Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 24, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 24, 1861 Page 1
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m it IE NEW YORK I1ERAI o WHOLE NO. 9236. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1801.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. TEE WAB FEELING IN CANADA. THE MILITIA CALLED OUT. A FLEET FOR THE LAKES. THE FEELING IN TORONTO DIVIDED THE CRY OF WAR IS SOUNDED. Fortifying til? Coasts oil All Sides. VOLUNTEER COMPANIES QR6ANUIN0. EEC Li LAB TROOPS FOB 01B BORDERS, Acl, Ac., Ac. By the following extracts from Hie Canadian II Will be recti that the war feline if rife in Canada, al though a division exists among some of the people. Tlio ?xtracts are chosen from the principal papcre of thi prottnci* ? THE MILITIA CA I.I.ED OPT. < .III.. IIiunf I'*i abtubnt, Qciina.', I>cc 20.1901. A militia general order is promulgated to rtav, roquir 2fi<!!!i'or^n,.ran.y' "f ? ^nty-f!vo privates in each bat ?~, ? of M,lenl*ry niiiitiu, to bo !y formed for wtlva service, from volunteers from aervl e men. Ko to b? acc. ptoa who does not volunte.r for homo co "l'd ?u a d'iy? uolico- Th" three comm.e ?^lTCr? ? LC nominated by officers commanding Rattan ins, end to bo approved of by the colonel of the 'J?0 ' "riiUcate of their lit; vs.sent to the TOmaurter InCltlef, who alono snnrUoni their appoint f, ' , , ?r battalions may he t< inpuny oil! a? without loss Of rank. By command. A 1). SAUUBERRY, Lieut. Col. P. A. 0. M. l'tCHTA it ATION8 FOR IV'FENCE. [From the Toronto (Hot, -j i lpogovernment have called out ? ?-,v0f mm 1 }Mve men hi each battalion of <t. ,binary Militia j ftara ate about five hundred battalions m Canada, Uptier I and Lower, am. the call will produce between thirty and The mere calling out of this num. nar of militia involves a vary large exp. ndltnre.ttinl wo Sahtiv Wt0 ? .? V"1 tlj0 elop 1""! "ot l,c'9" ,n!;<" lightly. Wo arc entirely ignorant or the reasons which wnnLn'd' I ,,l'ar"'( only guess that inetructh-i.s y . ra ,1MV" cjusod the govern ? regard tho lulled States difficulty "'ua ,1"n they did before, tor wo it is that, communication? from the ffovormnent ft?,or \wo not indicate that thor thoughi thirty Hbdlthonttfld men uecesrarv for the^lefeifco of the 'ntittiatPn from England that the arming Swt^SiUi^liitiawas ailvisiblo.nud.pcihaps, also, tliat liio jmporlal government would bear tho expense, umv have Ith? a iitui r ,"t .P?* 'Cy,\ 1ho fvormneut will'doubt r?m'The "mi?? W" ! ne<KU'ul iffet 'nation on the i10D W be Pron'l'Uy mot. C. t.ipa y?)DSformed m every village ami town. ;m<t the rural dL-tt kn will soon begin to move, in a short time ? very respect ibie for.o could bo sent to guard tho ox ^wed potuts on tho frontier, and tin rest would speed? THE CALL FROM THE MILITARY AUTHORITIES. [From the Toronto Lender, Lee. 21.1 To? order from Colonel Be Sal.iberry, callhiB on tho ?OttDiaiidjng oifioors of the different hattali. us Tor t. com pjny of seventy.Ave won each, has already been respond. wn?'iJ; ?!! n<lJo1101 Jarvls ,m! hi' bibs out on the rE' "lft on hls company for the ro.iui ito aSTh^m """V"?'1 Cf,l<lncl E??gan h i already appoint ?d the officers of the company from tho First battalion as h C^w?B'J**!?? Lieutuiam Jam? at one* ' H tl>'- TLS C0,"'W'* 10 ? A..v.. TB1S U1WT,A ' AW OF CANADA. At this moment It may bo luterosttug to many of our tern'.S 0f tb0 '??' of Canada as fc tho requirements to be made under it for service in 2?ii.i? v' or in?crrcction. The provincial the act, divided into two clnss^-^iom ?!SL. vl , . ac,lv0" cro the volunteer com The swlentary militia consists of all tho malo ^?i? .na ?L prr'vlt-ce-pf th0 a*-'? pf eighteen or up wards and under mxty, not exomptod or disqualWed by milU1'u,,Rn. ate. moreover, to he i!ln ^a clf.sse8. to be called respective y tot yieo ? *imh?JZ!''Cry0 asrvtee men shall bo tho ?? _ ?'fntoon years and upwards, but under forty-flvo li'? reserve tnon shall be those of forty live fears of ago and upwards, but under sixty t ears. The following persons only, between the trge:; of eighteen and ami from aforcfi?i'1' shw 1 i t>o exempt Trem enrolment and from actual service in any case, .lodces of tlm Court of t?f-U,r ar' ^o Xor he Court of \ ice Admiralty; thoJudg.vof (he, Circuit and County a,urts; the Clergy and Ministers of nit ret"s donotn.nations; the Prefer-ora in any O lf e.- or I ni ?ersity, and all teachers In religious orders; tho wardens Raepors and guards of tho Provincial Penitentiary .J we following, though enrolled, shall ho exempt from fjaustorand fr"m actual soi vice, except In 1 ime of war w^nf f5;,urrc?'0n. Vlx.t?The Kese.vo MeH| Mvm? of i',C Exorutive and f^glslatlvo Assembly tho w .u" &... p0,mc,!? ww1 tfte Assembly re's;Ic'(iv*. ly, tho Attornlcs anil Solicitors fiouoral: 1'rovinc.i So cretary and Asslxtant Secretaries; all civil officers an pointedi undor the Great Seal: all persons lawful)- au ihofized tt prictko ptiysic or surgtry; all advocate* Wristers solicitors and attorni, Canada, half pay an l rotlrod office, a of her M-.'es <y's Army and Navy; Poxlmastorfiand Miil c.irrier?? ?es" faring men actually employed in theirciiiluig; mast"-rr .if" Public and common schools a itually cngnred in teachiiiT ferrymen; ono miller for each run of Btomsinevoryy'lft S public toil gates; lockmacfers and*labnr Pi in attoncliug to locks and brldg s on public canals, o;:gme drivers, conductors, and switchmen e m pec.ed with the vai io: s railways actually in use in .hit Province; members of flro companies " id " mnatehies aadottlcsrs of C uirts of Justice, not biingZXmv ? Wirtee of their being non-commissioucd olliccis of mi'itla Mudents attending seminaries, collcraa, sciiool? an / MademicR, who buvo been attending such at least Iiiru!?! ni!lltri? 10 th# ,ime al which th-y claim pticb cxeuiptlOD; a 1 pergons di?.able<I by bodily ir.flrmlty hiring certiileatcs from tho Foclely of Sl.e t- **omn"Jll8ts wid Tunkers, or aov Inhnhitaut of it?r=?rtCVi i "y rolli;lu"s dunoniination, shrill be ?verse to bearing arms, and shall refuse personal militnrv ?ervice, shall be oxempt therefrom. niilJtnry With a view to actual service hi timo of war. Invasion ?r Insurrection tho service men shall bo divi led inm ^C.'y,'!8tt0 respectively first class service ?Ben au i second c.ass sci vice men; tho lirsi class to con Pjrt of unmarried men and widowers without children, Sudron 0 8 ,narrle<1 m'n ,lC(! widowers with When the sedentary militia aro called out in case of War, inva- Ion, or insurrection, those tirst taken for actual ?ervice shall be volunteers fr'om the s. rv^ mVn thcn tha first c.ass sorvlco men; then tho second class service man; and, lastly, t'ue reserve re n. GA militia man drafted for actual servico must cither y a penalty of ?io, to bo given Lo an approved man of esamo class, not f d-afUul for service, v. h i wfil !n"iay f'?Vr'!9.a" ?Pproved substitute of ibo ?am. c.ass, and not drafted, to servo in his plae;-. BOATS FOil TllF. LAKES, AND M1!N FOP. THE BOATS The government have lying at Quebec for strong ateamerH, the Victoria, Lddy Head, Napoleon and Ad ?anco. 1 ho three first named aro iron propellers the last montionod Is a sidewheel vcssol o; wood can ih r ps's tho can .! locks? If so tb-y should bo sent to Kffi/. ?ton at once. A few days ago tho water was cut of tlfo iBichino Una alouc, the oihors were full, and as the col l wonth<t had not act In, vess.ds might he sent lh-outh w'ttun w dl o ?PS; ,i'f W? C'Uinnl no,v ?81 ,llesc boats, it wlb be w II to put them in readiness to receive guns the l^im bfoatS out- Tuer'' "l 0 olB" a number of pro pub' at various port., which might bo fitted up in readlnc.-s for the contest if it m ist come. Of course ' bey would make comparatively poor war vessels, but asuvory ihAn,,;?P^n ,S U1'?n. <h? P assion of the lakes, to th a abd our efforts must be directed. Most of teem ore large s b..V' ctrry a, c?up:? ?f s,Aly eightjiouuders,and Wott d tons bo val'iab e auxiliaries to the Kt'glish gnu boats which will oar tain y be sont here. There is another - point ci. unacted with this of great hnp<>rtunce. U wir is commenced our lake trade will be d strayed. Mv v h'm ?reds of able bodied soijorx w ill thus "be thrown wt of ?raploymsnt. M?'St of tba men who, during tho summer are engnged cn schooners or steamboats, arc now ,.t tlioir names, earning little and sp??41 -. tb.oir season's saint in the suppo.t ol themselves an.1 families. It world ar^U*i*rt ^Dt-U, araliteiy iittic to ind .ee thorn to turn ":n liw 10 bn"4i' tl:e yraat ts as. Indeed, rer, many would bo glad of the oppi rtunity ia this w-v to nv.ko soma adtMUn to tb.-lr'.anly fun 's r ?y %sr. v hfaYa 8c,t ?r u,c'189 -r?,o ,j"r' ;"i <i WMoV ta,Wll'',crir'),lli:i0(i 'dr ,h? ''viud.a.n org ini^on^^driUing1 of'eai ?r?g'Ufor a a-e fpeiik 'tVd^nm^Bra^k^ '? tho C'"FS "f wh'wo C?n bo formed. If they are nct'Wantd -ittleba-u wil'l bad no. If they aro wanted tbev urai i.L c board than In the militia. Tbat tbe v l!?.0 ??li9r.on tho Queen is m.auifustod by tho case with ir*8'?'? SSCBWtfOJtlST TERROUISM IN CANxnx fKrom the Torot to Globe, Dee. v<1 The infamous conduct of tho corruptlonist ? city excites the deepest Indignation among our . ?nnt? 1-bcre are plenty loyal men In Toronto; thereara nir,' fact who nro unwilling to turn o-it to defend?- ??,n ?Oil whenever it is assailed, but our people ^ra mA S ms-lmon as to Seek a quarrel with noirbboi s wh^?, h the moBt friendly .ThaVe'dSS?Jno^ It li i general opinion that the agent or the J"flbr?>ti DuvU gov .1 Di:u-ui is overdoing his work, and is like y to bo kicked out of tits position long before ho has acc jiu plii hod the objoct of h a ambition?the fitlr. in" up of war boiweou the luited 3ut?a and England. The exqutsit absurdity of an editor or a tVa-Uiugton paper e n n over hero to locluro tiio people upon their d ' tlio British ling; to assume, in Put, tho pert or bully, ewiita its appropriate) share or rlilcuie. ma gyrations would be liaiinl sg, but lor the p-sitiou if iliu I aJer, As the orguu of the government, as the recipient within n lew yours of a hundred thousand dollars of public money, it is a matter of mouit-nt that tlio !.eailtr is i Ring every v, ,a pen of Invective mid falsi hoed to excite war. due /rno rican# of course conoludo, from the position of the paper, tiuit it- nefarious wo k is s.inctioned by th? < iinudiuii go vernment! icd that they are influenced in their tern hv tha imiwiai authorities. Its diairibt* are published iur and wide l paneis,and help to koopu/i tl.oIUmeol hostile feeding. This work tnav he all very pl Munti to th>> agent of the Jeflf. Davis government, who, i,' tu hc . litpiisli a h.s work, wi'n spoedily seek rel'ugu la I leUuosd and o' tnm his reward, but to those who lwvo til ir n'i in thui ooiiiitrv, tiio silrrillgup a'K, o*ui eles? war is about us di>u.Riel id as anyltnug that cau be conceived. Iho 1,1. ?t lufannum parte of tho fsatUr't infamous ef forta to ereuto d ataiibaitcoare llsassanlla tirs n individual iinarwma in our luidgt. It trl s to oseite p.ojudico aguiust thorn so ns to drivu them out m' their employ m. uts. AlUi ugh th.i uumowni not mentioned, tho dl,ov inia of Iho Nurthciu Itailwuy have been plainly informed Hint their rolerit.ou of Mr. tirant us f-uperlnteudent. an t l>r benny .is ftimnee manager, is displeasing to the W.ieli I up ton editor,mid that ilio nuisance must be abated. Iho following was tho tauguage employed:? We wlU not enumevale Illustrations, at press, I; though lha Ume may Mime, and thai speedily, w hen railway direc tor* and other* r.. ay be required to jUKtl ) tl.ei i toleratt-.ii of tin- exclusive loiuper shown by suparionndeats, oprev* contra tors and "there a lio avail Ihetr-.elvm uf every chance in jKomote American Interests as distinguished trom Oana d nil. There is but ono levird of railway directors to whom this taBf .tore can lie made to apply , for no other has an American Superintendent. Mr. tirant Is the r.iost efficient railway nuui m Cnnai'n in his own department. Ho has managed his rood odmiiably ; not one word c an be said sgalnt t him on that scare. He was omplayed by guveni tn nt as one of ihc cotnraiasicuers Jo inquire Into tho posi tion oT the Grand Trunk Kal!w?5-, and did his duty tliero also effieiunlly and ubly. But he is an American; an editor fresh flfom Washington and ltichmond cannot endure Americans, and so he toils iho Northern RaHw i.v Director? (hat I bey must dismiss Mr. Grart. llto .'efl. Davis man aeeo's" lo think that we have commenced a Dim reign of terror, and that wo nvo all at tiie mony of the first man who deuouncee us. llo I as actually the impudence to threaten the C.'ofte otftco with u domiciliary visit from a mob! This would be perfectly laughable wore it not, as we brforo said, for the fact tli t Iho Irwltr is a govorntnent organ, soprs rlt d by public money, that It is understood to speak us it is Instructed by Mr. John A. Macdonald, Mr. .luhii Ross, and Mr..). 0. Morrison, ell of whom are iu j Toronto at this moment. I>o thrso gentlemen desire a war with tho United Plates? lfthcy do, it must be bo eaiiso tho afiairs of the^government are in such a despe rate elate that they tie no hope of puptptning their ,ud. sav e f? h inging aiiout a collision with our neighbors. If this Is their position, it of course accounts for the con d.cct of the f.:".n.'er?it accounts for the Richmond mun being brought over to rau the flame of war. Trade may languish or be extinguished, hcxil? may be wrung with anxiety for tho future, but if it will keep the coalition in, by ell moans lot ihoio bo war?let tho Iscdtr vilify and threaten, let a ntob bo ruised to insult Americans lutlist Ftrcsts and drive them out of tho country. Never luiiin do rflo tlu> exponso, tho bloodshed, tho devastation?will do tho coalition be kept tn office? THE Ht'VOKF OF WAR. (From tho Toronto Globo, Dec. 10.] The cry of war rings throughout the land. At the cor ner of every aLicot you hear excited discussions as to the Mason and Slidoll outrage, the next news from England, tin erection of forts and the probabilities of "a ti^lit with tlio Americans.'' Tbo GM* says that ihis feeling is stimulated by the present ministry of the colony, who are re;.resented to bo to'.tor lug from power, and can only save the in so Ives by "well got up cry of war." It continues.'? The Canadian people do not dosha war with the United Slates. On tlio contrary, and notwithstanding the hot feeling new arising, n war with the Americana would bo regarded with horror by ti.o great lines of the com munity. Both countries haro been peopled by the samo racca, wo fpouk the' same language; we are con nected by mutually pi ofllahlo trallic, by local interests, and by many agreeable social ties, lint should war break out between the mother country and the republic all these bonds will bo torn assuuder, and promptly, vigor ously, cordially will our people rally round the standard of the empire. TUo Globe says, in another article, that, when the war flrat broke out, the sympathies of nine tenths of the Canadian people wore with the North. "Bluce that time," the Globe admits, "the feeling has somewhat changed." DEFENCES OF MONTREAL. The Canadian papers report that it is the intention of the Slllitary Pojjirtiueiit of that province to put the old fort at Chambiy in a thorough state of repair forthwith. FORTIFYING TORONTO. Tlio Toronto (C. W.l Lta/lfv notices the vigorous pre paratlons which arc iu progress for tbo defence of that city, "in the anticipation of the occurrence i f anything unpleasant in the re'atioo* of Great Britain with the neighboring republic." A battery of ten guns, sixty pounders, wbh one Armstrong gttn, Is iucourro of erec tion at a point where it will command the harbor, and it is reported that batteries to mount thirty-six guns arc to be extended along the bark of the lake to the i.ew fort, w hi e another will bo erected on the northwest angle of thofort commanding the Great Western and Northern railways. Other works, It is rumored, are to l-o speedily commenced. It is said further, that quarters are to be constructed at Toronttffor a force of 10,000 men. [From the Toronto Globe, Dot!. 0.1 Tcu sixty four pounder guns reached Toronto from Que bec on Saturday evening by train on tho Grand Trunk Railway. They witl beoonvvyed to the fort to day, and will bo mounted on the embankments the instant they are completed. Upwards of one hundred men belonging to the'thirtieth regiment are busily engaged on tho for tiflcntlons. Four of tlio guns will be placed on tho em bankment mw in coarse of construction near the old fort, two half way between the two forts, and the re maining four on an embankment tube raised near the new garrison. The works avo rapidly approaching com pletion, under the superintendence of Lieut Storar,Royal Engineers. Seatrio arc posted oil around, nnd no onr is allowed to approach the place where tho men arc at woik. A very largo n ; ruber of persons visited tho Quer n's wharf yesterday, but no one was allowed to in ter tlio fort, a sentry being posted at the bridge; they, howevor, satisfied li ;lr curiosity by inspecting theguiis, which are similar to those in'the Queen's park. DEFENCE? OK COJI.TNGWOOD. (From the llarrleSpirit.] General Williams on the 7th Inst, paut allying visit to C illitigwood, for tho purpose of seeing the place put in a state of defence, and, wo believe, gavo directions for the construction of two batteries for tho protection of tho harbor?one to bo located Ht or near tho old U'.rou ter to mills, about a mi'.o to the eastward of the town, and tho other ou one of tho group of islands known as the "Hen and Chickens," about three miles from shore to the westward. [From theCollingwood Enterprise, Dec. 12.1 General Williams and staff, const - ting of Colonel Wilmot, Colonel Rolio and his two Alds-de-Camp, aud accompanied by tho Hon. II. 11. Klllay. arrived in this t wu on Satur day last, for tho purposo of laying oat fortifications and strengthening tho place, in case of any dilliculty with our neighbors on the other side. Ttio site* for two batte ries were stakod out, and orders given f>r the forward ii.g at onco of a number of heavy Armstrong guns nud thu necessary ammunition, beside? a fluid battery for tho use of tho artillery company now organizing bee. The visit of Ocneralt Williams to Collingwod has caused quite a warlike fooling I" spring up amongst the population, and recruits ore pouring in to thu active force. There nro now "erne forty nionibers entered on the muster roll ofibe Ki.'lo Company, aud a like number of names have been entered on tho list f r the Artillery corps, now In course of organization. The ititlc Cm pany, under tho command ol'Major Stephen, dril.s regu larly twice a week; the- company under Cat t. M vcdoncll is also making itself rerfect for tho Held. Wo under? tand it is tbo intention of Col. McWatt to cr.'.l on the officers or his battaliou to meet with ar little delay as possible, in order to tako steps to learn the drill. s > as to qualify themselves for tho responsible position the.v occupy should the mill ia bo embodied. The noce sary complement of arms are to be forwarded immediately for tiio use of tlio militia in this diviiiou. On the arrival of which it is probable that an order will be given for iiiic enrollment <t the flunk companies of the battalion under Col. McWatt, wh?m the men will be put through a regular courac of Instruction. NAVAL DEPOT ON I.AKE HURON, j From thu Toronto Globe, Dec. 9.) General Williams and staff, with the >xc<p!ionofCcil. Napier, paid a v.sit to Collingw<iod onBaturuay for the purposo "f oxaiuining its capabilities a;; a naval depot for I/ike Huron. The party left by the morning train on tlio Noi ihorn Railway. On their arrival at Colllngwood a Sail boat was procured,aud the General nnd staff cruised round the harbor, minutely examining tho various polios on w hich it may be de.-d.ublc to erect fortifications,in. Th* y !? turned i.i Toronto In tho evening, t)n Saturday Col. Napier left by the morning train for London,C. W. I DEFENCES OK TOKTS DAEIIOt'BlE AND COLBORKE. on Monday afteinoon, the ftlh inst., General Fir F. Wil I Ham? arrived in St. Catherines from Hamilton and I Toronto. Ho was accompanied by Lie..tenant Co'ouol I Robertson,Royal Engineers, and others. They imme ( diaioly aft' r their arrival proceeded to Port Dalhousle. | On Tuesday th y were to proceed to Port Colborno and | other places along ihc Welliuid Canal. While on this subject wo glvo tho followingextiact frutu on American paper;? DEFENCE OF CntCAOO. The Governors of tho Lake SUlcs been reiuest ?d by tho fadoral administration t" givo tttoir attention to the coa^t fortifications nnd derelicts, It is a serious q : atlon where they shall commence and what they shall do. Undoubtedly tho work should be carriedoua? a whole througl out the lake?, because there are certain prominent points w hich are keys to tbovvholo chain of inland navigation. Thus, the ui with of the Itetroit river, t.bc head of River St. Clair, tho Straits of Ma kinaw and -a/Ions positions among tho islands and on the banks of the gliver Ba it de Sto. Marie will alt have to be consider ed in * defensive plan. Tho fitrsits of Mackinaw aro a point of peculiar ira poriam tfjo tho States of Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. In lead, they have always been dw'inod, from Urn day* ef J ' old f r traikru.ttin'i.'gh fro *?"? wilh Grant nrllr.jn, i t" th picvctit day, as th? key to i*ke Mioliign, unl;ke most of ti.outhor points suggestod by us, a 1 vour own, presenting upon both But ?, vritlii-i .r own ton Itory, positions admirably adapted for furtl Ucatlon and J fm <o. T; a Doeo; i i y of c dnprchc.. 'log the Stmltf In n do.' * '? sivoplxi is In o; undent id a y ootilinge. ? I'a which m.-/ Inp'H- to M-tiP vl places on tnn low u* lakes and rlvert. Georgian I :y, whi- liopens Into the Lead of lakoBtro , is out r.ily In dritieli territory, nnd is united by rail w.ili tiie lower lakes and so board. H m e ' fot nwrlj to be oat i tl*?t at Tantarijnibine, upon tba( b'*y, ti.o Engllrk Kit eminent maintained a navy yard lor use In esse of It stiiiiien with tbo Hulled It Is cot tain, at least, Cat tlv** bay, amid Its tweutv lit usand if Unit, forms the bast bar i'-re in the world. In which t'. e c tnblned tiocts of aii Christendom might rtdo with safety and bo outfitted with great aaortcy. Ttutc who ha\o never i Bstod uu.oog Its lslar d; (uvo form do Idea of what Uby rlutis Ui y present. Prom tho o.d. I truce Mine down to the Hudson Hay trad,in- fori* of taw,rot*o eud MissisMUKO, Olnuiuyl , brsm h out n all d rootu n rvKjun ing great ex n rience ou Uh pa. tj>t th * to proveut h.s lo?iag his Uoderieh, on the Cnnadn eklo of Jake tlnion, Is a'ro ceei.ii t.-d b> tha Un vote and Lake Murom Hailrad with the lower parts of the p ovio.e. The real crosses ill> Croat Western toiuI to fiiit, a id Is therefore an ea-v cotiwiutikali n w ith Tnroeto.- These iaot? p: Ov? that the opo; a.ioia of tho tiiglish government Ut ones of hos tlUtieft vrjlh tbo United Htot"s any bo pursue*! tndepen? ib'niiy r.i. di'f"ient pens of the laics, at theaathe time. It tvili therefore be naeosaa >,for the proteettoncf the expeac.ic a>t?f i.sW Me lugan, to fortny tho Straits of Mackinaw, (hroi gh whicha'.cme a uaval expedition can reach the lake towns and cities of Winds, Wisconsin and Wo?turn Michigan. 'I heeo tliree Mates have therefcro a common interest in the erection of works at that point, and h would aoom prop r that their respective authori ties should mret and dcv'.re a common pltin of deforce, in which a profK-r proportion should be paid by each. Tho clrclsr of .-cord uy Seward must he taken In o.irua?t. The ad-ulnist; atlcn would not advise defensive measures i uicM they apprehend s reason for Uicm. HOTTING OK OrnCK.RS IN TO It ONTO. A meet Im- nf tho officers of the Fifth Military district was held in Toronto on the 14tU iti. t. to comidor tlio present court. tiou of tlio c'endonlai y It la, and to sug gest amino mode for its more efficient orga?i?rion:? Colonel (iiaiterion laid before the mooting a ps;>or on the *o!>>. t Uicy had ass mhlod to coutidor. He prepoesd that ... <ii!. if of inililiu should be appointed who would not make ih-'tuv!voy thoroughly ?<*<p.alntd with drill; that two i...' k companies to each regtaii nl tliould be raised, ol abed i n - drilled; tlist all officers of hedontary militia should I s, coiled out periodically and put through battalion movements along with the flunk companies. The paper pave i t-e to much dl?cusston, in tho course of wli'i'li the ijcllcilor (luucral, I.ieutenaui Colonel tho H?m. J. C. Morrison, stated that twenty-five thousand rides had been placed at the disposal of the government by the liiillt.- iy a-aliorltien. It also transpired that tf tho militia i.-i ciothod, the uniform will be the aauicas tint of tho line. It w is then moved by Lieutenant Colonel Crawford, ifoond'wl by Major I.. IT. Pmith, aud Kerch od, Thai this meeting having hoard read the pnper of colonel CboUerton,arc of opinion that n eon tains many valuable suggest ions, and recommend that due consideration be given to those suggestions in tho framing of any bill which may bo introduced for the amendment of the Militia law; aud that a ccpy of such paper and of this resolution bo transmitted !-> the Colo nel Commands.' t to tho Attorney General for Upper Canada. UOW TI1KY SUE KKkPINQ TUKIR KECTKAUTV. 11'rent jtcorrerpa&irei-.t st i'ortertown, Xova Scotia, sonde a second letter to the 1'hiiodolphia Inquirer, showing bnw Britisii Kulijccts^ iu the Hay of Funny, violate tbo British neutrality taws." Tho Spitfire, a vessel be mentioned in September iart as fitting out for a Southern port, has i? turned, having ucoomplifhed her r< yago auoocesf jlly. Si o is now loaning again lor a similar voyage. The May flower Is also fitting out for a voyage to tho South. As in Cam-ida, tbo feeling of tho lul ahilants in Nova Scotia is strongly against the CnHed States. MOVEMENTS OF VOLUNTEERS. RAILROAD YOLUNTKKRU. From the Hamilton and Lou<l'>n (C. W.) papers. we learn that tho men owployed on the Cireat Western Hall way have formed themselves into a rifle regiment, which is ?o be uudor tho command of C. J. Brydgos, Managing Director of the Company. The regiment. is now eight hundred strong, and the dolachmenU at various placet are being drilled. In Toronto, the Glut* tnforma us. a meeting of the men employed by tho Grand Trunk Railway took place ?n Wednesday lard, Mr. C. R. Christie, 8u per int undent of the western section of tho line, in tho eliatr. One hundred and lil'ty men at once caroe forward and declared their roadinoaa to Join the new corps. It 1a anticipated that very shortly the number will increase to about four hun dred. Three hundred and eighty men employed by the Grand Trunk Railway Company in Montreal hav?tagreed loaerve in whatever military organization their superiors may assume. The JHJol. rays Inst evoniup ?"They are await ing the return of General Williams to take his advice on Uto subject." HEW VOLUNTEER COMPANIES. The Montreal Victoria Rifles now number upwards of a hundred members. They lutvo tendered their services to the Iieputy Adjutant General, but au answer has not yut been recoivod. The uniform. v.-e understand, is to'be Canadian gray cloth, with rod facings. The Montreal Gazette of yesterday gives currency to a rumor that the hank managers and clerks proposo form ing a rifle company, hut no detinila steps have boon taken. The members of the Montreal Huut contemplate forming themselves into a body guard for General Wii llnins, commander of the forces. A now artillery millta compnny is about to be formed in Quebec, and it is rumored that. Mr. Frechette,editor of tho Vtwuiini, is to bo cpptnin. About thirty young Cana dians ?re already on the list. The people of Brat.'tfoid have formed a rifle company. At a mncilng held last Tuesday evening they elected their non commissioned olCcora and passed by-laws. By lb" Canada Gazette wo also learn that's number of n(Peers have been recently commissioned to positions in tlie Volunteer service, in all parts of thoCanadus. Vo lunteer companies arc being organized in several small towns inland, who who would [at once be brought to tho frontier In tho event of a war. A drill as.-oclaiion has been formed at Quebec, under the auspices of some of the leading merchants. Mom bars pnv twenty-five cents entrance, und are liable to expulsion if lh.-y neglect to attend ihreo drill nights in succession. A NEW DRILL ROOM FOR TDK VOLUNTEERS. [From the Toronto Globo of Dec. 14.] A meeting of the Committee from the Merchnnts' R:flcs and Victoria Rtflos, was held ou Saturday,at tho residence cf Colonel Jarvis, Bay street, to take into con sideration tho b 'Rt means to raise funds for the erection of a proper drlllroom for tho volunteers aud militia. Colonel .iai vis occupied tho chair. After a ahort discus sion a committee was appointed to draft a memorial to the Council, requesting the grant of a building lot on the Ecplanade, nod also for an approp-kitlon to assist iu the erection of the building. The meeting then adjourned. A TBBRIFfC RUSH TO ARMS. [From the Toronto Globe, Dec. 21.] Fbttr eomjiaiiirt of tho Tor< nto Active Force drilled last night in the fxiiibition building, under command of Lieu tenant Colonel Iturie. There were about one hundred and fifty nt'ii yreerti.', including No. 1 company, commaudi-d by Captain D. AiHcdotinid; No. 8, Cupuin James Smith; No. 5, Captain 1*. Patterson, and the Highland Rifles, Cap tain A. T. Fulton. Unfortunately the mon did no; arrive at tho Union station until a few minutes after Ilie time SDoctlicd. They had consequently to await the arrival of the northern train from Colllngwoud, so that they did not reach the Exhibition building until nearly nine o'clock. The Victoria company, ("apt Ord, aocompauiiod them, b it , did not drill, at they are not yt uniformed, end have not received ill ir rifles from Quebec. The night was very | cold, and about a couple of hundred spectators who were present had to keep themselves constantly In motion, or otherwise freozo. Tl o "volunteers showed consldoraMo ' prod iercy in their drill?the companies of Captains Mae j and Fulkui especially being exceedingly prod; i, nt. 1 Tin' men mnlfeate.l very great de-l o to learn, and In soma of the movements arising from tho short experience of the night. Ths men were couveyed to tho city by tbo Northern RaiW ay. A company of law students and others of Quebec have enrolled th mse'ves into a cumfany styled "No. 3 Rifle Vo.tigiiors." The company is IliuiUd by law to fifty live officers a- d privatas. MONTREAL BANKER VOLUNTi.BR RIFLES. [From the Montreal t.azi t'.e, Dec. 14.] In reference to the project which wo mentioned some days ago >>f tho fo. n ation cf a company by the office; g andi lorksof banks, a correspondent Informs us that If the movement ia pi cpar'.y ina gurated"wo hove all rea dy." He tends us ? .of 'flowing abstract of are;?itof a mooting, held lit Edlnburg im t inontli, of tho proceedings of a Bankers' Volunteer Company:?No. 7 Company (Pankei s) K. R. V.?Present.ition of Pint -.?The pi in j gained ut tho roc. nt c impel': Inn of this company wore p (-.sealed to the succearful compntltrrs cn Friday even ing. ami the event wen niado the occasion of a festive m'Ctl: g lit the Rainbow Hotel. A<(jutai.tb Campbell as 1 Hills, Messrs. Fwnn, of timid Farm, and Mr. Brydca M<? toitli,of Nether Lib. ru n. were prei'unt :<* gc is, and several honorary members of tie com; any at'.ended. , About sixty sat down to dinner. After the usue: loyal i an '. patriotic toasts tho variou. prises were presented, an 1 folicw :? 1. The Cbmpanv '? Chalice .o Cup?a very elegant i-ll vor var* en i < land, to be. oompetcd f-r annually. Tho wiiit r receiving a silver medal, aud being entitled to a g.d 1 lr.edal if ho bold the cup for tlireo <-ucc . .-ivo years.

Sh .1 for ot 150, fi o, ;,C0, 100, 500 an 1 too ya. ds. Five round ' at each distai. e. 2. < uipany prizes at . a h of the above disUucos. Five ro nds. IfO yards, gained by 11 points. 200 > an g, gained bv 10 polnls. 8tio j arils, g in d by 7 points. 4C0 yards, gained by 7 poiuts. 600 yards,galneii by 8 points. 000 yards, gained by 5 points. 3. The Captain's i'rizo?a aupoiior sporting rifle, by Dickson & yon, in oak ciso and leather cover, with HI tlnga. I'rosented by Captain Hay; shot for at 300,600 and 600 yards. Five rounds at each distance. Gained by 18 point*. 4. The Liimtonant's Prize?a handsome silver mounted opera gloss in sling c iae. Shot for ut 160, 200 and 400 yards, am) gamed by 27 poinis. On Friday, December 12. com pun kg ore and six of the Montreal Foot Artillery were inspected by Brigade Ma,itr Waller, of the Loyal artillery, In tho presence "f Colono'g Dydo and Tyice,and a largo number of spectators. The m inmov-es were pons through with groat proelsion. A'r.or Waller repic ted thcna ? ompnnh's to comntWM It avy > un practl'<J as ?ru as possible, art ho did ni t k-rO'.v wh t t|.,ii? t]i -v ?? uld he ? I out for active sor v o*. Number t' rev company of the t ame forco is uow re- 'rcmrt/.lnR on tewpcram e irlnoip'os. KtlilTU-UNUta Dili J.I.I V' J in TORONTO Y0LUNTKT3 COMPANIES, to T't* r.\irros ok tii" i.Kanrs. 8m?Allow lite to call your utuallon to u clronmst.anes Who it requires prompt urn ? milliont. lit some of oor vol unteer c. .>i'ules citiv.e .a of tho II ?rth. rn duties attend drill i<%n si !y,?lilioiij,.i making uo ot of tutrir intou tlou to toU.rn to ilj um.t on tho oceurr live of war. I Ln iw,ou oxcclltntl fttiUiiirily, that tl la It is b-u n tlto case In tlic Merchants' Rule t oio,:. .17, ui d I Uavo reason to bo llovu tb it it I* alrt 1 in St lo nt r..o other. Note, this in a litt.o too llngrsul to ho tolerated; and tUu officers of tho l!orcli tit's t mttatty tie dec t tlu-ir duly when thoy suffer Vtiltki S diilll: g to (ifoc-.'O't uildsr tholr linens trttcltcckad. We loon haw do traitors in tlto camp. Those who aro liol with a:id for ua a <r a^aihrt he; and thxy should bo irrv'o.t.i to ?ir.lorsU.nd \si Inntt delay. The uirc.t aro too tlfk.ii It to allow of fatso dolt ?? y Id u mittor like this. Tcukirto, Duo. Its, 1861. AN OLriLtVLR. VOlTTSTHUKft \T KURT STANLEY. (Fioui tho Lou tins (C. W.) Free Press.] On Wltlnusd y ovuitli;; a Urge meeting was held At l?rt HtMih y. a: Mr. I'rl. of, for tho purpose of forming a v? htnloer till* company, which was accordingly done ainldat great enthuMasni. Dr. llrcy was appointed cup tain . and :i public: meeting is to ho hoid oa M011 '.ay nsxt, for the pur|tr> e of allowing every otto an opportunity of sxprtssitig their views and ettroiling their names. In Ottawa, the Canadian capital, tho oiUuia men are active. Colonel Coffin scouts to be taking a prominent part la the m vemcnt. miring tho present woek.moet Inge are to be hold at many placer in the neighborhood of Ottawa, lor the purpose of forming volunteer companion. TUE VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY IN LONDON. (Kt-t 111 tho Ijout'.eit lire. 11'rt-es.] Ttio artillery company Is fully made up. Thorp are seventy nu n. exclusive of officer*, at present enrolled, and they aro all conversant with tboir drill. Mtpior shtutly having ' xprerst'd a dnstro t<> bitvo another gun added to tho strength of th# rompnnv, tho vJuarU rmavter Gocoral promised h. have the reipin t laid before the authorities, and gave it as bis opinion that it would be complied with. The gnus now In pnerossb'u of the company aro two V pound field guns and one 34 pound howll/or. the caval ry troo|?, utu'er the ontnniaud of Captain Burgess,contains thirty u.on, aud L in an ofdeiont state of disrtpllne. Capt. McBolb ? company consists or fifty men and thro* ollicers, and has been in exi denre for over six years. They are la an efficient stato of discipline, and havo all the api ointnietils. A meeting writ held l ist evoniug, at w h < h 1 Lore were several applicants for admlsi ion. Thoy drill twic ? a week. Hie strength of tho Highland Com pany is lorn live. The men aro well disciplined, and are sjiendiDg a large amount of time In drilling. In a day or two thoy will spend some tiiuo in hall practice at the Cove. Iho I oudoii Vol tuleer Foot nrtillery lias now en tered upon active drill, the rnnks lteiug nearly tided. 'Die male members of the Mori ill Dodge of tho Independent Order ot fiissi Templars, numbering about one huncrod and twenty-five, tiro anxious to get up 11 company, tho members of which will ho pledged to total abstinence. A meeting of the l-odge will bo hold to-morrow evening to consider the matter. # MOVEMENTS OF THE BRITISH REGULARS IN CANADA. (From tho Kingston Whig.] niRTRIBl TION OK TROOPS. It is stated ou good authority that tho Seventeenth regiment, Quebec, will lie ordored to Kingston upon the ari ival of one of tho Halifax regiments. Tho Mxtlcth Rifl. a, tjuebec, will proieed to Londoa, C. W., upon tho aprivsl of anolher regiment from ilrltfax; and u|ion tho arrival of tho Seventeenth hero tho Royal Canadian Rides will depart for Niagara. AKRIVAI. OF 8AFFXKB AND Ml.NEKS AT TORONTO. The company of twelve sappers and miners, accompa nied by a borgeanl, who lately left Halifax, N. 11.,over and for Canada, ariuved at Toron'0011 Saturday, aud at once proceeded to their quarters at Iho harrarks. They are to l?e engaged on the lortiflcationa now in progress under the direct iou of Lieutenant Colouol R >b?ftson and Lieutenant Storcr. TROOPS FOR PKESCOTT, C. W. Two more companies < f the hoval Cuimdian Rifles sta tioned at Kingston are under orders for Pres. ott, and tbs troops of that lino will be required to 1)11 their placo In this garrison. Prrsrott is situated on tho &t. Lawrence river,directly opposite Ofdensburg, N. Y. NEKitlBOUlIOOti OF QCKISKC. Wo learn that a company of iho Royal Canadian RIDcs will leave this city to-morrow morning for Spencor Wood, to take charge of the military buildings at that place during this winter. TDK REDI I.ARB AT DRILL. Yesterday forenoon, the ground having la-come clear of snow, the greater portion of tho Forty-seventh rogimout were ou the Chump de Mara for drill, under Lieutenant Colonel Kelly. They went through tho usual movements, and burned a quantity of powder, tho Bring being both loud and long; and though, doubtless, much to the profit of the sons of Mars, very grva tly to the annoy unco of kta damo Justico in the Court IJousc, who several times sat pouting on the bench, a new vers! >11 of the old axiom, litter arma tflcnibeget.?Montreal Tranecript. AMMUNITION R1IINFORCKMKNT8. [From the Kiugston Whir, live 18.] Some ten railroad cars, laden with munitions of war, worn brought to this station yesterday,from M'ntrval. An officer of Kapjiers and Miners, accompanied by seven men, reached litis city by rail yesterday morning, and ars statlonsd at this post. C05TMERCE OF MONTREAL. In connection with tho foregoing Intelligence wc set forth, from the official returns,a statement that, through our domestic troubles Montreal lias now a fast growing commerce. Tho clearances of seagoing croft from the port of Montreal for the season of lhttl, showed *94 ves sels, representing 2.">0,2'31 tons, against 229 vessels, of 110,748 tons for 1880. Tho principal ports to which pro duce wus exported were:? 1800. 1861. Vet.' eh. Ton/. Vrstlt. Time. Liverpool ....78 68,007 146 120,326 Glasgow 84 22,007 0 8 45,883 London 19 7,770 0 7 27,551 Glouc'Bter 14 4,222 20 7,680 Bristol 8 2,392 20 8,632 Fhould e war occur between England and tho United States it would bo needless for us to state that a rerious retrogression would take place In the shipments to and from that port. UNITED STATES RRUL'I, IR8 FOR THE ROUDERB. [Vrom the Syracuse Journal.] A number of regular United .Slates troops passed through this city, under tho cihimsnd of Major C. H. Stevens, U. 8. A. Those troops embraced live companies of the Seventh regiment of infantry, which were treacherously sur re:.d.-red to tho rebels on tlic plains by Major Lytide. Thoy they gave their parole of honor not to fight against the (J'nfo-U'ratrB, and ihe government has not rv-pilrou them to depart" from their parole. Hie threatened rup, ture with England creates a necessity for the sorvicosof just such experienced (roups, and thoy arc tlioreioro sent to garrison tho most exposed frontier posts. Threo of tho flvo companies havo been detailed for service at House's Point, 011 tho St. La wren eo. Another company goes to Sackotts Harbor. The fll'th, under Captain Ilnn cock, eighty in number, goes to garrison Fort Ontario at Oswego. Foreign Theatrical News, An efilgy of tli? Prettldoul of the t.'nltol States has been added to the famous Tus.xud collection of wax Ugttrcs in I/indon. The Era pays it the following rathe. equivocal compliment:?Tho lii.ouer;s is oxroleut. Afr. Lincoln Is of the oxtrao. dinary h -iglit of six foot four inches, his couu tenant) clearly indicating great ttrmness of char: tor. This figure must prove n source of con siderable attraction to our country vlsiturs to tho me tropolis during the aj, r' celt lug ? tU k tltnuj. Tlic found it iou of a Guar r\-:'ory of Music nt St. Pet or r," burg, by tin- members of 1171- Bus. iaa Musical Society, has at length reoeivod the taucti D ol tho proper nutlwi itios. Herr Rubinstein has b on requested to undertake its organization and maniigeineut. Hi ? popular singer llii. season at Berlin is Sigmua Tre belll.wh in the local critics place ii the same rank as Citalani, Paste, J-'<nt*g. tor. A new artist, of lUc highest talent,histrionic un ' vocal, Is '1 tf,i. potir at It v M'.p-ty's theatre, 1/union, in tho |i'>r?'ti of Madam ? GaleUt, ahont whom Italian Jour nals ar.d !tn'an audiences are extreme'y enthntlastlc. M'lhme flaicli) Is , ibo.l as a singer of the 1'ftsta school, with a powerful n.e.'zo sopr mo voice and gr at trnglc powers. A v? ry good s; council of tbo courtly style < f drama U-.s been proa.. d with suvu . s at lie. Olympic thelitis, I.uu lion. It called "Court Cai-W," uad in foundod ou the French comedy "l/i l'rlleusc." The s orano. Wagner, is said, likely to ir.ake her reuo no once In London nox* rear, not in tho Chancery Court, but it her Majesty's. .-dm h <d many merits, nn-l, if as r u as of jruro, w ilt now bo ivclcumc there. M id'iD.e Cold-r.iMt, bof.ire quiltirg Abor-lo -n, sent on8 hundred g-tmc-s to the Provost, to be distributod amonK the local charities. After Christmas 11. Fcchtcr will appoar us lago, at tho Prii.ccs'' theatre. A now an I orh'innl birl-"iqne, found 1 on the '-Colleen,' ironi the fordo pen of Mr. J. 11 liyron, entitled "llf-? l.iiy O'Connor," has bey. produced at the Itrury Lane th"?t e. The "At Home" of llr. and Mrs. Charles Matheivs has he a eminently sucvus-fnl, Soplnc Cruvelll (Madame la Raronne Vigior) has yle'.d od to Mr. < yo's entreaties to leave "-r n while her domes tic retirement, and will appear sever at"of those parts which she may be a nd to have ur.alo her own Homo years since, such as Fidclio, Klvira in "Kraut," Abigail In "N.ibuco," Ac., Aic. Vienna is smu to liuve a new Imperial Oj c a lints#. Without counting those appropriated to that on thorn will bo ninety eighth xc.s,e.ich box being calculated to hold six pors-ius. Thirty six of these, including tho.-a for tho Cornt, will bo ou th? llist tier. The h mso will, In ad dition to this, contain 600 res rved seals (of which 430 will bo in the pit),030 unreserved stats, and standing room for 500 pontons more; for. us our readers aro per haps aware, there is in nil do; man theatres a large vacant space at tho back and round tho sides - f tho pit, where, when it is not too full, tho .speclater may walk about as nt a promenade concert. Thus the now edifice will hold conveniently 2,740 persons, w'uilo tho present Kartflcrthor theatre can contain onlv 1 tb'.O NEWS FRO LI THE SOUTH. Hie Number of Virginia and Arkansas Troops in tho Held. THE STAFF OF GENERAL MANSFIELD LOVEll. Burning of 4Iic Confederate Gun boat Tufcaroru. MOVEMENTS GF REBEL GENERALS. 'JCUo B.cbels Drrfting Troops in Ten nessee and Kentucky. Tbe Cam-ulgn In ItUgsourl?FotUlon 'of Price's Amy. MIBCELLANWOUS NEWS, Ac., Ac., Ac. Our selection of estrauts from late Southorn (rebel) newspapers tu to day's Hnuin will bo round interesting, aflbvdiug the genoral reader a pretty good idea of matters iu ? ocoebi?:? interesting kkow hissourt-thb position or TH* ??!?. ffrom the Richmond ixtimioor, Dec. 16.) -We arc indebted Gcmsrtdl'rlM'B staff, who reached U,I, city vestordaj evening from Missouri, Tor some intelligent and ?*orr?t tng advices of tho condition of aflulre and the poettion of was moving towards U,? Missouri river, having advanced beyond Jonosboro aji late ss the ?7th ultimo. Ill* force was a'?t oigbteen ihouwnd strong, and wm bolug J* cronsod by accession* of volunteers, men rrom the country through which ho moved Hocking to hi* with the creatcft enlhuuia m. It U thought that his forco by this tlmo must considerably oxecd tweu y ^The"auemy wore at 111 between Rolla and ft. Umta, HXk" command being about twenty miles from Holla, tend the forces under S'gol occupying a p? h tioo at Lamoluo bridge, between t.e rBetuwn a"d st Louis which tUoy vrero busy fortifying. An fct tack was evident!) reared hy tho .incmyenrtt.Iov.lsand a number of their rcglmonts sunt to Kentucky ?nl tt ? " 'iwiphl had bucn recalled. There were about 8,000 cross the Missouri at Lcxiiutt<n whore he expected lo ho Joined by tworcgl monU rooridted in Southern Iowa, and to secure a posi tion lo give bun comm cud of Northern Missouri and to Wcop the southern portion of the dlate ojku for bm sup ^demonstration was expected to be made, by General Ktcin's division.ou Kanaas. .. ,? trV.?.,, Vallev General llcCullech scommand was In Arkansas Aai'ty, .butt event v mll-s below Van Hurin, preparing t" go mt*VZrrlJZ*. His force waa some 6,000 or ?.0u0 iuoii. Ybo General is now cn route to Rlcbnwu t, ou bnsi ucbi; witb the government. w. R. nWRLBITT or TDK HKW YORK TIMES. [Richmond Knqulrcr.Tec. 16.1 h This individual, whose contributions to tho M Inbutgh Vauraniuamt tho Northern journals caused him ?1* claimed among tl.c most dangerous ?nvmles o. the boolb, is yet confined in tho oounty Jail u this city.. Hiwihui . was arrested in May, wo believe, In tho .-.tato or (aoorgin, u?d ciVim to ho a South Carolinian, mid a Southorn man lu his sympathies. He is "Is" endorsed, wo understand, hv Olio cr two gentlemen of grout hillueiicocounccted with Gco voverliinout M 1 lurlbut is understood lo ho held In custody by order ir Governor Uctcher, sotmg undor an act "f the convention authnrUiug tho arrcBt and detection /?f All riffci'iitiH?CitizCUB 01 & btttlO tt,t WW* With lU'J t OlIlliUiD wenltS?whom ho may suspect of hostile lulcnl.ous ^V^ferd.sf Augusta, Ga., who was arrested sevor'al months ago upon suspicion, Is also yet conliuod in I the county jail. ( SALT IN BKCBSriU. ti,? Newborn (N. C.) Pivarm says wo are happy to be able to annou nee from good authority that in.a few , w ill be salt enough manufactured near llore head Ciiv to supbty any d maud that is likely to be ? Ve ussurod that geoUeraou or ability and energy hTtve Sk~e matter in band, and will bo able in ?Tew days to turnout two hundredbushelsjwrday, which they intend to sell on living terms. WHO TUB YANKEES PI UN T GET. [Frou tho Richmond EO'iuh tv, I oc. 15.) Among the ii-jstcugcrs of tho English Trent, at the tlmo She was ove-1 allied by Commotio.o Wilkes, and Comm;s Sfonm Vwon and ftldell taken from on board, was Captain Coxctter, tlm daring commander of tho pri-, uw.r ?5S! lately wrecked off tho^mj.ol st A^ tino and than whom no one mf \ox.01as to the Yankee nation Is to bo found in tb V oonfode racy. The l.incoliiitcP would consider tho of n man who ba t dealt such toi riblo blows ut Uielri^niuic.oo as - cv, even at the rlfllt of a war w ith England, and t.ic hdotv infers of liiB t'Scap^ will probably tlftiupon c\? n Diojubi Innt joy which they have nianlfcstcd over the se.aire of 0UTheV?w'.Te^vc.'alother ftouthmn gmt>mcn of in fluenceou board tho ')rent,all "I whoi.i ore. wc lai,.-, now solely landed In England, and o. gaged i.i mat.ii lug plans lor the discotuflluro of Yankee ma lco. TUEPAHAOE AT FORT M'ltAE. fFrotn the Augusta Coustiiiitinna.if 1.1 No one can appreciate the effect of tho n.sht untu he pays a visit to Fort McRae after tho bom. - ?t Tho shipB poured thou F.i?i Ux?.o i"- ? - " * .J t\D,iru;ilsur^,ed,n wckote "mm ??? pieces of iron shivered hkc glasa, wood work uo'lntcrod, masonry broke to fra^uents, and hard oomontploughcd up In deep trough;); >ol strange thoneh two guns were riitmonnted, and every fort, of 1 S orof masonry evidencing the tcrr.hle flrcsus talked no lives were lost, no serious lnjury c.l^U I, uo. , &%ml,Vnd ciitnhing U.o lUtr/.Mt .mid ibejmrslvs I ?r J| .;'H and the rain of balls,nailed uurculorE otlte ina I. Th a inure! id l.cro was.T. Gamor. To guard asm. ? l u'acc d<ut. all tlio legs in Co n-gonent v.orc soLy. 1 tin. "(.'lowing dav mi the fort. One wvi raised on th t ! the iigliilioiise, an ail iiti uial ono on the BarrnncoH, and ' rid blankets iti lieu of war lings, were caliod into requisi tion; b ich was tho spirit whicli animated our brave b<>>R. WATER DEFENCES. [From tho Richmond Examiner, ICc. 16.) As necessity "is tho motlicr of mven.ion, it is ,, no rillv observed that uno effect of war is to doveV.po the Invontit o genius of a country In tho production of new m i im .overt warlike machines and Implements Jh" parent war has yicU'od but scanty r. bu,u ot thist nor . Ird.eii t ho liarrenuet s of invention Willi rjs, out to u I IT del.lies is ono of tho most remarsable ciru .nv pfiir.K of tho Jntlacd, wo do not kim* of i "u'rto priject, c< m; letrd or on loot, for our wu?;er de S srsr srss Itift < Jill v (Ul-oi U.\U' 1"V ?????&"? ? . ? r ... vor ?? 1 batu-nes ' t"11" ?. *. Din itiiim ar t i' liners. 'fS W'ihh?wlr.m?^prSilt, guns ar.rtg nncrs, ^ .l urSC as' m< nt emcient defr it. ,-s. Tho UmTreTSonST >* ??r ZKrtu, v ? ? fit- wit to wM roir-taUon of the K,?.iiroi tuC'irngeor its s, at.ers.wohavo rtoncb t ditto to shew that wo ihWoss cither tho expertouuo o. the mgoanlW vllltv WSJ |ie?nvw? ? to thwart the onciny on tiic wute . BUaiNKPS IN NEW C.HI.EAN8. The following do?;aatuh to tho llic'.m.uid l.nVn r-riovn, no? bt , a supo.-fle'e 1 idea of t he coudit lou ot b islct-cs ; t I New orloans: Ne,v 0suuOTi j,,,.. i^i. j Hos'no.a on the level contln- cs ri'iiarkahiy hrist , ri i rriiih UNION HEN Kt r.EAt KP. _ 1 he Richmond ^1 ^;'n ro'n>y ' all alien enemas, who n rl, 0f posiiity t'tho for several weeks .. > e - (Yum custody on Wcdnw d,y ,tXiy pivlwhly ho allowed to depart for Yank*. ZZoAnM'or* CONFEPERATE STATES COMVIS 1 SIOVL'l!. Zfir^keTTlr0'SKt to ' ^ Ti ?Uaml ? X ffidimts Mr I.i us will hu. .iter devoto hid pr. fCA. ional attention o.uclusively to ,ha practice o. tho ,u *. Wo have received copies of tho New Orleans papers or the 14th, 21-1 and 22d ults., from wliich wo take the fol lowing extracts.? , THE NEGROES AT PORT ROY IE. ? ThoChirlost n a?ri-r i> ibl'.slics the toll .Wing ?.? ! ateh to Drieadier Gonorat R N. Ripley:? to ucigauwr HBADRV-Ainst s, CoOVAWAT. Ill*, 1 November 13,1601. J Cbnhiai? Id reply to your Inquiries,! have tho honor to inform yon that, In my opinion, thco hu b-on soma m e] piel eusion In regard to tho condi: io i ami atae of feWii k "f tin' negroes in (be vicinity or lo . Wt ami pon IN mi Royal island. I visited Beaufort, and rode ihro ,;h >bo w'a'id, iu compn y with u small os-ort, yestrrdav umriiing. We saw no indiraticiiu of any go: oral disaf fection ftnn ng tho nrgrcea. f/itne disorders, it is true, apixur to have transpired during tho a sence of the whiua, but of all tho negroes ?h m wo m t, and wocou with mmy of them, appea?? to bo dl ;.surd to js main and look after tho properly ol' their iiinsuua,ucd 10 bo only doelrouH that the killer should m t riutlor by their absence from tuelr pi uitatloaa, we found many of the blacks oeetioutng their regular work, ml tie'icwwho v,ere rangbig ab ut.away from their homos ni peared to liave done no only from the fai t that th y wico not under thou- nauol control, and si emod to be nearly tired of their tempoiary relaxation. Very respectfully, your ohedlout servant, i. C. Iv'VB, Captain of irngihee a, C. 8. A. TUB UUlCkAbi:. The Drlbthae a leading article Hiorrgly iirglt'g th? Con federate Oongr Fsto break ip the blorksdo, which, It as serts can bo done by abolishing custom houses and making the whole Southern coasts )iort of entry. The editor fears (hat tho duties levied by tho confederates discourage i.ommcrco, but say a that, after all, tho law la usuleba, bocsuso Bai ls gots no revenue. Aittiit and SAbTPrrntf!. The Charleston rViujvr of ilio lttih reports that Gov. Pickens had re oived a quantity of a ma f. out Kichmond. The D<11n announces that twclvo s.ieks of saltpetre from the Arkansas mine on White rtvor arrived at kleia pbia the other day. BKAURrGAHD'8 AtlMT. Tho Drtta'n corri>'(K>iidcnt at Centrevitlo, Va., writes (November 16) tliat Hoimrogard's aruiy art all comfort able and well clothed, except the Io ilatum troeqa:? The supplies furnished tho I ighlh regiment I know to he absolutely ureiesu. The undergarments are made of the flimsiest material, utterly worthlors for thia climate, and will afford no protection against the old and In clement weather to which the men are aIrrndy exposed. Sous of the clothing Is In appearance as absurd as a har lequin a dross, the body and sleeves being of divers# colorH and materials. swrnntN postage. The Now Or loins Bulletin says the tirst 8. octal messen gar of tho Southwestern Express Company lot tthers tho 20th Tor Tarnpleo. The tariff of chargos is as follows:-. Sintthi letters (half ounce) to Mexico and Cuba,f 1; to Eu ropo anil tho United States, $1 23. Loiters for lb? United States will bo examined by a committee sppotntod of Gov. Moore. THE R1BF.L COMMANDER AT NEW ORLEANS. By a general mlliuery order, dated New urleuue, Nov. 2T,Goti. Oatilel Hollos assumes c. mmar.l ui'.l direction of the organization and preparation"f the force# Intended for the defence or that city and lutertor Unci. BURN (NO Of THE CON FEDERATE O UN BO AT TUSOAIlORA. [From th" Memphis Avelantlio Nov. it.) The Coufodorato gunboat Tine a, ora, while coming up tlie river last Saturday.was discs,vored to he on nre.ahou* hall'-past twolye o'clock, alvut lIIW.i mil. a tots aide of tlcb na. Tho tUmcs wlion Urol discovered were scon Issu ing at the forward end of the boiler.and directly under the who, Ibout-e. Th wind was blowing aft v : y strong, and the Ham s, desuito fho ?mP.i is that two nado to eup prorn thorn, spread with t'oa.ful rap.ditv. Tim boat wea run sbI-uiu as soon an |?s.-lt>le. lly this time toe whole boat was in Uanv s. The engineer opened the water pipes immediately, so as to save the magazine. U'? had hardly time io kuoi Ic out a b i kbcad antl jump iuto ;b i water be to o the sin Its iu tho forward and aft shdhlockor com menced exp'odliiy. IV crew tried toth ow lb , powder iu the lauguvciiio overb ard, but hud tint ttnio to do ko, tue explosion of the shells cointnnnclog in seven mlnutea after the llamoe wore first discoveredThe captain and a 1 the crow escaped unh 11. The explosion of tho shells set the negro quarters on Mr. Uarbult's plantation on tire,'.os Uring iho tops of tree-* and ail combustible nuitoi iul. Tiio biiy.ivu ? wcrt* burnt off. when tho Hag ot the Ptar* and barn >it*i off ami lodged in tho to. of a tree, and bias at out to the broezo Just as tt it had bom pb oil th s o by doi pa. Ihts 8,ngutar occurrence In Interpreted t.y Uwg-dlaut engineer. Snimiel Rock, as ?n omen that our causo is bound to trii.mph under 8. In order io repossess the U.v llio tree Lad to cut down. Two of tbo officers iind h ur ot tlic nun were left 13 charge of tho wreck. Captain <5. W. Duunli'g'on, four officers nnd the rem .inder of tho orrw, reach ? i the i fir yesUrnay morning on the siuanmi 1'. !'. wnlcli point they will to-day proceed to Columbus. Ni ne of tho crew raved anything hot tlmc.otL s t|sin their pc sous. The manner ju which th" Ore oi tginnted is still a tnys tcry Tho mort plausible "pitli.m i-? to lv t, it some of tho crew hail shirts dry ug which a spirit may have set on tire, and tho combustible rou'orl ,1 n., I high wind cons.nrc.l to m-Uo a coo Us station. At ah events, the ort tdu of tho tl.'C is a myBt 'i y. . ... When tho Natch'Z and I Vrd Kenivlt p ssc t ys orday, the wreck wesstlil burning, but tho m rsaxtu', b-ing at the stern and covered with watt r, was sate. The wreck of tho TuBcirorn, it is thought, w' . he raj a without difficulty, nod ai comu .mtivoty sma ? ??*!' >'?"? Iho officers speak In t -rms of deserved prnltso of tns kindness and attootl n of Mr. If rbutt, irh-so premises sustained much damage by thosxpKrfhi? :V! a, ir.d! also of ilio officers of the Ifitid, 'vh / brought than tt '* c.iy. and nfforiled them all tho c mfWt iu their p v. or, rroc of all cxpr CSC. GENERAL MANSFIELD f.O'.TT.L AMI) STAFF. Many of tho reader of tho Itetuih \\'M o i>>; -ITS the name In tho caption <>'?' ibis extract nsboil / u u.?cr y resident oft his city. Whlf hore h" ore if'- 'It.: | rdlott or Itoputy Street ( tr."iiss "uer. !!? is tx.-z- c.-i iuana of the military rtl? t Srt 'Irientis, 1,- vl ucc, ? ded tho traitor GcmmuI 'lb -? lollov. .up i?? to '' rdcr published in a Now Orie:.? paper ann smcr : h " i Ill .inueAitTnus Diii ABra: X >. 1,1 ORli'ANS, No'.**, -1. ? 5 OH.SKIIAf. M'DK*8? Tlie Major Qonfr.Vi romniuuilin^niff'o .ryeR oft c -is a- comiio?bi?/ tbo b-it of ilie jb'panr., nt ? Major 12. A. I'hI.i y. A?ei-?uuit AJj ?:n A u...t it aproiof ('l>nt^.ant J. 0 D vci -'UJ, Acting A .'aU .t A "JjaULait "'ffiiTr M. L. Bn-.h!., r'.lef o. En^m-.s *r.? A tl-jOrl Olllc Win I V Mi.), v W. I Ciptniu ?? s, pli L.'V-d end it.:; hIiiA.i.^I ^ t ...^ * ? Ca.?p. MajorGen'W.1 Conmundl' - 1J jr.: No t ARKAN: AS IN ten I ? [Fro u th ? f-i'-f - ft. c'.c t' t.v '? , > ?-'? ? - Arkansas has over D/vo fo.;,. it tb tbig number only about )**. <? ? ? "b>r ' ''J 1 ? b- ? ?' war.*' Tho regime .t ri .<? 1 by >'?! m I !llye, and the battalion of e.'bt ?-.m;.-?i!i- Tn.-rf. ? ; >. ? ? B. Johnson,amounti'r in "llt'i a'vi :t V1 >" r. ? only troops from Ark ii ais t.b:it Inivcci. ?, ? ***? All thebalanie a ? in f?r twelvo, v. ? ." rug war coutlii'KS toltpcr or uct. , ? ?0,.hn We are thn-i r. re : ft }' sohtcct to tl.u r... eP , ,. e< no Pecndary of War tbit Arkm b.n i ' ' '? 'U oxmnpioetlrr sifter : tate:-. Tli'; Lav" . ' ' ? ??' ? bodies of treops for 111" war, Are. nt,..- l.Jh ' ? 3 - -?? and it is a bin ning th :.i". Why (?: tliisf Out'm litary aatl ritl-s a sk - s sponsible. Ourp-f" ??-t -w ; lis any Other noople, !>:? .h V '?.;?? ?'???' cl. culU.t ui.dci tbo a-.tbo: tie? l a c e, muths instead of for the war under tin Corloderit-o gotun ' Vi e Stale authorities outtild the Confederate, and tier result is auything hut honornhio to the S'.c.t ?? A REBEL SCOUT IN '.TtTt TEt l El- "EE ItOl'NTA'NB? C A IT CHE 01 V' ION MEN. [From tl.o II' hi phis Av. ;.un i*, . ..-..J We bare late, u . vices fr- tuMut ?.*;.* K?- T.. ? ret 'a Alabama I l.n! net r t iri.c fi ? m -1> "lit 1? to tho mountain,, b. inglW! >n a ! ? ? J i f ' r# law Most of them bad bcC.i captured f. 'b it imts-t.s Ikyoml Fate crock. The p- one: s they l<;v w : b ovgM in ;:t Onltawah, ab Utvcir ml il.'.mt >?' If? t'T idav aktrgc number of pri "men were b. t in t, b'nox-.itic. But th most'iit'.'yl: , In.iicati. 11 h thut?? ' many of t!,o ivrmer Union tie;; ft'? v ' c mlngIn and taking th; oath to ijuppor?: ti.?r^ Kovrun.-ul. The oxcl'.amcnt had no v u. ., i .1 out at Chattanooga, and the rebellion in tt at: c.ionU re garded at lib end. . ,, There Is now only ore tr.p a day over the rn o..d .. >? Orattiuioei a V' Knoxvillo, it', train b< .? ,t rnu '* ?g ? A>1 tho freight for V rglaia r. wv goes hv wry ' A'tg'ts-to, with!. lino now rua' cs regular trip." fr out t i.attac' o?.? to Al"'l*tUpHF.rAI.ATION OF LTtATIIFR IS StVtVM*. [Fr m tbo New Ortc i,-? ? ayvi.o, . ? i TheTftllubvse.' VW iu b ' 'tana . y ? j lonthcr luimed It; twenty T| . ,V >o I tl.,11 and whii I? ths fill". utuki'i'S tl?-.i? pi on c^ a. :o I ttm'ffi"! Kt.-. hUehr. 'Hy IcaU-r v; i fl,H. iMoifi,..{ Xo.vbcrry, r. i.,V.n'> l ? \ . mur Hfei 5? I*. . as bo vu i.ib.u a proje. .y ? A RIM FOR VOl.I.U BAY. iF-em th Mo'.' .0 Advertiser, Nov. 1.1 Tho bill in-roori .tit, JlJo CWlor tho I mi ? n le eon stnirtlon of an iieu.e'ad a uh. at and r i. In l ie hay or t,aid,or o M"Mlreeo t ,1 t.y i.r. lAug. 'b. I., u the -. ir-ct Cemmittoc en M i or i.e. nccs, o.; W ? J;e :.y .h ? ; a .-od both h .M-s ... II 1Kb y, and to dry c -.ved tbo ^ n iturn of the Cov- rn r. H Is, thc-ef'.aw.and ? ?(,. i. ?. i|at"ro ex; >!Cts the w< rk will c ?' tniai. - wituout ,1. lV io (Vnm.iF.i?'c ? te sapcrintswt the whr!? a .. _>;??? rs. 1.leinihi'.P..'. I'll . A. Fetor l'i . iul'on and' W. (I ndm ,: ,of Mobile, and Liouttu ait rl i; i ? 'onfede atefcuite Ur.vy. 1 iNKtPi "AfFv-TS pi'f. N' P1LK AND PKWSACOI.A. 'iKrom ti H t-v. ? (At i.) Advocuta,Nov.ffiM Gfieral H ' wi>o eoMMaw'.s both at (fewtnco.H ?ut Mobile, having t ksraphed to 6rt. Wa'dor thatke ii, dr re*;,: at each of these points. Con. Waller proiTdtv tcb gfii ') d to the Secretary of SVsr for per mi . urn t . in vo hit bri iide, zud liavlnct Ohtalia . It l.'is ordered tw t of hU regiments and abotia!i...i t i 3,ooke, ami one reglinctit ar.d a Uttalbn to Tensa. wbcro tb-.y will h> temporarily armed by Gen. t s. *"? where they will r< nmln un?'lthe p .wnt em s^u-y uaa i,a- ,1 when-,sob--ona* tley can Io arm . ar.Ai a nvaU- fur which are a'most ,. . ? ? V" co. fated by Cieti. tVi.ker, iuc.udlni: (c . ?r ' motit, and the hrigado will nrovo to honiuck,. General TV a ker lilnifoif goes to Mo; Ho. A tint ft fit! GUARD IS SF.T OlU.t.'VA. ^ There now osi?t in ; - I Irg the nstnoof urift;h' ,incn | msndsof f.aptain le v.i;c.,JA. (FrotnMi' lit' '"t Ft-i minor. la?'. 13.] Tho re^Vut Uoncrs' Richardson, the Adjutant General

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