Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1862 Page 7
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H M.trs AT ArCTTOJf. A U. B. CHAPMAN A CO., AUCTIONEERS. ^B A. fcUI'KKU ItUCoKl iULU KUH.MTU HE, l'aiutlnES, fctaiuur/ and many rar- mi 1 costly Work! of Art, H AT I'UDUC AUCTION, ^B The pmp 'rtr of a family df curing hoasahoerlni ^B i: lie coimnMn log uu Monday, V i. .1, nt 11 o'clock, it' the Ave story blown so.tie residence Ai Waal oiiiceulb blroet, be^B tween Filth bLi'1 Bulb avenue*. H Ncveo octave rosewood Pianoforte, H Kosc wood an ! black walnut SuiU, ^B B.onze and Ormolu Chandcllere, H Vel.'et Medallion Carpet), H Sevres and Di rtaden China Vases, H Fi r and Mantel Mirrors, H Btoctde and La,e Curtoins, Oak Buffet and Extension Tablo, ^B Eool.csse, Etegerce, Centre Table", ^B c bl.m, Olasa and Silver Ware, ^Br S!iefileld Table Cutlery, Table Linen, ^B iioaturood Cl amber Kurnlture, atvle rai ds XIV. ^B Crowing Kooins?R' si wood Sol:, rev red In bine aud gold ^B! bA" a'.el; one do. green and gold, Tot -a-Tcte Sjfaa, ArmH chiUra, Beoepi oa and oval bark O ' aira, r oaawrood Eiegeres, ^B itntuary marble top Senrctnov and ijookcaie, lined with ^B rutin wo d, p ate glars doors; E uojgitui a, CaMni t, Cein ru ^Bl T.tblea, M .at I .Minora, six lie it Ino i/.a ana ormolu i hnode^B lb i s, elopera embroidered Lvo Cuititna, Console and Card Tables, ma-n'iicout Sevres China v'-.n-a, superb llron/is, IRomfc nil it; wo Uu-teh Ph. it. ?Mnm oil tti? 11m.i 11, bv Coli", A uij'', on of ihe Virciu, i jr ia-cavd; Marina Ylev, h, o: icii i.l, by Dlobolt; Krrn-'i J, u? umrrnviu-m. Brou?" Oloilc, rim.ion- limn h; m i.! 1 in m en o tnva rosewood Pinuufoi t , four round ci rwi, ro i.l? to or'or by city m.ik'. in; i-iool, Cover and Canterbury; b'a-It walnut HalliSi.ud, Voir t Ciini-ts, Ao. Ch-.tnK r>?Hrtuwels Onrp ro owo'd dinl uiaiioynny Dres u* Bureaus, Bedtti.c-i, War !i 1 e-, t 'iir.i '.O'b -:, JjOliri-,i'S ' r " '' 1 r', b fun, (J nl. s, oov. r "! win. ' a ivlotb; Spi-Inc nn I 11 ill' Mattresses, l-Yntber K h Ub' r,!..\ *, 1 b.iiriteroanna, O al SIut n. Pining Bo-un? Oak Bullet, Mi!.melon Table, t hiiu U ni er mJ Tea Seta, k-:u? 1? ".y and Cryttu! i loniic, Parian marble P inch Bo !, 8.1v. r Dluu.-r uid T.-a Survive, Sab em, Table O -il"iy, a l'..ii^s. Alto, in' cf the servants' ap.iti: i.-nir a 11i l?nii meni und Klttjisa furniture. N. 1!.?l'.n- ' = wishing to ii nil this dale can tabe tbo ji'i'I tb nvei.ui .r.'i llroadwuv !|' Sixth avenue ."'I It's niol cart, ut t o* Am i.r ilou->c, 8t. Nicholas ui.d -He rnp-ilitai Hotels, which will it % i iem within a few doors of the housm,corlier of SUteoiuh street. a ttractive Al'CTlON iALB ok BBAUTH Cli .A no.-u. -i "<ji>, oak and j1 auoua.n Y b'UUMTURB, f-mpn-in:: r.iiior. ( l.-hb-r, Dlu!n<*Rorm and Lib- iry Furniture, IbiUiUiit,.", rich, French Cnlnn, Sliver <, Rosewood 1'lnnol'orte, ,.r. To-niorro-v (Mi nday) afternoon, a' 2 o' loch, ra:n or shtno : u rr. n and pf.i:;.mptoky said-i, At No. I d o'i ,-. Tv-i-iity-ii. Rt s-n- t. near 3 veutn avenue, 1-inl.raoln;: t be i-utite oonteiiH of the imt sr, all as good u# now, a i! Urate1* b ni|btul,|tt wbelo tol ild to the high* it bidder for o .ab, an 1 r? Moved ii.iine !i-ite,y from the i roiit?Kb jjant 7 tciave ro-:. wood 1'irno oi-'.e, toHd rose, wood Parlor Furniture, en mi ; ma nldeeut E lege re, ..u-L'oHry i-.irl.ia top; tw# French Tier UI-k-cb, Damn-k ai:d Cur;.- is,' i . lit Mantel M. io-, uv > full Suds of valid r i-i ot I a lor Furnltitie, eo.i re.! In rich a tin lOf.itol; i ' iiJ Centre, Sofa ami I'ler Table*! corn-r 10' g-re, Tn- a y and Wii'.on Car, >->g. Turk! i Lo ic - -h, Voltaire Con!- ..velvet Hue, Rol l mid l-mlrei pn Shnd-si, costly SI.r rl Vases, brou/c C ock, Kr 0'h I'ailan M.inn i V.-;c? Ontemoiits, Oil Palatini-*, i ..mdrl'-is, ros wood J'i mm.-, s hno-vs, elegant run iteiNte o a, florin;' and 11 Ir Matt! "mb. Bo i and lledtlin.', French uprinfi sent and Co 11 cC i -.- s Chamber 8"it In hior el. :h, c! i v i Mivrous, Sot.i , Kola 11-- iitou i.n, handaoinc ma o my Furniture of .-vn y den -i milon, with a :;tintb--r : ?.i, or me In.irolu! : ts. O : hubs, French China, Cut <ilacs, Silver Ware, Ivory end S Ivcr Cutlery, with a complete coi.i|.lcinent of oak Diri* In,: l-'iu id*, re 1-cp.islts r. quired of puvchasira. Descriptive catalogue a". C o house. KL .-iSrlLL W. WESTOOTT, Auctioneer. 1/? L' ll'.-Vl JllJlCC.-ALli TUB H<J I.' : > I.! lUl.t' Hit J x. mum of a private family, lo. viDg the city for EuJope, >i ilb':.- |?;nlir Hlictio:, thin dry i.Vo..tlnv). February I, i:' U (.'ilon: i re. lady, at t in resl.'u u'o M I'.ns Twenty-ninth street, co- icr i.l" Fom ti avenue, <" ti-.rtiiti; o- Brui e's.and train Carpels, ui .liogany single anil douido Bedsteads, ll'ireui v. i' t.ibln t"p Wi.ahatands, Lounges, i -uno iea'. Oholrj, ilulr una ? .ring Mini tram-as, two .till lie t. Be I. tends, with Building: Crr tT.ibl", Mirror*, (To :! : \ black wu'.ntlt I' .lor Sill, cumprisii.g sown [h'Oi a, covt ri:In rips; Centre Tat.lcv, C it iter Btaudf, I'.iintinrs. Vtf l.trgc Mirror, two AVr.rdto!. I. >n , o s e?.|?, AVuKksPinds, round Tallin, Lounge, > . Mivdln plueh; Dniua-kC vtiitue, Shades, Kitchen Ta.-lek, (II s. China ware, Table Outl.-ry, Washtopr, Oilcloths, 8u? r Carpets, &o. Sale p. eitive, rain or slnne. E ROTII, Auctioneer. UCTIOX SALB OF READY MADE OLOTHINO, AC ? it A. M. C11 .eI'AI.AK, auctioneer. -.1 Bowery, will a"11 on Monday, 1 . omary 3, at l!Hj o'clock, a large s ock ot ClitLiu , ."M].ruing Cloth, 1'itut, 15 aver and Pnteishum Frovk, f Mvslnios auh Ot.t Cob ; I.'o ikiti, C.nth, Oiis.llupre and Ku' ret Pants; Bilk. Satin, Vcli. t atil Cloth Vests; also Piece (It.nda, Cloths, CaiulmiT. s, S itlnei*. Shl'tiuvs, Phoning, Linings, Yetlin&s, Satins, Silks, a large lot 'of Woollen I'lid. i h'rts and Drawers, Buck Gloves and Mitts, Linen Thread Trimmings. /"AONST/.B.'.E S KALE.?A. M. CRIBTALAR, ACOTION\J eer, 2d Due eiy, will tell on Monday, Fib. 15 at lOi'i o'clock, leu eh 'sir tjou. 'ione T. a. > no I. .ungc and one Table. By order of LOKCNZ QBERLB, Constable. LIIIb'T CLASS STEAM I'OlKlF. V..R SALE -WILL RE J? arid at public sale, at 2 o'chiek P. M., on Tuesday, the 4tb liny of February, IikVi, at the pubic house ot \V. L. DoDorbon, in the <1 ; of Reading, the property known as the Bendine B tato Forge, In said e'ty. raid Forge 11 substantially built, and completely equipped j-lth all the modern Improvements, In lo tlnga seven-ton Ka* inytli hnnnnerand threo Kirk steam trimmers, en.-h with lieatliiqfitr-a. es and bailers ottiehed. A tyre bending machine and oven, three puddling font acre, live blacksmiths f ryes, two ihirty.toa crams, nm* larqcst class hor.ngmill, slotting t. iili ne, tinning lathe, and flit, horse engine. Mala build u t.'dOhy 100 feet, with sheet iron rro", a carpenter shop no.1 ofilue, with the proof, Ac., cn the pre I Said Forgeismost -on. < 11.1Nt.iv busted for business, e.d| joining tin- Reading 1U troad, and an connected therewith that locotm.lives win lake ntvay and rtrllver curs of Iron, ronl ?n.1 other freight, without c m f..r I.a iling. Hhtrtes run the building, l>y which coal, wrap Iron. Ar., lent lo <tir,ipcd close to earn furnace, without extra coat lor hiinsug or lat or This l'oiyc it capable of executing the heaviest work, lavl.ig forged and Jinlshedthe main shafts of the Adriatic, (believe! to lie the largest ever made), bc?i<1r* complete tots of torgln,"-: (or numerous ateawashtpa for government and others. This e.ty of Bead ing present* p"c:iiinr advantages for the si!ove?*ful 0|ier*l on | of such a fie _n. It :s within 54 miles of Philadelphia, cor., necterl the rv.'Uh by the holding ifo lri ad, and the ?c'inll?l!l (lft'l t-n), m tulles bv rail direct from New Vork, 1.138 from 11 iltlrunro, M from Ha il.bnrr, and 84 from the I ?rhuylklll coal region, win n -e lliu lu st anthracite coal can be placed at the furnace doors for shout S2 gj per ton. Keadug Is rltiuiU.d In onu of the finest ugrici ltu al districts of I I'utinaylvnuhi, 1ms a population o,' St.'rV, un.l Is noted for Its rj'neral and the purity "f Ma v si r. A? Keikscounly contains m-re furnaces than anv other In the United I inttM. Iron ?l every do oription can be procured by theforp-a I it the lor. i nt prices. Tltlo clmr of oil incumbrance. l'u?I eseiou gir n Immediately, and lerins iiiutle oasy to suit purIhimr*. 'I'll- Forge Is in complete order, and is furnished I villi every nuorerary trnl m l r.prurt -nance to eomin nee I vork Imrc iul al ly on taking posses* on. It is n properly I s ell worth the irttent.ou of those engaged in the above uu-iI .I For any 1 ittberloforrasiion, apply to I H. 11. Ht HLENBF.RO. I Cfhlarof the Farm is' Bank o: It-aultig, Teun. I TENRY TV IIKRT8, JR., AUCTIONEER. "1 St! P. I; IF!* SALE?WAX FitiURES. I IIBNRY WOOD .v CO. w111 u-1! on Monday, Feb. 3. at 11 ' lurk, at tit ir -ab rooms, 10 Broadway, two Wax lncure*. I Boy in d o.rl, richly dresta-d, aubable tor s show window. I 11/ OldCI of I JAMES LYNCH, Sheriff. IT. NKY n. heitts. JR.. AUCTI"NEFR. L "irr.KIKF'S HALF?uIl.Cl.OTH3. rjfUY WOOF. v Of), will -ell, Mo-tiiy, Feb. S, ct 11 B-li h. at heir *ie.,roo.:i4, .So. *.' I roadway, 7il rolls le Ollcl- ai d oi* tolls Floor O:' lu'li. ily or of JAMES LYNCH, Sheriff. 1 TKN'RY V.. HERTS IR . AUCTIONEER. L Ml UK. WTEW It.v? HOTEL Ft* >* ITFRE. (in Tuaa'r.v, Feb. *, at it).', u" loev, r bloc::, hiufi', no lot L ionard street, Ni'AR RKOAHWAY. H >. Oi! ! , *. !') n / ant vvit'm >?ifa.-, < Th.?I TaUe?, I.-.."-.- ' i , ru . r , un i iTinun u.r,tn ! Froth r . ?, ITto v?, Bo. t> *, Hair M iltros 1 < <1 I if. , \ . < In I'iiH.i; Till 1. A - , oil!?-r v.: ' lit" n< .-.1 rtaor i on: o Kli.iiin Kur:iltn<v, 'in i-i I' f pi! vr ll cornnifiic.-. |. ti.iu ca. My or .c. atiorri) ut ti:orta;i ; e. A J. DOGART, AUCTION:.;:!:.. ?M NDAY, KBB. S at M>i Q'rt'jcL at No. lb Br ad < raar Soma ct, It t Kti'.'ii so ! Restaurant, inn ?i.i? of I o Hrir ou i . ill r and Fit ton ft I Mr.:, Dvcint . , ml Ir .! I'liirv", T !?: ?, Chair* l'cfi'gpmtor, Flin tan.l l". < i? lnR". I?*t h"Tiin <, < ;i . .<!.? en |? , S'p-iin >l'i, Ci ..cry ni;<l QIft?"\vorp, tint go, Bollrr, lYolsin; inul?, O.i : t!i'a Htl.irr , I; : R (' '.in cr, (ly-o v itd?. .1. , A tlapusii I..' rtiaUii'til from all pur?s.-?. A J. rod ART, AUCTIO.VUlJRS.-yONDAY, Fi:n. .1 . ft i'.'j k l\ Jl., at.173 M' Hi-i'nttr, ly vlrt ; <> II of MM. tba tit mi. am; rutarva at h uro. ry rn.iv, 8. T.m*, l'iffta, Hpicfft, Ae.; nlxo tn.o (Tore, Wagon ami ncrft. CHARLES V. W VTTd, Alt.m; .. Ui'K.'i .N, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON TUBSdsv, 4, at It n'cloclt, fttl.1 Rntv.ri, u go.oral asIm-i.t i Farlor,Bedroom m:d Ktitli u Fntiilior -, by orI of ito i .-i l.o,] ,i 'ie?t r, C.mfttab >. Also b) obL. Wu.aI for it "lint cr whom it may concern. OAKf NET, AUCTIONEER, 170 CHATHAM STRICT I will i il r.o Mori tiny, K I ri .try ut 1U)? o'clock, ti.e I..", t ic' nail l/.tnns o! th" iti't "I s Liq'i"i Atom, I .i-"-' nruor ofrtirtTti.lrd an net .. dNlQlkaraiMtiu I . tlc'i 1' III) s, si Hp a. i.i.t i-'.i . w, > I Wist- tlial Tilturi a, Ac. I M. IIOM.TNUSHKAT), XVCtlOTUMW) I i i antt Bboan, Mt'ogai am! Rubber* at auo lo t Tt i , 4, it" Hl}i o'i at tin' Mori if .1. T. I, ' ' It l i a i I I .1 lot I I t;ti .1 i 'iciTi, without r.'t i vo. (at*.o,. tic* re a .y oa I ' M. , A I. CTI t | i L ON KOI I d ) 'io'ilntk, at lilCa 1 *..-< t, t:i t ont 10 Tui?( ,!r.. "I 1 rge li. u?p, - t..j i rerr Bop ss-ortm ut mo . Claiutor mill Lin.a ; I..) i Yen..lure. t-a.a I inrxiTRf. ITIF.'CIAL BOXE MI IlNll V I.' I. I.OV TUETII. IH vl this i i_ n o'jr ..w.i tiTtli, . r. I; it U I i j> .! :u ?ti| i.'{ > ' tu nil iv ! I?. A 'Ultij tort'i, ci I I- * m-r n v'U >?n . a. 1 ) :" -* rteil, anil the n ii i . i .i . tir! . * ill i i ti" !. s. Abinl' tins V, , 1 Ml . k-rni" , L. i. >i. P., IH Wait ' . y h'i r A. 0. h . 6J IV *t i'vr.-rv.r-lunrth mi t. Wit: [ r.-rr-, J,|. D.f . it' a ; l?r. lrtkr,1"6W e n ' r ; Dr. I.. A i |i v *!?, f'oivi.: l)t. Vnnllir Kew York Di J. or, . . o'IMlljri vr. A. I. u?f *(4 * Uumm nluri ?ii - or th.:?i'0v? '.l? vi f hmi rutinBed, UJ win ? li . f to tb?* I'r.n- .i.. Di rtl.nt-y, at hla . > ?. ?, SW : ,i. , . u. p in- tti.l In > ^ : o ' ic'i'bri toil t u'i.i I'll. .in' OuvtV. I-.*!', ntt.jr Ii ilnlii I* Rill. i"a ii lot Ruepiug IU4 teeth d? .i u:i I v into, unil tlin gnne if. MAT. TBBT1I?BBAUTlI T. EH OH PURB Lit*., mtiy 3d; on nn.i (,. !.! .m I, liuli.i', wiwiaui' J a i. iy work In Nor' York. S t> lb vl. Tmh . .A i? r ii i.'sl wit bout Hiii'in n 11. S-vi. i I'll' bon.i i r I n 'Hi ''SUIn*. only SO c tuh. ( t 1 w Slu*.#iiu. L'li r lull nil-1 Khvintb h '-e U. nn.l no rin'oval. All kmci ol. _ i>:t. J.I THRU, Dontlau IT. <) il'-'I IN 4 BROTIU ; r . ! LT< N 11- r* r.iooltljrb, awl a.?S tli- n I u n i t, upp.Aite Loitl ri. 1 iv York (I'omn'f!/ S.*6), ti. vc lbs (Art?-t an t Ii.' 'it n'ltiohni.'iit in I! tv'ild. Tlmy nrr In* L I' i* i n itmir itni-rovi' I nin " , iTC|i|.ite? without i loots. Kiln 'r.m " 1 | lil" 1 "i tt'iitl. |S#iillvor Bi. r,?lJ; imrtini s t? on jo!$ -; ilvor, 91. I PORTl (U. I T ll.KMiftK NKtV FODNBI.AND DOG, VKRY It- e, will tr-ilned; otto ftt V 'k, th.i lnr?' 111 I n.'ven pure Now Found ml Pups; three St. Her. In r; l.'.ac* anil tun i'npa; three b>i. it niirl tin i) iuij .km tirojrbi ntnla: !? potnt-r Put*; ntm Kini I r pi. Ihri.-e b ill terrl 'r I>"i{ri tvolsrpe H11 I i ik 1* 'Inter*. Address If. Uardntr, co;u 1 oi I .j tinl Hillutb street. 1 huppino, Notigf?by on ;t o: riie^sm -bi:taky ok Btale, all passeu'ter* leaving the Un'ted filst"* are rr. quiredto provide themselves with pas .port*, d r anions for nbta iuiij wut h may be had at the Company's "tlloea, 13 Broadway, N. Y. JOIJN O. HALE, Agent. fcl-aui veohly 10 Liverpool, pm -bins at Gue?.ualoWii On. k h.iru, r). Th? Ijverpool, New Ft rk an I PlrU '.olphia S'eioi" ship Company intend despatching their full powered Clyde built Iron stoain-liips as lulluwa:? CITY OK WASHINGTON Bamrrtay, February 8 CITY OK ) ALTIllOKE Saturday. February l i KiiNliUBO KntuiVai. Felnuar. -8 and every suooeading Saturday, at noon, from Pl"r 44, North river. IUTE.H or I' First cabin $75 Steeiage...... >*) " to London K) to I. indot) 33 " to l'ar:s 85 " to Car i .'It " to Hamburg.... 83 " to Hamburg.... 35 Pfisaengets also forwarded to Il.ivro, Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp. 4c., at equally low rates. Ih ft* rout Hlverpeof or Queiustown:?First cabin, $75, $K5am' situ. 8teerai;o, front Liverpool, :HJ. trom tpi-ee loan, $1,1. TicAetacan be ht these rale.., ; people to aer.d for their friends. These strainers have superior accommodation* for yetsseniors; are strongly huilt In wstor light Iron sections and carry Patent hire Ann It tin tors. Experkn e<l surgeons u.o a a bed to each steamer. For further information apply In Liverpool to WILLI AM INMAN, A 'lit, i!2 W iter etrpo; j iu Glasgow to Af.KX. MAt.CoLU, No. 3 St. Knoch square; in Quernsiowu to C A W. 1). SKYMOUlt CO.; In London to El VE3 V MACKY, 61 K'ng William street; ir 1 f,s to JULfH UKOOtlK, No. 3 Place do la Bourse; in Phi ad Iphla 11 JOHN G. DALH. Ill Walnut mi ret. or at the Com) any'* office*. JOHN O. DALE. A ent, t6liroadway, N ?w York. HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY. Steam to Hamburg, London, Havre and Southampton. The favorite trst class and elegant ltou mail steamship BAVAKIA. E. Ui'l'T, commander, carrying the United Sines mail, sui h from pier No. 21 North river, loot of Fulton street, pnr-ilively on SATURDAY, February 8, and takes parangeta tor Hamburg, London, Havre and Noulliampton at the following ratos:? Fust cabin.. A $100 S cond cabin 00 Steerage 35 For passage apply exclusively in C. B. RICHARD A boas. 161 Broadway, n. Y. rniie Nor.tii german Lloyd's steamship uansa I H. J. Von Haitian, commander, carrying the United States mall, will anil from pier hi) North river, foot of Chambeta street, on SATURDAY. February 15, at 12 o'clock M., FOB BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passengers to LONDON, ilAVKE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following rat"*:? Fi r ilii> first cabin, Silk); second cabin, $50; steerage, 933. For freight or pannage apply to OEI.RtCHS & CO.. CS Broad street. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVBRpool.?The Montreal Steamship Company a (lrstclass, full powe.ivd, Clyde built steamer, ANGLO-SAXON, Captain Gin!.mo, cairylng the Canadian und United Staiei, will sail from Portland, ue> t Saturday, Feb. fitli. Rates of p.n age front N< w York?First cta-.r, according to a commoda'i .f, $ i) and $(16; steerage,found with good provision*. S3'. ' e tPleale*issued for l r nclnroot pnswngprs from alt Cm prlno pal towns In Groat Britain and Iie'and, at very low rates, i r puss ten a ,ply 23iBr< ad way, N. w York. BABEL A SEARLE, Uenara.1 Agents. IpOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. A fiiei class steamer wiil leave New York on the 1st, nth and 21st of each month, except when there datcafall on Suncuy. v. lion the day of departure ?ill be on the Monday following. For freight or passage apply at the only office, No. 6 Bowlug Cri" a. D. B. ALLEN. Agent, rpo HAVANA THE DOUBLE, ENGINE UNITED J. S ics mail steamship ROANOKE, G o. W. Couch, Commander, will leave pier 13 North river, fur Havana d.rcct, on Wednesday, Fe.h. 6, at 12 o'elo -If. Apply to LPDLAM & inuNEK. lis Broadway. FOR HAVANA VIA NASSAU, N. P. The British and North Aaicriuun Royal Mall Steamship KARNAK, Capt. Le Losauner, will sail for the above ports from the company's wharf tn Jersey City, on Tuesday, January 7,1362. Monday, March 3. Tuesday, February 4. Saturday, March 2d. rnsrage money to Nassau : ? " " to Havana 00 A", persons leaving the Uuitrd Suitc.1 are required to have pa- purls limn the authorities of their respective countries, countersigned by the Secretary of State, at Washington or by the passport agent at the port of embarkation. For freight or passage apply to ^ CIJNAUD No. 4 Bowling green. PASSENGERS PER ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIP KARNAK for Havana, via Nassau. N. P., are requested to bo on board, at the Company's wharf, Jersey City, by 11)4 o'clock, ou Tuesday morning, 4th Inst. E. CUNAKD, No. 4 Bowling Green. FIVANCIAljt ~ ~ " Army and navy pay collected.?claims upon tv ry department of tho government promptly adjusted and cashed. JOHN 11. MURRAY, Army'and Nary Ranker, No. 31) Nao.-au street, N. Y., opposite the Poet o!Dce. Are you iNsurvEn? RUTGERS KIRK INSURANCE COMPANY. Office 17C Chatham square, corner of Mutt street. Dividknp ?The directors have declared a suml annual dividend of live (5) per cent, payable o i the 1st of February not. The transfer books will l>o closed from the 15th lust. Ull February 1. Ry order. E. B. FELLOWS, Secretory. j^MERICAN SILVER WANTED AT A PREMIUM. BY TAYOIt BROTHERS. 217 BROADWAY, corner of Murray street. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY.? Treasurer's office, coruer of Fourth avenue and Twenty* sixth street, N. w York, Jan. 2J, 18d2.?Interest coupons of the second mortgage and o.her bonds, due Feb. 1, will be paid on aud after that date, ul the Treasurer's oillce. W. II. EMERSON, Treasurer. PENSIONS, BOUNTY LAND, BOUNTY MONEY. TRIZE Money, and all other claim* of soldiers, eeimen, thetr widows and heirs, promptly collected by GEO. WOODMAN, 38 Pine street, live d. or* ess' of the Custom House. pENNIESI PENNIES! PENNIESk?WANTED FROM I nn- <n ftI,|,|, , ,?.1 ,!?>l'n.a- ,r mi, Mr 11,1 I,,, in., a weekly supply rxn bear of a purdiaier by applying: to II. BAUNAEJD, 21 Tliir.l avenue. Treasury notes and AMERICAN COLD BOUUlir AND SOLD by TAYLOR BROTIIERs, 217 broadway, corner of Murray afreet. <50 nnn ?wanted, a man with this amount, vO."'/u, to en -M.;o in au cxcltiaivc maiiuiBciurlnir bui , by which a fortune may ! o realtaad la a abort tune* Inquire bcu r 10 A. M. or from 1 to 3 l\ If., of Mr. JACK I.oN, 72 W.-M Thlrty-aocond atrm t. QIK nnn-T0 LOvN bond AND MORTGAGE tpTOiUV/U in one or more tu na, on productive i! tme ;n tlua city or Brooklyn. Ap, ly In the out e of ih1" pie's Fire Itiauraacc Company, to julln Y. conrey, CO IV ill bin ot. LOANOi'FICES, l( til 0 RAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST OY al Bioadway?Money advanced on Watches, Diamond*, Jeere'ry, Piute, Dry Good* nni perronal projqirty of every iteacrip.lon, or ooi'jjil mid ?o.l, by JOSKrli A. JACKSON, aueiP*n it au 1 br< uiir. AT 77 BLEECKBR STREET?MONEY LIBERALLY ./V. a ivxtioed to any umotint nn Diamonds, Wa telle a, Jewciiy, l'lar.ut,-Heir irs, Drytl ooda, Ac. N. B.?Patvtibrokcra Ti ?.cts bought. II. NEW TON, 7/ Bl.c.kcr street, uprtalra. T IBJ'RAL ADVANCES MAl'B ON DIAMONDS, lj Watc ea, 1*1 't and Jewelry, or 1 o i-ht fo; caa:i ut tho ntjhesl price. 1'e mora baring ant Go'd or 81 a r to aell rani. >; i.o oc ei tl, .i c it en I.I) I - A I KICII, 721 Jioad ray. rriu: highest prices advanced on <iold axd J Sltrer W ate ha J, Diamond*. Jewelry, Re. UmftoatH Cold a.i.l s irar Watciiea and Silver Ware for talc at coat. V. ADoLPHUS. 42J Pearl atrcet, corner New chnnib rs. ?. II.?Goods kept one y? ar. HA ILUOADST nUDSON RIVER RAILROAD ?TRAINS FOR albany. Troy, ilie North an 1 Yon , leov.- atrcet at 7 aud 11 A. II., and i!:l5,3 and 10.15 1*. M. \*BVf YORK, Ilvrt.EM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. J.T For Albany, Troy, Kor h and Weal. Winter arrftii^eru nl, coram nelnr Monday, Nor. 4, I Ml. For A!' any?10:30 A. M., Etprvsaida'.l Train, from Twentysixth .urei't depot. Tor all local train* * '- Time Tn'ole. JOHN BURCUiLL. Aulstant Superintendent. Till) hsBBLUOn. AP1IV AND NAVY PAY COI.l.'iCrKO, AND ARIIKAM o: pny !>ir rv*t?in'd uu-l *".|>ci iMmcntn ild.-iwu | r.w- nod. JOHN ?J. MUKHaY, Army und Na.y ll.u.k.r, No. 38 N' tret i. Now Y Jr.., o; j" silo Hit? Po*l o Ilea. ArjBMT LIEtTKN NT WANTXD NOR A COMPANY i f mrn; can .>e duiiPkiI i i at once; eatidldBtaa will Kilt what llioy u ?vi jinx 10 i.o (iu caali). AiMrera Cap. ta'n, box 13* Herald ; , , . iiMK >'i..i. ?: molts, 1' Stall?, 31 "ii ila-;%, Eagl. ?, Sfioar*, Ac. Orivinu BUI 1 Bint! in; and rm'TOi Vi ng on ntfk. llUlBK ? OKAU vM, VI Duatia a'rect. JllCBDlto WAXTBfr-TOft Tr!E mi>W AUT1Llliia r g rn-nl, aiiihorleoj by hla KtrMlenrjr, Governor Morj-an. and ?i,,Jl:r,:?t# I by b m *? I'm icg.uieni hear V arttll'iy, i* in ifiint?a'o > it onk m Mm:., a: hopif.d riscnriT.', n-' 1 Iron I? ' |j j care, a.'', it ,c-' than Ui f < t thr?e ""til1 r". 0 I la quirler-d ftt l'"i t'nlrri ll rrarkft, EnM N w Y . < 'I t i b <t of tni'o num liiro*ahttd. A np.< .i l"l ua .?r i aud ?initial -' ! ;? >' <> ' undart lo'.hlng f.irnl l:"i b i .! a oij, and lfc? Jjtlic 'lc to the fumillean r via. .... Hh? hi I ir v.l ? ntended for pin una .oly, an I tue n I u. t * .or 1 ' () ' I) loo 'ii rdina on I na e\| oanre to alorrnt, .? .. Iiiob ental to II id liny. l)io hun.:-< i. r n iujiiiy .t I'm . *p ration ?r ttiii war. Headquarter* X)C Grand Bit ?. < "nrr of th Bow. rr. EuV. Al.D 111) Ait AY, t.ulontl. Jamr.v f. Pinna:, A'." '.it. *18. ItL 1ME.NT NEW YOAiC CHAfSBFItS. HON. X .10.1 i: .mi -iO, (Vwi.?I i) n'llr b nil'' i.i?ii in I fur lhl.? f ivnrlta rr imrnt, no y in aetlvo tart Ice i nr WaaliIngit n. I a.., ruti n. , ,'r .. iin n ay oi fnllftlbi'*iit; Silk)bo .nl/ w II i r!i t t'i" ri'i-vltia to ib cl i o ( T lh< Ivor. Ih-uo fOllat u ; lu Hi t nql 'i nl . ..II In a tin I.- pr y drawn iu N ov York i y Hi. in m nille'. Rjuruliug oS.c? cjrarr of nvi nun and 8i -t.i street. i.l ut. I) IV. F.EK. H.>':ruilniaofllcer. MTBCMMUTi MADAXB XBTU.LK 1A L UK AX .VtOIylK I) Amour.?Ma Uiu IM. 1. ,.| H I tjt. <lo I .r<\ Pane, an I Bi'Oil tin t. Loid'Ui, rr j :,1/ ml ..ruts U?u l;i lie* i?:i<l gentlemen nf the I'uito. - . tV.t hit 4?llis;..-.l nrt hl' ti.'y lii the city of Hew Y \ tlic "iniif liar rlrlirn'ed Citali'.cin Mnrii|ii> D Amour. TV* vntjilei ill < . .trm>. * It* poMe*ior to oLloln lliri Inn of any yoreou of I lie nrirxii.tfl rex. It tvill l.e rent by ranil to nnv iwri nf llf rllj or pniitttry op"" Pie r nf ' "" ''"ir, wit'i foil illn cIIluk. Com, I'liiul' otloii* rtrlrtly eonlKlenllat. Ad.lrer* E. Boy.! A Co., Airi'l*. MS Broa.iwujr, New YrrX. riillF. ORBATE8T WOXDRK TN TIIK WOULD 13 THE A yooux end McntnplUh'd Madame MY HON, from Purl*, who tan bo colixulMii with the *tricte*t romi.iciioii oil oil lialniof life; ir'tnre* d.-'inken an I nn'nuhinl im-Ian.!*; ha* a nee ret to malie yo.i belored Ujr jroiir iiaort a Ideal, Hint brtiigH 1'ijetiter Ihoie lou* mwateu. Ladle* 33 cent*. Uosldew* W Thu-d aveau*, above Twelfth *treet. j| JEW YORK 11ERALD, SUJN AlttrSEMEKTS, xtiblou oarde? J-1 . -""> ? HENRY C. JAKRETT. Eiflli week of tin) ai tietn, Mr. E. L. DAVENPORT. Mr. W M. tVI 11 : ATI.EY, Mr. JAM Ed VV. WALLACE. JR., Mr. MARK SMITH, Mra. JAMES W. W ALLAOK, JR.. Mrs. JULIA B. HARROW. MONDAY EVENING, Rib. .1, 1KW, Will be presented, for the brut time this season, Shakapere's Tragedy of ROMEO AND JULIET, With tills mavulliceut cast:? Romeo Mi*. Win. Whcalley Meretitlo Mr. K L. Daven|iort Fi .or Mr. James W. Wnlla<.<, Jr. Prime Mr. Mark Smith Cap llot Mr. Oeorve Byer Juliet Mrs. Julia Bennett Harrow Nur;r Mrs. Urattan TUE8DA i KV EM in), Mob. 4, lntiJ. Mr. UAC'KKTT, tor tlm last time, as FALITA PP. MF.KRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. IIAMLET, with ils great cart will shortly be repeated. Due uo.ioo wiU be rt' en of the production of the COLLEEN DAWN, la which MRS. JOHN WOOD AND MR. J. COLLINS wi 11 appear. Admission (to all parts of the house) M cents Secured I'arijnet Stalls 75ceut3 Doors open at 7; commence at 7K. WINTER GARDEN. On Monday cv iiing the oris Hal American Coinedutn, MR. J. 8. CLARKE, will appear In two of his GREAT COM 10 CHARACTERS: AR . DOVB, in Bucknlo:ie's ttircno! Oomcily of married life, ond as schnapps, 111 the naiad queen. An arrangement has been entered into with the dintlngulshed American manager, Mr. James M. Nixon, by which the beautiful cubas, assisted by DON JUAN XIMENES and a PERFECT SPANISH (JUKI'S DE BALLET, will appear in two of her exquisite national dances. On Monday will be presented the (.omody of married life, In which Mr. J. S. Clarke will sustain the character of mr. dove, . supported by a magnificent cast. Alter which, a DIVERTISSEMENT, in which tho BEAUTIFUL CUBAS will execute one of her National Pauccs, supported bjr Don Juan Xlnicr.cs and a perfect Corps de Ballet. To be followed by three acta of tho NAIAD QUEEN, embracing tbc lovelier t of Its scenery. the rhine by moonlight, THE BATH OF BEAUTY, THE GLITTERING STALECTKCTIC HALL OF the NAIADS, and the cave of the lurliebero, xvllh lis grand march of t1ie amazonians. In tbr tcene of the Glittering Stalectoctic Ilall, In tho second act, the beautiful cubas will appear, for the first time. In one of the lovely national dances of france. Thus offering on the same evening tne unequalled attraction of n Standard Comedy, a Ballet and Magnificent Scenic Spectacle. Great canterbury music iiall, (kjfi broadway. 635 SUCCESS SUCCESS ,T SUCCESS Still crowns our efforts tn p! asc. the great 1iit of the season Is the grand ravel ravel ravel ravel pantomime, MAZULM, THE NIGHT OWL. Ma/.ULM, THE NIGHT OWL. malulm, the night owl. Rtron^m i ompnr.v in oxlRtenre. We never deROend to siprlltv n our advertisements. We ask the public to read our 1 st of first clans iierformers and judge for themselves which U the best. w. arlington, \V. ARLINGTON, the only rcallv grant delineito of the peculiar traits and eccentricities or the "contr U audR." J. C. STEWART, J. C. stewart, j. o. stewart, J. C. STEWART, the great original Comic VoeeliRt and Comedian. I altle Slow irt, who looks like a mountain of ran, Or twenty comedians rollrd inlo oue. A. M. HERNANDEZ, A. M. HERNANDEZ, A. M. HERNANDEZ, acknowledged by All to b* tho hrst Pantnmlmlst Urine. MLLE. KATKINK, MLLE. KATRINE, MLLE. KATRINE, tho favorite D.inseuse, fr?m tho Academy of Music. MILE. MARIETTA HAVEL, MLLE. MARIETTA RAVEL, Ute Premier D imwuse of ihe Ravel troupe. MISS ADELAIDE PRICE, MISS ADELAIDE PRICE, MISS ADELAIDE PRICE. In 0 beautiful Ciorecrauhlc Scotia from la Bayadere. TIIE CLIFFORD STSTEltS, THE CLIFFORD SISTERS, In their delightful songs and due's. rio. r. ahkoco, w. n. RMrrn, In his glorious ballads. the champion bone soloist. R M. CARROLL, whose wonderful rendition of Harlequin, In the Night Owl, has stamped him nt< ajiantomlrnlst of great excellence. ASHTON AND RO0ER8, the twin cronies, In thnir splsnilid Oymuastlo Exercises. BY ron ciirvfirr in a new and original Lecture on "Do war tings stand." PAUL BERUKB, the popular pantnmlmlst und vocalist. P. SPEAR, W. ROPS, In hi* Doleful Dltlies. the Excelsior BuujollL THE CANTERBtlRY MINSTRELS, and the full corps DE HALLET. GRAND MATINEE ON SATURDAY AT > P. M. ROBERT FOX, Agent. Cams. Morris, Treasurer. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. ANN ETTA OALLKTO AOAIN8T.THE WORLD. The foUow lug note was a nt to us yesterday. As we are not aware whether p Is au anonymous epistle or not, we publish U for what It Is worth, nssttrlng the gentlemen that we are ready at a moment's nodes to deposit either *?00 or *1.000. it si,in ii,em: hut will thev p' ;'.ic Inform us If thev are acting with the consent of ISABELLA CUB AS, and If it U with her desire. Wo are authorized on the part FH1NOUINA ANNETTA GALLETTI t" o'or the above a im thM '.he cm heat ISABELLA CUBA A, or *nv other woman 1n the worhl, Jn danetnff French dancer. A* so m a? w have her written consent, and as Soon as hnreoli or hor authorize:! iigont may fed Inclined to accept the above wn'er, uiid name some theatre where tho TRIAL OF SUPERIORITY ahsll take place, our mousy is ready to be deposited In any responsible parti's' h .nlt She or her agent may select, bitih ' them nrerv advantage as rersrds tAbatkb. time and committee to decide. No.v, tenth men, no talking or writing, but put up tho "money," that's the prettiest way, and see how soott we wIII cousent. New YonK, Jan. 24, 1S63. Oeoroe I,?A. Em. Dm it 8w?Mys? 1 , with a eonple of friends, will eeeopt your challenge In It r 'lerahl of this date. Wo will wig r vou fi re hundred . 1 irs r r one thousand dollars that Sonorila Coliascan b'(t. Galle'tl, or any other woman, dane ng any war alio ma) name, without any notice for preparation. The trial to come off within two weeks after tho money ts de o Iteil, on ? ihrrof the theatres on Broadway. Money now reedy. Addre.<s Yestvallt, care of \V. Randolph, Fourth nv c, ml ho ,sc lonla' ust of Dean struct, Brooklyn. The two or:-: dam ers in the would, viz: 81UNOKINA ANNKTi'A OALLETTI . AND MON8. EDOUAIlD VELAIIDE, Together w 111' " gr t BON AMI BALLET TROUPE, i. i.w.ani BALLET TROUPE, ItONZANI BALLKT TitOUI'I, RONZANt BALLKT TROUPE, RON35ANI BALLET TfloUPK, R'JNZANI BALLKT TROUPE, M iS/.AS 1 BALLKT TROUPE, kunkam ballet troupe, Bo.NZaM ballet troupe, ROM/AM BALLET TROUPE, will commence an en,"a men' In BOSTON. i < n MONDAY. February 1(?. Look'oul for something line. mmsKs, gamriaoei, ac, A NUMBER OF NEAT BUSINESS WAGONS CON etant'y on hand, or made to order, such oa Grocers', Bakers', Milk, Espies* and every si vie of Bus nesi Wag me, made In the lieei manner. Yon will find this piece as laror. able us inv that run he found. hTKWAHT 8 Wagon Factory, Flily-llnrd atlwet, batweon Broa.l.vuy and Eighth areune. For sale.-a span of horses without a ault or t/e a h?having all tho quullties thai gives value t" gi ai * degree a < upy span In the city; ?nv family wishing a park i r gentleman a road team, wiU find this ah nj)|i<trillUIIJ Uiil "IIDII?^> ***-.* "ill ' Hiivnii m HJ paity wanting such, l.y nddrcMltig' "Central rink," llural<l iiilliit. PrJOi1, $1.-50. IPOS B.VtK-A VERY HANDSOME ISMALL POXY " hail "irrrl I In <?, * ,?tt< h I II, i'i ml II liandi Mali; n arranted kind and * mid: pood under a id lie and In nam. ea: ran trot a mile in tlireo minutes; prioe $150. Apply at No. 2d mi er atiw t. rnOR SALE?ONE VERY PRETTY TERN OYER SEAT l" Kn kitwny, I *n depot Wag n i, ttv > II,'it I'hnel i tareo top Itc-ilM-, one thr^e.fjuar(fr Road Vegan ( lty nude),*- .rain.: only 110 itonnda. TUo above ; l*- -jM a* a bar. a In. nt No. tdl Uo.lnr street, orpiilte the I'oat oHIe-. M. t!.Kl)EY_ tag It sale OITEaP-ONS tair OP long tail day JD More , 15 i'i a in la lilgli! nan trot In ? Id; an tad arid kind In single and double hnrnesa; doable rated S.<1 h, I lab Wagon nn-* tla>'ne*s. Can beanali at N??r York Hala Hi i bier, ri.-nov of Fart \ -tlilril street and tiiuU avenue, between tne nin e of it an 11 o'clock. (SttUOIID, CAItRIAQBil. ViOOM or ALL KINDS ij uad II ni ?, | o al\ ? I'd !a en I ci'.'cr Stalgb , 2n0 Cnti i. and m-lnevu tV.i.nna, and M It- ri?i, ae'ilng oIf cheap, at I I Fulton armtie and III Ncema atreet, llrooklyn. OLEIC II.?A M'LENDID TWO SEAT DOL'BLK 8LBU1H, kJ lor lt.ur lauoit , 1 nod with vulynt, it.rSiOD?coalf.l?L ti.i -I , nl,v twti . C '.n be -ten at tlio catch factory earner or TIilnl n?i n.i" and lJIih r'rc t OLKtOIIS?STIVERS A SMITH HAVE ONE MORE O In I of tltair KihttlirNMal Weighs. Also, a numberof light, low priced I'nrtlauJ Sleigh* alllielr faoto./, HJEllridgo I, n< ar Grand. QLEIOII RI.'JCNERB.?CALL AND SEE SLKtait IH'Jf. - nil VI,, I. ,.f r,.t, ?l-ri. e CI". ,...e i.l?at OiCtii 't atrri't, oppiMltn the Put u!U ni c. edrt. rrmmi.evs food ' 'tin korstu and cattlu.' I At? /real r ?lui'iluti In r I o. Fur>alo by K II. ARI.EEN A CO., 1til ami I 'I -r aOeu*. _____ "tiranted?a new HAtlOAOB OR MAIIKRT waooff, vv with MUkm- ."y; ni'mi i'i> n ilrvl rn'o veblate In ovt/ roiipc t. A I'H "?i Ca-h, b. * 3 '*>'< <-'U \\ atchbi ajfd jbwblrt. / 1a9lt paid for diamonds ?ai'pdy oNliY i 110'.j \j v till It) a. M an.i d till I p M. It w.I'J,'. sh in >'.1 Jlroker, ma Broadway. oppnalln Ilia hi Nl_hiili? lloml. ; N. B.-A number of artlolaa ot Dlautjni Jewelry for ?ale *1 , i a bargain, ' DAY, ,FEBRUARY 2, 18( AiinsBWEvrs. rrua UAUmas, a the gaieties, ill', oaii:vies, TDK gaieties, THK GAIETIES. THE GAi KITES, TUB GAIETIES, u- ?! ?? ?6 ? a si? ft* ? 3 ? ?? ?!? tl# 2 a ?K 8,6 818 K 3 2S2 6)6 818 S O .t}8 ?lt* 61S g ? ?il? 61U 5 ? Olfl Ol u CIS OP STAIRS,

OP etaik8. op bt,\m:2 dp staihs, UP STAIRS, up stairs, two doors buUj?v Laura Krenr'g yet a live. vet a lite ybt alive. yet ALIVe! vv? V,<T ALIVE. YE1 A..1V E. VET ALIVK YET ALIVE. YET ALIVK YET ALIVK VKf ALIVE YET ALIVE. YET ALIVE YKTAIIVK. YET A LI VP.! YLf ALIVK. YET ALIVE. iSI ALIVK YKT ALIVK. YLT ALJVB. YET-ALIVK. Yhl ALJ i E. YET ALIVE. CROWDED HOUSES NIGHTLY TESTIFY CROWDED HOUSES NIGHTLY TESTIFY CROWDED HOUSES NIGHTLY TESTIGY CROWDED HOUSES NIOHILY TESTIFY OROVVDEo HOUSES NIGHTLY TESTIFY CROWDED HOUSES MoIiTLY Tod 11 FY crowded houses nig: ly testify crowded hol es mo ,tj,v testify CROWDED HOUSES NIGHTLY TESTIFY CROWDED HOUSES NIGHTLY TESTIFY Ci.OsDiH) HOUSES NIGHTLY TESTIFY CROWDED HOUSES NiGUTLY TESTIFY Our j.op aarr V ?iii? lUe liuu. ?, rial Uu Iici.h teria Iho fcauiu Unio lo ioioriu tiieiu that la stIU ret.uua tliolrolcl favorites, the PRETTY WATTBR GIRL3. thk IMiiTTY WAITER (IIR.'.S. the PRETTY WAITER GIRLS, Till: PRETTY WA.TLK GIRLS. Tf K PRETTY WAITER (UU1.S. l'HK PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. TUB PBETTY WAITEN GIRLS. TUB PRE'lTY WAITER GIRLS. TUB PRETTY WAtTER GIRLS. Till: PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. TUB PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PHETTY WAITER GIRLS. TIIE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAilER GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAITER OIRi.S. THE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PKF.TTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAl'TKB GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAITER GII'.LS. THE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE I'HETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. THE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS. Anil he b^n to rem.n 1 rival proprietors of nrlsto. era ileal esuibllshmrutt. on Br jndwsy, tliat he uaes thorn with respect and treats them a ludlcr, anil not as WHITE SLAVES. Who move about like spectres. THE UAIETIEI, THE GAIETIES. THE GAIETIES, THE GAIETIES, THE GA1KIIE8, THE GAIETIES. T1IK GAIETIES, THE GAIETIES nightly (ills to ovcrhu.ving. We have the choice of professional talent. THE BEST SINGERS, THE BEST HANGERS, THE BEST l'ANTOMIMISTS, THE REST GYMNASTS, TnE MOST COMPLETE BALLET TROUPE, AND THE PRETTIEST LADY DANGERS IN TUE CITY 50 BEAUTIFYL BALLET GIRLS, 50 HEALTIFI'L BALLET GIRLS, 0) BEAUTIFUL BALLET GIRLS, GO BEAUTIFUL BALLET GIRLS, GO BKAl i 1FUL BALLET OIKLS, GO BEAUTIFUL lULI-liT UlitLS, 60 BEAUTIFUL BALLET GIRLS, GO BEAUTIFUL BALLET GILLS, 60 BKAUTiF! L BALLET GIRLS, 60 BEAUTIFUL BALLET GIRLS, 60 BEAUTIFUL BALLET GILLS, 80 BEAUTIFUL BALLET GIRLS, unapproachnl lo in hm-UuiMM anil ;.r ioe. Wo have the mos cony ball in the <aty, comfortably w..rmc<l and ventilated, ana read our lollokvlng li.-.t of annr*:? Ml OLE. LEONORA, MLLE. LEiiNOIIA, MLLK. LEONORA, MLLE. LEONORA. The cbiof favorite of all who tvlliiexa nor graceful movemeats. She is acknowledged i? bo the queen of the dahce. KISS JENNY JOtlXsON, MISS JENNY JOHNSON, MISS JKI?N"Y JOANSON, MISS JENNY JOHNSON, The beautiful Cantrt'lee. PKoF. NICHOLS A SON, PROF. NICHOLS A SON, In their clnulcal innec and extra- r Unary feate. SMITH AND COLE JAN, BM1TH AND COLEMAN, SMITH AND COLEMAN, Two delineator* of ti e Irroprcoaible darkey, without theli equal* In their line of-bualn **. DERBY BROTHERS, DERBY BItOi IIJIRS, DERBY BROTHERS, HANLON EXCELLED, HANLON EXCELLED 1LANLON EXCELLED, IIANLON EXCELLED ZAMPILAEROSTATION OUTDONE. ZAMPILAEROSTATION OUTDONE. ZAMPILAEROSTATION OUTDONE. They will appear every nlglit next week In aundry nore feat?never yet aocompltahed, and startling to the beholder. MR. H. HARTLEY, MB. If. HARTLEY, MR. H. HARTLEY, NELLY GRAY, NELLY GRAY, NU1.LY URAY, MLLE. THEODORA, MLLE. THEODORA, MLLE. THEODORA, JULIA ROBINSON, JULIA ROBINSON, JULIA ROBINSON. And Pearly 100others, each a alar performer. Remember THE OA 1 KITES, THE GAIETIES THE GAIETIES, THE GAIETIES TI1E GAIETIES, THE GAIETIE3 THE OAIKTIKS, THE GAIETIES THE GAIETIES, THE GAIETIES THE OAIKTIKS, THE UA1E1IES THE OA1KTIES, THE GAIETiKS, ?IIK OAIKT1S8, THE GAIETIES HE GAIETIES, THE GAIETIES TUB UAIETIES, THE OAIKTIKS THE GAIETIES, the gaieties, tjik gaieties, the gaieties, the gaieties, cis 010 m? r M 018 019 816 t> 3 618 018 610 C ? CIS 616 : 9 616 010 t 3 cio c:o ?5 615 ? n cio r up stairs, UP stairs, UP STAIRS. up hta:ks, UP STAli.S, UP STAIRS, UP STAIRS, la the Model Concert Roomof New York, and deUce nil ri vain*. On Monday cvcntnn ne?t we have nu ENiiUE CHAN IE OK PROGRAMME, ENTIRE CHANCE OK PROGRAMME, KNiiRK CHANGE OK PROGRAMME, introducing feature* never before Attempted in New York, Wo are r. eohre.! to dererve our patron*' favor. Wo telect car performer* without rettnrl to pecuniary outlay; And l'?w well our ellortA to rater for the i ubiiu are appro, cittej, let the thouanndi v. ho have wiluvued the rendering of our proarAinme leatiry. T IK OAIETTRS tilk OA1Ei'll.a the GAIEt'iE. is nightly crowded to overflowing. cr.ownKi) to overflowing. CROWDED TO OVER PI,OWING. CROWDED TO OVERFLOWING. CROWDED TO OVERFLOWING. CROWDED TO OYER PLOWING. CROWDED TO OVERFLOWING. comk early and avoid a rusit. comb early and avoid a rcnii. 1 wur, iiAHUI A.^U IMS* A III?AJ1. UP HiAlRS UP UTAUld UP HfAlRS up ktaus-i up hrxrus up htaikS UP STAIltJ UP HTAIRd UP ST.UKH ii the pin""? for fun and fr !!<?for true enjoyment * nights' solace nflnr the c*r - and turmoil of business. i.AUOll AN If GROW FAT. LAUGH AND GROW FAT. laugh and grow fat. "Wo hold llii- mirror up to nature, And show thr ools and Idiots of the hour Their form and image. ' Onr Ball"t Troops number* nearly nno hundred, all young, handsome girl', selected lor thuir beauty and talent; In fact, It is the old urcam of fairy laud realised, and 11 la by all acknowledged TUB ZEMN8KI TROITPR TUB ZKMN8KI TKoUPB TUB ZKLINSKI TKOUPB TUB ZrEINKf TRoUPK TUB Zi.LlN.SKI TUOUPK TUB ZF.LINbKI TKulTK THE ZBMNMKI TROUPK ha* no importer. The spnl.ii e whleh titgh''y greeta (ha Runs and wtt detains of our trio of romfrs Is astound Int. ' -thing stale. Hat aed unprofitable, but etarrthing rich so I r.tcy; nud what is so luvlgotaim* these bard tones as a go . i Ull|n<i Mirth whleh wrinkle 1 care derides, And laalner holding both his sites. Wo have so: e but bona lid- wader ride, whoso lorslln?sa and iDtalllgonre are 'bo won ler of all beholders. We are determined lo select dnl) tlio-e who arc pleasing to thu eye. In fac t, ibe (J .let!', i w.titcr girls lotto bccj ne uu institution familiar to the p ibti 'na houmhtdd words. They have be iu written about, euagaboutand ",e'r merits discus e l'.htoughout thr world. WB IIAVB AUGMENTED OITR ORCHESTRA, WK llAVK Al'uMBN IK I) it GHtHiKSTlU, WE HAVE AUGMENTED OJK URCilKsltU, WK HAVE AUGMENTED 01 It ORCHESTRA, WK HAVE AC' MENTH!> OCR ORPHI.SrRA. WK IIAVB AUGMENTED OUK Of'.CHKSTKA, rendering It thr meat complete of snyConc-Tt Hall In the World. Hlr.inT. ru wlio wU.i to are the elephant In all Ht nrUlint gioiy hnd r cut tola oui, ur at lead uaku a mer.t.iran lii'n "r it, as It U wall to remember that THE OAIETH13. THK GAIETIES, THE UAIRTIEH, A-iik GAIETIES, Tins gaieties. THE GAIETIES, Tim GAIETIES, Till! OAlKTIlM, THE GAIETIES, TIIK OA IK t'iuS, THE GAIETIES, THK GAIETIES, TIIE GAIETIES, ?l(l 8 <'16 M :i5 3 BROAOVTAT, BKUAmVAY, H:' o v i?vV A V. It the <:iti plaee In the rliy mi-m grnt>Tien can anlojr theli x>' 'iibiiig ii .liseirupledlj j fir II It another lotturo of our re talillthmrut that no novs are adyitteo NO nova AiiU .VII.>111 rap ? O HOY'S A-IK AinilTTEO NO b"VH AUK A I MlT. KO J ") HO/8 AUK AI)JI:TiKO No LOY. AIM ADMIT i .1) to dltturh their . ,ij vmciit. I'njr ue uno iUi, and irangtri will Ilnd thai tve have 'h.o E .OK LSI OR CONCEPT HALO In tliO United Suite*. }2. AMCIIirKKTS. IB 1. LACK'S. " 1 Tf FOURTH SERIES J or ruv. GRAND REVIVALS. Y HK8T MtiU'M ol or Til k ? IOOK OENTLEMAK, tv TOWN AND COUNT BY, SPEED TUK PLOUGH. X. MONDAY, Fe'truary LAST TI'IK Hilt TUB PRESENT, in UOLDiSAliili'M dUPLLii COMEDY or P SHE STOOPS ol TO OONIJUKR, ?< Wtvh Ui<> ertabliahed distribution of characters which hoa h attracted euuh a success.on of crowded and delighted audie net a. el Youni? Marion". Mr. Lester Wallack Mr. llarduiHlia Mr. Dlike V Tony Luuipkiu Mr. O. Holland Hastings Mr. Reynolds ,li rimy Mr. Jo 11 tiftnu X JMr'viry Mr. Young Auniuiitub Mi.Paraioo P Sir Charles Mallow Mr. Browne XI Ro.eri Mr louvers XJ Mnt Muggins Mr. Eurico JtlidinroT. Mr. Johnston 8tln?o Mr. Partes T 'J'lm 'twist Mr. Smith -1 Mrs. llardcastle Mrs. Vornou Mi a Hard ensile Mrs. llony Mis . Neville Mrs. Eloan Dolly Mrs. Reeves TUE-1MY. FIRST TIME, A THE I'O It QENTLEKAK. WKUNKSDA Y, W FIRST TXMX. TOWN AN U COUNTRY. THURSDAY. T Filth I TIME, 1 SPEED THE PLOUGH. Notice.?These plays will l>o produced with cvory ettcutlon to Costume. lr THE SCENERY. APPOINTMENTS NI? INCIDENTAL MUSIC 0 ALL NEW. t THE CASTS BRILLIANT AND COMPLETE. ? N B ?A fur: in i an 1 enlarged list of Standard Comodioi an in tlie pr | aration. WALLACE'S THEATRE. 1 "The Lc-nter Walliek Polka," eompoeed by R. St.'iepol, L i played every night with great nuecess. Au excellent IiVv- t i . >is.h of Lester Wallack, Esq., adorns the titln page. Pile'3d couls porcopy. FIRTH, I'ONii A CO., Music Publishers, 617 llro a.way, N. Y. C OLD BOWERY. t DAN. IHCE, AT STICKNEV S NATIONAL CIRCUS, MONDAY N4IIHT. T1IK BUND IIOKSS, d EN CE LSI OK, JH. I. COMIC MULES. NEW PROG RAM MR, NEW FACES. ? NIDLO'S GARDEN. SPECIAL NOTICE. MR. II. C. JARRETl' . nn niiecs Dm UM' APPEARANCE THIS SEASON ?! R. HACKETT. TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 4. IS?, * 1 when lie will pt r senate th FALSTAFF Of Till: MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, as that ndmirablo comedy has been ovpurgated by himself, and div'et"d of nil the co irfcnoss of C.e English language, wlileh was common to an unrefined aud now nearly three centuries byaone so, end yet preferred 81 nkspi re's \v Uutuur wall the moat ooviouo and excellent moral Incut A', "d. The manager also tnlcos pride In remaiklni; that whilst all the erltlcr. are unanimous in regarding Mr. Hackett a performance of this Falstatl' as having "reached a degree of perfection In ai t s i u arly tdentl al wi'h second nature as to bo absolutely marvellous," tho audience ut large have aceoriled to the other artists In the comedy the production of "an cnsernblu excellent au.l unprecedented in the theatricul annals of this city." A A A AMERICAN MUSIC IIALL, 444 414 BROADWAY. 444 AMERICAN Victory perch on tl.y banner. Oh, land of the ieiriessun.l frne; The hopes of a world (town trodden, Columbia, ate centred in thee. The eyes of th? world are turned oil our sniggling country. mmn murt be ours. Tiio eyes of uur enjoyment loving citizens are turned upon the AMERICAN MUSIC IIALL. . SUCCESS IS OURS. . Not only has otir house b en crow led cvory nlihttoover' flowing, but the principal support of other, (hough minor, concert halU, through the stormy we ither of lam week, has becu the vast numbers who, unable to ga n admittance to the AMERICAN MUSIC HALL, 444, hare, as s last resort, visited tho fourth rate places, designated, lu Imitation of us, "concert halls." Never, since the days When Kosclus was anaotor at Rome, has there been known such A SERIES OF TRIUMPHANT SUCCESSES. And how can tt be otlierwO- while we imsec-a ALL THE STARS OF TUI4 PROFESSION. ALL TIIK STAK8 OF THE PROFESSION. Stars no created by "billing and o ir ting," but by TIIE UNANIMOUS VOICE OF THE PUBLIC. THE OVERFLOWING HOUSES Of the past Week bear unmlslnltcablo witness to thi fact that talent of a high order will always meet t ie approbation and iSiTi-i?/iiir ciif'i'iiw uuncl LOOK AT THE CONSTELLATION, TON If PANT Oil, TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, ' TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR. TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, f TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, c The inuit original and moat popular comic alnaer in AuicrL L 1 ca, who U acknowledged to bo as a comedian want EDWIN FORREST < EDWIN FORREST , EDWIN KOR11BST { EDWIN FORREST } III as a Tragedian. , BEN COTTON. BEN COTTON 1 BEN COTTON, BEN COTTON, c BE V COTTON. BEN COTTON, BEN COTTON, BEN COTTON, ben cotton. ben cotton, BEN COTTON, J Whose Inimitable delineation of tha "cullcrcd man" haa 1 made bin name a xynonym for fun. In the wide rnnge or ' Kih'opeanlbcceulriciuea it may be truly said "Cotton ia 1 king." charley white, CHARLEY WHITE. CHARLEY WHITE, CHARLEY WHITE, 1 CHARLEY WmTE, CHARLEY WHITE, f In those glorious negro farces which have made his l'umo world wide. BOB HART, i BOB HART, BOB HAUT, BOB HART, c BOB HART, , BOB HAItT, t J Iu hit roaring song's and dances, simple lays and pathetic [ plat ii lx. J J. A. HERMAN, 3 j. a. herman, t J. A. HERMAN, ! J. A. HERMAN, i J. A. nERVAN, | The beautiful Ballad!*?, whose sweet tonex cliartn the listen, cr and raiae bis thoughts 'r un the ero-ser 1 hliina ol earth. 1 mis-r i.izzie soiiri.i/E, MISS I.IZZ! C 8CMBI.TZK, MISS LIZZIE 8CHULTZB, MIil LIZZIE SUlIULfZK, MISS lizzie GClilLl/. K. , millie ft .ok a. .millie flora, 1 millie flora, ... millie flora, millie FLO. V, * millik flora, millie FLORA. Mil.LIE Flora, MISS ernestine ee faiukk, MISS Hi..NL'STI Ii I)E KAISER, MIS ERNESTINE DK FAII'LB, miss ernestine dk fvibek, 1 miss ernes i inf, dk paiber, ' .t. pikkck, m. turner, ii. leslie, j. pierce, m. turner, ii. li'.sSIB, i J. PIERCE, M. turner, Ii. leslie, 1 AND THE RROADW.vY MINSTRELS, THE II ROADWAY MlNSlRELB, < THE BROADWAY MlNSl'RKLS, THE BROADWAY MINSTRELS, THE BROADWAY MiNSTRELS, THE BROADWAY MIN'SfKELS, * THE RROADWAY MlNS'IlLLS, THE BROADWAY MiNSi'HELS, " THE I?KOAD.VAY MINSTRELS, J THE BROADWAY Mi NSTRELS, 1*11 IP UlIMAir.V \V V I V' i I'lll.'! A] Till' BROADWAY MINSTRELS, TUB BROADWAY MINSTRELS, in a new pot p.iurrl of Sethi--;, Oleea, Gh truaea,?-viundruma, J'and biin at the folTlea nu l foahi -n? of the cay. If proof wore wanting that this troupe Is tha very bent ever org-uitred, it 1* to be found in tlio f ?c? of tlie peine of applause with which they nre nii(iuly greeted by audiences the mod V rcsuectal'li* and critical. 1MB BRILLIANT RALLEf TROUPE, I Tin: BRILLIANT BALLET TROUPE, TIIE BRILLIANT BALLET TROUPE, J THE BRILLIANT BALLET TRWJPR, TUB liitlLLI IN f 11 An'.El' TROUPE, I composed oT ibe most captblo artist * of the Tcrpiiehorean art, uudcv Ibo dlrjcilon of the renowned master of tbo bal> Ut' MpN3. BALL BRILLIANT, MONH. PAl'L JlttlLLI ANT, MON8. 1'AiJL BRILLIANT, M'l.VI. FALL BRILLIANT, andanumeroo-air*, of . FIRST CLASS PERFORMEM, ( constituting TIIE GREAT I)OtRLE COMPANY i TUB GREAT DOUBLE COMt'ANY TUB URBaT DOUBLE COMPANY t AMERICAN MUSIC IIALL i to take rcii i ?'u i _ TUB THEATRE IN THE WORLD, r and fonnn an epoch in the Ui?tory ol the stage. (] 1 raving detciinint d to keep t.ic lead of all places of amuse- n tnent and ma'ntaln the I'Nl RECEDEN'TED PATRONAGE , bestowed upon us RY TIIE MASSES, BY TUB MAifeKS, BY TUB MASrKS, e BY '1IIH MARSES, | Wa have In Brnriralion a tn .i.ibi-r "I i, KXTRAOflMN AI?V NOVELTIES, Extraordinary no ye ltila, a which wtllbe | nil uoed in rephl suoressuu iu the molt com- ^ plotcand?.ivSBV EVKNIM(i wc (ball rr|'^j'||.TItTNf, NRW TJ, TIIK WAT OF ] ballet pantomime, ijorlbryl k. farce, opera, i tableau, dance, sono and extravaganza. ohano matinee, (IRAN? MAI'INKB, 1 For lite eccnnnuodallon orliidns *nd child' r, EVERY SATURDAY AT J1; Or ' ?'"K, I All 'be greni comedy combination *p >. sain* in an ATTRACTIVE nfUOttAMMB. i robkkt \V. hi' 11.kb, A do Pro] rnturauil M.tuainr. ( m"n*. lia thohnk, Atafe Manager, j oeo. crane, Treasurer. The bona of harmony wilt, assemble at "Hrook ? Old S'nr." 4t* llrnoqie strr t, on Monday ?? nIng, l'vriuy 3, la.*, <il A o'cbiok. William Puulin, Jr., t (sTinclos, Ben?"ii etrcelj, Ch.lrmsu. JOE U HOOKA, "all I lb " ?y from Manchester," Proprietor. t _ __ _ i Twelfth an > i tersary ok the brownson A'-social; On. . i< y oreillng, Fob. A.?Ornud mntbal and literary ?i > ? nl, l(W''iker Building*. Bleecker reel, corner ' >.o-mi,. Ticket* ? . Proceeds 10 be applied to the relief if i1' , tor of St. Joseph's parish. t Nidlo'fl BAI" iN ltcccntl) ' ' sndfl'ted np In ele ant elyle for CON. , , s, lKcTIIKBS. Ac., to lot hy the uiatuh, \Y ** m night. t Apply tu A. T. STEWART ? CO. 7 AMUSBlttBXnS. r OA I) I'M V OK MUSIO, Nliff YORK?OI'Klt A. \ 10 MGKKOVV (MONDAY), Keb. 3. LA TRAY LATA. Tc-n.onow, at eight u luck, oi euu the tic! e otttrek at Near ork am) 11 Acadeuilea, Beer A Shh mur's (succeRkoie ' arousing), 7<>l Br* a jway, and Mibeil's, Wull street, where uta van b< n ritred for New York and Brooklyn Opera, far t o opera Llniita 111 ativuuue. MI.;8 k.elloqq ETTA "? "rS*lt H seu auo" t,ie dramatic role of VIOi 11 ictineqiu nco of the shortness of Ihe season, it trill be epoSkiUo to i.a t ravi at A event on tula time only. DEBUT OK tUUNOit Y) 01*1 rO, rime B r.tone of Mr. Max Manstrok's company, in Che role r GEltMONT. Sign r Ynolito'g high loputation, confirmed bjr recent me *>js of the most llu'tu inx character, U a guaiauieouf lu accession to the A< a tnj fur e?. 8i*uor Bill ON 11*1, 8ifcoorBARILI. uaical Dire 1. r aud o.-miuoiar MAX MARETZEK. Mr. OOTT.lCllALK'M Kiret Ore 111 Ooncert wJU take place OSiUvelv on Toe: by, I'Ylj 11, j,t Niblr/* S ilo '11. BROOKLYN AO DEM* Of M U .SI O?Ol'H It A. Hi ir* y u nl - v rdnv. Kelt G and K oarrivEi v the two sights ok titksearon. THE ItBDAY, I KB. fl, LOCI A DI 1* AMM HKMOOIt ebut of Bin. YI OLITU. 111 Hie role of Aahtoo. Mtaa Inkley, Lucia, Biirnoll, K('.,;irdo Bauli: Raymond, Musical 'irector; Cui. intor, Mat MarcUi-L. Saturday dosing night of the searon. kTEW BOWER* THEATRE. i N Sole l'rop' ieio a .1 b-a. O. L. Po* A J. W Luu-ard. Ml NLlAY, I'eoruaiy 3, ISiJ. Another new D.aina of thrilling interest, entitled mabel: Oh, Tur Chit.r or tun Battle Field, nd the Gorge >u* Fa rv Kiiecta > or * CilEKitY AND FAIR STAR, ith its Brilliant Scenic and Mech.iulcal elTectr. )uyantrf' MINSTRELS, \ If , I.. * I, *T*> *l.n,-Q Crun* utmrl MONDAY, pj' r 'erv S, and every ni 'it (luring tlie week, bOiRK.i DK ETHIOPE, Ltcriprrse I vrl'.h Jo a and C rmlealittiB by the t'..median* Horn, Florence, Peel, Getti k, N 'Hand II uEount. S. C. CAM I'UELL, rould, Fowl r, nilt.xi and L-Mie, in new Songs, Choruses, c., LlacksuiUu'u Jubt'eo. African Polka, Tyrolean Warblers. OAUTB LIB VliJITK. . rra. Fre Irrick" Dan Bry.u.t| Mr A 1 s Eph Horn Doors p.;i at G',i; Curtain rises at7X; Tlckots 2 > cents. aOOLBY'H MIN8TREL9, 6.111 lir a.l.vay, oppoalt" Bond street. "up c rcdente 1 lilt of Or.[I'm A Howar ds preat sensation Ira' JANE ASHORE; OR, THE ROW AT 8rV YVKeANT IT ALL lharl.y Pox..a* Aa lor I Itollin Howard, .us....Alicia I.W.ll. Oilflla.L id Hastings | E.J.MclvMe..DukeolOloste* Irneltjr to Johnny, 1> irbury Allen, Bully Come Up, Ac. Doora open at , to commence at Tickets 21 ocnlr. \CADEMY OK MUSI :. BROOKLYN. ..a ee and Man< "r TAMES M. NIXON .Mr J me . ' Ni on has the pleasure of anuoi n in.; to the '* of Hiookljru and vicinity that he has e'lected a lease 1 the ubovo elegant temple f<>r the appearance of KD IN FORREST, K l 'WIN FORREST, KUW1N FORREST. THE OREAI'RST LIVING TKAnrOTAN, TUB UI.EArt.-T EI YIN t) TRAGEDIAN, Tiiii G BEAT EST LIVING Tit VUEDIAN, who wilt Afi'gAii roa EI .111' NIGHTS ONLY, EIGHT NIGHTS ONLY, EIGHT NIGHTS ONLY, Attn IN EIGHT DIFFERENT PIECES, IN EIGHT IIIPPi;RENT PIECES, IN LIGHT DIFFERENT PIECES. conaaKCixa on MONDAY, FEB. 10, !Sf2, .ad as there will be NO REPETITION OF THE CHARACTERS, o facilitate purchasers the ticket ofllce w ill ho ouou on MONO V.Y, FEBRUARY ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. NO. S39 FULTON STREET. BROOKLYN,' Oppo Itu tho C.ty Hall, There ccaU may bo se ured from 6 A. M. ttU 5 P. M. for cither T the EIGIIT REPRESENTATIONS. ORDER OP PERFORMANCES. tONDAY cvuulng, Feb 10. KING LEAB. WEDNESDAY evonine. Feb. 12, JACK CADE. THURSDAY evening, Feb. 13, VIKGINIUS. ' RICHELIEU. lONWcvon^b.,^-^^ WEDNESDAY evening HURSDAY evening, Feb^^ BIDAY evening, F.b. 21. opETH Mr. FORREST wilt be sunporlcd by the company Urat tlayed with such distinguish' (Tsneers* at tlia IOSTON AND PHILADELPHIA ACADEMIES OF MU8I0. The same n.agmtieent Wardrobes and Properties, and now Scenery expressly painted for each plucc, making In its an* 118,7 THE MOST PERFECT v AND ONLY WELL ORGANIZED DRAMATIC COMPANY THAT EVER HAVE APPEARED AT THIS BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE OF MUSIC. lonductornt the Orchestra J. P. Cook* Icene Artist Q. R. Smith Itagc Manager J. 11. Wright PRICES OF ADMISSION: tdmlrsion 6?8. tcserved Seats, extra fiw". 'rlvate Bore* $$ 'roseeiiium lloxos (holding twelve persons) .$12 atnllv Circle and Amphitheatre .3Ja Doors o|>eu at a quarter be tore 7 o'clock; performance! tn ommenoc at 7)4 o'clock. IXISS KATE BATEMAN, _ ML THE YOUNG AMERICAN TRAGEDIENNE, Commence* aii 6ugt|9ncnt at thp BoHton Museum on tb M >f February nelt, lu the course of which she will sextain bar roles of J "b" tn the "Hunchback," BUnca in ' Fatto," LADY TEAZLE, OKRALDINE. LAf>Y oat spanker, FARTHENIA and BEATRIX. In her own translation of Lcgouvc'i "Madonna of Ar." rAOHYIIIPPODAMIA ?LINDENMILLER'N TUBATRM. ltw an I '.M llowery, directly opposite Spring atria l. Mr. AI.IIKUT W. .sEl.DKN. iho American Horve >l: s'er ind Equestrian Ml sloua.y. Do conqueror of Sir. Itiriyla no roiiu at at Pari*. IU., will appear at Lindenraltler a tli?j. re, 19J an l -Oi iloive.y, ou SI niuajr evculnj, February 3, and i cry evening during the vik. He will illustrate TAC'IIYUIPPODAMIA, or the Art at iU.t'Ung \\ IM IM - SYSTEM. A wil l horse may be rfubducd n twenty minutes. A baulky uotnc may to made to draw a load In thirty Limit-. A kicking boras may be car- 1 of the vice. - *V A vl i ti* hor-e may be approached an I bandied with safely in twenty minutes. Anils>iou twenty-tire cett a; mv reserve 1 seat a and no half >1 loo. Doors open at illustrations to commence at 7>< o'cl -ck. fRVINii HALT. I S iltlBl: FRANCAISES, (BY SrUSfT-ll'TiON.) PAUL Jl'I.JNET D.rector KUlKlli SOI UK K. MONDAY. Kill .1. IrtbJ. yL'AND ON VV.UT rUKti BON CU1KW. Proverbs n un acle | nr SI. Tli-odore Jt.irrlore. I. i.T D1IYK ( i la deniauiie general* >, Folle Vautlevll'e un un a :e. pa M. L-'ratn rl I.abichu. In the elitre nolo M nalenru Jutgnet will ilnr, ty fettcral Wipies'. "I e Tenor L t <w,' the celcbrati d rotate a ng. a id l.iior K. Kldolil, i u air. Tiic m u.a teia beg leave to In'orm (Mr subs r h?ra and ll.a nihilthat In con . -tjtt. ii- e of a pr viou* cngagi u.eut ol lb* tall, thia performance will take pi ice on MONDAY, Keh. .1, in-tc il of TU1 SDAY, Fc'\ 4. . This ohnu c, however, ivill only be lor once. The r.eit filth euiieei, to be a> a n on TUESDAY, February 11. Tlekctaof a .mission (e .b or ption and sln.le), with semred se-iie. to be had ul H. Dard nvllle'a, (3! Broadway, itid at the door on the evening o: ;li perforin in:e. BUTLER'S OLYMPIC MURIC HATar,, UTLKH'S DLYMt'IC MUSIC HALL. BUTLER'S OLYMPIC MUSIC IIALL, BU fLKIi'S OLYMPIC MUSIC HALL, RACK BiKF.BT, Between Second and Thtr l *o-e, t?, Philadelphia, B> twecn Second and Th rd straota, Phil ide, Hettveen Second end Third street!, I'ht'a I phl.i, Between Second and T ird streets. Philadelphia, OPRM EVERY EVKNINiJ, Fllh the largest company In the city. No expense is spared in the production of norrlt'es. lew and beautiful fe itures. Startling and novel acrnto > fTeoJe. IUSIC, MIRTH, MUiiODY. THALIA AND 1 ERPSItlliORE, tetgn s tnr?_t'iejn :M< e: ;;atil t. u.plc oi amusement K. W. HI l, rmpneior. M X MTTI.EH, Aillii* Man.iaer. UKoKGL I'.DES >.\, Stna Manager. UEOKUK SMI I II liallet M inter, T. BOVVKKS-Hiiperiiit. nit>ut of Propert' L. BRADFORD, Treasurer. nHALLKNOE TO THE WOULD.-$1,000 OR $NK) RE A OT L? mail l?i?ur? not k'." T.r- beaml ul i. i.l u .ylNNEITA (JALLETTt liallrnTa nny danaueno In Atnrrloi, enpec idly J -Ai KL.I.A OCBAB, oitaarof m' * nny rrnpectaV.o public i|a t of n'TkOin n" In Am'Tiue. Dill'. i?nl paper* having ..# erted Ihit " lulu- a Otikas" li the liaat daitstiuae in Amis lea. AN.SETT A OALLETrl onion the in rtlon unul pronui l?> the public to ice. Wa re nlao willln; to waiter ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS hat HONS. EDOUAllD VELARDE Ai?n SIONORINA ANN ETTA OALLKTTT an boat any Oru dan tern In the world. Tlia above rhatlenfa < dm n for any part!'1* Who are Wllun i to no -epl II, by ap jy iu lo Geo. Lea, a,p nt for Ualleitt aud V'-'ni.1 , &?.' tlroed war, T le abuvo two dnnccM are at pre 'Ml In iv V ra. my ( niuiirnl ationi to them ranat bo adilr.-n dioO nr,:? ."i, ly,J iirualeay, wh.cb, if not, will be attend* I to. nKRUMANN, TKC GREAT PlIKkTIDMITATEUR will nr pear In Albany, J tn SI 'Troy. fob. t, Syr icu ?. >b. /; Rooacater, Fob. It), Hullalr, Feb. 13, an I (I n lliene .. r ,...l.i,l Col lmbua. Cincinnati. Lcu.arllle. St. Lome Hid Chicago.' rHKATRlCAL.?TIfR MM RATIONAL TIIKATRH; Olii'ln ia now open for t'??* ivlntu n id ?prin?ae^ inn, with a lull Hill Pill.lent r inn pa: iv. For ar . .loch rngnnHmi ula, upon lib. ral terms, HiUIrn.ii J hu Bi'm, proprUUir. N D,?An nltriictlr* Danaeii'* wan'od Ht oncc. MILLS a MOLLEWI ACER's CLASSICAL SQIUEEB.KIi.i* 8ulrm Monday erriiln -, Kcb. S, ldd?, nt wortli'H saloon, oppo.-'o Is lor n in ( reel, Hiimd amy. yourI t. Hidliovan aoloa; Piano, and .Mill*; Honnln, <la l, i H lb Vlolon elto.Koinbci'ff, and Urnnd lyuiiUPt, Schumann, l'lskow to bo had at nil muele More* aud nt tlio door. 8oirs? Li 1 oinmniKo at j o cljolt. Grand pUnolorte irom Ht inn ay * Sous. PALACE OARPI'N MUSIC HALL TO LEASE TOR A term of) cars. A.'i'lj at the propt to tor'* office, on Four. taenth cot. mo rlRCHS M AN A> IK HA.?TWO VOUNO MER WLSIf 1 tolrnel nrlili a first olasa company; otic lo Utter shew I,Ids, Ac.; the other a? assistant aa nt Bo h mi I. rsiciid lliclr biisiiiaas. Tory can ba onjnited on ranaotwblo t?.' * Addr ss J. A 0., Union a<iuar? I'oat office. *

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