Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1862 Page 3
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i bill* going at their praaeat rata till next August; but If we do not then got the American crop at 1841 mm that! to in a tad strait Even now there la a wide extent of euOoring, which onr French contemporaries intimate that the press is rather shy or noticing. What with mills atlroly closed, or working only three or four days a work, or for short hours, the consumption has fallen off ff -j per rent; and oven if wo tako into 4ccount tbit the dmuucticii of labor fulls raiher on the roars* r fabrics, we nU yet conclude that employment has diminished in a *?early equal ra'io. But the chief proof of this diminution is to be found in the complaints of-bad trade, and even declining railway traffic. If it is so now, what will it bo towards the close of th'S yoar, is, supposing the autumn finds the Northern and Southern States still engaged lu internecine hostilities? * e e Whether, lu the event of an early peace, tho prices will remain high in consoquenco of the now difficulties and ocsts of tho cultivation in America, and whu effect theso high pries will have upon trado and manufacture, are questions not to bo solved In a day. /n the jfrt' place, there it Iha existing accumulation, which tmuld reach us aery speedily through all 'he stone fleets, choked channels and broken up railways in the world. Such jnttorlal imjedl meuts are ..oon roinovod or availed. With tho efforts mado olsowhoro to moot tho apprehondod scarcity, the auddo.i liberation of tho whole cotton crop in America would hardly full to produce a grout downfall of prices. Bat tbon for the future, to which the French economists aro casting an eye. Will the area of the cotton crop bo Indeed diminished by thesu brtraction of sovcral Btates? Will negro labor be less abundant or availabb? Wiil tho lucres, oi costs and dlilleultl"s weight tho Southern plantor in tho cornpc. titlou so ih it bo wiU no longer distmico tho Hlauou? Tho-o nro questions of that sort to which timo oLc:f returns answers very uifl'eront from those expoctod. But tho duration atul filial iaar.o of tlio American ooullict nro far too uncertain to leave ground for practical calculations. If the Americana aro wire lliey will iuvoko mediation to morro.v; but wisdom would havo prompted that course a year ago, ami is not likely to be better listened to now, when both sides have cucb flattering prospects of euccoa.ii. Insolvency night bring things to a stand still, but, unfortunately, armies can oxlst, mako long inarches cud win battles without a dollar in the military chest,ami a civil war can support ItJclf a? ousiiy as any other. 'Ihs war has not simplified its operations latoiy, so It certainly is premature to foretoll tho supply and cost of cotton rest autumn. It remains a speculation, and both the Hindoo cotton grower end the British cotton spinner mu l invest in coUon at tlieir own risk and discretion. War Hanttloiii From Lemlon Seized at Cherbourg. [Cherbourg (Jan. 7) corres>K?ndenco of Galignani's Messenger.] A rainistorlal order arrived lust night from Paris, directing tho authorities to lake possession of the brig Emmanuel d'He'ly,CaptainTulgouiu, last from London, ad bound to La Conco. clou (river of Uruguay). Tho brig enlorcd tho port oil tl.o 2:1, and tho captain, who Is a Frenchman, hod no papoi s to sh >w. Tho crew, consisting of trn men, Englishmen,Spaniards and men of color, and also nine p mscigors. nil men of most resoluto appear, nco, aro not allowed to leave tho ship. It would bo useless to repeat all tho storios in circulation about this vessel, b it the most probable explanation of the matter is that t ho is ludon with munitions and contraband of war. SiitTcrlngj of the Artisans of Francct [l'ariH (.Ion. 17) corrcsponrtenco of Inndon Tims?.] . Th.; Steele newspaper has opened a subscription for the dtstrossod operatives lu Lyons and St. F.ticnno. In its address to tho public it says that the deplorable conflict which is broe'ring up IK* American rep'ihiic has prodded not only unfortunate iMliticnl complications, bat it hat for the present interrupt) d foreign commerce; and th: most important nati-inal industry, that of siUc, is more then any o'Jicr painfully affected iy the cants now passing in the tfrio World. Tho want <>f employment hns reduced a vast number of families in Lyoi.8 to distress. If not relieved the consequences may become more fatal, for many of them ha-e listened to proposals to emigrate to foreign ooi.n'rier. The director of the Siccl: adds that when he was nude acquainted with tho distress into which so many of bis countrymen arc plunged his first thought was to whom he Should scud tiis offering. But tho moment his friends were uppi ised of his intention they Scut their subscriptions to him, and others suggested that a general subscription should be opened at the oflfco of tho Ste le for the relief of the unemployed I.yoneso weavers. Tho director has adopted thit suggestion, and he requests anybody who has oven a tritte to spare for his sufloring cone try mon to send it to the olT'.co. Ho observes that en this occasion it is not an isolated case of misfortune that is to bo relieved, 'ihi object is to protect one of tho greatest industries iu Franco against the counsels of mestictir, of which the resist' would be to d'ice the mat' drilled, honest and laborious opralices to a foreign country. The obect is, moreover, tc protect them against advico which their patriotism rejects, and which their present unfortunate condition could alone induce them to accept. The director concludes by announcing that tho amount of subscriptions received at the nfticc of the Sice It will be forwarded weekly to the Mayor of tho city of Lyons. He adds that time presses, the distress is groat and the winter severe. Austria Preparing for War. TUB KKVIKW OK THE ARMY AT VKRONA. The Vicuna journals of the IGth of January give the following as the text of tho allocution addressed by the Emperor Franc la J..soph to tho oliicers at tho review of tb? troops at Verona-?The bearing and lino appearance cf the men has caused mo the most lively uturietinn and I express to yuu.gontiemen, my gratitude. Continue to ma'iitaln among your battalions the same spirit an well an discipline which ban always prevailed In my army. Seriout ilmygUi await <u, and no one ran tay soften they may ta!x pace. Prepare the troops for them, In order that we may be able to support them properly With Qod's aid. I reckon on you. When the Emperor had terminated, General Benedek advanced and sixilte as follows:?Will your Majesty permit me to break the siionce proscribed by the regulations, to express the sentiments which animate ns all?every man in the aimy as well as myself?towards you and your august house. Freo from all prejudices of nationality, birth and religion, we desire,all or us to the last soldier, to see Austria grand, free, powerful and droaded, under the glorious dynasty of your Majesty. Without fearing fatigue or danger we will shod the last drop of our blood to preserve to your Majesty an Austria powerful and grand, and to defend our country. May the Almighty watch over you, over your august Consort, and your son, and reudor you happy. That is our most arJeut wish. Lot vour Majesty hero receive the solemn cath of the army, which I re | eat In the name of my soldiers to our cummaudor-iu chief. Without distinction of nationality, birth,or religion, we wish to devote oar lives to yjur Majesty, and, ir we fail, to die with honrr. But we aro determined to conquer. Thus may God be on oar side. Long live tho Emperor of Austria. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. A Harmon Conference In Birmingham. [I n in the Wrm.n-hara Post, Jan. 4.] A general council of the European authorities of the church of Jesus Christ of latter Pay Saints, or Mormcns, was commenced iu the Farm street chapel, ru Wo luesdny morning lust, and coinprbod the presidency of tho mis ions and del- gates from various pari* of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and tho channel i-danls, at which reports wc? given of the present condition and future prospects of Mormon isiu throughout these countries and some parts <-f the continent of Europe. Among other Mormon colebrltfes present were three of tho Twelve Apostles, two nephews of Joseph Smith, the Prophet, who was It tiled In ltU4, and whoso fathers also fell martyrs t-? their faith, s vernl p. rs- its who lud occuiJiel positions as bishops in Utah, with a number of High , Priests and "Seventies many of whom had travellod , through more titan one continent propagating their faith. Ttea;Kstles, who liore the of Amass M. Lyinnu, Char. C. Rich and George Q. Cannon, indicated by their countenances the possession or a much more tlmn ordinary sharo of Intelligence. Tho proceedings commeaotd with an introductory address, delivered by Mr. I.yiuan, who stated the objects for which they had been convened. It wis to receive reports from tho various branches of the mission, and also that by communiou together they might Approximate still nearer to that condition of excellence when they might bo uble to "sec eye to eye" by understanding the truth alike. Ho then ' called tip ti Elder W. (J. Mills to retiresatit tho Blrn.lngham district. Mr. Mills s.iid liis district comprise.1 four eonforoncos. tho Birmingham, Warwickshire, -hropshi: # 1 and Stuifoidslilio, which numbered about 1 ,*00 members. Thmr progress whs very satisfactory: tho congregations were increasing, strangers came to tiioir pieces Oi meeting, nd baptisms were frequent throughout tho tinion b anclies. A mocli more liberal fo?:in.g was manifested towards (hem by those unconnected with the body, and prosieclH wero good for a continued and rapid addition to their numbers. Elder J. Jtrown represented tbo London district, ' which lie said consisted of three confer encos. Tin re, too, their success hud been exceedingly grat dying. Many had emigrated lost spring, but their ranks hud b eu till -d up with new prosolytos to tli? feith. in ill* afternoon Ki>!cr I). M. smart reported f'cntlnml ns ; containing three conferences, which wero In gu<<d oondi- ( tk>n. They had K ith -red to hundreds In that country during tho"past year, and prospects woro good l'or future Increase. Eld r William filbiou roported the Cheltenham district; Eldor J. S. Drown, tho Nottingham district; Elder J. M. Kny. the Manchester district, mid Elder (io.rgo Halll lay, tho South district; and n.ich speaker stated that tho bc cession to tho Mormon ranks in these- p aces was progrossIng. Mr. Lyman afterwards delivered on address en the tniiiortanre of continually acquiring knowledge, sacred end secular, that their lufljence might be extended aud their powor to do good Increased. igder J. D. F. McAllister, recently arrived in this country from the Vnitud States, whore be ha 1 been laboring aa a missionary for some time, give a brief account of the condition and prosi ectH of ttie Mormons In that country. Owing to tho rovolulion which was t aging thoro bit little good coild be done, snd the few wh> remained In tho stuu-a wore rapidly making preparations in emigrate West to I'tali. The emtalon adjourned alter prayer. Tlio conference resinned Its alttiug on Thura lay, whou Elder I'lglcr reported tho Irish mission, which ho said had been attended with unfavorable results. Elder lliglor, from the Norwich district, said they hod teadlly Incroas'd ihcir nutnheis,und Elder MI?u<on rop resented Ih* Kewrastlo-cn Tyuo district' as being In a good condition. Rciiiresctitatlvos of the Wolib, Sheffield, Channel Islands and Southampton districts al o spoke, and Mr. lymtu followed with an address on "iwactloal rollglon and the Importance of forming correct habits." Addresses wore doliverod by Messrs. Camoron and I.ymsn on tho practical duties of tberldria, In which they took with confident am Iclpatloi.s to the future which lay bofore the in Tor us -.'t dm > a and greuthcta. The Scandinavian, French, Swiss and Italian nil-n4. ua wers represented liy letter. Tlie Prince of Wnlei Coutemplales Another 'l our. (Ercm the London Times, Jan. 0.] The Prince of Wales remains at Osborne with the Queon nn II after the arrival of hie brother, ihlnce Alfred, who Is sin* tod In Englnnd in tho course of the picacnt mottfi. Shortly at?er his arrival tho Prince of Wales will curry out the p! r? aid down for him In completion ef his eOiioathn by the liposn and his deeply lamented .other, Of making a tour Id ;bc Jju y J.tnd and the ether t i ? 1 ' historical localities of tha Burt. It had b* intended that hia Royal Highness ahoold aat oat apoa thh espedtWon towards the and of last yaar, and, as the tourneys in tha East can only ho performed during the cooler months of tha yaar, tha Qoeen has decided that tha wishes and arrangements of tha Prince Ooueort, wht- b are considered sacred by the Qu?en aatd the t'rtace of Wales, should shortly ha earned into execution. Tha Prince will necessarily traral in tha moat private man car. , Pauperism In the Manufrtcturlag Districts oT England. TFrom the London Herald, Jan. 0.1 The returns made to the Poor low Hoard show a large inrrouse in November over tha number of paupris in Uctolc.T, and bey ui what t ie mar a ;va? e! would account for. At the end of October the nutnl>ar in receipt ol relief was S W3 par cant greater tnai. at tha corresponding period of ltJOO, but at the end of November it was 8.3d per cent greator than in November, 1800. The increase is general over tha whole kingdom, but especially remarkable in the northwestern divi'lon (latacasbiru and Cheshire), whuro the iu< teato over the name period in I860 was 10.38 per cent at tha cl<*e of October, but had risen to no less than 110.07 per cent at the end of November. But still that hive of lulusiryta betirr ort than the rest of ttio country, though its superiority le not so great as it was; at the end of November th-re was otio pauper to every twouty-throo parsers in all England and Wales taken together; in Lancashire and Cheshire, taken together, only one in every thirty-two. Failure of Messrs. O'Shca, Bunlgr- % of Mud ml. boa THEIR TRADE AND FINANCES IN CU?A. [From the London Herald (City Arliolej, jap. 7.1 Considerable oxeitemciit was produced to da/ tn flnan cial elicits by the report that despatches IumI b rg received with tho intelligence of tho stoppage of?M J i. Henry O'.Shoa & Co., tho bankers of bfa-lrU Ai not little crcdtnco was given to tho ..lati-ruout, but subsequently ihero appeared a strong dtni-oelttcu to 1 e'i iva it, and ou 'l b logo it was aase'led that tho f?it had boot Nidnrlj oooflrmod. Little definite lofonsaltaa tm> spin d with regard to debts or the prospect* of eventual liquidation, Fi nn tho kuowu high char actor and b ?i nosfl position of tho lirin eoni j pa. ties ore indue cl to think that the dUfloultiea in all probability will be found if a toinporai y natoro, and may be su. mounted Other', koicever, imagine that, from the current of ta'r ev ott ,0 Havana, laryt UtS'-t have beat made in that dirct'.ioH, tWu V have terioufly affected the erir'tny reto irces of the hoi,. It neod scarcely bo added that the circumstnn- 0 oven of tho rumorcroatod much surprise, the suppooed w aith aid antecedents of tho partners having pla< el am h a cout.ugoucy almost beyond tho bounds of probability. PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEERS. Tho raport of General Biddlo, tho recent A'ljutai.t General of Penni>y Ivan ia, has just been issued for led, and contains a very brief retrospect of the military dolr ;s at that State during tho past yoar. The roport commences as follows:? Adjotant Grxsral's Omci, 1 IIasri.-uh nfi, Jan. 3, 18G2. J To bis Excellency A. G. Curtj.\, Governor of t'ennsyl vanillism?1 liavo tho honor to submit tho following statement relative to tha operations of the department under my charge since the 15th April, 1861:? I will briefly advert to tho facts connected with ins organization o:' the military forces of Pennsylvania since the commencement of the present robcllion. In res[>oiisc to the proclamation of tho 15th April Ia<t bv tho President of the l.'nited States, calling out 75.000 militia from the several Stutcs of tho Union, to eorvo for t! r-.o months, Ponnsy lvuuiu not ouiy furnished promptly its assigned qu"ta of fourti en regiments, but mcroascd tho number to twenty-live; and such was tho patriotic ardor of the people, that the services of about thirty additional regiments hod to be refused?making in all more than one-half of the requisition of tho President. Four days after this call, Pennsylvania had placed at the national capital 600 men, the iirst to arrive lor Us defence, and ton days lut? r the cntiro twenty-five regiments wero organized and in tho held. On tho 18th day of April, Camp Curtin was formed at narrisburg,und at this point all militia from tho northern, western and central portions of tho State were organized. Fight regimonts, chiefly from Philadelphia, were organized at that place. A list or the three months regiments then follows In due order, which force comprise in the aggregate 20,070 men. The General then proceeds as follows:? Tho second call for voluntsors was made upon the State in Flay. The allotted share to Pennsylvania was ten regiments; but the general government would not allow these to be raised. The Secretary of War officially announced to tho Governor of the Stato that "ten regiments are assigned to Pennsylvania?making, in addition to the thirteen regiments already caltod for, twenty-tbree regimonts. It is important to roduco rather than enlarge, this number." As the State had already twonty-fivs re gimente in me ueiu, it was mus ueoarrea irom lucrcatlng it* force. At the- extra sees Ion of tbe Legislature, convene! on the 30th April, in pursuance of the proclamation of tbe Governor, was passed the act of May 13,1301, for organizing the"Kesorve Volunteer Corps of tho Commonwealth," to be composed of thirteon regiments of infantry, ono regiment of cavalry and one regiment of light artillery. This corps, under the direction of Major General Geo. A. Met'all, whs speedily organized, and, In conformity wilii law, was placed for military Instruction In camps at La*ton, West Chester, Pittsburg and llarrisburg. Ihe exigencies of the service required that this force not long remain inactive, for on the 22d of June two regiments, commanded by Colonel Chas. J. Diddle and Colonel 8. G. Simmoi.s, aud two companies of artillery under Cnptain Campbell, were ordered to Cumberland, Md., to reinforco tho Moventh Indiana regiment, commanded by Colonel Wallace. Them troops rendered important service at Xow Creek, Piedmont, Ac., in Western Virginia, until ordered to tbo lower Potomac. On the 23d day of July, the day after the memorable disaster at Bull run, a requisition was made on this State for the immediate service of its "Reserve Corpa." This urgent demand of the general government resulted in sending, as rapidly aa menus for their transiortation could bo furnished, about 11,000 of those troops, fully armed and equipped, to tho timely relief of tho uational capital. Within a few days after this the entire body was mustered Into tbe United States scrvioo. "lbe time for these, and all subsequent uiimiDfiuB, was mr iiiroe years or mo war. Tho aggrcg* to number or otflcera and men in tlieee regiments is l&,fc56. Prcvlona to tho mustering of the Stato reserves into the national service, the general government authorized four inilepenneut regiments to be raised in this .State. Thcso we:o promptly furnished, and amounted, in the aggregate, to 4,711 officers and men. More ri ccntly, direct requisitions on Pennsylvania for sixteen additional regiments of infantry and two of cavalry have been promptly responded to,and as rapidly as they could be prepared, have been forwarded to such poiny ns were designated by the gouer&l government. Ou*the 25th of September, tho War Department placed under the control of the Governor all brigades .Tegmenta, batteries and companies, which it had from time to itmo authorized Individuals to raise in the State of Penury Ivaeia. These amounted to seventy regiments, including Q\ oof cavalry and one of artillory, unit twenty seveu companies, comprising flvo of cavalry and thrco of artillery. Tho following tab'o will show the number of mon sent into and preparing for the held by the Slato of l'cnnsyl rKN.XSTLVAXU RBCITVEST.' A VP OOMrAXIRS HOW U* &EXV1CB. 3d regiments, infantry and riilemon, aggregate .. 71,189 11 regimen ts, cavu'ry 1-J,OiK) 1 reglmout, artlllory 1,077 7 companies of Infantry 707 0 companion of cavalry 078 0 companies of artillery yy<i Total 87,177 Add enlistments in other than Pennsylvania organizations 0,400 Number in United States service from Pennsylvania 03,077 I'KKI'AKIXU fOit BKRV1CS. 12 regiments, Infantry 13.092 1 regiment, cavalry 1,130 1 regiment, artillery 1,077 Total 15,800 4 companies of artillery 624 1 company of cavalry 100 18,038 Wow In service and preparing, by authority or tho government 100,815 That tho Stato should have sent the men Into the Hold well equipped, is ovident from the following tabic of the Dumber of articles purchased for the use of the reserve corps only:? 11,109 infantry overcome $01,427 6* 1.800 mounted men's overcoats 18,104 00 12,136 infantry pantaloons 34,751 4* 1,000 mounted men's pantaloons 3,730 00 13,000 blouses 20,154 60 13,631 caps 10,257 38 7,932 sets of infantry accoutrements 23,020 00 Ordnance and ordnance stores for artillery regiment 42,322 03 lespc ctlcu and distributing arms and clothing. 1,009 00 Total $251,046 87 Ovor a quarter of a million of dollars expended on ono division. The remainder of the document refers to matters of rnoro interest to tho tttato itself than to the public at large. The foregoing report eliows that Pennsylvania, si bough called the Quaker Btate, was ready to take up arms m uetenco or tne common country at me flrst call, and now has a largo body of men In tho Held, boirg rcpror.rutod In almost all tho camps throughout the nationblio has troops at Koy West, Tort Royal, In Virginia under Coneral Wool, In the Army of the l'otomnc under tho Uunmandor-tu-C'hlef, and in tho wings of the pamo under Clenera'.B Hanks and Illx; and they also stretch along tho Ul per l'otoniau to General Landers' division at Romtieyi and we further Dud them with Ueneral llurn.-idc, and nlso with (leneral Rnoll In Kentucky. Tho ri glmoute are numbered from 1 to 115, the flrst twenty live being three months men. 1 he troops now in service commence a1 No. 20. mmrckacnth of Wood it Ma as arm'.--ens Tliere nro lu Mitssachncottd sixty eight chair factories, forty-three pall and tub factories, Iwonty-e ght planoforto fm lories, 150 earring# and car factories, 1JM saw mills, and fortyIwo woolen waro factories, not Inclndod in thenbovo, hosldos 44fl ? earn and otter mills, nut otliorwire etiMmo feted. the aiv;unt of C*iit?J umslel Is aliJ.t. SEW YORK HERALD, SU! M, ?>k*.?l Twnt, tbo commandant of IhM flu* ragl Mrt, who haa boon m Iowa kbio daya, oo laaro of abMM, ?a gat iiamant baataaaa, lafl Iowa loot arming for Waabiagto*. A atrwag aoii la hotag am la to affect Uw proaautiaa of Caiuooi Tumpliinj to a Brlgadlar Uaoaral?h,p. an i maoy of oar atoat pr mU-enl cll atrui, cognirant of bia military abl tltra, araaatog ihatar influence la tho auittpf. Cotoorl T nthiK* apruug fr. in Ui' ruki. Ha wa* an nor<ww. r'? i? .id ib 1i.IT, wUJio e ted, wbaa ha father a am ana lad that poet and waa with bia aaoat of hka time, and it wa thara, at aa aarly age. that ha drat eomotowcud tho at dy ?f tactic*. Ila entered the Tuiapha? tadeta aa a private to 1M1, undar ha faibrr, who waa than a rap'a.n, and waa a loot ad a corporal t ha mma tear. Attar tbia hoWeine connected with tha Kunleer* and other ragfcnanta uf oar HUM MUttia. In I'M ho alaitodfVwipaay I'd tha Serenty trat ragi aft, la whtrh ergantaalteti ha waa elected Major, and ai.tiaagnanily I imtanat Ootawai. Ma now aOaada at tha head <f tha Mto"f?t rrgiioeat, SI Y it M.,wh*b aolutad for tha war, and m tha aaalor Ct>l?nal of our ral'iatae forc-a. fla haa Nam w acttva duty aluce April Wat, and hal r.>?o a.. I ??f tha tr<v.. a at Kdwaid*' Yairy, bia dooda on that wemaiea eating eeismewdat ?me from General lWcha and wti.ara. Flraa lia Maw Varh. fiaa m P??ia t*raaar?dfetween IW and liaoetock on Fruity m-tnug a are broke nil n tie * ? ud Boor of Ue Bra M<*y hunting So 191 Nwl strnat The ai'ko waa BraI ?liM?.yoro4 by lb* prWUo watchman, Mill, SO Uto I I ? given, lbs Insurance poll ol w*ub, I'm* Packcy, vara quickly ok U?e proaaiaaa, end u - d-.: h h < j' ml ittia, ui keeping tho Baawa from eilan-ting tn*o tba oil atoro i u the Brat floor Ta Bra ap, orw u> < ngiMtn-l to an o*h b?rral in tho paeaagw way, <o Iho iv ol fur, Mar tba U.uh Tho tUinea UMdH t'? Iho fi or* *b> rr, 4ootn? mg tho oaliro upper tart at tba b?i b?r?ro tho Co ?i oilm^ ohol. Tba folio.ring aro'o the ore iimnta ? flrot Boor and havemo t. arcu| ol by A. 0. Fern., aad known aa Iho rutin Oil (Wi|*oy, Iota ebil 93.000, wanrod fur gi.toe w tba United bui?? aid At.autic Ir.r-Mou. l uia lan. ?. md fl.wr, occupied by .1 ho M. Moooa It ('? , i: atniU. i .roro uf gWaaware loaa ab ittuo Minojraer. Th d an l fourth tome, oaeup.od I > J. Not llinaor, tar ?t row# ui | a a buttle-, loaa <l' : ?J lotl flip'' t l b? F.rom.-... < a- ) lluuio In o"tam a Chmpirito Ftfib five, or' ipood by Patrick W.ufh, roll, i, aanirior, loaa $300. n> mairanoa. Tbo t uildlruf >a < wna-1 by J?n a M Wood. It ia damaged alrml li.i/00, aald In bo Insured. No. 193 -flvo ?t >ry bm! imt oi?ia|i'-d by 9 Hopkins k II,o., ilrolorr lu gle?e..:? i. da inred by wator eb.. it fVJO, Fully inourod. aju uy Welu a Vottor, d.lrrain ec,,i-? ih. too. Br .fair. . I r ante .??? ".! (1 W). ii B'iri'd for $3 oao ia the For liai.'a', Man) <t('0 and li?yal I < ura. eaObtni' tiiiaa lt> > b<ui .u? i? i * . d by tba Wulf e.tnte It ta dan.aa<d abol 9- ?0 folly insured N i. ISO?occuued by i'atrn k If irray dealer la black len 1, Ac., ia rightly d.mag 4?probably tw tba cataal of $<f 0, fully Insured. Kir* i* Boar Ilot mo Braawr ?. a boot aeven e'elork Wwt mg'it a fire broke out la a bedroom ndj- >mtog tbo milliarry fancy coo.1i> e:<m of Jat< b Look, V... 34a East tfouate* atraot. Iho ftr-iet eatendad Into tho oto o. aad before llio Bio waa axle golabod tba eUxk and ftrtnture wore d.i'ruiral to tho extent of afoul |l 0u0. U>. ired for $2,000 In tha Brooklyn laauranoa O a.; ?i y. Ttw buildii la owned by Mr. Qutnaer. It la damped about $nO. rai l lo ba ln*u:-l. The #rr, it ia aupp-? l '>rg,i.?:#.l from a candle In naa way unknown at preneot. One of Mr. Lw b'a children waa out of tba back rooaa Marly suffocated. The United Btetra Blaanar Minna I. I'm' ar m rata, Jan 99, IMS Tha United States atretner Miami ia placed in randineaa for sen by ordara from Waabington, prtbab'y will ami tomorrow. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. batvsdat, Fab. 1?4 p. m. Money remains kbont as it wka yaalerday. uku loans range from 5 to 6 par cent. Foreign exchange closed doll at us a for bankers' bills on London. There was quite n panic In the stock market thio morning, based on the feart of European lntrrven tion. There were no tales of goYframenta; hot all the leading speculative share* fell off considers bly. Miisourit declined %, Pacific moil 1%, New York Central v?. Erie 1, Erie prefrrrod 1%, Had son %, Heading 1, Michigan Central 2'4. Michigan Southern 1, guaranteed 1%, Panama 1^, Illinois Central %, Galena 1% Toledo !*-?. Rock islaad 1%, Chicago, Burlington and Qainry a fief the first board n slight rally took place. The opinion wus expressed that then was, in reality, 1 no foundatiou for tha rumors of foreign taterren tion except the idle uttf ranc? of Loodoa papers, which, as the Trent negotiation shows, are by oo meaus in the confidence of any foreign government. The second board opened with more Diuni; but tho pressure of stock for tale was ia excess of the demand, and prices fell off again. In the coarse of a day or two, or perhaps on Moudey, tho reduced quotations are pretty rare to bring in new buyers, and the balls will have their turn again. The following were tho closing quotations to-day:?i'nited States 6's, registered, 1881,87% a 87%: do. b's, coupon, 1881, 88% a 88%; do. fi's, coupon, 187478 a 79; Virginia c's, 50 a 52; Tennessee 6's, 43 a 43%; North Carolina 6's, 61a 62; Missouri 6's, 41 all; Pacific Mail, 97y%% 93; New York Centra), 82% a 62%; Eric, 33% a 33%; do. preferred, 51% ? 54%; Hudson River, 37 a 37%; Harlem, 12 a 12%; do. preferred, 29% a 30; Reading, 10 a 10%; Michigan Central, 49% a 19%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 20% a 21%; do. guaranteed, 10% a 10%; Panama, 112% a 113; Illinois Central, CO a 60%; Galena andi Chicago, 6.1% a 66; Cleveland and^Toledo, 10% a 10%; Chicago and Rock Island, 52% a 52%; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 01 a 61%. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? Total receipts $602,793 73 ?Ft customs 160,000 00 I'avmeuts,Including redeemed 0p. c. notes. 1,090.642 13 Balance 1,214.179 13 .The City of New York, for Europe, to-day took out only $105,264 in specie. The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $15,331,187 58, and the balances arc $1,024,666 68. The exchanges for tho week ending to-day wcro $93,791,629 03, being a daily average of $15,631,933 17, against $16,666,326 52 for the week ending on Saturday last. The transfer books of the New York Central Railroad Company closed at the closo of business in-ilnv for tlic February dividend. The lioeknian Firo Insurance Company has do clared a dividend of 4 per cent, payable on demand; the Manhattan Company, a dividend of 4 per cent, payable on tho 10th instant; the Long Island Bank, of Brooklyn, a dividend of 4 per cent, payable on demand. The directors of the Bank of tho Republic, in view of th( unsettled state of afTairs, have resolved to pass their usual half yearly dividend. The London Economist of January 18 says:? A resoling of tho holders of tho bonds of tho city of Hamilton, Canada West, look p'.aco on Tuesday,to consldor tho course to bn pursued tn the default of the payment or tho coupon duo ou tho 1st lust. It appears that a letter has been written on behalf of tho corporation, stating that tho ongogonients or thcelty are so large that, in order to pay the dividend, It would b necsssary to levy a rate of 10*. 6 I. In tho pound, which would iuvs tho effect of depopulating and ruining tho placo. It la therefore proposed that iu lbs event of tho city n >1 ohlainltig assistance from tho Canadian Legislature the bondholders should receive a much lower rato, which would also enable tho authorities to provide Stoking fund. After considerable discussion, resolutions were passed expressing tho astoni-lituent aud indignation of tho mooting at tho proposition of tho cor|>oratlou, announcing that evory measure tn their power will be taken by the bondholders to recover their legal rights, and appointing a committee to represent tho g-aeiai body. Stock Kxchangr. 8ati ?n*v, Feb. 1,1*6?. $1000CFCsSlOrMJ4 100 sbsKrie RU..bl5 aiS ?0OO Ohio 6 s, '6<?.. Oft'4 10 do :r v 1000 111 rou bs,'77. 80 160 Erie Kit pref'd... 66', 1000 III coil bs, '70. 81 100 do 65 6000 111 war loan... 78 60 d> blO 6114 3000 Mich 8 wk bds. 80 160 do 64), Itlnh 7"? war 1. 01 60 do all) Ki 1000 N Carolina 0 *. 61 40 Rn4m Rtnr RR rs 1000 MjHHiiurl 0 *... 41 Collar lent Kit pref. 30 5000 do 030 41 100 do 20 V 31000 do 41'4 ISO d? UU'i 7000 MoO sit.dlfc-'JH 4o>? 100 Heading Rli 40 3000 do 40 itfO do 40 V 1000 N Y ("out (!>.. 05)4 100 do 40 1000 YYCent he. '70 105 50 do*"* 40'<r 2000 N YC7'?,'7rt,cl'? 104)^ 100 MichCrat RR.... 60 2000 Er KRlst nig hi 100 CO do 40 is' 17000 FrRlt3dWib,'M. 93)$ 100 do 40 1C00 HdUliRlm,*lrtt 104 100 do 43 lCOOHarhtn IMiul. 101 25 do bfO 4:m, 3000 MIcUC8|ic1hi old 97)$ 25 do b30 CO 10000 \li< n8|>olnisli b 100 CO do 4 ,Jfc 4000 tlo(?lir!il?r t li l>s 88.'4 10 Mich 8'o VMiid Kit 2o1$ lOOOMiclroorbd*. 86 150 do 21 8500IIIOmi RR bi'fl. 93'$ CO Mich 8'o.V N I k 4. 401$ 60001 hi A NoWl m. 41)$ 1<!0 I' RR 112 MM.OTolXAVftbn: Ii2n? 42)$ CO do Ill 6000 do 43 200 111 Cca RR ?cr.... co lOOOClotiVli 1 n f brtfi F t lt'O do 130 0 > ^ 12200 American gold 10>)$ IPO do ....?!0 Oil 15 ah* Hank of Com. 77 C62 Rftl fc ''hu ago HU oo 8 Amorfcto Ex l'ki 79 1030 U?? fc'Jciado lUt 40 NDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 186i 96 PaoUkMaUMCo M 19 do...-:..>10 88X 860 do *30 87 900 do 40X 100 do (80 MV 1160 do 40X 160 do alO MX 800 do 60 do >10 96 X 400 do. alO 40X 960 do 01 900 do Bio 40X 90 do MX 100 do s5 40X 96 do blO 87X 400 do..:... b30 40X 60 do blO 87 900 do b30 40X 60 do a30 MV 10 Clev Col A iu KK 103 60 do MO 87 X 1650 CM ft R'R la RR 63 X 630 N Y Ccn KR 83X 40 do 63X 100 do b30 82X 160 do ?30 63X 9U0 do alO 82 X 60 do alO 63X K<0 do MO 82X 60 do al6 63 X 360 do 82X 81 Chi Bur ft Qu RR. 61X 160 do alO 82X 107 do 61 x 860 Eria RR 84 60 do 62 100 do 33X 60 Mil ft Pr du Ch KR 20 X 1060 do 83 X 24 MllftPrduCb latpf 74 860 do 33 X 46 do 73 X 160 do al5 33X 20 Mil fcPrduCh2dpf 64 100 do alO 88X 16 Tol ft Wabash RR 6 60 do blO S3X 10 Utile Miami RR. 86 60 do al6 33X BKGOND BOARD. 16000 US6'6.'81 ,cou 88 X 250 aba Erie RR 33 X

1. uOO U 8 6'a, '81, leg 87X 10O do b30 83X 60uOTre*7 S lOpcn 88 60 Erie RR pref 66 000TVu?6a. 80... 48 X 260 do 64X 7000 do 43 100 do 030 66 ?KX> Roaouri 6 a... 41 160 do 64\ 13000 ll.iO'ua war loan 77 V 160 Chile Rk I RR... 63 3000 X Y8>, '68... 104 60 Reading RR 40* lOOOErMKItftm bda 78 100 do slO 40^ 1000 do 74 850 Mich Central RR. 40^ 1000 rhllt NW?i 1 ro 40 160 Mich BiNIndRR 20% 80000 4m rold.. .h80 103150 MichS&N Ind g s. 40^ 26 eh.i PacllicMSJCo 07 60PauamuRR...sl0 112 112 do 07* 150 111 CenRR scrip.. 60 ICO do blO W7?4 200 do slO 00 4 do 08 20 Cl?v,Col At CinRR 103 30 M T Cential RK.. 821 200 Clav itTol RR... 40}$ 260 do s5 82 ?$ 60 do slO 40}$ 100 do pko mi ICO do slO 40?< Receipts and Dlvburiemtnti at the OiHce of tho Aoolatant Treasurer of the United Htatea, Mew York, for January. Ry balance, Jan. 1.1882 $2,106,782 66 Re elpta duriug Um mouth? Customs $2,876,771 46 fact 4,070 65 Pootomce Dupartmeul.... 215,673 08 l.< ana 14,880,132 30 MMooUasaoua 1,031,263 27 . 18,792,800 88 Total 20,899,583 24 Treasury drafts. 21,332,301 78 I'oat Oflko dralU 260,698 86 21,683,000 61 habit Jan 21,1662 $883,417 37 By balance,cr. disbursing accwmu. 8,163.769 41 By r ecipu during iha month 10,808,573 11 18,070,342 62 To payments 12,806,836 47 Balance $0,674,706 06 By halan< e, er. interest accounts 2.871,615 11 To pa, ii.cnia 2,519,724 84 $291,890 77 By receipts foe cualoma In January, 1862.. 2,875,771 40 By receipts for customs la January, 1861.. 1,204,764 43 tacresss is January, 1862 $1,471,017 03 By belanoe, cr. bulitoa and espouse ac? count for Aa>-ay office 221,434 32 By ram reeclrad durii g iba mouth 800,354 74 By tea bare received during tlM month $64 639 47 1,244,894 23 Toial $1,406 828 66 i To yaymaats m com 438,634 40 Te pay menu in One bars .... 462 603 22 ????? 901,237 02 Balance $864,960 93 ! By cum is hand is A semen I Treasurer s DAM 7,084,661 89 I By cats la head m Assay Office ?,86S 91 ??? 1,118,726 74 i By Bas tars In Assay OAm.. 464,862 0$ 3 By en parted belltae m Assay Office BOS,818 66 By bullion sa the Hal lea sstssga 63,016 36 786^8 23 ; Total :... $7,870,664 07 ; lAffi das Oefsmten 1,4*8,823 40 < Total 67 Lea* ait per rent notes redeemed and is la reimbursed 4,8:6,838 14 j mimf ?8AH,227 63 J i i I Bnilsasi attfca Altar OBai it Maw Ynsrk kr the Bsffti af Jsessry. Pas mm st goat ? iEs mSL Ihminmmwim 402,444 < mmmmmrnrnm 000 ?mM af aitoar, acMMf parrbaaa* ? far*** ? /m yw?ifa tout** 11.400 I'tMtd 01MMMM Ml >okl % (?#0 VMkM ! WO < ; T?oii pay W* mi iw, .it immi Tutu) liyraw. ?>i?M im tana 10,040 -i ?:o ooo C?kl Mara ?rar ? 1.199,041 Traoa a4U t' 6 M ul, Pbii , (Mr t<?naaa 441,Till THE MT HOOOS TRADE. ; TbatralatrMM wo nfaraltoaataiamMl of ibairaporta ?1 foreign dry geodaat tba part afNaw Turk tor tfea traak ! audlng January M, and MM January 1 ? hmtkfwmk. i?oa iati 1M: j Pblarad at tba tarl ft 304,171 3,100.146 TM.uil nmiwniM.... 4,M.<,144 S,<*4.749 904,144 Aim Ja4 1. Fntarad al lb* part . .?11 ,714,494 14,444 961 I 946,362 Tbnwaoa market,... 12.901,044 6,944,414 S,9fci,n40 Though lb* ratriaa of 4ry gooda at (hit port war* life, ral life pool woafc, tbey w?ro much laaa la omouhI than for the aame parted la tbe two |>rerioua yeara The a? grogataa olaca tba lot of January alao rbow a aatailal difference la favor of laal year llf tba gooda ante-ad far cnaaumptMa, manufacture of waullea amounted ta hsi ,07T. aoltrai 4o., 641,174, ailfci. |47 JM9, flu, *3,047 mierellaneoiif , |10,T1I Total, 6.121 UL Tba aliiptnaiiia of c'ttoa place gooda wore lubt and rhietly to Mr-all. airoan or uoranmca tot lira wan mm, jam 34.1*64 Mm. Brarll >24,134 1M j New Granada I'-fl 2 y Mexico 6,11 J 34 i far,ah Weal lodica 1966 27 i ??? _ TMtal 136,617 2*i . rrerkmaly raportad .... it', J fltom jMirtrjr 1 4' The dpi log trad* hw not a, mod, ?id Ilia bu*I door during lb* w< ? ItM ban* ligl.t 1 ba on **' 'i a* ' and th? <1< l?T* lu OongrrM ro?.< Hi rt.nat i ) nod nvm.1 gnrat??? inod#<l w> dopi. - m4 I ?vi*r4 m .v? | menla id 111* tr* <o. ? m. bit | with appnrrnt ilii ifp", n tut* ll' *?' iu. i4?> i quit* limllod V. - Ih ll * <'- ? ?n* DIM ID* I . and prlcM uncboogod I k~>4* w* . * . mi prolan war* nowtbiog ?*!; *i . >i r?-' Tl* ?te*m*r? wli li Uvr *rr>iU Sibc ll |>*i t??*r a thro. dajr* hav* ?'l br".ghl liig* r?if <4 Tonga " g<?Ua. probably ?*Ol bar* to p in* attain I ra* ?t ? I ll* r. iiaf ?f produrora co lb oil oi . ..* * ,i f ik> ' faring la Mi l * prarail laaariam muiU .al CITY COMNK1U IAL IIPOHT. **n an*? r#t>. i?jr m J Floc?.?Tba marital waagi.iaSnh.ibr >t Tlio drniaud iii rb ?4y fr?on tba *? "V?ai * |r? l? T- a < |r?u?ariinna an braced t&M a ?MM bairaa al |t to a ' |A h' fur ailra W?ia n hk*t waa Or mar and n nra M'n an Iba m?-t t ( rlond al an adraoc* af Ic . a*l for *mom ( dim aa adv.uie# of to a 4r par !? ?.* i ?? < iwoi Pa a tnibraoad al<->ul TO .mm l-i?b<d?. Cor* Hi Bim. ohdatalaa of to toa b-aboU vara m*dc al 01 He. a tor la am* and dati* arM, foia w?? .laadi, ?hU* aalaa vara Mint m pan far ' futnr* dalirtry !?# l-anaaronw naWi* *4 4 ? ? bar rala. mcludiog !<>r ?pn g d norjral |t and l .* rrm in dar in markrt al fli >.'< lit M for near bom. and tit to lor *14. and M far a*? tan r 4 Wmaai i? TbroMrkai ?m baary 0o4 tavar, mil* Mlto t of SCO barrrla alBf aW4f, I MaMaMnMMawnMMWBaMOMM LKCTI H?;i. JBVAMEM A. MrMA?TKII. or Til* fWHU ? .??>* inl"ai'l t'f M'.iitM* ml w .* .j ' nr-'nlbfi r*brna?y >. al *''W a, ia lr*t g II* I, r 4 fun i.ii ? in l . full* i>i a*' la* *.. I iot-l la Cbrwiaukat i "Inm'o* ful Urtl *o W|a fbai? . J erand Mi^*i?? ' Tl kutiaf aJana* *o. SS?aou. i? aa.*al ll.o door aait ?l?*ob*r*. . 1 f n kh-tiik mr j k vufSrViitlto | i a Urar a l-*iur* in f a f> t u i?. * K.'lo.'ial rliiirrb, bat- *on 4ai all ao4 toPMR OOOOaa* ao , I >: rt>i*jr rvriilnn, rv jri.a.jr .i. . " "iwi'/ ( 7', ?i * < * thP Inrflt of 'kr L-a<ila lll ni FaM *a *> <, > <i>t? ir4 I nltlit'ip rhiiri-h. aoi-jau?" Waakuiftua mJ imUm Ttckaia j8p. *?-h. g KI\K AATI. PHOTOGRAPHIC A?T OALLlWr, X 411 lln?a<li> ay. c >ir?r of I.url u?? CARP ruRTRAITAHft i inn j ! >': | . f |1. aaa r dozan, t* t?|o?4 tram < ( rrra' < ik*, ?< largid ami |?aint 4. , I'KtH'tl- ' I. I. OEAT.ED PKOPOHtH AI'.K HIYITI f?, I MTU. Ill ' O ft' ii il -y "f (f1 ni ry, 1*.J, f ir ( n.i i rt.n Hnbaif m>:? !> I1 irtniPin of i I .. tnl Mn ,,, About inmirand I U.'kWli It rot* mm ri gro.'p I -I'r. 7 .uur, in ba .abi. . .. . at <h - rallf nit <1-pr I, or ! Hip ml'lo or ft-** ' mi? . . toiro?k ima tmip iwtiMia tlx Mk and IMj o. PVt* 'mi t, I ?i 1 I Knrli barrel of Kl >ur to bo t> I jnai b-f>i? i ? , . oplvnt. r 't'hi' floor mint lo> pftal la qnal ty to tk" ii'i f'' ? io '.-a ' taiiiP'l at Ihp Cannot M< i . at W.mkii ,ton ftiy, an t m* b , roW o bo brad tlnp'l. f Tito cuAtottiu y < ut'i nf aUp arm" wl1 Im tr ; ~ of< , a c.inir.n tor. H.iia to bo it;re< to I to MaiorA BLl atYlTH, C 8 , V A A and (kri'.f??tl' Ptoboaal".'' | j I houiki, ftooii, Mm W arteo. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE. WITH THE modern improvements. wanted, br small faoaly li t which $dllO par annum would b? onld and noeaesama utra Immediately. Locution between Fifth and Be- n;h at'u rS i RBd Eighth and Twenty-filth atrecU. Address, with | lars, B., box 5,621 Post office. I House wanted-in Brooklyn, near citt Ball, Fulton or Wall street ferry?ton He at sas, I water closet, hot an t col t water bath. A'-.; In go 1 m .gb w- 1 hoed. Address A. B., OtiAlalJen lane; a good teuaut, who would like a lease; rent HO) to $100. House wanted?with 10 or ij good rooms ' and all the modern Improvements. If In New York, i with two or three lota attached, nlevsnnlly sHuatoo, n?.\r it, Park. If lu Brooklyn, with eight or leu lots of bind atu?'... .1, n the vicinity of Cllntoo or Washington avenue. A mode. 1 rate rent will secure a responilWe ten,nit for a suitable louse. Address O., box 4,615 New York Post office. 1 Loft wanted?(above canal street prefer red) for storing tho furniture of a family breaking up iousi keening; insurance and reut must bo low. Address storage, Heiald otllce. Small house wanted?either in the city, between Kouitrcnth and Flfty-tixlh streets, Fourth and Eighth avenues, or In the Immediate vicinity, and of ,?v iccesa to the r,ty; good loeatlon mid low rent. A idre a, with erms and full particulars, Jl. II. hi., box 11)1 Foat office. Store wanted. A Dry Store wanted, in the neighborhood of Fulton itreet. Address, stating reut and all particulars, Charles. . Herald office. Wanted?a furnished house, suitable to accommodate about fifteen first ela-s hoarders; oi e ehere the rent will be taken In board preferred; location be. ween Fourth auJ Twenty-third streets iiud Talid autl Sixth , tveuues. Address C. 11. Crowder, station U. Wanted?by a responsible party, rrrie se- eolid lloor (unfurnished) ol a modem built house, sultible for m family of three persona mi l servant; west side of . :tty preterrea: possession uiv tune tm* moutii. Adlrc**, Hating terms, U. H., He-raid oiBioc. . 1 WAOTED-BY a FAMILY OF THREE PERSONS, 1 throe or four furnished Rooms. on the second tloor, in t private houiti', with all the convenience* for houaekcepinc, ir would n nt the whole house and board the oocupunis. Lo.- .lion In the vicinity of Tenth street uud Sixth avenue. Adiiri-sg T. L. W., L'5 Sixth avouue. I IVTANTED-IIY A PRIVATE FAMILY. A LARGE i Tr tiiat class furnished House; location between Four- J teeuth and Tlilrtieth streets nud Fourth and Sixth avenues. Any party going to Europe will lind this a good opionuuity. Address A. S. R , Herald ofllce. j WANTED TO LEASE OR RENT?A FAF M OP ABOUT bJ acres; must have good buildings anil bo in a healthy locality, stock, tools, Ac.; will be bought if not too extensive. ] Address Family, Herald oillce. 1 MjST AMD FOUND. j CAUTION.?ALL PERSONS ARE CAUTIONED 1 agalrat buying or negotiating a certain ftoie made 1 y S. , A, Peyser, dated November 21,1801. eigbt months, forttitt, jay.ihio at the American Exchange Bank, said nute having i been lost. j Found-on jan. 29, a horse, which the owner j can have by proving property and paying expenses, at HO Fil th street. Will be add to puy expense* If not called for within a week. j Lost?city op Cincinnati coupons, h 49, due ' January 1,1SS2, $30, and F 3,4 und 17, dun February 1, 1862; three of $30 each. The finder is requested to return them to Duncan, Sherman A Co., 11 Nassau street. I LOST-IN A FOURTH AVENUE STAGE, A small ' Box, containing note paper, stamped; was loft in the 1 stage yesterday (Friday) noon. The finder will please drop < s line, staliug where the same may be, to M., box 2,818 Post l ofllce. ; Tost.-all persons are hereby cautioned ' J against negotiating a check, drawn by Harris A Coddington, In favor of F. Quia, for two hundred and nine did at a 1 ($2 0), on the Irving Batik, dated November 12 or 13, 18G1, as ' payment has been stopped. A suitable reward will be ; aid lo any person returning the same to the undersigned. F. QUIN, 180 Elizabeth street, New York. Lost?a lady-s pocketbook, containing a small sum of money und a ticket of membersMp to the Mercantile Library-arid one to the Woman's Llbrarr. The Under w 111 be liberally rewarded by returnlug it to Wist , Twenty-second street, near Eighth avenue. Lout-ox Thursday, soth ult., a half bred . Bull Terrier Slut; answers to the name ol Lady; black 1 quit In the centre of her back, marked on her rump and between her ears. Three dollars will be paid lo anr person who will return her to 372 Canal street. Had on when lost a ;rwen blanket. r" OST-BRTWEEN 84 HENRY STREET. BROOKLYN, J slid 21 Park row, New York, a pair Gold Sleeve ButtonsI he finder will be Itlierally rewarded by leaving them at Other of the above numtiers. LOST?IN OR NEAR BARNUM'S MUSEUM, A PHYSl" eten's Handbook. The finder will be liberally rewarded >y leaving with It V. B. D., 87% Jauncey court. r OST-ON SATURDAY EVENING, IN GOING FROM lA Pike street lo Brooklyn, a black silk Vest. The finder ?111 b? rewarded by returning It to 88 Pike street, New York, >r MA Oxford street, near Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. ~BKWARDg. ? O REWARD.?LOST, ON TUESDAY LAST. A WHITE 1 tpiS Peppy blut. with a spot of hair off her right side. By t returning her to 11$ Sullivan street the above reward will bo i paid. DAWSON W. COLVIN. , *q reward?LOST, ON TUESDAY, THE 23TH OF pO January, a Urge while Pointer Dog, wltb yellow spots ua the cars and one side. The finder will rnrelve the above reward by bringing U to Messrs. Plsaui Brothers, 343 Brond??r 1 * C REWARD -LOST, FROM 134 WAVERLEY PLACE, Pty on Fr day afternoon. Jan. 31, n small black and tan ferrier Slat; bad on n red and white worsted collar or bond, tnltted; e*r* rut cluoe. rnt tall, and nicely marked on feet tod bieast with tan: weight about nJns pounds. Apply as . shove. W j A reward.-stolen, January si. between |)I" $ and o'clock F. M.; from Adams' Paterson freight IP*. 1*3 Chnmher* street, one Box Paints, marked Danfurth, 11--ok A Co, Ti e above reward will be paid on receipt of the kos at 133 Chambers street, and na questions asked. tub bald season. ipiRUT "GRAND HOP""OF THE EXCELSIOR A3SO i r etailon will be held at Treanur's Dancing Academy Northwest comer ol Tbirty-lonrtb alreet and Broadway, on Thursday evruing, February & Tlcketa $2. To be had at |r l|i?.r, Light guard ball j academy of music. j Til urstlai evening, february 30, 1882. Tickets two dollars?Admitting . A Gentleman and Ladiaa. 1 POLITICAL. 1 l)l?r WARD PEOPLES' DEMOCRATIC A8SOCIAm! lion III bold a Hireling at &2U Second avenue, on Mouavailing, Fc > S Meiut>?-ri uud otbera wlablug to join Ma re<|iiea'cd to be pieieiit. By order of 1" McMulllb, Secretary. JAS. O'BRIEN, President. MJMTAVRAHTS. J'N.iLISH IIOAST BEEP AND PLUM PUDDTNO ON j 1 ?.lay ?Ki.aiirh Mittuu for aalr; also Yarmouth It II I Br Prairie Urn*, atufl'ad i I n-ady for unr. 4U . par pair. Duulop'e Ala, In dno cou- . to ?n T RICHARDSON. M Mel ten Una, corner William alreat. 1 LM LTON COITEE HOUSE, 14.1 FULTON STREET.? i I Having ;rd our arnmigeiiienta fnr rooking nyiitere i . : i*?ta . h invit thu imblie to call ana > ?i ana una." A'l who linvr tried Mem agree in pro- i a .i : I'llittnlar anj? liv>r in oyatera r.toked In any other H)le. i> hlcb the I nil Uavor of the , a ned. Hi mill eerve "etewg,'' "ronata,'' tile. A , hot aa 'manna" are ao far anparior we ballova as.-..I na.l :,ir thin .1. In 1 >ua IM I . .aa D.nlng It. "in and Uet.l'a Lunch Counter i Ilo ,ya tip,. ird wiih the t>rm the market atforla. 1-adlre at I nil I. .a OIK-.11 the beat |> ara? n the rllj In procure reliant wta, wbatbai "Brent, fam," "Dinner" or 'TM," IV. Till MERCHANTS IN BARCLAY AND THE SUR- ' I i k aga to in form I hnm thai haa.-i . I N." I H.. relay atia-l, where he Will keep on .and atari ih.ui ratable and drinkable, all Ural da**. , 8P1 NCER. , ~~ CO AL. FVIll. -BEST Ul AI.ITT WHITE ASII. M 49. j I I.I.I) AMI, h\ i , , -it.; imov ?il. 4.,ii?acU*t4i.?. ? I*. TREAD WELL, SIS Bowery. ' I in -I AM NOW PKI.IVFKINO A SUPERIOR .11". a. u b <>f Ian. '? Coal, a record an t fgo from i a at 4> |> t i i -I l il' lb#., from yard IM) Wav.-rlty . . fair) ai... Heal at re. it; ptcre>-'a ra-ig- attra, No. IMS I - lany.ani I) W all atrret. A. TKEAUW ELL, Agent. ; | t,| ... I.IVLRINO A SUPERIOR , 1 "I" "a r > <'f t'-ial f >' family u-e, wet! wrerne.l $i 4" l? r i > i AMIIta . C >ke *3 aehaldron; alto I.ivrr. . .. . u I lea. Igft Beet E.rveuth *tie< t and 131 I ghth A ULAKTT. It I < - I I \ It !?* . AlTftA*' * ?T.?. K <>? MK* AMU >K?'t >N I) II AMI? Bll,. ; im u - w.tii Tin i.i'ualtu*i]ou Cu*uii'n<, fur . MSI MM* I* l?H Ik' l?Mi?*. rilt.LAM * .LLk.NDBB tt loetlCrtwby ?t , N V. " \r?NK il LMARU rAitlXM WITH w- i? I" 'uMwi t?iw MltSi, ?m?r to ?/ notr o ? ?. wtM S? l?m W ir?? uf*ruirjr it W. J. tUAKf, v 14 I i> i A.-.I * i ? ? I. I h?n.i I .*?: > HATMJMMUb \m 1,1 i wiiMiw r ihiktuti k. imohlt rb 1. , P wi ti*| Mil mrnnr *n4 u >4 4p|W?itni*i a > 4 . wi ii < ? iiw r*n-?, will *ui ir*, ona h h + *? at < '.wi t?w4?i ! ? > . ? 'h i tl?w '.I mairluMtnv. I* , m It>. ?! ?i I Ik. h.kiilil Ail,i m t v W iui.? If AT 'IMoMUU-A TT*f? illtltltAX PKHIRINO '1 in m?r>| *' tM? < ?ik <4 < nukiiii It knu* u. It I* m.iiM'i ?i ' J ? ui|wnv II ill.mill tUmn HI. A I " I'll- ? I. HI"' ; l*.i I?IM v<* A I itttm Alifii til guy, tlrawtr i v > M<r?t > Wik j 'I I I : - . \t y u ru ?. mi, 7 ya*i'?<wi MM lwrt?*4# *a' wtrrtUok Iti ? in Mr *mI ?, *4 Wl.fc t ?rt n t?. !,? wl l 'it,u> i|, ! ? J >t ' P .1,1 , J uu.t. I ? ?? ;? Mil ? W M?. MO WfW RirrtKMBK, AO BP RtMfKim V?Tt I !?*? '? > I I , .. lawiih Vl.rt h?lr %<i4 rn-t, , HttlilifMhMi ?llsk o (Mm t!tM> t n .i t a i 1 ?t.,? |*I|< ??n i an I I n, ^ at.' ' ^ ' V " ' 1 '? ?' ? A.u.ilmiU I r ? *, > < lit U'laM <??.. BXPOtUlU, I .Vl.W ? . . . K r!, . > A>!l |'t( K. 1 . \ I n MttMl ? I. I I* K < h >! 1. ! w- I ' * ' 'f ?> In* . u?<l t.futtua ki'r4 nn-l 1 ft , I > t II |??rl t 'h ' ? lit. ? i ! ! K... Ill lor I r >u? <? %..>!( ?? an* tru'it iSa immiry. I'nrwltir* . " pt 5 Vi R IM KM'Rl M MMAD hTMK T, M- ' I In , ?. r r i ?i? K? ! It ' II ?'l | k ill iti ? klli I . , ? ! i i ii I . i, .. |??Tarjr i matnf J mil;. ura... ? i. il'itioi ui(i?u.i??i>'cu. ' t 4 5 IPBClAi NTKKI. Boakd i'p*e*iw -at a w*?nnj or tTik BaarA af r. flTt it U? Naa fur* Clr* IMHWWH, br|? IxuryH W, U- fnlkn? fnaimbi a*4 KMalkM ?r?r? u>!; a 4 iplaA ? W'?r?* a: ? ita-traa ?ra a Am* aaaairaA aaa>.n<**f ?u a# l*L htaaal aa A* rm*r ul ff*fl aa* Pa. . a rrwu M?W Turt. Mm aarrvwa cfa ir WuUmv t* aaa aa t raw ?Mi aa i r?a irraa, r, raaaui .J?a A* wanu if la a-aa a L*" 'V" "** iJaMaaaimaaaa Mi Maa, MtmAimI Jkal Uba tAaaba a# Ito Pi-a l?a|>*.Maaa? ?# tba rlly .4 flaw Tart ?a arally, aa4 uf IAU K?u4 la Mi'liiilu, M- anualir v-a^iad ta ana k... >,ac fcnaaa af Ira., a art w Sit. rj r <* Li* r tm. 'y ale ta the hsrnr ?f to* I IU*.8*?4. Th?t If *?*r th*? I . an U?f.. seal* UWK ultv t',? fr?a Uy e.j #f U? 1.1| f t* Ihftrnmi ?e irr Ilk* rtrr :a.? ..? *?. H il. to -?t? - *4 *a a > r.u a# # ??! ' r; > * ?a> to* a. to* of Mil <?p*. Ml to to preaaal Ml ! u an n. . ul m. at to Ingto* 0?ixln IIm ' I 1 Maed T. I'll! Il'.sr t I?L*I.|, . Xua I, I i t ; to. fli nut I 1.1,4 Company Mo. IS ar.4 H-k ?M lM *? ' Hai-atof ? >.1 of W 1 Hiaii.aUurg, ?tl ants ira HaiutMi) 4m Kh toe eeiealai servlo* r?ti >' <l*|i,aa Resulted, Thai 1)1, t- i.f f.? IMr of to* N?? Tart *. Department. la tofcalf of . :*. t< '.to .?r,o*a Hi thanks to th* I'h f Kar . . < , , , ,4 B Attn, a> 4 audi of tola ua. lata toara *a ? t* iIPwt,i u. to*If pax* lonal nSU statu e. 4i II V r>f< s KN _ , _ f"! I' ' I <i? near K~w V I ? r* D t arlix-ant. O J. Re L, lit :t I 1) . 10. O. P.?THE R. W. OK AND KNfkMlW ' r (if Fouitem Xca V ,rk. hu.4 lis a*ial .? na.?aata > Ilia r.. n, U'J T ' . ? Monday availing, Si ln?L, at J>? o h *r JtlUMJ Da ? I to- d Bartba. rO. OK O. K?THE It IT. t.RANDLOI R OF h' t'TII eru New York i.!. ho : tor wmi a r> a ? u* oom, Odd Feliowe'H CI, . 1 . -i..i, , > *1,4. tesdtty eveumg, the A b "<*t at 7K p net .*. * Ha . r, JOHN J. U \Vu>. Uiaut <# ra'.ai7 VTEW YORK CITY AND COUNTY 1-IQt 0?l UlAI.KItR Ll Prut, mivv Si. .117. The annuel eh ctlmi of th* ali.ta aor e . ?... to la I an Ifonday, the 3d iuat., at their ru.tin', < -. uer of Iti << k. r en I roane streets. Poll * illct en at 8 at si P.M. Punctual attendance la r. uulu Bvie-lfi i wartkr kocuk, is PtTen McQc.trr, Secretary. OFFICE O'" Tl'f'l ATr.'MH' v?:t d. IVH'i'AK'i Company, New York, Jsnusr M I-o. The Trustees, in conform.ty to ll.e obar of the IVw-ipn ny, submit t o following .UP mint of Us ail sirs on t'.a Jfst Oi otimbt r, IS 1 ? Premiums received on marine risks from 1st of January, ISfiJ, to Slat December, IH.11 IT siOJPCM Preiiilunta 00 policies not marked o'J UtJso* ry,1361 I iT4,ano? Total amount of marine premiums S\jll,f76 Rl No polities have lmen issued upon Ufa risk*, n r upon lire risks dis. onneetert with marine riaka, '1 I'retiiluuis marke.i oQ' from latJanuury, ISCi. to Silt December, 1861 ?I,1M 16# 79 Losses paid during the mine period. .$2.31I.U" 79 fteti rns of premiums and expenses.. Jjd 470 33 The company has the following assels, \ it :? United States and Slate of New York stock, city, bank and other slocks J,9T<,4"S SI Ls?ns se'ured by stocks and otlierwise SXV '4"iJi? R"al estate and bonds und mortgages 2 '3.70J OU Dividends on slocks, Interest on bonds and mor:f.igi s sud o her loans, sundry noiea, rein lira u cc und Oth r claims due the company, estimated ut 12S,783 02 Premium notes and bills receivable. 1,61 s.Has irj Jash in bank 243.M3 04 Total amount of assets fh.ifja.fiH'J 70 Bis per cent Interest on the outstanding oertlltcalus of jrolits will bo paid to the holders thereof, or tlietr legal r. preleniallvcs, on and afier Tuesday, the 1th of February niut Alter reserving TWO AND A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS of profits, the outstanding certi" -ate 1 ol the Issue )f l.HfiO will be redeemed and paid to the holders thereof, or ilioir legal rcf.reseutatives, on and alter Tnctiinv, tin 4th of Fel ruarv next, from which dute all Interest thereon will tease. The certiUcatcs to be produced at the tlino of payment and iianeellea. A dividend of thirty per cent is declared on the net earned premiums of the Company for the > oar ending ItUt December, 1881, for whioh certificates will be issued on and after Tiiei'lay, the 8th of April nnt. The proflts of the Company, ascertained from the 1st of July. 1812, to the 1st of January, 1861, for wl'l h certificates were Issued, amount 911,490,21'! Additional profits from 1st January, 1861, to 1st January, 1862 1,250,003 Total profiis for 1years. $12,940,210 The certificates, previous to I860, have been redeemed by cash 8,839,470 Net earnings remaining with the Company on 1st January, 1862 :.... $4,060,743 By order of the Board, W. TOWN8END JONES, Seeretary. TRUSTEES. fohn D. Jones, Caleb Barstow, Dennis Perkins, 7hurles Dennis. A. P. Plllot. Jose; h Citlllsrd, Jr. (V. H. U. Moore, Leroy M. Wiley, William Wood, fhoraas Tlleston, Daniel B. Miller, J. Henry Burgy, Henry Colt, 8. T. NicolL Cornelius Hrmucil, iVm. C.Plckersgill, Joshua.). Henry, C. A. lland, Lewis Curtis, Ueo. 0. Hobson, Waits Sherman, Jharles H. RtisseU, David Lane, Edward R. Bell, Lowell Holbrouk. James Bryce, E. E. Morgan, itotit. C. Goodhue, Wm. Sturgis, Jr., B J. Rowland, P. A. Hargous, Henry K. llogert, Benj. llvbco, k, Meyer Hans, A. A. Low, Fletcher Wen nay. Royal Phelps. Wm. E.Dodge, Robt. B. Mlnturu.Jr. $ JOHN D. JONES, President. Crarlm Dunns. Vice President. W. H. H. Moor*, Becoud Vica President. OFFICE OF THE PACIFIC VAIL RTEAMS11IP COM pany, New York, Feb. 1, 1862.?Notice u iiureby given that Mr. Theodore T. Johnson has been appointed Recie'sry ?f thia Company, in onniaqucnce of the reslf nation of the ifflce by Mr. 8. L Merchant. ALLAN MeLANE, President. Paper wanted.?wanted, i6.000 reams of good Paper, else 32x46, at current mnrke'nrtcrs. Cash trill be paid on delivery. Apply at the office o; this paper. Removal.?tub weather strip depot has rbmoved from 637 to 112 Broadway, over Knox, hatter. J. W. BROWNE, Agent. . Seventeenth annual report or THK new york life insurance company. Amonnt of assets January 1,1861 $2,004,867 63 Amount of premiums, endowments, annnltiea and policy feas received during 1861 $506,304 77 Amount of Interest received and accrued 102,69661 Net amount of rents, deducting .ka^.a. A Aid At uwycm #**... ? .* 612.M9R0 Total $2,817,<07 S3 DISBURSEMENTS. Paid for loese* by death $1G'.>,369 SO Paid tor redemption of dlvldmdr, interest on dividend* and aurrendend and cancelled pollclra 199.098 SI Paid Sanitary Coinmlaa.on and war con. trlhullone. 8.276 00 Paid for Urea 2, MO 28 Paid for aalartc* and fcea to pbvalclaiia and truatrca 21,384 01 For Printing, Stationery, Advertising, OJlo EaWdmb, Eipreaa Charge*, Ae 10,078 92 For CommUalnn*, Medical Examtnatlons at Agooclea, Poaiagea, Exchange* Ac 66.563 17 Reduction In value of Real Batate. .. 4,000 1.0 All otherexpendltures, Including delinquent (Agenta, Ac 2,292 43 470,040 90 Total $2^I48|767~US ASSETS raah in Bank 98,238 48 Invented In accuritlea created und riho law* of the State of New York and of the United State* .W.8S4 28 Real Eatute owned by the Company.. 143,619 63 Honda and Mortgage* drawing 7 per ornl Intercut 841,116 00 Premium Note* on existing polHe* drawing Interest 760,799 33 Quarterly and Semi-Annual Premium*, dun mimouuent to Jan. 1; 1862, and premium* in rntirae of transmfialon 48.38142 Int'-rrat accrued to January 1. 1862.... Ss.Jtu 66 Kent* accrued to January I, 1862 1,703 75 Premium* on Policies In bmitil* of agenta 80.9V1 <3 Do. duo from Southern policy holdara. 61,166 14 Amount ol all other property belonging to the company 3,938 99 82,148,787 <*? The trustee* have declared a scrip dividend of 30 per cent tpon all policio* for thn whole term if life now In f<" >, which were iHRtted twelve month* pilor to January I, I<62, tnd a payment of tweuty percent upon dlv.d nd* hrretofur* leclared, front 1660 to WW Inclrslve, to be paid In ca?li to hove holding eertllliates, on and alter the Ural M uid -v In Nar< b next, upon prcecntatlon at the Home odlce; those luring credits will bo allowed the aatue upon their note* at .he settlement of next premium. TRUSTEES. Monni* Franklin, IsaacC. Kc.ndall, John M. Nixon, John I.. Roukrs, John S. Bussing, John Maik.*, David Dow*. W? Patrick. Danikl H. Ml urn, Lokinu AndhcWS, A Wa. Barton, RcssNli. Dart, I W*. C. Dr*(n*xrr, W?. It. Al'I'l.kton, I John V. Wilmans, Rohcrt B. Coi.i.irs, i Ukokgk (1ri:i:ii, Punv Fhkiman. ] MORRIS FRANKLIN, PramldanL PLINT FREEMAN, Actuary. hkdicai. kxauinkrs. Oonnrtira R Boobiit. M. D., N<>. S St. Mark'aM'arn. Ukoiwr Wn.KKS, M. !>.. 2d Lalkht street. rAMMANY SOCIETY, OR COLOMBIAN ORDERBrother*?A regular meeting of the Institution wllb? i ii Id at the Council Cbumber of tbe Great Wigwam, on M<-tiav erenltig, February 5, at half nn hour a (it the ecttlnc of lie inn. U/ordtr. HENRY VANDKWATKR, t Father of (lie Council. 1'iirtit (\ Cmtps, Secretary. Manhattan?aensnn of snows?second moon?year of <'lr. wery, .V??of Itid petite cj the < l.htydiith, and or the Inlltuuon Ibe net enty-aecond. rHR MT'MBES OF INDEPENDENT LODfiB, NO lii F. and A. M., ai e ro'iutv ( d to meet at th ir r onta thl" Sunday i, Keh. 2, at 12 o'clock M., fortvin pnrpcac oi ittenrt" <a ll.e funernl of our late brother, Jo'.iit Cnio i' ld. 1'umti.a' ttcndance la rrnuested, aa the carriage* w.ll start from Maoulr Temple at 12 M. precisely. By order. A. F. FIERCE, W. M. Joni Resit, Jr , Secretary. __ ftJiUllTVRa, ( A BEDROOM Sl'IT OF BNAMKI.LKD FCRBITUKR ' loi |2t. In all colore, or wrnrranti-il manufacture; af o 1 uli I chestnut Chamber Sulla, plain and oriiainantal, at II. r. KAKItlNGTON 8, SftS Canal street, opposite booster. J i taldialird in I.AIS. I7NAMEI.I ED CHAMBER SlITrt OK Fl liNITCRK, IN I J ail coll r* and styles. at irhol'sale end retell, at $.t? and > iii't A . MiiUrcR.-rfl ami ^ AKKKN % i A ARD, 277 C?n*l MIT( I, *>ur doors r?*t of Broadway. 1 I M V I nr ?ornHT.-AlA KINDS OK IIOI SKIIOI.D I' r n ult'irn ho I?!tl II" I a ? prN Ht 47'.t Til I'll i. owir. in-, r Tlility-io ft* ""twol. All call* pion.uiiy ,.t- f .<t in, >T ml li ' Ki.rnlUlir, abnr.i m tnlMf. H. H ?A 1 , , a-wrim. in . l"?nJ Furniture lor nalj. j pi?. xrr. K". nnri'iTS, BOOKS, AC., BOIOHT FOR f tm 1/ III ui?jr 1-t iw Stub .venue, btfrrn n Ninth mid 1 nmtk tvetfc J nt pviT PK WASTED.?A NEWLY MARMKT) COIN II | : v. miiil l!,? to ' i y lor rnuli the mtir' n'ent* o n t' ?t Int.- hi>'" I t rvt I I |ip it*:n im to lnm id poping ilo. ! it. a t .ri m. mnilnr ithnm ami wncti ibo tiirnliurn run - ii, 11. C., I?u till llpnilt oltlco. ItS'llUK WANTF.D.?TIIF. SI'RNCiUHKR WISHES I t?: ii ba# - a quiiil y of am,nut iinn<l ll n?-kooning I 'hit i .On p ., . . A'.iy jiriy wi?lil:iu 10 : i nil In. i,o, i' n< i n', i ml ilic In i m von If in o ol' mi an lion, ami n ill , oil tin ir fun t no, In l.\run or onmll qtianllilee, at a talr caab aluation, may ailiii?<a Mat.ball, bo* 1M 11* raid oOiee, I I i A J

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