Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 30, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 30, 1862 Page 3
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kg in the saving principle of human liberty and of social emancipation. After having re established the balance of power at sea, the United Stales, it is sard, threatened to overthrow it for their own advantage, who gays thatr Mnyland.*ohich it about to Urn her naval preponderance, and who withes to return* it- We shall be reproached with making common causa with the United States against England. We, in fact, do incline in favor of the United Stales, because England wishes to overthrow them under pretext of checking their too threatening developements and their oxcessive pretensions. If the existence of England were threatened, as that of the Ame. rican I'uion now is, who would reproach us for making common cause with England!1 It it our connction that England withe* to destroy the existence of the United States, and whatever the issue the incident of the Irtnl may have, our opinion in that respect unit not be in any way changed. Does any one exactly know what England has expended in armaments sluce ihs breaking out of the secession in America? A grant of 304 millions was voted for the navy in March last; the expenses of the lleet and oi the army have been carried up to the enormous amount of 70S millions; and ibe funds of 3,040 saviugs banks have been put into requisition to give the finishing touch to thuie immense preparations. It is only to make herself respected, ami for no other object, that England has sent 30,040 men to Canada, supplied with guns all of her innumerable vessels, and called all bar maritime population to arms? Such demonstrations, in our opinion,cost too dear to be allowed to remain idle. The English know too well the value of money 10 lavish it for the childish satisfaction of offended vanity. And if this prodigious mcrease of military force has not really taken place with a view to the United Stales, It constitutes a still greater cause for us to feel uneasiness. History does not offer us an example of an arittoracy so admirably and powerfully organised as that of England. Peace and war hkve always been in its hands a means of government, and the British aristocracy have well kuowu now to make use of those elements; but now, whether the clients have increased or whether the patrons have declined In number and influence, the equilibrium between tho two classes bee been vteibly deranged. Pence le no longer what England wanta, for the markets of the. world being every day more and more closed to English commorce by competition, she finds herself ill at ease. What has happened as regards cotton proves this. Pacific agitation would surely ruin llu English oligarchy, military agitation may face it. 11 it, therefore, in a war that it will trek itstalvation. THE INVASION OF MEXICO. Official Statement of the Case of the Republic?better from the Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Mexican Consul In London. TO THE EDITOR OK THE LONDON TIMES. The future deitinia of the whole continent of America are a subject that must deeply engage the attention if ull who deiire to see the cause of liberty prosper. The republic of Mexico forme no unimportant portion of that continent. It is not my intention to revert to the unhappy struggles wh ch have convulsed that country. I simply desire to perform s duty by requesting the favor of the insertion In your coh mns of the accompanying document from his Excellency tho Minister of Foreign Atfairs. I trust the very important interests of British subjects which are now at stake, and the preeent danger to English influence, which hitherto has always successfully swayed the counsels of the Mexican Cabinet, will be deemed sufficient apology for my trespassing on your valuable space. I am, sir, yours, obedient y,* JAMES L. HART. MexicanConsulate, London, Jan. 3,1803. LETTER FROM THE MEXICAN MINISTER. National Panics, Mxxm o, Nov. 28,1801. The political events of the present month have been so full of promise for the re establishment of general peace that even the most discontented looked forward with hope to the future. The small detachments of reaptlonary troops, everywhere defeated and routed, bad dispersed; the most desperate had taken refuge in the mountains, reduced to a mere gang of robbers; these were punished as they deserved whenever they fell into the bands of the government forces, whose activity has not slackened for a single moment, re-establishing mail communication and restoring all nossiblo security to the roadR. Thu? harnm the end of the present yew public tranquillity would here been insured. Unfortunately. this glorious perspective is now clouded %jr international difficulties: new and grave dangers threaten the republic and the government. The law of the 17th of July last had led to a suspension of diplomatic relations between this country and the governments of Prance and England. The liberal government of Mexico, deeply Impressed with the importance ef maintaining a good understanding with Great Britain, and the English representative being desirous to assist the government in their intentions to indemnify British sufferers, a treaty to restore the previous good understanding was formally concluded on the 21st inst. between Sir Charles L. Wylte and this government, subject to the ratification of Congress. While the convention was under discussion and about to be brought to a favorable termination the intelligence previously received?that Spaiu was about to make a hostile attack against Mexico? was conflrmod in an unmbtakeable manner. That country, which ha* to frequently endeavored to fa*0n a quarrel on u*, ha* at lart openly declared war unlet* we tubmil to the Man Almonte treaty without a word, and m ner ether demand* without Knowing to what extent they may be admissible. This new s has naturally created great excitement throughout the republic, and the government, which was just attaining the aim of its incessant efforts to pacify the country, has now to recall its troops to attend to the organisation of its citizens, who hare flecked in from every pari to auist in repelling thi* Spanish invasion. History furnishes no parallel of a government determined to do right, with antecedents less free from blame than the preseut, subject to such pressure at such a moment from foreign Powers, from whose civilization aud humane principles it might have been expected that, at least for the inturesis <ff their own subjects, they would have g?vcn their mora) support to the restoration of peace and reorganization < fan adm nitration that by a thousand proofs has shown its noblo desire to establish ilseif lirm ly on the principles of legality, liberty aud order, under which other countries havo prospered. Without the oxtrome severity of England, France and Spain, the present goirrnmmt within a year would haw been in a petition not only to meet it* pecuniary enejaiir.m<n's, but to kartgiocn ture and lotting guai unices to naluni and foreign rt. Butths spirit of faction, which has never cos^ed to exert its pernicious influences at those Courts, lias ruled public opinion, recapitulating, in order to present a Slooiny aud revoltnig picture, all the that avo occurred in diflorent and distant periods, and under eery different circumstances to the present, without remembering that iu order to revenge party quarrels pro yoked by foreign Powers it not only involves ruin to the country, but also to those whoso Interests arc connected with it. With respect to the pecuniary engagements, it must tie stated that prior to tho law of the 17th or July the credit ors of the English Convention wero punctually paid, and that tha sum due to France scarcely reached $-200,000; that aa for component km due to Great Britain itt rrpretentative had acknowledged that the amrtitutional government could not be held amenable for the robbery perpetro'ed by Ike rebelt at the Uritish legation; and, further, that the other demands of!aod, which are of a dim-rent character, would bo met in a conciliatory manner by this government. Finally, with respect to Spain, it had been notified to that government that this administration wus eager to remove el! difficulties created by the extraordiaary circumstances that have agitated the counirv, and ready to enter into negotiations that might lead to an honorable settlement. Congress has annulled tho law of the 17th of July laat, aud ihue the cauee of the suspension of diplomatic relation* between this country and the Legations of England and France was removed, and It was thought with justice that the representatives of those rowers, who, being on the epot, could hoet Judge our acts and position, would assist in smoothing the difficulties that existed with other countries, lhest hopes art frustrated; the dorm hat burst on us. The republic, having passed through the perils of a civil war, with every prospect of a lasting peace, offered guarantee* for all International engagements. To overthrew these blessings, Spain, without previous discussion, has come among ua with Or* and sword. The constitutional government loses no opportunity In support order and morality. Upon the resignation of the Minister of Finance Honor Gonzalez Etbeverrla was ap pointed in his stand, and, aa a proof of th* public confidence.upon th* entrance of this gentleman into the Cabi net capitalists cam* forward to help the Minister out of his pecuniary difficulties, lending him $100,000 wtihoi.t Interest or other guarantee than the word of the governmmt. The public establishments for education and line arls, at*.wall mm mil < hiriiahta Intliluiinrta tnntvA??*.4 mem, have been cared Tor notwithstanding the mi nt tary embarrassment of thecountry and tbc deplorable state thoy were left in by the reactionary party; the 4 roodiUcalion of the customs' law* > under con*.dera\ tion, and, with the exception of the few gang* of robber#, U the country waa In repote, and the principle# of reform , adopted by the nation were being developed. .If freeh ca'amltles arc In (tore this government ha* not l" provoked them, and it w Ihtrcfort d'Ur mined iwt to */*arc * ann meant to avoid them in a pacific, reatoiiai It way, but alto to tw all ilt mtcgiet In uphold 'the nation*'t U?r. Thl# comniimfcallon la made to you In ordur that you ' ' -may us* it in any way that your well ka .wn real aud ' patriotism may point out In order lomodify public opinion I with can. din this country, and that |u?tu e may br done through the medium of the public pre*# of Croat llritain. With the#* expression* and the assurance of my esieaui j*nd friendahip, MANTEL M. DI7.AMAC0NA, Minister for Foreign Alhatm. Benor Don .li*n !,. Hart, Mexican t'onsul in Lomfn. ^ iliae'e Frepesttlen to Euhanm a Mexican Throne with Aaaatria for VeJBftMW O'he Boerornhallc, of Hamburg, publishes the following e4Tract from a letter from Venice ?It is cauiidentiy st Med that the project of the secession of the Archduke Maxamiltan to the throne of Mexico, was msde i he subje< t ef ctWhdenllal communlcstlons from the Cabinet of l aria, or at least that certain queetlons have been aeked at re ferenc* to it. It appear* that lit* matter haa been brought forward more prominently within the last few days, because they are waiting at Paris for a definite answer from \ the Court of Vienna before Prince Ponlstowski start* ler Mexico on a confidential mission. If we are well inform' .ed.tbeOabluet of Vienna has recently charged Prince X VtterDtoh to give such an answer lo the French projxv til \m? at, without alttolulely declining them, may leans no dan^tkatth* uttrian government mill never entertain I he t i4tli, of utaMng any acquititinnt ?*s Mcairn a ground for negotioA respecting the (ran ter of renter. Arris*, 1 North American at Portland. Howi.aim, Me.,Jan 29, 1162. The ataamO'P North American, from Liverpool on the tth inet., ernt "<l bere at flrteen mlnutoa put eight tbla morning. Her 4newaje anticipated. Pamiww ta ?With a view to albrd British trabjecte Id Canada giyater fa.-.thtlae for obtalnlsg paea porta to enable them td fnotmi to Europe and elenwhere, through the United Slater, the Provincial government haa tranemltted to the Clerk of the Pe.V at Montreal pane porta, with tnet ructions to labia thai."* to applieanta en. titled to receive l ham. * % \ NI I SHIPPING NEWS. ALMSNAC FOR N?W TOR*?THU DAT. SPN RI?RS 1 IK I MOON IMT* 6 19 RDM BET* 8 15 I IIIUH WAT** eve 8 M Fort of New York, January 90,1869/ CLEARED. Ship 8 Blanchard, York, Liverpool?Walsh, Carver A Chase. B -ik (tlsdiola, Davis. Hong Kong?C B Festeuden. Huik Prioress (Br), Corbet I, Liverpool?K P Buck A Co. Bark Island City, Kelly, Host*?? Bassetl, Bacon A Co. Brig Sprite, Pine, Ilong Kong?J C Jewetl A Co. Brig Ueorgian*, Sherman, Point Petre? Walsh, Carver A Chase. Brig Xe'.lie iBi), Pnellgrove, Havana?J A T A B Webater. Brig Johanna A Teresa (for), Artaza, Havana?H L Hitch A Co. Brig Gen Pierce. Walden, Ma'anras?R Ellis. Brig B Una tie. Veazm, Cardenas? It P Buck A Co. Brig Leviathan, Singer, Kllmhethport?Metoalf A Duncan. Bohr D K Dewolt (Hr), Kit/pstrick. Jacmal?D B Dewolf. Schr Prince of Wales, Cbisholui, Nassau, NP?BJACA Devvolf. Schr Protector, Watts, Raltimnre?Master. Schr D Brown, Heald, Baltimore?L Kenny. Schr Kvartlou, Lvman, Baltimore?Master. Schr Statesman, llalsey, Baltimore?Merrill A Abbott. Schr Hio Grande, Hudson. Snow 11111?Master. Schr Panama, Kellum. Dnimmondtown. Schr K K Kandolph, Rialry, Philadelphia?Baker A Dayton. BchrO W Glover, , Salem?MaUer. Sebr Sarah. Benson. Bristol?Master. Brbr buaan. Smith, 6tuiilngton?Master. Steamer Connecticut, Powers. New London. ARRIVED. Steamship City of New York (Br). Petrie, Liverpool, Jan 8, via Uueenatowu lUth,7:88 AM, with mdse aud paaaentiers, to John U Dale. Touched at Halifax 28tb, for a supply of coals. Steamship Glasgow (Br), Hoskel). Liverpool, Jan 9, with muse and naasengers. to John U Dale. Had strong W gales wllh heavy sea for three-fourths of the passage. 9th Inst, off the Rock, taw steamship City of Washington, benoc, going In; 18th, 1st 49 34, Ion SK, saw>a Hamburg screw steamship Steamship Philadelphia (U S tramport), Barton, Key West, Jan 22. with troops Ship Sebastian Cabot, Watts,Liverpool, SO days, withmdse, to So?w A Burgees. Ship Artisan, Pollard, Havre, 42 days, in ballast, to Hicks * Hell. ? Ship Sultana, Benson, Bordeaux, Dee 16, In ballast, to Wm Nelson A Sons. 17th lust, lal 87 30, Ion 61, spoke sclir Gold Hunter, of Prince Edward Island, for New York, entirely dismasted?was making for Bermuda under jurymasl; suppiled her with w ater, Ac. Ship Garnet, Bradford, Antwerp, 80 days, In ballast, to master. Shin Arctic, Faft, Antwerp. 86 days, with lead, to Zerega A Co. lias been within 100 miles or New York for the laet 11 days. ship Olcron, Percy, Sierra Ltoue, 42 days, in ballast, to Ncsmith A Sons. Hark.l'huuliciter, Hatch, London, 40 days, with salt, to M M Freeman. Bark Sulide (Swe), Paulsen, Dunkirk, 68 days, In ballast, to Funch, Mrinckc A Wendt. Bark E Hehultz, Howard, Gibraltar, 48 days, In ballast, to S A J Sch l ti er. Bark Piillena (of Lubee), Winsten, Palermo, 01 days, with nidsc, to Miller A Houghton. 22d Inst, off Hat teras, during a NE gale, Charles Cooper, of Prussia, seaman, was washed off the iibboom and lost. BatkOrmar (Swc), Burman, Rio Janeiro, 74 days, with eoffee, to ordsr. Had heavy weather; split sails, started cutwater, Ac. Bark Golden Rule. Whiteberry, Asplnwall, 24 days, with mdse, to J F Joy. 28th Inst, off Cane Henry, was in company with brig Ann. bound N. Brig Costa Rica, Peel, AspiDwall, 28 daye, with mdse, to J T Joy. Sohr Ned. McKee, Cette, 58 days, with wine Ac, to E 8 Psweli. 6th inst, lat 36 4'J, ion 68 12, signalized shin Canada, bound K; 18th, lat 38. ion 72, apoke brig T W'Lewis, from Oi. braltsr for New York; 12th. lat 41, Ion 65, spoke brig Julia Ford, from Messina for Philadelphia; 25th, tat 37 34, Ion 74 62, fell In with Norwegian brig Jenny, from Philadelphia for Kligo, In a sinking condition; took off lbs captain and crew and brought them to this port. Schr A B Terry, Pedrick, Havana, U days, with fruit, to T Gllmartin. _ Schr Daniel York (Br, of Parreboro), Bill, Havana, 22 days, with sugar Ae, to D R Dewoif. ? Schr A Mason, Dougias, Baltimore, 6 days. Steamer A H Bowman. Clark. New Bedford. Steamer Pelican, Baker, Provisoes. Cant Clark, of Br ahip Lelehhardt, arrived 28th, reporta Dec 22, lat 9 22 8, Ion 22 W, sDoke ahlp Royal Visiter, I rom Calcutta for London, 61 days out. who reported spoke Dec 12 ship Clara Novello, 90 days from Suchan for London. Capl llcagan. of brig Webstar Kelly, arrived 28lh from Ja maica, report* that Jonathan P Hardy, of Frankfort, Me, eeA. man, died of fever In the hospital at Black River. The schr E 11 Atwood, arrived 28th, report* left Malaga Oct 17,,Gibraltar 19th; during Nov and Deo had continual w gales; Jbst an entire suit of sails, had deck swept of everything moveable, lost boat, monkey bulwarks, and had cabin filled several limes. J'ut into Halteiae Inlet 8lh lust, short or provisions, and left there 10th, and had NE gales ever since. Has been under short sail for the last 70 days. BELOW. Ship Equator (Brem), from . Ship Ocean Express, from Port Royai, 80. SAILED. 28tb?Ships Victory, Michigan (Br), and Sillstrla (Br), Liverpool; Trumbull, Havre: harks Heroine (Br), Cork; Alamo, Philadelphia; brigs J W Sawyer, Marseilles; Windward, Martinique; Mountain Eagle, Bermuda; Lillian, and Bachelor (Br-, Cardenas; Hemietla (Br), Munsanllla; Fran-dsco (Sar), .St Thomas; Yankee Blade, Fort Pickens; Satnl Welsh, Phlla delphla. Wind during tbe day NE, with thick fog and drizzling rain. American BhlpmniUri' Association, Not 87 awn 88 mkrcnanta' Exchamci. The following approved oflicera have received ceriOcates of tliia association:? Curtains Samuel T Kis.vam, bark Snapdragon; Gamaliel Smith, l*rk Slur King; llrnry J Morris, hark American; Jno F Holmes, schr Orinoco; Daniel C Marston. haik Macbias; Warren F II..ynes, brig Mecosta: Beuj K Babhidge, ship Win Krothiiighain; Win S Iluiton, bark Alice Talnicr; Andrew Clarke, brig J Godfrey; Kohl A Moser, sobr Kate Brighaui; Henry T Keene', ship Cavalier; Ilarrlaon (I Giles, atiip Star of the South; Charli e E Keenly, ship Slur of the Union; .las Thompson, ship Clifton; l'iiklu fag", ship Ocean Monarch; Hen f I'age, ship Far Went; James A Freeman, aclir Etkford Webb; Cnaa llaniiiion. alnp J Montgomery; Franklin Lawri'iii whip Niajaia: Heo Martin, ship Koheua; i'aul Mayo, b.irk Hadlry; Kbrn it York, ship S Blauchard; Joseph Limeburner, ship Great Be public. Mate John J Woodtlue, ship Cultivator. Miscellaneous. KASxanADKix, NJ, Jan 28?A veaael, supposed to be a bark, cauie on shore on the night of the 2ilh, about C miles S of Harnegat. The vessel lms gone to pieces, anil all hands are lost. A great part of tlie wreck lias come on aliorc, also aome wheat and oata, with which it ia thought she was loaded. One ride of the wreck, with rigging anil spars, yet lies in the surf, piobalily held by the amhors and chains. There have been aome books an* writings found, in a language which we suppose lo be French; also a water cask, marked on the bead "Glorgleto," winch ia thought to be the vessel's name. Up to to-night (25th ! there lias not been any bodies found. The wind ia now NW and clear. [The Austrian biig Olorjietto, Capt Duymich, sailed from this port on the 2.IJ inst for Dublin. The fa ts stale! above by our correspondent?the name on the walercask, the book* and writings in a foreign language, and the grain supposed to forma norlion <if the eargo?naturally cicite the apprehension that she ia the ilLfuted vessel referred to.?Hunter.) NonwxiiA* Brio Jxkxy failed from Philade'phla Jan 19 for Hligo, Ireland, with a cargo of 14,240 bushels grain. On the night of the 23d had a gale from ENE, during which hove to; In 1st S7 SI, Ion 74 52, the gale Increased to a hurricane, when tbe rudder gave way. tarrying away the whole of the stern frsme. On the 28th Hie sale shifted to NW, tatne day, all bunds were lakrn o*V by tr.e achr Ned, Capt Metier and brought lo New York The J was 240 tons burthen, una bad been rebuilt 6 years ago. Snir Dxouo (of Calais), Crocker, laden with deals, for Bris ml I 'hiinnrl, W' lil ukon ?' n.i ?' Island at noun ?l lijth 'u > Khip and cargo have been told at auction at Haatport?former not insured. Llier tooirod. The D naa built in tt<2:J at l'ljrmonth. Mat*, and Jt>4 too* register. Ship Enwann Etrbktt, bafore reported wrecked at Hunkirk, wits owned by Mr. John ilsnderton, of Baltimore, who bad a aon on board In tba position of chief odlcor. She wai under the command of Captain Robert Lambert, who had in liar bia aon, Kobcrt Lambert, shipped aa a bov. The account alalnl that the captain and part of dew wai aaved, and ore boat with part of crew tnlvtlng. Wh"ii boots have a chip the olkcrrn aie ten eraby tilt Ideu among them. The crew were ahlpp-d in Haitimore, and, with the otneera, are aa fo'.luwa:?Captain, RobertJ-stnbcti inn mate, J M lleudera n; aecnnd mute, William Buckleyi carp liter, Wi'ttam Burnt; steward, Motet Lagda i, cook, Samuel I'uruell,colored: crew?frcdartck lilac, Thomaa Riley, .lohu Williams. Thomas Oolan, Thorn la Roleria. William Tempteinn. Robert Brown, (iro ge Winner, Frederick Wut'.s. .lohn .lohnaen, L Waters; bo,a? Robert Lambert and J A Reynold*. The ablp waa fully Insured. Brio Loins*, Spen-er, 20 dara from Cartonear, N. p., bound to Baltimore, pi.t into llalli it 22d Inn, and reports a ronilnuunce of Weatwardly rales the riuire passage. On the right of the lu ll Inat-, In a heavy gale from the North*. ai. carried aw.vy foie iron, ttarlcd cutwater bend, and tccelved other damage. The reat-i w?? ao l-arlly Iced that the ?a> aeveral ilaya uiinianareaMe. Arrivei at Prospect on Monday nlf hi, and waa takeu to Halifax for repairs and atorea. Btiio Minr Taei.ll. wrwktd at Rio Ifrande. waa built In laMial Milfnid, Uel, 305 tons reg.attr, rated A2, and owned In WeaipeiI. Sena Orioos (of U!o'ice?ter), Ouptll. - ant aahorenear Wen (,'uod.i* lleiil In the snow storm ol the tOlh Inst All bands ? fed. The wrack and materials were sold at aucli jo lor f'.'.vr Schr Hirir Smith hence, of and for Pall River, with a cargo ot hi7 t ma oai on 2<tih Inat, off Horion a I'o'nt, 1.1, epni lie r inrMtu a mi p-.i rnus inr sonnet ior new ii'inaoo. On hei v.?v over >e?.rurk >n Go?litn Reef, kno'ked ofl hor forefoot. and uoihipi>ed bar rudder. Hhe went over the reef and drove down near Black Kntk. The propeller yulntir. b?"C. < anmih H i! n went down about 8 o cluck In the evening to l.i i assistance. and l ined her up to New London neat nio. oiur. Hhki.i now lying at Bragaw'a railway, near ihe F> rt. leak ogat the r,i? ?f about I00U stroke* por hour. HI e will probably h ive lo discharge tier cargo and go on the wava fur rrpalte. Brilk E (i W'n 1 ann. of and from Baltimore, at Fall River Willi a .argo >1 wheat, wa* Injured by Iea'ttin againai ihn wharf during lite gal-or the 20th, and sprung aleak, whhli gainrd rapiuly. A four pump fiomtbe Mae?aeoli mill removed the water, aod the vebr wae tehioved lo a more secure position. Bkimoc (Fill). Jen 9?Cap! 1 h-obald, of the Am ship J 0 Rovnton, irom New York, reports having fallen In with th? Rainnlri. ol Floioii, on the 2 J J ult, lai ?o lo, lou 2o 10 (befica reivn ted abandoned), but owing In a gale and heavy eea prevailing. be could noi board her. BoveaT. Dec U?The Chaa H Lord, Hmllh, arrived Nor 29 frntn Calcutta, with lost of bulwarke, atanrlieona. At, mi the e>aihoard vide, from i olhvlon In Ibe Bay of Bengal with the Edith Byrne. Caaoirr, Jail 9?Ship Keanor, of Cardiff, Irom Oueber. arrived lb>e morning, having on board the crew of the ehtp Abeifoyle, of and >r lloll, from New York (grain), which I waa ahanfloned about It daya alnre. Doftkiak, .fan 5?The Am ahip Bdtvard Everett, Earabert, I from Auiairrdam of and for Baltimore In baliaal, waa stranded laat night near the Belgian frontier, with tnatla cut awav; , master and pan of Ihe crew vavetl hv aateaintug. 'there- I malnder.took lb one of IbeeliiD'e boats, wh.oh has not linra I been heard of. Vu aoDtn. Jan ??The Wild Ranger. rta'B, from London to Button, put In her# yeatrrdar wi'h h'ad and cutwater damaged, liun'avrit ?| rung. foreyardarm and foreiopgallantn, a?t rariled Away. toaa of arm and chair, atarbnard bow ba 11/ *ta?e, A?r. baring b#?n In oulllrlon on the mornu, of tbo .td, 30 ridlaa MSI* of Seltly, * itb Ibe t'olerom, from Macao, *t London, which aNo rerelred damage. 6tlr> the B\\?ne. Ulotdr. of and foi Fleetwood, from NYorlf, mi abandoned with 10 feci water In her hold on the Mib Pec, lie lat <4 N, Ion III crew #aerd by the Norwegian lath Dap hne; maaierand 13 men on board the Maria Camilla, Unman**", from Samoa to Amaterdaaf# arrived bur*. The ahlp North##,'" fa'fht (of Bo>tnn), Lovell, from Harr* for NYork, ? hft'afl, waa in colllaloh oil nlghi nf ?d Jani ary, lit l?t 49 h, Ion () W, wlih the .%iu eau Bt Jari|ii#a (Fi brig>, from Maiaeillea, which toon afvr foundered; the craw gol oh board the Northern Light, b<at that te?aei wa* abandoned at. me houra afterward*; a portion of her crew I avr been landed here ly Ihe Norma, Ninitu.d on;Ihe remainder, a lib Ilia da,** of the briar, are on bonid toe Rreinrrl.aarn, from Baltimore, dtrlred nl C ,w#a lo day. ll.h-lbe ElUabelh (barb), of EcNab, rem New :\V luRK HERALD, THU1 York to Dublin, with wheat, foundered three d*yt aft*' | 1 * living NYork; crew saved and landed here by the Jane* Kidfcton. Fayal. Dee 30?The Acortaoo (Brazilian ship), Biuta Rita, from Portland, Me, with lumber, arrived here Dec 2d, ancorned during a strong breeze from HE, parted herrbain, let go a second anchor, parted again, came on abure, and in a few hour* wa* a complete wreck crew and passenger! saved. The Mary K Donwortb <A:n bark), Downey, from New York for Ma.aelUee, wlih -'an #, wheat, Ac, put in here Dec 1W, very leaky, and la discharging. Havrk, Jan 9?The American ablp Pepperell, Hill, was driven on the Orou mudbanks, near Ht Na/airv, Jan 8. but waa assisted off Into M- una Roads Liverpool, Jan 4?The Anglo Saion (i), arrived here yeaterday front Portland, had, on bwM, lat 48, Ion M, the saloon | aaiage door atove in by a sea, and a steward boy washed overboard. 6th?The vessel passed" on (Ire Dec 25, by the Anglo Saxon (a), arrived here, was a ship of about lOuO tons, painted black, with white lower niaats, black uiast beads, and double topsail yards; mam and misen masts gone. No eigne of bonla could be seen, but two vessels were observed near, and a abip had crosaed I be burning vessel's bows at dusk. The lat was 44 N, Ion 60 W. 9th?The Westmoreland, from Philadelphia, In attempting to dock yesterday in lite Canada dock, touched the ground, came off and anchored. iiin?wii1..*ur-iuor[Tiica snip riupnra.e. ourucr, uum Havre lor New York, vu lowed in here vesterday with lo?? of rudder; li reported to be leaky and with other damage. Pltmocth, Jan 11?The Janet Kidstan, arrived from New York for orders, drifted iu the Sound, struck heavily and wna towed Into harbor by government tug. The Janet Kidsion brings the captain una crow of the Eli/ahem, of Belfast, foundered three days after leaving New lYork (grain) for Dublin., Jan 10?Another flne ship has just been wrecked upon the dangerous ridge of tbe Bkertvetber Sands, adding another to the three or four wnicb have occurred within the last two or three months. From the particulars we have gleaned from a persoual lntervieww with the captain It appears (tut Hie ?hip is the Harriet Cann, Cbiptnau, of Yar South, NS, 464 tons register, and from NYork for Olouceeter (a cargo of npwatds of 600 tona of wheat). About 8 o'clock on Thursday evening she suddenly (truck. Every ellort was made by the captain and crew to get her off, and the water in the hold making ruu.d piygress, the pumps were indefatt raldy worked. About 12 o'clock the roaster, seeing all hopes of saving the snip at an end, gave orders that the boats should be got out, which was done In a short spsce of ttme, but one of the boats, after being launched, was washed off, ttud could not be reeuveied. Captain Cbiptnan and the crew (IS In number) then left the ship In tbe two other bosla, It being evident that the ship could not hold together but for a short time longer, the breakers dashing against her with terrldc force. The men, after being in the open boats all night, were safely landed at Swanaea Pier about 10 o'clock this moruing. They were all iu the most destitute condttiou, having lost everything. Kt Thomas, Jan 10?The hark Return, of Yarmouth, NS, from Philadelphia for Irslaud, arrived here on tbe 8th inat, In a leaky condition. Tbe schr Amy Ohasc, Benjamin, 98 days from Malaga, arrived luth Inst, with foremast sprung, loss of sails, and other damage. Wr.ironn, Jan 8?The American scbr Marietta Tlllon, Tilton, of and for Philadelphia (salt and iron), grounded on tbe Dogger Bank this morning, where alio unshipped her rudder, and threw overboard shout twenty tons of cargo. The Tug (si from here soon after got her off, assisted to ship rudder, and towed out to sea, when she proceeded on her pasasge. Makes no water, and apparently little damaged. Record or Wrbcbs?The London Shipping Gazette of Jan 6 says;?Wo publish to-day our usual monthly record of wrecks, from which It appears that the number of wrecks during the mouth of December was 241; in January the number was 202, In February 2tt8, in March 133, In April 149, in May 142, In Juue 115, in July 91, in August 108, In September 146, In October 119, and in November 298?making a total during the past year of 202'J. The following American vessels have been sold In Genoa ? Ship Mary Storer, of Eastport, 5:*) tons, built ,at KnMiut-ton in 18.'i9. und mting,A2, to house in Messina for $17,0 U. now called Vlncenzn Parmdello. Bark Julius Cammert, of Eastport, 490 tuns, built at Eastport iu 1859, rating A2, to a Genoa house, for $18,000; now called Rosa. Ship Pelican State, of Bath, 818 tons, built at Bulb in 18il, rating A2, to a Genoa house, for $19,000; relufns the old name. Sblp Csruatlc, of Button, 102 ions, built at Saco In 1847, and rating A2; terms not known. Ship Albert Gallatin, of Bath, 633 tons, built at Bath In 1E53, and rating A2; terms not known. T.ATTNf-nan?At. If vslir. f!nnn. on the tlrh inat frnm tlm shipyard of Meters George Greenman k Co. a fine (craw learner ol' 300 toof, owned liy the builder*, and not yet named. Spoken, die. Ship Flying Childera, Leslie, hence Oct 27 for San Francis co, Nov 24, lat 5 S, Ion 36. Ship Orpheus, Uorham, hence Oct 27 for San Francisco, Nov 25, lat 1010 S, Ion 34 35. Ship Australia, Hopkins, from Boston Nov 24 for Melbourne. Dec 11, lat 29 10 N, Ion 33 40. Ship Norway, Major, from Liverpool Dec 20 for Calcutta, Dec 24, lat 49 N, hill 11. Ship Marv O'Brien, 37 days from Antwerp for Rangoon. Dec 5, lat S So N, Ion 23. Ship G W Duncan, Dillingham, from Callao 6ept 15 for. Cork, Nov 21, lat 17 45?, Ion 31 (JO. Ship John Wills, Chadwick, hence for Liverpool, Jan 12, off Tutkar. Ship Southern Chief, Higglna, from Havre for NYork, Dec 27. lat 48, Ion 17. Ship Arundel, Barllett, from Boston for London, Jau 11, lat 40, Ion 48. Bark Scotia, henre for Cork, Jan 3, lat 50, Ion IS. Hark Vigo. Thurluw, hence for liucnoa Ayrcs, Nov 23, lat 13 35 S. Ion 33 30. Brig Black Swan, Todger, from Liverpool for Gibraltar, Jan 1, lat 40, Ion 9. Foreign Ports. Antwsup, Jan 7?Arr R 11 Mills, Perry, NYork; 9tb, AlboIII, II eye r, do. Amco.m, Dec 3d?Arr W E Andcjtron, Reed, Leghorn. Alkxa.vuhi a, E, D c 23?Ait Lilly, Francis, Newcastle, E. Bristol (Fill), Jan ti?ArrCharles Fcnnell, Given, NYork; 7:b, Maria Barllett, GilchrUt, 1'oincran; Clifton, M'Dlsrmi.l, Itlcnlhuctn. Off the Pill 8th, .1 C Boynton, Theobald, from NYork; 8 A Blaiadell. Eaton, from Sulliia, both for Bristol. Bai.rasT, Jan 7? Arr Pioneer, Burns, Philadelphia; Dorwent, l'lii pot, NYork. HKoivaiteitAVKM, Jan 7?Ai r Junius, Erskine NYork ; ?th, Black Sea. Rickaacra,do. liui \u i.u cvkn, Jau 5?Arr Uanea (e) NYork. 81(1 7lh, D.uiiistadt/r, Bulk, NYork. Bouuu'Ct. Jan 5? Sid David Kimball, I.iiin?ll, NYerk; 4th, Put cerell, IM1, St John, NB; L'Oriono, Leaner. B uton. It/,u m . v Nne ill? Arr I'hu II I..,i .l Smith I11- TV.. . 3. Contluenal, Johnson, ?lo; 11th, J A Wcsterveli, Andt ra >n, Aden. Sid Nov 1?, Romulus, Lord, London; R < 2, l.alayelte, Small, Akyab. In port Dir. 12, Samuel C Grant, Ilinklrjr, f. r Amlo-rsi; Chempion, Hishre, for Calcutta; Fanny Mclienry, Smith, initio; Panther, (lanneit, ami Lady lllestin-rnn, H- unrtl, for do, S< a Lion, Alexander, lor Kitrrachoe; Arco, Rein-on i ll Lord, Smith; Cuutlncutal, Johnson, and \\ J Morris, Jack on, un Bik.vos Atp.M, Nov 25 (I ack date)?In port Br bark* Am lirotin*. Lofke. ami San/oen, Wright, lor NYork lilg. Slit 20th, ship tiro Turner, X York, In ballast, Cowva, Jan 4?Am-Julio Land, lloichklta,, (and ah; 7tli for Anisirrdsin). Passed Irle of Wight 6:b, John Tucker, Matthews, from London for lit a oil. Off do 4!h. Enoch Train, NlrkTSon, from London for New York. CiRmrr, Jan 7?Arr Aracla. I'lnk'nni, Dublin: Dili, Win M Urotou, lligrtua, St Natalie. CONK, .ten 6? Arr llallaral. X* Vorta^ CuxntTKN. Jan 9?Arr laiui-a Eat?! Adam*. London. Cktti , Dec 29?Ar. Velnia, Nttkersun, Titer to; Jan I, Cuba. Kay, .Work. <11,17.. Iler 30?Arr Dnrlcn, Starrett, OirdilT; Jan 2, He. bron, Wlthant, Bttruoi Ayres 3d, Sidney Price, Ood'rey, Buenos Ayrea. Sid 2oth, Island (Jueen, Contrary, Mooter Iuoo; 2tlih. K M Demlll, Hendnrkson, NYork. CiKTiiAUENl, Jan 4?AtrTraualL Davis, X'eivrastle, E. Cigliahi, Dec 2o?Arr Aielia, Wakeban, Cadi/, laud a!<l for Naples). Colon so, Deo 6?Arr JlerKshire, Williams, Calcutta. Sid ?, (luoiiti; Sur, Hale, Calcutta. Or vein. Nov I'.?Air til, n ida, Miller, It'iiTSrhre. Cid 2IIU, (Jumpiest, Sears. London; Rainbow, CHI, Liverpool. 26th, Si Bernard, Broun, Madras; 24ib, Napoleon, Cushiuc, Loudon; 29th, Kuilly St Pierre, \\l;?on, NHruni* wkk; Dec 1, Union, Small, Boston; liohi Hunter, Crosby, London; 2d, Cbeabu r, Heed, do. Ukii., Jan 6?Arr Tangrr, Hall, London (and aid for N York); etb, New Era. VVaiser, (llrgenll (and sld Pth tor Newcast e); had lost an for and chain; Dili, J B L'tehAfld (of Rockland), Cro-kett, Barcelona for ; 1 lib, Esmenl ia. Young, and Hemisphere, Tat lor, NYork land proceeded tor l.tini<nn\( .lami a Mrnilh C.tlholiti Wnrk fnr (.nnHnn /ami an horrn); Ad rut Mooie, do (and proceeded lor London). Paired by ?;h, Arcadia, Goodwin, from Naplea for Hull; 9th. Guiding 8lar, Beaiae, from Odeaen for . Dorr*, Jan 7? OB', Ml. a 8ra. Rick men, from NYork for Rotterdam. Dci-okNara, Jan IV?Off, Sarah Park, Vavglian, from Lagborn for (,'uatliam; #lb, David Siuarl, Prenilas, from Haitimnre lor Amatrrdiin. lirai.iN, Jan ?i-Arr AiIndue, Gardiner. NVork; W II New. man, Gannett, and Thereae. ilobmit, Halt m to; 7lh, John hprar, Hooker, and I'oueillalor, Richmond, do; J A K Vonng Broil, do. * I xaot'tn. .Tnn 8? Ai r Firing Cloud, Goodwin. NVork, OH ilie l a. Id.h. .1 Monde, V.ckrrr, from NVork. Kai MOPTH. Jan 0?Arr An t c Hero, NYork; Ulh, S II W>tmiian, Kill"). Iinilq'.e. Ki.U4at.Nd, Jan 10-Arr 0 dnmlma, NYork. Gi.orrrMia, Jan 6? Arr Lucy Elltabr tli, Nlrbula, NYork; 8lh, Nile, Hick, do. GhUKi.CK, Jan ?? Arr (Had Tidinga, N' hon, NYnrk; 8lb, Firing Kaale. Fulton, Parahiba. Hid 5th. W h Hurrougba, H'ikford, Havana; lidwiu, Patteraon, Hoalon. Gi.aauow, Jan tV?Arr Glad Tldlng#,Nel?on, NYork; Commodore, do; 7th. ? M' La. klaui, and Thereae, do;8:h. Union, Kur:ong. do: #ih, Llrile Southard, llu??ejr, do; 10th, Indiana. LaiU, uo. Mid JJ. Hiahra, Bom no, and Docotab, Beaar, Ticon; 4ih, Annie Kimball, Silnaon, Maraelllea (and from Greenock 7th). U*i a ir. Jan 8?Arr Bearer, Hilar. NYork. UianiLTrR, Dec 27?Air M V Hull, DoJge, Falma for Querna own. GiaitrcHA, Dec 24?Sid Solferlno, Pendleton. Newport. Gbnoa J?n k?Ari Zenobla, Pelera, NYork; Canada, Vt'gman Sunderland, 7lh, Jenny I.lnd, Larrabee. Cardiff; Tram alt. Mlnot, Nawcaatle, K. Sid lat, llarveat Queen. Batchelder, I.oadon. (trivia*. Mil Dee f? In pert ahlp A?hlind, Mooie, gold to tl,e Mexican goveinnient. II in r a k a ii, Jau lit?Arc ateamahlp Hope, Llrerpool for NYork. rnrv, Fr?o h; Flora Southard, Woodard, and VllUfrluca, Sainton, ilo; Talisman, Thompson. Baltimore; 7ih, Kantiieklati. Metrvman. N> ork; Sin, John Merrick, Saara, do. Air In the KnauhSili, CorUmoiilli, Borland, NYork. Ml ?iti, Swallow, Calr.e, NYotk: 7lb. Wurauta, Briker, do; 9lh, dialla (a). do. Old 4ih, Carre, Jnna?, and Prtn-e of Wales, Moras, NYork; 7ili. Plant *r, Bailer; Olilg, Hotel,Ina, and Amerira. nailer,do llorri.S' k. Pa-' ill? Arr Cone'gnmant, Bopaen, NVoik; Jau 3. II S Itonlr, n*{oolt do. Ilki.rokT, Jan 8-Air Annie Richmond, Stlnaon, T.ondon; Oth, Junius, Kit a tie, NYork. In r?n#ln. drolls, Muke It, for Baltimore, real* liturii JaalMaaar amp Marion. Manilcr,llMnMl; HO, nfli I.oanna Newfoundland lor Baltimore, (fee liiiatteia ) Old kid, ah I p Mariou, Harnier, Cortland. Kitoamwit, Jan 7?Air J A It Young NYork. Kt uaacHBr. Dec 7?In purl Maid or the Bern, Stanwood, lAinduii. Sid 2.1, Tit liaii. Aierlll, Calcutta. I.iraaroni, .Ian J?Arr Anglo damn (a), Portland; 1-erl Woodhure, P 'din; Sih, Jennie Heala, Croeker, Nat* York; Cam t'luah, Waraanr, do: I.Uite Iloman, Ciiltlnk, do; Kill, Bella Wood, Both, do; Bleelalor, dwirt. do; 7lb. China, Corliig'oo. N\ork; (?"ntoo, Cieaman, Button; Sth, .1 H Fren. It. float)*. Miati; l< P i arrer, Dttnrn, Biiruoe Ayrae; Mat < hi ater, Tratk, NYork; Senator, Walah, do; Weetin >r<l**td, It**! an, Chraerlphia; Pth, (My of Washington (a), NYork; Jura (a), Cortland; Wellington. Baretow. und Celestial Km plre. Pier.e, NYork; Ureal Western, Furlar, and diar ef the Weal. Morilann, do: Near Knmpahlre, I.oid, and do rata, CI.a?e, do: Trnour, Johnson, do: Loula Waltb, Caudi ton. and Amerl an I'nlon, llohbard, do; Old Dominion, Fulton, B ia'on; Creaident, Banana, Ward. Hiarra I,eon*; Isaae II ltoar iman, Browe, Bombay, April IS: II F Sligwr, M. Cann

(or Crary) Maroa ; loth. Col A lama, Mllle, New Yu-k; tliiv i.angdon. Mallng, do, I Baker. Allen, and Contl ini'ne, Ma Sid 3d, D-rld Hoadljr, Burnttiy, > Malta, Settling, and K C Sciaulon, Mngna; New York, Mallai an, Merrill, it. ?'oo ; 11 t) Shepheid, Gale, Nr?r Orlenn* noil NYorli:6lli, Maniarannik. Omltlng, NYnrki I.uclnda, Advance, Child*, NVork. i'iit Mil, Arniln, H-dflltn. HTorkj U!4 C'oloni, Loir, do (! I rice ranee); Vib. Agnea O Jamet, 1'eiry, Bermuda; i;?lb, s epheu Crowell, l.evetietiler, NYork. hnl lor Idg ftth, Sa'ali Sand*, (?), NYork ; DM If M Culler, do; Monmouth, Jour*, Havana and Men Or.i-,i r 8th. ?llen Stewart, l.Tune, Calcutta: Aumm, Cbhrli, a n>itoi Merrill, Robin*-n, M York; Vlb, Afrlcn (-), \ y, , i Jerenilah Thompson, Make, do; WnlmorUn.l. Dc an. I'i I delphla; lo-.h, c.lj.o. Waahinglion (I), NYuia; Artg.u ha o (a), Portland. Adeertlard 11th, Anglo Hatnn (*). for Portland I All:; N agar a is), tor ll>aion foih; fit) of Wpthlngion ft), lor N, w York; ISlb, Afma (t), lor do ibtli; sa. ?h hand* (*>, f t ,,, with deepelih; IrosMdea, ('ha>r, for do lJ;h; Jcre-TTl-h Thompson, Blake, tor do ISlb; CnlnmMI, Briant, lor do, Jn 1#h Touro, lianti nmh, for Philadelphia w^h deapau h Xo.'DC,-Ian C?Arr Lallochelle, Junge. KYorat Honaril, D kiff, 7">t Caravan, Baud', Mtw YvMi %'t, Va RSDAY, JANUARY 30, 18 antla, Aualin, New York; Norwegian, Mneane, New York; Yorktown, Meyer, do; Witcli of the Wave, Tond Calcutta; 9lh, Southern Eagle, < AM well, Rangoon, Klizal' it Walla, Bryant. Philadelphia. llih, Henry Ciark, Toivce, Boston; Buniiel Adams, Gay, do: American Congress, Woodward, and U U Lamar. Bradley, NYork. CM 7th, City of Montreal, Bliss, Boston; 8tb, Kearsage, fiawy r, NYork land anchored at Deal 10th). Ent o-itwards 6th, Byaaiilluin, Rubinaon, tor NYork; lllh, A< hllles, Gallagher, Philadelphia Arr at Graresend, iUili. John 11 Bycrson, Latham, NYork; Sattduxky, Llaurkin, do. Bid lllh, Caribbean, WiimiL-stcr, Melbourne. LoNDOMjfHttr, Jan 7?Arr Jordan, Huhson, NYo-k. Lough Koylk, Juii 8? Arr Zered, M'liooa ;le, Philadelphia. Limerick, Jan 3?Arrlddo Kimball, L'litter, NYoik; 4tb, Ceutennary, do, Sid 4th, Alma, ICImba'l, Cuba. Lruuor.v Dei 24?Bid Frederick Shearer, Sheater, 11 u'l. Microns, Jan 8?Pot In, Mattapan. Mi-rrlll, from Liverpool for Boaion (and remained KHb, windbouttd). Bid 6th, D Jen, Guide, St Thomas. Mak.'Rii t.its. Jan 2?Arr Marv Stewart, Dennigon, Janeiro; i Dee SI, E Wright Jr, Ulbbs, NYork; Jan 2. Sid 8tb, Tacony, Munday, Merilna. M alaga, pee 22?Arr Wildfire, Peikins, Gibra'Utr. Malta, Dee 80?Arr J W liarria, Burgess, NY"rk. Madeira, Deo St1?Arr Adeline P Kluker, Lord, New York; Eieoullre. Gorbam, Bangor (and aid Jan 1 for Teoerltfe). Mussina, jui i?Air young Turk, Harding, Malaga. eaglet, Terry, Uibrsltar; 3d, Modena, Ryder, Malaga. Mauhitiis. Nor 10?Arr Rattlesnake, Barker, Bombay (and aid 27tb on her return); 26th, Bllia. KeinnierUng, Calcutta. Mine as. Dec 1?Sid Gertrude Young. Calcutta. Jan 12?la port brig Alrjccauab, Connor, from and for Boeton, ldg. M atakess.'Jan 17?In port tchr Allen Mlddleton, Jr, Sipple, expected to load for NYork. NKwroiiT, Jan .1?Arr Manchester, Tbacber, llarre; W A Brown. Hammond. London. N??'i asti.k. Jau 2?Hut out NathI Doane, Halt, for LHbon. NmuKaiiAvan, D c IS?Air nrev Telegraph, Giles, Riga for Boston. OroitTO. Dee 27?Sid Azelia. Davis, 8t Thomas. i'obtsmoi-th. Jan 10?Arr Eliza M Strong, Strong'. Leghorn. Put into do 9th, Tangier, Hall, from Loudon for NYork. Plymouth, Jan <S?Arr W II Towna-nd, 11 ill, NYork;7th. Monarch, Strickland, and Ptogress, Bennett, do. Porti and, Jan 10? Off, Star of Peace, llale, from Calcutta for Loudon; Missouri, Hughes, from Loudon for NYork. Palkhmo, Dec 30-Arr Florence, Foye, Bangor: Jan 1, Forreet, Perry, Licata. qckenstown, Jan 4?Arr Sclnvonla, Ramatadt, NYork; 7th, Mary Baker, do (and proceeded lor Waterford); 8th, Num. iner Bins, and St Bode, do; Scotia, Carrey, and Isabella, Wilkie, do; St Mark, Colby, Italian; 9th. Coral Isle, Teasiman, and Eva, Perry, NYork. Sid 7lh, Mary Baker, Church111, Plymouth. Pasted do8ib, Contdrlon, from London for NYork. RoCHUSTrtt, Jail 8?Arr Sarah Park. Vattgbaa, Leghorn. Rotterdam, Jan 7?Arr Minerva, Ommcrcc, (or NYork, ready. St Alrans, Jan 10? Off, Oasis, Creech, from Philadelphia for Loudon., Jau 3? Sid lngomar. Ireland (from Cardiff), South Chanuel. Shields, Jon 10?Arr Eew Era. Walker, Glrgentl; Athena, Shields. L ndon. Sid 7'b. Clluda, Drew, Oporio ScukLDT, Jan 10?Arr Guiding Star, Hearse, Odessa. Smyrna, He. 24? Air Sherwood, Ilawson, Naples. St Michaels, Dec .10?Arr Hampden, Nicker urn, Bangor. St Helena, bee 11?Arr shlpa Northern Crown, Merrill, Manila for Liverpool; 12(h, Neatorinn, Worth, Moulmeln for Falmouth, Bug; lSih, Jacob Horton, Merrill, Calcutta for Loudon. Sydney, NSW, prev to Nov 26? In port KevtloDe, Bumham, NYork. Troon, Jan 7? ArrTejian, Brown, Londonderry. Tkxei., Jan 8?Arr David Stewart, Prentiss Baltimore. Sid 3d, Edward Everett, Lambert, Baltimore ;aee below). WATEHroRD. Jan 9?Arr Spanker, M'Laugfclio, NYork (and proceeded to New Ross). American Ports. BOSTON, Jan 2d?Arr Br steamship Europa, Anderson Liveipool via OiierUHiown anil Haitian, a11 up at V4U I'M; (learner Savon, Matthews, Philadelphia. C <1 alilp Undaunted, F'.lliot, Sbtp Island; hark Western Sea, Harding; achs Joseph Nlekcrson, Baker, Cape Hay urn; Girdler, Clara. New York- Also r d ship Snlian, lliler. Liverpool: sohrT Woodward, Welsh, Gonaives. Sid. wind NW 10 NNW, snips John L Dlmmoek rand passed Highland Light altPM) William; bark SnrlnAme, Azor; brig Dove. BRISTOL. Jan 27?Air aloop Wm H Bowen, Brothrrton, Providence lor NYork: 28th, achr Augnsu, Kclley, NYork; aloopa Thomas llnll, lliill, and Harvest. Corwin, do for Providence, SI.I schr America, Reynolds, NYork. PALL KIVl'IR. Jan 24? Arr achr Brandy wine. Wheeler, Somerset for NYork; 37th, schrN B Borden, Bennett, Havana via NYork. LI'BEf?Sid 21st achr Fiankl n, Small, Yew York. M YSTIC. Jan 27?Arr bark Old Dominion, Jenkins. NYork. Nl'.W BEDFORD, Jan 27?Below a largo sobr, deeply laden, probably the Ohricopher Pendleton, trom Baltimore. 23ih?Arr a.fir C Prnd'cton, Church, Baltimore. NEWPORT, Jan 28?No arrivals thin morning; wind N, moderate SldschrC W Dyer, Pierce, Deal's Island. Md, for Boston; sloop Frederic Brown, Cair, Bristol lor NYotk. Br Brig Gipsy, from Cumberland llarbor, Cuba, for Bostoo, has s illed from the West bay. 28lh?Arr solus E U Billion, Tlt.oinb, Eltzabethport for Bnsion; Maty, Terrell, NYork for Fall River; sloop Franklin, Averv, do for Providence. NK\V HAVEN, Jan 27?Arr sehra Mary A Lorelt, Kimball, aiul Silas Wright. Seaman, Klizabclbpoi t; sloop J L Mai pin, Tuderwood, Port Mortis. Below sclirs Marietta Bodtn, El'i.on, and S rah, for Pnirharen; W Kallahon. 2itlb?Arr senr Mercrr. Martin, Kllzahethporl; sloop Gold Lent. do. GUI achr Atnytis. Uooktn, NYork. PHILADELPHIA, Jau 28?Arr steamer M Sanford, 8anfortl, NYor?; slops Ainlania, Wliltniore, and Robert Cdshinan. Oils, do; sobr II W Morsa, Gardner, Cardenas. Cld acnrs aiary maunisn, auvi.'ihi i icuiuegos; i u men, uauuy, Boston: 1." A Danenbower. Miller, Fortress Monroe. POUT LAND?Air 27th m ln? Sarah, Yoik, ami Oiler Rock, Lane, New York. Old bark B Colrord, Oolenrd, Cardenas; brie Aluinu Unwell, Boyd, Maiaiwus. Sl.l 27lh, steamship Nlleinlan, I ivernunl; bark Lucy France*; and other*. FKOVlDKNCfc, Jan 28? Arr * isomer Oapray, Kcnney, NVork; solus Frank Lura*, Taylor, Nantienki, Md; Black Diamond, Young, Philadelphia: Delphine, Koath, Delaware Bar: a'op K Spi agur, Hiobs, Manhatanville, NY. SI'OM >OTON. .Ian 21?Arr arlira Buy Siaic, llallett, and Riihmii, Doir.c. NVork lor Bu.lon. 28ih?Air aeUm Empire, Oarr, NVork for Providence; C L Dulse, Mi-Oar, fold Spring lor <io. TAIIPAHLIN CO VIC, .l>n 28?Arr brig Henry H.ive'o-k (Bri, Doner, Oaithageiia fi.r New York; sdirs Eusi Wind, Rush, Jerri,tie lor Boston; Amelia, Mi.y.iguez lor do (and pro eellCil I. WOOD S HOLE, Jan 27. 7 AM?Faasln; E, a ibree mailed propeller. Two unknotsn ships, bound Is, pot into llolm i' llo.e Hue morning. LOAN OFFICES. At <90 broadway?henry advances on Diamonds, -et or niiret, or buys ibe same lor eaali; alao advaueea on Wat, lies, Mirer I'lam and all Personal Property. HENRY HYM\N. 480 Broadway. AT 111 QBAND sriMCKT, THREE DOORS WEST Of J\ Bior.dway?Moimy advaueed on Watches, Dinmonds, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Hoods and persoual property of every tiereripilon, oi bonnbl and sold, by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, an, lioneer linl broker. ATM NASSAU STREET,?A. HONTONA1*, DI AMOND JI broker, makes lili > advunccsnn D ainoud*, Watches, Jeoelry, Ae , or buys iheni at lull value, at his private office, C(i Nassau suect, kmiui No. 2, up stalls. Business eonOdfnil.r. * IT NO. CHAMBERS STREET.?NONET TO LOAN JY to any ninoiint en Diamon Is, IVnt he*. J weliy, Ac., by uie well known si lit "Id eeiablielu ,1 ISAAC", br.knr end comiiiLsiop meicliatit, N ?. 9 Cl ambers street. N. It. ? No business iransai led rn .saiiirJay. AT 77 BLKEOKEIt STREET-MONET LIBERALLY advance I to any amount uu Dlamouds, Watches, .lowdry, Pianos, Severs Dry Hoods, Ae. N. B.?Pawnbroker* Ti. ki la boiigiit. II. NEW ION, 77 Blee ker street, up siairs. TIP.EP.AL ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS, J Watches, Plate and Jewelry, or bought for cash at Hie highest Persons hating out llo'd or Silver to sell call uui do belirr than rail on LOLIS ANRICII, 72.1 Broadway PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS PERCUSSED Ob" ALL kind, ol \t earing Apparel, Dry Hoods, Kurnltutc, Car pels, Plane*, Ae . or advances made on any article in alaive line. N K - A Into;' lliat class Clnlliiug on bund for sale cheap, 448 jtiooui* street. O. LEVIE. The hionesi prices advanced on oold and Silver Wsiehes, Diamonds, Jewelry, Ae. Enredeemrd (lot I and silver Watches *nd Silver Ware lor sale at cost, A. ADOLPIM'R, 42,i Pearl stiret, corner New Chambers. WjjBW Pi nMCATlOMB. " . "fTHAT" CCRIOIH HOOK OF "CITY WOMEN;" A KINX jtilar no*en jr, nnh Interfiling *heuhee of female rhanrlrriIn ihee.iy. Sc.1.1 by newt dealer* tor Ml cents, or nailed free for CM * enls?half price. Cloih binding, 550 pages. SOrngiatioB* Drilm allowd nearly ftfty |>er cent fore aili M. U A L N IT, Publisher, 5*.? Walker street, upstairs. dkntintry. \utifit'iai. II.bui -j. c. kknnedy. DENTIST, ms Bonny, t ure donra I alow epiir.a fit eel, is Inserting lis he?i.til til life like I-rib a' the lowest posslnlr prit sr. Whole Sri- ?u liold ur 1'latina from- $25 Upward", slid on Silver or Hubbet lioto |I0 upwards, rsrtlal Set.* rn Ool*, rscb tooth, 01 ou Silvrr $1. Satisfaction gusrsntre I In all case s. Having mad six teetii extracted, witiioi t Inline sny psln whatever, by Dr. J. J AY \IL1.KKK, IJBUttnl sirrrl, two bio ka (rum Broadway, I cbeerluilr ln?rrl mis as a rrAiuunriutslion to iho.*e wl-btng a skilful d-ntl't. Mis. A. I'. J ACKLAKD, Bergen, N. J. rriie rnnrniEioR of the original artificial 1 Hour l'i ling 'or urcayed teeib hat rrliiruect Ironi Havens. and wbl rescin e the practice of Dentistry al bis roams, 852 Hroa Iwajr, where lie will lulrodm e the celebrated Cuban liKith Powilc-I an 1 Guin Wash, Ihe only tasrr.less articles know n will k< oj> the tealb white?the puns braltby. kml.mtire. A BEDROOM SLIT OF ENAMELLED FCRNITURE lor 2VI. In el! color*, of warranted manufacture; also aollil ehrainut Clieiiibcr Hults, plain and ornamental, at II. K. FARKINOlON'B, S6h Canal slreci, nppoalte Wootlcr. | GaS!?ll?H"nr<i in Iowo. IilNAMBLLID oWKmBRR SUITS Of rUMHTI RE, I s h ull rolora and ai ? l.ii an|p and r<-uu, at S-'U mill upwards. Alao, Maurra^ra and Pall'aaara. WaRREN VaKU, 277 Cunil ilre*l, lo r itoora eaat ol' Broadway. nt RNIIIRE. ?? AS 11 PAID KOR SECOND HAND l-TR I1 ult'ira, Mlrrora anil C?ri>rt?. Country ratio attandad to Addraaa Knrnllura Stor*. :ffl tliidaon airart. A good ma hotfany Plymptun Sr. retary B?da:aad lor aala chrap. TilK BALb SKASO\. BAt.L c< in-MBS - A LAROK ASSORTMENT OP THE nfiivaat I ?ri?. Km tin aiid Vlrtina Rail Ooatnmea, P?ncy Draaaea. Oprra Cloaka, Cr . od hand al ?id? Hmoiua atra*'. Tha undaraljnrd Mra A IIINOST, beai^ iaava tndraw'ha aitrnitoo "I hrr form?r paiimia, and tha public In gene, rni, 10 ihr aboar adtaitlaamrnl. BAI I. DRESS -AW ONE DESIROUS Of PURCHASmK i, Dr?aa, vary vla?ani. Juat rotnplMed by ona of lha m i?l f.aMouablr dreaamlkara In 'ha dlv. Tbota will, tin; I | a* o a third Ita ralna?can aand tlirlr addrraa lo War!. !> ? 17.1 H-r.ld nBra. WATCHES AND JEWELRY. iiasii paid for diamonds-apply only vrom I ; !' (ill 10 A M and S till 3 P. M. H W. PLUMB Oiau.ond N. II - A number n( artl<lt? ol Dleui.nd Jewelry lor aule at a bargain. \\l>r,s AND lil?llORN. At the seventh avenue distiu.eiiv, ms and SSI Berrnth avenue. between Thirtieth end Thirty flint street*, New Yor*. jroti c*n Bel the lergett amount of Ihe he*4 Honor lor th ' least ntouejp. Call end be *a(t*fl?d. N. . Liquors for eel* in bond. \V M. IICOIIEd A SOU. a. BXPR csaui. . HI HMIAV, H Kl'ltM ITRK EXPRESS AND PACK ' . .m Establishment. 111 Wad Eleventh artel, between ,i It end Pinlt avenue* Household Purnl:nre to ted and *:il|i|>* I m all perl* of lite w rid. Covered wagon# Torrerum dig furniture to and liom the country, furniture Mined. rriiE Mottafi Mini n n broad street, taX imniretl by many leading h<m*e*, forward* par Sag' e jt'T steamer* Karr.ak and Ro*Doke t'lilaeaau, llaTaiia and all ihe Weal Indlea, 4th February To Kit rope every Tuesday and Friday, Older* goll^latf. I't'Ttreu eaglvyn. 52. SALES OK REAL ESTATE. A BEAUTIFUL FOLK STORY BKOWN 8TONE FRONT Hons*, basement and sub-cellar, with all the modern Improvements, on Brooklyn Height., 68 Columbia street, opCielle Colonade row, with a line view of New York bay, will i sold very rheap on easy terms For further particulars apply in or address T Simpson, 14 avenue D. A MAGNIFICENT VIEW ON THE HUDSON STONE Houec, JO acres, for aale or ei.hauge bee Herald 7ih of January, third page. WILLIAM C. wetmore, 61 Wall etreet. Brooklyn lots <86)?well located, for sale, en verv easy Or rue, or to for Illinois, Wiscon aln or Iowa lauds, Improved or ni t. They lie handsomely, near (he business streets, ol steady, incieasltig value, and good neighborhood. ; OrrilWICK A WOOD, 62 Nassau slieet. Brooklyn, e. d.-for sale, a fine house, lii.ishiui in the best style end replete with all modern improvements and conveniences, In the vicinity of Bedtord avenue. T> ruts to suit. For full pertioulats address Btooklyn, bos 203 Herald office. , (COUNTRY PLACE FOR BALE?CONSISTING OF A J two story frame Dwelling and Barn and four tn Ave acres of Land. In good order, about twenty-live miles from the city; desirable on account of its healthy sud pleaaaul location and proiimliy to the railroad depot. Price (5,000. Apply at N >. 7 Broadway, room No. 3, second Coor. CAPITALIST.! OR OTHERS MAY BUY AT A bar gain and on terms to suit, a Store end Building on Sixth avenue, rent for el isai- a ih... n -- " .mi 28 LoU In Brooklyn, a flue Farm ol 70acres, Saw Mill. 8iore| Stock or Gr.ode and Duellings, near Worcester Mas# Or may be exchanged for property. If desirable. ? W. BARTLKTT, 473 Broadway, N. Y. CENTRAL PARK LOTS?FOR SALE CHEAP. Oil Fifty ninth street. between Fifth and Sixth avenu ? four Lota. running through to Fifty-elghth street, 10ll,2t>j feet App'v to F. II Ll'DLOW A CO., No 3 Plue street Farm for sale-at a sacrifice <or f.v. changed for a cottage house), of 182 acres, In Columbia county, N. V. Address or call ai 82 Fulton street, Brooklyn, second floor, from 9 to 12 M. Farm for sale-at monsey, one mile from depot, one hour and a ball from New York, In Rockland county, 36 acres, good booae, barn, blacksmith's .-hop and ovt'iulldings; laud good; five acres of wood; crops in;apple orchard, cherries, plums, peat lies, rurranls, strawberries; live acres wood; beautiful water; healthy location; fine prospect; horses, cow, pigs, fowls, wagons, implements, hay, grain, fodder, Ac., can be had ir required. App'y lo CI! Ac. w. jewell, 396 Greenwich street, New York. Farms, country seats and residences of all varieties for salr oi exchange?Convenient to the city, near depot, schools and churches. Also Western Farms and Lands, some In Pennsylvania, very ch?:ap. Also Hotels, Grocrriea, and all kttola of'huatueaa and partnership chances. SGUTHWIOK A WcjOD, 82 Naseau street. FOR EXCHANGE-A FARM OF TIHRTY-EIGHT ACRES for good improved Westi ru laud. Said (arm lies near Newark, and Is beautiful; has fruit plenty; buildings all in first rate order. Price $10,M)J; mortgage Sl.fitkl. F. D RICHARDSON A CO., 82 and 84 Nassau street. For sale-to persons odt of health.-for delightful climate, see advertisement of Vim land Farms For salf.-a well built two story and attic frame House, No. 40 East Thirtieth street, near Madison avenue; lul2J>; feet by bait block; situation excellent. Apply at 127 Bowery, drug store. For sale-or exchange for western county Bonds, o; reliable securities, two three story, high stoop brick Houses in Brooklyn, in good neighborhood, in good order, occupied by good tenants. No incumbrance. CLARK A llODDARD, 83 Cedar street, American Exchange Bunk Building. FOR 8ALE-A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE AND Lot. with atore, water und gas, two story on the rear. No. 194 West Tweuty-tirst street; first lot from the Eighth avenue. Inquire of G. 1IIGGISS, 320 Ninth avenue. FOR SALE?AT A BARGAIN, THE TWO STORY'AND basement frame House 108 Vundcrbilt avenue, Brooklyn, near Myrtle avenue cars. Built tu the beat manner, filled In to the peak, sliding door*, marble mantels, gas, Ac. Lot25x100. J. GRAHAM, at Bookstore, 51 John street. 1,31)14 SALE-A HOUSE, 33x38, AND FOUR It'l.L Lota, 3(1x201), on Oxford street, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn; one of the finest locations In the city. Small frulls?grapes, strawberries, currants, Ac., in abundance. Apply to or address BREWSTER WOOD, No. 7 Court street, opposite the CUy Hall. Brooklyn. IjlOR SALE-AT ELIZABETHPORT, NEW JERSEY, tbree blocks Iroui Central Railroad depot, and 100 yards from Sluten Island Sound with A varv line view n! New-ark Buy, two tine Houses, Store and three Lots: size of Lots, 23 by 100 feel; first House, 21 by 31, two stories and basement, contains nine good rooms; second House, 22 by 24. all rooms, store 10 by 21, end doing a eery good cash business In groceries and meats; water in, lialh nouses, street washer and hydrant in front, (lagged and paved; there Is n One dock finished at the foot of the street for shipping Iron from; the buildings are almost new. The whole nropeitv will lie sold for $ 1,5 4), or ex-hanged for Boats and btavee. Stoves, or anything suitable for the California market, fall on or address P WAI.S1I, 25 Marshall street, Ellzabelhport, N. J, FOIt 8AIE-ON MURRAY HILL, NEAR MADISON avenue, a very elegant four story brown stone House, with stable attached; built by day's work without regard to coat, an I finished with rosewood doors, handsomely frescoed, and superb mirrors throughout. It Is considered lo be the must complete house in New York, and must be seen lo lie appreciated. To a responsible party it will be sold on accommodating terms. For further particulars apply to ALBERT II. NICOLAY, 82 Willlain sttcit. IT^OR SALE-SEVERAL SMALL BROWN STONE ENG. Ilsli basement Houses, all in excellent, ar.d well and tastefully finished, from $f>.0.K) to $10,140 A larg' pail of the consideration money may lemuin on bond and mortgage. Apply lo E. 11. LU'DLOtV A CO., No. 3 Piue Street. For sat e cheap?a kink farm ok 100 acres, i n Long Island, 35 miles from New York, dwelling, barn, o"l uilitlugs, tune waler, fine or. hard, a natniai pond, ah lending with gold fish, churches and school V, miles east of 11. nilngton. 11. FERGUSON. 17 W..II street. ijlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?a farm in bergen 1 Comity, New Jetsev, wbhln three miles southwest trout Spiini; V illcv d< |rot. III Rockland (bounty, New York, of 110 acres; JO of which la wooiIIhiiiU, with dwelling, barn a, An.; apple trees, peer trees, cherry tr. cj, cm rant bushes, Ac. Will he soul cheap for rash, or evrhntlgod for other good pi flic rt?. RALPH, KINO .* KBPH Kit s. ? IP iwt aire it. TJIOK BALE or. BXCUANOB?A TUT VALUABLE I Mill Properly, attunieil et Green Bay. Wisconsin, with Jii line BulMiitii lets .til l I,AO i ucrcs of I.Htitl.wlth everything requisite 'or doing a large business with the ntlll. An eichange will he uncle fur Moods or Real Estate In New Jersey or New York. 1'rice lor the whole IdSjXJU. Title perfect. No cumin frame. For particular* Inquire of P. L. VAN DE \ ENTER, Iff! Pultoa eircet. TN(tR SAI.E OR LXl'llAN'GK?A THREE RTBRV AND I huaeni"nt brick 8 orehome end full Lot, In Wonsl' r stieet. Price cheap. Apply Ij O.K. JAfOH, \2J Thirty I III rtl street. IHtR BALE OR EXCHANQE?A COl'ETRT BEAT, 1 near the city, and easy of access by a am out and rail, road: la near the water. Will be escliac .I for l.ouaea and Iota in HriMiklyti. t<o or near lite river ? f preferred, For further liih rioa'loo Impute ol llKlSSliNBL EYI'EL X CO., II end 111 Atlantic street. Brt oklytt. For sale or exchaxge-a yery valcahlf. Mill Property, situated at Gr. eu Kay, Wlaeonstn, J hnr Ruihbii Lo a and l,5Jtl aci es ot Ltntl, with everything requisite for donga large business with the mill. Annchance will he made lor (nod* or real eslale In New Jersey or New York. For particulate inquire of P. L. VAN DEVENTER, I9 > Pulton street. IrtOll RALE OR EXCHANGE?ONE OR MORE OF RJXTV of the hurst lull l.oia In the Sia'e ef New York, Ihr.a miles from the City Hall, or will put from 11 jaw to $10.(WO In carh for env staple cools. irom tlo.dOMe $30. tut). F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., Sf and 84 Nassau street. For sale or exchanob for good city property, a splmdld rami of iMIarres, situate,) on ilia Rsiitan rtfer, Itf mtlea from New Brunswick, N. J.; I lie location unsurpassed; bouse nearly new and moiern built M\4<J feet, lime stor lea. wltb two stor.v extension AS ,20 feel, h-aed by furn?<e. the land is In the beat state of culllratioii, 100 acres In sti'andid timothy uieadow, new barn 62 feet HIuere, wltb oil other outhouses nei-esesry. plenty of fruit and shade trees; In fact the best farm ana houses In tlie country. For further faitlenlars li.quire of JAMBS DONALDSON, No. 6 Lcioy plate, K .colter ttrtel, nsar roadway. , IrtOK 8ALB. EXCHANGE OK TO LET-OR A PART ' nrr wanted In a uapei mill, situated a short dlstan.e from ibe oily of Nsw York. Addicts .Mill) box 161 Herald oibce. For sale or to let-tiie four story English basement House S9 t\ est Twenty sixth street; baaallibe modei n iirprovenients. Terms to suit tl.e tlmsa. Apply to HENRY li. MO RAMOS, Mf It sad way. For sale or to MMMT, t'NKritNrsnED?as i x tra large English baseman! House In Seventeenth slraet, near Fifth avenue, suitable for a physl-tan, Ac. Appiy to K h. ludlow A i o.. No. ^ Pine str?et. HIIU-ES FOR PALE-S NUMBER of DESIRABLE Dwelling Houses, 111 t oT locations; prices moderate, lur lerius ami rsriicuisrs apply to A. J. BI.EEl'kElt, RON A CO., Ma II Fire street. rrm tr rrikifnai sir run <u.r _? cpvri r n HMD Intending lo Iritl f. 1' r pe in April next, with In* 10 avoid on auuitun ?ale, i. dv*li>oaoi fln li*? i? <??h puit Unae* ior hla entire Mnuvebold Ku 'tildrr, toitalMinji of rarlur, and Bnlroom Fn uiiure, l'irp< ti <!uilain* an I Chandei er*. Looking <?I* ?-c?. Engraving*, < h in and Qlaa* Ware, flock*. llillDi n!', Ae. An arrangement fur a Lea** nti Hi* bona*. Twenty.aeeond Mreet, imi# rn Fifth *n l Hill.i avenu-a. m ghl be oonnerled with the p it* cb?M. AMm* boi l,M raal tflct, HARDWARE l?> kxt-HANtlVr icr HEAL A'i i., with or without the Blare and Hupd. B-tahllabtd for a number of veara, App'.t at No. .UK Eighth avenue. TO EXCHANGE CfiTTAOE AM) THREE Lofi i P turn, or College and ?r*en Lot* In HiOokNri. or W ea-ern Lard*. well locate i, near and village, lari Improved, for llouie In New Vork or llrooklyn. A litrea* A, link 102 Mtrald oi.ce. rpo KXl hanoi - i uk owner ok TWO MODERATE A prn rtl l*r*a brown a one HnaeM will llnMllt roi a D'?t ca?e IIoiimi near Madteun a p.are. Owner* on jrfieed adtliraa 8 O., boa Hki Herald oHMe. rpo Jewellers -a resident or ah A dj ao ext 1 loa n, ? h? own* therein iwn haudtomr brn-k IJou??*. un-ncuml ered, would etchauk# lot an aaanrtinent of Wali.hea ami Jewelry. wblcb be de?lrea to lako lo a remote market. 1'ilnclpala only treated with. AdJrra* T. Jouea, 316 Broad way. _______ V1KRLAKD farms ?FOR SALE. Tlltf" REST Of Laud, at the nc?v and thriving aeiuemeni of Tmeland, only SO in;'?afroru I'lit a lalphu by railroad, d'rarl lo New Vork. boll i? * line clay loam, ri. h and productive far wheal, grata and fn.ita. Divided Into fai nia of SO a< r#a aod upward* at the Ion pile* of from $13 In $? per acre. Onefourth raali, balance in focryeari. alao Lota of two and a half tnArearrea, at fro n MO lu $3J0 each. Fine crop* can be aaen grow lug. To per*iu? or amtll capital or'out #r bu*lne?? tbia la a good opportunity to e?iatni*h a country heme and be certain of a livelihood. Thla lajlha right remedy for hard timr*^ Camera and report* can be had by applpnf lo aniwered. AI>o, irpoit of Solon R'ib.niuu, of the New Tork Tribune, run be obtained. Ritract from report of Solon Roblnenn, Afrleuttunl Edltor of the New Yoik Tribune, upon Vineland ? Ii li certainly one of the moil e?ten?l*e fertile trer'e, In en ahnorl level poelllon, and mitabie condition for plaaiaut farmlny, ihil we know of thli aide of the Weiterri prairie*. WISCONSIN FARM.-TRADK KOH CITY PROPERTY I morl ihr.rlin pert of Kute; country healthy; litirt food; part cultivated;. near ihutvhe*. arlOjla, atorci, Ac.; direr! communtot on br walrr ant ml out. Owner, at ofllor of Wm. B. Rlcl.ola, 41 Pine atrret, liorii 0 t > II. COAIi. 4. < A A -I AM DBLtVKRINO A SUrERTOR vfl'AI |. JpHt Jt"'? tr 01 Toxl lor ra'Ttilr u*e, well acreeiteo, at ft 40 per ton of i i)UO l ie. Cm.e $S a ehaidmnalio ami I'annel Coal. A. IIKARTT, Weit E'evepih itrert, neer SSTMtfe ere ma. 3 | FOR SALE. _ A WELL ESTABLISHED PRIVATE BOARDiNG House for aula, with whole or pu t uf Furniture. one of the beet locution* In the city, and nearly full of good, prompt paying boarder*. An excellent opportunity for any one wishing to go into the business, Kent of house. very mullet ate, or a leave could be effected on reaaouable term*. None but a reliable caah purchaaer need apply. Addiee* box 1Mb He:aid office. An old established pawnbrokers business for sals?Established upward* of twenty year*. Will lie aold at a treat bargain. Nouu but principals, with real name and address, will be replied to. Address If. D., box 1,15b Post office. A BUSINESS. DONE ENTIRELY FOB CASH, WILL be sold lor $3,000, or Its equivalent In real or personal property. It ia wot thy tbe attention of any peraon desiring business with this Investment. Apply to J. 8. MOON, 892 Fourth avenue. A RARE CHANCE.?THE PROPRIETOR OF TUB CITT Hotel, the ouly first clue* hotel now open In Alexandria, Virginia, Is desirous to retire from hualoass, and will sell, for a fair price, the Fui niture, Fixtures and Qood Will of tbe home. His lease will lei minale on the let of January, 186S, but the properly can, no doubt, be b aaed for a much longer term at a moderate rent. This hotel Is now doing, and has lor many scare done, a large and profitable bualneaa. Tbe desire of the undersigned to retire from public business la thuonly inducement to sell, as he could not hope to engage In one more protltable. For terms and particulars apply to JAB. A. ENGLISH, I who la authorized to negotiate, or to the undersigned, BAMl'BL HEKLBBOWKB. A SHIP CHANDLERY STORE FOR SALE-LOCATED on South street; will be sold at a sacrifice, aa the owner is going away. Also for sale, a Comer Grocery Store, located on El.Tilh avenue; has a low rent; will sell it cheap. Apply at MITCHELL'S Agency, 77 Cedar street, near Broadway. OAKERY FOR SALE.?THE FIXTURES, GOOD WILL J J and Lease of the Bakery corner Lafayette avenue and Cumberland street, Brooklyn. Inquire on tbe premise!, or at 27 Ann street, New York, In tbe dining saloon. O. T. WENTWORTH. AN oi.d established SEGAR STORE FOB SALE. ^Apply on the premises, 620 Hudson sweet. Bvkf.ry for SAI.E-now DOING A FIRST CLASS trade. In one of ihe belt locations in the city. Address box 232 Herald office. BOWLINO ALLEY. FIXTURES AND MATERIALS, used but little, for sale or trade Segars prclerred. B. myers, 50 John alreet. Desks, counters and fixtures for rale low. Also a desirable Loft to let. Apply at 412 Broadway, up Blafrs. L'un BALK-iiic, r uTunsa AM< UUUU itilij ur J? the Ladles' Hair Dressing St no, ti'JH B.oa Uvuy. Show case* and Store Furniture lor sa 1.- at a bargain. Apply before the 1st of February. For sale-a steam packing box shop, the machinery is In aplendid running order; trade Iseatabllshed; this la a splendid oltunce for a man with a small capital. Apply at 56 Columbia street. For sale?THE STOCK and fixtures of a first class Grocery Siorc. notv doing a lair trade. Satisrf factory reasons for selling. Inquire at 11(1 avenue D. For sale-two second hand cylinder boilers, each 30 inches diameter and 14 feet long; one Vacuum Pan, 4 Ieet C inches diameter, with all attachments. Also one six horse Engine and Boiler, complete. Apply to CURTIS A SHAPTER. 209and 211 Frsnkiln street. For sale?an old established fancy goods and Toilet Article Store, with stock and store fixtures complete; wlil be sold ai a low price to a cash customer. For paruculars apply at 854 Broadway, near Fourteenth street. For sai.e-a corner grocery store, to be sold Immediately lor cash; In n good location an l dolus a good cash trade. Inquire at 478 Second avenue, corner of Thirtieth street. For sale-a first class grocery, doing a good trade. Apply to E. LOCK wood, AW West Twenty-second street. For sale-a farm of fifty acres, twentytive miles from New York, in New Jersey, well adapted for the milk and fruit basinets. Small house, good barn, cowhouse anl granary, lnqnlre at 219 South street For sale-a first class dining saloon and Res'.au ant on Broadway; will be sold at a great bargiin, as the owner must leave to attend to other business. a good thing is olleiaJ. S. BOLIVAR, 3S0 Broadway, room No. 25. For sale-a corner grocery on bleeceeb street, horse and wagon, afa bargain, with full parUeu l.irs, 91 .w, h aiuau nuifl, lilliy luruinneu, vac uv.t $6 i?<?; mi E11.1 *li Shades, fully furnished, Sz.MSL Including unity in (lie house; one do. do., $-400; four Saloons, two null tiruie.le* mid Liquor 810m, several business Chances; one $450, do $8 41 <io. Jl.lOO, do. $2.5U0 F. D. RICHARDSONA CO , 82 snd 81 Mmta b ire el tifob sale?5,000 cedar pickets. r JOSEPH DITTO k CO., 207 Broadway, Corner of Fullon street. 1.1 OR sale?A FIRST CLASS OROCEBY STORE, AT . a great bargain II wild Immediately. The present owner lias done a very sucwsful on the premises for the last twelve years. Oilier .business Is the onlv reason for selling. Inquire ot llKLvSENBUTTKL A WlESE, 11 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. For sale?the stock and fixtures of a first class Qrocery, in a tine location, where a large anil fourlabing l.u-ineKs has and can be done; will be sold cheap, as the owner iu unable to continue therein. Apply at loo West Twenty-sixth street, between 8 and S o'clock. I/OR sale-ax OLD ESTABLISHED BARBER'S . Shop. Inquire at 21 Nassau street. For sale cheap-a fancy goods and toy Store, situated on Broadway, tvith dwelling; renl$9M>. Satisfactory n uvin given lor selling. Apply on the premises, or to li. M." ADAMS, Metropolitan Hotel, NemYork. /grocery for sale?one of TUB BEST STANDS vTin Hroo'th n,choice and well selected slock, rath trade snd low rent. Will be Sold at a bargain, inquire of J. CHARLES, 217 AI Untie street, Brooklyn, between 10 and 4 o'clock. To capitalists.?a money making business to he riU|ioa.-d of. It Is one th.u will hear the atiloteet Inveatigstlon lor aererul years past,snd well known In the same line and to the community at large. The object for selling o u the ptoprlel r being too ag"d end dislro is of retiring. For lurtnrr tua ticiil.ars address A. B.. station B. rpUE ENTIRE FIXTURES OF a large counting 1 boiifr, embracing OHlce Fixture*, G'aaa Frame#, Counlorn, Ao.. ?1,1 lie dt.poaed ol'at prlvat ! kale cheap for eaafilf Applied lor Imni Jljiely. Addteaa box t.iitt New York Foot i tile.-. q') -for sale, a good paving restaurent and D nintt Saloon, located down town, turner of lltoadnav, aeveral y< ara establlahed, the beat paying iiu-ine--: of tlie'klr.d In the city. For further partlculaia. Apply to PRICE ,t THOMAS, 5.5 Broadway. FINANCIAL.. / and pittsburg railroad com\ ) pany.?Ttie internal due, February 1. on the tlrat mortgage bondauf tbta < omiwny will be paid at No. 2b William atreel, by H. C. K1NGSLET. (t1ti7.EKS' car light company's STOCK (OF J Brooklyn, N. T.), for tale by john MURRAY, 30 Naa?* afreet. qold and 8ilver WANTED AT A PREMIUM BY taylor brothers" NO. U7 BROADWAY, corner MURRAY STREET. Highest premium paid for gold and silver Com, By F. P. JAMES A CO, Si Wall at ret t. vtew york and iiarlkm railroad COMPANY.? AN Treaanrer'a ultice, corner of Fwirth avenue and TwentVrlxth mr-at, New Yoik, Jan. 39, 1MB.?Intercet coupon# if the aecond mortgage and o'her t ondr, due Feb. 1, will be paid on aud alter that dale, at tbe Treaanrer'a office. W. H. EMKR80N, Treaanrer. TO MANUFACTVRK RS, CONTRACTORS.-THB ADv?ri1v-r? arc prepared to make arirancea on Urge cklM ugairnl t' a gori rnnirnt. The claln anta reuil product evidence of the i lamis hating been approved by the proper oAeera. AddJraa K. A. (I. A Co . boi 1J5 Herald oSWe, atating * character ol claim* and where an Interview can be bed. WANTED?SERVANTS AND OTHERS, WHO AM Citable to collect tbelr wagra, and all who bare claim* a.alnat tl.c government, to call at 118 Leonard alieet. Legal c ninael free. E WEBSTER. Attorney and CouHaller at Law. Cut thlt out. QOAn WANTED?FOR WHICH GOOD 8BCUR1TT iPiUU ten timet the amount will be given, beaideea good tnoi gait- and a I 0:111a A tdreaa P. Q., Herald oAee. (hi ruin TO $2,(100.?TWO first MOUTOAOB8 OF Dl.UUU si.000 each for aaleata falrdlacouat, or wo?M eachanwe lui a g e>d bulurta or other property. Addraea, wttb lull partlcuiara. Two Mortgagee, Herald office. (CO nnn WANTED?ON OOOD collateral ts Jiy.'lUU ciiritr, for four mnniha, at the rate of IQper cent per annum. AdJreaa Principal, bos IW Herald oAee, abating lull name and where an Interview ran be bad. (CO nnn wantbd-for thirty days, for which good collateral will be give* aad lalei -at twelve percent per annum. J. PHILLIPS, AW Weat Twcnty-aecoad at met (to nnn -wanted, a man with this AJfOCHT, iJ)Uiu""> to encage in an axctuaitre manufacturing bua ticai, hy win U a lu n.ue x 1 valued In a abort tbneInquire n- or- in A. M. or front 1 to S P. M., of Mr. JACK *OM, 7'2 Weat Thirty.aecotid at. oet. (ton nnn TO on RI1VL ESTATB I* THIS POvf.Uvl/ city or Hiookl u, n auina of 11,000 and npv arda Tula money will be loaned at wwtal rale of Intereet for one to Ove vcara. Addreaa, aiat n? foil partlcuiara, C M , b it 112 H-rald oBl< a. lor twu uara. & 1 O lino T0 LoAX ON BOND AMD MOBTOAGB Jp'l-^.VWV/ lii one or more amor. on prodtirllye real r* aie. in ihit r ijr or Brooklyn. Apply In the offlr; of the People'e Kire Ineutaoce Company, to JOHlt f. COlfRBT, No Ob Wall at reel. PHOPUSALS. CKAI.BD PROfOHAM ARB INVITKft CTTU. Tfi O ?:h day of February, IMJ, for furoithlnf FlrOUB tha Bubala lance Department of the United Ftalee Army. About iwelre thotitand <l?,IW?i la-rela trill be required, of a hiah grade of eatra flour, to be i.ellverad In WMMaflaa, al ihe railroad depot, or at themIMa or Ion n, aotna lime between the 6lh and l*th ai r*wmg.m Bach barrel of flour to lie Iruprotrd juat berore It la rt ' fThe flour rnuel he equal In lamed al iht Capitol bakery al W aablnkt?n citf, and the Bart WTh'a cueiomary?oath of allegiance will ha required of tank Xcob. dirt led to Major A. BECK WITH, C. A, U. S. A., iDd fD(l<ir*f<l ' Propofftl*.'' LEGAL NOTICB0. St'pnPMK rotnt?rtTT and county of nbw Vork -Al>* I T. Audarwro and Htapban Cambralaan, Trunm, Ac, (gain*) Tb* Ll?arpn Ho ongb Rank and JoSn UokIuo Iorh???turnout, for ra.llaf (coin, not aar.)?Totfco n''o?a daftadanl*:?You nra harnby cmmnnad and raqnlrad ni amwar the complaint in tliln m-iion. ?Mcb will ba Iliad 1% the < (1W or the Hark of the rlty and county of Raw Tor*, at ma Citr (tali in aal<l city, and io nerve a copy of yonraaywar In tha cU complaint on tha ntiearihe"*, at ibelr oflce, Wn. Id Wall (treat, In Ilia city of New Vork, within lw??vj daya al tar tlia tarvira of thla anminona on you, atalnalw of tin day of auab a*-rr1ee; anil if yon laltn ?n?wer the told mwc plaint withlrriha tint* a foretold, tha plaintiff* In ibla nation will apply In Ilia Court lor lha r>*raf demanded In Ike row. plaint CAM KKKtKNii A PYNE, I'iaintlffa' Attoinaya Dattp Niw Vona, Not. ii, lddl. ~d

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