Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 6, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 6, 1862 Page 3
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. t? the city, they only benefiting their owns.'torueys, will ttoublk-aa reeult in the introduction of u bill to aboiii-h tbo Boaid nod pU' O its powers in tim bauds of the Mayor. THE VBW COURT HOUSE. The Supervisor* no longer having guy eontrol of the building of the new Court Honse nil application for up' propriations will be made by the commission or judges of the courts, who aro Ue.piy interested in the conipletiou f the building. It i? etatrd that the commissioners will npply for an appropriation of $260,000 for that purpose. KM 10 HAN'T HEAD HONEY. * During that period when emigration was at its hsiglii them was a lsw on the statute books of the Bute requirlug the masters or owners of vessels to pay into the htate Treasury a certain fee for every emigrant landed hereLarge sums were thus paid in; but n portion of those interested paid the money under protest, claiming that the law was unconstitutional. The 'luosllon was taken Into the United States Court, and by lbs judges presiding declared to be unconstitutional. The money was thereupon refuuded to those who paid their fees under their feet on account of not paying under protest are making a desperate effort to secure the paeeago of a law Authorizing the State officials to investigate the matter and refund to all that have paid their fees. It is said that the whole amounts to nearly two millions of do;lars, and Since the agitation of the matter much of it has passed Into second bands for a mere nominal sum, making a big prise for the present holders ebculd they prove success ful. The bill was before the Amenably last year, hut got o further than the Committee of the Whole. QUARASTINK CONTROVHRST RKVIYBIi. The sale of the Quarantine property on Stalen Island and the arrangement of Quarantine matters will again he one of the im.nrtant questions of the session. For several years pant there has been a sharp controversy between two factio ns upon this subject. Ono aide, unde the lead of the Quarantine Commissioners and the Governor, have labored for the passage of one bill for the settlement of tho vexed question end the disposal of the lands on Staten Island, as well a? the establishment of a now Quarantine depot. The other faction, under the lead of Dr. Jerome, Lieutenant Governor Campbell and the radi eels of the Senate, have bad another mode of arranging the same question,and having it finally disposed cf. Either would, doubtless, wbon fully exp'ained, be satisfactory 10 tho Inhabitants of Staten Island. The former combituilion has succeeded in controlling the House and the latter the Senate; and thus the matter was sure to fall between the two, and the question remain at the adjournment pre else the same as at the commencement. The question Will b; again brought up '.his winter, with a fair prospect df the same result as heretofore, and end with nothing done for Quarantine. -In-the meantime the quostion is being agitate" toy a portion of the inhabitants of Staten Island, at least by those who have settled on the island, from New Jersey ., to get up a trade between the State of New York and Mew Jersey?the latter to have Staten Island annexed, the Inland to form hereafter a portion of the State df New Jersey, and the State of New York to be. paid by a transfer of Sandy _ Hook as a quarantine station for the city of New York. We understand that the Board of Supervisors of Richmond e Juniy have already parsed a resolution petitioning the legislature to make that trade, under the Idea of being teUsved from taxes as soon as they are annexed to the nation of Jersey. This may prove an intereeting piece of Keys to the Now York business man and merchants wh<> reside on the island, and, since sneh a transfer woqld re due# the value of property about fifty per cent, we Imt flee that they will lie inclined to reject the project <>' the Jersey ties ef the island. TBI KND. We have thus endeavored to review the imiortanl fuesttous that will be brought before tbe l egislature dor tag the present session. There are a number of jobs or ao great Importance that we have b-eu obliged to oat It Cor want of room. Wc have, we believe, enumerated all be important schemes, unless it is those that will be presented or our neighboring city, Brooklyn, wbi h of ale baa become a favorite place Cor thi Jobbers to trump p special Jobs and money making schemes, sod we have ao doubt that the same number affect leg the interests Of that city will be presented as usual. In all of litis there is plainly a rich field for the lobbymen at Albany. The facte sustain our frequent statements that the Jobbei8 W <uld take advantage of our national troubles, ami go in With a rash for tbe plunder, under the idea that no alien ion would be paid to their operations. What a field Hon. Massa Greoiey will have for recuperating liie finances,and preparing for a grand rush for the mantle of Preston King one year hence. With this we leave the matter in the hinds of the lawmakers and the lobby, urging our ciiiaens at (lie same time to keep a sharp lookout for the opsr.itlbns at the State capital. Whatever may be tho results of the session, we Will guarantee that there will be s general rejoicing , throughout tbe State when the tidings reach it that the Legislature has adjourned it'rve die, ? Postal Aflklri [From Rofbrook'ij United States Mail.] NEW YOU POUT OFFICE. A proposition U now before the Pori master General for Materially enlarging ibe present Post Offlre In Nassau at s.:t, by extending ibo building about Qfly feet on ibe Cellar street front, so aa to cover the s;ia<e foi merly need for pt.rpeeee of burial, aud also adding some twoniy feet the entire length on tho Nassau street side. The additions wi I bo only one story high, add'ng some 1,400 square feet to the present ground limits of the office. P. 8 Since the above was put in t) pe the plan his boon accepted by the rostmoster General. The estimated cost ia about 97,000. m NO POBT MI9TRK9KE!*. It baa lieen officially settled at the Poet Ofloe Departm tin that the title of Postmaster is the only one to bo It .own or recognized, whether applied to male or female ouleiala in charge of poet offices We have at the present *.i,i several hundred lady I'on master- in the govern tent employ. In the eourae of a pretty long official exp'rienee, wa have yet to learn of the flrat inatance where ?is of tho softer sex has been convicted of mail robbery, pre have sometimes begun to tremble, in view or the indication* which seamed likely to involve some one or anoro of the sisterhood in a charge of dishonesty, aad to. quire the services of the United States Marshal. but somehow or other the dear creatures earns out all right, the Invsatigatioa placing (Ik or Imtnallty upon other ahouldors. CARELESS CORRESPONDENTS. It appears by tho Postmaster General's report that no &i than 3,947 mledireeled letters were sent to the Dead lerOffice dttring the year lMt;and that 306 lotlera were deal I lute of address or direction. L Markets. PBlUkDnmiA STOCK BOARD. Pim.AHB.pRU, Jan. 4,1942. Block* flrm. Pstmsy Wants Bute 6'*, 74; Rending Rail Wad, llfj; MorrisCutis), 84; Um? lalsnd Bsitrosd, ; PRsaeyWsnts Hsilrosd, .Hljf. Kxctisn*e on Xtw York Ipsr s 1-10 premium w FINANCIAL XND COMMERCIAL. 8cmday, Jau. 5, 1862. The snnnal Custom Honse lables of the trade of fhe port of New York for the year 1801 will be ready in the course of a day or two, and we therefore postpone our unuel weekly comparison*. The Imports of general merchandise for the R eek ending yesterday were as follows: 1S40. 1*41 1*42 feosral meMurttlss... 1 480.441 1.441.2*4 $1,000,411 We continue to import ten, coffee, hides, soger Diolsssee, <Vc., as usual, notwlthslnnding the increased dnty ; latterly w? have been importing a large amount of arm*. Our dry gooda import* have fallen eery low. partly in consequence of the Morrill tariff. It W quite desirable that Congrc** should watch the coarse of trade. Tn the event of any tendency toward an increase, at import* of dry good?, the d iifM should be in"/eased. Ho long as the ? tr lo-te this country wnuts no foreign manufactures of wool, cotton, ?ilk or linen. M rtiuiiot aflord to pay for thern, or for any llrilisli manufactures ? iron or steel. When tbe rebellion ! suppressed it tany possibly become desirable to reopen our tnarkota to the products of foreign in" dnstrv. But so kng as the rebels persevere, on t\e stronplfi of hopes of foreign recognition end , ?f '(stance, we cannot aflord t* indulge in pttrc'le'es of any foreign good* which can poeafbly In dispensed with. Our exports continue to be M'ecrsl, and tbe railroads continue to supply the seaboard with Igrgr quantities of flour mid provisions for export. Hpecie is moving eastward, tli uigli not in large amount? as yei. We can aflord to spare a lnrge r,u,sntlty of gold to Kurope If it should be needed. The first week of suspension by our banks has passed over withon! any accident. When the t?snks commenced business on Monday last they had something over f2:1,000,000 in tliefr vaults.' A' the close of business yesterday they bad nbout f .11,000.000; so IhAt t :ey Lave gained coin |b? week. Now that suspension has actually taken place, the banks will probably lose no more | gpecic, Tkp differencM which existed between j j : * I' them during the early part of last week have now, we believe, been reconciled. The suspension is general; but at the tame time no bank refuses to supply its dealers with coin for the payment of d uties or any other necessary purpose. The dissentient banlu likewise agreed yesterday to receive United States Treasury notes on deposit as ! money, stipulating, however, that checks drawn against them should be paid in Treasury notes. This refinement will not last long. If every bank dealer is hereafter to have two kinds of acconnts? one in bank notes and another in Treasury notes? the labors of cashiers and tellers will be measurably increased. In the course of a few days it will burst upon the mind of the managers of oar banks that if United States Treasury notes are BOt worthy of beiug considered as valuable as New Tork bank tlkA nanital nf ah* hftnkfl whiflh ifl nottflv altogether invested in government securities, vannot be worth muck. The banks are not in a position to cast slnra upon government credit, and the lew nonsense we hear hereafter about calling deposits of Treasury notes "special deposits," the better it will be for their interest. We pnblished yesterday a report and resolutions which arc said to have been passed at the meeting on Saturday before last, and which, for some reason or otherhave been kept concealed from the public ever since. The point of these documents is an appeal to Congress to make provision for the funding of the paper about to be issued by government. This is excellent, and we trust the committee will press the subject on the attention of Mr. Thaddeus Stevens and his colleagues. It would have been better, perhaps, if the representations of the banks had not taken the form of a threat. They must perceive that tbey are helpless in the matter, and that, whatever Congress does, they cannot help receiving Treasury notes on deposit. Their experience during the past six months ought to have convinced them that neither Mr. Chase nor Congress is dependent upon their favors for mean* to carry on the war. Money bss been rather close during the week, mainly in consequence of the calling in of loans by some of onr leading banks. A notion prevails among some of our leading bank managers that this is a good time to shot off mercantile and other customers with a view to strengthen the banks. To l>e consistent, the banks which flavor this theory must go into liquidation at once. Every one knows that the banks have invested nearly all their capital in 'government securities. If, in consequence of this anomalous position, they now deliberately refuse to perform their proper duties to^ the mer. cantile community, they will obviously relinquish all claim to the title of mercantile institutions, and the mercantile community will at once proceed to institute new banks, under Mr. Chase's scheme, to take their place. What would become of the commercial assets of the existing banks in this event we forbear to inqnlre. Borne of the more farsightedof our bank presidents argue that the loan certificate system ought to be carried out to its fuu extent at the present crisis, and that the banks should use their government securities as a banking basis, and accommodate their dealers i to that extent. This would certainly seem the paler course to pursue in view of the mercantile paper now held by the banks. If government promisee to pay are worthless, nothing is of any value. And if the banks shut down on the public, they will tome day find themselves burthened not only Vritli a large amount of government securities * which they cannot sell, but likewise with an immense quantity of commercial paper which will be valueless. The notion which seems to be entertained by some of our bank managers, of fighting the situation, can only lead to loss and rain. The part of wisdom Is to recognise the crisis, and accommodate oneself to it. Foreign exchange closed yesterday firm at 113% 1 a 114 for bankers' bills on London, and 5.05 for bankers' bills on Paris. At these rates, calling gold 1 ?4 a2 per cent premium, there is still a profit left on its exportation. It is evident that there is an active speculative movement in tho foreign ex change market, and it is possible that, unless some untoward event occurs, exchange and gold may both rise to considerably higher points. Brokers and bankers confidently predict 115. and even 120, for hills on London, and 5 a 8 per cent premium for gold. There is no reason why these predictions should be realized, unless it be the operations of speculators. If, however, the belief tprcads that gold and exchange are going to advance, every one w ill want to buy. and it is inrpossiblo to say what points may not be touched in the excitement. Our foreign trade for the year lStsl must have left us creditors of the world at large, and in ordinary circumstances exchange ought to rule below par. The anomalous position of our finances and t lie operations of speculators may, however, for a time re. verse the natnral tendency of the market, and lead to the advance which is ho confidently expected. We ran only say that anch an advance will not rent on any substantial basis, and will not accord with the fundamental principles of political economy; however marked it may be, and however relia' hie it may seem, it mast sooner or later- lead to a collapse in exchange which will probably prove fatal to large holders. The following table shows the course of the stock market dtiring the past week and month:? Dt 7. Dec. 14. Dec. SI. Dec 28. Jan. 4. Missouri r? 40 41 as * 8?* 40 -New York CtMirsl. 71'.' 78 * 77 78>4 SO RaoMng 84* 34 33 33 * 36* Krle 31 * 31* 37* SO 31* Michigan Central.. 48* 43* 44* 47 47* South, guaiantsed 37* 33* 38* 39* 30* lllloota Central.... 80* 80* 68* l?* 62 Ualooa 70* 71eatUv?3 66 68 Rock Is'aad 63 63 48 48* 61 Toledo 33* 33 * 30 33 34* Panama ..113 116 UOexdvMN* 111 Hudson River.... 37* 37* 36* 30 37* Pacific Mail 88* 87 * 88* 89 83* The week has been one of moderate activity in the stock market, and prioes of most securities are better than they were a week ago. The ndvance is due, first, to a general notion that the emission of government paper end the suspension of specie payments must cause an inflation: tn tllA aaftlamnlli g\f fli* dilHonltn aarlsk Great Britain; and. thirdly, te the imprekxion that vigorous and successful military movcroeut* ty-e At hand. The stock market has not, however, taken the bound which many operators looked for a hen they first heard of the suspension of specie pay mcnta. The fact is, nothing has yet happened which aliould necessarily cause stocks to ri e. The > inflation has not begun, and many weeks niti t elapse before the increase of the currency is actually felt in the general markets. Money i in fact, apparently scarcer than it was a we ; ago. By-and-by, when the conntry begins to be gorged with paper money, it w,ll be rale to Look for tho usual phenomeua of an inflation; ut present, if those phenomena become apparent in the stock market, as they are developing themselves In the exchange market, it will be safe to conclude that the future is being anticipated. Wo look, however, with confidence for an advance in United States 's snd 7.HO Treasury notes. The moment government begins to pay its debtn in paper bearing a very low rste of interest, or nunc ut all, tire holders of that paper will convert it Into the government C's mid 7.30's, so long ft,, il.uaft .loll Kn liAnnrlkt All a m/tfi/ifaia nvi.iA I'a what extent the general market would sympathize in a fair matter for specula/ion. The great railroads are doing the best winter business they ere* had. The Central ami Erie will ea. li show over ISbO.OOO increase Tor l*eoerubcr. and as much or more in January. It Is expected thst the C<*jim1ttcc of Ways and Means in Congress sill report Jo-morrow a bill for supplying the government yr't^i money for the I prosecution of the war. Of roWf there ran be ( no doubt ss to the ITatnre of tW measure. It I nuist authorize Mr. Chase to give hitCpaper for al' j the flebts due by government to mUICT, sailors, | 41 J!* V Cf | * "Jk |~1 iif A ( I { %' IEW YORK HERALD, MO contractors and purveyors. It must make that paper a legal tender; and it mnst provide that, now or hereafter, that paper shall be funded in stock of the United States, bearing 5, 6 or 7 per cent interest, unless it should suit the convenience of the government to redeem it in specie. So far as these points are concerned the Committee of Ways and Means has ntr-discretion. The crisis is imperative, it rests with the committee and with Congress to determine the details of the plan namely, at what period the irredeemable government paper shall he funded, into what kind of stock it shall be convertible, whether or no it shall bear interest, on what conditions It may be redeemed in coin, and what form of taxation shall be adopted to render it so certain of redemption that it shall not depreciate. With regard to the fiiat point, it would seem that the government currency ought to be convertible at all times after midsummer next. It is evident that it wiil circulate as money throughout the country, and that, once issued, it will remain in circulation for a long period of time. If CongresB should decide that it shall bear no interest, the longer it remains afloat the better for xae rreasury uepanmem. iwo nnnurea minions of dollars can readily be floated in the shape of government paper. If so much can be kept out without trouble for two years, at least twelve millions of dollars in interest will be saved. If, on another baud, it. should be deemed advisable to give to the uew government currency an atlvau. tage over ordinary bank uotcs by rendering itdividond-paying, an annual charge of say three per cent would probably answer the purpose, and in this event it should Dot be convertible for eighteen or twenty-four months. As to the nature of the stock into which it should be funded, it is only ne- . jssary to remark that for twenty years, with brief intervals, the five per cents of the United States have commanded over par in theinarkelH of the world. The present rebellion suppressed, there is uo reason to doubt but they would sell at a premium again. If, therefore, Congress feels confident of the power of the nation to subdue the rebels, It would seem sufficient and proper to render the new national currency convertible, at a fixed period, into United States bonds bearing five per cent interest, and redeemable at the pleasure of the government after twenty or thirty years. Government should, however, reserve the right of redeeming the new currency in specie at the time of its conversion. It is possible that the rebels may succumb sooner than is commonly ex. pectcd. In this event the United States Treasury will be flush, and government ought not to place itself in a position to be compelled to buy up its own promises to pay at twenty per cent premium, as was done under the Presidency of Pierce. No difficulty should exist with regard to tlie methods of taxation to be adopted. At the extra sesaion, held in .Tnlv rnnrrrhaa imnAanil An Inafitnat to v fKa urrtwuf WMV> VV,.},.vre IUI|IVBVU .UVVI..V T V.Bl possible form of taxation for a country like ours, wLcrc fixed incomes are unknown, and men's profits fluctuate widely from year to year. In Kngland, where a large proportion of the wealthy classes derive their income from hereditary investments in land or in the public funds, an income tax is a simple and eqnitable impost. In this country no one enjoys a fixed income, and the scheme adopted by Congress in July is neither likely to press evenly on the people of the North, nor to be collected with facility, nor to yield a largo amotmt of revenue. The desired object may be much more surely am! conveniently attained by taxing specific objects, with regard to which there can he no difficulty) For instance, thOTe might be a direct tax op 140,000,000 apportioned among the loyal States, and collected by the several Slate governments by the same process as State taxes are now collectedThen a sura of thirty millions might be collected by a suitable tax on all kinds of deeds, sales, conveyances, leases, mortgages, charter parties, policies of iusurancc, bills of tSxcbangc, promissory notes, checks, sale notes, wills, bonds of surety, am! all such instruments as convey or insure or hypothecate property or money. A large sum might be raised by a Fir!table tax, say '/? per cent, on all transfer? or issups of stock in hunk. insnvnnce. rnilrnsi.t canal, manufacturing or ether stock in incorporated ^pmpanies. If the issues of newspapers and periodicals were taxed, soy y/A of a cent for each daily issue of each paper, a large revenue would be produced without any appreciable ditiercncc to the public. Finally, a large number of objects should be specially taxed- for instance, spiritn, wines and ales, which could be taxed specifically at so much a year when the license to sell was granted; carriages, watches, silver plate, gold jewelry, all of which, in 15k" manner, should be taxed in the shop of the vendor; the incomes of resident foreigners, who do not propose to become citizens; all articles of luxury used exclusively by the rich, Ac., Ac. CITY COIHMICRCIAI. REPORT. Sjiti wmy , Jan 4 -6 I'. M. As*w.?The market was quiet ami sales limited at fa for both eorts; prices for the new irtspoi liou havo n?>| opened. BRSiutrrfFFS.?Flour?The market was fu iner f? r common and medium shipping brands of State and Western; extra branCs were siso arm, with limited ;>*>*. Tbe transactions embraced about 14,000 bblc., c e. ug within the range of tbe following quotations:? Superfine State 96 60 a 5 60 Rxtm to fancy State i 76 a 6 05 Superfine Western 6 50 a 6 no Common to choice extra Western 6 76 a 6 05 Canadian A 85 a 0 76 Southern mixed to good superfine 6 80 a 6 86 Kxhado ... 6 30 a 7 00 iood to choice family do 7 no a 8 00 Kvellour 3 M) a 4 30 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandyt\ itif 3 00 a 3 3ft ?Canadian flour *u Arm, with fair a demand from the trad*. The sale* embraced about 1.200 lib;*., cluelug wlibln theabove prices. Souther? Hour ran ttrm within the range of the above Agiirea. Tbe snips cmbra-ed about 000 bbta. Rye floor ww quiet fit quotalhCie. Corn meal was in good demand at the above price, with sales of 900 bbln. Wheat ? Salon were restricted by the flraineesof holders, while the demand was good lor milling and for export. Sales wore light, and c online 1 to sonic 29,000 a 30,000 bushels, nt $1 40 a 91 42 for red Western. 91 43 for amber do. afloat,'91 44 a 91 40 for rod ljonjr Island. *1 33 for Milwaukee club. $1 32 roe Northwestern rlub, and 9130 for good Chicig > Spring. Corn was witter, t ch-uigo of moment, while sab s wcie moderate,being couflnod 30.000 bushe s,at, 04<. a 6iic. for stopping kits of Western mixed, in sturo and afloat. At the rime Wo. a 66c. wan aikod, without biiyerr. Jmey yellow was gold at 03e. Parley was quirt at 73c. a bile. Rye was quirt but firm: Mice of f>00 Umbel* river were matin at *5c. ?>als were in fair reqifst at 41c. a 42c for Western and Canadian, and 42! a 43c. for State. Curi e*.?Tb'tnarke-was Arm b it qnlet. Sinnll sales wore ivportmi in jobbing lots at full prices. OitTOX?The market was lirni, while the stiles otn bmcr ! about 0T0 bsics. clii -fly to spinners, on the basis o! H0c. a Die. for middling uplands. KarH.uT- ?To Uverpuol 3.000 bblg. flour were ct g-?gc I at 2a. 01.. 12.000 bushels corn, In bulk, atS,4d.,uiid 600 package* lard and bacon nt 30s. In American, and flfls. In neutral vne-al?. To tila-sow 2*0 |acgaco* Of lard nt 30*. , end (it)0 bbla. liour at 3a. To Rotterdam 10 000 hush' l? rye were taken nt 12' jc., hi ships' lisps. To Ita. vre raise were steady at 19c. for wheat and 70c. for floor. rm ?The market was quiet, but tirm, and no salea of importance w ro reiiorted. Kat if ?Tlic market was Inactive and ra'cs wore llrult ed -t 93 4?? for layer raiali s ai.d ?3 20 for bitm h. IUy.?The maikcl wnastcaly, with soles fbr shipping | 7Fc. a Mc., end !or coy nee at hoc. a 9Ce. limn .?The iittrk't oorrimied to maintain the ilrmixNs p . vit'iw'.jr noticed Tho receipt.* were light, amocn** teg to 0C1 hploe, while the Mock comprint'') atvcl 20' .1t>J tu .i.inuarv. ldtli, igimt 21,14c at tbo same tiino In ' 1801. H The market was ttnc! ringed, while how were In *toadv demand, with iSies of good to pi me .it 18c. n 23 . Seles of old i860 wore made m 1?r. nlTe. ji on wna <|uiet arm tbo demand lent a tiro. Scctcii plH was held above the vie ws of buyore, 4*23 was do riiuvl for a ronekleraMe nuaniltj- or Oletisarnwk, lets four per cent for caeb. ami refused. Mih ?The speculative demr.n I had considerable subsided, though holder* 'tuck nut rnr full ptii ?t. The la t nam embraced 100 tona or Spanish at Tc., carb. Inoaw ?The demand for hemlock sole was light, and sales linrtifw t at unchanged prices. OaU ?olo was .pilot and quotations werdftoniiual. Ism wtaqiUet, nod price* were nominal. Naval Woktet?flp'^t#turpentine whs ?,ui?d at 47U\, while common cupla h'v Nrto "t 10, with mlsi i f Nj. J tdua.?Crude sperm watffirm, with aVes at New B;f[brdnt higher rates, and iy" sold at lleime* ITole at 1181 In bleu lied winter #. ertn has advanced to |1 fill, nqd fall do. to fl to, four months. was ?oU if in Jobbing lots at 8oc,, whiles'*,'go., cash, was refused v>r deiiTrr/in Kcbrwy. oiiro on Ann at $ ) a NDAf, JANUARY" 6, 1862 $3 87){ for quarts and pint'. Crude petroleum was dull, Witt, salo-; at Ut.'^e. a '-2.V for export, and at 24c. in shipping order, d livercd. Rctiued, of various kinds, was s iliug at 36c. a ado. I''ork?The market was without animation, and embraced ah.ut 000 lihls. at $12 n $112 60 for old and new mes*; new prune at $0 a $0 26 and old at $8 60 a 98 76. Beef was steady, and in fair demand, with sales or 8<i0 bbls. at $10 a $12 lor repacked Western and $13 76 a $14 for extra incus: prime mess was in great demand, with tolerable free sales at $19 a 21: medium m<as do. at $23 and choice do. at $28. Beel' hums were quiet and uonnnsl. Bacon was in good request at 7c. for long middles, and 73?c. a 7,%c. for short Western do.; 7 'iO. for city, and 7JrJc. for long clear city. Cut meats were dull nn?l nominal, fireen hun? were sellinc Jjiril moderately active and caper. The sales embraced 400 a MO bbla. at 7}{c. for common, and 8\c. for prime. Duttor and cheese wore quiet. i Rick was itrm at 7c. a 7)^c. for Carolina. Dressed 1 Ararat) was bold at $6 a $0 '0 cash. Heme?The market was steady, with sales of 000 hhds., mostly Cuba, within tlic rang i of 7>?c. a 8>?c. I Snc*?.?Sales of 80,000 mats of cassia were made at Vfcc. a 8?c. WuiHKKv.?cal<>s of SOO a 400 bbls. were made, thiely at ao ^c. 31 ~~ ~ 8PECIAh SOT1CU8. 777' GUJNBHAL ORDER.?NAVY DEPARTMENT, DEC. 33, IT 1861.?1Tlic Navy Department has a rendezvous for ship ping men at each of the Pillowing places.? Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Boe'on and New Bedford, Massachusetts. New York. Philadelphia and Erie, Pennsylvania. Baltimore, Maryland; and Washington, District of Columbia. . Seamen, ordinary seamen and landsmen who rait pasa tbe usual nui goon's examination, by presenting ibemsclres at the rendezvous ucurest their residence, with un ollicial ccrtlllrale. from the eity or town clerk signifying that thev arc reuidhnla and have expressed a desire to leave to enter lite navy, will be revel vert on the following terms:? 1st. Ail allowance of tliree cents a mile for truveliiug expenses. 2d. Au advance of three months U) seamen and ordinary seamen, and ol two months to landsmen. 3d. Permission to leave un allotment of half pay to their families, to commence the date of their enlislmcut. 4th. To go on hoard ship in their ordinary clothes, whereon outfit n ill be furnished and charged as per list, being the present prices, viz;? One pe? jacket $11 00 One pa'r blue cloth trowsers...., 3 39 One blue t'anncl overshlrt 1 00 Two under llannej shirts 232 Two pairs woollen drawers 2 10 One mattress 4 90 Two blankets 3 90 One seaiidesscap 1 00 One black silk handkerchief 1 00 Total $31 27 The nay o> ]a:lty o fibers averages $20 to t 'j pel mouth. Do. seamen 13 " Do. ordlttarv seamen 14 " D>. landsmen 12 " Anil food found. No landsmen will be allowed to '.ike the benefit of this regulation who bsB not been four months at sen or on the lakes orrivera. UJDEoN WELLliH, (Secretary ot the Navy. Metropolitan gas light company of the City of New York?Otilce 10 Nassau street. New York, lloeeinlipr IMtl Tl?. uluiinil nuo-tinu nf il.e -dueli !,utile, u of llilscoiupuny for tli3 election of directors, and lor the irunsuctlon of ether business, will I c held at the ofllei: of the company, ?,n Monday, January 1:1, 18(12, Polls open I rom 12

to 1 o'clock P. M. O. ZOLLIKOFFKR, Beer clary. VJRW YORK CITY AND COUNTY* LIQUOR DEALERS IN Protection Society.?The regular monthly meeting of the above .Society will be held at their r ooia, corner of Itleecker ami ( at recta, on M nday, Jan. C, aid o'clock P.M. Bv order or WALTER RoC11K, President. 1'ktkk VcQvadk, Secretary. NEW YQRK LIQUOR DEALERS' 80CIETY.?THE regular meeting of tills Society will he held on Tueailny evening, Jan. 7, ut 7,'i o'clock, at the Metropolitan Rooms, No. ltk) Hester street. By order of P. W. ENOS, Prca.d int. Jons Rooms, Recording Secretary. OFFICE OP THE NEW YORK FLOATING DRY DOCK Company, 251 Booth etrcet.?The annual election for Duvciois of line Company will be held on Monday, the (Kh day of January next, from 3 to 2 o'clock P. M. The tiansfcr book win be closed until ibnt dute. n?.w Yohit. Dec.1881- It. N. MASON, Secretary. PA1-SENG1-k3 PER STEAMSHIP KARNAK, FOR UA- ' vanu, via Nassau, N. P., are requested to be on board, at the Company's wharf at Jersey Oily, by boil-past 11 o'clock on> morning, 7th insiunt. K. C'L'NARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. Rutger s female institute, new york, jan. U. 18bil.~The Manual met-dug of the bum khniiit ra of this ln-tlt.ii'on will be held at the institute, 4.V Fl.l'i nrrnne, on Monafeiy evi i.liig ue.xt, Jan.13. at 7)i o clock, when the annual icjM i't wii. he aiihinhtcd and an ehetion held lor -live trustee*. The pott will be open a. 7J? oTluck, and continue ' open half an I,our. By order o the Bo > ril. J. W. <t. X.EVEH1DGB, Secretary. rrilK JONES WOOD FESTIVAL COMMITTEE OF THE 1 Sixty-ninth icgii>i"iit Widows'ami Orphan ' Fund will n c *l Ibis day < Monday), r.l .2 o'i look, in the Tom ha, Centre Mreet, lor the piirpciie of distributing money to pyrticshaving pi claim*. Hv order. M. CONNOLLY, Treasurer. fPAMMANY SOCIETY, OR COLUMBIAN ORDER ? 1 Brothers, a regular meeting ol the instiliuiou will lie held iu tlic <' a U'-ll C.iHiif er ot the Great Wigw .ni on Al'.ndsy evening, Jan. 0, ut It.ilf en hour nher the setting oi the sun. Punctual niteinlaiu-e. in ;.qui i .e.I. HENRY VASDEWATER, Father of the Conrc I. Cam-ck C. 1'iiiuis, Sccrsiury. MiinliatlAn, So.von oi Snows, rnnon, >enr of discovery ti'/O, of in.:r| omh nc<: the 8Gili, of the institution the 92 i. 1 "TH WARD VOLUNTEER UK LIEF COMMITTEE ,l>) wl I meruit PJ2 Amity street oo Muiulai, Junuuiy 0, at 10 A. M. TAKLMilOVN NOTICES. TAIIPIIANY CELEBRATION TO-NIGHT AT ST. Lt'KE'S ,1'J i liim li, llin ' Dii Mtrci I opposite Oruvr. Sermon liy il.o lie v. Dr. Cook, rector id Si. Bartlioloinrw'n rhtnrb. ftervliei ruiniricnuo at hali-pum seven o'clock. A col.ectlon made lor F'o.rlgn Ml'> tone. COAU /"IOAU-LOCUST MOUNTAIN, PBACII OKCUAKD AND \J lebig\ wnriuiitcd ! . or gi indue ai li- it *, | ropery . o?u d. AiMtt'iprrior 1/vrriHHd Orrrlnutl lin^t.on liuuui I'ivuni l. All ni too iowe l inurKii prim HENRY reeve, Oil'. tanul mid Co. itre, mi] cor. Jon - mid Wert ilncu. MUAuiib . T211XIARD CLUBS on OTHERS WISHING TO HIRE IV; . .-tti i!1 ri.trr street, nritf I earl h ri t i. aim una to lour Rttii..rd Tables, van 1wi ai-coasmuduiud. Si r liASSI'tiRD, 11*.) Kill o i street tu No. 8 Ann siren. Newret ?}te, ten ret i. ogles! letting Tie .ret. THK RA IjL SiiASO'J, Bare i osvt m;;s?a la roe assortment or tub nviccA Paris, Brlln nun Vienua Bui. Cost nines, Ksucy liriint. Op< M Cea-V, Ac , en Innd ..l <0*j Bi i oui" street. Ttie under* ftned, Aim. A. I1ISU8T, 1 e^e lirvu In ilruiv llic niti of hvr fnrmer petrol.8, ami ibr public In gcucml, to ihc a iovr adverl-cmeni. . OOPARTN RKS1IIP HUTICEli t gentleman, with a capital ok from kour V to tier tlxii auiil liultaia, nKhiUtj to Invert in a mod i niilnriui mold Inive a ibainc liy spplvin* to R. H bus 104 U raM trite* A PARTNER WANTED?WITH 8300TO CAPITAL; . butiniM wnl ceriillahcJ mid laying lian.iaonio).,-. Owner I a two tileuri ai.d cannot attend ixith. Aji.nty nru r titir u'clt* k I*. M. T. I). CAME A CO.. At M.< a Way. CI P. WINDML'LLBB HAVING TAKEN HENRY BENE ftiun hu*lu?.?a, iu, Ac., will le eolillnucd under the Arm of H. V. WINDMULt.ER A CO. rnui; partnership heretofore exisTinq onX dcr Ike firm of J. R. JalTray A Son* It ihl* day duenlred ; be mill tin I onseul. The debt* will he culle. ted aud paid by Edward S. Jalfrav, who will alsti In lliiul.lailon. J. R J AFFRAY, EDWARIl S. JAFFRAY, ARTHUR W. J AFFRAY. No. 3MBno*nw*T, New York, Die. SI, 18'Jl. "the ? will be continued by the underalgned. under the lii in of E. H. Jaltmy k Do. EDWARD S. J AFFRAY, J. W. BARROW. No. 350 Bro*dw*t, New York, Dee. 31, I del. TDK COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING under the name and at. le ol 1,.via, llavtlund A Co., Uitiewleed by uuito.l content lion and after Hie .tint oi De ember, Idnl. John D. Lewm will continue the tm&lneat at the ell a'niiil. No. I Dl Chflmbrra air. nt, New York. Mr. Arthur M. Cock, the former cashier, la i.'itlioriz-t to sign the Ann nuiiio In li'iu!.. ,\U.d. JOHN D. LEWIF". joiin (i. iiat h and. W M II LINDNLKY. TIIE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING between farm I r iiiK'ipeu mid Charles U. CouiHiit thi* day eaplri a by It* own limitation. lent, I Fergueon la alone authorized to wind up the bualiiet* ISRAEL FEROCSON, Nrw Voaa, Jan. 1, 1H09. C. Y. ( OCTANT. Ibe ibaorluer will coulinuc the liualuces ol bu>lng and acJIIil.tKoaAand eattle haw, and will krzp nlwaya on liand a lull auppir, whleh la tillered <o the tia le ut the low. .1 market raie?." Yard, Wd, Sit and HO Wr.-t Thlr y-etahth at et. Nkw York, Jan. 1. 1*12. i.-ll.U.L PEBUlbON. I U|7 ANTED?A GENTLEMAN WITH $i.i?i ( s- U. To ft lake the uf it r. t,in; partner in the con!, wood and feed hualneaa: well ratal liuhe I, and dolns a I ir*e bttalncs*. Addien., b.u 1,490 Now Y irk Post oltlan. WAN'IEP?A J'ARTNEH. WITH *5 0 Oil jl.'WU, IN A ' a.ito iin'l protitaW maiiiifaetnrinj MHm m: prnflts Inrga and no ilak. O.ili ot 110 HtconU avenue, between Twelfth amfThlrteenth ?:r ei*. WANTED- * PARTNER, THAT PAN FURNISH fS.OBJ j IT ready vault, in a l>uniioi? paying fion. gHft lo goo |* r ] ilny. AppiTal ruuiu N 3 Ti.ii.ty Urn d m;, 111 11 r ..idwav, ftoni|> to ll o?(*vk A. M. Bendy roth anil g od refer* nco*. None ctli' r in1 t<l apply. t>-| t),\ -WANTED, A PARTNP.K, TO BUY OUT THE hill in i ron, g ol will. Il*?i:pr?, .t"., of a lirat d ? B-i'.I E'tain oll'Ce, io. g I'stahlirh-'ii an I anw u.iying wail) n rar ohauce. iHliPHALL'S, lfl.> llrvdwuy, P moment. Q.-nn TO gW.-A M.UiNmoENTCHAXCR 13 NOW J) A' i 1 "U In a p.ii'jr with th'i r'.ovt amount in oath, to mntaiMkrWlM a nnfe gad reXahtd hM.nnna, H?n? aiyg ovri gAUU pit iimulh. Apply at Hi 4>'or*yth alli'til, fourth llotfr, to itn No. I. . t&IO l\tu\ V > r KI>? \ (.tURT A MAN, ?P LtJ.v' "l/. in ukc tin entire ehar?e, as pirti.i i.ifn manufttrlnring btunn sn, olr-'a !y eatnbUaficd lour yr.irt, Ton ihoiimitiit h yrnr run e mn te. He in net hivn the abovo aniininl. Theartlul unhtiiactnred me Patented nnii have a largo tale, Aildreaa Naelnrv. bo* IU4 Herald ollhe, elating where an UK ivlt w can bo had. RHIeUOADS. HUPfOX KlV.ilt RAILROAD -TRAINS FOR ALBANY ,* Troy.thoN :''i and weal. lonre riiamhora utrrotai 7 Md II A X., and 1:1ft, A And Id 15 IV M. Np.vr YORK, I7ARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. Nor A hany. Troy, Nor It aud \Yeat. Winter ftlTftpgem Hi, . oniinoailtis Monday, NjY. 4, 1181. For Ait aiii ?1(1 ny a. M? BtpinMall Train, from Twenty, glxrh at reel depot. pur nil loonl 'raltif ere Time Table. ?I\M1N B"BCl}ILL, AeeteUnt litptrlUtsibal, hoisks. room*. ?*c.. to A ; i: anB"htab!.e to ok u-. \-i:~srn' ale on Houston street, 34) feet west from Hioadwav. Th< ho. is four kt 'if s. br.Ck, liiTO Ire:, is iu good or .er t irui.; hout, W 'll pup- re 1 mill pointed, eOi.Miok the mode u 1uij1i.,Y"Hi. uik. 1.lid m wed adapt-d for s nd n(j or puoit" home. Ttir lot lr 25x1(15 fret. The stable 1? on the rear of the Jot, with an entrauoe from Mener street. Will he sold seuar; to oi together oil very favorable term*. A pub to UI1AS. e. VILLS, 34 Cedar street. Bakery to let.-no ?i7 third avenue, neir i oiiy ?'-."i..t Hirrel, ?iili oven Iii oi or, emu* uiuut bat. horse, vaults for floor and roal; store fitted op; every .ouvcnleuue fora family; *tablinit for two horses. Inquire at till ritij-il avenue, or at Kely s bakery, corner of Third ave uoe and Fifteenth street. tttatrw* irr? r y> t * * ?*? drtn a it i? ?* u t ii i da Uw ii. Ij i LC.ADB 'm run ?."v .*?.1.11 a uvneck depot, New York ami Mi-w llaven Rallied, hunt HO uilles from New York. For terms, conditions fir., tt-ply to S. SMITH, owner, at the oiCeeot' 0. Close, Esq., Boll s Head Bank Butidin*, corner of Third avenue and Twenty I.Mi street, front 9 o II A. M. rro. I KT? Sl'lenoid SITUATION FOB A grocery A store. Inquire at the corner of Forty-brat street and Fourth avenue. ' TO LET?TWO SPLENDID SUITS OF APARTMENTS, ta >.'',iuMi log of parlor, dining room, two I? I rooms ami kitchen, loir ore at the corner of Forty-first street ami Fourth avenue. TO LET?RESTAURANT; A SPLENDID SITUATION, at the New tin en an t Harlem Railroad depot. Inquire a' th; corner of Foriy-lirat street and Fourth avenue. i rro JET' OR 10R SALE?A CORNER HOUSE AND A Luiou Eighth avenue and Twenty intvt it'll street, now occupied at* a I.rat'lass market, wilt a good business att ii he.!; or w111 sell the l>iiain- s with fisuirM. Room eonnet ted to atir -it any business. Apply to OHO. tV. BLtOMFIEI-I), 2h7 Washington Market, or on the premise*. rLET-TJIE TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE 118 Fourth atomic, Laving the modern improvement*; also several i.titer Ho. scs in various jiaits of the city, with and without the modern Improvements' Rent* $St>J and upward*. Also a House and Store on Eighth avenue, between Twenly tlilitit.ini Twenty-font th streets. Also a Store und Basement under tint Broadway Hotel, corner of Forly-sccoud allot t and Broadway. J. A \V. DEN1IAV, Corner of Eighth avenue and Sixteenth street. To LET?to a centeel small family. at $1'. f t month, a handscitie Parlor, Kitchen and Second Floor, writ gar. water, rang', {stationary waahtubs, 'mlh, Ac., in 3d Pre*idem, street, three minutes walk to Jlatuiliou avenue ferry, Koulli Brooklyn. r LET?AT 83 EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, BE twceii I n'on square and Smyvesant park, four Rooms, very desirable; refit 810; four do. fid, three do. $7, two rooma $8. IiMiUirc in the store of Mrs. TAYLOR,on the prcininej, ear Third aicnud, f 110 LET-IN BROOKLYN, A HOUSE, OR THE LOW ER A panel it, consist ng of i roes five fin sight twontf; has gan Itxluies; the part, is could I)' furmaited, with B.'iard; two pers ns o -eupitiits; situated at 377 A'elphi sireut, m a Fulton uver.ue. Also, a cottage for sale uettdoor. TO LET--') HE LOWER PART OF EI.F.I!ANT MORVN stone House in a Itrsl elitits iocstton in the vicinity ol Vadisotisquare; purhn*, bedrooiiis, ba'h, kltrben. Ac.; oecupl d by a private fuintly; rent very low. Apply u1. 881) Broadway. j rRE.NT-TliK THESE INSI MOWN STONE front Duelling lloiine Shi l.exiuge n avenue: ixw?aimi { inimeiti.itrly. Inquire on the premise* t* at 122 Bowery, in tbe insuruncr o.lare. TI1E WAR. Army and navy pay collected and arrears of i-iy for supernumerary officers pro ttred l.y JOHN B. MURRAY, Army and Navy Kunk< rs, 38 Nassau street, N. Y., opposite the Post office. ANN1N A CO., Manufacturers of VI-AOi! ANT) HAM VP! IIS 90 Fulton street, Corner of William, New Yorlr. A FIRST AND SECOND LI EC. iNANT WANTED? lu a repimi nt Ihnt -a ill not. be <5 in wlt-tuted. No money r quired i.n 1 tunc will bo glv n o recruit; also tt:e o'li.ois will bo titled to p.,us their in ill a y uxnininunoi) Apply at Eaeton A Orv.ll's ia>v o:l;c-, 17 Veil sl eet, up slabs, mr three dnya, from 10 to 12 o'clock. (CAVALRY! CAVALLYI?A FEW GOOD MEN WANTED J to (111 my company. Wuut of n> Hilary know I -dge or boramanslup no objection. Colonel Swains' regiment. Lost to lie raised in tuts State. Now or never for a ride. Pall In. Quarters in tnok building. Quarantine, Stolen island. Pay $14 per niontii; uniforms and e piipo.eitts all I'lunished lmmeuiately toeui- or more recriiua. Anp y to Capl. WM. W. BENNETT, 190 Broadway, ups-ait s. Flags, banners and regimental colors ? Stalls ,, Tiinminis, O.riamenU, Eagles, Jtr. Ho.lER A GRAHAM, Manttfaeu r.-rs. 97 Duatie street. New York. PRIZE MONEY iO OFFICERS AND MEN OF*THE HAN JACINTO, t ONsTKl.t.ATlON AND MOHICAN. Is now pal.l da iy l?v the undersigned. I.tsis are beine made up (or tie BROOKLYN, WABASH, SUMTER, and other*. JOHN K. MURRAY, Army and Navy Hank")-, &) Nuwau uliert, N. Y., opposite the Pos- oUe. /AUARTERMASTER GENERAL'S OFFICE, WASHINGV, 1 ">?").?" <?#' The Secretary or War ilirnl* that no more bones lie bouj,lit until all now belonging to me govt- uintn. arc in active s< rvt c. The attention ?f nil Qoarier masterso'' the Reptil*'- and Volunteer Army, is "alien to the n'.o>e order fium ine seerclary of War. M. C. ME OS, Qoaitcmisater Gen-aM, I S. SwoKDN, SABERS?ALDO BEST lOLtNOKN MSOJL l.r.ion Bind) - steel Rcabbar.ts, Fenetne S voids, Ollt Kneli-s ami Hiieiua, :o.' Ilai-K, For *a!o si the loni-it prices byWV.E. KISCI1EU, 78 WilSani stre rpo SUTLERS.- -WELLING'S PATEN I' COMPRESSED X lvury O ninlera. tormastw;change: rsnip-asem tree; a ik) P get Inkstands fur tile aul.iler.i, manufactured *nJ for sale 11. bus to sit.1 ptirebas- rs. W.M. V. Vt El.LINO, Sign nl 11" Gulden Elephant 410 Hruoin" street. rpt) SUTLERS.?WE t EI.L UNION PAPER AND EN 1 vel<.|H-K || w f-ir rush, .mil put up n superior " Prixo Statu'!,-:. rueact" for 1I10 Anny. Humyci liy uifttl 40.'.: Cirri i:ir?"free. llA'iKINS A CO.. Ilea lipiartera 10? Union Statu II I;-, 3I> MtlUI SUO l. New \ oi'lt. 2D KV.GIMKVr N\ Y. 8. M ?COMPANY 0, CAPTAIN rin.l hi lli'rry, eqmreaa few ip?|i i iaolo men m till nil villi. Ui i'i'iiiln will ? enUWincd mid forwarded to the regiment. i iv at Pootanrill , Mel., at owe. Itendqnnrtera in Si-imith iii'el., war Third avenue, op|ioaU(: Toinykius Mm km. (ft ~fk Pl.KMII'M WILL IiM PAID TO ANY PERSON JptJU wi n will pmenre for a young man of buaiudaa oxp rien i ai U niiouiih'ed r.Ioiemci" n <oinnilnsion In the Navy, or, OapUlln'a t.'I"rk, or an equally a* jj-kmI a position. AMrea i . ll V ll nldofle . &Q<W\ WILL 111*: PAID I'OK A FIRST AND SECOND TO"/"" Llonli nanry (or a pru)Hir<l?n lift nninniit for ciia?r), b> ?uiiipt'iiuil parii?a, wlto have .-c.-ii Mi-vice. Addri ?a 8., l|rri.!il on! '". PKUSON 1U CURUB HIRBE8 TO 8KB fHE rARTY WITH IIKA) vy i gin it lit i-rlie ?nd lir|>-r*al' lea'm'de*. Wi1te;( auaipa In w.i ? u :mini luuio. iat p wkri. Saw Mm on Hun. njr in.nnln< id PIfth nv ntiu. Hom vi-ry [>l":.enni ir. calleu.Miiiii have c nwine.l Ikemieue'i uioeml llio lablctiot my bran, ei.lel from Hie nu ll' .ilea ?l liiojnn'. Any confliteimr p!m?.l in mo ?ill "remain tut betrayed."' Trust me. A l.ln aa Carrlo Arm 'Av. stall. 11 D. I A S HOPES TO III! A H KKO.M 11 D. HY 'J Tii"n lay, a? he experts lo a uui tlio gooda uy Wediwaday or Thu.ada.%. Don't tail to be mail} to le.-i Ire o.ein. IP LIELT. .I. P. MARTI y IS IN THE < 11 1 litt OU> frl 'ml tvuiild like Itl.u in millii'tr station A. p.'l * *(rp"l, Peat oSice. N. H. JK THE BAM 11VR WHO MCBIVBD A HOLD Wat.ill, si;li a iiYain attached, lor ea r U' ppingon New'a night will arml the ?.t h or?a n il<* Haling wheip it may la* found, to Hugh A. Bra ile.v, Waali-liral r E .change, I >1 Howerv, or fib* Division aueei, their' ner will Im ikuffnl and all etperti . ? d rkni fuliy. IP TUB LADY WHO BODE DO'A N IN AX KIOHTII avenue and Hot.aifln at reetatacr on Sa'iinlay morning, and waa assisted lioin it on On: corner of Chamber* street and Bmrdnay, by |L? pi tnIprren who ase.nipanled tier down, and who reinntked thai it wan very cold, can continue the acquaintance hy addicsalrg W. T. L., aiaHon V. 1IZZIF.-1 H AVE Will (TEN YOU TWO LETTERS J r<ddre-Heit in the rlalit elation, one dal M Sltli D onnber ibe on.or A<1 January, V.ei nu (a I lor both and rep v, A M. A , tx>< 67 Broadway ro-t ofll -e. FE1TTB BAltJK.? I'LKvSK SEND VOL"It ADDRESS Firntgb the Herald office, to Ul'll.l KRMO. tpiiK riiKRM or ant civilian now in rnisoN J. South who wiab have liim exchanged, and who tau bring acme Influence to boar, m.iyhrarof e-nnrthlng to their udteniagc by odd roaring Exchange, Herald office. WILL THE YOUNU LADY, IN A BLACK DKttSS, wh'to hat an t grera ahawl, arbo got into an oiaiikMM Rtca lwav on Saturday evenir?i, meet an old f h-nd at Do Cordora'a new lecture, at Clinton Ilall, on Monday oTe.ung REWARDS. rpo PAWNBROKER!. 1 TtVENI'Y LIVE DOLLARS KRWARD. Stolon, on the tlb iuot., One Gold Brncclit, in link*. One Oold Bi n,I bracelet, about thtoe-qnartora ot an Infli n ldf, r tinned. Olio Moaale Bracrlel, coatntne tluuroo, the atone oblong an, an ? a * In number. Otio net Garnet Barring*, Fin and Bracelet?the bracelet in aix |i|ccra unit jolnta. One ?et Final Karrlnra and I'm Balla and Drop*" In- drop* tapi red and line lailtua. One m t Lata Liiii on," 11 tul I'm. carrod bead. Tlie alKivr rew.nd wt I b-jia'd tor ib . cmeiyof the pro. peity, by applying at the office of the St Nltltolai Hotel. (JtQ REWARD.?LOST, ON RATt'RDlY EVENING. IN ffit) the t.. n ty ot Thlrty.aevenili ? ?i t anil L n.r li av. nne, a wlillc I'nO lie D g. niiategiing to ilie name ol I'ltiArt The alioro tew a d will 'ie |iabl oil bringing the dog U It E st Tnlriy-aeeenta atro?l. (J.O REWARD.-I.'tST, ON NEW VKWtS fcVK. *p*J iling, III the Wirtit'i n'l'iiM-. near u mil's I. a kiii .11 Kii>( i'Jim !<:? U *. bmrh wlill";iii, ? r . to ilt? imme of' 0 ? Kr ritMift hi n to 174 W?4 !hln)-?uili iitcut, 4ii>' tti?a?-r will iti'.iv, the abme rcwnnt, C>KKWAKD WILL BK I'AtU AT 40A lOViUU "ptJ firm-t iiir Ibc roiiirn o a "'nail Dlnmnn I R'n<, *ii ini rr Whips, whirl' was lorn Ian R*mnl vy i yI'l.liijj, tj. ~ Rtw AltlJ.? LORT. O.N I 1(1 HAY. H01M4 t UO 'I ijPtj Ttri'tity-lilih n'r i't tr. c tur.11 I'alk, m . ,,,* i nr. n via Anil black piiaanil Hr u-'|iitt. .villi Lucki I nHcUtc!, pin miiKi'il ' U. A. T.nml ua the lir ktfi ' My I'.uli. , i:i bl.nk holer*. Tlinahovi- fttni''. will !>. |ia 1.1 u'n leaving tb? ?aino nt No. I* \\ si Tivent} Miftli s. -get. w - MW MD LiOdT, \ W1HTK *l*Ll P ip? I It... rrit)i|?.'.i para. yellow mark an . . b I i- m heut, >"ii'iw vpii on lerebeai. A.n inn ; **.. i,? i.u.i . lit Mprin; ; i et I wall receive ihp nb pi r? .ml Mr. a O. UliiHON, 11} pp. Inn Mi-el. dM /\ nawARl>.-U}?T, or AAn rm.iv, pm* in i; V ' " ' mi' r finrtlieir. Light, i ul<n h X xtm.n llsu ll'' . lie a f. tn >rk? 'l with tvhltP o t rn'h i it anil 'itthei. tie tl,r >?t. \ny one who hring* khu to ihe tl nun; oil n tint' I will i-pt'p.rn ibn aliyivo row-ie. Ainit r.K.vA 'ii - i rnis,ox mono tJpi'J"/ way. i< tVniie "iilnilwru lnuii ! sia. * fwn a 11 i.o.i' "i bvi- '.mi it il<?i ' . ' .11, . ' i payable imp ye.-rei inr I" , 'it ibP ' ?i u?l t'. Muur'? mill It} Ii ill I'litioi wit in . it i" i' ll It'i ? , N ' cWlj Hitwu roup" t?. t nil '0 si'.i,'. I ft i -I 1 oil, ?. ana f'T thirty ilollnrappi'li, rtw .1 sulci } I. A Ip ii nnsrn fill I'I'Ui n to ncgutui* tl.p smtii', n* pmniat ha* been *' CP"it. 1 hn above icw nl wl I In pa'd tin ilte iptiirn of tlm nalh t at ml rotii'nts to I!. IV. I'mmi".', banker, 24 Pin* .4tp"t, York, antl ?r ^it<">(ion? aVtf'l J 3 vales of real kgtatk. A country hik at rvtirhai^e?ok bxchangb'eob productive city property, c<iu?iun| ot 2o acres of Laud, new House, con.ctolt.g all the modern ioiprovemesps, oji buildings, stock and farming Implement* Complete; i Ovation UM?r'-assed, eight ml! r rr uii the city an I within ihi'A mliaii es' walk of ruik' it I station. Fur further particulars loxulrr of MINER A HOMERVILLK, 37 Nassau atrect. A SPLENDID FARM-80 *?'RER, 17 MILES IN NEW Jersey, opposite V.mi t uid near depot, $?.500, 7j acres near H.u keuanr k. la >a from New York, $21808. 0 ,od building*, fruit. Ac., <" -ach. Farms, mills and Mb age property. W. H. MELJCK, *07 Broadway For salk--1r CONSEQUENCE OF ill. health, or would be exthitugt d for a farm of 100 lo 180 acres, well located within nftv miles of New York, a Ural cleat flioccry, oca or toe best stands in the eitv, doing ago J bus Hess; atoc.k and flit .res irom 811.0X1 to $I2U>0. AC dress K. 11. M., Uc.alJ ullic>- r mim waen an interview can be ba>l. For falk-ok to exchange for a small farm a id block near New Y ,rk, a lot of ground and sinall * House on Forty-nrst s.i-eet, Murray Hill. No further ana sam.-ntr t . he pal l; no ag- nta need apply. A lore's, wult dttr rlptluii of farm, Ac., J. Ross Font ley, )*) ami 1?2 Nassau atrect. New Y r'c. Fur sale?the fine two story ano attic House end Lot No. 273 Broadway; high easement and sub-cellar, with n rear extension co&laJniLg four "Ooias. Ti e house has all the modern improvements, range hot a .it cold water, bathroom, w iter closets, rtas. Ac., A'-., in I'.rst rati* order. W iB be sold cheap. Inquire on the premtae' . For sale?a very desirable leasehold pro lierty o.. E?at Hniudw. y, near Market street. Jt Is a iotir story brick House, 2J:> tii feet, In goml order and wc'l rented. The leans Is very lavorable and ibe proiiertj wdl aln-avs rent. For futber particulars apply to i.'HAS, E. MU.LS, 81 Cedar stri ct. FOR RALE?A TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSB amd Lo* on T- nth sire-1, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Tim loi is 21.10 feel by us1' Ibe block; House 21.loil0 led, lontalns gas and water a.-.d is in good order. Price low ami terms ci??y. Apply id CIlAs. E MILLS, 81 Cedar street. TAOR RALE CHEAP?A VALUABLE COUNTRY STORK 1 and Perm of 18 acre*, with hrsi rate building- and all In i onicletc or ler; the b? si umiueaa ataud on J.oug i?l?j d, 3d lniiCsfrom New York. E. A. BL'NCK, No. 2 Oily Hall place, corner of Chambers street f^OR EXCHANGE?EIGHTH AVENUE PROPERTY for a high a? op Ho so. Ahio Third avenue Property (,i> exchange for r? a estate or merebandise. Alro western Lmds to e-ehengeft r city pioperty, Brooklyn >.r New Yorlr. Aildie.-s box 168 iicrald oiiic. sale or EXCHANGE?t11e FINE HVRlNESi-l X pr-'peny No. ?8 Water street; a five story l.andsoiuc Store and Jot. About $13,1)00 in good real or peixiud W*. nr>rl v 1m \c:< uteri for thi? aluiVi> Aiinlv kt ftS \\jt!i'i nil, il tu the owner, frum 3 to 4 o'clock, any day. TTIOR sale OR ETCTT<Jf<?J??FARMS, COUNTRY AND I cily realdtu.'es. Anv one bating ?oiue money w>? in i*ai e.>iiiie ewi auka glial fully take the place <.t >2"0on? year a o. Fume line Heal Kx'ute to exchange. F. D. RICHARDSON 4 CO., 82 ami M Naaaau .reel. For sale or exchange?for harlem or huntcr's Point proudly, a three story brown stone baie incut House, SSvfe, Joivir t'jwu. Also a House up :oi?u fo a farm. Apply corner of New Mowery ami Chamber* slreut, In the sogar store. Agents need iioi apply. 1 |7>OK BALK OK TO LET?A FULL SIZED FIRST OLAsK X House and Lot on Murray Hill, two low west of Fifth avenue. Aso a lirst elas3 Stable, 24 fee! by 53. and nearly a full lot. Fur particular* apply to 1I1-.1K11Y DAY LIS, No. 118 Chambers stre-t. . FOR SALE OR TO LEASE FOR A TERM OF YKARfr1Th? Coward Fa: in. containing a laise house, out hjti'd;>i2* and ah-nil 20) acres of land, site..ted near Sayt ille.Tong Island. on the turnpike. fronting on Sou lb Bay. Apply t? U. W . MORRIS, No. 8 Wall -'.met, from 1210 2Ji o" luck f.?. For sale or trade for city, Brooklyn or dei-Mi, City Property.?ST arroa in Bergen eo .my, N. J.; lt!5 <!o. near Cnlontowir, N. J.; 65 Jn. at Hackensa k; 21 do., aaiv and grist will; alt bate good Imildings, Ac. W. H. MBLIOK, 407 Broadway. HCVFE FOR SALE ?A FIRST CLASS FOVR STORY, high et. op, brown stone House in Twuniy-eeoond attite4, between Fifth an t Sixth avenues; lot 25 feet by half tin: block: building2f,-fl0, with modern impruvemi nil. Apply t.? (iJilBERNAT A BSCORIAZA, 10 Broad wa... for sale." Abutter AND CHEESE STAND FOIt SALE cheap. In Atlantic street Market, Brooklyn?utnd No. 13. Apply at the aland. Reason for selling, have two. AN tnfouSH ALE AND CHOP HOl'SE FOR SALE Handsomely furnished, and in a good lusinea* loc* ti n, om door from Broadway. Inquire at the M. Charles r.swursnt, Bronetvay, near Prince street. lJtOU SALE-A WELL LOCATED BOOT AND SHOE J1 Stove. 183 Broadway; stoek small, and rash botipHI. Satisfactory i canons for selllnr. Call between 12 and ,5 u i look. C. if. MOODY, ISA K i .Pway. For rale?at 550 Washington street, boston, a Lager Bier and Billiard Sab on; the proprietor bciug now engaged iti the brewing business, will s"ll fur a reason! abb' ' ob -iderutiou. The Mall conttin* three Tables', all in | order, (n o 1 uh new. LEOPOLD Sl'EIDKL. l/'OR HALE?A FANCY OOOBS AND TOY STORE, J? i^Hie, Stock Mid Futures, situated on Broadway, Willi 11 celling Rent $300. Handsomely fitted up, wall stm-knrt mid a> ing a lu.r hustiices. Tina l> a rare chauc* (or a party with .1 rmn'l capital. Would exchange for R Lot up (own. Apply on the pr mitten, L249 Broadway. IAOR PAI E-A VERY PROFITABLE AND OEKTBU - J? manutaetory nod offlce huainesa, seenred by paten', ami the article In great demand. Will sell low, owing to other ma unsnmat*. Will Mil for half its value. ISAAC A. BlOtiS, 7.1 Nassau atiect. , TjTOR sale-cheap for cash, lease of the sa. i I Iikiii corner of 8ilty-sevent i alrect and Eighth avenue, opposite the main entrance of the skating pond it. the Cetii tral Park and i?riniuus of the Eighth avenue railroad. Ap* ply or the "ivrtbes, or at 711 KijMh avunnc. | * ROBERT 1AUVEK. i TAOR SALE?BASEMENT ON THE CORNER OF VKHHlr 1" r street and Broadway, entrance on Vrary. Levi eland fur fruita or poultry, haute, bacon, lard, butx r and <:)<?< ap. | App'y on the premiere, from 9 to 4 o'clock. TiTOR RALE-A HOTEL, OF ABOUT THIRTY ROOMB, I. lairiy i ui ui?hed, doing a g.etd bua.u tte, in Hie lunnedlate vicinity ol the arrival and dejiaruire of i>ue hundred cars per Itoor." The '-est and cheapest brikincaa we have otlt rjd this season. Pert c tell down. F. P. P.ICIlAKDdOX A CO., 82 and 84 Kaaaan itrcet. 1ROK S tLL- A PATENT, IK PERFECT OPERATION' 1 Ant party lia> Ing ir.m flilOto $900 ern pitcbaae eh e piai luiei-i st or the whole, and i lep immediately into a go d f ilr money making liualrieea. K. 1>. IC1 I'll ARDdoN A CO., 82 an I 84 Xavian alrect., 1AOR bale-TUB WHOLE OR PART OF A LARUE ' ami ohl rataUMrtd Uroeeey. Ill health eotnprls a forced tale, hot i.ot at a great latriuee. Some taait?balance ap pi oved note*. A mount about n.oja F. D. RICHARDS-IN A CO., 82 aiid 84 Nat an Mreet. TT'OR BALE?A WELL ESTAM HIlRD BILLIARD JL Rah.o ?, wltn 8e;.?r Ulraii i n 1 itai aitached. R tit km. MilLlitc cry rcueoua given .oriel ing out. Addrei,* Billiards, Hern Id outer. IJIOR RALE?A CORNER STORE, IN A OOOD LOCA J' c.itl'ia nnd doing a goo 1 hurtincea. Fur pm Lculara ia~ liiire m ih>- bakery, 4<W Second avenue, corner of Twenty i.inth street. No iigt-nix no -J apply. IpOK RALE?A FIRST CLASS BAKERY, WITH THREE ' ovens, nil In good order, bnv.nj done a giol business tor llic lift twenty-live year* In bread, eakra and cracker*. Will be told 1 heap. Apply at 74 Naaaau street, cornel of l'rarl, Brooklyn. "LAdR rale at a oreat bargain?a hakdbombly r lilted up large and beautiful lumlly Urocarv Suire, on a prlnel|Mt avenue, with llors.-, Wagon, Ac.; small stock. Will aril lc?s than Us value by an appral al or Bimp. ISAAC A. Ultras. 73 Nassau street. F>K BALE-VERY CHSAF, A OOOD LIQUOR STORE* in one of the beat locations In the Fourteenth ward. For ] Inrtbcr particulars Inquire ai tUMoit noel, be.wean Iblsts j and Spun /. i IjILKD STORE FOR SALE VERT LOW?ATIix"BE r so|d for llie price of the stock and It Hurra. Apply M the I livery alahle in West Twenty-ttftb Street, near Eighth nvoj uue, beivrocn Vand II o'clock, on Monday, Jan. R 1 11ROCERY STORE FOB SALE CIIBAF?LOCATION: IT co >d, 011 Eighth avenue; otoek low, and a cheap rent. ! A ao a email Store to ronl. Apply 10 A. P. SMITH, raalos| t tie agent, 033 Eighth avenue. GKOCERY AND LIQUOR STORE FOB SALE CHEAF-I/i* rrni. *o ?<1 10 ; *ooU ap*rt meat* for a tafl|. j TuH la a rare < h. n *. Call oa I ic premises 97 Wea| TwanilI cih Mrett, i e r 8 i(!i iVom H( TEL FOB SALE A BARGAIN?OPPOSITE DEPOT, in a lloiirLhlng village, roBtcnleut to the city: buildIiiigi largo nnd In good order; doing a large, well paying hwatft'tfS, and will give liberal tenia; hare other en*.?*eitve:>ta. SOUTH WIPE A WOOD, M Mafian Urol. j OESTAl KANT FOR RALB ON MODBRATB TF.RMSIt No money, ir properly?cured, or will tathange for a 1 i i Idence or la, m; superior lorn ion, fnvorablo leaae; all In I first rale Iiujt and good onler, aud doing a good bust Beta. I 4 hnr.**iii MOl'THWtCK A WOOP, ItHwui Mr*?t OEGAR STORE FOE WALK?WITH OR WITHOUT O S.'xk, li<ii|Ultbllahi<l m l .long aiuo'l buaioeaa. Apt4T ill 2*9 Bl"eekrr alwat, belwrcri lOamt liorS and# o'clock. 4*1 nn W,I'L ?'TY A MQCOR STORE, RTTUATSD 1H ? L"U a g<> ?! locality In the Sixth ward, a> the owner Jo ning i > iba aeat of w?r. Apply for lir.onwailnn at Ml Lten .1 ru ai re* t. 4.110 ?FOR SALE, THE I.L tSK, KTi)CIC AND HA Pi I WrM Br a licet naaa Omorry . n<l I.I j 11 -r Morn,'a rood hotel and waaon ami coil 1:0 k. Tne owner la In bail health. Atdreee boa las ifrrald olee, for further InforMk1 linn. No agent ue.'d anewcr. UkHT AND KOI NO. , IT THE HAl.KKUEIl WHO RECEIVED A UOU> I Wau-o, Bill, attach-d. for aaf? k#--r>lng, an Nov V .u-'a nlilii, wIIImivI ?l-? ?u.'ch. or a n.te tU'.iug ' 1, here fi ran bo toon I, to ll--cli A Mr -tlry, tVcatrheaier Kkh.iiije, IAI Bowerr, or 10 TV T?a hi - a inof, ibe o ui -r will | l.? thnMduL hii I all ?xp> n^a |m?i riiarrfnUy. [ I OHT-6M. COl NTT Or I II KAWAV BOND, HO, ?, 1 j i.-.\a iejun 1, lS"C , U .1. a'BiTI 1 EL, 47 LHwr.j etna*.: uar-ON TUESDAY. HE \ SI, MB TWEE* *? EAST I j Ntuetreuth afreet, and Hi a-liuy to corner 111 Seven. |Hi'. xr-<-t. a I-it k thread I-<? Veil. The (Wider : *1 ' * li' 1 1 ally rewarded on tcturning the aama to7s East . finn a.ii aledch _ _ _gj? 1 ihM-S MONDAY EVENING, ABOUT 7 O CLOCK, I j n 01 11 1 Ttehfv *tn a' it'n WjMrrel V|. In Inn. The ! ii-id'-'r IV'111? awllably rev. aide 1 by Icerligg It at 272 Mh'Ikoh lr -> t, N. V PORTIMJ. . |.vtiv! IMAt X DOU ?FOR SALT. o.Nn'oF THE MOST I , ?,iteii(U<1 Dogs ill lina rouni.y, yrmin?only t -u monlAa ! t?a ,1 nitre breed. To be Horn in T2U Sultlvn'. a reel. M. I.O . BUS. bAOR SALE?A KJNR TIIO'XklLHMRBD FOINTBR lntt Addrea- It .Sajrbr-.-ok, Cot.n. fiiSKA AKD LIUIORS. AT TUB SEVENTH AVKXVF, DTSTILLBKY, SIT AND M S venth avenne. b-Pv.-rn Thirtieth and Tl irljr-fliat IHrrM*, rl*?v Yor*, jron rtn r ? tfc mrg*u mmouiuoi in#? urn vsfikting&sa'- "" wi'wiMsf-.fcl~ r

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