Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1862 Page 7
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H SALES AT AUCTION. A M l! CHAPMAN A CO., AUCTIONEERS. A. SUPERB HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Fainting*, bluluary. and many in-- in, I coslty Work* of Art, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, The propei ly of a laiuilv ii< viimuc housekeeping, ftalo commenting on M,,u,lay, Feb. 3, ut II o'clock, at the Are suory brown SI n. rrsldene 43 v\e>t Sixteenth street, bo, tween Kitili anil Smii aveoue*. Sevan ocui e i'lsu iforte. Boson ooii uai black walnut Suits, Bronte and Ormolu Chandeliers, Velvet Medallion Csrpats, Sevres aud D :adeu Cbina Vases, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, ' Brocade and Lace Curtains, Ork Bullet nnd Extension Table, Bookcase, Eleg res. Centre, t'liiiis. Glass aud Sllrer Ware, Sheffield Table Cutlery, Table Linen. l.v own' d Chamber Furniture, style Louis XIV. Drawing Boons?Roarwc >d Suii, covered In blue aud gold brocatel. oue do. greet) ate I gold, Tab -a-Tcte Solus, A.tnchairs, Reccptiou and oval , urs Cbairts rosewood Elegeres, statuary -Dial ble top Secretin, aud Bnokcue. lined Willi satin wood, plate jt'es* doors; Emoignurrs, Cabinets, Cenint Tables, Mantel M i, run, six Item bronze sod ormolu Chaude^B Iters, elegant innbi iidereiJ Late Cm Unta, Console and Card 'fables, niagiiihcent Sevres Cliltia Vmeat superb Brontes, .representing Meicury, Crusaders, Cbi val oc Mai ley, Hainb t, Keinbrrndt; IW'b oiut. Ii Fainliiics?Seenes on the Hudson, bv Cole; Assumption of ihe Virgin, ly l/tcard; Marin-' ^B Views, original, by Diebolt; French h ue lLoftravln t?, Bruiizo ^B -Clock, ruus one monili; ro.ignlboent te ?n 0 slave rosewood ^B Pianofort", fuur round corn.trs, made to order by city M -tuskers; Moil, Cover and Canterbury; b nek walnut llutH stand, Velvet Carpets, Ac. Chambers?Hr insets Carp;Is, ^B rosewood and mahogany Drtssiug Bureaus, ltcds,. ads, H Wardrobe*. Commodes, Lounges, Ann Oh ..Irs, Solas, Chairs. H -covered with haircloth; Spring and Hair Multrosaes, Feather H Beds, Blunkeis, Counterpanes, Oval Mirrors. Bluing Itouni? H Oak Buflei, Extension Table, china and Tea Sets, H elegant sets Knoy and Crystal classnare, Pariau marble H Bunch Bowl, Silver Dinner and Tita Service, Salvers, Table CuUery, Napkin Rings. Also, Kuriiituro of tho servants' apartments, and Basement and Kitchen Furniture. N. B.?Pari es wishing to ati ud this sale can take the H Fifth avenue and Broadivav oi Sixth aVI-nlie stares and mrs at the A*tor Home, St. Nicholas and Motropnlilan Hotels, which will bring them withiu a few doors of the bouse, ooruer of Sixteenth street. Attractive acction sale of beautiful rosewood, oak ano mahogany furniture, - comprhuig Parioi. Chamber, Dining Rocra an l Library Furniture, Painting*, r'ch Vanes, Freuph China, Stiver Ware, Kosew oud Pianoforte, An. This (Monday) afternoon, a' 2 o lock, ra'norsblna POSITIVE ANO PEREMPTORY SALE, At No. 152 West Twenty-ill at tiiwt near Seventh avenue, 'embracing the entire conn nia ol the house. all as good as new, sin! first class whole to he s Id to tho highest bidder for cash, and i. moved Immediately from the premises?Elegant V oottve rosewood Pianoforte, solid losewood Parlor Furniture, en suite; magulficdnt Etegere, Statuary niMrhle top; two Trench Pier Glasses, Damask and Lace Curtains, elegant Mantel Mirror, two full Suits of solid rosewood Parlor Furniture, covered in rich silin brocutel; rose wood t.'eutre, Sofa and Pier Tables; corner Btegere, Tap'" ry and W It ti Car..eta. Turkish Lo-'ngcs, Voltaire Chairs, velvet K ita, gobl and landscape Shades, costly Maiuul Vases, bnui/.e C.ock, French Parian .Mantel Vases and Ornaments, Oil Pain iugs, Cbinidcliers. rosewood Dressing Bureaus, elegant rosea ud Bedsteads, Spring and "Hair Mattresses, Be l and Beii,ling, French spring seat and <*ottage Chairs, Chambers it In hair cloih, gill oval Mirrors, ttofw. Sofa Bedsteads, handsome ma o-any Furniture of every description. wlili a number oi gupertine Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, French China, Cut Glass, Silver Ware, Ivory Aud S.lvcr Cutlery, with a complete complement of ouli Dining Furniture Deposits r quired of purchasers. Descriptive catalogue at the house. .RUSSELL W. WF.stcott, Auctioneer. Auction notice.-all the household fur future of a private family, leaving the city lor Eujopef will be sold at public ?uci on, this day i Monday). February S, sit 11 o'clock rrerisely, at the re nten e f-2 East Twenty ninth ptrect, corner of Fourth avenue, consisting of Brussels- and Xngraiu Carpels, mahogany single and double Bedsteads, .Bureaus, ma-ble top W.tsbgisnds. I-onngeo. cane seat Chairs, Hair and Burins Mattresses, two children's Bedsteads, with Bedding; Card Table, Mirrors, t locks, black walnut Parlor ifiuit, comprising seven pirn a, covered In reps; Centre Tables, Corner Stands, Paiutiius. Vases, large Oval Mirrur, two Wardrobes. Iron tie a' ads, Washstands, round Table, Lounge, revered In plush; DainaskC mains, Shades, Kitchen Tables, Glass, China Ware, Table Cutlery, \Vashtopr, Oil-cloths, 8tarr Carpets, Ac. Bale |K-?itlve, rntn or shine. E. ROTII, Auctioneer. Auction notice-w.v witters, auctioneerHENUV PALMER will sell, at the New York Tatter) walls, Klyth nrrfitte and Thirty-ninth street, on Tuesday, Feb. A, at It o'clock, Hot sea, Harness, Sleighs, Bells, Kobe*, '.Blankets, fte. Auction kal-e of ready made clothing, ac ? A. M.-CHIS'1'A1^K. auctioneer. 23 Bowery, will sell this day, 'eheiiarjwS, at 10)j o'clock, a large slock ot -Clothing, comprising Clotii, Pilot, Beaver and IVtershuin Frock, Bark. Business ana Over Coats; Doeskin, Cloth, I'sasimere and Satinet Pants; Br Ik, Satin. Velvet aud Cloth Vests; also Plsee Iioode. Cloths, t;assiitierrs, Satinets. Shirtings, Sheeting, Linings, Vesting*, Satins, Silks, a large lot of Woollen Undershirt - and Drawers, Buck Gloves aud Milts, Linen Threail Trimmings. A UCT10N SALE OF CROCKERY AND GLASS ? A. HENRY -G. EVANS will sell, on Tuesday. Feb. 4. at to* clock,at 83 Maiden lane, in lot- to suit dealers, a prime Assortment of while Granite aud all kinds of common ware, OLssware, Ac. Sale positive and goods well packed for shipping. Auction sale of lease, stock and fixtures of Drug Store fl ' D vs.on ?ir?-t, now doing a good busttress, on Tuesday, Feb. 4, at H o'clock. oxstable"8 sale.-a m. cristalar. auction aer, 23 Bowery, will sell this day. Fab. 3, at Il?i o'clock, ten chests Soiu liun.- Tea. one Lounge and one Round Table. By order or LORENZ OUKIt-LE, Constable. Edward schenck, auctioneer -kdward SCHENCK auction, on Wednesday, the .Mb Inst., at 12 u'cloek M , nl the store No. 14 Plait street, the in-nidus of tb? stock of I lie I'orturr Orm or C. Le llendre A Co., consisting of Augurs, 8- issoM, Crucibles, 1'aiuU aud other articles. Terms cash. First class steam forge for sale -will be sold at public sale, at 2 o'clock P. M., on Tuesday, Die 4tn day of February, 1X62, at the public bouse of W. L. Deliorboh, in tin- city of Reading, ihc property knows a* tbe Rending Steam Forge, in said city. Said Forge I* substantially boitt, and completely equipped -with all the modern improvemems, including a seven tan Hasmyth bumsner and three Kirk strum hammers, each with beating luruace* mid boilers attached. A tyro bending ma chine and oxen, three puddling (urnaoes, live blacksm'th's forges, two ihtrt>.(on c'-an-a one largest rlas* boring mill. Slotting machine, turning lathe, and slsty horse engine. Main building 1)00hy Ittl leel, with sheet Iron roof, acarjien. tershop and brick oillce, with urn proot, he., onibepre mliM which contain over 2)2 a-res. Said Forge I* most vontrn.citlly located for htialnes*, adjoining the Keadlag Had road, Rod no connected therewith vbat locomotivea nun take amy anil deliver cart of Iron, COR I and ether freight. without Mt for hauling. Shntea run nutatde the hulltlng. by whlrb onl, scrap iron, Ac., <can be Uomprd en se to rnch furnuca!, without etui a coat for liRolun: or laVor. Tltia Fmvr In capable of evecutlng tha brt-vicsi work, I R' las foi\'?l and nntkhed tin- inaiti abafU of the Adriatic, < In lie the lurgeat ever made), besides complete seta of torgin:;* for nttmnrnii* tMeantshifis for government and other*. The oily of I'rmting*vre?ritts peculiar adrsnin-tea for the attrcrufnl operation Of nucha lord, it in within 5H miles of Pltllndalph a. connected therewith li> the Ktvu.lln, Railroad,and trie Sc'utvlkill (l&> ton) canal. 124 mile* liv vail direct from New York, 138 front II tltimore. 54 f ont llai title.ry, nod .44 trotn the Schuylkill eiitl r?t Ion, whence the la-at aniline it nut I rtut be placed at the furnace doors for ulsmt t> par ton. Km,I. a illumed In one ol the lined arricnllti al diatrict* of l*nnnayU'ania, has u tiopttlat no 2 i.Uhl, and i- n ted lor u* general iieelth and the p my of na water As limit* rnntt. tr eontaioa mora furnace* than any other In the I tilted Slate*, iron of evi <-j de criptlmt ran be procured by the for^e at the low eat pr.or*. Title clear of nil inctimhrtinee. Fi saaaaion gtyen iinmedialrly, mid In its matin easy to mill pur-chase rv. The Forge is In come' l" order, and I* furnished with every n. -a ai y Uml and nppin t' natiee to corntneneo work Immediately on tuklnit |*i i"?mi It t* a property well wm th the attent on ol tin ,e engaged In the above Intri eaav Fo? any f irthcr iiiformntton. apn'vtn II. 11. Ml.H T.EKRl'.Kfl. t'aahlerof the Farm.t?' llnnkof li?ndlo>? IVun. HENRY II. f.T;i:i?S, AlfTIf).Nl;F.:i.?HENRY II I.KKIIS A Co. will sell at miction, on Tin ?d?y, February 4, at '11 o'ulis k, ..l tlio > ri hi ti k'n 23 Ns'-au atteet. I he sue k of tk Bmadvr.iy .It an II r. T es? go a fa < .-siat ot the rerr finest deaeriptt.'it ot Jewelry, end m .nnre luted ior Itio elw uy , T.l . ? t- ,. a I ... u ...M.'m be C'oniav M. i. To'm*. I p'l -> !i i? n: f> i, i . in<1 ia-v-r WTatrlx-.t. t''ir>nomrf- >? hi t-i hm ti rural aoM r mi, tern la' Vol> Clin lie, U'll t.'ha.ri.iln*, H'.lUI fifriixc Hi'vn- W it*," Knitrra. Knik??ntl 8-mona, line Onl4 -??ii *, roll I < : ! TtiimMen, Mlver Kilt * 'til' I* ii Kiiikk. Sllv.'i s.?! larv. klrt'.tng Sili -\V.ib itt'f, Scgtir C is.'- Canl Cave*. Oold U.liea' wtntl femE'ipi-n * um I" aMtte and rliinti-r Kit g<, At'. Atii"p; tii .ir.It-lm 1; . unii;ttt(jrrtit Dmmoml Cro.* i nut. Itilujj irvrn .1 .'nil,It; ' llllani- iippr-i m-1 m som. Til* rrittr.' link I* in hi' h-o 'itelv It'll I In Hi" lit glu-al bidder, wl'li.inl r" ; ml to at, on- r na ?n opportunity ti> |ini" ure jewelry at tery maiii-ran- pi h e- . Hesry n. riKitTs, jr., auctioneer. Sum ill . Mik-lip < Tacr ?*, lloup Skirt*, Ar HENRY WOOD * CO. will II "1 M.'it'lar, F.-'irmry 3, at 10 li e! . -*, ut tin .r Fill'mii im?, 4.VI llr i.\i|w:iv, n 'rii iv l??t of Dre*? Mode *. Pattern*, llo. pStilt, Skirt MaierinK Seatug M?i Uint'a, Cutting - skirt Frnmr*. <t .: all-" a large lot of >lli r-, i'ar|H'ti>. 8 fin Clialr Cannier*. P?Ft?. iiimk sli iw i an!*. Sim* Oat a, iJ i - I "I y,|. cloth. At. Rjr order or JAMES I.YRt'H. SEerlX HENKY n. HERTS, JR., AUCTIONEER. MfT Ril r S KAl.E-VL a\ fh. (IRES, a HT'.M.V WlxlU .t CO ?li ? IIon Monday. Feb X * II o'rlork. at th' lr natmnsoni*, 4 0 Broadway. two Watt Hanr"*. j* Buy ami Uirl, r VjIji ureawtl. a liable Tot a ahow tvln.lo*. By or-!* of JAVRS LYNCH, Slirrin Henry ii iifuts. jr auctioneer. s| IE It i' i si ALE?' tll.CI ol iis. MKNT.N Woo f a Oh tadi wli ."i Mo ?l.iv, Feb S ?t II n'elneb. et tlii-tr .t-vi im i.roadway, 72 roll* Falilc oikjnth aid .17 m < In li By ordet of ' ? MES I.YNCH. Sheriff Hewry h. iikkl i t al I'inkkr MORTOAOK HAM-ltMT8L Sl'ltNTTURK. On T " K I. 4. . I01. 1 in k, at block s no mi Leonard street, NEAR IIHOADWAY T1FNRY WnoR .% Co. ?,n m l a* uboee,the entire f-trqttnrr a?' I l>- *?, >or a'lng I I. i-n Mun.1 Ingrain Cariwte. Otlrlolh, mantarany ami taalant S-iian, Chult*. I?Ii>f, r'Jiiurliea, b*'l*tr*i1*, Bnrrmiv Wn?i>*iaiiila. I'tniitnial**, I'ler Mirror*, Sitrrriarl#.. Clm-k*. na> Flttore*, tin" Orrtnan D'nvn Ud Kratltrr lle'k, Flllana, hoi-Ufa, llair Mattrraira, Bod together with the a?u?l eHanrtineat ol Kin lien Furniture, with ?kWi thfl will n>mini>iK?. Term* cneh. Myotic.. of (or m?rt0MCC. MIHII'llHTV, Al t TIUNCI-fl-WII.L"sKU., TIMS tiny (Mn"d???. Feb. 5. ?l li'S o'clock, HI Hie stilesrnoiii S# Nh??h'i Mreet. Hnn**hoM furniture, rontuHiiiig of rune, wood and Parlor Kuite. coven*! In'u-".-*trl nn 1 halrrlnth; Rerretaiy Bookr*?e*, tnar>> e I >p Onli.i Table*-, Mm**" * Mid Velvet C*r|eks Kvien-lon Dining Tunics, Mul'Tefi, Cooker*, DlHMtwnie, Creasing Bnre?,i--, VVashKtiiiiilH, B?"NU-nl?, H'.ilr Mi.'iie?'t ?, two row wood Billiard Tables, English Double Fowling Piece; atao en aMnriment of 0 Hive Fn roller*. M^OHTOAlfl \ i I STE AM~ENQIN K. UiUMs, m\lilllKKKV, Ac. _ tllAHHKKS A FAIRCHILP. At CTIONRERfl, Salesroom IMKx^ nl alrrrl, will nell, onfhnrtday, Feb, #, et lioVlo.-k, at So. ? Eightieth otreel, between Blooniingtlale rotd end Kl'-venth tvenne, one H ten in Knclne and Holler, Belting, A*.; Id lurco Engine lemma, 30 small Hand Loom*. 2 Doutilrr* Mid Twisters, I Winding brumes end apparatus SO. .netted therewith, ?naiallug of Jncquard l.onm* M''rd?, If Amend, Ac. Hlii? 11 KKU.V, Attorney for Morlgng-e SA .1 VI r, V- riON ' i I- > -MONDAY, . et I0H o'clock, et No. 13ft ?lri et, nc*r Sottlh etreel. Her KtHim end IlralAuraitl, ton Ming of mo iter Counter*, i.htk llur a id Fuuih a. largo Mirror, DraWtto, Tumbler*, Beer Pump*, Table*, Chair*. Kef- gerafnr, 1'nlntr Ing* nutl Engravings. D . t'nsKra, cutlet S .nil T*bl*. Crockery end ?Iiih% tic, Ken. e, Boiler, Cvo'tin; VtenslH, Oile'otli, Oen Fixture , Kiting (' mn'ir, tivitef FUit.da, Ac., Ae. A deposit will be ngultrd iron *11 put. chhhere. SA not tlli, At ci.ON i-.J.. . -VO.IMT, F'llt *t 9y, o'eiot-1 F. M? at,i .'v>l t?atli gieimc. i r finite ui n hill of * le. the flto k end rltl , a nf a grrivgn so gar*. Ten*, Colft o, hpioes, Ac,, *leb one tT rve, kik] ltarnen CHARLES F. WATTS, Attorney. 1 SALES AT AUCTION. TUAFKNEY. AUCTIONEER, 170CHATHAM STREET will sell on Monday. February 8, ?i IOH 'delock, the Lnu, Slock and ot lb-* brat class Liquor Store, southwest corner of Forty-third reel and Ninth avenue; an excellent Counter, Beer Fumps, At Megs, Brass Fauceta, Copper Measures, (.us Fixtures, 4r WM HOLLINliSIIEAD, AUOTIONEER.-I.OiX) . ruses Boots and Shoes, Br ians and Rubbers at aoetiun on Tuesday. Feb. 4, at l(l)i o'. lock, at the store of J. I. Whitehooae, ?i <' rtlandt street, comprising fresh mid asouat'le (looda direct from manufacturer: also a lot of second quality Rubbers, without reserve. Catalogues ready on morning of aala. ~\\TM. WITTER*. AT ri'iN'EER, WILL SELL, THIS ?T ihy, til 2 o'i I K-k, at 481 Canal street, the entire Furiiltu-e, Ac., ol'a lu-ge boose ?Parlor and Chamber Suits, Carp ts, H- ldin , China. Class and Silver Were; Stovea, Hiir Mattress..-, Blankets, mat tile lop bureaus, Waslu-Umts, bedsteads, Pill vs uud Bolster*. Fine lot for laiuily use, but a short lime in use. SHIPPING. ~ TUK BRITISH AND NOUT.I AMERICAN ROVAL MAIL Steamships. FA8SPORTS.?All persons leaving the United States will require to have passports from the authorities of their re Washington, or by the passport ageut at port of embarkalion. r*OM NEW TOItK TO LlVEkrOOL. Chief CaMn Passage $130 Second Csbtu Passage 76 KKOtf BOKO* TO UVkBrOOL. Chief Cabin Passage $110 Second Cabiu l'aauso tit) The ships from New York call at Cork harbor. The ships from Bosiou call at Halifax and Cork harbor. PERSIA, capt. Judklns, AFRICA. CapL Shannou. ARABIA, Capl. J. Sloue, CANADA. Capt J Leileh, ASIA. Capt E U. Loti, AMERICA, Capt. Hockley, AUSTRALASIAN, MAOABA. Capt. Moodio. Capt Cook. EL'HOP A, Capt. Anderson, _ SCOTIA foow btiiidlug). These Teasels carry a clear white light at matt bead; green on starboard bow: red on Dort bow CANADA. Muir leaves Boston. Wednesday. Jan. 3& ARABIA. S.iunaou. leaves New York-Wed'sdny. Jan. 23 El'KMPA, Anderson, leaves Boston. Wednesday, Feb. 6 AFRICA, S on . leaves New York, Wed'sday, Feb. 13 NIAGARA, Moodie, leaves Ronton, Wednesday, Feb. 19 ASIA. Lott, leaves New York, Wed'sday, Feb. 36 Berths nut secured until paid fur. An experienced surgeon ou board. The owuers oi these, ships will not bo accountable for Cold, Silver, Bullion. Specie, Jewelry, I'reelons Stones or Metals, unless billaof laihngare signed thercforaud the value thereof therein expressed. For freight or passage, apply to U. CUNAUD, No. 4 Bowling green.^ NOTICE.?BY ORDER OF THE 8F. ::tKT.\ItY OF Siule, alt passeucurs leaving the United States aro required to provide themselves wlio pasaports. d ructions for nhtauiing who h uiay be had ct the Company's unices, 1ft Broadway, N. Y. JOHN G. DALE. Agent. Steam weekly o Liverpool, ton lug at Quoenstown (Cork harbor). The Liverpool, New York and Ph.laJelphta Steamship Company Intend despatching their full powered Clyde built iron steam hips as follows.? CITY OF WASHINGTON Saturdav, February 8 CITY OF BALTIMORE Saturday. February 1(1 KIMNBURU... Saturday. February *3 ami every succeeding Saturday, at uoon, from Pier 44, North river. RATES or PASSAGE. First cabin $75 Steerage $30 " t" London B(l to London S3 " to I'aris fift " to Paris 33 " to Hamburg So ' to Hamburg.... 33 Pasvengers also forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac., at equally low ratea. Kstearrnm Liverpool or Qneenstown:?First cabin, $75. $SftunJ$lU5. Steerage, from Livei pool, $40. From Qnee.nntuwn, $30. Tickets can be liurtgiit here at these rates, enabling people to semi for their frbnds. These steamers have superior accommodations for pasSongeht; are strongly hull! In water tight iron sections, and carry Patent Fire Ann.hlUtoi?. Experienced surgeons aie siiached to each sb jtner. For further information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM INMAN, Ag"nt, 22 Water street; in Glasgow to ALEX. MALCOLM. No fist Enoch sqoaie; In Oun-nslown to C A W. D SEYMOUR A CO.; In London to EI VESA MACEY, 61 Place de la Bourse; in Piillad lphla to JOHN <J. DALE, 111 Walnut street, or at the Company's oOlces. JOHN G. DALE. Agent, 16 Broadway, New York. Hamburg american packet company Stenui to Hamburg, London, Havre and Southampton. Tuc favoiite lirsl clow anil elegant Iron mail steamship bavaria. E. Meier, roirmmuJar, rarrying tlx* United Slates mail, rails from pier No. 21 North river, loot of Fulton at reel, on SATURDAY, February 8. and takes passengers tor Hamburg, Loudon, Havre and Southampton at the following rates.? First rabin $100 Second cabin 00 Steerage 36 For passage applv esclutlvely 10 C. b. RICHARD a BOAS. 161 Broad war. N. Y. THE NORTH HERMAN LLOYD'S STE AMSHIP II ANSA H. J. Von Santen. commander, carrying the United Slates mall, will mil from pier 30 North river, foot of Chambers street, on SATURDAY. Februnrv 16, at 12 o'clock m., BREMEN YIA'SOUTHAMITON. taking pa*sengrr? to London, Havre, Southampton and bremen. at the following rates ? For I be llrst rahm, $100; second cabin, $60; steerage, $36. For freight or passage apply in OELR1CHS A CO.. 68 Broad street. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVERpool.?The Montreal Steamship C'mnpanv'a lirst class, full powered, Clyde huitl tu tmer, ANOi.O SAXON, Captain Graham, earning thr Canadian and United Mai OS mads will nail from' Purlisun. next Saturday, Feb. 8th. Rates of pasuge I rom New York?First class, a ' Ordlng lo arrommodatum, $NI and $06; aleerage. found with good provisions, $20. ?'?ttiHruira isNiifd lor l?r niglng out ptiMinnri from nil tlie prlnc pal lawn* In (Irent Ylrlt-iln ami !?n'nn?l. at very low rates. For n -ply at 2.Mtr? a lwiiv, Xrw York. S IHKL .i SKAKLi:, (icitMnil Aganli. JPOR CALIFORNIA VTA FANAMA. 1 A first da** simmer will leave New York on thfc 1st. nth ml '.'1st of earli month, except when these dates fall on Sunday, w lien the day ol departure will be on Ihe Monday following. For 11 eight or pas sage apply at the only oflW, No. fi Bowing Oroen. X). B. ALLEN. Agent. PA-SKNlir.ltK PER ROY A I. MAIL STEAMSHIP KARNAK for Havana, via Nassau. N. P.. are le.piealnl to be i ii board, at lint Company a wharf, Jeiaey City, by U)? uVlock, ou Tuesday morning. 4lli Inat. B. Ol NAKH, N<>. t Bowling Orren. N'OTICE -THE steamship city OF WASHINGTON. I root Llvi'rpo 'l, will commoner dlarhargluv, uuder g- neral order, on Muitdav, Fob. il. Ifbsl. at 7 o'i ln< ? A. M. JOHN II. HALE, Agent. POLITICAL.. Tiik fifth ward German i>f;.mooratio club will hold It* regular monthly meeting on Monday. Feb. 3, at llofniann h llolel, l!> alreel, commencing at 7>g o'clock P. M. HKlHKRKEIt, Preanlent, pro lent. N. Luuaa, Secretary, pro. teiu. Hursts, noons, ac., wasted. \ WIDOW LADY. A STRANGER IN THE CITY. POS erasing from live to ten hundred dollar* in personal property, would like to make the ucipi ilntani e ol amii* death-man, aged 40 to Ml year*, who will assist her In taking a h-msr, a* die i* capable..! nny klntl of hu-ineas. Addies* Mr*. Lovetl, ton Ion A, Poet olllee. Spring atreet. IJAURNISIIKI) HO -MS-WANTED, A SECOND FLOOR. . of ro t let a tlmn lire room*, hamt.iomcly furnished, with privilege of cooking for a gentleman, latv and servant, in n genteel part "f Ihe Ally. Reference* given and resulted. Address, *:ating teini-. wlneli must let mixlerate, boa tint Post olhce. liosal.tig buuse keepers mod not reply. OTOJIK WANTED. it? A J>ry Store wiutiM. In the neighborhood of Kttlfon j nirecta A<idiVfiH( maiifigreiil ami ell pariUMilari, Clotrle*, OTF.AM P;:i?PBLL!SR IS A HUE.?WANTED TO IIIIIB, O by 11* rt.ijr, month or \ear, wtilt the prit llrfe of pur. Iiosio*;, two Meant |'mpf*l|. i Hargnx, or canal iug*. mpa ny ' SDUto SOU i? n* Apply by leltci to J. It?*n diet, rtlro of Mfvrs. Mumii A llrrrt?*r, almlMiilff Rmcrni, 9-J Murpiy In'**:, giving I'till parttctiUfa jh U? lcng'b, breadth, depilt and price of WAKT&D-TO ItKNI OH fO BUY, If THE PRICB is v?'i> luw, it hvd *:u y or cottage llnti?e, with about tWu Lota uf ground, on 8 4lfM 'la and or Hrouklytt, for a small private fami y. Address, stating location, term?, Ac.. Alexander. IL-raM o.Yta*. TlTANTl D IN OH NEAR NEW YORK, A Bl/fLDINO. It mutable lor a ;actory, any lOlxlOn fed, lour stories, will lea e or inirtliiiMt Airarmtbot IA> l|i*rald offl-e. UrANrr:r>-A small, neat iiofse, in a oood ii l^lib?>rloM?il. between 'lentil Aioi Fiftieth streets, and Fourth slid Ninth avcnuea, t<> hire or P aso, with law rent, to a good toiiMfii. Adores* W. ii. S., 2'jI Sev< nib avenue. UTANTKU-A IIOLSL, EITIJEK PARTLY FURNISHED It or iittfurti t?>: * d lor a small family. wh er?* the rent vv jiiM b<? talcn hi Hoard, with the privilege ol taking two or three ether hoarier*. an rntllfivit table v. odd Ihj provider.'. A lilien \V II , lie aid olll. I-, lor two daya. AMTHOUK.V. i STONISIIINtJ.-MADAMK MOItKOW, SEVENTH aI ,1.1 Ii . . , ? 11 , :' l sn >11 .,11 I how often you v. a.I mnrrj'. and rill you With to know, even your very thought*, or no pay. Lucky rliarma Iree. Iler equal I* not to lie found. I lei Mfietu Irvtngc 1.4 now iu lull operationLudlow stjret, bch>w Houston. 1'rlce 25 cents. Ueutlemen not admitted. A BONA FIDE ASTKU .'MUST, TIIAT EVfcllY ij.nrc tun defienil on. I* Kmc WILSON, vli<i tell* the object nl yam visit us sihui nu vun . imt. She tells mo |?et, | rem-ninnit future olynurlne. and warns you of danger*. ami brings aueeeaa out t>i lite most perilous iinderinkinga N. H.?Celebrated magic t hat nut. Nr. I.f.l Alien sliecl, between Uoiiaiuti and Slun tin street*, over the hakeiy. Charges for adieu and gentleman, flu cent*. (lORA A. SEAMAN. INDEPENDENT tiLAIKVuYAN l\? ) Mi Uletil ami busmen* chit illation* nay and availing. Tli# acience alia unfods so s.tti.iaeory lo all, it ta uum in-saiy 10 ghrtt .llualrathniaof lite astouuultig raaulla that continue ?|| liivuieu ilr al, \f AHA.ME RAY, 2?*? SEVENTH AVENI K, NEAR ifj Tweniy-aaaenlh atreel, surprise* all who nan Iter. The sir*, t: oubled and tiul.ielty should teat her powers. She tell* your very thought*, lucky number*, lunar*. Ladle* ii cents; g ntlriuen .VIcent*. The greatest wonder in tiib world is the young and arc< > tit plotted Madame llYKON, from Pari*, who can be i uiiaulted w lib Hie strictest confidence on *11 all airs of life; rc*tore* drunken and uuiailhlul liunl?nd?; ban a secret to ni**e you beloved by your heart'* Ideal, and brings l iii'thrr those luu ' *"p?r*trd. Ladle* 25 cent*. Residence Ml Third avenue, above Twelfth afreet. UfHO WOULD NOT GO WIIKUK NJETUNK ye. are Mi** WELLINGTON, the great English Pro. phetu*a. nu Lest ?.f nil. ninl launol he em riled. C'.uu lie eon...i--.i .atsaalkwMlAi . *11 . lljlre of llle.fonern tn^ la't amla, Jniirneyr, ?''Ml frienda. lore, rfmrt*hlp, ran il?K''. haalth, wmtth, and niioenil rrclalrn drunken an u iinliMul hnahunda, Minu W. I* the only perMiti In iiil? i.tjr ?v k? hiiH I ha genuine Mount n and Arabian* f?T ln\?, c nul lu. . anil .11 la ,mr . a.ire. an 1 urn guarantee* for iMtlay urn lo cnueult 1W1- naturally gifted and be mtltul young lady. Lucky tnnnliei > .1. an. II g:ilv raapeetnldc eltjr rcfpi'-ne.. Can he *i-t<n nt hOT reaulenre, im Uliih aranue, nppo*(ie Fdithth aireet. as nwmjvan ru i v.-mkn, noei>ER oithn ,L? > lim "?ii wonUi r ul liilor'ii.vlun on all a IT m a timinji life, and r.ivna luck! rtilfh'1*1-. for the lutterldv Slie la ll.a onlvlrna " and i.vimxt In ihn ally.' Kamambar bar rial* lienor, 40 Sullivan a'.ret I. 4 C NF I.LI VAN MTItKlki, Kill! BKOOkitt.? MRS '! / HOIvlllilv. vhnlau a.iuait u.t ti In be tiie only la ly In lit* At*! Wlitliluliy .,!?' ? lib. r n ill.m vnnivilail I in. , inwauIM. joiu navO, h1 Mend*, lore, ronnahlp, li.ltl i in il"?!'l't "Vani' -"In ' < * I I'' mini d ill. n I, ltd tinm.h' il ha*ha' 14, la the onl p. r-on in Hun tIt* who 14* I ilia eit'ilna lltM tun and AraiiMti la am*'.a :?.r l ira, e. ml ink an i all bualnota aCauc, and are guaianoai foi lift JEW YORK HERALD, MC .... AMP8EMBWTS. T AURA KEENR'H THEATRET^'^ U THE WORLD FAMOUS COMEDY THE WORLD FAMOUS COMEDY THE WOULD FAMOUS COMEDY U received uiahtlv with SHOUTS OP LAUGHTER SHOUTS OP LAUGHTER AMD UNCEASING APPLAUSE, UNCEASING APPLAUSE, ereatlnr A CARNIVAL OP PUN. A CARNIVAL OP FUN. TO.NIiiHT, AND EVERY MGHT TILL PURTIIKB NOTICE, OUR AMERICAN COUSIN OI K AMERICAN COL IN. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. With the following powerful cant ? Au Trencliard, a live Yankee Mr. John T. Ravmonrt Lonl Dundreary Air. Levi< k R.-nney Pete-* Co. I* Unrnelt Ai et Muroott J. H. Sloddart Sir Edwud Vrenchard Marlowe Pred Vera in II. A'. Daly C*pt Ln Boots Richardson John Wlucken Hilby Ritddlcomt'e Dillou Rasper Smdh Plor uce Trencburd Mr*. J. H. Hllcn Mary M redllh Mia. Cbanfiau Augusta Miss lone Burke OeorRiana Mra. Lolly liou.'.h Mr*. Mountcheaslneton Mra. Mail..we Sharpe Sir*. Dillon Skillet.* MIhs Everett Door* open at half-past six; commences at hal f-pa*t seven. WINTER GARDEN. THE ORIGINAL AMERICAN COMEDIAN, Mr J. S. CLAKEE, lu two LAUGHABLE CHARACTERS TONIGHT. VTELODEON, MO BROADWAY, BETWEEN SPRING JLY1 and ri Inee street*. PIONEER CONCERT HALL OF THE WORLD, from which all the isleui In the profession emanate*. New Features and New Novelties. First appearance of J. H. BARTON, the most versatile performer ot the day. lie will appear la audittl net acta, each one entirely different to the other. First appearance of L. 8IMMON3. tbe fiTorltr B.'?n joist and Ethiopian Comedian. Firat appearance of MONS. EDOUARD VELARDE, the great 'St male Duncer in America. Firat appearance o! MISS McKENNA, tbe celebrated Duncer ami Cuiun; Delineator.. Lust week of the great ROSA AM BALLET TROUPE. RoNZANI BALLET TROUPE, RON/.AN I BALLET TROUPE, RON/AM BALLET TRIM'PR. RONZANI BALLET TROUPE, runzam ballet troupe, KON/.ANI BALLET TROUPE, RON/.AN 1 BALLET TROUPE, KoNZAM BALLET TROUPE, - RONZANI BALLET TROUPE, who will appear In amend new dauure; ako iu the new ballet, arranged by Knn/aiii, entitled the DEVIL'S MARRIAGE. DEVIL'S MAURI AUK, DEVIL'S MAKKlAtiK, devils marriage, devil's .MARRIAGE, DEVILS mark] AUK, devil'S marriage, DEVIL'S MAKK1AUK, devil's marriage, DEVIL'S MARK1AUB. in which the entire troupe will appear. Last week of MISS KATE PENNOVER. Laet week of MISS AUGUSTA WALBT. Continued aucceaaof the beautiful vix-allet, FANNY FORREST, FANNY FORREST, FANNY FORREST. FANNY FORREST, fanny forrest, fanny forrest. who will appear in several of her most lavorite songa. Miss A DELE CALLA. the favorite danscuse of the Melodeou, in tome new danoas, together with the entire compauy, numbering over ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ON K HI NDllEO PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PKKKOltMERS, ONK HI NDKKD PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED I'Ell FORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, forming the moat talented and largest COMBINATION OF STARS COMBINATION OF STARS COMBINATION OK STARS COMBINATION OF STARS COMBINATION OF STARS COMBINATION OK STARS OjMBI NATION OF STARS COMBINATION OK STARS COMBINATION OF STARS COMBINATION OK STARS ever witnessed. A rlium;* <>t programme every algal. Admission 13 cent*; orchestra *c?t? 25 renta. Open* at 7; commences at #. Notica.?The great a tars attache I to the NEW YORK MELODKON are n >w on a travelling tour through the variolic cttlea. The company consist* of 81UNORINA ANN ETTA C.ALLBTTI SIONORIN A ANNETTA OALLETTI SlONUItlNA ANNETIA OALLETTI SIONORIN A ANNETTA OALLETTI SiliNOltlNA ANNETTA OALLETTI SlUNOUtNA ANNETTA OALLETTI AMD MONS. KDOl'ARD VELARDE, MoNS. EDOUAKD VELARDE, MONS. EDOUAKD VELARDE. MONS. EDOUAKD VEl.ARDB, MONS EDOt AKD VELARDE, MONK EDOUAKD VELARDE. the two greatest dauc?ra in the world, who are at all times open to compete with any other darn er* la America for any reasonable auioitut of money. MISS EVA BKE.NT. the much admired vocalist and the most talented m the profession. SAM 811ARPLEY, ham 8h akpi.kv, SAM 811 AKI'l.KY, SAM S.IAUPLEY, SAM SHAKPLKY, 8AM SlIAKI'LEV, the best and most original Ethiopian delineator la America, and jas. la monte, all of whom are received with crowded bouses and hearty demonstrations nt deiigiil and app.ausc. The Companv app-ar* during tills week at the UAVbrr Mt'Sli' II Al.f., A I.HAN Y, where the Prnprieior hopes they w ill tie appreciated N. B.?Managers and others wialilugto engage the a hose Cv)M HI NATION OK STARS can address to Oenrge Lea. WJ Jtroadway, Mew Tork. fihanciaim Army and navy pay colli.<tkd?tl.ums it on ev. ry department of thu government promptly ad ju.tcd andeaslieit. JOHN 11. MI'RRAY, Army and Narv Ranker, No St Nassau street, N. V.. opposite the Post olliee. * MERICAN ML\ F.K WANTED A'I A PREMIUM. BT TAYOR BROTHERS. 217 BROADWAY, eornrr of .Vttmtf street. Hmmm premium ruo pus gold amd ml* i > (Join, by P. I". JAMES A CO.IISntlliimt, X'E'.v NM AND JUKI.EM RAILROAD COMPANY JJN Tiraanrai' oBI ! . (urifr of Fom ill >frauami Tweaty?Uih street, N'W York, J mi It), |sty ? Interest coupon .'.f I lit- serouil imirtKaur oihI other bonds, due I'll'. I, will it j i A uu and alter that lite, at the Tree/Ill rr' iifTU-e. W. it. EMERSON, Treasurer. PENSION'S, BOUNTY LAND ROUKTYMOMT, PKL'.E Money, am! all "III r I Ami 01 mi itn re. men, tnrn allows and tn lrs, promptly ro! .n-,1 l.yllKo. WOODMAN, 33 Pine an eel, live doors east of tho C i tnin lie in-. ]JENNIES! PENNIES! PENNIES!-WANTED KROM one to live hon i >.d dollars; ot uiiy |?rv>n luri i: t wei klv a ipi'lv ' in hear of a purchaser by applying to It BAKNAKD, *il Ttitraf avenue. TKKASCRY NOTES AND AME1MCAN GOLD BOUGHT AND SOLD BY TAYLOR BROTHERS, 117 BROADWAY, turner of Murray street. <f??> |||1I| -WANTED, A VAN WITH THIS AMOI NT. ?Jp?3.\"U'f. to engage in ati enTuaire maniilarturimi business, by which a lo: tune may ha i rallied In a short time. Inquire before II) A. M. or froin I in3 P. m, of Mr.-IACK SOW, 72 Weal Thirty-second street. loan orricBii AT 111 GRAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST OP Hi oailway?Motley advanced on Waleli??, Diamnmla, Jewelry. Plate, Dry Oowls and pr?onsl nro|ierty of everr description, m bought arid sold, by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, Auctioneer and hrofcer. AT 77 HLKKCKKR STREET-MONEY LIBERALLY mlvaneetl to any ainomil on Diamonds, Watches, Ji wany, Pianos. Kruars, DryOooos, Ac. N. II.?Pawnbrokers Tleketa boiignl. II NEWTON, 77 Bleceker street, up atalra, VT. J. II. BARRIKOER'R, COMMISSION BROKER This old e.taoliebed ntlli e ad\ am rs itoi hl||hest sums on, ?- I fnM ieh .Ilnm,ir,fl4. net ,.r onset*, wutrlie*. nesrl*. iilate. Kirn, mrri h.iti.ilw, optical instruments, Ac." So 212 Broadway, room IS, up stall*. AT 480 BROADWAY-IIKNRY IIVMAN ADVANCES ON Diamonds. set ur unset, or buy* the same for .nab; alto <itanceaon Watcher, silver Plaieand all Personal Property. 1IKNRY IIVMAN', 480 Uron AT 60 NASHAU STREET -A. HOHlflJI AN, DIAMOND brukei, make* liberal .idruticeaon Diamonds, Waieltea, JewAry, Ai , or hnya them at full value. at hia private olllre, 66 Nassau alrtel, room No. 2, up alaira. Uinin. na coud.lcollal. _ AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS 8TREET?MONKY TO LOAN. J\ to any amount, on diamond*, vratrhcs, jew elry, Ar., by the well known and old established ISAAC, broker and iota, mlwlim tn< rrhant, No. v Chambers street. N. II ?No bust. ties* transacted on Saturday. \DVANCLH MADE ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWCry Silver, Dry third* nnd personal property of all j d'-acrlpuuo*. Uoo.i* may be riecmed at any Itme within , nir II. IIARNAKD. 21 Third ayenue. Private en I train e. h-.ll tloor. T titr'RAL ATIVAN ES MADE ON DIAMOND?. I I j Walrhea, I'lalc and Jewelry, t?r bO'Hilit f?n raali tne ' In .h* ' pri. e. I'e - na Payi' j; oi l OoM oe Elltri'f to aeH runnol do bmier than c II un l?Ot 18 ANRIC'H, < AI Kioad.v y. I fpllK HIO'lKsr pHHRfl A lav ANN KIJ Oh AND 1 .-airer ?Vatelier, Di nuouiis, Jo-.coy, A.-. Dlticir u d I Ord ' Au't 3'1 r Wn < lie* no ! silver Wire me rale t.t , , I A. ADoLTIll b. 4-i I'.arl atrial, corner New Chauffers. I H ll ?Goods kcut one year >NDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 18C ** AMVCUMRNTS. ^ . NIKI.O 8 GARDEN. U?* HENRYC JARBBTT. Fiflh week of the i'lwit arti u, Air. E. L DAVENPORT, Air. WM WIIKATLEY. Mr. JAMES W. WALLACE, JR., Mr. MAKE SMll'II, Mr J. JAM KA W. WALLOON, JR.,

Mm J U1 1A E. BAKROVT. MONDAY EVENING, P-h 3, 188.', Will he pre* leil, fur Hie tiro. mud 111.a aeaaon, SbakApee's Tragedy of ROMEO AND JULIET, With Oil* magniiicenl caot ? Romeo Mr. Wm. Wheatley MercuLki Mr. K. L. Davenport Friar Lawrence Mr Jnutra W. W.illack, Jr. Prince Mr. Mark South Gap ilet Mr. Georee Ry?r Juliet Mre. Jitlm Bennett Bariow Nurse Mr?. Uraliau TUESDAY EVENING, Feb. 4. 1H82. Mr. liACRETl', lor the leal linn1, as FALSTAKF. MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR HAMLET, a'1th lt? (treat cunt, will shortly be repeated. Due notice will In- pn en of the proilm uou of the l 'hl.l.RKS H1IVV in which MRS. JOHN WOOD AND MB. J COLLINB wl II appear. Admission (to all parts of the house) .V) cents Secured Parquet Sulla...: 7&ceuta Doors open at 7; commence at 7)4. WINTER GARDEN. TT On this Monday evening the original American Comedian, MR. .7. S. CLARKE, u ill appear In t wo of liia GREAT COMIC CHARACTERS: As DOVE, ill Backbone's three net Comedy Of MARRIED LIFE, nud a t SCHNAPPS, . in the NAIAD QUEEN An arranistaent ha* lieen entered into with the distinguished Aoiericau manager, Mr. Jatucs M. Nlxou, by whioh BEAUTIFUL CUB AS, assisted by DON J!AN XIWENES and a PERFECT SPANISH CORPS DE BALLET, will appear in two of her EXQUISITE NATIONAL DANCES. On Monday will he presented the 'omedy of MARRIED LIFT., in which Mr. J. S. Clarke will sustain the character of MR DOVE, supported by a magnificent cast. After which, a DIVERTISSEMENT, in wb irli the BEAUTIFUL OUBAS will entente one nl her National Dances, stipimrted by Don .titan Xiinene?and a perfect Corps de Ballet. To be lo luwed by three acta of the NAIAD QUEEN, embracing the loveliest of its scenery. THE RHINE BV MOONLIGHT, THE BaTH OF BEAUTY, THE GLITTERING STALECTECTIC HALL OF THE NAIADS, and the CAVE OF THE LUSLIEUERC, with Its GRAND MARCH OF THE AMAZONIAN* In Ihr scene of the Glittering Stalectectic Hall, in the second art, the BEAUTIFUL CUBAS will appear, for the first time. In one of the lovely NATIONAL DANCES OF FRANCE Thti*offering on the same erenlngtne unequalled attraction of a Htnndnrd Comedy, a Brilliant Ballet and Magnificent Scenic Spectacle. CADEMY OF MUSIC?BROOKLYIT EDWIN FORREST ENGAGEMENT. Box odiee Open at it'll) Vuitnn street, Brnt.kiyn, this morning, where seats out he I'tiksged ONF. WEEK IN ADVANCE for either of the eight performances. "VJIBLOS GARDEN? ~~? IN SPECIAL NOTICE. MB. H. C. JAUKErr t unotineea the I.AST APPEARANCE THIS SEASON or wr?li2^C?J!"iraow * when he will personate the KALSTAFF or TMK MERRY Wn ES OF WINDSOR, a* that admirable comedy has >>eeu expurgated by himBelt", and directed of all thp coarseness or the English language, which waa common to an unreflned and now nearly throe centuries bygone age, uutl yet pre nerved Sbskspcre'a wit. and humor with the moat obvious uud oiceltent moral luc titrated. The manager also taken pride In remarking that whilst all the critics are unanimous In regarding Mr. llarkett'a performance of this Kalsiatr as having "reunited a degree of perfection In art a > n-arly hi en Mrs 1 with second nature aa to be abaoiutely marvellous," the audience at large hare accorded to the other artiata iu the comedy the production of "an enuroibU-excellent and unprecedented iu the theatrical annala ot this city." A \ A XmEKIOAW Ml.sttrHall, 444 ti t 444 BROADWAY. 444 AMERICAN Victory perch on tliy banner, Oh. land lit the tearless and free; The h<>i>eg of a world down trodden, Columbia, are ceulred in thee. The eyes of the world arr turned on our strnggliug country. Success must be ours. The eyes ot our enjoyment loving cltOeas are turned upon the AMERICAN MUSIC HALL. SUCCESS IS OURS. Not only baa our house been crowded every night to overflow I tic, but the principal support of other, though minor, ronn-rt bails, t (trough the stormy weather of last week, ban been the vast nuniucra who, uunhir to ga n a-linittauce to the AMERICAN MUSIC ItALL, 444. have, as a last resort, visited Hie fourth rate places, designated, in imitation of us, "coucert halts." Never, sluce the days When Routine was an actor al Rome, has thorn lieeu known such A SERIES OK TRIUMPHANT SUCCESSES. And how can It be otherwise while we possess ALL THE STARS OK THE PROKE-SSION. ALL THE STARS OF THE PROFESSION. Stars not created by "billing and curding," hut by THE UNANIMOUS VOICE OK THE PUBLIC. TUB OVERFLOWING HOUSES Ot the past week bear uumlatnkeablc w nnesa to the fact that taienl ot a high order will always meet the approbation and SUPPORT OK THE MASSES LOOK AT THE CONSTELLATION, TONY PASTOR, Tbe most original and nest popular comir slog< r m America who 11 aclinow lcrtfed to be ss a comedian what EDWIN KOKKESI la as a Tragedian. BEX COTTON. BEN COTTON UEN COTTON. BEN COTTON, Whom Inimitable delineation of the ' tillered man" baa ins.|e his natne u synonym tor fun. In the w ide range of Eih.opeuti|ecoenlncl(tas it may be truly said "Cotc-a la kmc ' CHARLEY AVllITI, CHARLEY W ill IK, In thune i;lor,o'i? negro lnwi arb. b ha- e mate bia fame winU w.ile. BOH HART, In hinwoariDg sung* anil italic**, altaple '.aya and p.lhriio p'.aium. J. A IIK KM AM. Tli* Iw-atiUful UallA'liai, whose .w**i tone* charin tbellatrner anil la <v lus tlimnihi* from the itrimaer 'lilna* ul i-arlb. MISS I.IV./IK Bi llIU.IKK. MISS i.l/./.ll. SI.Ill LI/.K, MILLIE FLORA. Ml I,I.IK FLORA, MtLLIK FLORA. *11 M; 1,1.1 K t LORA, MISS ERNESTINE DE FAIi.KR, Miss KIt.NKHTINK UK FvlltKK, MISS KKNKSTINK UK K.tlllKK. J MERCK. M. 11. LESLIE, THE BROAUWAV1 MINSTREL*. TIIK BllOAHWAY Ml NSI ilbl.s, TIIK HliOADVA AY Ml NsTliKl.S, In a new pot pnnrrint Snnga, iSIpph, Cuurttara. i .iniindrnnia. Juki's anil biia in tint fnlllae attil faabtima of the nay. If proof wem ? an'ing that fhi^ troii|* I* the eery l?-?i eearora.iui/e<i. it ia tu .<* lound In Hie 'net in' ilu pe.ila of appluune iviih wini Ii tlipy arc nlttlnly stei 'eil by a itln nce* tut moat tu-mnu.Me a mi in Ileal. TIIK BRILLIANT BALLET TROl 1'B, TIIK HRILl.IA.Nr MAI.l.KT TKOUI'B. cnmi'owil "I the imai rap.ibie arUr.ti-. of (lie Terpah liurean art, uudei Ihe illiwllou of tlie renowned master of tUe UalMONS. I'ACL BRILLIANT, nii'l a numeromrarrai 4 MIST CLASS CERFOKMKRS, cuonttnnln-; THE UKKAI DOIBI.K CO.MTANT u-hh'ti riitlllee TIIK AMERICAN ML'SIC HALL lu take rank wltli THE Kilter THEATRE IN THE WORLD, anil forum an r|nn;b in Ilu history ul Hie Mage. Knell:* determined to keep ilie trail til' all plane* of amuictin nl ami aiainlwln 1 he UNi KKCEHENff D CATRON MIR bestowed tipou ua BY TIIK MASSES, BY Till'. M IS>K*. _ HA PIK MASStS. We have lu ureparation a number ?l HXritAOKUI.NAKY NOVELTIES. pinto And coat!) aiyle, EVERY EVENING wr aboil pro?cnt SOMETHING NEW, IN THE WAY Of BALLET. I'AMOMIMK. BlKLKsgil., KARCK,OPERA, TABI.EAt, UANUi., HONG AND HA fllAV AGANZA. tiliAMi MAT!NEK, GRAND MATINKK. Fur the acooutnitMlnlion of todies and * U11?Jf<*n, EVERY SATURDAY AT 3',' l> CLOCK. All thn great comedy comhinsilno apta-sring IN AN ATTHAi TI\K IKi iGK.V.M ME ROBKKT W. IIIITLKIt, Bole I'roprlelnraud Manager. Mono. LA TIIOKNE, Sugc .Manager. t.KO. CRANK, Trenail rr-r. C~otallenuk to tub world. t Hlgtiorlna ANN KIT A OALLKTTI, the clebmted French Data-oie. inir ihi r with Mima. EDOCAKD VELARDE, chill' hit* any danceri in the wnrlil to compete with them In in*!" or itnwiln danenrt for ONE THOUSAND UU FIVE lll'NDKED DOLLARS, it any theatre or rtapnaiahle plam 'if iminimtni in the UaL led Mitel. Money ready alone hour a notice. Addrcaatioo. 1/1, Mil Broadway, New York. N. B.?Hera ia n rhoncet for thn HEAL TIKI L CI'BAH and DON l IT AN XIMKNE8 to make a aura thing, If they are,|?? rrpuwantad by thanaelvai, the preaa and aoute portion or tha public, I* bo thn bait dancer a In the world. ANNETTA OALLKTTt ANNK.TTA OALLKTT I ANNETTA LALI.EITl ANNKTTA OALI.BTTI ANNKTTA OALLKTTI ANNKTTA OALLETTI ANN KIT A OALLKTTI ANNKTTA OALLKTTI ANNKTTA OALLKTTI ANNKTTA <<ALI<K1TI ANNETl'A OALLKITI ANNKTTA OALLLTTI Performrd at Niblo'r, and the my ofMuile. Thara U no dlrflfronroon the /round* ol mfrrliblllqp, ?ALVMriO~THKATRK, "OORNKR OK COI7RT AMD K.1IIN60 ntfeta, B.ooklyn, wlllt mngo m fiery, *nl:<?rr, till' lluht*, nil arrangM. Anjr rrapanaMa party with mny m ikaarriu?unnmla to open a theatre that could allurd tn my llt'i'i n:Kli .1 POLE, MSPnlton Brooklyn. KA1LKOAU8. UlIPFON RIVKfl RAILROAD -TRAINS 1 OH ALBANT, Troy, l La N nil ami W? Iravn Chamber* airmail and IJ A. M.. inn! 3 \f>, ' *m' I'''.IS P. M. X7BW YORK, llARLE.M AND ALBANY RAILROAD. 1\ Km-A hatty 1 rey, Nor hand Wont, i Wittier arra?i:i"ii nt, ?ifl> >< nein] Montny, N >?. 4. I RBI. For A .an\ ?lj.:x< A. U? Bad Traill,ln>? Twaatya aiiln *0 ?!'" pot. " I Kor all loriw tram < Tuj'-i Yaiil*. . . ' JOIIN BlWCHtLL. Aa*'"?nt SunrirthlBtiaent 12. AMUftBMJBNTB. TV FOURTH SERIES or th> UKAM' BLVIVAUS. FIRST M IU UTS or tiik POOR ORNILBMAN. TOWK AMI COURT BT, BREED TUH PLOUOH. .VIOAiDAV. Fe mm/ 3. r.iCf *Pt \! I.' LYiD I'lTO PIlVUffkM GOLDSMITH'S SUPERB COMEDY or SH? STOOPS TO CONQUER, With the est.ibllrhed distribution uf chara'ters which has altractud sucb a success o.t of crowded And delighted audiences. Vouiijr Mtrlow- Mr Lester Wallack Mr. Ilardcsstla Mr. 11, ke Tony Lumpkin Mr G. Holland Haaluigs Vlr. Reynolds Jeremy Mr. John Setlon Diggnry Mr Young Aniiuadub. Mr. Psrsloe Sir Charles Marliw Mr. llrourne Kogen Mr Con vers Mat Muggins Mr. Burke Kicbai u Mr. Johnston Stingo Mr Parkea TtmTwiat Mr. Smith Mr*. Hardcastle Mrs. Vernon Mms IjardiosUe Mrs. Hoey Mis i Neville Mrs. Sloan Ifcdl/ Mrs. Reeves TUESDAY, FlltST TIME, THE POOR GENTLEMAN. WEDNESDAY. FIRST TIME. TOWN AND COUNTRY. THURSDAY, FIRST TIMt!, SPEED THE PLOUGH. Notwk.?These plays will he proJuced with every attention toCoatusM, THE SCENERY. APPOINTMENTS AND INCIDENTAL MUSIC ALL NEW. THE CASTS BRILLIANT AND COMPLETE. N. B ?A further and enlarged ltal of Standard Comedies are in active preparation. Wallace's theatre. "The Lester Wallack Polka," composed by R. Stoepel, Is played every night with great auceesa. An excellent lik?nes.tof Leater Wallack, E?t[., adorns toe title page. Piloe 3} cents per copy. FIRTH. POND A CO., Music Publishers, 617 Broadway, N. Y. Bowery theatre. DAN. RICE, AT 8TICKNEY S NATIONAL CIRCUS, MONDAY NIGHT. THE it LI.Nil HORSE, excelsior. jr. COMIC MULES. new prooramme. new faces. Hitchcock s NATIONAL CONCERT HALL. Immense success ot the novel and wonderful performoncc ut TIIF. CURE THE CURE THE CURB THE CURE THE CURE TliKCURE THE CURE THE CURE. THE CUKE THE CURE THE CURE THE CURE TIIK CURE THE CURE THE CURE TUE CURE THE CURE THE CURE THE CUKE TUE CURE THE CUKE THE CURE THE CURE THE CURE, The most novel and laughable set ever performed. THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT IN THE CITY will be found at thn above Coucerl 11 .11, comprising the GREAT NATIONAL MINSTRELS, elegant dancing. COMIC AND SENTIMENTAL SINGING, BALLET, FARCES AND PANTOMIMES. Admission 10 rents. A CARD.?'The above Concert Halt is the oldest established In tUn city, and lor respectability ranks with the lust Uieatic in thu country, versatility 01 talent mid a well arret. -ed i nterialuinent having been the aim of the proprietor since its lirsi opening, the stags bring the attraction, and not waiter girli. It is true we hare some ten young ladles who art as waiters to the patrons of this establishment, anil In that rapacity are engaged precisely aa in aouir of our llrat claaa eating saloons In this coy. The lato attack on Concert Rooms haa never yet been put lorth iu our public journals In ita proper shape. Cotioert Rooms have been called dent of iniquity and lirrntlous holes, Ac. I d-uy this accusation and defy all the authorities In ibe country to call Hitchcock's National bv such a name. There are only about ten Concert Kooma licensed In ibis city to give a legitimate performance, each paying $500 a year, the name as the largest theatre*, who, while endeavoring to pay the highest salaries for legitimate performers, and conducting their business respectably, are lut'ested with a number of f ree places, which really are dens of iniquity, neither licensed nor ever looked alter by the police, where the worst of depi avml women are to he found, not lieing allowed by law to give a performance to attract, but must have this ciass of girls louiraw the unwary. Mic-li Is the potation In which legitimate managers stand. Taking another view of the question, it is said we Injure theatres. Why should we not injure theatres? We give a' legitimate entertainment, pay the saiun license, and p y tw ice as much fyr periurmeis. It iho present clans ol enierlainments suits the public taste, wlnui conducted as it ought to he, why should we net have it? Theatres In Europe hare tried ti> crush Concert Rooms simply lieeaiiae they Injure their traillc, but they could not succeed. Tins Is a progressive age. and, like everything else, we want improvement, and If one enterprise soils heller luuu anmher, we must and will have it. Another view to he taken Irum It Is, hotel keepers, publicans and corner groceries complain that we Injure their trade by selling wines and Honors. Why should we not? Kverv theatre In the city Supplies as much ale, wine and liquor as ihey can possibly dispense during the evening, and In in soy instances l( Is sent into the hoses. These are positive fact* and cannot be dented. I hope that these few remurks-may meet the eve of those beat qualilled to legislate and make just aud judicious laws for the well belug or all. W.M. HITCHCOCK, Proprietor Hitchcock's National Concert Hall. Academy op music?Brooklyn. EDWIN POKKKST E NO AO E.ME NT. ling liUb-e open at *39 Pillion siren, llrooklyn, this mnrniug, where seals can be engaged ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE^ for either ol the eight performances. Great Canterbury music uall. mb broadway. ms talent, novelty. HPLENDOR and KESPCT ABILITY Oam (he day iu the race for public patronage. the 11 reAT CANTERBURY ALWAYS AHEAD. new pantomimes, NEW BALI.KTS. Nl-lW Hini.liMJl'Kk NEW KXTKAV AUANZAS. NEW HON US, NEW 1MNCKS. NEW ATTRACTION EVERY WERE THE LARUEST COMPANY IN THE CITT. THE OKKAT HA v El* PANTONINE, MA/.IEN, KtEH* Muiir. A. JI. HERNANDEZ a* JMnel>*u. ADELAIDE TRICE n? Julia. K M. CAKKOI.L MS 11*11 lr>|UMI. M LEE. M ARIETTA. ME EE. LATRINE J. C. 8TEWART. And Hit mammoth company ORAND MATINEE ON SATURDAY AT 2 T. M. ROBERT KOX, Agent CUIUS NORMS' Ti?**iiror. T~ ACil vH i pPI >D A M i A7-LIN ORNM'ILEEK N HHATKI:, IW and 2*1 Howery. dir* rtljr opfmaiit* Spmig alien.? Mr. ACBKKT W. shEDEN, lie Anieuran 1 ore* Mu*;eraud Ktpinatrlun Miaamnaiy?thrcoauuemr of Win. Rtrrf-lur. Ins here pre* rme I fnni appearing In M roadway hy a eomlii. Macorinf iriuiiu|MilUia, will appear al LINDKN'VilEtl-.R S TIIKATKK. IM and i#H Howr y, on thla (M <n*1ay) rrou,?j, Trbriiary .1, ISO-1 anil every evening during the week. Mr, Kcldrn will illnytrate Tat li}liippn*lanii.i, or llir Art uf (Joining Wlltl lloraet, aayati m uf hn owru, obtained i, ml kr. rTcrd at al ter loug atndy and ruu h pra -tlee. He la familiar with the variola* mod * and ayatema of tnnmnc and auhduliig hornraea practiced In couiitrlea, and la thoroughly rnrrrwnt wltk tin* ayatrtn pr.rihed bj Meaar*. \l m and John M. Ituiry. Ai .Mr. S- I.-UI. oinpaialiw j iiuUnow i, m .V'wr Turk, I lie following ralracl* I roin t h>- repmA ul a runitinUrr appi laird by llir \ a Aiii -rl an 11*, rue Taming AaauChilian, at Pari* III , In 1 'S*1, lor thr pnrpo-e or liire*ng*tlng the ?y*irni "I Mr Nchtrfi, may no*, h * out ol place Tor Iraclungk ul 1.1* -r dletl'igiliahril lunar tamrra (Meaara. Harry and Seidell) caurmg a aciiaailon a in *ng thr Iriri.Ja of thai noble animal* III Uo*?<*, and llier.* bring a dlveratly of opinion a* to thr ti.perlorliy of tbr two Man illa, :i* taught by M-sara. Harry and Srldrn, Il l~ cam? an ohj' i i i*l th' ii ioal importance In ihrpnpila and classes of these gentlemen In pa?a upon the two ajruloDil and to deride, by crnhial eiamlaution and nnulysia, bom which Ihe greater advantage! were lo he had lor use; ill and pr.-irlira! purpose*. In a" or laic ? with this view a meeting of Karey'a American llorae Taming Aesoi datlou was hel 1 at Paris. on the '-SHi?? Wo?*?t>er, Iat which It waa determined to 1**1 folly the two ayaienta. Tho Ananrlaliou apl?itnled acommittee loattend Nr. drldcn'aexhibition u hi* method of breaking. snbdilng. and managing the home, with instruct ion* to mute ? bill n port thereon The fallowing ritract* ur* taken born the i omrallt*( ,* tcport ? That Mr. Rarcy teseue* ihr manner or appi lurching a wild hnrr, w hich wc Iwl eve to be good; bill, at the aaine lime, we think, Imtn the ethihltlon Elran by Mr. 8*1(1*0, that hla ayatein la decidedly superior; that the mode 01 subduing or laying down a horse la materially different in the iwo system* taught by Mrsers. Barry iiu I Selden, lhat of the latter being. id lltn opinion of ihe committer, tar *upertor and numb aaler for the welfare of the horse. Thut *? conalder Mr. Hcldrn'a Rtethnd of leaching the horac the word "whoa" aa completely srtisiactorr; that Mr. Itarey teachea a prmrlpl or tontndllng a bauiky nr kicking horse, ? hloh wr think might do In some caws. We have Investigated tin part of Ihn ey?tem In a thorough manner, and bare coma lo the conclusion that the plan adopted liy Mr. Selden la In every reepect entirely auperlor lu that taught by Mr Itarey, and enaurra complete and crl re anfety. The committee further lielleve that there la no or k irking horse hut what ran he made kind, gentle and nefe tinder Mr. Mrlden's management. Mr. Hehlun a pri i rsa of billing the horn* we think htiparlor to anylhlng wo have ever keen. Mr. Selden Introduced and * J plained to the romnilttea a principle, by tho A|.pllralionB>T which on* man alone la enabled to conirol the moat wild at d virions horae. In order In perform anrcleal operations. Mr. Seidell nlao Introduced the Imllau war hildle, which we ronatder vnry naeinl for halter breaking the colt, eonteollinr a vh horae, driving a "runaway" horae, tr* hlnc a borne the elementaor hia education and many other thing* Important lo the manage, men t of the home. The report from which Ihe foregoing etlracU are taken la signed hy Messrs. A. B. Fonts, Austin Earnest, Nicholas Kamener, 11. v. Bevrraod Robert McMillan, the committee. Tliey are all competent judges and responsible men, and may he referred to et Parle. Appended to the report was the following We, the uudersigiied, membereol Messrs, Rarey'e and Selden'* llorae Taming Classes, concur fully In all the facta act lorlh In the foregoing report. JOHN T. DoUiJlass, Marshal of Parte. WM M. 8N VOKU. Sheriff of Edgar cotiuiy. D. O. BURR. * F,. P. 8IIAW By Mr. SRLDBN'H HVSTKM A wild horae may be subdued In twenty miniiten. minute. A kicking borae may be cured of the rice. A rHoua homo may hi- approached and handed with aaimy in twenty mlntitea. Mr. Brhlen w III lecture on the Home and illustrate) blaayalem <-n Monday eveuinx, February .t, Itul Mr. 8- lieu Will upentie upon from twu to four lioraea rarb evening. Farih-a having vlcloua huraea are rcquoated to bring tbem forward. Adml)?lon 25 renta. No half price and no re?orrrd aeat?. So i ? up- n at ll>k o'clock, lllua r.itloii will Commence at "H o i took. HOW A KM AT IlKN ,tt I'M, lit j ST'> N. _TM IS* THE \TKK mil he r on the 10th lnd t' -inonmlc ittona to h a Mrrej-d to Mr Flouting, Mana.-er, or to Cna?. T . I'araine, lire.I Stir ait'nl. N. V. jaiIdeji'mVhic haiX* t6 un vsk r<\& a I f?? fvili Vftr?. Apl'lf tb* iMupriftor* on Murtrcutu vlieet r AMUtfKHES T9. ^ CADKMY OP MI'SIC-NBW YORK LAST WEEK OK run OPERA. . Mr 3. Gran reapeetfully annotinera thai, nntwlth* landing the aoeceas of the of?ra season, It will be impossible to c*aliiuie it biyuntl the present we-lt, In ootiw^i.eace of IM principal singers baring been pr-rlom1* engaged to slog A Mlt. GOTTCilALK'S CONCERTS, which will lie inaugurate.I on Tueiday. February 11. _ the last three nights of the otasoit will, conaeoueutly. be Mou<t.ry. W. dueilay ami Friday. TO NIGHT. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3 LA TRAVTATJL MISS CLARA LOUISA KELLOGG. In the dranrrue role of YtuieUa, ivherein her auoceia waa ao marked bat ifi-un, DEltl'T OF SIGNOR IFf'OLITO, baritone ol Mr. .Max MareUeh'a cumpaur, fu the role Of Germnnf. Sienor IPFOLJTO'S high reputation, confirmed by rwrat ut'.rorrui the most Uaiteiiux ehjracier, la a guarantee at the <?lut of hi* ucirssinn to the Academy for ee. Siguor BR1UKOLI. S.-nor HAU1LI, Ac., Ac.. Ae. Musical Director aud C.iuductnr M M-.I M.tretzeb Full pirtieuiara will lie published of Mr. OOTfSCHALK'Sfirst com en. BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. THURSDAY SATURDAY. Feu. ti anil 8. POSITIVELY THE 1 AMI' T WO NIGHTS OK tub ITALIAN OLE it A. TH r R8D A Y?f.rC IA DIWLAMMKRMOOIt. DEBUT OK 81U. irPOLlTO. tine role of aSIJTOS. linuiley Lucia, Hrigiioii E.I,'garde, Birili Iivmond. SATURDAY, uoHltivcly closing Bight of the beaaM. New bowery theatre. Sole Proprietor M.-eara. 0,1. Fn* A J. W. Lnrard. MONDAY, Feoruaty 3. ladJ. Another new Drama of thrilling inter eat, entitled MABEL: Ob, Tint Child or thk Rattl* Fili.d, And the Gorge* us Fn ry SimeUu le of CHEltRY AND FAIR STAR, with its Brilliant Scenic and Mechanical elfecu. jgAKKUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. EVERT DAY AND EYE NINO THIS WEEK. COMMODORE NUTT, THE $30,UUll NUTT, who haa been on mi Red at the enormous expense of DMN for three years, will ho on exhibition XT aix HOOKS, itvkut day amd kvehimu, in the character ami costume of a gentleman, rela ting tneldunu of hi* history, and at intervals will appear in SONGS AND DANCES IN CHARACTER. terrsilug exhibition ever pr sauted tu a'New York uudtunce. A1.-.0, to be M'i'n Ht all home, day and ermine, THE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS, LIVING WHALE. AOlTARIA, with Its twelve BEAUTIFUL LIVING SEA HORSES. eleht LARGE SPECKLED BROOK TROUT, monster living serpents, ac. EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING at 3 and 7SI o'clock, will be porlnriuud, by urgent request ad thousands of MllkrUill I'M 1 >11*. THAT GREAT FAIRY PLAT, ONDINA; , Oil THE NAIAD QUEEN, THE NAIAI) QUEEN, THE NAIAD UL'EEN, with all its unparalleled ami brilliant Scenic Spectacle, Ml corps of Amaxmi Warriori in their FASCINATING DRILL AND EVOLUTIONS, and the gorgeous closing M'cliimletil Scene. THE BOWER OF BEAUTY, which has never been e<iuaHad In New York. Admission 25 cents; children under ten, 15 cents. BRYANTS' MINSTRELS, McehantCH' Hull. 472 Broadway, above Orsnd street. MONDAY, February 3, and c\cry-night .luring the weak. SOIREE DE ETHTOPE, interspersed with Jok> u and Com I alltlcs liy the Cotnt'dlaaa Horn, Flurcucc, Peel, Gettlnca, Nell and Dun llr. am. S. C. CAMPBELL, Gould, Fowl-r, Hilton unit Lasl.e. in new Songs, Clonuss, Ar.. Blacksmith's Jubilee. Africun P Ir.a, Tyrolean Waiblera, CARTE DE VIB1TK. Mrs. Fredericks Dan Bryant I Mr. Adas Kph Hagw Dours open at 6>j; Curtain rises at "S; Tickets 25 cents. TJ OOLEY'S MINSTRELS, yd t>59 Broadway, opposite Bond street. Unpiecedenled lilt of GriQln .t Howard's great sensation tMr Kedy, JANE ASHORE; OR. T1IK ROW AT STUYVESANT IIALU Charley Fox..a*..June Ashore) Roll.n Alicia O.W.K.GrlOUi .Lord Hastings I E.J.Melvllle..Dtikeof<lloafw Cruelly to JoUnur, ilarbary Allen, Sally Come Up, An., ?t Doors open at G>j. tu commence at Tickets 25 centa. a cademy of music. a. brooklyn. Leasee and Manager JAMES M. HUM Mr. James M. Nixon has the pleasure of announcing to the cttwens of Brooklyn and vlotuilj that he baa ellactadalcMB of the above elegant temple for the appearance of EDWIN FORREST. EDWIN FORREST, EDWIN FORREST. TUB GREATEST LIVING TRAGEDIAN, THE GREATEST LIVING TRAGEDIAN, THE GREATEST LIVING TRAGEDIAN. JCIIO WII.L API'EAR roll , EIGHT NIGHTS ONLT, EIGHT NIGHTS ONLY, EIGHT NIGHTS ONLY, AND IN EIGHT DIFFERENT PIECES, IN EIGHT DIFFERENT PIF.CK8. IN EIGHT DIFFERENT PIECES, OnMttKNCINO ON MONDAY, FEB. M, ISflt. And aa there will be NO REPETITION OF THE CHARACTERS, To lecUilate uurchaaera lite ticket oBloe will be upon oa MONDAY, FEHKl'ARY S. ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. AT NO. S? FULTON STREET. BROOKLYN, Opsonic tlm City Hell, Where mm maybe ured da.l/ from 8 A. X. till 5 P. X. lorrlthr if the EIGHT REPRESENTATIONS. ORDER OF PERFORMANCES. MONDAY .renin,. WEDNESDAY .Tenm^F.^^ THURSDAY .Te.l.g.Frh^^ FRIDAY ereulot, Feb. 14. RICHELIEU. MONDAY evening Feb. 17, _ ? Damon and pythias. WEDNESDAY tren.n^F^^ THURSDAY ?log. F^^ FRIDAY eveni,,. F.b 21.(.BKTr[ Mr. FORREST will br eupiiorted by the company thai Slajr.J Willi an. h dia(lni(iilali>'ilfti(iecraaat the OS TON AND PHILADELPHIA ACADEMIES ofm4j9ic. The name nioKiiiltceal Wanlrotiei and Properllea, and saw Scenery eapreaaly painted fur each piece, making la Ua ea,,,rly THE MOST PERFECT AND ONLY WELL ORGANIZED DRAMATIC COXPAMT THAT EVER HAVE APPEARED AT THIS BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE OF MPBIC. Conductor oi the Orcheatia J. F. Cook* Srrnr AHlat O- R- Smlth Skip Manager J. B. W rlgM price- of admission: A tmlaalon.., JJrItc-nried Seal*, extra <**", Private lime* .? Pr?H nlnm BovnailMilnini? twelve peraona) alZ FatnllT Circle and Ainpliltliealir YSe. Do?rs open lit a <iu:irur le.ore 7 o clock; prrioraiances la cummt'iice iu 7>$ o'clock. IRV St>1 REP/'FRANCAISF.R, (BY SUBSCRIPTION.) pacl JI ir.NET Director FOURTH SOIIIKK. MONDAY. FEB. 3. I*M. gl AND ON VKUT TUKit SON CUIKN. Pltrtrbc en tin ar c j.*r M. Theodore lUrrlurc. J. I T DIK/.h (a la ilcmantle generate). Folic Vaudcvil a an tin e'Te, par M. la-irane et I-ablche. In the entrn aetu M .natenrr Jutgaat will *ln?, l.jr central rei|ne?', "l?e Tenor Lecer," the celebrated euraia a ng, aad Slinor I-'. ItldoM, rn air. I'lHt manage ra beg leave to Inlorm their aubai r bin a and la* Euoit\ that lu vonaei|ueu e of a pri-vjoua engagement or lha all, this perfiirtnaiiie will Ink" plai" nn MONDAY, Feb. 3. instead of TO SDA\, Feb. 4. Thlaclian ?, however, will only lie lor onee. The nail (tilth wilruej, to la" arum nn TUESDAY. February 11. Ticketanf a<tmlaaii>ii ta inscription ami tlBCte), wltt a>> cured Mtnia. in be liail at II. Panliinvllle'a, (8.1 Broadway, ami at the dtmr nn the even ng ol the porl'tirmanre. Academy of mubic?Brooklyn. EDWIN FORREST KNUAOKMENT. Bon ?>;hce ifn at 339 Fulton ain et. BrtMiklyn. thia mm mug, where m-..ia run la- encaged ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE for either of the eight perforinancea. WINTER HARDEN. TO-NTOHT. THE MOST ATTRACTIVE f.ntkrtainment EVER OFFERED. XTEW BOWERY THEATRE. JANUARY 31, ISO. IN Mkjmirs. F?i & Lmuaito ? ,L , , WkSTLaaan?The arimia and attache* of your theatre baa to teuilrr you their aerriceafor the pnrpnae of a Comolt mentary Benefit, to take place on any night you may thiol Proper to appoint. Yonra, reapeilfullv^ ^ BONIFACE, anil all the memtiern of H.e vote pa ay. new OIIXM iiiutk, reu. i, kjh. mr. 0. c. boiipack and others ? Your kind communication rclatler In * benefit to MkM he-n r*erl?ed, Mid. w.ih thanka for jronr roomler-noa, M avail onrwlvrR of your olf.-r ?nd licg to tumr WvUneeOey February 6, for ine propuaed purpoae. Yimra, The following dlatlnrrlahrd artlata hair kindly roluotaeraa thrlr Md for tho oocualim ? mr. c. w. clarke. mr. a. ii. davenfort. By prrmlaatoa of W. gluart, Had. mr. r. JOHN.TUN, and MR. J. W COLLIER. For programme of performance are future Wlla and adea* (lwmenla. WINTER OARDKX. TONIGHT. THE BEAUTIFUL cuban la btanish and french dancb*. HERRMANN, THE GREAT FRKSTIIUGITATEUE will appear In Albany, .Ian II; Troy, Feb. 4; Myraruaa Keb 7; Koei,eater, Feb. Ill; Buffalo, Fob. IS, anil from Ibear* lo Cleveland, t'oliimoua, Uluiiouali, Louievtiie, Hi. LonM and Chicago. _ _ _______ Academy or mrsit -brooklvij. EDWIN FOKKFNT ENGAGEMENT. H?* niSre open at ST9 Fulton at reel, Brooklyn, thin morn<nf. when* oeau can bo engaged ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE^ for either of the eight perform.)nee*. wvrlnda*kl)ucomedy ojr harmed LIFE. (ikand it bab divertissement. dazzling bl'krjatle^if naiad queen. mo managers.?Wanted, a situation in toiii i ymil theatre. by a gentleman and lady of reauertaoil.ty, i-nth p waeaelng ?nod mial.flcallonn and a natural talent lot tin* at,-ire. Adiweri, rutn ( where an Interview can ba had, Jamee Carlton, Ith Broadway, N* w York. \XTANTED- a EADY OF GOOD FIGURE AND PRKPO* YY aeaalng appe?raiiee to danca on ilm alam of a twncari aalontt In,j at re between the hoar a of IS and I oaivcA* Sua a o0.VJS Hoary.

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