Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 29, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 29, 1862 Page 3
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to a fore If* res m] at to. 10)^d. to., 6.500 bubals corn ? 7J<<1. In bulk par 00 lbs , 0.000 do. wheat at 8d. In bulk. 160 bozu bacon at 27*. Cd. And by a neutral vegan! 700 boxes cheese at 82s. Od. und 500 packages bacon and lard at 32s. Od. To London 260 packaged of baron and lard at 82s. Od. To Glasgow 100 tierc** land at 32a. d. and 100 car-kg of tallow at 27s. 6<1. Kalaa to Havre *rer? unchanged. Horn ware firm, with moderate sales at 17c. a 53o. klotjULUL?A sale of 26 bdds. of Cuba muscovado was inade at 23c. a 27c., and IS do. at 27. N'avat Sxojts* weia firmly held, wbilo sales wcro limited. Pkovifiow.?Pork?The demand was fair and prices wero sustained. The sales footed up about 1,100 bbls. at $12 87a $18 for new mess; $12 a $12 26 for old mess, and $8 26 a $8 76 for old prime, and .U $0 26 a $8 60 lor ew prime Tierce boef was quiet. Beef hams were Inactive at $14 at $14 76. Cut meats were inactive, and wa have only to uotico sales of 60 tidue. ut 6c. for dry salted bains and 4e. a 4)ic. for shoulders. Bacon was dull, with Bales of 600 boxes at ajfe. for Western Cumberland out, mun ax it. lur city suort rioDuu. L/rcay n uu^b wno rather (Inner, and light weights were in demand at $4 a K 00% for Western, and at $4 26 a (4 40 for city. Lard was steady, with galea of 800 bbis. at 7%c. a 8c. for team rendered, and at 6c. a 8>?c. for priuie kettle rendered; also 300 kegs at 8Jfc. Butter and cheese were in moderate request, and prices unchanged. Ricx?The sales embraced about 700 bags Java] at \c. a 6c., and 600 do. Rangoon at 6%c. HvtiAhH.?The salae com prised 613 hhds., chiefly Cubas, and mostly within the rauge of 7%c. a 0%c., and 763 boxes, 700 of which were sold at 0%c. a 7c. for refining goods, and at 7%o. a %%o. for grocery grades, and 1,800 bags Pernambucos at 7%c. SncBs.?A sale of 180 bags of pepper was made at lS^c. Wkkkbt.?The market was steady, with sales of 620 bbls. at 24c . a 24 %c. SHIPPINGNE WS, aimahao rok saw Tons?rnis day. arm arses 7 13 I moos airrs eve ? ? are srrs 5 131 high waisk eve 8 12 Port of New York, January ;|8,1809. CLEARED. Steamship City of Manchester (Br), Hap row LiverpoolJohn U Pule. Hb-niiwnip Arabia (Br), Stone, Queonstown and Liverpool -E tin card. Ship Wizard, Dearborn, Acaiulco?Tarpon A Starbuck. Ship Washington, Frost, Liverpool?W T Frost. Chip Heurv llarlieck. True, Bordeaux?flaibeck A Co. Ship Niagara. Lawrence, Philadelphia?C C Duncan A Co. Bark Skulda (lur), Knudaen, Quconslowu, Ac?llolmboe A Co. bark Venus, Atkinson, Ctiraooa?J Foil Ikes' Pons. Brig Ceo Dunciin (Br), , London?Arkell A Hurst. Brig W Akin (Br), Nickeraou, Poiut I'etre?PI Nevius A Boo. Brig Maurlclo (Dutch), Scbroeder, Ciiraroa?Puvale A Co. Brig lirocuK. Burke, Havana?Trask A Dearborn. Brig Dehuont Locke, Veazte, WUunugiou, Del?T H Sandenl. Brig A Horta, Orcutt, Elisabethport?Metcalf A Duncan. ficbr J W Cong.Ion, Williams, Rio Oramle?C Durand. ficbr.i V Troup (Br), Moore, Lagimvra?p I Nuvlmi A Son. Sellr Margaret D1Q (Br), Dill, Laguayru?J F Whitney A Co. Hei.rW Cozzeus, McLellau, Matamoroe?11J A C A DeIwoir. B hr Ocean Bird, King, Arroyo?D R Dewolf. ochv li o aquii' a, nquircii, Mayaguez?l> iniwnmige. Sv lir Union (Br;, Lent, 8l Jonu, Nil?D K Dewolf. Schr C M Kevins, Hawkins, Fori Pickens?McCrcady, Molt Schr W P Phillips, Smith, Baltimore?Van Brual A Slaght. Hehr Fran>'is, Connell, Deal's Island?Master. Schr BaiUmore, Gardner, Salem?O L Hatch. Schr E S Dawning, Thorn, Fall River?L Kenny. Srlir Oiaeon, Uravea, Bristol?L Kenny. Sloop E Wilson, Smith, Dnimuiondtuwn. AMOVED. Ship Leichhardt(Br, of Liverpool), Clnrk, Shanghac via St Helena, 119 days, with teas, to order. Discharged pilot ofl' tne Lightship in tba Yangtsxe Sept 29. anchored at Aujler Oct 2d, and saileden the 29th; arrived at St Helena Dec 18 and sailed Hth; waa oil Cape May UlUi Inst, and blown off In a gale from N NE; made the Lightship on Five fathom Bank 21st, and was driven again S; made Ahaecnin Light 23d. at 10:30 I'M. and Lad a terrltlc gale from ENE, daring which hove to 12 hoars aadcr close r> efed main topsail. On the morning of the IKiti the wind veered to SW, and at U I'M made Absccum Light gain; look a pi ot 10th, from boat No 21. Ship Union (ol Baltimore), Wiley, Shanghae. Aug 7, with teas Ac. to Wilraerdlngs A Mount. Passed the North saddle Ang 7, Atlas Straits Oct 24, Cape Quod Hope Deo 1. crossed theE iua.or in the Atlautio Dc21. Dec 26, lat 0 30 N, lou 08 38, was hoarded front U 8 shin Morning Light and warned of the Sumter and other piratical craft?offl. ers and crew of the Morning Light all well; 14th inst. lat 1H 16, Ion 66 16, poke 1)8 snip shepherd Knapp, Com Henry Eyilnge, craisme, all well. The li had light variable winds the entuu pas. eg -: was in the lat of Cnpesof Delaware 20th Inst, since which time had heavy wealuer. Ship Thomas W Senrs, Drew, Singapore, Sept 2, passed An Jh-r 2AI, with gamble Ac. to D ii A w B Bacon. Aug IK, while t anchor In Singapore Ruses, Cliaa Wbile, of Dant/ir, Prussia, aged 24 years, was destroyed bv sharks when bathing. Ship Emilv Augusta, Strickland. Liverpool, Dec 26, wltli coal, to master. 3iu Inst, was In ion 40, with moderate weather, then took strong W gales with high sea; 8th, had a furkma S\V gale, shifted cargo and lost sails; 224, ufl' Nantucket, spoke ship Crystal Palai e. from Calcutta for Boston; 24th, hauled oil' score, wind E and thick weather. Ul.I? 1 . . ,/.,? U....... I II......... nw.1.1 w.?. in .a Delaware Breakwater Jet 25, In ballast. to R 1* Buck A Co, Had heavy W gates, split Bulla, Ac; 15th inrt. lat 42 10, Ion ul IA patsed a Urge quantity of bright deal planks, apparently not long In tlw water. Ship James Guthrie, Tlttraun, Antwerp via Southampton, Dec 1 J, in hal'.aat, to Ahin Bell's S too. Had unusually heavy weather, and during the passage saw several spars and pieces of ships. Dec 24, lat 46 02, Ion 27 30, spoke l r ship Gods very, steering E. Bark Australia (Olden), Oseubregg, Lit . ool, 35 days, In bpliusl, to Roger Bros. Bark Almoner (of Hearsport), Lanpuer, tpswirh. E, M days, in ballast, to U 1' Buck, k Co. kCtn lust, lat 39. Ion 70, spoke schr .1 A l'lirouns.from Baltimore tor Boston. 25th lost. <at iv, lou 7330, passed an Buliah bask, apparently waler |ogg?d. a id a b.srk lying near, taking oil the crew. Bark Tuleko (Hrem), Dsiinamaiin, Havre, 43 days, In ballasi, to E llnkart. Mad' n Soutnern passage and had line pi. tue.i weather up to lJattcras. Bai k Charles Huddle, Crosby, Genoa, 45 dsya, via Glbralter, 3d days. In ballast, to master. Experienced heavy N'Ji gale, on the coast, B iru l'etcr (Nor\ Olsen, Tares'.'on s, 64 days, Gibraltar 54, In ait, ui Fun b, Melucke A VVeiidu B r , At antic i Nyr), Davidson, Malaga, Dec 11, passed Gibraltar 12 h, la ballast, to order. Ba tt 11 mm/a (Br, of Dundee), Strcnach, R;o Janeiro, 71 da> s, v lth colfce, to or Icr. Hail. El/a (Br, ot Jersey), Dttpre, Rio Janeiro, Nov26, with collet, to 11 L Routh A Sons. lirlg W H Nrish (of flurry field), Small, >larseit|es, Nov 2.1, Boacd Gibraltar Dec 12. with wool, to Boyd A litnekeii, 16tn st, la: 3.1. Ion uS, passed one of J I* J y'g i'.uiama packets, bound H: 17th, lat 31, Ion ti'J, passed bark Edward Everett, bo nd S. Br g Los Andros (Br, of Jamaica), Werner, I'oi to Cabello, Ja . j, witli cod' A H Solomon. Has been 9 duya N ox lis. terse, with heavy Nfi tales. Mile Wehat' r Kellv (of l(ucksport), tleagnn, Black River, Ja. dais, with lug Wood, to II D Broukii-.un A Co. Sid In I aompanv with brig Mary Ann and schr Vtdunteer lor NVork, and s|Nike the In fat 42, nnd saw the former North ot Hstn r iH. The W hi. has been 12 days N of lUtierac, with BK w n is. H-'ht K n Atwood (of Boston), Smith, Molars, 63 days, via Haui) ton It/a. a, where sho put in short of provisions, Ac, with,lrmt, loGnilid A Western-*. Ks'hr l?Ptiln luf I'.iMtiin) f'r#iura?ll TnrrAtrnn Hpa? niaanrl Gibraltar, ?Ith fruit Ac, to B K Small. 23d ln*t, lutd a heavy NR g?!e, aod ninco then heavy W wind*. ISth tnst, lal 2u Jit. Iod tie 60. (poke Br brig Koaewey Belle. 13 daya from Bilfa.M, Me, for Havana. Scar 8 T Baker (of Hrnokhaven), l'riee, Burnet Ayre*. Dee It witli built Ac, lo maairr, Schr Kr* Hat'.erly. Couklln. Baltimore, fi daya. Bchr N W Smith, Boyd, Baltimore. II dey*. Bebr Arlington, Moll, Baltimore, B dava. Kchi Clrcartlau, Hatch, Baltimore for Deer lute, Me. Had very heavy wratl.rr; npllt and loat sail*. Ac; put in bera O repair. Bchr 8 11 Taylor, Lynch, Snow Hill,3dayt. Bcfir A B Jacob*, June*. Snow lllll. Bel r W 1) Pitu, VVyatt, Snow Hill. Brlir J R Kninklln. Townaend, flnow Hill. Schr Newport, Turner, Snow Hill. fb-hr Rloflrande, Hudson, Snow Hill. Ucbr Vankec Hoodie, Van Nam , New Havcw uamer Wettcbeitev. Joaea. Providence. BELOW. hip Sultana, from Bordeaug. Mark PhilcWkWlnalow, from Palermo. 8rhr Willnun, from Cboplaok. Alio a Britiah alilp. fcallug from LWerpoot?All by pilot Butt Wni II AtpinwnU. Whip AitlMHi, r to Havre. Ship Oberoo, from SI. rra Li o te. Bark Chanti' lner, from LWboo.?All by pilot boat W??b Ion. No 4 Bark Bolide <8we). Brig Orwar (Swe). from Rio Janeiro. Bcl.r Ned.?By pilot boat ti-oree Steer*. No 6. Htiip wehaatian i'ebot, Watte, from Liverpool, Dec 22, with |o*s of rudder bond and eleertng wtih tackle*. Ship Arctic, from Aulwerp BAILED. Steamer Kennebec; bur* liuurietta faod both anchored at Quarantine). 27th?Slur* Spltflre, Young Mechanic, and Andrew Jack* on. S*ti Francisco; Isabel (Br) Livrriioo'; Victoria, lamdon: Martha. F.adw ; Kllwoo t Walter. Port Royal. HC; i ark? Bupbr.l.'*, London; Jenny Pitt*, tlalway; Amaion, Per ntubiii-o; Prliioetoo. Deniarara; Magdao na. Aaplnaall; I, Ring, Matan/as brig* Anna (, Antwerp; Red Wing, St Tuohin*. 8 M New hull (Br), Jaemel; Hen Carver, Curdcna*; Trade W.ud. Hanta Crut; achr* Win II.inter. Malaga; Britloll Cue. n iBrl, J*in*lca; It pom, Havana, Zouave, Matanla*. K Young, stjago; Sally tlay. St Croii; Mary Helen <?rl. iu in I a. I Wlud at Haute! N, light. MLreiloneon*, The RrlUah tlenmahlp City of Manche*|er bt* been de. laiueu on arcount of the snow storm, but waa to tall at daylight If the weather moderated. SHir St.'*** I) OwrtN*, of Charleston, at Callao from Llrarpool, tliea an English ilni; at her peak, a Palmettu flag at her main, and a Southern Conlederate Hag at her fore. Iter Ashland, for whooe capture the eteamabip Republl0 era* acnl from San Krancmco time ago. hn* neeu sold bJ her eaotiln (Moore) to thn Meilcan vovernmri.l hawk Ki.iiaibth, mr.Nab, hence Dtn ii for Oul4!n, with 15,364 buahcia wheat, atmiidoned whan 3 daya out, aaa built In l'.!# at Yarmouth, K, hailr.d from Belfaat, Ire, and raglatered 2'.i| tone. Bark Uarrikt Oars. Capt Chlpman, from New York for Dlonceater, K, with 21,V5i m.aheU wheal, totally mat mi lb* Rk rw libera, near Swansea, registered Mil tuna, rated A 2, waa VtulIt at Yarmouth, h'H, In 1067,1 rom which port ahu halted. Bark Arfrtoyi-R, Ward, from New York Not TJ fo* Ducrnatown. au?iidnoe?l at aea, had 2U.242 buahala r.trn. The A r"gi-t >red .181 tuna, rated A I, waa built at tiraanock In IMS, aitd hailed from Hull. Br Barr Morriwo Star, at San Franrlaeo from Glasgow, waa 14 days in Cape Horn; waaud the Ctpe SI day*, with tUrotiA w -sierly g.ilra; c.inle.l swn> the foratopaall yam, atove bulwark*. Ac; etnaaed the B |iialor In the Pacific Nut 17, Ion 111 W; hail the HK iridea up tf> lal 4 N; frutn thence ha t NK tradr* tulat'M N : aft r which had moterata weather; waa oil port 3 daj a, with ll(ht wlnda and logs. Turn Barr reported aabore on Peck's Beach, 6 mlleaHof Great Kgg llartior, la a Bl'l.lah vessel She baa been taken tout Ureal Kvg Harbor. Ba Brio Sarah Kleurinu?UaptOeorgeof Rr ship Gorilla, at Maitiinorc itith Inst from Liverpool, reports:?Kneounicrrd heavy wi ether on the passage, luat nails, Ac. Dec II. at 1 I* M, iat 17 f>3 N, Ion 21 2d W, apoke brig Sarah Kleinmlng, Barter, of an<l for Kel?miiui.t>i, Eng. trom lyncher, with a -rergn of tlm a-r, In dlatreaa, waterlogged, and aea breaking over her vet j-evllr; tot t ut the boat and went a'o.igside and fuiiud jar la v t badltton not likely to hold together uiucti longer; tnok o.i th*crew, twelve In number, who sand no. thing <<n a<ro ie* o> the beavj aea, and at 4 Sd P M returned aafn with the boat; made tall and proceeded on the Voja,.e. Bit Briu e ,sa I t Windsor, NS), He. kwlth, hence j.m 16, for leghorn owln-m head wlnda and ainrmy weather waa deUtned near tier lalan I until Sunday, Mia. On that morning made tail ano atood down Long faland Bound; when n"ar Little Itull light, the wind Increasing and usually, waa obliged to reef, nod ending the veeaci topheavy. judged H prudent to maae for Newport, Ri At V PM. It blowing very heavy from NW. ran on Watch H.,1 Heef, and rcmaln#I until .1 AM, on t e If/th, when ahe drove over th e reel au (truck a ru?k tiff Watch IIni Point, where ahe retnaina NIT on ths rocks, fuIW water, with rodder unshipped, sad vlU probably prove s total loss. Crew saved. 8ne had a CArtro of 1,026 bill of aiculioj, luppowd to bo IDHlrwi til Ms. lbs Elba was 229 too*, built at Wlndtor, Mb, m lcflO. Bk Brio Lou, ashore near Booth Bay Lighthouse, Is fall <r water, but can bo pumped out at any time. A stciuu pump has baen put ou board of her, and anchor* aud cables baro bet-u laid. Btno Alien Maitpb. which wont ashore reeentlyat Bass Harbor, was floated off and taken back Id Lamport for repair*. hho was uot much damaged. Bkio Uinon Rtati, from Havana for New York, before reported wrecked lleo 13, had a cargo of 8U0 boxes sugar. the simck on a sunken met about 3 mile* MriE of Double Headed Hhot Keys, aud sunk in about 3 hours afterwards in 8 fathoms water. Cargo a total loss. Fart of the materials with clothing asvad. rtCHR Emma Wauswokth, which went ashore reeently ne a West Quuddy, la on a marine railway at tampon uudergoing repairs. Bohr WnntLwiirn. Moxey, from Mexico for New Orleans, lost foremast head in heavy weather, and got ashore Dec 28 | at the N'W Channel, Berry Islands. Fart or cargo saved and taken to Nassau, NF. ,1 Sena Edwabd, of Ellsworth, which went ashore 1st Inst st the Foint, Newport, came off at high water on thr morning 1 of 2hth, with the assistance of a boat's crew from ths frigate Constitution. SchrPlakit arrived at Nassau, NP, on ths 18th tost,and reports tbe wreck of an American brig, laden with coffee aud logwood, on Bird Bock. Cargo saved and taken to Long Cay, Crooked Island. UcnooKxa Frowrss. ashore on Townsend's Bar, was drove about half a mile south during the last S E gale, and now lies on the point of South Beach, has about ten streaks of keel in shore, with eight feet of water on the port side, and one foot on the starboard aide above her deck at low water. i Baltirorr, Jan. 28.?Tbe brig ifiepbia* Daniels, from Car- 1 den ah for New York, wrut. ashore on Hallerns (no date) and became a total loss.?[By telegraph to BUwood Walter, Esq., Secretary Board of Uuderwriters. NrwroRt, Jan 28?A vessel has arrived hnre, and reports a fuli.i iffved briif ashore At Watch Hill. ADnarontlv bilsed. I Ht telegraph to Eliwood Walter, Esq, Secretary of the Board of Underwriter*.) ( Captain Plttman, of th? ship James Guthrie, from Ant- ' werp, arrived to-day, reports, In hi* long experience ?s a ship mnater. never having had such a constant succession of vio- I lent gales a* lie encountered from the Bank* to tbis port, on this, his lull, pa.-sage. We niaku the follow ing extract from i lii* log ? January Atrom/fsr. 1?Tremendous gale, revolving complete 88 .8 8?Hurricane from S8W to 8w, no canvass 28.8 3?Squally and unsettled, wind west 23.9 1 4? S piallv and unsettled, wtud west - ..39.1 1 5?WSW to N W heavy siiualls 29.3 1 8-Ileavy gale W to NW 29.8 t 7?Hurricane S t'> SSW, no canvass 29.0 8?lieavy gale. NNW 2J.S ( 9?tlontlnucii gale. NN W 30.3 < 10?Furious gale, SW tu N SO.O < 11?Wind around the compass, some rain 29.7 t 12?Furious gale, SW to N 30.3 13?Strong gales from Sr W 29.9 i 11?N to NNE, some rain 30.5 t 16-ENE to ESE, rain 30.6 , 16?Heavy gale E around io SW '.'9.8 t 17?Strong gales SW to N W to N 30.5 ] 18?Eight battling winds NW to SW 30.4 19?Hurricane SW to W, no canvass 28.9 / 20?Light, rainy and unsettled, wind SSW 29.0 21?Light airs, NW to SW 29.9 c 22?Strong gale NE to N 29.8 t 25?Strong gsleNNW to ENK 29.9 24?Very heavy gale, NE to ENE and E....; 29.8 25?Terrible g.-le ESE 29.0 26? Heavy gale WNW and clear 29.0 Capt Heard, of achrOrlando, was drowned while endeavor, ing to get nn noard his vessel at Lloyd's Blocks, Vtrk Petal- j NS, 11th lust A despatch from Antlgonlsh states that 709 firkins butter and tlnve dead Oodles had been picked up ou shore ul Clieltlcauip, NB. The rail of a wrecked vessel was discernible at low water from the ahore, name unknown, supposed to have < been from Canada. 1 The captain, Christopher G Rogers, and the cook of the Mahala. lost In Country Harbor, belong in Untasville, where the vessel la owned. She was valued at about $1,000. Her cargo, at the time she was lost, consisted principally of pota toes. _ < Spoken, Sc. Ship Iftucothea, Clausen, Iro n Cardiff for Rungoon, Nov 13. tat 7 42 N, Ion 2625 W. Brig Cbiuihorazo, from Romedios for Boston, Jon 21, off Cape Hatters*. * hrhr Ned, McKee, from Cette for NTork, Deo 18, lot 4513, I Ion 1138. ' Foreign Porta. Awor, Nov 14?Bid prev Br ship Baiisfl* ork. Asmmvall. Jan 6?Arr brig E Drunim Conway, New r York. ; Batavu, Nov 14?In port bark Rosette, Pierce, from Ma- ; nlia for Sydney, NSW, repg. Bukkc* A vitas, Ilec5?In port brig J West,Roger*, for NYork rew days; senr 8 J waring, from NYork, wtg; and others. Bi acs Rivkb, Ja, Jan &?In port Br brig Onlnare, for New ' York 4 days. * CniN(-HAlst.ASDS.Dee29?In port ship* Jo* Gilehrlat, Car- ' nev, and DeSoto, Reed, lor Antwerp lug; and other*. ~ Cai.lao, Dec 29?In port ship Santa Clau*, Hopkins, dlsg; hip Kjui G Owen (Br), No. ton, from Liverpool, arr 2Bta. ; At Chinca Islands 27th, *lii)>* Delfibaveu.Freese, from Cal- 1 lao, arr Dec 2.1, National, Small, from Callao, arr Dec 2 i; 1 Whnmpoa, Long, from Callao, arr Deo 23; Mary Ooo'lell, McGtlvery, froui Callao, arr 24lh; Joaepu Gilchrist, Carney, 1 from CalLm) for Cork, ldg; Expounder. Known *, from J do, ar Deo 19, for Antwerp, do: Morning Glory, Hobbs, from ? do, nr 13th, jor do do; King Phillip, Bicalord, Hum do, ar t luui, for do do; John Stuart, Bernsee, from do, ar 19tb, for ' dodo; Geosge Hay nes, Batchelder, lor spam, ldg; ltone use, Barnes, aadllirhard III, Greenough, for Cork, do: Jenule W Pat tic, C rowel!; Minstrel, Clifford; K D Voter*, Porter; W j O Sc.wail, Treat; Alice Vermard, Kelley; Gaapee, Anlros; ) Harry of the West, Cotton: Sunrise, Irvine; De soto, Keed; 1 John A Parka, Rteh, and Caroline Tucker, Congfteu, Idg; ?' barks kemderr, Barllelt, and BeUena, Wood, do. ; Calcutta, Nov 73?In port thipt Sumatra, Kinsman, from Liverpool an- 18th, unc; Sarah Newman, Cobb, for Boston; Union, Small, and Fleet-a lug. KeUey, for do 1.1b; Euilly Hi Pierre (of Charleston, SC. reported British). for Nets Biunswick; Magenta, Scars, lor 8au Francisco; C.iwpcr, Steven*; : Mameluke, Porter; Bold Hunter, Cruelty; Blount. Saner; My . H imnjoml, Arey; J N Ouslung, Swap, and Portland. Lea- * vltt. tor London Idg; Sautee, Parker, and Sabine, Cromwell, relet from rbo ports, lor London; tjr.iuiu Slate, Jacooa. for eld er London, Liverpool, Boston tr NYork, at snippers'op- ' tion; Rainbow, villi, for Liverpool Idg; Volant, Bray, for . llumbuu or Bremen;, Martin, I'or St Helena for or- I der*, at $12>* if to NYork. or ?J 18* If to London; Kt-mnore, . Urates. tor Madras, thencn from rice porta to Ureal Bri.aln; tie tie v a. Barnes, tor Madr. a; Commodore, Crowell. for Man- ritlna, I tie nee to rlee. porta to load for Ot Britain or the Continent, Mogul, S|Kxiner, for Bornnay; L>ar.u?, Simon ion; Art . Union, Tiobotts, und Peerless, Ring, unc: l ark* Cbesalre, , Reed, lor London Idg; LHlie, knowles, up for NYork, but no freight enraged. Ship ludntn, Averlil, expected from Kur- I, bu? been ehtd for London. Ship Hurry Haaiin^a, Cole man, on the passage from ('abulia to China, will return to rice port* and load lor Ureat Britain. 1 Went to i en Irorn Saner Nov 11, ahips Anna Decatur, John*on, Loudon; Kttropu, Reed, do; Continental, Johnson, lioin- 1 bulk 8a\onvtile, (iurduer, NYork Hum throe net aa before); J 14th, Meteor, H' njj Kong; Mary McNear, London. ,, Ilov-ktinu, Nov 14?lu poll ship Hotspur, Johnson, unc; bark s B 'ncfaetor, Com nr, and Palmet.o, Upton, do; brig Eiiimn, unc; and otbrraaa before. -i ilaurax. Jan 7?Arr schr .1 M (' M, Kenncy, NYork. M vttmkwtown (, Di e 2J?Arr Darkirma, Worfln- u eer. .Marae siUi; brig J rttnl. Blown, 8t Thomas. I Nassau, RP, Dec 24?Arrwhra Levi Roue, Keller, NYork i (and khl Jan .T on Iter return); Sliver Star, Collins. Baldmore, Hut It, Cecilia, Bongs, PLiladelpliia; aebr Time, / sawyer. Baltimore: Jan 1st, J J I inUysou, Fletninlng, New [ York: fitb, E M Haley, Haley, for Boston: l4tb, Allan- * tie, Wliuetieioi, NYork via Turk* Island*; ltiih, Uurtbaidi. i BeUlllhi, Ht Johns, Pla. Ponor, 1'It, Jan 15?In port bark Jobn Benion, Johnsoi, from und for NYork, Idg; brig Scotland, Francis, irotu Butbadoa for NYork, Ids. Panama, Jan 11?aid steamshipSouora, Hudson, San Fran- > el seo. , Pap vso, Oct 27?In port bark Rocket, Saunders, for Boston Idg codec, to take SMI plcula. Porto Cascli.o, Jan !>?In iiort barks Tims DalMt, Dill, for Philadelphia, u tg ctrgo, White Wing, Ruling, from do arr Jan A Rio Janeiro, Dec 2?Arr ship Caledonia, Morton. Cardiff. * St N assise, Jan 1?Arr bark David Kiinbati, Lbinell, New York. SrllkLKNA, D"C 1#?In port ship Jacob Hoi ton, Merrill, from Calcutta 58 days for London. Simon's Bat, CUll, nor 12?In port ship Old England, Delain), dlkg. ; St I.ri:iv about Jau 1?Ait sebr Union. Youna. Baltimore. ' 19 usys. Br Thomas, Jan 8-In port srhr Dani'l William*, Hopkins, from Bermuda lor NYoik, put lam St Thomas Jan 7, lu oonse.pieucr of bsavy weather; susUtue.l oo damage; would ! seek Ireiyhl. ' Mr J Alio, Jan 12?Id port barks Morning Bur, Starling, f* NYork, to coition n * lug in a tow days; Uollaud, White, if do, finished dtag; brigs A J W Asptcgarth, Droves, fur Haitimore, do; L M Arue'd (Br), Atkinson, for Saw York, do. Hp < schr r Bloke. ? rsn<-, for do fbg, would tail In few days. Bid dlh, bugs Wllllsni A Mary, Norton, /a. a to load Tor NYork; E A M< Adams, t'lon ruogos to laad lor do. Tabi.k Bat. COH. No* 19-ln port shin fanny Fern, Law- > renee, front Muiilinclo for Falmoulb, K. t VsLPAaAiko, Deo 17?In port bark Lnuiaa Jewett, Smith, frun Kt Juhli, XU, arrBtli: brigs Waverley (out bark), from Hontevi Ico arr litb, dlsg; Mary Capau. Havory, fro u Boston for Bart Francisco; aebr Caleb Curtis, Bang a, iroui do iur do; , and others. WniaroA, Nor Id?In port ship Zingari, Ncwbegin, for . Bhsngbaa (be lore reported put bark). American Porta. BOSTON. Jan'do?An snip r.lvira u >i u, Alexander, Liverpool;, Ouusatt, Turks Islands rla Weyinou.h, NS. Old s.Mp Augusta Norwood (new. of Huston, lata of I X York, 1I9A hi UStba tuns). Stars, London; Dutch bark Burl name. Tucker, do. brig Foster, Snitlb, Uunalves; sulir Lilo i Boat. Srrlry. St Fir: re, Mart: C S gunboat Bason, Joslab Suiiw, ,lr, tur the Southrrn coast. Mth?No arrival. Bid -.hip* i astllllan, Straren, Addison; barks Wymin, rslharluc; brigs H 11 M'tlllvrry, Daniel I B suir, A i> Torts y. t it7th- A r i ark raltb. Kennedy, Cagliarl. CM bark Aror, Burke. . ayal 'and a mkt; scl.ts Springbok, Urindle Fori an Prince; John. Fslkiug'iain, and New York, Oo?d?el|, NYork. Bit, wind NW, ships Chail* A Jane, A.tic Xironist; Paramount, Oak, brig busier; scbr Ann Ultra, aud " I rum the Bowl*, brlga Bird ol the Wave, Northern Belle, Billow; set r Fearless. . HAi lMOKl-;, Jail 2>-Below. off Hmltli'i Pulnt, brig Mnntk-ellu, Lewis, imin K o Janeiro. Cld ship Montgomery (Br), , llell, Liverpool; aehrs W H Suiltb, Dayton, NYork; Vlnagn Bride, McCarty, do. s 27t' ? An- ship (J or Ilia (Br), George. Liverpool, hrlge Mont ice. In, lewis, Rio Janeiro; Comet (Br), Kerse, Dernarara; i sehre R II Vi rmiiyea, (Unity, and Satliia, Kelly, Naur l'n-k; , Lotus, Clark, Husum; Christiana, Knight, Portland C. 1 brig Josephus, WllKon, Caruenaa; S< a Unll, Mowlam., N w York; John tarn m. Mall, du via Anita; S.'s, A TlrreU, Migbins, Boston. HIGHLAND LIGHT, Jan M, 1 l'M-1'asalng out, ship 8araean. . I l.A?Passing oat, ship CmaUllsn; bark Wytaan; brig H H M't.livery. | I7tn. 2 PM?Pasting Out. brick Billow. Northern Belle / Blriio the Wave; acuraH Oilman, Wutiovrr. 8 PM?1'aa* In* mil, ahlt* Charlea A Jane, Ado* Nermood. t P.\|?Paxlog out, bark Paramount. Paining by, eteaaer Chraapeake, fiom It Voi k for Portland. NEWPORT, Jan 24 -Airaebr* Jarae* Parker, Sr, ointeralwrr. Kail River lor Nlork; aloou Frederic Brown, t'arr, Brlntol lor do. Sid brig John Kai. h. Wbalay, Havana. 37tb?There >iaa ueen no arrival* ainca the Mtb, In conaequeiioi ol the heavy alarm. 27th. I'M?Arr achra (ten Armstrong. Srofteld, Pone* for New linen, put In Tor a harbortC w Dyer, Plane, Del a laian I, Md, for Boaton; aloopa Thorn** Hull, Mull, NVork for Hrlelol; h Siiraaue. Ulbba,do lor Providence. N KW LONDON, Jan >1?Arr ahlp 11lalun, Crowall, London via Hmdy Hook for Boaton?put la for a baroor aad provtalona. PHILADRLPIItA, Jan V-Art achra B P Reeve*. Carman, anil Mary Woo I ie|ii, >for*. Old Mr aa ir Valoruua, Diner, Haidat; K II I. H.nllli; M V W Slmmonv (todfray; J W W.anatoii, Co or f, Mary Haley, Halcyi t Edward*. Hah* cock; D B Marai.on. a,ten, and J C Henry. Love, New York: Mary Anna, Haley, 1 riraa* Monroee. PORTLAND, Jai. 2 -Arr acbr Advance (Br), Co. i wallla tor N York, t.'ki a h, .-> H Pool, X'Paddcn, Ha.nmor . Itftth?Cld ateainah p Hloarnian, Liverpool: brig rhllllp Laraljre, Uallry, Cubi. PROVIDENCE, Ja.i Jd? Arralaamera Pelletn, Jonea, and Falcon. WilUame. NYork. 2/tn?511 alooi, Wm II Bowrn. Brolherton, NTorh (and went Into Bri* ol). HAN FKAMtJIBCO. Doe 78?Arr Ir hark Morning Ptar, Key, Olaegnw. HI,l Ath, ?hl; a Kit t raon, itowca, V lpar?l*o; Inapecior, McN?..r, i,ia*,ow-.w ilium HimuU, Co k. Pugrt Hound: 2lttu, En. ry , A,-ey. NYork (all nature moorrcctly rep, rled b> lelrgiau.i). KP.ARhPORT, Jan Id?old brla Wm J Treat, Park, Baltt rooic. _ 8. LEM, -Ian 24? Arr bark Plelade* (new). Yatco, Wiacaa et ,, Philadelphia?put In or * iiurbor. Wit KKORD, Jan 2o-Tlo, Mr bri4Uip?v, <?|.a, .from Cum. berlann lln or. C ba, ft- h, ? Ho ion, wu.i a cargo of aiitar. renin at norli o I I > Wirt Hay, with ? lln-i n pi o on board, ready to proc, e? ua aooii aa the weather wltl permit. r YORK HERALD, iDJ VIlAICJALt 1.-..-. M. . . .... A HE YOU INSURED! rutgers kikk insurance compaitt. INhoe 17# Chatham aqua re, corner of Mull "tree I. Divtbkhd.?The dlreciora have declare# a aerci aonual dlvilend of five (5) per rent, payable on the l?t of February neit. The transfer book* will tie closed from the lblli .usk till February 1. By order. E. B. FELLOWS. Secretary. /TLEVELAND AND PITTSBURG RAILROAD COM\J p*ny.?The Inlerea' due, February I. on the hrat mortgage bomia of thin company nlU be ualu at No. 2b William atreet,.by H. O. K1NUSLKY. pOLLECTIONS MADE ON OFFICERS OF THE ARMY Vj and nary at all forts, aiatloua and outpost*. Our agent learea lor Key Wast ou Wednesday. JOHN B. MCRRAY, Army and Nary Banker, No. 39 Nassau street, opposite the Fust Ofli CITIZENS' GAS LIGHT COMPANY'8 STOCK (OF Brooklyn, N. *.>, for sale by JOHN MURRAY, SB Nas as street. QOLD AND SILVER WANTED AT A PBEMIUM by taylor brothers" NO. 247 BROADWAY, CORNER MCRRAY STREET. Highest premiums paid for gold and sil rer Coin, by T. P. JAMES A CO., 36 Wall atreet. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY.? Treasurer's ulllce, corner nf Fourth avenue and Twentytilth atri al, New York, Jan. 29, 1H62?Interest coupons of the second mortgage and o'her bondr, due Feb. 1, will be paid bn and alter that date, at the Treasurer's office. W. H. EMERSON, Treasurer. r MANUFACTURERS, CONTRACTORS.?THE ADvertlxer* are prejiared tn make advances on large claims gainm ti.a government. The clalniauta must produce evidence of the claims having been upprovrd by the proper officers. Address E. A. O. A Co., box 135 Herald office, stating lihuraoter ol claims and where an Interview can be bad. r LOAN?$50,000 ON BOND AND MORTGAGE FOR a term of years, on improved real estate in this city, in r.mH to au t applicants. Apply to A. J. RLEKCKER, SON k CO., 11 Pino street. TITAN TED?IMMEDIATELY, CLAIMS ON THE GOTV vernmc at to the amount of on* million of dollar*, which the advertiser* are ready to make liberal a Ivaneta on. Large claims only wanted. Addrnri E. A. G. A Co., box 155 Herald office, Mating character of claims ard where an interFlew can be had. Uniy first parties dealt with. w nnn wanted?on good collateral sei#)??UVJvt/ enrity, for four months, at the rate of 10 per ;em per annum. Address Principal, box 195 Herald office, itatiug lull name and where un interview can bo bad. jin nnnt0 loan on bond and mortgage Pl'LUwU on productive Real Estate, either In city or nuntry, in sums to suit applicants. No brokers need apply, o JOHN COKREJA, Jr., architect, 480 Broadway, corner of Sroome street, New York. 51 X nnn WANTED FOR THREE OR FIVE YEARS, PIw.UUU on improved property situatetl In Columbia nurity. Proper v unui-timbeied and worth SbOtOOQ. Apply all. tt. 4 T. D. PULTON, 107 Broadwoy. ^ _ __r ^ r__ At 480 BROADWAY?HENRY ADVANCES on Diamonds, set or unset, or buys the same for cash; also Ldvanceson Wutcbes, Silver Plate and all Personal Property. henry, 4tt) Broadway. AT 77 BLKECKEii STREET?MONEY LIBERALLY advanced to any amount on Diamonds, Watches, Jewdry, Pianos, St-gaiM, Dry Goods, Ac. N. B.?Pawnbrokers rickcU bought. lL NEWTON, 77 Bleeckcr street, up stairs. At 111 grand strbet, three doors west op Broadway?Money advanced on Watches, Diamonds, Icwelry, Plate, Dry Goods and personal property of every description, or bought and sold, by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, iiirituueer and broker. AT. J. H. BAR LUNGER'S? COMMISSION BROKER.? This old established office advances the highest sums on, ir buys for cash, diamonds, set or unset; watches, pearls, slate, furs, merchandise, optical instruments, Ac. No 212 Broadway, room 13, up stalra. AT 00 NASSAU STREET.?A. HONIGMAN, DIAMOND broker, makes liberal advuueeson Diamonds Watches, Jewelry, As., or buys theiu at full value, at his private office, itiNusaae street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business couhdcnL jacobs, 43 cedar street.?money liberal. ly advanced, In sums to suit, on Watches, Diamonds, hiver Ware and other personal property, or bought for cash, iud the highest price paid. Business strictly conhdential. Iransh office. 407 Broadway. Liberal advances made on diamonds. Watches, Plate and Jewelry, or bought for cash at the Ugliest, price. Persons having old Gold or Silver to sell can mi do better than call on lAlUIS ANKICH, 723 Broadway |coney to lend at moderate hates on ITl diamonds, watch, s. jewelry, silver, dry gi>ous and pcrloua) pro, criy of oil kinds. Goods may be leeetned at any ituu within one year. H. BARNARD, 21 Third avenue, frtvale office euiraihc hall door. PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS PURCHASED OF ALL L kinds or Wearing Apparel, Dry Goods, Furniture, Carrots, Pianos, Ac-; or advances made on stty article in above '.tie. N. K.?A lot of Qret ciaaa C.othlng on hand for < la heap. 448 Broome street. G. LEVIE. HOl'NKH, ROOMS, d(C., WAKTED. A COTTAGE residence wanted-by the year, . a short ulstnuce from New York; rent very moderate; asy access to eir? or boat Indispensable. Address, with full lank ulan, Mr. Wood, Herald office. * FAMILY WISH TO FIND A PARTY OCCUPYING A 11 41 ret clans partially furnished House, who would exibange rent for board, and allow the privilege of taking a ew other persona to board. Location between Fourth a id tlrth avenues and Fourteenth anil Forty-second streets, tddress John Haul, Station O. Broadway. Drug store wanted?in a good location, nicely iute.1 un, well stocked, and doing a good business. Lldrcss Field, Union atiuare Port office, stating particulars, ewesi cash price, and where an Interview can oe nail. Desk room wanted-with room for a few samples of Dry Goods, to lie sold on conimla. on. AdIrese, w ith terms, situation, Ac , K. B. E-, box 109 Post office. HOPKE WANTED-HETVVEEN SECOND AND SIXTH nvenues an I Thirteenth to Twenty -bull strren , with ill the modern iu>t r.ivoments. Kent noi to exceed JtoO jier iniiuin. Addr. so Mr. Muterte, 834 Lroadwuy. rTOl.'SB WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, NEAR CITY ll Hull, or Ful on o. Wall sired ferry; about, :ai, hut and cold w-ti r, bath, water cloect, Ac. Rent from Ibis) to JfOJ. Good tenant. Would take a lease. Address L H., 05 Maiden lane, basement. j*tobs wanted. J ADrySt'uo wanted, in the neighborhood of Fulton greet. Address, slailngrent and all particulars, Charles, I -raid office. VlfAN lED-BY A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, TO LEASE TV or r. ut a More, 2U M 26 feet wide by SP to MB feat deep: mist be on the west side of Broadway, between Fourth and fourteenth streets. Address Dry tiooue, Uioadway I'oei iffie. WANTED?FOR A FAMILY OP TIIRK2 PERSONS, A small slxea House abo\c Thirtieth street; an Hnulish tasetnent preferred; rest must be low. Addn ss box 1,2.15 Puet offiee. T\TANTED?A TEN OR TWELVE HORSE ENGINE TV HDdBoKer. An person having oue little urd and ?lll-oil low fur cash, may Hud a puwhiser by aditresslug miIik ribeir. Ku#a<uiust be of uuaieru make; i.o others sum ed. HAliNK.s BROS., corner of be ond avenue and rweuty-first street. New Yora. WANTED?A SMALL ENGLIHH BASEMENT HOUSE, with every modern Improvement, not above Foureenth street. Address, suiting location and rent, R. 8. T., Herald of Be*. |1^ANTED-A SPIT OF THREE ROOMS, WITH TV kitchen and cellar and servants' room. Location ei.tral, but good. Addre*. M. M. C-, ileiald 01 ' WAN IT II-A SUIT OF APARTMENTS. CONSISTING ot nve Hoiima, kitchen, celfltr rimm and servant a 'oom. Uurnlahed or uniurolshed. Faaluonable location; >ot too far up town. Address 8. W. 8., Herald office. ItTANTiin IMMBDIATKLV-FOR A FIRST OI.ASS. HETT ?p..nalL.ic pvrty, a four etory large modern llouae, liber fin imbed or uiiluiniahod. Hunt hare a l lb? modern mproeementa, and be located between Fourth and Suih iveunea, and not above TwcutY-llLh meet. Apply to or adIroe FH1CB 4 THOMAS, 67.1 Broadway. l\,'ASTI.t) A COMFORTABLE FIRNI8IIKD ROOM, TT aulub e .or one or two gentlemen; local.on between fourth and Fourteenth Mreeti, Second andNitlb avenue.*; n et of r-f.-rcntee. Addreas, with parli.nlara, 0. W., box i,U? Fiat otBce. tlTANTED?A UANuSOMKI.Y Ft'ltNJSHED PARLOR TT and Hc.ito on, in a good lo> at.uu and l.rwi rlaxx u .me. or purtial enrupulion. Muat be etiicily private, >r ce wilt t e pant. Adilrraa X., Herald uflloe, lor two i.aya. a lady, a furnished mom, TT witlmiit Hoard; a piivate bnoar pre.erred. Addict*, rating location and Irima, which muat be low, 8, T., Herald ( or. |I,rANTEl> TO ri KrttANE?A FIRST CLASS FAMILY TT grocery eetaollauini.'i.t. Adoreee, win. particular!, r. <}., b a U i ii ra.d oiOre. WANTED TO RENT?A LOFT, OR PART 'IF A t.'iFI, i r dry goo is iiioimlaalun duvimm; mu?t be alluatrd > twren College place an.. Hr.anway, not ..clow Ban lay nor iboee Worth atreete. Add rem On moot, Herald oOlce. PROP08ALS. Proposals for wsu.ouo "central park~Tm pr.r . m> nl Funu Stuck ot Id7< " Seal, d prnp.i.a.* will be reee.eed at the Cnmptrnlter'a of. Ire until xlou.i.v. Iho tenth nay of Februat), inU, altwo I'viook I*. M., when the name will be pnnilely n|iened, for the wl.olc or any pur, ol ah t aum of two uundred and nrty thou and duilara of the 'Central Park ImpruTemrul Fund .4to i," aiuhorlred by chapter M oi the Lavva ol ISO) and by in tlnlli.anee of the t.'oinuioti Council, approritd by the May?r. Orveocr 17.18ui. The aald atock wilt b'tar lr t reat at the rate of all per cent per aon. ni, u*. able i|uarver yearly, and toe principal will be redeemable November I. 187o. The will state the amornit of ttork dealrrd, and the pt ice per on.* huu.iie . dollara thereof, and the persona trhoae are tempted will b? re pilied .o dTjioalt with die Cham.atrlalu of the city, within ten days after the opening ol the M .a, the turns awanled to them reaprctivelr, intruding ih pi-emluma on U?e Mine. UU piTMiitliig 10 ineiwinipirmier iae rreeipiaor tile (.'hamDei lain for mi. h de|.oella, the parllea wl.l be entitled lo reselva nrtllotlN (or equal amwinia of the par value or lha nock, bearing Interatl I mm Ibe dat.? of paymrtiU.

Kaen | r >|?<alilnii be aaitled and enduraat ''Pmpo ala for Ventral Part Improvement Pund Bt.ak," and Iimi ante env.oacd In a aecond envelope, addrereod to the Coupli oiler. The right la reaerved to rejeet any or all of the hide If eonihterad naceaaary lo pruln l nrjirumota the int reate of llio ritji. HOHERT T. llAR'fl, Comptroller. Oitt or Nt* You, UaraaraanT or Pixaaca, Vomplrolar'a Oll e. J-muij 9, IMS. OEALKO I' ilM\I.H ARE INTITKD, I RTIL THE O htti day (it, Ifkld, rnrfurniv..lii? Pi A) UK to ilia 8<i?a:elHiii e II p ii tin u. of llo ?laie? Ai 01). A out twelve tliouaaa.1 i U.IMIJ larrela will be r< inlrr.l, of a he h grade of ei.rn Piour, to be . elivi red In tt'aa .in?,lon, at b ratlioedd p- t, oral the laileur arar-iionavi hi (Jem ?etun b, ?ou.o ti e la tvv.-en tno jl'i and 161.. oi Pebruary, lobl. Km.'i. o.rrrl of Ptour to be in-p. tnl jntt before it la received. Toe i-'ionr moat be equal In v\vik111> to the aaniplea to hp oh. tamed o l?e Oerooi >*? i; at W?*biii,ioa oily, and the barr I* o he* . lined, fio ni?o> , nth of allegiance will be required of each untra. (or. Hi a to ' .l ie te I to MajOi A. HKCbtVITH. 0. P . U. 8. A., ?no . no..ra. d ' Piopnaai?.' ' J BSD AY, JANUARY 29, 3 SPECIAL NOTICES. OFFICE Olf THE ATLANTIC MUTUAL INSURANCE Coiiijsiny, New York. Jsnutry 27. 1862. The Trustees, In comurmlty io the charter of the Company, submit t .<> tollowin* statement of iudlun on the 3isl D.ornb-r, IVil ? Premioma received on marine risk* tram 1st of Jauusry, 1801, to 3l?t Dei am'wr, 1861 $3,810,23654 Freud ms on politics not marked ofl 1st January. laol .. 1,471.290 29 Total amount of marine premiums fi,JH,576 83 No po!i< les have been issued upon life risks, nor upon tire rink* disconnected with inarlne risks. Premiums marked off from Isi.lanuury, 1861, t? 31?t December. 1861 $1,155 166 78 Losses paid uur.iu ue same period. .$2,.il l.lsB) 2W Returns of premiums and eifienses . 728176 .'55 The company Las the following assets, viz:? Uqlted States aid State of NcwYork stock, city, bank and other Blocks. 2.923,406 81 Loans sa< ured by sbs-ks and otherwise 800,3101*1 Real estate end bonds snd mortgages 283,760 00 Dividends on stocks, interest on bunds and mort ( Ken and oiber loan*, sundry note*, reiiisurance and other cLdmi due the company, estimated at 123,7(002 Premium note* and bill* receivable. 1,61N,KS9 02 Cash In bank 24KM 94 Total amount of assets. $.*> 993,609 79 Hix per rent luteresi on the outstanding ceridicate* of prolila will be paid P> ihe holders thereof, or th.-lr legal representatives, on and after Tuesday, tl.e 4lh of February next. After reserving TWO AND A QI'ARTEK MILLION DOLLARS of pi> tils, tiie outstanding certihrateaof the issue of 1H6U will be redeemed and paid to the holders thereof, or their legal representatives, on and after Tuesday, the 4th of February next, from which dale all interest lliereon will cease. The cerilhcalea to ho produced at the time of payment and cancelled. A dividend of thirty per cent Is declared on the net earned premiums of the Cumpauy for the year ending 31st Decern, ncr. 1861, for which rerti.'leates will be issued on and after Tuesday, the Nth or April next. The profits of the Company, ascertained from the 1st of July. 1843, tu the 1st of January, 1861, lor which eeruUniie* were l??ud, amount to $11,690,210 Additional protiia fruut 1st January, 1861, to 1st January, 1862 1,230.000 Total profits for 19>; years $12,940,210 Tlie certlllcstes, previous to 1860, have been redeemed by cash 8,889,470 Net earnings remaining with the Company on 1st January, 1802 $4,030,740 Uy order of the Board, W. TOWNSBND JONES, Secretary. THUSTKKS. John D. JoneSt Caleb Bui stow, Dennis Perkins, Charles Demits, A. P. l'iiiot, Joseph (1? third, Jr. W. II. II. Moore, Leroy M. Wiley, William Wood, Thomas Ttlealuu, JJoniel S. Miller, J. Henry Buigy, Henry Colt. S. T. NirolL Cornelius (iriunell, Wm. C. Pickersglll, Jo turn J. Henry, C. A. Hand, l.c .vis Curds, Oco. O. llobson, Walls Sherman, Chsrl"s II. Russell, David Lane, Edward H. Bell, Lowell liotbrook. James Bryce, E. K. Moritan. Robt. C. Uoodliue, Wm. Hiurcls, Jr., It. J. (lowland, 1*. A. IIargons, Henry K. Uogort, Beiii. Hab'-ocli. Meyer linns, A. A. Low, Fletcher Woslray, I Royal Phelps. Wm. E.Dodge. Boht. B. Minium. Jr. JOHN D. JONES, Pre.ldenl. Chahlks Psiwis, Vice Pre?|. em. W. 11. 11. Mooki:, Second Vice President. muv niuve'riivciivu ns tiis r inrta uvotu d , J. zaar have the pleasure of informing th? public that the Treasurer, Mr. ('bus. E. Strong. ha* deposited in the hands of the Executive Committee of Iks Trus ses?viz: Keiix Incoldaby, A. V. Stout and Isaac Bell?the following amount:? Net pr.xcedsof ilic bazaar, 123,3jo 22. They also ben leave to ?ay that Committee* for Cutting outnnd Distributing Work and Clothing at end regularly on Tuesdays and Thursday* at No. 10 Conner Institute. Third avenue.' from 10 to 12 A. M., an J oa Wednesdays and Saturdays, at the same hours and p'ace, to dispense provisions and fuel. All persons applying mast be recommended by one of the Managers of the Association. A contract has also been obtained from government for making shirts. This work will be given out at No. 3d Cooper Institute, > e :ond floor, on Saturdays only, from 10 to 12 A. M. A splendid pair of Broare Vases, from Rev. Dr. Osgood, and a number of beautiful Pictures, by uutlve artiste of the highest merit are atlll to be disposed or. They can be seen at Messrs. E. V. Haughwout <t Co.'*, 490 Broadway. By order of the Board. New You, Jan. 28.1862. Taxes, taxes, taxes. The properly owners of Union and North Bergen townships Hudson eoanfy, N. J., are hereby notl led that the Collectors for the following place*?Union Hill, North Hoboken, West New York, Guiteuberg, Ulahnsvllle, New Durham and Ciarenton?will he at the house or Joseph Arrabrtister, No. 79 Chatham street. basement. New York, nn Wednesday and Th used ay, Jan. 28 and 29, from 9 o'clock in the morning until Oo'rlo ..kin the evening, to receive taxes for the yeers 1860 and 1861. All those tsxea not paid, the property will be sold by the Sheriff. N. B ? No other money taken but gold, silver and eily bill*. JOHN KE1NHAKDT. Collector of Union. EGBERT POST, Collector of North Bergen township maxes, taxes, taxes. 1 town ok west farms taxes. TOWN OF WESTCHESTER TAXES. tom n of east che3thk taxes. TOWN OF PELHAM TAXES, The Town and School Collectors of the above towns in Westchester county will meeVittlhe Fourteenth Ward Hotel, eornerof Grand snd Elizabeth streets, on Wednesday and Tbarsday of this week only, to receive tares, from 9 A. M. until 4 ?. M. COLUKTOM. WM. JKWET FISHER, GEO. COOPF.R, john 8. youku. a. pendleton, peter o conner. c. weeks. christopher midler. The committee on public health of the Board of Aldermen will mod on Wednesday, at two o'clock, for the purpose of considering the communication of bis Honor the Mayor, covering the communication from the Commissioners of Charities and Correction, relative to conveying smallpox patients, and those attlioted with other contagious disease*, in public vehicle*. TERENCE FAIILEY. 1 Committee CHARLES j. C11IPP, { on ISAAC DAYTON, ) Public Health. PERSONAL.. ADOPTTON-A HEALTHY FEMALE CHILD, ONE month old. Address Mr*. Scott, Broadway Po?t utliee. Attention?adoption ?\ child to adopt, one your old. n boy, black hair sue e, s, very smart and Interesting, in a family without children and in good circumstance*. Address J. 1'., box 178 Uerald olllce. Alias Hamilton, ac? or mk r?r ? please call and favor the llltln widow and daughter. Do not think I would he troublesome; by no means. S tall look for you certain to-day or to-morrow. Was disappointed Saturday evening last. M. B* -1IOME Ai J AIM. WILL MKET YOU AT 12 o'clock to-day, Wcdnraday, the 29th, at the rendezvous. A-NUKVI.E. CAPTAIN? ADDRESS A NOTE TO THE SAME IUM. bera* before, and you will hear front JKAX.ME. HOOLKYS MINSTRELS, MONDAY NIOUT-ldlE lady who Mil next to her ewortrr with a plaid ah awl, was accuinpauh u by aim h< r lady, who e.una to the above place of amusement late, anil aat to the right of the id are, will router a favor upon Ie Jar* R< nil< mun whuui ho noticed sitting with a military friend, fronting the mage, If he will be good enough to give liltn an opnortun'ty of communeatlug the tniuriiKiVlon which he could not manage on Monday evening. They also tnet the tan ladles on Broadway. near tlaual atreet, on Tuesday morning, about 10.30. Adtlrraa Beard, Hi raid oOeo. Harry-why hid you not your enoaokment with me for Monday? I wan mi lb* a n ete men linuan at 4% o'clock, but dldtt t Ore yon. i'leaae leave a note at lbo Uuioti equate Port ofllce aupiiiiiiir.g aome other place. Address Lane Dunbar. I all call there on Thuraday morning. INFORMATION VAXTUMf FRANCIS SWBNNBY. w ho l.'ft the houae 612 Greenwich alreet, >. y., on Saturday, Jau. 26, lfltlk: had on a brown pluah rap, black coat, |ianta and nine overall* In hia booia and aaudy whisker*. Any intormatlon concerning htm will he thankfully rereived by hla troubled Wife, Bridget Hweuary, 612 Greenwich atreet, N. Y. INFORMATION IS REyUBSTED~OK THE WHEKEAhoutr of th Uaptaln or any paaai nger of the ibip Moi.lea, on her votage (rem Melbourne, Australia. to Uallao, Peru, comineu.- J in K^trnary, lH6d Reward ottered. Apply to .1. Farro, K?<|.. 14 Hrnadwav, mam 4 IF MR. JAM KH DWVKRWILL LBAVK THKTWi hooka that were left with hla uiatber la 1.447 at 31 bowery he wllPiniH-Uoblige John M<Itraln. I" F THE LADY WHO CROSSED FROM JERSEY CITY to New York yeeienlay. at aoont halfpaet twelve o'clock, with plaid ehawl, black bonnet, and carrying a white bundi*, would like to iiutko the acquaintance or the gsnnrnian that nhe est neit to In the cabin and walked up HorUaadt alroet to lima.In ay, he ?vi?ul<l Ilk* to hear I rum brr. A-:dreoa Tboophliua. box 1(3 Hrr??l ollU-e, atatlug where an totor* lew ran bo bed. It P. F.~H. OB PKDRODK llAXTRO WILLA7>DKKSH * lino t? C H Hi tifnia, utttion A, ho will boor uf on.-, thing that ci-n .'-ma bla inli-reei. II ne?le< ted. be t.-i|| have iiuoitori'iKl. A FKIF.ND. Makv kknnkdy, wh<FTia? lived with "mrs. Tlnunoue. in C.iimaiixvllle, lor aonm Unto, wi.l hi ur of au.urthliig to hi r advantage H ub* comae to una b?r right away. ?8. A. D. B1HHOP IS RKgI. KSTKII TO CALL AT tho Centra. Maloirnoni, in relatiou to furnn iro, Ar , without it> Uy, or'do tamo will to ouid to pay rapenaea el uirago I run May )>, ISM). Mikw'c. i carrot inufkmiano why yociiaVr nut lUBvrei -d my last lot tor, >inl*?a It wax dlr .: -d wrung I wl?h jou would aon 1 ro? a note laiinndlatoly, addreueoii Kim Harnoy, H-rald offlce. NATT K? YOU WERR NOT AT THE APPOINTED |ita> o at 3 u'cluok. Tm'ro i* a Icttor for you in aui'lon A. Spriru-ureal. K. I* y. Z. JJKRCIVal h , with i)()|| nkkh, if in tiit-. city' will - nd nn hi* addriMM, ur My wbore I niity moot blm; arena hr-tru from you in three yarn. Charley tenone; will row.-.m youW'tllL AJdrraa Charlotte H., atailon ft, Eighth nvenuo. QI'ADRILLE MAKCIlT-iK THE YOCRo"LADY, WITH t a p uk ai k ?lrra?. who attended the t,"*** Hup uu M juday evening. a tan lua H'"*" <irTotn|ioraTi'-o do., on the Toredue ovewlOa prevlotie, and d?nro<| the above i, nidriih- on bti'th < < .* ona with a gentleman Introduced aa Mr. win.1.1 hevr no aorhiu* oojertma, the a oreeaiil Mr. i>. would Ilka til Improve bor a>-i|ualnlaneo, Ii attreeaoln ?he will elxiilly the aame by addreeelng H. D., atatlou B, i'out o. v. riMIb YOIRO LADY WHO WAd" ON TIIK FiTltO* 1 Irrry boat : ladioa' rabtni oa Tueaday, a. two o'clo.k, and In Brooklyn at tare# o'clock, and who afierwu.d* I-oa the R. wioivii . are, will aoe the gentleman who we? alao at the lorry, end t" whimi aha bowed, too, froM the t-a.a. Knr will a -e hiiu al the uino time and pie. e to day (Wi .infrla. > or toor.oi ow; and if not eonventoni, pleaae anawor through 'IVra iiul." M. 0 WILL MIRn" OIlSoR. FORMERLY OF CASTLE ?irt-l, tt-iaion, plea-* aond Her a.Ulraaa to an old aa I i ale tell o. Adaroaa Admtia'tr but C.MIorald nlbro. itliu. Til MUia OP THE TWO LAD1KH WHO TT roda I All in a r'uurtk aaanu. a'aja nu [Mitijrafternoon, at bal past tuna l-wn. and a lighted (1 uilnai at iba corner ol a?r alia-t. at, I ttood by a atura .limr, faiur Inn genu,man,Ah?m an* aat ne.t tu?h?a auacbauaaj bar a-at to VIM oft*'1" aMnnf lBBHa? . witfc her a.ldrraa (,t a/reeatle), iBilua wbi-r* an Interview ma/ > bad. Addmaa i'ektn, Iler. id ill.*, WILL THIS LAI)V *ITU ViLvKt ft,OAK. TKiMdKIt with lur, *n.l bro? ? allb dreaa. wun went ft .1.1 Hi* Herald iiMe- to the Tk.rd arrnua ear*, aad r. da a. lira* I >II?I Ike per Voia . admii-rwkn ad'rvaaed bar wit/ " Harai I'nannta ' and who rod* up in th 1 ear ?|i,aj| i lu? *a ia<e"M>w. Addreaala rout 1 nee, 1 lend ... ,. i i lie .. id! "iLLLOt IB A, WH'I HP. ooMZRli MB TBBT1 lib AT mm mill. In timadeay, near HI. m.tar a'.fwel, a.el nkoril turt in Hitlb iv.nii" by tba eburch lu Kneem.ier Ian. a? a m nronl where I ran a e narf Olva mm parti, alara ny whk-h a u.iatate In tbe prraoa can ka praventad. AdUi> a. 1 "1 v i.iMI I'.mt lea O 1 1 AJfU 2*7- WILL THK CRNT WHO POLLOWKII O I JL 1 v> 1 nunc la.I tea lia Hr-*.lway. on H,.nd?y e?en,r,. 1) c. U. and win p.'.l up a p?|wr li?r <i| two ' aj;a, ^enu ma a.drvav through T.iuraday Tor* ualal" 862. 8ALM OF REAL ESTATE. A magnificent view on the hudson, stone House, SI a> re*. for sale or eihaugr See Herald 7Lb of January, thud pur. WILLIAM 0. WETMORE, 61 Wall street. BROOKLYN.-CLINTON AVENUE PROPERTY. FOE Sale, aiz Lola, witu brut elaas Hhuk, 40 by 40. with pia /.a, furnace, ranee, gnu, bath and closet, stable in r-ar. Garden bus peaibes, cherries, pears, and two kinds of grapes, whkn are not surpassed In aire or quality. Apulyon proud'.bird bou. southwest lruin Myrtle a.enue, or at SI Spruce street, New York. CNOTTAGE FOR BALE-ON BITER BANK, NE ABTHE J oily, with carriage bouae and nuiar outbuildings, good well and cistern; a quarter if an aere of ground tilled a :th gntnea. currant* and other truiia, Uowera, ahrubbery, Ac. Address C. H.. Herald ofllc.. TiLIRM.-A VERY NRAT, NICE LITTLE FARM NEAR J Milwaukee, Wis., in go<>d buildings, tenoe, order and cultivation, and T. ry productive, to eirhaure for a small roaldeuce or country place within one hour of the city. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, Hi Nasaau afreet. Farm for sat,e-at a sacrifice (or f.xchanged lor a coiiage house), of J02 acres, ID Columbia county, N. Y. Adiln as or rail at S3 Fulton street, Brooklyn, second floor, from U to 13 U. ^UI'.M KOIt SALK-W1TII1N TWELVE MILLS OF ?. ix fr ion.?rony tcir* or lana, under good cuitvMtfon, iihw m<?!ern houM and good outbuild;ngg. Price $ll',0U0. Term# rniMierat' ; will take \\fc?;tetn Improved property In exchauge. with some each. Call on or addtesa Owner, liO West Twenty fourth street, for three i'uje. For sale?to perrons out or health.-for delightful cllmat, see advertisement of Vuu iand Karma For hale?a well built two story and attic frame House, No. 40 East Thirtieth atreet, near MadUon avenue: I' t 2.1% feel by bait block, situation excellent. AuI ly at 127 Bowery, drug store. For sale?or exchange for western county huu'ih. or reliable sicurllles, two three story, high stoop brick llous-a In Brooklyn, In good neighborhood, in good order, occupied by good tenant*. No lnnunbrauoe. CLARK A CODDARD, 85 Cedar street, American Exchange Bank Building. For sale-at a ha'-riitce, in harlem, near Sixth avenue, a new tin. It flouae, with all modern Improvements, two story and basement, and In good order. Terms to suit. Apply to A. KhliOEANT, 15 Wall street. For sale-sixty of the finest loth in the vicinity, lying within three miles of Cily llall; will bo sold 1' al a nari-slti; small portion down, balance on mortgagi ; level and beautiful. _ h. I). RICHARDSON A CO.. 83 and 84 Nassau street. For 8ale?farm in orle\ns county, $20,000 one !u I'lster county, $0,600; one in New Jersey, $t>,50U: one do., $2,StW- one In Macau hutietui, $3,000; a number for exchunue; also rltv and cm m y residences. E. D. RICH ARDSON k CO., 82 and 84 Nassau atreet. For sale-a three story brick nouss and Lot. with lore, water and gas, two story on the rear, No. 104 West Twenty-tlrst street; first lot from the Eighth avenue. Inquire of G. I1IOGINS, 520 Ninth avenue. For pale?at a bargain, the two ktory and bftsciiieiit frame House 108 Vauderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, near Myrtle avenue cars. Built In the beet inanuer, tilled in lo the peak, sliding doors, marble mantels, gns. Ac. Lo'.26\lU0. J. GRAH AM. % Bookstore, 51 John street. For bale cheap?the lease of the terrace Saloon, now doing a nood business, corner of Slxtyaeventh street and Eighth avenue, terminus of the Eighth Avenue Railroad, and main entrance to the skating pond on Central Park. Apply on the premises, or at711 Eighth av. For hale vert cheap?a de8irable well built four story English basement house, on Twentv-ilfth atreet, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Only ^1,500 down. Also two other Houses in Ibis eltv and on s In Brooklyn. Apply to or addraas P. C. ANTHON'Y, 34% Etna street, from 11 lo three o'clock. For half, or exchange-a farm in bergen County, New Jersey, within three miles southwest from Spring Valley depot, in Rockland Couaty, New Ynrk, of 110 acres; 20of which Is woodlands, with dwelling, barns, Ac.; apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees, currant bushes, Ac. will be sold cheap for rash, or exchanged for other good pronaste ? A I Pll VTK'fl A L'VDU L'U? J KB U^...a. at.a^t For sale ok exchange-a small brick housewith sixty-four building lota, In a thriving village on Long Island. and $2,0)0 in Merchandise, for a good Farm, not over two hundred tullea from New York, or a Houae and Lot and vacant Lota In Brooklyn or Boboken, Ac. Address M. II., Herald odlce. rjlob SALE or EXCHANGE?A THREE STORY AND X1 basement brick H oruhouao and full Lot, in Wuuster atreet. Price cheap.. Apply to C. F. JACOB, 13# Thirtythird sir ei. For sale or exchange?a country seat, near the city, and easy of ant-ess by ateanional and railroad ; is near the water. Will be exchanged for houses and lota In Brook yu, on or near the liver will h- prefarritd, For further information Inquire of HE1S8ENBUETTEL a co., II and l.'t Atlantic street, Brooklyn. For sale or exchange for good city projerty, a splendid Farm of 2tX)arrnK, litou'.ed on the Raritan r-ver, lt{ ntllea irom New Brunswick, M. J.j the location iinsitri a>sed; house nearly new and modern built 60x40 feet, three stories with two aiory extension 35x20 fret, healed oy furna- o; the land la in the best slate of cultivation, 100 acres In splendid tiroolby meadow, new barn (2 feet aqiuire, with nil other otikiouses neeo-wiry. plenty of fruit and abode lre-s; in fact the best farm ana houses In the eountrv. For further (articular* inquire of JAMES DONALDSON, No. ft Leruy place, Bleeckcr street, near Broadway. LIOR SALE. LOW?THE FOl'R STORY ENGLISH J1 atement Ilnuse, Stitj West Thlrty-seeond site i, la-tween Sixth and Seventh avenues. House 14)* by ftu, Lot It*.1. A-mo the four story brown stone Trent English luis". ment House, 21* West Thirty second stive I, In good order. House IS by.Id: Lot 100. Af?o the English basement alone front HouaeBt West Thirty-fourth street, with >iay window, 1ft hv Ml feet; l.ot I0U. Ap;ly toK. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. a Pino strut t Jjmlr sale or to let-in brooklyn, in the 1 I est parts of the city, a number of Unit elms Ileuses, or w ill oe exchanged for wo-ant Lola, fn? and clear, well li ented, in Now York or HrookL ti. A) ply to WILLIAM B. NICHOLS, 41 Pino street, N w'York, or at lULaiayelle uvcn ie. Brooklyn. Keal estate?'to manufacturers ?for sale or to let, a most de-Ira I" properly, Within oft on tuiies of the rily by water, and hourly mmnunlratlon. Improve, iiients eonsis' of exten-ive lirick huililhv;H, -ic:un power, shafting and machinery, two dwellln ?, stables and outhouses, eight aires of laud, and u bulkhead or dock of 4M) feet i routing on the tvuy . and is the most deairable location lor an evtenaive mamm c ory. In the vleuilty of New York, being Wi 11 suptdlrd wuh (Hire suit water. 'Will be Hold low, or exclmn ,c I lor oilier property, or let. Also for sale, the no; t superb and beat located Dwelling, with stable. A'., In the city. Apt ly at the olllco of the Homestead Insurance Company, 11 B eitman street. r exchange-two unfinished nol'sES on Murrity Hill for a tirat class enun ry plate, located he. tween Youheis anil Tsrrylnwn. A loin will bo giveu, if desired, to complete said houses. Address, with tu.l pxrtlcuLrs, L. W., liox 2*23 Herald olllce. rro jewellers? a ukshient of an adjacent X town, wao owns therein two handsome brick Houses, uitencutii' eivd, wuuld exchange for an ussoi utuentof Wat< lies and Jewelry, wMch he desires to take to a remote market. Principal" only treated with. Address T. Jones, 516 Broadway. YIN K.I, VND FARMS?FOR SALE. THE BEST 1>K Land. ut the now and turlvlng H' l'ifranil ( Vlmo lt d, only 3d ni,l. a fmin Philadelphia by railroad, direct to New Vnrk. Soil in a ilii? rlav loam, rt< h and productive hr wheat, grata and lault*. Dlvlucd into lai nin of Ml a. rr? and upwairia, at the Ion- piii-a of from $15 to $30 per a, re. Onefourth raeb, balance In four/car*; alio Lola of two and a bait to Ave acrett, at from $n? to $21) each. Fiue crop* can he ae, u urowlng. To ptrwna of ainall capital or out of bualMai ibis la a good o|i|N>rliitilty to aalabilah a country home and be certain of a livelihood. Tbla la the light remedy tor hanl timet. Papera and report*can be had t>y applying to JOHN M. MOORE, 191 Pearl atreet, Mew Totk. Lrttera auaweretl. Aim, report of Union Bobiaaon, of the New York Tribune, can be obt,'Ined. Extract from repoat of ftnlon Rnlilnaon, Afrteultiirnl Editor of thr New York Trlbuur, n, on Vinehand ? It I* -vrta.uly one of the meat extenalve fertile traata. In an bluoet level poalUon, and an,tabic roudltiou for plearaut fanning, rttat wu know of tbla rude of the Weetern prairie*. Q.7 ?FOR CHEAP, OR WOVLD KX" V I rt/i/U, change tor a good farm, (Long lalaiid preferred.) good prudtnlir* lenement property In Mr lokivn, near the ferrtea. now paying ten per cent, E. A. BONCE, No. 2 City Hall place, romer Chamber* atrreb <61 ? HOO -for SALE OR EXCHANGE.?POl.'R ?PJ.U.Ut/lf. tine Lola on Central Pa.k and Filth avenue for oale or exchange. Ala t 20 Lot* In Uarl-un. M. L. clIELDON, 19 Cedar atreet. A | i\ nnn merchandise wanted.?for SALE, V'tv?UUU or exijiaiige lor dry cxkI* orot er ine.ri ban Mm.?A merchant and griet mill in Monroe, Wiauonaln, tllMail. rent* for ten per cent and la unencumbered. AIa>, city and village property and farm*, Kaal and We?l. tor aaln or excuanjn ae above, and a proportion In rath will be paid for a wholeaale Block ?* above. All coiniiioiiicat.ona confidential. Tax** |iald on W,-at*rn land*. Aridro** M. R Edaon. Merchant! I?e and Heal F.Hate Agent, 34 Pine at., N. Y. COPAKTM KHfNHlP NOTICKN. ABI SINLSA MAN WANTED.-TO THE RIGHT MAN ii faroriMMff i*r rant* merit will In* mad**, at me party la r*uulrrrt linm^iliat* If to carry on a-i i*lur*? ^ i ut t id, i ti i atil t.. nf.xtra.. .. Yw..m A n..lw .t AOtk faMmy. i B. iinwhs a to. DISSOLUTION.?NOTICE IS HEKKBY GIVEN THAT IIip <opariuei-akir>e hereioiuru ?vi?un; betwr-n Kraue IniCnnl- ,?nd Jnhn S. Dnlr, heretofore lining h lauicea at Quinry,, mill ut Kan Kraorlac--, California, under the roparinerehlp namp, aryle and iirm of 1'rauklin Curtis A Cm, and Jobn S. Dole A Co., respectively, and all nth>-rr<itiertuenihlp* heretofore eitailng briar n them, ba*? barn defi-rmiited so l dissolved. JOHN 8. DOLK. Howie. Jan JR. IRBS. WANTED?AN HONEST AND HBLTAHI.K MAN. AS par i.e . 10 act avag?nl for a very prnnialile e?hli>uh-n; r|p only consideration inquired la to pay sipt-nres of lha And ihlbltion, lor tthidi a ball Interest mill be pit an, |1 JO a wees mada. Apply to C. S. HOWES, Ul Broadway, room No. It. If. inn -WANTED. A HAN TO TARE PULL CHARGE pJLUl/. irf a outtar and fruit mora aa partnar, doing a large taab tradn. Rant of atom and two rooms, $19 a muinh. Will take part cash. Apply an tba promisee, MUX Hudson A, MalunnA dl All ?AN HONEST NAN WANTED, TO SHARR tpTUUi tbe prone in a peasant caah antrrprtaa. No paicot Imt a substantial money making buelneea, realising a certain lortune; ready (or operation, and a yerr favorable time for coining money, with amall capital and little all011. Apply U> C HJIOWBtf A CO., ?? M.oadway. d>1 AA/I -A PARTY WANTED TO IN > EST AN Bl.Uvrl/. equal ammiut with the advertiser In a light, pleasant i.nalneae-ao.nethln* entirely new; ran be sold lis ihe millions: *J0 per real pruil aa laat aa matle. Addreaa fc.iitwr(Trie-, but 147 Herald oOlcr. d|l HA|k TO f2,W? WANTED-POR AN EQUAL IN^l.VW l< re?t in a nrel rlaa* 8bn? Store. To a coin tele in mau moet III-.-ml lerma will be odered, u? ihe owner bae other eustacea. Call at tha a to re, U7 avenue, fr-un t to <" H It* 111111 r? SIO.OSV-PARTNER WANTED-IIEINO ipil.UHU engaged In a pro laole maunlai nir-n.; IiualneM, ami having more orders than I can ill), I Wou d like to Inctesse is* miHneaa A sale and pro liable Investment. Address, elating w hen and where an interview can tie sad. Capital, Herald nlflce. C-U (WWI To tin,(WI.-PARTNER WANTED WITH <ipOv"lAlvl the aner- amount, lo ra'abllah a loanu.actatlng biaoneaa, for whim a pat-nl right ha? lad ly l-een grained. The goo.,a manufactured ire ao Taakeu N-tlons, but a real atapln art?-)e of - r-rv day uac, and will yield buy percent, at leael. Adtirose M. B . IIf raid 3 FOH. SAL!!. ---fr AFI RSt"cLA8S 8EOAR stoke, with bar and Billiard Table*, for sale, doing a good business. Location isnnot be heat. sr d h tudaemnly Surd up. Apply at the north*. si corner oi New Bowery and Chambers street, ?egar store. Agents need not apply. Aweu, established pbivate boakdino House forsHle, with whole or part of Furniture, ona ol llir Peal locutions la tPe city, pad nearly full of good, prompt paying boarders. An excellent opportunity for any ope wl-litno to go into the buiine<?. Rent of bouse very modem'e, or a lenae could he effected on reasonable terms. None bun reliable caaii purchaser need apply. Addreee box lho Uc abl oiUre. AN' OLD ESTABLISHED PAWNBROKER'S BUSINESS for sale?Es ablishod upwards or twenty years. Will he sold at a great bargain. None but prtnelpals, with real ncme and address, will be replied to. Addreae M II., box l,l.Jt) Poet oflire. AH! S1NESS. DONE ENTIRELY FOR CASH, WILL be sold I or $S.uOu, or lie equivalent In real or personal property. It ia worthy the attention of any peruon desiring oslni'ita wlih this investment. Apply to J. H. MOON, 283 Fourth avenue. Bakery for sale.-thb fixtures, good will and Learn- of the Bakery corner Lalavetle avenue and Cumberland street, Brooklyn. Inquire on the premises, or al .7 Ann street, New York, In the dining ralonn. O.J WENTWORTH. Desks, counters and fixtures kor sale low. Also a desirable Loll to let. Apply at 412 Broadway, np Stair*. Dentists.?for sale a complete set of ben. 1*1 Instruments, Bench Tool*, Chair Lath*. Operating Table, including everything ueceaeary for a dentist to maka a stint In the prnlrsslou, all for hall price. Call at No. T South Ninth street, Williamsburg laor bale?for one-half its value, one or I the l>e.->t coru?r Liquor Storea In the rlty. The owner 1* about leaving the cny. Call at 725 Third avenue. ^ ii^OR SALE?THE STOCK and FIXTURES OF a LIQUOR atore In tbu Sixth waid. a good - laud lor groceries or any other hiiaineaa. Call at No. 3 Franklin street, near Baxter atreet. For sat.e-the fixtures and good will of the Ladies' Hair Dressing Store, ivjS Broadway. Shov^ case* aud Store Furniture lor kale at a bargain. Apply before the let of February. IjlOR 8AI.E-A STEAM PACKING BOX SHOP. T1IK 1 machinery ie in apiendld/uniilng order; trudo iaeatablinhed; ibia is a splendid chunce for a man with a email capital. Apply at So Colombia atreet. T.TOR S ' I .] THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FIRST r elans Grocery Sioro, now doing a fair trade. Salialactory reason* for aelllng. Inquire at 110 avenue D. FOR KALE?ONE OF WHEELER a WILSON's latest improved atyle of Sewing Machine*, nearly new. To save trouble In railing, the loweat caah price in $35. Inqulra at 171 Tnird avenue, between SUteemh aud S -venteenth at*. Pior K vle dining room.-tiie GOOD WILL AND Fixture* of that superior locution, 12 Duaue atreet, near Broadway. It will be open lor inepectlou from 1 to A o'clock, to-day. For sale-a corner grocery, blekcker street, at a bargain; florae and W.iqou; one down town, $1,4 *1; six Sulootis and Kesi.iuraiil*, and some good chance* for Invest in ut; two Hotel*. Ac., Ac. F. D. RICH ARDSON A CO., 82 and 81 Nassau atreet. For sale?a sewing machine, suitable for sewing heavy or light tailoring work; price $30; will take part in trade. Address B. II., box INI Herald oBlce. For sale?a large lead of magnetic iron (Ire, mutated on the lludao.i, near Cold Spring; will ba sold cheap fur aarh. or exebuugr for luerahuiiillse. or productive property. Apply to E. BLOOMER. Ml Broadway. For sale cheap -lease, stook and fart of the Fixtures ot a Billiard Hswai, now doing a lair buMness. Apply on premises, 1122 Fourth avenue, up stairs. TjlOR SALE CHEAP?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF J? a neat and well fitted up Iaquor Store, the ouly one on the four corners, aud uoiug a fair urn-Ins**: well located ou the east Side of the city. Apply to T. UAFPNEY A CO., Auctioneer*, ofllce 170 Chatham street, T710R SALE OR WILL TRADE FOR GOOD PROPERT*f A wholesale and retail Liquor stor with two Meeting Room*, live years Lease, with orwltl.att Stock. This I* a good chance; cbe*nest rent lu this city. A; ply at No. 8 Roosevelt stroet, or Pi WILLIAM ABnOTl', 43 East Broadway. N. B.?If not sold this day, U will be sold at auction to morrow, at eleven o'clock. Grocery fob sale-one of the best stands In Brooklvn, choice and well selected stock, cash trsde and low rent. Will he sold at a liar. sin. Inquire or J. CHARLES, 217 Atlantic street, Brooklyu, between 10 aud 4 o'clock. Hotel for sale.-a mohe than usual inducement; all in good slu pe, order and condlliou; very superior lunation; doing a large b sin as, and a good chance to make money. SOUl'HWLJK A MOOD, 82 Nassau street. Kerosene oh. route fob sale.?will be sold wltu Horse, Wagon a..d ad ).p itcnances at half its value, a* the owner i* a ">ot lea. n the ell\. A handsome piodtcan be realized lroin It. Ad-rc. s H., Herald ofllce. Lease and fixtures of an old established Scgir Store for sale. Applv on ibo premises, 3U0,(* Grand street. jiuhcal.~ A MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOlorte for Miie, eiegan-.y carved legs and case, overstrung baas, full Iron pl-t~, lined with sailnwood; ha* *11 ilie modern Improvement*: made to order; been in use even month*. Cos. ghtkl, tor $23(1, In- hiding Stool an 1 Cover. Also Parlor Km ntture at i.rsa: wc.fle. Inquire ut 70 West Twenty-sixth hi reel, near Sixth avenue. UAHOAINS.?four PIANOS. THREE french" OR Ij gaiis, Melmleoas, Music Sioo'i, V\ .it hes, Diamonds, Jewelry, Segurs, Books, Safes, Paper, 1'uiu' tigs, l.'uthtry, Ui us. Pistols, a small Steam Engine. Xr , .to., for sale cneap. Cub advances on merchandise generally. I. F. JONES, Jig Aun street, second doer. Pianofortes at war prices.-we are now Bellini; on.- Pianofortes at greatly reduced uricea for rash. Parilf" wishing to notalu a nral clam Pianoforte at war rates lire lnvileil to call. LIU HTM A URADBI RYS. 421 Broome street, N. Y. PIANOFORTE FOR BAf.E CIIEAP-AR IT MUST be disposed of tmme timely. I* in perfect order, seven octave, elegant r mewoo ! ca-e, French gr..n I action, sweet anil |xi? erf ill tone, Iron frame, large n urd legs, line Cover anil Stool, Ac. Cnn he seen at 12? Tw-'illy-Urst St., near Thlnl avenue. Will tw sold lor $i2o; Coat $ ,\J but on a year ago. THE HtlKACE WATERS PIANOS AND MKl-ODEoNS and Aleiandre (irirkiis, mid P. Olden A t'o.'s relehraled JSollan Pianos, are tlie tluest Instrument* for parlor ami churches now in u-e. A In' ge assortment can be seen at tho new wareroonia. No. 4Sl Hr.aduay, l> twin tiraml and Hrisitne streets, w Mi h w ill lie sold at rtirameh low prices. Pianos and Meloiteoiis, froms n try makers, new ami secondhand. 10 ,et, and rent allowed If purchased as per agreement. Monthly payments reeelvi d lor the same Sheet Music, Mosle Bio"" and ?'l klni's ot Musle Merchandise at war pr.ues. A pianist tn utt- tidaitco will try new inuaie. 1X7 ANTED?A YOUNG LADY FOR A CONCERT < OMit oa: y; she must lie a good slng- r; a p rmatient encage' nieiit will e given to one who suits. Apply tlds day (Wednesday), between 1 and 5 o'clock, to Qeo. W. Smith, 309 4th avenue. ^ ' T IWTHIICnOB. Academy ok bookkeeping, penmanship, An'hmetle, Ac . .V"! Broadway ? Fifteen year* In mic. cemful ojx-cauon. Thorough, piaril j>: Irm.ruction, day and evenutfc upon reduced term*. Wriling <1c|*irtincnt conducted by W. I, Uoo?iau J, for many yearn with Goldsmith. W. j. RENVILLE. AT 93 SO FOR 30 WRITING LKSSONS-VNMMITBD lcittuti* In (inutile entry, Ito.itke piucommercial calculation*. Ac., 910; pe numnah p and aiioimeti", three m< nth*, 78 le??o each, VI), a, PAINK's Mercantile College*, 63 Bowery, New York, and 24 Kuoon nr-eCHrookiyn. A GERMAN TBACIIKK, IN THE HKACTIPV1XT fduiaied town vl Meii.eirarg, Hr.dcn, Germany, Europe, withe* to uke three or lour Ain rwau rhtldien of respectable parcnid, to citrate them in ul? faintly, a In re they will lie tau ,ht the brrniaii, French, Eu lieli, Lalln. Greek and Hebrew languag.*; lo play uie pia.i.., to draw and paint. Por Information apply to Cnrtatoplier lloidrrman, 113 Kaat Twenty-third direct. IESSONS IN FRENCH AND TRANSTLATIONS BT AN J e?|?crr ie rd tea, h i. Addrt at A. B. C., bo> 114 Ifrreid otlb-e, or apply at 198 Clinton *t., brookiy n. PHYSICAL KDCCATlON. - MADAME HAWLET wont i announce that he nest 411 rter romiheooe* at her latdiea' U.ianaaliim, sN Ko ir h acctiue, on toe lat February. It being tue laet p. lor to urr d jiariure for Europe. A prompt altemlame i* re?|iie?teu. lo aeroiiunodate ladle* In that <|i|.irter rti *e? will aiao oe formed at Knicherborkef Hall, corner Eighth ueenue and Twenty-third street. Clrculara and all particular* - an be outatned at 329 Fourth avenue. _ THE SPANISH LANOl'AiiK IS TAI'lJHT. AS U) I IPK A.N.I liclittllN. K01 te.rna, which are very mot. m.e. appo ?l hi* re-l- *. e, I j Wrat Twenty-Math aireet, or ai hi* oilioe, room No. 7, Clinton Hall, Astor piece, from 10 nit, o'clock A. M, "11 fANTED?A SPANISH TBACUKR. TO UITE US' VY miiix lo S|oiii?ii Him Uim* wwk; none hut tiinaa who ran glee good refer- no a xa tu oupaclly, Ac., neeid addreaa tor two <iat , Clayton, T ibtitio n mr, Air ANTED?A PROFESSOR OP THE HERMAN LANif giuifce, to fire to . r nore .otiines or ieaeonx; enelltlng Hi Brook l\n p ef? r-etl. A !?n? foi three day*, II., box *4.111 New Voi k r.i.i oA -e, sL.tlog terms and where a lew Itbi'x ran be addre ?xed. DAIVCINti ~ ACADEMIES. ADonWORrit'8 DAN'! Nvj AC tiro. dlES, No. 2IM Filth aeruue, cor. Tweniy-sialb ?c, New Tar*. No. 137 Montague nu n, tirooaiya. CLAMS Kf^Tueedayauud It. , .a) a in arooklya. CLa.kiII*?Wedneauayaan i ?a. .may* iu New Tor*. Circulate lor icrue, Ac., imsy oe bad at either aoaaeaf FERHKRO'H DANC Ml ACADEMY, M WEMT FOURteenth aireet. f aaeee Wedn rtxyaand Sxmrdaya, and Monnai - and four-day*) Ha n- r c.nnoiaueea from the day of wtit'|r; (ratlin* a ? lit lad lee aud gentlemen ever/ Saturday eveuinga at H o'clock. VVKRITVKB. ENAMELLED CHAM Ml.K Sl'iTB OP FURNITURE, IN JGi all nnloraaad ?lyir?, at wi.uleaa.e and reun, at and upwards. Also, Nailreaees and Palllaaaea WaKRNN W AND. *77 Caaal aireet, iour doora ran of Broadway. Furniture bought.?all einds or household Pulnliure bought fur esse, dhd a good iirten gieen, hi A79 Tlnixl avenne, n -ar To riy ion ih street liaise call or addresa Puruiture, ae above. N. B.?A good aaaormehtef aecoad kaad Piirmium lor xala. Ft'RJf ITURE.?C A SII PAID FOR SECOND HAND FUR niitire. Minora and Carpel* Country calls alnaded lo Addre.a Fm iilinre More, joO Hudaon street A good ma hueany Plyrnpmu Hecn iary Hedaiead tor tale cheap. Fl RNI1UKN -A COUPLE, LATBLY MARRIED. DNaire to conimen * h.uu.eker|lng, and to save trouble wish to meet W'lh a party who baa a well furnlabed house, and would like to dl*p.s* .. the lurnltnre. A note addraanw IO nor <-** iinnmnn run owe, IMIID| WlHfl and where ih? furniture can Be neea. will meet with a jiromi t r??h enelniwcr. W ATCHBI AND JIWKLRT. TIIR HIUHRHr PRlrRR ADVANCED <)> UOUO AND H.lver W. tel'i", 1IU iino. .knaij, Ac. I ni adeemed Uol. and r >\ aiC'j ? ? .> Allnr <v re lor rale at Mai A. AUol.rill'R ?W Pearl Mr cat, corner New t'harahant it. B ?Oooda krpi oue year. I ^ i

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