Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1861 Page 4
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NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. REBEL RETROSPECT OF THE REBELLION, Interesting Correspondence of the New Orleans Picayune. Matters at Richmond and Bowling Green. Gen. Price Ingtorioualy Retreating from Missouri. Bold Incendiary Attempts at Mont gomery, Alabama. Movements of the Rebels Near Port Royal, S. C. ACTS FAASED BT THE REBEL CONGRESS. Sixty Millions Appropriated for War Purposes. WHAT THE HON. MR. ELY HAS TO SAY ARMY APPOINTMENTS CONFIRMED. MISCELLANEOUS NEWS, Ao., Ac., Ac. WxsuisGrow, Dec. 27, 1861. The Richmond Examiner of Tuesday greatly fcar? that tho United Male;; will surre nder Messrs. Mi-in am! Sll d*U to Hritiah at Ihorlty. It adds "that the United Slates will suhinil to a sir me yet unrecorded in tho annals of the history of any nation, rather thau disturb tliclr infer, nal purpt re to grind into ti.o eurlli the liberties of llio Fouth. Uy tho abject submission demanded, the I niled St..;cs may avert, but only for a wht.o, a war wtlht.real Britain." 1'ba Hztuninrr says that a fleet is now the most oxigen desideratum with tho South, and eeiipure. theOonTedera: government and the odicers of the navy fur their ;v lurpidlly in all matters |?rlaining to .hip* duhglbo wliolo progress of tho war. Tho Examiner contains copious extracts from b'ortlieru papers up to the 22d instant. The gonerul appropriation hill aoprovd by President Davis appropriates for tho uimy about sixty millions of dollars, aud for the navy about four n illious. A naturalisation law has passod the Confedoratc Con gress, which <~.ti ui's Its provisions to all persons not citi sens of one of the Coniadorato States who are engaged lu the naval service of tho Confodcratu navy during tho war. The Nashvillo Dtspalch of the 21th insU says that gold ?old there cn the 23d at twenty-Ovo per cont premium, which Is a decline of f'.l u? i per ccntuiu oti former prices. Some days ago it sold at lorty per cent picmium. OUR BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE. Bii.iiH >rk, Pcc. 26,1S61. Arrival of Hon. Alfred lly in an Richmond?Siu'hern Feeling t'n Regard to the It <ir?What Jeff. Paris Saijt About th Trent Affair?Iai'? JVewi Jfotn Pari)?Hoktii j of f'ran??The " Hojijoj Accord" Between England, thaitee and Rjiain in Regard to American Affair?Hen. ficott /fattening to WaJtitigton to Wain the Oo i nmenl Again* the Detignt of thi Fmprrar Najxtleo.^ tie., tic lion. Alfred Ely urrlvo.l h rn thin mnrmng lu fbo steamerfrom Fortress Monroe, direct from Richmond. Ilu is in cxceilout hcul i h .mil t-piriU, mil look a a.< Lit and plump an a Norfolk oyster. H# proceeded immediately to Washington, in order to lay b'forc the President aud Cabinet a statement of facta of the greatest Im portuuee. Mr. Ely's confinement h?- been by no means rigorous. He was not conQuod in the common receptacle for prisoners. On giving Ida purclo of honor uot to leave the city from day to day he was permitted t.> go nn\ whero within tho limits of the c i> of Richmond, and to take hia tneala at any hotel or olher place where ho pleased. When he was lirst cap- I tured hie Imprisonment was, however, quite as strict as that of tbo other prisoners. It .mis en- J alerstood at {Richmond, and stated in tho papers there, that he had gone on llv battle fleid of It ill run to witnoss | the doleal and discomfiture of the Confederate army , and i logical over It* anticipated reverses and con* >quon?l\ tb > moot bitter feelings were oxoited i.galusi him. lie took overv occasion, however, to deny this stuemwut in tho most emphatic language, and gralunlly tbe hat rod of j tho people towards him entirely d.s-i. pearod. The Rich j mond papers of Liocomb, r 11", In speaking of In; pmliabie I reloase in exchange for Mr. Faulkner, say that they would i not object to it if he would us > Ms influence in Congress ' In persuading that body to put a ten.; nation to the war, and in convincing Old Abe of the impossibility uf <>n 1 quering tho South; but they s.y tlicv have little hnpntbnt he c iu sue. ead iu that. Mr. Kiy, of course, has made no ?tub prtnlse. His retinae is uuc uuiftioual, and lie is trammelled by no pic 'pen v.lnt vtr as to Ms future course. It is very evident, however, from his tion, that his feelings have umli rg lie a .adicil change since his capture. IIo declares that he |3 not ao aboli tionist, and t: ver was one, thai lie was no' o!e ? d to j Congress by aboliiion vol- s, and .'hat f any ah ditlunists ! voted for lira it wRUout bis know lodge and against hia wishes. Ho ala: ? s that be had j ave.y opp rtilnlty, while ai Richmond, of going- ; everywhere in the city, of . ce .-very thing and convers ing with ail kinds of people. A i that at tlic hotels ho me', gentlemen from all parti of i n: c'< utherttStates, with whom ho cotiversod freely, lb' tys that bo monvincid that the entire South is a unit on th subject of the war, and ihsk th y are Jiteriiiind to fl.;bt till tlie last man fails, or till they achieve their independence. That the utmost chr'ifulnesj prevail* there, and that the people sre satisOcd with what has been done so far. Ho states that *') far as his own action concerned, that, con vinced of the Impracticability uf subduing tbe South, tie is willing to let the Southern Mates go. I learn direct from Ui ihmond iliro mh another source, and ono quite a? reliable, soma nddit.oual facta,of i- mii anee at this juncture. According to this authority tho of tho Trunt is regard .1 Ih'oughout the entire South as a moat fortunate oocurrcnee. ,b If. Davis, in <-f "uklugof it in some gentlemen on Monday 1st, used substantially the following la gunge?"Vou may dtqwnd upon it.goutlv mon, England fo .i this Insult more keenly than has yet appeaied.i 1 hu I nglisb lien Is only growling cow. Hi not yet begun to rear. There wlil be no delay, cither at London or at Washington , wb' r. it comos to that. 1 barn no Idea that Mr. I.l'uchi a government will yield, (towerer, to the de.m air's of I n Inn I. The entire North *rn press has applauded the nc. of Captain Wllkos. Mr. Bushing, Mr. Cass cud several other eminent Northern atstMim-c have tak :i tbo trouble to write and print lot tora to prove that Captain TV I Ikes did right, and that his ?ct ia entirely justifiable by the laws of nations. Fo fur aswacai, iearn, there s b it one sentiment throughout the Infatuated North, and that is that our envoys must fee held, nnd that to yield them up will cover tho Worth with dlsgra. 1 cam., t believe that Mr. Sew ard wtll be willing t > Maud the stem of cxecrution ?hat will fall upon 1ji? p.iiei if pa releases our ambassa dors, and piac a tliem more under tho protects n of Ch* Lngli-li rtiig. tv u then with England is inevitable, and war between th* W.rhorn rt ?os and Englan i w.ll ?>c quickly followed by p..? recognition of our Indepen dence by England, Frolic.. ,,;im unJ Prussia, aud by tho Withdrawal of tho Union r.rinl - tr unoi.r soil." Jrlt is gratifyIr g to kn. w ti, t tl.>h pretly programme of delf.'s will be spotted by ihe< nnd judicious action of Mr. Lincoln's administration. A gentleman of this city, who haa been residing In Tarls for auveral months,returned >.?uvj or the day be fore Chi tstm is, in order to spend the holidays here. I learn fn-m hhr. sume highly Important, facta lii regard to she state of I,elli.' in Paris in regard to th# affair of ibo Trent. )le tf.f.-h fb-jt It was well known in Wplumatic circ . i. ra is, lliut not only il.e French feovernm i t, i. i u s those of Spain and .f Prussia had l, ? j, ci :,. 'I d by the Cabinet ?r ngla-.d on the- > l, n . ih.?t tbo answer given In feach ca??, alter rie . eruto cons .Ration with the law KSaum 1 1 1 n; il " Wilkes was Mich ~ iI? J"""' M ! 'leju dir.: Urn sane fc^i.^fa o? 5,lf,"r " ?""uld p.stifv Kngland In dedarlng w. ? , thl, tl,iied Viatw In case the outrscc n.- , , , Tnere is no doubt in p,r,.. ,;',y? -" ,'e: .. ?" ' arn nmoi c wc.i Kip.e. as to what tbe real u,- ,, .n,,U9r I infoi mod 1-1'D -lis toward* Amarloa. Thar are Identical with thcaa of Bng land, ir England declare* war ?gaiual lb* United State*, and acknowledge* the Independence of the Southern State*, Franc* will do the latter at leant. In dead, it ia the common talk In the talona and cq/el of Parle, that If the English make war on Amerioa, the French and Spnulah licet* now In the Mexican Gulf, will enter the porta of the South together with thoae or England. It waa rumored In Parte, and generally believed In well informed circles, that au well oonvluced was Ceio ral Scott of theeo facia, and of the certain hostility of the Kmpsrnr Na|)oluon to the United Statea, that he was has tening homo In order to warn bia government to lake the iieoobaarj ?iop? to avert?not only a war with England? but a war with Franco also. As to the Idea of the Em peror being a (It umpire In an arbitration on tho Trent af fair, this gentleman says the suggestion la absurd. It Unoaeorolat Paris that there Ia a perfect understand ing between England, France and Spain, lu relation to American alTUIrs; and that the action of one in the pre mi.iea will be the ection of all. I may add, in conclusion, that I have aeeu a number of mcmheta of Congress within the last week, and that they all stale that the course Indicated by the IlstUf.n?name ly, the ii render of Slide!) and Mason in preference to a war \tilk. England?will be the course determined on by llio administration, if the alternate e is roducod to that. NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS. We have reoeired a copy of the New Orleans I'icayuna of tlui 16th and the itlobinisui /tupotehnt tbe26lh instant* ? from which we compile the subjoined Intelligence of mat ters in the Southern rebel Statea. In addition thereto we publish extracts from other journals:? INTERESTING FROM RICHMOND, [arm ial coiuu.spondismjk ok Tim nkw out turn) VIUAVONK.] _ . IticiiMosn, Va.. l>ne *, lMt "sr War of Independence?fA?t/W<s?o? <gf the Owwsml, Army am1 /'euplc?Vhe Luton Naval J&ejodttion?The Kate f/ is the South. I have had IV* jucul occasion *inoe tho opening of tho cinuimlgn on the Potomac to speak of the coudianliy in creasing oonfld"ncc of tho army has lliora won no many laurels. At the outbreak of the war, when our imtn bars hero were small, the country and its strategic* were comparatively unknown, and the strength of our an* ini.w w.i.i naturally mugtuiled, it perhaps rcipiircil mutual oiiumirugcumnt to kep| our spirits up. As week. aftor week. 1 however, roiled on, and we gradually became acquainted with our bolored commanders and saw largoormies rapid ly coucoulralod on the Vorktcwn peninsula,at Norlolk.on tho plains of MunassiR, in tho valley of theShenandoah aud Northwestern Virginia, our confidence. day by day, pained breadth and strength in proportion. K*|iocially wus this Iho ca-,8 at Manassas, where wo saw Irom the lirat the principal attack or the enemy was to he made, and where proportionate preparations "were made to tueei lion. If there were any m lag I rings on the subject. It waa enliroly owing to lite fuel dial wo had in our immediate front the first captain of the age, who was supposed to entertain feeling* of iiecutlar animosity as nnst us. and w;it known to have pledged his world-wide military fame to email out the "rebellion." We knew also tfa vt he was a in an of enlarged plana and experienco, that he was por .ouolly acquaint*.) with all the strategic point? of tho Virginia border, and llutl the wti do resources of the Northern country were placed at tus d-siawa! to wo, k oat his unholy p ?r|w-Th. o misgivings, however, wore of short il-.rutieii to those who were personally oonvor saul with lh" plans of lioucral Beauregard, the natural advui.t igcj of his ctniU'n line o. defence, and lliu uousuin inoto skill with which lie had siren,pheneii it. Aud when, in the middle of duly, the intelligence watt con vc-yed to gs that the Northern army was ready u> ad cani-e, UiongU wo snow lis ivonusrfut slieugih uud oil) clency?that ail the available forms of throe Urge ar mies, indeed, liad lieen uonoenti aled in Washington to fit il out?I doubt If fli no was u single tuan in the little patriotic bend at MnnasnaH who for a momm! doubled tliai with us, tndur liie ruling of frnvidouci, would bo (lie iclory. Tho haitlc of MannssdH was fought and won; ft had been p-iK-cdod by that of Bethel, and was followed hy the o lually memorable t ictorios of oh -at Mountain, Varim ?< F rry, cpiingfleld, hoxinglou, Utltnont and hoesburg, each of w lilch ade.l to tbu enmnriigomoiit and confl d ties of tho army. II number.., however, c uilinued t > b ' It.croaacd and i's positions (itrtngtlteuod, without for ? moment looking hart, to this wonderful scries of iri U uphs, till finally It came 11 consider ilsnli, hu wo ha liavu it is, invincible. Ami this r.oniidence m the oon tinuotl maintenance ol our great causa is daily being strcngibetiod by the perfection of ita drill and disci plino every where and the never falling patriotism and sopp >rt of the paeple. It is true tho vannled . trench of tho great naval uruiadu and tlie ulat ivilh which it flu I y Ret eall for the southern r ;?t ga ve us for tho momenta little uneasiness but th!:? was -ion dispelled through tho agency of Him who common th" winds and guides the storm, till now'it ha*ensued to : .arc our attention ex cept w hen wc romoinber il in grateful thanksgiving for our deliverance, f'nr eo-mi'rj nay nmb'ni" <aiti'-r tn boart ivr the orcupation lif a il"nu4a it i\!und, front ?eAt -h, in any caw, no port of tlie main laud mM tie threaten. t<, but we know that the power of the great irma.i is broken, aud that three mouihs tc- ing aTiout in t)?, proa, hiog winter -eason. nn a sunny and d r roils roa-t, without lbs light Of God or m m to guide it', will br,us il utterly to uauglA. We 1. .w, lu' re. \ ' tii ,i equally certain destruction t.wall. those which', 'e t'o sumo utadieor spirit and bllndncs ol heart li \\ .? > nan I fitted out to support it. And this invincihls confidence of the a- my?iijvii ? ? hie been so we feci our invincibility?f find to heful ve ar 1 b^ th ? government here. Vrtrr .owe jm. mii ar-ira. Ide/h iirilasin .h itouUe.'fn-.snlthrjw ,h u ? o> '???/?> m o ii'cin th yim'ef*n<lt*ne toe hat- nan, and tome, ? of it* ifrea'ttrvyg'e dront,er.moieimtt'tl, ?ndeurry i. yf lefirii ?yentrrnl ufon i>. Tlie.-ame kind I'r, hoc who has watched over us in battle lias Oi'ed > c g: . . , wi'.ti a bountiful harvest; a supo 'abundau. of labor no wiilisi.aiding th* Immense draft:, tor tlie army, I i, patriotically been diverted wftlmnt diltloulty into ?in: ,4i ctisirncls.and tin; whole material ro..,uices of the Oo'-nti y lire, for tho Oust Unto, being developed, m it/, , ,.f ? rery kird an! /or the <>?; ;./y uf er?ev is . ' ?? pi,. i'i "tar 'r*fa'ttpnrg\u[jvparound <<*, aud the.-, we :tr- d ,:y boco'eit ^ indupeiidetd m our h- me-i well n inv.uclhh In the tleid. Esjawiially arc wo rapidly supplying on belt. s with evvrj I long nece .ary to t . nltime the v. i: wdli \ igoi ati I ? icei a . -h iuid our o.u in s , lu their in v - hiss. | ersis: in forcing it U| on us In the meantimeoi.r exccllenf government is fast iucre siny its own lnuiorm I ?fllcieney hy the bett?r orgutiiz dion f tho i trio < no pnrUuoiits uud the m tltt; iieation of lis ism ..'tee- ; the prmleiiee of its. moreover, ond tl.e ttrtfailp g certainly w.lh whieii ileal'* all .hum | .<o (., u> a.-. ...,i ?" it glvvs pr. iio e tliat tho war ahull bo conducted, what ever length of time il may bo neeessurt , wiih s'i ? i-t bio economy, while our evmie* orrf.ia' r'u y I Va'r sh nbltltr ly their I'd .jr'rjo-lfuruei n ?, ir. riti n Tliosame ooulldcln .'Of the or'oiy and ;o\ a.uiuont i ih'ti t'uitl to be slutre! by th ? psop'e of al e.. ? 1 . ? whatever psrtcf the e,o',?| i aey limy. m<> Th,,r,,i. oncauh;e, t of 'oubt and anxiety, md. of m . ivieg, and that is the result of tho contest in tlio Wosi 'or main w-eks le v .' ? kn nil tin h a i> , s aourc'R of the N'nrttmru gorerutnent liav '.ilea dlvert?l to Kentucky m(Q vt- - uri to siresgtti. n it* )K m 111. so flute-. TroO|s hi u airvr. f. .i e iio.tti in taut numb* s ac -? the tlhi... an J u *e d p>i.. . ; info Kon tneky.esprc'a'lj from all pvrts or the ' irth mi v t. li i- beli.'vud.hottuvi r 'tint many nt t i-v bi <: 'ri .'?l men V tlie grand an.iy u. Wadtuiglotl tiavo . witudiawn am) sort iu the sumo tire." ? i nu,i ?v. ' -'u-.. g , ? nomie- will h I 'trenccr thtr* *'.an wan ? -.*t u. his o? tr ill, alvaio o v I lb i pUUijiil \i. ii<.-i Ihnq-ies ti'.-O. tlnroiore. fpipeullyc .n-. up, ar w.- :..?!> to ??licet tlieni and t" t:i. a ,h'r;0 vi. :. rv a t; ,|| r .. route? If so, tee bar : o fears f. r the ful ,>e , h ?r ud arniv at Wiuliing'-.n -' trrcvoOabiy <kni ralivyo tint great .Soutiieru -trio, .a tus come i0 : . aid t ? p.wer of our ecu s ence completely hro.'-eti In tin) West and Kcafa-. ? tn.l Missouri re. 11 iwd, ; 1 ?r< ,.?n b< no pos-:ble ca n. muarco ol the war. A'readv tnui cio lil, both a. home aud abroad, is s.-rioiisiy tru.s.irua, and it is lien, ly in.pes-ihlo for them much loi'gei to i ? Ihsmonevio m< ?t cur.-nt expenses, to ca uotl.In.; is' tho vii-l debt* which th(i< owe. and must so e most, w'.th gol.' r. u- . quivalonl ui tairopa. To :t aphid despatch- s from Manavsaa this marring rep nothing what. - ? in the Army of the 1'ot.ome | a. ., uj same from Frsdet icksburg suv all Is qu-.- tln the Ai'tny of thn Aqula. No attempt Ins yet boon ado or immc lialcly threatened upon our lu .et'ion at Kvausport, nor is anything further heard of the ivf"tna>. - flotil'.as. isjeshur; and Winchester p:.p u s of yi sua day, recoived hore this m.irnit.g, likewise u.aka mention of no II now movements ol interest. All along our extensive lino, therefore, the enemy nl! thini. prudence the bettor part ol valor. Tho probability indeed. i?, that their lorccshav* lieen so far weaken' >t by drat's o?r th?? . West, or tho *? sr. ity if suhs.stct ? ?, (ho result f the j bhxkadcof the Potouni , that the;, aro in no condition to j make any movement whatever. t? m ;>"-.-ni:e, that ? th* ruaits buyoml our hues continue so oad that ?? nisi artillery | il l not bo id up n them. 1h, .vt a her, li i.v vor, , wlilch a few diys ago took a vorv t.,vor.iMi tinues fair in d piei-aut, uu.l promise* t Vosterilay aud toduy haw been like f. ? springtime in Ismbnuna, and sv r> ihnu around u is or.ght w ith glad ness and joy. ACTS PASSKD BY IIIK REBEL CONORLSS [From tbi Richmond M*]>atch, ! ? j:,. i Congress has paSTO'l, Bii'I 'ho Pi?? <.-!?-?? appri -v??il in act to r<v|uiro lli ? receipt by tile r- 'tmu-uu < . f tin- C-on ledcratc States of notes in t'i<> ,uph of five dollars and upwards, In payment of |hoIh.,o stamps aud stuPtped envelopes. It evtrnds the provi-duds of the vt of August SO, so .is to require poMti'astert to rereiv the Treasury notes of theloulo-h rate Flutes in payment of postage in sums eqeul to Ibe denomination of a.u nates, and to reretve the same on deposit for ? Ivatu-e payment Ol sheh |s>st u(o. Also, ait not malting appropriation' to romuly n p.nrt with treaty stipulations with certain Indian tribes. AUo tbe following:? Ati act to authorize thn President to confer temporary rank on officers of the navy doing duty w ith troops. An act to osulil.sii a unif nil rule ot naturalization for persons enlistod in the armies of the Confederals States of America. Au act to providu for the appoiutuieut of chaplains in tii* navy. An act to provide for certain officers of the revenue service. This act empowers the Pr-'sii ent to etnpi y i<> signed or dismissed othcers of tholnited States revontte serif Ice, at tbe rates of pay to wbl b tbey were < ti" titled In that service. An act to authorize the appointment of additional offl. cots in tbe navy. It allows the appointment of IIv. addi tional Opmmauders, fifty lieutenants, ten ss'isuat psy n altera and thirty assistant surge n.j?the appointments to te: mutate si tbo close of the war. An act making spjuopri ition- for the expenses of a > vornment in the legislative, Judicial and executive do partments for tbo year ending Icbn ri is i -u: An act supplementary to mm -' t .c,lK ?. thlasco of 1 .a-nry not *, and to prot ide a ar tax to tiiou- re d minion. Cm gross adjourned last nigli' :i igaii n Mon day next. ItllliEL AHMY APPOIN! MBNTS CONFIRMED BY CON i. BBSs. ["From ihc :,i, hinoi, : ,'iepat It, Dec 2S.J Ommi has confl' n . ihj tv> t m -tig a Jia.ut'.ints um4o by the President, to take rank In tba ordor la whloti they ere named.? HA J OK Ol.tKBAie. Braxton Bragg, September 12,1861, Louisiana. Karl Van Itorn, September 10, Mississippi. (?uBtavue W. .Smith, September 10, Keutueky T. H. Holmea, October 7, North Carolina. W J. llardee, October 7, Georgia. Ben. Honor, October 7,South Carolina James Ixmgulroet, October 7, Alabama. J. M. Magruder, October 7, Virginia. T. J. Jaukeou, October 7, Virginia. MtuisGold Ixivell, October 7, Maryland. K. K. Smith, October 11, Florida. BRIOAIMKa OBMBRaia. Joe. U. Audereon, September d, 1801, Virginia. Simon II. UuckuT, September 14, Kentucky. L. P. Walker, September IT, Alabama. A O. lilauchard,September 21, Louisiana. Gabriel J.plains, Septombor 2d, Kentucky. J. K. 11. Siuart, September 24, Virginia. 1 Alayotte Mcl.nws, September 2ft, Georgia T. F. llrayton, September 2ft, South Carolina. T. C. Hindman, September 28, Arkansas A. H. Gladlln, September .''0, l/iuisana. John II. llct'own, October 12, Tonneaaee. I Joy d Tilghman, October 18, Kentucky. N. ti. Kvans, October 21, South Carolina. Cadmus C. Wilcox, October 21, Tennogsue. 1'hilip St. Coorge Cooke, Ootooor 21, Virginia K. IS. I toil eg, October 21, Alabama. Richard 1 ayior, October 21, Iiouisiaua. K T. Wigtall, October 21, Texas. ?lames ii. Traptor, October 21, South Carofina. ?lam. O. French, October 28, Mississippi. W. 11. Carroll, October 26, Tennessee. H. W. Mercer, October 2P, Goorgia. Ilumphroy Mftiahull, October SO, Kentucky. John 0. llreckiuridge, November 2, Kentucky. Richard urlllltb, November 2. Mississippi. Ah under B. Kleuart, Novomtor 8, Tenncseea. Wui. M. Gardner, November 14, Georgia. Richard It. Ovnott, November 11, Virginia. Wro. Mahoue. November 16, Virginia. L. O'B. Braucb, November 16, North Carolina. TOE DEFENCES OK YORKTOWN, VA. [From the Richmond Dispatch,Deo. 26.J While wo have no means of ascertaining the actual tn teutlous of the enemy, it is gratifying to have the as surance of the ability of the South to resist au attack upon one of the most important points yet threatened by Invasion General Mugruder, commanding tbo forces on llio 1'uniusula, announces In a special order, dated the llllh of December, Hut after a minute and most rigid examination of the defensive works at Yorktown, he has entire ooufldence in thoir ahility, whon defended by the gallant soldiers of the con e lorary, to restet the most imwerful attacks of the enemy, with any number of ships; ami that tlio enemy cannot succeed in getting possession of our works under any circumstances whatever. The commanding General therefore oongratu lutes the troopa on the prospect which the oxpectvtl Hailing of the enemy's Ileal from Aiiiia;ioli? affur's tlieiu of repulsing an insolent too, whoso object is to invado our land and destroy our homes. The order proceeds as follows:? There is much m ire apjwrent than real danger from an attack by ships, and the gallant roanuer m which the at tempt on J'emmcola was defeated by our comrades there, as wall as the stnto of works here, jtisllfle* the contldont expectation of the t ommuiidiug General of a result still more g i iou to our arms. Should this fleot turn its gu..t ad,in-t another pol'<t, our hrothor soidiers "|ge where will esteem tlicmge.vog lortunute in having the opportunity I.?> drive thenifrom our waters. At I lie sign il which has been fixed upon by General Kaius, the t <>:.moulding otllcer of tbe gairisen, the mon will roi aii pi' mptly to their several posts The batteries will bo kept in a constant state of preparation, shot will lie ready hulled in Lhe furnaces, and those entrusted with toe Imp taut duty of ascortaln'iig Iho approach of an oncniy.'i id glvlug the alarm, will exercise Iho utmost vigiianoo to ensure its successful performance. Il is re c.uumeiidod to the commending ollkier of tho post to cause .hiiMoii to retire at an early hour for a lew nights at loa-l, end to be stationed at thoir ports one hour before daylight. Tbo a.. luigcmout ie suggested to avoid, as much as possible, fatiguing thu garrison. Tbo commanding General will station himself in the midst of Mr troopr, and having tlio groatost ci nfldnnce iu thtur gallantry, again congratulates tbcm in their ep proacbiug triuinj b. INTERESTING FROM KENTUCKY-. iCoireapondenoeof tho N. O. Picayune. | L Bowi inii iJmeitN, l oo. 11,1861. Prrtident Lin oln't Mtuaflf?hmlliern iut,iTrcialwn of Ifii j'uti The Political Peeling In Knvxukg?The Ftrr 1 f -aHmit at Howling Green?of OonfederaU TtloT^uddeut'S mcBRage lina fallon like 11 thunder bolt hi Kentucky U lifts tho voli beneath which the purpo. iai.iov ortlio administration has been concealed Ir-n thorn l-'or tho brut tini" tho people are convinced that I ho I'resident and his Oalihiot are roaliy controlled by tho Chi agop'atloriii ok by a" law'' I tig her and above tho constitution uvd all tho Htntntes of tho land. For tho tlrst Lime they ore iniu'a to understand that ?' higher lnw, to which at Uuntoii, ou September 13, I860. Mr. Howard said Mr. coin wits coniniitteil,and which what is now a leading Irncoln organ said at tlietim' would iin|Ka) him, ii elected tot ample under his foot the constitution una all tho KtatutHn of tho land, aud tho decisions of all tho tribunal of tho .--ad. And met aware,I, cnrouude l aad iuilis.1 ' " ti'l are the "Viiion" men of tlioState, wb-> have '."i h.y adhoret! to vhe adm'tiiatrationand austainod Its i?'icy "I'd March 4 All feel the 1,','v ,i a. ? >t their lights met heir dearestintercsU, I ? the t ' i'"t men elc.r.e feel that ttiey have been duped, I C feed b't ityed mado the toolnof cunning and nil ,11 .puloua d-'UiaguguOfe?bo instruments uf their own e loiders Whose arts and management hav> led tho .. . iv the iiiinii'.ialiugund perilous poeitlou they oc j,,.' ? i d ,v" .'m? h 'i vic.'h w?ro bought with gold, will a by th ? 1'p'sldont, ns they woul l execute Ins orders w'wo lio m e- ?nnnand them to destroy all undo children of ...I V0--IIS )f a-o and under hi their respective golds of on in Td .1 ichablo accounts from lt ouo, iVnirbon, . I lrniii I lie., and Fay otto eounliOH repres ut tho feeling a Ll.ei:. tnt-nse, d ?ep.-ontc' and Inudly expn 'red. ?rt | o who have boon bigot d -IJiiii n" men are now uirst vi.ilei.t in tlio oxi ressiciw of tin ir cond iiiuatton ot the in ss.igt mdo.ienly utter scnlimetiU wh en could not have li'eo'n spoken i" th" same places with Impunity ten t i\ ? iiko V d in tho army, among the troops ritts < 1 lor I ... j.. p e .lucky.intense uiosiilislautinu prevails, and im.,-' in ? utv exists. Uodes, formerly a prominent ? i vvei .r libs City, now 111 die federal a: 1114 , wrote, tho 01I1 r d iv to a ? r.e. 1 hero, tolli" above ofloct, and added ?let' lie e ; el not ret am Irot.i shedding tears when lin 11 he t'o ortof tlio He. rotary 01 War. iti 1 Loitiawi.o 1 wbii P has boon hoegh'and paid ter, tmil t.uo ?! ? I, " \ jot is his just been elected public printer by the Ihi.' t i.-g.shtsroat FrankM I,say?. mi'oss tho ro ?. m <01 ill" Her olary 01 War aro rejected, it will , .1 .. - eb . 1:1) men to hold Kentucky. The Louisville * ? ;iS . .nib s the measiir ? roconiuieiuled aro ,.j iho c eat.not be a btu'e w of a :ht that the ,, .wallow, d and litis hopes uf this only in the ... .roe1 public o; i .ion t ? the 1 resident In the moan tin ii tl.c ropoils we g l from tin federal capital uid.caio . i, 1,ii the wil l st, maddest, itoroest laauticisnt. un .... , [??,ii ed by a ,i:igio truce uf 10.1s..u, justice or common irmv I " 0 c ii I n-of advance into cout'al Keu ..?-, v it wot, d t> ? joined by lltoit-auds and t -us of thou i- seeli ul mr. aa never wo; 111 the ranks ol any army' v: < XV Hid finch to nor standards, not by , , ,, rflfi'c , hut by hundreds. each hritg ug his arms '.j ?m? -i.i |. ,? lwit vvp.lioul organi/.ition or a rallying 'n't am; cu.T'int 'oil Itj annod nioeR aids, tlmy cannot '? '? a cl f r want of arm' nu t men ibo federals will vil' e on Kent k" soil L may h ? fir the best, hut I ;?f luii. i..M,i?!0-tln>! I t'l'-w.i 1 m .? met:t rrom this wit 1 twenty thousand men would ho s .cccsslul. "1,.'tln/fl -d letters I wrote you, I endo cored to give 1 correct I.lea ?> the condition of it'Mrs in tins State, .? 1 the toolings of tho poor!" th-:r desires, their ... ,V(w aud ihe motives be .It: It thoir po.dici! ae-i u 'as "? " control l<u' and though my statements ... 1 ?'i8ii.ii-. may nut lia.o bion, and pi u be lily were ' mitisP.i'oil V Iictiht iv to ,h- ut' 1 distauco,not on 'th i n ha rgjcirrod since "? chnnc" tno vi'wsl then e'lturt line 1 and recent ov I t an I imimt. s atrms of i*>. j, 1 ar t'eebug ' ?> no lon'ot in my nnn 1 of their correct w II x oil tho r-?*. tiflcsit " lie re is being pusho 1 with -un iwcd v . r .bout 1 "i:u lm n hemgc nsUnlty employ ..I noon them. My I'laii inei.: ; in e. -cring do not u-iiiv nio in expre-suij. in opinion oft is- rtiength and if. s ev ol the works being ereclod t.e o, but. military men"-ay they and to .y mexp-rionced ntnl uneducated .? 0 th. y ;.? k 0. rh. p. ico will soon be imam' w ith about 2. o t m r. is near Green * - an the cis'omy 'u Borr.? force ? ? ?eiipymg toe north blink of that sir- at The city ami camps -uvo been rite lum ' Viiii 'g vv b rumors of an -ngugem nt to-day ho twecn advanced f r. ex.but 1 am tinhle to trace theht to any 1 ' som e ?. Large reinfmcenio.itj have boen re ceived he.e V. nl,.a the l ist twenty four 'a urn. but he roiv?Ml hcio wiiuiii iu? a.?oo ? - -- ? authurit es are r. icent.and the c-tmt? have ben sodls tribuln l n .w c x"iuriing over a spucn ol country live . |il) U 1 cannot learn what regiments, or wb.-rc tlmy .me from?probably tho brigad-s of Generals Doneison and And.uaon, from Western Virginia. TUFi TRENT AFFAIR. fFrotn Hut N'?w Orleal.s I'icayiine, I?ee 15 ] Wn are t ow in dally expectation ?r hearitiR from Kng lau I of tho arrival ol the mail packet Trout. with nowa of the indignity to which she was subjected b> tlio federal ^VVbamhe'popular impression v. ill becasuot bo doubted. The ltril h ptsnile have always been d, ti.iguislied by two ; strong traits of cbaracte. T..?y .are in "i"."lately proud .1 'het' naval prepondnratia mi the high soas, and with this or lets mixed a large share of policy. Having colonies planted in ?ll quarters'Of the globe, small In population and f ? rritory but of va-t tradiugadvautagos t. the mothor i country uad depending for the respect of the poojilc by whom thoy are surrounded on the conviction of the ' mti'liiy po>? r of which the ;lag is a symbol, tho mviola billty ol flag, nimerall clrcumstiuicos, is held to be one of the < b et elements of British greatness. I'rlde of ch it actor and of |s.wer will bo deeply rlung by the , -nmpti'ui on tho part of any Power whatever, 10 assert th" right of stopping a British vospel on the bigheeae, I and exorc.slng, by force, a foreign jurisdiction on her dot ks and under the folds el hir violated flag. ,11,01-1 owerful British sentimcLt was the right of asy lent within Brit h Jurisdiction fur political offenders. Front biuon. andlPoles, and Hungarians, and ItH.i .tia?ex I'ea of any nation?who may have striven at home tn over thrnw a government which they dc unctl oppressive, and, fn ing have e?. at ed from the pursuit of tho comptormg au'hui ittes, h ive found In Rngiand an tnvtoiaie refuge. V Ii an army like that whicn Hie lirst Napoleon gathered at ikiuli gno threatening invasion, and an arm .da hke p at or Philip of Spain menacing the Tham s, the mg'.isb pwot'.l ? would never give up ? guest wh. m o ditleal p-nio^ ui colli me had driven into exile and who had com* will n their jurtediction. There arc many n ;cl in m which the government ,w braved th" resentment of dargcroas comic, in vindi l'ing tir? right of unlimited rei . ? and there are sown In '.ha generonn in-tu.. t.- ? I the ,?r>pl? t av ? reprimanded the lagging government and p,.n shed the mlntetry for In n.; t.?. s ow in ro-- utr.ig the attempt

nl rAltrr governments to send their revolted e-iy^ .. ? thin English tnrtsdi tlou. . i;ij a < Lis wul wound theaa Jrttish tjuscep tibilttles deeply, In both particulars. A British ship, quietly pursuing her way on the high MM, between a Spanish and a British port?the two nations being at ?. TheUw. peace?was stopped and searched by violence, of contraband of war were applied to her, who was not at tho time and bad not been, at the time of her depart, ure, or aiterwards, and was not to be, on her way to her place of domination, within the jurisdiction of the nation of the armed vessel which stopped her, or of Us encmya There is no esse on record in which any govern meat in modern times has evsr consented to the rule or war that tho commerce of uuutrala In all parta of tho world, and oxolubivoly with neutrals, shall bo subject to tho interruption of the 8tatea which are at war with each other. Questious of contraband aa to material or person, can only be raised against a neutral when they uie carried to enemies' ports. They do not arise in the transportation from the belligerent to the neutral, and, a fortiori, uan never arise in the commerce of neutrals with euch other. There aioe'lemi'UUl principles, which all the ingenuity of advocates seeking justification by collecting excerpts from the opinions of jurisconsults, on coses which are totally dissimilar will not be able to confute.. They contain such obvious equity, and are so conservative of ensoul ml national dignity, that the instincts of a just peoplo ieach them at once without waiting for the expo sitlou ol what courts woy have laid down w form, or writers collated, to show the current of opinion and action among nations which mske public law between them. The English people will undoubtedly so under stand tho law of right aud dignity as it should be, end their statesmen will came afterwards, with slower pare and greator deliberation, to piovu that they nor any other government Of modem times bus consented to any other construction, or ever can do ao without dishonor. Tho aggressor, moreover, Is found to bo in this dilemma, which will not tend to soothe the British mind towards his preten tions He is claiming that no publio war exists at hU. but that the govurumcut of tho United Status is engaged In an attempt to suppress a domestic revolt. It lias made complaint that Kuropeon governments have done wrong in conceding to these " rebels" any immunities as belligerents, aud in own dealings towards them it oh stiuaioly refuses to give them any recognition at all, ex cept us slmptv insurrectionists. To domand the rights of public war against them is to admit their title to be bet ligereutg. and to accueo to the lawfulness of their recep tion in that character by tho British government, and to all the legitimate consequences of that public character. II to avoid this difficulty the ground should be shifted so as to roueh the persons of individuals on the pretence thut they woro obnoxious to arrest as rebels or fugitives from allegiance, not lawful Deeming, tho rights of public war ure thereby renounced, and tho whole plea of right in this seizing of contraband af war falls in stantly to the ground, and it is only left for the United States to assort the right to tuke by force political oue mios, without a declaiutiou of war, hi any jurisdiction in which they may have sought refuge. Either tho .South is belligerent, in which case the United States have wan tonly offended (beat Britain in a hundred ways, or she is not belligerent, in wliiih case the flag of England lias been violited iu time of peace, by aggravation,for pur poses that would not have been tolerated even In war. Tlie e are, in all probability, the viown which will in < mediately suggest themselves to the British press aud people mi the arrivul of tboTr nt. Tlrey wlb have only the account of the steamer, wlth out the evidence which lias since transpired hero?that tliu in l of the Commander of tho San Jacinto lius lien a.ipioved and defended by tho government, is publicly a; pisuded by a vote of thanks in one House of Congress, aud gloried iu by the populace as a great aud gallant achievement. * * * * However deeply offended, the English Miu Istry will baidly make an issue without full examination and careful deliboratj n, without olllciul application for necessary explanations, and dotUiito demands for the alre.-s whb li il may decide to be required by national "r;ou honor. In all this its march will be steady; but it will bo premature for a while to look for any demonstration of what its course is to bo,except in indications from the press, or in the delist s of Parltumcnl. The condition of English politics, however, mates it likely that this question will be pushed to an issue with unusual rapidity. There is evidently a uoar struggle at h ind lor tho overthrow of the prnoeot Cabinet by the party of I?ril Derby. aud nothing can c inn to bond morn adapted to the uses of a pariv than a question of natiouul diguiiy abroad, tlio support of tho bourn of tho British lUg, and resontmebt for violation done to it. The cotton question mixes itself mi/A the qio linn of dig nity; and the niton interest, which if deejiy concerned in the breaking tip of tho Ifartkam obstructions to Southern commerce u powerfui enough, m farliammt and out of it, to affect srriowrfy the balance of parlies?perhaps strong enough to determine tho fate of tlio ministry. The Amo.icnn question will, therefore, lie, in all probability, ouo of tlio topics of debate, with a \ iew to a domestic struugle for llie control of tbu government, and it would not be surprising to llnd both si 'oh rivalling each other In their laid for popular sympathy and Mau Chester support, by insisting on tbu duty of exacting apology and reparation for the violation of the British flag ARKANSAS. INTZUBbTING NSWa lilOM THIS ARKANSAS OOUOZK. [Fruni the Fort Smith (Ark.) News, Deo. 12. Re'.i iljlo news reached hero yesterday from the Indian country, from which wo learn that a largo number of Creeks, Cherckcoc. and Horn moke; have joiuod OpoUi'ey iiolo. The Otior-'keo rogimcut, under Colonel Drew, has dikbauded,? pSrt havo joined tho enemy, and a portion have returned h: me, and a part remain with Colonel Cooper. Opoth'oyhnlo m cue., unpad about the Dig I tend of Arkansas, with a force variously estimated at from two to four thousand men, w?ll armed, and all naked to tbo waist, and painted. Colonel Cooper is encamped wHbin llvo nnles of tlio ene my, wiuli a small fore*'*, consisting of Colonel Simins* Tex s regilhcnt,Colonel Mcintosh's Creek regiment, arid the CJhocktaw and Chickasaw regiment The enemy are determined to tight, audColoael Cooper is in a pretty i ight place, but wo ex pec t ho will conqueror dispe.seOpoihloy bolo'B foroos. We learn fri.m a Choctaw living near Rod river that a thousand Choctuvvs startud a low days ago to the rebel of Colonel C- loper. Two Creek Indians were in town yestordny, and they say thot most of the BomlDoles except .John Jumper's comiuny, had Joined the onomy, but several bad lot i and returned home. They speak of a battle to lake place soon b twecu Oolonol C'eopei s forces and the enemy. An officer at Fort Glhsoti writes ibe following lo an officer at Fort Smith. The letter l< date 1 the loth ? Colonel R. es started from hort yesterday morning with a small force, partly armed, to join ( donels Co iper and Prow,having b- e i ordered by both colonels to push ale ad a.; quick us possible. 1 believe be had not more than forty men, end only a small porlion armed. I gist e von big he met tii ? major and adjutant, and a few other officers and men of his regiment, about twenty llvo nubs from hero, on their way to this pUr.o, They reported lo him that tliCherokee regiment was completely broken up, part ol them are supposed to have gone over toOpotbleyholu, and tin lialanco dispersed. Colonel Cooper whs oueurupod within a mile of them, and the enemy four or livojniles. ('??loin I Drew with some o" his olllcers isauppi-sod to he n w wiih Colonel Cooper. Major Peg states, tli Is iceuirud ttio night before last, that on (hat evening he and the chitplain visited Ophothleyholo's camp, that he had at tho host of his knowledge at least 4,"00 men. They wero well armed with rilles, six shooters,Jl11' knives, stripped to tlie walst and painted. When he returned to his camp he found his regimont dispersed, and ho made his way in here. Why he did nut join OOlpoci Coo|ter I cannot say. I understand h ? and his party at i.ed the enemy were be tween them and Colonel C. Colonel Ross will give more fu i the particulars. Since I c nimencod writing. ! learn Major l'eg believes toe oijemj s.OtO strong, and fears for Colonel Cooper's safety are entert lined. T. e of the 11 Mi and 12th says small pox is gradu ally disappearing from Fort Smith. A largo quantity of "overt ment hay has been dontn yed by incondi.ii ios. One hundred Ulslon moti had b on arrested in Carroll and M id'son counties Tbelr p iss words and grips wo found out. SOUTH CAROLINA. T11K SOUTH CAROLINA 00A3T?WHAT TUB RKBKL9 ARM DOING. Tho Charlostsn Cn-.nci of the 1th inst. says ?Tho "firesof patriotism'' eoiiUnuo. Ihirtoen cotton houses have b 'en burned ou P i t Royal Island, one on Puris and one on 3t Helena since the Yankee cccupation. There is girnl reason for hoping that some?perhaps many?of the Hessians ehpnged in sinking iho New Eng laud'staplc (stone) in our inlets und channels wlUgo to feed thoilshes. THK KKBKL MOVEMENTS NEAR I! AUDKK VILLB, B. C. A letter fr nn Hardeevllle. December 7, in the Charles ton Courier, contains the following ? Our movements are made cautiously, a'though the troops are asxlous for n tug with the invaders. The forces at niulRon are zealously watching tho enemy in that direction, while Dednussure's regiment and others are as vigilantly guarding New River bridge. In aldition to our heavy ordnance, two twenty-four pouuder siege guns arrived here last night and iwohowit zors. These are to be put in a position which M would ted at p'eaent. be prudent to disclose; sntlleient to say, they will lie placed in chnrge of the division commanded, by Captain Hurtsteno, one of our most efficient and ac complished officers. The |iolnt whero those guns aro lo bo mounted was selected by General Lee, who was here on Wednesday. Mounted men are flocking in here daily, In equals and companies, panting for active service. ALABAMA INCBNDAHIK3 IN MOKTOOMKKT, ALA. The Montgomery (Ala.) Mail of the 12th inst.,eays:? That there has been six alarms of Are in that city within the two previous days. The Commercial Hall was Qred tw ice in broad daylight. There was much excitement and great exasperation among the cilixans. MISSOURI. INGLORIOUS RETREAT OF GENERAL PRION. A special despatch to the Missouri Democrat from JeiTer gen City, Dec. 24, says s gentleman, whose name it is not pmper to mention, passed down to St. Louis to-dsy, having left I'rice's camp at Harmunsville on Friday He had he n with the rebel urmy several weoks, and states that on Thursday morning tho camp was broken up in the greatest confusion. Somo warning had been given that the Union troops were upon them. Guns were lired, . Iho plcksts rushed in, tho cavalry and infantry turned ' out in the greatest confu<-; m, and it" was some time before ! anything like order couh. t o restored. When they found out their mistake, Uiey commenced a hasty and oontused ! retreat southward. My informant says this \va* in consequence of now* thoy La-1 received, wha;h lie thinks must have been intelligence of the capturwuf tlieir recruits. He avs thoy aro hurrying South tss i'esr of I boiug rut oil Uy SlgcU It is their intention, to form a I jtiiu'iion with Mct'cllci h's division Gen. 'jbstli has been I appointed Commanding 0#0#fal, and Prico. Geu. I price has about lO.iioO men, mostly "weii arutcl and 1 cl' tl.fsi. Shoes r.od tenia ate veiy s Arc-. Abo-t Ut.-h tln*?iud aro entirely unprovided vyth tents. Ibe feel ing in Uis r-.-l <>l nrtny is i one.nlli Lo|ielul, but the re r.i msarerti-i'p'iuc,.t-'U ami i!.,c^-ten-.ed Bd at, being ak'-n NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Pull Acoount of the Newmar ket Bridge Affair. GALLANTRY OF OUR GERMAN TROOPS. plan of the battle field. Money w' Clothing Sent to Our Soldiers with the Rebels, &0., Fobtmm MoirtO*, [Ho. 26, 1 Via IUltimorb, Dm. 2T, 1W1 f A n..0 t? tfoce took an immense <pientity of clothes to Norfolk this afternoon, destined for tho Union priaoneri at Richmond, Now Orleans ami elMwhor* The gunboat Keystone State arrived hero thia afloruoou from Bormuda. She has two cases of smallpox on board. She will remain at Quarantine. Tlio Keystone Slate htu, been in pursuit of the privateer Sumter, but lias not aeon her. She brings uo news. Thobrtg Kinpire.from Boston, via Newport, arrived here this afternoon. Slio liar, an assorted cargo of apples, preserved meats and such articles, deat.ued for 1'ort Royal. OUR FORTRESS MONROE CORRESPONDENCE. FoKTKKKrt Mo.vROB, Va, lioo 23, lHttl. Brilliant Stimuli of a BaMaliun of the Twentieth Regiment New Fork Volunteers, CMvnd Uax WAer, with (A Rebels?Graphic Description of the Bngagenp-ntr?The Uriel* ha<* on Untire Company of Infon'ry GmposeJ of Negroes?The f.'nemy Driven Dark?I'm Rebel* A iflrt! ami upivarJs of Twenty Woundsd?Oaitant Behavior of Our Troops?Major Schnoepf Bravely L ading Ha Troops? Reinforcements Arrive af'rr the Enemy had Retreat ft?Two Rebel* Shot, ami, JWUng into the Hark Riirr are Floats. Off vi'h the Tide?Gne of them Droves to be John Hawkins, Adjutant of the Alabama tfinnb Mer?Released Retell Sen- to Norfolk, Jr., ite. Tlio monotony of camp life hem aud at Camp Ham. 1 ton waa broken yosterilsy by liie intelligence that an uc tiou of somo ma-o.-i'lo had taken place between a detachment of ICO i. r tho Twentieth Rofitment N w Y.irk Voluutcurs, i c- lutnand of Muyor Engolbert Schnoepf, and nliout ? hundred rebel soldiers. The particular., of the uflhir are as follows:?Major Schnoepf having lost a man from his command the day before, left Newport News on Suiuluy morning a'eleven o'clock at tlio head of cno hundred and fifty men,and wended hi., way towards Newmarket Bridge in search of him. Arriving near tlio bridge, the M<ViOr detailed some of his men to cross the crook,and charged them to search closely in tho woods, as tlio mau nrglil lia/e hidden him self from tho enemy, who was soou about the place for sevoral days previous Tho reserve was placed behind tho Newmarket Bridgo (that is, whore the crossing ronuerly was), eud another do tachmcnt at Sinclair's farm. The position of oir men bad scarcely been taken up. when tho skirmishers of th0 Twentieth regiment discovered the enomy, consisting of throe companies of inlautry, among them ouo com pany of negroes, who appoarcd in the front, and mndo an attack Too left flank was attacked at the same time by two squadrons of cavalry, who came dashing along at a terrible gate and deafening yells. Our moa stood their ground manfully, and, aa soon as the proper moment came to iire, the cavalry being near enough (about 100 yards), the order to lira was given, and obey.; 1 with alacrity. Tlio icsorvo drove tho cavalry back, killing several of thorn while re treating. Tho skirmishers on the other side or tlio bridge wr9 recal'od by tho Major, and owing to tho bridge having been destroyed, they were compelled to swim ucrossi hotly pursuod by tho enemy # lho pursuit of the robo'.s wis so determined iliat a hand .chum! engagement occurred. The pursuing party was Joined by the negro soldiers, and Captain Stumpf, of Uio Twentieth regiment, was struck upon tlio back with tho butt end or n musket, hut uot aovoroiy hurl. Muior Schnoepf hereupon took a position. deploying hi* cnllro force along Ihe river banks as skirmishers, and a terrible llglit ensued The enemy fired by companies, wberiwa the Oro of our men on tho pursuers was by files' and so rapid thai <>ue rebel oilicer and a private Hut stood on the opposite shore wero killed aud tumbled into the l iver on their luces. The enemy lieroupon withdrew as fast a* iiOfSibio, firing as Ihey ran, leaving llioir dead and wonuded behind. Hut m n of the i woutioib regi meul wero slightly wounded. Tlio enemy's loss, as faras ascertained, was ten UilloU (lliroe wore picked up yestor day and seven to-day) and probably twenty or moro wound'd Ono of lho letter was brought oil the field and treated by Assistant Siirgoon Heiluud,of tbeTwen tiutb regiment. Soveral horses of the cavaliy were also kill'-d. The corpses or the two mon who fell iutn the crook floated off willi tho tldo, and Acting BrlgndierGene ml Weber sent a detaolimont ofT to pick them up, if pos sible, in oi dor to have tliem decently interred. One of tho bodies only was found, and In the centre of the forehead was a hole from a bullet, which ovideuily was liie cause of the death of this poor mnn. In liis poekels ware i found a number of lelteis, and by that wo ascertained that his name was John Hawk.ns, Adjutant of the Ala b.ima Minute Men On his coat the buttons bore the letters A M M. About thirty .lobars in shinpUsters was iVisofound on his body, and a small bag, sli.Dg about his neck, contained nineteen dollars in gold. The bills wore on lho banks of North Carolina and Virginia, and as low as ten cents in value. The enemy had retreated about throe hundred pnOes, aud having again taken ip a p-octiuu, commenced to pour a terrible lire upon Major Schnoepf s command, without however doing any execution Tho show or of bullets was so terrible that the houses, trees and reucosiu the viciuitv were completely riddled. The Turners. however, being greatly inferior in strength, kept a safo distauc ?, and did not reply to this fire Immediately after the tight coinmencod Major .schnoepf, seeing he had to cope .villi a forco throe to ono, Sent off m orderly to Newport News, aud also a messenger to Acting Bt,gather General llax Weber, for reinforcements, (ioii Trtl Weber instantly despatched ine sis companies of tho Tweutletti rogimcni, in command o. I.ieutonant (Mlouol franch W.-hs, stationed at Uamp Hamiltw and. in comnanv with Captain II. M. Burleigh, Provost Marshal of thecaim. proceeded to the scone of act ion. I rig 11 tor General Jo-upU It. T. Mansfield also hastened to tho battle field headluv the remainder or the Twentieth regiment battalion at Newport News aud the Second regimeut Now Yo-k Volunteers 1 herewith send a TOl'OOKAPUb Ab MAP, R110WINI1 TUB SCENK Of THE action. DEEP C.CX a DKSCRIPTION OF TUB MAP. A?New-market Britigo Black line half circle?The enemy's petition. B?Major r'chuoept'e attacking parly. C?Rebel cavalry who crossed tlio bridge (0) to auA off our troops Ik?A small bridge, (he only one passable on the Bock river. E?Jtebel negro company The Union ' oast Guard, In command or Colono! D. W. Wardrop, being auvuaieto participate in.tbe affair, were lu marching order in the shortest possible mno, aud rn:-ched to Hampton lu luge, whcro tbey wore kept m reserve. Such was the anxleiy of the Coast tinard to bo in the tight that a nambor nl' them smuggled themselves i Into the ranks ot tin Twentieth rog rnent, and wore only ; discovered alter having crossed the bridge. The othor | regiments of General Weber's brigade were very tarch disappointed In not bulng ab'o to marrh forward aud i m.iiglo in the impending bottle* as tboy thought. Weber arrived at. the .-.en ? nf action thj . light w i- over, and the cn>'\ey>was k.iI . vii.bte in the 'lis | | Unre, on the retreat Overm Webor, However, reoelv- | ! id Information thatsovvcaloC the moo belonging ttfMa . | jur Sehntsipi'* battalion were musing. Uo there,i| on r jpt I.ii ul. Cotobcl in command of one company Newnwiket B; idg<ito fob. ^ the cn?my In qiiert />f tin in sing Turners IVlnuei Welts found three ? ?|n haibeon sent kbr-no s skirmishers, before ,1,.. a te n, ?niUad the a raiv il-.rpig the unu'ti ac.ijou bot .Vetu them end the Twentieth regiment, hot had remain e<l undiscovered by the rebels, lying lb the woods. Hhortlyefter tbe arrival of the reinforcement, headed by General Weber, from Camp Hamllllton, Brigadier General Mauafleid aud staff, aoo .rapaniod by the Second regiment N Y. 8 V., Colonel J. B. C?rr,c*iue to the ecene of action. The enemy, however, bad by this nine probably reached a dtstanoa of Ave miles, and the bridge* being taken up our men could not march In pursuit. Numerous trophies were captured by the gallant Twen tnuh. Duo beautiful aadillu, belonging evidently to the burg i of an uftloer that li.ul been shot, wag brought back to Newport News, ua alto uumuroug musketg, gabres aud pistol* The .<ngagement commenced about one o'clock, and luted until al tur throe. Acting Brigadier Goners! Weber and General M inefield complimented General Hclinoepf In. lily on his hi every and the stcadine** of his men. The Twentieth n gimeut acted with the iireolslon of regu lar <, ami n il the Iirst mnu wag found to \?aver or fall back. Dr. llei'snd, Assistant rtin goon of the Twentieth regiment, accompanied the battalion, and proved biinaelf not only a very efficient surge >u, but ulso a brave and c mragi* in eoldior. Ill* aiubuluucesand inHtrummils worn id read! nesa ib soon as the llrst volley was Urod, aud to lit* ca-e and skill it is owing that the few men wounded are in audi good vendition. None of our men who were hit by the oiiomy'g shots are fatally injured. Julin* Kumerle, of C!oin)tany O, wag shot In tbu arm; (ihristlau Teubuer, Company K, shot, in Uio elbow and aliovs the wrist; Or derly Sergeant Ruhr, of Oompany K, of Williamsburg, wu# wounded in the nook, but not fatally, '("he name* of the otlier three 1 could not ascertain, they being at New port News. The rotiels, although retreating before theatcady flrn of our men, behaved bravely fhut l heir smooth b ire mus kets, notwithstanding well handled, woro no match again*! the f harp arid deadly i Bte, banilled with murder ous sim by ttin gallant Twentieth regiment. The main right began at Sinclair's farm; but the ene my's dne extending to Newmarket bridge, and tho Twen tieth regiment mnu being in a body thero, the rebels ocn oenliatod their entire force at that point. 't he Island City nri ive.l here lato last evening, having on board two hundred and fifty rel -aaed rebels from fort Wurr-ai. They were sent up to Norf. Ik by llag of truoe, in charge of Captain .las. Null ward. Jr., and Captain Wm. I) Whipple. The following Is the lUtof prisoners (ommtasioni*! officers) ordered to he |>ar.> oil by Ocnoral Orders, Head quarter of tho Army, Adjutant General's office, Washing* ton, P. C., Nov. 20, I8611? I?I. A.J Bradford, Colonel Oonfoderato States army, II?W. 8 G. An I rows, Major N. Caro'ina Plato troope. 3?Win. K. Mnrtin,Colonel 7th regH N. 0. Vols. 4?(J. w. Inhesion, Lieut. COIonol 7th rog*l N. C. Vote. 5?J. A Do Hagnel, Captain Confederate States army. 6?1 I. Clements,Onptohi 7th rog't N. 0. Vols. 7?T J. I'. Cahomie, Captain do. 8?J. 0. Shannon, lieutenant N. C. Vols. U?C <1. iuiinb, lieutenant N. C. State troops. 10?Clias. H. Tyler,I.lout, Col. Confederate Slates army, Captom.l. A. Be Sagnol, paroled to rejK?rt to Major General-Wool ut Fort Monroe, to be changed for Captain ?lames II. Bi knits First United States artillery. Total number of officers (commissioned eiid non-com missioned) and enlisted men ordered, Ao.:? officers (field, stiff aud line) 10 Independent Greys, Co. B, 7th reg't N. O. Vols 29 Hunnoke Guard, Oo. D, do. ...... 40 ilnri ,s Guards, Co. li, do. ...... 37 Tar River Boys, Go. C, do. 29 Hamilton Guards.Co I, do. IT lloriiord l.ight luf'y.Co. K, do. 22 Jouusburg Guards, North Carolina VoIh 12 Washington Greys, 2d reg't N, C. Stale troope IS I enow B ayes, North Carolina Vols 29 N. C. Dciciv.lers,' do. 22 Total '260 Cuptuin I A Do Pagnel paroled to rojairt at Fort Mon roe. F'>rth*m Moniiok, Vs., Dec. 25,1381. Arrival of the S. Ii. SpauUling fi om Hatteras?Another furii us Oa le at tho It Jet?Sah fa> lion of (he Inhabitants at the Bqjc tioi of the BogiU Seruxtm? FbattSS?The " Pro vi fitiol" Governor of Perth Carolina a Passenger in tht Upaulding?The Contnlmtion'of Clothing, ?fc., by Arew Yorkers to the Naiines, Cmitidered'ji Practical Joke?Pre parations for Christinas at Patterns and Old Point Com fort?Scout by Lieut Col. f)wuis Weiss of the Twentieth Regiment, ff. Y. V.-yArrest of the Alleged Leader i* Siring A id to the Rebels? Reported Skirmish at If ma Mar ket Bridge, and What it Amounted To?flag of Truoe? Money Sent to Union Prisoners,<tc., die. Ihosinnm transport S. R. Spanldhig, Captain Solomon Ilpwes, ai rived horo this morning from Ilattoras Inlet, which placo she left last evening. Another fierce gale prevailed at llatteros, commencing on Sunday and abat-'d in violence only on Tuesday morning. During the storm the schoonor Flounder, Capt. Glilatt, went ashore and bilged The tide was quito hlgi., I ut forts Ilattoras and Clark did not sudor any damage. The uews of the exposure and rejection of Foster, the bogus Union man and would-be roproseutat >ve of loyal heroes of North Carolina, exedtod the liveliest satisfao i ion Marble Nash Taylor, who claiu-s to be Governor of tho Old North State, aud who, In connection with Fos ter and tho Rev. Mr. Conway, raised a schooner load Ot broad aud c.lothing tor the natives, caino passengers In the dpauldiug. All lho olotliiug and subsistence sent to the natives of Ilattoras and Hyde county have boon l.nidod, and arn stored on tho beach. Tho ugent of t'uo contributors hal t i pay i high prico for tho building in which the New York gifts aro sluroil. Tho sending of tho clothing and provisions to Ilattoras for (he purpose above men Honed is regarded as a fair practical joke on tho New Yorkers. Every body it Hattora??army and navy?were pre paring fir a merry Christinas. Captain Clark,Cominis lary of Subsistence, had given DO barrels W broad, 60 barrels ol bef, 100 barrels of potatoes, pickles, concen trated tuhk, Ac., to tho troops, to enable them to enjoy tho Christmas feast ill a becoming and hilarious manner. The Oust' in House officer had not vol returned Iho health of tho troops is first rati, the men In good spirits, and should the rebels bo ho foo,hardy as to at tempt an attack, they will lind a very hot reception. Christinas day is being oclobrated by tb? troops at Ibis point in .i quiet unit sociable manner. Turkic*and chick en'Itxum" are the ordor of the day. The number of packages brought on by the Adams' Express Company la enormous, thus demonstrating that our so! liers aro not forgotten by their friends at h )??' Isist evening the camps ol the Twentieth regiment New York Volnntocrs, Col Max Web or: Sixteenth Massachu setts, Col. 1'. F. Wymun; l.'ui >n Coast Giutid, Col. 1). W. Wnrdrop; First De.aware, Col J. W. Andrews; Eleventh Peiiiisylvuiiia. Col. Josi.ih Harlan, and others, wore brilliantly illuminated, n-nl the bands of ths Twonticth rcgiin ut New A'ork Volunteers (I'nitedTurner Kifliis) gave a splendid serenade to Acting Brigadier Gene* ral Max Weber and his accomplished ladv . who arrived h no yostorday morning to spend the Christinas holidays with hnr husband. T.ieutonnut Oolonel Francis Wei-s, of the Twonliotb regiment Now York Vo.uuioeis, with two ofilcers aud rr.03, vent on a sc ait last evening, remaining ueariy all nigh:. They proceeded as !ar us N'owma:ket Bridge, m I brought back a man named llora i i'nit,from whom most important information concoi uing the move meiiLs I theon uny was obtained ,aml In what manner the mtoliigcnoe regarding our troops is cuirieU to the rebels. A mun named H.ckinan, who owns a farm between H imp* ton, is supposed to bn the leader. This man, however, has a safeguard from tho department, and boa reverb on troubled, being mippos'-d a good Union man. Hickman wis also arrested,anu the inaltor is now on iergoiug strict examination at the hands of Gen. Wool and bis Adjutant General,CaptJin Win. I). Whipple. The females in that neighborhood are tho wor.-tennmles we have. Their c' iring and Intrepidity is remarkable, they scruple at nothing to give any Information concern iug tho "darnodYankees," as they stylo ua, to tlio rebel horde-. i'olonol Weiss reports also that Big l'othol i? s'rongly fortitlod, and tlio enemy's vldettes at* advanced as far as the ,'t o k ivei. The report of tho skirmish yostorday origiuatod from tho fact that the rebels had crossed Newmarket Bridge and net fire to a school house mar ,T >i.eV farm. Tba blaze or i itlior tbo smoko theieol. was S'-en at Camp Hamilton and Newport News; and tho fart being i etx rted to Co'.ouel Wcbcr by Major Smythc, of the First Dola w?ro regiment, who was officer of tho day. Colonel Weber imuie l ately Icspatchod l.lo; tenant Loronz, with twenty-five men, to And out the state >f affairs. Before tie return of the I.ieutcn nit. General M ipsfleid telegraphed to t oneral, Wool or reinforcement', stating that tho enemy had crossed Newmarket and was destroying all ihe houses in the vicinity (Jen. Wool gave orders to Col. \\ epm ir> proceed ^:ih the six coni|>nnles of his r, gliuent, the Sixteenth MaMachusoKs and a squadron of the KLeveniU 1'ennsylvanla cavalry, 'tho troops ju.,t mon tiuued were ready and on tho march tea minutes after thi ordor was iss ted, and the Union Coast Guard, also o igor for a brush, were coming up on a double quick. W) proceeded as far as Hampton Bridge, when biout. 1/ renz. returned and reported all safe, and the troo|>a re t.lined,chagrined at being dejrtived of a shit ut the enemy. iho following letters,containing the sums of money ho.em ittcr mentioned, for Union, prisoners ol war iu ihe rebel .stales, woro forwarded on tho 23d Inat. from his place,under a (lag of truce to Norfolk, Troin which point it ,s ox pooled they will t>e forwarded to the patios to whnn they are directed, viz.? AT RICUJSDMO. Alphonso J. Nichols, 1st N Y. V.. $1 00 William A. Roberts, California regiment 1 i0 William Wallace,42d N.Y, V . . 1 00 Win It. Ilaraes, 'Jaliiornlaroginjont 2.00 GoorgoW. Meston, California regiaiont 3,00 lloorgc W Dougherty, Califorato regimeut 1;00 W. G. 8eoU, (!alifomi??..regJa??i? 1.00 David Lobb, California regiment. 2 00 Captain W. Wi'hingCw. 1st Michigan iuiantry 2 00 Chariots H. Benttki, ISth Mans. V 1 OOi George R. Vanaken,< altforala regiment.. ..... 1 00' Beriteant John A. Joiika.. ?? ?? 1. 0<? Hanitnood L. BruidclareeC, 2d Vt. V 3 00. .Michd Cunningham, Tammany regiment 2 5ft t levies Cornell A Oft John H ismn,jr.,C6fc Baker* rogiin'mt? i Oft \\ a,tor Wi'sgate, California regiment 3 Oft Thomas Carney, UH rogMrient N V V 2 6ft 'limothy Cvrr 10ft TiP.o. bdJ Co '. W'c-vs T, California regvpfeut I 00 A B. 'Jmith. 1-tib N. Y. s. M .. .y< f> 00 Eukarc M. iilav is, 27th S. Y. V 6 00 li t'aard. Iv-g-aoi, 4iM N Y. V.. 2 50 Aft'uur 0. Aim*k,Eire V aves.c 100 Awn tel Mabonov, 42d N Y. V. 100 1 Xotiert Henry ? ? / .. 200 ! So.-gcsut Ron Tal .. *i 1 00 Hamilton Smith 2 00 AT zfRW onWBANA. I Corporx- Wm Kawyt/dd N Y. S M 2 AO B<Tiiii>:S tins list hf tetters n-d two hundred and tlity i f .-;r ??? tl'jg iug of 'trncc boat carriedoluliiiitg (or

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