Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1862, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1862 Page 9
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SALES AT AFCTIOIV. ^ I.BKKT MORTIMER OKIKKIN * CO., AUCTION- O V fCEKS. , C Maauiiicenl llouaehold Fmntiire, * Vt la ruiUKi, Statuary, Va?M, (S Rosewood and Mahogauv Chamber Enrnlnire. Oak Dining Room Knrniti r*. At pn'die auction, rn thin day i Saturday). February 1, at A1 e live atnry tm.wii atone re-iuente, No. 48 Went ui (atienih alrect, belw<< i Kiltli and Siatli aveuuet, coinenema at 11 o'elook. in da I lion t'nrpeta, Cbnndi'Uera, Etc- T tea, Centre Tahl-a, Encognurea, t alnn-ie B ibroidered f a< e Gurtalua, Bronre Cluck, elegant bar.or bu ia. covered an i bracelet; ArlUilu Braozea, Oil bandings, by eminent ar- tli kAONIFIOENT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, d " aratrnne basa, round coram, made io order, coil tiXiU, C tool. Cover, Cunterbii'V; ttsiension note, MHWBi tint- ? h, (Hats, silvernar . Table Cutlery, Couches, Aria Chairs, lucks, Engraving*, Ha stand, rosew ood and mahogany liii- v mob, Armoir- a-HIa Bedsteads. Hair Mattresses, Ftatner ? ads, ll uuki'U, Rockers. Solas, Chairs, covered with hair- j> .nth; Sola Bedsteads, Commodes, Toilel Sets. ... | N. B?forth ? wishing to attend this sale take the Firth ,'L veutte and Broadway or Sixth avenue stages and cars, at u i:e As.or House, St. Nhhulu* and Metropolitan Hi t. la, i vhlch will bring Iheni within a few doors of the house, tor- jlsJ er of Sixteenth street. K DMINIHTKATOBS* SALE OK HORSES AND CAR- Jy rV riHgi H. to close the ramie ot Culhnrluo Deunonbo. on po laturday, at U o'clock, at 313 Full on street, Brooklyn, PELD ni COLE, auctioneers, eousl-tlug of two gray Mares, Family rj ai risgc, Llpht Wagons, Harness, Kobe*, Blankets. Bells, ne bay Horse, one Huggv Wagon, one Grocer's Wagon, w 'loughs, Ac. HONOR : UKLMoNiCO, J Administrators. } RODMaN B. DaWHON, } Admlnlstiators. A UCTION pale of real estate?there will rV l>e s. ld at public auction, on the- premises, in the town A I Cotiiwn!', Orange county, on the 12th day of February, MiX at 12 M., the large Summer Boarding House, with about $! o it at res of Land, now occupied by the subscriber. It l? to : uiely situated for a summer ho el or a seminary, being about b ifty miles f rom New Yotk, overlooking the Hudson river; it _s about one-half mile from th steamboat landing mid one- ?. J|uarter mile from Idlewlld. V. o hottae will accommodate c? me hundred hoarilcta, ts well titled up for the business, and a< tas been well filled every summer sluco It was limit; It is milt of brick and is :u good repair. Terms mndc easy; a I, irge purt of the purchase money may remain on bond and V mortgage. For particulars apply to the .ubscrilter. on the V pre tube's. GILBERT TOMPKINS, JR.. N Cornwall, Orange county, N. Y. F A UCTION SALE OF READY MADE CLOTHINO, *C ? J\. A. M. CRISTALAK, auctioneer, -S Bowery, will sell on Monday, February at lll^ o'clock, a large stork ol 1 Clothing, comprising Cloth, 1'not, 1 -aver und Petersham J Frock, Sack, Business uud Oyer Coata; Doeskin. Cioth, <idssltuere and Satinet Pants; Silk, Satin. Velvet nod Cloth Vests; also Piece Hoods, Cloths, Cansimi res, Hatiuets, ShiMm, * Bhenling, Linings, Vesting*, Sat lire, Silks, a large lot of c U'.u.ll,.., r.,S.Kiii*IB ,.,S Omwou .nFt- 111,umi Ui'll r J.'neu Thread Trimmings. ' ^ Auction sale?this pay, at io)? o'clock, by ? ISAAC D. AARON. t>3 Nassau street. a most splendid * i aHeortment of line gold, silver and enamelled Witches, war- ? r aited lime pieces. A m Jewelry, Meerschaum Pipes, 4c. " Halo without reeer- I or b. Billiards.?s. a ,t. boo art will sell this day, at eleven o'clock, Ht No. 1 North William street, oua or O'Connor ,t Callander's Billiard Tables, Pbeiau s patent cushon, In good oruer. k CI MATTEL MORTGAf E SALE OF FURNITURE, HI \NO, 1 ) CARPETS. .VI KOI OAK ARM ClIAIKS, AC. I WiL.. EXPO: B I ' SALE AT AUCTION, Thleday (.-'aturd"V .. 1 Ore irv 1, 1862, ut 10t? o'clo k, bv t; DANIEL A. MATHEWS, auctioneer, at hia salesroom, 7.' N issau str'. t, a quanti y of Household Furniture, Carpets, a Mirrors, Oak Arm Chairs, .V> The above solo having been postponed from Fi 'day, January 31 to tlil? date. JAMES MAKKi '.EE, Attorney lor Mortgagee. /CONSTABLE'S SALE ?BY VIRTUE OF AN EXECU- 1 (ion, I will sell, nis .. at 10>io el->. k, at BOCART S ,-j "Ction rooms, No. I North . <lilam sireet. 44 nesls of Sheet , Iron Camp Boilers. THOMAS i.OYLE. Cons able, 1( First class steam forge for sale -will be i old at public sale, at 2 o'clock P. M., on Tuesday, the 4th day of February, 18 )2, at the public house of W. L. DeBor- f Bon, In the city of Reading, the property known as ;b.-. Readin Steam Forge, In aaiil city. ( 8aid Forge ts aubs.aatt.vlfy built, and completely equipped r with all the modern improve nents, Including a seven-ton Nasmyth hammer and three Kir- aieum hammers, c. eh with heating furnace., and boilers attached. A tyre banding ma- 1 chine and oven, three puddling furnaces, lira blacksmith's j f >rgo?, two thirty-ton cranes, one largest class boring mi! 1, g Mottlng machine, turning latbe, and sixty hnrae engine. Main building 300 by 100 reet, with sheet Iron roof, a carpenter shop and brick oflice. with lire proof, Ac., on the premise*, which contain oyer i)& acres. BeM Forge is most conveniently located for business, adjoining the Reading Railroad, and "0 eounec'od therevvith , that locomotives can take ov. ay and deliver cars of iron, coal and other freight. Without eost for ha iling. Shutes mo outside the building, by wblob coal, scrap iron, Ac., i?u be dumped close to each furnace, without extra cost lor hauling or Ul or. This Forge is capable of executing the heaviest work, rat lug forged and tiniahed the main hafts of the Adriatic, (believed to be the largest ever mode), besides complete sets of torglngs for numerous j, steamships for government vud others. The city of Rend- _ lug presents pcculier advantages for the successful operation of such a forge. It '* within 58 miles of Philadelphia, con- , liected therewith by the Ren ting Railroad, ami tne Fe'iuyl, kill (160 ton) canal, lJ-i mile by mi. direct from Nctv York, 138from B utiiTiore. 64 fioni Ha-ii-burg, and 34 from the Schuylkill coal region, whence the he t anthracite coal cau : lie placed at the furnuce doors for about $2 25 per ton. Reading is situated In one of the fined dls'rlc's of Pennsylvania, has a por latum of 2.i,1(H), and in noted for Its _ general health and (he purity of Its water. A? Berks coun testes, iron of every rtevlption con t>e procured by the forge mi the lowest prices. Title ci ?r oi all Incumbrance. Pos- % session given immediate);, ?r 1 terms made easy to suit purchasers. The Forge is fit complrla order, and" U furnished with every necessary tool and nppnrt'nancc to commence , work Immediately on taking po.isess.jn. It Is a property well worth the attention of those engaged in the above busibms. For are fnrtherlnformation. apnly to H. If. MtTH LENBERO, Cashier of the Farmers' B ink ol Keudiug, l'cnn. FCOLTON. AUCTIONEER.?EXTRA LARGE SALE ( of second hand Furniture, Oinp1-*. Oilelotus, tins Fixtures, Chandeliers. PUnos. itilliurd T l>>, .to. This day c <S?iurday), February 1, at li% o'clock. at Nr. ii? Fulton i atreet, uear Nassau street, the lakes' S.oc.s ol s. rood hand f Furniture thai baa teen otfered this an.sun ; It will embrace 1 all the Furniture of two houses, and co ne i re, an,.rug other goods, Extension Tables, Dining, Caul, (untie and Pier Tables; Wardrobes, Dressing Bo-eaus, nnhognn and hlaeh walnut Bedsteads, Bookcases, all stiles o' Carpets nnd 01slotha, cottage Furniture, Chandeliers, kitchen Furniture, Ac. Also, one very lino roam ood Pianoforte uud one ma hie told Blllisri Table, full and complete. Also, one or lwo * French plate Mirrors, tals will be without reserve. CXEORtiE COOK, AUCTION I ER. ( JT A vdgn?r's Sale of KLBOANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. a By CEO. COOK, thla day, at 11 ? clo-k, at store 141 Bread- t way, a large stock of brat class goods, consisting of Fsr.or, j Chamber, Library and Dining Room Units ol various designs end finish; superb Pa 'or Lug. res. Si eretarie*. Caiilneu, c Canterburies, .Centre Hud Fancy Tables, rosewood Wardrobes, Armotre-s-Olacn, Side j>sids, Bookcases, Extension P mug Tables. Lounges, Chairs, Ae., <uj uumerous to men- 1 lllil. Sale posit lie. /NEOROK HOLBROOK, ? UCTWNFRK?WILL SELL f I.T this day, at 10,l? o c.o k,.. l-"l tv v.-t?? reet, the entire ! Furniture <d the liouee, eumprik ng Rosewood Salt, In broca- ! el; Mahogany lull, in hal. cloth: Bn.?g*D and Ingrain Car- j pew, Ph r tJls-ses, mahogany and other Bedsteads, mnho.a- | oy marble top Pres-ing eu l other Httreaus, V, ardrote , : Chamber Sulta, 11 t Mattre??r? mtbrr Holitm, Plllowh tc ; Waaliatanda, Toilet China, tlli?a, Silver and itlirr W.irea; Cband -iera, marl) e lop Cenlr? ami other fable*; (mrtalna, Cnrnieea, H..I Hack, Dln.n* Room mi l h.toUn Furniture, 4c., with wbloli Uo tale wtil, o mmcuoe. HBNRY It. IKEDS, AWITIONEER. HENRY. I! LEr.U'. .t t'o. will ec'l nt auction, on saturdui. Kebrna u I, at 12 o'eb .lc, In ft of *tnre No. 2! N mean etrret, a aplcndi: <trapp> e *y h"rae, elnn-'log to uc Colonel of the Sevbnth regiment Jfr Hampshire Volun/ eta, now .juaite'Tl in ilit* coy. baring ho n, v.lib h ? ccm nand. ordered to Fort .tntferw a, Tortusa*, nnd to take no oraca, will anil at the iibovo place. The h ir,.o I* warranted b?iiii| an I kind In every pai-tln lar, p r'e iljr broke, free rom nil tricka, afit i> land* hi* ii, von y-'.r old. very lay aoddle hoeae, and aold lor n fault. Co?t i3d3. Can bo .ecu on tin.ruing of aale. S*.c poalave. ITENRY If. T,tr:ns, AUCTiONEER.?IIENRY II. I L I.KUDS it Co. mil sell at mil lion on b mil lay, Feb. I. 10!. clock a: li. aa room, 23 Na*aau a rent 'i . .- ' . , 'in niinre, eonsi-t i.g o Itr -acla nnd Ingrain Ci:p la, bin k ml nit I nCet, t? tlh n-arb.i top; rat d onk li .trillion >iiiitieT ble, '!?ek wa'nut do. w.ih ltrn let?; iwiluvonv oof I nnd a, CaiVv.i t a. vood 11 d. t Ail?. tna.'.ngaliy Ann ualre, con red In h.itr I ti; tnnlio. an* Bookatruda, lo.v-.oiiijrccirtter Elegoiea rosewood marble lop O-.ntrr Tablet, o?e,v >d marble top Ew*' rea, Sldeboar-la. oil d black waiin' A in ir - .-(jia . , mo nog. iy n.a le top Waalta'au'?, It" taut nil' I iim i Plm n 1 Man! 'I Mliror*. <)' u uo.. l.Uek waln t It-over*, loven- i in haircloth; Ol'doth, Window Curi n-, A ; also Ir-.n Wate, t.i c I3r, dataware, Ar. . 11: itv ^ 1.;: * M I rroNTiEi:. s c.t, 3; 1.1 Na?'-in at!" !, I'lP' i'f the P"*t nm-a MINER J -OMf.RVILLE will g ve .Indr prism*! attention to side.* of louaci'.nlil Furniture a the real.'enco* o' peraona declining 01 a ; eep Ing, or nt fin r a 'e 100m. aa nnove. even Ern'av. 'heir > -heroon. btl'-g !..?1 oil in the ceun. of Uie'boa nc *, art, n >er- nnuMtal faciUtii-a to dcalrlm, t-i ? a.) themeirra of 'h:a method 01 aa'". J TEN'RY D. MINER AITt TH NEKK? U.FRROOM i y 1 1 N t ?.-n ?ti*? t, oppoa.te tiio Pout -'it r. MIN'liR A M>. 1 ILIV.'l wil* ai 1. nt ?ii Hon on W uio-c.t. *, F'h ft, at n lie..1 a, ami. .17 Nt* an air t. a li-0 1 oiutotl in f Mob in e i1 Aio'i'til Oil Paiutin.a. Will Id on view Monday, 31. setal'.a iii time. tl.VIIV It llEHTS iv 11 CTtnvi ri .. tl ti'i'-iiii'* mW*?i?r?a? Vei'i-itM, iff jp BMrta, Be. * HKSt'1 WOOD ,v CO. will t- :i nil M l?v, T hr.iarjr .1, h It. -i., Ht lh? r mill ?'ii !>?, Bn?H' i., n I o **H.-1' >i I I Jir v.. F?:t< in?, I'm |> iiirte skin Material*. See I g .V i. h if a, Cntlliu. dhearr., . kin K. 'in-a. % ?Sih huge i .1 oi Mlirw, Cafp'ty Hula a, Chain, Counter*, D i ?. "Oit, Nil'IU l' if'ii. IilOff N, It .'V I.' S*ov Oil- ] jih,Bjr order oi JAMiiS UKlIT, Shnl.T. j r pnUOHTY, AT'CTIONUF .-Wll.r, ?!.?, TIIH ? VX. ilny ai lUW o'clf K. t anbaronm f3 Naettin MrFFi, ? timed M Km 'iltUT, rnmjiiIs'n. rn?ea <>d i nd C .irlor e>nln, loveiad in tnticalel and ha'reloth, inarnle to? II inif 1 aide*. Rookeafcea, Velvet Tapea.iy and Brnmel* Cat'. " . R i. n-i-n Plmim T ' : . B-.iiV?a :r I >p |>r -I..* nca !?, Waahelnnrta, Hair MaUreatea, llltinkal-. ? i'u lia, Waidlji e?. iwn r .?? nod Millard Tahh-a, una * ni.le Ma IT" I Brutish Kj.tllng E.cce, OIBce Fumitnrr, Ae. TOIPiJAOR SALE.?JOHN II. BURLKY, Al'C- i L ttonr-r, arlll *11, thla day. at Ml Canal b'if l, a ?no 1 nr inenl of Hnf.ta, Sofa B-'fa', K*Vnak>i?, CeDti* and n I it Th'.Iv.. uiailile top and O'hrr Birin'i*. mnhoaany ,i i k.nj tind oih'-r Clixlra, Ifurilr be', llalrataa; l'ler, MunI til l ?:1 i- (i n *, i ar-vixi.i and o'in r B' i*i"?d". B' r n 1?, tl r i -ply aim o?!. r Carpet*, I'l tnrea , Han an I other J a 'rai ("either Bed", Cnmfortrrt, it *eket?, l'ldona, v, .lira, Toilet Beta. China. Bafthen. <11.en ami iitttot.l H are. By order of JAB. V. Utt'lMO, Attorney. l > T. IIAZEI.U AL'CTIONEllR. V. I nft' d States Hr./n Comnil'alon'ra' Bnle. , WIITTTEMORKA UAZKI LwUlaaU, thiaday |S tnrdav). \ b. 1, at I u t.lotik, ai llin I tunn Hmiea (one dm k north oi Hamilton ferry). Bionklyu ? liSO h-r.'ida Bo 1 Herring. H iiar.idt Mack' f. l. ' f 2 ji'Hi'I C'il?a Molatae*. 1! hirreli Caba Kola -or. By older of w B IT. OWES, > Vniied Rlatr* p HENRY li. t-.Ijf.tOTT. I PliznCnmm .ah n:ra. ' WUIl'lEiKiRtN A II VZ .LI, Aii' ..rr, J Stiira 143 Broi.uway. n - - ' TIT'S DAY, / T * i WIMvii / e U T 1 r i i i.. , ii, . i i naiH n. ?? > . V ' , < i i- it i ') i, 'it . ., nill-r 'I I at** , O'l ri i i '.i r I d?M'ii, Cro? tf | I tin era. A>?, ' 1 Hat 1 I' . i hi M \ I I uei Ho I i !' ii r | ?i itrnnnini i . '"d . te . , . th liaUe, Baiati - NE SAI.BR AT AVCTIOW. HEKIPF 8ALK-PLOUR AND STARCH. > CHAMBERS A FA1RCHILD. AUCTIONEERS. ill wll ai their u!wu?u, 113 Naa>utt meet, this da J Aturday) February 1, a' 11 o'clock TEN B \KKKI.S SCI'KKFINE FLOUR. TEN BARRELS SUPERIOR STARCH, so for ao ount of a former purchase#, on - barrel VarnUa id tbrn barrel* Oil. JOHN KI1LLT, late Sherilf. V'lLLIAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON 8a urday, February 1, at 10>? o'clo' k, at No. 35 Kultou reel, a lurge stick or I pholaiering Uoods, 100 hags Keaera, 'AJU bales Huaka, 100 bales 8ea Ora??, Curled II .Ir iu ill ?, Rope Bag.-teg. Spread#, Comforter*, Iron Sale, Deeka, lull.., Ac., damaged by Ure late tire. By order of luaurauce unpany. SIIIPPINO. TOTH'E.?BY ORDER OK THE 8E< RETARY OK N S;hKs, all passengers leaving the United States are retired to provide tbem?elves with passports. dr-ctlnns for tut mug wliti It may be bad ut tlie Company's oihies, 15 ioadwoy, N. Y. JOHN U. DALE, Agent. Strain weekly to Liverpool, touching at Uneenst iwn 'Cork iruiul. Tbe Liverpool, New- York ittnl Phladelphia Steamii|> Comp.itiy intend despatching tbetr lull powered Clyde lilt iron steamships as follow*:? ITY (? NEW YORK Saturday. February 1 ITY OK WASHINGTON Saturday, February 3 id every succeeding Saturday, at noou, from 44, North ver. rates or PtMiar. Irst cabin $75 Stcei age $30 " to Lomlou.80 " to Loudon S3 " to Paria 8ft " to Prri* S3 " to Hamburg.... 85 " to 1I?nbtirg S3 Passenger* aim forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, ntwerp, Ai\, at efpially low rates. Kitot'rom Liverpool or Qneenstown:?Flr.t cabin, $79, 3ft and $105. Steerage, from Liverpool, $40. Front Queens. I iwn, $30. Tickets ran be bought here at them rates, enaling people to send for their friends. These steamer* have superior accommodations for pas tigers; are strongly built In water tight Iro-i scetlcns, and trry Patent Kire Annibtlators. Experience i surgeons are iiaclieil to each steamer. For further Information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM >1A>, Agetil, 22 Water sueei; la uiasgow 10 aijea. IALCOLM, No. 5 St. Enoch sunarr; In Quei'iistown to C. A If. D. SEVMOUK A CO.; in London to EIVES A M AOBY, 61 Milg William street; tn I'uria to JULE.I DECODE, No. 5 lac.' d" lit Equine; In Philadelphia to JOHN U. DALE, 111 I'aluui si reef, or at the Coin; any'* ofl'.ees. JOHN O. DALE. Agent, 15 Broadway, Now York. ITAMBVRG AMERICAN PACKET company. !i. Steam to Hamburg, London, Ilarrc and Southampton. The favorite lirat cUaa and elegml liou mail steamship BAVARIA, E. Mi lor, com mender, arrviiig the United S. ilea mail, out:.; Horn pier No. 21 North ivcr, foot of Pulton street, positively on SATURDAY, Febmuijr 8, nd takes passengers for llanihurg, Loudon, Havre and outhampton nt the following rater.:? 'irst cabin $100 . cond cabin I'd) tcerage 35 Por passage apply exclusively lo C B. P.ICHARD A HOAS, 151 Broadway, N. Y. rilE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP HANSA L 11. J. Von Sin.ten, commander, carrying the t'nilcd dates mall, will sal! from pier 50 North river, foot of C jamera street, on SATURDAY. Pebruarv 15, at 12 o'clock >1., roil BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, aklnc pxsnonpora to london, havre, southampton and bremen, it th following rate3:? Pi r the first cabin, $100; second cabin, $60; steerage, $33. Por freight or passage apply to OEi RICHS A CO., 68 Broad strceh. IfOR california via panama. U A fir.-t class steamer will leave New York on the 1st. kills ud 21st of each month, except when these date* fall on Sunlay, when the day of departure will be on tbe Monday folawing. For freight or passage apply at tbe only office. No. 5 Bowtig Green. 1). B. ALLEN, Agent. ro havana the double engine united Stales mail steamship ROANOKE, G o. W. Couch, ,'ommanilev, will leave pier 13 North river, tor Ilavaua died, on Wednesday, Feb. 5, at 12 o'clock. Apptv to LUPLAM A IIE1NEK. 115 Broadway^ UTOTICE.?THE STEAMSHIP CITY OF WASHINGTON, A from Llrer|K)i>l, will commence discharging, under eneial older, on Monday, Feb. 3, HW2. at 7 o'cln. s A. M. JOHN O. DALE, Agonl. NEW PrBIalCATIOXS. ? GREAT BOOK IN A SMALL COMPASS. jenkTns' VEST POCKET* LEXICON. A nii-Hnsan of ail ercent tfin common words which every knows; l>y omitting those ll contains ihe lesivfamiliar and the prinoieal Scientific and Technical Terras, Korlgn Moneys, Weights and Measures, also tLc commou Lain and French Phrases of two and three words, 4a. One of the most nsefnl little volumes which modern Lest, ography has given to the English Republic of letters.? lorth American Review. This Is truly a valuable work?containing wh^t everybody rants to know and cannot readily tiud.?Scientific Ametian. This Is a new idea, well conceived and well executed.? (ercliants' Magazine. 6C3 pages, Mmo.. embossed leather, gill edges. About hree inches long by three-quarters thick. Price Mi cents. J. It. LIPPINCOTT 4 CO., Nos. 22 and 24 North Fourth street, Philadelphia, For aale at the Bookstores ^rrtUAT" CURIOUS BOOK OF "CITY WOMEN;" A SINX gular novelty, with interesting skaiches of female harnrters in the City. Sold by news dealers tor 50 cents, or nailed free for 63 cents?half price. Cloth binding, 350 >ages, 60 engravings. Dealers allowd nearly fifty pur cent or rash. M. OAUNTT, Publlstier, 59 Walker Street, upstairs. THE RKBELLiby. A RMY AND NAVY PAY COLLECTED. ANDARREARS IV of pay lor rasigned sud supci numerary oBloers procured. JOHN It. MURRAY, Array and Nuvy Banker, No. 39 Nasxau street, New York, opposite the Post otlire. r1AMP LEDUK, PALACE HARDEN. [J BATTERY M, THIRD ARTILLERY. This Com) any will take a lew more good, respectable men; md as this is the last company of artillery for field service n be organised it U a One chance for any one who desires to otn. Wanted?Two Germans as buglers; also three Oerraans as oolts. Apply to J. J. MORRISON, C iptaln Battery M, Third Arilllery, fow stationed at Frederick, MJ., Genu al Banks'division. Engine krr, BNopnons, For Company A, United Siatos Engineers. 25 mere ab'o todled mechanics, betwen the ugea oi 20 ai.d 35, wanted to 111 up this bne co i?tny, now autioncd in Washington. Pay r.'Ui $U to $.54 per month, with the usual allowance of clothug, i a.ions and medical attendance. For further particulars r,quire at No. 5 Bowling Urccen, third door, between 3 A. M. i ltd 4 P. M. blAJUl.l&H Jjt.MHfill M,nsrAr?r-s U> I UK MM,. I Ulers xbould boy .Mars'* 1'strut belf-reabnt and coining S'mvsnapcr Wrap era, 5 onus.? package or #1 6> p"t tl?uumn.J. 1,. P. MARA. 413 Kishtn a enue, or HAMILTON, lOHNSuN A FARLLLY, 22 Ann Cruet, New York. rro. roit t;ir war?army ox the NTOUfl* I 1. Key's division, Thiriy sixth ruiuieul, N. V. V.?This rg.ioent, one of the crack cuip* of the uruiy, is now taii nut In cuinfi-tM.blc quarters at t.'nuip lirigi.twood, onif the defences o1' the cspltil. Wsshington, I'. 0. A lumber of able bodied men are wanted to bring this regiment 0 the maximum standard required by the l ulled states ov rum it'. Ray, clothing and transportation furnished on letng lu-i.-tercd Into th? s.-rvloe. For furhter information 1 p'v to Ll ut. JAMEo (aRANT, reuniting odicv, SJ Otitic fleet, New York. ro OOrBSNMKNT CONTRACTORS.?ORIGINAL holders ot contracts Tor arms to let tnun ifa tnr d in he Unit. I ri'.tes, ran And ? purcli*-er who lies the f.-cilitl. s .r carrying th'-m out. A Mr.-ss,giving full rarllcuhu* and idee wanted, L>. H. box 2,923 1'ost olhce. [sr nr. imest new voiti* m.\*. :.. i s. iion. I. .John < oehranr*, Colonel.?IPO able bodie 1 men wanted ..r this fnvorlto re (itnt nt, now in active set tlre.tu ,.r It ashas' n. l av. ration \ Ac.,lrotn day of enlistment;$hXlbounty i ill be given ;o thu " serving to tue or the war. Tiion iilletim; in this rrsim.-nt can have their pay drawn In N, w f uk by th-ir families. Recruiting otlico corner of First .venue and ii.Uit s'rect. JU' iit. I>. W. LEK, Recruiting officer. '[* GIVEN FOR RE. RUITS.?'WA.\'TK1?, A HR6T . U 8< rgcuu', wlt.i good rcter.'DC -. Ad lie** F, station E. rnsoLoi?. t rONl ' ' . -MADARB MORROW, SEVENTH f*. da ./hu r, has a gift of foroaigl.t; tails how . ..nd a.w often j on will marry, and al. you to know, even oni very tbou :hts. or no pay. Lucky chums ir.o>. He 'pin. ir not to );e fouud. He: M itgit: tin*go Is now In full prat, on -1st ' utiu-.r st ; t, blow llouvlou. Riice 29 ents. U"U'.itniB'u not admitted. \ BONA FILE AgTKOf.OCI.9T, THAT EVERY ONE tY tan depend on, Is Mnic. WIL.9CN, who tells tnr object >i your v 1.1 a? fOon as you cuter, glic tc'.la thn p.m. pre nt and futura ol your li:e and warn* y ui of datist is, and .rings sncc-'ss out of th- most per lour undertakings N. I.?Cclc'o I'd inafte charms. No. Ih9 Allen street, h-tween Ions', n nnd S'.-n:on striate, otcrtUo Lukciy. Chnrao* for unit tan.) ge .tirman, 60 reins. if AHA.MR BSTELLB'A CHALDEAN MAUIOUE T1 II A ll mr. ? MH UW E, <>[ Mil tt'. llOII 'ri', IVriK. ml P nd itroct, l/ondon. peapocti ulljr inform* tl.e ladle* ami exitlrmen of fia United h'atea alie Inn c*i? dliil.e.| an .,en in t'i" city of New York for the ?a'e of htr celebrated 'liable in Ma*: |in* D Amour. Thia wonder, nlrharai enable* a pMMiKOt to obuln 'U? love of any i nraon of Hie oppnatte ex. It wilt la- arm l.y mail to nn> part ?l the city or coonry upon the receipt of one dollar, with Hill dlrc?'.len?. Coin, ?unk*,ln? > ti ldly ocnlldcn int. Addrv ? t. ltoyJ ft Co., , gen la, i?4.i Broadway, New York. kT B.-IYlIO 1IAS NOT IIEAKD OK THE CTSLE t braird Madame l'n water, who h?? reninecd to No. I8S lattTbtrti' iith rU' Cl. bettveeii K r*i arv s mi I mm w, nd who coo be consulted wlili rnili " rail fan "it? tin Iwa oeiptai. H'ie fe)ii ihe name of fumre wlir ot husband, alao Itet uf Mrrlalter. If you wiah tr.itn n ra hei r call. nilli OKEATEST WONUKR IN THE WOULD II THE L to'int till o iicni.. h|ic,1 ,V*i!ani* dYKON, lio.u Parla, 'ho <au be mrailttel with the alrlettat conMenca on n'l Hair*of Ufa; rcaiorer. drunken nnd unfaithful liu*ha;vl*: aa a Kocrnl to make you beloved >j your heart'a Ideal, and r.uga f-im-ther thoae Ions, .tied. Itadl- . 25 cent*. Realcucc 90 i bird avanua, nbovc Twclith airect. .IMIO WOUI.D NOT OO WflERK KORi'CNE ISf?<K) l jc. i M1 - t WKLLIMllTb.'i. tlia rival. luijliatl I'ro. beti- , Ibe bc?t of all, and cannot be excelled. Can be co iul.I'd, p Morally or by Ictti r, 0:1 all ad. ira ef Hie, concern'fit* r 1t*. Journey*, abacnt fr.cndr, lore, coiii'lauip, marin t. hi'e'.'t, w * lh, and who can roclat u itruuke.i nod untpbfdl It ite bun da. MbaW ia the only ie rton in till* r if |||0 h. atlie genuine Roman and Afuhli nf '.lim un lor love, ital 1'ini' and nil 'nitric.? u:nl.>. .inur- ainirant a for fe, Hclay not tfiC'tic tbi* n i.m lly c i,.~nnd hemtl .1 .n'l.. .... Loci.) noniherarlveo. :1 . i , etabl iCrcc. Otnhnr 'cun her reaidcuc 101 Hiath u rim,, ppoilta E'g th atrcoU i- i i I - M'ilKKT.?Ml s i;n;.nri' OIVfH I ij ,.'i id Inlormatinu on n.| K'tm n j in. ? r to* lott-r.c din I. the j .('.oil in b.a city. K .lumber b'r rr?i? . ( - H ' v, N< II I IRI-.l.T-MAbAMH 1 tit t- I .ft I- : I- i jwii . . v, | >"? ' l? I I. .11 " it 11*11 ;, j iii .1 a . . v >? , I i.a lucky , i f - > i t I W YORK HERALD, SATU HOT'SKS, ROOM*, AC.. TO I-BT. j Furnished OK UNFURNISHED house, 1.% m vli i mni av.-Du*, aoovu Twuuly uiu'-U stre-1, wW aide, will j be rented to s private family only. Tin- lio'is was r. .'idly l>ullt for ih? lutr of the owner. ou l Is in esoelluulorder. Ternia rroxiiial In. Apply lu n. C. BISHOP, lit Hi-im.Iw iv. JU'RNISHKD APARTMENTS TO I.KTIN UROOKLYN? t'OnalsUliK ui lnur U '> !>. Ion ten. hei of outsit ; a pot tiou <>f the nut will Ix u... -ii in in* i .. lion Alto j stole' to let. in BLth svenue, Ne York. For t'urtlier particulate Inquire WE 1W0 Bridge street, Brooklyn. nOTIt TO LBV AND Ki nSITU KB POM Uli -TIIK lintel in all.iuUMl on a l>u*iii>>*a si reel, .loin* a *.."1 tra will it'll at a nam illee for dash, satisfa. lory r.-Uuill given lor selling. Address S. G. lloiele. Ileral.i nfflre. Restaurant.-to let the first class and well knowu Restaurant ilW Bio.. its ay, .-.inter ol Kourtb 1 t reeL Apply at 707 Br > . iway. TO I.ET.?THE FOUR LOFTS OK store 101 CHAM- i bem at'.eei will i>e lot low t<>u ( n in.n'. Tno loeutl. n ! Is one ot til -beat hii i ir.oat' eirrul in N tv York. In pure oil the oretnln. s ot JOHN D. LEW IS. TO let?apaktmkst8 IN a first CLASS TENANT i house, convenient to etai;e route, consisting of a null ot I flvo rooiu*; .ontuns ffus aid Crot.m water. Apply to l\ I GRAVES, on the premises, lift Rlvlngtoii street. a 10 LET?TWO LOFTS. FIRST AND SECOND STORIES, and < ellar of the large brick Slu e In First street, It ! liamsburg, one miunit a walk from tiio Grand street nut Boosevt ltstreetleriics; size of building 2f>\W, suiUt' le for uianu suturing or storage. Inquire 01 ANDREW HARM AN, corner ot riuiu end South Stun streets, or at the oflice of the Brooklyn Ferry Company. r LET?THE MODERN BUILT THREE STORY brown atone front Holts.' No. IS Hammond Htrert. Possession given iinnu dlslely. Runt low' to good tc no u t. Apply to E. BLOOMER, 141 Broadway, TO LET-FOB BUSINESS, SOCIETIES, CLUBS, AC., Room* ami email Store*, ut 8)9 Broadway, corner Twelfth street, and at 48and 52 East Twelfth struct, near Broadway. JOHN 61 KELSO, 62 Williaui s-rect^ TO LET-AT GREATLY REDUCED RATES, THE VERY desirable Houses Nun -11. 913, 939 and 2t>l West' Twenty tli rtl street; also Nos. 14b. 191) and 182 West Twenty-fourth street. Apply to P. HARMONY'S NEPHEWS A CO.. 81 Greenwich stieet, or to A. LLAilAN, 817 West Twenty-third street. TO LET-ONE OF THB SMALL BRICK HOUSES, CON tain I ng si* rooms, in Jersey avenue, Jersey City, nest to the Erie Railroad,'wot be let to a small American family for $7 per month. Ap.j'y at 81) Veoey street, up stairs. mo LET?A HANDSUMELY FURNISHED PART OF A JL House, Willi modei it improvements, occupied only by ouo married couple, withot i children, secotia Hoof, consisting of five rooms; can be b i t unfurnished, if desired. Apply at 89 WeatTweiUy-nln'h street, near Sixth avenue. TO LET-THE FTNE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP House 8b Emit S'xieeiith strwt, only one block Ho n Union square, is lery desirable; wilt be rented low, and immediate possession gtveu. Can b seen from 12 tol. J. R. WILCOX, 183 Filth ave? corner28d si. TO LET?A RESTAURANT IN A HOTEL. RENT TAKEN inboard. Also, ,i Saloon and Rooms; a small House? $2o; upper part of a House, $20. Apply to SMITH, at the o William and Fr; nkfort streets. TO LET OR LEASF.--+ITDRE NG. 23 BEBKMAK street, Ba-ement and two upper Lofts, b itldinr 9oxl"0; posseaaion given imme Lately. Apply to BKUGl IERK A THEBAUD, 81 Cedar street. TO LET OR LEASE.?A COUNTRY SEAT ATTIIROO'S Ne> k, Western stct ' oun'y. There are forty-one acre, attached to the House, In a high state of cultivation, with a eardioni tne and a half sties well sto ked wllhirutt, Ac. The buildings are commodious, with all proper outhouses, vis.Barns, Carriage House, Ice House titled, Ac., A". The distance is thirteen ntlles Horn tlth City Hall, and two and a hall miles ftoiu the railroad depot, an.l within walking distance from the steamboat There Is also a Farm House on the premises. Possession v. ill be given on March 1, <u sootier. Applv to D. J. COSTER, No. 2 Hanover street, from Id to 2 o'clock, P. M.; or from 8 to 10 o'clock A. M. at No. 102 West Fourteenth street. TO LET OR LEASE?THE LARGE. COMMODIOUS store 398 Bowerv, at the junction of Third and Fourth avenues; one of the ilbest stores on the street; rent very low. Apply at 117 Bow ery. TO SOAP AND CANDLE MANUFACTURERS.?TO LET the soap and candle factory, of more titan ht'iy yrurs standing, Noa. 14S and 118 Kldinage street, with fixture* ami good w ill for sale. A favorable lease will be given to a desirable tenant. Apply to ROBERT M. FIELD, lid Eld ridge street. * .,?? copaStners hip notices. A PARTNER WANTEp?IN THE PEED BUSINESS. A rare (hance fur a man to make money with a small capital, or would ;;1?J a p rsuu a salary who could lend from one to live Hundred dollars. Address C. W., Ilurald otUce. An* active business man, having iT.ooa capi. lal, wishing a eopattnershlp Interest In a very light and idessunl cash business, yielding lar^e urodls, without risk o competition, ran meet with ?n nn jbuuI Oj.pot tunity Ijy appvlna, before II A. M. or from 2 until 1 P. M., at 603 and rib ..oadway, room No, t>, up stairs. A RE LI A 111,E MAN DESIRES A PARTNERSHIP IN n mercantile or manufacturing btulucis, where a moderate capital and active sendees eonl l Ire advantuaeoisly mjloyej. Adlrca 0. L it., box 1,63) Post odlcc, noting nature of business and capital rsqult nl. AYOUNO MAN, NOW AN EMPLOYE IN A WnOI.Esal city bouse, nd?h?i to invest $ i tl, together With his err ices, in some business that w III afford him a fair lie ome. Heat of references given and required. No patent or un?slahllshcd doub'1 ill business will meet with the ell thleal notice. Address, with lull particulars, U. M. Fran It In, Herald oHlce. Dissolution.?notice is hereby given That the copartnership litrctofore existing under the firm of Holcomb, Nostratid.? Co., la th.t day dissolved by mutual cinacnt. The debts to be collected an i bills to bu paid by Thus. C. Nostrsnd, 181 South street, K. Y. SAMUEL R. flOLCf'MB, TtiOS. 0. N03TIUNO, FbbboaBT 1,1* J DAMELJiOMBS. DISSOLUTION.?T1IE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO, fore existing between tit? undersigned, under the firm of Lynea A Suiitli, is this day dissolved bv muloal consent. ,1. O. 8. Lynes will sign tn Uquldallou. J. K. Smith will remove to Couneclt ut and rosumo his form- r btn'.neiw. J. O. 8. LYNES. fKBRoaar 1,1*3. J. K. SMfTH. D RESOLUTION.?THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOU re listing under the firm of Jrretniah Lambert A Co., Is this da,' mutunlly dissuh'td. Maw Yobs, Jan. 31,1&3. JEREMIAH lambert. JOHN \V. HOYT. The business will be continued as usual ov JEREMItU LAMBERT. \TEW YORK, JAN. 29, Wic'?'THE COPARTNERSHIP 11 heretofore existing iiuiler the Hun of Rrrnu A Burns la thN day dissolved by in tit is tl cousent. Tlr- firm of Bnrua it Miller i?authorised 10 settle the lisblli.i- s or Refill r. A Bums, AM Hroadwny. K. KKKNTJS, Wltueas, J. W. DeaikauBT. FR anklin burns. . r.t UN8 .V MIi.LKtt. P ARTNER WANTED?TN A SAFE PROFITABLE AND respectable business, establi.hed tourycar*. The .mi. ne t has a capital invested ot fiufifiJ. A further capital of trom ^J,OHO to $'>,lib is want, d to increase lite stiuc. Are. money a liberal salary, and a. <: trlty until sallmcd that the btf,lnr?? Is wlat is rep.c~' nted. No atp 11U nollc.tJ. Addresi New York, b<?i ISO Herald nflicr. The copartnership hurktoiore existing under the name and Unu nf Melts A Ur-enlettl, is ibis di.y ill. so'veil by lun.ual I i ar party w,.i i n la l.tiuM-ttim. Cl.'Vlt, Ki A. vKnifl, A VT. ORKENLNAK, E. B. OKLENLE AP. Date 1 Nr.w Yobb. Jsn. 31, IV?. t (i, arinerelitp ?i'h? iindcrsisned bsre formed it Oapartnet H(I, under ihn tidtiio of A. It. Green leaf A to,nn will lout tine a general mock tomuileSian sua h.m* ni(. outlines, St It I'lv h in(f place. A. T?\ I.l.l.'l NI.FAK, Ni;? Yaitc, Feb. I, I.SGJ K 11 CilKKMiK.U\ Coiat: in rahlp?Tito undersigned lieve formed it C ipartni'rsuip, under thi-iistno nf Obha. A. Meiys a Hon, una will conli.ut genera! suh k toruiiilieion siul banking n ln??s, St ftl BX' llallUn place. I'll AS, A. UKlliS, MkW Yobit, tVh. 1, ISM. OlIAS II. A1EMB. PIIE COPARTNERS!IIP HEItEK K Jl.E EXISTING L under the Mile of lihognii .t K'mell, En ttaver* . ti l i illingis.ilioi'i-, 113 Franklin Mvfrt, New York, list tl.i? iUy en i is o.vcil by mutual 'or cjieut. Tne business wilt bo In i.a lor cur.l.U on astnu.l byjdhn II. Rnsudi. who will settle all I. tints n ,?!: t lbs lute tirm. mid s.i parties limiit sny sii -It arc rc<iUi sut J to forward tin in iiMinedinteiy for UuuMstton. CHARLES UHEGAN, F/.sHnur 1,1802. JOHN II. RUSSELL. \ITANTID?A PARTNER, WITH UK WHO UNDERyf standi tbo in.Aiii.' >i|> of mi l niy .-I'.lhloi.-. Nun ' .ml t time who , II |ico nro I h int uf work apply ; til ad'.rrtlser bus h I,in room, ii.hi hill sand ulltbc i n -. sn;y utensils. Address*). tintler, Chatham tenure Pa t nlUt . C7T, -WANTED. A ItEoI'feOTARLR MAN. IN I ijl I Well ostnbiii. i il ki il Estate t.'fll < , down t< tvn. to I ke the Inn rrsl of a lehrui, per mr. Appiy nt IJ C.-ntro street, up stairs. ZEIILIO c BibllNuS. til nn wanted, a M AN, TO TAKE r'l'EL CHARGE ps-""# nt a Bolter and Kmtl St.iT, nr rt.ier. Hal n paying i ssti trado for ten yrari i>a<i Real of Store and Cvo ftootns. fltia nt. nib <>t the right una will take putt cash. Apply nt 4U!? lludsoti street. Oil Hft -A TARTNER WANTED, OR TUEEVTRE utlvv ni'i: - t s111 bo onld of a Ale tod Lunch Ro in, Inn pre* nt ptoj i.tor bring unable to attend to it froui sickness. Apply at *7i Brand way. <fc?> ",h -PARTNER WANTED, IN T1!E CONFECtlm.oi) ah<1 pit dry uuaine**; the concuru is i.u. ,'io?l htialtipsu. T-.r Object of the Kircrt'Sir Is to 0| in a ladies' r. * lUiiiil, The .ucntiao is uut up* * >. Fur foil pitt il uiaisisII nt ,'obCanal street. <D1 nnn CArI1- WITH ACTIVITY AND 1TRSONAE ?PJ..VvMF ir.i.m, will secure a |?rin r*hip ibut lor utiety, to, pcntabiliiy and h?s no eon*). Astoviit'lon an I lo.aliou tbo very lost. Address it. ll. H bos; 103 Herald (Be*. g>,t nnn TO $ii,na>.?wanted, either a special 'WivW or o*t' e inn 'nor, with ilie above mount, in , ctiy la/lthnato '**li Jobbing In.sin *, turn will pay joiitol S4.WM ; cr uunntii. Ad loss Casii Jobber, bus lit 111 Ai l lllcv. h imviuim " tp! LTO* COFFEE llOt SE, 115 Ft'l TIN STREET.? If Hnnns tvmp.e'i-il our errvieiuenu !ur ok In* oj slots by rt<- un. we would rv?pecifull> inv.l Hi. puobc to c?.! nun tiy Jt.*t one ' s'.ea il." All buT? tried lii-m mires In proit'Ui,i< In ; thrnt Inr mtp rlnr to ojstori cooke 1 In <tnv wtli r style, it* it It the only uiinncr in wmcii tne mil tiaror ol lite nystur Is rclslned. They Mill servo "stews," roast*," "trie*." An., but ?s "rtoiiins" ore *o f#r superior w t bellere that ill ntiiT methods will be bbsndoned lor this Relit dish. I.h H"*' Pining liootti ami limit's Bunco Counter r.,w iyt awnniir 1 with the but the milAft allot,Is. I unites wM :ir> I this dip of the b??l places In the cltr td piocitre ru* fmh.n "tns, whether "Br'-akiaei," "D.nner" or '"To*.' IJECEIVtD AT LIBBY'fl, NO. 1.H0 Ft ETON STREET, J t, ami'h>r lilt" lot of ChinrAtea. :nc Oyster*. N II?The line t dtcwi, Frits and Routt in town, Oysmis iprnod wltiio'.t ci v itinif. fry the Khn y Hoas and I> ,rtoii Slews. IPtlK CAT IS Otr OF THE BAH, AND Tl.K L |ia> 1.1* now op "it . 32-,'i Atlu. 'lc s i !. ii",ir It< t. R .I n, .New Em .tii*. It I Ai i i i.,o city,.'Ic?i?rta K 'utsn t e nis t * a s. 0ill ant try It. M st jr. i' ill i i I* 1'ila Ale, hi n ?;t*it la*.-. All iitnt r Bijtors ut' luc v.* m i ' ity. UiiN ii' C. FiiAsnu, Frn>vl ' ir. WUnUBMBWUt* j rnti.i vonm.-t kxphesi, ui'vo atiik t, im. t X 1?> i i.v / i'udiriR HW ?*? >*M ah ,?I ttt * j p rr t <?t! K trnifc 'k "I W'ir.-,\e ? y" ?%??. lUv ,? "I j Arf*|Jn> ife, 1th iVhruarj. ? ?]; |nk-va 1 Ma/ iK. Orders solicit*J. Ill* . ?k uUreu . R1)AY, FEBRUARY 1, IS AWrSKWPJfTTS. NIMMP8 HARDEN I. B in i *1,1 iKi;?r .. .Hearv C. Jareett FoUKTII WBlii. < f II'K ORanU COMBINATION. MK \> I, DWK.l'oRT MR UMUH \V W tl.CAl'If. JK. Mil. VYM W Hi. IT Li'. Y. MRS AMK-i W WALliACK R. Mil- JD1.IA B KAUJtOlV. Fiml u:abt of a:. L-i-i i mantel work on tive aeia) Jt V.\ MPTH T!i" piece will be a -i-s- u ->i with CORRECT AKTuU; I ilb.sT.; AI PROTHIAT* COSTUMES A.N II TUN OitlOINAL Ml SIC (i>v Mr1 ew l.o We), ?ltb ?

A! AST OK CHARACTERS WHICH U.iN.lOT BK SURPASSED BY ANY THKATKR I.N THK TIIS (SATlRifAl) LViNiNO, 1 fctf 1, t%U Will be a lei Sliakrp ti-'? Ti?i?h1v i f Mai Skill. MACBETH W.J W WAM.ACK. Jr MACDUFF Mi F L DA EN PORT MAI.UOLM Mr WM W IF. ITLBY BVNOI O Mr. OKOKOK KYI?it FIRST WITCH Mr MAI.K SMITH HECATE Urn. JULIA H. BARROW L> !?Y MACBETH Mrs. JAMES W. VY .11.LACK On Monday evening:, Fe'i. 3, UiCi, Will l>e present' il with a splenit I distribution of the various uharaeteiu. SlmkNuoro'a 1'raxedt of ROMEO AND JULIET. Due notice will be give* of the ur?l appearaaca of Iboaa emiuent artists, mrs. john wood aid mr. j. collins, Who will appear In the giv?t aun'ttruUr DriiU M the colleen bawn. Admiwilon (to nil p?Ks of ilio house) 50 cents Bxiured I'arqiirl StalL 76o?'U'J Doors open ?t 7; commence at 7}?. SPECIAL IVOTICKN. Anew movement in behalf of our army and Navy. -A public meet'tig lit aid of the efforts ol the Board of i'liiilicatinn of the K -formed Protestant Dutch Church, to furnish religious riallng for the *i.Mi----a a nl sailo"* now in the service of their country, will be held next Sibha-.h evening, February 2, in tin Colli giate Obi. ft h, corner ? f Kni h avium and Tv.emytiiu'li a' reel, nt 71^ o'clock. The K?v. Dr. Dc Will, Prosldent or the Hoard, will pie-due. anil addresses will be delivered by the Rev. lira. Gunsc ami Porter. (NUT THIS OUT.?REMOVAL?THE WEATHER STRIP J depo has removed i r.un 537 ttroa-iway, to the corner of Broudvray and Koltou street, ov -r Knox's, the hatter, room 11. Free library.?attention to the api'rektires' Library,472 Broadway.?'Tills nuituilon Is well supplied with iinwspapers, reviews, magazines, pbiuiia's, and a'.so wllli convenient tables and scuts for readers. a number Of new works have been re-ciith added. tkrms.? All perrons employed us upprun'i- e? by nieehan>s or tra-.e men, and all FEMALES employed by tiicro m their business, on.pri-s.-niitig a proper ic:Unc;.t , may lave ilio privileges of the Library without charge Journeymen, mechanics or tradesmen, teachers or pup Is in scln ids or academics, young men in stores, the c.tliri s of lawyers, physicians, artists, Ac., on the presentation of a ptopor certllica e and the pay meat of oue dollar it year. ]0. 0. F?THE R. W. GRAND encampment, OF , Foot hern New York, will l.o.d Us semi-annual session, in the nv nt, Odd Fell w ' Hall, oorner of Oraud a reel, on Moniaj evealug, S1 lust., at 71* o'dlo.-k. By order. .lull N j. DA VIES, U. Scribe. OFFICE OK THE ATLANTIC MUTUAL IKS I It AMI B Company, New York, Junuury 2/, loth!. The Trua'cca, In conformity to the oharti r of the Co.rpv ny, suhiidt fan in'.lowUig stutem'-nt of Its affair* on thtolsl Deo.mibr, Idiil ? Premiums rcoi Led on marine r'sks from 1st of January, Idol, to dial December, lddl 93,810,2d6 51 rreniiouis eu policies not n. i rhcu oa 1st Jam ary, 1<61 1,471.290 29 Total amount of marine premium* $5.314,576 83 No potb ies have bean iHsilrd upon life risks; nor upon tire risks disconnected Willi mnr-ne risks. Premiums marked oil' from 1st January, 1861, to SUi December, 1881 ... $4,153,165 78 Losses p.tld during the same period. .(2,311,'lap 20 Returns of pre.iniums and ojtpansi'S.. 728. 176 35 The company has the following usee's, vi7. ? United Stales and Bute of New York stork, city, bank and other stocks 2,92.1,408 81 Loans *e tired by stocks and ovherwiso 800,340 U0 I!ra! estate and bonds au-t mortgages ll-tjOO 00 Dividends on forks. Interest on bonds and mortgages i.nd o her loans, suudry, reinsure ace and other claims due the company, estimated at 128,78302 Premium notes and bills receivable 1,618,839 02 Cash in bank 245,543 94 Total amount of assets $5,995.(189 79 Hlx per rent interest on the outstanding ce.-UOoale* of profits w ill be paid to the hoi fere thereof, o-thcir legal representatives. on and afler Tuesday, l! e rth of February ne t After learning TWO AND A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS of preffts, the onlsti tiding cei lllb-atos of the issue of 18(10 will be redeemed and psiil to the holders thereof, or February uext, Ironi which (lute hII lutein st thereon will ceucc. Tho erftlfic.ite<> to be produced a' liio time of ptyiiient and caacrlira. A dividend of thirty pet cent la declared ot> the net yarned rremi'in.s of the Company lor the year ending Sli t Deoemer, IH61, tor which corilnvalna will he burned on after Tucaiay, the Htli ot April next. Tim profits of the Company, ascertained from the lat of July, 1812. to '.tie let of January, 1801, for which cftrttiratoH were laait -d. amount to. $11,609,210 Ai'dlUcnal profits from lat January, 1361, to 1st January, 1862 1,250.000 Total profits for 19>? years $12,940,210 The multeities, previous to ItMlO, hare been redeem eil by eusu 6,889,471 Net earnings rcmalno,; with the Company on tat Jau.itir), 1862. $1,059,749 By order of the Board, W. TOWNSEND JONES, Secretary, TUUSTEKS, John O. Jones, Caleb ltu;Stoic, Dennis Perkins, Cbarles Drums, A. 1*. Pillot, Jin-ri li OalllHr i, Jr. W. H. 11. Moore, Leroy M. Wiley, William Woo l, Thomas Ttlostou, Dsiitel 8, Miller, J. Usury Burgy, IlonryColt, 8. t. N'eolt, Cornelius Urinnell, Win. C. I'll Itorspill, Joihn.i .1. Ilenry, l'. A. H.itid, Lewis Curtis, Oeo. (>. Hotisoii, Watts Slierinnn, Charles H. Riik*?1I, Durid Lane, Edward u. r it, Lowell Holbrook. James Bryoe, K. K. Morgan. Ilubt. G. OoOdbua, Win. Biurets, Jr., U. J. IIoa land, I'. A. tlargons, Henry K. Bo '~rt, ften.l. B ib o.:?. Meyer Guns, A-A. Low, Fletcher We?tray, Royal Phelps. Wm. E. Dodge. Kobt. K. Miiiturn. fr. JOHN d. JONES, President. Csaki.u.s Dknni.s, Vice Prest.'ent. W. h. H. Mooue, Bemud Vice President. Paper wantkd.-wanted, uow reams of Kir d Paper, si/.r 112x16, at current tn.irko'idrli?-?. Cult wilt bn paid on delivery. A|?ply nl the oSicil of this paper. dhv ttoodw. At r. ir, mac vs. nob. am and aw sixth avenue^ two doors bolow Pollrteenill ut.vti, you will always bud a full st, ek of Kllilions, La ? a, lLiiulker. hiefi,' teriee, White Uooda, line Flatitii Is, llniiaftkeeping Hoods, Cur iln Le-es .ii t Miultn, Hosiery and I'nder-Wrar, ladles' made nn l'n ler 01..thing, Ac. N. b.?The only house tn N "w Yerit thai Mia ltdlei' dollar Kid Glow a fur aiity-lhrne cuts (by tn-dlalv" -utiie cents), atnl aliva-s a tul! essorttneut ot aud i. BARO \1 N3.?THIS WEEK, BONNET B ARGATyS <?'.r$j Bonnets are worth $10. <19 ti no li nr* wor h 529, Ittbt'oiiH, Fiuvveia ,<n l Frames, our $3 Bonnes are worth $6; Silk and Sir.iw IV.niu tv. L. hINN S Millinery, &kl Broadway, opposite Metropolitan 'tote!. rpoooomwr b-aers-samples am> pv. errs, L arm free, of u.l th, new and fashion*:>1 l)>.?<io,'r, Cloths, CNHluteres, sui Dry Good- gnu r,illy: I ?r. giilnu, whol-iale a ,1 I retail, at g a y roweed mi-is. RICHARDSON, BOND A CO., Broadway. Njs Y up. OA nnh ndf.foAPS WORTH OP DOMESTIC AND tJV/.Uv/v/ Iioiia-kiH pingOiM i.a, liouglit belori ilie great rise tn cotton, will oc so it by ilie pic o or void, at popular prices. GEORGE keves, 313 E ghth avenue. Ci.OTJU.MO.' AT THE OLD STAND, EZEK1EL GCARANTEHS TO pay the following prices:?$1 tn $10 icr Sl'klw m; $6 to $gj fin Co t'; $2 m $/ for Pant,: also Furniture, CurPels, .mtialry, ,t A n do l y post |iirn lu.i v iii'.i nded to l.y L/LKII.L I3t Seventh avuiue, between Nineteenth and Ta outictli ativets, J. idles attended to l>y M rs. F. eklel. VI'! N . Mv- ji.' i .0 WORTH OP CAST OF CLOTIL lug, C.irpets, ru:nltm; and Jewelry wanted, fur welch thr mo*l value c <n bo ntH.itu"<t by rilling on or nddrrtiilng E. H., 79 Sit'h avenue, lie ir Wnveiley | l ie . I.a'tlea all n I nl by Mr*. Ii. II. flense remember ?nd try 79 Sixth avenue Abehkii niaxca than eibk fob ladies eii.l yrnihiucii to obtain tbe MvUe-t price for mi o I C othlng I gua antro to pay the following prices-? For *ilk Or-* e-. from gf> to SdO: tro i< $1 to $|,ri tor Coa'?; frum A2 tt AS for uantM i*i o, Oarpr'n. I ornl or ami .levrelry. I'lo.r.'.ol o I or nclilrm. .1. AnHAI.T. ? ri-nth are. no?, bitween Tnv.-tiK.eiii au<t TeeMy-bral street*. lane* eUenaed by Mr*. Anli It. VTTENTIC'Nt?I HAVE a LAP.tJE OltDER FROM V.iE Wt <t in pun t.aae rust off Clolb.ii>,, Carpet *, I wrl'tir*, * ;. Laili'tr a ly mrm-i), yon inn rveelvet'ie high, by calling on nratldreae.tia by pool, M. A oalmim '.Us ,-ev -nth arennr. Ladle* punctually attended to by Mr*. A. ATTIIK NEW york CAhT off CLOTH I Nit STORK A tint ht.hent prior .? will be paid for eaat oil Ciuiolii Furullitia, carpeia and Jcu-elr;.. Ac., Ac. Ca't oimraddn.a Jotteph .U|ii, iub Seventh avtuuo, cornor of Tacu'y-nist street, A LARUE ORDER.?flMWI WORTH of CAST off Cloihing. Ceipei*, Fmiiliiirn and Jawelry wiimed for llic Western and California market.'. Lndm* anil gentlemen havingu.iy to itt pcee of eao re elva (VI per e><nt mor th.iu by any other dnilnr In lb" city. Callal ornddreM IJ Mint*, 17t? Third a*enii"\ SeveulecntU MIMt. Ladies attended by Mr*. Mlutr, 179 Third ??, nuc. At tut? new stand, iot third avenue, i,adits .??? ! ifn'lrrrrn can aeciire the lull valnu iorlh?lr r t off Cloth.tie, by r.iliirg on r mMren.n^ o, JACOBS, Jim Tmrd arentir, briwr.n Twenty third and Twenty.fourth airrcta. U ll.'jattended by Mi ? P. Jamba. MfiDKGAk Dr henry, member of tu;? new vorkmedi , at College, niey he cwumllct aa Irmn 4 Ui 10 P. M. I'r.vkt* eniiaiK.e 77 Bkechei atrevi, weal ol Broadway. DI< 0001 Ml, it duake STRLKi', MEMBER OF the College of Phyaklaua uutl Suig".,n . of New Yuik, may lie oinulf.l dally at hi* office, from 8 lu (he morning until 9 In the evening, Doctdii hunter himsklf-thi physician wlin ftnliiieli'"! ihe HuuleiUiw bt*pen*?ry, No. J Dirt noli itiret, Nmr Vor* eliy, In IdM, nan lie lunaullcd I rum 8 A. M. until 10 u'clou* at night at the old Private eniranra. Dr. ward, successful tendon physician and aiiraimn, can he nuianltcd an uuauai. Prlv .tr entranm 12 L light all ret. II > na fru.ri A A. M. till 9 P. M. daily. J ralph, m. p.?office 139 CItOABY street, cornet- ot Uoutioti. llonia It to 2 and 0 ttll 9 P. m. Ladies medical attendance can lind r|. u,i.y .' I Bouint nnd ev- ymnforlol a luiM, ut. Mine. PAKSELLE S. 319 Weat Tired tit ilreet, Mlarmont, PA PIS AND LONDON, PHYSICIAN nuts r no, HI7 Jtt n t.rar, up *t,,Ira. CiMntuiUtton I mm 9 A. M. in I) p. J., Sunday* uicepted. 1>p.orr s on re tcli., hechambers street, cam I* CdimtlW ilk <tia'. ag*rt?, ig,,', idlmrty elicit, N. Y. In Bwhlyn, 17.1 Fulton atr- ct. ?> 11 ii" ;rT, M D -co, be " it. JV. al, i in iili-r. If) Pen i? atrt'i ' . ? and l.r.1 rre ?. a i a?;ietb,' en .( < ?)!! I'e > p.a . N b -s D . , . ol V v . ? til. mail; , '(,4 -,i| 1 .. / l,.?. . . A M till ' P. M, 62. I AMNWnvt; WALLACES i fcuU-aticna III Hi ..idw iv and Thirfeeulh afreet 1 VAKUTT NIUUTLY ii r el standard eonEDrps. and oiher. in au a live male nf pn>parettua; the emery, s uutalr, vuntuiues aud nlaar u|>!?diiUiieuta all ttrar 1) SAT 1 DAY, ? 111 be perforated (fourlli ujk ) Holcroft'e juauy celebrated b play 01 ? THE BUAD ?: TO V BUI K. i! hy j.?:vVd iW'l n ?>n ' !u*f rAftioii1* vv fi the* most IntcnM tntfiNil i? n<t niilvfrral pprovil, wiil bt i| > ' r> ven in ul.fbt w ith tlie e ,??ii" sfilii-l:? '1 linn Doruion Mi L'.'-'i VVal'ek (lei Dm mini Mr lf'nke if Uiililin i it .Mil' Flaller M Sulky Mr. I. II l:iud ? Mr. Susv. . _.Mr. I> l? S to*. O Mr MlTnd >1. It- 1 la i Mr. Smith . Hr?wue lii 'ili Mi Y n.-< b i \\ 111 ama Mr. Mourn I 'i -iiiiU marker Mi. famine Tnninnw .Mr. f-mvi :a h Hi. raraee V". KluM Warren Mr<. Vrmun P ? >phla Mow Har> ILiuuuu Jenny Mr-. John Seftou 1 Mj.NDAY J (Tji?i time 'or the orMenli. Qohuinlth'e standard Comedy R ov SUE STOOP J TO r-mmTE*. M TUESDAY S (Firm linn' licie), W THE POOR OKNri.UMA.Nt WEDNESDAY V fFlcat tli.ip here), TOWN AND COUNTRY. t THURSDAY (Tint ilmi' here), SPEED TtIK PLOUGH. a The eomedh a to be prepared with the utmost earn. t SCENERY. S DRESSES, u APPOINTMENTS, r ALL NEW J WALLACE'S THEATRE. c TV "Th- Leater Wallack Polka," complied by R. Stoepet, I is phived every nlvht with great aueceu*. An excellent like- ? nes of Lealcr Wallack, Bail., adorn* the title pugp. Price 3d e ceuia per copy. FIRTH. POND A CO., Music PiibUahcra, 617 ii road way, N. Y. Laura kubnk's theatre. * THE WORLD FAMOUS COMEDY t THE WORLD FAMOUS COMEDY c THE WORLD FAMOUS COMEDY K it received uightiv with a RtlOlTS OF LAUGHTER c SHOUTS OK LAUOHTER * AND b UNOLASINU APPLAUSE, UNCEASING APPLAUSE, 1 creating j A CARNIVAL OF FUN. A CARNIVAL OF FUN. t The dDtil'iutiou of characters will include all the favorites i of the present popular company; and the play will be presented with that careful atteuticu to A scenery, 1 dresses and MUSIC, i or which Hit* theatre ha* ever been celebrated. J TONIGHT, AND every NIGHT TILL FURTHER NOTICE, OUR AMERICAN COUSIN OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. j OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. , OUR AMERICAN CviUSlN. OUR AMERICAN CO IS IN. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. Honrs open at half-past alt, pvriu. u&nco commences at half-past a" vt-u. , WINTKP. GARDEN. ' ? ? Tula rreu.ut, Saturday, February 1, the original Awe- i riuau comedian, MR. J. S. CLAP. vE, v 111 appear in two of hi* great remt - |>eidooatloiu aa SCHNAPPS, In the magnificent scenic vpectrole of the NAIAD QUEEN. . and as _ JACK CABBAGE, r-celved last night with roara of laughter and applause, to the comedy of SUDDEN THOUGHTS. , THE NAIAD QVBKN In admitted to lie t erliups the mutt MAGNIFICENT SCENIC SPECTACLE ever preseuietl on the stage. It abounds lu SCENERYO UNEQUALLED SPLENDOR, , GRAND MECHANICAL EFFECTS, BRILLIANT DANCES. iiir uiuiin^ciuciu nam (iidmura iu aitaavwuw: teg ?au with the ? ] br'lltant and rkautiful bknokita isabella cuba*, ( who, dining ihe lew nlghis sue hut appeared (u new york, netted no wild a furore, and who, in conjunction with don juan ximeneh, will appear on monday evening, feb s. winter garden. tv the tnauae meiii has pleasure iu announcing that en monday evening. feb. s, the lovely sknorua isabella cubas don juan*xim enbs will appear. A card. winter garden. th? mauairemeut ha< n?e piea-i.!.- in announce the appear, auoe lor a limited nuniiw-r or nigh! - of the beautiful curas, t*?e eolehrtteu s|?an(ah daueenee, supported hr 8knob juan zimene3 ami ik perfect spamsh ballet troitpb. - rtul'ttitricinc on monday evening next, februarys, 18si. boa boo* now open Old bowery." ~ 8. p. strcen?vfl national circos. 8aturdav afternoon, at 2m o'clock, dan rle will sing am) pl t y, and intkolci'k the blind horse ext klsloit. .1ii , t,lb mules. g^n will appear to nigh'. A~ cademv ok mush ~~ brooklyn. lie re and manager james m. nixon mr. jamoa m. niton h i i the ploaaure of announcing to lie ritiientof brooklyn and \ ohlliy 'ha' he haa hi w ted a leaae of the above elegant letnn'e fur the tp;var*n?: of bdkun i'umaamalk ?i-*1 mikrkht: tow IN Ft"! REST. the orea't'est living t'.iagf.dian, the li?k timnt living tragedian, the greatest living tftaukdlan, v.' tin a tit. afkiuu toe right nights only. kit ip' n cuts only, eight nl.hts only. A an in eight dir k.kent pieces, in eight different pieces, in eight 1)1 fkerent pieces. cnlvumo'l on monday, i kb 10, is02. and oa there w'l !>? no repetition 0! the characters, to farjitinie putcln,a?r* til tick ti tha tickal oitica will be nncn on vovmr lciipi ,nv a ONE 'wEK'i IN AD'i ANCK. NO. ?? Ft.'LT< >N IKEKT. I'.ROOKLYN, Op|io )( the Oljr Hill, Where aeau may lie e u^'l < from s A. M till 9 P. U. TorViiV'r of the ETC TIT REPRESENTATIONS. order ok ufruormanues. MONDAY evening, Feb 10. KINO liT.AR. WEDNESDAY evening. Feb, 12 JAl'U DADE THURSDAY evnlng. P. h IS. VIRCJINIU3 FRIDAY evening, Feb. M. richelieu. MONDAY evening Feb. 17, Dx.MON AND PYTHIAS. WEDNESDAY CTeuliir. F< b ij, MET A MORA. THURSDAY evening, F-h yt oladtator. FRIDAY evening, Feb 21, MACBETH. Mr. FORRFST will be a'ippnried by the company that n avert with an. h rti#i'n:iiUh?-rt <hccp*h?i (be BOSTON AND I'Hi i 4DELPII1A ACADEMIES OF MUSIC. The fame muiiiui.c -lit Wanlrobea anil Proper: lee, aril new Scenrrv exprex-ilv putaied piece, making in ita enliiety THE MOST PERFECT and ONLY WELL ORGANIZED DRAMATIC COMPANY THAT ever have appeared at this beautiful temple op music. i Conductor of tbe Orvheetra . .I P Oooke 8ceu? An let ..OH H uh 1 Huge Manager J U Wright PRICE v OF ADMISHIOS Artmlnlon ** . Re'ervert S mia, extra 4>k Private Roxea ....... . $e PrtWi anlom Boveafhnlnini twelve pcrenna). r Family Circle end AmphltlM iUm *V. t Dnnra open at a uiurier lefure 7 o clock, perf>*moi*e te emntneiice at 7^ o'clock. AAA -AMERICA N MCMC BALL, , 4-Ht^r. *44 444 BROADWAY. J triumphant _ * CROWDED HOUSES CROWDED HOUSES At 144. The onlyplace of amvMaient In the city itnaTneted by the ii*a .1 her Run* with tb? TI<1* of TitMlfi furor Norel y if our motto, wo protein oomuthlng now trery SUPERIORITY Ml'ST OAlff THE DAT. SUPERIORITY MUST OAlN THE DAY. Juit look ot the nUtHCllono? TUB BROADWAY MINSTRELS, THE BHOADVV AY M'Nj TRKI<11, Tit). HKOADWAt MINSTRELS, In now Sen*". t'hcro* ?, Ac. BEN COTTON CUAhLKT WHITE, J. A UEKAMANB, .1. I'lKitCK, I R. UART, OEORoC uKKMAIR, , O. LESLIE M. TURNER, , Tho world ronowrioil Np?>nCnm?dl*nt. TO Jf I A I OR. ToNT PASTOR, I Tlio be?t Comle Sin?: v iu tl.c .nuntr;, TfK nriLWANT rOKPt LR RALLEY, under the tHicotmn rf MO>*P. P?IL B.iH MAST. ' NOTICE (.11 *"0 .?r Nri. u OHA. ? I VT1 ; ri.j, t?K o:t'N d.vt'lNM''. ni; o.;Ahr' MtriN.t., on THIS vaT AKTK. /X . ; ()< ! ( k. at z. ltd f.i flit \ mn\ ! i "! >>. (. t " 11 K r ' t, 'ati. ? \ > i1> f ? t. ' I . j ?: . r .< ( 1'. . ' ' > ?? ' " I t. OA laoit.s.v 1 ^Bw?r**ap 7 ANVSBMBtri. k I'iDEMir OK MUrilO-NKW YORK-OKERA. V MONDAY. Fib. 3. LA i'KAVIATA T iu morning. a iv t o'clock. opens tua ticket offlcaa I N"W York ami Brook! . u Acidemia*, Beer A Shirroer'a see <>r <jf Dim mi-;), 701 Brondwa', and Hi bell n, Wall where sent* he a -cured in- New York and Brook ii O i ra. lor two o; era mailt* in Murine** Mr. J. GK.VU bun i . ii ii ir to jinn um'a lhatVrrdi1* colemud i i?*i.i, wliii o o ;.m t ned wi.u mo aiuuli fnvor on ita sv.vsl '.is*. .w.inoli, Mini ill > 11j.M Ml- KELLOUO j-a'ed x> great a a naation lo the dramatic role of lOl.K rTA, w?| be iiia nl MONDAY NEXT Hie universal jean npicsard it the box ifllee for thia Bi etilion ha* liulnce ! Mr (Iran to ate* e to tha urgent rental* of the JIM I lie. Iu eon*et|ueime of ijutjbi?ei???* if the season, it will oe II possible to give L v TRAVIATA enreir on Hits tune only OK BUT OK HIOKOK VPOL1TO, 'riiuo Baritone of Air. Ma* Marc/.ek* company, in the r ita f UKit WONT Bigieir Yi olilo'i h gb repiitsuon, en > tu rned by recent iiHemfn ef tne 111*1*' i -leri, * , h.ti mi ter, la a guarantee of its a *i anion to the Aenh mv force* Th* rrmu.uiiig i-hut u-i^-n will ?e mu t?iu*d by Si a' .or HKfdNOLf, Suitor HA KILL f isteal Dtreetoi Mil l C nilonoi AiAX MAKETZRK Mr tiOITBOIIAl.K hi Eli at tirnud Lumen will take p.son oaltlvely on Toe. my. i eh 11. [BROOKLYN ACAI1KMY OK MimO [> TUIa KVEN1NU (SATURDAY), KEBRUARY 1, MARTHA la-antraa of Mia* CLARA LOUISE KELLOOO mm LADY HKNRIETTK. [me. Strakoaeh Nancy j Briguoll Lyouel naini t'lunkcl ( Bai'lli Ti i uu toalcnl Director and Ooudiictnr M AX MAKKI'ZKK Sent* for Brooklyu Academy can alao be sa uied at Sioell's, I ail street. The musical critic or the New York Uera Id aavs of Misa leilogg'a uerluruianna tu Martha ? The Tisily Henrietta of MImj Kellogg, If not a* great a *Miatloual a license sh har Tra?i?t?, ws< srl stirs'Iy a perforin lUne of even greater merit. In the latter role h r deln ate ihyMcjue ami her roniplete ahanilonment of heraeli to the motional influences of the part, woo for her in the last twa a vpi iiui'in u, an a wuoie, ;ue rnar.ioier wmm lilt a* perfectly IIM lined as was lie.- Henriette l&st aigft. "in- pressure on our space will uot allow us to enter inlo a Ikiri analysis of the uiertui ut the performance. It Is sumlent luau> tuutil elicited .he entuuslasiir applause ol the iiitise throughout, aud l OHiiimeil the uuucipatloiia formed >1 tbs brilliant career that lies before this taleuted young irttst. The musical critic of 'he N?* York Times obeervea of It ? Tiie r loot L dy llenr elie siitU Mi?? Kelloga. Toe lulls ptsodio. 1 touches of seiiiliiietit I sm with which tt la Illicit coord pieasanlly with t ie earnestness of her style, ivud the ;eii?> ii . iva' ity of ilie music s within easy leach or her e\cllen method. She is thus enabled to 'ouch lightly ami isoeu'lyuu two ossen'htl trem>?. We regard h?r Imper oualioo ot the character ia one of the best we have been alio I upou to record. In the "Last Rose of ri minor" M a* Celiogg was deservedly encored. We doubt if it over has ecu snug better on the operatic stage ATEW BOWMRY TH1MI1 ?1 Bole Proprietors Mrs ra (}. L. FoxandJ.W. Llngsrd S VrUKlMY, Feb 1, 18K2, 'lie interesting dra oa o'' DOMINIQUE THE DESERTER. 'lie Orsnd fairy Spectacle "f CilEuKY AND FAIR STAR, tnd the romamlc drainii of HE SEVEN ESCAPES OF ADELAIDE OF DRESDEN. ^ARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. SATURDAY, FEB I. 1ST! GRAND FAMILY HOLIDAY TWO MH'ERll PERFORMANCES, n the AFTERNOON, at three o'clock, EVENING, at 7* o'clock, tt each of which i? produced that new anil elegant HOLIDAY FAIRY PIECE, OMDINA, THE BOWER OF BEAUTY; THE NAIAD QUEEN, vh c'a has been lew* ed with euch unmiatakeable enthuslaaaa ay overdo vi' g ho is s TIIE FA IKY GUARD OF AMAZONS neve changed their lbs. dating drill, adding now evolutions. During the pic PUOFEsSOK A. GLEIT/., from Europe, Will appear, for the first time in America, with hia ZITHER. A NEW Ml SUML INSTRUMENT, Accompanied by Mr. B. Herzog, Jr., on the Guitar. The following wondc fill livi g novel;.; s at ml hours. ? LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS. The greet and curious WHILE STILL LIVES, And eats liln half bushel of eels per dee. TholS BEAUTIFUL TINY KEA HORSES, sailing in the Grand Aquaria, which contains beautilul aud rero lirlug I h from all quarters of the globe. MAM MOTU GRIZZLY BE.Ali S.vMSON, nappy Family, Monster Serpents, Wax Figures. Ac. s Admission to all, J"i cents; children under 10, IS cent*. COMMODORE NUTT, the S3U.U00 Nut'., will be cracked lex*. Monday, Feb. 3. BRYANTS' MINSTRELS. Mechanics' Hail, 472 ID oadway, above Grand street. Monday, Jnu. 27, aud every night duringt ho week, BLACKSMITH'S JUBILEE, AFRICAN POLKA. 8. I . CAMPBELL, Gould, I! II'on, Fowler and Leslie, In new Snugs Choruses. Ac. DR. TUMU1.ETY OUTDONE. Horn. Peel, Florence, Getitnga, Nell and Dan. Bryant, the favorito ciuncdiana, iu their eccentricities. PLANTATION FESTIVAL S'.'ENE DOWN IN OLD KT. Dooia open n' (it^; aurlam rises at 7%. Ticket* 26 cents. IRVING IIALL. SOIREE FRANCAI8ES (hymhacription) Paul Juigne' ... D rector. Fol It 111 eOlREK. MONDAY. FEB. 3, IRH. QUANDON VKUT T lilt BON t HIES, Proverhe ,,n a te. car M. Theodore Bsmcre. L'l'T Dil.ZE ta Is demande generate), Folic Viiuitdcllle eu nil aile, par M. Lefranc el Lih'Che. loth- antre a tc M. Juign twill sing (by ge-.eral re picelt Le Tenor Lege", comic song, end s'smor F. Kidilfi no sir. Tike's o' admission (aubacnptlon and s i le), with secured ara a, to l e had a' H, Dardouviile a ttfi Broadway, and at the d<> r on the evening of port' >rmanee. 01REAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALU m T to* BROADWAY. 68# THE i, RAM) r tftfe " .. r RAVEL , . RAVEL ' ' . ; pAirrsusfsft, 1 PAN TOM I MB. 1 MAZULM, THE NIGHT OWL, MAZULM, THE NIGHT OWL, received with the moat rapturous applause by hoieee Crowded in every pirt. I Is on 'oubtedly THE HIT OF THE SEASON. A M. HERNANDEZ, A. M. HERNANDEZ. In his greet comic character of MACLOU, ie greeted with thunders of annrohattun MLLB. adelaide. prior MLLK. adelaide priob win* new laurels in h-r charming pel fypMAnco of JULIA. !u addition to the i<antom<m> :nj en'lro compute nppenrt in raned and ?ttr?<^re ^MCHhnme. vt a tlinoton, JOHN O. nT'.WART, MLLK. MAR1E3 I A It A V EL. m.akiett'a ravel, . tiik clifford sisters, 1 . the clifford S'STBRS, AHIITON AND K cer*. Asurnx and u< uerr. , SIO R alewo. rilij r abki ? 0. Vf n. 13)1111!, W N SMltB, oil fifty other Aral I??? performer-. HI'.AND MATINER OKAND ?i AT;;."KB GRAND MAT.N :K THIS AFTERNOON, Tf!fS AFTERNOON, i HIS AFTERNOON. THIS AFTERNOON, At 2 o'clock Al 2 o' ! >. '/, when the GREAT RAA'EL PANTOMIME w II be premmted _____ ROBERT FOX, A?mit AL.RF.RT W. SKI.DEN WILL \'"'E ' K ON MONDAY memiignn-1 ill it irate TaCD YlUPPODAMi A MISS KATE BATEMAN. the yi U no american tragedienne, Commences an engagement at the Roainn Mneeiun i n the M o: Fe irnary neat, in the roume >!' which alio will v,?u?ln her role< of Julia In in- ''Hunchback," Blniicn iu ' Kuiio," LADY Til A LK, QKUALDIKE. LADY GAY SPANKER. PAR Til KNIA mil BEATRIX, tn hero vn Irai elation of Liji.uie'a 'Ma .onus oi Ar .'? Herrmann, the great prestidigitateitr ? lln pyi In Albiny. Jan 31; Trny. Fen 4 S\ ,\i' IIhe V >h. 7; lb" lieatei, Feb. 10; B ill ilu, Fe'>. I'l, ami .r un then A in Cleveland, Cuiuiubu-, Curio nail. Lou aville, St. Louia afvy*!^-0 Albert w heldex will appear on mondat cvi ni:i* anil lllnatnte TAt'HYIlil'PoDAMIA. IJUILliAKHONIC soi'iety OF new YOLK (twentieth season isoi-ta>. The public Rrh armil (No '.?) will lake ii'noe at IRVINO 1IAL1., ON S Vfl'RDAY MORNLNO, t L -IKU ARY I. ?'M A. M. Eon Hek. 'a 30 >cnts each. The third concert of lb'* ?asnn will take place at hall. On SATURIlAT lit KMSI). February 1. at 8 P W., on wbiotl occtmlon the fmlo v|-iv niece will be performed ? ORCHESTRAL PIECES. 8 mpnony No, i. In Z) minor, by Robert Shumann ; Serenade No 2, in A, In J >henne< Brahma; Overture, "Ruler of Hi. Spirl'S." In U. bv Curl Murin atxl Weber. S( i.0 PERFORMERS. Slyer.- t Riiloin. Huriione; Mr, Uruut Harlmann, Plane; Mr. |tr: rjr Submit/, Hi m. Con,meter Curl Rrremmnt llooiaip-n at 7 P. M Ti e Concert lorotnmcuocnt. 8 P. M. R ate ubrcrlbrn' Ucxeta fl tack, lor aolc at the uaual r>u 'i. No more ticket* will be laauod than the hull rontninu mute. By order. J. O. BEI8HEI4I,.8eT'tar). nrfCUCOOK 8 NATION All CONCERT HALL, 17' New Canal e'reet. (one blrick from Bowery. 1 A CARD?In ron? .pi-nee of the imnn iil - 'rc. ?i ef the ?ivrl .ml am tmitmpereonitlon ofTUL t I RE, i c will m . very eyenn . Until further notice. THE I Ultr'bcT OURS, THE PERFECT CORE. Thta a? t h being performed In tha Londoi conn i ? mahilr rtui unbounded r eeese, and oan be teen at the National Joucert 1'aU BV Tire ORIGINAL AMERICAN CURE TUB CUBE. THE CURE. Tint appearance thin e-enin? of the p. p ikir ?l?, MISS PRANK CRlSTlK, t iratapprarun -e thin evening nf th.e popular tooulWt, MI48 CABKTk GARDINER Aim, ,h*(IRTrvr |f vTIONAL MINSTREL". In run- tonga, funny eivinc utnl ecmlc denelng. MR. K. W. SMITH ANI? HAKBt VOX THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT IN 1UL UTS. Adtuiaeion - ltf,rnU A LBP.RT W 8ELDKN WILL ArPE.tR ON MONDAY A eycnlng end (11 nitrate TAiIP Iff l'l''if)t Ml A r THEATRICAL.?THE NEW NATIONAL THEATRE, 1 CiprtnnaM, la notropoa lor toe wlut'T an4 aprlug eoa. .on Willi a full uu-1 en-.l.Tl company. For mar or .torIt rna'uri-imme. upon tew*. ^Jr. ea John Bate*, proprietor. N. lV~An attractive Oanwnve wanted at onte. ittir rut 18 THR ONLY ENGLISH TAPER THAT T .,.n\ fitll <1. tal'-i of the Tn rat .cut Cb.naea in E . . j n - -H.-.-mth BoII'b Lil?. I" nn'i iu>l IIi'jut.i I !f. U k 1 I VI' Ilk- .1 lit.' Ivii of Hie Huial Julian, rti; i?i i-'iruarvf Niu h ?i t. t l.n~KT W. i EI DKS WILL AI'J'KAft ON HONDAT , \ l I ii .t.atB l'AUlUHtt*?''>f>A \ I ' m i l H 111.Ill Vl'K'-N I'LAbJ WAL -OlUVhu.? II ' it'll I.I, , a1 i?,?. i?i' ii hi 'I - tv i " nr. m |l A '*? . 0- ' I u i i in I.- i it ?y< VuU, ,Mii>a ?,ll.'A < IV l. , ' A i. I in ' > Ii i > n > i i ?, . . mui. i*i- n . ' iifl 'Inn. fl'il ? ti- .k. A v atvik. vf'ii i ,'j . <*: in* *? i i. s

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