Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1862 Page 6
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ft m vaituna W,\lfTFD~n!MALE8i 1 SITUATION WANTBD-8Y A YOUNG WoMAN IS -4 V aguod washer mid Ironer and general ttouaeisorher >ur reference# inquire ut 133 Wc?4 2Aih ?L A YOUNG LADY, AGED SEVENTEEN, WISHEE TO o.iu.!U | ; liii ii a* 1:0' s 'keepei . n ' obptclu i 4" the u.untiy. Address for die week Etiviuenee, U> uM omro, tti UrimKlyu Cost oilice. Those who answered Uiurowiii plus answer. A Hi PECTABLB CiUJL WISHES TO OBTAIN SEW. lag at h-r hrme, or would go out by Hi.1 day or we. k; he can do oil k Hid* of plain sewing, and can make shirt. an t dressoa Gall at lit Mulberry at., two doors south of Gland, 11 the wnk. A DRESSMAKER WISHES A KEW MORE COdTOMers? T" JO out by the day or week to cut aud lit ladles' ArsMS. Call at or address 336 tilh av. A DRESSMAKER WISUES TO ENGAGE IN A I EW mora /..mules, by li e d.y or week; understands Iter busiULg* pet lectly. App.y at 373 23d St., n- ur blh nr. SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND TO assist in washing ..u J no.dug, or to assist ,n |M CMS 1 ahDdreu; best of city reference given. Apply at the lit lug * House, il> East 12tli St., on Motuay. ~t "117 KT NURSE.?SITUATION WANTED, BY A TIE ALT! IY Tf yoon : American woman; good reference glvcu. Ay ply .* at 3o6 6lb ar., top iloor, back room. -nr ANTED-A SITUATION AS NUR: 3, BY A RES' sp, enable yonny woman, aud to ua-ht in chamber* i ; and do plain sew tng. Good city reference -an be given. Cull at her prescut employers, lli 5th av.,;tetire it I'Jth atidlUtli sis. situations VV ante ix-m \le8.^ AQENTLEHAN WISHES TO GET A PLAGE FOR A vt ry fatia!'ul iiua at luw wages. . AI.miio sell low .j pair of very stylish an.I sound carnage tloraes, young and kind. Adlresa B., box 2,U75 Post oilice. H::L?WA.V TEO-P EMALES. DUSEKEEFER WANTKD-IN A PLAIN TRADES. mail's family; an iii.iu.-trlous, active woman, comp tent to do ti e marketing, carving, superintend cooking i.utl things generally. Must or a good seamstress and ma v la suit' acn'rally useful, and overlook three servants, tiie la y being engaged In business. Wages moderate; situation i 'rmaueiit. Address A. U., care of Mr. Adhsr, No. !J E l Big lite nth strui t. | LAUNDRY.?WANTED, a girl who understands Iron log and amusing new store shirts, to a good finisher steady work will he given, at 87 Munay St., corner of Green Wish. More oirls wanted?to put up coffee in pound papers, at the it iota Mills, lti Greene at. Saleswoman wan red-acqua inted with the trimming business; a smart experienced hand lor city trade. Also, two smart girls, aged about 2i>, to learn the business. Apply, by letter only, to Mr. Adlrr, dO East lh'li St. "YJtTANTED?a young lady, highly educated *T and accustomed to the best society, to take charge of the household all'uirs of a widower, with children and servants, living out of tow n. Address F. A. y., box IdO Herald odlce. TIT ANTED?A N EXPPIRIENGKD NURSE. FOR A LIT. u tic girl three years old; she must be an exc dlent seam I tress and will be required to do some light cltamb* rwork. Apply at 153 East 15lh St., at lite basement door, between the hour's of ten and one. HK1P WAHTEIh-MALBg. "" Agents, have you seen it??now is youk chance.?Peirce's Army bureau, or the Soldier's Oomplete Outfit.?This new and substantial combination, arranged for the knapsack, of all in one, or ever) thing together that the roldler does, will or can need, .s certainly a great convenience, if not a wonder and curiosity. Such is the fact, that every one may become convinced of by sending for a circular, which will he mailed free. It is also an ornament in any parlor. Address l'cirue A Co., 152 Fultbu St., N. Y. An experienced and competent packer op drugs and chemicals wanted. Also a person well acquainted with the drug and chemical business. Applications to be made to e. U. Squibb, 119 Furman St., Brooklyn. Saloon pastry cook wanted?male or fe male, nerlVetly the business, and with the best references. Apply between 9 and 11 o'clock at 2J4 Chambers street. TO AGENTS.?PEIRCE'8 ARMY GAME CASKET ? nurtng largely increased the manufacture of this beautiful and novel pocket arrangement of the games of Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Dominoes, Ac., Ac., we will be able hereafter to nil our orders promptly. Circulars free. JOHN H. TINGLEY, Bookseller and Putdlsher, 152)1 Fulton street, N. Y. WANTED?A SALESMAN, IN AN IMPORTING house; one with a good knowledge of men's hosiery and fancy goods, and acquainted with New York and other large city buyers. Address Importer, Herald office, toting real name, references and salary expected. TS7"ANTED?IN A REAL ESTATE OFFICE, A MIDDLE It aged peison; one well acquainted in the lower part oi the city, to do the writing and attend to the general business I f the office. Address C. B. A., box 129 Ueral office, giving same, address and terms, which must be low; also references. WANTED?A MIDDLE AGED MAN, WITH $200 CASH, a good judge of smoked meat, butter and cheese, alary $12 per week: must come well recommended. Apply at 255 Wa ntngton st., In the store. fl/a ?AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN AN office q)l'/U. and take the wholesale agency, in every State, for all of Lloyd's Great Military Maps, used by our Commander-in-Chief. The cheapest maps in the world. A fortune ran be made on these maps in each State. S,OUO,OOf cspieR of one of my maps have already been sold. Also a man to go to Calitornta, England and Cuba. Agents also wanted In every county. Send for circulars J. T. LLOYD, 164 Broadway. ~ THE TRAPES. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO GET A SITUATION FOR a garuner, one of the. most competent; has long experience in grapes. Dowers and fruits, snd able to take entire charge of a usee: also to lav cut and beautifv grounds, is willing to accept very low wages. Address Gardner, box J,(MS Post office. r tailors ?ti1e old hands wanted, at no. 20 CortUndt st. R. DUTCH, foreman. Wanted-for a restaurant, A good carver Address j. 8. R, Herald oilier. Xtf ANTED?TWO GIRLS TO WORK AT THE PHOTOfT giaphlc buameas. Apply to A. A Turner, 16 Meroer tract. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A MAN OF EXPERIENCE, as foreman in a wire bradlng factory; must come well lecominended. Apply to Benjamin A Dot-emus, No. 2 FurBias St., up ttairs, Brooklyn, near Fulton ferry. PERSONAL. ~ Broadway^ stage?one cclockT Saturday. If Ihe lady in the green tartan drees, who, with her lutbt-haired friend rode up in the stage, would like the a> qnainlance of the gentleman who could nut shut the window, plraae address R. Johnron, Spring street Post office. Blue velvet.?fulton ferry, Monday, 11 o clock a. m. Dear krijecca-your box, ac., from England hss arrived. Pray write and let your broken hearted husband know your w hereabout* by Monday morning, at 37U nlil dUcp.. or W. ('.. Iioi 11)7 MrntM r??!?< #? GRAND STREET FERRY. FROM WILLIAMSBURG, 12 o'clock Friday. Grand street Binge to Broadway, up Broadway and Broome street. Dark ores', liglit cloak, white hat, trimmed with bhck velvet. Herald to-morrow. The gent who hen led your change to driver would be moat happy to form an acquaintance, If perfectly agreeable. AdJr'V<d acrtbe the gent) O. A. L., box 172 lierald pfllee. Helen.?on cherished memories, fondly dreaming, ?adly I mute. No word. out firat fair cay, aa uau il. I hat e s one in e esting new a. All's well. Wilie when you will go to Boston; d n't lelcgraoh. Aa ever thine. KATE. INFORMATION WANTED-OF ANN ELIZABETH Greenwood, daughter of William and Elizabeth Flatten, born In 1791, In Norfolk, England,anarrled Greenwood Wn ver. resided at Wrigbton, Lam aamre, England; salted from Bristol to America about 1112. Emitted to large property unknown to her or relatives. Apply to II. Ilaya, Nest of Kin oiiiees, M0 and osi Broadway, New Yotk. "INFORMATION WANTED?OF TIIOM MAGIIRE AND JL hit wife Ellen, who came to this conn try about four years ago. Any Information will be thankfully received from them by nddreesliig a few iinea to Mary t/ougliau, oi the parish of Tnislemram, county (iniway, Ireland, In the earn of Robert Brown, No. 8 Elizabeth street, N. Y. INFORMATION 18 ke'.JUESTED OF THE WHERKA bon a or the Captain or any paaaenger of the ship M' iitcaou her voy.ige from Melbourne, Australia, to Cal:ao, Peru; commenced in February. IHTgJ. Reward ottered. Aon vto.l Furro, Haq., 24 Broalway, room No. 4. TF THE IuADY WHO LEFT THE BABY AT 0)2 NINTH X avenue, doea not call for It, It will be rent to the aim-h?ii? or glvan out for adoption. It was left (licit on theiuth of July. . TF THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF ONE OF THE JL gentlemen tfho rode d?wa In a Wail atreet omnlboatm 4 rt '.iv, t <f January, who m ide tin- r> rnai k that they w ul i .U- to form the acquaintance of that yoir.glady. they r*n do ... addressing fanny Wilson, atat.ou A Foat olh e, Spring -ir < t JANE?i will be ON c STREET, AT no. 2. ON Monday. I have teen O k. for the lust week. WILLIAM. MfRS M,YONKER8?THE DEPOT OF THE PATENT i'l A ea lie; Ctrl', you write of, la removed from .VJ7 to 212 Bros Iway, ov. r kno;., batter. I nud great com i.?rt from 1 la JULIA H. Ji 12^1 Y GOD, MAKY, YOl M"\Y BE MISTAKEN. 174. qt LAMONT U ALkA' E. NEWARK. nT.V.-DON T PAIL 1. till I a yon. E*|e_ct good tidings per nest ? earner lion. 8nn Franrlaeo, Ir the p-raon Mrnnetf i>e not among the pasoenacra. Don't deapolr; ibeer up; you alwats com. out right eo lar. Treat htm kindly for hut uuktn li e*.. I ki ow yoifwau Your JOHNNY l. rrnn rovsa la dtTwith black'"hat, wit its' roJ. aeltCH. biown ahaw 1 and brown veil, who ro?le down In Third avcuue car* about 9 o'clock Saiurdnv morning, ar.d lop,., d on wi at aide of Broadway, near Fulton street, will pie ear aend her adilreaa to the aeiiilamnn who ant teal hei and a. ted her to seethe "Pi r.'.nala' in to-day's Herald. She will inert a true friend and admirer. Address B. Taylor, Herald office. q'llk LADY WHO ADDKESKF.D A NOTE ON iUlft J. day, tin 23d uit., at ttlng that ahe would come out the nest uiornlnp, tvea'her permitting, or thr next fair dav. Is Int rircd that her note was not In lime. II. r i orrenpun lent rv e'! . -t. f- r dur- nf'er. to m.-.-' w '. h, r ?i.h ii.? Ieonv j jr?"l? vrrv *trn1: *n h:.i rnlii'1 that tii? fault wii. \\< r at " rrm i \?>y who was ki:i:o(.mzi;i) IX Tffi; fa 1 ,M *. r at Ful on trrry. Krwr loi k !?!*, bjr ft ^ntlr. iiii.r .1. ;0 i. I ' ond ar.iiin "0 the Brooklyn mi'Ut Ilii' ! > k, . n .-a.nnWy morning, whnin I he gentleman bowed In, d'.c.M nil r n fnvrjf mi thi? aauie by ailarekklug ? now to J. H., Brook!)n Poet oflle*. \JLr IIX THB OESTI.K*AHWItO lilET TIIB LADT TT kil l f<? l?:ni?n on the el p< of rti-' I'lUnlOfloi In WkHhii *'oi), and remarked tohla Ir'.-vid "What# hnndaome <x? pie.," pi am at ale where a note will ii-ach him, *a It baa bem imp ealble to coma on,' ollli-ref uc two lair ph-naunt d?> -7 All 111 ?> O ieMi- A. V , ituilnn (I, l'oat ofliee, S. V. "VLTLti "111)5 vol N't I.AI>r, HftKH.-'B!) IN iH,AcSF."aO. fT comt?ann'l b* on elderly due, for whom I oix-im I the door a' at r?. A. T. Hietvarl A Co.'rand eti | pr<i u,. Eighth ntrn i otoiil in, pl-nne nddri hi < ' tf. .f., ??er? (lie, a.or. Iria htw with on ai'i lalnunee An I life do *? , i . ,.r. f jfiij! a faror i n AX 4l)V * ! DKV OOODS. ' A T K1N2EY ?r J\ UaNKRI'PT rrPORTBB'3 STOCK, si A..-J.SU u: V in ' iU> i. . _ OP TUB ASSIGNED. EMBROIL El.IKS AND LACE 0'.JUA>S. Clear n , mi t oilc; , ?* . t?..,I* ., &? .,57c. Ci? u i'M out St: a, 11 ., 1.3<., 3&c 10 }2 TOL 5,001 Iscd et' B.> 10" , UC, 25^* l.VOSIk i atv V. ;ls, 12. ., l.v., Xk-.. 37<". Cio-rmg oat Wui-kt* t liarvif, *. 10 -.. 158. 11 AN DKiiitt i! LIU' H. 7,fVlQ O tnt'a II;in !.?i i. r?, sc., Mc., 1*. 8,(A*) damaged Unt-ii Ham I kerchief*. 4c., So, 5,S0U ElU.:U Uuni St U l:t <1 1 1 V 2-8:. GBKAl' EXCITE ALE NT. GOODS MUST Bli S01AJ. Si I HIT BOSOMS. Gent's Shirt B<>?oiii>, 3.6t:., Sc.. 10c. l>? u i' s Shirl Bti.tUis, 13c., 15c . ISc. Gem's Sulrt M >.>. 30., 22. , 23c. UBOV1.S AND HOSIERY. , Clilldrcu'a Kan. . W Tloae, 6c. Aliases' t'oito.i 11, Sc., (5c. 80. ladies' C'ttUoa 11 " 1 ,8:., 10c, K . tt. t d Merino U? ?, 13,'?c., 15c. (J. 11 a ilall ll.n-C, tic., 3c., 1(X. Lot Polled Kid Glov a, . v. B at iitl Oli ves ( I", 'tl), 13& Idl.lU SB's Ol'lVt-S 1 Mil LIN'ERY OOODS. T i lit wruvo rr i ?_ i V < im ? \./I AVV71M)D U*T* .1 thees,'siiTks,'vi:l' k f s! h' i ..i '( < Li .moat tb'ap. spool co it on. -01 yard Spool' l.ottuu (w Into and colore), 4c. Good 2 X) y ard Spool Cotton, .1c. Good I listing Spool Cotton, h Bout Limn Thhhl ton *p.ioh?l. Best French limine.dr. Col'.ou, 2c. Fine white Linen Tapi s, le. Crotchet Bralda, le. and 2c. " NEEDLES, PINS, AC. B 'stjp iii eye 1 Needles, 3a. per paper. Best solid h ad Plus, Sc. per [viper. Best Mack Pitts, 2.'. P' r paper. P t plu. l.-h Hair Puis, 2c. per box. Bewliu Silks, ci r, ye. l.VX) Bags and l'i ru n, ui airs, 10.-., 12c., 18-., 25"., !Ve. GOODS at W HOLESALK LESS tluin JO "11 Its PRL15S. W.M K1N/.KY, 221 and - la Eighth avenue, Between Twenty-flrat and Twenty-second streets. V SPLENDID VARIETY OF CLOAKS, SACOUr:3 \ND P VLKT0T3, IN FLUSilE.; AN O CLOTHS, A OUEAT REDUCTION IN PRICE'S. W. R. ROREUT3, 2P2 llowcry. wholesale and retal $50 WORTH of ENGLISH CARPETINGS, OILCLOTHS, FRENCH PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES. AC. Velvet Carpetlnes, $! per yard; Brnssels Carpets, 8.1 cents per yard; flue three-jily Carpets, 75 cents per yard; cue all Wool Carpets, 50 cents per yard; good Carjieia, 30 cents p r yard; S.UlJUyurdi- very thick Oilcloths very cheap; also 5,000 1 airs tine Col 1 Shade'., $1 per pair; also liuo Gold Paper, 50 cents per roil; floe Satin Paper, 12 cen.a per roll, at COATEs', 3H Hudson street, ah ire Spring. AT R. H. MACY'S. NOB. 204 AND 206 SIXTH AVENUE two doors below Fouru rnth street, von will always tind i lull stock of Ribbons, La cs, Handkerchiefs, Embroideries, White Goods, tine Flannels, Housi keeping Goods, Curtain Laces and M .islln, Hosiery and Undur-wcar, ladies' made up Under Clothing, Ac. N. B.?The only house in New York thai si tu ladles'dollar Kid Glares for sixty-three cents (by mall sixty-nine cental, and always a full assortment of sixes and colors. Bargains.?this week, bonnet bargains.? Our $> Bonnets are wor.h Sit), our Sit) Bonnets are wor:hS2U, Ribbons, Flowers and Frames; our $.1 Bonnets are worth $d; Stlk and Straw Bonnets. L. l.IN'N'S Millinery, 5t)l Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Balmoral skirts, NEW AND ELEGANT DESIGNS, FINE QUALITY AND FULL WIDTH, AT VERY LOW PRICES. A. T. STEWART A CO. CLOAKS, AT 322 CANAL STREET, Between Broadway und Churoli btrcet. $8 Cloaks for .... .$5 ill) Cloaks for X.... C $12 Clonks !<>r 8 $15 Cloaks lor V $18 Cloaks fur 12 $2J Cloaks lor 13 A better opjiortuulty to boy a Cloak cheap was never offered. CORSETS AND SKIRTS.?NICE FITTING CORSETS. Iront 75 cents; bcstmee! Skirts from 50 cents; Werley'i Paris made Corsets, very cheap. N B.?New French Frtlltiigs Kultliugs, Edgings and Laces lur tinder-garment*. Joubln's Gloves at 63 emir, at ELGER'S, 880and 882 Broadway, near Nineteenth street, east side. CI HEAT BARGAINS IN T VELVET, SILK, CLOTH AND BEAVER CLOAKS. A. T. STEWART A CO. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS AT RETAIL. A. T. STEWART A CO. continue to offer great inducements tn extra quality 4-4 undressed Irish Linens, Sheetings, Dan,a<ks, Dauiask Cloths, Napkins, Towels and Towelliugs, Diapere, Domestic Brown and Bleached Cottons, Blankets, Marseilles Quilts, Flannels, Ac., Ac. Real Russian sable CAFES, MUFFS AND CUFFS, HUDSON BAY SABLE, MINK, ERMINE srfd other choice Furs. VERY GAEAT BARGAINS To close balance ol stock. A. T. STEWART A CO. SPRIN0.1868. FIKsT WHOLESALE OPENING OF 7-8 AND 9-8 ENGLISH PRINTS OF THE CELEBRATED MAKES QA' SCHWABBK, 1IOYLE, GKAFTONS, McNAUGHTONS, Ac., Ac. Al?o, ENGLISH AND FRENCH DRESS GOODS, Just received per recent steamers. a. t. stewart a CO. gHIRTS MADE TO ORDER, And warranted to St. Perfect satisfaction given in every Instance. At the Shirt and Collar depot, Nos. 87 and 89 William street, one aoor nortu 01 aiuia-n iare. THEODORE C. QRANNIB, Agent. SPRING, 1862?FIRST WHOLESALE OPENING OP Merrimack*. Spraguea, Pacifies, Hamilton, American and Manchester Prims, Ac. A. T. STEWART A CO. TO THE LADIE S.?J. RUSSELL, FORMERLY OF CAL cutta, India, audfnr aeveral year* in charge of camel* hair shawl department, of G. A. Hearn, and more recently In the same depar imcnt of A. T. Stewart A Co., begs to announce that be ha a now commenced businera on tils own account, and will gir e his attention to repairing, altering and cleaning India sbaw 1*. He has now a rev bargains In antique long shawls, from t? to $75. also in regular guoda In square, from $75 to $150. Ladies wishing to exchange or dtsp' ae of their shawls will be d ealt with liberally. Visiting the European markets several ti tnes a year, he will be In n [ osltlnn to purchase to order specialities in design and colors, and will show his goods and take orders at 233 Wooscr street, corner of Amity. TO COUNTRY BUYERS?SAMPLES AND PATTERNS, sent free, of all the new and fnshionahl Dress Co ids, Cloths, Casslmert*. an I Dry Goods generally; great bargains, wholesale and I retail, at gia'y reduced prices. RICHARDSON, BOND A CO.. Broadway, New York. i)(I OOil DOLLARS WORTH OF DOMESTIC AND OU.V/UU Housekeeping Goods, bought before the great tare In cotton, will ?e sold by the pie e or yard, at popular price*. GEORGE KEYLS, 313 Eighth avenue. CLOTHIMG. A LARGE ORDER.?$18,000 WORTH OF CAST OFF Clothing. Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry wanted for the Western and California markets. La Ilea and genllem-n having any to dlspoae of can receive $0 per cent more than bv any other dealer in the city. Call at or address B. Mint*, 170 Third nrcauc, m ar bevemecuth street. Ladies attcudcd by Mrs. Mint*, 170 Third avenue. \ GREAT QUANTITY OK CAST OFF CLOTHING 7V wanted. Furniture, Carpels, Jewelry, Ac., to supply the Western market. I pay a* follows;?For Silk Dresses, from (12 to $4<i; Coats, from $10 to $20; Pants, from $3 to $d. Call on or address A. Ducas, No. 218 Seventh avenue, bctwe n Twenty-fourth and Twcnty-fiUu street*. Ladle* atteuded to II}" MID. U. /IENTLEMFN'8 NEW AND LEFT OFF CLOTIIJNO "T purr based for the Waiters market, In large or small Iota. Thelull value will be paid, without hagglincor re?klng l" impose. Call at the store or address TL inns D. Conroy, 44 Ceatre street. rfO MERCHANT TAILORS.?THE VNDERSIONED I will purrhane from SliW to J.'.UOO worth or go<xl new Clothing soluble for the Western market. I will pay a fair price. Address Thomas D. Couroy, 41 Centre street. COPAUTNKUSIIIP NOTICES. DIS.SOIATION.-THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOtore existing under the firm of Jeremiah Lambert A Co.. is tills dav mutually dissolved. Naw Yuan, Jan 31, 1862. JEREMrAH LAMBERT. JOHN W. HOYT. The business will be continued as usual )>r JEREMIAH LAMBERT. Dissolution of partnership.?doylb a lehuiann have, on the first day of February, 1862, dissolved partnership by mutual consent. A I liabilities contracted by the late firm will be paid i>v M. L. Doyle, and all outstanding debts will be collected by m. L. Doric, at the old aland. 2b7 Grand street. M. L.DOYLE, JOHN LEHMANN, The business will be continued as usual by M. L. Doyle. Henry bnvder, jr , is this day admitted as a partner In our house. P. W. ENUb A SONS. New Ydhk. Feb. 1, 1862. VTOTICE ?AN ARRANGEMENT HAYING BEEN MADE a.s by the members of the firm of Lights A Bradbury* a ith Henry J. Newton,'formerly of the firm of Liglite, Newton A UI (li ia?r unit IU MI' in.iiitti.i'iii' ui "t tucn uii?in?*B'*. nti'I the And cola control and management thereof having been mnflded by mild Arm of Lights A Biadburv* to Henry .1. N?wton an I Edward (i. Bradbury, nolics is htribf tdv n that they, the *atd Henry J. Mow tun and Edw..rd tj. Bradbnrv, are th? only itentone etithorfied or having any Htuii i lt> to use or sign the firm name of Llghto A lira abury* or to contra't any debts, or make any purchase* for or on W ' ;ouut of nai'l llrm. Dated New York, January 20. I*12. Lit; ill ? A BRADBURY*. TO MILLIKHRfi.?A W ELL ESTABLISHED DftESH 1. n.a*' r <vi*hee to meet with a first clan* responsible milliner to ta'tn room* on Broadway: a good opportunity I* now pfrrr-d to w-ure a good location, rent low: tne adgaiUerr baa all rs'pilre . f i e * Dressmaker, station D. $O",0 -partner wanted. i.v the conke'" 'pA'Jlr. tlonnry and pa-try banner*. The concern I* d.>? Inge good bu?ln< **. Tlie object of lb..,udrrrtl*er I* to open a Mich tcataiirant. The loi? .on u unsmpaaa.d. Borlutl particular* rail at 8*9 Cnnil *tr < t. $400 ~I",ASTN?'1 .WITi1 ,r"^ AM'H'NT Iff ONE IrtVU. of ih" nfc ?t and Imimi I'urnmhrd Indies4 and geutl' m?u'a juloons up town; the m*,n to have outire charge: room for family, and all fiirnl died i D Kit HARD <>N ,t Cy.,_W i id i \ imi street. $"? 0(10 TOHp,000.-WANTED I ITIIERAHPni'ial. PO.'/VM/ or active partner, with th<- nbo e amount In a perfectly legitimate ceah Jobbing I a n *- thai w|)| c'.y ? niotitnl Rt.tWO per an num. Addrgo* t J ibber, box lit lfial.l unlet-. IBUARI ftffD TOJJACCO. OEtiARfl VERY CHEAP -THE \SSIONRI', AT NO 17 H Brn%1w*y, l? offering greet inducement* in . a^h |,.n. r* jn Haven*, Jlymcttie and Herman Sugars, 1'I ;* t ' rt, ne Hire1 and price'. fEW YORK HERALD, SUN HIH'SFS, ROOIWV, Ar.. TO LET. \ PAKTMKNTS YACiNT T.j LET?TWO, lTlKEE' dY four or st.ien tin ns, s: .j pritat ; i .prove' in-. ts. and in A > k-.u l> ? u.ii'nu,?l No. ?? Ureeuwiu . uvo" ; t ii, aild (in. l&'l Hi ?..n Hi met; rm Si in Jlii. Ap| iy Ml U.?euiciil ol Nu. 6 u aliiet, bu.wecu Finn and o.x u "I.ltHNlSi!KO AFARTmENI'd iO LKTIN ItitOOKLYN'? I' Co. si ttii - ?: mur Room: , to a U;.. .cr ii m u | irli in (it the r ill !l b.-'anon in ii'sii-nr tion Ai o a bt ire to let. ill Sixth event Now V. rlc. For 111i;. lit a; It'jO Budg e?r i!, B mitlyn. 1; U::NI.S::I:t? OR U.N: UKM.SU;-.!> IIOISK, IN M.VDIiM>iia..ii' , i'ivi ii ii i n.i t, i.i .f i .. id*, . v i 11 be rented to , p .v iai..i.v ouh. fhe 'to o i was r cently i bull for the t ot ih r n-vm-r. i.j I in In etc* l-.-ul order. To run r axon.-. i^'. Apply in N i' UlSiliiP, It Hi nlo. ay. ITIURNiSlIilO lIOl.-K V. .T.I ALL MODERN IMI, to- n; ill Vi .,- 1, ill p; oV.' .y lor a ; i fi'i.n ih it time, m a rerpon-ili.e t .riy . no ..ill neeli v.- i; r ut {.tnO until M.iy; possession Iuiuiodi..lely. Adores 1J. A. 0., II -raid oiliee. I A ROE FIVE 8TORY BUILDING IN BROOME J e root, near Hrnadv. av, to let, for two-lMrda the rout of la l) our: t,u.table for a h. ol, ri sta iraut, boarding hou?-, mereantiie or mai.tit ""turiiig pnr; n.on; t os-rs Inn Immediately If des red. IdAAU A. BUiijS, 73 Nai ra.i street. pERTAURANT,?TO LIT, TOT RUST OLAS8 AND A b well known hekiuurant. ti'JJ Broadway, corucr of Fourth a ixct. Apply at J07 iiiouiiway. p ' v \ rit \ n't TO LET?A BA8R IBNT, FURNISHED, J b cnnu.eie for the restaurant Lu-hiosa. Apply at iirst tloor, -ii ?? rtlan it street. bJTEADY STEAM POVVBP. TO LET?LAROB A'ND It ...liill roou.s, well llobted. Possession Immediately. Appl/ at l.rd Water stroi t. rrio l rt?two mm niPTAtin RKnnvn stories. I uii I cellar .if th' !ar e brick Iii First street, Wilthtiuslmry, one minio '? w?.k from the Qrand street au<l Roosevelt street lerric.n; sire of bctldine YY, C.J, miitahlc for maim acturing orstomu . Inquire ol ANDREW HARM AX, corner ut SivihaudS Si .in Simon, or ul the oJUcj or the Erookix i Ferry Coin: anv. v. TO LET?AT GREATLY REDUCED RATES. THE VERY desirable II > Ni < '.'11. 213, 233 ami 201 Weal Twonlyllnrd street; nis i Nun. 14n. 180an.i 1-. '.V.-n Twcntv-fouiill wot Apply to f. HARMONYS .. hi IM1EVV rf .i CO.. M Uiunxich street, or lo A. LEAAIAN, 21/ West Twouiy-uiird blreet. rpo LET?THE OLD ESTABLISHED MERCHANT TAI1. lorlng and cloinlng store 155 Eighth avenue, ami occupied as Mich forme last twenty years: Is lilted up in r od style, with .i good aitowy front, anil ia 72 fei t deep. \\ 11 lie I t reasonable, an I potcc-siou Immediately if required. Apply on th i premises, or to J. W. CuNKLIN, IS Fourth av. TtO LET?COTTAGE HOUSE, WITH ALL THE MODERN lirat roveuieuts, and in perfect order, at 120 U e>t Thirtythird struct. TO LET?A FARM OF 100 ACRES, AT CLARKSTOVVN, aiiica ti n.i Naunet stat.on, Nc.v York and Erie Railroad; comino iionn Hon e, ; n.t and Saw Mill, variety of fri.ttrees: very jleasnnt alt; anon; rent $2S0 per year. Apply to l.OAct, No. 0 X ssau htrcc., >n the Basement. TO LET?CHEA3>, IN HOBOKEN, NEAR THE KERRY', art of a oouifortaM.. furuialn .1 House, for ho use .coping,! r a sn.a 1 family or gov.i.m-n; a s -rvaut In at tendance. Address or c dl at So. d Mewark ?trc't. To let?two comfortable front rooms, ok the uret iu ! second boors, in a hnwse having all the modern improvement*. with or without Bourd. Apply at Ko. 11 Amity street, ueur Broadway. mo LET OR LEASE-STORE NO. 25 BEEKMAN J. stri ei, Ba*en>cnt and two upper Lofts, bulMiog 25x100; possession given Immediately. Apply to BltUUUIEUE A TUKBAUD, 61 Cedar street. To LET OR LEASE?THE LARGE, commodious liSomowery, at the jnuct.uuul' i'hird and Fourth avenues; "tic of the*, t stores on the street; rent very low. Apply at 117 Bowery. TO LET OR LEASE?THE HOUSE KO. 4 GREAT Jones street, one door from Urea '.way, formerly known as the Union House; a most desiiable location for a restaurant oi an Engli-h chop house; Itconiainsa nu.. b r of line rojms ior private supper parties, and othcru ise well adapted tor the a- o e nurpo-e; possession immediately. Imp.lie of J. O. B. INMAN, 650 Broadway, up sta rs. TO LEASE-FOR A TERM OF YEARS, IK A EASHIONabie and central location, a lirst elass double ll> use, 60 by 80, well adapted fur a club or any public institution. Address J. W., box 110 U raid oilke, lor leu days. TO RENT-TO A GENTLEMAN, A LARGE ROOM, WITH gas and conveniences for tire, in a private family; It will be rented wilb or u itbout board. Apply at 31 Bike street. MI8CELLAWEOP8. At dailevs. During the present and coming week we shall make large additions to our stock of French China DINNER AND TEA SETS. Also Vases, Bisque Figures, Bronze and Marble Clocks, and other fancy articles for the adornment OF THE HOUSEHOLD. We continue to oiler unequalled bar^tins In the following articles, to wit:? Silver plated Tea Spoons, the dozen $1 26 Silver plated Table Spoons, tho dozen 3 60 Silver plated Table Forks, tho dozen 3 SO SILVER PLATED ICE PITCHERS, $5. Largutt size, handsomely engraved. $5. $5. $6. $5. 93. $8. Silver plated Tea Sets, 6 pieces 918 00 Sliver plated Cake Baskets, each 4 80 Sliver plated Casters, t> cut buttles 8 60 SILVER PLATED COFFEE URNS, New styles, beautifully chased. 910. 910. 910. 910. 910. _ Cnt glass Goblets, the dozen 91 63 Cut glass Decanters, quarts, the pair 2 60 Cut glass Decanters, pints, the pair 2 OJ Colored Bohemian Glass Finger Bowls, the dozen 1 80 Ivoyy handled Dinner Knives, the dozen 4 60 Ivory handled Tea Knives, the dozen 4 00 IRON-STONE CHINA. Haddock's double thick, and decidedly the best goods in the market. Iron-Stone China Dinner Plates, the dozen Me. Iron-Stone China Breakfast Plates, the dozen 88c. Irun-Stone China Soup Plates, the dozen 86c. DINNER SETS. Large assortment $19 I.l k'F.WISK An immense choice In Qas Fixturca, embracing everything in tbe way of Cbandeliera, Bracket!, Ac. W. J. F. DAILEY A CO., No. 631 Broadway. All firemen should call at Conner's, 377 Bowery, next to Firth street. He baa prime Boot! to suit them. Prioe $2 30 to $3 30. A PUBLIC BENEFACTOR REMOVED.?TIIB WEATHer ia on the "rampage." Now lathe time to apply tbe Patent Weather Strip Moulding to shrunken doora ana window! to exclude cold, anow aud dust, the depot of which Is removed from 537to 212 Broadway, corner or Fulton street, over Knox's, hatter. J. W. BROWNE, Agent and P. B. Brushes ok every description at the brush factory, 329 Pearl street, Uarper'a building. All articles at the lowest factory prices. Paint Brushes of superior quality constantly on hand. JOHN K. HOPl'EL. Gout and rheumatism.-tiie remedy which experience abundantly proves to be the most successful in the Gout. Rheumatic Gout and Inflammatory Rheumatism. 1b REYNOLDS' Gout Specific. A single dose will in a few hours remove the most agonizing pain, and a few repetitions will effectually subdue the complaint; and Its composition is so innocent that a child may take it with talety. M ty he obtained of Mr. 8. NEWBY, it Fulton afreet, corner of Cliff, New York. Hibbard'S family pills and carminative Salve for sale by O. HULL, 278 l'esrl street, and by J. A. UIBBARD, Yotikct s, N. Y. Price 25 cents a box, with a discount by the dozen to dealers. Marble mantels.-qreat bargains in mantela.?A large stock on hand, and a great reduction In prl<es lor any kind ordered this month. Call soon at A. KLABER'S marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth street, west of Third avenue. Mantels put up In any place tu the country. glHRTS MADE TO ORDER, AND WARRANTED TO FIT. Perfect satisfaction given In every instance, at the Shirt and Collar d pot, 87 and ctl William street, oue door north of Maiden laue. THEODORE C. ORANNI8, Agent rttvr vnrn unvvv _i pinrxn oil vrmirvn. O ton street, corner of Mamy, New York, sella choice city sugar cured Kama, warranted, at He. per lb.; beat Family Soap, box "J Md W lbs., 6>i .; pure Starch, box 40 Iba., 8Xc The af.rated bread.-read the following certificate from Dr. Wfllard Farker, Eaat Twelfth atreet, N. Y. ? 'I have found the Aerated Bread of superior quality In all reaperta. One dcaideratum attained In tta nianufa:tore is entire olonllneea. So far us I have been able to aacertai'i, it la eminently healthful, Inasmuch na It eontains none of the products or rcaults of lei mentation. WILLARD PARKER ' Manufactured at the corner of Lafayette place and Fourth atreet. For sale everywhere. Twenty per cent baved?newspapers, pam phh Is, Law Wurka. Ac., printed on g<*id type, and satis, faction guaranteed. Twenty percent leas than usual ralea, at No. 37 Park row, room No. 33, fifth floor. VEGETABLE PEALING8?FOR PIG OR CATTLE feed, lor sale dally at factory, 387 Went Twelfth afreet. 117\ANTnn?A SECOND HAND CIIAIN CABLE. 38 A 40 Vt laihuma. front a 1 loch. Apply to JAB. BORLAND A CO., 69 South atreet. WANTED?50,1100 THOROUGHLY 8EARONED BLACK TV walnnl rough (ion Bio-ka, to puss United States Inspec. ton, to be delivered in this city; not less than 3,0U0 each week. Address A. B., Herald ollice. NEW PIBLKATIONS. APPROVED MILITARY BOOKS. Cavalry Drill, with 93 engravings, 25c. Artillery Drill, w ith 72 engravings, 24c. Army Manual for Officers, $2. Infantry Tactics, with 92 engravings, 245. Do Bchoni of the Battalion, 25c. Do. complete, 137 viigruv In60?. J. W. FORTUNE, 19 Chatham atreet, N. y. <?rniiAT" curious book of -city women."?sinJ. gulnr and Interesting sketches nf female character In the city. Hold for 5U cents, or mailed fire for <M coins?half price, t'loth binding, 3641 pages, 60 < ngravlngs M. UAl'NTT, Publisher, 89 Walker street, upstairs. HSDICAL. APPLY TO DR. HARROW, 194 BLEECKKR STREET four doors from M tiedougnl street, New York. OUlce hour* from 11 to 2 mul 4 to H. T\U IIEN'UY, MEMBER OF lllli NEW YORK MEM J J cal College, may tie consulted on usual from 4 to 10 P. M. Private entrance 77 Bleecker street, Writ of Broadway, r\lt. LINES TREATS DIBEASES OF FEMALES WITH 1J uDparv deled suec st. lie con l?e consult d at 151 Eaat Thirteenth street, lit ar M ccund avenue. DOCTOR IH7NTI U HIMSELF?THE PHYSICIAN who ert.diUalieu the II interim Dispensary, No. 3 IIIvision street New ior? city, iu 1434, rati lie conaulted from 8 A.M. uutll lOo'rloca at ii's'it at the old office. Private entrance. YAK. WARD-SI C' Et SFUL LONDON PHYSICIAN AND J J Surgeon, can be ton-it 'das imml. Private entrance N 12 Laigbt slri'i t. Honrs Hum 8 A M.ioWP. M. daily.

MLARMONT, PARIS AND LOND IN, PHYSlf i w , hii I S itp'oii, 847 Broadway, upstairs. Consultation liotn 9 A. M. to (1 P. M., Sundays uxae.tei. DROFEA OR RRl'TELL, 192CHAMBERS .STREET, CAN I ! . . a' iim tl, tgente, 12.','s Liberty tie. t, N. Y. In Ilro kt e mi'ultPtt siregt DAT, FEiiKUARY 2, ISO 8AKKS OP RKAL "BSTA"^!i \ beautiful fouk story lko'yn stone front t\ Ihui-e, ha-or-en* and snh < . v. ii ail the modern li. pro.. uo-uts oti Hroo.Nyn lleuTon, 6 1 0I0111 u* si i cel. opl .wl :e Oelooride row, will t tine Vliw a . " ? Y> Uf, wn * o* told very cheap mi a<y t-rum. fir further particulars apply u> or .iUUi ?? T. Simpson, M aveou ii a miiuinem yikw on tub hddrom btonb J\ House, 2(J a. i for sale or c*i hauge. bee 11'raid jib ol January, t!;".! j WILLI VM 0. WKTdOKK, fl Wa l street. i > ROOKLYK E . FOR SALE, a finII HOC.IK, ]? bnlshedin Uw bast style mmI replete with ill mo! iuuupro..cent* uud couveiiiic*. m the vie i?.of llchfo.d ov i..i"\ 'IV nn* lo ?u t. Kuriullpa. icmaie odditis 'trook1; ii, . ui 2J? Ilk rem o ire. /IHBAl' HOUSE WANTED?A 1 LAIN ft' '1ST-1. Nil A L V/' t \ n an 1 a half > r thr story !i fit iSo.if, rn In 2 [ it il l lath; up tcwn, it 0 w. il Hii'c u.-'ti iA .yh, rt..mid |H'te unit terms, bomb, Lux A, 107 fie* Yi.r*. Pout Outre. FARM FOR SALE-ON THE HACKS*HACK B VBB H' ckco county, N. J., containing over il a res, with a good House and plenty of outhous> ? attached. For full partluulius, witli map of p. ace, m<[..ire of WM. II LA lit, loJ Barclay street. L10R BALE?A THREE BTORY BRICK HOUSE AND J? lint, with store, water and ten, two story on the rear, No. 191 Went Twenly- irtcl sl-ort: ftr-t lot fnihi the Eighth avenue. Inquire of G. 1UUGI.\S, 620 Ninth nvcuUe. IjlOH 8AI.E?SEVEP Al. SHALL BROWN 8TONB ?KO> .P ltali basement Houses, all in eacollent localities. and well and tastefully finished, from.*!'. 0)0 to $10,'." 0 A huge part of the cor-literal. ui money may remain on honJ and mortgage. Apply to K. II. 1,1'11 LOW A CO., No. 3 l'me struct. T7IOR SALE?A LEASE OF STORF *2.1 WAEITTNGTON J. street for 12 years, from the lit of May. I*< session given on the 1st of May. Apply at 71 Vcscy sued, ciiincrof Or?wlnh TliOR SALE?A CHOICE LXTTLB FARM OK ABOUT 60 r acres, 2J miles from Una c ty, lu N*.v Jersey; g o t buddings; nearly all 'iniier cultivation. Ftl'V t i'0 0. rice title good. F. II. RICHARDSON A CO., 82 and 81 Nassau ti ret. TT'OR SALE?IN LIVINGSTON STREET, BROOKLYN, J five basement fcriek houses, with lut.Jern improvements, grape arl'ors, Ac., price low, and IP" nil amount ean remain; also, one tbr. e story and basement brick House on lib ka street. A ureal' tl!icc.| Apply to 1). D. OKi-KLL, No. 4 l'liir sir, ct. room lio. 4. f'Olt SALE Cni.A'.'-TlIK THRK" STORY "1 FRET troill high sloop brown atone House l:7 West Tliirty. first street, near Sixth avenue, with gas fixtures, water closets, hot nlr Cnrnace, bath, speidtln;; lutes, .to., in good order. I'rioe $11,Oft); i.-'.U 0 ran remain, forye.rhin at once. Apply to 11. 11. HICK, 18 City llull, second story. 171 OR SALE OR EXOUANGE?A COUNTRY RES1. douce, within .our inilcb ul' this city by railroi il uud close to uopot; fur occupancy or Investment ft cannot lie exculled. Apply to IRELAND A WEbB, 61 Cedar street. TFOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?KOll HOME (iOOO CITY X1 primerl; , 180^g a rcs, beln'< the beat of land in .Monroe county. Pa. 'Then uio two good horses and two good b.nns; plenty of fruit; la two miles r.nd n half from the railroad Ut pot ami ci, h y miles from New York. Apply to or nddrcss George Foster, lotl Washington street, lloboi.en, N. J. T/IOR SALE Of: EXCHANGE?A LOT IN FORTY JF third street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, sewered, block pavement and good neighborhood: or wants f l,20d on loan: alsopremise.-! It' W? st Eighteenth ftrcot. Inquire of I). BEDFORD, 12'J Weat Thirty-fourth street. I DOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?THE f IR8T CLASH FOUR . story brown stone high stoop liouso hod Lcxlngou avenue, near Thirty.ninth street. Address W. Clark, hi) East Twenty-sixth street. IDOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-A THREE STORY . basement ami cnd*r cellar mod-i n built hi lck House, having all the modern improvements; situated on Henry treet, between Harrison and Degraw streets; will be sola cheap or exchanged for a small cottago house in Brooklyn. Address F. W., box lbi) Herald ollioe. For sale or exchange?western lands?two tracts, 120 acres each, In Grant county, Wisconsin; 40 acres, three mites from Madison, in Dam- county, Wisconsin; 221) acres near Winter' nit, Iowa, timbered and impioved; 20 a< res near Dubuque, )u Delaware county, Iowa; 120 acres in Allamakee county, Io.vajJK) :t~re* in Clinton county, Iowa, near Dc Witt; 120 acres in Grundy county, Idjnolg, eight fhiles from Morris, ami contains valuable coal mines. Apply toownerul Uusiuvis Baylie s oltlcc, No. 4 Pine .-Ire I. room No. 4. D. D. OltHELL. FOR SALE OR TO LET?THE DESIRABLE RESIDENCE oa Myrtle avenue, corner of Hamilton street, between Clinton and Washington avenues, Brooklyn; lot 69\12i) fret, filled with the choicest fruit trees. For hums, apply on the premises, or to 1*. C. COKXELYGU, 20 Spruce street, New York. For sale or to let?the first class brown stone House, 37 West Twenty-fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth aveuues, furnishod or unfurnished. Inquire on the premises. For sale, or to let and furniture for sale, a first class House, containing nil the improvements, located on Broome street, near Broadway; would make a good boarding bouse: is now occupied as a private residence by a gentleman about leaviug for Europe. . W. II. MELICK, 407 Broadway. House and lot.?three story basement and sub-cclinr Brick House; gas, m.rble mantels, Ac.; on one of tiic healthiest avenues in Brooklyn; one block from Fulton avenue cart. Frice $4,0t0; holt cash. Apply at IS Greene avenue. Brooklyn. House for sale in jersey city.?a small cottage House, uewly built, with all the modern Improvements, lucludiug bath: will be sold cheap. Inquire on the premises, 341)4 South Fifth street. Q ALE MUST BE MADE-OWNER LKAVINO THE CITY? kj Handsome Cottage, near cars, one mile from City Halt Price $1,800; mortgage to suit. Fair trade, with part cash, may be made. Direct box 301 Brooklyn Fust office, or call in Bedford avenue, between Fark and Flushing. rN DAYS LONGER.?THE ADVERTISER WILL leave the city in leu days, and within that time will sell, at great sacritice. some vefy valuable Heal Estate, both up and down town. In the very best locations, and never before offered to the public. ISAAC A. BIGGS, 73 Nassau at. WANTED-A MODERN BUILT HOUSE, IN NEW York, not above Thirty-filth street, in exchange tor ' lots, or a new two story attic and baseiueut cottage, with lota attached; pleasantly situated on the line of Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. Addn'Sa James P. Moran, 233 Canal street, N. Y. WANTED TO EXCHANGE?IN WHOLE OR IN PART, $10,Ubfi worth of Western lands in Michigan and Iowa, for furniture. Address B., box 112 Herald office. d>l CAA TO $8,000WORTH OF HOUSEHOLD FURNIdPx-l/VV/ ture wanted lu exchange lor a new brick house In Brooklyn and one In New York, together or separate, with privilege of lraae or house. Address or applv to FOSTER A LOi'ER, No. 4 Sands street, or to P. C. ANTHONY, 34>? Pine street, from 11 A. M. to 3 P. M., for three (lays. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A SMALL HOUSE IN the upper part and north side of the city, and lit a good location; about $4,000 cask would be paid. Any one willing to sell at a bargain may send their address, with full partlcuisrs, to box 743 Post oilice. ' FOR SALE, AN ELEGANT FRi NCH RESTAURANT AND LUNCH Rooms, with everything necessary for carrying on the business: titled In th" host style and In the best part of the city, near the Custom House, for sale. Apply In Is week at No. 118 Second avenue. No one without $1,500 cash need apply A ship chanulery store for sale-located on South street; also, a rorner Grocery Store, located ou Eighth avenue; also, 23 very tine Bakeries, located on the leading avenues. In good business? phi'**, at prices to suit the times. W. U. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar street, near Broadway. Business chance.-for sale for cash, stock and Fixtures of a butcher's shop, 103 Gold street, Brooklyn, now doing a good cash business. It as m for selling, the owner has other business to attend to. Call fi out 6 A.M. to 8 P. M. Drug htoke for sale ?the subscriber, hav. lug other iitialnet that require* hi* atU-nil in, off rs for sale a in ally litteii up Drug Store In the city of Hoboktn. A good npimrtutiity for commencing business. Rent rer.v low, with four years' lesa? to run. Will be told very low. Apply at 124 Washington street, Hobokeu. Drug store for sale?in one of the best avenues of this rlty, handsomely fitted and well stock, oil; a rare chance lor an experienced druggist. Apply to 11ALE A UKKENUS, 1S2 William street, near Fulton street. Drug store-jsoo will buy the business, stork and fixtures, of a Drug Store In one of the best In. ralliloa in the city, doing a good business. Apply at No. 93 Division street. Dinino saloon for sale -one or THE best locations in the city, seven years established. Inquire on the premises, 27 Ann street. For sale-a drug store, in the city of Bridgeport. Conn.; nn old stand and a good one for business. Apple' at M. WARD, CLOSE A CO.'S, 130 William street, New York. For sale-a handsomely fitted up conkec. tloiiery Store and ten Cream Saloon, with full and splendidly assorted stock and fixtures complete. The location 1* Ma OS the mo^l eligible in the city, near one of the principal railroad depots, and the hnsineMcan he greatly extended. A fortune may be realized by the right kind of person. To be sold cheap for cash. For further particulars apply to J. PRASEK, ISO Sixth avenue, aecond (lour. For sale-a large sized butter and cheese stand, in one of the best markets In tbia city. Inquire of M. W. HTAK1N, 2U9 Duaue street. For sale-one herring s safe, as good as 'new, 43 Inches high and 27 Inches wide. Apply to S. W. GARRISON, 16 Dey street, up stairs, For sale?the stock, fixtures and good will of the Stationery, Toy and Periodical Store, 231 Sixth avenue, one door above Fifteenth street; will be sold very low, as the on tier has other business. Apply In the store. II30R SALE ?A DKSIONER of EMBROIDERY, W1IO 1 leaves lor France, wlahei to sell lni Establishment lie has had a very liberal patronage for Ave years. Them are 4,1X4) patterns, a pricking mac hlne for patterns, shorn a?e and all the useful utensils for work, and a complete household. TThe proprietor will remnin for n lime to show how to work. All w ill be sold very cheap. Apply at 167 Grand street, first floor. For sale?the stock and fixtures of the lirst class Feed Store. No. 539 Hudson street. The bush ih'k* linn been established eighteen year*. For particular* inquireon llMpremise*, of IidiuiuN A YOb'Nll. IilUR KALE-DRY GOODS STOCK, FIXTt'REH AND 1 Good Will of Store 4IU Canal (street, near Vnrlck ?uoet. established live year*. To young iiipii of moderate,capital thi# I* an eitraordlniiry opportunity to continue a busities* In aucceMful ojiei ution. Apply aa above. n?TFL IN WASHINGTON CITY FOR SALE-TUB proprietor of a Hotel In till* city, containing about one hundred mom*, anil doing an eirellent buntnm*, wlake* to diapoMot the mi mo In order to change hi* biialne**. Periuna who cannot command a cash capital of ut least live Hfouaand dollar* need not apply. .IAS C M i < III it E A CO.. Washington rlty, IJEST A INT, DOWN T >WN, I OB 8 tLI |M <? : IV |eet? " i prmtlfal ?tre't, n; cly fitl?l up an I fuinndii"1; larorahf h n?e, i-xei llent location, doing a large, IIiat Ins . cuatom and good money making rnnrern; offered very I mo rttWlCK A WOOD, 82Na*?an Mrnrt. UDHOONKR FOR SM I. t HEAT FOB CASlI; HUB 18 IJ we'll tm lit, h?* a en r board, I* ol tight drain ht, aboat lir ' rnaiont 11 und well I ttnd: ahe I* now a sent an ? trip, b , .:i -i" n alter Jfficaditjr. Apply Id PObilR i liVA NH, 7tl and 78 Sol tvan ?:r ' t. 2. FOH 8ALJC, QIOIIR KIXTUHK8.--A QUANTITY OF SM KEYING AND O TauU'.i* io?* ka1?i ch< a|). A !>lv at 25i Ihiio^ay. Tun-: ; tire fixi i \ lahgb coi/Mrwa htwifie, I'tninwiiif; O:?',o? Kixt r *, Glaus Kraiiu s, Couut' ?f, Ac., wM i).' u cii u' private uk' che-ip for* ash, if a - !i' a lor li in <i> d iy. A U< ^ ;* 4,C28 New York i'oat oia% * rpo capitalist.?.?a yoxEY m vicing husvnessto 1 t i ;? .. oi. llM 01. in . i.. -:tr the alii u'stinvs.* aUm lur-ev. ra! y ?r.; j? ?t, uj ' ill known in ihe came i-? i?n? community at largo Yi.?* o' - i lor moli ng on i:.e } ro,Ml.'i r ... loo .i;; i m:..1 : alio is of reuruig. Fur f urUior i n tlculutu uilSrr.-H \. i>., UUon U. IIOA 1 DIN 4 A I > liODCl NG? 4 COD j K (!!' vo: >. 1 .MEN CAN HE AOCOMMO *.? . > ; i.w-ii u i/jr upp.j.uu ? I 'ICO', oetwewti F.r I and .>1 avenue, ou the tn r I II o . Anxr, LARGE ROOM AND RECESS OX SECOND l. illll,, ,I 1.1 u> let, Willi Botird, IO 1 gentleman end wile. Also a small Room suitable for a static >4 iiUeman: hotis.- .rs oi terms mod. rite. Inquire at fl'i Weal Thirty-drst sti.ot, Letiv. en Eighth and Ninth avenues. At 155 west fourteenth street.?furnished Rooms, with or vvfthoitl II 'aid. having grates, gas, pan* tries, Crotun oa-ius, baths, Ac., suitable for persons seeking comfort, momyandpcrman a ein? let a* prices to suit Ike times: payable weekly In alt-tut e. Reft retires required. it /, lunch at 1, dinner it d. A PLEASANT FRONT SIDE ROOM, ON THE SECOND tltxir of /ffii Broa.r.- ay, ten*. en Eighth utttl Ninth strerts, to let, to a, turn, died; bouse ba> in eiein Improvements ami ta in a pieuauit location. Tornismo n rat AGENT! EM IN AND T ADY CAN HAVE A PARI.OB and Bedroom, neatly iiiiTi.dte l, with B ard lor la 11, In a ami<II i t It ale family, With a widow lady, with no to t.dcra, nt 'Lid iTiompsou street, corner ol Amity. Bath and gas in the A i-ADY and gentleman can find a helenrildty lurnisbed Kuom, with Board for ltdy < r i' lor gent, near Fifth A . nue Hi.tol; convenient to all lite Itroa iway sta es. Terms JX to $10 p r week. Address tor two days Madatt e .'reach, Htraiii olltca. A YOUNG WIDOW HAS A NICE FRONT SECOND story Room to let, t< a l.vly mid gentleman. Boarl .. r the lady, where there are lit) oth >r m u.-J. i?:; gas and lir. in. clud d, tor ft) ;ij; t i imj in advance. Call lor three days tit lot Weal Houston street. Ares pec table uerman family would take . ehlld to Board, not under two your* at tike, hit of reference can be giYeti. Adtlre-n or re o! Soid;di, rent of ttio German M. E. chureh, near Matk't street depot, Newark, N. J. A lady and gentleman wishing to live rktirnd ran llnd acointor.alda huino In the house m a widow lady, with Boanl tor iho lady. No other h ;d t'.. Location central and respectable. Address K. AL, lluald oll'r it. AN ENGLISH LADY, A WIDOW, A STRANGER IN tin city, has it ill -tenons\ furnished; would like to ft t :n the acquaint nice oi a h-.d; or g. nth ''.a who could t drt.n - her from &AX) to f&Jd. Gojti security e V n, and a '? aiituul Parlor, Mint Board, Please a.ldre- Gertru lo, Herald utile-. A SPLENDID SUIT OF BOOMS, TOGETHER \t I fli other Booms, to let, with lloard, tit lit! Second avenue; house and table lirst class etui lo at ion unsurpassed; convenient to it) oral wry and Astor pace. A large furnished front rqoji on the becond tioor, having a southern t xposure, will l.e let, with lti ai d, to a gentleman and wife; also one or two Rooms for Single gentlemen. Apply. with references, at yd East Tiv. nty-hrat street, Granterey Park. A YOUNG LADY, LIVING COMFORTABLY WITH widowed mother, wishes to tin.e two or tinee children to hoard and Instruct. References g.vrn. Address Teacher, II.-raid office. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM than they re pilie, wilt lei one or two Rooms, to gentle, men, Willi or without p.u-t.ul Buatd. Rjotns have grates and gas. App'y at Ail Broome street. Attention is called to those living in 1.0 els and hoarding booses.?There Is an estah.i hnieut op. it <1 at 111) Alaeduugal strc -t, the imiui beiug laid out in suits and furnished with everything necessary for housekeeping, in order that a faintly may have a complete home and live at an inconceivably low rate. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE Oli TWO OR THREE SINS'.c gentlemen, can be accommodated with lirst class Board, tin: or partial, w tth line large rooms, in a convenient and central lota i-in. For further parti hilars inquire at St St. Murk's place. References exchanged. A LADY WOULD LET A FURNISHED BACK PARLOR lo a gentleman, with convenietniea tor tire, at t$J ]>er week, or a large front Parlor ami B uiroom to two or three persons; only a small family In the house. Location, Graud sire t, trust o: Bowery. Ad .r. ss Mrs. Carpenter,'-station B. A WIDOW LADY, HAVING TAKEN A NICE HOUSE, and hud It newly earueLed and furnished. In a coed ha catiou, below Fourteenth street, will let two or three Parlors, with prlvdte table 11' desired, to hurt cs who are willing to pay a lair price. Please address lloine, box S.015 Post oilier. A SMALL FAMILY WISII TO MAKE ARRANGEmenu with a n an and wile who will rent a new house, to be hod ior JIjOJ. for which Board for the two wlli be given for one year. Address John Hunt, station O, Broadway. A SUIT OF ROOMS, ON TUE SECOND AND THIRD floors, furnished or unfurnliheu, with Board for gentlemen and their wires; also single Rooms for gentlemen. Apply for one week longer at No. 77 East Fifteenth street, near Union square. References exchanged. BOARD?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO 8INgle gentlemen, rail obtain a neatly tarnished lront Room and Bedroom, on the third floor, with Board, at No. & West Washington place. Also siuglo Rooms to 1st to gentlemen, with or without Board. Board.?a single gentleman, a stranger here, wishes full or partial Board where there are few or no boarders, and where there is iemale society. Full particulars, Including fire and gas, which must be to conform to the times, must be given, or no notice will be taken of answers. Address N. E. W., station D Post ofllce. Board can be had for man and wife, with furnished Room, brc and ess Included, for from $10 to $14. to be oaid weekly, si No. 44 West Twenty elahih str< et. Board wanted-in a genteel private family preferred, tor & gentleman, wlte imd son, twelve y> ars old, be low Fourteenth street; comfort and economy principal object; references given. Address, stating particulate, "Qulen," Herald office. Board wanted.?two single gentlemen wish Board In the upper part or the city In a strictly private family; breakfast and tea only; furnished room, with tire. Ac., required. Purtles answering will please state number In family, Ac. Address F.AC., Herald office. References exchanged. Board wanted?by a young man, with < a young widow lady, where there are no btner boarders and the com forts of a home oould be eujoyed. Address tor two days James H., Herald office. Brooklyn.?furnished rooms to let, without boaid, completely and genteelly furnished, with accommodations for housekeeping and cooking. No. S7 liicks street, Brooklyn, a few minutes' walk from the Fulton ferry. Board in Brooklyn.?two pleasant roomstogether or separate. In the house of a small lainlly, Buih in the houfe. Terms moderate. Apply at 77Clinton street, one door from Livingston. Elegant accommodations for patients and families, at the New York Cky Water Cure, 70 West Thirty-eighth street, near Central Park. In care of Dr?. U. C. Schleterdeeker and Alexander H. Laldlaw. House first class?brown stone. Prises moderate. No extras. IjUMILY AND SINGLE ROOMS. W1T11 OR WITHOUT 1 first class hotel b ard, at reduced prices, corner of Twenty-seventh street and Madison avenue?Madison Avenue Hotel. Lowest prieed rooms, with board, 95 a week; by the day, f 1. Rhode Island landlord. Furnished apartments to let?suitable for families or Individuals, w ith or without Board, at 23 West Tenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; gas, hath, Ae. Breakfast from 8 to 10; dinner at 6. Terms moderate. French and English spoken. Furnished apartments for gentlemen, or a quiet, genteel family may have tho privilege of house, keeping. Term* moderate. 42 University place. Immediate possession given. Furnished rooms.?a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen can be accommodated with Board In a privet < family, where the comforts of a home can be enjoyed; house eoutains all the modern improvements. Apply at 77 Fourth avjenue. IjURNJBIIED ROOM?TO LET, WITH BOARD, ON ' reasonable term*. Apply al lH Wooater atreet, n ar Bleecker. Furnished rooms to let-without board, to gentlemen only, limine contain* all the modern linproremonta. Apply at S37 Fourth atreet, between Botvory and Broadway. Hotel Julian, 7*57 broadwav, -corner of Ninth atreet ?First rlasa a< ommodntlon* for famite* and gentlemen at moderate prices; mcalM at all lionra, and aerved In rooms If desired. Table d hole al (J, Sunday a at S o'clock. French, Spaniah and Oertnau apoken. Hotel accommodations, at moderate prices. ran be had at No. 49 West Thlrty-nrat atreet, corner of Broadway. Thla houao la well aulted to the comfort or good Claas lamiilea and alngle gentlemen; low cat price for alngle Rooms, with Board, $t> per week. vticely furnished parlors on first floor 1.N to let, together or separate, w 111) or without breakfast, to gentlemen; alio, a large Room, with Bedroom adjoining, on third Itoor. gaa and hath; alluated alii&l Fourtuatreet, oppmite Waaiilngton square. No. i DEPAU place (second house from Hleecker atreet).?A handsome Room, with Board, for a gentleman and Wife, al $11 per week, tire and gas Included. Aiao, Roonn (or Mingle gentlemen. Private board?a private family, occupyIng a four aioiy houao. No. M Wcat Tblrty-algth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth arenuea. offer Board ami well fur niahol Room* to families without children and to single gen. tlcmcn. Terms reaaonaldo to detltablo iioarder*. References exchanged. Head this.-to gentlemen or familiks.-an Httr. eablo llnuae at (15 Went Twenty eighth street, finely located, modern ImprotcinniU, well adapted for comfort and respectability; a Suitor Rooms; alaoa ainall Room lo let, with Board, from $9 to 90 per week. Call for a week. Reference* exchanged, Rooms wanted.-a gentleman wishes one or two nice Room*, Willi or without partial B'>ard i private family preferred; boarding house* anil thoee moving lai of May need not reply. Addrces, giving full particular*, It U. William*, Herald office. 1>wo single okntlembn, or a gentleman and hi* w ife, can bo accommodated with a plcawifit fiirnUhml Room, with Boa id, In a dcalrahle location; references exchanged. Apply at 61 Morton street. rrtwo handsomely furnished front rooms JL can be had, With full or partial Foard, where then-da but otic other boarder in the house, and where all the comforts of a home are aunianteed. 242 West Twenty-third street, between Seventh and Eolith avenue*. TO LET?A Ft'RMSIMSD ROOM, IN A MtlVATE family. No. 4dEi*t Nineteenth street, near Broadway Ur anted to hoardorntlkman and wife or two gentlemen au b * a mmidated With a large Room, w ith | antry, In i'|n| t, p' a ai t famllywhere llivte ar i n - blkren, on reasonable term*, at 13 Henry street, hto klyn. ^ BOA RD1MO Ayp 140001*0. WANTED?Pl'RMSIIED rooms and board for sis Kitom in a private family or where there are but f. W oOnrders, n ar or weal of Broadway, below Bond street. The house mutt be |>l-asantly situated, with all the modem Improvements; terms moderate; references exchanged. Address W.W W., Herald olttee, With full particular!., terms, I Ac. Bo other communications will be nuuued. WAN'lBD-lN A 81 K1CTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, Hoard for ii, <viie, infant and nurse. AIM for a single gentleman. Ad ress A. M la, llcruld oliicov a A UNIVERSITY l'LACB, COP.NER OP NINTH <u'r atr< et.?A handsomely furnished suit of Rooms on second end third do-in, with full Hoard, to let Alaoafew single Rooms.> refiuirrdon f'UNTON PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY.?AN tt\J elegant Room or suit of R nrnts on aecond I'oor; also or.e or two single Bonus to lei, with Bomd. Ill .our at sir ? ok. A 1 EAST TWENTY-TIUKD STREET, NEAR MADISON .1 1 avenue.?Families or angle gentlemen tan h id elegant1> furnished lv on., and first class Board; lit,van has alt modern improvements. A O GREAT JONES STREET.?TO LET, WITH OR H 1?j without Board. 11 a gentleman, or two guitleuien, a Parlor and Bedroom on the second lvoor, front; gas aud llie; H| a lath attached. Cali and see. Q9 NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AVENUE H > ..j ami unmraiiy pi i i.?.v rarior in neonxun au joins i i , furnished, on n.cjiid lloor, l'ronl, with Board. Also desirable Rooms lor genii in mi and tt.eJr wflrcsor single goull iuuii. Diuncr at six o'clock. Referonses exchanged. 7 A RPRING STREET, THREE DOORS KBOM BROAD. I *J way.?War pi. *.?To let, several handsomely I urD; i.o'd R >oni?t to slugl- gentlemen; locali iu a ar all lllo liist el ,rd holds ami tilae-, o amusement; reading room I'lee. In pure of A.NnON 1IOU8E. HO GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING.? ALSTON t'O llouse.?Elegantly furnished Sulla of Rooms., Cioion and every cuiivcniimcu for housekeeping e oaoioieally. Particularly s liable lor mail, respectable families or single geutlemcn. it Mil low io p- rinanrnt tenants. | OO FULTON S'iBEET STILL CONTINUES THE CUMJ?)c/ Ire of ultra lien l'ora.l .ood Bihiard piuy rs, mid will (.oiitMieu .,o as Ion 'i o : ntlemaiily proprietor ho d< the plate. Alui enm. Hot Luu h , very day. Billiards lj t . 1 i'lilNCE STREET.?ST. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELS* J.?yt) eaully fiirnis .ed Kooins, with Bclrooms atuioi.d, with ail the . onvenieliees for linu e k. epmg eoutpleln, ineludlii.. i uaanu Cro on water, U let to rei-ptctable famlliea or fclnalc genlleu ten. 91 A ELM STREET, NEAR RPRINO.?FUP.NIf.IIEDs iL I'' Apartm. uta lor liumi dlato oeeilpaney. Th io vest reiitsln the eity, coo-ijer.n^ the conveniences lor evonomieal home ieplng. Best 'edeing and furniture, with range, , eooklnguteiisi'.a and linen complete; g is and (ireton. 71 O BROADWAY.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO 1 El\ IN I It) suns .a.-nm'y, oomph t? with every thing; atso taa Hod water in the ho set r nis low, to sel1 the times. Also OlUees, Studios, X at low rent-, furnished or unfurnished. MUSICAL. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD 1' ii f rtefur ale.. loguntiy carved logs an! ca-e, oversi rung b s<, full Iron plate, lined with satin wood, has all inodini luipro.emen'H, tuiu.e to order, been tu use seven months; cost $5U0, will >e sold for $2*0, induilii Stool and Cover. Also l'arlor Furniture at a gnat n.-.Ttic.. Inijulro at 70 Wrs T veuty-slxth sir vt, near tilxth n/enue. Army songs.?"m vrcuino along," price i? cents, ny W. B. Br .dlniry. mi 1 "Autliem of Lllsu'ly," price BO cents, by R Stuns Weils, as sung by the soldiers of the uniiy. Copu s sent liy mall on receipt of the p lee. FIRTil, POND A CO.. Publishers <e Mude, 517 Broadway, New York. A AMERICA, l-o?.?NEW LANCERS, BY CIIOLLKT Pii.nist, for d ia lu;., $ 1. Piano tuned KB-. My getting. CLollet's Trl-color you ea.i play twenty etx gamuts, seventyeight ? compulniiieiits on flie p iiuo wlihont trouble. Pr.eo f r learning nu si , 2'ic. Apply at Hit F1 st aven1 e and 277 Hudson slid Pane, b urned rapli ly, by CUOLLKT. Twcuiy ' P.nil W to let Ir.i'ii up. TAIOI1T--I.Y 11. C. DOBSON, ACKNOW ' ledged by the ; r f".-s irs to be l!:e umsierbunj. of the world. Will guarantee to lit..i?y pcie, . for tue nag : iu twci? inoullis lor the sum of ?5 In sdvanee. II. c. DOII.-ON, 2U5 Bleecker street. Mrs. hooper continues to give lie sons on the Piano and in Ringing, with the euUivution of the \o.ce. Persons ties ring it can have the use o the ptnno daily. Terms moderate to suit the t lie s. Iie.-ld uoe, 1,1'li j Br adway, between Fortieth and Forty-first streets. JUST 1 UBI IS1IEP?TIIE "tROLLICKING SET gUAD- ? rilled,'' deduuu <1 to the Irish Brit-tide,.and ihe "Btdls of Shandon," camp song ol' the Slxte-ni.ilh; words tin I music I lor piano; price i.0 cents, ut DALYS uiueac store, 41U Grand ttt'-et. TA PRIMA DONNA SOPRANO ELIZA VALENTINA J PAKAVALLI, teaches Singing and Plant at lit r private residence, 087 Broadway, third Door, over Mr. HtUhaway's, near Aniitv street, and where she can be seen every day fi out 11 nil 4 o'clock* Music for private parties.?f. STEPHANY Vi lli promptly attend to orders for party intisic of every description. Apply i.t No. 133 Canal street, near Bo.very, In the candy store. ^ Organist wanted ?a gentleman who is aic aecompliahed dinger, ami who Is eapahle of iiudrm ling ; a choir. Apply to Rev. A. BoUau, St. Mary's church, Brook.- * lyn, K. D. PIANO FOR BALF..?A SUPERIOR SIX OCTAVE rosewood Plkno, in coraplet" order, lor sale, at a great bargain. Address A. B. C., bo* 174 Herald oflb-e. THE HORACE WATERS.PIANOS AND MEI.ODEO?8 and Alexandre Organs, and T. Gilbert A Co.'s celebrated Alpllaii Pianos, are iue finest Instruments lor purh r and churches now in mte. A large assortment can be t; ten ut the new wareroonts, N't. 481 Broadway, between 'Irani and Broome streets, which will be sold at extremely low prl-ea. Pianos and Melodeotis. from sundry makers, new and second hand, to let, and rent allowed if purchased as per t g content Monthly payments received for the some. Sheet Music, Music Books and all kinds of Musle Merchandise at wan prices. A pianist In attendauce will try new music. "TfKtLIN AND GUITAR TEACHING?BV THE CELE- ] V brated player, FREDERICK BUCKLEY. Ah-o Jlaujt Ij teaching, by JAS. BUCKLEY. Patent Banjos for sale cheap Apply at 36 White street, hour Broadway. WM. WIE8E, TEACHER OF MUSIC. WILL CON- i tlnue to give infirm tions in Singing, l'iano. Violin and Flute, at his residence, 161 West Nlrtctcenth street, or that of his pupils, Lessottt gtvca to gentlemen after business hours tf desired. ~ INSTRUCTION. Army or navy.?udokkeeping.-mr. dot-bear WW Broadway, will give a special course to ail illfy gen tleinen for payinafters; also, a s|>e<'ial course In Iue evening i for merchants, at 93. Wriling reduced. AYOUNO FRENCH LADY, WHO HAS TAUGHT several years In Kran<<e, wishes a situaUou In a tatutty, or to tench classes In French. Address M, B , 98 Clitl sin e1, New York. A SPANISH LADY. A NATIVE OF MADRID, hi'e YK Ing the English, Frrueli and Spanish fluently, would give Instruction in the three above Uugnages. Also, a few Room* to let, furnished < r unfurnished, wilh or Without H' A at !? lonra A LADY wishes TO oive lessons iv mcsio Singing or Druwlng, at pit;>11b: residence*. T-rtiif twenty-five to thirty-live emus a loaaon. Address n. n. o. Piano Teacher, Herald office. A SPANISH LADY, SPEAKING THE ENGLISH LAN gunge perfectly, wishes a few more pupils for the Span iah, or a situation in a echo >1 as Engll-h or Spanb li tenelier' either In Brooklyn or New York. Addtem lor one week N De 0., station O. A FRENCH LADY, PARISIENNE, WISHES TO GIVB leaaonaIn her language to fiiitteinen only. Pleaai ad? dr. **. aiming where an interview inay Le hod," V. S , statmner, 616 Broadway. A GERMAN GENTLEMAN WISHES TO EXCHANGE German Instruct!, n for EtulisU or French Lumona. Address P. C., boi 173 Herald olli r. French teacher wanted-a Parisian pref< rred?to give two or th>cn less tun week to a gentleman. Addreaa T. G. W? box ltd Herald oilier. JESSON8 IN FRENCH AND TRANSLATIONS BY AN J experienced teacher. Addreaa A. H. C., box 113 Herald > 01 -e, or apply at 198 Clinton street, Dro .k'yn. Messrs. servatics a son, well known in New York lor many years as professors In the art of ten. Ing, beg leave to inform their patrons ami the piiMlr that In connection with thoir academy in New York ll.'-y have opened a Fencing Academy in Brooklyn, nt the li inlln n Buildings, 14 Court atreet, room .17.. Particular attention will be given to tho instruction of bioadsword exercise mid the maniisl of arms. Apply at the Academy, from 9 to 10 A. M. and C to 9 P. M. on Monday, Thursday and 8 iturdny. MR. NAPOLEON SERVATirS, LATE INSRCCTOR IN the military art In Boston, will give lessons time In Hie French Zouave bayonet exercise. He will uiao give leas ns in fencing with foils, broadswords and single aii k. A certain number will then engage Mr. N. 8. to put up a *, hoot. N. B.?Mr. N. S. has drilled several tompanles in Boston. Addiess, I y writing, 149 Thirty-first street, between See md and Third aieuues. Scholars wanted?for learning the amiiro. type art; success guaranteed In eight days; price $o Call on John H. Pain, 237 Gr.iud at,, corner of Bowery. TO LADIES.?A OENTLEMAN OF EDUCATION. HAY. Ing a fow hours of lela. ro during the tiny, would fie pleased to devote thein to Indies desirous of .porinr lr> their own homes a knowledge af II atory, Co opoa.ilou, Belles Lefties, tr. Address \V alter, Herald oitieo. TEACHERS RANTED IMMEDIATELY?A CENTERman lor the KnglLh tirmi In s, ii. -In,11; g < !u nl od another gentleman for bonkkecpln-T and in ill -m ill ; n Isdy for the (ilano. Tne throe mnat l?e thoroughly ipialiie (I mid willing to realdo In the Institution. A|i(?!y personally at Mr. Ham*', publisher, No. At John atieot, bi tvvccii 13 uml 4> O'clock, on Monday and Tuesday next. OARCMO ACADK.TIIIOM. ALL THE fashion dances at HILLiiKOVEA a'ndemy, 31X1 Eighth avenue, nearxwenty-Mrst siroet. Classes on Monday sniel Tour-eliys. Allernoon an I ev nlng pupils ti ay commence at nuv time. N. B.?A private *'in o on Thiii>Uay evening, Fob. l!t. Apply m above. BROOKES' DANCING ACADEMY. .Vd BROOME bT. A NEW CLASH rt>K TUESDAY. All the fashionable dances in ono course of lessons. LADIES meet Tuesdays and Fridays, S to 6 I' M. OKNTLEMBN, Tuesdays and Frtdaya, 7>? to 10'^ P. M. CIIILDKKN, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 3 to t P. M. LADIES' Primary Clnsa Instructed by Mrs. Bi-okes. The seliool Is open all the year. BOlltRB BVKIiV tVEDNEBPAT EVENING. Ballet master debars dancing academy, 367 Bowery. Lessons $1 per month. Mondays, Tlrnrsdsys, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 4 o'nlnek, tor child r My and ladles. Tuesdays aud Fridays >3. Private ic-stotis liftyr cents. tjuoftttind'h new dancing and skatiNO At"AI> J. emy, 78_v?rtrk ;.n t. one dt ir f. an Canal street^ New York, open Monday ana i nnraciuy ane nuuni ?wi evening* I i) WESSON'S AT MADAMF. SAI VAOEAl H PAN) 'IN? Y?t Aradcmy, 018 BrottdWay, enable* anybody to mi?? all the frtihlonahlc diiuoea. Every pupil taught aoparately BU I practicing with flrat rate lndy (Ianrara. Lea-ema every afternoon at 8 o'cloak, aud cvety evening at 8. The beat releremea. WINKS AND LKiL'ORS, IT! Oil SAWF?FROM WHARF (KX-S1UF REIKI! ARD), I; trom R t id tm ) Itnolro of biwli proof mfcl J>Ufr>7 flavored Oln. at the lowett afttb prwa, Apply ai fN* Fl-tnm atrnur. r. ClFf.

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