Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 25, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 25, 1862 Page 3
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SHIPPING NEW iuuiiO fob row tobe?ran wt. aro Biami 7 id I moor morn 4 07 en BBTB 5 04 I BICE WBTBB CEO 4 14 Part of How York, Jaaoary SM, INS. CLEARED. tthlp Victory, Ainaworth, Liverpool?D Ogden. Ship Rienzl. Murphy, Dublin?Montgomery Broi. Bark Lucy Bin*, Thurlow, Malauiaa?Brett, Son * Co. Brig Martha (Br), Hilton, Olaagow?T James. Brig Anna (Dan), Koopmann, Antwerp?W P Brig Britlah Queen (Br), Heurltex, Fort Maria?McCall A Frith. Brig Redwing, Klrwao. St Thomaa?T Pierce. Brig Pranciaco (Ital), Campaatano, St Thomaa?Aymar A Co. Brig Benj Carrer, Perry, Cardenaa?Walah, Carver A Chaee. Brig Mountain Eagle, Pray, Bermuda?Smith. Jone* A Co. Brig Haml Weiab, Almeida, Philadelphia?Miller A HoughIon. Brig B L Swan, Prindle, New Haven?Master. S. hr Arxac, Baas. La Kochelle?M Lelnaii A Co. Sclir Sally Gay, Create, St Croix?Roche Broa A Caffey. Sclir C P Young, Packard, St Jago?Brett, Sou A Co. Schr Mary Helen (Br), McDonald, Bermuda?Middleten A Co. Schr Ocean Queen (Br). Cann, Yarmouth, N8?T Jamee. Schr C L Vandervoort, Super, Port Royal?J J Wright. BchrC Dennis, Tucker, Baltimore?Jonae Smith A Co.' Schr S G Adams, Crowell, Baltimore?McUready, Molt A Co. Schr H W Benedict, Ellis, Baltimore?H S Rackett. Schr L Stiirlevant, Coraon, Wilmington. Del?J W McKee. BchrC 0 Sadler, Slpple, Mlllord. Del?Master. Schr S J Grice, Darborgb. Camden?Master. B.I.. IT.SI.. n.t.r fienlh ImW Unli.r t Tlivinn S<hr H Castotr, Gardner, Kali Ulver?L ICrnny. Schr 8 P Godwin, Hobble, Stamford?K Sauford. Schr Evelyn, Palmer. Stamford?Master. ARRIVED. 8teamsbipOlty of Manchester (Br), Halserow, Liverpool, Jan 1, via yueenstown 3d, at 4 AM, with indue, to J G Dale. Had uo ntlnuui heavy westerly galea the entire passage. Ship Sardinia, Pi'ndleton, Liverpool, 29 days, with coal and mdse, to Saml Thompson's Nephew. 18th Inst, lat 40 42, Ion 01 41. spoke schr Joseph, of Halifax, steering WSW. Ship Calhoun. Tniman, Liverpool, Dee 20, with mdse, to spolford, TUeston A Co. Anchored at 8W Spit 8 PM 23(1; since the 4th Inst has had much heavy westerly weather, Sllth Inst, lat 4031. Ion 62 48, fell In with the Br brig Oxford, of and from Liverpool, N8, for UemarAra, 4 days out, waterlogged: took from her the crew and brought them to this port. (See Miscellaneous.) 23d Inst, lat 4010, Ion 72 49, signalized bark Maria Morton, hence for Malaga. Ship John Leslie (of Bath), Given, Liverpool, Dec 21, With mdse, to masier. Shin New World, Martin, Liverpool, 24 days, with mdse and 16 passengers, to C Grlinell. Ship Arthur Child, Child, London, Dec 27, in bullast, to VfinUil A ^tua, Had heavy SW weather In the middle passage ; lost sails, Ac. Slilp Fawn (of Bath), Reed, London and the Downs Dec 31, In ballast, to O Baker A Co. Ship Gcnra, Street, Glasgow, 31 days. In ballast, to Robson A Fosdick. Ship Marmln, Blankenship, Shields, Dec IS, with 875 tons eoal, to Barclay A Livingston, vessel to Robt L Taylor. En countered heavy variable winds (principally from westward) daring the passage. Ship Arnold Boninger (Pros), Hosliagen, Rotterdam, 50 days, with milse, to Chas Luling. lias had strong westerly gales most of the passage. Ship Morning Star (Br, of Windsor, NS), McKeu/.lc, Grenada, 12 days, in ballast, to J K Whitney A Co. Rsi'lf Pstt^rhnmiiffh (Rp of LrmdnnV Orchard. Koorhnw. 122 days. panned An jler Oct 19. creused the equator in the Atlantic Dec 18, with tea*. to Westrav A Hardcastle. Baric Uaworth (Br, of Shield*), Tiirnbull, Gloucester, E, 53 days, in ballast, to master. Had very heavy westerly weather; split and lost sails. Bark Union (Brem), Horstmann, Havre, 39 days, with' mdse and 25 |a*sotigrrs, to Brugtere A Tbehutid. Bark OttUle (Brem). Dannamann, Antwerpand Putsliing Dec 3, and from the Lizards 18th, in ballast, to order. Has had heavy westerly winds the entire passage. Bark Elbe (Ham), Boll. Hambure. fit) days, with mdac and 82 passengers, to Knnhardt A Co. Had heavy westerly winds most of the passage. Bark Eliza Charles (Br, of Aberystwlth), Jones, I/sbon, 83 days, with salt, to master. Cargo 300 tons salt, to L E Amainck A Co. Had heavy weather. Bark Wilhelmine, Lawrence, Rio Janeiro, 80 days, with eofl'ee, to Oclriebs A Co. Has had a continual succession of westerly gales for thu last three weeks. Jan 12, In lat 3541 Ion 60 5tl saw a vessel on the lee quarter, about ten miles distant, standing close hauled towards us; at 2 P M made her out to be a pilot boat rigged vets -1, showing a red flag, which we supposed to be British; at 3 PMshe had gained on us about four miles, the wind from SW and the bark going ten knots; made a sail ahead, when the schooner hnuled her colors to hair mast, tacked and stood away to 8 and Eastward, with the wind free; could sen a large number of men on her derk. Jan 13, lat 32 50 Ion 62 30, passed a large iron nun buoypainted black; ttguie 2 near Ihe top. Brig Ernestine (Prus), Lemke, Antwerp. 50 days, in ballast, to Wm Salem A Co. Experienced very heavy weather; lost sails, Ac. Brig Angostura. Mahimann, Bordeaux, 33 days, with brandy. Ac. to llarbeck A Co. Brig T W Lucas (of Bath), Perkins, Tarragona, 31 days. Via Gibraltar, 29 days, in ballast, to C C Duncan A Co. Dec 18, lat 45 13, Ion 11 32, spoke sehr Ned, for New York. BrigTalhilmh (of Baltimore). Plummet-, Rio Janeiro Nov 18, via St Thomas Jan 8, with colfee, to Rundlc. Jones A Rude*. Nov 80,1st 13 8, Ion 35 W. had a heavy gale from ENE; log; sails and ratted rigging, and was obliged to put nto m Thomas to repair. Brig BP Newton, Oardner, Newport, 2 days, in ballast. 1 Ncbr Frank Herbert (of Boston), Fuller, Lisbon, ;is uotk with salt, lo order. Came to thin port for order*. Kxperiheavy westerly wind* ?ln<? passing the Western I*-, 8ehr Alethea, Howard, Havana, 18 days, with fruit, to Thou Ollmartin. Schr Alma, Olden, Conery, Baltimore for Blnehlll, Me. Haa experienced very heavy weather; put into thia port abort of provisions. Schr Ellen Sawyer, Tracey, Eaatpoi t for Philadelphia, Schr Mary Langdoa, Ytnkham, RocklandAAdava. Schr Frederick Reed, McAhnon, fWilaad, Me, for Philadelphia. Schr Star, Crnwell, Boatnn, S day*. Sloop Isaac H Borden, Collin*. Kail River, 2 daya. Sebr tleorgta, Ullchrlxt, Newport, 1 day. Schr Ringgold, Merrill, from Br brig Lent*, aahore near 8outh May Lighthouse. The brtg Ilea fall of water, and ran be pumped ont at any time. A atram pump haa hern put on board, and anchor* nnd cable* have Iweu laid. Steamer Kalcon, William*. Providence. The reported arrival of ahip White Squall, in yesterday,* edition, waa Incorrect BELOW. Ship 8eha*topol, Carter, from Liverpool, Deo 4. Ship Ann E Hooper. Hooper, from Havre. Ship Corra Linn, Luce, from Glasgow Deo 13. Bark Eroinanga (Br), lienec for Cork?put back; did not ascertain what for, wind blowing a rale at the time from ERE.?By pilot boat (J?or*e fltecr*. So & 23d?8bip* Quickstep, London; Cheltenham, Havre; Harvest Queen, Cynosure, and Tlieodore Knoop (Mr). Liverpool; Wlnteren (Norw), Cork; bark* Sartelie, Gla*guw ; Jaue DagRtt, do; Maiaval, Barbados; (larrlle, do; Cambridge, Cadfr: avtlle, do; Ocean Home, Ctrnfnegoa; Henrietta, Rio Ja nelro; K Churchill, Cardeaaa; Theresa (Br), Liverpool; Helen Augusta (Br), Port an Prince; Ocean Pearl (Br), Cork; Krromangs (Br), do; Rarreta (Br), London: Hope (Br), Fleetwood; Beecher Stowe (llr \ Londonderry; Kcawdls (Norw), Cork; tirtgs Alfred, Key West; Mariner fBr), Atrova; Morning Light (Br). Dundalh; O K Rtetain (Bri, Genoa; A V Goodhue, Kama Martha; Kllcht (Bri, Dubln; Maggie McNeill, Hi Johns, NK; Blon Bradttury tBr?. Neuvltas; Alice (Br), Demarara; Th',1 (Port), Lisbon; Olorgietio (Auat), Dublin; sehra Mary Alice, Crab Island; rhebe, Havans; N A II Gould, Cette; Arctic (Br), Nassau; Euitlio (Uiiatamalian), Honduras. Wind during the day NK, heavy. NlMellanerai. Skir Aanoak?Townsend Inlet, dan 22?'There la a repirt here that there is a ship aahore on Peck's Beach, near Great Etc arbor. No further particular*. Ba Brio Oxroan?Capt Truman, of ship Calhoun, which arrived this morning from Liverpool, reports:?Jan 20, | 1st 40 34. Ion 62 43, fell iB with Br brtg Oxford, of and from Liverpool. NS, for Demarara. 4 days out, waterlogged. Took front her Capt Jogeph Israel, Rev John G I'rling, a paasen | j er, two males, the cook and four seamen, and brought them o thia port, | To the purser of the ateamahip City of Manchester, from ' 1 ? i -i. u ik. r..n, ?r : lilTUrpNIIUMII B, ?! ?{UCVU?t?nu uu, .. - ?.?? ?V ..... great deapatcb In the delivery of our uitial Ale*, and for a itat of paiacngeri, Ac. . , Stk.u.hif MiMimttrn?Burnoe Ayret, Nov Id?The iteam' h |> Mi? .nlppl I" again afloat, havinn lot olf Ihf la a h dor lug (be n ghl of ||M iiili, MM by a high tide. She li a Hide uriing amld.bipa, and will require strengthening, and con siderable jolnei'a work will be required about the uppr work.. She ha. IohI her tnlae keel and copper under lo r bottom?a i?roat portion nf the latter haa been replaced at t if time ahr lying high and dry on the beach. (By letter lo Ellwood Walter, Kn'i, Secretary Board of Underwriter*. I Br B**k Raaai.rn. of Vlctnn, before reported fallen In with at aaa, abandoiieil, wa. Irotn Neatou. Mr, far Falmouth, E, with a cargo of a meant Capt MrKewne and crew were nil, and libra to MAat, 1. Britain J Bt.a.xiioa., below Baltimore from WImlror. NS, bail carried away lurviupgallauimaiit and sprung head ol foren.ait. Bchr WARDnarn?Statvmrrt or Charmc* F Bar.i tear. Ma.tkh or tuf SeiiK Wamii nan, or Ei.i.>?orth. Mi-Sailed from Hoalon on or about the 21 at Dee lait, In lutllaai, bound to Ellsworth, Me, The next day. the 22d. encountered a ?e ere rale, which continued without much reaaatton for twriity-three day., which Idew llie vciael off' ahore; loai main boom, a heel, tiller, aaill, Ac, veaael itralued, and leaking badlr. The laat eight dayi were without any water, suffering dreadfully from tlnr.1; n Are or cooking in the no author, and nnthfnff to eat except hard crackera. On or al out the litn Jan, at 2 PM, laying to at the time, made un liuilliii ship; run off to meet her, and hove too with color* M t In dtitrcea: be paaaed tta w ithin hailing dl.tanre, but did not ilop or make any effort to aaalit tta. On the Ifdh, in lai 4d2n. Ion 61 14, tell In Willi the H< Igian bark Lanver-ola, of Antw erp, Capt A J Olaey., from Plymouth lor New Tork. blowing a gale at ihe Uino, with a fearful a a on, the bur* under i lo?" reefed tnp?all*. and the tea *o bad a boat could not live. Captain t lacy worked the hark down aboumde at the tintBent rl.k of g hla ve.acl and rrcw?Indeed If he had not been maaier uf hi. prol> aalon. he never could have done It. Aa the hark came alongside and |>aa*rd the wreck, four men lamped on board af her, name a. follow.?Simon Flood, Era.tu* Flood, Henry Llndany and Framd. .land*. The liark lay by all night. and In the mormng (Itih) the balance of the people were taken off the wreck bx a boot Irotn her, muntied by a "allot Ir m the Iwrk, Adolph II*nna, Henry Lluoaay and K Flood?llaiui. ai led a* alee.a.nan, the *e'a running eery high. At the tlnu- of leaving the wreck the mainmast waa looae, and Induce we were out .> Mght went over the al e The bark lay bv u? Tor 1. hoot, ihe men weie all nearly exhausted, having been w iWnuil water eight datand ?? I n."Iv 111 tvilh f'utif (Mnura In nil probiihiluVhave'iMa,;Imi Th. ^.-T'- ' J'*'1"- Ilirea* their high appreeinil?n of the km ? "2 h,,m.""y ? I'aptaln n.ev.,i? .,-,nnS .hVmW?^M !3X HIMOIf FLOOD, M'miiimm *.W Tort, J.? ?. JgrK " JARVl? '?"IT. Sen* Tniowrit, hefnre reported a?horeat Newea?lle n.i saKffii; Notice to Mortaere. c" orr V" ' ""orexiit.aifo. i N .tie.. la h.~.k. .1. m*,TT "oo??, tj'moon. Dm SI. isei. word "Wreck" ?* I"11'1' l,r,,,,"H"N|> markail aith tiio %??? ,, MMK rmKMort and < miner i osiu'i 11 i?lv 1 fn^ fathom. ?T l nf,#t *^'?thotnn sourh olF'|h? wr^c W*,r' 'pr,n?-,,d'"- wttklheTCTi Truaihorpv rhumb, smW U W aiWyf.'ira.iir^.'.-yg. "?.? * *> mark and rorn|i*M bearlmra ? lellowlng Cromer Llghthouae, s* hi- W W W Cromer Rock Huor, M U W nlafan..lw .. Malahr,.- High Claim,,*,, e j.,1? "1.^<h ?" Iherhuirh. ft by fi J< li "Pen lo tl,,. wratwar.l of Byoroer. P. ? BRUTirojf, Secretary. ... ? _ Wntlrntm, Whip Kn??ail. Orarne, rep ,ru -l.'rMlaed the r.r.i . , the aea-'ii. frim April U I., \|.,a jo , . " k few Whaler, and ,very w,id and ah,'- e, v .? " bo? let Uten. Touted at on th. id of ji aj, NE Id on the 26th for OchoUk, June 6, In lat 46 40 N, Inn 192 96 B. nw a right whale and took hiui Arrived on the66 ground July 1, but Haw only one whale while there. Put away for the Hhantore, and maile the ice oud land July 7; found the Ice plentiful and whales acarce. Took our llret bow head on tho 28th July in 8W Hay. and the last in Hhaniar Bay8. pt 21; saw uo whalea after the 22.1. Left Hhaniar Bay on the 4th Oct, Pellitott on the lllh. and pa-sd through the Will passage on the 18th. Frout the Ion of 166 E to 179 W, had the worot weather I had ever known. Took the tirat tale Oct 22. In Ut 49-IU N, Ion 166 20 E, from 8 and veered to W8W, blowing very heavy; laid to under bare pole* some 24 hours; lost starboard boat, stove gamtway board, bulwarks, and pitched away the martingale. On the 29th, 1st 46 N, Ion 178 E, look auothergale from 8K, and hauled to NE. which hlowed hard fbr 26 hours; lost main topsail, inizen staysail, iibboom with all the sails and most of the rigging attached. Alter that had three davs passable weather, whicli was followed by another gale from 8, which I lew for some 8 hours; It then hauled to the westward, and blew hard for 30 hours. While running before the wind shipped a heavy sea over the stern, which broke faaieuliiga to the round house and carried it foul of the wheela, breaking both stanchioua abort off with the tiller; also the rim, s)sikes, mid in tact made a complete wreck of it. However, we patched it up aud kept off again. Prom a'<o tt lat 46 N to Ion 176 W had good breezes to the Islands. Took the trsdes in 1st 34 30 N, Ion 167 W, varying from HE in E by S, and wsa unuble to make uny Easting; rume el so hauled all the wav after getting the trades. Sighted Ma il, and touched at Lahnlna an the 18th Nov. Arr and anchored at Honolulu ou the l'Jih. Spokes, die. S'.lp Eliza ft Ellen, Morse 64 days Irom Havre, was spoken Jan 23 by pilot boat Isaac Webb, and ordered to Boston. Bark Avon, Collyer, from NYork for Valparaiso, Jan 17, lat 37. Ion 66. Brig Costa Rica, from XYork for AsplnwaU, Jau 10, lat 24 26. Ion 81 SO. Brig Mayflower, from Baltimore for Boston, 9 days out, wind fresh from NE and snowing, Jan 22, 26 miles S of the lllghlauds?by pilot boat Washington, No 4. Sthr Alexander (piobably the Alexander M), from Pernambucu for NVork, .Ian 20, off Harnegat, Vnrplirn Pnrtft. Omiui.TiR. Dn- 23? Md Hiilp Corinne. Baker. Cork; bark C IleiUllf. Crosby, New York; 26th, ship Clly of Bath, Carney, NYork; sehr Artele, Snow, do. Wind East 26lh. (iniJADj, .Tan II?No Am vessel in |H>rt. Havana, Jan IK?Cld bark S W Uolnrook, Small, Sagua; brigs Alliance (Br), Hicks, NYork; Edwin, Webber, Portlau i; Elinlra, McDonald,and Croton, Eddy, Sagua; Samuel U Adams. Coweo, do and NYork. Matbkw Town (Inagtta), Dee24?Off, Br bark Lady Suffolk, from Port mi Prluoe for Boalon, Rio Jamiko, Heel#?In port slil| a Shamrock. Doane, wte; ("ale onla, brum niond. from Onrdiff, do; J P Whitney, Avery. i rom Liverpool, disg, Danube, (Msg; Sir John Frankliu, DeapeaiLx, from Buithnore, do; harks Campunero, Duhe.l, from Cape de Verds, do; Virginia Jl Bsielllmi, Wiikina, do: Martini, iluge, from Bultlnjore, do; Abigail, McFarland, wtg; Fannie CfSnshuw. Munson, do;-Ami E Grant. Swain, do; Adeline, Adama, do; Zlngarellu, Bunker, for NYork; Mondamln, Fan-ell, for do; Ohoac, Raffle, for London; Flying Cloud, Klrwan, for Pcrnamburo, to load for Europe; brig Virginia, Barclay, wig. Sid Nor 29, liarka Juatina, Watson, Capo do Verd: Doe 15, E Pluribus Unum, Wallace, Pernainbuco, to lo&d tor Europe. Shanuiiar, Nov 6?In port ships Kathay, Stoddard, for Hong Kong Nov 10; Andes, Armstrong; Argonaut, Moore; Daylight, Banger, und Joseph Peabody, Whitney, illug; Tartar, Halehen, one; Victor, Crowell, do; Magnolia. Hunt, dlsg; barks What Cheer, Kuymond, for San Francisco Nov 9: Viekery, Brooks. for Hnnkow tcM Nov 5); Rover, Walsh, and Carrie la-land. Smith, dlag. St Thomas, Jan 7?Sid brig Mouttcello, Burnham (from Rio Janeiro). Baltimore. St Jauo, Jan 2?Arrbark Holland, White, NYork. Trinidad, Jan 7?Arr bark R (I W Dodge. Jarvls, NYork; brigs Lorana, Wade, Aspiuwall; Nathan, Means, Philadelphia. American Ports. BOSTON, Jan 23?Arr itr snip Waveriey, Bonner, Liverpool. Below brig I.lm-oln Webb, l'roin flagged Island for Portland?put in for a harbor. In the harbor n bark and a brig. Cld ships Castilian, Proctor, Baiavla; John L Dlmniork, llarward, San Francisco; schrs Martha, Robbina, St Marc, llayti; A M Bartlett, Bartlett, Sagna; Hiawatha, Disney, Matiinraa; 8 A Aiipleton, Teagne, NYork." 9ld, wind* NE, N and NE. Brig Northern Belle starteu, but anchored in Nantasket Roads, where remain brigs Bird of the Wave, and Billow. BALTIMORE, Jan 22?Arr schrs Nancy J Brayton, Milllkfn; M C Durfec, Crowell, und John Farnum, Hall, NYork; Joa Fish, Blchmoro. Balh; ketch Laura, Crook, Corn Island. Below bark Adelaide, Eichherger, from Rio Janeiro; brtg Montrose, Lewis, from do. Chi schr Rob' 'lealey, Mitchell, Bui nvldc'sexpedition. Sid bark John C Bruue, Gayle, Moutevdeo or Buenos Ayres. PHILADKi.PHIA, Jan 23?Arr steamer Saxon, Matthews, Boston; schrs JnoDorr.ince, and Triumph, lteeves, NYork; LA Danenhower, Miller, Boston. Below2shipssupposed the Atalanta, and K Cusbman, from NYork. Cld brig Tlios Walter, Anderson, Falmouth, Ja; schrs Trojan, Sbourds, Bsrbadoa; Frnnris Edwards, Habcock, Jersey City; Maryland, Knight, Portland. SITUATIONS WANT ED?FEMALES, ~ ARESl'ECTABI.E AND CAPABLE COLORED Woman, who has lived 111 Calitornla, deslresa situation as nurse or servant In a family about going there. No wages expected, but passage to San Francisco paid. Best references. Apply at 134 West 47th si., near Broadway. 4 YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM t\. barmaid and ? a tics, or to do the work of a small private family; she has been four years with her last employer, and has the best ol city reference. Call at 43 East 12th si. and Broadway, Irving Home. --- ??^r?rac^ifr^oraKrA PROFESSED WOMAN COOK OR HOU8EKEEF er's situation wanted by one tapabjc of fululUng either; understands French and English rooking, nntreos, confecUftherfes, Ac., inn lite serving up of supper and dinner pasties; no objection to leave the city or to go to Washington, liiivifH* llvfui in Mfimn nf thp hutt fomOfri Pntl for Ann week at 181 East 17lh St., between let aa4 2<1 svs. A COMPETENT FRENCH DRESSMAKER DESIRES work by tbe day. Address Dressmaker, 233 Bowery, top floor. A YOUNO WIDOW LADY, Of REFINEMENT AND A respectability, reduced to circumstances, wishes to And some suitable employment; she is wall educated and ran tenrh in a family or school, or Is fully capable of attending a gentleman's bouse. Address Mrs. Leonard, Philadelphia Post office. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN PROtestaui girl, of IS jrsars, to take care of children or do chamberwork. Call at 111 West 33th St., uear7th av. t SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. to rook, wash anil Iron: Is an excellent washer and irouer. Has the beat of city reference. Call at 32 West 44th st? for two data A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN WI8HE8 A situation as nurse, in a respertahle family. Csn be seen until suited ut 234 East 12th St., thtrd floor, back room. AH WET Nl'R-iF.-A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT yonng women wttnisa situation as wet nurse; basafull breast ttf ntflk ; good reference. if reqni:cd. Call for twodays ut 314 Wet-.; 19th St., second floor, hack room. Monthly nurse.-a" respectable ^middle aged nurse Is iHssngsgsit. ? ml would like to make engagement* with ladle*; would have no objection to attend nu an Invalid. Best of inferences. Inquire at Mrs. Tanner's, 537 7th sv. SITUATION WANTED?FOR A VERY RESPECTABLE O young girl, a* waitress and chamherroatd ?r to take care of children. Apply (where she now la) at 17 Bond it. S"m*ATION WANTKD-BY AN ENGLISH PROTEStant girl, as saleswomsn in a bakery or tan y store. Apply at MM st., near 2 I iiv. T~WO TOUNO ENGLISHOIRLH WANT SITUATIONS? to go to any part of the world ; one as cook or nu se, or on board ship. Address O. H., Ilohoken Post ofllce. TO I'llOTlHJHAPIIEllS.?A LADY ARTIST, WHO II VS had charge of a Urst class gallery for severs) years (a part of the time in this city), wishes an engagement in a first clast gallery iu this city, to intend the camera or tintsli |urlures. Can Influence custom. High salnrv n great objen. Cation or address, until 29th, Artist, 2d Beach st. AITANTF.D?A SITUATION, BY ^RESPECTABLE M1DTT dlo aged woman, to do the general housework ?f a small family, or would bring up a child from lis infancy: good references. Inquire at 09 Baltic st., between Hmnh and lioyt, Brooklyn. WANTED- t SITUATION, BY A STRONG OIBL, To dogen< ral housework; wages moderate. Can he seen at her last place, 16 Morton st,, for two day*. IIF.LP WIKTED-PENALES. A emu. v. tXTED?To COOK, WASH ANO IRON; must uiid'-istand her liusines* and come well reeommended. Apply at 26 l-amartine place, 291 It at., between 8th and 9lh avs. ^ ?a I I.L FAMILIES VND GOOD SERVANTS WILL FIND Ihr tar|rii|olil filiblMi'd Iimpute on the corner ?f Sfh av. and lllli *l. for German, Engll?h, JrUb aad American women. Mr*. Floyd In attendan.e. Good |iluc ? alwaya Irmly Small Bill* wanted. CtOLORED Btf WANTED-V GOOD OOUHOD VO> I imui to iiiolt In u miiull pii.ate family; alio a nice rolorr l woman an wnnilrMi and chambermaid. <'all lit 700 llronilway, up i-tuir*. HOl'HRKEKI'KK WANTED.-AN INTELLIGENT vonng ladt or young widow ran llnd a pleaaunl lioin* IK hon?rltw|mr for a gentleman it ho bit* fiuuUncd room*. Addreag Norn*, box !8I Herald office. N'l'RSE GIRL WANTED.?A COLORED GIRL. AS nnrae ami acuinMre**, lo ial.r the entlrr rare of one rlilld and do plain tewing. On* < a|nililr ami willing may i<pply in 277 Writ 221 it., neat Vtli av. V\* ANTED?TO GO A FEW MILES FROM TIIE <'ITY Vl a nice rhanitn rtni.ld; one only thill lirt* lived In limt i ln?* lain'It** toed apply. Addri'M C. C., box 182 llerald ftinn, with reference aiul salary rxperted. 41'ANTED \ GIRL TO DO OKNRRAL If < >r sEWOKK; 'I iuii*i wa-li and lion well, ami he tiillliig nml obliging; 1'roieetiiit or Gm man preferred; wage* $6. Apply at No. W Amity at., Brooklyn. baeeinent door. UrANTED?A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRONER; al?n a girl to do hainbcrwork, mind a child and aew j German or Kngliah preferred; mint be capable and have good leiereme* from late employer*. Knohmaycatl at No. 240 Cnrlion avenue, near l..f lyeite, llrto.lyn. Uf ANTED?A I'ROriv TANT NI KSE. TO TAKE r.harge o| an nlnnt ami to a*?l?t In nomework and aewlnx; tnnat be lulihlul, willing and obliging, and lolng the licit illy reference; mine other need apply. CallatlttKaat 12th at. Wanted i.ton - and gentlemen, to learn a very profitable limine**; < an be done at home, and will pay from $1.4 to $211 a week at leuat; warranted an ady annnner and aw Inter. Call and aee lor jrouraelvea, at 411 Brunei* at., corner of Elm, aecottd floor. It Love, Inventor. WANTED - \S AND SKAMSTRESS j A SMART. Y2 tidy girl; French preferred. Apply at 12 Bouruian place. Sid iC, between 8th and 9lh av*. \1TANTKM-TW0 PROTESTANT GIRLsToNB AS TV < o .k, waaher and Irene r. the other at chambermaid and waller, to go a aboil dlatanre In the country; tnnat linve good recommrndallou*. tllapoilllona and willing to be me-ful; good wage, and home gliett. Apply lietweett ibe hour* of Id and 4 nt 211 Weil 12th at., near 7th av. WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL, AS M RSK AND to do plain aewlnc; mtiatjte well recommended. Gall at No. At'armll place, South Brooklyn. WANTED?A SMART, TIDY COLORED WOMAN, TO " do geueral honaeivork In a family of four, at Yorkvllle; mud I* . w?.V I I 1...I . in,.., ... k.. i.,1.1 wa?ea nut to exceed Jft per month. Any one willing to comply * llli thr almti' ami in want of a good, quiet home, may apply at the ttrai brick house Irom 2<l av. In Htth at., between let and 'id av., next week on Wednesday and Thursday. Fare paid II Hulled. Wanted?for a new photographic pubmcalinn (the Generate of the I'nlnn I, antue ladlea to learn the eiilerln* of phntosrikpha In water colnra. To noud handa conatant employment, Irom $ii to fKawerk. Applyto the artist, Mra. Le Frank, IIM Forsyth at., near Broome. WANTRD-A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AORD WOman, to art aa an assistant housekeeper; one willing huneat and pleaaant. and who would make a home more an object.than wage*. Call at 244 West 201 h at. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE TOtUfQ WOMAN, TO ff do general houaework; one who la a good washer and Ironer; beat of references reoulred. Apply at 174 Bowery, near Honaton at. 1?TANTBP-A HERMAN OIRL, TO COOK WARII AND YY Iron In a email American family. One who understand* her business may call at JO WeatilHlt si. W YORK HRRALD, 8.\TU SITUATIOH? WANTED?If ALE H. COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNG man, who understands hi* business; bus had many years' experience; la a good and caief il driver; has bad much experience in the grooming and tieatment of hurws; will be toiind witling to make himself useful. Good city retereuce. Address JL>. P., 141 East 24th at., ur box 20# Herald ollice. WANTED?A SITUATION, ?Y A MAN, TO SUPERINtend a bag mauuiactory. who thoroughly understands bia bualneiia ana can command trade from reliable cuatomera. Will oomo for low wages, Address C. 8. W., Herald olUue. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A MAN OK THIRTYnve, a good peuman and accurate accountant, of much bualneaa experience and familiar with books and acrounla aud general mercantile translations: a personal interview la desired. Addreaa Arthur, box lhO Herald ollice. help wanted-males. AOENTS WANTED?WE ARK NOW PUTTING UP A SUPERIOR PACK ACE, with a line article of Stationery and a nic e of Jewelry NOT TO BE EXCELLED. Agents know that a GOOD PIECE OK JEWELRY commands the Hair of the package and therefore they STICK TO THE ORIGINAL and pay no attention to thoae who ATTEMPT TO IMITATE US. Onr Commercial Note Paper and Ladies' Billet and Note Paper are made expressly for our aceuts. and great care is taken to produce a 6uperfibe brand. It cannot be found In any other package a* we make It. and USE IT EXCLUSIVELY for the union prize stationery and recipe package AND ENVELOPE. Our Jewelry la of such a superior quality, and make* our package no saleable, that agents will see for tliemselvea that ours la the only nuclease thut has merit in it. The following are a few of the articles of Jewelry we put in our unequalled package ? lava and florentine ear drops. LAVA AND FLORENTINE BROOCHES. CORAL BRACELETS. CAMEO EAR DROPS. ladies' gold hand bracelets. ladies' large lockets-two faces. silver pencils. gold watch chains. stone set rings. HUNTS' 'HAND PINS. ladies' hair chains. Agents will find it to ihelr interest to send for ou r circulars, which we will mail to them free. We want agents all over the civilized world. Front ,$5 to $10 a day can be made by agents. We put In each package a beautiful and lifelike engraving of GEN. GBOROE B. McCLELLAN, 8x10. 25 Valuable R ctpev. d Sheets Commercial Note Paper. 6 Sheets Indies' Billet Paper. 6 Sheets Ladies' Note Paper. 6 Buff Envelopes. 6 White Union Envelopes, in colors. 6 Ladles' White Union Envelopes, in colore 2 Flue Steels Pens. 1 Finn Pencil. 1 Sheet Blot lng Paper. 1 Aecontmi datum Penholder. ALSO, A VALUABLE PIECE OF JEWELRY. R1CKARDS A CO., 102 Nassau street. AGENT8.?the best contrivance for the soldler la the mcclellan portable writing desk. It D well made, is shaped liae a w riting desk, can be carried In a knapsack, and forms an indispensable addition to a soldier's uom. oils. OHirers and soldiers who bave used it speak In terms of praise of Us many points ot excellence; the press speak favorably of theni. They contain everything that is needed for writing, including Ink. Price 25 cents. Agents wanted everywhere. Send for a circular. Each Desk contains the following articles : 6 Sheets Commercial Noto < Cream Colored Envelopes, Paper, 1 Bottle Ink, 6 Sheets Ladles' Billet Paper, 2 Fine Steel Pens, 6 Sheets Ladies' Note Paper, 1 Fine Pencil, No. 2. 6 MuClellun Envelopes, 1 Sheet Blotting Paper, 6 Bull' Envelopes, 1 Accommodation Penholder. Agents wanted everywhere. Send for circular. W. H. CATELY ? CO., 102 Nassau street. Agents.?caution extra "extraordinary."? "We deem it a duty we on e" not only to ourselves but to all agents and dealers in army packages, to say that we are not the "original" getters up of all these things; that we do not propose to hold in our own bauds the future destinies of all mankind, or to be able by bombast or bluster to bluff off or prohibit the legitimate pursuits or any of our fellow citizens. We would not so distinguish ourselves as to publish to the world that we "manufactured and sold to others" the "worthless articles"1 they put up In their so called "spurious packages," lest we might be suspected of occasionally slipping a few Into our own. All tbls kind of bluster and balderdash we abominate and despise, and leave the field of such fruitfulness open to thoso who seem most to enjoy it. Our McCleilsn Army Package contains fifteen of the most necessary and useful articles that can he collected together; many more than any other package put up or offered sale for the same price, f!it? 6 Sheets Pine Note Paper, 0 Envelopes to match. 6 Bheets Union Mote Paper, Envelopes to match, 1 Sheet Rlmting Paper, 2 Fine Steel Pens, 1 Fine Penholder, 1 Fine Black Lead Pencil, 1 Row of l'ina, 2 Needles,* 1 Skein Linen Thread, 4 Buttons, 1 Pocket Comb. I Song Book with 58 songs, 1 Almanue for 1862. I warrant all the above to be of the best quality; no manufacturer can put up 1 letter. Price $12 per hundred. Send your orders for the goods or circular. JOHN H. TINGLEY, Bookseller and Publisher, No. UtM Fulton street, N. Y. A GENTS WISHING TO GET THE BEST PRIZE S3. Packet* should Ii v our*, we nave many varieties, one quite new. wltb arttrle* never before oflerea In this form, which ftclU rapllly In the country, especially lo soldiers. Full particular* In circulars free. haskins k CO., Headquarter* tnr Union Stationery, M Beekman St. Agents, agents, agents-call and examine Dodln's Improved C wtl Oil Burner tor fluid lamps?re. tall* for U% eta, (agents make 100 per eent profit)?and other articles of ready sale. Call ou or address Joseph Dodln, 22 Duane at., uear Chatham. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN AS PUPIL WANTED IN THE nines of Charles Duggln, architect, 432 Broadway. Apply between 10 and 6. Boy wanted-in a lawyers office, who can write a food hand. Addrers box 1V7 Herald ofllce. OALE8MAN WANTED-IN A WHOLESALE AND JOBi ; blng straw bonnet, straw hat and rap house. One hav. Ins an extensive New York Stale connection or acquaintance may address 1 8. 11., bos AW-Post odice. TO STOCK BROKERS.?wanted. a yol'no man, a member oi the Brokers' Board, for a permanent situation In an eidabltahed stock house In this city. Address H. S H Herald ullice, slating references and lull particular*. titan ted?for a gentleman's family, a man TV and wife, well recommended; the man a* coachman and groom, the woman a* rook and baker; to suitable parties good wages will be given. Apply at 378 flth av., this day or Monday. WANTED-A PERSON TO TAKE CHARGE OF THE city nranch of a plcaxaiil and safe business, or to travel far It. Must loan, on undoubted security, or Invest at least $?i0. Parties In inner towns will also do well to send l'ur puilh ul.srs. Address Manufacturer, box 121 Herald ofllce. "IITAITE:! WANTED-AT E. MENDE8', M BROAD TV way. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, TO SELL MILITARY goods; one I list ran commend a good trade will either be |iaid a fair salary or a per sentage on amount of his sale*. Addr-ss box 1,8W Post other, stanug terms and giving references. I1TANTED?A VALET TO OO TO Al'RTRALIA WITH TT a men haul 2 <teres tor stores, 2 boys tir learn trndes, fi men for summers, 1 slew erilrs , 2 girls to travel, a housekecpek a clerk Iot a shipping ofllce. Apply at No. 7 Chatham uquare, TXTANTBD?A SALESMAN IN A WHOLESALE VAN TT kee Notion lioitae, doing a ca?n onaineia; une wiui can Intluenee the beat elaaa of trade. Reference required. Addrr.a W. 0., Herald otllce. WANTED?IN A LAWYER 8 OFFICE. A BOY WHO imu c une well reconiiiieuJed, can write a good band, ami make lilm-ill generally ueuluL Audreaa lit handwriting I appHftWl, Li'*, IIrrnld mUm, "\1TANTED?IN A BUSINESS OFFICE, AN ACTIVE \i inun, to nitki' nut bill* and do general otllce bumm-ae; one who tan command a hiiuiII capital ami will work lor a mi 'dentil Hillary. Addreaa Merchant, box IB Herald olllia. MomnovtrrneaoM made by aosmi mi Hie n"W patent Linen Marker. Agent* have ratal Win tarn gro?* In one day. over aevenly tlmiiaanil aolil. Samulei aeni by mall on receipt of it cent*. Addiena ?. f. Clark. Noi thai.'plot, M.IHH, dt?i <w\ -AHF.NTS WANTED, TO Ol'EN AN OFFICE ?PX'' v/> anil lake ilie wbuleaaia agency, In every 8iate, l?r all of Lloyd'* Hi, a< Military Mapa, need by our CommanderIn-Cblet . The elieapral mapa In lli-a orid. A I oi l 11 lie ran lie made on tlie^e tnitpe in each State. S,tXk*,OHU i-nple* of one ol tny niape bate already lieeu nold. Alan a man logo to California, England and Cuba. Agent* alao wauled in every county. Hrnd lor circular*. J. T. LLO\ D, 164 BroaoW.iy. TIIK TRADER. A FIRST CLASS I'llOTOORAl'IIER, To OO TO A Southern country; none need apply but tlioae well qnaItlled In all braneliea, {i wlmra a good >liu4l on will lie oilere<l. Apply to tbe Scovlll Manufacturing Company, No. 4 Beekiiian *1. ____ A FIRST CLASS COAL OIL AND I'ETROLEI'M ltE" llner I* n|ien to an engagement either to build or work a factory, or teach the arloi relliing. Addreaa It. F., care of Mr. Vancber, room No. 8, ililaey Building, 171 Broadway, N. Y. A BOY WANTED?To LEARN THE CARD AND OENErril engraving buaineaj, by a flrat i laaa engraver. lie rtmat la- hoiieet, ainart and iitlelllg nl. and abotil Hi teen year* of age. Addreaa, tu own hand writing, Engraver, llerald ofHoe. IJIIOTOORAI'IIER WANTED-AT RINTOUL A ROCKJT wnod'a, Kill Broadway, N. Y. TO BLACKSMITHS AND BOILER MAKERS.-A FEW good aiuiiha aii l b->itfi tnaaera wanted, at Wen Myotic,

Conn., b' twwn New London and Huntington. Applicant* mint liirnlah niinend 'tionn 'mm their last employers. Apply tnjiiaii Pntllann, al olilp yard, Writ M/atle, C inn. TO PRINTERS.?WANTED, A OOOD HERMAN COMI odtor, Mian one who niiinT-tnnda Hp.tnlali. at So '1*11 A Dark ? Job and Hook "(lit''', 37 Park row, rnoma 29 and 3ll. WANTED IM MEDIATE LT?POUR FITTERS ON LIOIIT niai hint ry, to whom good aagca will bo paid Alao a partner, with a capital ol? live and dnkara. to a t in Ihe financial department of the bualncra. whieh ia well ratalillahed and payaa largo prnllt, aaran b alnmn elaewliere. In thn tnaniilactiiro ol machinery In Ilia country. Hood referencea given ami required. WM. TKNHTILL. Addnaa No. 12 Mill alrret, Pattereon, New Jcraey. WANTED-A CUTTER WHO IS COMPETENT TO tak" charge ol the in in nurturing departnienl of it clothlnil lionac in the Went. None hut iho-e thoroughly uaeil to i ni ting pallet na need apply. Addreaa D., with reterenoea, Herald otnce. llf ANTRD?TWO SEUAR MAKERS NONE BET OOOD TT hauda need apply at 2*7 Ilttdaon al. HOTELR. Hotel jilian, 7fi7 hroadway, corner of N ith at reel.?A few Room* to let to families or conlien.en, ,.t nnileiaU' prtcta. Mvila al all hour*. Table d ilute at 0 e dock. RDAY, JANUARY 25, 18( SHIPPING. Notice.?the Liverpool, new york and phiIsdeiplita bo ainsbip Ooin|>any'a trainer CITY OK M AKCUEcTEit will Mil tor Curb aud Liverpool, as an extra ship,on TUEbDArY, Jan. 28, lrom pier M North iver. JOHN U. DALE. A?e?C_ \TOTlCE TO PASSENGERS POR EUROPE -by OR AN drr of (he Secretary 01 Stale, all pasceuger* leaving Uie United Slates, are required to provide themselves wlib passrji ta beiore ihey will lie allowed on board the kleamer. usseugers will not be subjected 10 any truuble or delay in procuring them. If they rail for iuairncilona at theCoinpany's mllces, 1A Broadway. N. Y. JOHN O. HALE, Agent. Sh am weekly between New York and Liverpool, lauding aud embarsing passenger* at Quecnstnwn, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York aud Philadelphia Steamship Company Intend despatching their full powered Clyde built Iron steamahlpa, aa fultowa ? CI i Y O NEW YORK Saturday. February 1 CITY OF WA8H1NUTON Saturday, February 8 and every Saturday, at noon, from Pier 41 North river. rate* or riMlGk. First cabin (7ft Steeiage (SO " to London HO " to London 33 " to Paris 85 " to Paris 38 " to Hamburg.. . 3*> " to lliiuiburg.... 35 Passengers also furwnrde.i to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp. Ac., at equally low rate*. Persons wishing to bring out their friends can buy tleketa hare at the following rates, to New York:?Front Liverpool or (Jueensiown, tirat cabin. (75, (85 aud (I'M. Steerage, from LiVeipool, (40. From (31. These steamers have superior a>conimouations for pus eetigers, aud carry eaperlem ed surgeons. They are built In wuter tight iron sections, and have patent lire annihUalors on bourn. For furthur Information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM INMAN, Agent, 23 Water street; In Glasgow to ALEX. MAIjCOf.M Nil ASH Kiinrh?ii,.?. Ir, O.t...... Snvn ? IV A W. D. SEYMOUR A CO.; In London to El VESA MACEY, ?t Kim; William street; In I'urla to JULES DECODE, No. 5 Place de la Bourse; In Phliuddplila to JOHN U. DALE, 111 Walnut direct, or at the Company'* office*. JOHN O. DALE, A .cut, 13 Broadway, New York. Hamburg American packet company. Steam to London, Havre and Southampton. The favorite lirat clnss and elegant iron mail vteamxhip SAX0N1A, H. Eliler*, commander, carrying the United Slates mini, nail* from pier No. 21 North river, foot of Pulton street, positively on SATURDAY, February I, and taken passengers for Hamburg, Loudon, Havre and Southampton ut the following rales:? Pirat cabin. $100 S cond cabin W) Steerage 36 For passage apply oxclustvrlv lo c. 'B. rrch ard a BOAS. 131 Broadway, N. y. The north gekman Lloyd's steamship hansa II. J. Von Sanien, commander, carrying the United Stales mail, will nail from pier 30 North river, foot of Chambers street, od SATURDAY. February 15, at 12 o'clock M., ron bremen via southampton, taking passengers to london, havre, southampton and bremen, at the following rates:? F. r the first cabin, $100; second cabin, $60; steerage, $33. For freight or passage apply to OKLKICUS A CO.. 68 Broad street FOR LIVERPOOL. DREADNOUGHT LINE?THE clipper ship Victory, Captain Aim worth, will positively sail on Saturday. January 23. at 10 o'clock A. 31., when passengers must be on hoard. For passage, lowest rates, apply oil hoard, pier No. S North river, or tu _ P. M. DEMAREST, 40 South street. FOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. A first class steamer will leave New York on the 1st, lllh and 21st of each month, except when these dates tall on Sunday, when the day of departure will be on the Monday following. For freight or passage apply at the only ofilee, No. 5 Bowing Groen. D. B. ALLEN. Agent. FOR HAVANA VIA NASSAU, N. P. The British and North American Royal Mail Steamship KARNAK, (.'apt Le Lessurler, will sail for the above ports from the company's wharf in Jersey City, on Tuesday, January 7,1862. Monday, March 3. Tuesday, February 4. Saturday, March 29. Passage money to Nassau $45 " " to Havana 00 All persons leaving the United Slates are reirulred to have passports from the autboilties of their respective countries, countersigned by the Secretary of State at Washington or by the passport agent at the port of embarkation. For freight or passage apply to g OUNARD, No. 4 Bowling green. TjlOR HAVANA.?THE UNITED STATES MAIL J? steamship COLUMBIA, R. Adams, United States Navy, Commander, will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Thursday, January 90, at 12 o'clock noon precisely. Passengers are requested to procure their passports before going on hoard. For freight or passage apply to SPOFFORD, TILESTON A CO., 29 Broadway. LEt.TlHKS ^ A LECTURE WILL BE GIVEN AT LAMARTINE Hall on Bunday evening, January 26, at 7o'clock. The spirit of one of your Senators who passed awsy a short time sinre, I have found a person I call a messenger of truth lo speak through. I Invite all to come and hear for themselves. PATRIOTIC LECTURES BY THE CHRISTIAN ALliauce.?lion. D. 8. Dickinson will open the course on Monday evening, Jan. 27, at the Cooper Iustltule Subject? Our Nation, Its Perils and Ita Hopes. Tickets at the door, 25 cents. yiMAWCIAlss Are you insuredt RUTGERS KIKE INSURANCE COMPANY, once 176 Chatham square, corner of Mott street. Diviokro.?The directors have declared a semi annual dividend of five (5) per cent, payable on the 1st of February next. The transfer books will be closed from the 15th Inst, till February 1. By order. _ E. B. FELLOWS, Secretary. Albert h. nicolay. No. 52 William street Stocks and Bonds bought and *o)d at the Broker's Board, for cash or on time. CLAIMS ON THE GOVERNMENT ADJUSTED AND promptly collected, through our resident agent In Washington. JUH N B. MURRAY, Army and Navy Banker, 39 Nassau street, N. Y., opposite the Post office. tlUfl 1 DiUbDAVAl I1DI NO H ? * n " ...... / miui Dcptrlmrnujiun'hiwd by JOHN B. MURRAY, army and navy banker. 30 Naaaau atreet corner of liberty|7tOR SALE?COLUMBIAN MARINE INSURANCE J? Company Stock, cheap, by ALBERT H. NICOLA*, S3 William atreet. QOLD AND SILVER WANTED AT A PREMIUfl BT TAYLOR BROTHERS* NO. 347 BROADWAY, CORNER MURRAY STREET. Gold and hlvbs coin Bovaar at the not eat p.euilum, by K. P. JAMES A CO., 90 Wall atreet. Hit:IIEST PREMIUM PAID FOR SPECIE, AT K. P. JAMES A CO.'S, JO Wall atreet. r INVENTORS, CONTRACTORS AND OTIIKRS RE<|Ulrln* capital. The advert lac r will furnish mnda to render avaPahlu any thoroughly detnonetrated Invention, or nrojeot, whleh he mar deem wart1r?| upon examination. Prlnrl|>alaoiily a -ed addreaa, wlTn their full signature (staling i be nature i-nd qualities of their Invention or design), Capital, box 196 Heratd office, WANTEDAdi1atl> Fire Inauranee S'ok. Arctic Fire Inauranee Stock. Central Park Pire ln-nranc" Stock, llome Fire Inauram-e Stock. Park Fire Ioanr.inre Stock. Plio-ulx Fire Inauranee Stock. Citl/ena Uaa Light Co. Stock. Apply to ALBERT H. NICOLAY. 62 WlUlaui atreet dbl nnO WANTED.?A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR PAaUv/U an Inrcatment of thla amount. In the Stock and Flit urea o! a atore located In Fourth avenue, now doing a line, successful and Increaalng trade. Addreaa box 4.M Port office. a>i? ono turn, $?-* , t2.snu,~$9,unu. wti.uuu. three ip'I.IMH/, anme ol * Iti.taui each, and other anma, to loan on beadMdjaori^igc <i. ju odoclive real estate In Hilarity. APIUJ (U A. 1.1 IM. M nitll Blli-ri, <e:in twwri 1 loan <>\ bond and moktoace ?J1JL"".UUvJ on productive Real Estate, either In city or country. In mmi to mm applicant*. No broker* need apply. to.lOllN COKRKJA. Jr. architect, 446 Broadway, corner ol Broome atrect, New Ton. Q41C /|AA TO LOAN?DN BOND AND MOUTOAIJE psM?.rsY/w" on New V urk and Brooklyn Improrcd propeny; alio money to loun on bank, Inaiir.ince ami other MtockM. Apply to R. K. KVERSON, 15 William street. nnn t? loam?on bond and mortoaub! vOw.WU" on Real Katale In thiaclty or Brooklyn, In Mimao.' 61,out and upwards; alao JMi.OIFI to Invent In purchaslng Mortgagee. Apply to A. HEKOEANT, 15 Wall atieet. LOAN ok kicks. AT 111 ORAND STREET. THREE DOORS WEST OP Bi oadway?Money advanced on Watches, Diamond*, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Uomla and personal pro|mrly m even doaci ipilon. or bought and ao.d, by JOHEI'll A. JACKSON, nclloneer aiul broker. AT 66 NASSAU STREET-A HONIOMAN, DIAMOND broker, make* liberal advances on Diamonds, Watrbca, Jewelry, Ac , or buya them at full value, at hla private nlJIce, 66 Naaaau atrect, rooia No. t, up alaira. Bualncaa coulidentlal. AT 77 BLEKCKER STREET?MONKY LIBERALLY advanced to any amount on Dtauomda, Walehea. Jewelry, Plauoa, Brjcara, DryOnoda, Ac. N. B.?Pawnbmkera Tick r (a bought. II. NEWTON, 77 Bleeeker street, up alaira. Liberal advances made on diamonds, Walehea, Elate and Jewelry, or bought for call at I he blgheal peine. Persona having oi l Hold ot Silver to sell can nut do Iretter than call on Mil ls ANKICII, 7'23 Bniadwa y I JACOBS, 4.1 CEDAR 'STREET.?MONKY I.IBEKAI J. ly advanced, in ?uma to aull, on W at. lies, Diamonds, Silver Ware and other personal property, or bought for cash, aipl the.highest price-paid. Bualncaa atrhtly conlldentlal. Branch oOR-e, 407 Broadnay. RHSTAI II 1NTS, OYSTERS CdOKEII BY STEAM.-TRYJ ONE STEAM at the Knllon C.dlce llouee, 145 Pulton atrect, COAL. /lOAL-PEACII ORCHARD, LKIIIOH, LOCl'ST, Mountain and Br iad Mountain, warranted to be pure w .4 t.. I <a s alio 41. ul . ii l> I i I In a nl I.Mu rtistnl llciol mild KlltflltK Mown- Uunfl, of Imt** Importation*; all ai loweal market priee*. 11 K.N KY KKKVK. rorner Canal and Centre and oi.rnrr Jane and Wait airrat*. <?/i /in _I AM DMJVKRINQ A HUrERIOK QUALI? fc yfcU. ty of Coal for family uae, well airmailed, at 94 40 per ton of 1,11ml Ilia.; Coke 93 per chaldron; aim 1,1rerpool an.I Cannrl Coal. A. 11KARTT, IM Weat Rlerenlh atrent, near Reeonllt avenue. ? 4 A A-COAK.-I AM NOW DEUVERINO A Rt'PB ?"T.^tU rmr article of family Coal, aereem-d nnd free from alale, at 94 4(1 |>er ton of 92;*at) Iba. from yard, 140 Waverley place, IN rrj and and Wcat atreeta, North river, and Flt-rce'a range atore, V4,i Broadway. A. TRBADWKLIa, Agent. SPORTING. nOOS FOR RAIK- ONi: Nri.KNIHP NF.WFOl'NOlaud ano two very line HI >ck and Tan, male and female, excellent 1 altera; weight of male Dva po 11 d*. Apply at S77 Bowery. ll'ANTKS?A FAIR OF MM A 1.1. FtlKD, FIRM RL'lOP TT ed bin. k and ton Trrflera, free from any while; ,, n? Other, will anil For liirther particular* apply at I7C Weat atrial, front U il l 9 viltwk. 12. BALKS Of REAL ESTATE, A FARM OK 72 acre8 FOR BALE OR KXCHANOENcar Lung Branch, New Jtrw), 3D acre. tillable, good land and Improvements; beautiful summer residence; excallenl bathing and .porting facilitie.; easy of an sa, from New York by car. and steamboat. Address T. U. K , Herald bm Avery mice, snug farm, near Milwaukee, Wis., in good building., fence and cultivation, and very productive, to exchange for a email city reatdenca or country place about one hour out. SOUTHWICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. A stoke AMD building, kivb stories high, on Sixth avenue, near Forty-fourth atreet; two ihr> e atnry high stoop Houses all nearly new and in rontpletn order, between Fifth and Sixth avenue., on Murray Hill, and twenty-right linelv localt d Lota near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, are to be told forthwith, cheaper than anything in the city; or tuay he exchanged lor pro|iertv near the city, if de irable. J. W. BARTLETT, 47S Broadway. A country residence at a sacrifice, near the city; one acre of land and mo story, well lbuilt; near Mori-ania depot; pile* $2,700; house and ail ola coal $1,800, for $I,H>|0. DITt llErT S West liester Land Glfl e, corner of Chatham and Chamber, street., brown stone building. Country residence for sale?at new canaun, Conn,, of new House, Buru and Outbuilding., with two acre, of productive land, beautifully ladout. On the premise* are two good well, and a young orchard. Aa a residence it i. a very desiralile one, and will be .old very low, or exchanged lor FLinolortea. Address Z. Vuorhien, No. 2Court street, Brooklyn. Farm for sale at a oiieat sacrifice.?tie ' acrca, SO acre* under cultivailon, 100 mile, from N. Y , 7 mllea from New York and Erie Railroad; good house, barn ami wagon house, heuncrv, -aw mill, mo k a id farming implement.. Frice $3.S00, $1,100 cash; bslaucc cau remain, or will exchange. Ap|ily to O. M. BALLARD, 77 Madison street. Green; oint. Farm wanted jmmediately-to rent, with the privilege of purchasing, suitable for fruit or berries, near ruilroail or sieaiubout, within sixty miles of New York. Answer, with lull particulars, for one wuek, Farm, Lniou square Post ulllre. Farm wanted?in exchange for a residence on the hank, of the Hudson, tMlv minutes Horn Tnir- , tleth street, or for city properly, rented lor 10 per cent of its Value par annum; Westchester county preferred, near a .la tiou on the Hudson River or Harlem Railroads. Address Farm, box OS rout otlice, staling slxu of farm, situation, pric e, Ac. For sale?to people with small incomes.? Fur Cottage Homes and small Farms, see advertisement of Vlneland. For bale?a farm of as acres, three miles from Newark, at irvlmrtun. N.J.. mumble fur gardening. -i For sale or exchange, a Farm of 100 acres, three mile,-, lioiu | Newark, mi mail to Elizabeth, N. J. ? JOHN WHITEHEAD, 115 Market at., Newark. N.J. [ Fob sai.e-a well built frame house no ?o l_ Kaat Thirtieth street, mur MudUon avenue; lot extra H /.e, Z">)i by half the Mock. Neighborhood first class. Will 1 be Bold low. Apply at 127 Bowery. corner of Grand street. Fob sale?to persons out of health.?for * delightinlclimate, sec advertisement of Vnieland Fauns c FOR SALE?IN BROOKLYN, Eh D., A FIRST CLASS " House, in the finest location and most desirable neigh- j borhood; finished with modern Improvements, and replete ' with all convenience*. About two-thirds may remain. Ad- g dresa Brooklyn, box 203 Herald ofllce. i FOR SALE?A BAY SHORE FARM, 158 ACRES. ON the south si le of Long Island, SO miles from New York, t pleasantly situated, in view oC the great South Bay and main " ocean. Terms easy. A diagram of the furm ran be seen at 1' Mr. l'ettil'M, 129 Chrystie street, N. Y. Apply to 8. T. 2 UREEN, near the larm, at Sayville, Suffolk county, 1,. I. IflOR SALE-FARMS OF ALL SIZES AND LOCATIONS, Country and City Residences. Merchandise, exchanges a and business operations of all kinds procures partners, Ac. 1 F. U. RICHARDSON A CO., 82 and Bt Nassau street. FOR SALE CHEAP?A NEAT SEVEN ROOMED COT" luge, aud over two flue Lots, with plenty ui grapes' 1 Pears, Currants, Ac., within one block of cars to all the fer- I ries. Inquire of 0. A. VAUOHAN, next to tenth school, near Pourtli avenue. South Brooklyn. II30R SALE OR EXCHANOE-A VERY VALUABLE Mill Property, situated at Ureen Bay, Wisconsin, with 1 2ti fine Building Lota and 1,60(1 acrca of Ijand.with everything I requisite tor doing a large business with the mill. An exchange will be made for Uooda or Real Estate in New Jersey | or New Vork. Price lor the whole $65,009. Title perfect. | No encumbrance. Fit particulars inquire of P. L. VAN DK- 1 VENTER, 195 Fulton street. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-FOR A GOOD STOCK OF J Assorted Mercbsmllse, a desirable country village Store ' Propel ty. line House, with or without two tine improved Farms, all free and clear. This is a desirable properly. ISAAC A. BIUUH, 73'Nassau street. ( Furnished cottaok for sale?containing ] all the modern Improvements, convenient to cars, and in first rite condition. Apply on the premises, 360 Carlton avenue, Brooklyn. Possession lmmeulately. ONE HUNDRED ACRES OP FINE TIMBERED AORIvultural Lsnd. in Oneida county, for sale or exchange i for liquors; also a fine throe story and basement brick House, with stable on rear of lot, live intitules from ferry, in Brooklyn, belsw cost. Address T. G. F., Herald office. Residence wanted?in westcuester county, with a few acres of land, near a depot; will pay some eaab, or would hire with the privilege, of buying, or would exchange for city properly a larger place. Address, slating price and location, P. S. Brown, 97 Third avenue Real estate, productive or unproductive, Improved or unimproved, wanted, for an invoice of Dry Goods. Also a few shares of Artisans Bank stock will be added, by A. TRKADWELL, 109 Chambers street. V1NELAND FARMS.?FOR SALE. THE BEST OF Laud, st tlie new and thriving settlement of Vinrland, only 30 miles from Philadelphia by railroad, direct to New York. Soli Is a tine rlay loam, rich and productive for wheat, grase and fruits. Divided into farms of 20 acres and upwards, at the low price of from $15 to $20 per acre. Onefourth cash, balance in four years; alto Lots of two and a halt to five acres, at from $80 to $200 each. Fine crops can be seen growing. To persona of small capital or out of business this la a good opportunity to establish a country home and be certain of a livelihood. This is the tight remedy for b>r<l times. Papers and reports can l>? bad by apply ins to JOHN M. MOORE, 191 Pearl elreet, New York. L-tlers anawemt. AUo, report of Solon Roblnaon, of the New York Tribune, on be obtained. Extract from report of Solon Roblnaon, Agricultural Editor of the New York Tribune, u|>on Vlnrland? It ia certainly one of the moat extenahre fertile tracta. In an almost level poaltlon, and autubie rondttlon for pleaaant farming, that M know of Ihia aide of the Weaiern prairies. WANTKD-TO PURCHASE, A SMALL COTTAGE tlouae. In good order, with hall'acre, more or lose, of Improved UruumT, on or near the Harlem Railroad, south of While Plaint, with perfect title. Addreaa by mail, with trruia and location, Aiuum llHrtwiae, New York city. XI,rANTBD-H<>CSE AND LOT. WORTH ABOUT S7.000L M between Thirtieth and Ptftielh alreela and Sixth and Tenth avenues, In exchange tor unincumbered Harlem lota on Eighth avenue. Apply to JOHN Met,'LAVE, l,2tl Broadway, near Thirty-flrtt alreet. WANTED Tt) PURCHASE-A HOUSE AND GROUNDS In the country, within an hour and a halt by railroad el the New York Ciiy Hall. Mutt be pleasantly located; nut on Staten Inland. Address, giving particulars, E. U. B., box 2,794 Post oflice. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A MODERATE PRICED house, within sn hour ol the City If all. Address, slating prtragind location, J. O. B., llerald otiti c, OfWJ IMPROVED FARMS, COUNTRY SEATS. HOUSES 0UU and Lots, lor sale, or to exchange; also, every description ol' Real Estate tor sale. If you wish to purchase a lloui". Farm or Country Seat, apply to A skitcf-ANT, 15 Wall at. (jt.rr/vn only.?for bale or exchange?two Vt/vv stee Nvristows Hoaar*and lois in thirty lifih street, containing all the modern Improvement*. Only $50i caati will be required. The balance em remain on bond and mortgage. Apply te ALBERT II NICOLAY. nnn ? r?* hale?a new three STORY tJVJ.Ul "U. brick high Basement 1 loner- In Binuklyn, or will etrlisn re fur household lurullure oreablnet ware. Altplv to FOSTER A LOI'KR. No. 4 Sands st., liro klyn, or P. C ANTHONY. M}| I'lue street, Initn II to ,'t... I ek. ME AAA -MB SALE OR EXCHANGE?FOUR tPabOiUvUiihola1 lads on Broadway Iv.ow the Central Park, snd four Lots on the Central Park. Fifth avenue. Al-o, first elsss bu*.ness ptopeaty on Broadway, i>a/in: 98lkki n it per annum. M. L. SHELDON, 79 Cedur st. ftlAAnOA-fW salb?twbnty HorsEs is sPlU'J,"/UU? the rity of New York and Br s.k yn, free from Inrinnhrance; lot sale on a long eredlt. a country' sest worth from fl.'i.tMi to $4<>,IX?| would to- taksn In exchange M. L. SHELDON, 79 l street BILLIARDS. A LARGE STOCK OF NEW AND SECOND HAND B!tills ril Tables, wlib Phelsn's C< uihiuuiluti Cushions, for sale at prices to suit the times. PHELAN A COLLE.NDER, 63 to ? Crosby st., N. Y. DENTISTRY. Artificial tf.etii.-j. c. Kennedy, dentist, isi Bowery, tlitee doors l-eluw Spiinu sliect, la luserttn ; hs beautiful lifelike teeth at llie lowest possible pities Wl ole Sets on Oold or Plstlna Iruni $23 upwards, ami on ttlrer or Robber from $M upwards. Partial Sets no Uol , 92 each tooth, or on Sliver $1. Satisfaction guaran'ee I In alt ras- a. Having had four roots extracted, without pain, by Dr. J. JAY VIl.l.RKs, l.Yi Grand street, two blocks limn Broad why, I cheerfully Insert this as a rerunraendatlon to those wishing the services of a skill ul dentist. A. PLl'NKETT, Herald mil e, N. Y. National dental gallery, sixth ayknu e nirttcr of Twenty-se.-ntid atiret ?French. SpanLh. Ar., spoken. lan-gest suti oldest established tnauulaitttrersj hesutirul patent "Outnotype" Teeth: anti-extortion prices. Silver sets from $S; vulcanite. 9'AI: gold. *>. Guaranteed Oral clasa dentistry Five premiums awarded DR. MANSON, Den flat. NI. GRIFFIN A BROTHERS. DENTISTS. 137 FULTON . street, Braoklyn, and 2M Grand street, New York (formerly 876), have the largest and cheapest dental establish incnt in tnr worm. inry anproved atmoapherlc plain without ejtrartlnii hi inota Full aeta on plallnn or gold, $25. liver or rubber. $10; partial acta on gold, $1; silver, $1. VULCANITE BASK?FULL RETS OF FOURTEEN Tretb, on vulcanite base, atretijiihened with a gold band, for $30. Thev ore llirht.take kindly to the ruin* and lit perfectly. WM. 'C. UOKNE, denilat, S43 Slilh avenue. MATRIMONIAL. An officer, wiid is suffering from a wound, and who haa recently been released from Richmond, la drilmua of forming a rnrreapondmice with aoma lady for the puriiose of cheering hla drooping aplrlta. Address Lieut, II. V. A., Fortreaa M inroe, Ya. Alm uf.NTLEMAN IS ANXIOUS TO MAKE TDK AOquainlinc e of a young Finch lad*, with a view lo mntrl irony. She mint apeak a lltt! English, and tie aatlafled with the undivided love of her haib.tnd and a modi-rate income. Address Immediately Ernest Manning, care of B. Lockwood, Hroadwav Post office. AL^ YOUNG GENTLEMAN. AGED TWENTY FOUR, OF good appearance and hahlta and well runnerted, deaima the acquaintance of a young lady not over eighteen, me dimn In alio and generally attractive. Future corre*|>nndenee to prove the atncorlty of both. Addreaa Marcus, bot 3011 lleraM offife. \ GENTLEMAN. WITH VERY LIMIfLH At'gt'AINT IAm nne?t nrtirr* 10 njjwn a ronripHinirnw ? ^7 1 nm?n? ction?t? ai?j w?ltu?n, wlihn vlyw to m itrtinonjr. All com in mi Coition* **111 be ftrlctljr conflrttntiJit. Adclreii R. J., box lttUlleraidoUke. I 3 < FOR BALM. 3AKEKT FOB BALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED J bak.-r*. situated In one of the beat neighborhood* in ie city, now talking 22 barrel* a week. Apply at 773Third venue, between Fifty-brat end FIfly-eecoud aireetk. 3RIO STORE FOR SALE.?A CORNER STORE, doing a fair buslnesa, old established, wSl lie nold i* heap, the owner has oib-r elaluia Upon bia lime. Addreaa E, D. .sw rente, 1,201 Broadway. CjVlR SALE?A LA ROB MILLINERY AND DKEI8l inakiug Esiablikliini-ut, doing a l uge busim k , Che timet laa little effect on It, the piofl a a e $f (MO yearly. Reasons iven for telling out, and sold at a very low price to a cash uatomer. [?OR SALE?THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OP L a good corner Liquor Store, In the Eighth ward, doing a ood business, Apply to DAVID BCOtUAL, 120 Wooaiet treet, corner of Bleeeker. In the atore, ClOB SALE?A FIRST CLASS GROCERY, CHEAP FOR L. rash. Also, two Horses and two Wagons. For particu?ra luqulre at 249 Weal Twenty -drat street. FOR SALE?A VERY NEAT AND TASTY SALOON. C well located, with house room attached, well calculated or a lady. Inquire at The tlcncial, No. t, Amity street, three oors trotn Broadway. FOR HALE?BARGE CASTLETON. It if, TONS BURDEN. t1 In good order lor buaiueaa. May lie s. en at the loot tn I array street. Apply to K. E. LIVINGSTON, 21b Fifth av. FOR SALE?THE LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF P Ihe best corner liquor atore, on the belt business avenue p town, fitted 1111 In lifsl 1 la- a ?iyli-,nud doing good hustuesa. ,|>ply to T. UAFPNEY, 170 Cuatiiatn street. FOR SALE?A LARGE BUTTER AND CHEESE . Stand, uow doing a good business. lnqoue of kl. W. TARIN, 209 Dunne street. FOR SALE?ONE NEW NO. 3 STEAM PUMP. TEN P Steam Engines atul* Boilers, from four to sixty horse uwer; two iron Tanks, 4x10and 4 fuel deep, four thousand ounda Journal Metal, in lots to suit purchasers. T. K. MILLS, 11 Wall Mfeet, a -cond floor. ...... . .. ? - ... a U'un PAi.r. v/oc-ir.-?igi iv, ri\ii Krai L1 of a Fancy Goods Store, with Dwelling; rent $300: uow lolngu fair busiuera. Satistuctury rcanons given lor Milling, tpply on the promise*, Lit) Broadway, or to H. M. A tiAMK, CetrupulRan Hotel, N. Y. [71 OK BALE CHEAP? D T#o Wax Figurc?Boy and Olrl, completely greased, ife sire. tt'fkl sue Herring Safe. Desks, Sliuw 'lines, Ac. Also, to let, OlUce or First F'o >r, eorirctcd, 4c. Rent low. Apply at 4<J>3 Broadway, up stairs. [710k kale cheap?the lease of the terrace D Saloon, corner of Sixty-seventh street anu Eighth aveue, terminus of the Eighth Avenue Kallroud and main < nr&uce toAlie skating pond on the Ceutrui Park. Apply on he premises or ul 711 Eighth avenue. [TIOR SALE OR EXCIIANGE-AN ENGLISH ALE AND r Cbop House, uli furnished, and Is now unking N me nouev; the house, with tlie luruilure. cost (111,0.0. inortguge 10,iHX); ten years to run: insured for $0,000; the whole in exhunse for other yropertv, or part inouey. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO , S2 and M Nassau street. PIBOCERY FOB KALE.?STOCK AND FJXTl'RES OP IT an excellent little Grocery, well lilted up; rent low, In a ood location; will be sold cheap for easb. Apply on the renimes, corner of Carll and Tillary streets, Brooklyn, lone but principals need apply. grocery for sale-one of the best stands Jl in Brooklyn, choice ami well selected stock, cash trade and ow rent. Will he sold at u bargain. Ititiiiirc of J. CHARLES, 17 Atlantic atreet, Brooklyn, between 10 and 4 o'clock. IRON SAKE FOR SALE. AT HALF PRICE.?A FINE L lurce Iron Safe for sale. Il 1* nearly new. and li? as good is new. Will be. sold at halt of its value. Inquire at No. 12 Pine street, first Iloor. Hotel for sale ?a great inducement; all iu good order: nicely fitted up and arranged: super.or mention; doing a large full business, and one ol the very best chances in make numer. SOUTHiVIiCK 4 WOOD. M Naqrau street. Photograph gallery for sale ?the oldes tabllshed Gallery 419 Broadway, togeiber with Bto k snd Fixtures, ready for use; will be sold low lor cash. Apply on [be premise*. Steam engine for sale ?a new engine, 40 inch cylinder, 12 fee-, stmkettmill by Cunningham, Belmap 4 Co.; lor sale by EDW. MINTl'RN. 120 Water ?(rve(. 2boar store.?an old and well established J Sugar Store loi sale Apply at. 2K9 Hleeeker street. rO BOSS BLACKSMITHS. 40.? FOR SALE, A BLACKsmitu Shop and Shoeing Forge, witli fiv- teats lease, [<>od will, Ac., containing two Forges, Anvils, Vices, Ac., the lrnprieinr is about retiring from the. tmatness. Address bos Lf9 Herald other. WILL EXCHANGE FOR CARPETS?A FIRST QUALIty Wheeler and Wllson'aSewing Machine, enclosed In lull mahogany case, all in perfect order. Address H. A. T., Herald office. dhenn -ABOUT THIS SUM WILL BUY THE FURtpUvu, niton; of a four story and basement boarding house near Broadway. In Bleecker street, 19 room*, well hlffd: modern Improvements; rent low. Address T. J., box 149 Herald office. Pififi ?PATENT FOR SALE OF AN INVALUAipl.tJUU. hie article ronnected with the army, now being largely manufactured. Want a party to take une-thlrd interest Its value can readily Cr seen on examination. A 80CTHWICK * WOOD. 82 Naaaau atrert. HORHKM, CAURIAOK8, AC. Aoood sound horse, leather shifting top lull aprlng black box Wagon, llarneea, Blanket, Whip Ac., and Sleign, a complete bualncaa eftabliabment, lor rale, to l>e cloaed out lor $2i& Apply al W? I5aat Thlrly-neiend el, Croupe ROCKAWAY FOR ralk j.ow?A FIRST J i-lun vehicle, nearly new. built to order for the prcaeat oa nar'a uae. haa ahirtlng rront and panelled quartern; baa hern but little uard, and la in excellent condition. Can ba aeen nt 112 Broadway, brat boor. For sale-two new Portland sleighs, one aerond band Portland and one eernnd Itand Alhaitv hlelch, ail of which will be aold cheap. Inquire at Oakley'a a.abic, Hoboken, one door from the terry. For sale-a splendid dark urat horse, six yearn old, 16K handa. rood In elngte or double barnraa or under aaddle; alao, a good heavy Work llorae: low priced. Can be acen at Thlrty-eecond atreet, treat of Klerenth ar. For s4le?a span of horsej. that are, withOut queatlmi, equal to any ntlier in tbla city. A lui titer deacrlptlon la not deemed nceaaery, aa any family wmhlng a iMi k or gentleman a rnc.d team eac aee them by addre? *? rural l'ark, Herald omce. Fob sale-the horse and cart, fixtures or Store ana Buicry, lor tke turn af $176: $1CU an remain on mortgage. Inquire at the grocery atore ooraer of South Kir* land Seventh alreeta, Wiliiauialiurir. For sale cheap?a past trotting horse, aound and kind, lSljj handa high; ran tint In 2:16 to 2$$; the property of a private gentleman about leaving the ilty. Will he aold at a aacritlee. Apply at 98 Mercer etrert. TOP WAGON.?WANTED, A GOOD SECOND HAND Top Wagon, made by Hrewater A Co , of Hroome ?'r et; one not more than a year old preferred. Addr a- w w , II,0 aid odlre. TO ALL OWNERS OF HORSES ?QRBENES HOOF Ointment?a certain cure lor quarter rrank, qulttor, Overreach, tliruab. and all dlacnaee of the home a f,?U For a.tle by GIBSON, BETTS A Nit HOLS, and all aaddlera. TVANTED?A SUPERIOR PACING SADDLE HORSE, Tv mahogany bay or dapple gray, 14', 10 19 hand*, long I All whlltll * V#ajir? 111.! V 111.1 \*+ \ PPT Ml V lib ll 14 It < I Vk HIT *11 Ll'.li oun I and kfnd. Addreaa A B.. boi?77H'Po*t otUcr. \1TAVTED?A CL< SE OARKIA IE (COUPE STYLE), TV that In Imn bin little ma I, id 1 O'.ii lour pro i?, all If able fi r our borne; mute prn', urarrlf t on d a here It run br nrrii, Adilreaa II., bun 4,621 I'uat "II**, COPAHTNKUKHIP .\OTIC KS. PARTNER WANTED?TV A PROFITABLE t'AKII manufacturing lm?|nrta, established; mi article much n?ed by rrrry housekeeper. Capital rr.piired $18) caau. Apply to J. E. IRELAND, tVI Nassau street. PARTNER WANTED?IN A LIOHT AND PLEASANT I Indoor, money making business, well estabinuiet and yielding loric profit*, wltliout rink or romprtltlun. Any good business man, Willi $.1,1 CD capital, necking sale >md permain-ill moll business, will do tr.-ll to rail on OEO. WIIKKLKR, Nos. BUCJ and SUB Brood way, N. Y., r-oiin No. 6, m-Iore 11 A. M. or from 2 until IP. X. N. I).?Real raiutr agents or shya. trro nut noticed. PARTNER WANTED?IN THE 'OWEECTIONERV AND frultery business: one having a knowledge ?l the business preferred, also a good rake tinker. Apply at 3-41 t'anal Bint Q1 r.n -PARTNER WANTED. ONE WHO IS Will.. JPIU". Ing to devote lime and eir-rgy, In a respectable business, that wl I pay blm a good Incomei must lie a single mini, of good ediM-aiinn ami able to gin- reference* as to honesty and sobriety. Address K.. box l'.K lleralil nfllce. AfrnilTO $J*?).-A HENTLEMAN WITH THIS amount of c i- h can secure an Inlereai in a hlgln v respectable bin-lueaa, without risk or comueilllun, wlucli nays over $400 per month. Apply at 87 Forayth atreet, fourth floor, room No. 1. (J.O -WANTED, A PARTNER WITH T1IB above ammint to Join tb- advcrtloer In a business already established, and wln-rcby the addition of the above name amount ran lie made to realirn a yearly proltt ol not b-*a tliart $8,000. Unexceptionable reference required and given. Atldrraa B. J. H , Herald oiler C>s? fTiWA Ttl $3,000-PARTNER W ANTED, WITH <p^gs?JVU thla amount, or the service* and money and a lmIt salary. Second bond and mortgage. Also $6.40tl In the auma wav """ r. b. RICHARDSON, A CO.. 82 and M Ntwn at reel. FIRNITURR. A BEDROOM 8CIT OF ENAMELLED FCRNITURB lor (21, In nil color*, of irarranted manufacture; alao aolld rlirMtiiill Chamber Hull*, plain and ornamental, at H. F. FAKRINOToN'S, Mm Canal airerl, epinnlte Wooater. Ealabllahrd In IS48. ENAMKLLKD CHAMBER Bl'ITS OF Fl'RNITl'RB. IN all Polora and Myl-a, at wholraale and retail, at flid) and mmarda. Alao, tf annates and Palllaaaei. WARRKN WARD, 277 Canal sirert, four doora eail of Broadway. f UHMTCRE BOFOHT.?ALL KINDS OF MOf'PEIIOLD J Kiirnliure bought for rash, and a good ui ire gt*ea,a? 47* Third avenue, near Thirty-fourth aire. U I'leiae pallor addrraa Fitriilturp, aa abors. N. B.?A good aaaoriment of ammd hand Furniture for aale. IilirRNITtRE.-CASII TAID FOR SECOND HAND FT7? 1 nltnre, Mirror* and Carpets Country ralla attended to Addr?*a Furniture Store. MO llndaon street. A good ma hogany Plympton Serrrlary Bedataad lor aale aheap. FilCRSITI HE FOR SALE.?ANY TARTY 4BOIT TO 1 coinmenre honargeeptng pan hare the opportunity of Currhtalng the Furniture, Ar., of a neatly furnished rottago ouae at a low flam e. Tri m* one-half raah, and apnroved , note on alt mouth* for remainder. Addrraa far three data 8. K. R., Herald otflre. Fl'RNITI'RK WANTED.-THB SCBRCRIBKR WILL jmrrhaae for i ash, ata reasonable rate, *1,Ml) or fl.BO worm 01 Miinmirr m mrmum qinuur. ?? ! nw ? r..1ns hoM?r. Any pariy about hrraklni tin hoWkmpIng may mil or iwfid a Una to Mr. MATHKWH. IIS Fulton MMt. \v A M i l' A GOOD RECORD HAND 1>KSI. CHAIR, Tf ropvlim prow And table to It, Addrrn, it*ling prick, I i. C. K , lierald oiler. -JrlW A'1 "h ' " * V ***' *

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