Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1862 Page 6
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rk?=5S i T A HTvITXOM WANTED BT A ?barECIAEjJl ' .A Twine ttai, M take OU1- of ohlldmu od ** l" Py, aew In# of a privatefamily, ciiter la the <4y oui:ter?. _JV Wat ;" i-euuaiaaaoteiwua can te |iwt. t a t at W we? l?h at., for twu ilay, In the grocer) ?t,rr A 01RL WANTS A RTTntnON All LAUVMESSA Our who mtArawnde the up of - all klnda of Aa? I elmkea. N.I objection tu aas.M n other work. Can be seen at ISA Weai JOth at. f ? TOl'NO WOMAN WANT? A srtTATION TO COOK, A waab and inn. Best of city reference raw tie given. BDfteJJA """ ,6,h lu " ? *?'- Own be tya f"r two AayW ' *"*!_ i^* - ' A OBRM AN OIRL-QPA LIFTED TO DO ALL KINDS OP J\ work, wants a situation In a ) r vale lanuly. Good refoact.-. a can lo given, Inquire at 177 H?ea at., third Boor, fnum^oim A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PERa n, as cook; un luraU.>i.l? c-okery In atl It* Dr*n h< a; ? would aaaiot In washing If required. Ha* goad H<.jr mire. Can be seeu at I'M Slh nr., between XAth and JViU ata. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE OlIlL, ij\ aa chau.-rtnaiu ate laundress; alio underitauUs her business well. liaatteWat oi retareu e; Brooklyn preferred. Oall fur two days al 100 West UHn su, -otcqjt& tlo-^f, ba k rooui. A DRESSMAKER WHO PERFECTLY UJfjEFjItA VD8 it ev< ry bmiiah of hor art. and cut* and aiuke-i .u-ases in Ibe most taahtonatde style, wishes to luWrease hgr coanec tlun. She works at home or at the lion*, of hec-oust .uirra Highest -eetereaoa |iven. Call v.-dajpfur tomorrow at Mr*,' ?' A *?OKO LADY, OF EQUATION A Nil RfiNVBJ\. meat, wishes to nWg 4 rliuallou a* o?or?iuiuii to a Isdv, a smell rontprMntlbu cmiy required. AMrm 5M- ? O. ? W,>as 183 Herald 'MPfe. jt RESPECTABLE VOCNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA* JV lion to Co otMiober vorA sna a*u*l in the washing and trouiuf; baa two yearc cir> reioronee. Call at 212 Weal ifcth sA, near itfh av. ? RBSPRCTARLE PROTESTANT QIRL WISHES A _/Y situation aa r.urae and seamstress. Tit* beat ot city Melerenoe fltoew. "'ait at AM Weal Nlih at. A COMPETENT T.VILORE8S 18 DE8RMJUB OK OB J1 taming animation so i "rmumin. Can give the beet ailyreferenea. Apply at 71 Wth a*., corner of wtn at. A smwrioM wanted? by a respectable jt\ young woman, to do housework In n small family; can do plain "rouging ami to a ttrai rain wisher nnd ireier- or osuMds ohamoorwwrb or watting. U"-ki reterenoe iron her tut plase. Call tor two days ;tt 12J West .'!2d at. g *TOATION WgWTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS A. c*>k wnsuvt ami rrourr, or tr go general houstwork; ?r Would do chamber work and lake care ol children; no <>bjfation to go m <hw rotintry. Good reference it' required. A'aJi for two dajwatasi bth or., oarner of 17tb at., It. lb,- milRwery a to re, Irwin do till X AS1TUA1TOW WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, as good mwk, wasaar and ironer; la a good baker of bread and Woowit. Beat of odv reference from where she has lived ewer bve tears, -v.ill for two day at 102 Weal M?I?W 4 RESntCTABLK <11 llf, WANTS A SITUATION AS J\ cooA. washer and Inner: understands all kinds of baaing aaidifMtatry; no objections to houseee-rk or boat ding bouse. Mr at city reference. Can be seen 'or two days at Mil Rrsedway, two doore trout list sL A LADY, IN REBUCED CIRCUMSTANCES, WOULD liae a situation aa housekeeper. Adurcal for tiro days Mrs. Emma Lloyd, station E. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL W ANTS A 8ITUAtlas to do general housework; can do any kind of work. Very best of city references for sii years. Call far two days at 9U7 Slst at., between Wh sad ldtli a vs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chamberu.ald or we-i tress; beat city releTeaoe irom last emulover, wMii whom she has lived lor the Mat four years. Call fur two days at 3d Weal MRb at., between MB end nth ave. A N EXPERIENCED PER80N WANTS A 8ITUATION JO. as chambermaid and seamstress or children's nurse, ?* aa bousekeeuer: can do all kinds of [ami: v sewing; caw in wSMcl children; city reference of the hUnest character. -Call ?i or address AM)3d av., between tUCi ana 41ul eta., ilrsthoor up lei re. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A ?TUJX. ation as wet nurac In a respectable family. Can be seen diil a ultra at 282 Earn 14m at. A colored girl wants a situation to do general housework, oookinr, or whatever she may be > Sanaa upon to uu. Inquire at 14/ Ea*t 23th at., between 2d aa 3d svs., In the rear, third aoor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION .48 good cook; ia an excellent bai-rand good waiber and kroner; prefers a private family; best city ret erencc. Call at 104 7th av., between 22d and 2bd ate. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLB young girl, to do chain uerwutk and assist in the wraetitag and Ironing, or would do the housework of a email private family; beet of rlly reference. Call for two days at 81 30th at, between 6th and 7Ui art, lint hour. A YOUNG WOMAN wishes a situation to do thehoueeworeof a email family; luaa uu objection to a a short distance in tne country; has gool city reference. 11 at 118 Wast 18th at., between 6th and 7th avast, In the Peer. A RESPECT ABLE OIRL WISfMN A SITUATION TO do general nouseworg in a private family; the ia a good phahl aeuc, waaher and ironer; la veSjr rrithnr, and kind to children; can idye good city refelcnce if required. Call !ur three days at 200 East 16th at. and lat av., second lloor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to cook, wash and Iron; baa the beat of oily referruce. Call at 27U Weat 42d at., second aoor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE " young wuman, to do the cooking, washing and koutug; has good city refercnoc. Can be seen for two days at 909 4th are. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waitress, or would do general housework In a small private family. Can give the beat city refer ace. Call at southwest corner of floyt and Warrrn sis., Brooklyn, In the ?rucefy"atore. WANTKIJ?BY A KG!<KSI,TA BLii young w010*11, wbo t* a good couk and II rat rale wutber IU ironer. liaa avi ulm year*' rcleronce. Call for 1*0 fcj? at 70 Charier at, between B.scoter cod Fourth ?ts. A YOUNG 01RL WANTS A SITUATION?IS WILLING) to do general housework or make herself g?n. .ally usefab la food of children and not afraid of work. * an be well recommended, and can be aeen until engaged, at 13ft Be*. 33th aL, third Uoor, back 100m. Arespectaale young woman wants a situauou aa cor k; undcratehds her bualneaa Wtuiooghly in all 1 ta branch**; no objection to aaaiat in the washing ui' a email family; can procure the ?cat of city*. c*U for two daya at CM Eighth ar? between Join and 3, th at*. A SITUATION WANTED?BY a BEjjiK! TABLE OP.Itnail gfal who call apeak gowr'Kiiglish, aa wallreaa, caamoerawM and aeatnetres* or to take care of rhtidren. Apply attfZ South 6th at., Wluiamaburg. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE AMERICAN MARRIED lady, would accept a al'.uatlon aa teacher and taaecaieof ulluien 0. houac-t'eper and ui heiaeli uaeful In a good rejpectable family: consideration more a food home for herailt and child (four yeara old) than moucy. Adurena Capability, box 1J0 Herald oil ice. A situation wanted-by a german girl. as c bain be. mmd and to do plain Sewing or tewing and houaawork In a amail Call al fit) Mercer St., Mound * Boor, back. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS ahaiuberuMid aad aeauttireaa; ran lake <are of a oaby tri m ita blrta; or to do arwlng. Call for two daya at 141 Mackelt at., bet wean Hnka aud Columbia ala., Bio Alyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION aa waiter or uurae. Ilaa the lieat u! ell* referent-e* if required, tan be aeen tor two daya at 'AM A eat Slat at., be Iween Sib ami 9'h ava. A SITUATION WANTKD-AA ( OOK, BY A VERY COM patent woman who thoroughly uu.ierkian<1a bet iwtalleu and ih to *M nv in mo *uhiri|. Can glre the berl (if Ciyr rrtereuce. Call for two daya ?t ?t Wm RAthst.. gib mil l 7til ?vi. A SITUATION WvKTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, in .1 ohaml>erwurk >u.i waiting, or SSMBuerworli and plain aeaniairot I . oars iviei u Can be areu at Vb Weal *dth m , near Sib a*., aeronil lb or front room. A SITUATION WANTED?AS ? OOii. ST A tt' MAN who Uioiu'igbty iiadrl?ia.ol? wale, aoupa, game, p <ll pnaN, brand, At; *Mw?a pia wbeu ibe la not j red *mh; beat < ity reference. Any family witling a goodcook wnl rail lor three d~y? at 2J6 KtUabcui it., real room, arcoaU Boor. A8 CHAMBERMAID OK LAUNDRESS?BY AN AMEilean woman <>i i tj>. ienco; u*< K'*kI reference. Can b. ma at 4<Ai *1 at., bti weeu Ann ami 3D; in. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman. in a privain family, a* uiiinibrriimbl *o.| to h mM wl h line ? a-hing and uWfilng, or aa lannrtr*-*! baa the neat of ctiy reference. C m be area for two Uays at BP H rat Mill at., beiwrrrnbth ami Mb area. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A Vol NO WOMAN, TO do general my leterti.o o.m lie aeeiTlor two ilava at D5 Wra ilat at. A RESPECTABLE UIRL WISHES A SIT CATION AS euaiuticrinahl ami waiirea* in a pirate lantily Call for two rfaytat SI9?th ??., corner ofauin m., lu iu aiora. AYOI NO L\DY IS DESIROUS OF OBTAINING A aituatlou tOHttami in re, ellnrr fanry or ? ufeeiioiiery. t'on b? en lot thrrr i'ar< at >tt Oran i t ATOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION To DO LIGHT .thamoerwurk an.I take rare oi children ? wait on table. Ui.n >e ??rn at V* Wyato I (.. Brrokhn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS COOK; un<|.niamls brr boatneaa lu ail it* hranrbr*, meaia, Ktrie*, Je||l,.?. Sc.. no Objection to a hole! or boarding .an | bent city refrrnnoa. (fall for two dajrl at I J# ar. C. * war suim wiauk- a h?it rg wcr ki iue, J\. u MrWIlMid'M! It will rcwift a n uiMi a care, haebig lo?.. tarr own baby. Call at 1J? Weal Hi ii at., nrat Jlonr, na<k r ></m. ARBMPKCTAHLK mm. WIAIIKH A HITCA HON A* . barobet maid ?n?l wattieer. In a nitrate family. City rrf'T uro. Celt f r three tlaya at 771 Mar ,Nt(*i <>f Mtb at 1 door, frwlit it. n Al hfTCATION WANTED-BT A RtUPKCTVBLK PRO. I* lan'fn l, to do general bouaewnrk, or take can' of cLtldiea. Appi> for two day* at 191 lib at., near theft liar., rrar ha?*<', fourth flner. AREATKi TABLE <?IRL WANT* A HfTfATfON AA jpjcul rook :m<1 lira' rat* weaker aad Imner, would <lu rliamUTWurk I .r a w ill prl<-|i? fatuity. (total citv referent*. <<?n be a*<n f ir two .1 ,y? al XI) Auaatlc at . between CI1 uton antHfourt ?>? Brovklya. near the fnn.y atore. A BESPEflTABLK. UIRL WfAHEA A AtTCATIoN AN -fx. rook, waybill and Ironer, or to do general bluaewbrk la laa private fa?*11y: rtbjtoiiklily uaderatani* her hoalnraa, ami baa no objection ? *lTn the r-Mntgr Apply for two daya at 19S Mulberry at., lie*'- Brr <r nr. A REKI-KCTABI.E (II fTL WISHE I A HITVATIOX IK A a aniall nnrale family, to do g?te, ,t houarwo.k, or aa chambermaid and waller. B*at of rl'v reference t all at 4fM Columbia at., nan I). ;i??, Brooklyn, AMOBT COHPETTVT PBSflnN WMfnuTTTm-v ! tmn aalady'a maid mb I eaiiiaiiera; iiiiil'.rrtauda dr. *. , im ikltig and halrd rearing, ?>? Wanking, d.'lug up lao a, n <1 ell "be iripilallea balomtlng t<> a lady'a toilet; or w lib rk ut it, tbe day or week. aimUim 11. Jb k? 43. oib av. Kli SITUATIONS WASTED-PEMALE?. A respectable ah ;k:oan until wishes a sir- l JX nation to take . ai - .if nniidtvu ami o piata aowsm*. Ap- 1 jJ> fat tkree da..a at lite oriter of Court and P..?!tlc ?t . e A GERMAN GIRL. WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH WELL, A wlehes a >Uuatn<n aa elintii't-rm .id In a private f.iuii J.' Gau be aeew fur tno iiayeal tt* Wa*?iugt?o el, meoHdJuor. | \ A UMiL WISHES A STTT-moN TO DO OENP'M* JX. Ikotiaawurfc m a small taiu.ty. Uoud ?tjr re er {* f, a good plain ' VilL Call at 34 Si.remit at., Bi*?ok' ^ floor, front room, fur tnotSff*" * _ "* m"tma A KJBi?i'jfktMiiiii SiMrarioN m uo ^ ....?aua?ta 1*. Igfljateg re*. Apply * at 307 Atlantic at.. Brooklyn,/^ig0'"'V* AS RURSE AND SB aJISTlfctfi?. OR AS *E iMVlRESS " *r.d u d'? r<i?n Vworlt; an itUicrlOaUi w .uilu wiabaa a kRi. Alton '^a aeKva'.e family in culur la.mjty. U willing, obilgmr , can i*> ;0 reeommeatVa; la I a Prou ataat. Anbavrn ai No. ISP ?th are.; rtn; the yrt ?'" b?S """.AWre WreBrr'A rear ihl at. \ V*>T MtSi'KCTAHLU WOMAN. WANTS MTU A. J ai Uon -lyiaaiiilr i ' awd laundress, in a pifiaL; audi 1 r^fwet*iv> Auuily; beat of ?4ty reference will b- ji?tn from I I Aar Can be scoa until suited At Uh Wat Slid ?u, * between <tb and 7th ara. A SrrUATlON WASTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO .A. lesiam woman; is a c>od rook and an-excelled. baker; < have no ?i?j? turn to assist iu He w-a&htAg ami. Hon- < ?ng; h?i the bed.'(Welly rcterewwa. CaB tor two days at No. 178 Kliitubedt si., betneen Prmce -slid Spring, second floor. ARK9MECTAM.E fWT K :**NT YODNO OIRl. < *l?Ur-s to obtain a fHuctlinn ,ti a nice tamity as nar~ ; i la very thud and Knot of <ihildr-?i; h ts coml recomim ud <tlons rnna her last place. Ottn 6%'aeeu for three days at 87 West MA st. A -SITUATION W fNTKD-BY A KESPECTAHLE WO man, us a , o l plain <->n?, washer uud ironer; understands baking; y reference. Gnu be mot at klglk a v., between : oud boor, jjig drotwt. AYOttMt WOMAN VANTS A SITUATION AS PLAIN <o .vnsti t tf.-oner: tbe bi si of city rttf -reu e from b p-ve. Call at 134 Ea?t 29tu sU, top tloer, front room. two d*y*.__ Arespeciabre young girl wishes a situa'i tion llb cnumbejr.iaid uud children's ours i, <w ? ouid do general how-ewor-k Ir. a small private family; has good reference Isoto her last place. Can be sarsi tor-bwo days attfi West Mb St. A SITUATION "WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE H?> torLiul yotug v.uniau, o cums on 'bi i.11 kinds of plain sewing; 4 capable of taking care of a baby from Its birth; fcaa lived ihi*ee years lu h--r Can be r ei n for tteo .lays at 441 3ai ft., near 3d*v., seeond itoer, front room, over fh-. grocery store. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUAiion in a small private family tn do general hotisew rk or ohaorhe.-work; has good cl y reference, fall at 13s West 33th bu, Nv.vecn 7th and Sih ar s., second floor, front rovin, fee two days. AGE Sit AN COOK. AND. ALFO. A CHAMBERMAID and waitress, wish situations together iti a gentleman s family :>oth understand their business perfectly, al>o washing aca ironing; bare good cHy reteieuee. Can be seen lor *wc dtvys at 212 Elizabeth sL, two doors from Houston. ad? COOK, IN a RESPECTABLE PRIVATE FAMILY, A by one who thoroughly understands her husla.-ss in all its-tranches; ran cook moats, gatna, poultry, s .up and all k4cds of desserts, and ts an czeaiicnt baiter; bast oi city rcfe reuce rail be glveu; has lived seven years 111 her lust pla. e. Cull at 106 Ksai 26th si., bctwe.JU 3d "aud ith a vs., top floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A respectable YOUNO girl, as chambermaid and waiter; no objection to assist in the washing and Ironing, or would take care of cb'ldren. 4Can give tbe best of city reference. Call at 446 2d ar., corner ' of 28th st., next to the foundry, third floor. A YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as wet nurse. Apply st or addrenu fur one week 365 6th ar., between 22.1 and Aid at.v. third Moor. A RESPECTABLE GFRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS cook, washer and troner; she is industrious and understands ail kind of family cooking; bast of city reference. Call foil wo days at 181 West Slat st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook in a private family; would no willing to auul in washing and ironing; has good ritr reterence. Call at 113 West 16th st., between 6tb and 7th avs., lu rear bull ling. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman; la a good washer and lroner. Call for two days st No. 7Uuflolk st. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as good e?ok anil-excellent washer and iruner. Has the best of city rct.-rence i mm her lact place. Can be Seen for two days at 22a Sullivan a;., room No. 6. A WIDOW WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO COOK and ?S"l?i in washing. Good city reference given. Call at 153 23th xt. li tween is; and 2d avs. A GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID and lo help with th? washing and mining, or to do general housework. In a small private lamlly. Can be. se.e.t till suited at 233 East lStli st., between 1st ar. and Ar. C. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU, st.on In a respectable private family at urst class chambermaid anil seamstress, or would assist in the nursery; is capanle to take a iaundrers' situation in a good family; good ciir reference from last place. Can be seen for two days at 133 West 28tb St.. near 7th ar. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MARRIED WOMAN, WITH n fresli breast of milk, who lately lost her lirat babr, five weeks old, wiabrs a baby to wet nurse at her own house; iarsi ol reference given. Can be seen for three daye at 123 Km S8th tl.. third floor. None but first class families need pp'P- ; A PARISIAN LADY WISHES TO FIND A SITUATION a.- companion. or gorerneaa :o voting children, in a reapertaole family: ahe rati ollar ibe ben reference*. Apply at Mae. Con ton's, 'J7Q 5th ay. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the housework of a aroall private family, or would do chatnhei work a id waiting; haagood city reference; can be aren until suited, Call at 123 weat 20tn at.. nearTih ar., tblrd floor, fi out icon. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid and to do plain eewing, or aa chambermaid ami traltrria and to do Ann washing ami ironing; can produce the beat of city reference fr<'tn her lnat employer. Can be eeeu until nulled at US Weal 141 h at., in the rear, between 6th and 7th art. A RESPECTABLE LADY WOULD MCE TO OET THE washing of some gentlemen'* clothes. Appiy at it) Tbompenn at., in the rear. APROFE-v-'ED WOMAN cook OR FTOUSEKEEPER'S atuiatlon wanted?By one <apabie of fulfilling either; I understand? French and hoglieb rooking, estreat, confectioner)"*, Ac., and the aerving up or topper and dinner par. ties; no objection to leare the city or to go to Washington, baring lired there in tome of the beat tamlTlea. Call tor one week at 181 East I7th at., between lat and 2d ava. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT OIKL, to dn coeral.h'iincwork; ii a good plain cook and a Ural ra'e w?-h?r and Iroricr. tp?*l city reference. Can Ins aeen at 191 w??t . Jin at., u?ar yih ar, accond tiuor, In tbe rrar. A HEALTHY YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUAtion as wet nurac in a re-pe.-table ianilly. Inquire at No. 4 Jaue at., two do ow front Greetiwl -b ar. A DRESSMAKER WISHES A FEW MORE CUSTOM. era.?To go rut of the city, by the day, to cut and lit ladle*'dieaaes. Call at or addreM 336 til h ar. A YOUNO WOMAN WIIUB8 A SITUATION AS wail re?s In a privgle family; la willing to do fine washing and r/nlng if required. Be?t ciiy reference. Can be aecn at her laat cmp'oyer'a until auited, at 23 Ea*l !9th ?t., near Broadway. UlnL w A nITVATn/5 XI A CKIYATK family aa ehambeimaul or waiter, and la willing 10 make heraeir generally uaeful. Oool eiit reference can be given. On > ? aeen for two daya at 79 Weal ?4th (I. * httcatton wanted?in a first clars ihivatr JV fun.iijr, by a flret claaa rhamhern-aia, and to <lo fine wa?hlng end ironing. Hna the Im at of city reference frum her la-t place. Call at No. 1 Rutherford place, 17th at, between id aud SI'avj., for two lUya. BV A KEHPfcCTABLdi YOUKO WnMAN, A SITUATION ae chnmheiaianl r.nd aeiuiiatrea*. or Pi take rare of chlldien; I at no Objection to do homework Irt a mall pi tva'.c family. ('all at No. 499 9th nrf, between 40th and 41 at at*. He* of city reference rati be given. f EKMAN HE A MRTRBSR WANTS A SITUATION BY "T the reek or month; nnileratauda all kinds of family a< witij a:id <-u*titi(f. Call at 1044th at., between sea A and P. f icrih aUiry, fronk V'VBeE.? V PROTECTANT WOMAN. WHO HAH HAD | la wiay.eara'eijartem* |n the ^are of children, wanta a r|ination a* o'.rse; n cttpabl- of taking the entire rharg- of a [ Kit>r from at birth; la a Rood wainatp aa: heal of reference*. Call for two day* at 2?l let ?ve., near 14th et., top floor. QtTt' ITI'IN WANTHD-HV A ',KR\f IN i.litr. IN V kj atr.all IS ml It, to do ? neral hou rework or to take can-1 f eMldren. The beat r-fereaue ran he given. Can ho aeen at Hid Mli at., room No. 12. CCITATION W ANTED?rt A YOITNO f.IHI., Afl CHAM17 hern.aid, and to aaelat in waatilng, or a? w? tv.| or a<?n**rcaa. haagool rlty reference. Call a- 415 6th ae., between J9'h and 20'h ata., aeeond floor, be?k room. SITUATION WANTED-BV A TOUNO GIRH, AS CHAM* bermrldand waiter; l? willing and obtirlns Good reference from her taat employer. ?'?n he seen for two daya at WMMih at., hei*eeu3d aud lariingtoti nva. ii,'anted?RY a VOI NO WOMAN. A SITUATION to Tv ci ok and aaei't In the waahln < an I Ironing, ov to do hn-iaowork la a amall family, flood 'tty reference from her Isat employer. Can he aeon at 244 Ninth at., between In and 2d ara., for two day*. w man. aa chambermaid or to do waaMaaaad Irnnlajc I >ml?TKt*nda hir btld or** prrtmUj, Good Htjr mfor"ric:>. lien !>< wen for two day# et 99 Ea?t JSth at., aaar 31 a v., se- ( <*> 1 aiory. baek MR, , WANTED?A NITOATIOJf, BY A KKNI'E',TAHI?K ' ' ' yonnt *1rl. I > in hmnberwork end waiting; I* a rood plain ??ir; l? willing to aartat In Mm waahlaf an<l traninf. il?? rood <liy reli iT..i-i . ran be ?orn for I * > day* at CM , II' a>n at. n rru liiUMTixirt Md lorallo, It Ihr mr, VlrA KTKD?K Y A t! FAT'Ei TABLE Vol'Nil W(l., A 1 ff anna! n ? nr In Uki* "arr 'if ilnldren; t h ? n oUj<" :?n to do lio'iar i k in a rtiell private ftmllT. 1 i all lor two day* at Bo. 8 at., near Fulton ar., Brooklyn. ( UrlMffli PY A BBAPECTAHT.K WOWABfA ?T|7A~. {, " Hon la <a>ok, waeh aa.l Iron, or to do general honae. . w 'rk; ran r;i ?|>h*r of thoa ? rni .n?: ainl refitrenr*. , Call at Bo. A Xaaaan piaee. near High ?f? Kroaklfff: "II' ANTED IIV \ HSHHF.i TABLE -.ITT.. A RITI'A- t Y" tl"n a* chambermaid,. In a rtapnrtaldn private f.imUf, J ind to Jo lip ladle*' nro*]:tia; l>aa tun lo * of c'' v P'Terence; 11 Man evx llent plain a-.vrr. Call ? 90 W d l>Hb at., rear O Irtilldlnp, between dih and 7?h era,, for tfirer nay*, e UrANTED?A HIT! ATIOK. BY A WP.I.OH (ilKL, AH <] nnr?e an I aaainMrrae. ' r chambermaid and lanii(i?eas. j Applyat her preaont place, III tVcat cl \ ?t l> "IirAIfTETX?A H'TCATlnX, BY A RKSt'KCTtRT.R ? Y? girl aa ntirae and ehambeni.atd; la on rnetent in lake * <jfa" of -in Infani from Ita birth. f ti'tnlro at I.ldjf 7th ar , top Boo* II xjtraJI/SO?A MTTATIOff, ?Y t TOI N8 HO If aa Is a maid and or >tn?lr. a, I ..y r> mil children a drra*' ?. arrl r n lervtnda II kin da of on- II lory If... oh **r,P" ntM* rllf Infer" ree, If-I r> hiffr.l I ainliir anV'npp!^ /'an a I ''r' ' ' " ?"i. \ tti n !? nd"r?la ''da ro?: lug I ' All I'A i t ana ir?. 11 aa I a I 1 .1 ty n>f? raT* Anp/fortwo da/a at lit W. at It n | U ;w YORK. HERALD, TL'EItaryATioyg WAtf* * **>r/r:s. I IITATEO ""Y""^ "UDa LADY, OU ^,'JW?'m ' ?T itiu .11 > < intl gno 1 ?.i-wa?0", and *U<? * , , ^ a ? t I [3^ . . * ?!?*#> -u 14 ? * U* * it i m of U., I " ? ; a Respectable girl, a bitua,9 tiuti e mir e; would t w.:il:u n w i chamber" * fork . ttd uinar nmvli genera!) ' >; rat; km the bc ui u ly -fere.nue Iran krr lust pi .c?. C >11 iwo days at 2 4 Vest ' Ka r, second door, iuoio. _ . ... * IVY ANTED? \ SHUnl'Si^ X UrlSl'FCT IHLE f ??. .)?'"o ? man, v-jn ^flterwui or ? ?.? . < f?*. <a--hl ' ' "id iiim n;; gwM to' r ii -c t .n n her 1 .at phi e. 'mil for two -laya at no, go ape. is two n oAtu and dtiih J trejW. J _ ___ 1 tUXSTED-A SITUATION Afi CttA <M??IIAlD, BY A 1 U?*rmau *ir ; *s k>HM? *>f hou^wor^ tppi.r ai 130 Urc-. n vlch it 1 I IT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A NEAT, TIDY 1 ?f young pnl, m n ? nn . latin Irraa "r m f*a?ul1(rrn:uti iird wuttrewc I* a d'"xi i a> raldrrvba and la wdliug to nuttu le t il gi'iiorilly eyeful. C.n be seen ai fit r ympluyrr a, ISO.'j W- ??lrt s-.. nettvreB sth ar. an? Broadway, where thu una uved uiree yt-ar-o WANTED?A SITUATION AS BOCSBKEEl'HB, BY A young widow, 1 r a on h. .or or wi . over nl rernuanrni til rcspeciaoiiliy. Address Mrs ft. u Uurt, Mroii .way lorn mm*. WANTED?rlY A RF.SPBCTABLB YOUNG GIRL, A situation 111 it pniaie lau-iiy, a plain o ..jk. s.ifcll' l itu<l Iron *r; uu uoje i ui u> <le gcucial buusewurk orum if snllui n. Apply for tw? day* at ?11 E.tst lath at. City reference civen. YYTAM*ND?A BITl'AlYON AS 11 iUSJJKIJKpi-R, BY A TV IM-Jily reputable (Mntid, *uu likat Ihoroura kwawM.;e * tioiift'ke')K4u-, is a good il.iw m r; snu.i i.ll k g It of family ti-wl'i- an., itu o|iein*e on WueiH an I Wil set's sew u madfcim'. Cen be s ? !? eti'il togMipd rut 21J Henry s:BruiiUvii; it by letter-i addrvas U 1). TITAXTED-RT4* RBKPECTASLB WOMAN, A MTtJAW t on wHt tu:K. a healthy atd has j.ibi 1 iHtababy frurwe-ks <<lil. k! rcirn-nve. cull ui lb Laesvu* it., R?w York, toy iw-> , room 11. VITANTED?* SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE MIIVfV ale aged-Vnothan p r-oi, u? uiir-? >u a mi;" i Inn fftraily; l? nipi ' 1 ?' iltliij . ar- of u-t I ilunt; best e uy reloreUU' ctrrii. Can lie a en lor tv. o duya at M West 27tll at-, m ar 7A?r v. TTASTSB-iA SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS TV ?iudpil>! and to SeeLl In wusiuugand n ning; h also a ret oiusirla muri as; good city rrier uc. fiom h. . last pin -> . Con br a on lor two ityn ai V.S dtlg av., near 23d st. w-t V- KD-A SITUATION, 11Y A RESPECTABLE TV yeuiig girl, to do general bout work In a a nail private family; ta a good washer an i Iruuer. Ilua noiKl city refer net'. Call .it 115 \V. st lOtti at., for two daya. WfCNTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young womun, aa ro. k nd to aaaiat wi h iho washing and In nine; enn take tin* entire i lia rye of the kite!:- u; wi*'lil do housework in a -tr.a.l ::im:ly. i an exrelient bull r offeree . Best of city and ouatr., reference. C ill io. ino diy? at ti9 W est URh St., between Otis and 7lu ava., so und Hour, front room. WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUAtton as < o.ik; is a U st rate caik and would be willing to aestsi In the washing and irouing. Beat of city relerenco I ro.u her lull place. Can be seen at 1 uyt 7tb av. lor two duve. _ TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, THE TV wualitls; ol a few younggent.cuitnwr pr v. te families: good releience given. C.ul at lli iith su, between 2d and 3d itvs. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Vt young woman, to do general housewo k In a private family, Imjuire lor two day sat 17j S.uitii si., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, BY A German girl. Apply at 131 Greenwich st. WET NURSE ?WANTED, BY A YOUNG MARRIED womun. a situation aa wet nurse, with her fust babv, three weeks old; no objections to the country. Apply at 118 Suffolk st., front basement, WANTED?BY A CAPABLE GIRL, A SITUATION AS seemslrca- and diiatNMUj a must excellent shu t maker; qtih k at the needle; wages $7 a mouth or $3 a week. Call at 1 d Eaa; 21at st. TXT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, V V a siton'.ion as cook; has lived with tne best families in the country and city, and perfectly understands Fr ncii an J English cooking In all Its branches. Call for tw o daya at 178 East 17th at., room No. A TXTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV young w oman, as chambermaid and fine washer, ironer and w litress, or to assist in washing and ironing; best city reference given; no objection to make herself generally useful. Can be seen lor two days at 171 East 17th sc. room No 6. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, THE washing of a family and thai of a few gentlemen; tloue In the beat stylo ut 30 cjnts per doz; would go out by the 'lay; the best of city reference can be given by tailing at Mrs. McCann'e, 2U6 East l.'th st. WANTED-BT AN AMERICAN GIRL, A SITUATION to do housework; Is a good plain cook and a good waiher and lrouer. Apply at 8i 6th av. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, with a tresh hreas of inllK, a situation as wet nurse in a respect aide family; good reference. Apply lor two d ?y? at 144 west 26th at., first lioor, lront room. \\TANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO TT do the cooking, washing and ironing of a annul family; would prefer the oonniry; the best city reference given. Call for two days at No. 3 Union court, Union at., South Brooklyn. \VrANTED.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITU TT at*oii In a private family; is a plain cook, good washer and Ironer, and willing to make herself generally useful. Call at 272 West 17th at, between Vth and 10th ava. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE GIRL, TO DGCHAMberwork and waiting in a email private family; none need apply without good city reterence. Atmly at 114 Ma.ilsun av., between tne hours of 10 A. M. and 1 r. If. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATT Hun as cook, or would dog. neral house w .rk in a smell family: Is as good wok and a willing, industrious and to'icr fjrl. Ctn be seen for one day at 134 Atlantic St. Fuur years u her last place. WANTEB-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework; Is a good plain cook, washer and Ironer. Good refrr?Dr? from her last place. Inquire at 201 Nary at., second bouse t rum Bolivar, BrookIT". for two days. I WANTEB-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A res|iectabie young girl, by the day or week. Call at 83 5th av . a few doors from Wavcrley place, front room, over the store. TTTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS TT cliamlierinald and waiter lu a private family, lias the best ot city reference from tier last employer's. Call for two days at 73 Charlton St., In the rear. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PERSON, 31 YEARS of age, a situat.un to uo tne g"nural bonsewnr* of a tradesman's family; understands cookiu,, washing an t Ironing; wages moderate. Call at 24G West 16th St., near 6th av., top tloor, rear. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN, A situation aa chambermaid and Jaundreaa, or aa rham- , hermaid and waitress and Ui do plant sewing; will be found willing ind obliging; beat of city reference. Call at 224 Weat 36tli at., between 7tn m l 8lh ava., front room, third floor. WASTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A rit on lion to do general housework In a small private family; la good plain i ook and excellent waaber and ironer. Can aeen at her laat place any time thla week, at 266 Weat 22d at. ~\tTANTED?A SITUATION IN A SMALL PRIVATE TT family, hy a arnart, indnatrloua young woman, to cook, wa*h and Iron, or to do ; eueml housework;, and fully competent In Hie shore capacity; city reference. Call on or addreaa K. M , 74 Frankfort at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO WOMAN. A tnaUnn as chambermaid and wnltreaa or to do general houeework. the heat of reference to be had. Apply at A3 banda at, Brooklyn. \|TANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIBL. A 8ITUATT tton aa seamstress; la a good dreaamaker and nnderatandaall kluda of family sua ing. Can be aeon at 204 East Hat at. ___ TV'ANTED?BY A ORRMAN OIBL. A SITUATION AB T? cbamnermald. Inquire at 121 Wrst 24'.h at. YITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT UIRL, TT a a tuatlon aa good plain cook, waalter aud ironer, Uood reference. Can be seen for two days at. 1A2 7lh ar., between 20th and 21a' at.. Drat ib-or. back room. WET NURSB.-A YOCNO AND IIRA LTIIT WOMAN, baring a good hreaat of milk, would line a iitiial<on aa , wet nurse. Beat of r-icrenco gn n. Can be aeen at 102 Prince at., near Broadway, from 4 to ti o'clock P. M. TIT A NTED?B Y A CAPABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A It situation aa good plain cook, washer ami Ironer. or would do the houaework of a small fam ir; has good city referenec. Can tie aeen tor two daya at 13 I nlon court, Unfrtnlly pi tea, between 111 h and I2tii eta, 117"ANTED?BY A YOUNO WOM KN, LATELY LANDED, it a situation to do general housework of a small family ar take care of children and make herself generally useful; wag -a not ao much an object as a tjnod home; haa goo I references. Can be aeen for two dsya ntJ.1 Union coun. University place, between 11th and 12th els. TV-ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A V? situation as< nam..arm Id or waltr -as, or wouid do gen-mi housework f'.r a am.ill family; g ,od city reference. WO laat Bet at. WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE WO',IAN, WITH A fresh hreaat or milk, who has lost tier child, wants a tahy to uurae, at bar residence, 14 Jay at., Brooklyn. W'ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOM tnan, a alitiat on aa cook, which a'u-undeietands In all ts branches, aud would Iistc no ob)ecthin t-i ass at In the wash ng and ironing. Can be seen for two days atilX Madiinn are. MUTATION* WANTED?NIAJjES. noop bkirtST-w anted. a situation, by A man who hs? b< en In connection with a larjte well doing loop skill m?nuf?'tn-jr for three ye.ire: I* well p <nH in nun ilsrtui In;, nd r in 'itnmaiid a ?? jJ trsdn. Address L. ' 4., b H 123 He mid "tiler. SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER. CLERK ~ <ir' "Ihv tor. In any business win re bin serrlees Would 1 m consider >d * fair equivalent for a rea?nn*ble salary ]] .* he hast of references froiu former employers. Address 'ice, l!< mid otll'-e. ? rnAVELI.INtl AO IN IT Y OR ANY ACTIVE OUTDOOR < o cure l >n wen ?d, by e r pfin^lbtr, energetic men, with nejer; tlonnble r"feren rr, 111 >.ny pert ol iii? United Ma'es r Can-da; no object.on to heavy samples. AdJras* Trer. Iter. II mid "Itlee. I no DRUaillRTB-A YOUN'O MAN 'HERMAN) WELL L acquainted, en I with .e jre ire* eip Mh-n in the drug 1 tclii' j?. wishes a situation In a dm.; a. >rr, ,.r in any otliei .prcOCde budum wlv-re he can in ike himself gon. rsjly s?l j. Inquire el 1(W War,en stree-, corner of tlteenwioi), 1 icond story. [AO hTUEKKKEI'EKd AND OTilK i.-'VANIED, BY A > y,.j,( j.iall, t . . .i i.? .1 s. > to lait eh?'V? "I It r . ' ?(.? . ' id" lit "] s teeth,lOilAls. A ltlie-s K. I. 141 V si 3.1.1 r'h'it, or ! i m Id oil . _ ' V AvTl ">-* H'Tt'/STION A l'.\ KRPKR, BY A 1 V r , ,.b - t,; m. U, In I C' r. ,|r hno>: : li ?t J. I ,et com -.<$ ?dw fr iiii liU i . ciiijitoyer. Ad- j V k , nut iu? Hcr.Id ulKoMul ;1inc d?,e. I $ DAY, JANUARY 28, 18C2 IIICIP WAXTED?X*LBS. * AJWKimSfijUICXZS I* 1 tv .u^iu-u.. ? ,f po?y dealer, 'VrMiiYF^iK i r"ue''""ESCUiDINiJLY AMUSED <; 1 ""tr LVDICROm EFFORTS e o write u* down. !n ?hm they have a *nalty failed, for

evtrrul rrseoua In ibe ti' ft ptaaa, thgr have not the HUSlNKAioIl'ACiTY , / fcexauw to conduct an ?uter^ria* of tlil> diaracter. Stconi y, :!?? >- Lav,'j^W,fcrlfiyiir .}yn "ATIOXRRY. vhite we *rT_agf " -2TS??-'- . ^ROEi.y a?ed s- tns MAi5u>Airrwn?/ot. Tt-E-hi AP.TIOI.E8 Pftlf Jtv. we 1) .T wil "l-? Uleatkie to ihe KM VlJ,B -r OtiAULB.O* OUK BUolMOSk, knd devote our _ PERSONAL ATTENTION oanswcrlaR LETTERS FROM OUR A'iliNTH SHIl PINO THEIR ORDER*-;. jecuj^ingHrom^ FTFTEHN HOURS R/CH DAY. \%Dne t,nie .our but ao? wbne tre they! In jwu/ ajy1* Herald, for the want of moiiey to FAY THE PRINTER, lhl1 INCLORTOUSLY ARIUFDONKD TTlEePIELD, hatto-duy tbiy will be gut la^ few lines, uniting like so ?1 y SURE SHADED DOGS. In the maanllm", s .n?e UNSCSSfECTIKQ AGENTS having sex.t tin m a waall order, thus ena-.nng them to vent tlielr nplpi n on tie uv e morn. 11' aiu thing were wantm-: to convince agents of our W8i.Nr.Sa i VA'EURii Y, and the ENC RI.LKNTE OK THE union prize e'i'al'io.nkuy and k .oipe package AND ENVELOPE, tin UNSOLICITED EDITORIALS from the LEADING PAPERS OF THIS CITY, which we publish o low, dm.ti t oo xutii.ueui to CONVINCE THE MOST BCBPi'lCAL ours U .n? only MERITORIOUS PACKAGE in the market. A .l inn will iiiid It lo their Interval to tend for our circulars welch w : will m.ttl to Hu m ire". We want agents till over tffc civilized world. Front $5 to $10 a 'ay run w ut.iJo by agents. We put in each p.ciiage it Dctiutiful and lite lino I cuxiai iug of GEN. t.EORGE B. McCLELLAN, 6:. 10. 75 Vatuuble Rec.nes. 6 Sheets Cominrrvlal Note Paper, ti Sheets Li dies' Klll-t Paper. 6 Sheets L ulies' Note Paper. 6 liiitf Envelope*. 6 White bniuu Envelopes, in colon. Ladies' White Union Envelopes, in colors. 2 Fine Steel Pcus. 1 Fine Pencil. 1 Sheet Blotting Paper. 1 Aivomiiiodnt off Penholder. also, a valuable piece of jewelry. [From the N-w York Times, Nov. 9.] A Bi.kssinu roll Pooit 1'HIU'I.K. A man who gives a dodivr's worth o! anything for twentyfive ccui.i in llie.ue hard tttuea ia a friend to Uie poor man, in the hroade t seoae ol the term. RkkardsA Co., No. 1U2 Nassau street, are p.tlilic bene, act irs. They put up a S.ut onery and Jewelry package rontatning aucii a<|tiamity of us-t illarlicl. a, that if bought elsewhere sou. , cost about one roiia . We are asauted by parties who sell their packages that $5 a day can be r allzed by agents. ? R1CKARDS .t CO., 102 Nassau street. [From the New York TrV tin", Nov. 8.] Tun Union Piuzk Stationicuv and Ktceira Paokaors. We have been shown a package ol Stationery oiJ Jewelry put up by Messrs. Kickurds it Co., of No. 102 Nassau street, and must espies* our surprise at the quantity and quality of tun articles they give fur 25 cents. We must com ess we were skeptical at first, but seeing is believing. There is ooaecret la their trade. As tbey are largely engaged in the manufacture of jcv/i lry, and purchase all their other articles for cash, they manage, by uieir large sales and strict business integrity, to innkc a small prolit on each package. There is no need of our cit.zens going to stationery stores when they want small quantlU. s, and paying exorbitant prices, when they can get a dollar's worth iur twenty-five cents. Tbey have completely revolutionized the sut.ouery business, and now a poor man cau get us much sUiionery as he will waul .n a ve?r lor twenty-five cents. They are, Indeed, public benefactors. [From Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper of this week.] A Useful. and Most Successful Kktzrihise? of the most remarkable successes of the season ts "Rlckards' Union Prize Sbatiotierr, Riclpo and Envelojie Package.'' In one large pucka,'", for which only 25 cents Is charged, will be found a supply of fine note paper, steel pens and holders, pencil una blotting paper; also a supply of une envelopes, a striking likenessof General XcCleUan, 75 valuable recipes, and a gilt of jewelry, worth at retail doable toe price paid for the whole. This seems an impossibility, but it ia muddy understood when the ektr ordinary sale ot the "Union Packages" Is known. T-iere is literally a rush for them; the demand menus all ever the country, and several thousands of toctn are sold every day. Re ksrds' Union Package Is a bona fide bargain, ami It* access is tbe result of i.s excellence, it is a cheap and beautil ul holiday gift, at ouco usetul and oriiaraenisf. It run be procured at the office of Rlckards A Co., Iu2 Nassau street. BICKAKDS A OOn 102 Nassau street. Agents bewaue.-the "original jacobs" is still alive anu 111 dtlng smartly. Ti e oi-dicine siready appl ed bus mused MUMffkMl nana a, and if the bad grainmar should not cause the mucus membrane to eolaps", tie pailent, after a few more doses snd a little "airing." may ue considered convalescent and able, we trust, to pursue his own business in his own way, snd allow others to do the same. Shame.! sbametl on you gentlemen who put up the stationery packugea Can't you let the mau alone who has endured so ma".y sleepless nights and weary days, and " eihaunted m. ama.ll lortune." with his " ceaseless endaavor:." to collect together a Utile uo.e p.spr, a few envelopes, pi 11 cake receipt?, am that " splendid Jewelry" that can be purchased by the busiei 1 or a very small amount of that " c??h down" " we pay lor all such articles as we <lo not manuiacture." Are you not aware that the " law protects', such a noble enterprise, an 1 that "suit* have already been commenced" against sundry and divers wicked anil m iliclous persons who have dared to put up and sell such articles as arc named above. Now don't, genileiueii; don't be " mushroons," hut Juat recommend to every body you ace to call and pur-hase or send their orders to No. IM>? Fulton street tor the Ma'lelLui Army Package, which contains ntteen of the most uselul a r-iides that can be collected together and more than any other package ever yet put up or offered for sale, vis:? Sheets Fine Note Paper. 6 Envelopes to match. 4 Sheet* Union Note. Paper. It Envelniu-a to match. 1 Sheet Blotting Paper 2 Fine Steel Pens. 1 Pine Penholder. 1 Fine Bis k Lead Pencil. 1 Bow of Pins. 2 Necdlea 1 Skein Linen Thread. 4 Buttons. 1 Pocket Comb. I Song Book, with 56 song*. 1 Almanac for lfM2. I warrant all the above to be of the best quality. Ne manufacturer can put up better. Price (12 per hundred. Send your orders for the coeds or circular. JOHN H. T1NOLEY, Bookseller and Publisher, , 152)a Pulton street, New York. Agents.-the best contrivance for the solatsr Is the McCLELLAN PORTABLE WRITING DESK. It Is well mad". Is shaped Use a writing desk, can he carried in a knapsack, and forms an indispensable addition to a soldier s com:ort*. OAlcera uud soldiers who have used it speiis In terms of praise of Its many points of excellence; the press speak favorably of theoi. They contain everything thai is aecded for writing, including Ink. Prlre Uh cents Agents wanted everywhere. Bend for s circular. Euch Desk contains the following articles : 6 Sheets Commercial Note C Cream Colored Envelopes, Paper, 1 Bottle Ink. 6 Sheets Ladles' Billet Paper, 2 Fine Steel Pens, 6 Sheets Ladles' Note Paper, 1 Fins I'.-nrllpNo. 2. 6 MeClellau Envelopes, 1 Sheet Blotting Paper, 6 Bull Envelopes, 1 Accommodation Penholder. Agents wanted eveiy where. Send for 'Ireular. W. H. LATELY A CO., 102 Naasau street AOENTS WISHING TO GET THE BEST PRIZE rackets, should try ours. Ws here many varieties, one quite new, never betore offered In this form, which sells rapidly In the country, especially to soldiers. Full rartlculars In circulars, free. IIA8KINH A CO., 36 Beekman street, New York. Headquarters for Union Stationery. AGENTS WANTED-TO SELL A NEW STATIONERY and Prize Packet, containing one-third more than any other package put up. and lifty per cent more salary. For Rrtlciilars call on or address Stephens, Babbitt a Co., No. 'ark place, Now York. T?OY WANTED?AT STACY'H PTKITOGRAPIIT^I HAT D lery, #91 Broadway. One who Is not afraid of work, can cmnn well recommended and he on hand early In the morning. can apply to Geo. fliary, #91 Broadway. (TLERK WANTED?IN A GROCERY STORE; ONE J who understand! the httalnea*. about 17 or IS yearn of age, and cm romc well recommended; no other need apply. Call at 37.1 lat a^, near 23d ?l. IN8T;KANCE CLERK -WANTED, A SMART. 1NTKLllgent lad, about eineen yearn of are, In an Inauraiiee olP' O. On' who writes well and aorrootfy, and liren with hla parent*, may hear of a uood altuttlon by addreaalng Sorretary. Herald olllce. In hla own handwriting, with references. r SHORT HAND REPORTERS ?WANTED TWO OR three abort hand reporter#, to report the next Canadian Parliament- Those preferred who ran be recommended , from the thrfi < principal New York dailies. Addreaa room 17 St. Nichols* Hotel. TITANTED-A DRCOOIHTCLERK, FULLY ACQUAINT?T ed with erery branch <>f a flrat claaa drug btmlneia, to takeeharge of a wall eatahllahai btialnraa at Brunswick, New Jnraey. Addreaa Immediately, stating qualifications, referencea and aalary required, J. Holmea, drover Post offlre, boi 12, If"W Brunswick, N. J. None but the moat competent partlea need apply. \LTANTED?A THOROUOHLY COMPETENT AND EX11 pet tented bookkeeper and accountant; mutt write and peak the Kngllah and Spanish lan-.oiagea fluently. Applli ante will addreaa, with references ami a sketch or all posttlona held by them forthelaat four or flre years, orer their own name None other* will be nntleed. To a peraon fully quail ed a aalary of #1,SOS a year will be paid. Addrea Ability, olllce Journal of Commerce. WM ANTED-A STEADY YOUNG MAN; ONE WHO can sing and play the piano; alc^two preposs asln&'y mug lad lea to at land bar. Apply at 139 Uraene tat., between I be hours of II and A Y|Tantkd-a *OUNt? M*N WITH SOME KNOW. Tf led:e of bookkeeping and who understands money. A;Iff v : I! I). Haaford, Cooper Institute. 11^ANTED?A BOY. AROUT 13 YEARS OF AGE. TO TT attend a Aral ctaaa retail atom. Addreaa O. B., lutln* ef Ti-nwn, boi I 'd Herald oltlra. WANTED?A BOY ABOUT SIXTEEN YEARS OLD to at end an o H<-e, nne who wrltca food hand, groeel and citn come we,I recommended. A-epIr at I8A Ath av,, lurner 2 Id at., up alalia, thla day Jpttweon 12 and 1 P. M. 11TANTKD?IN A LAWYER'S Of FICE, A MANAGING YV clerk, inch aa have had aaprrlence In city offleea, and ire familiar with prat ttca and h.iyn atndlcd law, may adlien Ikik 170 Poat nm e. dating ijualinratlnBa and tenna. lATANTED?A COMPETENT MAN AS DELIVERER OR YV country agent. Apply at 27 Heckman at., third floor. i ILTANTKD?IN A FIR-T CLASS RETAIL PAMII.T It gr cry la lli' okt/n, an eiperlcni?J clerk, of audoul'U id Integrity, AddrcaJ.,1. A Co., Brooklyn city 1'oal aflka, ! c.ii name, with references. 1 it; A- rWBSN it AND Kt. TO ATTEND 1 W ar ndti'l. .' i h lila pat n?a. Apply at VHt If ti ll on at. l\*ANYV D-A YOi'NG MAN, TO TRAVEL WITH THE It .id . < ? t i' r. In n I i;lit evcuing l)Uaina<; one having l i" A <> .n. meat o Ith a ynj I p -itlmi: muat he n >?i t i i .?f iikiiiv/ Call /ruin Wttf J o'clock todeyatNo. JU | i :l" al plier It. HBI.P 4 * TJ?U^:MALK|k pSTno" MAN, Tg ffiti olI.ITARY / ?'raid a I'nli a* can command l|w1 WArie will either Ld.fiv.ab- *?! * ?' a P?r uHAianttntof htaaalua. WM. J?Di l o?l Uili c, Hating l<mia Mill KiVtuc refe- ? X X MONTH ANP EXPENSES CLEARED.?WALE tl and lemale me nu warned, bawl and travailing, in e# c nmy i? Uie In.ted Statu.-. i'artiMr wanted, with 4M6. C .11 (iu or addreaa C. M. Browu, 7A Bleeoker atreet, ?e? Yora. ji <Kinn -AOEXT3 WANTED TO OPEN AJ? OFFICE E vPJ viv/? ami iWte lliu w i.u.eiala Agency. in every Slue, lur ail of LI'I. dla tircat Milliard Mafia, ii-*d lqr <?ur (lira- y winderIn Clitef. The r-brnpraT nmpa iiulh* world. A lurtune . ?i be made on t icae maps in each Siaie. MdO.mJJ ran n a i.r una uf my imipa have already bcuu uj.d. Aid) > y man to za to Calllm uin, England and Cubu. Ageuia uiau wanted In every county. 8>nd for cltvnl'ira. J. T. LLOYD, 1M B mart way. ~ HKLP WAATED-PEMALLS. , A (IIRL WANTED?TO DO ORXKKAL llOl'SHWOHK. B.-.tclij lei 'inme required. Call ut SO Weal Houamu / fctrrct. ^ ALL FAMILIES AND ooon servants will find' lt thn la?''r*t oil! r*t?' *?-I on iheco?ncr of ?Ml dtrn ll?K v# f .,. fimy a . Vti..iiu>. 1A -I can women. Sirs. Floyd 1u attendance. <*ood places always ~ ready. Small gii Is warned. | A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHING TO r. et nnr-c a hnl y of three months old, ran have one by col'lty; for two days at 2jd East 33d St., near 1st a*'. Inquire 1 "of Mrs. Coi. *_ A FEW EFFICIENT YOUNO LAMES, OF GOOD r address, may procure highly remuuenilive and res; rei- J able empl yment by applyln-t at the le tie department of " Mud :tne Demorest's. I'll Hroadwav, New York. Applications ' fVom tlie country by letter promptly attended to. ' COOK WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTed, to ook. wash ami iioo. III a private famHy. Color. T e I woman preferred. Mth.t bare good r-'frveiices. Apply Iri Rodney St., second door west fnm Retford av , Williams- n biirg. I NURSE.?WANTED, A PROTESTANT OIRL AS NURSE *' ami to do pltlti sewing; must b" *i II recommended. Call at No. 5 Carroli l'ark, South.Brooklyn. 1 NUR E WANTED.-A YOUNO WOMAN ACCUSTOMED * to the care of eblldrnn. Must lie clean ami till; and fon 1 of children. Wugre $5 pet ironth. App'y to'Alex. C llodmit drttKitlHt, Court St., opp 'site Warren, Brooklyn. 'i S" euanrs waste'd" im mediately ?wanted, * h veral rood plain <ooksar.d girls lor housewm k: also n few vcrc leipflable girl* forchainlierworV, wafting, nars- a in? clilhU eti and p ain sewing?all lor gentlemen*' families. ?] Apply at to Tillary ?t., Brooklyn. v WET NURSE WANTED?ONE WHO CAN COME l' well re-onimen ted may apply at 307 Blacker at. WANTED?NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS, ON STAT EN ? Island, to true rare of a child fourteen months o.U. 2 K !>rence* required. Apply thU day, from 12 to 3 o'c.o k, at * 93 llenry St., Brooklyn. j, WAN'lED?TO CO T ) ASTORIA, A STEADY YOU.VO Z woman, as eh 1 i s n'r-e ami seamstress. The hcrt s cite references retptircd. Apnly between 1 and 4 o'cto k at , 78 Madison ave. jj WANTED?A QIRI. TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Must wash and Iron well, ami be willing and obliging. Protestant or German preferred. Apply at 99 Amity ?t., Brooklyn, basement door. W ANTED?A FAITHFUL GIRL AS INFANT'S NURSE 1 and seamstress. Best of eity references required. I Apply at 50 West Twenty-lifth street, from 11 to 1 o'clo k. c "VITANTED?AN INTELLfOENT, HEALTHY AND ? t strong <?. rtnaii or .-sc..ten woman, to Uke charge or cMI- rcn; none but an ekP' rienecu seuunilrrsa and one tnnd of rhtldren Is required. Tiie highest reference will be ex|ieeted. Call Tugs hiy an-l Wednesday between 10 and 12 o'clock A. M., iifftih av., ill rd door south of tilili si. WANTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, IN a aiutill family; must be able to cook, wash and iron. Call at 149 West 1.1th st. WAN TED-A GIRL ABOUT 1(5 YEARS OF AGE TO assl-t In doing housework; an En.lUli girl preferred. Apply at 21 East Broadway, alter 9 in the morning. WANTED?A YOUNG GIRL, WITH GOOD REr'Ereners. to assist In the work of a private family. Apply si 80 West 43J at. WANTED-A 8MART, TIDY GIRL, AS NURSE AND enmstress. Apply at 12 Boorinau place, 33d St., Letweeu tvh and 9tb avs. WANTED?A YOUNG GIRL, TO DO GENERAL HOUSEwork In a private family, where there are no <> n. None but a respectable, smart and tidy girl need apply at 175 Bleecker st. WANTED-A STRONG, HEALTHY GIRL, AS COOK, cook, washer and ironer in a private family; must lie of kiud disposition, and lie able to do good pU<u uooiungand be a brat rate washer and Ironer; will be assisted In the washing and Ironing; best city reference required. Apply nt 207 West 32d St., between 9 and II A. M. WANTED?FIFTY GIRLS, TO WORK ON WOVEN skirts. Only experienced nauda need apply at Judus Hart's, Mi Broadway, up btaira. TirANTED IMMEDIATELY?THREE FIE3T CLASS TT mactilne sewers, for making up ladles' linens; also a person to embroider. Apply at 202 fhsat lima iway. WANTED?A SMART YOUNG WOMAN TO DO CHAMbeiwork and waiting in a private family; must lie neat and ub tging, and umlcisuind hrr business well: city references required. Apply at 139 Clinton st., Brooklyn, from 10 A. M. to 6 P. M. WANTED?A SMART, TRUSTY GIRL, TO DO housework In a sn.all tamlly; oiiu from the ooiiuti y ion American) preferred; wages moderate. Apply at 341 Broadway. WANTED-A NEAT AND TIDY GIRL, TO DO GENEtal housework. None but Protestants need apply hi 90 West 2d h si. WANTED-AT 378 PACIFIC STREET, BROOI.YN, A alrl. in assist In general housework. Trior with cihi I 0lir reference may apply belweeu the bourn of 10 A. M,"an J 2 WANTED?T# GO A FEW MILES FROM THE CITY, a nice i ham her maid; una only that has lived in first class families need apply. Address 0. C., box 162 ifeimld oAire, with reference and salary expected. WANTED?A PROTESTANT SERVANT. A GOOD 1 rook, washer and inner, f?i general housework; R-otch, ? German or Wrlsh preferred. Apply for two day* at 112 West Mthst. Wages ?II. J TVT ANTED?A WOMAN WHO 18 A FIRST KATE 1 TV washerand lroner and can do plain .cooking; she must be well reioinuk-nded. Apply at 2d0 WeatlPth at. , WANTED?A CHAMBERMAID AfTD WAITRESS, ! muse and seari>?trea<, gM. cook and a latin- . dress; good wages will be paltf to either white or colored. 1 Apply at No. 7 11th at, several doors west of Broadway. WANTED-A WOMAN AS HOUSEKEEPER AND PAS- . try cock , an American preferred. Such a person may bear of a situation, with a euiuiortable home, by applying to Wo ijward A Pe'tev, 13 Walker at. J Y\' AN TED?A SMART, WILLING GIIUS FOR GENE- . TT ral housework; must he a very co.hI pMn cook, wash, er and ironer; family small: wages So. Apply, between 12 and 2, si ?01 Ad im at , Bio .Uyu. Pruteaiant preferred. "II'ANTED?A < APABLE, GOOD WOMAN TO COoK. 1 it waah and Iron and aaaUt In housework in a family of J six peraona. A good home and fair wages will be given. lit- ' ?ulre at 112 8 isaex street, .lerarj, fire miuutca' v.a.K 1 rum toe ferry, on Wednesday. t ~T?*B~TMUU>B?. ^ ] A N EXCELLENT ELECTRO AND FIHE GILDKR }. A or ebandelleri and faucy goods wishes a situation. Ad- s dress E 11., box 122 Herald otllce ' TO MACHINISTS.?W ANTE A SITUATION., BY A i man used to line close w ot .; cau forgo any small loo s I used in general work. Address Mechanic, for two days, box t, 209 Hersl^offlee. ? r? THE PORK CUTTING TRADE -WANTED Til KHE } or lour fliai class boners'and one llrst class clearer man. Apply at the :o ,t of Baltic at. Brooklyn, to Radlotig A Siokt-a. a "tXTANTED?A MAN TO ACT AS POREMAN IN A SILK j| YT fa-tory; must ho a good manufacturer of at wing silk w and machine twist, and come w ell recommended as regards b capability and integrity. Applv for two days at M Re.xle at. up stair*. -a WANTED-A SITUATION AS GARDENER. BY A n tic man mi. '1" man. thmouelilv ,n n.-t... I in >k? u treatment of rtawt,mta kouae, hot houae nnd vegeiaMe g * tricolor. Bo-' ol refercncee. Addreea M. B., care of A. mith, 71 Liberty it i WANTRD-A TIRST t'LASi CUTTER IN A WHOLE- n aale mantilla houee; nnc who la perfectly comp l nt to p dealt n and get up thn lmnxt atylca. None but thorn tho- o roughly acquainted with the buaiueia need apply. Call at d ll? Liberty at. Wum-n ah intklmornt AMERICAN bot. ^ Id yeare of age, apeaklng Kngiiah and German, ami |< having a hrglnnin.' of tho French language to learn any K jiaofultiadv. Can h? aeen lor one week nt fttl Kant Ilotiaton I' at., room 4, whuic Iho beat of reference will he given. FRENCH ADVKRT1HK3IEXTS ^ UNI neks fille rmAjicAia, AC.EE IDE i* AN* f deaire ae pla.-rr tlana one famille reap eUlde pour ao|. " gner lee enfant*. E la |>e?t foinnlr do bouuea reroiiunanda- ~ tl.aa. S'adreaaer au 4'G 6th avenue. Oral floor, lor two iiaja. | DKNTI9TRT. ~ I A RTIFICIAL TEETH.?J. C. KENNEDY, DENTIST, 1?B 1 J\. Itoworjr, t'trea dnora halotr Bpi Ins atteot, la Inacrltng h,? beautiful lire like t**eth at the loweat poeatble t>ti'ea. } Whole Beta on Gold or I'latlna from %V> upward*, and on Bhri rot-Knbhor from til) upwarda. Partial Beta on Gold, t'l each tooth, or On Silver $1. Hatlafaetlon guarantee I In all I,. II A BEAUTIFUL AND SUBSTANTIAL BET OF TBKTII " on purr Silver, only At; on lino Gold and I'latlna, fits; I and wart anted egtiaJ to anjr work In New York oi alien 0 re, ' S,ngle Teeth, $1, teeth tilled and aatrarted w ithout the leaat F pain ami pcrfeotlr harmlcaa. Superior bono or while i n- ? amel tilling only flrty cenla. One tlwiiaand referencea Of- "I doe IB-t Math avenue, between Ten'h and Eleventh e'reet", " and no removal. DR 1.1 THEB, Deotiat. b. HAVISO II \I> FIFTEEN TEETH AND ROOTS EX- *' Iraf'ted. wtthottt any naln whatever. lie Dr. J .1AY YILLERN, I'M Orntid it Tart, (wo blta-ka I mm Br ? Itvnv I Chi rrfiilly ln?rrt thl? a? a rrrntmnoiwlatlon to ihni? mlfrrmg front bmtltachr. Mra. M. HANDEl,. I A3 Itrorjr atrect. i New tore teeth company, iw kmiith a< e ? n'lH, havr Ilia lirgrit and rheipral dmtal rata'dlabnirnt In the World. Thi-y ara Inviting T?rtb on thrlr improw?l atmoaj lirrlc platra at war i? era. )lind|9 |i"i Kd ? and WV\ pnr T oth; Rone Killing, file, pni n rliv; (fold, <> . to / 7.V. All work wairintrd, at Ia9 Eighth aretioa. Iirtwi-rn -f Nlnrtrrnlh an I TwriiMrMi mrcnta, m XJ dTl CARlToiX PLACE, HLF.EcKER 8TREKTT??" ad it W. W illYE, IVntlat.?Artlll' lal troth, whol* aria, from A |5 to $A0; lllllng. #0 canta to fl; all work warranlrd lint i Ian. . rpiip, PRoriiibtor "ok tiiITorfrTriNAL. artificial I X Bona Killing or d?-oay d Imih ha* rrtnrnrd Irom Ifn- I* r.ina and will r-aln- e l> prntlre of (> otMry at hla rooma, Hr, it I war, ? In rr Im will Inirotncn Ihr rrlabratrd Cohan ? rontn Ko.vdi-r and (turn Waa'i, Mm only bamilna* artlrlca * kit otrn tvlllk. rptbe L etli tvliltr?thn guma h. aliht. | ... Ul SEUAHK A Kll TOBACCO. I'l .All.' VilliY < ilB.XP?THE A . tINKE. NO. I* V it B it fl IJ : - II ,tt I to I nail b jr t<, tp < II trana ft ' ntlc otnl tiarm ii Kcg r" FMt ?ioittliio i>r lock and -in a. ?2>*. ^tRAHCUL. r.r^n/jjy. m_ V V^vv?,yvvvwVM?^(VVVWVVVVV\ I R\tT AND NAVY VAV rOLLECTKD . A 1 Ar .cere of pair for reined, litaoharW, ?Bf?AtHiterAry ni deceatnd rflicera, bounty monew, frmm aioutj, CM' actor*' pay, dumegci to property by aoutere, dieextra pav. .*u.l A?, pensions, prize money, s -rutting expense*, State pay, subeUtrnoc ana trnnsportaun expeiue*. uruenjk-n by . JOHN B. MuKR.t Y> Army and Navy Banker, No. 3U S tuu street. N. V., corner of Liberty atraot AUE.NTri. Washington city. D. 0?Hon. HORATIO KINO, lata orlmnatrr (J-neral of the United Bta'es. A1 any and Trnygnd the Northw-CE' IKUE PARI8TI 00IEN, corner of Broadway end Fourth atreeU, TtO\, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa.? ALBERT POTTS, northeael corner oh hird and vVlilow circei*. Cf.AIMS OF EVBgYOKRCrtlPTION from any part of ic Unlied Slate* eij s'ed | *>n?lly at the department in, faatilngtin and prom, t'v r hi,n New York. NAVY AND okUNANOI Bi ,l,S PURCHASED. TLKVBLAND AND PITTSBURG RAILROAD COMJ pony.?The Intereai doe, F bruary l.ou toe brat mortk^c of till* eon,paoy o 111 be paid at No. 26 William t cel, by II. 0. KlNi.-SLKY. _ _____ 1OLLEOTION8 MAI>E ON OFFICERS OF THE ARM* laves lor Kcv Wei o:: Wednesday. JOHN B. MURRAY, A iy And Nevy Banker, No. 3? Na-suu i v., ipposite the Boat Office. "1 old and silver J WANTED AT A PREMIUM IY TAYLOR BROTHERS* NO, !M7 BROADWAY. CORNER MURRAY STREET.. ro MANUFACTURERS, CONTRACTORS.?THE AD\eritser? arc piepared to make ail. a.ues oil lar?e claims gaiiot t e government. Tim oial i ants must produce evl? i-ihm of ton i Inims having bueu np,u*tiye<l by ihc: primer ntll-,'.ra. Addjrua K A. U. * Co , box 1 A Heruffi office, statingturactcr ot claims attR wnere au into, view Ml be b.<d. [TJANTED?IMMEDIATELY, CLAIMS ON THE Q0VV vernmcnt to the amount of one million of dollar#,, rhhh the advertiser* are ready to make liberal a'vancta on. ante cia.iu* unl} wanted. Address E. A. O. A Co., box 165 liT..lj olilw, st 1 tin ; character o: . 1 iln.s and where an Interview can be hud. Only l.rst pariiea dealt Willi. [\rANTED?$$,000 FOR SIX YEARS. SECURED ON Y bond und miirlgngti 011 good, productive land. Adores*. [. Borkback, llcr. Id office. o.~rvf\ TO $1,0J0 WANTED?FOB THltE^OR SIX. ptlv/u mon lis, for which a lb tui b 'litis antnndoubtedl 1" nrity will be given. Send address to Speculation, Herald. fficc. Ifl H nnATO LOAN ON BOND AND MOKTOAOE. "au.uuu on jtiodti' tive Real Estate, either in city or uuitlrv, lit Minis to suit u;>| 11 ents. No brokers need apply,. < o.lOilN CORREJA, Jr , architect, 186 Broadway, corner of iroome street, New York. 51 !~x AHA?fU.OOtl. $10,060, 89.00', $8,000, $7,l'00r?Jt).UUU $6,001, if,aw, $sl)10, $;,800, $?,00U, $fibb0,. JIUU. 5J.6I.1J. $J,b00. Jl.AIU. 51.JO. end $1,000 to loau on. joitg.'te en real elate in llii* i ll. or Brooklyn, at lowest ate of iuteiesl. Applj to A. SERJEANT, 16 Wall street. b-i t nan wanted?on bond and mortoaoe, pJ.t1.UU" for turei or ve y.-urs. on valu ibu: In.proved r. 1 cry d iivn town, ncu. lima I way. Capitalists may ad-re-s Norton, lleiMld office, "loan offices. A T NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREET.-MONEY TOJLOAN, TO CI. any amount, on D amends, Watches, Jetveiry, ac., by well huov. n and ul.i establisucd ISAACS, Broker and ' mmiRsioii Mi reliant, No. 'J Chambers street. N. B.? Nora. nesa tranna. t?d on Sa unlay. IT fit) NASSAU STREET?A. ITONIOMAN, DIAMOND^ fx broker, makes liberal advaivesou D auiond., Watches, euelry, Ac., or buys tlnuu at full value, at his private office, si Nasauu street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business conlldenlal. \ T 480 BROADWAY?IIE.NKY HYMAN ADVANCES ONfl. Diamonds, act or nine'., or buys (be sauie fur rush; also* idvantes on Watches, Sliver Rime end ail Personal Property. HENRY HYMaN, ISO Broadway. j AT 111 ORAND STREET. THREE DOORS WEST OF Bioudway?Money advanced on Watches, Diamonds, lewdrv, l'iate Dry Ootids ami p'rsonal property of every inn ciiuinn ..rliniu.lif n. H on:,l hv.lllkKI'11 V .TAffKSflN. inuiioncer sod broker. \ t 77 iuboir STREET?honey liberally fx advabcud lo any amount on Diamonds, Welches, J?wtlry, Pianos, Seuani, fry Goods, Ac. N. B.?Ftwabivui* fluketa bought. U. NEWTON. 77 Bleeeker all eel, up stairs. L JACOBS, 43 CEDAR STREET.?MONEY LIBERAL lv ml* auced, 111 Mttus to suit, on Watcher, Diamonds, l.lver Ware and other personal property, or bought for m> b,, ind the highest price paid, business strictly confidential. Dranvh nfflce. 4<J7 Broadway. Liberal advances made on diamonds,. m atches, Cute and Jewelry, or bought fur cash at ihe ilghent price. Perron* having <c x Gold or Silver to sell can lot do belter than call on LOUIS ANKICii, VI3 Broadway \yfONEY TO LEND AT MODERATE RATES ON lYL diamonds, wetrii *, Jewelry, ?llv~r, dry g pu..? and ) eram il proi erty oi ail kinds. Co i ls >. ay c .e oenied at auy l ine within one year. II. BARNARD, hi Tblid avenue I'riva'.e otbee .ur.n e hall oor. Pawnbrokers' tickets purchased op all. kinds of Weann." Appan I, fry Goods, furniture, Cared*, I'ihuos, .lie.; or advances made on. i Dy article in aiiuve ine. N. B.?A lot of first class Clothing on hand tor -el* iieup. 448 Broou e street. O. LEVlE. HOR8ES, CARRIAGES, A HORSE. ISJ4 HANDS, SIX TO EIHHT YEARS OLD. A sound, kind and without blemish; mint be a last waikeri ind have a natural gad or eivh1 mil? an hour, and abie t? rot in three minute* to the role, without a skip or break. For s i. h i louse, or a |airof the wuue kind, a 1 ber il prioe vi 11 be J at... Alt SlUtiiS to atala Ibi Mte, ooioc, sets and' t here lo be aeen. A. Ureas Alesamt s, Heiahi ottee. For sale?at a baroaw, two past ponikh a*i> a hands'imo lady's auntie llurse, on sxount ol a g nt'.eman having left lor toe war. Tlie three will be sol t lor SeOO. I'he Mad.lie h.-rse alone co-t %Ufi. Address E. C., bos 182. He al l other. FIOR SALE CHEAP-A HORSE AND WAGON. TERY suitable for light peddling bostaeaa. Apply st 136 Eighth invntHt. Poll SALE. CHEAP?A BAY 1IORSB, PERFECTLY rouud, *lxteei> hand* high, awing tn alugle or double larncar.. Addrca* E. C.f box UtX Herald uitlce. HORSES.?NEW YORK TATTEKSALI.H, SIXTH avenue, corner of Tuirty-nlmh street, tliU day, Jan. 28, it 11 o'clock, at aucti in, Horaea, Wagon*, Sleighs, Hours. Ml*, Blanket*, Ac. See auction bond. HENRY PALME*. JI.KIQHS.?STEVENS A SMITH HAVE ONE LEFT OP their new ntyle of Cutter*; alio., aome very l.iw lure- threw tnatMilgha: one luht art ond hand Cutter, anl voice love triced Poitlanda, at their factor*, N> Bhindge street. IITANTED?A SPAN OF OOOD HORSES, KIND, (JENIt tie and true, in part nay ment tor a Houar and two Lota n Greenjadnt. Addrt-a* D. <i. Eatou, 115 Jurttlemen street, irookljn. IVfANTED?A 8LEIOII, TO SEAT POUR PERSONS; ?T mint be In gte?dorder. Address, for three das. 11. F.. nx 1M Herald oUi.e. 1IU18ES, IKHI.MS, AC., WANTED, blARM WANTED?TO WORK ON SHARES, BY A MtN alio understands the raising oi slock and groin, or w uibt BfBgaaS farm, r or gardener fur the mining >prmg; lies* our leam'retercn e. Call on or addreaa H., 7.1 W. at TwcnIrth street, unt.l encai; -d. Furnished front parlor wanted-svitablb for a doctor's oilice, no: lower than Eighth or hlghel iiati TwcntJMuilith, between Fifth and Sixth uvetues (private botiae): rent 812 per ujouth, or not to extend 115. Reference required. A .tires* Dr. D. B., Herald olHce, or three day*. aOl'SE WANTED?PARTLY KUR.N'ISIIED, BY A. null family, of three udul's, whtr - tin- if in or part of l would be tafc.:ii out Inboard, with ihe prlvll -re of tailing thrr boarder*. Location between Fourth and Eighth aveinei and Fonrteenib and Tlilrty-fourtb elreeta. Beat of re t-reneea. Addreae Madia >u, Herald ofll -a. ATUW YORK, JANUARY 23, 18C2.?A GENTLEMAN AND -i wife would like to procure a baodsom , well furnish d ouae from any party gain; abroa ', for a year or more, \nrt i labIna the same well taken care of. Addreae H. Merchant, ox 44<t P.iat iilll e. IITAN1 ED?BY A KESl'ONSIBLE PARTY, TO LEASE IT or r. nt a More, 2d to 2ft feet w ide 1/*1 to 100 fw t deep: mat be on the weet aide of Broadway, between Fourth and 'ouiteenth a tree la. Addreae Dry Qooda, Broadway Poat ffl-e. LV ANTED ?A GOOD SIZED NICELY FURNISHED M Kniin wanted, with yaa and lire, In a rc-pc tab eiaMairliood, wn-re people airlitly mind thelrown buaiui a-; n . payable m mthly in advance if deatred. No notice la .er f any anewer tinleart ternie and particulars are elated. Ad -i F. 1,.. Herald nfllre. [ITANTKD?A HOUSE FOR A SMALL FAMILY, CON IT mining the modern linprov-in uta, afld in good r< pair: cation below Forlleth etrral and lietween Hi 1 and ilghth avenues; rent not to exceed $AU0. Ad Ip-ss box 3,111 Hat oillee. ilTANTBD?A COTTAOE, WITH HOME GROUND, OR. IT a ainall Farm of ea-iy aceeaa to the city, near the liar m rare or Railroad preferred. Address, staling locttmu, i?e of bouse, ground and nip buildings and termi, to let, >a?e or buy, O. P., Herald olUce. [ITANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. THREE IT or lour K-iOma, etiitahle for houarkcep ng, a aire onrlli alrcet and below Fortlsth street an I I we< u Sixth ml Ninth aTcuuea. Rent not to exceed $10 per mouth. Ad rem II. D. Urinhje, 70 Wrat llouaton atreet. XT ANTED TO HIRE-FROM MAY 1, FOR ONE YEAR,IT Willi privilege of lire, (ft) by a p ry, a nail modern built 2U or 3 etoiy bilek or cottage hoi-, in nod or ler, weal of Broadway, In a good nelghb rh od elow wentleth atreet Rem m .at not exceed $4iW. Add.-e bimiaon, box 144 Herald oh- e. YfANTED TO I'URCHASE-A FIRST CLASS FAMILY FT grocery esUbliahnieiit Addreaa, with parte dura, . O., b->x 13" ii- r.- d oillce. 1TANTED TO HENT-A LOFT, OR PART OF A LOFT.. Ft for dry goods commission business; must he altnated tnreen College place and Broadway, not below Ban lay noi Xire Worth atreeta. Addrtia OuUiout, Ileruld ollh-e. BIL.1<I AUDI. 1 I.ARttK 8T0<'K OK NEW AND SECOND HAND BILV llnr<1 Table*, with I'helan'a Combination Cilanliitia, for ile at prim to auit Hi* time*. P1IKLAN k CULLENDER, 63 to MCronby it, N. V. L LL PURCHASERS IN WANT OP PIRST CLASS BILIL Hard Table* will And It to ftiolr advantage to call it th? ?mtr?rtory of W. J, SHARP, 118 E lton street, end einine the tablet with Ills newly Invented patent Cushion*, Imllted lijr the boot joilae* to bo superior to any now in uae. lao a lew around hand lab lea. >AS-ilORD'S BILLIARD TABLE SALESROOMS, 141 ) 4- niton alter!.?Playing department, dianea Lord, at pair goers, anil Karin r Atwnd, ton tablea, to ond floor. ' Itoliabls Mnna n. I-iotp-nt Oyaler Stow,, lirat floor. MILLIARDS-ft. A .1. BOflART WILL SELL THIS t day, at II o'rli eit, ot No l N irth Wliliaiu atreot, lour rven s patent tnarblr Itoil Itllllard TaMoa. IT II. CRimni, THE ONLTPRACTICAL BILLIARD ? . Taitlo maker In ho Un to i Si 'toa, oirma for oale a. londld atook ni new a id ae.-m.i hand Table*, at roaaona'da eop. Call and examine. ^ W. II. OR1FFITH, 146 Fulton atrool C

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