Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1862 Page 2
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4 THE "CfcWARD" MOVEMENT. The Crimean War and the American Rebellicn. \ What Time it Took the T>ro Greatest Natal aud military Powers of the World to Capture Sebasto^ol. Slow Progress of the British Arms. The French Kasters of tho Situation. TOTAL IYAltiViTY OF THE ALLIED FLEETS. Tlie iUouily Repulse oi the Allies at Scbastoiiol. tes sicged noui cr the mmsa. THEIR RED AS CLIXDER. TRIUMPH CP THE FRENCH AR21S, &.c., Lc., <Lo. We publish to-day an interesting resvm-, translated from I he Aim w.Ii U Ootha, of the exploits of the Turks and tholr French, S rdintan and L'n^iir h alii s against the Russians in the late Ci tnean war. In the pre-tent day, when we kro so often taunted by the Brlt'sh press on our slow progress In our war, it would be well to compare notes and sat how v ry fast their liocts and army pro" grossed in the Crimea:? ebuinxufa or ita-rniriES buttrwy the Turks an' ku-s:an9On the 5th of October, 1S^3, the declarati n of war by the Subline Porte agaui'-t tiro Emperor of Russia was published at Constat iaople, un l on the 10:h of the sam> month ttlA T. l-t? Or. tutr.n.1 of It... Rannhn O. ??? neighborhood of ilio fortress of Widdln. On Hit 13 .U >f October the Sultan Issued hi* firmans < relative to the entrance of Kngtish and French vessels-ofwar into the 1 a'dacellcs, and ou the 224 the allied .fleet ' loft iho Bay of Bi.-chika, arriving in the Boxphorus on J the 2d of November of the some year. Eetoeeo this time and th-_ month of January, 1S54, the four great I'owore of Europe were using every reasonable offbrt to brir.g about a sett'emnnt of the dilllcultiep be- i tween Ru-.s.a a-.d Tur'cey, so as to put an end to the war ^ then waging bctwe.n thi two Powers. In the meantime j several rovers engagements took place between the c opposing forces, result rig in victory to the Turks ( sometimes, and to tho Russians at other times. The burning of Sinopc, whore ovor fo ir thousauJ Turks t tnsorably per ished, was "i i of tho acta thut particularly excited all Ku: re s-aim-t tho Russian urum. It w;<s not, t however.'inti! the 2'J h tl January, lc.Vl, that the Km- c purer Napoleon wrote to tho Emperor Nicholas proposing r an armistics lor the recall of the Russian forces and to leaye the way pen for diplomatic negotiations. On the t 8th of February the Russian .-mpe or replied, llstly re- t fusing to comply with any such proposition. Tho Imperial Parliament of Great Britain was opened v by the Queen on tho 21st of January, wh >n her Miyeuty delivered a spue h from tho throne, expressing her regret ii at thv of all tho odor Is of great Britain and France, it with thai.- allies, to maiutaiu peace in the Vast. Shu then siiftgui-ted the Increase i f the i and sea forces of F tho British empire, tho view of rendering mote ti effective the British arguments in favor of peace. d dimnsabc Kunrxtx ustwikx fkucx akd ssolaso am p BUS8IA. F Things continued in a doubtful position until tlie 4th of o February, when diplomatic relations wero broken off be- s tween Frame and Russia; and on the 6th of February Lord John Rn-sullaliO announced to the lions" of Commons I the rupture of diplomatic relations botwween Great a Bnta.u and 11 i. sia. and on the 7tb Joor 1 Ciareuden re- J called tho British Minister from St. Eetersburg. liuriug j ail this timo the French government wis giving all its i ttasttoB to the perfect arming and epupmeut of every branch ulililaoi ana gun sorvico. I A RSiIT7-ri FX'TKr FOR THX HCST. f On tho lltU of March, the flr&t oT the British a float destined lor tho Eaitlc. and eimmandcd by Vice Art isural Sir Charles Nupirr, saila.l front Spithtad, in Vreeeuce of the yue-'b. On tho 12th a rrenty war con- e eluded bctwe-iu France, Gr,-at Britain and Turkey, by which the two great \f -tun Power a -greed to support the Ottoman Per to njainst Russia. I'RSXCS TROOPS FOR TTIS RAFT. Tho first divi ion of French trco]>s fur the East, comtn >oded by Cucoral Cann-hart, loft Marseilles on the 19tll Of lierch, and on the 31at of tlie same month the ilrat part Of the expeditionary corps arrived nt Oaiiipoli. t>K - R TIOS OF ACTUAL R Ttt.r:S9. ' On the 27 h of March the French Minister of State, H. F>uld, acnocne d to lh3 Cham bars that the ! st acta of the Cttbi et of St. Petersburg cinstituted a statu of war between franco and B sssia. On thu s?ue day a message from tho Q-:cjn of Lngaad tuuouacai a similar fact to Parliame: t. On the 2"lh of March war bttwosn franco and Krg land and Kur= t tv/i- formally proclaimed. (.m the 2dth o. A. it an alliance was concluded between France s -rt fc:: ';>nil to sustain the integrity of tho Ottoman otn. lrc against the oppressl' t s of It .ssia. On the innday the Kcieians, in strung force, were completely defeated by the Turks at Kosirelli. The Oltotn x troops weie OOTi.minded by M .Fta ha Pacha. ARRIVAL OK TTIS IXC URITI -It SOLPiSRS. The first It > of auxiliary tr? [n bf the Wottern rowers com. cd two thousand English,under command of General A'iutt landed at Ponntsnttnople on thu 1-ith cf tpril. O tat strut day ths K truu.i began ate On the lBih Mir- v -t. Arvaud Counondp- in Cfci-f t oftUcFr .-.ayof tin Ei.u, left I'aris, anivnrat I C'jl :itJt.t::io n lb V . | M ty. On thr17 li : April Princ# hapoleon kfft Toulon to Join I lb; a I J . . it .a lb# Ya?\. i On tlir 'Ua R im 0?nc-si Yhli.'ar nttaeVot th Turlu at-i-uia ; Sut it* -a : ?!? ?: #1 au-1 compelled to t MrM ea M t vlt i Ou the I i ilia b.ittla of Caeraaw da, be'wcen the ' Tu.k* ot U t. t-si< y!t #. Tbe Cfht * is renewed on tno alJ. t. . osn W J la the do'fjt of o It - inns. The I'.cir 1. /i r un.otncad on tbs 21st of April that ti Vre: b C*o; f r 'bo lU'.tlC hi I r.-tll.-d f r< m the port ; I e.-t. On tho taut* tiny tho RusslaM raited tho blocks* of Kaiafut, a'.d oyaruatod I.ittlc Vi rllac! ta. An Anglo-Frenrh spied, cn, cotisiati'ig ?f six frWa'es, thirteen other raMe.s un.l niuo steamers, cast anchor be: r e Odessa. Admiral fmndas. of tho Tlri tialt navy. ar.l Admiral 1! melts, "f th? Kronch, aumti.'iie.l tho U v rtw'r, tho Barr.n d'Oeten Sacltan, tn deliver tho vice's which wi rc iho.i ir port. Too next day fbe town hrmbnrded tor ton boors. Oj the 2S U of the rame mouth tho g comment of th# United St-.t-'B r piled to th# q-.' stiot s of ,U# A hits, concemu.g tn-utra! rights, to the offi-cl that th y would Ob?# re and cause lo bo ol?-orv?d th# strict rights of neutrally. Twelve thooe nd French troops barked at To t Ion on the Sth of May f? r the I'twus. On ihe 8h Marshal St. Aruaud arrive ! it < netaatiaopie, where he was joicod on the 1 tli by the Mr of Cambridge. On the 12th th# bright'h sterna frigate Tiger want ^rUUHU ?< ! . ST n . ' "? i|r-?, X/ 4-! On tbo 13th the battle of Tnrtnkal toab place. In this combat the lu km drove the RtMiins from an island uear OHenitta on tba the command-ln chief of fhe allied army Including the T rl.r, wis by consent given Into the hands of Marsha: t. Arnsud. (in the ram ' day Lord Napier bl. < ka.l <1 ."({a. On the If li th* Russian eort of R?d v" Ka'oh, rn the toast of (i, wns botT.'.arl'd and t*t(?n by the Eng. lish Adii. t l f,y i s On the run# dny the I'ritish tl?ot began h tfiii < i the (fir of fin and, by destroying th? Ilu-e i- i i" ? *' F.V?n?. a. On the 2i h tho English t'.l French troops arrived It* the I'inous, by svlu.h moans theneutrality of Oveece was cnforc d. Ou the 38'h Pir Cba-loe Nap >r Mt g the Black Roa fleet, en no meed to the Rrit.*h admiralty the Mock ade of the c'-iets of ( oit-hnd, Eathonle, Kir .1 and all tho R ftslun porta s.t iatcd oa Hit gu.fs ol too S;a of Bothnia. On the f-d'h the Turk*, c t.tmarded by Tsm? il Pacha and -k nderberg, defeated the Russians at Karakal, and |> railed thon t > AUta, O.i tho 1st of .litre Admirals Thmdss and Hvnclln da Blared the mouths of tho liannbc blockaded. On the 13lh the French Malt to fleet rejoined the Fnglieh fleet at Ho na send. On the 21ft of June the Tb ftt h ?te\mers f!?c!a Odin ard Valorous bombarded the Russian fortr^ei of Uomar tund, in th? Btllk. Oil the Slid the la A combat took i la a befo-e Slliatrti the R ,-Fllb and T lk h O r S. f'O tho c?-h ih aieye ra' ,(1>14311 ,h* r?'f?1 ?3 M?J I?!'4 bank "f ibo I u" bo. On lha 26tb A 'm!rn> Run and nnmolln 'Vclurt ' tbo rorta of the <iutf Finland (Omactadt and St. Peters-4 bur*') In a j tr?t" of bleckado. On thn Sth of n?tamber th French and rnjlish troop* landed at tlvi 's'.nod nf Aland. On the 12 h the porta of lb* CTbite Ton (Archngel. OnogV^c.) - ? ?, It-od-tador blot ktdo by the combined flo-t of Kra :> i> a id (treat ttrltatn. Tli no.xt '"ay (ho 'and arnl ac t lor;. i> of the t *? l owertbac >n (1 eb nnba.-dir rt of B rnira d, wMrh rtt retv'ered oi the 10th The R ieolan gntwtal c .nnr. tndiiijt, r.adieoc, aid h1* whole go rli n, we. j taken prh err, and on the nut day tin Aill blw '-he I'nrtiMN. Chi tbo 23J Un Dm ii atoomer Mr n 'a bomb tr ied the town of lvoln.tb# capital of boi-i m Lap nod. [Kola waa a ema!l viiloge, uot numbering ovoi a tboui.toii mhabitanU J On the 31et of Awnl an Anglo Fret* u equa.lron, commanded bjr tho Frenoh Admiral Febvit r Itceponitt-a, s> I nMreked 'be fit and tarn cf Fctroptilovikl, on tho > it ut kmilp"*! . *, I'UUkOIC lotuj .iiMi to MtliO wtU iMM. *II.-: T>v<iu PK tut ainra. ('u tho Utii f t'cptamUir the Kr?ach, Ee.;li-h and 1 whikhad left :uu.'< nd Unit chick 0:1 lb )th aaJ i 0 n, on two handi J and lifty vivaeh, i.udir the t>enr' 1 1 ' R y > SI. Ai . ' u iv?<l and in.. ! ou I w -!.m i iijt u: ill i 'u a, l eu (V I I' l,!v. utyt: i:i. ei U lie uo. t!. of ScU..-t pol. Tha Allies, 2 ,10J I j ..? , ?t, ?s ft;, i it ico Tor" o, oce i i d t(io u r .t. t I'tiy roji-unea. On the i t' ll v. as foirht ibc battle r.f the Alma. The An 'I'm:, Ii* >i , altri'?b'vui.itu flflitinK, CMTiod iba Intiembed p j?itieii; of the RursUr* "ti the bosh's of tba Aiiri"., when tl Russians, who bid beeu 60,WiO atronff, Ul. il' I ,'!.'! f at. AlWoll", IcUl.lU't U. ill taba-Sb fa I. I'D Allies 1st 2,TOOw n, of whom 1.200 wore French ai d 1,5u0 Flngish. The Ii uwua less wan fieiu C?*? W ??* th USUI.l! IUCD. r;s tf?ia K I > MBU KVOL. I On the Bill U Oer bar the Al'i ? he, au lo M""' 6ch Sobusiapol by ln:ro!i'"!iOKu'g. On the l'th lbs first, bom bird in ft of il.y ti :tri?s u - U f'ace. U Ksfan at six in the iis'i lino , wuh two hundred rantum, Sid .! by . . v hi :* '" tba Bus] t*i. Vi.-e A 'niirtl (Ku io1 i!f) irt: killed :u m.{ tho bombardment, which was o. tiiuod the wholo M the tie .1 day. On tho IBih Iho comlcued lie. t o.' the Western Towers left Bovnl, M.vl tho bl.s.:. i o of tba poi'U in tho Gull*of Bothnia tin. rsi- it. o'KK ri'.v IT eiuir.iv*. On thi' 29'.It ibo lb. "i*n t, !i 'iul, Iuprondi, marched against Bulftk n a. uud took p-issession of four reduch's oi copied by tho Turk.*, ivuli 1 leva cannon with which I tli-y were armed b it ill y ivre repelled in their further dnnri his fP-'li ng ?h Hussion .-avalry. At the aanie time ihoKi iu.-h hi lit ava'tjr sufibred severe 1 .?? in an urn .. ai. i li '?that of l!al ik'ava. (jr. the - ill th- R .s.-dane attaeke . ilia loft wing of thi s??' Kr I i. ' i vision, cotnm itidol by LieuUniatil One>: Sir del.") Evans, on tUo Tbcheroaya. The K'l-- etna were repulsed. "MTTTK OP IXXKtMAif. The battle of Inltoin.wt t k place on the Mli of No vcnib.--. The Rtigsi ois,Citnm-ui to.i by hi? iterant Gene .nnenlwrgj ai 1 ununited by tho p.c caee f tho tir?' .1 Dukes Mi ha.-, and >"-clr>!<?.c .attacked fcJ.e.-i ,hi wing of ihi besieging army on the heights i f ftntcrinan. After ap"\arestr :gk,Ui? English, sue ahio I by tho FTenoli divis n.un to? c min ui 1 of GeneralJkW'C ei,r?>u!f a Mia enemy i'h a l- :h o. i u thousand man. On tho Russian sni" Ijeutcrjit General S<! . , i"ff, ond on the side of the 1 cr .i.-h 11 ?tt*n.a t General* Oithrui t and Prist; 'elle :er:i's Strang ivy and Gonldie wore IcPed. Generals Sir Gf 'rge !hown, Adams, Rubor and Torroiu were feve viy n n .i.h iti. At Mm game time the gnrrl.-" n nnv(e a galiy and ntt. itcod the l-*t wine Of the a uni line, b :i they we'e r? .".L-ed by tho French Genera1 Foroy and do I/'urm1-!, tho lain - of whom w. s nurUliy woi.udod. The total 1.^8 of tho Albes we 2,100 English tad 1,720 French. (): the 11th of November a I.Tg-o number of merchant and war v were destroyed by a severe storm in the Ft: me. among others tho French ship of the line Henry ti.0 Fourth. On the . ii of December the blctfcade of tho Russian pons in th Brltic til ra-sad. On tli 11Mb of January, 1S55, tha ?/<sslan ports of the J:1a ;k S.i? and Sea of Aro.l' wore blockaded by the French an-t English. linih-lTthof February S,0o0 Ruse inns, common <?4 by Lien:< n r.t General Clirnlulf, at lathed Fttpl'nii. 1 After a com' it of flee b mrs tho Russian* -.vera repel! -d, i wi'.hal'ssof live hundred thw Turks, under , OierFacln. Felim Piteha. commander of tho Egyptian Pu tho 24th of February (hi Fremh, oonut?aoried by i Gauerul Monet, penetrated into the fortilled work raffed , by the K'ti- ju? .-a the ri; it of tho French liw?, and in front of the Ma ;?k .Ttower. They had, however, to sub- 1 mit to th.t j'i;v r.ur mine; :*wi force of the enemy. General Monoi vrus wounded. ] Ca tlio ITili of ilar. h tho Russians repulsed aj'aUaek , f the Kr :vc3t against tho tower of Kamschatka,.tw tho south of Sobastopol. , t On t!:o 22 t *5,000 Russians attneked the right w!rg of ; .lie allied lint :u front of the Mafakoff, but were repulsed i rfth greaMoi On the 9th of April, 15.15, tho Allies recommenced their i mbardmont cfSobastopol, winch continued for several < lava. On the 17th tha-R ss'aa ports iu tho gulfs of Riga and . T 'inland wore blockaded by the Pr tlsh fleet. t On the 21st tho ltrst contingent of Sardinian troops fer , ho Crimea embarked at Genoa for the East. On the 1st of May the French assaulted and occupied be outer r.pproacbes of the Russian work* before the L antral b.isticii of S -ustopol. The rest day the Russians g tiado an unsuccessful attempt to rotuke the work. On the 3d the Engl, 'i A Imirai, Saunders Dun das, placed ho Russian ports of f oe Baltic Sea, between Roger or t and 0 he light bouse of Filsaad, in u state c? blockadu. < General Alphonso de la Marmora ar?4ved at Halaklara , r.tb a body of Sardinian troops on the IMh of May. On <h" ldtti General Canmbart vaw.tjd the oommand- b a-chief of the French army of the C: ?uoa, General Re- it s*t?r taking his piaco. , On the 22d there were some combats between tho rench and Russians in the valley of tbeSebastopol Come- r srv. The French attacked the Russian intreuchments at n liferent points. Ths light was resumed- with n\uch das- ,> oration on tho nights of tho 23d and 24th, but allaat the 'ronnb, croituaudid by Ct-ttal De Salles. took possession 1 " the intienchuents. The losses were great on both fi ides. . h On the 27th the allied troopedisembarked near Kamlsch a icuroun, on tho I'.ralt situatid between tha Jilack Sea t iua the bc??r Axof; 011 tbc iit'.i they occupied Xertchard lonikalo. The nuasiaus, lournwi- oi' the approach of the a ll.ies, burned their ttoar.i vofjcis, Mow up choir maga- ( line* and fortidcatlons, and abandoned th:*two towns. b On the 28lit UenlU'.hi was bombarded, and all the t Uissiaii merchant vessels and transports in the Sou of b 1 :?r destroyed. On thu same day the Kuxsbius evacuated c ludeohoerk-Kale, on the Black boa (Circassiu). a Cn the 31 ? .Juno the all ice bomhardod Thgar.rog. s On the Oth they opened a now I ombardmeut against the t utor works of Sebastc.pol, which continued till the nost d lay. The Carenag*' and Mamolon Vert were tfcen seized l y a he Trench, vho overpowered tho artliiery that defended r he works, making four hundred prisoners. On their aids t he English took ar.d held possession of a fortilicatiou v mown as the Ouarrios f On tho 9.h the Trench and Fngliah Csotf-stockaded the c tufsUu j orts-o.' the White Sea. 1 (>n the 15th th ?y blockaded all the cotat of Tinland 1 Abo, A.c.>, as w ell no tho ports of the Gulf of Bothnia. ? : .>? oc 1B1 i'.'jy.-'. i On the 15th of Juno, nfter a bombardment or forty- a sight hours, tho allied troop* attempted au assault on tlu c I. cut Kartun and on tha Ualakolf tower (Eebaatopol); but j tboy v.-ore ropul^d at both points with great loss. The < ingllslt lost 1,284 m in, among otbarj Jhyor lienoral Sir c lohn Cumj ba.l; the French iott 3,233 men, killed t Founded, among tho former Centrals llayi^n and *j drunet. 0 On tlio CS'.h of Juno FicM Marshal lord Raglan diod In t he Knglish esnj) bef re iobaatepol, MdUwiUlHllll Qeoe- c ul James Simpson assume I the command. b Af:e> thu i ri ibis rsp.ilto of tho French and British a umy on tho lht'i of June, their guns bee ime completely o :!0' C (l,a:we hear nothing cf their movements for t ic-ailj two mouths. I o >., ations 0: AfG'.'.T, 1A55. t On the Oth of this ru. tith th Bnjsian fort of Sweaborg t rt' bomb* '1 d by the FJ>g lah tud Uft-nch eta", under \ he iruu'ind o( K Imlra.a Duudos and Rcnaud, The Qm \ 1 edfer forty- x boors, tmfe| wtlwulfc, 0:. ? he lo'h tbo lie. Is drow off. 1 tu ii' loth the b.. iy b .itle of the Brid 0 of Traci'c 1 i..?co. sixty ?b uahd Ilb-siatis, coiamtr, led en t'.a 1 -ht wtr.jr by "the Russian < <i u cavalry Uc U ^ ? n, rtally wo n .J ..nd replaced by lVlitsa 1 ort- b t'-it i i is'a), and a tl.u le.'t wing by Lto.ra- 1 car.t Goiters) Lip; a li. attn kod the all'ud lines on the 1 Igchc nays; b t n.-'y were rep j land l-y the French under i I'c.bsi.T, and by the Sardinians under General Is la l!iri u>n, with u loss cf sis thousand tneu. The liardminn ?. o ral Slmtevecchio was m-naliy wouutleJ. 1 Tbo ?.n aids lust Generaia Head, >V. eoky 1 w:u vne>ruai... cthrutoxs oy .jgrmvintH, la55. On the 84 of tlta month the Kr.satans ancoessfttUy engi'gti A'l.c lie...- tho fortresK of Kuri (Anatolia). On the 6;h tho jariewed tbilr nr.. ou the fLUakoIT tower, hcbaaiopol, w.thaovon h :ndred pleos of cuanon. .tftt-r having ko, t up jn incessant bombardment for three days, the Allluu attacked the Ruesien ntr n lrrunt". Too MnlaJtoif lower was carried. and occ [ 1 by tlio Preach, commanded by Generate OoM|(wt and ifacMahon, after a prolongs ] ar><1 .enguiniuy t;i ngglo c>f four hours. Tlte attcok ?f th? English on the Grout Ko m, is well en .bat of the French ou the central bastion, did not succe - l. "n the French aide, Goi,orate Broion, >lo ft. l'ol, doMa-ohee, P.lT-Jt and Niol were killed, and Generate Ponteaaa and Hia.-"mortally wonndod. The t :al loe.i of the French woe 7,?67, sndtbn i nglteh 2,447 ni 'ti, The K .-alaoa lost Cenerala Jufarolf aud I.isj enko ki.lod, and (.morula Cbruleif and Martin.aa eeriouH'.y wound? '.. Th next day. tlioK'sslaus having retired t' the north p a: t of 8>'b.i-to]x?,,after having rartly bornca ami partly blown up tho town and sunk their ver-ch, the Allies occupied tho Karabelnaje and the south iiila of Sob istopol. 0.1 tho 24th the Allies tu& o an expedition against Tain" n and i-anagarla. On O 26' h a cavalry combat took placo near Kcogbll, Arete o the north of Kupetorla. The Russian.), under the o'l f General K'arCT, were d I a'-w] by th* Frenct .* ... i the, the Frooch taking iu Jtiooee ofcann n. on the ,-amo day th sbin, under tbo V^ad of Menten nt G Moariivi ..latke I Kars. After u Strug, g o of seven h ore they were repulsed by thu Turks, t n lor the command of the Engli h General H llPania, ?itb a loss of more vban 7,000 men killed and wounded On IM mm IMAl.inmcuw id iur<.? i ??r i fortf'S of Klobam, opp *ite to Ocznko?r,o:i Iho loft bulk of I >n icper Ltrann. Ooth? 17th, aft?r a bombardment of icraral hour*. Kl',v rn rirrm.'o-od to tlio A 1,1m. Thk Tin; klao Genon n I In cmtnund (KochanoriUch) waa taken prtiiooer, with 1,4'to men. Out! 19th tho Ru.%ikD? blow up thi fortlflcktlacs of OcrakefT ' n 2 'h lh" fortrf ? of Kar* \?az aurrcn-Winl to tho l.' * . i. a, ur <'.?r WouravioT The Wt'. o i ani* n, i'.i. i dma the Ku.-iigh General WlUtanu an 1lrU itall, w trc t. h*n p L f.e'k o/uunoss of DKtxrks. An a'/ vk or the 1'/ g on tbo French a Ira'?4 r .it* o; tb? Woy of i tier (Crimea) w.-ta ropel.oi . the divu of A ,t< toiirrj. Prom this time to the con /mion of peooe on the 30th or XUi i, i loll, ir of uu^oi t <uca look place among the belligerent fore Accident to a Soldier. Aiv.,Nv, .1 'n 29,1592. A rolnnUor of tbo Kiglity flrit r kNv..u accident* nlly fli .t t day at the oaf ft' kit, wink' p.aolUTiS i. Ion l< iou tad Uriug. Ilertc l<"nti hi fiiim a. > ii- A' o, 2.) 1 ;1J. Arrat ?"nienli birr be l.rtliii" ft., ui ( hici nrriein I'|? on M ? ?? Sfe .t< ;?he?, ft .-I cmi U/ill! t.v ac !<?, ojh-i. > , .re-Id for OCmpetltli Tw iy-!!vf h Ireil ' '! i .emiumf a.e to in given. Th- OiTcoti arc?IT F . C. Mierme tj.j. cugo, Vice f f! ?"? Oe-rg , , l*ew Y?rk; 8 . Wry, W. P. toham. :EW YOUK. liKKALl), SI1 INTERESTING FROM EUftOFt. Oar Parte, Be r?in and St. Petersburg Correspondence* i The European Coalition Against the Union. England's Boast of .Support of Iler Policy. German and French Opinion cf the Crisis. AUSTRIA PREPARING FOR 1VAR. A GRAND MORMON CONFERENCE, tit*| tit*? &C. Our I'uris Corrr<;pnni!rneei I'Aitu, Jan. 17, 1882. Public Approval of the Vri m Diplomacy?No War with rngt-md?Napoleon Playing a Peep Game on 1 Mister of the Sttuati-m?'ft Conttmptata EnjlaaH't Pain? What He. hits Accomplished for Franse?Affairs ?n Vic Ci'y and Tra de, >tc. Every ono is wearie.l .and sick ef tho feamca of ITasou and Slide!!, and, whether these men present themselves as lomporary residents in Paris or London, thoy will, I suspect, find thorns ires very insignificant p?raoB;srcs. As regards the termination of tlio dispute of which they were tlio ostensible cause, there is but one- opinio? in French society?t!ir.t America bus acted both wisely and woll. To have givou England such an opportunity of buckling a quarrel upo* Iter; to have Down is tiu fuse of the cations of Ihs world, when tlieir opinion of the rights of auc'i a quarrel wa3 unfavorable; to have ptny M iuto tho h inds of thus7rebellious States it is bar dutyto p-.teh to tho wal! with Sho strong hand of Ootraged authority?would have been en manifestly impolitic, evun though tho issue should have boon ultimately triumphant, that tuon of all pmOfu here rejoico at tho digni/hx! a:sd lofty attitude sho has taken. Theroissti;] a tendency to fin-i fault at tho delay that .occurred, hut tho general opinion is largely in lavcr of lire settlement of iho dispute v.* arranged. It has b:m done in a m liner to satisfy the tmor.r proprc at thopeoplo ncd government of tlrtUnited States ami to obti'u the heuortbio sympathy of ciV'nations. But tho question is asked, is it really inched; eliall w-3 aear no moro forivar of tbi-; matter? AjyV the a-iswer is >o'h "yes" aid "no." As regards the-rebel Commissioners, "yes;" bal as regards hostilities between the two branches of tba Anglo-Saxon race, > r.x" England lias a la-ge war yarty, wZiicli, whether tbs rninietrj be wJH2 or tory, is anxious for employment. "Ski establish a j "srrel with France might So inconvenient; Wit to do so vitb a nation in tho VJirowof civil war ofi'ors many tempt*, lows; so many that it is generally behevod titat England will bow never rest t it sho hew an opportunity cf wiping iff old scores with America. With such a disposition o* .or part, and with the nnn/beiless occasions wi.ioh,<;onidering the work hee on hand, must present hemsefves for dispute, vrrr between the two count*:** is onsidersd to be ultimately Inevitable. It is for America o be cautious?to act so'that when the uoccssitryof rawing the sword is clov, the suffrage of Europe tniy o on bor tide. Let nothing that has recently happened '.ad her tc suppose that England is not still, as ever, the 3tcstat<cir of the world. Franco', through hor pr03?av tiler, is ploying a dorp game, winning p.cans of laudation > em ber hereditary too, and rm&tng to turn her back on. hat NowTOerld she, less tlrm e-century ago, lent her Ight hand te>eaaaucipaio ; but tho Emperor is potent and iraeeiug; h-s policy ia not for lo-ilsy, and it is his way ' o let the elements of mischief ferment of themselves, nd then for dtmself to stand forth the Piaster of the situa lOJ.' luthe line fc? recently adopted through General Scott .nd by-the dispatch of his Miuiiwcr lor Foreign AfTiirp, 10 lias only teen following out tbo "treaty ol' Farls, on d ids been a self-appointed arbitrator. But every one sees iiu'., while t w apparently chide* America, he is wholly icr friond. 1TW, if circumatancea were to induce him to na'ssoe with England in breaking t\?a blockade, or even c know ledge the independence of the rebel States, I hould still b?|0f opinion?and in this f am supported by talesmen hcri ef the highest authority?that it was all oiio rather IV rthe puriiose of embroiling England, with i view to his own subsequent interf mice to kor dispaapament, than with any permac* at object or injury to , he United Stave*. Thafthey shoul I remain united it ire ' roil known i the strongest wish of his heart; and if 'r.nco Napolciw is to bs believed in representing his e (tain's opini.aa the Emperor thinl sthat the separation nuat become lAli wider ere that Un'oacan bo inado onco tare lndiw.olu'rle. rhe CirristihU tMnel, which has got rid of M. Vocon as \ tocditor,has,under the auspices cf its new director, i .-ailed Itself of. the opportunity of drawing ike attention f its readers to what France ha )* done under the ten - a s' rryimt of tko Bocei'.d empire, as compared wifb hi- restoration to the rei.; i of I/rais Pliilip;ie. I shall miy trouble you wl.h an ertract from that which refers . o the sucoad empire:?M. Thiers, tl ? historian of Nap.)son I., wroto sftcr the taking of liohastopol, at the head >f one of bit- columns:?"The greatest indemnitloa-. ion for being nothing in his country is to sec that juntry bx-orr.e in tho world nil that It ought to be.' ' ioblo words cf a cltlaan. adds the CtntlUvliwnnel, which :o still truer in lStid than In 1' >*. Ita y did not then wo to i? Lm- natlon-li'y aad 1 or iniepondonce, an 1 "hruHUutty it; liberty tn the mort distait parts of lUs last. Tha f. iin ls ot ' the pence of she world had not yet o c r.gratulaf?the imperial gover jjcont oil i! noble a'.tu ude in tho Anglo-American dispute. At the mor-mot rhon M. Thic s wrote theso flee words, our patriotism nd not yet e.pp'.audcd tho rot-ire of Savoy and of 'he mmtry of N.'-e into the bosom of the French family, r.'ior t simple ratification of frontl n which ro established shut nature and history b.ul made, and which ccehtloa jai destroy*! when led awny by its triumph. Sttu-gal * as not so near be.' ming a E.aotid Algeria na i' cow is. Uy or distMl expeditions,wards extending 'ho Came and the glory cf France, wo Lad not openod the c .inmcrce Ic nl-u.ll urn ulin I tn 1 -mil in iw.flll tl it (t ,r ijotmcrclei rolatton.1 h id not yut recaivod ti -e bancE.te wh !? the;. owe t> our itlorioos flag. lit to minor ma', tern there it just now r?.riuc>* to ?-<v. Tf, a 'umti Is slock beyond nil former pr*co<UDt. Ilie ahsia jo of Americans ic. severely f :!t aiivel IrMtetmen who live 1ty rupplyins the b an man!: Amoetcaa s?t,Uer.-i?i aiicnd with * fr?*lom which is no*, found with their Aa^l > 'nxon lc lusmua on the otbar ride of tho CIminel American lnd;*? aro an inexhaustible r eourr.o to the. rhtrihiau die-smoker. It is not only that th-y order largely, but thai they ovorriar; tx disartarinatliig gowf which froquvutly gives the law to the rari'Un mini. This la saying vary much; for the tidet of a native Pori?!ei:no ii ? tho canvass to l>phac'.)e?a thing to ha cons;drred aoA studied ere tho colons are laid on. Tho-rarls.oune, hav to: well studied her complexion, her haw, oyes?all that nature has givvu?seta to work on first arttsttcal prrioiples to seo what aho can 1)0 to assist tAture, and hence .hat exquisite uniformity, that ubnogaIW, that rimj l $ MMwNi w HprM calls It, thai maVes up ao h ippy a trmt entwnf 'e In the French woman's . wudom. Nature has, It must 9c admitted, In othor respects, dealt s< jr.e-.vhit scantily. But ?6-? iho American woman s'opr a the .-cone, ant with her exquisite oonv I plexioc, her aylphliko grac'-, hor brilliant eye, brings to th- sciontaof tho toi'.etlo ?il tho hidden trossuras of a do ply stored mind, a knowledge of colors', forms and conf-asts peculiarly her own, no wonder that,combined with her well Isdou pnrss. jn.i sh jtild be a welcome and -'.mi ed e-istomnp. Pot alas I she is now nowhero ta be found, v'urt and ball, conrert and eonrervxfwiv alike acl<no-aii'',gn Ihe evil her has created, and unoors ;.tar'iy sympathize with tho reports of commorss. OnrCcrlla Correspondence. Bssi.iir, Jan t5, lSfi3. M P reived by the Kwtfrm America?The Cmd?cf of the T'ni'sl Sta'.U G ernmtnl Highly Apprjved Of?Tfpet of a Si'tdy Tormina ion if the Civil War? Ofrnirg tf the I'rmiian Ch unVr,?Th- King's Spixh? Chairmen tf the Tut > Hovers, de. Fr >m all I heir, tho c-nJuct of the American govern tr.r.UDlUe irnia::air i:- i :uy an; : ?C: il-l in I no poll tied circles ef this country. If ardent patriots on yo ir -ii'lo of Hie water should fed apprehensive th it the Unite 1 elates have lost caste nine, g the oat in. ef t'ui world by yllding to the domands of Englnr.d, tb'-y may mako tl.em?e1v*e parfoctly wy cn thit he id. On th - coat-ary, it may he aafely ail.r .0' th t Hio eba -acfr of the American republic never stood higher t'.nn It d ) 3 nt tie pro. seat n "netit. Tiio calmness an 1 dignity with which the qi-vatl on wis d ltd by . I nt I :i-?>iu n ties',. blnst, the rclf-deril;.! evinced by lb/ n in submitting to t'.,g priccipl of Inter:' .tin -al Is v 111 down by tb.-.r pr :da curior ,, or- ? when Invoked by a 1'owo* tbnt has alw ,ya refusal to erl?*v trl ly H: e principl sn 1 tbo ?<,?? pl.Uo I dependme? of p -p .Itr prnjtt ike dltplajrc.l in tholr deli . ::n!l >nr,bave t 'ken the p b.l by a .rprl?o, and eoneld' iably nndlflrl t! Ir nitls of Anioivii plicy Tliore tv is n ; on .:id i .1, re e n, originate I 0111 f.sterol by th; 0 'irans of monarchy nr.d re t!'. ', that /ivirlCM ' si tefiuen were torrorliod by ..?wle*r. tnoh, nn l tne<Wi I tofo Jiw thodl tr ies of lb ir own jm! t I Inev ft" n that tliie H .? Wiethe very rearm natif 'h rr/ I '.eed, II is exceedingly do-'.Vnl wt. t'-.or < 11 r srly affecting the nail- nal honor,or rath u?V,? n,:| n 1 vanity, won|rt b?ye t'ccMsi M1'1 ">?' 1 di.?pj: r?oti NDAV, FKKHUAKY 186 CirouniFpocliJU and entire fic-i.m ffotn external t? lines. as by the rulers of eotuoiFsf the old Europe*!! moom drug?France, for in-tanoe, or oven UugUnd. Aad what ia, If w'tslblu, still more important, it is felt Must when u government, chosen by tho people, sod wholly dependant upon their suttri . s, can couture to act thus, it must enjoy tin confidence of pooplg In no cotnmot! degree, and thsrcfnro emphatically deesrvo tho spallation of a strong gown-mint. Th - satisf ?et.i;>n occasioned horo by tho psciflc term!nation of the dispute bet ween England and America is oiilisnoid by the conviction thit it will bnve a decisive cH'ccl vfoa tt.'vraraow raging butwiau too two *-o tiene of tho United States, which Una reacted oi'.s-uttr.nig'y on trs.lo and industry th oughout Europe. A rupture of the Vurih wi h England, and an ul ia'ice of th Southern coufadornny with the latter, vv s evidently tho last straw too acr.t i.mists clung to, a d ttio Yelo so or Mas n an 1 S:ito! v i'I have h ?? .a li -avi r blow to them iliou tho luesof a battle on the I'ctuuao or the capture of New Orleans. WAv-vr r ?tx. I wid Emdantf in ;y seer tly bear lliom, ai d ho .vevor anxious si o may be to brtalc uj? the form. i*Mo Union t'mt has so ton;; been an eyesore to tho Itrili- h a i.-t.xracy, flm must in m decency korp the ponce tor f few months n.t lenst; and perhaps, In th ir lio^. t ci h .a: li, Lord I "Aline slon an i lii i colleagues are not sorry to bo lionorably quit of a war which, though li._ht!y spoken of by their hired goiib^s, would l a-re fraught with c riso-riewyrs which no un.n living could pretend to forefe'l. 1'runee, il is true, in savage at a route-: being avei t? I that would have alio do I h ran opiKirtiuiity of II. Iiing in troubled waters; hut though il is her policy to sot England and Atr.eriu-1 I y til ears, she h i- no notion hoi'elf loss -k a a n rirrel li >-ond the Atla-itie.. lA.r ft few imuiLh.-i. then. the federal gos'?i*amoht will bavo iiglliii": to 'rom foieigu into; vo.-.ti.Ai; and it tuuKt e- lihVii i::l u i it th.y are notable to s -m U> matto: a down Si t". within tli ;t per.o-1. Villi u:l resjwcl for tho miliu y tvo is of Beau regard a a tl the valor of Southern chivalry, ?t may

be talc ii tor g anted that tl"ir resource! ? almost cilia ft'd, hi.(I that the fabric rutin! by T.fv, Je!Toi.:.o;i Davis and lilecmnecrs u>u t rcon topple flown for w''.t of the iiiatn i i! ; nocog 'arj to svnt tu it. Without inon y , without credit, an J with bit limitcu p iftplv i.r miui. Mi'V in .at n.ev 1 ably s iccumb to lbs North,which liu .ill tticr-o in -ib .u.intno; and if events t;.k tti-5i natural course we may expect to Be tho S utliorn rob.-lion explulo bite a mo! cor t r un' and the Union oilier In; from llio struggle P' riiiod an ! hiv.g iraloil liy the to u b'a tx of atve. .;Iy, an I rctilv to rc.iunv; us j> c i < t of piuco and pros ponly. Such, at any rite, ore (lie wr-im, and tripos of , tlm friends ui'America, whare prob -My mm u numerous in (farmery tluin ia any other part of id . e, e. Yoatopl y the t'ru vian Chambers v.- r opened, ns %sua!, in the Win'- Solo nt of tli < r '.v i .'ebb-a,by the in porsoo. IJ-s Ma esty wn ho lis.; tied a; the reariVof tht-1 tie ?k -ttm that h; b ! deter twin -1 not to }ts<%) ything t i do vri ii the ac.v l.i i.-.luturo, and to lot hi.'3f f ch be ie: d by on j o: lo , Min.oie s !r:t nito tlte ?i otit hr i,i) ears to have o ole ! down nrv.l been indueet1 to reconsider his resolution. Uo c >ur:l "lad bit oar* g1 ", lwvovir, by a si piiilcant da I ra!* i at ' t| a eijix tallow 1 f t't'i c ?i:atry in fc. u'ways ! h e vloi,t to ih' peace ;iud greatre. , ami thai in. \vo.,:s i over allow UKiil progressive iiivelupoiaeiit to i n gonpoa or [ endanger tk ' rights ol tin Crown." As we ; to CP expa. , bcSA id particular efesr. upon tho n v y voting the aowef-iMuirw1 for of tbemitit.idy ay. :ya.fb-i ( tcsof wb.ilmud been pr^-w o.l vrHb tbeaWWtoBt i \-wr.1 for ecu; my, un I c ' ( .mi lie curtailed my fttrlherfr tho* wcakiu'l-g tlie h'r mcy ef tin i.rmy ,<a?d >;ongaq*wt yimpc.iiiLg ill vu >' . : lore its of the co .ilryin i <CAr m e to tlio . i loronces between tin United attic? and ci.wac Bri'-ttn, "wlii. ii nave aw? be . happ'ly senioved." ,bi3 Ka,c-ty took occasion to mansion that tostructloa* had bo3wtra?isniiHect--to b/? ami. < r.dor at Vashingb n p.'ijoiin.'ig him to n ao't the rlyhtieof the iifirul flag un-Vo mivocrw a with t uoa gy the [ c.iv.f" ?f pfuco. "ily i:.terv;s%~ witU die fcinperor o1 ilia ! I'rcnciy bo coutkiuod, "ca.adpt bt?S l*ovc contributed to cemeat the trloudljr rV*ion? already e\i8tf:ig botwoem tbo t\?o rowers. _ 'Jtui r-ngotiaiiiuis for regulating tho commercial* iateraoitrso b :woen the 2oil'.?erete and France are" Still pending." /.boat Italy not a?werd wae said; out (eta*.; \v . arpasaago ru.ati.o to Uiefichlcswig llolsteiu qi:.?A?ii, eUbing that Aim ti ia an l Pnteaia wore both firmly raaoti eit to iurbit ujiou the rerforna.wco of tln? treaty otiliganh-ne ?eatr<taied by Denmark witb-lho '.in manic CoiiVdgratian. 1* olli respects fho spotcb cotiBisteil jrVagin'RCiloratities; and, although vOm nhibig was said ab mfe'efoiut it v.ot iu terms so g.tars'ed and htwirc a > to low# no deducts iin prssrion of wlat govcmniout roalij' iafeultt o do, or wlietlier it muaustu do ouytuing at at tk-'waid^roilniss Ing the abusOB f?d removing tab inipig.aiei,ti< : hat ub struct tho marc4 of liberal iustilutioi s in i rurauti In the Houso o'Doriir. Princ.i H'lbeulcV has 'rsen r? elected J'ro3:dent, and Ourmt Sto'.herg Vii a BresKJtat Of ciurse they nro bottt' ariatoorats of tnc 'purest w.tfr. The chair of the lower, hesisc will probably be fl'/ Hl by M. (irabow, liayoi of-I'rcnalOw, who was iVebrdem yf tbo National Assembly for ?. short time in 184r?s and i?-> wtiU known for his libwU, tbvugii not cxtriane opibions. Pro.'oKBOrSiuson, w'jo, .-.fler being rejoclod in'his uiHi;* city of Konlgsbcrg, been returned for awtber oil *<> rul dt itrict, docliiioe the chair on tlie p!ec*>f'ill bcaith>. Kna \?aiuuc.t uas rotjtwiwia rci?inwuuu utn co jirupwou u '-** lent tbey should wlil'"> the breach aheady Misting ') > tweeu tbo King una tj.a i wgislaturu. Tlio FeitirA.: Z H'tTf, one of the oldest i--?d m'Jl reRpectable organs of lL* RerUn press, alllrnathat rsi eu&oa war should arioally break, out bet wo to lUu t'., ? i notions, the chances of cevcess would prop sidc.atu hw Pi ror of America, 'A Mate we that at the art-soul mo j iaent the British ns*y is tea times strong-* thau thee ' American; even a | wt oi tbo lmjioemg i servo now* lyiugut Chatham uud tu the Mud way would I e ruilllciont. to destroy thoonttrc tTUHrithne force of N'or'h America in open battle; hot the Americans will tnke gowlcare not . to-risk aucb a battlo tcthe flrM. instance, and I'lUm meantime they will devoteaU their energies totbec mstructioc.* of a powerful fleet r/^cteofucrs. When there exists so large a mercantile navy as lu the United States, a war navy way be easily aul rapidly created; aud, besides, the Americana have already surpassed the Untl-h lit Pttutlcal science? the r call ipjirker and their seamen are mere onterprieing. Tbtur merchantmen aro - mil adapted lor purposes of war, amlwiihia a brief pori<?l the ocoiu would swarm with thaur privateer*. In tar opimou, therefore, a war with.Fugl.Mtd would rather load to the extension of the nav Afarru of America th ai to iU do-- \ utruction. And lu v hat dlffi-rultios would not Knglond be involved in Ireland, in- the Ioctan islands, i-jihuiada and in India, if engaged fn. adualh struggle w rb America? Nowhere would She 'tad alt ally; her uiiemi ?all over the werld would rejoifi at every defeat sh ruaiaiued, and she rn'ght furnish u aether .tuunt.lo to hlsto } uf the rapid decline of exclusivr iy rvsritiaue Powers." A gentleman by'he nauMof i'flug, wl:?,iflsm no", 4 arstaku, has pas sou son* ycura in the Vi-ited Slates, p'iblishe. an inter' sling Article on the na\ Aand military , rte mrces of Ureal lhs??i: ud America, i which similar views art axpresc a0 "nsjragMtl riatory for I,? land," bo says, "dapeanln aoliroly upon tv* success of r., orst an ick iiy . ... i m-- u? wo should fall, or ncv-is&tteodod with do. sve re.'jlts. tho so*t of war woulihe trajiiferred to tii iurllish colouiui. on tho Americai ;outUii?t, where, in . pi-e of tho ? ?! t ami discipline o! tUa 1C; .puah tri .jps.thL-;- jvould llievitat / b! overwhelm-,'.! lit Un- outl by tho i *.11110 numeric I superiority of tiafc AbuSu-aus. The we-Jwioss of the train torjr orfrani?;it ion ol oonsls'-v ut the fact that tho' syrtem i i ?j'.i.-ta.c.it3 ou wh it is cxo'.usivaly provided vtl Baudered th > no'ton at la ji) unw: r.irte, mi'J casta if the T .? uu govarntr a*.t could raise th# frduiuus sums rcq tigite to doi'-d -,r treble thulr fui -o, tha men would I , wonting. T ic pr?v cecS of rc j'.sirs, too, ia slow and laborious, tut much m K aims -jl. pro ucing oUi .hiy -drilled ait! educated troops. In AtaortcaitU e.-.&oHy tho rtr .rah. Tho vaslari.-.y thai loss sprung out pi nettling in r. months su.Tr >1 to stow of what cscrtions lh? ml n it cap'ble; ic.U the 1:4b tho flguro if ae ?r seven hu d.?l tl.ornnd men, *hv-?d lu the J. report as its er.aa.iva strength, r*iu7 Iio-Matnewhat exv yrated, there tha no querU.loK.but tl-rU, in a war wit.) England that#: avr.ous uumber would hot only be attune I, but cvoti sui ivu.s?>d. War, th? bar*, .mil worst p. aotlce of t aelior, woild gradually looaH these rapitf. levios and convict tfc. in Into R'hwJy end amchint s iU or#, while thu T.sraclsr of tho British. aiui.v would bo deteriorated by uasimlt'.ef amovfils veterans and by \jo failure of lmprv*. meuts. A n;.v 4 fori? c m certainly not be created ' impromptu, like a land army. b-.t tho iajroato of tile Amen iyi.:t navy, in tfw in nth1, from oipjily six vessels to t%/> hondrod anal sixty four is an ouh'>'Uot what they rotable to efb< t lu tfc.l dopartmoul also; an 1 evoa If tto English Ileal lihuvJd sweep the AamriCea from the sea, the Am#r'pan i?r:.vatters would maka good tlioir '.essoson tho l flug'.ish commorcial na?y. H the English press, there! 'ore, profess to undervalue the ndversoiy with whom | tboy have to contend, their estimate cj tho relative power of the two cub only be-admitted ia regard to the tirst hinge of the war. I'iUess, however, Great Britain sue coed iii avorlhrowing America in the outset, end forcing her to conclude pe'xe, it may be affirmed that tho f-.<r or will have entorid up' n a contest moro difficult and doubtful tbm slio hap ever before undertaken. quit# aparttho computations that would threaten her In Eui ope and the h.\st?troin thu policy of trance and tho growing dangers of b#r position la India.-i Thovo extract, givo a more cirrecf ?J-.a of public opinion on tho Conlipent than can bo gathered from the i- iujlishjournals, sjid prove that it the American people, while occupio.1 in crushing rebellW-a In thuir midst, r# fi st to be diverted from their put pose by embrolimruts with a foreign Powo-, their absliqMlC4 will bo nltrlbo'/od to us real ca .so, and n it hn sub.ectod to iutorprctathihi injurious to the national character. Oat St. Petersburg CorrespondeMcs. St. Prnm-nfRa, Jan. 8,13C2. Z)c/fn?!i->n of an Alien Eimnq?Otts I Varata Tim~~PM' ftcai Change* in Ru?An~~UiVenary vf the Uutv' in Km pirt?Ifvr.nnent at X" joroJ?Jtumort of n 'ibnstiiuti ? ? Xeu> MinitUr of /'uilit It.jiriicfien, tfrfo. Tho tondon ts extremriy wr*thy with the Nsw YoRa llsnai" for bihWng that In tho event of a war it intglit be ftdvieub'.o t eonilscato 15rl'toh, properly investoil in Amor,can HCwrltlM. It eerttvrly does not appear fair to mako private Individuals r ; rnfiblr for the boHnus of tboir e-jvernment; but, tviior nil, IV would only U> In keeping w th tbo conduct Invariably pursued by Sftg land .'.gains*, tie balk us witb elwm rlie. ii at war,, mid v.'.h tbo p meiple maintained by hoc* that a boil^crcnl Power Uvithe undoubted tight to like evtry sao^m-n tbal may servo to crlpi V> tfco roseuicca of U>.o qtiemy. Ii it;: too l of cond* i Brlt'rk property, tbo Afcorioan g'.nri.omut were merely to sitftpcnd the payment or the dtvldeiKlaor i...o, *'. due it, th y wecM Ond n pro order,t fur tbts cent itt atiT 'igiisii Uvublih prohibit! Ihei.ff' itt.g asslfltr '(.? t ii i.lan r.vaniy, and of wlrel ,l,i)r>; v i cari- '? aud :*ltnr IttugbaUlo IllueUatt ?, i | 111* fir.t v ,r 1, 'I'.votuv t hot r.' tv.Uy sttd on s. ' t lis) , I .'.,11 r. ti>' ,g in i.l? .don bad is claim of a row ? unit ;..H tit 1r? loir i(>,tvblot. "Ur la'tr ?.> ? J ?> o.i tl pi* I'll ' t r-elrorvrw < U ei'li r 1 hi J - i'' -/iitly : > ?i'('ii i/uTt) Nov, alli.u'.b tl, 3 | yityi- JijtK mi ,ofjf I.', ilv yw, from I'.ilvJ tow.oape ih 12. Munch of the Pmptrvr Nicbcl as agai'.si the bearde and SP& wdii -s of tbo unlucky children of Israel, la the eye ft the law be uadnutriodly .remained t Russia* ?ubjeot,#i J It wag therefore decided by Lord Cine; Justice Campbell that the. Englishman was justiiicd la refusing to pay the money otviig to hiin. This decision made gome seise at the timo, and it was asked v.hs'Jwr Russia might not retaliate by stepping the dividends on Die loans contracted to Eng'and; but the idea wa? never fbr a momar.t entertalnod byo'ir government. It does not follow, ho,vevor, that America u\ .61 be gutdetl by our example, particularly aa the English never gave ua the lear, t credit for our egregious honesty, and thro ?l?o.-.t thr war continued to fIjtV, burn ami destroy #11 the private property thoy could got hold of, from tha tar and timber in tho Gulf or Hatha in to the fishermen's nets in the Sea of .AzofT, and even abstracted rtr3 btUefrow tire billiard table of the Coventor of Ay a.u, as related by yoi-i cmniryman, Lieut. Habersham. Wo arc g:.,il t > porceljo, ueverthelcsr, by the last despatch s, that there e^ery prospect of the misunhr- j standing b tweon the United States and England bein:; ad jur-lod without reoonrBo to arms. ono at a tiuin, U Uo mixim if Na >c.'!eon HI.,and sb u!J b llu maxim of Mr. Line In. Ilia aether of tho President will bo the bpst nnVwit io tho detiao'.ors ?f repub lean instftntiora, who asse rt that tbo p.-iicy of tlio Anierknu government is m ;ro lull .enced by popular clamor than hy the at.-rs of wiat'i.m ami ovix-ricme. I'u it Is surprising tlmt an old niii'.or Jilt- Mr. Pewaid should not Lave foro.-oaii at one. that the Trent nfl'.iir \v. . .1 I bi eagerly re z?iI Ofx/ii by l!:u tlio Untioii mate run to piclc a quarrel with Amuicu, a. tl l.avo luhoa liiq ? ; .isurea acc.'r.:in,;!y. It would l.avo hern a 'first rata e'.rolci of p lay li'lulia-l released therolielCoram'sen uorsinuta tor, mill sent llunn t > Kmoyc by lb- stum r, w o thou arrival at. the vary mnniont when tbs Enjjlish pros* w is sounding 'ho war tram' ot, and tlio govcinm ;nt dosnatching t op. sn I till a U< H 1. v-ie an oss tlw At! mtic, wooid have turned t ? in- gh against Hugh-iii, and placed Lord Lyons :n tbo rid.u .lou3 ilibsjnm.v ;.f laving to pre 0 t 11 o re on a dlflleiHy tint bad c'rut !y c. is 11 to exr '. or of kuo; Injr It i.i hia pocket without drliv.-rli',; It. However, th- tbinjf li d >110 .id r u'-t j bo uiidtaio, and lio'iiuo enn blame anwlca for declining to play tin? jpiin r f bar onciiiios by mvolvfrg hen elf l:i r.. iv c >n?;i!i -aliens wiion sho is fully engaged at hone. 'ilio y vur Hint ik ju: t going out?jeer hire in R-i isia wo slSl u.iboro lo tin* old sty's. ami do not ccnnii.oueo tbo Kc * Year till twelve days after tbo reisfef Christ'-ud 111 b tx been an eventful one for tins em >i c. VP.. enfrnticliis xie; t cf iiio scr'n h a created a complete revolution m our iiH'u luil condition. tbo ilix'o.rbttuc. r-in ! 0 and hnvo ro. i - ?iy aiiVicte ! our foreign re 1101 srsr.l the si 'dcrt rio p ii m 0 c va .1 .1 Elate of 1'e ding ame.-w the e lucnt-'d c ii 03 vl.i h can en y lead to further changes or to a viol l.t 1 melim. Mivuy of our old Btataanievv aad ; . . or.'s b iv ; rel/rOil fi<'lii the seeh"; I'ri.a e 1; loll". (die Pr.>-d,l pi 01' t :e Oafc.!, ami IT Ji( 0 Mr lia ; (In 'cbabclT. the brave liul'i'iidor 1 f Eeb-istopol av-d V ice- oy 01 i'lilw/". are dund; Count LnroV-t, who mcMfoed li e Utter for a lew luoutliB, i.-i po.t inen'u ; Cotr.t Mom -.via;?", ti.o c I :oior if i"..o Aw or, h s quilted l ip f eat in & h ill; wo l:.*?e now Minislers of War, cf PubisL struct;-11, itf tho Iotesler: now Governors Gfca at or ; t. lb ts b!> i-g, Fiolrnd, tlio r-.ltlo provli?*-a f t Siberia, ia Blurt, there has b?en moo "rol.---.rort in oft.i: " ava : U" i ; '.ior til-.,:. I iru of Mat'1 in tl/ J Plnfflo year tl. ii' in r.r y ten tin'!.'.- the i-oii 'i cf *?. in lb. J 11 .ia a co ol> at on t! 0 inTluoary of Lor fmiiticvi cxistenoe. )i':i:,oio..l chronic'** are to b i tru.-ne I, t is just a tUousraid yercs .-Itico fiir people of Nov.; no r invite! l!io \:i.augL-.a Ildi ilt fr Bi ? c iid.navi i to r'.fn . over thorn, wliaso si.o-e.-.-o fi gielr lly eMOialo ! IL rr 1 dominv u i '. m tbo I.tdora and iho .'o.vii.a to the Vole", : tlu> ' Hi-;ai!ljia!i Mouii'i.ii's and tj>#?'laclt Sua, ami f: v-f v* (M.iii uu U'.jj nnu 11 v. u r'. i ll n IU 11.1 I f f:rj!:vinfm; o.or. inhobSrof tl:Sw *->nivur? ar> a jlrn I. 1 dUl j?jf)):r.iucot, by ou. tw'ontoU ac-tiptor Miiuslilu, v.ill j, ha''inaugurated at N viterod, on whAIi occasion yroal j, f-> rtivii: .* iiu.l ro oioii'i:.- w OXporti*" in!;-.- pin e Inst i it > .i.T-liy bMievo i ir t tlio coiniap- 7 ?r wil witness !, evfttfc of touch deeper interest ut :< important e. lite 1 vvor V ion." wLtcii' uso.1 oit^i Jo bo wliispo o I in U o ialv>t, is row openly pronounca.l: it is rcgarde 1 ns f.' >r li-ii s/ol complement te the eunweipation of the pcassr-MJ, ru.d i o;>ort 8sy:*tl?at tbo ssrue 1 iaa is enter (.lined !>y tifvc funpornr hii.osair. History docsnotvot fitvnple of a m?mrcbposs v d o: absolute jmjw or c. men tin# voiur.ta: ily fa limit it v> 1 ;' *! ? the bounds ol coo ' 3,i.'4uaig.ive nnienl; , iroui ilit Uiari.o'.arof Alexiur tordr., *<1 displayed in 'u9 fsw years W bin r .iim, I sbotit-'dnet ?.y tbat srclt n step oer hit [art was at ai'.'mtDc. bnbie. It must bo umterwcoc, ut thy 1 same tirwtbat A d ;pundg onti.v t upon biiAMh ,aud lit it 1 by { w.?! button h.i will not l>o y'ei.'ang iia rem. without; for rtRhongh t*t? oducntod classes a-t?r sanimoiis in demanding illbornl n.Mifations, 1 tlio inort i."*il hfc sot penetrated totho mida'4,.aadstili 1 less to the lower ranks of society, trtw fuel the tiliaust confldenco their Tsar, and non vat 'alt in *0b'?ob.'es an t tif!?ra!i;'vfhcsoi influence woul'tbe vastly sr.reaseti by tbo introtwM un? el a roprusoi.t wive form ."Piioworn monl. Tlio rcsiisnatibii or Admiral Puti < tofwho haviiosn as unfortuaatj > ' tun taircciiy of Minisl r ofi'ubl.f4iijt?uc. lion as ho win #::ocesjful iu his oxpc aliens -to China end Japan, is noKrtW'lolsi.'y confirmed. Me Pant uci- the 1 disaoliitiou of ttve UuWeisity of St. Pfetsburp, urtiiuh is j not to be roop-tad nil a new set of r tfpilution* 13 (drawn { up by a spot at oouueitlee appointv! for the pvrpeee and compo-od of doiui atee from ail tV; Russian Bities. Ho is replaced by Alexander \flistwiih*itcl.',8e1i>v 1 nin, who, though nnsan admiral hiiroou, is the ;*? of , an admiral?ihofar-sousCaptalu Colo-, ur, whose r^iacuiit of his captivity In Japan ban b ion trau?!wteJ into elM&e innuoaprs of tin- vvi.Lz.-d world. It i'.hur a txeicus circumstance, t.ial both the new Mini her of Put tk? la- 1 struction end b's-prrdrotr-sor aro c-iur. wted witli ^apaii, tho classic land of stability and BtagT acron. Mr. Jsitu/ain, howevor, j/<v. svnparativoly ) tuig man, aad a aiieciaj tavorito cf- tUo tfrai.d link.) Co: wautirie, ai ddt is sopod ttiat unde- his-imspic-s the by item of edu at.en hi Itusfia will h i .conibir.te.l on moro li'ooral prir iploo hliati it has hith.:ri? obtained. There >.? rumor a -i.-uiy ttiat lis has uppam'od S. i'iog .ff cur Aar of tbo < rtaca sional district oi .3t, Petersburg, In ti wvoom of G uaral etwipson. THE WAR tK THE UNITED STATED Xii^'.amVs !%?Uli>n Supjn tttH by UM Ulli?r Uicfil i'jH cn?l1 s .11 AeJiiifp-Juu I'liltun wltJKlicr frumllic '{t' (From the London Tunea, J<ui S.J Wbllo the cour'.ey may fairly ?b. ito itself c V.ho happy rcsulta wh'.#i?'h-ivo attended the :Um jolicy o'its guvc nmeut, ami :j??y i >ok with sat,. *; ;on on this i;-"* proof that a bol l .tt' and stsalgbi,forward dos.w&d form the ea.astccuiT.iH fnotion In i'lo: utf..inal do";.. u.t.ea, it would ba t:u r. ch. ts t?< forgot how :e .cl) our cv -?tiX3 been utrergth-io.of 4he apjxrubali' ti #1 (r?d r.-i'l <'At other t'oweri of K'iv pt. To f ilm it asi'jr the d n 1' ea- of peace, but to be ?Md/ to assort our < gbt?, ovrn by vur, if true wisdom; and we may hop-, -that the nr AUi.f policy of l#t" years has been pi.jU as to co. v dice all ticijl;1 ? tlut we wi neitli-r c? .toa.t nor sudor a v. In spitt ?f tlio ware Jti.uh have, unbupi i , TM-lo the last -t"ft yeuis r tin:e of anxiety for K.rope, it is easy to p r?tt?e that the.- i; a steady elovnti a of p-bite ir suivly and an av.i ? of nat. ?i cotiff-nco. The most ir si": b!o r lcrsaro.utx ma to car,;l w i with the world, ar.' o uiy f t t .on i oa iio laiufuu.-o of ni -deration, and ti. ?-av r3 t ' doth ' ft .cW with th i sm . .ts of virtu.i. To iKeoid oiedcnpt vr Joh would u .. \api silanlmous t ?L.. should now be e Wei a c-ntral . : lyi ttion audit siJrlt <>; resistance a. sin t u.-y oji uo..dty which would '; throu h the ..Jaws devised Mr summon security^ it ir to the feelliu JJkat Kn land i:. vt demon 'h at V.salo'-i.,'. .n was R ip;.* . iii.jr the curt .f iivdistation a?>i vsuting thi zaftig <. the km that i t.i.wr. the iin.xnir.idy ( cppnnal which /ia men thmn dur g Ji, i ' few weeks. Mot only have for: tyu nations cxprc-a d no joaloiwy o ..the d:s ay o:'tli a euormom ai.anmnnts which up '*<& ao suddenly ir'.jf exlsicnco at our gro.l port-, bu-,Ui<y hive pis ny bid us that nuW.jf lout coi 1.1 b? utiiectc.l cf Knglanl (she cared fc:? fcor own bunoa' c . ? li willing to upli-IM the principles tilch are a secur ? / to all. Such nen.1 will d servos r-?oguit;on, nn ! *\ill rot be forgouw by tho Drltish r tuple. It 'Jut ovou great rJv. or doos not pravoi u envy wh?n it '4.wrrt d ta ? goc4There nra States which, from b*>r history and tied felons an.I policy,,are "predisposed U> take the part af America against, ami wiftich in any qua.-11 whers tho rlgti* was not plainly, on our si la inU'-i? unconscious y redacted by tliolr old prejudices. Hut, Si this car 0 our rlv:as both past ant'./preaont, togogo'.aor with Iho'B Stats* which tlilTor '^eat 'torn ourselves In political prlr.iples, have comli vl to give oac-otuagemeut or tacit vjMit to oitr prcasedimm. A tow *J, the aiimiit'U'hj" nfL' </ - are due l.n the 1 iff.? h gonrnment. '*? the position I .?"i by the Kmpurer from the ontBia of this d amission, the Americans tnsy p rhaps o?> it that they jv:e not plutuol , into a ina<l ami ru .,*> )? warfaro. flii, aiin no-s o: tli.iir politicians nr.d the ^norano* of their poople front tho b?, ginning of the ww h?v , indeel, 1% ?> truly wonderful Kilh ir from o fcul b list t ml Francj.w nilii supioit th'in, In all llis-r schemes,or with 11 who, lo flatlor time \;'iova of the V rraih by rant asting t'toir opmmiws end q*. narosity with 1) ?allvgcd perftdy,<>i"Knglattd,thaNorthern Americans htvso never failed lo '1 \&ei t that, wlieroM wo wero dtspoasri lo take advantage of th iir dl'seivhnos, an 1 had r eppnted th.- Conf. ti n its In order to br atk up tho ropnb V.tha French hsdv?ui*n a steady fri<>.i?hip for tlia N.irthorn cat so. It long hem eridt'd U the world, <fii 1* n-nvprovd hythe^-uhlir,Vim of <> - . 7'.pom! eno , tfcr?t bearer and Knglaru. j/ire aetinq'in tw: or at leu ?<hlhs: tf rme pri rip' ,. Hut until the tfuir of the TV. nt t ..! lAnr, '/.< mm;.I' wi of thi* a x?rdirm xais not yetinu!~ mowfe't. It unlet n w b? adm (tad by'ho moat steady n !h<>. rents lo old maxims tf {.dry that, of tha two <;reat rentes of VVtorn I urojre, out can eeo t*# other outer i d. * dispute with 1 as overwhelming 'eiir* to thwart , and Siren or voi it its 1 -sal. Whin the. tl Tt.ici* of Ungltttul wenre. detpd'.ch d >arl; lent moiv'h Proem diei %xrf won', ni visits in the et-i ri in ere t. liters were thoso who saw with Jraloory tho prospect of e war In which tl*' [ alilf* of th" I'v-tcd Ftat"a won?J he awept from t.'st r '?*, mm ibo U'<. o; Engi-ui iw# ra?.? j? twihi i.mj! ever bv tha >\-of urti- d -if guc N tfw rule nav ??. In the iayh-X a* itiij the cult's of V*North vr.t d f nfixt If/ o prin t in <.V: retali mhip to the I'mn'. Itallilet tbii. tlier* v' ? lha ??.?! Aw?-ic.l tHeny at fwu, ! rein f i r, ./. al thi moment h:i the vleran , ffetterat Sriii. vthn. miliary cat ore wiif.Al le tup/rumI reranmeni Kim JamaUy te tin Court of fas Toil'ri ft. It Witt li"' ib l"K tt'> to anyi-D* if tvf ?ay , tl. X aUih-e'o '/ the Ax. i re u n ; arty time 'CM toinii".(c ft- F'fV. H ? > nn\ nl to pir'..? mum, or co nfmi to far. JS'o,.hei ft S ?'. *. iflif A'nwrnr a' ??? imv.' i . M.t i ' i '-i; th* c nvUtioii of 1>I? m*t iti<- iej , Ctf Oiytr n WilKfct v?"e ti outrage ? ?V .'iar el its! i tjt, tie r i i , a l" i '! * d 11 O-neral S.*' ami the A 'rii,4H; 1 - i it /'.ti ti IhM the f." rat at o.iQi ' I ..'?JT P' t > "? t: A ij / ij, an ii* -fo-i tiMi' k to j . "<i < : . -i.'iafinjr UVutrf. Net %i'h '' <d : xt, tho lai ' tt.i! ',f>Vn ti j i. .1 t i M. } - t War !-,? |ii :?!? ! li l.i; ' l! ' .itlo' I vonibrv, (mill I-jji nut III lb Ike vi'bition 'f Uw ' 'tn.niltiji1 #ty i'"ik il|.;< t?,? ! )-?,. iinu-an.Anly I ?" '5 tl* : ' a j'!"; V.iuia?-xi>i*n !,.t?rat,<sg troia France, but that fhmcc wot !<l be obMjod lo give her full tf^^B ID'iral support to the cause In which fc^'lacd wrw arming Too good elfocl of thisooiamuhkativii uiwi be houbL A, uor are wo laclluod to uutlor estimate It* imperU'.ee Ui causing the CaMtut of Mr. XJMoln lo yluia to our )v <4 claim. It is not u a military a ly that we Litre counted ou the help of 1'ranoe In this mutter. FT * v.rt c\U, * tto la J fix weeks have protud, 0> mahlrin our own lights on4 ^^B tiuJicule our o?w>? nor, rui' the asridcince </ any oiitV ^^B Potter Tho foiera! government Irmw LLU if It Jet'?,d reparation the c. UHetiiioncoo v ottlJ have bets terrible to its people, 'mil ootuplftaV dtolslvt of tl.e war in which ft U now eucagoil. Had Franeenever rejected tliu ^^B of ths Ainj.icon party; ha I t!. i'houveueia note ue>sr ^^B ber-u despatched, tire surrender of tho four prxcoT* would, iu all probability, have taken place, tut ptrhape ^^B tliis would not have l>eon done witL tin tntu readineee or until further Bteis h.vl Lo.'n taiva by Koghmfl to asa.rt licr rit:hls, vlil.h ronW have o.ubiltcied the animosity uni Lxnlii.ii.ttl ^^B the prilo of n peoplo whom oiie war tmwiiliBf W regard a.? encmi ?. Hy kit good feeling and nun ' j*-4o* in-, if the V. end. iimffrw has aiiUd in winging fhit Afr/nCd to a doe-. Ho loir c 'itvinced the Am riu ins from tho first that tliey bail no tlianee of engaging tiro 01 apathy at tho ambit Iim\ of any nation on their Bi.lo, axfl thai hao .ltary rivalries do not keen their around r.ysiiwl t'.o ctio'a:es of public rwra'ltyenl the oj.iak'nof the c.mmuilty of in which Krnncsholds eohltfltn 11 icc. Thus. not ou'y bave tire Northern States escaped ^B t;i3 los.?iS mid the humilttttioa? i war with England mutt ^B have cntai'ed upon thrm, I ui tlvey lonrn i lesson wLdoh H will bo useful to llicin daring the rcat of Iholr struggle H with their nllanetid feliow-cilwwis. Tlroy now ktmr H that ^either the rice Ire to embnrr * a riv'.l F::ito, nor H llm r a mbr line of I p.. . s in their history, will s'dii'e Europoaii nations Int. sympathy with no H ui.J ci'.iso, or into eudea.'iuo to i p up ^falliag H lower. If the rleli of alvor.-Hy? ?) tiur li. aton imngi< H nati n which a n nhii g in war but 1 .* )cr. ;-si n of trl- H iu. hi, ihj it sou will L ivo boor worthi tho loarnlcg. H JUocs Hie Surrender Fntl ify P.n^lanil ! I [From tho 0 .ill! ne '. i.i nah-, (Orguuof i'"?:u;oUa;>olovn) H Jan. 11.] ? ? Tho ai.'iir l.i s tM. d.rud vv. way henceforth clcap in l o. oo. Ji hniil .nid iiro'li r doiint'- m uro nt last fl roconcilt d, ".id wo iciglf' porhap >;ive wu> t oathusiasm on the ?uh . d, if tho lurtjfrii-s tjt.oLi n ? '? t;?? reooncilt- I alioa sinuaro t" did not nudilonly p;e ?nt lu.-if to our I Blldi Wf should Lo.' h.ite b> it. swor In tho niiV inative. fl The lo'leral Cuoinet h * <u de a fi.rwiii h it I j? have frit gro :t re,".T!;ir.r?: l,i:t i' saw a!! the B <l?nger of plunging into a w w v.i'bKcgiand untl. r (T 'a^nt I ri " r> It l; a* 111 rwaioweu ilia ; '..uui, li t'""is I; too ko?:i'>* to | i!.'> for ii.i'ic't'< It. I i iv.< Sr.) eruonldars; fmho day or atl-Of-, wo shall ss? Ilia I l!:iia?iburst r?r;Ji. liut ii.Vnctlhiid, which fas ob .-intra I 60 prfT.t .1 tiinln;:h for 14: s?f lovo. satisfied with' it, I nl trroS ? The fact is <:. on to do'tot. Zba L'riliaU Cabinet I i-< .oi.i; 'Co I, r>"t without soma" pliVifil lo prouuds,- of I \v'siting :<? lorco a war upon tbCyuirel Biota, atid tin* I Uii>;i iige ef the principal English jiiwisis waikl almojfc I in-loco itsto's i)'i-o a timt tbu lilioratloa of i.'a.iors. M.ukxr 1 an.! rlnlcll hao to reality caiiool &*<?>), eiattn-. ni. rather I What Mr, Setrnril fn.lil IC rfSr Dulcr of ' Ktwraitla, v i AI.I.rOED TIITIS OK A W AR WITXT SHOT. AND ?T TB rr.or- \ > n \a\xr. [fui d-T'cnd (.for,-. 15) cr?-re ; > n tnccoof Tle'iilon Timer.1 Hf . H. Kei.wicJtj-oiio of Hum; embers for liila iM'Wxb, wn < p-e? ?.1 lost ubrht at thn Ut -ner of C irt ( hosier W.i -tl / ' io- I turn. .t-':? c' itlon.aud, i" ic' t.-ing to Anteri-jon a" re. ho Bftllcnd ('"> aiicoaot wl lob npjw.t ?d in th l.on i o-i 7 m>* t sl.M'ott. it tha convo.-suika- b- lween '' II.-. Kunv.ick tlion ri'tiiat'l.ff! that tho coovrClon b?tr r;i the J): l:n and ?.tv. 8 w?~i had gone f rrih r.tini il lit llio latter hat said "If Engl f.d goes to ivitrfflirl bnrr.e X'-w York she will be <Ua troy log En;; !->h octal, and in i s;til i,3 well burn r.inrrpotl v Manchestor." Tin Puke, said Mr. Pen striate, reprnr.ont.ed Ens' dnf wfiH or. in c 'Fion, and iriifanswor to Mr. Seward sr.-.*," Wt wnuUira'herbism Livuyyi of A'.nehertcr thnnilirntU Tn itfh 'iprr nl llin nai< tfll nab.-ti 'if llirt t?k?tl HT'lf \fl?. J x srli he wns * 1 tf U> find 3 mode of vrr.' far? ilsd bo 'ii o'.opted kltojjolher uaicnw* ;n pint h slor^?? : ' 10 f:rr wnr o than tlio oinnl ymmt <if tho r<d I.-d ana, v :h:ch I.*!! Chatham ao vehobienffy reprobated In our v.niyy'ff with tho American colonic*. The harboi-of CharlwrUw had be.ri destroyed by federalists, v.t? l!n r" r t Shemrolvp* to tofco-frnm-araoVInd on of Mt? luinilful gifts of Cod. Arf aertffw tvfho InolTlriency'tif' tlx !.V . .'?< ? of the Saith. r.i ports, Jifr. Fen wick s. i* tint c.j'th aommcncement of the .ip;>rv\<rhing session of Part invent a member of lhsr'Ito so of Commrns, \rh6* ( vrns-'vi-bti k' .'^rn In this dialr|?t, MtttH He&yptrra . .dicur* i'iat time thr sc-call-U Motnwi.; ieat e?0>'ithed ni f>reet* lhar i*?j-wdVe > re.**?* had entered'tin? ,northern port* ?n.' ha i id'bjj'vitral cruitrr:. Id 'these- alTCum't ncns itwunM-hb the iJwty of hug land ai it France,.as well as of " every e ther maritime State in ihowo.-ldi ib-proles! agaiwl' Ihe iiltv:Me anttimut on il? rem .'. el. B?rrrfbrd Bepr, III. P., r. tv-< the Profits ot' Recognition. JFrone the london Tin:.** Jan. TfT.J On Ti.^^dy oveotny Mr. Ileresftrd Hops- delivered m lecture Anwrian question tc?? erowCW audience, lu the si-'violhoi oe at Ilnwkhurat. T > war. ,s i US OTociuaion he Bald -ff . hhvcrsvwr, Europe turned it : ."'hole open the'South the l.Sttr trr?K'i? bo drives In a fit of .pit* to r* am to Its old c nrs?3??f ?'7epoal the prohibition r.f thflrsduve trade and ri-w.frtublish' ft In all its onginu barren. Had England aiiy-interon* tn wlshius?ice-f.. dr.thw side? Mn did ifiTUn-an, hot ho aaid th.u Fngla .tlliad an interest In wish eg Mr pavj on the aoly tr-rtno por.Wilwfor the liapnlneus of the world?the Bnai sod cuinplottrvqsvrstion of the two oonvisr.rwealthe. (Hear, hear.) if 6i>it meant success for trie South, it whb not f..s-fi?it tha? the North was 'aotiay on the aggressive i*l the South on tho defensive Would England gnu-, fcy fvn alliance with tli? Froth? Tea. lie wished ail smeess-to Indian cotton, hot Sr..,ttorn cotton would al *a> ' fc.ooh sts prioo in tho armrlrct. The South was of vast iStonV, vxubormt ft-rtil <ty\ yle!o*vf produce which wo rcro-. od, ,vnd c iiwu'.r.od g-jeilii wLlrh wo mimi hctured. Wtpaheuld not tonioftbeocmowhetltew Yorh wan htii otol'o ?le the Soutlf Tki .KitHi f'arMU vrith enItmitnl f ice t: ae/e, ami that e*t? miieh in iti fator. f Hoar.) Then, n,t?ln, ta-re-wcre pilitti-al pytr.]>i;thir'.i Ui sinnncl Kngland and the South. Xo doubt In fswr days the lo.'h w.ib as ?i:tj-ax thols'orth in its hrngytulnelo,bum QCNIW'O snupi l an . i?w? mnii '.vohwliu hi ?i?r rated tl> * vl? .?r.oof its 1A igungo r.i;d behavior, nnrt compel ed it '.o f.iii l.-aaicon n '? pb n-e:? of theOid World iu ' hi! :? ? of 7. :<cr, 1' "ret 1 rf f-r foreign reV.'ioti'." nnl "reyvrt f6rf\;?'ierrV Whether through stalciaHOship or necessity, .i?-3bnth I :ad become mode:at?. It vat the btisln of Kuro 0 to fc-ep it ? ? (Hoar, hoar.) Nell or Sorth ror South vr old haronf'.or hn pa amo -.. ?. it'it oil bur might hoc tne a great Power. 'She ! riondehip and utfcctioii of the North,!;# feme i, wm | at-imp ing 0 r. ?t had always hat id tis and woo -1 continue to- *? so unie -. sir-, ge tarn <T tin who lot for 1 its tomfvr. 'ii-.e '-ur. e. thou, ought we to ;nlt.veto tha 1 c >c(l wt.t of the Soot' (U-i*, h-M .) He1 thet t! to North was more rfr.uic-lin o'no i'i n, c- and. goino ki'-.dn of r. 2at-.n nt. hot tb so mo'-ita -nuur itixf d i:p with the worst qualities of its vein n t I - >. 'o.lei.tdtaracier. The North v-s an c!oy that ha ! c 1 manMod and halt (l,uii<l had mmaout a r w.vy hot?- joo-aitd iliferio- Thr.S> '1 ft* vet <1; t:Jiy in f.-At )* iter'* A jrW.r. /'*?.- fr" Eur; fo in!' in h 'nd i't v. *.v ?nna ciMJiia1' n, frrim, iti <.i:;r rfnement .iti'f n!' ' Co tut- .01 i' am' ere! t-f fr> ral'i >t? { j, riijiii* rhMa-iii. ( Jtrir, h nr.) ti* Ainorio-iti c.?:ui!es Mint'ted i-c with an <tcHh-nt in (lex r-s tt t>.* contra w. - niio-ij,? tr.f * Canail* ad Nova vhfck w m rep MMen In t ?-lr to; -! ; r. 10 -. . , iuUmatel/ cco aecto 1 by c : weftr. rcl it ?.? vit > .<1* North tiiad 1 s.;r t. v u'kinc Mpa-t.and h ;d end. a by detent n* It moix-ailing tor a i- gt?intSo;i betw-.n .. ti. nod So-iLk. (! k, liar.) ! ,-..rt. tliero was bar >a e-ngle tnati v.-i ?;.t no; live ? a:- th -8 are an! 11:; on who deobtvd tl-0 (he breaking i:;? of the United i.'iees into pr-ebabtj Oor diiT-n nt -jnonwon'tbs vsts a ic. ure-uaatter cf tiru<- <Hour, hear ; -.'"as it not I be mor- f of <!o t : ciought at rat the mmnieucen.^it tf that grnc-- r.aiotlie land twos still bit Bi-nrioly.Tiopolateil eml th jr wore tiiuo . o-?ta of virgin acr- .-t t. .be broiigM into a.P j. atiotir V..M might not have bean the horror* If o jibirupttnn ha.; i>?n po-tt oncd to tin- epoch to which 1. ad .Menu.lay ri c*rre?l in lii.a rom?r!::i*tl i letter otithos- i* ct, when a'l taat-vust territory wa*;:o| nla'.od up to _* ?li producing, 1 .o>-?? It was not tin rauch to sny tti -a tiie voles -of i-ature a.ud civ. iawiskiD ^cirstc in iicr?e. ' Tt'by shontd the-- slip their earn .to iliat cryT 'Hrw, liour.) To adoi Vtwd Russell> i't-t-bous phrase, it was astrttggli , for power on the eid* pf the North, . '.p-UW spend tico ot . th ;?ea;e of tiie uouth? Dei wished t< i?e tvgno good tc-, fc-.^J-vrid in the . cc-#-of either pai u If /* ' th "*>*'*, I ^/an.ied he could t yprgfHwmcri >: ' * distance pre-, f o.xi frrrdcm for lit slave, Bomethir;, fife a h!> r.*l coi*trti~ Avt ce-' titviim . j*u i*i; up "til. of un: ri'Ue1 den.-*-. AS?vy, fire trad.wiih a lo:i - d-jc e.r.j. ;a?r of Otto ,sii it nil, (>'<"'? which Er.f i..?, 1 nil!* nnl t .-uair voi'jhi reap a g-Ul ? harvest, and i*y high (i> ili:n 'i <n <tf iii.r y pe.rvndin ifi vr>; !e jr. jv.-r V-'* #' injitwe cr.4-?n trie allg tied loutfly we b'md* of >,?? ?. in enst. (H -r > ' l? the Novtli vv.A, ten would lit;. ' & sec !ho m.uiu; sfUi . re 8 of Pet:n. -tvani i competl^; wiU. th F" of dY< Ivor, bempton, M e- au'ia/s tts with wwiotietttr, and tha fruitsral g'verntni.?4 willing to r?-.>j?wt tin iBt'grit Ai-tacuriljr of Ca .Huistts a dcpomtt'i ;j*? f in; land, hnwn or, a>-?o tv.a-, wh -n ht .1 ioVr.1 in that d> '- > dlRcofued >*Jknlc of clouds aW'fogethi-.'i ghwtiV :?i visi 'tusof 'edaral baukrupt^jl,# pi'ol.isiltn.tnn ?* u a. * cino strif ?i Uaw nbacklcs of Ju aiavo rivetnd ?c- ,0 tt.-.ily tiianoviviioi-bftrtloirry tnr^i awry in one t ;rf-mjnt4 gf lOm'tksd and arttee, 'm-i md * > >twgtH hmibe dc*oUtiim,.ihe word p/utu ?> cf an unchain-d tnkicra y ht ruou, ytnijutH, or otao .? tn!l!tn:y despot sjttv-ff It* Inm/Nuko upon an enfinti; ;>oopt* an ! H..| 'nying tholr n'ityin* la outru,;o and. wigrotalon. ( The Suppljr nntl Price eceaion. [From tte I.'ji i!cn Ti ne*, X>. t'i.] j The future supply of cotton Is an aw ;?at sublet of Intpttry to pUntora I fael || a |NN aMk ilUi' OOR, to Itrllii-i, Fraruh uml Ciui .i wortpvple, to, peculator* ttud scientific econeimrtp, to Amc, icau sol, , dlars and financier*?Indeed, to the gi Mrt-r pari, ami tbj* beat part,or Vm whole Lumen ru.o. Tiio p ospecl * of 'ho h-rthconutag cmjifj mid tfcp crgwbilitlc*o[ var>wk ooiriii lc'S hv.vo always been * fruitful topic, of diactvicjon;, bu< lit the present moment the cn!.?i?fition of th'ri '.butt* which, w.iI to corn, may Lc cooaUere I tho most .iioee* ?a;j to t?t:ik|!.d, 1-. ?'i '. tad 1 disturbance *iealaf. 4 than arty ever produced by worm, or be diou^l, iho U'gort crop la hermetically s.wlad by v. ? >n the ground Itself, itnd Its o< v t.oc only oa...-i( for the irosent, but, m for a* i porvarne l.,,vi c.lty can e ctt It, fwr ever. Nor ia thl* a'). iw ecntenapofarl'aatt boldly *p'?c?Uttug on iln (i>; tain cot'.te'ptnncM of Vfce war, even It, It hp cor '! !o4 ever s i soon and over *0 favorably for tb.i Southern States. Wltb aicorgnattaed labor, nrtfuled lamia, ruinoi b itdtnga, tb. rc'hvt.y* and sir Mow* b: >ki n up on I <.y?. slv yell, cu**el dlvofied to the War, a n w burden 0' t.i atii.iwk ncavy tariff b >tU on ibe huplements *, t, <\ o itim ?ililv.itu'n and ? ina'acl't- e Ho r,i.,ie:tal, U 1r pi ewumeA that th'-Aincr tan plaat'-r will '?o lin ger h\ Vi a'.ltlon to compete vv.A, royl na ok'sBcl by ?? .see, by the tntr.i n.c.i r. > 'xiro.mlc moi^fci'a ou > by 1 up* railway-'' ll'iH . T'At if .' ! aire tuJJ-n c rail'.4 to tr.rif ?r f"'Or late:von d'/aWy? Jlte on iiiaa opinion (1 thai it 1 f, There ia. It ia caid, enough cilia lk tbu country to it.op tt*? m

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