Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9233. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. INTERESTING FROM PORT ROYAL Arrival of the Steam Transport Marion. Operations of the Union Ships and Army at Port Royal and Hilton Head. Mlteen Vessels of the Stone Fleet Sunk Off Charleston Harbor* TBR GREAT SHIP CHANNEL SEALED l!P. NOW THE OLD WHALERS MET THEIR FATE. Hilton Head Being Str* rounded with a CorCon of Earthworks to Monnt One Hundred Union Gana. Bendreds of Gontrabtrnds at Work a* Men of Will and ImportiiDfe. Marian shelled from Fori Pulaski. The Ikvbels Watch Oar Opera tic m from Fort Sumter m*J ISrsiroj the Charles ton Their fi&ttrrir? on Mollis l?l?A(l and Cummin^* Point. Why 0?nera] Viele's Expedition was JXbandoned, 9u. 9tc . The Cn ted States Vr airport steamship Marion t aptaki J. P. Phillips, from Tybve December 20. and Port J!? yal harbor I) oember 21 arrived at this port yesterday after nocn. The ll.trion has brought us the following f .ry intern- ? ing news report, ant letters Prom the special corresptuv outs ef he Hskalw on iho Sot thorn coasts? On t ie 20th inai. loft Tyiio Island, hat ing the d; y previous conveyed from Port Royal seven .ompunien of theSm enth Connecticut regiment, under Ooionol A; If. Terry , ami a larg< quantity r f military ant. commissary storec, horses ant. fodder. 4 uieral Wright and part of his si. if were ah!o on boaru, Whi'e discharging cargo, oppotite the ii, hthouse. F rt Pulaski opened. .. heavy flr: upon the Marion with*! 't and shell. One<? f the shells. burst wi'htt. a very siv t disiar. e of her. but without doing any dor age. On ire 21st an at., at haT past four f M., left fort Royrn harbor, ixperionood a successkis of very si-ah :e noruhi.iy gales, with a up-y rough and wild sea, fie whole passage. The expedition lnt< udedf 'or General.1"* tele's bryale has toe en abaiMhjued, at least tor tire ptraeul, resulUttg. i is r?jp: rted, frrn . want of harmony and agreement bo" twees. General Sherman aud Commodore la ipont relate o to the plans oh ?etlon. Geoaral Stevens, whose hrfcado has recently been re .n forced by the i&veuty sixth and part of t^e Forty ftffcl Pennsylvania regiments, it ht expected will, in a few days, make an advaneo from Ueaufo* t and seize a mint on the Charleston andGavanuah Rail* .ad. General Wright will probably be station- d atTybce, and assume the-rornraand. Bs.cro his arrival there were only si* hundred men of the d otty-sixth b jw York ?n the island, with not a gun moue'ed, and liaole to ho at tacked.* t any moment by the -enomy in force. General |Frigbt'a brigade lias been for nc_ne tiino pent busily en gaged on the ecrdou of earthworks enoIosSug lilton Head for a dislanre ofuloul three miles buck,extruding from shore to chore Tha works arc to. he defended by one bon - dred gnna of heavy calibre, ami will i*i ljipregable against any force that may be bre' ght agafwei them. At Billon Headmechanics are ?.ill busy erecting and crmydeting warehouses, stables am' other Ibu. dings for the comfort ol tho trcops during the winter carpi aign. Tho steam pile driver, brought ou by tbr- AU intlc, 1* In operation, and at,work on n substantial d< '2* calcolat ed to withstand the violence of storxas. The lust one built, luteuded only for temporary purposes, ha been , entirely washed away The steamship Yanjlcrbilt and the her": Texas at ived en the morning oi .thc.21st. The Empire City ha- g no to Benufori. The following Is the lis' of vessels in tlc.uaii or of 1 art ?Royal when the llai; in loft ? Stoamthipt. Skipt -V?v? ?Varslerbilt, Oceau -express, Waosch, Cahawba, Gulden Bagte, St. I.av ronre Oriental, Zecas Cel'in. Saldne Ifalansas, Gnnboedt. Ariel Barb*. Bienville, Pen Dcford, Fanny Karle, Ft. Jagg de Cuba ?Belvidore, Magnolia, Flag, Gen Scott, Te.vs<- TTnaullla, Delaware, JeneE. Bishop. Vixen. Boston. Cosmopolitan, Schooner*.. Ferryboat. Mayflower. A fleet of 2.j or 10. Reglu. Sixteen o! Jie old whalers (stgr.r fleet) have beeu stfcnk ed Charleston harbor. The following is a list of the Mario i s rat. '-EN't.iiJS FROM POUT ItOVAI. KAItEOK. lileut.G AV. .!?cks"fl,;id N. H. IAcut. J W linker, 46th I'a. Lieut. S.T. Kleckno: .7Gtb Po. Surgi. II B. Newton ,6th CI Lieut. il.V. Bockai'ouow,d7th If. R. Jaycox, band leader N. Y. fill: < io(n. ??and nine ptlcates, discharged on a?c.n,,t of ill health OUR CHARLESTON BAR CORIlSfcPONDEXCE. UsiTtn Statv-' Gc.vroas Ottawa.) Orr CifARi.fu.rojt Bar, Dee 18 1861. , A Pulsion of the Stone Fieel it Anchor Off tU tlarhor?'lht Entire Fleet to be<? in the Mo in Ship Channel, and Hut Pert Sealed I'p?Apj' and RenuiJsec.a of the Ftneral/U and Iterated Wkilcrt? Towing lh- 1'euett ftver the Bar?Fotilim of the Bh.. hading Squadron-. The James Ac'g r Spoilt?Fine Weatht for the Work of v.,,>. merging, tic. After some .delay and sundry pottpotemeots. p poruoo of the famous ' stone fleet,'' origiuaUy dorigned to block up Savannah harbor, but si'-Wqiiently diverted from that point to this, is n?ie"y riding at anchor this ovejing off Charleston bar, while tbo balance of the number wifl be here before daylight to morrow morning, at which j time we hope to begin the prnresB of hermetically geah jng, so far aa the passage of ordinary draft vessels are concerned, one at least of the four ? hanncls leading to Charleston. It is proposed to scuttlo the entire Heel of whalers, which will bo here to-morrow, in the mam r.lnp channel? Ibe great channel tbat runs parallel to Morris Hand by Commings Point, and tUonce in a northwest course to Charleston, passing under the guns of forts Sumter and I Moultrie and Castle Pinckney?all well known work* Yesterday morning we got under way from Port Itr-yal at ten o'clock and stood out for the bar. at whi< h time ail 1 the whalers had weighed anchor and were atowiv moving | cut under full sails, which were scarcely (Hied by the light i Westerly bree-e that prevailed. The day was aoiigbtfnl ' and every indication promised good weather foe go me j flaye to come Jbo wind was to light tbat at an early hour ii ??? ; car.'e evident that the old whalers must be' j lowed lit over the bar, j( they are to be got ' cut at ail. ?o we hitched en to the bark Fortune. <r New I onflon, sn ancient bulk, tbat might have, been engaged , in the olubber' business tefcre the Revolut.on for a .gui 1 [ Icdow, a# she loov*<d rugtjr eodugh roid "euert ero to have claimed a century as her ag?. and had the claim allowed. Her Mils wore yellow, auil her rigging innocent of a lata coating of tar. At liar quarters hung the grace ful and fleet wbaleboatg, looking as fresh and new as from the builder's hands. These were evidently con sidered the guns of the ship, though below sbo had many valuable stones?for their purpose. Still, with all her want of beauty and the freshness of youth. 11 seemed sad to think that she was to he put to so ignomlnloua a use^ after a long career of usefulness; but she Is to go. Towing her along at an easy pace, wo soon passed thc? har,und Pame Fortune c.smo to unchor just outsido, to wait the hour of tlnal departure. We then ran rapidly hack and took in tow Hie Itebecca Pi trims, also of New Ijondon, and towed her ovor the bai^ when she alao canto to anchor. The day wus nearly consumed in getting there two vessels vest, and It was dark when we get tho William fee, a fiue old ship, safely over ths bar, when wc, too, cum# to anchor for the night. Poring the day the Cahawha, on which wen fnptnin C. TI Davis, Fleet Captain of the South Atlantic Blockading Rpiadr. n, who had been deluded to tho command of tho expedition, was engaged In towing out vessels, as were tlie Ericsson, Philadelphia, Pettit (tug), and the Moht cun aid PocahontRs (mert-of war.) At nloe o'clock six teen of the "pebble fleet' were over the bar, besides two which had come in from sea belonging to the second et itie fleet for Charleston During the evening Lieutenant White, of the Ottawa, visited several of the ships, one of which proved to bo tho Margaret inci te, of New Bedford, belonging to tho n w stoB'- fleol. film had heeu seired a short ttm ? .-.ihee en tie oharge df Qttiug out as a slaver and condemned, the government buying her and her to lhu> porp;-e. As she is In good order olid well httod out. she will doul>tle?8 be usrd ii. Port Royal Larbor as a coal ship s'ho will nolacront p.ihy us to Cha'bslon, but will proceed in the harbor, and report tot lie fit. officer. I The uight parsed quietly enough. At an early hour this morning the fleet got under weigh, nearly ail Blinding north, trn-lsr ruil. The wind was vory li_;lu. and there war litto prospect of any of them reaching Charleston bar in tinio to begin opera ti-.ns to-day;and liore w are, lyu.r at anchor, at mid l ight, w ith only sis orec^en of the llcct hero, the haluuce being somewhere between <tbie and Port Royal, with*, light brepic to push tliem in. The Cahuwba,Captain l>svis (flagship), towed tw up; he Philadelphia two others, and the Fr.csoo tl rc?-. We lupc tosec tlicm s'.l here by daylight to-morrow a orn leg. The Mohican. Pecaheulas nrd tho (JTta\ra legellier with the Florida Augusta, am! bark QOm of the Sean, constituting the blockading fpltd" (n o(T tins port, torro the naval force to c- operate iti the work of scut iing the ships and those immediately cugag* i from any attack from the rebels. Two boats wore' tent tins evening front th-. Cahawba, by Captain DavtsC? ith Mr. Godfrey the p lot to find tlio channel and bar and also to diM'Over the c ir on which wc were to the ships. TheOttnwa s tirrt cutter, properly a-mcd, in charge of Mr McDougal, Master's Mute, was sent i. lo pre toot the CVtliawba . loals from a boat attack if-?r... should be attempted The be ats re turned after tvi or tiiroo hours' a'oeen ^, after having mn-le some pre jross In their e.o?k. Wo a e to finish tire soundings in t-h j morning, and hope to bey a our work <>f sinking the rhh v by uoon to mm*o\? We passed i rid exchanged signals vr th the Jama Atlger wlitu at iut five miktn "ron. Fort Royal bar line morning., and afterwards spoke the' f.u'iboal Wyandot, boon-l to fori Royal. When cCTWorfh Filsto we signal 1 zit* 1 the puilta--;, Penguin, bkrdkadin^ tie. river. Tho wealn.v :ontiitiies n;o*t propitame for our work. The i igbts, af: tho moon rives, arc fitfflcienlly light to enable us U? w, i k o' nights wlnu weessary; the wind is !i,;h\ and off thoro, and ibme is searct-iy a ripple ".pot tliosca. TJo V-ttcr time ccnl.l be Secreted for the our ccs?ful c.arryiin out of our object, and if the line weather will but oonUncc twenty-four hourB to^gt-r one channel will be eVorod. Our guns are .cast Vn ee and ready for action tantfhl, and the watch At irmed for any emergency. Tnra?miv Dec. HH, Mil. Charleston Ttfp.Aosue Di?ij-peart in a Might?A Hlanoco* Fbrl Sv.t*!*v? Rebel /latteries at Morris island %nct Cutn tningi Faint- A R bcl Steamc. Survey., the Str, or Fleet? The First of he Whalers Sinks In'itz Grate- ?Howthe Chasuid TV'as ifftded by the Opera'ian. fr., rfc. We looked in sin Ibis morning for theCharier'lon licbt house, a (all wl to on Morris 1 land, w hi. h ?rab Islanding last night. The rebels haveo* teiitly d trlroyed it during the urge'., as tlicy very proper!,' feared", its uat by us as a mark to guide us InU tho channel. Wc can 1 barely make out Ith our giacrei the rui. s of ibebuiki '? Ing, and tbaA aCsv -s our purpose tjiiitowtll. Mr. Godtrwy U: pilot, lock iii twn.t* the Florida's itters this n.orni g, and at noan had anchored one on k itlior side of t he c iannel on'.the bar cWtr";ro wc ure to ' nk tho hoiks. At noon we stood in, at CaptaknOa vis "request, and a cborcd insVde tlm nr,io protect the bc.tsand drive e 'llie rebela if thejr r.hould attempt to rome down. Tl)0 day is a little hazytCJl we can, wjttic.0le.sL dlsoern the <?*.) outlinos *f For. Fnmter, am; or;-kionaliy gel a tia ice at the ni.>ci Hag (lying over a Morris Island >e wiuii: iwo mdos and. a half of our anchorage, and we can .letect two rebel -ja(. irics upon It. tj'tr Lighthouse [rip and a sec-jodot immenro slro upon ummnigs Point. A little stetinier, prop.ibiy tho Emirn-. Davis, flsmiinytwo roln l flag, occagioually i nn out on ing the day fectr behind Fort Sumirt, look a hart y giauce at our ?latlv f?et, jsnw nli Mere. and theo?i u contiiKa.tly retreated to p. ?-afc posi' w?. .under .ho gotis oi Moult, iu and Sumter r. ;Yioe net vewpiro within two miles of e. ir range, and ocras to iVs well satisfif n wit* nc:-ingovi-movc.ucjits ."t>, c if. atice. At Ita!(*?{.;*( four tbi* ufUrOOOn, tso tideibcin;, ,?earty fRH. wv r?v# ,twJ tlie bar and ran u liuwsrv to iu ? iark Theodosia, & Vew Iiottdon, wh 'li wif to fie < fir:'' vic tlnr. and toweil her across the kxr to th*' upt*. but., on ibe left hand.k .le of ibochaungl. Wbctr wo fur in a good position. Captain Kt?v< r?, through it ?,?. tix-rg tawpet, ordi rei the captalu to 1 .est njf the he.#'tor v vt, aye, sir came loo k toe. cply; and ih<? uiav. see wet lot go and i & n-d in rgiin ?n o. r deck jn On' .'etar liny of au eye. The trembling odd oarx, being i.nJei**oroe hairdo iv. moved finely on to tlx os xt spot we wj?,' oil hi.r air ' then struct ho bottom: end h*r anchor dropped for tho tltno in th>. water, the clrem rattling out 3?s ojiocrrfutl; as any chain ml rut which had made us est run, an* tho old bark ?nl,loil down inta Itfgiwn gra; \ Tlic plug .sad been knocked ont as ilie axacln r dropped, and Ibe water rushed madly and wildly iti (? a momert the whuleboats wore lowered and along side,.'ltd tho dntnage of the ofTiccrs and ew rapidly ps?..tii over tbo Ww#rkt> Pun .'-to ibeni. We did not wait 4or them, he' hurried out,do tew in another before i\uk. The flr.*t r* d> touched brivm and the plug ww drawn at the suit * nt down. Eu-. Si had finished its ennrge at Hie same nXtf>cnt:ooc to r:seon tiv morrow ns bright and giorious uS ever, the etl#ir to w.iele away auri go to pie> os under llttf XOtublned aot. n of the elements which it had brnvctl so and so we, . v't'.s! that vessel, worn o ' iu the service /l'" It* owner should he old ?ud come to such at. ignoble eiix Th# Rehcccs Slmme v. ae towed in and nni I otV'd at the i iher aide of the channel, nud the water scon iter hoid. and sho sank slowly and iu a digs.fled m.v' i'.Sr, rocking uneasily, to l.n sure, as the \VK{fr poured iu, hnt going down with every r< and spar in place, asa brave man rails in battle, with his harness on. Wo had now got tho position of the bar clearly marked out .and tht Hondas boats were relieved from their un pleasant position as buoys, and they returned to their -?l>ip. Our work was reported to Captain Ettvis, and he p'uucste;! the Pocahontas and the Ottawa to tow ,u and sink all i :o ships they could, after tho moon had r.sou I ;.h enough hi aflbrd r.s light to see. At eight oh leek we were again nt work. Wo towed In and sunt- f jnr mors before the low water made it imjw.s gible for the loaded ships to be placed In posit lot. , and then we rat out again end anchored outside the t nr. 'Ik# vov?b,.jntag towed in two during tho evening. While we were at work lite harbor,was dotted with whaleboats, running from their -cspeetlve i hips to the t'-ihawbn, carrying away their (the olEcors'ar.d crews') baggage and the valuable sails and furniture of the ships Seitio of the m? n-of-war boats were engaged in visiting ,j , gun'ren Ships and securing dour, prtaloes, orders end -vher aOS"p:jVft Pff v sices, rope, furniture 4c., which come very handy on shipbosv^ thus preTsntin* them from being totally lost w?), tbe ships. By midnight most of the ships had sunk. Some of them ley heeled ovor aud the sea flowing on their decks. Tbe cliaitncl begin to appear quite well blocked up,and. with tho eight ships wo are to sink to-morrow well placed, It tvill trouble a pilot boat to go through the main Ship chamiol, 1 fancy. To morrow morning we begin work again, and hope to , Complete it by nouu. Iripay, Pec. 20,1861. At Work A win in Blocldng t'p the Rebel*?Culling Away the Matts fn-n a Fertil on Dert?flmv They u(io by U>' Bm'rd"?Or.e Ship fSred?A'ctwl Courtt'ies to the Her aUl.df. At sunrise to day we began our labors again. We have towed in and scuttled four ships to day,and tho I'ocahontas has also towed in four, which have been sunk, and tho channel is effectually block" aded. Many of tho vessels had been stripped of their sai's before they were towed in, hut several were still uustripped. Captain 1 avid sent all the whale boats, with their crows, to tho latter voae 's.nnd they were toon stripped of their sails and v-i'uablo codarge, whxh were taken to the Cahnwba. One ship, the Rol in flood, of Mystic, originally an !*iit Indtaman.sud the wonder of her day was selected .?s a fit repository for ail the rails not worth sendine i>. tho N lucl such and othi r art-.les as i>.o enemy would like to obtaia. When ready shew.* to be V.rn ed. Purtni: the efterr . on iho in ?? were o..j .;e 1 :n out ting away the mania of the shl; < rid at-t lown,n t of sixteen vessel*, but one the R iiiilcut was unshorn of her ic.a *?iiii i si a-v. 1 havefisaquer.t'.y read of itny.s po^ c by the b' ttril en shins at i" a in a gale of vrtnd, but Wf k .w Hi", viced performed till to day. It 18 cert. ;. y worth whites nc wh<rofou have nit tho accompaniments of a h r.vilr. : ga'.c, a wild mountain ewi ar.d up1 * i rj alilp, loakb p a ever*'joint beneath you. Cmtor'i'.tofc e|rcum*>ta:;< cs t--.c I cutting awav ir eat* tr.ay r.fti nl a ki.i ?.? of relief, b' t n > ofgrat.licatiun or p'easure. T,l>t- with a (loot of 'eh is m.nk across and 1 I,a: .ruling an important chant" 1 iauli to vc> what w s ene# a. thrift y e'ty hut v.hat iainwf '-cat cf rebellion, and on objectof Just revet ro. the . u ncial- | ?ng of the huilta, within right <f rebel fiat" *?-?1 r >bcl I guns, Is r?aliy *n unalloyed pleasure. One f- tl.i t al ( least one cursed rathdle has been closed a:.' of avert,e of auppiios cm off by the hulks, and ytli v nt "id" to the clfioiancy of the work affords additional pirns arc Bloat of the fihip* in siuking had iiM-ei to, at. i the maats, of coutse, atood at no angle o vOr heir! ;e*. The brsret and shrouds on the vc ther its v ?uc " it by the sharp ?to of the vhi.umi n. and the tu. masts, swaying for an Instant, Ml t gather' with a "tu-l crtirt, lb* sticks .: ; [ itl/ 'ku I. tit j i;>* st. ins : .(.to it) tiw <le<k.cnd ? kit . .? wr.url ,.r. avelatv he, bbscteg it int<> a foam ami to row tig >p:?; high tito the air Fur an fco-.r Cr' wo this ranking sni.isi- hg'sc'rb J waa heard <? every iJ<*, ami er.e of'' aoOtm r ship' ? mere hulk up^n the ivatc r?. .it r.ote dismast ? 1 save I lie hV-bin !'e, ', which was t; f i! for another, uriicsc. ?The seen', presented in the harbor wlnn the wr.: S we: fiode wak ravel and intcrrufing Mere wero li ter:, til.* muted> iu every pe?utile faviijon, lying core lie thamiel???me on their j* .ri ;o?' rs on tin ir stai "owe side*. wcro under "water forward, others aft The sea awe-pi over some of them'; fli In rs slood on "upii?h? keels aid .pouteu w.u-o lrot.r t.eir sides, as tbt lravy swdll3 n.itcd them end ' <V oppel them hcr.vKy down upon tha rrnd again ; siul proudly, among thetrt * 1, was the East lixfu tuan, brave KuVm 'Huo.i With he: graceful tapflrrttgr-w.h;ts towering ;.i fa,and ri purtnlty still nl'.eat. lrl tt. : backgroundyrcro fifth ris Vend, the brevuV-. rhs T.t.Isof i'umter and the w wails of ISouitri mi wlttci. flow a reliei mnstgn;'largo enough It. v rap ., iili ; in. Cue pour, misersMc thy .< at, constituting I',;-* r? t ?? | tiivy n these waterr. and m t mall schooner, ?ir.?do(Upt mow g objects in tlintiaisf, uind of the panorama. *A? (is o' cic Uus e. virility ire was applied So tin thfi.. ilium , and slie began to- tnj: i In igiitly, but ao. t?r ^ l mid j' wits not uoiOii-elglH o'clock that the enlMiin.-Tt full The ship is war burni j, at midnight .uicl will: . i shik liming yesterday and to-c.?y Forts Rumtri cr. f Moi . tr?ciave heen tirtno'ceovr guns at fr.tervr.'s, f.'.r'M. t [rtirp' se cr object te net fcst vn. Our work bx-lngeocot . ?pjiauod, we leave for I or6 hoyal to night, ?1 tend you a chart showing whero tho huTlftr wore reu>. ? 1 ceslre to retort* to Captain Stevens ao i tbov ardrocm cfhccra fer -heir hospitality t> :iid Ra ago'i. special. It is aot the flrsl t:tne I have ' oacome u debt d to them, and i ep rcciuto their bwudno^s niu I thorcuglily ar.d graiefnliiy What success will atlcW. ;ho csperimenl at Ckitrlsaber .will I e apparent aft?- a we.k cr two. i CUR J ORT ROTAL COURESPONDrXClt. I'lwri i> St. iss 1 R t.Aia t-'?o;:.s i 1 out Rota. Koars.R. C., Dec. 1 841. } "Itu .'ro'at7.' Departur tf Vtr for .\r. 3"eat, rfc Th .; ship is going to <N w Ytrk for repairs an-: sup* .c'.es After leaving tiie Kt vy Vard at Portcu.u .th. N. .11.. tt -as found that Micro 1 id been great nig",- ; o it: 8fti*:{* '.cr out. Klie .lv. uc o sonr." three* ?* ?? - r/?ie*v , anrl it wrs Koowr litr boitrm w?: . cry fc I. ??tsh*. .i; tb' hattaliot: cf n... :B'S and cr. cf?g iu trw '? >.Tt- V I'ei nor, in the men. ruble pal" <d Nuven ' t r ??.!r cap tan was badly -eprun/. besides other d vo. , c I? rtiiO at ?, which it is ahstuu .cly wc (.icy to are re; purred ;>ur water, wood an<. >rov.c ots are nit lyn t, .?a- i .( i.-; ir.poss.bic to replu-.n'i without pc.i.e is , hJarthig'r p rt. Thooill-ters ar.d crew have i, n and continue t . well. T>. ship i. the finest iu the str. e... if she ir. p-.r i c od cr.' dills, uul for any use sho ?.n be .n bit cV.r.'' ,? tho hoc-hero, (rls vou mtghi us .veil tow she As- - down otf ylscryctown. Rtea'u i? the fiiog i' -w a-! a ' ATe arc w. . iicnvmg np our eotuors, tho.lame* * ly.i.gbv to uwusover the bar Wo hope U 1 to reach .'-'or,- >' rk before New Yea t day. onii hj/_ ton head ooftRESPONiflnrOB. I Nnrt) PTiTrS {?n*rm WlMSIIT, > C>'r Hilt .* Hr<p. H ' , rcc. If>, 1SCI.j Run tf a- li/.-'cd Stria Steamer H^n tut fr,. i .Yro. Ymrk?R>M,y -Set ?>'? a! ike WUM#*~Tht Omtraiiav u, IV.' It, ttn-i ',???)? Jmpor'cr.l Th'y Ia'K ?RxU it 'f the /' ,ti fcaiimr-fimeuis in CU.y./p.- I'uLic JiuU-tne, Negrr-u nnet tupro Cookrrp?T.h- ? ileam>>? Mayjlowcr SI rs if 'hi- R'itiM?Runninj/hr Ltij. 'ch't, tie. The Wyan.kt, rptorant Cc?wh^j^ K. M. JIc At. nn, which W, X.m Vo:k > u Fridoy., .si, with < ril?r8 ? to report to Flag ?ii"r li:) rr.t, dr< p;<;? hor anchor u .Pop loyal harbor ye? -runy. ut one o cloc P.M. Hi- par sagi bore mm not marked y i-iui cmsu, tin tm the rrDTtti lei- ,r. y> ?.*, - A ly m ? ^ ?/ f.-:? in w;t'i li ? t?.cn cf th? noai lav, whiili w.? U % uwej hy *ioan.->'s?; ri.ui b'.o di nit ? ar n harbor. 1'asa, da' 'til ? i t l/uitcl F.taie.- ??( amera l'hilrulet.hbr "c! Vocalioatut-, Wlshortly afur.yy i'fa th o culler Hw? dealing for U. unit- -tati< n. spoke LVih-f State* tcortif. .Vigustft, CM.** e I irrolti cruising otf Charleston. ;u cony, y with th, 1 ana j .tomes Adgef,. the latter toancn r hut- . .at cvct'rg after lir.?'m.g taken a p.'lot There are at ihe.'eaf t ca!oi;l?ii-.u tvrr fifty vessel* c ti e barbi.r. .ncihdmg storcubipirauu oirvpi it". Pulled into HUfvc Bead t!..s n-.trjont-; -iiid Inn >1 at :u end.of the long eflisrf,"rudely hut st.?'.eiy in.sti tied j of pitch pine. The wharf pre*,*:. cd a ebaos of e\?ry description of material for present . />r proeptciivo use, beicg covered with bundles of , ha v, brick., sutlers stores.?no I. shell, lutnoer Ac., ivbllo . bran' wire ciclinoally plying from the enpg :jn vessel,, I in the I'turhor vu the ahcre. lu.i of busy, p!o, | and ladA,1 ? itb n ateria'g of every imaginary in no Contrabands v phoot owners, l.arefootetl at o "-are. j headed, wore en^ed in carrying fine heard* for the buildirgs tow g"irg* "p. u*;bic their woolly pate? as a j tr.eiaa of transports,'*!"? treiting rap.dly through Uu : deep sand, and we i V 01 groat imporlance. Tho fort oa Hilton I-feau1 finely reserr.bleH that upon j the opposite point, both feeing' earthwork structures but I well akulated io hroaii tho *vf-\ "f shot. They I ave effuetivo batlenee. and have been roj,s'r"d and Strength ened since they have fallen Into the ha Ads of the govern meiu. /doitii i ai fortlflcatlor s are !u process of eou struetioD The Eighth Maine, Fourth N'cw TTamp?<;sir<> Stroud j r.hode Telaod anil a i%M)nyJvaD-a reg ntcnt a)c' J'cre $r canopcd. The rommuster?* recent appointment, Joshua U. Hpear, Ksrj , who has held his commission since the 3d mst., and who acts as his own chief clerk?is a civil and obliging official, and has given great satisfaollon to all llioee wlin have business with him. Immediately opposite the.PoH Office stands a four pablod building, originally intended as a hospital, which bears uudeuiable evidence of the effect of well directed shot. 1 nuticed a donkey engine driving piles for a new wharf, end as the ponderous weight fell it recalled the Reign of Terror, with its droad instrument of cruelty, tho g ;il 'ot inc. 'the negroes hero nioof u woo! eyed black,to use a inert unuie phrase. They seem perfectly cor.tontc I with their change of cond.lion? if change it he?ft r a ro ue dilapidated set "f creatures you cannot well conceive. They arc principally employed hero as camp cocks. Soma of iho messes Uray were couc.octiug tu huge camp klttlec reminded me of the stiraiiont of the wiicht s in Macbeth; tier was thn odor unite us savory as that of Dclmonlco'a lui.tnc, A import fame inio Hilton Head this morning thai rolSteveoa hae. ? i gaged the rebel force s up the T\ hoc river; Mid a rumor also prevailed that th? re had boea a eklrwtieh near TV-uiort. Iho steam v tiny flower returned lies morning from a ret( i no sauce extending ap the Beaufort river, beyond t ferry with the intelllgerioe thai a considerable bedj rf ? ' troo; were encnuiprd in that vkdults. Sho ?i, ry i tUetn with her battery without any loss to he* erear F!a:o 1 eoumaacod tin.- Vho Yfyandot recnlve t i'i.Udk trdcrs id proceed to Ty bee It a hi. and ropiui to ?? mender Miarooo, of ?> Uuttod states sloopSaver. ? ill, and leturnwUh dwpatclur OUR TYI'Ua OOUllESl'ONDKXOK. Tvi sa, lleo. 20, 1' 31, Alarm t>f the I'aivn Ticnps on the i t?i'ht Marian on I'uti a lit .Vt irltA (tut fat the Kelt! Shot?fit ' !H Seme and a ffmei BH,'<at,(He. 'i'ho M ?: -,'in *ri c e I here yesterday, hav ing o? 1> ard ?c\vo compdniis *>f tha Seventh CJono"ct.k"t teglmcnt, t;.-ii. i "Wright mil siaf, a large nuatuity of ?< re mi . ordnance ? -...res, traps and trappings of the troops, ami taoni v'-Ovo borate*. Owing '< the prompt aud hind assi- rnco of C m in ?. . tttt' '-hi (brother of our old Cha. egton ag ut ofl'ao (O <J .Savannah), win sent to c ? throe lug', .nchof d a Dumber of smafiet hoof- under !.:? '? - ? r h.lui* <m, we were enabled t" all tlio tree h ?! in tb< sliori space of two hour*. ?v ? d-' liotia iroep.-; were ?"it dtWo to T. Me on . wt?t iu 4aa|ialciiea UrcugJU up liyThin vessel ???? I ho 18lh, ? rtiuf tha I'l loiice'ete ronditien of the island iNi o ' I- nj?but ah bunt!red eBW iwnifi iftheKwYuik for ! ty i-iifh repliant to bear tin whole brant of an attack i 1 rr t ]it be made nt : iv moment hy the rebel# hi ' 1 i ? The troop nf the Ferry rhtrhbavi been worn out wit', constant vigils to g iard of itn.-t id; hi att? :ks. | Mit tha night of the 1 tab pre*1 coiisieruaU'> prevailed 1 snrngth th in, from ?n alarm that their wlcUiishad ; Pr,' attacked and that the ? m my \m ;?? a'un chig. lleaol gunboats Uud t ton -mi vecoi i oitring all day. 1 s: t had been busy pa dug am* repot-int! from theforl t<*

j1 J e m ? in!.- ud. Th momai- of attack, it wng cor i Uiltutly believed. ttie'efer. l.r.d arrived, and r.p on ? I .nee ofticei, lud ivied by'the fail that tut aaiugle th.n ! had yet been mounted, v.vtit oil' in haete to tho irigi to mimum. h, and I* rrowed a eOi )>lo <1 howlttun.?*. Mm whole atlhlr tamed ok to bo only ui,irm,butaulii eieutly alarming So d nriu th" rcinfoi oca t-nta which *v brought down, j On ill - tftKiMon <f Oi' 19th.' wi i> i'ciipc' ! 1 ilir j charging the ???? "ii<h, by this a 1 v d very ; efficient m 'rtawcvf tic> tei .n.t Jd1 run ami h. t a..lanl I inn-- was going on .?? a lively manner., a lint, f?>m tho i fort, 'iiid soon after'* v f tn the water uti' t three : Lund: en jordr frw. s, to our -.rj .!-? mom , Ui? l f.u-t tlmC wo woro".r!;;i eial t of utu-. to'ii from llio I fort. We had'Iv-ar,ari.oil ) o - ii .r'.y by . untenant j join* on (tat eati* kLir war \> Hlbi. tha of t 10 rebel i gins. o:i.. loisi.y ftptoj'oii. f w' wvio, lud t.<t ieathat t w? vrero uK>rJinr etirneiTW ? or pot. for tl>o ncrtiy to i cacti.' on. V ;?? deemed prudei t, ttiorefonf , to l.oavo tho a:., l or abort- and jr.; nsttly to Wove., In cure nay other (tepiomotititioii ritorM bo made We <11.1 mi, anil worn on <1;s< !,nri );f cargo. Me ultimo every glow Ir. -the i hip was eagerly directed, toward* the ;,ri H was d; ? inctly oteert >d th.ta grovpof mer.?werr gathrroi ar* utnl a pari ice'ar gin, a lit tlo to the 'i.n'U ,f the flagstaff, and wh ; th .ugli, mast ;iruhaf)lfl that; no ri tel# N .re try leg tho..: ango of a new pun tt " hadject placed it- barbette. We had fit long to wait A bash amid curls of smok ;, a tleep ? 1 *r.vy roar,- j ii-I on catna '.tho deadly nimai! to Itnrtt vv'ttoln ? vera short ditttartcr of as?in fact, just ojipe atu qatw'tor Walters were now p itting rather W-cAiagi in S'et.t, a* Mr Welter, Jr.yw .id my, "rather t<v ejcit e. .a bo jplewBant." Die re i; wore decidedly Sntprovicj .li< r rang? and the urg.t if eeva ii i.Lei .in t .a- t u :ghfc e attended . scrums leni.tts. Fc wo ?f er-v! ?;; camon,tne<U gra- ifu'. relrcgrad*) raovi :n?u.' h (aver t *' the guotKat l.mcle, ' inside"f wim;It.W(!i,had been 1> ng, to giro i>ec ehatuje f to try her batter <r> *Cae tin r -* un, ny, e iu-rttr," iokcu. | was fired fcom tbo for while o r, ,vere undo, we n; but the ai.ot Ir: -.nor] . ?d ivem t, on our way i-joleing, perfectly pmlsflnd the wmdoni of our to- ?.me#t ana of tl.e vi " Oinpli. < tntary i.qt ce that liad t ??, ? taken of ts. We leave agnfea in-arft.* hoars If. - 1'ort Hoy *1*1 aring patches to t ' flag '.".cor, the gallant l)i:j a ? aud aving the si ip (t ran Li<f rtir in i* > ittlUioii?l J -ni t leu iu i'k ?f tiic at Jtlan!?t(tsviU?. ily. [ uire o, >n. t, on. Curdle M, xroi.?!tvr. k, I'ec J7, ifjr: it ftlioilt I..lit' IJ. i't -.3 .' .1:1' camp ??-itf! ? -M"' by th ? ?l.?r' rniiloc' ij.i.? u* ? v, which to, 'dine iii'in lh .? ?:??!t!i. 'j? ik fr**rt rivv. Ji* .? ku. vti tic.' n vi' Gihfc'r! 'ft r* o T . i 'y ?r< I !i '.vug t'.ilnj; j . I t illy os U?it I "end the nliV" #? w ro whr It at Ibe i liiwlt :h?r UliK'haC tlta''.fallow hid i* :?? nttaciiv'l i>; Hit;- t.i- ? ?; iic r lici.'-.. . ,? lil, n vw.-t j j. *Kc.?* "?!.: t > I < . v-i'.<? 1 ? n? : ..,r Hie j t'i ii:"? t!i? hour <H t)"> day .01.1 i ?> ),'? ifu,! at ina.?i ( a f'nuy Mb we* i;oinfr u*. .>rol>&i.i a maho tend jc;r. . ,'"i 1;0 t I'dcrcu t.V'i, an t . &<!, uit lor tlio ;ii I- our rr:..iiii't)li i'i ;:.??! ; )-i.* t-f mc- onyrr vli irllv ?. 11 >?" ovtftvitli tli .. atoll iy once 1 : i.nt W.-.u:!i< pick'i liwt .v*plOJ wt:?l -..a-ri iii th? I v? ? t .oi.-i ih?ui. .it.iiiC'liciv ,y lln i ; :c ,t faaltt ! '?? '.it el, Jlrufy l ot, K' 1 r? '.j../; . c I tiv.. uqmutit | ?. mlrttf nr..I, if i*if: i'i>,' 1*. i t, <*ir <'vclni>"t. ?J ih enuUi* ft trcuinl half , too,-, main iiitv ivttli- f ou L- iuji: -.M, and ihi- twi . o;ii[h.u.,-4 i !tr ia'I | 'teiV'iiily adwmcinjt s? ,?Uirt.. 's-'ir?. eMi lytiiii nu 1 ixo> tcolV i. fin'ti of robe! <*?? dry..'on ("in:* .Uflonj ovuii ho i Hi, nci ft ? vofi ?} tromtl. ,r mo! >:unn tiliJ uy r l>o.Yi,; a at llity wore iic:li failing tuvi uu aa.b .*? ! CII .|.,ii.':, TV lit i'iO etil'iry ir&8 ar ?"j ii, tV'ir .rfihf ill f /yitisW?i'Ot>!e for';". il. f. if Ml In.' 'Ill (Hit .'I. I lie Gi'ltWIL returnee Ihe VI. Wv r lb?gfcs. Ugh <? ? .'iwly r?lln iilif r MX ft I ? .f>f? 11 oui iroin t j: wi-oilr. ami u.i" - Joy !, vp-r. il ?! Tl>? eneuif., i 'influent In hie fititnbe * w?k i i i ten slot to /??.n tl;? nrllnllflji In the meant,m*. *< 9 tw< imp*. t.?> t?t >:.( t?ctl p .itMd, the buglo w.i# ectmduil to bring ug the reiuajeii g ???Jinknua.-s of tut rrgitr.rr.d. Tl: y? atn? 1 r gallf.v. pari <?: tl.'m hut xari-r. t.;.. u nvrr and Mil in w?n right and eft flank, 'iliou follow..? an h..ud to l.auti con I..U, '?<&'.u.s :?!ly ?n hotr. The cucn.? atro.o In vu.e (?? it- '.v the rieretai * up tin M by rorMH *???kert b. ue -v tree d" planted ? to | ewcin our Or uS'e Kdiowe/or tut a.t had the1. 'or a [ ni matt pvrw.ited their valor .to get the tetter of their d> r. Hon: but knwtogibe fan'.-! ? -1 r arrayed twainst , them they sverc rontarii. to hold-fhitr pround! Final.v , when they (impaired of getting them mo the ambush they uipnaj-tcd their battel y i-.d opaned Are. ino Crst !.:<| *'-? d ' atwect. he r. itaut ntid u a.or nl tba reirlmen. wl 0 < ?'tiplorl j>>ri|ion!> not mar y feat 0; irt 'ft UelehiDg canooti wan thi s p-sl o. auditor onset by it.' Icxet. uuvalrytncn, una ngni well/ltd tbty perform tit. >v> Opiutn Welechbellirh, Company O. formed hie men in bo .on equate and the cavalry men charged their front, their j ight and their loft, but they .vote a* adamant, the ?"juarr r/maliiet! unbroken, whiio many of tie Taxatu', equally hrnva but Icf* ancceaeftil. becautelhev wciethe , n. tanking party, bit the dust. Tbo cavalry tncu retired di? omCtod.aud then an entire rig linen I of robe: infantry darkened the bill and <#nje marching down toward j the men omnpclrr Company c. but n galling fire from our front and r gbt" muttered tlieir forces ! at. 11 gave litem eomothng vice to think , cej. ncl Wtlitcb had lv'to ordered en duty at head quarter*., and cotuseqnontly did not get to his regiment 1 until the heat of tba butt o wut ove: Tfia rogitnent wan i fori 1 d to fall back A shot/til lauco, not being able to i Maud a*,..mat the artillery. ijie rebels did not p irsue. I They carried off tlieir wounded, and thon I CM u hurty ( ret rent. H 1* known thnt tlie rc.el farce ceugi^ted of Terry ? regitnont of cavalry, two rcc.wetiis of infantry ; aid ibttc p.ecesof curioa. Tl:? rebe'a )b*l forly-Bino 1 Killed Theirnotnhcr of wountied ,* not kOu^c, ! .t t s ndooblediy laiye Tim federal# had a.^'cd ?rr I 1 w?Bt)-BlD? wotibjed several niortaily THE BATTLE OF MILFORD. Over Thirteen Hundred Rebels Surrendered. UNION FORCE LESS THAN FIVE HUNDRED. Other Successes of the Union Arms, tic., See., Ac. Correspondence or tho Si. Louis Rspubllc'in.'l Pbi>ai.u, Doc. 20, ISfll. lii my special dccpatch and Jotter jedertlny, I In fo. uu .1 you 01 tiio brilliant movement t ; General lope on rebel c tup near Knob Nosier, in which he captured nit < 'tiie rah.-! a rut) . over thirteen It; aired rtPuiK, with all their uriui', h<-V.t, hugga?;<? tentff, wagonf, and army ri ?>.. iteuutMlly. Ill" plan ot the ,itt? < 1. on t\ie part of C. fc.-nl ;vp. w...-: a coneptl. ti, and Its , x-cu t:?'a a brilliant ?m?t. fit I will not further anti.lpato tr.o r.snltt i the I'umpii) n, but proceed to givoyouu.r detajle.i mi account of the Ui.ncUand doingB of thunrmy, from i! .? t i. v . 1-ft hero, u 1 Imo been able 11 obtain. <*:i P mdity lift (he army t mlc up Its lino of march, follow in. Hie Clinton road. There were two brigades. T bricado was <: mmruid.. d by Crimed Jctf. C. i i.viti,* ?? uni rcJofilieib;; nti.'t rogiiivrf:?The Tic. ? -y ., rd Tttdi mi,- Cc'mod lb ndrlck: tl.' Twenty n v litii Cii.o. i .lfi.o) I-ennott; the I'lret N'ob.ark*, Col . i :'1 battery commanded by Lieutenant Marr, rn I a . art .-1 nvo companies of the Kourth cavalry (rt'H n ar>on n an !*.( by Lieutenant - D ly and Go.-.', n. The i i st hrigi under the command of c. I- - ol ftoul, ' i> -isled . f 111 -KithtccbtliIndiana,Colonellbiltoruoeii the H\l;tU Indiana. I . hmel It . it; the Twenty numb L.tiii mi, Limit rant Colonel : one battery. Captain Kim h, and fttur .... ??.aui-a Ktrst Iowa cavalry, Mai. r Toicn.o. With in. lores (foil-ml Pope marched ?'"v ii nr. s the lir t day, In tin direction of C.iiui'ii, a;r.pi:u on ll<?i?-y cc'ck. il?' noxt day a march *'? tbrty-K-'veii wires lin j;hl hnn to St avvnee M"> ud , wh i e h ? r.'ci.'.veU dcllnllo .In .arnuii i >u tPal tlio ! kii i r, l'?! man si much desired to . ? ore cnomiwad ; in f-cMli ? ribivi 'Jlie ri beja i.arc r. port.'d t > bo j In c-.-iisul utd" aud (even kutiurc'. ?-<n ulry, tinder | tla- con. uiii.l of J i.-ioornut CoLmel f ? ?? tt, watt soil ! ?Kon.-l In in. 'I Ik. number Of tlm fi. ii ,:l in'! i n k| lot i l> ?: ?? ?>: .linctl ?' l"i i'1 rliniity. b H il is . ?..? d ubiM' r .i i-i ded iv i 111' :?i I. Hero bcj in iv ''I ti i ig. i und u | l> t ti ns ;,t t' j| .IM not cud v.litilCpn'oi.vI B ottii rn.t ii il : J. Iii'.-i tvn, n Rib s enmity. Ihareb* . I ?? ' t'.e ; appn noli of i-V; i'mVii forcm. b. ? ko up iIv ;i cum :tb ml j wrvv.i n i i in the I'veuinic ill' Hw l<, uu I i i ,.i i. |> ?' . i ste ctiur.t |..vwtre.? t;?.*?? liill, i ivel- | Idg hII "Uat n ght and lha next . a," v ihuut si 'i v. r. i noi a vol real, but a wild and ilisi.r'i'ul; uiiii t. in the mivui it tio'.orol Brown Hume !??< .a i sMurina ?'u nit nan h indeed |>. isuii us ami muriiil r. age is At it ??s ?? >lill I he enemy ("intra! ?' their f..i s. o o i'.i\ Dili tying towards Itm ? iu<l V ward* faplnsviba,m hates comiiy. CMooolCrown con t a v 'llio; iv! ;t toiuhnsti wa,fcy vrJii- It timo llteentiity li.n ii * s i tered ,n nil direct id'.k, ha vvn,- force I i < g ? i ?? il up. I'i' om thence lie mu.rlo'ii towards CI'.U'wv,:rot idling u. a iitie with iho (Page river, vhieli stream tin re vi ???ft. si rbot u (.itiit'ii, tin via,",tm hi return rut on' a* muher of.-1 m ul."K bam u tiiftt wore ;? eking r rice's eiuip. I ini i'i: son Colonel Brown nutivliotlnorthward wr t ? ??:?.' i ill in ii: i'V nt r VVu: e.n'l 'is e l uppceiur e t':< enii iaign uev. euh d. ,t * .I ?ii of tin ?:? . .?}? Ii.d br.'tt I? I-' ?! a.idi .'uttuiod, ?.v. i> co ?..??: ti\o !?:?:' in i'l i-' '.ten. i ii and w:?'p.i<a v i" captured. the wlvd' cniti'.'ry wivl of Witt en/hing tt?.ni!ii..i!i tvn tt.u unit i d io ho > leaf of il,_ .el- 01, is.;! til vvlai'n: I'oii I; ice lUlea .si l.'"t li.iiim in tli ir I ..ill . pm-Mii , vvi..' co ? . !o: ly r? lied, w. t t i oil nnii r"t up iw to 11n ie. tlicm ot but utile use to Oeiitrul I'i'iee. rlio' lil they in m. i beriwil'tci' rtue.ii his em.p. Until ? c.rc'.wuii./yl.vy ot' ilm oiepii^.. rrr ilus lull' told, ii u'tniy vtlite'i it is e n . ly li-l'mv ,1, | vtit: a butt* <?:.'! tlio prospects ot' He- r o ilinn in Wo torn .Mi>Four), urn. utte.jy d Buppuiut the hopes of iieuoral I'i xo. Wiilio rncpv'iped nor,r Wnrrenshni'K tlcnnral rouo ro ici'.i lit!'...' niton tl' i a I'log.; robe! tore#, iiunil>orttig ttfeivr or kin i u Imedrcd, tvoro cue..ui; cd iiear U-liord, on Hl.o.ktti. '?). Ii- >iiig sent Mini ill's 1 lor c o.,t iu the roi 1 ie'iclHi li ei . Mi lord lo Win renrliiu to int'reept theiviontji i11 11.ry attempt u tllmiii, iio rvtrrlie.l the reiiu -n'cr ot bm a.'niy ? l? Vi'aluut t ie.;k,oa tha l oud ha'Miufew ' AVni'Teiifh.'iif to 1 noli No.-' r, and tbc-c enc inii -'i vlilnud i; dip ?at Ir in Knob Kosilcr north ? tvo/l .b si. ton i/.iiiu, aii'l llune ill' nm try tvio en raini.e<lou ill's north side uf KlucWvs.iter, totally uncoil Mil . . ? ;ri\" ly el tin iidtt ;.v'i.i iu>. i'ronri the r, .top oi, V ioirl >?%'.: to M11' d Is a boa: : x luil.-s. (i"ri. i'"] e . a?M eat four liundrod and Ii !y u.ivalry, '.uvlt r the. is.Tii mkie' of tulouo.l .HIV. C. 1'kvifl, to Knob Moiti, with inatrtictbum to proceed thenco di-rti; in o iho re id camp. Kv this diapoei ii.ib si his I oxen r; a. Pope le.ii thi r< b"l* com [iloti lyu irrouiided at all points tin > wrro lilcoiy lo at ("iiipt fl'-'bx, Ills main army bring on (lis ,i mill, tl rri/l's liorsc u ilis west. and Col. Dnvis, tlw iHli'ekii'j; par'y, i . ialuy dow n upon tlicui from tli" southeast. Tlio ilesigu i f tin r-i'ch'.ef e.: uitB, I oing toy: out .sontii, if they attorn?> d to do uo by tvfiy of Wairanaburg. Uhrril.'s conauwi't v'ould eut them oii', and IT tivy u tempted nn ililci InedUito I'liin! bettveen Kcri'lU's ami I'avis' c nn inuiida, lii ?)' must n c ss riily bo intercepted by tlio oui.y. At a glance, it will b.t seen no bet to- dis p jsilicti ui th" troops: cmld bnvo h en nuulo to Fcetiro a li'iicnpn. ut itr-no Af c, support to Colonel Pnvin, a goo tio;i oi K.-tillcry followed him under Major Ppeod But.or, vsiih t .?? e tnpany of iho First rogim 'iit Iowa cavalry. Thf bi .aekiag foreo immodiatoty under tho coinmund of Ol'i'i". Htv. ,tvag a fiart (X tlio First lov.a reicuictit, Jul i;y or Torr. ttce, end pari of two companies Unite i S!:?t'?; regulars, corouisjiiicd respective ^ by I.isut uianta O rdim end ) ni'iiy. V. ,i thin force, not exceeding 4 CO moo, Cotonol Davis ma.icli' d upon the om roy, and took tlb-in com h-taly by U Is ''lain tho rebels had m Idea "1 th ? clo.-. I ror txi ty or Cciiera'. Dune s army, fn;- n^h n a few men ;rev.u forwn i! by C lone: J'a is, tho rebel 'tagorfy ?in- throw it for wo i! by Clonal Davis, tho rebel ? eager si g)ii ? i ".rroll':d llierri in C''H?idnr?h'e I'orrc, ami retired procip.-wte'.y when they discover*-! the remainder of his lot''- Pvio'- to this, however, the r'-het picket.. were C -tvotid- by the reg I ts r F-re.ry.mriC cloti. whote n >o suceeo'iled n --lie picket and capttirb g another. Tit: reg'-urn lod tho . h:.;go.?n the bridge ov r the crook wi*ro tb-y were encamped, end a gallant chnrg. it we-, for the* bridge was jrell guarded. Having forced the hrir1 V. ? ouemy po irda.o it rett cd rapid'y,ron.e fo'lowinc 'ho strn'-g: ' ottt f ont the or- k oa I u|i i hi I, a id others fol iiwiu, along tie-e.r?Qti to ''??*'!!? i- ' It. camp I ieuttrr "t rdnB, u irli greaS r.itile' ti y. followed the 4 -tler, chancii"? nr a th-tn witt all : i.< u. and comi y ' !?*?* the enemy i:t largo force, hoc " , laig'i: two vol. ?> ' ut thrm, end iti return r.'ie v.erie Iter' v ttre I rem nearly *11 th- rebels-,.'} cam;'. by*i e'l. he bet tun ? ni'S ally and l ino f-.evort.dy v, . d Fv.v.h titie.- I ieiitei'irt i muiy.'V rbiy I.iou leia:.. M-r.:. .. iglil be : -Trier. :-' d nod c.i-dT, h d rc tnn.e'i to h ?: i p. it. By this ti. e. nlsn,Cut ?<?! Juris, wan I .i I tnada *r unsuccessful attempt to ere-the reek by ford in- . 1 ? ?b<? r.'titrr..-c|. aid " ?; ? i -!e- U 'ga. The "n: after heoi.o volley. ->. <1 only i?"tr nnt then it I mi t ;i shot I'd-rul lav.ntbe, nnivrd his IB 4 .j;. the hi'l ir.troe'tliiinj ? in tmrear cf the en -my's cuuip, which we. e.t'-a'f-: ::: a bend in the ?< >k, r. < s. "ft ia. I tlnif'O be., ccn hlb "clf and the cr- k, and coiripieiajb Mirrrmnib-il ?Jhe re?.:.-i ider of-tl, sf- ry i- soon 'Id. TI ? rein Indii p tb.-ji. ciyes thu. hemmed it), b?i imalternative mm. tn lirin eranrrci! !#?. They ?1io?..i?i the latter, and bn bebirn another gun wen tired ti'.vy lioie j-d a whim ilu_-, .u.i. eked tor thirty in.a iter to c?bs e lor uriiattln-y tv-mid do. It war tircn getum dark, and CoheiM JkiyJ I-id thani the lateac a of the l? >ur forbade tho demand. Tl.oy ; tit< it eked (rr tiov t" rtturn toi /r-i mn. irnier and I oiiio aealn '.'hm was gt anted. Tnc v, . . gg, was iorno I n brother i.l t'ol ilnbinson, wl;iv w? In com .UBiid in the rel ? >. and flcrm he i citpj.c.n ed with Col. A./-.', -.tnl-i . ami a:. lA'-oadil.e.ial surromfcr ?,?.ri ood upon, ii - WO'-!-- fore* ti.-i' lakcrt i e 1.310 Inert inc lldiug rl?:ee " lui."is at u ' vonttcn captains, in udd; t> to the prisomrs of war, the <?.or cms l itis i jiiif.r "ender (ki.onfli Davis, ai-o capnirod over a I ii.ot .??ml s; nd of -, ? irly four bnndrr-l j hi at. oi liorses, tixtr-five wagonBaud a large amount of l*p#sic, tents, pr vihlor-' &c. I have not yet bee-i ?!>!.? i to.? -? turn the loe.i of the < n- :-t.v tn killed and fed. ! I>nt ere report'id eertaisiv killed, without any i hunt >? to lb* number wmiW*it. All uii'ti ei;.::<vmt .11 liiif bvfUMbt utrair be'ir.'.-ed wj'ii grunt tiKiiut - ? s.ud wur?ii*, ?u4 UcH?i v ? tefut i buy , wil' .eo.i. ?tl?e liii li?:rt cno oi i iiis nl ti baud* of tuo'i < ?'..ntryii <?! . but ' ?>-. DavU and J. 101U. Go-, .ion ucservi t. b< I p. < ,ii!v ..I int. i.eU: and I ara jr'ad it may be done triilioui ncy v ?< i n.-nJerinf we iixrldloue, k.r tbo whole tt.i' y i in, i win1 tueir prati. '. The galUmr.t of Gordon i w't OOt 11 forjrottisn, wln'f the cuoltsMrcoidity, ?traieity mi*1 tkul i'Cel. liar.* in tin.: btjiliimt victory iio his * on, under t!?* si (>oi iov juidunre *i,<l oiaoogijio nt of , Ifcn. i:mark t.t? ?; an uilic.uni <-teeter aui a rlsiuc i man. A worJ about the prisoners: I am I 'M they arc all, or t Marly all, from the <? >ui liei of Chariton and Carroll, and the lower fi.d of l-iifayotte. iixc'pi one bumtritl ?"d fifty, ihry war-- "' w recruits. jho two Colonels v?boii? 1 hcvasMnt-oned have been with Price ever aiacc tii* war legdi. Colouol Alexander, I understand, Is fr<m Cooper county. Tb^y have uot yet arrived here, hut will be in ? "in linie In the morcinp. (ienortrl Pope nnd stair arrived (hi* evening:, ana flic whole army, except several hundred cavalry, under Culo nel Davis, will he back baloro noon to morrow. 1 under stand Colonrl Cat is him been de.'ipatche 1 to look alter tha Union cause in the counties of jAfnyruto and Pal inc. Not a doubt need ha entertained but that he will do hia work well. Vow that wo have caught the rebel.', it remains to be aeon what will be done with them. Shall the.v be sworn and turned looia again? It seems to me this policy has been tried sufficiently, and experience has already s'.own the fact that, if this policy is to ho continued, we had better nop taking prisoncis, for wlmn sworn they have invariably returned to their homes only to haras* and murder lot al citi/cns. To raise the black (lap of indis criminate slaughter will not do. nor can we kill men alter thev have been taken. What shall bo doner 1 believe I hava the answer. Many of there m?n no doubt have done their shure of driving Union man from their homes, and in this work they have been secretly aided and openly encouraged 'by the relic's In heart whom the patience and forbearance of the povercunact still permit to reside in loyal districts. Vow. why not place these prisoners in safe <ju?i'ers itr St.' l/ula, and make the << Uoyal men there and elsewhere crryvidafyr the" maii'tcnancer .Many detail* of the %? vrn of our army licre rein" n to bo ascertained. In i tho a, rny, nrisonere, i- arrive, these details caunol tw ro:? 1\?,1, and | am Iberelei c Cl m peliod to leave them for another letter. l.'elnw you will iuid it (ttauimeul of tuocasualtii I attend ing tho Ut'lit flt Milter d ? Privftiofirahua, Twenty Qftb Dlluoll, wounded In Use Inteatii es; since died. ? Private Juborf, Company C, Fourth cavalry, wound is I hi tin* knee joint. Private G. Cu.lenburlh, company D, VonrtU cavalry, woundrd in nrre. Private T. Trm:y, same company and regiment, wound ed iu lrg. Private E. Dillon, same company and regiment, wound ed ill lungs. Private Wm. MoGce, same company and regiment, wound- i] in bark of lie ?>'; daiipcroan. Private E Hyar, Mime ei mpuny and regiment, wound ed in back of bead ; dangerous. Private T. Downey, tame company and regiment, wo nolo. 1 in unklc.' 1 K'mfy, pamc company at.d reg.intnt, wet, !?' *at|, ' o ' i of cus allies, 1 am indebted to l'r. Brodbs, '? - -igoon. TES AIM ffl A STORM. > mini vi.m m ruE ratone. Our Special Army Correspond care* f 11 -i Mill*, Va , Ike. 3J, 1#<.-1. T'ulg is tlia pevi'ii.n tij'lu ii in Army of tho 1 otmac 1 ?; a exporlsaced pines il a ? ilwimk of tho Southrin rsb- - a. Tho prove. l.miiy pssci !?,! bo: < in of il) > c)?: ? riv i .? not only ui hth pi'i. i"! iyitiot and pbdl aoi.-rt treat rcbol funs ?t piPiingTM ' p, but,as I write .in u-ni y pi n Id waters nro grimly troubled by the fury cf tlio ati rro. I liave bad U ng rldu this afternoon mil > vitn log tiurough mSBjr r t tho sncamptnsnls of onr *?my i d tho Virginia Rid'1 of the ntoiua ? 1 never new write U. .1 word Virginia, ones ?<> nii oreully istsssscd an > us < t tho cb icRtnnnng She s iterhood of titatos, bat my spirit grietN is I tiiHticctlM .y '' ut:u t Iter proscm burr.) ...t. uk position with tin lib it isiate from wi.b she Mb Divided and desolate, I I eccupiod by Ont n aoldlarl whom she fi. '.sly cnllt> Iter, aud by rebel herdc* v to'ii tliM as fiilsel) cal r l.i r fl etuis, the Old Ban.ii.ioti is ali .'jdy reaping t.>- fitter fruH of bet f tly. v wcatUei i a i.uivrml lopic?-freq??iU> the tub yet >?!' the leading paiagnii>h tunoog tho local i.ou.s n a wepi'i er. Vou o l.:? litae, " A line day lb*. ' " WI at rutna. kably weather wo have he.J for tfc.-Fca (?i n," or " \Vhaini ty\ cnthor this is," rape..tod many times a day. Oftcnt'W those who havo nothing else to e y talk about the wcatht . perhaps that ia the roe ittcu I u.n placed tn at prsocut. At ail t.vonto,many the. t ur. I sol diers, oncamped (Or miles and miles around mc irrikten ly t" nij lit how spptr ... iittt anil important ml! a * l j< ct. It ainud during nil th.? mci ...iigaod a (tart of the aitri !.<?? n. The roads and the camp gr inn were muddy. How ti.e soldiers bstu the m d. !i destroys their ils rs atul ?!? 'hinr. TJ.oy bat t imVa than tboy bate tbo-oncmy. Of the two, titty would any day prefbr an Mgagciner.t with tho rebels to a ruin storta. An engagement, I t mo jay, 1h j>.-t what oi.r troop* destrothe m i t. lung goativw | lira v, ? py are ?? spoiling for a fight." Una rainy day drillii % is hnpraoti 4W0, tho softness of tho ground prevents active m; tary movements; swiheici (here enjoy thomsvlvi s in their tents far tho best rcy-ila tod camp g: ootids a o tuple isant to wa.K en to s .ch weather. In tl'.o afternoon tl.o rnin ciased fnPhr.g awii ?i fi-.jr breeze blow > p, which ban ?;oa.iily inc/oased till lew, and Is ft ill tucrcr.s i:g. 1 redo ?wc? crofht houra through the rain awl wind, liic.'c was mo al>g daft. t.ecis sity ior doing so, pel u] but 1 have becmjio meet'. inert to It, and to ino there a n f; n-.atirn in riding through a storm H-mi" wkr. t ai< .u t . 1.?,vC 01 the i attic im.d. At I- . !i 1stopped at C* .. IV Mi..*, 0:1 the !.;?!? I.:n.rt rn ri'O.nt rut-nt the i" ?' rleic of lVo.'tf'or Iu >l? 11 laiti.llie eeloorated at op.vil, whoso tin urn! c.vpr: iitCO arc in.w ? iilistod iu ili' n.-.r.i:0 < !' the goverMrint. 1 n't ... lieu ilu i rod. . <.,? v. b''.li"r the 1. .rnt '.w any m umin e in lii-s wh-ctlnn of liji.-t ph'- HShisheidl ?i.iiere? t ioud'H AliiiB. Itwiuld c-Uniniy sewn 1111 appi<iimt?i B',iut Cor tlie lmnd .sir.ririti?i ?li auienaut. 1 runt l er? 1m has mi!'' h.\<val i' i-- "t.8,railing over tlx cremy * rn ntry, nblitinii R n;-< h valuable Information, ami ro t itiiuir by aco.ini r r'ir.'nt. 1 ul such a 1 earful night us lit in .i"uo must not thlok of ballooning. Yet I find ilx Pro p-sor rxaruiumj; ''nni'! saaipesof silks Jlo .1 about hiving material nnuu.rwtarcd ft r two now Bin!nous. They p iU require tun. ihoujund yard* of silk, wli cli will be of sshi-erioriginii.y. jin'suei.e jirrtseim"! by the various cneampn cms when viewed ut night is a mi st iiidearrtbiiblu. Th" hids ami v.illi-> lor many miles in 0 covered w.tli Hie flump? of tbo t nioii Army of (tie Potomac. I'lio lights sj'iv 11 cvor tne 1 lulls aud vol leys along she liue s une twi nty miles, from right to" wo 1 nigh innumerable, lbo tints oi'ouo legiiuetit even, Illuminated liy lliOj nnd r i.d.<*, seou Irani a short dirt, ink like a city 1 v. itli g.i.i. Then regiment after regiment lighter! in ili ? a mo manner stieich away farther lluyi tbe eye can reach, lie nfio.A produced by those illuminated canine ts real.y b uiiit'i). 'lhe Ann. o. the Potomac by candle light is highly nita estirg. It is a iggcstive of enchanting. fa- y h loiiihira which lid tlx mind of childhood with umaze 111 nt. ? Till* 17 a hard Bight for these who arc in rnrr.p It recall: ouie oi tiic sutloi ings of .Viipi.loon's arif.y 1 u its march to Moscow, < r the hardahipa < udnri d by our an r. it >ra during the Kovoluiicina y war. The wind winch wli.-ilea sj loudly part the broken window pmcs (and through iIaiii) if ibis dilapidated raid fir,ken with lull I ity the tcuir of our sold. is. M'st of liiou are i'"'ul"d On Ii Slopes of 'he hills which ul' rrt I he u.e'b.eit sJiolter fr< M Hp wines: 1 I rs this j ait the c miry I- 1 '.ivth ?> ate. nearly a'I the treed baring h iii'd e l for Itrevvood and to .tivu ui'ol.strucU d rai 1 n 10 ulr gnus, there 1. i 1 e to break the lorco of the gu!e. The bitiUK li..d r. mpari: tlveiy ci sy entr. 1 cu to iti 1 lit:-. Tin ae who iioe), in log houst s to Bight aro j fo.tA.''. Ih-Mipi. -ii -1 01 the tents are n gi. inn dilnci, in t nil i-l tlu ui .ran stand such a gale as tfc.s. A i hill.' i!s'iirangi meiit of a tent causes cnsidcrat e uj | cmivcnieiicc. ill. vnhmtecr who left his con fortuhlo j home suu riil ni'ntli' a^o r.ow wraps tiimse.f in Ii r ntmy I1..11 feci, nnd, if tlio-yht ??! chcrlsheii I'rloiids at h'me Ml | his inind,hc rellcc'.s mi tlx nstlcc of our ca'."0,: hd a s, "11 is well, ' wild.: lie h '.irs nothing but Clu >'.*? . a enrols i . their chit! Iheeutb. r blasts. I saw eevc al b rits i t the uiercj ? i the v. .ad. jjomo bravo le lows, I i m aft aid, tr ust -m op wtthoi:t she tor to r .?l t, it' 1 tit.> g.rop at all. M 'n; who thought lightly < f the war .1, lii'St,now 1 hat ili? 11. :lty 1ms jimwed, b 'gin t;i rc nhzo teat.iering In t ? n war is no easy busineo'.. .N. t I'll any are russii'iiiied On the contrary, the w?. k have to do, an I 'he burdnltips toondnrc malt, tlnm relli'i't upon iho uij.01 t-:i cc if their mission nnd mi ro anxious to crush lite rebeiiion an I viudicalo the gi von) men I. 1 m. ,:me time the gate to-night is but iho bt g nning of a -1 ? (.... sevc' v.i 1 our. '? What m your r.j nirri - 1 a ! 1 lie IT' .fi sow. who has loumcd atnong th-.e rlends a_.J vtiii.i' i the .hi nnciits. His cutwcr is "Y011 nu.y.c I c.'" tiiwjii it that we shall have several days cf rc .1 u id wi atlicr. ' 'ihogu.irdB nnd pa k- iv. the sentinels wa king 1 r tbo ...wills of (he fo. tv ami ilx vldettea of both rtrmii: . na V ii-i 011 tlx . 1 n mg hills, will s ilier most a'l, perhaps. But .. far lr< m h.-mg !c- iaiUiftil on a sc- ero nig'ii ilto this, it is ji si me ti no f.jr greater \ ' vir./arce n the price or liberty.-' A rk.Ui.i ' rigilarce i< (tic price or liberty. ' A skilful gem 1 j 1 might make my uight conduce much to h:3 advioitnge. Ii-.' tha cold wi'lbu 1. It iitoie keenly by those iu the rebel amiy. Thm s iti<l- of them proatrated by d.peoec', thiaviatiiiur will imvux the suilerii g-< in the rclal ranks iiiaterlally. lim- '.'t wo should not rejoice at thalr culftiiiity. tVo slv-ild havo pity and hope lor th.m rutin r, fyr.tjbey * >? ..u brrthreo, tbotigh they be our enemie*. JTty, I'Bcause the large majority of thorn are victims of u moi stcr di'iusion: hope, that even with out :t sangiiiutiry htiiti'' in ttie Iv ti intc t. ? v innlit ti.u down the aniii of ll>alr rebellhn an I speedily return to their Allt'giauc" i>,,t under the |>rig<hf cendith n ol all tii j-. including tw threatening aliunde of Enelaml I, warns '!"? I lilted fttrf'. ??:.over which they rejolceso rom.h, thai would heulJPOrtJK'pIng ag-t'usi hopo. Htm- 1 aup ih. v iii'irt he whipped no anbmiisiton?m-bmhiek-B i?. law and order. Hen-' j'- <4 that 'hi* va^t army Is (.on < .vitrahd here. Rut t.'.e people oboultl not I-o lti.,*iiett i..,.i hattle. The c?.;:uaai:<tlDg general of tbe army know-, in s? when the tilo-.r ?tiuitkl tw rtr >;k. Tho time in coining; tlio:'" who have frlet-.? wli'to .'oe? to im-uru wtll know ,t -oon enough. lii lb* meantime let thosefbo have an flbundAnc'1 tee thai the fumiib?t of v i i tecT 'loqot abiyer or t'.arve to death at home. BkoOKlvm Acawoiy o >1 me.?"Othello" w.<e given n.ght alibis bouse * lib < Le following powerful cast? Othello, Mr. E. I.. l'av< aport; lago.J. \V. Wnll?clt;C6$t <. Mr. J. II. Aileu; Brabautio, Mr. Mark Smith; F.tai > Mie-J. W. Wallaclf; Dr?<;cmoDB. Mrs. Juila B. Barren The Olhello '.l Mr. liavonpft l is another of those ea; i f..i ?ml ftD'iUea -ilu-hcs which him iu the fire.c st rank of the representative* of the Sbakspei ;>tj drarra Graceful. drgmiiod anil forcible, he is never obliged rt sort to i an. to give client to the more strlkiu ; -ireag.? of ttie text. Mrs. Bcrrow as ftcaemeus "rind the favorable impreifi-ii which ..he fct'l ir i 11 e I wo previous evening*. Sho is an aci of veiy varied giiss, and whether in tragedy or con. .',y rises far above the level of .I"1 average fema'e U!e:.t. which '? tube found at the N"rur York 'h?aires just now. Mr. J. Vi. Wallack i lago ?; a "lit, pleasant sort of vil lain, witho.,1 auy o'' th .t depth of malice which we his accustomed to nUiihute to the character. Mr Mark Str. ih made k most xcellert Brabsntio; ami Mr J. U. Allen ait iitdttferenl!" respcctAble Casslo. Tho piece was, on the whole, o .ceea ugh? ?? 11 played, and drew froqi ,r.t fror.i ft rrc**dt'<J iif.rl ?'p'.roci.itivo a?.<Iit?ncc r< ? night there will be ?> r-"i'<v ance tho bUiWlnR b' .iqr occupied bv the Br. ?klyn An Association. Tomorrow vFrnta*; eveuin; wn'l be given in- nno ly_f "Ixmi'co Xr\ . a";.'<!,"? ...el ???!' tor Air. IMveipir * V> Miefli Iter -iir'n i eriAu play

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