Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 27, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 27, 1862 Page 3
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Style is the more elegant. They are sometimes Hloe la large plaits, in wbki caaa they are hemmed. We have aeen some (Ilk dreaaee mad* with one deep flounce and two email once pieced above, and with an upper skirl to flail and meet the top flounce. Both douneos and skirt weru pinked. The body of this drees was mado o|>en. with open sieevee. and rather short, and both trimmed with a Crill pinked at each edge. For ball dresses nothing Is so elegant or eo dUtingue in eflfcet as tarlatane skirts, with flounces pinked, and headed by boulllonnee, over colored ribbon,or ehicoree ruches eg si.k. A colored tarlatane skirt, to match the ribbons Or rucbings, ia worn under the white one. Colored tarlatanes and crapes are worn, but are scarcely so simple or recherche. Lace flounces are generally lined with crape or tarlatane, either white or colored, to impart a little stiffness to them. Satin dresses with lace flounces will be worn for full dress by married ladles. For elderly ladles we have noticed some velvet dresses, opening down the front over satin, moire er watered silk; tho under skirt Is generally handsomely embroidered or trimmed with lace. 0,icra cloaks are still worn In the form of burnous; ? ? ?*??An tk. fnaM nalolAlo hill flin htirnrmu lute tho ad\outage of being m>ro easily removed, they re made of satin, silk end terry velvet, cashmere or plush, and are handsomely braided embroidered or edged with lace. When made in plush they aro merely edged with a large silk cord with tassels at each corner. Bonnets are worn of two colors?for instance, black velvet trimmed with colored flowers or feathers. For full d. c.'s the curtain end passe are generally made of lulls or blonde. Bonnets are still made la: ge, but not of the unbecoming shape recently worn; they ere rather flat, instead^ f being poluted at the top. Colored pipings re no longer in good taste, having become so very common. The Population of Canada. ?HE CXNBl'S OP 1?61?CLASSIFICATION BY ORIGINS. [Front the Toronto Olobe, Jen. 30.] It was natural to ex|>ect that, as the accessions to the population of Canada in tho nine years between 1852 and 1801, wore more by natural increase of population than by any extraordinary Immigration, tboro would bo a lareur proportion of natives of tho province in 1881 than t the date of the previous census. That such is the (act is shown by the actual returns. In 1852, of the 1,842,265 Inhabitants of the province, 1,347.018, or 73.15 per cent of the whole we e horn in Can :da. In 1861, of 2,506,755 inhabitants, 1,017,777, or 76.60 por cent of tbe whole, were natives. Of course in Iiowor Canada, on account of its boing by far the older settled portion of the province, the proportion of natives Is greater than in Upper Canada; hut it appears that during tbe nine years preceding tho date of the recent census the native per contage has increased in tho latter in a more rapid ratio than in the former. In Lower Canada In 1852 the number of natives of Canada waa 795,108, or 89.31 per cent of the win lo population of 890,261; in 1861 they numbered 1,014,898, or 91.38 per cent of the whole population of 1419,664. In Upper Canada, in 1852, the number of na> lives of Canada, was 652,610, or 58 08 per cent of the whole population of 952,004; In 1861 they numbered 902,879, or G4.67 per cent of the whole population of 1,390,091. For the sake of more easy comparison we repeat the figures in tabular form. The per centages bow the proportions which tbs number of those born in Canada bore to the whole imputation in the entire province, and in either section respectively;-* 1852. 1861. Cknada 73.15 76.60 llp!?r Canada 68.08 64.67 |?wer Canada 89.31 91.38 I bo natives of Canada are distinguished into those who are and those who are not of French origin. In lAwcr Canada the number of natives of French origin was 669,628 In 1852, and *47.320 in 1861; the number of Oatives not of French origin was 126,680 in 1862, and 197,578 in 1861. In Upper Canada the number of natives of French origin was 26,417 in 1852, and 33,287 in 1861; the number of natives not of French origin was 626,093 hi 1852, and 869,692 in 1861. in l/iwcr Canada the proportion of natives of Canada of French origin to the whoio population was 76.21 per cent in 1862, and 76.29 per cont in 1861?an increase of little over 1 per cent. Is Uppor Canada the proportion of natives of Canada not ef French origin to the whole population was 55.26 per ?ent in 1862, aud 62.29 per eent In 1861?an increase of a Uttlo over 7 per cent. One of tho must striking changes shown by the late emus, is in the relative proportions of tho numbor of stives of French origin and those not of Frsnch origin. In 1862 the natives of Canada of French origin in tho liou; in 18<SX they were 35.12 per cent of the population?a decrease of 2.86 per eont. In 1852 the natives not of French origin were 85.3T per cent of the whole population; in 1861 they were 41.38 per cent of the population?an increase of a fraction over 6 por cent. In 1862 <?<t of a native population of 1,347,618, there were 096,845, or 61.64 per cent of French origin, and 651.673, or 46.36 per cent not of French origin. In lntJl these proportions were more than reversed, nut of a native population of 1,917,777, there were 880,007, or only 46.92 per cent of French origin, and there were 1,047,170, or 64.08 per cent not of French origin. In 1852 the population of Canada included 494,647 individuals who hsd not been born in the province; in 1861 the number of tliis class was 688,978-^an Increase of 94,331. That is lo say. the number of persons, nut natives. who arrived In the province during the nine years from 1852 to lottl, exceeded the number of the same class who died or loft the province during the same interval, by 04,331. Upper Canada got nearly the whole benefit this accession to the population of thu province. In 1862 the population of Upper Canada included 3W.494 Individuals, not natives of Canada; In 1861 the number of this class was 493,212?an increase of 93,718. ihe population of l/>wor Canada ta 1852 included 95,163 individual* not natives of Canada; in 1861 the number of this alass was 96,766? an increase of only 613. Of that portion of the population who are not natives af Canada, Ireland furnishes the greatest number. In 1862, the number of natives or Ireland was in Low er Canada 61,499, or 6.78 per cent of the whole population ; in IM1, they numbered 60,192?a decrease of 1,307?or 4.62 rovnt of the Increased population. In Upper Canada, 1852, tbare were 176,267 natives or Ireland, being 18.62 per cant of the population; In 1861. they numbered 191,231, or 13/70 per cent of the population. In the whole urovluce. in 1852. there were 227.706 natives of Ir?:*od, Wing 12..**6 per cent of tbo population; In 1801 they numbered 241,423, or V.C8 per cent of Die pipule(too. England and Wales take tbe next rank, as coutributore to lite population of Canada. In 1852 (here were in Lower Canada XI.280 natives of England and Wales, l.eiug 1.35 per cent of th* population; la 1851 they numbered lb,13V or 1.18 per cent. In Upjwr Canada in 1862 there were 82 099 natives or England and Wales, or 8 69 per eotef the jOjHiiation: in 1851 they numbered 114.290. or 8.10 per cent. In the wbole province, in 1862, there were 93,9)0 natives of England and Wales, being 6.10 per cent or the population; In 1861 thoy numbered 137,429, or 0.08 (*r rent. Tbe natlrea of Scotland, In IMS, In Lower Caneda, warn 14.566, being 1.64 per cent of tbe population; In 1861 they numbered 13,ICO?a decrease of 1 406?or 1.18 per cant of the population. In Upiwr Canada they num bered 76,811, or 7.98 per c-nt in 1862, and 98,792 or 7.08 pe. cent iu 1861. In the whole province they numbered 0376, or 4 91 per cent lu 1852, and 111 ,062, or 4.47 per cent In 1861. Tbe natives of the United Stales In 1362 in Lower Cansda were 12,462, being 1.40 per cent of tlw population; in 1801 (hey number#.. 13,641 or 1 23 per cent of the populaibu. lu Upper Canada they numbered 43,732 or 4.69 per c -ut iu 18.12, and 60,758 or 3 64 per cent in iwti. ]q Iho.whnie province they numbered 66.214 or 3.03 tier Cent in 1862, and 64,399 or 2.67 per cent in 1361. Bumming up these results we Qnd that for every ona h odred of the population of Lower Canada, there were aativenof.? 1862. 1361. Canada?Of French origin 76 21 76 29 Canada?Not of French origin 14.10 16.09 Ireland 6.78 4.52 Ei,g aud and Wales 1.26 1.18 Scotland 164 1.13 United States 1.40 1.23 All other ooun'.ries 61 .61 T?tnl 100.00 100.00 Ker every one hundred of tho population of Upper Canada there were natives of? 1862. 1851. Canada?Not of French origin 66.26 62.29 Ca... d?Of French > rigin 2.82 2.38 lreiaud 18.62 13.70 Engl, ml and Wales 8.69 8.19 Ben' land 7.96 7.08 Unitod Slate* 4.69 3.64 All other eountrios 2.16 2.72 ToUl 100 00 100.00 For every cue hundred of tbe population of the whole province there wore native of? 1R.V2 1SC1 Canada?Not of French'origln .16 37 41.38 Canada?Of French origin 37.78 35 12 Ireland 13.3# 0.63 England and Wale* 6.10 6.08 So'itl.ind 4.01 4.47 United .-ut '? 3.06 2.67 All other countries 1.43 1.76 ToUl 100.00 100.00 The lower provinces furnish, In point of numbers, an lu- ouiddcrahlo i;uota of ths population of Canada. Tha of Nova Scoua and Priure Kit ward Island, In Uuwer Caua<!*, numbered 474 In 1862 and 077 in 1801; In U po Cauarla lb y imrnbeied 3,7t6 in 1862, and 4,383 In ltdl. The natives of New llrunawlok, In Igiwer t'auada, numbered 480 In 1862, and 852 (m whom 434 were In Bo.uivcnt'ir* co ut>) in 1801, In Up;>er Canada they numbered 2,'<34 lu 1862, and 3,211 In 1801. The natives of Newfoundland, In l/iwer Canada, numbered 61 In 1852. and 232 >u 18011 in Upper Canada they numbered 70* In 1862, ? d 437 (oi whom 106 were In Toronto) In 1801. uur table of the origins of the population of Upper Canada show* that the p*r centagn or natives of "all etlior countries," besides those named In the tubls, had Itic. i'nied from 2.16 to 2.72. This is chiefly owing to an Inure, on In the (lerman element of our population. In U|y#r Canada, In 1862, there were natives of tlermany and Holland, 9,067, and of I'russia, I'nland and Rusa.a (winch In the abstract are included auder one head), 1^8. In 1801 there were natives of Rossia and Polnnd, 161, and t f Prussia, ths Oci man Htatcs and Holland, 22 18*6, these wore located chiefly lu Waterloo (7,960), Perth (2.627), Wellutid (1,237), Bruce (1,222), Huron (1,062), and Oxford (1,203). In I/mrcr Canada. n 1862, there were natives of Prvsla, Russh and Poland 8. and of Cormany snd Holland 160; In 1801 (here wore natives of It isslii and Poland 60, and of Prussia, theUfiman Stnt-s and Holland. 049. Die natives of the West Indie* numbered In I/iwer Canada 137 In 1801, and none in 1852, having been comprehended, If there were euy, In the class "all other Biacos:" In Up|*r Canada they were 846 In 1852, and 5.12 In 1801. The native* of tbu Fist Indies numbered in Cannon 110 In I86d, and 252 lu 1301. The native* of Franc*, curtunaly enough, wore nior* n I. cousin Upper than In l "wer Canada, both In 1862 nd 1181. In Uiwer Canada they were 369 in 1862, aod 672 In 1801; In Upper Canada they were 1,907 in 1852, and 3,38 > In isfll. The natives of Hwllt-rh nd .in Power fit-* a la were 58 in 1362. and 081 in lwl in Uppsr Canada they were AM In 1862, and 017 In 1601. The natives of Reeuea atid Noma/ la Lower Canada were 12 in 1-62 , * U $tt? N end 820 in 1M1; In Upper Canada they were 29 In 185 2 and 201 in 1801. The native* of Italy and Greece in Canada were 48 In 1862, and 218 In 1801, of Spain and Portugal, 76 in 1863, and 161 in 1861. The natives of Austria and Hungary were 13 in 1862; in 1801 they are not separately Cl&ASOd. The natives of Guernsey, Jersey and the other British Tslunds were in Canada 600 in 1862, and 1,167 in 1861. The natives of all other places were 2,181 in 1862, and 669 in 1861. The number of our population who were born at sea was 170 in 1862, and 384 in 1861. The number whose places or birth were not known was 3,336 in 1862. and 1,809 In 1801. The number of colored persons was returned in 1862 as 18 in Liwer, 2,006 in Upper Canada; total, 8,013; sad 1861 as 100 In Lower, 11,223 In Upper Canada; total, 11,413. These figures are evidently inaccurate. In Hamilton, in 1861, the number of colored persun? is returned as only 62, and in Quebec as only 21 Tlieir nam ber in Enscz is stated to be 3,381; iu Kent, 3,278; in Toronto, 610. The number oflndians was returned In 1862 us 4,068 In as 4,876 In Lower, 7,841 iu Upper Canada; total, 12,717. The principal locations of tho Indians in Lower Canada were Laprarlocount y (1,352), IluntIngdon (879), Sagnenay and Inbrador (804) and Bonaventure (041). In Upper Canada their principal locations were Algoma District (3,098). Lambton (1,310), Middlesex (1,182), Brant (1,114) and Hastings (569). WHAT THE STATESJMYE DONE. TIm Rhode Island Volunteers. General E. C. Mauran, Adjutant General of Rhode Island, baa presented his report to the Legislature of that State, from which document we malte a brief abstract. He commences as follows:? Adjutant General's Offiob, \ Pkovjoenui, Dec. 31,1861. J To ran Honorable General Assbmdly ov tbu Stats or RHODE IMAM.:? Gbntlkmrn?In presenting tho annual abstract of the Statoof Rhode Inland for the year 1801, permit roe to offer for the iufoi mation of the General Assembly tebrief report showing the number of troops sent iuto the Held front this State, with various statistics, and suggesting several changes in the militia law, which T doeru necessary. to bring about a more practical organization ol' the militia of thoSUto. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, EDWARD C. MAURAN. Adjutaut General. > The enrolled militia (which comprises all persona betweon the ages i f eighteen end forty-five, liable to be enrolled by the laws of the United Slutes) for tho year 1861 numbers 20,283, showing an Increase over the enrolment of I860 of 1,742. A tnoro cartful enrolment has been made tbls year than formerly, as in case of a draft being made upon tho militia it is of the greatest importance that tho enrolment should be lull amWnccurute. Tho following ia the enrolment in tho several counties of the Stato :? Newport county 2,1 P I Bristol oouuty 1,109 Kent county l,iss Washington county 2,859 Providence counter 12.261 Total..., 20,283 Aftor alluding to and particularizing the militia of the Slate he next makes tlio folio whig rent tries In relation to the Rhode Island Volunteers:? The rebellion of 1661 was inaugurated on tho 12th day of April last,by an attack on Fort Sumter la Charles'on harbor by the Confederates. Tho news broke upon the country with groat forco, and measures woro atone* taken by the authorities to provide for tho safety of tho national capital, which goon became threatened by the Confederates<)n the 16lh of April tho President of the United States issued a proclamation, calling upon the States to furnish 76,000 men to serve for a period of three months. The call was most nobly responded to. On the 10th of April, upon the receipt of the p:o-Tarnation, Ms Excellency the Governor caused to be issued General Orders No. 1, calling upon tbe several military companies in the State to assemble at headquarters in Providence the next day, or as soon thereafter as possible, to proceed to Washington. The companies promptly reported with ful. ranks, aud at occe commenced tho organizat ion of the First regiment. Colonel Ambrose E. Burnshle, a graduate of West Point, and an adopted citizen of Rhode Island, then residing in Now York, was invited by Governor Sprague to take command of tbe same. He accepted the appointment,leaving his business at a moment's notice; and all vrill hoar testimony to the industry and fidelity with which he then and afterwards i erform.-d bis trust." A sufficient numb.-r having reported, tbe regiment was made up. aud on the 20th of April tho first detachment, fully armed, uniformed and equipped, embarked for Washington. The battery of light artillery, under tho command of Captuln Charles H. Tompkins, completely mounted ami equipped, left for Washington via Easlon, Pennsylvania, on the 18th. Ibe second dcta<bment of the First regiment embarked on the24th of April. Thus iu nine day.-1 from the time the proclamatlon'of tho President was issued, a full regiment and battory were on their way to Washington. Iho President having subsequently called for ati additional number of troops to serve for a period of three years,or during the war, othor regiments nud butteries were raised, and from that time tbe State has been actively engaged in organising and forwarding tlxcm to the ' seat <>r war." General llaurau, after some further remarks, proceeds to particularise and enumerate the volunteers as folIowa:? The annexed table shows the aggregate number of men who have been recruited and sent forward, tu this date, in the ?oreral Rhode Island regiment*:? imam momds yolc.vtefiw. First regiment Rhode Island Militia 1,10.'. First battery 146 THUS YEA IIS TOLUKTEEM. Me. i. Second regiment Rhode Island Volunteers 1,083 Third " ? " POO Fourth " " " 900 Fifth " ? 40.1 First regiment Rhode Island light arlillery 1,200 First Kew England regiment of cavalry 63d Total 6.124 There has been recruited In Rhode Mend, exclusive of the above, for First regiment l?nlted States Chasseurs, New Yurie.. 200 Fourteenth regiment Unite 1 Stales fnfautry, regulars 126 Other regiments out of the State ino The United Rtatea Xavy 680 Total l,(0*i The quota of troops for Rhode Island on the call for 600,000 amounts to 4,067. Rhode 1, land has already forwarded in her own regiments 5,124, showing an excess over her quota of 1.067. As far as uiy information extends, no State has done better, and I know of none which has done As welt. The remutnder of the report consists of matters principally of interest to the State of Rhode Is'and. The MsttatheMlti Volunteers, RETORT or THE ADJUTANT flENEKAI.. We have received the report of Ad.1 lUDt Conors! Xchoulor to Governor Andrew, printed Cor tbe ure of the L.C^I'1. vuiv HIV uwmiioui 3'/ i?i in jm im i| tui^ W ll|'lfU wtih a review of the operations of the State g iveriiinoat la the oar.y stages of the war. Id beglnou g he alia lee to the promptitude of the MayMchusetie militia la re*i*adlng to the call for troop* to delend the national capital, auil lay a:? For thrco month* prevloca to the attack on Sumter oar Toltintaor militia, In anticipation of soma great traitorous movement In th* South,had heao drl'lng almost nightly In their several atmorio*, no that wh"D th? summons came from the Proel leni. on the lfitli of April, the "Fiery fro*#" w?* sent over the Cemm ntronllh, and In obedience to the call the moa came forth, ** m Ihebraae days of old, leaving the work-hop aad th" plough, their nets and barges, homer and kindred, inspired by love of i-anntry and the right- of mankind. Tho llrat call for tr"?ps wtt l>y a telegraph despatch from Senator W liana, dale I at Wu-thi igton, April 1ft. r?quisi lug twenty companies to he sent immadialaly to Wa btBfton. and.there mastered Into service, lu t'.." roiir-o of trie day were receive I formal re pi nil Ion-hy telegraph fr< m the Saeretaiy of War and Adjutant (ieuerai of tho United Slat-s, for two ftill regiment* of mr swriHM'.un*rtia ennui. Ill < uin umnuo mere vim, S.-eoial Order No. 44 w h? Issued on tho satno day, directing i 'oloncl Junes, of the flxth r glment; Colonel Packard, of th? Fourth: Cot"i.el Wardrop, of the Third, and Cbluaai Munroe, of tho Fight h. lo music.- their rospactlve commands ou the IV fltou Common forthwith, "in com|iiiauca with a requisition made Ijy tho President of tho I nited Ftates." This ordor was scut by mail and by special masrongera to tho CuIoucIh, who severally resided at LowBll,Qulncy, New TV'Iford and I.vnn. The ooinpvnlis woro eoalierr I tin on ;h the ritle* and towns of fly mouth, Bristol, Norfolk, Front and Middlesex counties. In obedience to orden nrarly cve'jr company In (Ho above regiments arrived in Boston tho next day. Tho first wore three Infantry eomp.uilre from Marhlrhead, under Oaptnius Martin, Phillips and Boardman. They arrived at tho Fnsturu depot at nine o'clock A. M. ,and Were welcomed by a large multitude oi people, who clieored the gallant ami devoted men as they marched to their quarters at Fan<uiil Mad, throng!) rain and aloof, to tho music of "Yankee D mnlo.'' Muring the entirn day the trocpa arrived at B >ston by the diilorent railroad trains. The three months' volunteer- from this State, he says, consisted of 'J41 commissioned ofllcers and 3,4M privates; total, 3,736. In regard to the conduct of threu first volunteers in delsnce of the l'ntn:i, ho s|?aks as follows It wonld far exceed tin limits of this report to recount in dotall the brave sots of our,three months' troops during thoir term of service. I have given oniv a bare outline. Iv Is eiifllcient. rorh.vp-. to sav that limy wero tho first (o respond to the call of I lie President, tho first to march through BallImore to Ihe defenro of the capital, the llret to plieil their blood for the maintenance of our government, the first to open tho new rout l? Wa hlnKtoti by way of Annapolis, tho flrnl to land on t?>e oil of Virginia, and hold possessIon Of the most important furtrraa Mi th" I'ulm, the drat to maU tho voyage of the Potomac end approach the federal < lt> by water, aa they had been the llret to reach It by land. They u|> held tho good name of tic State during their entire toim of service, at wi ll by I heir good coudcot end gentl.imnnly heaiing ?a t.y their cutrage aud dovotl i> to duty lit the hour of peril. They proved the sterling worth of our volunteer militia. Ihelr record la ono which w ill ever rodound to the honor of Missachusotts, an I w ill bo prized among her rluheat hist >tlc treasures. Krotn tho lath of April to the 120;It of May otic hundred and fifty nine application* were granted at tha Adjutant General's oifi^e to responsible pat Ilea for leave to ralae companies. In nearly every ias.anco tho application waa signed by I he rc<iui"lte number of men for a eotn|>uny. These application* came ironi every partof tho Cuhnum wealth, and represented all H *? *, < reeda and na'.i mail liea. Tho authorities ol the aevcrul' HI'S and towns acted with patriotic liberality towardstbew onmpuiiies,furnishing g|,0d accommodations for drlllia r nd providing for the families of the men. In addition to these companies,or ganlratlona for drill purpos s and li ime r't ?rda sprung tp nt ? nre In every pari of the '<ate, aud nnme -etas nppil athins were received for loanso, musku'a to tlcao parlies, tint they might perfect themselves in Tbaro|iort gtraaiomo account ol ihi org iul/.?t finof BW YORK HERALD, MW the regiments of three years' volunteers now tn tbe flel** from ibis State, with a roster of each. Of tbe Twelfth regiment, the report says:? This regiment is familiarly known ss "the Webster regiment," its commander being Colonel Fletcher Webster. I It wag ordered to Fort Warren May 3, aud. left Boston for Washington July 23. This regiment is composed of excellent material, and is among the best that have left the tttate. Great praise Is due to those friends of tho regiment who devoted their time sad money to render It an honor to the name it bears, but no less to Colonel Weba'er and his officers for its good discipline and efficiency. This regiment is in Major General Banks' division, and is stationed near Frederick, Md. The following is the official statement of the condition of Massachusetts volunteers, from rolls deposited in the Adjutant General's office, January 8,1862:? iOurfitaU. Agffftgnie. First Infantry 1,120 Twenty-sixth Inf'try..1,040 Second Infantry 1,072 Twouty-seventh inf'ry W58 Seventh Infantry 1,043 Twenty-eight Infantry 045 Ninth Infantry 1,U6T Twenty -ninth Infantry 803 Ttir.Lh Infantry . 1 AAA Viral rai/'t HnwaJnr. .1.111 Eleventh Infantry.. ..1,066 First battalion Inf'try. 470 Twelitta Infantry,. ....1,058 First battery L't Art'y 160 Thirteeujb Infantry...1,008 fcocoud bat'y L't Art'y 167 Fourteenth Infantry. .1,045 Third battery L't Art'y 165 Fifteenth Infantry.. ..1,037 Fourth bat'ry L't Art'y 167 Fixleenth Infanty .1,061 Fifth battery L't Art'y 160 Poventeenth Infantry.1,003 Company of Infantry at Eighteenth Infantry... 090 Fortress Mouroo, Niuotoeuth Infantry.. 920 Captain Davis 09 Twentieth Infantry... 757 First Co. tharpshoot'i s 102 Tweuty-flrst Infantry. 959 Pecond Sharpshooters. 104 Twenty second Inf'try. 1,060 Five companies in lioTwenty-thlnl lufuntry.1,004 zart reg't N. Y. Vols 600 Twenty fourth Inf'try. ..975 ?? Twenty-flith Infantry.1,026 Total 27,323 The Furnattl movement In the Southwest. [From tho St. Louis Republican, Jan. 10.] Indications here and at Cairo, Paducuhand Bird'sPohit, confirm the advices we have had by telegraph in relation to a grand forward movement of tho Union troops in the Mississippi valley. It is stated that tho immediate destination of the projected expedition is Nashville, the Tennessee military rendezvous. Tills may, however, be a report designed to create apprehension at Columbus and Memphis, and produce a tumpede from tho-e poiuts towards the interior; and, whether precisely true or not. the contemplated movement w ill lend to separate and scatter, to some extent, the rebel soidie.s in that .(darter. At all evoMs, we do not imagine that it iB any pa't of the plan to allow Columbus to remain much longer tn tho hands of tint Confederates, formidable as the iutr?nchment* of that position are represented to be. Hearing that Nashville Is threatened, the rebels may consider thomselv a strong enough to spare a portion of their largejyurison to the defence i f that city, in which event it it uot altogether impossible *ii may hear of the simultaneous fall of both Nashville and Guiumbv.s. . Tint Columbus is a difficult position we can readily fancy, when we consider the vast amount of labor that has been expuudod to muko it so: but that it is imnreguahie, we have no idea. Nevertheless, in talcing Columbus there Is .1 wide held for the display of strategic skill, in order that the coat of the capture, in the way of human life, ahull not counterbalance the value of il.s posses-' elm. The submarine precautions of the Confederates to impede the progress of the gun and mortar boats down the river, affe not regarded by military men as presenting the obstacles cluimod fur them. An for the torpedoes placed in the channel, a rail of logs will dispose of thorn, and clour the way for tho fleet without any vast amount of bloodsho t, while the laud forces may attain tho roar of the rebel batteries and take possession by either assault or siege. hut whatever the destination of the forces which are al>out to take up the march southward, we welcome the movement most heartily. The country, it is idle to deny, is euiineutly prepared by "vigils long" and"a forbearing patience, to receive the tidings of eorna marked and dorisivu victory in tho West. Even a defeat,might bs brooked as tho initial of a doterrnincd and vtgorons fighting campaign, Uut there will be no defeats. Tho troops in this department arc numerically strong enough; they are brave enough and Well enough officered and equipped to meet end vanquish the Insolent roe who oppose their arms. Let us believe that the time or organisation, tutorship and preparation is at length passed, and that icon will begin the hard, resolute,strokes that shall make rebellion quiver and quake from Fairfax to Fensacola, FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Sunday, Jan. 26, 1862. The tables of the trade of this port for the past week show the name features that have marked it for six months pdst?a greatly diminished import df foreign goods and an increased export of domestie produce. The shipments of specie have averaged about half a million a week since the beginning of the year, but, now that the fears of a war with England aro at an end, arc likely to fall off The official figures arc as follows:? Ispoaie. For Ike WttJt. I860. 1801. 1802. Dry g<M?la $1,042,819 2.61P.M1 466.0C8 G?uer*l merchandise. 1,877,840 l,795,:HO 2,172,110 Total for the week.. $3,620,669 4.415^57 2,027.148 Travioualy reported.. 10,704.105 11,210,070 0,192,681 Since January 1... .$14,224,764 16,031,300 8,810,770 Kx sorts of Product jlrd Mraaraxnwi. I860. 1861. 1802. ' For tha weak $1,409,863 2.766,311 3,231,334 Previously reported.. 2,637,720 8,010,170 8,001.820 Since January 1.... $4,037,670 7,778,400 o7l32,854 Kxroars or f ncm. 1800. 1801. 1802. For the weak $260,100 ? 400,000 Previously reported.. 178,602 22,666 1,004,872 Slnoe January 1.... $432,002 22,863 2,304,872 The bank statement to be published to-morrow afternoon will shows moderate increase in specie and a further reduction in the line of loans and discounts. The banks showed last Monday a specie average of $26,120,859, being an increase of $747, <??> on the previous week. They now hold over $27,000,000. The deposits will probably show u falling oil', on account of the draft for 3,300,000 made upon the bank* early in the week by the Sub-Treasurer; but the rapil accumulation of private balances during the week has nearly counterbalanced this. The mercantile discounts have fallen off about half a million of dollars. The money market has not materially altered during the past week, the change, if any, being towards greater ease. Tho supply to the stockbrokers is abundant at from St 6 per cent, ami loans of gold have been made at 4. First class paper is exceedingly scarce and in demand, the rates ranging from 5 a 7 per cent, ac' cording to the length of time it has to run. The speculation in gold has been very active, acorn(l..,.i..n>lAna T r.kaa /som IfilV pnuil'U UJ niuo uuviuaiiuiis. i? * */ov uvui ivi,^ on Saturday, isth, to 10.1*4 last Thursday, falling back again at. the close of the week to 103. The receipt yesterday of #002,767 from California, per the North Stur, contributed to the decline. The foreign exchanges sympathised, of course, with the advance in specie, and rose from 112 to as high as 114% for llrst class bankers' sterling bills, clog, ing dull yesterday at 113% a 114. The actual transactions, however, have been very limited. The following table shows the course of the stock market during the past week and month:? Dee. 28. Jan. 4. Jan. 11. Jan. IS. Jan. 25 Vi.'sonri 6'S 89* 40 42V 42* 42* New VolkCentral "8* SO 82* 83* 83* Reading 33* 39* ?5 37* 89* Krie 00 31* 35* 35* 35 Michigan Central. 47 47'J 61* 63* 65* Mouth. guaranteed 39* 39* 42* 49* 40* Ililnoi,.Central.... to* ?.2 ei* #3* fit* Catena... 95 W 61 88* 68* Rock Island 48* 61 53* 66* 65* T?le!n 33 34 * 37 87 * 38 * l'ansuia 108* 111 112* 113 113 Hi'!,on Ri\or.... 39 37 * 40 39 38* PncUlc Mail 89 92 * 99 99 98* The stock market has been quiet during tho past week, and without important fluctuations, speculators preferring to await intelligence of the Burnside expedition before operating. Tho highest prices of tho week were reached on Thursday, when it becaino generally known that the Cominittco of Ways and Means had reported in favor of an Issue of #150,000,000 of United States Treasury notes. Since then the market has been inuctivo, and pricos have receded % a % per cent. Hnmo nf tlm rnccnt most, nromiiiciit, onrratnrs for tlio rifO have thrown their atocks on the rnarkot, and nre now working for a decline. Their (Torts have bnt little effect on prices, however, which will probably remain steady until we hear the result of our pending operations on the coast of North Cnrolina. The success of tlio Bornslde expedition could hardly fail to produce a general and large advance in stocks. Meanwhile there is an active and increasing home demand for good dividend paying railroad bonds, which have been advancing steadily for six weeks past. New York Central 7's arc in demand at 104, Krlo firsts at 100, do. thirds at 02, Hud'on River firsts at, 108}^, do. seconds at 90, Michigan Central eights at 90, (lalcna and Chicago firsts at 109, Rork Island firsts at 97, and Milwaukee and I'raii is dn Chien lliats at 00. The above prices are nearly as high as tbo<e current before the crisis of 1*57. I DAY, JANUARY 27, 18# CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Saturday, Jan. 26?6 P. M. Asiim?The market wag quiet, and galea limited at |6 25 Tor pearls and at (6 87,for pots. BaaiDfrurra.?Flour?The market wag firm for most descriptions, but the Inclemency of the weather, combined with the desire to gel later news from Europe, tended to check business. Hence sales were confined to about 5,000 bbls., closing within the following quotations:? Superfine State t. ft 50 a 6 60 Extra to fancy State 5 75 a 6 90 Superfine Western 6 60 a 6 60 Common to choice extra Western 6 75 a 6 86 Canadian 6 76 a 6 60 Southern mixed to good superfine 6 80 a 6 30 Extra do 6 25 a 6 00 Good to choice family do 6 90 a 7 76 Bye flour 3 00 a 4 25 Corn meal. Jersey and Brandy wine 2 96 a 3 30 ?Canadian flour was quiet and prices unchanged, while sales were confined to some 850 bbls. at the above quotations. Southern Hour was firm, wlrilo sales embraced 400 a 600 bbls., within the range of the above quotations. Kyo flour was steady at our figures, with sales of 100 bbls. Corn meal was heavy aud dull at our quotations for both Jersey and Brandy wine. Wheat was Armor for good qualities of club aud amber Western, whilo sales embraced about 25,000 a 30,000 bushels at $1 46 for amber Michigan and $1 42 for fair red Western. A small lot of choice white Kentucky was sold within a few days at $1 68t{, $1 36 for amber Iowa, in store, $1 34 for choice Milwaukee club, and $1 82 for Northwestern club. Corn was firm, with sales of about 60,000 bushels at 65c. u ouc., uouverea. Kyo w an in fair demand at steady prices a9?2c. on the dork, and at 84c. Tor dcllveied. Barley was inartivo, while prices were firm. Oats wore firm, with small sales or Western and Canadian at 41c. a

42o., and of State at 42c. a 43c. ton Kit was quiet bat firmly held; 600 bags Rio were sold at p. t. CorTo.s.?The market was unchanged, while tho sales embraced about .TOO*bales, in small lots, all to spinners, on the basis of 38c. lor middling uplands. Small lots were purchased rather under, and others above, ibis figure. PiiKKttrrs.?To Liverpool 600 packages of bacon and lard wore engaged at 27s. fiii., 8,600 bbls. flour at 2s. 6d., 100 bbls. potrcloam at 8:\ 0J., and by net tral vet-sola 600 bbls. Hour at 2s. 10>.,d., and 200 boxes bacon at 32s. fld. Corn by American vessels was 7>?d. To I/>udon 100 boxes bacon at 27*. Oil.; by foreign vessels 1 .MX) bbls. Hour at 3s. a 3s. 3d., 449 boxes cheese at 40s., 200 boxes bacon and 100 tierces lard at 36s. To Glasgow 200 bbls. pork at 4s. Rates to Ilavre woro stoady at 18c. for wheat, end at 70c. for flour, t Fi'B.?Tho market was firmer, with more Inquiry. Within two or throe days some 2,200 quiutals dry cod have been sold at $3 .60. Mackerel woro firmer, and No. 3's scarce, with small sales at full prices. Box herring were in g< ./d detnuud, wilh sale? of scaled at 24c. a 25c. lat tr?The market was quiet, while pi ices wero firm, with moderate sales of new layer raisins at $3 40, and buuch at J3 20, and $2 00 for old crop of the latter, and $3 16 for old crop layers, and 20 bbls. currants at 10>4c. Gun.xt Baus.?The" market was firm, With the last sale of 600 bales at 14c. Hay.?The sales this week have footed np about 3,000 bales, chiefly North river, and in part on government contractors' account, ;.t X6c. it 90c. for shipment, and at 95c. a $1 for city use, closing with higher asking rates. Most dealers will only sell for cash on delivery. Hinitft have hettn In mod demand dnrinff fho wpelr and the market closed with improved prices. At last accounts price* hud nth anced at Buenos Ayng. The total imports since the 1st inst. amounted to 44,291 foreign and 3,273 from doiuesli ports; stock 196,600; do. same time in 1861, 249 ^00; 18?L 291,900; 1859,44,950. Houht.?BTiCS of 86 packages or honey were made at p. t. Hops were Arm and in good demand. Sales or new crop were tnuking in a moderate way at 17o. a 28c., and old, I860, at 14>;u. a 17o. Ir.ox.?Thcro was little doing, while prices were firm. American pig. No. 1, was held at $20, with small sales at that figure, delivered at Elizabeth; terms cash, fccotch pig was saleable at $28 a $24 for brat brand*. I.sad was firm at $7 for Knglish, with recent soles of Galena at $7 16 par 100 lbs. Naval Stokks.?'The market was quiet. A sale or 60 bbls. spirit* turpentine was mad* at $1 31%, while ror small lots $1 45 was asked. Common rosin was quiet and nominal. r Phovisions.?rork?Tlie market waa firmer, with a better demand from the trAde. The sales embraced about 1,800 bbls., a part yesterday afternoon, including new mess, at $12 62 a $12 75; old do. at $11 76 u $12; new pruno at $9 50. Beef was in inoderato request, with sales of 200 bbls. at $11 75 a $12 37% ror plain mess*, and $14 for extra. The government contract for 21,000 tierces and bbls. extra was taken at $14 26 a $14 79, and 1,000 do. plain wcs.i do. at $12 25 a $12 76. A sale or 100 bbls. India mess was made at $23. Beef hams were quiet and nominal. Hucou wis steady, with rafts of 60tl boxes nl6%c. for WoaternJCumbcrlnnd cut, 7c. for short rib city, and 71?c. long clear city (heavy), for February delivery. .Dressed hogs were unchanged. Lard was firm and in some better reiucst. wtth sales of 900 bbls. at 7t(c a 8)gc., the latter for choice in barrels. Butter was d.tll at 18c. a 20c. for State, and 13c. a 10c. for Ohio. Cheese was quiet at 6c. a 7c. for State, tad 6c. a 6c. Tor Ohio. Rica.?Sales of 600 bags East India wero made at 0c. a 6J?c., and 300 do. inferior Patna at 4,','e. Salt was firm and in speculative demand; though less active, full prices were maintained. Scciars.?The market was steady, with sales of 417 hhds. Cubas at 7\c. a 5 >4c., and 270 boxes at p. t. Tallow.?There was a good export demand, with sales of prime city at 914c. a 9^e., and Western at 9c., and a lot or Washington was sold at private terms. Tea.?The market was firm with 'an upward tendency in prices. The advance since the 9th piat. has been equal to 2c. a 6c. for Hyson, Sc. a 8c. for country, and 2c. a 5c*for Canton Young Hyaon; 4c. a 10c. fdt Hyson skin and TwanUay, 8c. a 7c. for gunpowder aid Imperial, lc. a Sc. for Oolong and Ninyong, 3c. * 6c. for Ankol, 6c. for block,and 5c. a 10c. for green Japan. Souchong, Congo and l'owchong ware unchanged. WflKBET.?hales of 600 bbls. were made at 24 Xc. SHIPPING NEWTT Movements or Ucean-H tea mere. PROM KL'KOFK. /Twmi. Z*ant Pal*. Pit K?rth Am?ri?a Liverpool Jen 9 .. .Portland L'Mled Kingdom....Gleegow Jan II...New York Europe Liverpool Jan II Boston Teiiloula. Southampton Jan Mv. .New York city of Wn?hlngton.Liverpool jBU ?.. .Nrw York Anglo-Saxon JAverjinok .Van IS. Portland Afnrn Llverp?o\ ,lan 18...New York BdlBbitrg JUruptM. Jan. St. .New York llama... Sountainiitou Jan 12..Now York Niagara Liverpool Jan SB Boston BavaTi* .*.. .Southktaptou Jan 19.. .New York Jo'iuRcH Glasgow Jao ?.. .New York Asia ?. Liverpool Feb 1...New York Runn-Mii. V Southampton Feb 12.. .Nrw York Bremen Southampton Feb 19...New York FOR EUltOPB. Cltrof Manchester.N'i W York .fan 28... Liverpool Aniba New York Jan 29. ..Liverpool North Aim rk-au Portland Feb 1... Liverpool CityofNew York.. .New York Feb I. ..Liverpool Kiuopa Feb 5. ..Liverpool bararla New York Feb 8.. ..Hamburg titty <f Waahington. New York Feb H ..Liverpool . Anglo-Saxon .'.Portland Feb 8... Liverpool Afrlea.., New York Feb 12 .. Liverpool Kdinhurg New York Feb 19... Liverpool Hnnsa New York Feb 15 Hrerntn Niagara Ronton Feb IP. I.lverpo 1 Tentonia New York Feb 22 ..Hamburg Aala. New York Feb 2(1. ..Liverpool Bremen New York Mch 15 Bremen FOR CALIFORNIA. North Syr New York Feb I...Aapinwa'.l Northern Light.. New York Feb II. ..Aaplnwall Chnmpion New York Feb 21... Aaplnwall KINGSTON, J A., If AVANA.MATAN7AS AND NABSAP.N. T. CLttarok?From New York for Ktngaton, Ja, nntha 21tli day of each month. The Cleator leavea for Nnv York on the 8th of each month, and tvtll be due here about the 15th. Coli'Miiia ann Mak:o!?~No Mated Stfl HI w|flltd for the departure of the t limit la and Marlon for "Havana, but the v will rail about everv ten dava. touching at Kcv Weat out* ward and homeward. From Now York for Harana via Naasan, NF. on the arrival of every alternate Canard steamer at New York. MtTiBiis-From New York for Mnlanraeon (lie Rib da* of earh month. From Mataniaa on the 22,1. due at New York on Ibe 2Sth. RTKCf Af. NOTTCF. AM'tttriand pmtKagt$ Intended fm I A* Nlf TO(( lltltlD rhoul'l ht tmlnl. AIMAVAC FOR MW YORK?Tttt* Dir. (OR trtara 7 M wooj? aura morn 5 11 PON sua 6 11 ! infill WAtKR eve C 30 Tort of Stw York, Juiiuury lROf. ARRIVED. Slenmahlp Nnrt'i Si ir, .'o a, Aaptnwal), Jan 1.1, with paaBeneern and ttena- ro? to I) H Allen. Arrived '2 th. Steamahlp karnak (Br). Le Meanrler. Itarana .Tan 14 and Nna?nu, Nr. 3 Ho, with inilmand pnaarngert. to KCnnard. ShipiJtboalopol toi ll.n'i), S" inter, l.lver|>ool, I)e H, wllh coat, to order; vi -el toN. amlth A Hon*. Ha 1 heavy W weather: aprung main ami croaajnrk yard*; lotland aplil salla, An waa 16'lav* beating down the EiiRlian Channel. Ship Corra t.lnn, Luc", Ulaagow, 3/ day*, witb mdac, to T Dunham. Ship Ann E Hooper (of Baltimore), Hooper. Havre, 23 daya, In hatlnat, to mailer. 20th Inat, lal <2 i'O, Ion 64 60, ipoko ahlp F.lvlra Owen. Alexander, from Liverpool Deo 19 for Bolton. The A K II for 10 daya on Hie (inlddle i p>i*an(;e had heavy Yi and S)Y galea; loat yard and received other alight dnmarh. Brig Catharine (Br, of Tendon), Connelly, London, \lathe Down* ST daya, In ballaat, lo Jaeltion A Neill. Brig Kicelilor (Br, of Windaor, NB), Card, Uorton, NS, 15 dava, with potatoea. to D It Dawolf. ft, Ur Kit Caraon, Smith, Fortune Bay, NF, II day*, with fish, lo maaier. fli-hr Howard Polnmn (Br\ Itohblna, St Thomaa, .Tan 10. In hallaal, to Danl Siarr. Mad heavy weather from NE, ami win blow n ntr, ftchr Emily (Br), Short,Inn, Turaa lalan'.a, Jan 10, with alt. to maater. S hr Cliaa McDonald, M, Mi.Ian, Fortune Bay, NF, 10 daya, IIah, to niaater. Sii ainer M Sanford, flanford. Philadelphia. Had heavy N to NW galea, an t waa compelled lo put Into Delaware Breakvncr and remain there ho hoiira. Strainer K' nil her, (lartotl. Philadelphia. Steamer IMIcan. Baker, Frovleenea. Tim U rt rrl/o moron board IJaoirb hirk Jnrgnn Levrert ton if |Mirt* - liiih lnnt. off Bortnud?, rroka hi IJ John Hiitler, lienu for Antigua. with Ion* nf deck In* I, an I Unit nuaUtinoa other (Um#;'-. Tho J L had heavy ? wlnde from Bermuda. BKI.I >W. Ship E iilly Augusta, from Imn I >n. Hnrk Allentle, from Cardiff, 4d di\y? ? Both hjr pilot boat Mary A WillLnid. Bul k Hondiirna. );nrk " BhImiui." Brig Lnly ul the Inke.?A11 'haoc by pilot boat M E Fl*h. bark ll ifciljtn. Br.g ly II Na?li.?Both bv pi nt boat M H Orlnncil. SAILED. 2Uh?Hark* R L Bryant, iv ii.irth Una In; Aoron.vtt. Oema mrn; M K Trout, Nafta; Max l.r.g Halenr, Tampleo; llrachr Ann i. An* Cajon. Alt It -fltrani blp Saxnnia, of and for Hambnr* via Southampton, with ma I'st malla. W ind during tho day W. fi i*? rl In iiniiit. fluir Jont H ei.iiutt. lylni: at tho font of fftrnt eolith t, Bit. hrnno i r. m hrr tiuonn Hdnriar llio If rent g>.la, and woa Mo mi a?liore nrar sj nil a Care, II bokou. Ba r nrr Bor*?, (Merer, hrnoe Nor 11 for Fleetwood, Kng, 2. with 95.401 buahela oom, abandoned at Ml Dm It, <H built In 1847 at Thomaiton. Me (lata the Mary A Adc'tue), 487 taaa, and owned Id Fleetwood. Bmr Northern light, Loral), fn>m Havre Dae 18 far Maw York, abandoned 7th ln?t after oulllatoa. was ' ulli at Ma? 1 In 1H61.1IXU toua.AlK.and war owned in Boston bjr Mr J Huckin*. Suir Enw Evmn. Lambert, ri >m Amite rdan for BaltL more, reported ashore near Dunkirk wlumoli rn' ?raa built at Medford lu 1643, sud ow ned lu Naltituuie by J llu deraon. 1 Suir Vigilant, of Bath, burned by the Sumter, waa insured 1 da Bualou with the War i fait attacbai. Brem Bark CorRRRtcui", from Liverpool Daa 19 with aalt for Baltimore, waa lu llarnptou Roaua 24<b luat, with taaa of w India aa. Br Sciir Edwin, Cordon, whieh cleared from Balumor* 14th lu : for Barbadoe, haa l?eu run ashore n> ar Bark Hirer, In the Hay, the cargo landed and the reaarl burnt. Thecal tain (and cer.aiu passengers who weul from there, In the versel) escaped Into Virginia. It now turns out ti>at the captain and ownerr are citireoa of North Oarolina, and the scbr waa put under the Britiah Hag to enable theta to el* feci their designs. Another account?said to hare been derived from two nf of the crew who arrived at Baltimore on Kr.ilay Inna Nor i < k via Old Point?states that the Edwin waa wre< k?d inside of Cups Henry tilghlof 17thln>L "The captain hen made a lauding for the purpose or holding on with ao e friends In ih? South, and In cudeavurlug to gel ell a aln grounded, aud wai I -it." The cargo waa owned by Wl.vdbec k Dickinson, Baltimore, and insured Iheie. ScrrEukkka, from 1'orilanJ for Matangae, !o?t on B!' "? Key i )i et ions to 12tn in si, was built m li#7 ai iiarpiwell, M<, gild ions. All, ami hahed from Portland. Schr Arodk, burnt by the Sumter, waa built at Hampden, Mu, In ISM, 122 tons, and own -d In f-e.,r t u t. Sic ! r PmllHiiti Nov 7 liir Ii'aiiitlniiiMi bihJ uhi MSai.u Mimn i n i when destroyed. Sen* DiNin. Wiij.:a??, TTnpklna. from for Kew York, put into 81 Thomas 7tl> mat on acrouni of a-srjr ? rather; no damage. All well ou board. Would tn k ft* .at. t. Fismxa Scnn I.ont, Wel'-h, at Gloucester from tin W . era Banks, report-a eevere liuio on (be l rueward p?? a ;r Ou New Year's nlcht, wlum at it 1.0 mui i fiint'.ei c, he was knocked down by a heavy eea, end lost two lorieo, one boat and gurry prns; stove h ifwaiks, sprang mat' * 0111. split foresail and bro*e davits. Fourol the srew ?rn ?' ' ?d overboard, two of whom Wrru washed bark Maw, and 'us others saved then.selve* by clinging to a ropt "Fii-li *?? . 1 tupatel|-at hunt!. Luekily tho listelinaya Wet*all h .cd down. She hud been absent orer 5 we k. , reports n?hsowics both on Georges and the Western Banks. Vali'ablk Casuo?The ship Ivanhne, of 1069 tons, wl leb eleurcd at l'ot Card on 21M Inst for Liverpool, bldMNoi ibe largest and most valuable cargoes ev er shipped then'by a arillllij; ve.-arl. It. .is ff ! .,! L'.V'K* w.., wluat. 1 l>caa, Jfi62 bbls Hour, til do potash, .KB kegs 1 utter, IS rusks starch, 1(M bids litti hi do lard, fr'3 bhds sua bos< baton and meat?the whole valued at The following sales have recently taken p' ire s' Boston ? Ship Tarquln, 16-' t"UM, to John L 1'is ' liter, for 9x000. Snip Kaeht'l, hulil at Calais In IhM, haibug Iroui Boat in. for about $1.1,300. Ship Belle Creole, IMS tons, 011 private terms. The brlsr recentlv launrhed from tlis Tard of A Colbr. it Bucks|>ort, is called the J Okie (ilikey, and commands,! hjr C.ipt L I* Gilkey, of Islosbot o, Me. The following table gives a summary nf the vessel* In lit* harbors of New York, Boston, Baltimore, Charleston. Savannah, New Urleaiikand (inh esion, at the latest accounts front each of those ports:? waw Toasr. Steamships 8 Brlas IN Ships .7. .206 Schooners 1(1 Barks . 135 ?? Total WO BOSTOK. Steamships 2 Brigs S? Ships 32 Schooners. . In2 Barks 2i Toial 179 BaLTiHoaa. Steamships 3 Brigs 11 Ships 6 Schooners 39 Barks 6 Total (M CiiallLVSTOH. Steamships 3 Brigs 1 Ships ; 2 Schooners 1 Barks 1 ? Total ( UTiXMK Steamships 3 Brigs- S Ships 2 Schooners. 1 Barks 1 Total 10 *KW ORI.fclJIS. Steamships^ 12 Brigs t Ships 12 Schooners. M Barks 4 Total 40 CkLVKSTOir. Steamships 1 Brigs ? Ships ? Schooners 1 Barks ? ? Total 1 Whal?msq. At Canary Islands up to Nov 23, ochre E H Hatfield, Cook. Provincetown, 12S^p; Rletizl. (LOOdepeed, do, 45 bbl?; O W Lewie. Holme*, do, 30 bids; Emporium, Colon, do, 73 bbls: V II 11 ill. freeman, do, 230 bbla; Antarctic, Corneil, do, 138 bbls; hr'g J-twin Bruce, Cornell, do, clean; I ark F Bunehlnla, Rich, do. 320 bbla; schr S R Soper, Abbott, do, 78. Tne lirsl-olllcer of ship Clay Head, Lawrence, KB, reports her on the Line Oct 12, Ion 160 30 B, with 330 sp 100 aud 60 ooooanutoll; would bo at NZealand in about 3 weeks. Alto report* Aug 29, bnrk Eugenia, Hambllu, NB. 280 sp; ship (lasells, Baker, do. 1G00 do. ForstgB Porte. AsrimriLL, Jsn 12?Arr ochre Lewi* Warrington, NTork; 13:1 , TjDnoou. do: 14th, brig J M Hotis.oa, fit iTiomas. Sid at b, brig* Golden Lead, Seeluy, Out a; 7th, Crawford, Small, do; 9tli, schrAlthea, Corson, Clenfuegoa; 16th, bark Arethuea,-tlooper, Cuba. CalljiO, lJec 1??Arr ships Sisrof the Cnlon, Gorham, Crusoe Iklaud* (and aid 21st for N York, having touched for provisions) ; Mary Giodell, McQilvery, Buenos AvrtS (*n I aid 24th tor Cnmchae); Whamiioa. Loos. Liverpool (and aid 24th I or Cbitichaa); Slit, Dell i haven, Frees.', Havre land il l 34 th fur Cblnchis); Banla Clans, Hopkins, fan Francisco; CM, National, Small, Liverpool (and aid 24th for Chlncbas). Sid 10th, bhl|ii King Phlilp, Blckford; Jul OilchrUt, Carney; Expounder, K no a Ins; John Stuart, Bernsee, and Morning Ulory, llobtw, all for Chlncbaa. CogciMBo, Dec 19?In port abip Panama, Soule, from San Francisco. Colombo, Nov 28?Aid ship Chaa 11111, Praall, Calcutta. Nassau, Jan 'J?Arr hug Allxa, Doyie^NYork; 14tb, avhr A Canals, Hilton, do; lfltb, abr Isaac Tnuoey (Br), Hanson, Havana; 18th, staauior Kate, l.oekwood, Charleston. Cld 11th, a>'br Hannibal. Wentworlh, Bum Ckj; 18th, brig* Thou Tllnatan, Rcammon, NYork; 18th, achr Bmma Tuttls, Wedmore. New llano. Vat.raitatSo, One 7?Arr ships Crest of the Wars. Vose, NYork; Washington Booth, Pesrud, Baltimore; IStb, Prospe ro, St rout, JJvernool; 11th, brig Mary Capen, Savory, Boston; Caleb Curtis, Bangs, do via 8t Catharines; 1Mb, ship Harriot Erring, Manning, Boston. Sid D?c 3, aebr Storm Cloud. Iqulque. IPrn Srsaaaair Kcaora. at Halifax?Trurakiraio) Arr ironi NXork 1st, A P Fluker, at Madeira: bib, ?c nobis, at Oenoa; Stb, Bla-A Sea, at Bremerhuren; 9th, J Merrick, at Havre; ISo, at Warreapolnt; L Southard, and Indiana, In the Clyde; 3-otla, Cstnertna, and Isabella, at Queenstown; 10th, Am emigres*. at Dtal; J Baker, Oar Langdon, Mootebello, Col Adams, Constnntine. Orluta and Am Colon, at Liverpool; 11th, Brsmen. and Thornton, do. Arr from Boston Mkh, Henry Clark, at Veal; Kate Water*, at LlTrrrool. (Latest via Qusenstown J Arr from NYork, VarattadMr Bank, at Bremerbarea; Junius, at Helvoet; Columbus, at Flushing; Keyatone, at Sydney, Portsmouth, at Havre; Spender, at Waterford; Homlephi re, Jaa Smith, Sandutky. and J H Rycraon, at Veal. Arr from Philadelphia, d..uil Holmes, at Deal; Zend, at Londonaerar. ? The BilMoelh, from NYork for Dublin, was abandoned 8 days out; crew saved. The Aberfuyle, from NYork for Havre, was abandoned Dec >7; crew saved. The Harriet Cann, from NYork for Gloucester, was totally lost near Bwanai a Stb Jan; crew saved. The Hedley Vlcar?, from Queenetown for Baltimore, had put back. . _ American Ports. BOSTON, Jan 24?Arr I t> guuhoa, Ar?oitor>k, Thomp?on, Kenuebunk, to receive ber gnus; steamer Kensington, Baker, l'MleJ.'IphU; arhr Bucephalus, Rtiah, do. Below, bnrk Keith, Keoney, from Cagllari for Portland, put lo for a harbor; eigne) f#r a abip v, ith Howes' rig and painted porta, a beik bound to Salem, and a Rr brig. Cld barka Paramount lfuew, of Boston, 61"X ton*), W Brae, Maraelllea: Catharine (lilt rh), Herrlck, Su. .nam and Cayenne; Oak. Ryder. Philadelphia. No veaael wont to ?ea, wind NEto ENK, fresh. Brig- Bird of the Wave, Billow, Nortierri Belle, achra Feareea, WV-lover and d (Hunan, outward bound, are at anchor In the R ads. BALTIMORE. Jan 24?Arr arhr X Bell, Oilkey, Camden, Me. SI 1 Br brig Josephine. Cork. Arr In 11 unpton Roads 23d. Brem bark Copernicus, Liveri pool for Baltimore. i BRISTOL, Jan Si?Sid elrop Frederic Brown, Carr, New 1 Vork. i CASTINE, J in 21? Sldbriga J C Homer, Parker, St George, On nadu ; Heaver, Tanley, Cardenas. NEW BEDFORD, Jan IIS?Arr acbr Buena Vista, Phillips, Alexandria via Brialol. NEW PORT, Jan 29?Arr arhr Jai Parker Rr, Glldereleex e, Ka I River lor New Voi k. hid brig John Bakb, Whaley, Havana. In port 8 AM, bark R-dndeer; brlaa John Balh, Whaley, Havaua, about ready; Matron, for do; Wabash; achrs I! 1> Orlndle, Tufner, lor NYork; Arklam, Itay, Bangor for ProvlI drnee: J P Ross, Susan A Marv, V B.irkelew; sloops Oregon, Rli ales. fnim Providence for NYork; Consresa. PORTSMOUTH, Jan 22?Arr ichr Kosn lit, Lee, NYork. PUOVIDENCK, Jsn 21?Arr eieamcr Westchester. Jones, NYork; achrs J Nell-on, Burl, Alexandria via Pal River; V Bargeletv. Hurl Irk, Ellzahethport. SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 17?Arr prcv shirs Gladiator, Matthews. NYork; Rcconiioiarnnce (for), Bordeaux, NKAV PIBLICATION8. , vpuorim uiittidv nooro A' avalrv Drill, iM.h 93 eiigiavliig*. 2So. Artdler. Drill, with 72 engraxlngs, wc. Army Manual for OlUncra, $2, Inuntry Tunica, with 92 engraving*, 25a. Do. School of the Battalion, 25c. Do. complete, 137 engrovln ;a, 5th\ J. W. FORTUNE, 19 rhaiham atroet, N. T. ?rriIAT" CURIOUS BOOK OF "CITY WOMEN;" A SINJ gu'ar novelty, with Intcrritlnit sketches of female cliaraeti r? In the city. Sol I by newsdealers lorAOccnta, or nmlleil free for 88 cent*?half price. Cloth binding, 350 J'.i.tea, f>l?engraving*. Dealer*allowed nearly Blty|iereent ona-. M. OA I NTT. I'll, 49 V.Vker?trret, i palalia. I>ROPO?AIiS. SEALED PROPOSALS ARK INVITED, UNTIL TIIK ft'.u day of February, |8il2, for formalilng FLOUR to the Suhals.nue Dt pirlineni of the United state* Ariny. A'ioiii twelve thousand (12,000j larrel* will be required, of ahi'-b grade of exira Flour, to be delivered in Miaaiitngion, at the railroad depot, orut the mill* or warrhoueCTil George, town, aonie time between the 6t!i and 15th ol February, lflt>2. Each barrel of Flour to bo Inspected Jnat before It ia received. The Flour muat be equal In quality to the sample* to be oh. tamed at the Capital i a*> ry itl Washington city, and the barrel* io be head lined. Ti e ciistoinai y oath of allegiance will be required of each eontraetor. _ Bi H to oe directed to Majo" A. BEOKWITIT, 0. 8., U. 8. A., and endorsed 4 Proposals." OOUa /"NOAL?LEHIGH, PEACH, ORCHARD AND LOCUST VV .toinn'ain; warrai.te I to Iv genuine arilc.os; also a auix-rlor Km ll?h t'annel anil llHlllhnrtoii'i l.tverooro t>re?1 ,.11 ul low ?t "market proa*. HKNAy RKEVK, " Vol iirr toil Centre, and corner .Tana * vl Wett itrtcia. CI lit " 1 AM DBUVBRIKO A 8U FBRIOB QL'AIJ p't iy of V *1 for family \i?e, Wi ll * ron-d, at ?l p T loll ol i,IM) lo?.; Coke 83 p i cli.ihl.ii, tlm Llvurpocl ami Cannel Coal. A. HKARTP. 1W W??t Eleventh street, near Saventii ari aim. O I OH-BEST KKit A3U COAT,. Oh ?/U M 40-BEST Will IK A8II COAT,. Kni;;i ill c \tin I 811 per dial lrnii. Sold by K. 0. CLARKE, No. o Weil Eleventh street, (rar Broadw ny. i uXiii k ai-. AHI'KCIAI, Ml..'!>(? UV Til K NAI ION AL PE MOno l I e ihl n (Irii r 1 Cummin n will i e lirhi <-t Hall, o: ' in r re. n n|, IhetTih l*?l . *l7l<o eleeE. A mutual attend .m ti < in-iaber-1 re i o-tad. 111,.hi R/\V, Cliiirr * i. oa-. ?i loab oki'll, Vic> Chairman. If. U'H*I?I?, I ?... . .|? .r*. lino. J. Caaraau, 1 s wlW 5 SPECIAL SOTIC KB. AT A ftPBrlAl MBSTlWO II EL D At THS HO CAR OP Empire lUgiee Compear Wo. ?t Afthr the In la HrHge KM, ll *m . . ^ Ma J, TV*! the Man thaaka tf the company be toahf*l ih*M Hear? Kelih hr Ma boflniif .1 mpply of Pafrcifcmeata!mtlAeJ while at the ire la Brt'r" atiavi. < Jum Pwaata* Ee retmtj J D COSTA, Pureiuaa. CTABS-TO rRIEKM AJIII PA f BOWS -?>l B MAN 17J lac?ectaa arera it.>i la*. t?rf b? Ihe brv wtieh deMr >)ed taa ?Wre Ue< **1.1 Thanh ?1 foe four ??art an# and *ya?pathy. Vf ? be |b?4 I., we < <mi ai AW PWrl a r- el. Off* II ' ailed S'atae Maaet. VII.BlBa UAAISMUS. Ma*>am laraeHy la ?aUea ami Filtim JA*?*aby ?r. vm -iw rwijns V-ea-ea Aw bale tr~ <he aw Me a She baa* ? Elk AjiMo .?4i*aiAejeee.fcialh<i lhit'?* i airveLae* P.ioA A M. HAT1KM K, ra.a er TUB PAIRS CBLKBRATTOW -Till* WILL TABS f?" atlooV Reuaia add Ri?M>af. a* WrdaewUf, Mb lad , be a -all. a* t .fa -a* and *-* ai ae< ar iwata. Ikhe'.aoi Q Tele, rare vf Pearl had fiaAfei C'la, uu.iibIlw. A lar*a to aaeea fmada. Oj- a.IT, b*9 * ____ II VAI-B. rruikti akval kxiuhmox or t.ib kariur. I ( mart Mill laa>wn Aeel.iaa will ba held ?! ho UA B- weir, Ofuaha Strnaae ai.eet, anmaucn mm aa MviJw. Ih- ITtN of Jaaoar-, 1KB a-.4 1.4 . .?? ate > "'* A4laiaelon free. Mania ei e> hn . ea ft m ?> * A M. toS e' i.*b B. J< JoilN ?;U.av vh i'ma-JMii. Winuea Maaaaa. iaiMVf. NI<K KLUIi.UI S. H??i ?inr?:r? um. umik nkht-tut ikkx l:><t 1.4 at ? . UiI4MILV Iffviitft* ?. rtLW AMml 4TIO* will V* Uk M|ktk pa** *-? au<1 ? * mvmf. MAUMJC MAKTKbS-dlRffAr BAft'lAUM I* l?-ln ? A larvr . ? a urn ha a-I w l ?rm < rw ' .. > krt l*r any kM MiwS lk? aMk. <hl Ml at A I.AHI M 11 mark " itttl, 111 IU-< L.^hwaun. auwt, ? >< W Tan : atenut Bat.u .* put .*? la aaf fU. u> Uta raaMry. KEl IKf.D rErmuLKrK IUA Ml HAVING tMU-A >..|?WI aaukrtn, wmraatly na hat a*4 i .r ? ! la quaiitluaa frmn ? ? tarr?| . p 1 tiM. at A' ?l a.utl |wi-?, lit t . rw - l?#r% MiLUM * CAtii. 47 iwi MMI and14 at >4*r m rat. * . f > II.II ? 1.1 ! an.. kUH I ' ft |??". Itmakraa . 1 ? ??.. 1 t .r . r> < * ??liy aart .uiantrr i?4 itan 'kmr ' ? 4k?r> and ? l.ltera at. 1. ra?a?t-4 la ban .aaktaha la ait ha t.utl parta. Ho.,** A>. ?M 4 ALLEN. * MaU'u lar a. SAVR VOL'It MONKY.-A. I AKkl.X 4 09 NO W WaaUlnqiutt auart, ca anr of Hunan. II 1 . trltai antra a ly angur urv.I liana, ?arf*a<?4 at k. |r f IN : feraa I ta ly H<at|i, a.t 71 and 40 itaa., ?V-; put VaaTI itiarvfc, lata 40 M, &K aata. The sisiior oi'tta rrit< ha COM KAN Y. Mn Manilla. I n-ra af GUTTA VKRCH k-ISnl L tTGH TKLKiiRAftl WlWt. and evary daariipiion 1*1 RE Gl TT4 rCki'MA UOOIML OlTiit .ud Aalraruom. TT CWar ami lANl ll. Plullor. Qeaciai A cat. rniB public-beep tom ntrr waem and dry.? Otillaa Par h? Roies pui ..d ( n V -a 1 Ldl> a Irau, thereby n>a<t? walerM?of, tubfcar* repaired. l?U made to order, at 2d F.iltuu il-a., 2P ZZZ~~ OKMTIITHT. A^btipkuai. tfkih ?j c. kk snbdy, dentist, m> bowi-ry, t nea uia.ra aping, t.e i, .a I ? :... hia beautiful Ufa Ilka bath at the wwrX puaa'|n1 aa Whole Srts un Gold or Plait ha I rou. |U upwards. aa I ua 81lerr or Rubbrr fiou. fill) upwardn PaitLal brie >? Go. , f2 each looth, or wa Mllvrr PL fialiafacuoa guarsu ao i la ab rat a ABKAl'TIKL'f/ AND SUBSTANTIAL UT OP TRFTH on pure Kllvar, o ily f t. aa Una <1.4.1 and Plailae, $2..; and warranted r qua: to any wort to Mew Vor* ar rla. au. r . Single Twath, ft; teeth fllieU and attracted whbv l the k??i pain and pnrtntly narii.teae. Kuuertor tana or white . uamrl lilting only lifty c-ca. Office l.v Hlkth avenue, bstweeu Trull, and Navail. e le-u. andjiojamora!. Ult LXTIibK. peabat HAVIKO IIAD FIFTEEN TEETH AND BOOTH KXtrailed, wnhont any pain whatrr r. by l?r. J JAY V Il.LKKS, 1W Grand atici. two bio. ta iroiu Urua lirajr. I chwrfullr insert this aa a rwoommeada.Lin tn thug auir ring fr ui toothache. lira. M KANDfcL, 1AJ llmry aiart National dental gallery mxTti avrrub corner of Tvrentr-secotiu street ? Prawn, fipanlah. we., tpnknu. largest and *?M.a: r beautiful putflt "Outnotypr" T. rib; anu-eiLirii. n i rl ? a Silver tela from $8; vulcanite, (3d; g Id. fiR) Uuarautaed first ilana dentistry. Fire preutluwia awarded DR. MANbON. Dentist. AJEW TORE TEETH COMPANY, MP EIGHTH AVRXX nun, have the largest and obaip al denial aatalJUhmint in the wurld. Thry are inserting Teeth in un* proved aliiiomiberle plates at war urwee. fid and fig yr I I and dOo. prr Tooib; B..n? Pilling, Me. |.?r.?itw 4. M . b. 74 . All wort warranted, at UP Eighth areuur, b< tweca Nlnsteenlli and Twentieth street?. ~ fwuinroii. A' BEDROOM SUIT OP KNAMKLLED Pt'R.MTCKK fur $24, Id all Colors.of warranted Buntifactnn>i a.a? solid chestnut Chamber Suits, nlain an.l orsamrntai. at It. F. FARRINOTON'6, M3 Canal street, upvwlm Etlabhshod In IStA. All kinds of furniture, looking glasses Bedding, Ac.. below suciluu prices warrantd and a.' Ilvered frea. Ilmif rail at O. W. SNEPF.N S, Jo? Ih-wery between Stanton and llouatoa streets. Von wdl aa?? aaoiM-y Note the number. ENAMELLED CHAMBER 81'ITR OK Ft'RNITt'RK, IN all colore and atrlea, at wholesale and retail, at Ui and upwards. Alan, Mfcttrrseea and Pa I Haw WARREN WARD, Z77 Canal atrnat, four doora c aat of Uroad way. tdurnlfure bought.?all kinds of household 1? Furniture bought for eaah. and a good pnui given, at 479 Third avenue, uear Thirl,)-fourth atreui. r'.a <*e ?w1i*h addraaa Furniture, as abore. N. B.?A good a- - meat of second hand Furultura for aale. YJIURMTURK.-CASIl PAID FOR SECOND HAND FUR. r nllure. Mirrors and Carpets. Country nulla >U. n.led l?Address Furultura Store, ?9 Hudaou street. A good mahogany 11} uptoa Secretary Bed stand lor sale ehr-p. 1 ' VIHARCUL ~ be tod insured f ~ RDTOERS KIKE INSURANCE COMFAWT Ofllce 17# Chatham square, aurnar of m?mi atawet. Divioeao?The directors have declared a am I aaaual dividend of Ore (4) per cent payable on the tat of February nrit. The transfer nooks will bit dosed from the 1Mb taat. UU February L Sy ardar. E. R. FELLOWS, Beeretary. CLAIMS ON TIIE GOVERNMENT ATUt STLO AND promptly coUaoted. ihiuogh oar naif at agaal la Washington. JOHN B. MURRAY, Armyastd Navy Ranker, 39 Natrau atrrrt, N. I, orfdb tho Poet a at nr. QOLS\ND SILVER wanted at a rrkmium BY tatlok brothers^ NO. 3*7 BROADWAY. CORNER Mr It RAY STREET. Gold and silver nought at the premium, by K. I*. JAMES A co.. 3S Wuli aueei. Pennies wanted?FROM ONE t? FIVE iii: vIIRL drlarr, or eny praen bavine a nrt y i| p.) a. Iras anooul may l-.ea <>f a purchaaa.- by aiq>l/lug w II. BARNARD ill Ttiii tl arcane. l>in linn TO LOA1 ON BOND AND MORTGAGE iPAA/.UUU on productive Ileal Fictalr. either in <tty or eiiuntry, in antra to suit applicants. No broker* need apply. toJOIlN COKRFl.l A. Jr., architect, tSd Broadway, rot iter <>t Broome street. New York. <2*1 ft nnn WANTED FOR THREE OR FIFE TEARS. vlo.UUu on linpruved property auuated in C.i uiofc a c lUitly. Frnpertv iiuHk iiim'm-io.i anil wurtb SeO.'UO. a ry to o. r. a t. d felton, 167 Broadway. filoo nnn TO *-oan on bond and mortoaob VOu.UUU on Improved n si aatuta lu the tliy ot N< w lock, lu sums to suit. Brokers need not apply ALBERT U. N1COLAY. U William street. loan offices. AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREETMONEY Ttl|l/?AN, TO any im innl, im X) a.uoud , Wntrhra, Jewelry, *t\, Sy t'" wfll knnaii and otn eatabliahed ISAACS. Hiker and Cc mmlaairjo .Mi reliant. Nm 9 Chambers street. N B.?N<> transacted on Hanirday. AT. J. H. BARRINHEK'S, COMMISSION HKOKBK ? Thla old established otOee advan ea tin- hlghen sun** on, or buys for cash, diamonds art or uaaat; watrhea, p-arla, plat*, furs, merchandise, optical innrumenta, Ac. No 211 roadway, room 14, ap stairs. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET?MONEY LIRKRALLY advanced (u any amount nn Dtnnmrde. Watch-a, ,l?w. elry, 1'iauoa. Sejaira, Dry Hoods, Ar. N. B.?Paw nbrokera Tickets bought. II. NEWTON, 77 Bleecker street. up ?talr?. AT rid NASSAU STREET?a. honiuman, DIAMOND broker, makes liberal advances on Damond-, Vi n'chus, Jewelry, Ac , or btija them at full rains, at ht? private olR'-e, DO Naaauu aliset, room No. 2, nu atalra. Buatucaa confldi nrial AT 4S0 BROADWAY?I1F.NRY HTMAN ADVANCES ON Diamond*, act or un.sct, or buya tlia same lor cash; also advaacea on Wntcbea, Silver Clair anil all I'rna.ual Crop rty. HENRY UY.MAN, MO Broadway. T JACOBS, AS CEDAR BTUEET.?MONBT LIBERALJ. ly advanced. In aiima to suit, on M atrhtta, Diimon.ia, Silvsr Ware anil other pi rtonal property, or bought for nob, and the hlgheat price paid, Business atrl- liy rouildenital. Branch oiltre, 407 Broadway. I IRK RAT, ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS, J Watcnes, Plate ali i Jewelry, or bought for c.i'li at itci highest priee. Person* hiving id i Gold or Silver to aell can net do I>etter tban call on LOl IS AN 1UCII. 723 Broad*a y Money to lend at moderate rates on diuniondr, wmeh a jewelry, sllv.r. dry g i.e.* and | < rsonsi pmrcrty of all kind*. Omnia n ay it la een.ed at any time within on" jear. U BARNARD, "1 Thl;?l avenue 1'rtvate tu o hall oor. II KUK Ali. DO NOT KORUKT DR. HARROW. NO 1-1 BI.EKCKER lion, four uonr* ir?m Micituugal, N. V. OHnbowl Irom II till 2. *n,l Imui 4 t > 8. Doctor hintkr himself-tub piivhician wh<> MlAirllshrd Ihr tftinlrrlan OI?|*n??ir, N A Ol vi?lmi Ne? \ irk ill., In IMI, run " ioii.uImmI In mil A. M. unltl Id n'rli 'k kt nlgnl ?' lh' o|'l "? Dn. COOPER. 14 OlTAirK NTRF.KT, MKMRFR 0? TIT* Coin-go of Ph.Tslrlsns and llmwrnn* of Now *m k, may Im- i onnilt?'<1 rtntly ?i his ! ", fo in 8 In Iho morning until# ill th? errnlng. nn WABD-U>M>ON AND KDINBVRtt I'MV.-ICIAN tint -oir nun. Oti c? 12 L.? ght street, nrsr Cnruil Ho ns 8 A m. Il l# 1'. m. itsliy. 1 RAl.PII, M. D?OrriOB l? CIIOMUY HTRliKT, rt. r-ruer of Hotts.oii, Hours 11 to 2 ami A till 9 I'. M. \f la r mont, pari a a\u london, PUTBTOIAN i?I. anuwnrgtmn, 647 Hrnsil.rnr, up salr*. Consultvm i from U A. M. to A I*. m? ? iii.l iv* ,?rpt nl. r'nofest OH KEHTELL, 1(12 CII AM BERN HTREr.t, CAN hi consulted ns ttsrml, Agents, i?/>,> stud; 170 Pillion strrrt, 1'roni.lvn. We bh'RTT, m. 0., OI:T"R ?> CKNTRA t-i'Rt.r iwtnrrn tVismhor. ami H site sirs ir, wl h i i nr.ii" uu ir ,.o. ; city Unit p o. S H. ? D . e. ? I oj.. ma In lil? oilier, ss larns'iSi ol' the New TotA l's rcr.ntl M?dlcai (. heat. honrs i|( a. m. to 8 p. m.

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