Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 24, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 24, 1862 Page 3
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Heam.r Gladiator, Man with two millions worth of ' wms, Intended for the Confederate States. 8M happened , there, says Cap la in E., m IbU way ?She sailed from as English port (after thei Queen's proclamation, prohibiting the exportation of ari^}, ostensibly for New Brunswick, . to supply British subjects there, but lost ksr way?in a burn I Late information enables us to Inform our readers that she Is now ssdsly moored m a Oonfoderato port?a Florida port?so oar hearts may also say, "All's well." | ?????? 1 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ! Thursday, Jan. 33?6 P. M. The principal feature of the day in Wall street has been the excitement In geld and foreign ex change. The former rose to 103% at the first board, with sales of nearly t}90,000, and was sold at as high as 103%, buyer sixty days, shortly after the adjournment. It fell off a fraction at the afternoon session, however, and closed weak at about 103%. The demand is purely speculative. The foreign exchanges sympathize with the upward movement in gold, and alfthe leading drawers were asking 114 a 114% for sterling to-day. We hear of a few transactions at the former rate. As it was not known until late in the day that there would be a steamer direct from here on Saturday, very little was done. The 7.30 Treasury notes are heavy, nnder large supplies from Washington, and sales were made with difficulty to-day at 2% a 3 per cent discount for the endorsed notes. The provisions of the Treasury Note bill, as pub. lished at length in the HbKald this morning, were favorably received by the stock operators, and the took market was buoyant in consequence. Governments did not participate in the advance, be mg affected by the prospect of further large issues. The coupon 6's of 1881 fell to 89%, but they soon recovered and closed firm at 80%. Mew York Central rose to 83%, Erie to 35%, do. preferred to 68, Panama to 113%, Illinois Central to 62%, Galena to 68%, Toledo to 38%, and Rock Island to 64%. Pacific Mail, with small sales, rose to 99%, and closed in demand at 99%. State stocks were generally abont one-quarter per cent higher. In railroad bonds we notice an advance in Erie fourths to 79, in Terre Haute and Alton seconds to 45, in Milwaukee and Prairie da Chicn firsts to 87%, and in Wabash firsts to 79%. The European advices by the City of New York created a good feeling at the afternoon session, and the market closed firm at the following quotations:? United States 6's^ registered, 1881,89 a 89%; do6's, coupon, 1881,89% a 89%; do. 5's, coupon, 1874, 79% a 60; Indiana 6's, 75 a 76; Virginia 6's, 60 a 60%; Tennessee 6's, 44 a 46; North Carolina 6's, 62% a 63; Missouri 6's, 42% a 42%; Pacific Mail, 99% a 99%; New York Central, 83% a 83%; Erie, 35% a 35%; do. preferred, 68 a 58%; Hndson River, 39 a 39%; Harlem, 12% a 13; do. preferred, 31 a 31%; Reading, 39 a 39%; Michigan Central, 64 a 54%; Michigan Seuthcrn and Northern Indiana, 20% a 20%; do. guaranteed, 41 a 41; Panama, 113 a 114; Illinois Central, 62% a 62%; Galena and Chicago, 68% a 68%; Cleveland and Toledo, 38% a 38%; Chicago and Rock Island, 65% a 65%; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 62 a 63; Milwaukee and Prairie da Chien, 21 a 21%. By the arrival of the steamer City of New York off Cape Race, we have Liverpool advices via Queenstown to the 9th inat four days later. The steamer Jura, which took out the announcement of the surrender of Mason and Slidell, arrived ont on the 8th inst. The news was received with the greatest satisfaction, and consols immediately rose to 93% for money?a further improvement of 1 a 1% per cent. The Liverpool cotton market was excited at a considerable advance. The following was the business of the day at the office of the Assistant Treasurer at this port:? Total receipts (866,888 30 ?For customs 66,000 00 Payments, including redeemed 0 per ct. cotes.1,467,496 93 Balance 3,310,424 03 !!Qie Greenwich Insurance Company has deolared ? dividend of five per cent, payable February 1. The transfer books of the New York Central Bailroad will be closed on the 1st of Febriiary, and remain closed nntil the 24th of that month, preparatory to declaring a dividend. The case of the second mortgage bondholders of the La Crosse and Milwaukee Ruilroad has been appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States. It is not known yet whether any appeaj will be taken in the land grant case. The La Crosse and Milwaukee Railroad earnings for December, 1891, were (99,276 46 December, 1800 60,800 04 Increase (18.410 41 Total earnings ,'1801 (1,070,821 86 Total earnings. 1M0 760,476 76 ( Total increase for 1801 (314,340 11 The earnings of the Chicago, Burlington and _ Quincy Railroad for the month of December 1 were:? 1800. 1801. Freight 101,308 5T 82,833 05 < rassaugers 26,622 16 21.458 52 1 Mails 2,559 45 6,042 48 < Total $89,490 18 118,334 05 I Increase $23,843 87 i Cmcaco, BrauKcros a*D QrnrcY Railroad Ijxe?210 I Miles?Between Cncaoo axi> Bcruxltc.n. - I860. 1861. . Intra*. ! Freight $74,613 62 114.487 03 30,876 41 rarae .gam 31,013 86 25,246 31 ? 1 Mails, *c 2 826 09 5,399 56 2.474 47 Total $108,562 46 145,132 80 36,580 34 Decrease of passengers $5,768 64 Between Qi act a.vd G alesm'rg?100 Miles. 1860 1861 Passengers $8,947 91 6,663 24 Freight 14.016 88 14 665 50 Malla 1,323 22 840 87 Total $24,288 01 21,058 81 1880 1861. Incrnut. Aggregatc,310in.$132,346 47 166,191 61 33,361 14 The business of the Norwich and Worcester Kailroad for 1SG0 and iHtil compares as follows:? 1860. B.amitT.r. Lmal. Mailt. Tn'alt. Passengers.... $342 15 6,794 67 ? 6.136 82 Freight 702 06 13,093 97 1,179 80 14,916 43 Total $21,113 25 1861. Paaarngers.. 2.253 24 6,466 44 ? 8,724 68 Freight 3,972 30 16,247 03 1,622 43 20,741 70 Total $29,466 44 Guin over 1860 8,363 19 The business of the Worcester and Nashua Ilailroad for the years ending November 30, I860 aud 1861, was:? Earvinflt. Frjrrun. Xrt rarninpr 1860 $232 466 63 128 729 23 96,509 16 1801 196,669 78 112,481:5 83,189 43 Decrease $36,796 86 14,247 88 13,320 73 The balance of earnings during the year, after deducting interest and dividends, is $14,108 32, wmi'ii. Milieu to tne existing surplus, gives fa'J.165 6C. The statements 01 the bonks of the three prim i* pal cities of the Union for the last week compare I with the previous ones nnd the corresponding time of IHCO as follows:? 7.-vm<. Prt>orit'. fptrir, Cirrolnt'o. It. York, Jan. 18. .$169,081,433 113,337. ir>9 2M*>.N>9 7 BUM 28 Boston, Jan. *1... C4,?' 9 686 tllilM S.6M#,277 #.849.8.71 Pbiin., Ji?u. to.... su.tniMuo 2o.t>v?,3U6 6,733,4 v.t 2,i.u ;&t> Total #?44,W92.178 189.466 892 441,439,996 l^OliwS ba*t week 247,987,'.'8'.) 160,807.266 3v.Wfi.Hl0 10.4*16,176 LaH year, 216,482,ItW 122,806,589 38,.'87,144 17,627,109 The following are lootings of the fortnightly returns of the Providence bunks for Saturday, January 18:? Capital $16,466,000 l-oana $19,238,700 Circulation 1,890.300 Specie. 402,1100 Depelts 2 899,200 Pills of otber 0 ks 867,7,00 Ilua other banks 1.071,600 llep. io other b'ks 898,600 Annexed is the statement of the Cunada banks for December 31:? nillo on Ctrrut'n. Dern'ti. Inlfrett. Hpf'tt. 7. Montreal.. $3,112,290 ?,?W,026 2,117.9^ 1,9 ?l.3Sl 8,09* 861 ?tirl>eo 686.946 362,316 266391 192.673 1,829.808 . Canaoa . IJW.OSS 2,398,790 3,819,2:8 9X5.4'',3 6 8M.48S Comnieratel.. 2,819,714 1,483.231 1.227,729 913,229 7.116,97.3 Cttys #74,138 338,312 3"2,833 36' '.33 1,806,873 Wore 806,87 4 39.1,9l:> 262,4,8 187,775 1,468,?.)I9 Bank N.Am.. 1,1.33,246 777.148 1.13" ,979 RS7,914 4,827,718 On l'eii| la . 222.070 409.942 242,770 360,621 1,718,163 It Di irlrl,.,. 288,96# 92,818 17.494 119,662 421 "74 Motion'*... ... .'219,49.) 373.. 817 .338.160 I7S.8S2 1,764,793 Tomato 667,464 133 6t'9 406,827 273,338 1,100,907 Onoirin 767,959 373,324 124,800 666.669 1.739,M F, To mi'..... 187.6,0 92;0.1 48,048 27.27# B6,f26 lii.nitioril ... it,(wt s-.ifi _ siiyi 6"roi Nallonnle .... 2?-2,/96 143,377 38.181 121.487 698,4 3 Total $13,062,041 9.41k), 164 73X37,2.15 40^6,472 m Some of, the Connecticut banks are changing heir place of redemption flroni Boeton to New York. The Bridgeport bauka are stated to have made the change already. The Chicago 7>-thune of tho 21st aaye:? Currency ts becoming sensibly easier. Oar bankers have beau rending excbanga Karl, and gelling in relum bank noles for circulation, Eastern and Traaanry notaa rorm now oar principal ekroulaling medium. New York sxuhange ia stiU abundant, but moat or the banks report Itasbade cloeer. It is Still freely sold at M, buying price, par. 8ome of tba banks have bad so much preened upon them from customers that they would be glad to exchangu round lota at tbe buying price, certainly at a very small fraction above. Tbe demand for gold has fallen off very considerably. Tbe baying range for tbe day waa lllil per cent; selling, 2 J* a 'iy%. Home of tbe smaller brokers may have charged three par cant on retail lots, bat it Is above tbe market. Tbe Milwaukee Sentinel of the 21et says:? Money matters continue dull and without material cliango. Tbe lack of activity in the produce market renders tbe supply of currency more nearly adequate to meet the demand, but bauk negotiations are still exclusively confined lo sight paper. We quote >? Buying. Selling. New York sight a X prem. 1 pram. Gold 2 a2}? prem. 3a4prem, Treasury notes % prem. 1 prem. Tbe rates for gold arc merely nominal, as tba demand for it is next to nothing. The Cincinnati Gazette of Tuesday says:? Currency, though not plenty, is working easier,and, there being a very light demand only for loans, good paper passes froely at 10 a 12 per rent. The reiorts from tbe several banking houses show irregularity lu tbe exchange business, some of the houses gilding it plenty and dull, while with others there wasa scarcity, and a liorht nrpiniiim viu ullnvptl in Kiivprtl ra**?a pjtriv in Lhn day; but thin Improvement was lost in the afternoon, and the market closed at % discount a par buying, and 34 a >4 premium selling. Gold was offbrcd at 102, but thore was no demand for it. The buying rate was 101. Some round lots have been shipped to New York within the last fow days. Trices were bettor thore to-day, ranging from 101X 102>4. Stock Exchange. Tui iisnav. Jan. 23,1862. $29000 USC's, "81.reg 89 100 shsPacMSSCo.b30 99 V 1000 I'SO's, '81,cou 8934 200 do b30 9034 1000US6?s,'810r 1 >iy87 200 N Y Central RR.. 8334 1000 Ohio 6 s, '60.. 93)4 100 do slO 8314 1000 Hi coup bs,'79 8O34 100 do 130 84 2000 do 80>4 60 Erie RR 3634 2000 do 8034 660 do...- 3834 1000 Virginia 6's.. 60 160 do b30 36)4 1000 North Car 6's 62'4 60 do b60 3534 17000 Missouri 6's.. 4234 100 do bl5 3634 20000 do .... b30 4234 260 Erie RR pref 58 2000 M6'S,ltHASJR 49 150 do blO 5834 1000 ER R4thmbds 78 200 Harlem RR...b30 13 1000 Hud R3dmbds 83 12 N Hav ft UtfdRlt 136 200O Har 1st m bds 100 200 Reading RR 3934 3000 MSo2dm ass'd 66 650 Mich Central RR. 64)4 . 3000 111 Ccn RR bds 91)4 100 do b30 5434 2000TH& A12Um 48 160 Mich8 & N IRK.. 2034 4000ToUVWablslint 7934 50Mich SkNIgs.. 41 4000 ToltWab 2d mt 44 50 do b6 41 1000 Mil AilMuClatm 87 34 5 PanamaRR 113)4 1000 Chic &RkIsbds 97 160 Gal it Chic RR.... 68)4 50000 Am gold...b30 10334 100 Clev A Tol RR.... 3834 8000 do 103)4 860 do 38 40000 do blO 10334 200 do b30 38 20000 do b30 103)4 600 Chic 4 Rock I RR 54)4 31000 do I0334 27 Mil & Pr du Ch RR 21 11 shsNatlonal Rank 87 130 Buff 4 State I, RR 120 270 Pac Mail SS Co.. 99 200 Little Miami RR.. 86 SECOND BOARD. $6600 use's,'81 ,cou 8934 25 shs Pac M SS Co . 99)4 13006 do 8934 10 Del & liud C Co.. 9034 20000 US 5's,'71,reg 7934 100 Erie RR 35)4 4000 U S 5"s,'74,cou 80 60 Erie RR prof..b30 68"4 2000 U S 6 s, '68, reg 89)4 91 Hud RJv RR 39 60O0 US68. 67.... 80 100 Harlem RR 13 1000 X Carolina 6's . 63 100 Mleh Cen RR .... 6434 2C00 Illinois War I n 78 6 MichS 4 N IndRR 20)4 1000 California 7's.. 7934 ?0 do 2034 6000 Virginia 6's ... 60)4 60 Mich SAN Tnd g's. 41 6000 Missouri 6'8. . 4234 100 111 Cen RR scrip.. 6234 1000 M6's!StoH48JR 49 100 Clev & Pittsb RR 16)4 15000 American gold. 103)4 360 Clev &Tol RR ... 38 10009 do 103)4 100 do b30 38)4 5000 do b30 103)4 100 Chic&Rkl RR.blO 66 6000 do b30 103)4 100 do 65 27 shs Pac MSS Co.. 99 600 do b60 66)4 CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. TuvitsuAT, Jan. 23?6 P. M. Asdes.?'The market was quiet and prices were steady: 'ales were limited at $6 26 for pots and at $6 37)4 tor pearls. BaKAiwrrm.?Flour?The market opened firm, but closed dull, under the tnfluonce of the foreign news, though prices were sustained. The transactions footed up snout 18,000 bhls., closing withiu tho following range of prices:? Superfine State. $5 45 s 5 56 Extra to fancy State 6 76 a 6 90 Superfine Western 6 46 a 6 65 Common \o choice extra Western 6 75 a 6 85 Canadian 6 76 a 6 50 SoulBern mixed to good superfine 6 80 a 6 30 Extra do 6 25 a 0 90 Good to choice family do 6 90 a 7 75 Rye flour 3 00 a 4 36 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 2 96 a 3 30 Canadian flour was in fair demand at rather better prices, while the sales embraced about 800 bbls. at the above quotations. Southern flour was Arm and in fair demand, while the sales embraced about 1,200 bblc. within the range of the above figures. Rye flour was in good demand at our quotations, with sales of about 260 bbls. Corn meal was in fair demand and firm at the above quo. tlone. Wheat was firmly held, the rise in sterling and cheapening of freights tended to increase the sales, which footed up about CO,000 bushels, in part for export. Poraa descriptions were better. The prices obtained were a* follows?$1 44 for common white Ohio, white Ixinp Island at private terms, $1 43 for amber Michigan, $1 42 for good red Western, $1 40 for red w.ntor State, M 34 a SI 35 for amber Iowa, SI 32 for good Milwaukee cl b and $1 31 for North western club. I Corn was in better request, especially after tho receipt i,f the foreign news, and sales embraced about 70,000 bushels, at 63)?c. a C4e. for Western mixed, in store, and "4)a'c. delivered, with some piimerld reported at 66c. a We , delivered, part old Jcisey mixed. Farley was firm aiid In grind demand, with sales of 1,200 bushels good state at 84c. Rye was Arm and in good demand, with sa'es < f 6,000 bushels State at 61c. Oats were dull and heavy. at 40c. a 41c. for Canadian and Western and 41 a 42c. for State. Cosnr.?The market was quiet but Irm, with sales of 60 bag Rio at 21u. an t 100 bags Java a' 20c. CJorroN.?Ttao market was unchanged, while sales wro confined to l'J5 a 130 bales, on the basis of 32c. a 33c. for middling upland*. The news from Liverpool was Consider! d favorable. Kkziohts.?Rate? were unsettled and somewhat irregular. To Liverpool 21 hiids. tallow wore taken at 25s., 100 par kag.s bacon end lard st 20s. 01. nud 300 bids. Hour at 2s. 61. To London 1,( 00 bbls. Hour at 3s., 260 bags clover seed at 32s. fld.,160 boxes bacon at 32s., 1,000 bins. Hour at 36s., by noulrul v?ss !?, nud 26o boxes bacon by an American ship at 32?. 0J. To Glasgow 300 bbls. flour *t 3s. To Havre 600 bid*. lard wen taken in , a foreign vessel at. |jc. per lb. And to Uordeanx 200 bb.s. lar I were engaged at i,c. In un American vessel. Wheat and Hour to Havre were unchanged. " Hay.?Tim market was steady at Sac. n 90c. for ship- ] ment, and at 90c. a $1 for good to prime, for city u .. Moi-'iS-K* ?Snlce of 'iO I.his. New Orisan.s were made at j 60c,. cash, with 100 hints. Cuba reported at 28c., and 60 do. Porto Rico, sold by auclii n. at 30c. "a 36c., cash. Vilai K-i.iirj S.l ', a , f n O Oil,, i|, a amrli, t irnM. i tino ?t $1 33, 350bbls. strained rosin nt $6 per barrel, and 152 bids. do. No. 2 at $? 76. Pr itwot'.?Pork?Tho market was quiet, but steady, and Ihe sales embraced nbout soo a 000 bbls. at $11 75 a 112 for old mesa. $12 37H a $12 6o for new m'sa, $'.< 25 1 a $9 60 for new prime, $13 :i7,'2 n $13 50 for city p. imo ijicsa, and $12 76 for Western do. Beef was Urm and iu ; nvlemto request, with sales of 250 bbls. at $11 60 a , $12 26 for plain moss, and $1.'! 50 a $14 for extra. Tierce beef waa tlrni, with Balis of 200 tiercos India miss at $24. Href bums were i;i fair demand and prices ilrm, with sales of 160 bbls. at *14 60 a $14 76 for Western. B iron was in moderate i cq est nnd prices less bin yant. Pales of 500 boxes were made at (V te. for city Cumber- 1 land cut, 7\fc. for City Ibort clrar, 7)go. fur Western do., ( and 6Kc. for Western loujt lib. I tressed In ,-s w> ro dull at 4c. Western, and 4l,e. lor city, I,ard wr.s heavy, while the sales embraced about rqo' bbls. at 7 '?c. a h c,., Ihe lower figure for No. 1 steam rendered. Butter and cheese were unchanged. Kt< k.? Owing to tlie government demand, prices woro quite linn: tales of 660 bags Pust li di.i at Or a 614'c. per pound. Sc ; *ns we ' steady, with sales i f about 600 hh Is. fu basw.tbtn the range of 7'4c. a 8'j'e., and 1,150 box"9 b own nnd white Havana at 7*jfc a 10'gc. BabT.?Liverpool continued in active demand, whiio prices were quite Ilrm sales of Ashton'c fine afloat was teported at $1 75, nnd of ground afloat at 90c. Tntks I-iiind was also iu good demand nnd eelitng at 23o. a 26c. Tho ?peruhttve Tee me was in part attributable to a prospective increase oi duty. Bkriis.?' lover nnd tinio'hy wero both quiet, and quotations in the absence of sales were nominal T.uiow was steady. Wo qumo prime city at 9'4'c. a , with a fair nmount of sale--. Tra.?The market was very drrn, while sales wero moderate. Bales to a fair extent of half chests of Oolong, fJouchong and Ankoi, were made at full prh es. fit* was In fair demand, with straits a1 2 tr a 21 He. 1 lates continued Arm, while prices were unch ingsd. Wrtxi snows ? Prices wero Ilrm, with salei ill 04c. for Fouth Be a, 73c. for Oehotsk atid 75c. for Polar. WinsKt Y.?Bales of 400 bbls. were made at 24>$o Markets. rmi.APKi.riiia stock noAnr. PniLArai.nnA,.Tan. 23,1802. !*ircK(? iirm. rennayivanta state ft'*, M. J*, a Hoc Knlirond, IP%\Morris Canal, 38; Ixiig Island llallrad, 10 'a; 1 mmsylvmila Railroad, UP%. Sight ex< oa New York at par. Pmumii'Hi*, .fan. 2.1,1812. Klonr flrm : galea 3,600 tibia. at |a '2a lor up Una. Wheat fltm : galea 7,000 buahels red at f 1 11 a $1 31 and white at $1 18 a ft 46. Corn doll : gain" 3 000 btt-diola .it 67?. a 58c. II a pork at (12 60. C< I'.cc?Bio at 19>ao a 20e. Whiskey Oriu al 26c. At.PAinT. Jan. 23, !8C2. Grain doll. Four rowed barley at, 78c. a80c. i,i car lotff WIllBkcf 11C, nre-^ged ho'a?I'ar'ret un< bante'd; receipt* moderate: Weelorn, fa 04 a $4 12, aud state $4 oo .i $126 lor nwdiotp to lic*cjr. m YORK HERALD, FRIB SHIPPING NEWS. ! luumc *?r n* tore?this bat. f Bit birr* 7 l? , room hub*. morn I A7 ; el un t W I Risa ?im ?*? > i Port of Hew York, January S3, INt, CLEARED. J Steamship Moo Daqui (bp), Lsrtitegul, Matanzas?J M Co hello,. | Ship Spitfire, Leach, Ban Paanclaro?WT Coleman A Co. Bhlp Albion, William*, Liverpool?Tai.acolt A Co. flhtp Isabel (Br). McDonald, Liverpool?Arkell A Hurst. Ship Quickstep, Wade, London?T Jiuuharn. ' Ship Ontario, Hosmer, London?Grlnnrll, Mlnturn A Co. < Ship Placataqua, Weeks, Cadiz?J W Elwell A Co. Bark Jane Daggett, , Glasgow?'T Dunham. Bark Aeronaut. Sherman, Demarara?J M Smith A Son. 1 Brig Mladi blavlauin (Aua), Handich, Queeuatowu?Wm 1 Salem ACo. , Brig Halear (Mez), Batista, Taroplco? King A DeVene. Schr H E Bell. Murchle, 81-al, Ac?Miller A Houghton. 1 Schr R Post. Brewster, Havana?N II Brlgham. Bohr Be* flllpper. Green, Halifas?J Hunter A Co. Emellue, Denuisou. Key Weal?McCready, Molt ACo. ' let,* I T Knii.lm.n ? < Bear Jamas Bteele,' Jivtin. Fortress Monroe?McCready, j Mott * C<>. Scbr Wide World, Adams, Baltimore? McCready, Mott A j Belir N F Wood, Potter, Baltimore?Meater. ! Bohr Home, Shuts, Haltiinore?McCready, Mott A Co. ' BcbrL Hopkins, Egbert, Drummondtown?J W McKee. ' Scbr II Hickman, Biased, Snow 11111?A C Havens. 1 Bchr Mail, Jonea. Snow Hill?A C Harem. 1 RrhrS Godfrey, Russell. Buena Viala? Maater. 1 Scbr Cornier, lliggins, Boa ton?J W McKee. 1 Bcbr Meteor, Davis, New Bedford?II 8 Beckett. Hchr N B Borden, Bennett, Fall Hirer. 1 Scbr Colorado, Bhewherd. Greenwich. ARRIVED. i H B M steam gunboat Kacer, Commander Lyons, Bermuda, Jan 18. ] Steamship Atlantic (D S transport), Eldridge, Port Royal, SC. Jan 20, 2Ji PM, with passengers and mall*, to U B t^nar- i termaster. Ship DeWllt Clinton, Peering, Liverpool, Dec 24,' wltheoa], j to master. 18th Inst, 1st 41 16, Ion 62 10, passed sbip E Bulk- , ley, Hobs, hence for Havre. . Ship Hortensia (of Boston). Brver, Liverpool, Dec 2. in ' ballast, to master. Hud heavy W galea during the eutire passage. . Sbip Aqni'a (of Bath). Oliver, London, 32 days, in ballast, ; to Nesmith A Hons. Sbip White Squall, Coleman, London, 26 days, in ballast, to 1 Crocker A Warren. ; Sbip Florence Nightingale (of Boston), Holmes. London, \ 26 days, In ballast, to Crocker, Wood A Co. Had light East " winds to ion 40, since then heavy W gales: night of 10th lust, ! In a heavy gale, Francis N Harding, second officer, was blown , overboard from the fore topaailyard and drowned. Nov 10, , on the outward passage, Edward Golden fell overboard from 1 the main tiippallantyard and was drowned. Ship Dorcas Prince (of Yarmouth. Me), Meady, Havre, Dec , 16, in ballast, to Nesmith A Sons. 1 Ship Johanne Wllhelmine (Brem), Thiemann, Havre, 31 days, with rndse and 31 passengers, to Funch, Meinckc A , Wendt. ' Ship Caroline (Brem), Strieker, Bremen, Dee 4, the Lizard 30 days, with lead, to ? l'avenstedl A Co. Had some heavy <1 W gales from the Banks. Ship Realm, Nichols, Antwerp, 31 days, in ballast, to Rob- . son A Fnsdick. ISth lust, ofl' Sable Island, saw a sloop of about 20 ions, mast gone and full of water; 20th, lut 41 40, ion 6.140, saw Br ship Tasmania, bound E. * 8 Bark Balder (Nor), Ueudricksen, Bristol, 74 days, In bal- I last, to order. 8 Bark Advance (Br, of Yarmouth. NS), Cain, Cardiff, 70 days, via Bermuda 8 days, with coal, to Boyd A Hlncken. I Put into Bermuda with lois^il sails and short of provisions 8 and water, having experienced a succession or westerly I gales the eutire passage. 1 Bark Houston, Share, Cork, Dee 13, In ballast, to Wakeman, Dimon A Co. Jan 14, lat 39, Ion 67. suoko Br bark Eliza 1 Chalmers, from Portugal for New York, 22 days out. Bark Scln, Follansbee, Dublin, C3 days, in ballast, to J O Baker A Co. Had heavy W weather the entire passage. c Bark Alalanta (Brem), Bulling, Bremen, 49 days,In bal- < last, to Ilennlngs A Gosling. Bark Memel (Prus), Buschke, Antwerp and Flushing, S3 j days, with mdse, to W Salem A Co. Had very bad weather. . Bark Antioch (of Custine), Clausen, Glbrultar, Dec U. i n hullast, to Metcalf A Duncan. Dec 31, lat 32 02, Ion 4110, in a , beavy gale from W8W to WNW, sprung mainmast, split fore topsail and fore topmast staysail; the gale lasted 96 hours, , with a very heavy sea; had the wind from WSW toWNw from Dec 20 to Juh 11, blowing a gale moat of tbe time. 17th , Inst, lat 37 03, Ion 63 60, spoke bark Avon, of Boston, hence , for Valparaiso. , Hark Win O'Swald (Ham), Hell, Rio Janeiro.60 days, via , Delaware Breakwater 6 days, with coffee, to Win Scott A , Sons. Brig Francis J King,, London, 39 days, in ballast, to i R H Post. ' Schr John Tilton (Br, of Halifax), Hartllng, St Jobna, l'R, . Dec 12, In ballast, bound to Halifax. Put In here for repairs. having nail a is w gale on 2a inst, lut ?u, ion 07. in wnicn spin 1 lnrfall and jib. Ktove bulwark*, and was driven 8 a* far a* lat 3140. Ion 6331. Sellr Washington, Smith, Deal's Island, 3 days. i Schr A Stewart, Nlckersnn, Deal's Island, 3 days. j Schr Enterprise, Dolton, Elizabeth port. Fehr Velina, Stsnwood, Eliraheinportfor Asplnwall. i S-'hr Dart, Johnson, Eli/ubelliportand sailed for Stamford. Schr O C Acken, Feck, Elizabcthcort, and sailed for Stain- v ford. Sloop Wasp, Nash, Ellzabethport, and sailed for Bridgeport. Steamer Oetarcira, McLaughlin, Baltimore. Steamer Pelican. Baker, Providence. BELOW. ; Ship Sardtnls, Perdition, trom Liverpool, Dhc IS, to Saml . Thompson's Nephew. Ship Lincoln, from Havre, previously reported below, has slnco arrived at Boaton. BAILED. None corvette Nornen, hi Thomas; Br steamship Cleator, Kingston, Ja; Sp steamship Noc Duqui, Matauzaa; US transport Ma'unrns, Port Royal, SC. 23d?Ships Marathon (Br), Liverpool; Plymouth Rock, London; St Genevieve (Fr), Havre; Chace. Antwerp; Robt CushniMii, and Atalanta, Philadelphia; barks Onward, on a cruise; Maria Morton. Malaga; Citizen, Asplnwall; brigs Euianuel (Nor), Cork; To; densk.old (Nor), Rotterdam; Courier (Ilam), Rio Orande; Conception (Met), Tamplco; Hsroine (Br), Santa Martha; LlnwooJ (Br), Guadeloupe; sclirs Calista. Asplnwall, Clilton (Br). Point i'etre; Sarah, Havana; Lulaita, St Jago; L M Manguin, Zaza. Wind ataunietNNE. American Shipmasters' Association, Nos 87 and 88 Merchants' Exchange. The following.approved odlcti s have received oerlflcaUs of this associstlona Captains Nicholas Tucker, hirk David Chapln; Jasou D Lelghtcn, brig T W Sawyer; James (1 Carr, late of schr Peedee; CSlin R Willlama. ship Mode;n Times; Simeon Pepper, ship Event; Henry A L Pouer, achr EH Miller; Jaa Spencer, mate in ship'Trunibull; Chun D Multtiewa, hark Mary Anna; Wm F Goodburn, late of hark Gertrude; Albert H Burwrll, ship Au.oi rat; Horace A Wilson, ship Cheltenham; Ben) Watllngton, ship Richard Alsop. Herald Marine Correspondence. 8T GEORGE'S, Bermuda, Jan 14?Brig Thus M Mat hew, from New Vork. arrived on the IOih. She mnde land hers on the 26th Dec, but was blown off by heavy NW galea, and was out 20 day s. Br burk Barzullar. McKeuzlr, from New Yore for Cork, an. bored lo F"-e Fathom Hole on the 12th, leaking nnd cargo bitted; hail been out 32 < a s. Agents. Higgs A Hylaiid. Hi brl Ho\np?, Lewis, from Cardiff for New York, arrived at tlnmilton on the 12th. with loss ot bowsprit and soiueaaiis ami in want ot provisions. Br brig Isnly Chapman, Hulfoul, from Jarmel for New Yolk, arrived ul H.iuil.tou on the 13th, in dutr.i I, leaky and with lnasaf suils. Bark John Avilea, Los, from the Cnaat of Africa for Boa- I ton. anchored In Five Fu.ho'u llo:<; morning of the 141b, lu vanlof provisions aud home 11 pairs to wiudliisa; w ill | ru bahly getaway In a couple of duys. Agent*, Htggs Allyland. llrlg AY A Tarkr. front Philadelphia for Bath, Me, arrived on the 11th. with loaa of sails and tigging aud leaky. Same ugrntB. Brig fO day* from CaiilifT foi New York, unchored In Five l efboiii Hole on the 14th, leaking and otherwise 'afared. She liaa 1 e o on the roaHt several limes, onrc o lihtn it) miles of Sandy Hook, and blown acroaa the Calf Stream four tluica. Same ag> ills. Miscclla neon*. We me indebted to Mr.I B Kurdbatn, parser of steamship Atlantir, from Port Royal, SC, for a full Hat of passengers, vea-ela left In port, Ac, Bee Correspondence above. Smr Auk WRIGHT, ashore ri of the Highlands. II"* high tip on the I itch, and at low water a p i-o<i an walk around her. She remains pertcclly tight. Light' ra will be ami to receive lier cargo. Sttir York. from Val oncls, Spjjin, for Lewiston, D< 1, pre" vlo'olv h i oriea wreckeil on t o t u.i? of North Caroliua, is h Hi lush vess I. The captain and crew arrived nt Fortress Monroe ou Ilia 2 Mb iu?t, uuaeia Hag of truce from Crancy , Island. Bark (Jen Conn, Haskell, a* Boston from Havre, report* I Jib in: t. li nt ovei board Hro Mnriay, s' Stnan, ag- I 18 years. t 11k Hriu Ina. I.anc. y, li 'nce Dee 2# for Netivltits, rnn upon ' i re I about 0 tniles F. ui the mouth of the bar "r of Ncuvllaaonthe night .if lUth Inst. The vessel lies in a very bad position, aud is likely lu be u total loss, Bkio Biack Hawk, ashore 7 miles S of Hqiian Inlet, Is 277 ton , rates A2, and nits built In lK.xi at ll.inItig'.on. Me, where she is own. d; not Insured. SruR Mahai.a, from l'rinr. Edward Island for Halifax' . l ink ntr Country 11 irlior, wa - in 1831 at Plymouth', Ms' . 102 ions, and owned in New London. Scitn Kn wants, of Ellsworth, sshore at the Polnl, Newport, i liii- beeu ht adi <1 some 2U leul oil snore an i righted; other- ! wise she r. main . the sama as bciore, receiving no damage I ami perfectly tight. Sciik Kit Carson, Smith, at Gloucester from Fortune Bay, ' NF, reports llih Inst, lest overboard Kichard Wheat. i, oi (Unui e -r. lie was about 2d years of ago. and leaves a wife and cb.l'l. F hr< Flytn.t Cloud, and Ellis' th, of Cumberland, lost j bo'h anchor- ami chains on Sunday, by . e b,. ? srtlng when they were al anchor oir Chebsugue I lam F lirs Florida, F Mitchell and Texas also went idiift. The 'rcxasluat both lluki - of her anchor, and I..11I0J with sloop Leader, . art,, lug aw..y inu imHi ? ooMspiu. Ship Marathon, 483 85-hSlhs ton*, built *t Rowilntnham, Mo, 111 N'.l, ?M tolU ut tho I' Exoliungo l?fd Inst for I SOi. <>, to Dutllli Cook A Co. I'rlc ? hr Ocean Wave, a handsome vrfsol of ?tiout 2oO 1 tons '01 tlio.ii, wm sold In l^ilndelpliia 2trh Inst by tho I' 8 Marshal, nml brought $2'iM). lleriargo consisted ol 13 IiIhh molasses, 3 ilo moss io>r*, au J various other articles, and nai also nolil nt fair prices. H-hr I,la May was sold at Uiillln.ore 20lb Inst, by the U 9 Marshal, lor jS'.K). ACiiiu?Tho undersigned, master of tho schr Wondcrer, J m Ellsworth, Me, desires to esprcsa his irailtuda for, mid hi h uppreclntlon oi. the humanity snd disinterested!!' ss of ('apt tiiayes, ol the Bt lglau liarlt Lanvcra .is, w ho 1 .? i ,1 to Ms vessel unit crow rescued myse'f an.I crow .ruin a % mi (toy grave, white our vessel w us in iiiioilnciu danger of i foundering <1 ring a gale on the Hth of Jaumtry Inst, and Ids ( subsequent k nid ireuuiieii! to us during oor siuy on lioai d of the Lanveraois. CHAItLES E BELLA I'TKY. LaCHCiucn? Vt Canton, Mil, last week, a handsome bark' built lor C.ipt J co W II ugg, of Baltimore, she is 1.11feet lung on 'It k, 2d feet 4 In In * m ain and 17 feet hold, and is , alioin t 0 tons mt asiiroinenl. Hlic Is designed for general \ fr< ig'.it w, snd h i* to en mneellod to combine capacity for stowage and good sailing 'pialules. I Notice to .llarlneri. csiliiat dlrictl iis ioi entering im, buroorof rort Royal, RC, may he lound iti tew* columns. ( Whalemen. .. Capt Or -en, of hat k Msss.ichusi tts, Mil, reports It > nolufu Nov fi, with WW wh on ooaro. Had ahtuped sis*) lbs I hone to Han Krani Is-o p, r brtg Hhcrt Anchor. Would crulaa t on the Line, and to Oohotsk nest wason. Hit.. Chare's W, llamlltun, Nit. at Honolulu, re ports hut Honolulu April ?7, went on the (h hotsk M..v .8; lound a great dt ?l of h c and fog at Mor urjr Ha; d rutg'.'utie ; ud July, and whales senfee si tirsi Went tiiu> ilia saioo l ay igatii, and crulS'd tliere 'luring August and September, siel found whales plentiful then j took 8 whales there t '?p- t turcil hrsl wlalc June 20. lalltUJN, Ion I4n . tl li; last on* ' oil Uchotsk City It 113 Haw most whale* In Mer try Itsy Had tolerably good westh> r tin ughotu the season. Ut t 1? . It II'.o.l, h . ' Ini.K l.rt,. T el- .. I n I>'ii miiiiil on" lUlit w *1"?"'riH'k ?ii"l I nt on right wlial" ntitl lour bowno * tin u'li * .'ft< nti runt Ivul woft'lirr, ' * hlih would pioiiul ly li.ii' ni?'t* US in *11 til*) hi I* this * i- ' a n; two nf our wluib Wore I*. ; one h glit wlml" mads ;0;*, the othrr, n bowlifkd, l#6 bills. Mi John Williams, 2 i oili. rr, hft.1 In* luin I li i . y Injured hy tiio but -t 04 of 11 bonili gun, Wh lo la-i to a rlgh' whale; ho h a however, recovered from his injure r, at hue 1 ?t li.s fori! Hi 1; i.o.t tie O-ti tsh ami eamr thmurh th" Ottlh pn'sur l> I'll, ant had light Ml wind* lor 3 ue^s; Itlltli, la 4>.?JN,lnn 1711' M. 1 in ouiiicri il a never- gale from \t N w, w li li I.?t d lor IS i In 11 rot lav to muter likie uoirt .or 14 limua, and I01I tho itor- | t aid nud bo>v boat* oil ibecifttio*. Took the wale**uoiig 1 AT, JANUARY 24, 1862. n lat 30. and nrrM ihem to the Inland*', touched. off Labali* No* 13. end *r at Honolulu nail iltjt Bark Liwrence. Speucer, kt Honolulu Nov 24 from Ocbotak Ira, report* left M.oury Bay Ch i 21 a ooui|>aiiy with bark* lebn P Weal, Tinker, KB, witb I2u0 obi* tbi* irtMn. and Camilla, Prentice, do, full?lb* Mdo, NB, waa to leave neat lay, alao full. l|Mk*B, 4tC. Shlo Invincible trom Liverpool lor NYork, Dae SI, at AM kM off t he aarrriea Ship Tigteea, Iicn<e for Ravra, Jan M, lat 41 IS, Ion 89 04. Ship G Kimball, Harm, from Boatou for Liverpool, Jan 4, at 43 44, Ion 34 43. Forelfa Porta. Bakwrna, Jan ft?Arr brut briga Kxorlaior. Talbot, NYork; lib, tlyba (Nor), Anderaou, Nanlca for NYork, in ittriH; Kb, iteamer Royal Bride (Br), Smith, England for NYork, lo; 13lh, bark Buraallar (Mr). M Kenzle, NYork for Cork, d ; Daigx Lady t'bapman (Br), Bulford, Jacinel for NYork, do; Komm (Br), Lvlt, Cardiff for NYork, do. (See Correajoudenen above.) CaUDfcffaa. Jan 8? Arr bark Plrtadev, Knowing, Havana; lOtn.brig* Kenibaw, Stevena, NYork; I6th, Ague (Br), Nelion, Portland. CiKHouauoH, Jan 8?Arr Br brig Milton, Pangere, Boaton. Havana, Jan 18? In portateauier Cuba (rebel), McConnell, for Coata Rlra; ahip Bamberg, Wilner. unc; barka Integrilad IS pan), Ferrer, for NYork; S W Ilolbniok, Small; 0.11a, Aabby; Merrimae,Strnut; Fred Lennlg,Sumner; Clrowler, Watt*, and Oharlea Edwin, Havena, unc; liriga Allianre (Br), llicka, for NYork; Crouatadt, Adnnm, for Boaton; Oriima,

Hukrr for a a Oh.nn.un I ? r.nt 11.,.,. mo; Creton, Eddy; K G Adams, Carver; W U Clark, riofl* a; Ella Rc?d, Davis: Crimea, Hlchborn. and Edwin, Webber, nnc; achra Chas II Molh-r, Allen, for NYork . Major Barbour [Br), Roberts, and J W Wilder (rebel). Capello, for Matainoroa; Florence Holers, Beatty; New Year (rebel). Clayton, tnd Three Brothers (rebel), Renaud, unc; and the recent arrivals. Cld lflth, srhra AB Terry, Patrick, NYork; 17th, Billow [Br), (liven, do. . Matamzah, Jan 16?Arr bark Harry Booth, Chlproan, Wlstaeai't. Hid 14th. Br schr Emma, McGuIre, Portland; 16tb, brig (lee Harris, Htowere, NYork. Neuvitas, Jan 12?In port barks Oregon, Sloan, for Europe Idg; Nueget (Br), Pownlow, from NYork arr 10th; brigs A P Ken no (Br); Mussels, for do 4 days; Thos Owen, Petlenglll, for do Ida; schra T Ra\ mond, Mat, for do do; R L Tar, Shepherd, l'rom do arr2d ;'Kaabec, Aekley, from do arr 8tn. Brig [na. Lancay, from NYork, la ashore 0 miles E of the mouth >f the harbor (see Mlacel). Per Steamship City or New York, opvCapb Race?TklsCKAPRIC.l Arr from NYork Jan 1, David Kimball, at Rt Nnzaire; 4th, Deutoarv, at Limerick; Beaver, at Uaiway; Kufus Chonte, at Havre; 6th, W II Townsend, at Plymouth; Arctic, and Hero, it Falmouth ; Glud Tidings, snd Comux dure, In the Clyde; (riadne. at Dublin; Charles 8 Pennel), at Bristol; Lucy A Elizabeth, at Gloucester; Flying C.oud, Star Cross, Howard, Norwegian, Caravan, and Yorkiown, at Deal: Jennie Beats, tnd Lizzie Homan, at Liverpool; 6th, Belle Wood. Jeremiah rhunipson. Excelsior, and Aurora, at do: 7th, Mars, and Baker, at Queenstown; Conciliator, and James Ricung, at Kingstown. Arr from Philadelphia Jan 6. Pioneer, ?t Belfast. Arr from Baltimore Jan 6, Bremcrhaven, at Cowes; W H Newman, and Theresa, at Dublin. The B.ivne, from New York for Fleetwood, was abandoned Jec 11. Crew saved. The Northern Light, from Tlavre for New York, was abanloned Jan 7, after collision. Crew saved. The Wild Ranger, from London for Boston, put into Fal. nouih, leaky, having been In collision. The Edward Everett, from Amsterdam fnr Baltimore, 1s tahore near Dunkirk, with masts gone. The captain and inrt of crew saved. One boat, with part of the crew, mlslng. (Latest via Queenstown.) Arr from NYork, K Ames, and Hpear, at Dublin; Albonl, tt Dover; Valetta. at Deal: China, at Liverpool; Union. In be Ci.vde; Manuel, Vaut. Reull, and Norge, at Queenstown; Derwent, at Belfast: Manchester, and Owego, at Liverpool. Arr from Phlladelph'n, Elizabeth Watts, at Deal: Westnorcland, Wellington, and Timour, at Liverpool. American Porta. BOSTON, Jan 22?Arr bark (len Cobb, Haskell, Ilavre. Signal for a brig. Cld schrs Gen Byron, Lowell, St Jago; G J Fogg, I'rlnee, Tangier; J F Carver. Itumrill, Baltimore. tl<l, wind E to N light, with snow, Br steamship Canada (at 2:30). Bark Ualilaz and brig Bird of the Wave remain at incborin the roada. BRISTOL, Jan 22? Sid schr Thos Borden, Wrightington from Philadelphia), Fall River. FALL RIVER, Jan 22-Sld sloop Isaac H Borden, Collins, NYork. GLOUCESTER, Jan 18?An- schrs OW Rawlev, Allen, \ icrina inr runMuuiiui; 1i u mug, .ncuregor, new iorK mr Calais; Sarah, Holdrn, ilo for Rockland;-20th, brigs Excelilor (Br), Horton, N8, for NYork; Moneea, Phillips, Santa Irur for Bangor: schrs Grand Island, Hlatuhford, NYork for Newburyport; William, Dunham, do lor liath. NEWPORT, Jan 21?Sid brig Edward F Newton, Gardner, NYork. NEW HAVEN, Jan 22?Arr sehrs Roht F Stockman, Van 31esf. Maryland; Yankee Doodle, Van Cleaf, do. PHILADELPHIA, Jan 32?Arr ship Clyde, Berry, Bristol, E, via NYork; bark Old Hickory. Holmes, Havre. Cld schr las Salterthwalte, Maloy, Cardenas. PORTLAND. Jan 21?Arr steamer Chesapeake, Crowell, NYork. t;ld bark Diligence, Young, Cardenas; acbr E W Pratt, Nickerson, Baltimore. PROVIDENCE, Jan 23?Arr steamer Ospray, Kenney, NYork. WISCAS8ET, Jan 21?Sid bark Pleiades (new, 521)$ tons), fates, Philadelphia. _w. . . ~ 8IHPPISG. "" ~ 777 Notice to passengers for europe.-by or dcr of the Secretury of State, all passengers leaving the United States, are required to provide theinselvea with passports before they will be allowed on board the steamer. Passengers will not be subjected to any trouble or delay in procuring them, if they call for instruction* at the Company's nfl.cea, 15 Broadway. N. Y. JOHN O. DALE, Agent. Steam weekly between New York and Liverpool, landing and embarking passengers at Uuccnstown, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company Intend d> apalchlng their full powered Clyde built iron steamships, as follows:? GLASGOW Saturday. February 1 CITY OF WASHINGTON Saturday, February 8 and every Saturday, at noon, from Pier 64 North river. Rants or psssaoc. First cabin $75 I Steerage $30 " to London 80 I " to London 33 " to Paris 85 I " to Parts 38 " to Hamburg.... 85 | " ta Hamburg.... 35 Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp. Ac., at equally low bates. Persona wish;tig to bring nut their friends can buy ticket* here at the following rates, to New York ?From Liverpool or Queenstown, "rat cabin, $75, $85 and $105. Steerage, from Liverpool, $10. From (jueenstowii, $30. These steamers have superior accommodations for passengers. and carry experien ed surgeons. They are built in w iter tight iron section*, and have patent Ore annlhllatora on board. For further Information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM INMAN, Ageut, 22 Water street; In Glasgow to ALEX. MALCOLM, No. 5 St. Enoch square; in Q in-mlown toC. A W. D SEYMOUR A CO.; in London to EIVB8 A MACKY, 61 King William street; In Paris to JULES 1'ECOUE, No. 5 Place de la Bourse; in Philad-lphla to JOHN O. DALE, 111 Walnut street, or at the Company's offices. JOHN <J. DALE, A.,cnt, 13 Broadway. New York. The British and north American royalmail Steamships. PASSPORTS.?All persona leaving (he United States will require to have passports from the authorities of their re peelire countries, countersigned bjr the Secretary of State irt Washington, or by the passport agent at port of embarkation. FROM JtKW VOIta TO LIVKHfOOL. Chief Cabin l'aasa $1!? Second Cabin Passage 7# i'KVS BOSTOK TO LIVERPOOL. Chief Cabin Passage $110 Second Cabin Passage 60 The ship* from New York call at Cork harbor. The shlpi; from Bnsiou call at Hallfa? and Cork harbor. PERSIA, Capt. Judktna. AKK1CA, Capl. Shannon, ARABIA. Capt J. Stone, CANADA, Capt. J. Lelich, ASIA. Capt. K *1. Lott, AMERICA, Capt. Hockley, AUSTRALASIAN, NIAGARA, Capt. Moodie, Capt. Cnok, El'ROPA, Capt. Anderson, SCOTIA (now building). These vessels Curry a clear white light at must head; green on starboard bow; red on uorl bow CANADA, Mulr leaves Boston, Wednesday. Jan. 22. AltAtl.A. Shannon, leaves New York, Wed sduy, Jab. 21) KURtil'A, Anderson, leaves Boston, Wednesday, Feb. fi AFRICA, S on , leaves New York. Wed'sdsv, Feb. 12 NIAGARA, Hoodie, leaves Boston, Wednesday, Feb. !# ASIA. Lutt, leaves New York, Wed'sday, Feb. 26 Bci ths not secured until paid for. An cvperieneed surgeon on board. The own< re oi then, ships will not he accountable for Cold, Silver, Bullion. Specie, Jewelry, Precious Slopes or Metals, unle?s bills of lading are signed iherefor and the value the: oof therein expressed. Fur freight or pa-age, apply to E. Cl'NARD, No. 4 Bowling green. S~TE.\TfTO LONDONDERRY. GLASGOW AND LIVERPOOL?The Montreal Steamship Coinnanv's drsi class, full power'd, Clyde built steamer IIIHERNIAN, Captain lioaiiv.e, eairj Ing the Canadian and United Stales mails, will sail from Port laud, next Saturday, Jan. 29. Kates of passage rrom New Yorku-rlrat clus, nrcordlng to acrommodallon, I" i and $'>6; so ersgr, faun i with good ptwtrf loos, $ ,u. tin [P.rates issued for or nglug out passengers from all the principal towns In tlreai Bilt un and lie snil.nt very low rater. For passage a| ply at 2 fr adwsv. New kork. SABEL .; SKARLE, tic leral Agents. nAMUl KG AMERICAN RACKET COMPANY Steam In London, Havre and Southampton, The favorite first class and eh gout Iron mall steamship MAXONIA, II. Elilera, commander, snying the ruin <1 Slates mall, sails from pier No. 21 North river, foot of Fulton street, positively on SATURDAY, February 1, tod takes passengers lor Hamburg, London, Havre and Southampton at the lolhitViiig rales.? First rahin $10') 4 rood rabln M) Htecragc . 35 For passage apply exclualvelv In C. B. RICHARD A BOAS. 191 Brnadwav, N. T. T'HK NORTH GERM VN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP II ANSA I 11. J Von San'en, commander, carrying the United L': ite mall, w ill sail from pier 30 Norlh river, foot of Chambers siren t. on SATURDAY, Febriim . 19, at 12 o'clock M., run BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, aking Dasseneera to LONDON. HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, It the billowing rates:? F< r Iho tir>t eabin, $100; s cond cabin, $60; steerage, $35. For freight or passage apply to OKLKH IIS A CO , 88 Broad street tViR LTVERPOOI?TA PHCOTTS LINE .-SAILS THIS ilay s up \ UlItlN, iroin juor No. 6 North river, and iblp ROl-Kit I' L. LANE sails Jan 29, from p er No 5 North Ivor Fo is?n'e, at low rites, apply to TAPdCOTT A CO., 81} South street. FIOll LiVlTRPOOL. DRK A DNoFt JUT UN E?THE cllj ier ship Victory, Captain Aln worth, will positively la lions turday. Jam aty 29, tlOo'r'ok A. M , when pasleiiccrs ni'iat be on 1 nui'l. F r pa-sage, low .. t rates, apply >n board, pb r No. 9 North ri\ r or to P. M. OEM \KIMT, 40 South street. I/Or- CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA, r A llrsi elsss steamer will leat e Ni w York on the 1st, kith Hid 21st of each month, except wlum theac datealail on Hunlay, when the day of departure will be on the Monday folowlng. For fcght or pas-age apply at the only olllee, No. 5 Rowng Green. D. B. ALLEN. Agent. I 'm" 11 v \n \ ill i. UNlflU Sl'ATErt MAIL I steam-hip t OLUM III A, R. Adams Pulled Stales Navy, ' nil Hu.ler, w 111 I n\ e pi r No. 4 N rth river, 011 Thursday, Ian . iry 30. at 12 o' lock n on precisely. Passengers are rep.est< .IP, proi ore their pass; rts before going onboard. K r l e , lit ? passage apply to Hl'OFFOKD, TlLESTON A SO , 2d Broadway. IIOTI.LR. v 11 it 1. 1 11 niv 7.17 iniiiiinviv i-onsKR tut H Ninth iirivt. A few Room* to lot to lamiUe* or nmm i. i'ii, nt in I.'iut price a. Mfiil* Rt all lioura. table 1 It ilt- in 0 ci stock. WATCHES AMU JEWELRY. JU'tl tllUt Woll I'll OK UOI.n WATCHER (AMONtt "'Hf.iluU v. l> n' Mima of the tlnrat evri' n ?1r) to it . ill qi'n i in -i'|i f ir reel "RtRi*. A lilreRR, etci it iliini n cf | io. y. W . tclii R, box 1,127 Host ofllce. EXPREIRKI. I T III NIIA.M . KI.KMTl'KE EXPRlifl* AM) PACK\ i; i i- ... f hi \t, i Ki"ieiith at mat. between I-., ii mi i Mtit'i a' nun > bono ln<lit t nrnlturi' Inneil anil alitp tiHtU pat1 : v pi IU i vt i- it ?. h"'?' remorlBg uiuUnraof liiH'lci. runtllnre atorod. 1 I SAL.KH OK KKAL KST1TE. ABKAUTIKULfOUK KTOKY BROWN 8TONE FRONT Houm; t Memeiil unit rib-cellar. with all lb? luuderu iir>nr<iv?ni**i>iM on Hrnoklvii Huii?hi? fUl PiJnmhu atruai i?.L Cwnr Commute row, with a tine view or New York uav, will i mid very cheap on easy terms. For further particulars apply to or address t. btiopaou, 34 aveuue D. A choice from ssr.ouo of the very ?e*t of Southern Paper given for a Country Residence, by a party retiring troui business. Some muuey might be added. Any InrorniulloD from STEPHEN Jl. PIERCE A CO.. No. 6 Plue street. Aoood three story and high basement brown etoue House fur sale, ou We?t Thirty -iir.t street, between Broadway and Seventh aveuu'e, A)xS6\ 122 in complete order, with full conveniences. Price $7.00(1; warranted eb< ap. C. a. PRATT, No?. 4 and t> Pine street. AT BELMONT?TWO-THIRDS OK A MILE FROM depot, on the llarb ni Railroad, an elegant Villa, in Cried order, with about one acre of land, cunt-ilmug four-n rooms, bath, water closet, dumb water, Ac. The garden is sio ked with full grown bearing irult trees, grapevine and shrubbery; barn, stables, Ac.; will be sold low. Apply to A. m. CORN, ty Exchange place. Brooklyn lots (88)?superior location-kor sate on easy terms, er to exchange for Western lands. They lie handsomely near the business street; are of constantly Increasing value and good neighborhood. SOUTUW1CK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. Brooklyn <cliston avenue) property for sale.?Six Lota, with hrsl class House. 40x411, with pm//n. furnaoe, range, gas, bath and rloseis, stable In rear, with water: garden has peaches. cherries, pears aud grapes, which cannot be surpassed. Apply on premises, third house southwest frotn Myrtle avenue, or at 31 Spruce si reel, N. y. CASH OR HARDWARE?WILL 8F.LL LOW FOR THE above, a lirst rate three awry House and Lot, 21xL 0 feet. Price $10,UUO. Rented lie pact year for J1,0UU. Address Merchant, box IDS Ilerald office. Farm wanted?in exchange for a residence on the banks of the lludsoD, tlity minutes from Tulrtieth street, or for city property, rented for 10 per cent of lis vuluo per annum; Westchester county preferred, near a sta tion ou the Hudson River or Harlctn Railroads Address Farm, box 98 Post odioe, siatiug size of furm, situation, price, Ac. For sale?or will exchange for improved Property in New York or Brooklyn, a beautiful Mansion in Poughkeepsie, three acres of Laud, highly improved, choice fruit, and very desirably located. CLARK A UODDARD, No. 83Cedar streaf, American Excuange Dank Building. Iftor sale?to people with 8mall incomes.? For Cottage Houies aud small Farms, see advertisement of Viueland. For sale?a farm of 55 acres, three miles t roiu Newark, at lrvlngton, N. J., suitable for gardening. For sale or exchange, a Farm of 100 acres, three miles front Newark, on road to Elizabeth, N. J. JOHN WHITEHEAD, 145 Market St., Newark.n.j. For sale?a well built frame house no 40 East Thirtieth street, near Madison avenue; lot extra size, 26K by half the block. Neighborhood llrst class. Will be sold low. Apply St 127 Bowery, corner of Grand street. For sale?at prices to suit the times. twenty new Brick and l'ratne Houses, in Seventy-eighth and Eighty-second streets. In the best improved parts of Yorkvtlle, at prices from $2,600 to fi.OOO. and on accommodating terms of payment. Apply to JOHN TURNER, at the paiut store. Eighty-sixth street and Third avenue. For bale-to persons out of health.-for delightful climate, see ativei ilsemcnt of Yineluiid Farms tpor SALE?IN BROOKLYN, e. d., A FIRST CLASS borhood; finished with modern improvements, mi l replete with all conveniences. About two-thirds may remain. Address Brooklyn, box 2d3 Herald oilice. I^(?R SALE?OR WOULD EXCHANGE FOR OOOD PAYlog Tenement Property, lightly mortgaged, In this city, a first class Farm of over 101) acres of tlie best land in Middlesex county, New Jersey, tree and clear of Incumbrances; good improvements. Apply to JOSEPH McUUI RE. tS6 Seventh street, mornings, or at 125 East Forty-ulnlh, evenings. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-A VERY VALUABLE Mill Property, situated at Ur^en Bay, Wisconsin, with 23 fine Building Lots end 1,500 acres of Land, with everything rci|uisite for doing a large business with the mill. An exchange w.II be made for goods or real estate in New Jcrsoy or New York. For particulars Inquire of P. L. VAN DEVENTER, 195 Fulton street. For sale or exchange?a splendid country Seat, unincumbered, of 127 seres, with fine buildings and farrnet's house, within one and a half hours of the city. No brokers need apply. For particulars Inquire of OSCAR JOHNSON, 54 William street, room 12. For sale ok exchange.?a rare chance ?a valuable plot of Oround,, occupying all space between three streets and on a elty railroad, innrtgitged for two-thirds lis value, which ran remain for ? length of time, will be sold for the mor gage, interest and tan s, as the owner cannot pay the latter now. Apply to S. liONDLOW, Montague street, near Court, Brooklyn. For sale or exchange?at all times, city and country Residences, Farms, Ac.; also all kinds of merchandise, exchanges and partners procured, and a number of business rhunces. * F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 82 and 84 Nassau street. Foundry a plough manufactory for sale? At Warienvllle. Wurren county, N. J., and for the following reasons is valuable, bring located in a healthy and rich agricultural district ana near railroad and canal; long established and doing a large business, and perfectly safe and profitable. The fixtures and ma"htnery complete und in first Ytits* nrilssr I ail pitntiiina ai>ppm Anil in a lilirh gfii* of cultivation, on which 1* a commodious Dwelling, nearly new; new Barn, 38 by 2l> feet; Foundry, 63 by 40 feet, and other outbuilding!, fruit, witter, Ac. Alio for aale, one-half interest In the Stock and Fixtures, which consists of Plough and other Castings, Ploughs and other Agricultural Implements (no old or unsaleable stock uu hand), a good Bteam Engine nnd Boiler (boiler new). Patterns, Flasks, Saws, Ac. All will be sold together, or the one-half interest in stock and fixtures on liberal terms. An active party, with some uieaus and credit, can be placed at once In a good position and without risk. Address W. F. Wire, Belvidere, N. J. PALISADE LAND8 AND CHOICE Bl'ILDING PLOTS, from five to Afty acres, In Bergen and Rockland counties, beautifully located, with river or liflaud views, near depots, Northern New Jcra y Railroad, for sale cr exchange. SEYMOUR A WU1TON, IS Broadway. Real estate foreclosure op mortgage ? The valuable block bounded by Hroadway, T nth avenue. Ninety-seventh and Ninety-eighth streets, will be sold in lota this day, at the Merchants' Exchange, by JAMES M. MILLER Residence wanted?in westchester county, with a lew arresof land, near a depot; will pty some cadi, or would hiro with the privilege ot buying, or would exchange for city property a larger place Address, stating pnee and location, P. H. Brown, 27 Third aveuue TO EXCHANGE.?a NICE LITTLE farm IN WISOONsin to trade for New York or Brooklyn Property, or would take a p>t of Household Furniture. For particular* Inquire of K. WHITE, Brooklyn city lisy S ales, 137 Fistbush avenue, corner or Pacific street. Vineland farms.?for sale. the best of Land, at the new and thriving settlement of Vfneland, only 30 miles front Philadelphia by rsilrosd, direct to New York. Soil n a hue day loam, rich and productive for wheat, grai a and fruits. Divided into fat ma of 30 ai res and upwards, at the low price of from $13 to $4i |mr acre. Onefourth cash, balance In four years; also Lois of two and as halt to Ave acres, at from $ht) to $200 each. Fine imps sail be se n |rowing. To persons oi small capital oi out of business this is a good opportunity to establish a country borne and be certain ol u livelihood. This Is the right remedy for hard tlinoi-. Papers and reports can be had by applying to john m. mooke. i'm Pearl street, new Yoik. Letters answered. Also, report ol Solon Robinson, of the New York Tribune, can he obtained. Extract from teport of Solon Rohlraon, Agricultural Editor of the New Yoik Tribune, m on Vlneland:? Ills certainly on" of the most extrusive fertile tracts. In an nltno-t lei el | .notion, and suitable eondltion for pleasant farming, that we know ot this side of the Western prairies. tit ANTED?TO PURCHASE, A SMALL COTTAGE Vv House, In good order, with half'acre, tnore or lea", of Improved Ground, on or near the Harlem Railroad. ?outh of White Plains, with perfect title. Address by mall, with term* Wanted -imdse and lot worth ai oit?, II iMtAMD TUrliclll (lid Fiftieth street* and Sixth und Tenth avenues, In es> hange for nnlnenmheied Harlem Iota on K glitli nvrtine. Apply to JD1IN McCLAVE, 1,341 Broadway, tiPar Thirty hi at street, TIT ANTED?TO RENT, WITH PRIVILEGE OF PI RTT chasing, a moderate rlwnt House, ivlth ?n aire or mom or Linnl, Minatril in an Improving neighborhood, not in>oo than on hour from New Aork. Addreaa, with particulars, S. M. 0., Hi-rahl nflloe. $ - Af| -FOR SALE, A SNUO LITTLE BRICK DWF.L )Wu. ling, now, two alory and bio-eiiicnt, remaining right iooiiih, halls, closet*, Ac.; good cittern; light, d with gas; marble mantels; I* at tli termlnii* ot three city railroads; convenient in nil the Brcokljru ferric* and Smith Seventh slrftet, Wllllama mrg; very destrnhl.v located, co al neighborhood, Ac. Price J-g.imn. A Hinall payment down it ml the balmier to anil the imrchuser, Title perfect. Address It. G. V., box 147 Herald oilier. Ci'JH (tnn ?IDIT SES FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE "U. Aii elegant conn r Home and l^n In lirook lyii anil two Urttrl.ta* liono a to New fork, between Filth an I Sixth nvrnuet, will F? exchanged for vacant* or country prujicriy. M. L. SHELDON, 7# Cedar atroel. COAL. A | I n -I AM DELIVERING \ SUPERIOR QUALI ?T>*X T"W. ly of 0-ial for lainily nar, well Set ened, at At4')p r ton ot 2.1M0 Iba.; Coke $J per chaldr.n, alau Liverpool Hd Cannrl Coal A HBARTT, 1I16 Weal Eleventh atreet, near Seventh av. nne. 0* < on?"EST RED ASH COAL. tP"! t/U >1 40? IIest WHITE A?U COAL Englishottnnel $n p< r chaldron. Hold hy K. 0. CLARKE, No ft Weat Eleventh street, near Broadway. It I I.I.I A It I)S. A LARGE STOCK Or NEW AND SECOND HAND Hll, Hard lahh ?, tvlth I'lielan'a Combination Cushions, for aaleat price* lo ault the time*. PlIELAN A CDI.I.ENDER, ?3 to 60 Cro*by at , N. Y. SPEVrEn A NEWKIRIC'9 billiard saloon, 193 Pultun itrect, (till continue* the centre 01 attraction lor the beet billiard piny r?, ?n<! will continue ?o whllo the urbane proprietor* hold the nun*. Hot lunch every day. ~ SPORTING. An enolihii oreyhound for sale.-a mouse colnted O key hound (ting), J out Imported, only 16 innntha old, for itale rh>ap. Apply at M Maiden lane. Guarantee given If required. _ DOOS FOR SALE-ONE SPLENDID NEWFOUNDland and trvo very One Black and Tan, male and female, excellent ratter*; weight of male Sve pound*. Apply at 377 Bowery. tJDOAIi NOT1CKR. Attachment notice?public notice is hereby given that a writ of Httnchment hn* been leaned out of the supreme Court of New Jeraey, at the ault of Catharine R. IVaterliurv, Mgalnet the return of William II. Ilayea and France* M. llitje* hi* wife, for the auin of five thousand dollar*, in a plea nt debt, and that aald writ wa* returned duly nerved 011 the tenth day of September hint. cIlAS. P. SMITH, Clerk. DKfrnni a II. 1S6I. TiiBodoRk RtiatON. Attorney. RKOARR AND TDBAIf ti. CEO ARB VERY CHEAP.-TIIE ASStilNEE, AT NO. 17 O llron itvny, lander ateat lnd?lo*m#nla to ea?h bnyera. In Havana, domestic ml tin man Negate. An cxaw-lnativa if at.ji k and price* inllnt d. 3 ^ VOR SALE. _ A hash chant*.?the proprietor or the citt Hotel, the only hral cUx hotel uuw open In AbiimndrU, Virginia. Is desirous to retire from business, and will sell, for a lair price, the Furniture, Futures and GoqAWill of tho house, tile lease will teimlaale on the 1st of JMnrsry 11*3, bat the pmiierty can, no duuut. Us leased fur auiuch longer term at a moderate rent. This hotel U now Atng, and baa lus many % a-* dona, a large and paohtable business. Tfas desire 01 'he undersigned lo retire fruin public business IS the only iuduiviuenl to sell, a* he could nut hop* In engage In one more prohtahle. For lei uu aud particulars apply to J AS. A. ENGLISH, who is auth rued to negotiate, or to the undersigned, hamuel HBKL&OWEB._ A DRUG STOKE FOR SALE?SITUATED ON ONE OF the best corners up town, doing a good business, and Is handsomely (lttrd up None b it s rssh customer need apply I-owesl iub price $l,&uu. Ada row N. Y., station ? Post oflice. A FIRST CLASS BAKKItY FOR SALE?OOINO A good bullhead; locHtiuu esnuol tie beat, lite reason for selling the owner Is going oat ol the city. Address Bakery, box IIS Herald other. Bakery for balb-an old established Bakery, aimated Iu one of the beat neightiorhoods to the city, now baking 22 tarreln a week. A|i|?y at 771 Third avenue, between Fitty-Ursi and Ftfty-aecoud atreeta. Boot and shoe stoke for gale?well located, with a t o >d cash trade, atock aniall und well bought; a itial'actnry ivaqpn for selling, would exchange for r-ul estate, a gisst mortgage or for stock. Apply to C. H. MOODY, IdS Broadway. * Dkuo fixtures for sale CHEAP.?about 80 Drawer*. 21M liolllea, Shelving, Olaaat'.aaes. Scale and Weights, Ac., Ac., will be sold separately or together, and need uut be removed till May. Apply at A10 Went Fit teen 111 street, between Eighth and Ninth av. nuei. For sale?a bakery, in newakk, n. j? doiko a good utialneH* over the eounter. and alan a good and profitable outdoor trade, together with ll rae, Wa'tot and all the store Fixtures and appurtenances neoesaury. Long lease, low rent, and oorner store. Most salt-factory reasons gtveu tor selling. Apply In the shoe store, No. 210 Bowery, New York, for three day*. For hale-a large millinery and die-isitiaktiig Eatahliabmeiit. doing a 1 rge busim a , the Utnes has little cited on It; the pio.i s a $2.U)I(J yeat ly. Kea one given for sciliug out, and sold ata very low price to A cash customer. For sale?the lease, stock and fixtures of a good vomer Lepe r Store, In the el ;hlh ward, doing a good business. App,y to DAVID HCOl'OAL, 12U Wooa er street, corner of Bteeeker, in the store, Ti^oR SALE?A FIRST CLASS GROCERY, CHEAP FOR X cash. Also, two Horses and two W axons. For particulars inquire at 249 West Tw enty-t.rst s: reel. For sale?$25.?the fixtures and a small stock ot a Milk, Butter, Cheese and Confectionery Store, No, SO West Broadway. A good stand. Be kness of the present owner the reason for sell nig. For sale?something new and inviting to capitalists anil speculators. A valuahle invention destined to command the exclusive monopoly for llie manufacturing of certain articles wanted In everv city; also by every oldier. Address Wm. Boas, Herald oOfce. For sale.?will be sold very cheap, fob rash, on account of the proprietor having to leave the city this week as sutler to a repitnt nl now on the Potomac, a Restaurant and Arte Vaults, now doing a good business. Inquire In the basement, 44 CorilaDdt street. idok sale?at a great sacrifice, the stock, X Fixtures, Working Tools anil mate rials or all kinds, of a perfumery and ink manufactory. It needs only a su.all capital. Full instructions and iul'orniAltun given. * WM F. WHITE a CO., 127 Grand street, near Broadway. For sale.?grocery, on bieecker street, $1,700; one down town, $l,2u0; one tn Brooklyn. 43,0UU; Saloon, Broadway, $600, or will take partner; one on H ulson street; one on Seventh avenue, $290; one In Brooklyn, bouse and all. $2,500 Number of good business chances. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 82 and 84 Nassau street For sai-e?the stock and fixtures of one of (he best down town wholesale and retail Segar, Wine and Liquor Stores, on a principal thoroughfare and corner. Selling retinitis, death in the tnmlly. Convenient lease can be bad. Only cash buyers, and no agents, need apply. Ad dress S. C., Herald office. FOK BALE-A CORNER GROCERY STORE, IK A good locution. luquire At 478 Second avenue, corncrof Thirtieth street. For sale?tub 8UTLERSIIIP, or part op it, op ad A1 New York regiment, now lu Virginia. Terms easy. Address Enlield, Herald oldce. FOR SALE CHEAP?THE SALOON KNOWN AS THE Ruby, on Broadway, between Thirty-seventh und Thirtyeiehtli streets: dwelling attached; rent for the whole house only $10. Call alter 11 o'clock at 1,333 Broadway. B. E. HOVEY. FOR SALE CHEAP.?STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE of a Fancy Goods Store, with Dwelling; rent $300-. now doing a fair business. Satisfactory reasons gtveiklor selling. Apply on the premises, 1,2411 Broadway, or to H. m. a dab8, Metropolitan Hotel, N. T. For sale cheaptwo Wax Figures, Boy and Olrl, completely dressed, life size. $260 size Herring 6ofe. Desks, Showcase*, Ac. Also, to let, Olllee or First K'o >r, carpeted, Ac. Rent low. Apply at 433 Hroudway, up stairs. Fancy goods store for sale?in Brooklyn. Located on Fulton street, and doing a good business. Stock and tlxtures for sale low, or will exchange for bond and mortgage or other good security. Inquire of or address WM. M. LITTLE, 13 Court street, Brooklyn, or box 313 Post ofliee. ' Grocery for sale.-stock and futures or an excellent little Grocery, well fitted up; rent low; la.a good location; will bo sold cheap for cash. Apply on the premises, corner of Carll and Tlllary streets, Brooklyn. None but principals need apply. Grocery for sale?one op the best stands iu Brooklyn, choice and well selected stock, rash trade and low rent. Will b# sold at a bargain. Inquire of J. CHARLES, 317 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, between 10 and 4 o'clock. "i ron 8afe for sale, at half price?a fine X lari;e Iron Safe for sale. It Is nearly new, and Is as good as new. Will be sold at half of Its value. Inquire at Ns. 12 Pine street, first Door. T)HyT,)QRAPH OALLERY FOR BALE?SITUATED IN i is v arv rfnatbalila tiarl . .f ihn < !(? will hn antfi l?t?r urllk or without Instrument*, :> the prrncnt owner has other hualui iu to attend to. Iniiutre at No. >1 avaoua D, New York, near Third atreet. Restaurant for rale-an INDCCEMENT-oTJ a principal street, nicely fitted up and furnlahed; favor-* able lease; lirat data neighborhood and cuatoui; doing a K'xid til at class business: offered low, having other engagementa. SOirTBWICK A WOOD, R2 Naaaan atreet. UBC.AR STORE.?AN OLD AND WELL ESTABLISHED k ) K.-gar Slot* for aale. Apply at 2H9Bleocker atreei. a STORE FIXTURES.?FOR SALE. A QUANTITY of Shriving, Tablet, Ac. , cheap. Apply at 2M Broadway, railroad oliice. WOODYAKD FOR SALE?FOR CASH OR CITY PROtieity?With all the necestary Machinery, Ho. tea. Wagon*. Hover, Ac., together with u well eaiabliahod and constantly increasing cuaiom trude. Apply to J. 8. MOON, 392 Fourth avenue. (jhP K ?FOR SALE, A ??( D, NEAT BUSINESS; WILL tP"''* be auld for the In si oifer, aa the owner ha* got to leave the city, paying a large pro'.it. Tne atock amuuula to (120 Apply at It? Pin street, liaaement <3*1 wflft ?A VALUABLE PATENT FOR BALE OF AW ?JP 1 .?^v/'/.|arllele eonneeled wuhphe army, now in courae ot' manufacture. Want a party to take part Internal. An examiuatiuu will satisfy any person of ila value. A fortune It. BOITKWI0K A_WOOI>, S3 Nassau atreet. qo nnn WItL bcy tiie stock and fixtures of the bc*t shoe atore In the city; or a good, reliable man, witli amall mean*, may have an tnicreat, If capable or taking charge of th<' business. Call at the alore, 45, Slvlb avenue, from 4 to C P. M. _ clothino. A T THE OLD STAND, 134 SEVENTH AVENUE. EZE A K1EL8 guarantor* to pav the following prices lor i*xt oil Wearing Apparel,?Front $S to $26 lor hllk Dres-ee, from $11 to $1S for* unti from $1 to $3 for Pants; also Carpel*. Furniture, Jew rlry, Ac. A note by pott punctually attended to by Mr. E., LT4 Seventh avenue, betueen Nineteenth and Twentieth meets. Ignite* attended to by Mrs. E. No conuccttou with any other houae. A POSITIVE FACT. ?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IF you wiiut to get the loll value for yourcaat oil' Clothing, Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry, the heat yon cm (lota to call ( r a-nd a note to A. II AKKiS, Ail Third avenue, 'letweeu Thirty -eighth and Thirty.ninth atrrcta, east able. Ladles attended to by Mr. Harris. A TTENTION.?I HAVE TO FILL UP AN ORDER FOR J\ the West to purchase Ca*t OT Clothing, Furniture, Caip-lr and Jewelry. Ladles and gentlemen can receive. Hie highest prbe by railing on or addressing a note by post to M. ABRAHAMS, 2VI Seventh arcuue. Ladles punriually attended to by M r*. A. AOREAT BATTLE FOUGHT -THE VICTORY 18 gamed, ladies and gem l"tiu u, It baa been victorious III being pron unced by a great m.<n> that B. MINTZ, of 179 Third avt inn', lias been pay ing fill per rent more Iban any ot er dealer In the rjty for < an oil Clothing, Carpets, Jewel, ry and sllll means to continue so II you will tavnr him with a nolo Ol a ealL He agree* lo p.iy the full value tor each ar el* In c a?h without seeking io impose. Ladles pun. tu illy aiiended to by Mrs. Mluta, 179 Third avenue, near Sevenleenth sireet, late of 137 Sixth avenue. Attention.?ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to get the full value tor your east <>Q Clothluff, Oarprta. Furniture and Jewelry, the best you can do la to ra 1 or send a Uote to F, IIA HillS, 166 Seventh aveuur; tin re you nr ly be convinced you will be dealt with aatlafaetniy. Foratlk Dressea from $3 to $31). for t.'oata fri m $S to $20, for I'aute from $6 to $S. Please do not forget the number?166 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-Aral street. Ladies atu um d hy Mrs Harris. A DEMAND.-$120T0 WORTH OF CAST OFF CIXITHlug, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry wanted, for which the mo?t value can be obtained by calling on or addressing E. H., 79 Sixth avenue, near Wnverley place. Ladle* am nd ed by Mrs. E. U. Please remember aud try 79 Sixth avenue AT THE CALIFORNIA AND WESTERN AGENCY Store the hlgbe t price ran be obtained for cast otj Clothing, Carpels, Jewelry, Ac For Silk Dre*ses. Irom $A io $33. for Coals, from $2 to $IH. for I'auts, I rum $1 AO to $& A note sddrcaaed II Harris, MS Bowery, opposite Great Join atrt et, will be punctually attended to. Ladlra attended by Mr*. II at Ha. ABHTTER CHANCB THAN EVER TOR LAIHKH Mid Krntlrnien In obtain the hUhr-l prior for Ihrlf #aal off Clothing I giiaranlee to pay the following pricea ? For all* Drraaea, from $.1 in #.? Irani t.t 10 $13 lor CmH; from $2 to $6 fop nariM: alao, Carpela. Furniture and Jewelry. IMraae call on or aadrraa J, ANIIAI.T 102 Otvrllh up niip, between Twentieth and Twenty-Ant atrei ta. Laiea attended by Mra. Anbalt. t T TIIE NEW YORK CART OFF CLOTHING RTORH j\ th? hlgbeat prln a will Iip |>Hd for oaat of Clothing, Furniture, Carpi ta, Jewelry, Ac Call on or addrraa JOSEPH STERN, W* Seventh aienne, rornerot Twenty-fourth air.-. 1. * TTKNTION, LAI'IF.H AND GENTLEMEN -I HAVE J\ Jnat im-plvfd fl,?0 In purehnan ran off Clothing, Fnrnlturewiid Carpete for tlip California mnrkot. 1 do proiniar to pay iho hlclieat prloe In tlip oily by ratline on or addrraelni; a note to E. MINTZ, 137 Sixth avrnith, two dome abovr Truth aired Ladlra attended to by Mra Mtnti. Remember, 137 sixth avenue. t T THE NEW STAND, 2? THIRD AVENI'E, l/ADIKR J\ and gentlemen ran -r. r'- ihe full va up for ib< Ir oaat nil Clothing, |,y railing on or ud'II' nanig C. JACOBS, IMS Third avenue, betwri n Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth at root*. Ladlea attended by Mlaa r. Ja o'i?.