Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 30, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 30, 1862 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9272. IHTEBESTUG FROK TIE GULF. Arrival of the United States Steam Transport Philadelphia. ANOTHER REBEL STEAMER CHASED Importance of the Capture of Cedar Key s, kc., ke., ke., % The United States a teem transport Philadelphia, Capt. Barton, from Kef Weat, arrived at this port yesterday forenoon. The Philadelphia brings home Company K, United States cavalry. Tho troops at Fort Pickens and Key West are all in good health. Nothing new has transpired at either place since last advices. OUR SANTA ROSA ISLAND CORRESPONDENCE. Caxr ox Santa Rosa Island, Jan. 5, 1882. ft* Soootid Fight at Fort Piekew?Matters Since Then? A Rebel Steamer Attempt! to Land at the Navy Yard, but it formally Ordered Off?The Ocnserptenee a Slight Engagement on Both Sides?The Nary Yard Set on Fire? The Amount qf Damage Done?Bragg Orders the Firing to Cmte?The Bfftct of (he Shooting on Both Sides?Fir[ Pickens Always Beady, dc. By the steamer Bbode Island, which left this placo en the 2d instant, you have been informed of' the second bombardment of Fort Pickens. Since then, tip to this date, nothing has occurred. Bragg was absent at tho time,at Mobile or thereabouts, and, taking .advantage of ug, voionei jacason, 01 me viuihui uoorgiau troops, per. milled the Snort er to come down from Pensacola to the hears at the Navy Yard, by way of a fly. No tug or toambont had attempted to m'ko a landing at the Navy Yard since the 22d of November last until New Year's day, and Jaotcaon must have been foolish t? suppose that we would allow anything of the sort, particularly when they flro at our small boats entering the harbor. Anyhow, the tug turned tail aftor being warned off in a formal manner, by having sovorol shot shoved at her, and put off for Pensacola like a scared hound. The enemy repMed to our shots st the steamor, and in a little while the batteries on both aides were firing at each other?the rebels shooting the most at first. This was about twe P. M., end the firing lasted until four A. M. o. the aesf day. The rebels fired some few more guns x then at the previous bombardment, and for ell the harm they dttftort Pickens they did not amount to much. A large number of their shells woro at-at on the island, end they fired desperately at space, or something else, for It was very hard to tell what the deuce they were trying te hit. Our camps outside were uninjured; end,notwithstanding socesii tried to demolish them, there were not to be found on the Island places that wore more secure from danger than these spots. About half-neat nine o'oloek in the evening flames were seen trying to eseepe Oem a large building in the Navy Yard, and ia an hour after they broke forth in greet magnificence, end with such intense brightness as to be seen at see tor nearly forty miles. These buildings wero set on fire by incendiary composition, pecked in shells end fired from Iho fort. The weather at the ume was damp and haavy, and if there had boeu a good strong wind blowing the entire yard would have goat. The houses destroyed were a large building used for a rail loft, containing a quantity Of sails and cordage, also for quarters and soma officers' dwellings, 'ibe loss was cousidcra Me. J mo n*vy laru m Doing uisiigureo grauuauy. Before we are done with it the rebels will not value u a great deal. The artlMerlets in the fort damaged some of tbo enemy's batteries considerably, scaiieritg death and destruction into two uf them at least. About six were killed, and more than that wounded, besides a gun or so knocked over. Hie bodies or the dead soldiers were taken to Pensacclu, and from tkonoc wore sent lo.MoritCory. ' The batteries were in the vicinity of tho light ic. H is to bo hoped that none of the killed wore Union men at heart, as there are plenty of such on the other si !e. Bragg, as we sii l before, was absent, but returned at three o'clock in the morning, and ordero i the tiring to cease, at the same time manifesting great displeasure at wiiat hai hapjieced on the part of his command. Koport has it that there was quite a tlare up all round?Broi g's man K 'l lay, chief engineers, ordnance ofiwSrs, and e\eryIItinfr duo. An obrcure individual by the name of lieges is Raid to have reeigticd. It won't uinke much difference to us, ono way or iho other; butwiil stlect Rragg's arrange munis a grout deal. Brngg is despotic where ho is in comi: and, and always was a disag rouble man to serve under. The enemy have u<> rcns"t\ to c ngratuiate themselves upon tl'O bciubardnieiit of tlio lit, as tlielr efforts show 110 result. Tho fort shows no oilboi of their sb< t or shell that is of the slightest importance, and not rami was killed. either inside or outside, fine volun tcer was woundoii. The firing of our guns was nvs' excellent, and n?t n shat wat wustod. The rebels our shooting was gro ! So ohl I ickons is alt right, and readyat any tin\o t > give a good account of her.-en. Our most excellent commanding office", Colonel Brown, has won additional honors by his J 'dgmont, couraco and success in repelling an attack ro rashly commonced by tho icbuls. OUR KEY WEST CORRESPONDENCE. Kkv West, Jan 20,1S02. Arriial of the Connecticut, Kric/ron cu.l Zouave?Ca,ture iff Ike Stkoner Km ma by Ik - Connecticut?Her Cargo, Passengers and lle/wled Declination?Disembarkation of Ike Xinety-frst Reyim-nl?Their Appearcnce?S'uln.j and Death in the Xineh'eth and Xinrtyji:d?Xesos ly the Zouaotfrom the. Guif?Rencontre Between Ike HunUville ant Kitlatinny?Fortunate Result?Reasons for the Mistake?Effect of the Arrival of Trooft?The Tribune's Correspondent al Key West?Secession Again?Ho to it Behaeis?Arrival of Judge Marvin?Fort if cat u,ns?Remarks Regarding A' y Wr^t and its Importance?Seizure rf Rebel Projteriy?Kmplcysnent of Contrabands?Ve lar Keys Again?Probable Occupation?A rrivat of the Philadelphia?Chase of a Rebel Steamer?Her Escape, into the Harbor of Havana, <fe. Yesterday brought us the Connecticut, Ericsson and chooncr Zouave?the first from New York, with sup*loe the blockading squadron; Jhc second with tbo Ninety first regiment Now York t-'tnie Volnnteo.-s, and the last from fhip Island on tlie 1Mb, and Fort Melons ?B tbo 17 lb mat. Tbo Connoi licet, Commander Maxwell Wood hull, United Bute* Navy, commanding, on the 17th inst., when off Jupiter Inlet, foil in with and look as a prize the schooner Bmiui (formerly the Onward), of Apolachicola, but now under English colors, of course, from Havana bound to St. Johns, and towed bcr to ibis port. The Kmma was commanded by Captain Marks, a citl/on *d Anixltoi>hi<*rrlA hot hfirn in former! I rut. anii hml t?rn fassongets?ono Mr. U. Kllison. of Apahtchicola; the other Mr. Jno. M. Birch, of Columbus, (leorgia. Of t?r crow of four persons but one chlnis to bs an KoglishuAn. Tho clearance of the Duma was for St. Johiu, via Nassau; but lite captain said, on being taken, In teply to tho question, "Itave you been to Nassaut" ^hat bo bad not, on account of receiving informsloxi by ibe Knrnak that there was no necessity for going tbere. The Kurnnk arrived at Ilavsna on tho 15th at aoon, aid the Emma sailed the same evening, thus proving that (he movomonta of many vessels at Havana wish' tag .to run the blockade arc regulated by news received from the neutrul port of Nassau. i The cargo of tho Emma consists of coffee, soap, fruit ' and a number of small articles, such as spool cotton, needles, <to., and yet the captain claims that he was hound to St. Johns, Nova Scotia. This may do very well to tell Ie.those who hove no brains; hut to mako any sane person believe that soap, orangce, bananas, spool cotton, noodlao, he., were being carried to Novo Scotia from Ha vono for hole is more, I think,than the captain or passesgars eon accomplish, and I am oontdent the Judgo of our Admiralty Court will And quite sufficient circumstantial evidence to sondemn the vessel end cargo end tend her row and pespongers to tho United States Hotel at Fort Warren. In searching the effects of the crew and passwgere bore was found In tho boot of ono a memorandum book, containing a description of the vessel's escape from Ap.v Bernoulli, ?uu uu uii parson ui nr. uircu was iouuu a telegraphic despatch from Colutnbua, Georgia, forwarded from Apalachlcola to Havana, tell lug Mr. Birch the Mockade was raised, and that ho could return at hie earliest convenience. It seems very singular that these two gent lemon, who acknowledge to be on their way tKitne, should take suoh a very circuitous route to reach -there. Possibly they thought that "the longest way round fll the nearest way home," but this time they were mistaken. The cargo of the Emma le very valuable, and will, do doubt, meet wttfe ready rale at thie port, and bring a I price that WUI n>*he a handsome share of prize money for I :e we the officere and crew of the Connecticut. I congratulate Commander Woodbull on hla succcaa in picking up choice morsels, and keeping out of Seconals many articles that would be of great use to the rebel*. A vessel cruising between Cape Canaveral and Cape Florida would no doubt and many of the same sort, and would do much to break up the trade that now exists between the rebel States, Havana and Nassau. The Connecticut is now alongside the government wharf coaling, and leaves tomorrow moraine ror the different station* of the finlf blockading squadron. In conversation this morning with Commander Woodhull, he Informed me that ho aaw distinctly a bag, suppoaed to contain letters, despatches, Ac., Ac., thrown overboard from the Emma. I regret exceedingly this loss, Tor the reason that, besides losing the posl. jive proof of the vessel's character, I am nnable to send copies or what would have been Interesting rebel correspondence. This morning the steamer Ericsson hauled"alongside the wharf, and the Nlnety-flrst regiment disembarked. They marched by companies, without arms, to the location of their camp, which is on the south side of the Island, near the barracoons that were erected for the accommodation of the captured Africans while on this island. The arms of this regiment are the new musket, and they remain in boxes in tbo ship's hold, but will bo served to the men in a few days. I was favorably struck with the One appearance of the men of which this regiment is composed. They present an excellent appearance, and appear more accustomed to the drill than those of the Nlntleth. Possibly they have had longer timo and more opportunity to perfect themselves. I cannot say much for the clcauiineas tf the men of either regiment ; but every allowance must be made for ten days on shipboard. I hope, now that they are here in a warm climato, whore thevo is plenty of rait, if not fresh water, they will endeavor, by free use of soap, water and clothes brushes, to bring themselves on a par with the regulars In respect to cleanliness, and soon equal them la drill and discipline also. As soon as the camps aro fairly regulated I will visit thorn, and will then be better ablo to form an opinion than I am now. The Ninety-first regiment hus'boou moro fortunate then tho Ninetieth in regard to sicki.oss. 1 am informed by tho surgeon of tho former that lie has lost none, and has but ten casus on tho sick list, and tlinv of verv Ilirht character, while tho latter have lost one at sea, two since they arrived here, and have a number yet on the eiclc list, but all In a fair way to recover. The names of those who died here are George Adams and Dewey C. Lyman; their disease, typhoid pheumonia. They were both buried with military honors in' the graveyard near tho barracks. The sick now here are in the Marine Hospital, a building adapted for tho purpose, and occupying one of the most healty and delightfnl positions ou the island. They, will be well cared lor, and will no doubt be speedily fit for duty. By the arrival of the Zouave we hear of an unfortunate rencontre between the United States steamer Huntavillo und the nailing gunboat Kitlntinny, which occurred on Friday, tho 10th inst., oft' Mobile bar. It appears that there was a denso fog at tho tlmo wben tho Hunter ilie discovered the Kittatlnny close aboard of her. Not knowing lier charuetor. and supposing her to bo a privateer, from her rig?sho is a three masted schooner?the Huutsvillo opened Are upon ho:', which wus returned by Uie Kittatlnny, ns her captain supposed the Huntsville to bo a Confederate. Several shots were exchanged before the mistake was discovered?1 am rejoiced to say without loss of life or damage to either vessel. 1 give this report as I received It from tho captain or the Zouave, who saw both vessels alter the affair. I'ossibly the olllcial account may make some change in it. A|>art from tho above, the Zouavo reports all quiet, both at felflp Island and Fort Dickens, which it must necessarily be until more fo-ce.< arrive. It will bo a mouth or six weeks, I suppose, before any important movement will be made. The appearance of the large body of troops now on tho Island, with the report that us many more are coming, has had a meet salutary edict upon those we kuow to bo secessionists. They appear to feel that their chance is st an end?that the United States inland to hold and fortify the place against all comers. Consequently they eeo the necessity of cbiiducttng themselves in a proper manner, and putting the best lace possible on ihe whole aff?ir. titill, I hope this may not savo them from th? puuishment they justly deserve for their conduct in the ilrst (if our dilliculties. 1 rejoice to hear, ns docs every loyal mm on the island, that Brigadier General Uranium is coming to command the vohiutours at this jxirt. As commander hero or the regulars when Florida seceded, he is well acquainted with tho sayings and doings of ail the residents of Key Wert, and knows who and who not to trust, and I h-tvc lio duubl th.tall will moot their inst reward. 1 have had several copies of the Now Vork TiU,unt handed mo by persons win have sunken to mn ia regard to l.Tiors up, oaring in that paper,from a Key correspjud-nt, tn which the character of Mr. James flier, of this place, has beou very Severely, and, from what 1 cau ieiun, unjustly commented upon, i did not doom it ncccssu' y at llrsl to speak of the matter; but so much bus boon brought to uiy notice, au.l such satisfactory pr of boon given inu by really loyal people, tluil 1 uiu compelled, iu justice to Mr. l-'dor, to pr.iuounce the clnigcs con'aiued in the lutt-*. s of the T''i on res'icudct t, in wbicii Mr. Kilor is repr seated as u secessionist uiul euetny uf the government, us being totally without lounduti in. I >.o not deem if necessary (o say more than this at pro ut, bui, if tho proof Is required, will bo iuo*t happy to mrnish it; umi 1 ii.n, when furui he.i, u wi.l bo : hot little rc lrhrd b_, ihc ye sou making tho clung s, lor j it ln?C' reflect more upou himself than h; Ima l.ier.and show to ihc world Ins reasons lor raying w lut re did. To sach a<i extent has secession b am, and ir y t ci ried on iu this place, that ia the Service of the l.piscopul church memb ts .>1 the cuigregatUu have b.en ui.-i c\ c 1 to oio.o their prayer bonks v.hou prayers aro iSon-d for th> Presi lout of tho Uuilod States. it tuts feeling it carried into the hou>e of too, and men, pr, ie-sor.s of religion,choose to behave in a marnei so di ecily contrary to tholr pi'tf ssijns, what can we expect fr< m the in ou oth ir ouch: We mn.-t not expert thorn to piece any value on Uu oath they lake of allegiance to tin i.uitod States; but, on the coulraiy, b.iieve them to be the secret enemies o. the government and all that aayv tuns to it. Yl?,. roviilAnU f?f K'rv Wdst vvnrn nmrli n'ii irn I when tho Connecticut arrived, to .vuicome tiiuir toil >w citizen, Judge Marvin,of llio UtilaJ burtonCourt, l'lio Judge returns, alter a short visit tu t.jc North, to resume hi;i career of usefulness at th.s place; and H is x sntlsfnetton to kuow that whatever cune.i beiore him Ju itiiahy will b.< h laoetiy anil fairly iU-ait With; arid while ho Will glndly release the innocent, lhe guilty wiil luoiit certainly pay the peuulty ul their tuieUemao 019. The Ju-igo so thoroughly luidurslunda luariiiin* law tluil but few, if uuy.wtll escape on tho mborabie quibbles set ip by those who violate oor law.*, un 1 a pri/.e arriving a*re really guilty tan fc-ol aruurob tia chaiiee of esoap is hopeless if Juibe 41 irvin tries the ease, which he alone can do. I was 111 orror regarding tho cba.-acttu of the new fortlilcaiions now be in; c instructed on this island. Instead of teiupotury sand naileries, tlicy arc tu ho permanent miriello lowers of large else, and mounting very te .try g ins. It in evident the government is being nro iso to the fact that Key West Is the in< si important post in the (dull of Mexico, uiid that it must be placed in u condition boyond the reach of accident. A la: ge garrison will 110 doubtalwnys he kept here, not only lor the saloty of the place, but to move rapidly to any other point in the Gulf whoi v they tnuy he wauled. Had Kugiand. iustc.m of tho United Stales, boon thj owner of Key West, it would loug since have been a second t.lbrnluir or Malta, and would haveelfoctiSMly vccured the navigationel the <; if of Florida. It appeals lo have been tho i*dicy of ttic Unt- I led Ftates-to underrate the value of tho most imp >rianl points.and expend large rums on those of recjndary consideration. Tho money thrown away on the lvusaci. la Navy Yard should huve been for the some purj osc here; if it had boon, w e should now be reaping tho benefit of it, where.- s we a-o das roylcg at I'onsacolu thet which oort so much time and money to construct, and which turn been heretofore o; compare lively little use. Key Weft, uutll lately, lias boon htruly known; tnany, in fact the the North cover know of there being such a placa In the United Stales. Now it is familiar to every one, and we lost n how one of tho most important points to us in Ilia present war bus been neglected and pa sedover by However, when wo consider tho goveruuiotit we nave hid, tho neghct must not b- wondered at; fur it was their policy to ke> p It in a Ucleucolsss con lition. It is a singular circumstance that while tho property of Asa F. Tift has bean seized by Ilia government, that of a man by the name of Mulrauan hm been |ie. milted to remain in the hands of the agenin or faintly r.f tho owner. 'ihi? Muiranati is now in the rebel army as a oo plain. and wax the Qrst man V> hoist tho rebel Hag ami a,note It with seveD guns; besides this, I understand he aoutan Impudent no usagei? tl>* commander of Fort Taylor, d emending that tho (lag should be saluted by that |iost. His property oonabsts ol one of tho host houses on I he Key, built for a hotel, and situated In'tho best part or the city,and la admirably adaptad lor government*; It ahuuld be Uk?n |M>asesalou or at once for that purpose. Tho family of Muiranau still occupy it, and part Is rented by them for atores. 'lhirhould not bo permitted; for bo (Mulr an ant Is Indirectly receiving tho benoHt thereof, and al tba a?mo time Is In arms against tho government. 1 tlnnk It would be ol great advantage to our government to send here severs! hundred of the many contra bauds now iu their poaaeseiun, for the purpose of aiding in the construction of public works. Many negroes are new employed nt high wages whose owners are tho govornmeut's worst enemies, and who are depending upon their employment for subsistence. This should not be; wo bavo many o<> itrabanda to spare who are at present e harden and who could be used hero to advantage. Hrro Is tho pro|?r place for thorn, and Ihny should he rout at once to prevent the employment of tho property of men who, while they are growing fat off tncie Sam, boast t.hat thoy are hie enemy. MTo are hourly eepeoting the arrival of the Florida, or som? other vessel, from Cedar Keys, and are in hopes that re may have news of their occupation by our forces. It is tITOO they wore In our p ssesslon;lor In tho eveut of a sii kly IMM? In the (luff it inuat bo the naval s.ud military ,lep?t for a hospital. I have before spoken o>> this subjectbul ' * Importance Is to great that I rofor to 11 again; for .tn examination of its locality wlllehow how MOtfflStirjT it ^ tbftl it ftliould bt oiico more undor the control of the C'nited States. From Cedar Koya there U railroad communication to all the Important points in Florida and OcorgisN ? I" 0D,y within tho past two t W YO NEW YORK, THURSDA MAP OF CEDAR KEYS ?6e> _ U-* ; -- ^ j? * j \~ \ {? SCAmtS?K?&^^^, I SHAKE) I fmB9f/ : f/i/ 1/ ? aY % ^.fj / yjSr# .9? V' ^r# * 0 -S$J / V' i $*/ f T~ X ' " The railroad connection between tho mainlan weeks that any blockading vo.-sel has boon stationed there; and nothing would have been easier than to land cargoes of arms ami munitions of war at that point, and have them forwarded by rail to any pdnt iu tho interior, I have no doubt that many supplies have reached tho Confederates through this channel, but urn in hopes now that the leak has bjea stopped, und that ws are in possession of one end, at least, of David L. Yulse's Florida Railroad. The surveys of Cedar Keys, at the suggestion or this samo Yuleo, have boon expeu.-e enough to the United States to givo them a just claim to ilie placo, even if tbey had no other; and 1 trust if water enough was not found for a frigate to cross the bar, tbero will be sufficient at loast for a low gunboats. Hy an arrival to-day of a man from Manatou (near Tampa), wo learn that tbero was a forco of Ave companies at that p.scc, r.nd tho harbor protected by two batteries of two gnus each; some of the troo|? havo been moved to Fernuudinu. Tampa is of little use to us under any circumstances, and when wo take possession of Cedar Keys und Fertiandica, it becomes ours without the necessity for en attack. Ji*. 21, 1862. The Connecticut and Water Witch sailed this morring for the Gulf squadron. The Tahoma loaves thi? afternoon for the same destination. The Philadelphia has Just ar. rived, haviug left Fort Pickens on Saturday last, tbo 18th lust. She reports all quiet at that post. The Philadelphia brings one white man?Charles Kates, of Machine, Maine?and thirteen contrabands, who succeeded in making their escape from I'eiigacola aud the Xnvy Yurd about ton duya since. They all agree in reporting the number of troops at rensitcola, the Xuvy Yard aud surrounding forls at about eight or ten thousand num. Tlio First F!oride regiment Is, or was, encamped at Deer Point. They roport that no attack was expected on Peunacolu, but great fears were cntertaiue 1 that M- bile was the point aimed at by our fore s, ai d that troops were to be moved shortly after they escaped from Pensacola to Mobile, to aid in the defence of the latter city. Tlioy lit. tlior report that provisions of all Kirn's wcro scarce, and tea.ofleo, fcc., selling at famine prict 8 tlio lorni r at four uud live dollars, .".id tlio Utter ono dollar and fir \ cents per pound. Inoaeoftho'.o c. ntiabaiu's I uis.uveivd an old acquaintance; she was leituerly a resident of Warrington, and did washing lor tbo otlicers of our squadron. I v.ici on .hied to < b .tin lieu lier lurch iutcrmatlen respecting the damage done during the two Po obirdincntK. Slio ro,K>t la ti> aim .-t e u ,ru Uentruotioli rl Warrington and Wuoisey by tire, lt>.-ido? s ?nc of th luiii.ii. ga m the Navy Yard, a id k ys t.;a. tu rein sudor aro cotnol"toly riddled with shot and thod. so 1 that tliey a'0 coinpaiatively runt for ibc. Tho rKates Ua.i b o . ia Ion uoolu mm j Mi y l.v>l, having jwte there in a acboomr, tho l.l.a, ?>? ? -hi i i ice; lie lots boon unable, until the proM-ut, in mate his escxjHs; hotvlb'tliB ?:srnioi?i?ry in lb 1 w.iiiiiik.Ti, cud 1 in' 8 say, fioitt my expo, iclieo iu Leuir.g so many r?jwrtB of iontrab.uns, that I was i irjub at all ic Ting thi same talc; it is a very unusual iin>i?uf, Heveral change" have taken plar among the on cor* o. the regular nnriy tow ltv;e since i lie ITihadclt Lie's , an tvaL-T-Ceptain Webber, I n>t m iii'i v , t. .tim;> : ? . .<> ti e LOinn.iUiJ el Company B, i-ud r. mat..*at thisat; 1 Klret Lieutenant Uibbs, lane resilient, trail.-' nelto | Company D, and Second I.ituU' icily trans,omi to Company K, an I goes North w ilia that company in the Philadelphia. Cap tain J. 1'. Bubin-oo and 1. eutonan's i'eui.bgmu ami Seuly aro pa>?oi go:a on bo nd toe Iauladel pi iia from Ko. t 1 irhcus. I am lud b:od to II '. J. (\ Clapp, Cnited butes Marshal At ibis t'liO e, lor somo further information r>Tpm t- I Ing Uto ruptured Bi ll oner Kmnu. I' Appears that tint > Mr. Pircli 1 liavo before sp Lou of was explain oI the Kmraa (tlien thn On waul) hi. Uie t.uw of bor .pea, u tv< m Apulaehlcula, aud that life present captain (Harks) fui.i become so since lior i lnnge of ( lore i.i Havana. Thn Mr. kl:i?ea, whuiu I have also ended n puss: rigor, proves to be bur supercargo. It appear. troni tho private Journal of Mr. Birch that be arrived at ApalJohic ila on tho morning or i er inber 6, find nflor trar-actii g hia buninni wort on <w .! ti e schooner and dropped d.>v. u to i n ' of the pa-a 8. llo had lme'.s placed to mark the channel way oye. the bar, aw' aficr a few m.vaoiuvr s to m s'.oa.l our hi-' vch el thepatfAgo w*s a'louipt'.l, and was u uiuln.; tl e vessel, (hounding twice, ouco on tin on let bar,a b ins in heavy hvaake.-s, cam". vary rear going to places. II rem irks that Ib.i puss-go to liavaaa was n pleasant one, but that when sixty miles north of T'lluras (ln-yiin covered n strange -all, v.lhch, as ho Hays, they insdo out nt Iic t'Ul? in ills - i.iijc* iu a.^u?ui i>u, uuu nmi>a jm^bu i them utmutli ed. Such i-" an outline of ibe trumuer iu w lticli the Kocka e win brckoa; uud the pereoin wl.o nia<Jc tin1 nbov* remark, and who wore instrumental m breaking it, have now the cool assurance to anppoco that an Admiralty Ouirt, with all the a v Idem u a ainal lliuin, w ill nrcbv their apcody rolcaco. f'cambty tbiy hm/ bo rclon-cl i t some future time, but In my humble o; ihion thi tima la vary rilstant. As for the proceeds U the t arge, they may rent rssurod they will never enter thoi. v*cktt ,a i i tho cargo will uaver bouellt any of their btwthru roho.a. J-i.v. 33, 1803. Tha Philadelphia I* detained a few hours by tl.o wea. thrr, which la of rather about tour rhnrai lor. I ain unbind to obtain theroby a (aw additional Itcma. In fur. uUbing un account of tlin bombardment nt Port IMckens on the 1st lost I stated that on our aide but one pertitu was slightly wounded. He afterward* died, the wound having proved of a more scilnus nature than wue nt Q at anticipated. The wound wua from a splinter of shell' which entered and passed out of tho calf of the leg. At

Drat It appeared to bo very alight, although there was much hemorrhage, but afterwnrda amputation tvna deem ed neyesnry, from which tha man ncvar recovered. liia natnd was John Mornn, Company J. Sixth regiment New York Volunteers (Wilson's Zouaves), a citlxen of Pater aou,N. J. Krom tha "contrabands" I laam that several 'were killed on the rabel aide; how many they aro unnhle to ay. but thoaa they told of came under their own ohjcr ration. Key Weat is to day bleared w ith copious rain ahowera, aiv? fl.-i foe mnitiKa nnH It li fo hft hnfMtfl tltnl will continue,for we are very short of wator, nearly nil the large cistern* be lug emptied by the largo demand, both lor the army and navy. Wa ara now without any TMMI-of-war, except the Wsnrtorer, and It seem* a pity that the swiftest *|||rg vessel In the squadron should be kept hero stationary, when any 'tub" would answer tho aauie purpose of guardahip. Hy the arrival this morning of iha fishing amack 0rover Kin*, from Havana, w# learn that when she waa leaving tho harbor, yoaterday, a robel steaninr, with the seccsiFin hag flying, was going In, and that tlio I'nlted Slates iienmor Brooklyn was In Obasa of her, about five tnilea astern. The steamer succeeded In retching tho harbpr of Havana In rafoty, when tho Brooklyn hauled to the northward, riving up tho ullage. This make i the third steamer that bee reached Tfavai a (.a aafoty during the past two weeks, thereby thowlng conclusively that alt the ratho'es are not ynt stopped. The fame of the ateaaier, or wbero she I* frott). Is of course I not ki>cwn. bho, In all probabilpy, escaped from Ber% RK H T, JANUARY 30, 1862.' AND ITS APPROACHES. '*<> Or V | J^LOPin a ?iS|r/g?V' p^-'* | J xjg&\ . jf ! a! \ SCALE. OF M,l?S j / A 1" i ! Jm. r% A j I I # \ ' ; d and Way Key Is principally trestlework. wick or Barrataria bay, and will no doubt b? in a lew days under the protection of the Briti- h flueAs all vessels arc prohibited from entering tho port of Havana between sunset and sunvise. it strikes mc that tho proper position for one of our cruisers?a fast onewould bo about ton miles from the coast, to the northward of Havana. Thin would enable us to head oX many vessels that cow enter the harbor without molestation, or oven seeing one of our veasels-of-war. Wldlo our Sou then) coast is swarming with cruisers, hut few vessels are employed on detached service, whore they might bo very useful, as in tbo instances stated above. NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. W.'SOI.vgtok, Jan. 29,1802. IMPORTANT OKHElT KKOM THE WAR DEPARTMENT? NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS TOR AKUY SHPIM.IE*. The following despatch will cause considerable fl it terlng among many contractors who have already in thoir possess}* n contracts for aim* to bo farnlshe I hereafter from foreign countries, tome 01 which'r.rc o*. a doubt ful character. order NO. 11 IN RE-peitto A ft MY CONTRA CIS. War J esauimi \r. VVa-.hivi.ton City, IV. C.,) .Fan. 29,1802. f Iho urgent necessity that required the immediate purchase of arms, clothing and oihi r military supplies from foreign countri * having reused, it i-ordered? A'ii -'?That no farther contracts bo made by this do partniori^or arj l> ircan tlieieul 10, iuij ni iicie of luijigu nisnafacturo that can be produced or mamif i tured in tbo L'ul'cd Stales. he oh i?A:l o tstaudln; orders, agtnclos, authorities or licenses for lira purciia.'o of arm . clothing or anything c're in foreign countries or of foreign manufacture for this dop-irtmcr.t ,.re revoked iind ;.imu!lcd. JV.tV?All persons claiming to have nny contract, bargain, agreement, order, warrant. of aulb Tily 'T whatsoever tint ;re from tins department or a'.y bureau ihcroof. lor furnishing a-t. > c'.othing, equipments or anything <"<o to ,ho li.itod t late:', fe ro {till oil within fifteen days from this date to rivo written notice of such contract arid Ita purport, uilh a statement, in w Ititip. of v. hai had been done i nt'er . , und to (lie a copy thereof will, tbo I'eciulary of War. fo.nt ?A'l con'recta, ordrre and agreements for nrr?y i tppil 's -hould bo la wrilli., and signod l.y the coot.a. t tng parti- r, und tUo original, or a copy thereof, tiled ac. cordirg to l'urairra; h 1,0-PJ of the Kcgtilati r.s with ttin lie'd of thu prA, or bureau'. It Is s. Idem that ?cy nccesi ty cn :i Jirerent a contra'' ion. Is i.ig re luce J to writing, and even when mart# by tele grit oh its to jus ciu speedily bo written aud s'gnnd, and every claim fnnnded upon u.ny pretended c'.-it'.r ? hir ?i.,i .lafronutnt fir.i.'i* unrmiit in t limit ir #,r licet o now outttondirg of which rv tier n copy I mot I'lc I In accorduiuo with (hi order within the period nientl uicd, shall be deemed i nd h<\ J to bo prim* foci* fik.diikiLl sud void, Mit no claim :hereon will be al lowed a;'paid by this department utiles i upon full and satin.aetorj pro.f cf it." validity. KliWl.V M. . ?T\*rON*f BicrcUry of War. ISSUE OF SStrnlTlKX FOK THK HKTY Mi 1.1. ION I.OAN. Iho sec.iiitics f? r the loan ot ! fly millions ofd-Ila-ti,of November 18, arc now being i?m.od front ihe Register's ctTra. Ono lii.lf the amount in In coupon nix per cent bonds.each one thousand dnlinr", which are prc.mnd aud signi d at the rule of one hundred thousand dollars per .lay. i lie remaining Uuit', In registered bom!*, will be is.ued in lur-t den ntiaatloii-, and much more rapidly. Iho delay i let ding the i--"ue of tin*, securities has arian f.01.1 iho lima required to cngravo print theui, and Ld fr.m any fault of the Treasury Popart incut. IIKAI.TR OF UPNi.itAf. MYlKU.AV. Tlio health of MuClellaii is entirely restored. atid be is actively engaged each day with his public duties at liio headquarters of the army. To day be ap l*arnd befera the S leet Committee on the Defence* and for I i lie .< lions of the gr> at likes aud rivers and after ware's had a lengthy interview with the Secretary of War. AFFAIRS ON TUK LOWER POTOMAC. About a dozen vessels ran the blockade of the Totuinac yesterday In daylight, some passing up und seine down the river. None of them wcro tired at. Lest night the Reliance went down as the convoy of two triuisjiorts. Sixty or seventy shots were flre.l at them, with what effect U nit yet known, a* there has been no subse ju nt arrival from bolow. TllE MILITARY A PPOINTMENTS. Tli? confirmation ol Gen. Stoncmiin, (htef of (av-.lry, unit ?<-n. Eary, Chief of Artillery, bavo been delayed by nn opposition or sing from charges brought by |t*rronnl tnomiae of the Gonernls. They will probably be confirm ?<l In spilo of eurh Influence. On account of noma malicious representations the noml ration of Gen Sturgie wee not sent ro tho Senate Willi the lint of other nc minatlona as Brigadiers. Gen. Rurgis had an interview with the President to-day, and hie nomination wan immediately rent to the Senate, to date from hie original appointment. THE ARMY. Captain Oliver, of Company F, Fourth Michigan reglmont, Colonel Vfoodbury, appointed Colonel of the Fifteenth Michigan regiment, flattened at Monroe, Michigan, left to day to taka command of his regiment. His withdrawal from hie old regiment la deeply regretted, and he leave* carrying with him tha bant wishes of his late associate officers, and asanranceg of thorough fitness for tha responsible position to which he has beon raised. ARRIVAL OF COMMISSIONER FI8H. Ih nj Hamilton Fish, one of the Commissioners to visit our soldier* in the rebel States, arrived here this evening. PATMKNT OF THE TROOPS. Major Robsy to-day paid off the Fourth Michigan regiment, Colonel Woodbury. They will eend most of their money borne. This ie one of the trnetieei regimeota n> ERAI ? tha Arrnyof the Potomac, and recently was the subject of special encomium by General McClellan GENERAL LANE'S STAFF. The President handed to-night to Champion Vaughan commissions for himself and tho following gentlemen, who are to constitute the staff of James H. Lane:?Colo, net Wra." H. Merritt, Lieutenant Cotonol J. Ktlpfttrtclc, Major Verplanclt Van Aotwerp, Major John Ritchie, Major T. J Weed, Captain Wm. A. Phillips, Captain Wm. O'Donnell, Captain J. R. McClure, Captain A. P. Russell,Captain Wm. Kylo, Captain Volney Hlclcox. Colonel Vaughan also had a social interview with Secretary Stanton. The above staff officers are ordered to report forthwith to *i?jur ucuorai uuni?r, u> be by him detailed to Genarai Lane. They leave for the West to morrow to enter active service. PROBABLE SCPEllSEDURB OF ORftERAL ETON# There is do doubt that General Stone will be depoeod, i and soother general not now named will be detailed to the command of the division at Pooleevillo. Whether this la to be dooe in conaequenoe of the letter General Stone wroto to Senator Sumner, denouncing the latter for language spoken in debate, or for other causes relating to ourrepuiso at Ball's Bluff, remains to be seen. One thing is certain, that the Oommitteo on the Conduct of the War bavo testimony in their possession prejudicial to General Stone that is not worthy of the slightost consideration, end upou which no human being should be condemned. MR. OUBLET'S SPEECH IN THE 1IOCSK. The "Onward to Richmond" cry has been rovived in the of Representatives to-day by Mr. Gurley, of . Ohio. Tho point of his speech scorns to bo to flutter the army and inuke a thrust at General MoC'loltan. He j thinks the army is ready and willing to move, and if General McClelian does not movo the army, Con' grofs ought to move General McClelian. 'Iho bad ! tasto exhibited in this deliberately prepared speech is | twi foid. First, Mr. Gurley has been informed officially, | or the knowledgo is within his grasp, of tho intentions of j the government relative to a military movement; second, j Mr. Guriey was on General Fremont's staff, and is soured | at the military authority here. Mr. Gurley will soon bavtan opportunity to distinguish himself in the Held, tr he desires, without doing it in Congress to the injury of the government and comfort of tho rebels. SLAVERY IN TOE HI STRICT OF COI.t'MBIA. The Hgufo Committee on the District of Columbia bavo decided to report adversely to the proposition to abolish slavery in tho District. An elaborate report, containing much \ aluab'.e and interesting information on tho subject, is being prepared by some of the members of tho committee. BURNING OF OFFICERS' TENTS. The tent of Lieutenant Montieth, of General Fltzjohn Porter's staff, caught lire at an early hour this morning aid was burned to the ground, together with that of Lioutcnant McQuade adjoining. Both lost tholr wardrobes and some valuable books and papers. Only tho prompt and energetic action of the soldiers prevented tho fi-o spreading to the contiguous tents of Gcnorsis Porter, Butterflcld and Murtiadnle. OMR OF THE EFFECTS OF ARTILLERY PRACTICE. Mr. Sprank!in, a farmer residing near Miner's Hill, to day came lo General Morrell's headquarters in a state of intense consternation. He states tbr.t the enomy had arrfved in fall force and for two hours bad been attempting to shell his house, during which timo he and his family lay concealed in barrels in the-cellar. General Morroll kindly assured tlio airrightcd Sprouklin that the shells he had spoken of wero not tho shells he thought they wore, but the result of ecmo splendid practicing by GiilTln's buttery, which shells, rlthough scenting to be over the house, exploded a safe distance away. This ussurai c , and a promise that he should bo notifled twenty-four hours hi advance of any movement of tho enemy this side of thoir Manassas intrcnchmonts, sent Mr. ^pranklin homo with bounding step at d his norves soothed. FUNERAL OF LIEUTENANT COLONEL 1'EAHD. The funeral of <hc late Lieutenant Colonel I'enrd, of the Ninth Massachusetts regiment, took place this morningThe remains v.e o tak n to ihc railroad near Full's church. The following Lieiitonai t Colonels oiiiciated a ; pall bear ere:?Lieutenant Colonel Child*,Fourth Michigan; Lleutnrant. Colonel t-'killen, Kourte.-nth Now York; Lieutenant CV'liviol I'.icc, F rty-i'ou th New York; Lieutenant Cvioee1, Soveuteeiith New York; IJoiitenant CoioncI Vinc nt, Mighty "coad Pennsylvania; Lic itonautO'lonelPlie:mar, Twenty second Mosgachisetl*. UeU"ral Mori oil and stud' nnd the colonels of his brigade were tho chief mourners. Escorting thu remains wcro rix c mpaiiies of tho regiment to which the deccntcd boIn gid, com in nded by Licit, tel. Varney, Lighteenth Mas.-achusntts, who marched with arms rcverred. Tho remains were taken in > hurge at the railroad by Colonel Cassniul the mi errs of tho Ninth M. roach-sells, who ucc trip ici-. I then, to this city. General Hougber aud htall, at.d teverul olliccis of ihu Ir.ih brigade, w.lh a I: nuDtod giiuid from tlio attached to tho bri rtir. ;rc I veil t lie hod v from th 1 Aiviulri* bout and I i icorted it to the de|*>t of Atl'tnis & Co.'8 ox; res . ( apt-iin O Noil,of CotniMC'jr'II., will attonJ tbo remains to Millord, Mast. truant Cnkwl I'tard ires born in Wat-Hunt, Ireland, fort.? -six years ago, Iia* served in the Krg I !i u tny, ar.'l wo* u btotUer of Captain pta ,|( known rs (Otrlbldi's Ho was a *hoe manufacturer r. Itcu ho Joined the Mrwsarhui-'ctta Voluntce s He leave.- a wife and oigl:t children. 1IT" COST 03 KK'ilMENT II, EAjrDS. The Hoy master Con'ral if the army, In a letter to Ho pr'f -r.t ilnc j;< IjirscD,answering uu inquiry, actinial"* the anaual cott < f the bands rf vol> nt .wr regiments at over J5;' 00,COO, exclusive of the cost of et?thlug sub>-is tin/; and transporting tho men composing them The estimate in founded en the seven hundred regiment* now in service, b v i-les itie Ik.biiity to pay each if tb so musicians, in all revt utceu tbnvsar.d ftvo hundred men (as largo it fore* as the who!* army of the United Stnti s l>i'.*oro tho war) the $10 bounty If kept In service tno years, or nil the expiration of hostilities. Mr tlcI'liorson lert weok iBtroilured a bid to <Ite< l.argo them front servicefn m the Hist of Jdnrch text. K.KCIIKT tt^SIOK OF COWIRKSS. Hie joint rcsuhitione providing for secret sessions of thr Hoi-.vo as well as the ttoLatc, wb? never required by tho dig ucy of the public rorvice, have been adopted. CLAIM ton FI1TIM. tlfT JLIIKOIK TROOTS. The I'til-m i'ofeico Co ni mi I tee of thicugi aro hire, , s king reimbursement o($31t,0J0, expended It fitting oat ; the I!) nsis troops. The ela'm vis presented three months ago, and. ufs n t-xnm:unlk>r. by th" President and th?- ArsUtantyccretaryof War, was approved by both,and 1 transmitted to the Qeartermn- -tor General, with directions tha it should he psid. At lil i request, an a mere matter of form to have it pal 1 In the department in which tha ' risiui o .'inuted. tho |m|iers were transferred t"> St. | I. I*, uiiJ appro\cJ by the Conitnk'si.tu there on prcu. Hartjr norlUirlotii; but it wns plated in nrdor bemud I ?nme four millions ?f dollars of other claims J-'or title I reason It wua brought back here, an I og.itn direction* were Riven by thn I'rrel.lent and I Ho Secretin jr of War for lie pay trout. The . Quartermaster (Jeuerel, however, declines to oriier \ the payment of the r'nlm net of any existing appro,.rl*. { lion, &ud Insists that it shall be put In the Appwprh lion 1 bill now landing in Cunpron. The Iran* thua made up | between the Quartermaster fJmeral on tlio ono hand, anil . the I'reeident and Secretary of War on tho other, ha* ; been the eubject of a Cabinet di*i:t>iek>n to-dny, and le to bo imnicdlntely and summarily decided. RELXrTION AT TI1K WHITE HOC?*. Cards of Invitation have been laeued by Mr and Mr*. Lincoln for large party at the White Houee on Wodnea, dav even int next. lllX'KPTION AT BgCBBTA AT fcHWARD'i HODRB, Mr*. Frederick A. Reward, who gracefully presides over the honsehold of the Secretary or Slate, will entertain a brilliant party of frlaoda to morrow evening, for which carda have boon *ent out. INTERESTING FROM CAIRO.' Chk .ho, Jan 29,1M2 A tpeclal deapatch to the Journal, from Cairo, aaya that the forces comprising the eipodition age mat .toff' Thompson report the country beyoud Charleston Infested with guerrilla bands, who piaoder every one, Union and rebel alike. The expedition went nearly to Sykcstown. Oeoerai Payne has determined to occupy (Series too, end for that purpose a regiment of Infantry and a detachment of cavalry will remain at that place. A large rebel mail, containing several hundred (altera I has been captured above Cairo, on the Mississippi, wbicn i contained letters of importaaco from Bowling Ureea eod other rebel camp*. j 1 ,D. PRICE TWO CENTS. 1KIRMIIH AT OCCOQBAM BAT. . Sever* Pifktlng iictwct* the Dishorn Force* and Rebels. W ashing tos, Jen. 29, IMS. The following are the particular* or the affair o* IhS Occoqusn, alluded to in a previous despatch from Geo. Bslntzlsman >? Early this morning a small detaehment from Gel. Bay* man's Thirty-seventh New York regiment, In General Heintzlsman's division, surrounded a house near the Oo coquan river, where ninerTezan Ranters were stationed. nd In the skirmish which ensnsued svery oo* of tho rebels It believed to have been killed. Late lest olght Lieutenant Colonel Bnrke, with fifty meti from the Thirty seventh regiment, which was then on outpoet duty in front of the division, end a few moon ted men, left the picket pest at Accetluk, and in obedience to orders ' proceeded * to the bouses of Mrs. Lee and Potter,'Jus! beyond the village of Colchester. The village consists of about half e dozen dwellings. The two houses la question were located on each side of the Colchester road, and within a hundred end Ofty yards ot thcOccoquan. Information had been received at division 0 headquarters that a number of Texan Rangers were la the habit of frequenting those houses, and General Hointzelman determined to attempt to capture them. The detachment of our men reached the vicinity about midnight lieutenant Colonel Burke divided his men into four soctious. One soctton, under Lieutenant Massy, of Company G, surrounded Mrs Lee's bouse, and another, under Lieutenaut Smith, of Company A, surrounded Mr. Potter's, the other two sections boing hold in reserve. As Money's men approached Mrs. I-ee's house, the sentry at the door tired his gun and gave the alarm. He was immediately shot down The rebol rangers within, nine in number, under command of Major Burrows, came to the upper windows, and fired down upon our men The fire was returned and for noarly half an hour the bullets How thick and fast 'u overy direction. Lieut. Cel. Burko came up with the remaining twenty-five men, and burst open the door. One of tho robels was met with n luutern in his linnd, and was in the act of blowing out the candle when hft was Khot. Four of tlio rantr** woro on to fall out of the windows dead upou the ground. The (Ire of the rebels gradually censsd, snd It is believed that not cne of tlio nine who wore in lbs bout* escaped alive. Two of our men were wounded, ud three aro missing, one of wbnrn, Robert redden, of Company K, is supposed to have been killed. The names of the other , two missing men arc John Idrady and Martin McGowan, of Company G. Patrick Malone was dangerously wounded in tho arm, breast and hip, and John Malone wan wounded in (he foot. Roth belong to Company G. A young man named Jas. Clark, a civilian, who wan also in tho house, and who bogged for hit life, succeeded in getting out of one of the lower windows, and wan n taken prisoner. In tho meantime. Lieutenant Smith bad arrested Mr. Potter, the only person who was found in the other house. IMPORTANT FROMMMISSOURI. ADVANCE OP THE UNION FORCES <JN SPRINGFIELD. OiTBRViLiJt, Jan. 20,1ES2. Tho mov itnont foroshadowod by the preparations of thn ihe past week lias taken place. Ono division,under thn command of General Jeff. C. Pavis, has already taken up Its march for the South. They left Vor uilVs,yesterday morning. Their destination Is supposed to bo ?pringfteld* Tho division consists of 11 vo rer intents?the Eighth and Twenty-second Indiana, tho Thirty-seventh Illinois and Ninth Missouri, accompanied by two batteries sf twenty four pieces, and llireo companies of cavalry, under the command of Major Hubbard. Frcm tho skill end en : gy of General Pavis important results are confidently predicted. The next divi.-lon. urder General Turner, is expected to !cnve to-morrow or Friday. Emissaries from Genera! Price, bearing printed commSsiAns signed by him, arc busily recruiting through all litis section. A Dumber hero b" n raptured and brought in. upon whom ihe d. o menta were found. They are nu'! to rolut fur Hum thruo to Uaofve numltn, or during tlie war There nro about fifty p: ironciB ho.e uwaitlng the order ot the Provost Marshn! Goreral. AFFAIRS IN SPRINGFIELD AND VICINITY. P.oi i a. .lun 27,18<H. A gentle-nan who l?ft his home in Grceu county, u law mllos from i-'pringflcld, rn Wednesday, ai rived hero yes* t.rdny. Ho says thai tlmro nrc no Intrcnrbmenta being built at RpringfleM, nnd hut litt e uneasiness Is manifestoil hv l'riee or bi< ofllcors Tiicro is a gen-ral cry for reini'orcoi. enis. nnd the r< belsany Gov *u on their way; hut ibeir iiorounls do not agree ..s to aumbeis He met a in g number < f Union troops ut Lebanon, and nor pickets woro out auroral miles l'ro-.n tint place. A skim tsh liud taken place near I*haium,on the entrance of our trooos, and a rebel captain kl.l -d and several mull lak-n pi .?< noi?. Government te ams ?re constantly moving westward; Put the rurdlure almost impassable owing to the depth ol lb" mud. THE NUMBER OF PRICE'S REBEL ARMY. St l.on*. J hi 2'>, 1882. A large body of troops is moving from Rolls, Sodalio atid Ottcrvil'.e, tho destination of which la supposed to be Sririn;:fl -Id The following Is from Mnjor Wi tght's i eport to Oeneral Wyni m ?" Price's force aoue not exceed 8.000 or 10,000, all State troops. Prico bus beeo not lied of his appoiat" mcnt of Major General in the t'outederafe army, but has net been confirmed, consequently the Confederal* decline to lelnlo.-cj him tbeyseyto him they have 30,0JO troops ready to )otn him when they receive the oiEclal notic s that Mclnt. sh baa gone t? reinforce lb* rebel* la thclndiun na'.inn M"*t or (.antral Ruina' man Lave gona bum", the baUuen (4d0) aro at -arcor 10 and lirnnby .It i*salrt,tonew furnace* lata! Thoraday T rloa wan Informed tlio Irdarai* wen moving again-1 turn in lorre frcm Cull.) II cai.eaJ gnat excitement in tha rebel camp. 1'rirn orpootH I>Ih appointment to be confirmed with la two wri*;.*, when he wl I he reinforced by the Confederate:) fom Arlc mwe l'n!c*e he can lake command of I ho whole force he will be obliged lo retreat. He baa a large eomb-r of wagor.e, ami la putting everything la rtndlarM to decamp Uo intrude tailing berk ea I'inevllle unlca* rpe dlly reinforced. He han a Urge numb r of men on the tick Hat, abo foraging partir* rupturing men Many Unlee turn won- (ieetroyli p ih-lr property. He lie* alao flfteea day*' *ti;>p lea on band I ach rcbol regiment hr* an organl/o t cci pa of the beat mark*men to pick off Held ofBcera A large entrant of property wet aeixrd by the I'rornet Marshal. lo pay the amount u*-.o?scd agamat prominent aoceraoLirta by General Hillock, for lbe i enellt of the I men refugees, and will be sold at auction on Monday, February a NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE* KoNTniee Moxrog,.Ian 29,1862. The only ineidrut of now* yaeterday wae tho arrival of a boat containing Ofteca full grown contrahendi froaa Not folk. Tbay report thnt th* Merrlmac was Boated out ef the drr 'lock 011 Niturciay,ar.d was to mike her trial trip on Sunday. Slio mounted lo.i I. ch rifled cannons, and tha po>'i'la waio jubilant i i the belief aba could sink lha whole fleet in Hampton Roads. I.otter* from Port Royal Indicate an early attack on Savannah by Oen- ral Sherman and Commodore Dnponti Ttie Retinue Ctittcr A|aeali.' (iRsexroat, Jna. ft, 1A63. The rovenue cutlor Agonal*. LiauUnaat r.tmtnaadlag Kreeman and l.leuleoaut Webster, lately ordered to tbia atatton, err load here tin* mornicg. Mvwmnoca Dtaarraaeamw?Smut t ea Caen.?Tbaaeaa CAn field a atavedore tiTing In Kapalyaa a treat, Brooklyn, han been ml-sina from hi* hoitoe since Frtday laat. and * foam are entertained thai bo bM beoa foully daall wHb. When laat aeon alive be waa at lb* booee of kre geboon maker, a German woman about forty yaara of afa, livlof >n Weatatreal, inib'rc.ty Kra 8. mated tbat CkatrM wan Intoxicated at the tme, and that about alaaan o clock tbat otflit aho, m roinrecy with a young ana* Mr acqualutanca conveyed the nuaaing man to <bo HwllWt arenne ferry, and aant btna over to Brooklyn jjo pre. faaaed to knjw not hint more ?e*peettng Canheid ft*, at penrauco hot aa incident occurred veelerday whtck land* to throw dleer.ditoa Mr aut.ment *. wnadotected, It appoar* la the act at aal tag ? I* wntch belonging to Can field and whon 4 at*, toned about tha manner in which It onnaa Into Mr i oarer* on ib" tc.d ?v? oral contradictory atortoo. Flrat, aba rrd tbat Canflald ate made bar a preaenl of tba an. lunbia and n on iht itntad tbat ha tad given it to hor to ae'.l for Tha par?ou ta whom aha offered the watch for aale tc ta a friand of Cnofleld'a, and harlaf frequently seen tha property befora, at once Idanttflcd It. OlTirar Ct rl?. of tna Twenty aeventh ?treat nation, being untitled cf tha facta, arreated kra Pckocnir.aker and conveyed her before JuMicO Couaoliy, ?y whom aha wan committed fat eaam.taucn.

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