Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 11, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 11, 1862 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9253. INTERESTING FROM PORT ROYAL* I ARRIVAL OF THE TRANSPORT ORIENTAL. Additional Details of the Affair at Port Royal Ferry. Our Map of the Scene of General Stevens' Operations* NAMES OF THE KILLED AMD WOUNDED, *?., kf>, kf. The United Stales steam transport Orients), Captain Tnro, arrived at this port yesterday morning from Port Royal, S. C., which port eiie left on the morning of theClli Inst., at eight o'clock. Tbo mainland was still in possession of General Plevens, wbo is aw uting reinforcements. Two regiments had returnod to Hilton Head. General Slevons arrived at Hll Ion Head on the fitl>, in the steamer Matanzas, from Beaufort, and after transacting some important business returned to bis command. Tbe Oriental brings tbe following passenger*:? Captain P. Narenkisseil, of the Forty-sixth regiment Jfow York Volunteers; Captain W. J. Rogers, Charles H. Comfort, lleury Kenner, L. R. Cator, Wm. Freeborn, Joseph Soloman, Francis Herbert. Geo. Spry, Edwurd Martllug, D. Compton, Tbos. Craven, J. C. Furncll?and eigb teen in tbo steerage. Tbe United States staam transport Ocean Queen would leave Port Royal soon for New York. We are indebted to Purser Alabeus, of tbe Oriental, for favors. OUR HILTON HEAD CORRESPONDENCE. Hiltom Haan, S. C., Jan. 3,1802. The Brilliant Slirmish JYear Port Royal Perry, on the Main'and?Evacuation of Turn Batteries by the Enemy? Capture of One Heavy Gun by General Stevens?Succesful Completion of the Uay't Work?Shelling by the Gunboati Of the Wcods, and Slaughter of the Rebels?Burning of Planters' Houses, die., etc. I returned to HUton Howl too late to-day to get olf any despatches to the Hbiuld by tbo Vanderbilt. which Bailed at on early hour this morning for Now York. Bo'.oro ibis reaches you you will bavo received a brief official announcement of an expedition to tbo mainland, and a short but sharp and brilliant skirmish in tbe neighborhood of Port Royal Korry, on Now Year's Buy. 1 will dow give you a detailed report of tbe affhir. On Monday afternoon last it became known to a few at Hiitcn Head that a movement was to be made on the last day of the old year, or on the first of the new year, by General Stevens, with a considerable land force, aided by a naval force of^some strength, which had for its object the capture of the rebel battery ai Pdrt Royal Ferry, equated on the mainland, and also the infliction of a sudden blow on tbe rebels, which would show them that we wore ot asleep, besides giving them proof that we were quite desirous they should not forget us on so pleasant a day as New year's. Rut few details were developed on that day, and noting very definite came to the Icnowlodgo of any of us until tbe following morning. 0*i Tuesday morning, at an early hour, theguuboat Ot lawa, Commander Thomas H. Stevens, having on board Commander C. P. R. Rogers and acting Flag Lieutenant Preston, of the Wabash?the former having been detailed by Flag Officer Dupont to command tho naval portion of the expedition, and to co operate with General Stevens? the gunboat 1'etnbina, Commander John P. Bankhead, and the guuboat Hale, temporarily in charge of Lieutenant Barnes, detailed from the Wabash, left their anchorago and steamed up Beaufort river to Beaufort. Two launches and two cutters, each armed with a Dahlgren bowitzer, and mauned by a full crow of well armed men, accompanied the gunboats, tho Ottawa towtng tho first and second launches., commanded by Licutenaul Upshur and Midshipman Wallace, Lieutenant Luce and Midshipman I-owrio, respectively, and the Pombina towing tho first cutter, in command of Lieutenant Irwin and Midshipman Pearson,and the second cutter iu charge cTMr. Kemp. Master, and Midshipman Johnson. Assist mat Surgeon J. T. Magee, from tiie Wabash, neccmpnnie I the flotilla of small boats, to render. If necessary, surgical aid. Tbe guntioats proceeded to Beaufort aod anchored until night, in order not to excite suspicions, when they were to proceed to a point nearer tbe scene of con torn plated operations. At noon the Forty-seventh New York regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Fruscr, and tho Foriy-oighth New York, Colonel Perry, marched down to wharf, in obodienc; to orders received tho previous evening, and embarked upon the steamboats Boston,Captain Johnson, and tbe IVItwar*-, Captain Cannon, a hi, h were in reodacss to receive them. Your correer ndent was fortunate enough to get" n Board the Po-aor ,iud accompanied the Forty evertih regiment to Bf.nfort. We got under way at afrotR half-past tl.ree aa<t steamed up to Beaufort. tT*r Buni'ra, i I'liimr.mT Amim-n. anu iuu icriyroai Xifon, lieutenant Bint.l commanding, go* under way ul the sumo time that we did,iu.d also proceeded us far at- I "the month of the Beaufort river, when they seemed to t.vko their cotirso up tlio Broad river instead of . following our coarse. As it wna undersbiod that they were to convoy ns, their course ceetnvd a little slngti |ftr,os it showd a probable difference in instructions. 1 hava since (earned that liennral Sherman counter manded an order too late to notify Captain Amman, and tin proceeded up Rroad river, following bin instructions until be bad got nearly out of distance, when be was recalled by tbe flagship. His instructions wero changed iu one respect only, and he again went up Brood river to the mouth of Port Royal river, where ba laid at anchor for the night. But of the Seneca inoro anon. When the Boston arrived at Beaufort she was anchored, and Captain Jobusoe, Colonel Perry and your special correspondent wont aslioro?tlo former for in strucliousand tho latter for information. After np*nd ' ir.g an hoar or two at the Hotel de Beaufort that -was, ' which fs eew occupied by Messrs. Rtimton and DeKrnw, agents for Adams' Rxproiis, I called upon Ocn. Stwei.s. at his Mat quarters, and obtained a pose to go overland to Port Hoyal ferry. While there he invited the roprosent.itivoo if tho press to his private apartment,-"there he ciplaMod the object of The expedition aal hn general plan of attack for Uio morrow. He intituled to striha a New Yoar'a blow by o.pit r i ing tlio rebel battery *t tlie ferry, and, after <IIII<<<HIK ? " K""? """ill iw luilllil low , 1U dealt t>y thmwork and return to the idand again Th > movement-waa not in'emied towitc>nd into the tnaiif tnd. nor dw it Ictfc toward* ttio interruption <of tho raihn.ut eoinmmiicauai betweei ( hvli KVin and Savannah, or the occupation of .-the position taken He.had acvernl peal, and auft* icnt aeaaena for not attempting dhe?? ih.iga, winch II $n nelatrcoeaary to give ,n thm account, tficr : fully explaining;, m plan of attack, ho hndo un good even ! irg.and w.?> rette d, aa ba waa artremcly nuay u> pro | paring cvny thing to iiiauro aucceas. aud to prevent noli domeon tl*morrow. A In i go pott ion of the force* led already mirrlicd To* the frt ry, urn? JJii remainder wore W> leave at midnight? ' dho Forty eovewth and Forty eighth Newer York V< I ulcere were to leave at. dajrftght in tho Hoei/ui nn>l Delaware* j And go hy the ore* to One nw river nr.d remieavatir n' a |>r ckyard and reait fJenoral Stoveai there. lhc*o j two fore,ev. uniting, were to proceed up the anion lend and attack the bstfe'y <n ilw> right, *li,l> j a dotai liintnt would i'W?* in frayI, i.t the ' ferry, and nnnko nn afvanlt upon I ho work, i.idud l>y u third detachment un uie- <it ?'l Uw wink. w*> weie lo cr'aa ahove the fort nnik work up The hum - 1 ,|iga w oe to he nl dayligh . Tlinl it the plan jn rough How ,l auceeaded will he teen ii? ! pnVeed In mpuxco r>' ?I the aflair. /t' o k i e Now Ye't a tn-e nmiT.! wna m aid I die i.pull olia ol the men. sportive in gt iP i* pogfil o to imagine. I intended to go t evnrdi tho |ei?ry ; hnl lija rti'g tlimicbl differently, nod af or hi hour'* vosatiojf experiment*. in whirl) the ntubborn bcnet ihrrfcrDi'-' *me ex inordinary much in the gun ton , e prim d *?i:tii><jls ulorn; ?h ? ronl I ut groetly ti? n,?' *J wii.fnrt. < a; ' b.ijrm! In turn buck In the glnlilo ai rt ' obium u fir: l,Ntiome In riofi nco 01 my liormmnneiun ? ' jr v ' the OLiiuiil il.iHUul it i., :. !. E NE THE SCENE OF 01 The dotted lines and parallelograms show t! Tbe black lines and parallelograms show the j COOSAWH ATCH &GftAtiAMV/LLE \ w f/ j > / \ ' */\ f? / \ * </J| 5 \ % Jp ksQ ) \ li I * > * y* >-v I s^l | ^/C ?d_ [ s^y/rja I Hi^RT WALKER WORT BE/MJRECA I?// | \PHILU PS 1 ^ M/MAEl SPO/NT^ / A TLA \ WrctfS-SON ? ?I! U ^ cal man off bia hack, who fci?"?| lu.w to mum^o the ( buna, of u.uiac. and cumo tioai ku out vthji biniue 1 bo bad wbro be bad thrown bun. A Icanmtcr wtio | tried him tented Ibe relative hardness t f a brittf wall and , hta Iwad m my preaente, and wm satiellnJ the horse J wna vlcoirs. Finally 1 oblaiard another horse (.tid after a rule over a splendid shell road, ten mil. s 1:1 length, which far eioeede Iti anioolhncss tho B orn ngila.e, 1 readied the headquarter* of Maj r S!.'rn?on, i f the FeTenly mMli New York a mile tbw el.le <f the ferry t f< iind i|itlle a numlior of wagons or. ll.n ground. loadon with frMli bread nil rafuone lor llio lro'f?, and u <1 iinnLUy of plankn fur * boat bridge. Two eorapamoe tif the Koimilhnnds, of 1'onnsylvaci.i, U) iC m maud of their Major, wore stationed here or a reserve, and to prevent person* from going toward* the for nf In night of the rebels,*o an l? give thein notice ofrlho prcuwa-o of H for no there (leiieral Steven* had alreuly moved ?h wn iho ilver to the .brickyard witb oboiit a x hundred men ,u?il wa* to cron* tho river itt that ponu . Frtir or Ave rumpaniervef the Highlander* and the i Pennsylvania were lying m ptrtiu in the w??ah; near tla> ferry, ami the other f >rv n. winch were to e|ir r.v n llm right llank. hail take a ii|i their ponim n at fhmkrook'M' opposite a email tab ! battery on the ma.aland which !. ha I bo n ately ecied. ?An the centre of nilranli.n v an likely to heal the ferry, wo waited at Major Mu'irinon'n headquarters until tJic ilrmg of the gunboat* .na the right nhoul'l gite no nolioo of the opening atiark Wo waiteii anil waited, and not a report of a dingle gnn tacke a pi >n Ibe air lliiinte after minute paused, aid hour a:'?r Unir, anil ma one iudhatioo oonM wo nee that aair tMOpn woie on V I.k Finally, at Iwtwy five inlnu 'w pari ii betook, the sharp report of a rllle,, gnu on i lit lelt, lowardn Seahrouk'a, jiiforiiasl on Hint the < hal it,-in opened Ami he. qu.ckly lollowo f n I third, i ami wo l oiild hear the aholln exploding on Ow opposite i m.o Soon the (1 ring became iguitu tm.rp.wih an oc i' ml heavy guu, whleh might be one of thi*/fe'tici n> I i noh fliot n,or a heavy gnn from the enemy. I oh I i la 'jeil a negro pa Me and pressed ever, than ihrouab lliclt i a t-, rbrunb along narrow paths, ami ever cotton an i . M fli hi* which glared uuilcr a trojTlo *on, anil altrV a I li ami larpmng walk of a nnnpkiof nnlen reached Srta I hro lit'.', ao ' a; pi mulling (bo ilvei hank saw Iho i,|?i> 11 li. tln i,'. The rcnooit nnd Kllen, mooroil near by,n i I nln-iliiig a hitllo'y on ilie oppoaile shore wliu i in tiio i. I r. ply, and i vcrmg tlm l uidnig of two coinpinx M l. r (I gh'sn.'e ? the Ninth i Tp'ooi Kliinf. .'iiiri ihe Mxth I I a item,til Mnntgoinrry~-wb<t wore near ibe shore nil ii i.l. to land Tim In in tn conveying I hem vv< r i p *! c i* ngir the nhora n i possible, pm! flirt mo:i, j 'phtigi i i an'lgi! ilirp1 gh ibe I'nirr ,i | mtf' galled Ifi .n . a U , W YO NEW YORK, SATURDAY ORATIONS AT PORT ROYj DHAWN BY LIEUT. COLONEL FBAZEB, FOB be ponition during the night of tho day after joBition during the engagement and when order< fnaAo I liHH'UliilHIWM'WSiWW 'ocomucor^ / / K J$l v1 v7 /f / i ^HAI nil ^S>Sy ^ ^ji^C . y wj4^W aM7 4 ? /> ^ tV.tjbw \N<toD$flr \^ ST ! H BjLE WA <S 1 FLA rsi \ 1-SLA NcTy^v-^^ /*==^ /V . / / v c j.-ickly forming advanced Ireeard* the baltery on Iho i right Dm k. No Pixmy nan found in it, and no [iinx, 0. t the teU'ift wii-o Been in thn vmiiiiiy. ( moving slowly off 1 lie gui.bouts worn directed whom to ? in, uiid their shells speedily clenred tfc) woods of the i fo low. Tho butter y was ibeu burned and deal rove I. Tho te.ttery evidently mounted only flnkl piece?, which i wore removed probably the previous night. A little rune aj.'I'VM by Capluin Fllitt, who had charge of the pickets at nab rook's, directly dppualle the battery, undoubtedly iniiit meed the rebels to evacuate the woidt. On Monday night ho had heathy ikiriwo up a slight breastwork, not o> ir twenty feel long and two or three (eel high, and < a < ilt.e.r ei.d fie plaoetl a quantity of branchrn of treon and brurh. and pa. tiul'y oowered tho front insucb a munnnr a; to jftvc the enemy tike imprewilon that the work w in qu ?* it; ml.Uble. Then he selected noma ptno lugs, paintel thti.'. blink, nhii mount!: g tbem eo.-ild eart whet la, pn.iitc ; ;hem tow aide the rebel battery. When morning i datieetl.the rebel* were thrown into the greatest coi et*r n iHon.when ihcv heboid what seemed ft i them lo be tb ee long I'O poinuler flat roil yon* looking over the river au.'pointing at liiom. .This nan more than lliey bnrnilued lor. end ? our battery was in lets th in u mile ! of th. m they thought ?t wise tu yet out before we opened i rtre. Hotkey emcuaMd the battery that | w I bout tiring a ahet. an I tarried off tbe.r puna, doubt era g eatly su>prised at the rapidity with whichrwo cmatriigi h-ivy fciWerlra und tlio terrible cbara tor uf our guna. ,ifler looking about the plantation o' Mr Saibroi k and oailmg u|a nCinmander Ammen. of ti'e hetieiM. \% i. ? at In command of the navaf fou-' S there, I returned t" the miu rmid,and rum. heatd tremendous volleye of musket: y with qu*?t firing of field piece* on the, f. m G-moralStevona rvitig Soon ufvrr Ibia firing; began a report caflie from tho fdrry thaUhe P reo nt it it point. ( tenting or a figtsctantM '-be Ifkhlattrterg and . ?o frnm llo K.rtieth I'mui ylva/,lane, hud i i"ssod ike Pry at I o eiipi ' the n njy shettery, which hud been dc sot t?d by tbein, Ibex taking *11 their guna. evept an ' Id Ki.p Sli H>m Iwi'ivo'tioHlidBr which whs spjtcd at>J left in tSie work*. (tanaral Stevens' pl*i Imd now thnep winorsiViilly ca' ried out ,i th no los? of Ill's on pur rote, on Win right at d i^n tre t.'lio line, b it iv kud intiicted yrjf ;n,j?ry to the ctiomy in life and uroperly Now lot , tt lin k nt llvmoat nrportani and brilisitii ri|?ratioi*a ' n the b-fl flank art Miu rrbel battery. ' <1 snorts) Stevens, with a force of IHlle thnn alx I Ititrturid a.en, bad g -?c loth" hi ickyurd, or; the **e.i\? i r var, at daylight in She morning, and at rix oc.wik he et.lrred the teat- which ha I pre i on- v I iron inn. |i or ' fxh-ihi hi ii.p c niir ?y,g?l ftlnrtwd frulD lilt i ti<lr?*oiiM fcr llin rnn iil .ud In UM Rf#i btM W*rt flMml Wcvuf.*, Cu: i i'U ?> ? .< I vain# Ai-i-ami. AM,iut?nt (.cnma , l?riUiuiiiti? / your, | t!rr. ('itlrril. tlflH l? tlie V'tiWUfli'K Uwh rai J.nn i n.uit Til. f, of Hi# Kifli'cr 1ft ht,? II- Vnli.nt'" ? . I s-ii tlollicvr mi U,*'i k ?uil %d > npi.n ! I Icr f '? l- i(f!ith Midi ai:, wl.o nct?l ?? *!. t, brir.g w.'i! . ? r. .< wtifulM rivtr aii'l iiel.dibonnit so nfrj be.-' g iTiicr of o'doriiw. ,i: iM #? ! Iiiua% i tutyf ! i n b" It hi jr tHigf won' l.ivii f*un, nil' a i* (ii' i-'ovi-; i i.iji Hifili umWfg, < ( New \V?i It, Vi'r i i it- Mi ci in. t % RK H f, JANUARY 11, 1862. IL FERRY, WEDNESD1Y, iTY-SEVENTH NEW YOBX VOLUNTEERS. the battle. 5d to retire. / %/ J> f( Er tyBKfle HEADS I V m?L0ATT&i)r fl*" 5vf$ p S> V V I Kjaa fOm j fa R?BEL ijj&fessp A<%? , ^^.CAVAL&Y asis f^i^, BfcS ?{& KHn fi? tft\ * Jkt& \ ^e^\UUtTAT/ON I \-4>^ \J^ .cEEjVf^jQ *FONT+\ I/mST/SAMERdzcm/ARG, . V QREGlMitjNT m . ub^?Am/F> BOSTON/ U w\ ~5>?*%WEGJMENT I K^s^di <6^ ab\ I

II ^ J(2ii\ / ( -?^ ^~x s&? . A N^\ J ,J j/ >?i> * O C ? mantling, anil after them ram a ten companion ?>f tin Michigan F'gh:h,l'nloiicl Kenton.and four cuiopnr.iCM o the, fiftieth I'cunrv Ivame Voluctecra, under roan maud l.n iiaennrit Colonel Heoahmt In tlril order tbo ftet 11 moved rapidly up the creea lo the river, mod at tlx brietfyurd point (bey-were Jotnod by the l*? laoncl a and two cuttara of the WabaMi, and Oommurder Itngori ui the Wabarh gig, di roc ting tbo operation* <H tlx- I out" General Htrvetin landed on the main (trot, and Oio>ievcn ty ni'ith followed inuucdUMly after, no npiwallioii twin) ofared by the rebel*, who wo; e not Juat than In Hip hi Too. flighluuriara ware inataat y thrown out an rkirrmah era to meet any advance lb? enemy ai (In aiaki to prevent the landing of our n?#u. Tin glial out Ottawa steamed up the river and covered tin I ludiog. aided by tin lannohea While the Highlander) tveco debu:king l.leuleaaat Irwin and Maater Kemp land eittlie'r two Mvaiva.poundePbowitrera. and took a peal lion In the roar or tbewktrin ahera The Iroopa all lead e I Inn gular order and with great rapidity, and In a few mmutw the line of match wan l iken up, and thec'dium a Ivarnxd with rklrmi?btra ttiown out In frout, on thi inun raid leading to Che ferry. The e.olnma proceed#! rapidly o. and at a pieec el wwode a half a mile on tie enemy'* p eket waa duaiovoraP, and I.ieulenant Irwn drove It' in In by half u de/en hela, which etpiniiu! > (ho e:|,:r i f the wweda Thn column era* age la pueliet or and the em my rapidly retlrwl, p llln; up lb' pa k or two br'rtge* on I he tow'. On ektrniieheri were tooi ear ihe rebel* to allmv them to dertr y thi liralpe* P tally, and but a abort time waa cangumed ii repairing licin. niol Ihe vmrrli < o I ni.e- I Ol the nay (o Ada ma" pla* latino. where a halt o fwn In. ire wm made Lieutenant raft *?w i b>?trn?n imr the wnoita, nnd. detlriny thn borsi v ry much got lenvc Ironi General Mlewnr (< rake irvn-nori and en Hitir to-tak-' the tmra*, and tin manIf p tale's. I'e glartrd on trd appro* had tbi edge .of the w. . 'e, when lie caw a o in any t f rcheti iliavn in n ' I nl,out lo lire 'jnon litin He inoant i nrilomd th<? mm I" drop, by ih timo ihoy h? ifcotber furiii ? vet ley oi' boll* whirl ed ov? tliein i.hry iunv o li itely aire*.- to tticir foot mi I mi h i k t*> , enveral bu lcn foHiming thorn op It.oy unh ;?t, I'licl <1iil m t bring luck the l orac. At Adnii.s' pUut.iti( n, no the ftvof bank, tlio lriw| i h?.1 rit,?i"l ill* no ,ro> ? brn iglit forward n the ml a ippl) of militant! ho?i y and ,1 wianlltjref ho . *k?.,wh eh tin Mi n I'ofioj.-iift with grout gisattf. -M thl* p'oeo tw< Hi>?rec? oi t'oi.aUei able intailigrnep ?oic FmuikI, wh i i loirI i' know the rondo iind put!,* to the lory r* V weiocW orly luterrogairrt by l.loait i ant I ori* xtl .n<j?h r out 11 l.onerol Hevrr.i, int It' od to he reliable r. oy woro Immrdjatefy cngacrd to gnhie th* cviithj to lio hill ry. wlthn I ni \ ing i?i llio main m l, on .bk'h rta>c;.4< '.wire drr.vui up ,11 forco. Tin- IV.nvflt lid I,c*ti'ii .irriv I during 1/10 fironooo. at.d th^ forty leveutli nnti Koity ilghtb regiment* of N wYor, Ii'iitcii'i ; n'.i.< d and j< inn I (tcnorrd Stovr -' I ire ih i it ? n<?.v .lb .11 twenty- " T b inihod r rong. 11 v i o rlo :.H Iv coiiimn a nii-m?yed forward ... 'no rnti< vend ?<?ri. Ih Itlr. p-nel ' (r t' < n.i , r ', ,i I ;In f ? o lit ill I nl a ( it . i) ' do*,' fklis .lit I ( li I' ill II 0 r II I. ERAI JANUARY 1, 1862. * i Ma \ fe\ \ M !jv?wi(<xn/e /j \hoina i jf r/? S wsk ^jf V ^j( o A N e held made the march very laborious; b t the men trudgf dMorfnIly tbc sailor* pulling along tlio bow i tiers, f and w>ger l?r > n?li. (>no<<r the wheels of a howitzer I earring'' ho o while passing over this fluid, b il tbo * piece wra (till pulled and carried on. On reaching an 4 opau Held, about a mile and a half lYom the ferry, where alt the troupe but Hie Korty?evcnth and Km ly-c it lith bad emerged from a line of wikhIs which run at right angl s with tha main ion 1, a rebel battery of four guns j fpri b bly Odd pieces), opened Ore on the ekinniati re and the Michigan highlit in from. The column waa nnmeliately halted, and two companies of | t the Highlanders thrown out as skirmiahoia on i the lert flunk. Boron companies of the Michigan Eighth I I worn deployed a* tklrmishers, under the com- i I mend of lieutenant Colonel Graves sad Major Waiaon. In front, aud three companies, under Col. Kenton, were held an a reserve lu the rear. The . I Eighth Michigan lln of skirmishers advanced under r a scattering lire from the euemy, who were in line of bit i tie on the main roud in the wound, and pushed up within ? pulol shot before they could see the rebels. AtUiismm t nieut they heard the order to Are, and ni one man they a d o.'ped and so aped a terrific valley of murkclry from i at least (Ifteeu hundre<t men In an Instant thsy were up I , and a charge tvas ms'le on tha enemy. A brisk skirmish I ensued for ten or fifteen minutes, In which Major Watson i ' was wounded liy a musket hall iu the tlngb. and fell, an 1 a seveial othe:a of our men wcrs tnjureil by musketry and ? shdl's. A nimihor of the rebels tvero seen to fall, and i two loads ot dead and wounded wore afterwards carried 1 nwny by the rebe's. Meanwhile the Highlanders were f a'lirmiablng, as well n? a portion of the Korty seventh, s which liad got in on tb? rtpht of the enemy, who were s 1 hi rifle pits nt that point. The enemy were driven hack it n (?(T, RI1Q inn -iRirinir.j ,f,,, w m.> wum uvimrn i? Ht.veiw tfrdatcd a recall. While tbo *kirm,?h? 1 nig wa* gring on tietieraJ Mtrni for mart hi* fo o In Mno of battle, and invited a ennteat f * ilk tbo r? bid* in an open ft?!d ft:* Highlander* 1 wo ? thrown out Inform, beaded by akiriutahera on the r right dank, looking toward* 'be battery at the ferry, I !?.. Fiftieth P'T i*ylvanja wa* formed on the front, and eov re* by a liijeofakirmiaher*; next wan Hie Hghth Wli'higav. atnt behind the wootle war* the Forty Mventh l and K i ly eighth drawn tip in line < f battle, oat of eight r of the reWla Tba knwttaer* were plared in the angle s of tfie linn Tha rebel* would not arrept the gage of ? hatfli thrown down to th-m by tteneral Steven*. and t abmit fht* tiaia ho Brat learned the occupation of Port Koyal ferry buttery hy our troop*. Aa he hadaxptta* I i re not to rtak a general et gag'inant If lha object of the movement could be an omphalic I otherwise, ha i drew off m* men, leaving afore* auffleirni to guard bta i line of march, and coon enicrcd the work* at tha ferry; I eulenant Tnft I tad te.arir a'srfll* lien tenant <'og=n *'!, 1 mi llie oil:.tea, whore tin* enemy we e an I ahe, >etih u.e Pembina opened lire pn the rebel* in the jvood* and helled them with trrnb.e eiiert with eleventh.!! rbe'i* aid P..rot projectiles Tito lire w>* eon11, * I tit ,nt-i rn> u i aeveral lion'*, ami cnaed wh m ,| V e. * cnino in, and the ei.emy rodMl to Jctvp r I" i . ov?.n iotb ahc'.l waa seen to ?*plrde over a *o", d % j D. PRICE TWO CENTS. rnlumD of the rebel*, and kill and wound eleven or twelve a one swoop. The rebels sufl'ered greatly by ib.s wel dim ted lire, toeing llfty or *i*ty at leas*. At dusk they sent in a ilug ni iriu-e by three horsemen, to aslt of Cor. Stevens a res ation of li .stil.tiea for tw? hours, and itato to bury their dead and carry away their wounded. A flag wra- sent out in return to arrant an hou-r's a sponsion o b< at ill tics, hut tho rebel i could not be found to com iu.nir.ale with. On the roi l were found the bodtos of a Lieutenant of tho I'ahnetto Guard ard two private* bor ribly mangled aud torn to pieces, evidently from tho explosion of a:i eleven-inch shell. 8-vera! pi-'ivatesand one wounded l.loutcni ut, ivho gubse tuently diod, were found and carried to tho hospital, baiily cut to pieces with fragment'of shells. All over tho Held were evidences of C"0 horrible destriictiveniss of the shell. Fragments of bodies, n ins, hands, lieads, Ac., w.'ro distributed about, aid hi (id and brains laid in itil. l- < ?.?.?-ia -i?>? ground and on th cornstalk*! Tlie-e is no do.dtThat !,'.' killed a very la go number of ttio rebels. Tli y w 10 ulicllfld until tlipy fall back out,*f range. An alia, k w:n ox|. o e l during th Iiig:, ; b it thosucmy dl! n >t upper , and the nigh; I in quiet, our mm bivuuack ng und get!:ny a little sleep on the ground in the open air T.i> gunboats laid oil in I lie river near by, ready to tak" their part in I ho con!, id, if it sbou'd occur I h two howitze, * in charge ol I,io, tenants Upshrr and Irwin were in position on ahore, manned by thnir crows, and Jack passed a second night with little or no slocp, bat without a word of complaint. In the morning ( Thursday) preparations were made for the troops to ro.iross the river, and at eight o'clock the work bogm. The force on tlie main were in th; p? sition they would bo m if twenty thousand men were threatening to mfack when the crossing liogan. The disposition of the t'oops was m at excel cntly planned, and the crossing finely executed, ticmrul Stevens intended it us a drill, and lie expressed himself perfectly Hustled with the coolness and order which characterized their ntovetBei ts in oneslug, and the rapidity with which they accompli, bed it. I re'tniiily saw not a mail who manifested the least tre:.illation or nervous ess as they mar<h;i down the n: r c w iwo .ay and cnibarkod in period order upon the (Ids that conveyed them across the ri\ or. M anwlii e the gtuboals bog n shelling the woo 'g at half-past nine, and continued the lire tor some tiin-? indc d until neat ly all the troops had crossed the rn or. The Are was very rapid and prec.isa, thee e. u.i-inch shots and the I'arrotl rifle projectiles falling in and exploding iu the very spot desired. The Ottawa, Semca, Pembina, Ellen und Hale joined in the fray, and the air with the Inim of Hying shells and the sharp whix of rifle projectiles, while the woods around were filled with the load explosion of the shells, ami resonant with tho deep echoes of tlie guns. The ccboos were caught up sharp'y, and you ceuld hear them bellowing through the woods like heavy thuuder. The scene was awfully magniflcent w hen the ferry house and a large residence ol a planter near by, with tho negro liuts surrounding both, whith might alford Mm: enemy shelter, were given to tie flames. The lous.s, built of light pine and tho most iuflummat o material, burned with terrible rapid.ty, the rel 11 <mus bursting out in a short time after the lire was Ignited, and huge whirling columns of dense black smoke rolled out of tho windows und chimneys ami drifted to the en: t like a pull. At times t ie smoke rolled tyer in white foamy waves, not unf. e Niagara at night, and again black and dense; It resembled a mountain torrent rushing through a dark mountain glen. It was beautiful and gloomy. and one could not stifle a feeling of sadness as tha houses and negro huts vanished before the consuming fingers of Are, and nothing was left standing but crooked and mouldering chimneys, surrounded by smoking ruins. The work < f d'-strrction was complete when the last regime it crossed to Beaufort Island. During tho moruing tho captured twelvc-pouuder siege pun was safely carried across, und it is new in Boa ifo."? i very accrp abto prize. When t a troops were all will drawn, 'h.< gunboats got under w y and stood down tlie river,but at too lato an hour I. pi-si through the Brickyard creek, and they were onpcilcd to anchor off th; brickyard for the nig! t. Tnis morning we came down to Port Koyal, calling for , hiitiP nl Paanfnpf art/1 sanphiid flm (vtiAkm o?/? Iln?? P lint at four o'clock. As I before observed, the Vender bill bad sailed, arid I urn too late by twelve Injurs Tor tho first mail after tbecoutest. 1 have omitted to mention the skilful and successful operations of 'lie Signal Corps under l ieutenant Taft. who accompanied General Stevens. Signals wore exchanged throughout the day between General Stevens and C in mander Rogers on the gunboat, through l.i utenantg Taft and Cogswoll?the lattur ld"g oa thetitlawa?and they matvr a'ly aided in the precision of the gunboats' tiro. Major Myors' system proved a compete success on tho occasion, and proved to the satisfaction ef ail (hat nothing better could bo devis ed lor the purpose. Tho gcutleuion of the corps, including Lieutenant Turner, who came tho day following the aOtir, performed th- ir duties in the most creditable moaner, and deserve an honorable mention from tho General commanding. Altogether, the movement designed by General ft;vein* was most admirably carried oat, and proved a success in ovory detail. What was proprsed to be done was accomplished in every detail, and the objects of the expedition fully attaiued. General elevens is entitled to gri at credit for the allhir. He acted bravely and gal autly throughout,and evln ed th' highest qualities of a military man. We shall hear more of h m before tho campaign is closed. His stall'acted their part well,audio every one's sat olfaction. Of the men I mast say that they acted like veterans. They received the enemy's (Ire with perfect coolness and calm courage,and performed the moat dangerous forviCJ In the face of an enemy wht.-b outnumbered theui two to one, in so brilliant and brave a manner at to elicit the highest pi also of General Stevens and the ofbeo-s of the navy. They showed that tbey could be relied upon at any liino to perform whatever they were called upon to do, and that they were the superiors of the enemy's troops opposed lo them Viewed in every possible light, the i.ftklr must be considered eminently a successful one, which will bear lb I rusts hereafter. Tho mo al edict must be very depr to the enemy, as it was inspiriting lo IIS. I beg lo return my thanks to G mmander Roge s and tho officers of the (ntawa for their whi in hospitality to >o ir special, who linds himself again greatly in their debt. I append a list, so far as I could obtain them, of tho names of th >?o killed and wounded < u our rule? EIGHTH MICH Id AN REGIMENT, COLONEL KENTON. KILLED. ? Crooks, Company A. WOINTED. Hiiior Ammsa B. Watson, in the thigh, not serious. /Viwitor. Adam B. Miller, Company A; slightly wounded in the calf of lLo.right leg. Armstrcng, Company A . badly woun'.od in leg. Am >s Wdlcugliby, Company 11; wounded in upper ll'Nathaniel K. Stray or, Company C; wounded by fiagmeat of shell in calf of left leg James W. Pock, Company 1; in left thigh. Win. Wood. Company I lu right leg, WSMXO. John Adams, Company A; probably token prisoner afior being wounded. Two private* in the Forty sixth, ard one or two in the Forty seventh Now York Volunteers, were very slightly wounded, and one or two in 111* lennsylvauia r- gimouls woi o fcratcbed. Then? comprise all our ciruiltt*. All th>' wounded ore doing very well indeed, nnd none will kro tile or limb. The euemy'e loss muit bate been wry heavy. Tiny retreated on the night of the let to Garner's Corner. flvo miles book from the ferry, end there they ere making th.Mr dispositions to dofend the railron I and resist our advance n.rther Into tl?e country Ihey expertei ced e wholesome fright, and will not s.ou foigsl our N ew Year's call u|>on tbo mainland. OUR WA1 SAW INLET CORRESPONDENCE. INrrkt) StatwcStraus* Alahama, > Warsaw Irlbt, Jan. 8,18<U. j The In tit J Statu Balltritt on Tgt<et /eland?7V lint i k S'tamcr f\ngal?Tht Oaltant Optra torn of Our Xa;y. When I forwarded to you my ioel hastily written communication, we were lying in Warsaw bound, neir its entrance, and directly abreast en abandoned sand battery, occupying on excellent posit on upon one of the outermost points of Greet Warsaw Island. Hod it bosn completed end gune mounted, it might have provodeformidable obstacle to the enlrenco of a Duel, as it cnamanded ths principal chaunel, and ships are compelled to pons cl??e to It when entering the harbor. Wh.n our gunboats first made tbeir appearance, bonding in for the sound, such was the haste of tbe "chivalry ' m making il easeelrrs scarce that they left behind thora In their precipitate flight pi les of bi ick end lumber, wheelbarrows, carts, boate, Ac. W.ien tho Alehnmt entered the hey and steamed up past the fern nole, Pembina and Henry Andrew, the day was rather baty, oauatng her bsavy black hull to loom up like that of a doub a banked f irate, and producing an immeuso sensation among the sec. shers, who were busily engaged in throwing up a bstiery on Mkidswuy Island, near the eclranoe to Agu?line creek. This stream runs from tbe bead of Warsaw So md to the Hav.inn.ih river, between Forts Pulai-klaol Jackson consequently our blockade of It cats off ail ? n?municalion with Savannah from the snutu by water. With the aid or glasses the aforesaid chivalry cool i be seen striking their touts and making ready for a regular Hell run stampede, in evident iispidation and expecta lion of a shower of shut a>i aheh. e la Port Royal; but we magnanimously p ???d them by for the present, huv tog higher iim? lit rl"?r, Hi<- British steamer Fingal, whirl) ran the blockade lo Savannah with a cargo of anna, blanketa and other contraband of war, la aow watching for an opportunity to maka her aarapa, and if aha trice it In our vicinity aba will flod ibat tba Alabama la net to be might napping. All along iba bvarb In front of tba deserted braaalwork wore strewed barralaof roain and pitch, which bad been washed aahora from tba wreck of a achoonar outside tha ha'rbnr, and for several days tha diflbrant ship* ha I parties of men on shore collecting and boating thorn off. Alter they had supplied themselves with harrows, lumber, ftc., the remainder waa act on lire and destroycd, tin Thursday, lH-c. 20. while roconneltring the wood* i n Oreat Warsaw Island, the Surgeon's steward and f'ar? 1 .c.t.terV mato atlm l. . I t.> the Alahamt dire, rerad a Una yawl b at over two. ty feet in ion ih moored np a creek J(uNilMfH> ON RI0H11I P40E.J / ^Jk

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