Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 4, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 4, 1862 Page 2
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FT'" _2 the holy cense; hot our honor will be snved untarnished, and our children a children will riee up to cull u" "blessed" HUWKI.I. OOltB, R. TOOMBS, II. J. CRAW KG. J), THOMAS R. R. COBB. THE 1UJBEL PRODUCE (COTTON) LOAN. CIKCTLAK FKi'M THK UKHKL SKi KKTARY OF THB TKBAMC ltr?HOW ANP WHBKB IT 18 TO UK COLLBCTKI) KATS8 OF UltOkKK AtiE COMJU881UN TO UK ALLOWKD. Hie full' wlnf otfioinl letter, addressed by the .Secretary ol the Treasury to the Register of theTreiisury, will b? touud of into!eel to the public:? CoalDHun Stitxij or Awntu .?, T Tlut aOKT DBPAKTMIUiT, Rllnil' Nl>, Jan. 8, loW. J KoWBT Tvt id:, Emj. , Ksoisrsa:? Sik?The iullowing arrangements have been determined upon for collecting the subscriptions to the Hroduoe Loan. Ac theee subscriptions are, in substance, offers to take so much of the loan of one hundred millions of bonds authorize 1 by the act of August 19, 1861. the issue of said boudsand the carrying into completa uffect the suhscrip" lions, are regular duties of your bureau ; but inasmuch as they are new and onerous, additional clerk? will be furnished you for the purpose. I think a chief clerk, with a Jia'ary of $1,500, should have the chief charge of the business, with one or two clerks under him. But until Congress shall allow such a clerk you will use the services of the clerks now allowed. Mr. De B"w has heretofore been discilarging the duties of j the chief clt rk without any salary; but as he has nearly , completed the urrangemenis for the subscription, the re- i maining <! tails aro too onorous to be discharged by any ui'patd official, ana Mr. Norrell, the present clerk, will com inue to discharge the same, under your direction, until other arrangements are made. The organization for collecting and closing ike subscrip- , t ons will be made as follows:?A principal agent or broker will be appointed at each of the principal citie > ' where the subscriptions are iwvable. These agents wil' take charge of all the subscriptions payable at that place, and also at all other places within tko same State, and ' shall apisdiit subo dinate 'tgents, subject to the approval of the secretary of the Treasury, to collect any subset ip 1 tionswhith miiybe payable at such other places; and 1 shall superintend and direct the action of such subordi ' nates, and caus-- them to account with him weekly; and ' shall require them to pay over weekly to sin h assistant 1 treasurer or (iep' Sitary lis he shall designate, all moneys ' collected by them. The agency at New Orleans shall n- j olude the State of Mississippi, except where its sub ' scriptiou may be payable at other principal agencies. 1 Rach agent shall, on receiving payment of a subscription, issu.- t > the subscriber a recen t for the same, ex- ' changeable for stock or bonds, in the form prejiared Ky ! the department. Those receipts shall be reported by e?ch J subordinate to his principal, and by each principal "to the ! nearest Assistant Treasurer or depositary, and the money ? roc ivod shall bo paid over to such treasurer or deposita J ry. The treasurer or depositary shall deliver in ex ' ck i ge for s u'h receipts the bonds or stock which tiny c call tor, and the res, activo agents who received the s ib- " sc iptiou shall be bound, as part or tlio service ; aid for 1 bv their commissions, to apply for the said bonds and . lock, an l exchange th-'iu with the parties boidi. g the 1 * receipts. The compensation of all the aients, both principal and ? subordinate, shall be by a broke age to be deducted I'roia J the amounts collected by them at the rat- a set forth in . the schedule h-reunto appended. The following plac s ' has e been determined upon for the location of the princi j l?i aguocies, to wit:?Galveston, New Orleans. Memphis," ' Mobile, A a .! hicolo, Augusta, Charleston, VTilniuigP n and Richmond. You will be duly notifled of the persons appointed 1 agents at th r,e places, and will at once prepare the lists 1 oi s been pi iocs and books of receipts to he form ded to J sach. Circular instructions wi.l also be furnished you to ' forward to the agents. C. G. MI.itMlN'GMt, Secretary of the Treasury. I RATES OF BtiOKKRAGB COMMISSIONS TO BE ALLOWED. < on all sums or $1im),000 and under, one [>er cent: on ail J sums ovnr $ilK>,UOO aud le s tliuu $500,000. one-fourth of ? >ne pe: cent additional; on all s ms ovor $510,000 and ( -ss than $i,000 uOO. ne fifth of one per c nit additional; | on ail sums over $1,000,000 and less than $2,000,000, one- t truth of one per cent additional: on all sums over ? $2 000,000. -me-twentieth of one per cent additional, until 0 th whole compensation "f any one agent shall reach f $4,000 in one year, beyond wlii: b no charge shall be a'- , lowed. J GENERAL BUCKNEB'S ADDRESS TO THE { PEOPLE OF KENTUCKY. The fallowing ad trees to the "freemen of Kentucky'" (?) vi. pick- d up by a Union soldier in the late battle Held ' near Mill Sp-tog. Like all previous protocols, pronunsiomieut s onl addr-s^es. it abounds with the usual | ' amount <>f slander, mendacity and m.srepresenlstiua. ' 1 as b> the policy of the federal government:? , f "hk Pkskxem or Kentucky: ? ] Hie cmOitioa <>f the country reader* it unnecessary I that I should ofler any apology for addressing you An i i.-sno hts bee i forced upon cvsry citizen of Kentucky by i the . diet Abraham lanes In. We art-told that we m ull i i be for or eg i.nst him. We must give our active ?ui>- < pvttobis n btirary sets or we oppose them. We j \ must ant him in uvcrthr wing ;be consul moo o; the ' j Coited ?tate., or wo most oppcae his usurpations. We I must aid him in buildiug upon tbo ruins of the fair fabr.c . , f conatitutiooa' liberty a daspotir authority as arbitrary as that of au Ur.ental despot, or w- m st l ittle like men (v. the puc-ei vaiauof ill i prmeipl n of liberty l>v thi ton muki hi 1> i*?? to drug fr in then botues an I immure in b s nnrao-ous ! dungeon* uil who have en. ugh ??i ?o-?m:o in their natures to express dieappi" <?t b.s policy, or we must actively opprso tbut policy. Wo must consent, in o-- j d T that bis Imperial will si.all have'pu etl sway, I a ibn judici'U bail be trampled beneath bis nn hallowed bet,or we most dote rumo to maintain the principles < I lii crtv is expounded by the judicial l ibliala. Wo must aid him n reviving the Idtrc tU cachet, that instrument of tyranny which banishes his ; oiltical vie- | tim i to thr prisons ui his numerous 'lastiles; or, bk iho meiioran thor day, we mttet wipe away these relics of j barbarism which the idvoea 0 of 1 reo speech has to- j xivod aa a moans of enslaving us. Wo m ist sustain an usurper lyrauuy wh'h has to aililiath n wiili the con stitution r with justice,or wa must r> 11,0 application { of th" futtm s with which ho seeks to bind '.s. A' m s ay our live, our fortunes, our b >nor, our libel ty at I is at. in oruer that lie may consent to be the master of willing slaves; or, Ilk- men who at least arc i descended iroui fre men, we in st w,th <ur own arms nisaogod claim to a legitimate parentage. These, 1 freemen f Kentucky, a e thy issues which have be.11 | fo.-i rd up 11 us. ( ililhoito eut u'ky hus b or to a groat ex'ent ex. mpt j from the ovi.- wt'b ?vbi<h the President has to gbt to atlli't our later 3> .thorn states. We have been lulled with tlin syren song ot' |?hsco mto a lethargy Irtiu wl:i h it was ho(nl wo would not awahe. 1 We !i?V" been tout thnt the arm. -, or dmn.-.iuim ' vrttcli ar to eucitmp upon our col will not ) crush a fetal of the tn< it uc icate tlower or brutito a | i b .<li* : g .tea thi dec r;. ea our Acid*. yet wherever t they l?av g me, though in n iiu* instances en'iunMfte I by t soldiers uiisurpneSed iu th beat qualities of 11:011. tin*ir 11 H'rUiM te mat lt? I by ilctilttioti ?n<t lighted by the liniiii*- 1 of burning liM In and houa< *. It might 1 atlicr be laid of c th m, as 01 t' .e boats of Atu.a, where they cnce piss <1 the grass never grows. The President promised peace to c o':i mother. Virginia; be promised p^aoe toour daughter, t M saouri lie now slugs in < or oar* the tiolusive 10 ;nd. tt U the peaco which r* igna in hut water girt Habile* it I* is the ;K>a 0 which is f? uu>i 01 the graves of bis victim*. t freemen of Kentucky. we have lie n slow to oppoH- the ti usurpations ot Ahtaham I.lm-olti. Wo have heard bis n pr m so- that iie ruM observe the neutrality of Ken ti tacky, ?n*l we havo heard the echoed reassurances of b;s v chosoo mstrumetits. We have veen the lawless military n organixatiu s which f.r tn tubs he hi* bee:; '-sgagej ,n d introducing among its, tn overawu the true sentiment of v Kentucky. We have witnessed tiie etandes ine tairo. luetion stnoog us of arms ? d miiDitiona, and the b os iblishm n t in dotlancQ 01 the n.-tit 1 ion, 01 his mill- 1! ttry . irons In subjugat** us to the will of a Northern a e; uaticism. We bare seen ? po.tion of our own pc. pie, m while proaeinnif pearc and g**>d will tows 1 da ours Ives r< and our b-othron of the South drawing from beneath >ik ot u* Mt si it v th.* nssaastu da,g *r, whi h is fl< ai.ue l to pierce our hearts. When its point Is alreadv at ts our breast. this mask is a1 last thrown a<ide, and we S< suddenly lln't a son of Kentucky, a gentleman distin- tt giiishad tu history, bat now a willing servant to execute 1 he will of his tn u ter, coming among us to direct the si blow wba'ii other ?iave* Imve p spared. When our own til legislator , disregarding every obligation imposed upon m lliem by justice, h manlty and the eon-titutiou, have ot -tripped ns of the delcore.r wh*h tto-y weie bound to |>e throw aro .nd us; when the gold of Philip has epened the all gates of Athens: wheh her g iirdians equally influenced dii by craven fe ir and by vstisi avarice h-v a. thev tluni: an .miHir ?ri<ira <>i ivnmcay ?Q .o r prey to the <: her, <bi.4 gentleman now sti pe forward from his iK '4k -.lire mhml rjr l?> ritrel the'hsine which are in ratr* make h r the victim an the-Uve of !um 'til IH| i tetf to lettr, ere wo indeed slates. that we are At on * In chains at the fo t of despotic pow- set .. f oar ancestor* burled with Ite m In oh, ,'Sk? loyalty to constitutional liberty i "tV Tlllty to Uietoolsofaokiiow- Pot - ' our tr inki ng knee* be- tei ' to the tyrant s cap, 'hipr Were ntir 1 ^ s s the feet of ' brow s "t adt n? i mi ' PC V. - N* age from the borne" of tbnee wh ?e gins now show thoir gratitude by returning to enslave us. i Citi/iM a of Ki i lucky, we who are now contending for i freedom and for constitutional liberty have boon true awl | leva! la our obsei of the constiu.i :> n. It is not w 1 who have trampled its principles beoeath our feet m l < called into ben g a military <1 sputum which threat us I tlie existence of civil liberty We rovured theooeetitu i tiou as the ark of civil liberty. We loved the luiou t aa the means of iwrpctuatiiig its prmciplea When 1 the I'uiou ceases to accomplish that end, and instead, servts only as the means of founding a military f despotism it ta the destruction of the constitution. Tho c netltuti n being destroyed by th -e?h setyrauuy wo resist we adhere still to the immutable principles on which it is based. We have cotnpn wised the^e principle only to preserve pea.? in Kentucky. The apolo^ gists ot Abraham Lincoln have construed our love of l<eace into cow irdtce, wd have brought to bear upon us tho h tud of des;KitiC power. With mo jioignard at our breust.thry oxi tel us to cario?s the h.cud of the assassin and to lick the dust from the iron heel of tyranny, whn h i is raised to crush us. Freemen of Kentucky, whstovor our former opinions, lei us unite on the principles oi civ il liberty. Though au infuriated Norih?in order to reduce our laud to the con t dition of a subject Human provinoe?may tear above the 1 ruins of the ooiistituti u the rude fabric of military des- i pot ism, let ns rvc guise still us paramount the holy priu- i ci; les of civil liberty, which God ar.d our fathers have I given us We recognise in no body the right to oppress ( us. Neither the President of tho United States nor the < servile Congre. s whii h assembled to register his edicts, 1 u ii (he Legislature oi Kentucky, which has sold for geld < and exec live favor the birthright of our freedom, have | ihe authority to snatch from us cur God-given heritage < of liberty. 1 eemen of Kentucky, let our objectB be distinctly i kr.own. We make no war upon the Union. Wc defend " Lho nrinciules oi the constltutioii enainst the fatuities i wiic have destroyed the Union. Wo make do war upon I our brethren of Kentucky who have been seduced iuu> I alliance wilh (hat I'analiciam. We defcu t ourselves iml/ tr- ui the asscult.- of tho.-e who wo Id tear from u* the holy prinolples of liberty, without which there can he no I'liion We make do war u|h n our brethren of the North. We seek enlv to repel thoir e(Torts to subjugate us to tho condition of their political serfs and va>sa's. Tiia federal forces were already encamped upon our soil, threatening net only our liberty, but the liberty 01 the .South. As a luattor pu:ely of self-defeuce, the Confederates now occnj y a few points in our Southern border. i'hey oiler no molestation to our people. Th y will withdraw whenever the forces withdraw, or whenever the State of Kentucky takes it upon herself to keep-out both parties equally. The people oi Kentucky have been honest in thoir proles. lot. s of neii; allty. 1'olitii al adventurers who control the Legistatuie iiavu alone used neutrality as the su'i from which th y might pour their deadly disti.iitii n >f Northern hatred, which, like lite poison of the r.j us, was to infect our land w ith death and di-aster. I.- l us X'luir.etid tho ingieJients of their to .heir own lips. Lot the people of Kentucky take their ate in their own hands. Let us unite as or.e tuan to expel run our laud the Northern force.- who muse to retire. Our people do not want them h ue. them leave us :o tho | eace which tli y promised us. and the C ulederito forces will likewise leave us. Tor one, 1 have alike 'efused i dice fr? in the North or i'r< m the Suuth because be position <>; my stale was respected, lint when a "evolutionary at d deeiotic faction invade our soil to aid n the destruction of our liberties by the minions of a northern race who nave no iuteteet and no gy mpathy in ommon w ith Kentucky, let us se-.-k friends aud udiee inoug those o. common bU.od and sympathies, aud iu rests and Inst itut ions. i re m n of Kentucky, 1st us stand by our own lovely and. Join'.vilh me in expelling from our fl. the c irniies which an insane despotism sunua aiuoug us 10 s iiibjugate us to the irou rule of 1'uri'aDical New Knglaml. w >l the sons of Kentucky?the descendant* of ihos-gal- u ant ni u whose nauies adorn the briglifost gaigi s of our ti ustory?decide ihe futo of cur own State, Our bsiinr ri uts iioated proud.v wherever it has been displayed, li ,'nder it wo have fought tho battles of the country In the si So. th and iu the south. Under its folds our fathers n irove back the . av age from the liumce of in ant iudiai a indohio. In gratitude, the sous of tin-e whoso lathers vere rescued by ours from the tomahawk and the s alpon knit* letiirn to diua us iu chains at the feel of a re online despotism, which is alretdjr pressing heavily ipon themselves. When tu the hour of our country's eril the exuerne North alnnk away from the ragiiiK con- ,r est. thousands of Kentui k.aas poured into the fro/.en al North to light on soil the buttles of New lngland. a u return she sum's its her hosts of l' naurs to despoil us () >f our homes and of our lib"rties, aud through William y f. reward she invites the outcasts of all nations tojoin in ^ ho carnival of blood. Let i.s once more tluig to the jr ireeze the proud standard of Kentucky. ill every valley A .nil on every hill top let its folds > e kissed oy the breezes p i Heaven. Let our lone atar shine, an emblem of hoi.e, y rum the deep sky blue ot our b inner, over the brotl eis -j ?hu?oin in tno grasp of friendship; aud let the soldier p notto of our state bes; eak, under the I'rovidence of tied, -j be strength of iho cause which He commits to our r unds. 8. L>. BUCnNkK. Rtwou.vius, Ky., dept. 12,1M1. CAPTURE OF A UNION COLONEL IN KEN- TUCKY. I A corresjondont of the Nashville Cnicn and Ainervxw, ! writing from Howling Green under date of January 20, ' lays ?Lieutenant Colonel Gillock,of the federal Home luard m Hetcrnf county, was captured about six miles 1 'rom Kdmoodsou, the county seat, by a portion ot Colonel Mean's Kentucky cavalry, stationed at Glasgow, day ?efore yesterday. The Colonel had come over to ace his i:?ler murriod,and was onjoying himself in high glee 1 abea our cavalry, uninvited, made tbeir appearance, ' lot Tor the purp>ao of taking |>art in the hilarities of the occasion, but with the intention of taking theCOlouel, ' which they did, and whom ihey brought to this place f -sterday and lodged in jail. 1 I HE REBHLS DON'T LIKE THE 8TONE i BLOCKADE. 1 [Prom ti>? Norfolk I ay Hook, Jan. 31.] 1 Our readers may remeuibor that, in a recant Issue of 1 .his paper, we predieted trouble to Kiug Lung Legs from ' rs -'stone Beef method or increasing the efficiency of us blockade. We foil profoundly convinced that the logout potentate In question w?s getting him.-elf into a 1 crape, and at that time urged various reasons to show *by ronuueitial Kurop* would never allow him to ineor .orate iuto the c- d* of public law his new and barbarous 1 loci; ;no that a blockade may lie perfect.-it. * In accordance with our views, as ibeti advanced, we ' M that li.s M<i.,esiy has, as usual, gotten hoii.-cir into ^ u awkward dilemma; that be lias skipped, must unra.efully, out ol the M isoii .-'luleil frying pan plump :ito the -'stone licet" lire, wherein bis Majesty is likoly, *a our Judgtnoi t, to get bis royal r< b?s considerably in.- o. d" 1-r-tn time to time wo have before our reailors ' Hs opititon* 'f Ikr European press, fnm u-Ai* A it km en irn th<ti tte jwl^m-nl of Ike honnUlatUic ' mrnal$ it (iderr,? to thu p> rpelual I l*hide 1 key ' ,:e unanimous and emphatic in deilaring against 1 he war-ton obliteration of harbors, made t>y the Alnlglity fir the benettt of all the world. It is delounced abroad as a return to tho barbarous p:a tiers -f aiitlqulty, for what inference is there between ploughng the land with salt and destroying a great commercial louv'-l' ("Ifiarlv none. Tin y are hut ditto; ent moans to I he same .-n 1?'.list er.d the destm-'tiou of pro]- ctive ta- 1 aciiy. Beyond all controversy it is e revival tT fiTr-dTa- ' 41 barbs* tsm, an *nen and audacious defiance of ail ten- 1 k-ru doctrines, and as . :* h has m -t w ith universal ese ' 114'ic.L. l'hc law upon the *iO,<-<t*>f blockades, as ex- I mi ndi-d by the tutbic auundanlly i lea; , and is f.v J ni'iar to tfic ,r-.*vjL-. N t "uly is Uie law, wb>cn abows It ^ o b- a limited right, b it the rtcnt jiracticeof nsratima lov e- is In ilifm-i ooniravc tion of this icw and monrIfous principle of oWtMlOu which the J Varhi-gi ii government has sought to establish -'Jn ( lommercial States, -ays that profound Uitnker and elo- ' p enl divine, liobert Hall ' of wbj.-li T-!nroj?-prlnTipJlly onsisis, whatever interrupts their intercourse is fatal " o their prosperity.' T It was upon this ground, long ago announci-d, that h Ingland Insisted upon forcing the Chinese from their ' rudiiional policy of excluding foreign trade ; and on T Ins prim iple that the latel nited States acted in their A egotist ions with Japan. In that, the inverse propml- T n il to that now announced by K*ng Long Lags is ol tin!- w eiral acceptance among civulred nations And,fortu- C' aielylor us, his intention he* been so onmistakeably MVi-li feel a- to render an iss ** with fo|. |*n Powers in.*. O ilabia. O Hia novel lil ickader* have b*eu sunk on < barta'on " Riit|i'?naao Sb< aland al Horn Island passage. ? iers la an iimuistakcebie display o| hid Intention, a plain Y ililbitiuu oi hit animus, and no diplomatic subterfuges. a, 0 crafty dsapa'.che*, no cir'iitnlocutiou arg intent can B stiioae his sunk' u barrtets. I] Theoewsby the turn) a, whl. b suggested that* re- w sctlons, *'stain* n? fully in our beliaf. for even lb* w impotary si'sparsiuii of commercial relate n? with tha in ititb nrnai carry panury uad want to thousand* upon Tc to,sands in tlrest Hi limn iin<l on the C ontinent. It We have premium ed the consequence of a temporary \| is pan.-ion of the relatioua of trade. Such being it le indisputable fact, how can the Washington govern g, , nt expect th* giant commercial and maritime 1'owors the gl"be to tolerai* a sytem enculculaied to pertuat for them?Pi | erpotuate and Increase through 'T! 1 t mc?thiur prsecnt commercial depression and social At sir's#" Ihere can he hut one answer to this question, to d that his Mit}e?iy will receive some time lietor* be I'omplidltea hie vindictive m hemes oi comprsben- Y< e (leetruc'jua RA4 lyuvrrsalgynin of the Mouth. rrnly, ss wVnsvo said. he has hopped ont of the fry of I paimf on* trouble into ihe lire of another, and an he is | t IlkJiiTr*Hy ucr politically a blm irach, Meschsck or a) colncgo. w* hAy expect biin to get pretty well irch# I?an occurrence to which we shall raise no gi | ct ion. I > ,>ke t lo se of that French King, whose misadventure it i wove into a story, let u* hop* his Majwutj^g uitnis Tc s may share his Msieaty'a fete. 01 ? FRAlTUOMCfH NOTES IN CIRCULATION. J: [From the Richmond Enquirer, Jan. 30 j ' he uttowtton of the poMIc in particularly called to the " rertise?ijit of ths Treasurer of Vlntfrtt, notifying * vlWi cjrSunigtancSa urtdsr whtpRi Strut" of the can "" note* ,w thP hanks, and -omi* Wet/ of hank notes ' no. .Mtne l by th* uppers cf tho banks, may \ atfi"! about, e^n(1 vmbably au attempt it,em upon the rani and unwary. he* u'8 . ,n?t. lor never issued hy the hm. kn*", regrets that anyone should be bo s unfa any mutiistsd sad im.srtcct ?U that the burning and destny b was not, as It ws- int"ndcd j and complete. i ? \ NIA. NDtl.OKNT lit F.I I ?W. |*U r.-fi'MKlr, \ n. 20, I102 J nu i aoldicra bowl o bnve not from noiioral i Io<I by Hick- ' *. >on?. It (a 1 V", vhilnt i ho ' !***. Incident i v>. florolict i flfgSPfcV iW YORK HERALD, TUE in their duty as to she nt themselves from tbeir oomps ' iit?. thus tliruwiug ali of the yt?rlt upou the few goo i 1,'iil,u. b ?tb ' 111a. .tain their pests, Ui tb - a an.1st anil di* fraca of tbr fair name of tlio Kighib Virginia regiment, won on the delds < f Manassas and I.assburg. 11' thin or ler :a not promptly obeyed 1 will in leu daye havn baud>i!ls |?*led ui every village in the country, oflbring a Beard of thirty dollars for the appr.diei j.ion of each de lei ter and bis delivery to ibe ueuiesi military poat; and will so luinntely describe .ach man, bis appearance, hiracter and habtla. that the "iiblicatiou itself Mill rove a severe penalty for In* offeree NORBUUNE BERKELEY, Major Commanding Eighth Virginia Volunteers. Hiaocii'sktirs First C?.khw on I'ir mir,) Jan. 22, 1862. j Approved, by order of General Beauiegard. TI10S. JORDAN, Acting Adjutant General ARKANSAS. IN ESCAPED TKlSOMiU FROM CAIRO?A KAITUFI'L mum [From the Helena (Ark.l shield ] A few days aince Major, a slave belonging to Mrs. Rabb if this vicinity, who mas taken piiaoner at the battle of telmont and carrh-d to Cairo, made good his escape and etured borne, and is now at the plantation among his eal friends?a I.appy, contented, honest darkey. Many nterest'ng incidents connected with his captivity, peril>us escape, fortunate meeting with friends in the depths if the forests of Missouri, bis arrival at Columbus, where le bad the happiness of finding that his young master bad isca|?d unburt on the battle field, where he was taken irisonar, are a|l related by Major in a manner at once con MSe,straightforward and doubtless honest, Uu the morning of the battle ho was instructed by hi% mister, Mr. Kabb, who was a private in Company A. thirteenth rcgimeut Arkansas Volunteers, to rcRl&tfi at he hospitalism during the progress of the conflict; but .he enemy having gotteu possession of the encumpin nl. ae, with others, was taken prisoner and was tr kon lo Juirc?was cor tlned in one of the guard rooms several lays I'uring which time be was frequently interrogated is to wli ther bo would like to return home. Ceiiig shrewd enough for unprincipled captors, he told ihein ihat he had no regard lor his owners, aud was de i,;nioii at me ptcgiact o| treeootu, wptcu was prouusuu >f c uis". He was faliN4Mtuy liua by an laptaiu for bis conk, with a prumiso of $12 l er tn<>r.tli, i>ut up to the 31st of December r ceiveii uolbin^v Oti hat night ha mara.ed to crawl through the lines, lecured an old leaky skill, which he had seen iu the willows about a mile above town the day previous, wni'.st out with an odioer's servant watering horses. He found 'ho skitl' destitute of oars, but with u bit ot dank as a sill stitue. pi or ns it was he boldly pushed out it to tho stream?lauded upon an islnud llrst, mistukin); t for the Missouri shore, where ho wandered about se re al hours: again embarked, reached the main shore, where he was ucar being discovered by a sentry near >y or at Bird's Point. But he eluded the drowsy Liu olintc, escaped into the woods and made for Columbus. This whs on Wednesday, January 1, and he wandered ibout until Friday following, when ho came upon an tumble dwelling far back in the forest. He tells ub bat at this time he was greatly fatigued and worn out >y colt.-1sully travelling nnd the cravings of hunger. He lctd<mined to venture into t'ns rude hut, and did to, indiug it let anted by tl.rc s'alwart men, whem he soon Bund were.S uth . era, to whom he, without reserve, old his tale of su .bring and privation, and who kindly irofhwed to see ni 'any hint to Cub mints, whore the four tarte.l and reached their dostlualit nabout noou the next ay, where the ; < or f ! w expert need the joyful happiess ot again meeting U s young master. Lincoln and his iny.v i one will leuin front tho story of Taior, wliiclt we have b. :c:!> narrated, that they canuct invert s'ih as lie (tt'id tlieie are ntany such iu the eulb) tuto incendiaries and executionets. The truth U. ro know many servants whose attachments for their tasters and owners amount almost to frenzy or ado-a on. There are, may be, a few who migbi be induced to use their hands in an inaureoction put on footbyabo tion emissaries, but the loyal slaves in our midst would ?far o .tnuuiber them that they could do but sligh| ilaeblef. THE REPINED POETRY OF THE SOUTH. [From the docthorn Confederacy.] THE DEVIL'S VISIT TO "OLD ABE.'' MY RKV. K. P. ntK H. OF I A CKANOK, lit. Written on the occasion of Lincoln's proclamation for ray or and fasting after the battle of Manassas. Revised Bd" improved expressly for La Crange Reporter, by the utbor. !d Abo was sitting in his chair of state. fith one foot on the mantel and one on too grate inw smoking hit pipe and then scratching his pate. or he had hoard sumo disastrous news of tale, 8 fearful us death and as cruel as fate; a nn old earthen lug, on s table near by, fas a g illun of "Buckeye,'' or "choice okl rye," 'o cheer up hie hopes, which were ready to die, Inuer wl.ose potent charms old Abe would be able 'o lay all bi*grie:s,llkeabin,"on the table;" )r, shut up tils woe, like a horse, in eatable. He sat in his chair, With a wo begone air, iazjuc at noptiug w.t.U a inyaniugleea stare, tndloolci a nice a wild b est juslT(skeered" in his lair. His check hopes were high and bw visage wee rough, Like a middling of bacon, til wrinkled and tough; His co-e was as l<>ng, and as ugly and big Ki tits snout of a half starved Illinois pig; He was long in ilia lags and long in the face, % Longfellow born ot a long legged race, Ifct longing through grace lor a much longer space, Till he'd finished hie political wild goose chase? rtrtnvinr wreck on his coiinirv. and endless disgrace In the bloekhaada who'd placed him in " tbo very wrong place." rhenewa had just reached him ef rout and defeat, jfhis "Graud Army" braksn?of disastrous retreat; Hts host men were alain on the field of tho fight; ilia legions were scattered with panic und Uight; Vnd hie plana had all met with a ruinous blightdie treasury was bankrupt, hia liDances smashed; die cred.t was gone, and hia bills were mica-hod; His country with terrible foea still h*girt, If as tumbling to ruin like a fabric of dii l; ' I'm afraid," said Old Abe, " there's somebody hurt." Thus anting and thinking? T a ixt si n ok lug end drinking? lis bead on bis bosom was gradually sinking? When a sound met hiaaar? So sharp and so clear, 'lint he sprang to hia feet?standirg brsathltss to bear. Vith his mind full of dread, and his hoarl full of fear, Tsras i.ot like the roll of thebm ricatie'e thunder, for the earthquake that cleaves the (all mountains asunder; lw?- not like the storms which tnmultuously sweep i'er tbo lone bonding woods and the dark rolling deep; Put a . harp angiy crashing, A confusion and clasbjm;, .ike things in general, iTJh'iisdiihusly smashing, 1 it's the Devil 1" thought Abe, in tht sorest of frights, ir * 'ebjl ''marked buttery" o:i "Arlington Heights, n the wings of tho midnight winds it (lew, nearer it camo and louder it grew, Til! Wa?ta ngtont'ity seomed all in a 3taw It pan-e>t just bsfoie The 'WhiP Hoiig. 1 door, lad theft dieJuwiVyTrith au explosive roar. It's the dt Til I" said Lincoln; and sure he's right, or ju"t a*, that moment their gleamed on his sight Tie glaieoi'a horrible rulphuiouslight, "n-i-clihg a form ho gha-tly aud grltn, 'hat hi* h art c'a?c(l to heat and his eyes grew dim. hat lorui stood before him, majestic and dread, Vith large covin feet and h ge horns on his head. !r Lincoln was seirod with a terrible quaking, mil the bone* in his skiD were rattling and blinking. Like !ho"drv boms" in tha"Vallcb of vision," With such a dread;ill collision ot threatened to make a"joug division" if liir body and mcfnbers, without "legal decision." ifow c your health, Mr Lincoln" said Old Nick with A grm, 1 have on'y stepped in u renew old acquaintance your honor aq'in fgw are {toward, aud ?rotf and good Mrs. L* hope all your friend* are still hen ty and well." bus saying, ha seated himself In a chair ml cared at Old Abe with an itfinudent star#: ook r drink of 'hot lea<1" Iron a naming skyrocket, rbicb b drew from the depths of H'.h overcdat pocket,* insulted hi* watch with a dandyish grgcr, ud he'd uiake a quick trip thro' the rSgienapf space, n the tram of a comet, ia a Journey sublime ver million* of milea in a moment of time. Yon, yourselfsaid the ilend, with a wink #f Ma eye, Can travel like blase*,' when danger is nigh our Grind Army, toe. are dinting reeked for speed, ml run, 'like the d< tril,' ia cae*e of seed, ut all this aside?allow mc to state: have romehere on butineaa niomecieuaiy great, hu h deeply involves yo?r political fate, hat means. Mr. I iticoln, this strange aroclamatlee. which you've invited the whole Yaaaee natMMi i li-l ri! and prayer, and to humiliation* Is strange how a !trashing baa altered your-notione, id called into action your pious devotiont eems to me, sir, you're e wMmelral eet, cr twiating and turning like am eel in a eet. You flounder and float, Ami turn in and turn oul, Hi my wita are puzzled to know what you 're dTiouf, id now, in all candor, I must rail your attentiqfl the truths which at preaent yaa'il allow mg to mention in know, in the first place, you owe your etrctll >n To the aid and protection a demagogue crew who own my dtroetion. nvrated your platform, and give t trial, sunt'nigger*,' and 'freedom, and the greetf'higher law. nm the top of thin platform?outntrctrbing below, bowed yon the kingdoms which I would hector/, you and your party would only agtee i fall down in worship and homage to me tiej my direetlona, fulfil my rommesMls, wind carnage and death over nil ttwee Intidt, ir * Itnrri)i!<* tivi . Mtlt ti would Win icceaa to my cum, and a triumph *> sin. > alt < f tUa?* tenns you d^I promptly agreed. nil made them your grouuda of political crecii gave you my anbjcete?the heat I have gut, ich ae Cameron, and Sward. and " Old'irannyfSrott '? * misled by lireeiey, and Hennett, and Weed, f ni*?ewble rcooudrele asTophel could breed, 0 fix up a plan fur "preserving the t'nion," 1 tha i end* of a happy fraternal communion, ly a terrible warfare of onqrnat ami blood, eh as never waa known ?lni? the day of tha flood ya e you my miniona from the purlieu* ol hell,

h ratilcaof your fearful grand army to aweii at! ere 1 up North with It- v >g?hond orew, Ind t tvltch burning Yanhaedom till In a alow, t ph it- and achiama?fanatical trnppl: i;r? t? f;re loving humbugs, ind aptrltunl tappinga I e i!!e? < ut its teacher* < H pu u il.lenl proaclu: > ) : n I lomagec' e acr? erhera, i'.? ma' l yottr leadera to ooncpiest and fame. I ' jlag! to your al ame, ; o v I' tory eama, 'ut i |ir<mi It and uiayra ' On the n li do Yankee name. lour ?inu a aent .oith t m ' to 'he ' hiey aunt forth to plunder tli a ' >.. .it fo at'al the yoniig ohn l?< t.a and i i|.tiiia tin haua [l.ika'William roine Trimhle Tne.'jni.d put etu in pena. f i tha pagea of hHt'ory, no loftier piaca .. . . SDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 18C Can be claimed for your thieving and cow tr "y race, Thau to tell th?y w.-ie \ all inn t in stealing .1 h u, Km r<ut iu i out .mi u fri tu the pros n,e ol meu. IFhou at last your Grand .riny watt foroed to a tight, The_v were routed, defeat i <1 ittul drivou iu ilight, Overwbclm'd with confu. ton trout th platus of Manassas, I .ike a miserable puck of terrlOod aasoe. Wast for this 11 b 'rod with vigilant toil, To sow tare.-' of contention all over your soil?? To build up your purty with lying pretensions, With deuujoguo ti icks and Chicago Convouttougr If this is th' fruit of my labor and real, 1 una auro I Unserve the r.-mt rse that I feel, For becoming the tool Of a shallow brained fool, Wilh lite form i t an u;ie and the head of a calf, It is sowing tlio whii lw iud and reaping the chaff." "What say you to this''" cried Did Ni k, wuxiug hot; Quoth Pre- i'tout I.incoln, "Ton must ask Ceneral Scott." "Old Scott's an old ass, and Seward to boot; And as tor you;self, you're a pitiful brute. Too mcun to let live,and too worthless to shoot Itc.t to come to the point more directly iu band, Allow mo once more in good faitli to demand The grounds of this pitiful, vile procl?"ntuion For lasting and prayer by tlio w^'Jie Vaukeo nation. l)o > ou think that Jehovah will favor your cause, While you murder, cr.J steal, and violate laws? Will your prayer's bo heard w hen you ask the Eternal For help to eccomplisk your objects infernal? No; this Tear, liku yourself, is begotten in sin, And lose it or win, You must now begin To light with the spirit of Vkivcnty-sls, And ubaiiilou your pitiful Yankee tricks.'' Quoth "Honest Old Abe," "I'm in a very had "You are right now, tor once," said Old Nick with a grin; "But scch are the fruits of transgression and sin. Thou where lies the blame? Net with me, I am sure. You made the diseaso: you must seek for the cure. And now, iu conclusion, your attention I call To a single tact more?'I s the SA'l'b st of all." . he snolro i lis hot fears ewine nosh to It is o V 8K i Ilm'ioapel lias made mo.'Iho father of lios'? \h I Viie r> cord Is true. From the very beginning 1 have tutored the world lu lying und sinning; iint it s irs up my soul with griel and vexation To see your abominable Yankee nation Outst: Ipping ine far in the depth.' of its shame, And heaping reproach on my kingdom uud name. I've one word to add; It '8 a terrible ono ! 1 he race of your treachery is ainr st run ; Your political sky looks dark and dun ; The fate clouds aro gathering o'er your setting sun ; You have ruined your uat ion?degraded its numo? And hurled on its ) eoplo a heritage of shame ; You have murdered it.- glory ami pride at a blow, And lille 1 its proud cities with wailing and woe. I he avenger is coming. 0 er your dark tuturo path, is brooding a storm of torriblc wrath. The wrongs of oppression, the blood of the slain ; fhe pleudings of widows for their lost ones again, i he cries of the poor, all starving for bread, The curse of the nation, overwhelming with dread, Shall break like an avalanche full o : your head. Then woe to the day when Hoaurogard comes With his tiery legions from their Southern homes ; When the roar of their guns shull till you with fright, And the Hash of their sabres -hall gleam on your sight. Ah ! then shall you sink to a merciless tomb, And tho shouts cf their triumph shall herald your doom. Your fate is now writ by the ' hnnd on the wall O'er your 'house oil ih>> sand' tho bleak tempest shall fall, And.sweep you away in its ruins to hell? I have finished my mission. Farewell?farewell!" Thus saying, he left iu a moment of time, AM wound up his speech, where I wind up my rhyme ; HA left General Scott iu u passion and worry? Old Abe in u lit, and his wife iu u llurry. NEWS FROM LIBERIA. Qnr Monrovia Correspondence. Monrovia, labem, out*. 2t), ^01. Defence of President Benson and His Congo Policy?J*ki War Movement of Spain?England an .Illy of the Negr" Republic?Hostility of the Native Trites?Death of a Bride from .Veto York ?Public Works and. Industrial Progress, rfc. luc receipt a lew unys ago ui oue or uvu co;hm 01 mc I1kkai.Ii by the friend* of the President, containing a statement in reference to the treatment of the Congees tier ship Nightingale, had a veryjimligeatibie ofTect among tba many supporters of his F.xcolleuoy in this city. A irToethig wsi i??Sled last night wliti a view to correct what they tot mod misrepresentations ; but, after indulging in a tirade of abuse against whom they supposod was the author, they aoemod to lose sight of the object for whicli they bad assembled, and contented themselves by passing defamatory resolutions against T. If. Chester, instead of vindicating the government from the charges. The mere passage of resolutions, in these days of po litical intrigue, will not relieve an individual or a g^-ernineul from an imputation where there is just c*t!i?T&f srt?p^'?n- No cne w0ll!i h*J? Wn ?* hsppy than vo?r^??gWWuj " 10 h> rotracted every word uttered against the ao$?5ii5*'ion of President Hen on if any ?f his friends had pon.'?^ wit the 'easl mi representation. It is a duty I owe to the 10 correct auy misrepresentations that may occur as convinced that injustice has been done to any oae. Notbiug has been heard of Spanish hostility since iaat month, of which I informed you. We are hourly expecting the mail from the States, which will inform uh of the progress of the war, and Pernando Po, which will adv ise us of the intentions of the Governor General to ?a is I iberia. It is iho ight here that as soon an Knglaud ran lay the whole affair before the government of Spain the Governor General will be recalled. Her liritannic Majesty's steamer Falcon came here some two wee?s ago to setUiTTiT'sifte, peacosbly the difficulties between this government and any .Spanish men-o' war that might be sent here with hostile inten lions, and in the event that she could not bring about an amicable adjustment then abe was to assist tbe Libertaas. Pjr-ideut Benson gave a splendid diunor party to tho ] office , of the Falcon on tbe 19th Instant, exteudlng his ,uviutinns to tham 'hrough the comniauder, who at. lendsii. accompanied by Ins first lieutenant, purser and the ' iptniu's private secretary. Several prominent citizen? wore present, aud tbe whole affair passed olf with entire *a is, act ion to the assembled g nests. i h< uatli e tribe* are sill! engaged in war? almost ad- | joiuiug 'h selliomcnt. A very short time ago a battle n ?s fo igin not more than about thirty or forty miles jroni n - ?y "i which our antca ronton ttieir em-mi s 1 Willi if g^iii'liter The kings ami head tnen who have been :.? Hi.ujjf ,b*lr hostility against this fiivernmeut at * inly iwaitiag fur the i*pantarix to destroy this city, and in twenty To-ir lio iri alter every settlement on tlie rivei will be attacked. A I/briau lias just returned trom the interior , and while at a t two one hundred ami nfiy uniks back e report reached there that seven Span hrufiti of-w? were in thia harbor, and immediately imHmtr drntn'viu lie ud throughout the lowu The ntorjwea soon e mradicted. tireat etlort lets be u made by Preeulent Ber.son to n?\e [ beiia n presented in the "international exhibition ne\t May in I oflao<l. Some very excellent native euro I us.ities,as well as notM superior I-ilx rian productions, I will i?e si on forwarded, .lames I.. 3ime, Esq., who ! was sent by the government, has jest returned from the interior wi.h a lino collection of native arliclee, which I understand will be exhibited here before tbey are tent to Kureje. It IN with regral that I inform you of the death of Mre. Peter Downing whose ma riagc about one year ago pro r i til a s.reai ?et.*aucu in tue negro upper-lendcm of '.?wY<v? diie vmigia'ed liere about six months ago, ,i the bark Kdward, witft liar busband. and, in eonse qiiefl'nnf being enocin/e, she bad been in bad health rne,w the lime sue left your city until about two weeke before -oe died, when she seemed to revive ami as somocev iii a permanent reaoscitatien. She gave birth in s he* iby daughter, which is now doing well, and a fen hou'softer went into a Hate of insensibility for four leys, from which (be newer recoveied. Mre. Downing wuf * netivepf 1'iovidence, r. i., end ia the same lemmie Parker wlio-e superior culture and a> compliihaenta ? ere tn? admiral ion of all who were fortunete enough to make bei acqualntem e a (lairs ' Llberls were never in a more p'osptroue siate. President Benson is carrying on many public im I ruVbments which wltj add to Uk great popularity both in this and oifier countries He it certainly a great favorite #ith the people of Liberia, anu already tbey speak i>f bun as their aext candidate for lb*'Presidency. If ho run'i iiu on? can defeat him. Nov. 20.1801. Yeeierda* was observed throughout the republic as a day of thanksgiving. In this rlty the people attended i bun h in tbe Morning, ate big dinner* in the afternoon* end enjoyed their social Interconi'te in the evening. 1'he mail arrived yeatardav from the ctates and along the couth ioast. A Spanish staamar of war wxa at t ape Pa inse abont two weeks ago. The natives nw that vicinity, who were utily waiting to hear that the S| au ards had conquered the Uberlane at this point, be'ora ihey would rlae, hailed the arrival with much glee, loeyaveu hoarded tha mati-of-wnr and inform*' the rommnnder that the Llbe. nans wera preparing 10 lire inio them. Mo sent an officer on shore to ee<' if be could be allowed to get water, which invilege being granted, and the native*'la nhooda exposed, the commander came on shore and Informed aoveral per.-ous that the whole affair had ben misrepresented to tbetiovernor (Jeneral of Fernando Pn. and good let lings wera etitertulnrd by bun for the people of Liberia. 1 box ends our Spanish difficulty. The Spanish adtptalo who llred Into the tjuail?an the Spanish commander informed the people at Cape Pal mas ?repotted on his return to Fernando to that he had sunk her In thia harhor. ltia very unpleasant for an officer to be th * me- conger of his own shame. The members of th? l*g stature arrived here yesfer ilnv. there ran hnruiy t? untitu r> i wnn lory will ithnri/o tliw President to . hasti?c lorao of th* trib s in I iboriA for their manifest insiUe during tho ~v-iinl*-1? excitement, lb* iiiiurrectlwery spirit *m ril'o in oj' Ii of the rountiea of litis f? lale. N'o impoiUnt mea ure? ure yet up' li the t ip'a. 'tbii tlio a-:uu?a for the in'ernail'.n-1 eihll.;i e n wore exhibited in the bt l of Uio'ltouae i?t He prea'nfnUves.lThey in vilv con-<;jt . nalivo country c oih?, kru i'itpi. w.vhke In. in tnei t* *lri'?n i.m.ilyo ivonl, li e. code*, p.eitetvi'il I'r'It,'Iron ore. pipe*.ft a .:r a .uy brut e. renr-mbling ihone nix-1 t f elrciift in n ,i :ami ninny ctuc iniuga 'lb* .u' ring i>eft mail by (lie nfti'Viw me an ntie'lleut ap irr. u nut can eeareoly M h**ien. 10 iJj. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. t'OBTHKSS M MHllB, Tob. 2, 1862. Tho gunboat Daylight Mil d to-day far tho mouth or Torlc river, t > relievo tho Young Rover, which is on the blockade in that vicinity. 1h * Young Hover will proceed to tho mouth of the Rap pahaunock, to relieve tho Dawn, which will go to Now York for repah s. lit) Myetic in still off tho Rappahannock river. The troops of the New Kn.tliinJdivision, who have boe i encamped on the boach here for two work , re-?ml>arked on tho^onstitution this afternoou. Tho Constitution is still taking in coal, and probubiy will not sail before to in or row moruing. The health of the troops is improviug. The Young Rover, with tho D'Kpiueuil Zoitsvos (Fiftythird New York Volunteers) on hoard, sailed for Annapo lis this morning OUR FORTRESS MONROE CORRESPONDENCE. Foitrnsss Monbos, Jan. 26, 1862. Order for a Court Martini to Try Coirnel Jo*xn\ Harlan, Mle&ntk Rtgimml Pemmyhania Cavalry?General Wbof'i Sta ff?Qf Whom it w Composed? aptamin nj a Lexer .voir utre to uo south?it ,Vr<tnNo/hint) ar t! Tells Much?Maters a'. Co tup Hamilton?The Health iif Colonel.Max Wder?Rem -al of the Srptadrxm of Mounted Rifles to Camp Hamilton?Their I're(, ,iir Km amyimn' al Ke*tfmi News?Ladies at Forlnx.. Hurt e?Ijifcrn on Leone of ALcree. etc , etc. Turn now a court murtial is to commence its sossion for tin- tn;il 11 C il.incl Josi..h Marian, of the Elovcnth regiment I'enrsylvania cavalry. What the charges a:o that tinV'' been preferred a nirst tho Colonel of that regiment !' "? ;rt t: ..inspired, and w ill nut bo made public! ,i i '? i s : if the court martial. 'ihe v.. -p ~cial order front headquarters has been is-ueil for the organization of tlicccurt and tiuio of its session:? Sra tAh OKDKRS?NO. 24. Hbuixjcakthrs, Department op Virciinia,) For.fiti&S Mo>r?s, Vtt., Jan. 2d, 18c2. j A generul court martial, to consist of t.ino ineinbeus fa greater mimb.-r cannot be convened without mmif . t injury to tlio service),is appointed to inoet in the J y Room or Fortress Monroe, Va., ut eloveu u'cloet. A.uu Monday, thu 27lb inst., or as soon thereafter as proclicat'lo, for tho trial of Col. Joeiah Harlan, Klevuntli regiment Pennsylvania cavalry. detail for the ool'rt. 1. Col. Max Wober, Twentieth reg't N. Y. Vols. 2. Col. J. B. Carr, Second reg't N. Y. Vols. 3. Col. W. I.. B-own, Twentieth reg't Intl. Vols. 4. C?ii. 1'. T. Wymau, Sixteenth reg't Ma-s. Vols. 5. Col. J. \V. Andrews, First reg't Del. Vols, fl. Col. John E. Bendlx,Tenth reg't N. Y. Vole. 7. Col. K. W. fierce, Twenty-ninth reg't Ma-s. Vols. 8. I.iout. Col. S. if. Stafford, Kloventh reg't N. Y. Vols. 9. Major P. S. Damson, Sixteenth reg't Muss. Vols. Captain E. II. Cat ling, Aid-de-Camp. I'uitcd Stales Army, is apjtointed Judge Advocate of the Court. Should any < f the members numod in the order bo pre vented from attending, the court will nevertheless proceed to and continue the business b"fore it, provided the uumber of mem Iters present bo not less tbou the minimum prescribed by law. By command of Major General WOOD. Wm. 1>. Whipple, Assistant Adjutant General. I Cen. Wool's staff is at present all bore. Major Wm. P. Jones and Major I.e Grand It. Cannon, both or whom have been absent for some time owing to ill health, have both reported tnjpufclves for duty, and area great ussistanc" mule OeneraPlu th? oxecution of hi^L'dudus duties. * /" . i " -jmsMiyor Jones, at the time hi Wa3 hero before, wus Proves! Marslial, and merite 1 thu esteem of everybody toe bis efficiency. This department is at present ably administerod by Cart.Pbiueas A. Davis, of the Richardson l.ight Artillery. Major Jones is an old and staunch friend of Gen. Wool, haviug served with tho veteran hero in Mexico and California. Major Cannon is too well known in N'etv York, and, in fact, througnout tho country, to need any eulogy at my hu-ds. Enough to say that, th ugh blessed with a largo fortune, bis patrioti-m prompts biin to servo bis country in this the hour of need: and bo could scarcely have b en ossignod to a worthier position than Aid-deCamo to Gen. John K. Wool. While speaking of Gnu. Wool's staff T must correct an t rror which some timn ago occurred iu iegard to some of the names. The following is a correct list:? Col. Thomas J. Crane, To|?graphioai Engineers, Inspector General. Major William P. Jones, Aid-de Camp. My,or l.c Grand B. Cannon, Aid de-Camp. Major truest You Veges.u'ke, Aid-de Cump. Major C. Von Herrmsn, Aid-de-Camp. I MA/ur -IOUU M., m. u., M-'oicai inrecior Capt. Win. D. Whipple, Assistant Adjut i-.t iJoncrul and Chief of Ftaff. Oapt. Hiram Stephana, Assistant / djutant General. Capt. Oner Talmadge, U. S. A.,I.., Capt. J. McL. Taylor, 0. 3. A., Couinisury o.oubeis* tence. J??. Aid-d*Camp. BrevoT'^T'fcyiS"!f. CarTnJ, ?. ? \ . Aidde-Cainp. Capt. .lames iflWnt, Jr.. Hatbo. Haale'. Capt. C. T. ChriatNilsou, Aid and ?^r#voel Mnishal New port News. First Lieut. Simon CoruPfors Jid da Caw Lieut. beWitt Clinton, Aid-do-Civp. * itavlor Chief of Ordnanco department, l.ieut. T. ' U.S. A. Assistant.Lieut. Woi. H. Harris, lT. 9. A. ] Chief Kugiueer, Capt. C. S. Stewart. The above staff ig probably one of the most efficient of any corps of officers aurrounding any of our gcnoruJe. Alt bough apparently extensive, their time is constantly occupied, the lettera per flag of truce going to and coining frum the South being the groalrgt tax upon tbclr energies. The number of letters that are received here daily amount to about eight hundred on an average, and ainoDg that number are any quantity of rich epistle*. Sim* treat on domestic aflatte, olhors on busincim, many igpin ou love; lint occasion illy there nppoars aaefMW wh'ek on its face apparently nmounte to nothing, but actually dtviveys more information to the nnomy than all the iicwspapfr publications combined. Iho following note, which wleyeceived here gomo tirnn ago, was addressed to a part/ jn New Ui'teaM. una of course, roJected. 1 have been ewib! d to obtain u copy thereof.' The catne I send enclosed, hut do not think it safe to pub'ish:? To M. W. 9.?t ?aw Pytbi is* wife the other day, aud she told me that sb-- went to \ ieit her mother and t? ok with tier tlio nurse and cutldiku, and left at I tome the goverMMaadoook. They took *p>?udi<i care of the |w >tilit i I'M <>i iv . mtrH'mpi vmcbmm piiNffwibirdlf wmi mentioning. Those everlctlirg wHterplpc b'list.uiu! IN? piaster camo down in the draw ing room, th< mocking bird died, tho kit< ben clock K"' burnt up, and the cut glare gp<><<nhoMnr (rot smiiehed. Nothing else marred ilie even t nor of th?-lr life. .All (ho young cheeks arc rosy red, and tbe yoni g lyw br;.,! t Santa ll.ius cam* as catial down the nursery chimney, but brought nothing for Soft Skin. All a (Dura ire arrnngi >1 properly and the daye coin* and go and leave no slgu. I'anion?belongings aro coming to visit the frier <1?. The parlor and hi* wife, and li*r sutler, husband *nd Imby dined at the snug box last week. I here is nothing but | alienee on demand. and another can ier piireon. A i 'amp Hatnt't on everything la quiet, the roads being too muldy to allow nnyflbulls or field exercises to b* underuk' h. 'Ibis moriilng I railed upon the com manner <>f the ramp, the popular an I much reap* ted Colonel Mas Weber, of the New York Twent mth r"giineiit. I "rt:*r RIU??, who ha- be"ti'Actiog DrigaoU r (Jane, ral for nearly two loom ha. He is *njoy:U( gc-od health, and only regret' the bad weather, aa it" keeps the troops inactive Why la he not appointed brigadier t.eserel it asked by all. The sipiadros of tnoented rtteuen, wrhlch have lately been augmented in a battalion, in 1 of Major', t.'. Dodge, eon of William P. Dodge. Fsq., of New York, have removed their encampment to Camp Hamilton, and are very pleasautly located, fn a fen days the second equadron will arrive here, w hen 1 shall send a fuTl list of iheodhers There la acme i a IK of sending this body to Newport News to be attached to brigadier '.cetera I Jeaepb k. F. Mantfield's command. The Klovrnrh Henne.vivaoia cavalry are do ng well; the horses since the arrival of tne regiment h.ere have improved rapidly and are in excellent condition. Mr*. 9. P. Spear, tb* "accomplished lady of I leu'cnunt Colonel Samuel P. tipenr. has been spending a Tew days at Old rolat with her husband, stopping at C. C. Wlllard's Hygiua Hotel. A number of ledies arrived here yesterday from Bellimore, among whom I noticed Madam* Hoym, the talent <l German actrees. and wi.'e of Captain fittoHoym, of the Twantlettt regiment New York Volunteer*, stationed at Newport News. Owing to the inclemency of ihe weather. a rumher of officer* nave gone home on leave of absence. roKiKMn M"\rok, fno 26, 1602. An Iron-Clad Rebtl l'<Met Lying Off ''??')( Hand?Celling Ready In Attack?Ar'iei'jf of Our Mary U> Gio' //t a Warm Roeptir.n?General Man\fiel-t Ord'red to it Ready for a SupfOMd Attack by the F.iunvj?Reconnoitre of the Manvt'd Ni/temen to Nwporl Sewt?A Practieal Inrtn Hon to Handle Hiarylitint?A Commotion of AriHery OJJireri A)-)i>nn(nl to Report on iU Merit*?A Mom Light Batifiy of i-arrcv unnijor com/-ouy b, rounn Arwrtry, Caftan R. V. IK. Howard, <fc , <#c. The latest Intelligen e we have from 9?. esh, by way of a flag of trure, ) that an Iron clad vossal la lying off Craney Island, evidently awaiting au opportunity to dip her < able, and cither put to aea or else engage our "eerela in tho harbor. Great activity is observed by our rent in thobarbnr.and should this rebel craft ha in intrepid as to undertake so hazardous an expedition. she will Gnd a warm reception. For the information of the rebels 1 will slate that we have upwards "of two hundred guns on the sliippiug in the harbor, end about as many more on the parapets and water battery of Fortress Monroe, which will not play an unimportant rot*. In such an engagement. The batteries on the Rip Raps arc also to be taken Into consideration, and if the rebel era!t should oven reach th s p'aewshe woull be compelled to come between th* Hip rap* and the fort, and then pasts four ffi>t claet fritted ^tft'.et war vessels. 0 r.cral M ?t? Held receive! nolle) a day or two eg > to be on the q> i rl' fb: an attack. 'I he valor* t g mo al, of co.irv hat hi* di.'islon III apple |<l I Old r, -II,.I V . a pre; a i ' K b' lh enemy a to. J let we|u.,nin re g'upc autl nintvr ('; j to this m in-nt I have not b aid anything of an attack or New port New". Yesterday morning ACtug Brigadier General Max Weber wont on a ivconno seance to Newport News. He W 'H accompanied by a eoui| any of uiounte 1 rlUu men, in c. mound "I CaptainS. A. Molliek. Major i Tia.'. C.lHrdge, wh>> cominwds the battalion, a'so accompanied the ex (HiUilion, ami wat highly cainpiiiu iuled by Ueu ral Weber on the eihri.uvy and disciplin- ?l bin command. Resile the tb vo ottl' era, Li-jut. s o'. Krancia and Adjutant Ctinrios L Teh, of the Tw nil-tb regiment Now York Volunteers; Captain i{. M. Uuri.y, 1'rov at M-ir.-hal of Camp Hamilton,and IT. It. B. It.own, Brigads Surgeon, were aln>> 01 the party, tin lb.' way to Newport News not tbo slightest obstruction waa observed, in d on arrii i. , an '.imp it tier, Now-port New , the rccouuoiiering [ui y w jre r HielveJ with great on l,u.du?ni, ft'd deafen nig cU its were given for tien. Max Mei er by the troops at lUe Inltor pluou. Wnen the rooonn-dtering party ro turned, it was after (lark, an,f the object for which it went ul was obtained to tba satisfaction of tho c m man I tug otneer. A c <mtn.s4ion, consisting of Major Joseph Uoheiia, Captain t{. V. W. Howard, Coiii;*ny LjCaptnin Frederick m. Folli t , ompany 1>, and Captain Richard Lodor.all of the I'uui th cglment United Stati s A' tiUery, is at present in .s, . i u to decide upon the mertta of an luieution of Ca ' -1 o-eph Stewart, of the Third artillery, whereby bai'heMo^cuns can ha run to and from battery by means i.f u -.v.: o . a, with great and rapidity. Captain Stew, t . as been hero a low days, and yesterday applied tlio ap|?i lus to a teu-iuch coluinhiad, in the p.esenaeof the c-ium . i n, all of whom expressed themsolvee highly sit is tied with the result of the experiment, 'lbe adv.itit ives of this apparatus are so great that one 1:1..a c ill me uaavK'Hi. nun, wum > iuj w:u proscribed rule makes it necessary for four men at leisi to heave a cun into battery. Tito continuation have not ye! roporteu; but I have no doubt tint the invention will be adopted by the government and ut ouoj applied totbogunsou this to t. Cat tin it. V. V/. Howard, one of the above oommhsion, has receive ! a sphn Shi niw butte: y oi l'arrott g us, and also u new sot of horses and equipments. Captain Howard is descrying of tins distinct.on, u- lie u? ft brave ami gallant* oflV.Or. Imoc U) Lis cmlng Iicro he sorved in Western Virginia, with General It ecrat.s, where he w *iaa terror to the rebels At a future time 1 si ail give u sketch oftlelife of Captain Howard; also, some oi her duo officers stationed huio Foktui-.s Moxrob, Jan. 27, ISC2 The Harlan Court Martial Commenal?Departure of the United States Sttoop-qf-li ar I'etssucota for Skip Island? Antral of the United Slates Gun'*.at Munticelto fri.m M'Unf nylon, A. C.?The Uniteil State.', Brig Pern/ Runt the Pot mac BMcasie an I Arrives Safe, in Hampton Roasts?The Blockading Steamer Da "light R paired? N<m-Arrival of Sjxtuhiing from i'ort KoyalL? Anxiety About Her?Scout of the Minety-ninth ttijim.n York Volunteers?They Capture Two Booh and Dt stroy Seven Others?.Vrte Fstalli<hm,nt of th Adorns fix press;?App/inlment of a Spc'ial Deputy Provo.'t Mai <hal?Devices for Sm"%ling Lupous?Heavy Firing at C aney Island?Mus r.ic Celebration, <Pc., die. The Hat lea Court Martial comni-nco ! its sesrton Hum morning at eleven o'clock. Acting brigadierCenoral Ma* Weber, who was appointed President of the court, was excused from serving on the trial, inasmuch us l.e had been engage 1 m tho Hoard of Examination having I tie subject of ilie efficiency, &e., of Colonel Harlan undor consideration, which consume I about sixteeen daysColonel Joseph 15. Carr, of the Second regiment Now York Volunteors, stationed at Camp (iutler (Newport News), being noxt in rank, was appointed President instead. Major Coorgo Stctzel, sonior M.ijor of Ibc Eleventh regi. mont Pennsylvania cavalry, was the only witness oxamined before the court adjourned for the day. From pi eseut iudiculi us it Would seem iho li ial oi' Colonel Hai lan will occupy a long timo, as a large number of wilUySsVs "Sro subpoenaed for the prosecution and tho defence. '' The Utiitod States eioop-of-war PeusacoW, Captaia Mor' ' J ris, has been ordered to proceed to Ship Island, aud to carry Majors Watson and Locke, Utiitod States paymasters, to pay the troops at present stationed lliero and at r.iloxi. She left her anchorage at ooo o'clock P. M From the fart of her having made so narrow a:i ?-sca p o ftho rebel batteries while running the blockade of the Potomac, the Pons wola lias oxcitod coo. siderahlo interest wliile iu Hampton Heads, and g>ont numbers of officois and others took occasion to visit her. She is a splendid vessel, and front the efficiency of her officers, crew, and immense batteries, great things may bo expected. Ibo Failed States gunboat Monllcsllo, I.ieutcnant Brutno commanding, arrived here (bis morning from Wilmington, North Carolina, where she has boon dctug duty ou iho blockade. Ibe United ? tales brig Perry csme into Hampton Roads ; yesterday afternoon from Washington, having successfully run llis blockade of the Potomac. Tho batlorics at Cockpit roiut, Aquix creek and Evans port opened llrs on her;but oitbsr the rebel gunners did not uuderstaud their busm.-i, or tho darkness or the ntglit proventou loom from dm.mguishirg her. At all evunts she arrived here Halo, without a scratch ou her. The gunboat Daylight, Commander Donniaon, fonnarljr stationed < IT Cape'Heury, came into the harbor this eveuing. I'or the past six weeks this vessel has boon under* going repairs at Baltimore, and has had a number cf improvetnon s made iu her machinery and about the woodwork. Ilur place was supplied by the Cambridge, wluch vo set is also at prosent in the harbor, liavmg run down or a fre.-h supply of provisions. . "tilt party, composed of four companies or the ,j ?7,,mi ,,'iment New York Volunteers (tormorly 1 yi'?rlcudo!TTS7nffiWind ftf captains James W. Ilart. C*?1. white and Lieutenant Caulev, and a squad-on of -it!i regiment Pennsylvania cavalry, the detachthe Earn. ,?,an,i of Colonel I>. W. Wardrop and Major ? ?* '1 n, were sent out yosl rday by Acting Br igaHi hard Vixo We her to the Hack river. I^slwe.'k liar General JU a utirabcr cf boats thore.aud cauld our pickets fount my raking for oystors. A furry man plainly see the ens i brought to headquurtois, who is wus apprehended irtv Die scouting party inoationod still kopt in connncnteh. ? pog<Rsion of tho boats,and above was sent out to Uhv unable to do go, to destroy either briugtbem in,or, If , accompanied the e^oditxicti). A number of wagovtft 'ivy a stAte as t'> prot ent Hon; but tho roads were in Sobs . of the boats, and Co!, ihoui from b. inghig iiK're tluiu tWc Von very One jv w s. Wcrdrop wca compelled to destroy K Of0 crufln on tho There are upwardsof one hundred ft t. lition will start Hark river, and in a few days iitrAt. -oof uro not fiom hero, unit if a lor-mr number tV mors have brought hack it will lie because tho retwei e, bee, n:o frightened and taken vhem awry. op -tied fha Adams Express O rn potty have n? ls?l 0f their new winch is a very flue buih^titr, Kk boards, tn the shape of a letter T John I>. Pni.bhPihA y'J the indefatigable 'uporiuteiideut,has lah;v ,?l hard ' ( this building flnlshod, and his eflfbrsa hav been crowihh with success. The odlce is situated on the beech n-H JHU1IIK "U" ICiUIWIIIWXIVl 1 |iT|?l..jr,..,l.|IU W fry prominent and central location, lending to veinmodulo tlio vast nud constantly Incrsa-dng demand of the occupants of Old Point fomfort. Mr. tSeabore* In* boon ap)xdutod Special Deputy Provost ftusbal by 11s;or General Wool, which 10 for the purport of cxsinir.lug. p.icku<es (-onuinlng liquor. If uny spirituous II |ui<ls pox through his office now ho Is hold r?.?pousll?r. Henco the' appoiuiinuni by the Commanding General, whirli confers on Mr. .-'auliorn the right of opening parrola i.nd boxes. The practice of sending liquor to gold lor a baa bron carried to such an extent that numerous dcvicoa have beon resorted to to smuggle the contraMnnd article into the lines. Tito latest dodge wi>h discovered by Captain Davis' elUcient assistant, Andrew J. Devol, liq., which was a very flue russet leather trunk, it side of which was a tin case, the exact size of the trunk, contatnlug whiskey of doublo rifle range. The only mark thereon was 'George Paul," writton in i>encll,and the "contraband" article would certainly have passed hat not the liquor leaked and the smell of the fluid attractod attention. A trap to catch the owner of the trunk and contents, when be should call for it,wns frustrated, as no one seemed to own the article, having appsrontly suspected something to be "rotten in Denmark," and nover came to claim it. Heavy firing wse heard this afternoon in the direction of t'raney Island. But I presume it emauated from practising by the Ninth Virginia artillery, Mnutenaul Colonel lie I.aguilt. As the roar of artillery wus kept up for some lime, It excited considerable not toe, and was witnessed by a number of the troops from this |?lnt and Camp Ham Li toe. on Friday evening next a grand Masonic jubilee, in commemoration of St. John's day (27th of Dec mbcr ult.), will take place by National '/ouuve I aid go, K. ami A. M.,U. D., which promises to bo a very una alf ir. The celebration of the festival at this late day 1* owing IO ine RirKOCSB :iua unnncu ui . t|ii<tiu .-miuiou ?? mru -a ter, thi W. M., who has return*'! hero lately entirely recovered. (. dots' Wool end staff end other dignitaries are expected to be preaeot. Fortrehr Monroi, Jan. 23, 13G2. Arrival of tht EatUm Mat* from Ik* Burundi Kr)?diti'm?Xo operation* at jpt? En ap* of Fifteen Contraband* in a Boat from th* Rebett?Th'yare Taken up by Ik* Otm(mat Rescue? Th*ir Story Regarding Ma'ter* in Rebeldom?Reported l.aunrk of the Herrima*?//me Ik* BatU ri*i art Situated?A Flag of Truce (by Land") Cuming to Hampton?BagrwUr Sober for Onct?A IVord About th* Cunititution?Shameful Xegtect and Kjctraroganc* of the ftnmnnienl?The Shin Timed into a Hospital?I 'a en gen for " l>ixie"?females .S:?( f\trw*r>1?The lltb I em SetU to the Rip Rape?Of par lure (J the t'aetrrn Slate for lla'tei M, <fc., <fc. The United State-- gunboat KMCue, commanded by Master' MateC. A. Blancherd, while ou picket under Bewail a Point I net night,and while cruising about, ts;>led n email boat containing several pereons. The launch of the Rescue waa lowered, and, on coming up with tltu at angn boat, It waa found to contain fifteen contrabands, wbo said that they had escaped from the robola tiy stealing a boat, and aeetned anxious to reach our llnea. Captain Blancherd placed them on board of the R-actio a:ul bmuyht them to the flag ehtpMinnesota. The boat, which la a twenty foot ship's yawl, ?re:ns dilapidated, and the oars were muffled with ropee to prevent an ?|nrm. I found the negroes very Intelligent, and th? g; Wo man of the party informed inn that they and *"v?. ral hundred other alarce were engaged In diggtug trench a at Sewall's Pofnt and along shore hetwetn the Point at d Tanner's creek, fin the bat lories between lh? t..' I -t mon'|ono<l places are thlrty-flye guns. 00 %

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