Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1862 Page 6
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6 * IITI! \TIO\S WA YTEIN?FK.MA jLJES. ^ Ab.n aim v want, m- r . so ,.i .u.,0*./, b. a i c. , .la -C wo'; u ' , *' ' > any k a ! of t^.. 4t y mcut; the best of citj re.crinet. Aditc Hi M Ann street, lop uuor. " YOCNH GIRL KK'IM TUB CO I M'llV WA TS A b; nation sain !d'? and u> d i ae n lop 1 lu?d u Ot.e Alaco t yea. *. Api-dy ?t bo. lit AuicU '.eel, cut uer ol Bixjom.. A~ HESI*E< r.lBI-E YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SlTtT* ?.i?n : ? "U-.-f .nd Ironrr: wuiu.-to ao-iii. h- _,? , mi buuB-iiDiiL. Cad at iol 2d ave, in do blurt. _ A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE youngs 1, to do ebaiubi rworl; and wal iu?: and aaa t te the *'aa. ' k and iiomng, or .0 take. care of cbiidreu: no oSji-cnou to ti e country; wt ol refeienoe from laai place. Can !> bat:n until oi.^od a; tM bin are-, between JtKii and SUtu >la.. ruuui Nit. a. A SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND to asaiat in wasting and iromnt; Is a good t.ia?n k*> r, an 1 wi.ling to make b.rse'l tiiirallv nae in. Beat ol city rofertuce. Call for two c.ysat IDS Wesl'&ttu St. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS nurse ood at-aois-msa; la a good seams;, c.-s, or to do ssalUngacd ciiamberwork In a auu.l family. Good rity relarai.te. Call for twu da., a at 61 la lb at., between Jin and #u? at aa. A YOUNG, tttSPLCTASLE WOMAN, WITH A FRESH t)renal of miia. w.uu x baby to nurse at uer own .e?ldnire, lis CUriatopni-r street. Call for two days. A COMPETENT DEES. MAKER WISHES TO WORK oat by the day; can gut -v rv -.itl.l ction m butting and Cut te lau,e?' dresses. Can ;>t ti'W 1.5?la at. A respectable woman wishes a situation A*-a -Uilia re* . )DC wbu CSU glV6 every Satisfaction ID Uliliig auu nu.. ( i..d.ea' dres>eb dUu musing buys clo.nca, tud tioatl kinds o. fain iy sew.nk; would m .kc nerstd. geurtmlly useful; best cliy reference from lor last employer. Call at ?? West 36U1 su, between 3ti. ?uj Mb av s. A SITUATION' WiNTKD?BV A YOUNG WOMAN, TO dog-nera. HOIK- wo c, ;d tin, washing and iron. a?.- hi ,. kimmnnj.d and waiter; has b-"Jh city re.ercacc. y,l' ui jo9 West aid su, corner 01 HUi uv , second boor, truul na>m, lor three days. A f ITU ATI i N WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE I R0te-eaa, raiua, ocuok, w_:l> and .ion, in a small ,r.vate iambi; U 4 good taker ut bread ami lilmillli OiQ R< far -ill-' from hist place. Ai ply at 12i>, Weal 27ui St., Ur-t t <r. In n room. A SITUATION WANTED -BV A RESPECTABLE GIRL, 14000k, wasb at d ir. i;l,u <> ! euo't and exceil nt waelii r ana iron r. Good r -jo: -nee, Cat! tor two m.yy 1430Mil av., thrie bom s bciow 33c a:. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A NEAT, TIDY, SMART (lit, to rook, wash and iru, or to do uer?- housework, est ell reference. Call al No. 3 Tit! any place, not uer 01 Hurrsmi a-., second flour, frer.t room. A RESPECTABLE PHOTK.STANT YOLffO GIRL wishes 10 btain a aitiiuum In a nice la-u-.y as nurse and plain sewer; is very kind and fon t of cm,..ten. Good leicrenio .rota her lasi place. Call tor two days at 67 West l?ui su A GIRL WHO UNDERSTANDS DRESS AND SHIRTmaking, and is act upturned to ail kinds o: iau fly sewing. ileum a to ao as <teaius.r>res and do < haiaherwotk or oi'.er tight work; is willing to make i.erself useful; a permanent situation de.drable. Call at 33 Ring at., rear house. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN; IS a good plain coos, wMarti r snd*lr mer; no 0M1 etii n to inrni iiouwwort City retercuce. Apply at Us Johuson ?L*BiOokl)nA SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WttMAN, TO cook, wash a.m iron. Good City reference. Auply for two days at iCb West - ttn St.. oetwoen tiili end 7th a vs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS LAUNdress; understands acting, or to cook, wash and Iron for ?small private lau.i.y. Good civ. reference. Call at ?? 7th Sr., entrance on gblb at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG. RESPECTABLE msrrlrd woman, aa wet nurxe, In some go id famtli; Mm tut Dest ot city reference. (Jan on ? en (or two cUvs at Rid Mulberry at., near Houston, lirst door, I rum room. A SITUATION wanted?BY a RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and Wa tre s, or to ~?'-* the washing and ironing; ran give the best of r;ty iB.arence. Call for two days at 2U 0th are., between lilii ana I6th sts. A SITUATION WANTED?as good plain cook or general servant, by :i smart, industrious girl; is an exeellrnt washer and tron. r, neat, economical, obliging m . high.y reeommended; will try to p!saj?- at rnoa rate wag -r; either la the City or country. Apply at 113 Atlantic si. .Brook A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN TO di- general housework in a small private family, 01 to do cooking. washing and honing; good city reference. Call at 73 West 44th at, A YOUNG SCOTCH GIRL WISHES A 81TCATION AS chambermaid or waitress; Is willing and ooligmg and wot afraid of work; wages no obfe' t, but a good home preferred. Best of city referenoea from 1 er ;aat employer. Call for two days at No. 1 9th St.. corner t>:h or. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, as MUM and chambermaid, or as cnainberiuaid and waiter. Can furnish good city reference. Appiy at her Cient etnp oyer's, \'M Ninth atTeet, west of Broadway, be set n any noar after 8 o'clock. Nurse.?a protestant woman, who uas had many > ears'cxperien e Id the car" of children, wau'.a a situation as nurse; is tuly tump, ent to 'aso the. entire cate of a baoy from its birth; is a good seamstress. Best of references. Call at 371 9ju St., third uoor, for two days. Seamstress.?a young woman wishes a situ aliou; is a neat shirtuiaker and understands au kinds of Cainiiy sewinc; can do nue winning, or would do light chamberwork: will take woik at hnanotue or go out by Hi ? day; e.ty n-f-rtnee. Cull at Itll Vast 25th at., rear house, top loot, or two days. Situation wanted?as chambermaid ok to do cvntv 1 i.uUSfU r?rk : im ,t u dh! r.tsiht unit ironpp 4n. ply at her present place, 79 1st. nesr 1m sr., tor three days. WORK WANTED?BY MISS KELLY. AT DRESS MAkmc; i?a good litter, and g<v? nut by fie day; 75 amis per day or $3 a week. Apply at 169 East 22d at., room Wanted?by an american protestant young lartv, a situation to attend a bakery or contectionen'. Call at S3 si. Mark's place. Wanted?a situation. by a respectable fp.otest tut Scotch woman, to cook, wash and iron. Has the best of city ret ere iter. Apptj at 316 uxh nr., between tOtb and 31st ?t*., for two days. Wanted-a sitjation, to do general norsrwork; is willing to make herxe.f generally useful. Call ta Broadway. Wllliaiusnurfl, L. I., between 1st and kd >n., ever the candy atom. Wan'ted-by a kespegtable protestant girl, a situation as nurse and seamstress or chambermaid and name; is willing :o make heraelf generally useful. Call at 169 West 43d at. Best of city reference given. WANTED?BY A LADY, A SITUATION FOR A GOOD girl as chambermaid; would do plain sewing or take ear* of children. Call for two days at her present employart, 35 West ath St. WANTED-A 8ITCATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO tcan, asc>ok, wamqr and Ironer; Is an excellent baker ef bread, pie, biscuit and plain rake, and is a good cook, srasber sod troner; baa the best of city reference from b<w last place. Can be seen for two days at No. dUt St., to the War- _______________________ Wanted?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as rook, washer and troner in a private fami;.'. Best of reference from her last .place. Call for two days at 2511st as , third floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework In a small laraliy. Can ewnss wall recommended trans her last place. Call at 712d place, South Brooklyn. WANTED?A OiRL WISHES A SITUATION AS cbsmoermatd or chlld'a nurse; is of a willing disposition . and can give good references. Apply for three days at her last employer's, to Weal 9tk?t., noar 5th are. WANTED-A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as mamberatsld and waitress , or Is willing to do the work ot m smsh private family; god city reference ean be Rteen. Call until engaged at 198 7th are., eeeeod floor, back rom WANTED-RT A COMPETENT WOMAN, WITH TTTREE yean- city reference, a i luaUon ? laundroai; up Nnenvand mm* In >tyle; wagea tb to $10; city or country. Call at IM E? ':?!'t. WiNTEfi-* SITUATION IN A SMALL PRIVATE KAmlly, by a ituxr\ Icduatrloun young woman, locoult, wa-h an I iron, or do general ht-uaewnrk; l? tniuworthy and fuiiy competent In 'he abase capacity; city coferenco. Apply at, or ad li en E. M . 543 dth ar., between 3Stb and ?3tft aia.. over tiie nitlliaery atora. Wanted-bt a respectable protest ant Englivn w.tnan. a aliuatlon a? tlr?t claaa rnok, thru ably unci rutande ii- r buatneaa; can make excrllent br ad ' laeuit. Can be seen at ber present employer a, 21 War. BAb at. " ITUATion r wamtbd-malek. AOEtsTI.KMAN WIBHEU TO GET A PLACE FOR A very laitbl ul man at low wagea. Alao to aall low a erof very atyliab and pound carriage Horses. yuuug and A Ad J res* B., box 3,1/75 Poat olUce. A PERRON LOOKING FOR A SITTATION AS orere't r < n n farm, of which me uwner revidea la tbo itjr, and. If recaulred. In sharea; eondltlnoa eipccted An were, la German or English. raortved Ull Fab. A Address Country, 1483. Hwrald acme. WAN 1 EI>? BV A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION IN A cu in rue ratal house, understands thoroughly the Rpanlab a wall aa the Engliah language; excellent reference#: salary bo object Address P. A. box A7M Poat oAca. ZT THK TH*DEg. ~ A GENTLEMAN WMHBB TO GBT A SITUATION FOR agardner; one ?f the moat competent; baa long expeHence In firnuea. flowera and frnlta. and abla to take antlea ak*r|eof t jilncc, alao to lay out and beautify grounua, la willing to accept very low wagaa. Addreaa Oardaer, bo* j.HW Pool Ogee. rLlTIOOtifRIO JOrRWETMEIf MUNTKKfl.Wantod, a young man, a boat 18 year* of ago who baa mM knowledge of lithographic printing, to print lithographic circulate; Engl lab man or KcCchmen preferred, houre eaav Addeeee, atatlng tenne par weak. Alpha, Herald am -IITANTKD INMKDIATBLY-A HAM OF EXPERIENCE. Tf aa f oremaa to a wire brad lag fwtory; mnat come well rwnmrntHd. Apply to Benjamin A Doremua, Mo. Parman at., up auira, Brooklyn, a oar Pulton fairy. ~ IlLLUiUft A LA^H BTOCK OF SEW AND SECOND HAND Bile A Uord Tablea, with Pheian'a Combination Cuablona, fop aalaat price a to milt the ume*. PhBLAN A CULLENDER, <S to 89 Croaby at., W. T. OiflBPORDB BILLIARO PACT0RT, 1#9 PHI-TOM P atre*i.?Flaying department, Cnaa. lord, upper floor: Parmer Atwood, tecon I Boor, tea tablee. Muiteon. (orgeat Oyaier Htewr. drat flo >r 1 tlO *CLT0H STREET STILL COliTIMPE" THE C^T. lOt/ tre of attraction forit.1 gooti Ri; Art ?y~re and will i an'Jnt e do aa ion* m gentlemanly ho ?' t,? place. Ala 3 .tote. Hot Lunch erery day. Billiard* 19 tig K IIKI.P WAtTEIV-FUM \ LEH. 1 XX FAMILIES ANI) ?. >OU SERVANTS WILL KiN 'J -?v hip Urite-t o-J i cull i-uta lasU. e ou th? unruer 01 t! . av. -ii.sii... -a., / Gt rutin, rl tgliAa. Midi u . Am ric?i> ti. Mrs. I1'?d m aweud.iuo* Geod plauMi alwaj ?ealy. Bit aJlatrA wanted. \ young giiil wanted?to act as hoi bbke-jp."A i f And doe little bom-eworfc; untie right hind of per. on t(< I'd .'tm.o landimd. Auuie?.s, g ago, uwuie and address, F. M., bo* lid Unhid oi.? . QERVAMTb WANTED THIS DAY?TWO NEAT GIRLS, IJ a -baiub : aideildwt tr and a uut> ; loth mual reference. Sever 1 c od pi Id couii, t to turla for eenenil houaework. A), dor rood ieuiiiiee. Applj at JBWMJJIAUA'ii Intelligence otln>, No. ti Court sh, BrooSlja. OALESWOMAN WANRED?ACQUAINTED WITH THE O trixiiiniag uujsinee.s; a 8??art exp?nt:':<> ?1 nac<J lor city tr.iUw. 'wo fttAArt girl*, aged afcout JO, to i?u,in tlio buHineoH. Apply, by iciier only, to Mr. A<ilt-r, *k) h.a>it Lyui ?u SERVICE WANTED?A GERMAN GIRL FOB NEEDLE- I woi It or ait cook, tbrt e or lour utiiea la tbe country. luquirt at 39 Second av., in tbc grocery. TirANTED?AM EXPERIENCED NI'RSE, FOR A LIT W tin girl three ye.tra out; aue must be an excellent -earn atrettaandVili be requited to do aotnn iigitt nbtuuberwnra. A poly at 1SS East 1 ill) at., at the baitemeat door, betweea tbe hours of ten and one. Wanted-a protestat nurse and chambernta-d for a small famny; muat oe a very good aewer nii i he ..Me to lean and wilte. must come we'l .ec.iunnentlat. Appry between 'h- houraoi 1U and 3 at 148 Wayne at., | Jersey t'r.y. Wagta *ti. "IITASTKiy?A COOK AHU LAbMIKuen; uuui xum TT rqnie well recommended for honesty Ana capability. Apply at 62 Reunion St., Brooklyn. TirAMTED-i FEW GENTEEL 01BLS, A3 WAIT. TT reuses lur Hitchcock's .Sa.ioual Cou-*rl Hall, Mo. 1<2 New Caual street, one block from the Bowery. Apply betw.en 10 and 1 this flay. TITANTED?rN A PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY, A LADY TT in eskr colors. To a suitable person a p eutsitmeui at $14 a week. Adores* Mm and, alauoii A, Spring st. TVr ANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO DO GENERAL TT uodacwork in a sniail family. Apply at hi Johnson at., Brooklyn. ! \Y ANTED? A NICE, TIDY GIRL, TO DO THE GENETT ral nouseeoik of aarnaii private latuily; must re a good plant cook, w ..slier auu ironor, and iuu?; have ttie host city reference. Apply lmnn ula eiy at 20 Hatriiou sk WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A GOOD CHAMBERMAID II and waitress. App.y at 16 K. i Utti St., between 21 And ith am., at ue Prlvaie tjervaiits' Institute. ; Go d piacei-ulwi. 'a ready for good serv :nts in every capacity. WANTED?A COMPETENT UIHL TO TAKE CARE OF i.n Infant, and make iierselt generally u.ef.U; one wan is a good plain ? wcr and can bring good et'.y reference*, may apply at H W st Ba.tic at., Brooklyn. WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK, A smal l, tidy girl; a first rate washer and lroner; good plain cookand no at raid Or work; wagi . $6; but iiioae lully competent, with good city reference, uted apply. Call front 10 to 4, at 166 East 15th st. WANTED?A GIRL, A GOOD OPERATOR ON #HKELTT or .? Wilson s sowing e, one who has been acc .sp.tned to dniereni kinoaot w?ra. App.y in last House in boi at., East riv r. Tr ET NURSE WANTED?FOR A CHILD FOUR WEEKS I old; American pre.erred. Good references required. Goot wa .es tven. Apply for three days east side of Portland avenue, urst boueo north of Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A GERMAN PROTECTANT woiuhti, tnust o? a go..d cook, wi.sher and lrom-r and do the guneral liodsework of a arnaii lainily. None but a ?,.?.u,lnNnn need un lit at 27SVd HudlOn at., in the store. ^ HELP WA?TBD-MALES. Agents wanted?to sell thistle a co. a UNION I'KIZE STATIONERY PACKAGE. Without exception the MOST SirEKB AND COMPLETE PACKAGE yet got up. Although we do not pretend to he the originators of Prise Packages, we do unbesitaunitiv asaert that we hare much IMPROVED UPOB THE original, as nn Inspection a ill full; prove. We do not, as some of our rival s do, taD of the small fortune and vast amomt of tlnu and labor expended in ge tting up a Prize Package, hut we let our Package speak for Itself. There ia not an article id our Package, out what la superior ia ever; reaped to those of an; other Package now In market. i)ur LADIES' UNION NOTE PAPER. Is of the most etc ran t texture, and finest nntsb. Agents want* eft everywhere. Fiorn $5 to $1(1 per da; can east!; be made. Wa sell lower than au; other aouae in the ell;. fc*aa for a ctrr ilar; mailed free. The loilowltigarti the con teats of each of our unrivalled packages.? 6 sbeeu Commercial Note C white Union Envelopes, in Paper. colors. 6 sheets Ladies' Union Note 1-fine Pencil. Paper. 1 sliest of Riot Paper. sheets Ladies' Billet Paper, a extra line Steei Pens. 1 AintniuoUailou Peu flol- G fine Hufl' Envelopes, der. 6 Ladles' white Union Envelopes. in colors. ONE FINE ENGRAVING OF AMERICAN HEROES, 8*8. AMO ? TftiUailMUH I. Ul PCIII li J. THISTLE A CO.. 1<2 Maid' a lane, N.T. Agents wanted-to .sell the UNION PRIZE STATIONERY AND RECIPE PACKAUE AND ENVELOPE, containing MORE STATIONERY and of a better quality, aud a liner HIEi E OP JEWELRY than anrpaakare put up in thin or any other city. Areola who hare dealt. with tia for jeui s do not need to be told of this. We art talking to those who may wish to encage In a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS, yielding from t'> to Sit) p- r day. or who may now he selling an luierior urtiele. To aucb It la only neoeaaary to say, aen.i lor and read our circular, when you be convinced that ours is the BEST PACKAGE IN THE MARKET. Agent* will It to their Interest to send for our elmtiars, which we will mail thera free. We put in each Package a beautiful and life-like a ft raving ot' GENERAL GEORGE b. McCLELLAN. 6xlf?. 75 valuable Reeip?>. 6 shceia Ladles' Bidet Paper, ti eheete CommiTUial Note t? Buff Envelopes. Pamir. 2 tine Steel Pens. 6 abort* L* lies' Note Paper. 1 line Pencil. 6 White Lit .on Envelopes, 1 sheet Blotting Paper. in colors. 1 Accommodation Pea Hold* 6 Ladles' White Union En- or. velopts. in colore. alrfo A talc able PIECE op jewelry, BICKARPS A OO., 103 Nival street. Agents?the beht contrivance for the ?0l* tiler lathe mrglbllan portable writing desk. It le w ell m-d , Ik shaped liki a wruiug desk, can be earned In a kuapan?, and form* an Indispensable addition to a sold er's com.oris. Oftrers and soldiers who have used it apea* in terms of praise of Its many points o: excellence; the pre-s apeak favt.rably of them. They contain everything fiat 1* ne.-Jett io nr.ung. Including ink. Price 25 oeula Agents wan.en everywhere. Bend for a circular. Ear n I>r?k ecu lain t the followtih; arllclea : C Sheets Commercial Note C Cream Coioreu Envelopes, Paper, 1 Bailie Ink. 6 Sheets Ladle*1 Billet Paper, 2 Woe Sieel Pen*, 6Sheets Ladies' Koic Paper, I Fine Pencil. No. 3. 6 McClellan En elopes, 1 Sheet Kitting Paper, 6 Buff Envelopes, 1 Aeounvucda lun Penholder. Agents wai)ted ererywt>e>re._ Sen4f<?r rlecu'ar. w. u. ciiBlii * ?;u., ii? nMia Ii'fi. AGENTS. DEALERS AND MERCHANTS Wi'hine to eell the BEST "BRIBE PAOSET8" Or STATIONERY Should buy oura. fff ?? ;? 10 MORE FOR THE M0NB7 And better #atle?actien, beeauae the vpauty OK the goods Can alwava be guaranteed nod relied on. HASUM* A co., 3d Beetam at., K. T. Circular# free. > AGENTS. AGENTS-CALL AND EXAMINE DODIN'fl Improved Geo I Oil Earner for fluid Usapa; require# ao hlmney, and retail# for Ilk canta. Agruta make over 1(W per oenf, and other article# or ready tale. Call en or addreea Joaepb Dodin, Nu Zt Duaae atreet. As ekpep.ieved and competent packer op druga and cbeuilealn wanted. Alan a pa-aon wall acquainted with tbe Jrog and chemical he tinea# Application! to be made to E. R Squibb, 1*5 Kuraan at Brooklyn. ABOT WASTED-TO OPEN OYSTERS, WAIT OS table and mace htmeelf saef nL Apply at Hi Siitb ar., Knickeraeelter Cottage. Bot wanted?apply iv ttie hardware stoke, S3 Beektuea at., at 10 o'clock In <be morning. ?UI WAHTf.u-** annnr nil jjui D warned. 14 or IS ream of age, at Uictooi'i alencll eitabiUbmeu-. 2oU Frail at. DRUGGIST WANTED?ONB WHO I8 WELL AC qualnt'il with the wholesale and rrtAll drugglaut of thla rity; an old m rcbant preferred; g< nd -alary to a good man. Flint riaaa mm only nead apply. Addn *?, with baa', of refat roca or turn*, tox 4.064 Puat odor. tita?rred?a clerk for an auction store, two ?T entry clatka, one bo<>khe?per. two condiKtoir, one atcwardeaa, 'one rir> to trace I to California and Europe, two hoy* far trodeo, ofcrk lor a grocery. At; ly at So. 1 Chatham aqnarr. TIT ANTED?A ST ROW CI LAD. WITH GOOD CITY REYT fereonea, who tiaa been in bualneaa, to work la an office. Salary $1 80 a week. Inquire at 31 Cedar at., up atalrc, at 10 o'clock. WANTED-TIIRE* GENTEEL TOr*Q MEN, A waiter* In a hotel. Only Ulnar who onrteritand peine ut ehrrk* and hare good relerenora need apaiy, at Nuaaman A Slialde'a fiinplnymaut office. 174 Bowery, after 8 o clock. TY7ANTED?A DRUGGIST. WHO THOROUGHLY UN?T derataada et'.y prcacrlptlon bualoe**, of aoher and (nduatnoua habfta. Cor a Or?t rlaaa atom. Apply Immediately to Bo Pert W. Gardner, 329 Newark ar., comer of Cola* at., JaroeyCHy. ANTED?AH OYSTFRWAI?7 I? A DINIBO SALOON; one who la willing in wait on the tablea may hear of a good ettuaiion by applying In John Ree l. 3*6 Oraod at. WANTED^-! VOUNOMAN, ABOUT Id OB 17 YEARS If ?f age. who haa aome understanding of the tea buat. oeaa; muat be acquainted with money. Reference for hone*ty chlolly required. A German who apeaka Engilab preferred. Inquire at (19 8th are., lea atore. AMONTII AND I XrENSBiT CLEARED -MALE ?P 1 if and female agenta wanted, loeal and travelling, In every county in the United Statea. Farmer wanted with B30U. Call an or addraaa, with atemp,C. M. Brown, 74 Bleachar at. ?1 nn WANTED TO OPEN AS OFFICE Pivr"* an t lake the wl,oic**le agency, la every Stat#, for all of Uoyd'a Great Military Mapa, need by our Ooamatiricr-ln Chief. The ehcaiKat man In the world. A for tone can be mad* on tbear map* tn -aab Stat*. &000,000 ceplee of one of my map* bare already been aoid. Alio a man to goto California, England and Cuba. Agents alao wanted In every eouuty. An<l forelrtulars. J. T. LLOTD. 184 Broadway. WuIfIEI?1A RBSFBufAllLE If Alt WHO ipxJMVJ will loan tbte amount ea-b to bu employer, on t,i? beet aecunty, may obtain an eicelleut ait .anon In a Searanl I)aaln- >, at a salary of $M p r week. Apply 1mm*. lately at 87 Eors> tb atreet, fo rth floor, room So. I. yinvkAni nftlE INgUEAltCK MONITOR (fcXTBA) WO^THTa A day be l?an?d, glelng a afnnpalaof tna offl.lal r poft* of the Fir# fnanrance OWipanW, * reiulrtu #y dute law. Anr per*-a lnterrat?d la ln?>trat eo ? oold pe .. ire a <-o , w.tBr.tb; ti?*y in*" at * ?hPic: '.b*: mart randiaz of onmi an>. loee, lit Uitfaal net anrplue, p.fciahej tor Apply at Insurant# .Monitor eJlx, rtont 57, N?. U W?K rraau l'rtoa 2# ceutSi :ew york herald, mo j HOISF8, ROOMS, AC.. TO LET. t BRoAitWNY BTO'IK AND B ISR-dENT^ CR~'t1!E A wh?t? 'ii'Iding, < x rpi t'r o ' P. or, to let or hiaae. Imjutie ol JOriN It. CUE ? ALi H I, ti.'9 Broadway. AIM Si'i.; I.L'JiNL-.ili It B.iOM, NM l! i t... : id d sti-c, tor agent',email and wire to- bourn, aoiing; | aLo single Rooms. in a ho i..- with sti tue mod. in improve- I moms. Apply at Ob Pi u.e .Inct, wort oi Lmadway. FUK VIFI1ED HOUSE TO LET.?A VERY DESIRABLE private msideme, haaiiUi illy located on tho H.i? u river, n ul>* from too city, with in "|-m tur rover i -.1:4. Would be let 10- thn m a.on oi' year. Address box it, 1.4 foci otiiot. Ol'RNISllED OR DK l'XNISUBD HOUSE, IN MADII? sua avenue, tuuvc Twenty 11.u ? att t, mat aide, w ill be mm J tn a premie only. The nonariti* recently beill for the one of Hie owner. and m in excelx-nt order. Trans rraionahle. Apply to N. 0. BISHOl', 141 Hraidwa., RL SHAURANT TO LET ?A BAoEUKXT, FURNISHED, oouiu.cte fur tue restaurant business. Apply at met Boor, 45 0 .rtlundl street. STEADY 8TEAM POWER TO LET?LA HOE AND amsII rooms, well lighted. Possession Immediately. Apply at 4tU N\ iter street TO LET?TWO LOFT8, FIRST AND BK COND STORIES and cellar of tlw large tn ck Store lu Kir at street, IN il Parasburj;, one minute s wall from the Grand street and Roosevelt street terries; size of biiijdinu J-'nrW; stumole for mano Octui ug or storage. Inquire ol ANDREW 11AK.MAN, corner ol Slvtn and South Sixth streets, or at the office of the Brgc?.yn Perry Conn-auy. TO LET?AT OREATLY REDUCED RATES, THE VERY desirable Houses Not ?11. 213, 259 aud 2111 Weal Tw ntythird street; ,'ilso Nos. 140. It*) and 182 West Twenty-fourth Street. Apply to P. HARMONY'S NEPHEWS A CO., Bl Urecuwich street, or to A. LKAMAN, 217 West Twenty-third street. TO LKT?THE OLD ESTABLISHED MERCHANT TAIlortng and clothing store 155 Eighth svenne. and occupied as ?.tch for the last twenty years; Is utted up lu mod at vie., with a good showy front, and ts 72 feet deep. V. ill be let reasonable, and possession Immediately If required. Apply on the premises, or to J. W. CON KLIN, lh Fourth tv. TO LET-TWO COMFORTABLE FRONT ROOMS. ON the nrst and jeeoun floors, tu a h iu?- uavlnq all the mooern tmprorement.-. with or w ithout Board. Apply at No. 9 TO LE'i'-FOtt BUSINESS, SOCIETIES, CLUBS, AC., Ro.mix n. nd small Stores, at SUl Broad way, corn t Twelfth street, and at 43 and l>2 Ess Tu r.lfih street" Broadway. JOHN S. KKLSO, tiiWilliam street. TO LET?THE FINE THREE STORY HUH! STOOP House 55 East Sixteenth street, only one block, from Union wjii'trc. Is very desirable: will be renteil low, and immediate p aversion given Can b: xe.-n from 12 tol. J. ft. WILCoX, 136 Fifth live., corner 23d st. TO LET?AT NO. 10 ELEVENTH STREET. FOUR doors west or Broadway, a Haveim-nt suitable for a physbjan: also two furnished Rooms on the second lloor, with or without Board, with all the modern Improvements. TO LET?A ROOM IN THE XITIC, FURNISHED with rtuve, for two gentlemen or gentleman and wit*. Rent jdl per month in advance. Also one on the second siory, furnished with stove, for a tingle gentleman or lady. Reut $6 month in advance. Inquire qt 62 Sixth aveuue. TO LET LOW?TO SUIT THE TIMES, A HANDSOME boarding and lodging Ho u e, 3*7 Thlrty-flrst street, right adjoining 'be Hudson Kivcr Railroad depot. Al<oa splendid But' her a Shop, 264 some street. Apply on the promises to the owner TO LET OR LEASE?STORE NO. 25 BEEKMAN s'rtgt, Bafenaent and two upper Lolta, building 25x130; posaesalon given Immediately. Apply to BKUCH 1EKE A THE3AUD, 61 Cedar street. TO LET OR LEASE?TUB LARUE, COMMODIOU8 mure S8a Bowery, at the junction of Third and Fourth avenues; one of the finest stores on the street; rent very low. Arply at 117 Bowery. rLET OK LEASE?THE HOUSE NO. 4 GREAT Jones street, one door from Broadway, formerly known as the Union House; a most desirable location for a restaurant or an English chop house; it contains a number of fine rooms lor private supper parties, and otherwise well adapted for the above purpose; possession immediately. Inquire Of J. O.B. INMAN.fcb Broadway, upstairs. MlgCELLAHEOUI. _ ^ ~~~~ At dailey s. ~ During the present and oomlng week we shall make large additions to our stock of French China DINNER AND TEA SETS. a,? tr SI. LM..,. ?. u........n -ml XI - . his f-lrvVa and other funny article* for the 'adornment OF TUB HOUSEHOLD. We continue to offer unequalled bureau in the following article*, to wit:? ? Silver plated Tea Spoon*, the dozen fl 3* Silver plated Table Spoons, the doren 3 AO Silver plated Table Forks, the dozen 3 SO SILVER PLATED ICE PITCHERS, 95. Liirge-1 aize, handsomely engraved. 3. $8. $5. 95. 95. 95. Silver plated Tea Set*. < pieces 915 00 Sliver plated Cake Baskets, each 4 5" Silver plated Costers, C cut bottles 450 SILVER PLATED COFFEE URNS, New styles, beautifully chased. 910. 910. 910. $10. 910. Cut glass Ooblets, the dozen 9> 05 Cut glass Decanter*, quarts, the pair 3 50 Cut glass Decanters, inuts. the pair 2 00 Colored Bohemian Glass Finger Boa-Is, the dozen IN) Ivory bandied Dinner Knives, the dozen 4 50 Ivory handled Tea Knives, the do/i-n 4 00 iron-stone CHINA. Maddock's double thick, and derldedly the best goods in the market. Iron-Stone China Dinner Plates, the dozen 9V. Iron-Stone China Breakfast Pistes, the dozen Aiv'. Iron-SJtoue China Eoup Plates. She doseu Vic, D INN hi/ sets. Large assortment 918 likewise An lmmensr choice in Gas Fixtures, ernbrscins every tiling in the way of Cbnudcllein, Brackets, Ae. W. J. V. DAILEY A CO., No. 031 Broad*-r. All firemen kiiocld call at Conner's, sn Bowery, next to Filth street. lie has prime Boots tu au.t thorn, Price $3 50 to $S 50. A PUBLIC BENEFACTOR REMOVED.?THE VTEATHcr is on the "mmpage." Now is the time to apply tho Paietit Wssincr Strip Moulding to shrunken doors aud windows ta exclude cold, snow and dust, tho depot of which is removed from 8S,* to 212 Broadway, corner of Fulton street, over Knox's, better. J. W. BROWNE, Agent and P. B. A WNINO.?A GOOD SECOND HAND ROLLER AWN' }\ in* uhniit i up nt v.lwu (Aft tririf* wrii1p.i1. chi l'l. ad* fly in store <K7 Brosdw.iy. Brcsh'S patent navigable derrick can mine ik sunken ship of 3 OUU tons anywfceie on the eea. coa- la any weather, In 24 or 4* hour*: million* ran be rraluecl during the present war. I will give ooe hall to any person or number ?r persons to furnish mean* tur put it In operation, he or they owning the whole concern uutUI nil mbnry invested I* paid, with interest. Address Geo. Bruah, a re at, hot 212 Herald ottoe. CONFIDENTIAL LETTER WRITING, OOPTIXa, *C.. by lire. EVELINE MORRIS, at her private reridrnce, 113 Greene n .net. fir*', door above Unuaton. Gentlemen, $1: ladle*, AO re oi* OOi'ie hour* from 10 A. M till t P. M. N. B.? Legal dorumeuta copied with accuracy and promptnet*. , HIKBARD'n FAMILY PILLS AND CARMINATIVE Salve fit ?al? by O. H (J LL. ITS PeaH *< reet, and by J. A. HI8BARD, Yookovs, N. Y. Pnco 2* cents shot, with * discount by the dozou to dealers. MARBLE MANTELS.-GREAT BARGAINS IN MANtela.? A large stock on hand, and a great reduntion in prirs for any kind ordered thlamooth. Call aooa at A. KLABBP.'S marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth street, west of Third as enue. Mao tela put up fti any place la the country. SAVE YOUB MONEY.?A. PARKER, 255 WASHING ton street, corner of Murray, Naw Yark, saUa choice city S'.inar ritrrd Bams, wan-aptcd, at fir. par lb.; fami Pamll) 8oap, on 72 and to lb*., 6>*e.; pure Starch, hot 40 lbh, #)*o mm aerated bbkad ?read the pou/iwtno X rtrttflrste from Dr. WHUfB Parimr. East Twelfth street, N T -T bare found the Aerated Bread of anpeiior quality In all respects. , One deaide, atum attained In tat masufac lure Is entire elen lines*. Bo far ae I pave been able to ascertain, It is eminently healthful, laaaaauob aa It contains Done of the products a- results of lonneolatloa. WILLARD PARKER " Mannfoetarod at Ibc ocrncr of Lafaystte place a>d Fourth street. For sale everywhere XXTANTED?50,00* TIIGROUOHLY SEASONED BLACK T' walnut rough Gun Slocks, to pass United States inspection to be delivered in this riiy; not leas than 5,000 each week Address A. B., Herald oAce. TI1B WILL PKNDTO ANY ADDRESS, POST PAID, A Yf line Engraving of George Washington, the Father of his Coictry, sodalso a tee Engraving ol Benjamin Fran kite, or separately. at 40 < ?. * each. MATTHEW T. OAEOOKY A CO., Oreenpoint, N. T. fkrbojFADI ~~ AT'T'-TSUPPOSE D'D. WAS TOO HAPrr AND . tco busy to gl't a thought to the absent ooe; four weeks end nothing ready, nor even a kind word to Mad when opportunity ofl'ertd. Hesriiesst a T rnvrv-IWIM.H * T Til K VVBSI'M THT4 1STH* -A noon. EMMA. ALKRBP .-MINNIE AN? I GO A SLEIOHINO TO to-night, wlllyou ontne ail bring Hattlef The erp'naeU t it$3< acb. Wr ctopat John I.'aand hare ad/nee and ?npper, And a good Una generally. Too or any cm. who rrada tbia can go by addreeslng a ncte to A. M.. box 114 Ileral'l office, saying bow inaoy aeata yon want re nerved. aid tbe eleigh will oafl tor yon at your house?lire to .aaran o'clock to-night. Four to alx horeoa, plenty of belle. JKFOSAfATUMt WANTED?Of AN H KLIZABETE Greenwood, daughter of William and Elizabeth Flatten, rn In 1773, In M-irfolk, England, married Greenwood Wearer. resided at Wnghton, Lancashire, England; aalled from Eiialol to America about 1012. Untitled to large property uok-own to h?r or relative*. Apply to U. Ha/a, Kohl of Xin Offices, #49 and 861 Broadway, New York. I" NFORMATION WANTED-OF JAMES MoDAAIN, WHO leit hie bralhera, Owen Mctibain, un Tburaday evening, January 30, to go boo-- to bla (later e No. 636Columbia atreet. South Brooklyn. Ua belonged to the Hibernian Society, of South Brooklyn. He loft No. Direr street about 7 o'clock, and nothing has b-en beard of Elm since. He was a man about 6 feet 6, About 18 year* of age; had on a black frock eoat, bhtck cap aad light pasta Any Information of him will be thankfully received at No. H Dot er street, N Y. IF TUB YOUVO LADY IS SINCERE, HHK WILL MEET H. Hare I o (feuded yout 1 offer any apology. But una motion of Uia eya would cure and etill giro bono to HKABTACHE, Monday, i'j F. M. LOUE?I HATE BEEN TO TUB LAND OF STEADY hablto aad bare been looking for that General's war totter; bare you found it yotf Meet mo to-morrow (Tuesday) at are, In tbe riclulty and on tbe same aide of Broadway of wbeee I gat oat or the omulbue and met you before, do not fail, f have aomeihlng to tell yo". \jfR. OTIS, roRMERLT KilOM HANNIBAL CITV. jTl. HWe of Mieionrl. will plenxq fbcall ?> the Belmont lintel, Fit.ton ?treety he will Bad a friend from Wedjurr. Bute of New York. The widow and child wiio resided ABOUT ft jeer . go la loe bereaicnt of a bouat! In Woorter street, n?ar S.ce k-r, may brer 01 aobietblng to Iter oaianvngr t>) ftdt.rei* Bg Coloiitn, Herald offlo. The lady who answered t. w. h "person.u/tjf lait Ttteanay, wnl Unu a letter to Iter tddreaa in tha toner w hlcu ebe dn.;?n?te4. T. WI .Mr'UL. | * .Arts T !) TOBACCO. CEOARfl t'EBV 'OUEAP.-THK AtS$lQttMX:'/T^fo.lj I C3 Hroadway, I ? 'I ;lt,figr?at lad i?ein?T.I? :om li bn-.rr*

tu Havana Dome tUo 004 tiermOQ htgnrl, Pirate err.mine I atoe.g aad pruM. sTDAY, FJiCIiUABY 3, 1802 SAI.I'.S ?P HRAIi EUTATK. ? VroLiVTIVS KAKM-K 'RTV ACRES. TWENTY j\ Kili' h ,r. ' N?iv Y> r n\ nient : r |. a. a-. <1 .iij h in city in ?.i ! fro t n tltm eai'ay. imllin s.,re i Oil - uii.i new; itie Mil itasaucy iiuui, ivi li cln.i nurur; 1 ri 1 ill i-until;e; anil l.riiilii- purpo'ef; mnv in a I ill I sta.e . i enlilvat on, r?nr the di not, ehcrvh n, o-li ol? m< r m. Ao. Fur : .< n a? i pur iculi-rs, can W u?> ir- i 1 < u 2 n l ink at No. 1 u rty a reel. 0. A. l.EVIiBlOOE. Brooklyn e. u? for sale, a fine house, i mulie J nllie i T.vl and replete wlin il: mo no inij pruvriuei'-i.-d touv, men. fi. in the vicinity ui Bedford j andUc. l'el until jnl. Fur lull particulars addlcali Biouklyn, box 20i Herald o ice. i CtOL'NT!;Y FlJti'K FOR SALE?CONSISTING OF A ' J must ry traine Duelling and Bum ami four to five acre* of La id. in good order, about twenty-die mime from tli?i city ; ue-i able i n am uutoi us healthy uii p.e..aani lo- i cation ird r-xlmity lo the railroad dei>bt. nict $5,000. i Apply at No. 7 Broadi ay, room No. 3, second Uoor. I T.t ARM for S.ALE-ON THE HACKEN8ACK RIVER F Berueu oetunr, N. J., containing over Si * re?, with a good Hoese and pinny ul'ouUiouaea auaciud. Fur full particulars, with inup of place, inquire of WM. BLAIR, 102 1 .. . lay street. I FOR RALE?a three story brick house and IiOt wuli tin re, water and gaa, two story on the rear, No. 194 West Twenty-first streett tint lot from the Eighth avenue. Inquire of'O. HIGUINS, 620 Ninth avenue. Fk>r sale?sevf.bal small brown stone enollsh basement Houses. all In excellent localities. and vol) and tastelu'ly bit'abed, Itoiii $t;.0uU lo $10,1X10. a Urge part of tho ouiu-lderaimn money rimy remain oil bond au.l mortgage. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. S 1'iue a licet. For sale?a choice little farm of about so ac. es,'Jj unlet, from tin* city, in New Jersey; gpod buildings; nearly all under ciipi/ation. Prf* $11,1X 0. Free title good. F. D. RICH ARD.-ON A QO.. S3 and Si Nassau street. For kale?at elizabbthport, new jersey, three blocks ;rom Cculral Railroad depot, and llHi yards from. Slairn Iah.ti' Sound, with a very lirif view of Netva' k Buy, two i ue Houses, Store a:ul tune Lots; size of Lots, 110 by ICO feet; tirst House, 31 by 31, two stories and basement, ooniaiua uiue goo.i rooms; secijuct House, Ti by 24, six rooms, stoi c Iti by 31, ami doing a very road cash business In groceries Rti'l meats; witter In bo'b houses, street washer and hydrant In front, bugged st.d pa ed; there is a line deck brushed at the foot or the street lor shipping Iron from; ihe builHUirs are Hlu.ost new. The whole prnpetty will be sold fo: $ WO, nr exchanged for Roots and Shoe.", Stoves, or anything unliable for ihe California market. Call on or address P WALSH, 33 Marshall street, Ellzabetliporl, N. J. (flou k.ale?a house, 33x38, 4 full lots. 30xm at No. 114 Oxford stroft, n"a~ Fulton avenue. Small fruits in abundance. Location line. Apply 10 or address BitEWhTER WOOD, No. 7 Court street, Brooklyn, from 9 A.M. to ISM. TjIOB KALE?SIXTEEN LOTS ON ELEVENTH AVENUE L1 between Twentv-elxth and Twenty-seventh etreete. An! ply to 1). S. hals ah. au, No. 361 Third avenue. In co.l ofl'.ce^ For kale?two or three first class houses in v ry desirable situations, which the owners do not w leh to make public by adver .sing In the papers. Apt ly to E. H. LUDLOW k CO., No. 3 fine street. IE10R SALE OR EXCHANGE?A LOT IN FORTY 1 tilled street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, sou tied, block pnvcuieui anc good neighborhood; or wants -51.AM i n loan- also premise* 141 West Eighteenth street Inquire of D. BEDFORD, 133 West Tlririy-lourlh street. Iior sale or exchange?a three story hasemeut and under cellar modern built brick llouce, having ail the modem Improvements; situated on lleury street, between Harrison and Dcgraw streets; wllf be soid cheap or exchanged for a small collage house in Brooklyn. Address F. W., box 159 Herald oflicc. For sale or exchange?a very valuable Mil) Property, situated at Oreen Bay, Wisconsin, with 36 Cur Building Lota and I ,?00 acres of Land,with everything requisite fur doing ? laige business with the mill. An exchange will be male for Goods or Keal Estate in New Jersey or Mew York. Price for the whole $63,000. Title perfect. nh encumbrance. For particulars inquire of P. L. van DE VENTER, 1W> Fulton street. FOR sale OR TO LET-THE FIRST CLASS BROWN stone House, 37 West Twenty-fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, furnished or uni urmshed. Inquire on the premises. House on oramercy park-fob sale cheap? A brown stone front bouse, opposite the Pirn; containing all Improvements. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Ptne street. _ IN NEW CANAAN, CONNECTICUT, ON OR BEFORE February A, at It) o'clock A. M., will be sold the new House, Barti, Outhouses and two acres of good Land, garden. fruit trei-s, a<\ Also 60 acres food Farming Land adjoining. U. E. MATHEWS, 296 Fulton street, Brooklyn. QALE MUST BE MADE?OWNER LEAVING THE CITY? O Handsome Collage, near oars, one mile irom City Hall. Price $1,800; mortgage to suit. Fair trade, with part cash, may be made. Direct box 301 Brooklyn Tost cilice, or call In Bedford avenue, between Park and Flushing. WANTED TO EXCHAXGE?IN WHOLE OR IN PART, $10,DUO worth of Western lends In Michigan and Iowa, for furniture. Address B.. box 112 Herald office. $1 enn TO $5,003 WORTH OF HOUSEHOLD F1TBNI Pl.tJUu tnrc wanted in axchange for a new brick bouse in Brooklyn and one in New York, together or separate, with privilege of lease of bouse. Address or apply to POSTER A LOPER, No. 4 Sand* street, or to P. C. ANTHONY, 3fj? Pine street, lrcin 11 A. M. to 3 P. M., for three days. ~ FOR S ALE. ~ AN ELEGANT"FRENCH RESTAURANT AND LUNCH Rooms, with everything necessary for carrying on the business? titled in the best etyle and In the b-st part of the city, near the Custom House, for sale. Apply this week at No. 119 decoud aVfciiur. No one without $1,500 cash need apply. A GOOD ' CHANCE.-FOR SALE. AN OLD ESTABIUhed Board'ng and Lodging House, now lull <>r paying boarders. Location central: rent low: the proprietor going on hi" larra. Apply to WILLIAM ABBOTT, auctioneer, No. ? Kitat Broadway. A N OLD ESTABLISHED SEGAR STORE FOR KALE ? A Apply on the premises, bW Uudaon street. Business chance?for sale for cash, stock add Future* of a butcher's shop, 103 Gold atrret, Brooklyn, now doing a good ranh taumt)eris. Reason for selling. the owner hat other busiu ** to attend to. Call from 6 A. M. to 8 T. M. Drug store.-woo will buy the rtocr. Business and Fixtures of a well fitted np Drug Store, in on?* of the brat localities in the d*y. Call'immediately at No. W Division street, a* tt must be sold. For sale-the stock and fixtures of the lira; rla*a Feed Store, No. 68'J Hudaou aiteeu The business hax been established eighteen year*. For particulars Inquireon the premises, of BOWKOtf A YOUNG. FOR SALK-DBY GOODS STOCK, FIXTURES AND Uond Will of Store 419 Canal street, near Varlek atreet, established Ave year*. To young men of- moderate capital this Is an ulrsordieury opportunity to contiuue a business In gaccdestul Operation. Apply aa above For sale?an old established sboar stoke Apply at W6 Spring Btreet. Fob sale ensur?the lease of the terrace saloon; now doing a good hnainees, comer or Btxiaseventh street and Eightfe nveuue, (terminus of the Ei.-hui Avenue Railroad an-l main entrance to the skating pond on the Central ffcrkj. Apply on the premises or at 7ii Eighth avenue. Grocery for sale-one of the best stands in Brdoklyn, ehofce and well selected stock, eaah trade and low rent. Will he sold at. a bargain latfnire of J. CHARLES, J17 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, between 10 and 4 o'clock. Jtx proprietor of a Hotel in this city, containing about one hundred rooms, and doing an excellent business, wishes to dispose of the same In order to change Ms business. Persons who cannot command a cash capital of at toast fire ALouxaad dolUftf heed hot apply. JAB C. AlcOl IKE A CO.. Washington city. SCHOONER fOR SLALI!?OM*Ar FOR CASH; 8HS IS well hullyhaaamntr* board, is pf light draught, about forty-lire tone Burthen and well found; she Is now aUarnt on a trip, but can ba seen after Tuesday. Apply to ROBfiRT C. EVANS, 79 and 78 SulUvan street. SAFE FOR BALE-ONE OF HERRING'S MEDIUM sire, with patent lock, but URleused. Apply immediately at Indemnity Insurance Company, 0 Wau street. . si rE ENTIRE FIXTURES OF A LABOE COUNTING house, smbraciog Office Fixtures, Glass Frames, Counters, Ac., will be disposed or at private sale cheep for cacti. If agi'ied for Immediately. Address box 4,G2S New York Post r PAPER HANGERS-FOR SALE, THE PAPER Hanging Business and Stork; four years established; lecattxu guou; price RHOO; a Brut rate chance for an experienced man. Inquire at 231 Sixth avenue, cornel of Sixteenth street. TX/HOLEgALE UatJOR STORE FOR SALE OR TO BXTT r$isnge, for good Brooklyn property; doing a large cash bdutneas; a well established concern; a Urge atouk of choice, carefully selected Majors; a most cxrsllent chance to makegsjosy. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. ~ . ?1MHCAL." ~ ~ A PPET TO OR?BARROW. IN BLBBOKKR STREET J\ four doors from Jfaedougni street, New York. UOice hours from II to t snd 4 to A. PR. HENRY, J4EMBEE QV THE NSW TORE MEDI naf Do liege, may he consulted as usual from 4 to 10 P. Private entrance 77 Blaeckdr street, was', of Broadway. Doctor hunter wimsblf?the phtsician who sstoblRhed tba Runterian Dtspenahry, No. 3 Dlvtsloa street. Hew York dir. in 1834. ran bo consulted from 8A. M- until 18 o'clock at night at the old affloe Private entrance. TAP. WARD?SUCCESSFUL CONDOM PHYSICIAN AND U Burffon, eon be consulted m uaual Private entrance No. 13 Leigh I (tree*. Hourv from 5 A. M. to 9 P. M. dally. TAB. COOPER, 14 DC ARE STREET. MEMBER OP THE U College or Phyrlrlana and Burgeont of Mew York, mar be oaaanltod daily at l> la offioe, Ireotlin the morn lag vnlU I J RALPH, H. D.-OrriCJ 138 CROSBY STREET, corner of Honeton. Houra 11 to t and S till P. M. MLARMONT. PARIS AMD LOUDON. PHYSICIAN and Surgeon. <M7 Broadway, up autira, CeasuHaUoa from A. M. to 8 P. M., Sundays excepted. pOOPEPSOIl RESTEI.L, 1(1 CHAMBERS STREET. CAM A bo nonsuited a* tin *1. Agents, 137>? Liberty atrect, N. T. la Brooklyn. 175 Pulton atreet. SCOBRETT, M D , CAM BB CONSULTED. AS USUAL, i, at hMoflu*. 20 Cautro otraet, between Chamber* and ude atreett, bavin* a private entrance at. Mo. 8 City Hall place. N II ?Ke<> I?r C.'a diplomat, In hit office, at of the New York University (Medical College). Hundaye from 11 A. M. to 12>< P. M. ' KXPBKP8KS. A" BUSN^II AM'S PIiWMITCRE EXPRESS AMD PACK i> g erUbilebtneat, 11.1 Wea'aElerenth aireet, between Fifth anu Sixth avenu-a. Houar.iold turnlrure boxed and hlpired to .ill parta of Ike world. Covered wag >n? for rumotlng furniture to and from tl.e country, Furniture tored. T-HE MORP.tS EXPR1'S3. ? BROAD STREET, PA. trontrod by r.any l.u'ing Itotuaa, lot-War. . pacitag.a per a Yirnak ?1? Rta.ohe to Nev.ui, I and !l ue Wtnl iu-Ue*, <th February. To Kuropr every Tueaday Oratrtaolirjvod. H lib cut referencesgiven. BO.IROTNCI AKD f.ODOIVO. 11EFPE ' A !'I.K UEBfIAN F\ ??IlY WOLX0 TAKE TV. a ciiiiu to It ! nut un : rtwo * '? ' i.e. lit hi of tercnce can be *' < A a r n or i d re of Kor. J ilins J JatdeU, rear of tin: tj miua M. ti. eh ircl, u ar Alai hctaiiuet 1 lepul, Nuaum N.j. ' ASP! KN DID SUIT OP BOOMS. TOGETHER WITH utileI Rooms, ?o let, with, at 1 tot S--< tnid avenue; to use ami tun.. ui-aci . and ,o auau unsurpassed; couvetimi to iiroadu y and Astor p!are. ' AS If All Ii PRIVATE FAMILY, IIA VINO MOKE ROOM ' man lut j re i ire, will lei one or two llomis, to scullerntn, iviiti or wiiuuui pn-tial Board. K >outs iiave grates und (a*. App.y at All til ou.uc eim l. Attention is called to those living in hotels uad board injj houses.?Tue e Is on Mnl'.l u teal tpt nru ut lit) Marauu'dl street, the rooms belli,.' Utld out in l.iitsand furnished with uverytiung necessary fur housekeeping, in order tout a family may have a complete home till! live at an inconceivably low rate. ' A FINE FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED, ON T11E SE<\itid tloor, to let, with Bi'Uid to a geniieuiun and lauy; also a hark Parlor to let, un.urnishod. Tonus very low; jood board; every pains taken to make home pleasant. Call tl?M Wesi T.iir y sei ond street. A FINE FRONT ROOM AND AN ADJOINIG REDroom, with hot and co'd wnter in, t > let, with best B aid. In a small lamliy; every comfort iu the aouse. App.y at No. 3D Wa.eiley [ la e, near Broadway. A WIDOW LADY. LIVING IN a DESIRABLE LOcalitv, will let furnish d Apartments, w Ith Board, to a Ventlemati and his wife, w iih all the comfort# of a home, rims reasonable. L'a.s and singi b cov* merit. Reference given and required. Apply at 76 West Till; ly-(ixih street, near Sixth avenue. A SECOND STORY TO LET?WITH BOARD. TO A family ora tew quiet gentlemen. Terms very low. A lady w ould be accommodated w ho oould tiaeU a little girl the piano, In port pay. No. 7 Hub. rt street, opposite St. John's church. References given and required. A6INGLE GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with aneal.y furnlhed Rooiu, on third Cocr, ? all Bo-:d, fire, gas, Ac. Tirais very moderate. House lir?telite. Diuunr at 6 o'clock. Api>ly at .Mi East Twentieth street. Avery neatly furnished room, or scit of Rooms, tu let with Bourd, in the piivulc house i(K> Twenty-second street, near Sixth aven :o. Term* mclc . a.,y to drsl'ruble parties. House, location and table ol toe best kind. Board ?two pleasant and well furnished .runt R..o.ns on tlie st ootid, and oi.'t on ttio fourtir Uoor, to let together or sepa -ately, with Board, at tS3 Ciiu.oii place, near Fifth avenue. Dinner ut <i o'clock. Board?a gentleman and wipe, or two sing:? c ntlesnon, can obtain a neatly ittroislied iront Room and Bcuroom, on tile third floor, who Board, at No. 6 vVest Washington place. Al.,0 slugta Rooms to let to gi ntlcu.en. with or without Board. Board?a private family wtll let to two single geutiemon or a gentleman and wife a large, handsome bacli t'urlur, to be furnished ivith rosewood f trnlturc, and n -In ;ta Room on socon I floor, to a ft ntlenii first class urown stotto houre, comai'img ail the modern ituSrorrmenta. To person tired of boarding booses, and who eslre the comforis of a home, this o lcrs n rare opportunity. Trims modern's, and references exchanged. No. 7u Tweutv-tveuUi street, mar Fourth aveuue. Board.?to let, with board, one back room on scroti t filOt, suitable for a gentleman and wife; t? ran $lu jc kim ttroc.nd Rooms, s'litauu for single fu. ict.t,- '1. |?r wtck. Din .er at li. Apply at No. w K. ?i Kc r't . iicet. Helenneesexchanged. Board on tuirti fifth street, near fifth avenue.?A ~ ' "nd Story, handsomely furnished; also a Furlcn Siory, furt?i?iieu or unfurnished. Private table if lloase and furn.'ure uew. Dinner at 6. Table first class. Rmerenae* required. Apply at No. HO West Thirtyfifth street. Brooklyn.?pleasant rooms, with board. for a gentleman and wife or for single gentlemen; house largr and pleasantly situated; hath, A'.; convenient to ferries; terms moderate. Apply at St Willow street. Brooklyn board.?a handsomely furnished second story itonl Room u>a<?upln for tlii per we--k. Also third atopy tront Room for $3. Gentlemen, $3 60 per week. House strictly first class. Location convenient to Wall street and South ferries. Address A. P., bos 1,697 Post office. Brooklyn board.-two or three gentlemen, or sentii man and wife, rsn find first chut K mihsiii a delightful ira-atlon. Every attention to comlort. Terms numerate. Near South and Wall street ferries. Apply at 77 Smte street, opposite Sidney place. Board in Brooklyn.-pleasant rooms, with Board, in a small family, can be obtained at No. Id Nassau street, conveutent to ruuon terry. Boa^d in brooklyn.?two gentlemen can obtuln good Board in a private family from the eon nut; location pleasant and near the feme*. Terms 10 suunho times. A rare opportunity. Apply at 176 Adams at. Reference* required. _ Board on Brooklyn heioiits.-one large Room in third story; also, one Hall Bedroom; good Board; dinner at one; warm aupp-r at six; bath room and gas. At 15 Willow atrcet; convenient to Fulton and Wall street i'errlea. Dupovt house (on huropean plan), corner of Hudson and Lalght streets, opposite fit. John's para. Tail house la wrll suited fur gentlemen business down town. Renins are newly f uruished, and will be let very low to respectable parties. Family and sinqle rooms, with or without Ural elaas hotel board, at reduced prices, corner of Tts euty-seventh street .. id Madison avenue?Madison Avenue Hotel. Lowest priced rooms, with board, $5a week; by the day, $1. Rhode I dans landlord. French board?french lessons.-a good opportuuity to learn French by practising and living in the house and amongthe family of a Fui ilau French teacher. Appiy at MS East Twenty-second street. Furnished rooms.?a gentleman and wife or two single ccutlemen can be accommodated wi:h Board In a private family, where the com'oris of a borne can beenj ?ycd; house contains all the modern improvements. Apply st. 77 Fourth avenue. Furnished rooms-suitable for families or single gentlemen, can ba obtained, with Board, In a de rab> loca.ion, by cpplylug at 37 West 2-:Ui st., near Broadway; house tlrst cls.n; dinner at 6. Reference given and required. Furnished rooms to let?without board, to gentlemen only, liouse contains all the modern improvements. Apply u S37 Fourth street, between Bowery ami Broadway. Hotel julian. 767 Broadway, corner of Ninth street.?First els** accommodations for t'amliev and enitlemeu at moderate prices; meals at all hour*. and served In rooms If desired. Table d'hote at 6, Sunday* at S o'clock. French, bpanlbh and German apoken. Hotel accommodations, at moderate prices. ran be baa at No. 49 R ent thirly-drst street, corner of Broadway. This house.!* wpll suited to the comfort of good class lamiltes and single gentlemen; lowest price for tiL4lg Room*, with Board, $6 per week. JERSEY OITV.?ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD; house with all the modern Improvements, within live minutes' walk of the ferry; terms moderate. Apply at 05 titan J street XTEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS MAT BE HAD EITHER it with or without Board, at 116 West Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED-BY A YOUNQ LADY In a private family; location central; terms not to exceed $4 per week, Inciudlnz fire of evenings and Sundays; a widow lady with no others boarder preferred. Address 0. 8., Herald 0filer Private board?a private family, occupy. tng four story house. Mo. 64 West Thirty-sixth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, offer Board and well furnished Rooms to families without children and to single gentlesnru. Terms reasonable to desirable hoarders. References exchanged. QOUTH BROOKLYN.?TO LET, A PLEASANT HU IT OF O Rooms, on second floor, In a handsomely furnished hou?', close to the South ferry, suitable for a smaH family era party of gentlemen seeking a comfortable home. A private tabl* If desired. Apply at 96 Congress street, four doors went of Henry. TO GENTLEMEN.-A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY DEalrss to let, without Board, to a gentleman, a neatly furnished, comfortable Room and Pantry, with use of bath room adjoining. Apply at lit! West Houston street, corner of Macdougal. TWO HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS can be had, with rail or partial Boanl, where there Is but one other boarder In tho house, and where all the comforts of a home are gust en teed. 242 West Twenty-third street, iniircru oitcuiu miu n,ijfuui itcuubi, TO "LET?WITH BOARD, ONE LARGE ROOM AND hall Bedroom, famished or unfurnished aa parties may denim. House has all the modern Improvements. Terms modei ate. Apply at 38 West Twelfth street, between Fifth And Sixth avenues. TAT AN TED TO BOARD.?A OBNTLEMA'N AND WIFE Vr or two gentlemeu ua bv ac.ommuilated with a large Boom, with pantry, in a quiet, plea?aut family where there are no children, on reasonable terms, at 73 Henry street, Brooklyn, ?rn PEB WEEK FOR A PRETTILY FURNISHED ijtlu Room, with full Board, to a gentleman and wife, in first class house. Also one for St, prettily furnished. A Room for a gentleman for $1 No. 163 Weat Twenty-sixth street, near Eighth avenue. OA UNIVERSITY PLACE, CORNER OP NINTH SU X street.?A handsomely furnished suit of Rooms on second and third Boors, with full Board, to let Also a few single Booms. Reiersncee required. On GREENE STREET, NEAR CANAL.?FURNISHED jZi\) Rooms to 1st to geollemen only. Rooms from 75 cents to $8 per week. House has gas, Croton water, Ac. Also, Similar Rooms aad Rooms for househseping, at No. 1 Monroe el rest, corner of Catharine. OA CLINTON PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY.?AN Ovf elegant Room or suit of K hmtu on second Boer; also cue or twa single Booms to let, with Board. Dinner at six o'clock. 7Q 8PRIVO BTREET, THREB DOORS FROM BROADI U way.?War prt-ea?To let severe! handsomely furnished Rooms, to single gentlemen; location near ell the Orst class hotels sad pleeee of aamaemeut; reading room free. In outre of ANSON HOUSE. QQ GREENE STREET. ABOVE BPRINO?ALSTON ijt) Hoiiv -Elegantly furnlUM fluita of Rttaa. Qu, (,'roton and every convenience for houaekeeplng e; ooorntcalIjr. Partletilarljr oottable lor email, reapecialile Uiaillca or mingle gentleaaaa. Bent low to peraaaant tenant*. IHtt NINTH BTRE8T-OENTLEMEN AND THEIR 1UO wire* or elngle gentlemen, ran bo ncenminodated with niepaant Roorna and good Board, an moderate terra* near Broadway; dinner at 4 o'clock; reference* i irbengod. 1 Zd PRIK(;B STREET?AT. CLAIR HOUSE ?ELEJUU gently furntalied Room*, with Bedrooms attaohrd, with all toe convenience* for houeekecptng complete, ranitidine raaand Crotan water, to let to reipectable famlUaa or single gentlemen. m? BI.BECKER STREET, BIX BLOOES WEST Of I tlrnadway? A new hemae, with all the modern Improvement*, pldiaani R ome, with ru ellent Hoard, Trom f I (SI to $5 per wree. Hrea.i'uit lrom ti to 9; dinner at 12>4 and 4. tft ft ELM STREET, NEAR 8PRINW -FtTRNISHKD aW.L'I Apartment! 'or Immediate o- nfmiicy. Th* lo.*e*t rend In the city, rotiaiderlne the conventem eo tor ooonomirnl ho ooteeplnjp Beet neddlng end furniture, with (huge, cookingotenalU and Uoio complete, gaa and Urotou. I "? ' HORSES, CARRIAGES AC. A NUMBER OF NEVT UU3iNK3e> WAGONS COW. a . ' > ' ? > , ? " > ' . r wis <1 '< ' r*?. Uakf th', M.'.k, Kx: ??an 1" > ? x.v style of Business Wagons^ inadsfn the best i ar.ncr. Ton ./111 lu'1 th'- plac as 'avpr. '* n>> aa any that ca:i o? I 'Ui .. STEWARTS Wap' : Fac tory, H: ly.tbii il at reel, . v a., and Eighth avenue. \COUI'B HORSE- i'HK HANDSOMEST IN Till* cliy, lonf tail, dark b own. 7 y .ra old. Id hands lrgb. Hiuiid ami kind, r"? ui i', x cry siylleh *nd majestic In *pp-.xn.nce; price $nO Fo. sole ax N >. VS E??x Txuriy aecoud street. A BROWN MARE, Ij HANDS, THIN IN FRESH. CAM trot in xhrt ? txi:n> t i 10; Singh aul Robe, $2i>. Ap? ply until hold at No. io Newark avenue, Jersey City, near the ferry. IjIOll SALE?A VERT HANDSOME ISM ALL PONST r built ? irrel Hor.e, at' hi ,r, ao.iut 14 uauds high; war rantrd kind and Mined, .'nod iindor saddle and in harness; ran trut a mile in throe minute*: price $130. Apply at No. 25 Ilea vex1 sired. IjtOR BAf.E-AN ALi ANY CUTTER, WITH POLE AND i*i' a.r of eha.n, f ?r c ly ami country ronda; a light Albany and light Portland Sle .h. A'. o a g -od business or f unlly ilorse, all for sa.e c cap at No. 05 East Thirty-second street. FOR SALE?TWO LARGE UO'SES (BLACK AND* sorrel) suitso.e for r ..s, 1." humls high, ti years old, to be emd , heap; alco o lie H uses just lroux the West. Apply at 5:7 Washington stive. , muxr King. IflOIt SALE -A t'111mi mTlo:I FOW, OF THE BEST quality, Durham, warrant ml u> inilk twenty-six quarts of milk per day; ai u p ake tlurusen pounds of butter par week, x'all at itil East 25'!; sh, t ear. For sale?a LARUE two horse sled, built to* order and wnrrarxw ? cany t o ton . For particular* 1.. ... I< xtivr VfnllliK A , tl I ,6 I tt.a.1 UrH lfiWA1.-. COlTlUU1 Af away w ?uui. ..tut,,,,......,, Jefferson sirect. For 8ai.e cheap-okb pair oF LONG TAIL BAT Horses, 14. 1* : . . trot til d;M; sound and ifltirt In sirtplo mid lioubo. sum ?; double seated Sletrb, Light Wukou mi J liai'tii'sx. Cuo b seenal New Yorn 8ttla Stabler, corner of i nt-tltlrd streutand SI nthavenue, betweeu toe noui s or <1 and 1 o cloak. House foe sai,::.-a vei.y stylish bav house, 1U hand* blgli, Ions .lit, G rki oil; pn. e $300. Also Lupit Wuw ii, Willi ?i crliliui ; o co.rlim in, lumps on sideil sua ulit out for n h< t to o ; price $T5. Apply at tho private stable, 26 Lexington avenoo. House, harness \.\li Bi'Tciikks oart fok rule, for jt' i, s ().!: lie or tug. .ui.r, urn. o.'K r taken today, s: .No. 1 avenue 1). NUiW YORK TATTEUSALI S-SliTB AVENUE AND Thirty-ninth ire. . i soay, r' o. 4, at 11 o'clock, a n t ion sulii ol Holmes, so iuIu-, l,o Bet'-', Blankets, 1.1 u , . . HENRY l'tT.Mk|t QLETOHS ONE FOl t: SEAT FOR THE COUNTRY, 0 Hi, one tor gi' i t. or ctpress, $30; one two Putter, A: |? . N 11 O >ld mri ot. tip xtatrs, oleioh3 ron 8ai.i' a half r?lck.-a light 11 i, ft. for nun ..r .. :o in, nut it set of Double Run.'e rs; becu uec l it. o .tit . at it ij it agon body. Also a sti il or a carman. > . Thirty-ninth street, between llroadtrtiy itinl S t: i c m .e. rno LIVERY .STA LE t 1 i.Ph.43 AND OTHERS.?WB 1 aiwctosii o.toor ?to . W> h' ami Hni.a.'o Kobes bel iiv cost. L. J. a J. i'liJt.l.Il'S, lk and Go il-.oadway. rjlHOBLEY'8 FOOD FO-. ;t : S'-IS VXD CATTLE. A At a great r'.du'lion i. i or .-a;e by K. U. ALLEW A CO., lyj and lul W.nci - a rpo SPORT-MEN.?['OR s.u.3. ONE VERY HANDJ some light8:*i h?h :.... of a to; built ibis fall?at Oft aim C8 Scbn rim. rliorii *t. t Uruoatyn. \\rANTED?A NEW I! tr.G tGK OR MARKET WAGON, 1? Hitii e.iji-riMp; i4 i.rm niir vubiclo la every rcHpct. AdUiuas Cu b, l> .\ 2,.*>i6 Post oiilce. Ml llCAb. A MAGNIFICENT seven OCTAVE ROSEWOOD eii.ii forte for aio. I* ,h..(i v tarred lu^a ami case,over, miiing b. s i, iull ti.u p 0 witli aalinivnod, has all modern Impin fmi-n ?, r u- t, ei-D In use aeren 1 nioutha; cu t $.Vxl, w ill . slid . nr ?2 (I, including Stool and C.irir. Also Parlor ? a pi. at -acrlflne. Inquire at 70 Wf at Twenty-i-Utu Kir a r nlxtb bcinut. Army songs.?"marchinn; along," pricb ? centa, by W. B Br do.iry. unit "Autoum of Liberty," inioc iUcuuts, iij R Mori.. W . , auug i.y the soldiers of the aruiy. Cap a SI .it by in .i o re' nipt of the price. KiRTil, EON'it At. . P blisberaoi Music. ii7 H. oadw.iy, New York. I A SOPRANO. ACQUAINTED with the episcopal i and I'i s-abyteriau ami . ok rvs u situation in a Chnrcb I in New York or Brooklyn. fair i.o object, us practice M I required. Audit*-.* Vo ai, Arc oI P. BaiiuU, M HoutbScrenUp I rtrcet, Brooklyn, e. D. i Tiiht EUBl.isiie ?ttlr " i'oulit'kino set quad i rilles, aedwal a to the Irirb Brwnde, and the "Bella 01 Ml Sliandon," camp son - o h Si t ill ub, words and muaM I lor piano; prtco, at i)AuY 8 mua.c store, ilSQruud I a tree*. LA l'KIMA DONNA SOPRANO ELIZA VALENTIN A PARAVALLE .<-. .Iu-h S'.tu-lrig and Piann at herprt? vat# reai'ienee, 6rt7 Broadway, u:pd Hour, over Mr. Uauiatvav'a, m at Am.ty sir. < ., >.u ! Wuvi e the can be teen every day from 11 till 4 O'clock. Music.?an opi ort! mitt for all to learn rausl.?Klflit 1i'.a . m 11 tne piano i?>r $2. with privl. live of dally pr.oti e. . u.u,? Mien,ie,l at tin ir residences, f 1-J to $12 tier quarter. App.y at 217 Seventeenth street, ueal Ninth avenue. ORGANIST WANTED?a GENTLEMAN who 1h AN accomplished aiutier, and who lo apub.e nf iDStruotlug aehoir. Apply to Ri v. A. Lo an. SL Mary a church, Brookyu, E. D. Pianoforte.?a magnificently carved pianoforte, Chlcke ins'- tuasr i n . $4.V) hut on:' year ago, will ? now be disposed oi fir.- ho? lieu ..all lis actual value, at the owner 1- giving up ftmcelti-.-glng. l'uuio la 7 octave, grandes' style of ro? wood'a- . lour round corners, Freudi grand action, sweet .u i |-<>t ful tone, curved leg*, iron Irusiie, Ac. Apply at 12/ T.t n .-.irat atrccl, near Tlnrd av. lAN'Jl-OHTK FOR SALE.?A FINE .SEVEN OCTAVP Piano lor $7V. Mn?? -,e dispoaed of iiinni-dlalely. Is In perfect order; uas round mrueis, French mand action, rlcu and powerful tone, Ac., ,lc. Any person In want of a reallv superior te.ied Piano, nt n vttr; low price, will Had it too.l chance. App.y at Ui T t enljr-lirat street, near Third avenue, The HoRAt i: iv.v i: s: av< w and melodeons and Alet'i ulre Or.-ana. and T. Gilbert a Co.'a celebrated ASuilan Putuoa, ate lit' i.o . t instrument* lor feclur and I ehu.-ehi'H now iu Ui-e, ,k 1 ; -ortment Cin be /.the 1 ne.v warernonns. N". I<! xr .i way, betWuen Uriy'". ana Hroome ' tree's, whi' h wi I lie sold at .-xireincly low prices. Pianos aud Melndeous. from i n ry raske-*, new and secondhand, to let, an I rent allowed il pjjpjamd as pet- > groMRnt. Mont.dy paym-uts rccivcd u .e same Ht.- et Jlmlr, Music Books end all klni? id Music Merehsnd^ig at wat price*. A plan .at in alien iauuc will try neif music. i\> ;m cnox." ? 7ZZT AltMY OR XAV'T.?BUOu aiiliPINC. - AI R. J10LBEAR W.I Broaiivay, will kit > a ?|KClal rnilrm to qualify pen It-men l or paymasters: ulso, a sp 1st cu.u?e in trie evening for merchants, ai $6. Wrtuug wdawi All mrudbxts is hooickkepiko, penmanship" ArU'iasetlc, ae? at Psi'.e > *1 ucauUM Colleges pursue tbeeo Btii-lles iir hours (mains iluy or evening, snd prngresi as rapidly as their en arprlsv an i ability wi.l permit. Young men or buys wboatt il 111 n o e mis prevented tu-dr progress In larso wboels receive here >1, l-tly Individual Instruction. GERMAN-AMERICAN INSTITUTE. NO. 309 WE81 Twenty-s-<v.nd street.?I h- annual publle etamhiatloa of the pi.nils will be i."nl on Wcd.u -day an . Thursday, Pel* ruary 3 and C, irom OtJ A. M. to I*. M., in ih.; Mathe.uaIleal Lecture ltoon of th>: coon, r I st.tute. The lower elaasel will he examined on Wednesday. the upper classes an Thursday. Asa new seml-ai.a'isl term wllb-gin on Friday. February 7. all parents woo think of trusting this Institute with ttie educstlou of their i. hilar n by aaaistiog at the public examination will have tbe loon opportunity of getting an exact idea of too character of the school and tbe adopts ! plan and method ot lnHtrurt.on. Oln a ara couuinliig rull partV culars limy be had at No. ATI West t.v-ntv-aemiid street, oh dttrlng the publie examination a: tb Cooper Institute. 11 OfcHCKL, P. P., Principal. , \tek8rd. 8ervatiij8 a BOX, WELL KNOWN id Iwl ? ? S- -L , ....... i? ,w? al feuJug. beg lenTe to mfitrra tueir patrona and the publlcthat In connection with ihalr itonucmy in New Y'ork they Mil open"da Fen-tng Aradmiy In Hioo.tyn. at the Hamilton *Biul<llnga, 14 Court iwv rooui 37. Particular attention wtL be gtren to the iustnictiou of bru*d?w,>rl enerciso and toe manual of nrml. Apply at t m Academy, from t? to 10 A. M. and 6 le 9 P. M. on Monday, Thura lay autl Sa?jnlaf. rrEACnER8 WANTED IMMEDIATELY?a GENTLE. X man for the Knolsh o.uunea, including clotutloo; another gentleman lor bonkke-ping and matlirmalf<'a;a lady for tbe piano. Tne three niu ; be thoroughly qualified and willlug to reaide in the insulin tun. Appty peraonaUr at Mr. Barns, publisher, No. rs John tt eet, between 1J and 4 o'clock, on M >nday nn?l Tn'?'?y in n. *DAhCING ACADENIKH. ^ B' ROOKES' DANCING ACADEMY. 3dl BROOME ST. A NEW CL.ttt.n FOR TL'EM.iAV, All tbe favhiouab'.e dancea in ?u- tuurW orTes'nns LADIES me?i Tucsuaya ai d Fridays. 3 to P M. GENTLEMEN, T.iemlav a an i Fridays 7H ? IW* r * CHILDREN, Wadnod tY' a .d batur lnys 3 to II P. M. LADIES' Primary Ciass hi*.runted of Mi t. Brookes Thr aehoat le op-n all the y?ar. SOIREE EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. BALLET MASTER DUMARE DANCING ACADEMY,. ?67 Bowery. L s.nns SI per ui-n ft, tt, adata,Ttuir*. davs, Wednesdays uod->aiui'.,. ye, ?t 4 u'clo. k, lor children and ladle*. Tueeduya and Fruity* tZ Prl7ate Ictaoue fifty cento. PROF. BOND'S NEW DANCINQ AND SKATING ACAW emr, 76 Variek street. ? ne door rom Canal ?treat. New York, open Monday and ThurSd. y af'ft>'Hi>ou*t anr^evoniu^S TMK RKSKUilOff, > AFMY AND NAVY PAY COLLECTED, AND ARREARS of pay fur' remaned and ?iiie riimnorery "Ulcere nrnrored. JOHN B. UU IRA Y, Army and Navy Banker, _ No. 30 Naa.AU , Ire-. New Yori, nj'poaite li e Poet offlce. FLAGS, BANNERS AND RBOIMENTAL COLORS, HUlla, Mountings Trimmings Eagles Spear Beads Ac. Ornamental palatini ami <-m:>rn. -ring on silk. HOIER A GRAHAM, *7 Duane afreet. RECRUITS WAN TED-FOB TUB JACKSON ARTIL* Thla regiment, anthorlted by hie Eteellaney, Governor Morgan, and designated by him na the Second regiment heavy artillery, to in want or nbout ONE HUNDRED ABLE BODIED RECRUITS, aged from 16 to 43 years and not tea* than fire feet three lurbealn height. MThc_refluieatJa ijuarterwd.e^lhe^ On loo Barracks East A aplendtxl uniform and a liberal anpp!* of nndvlothln* ftirniihed Immediately, and the auihoriUw Aire ralltftatoi famtltea of feerulte. The re*luient la Intended for miTtem duly, and offer* the adv.ntagea to rnrulie 01 no iony marchee and no xnoaura tu elorma, Ac incidental to Held dm*. P?e?rw One hundr. il dollar* bounty at the aiplratlon of the war rr Jamb* F. Fariuu* Adjutant. * Recruits.-*.! wii.l be paid to bacii recruit Apply to Major A. 0. 0**11*, boadj imwr* Bnvani*.' | eighth rtglment (Cameron .tHeO.IdJ fourth atreeL r?,.\_ Rnle* or part, of In/ited to attach themaiVei i* regiment vlli not ho cone, dilated. TUT REGIMENT NEW TORE CIlAS'TiTlm. HOW 1 JoUn ( Colon#,100 ?t)le Imrtie.l men wLmiZl for (hie Mto I'h re .mrnt, now 'n entre w ler ur!Sr w?Ik ington. rey. relion.. A^.^rnnr^arorHrwiMni'MilKJ^blirlfc vlll tttgiran to Iho+tfr-rrtngte the Q|e,?.f iheiriir t*o?Ji*in ihi.fn.1 n ot .ru t. ve u "ir wrTrewTlnXw York **r th Ir rttnllln., R?.Mi ue( o0l4 V?rn?r rf PuZ T*Bu7?Od With ^ rn"' * r,r* U?ut. 0. If, l-Sf, mcrulli?| ?Owft

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