Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 17, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 17, 1862 Page 1
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r TH ? .... - - ? . WHOLE NO. 9259. NEWS FROM WASHINOTON. INTERESTING PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS. Mr. Trumbull's Bill Confiscating Rebel Property and Freeing Slaves. Prolonged Debate on tbe Appointment or l!lr. Cameron as Minister to Russia. Revelations Relative to the Frauds in the Army Contracts. Important Information Respecting the Cultivation of Cotton and Sugar in the Free States, Ac., Washingi?*, Jan. 10,18C2. GEN. H'CMUtN AMP THE CONG RESSION AL WAR COMMITTEE. General McClellan baa continued to improve in health. Dm interview with the Committee on tbe Conduct of tho War yesterday was mutually satisfactory. Without entering into any detaila of bis plant), he convinced the members of tbe committee that the result which all desire?the suppression of tho rebellion anil the end of Die war?will be attained with certainty, and even more despatch, than tbe most sanguine were inclined to believe. THE WAR DEPARTMENT. Mr. Stanton will assume tbe duties of the War report, mem on Monday next. PLANS FOR RAISING REVENUE. A proposition has been mails to tho Committee of Ways and Means, which is intended to avoid tbe necessity of Imposing direct taxes for the purpose of raising revenueThis proposition looks to tho raising of a revenue of two I hundred and twenty millions of dollars a year?one hunand fifteen minimis on excises, and one hundred and Ave millions on imports, levying high war duties on tea, coffic, sugar, tobacco, liquors and other luxuries, and allowing only thirty-five millions of revenue from ordinary imports. It is proposed to issue three hundred millions of demand notes, and one thousand millions of six per cent bonds, redeemable niter twenty years, the demand notes to bo convertible into the bonds at pleasuro. It is also proposed t hat the government shail receive specie on deposit, nud issue certifi. cates, payubie at any one of its dopos'tai iee. It is argue I that by this process the coin of the country will be drawn into the Treasury and the certificates wilt circulate in the place of specie. A strong array of facts and statistics it presented, showing the ability of the United States, I or the twenty-two millions if inhabitants of the loyal 8tatcs, to raisj the two hundred and twenty miiiions us easily as the tweuty-binc millions of Inhabitants of Great Britain raise annually from two hundred and filly to three hundred and Ofty millions of dollars of revenue. The proposition meets with favor, and wih be considered eriously by the committee. AFFAIRS JK TI!E CAMFB. No war nows of any interest has been received to day at any of the departments or headquarters. The mow and sleet have suspended drills in the t;un; s, am! all is reported quiet throughout the army of the Potomac. TUB ATTOINTlfENT OF MR. CAMERON NOT YET CONFIRMED. There was a protracted executive session of the Senate to day, it lasted three hours and a half. A formidable opposition was manifest d to the condi matlon of General Cameron as llimster to R issia. The whole lime of the xecalivc session was occupied with a debate on ihissnbU !....? uiU rn.illol ..I niiAnummnnl utKhniil flnal iw.l i.... J1"*! """vol ..v.,...4, The objections made to the confirmation of iIiik appointment were chielly on the ground of alleged mis management of tbe War Department, and favoritiem in the appointment of military officers und tbo award of contracts for war supplies, by means of which it is | Charged thai vast amounts hnvo been unnecessarily cxjiended. II is bolieved that tlx in initiation will be ultimately confirmed. Alter the < oh-ion of the causes of oproei iton, Senators will forego liieir object tons, but tlx array against the nomination will deprive tbe confinnation of any complimentary complexion, and amount to u censure of tbe conduct of the War Department. TDK APPOINTMENT OF GENERAL 81UKLE8. The nomination of General Nicities was not reached In y executive session to day. It has not yet been rejs rtcd by tbe committee. It is raid that grave double are en tertaimd of his confirmation. Ptroiinoim efierts are being made by his friends to secure it for btin, but tlx officers of bis brigade are anxious to have in his place a man of military experience, as well un energy and ability GENERAL LANK ABOUT TO TAKE 711F. FIELD. The contested election case of Frederick P. Stanton against Genera! lane is considered one of the most interesting that ever came beforo the Senate. Geneia) lane's right to bis seat confirmed by a vote of iwentyfbur to sixteen. It is unde'Steod than he, together with his ntu(lwill shortly leave Washington for tbo purpote of aiBummg command ol his division. There is perfect harm-tnr of views between him and Unneiai Hunter, who fa In commaud of the Department of Kansas Uis friends to mgbv complimented bim witli aeeiwuAde. AFKA1BH ON THE LOWER TOTOM4C. On Tuecday tbe rebel batteries on Uio I'oloiuue fired twenty.six shots n! an oyster pmigy bat did not bit it. Yesterday a lleel of similar vest-els ran the-blockade without being greeted with such salutes, ui.d arrived safely at Washington. PBfH.RRDINOH OP TI1K CONTRACT INVBHTKi ATIKO COMMITTER?TUB PRAVDB IN TKE WAR liKIAllTmrr. the government contract iovesligiU mg committee arc mow engagcil upon the subject or Ihr akaged fraud* m this vlcit ity. Tlioj- discover that it* umiko Lorsss have boon twice wild to the government. so|>rriiiU:Mdculc and inspectors havo been bribed to certify to bomee?sometime telling tbcm to private individuals; llist the.enormous amount** paid by the War Department f6r liana portal iun haa induced mrong competition among railroad companion, so that many colonel* 10 the Weal, In removing their regirnenta cast, havo received ar.cli from U ,M)0 to (3,000bonne ttiat nowe autleroare making 18,000 profile por month, that nearly all the millers "oulh of the Potomac tell liquor, with i be knuwledge-of the offloor* that it ia sravilcd in boxes masked "Government aud boapital stores," or pacltad in barrel* and marked "beef ' Maior Jourdsn, of the Brooklyn Fourteenth regiment, having boon appointed Laeutcnaal Colonel of tbe Tenth legion, enables Representative Von Wyck, who la Jta colonel, to give much of hto time to the business of tbs Investigating Committee, which will.aooti praaaail to the examination of the contracts for wintering disabled or lick horses, as proposed by Representation Mcpherson's recent resolution MBtntAJb CAMHMN AND TUB ARMT CONTRACTS. General Cameron, in replying to tho tesolution of the Senate calling for information relative to army contracts ?MI payment of troops, aaya ?l tulca occasion to state that T, myself, have not made a single contract, for any Burmese whaiavar havlns at wave Interpreted the laws of I Congress as contemplating that the heads of bureaus, . who w? experienced end able officers of the regular army, shall make all oontracts far supplies fur the tranches of the service under their < harge respectively. AMtlVAL 07 A M6EBTSR FMX Tllg RIHBLS. A Phlladelphtan, who had bron impressed Into the vebel service la North Carolina, came Into General Hancock's brigade yesterday, from Centrevjlle He was on foot and armed with a Mississippi rifle. He ^occupied three days in making bta way through Ihe enemy's pickets, and brings important informatioo UCRANOK OP FHISONBIM OP WAR. g, 5V> far, about one thousand prisoners on each side have ka t exchanged, nearly Ave hundred of whom wore eon necU'd with the army of the Polnmne The system of edtchabg*" Insu.ouratod hy our government is fn'Jy reel rotated hy rvbeTawnbfmee * [E NE PRffiEBVATJOH Of TBB ATLANTIC PMHEBUC8. Mr. Collamer, from Urn Committee on Foreign Relations, reported yesterday In the Senate the following bill for a Joint commission for the preos ?mtion of the Atlantic fisheries, providing that "the lb |(dent of the United States is hereby authorized to appoint a commissioner to meet such commissioner as may be appointed on the part of Great Britain, and also one on the part of France, together to form a Joint commission to rrame measures to protect the fisheries off the coast of Newfoundland and North America against detention and destruction by means of set lines on the spawn Banks, and like deatrnct ive pract ice, and that to enable the President to carry 1 into effect this act the 'sum of three thousand dollars be, ttifl I h? fin inn id harnhv anrrnnrintarl nut nf tnv moHPV in lho Treasury not otherwise appropriated." MR. THITMBt'LL'H BILI. CONFISCATING TUB PROPBRTY OF KKBKLS AND KUKK1NU 8LAVKS. The bill to couQsc tie the property and free the slaves of rebels, reported in the Senate by Mr. Trumbull, provides as follows:? That the property, real and personal, of every kind whatsoever, ami wheresoever situated within the limits of (he Toitod Status, hch nging to any person or persons beyond the jurisdiction of the same, or to any person or persons in any Mate or district within the United Hlates, now in a state of insurrection and rebellion against the j authority thereof, so that, in cither case, the ordinary process of law cannot bo served upon them, who shall, dm log the present rebellion, bo found in arms against the United Stulcs, or giving aid and council to said rebellion, shall tie forfeited and confiscated to the United SUtea and suchforfBHur* shall tuke inunediaie street upon the commission of the act of forleiture, and all right, title and claim of thoporsou couunitting sueh act, together with the right or power to diM|Ksc of or alienate his | rope ty of nuy and every description, sliuli instantly case and deteimine, and tLc same siuill at once i vest in the United States. : Phut every |ierson having claim to the service , or labor of any oth'r person in any Slate under the laws thereof, who during the present n bell.on I shall hike up arms against the United States, , or in any mariner give aid and comfort to said rotclliju, shall thereby forthwith forfeit all claim to ' such service or labor, and tlie persons from win nt it is ' c anned to be due, commonly called Slav s, sbili, i/to JacU, on tlie commission of the act of forfeiture by the party having claim to t b? sor v ice or labor as aforesaid therefrom and become fo.cver thereafter free persons, ' any Jnw of nty fjtute, or cf the United Slates to the contrary uotwilbstaikCing. And wheuovet any person claiming to be entitled to the sen ice or labor of any other |iers n declared to be disi luirgcd from sui h labor or service under the provisions of this act shall seek to enfoico such cairn, lie rial, tu the first instance, and belore any order lor the surrender ol the person whose Service is c aimed, establish not only Lis title to such service, as ' now prov.ded bylaw, h. t also that he m and has been during the existing robelin n l< yal to the governmciil of the United Mater and no person enraged in the military or naval serv ice of the United Stales shall, under any pretence whatever, assume to decide on the validity of the claim of auy person to tho service or labor of any oth' r person, or to surrender up any sueh pcrsi n to tne claimant. lha* it shall bo the duty of tho President of the Unitod stairs to nmko provision for the transportation, colon ration and settlement :n some trop calcountry, beyond the limits of the Un ted States, ] of such persons ?l the African nice made fn-e by the p ovisions of this act as maybe wiling to mug: ate, having tirsl obtaine d the consent of the government of laidco .ntiy to ihcir prcteclleu and settlement within the same, with a!1 the ri. hts r.nd pnvil";-ct of freemen. That it s hall be the duty of the PrC-ido: t of the United Slates, as often as in hlaopsmonthemihtary n cess i s of tho army, c r the safety, ioto-est and welfare of tho Uni'o.l Slates in'regard I Utestii pressien of the rebellion, shall require, to order the seizure and ap; rn;nation by such officers, military or civil, an ho may designate Tor tlio purpose, of any and all property inntls-:;.tcd i tnl forfeited wider and by v 1 rt o of this set .fiu.nted and bclrg fn ni y dig-net of the United Stalin beyond the reach of civil pre i ous ,u iho to o-.nary course of j- dicta I procoi dilgs by reason of such rebellion, and (be sale or <?i < r dibj<wti< n of mid "r< porty,oreo inixh o: it as he shall deem advl i.h'o. 'flnil it shall be the duty < f the officers so designated to make to the President full reports of tlieir precccdiiif-s in der such 01 ders. wlilr ti repoit sh til be tiled, in the otlleo o! tlie Socefai y of theTrcasnry, oud all moneys received on t be sale or the conlirc nod property of ni.y poson as aforcanid sha'1 be deposited in tliel'.iitod Staler r, e.awry. That for the pari run; of enforcing t lie forfeiture specific! in the llrrt section of this act, of properly sit ate and being in loyal Mates cr districts :n which the ord.nary coi rre of'Judicial proceedings Is not obstructed by tl.o rebellion, prococ ?ing; in rrtn may he ; stil led in ti e name of the UnliedMat ai y Idstrict Court of the Hinted States ? i'hin which the i Ktate or proper ly so for felted, or any part thereof, may be fraud .which proceeding: shall conform au nearly us inny be to proceeding: in prize cam s, or to cam's ot arising under the revenue laws: an I in all cases the property c< tub ,nncd, wheliier tea! or | craonal. shall be sold, and the pri teens de|>< siii d ns provided in the tilth Fcction of this act. That ihe several District Con: ts of the I'luted States are hcieby in.esleil with power to >'8ii< all pro.ess, whether mesne or linal, including garnishee pistes-, as in cuos of foreign attachment ant' to do every other matter and thing necessary or proper to-carry out tho put poser: i f this act. TI1K CAKKIAUK OK risINTKP MATTEH OUTSIDE OK THE Tie bill reported by Mr. Colfax from the Commitlecou Post Offices and Post Komi*, to regulate Ibe carnage of printed ntaiirr cuiside of the minis, provides an follows That frrnt and af?*>r the let dny of April, 1JC2 it Fliali not bo lawful for any luilrond company, express comp-ny, common came , or oilier company or person, to cany for hire, or for rule or dmtrib n ion. cp< n or along any post road or postal ro i?c. on which (he mail" of tbc t'niled Slates aie now er shall b" i.unsgcrtcd, any n-wepupera or periodical* not < < niamed iu the of tho Umicd Stales, and on which il carried in ouch ruails postage w< uld he thurg. able by law; aud uny person or cor|Nirnll> n so offending >-huil forfeit ami pay to tlio- Cm to 1 Mates for each ollci.ce the sum Of cue hundred doliais, to be re- ovcrcd i?y aclicii of ouc-luilf for the use i/i't .'o'i of the informer and the i tber half for the use of the ro il Office Xiepartineut: provided that this piohibll'od shall not apply to nuy company, poison or agent who sbsll have at any intie wj itl'-n minority from the Post Office Department to tarry ii.rh matter ot.lnde of iho t'liiied Platesmu.'B u|?n specified routes and provided, further, that such liccusc may bo gianted by the Pom nuiMoi Oene.ul under regulations to be by bun pie s iiOcil m.d ccmlitloned u|Hin tbc due observance thereof, providing thereby fir tbc payment of rules of postage thereon net exceeding the tales now lixed bv law; ami provilod lurtbor, that tins prohibit: n shall not. apply to any luu I route upon tin seas to loretpn count ri s nod provided further, that any iwrk.'gu cat ricd otherwise ihau iie cat prov|?e-l may b selsi d by any ui.tIt rlzed agent ?ir ofti eer of tbc Post. OR; e Pi partinei t, aud disposed of a* tho lYstmvsler tlnneral shah diiec', and that the Po*t?i;rsier Gene a. Is a>itl oriznl iu b.s msmeOon to prov ide s .d.-.blo stamp* oi Isbe s to be used iu carrying this law nlo effect ami lo regi Into ill snlrtbereol ant. lo |<a> fi r Ihcsamo out of any f nda ti the credit of the Pi st Oil oc fvp iMmoot. Any p-'i son using ni aid.t.g lo tho use of such stamps or lull, s I'U', c :lui i shah by rucb regulations be provided shall bo liable to the pc uilties iu Ibe first rent ma of this set provided, and to lie recovered In like n.aiuier; ami it shall be the duly of postmaster* to receive, bold ai>1 dispesn o: * u h s'.atnpc and taboln when and us required-by tho Postmaster ficncral; and thed all acts and parts of Acts incouttki with the foreign provisions arc h'Tcby rcpi ale But in thing licrclu contained eha.1 be coastrited to inisilcrc w.lh lie righta of hi y traveller lo ' base and take with h m or In r, for bis or bor own use, | any hook. paint-Mel, m.-tgazine or newspaper not tnteadcd for sale, distribution or delivery to others. The l-lll Is likely te roeel with a tre mendous oppo* I t uii /Tom publishers, periodical dealers, newsmen, uewsl | iper renders and paper muscrs. If Mr. Colfax were | ablo to resist such a combination of forces be would de nerve .an iwiporvoui, cowinunu id our army TDK SALE or rOPTAUB .KTAMI'H AND ENVELOPES. Mr. Colfax, from I ha Onnpiitltr on Pont offlci'i and Poet Hearts, hue reported a hill Respecting the sale of pontage stamps and envelopes, and which provides that frun and afirr Um ,1pI tiny of July, I ML'. the Postmaster Gene; a! shall hp authorized to require payment from any post master at (he lima of dolivory for stamp* and stamped envelope?, and may require sueti pcstmaiiiere na he may designate to act aa stamp agents, ami adopt eucb togula. tions na he may deem necessary to carry thia ant lni0 eflcci.anu thai all acta and part* of acta ibconaieUui herewith are hereby repealed. HIE CULTIVATION OP COTTON ANP Bt'OAR IN TDK NON'tlLAV KUOLII1NU BCATR8. Thet'omtntsslinor of Patents hit* ieaeed a circular, <D l which he aayK ?The cultivation of cotton in the .middle poriKma of tho free Stales < beginning to attract general attention. To prevent failure* In its cultivation, it ia proper to remark that It la a principle in vegetable phy j aiology that tropical plants ran never he eeclimated in the North, except by a tepee ted reproduction or new varieties from seed. The attempt to grow J?ea IMand cotton, such as la now brought front Hilton Head, would prove a failure In any portlotf of the free States. The only varieties capable of aur.cesefhl cultivation lu those sections now seeking ita Introduction is the green seed ?otton, such aa is now being raised -uuonlively in Arkansas, Missouri, Teoneeaee, and portions of Kentucky. and which products the white fibred Boed Should be obtained from these locaiitlee. The mod,locations of soil and climate will influence the alze or' the plant, the length and fineness of the fibre, and the pro duel of tW crop. No reasonable doubt. ia entertained of success of thk culture in all mild portions of the Middle Flutes, and effh. ts are now making hy this division lo procure the proper trad (or distribution ft,| n inhiissl itfr further cars,-The results of the W YO NEW YORK, FRIDAY, cultivation of sorgho the past year Mttle the question of Ito entire practical success, and that one of the diflculliee preaentlng itself is the want of pore seed. To meet ibis want this division has ordered seed from Prance for distribution the ensuing spring. It must be borne in mind, however, that the same causes which havaproduced deterioration here exists there, and well grounded apprehensions are entertained that seed thus imported may not be free from susDlcion. Formers interested ibould secure pure seed from among themselves when It is possible, as the season is so far advanced that direct Importations from Africa or China would be impracticable. RAILROAD COMMUNICATION BETWEEN NEW TORE AND WASHINGTON. The following is the resolution reported by Mr. Baker? not Mr. Van Horn,as erroneously stated?from the Honse Committee on Roads and Canals, and whlcb was agreed to in the House yosterday:? Resolved, That the Secretary of War be directed to ascertain and report to the House, as early as practicable, what arrangements can bo made, and the terms of the same, with the railroad corporations on tho line between Washington and New York, by the way of Baltimore and Philadelphia, for the construction of a side track between Bristol and Chester, in Pennsylvania, through West Philadelphia: and also for tho construction of a side track from Back river to the Relay House, ta Maryland, through West Baltimore; and also for the con Btruction of another track oetween tho lie lay House and Washington, so as to form open, speedy and direct communication between the said cities of New York and Washington: and furthermore, that he be directed v> invite proposition* ror the construction of a distinct and direct toad from New York to Washington. IIOMI'.SIIKLL EXPERIMENTS. An exhibition of a Greek flro bombshell took jdoce tonight, on the grounds between the President's house and tho Potomac, in prosecco of several thousand persons. fbo bombshell was exploded, and scattered lire which burned upon the snow and ice several minutes. Hi a srowds wlto witnessed the affair were evidently disap. pointed, having expected to see a grand display of works. ARMS FOR THE SHARPSHOOTERS. Sharpen rilio Lu\o been ordeicd for tho sharpshooters, at Colonel Rcrdau's request. THE ARMY. Pr. G. D. Bccbe, of Chicago, has been appointed a brigade surgeon. J . RWORD PRESENTAT ON. A sword, sash, licit and silver spur were presented to. iluy to Captain Brown, of Company B of Majcc Barker's Mci 'lellan dragoons, by the men under bis ci mtftand. THIRTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. FIKSi' SESSION. Senate. Washington, Jan. 1C, 18C2. NAVAL DEPOT AT GRAND IIAVKN, HiCIIIUAN. Mr., (rep.J of Mich., presented a memorial from tho Legislature of Michigan, asking an appropriation be made for a naval depot at Grand Haver; en Lake Huron. Fofcrrtd. arbitration rvtwien nations. Mr. Lank, (rop.) of Jud., presented a memorial from the Sor ely cf Friends (at their yearly meeting) for .'ndir ana and Eastern lll.nois, asking that herealler all differences with foreign l owers be referred to the arbitrament of seine foreign l'owor. Referred. tuk war ni.p. kriiK.vr ix-ntraits, A communication was received from tic Secretary cf War, in answer to the resolution of Mr. Bowed, ui i\y , u,reeling an unswcr id uiu iwiii:.uu.i 11 8 oil at the Wist session in regard to contracts,^. 'Ihe answer Etutes that the flrnt res iutioti was received nt the <le| art met. t jist after t! e buttle of July 21, and that t! en ho has net had sufliclent clcricaj force to pro|>erly answer the resolution. The answer a'to slates:?"I myself have not made a single contract 1'er ai.y purpose whatcvor. The heads of barcaus have made all the crr.ti&ots" The subject was referred. CPn-oi's rr.Trriosr. Mr. Rivc, (rep.) cf N. Y., presented a petition that the lands of con v.etc d tinalore bo aw.u dod to soldiers, ant also to abolish all fees and perquisites of ofllce. Referred. AHMV M/TTI:R?. Mr. Wiuoir, (rep ) of Mass., introduced a bill to amend ccituin articles of war. Mr. Wii.?on also introduced a bill for tho better organization of the cavalry ton es. Referred. TI.K (ASK OK MA KM I AT. 1.AUO.V. Mr. ITatji, (rop.) of N. 11., offorcd a resolution Uint Ward 11. i-amuo, I'oitc I Plates Marshal for the of Columbia, by Ins recent order cemmunicnted to the Founts, excluding mend ers of the Senate from tho jail without a pass from hun (1 .amoti), l?ag been guilty of a breach ? f the privileges of th" Senate and of contempt of tho rightful uiiUiot tiy ol ili.r b dy, aod that theSecrela ry of th Senate be directed to communicate a copy of this resolution to the President. laid ovr. TTIK IKAI. I.RITKK AyiOU SIM ?'AEfl!P. Mr. Out AM AS, (rep.) ol Vt., moved to take up the bil to promote I be ell.ciency of ihe I rait Letter OH'ce. The bill was taken up and pcs?ed. II UtKtlWBXT I SINT'NO. Mr. Fmoiva*, (rop.) o. Ohio,from tho fried committco oq coint ri.?uu.on, j.c.. introduced a bill in telation to tho pristiig for Um government. piavai mat-rio'. Mr. Halk offered a rewlntion asking ihc Secretary of the Navy to u 1'orm the Senate m hether or nut the ship A nban.a, nt ll.o Portsmouth Navy Varil, und the *hip Virginia, rim no taken in the material u*od in the construction or repair of other veeaele. Motion afcrotii to. ar3uy tl alwohtath.w. Mr Iv.'R'ir (opp.), of Mil., called np ibo rraolnlirn asking the Seen lurv of War what nmoi*,!* h.n e b t n pnitl by iho government to tiro raihead* of Virginia, Maryland, l*enuay1vMtiia anil New V?rk, anil for the outstanding accounts with these railroad*. Agreed to. oaoTfit ox or onmnro kmiit.akis. (hi rootn n of Mr. N'a-arM, (opp.) of Oregon, the bill fnr the protn too of ovet lt.Tr1 emigrant* to la.iforma ami Or egon wna taken np and passed. thk arkkst (f h'dttiyr hi ayr* by army ow pi ay a1. off!!?*.?. On motion of Mr.Wnsov, (rep.) of Maaa , the bill in relation to the arrant ol per*??a olaimcit i.a lield to re; vice or tabor,<by odteer* in the nioltary or naval sen i? e tf tho Utiifed States, was !,.kcti tip. The bill provide* that nny oil,cor a-re?ttng persons hold to service or to laborelntll be thucharged from tho tervice. Mr. OoU-rmta oBcred nn anwndment, or, a* a aubatititle, that noollictr of the a-tny or navy, nnitiaor volunteer, shall assume to c**rcis* any authority to nrictd. detain, hold or o< ntrol any person held io service,and that at.y ollic' r ao offending be disowned from tho scrvico. Agreed to, Mr. SAitHetiiY, (opp.) of Pel., rflbred the following amaadmont nt> a new section:? Nor nitalt any a?idier or oflleer, under It lee penalty, in nt y wuv entree. decoy or retain any auch person from hm or Iwr maat'T or owner. Mr. Pai'imutiy said that ha thought that the onicer* or soldier* of the lolled State* ought to have nothing to do with the t If I inn at nil cither way. Mr. bin (opp.) 01 Mln., moved to add after the werda master or earner,'' tlie word* who may be a loyal citizen of .the United fttalea." Agieed to. Mr . Wimob opposeii Uai am ndmcit lt? wa* against mi} mini vi v. v.,. *? urn. uvwautio w.tH Ui preueat uffli m s of tut'army rr m returning eleven. Sotncofflccra have already disgraced the service in this mi.J, anil, God willing, ho (Mr Wilson), If ho bail the power, meant to prevent their confirmation by the Senate. Mr. I'kab r said the eflfect of the bill w ithout the amend, ment would-be In tnylle the alayra of Maryland loci me to the at?uv,wlioro they would be eafe Irom.the legal right* of their owner*. Ho thought that justice dtmanded that the bill abould be amended. th* EjtMua t oirraarvn hkat r***. The moroing hour having expired, the unfinished bustners of yesterday, wh on waa the contented real of Kanwas, wan taken up, the question iemg tlio motion of Mr. ft ask to strike out the word' net'in the resolution of the Oimmittne on Judiciary, that Mr. T.ino wan not en titled t" hie eeat. Mr. MrHorUkU, (opp ) of Cat .opposed the amendment. Be contended that lite President had authority under power to suppress lusurrecl ion. Ho thought tlie Senator from K.uisa* had attempted toexerclec military and Icgi* | latlee power at th" aaiuetlme, and, in fact, he had no* right to a sent tniheSeua'e. Mr l.?*n, (rep ).of Kauavs, eaid km had refuaed to accept the(iffii e oil 'he 22d ef July. Ho reforretl to the conii*' m Kansas wl'h Mr. hUnton for the Senntorahip, and said that four dare nftei he was elected, the Gov ernor, whom he liad overthrown, and hia contestant, whom be had beaten, declared-the seat vacant. Mr. HaikiiT, (opp.) of Ind., thought the quiet ion purely a lejal oae Tho President buv lug appointed him to ;in officio not created the Situ tor from Kaneac could not accept U, and Ibereiors did not war ?to Ins eeut in the Senate. The dtacn*si<>n was coatinued by Mess re. T nne, Stanton, Clark and Koetor. A vote was taken ? Mr. Clark'a motion to strike out the word "not,'' and resulted ae follow#:? Yca??M'-aen. Bright, Browning. Chandler, t'lsi*. Colinmer, tiswan, Doolltile. Pea#enu?n, Hale, Harlan, Harris, Howe, king, Lane (lnii), Latham, Mii.rill, Pomcroy, Rlr,, Sherman, Bunui-r, Trutnbull, WUhmsea, Wllimi, Willi tvs?Messrs. An thou/, i?ay.ifil, Gaflllo, Hails. Dlson, Foot, K ?P r, Johnson, Kennedy, McJh>it|sll,llMBllth, Pear e, Potvell, Heulsbvry. T> it Kyck, Wad??ii?. Mi*. Dtaon, (iop.) ot t onn ^otterod a resolution that th usual mileage ho allowed IJw contesting member I* Id over", 1 be ftenai* west Into executive ses*,o? am after wan' adjourned. RK H JANUARY 17, 1862. Howm of a?preM*t?tl??i. Ton 1? IfiAO mi jar or moan nusoras or w?. Mr. Draw, (rap.) of lad., from (bo Military Committee) reported a bill authorizing and directing tbe Secretary of War to furnish the prisoners of the United States in the revolted States with clothing and other necessaries of life, and for this purpose that he employ such agents as may be necessary. Passed. arrKKiisata or viTscnr. Mr. Wusor, (rep.) of Iowa, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported back, with amendments, the bill amendatory of the act of 1867, to enforce the attendance of witnesses. Passed. It repeals that part which exempts witnesses, who have testified before any examining commit ice of either House,

from being used as evidence in a court of justice. tdk cot onizat10n soc'ietv. On motion of Mr. Siuuldixg, (rep.) of N. Y., dt was resolved that the use of the Hall of the House of Representatives he granted for the annual meeting of the Colonizing Society on Tuesday noxt. XUMOVl.TVHAI. Bl'RSAlT. Mr. I/'Vbjot, (rep.) of III., introduced a bill to establish a bureau of agriculture, which was referred to the Committee on Agriculturo. colonization or xbukorsMr. Burnt, (rep.) of Mo., askeu leave to present a me morial of 140 colored persons of California, nsking that provision tie made for the colonization of that class and where color will uot be a bai'go of degradation. The ispzamk said the memorial could be presented under the rule. Mr. Bum asked that it be printed, to which the House agreed. THK raxSYlVXNM OONTfSTXn SB kT. Mr. Loomis, (rep.) oft onn.. of the Committee on Flee tsms. ca led up the con listed election case from Ibe First Congressional elect .on district of Pennsylvania?John M. Butler against W. P. Lehman, the latter the silting ui in ber. After a debate of several hours' duration, tho House adjournal, with tho understanding that the lyiestivu be taken up to-morrow at one o'cloik. Meeting of tlie Geogru.plilca.1 Society. Ol'R PPBLIC TAXATION CANVA88BH. A meeting of the New York Geographical Society was held at Clinton Ha'l last evening, for the purpose of tak' lug Into consideration the proposed individual taxation, and the brst method to tic adopted in the raising of funds toiarry on the piescnt war, Mr. Henry Grinnell in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. An exceedingly lengthy report was then read from the committee who drew up the sume, relative to the proposed taxation and present financial condition of the country. Ibo report opened with the reading of a passage Irom the writings of Thomas Jefferson in rolntion to taxation, as follows.?"It is a nice rule, and should be fundamental in n government disposed to rbeiish its credit,am!, at tbe same ilrr.e, to restrain the use of it within the limits of its faculties, never to borrow adol" lar without levying a tax in tlie same instant for paying the interest annually, and the principal within a given terra, and m consider tiist tax as pledged to iho cred.lers on the public failb. on such a pledge ns this, strictly observed, a government may always command ou u roar<imb!e interest, all tho loanable money of its citizens," J c. Whatever might have been the merit of the past finnnc ul measures of the present administration of the Tronsiiiy, it won a fact, as alarming as plain, fin:t tho sucks. securities ar.d promts's to pay of tlio Lluited states could be negotiated or sold only under par. That dearly demonstrated that there liad hitherto been dr. Mswadaosatis actoiy plan for paying the tarn and rapidly inc.1casing indebtedness of tiic nation. It was .iiar tint tbe era of bankruptcy and op. pretsion was sure soon to arrive un'.rsu sums system be speedily inaugurated which should re.'cucile the apparent iuc mpatibilly betweert a paper currency a..d a secure and wcl'-founded credit. TVr jOKiuld not .s >ue a inglo r'sm aid note If we wish to seeuro ourre'ves from ruin. No more declaration ma le by stiy g.'ivoi i moiitcculd give value to its issue of in tercet payiug stocks, or of Its notoe payable on demand. The ox| crime i of issuing In quantities mi unre'iorrriable tiai er niiriencv had been tried in this country and othTS, and proved a failure. The report idgo. gjx..;e, at 1'iif.tli, against tho issuing of an unrod finable car oi cy and nusec red tret o. The'i] oxpetis* h of the government after tho war was est m.itoj lo he t26h,<K.O,000. No Trc.uury notes should h in circulation otlior than the uncollected ' curicnt year's tax would absorb and cxncel. The report .tin 11 up. ko of the ire nog of revenue loIok ai d tlio pro |vr -tt?. ftwsiwef delr-p the name. "11 IB r?iH?!ti?0 r ef the report coma nod quite u i< rgthy dissi rtatiou on tho tujtca and their proper method of collection. /. |iian of taxation wan also tcai, with lengtl y delate of tl ' articles iqou which money could be rained. / motion was made tliut tLo report be received and ad fled. Mr. Riooneoop was opposed to the adoption or tho rcport, A historical ecclsty have no right to meddle with financial matte: g. Mr. ft t it a .si moved, as an amendment, that the rep't t he received witho. t being adoj ted. h'everitl ctheia ai gut d for and against tho re|Hirt. Mayor Optn nte, who had entered the room rhort'y after the r mmenceinetit of b g'tiess, rove and pal t that lie wo ld like to tnnke an objoetien lo one pan. of the report?'lint which alluded to tlie amount i eeessaiy for the expenses of the government?f.'CO ,000,000 Tina amount, in his opinion, woe He would not like tc see euch an amount go out as tie- opinion of tho society. it would be well for them to look to this point of the rejert. Aftn s"tno further discission the report was ordered to he printed,! be mM tipea at ttw next meeting el the society, when on sojournment was had. Parade of the heft Wing of the Seventh IUghutnt New York State Militia. Pursuant to orders the left wing cf the Seventh regi' incut (National heard) New Ye: k Plate Mil tia awtern bletl last evening at their armory, over T. nipkius market for the purpose of military lor! nu t loo and drill. l/w| before the hour set apart for the parado every ava'iablt epot in the spacious drill room was occupied by vn iters the majority of whom were ladies who li id assembled to see the "hold sold.or bi ys" go through their manual ol anus. The left wing is composed <>f the first, second fourth, ai*ili and moth companies, which numbered about thire hundred and twenty live men, aud ate under the command of Colonel I.eHCrts. 'i'lic wing was principally drilled In the manual o( arms. n an hing by ami platoons. and tin usual company drill: ofier which they worn ii.s.ruclcd in the bugle drill, in which they seem to have ilmm-'il great proficiency, an limy answered the cal l Willi liio utmi it facility. Notwithstanding ttint this regimrid has givsn to tlis In ion army seme three bumlrail oRtoers, their number now amounts to kt?ii bundled and llfly turn. An tl.ry went through tbc Odlcieut evolutions tiiey wore grot I'd with loud applause l>y ilio fair d.tinsels present. The drill room is one cf tin- hnest hi the i ity indeed it Is wltli ut n rival, 'lire arum and hi coutre monla of tbe corps are kept in hi ,ghl and splendid order and at the d"M (if the drill the ladiRN and others visited tbe various depai tmeiite, where they met with a hearty and soldierly reception. 1'riimniyn Aoitrev or Mrsio.?Twelve months ago tl.< directors of th.? establishment refused to allow the per formtuice cf tbc "Traviata.'' At the same period Ch.t trnden made the lainou* speech winch rendered him and bis colleagues so ridiculous Since then mailers bavi ( banged a little. The morality of the Puritan member* of the board baa either backsl.ded or carried ibem clenr out of it. Ntnkspcre. Sheridan and Oougrcvc hive beci formally installed amongst the duties of the tcmpli which was to have been kept sacred for the arausomen of ilia elect, and oh, horror, the'-Traviata" was las night admitted to their compAny. And to crown tbti decline in the morality of Ilrocklyn, the sacrilege win marked by the presence of oac of the most brl hiuit am crowded audiences aver assembled witbin the walls of ib Academy. Amongst ibem we observed several parsons and tbrae of the seven directors who signed the celebrat ed appeal against the introduction of tbe drama Tbo] slunk into obscure cornets, It la true, but we are,never tbelcsa, compelled to record lbs melancholy fact tba they were preeenl. To the romnka made by at yenterday on Mlea Kellogg' performance of Violetia wo have hut little to odd. fh displayed more nerve, end consequently imported mil greater force to the character lhar on the previone ever mg. She ie an artiel of rare intelligence, and tlie proe .of tbia ie, that ae she progreeece the devclopen new trait of merit in her acting, whllet bar voice In continuall; ga'ning In roundneen and volume. Her eaccee lent nigh woe vory great. She overcame thecoldneen of an audlenc proverbially chilling, and carried them away with her there can be no better teat of her genlue? for auch I muat he colled?than the way in which abe won thei oy mpntfciea. Tho triumph woe a genuine one, and w congratulate tbia mentoriona young art el on a reaul ensued by auch persevering efibrte. Dritmcll and Manruei also did excellently wall, and th opera woe, if pflpntble, better played than on the previou evening. 1\vnlght thvPait" In Maecbern ' will be given at th New York Aca<lemy,<"db Kellogg, Hlnkley, Mme Htm k sch, Mancnal and Daiii. "?the principal parte Thle wl! be positively the lent perft^^,n ,,o , f,,r 'he prewenl of th Ornu troupe in Now York, On Saturday iboy play ii IhlladelphM. and on Hon dry TlV?H"y end WodieeJ..* j, crlilngtr r. ERAI TOE BESIGIiTIOB OF GE9. 8KEL Gnat fltrmu Mass Mtetlag-lBthnituia of tkc Gtrmani of the Metropolis? Vote of CsBfldesee la General Slgel, Ac. The preal demonstration of the Germans of New York, In favor of General Franz Slgel, which took place at the Cooper Institute last orening, was very numerously attended, and was characterized by most enthusiastic speeches and resolutions. As is well known, the object was to give ezpreaaion to the feelings' of the Germans of this city and its environs on the resignation of General fiigel, and to take measures for bringing his claims prominently to the notice of the government. On the platform we noticed a number of the leading citizens of New York, among others Mr. Jellingbaus, of tho Commissioners of Emigration ; Colonel Burger, William Aukormaun, D. Gorcko, William Radde, Aaron F. CI. ...... n. I ic.litl.tll nr St U..L place; I)r. lieuschel, Dr. Krakowitzer, Jacob Windmulkri Eng. U. lialliu and several others. The meeting wag railed to order at half-past seven o'clock, and R. A. W.tthar.s, Esq., unanimously called to the chair. On opening the proceedings Mr. Wittbaus spoke ns fol lows:? Km.i (iw CrriziHg?Permit mo to express my deep appreciation of the honor conferied upon me of presiding ovor tins mass meeting ol patriots, congregatod hero to-day in order to support one of their countrymen, who, immediately at the coiuincncincnt of this unholy rebellion, offered his life and propswty, promptly aud fervently, to the adminisiratioo for ilio iniiinienaure of the constitution aud tho jest cause of the Union. Wo are not here as democrat! o; lopublicaur. but as men who love liberty, justice and the I'mon. We d sue to lelain in tho service of our adopted Fatherland the emiuonl talents of a (iciioiai who, by his energetic perseverance since May, i 'i-1. piobabiy prevented the gsccssluB of una of tho brightest stars from the Northern con.stolliv tion. tieneia! Francis bec!?crowned with i'io twin laurels of the Old aud the New Wei Id, Radon and Missouri?is a name which nils with irresistible powor each patriotic heart, whether native or adopted, with the fullest anil most ardent enthusiasm. In July, it.til. ho covered the Hug of our llmon with iucdabio gioiy at Carthage; there history wrote his New World certificate of the most eminent generalship, while the rebel banner was biting the dust. When Jackson, l'rice, Kilns and Parsons acted the traitors to their country, we hud Franz Sigel le.miiig German regiments and educating them def< udcrs of this beloved laud of our adoption. In reading General Slgel's report of the battle of Curlhoge, to Ccncral Sweeney, dated lltli duly , lb61, wo cannot help esteeming his modesly, for not his, but tho heroic deeds of lis officers, arc portrayed with justice aud impartiality. In Springtie.d wo do not admire Franz Si,el as the commander only?nay, he shines especially as a mail?lor, with the greatest seif-sacrifice, he there cared for the wires aud children of those Utimi men who were ubseut and in the ranks o. ill ; federal a: my. Gentlemen, to sustain Frauz Sigel in las patriotic weik: loprouiro tor him lroiu that i.dmlnistrattun for whom hi labored to this day with such ui.liuicluuc palrio; .sm, due attention and a well merited support, and to obtain tins for him in mi bonoriddu,respectful mid reliable manner, la the purpose of th.s mass i meeting, lo understand the resolutions, prepared 1^ a comiuitlee, aud in order to be enabled to vole en them knowingly,' will permit myself to mention a few facts fr?m creditable authority. Vim; General lluntor to k command in Missouri It was resolved, in u council of war, to advance upon tho enemy. General Si/el was placed in c< luiuond oi the advance dlvasiou, wdh the order "to ulUek ilie enemy whetever he found lam, and to engage him until the arrival of the priucii al or geneial army." In the meantime, liowev. r, the general army retreated, of which feigul received information by the merest acealent, aud tlm accident "lily saved him .did his division. General Mgci immediately lull back upon bpr.ngtioid, uinl, aa before u.uu Honed, he found there a great number of women nad children, whose husbands and fathers were absent serving'in tne fe oral aiuiy. H-lpl< iw and unprotected. thoy were csptsed to tho savugo fuiy of ll.o pursuing enemy. In ilw game.position ho found tliotisaudH of lojrui uien who, cjiiQdbig in the e length of the federal army, bad4Ve?iy expressed their Union scnlimciiu. Nothing ha ! been done to protect all of these, itio retreat of the general army was ordered Without any necessity,agamst all rules of waiiuro, and to the destruction of ihouN.n.iK of <v mill.i<^ citizeua. At that i criod General Si-cl intended to resign. lor he cnilnldc.t d it dt iioni 1'ib.e u? no. ve under tc uimuud which could t ot.ay in so nhnim ful a manner such a prosperous country anil thousand* of confuting citizens, but the reporter the rouiovalof General ifuuie from that and the hope ol yet being useful I' iineourl uudchtm lteiuulir it u-iition. After Central 1 (albeit ha! en te; e l upon the command tho persecutions bw.ird> General Pipe became systematic. lie n?n ehtcancd, ignored and nugle. lid: his division was never completed. Ollicere uudi r the Influence of rflgel's name formed regiment after regiment, hot when completed they were detailed to other commanders The complaints of Cenoral Mg-I l.avo never inct with a reply. His troops s uttered lor want of the most necessary supplies, and his ro<juisiti< us for them remained unattended to and unexecuted. and every opportunity to aid Missouri hat been designedly denied him. At last the inhabitants of South* esteru Missouri petitioned the President to graft them inllit.iry protection, and designated Cenoral Sigel as the person in whom thoy bad the most confldenoe. Hi* Excellency President Lincoln referred that petition to Cenoral Mullet, k. and ieiommetided Gen ml Sigel es|?cally toblm. tlpou this, on the 24th of IVeombcr. Genera! Sigel was placed in oomniand of tho trno)>s in and about Holla, coiuprising from 15,010 to 20,CiKi mm; but four days after, on the 2e'.h of lieeeniber, by order of Cenoral Ha look, General Stgel was <tui.erro.lcd by General Curtis, whose c inmbsk u b ars tho same date ar that of General Sigo.'i. This bfl him uo alti motive but to render his rorigu lion, which he did on tho 31st of Pecemlier 1C61. Whatever n.ay bo your opinions of hi* Excellency President Abraham Lincoln, 1 am sure you all sham with in- tho fullest 1 conviction thai ho has shown to us Ins siucerest ei.deavoi s to bo just, and while the adopted citizens of Gorman birth have placed more than sixty thousand men in the Hold for tho s ipjmrt of the administration uud the re e. tab.iahUMBl Of the Union, we may truly aud surely ex, |s. t tho resolutions offered by tho committee, , framed in the spirit of th- purest patriot tsm, when accepted by this mars meeting, will be met ami promptly ' acted ii|N>.i in like spirit by ah to whom they are ad , dressed. > I'ro.Vs: er I'r Gunn>*m rtt was then called on to read a jot.g list of Vice Presidents and Secretaries, wbo were occ"| led by tho unanimous tola of the mooting. Mr. llrao Wb iodaxo* was next introduced, and rend the rosoi.ittous,aa follows ? Whereas, it has been reliably rcporied that General Ffig.'l has been su|ieiaoded ,n (ho comniaud of n part or 1 - - ? ' " ? anil lli'il 11?? liua htiiill i>Mniiall. <1 by systematic neglect, 10 tender In* resignation, end wliorea*, It m the <luly of all llu se who ?re well acquainted w ith hin cnilnt ut abilities or an ofllior ond Ilia |i ire character as man, to endeavor to ro'ain hisserv ices I. r the country in tins its hour of trial, therefore Rssoivc.l. by the otucns <>r New York, in msex meeting assembled tluit among the ninny patriots uow out 11. hang their liven and tbcn lorli nee for the mtegi ity of the Union, tlicy do not know of i.ny cue animated by purer on lives and more efficient m au officer thuuflen Irani Klgel. ihal ho was nmoug the first who rose for the mppres 1 men of thn mfainoua rebellion which now tartrates our I beloved country, and that a la go portion of tlic array of Missouri war called into existence by him Thai without bis efforts ami the clfiuis of liters who assisted him, the Mate ol Missouri would now bo out of 1 iho I'mon, and that no uthur 1 ommaiider ha-done more for the (reservation of one of the inort brilliant stais in our flag thun lion Krnnz Mgsl That h has shown military ability of the first order, I snd Ihal the bait'e fields of Missouri are everlasting tins . r.nnients of his v alor and hts superior tactics. That his character is unstable I by any reproach, and ' thai hie pan lotism Is pure and above cavil. 1 That he is dearly beloved by alt under lus command, j Slid tbat he enjoys the unbounded confidence of a large Iortiuu ot the army as on officer of llie llral rank. 6 Tlwt the country cannot dlspeusa rfjtk tho services if t a commander who is eipially great iu conquering the rne, my and In preserving those under bis command from destruction That wo have not the slightest doubt that his reeurna1 tion was dictated by the pnncipfis of lienor and by hie , sense of justice, and was entirely consistent with his duties as u soldier. B Tliat we notice with indignation that low jealousy and 1, narrow minded native ism, even In such times as these are trying to drive away true merit, and that the spirit of caste and charlatanism are prevailing where triad V military ability and upright honesty should reign su prerae. And that we earnestly desire to see him placed in a po 1 sition in which his surpassing abilities as a comniondei of large bodies or troop* may neat tie employed ror (lu h ealvatlon of the Union Kesolveri. That a committee of three be appointed bj the chairman of tide meeting to procee I to Wasbingtoi and to preernl these resolution* to hi* Excellency, tin I'realdrut of the United sutc?, aud that copies of tin same be *ent to the Commander In-Chief of the army o the United Stale*, to the commander of the army of Ml* aourl, to the Secretary of War, to tho Governor of tb< Slatoof New York.ntid to tho member* of the Milltar) Committee of the United state* Congress. Mr Wanmramt. In presenting these resolution*, accom panled them with some remark*, in which he made a ful exposition of affair* in Mireourl. lhe German* In Mi* roori, he eaid. had saved that State from being * wallow cd up In the guir of sooeseiou. They bad had tho couragt to ataad up for the Union at a time when no others dared to expreaa their loyalty to lhe government and country. IApplanee ) More than three lime* they had been called upon to defend tbemeelvr* against the attacks of traitorous bands Tbe speaker alluded to Uie manner la which the war in Missouri was carried on, and was of the opinion that tbe nemo cenld not he aallafartory to General figel He next alluded to the case of General Fremont, and his ill treatment ai the hands of the government. He asked the question, whether It wa* proper to hold a mate meeting In a I una of war/ Id hi* opinion there count bo nothing more proper snrt more eflbcttro than a largo and an imposing demonstration like this atTVr In order to do away with the ovll resulting frmn thorns*. " sure* of tho govo rmont and certain military 1 luders, )!c rpoho rt the fact that the onemlee of the eonrtr >D. PRICE TWO CENTS. were not only thoae now standing in arma MtlMt it, bul alio those among us who, in secret, try to bring eboet a demoralisation of the army. The resolutiona, m read, were approved by the whole assembly. Mr F Manxmen Kapr was then introduced to address the audience, who at length drew a comparison between General Bigel and the German portion of the heroes of the American Revolution. The position of General Sigel was nearly the same. They were treated in a like manner. Most of the foreign portion of the heroes of the Revolution sacrificed their Uvea for the country. General lie Kalb fell at Camden, covered with no lesa eight wounds. General Sigel had a right to expect to be supported by his countrymen. Ho was, there was no question, one of the ablest and best leaders of the army. The Germans in Missouri had been persecuted ever since the breaking out of the rebellion, because they had remained true to the Union. Without tbem Governor Jackson would bave sucoeded in wrenching the Slate of Missouri from the Union. (Bravo.) The speaker alluded to the slave question and slave* as contrabands, taking a radical view of the question. They should demand for General Ml gel such a position, in which he could bo properly placed, to the advantage of the country while this war is carried on. Mr. Wau-Yug t,BKN'Hi!A(ii wan the next speaker, who gave an exposition of the bright military and private carter of General Higel. He criticised, in a very sarcastic manner, the measures of certain j military leaders and government officers, with regard to the war in Missouri. He said that either our army in this manner would become discouraged and demoralized, ami that the freo institutions in this country would be overthrown, and, for centuries to come, lost to liberty, or tho strong arm of the people would one of thove days raise against the ill advised measures of its leadei s. The chairman appointed, when the speaker had concluded, tho committee named in tho resolutions safoi] lows:?Frederick Kapp, Weil Von Gernsbach and Andreas Willmann. The assembly were. In conclusion, addressed by Messrs. Reinhnld Solger and Sigismund Kaufman, after which the I Meeting adjourned. f'viKRTANT FROM KANSAS. I.xxvwrwoRTB, Kansas, Jan. Id, 1W2. h tclligencc has been received here that 4,000 Union Tndiaus in Cherokee county were attacked on the 6th by a superior force of Texan rebels. The Indians were compelled to retreat. Thoy are now in Kansas. brigadier General Denver left to-day for Western Vir* giuia. A continued guerrilla warfaro Is carried on in Johnson and Bates counties, Mo., by roving bands of rebels. A detachment of Johnson's command recovered a quantity of government stock and other property confiscated by tho rebels. On the 6th, In Johnson county, some Union troops were fired on from ambush and five mon killed. The .Supreme Court of Kansas is now hearing arguments on tho gubernatorial question. The attorney for the contestant filed a petition for a writ of mandamus to compel tho State Board of Canvassers to count U>e vole cast for George A. Crawford for Governor at the halo oleotion. INTERESTING FROM CAIRO. Cairo, Jan. Id. 18d2. Tiie force sent from this point to I'aducab consists of nineteen rogiments of infantry, four regiments and two companies of cavalry, and seven batteries of artillery. Tbe steamer D. A. January, with tho Forty-fifth Illinois regiment. Colonel Dave ftnart, is aground twenty ml ion I above Cape Glrarifeau. fclhe cannot be reached by steamers. A bind force, with a provision train, has boon Sesl?tt hod to their assistance. They will probably moicb to Jonesboro' and come here by railroad. The river Is full of ice. News from Kentucky. Lotisvtujc, Jan 10,1S02. All IN Ijuiei UDK'W, Policeman Kirbv, it in reported, it dying from tbo wouuda received yesterday. Int?rc*tlng from Mlsaotiri. St. Lotnr, Jui. 1C. 1862. Robert Wilson, President of the State Convention, lias boon appointed by Coventor Gamble to fill one of the vacancies in the Senate of tbo Unite I States, occa sinned by the expulsion of Mr-srr. Johnson and Polk. Nothing has been heard from the expedition vtblch left Rolla on Tuesday for Springtleid. THE NAVY. Tho United States revenue cutter Henrietta, Lieotenant Commanding J. (5. Bennett, Jr., s illed yesterday morning Tor Port Royal. The follow lag are the names ef ber principal officers:? 1 Lieutenant Ccmtnatidinff?J. O. Pennett, Jr. k First Lieutenant?Charles Uiekcnson. S-cotitl Lieutenant?Melvin Knapp. J'uiter?Isaac Jiarker. PHILADELPHIA NAVY YARD. The United States steamer Hartford, now at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, went into ccmm^sioD yesterday, with the following list of ollicers:? i Hap < JJicer?Xi. a. Farragut. i'ap'ain?R. Wainright. Cijitain of fleet?H. Bell. Pint Lieutenant and He-Officer?J 8. Thornton. Lieutenant?A. Kants. Su.tieim? . Catiaii C nt man>ting Marine*?John L. Broome. Chief Engineer?J. P. Kimball. Paymntter?O. Plunked. Seeirnd Lieutenant Mariner?G. Heiss'er. Aenistatit Surgenn?1. Hogg. &iiling Matter?E. A. Walker Ftag iiffucr't Srrrttnrf?Mr. W'alden Acting Mr trr?D. ?. Murphey, J. Q. Lswis.S. B. I/tike. 11. B. t'ar'er, C. lie Sumo*. S mill Ami tanl Engineer!?J. l'urdy, E A. Latch, K. A. Nelson. TAitii At.itlanl Bmgin vrs C. J. t too per, u. M. Burchard, J. De (ira'T, A. K. Fulton. Acting Mill, hi, men?J. II. Iteod, H. G. Blake. ( NIHMT?J. fhtBCaa. iimittica i'n?I. Wa'k' r. iMrptnltr?J. 11. Conley. Mailti > Main?E. J. Allen, T. Mason, A. H. Storm. MOVEMENTS OF TRANSPORTS. The schooner C. L. Vaudevoort, lying at pier Vo.1t North river, is now loading provisions and bay for Port Royal. The United State* steam transport Thomas Spars, lying , at pier No. 9 North river, is now loading for Locust Point* I and will sail this evening. She has a cargo of rabetel iij ance, also two heavy mortars, four hods, twelve gun carriage*., and ten battery wagons. . , i The Rtasmthlp Saioala at Hals Pert-dlr- i ll rival of Arms from Gerwany. I [ The llamhnrg steamship riazvoka, Captain Eh lore, which | I m rived at this port yesterday morning from Hamburg, III brings ? f'eight two complete batteries, cons tiling of I ll sixteen pieces (supposed to be twelve pounders), elxteen I ' ammunitioa wagons and ninety oases of goods consigned * to llirsm Barney; also a large number of other boxes and oases which ars supposed to contain about twenty-Ave thousand stand of arms, together with some Dfty hags of | sali|>etre. She alto brings six hundred and seventy Avf bales of uotton. 1 The importation of materials of war from Csrmany has [ recently bean carried on to a large extent, and la mem I Ingly on the increase. The Hatumonia, which arrived at this port last week, bronght frem twenty to twenty Ave thousand stand of arms and a large quantity of war atom. " About thirty Ave hundred bags of *a tpctre have wlUiin [ the last few weeks been brought to this port by the ves' eel* of the Hamburg line, consigned to " order " Tliut saltpetre was supposed to have bo. o consigned to the go ' vernment, but aa thorn were no claunauta or Miia of ' lading, the agnnt* of (ha goyrrnmonl bavo takmf charge of wont of it, and ara at preaenl buaily atorlng it. J Tbu Hamburg canto diract to thin port without tonehr log, aa ia iiaual, at Southampton. I bin precaution. no doubt, w?a n. c-oaar> In ronaeqnanco of tbo Ainertcun ' property in arm* on hoard tha ?t?amer, and on aocoant r of which tha oomiatajr raarad trouble. It la well teatata that to the Oefman atnamahlp linaa wa are much Indebted for lbe rapid and complete eqnipI maul of our rolunterre. i latprnalah af Specie Pajrmrali Jbp the Ohio Batnka. [ CuntBom, Jan. Id, iwt. , The Laglalature of Ohio to day paaaad an actanthoriai mg the auaprnalon of apecie paymenta by tha banJm of lb la State. One of the condition* of the Sank Buapenalon law la, that the baaks raauma payment la flftaan daya after the New Tork bank* do. ? I.ettera Ate ike Santalda XiptdUlea. Any letter* for lb# offlcera or man of lb# Bureaide expadition will he aenl dlraotly to them. tf malted at a>lone! j Frank E. Hovre'a atora, No 208 Broadway, on or befora I f atnrday morning. A

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