THE 1 have scon an article in y ur p-qier praising extrava" ga-itly the painting of the yacht Henrietta, by de Haw, which is not t? bu compared to that if tho Rebecca, by Va i PC ft. In gon"tal it it; tho habit of murine painter* to tlattn tho subject which thoy paint, but In thin paint ing i f the yacht Bonnetta, on the contrary, sho is made to uproar quits e. small and contemptible vcc-el. lu tins rasp' ct ill'' art if:t has not douo justice to the Il< urietu at all. Y<n:r marine reporter calls atto .tion especially to tbo sky and the sea, at represented in this painting, ami bestows tho h ghe.t prai'o up- u tho cxocutl in . f this |iarl of tbo i noting, whereas this is exactly tbo iioint id which the artist bus boon most unsoeccriljil, Herepre u nts tbo ;-'<y as of a deep, deep b'.e.rnd tho g ?? of tho (ieopo t green, which shows that the aili I is deli ciet.t ti tin kt' -wledgo of he.monlzing a !<>r in such pa,utings, according to th truth and realities of rature Such a eky is rarely scon, even In Jtaly, much less at Sandy Ilock, whero the yacht is supposed to bo lying. If he had represented tho sky as cloudy, and th is ill some <hg'c9 la uni on With tho raging of tho wave* below, it would h-ivo Ik u a good pUrn g for a vessel on tu- c ist of K igland; wherens, nothing of tho kind is ever ee- > s in 'y Hook. It wili take many years before this artist . ill bo able to attain tlio position as a marina psintoi which was held by cur lamented Vun Reost., and many muro still before bo con equal some of the great mariuc painters of Europe. VANDYKE. Skating UpTown.?Tho Central Park ponds, th< ugh cov ered over with ice from one-half to one inch thick, yester day, wore deemed unsafe for skaterB, who were excluded by tbo police. Tho pend formed between Fourth and Filth afonn'B by tho bursting of tho Crotui pipes, was, how ever. fro/.eu over, and alfjrdod tolerably goo' skating, which was improved by a large number of youngsters. Tbo principal attraction, however, was another pond be tween Third and ourth avenues, near Hamilton square, which was woM frozen, and occupied by soino two or three hundred boys and young inon.