Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 4, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 4, 1862 Page 3
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w battery bearing upon the Rip Bar* the rebels have Mounted one eteren-lneh oolumbiad and four "other cannon." The iron-clad learner Murrlmae le said to bare been successfully launched yesterday. She has ten guns on deck, four on each side, and pivot guns on the stem and the stern. Probably one of these fine nights she will pay us a visit; but sue will find we understand how to receive distinguished visiters. This makes my infor nation, published some tune ago, correct, when I stated she would be let ofT the stocks on or about the 1st of Pebruary. The greatest activity prevails among the rebels In throwing up additional defences. The negroes stale that all of the guns in position below tie wall's Point are to be hauled to a placo opposite the Kip Raps; but the roads are in such a horrible condition that it is Impossible to transport them at present. A rebel flag of truce came to Hampton this noon, In ohargs of a rebel colonel, who seems to be of Polish origin. When Colonel Wobor was informed of the fact, he bad the party detained, and sent the letters to ( Wool. The General at once despatched Colonel T. J. Crane and M^jor Le Grand H. Cannon, of his staff, to meet the rebels. Colonel Weber also accom|>aniod the party, and it was a flimsy pretext, as usual, that prompted tho rebels to come on a sovintr exneditlon. It is asserted that Magruder?being sober.for the first time in a long period? wished to ascertain whether uur troops still occupy this point, and for this reason despatched a (lag of truce to Hampton. Whatever knowledge these spies have received thoy are welcome to. The tro?|? from the transport Constitution are still encamped upon the beach, inasmuch as the vessel is at present more of a hospital than anything else. Two hundred and fifty cases of the measles are reported on board, and Dr. Cuyler, medical director of the department, asserts that the entire command will be affected therewith. Colonol Sbepley left last night for Washington to find out what is to be done with the men. General Wool deserves groat praise for his humanity in allowing tho troops to disembark; and in providing thein with provisions and stores he is not governed by any instructions from the-department at Washington, but acts on bis own responsibility. It is a crying shame and disgrace on the part of our government to ruu into such extravagance in chartering a vessel like the Constitution. The troops were first taken on board on the 24lh of December, and arrived here on the 16th ins!. Thirtyfour days at the rate of $2,500 per day amounts to ,000, and tho result is that this noble vessel is now turned into a floating hospital. It was presumed that General Butler would arrive hero after the Constitution came in; but to this day no Butler, "or any other man" of tne same title, has made his appoarance here, and tho poor,patient, unmurmuring soldiers are the only sufferers by the detention. ir the Bay State and Twelfth Maine regiments arc destined for Ship Island, why are they not sent there at oncoP or Is it necessary that, besides tbe great fatigue of the men, government must needs pay $150,000 to transport two regiments, which might bo done for ten thousand? There is something rotten in Denmark, and it is to be hopod that tho government will either send an order to forward the above named two regiments to tboir destination or liavc them detached and assigned to this division, when General Wool will gladly accommodate them wttb good and substantial quarters and subsistence. Tbe time for red tape is post, and energetic actions are needod In this instant o. Tho boat from Baltimore this, morning brought five passengers for "Dixie," consisting of Captain Duke, Lieutenants Shaw and West, and two ladies. Tho latter wero forwarded by tlag of truce, but tho formor are for some (doubtless good) reason detained by General Wool, who accommodates tbcm with good quarters at Castle Calhoun, In command of Gov. Holliday. Tbe Eastern State leaves again this evening for Hatteras, with atoros ami subsistence for tho BurnsIdo expedition. She will carry a large mail and several Dassen gars, as she takes the plaoe of the Spaulding, the regular transport between here and tho Old North State. Interesting from New Mexico. A TOUR IN NEW MEXICO?MOVEMENTS OF THE UNION TROOPS AND REBELS?THE NEW MEXICANS 1.0 VAL TO THE UNION. K. O. l'errin, Esq., has just returned to the city after an absence of about seven months in New Moxtcn. Ho has visited Fort Lamed, Fort Union and Fort Craig, and been in Santa Fo a long time. He wus a month iu Albuquerque, where Kit Carson is in command, with a regimont of New Mexicans one thousand strong, well armed, fully equipped and woll drilled. The Texans were reported by tho spies and scouts, about January 1, to bo approaching Albuquerque, Fort Craig and Santa Fe simultaneously. Kit Carson has no doubt of his ability to take carc of Albuquerque, the central grand depot of all our stores. Colonel, tho commandant of the whole Department of New Mexico, was ready to march from Fort Craig to retake Fort Fillmore. lie had under bis command one thousand regulars and some two thousand Now lloxican volunteers. At Santa Fe there were two com;>anies of regulars and two . companios of volunteers. The New Mexicans, generally, are loyal aud to be relied upon. Some few secessionists are among thorn? Southern men, from Texas and Arkansas?but t bey are overwhelmed by the loyalty of the country, or by the goueral martial law existing, which compelled ih m to rant HKir mounts. The uutiro United State* force in New Mexico 1* about Are thousand, which can be largely increased by the militia, a portion of which are armed and ready at call. After the trouble with the Indians at Furl Wise, two companies of infantry from Colorado Territory came down, and established themselves at Fort Wise for protection. The Tsxaos ware reported to be on the Pecos river, and crossing the Jornada the last of December in large force. The Pecos division was under Major Sibley, late of the United States Army, and the other, on the Jornada, nder Colonel Bayinr, of Texas. The Indian spies stated their number to be "large." But Colonel Can by is satiated that be can protect the Territory and drive them back. He has the entire confidence of the people, both Americans end Mexicans. Mr. Perrin reports the passage across the Plains to have bean very cold, especially in the Raton Pass. There were mat, It ia believed. some 15,000 Indians of different tribes on ths plains, the Cbeyennes, the Arrapahos, Oomancbes and Klowas. Since tho removal of the United States dragoons they frequently show signs of hostility. From the stage preceding thai in which Mr. Perrin was they had taken flour and other provision; by force. They sized the mules, and would not let them go without the surrender of the provisions. The plains were crowded with buflhloce ss far up as Pawnee Fork. The season had been mild and the grass good, which had kept the buffaloes back from the south. The herds were sometimes seen in very large numbers. Sympathy with the Rebels at Nassau, N. P. TOE UNITED STATES GUNBOAT FLAMBEAU AND BEE COMMANDER. [From tho Boston Post, Feb. 1.] It is to be hoped tbu people of Crest Britain are not ss bitter in their foeltDgs towards (be United States as tha inhabitants of the Provinces and of the British West in. dia Islands. Captain Crouton, of tho schooner Eu elci, t f Portland, who waa wreckod on Eibow Key, January 10, and afterwards spent a week at Nassau, N. I',, leaving there on the 120th, liaa arrived in Boston, and informs us that the hostility of the people there is extreme. A Union man. known us such, ran with difficulty walk the streets without being insulted. It has born stated that the United Stales gunboat Fiamhoau wus prohibited from taking in coal at the depot established there by our government, while British and Southern vessels engaged in running the blockade, eujoy every facility in obtaining all the supplies tbuy wish. While these facts am fully confirmed by Captain C.. he aaserta positively that Lieutenant Temple, commanding the F. ,1s unfit for his position, lie laid at anchor at Nassau, doing nothing f the vessel needing no repairs) from the 14th to the 19th of January, and had also spent a week there only a short time previous, the vessels running In and out in the meantime, loaded with cotton, firearms, Ac., apparently disturbing him but little. During his lust visit there, the steamer Caroline, from Charleston, 8. C., came in (on Saturday,January 18) with a cargo of one thousand bales of cotton. She run alongside of ship Eliza Ilonsall.a line vessel built at Bath, Maine, but now owned at Charleston and bound to England, and discharged the entiro cargo on board of her. [The E. B., It will be recollected, brought out arms and ammunition from Euro(ie, which formed the cargo of the steamer Isabel, quite recently arrived at Charleston.] ('apt. C. stales that he raw the Caroline for an hour or two before sho entered the port, when seu.o six or sjv< n miles outside. The hor was go.>d, and had the Flambeau 1 e n on the alert a valuable pr./O might have been secured. Lieutenant Temple altorward expressed his mortitlcation at her arrival while he was at auchor, accompanied with some comments on tha impossibil.ty of an eflective blockade. On being Informed, in the p.ceencc of Capt. Croston, thai the Cnroline had dipped her colors to him ns sho came in, b<-regretted that he had not trot Iced the fact, that ha "niiuht have otiirnoil ili? rvini. pliment." The American Consul, Samuel Whiting, Ek ]., objected to ibis romnrk, and advised linn lo resign his (onMooudreturnbom*. adding that he "would do le-r harm In South ('arolkia than on board of an American tmkL" Timothy Farllng, Fsip, a well known merchant at Vassail, formerly of Calais, Mo., Informed Captain C. that at a dinner at his honso, Lieutenant Temple said that if ordered to assist In the bornbardni"nt of (harlraton, he "should obey, but with th" s une I'eeilugs as ho ahouid obey a command to tire on the ctly of Boston." Thia may liav'u beoa only "after dinner talk," not doltberat* lanfuage. and Lieutenant Temple. who nailed on tho 10th for ort Royal, 8. C., may be able lo prove himself a li uo mo 11 man at heart. CapUiu Croaton stales further that it was not neccsaary for tho Flambeau to go to Key West for coal. She eon Id have anchored outside of Nassau, alongside of the coal laden vessels, and taken It on board with perfect safety. As to the Southern blockade, vos els were occasionally arriving at Nassau, but they were small, and escaped with diftloulty from tho Houtborn ports. A schooner arrived about tho 20th, wbhh bad been threo weeks in getting out of the harbor of St. t lies, Fin. Death of a Grain Merchant. I'HiMPVi.rni*, Feb. 3, 1382. .Tames Fsrrolt, a grain merchant of thirty five years standing, and ei Frosldent of the Corn Fwhsnge, diod ibis msrning. 11* was counsels I with a New Yum bona*. Market*. rillLAPE1.f'HIA STOCK KOAHD. I'miloikm-mia, Fob. 3,1K,2. Ruiaka Qrm. I'enmylvmiin Mutn Of, Reading Railroad, 20Morris Canal, 38; Long Island Railroad, l'eunayJvania Railroad, 401,. PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 3, 1802. BrAAdt'ofTk are generally Ann nml active. Fie r iUady. Wh?nt artiv* silos 10,000 bushels r" 1 at |l Rantu ky whtto. fl 47. Co, n?Yellow f>8 . a BOt^r. OatsMesdy at 38>,'c c..1k vary firm. Rio 184^ n 21c. Whiskey Rill snles 100 liMs. Ohio at 34o per gallon. Tho battalion of the First Maaiaebnsotte Cavalry,coin ?,aii<:?4 by ''"I nf 8p:, . nf. uioab t to embark d An nni ( ' < ?,n tbo rteanior 1 -|tic now Ing off th t Im in r Fort Royal, tvli : e tlJ w.P join ?) * Fro t of timer* * hvimot.. 'Quito a I' mb.-r f ?.. ? . .!?jd wagon- mil l>a taken out at tbe aame time I N FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, Feb. 3?6 P. M. To-day's bank statement compares as follows with that of last week:? Week Ending. Loan*. Specie. Circulation. Det>"sitl. Jan. 26.... $146,767,680 26 .dirt! ,728 6,828,017 110,874,786 Fsb. 1 144,676,778 27,479,688 6,404,061 112,057,003 Decrease $1,091,902 ? 423,066 Increase ? 780.866 ? 1,182,217 The banks gain specie steadily, and will continue to do so until Borne of them think fit to trip up the speculators in gold by throwing some of their reserve upon the market. The increase of deposits is a good sign also. If government pursues a prudent course in regard to financial matters, and is not induced to deviate from the path of wisdom and expediency by unsound advice, our banks will soon be in a position to resume specie payments, and to realize profit on their investment in government securities. But it must be admitted that, if they prove bo fortunate as this, they will have had a narrow escape out of the hands of the bullionist theorizers. If the bullionist theory is adopted the capital of the banks of New York, Philadelphia and Boston may as well be written off to profit and loss at once. Money ia in rather better demand to-day. Borne of the lcudera ask 7 per cent for call loans, and no borrower pays less than 6. Paper sella at 6 a 7, when of the highest grade. No cause is assigned for the increased inquiry for loans, and it is probably aocidental. Foreign exchange rose to-day. All the leading bankers have asked 114, and a few were unwilling to sell large amounts at that figure. Relatively to gold, exchange is about % per cent too low, assuming our foreign exchanges to be at par. Francs are quoted at 4.95 a 5.00, with a light demand. Stocks opened buoyantly this morning, and an advance of % a % per cent was realized on most speculative descriptions. The supply of stock, however, proved in excess of the demand, and prices fell o?T a shade as the call progressed. Conflicting rumors from Washington keep stock speculators in a ferment, and, though there is a general confidence in the patriotism and common sense of Congress, the pro. tracted delays which have occurred are creating a great deal of impatience. Between the boards the market was steady, and remained 60, without much activity, throughout the afternoon. The only change of any consequence which took place today was a decline of 3% per cent in Illinois Ccn. tral, which was caused by a rumor that government would decline to pay the company for the transportation of troops and munitions of war to Cairo, on the ground that the land grant compels them to carry troops and army stores free of charge. At the close the market was called nnscttlcd, the following being the last quotations:?United States 6's, registered, 1881, 87% a 88; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 88% a %; do. 5's, coupon, 1874,78% a%; Indiana 5's,? a 76; Virginia 6's, 51% a 52; Tennessee 6's, 42% a 43; North Carolina 6's, 62 a %; Missouri 6's, 40% a 41; Pacific Mail, 9S% a %; New York Central, 82%a%; Erie, 33% a %; do. preferred, Hudson River, 37% a 38; Harlem, 12 a %; do. preferred, 29% a 30; Reading, 40% a %; Michigan Central, 48% a 49; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 21 a %; do. guaranteed, MY* a Panama, 113 a 113; Illinois Central, 57% a %; Galena and Chicago, 65% a 66; Cleveland and Toledo, 40% a 41; Chicago and Rock Island, 62% a %; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 61 a %; Milwaukee and Prairie da Chien, 19% a 20%; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 103% a 105; New York Central 7's, 1876,102 a?; Eric third mortgage bonds, 93% a 94; Michigan Central 8's, first mortgage, 99 a 100; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, ?S a %. ' It is reported that Mr. Morrill, of Maine, a member of the House Committee of Ways and Means, will to-morrow move a substitute for the Treasury note bill reported by a majority of the committee, and that the feature of his substitute will be the omission of the legal tender clause. The House and the couutry will be very much obliged indeed to Mr. Morrill if he will bhow how he proposes to raise money without making the new Treasury notes a legal tender. If he can do this he will be rendering a substantiaf'scrvice to the conntry by moving his substitute, and we can promise him our hearty support. If he cannot show how niouey can be raised for the support of government without making Treasury notes a legal tender, his attempt to delay legislation that is urgently needed, and to distract councils now sadly in want of harmony, must be characterized as unjustifiable and disgraceful to a loyal man. More than any other man in the country Anson P. Morrill is responsible for the unfriendly feelings which are entertained in Europe for the United States. He had better rest content with this distinction, and leave to Mr. Vallandigham the glory of trying to break down the finances of the government. The Sub-Treasurer has called upon the banks for the remaining (3,500,01)0 due to the government. It will be paid, in United States notes, tomorrow. The business of the Sub-Treasury to-day was as follows:? Total roceipts $1,754,149 OH ?Y r customs 228,000 00 Payments,including redeemed 0 p. c. notes. 1,258,742 .14 Balance 1,710,585 80 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $'26,211,998 88, and the balances $1,666,631 60. The Oriental Bank has declared a semi-annual dividend of three per cent, payable on the 10th inst; the Irving Fire Insurance Company has declared a dividend of five per cent, payable on do mand; the Hazlcton Coal Company has declared a dividend of one dollar and a half per share, pnya' blc on the 11th inst. The dividends payable in Bo?ton February 1 amount to $1,100,OOP* The month of February is the usual period for other dividends not yet declared, among whi h are the Gla-gow Mills, Lewiston Falls, Suffolk and Tremont Mills Manufacturing companies; Brookline, Charl??town, Nantncket. Ncwburyport and Salem Gaslight companies: also Pittsburg and Boston (Clilf) Copper Mining Company?adding tome $160,000 to the amount given in the tabie. The business of the United States Mint at Philadelphia for the month of January was as follows:? Odd Dcjivriti. From *11 sourcss $439,189 69 Sitter Deposit? Silver *nd purchanes 86,490 42 Copper cent* (O. S.) received iu exchange for cent* of new Its us 3,216 00 ToUl deposits $529,924 41 QtUi Coinage. A'o. nf l iectt. Value. Double esglo* 6,837 #136,740 (juartsr eagles 39,034 67.686 I> .liars 181,214 181,214 Bars 6 2,029 ToUl gold 270,000 $419,103 Silver Coinage. Dollar* 660 $560 Half dollar* 32 ( 60 20,276 ynarter dollar* 174.6n4 43 63T 1'iine* 224.6o0 22,465 Half (nine* 624,550 20.227 Three cent pieces 176,650 5,200 Total silver 1,162,300 $124 411 Copper. Cents 1,200,000 $12,000 K my Hula', ion. Bold 227.000 $41 .169 Silver 1,162,300 124.411 Copper 1,200,000 12,(00 Tola! 2,670,390 $564,5^0 Wc have received the annual report ol tlie New Jersey Itailrond and Transportation Company, niB-lr to the Legislature of Ifcw Jersey. Tb" luisl110*8 r the company for the year in-'l wu? : * fol. l0W#l? ' tltijil. T'n'sfngcr* 1714 3 >6 " 1 rr >jhl t. 81,1 97 31 Mails, rent*, express, Ac 107,. 04 20 $992,707 34 KW TURK HERALD, TUES 1 f nrrr Maintaining road and structures.. 104,113 10 < Repairs of equipment!, Ac 49.412 48 ' Fuel tO,400 88 ' Operating road 816,892 78 Offloe expesses, salaries, Ao. 12,208 01 ?? 412,188 28 i Net earnings 1619,88111 1 Interest on bonds $41,060 00 Transit duty 18,609 14 1 Tax on capital 21,189 26 August and February dividends... 430,070 00 618,878 39 ' _ I Profit and loss to surplus earnings $61,102 72 { Annexed is the balance sheet of the Company:? j January 1,1862. i Capital stock $4,397.800 00 , Funded debt (including $486,000, inc cost i of the properly and privileges purchased i of the Jersey associates) 688,000 00 i Profit and loss, i cing surplus earn- i ings roprer ei: ted by the pcrma- ' i Dont improvements, prop rty and cash si lul below f 349,084 1$ I I-ess amount paid for relay inp road with new rails ! and other im provcim his.... 26,826 17 < ? $323,268 38 1/ITIUVUII, .Illicit! V J, |NlYHDIt' I < February 1, 1802 219,b72 00 648.130 88 Total 10,024,930 88 Cat of Jiuilrcad atul K{U)fmun't. 4 For graduation a. <1 rn-v nry, bridges, suierslructure, jrtu pisseuger and freight sta lions, buildingr ami llxtims, engine uuil car . houses. workshops, machinery ami matures, engineering, laud and land dam ages $3,609,089 19 Locomotives, tenders and snow j > we 1?> > 17 00 ' Cars?passorig r. freight and bu;;ago 286,293 30 j Property, rU:? Bridge,ferry, iuinpUcandotb. r stocks,renlestat.', lorry bonis, privileges and lix'.uies (including the property and privileges purchato I of the c.sey i associates li r $4 >5,000) fl.'240,62^ 07 Cosh in honk and cash ilcins roceivaLJe on demand 30J,8-i2 17 1,619,403 24 Total 70.028.930 83 \ ' < Stork Eichange. 11 v.DAY. Feb. 3,1802. $6100 USA's, '81,cot: K9 300 shs Erio KR pref. 001, 1 1000l>'?s,81,O. wl>$y 87 100 do *30 83J* ! 2000 U 8 0 s, <4,cou 78>4 100 do S3 66*4 ItCO 111 cou bds, '08 80 200 do b30 65Jg Of'OO 111 eon bd8, '77 8UJ4 00 do b?0 66 1000 111 War 1> an... 78 100 do 810 86'? i 1000 Michigan fl u.. 80'., 400 do 66^ 1 6000 Tenn 6 s, 90.. 43>g 100 do slO 56^ < 1000 N Y Cen 6's.. 05>; 100 do b30 60)g 1 3000 HurtKlvHlmexi 104'g 100 do slO 06\ ' 2000 liar 1st m bds. 101 102 Mich S & N I RK. 21' 1 1000 : a 3d ru b Is.. 74 lOo Mich Cent RR.opg 60 4000 IKSpc lm sic b 09.'g 50 do bl5 00 2000 ( h AiNW 1st m 41 100 do opg 49Jg 3000 MilAP dCh 1 m 89 M 300 do t 3 4:>\ oooo /iinericon gold 103J< ?C M S & N1 g s.bSO 411; 3000 do blO 103 >g 60 do blO 41 90000 do b20 103X 60 do c 41 10000 do b20 108J4 0 Panama ItR U2>; 10000 do SCO 103-rj 100 do 113 OOOO do 103100 Hi Cen RR sc.blO 60 6 sh-Metrci-oii'nBk 86 25 do V 59>,' 10 Park Bmik 92 850 do 09 200 Reading RR 41 60 do s80 59 50 do 40 tg 100 do *10 69 CO la. iflc M SSCo... 08 100Gal & Chic RR... G0 100 do slO 98 200 Clev ti Tul RR... 41 75 do r30 98 1350 do 403* 00 do SlO 68 tg 10C do 1:30 41 30 do 9814 700 do 4C"i COO N Y Cen RR. KiO 83 300 do ?30 40?; I 200 lid cpg 8274 10CO do 810 40*.; I ' 560 do p*c 82J4 100 d. bio 4034 600 do 87 8274 34 4C>4 5 do 82^ 360 Chic* kit UI Kit. 52)4 60 do opg 83 loo do b.'iO 63 200 do 1'15 83 28 Mil & F du Ch Kit 20 350 Erie RR 33)4 "60 do 20)4 100 do b30 33 >4 30 do 2i>74 600 do 3374 23 M &P du Ch 2 pref 63 50 do 33^4 SECOND BOARD. (40001.1 S 6'b, '81,Cou 80 100?h*ErloRR pr.b30 66 2000 ilo 8874 60 llur RR prof. .060 30 1000 L'fi 5'h,'74, cou 78>4 60 Rending RR 4CT4 1000 C S5*8, '71. cou 79 60 MilfcPr duChlut p 73>4 lOOOTcnn Of, "JO... 43 100 .Mich Central RK. 4'.? t, 2000 Virgir.iue'*.... 81)4 100 do b30 60 10000 Mi* o.wl 6 8... 41 100 do b"0 4PJ{ 2000 J'cC'e.ietoH&s-'J 49 60 do 030 49>4 16(H) N YCen Kit 7'8. 10214 100 do 49 3000 I Ian 4: St Jo ltlt. 30 60 do 4874 2400 R'.i.NY* Kl(t ru 76>4 60 Mich S * KI g stk 40J4 10001iC'8pCm*:cb 9U)< 100 Panama RK 113 30t0r,"ft(iRR8;*b 09 2U0lilCenltK ac.-BlO 67 6000 II Rt Kit 1m ?x i 10474 60 do . 67 33C00 American gold. 10914 lUOOal ft.Chicago Kit 6574 26000 do bSO 1U374 60 Clev * Toledo RR 40J4 100 Kh* I'MPSCo..bSO wm* 1(H) do *30 40S' 100 N Y Central RR.. 82*4 100 do 4U% 26 Erie Kit 3374 400 do 810 40?4 200 do bSO 3374 100 do 85 4074 100 El ie RR pref 55\ 200 do b30 41 New Yotk City Bank*, Feb. 1, 18G3. Bankt. Loan.-. .Specie. CVciti'fi. DfpatiU. America (7,281.047 858,911 81,166 6,170,100 Aui. Exchange.. 7,666,426 1,920 368 116.698 6,416,292 At antic 836.416 87,969 100,004 367,628 Hroadwav 3.833,589 2,417,704 191,002 6.470.238 Hutch. * Drov.. 1,072.706 210.193 201,212 1,106,101 bull'8 Head 417.669 61.162 120,436 413,124 Chatham 704,244 103 064 69,068 627.059 Chemical 1,966,260 2,340,0.60 208,224 4,465,320 <itv 2,847,605 1,114,466 ? 3.105,101 Cituct.a' 862,612 148.778 124,899 707.082 Commerce IF,787.104 1.109.740 1,978 6,761,001 <o iimuiiwiallb. 7.000.427 214.660 280.224 1,231,106 Continental 3,560,567 364,200 142.108 2.626.4:13 OoiuKxchiiLge.. 2.16J.S99 321.161 178.210 1,318.305 D.-y Dock 304,0413 Wi.MM 116,663 263.726 East Kivcr 362,302 45,440 103.141 230,86b Fulton 1.002,106 401,GOO 148 260 1.682,832 Greenwich 486,172 407.345 68.727 630,611 CT tcera' 620,380 08,002 38.216 372,o78 Hanover 1.784.481 159.267 5S.IS7 1.0<r2,7?l Imp. jc Traders' 2.750,064 262,124 123,893 2.330.492 Irving 730,073 89 23 1 89 ::47 550,319 Leather Mnfs'... 1,801.062 475,206 90,362 1,429,898 Manhu tl.ill 0,903.814 1,792.880 157.079 6,834.210 Man. *; .torch... 1,016,731 183,302 100.124 720,303 Uurkot 1,070.791 212,368 171,520 1,114,138 Marine 1,286,719 100,594 124,530 945,964 Mechanics' 4.218 362 554,660 208 532 3.208,801 Moch. Bk'g Ass. 924.371 155.124 60,884 721,039 Mrch. ?Trad 1,238,697 103.485 158 895.040 Mercantile 3.297,430 492.023 s,::t ! 2,707 993 Mo chants 6,010,721 1,281,318 142,110 4.2631506 Merchants'Fx.. 1,942,300 104,407 PC 081 1.1( 5 201 Metropolitan.... 7:890.161 1,423.*37 187/51 0.107 741 Nassau 2,082,004 20),591 90,750 1,4.4.129 National 2.614,389 396,275 89.904 1.718,718 New Yok 6,287,066 874,778 319,677 3,757 818 N. Y. K'.change. 330,683 30,025 89.90.1 272.856 N. Y. County... 309.549 73,077 64,609 260.102 North Hirer.... 612,616 92,407 67.9( 3 477,'17 North America.. 2,246,805 181,411 07,: 93 1,679,326 Ocean 1,959,712 207.891 02,082 1,115,977 Oriental 690,080 103,269 60,770 3)1.481 PacidC 1,109.215 210,911 125,112 1.005 (145 Park 6,Ml,273 1,660,832 189,901 6,635.747 People's 714,325 96,174 71 027 670,013 Pliemx 4,036,049 522,334 91,1(0 2,931,627 Republic 4,689.901 691,300 137,:. ft 3,102.181 Fevcuth Ward.. 1,009.638 291,244 118,902 9T0..60 Shoe k heather. 2.600,641 243,660 186.895 1.6SV87 Slate. ... 4,701,074 722,385 118,816 3,637,430 81. Niehol i?.... 1.416,. 70 133,461 8i.:*23 7M.411 Tradesmen s.... 1,040,030 169,739 162.349 1.012 071 Union 3,201,013 686,289 123,637 2 5Go,?)54 Total $144,076,778 27,479.6336 104,051112,057,003 CITY COMMGRClAIi 11(3PORT. M >jci>at, Feb. 3?6 I'. M im,'.?Tho market was <j ilet and prices unchanged. HFKit?ruKrs.?Flour?llio market was linn, with a good demand 1 rom the trade, especially for coium .u and medium grades of Slate and Western, while prices closed about 6c. higher. The sales fooled tip about lft.OOJ bbls., closing within the following range of prices:? Superfine State $5 56 a 5 00 Uxii a to fancy .-'late 6 82 a ft 96 Superfine Western 5 55 a 6 CO Comm on lo choice extra Western 6 80 a 6 80 (atia<i!.'in 6 86 i II (iu Southern mixed to good superfine 6 86 a 6 30 Extrado 5 30 a 6 10 Good to choice family do 6 90 a 7 7ft Rye flour 3 00 t 4 25 Uoru niual, Jersey and Brandywtnc 3 00 a 8 36 1 ?Canadian Hour wa* in ,air request, wun sa'os or mhi blilt. within the above figure* Southern Hour war firm and 6c. per barrel higher, while the rale* embraced uliout Wo bhl*., within the above range of prices. ftye flour wuS in moderate demand at our quolatiiui*, wliile rales embraced only some 76 bhl*. Torn ni?*i was steady al nur figures, with ilea of 300 bbl*. of Jersey and ttramly. wine. Wheat ivna II m at Haturday'* quotations, hut les* active. 1 tie tr*' ? iclion* ambraeed aliout 40,000 bushels at $1 4K for amber long Island $1 47X f"r ambur Michigan, in st<ue: 3P tor amber Iowa, $1 36 for prune Milwa' k' e dub, in store, and $1 37 for do., delivered, ! willi some Canadian while on private terms. Corn w.ts In good r-quest, and exhibited increased finnii<-m the sales etnhraced about 36,000 a 40,000 bushels at 66c for g d Western mixed in store, and at 647c. for delivered, with some old Northern round yellow at I dee. Hve was steady and in fair demand, Willi shIcb of 6,600 bushel* Mate at 83c on the dock, and at 86c. (Vr Mite Barley waa firm, with rale* of 1 4'K) bushels j Mate at 86c. for common at tho railway depot, Outa i we e steady and iu fair demand at 40c. a 41 '?<for t.'ana- | dian and Western and 42>jc. a 43o. for State. O mvb i7n? qui'd aud firmly held, wliile no sales of moment were reported. OrTTnjr.?The market was quiet, and in the absence of sale* quotations went un. hanged and nominal. Some on J pag.m elite were made for th- shi.nneiit of puree's to i iverpo I, by iho Chancellor and another vers. I, at 6 82d. freight. . Kio*?To Liverpool?0,000 Imsll dsol' wheal wore i engaged at 8*1. in *bij> > hugs, aud by neutral vsscls l,noo j 5DAY, FEBRUARY 4, 18t bble. floor at 2r Ttf; 000 boxes bacon in an American ibip, at 36a., and 100 tiercea lard at 36s; by foreign venial 100 firkins batter at 30a., 300 bags clover seod at 27s. W., and per steamer, 300 boxes bacon at 60s. A sbip bence to Londonderry, with corn, at 8>?d., in bulk and bags. Hay.?'The market was steady, at 86c. a 30c. for shipment, and 06c. a $1 for city, closing witb an upward tendency in prices. Naval Htohrs?In lbs absence of sales quotations were Dominal. Provision?.?Pork?The market was less buoyant and active, while a fair demand existed for future delivery. The sule-> embraced a!unit 1,200 bbls., at $12 87 a $13 for new mens, $12 26 for old mess. $0 60 lor prime, $13 26 a $13 30 for city prime moss, and $14 76 for lancy brands. Beef was firm, with sales of 300 bbls. at $12 25 a $12 60 for plain mess, and at $14 for extra. Hoof hams were quiet. Cut meals wore in moderate demand, with sales of 76 lihds. at 4c. for sbouMers, and at 6c. for hams, in salt. Bacon was in better demand, and prices wuro differ. The sales footed up about 1,200 boxes at 8c. for city Cumberland cut, 0,'Ac. for clear Wostern,Tc. for long clear city, and at 7He- for short clear do.?the latter for favorite brands. Pressed bogs

were dull at $4 for Western, and at $4 20 a $4 26 for city. Lard was steady, with sales of 1,300 bbls. at 7c. a8c. for common to prime, and at 8j^c. for fancy brands. Butter and choose were unchanged. Rick.?Bales of 700 bags Rangoon were made at ft\c. a Sc. Salt.?The market was Arm, with lass activity. The Inst ssli comprised 7,000 bushels Liverpool ground at $1 20, from store. modaks.?The market was steady but quiot. The sales embraced 168 hints., within the range of 7 !4c. a 8&c. Tallow.?The nun kot was quiet, with small sales of city reported, for export,at 9;4c. Wi. skky.?Bales of 300 bbls. were made r.t 23>?c. Hale* of Real Instate. By A. 11. Uuller. (lots, with tho church edifice thorium, on the easterly sure 01 (in av., iwtwoon jztn ami i ,;u -1 s tzz.uou lA'IV ANI? FOl !V1). DOG LOST.?ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, A SMALL Hootch To: r or, iu Ttven'.y-third street, near Third at . nnc: has a Ion1: t in k and noar, and had a collar ar mud his oork. Five d< Jlurs ro ard will lie jutid 10 any person rot :rang him to 20i East N nth street. I 08T.-ALL FElti-ONS ABB HEREBY CAUTIONED II 1 g.uust negntl 1 log a check diawit by IlarriH A Co Id ngLon, in favor of F\ t,?ntn, tor two hniidr.d anil nine dohurs l$2t"J), on tlio Irving Bank, doted November 12 or 13. 1801. ns payment ban bean mopped. A suitable rewanl will bo 1 aid many person returning ttic name to the undersigned. F. yi IN, ISO Elizabeth 1 treet, New York. JOST-A LADY'S SWISS HUNTING CASE WATCH. J gold frosting, between Ilia Metropolitan Hotel and C ml jtreel. A Hnenil reward will be given If left at the o 11 ? of the Metro, o nan Hotel. To l'awnbrokeis?The wateh v. as mc of Brlcihng Laedeiich'g, Chanx de Foods, Swiss, No. 16.7SL IOST-ON SUNDAY. I'EBR'' ARY 2. IN SOUTH J Ko i nih street, n: Jersey aveni c bo ween Graca church <nd Hon h Second SI cat, Jersey City a lady 's Go d Wateh indOh .in. If tin finder will return these art! log to the jwner, 10D Jersey avenue, be will be liberally rowa ej. rOST?ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, THREE NOTES, J one drawn by B. Phorldan, dated duly 13, 18(11, at lo ir months, (or 81)3A3, endur ed by 1!. Short 'an: one note drawn by E. R. A T. W. Sheriuan and endorsed by tl em, dated Inly 13, 13151, at twelve months, for $ .23, and one note ir.wii by K. R. A T. W. Sheridan, and endorsed h- them, dated November 13, 1S61, at live months, for $25137. Tins public are cautioned n ;alnst negotiating lor the above notes, LOST-ON FRIDAY NIGHT, ONE BUNDLE OF BED lirig;, marked (on card: 3to Sixth avenue. The an ev will re suitably rewarded by leaving the .same at S one's City Express, <57 Cortlandt street, New York. TOST-ON MONDAY MORNINQ, FEBRUARY 3, ON J Sixth aveu'ie, between Twelfth and Twenty-fourth streets, a small Goal patent lever Watch, Paul Hellion, l.oele, n aker, with gold chain attached. Any one who will r turn the same to 11 West Twentv-fuurih street, will ret nve a liberal reward and the than ts of the owner. IOST-ON SATURDVY EVENING, FEBRUARY I, J while going from Fa lloa street to Twenty-seventh itnct, a I'oeliotbo tk containing 861 50, and rome valuable pniierr. A liberal rcwartl will be given to tiie Under on lemming the properly to the owner, O- otgo liciird, 293 Water ttreet. 1 OST? ON S\Tl RDAY LAST. A BLACK AND TAN IJ Hint, sis ill four in mtha old. medium height, hut slight frame; a small snot ot hulrofl' t ic miildic 01 the hack. Two Jo'l'ir. rew.iru will 1 c given for her, r.t No. 12 Cottage place, near Bluevker street. WAGON LOST.?GREEN BED AND RED RUNNING II gear, with "II .n nirv Smith's Medicinal Mineral Wa.c s. 8.13 Biondway-' on ta h sid *. and "Kissingun Water'' on the rnrt in gib letters. Ten debar* reward will be given for its return to the above address. REWARDS. <J>0 REWARD ?LOST, ON SATURDAY, THE 1ST INST?, ip^l a Wcly'a Gold Yi.lrh I'm, either iu Chambers or i .iurcli ilrri id. Tin- above icwurj w.ll be paid, If left ai E. llalidny A Oo.'s, VI V. Illtam street. ?? ft REWARD.?SLEIGH ROBK LOST, ON SATURDAY V'J ii ght, In the neigh bo; km d of Sullivan and t'a al street*; large ha,.-cim.e, dais, t i'jvni color, with bl*. >. b luer. Inquire at S48 Washington street, corner of Franklin street. (If! A REWARD?LOST, FROM 144 WAVERLEY PLA~K, PlA" on Friday alternoon. Jan. 31, a .mall black auu im Terrier Slut; had on a red and white wor.ted collar or band, knitted; cut close, rat tail, und nicely marked on met and lueast with tan: weight about liloe pounds. Apply rb above. (J>T A IK WARD?LOST, YESTERDAY. A CRAY FAR. <Pll/ rot. Any p r.on (taring and r< taming it in Mir. Jones, 06<> Sixth av. tiur, will re elve $1", and much oblige iu owner. I: can say wry distinctly That s so." _ jnmncRf? Artificial teetii?heactifcl sets on i-ure silver, only *s; on tine gold and (.latino, lyVS, warranted w.ual to liny work iu New York, b.ngle teetu tl. i'ecih tilt. U and ettraetoU without tl.e ic..xl gjin, Hop tlor boil- or w hltc n iui'-I tilling, only 50 ceuts. Oilice lv* Mlth arcnu , betxvieti T. nth and Ll. vcntli streets. and no removal. Ail work warranted. DR. LUTHER, Dentist. * XTIFXCIAL B09TR?FOR FILLING A: D PRRSRRV2\. lug nec.yod uuil ailing letlo?The piojoi-tor o this ruluaide ut.irovery will rur. mr tne pruclir of .I. ullsiry nt his r io|,,r( SiV- llroa I wi.y, ?. oi re he e ill introduce toe celebrated L'tf sti'lomn Fcwdir, the oil Bur rule r article known tor tcc; iu, the teeth mur.d and whit and the gonta bea thy. AS i HAVE HAD ONE TOOTH EXTRACTED Willi out fowling any r> on whatever, by li,. ,T. JAY Vll.LERS. 155 Grunt b uti, tv o Mocks tram lsn.'ncwuy, 1 ranomtruua tiliu t. ti>>>m Knin mi: v. it)i tootl.alo-. EOl'ISA A. TiiIiit-j .tree:, Mro 'I'.lyn. Art: P1CXAL BBAUTirilL patent "omtOTYPB" Tiiclh.?Uimm.i. cil < Lot# dentistry. B?.r ordinary prints. Silver ic:?, $.3; Y.iicnntte, $18: Hod ?20 UliiiH and extraciiu,! tcetli without p.itti. National Dental Unlt'tj, SI .In hvvddv, em ti' t TMrvuty-*'tuuil street. Established l.viO. Kne premiums awarded. J)r. MAN >UN, Dentist. COAL. /TOAJ..-BKBT Ql'ALITY WHITE ASH, $4 4J. \J Hl l'EKIUR OL'AI.ITY KKD ASH, $8. ENGLISH i ANMSL, I'KK CHALDRON. *11. Coke, *8 a chaldron. W. I'. Tiir.AUWKL'i, 313 Bowery. cJ 1(1 -I AM NOW DBLIVEBIXO AIUFIUOB iJpT tW, ?r title of li> in <lr Coal, s reeiied ami f e ' f i um Kinu . ut H lOprtouol 2. At) U.K., from yur.i Uu Wuverley ntitoe; Kerry nnd WT.vt xtre. t.; 1'iere '* ran ; stnrn, Ko. IMS d uudway, and 2tl Wall street. A. THii.VDVV El L A jei.l. i2j,l J A ?1 AM BOW DELIVERING A SL'PKRIOR PTT t'/i H'la lty of 0 Hit for faulty mt, well screened hi $ 1 lb i tr :oi hi 2.duo ilis : Coin! ?8 :i tlialuioii; nl>? 1. verpool Gunnel Coal, l.ij West Eleventh mi l 151 Eighth avenue. A. llEARi'T. nUMPMAlA PROPOSALS FOR 1I.VY.-OK1 I E OK ASSISTANT 1 lyuarterinasier, IVrrjvlllc, Ml. Fob. I. 1S&.?H Mled rpoMlH wtl bo rcci Ivi'il at ml* till t iiutlI Tiicmiay, rob. lor toes | runi i.ult.l nluutli)' buy, subject to inspoc. tion on delivet},bk follow* ? 1,IM> inn* on or lit!u;1 23th IVbruary. 1,0)0 tons on or before Iftili March. 1,000 loi,.- on or beioro 80, h March. No liitls will b- eousl icrcd for legs limn fifty tons. The |>rii| ossls to bo enclosed 111 rnrrloj < - mur*. it "rioposals for liny." tu 11 successful Hddi r n Id be required to furnish satisfactory mv urity for I'.p (erloitiisniu of his com act anil lha Itauiea of sureties mi St he utr nth tied In inh proposal. The QiiArtetmustcr reserves the it ;ht to accept orrejet ml bills. sY.MMEs t.ARDNKH, Captain anil Ass slant yonit roncier t". 8. Army. OKALKP I*R1?1't(HALS AlfK I.NYITLD, UNTIL 1IIF. pi full <li. y or February, I83i, : r furnishing FLOUR to the Siibsislailt o 1>i p.n tiitcnt of no* U11 tcil ,stutes A1 my. About l? Ive thoiisniifl (11,000) Idt-rels u111 he required, of a 1111 h prude of extra Flour, to bo dellvcre I In Washington, at the railroad tl isa, 01 I.t tliu iiillla or warehouses in Ueorm t itvii, 'time time between the Mb atol 1Mb ol February, lsfi2. Lae' barrel of Flour to bo Inspected lust hefuru It la re* celvi d. The Flour must Ik- equal In qtinltty to the samples to be ob. tame,! at tin- Capitol baa. r; lit Washington city, and tlio barrels o be lion I lined Tlie 1 itatoinary oatli of allegiance will be required of racb contractor. Bills 10 tie directed to Major A. BICKWlTlf.C. 8 , U. ?. A., and endorsed' Proposals.'' EXPRESSES. ~ ABt'KNIIAM S FUKNITI UK KXl'KUAH AND PACK Inft Establishment, lilt West Ki cento si reel, between Fluh an I Sixth avenues.?Household furniture boxed and shipped to all |itru dl thi' world. Covcrod * -irons for removing furniture of tamille*. Furniture stored. rPIIE MORRIS EXPRESS, at BROAD STREET, PAJ tronlieil hy many leading linn***, fnrwaris package* p- r steamers Kartmk and Roanoke to Nassau, Havana and all the We?t Indies, 4th February. To Europe every Tweed ay and Friday. Order* solicited. Highest references given. FdHillTVRE. A BEDROOM 81 IT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE lor $.! , In all color*, of warranted manufacture; also solid elicalntil ChamberSuits, plain and ornamental, at II. F. FARRiNOTON 8, 36o Canal street, opposite Woo*tor. Established in 1848. enamelled OH AMBER siits of furniture, in PJ all eolor* and style* nt wholesale an I retail, at $JH and upward*. Alio, Mailt eases and 1'ulllaaae*. WARREN WARD, 1177 Canal street, lour door* east of Broadway. (pUEMTUEB.?CASH PAID FOR BEOORO HAND FUR P nlture, Mirror* and Cat |iets Country call* attended to. Addreaa Fnrnltnre Ktore, MO llnd*on *tre< t. A go-d inalio. I*ny Plympton Secretary Bedstead for sale*cheap. Furniture bouoht.-all kinds of household Furniture bought and a good price given, at 47.1 Third ?venue, near Thirty.fourth trcct. All rails promptly .-itlended to, or address Furniture. above number. N. ft ?A Itooil assortment ol second hand Furniture lor sale. TjlDRNITURE WANTED.?THE 8UBSCHIBKR W|s|IB8 I to pur- !.**e n i|ituuiiiy of aeooud Land Housekeeping Furniture. Cm pets, Ac. Any | ariy wishing to del-Una bon -ekeep-ng and ayui.l :'>a lacouveuielMO of ah nuclin.i, an I will sell tie i funlriTP, in large or small quantities, at a fair lash vataattnn may addres* Marshall, l>o* 14t Herald nfllen. / VI KICT' DESKS, AO. WANTED?ONE STANDING DESK, A " lee' e . d 'lie Sitting Desk, with olh-r U||l< r lun Ami with paul'udarg, W., bog Old general I'lJSt (ifflc*. >2. j _ BOARDING AND LODOIHO. A WIDOW LADY. LIVINO IH A DESIRABLE Locality, will let furnished Apartments, with Hoard, to e ?enlleman and hie wife, with all the comforts of a home. Vrma reasonable. Cars and stages covenient. Reference given and required. Apply at 76 Weat Thirty sixth atreet, near Hi* th aveuue. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO OR THREE HIN. gle gentlemen, can be accommodated with drat claaa Board, full or partial, with fine large fimidi, in a convenient and central location. For farther particular** inquire at M Hi. Mark a place. Referend a exchanged. A 1'LEA NAN T FRONT ROOM TO LET-WITH PABlial Board at 21 Weat Twenty-aecond atreet. ATM SEVENTH AVENUE, THIRD HOUSE ABOVE j V Fourteenth atrei t?To let, with Board, a I'arlorui.d two Bedrooms ou third Hoor, to a family or single gentlemen. K fcrenoea exchanged. A PLEASANT FRONT SIDE ROOM, ON THE SECOND tloor of 7lxi Broadway, between Eighth ami Ninth atreets, to let, to u gentleniau, furnished; bouse has modern improvementa and la in a pleaaantlocatiou. Terms moderate. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR OR sceoiid Hoor to let, with Board. The house contains the modern iinprov. m nts, a quiet liouin realized; taxation eligible. References exchanged. Apply at 23 Urovc street, between Blecckerand Hudson. A GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMODATED WITH ONE or two Furnished Kooma, airi. tly p. .va.e, in the family of a widow ; or a gentleman iiud luiy; Board lor the lady oury. a?an ?s a., uuz 130 u ia.a ollicu. A gentleman and wipe tan be accommort&ted witii good B aril and nice Rooms. Terms $6. Aim two young ladles liicu. To lot, wllli or without Hoard, a H.iH Bedroom, with ; as. Family entail and so. Ul. Call at Ken wick strict, between Canal and Min ing streets. AfltW SMALL FAMILIE8, DESIROUS OP CUB their expensus tor the winter, can oblun new.y furnished Rooms, wiih all conveniences for housekeeping, at the private family hotel, lid Macdougul street. A LADY WILL LET A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Room in 11 lady and gentleman, with Hoard lor the lady; house has all modern Improvement-. Apply at hljg West Thirty-second sli eel, near Broadway, Board, in advance, $7 per week. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR ONE OR TWO SINr;Ie gentlemen, may be aeco.'iiuiodatcd with pleumnt Rooms, wiili or w.ihom Board, ul 42 West Fiftcenlli sireet, between Fifth i.n I B.xtli avonues. A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM, IN A SMALL private family. Termi moderate. Refjire re s c\changed. House with inoucru improvements; 170 West Thirty-fourth street. I LARGE PARLOR ON FIRST FLOOR AND TWO J v trout Rooms on ?. cond tloor, with large closet, wa it, pas, Ac., to let, w ith Hoard; also three other Rooms, at 21 Smenih avenue, near Twelfth street. i t 122 ninth street, a 1 ew DOORS wert of al Broadway, ? Rcntl man nt.d wife or sin/.In gentlemen can olitain plcasani Rooms, witn Board. t.10 house contains the modern improvements. A PRIVATE FAMILY, UP TOWN, OCCUPYING A house with all modern improvements, wish to lei, with Board, a targe Room on second lloor, wttn gas, t re an i Lath, to n gentleman and wile, at $10 per week. Ad Irtss Y., bos 106 llcrald olllcc. Board wanted?by a gentleman and wife; two Rooms between Fourteenth and Thlrty-r.l th sir. era", near Broadway; will fuini.h their rootna; timet be lirst class; price not 10exceed $60 per mouth. Apply to R. B. E., box 100 Post of. Board -two pleasant and well furnished front Rooms 011 the second, anu onn on ttie lourlh Hour, to let together or septt utel;, w oh Board, at bit Ciinluu place, near Fil th avenue. Dinner at b u'elock. Bti.VRD.-AN EDUCATED AND PREPOSSESSING young holy would let neatly furnished Ro ans to verttlitni n and ladles; Board fur lady only. Apply at ihb East Thirty-third street. Board at isi east tenth street, corner of Fourth avenue, one block from Broadway ?A p ensint Front ami Hack Parlor, 011 secoud lloor, will lie let singly or leSclher, with full or partial Board. Dinn- r at i.x. References exchanged. TIOARD WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE; I J 11 11 o;u l ur id-h-d Room, with close! a.L'uiiiedr teems no; toexceed $s per wee!*, tiro and gas incudect; piyuble weekly. A'ldreu A. 11., box 178 Herald olbce. Board tvanted-a middle agkd married cottp'o " b'i to obtain in a lveyecALle house, furnished He,'in mid Roar! for lady: terms must be moderate; the lady is willing t'> asset itic landlady i: < cslie.l and atratij'eiiietita can be made mutually satlsfis. :ory; ia a pond cook ;ti German s y e. Address, statins terms and particulate, Alabama, H .i Id uil.ce. Board wanted-kor a ladv and gentleman, Eu.i'd fur tbe lady only,In 11 select tan , where U.ere are no other boarder* taken, in the upper ; art of llic city. Addrcsa Adutns, Union square Post ofllce, Board wanted?by a lady, with a large well furnished Room. Terms, In lading lire and gas, from $5 to$U per week. Lo ably must be v-ry near Btouiwsy, between Eighth and Twenty-Io.irlh suvets. Address Mrs. K. C., Western Hotel, No. 9 Oortlundt stryet. Board wan ied-by a qijIUDMI andwife; a largo front Room, or Ko mi and Bedroom, on te utul or third lloor, with gas and i'imIuu; loc.tlon between Second I and Sixth avenues and Broome and Twen:y-:hird streets. Duner ;rem G lo 7. Terms uoout $10 per wren. Add cos 11. II.. 11' rald.o"..c e. Board in Brooklyn.?twcTgentlkuen can obtuiu goed Bonrd in a private family from tbe cuuntir; locution pieueuut and near the ferries. Terms to suit the times. A i a1 e opportunity. Apply at 176 Adams st. References required. Board in bkooklyn.-two pleasant roomstogether or avpu.elc, In the house of u smell tamily, Bath in the house. Terms moderate. Apply at77Ciiutuu sine', i n" di or twin L vingston. Board in hrooklyn.-2si clinton street, beiv.ei ii Deir.iw and Harrison.?A niecly furnished iront Room On s.r, mi floor, amiable tors gei.ti.iuhii and his wile or a Single gentleman, with g >r,d Hoard, I' otti red upon moderate terms; r.uuse Orst cl-aa; references exchanged. Board in south Brooklyn.?excellent board U offered to two or tore gentlem-n b. n w iduw limy, , having u small family, without chtldien and living tn r.rn close style, near tbe terries. Tern.* rrusoi able No other boarders. Address B., box li5 Herald office Brooklyn heights.?to with board, a very pleasant frjnt Room nnd Btdroomon * wind floor, to a pent,e,nan and w ile or to single gi uilem?n. at No. 3 Pop. lar stre-t. tvttbln three minutes wafit of 1 u tan trrry and eight ?r Wall sireeL Breakfast and tea wanted?by a younu mutt In a pt i >ate family. Tlie in lyhbor usul o! Seeouil or Fourth avenues preferred. Address, ttal ng particulars, A. b. 1'., box lltj Urrald offUe. FERN I SHED ROOMS TO LET?WITHOUT BOARD. TO tenth men only. House contains all the modi rn Improvement*. Apply at 387 Fourth street, between Bo very and Broadway. itti'sviiucti nrinvn Tn tttT st vn euavcTin A street, Willi Bedi-io uaatil Closets at acucii!. convenient f<>r housekeeping, a; {2, $3 aed (3 60 j? r weea, on the line 0! the Second avenue <ur?. CTOoD BOARD AND ROOMa'?AT 210 SECOND AVET rue, between Twelfth i.n t Thirteenth stri it', K-l genth men and their wives. One large, well furnished Room on second hour suitable for a email family. Neighborhood, boosesnd table first class. Hotel jclian. 7?7 iiroadwat, corner of Ninth street?First class ait'ommndnlions for fairhe* and gentlemen hi moderate priies; ineu s ;it a.l hours, and served in room* If desired. Table d hole old, Fun.lays at S I o clock French, Spanish and German S|K?kcn. HOI EL ACCOMMODATIONS, AT MUD El'. ATE l'KK F.S, ran be i ad at No. t'J West Thirty-first street, corner of Broadway. This house is well suited to the comfort of good ciass iHiniil " and s'ngle gentlemen; lowi at price for slut;le Rooms, with Board, $o per week. NO. 12 EAST TtVFNTY EIGHTH STREET.-TO LE~, with Bonis), a S nd Flo. r, r< nststlnt of fine si/e.i Kouins ami llall K ion:, Willi un abundant sopp y of rloeets. Will bo lot lopeflic." or sc| a airly. Dinner i.t aiv. VTICF.LY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH OR J without Beard, Intnchouae of a widow, where them are no hoarder.; hoiiaecontains nil toe modern Improveno nia. Call at 66 West Twenty-sixth street, corm r oi Sixth arouue. XJOW VACANT?A SUIT OF HANDS! SILT FI R It lisped From Koums, consisting of I'ai lor. with I rem two to four lie In oms. bath, Ac; sisu R mns lor single genllemen, in the II lei St. Germain, con e.-uf Fifth avenue and Twenty-sec-ml strt et. Private tabic If desired. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN FURNISH eil Rooms, with Board, lire and can, in a first class house, at S4 60 to $3 60 per week, at 148 West Twenty.fourth street, between Seventh mid Eighth avenues. rJOOM WITH BOARD.?A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, t on third Prior, in the house of a private i inilv, with IJu.ird if d'-aiiim. Terms moderate. Apply at No. ( 'I'll elf lli slrri I. in in It r oil it w ii v. {JOUTH BROOKLYN.-TO LET. A l l,l'Av\N r SUIT OK Ronnie, on le.ond floor, in a hainlamnoly fnrntalied ho iae, dote In tlits South ferry, auitabh for n kuiall manly | or a party of pentli men reeking n c.ijitortable home. A pi ivate tatil1 If U'lire I Apply at Vt! Congrota direct, four doom writ of Henry. QKYERAL b MALL ROOMS. WITHOUT BOARD. TO O let at lo?v price* to alugle gentlemen only, at 75 Second avenue. 8U ITS OF PARLORS, ON FIRST AND SECOND Meora?Ab-o, Koouid t > nut p.irlha of gentlemen; Are, Eiia an<t hath, la a t.ret rl.iai bouie;?goo.l Ideation. 'iC We-t Eleventh atreet. Dinner at aix o'clock. TO GENTLEMEN.?A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY DBatrial" let. without Hard, tun gentleman, a neatly !urniaheit, cntnfortable Ro.un and Paniry, with ire of bath room adjoining. Apply at 14S Weal llonati.n at rert, corner Of Macdo igal. rro LET?WITH BOARD, IN i IIK MODERN BUILT I i. bnuae 78 atreet. St. t a nient a pliue, Parlor on flrat floor, p rwiok, two per-ama; I ront lliiuin. third floor, per week, two persona and tingle Room > per week. I \tf ANTED? PV A IMOHLY RESPECTABLE LADY, A I YY parltal.y fiirnlalird Room, w ,111 lull Board, up lown; prlco not to e*eoe,J $? per wi nk, caa and lire Included. He. fcreneea i iehane. d. No boarding houae kre|iera need apply Addreaa IVru aie lit. Herald I ANTED? IIY A LADY, A NEATLY FURNISHED i YY R lion, II' rd, lire ai d giia. In a pente 1 Irar , l.fI Iwi < n Eighth and Twon y-hfth aireet. T rim $.1. A dm A. L , III Iaid Odlee. TlfARTBIX?BOARD FOR A U1 MM .MAN WIFE A D I YY lour children O nil taole and health.. ocultou. ,? ! arm* rwniiiji "?* .1,1*0 u*i ouii', i. i ??1/1 1'I.R WEEK FOR A PKETTITY ITRNWHHD ?T>JLI f Room, Willi f ill Board. M i gaiiUmi i nn i win . n I first i'Iui hotira Al-u vr f.n ft, j.ri i: i'rrui?had. A I lli om lor it kmiiI ran lor ft No. 101 W-it Tw uty-aiatli I ol'Pi t, near manor. 1 S X 'NI> S I li B r NB Ft Mil RoOM I JLtl A'tlt on I alus with or will i it B. n il v< ry irn'ii.. in vi'or tor w ntrr Itintt'T nl fo'i lin k. nv'K: I TWn I'lif ("TRUST.?BOARD?TV I R1 : platoon! Ti titt 11'mini* on tha third aito-jr hi It I, Willi | Uoi>. , it! 44 Weal 7 M .'t i nrri't, bttrnii F'f: ft I 111 I aion'iaa. Rtfor 'i honjiwl. ?? IE NTH f?T MET, ORB pooit J <T Fll Tii | iivi una.?A "?>.Iit'traly I'nnilalinl Hull rf Ri?om?i' I tlii- iU0i lloor lo l? i, Willi IJo.tril, to roopetM aiai.'i*. I'l I taia lr. ?, f rsliod. 1 _8 HOARDING AND LOOOIIA. 7Q SPRING BTRBBT, THREE DOORS FROlHtlROAIh I V way.?War price#.?To l?i, several handsomely furnished Rooms, to single gentlemen; location near all ill# first class hotels ami places of amusement; reading room free. Inquire of anson house. qq oreene street. ABOVE SPRING.-ALSTON yO IIoiiM'.?Elegantly famished Suits of Rooms. Gas, Croton an l every eon veu lance for housekeeping c.'onomr ally. Particularly suitable for small, respectable families 01 single gentlemen. Rent low to permanent tenants. 1 CO PRINCE STREET -8T CLAIR HOU8E.-BLBc (Mlly furnished Rooms, wllb Bedrooms attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, including gas and Crotou water, to let to respectable families or single gentlemen. 910 elm street, near spring.?puknikiied allU Apartments lor luion diale or-upancy. The lowest ren.t> in the city, consider!u.; the conveniences tor economical housekeeping. Best oeddiug and furniture, with range, cooking utensils and linen complete; gas and Croton. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. A P. KASANT FURNISHED HOUSE. BROWN STONE with modern Improvements, to let or for sal", 170 West Thirty-lourth street. CHEAP RENT -GROCERY STORE. with OR witiioul fam:.y Rooms, to lei v. ry cheap; gool location; the trade in same nouse will pay the rent: lias nuen occupied by same tenant four years. 136 Elizabeth sueel. Furnished or unkuunisiied house, in madison avenue, above Twenty ninth street, west aide, will be rented to a private family only. The house was recently built for the use of the owner, and Is in excellent order. Terms reasonable. Apply to N. C. BISHOP, 144 Broadway. Furnished house to let.?a gentleman, wife and one . Inld, occupying a tlrst class bouse, partly furnished, in Brooklyn, nrai ?Vall Mrei t ferry, will let tne same. K. nt payable hi board if desired. Address Me.ichant, box 141 Hi-raid oilier. iirj.i i?inn i nu oiuill Al lit nui nn nu. i?i J. Houston street, between Thompson and Sullivan streets, In eoinplete order, with all the modern Improve ire nts. Possession immediately. Apjdy to UDuLI'liO WOLFE, No. 22 Beuver sir at. House to let?the tiiref: story brown Atone high Mood House l.v. E.i t t' irty-fourth street; first el ss house and loeatlon. K' nt iCtf.t. l'os i ss on May 1. Apply to TAILOR A BUNN, 223 Uieenivieh street. Restaurant to let ?a basement, furnished, complete for lite restaurant business. A] piy at tirst floor. 45 Cortland t street. qteady steam power to let?large and O small rooms, well lighted. Possession Immediately. Apply ut iM Water street. STOR", BASEMENT AND CELLAR OF NO. 18 SPRUCE It., ut to let, e.n-h Hour nbo t 'JOfeet e?r, "'*th Ure-troof vaults; lo a'lon very desiia I for pap. r, leatli' r or other tcade. Apply to .1A Si ES PRICK, SOD Hstuoa atmt, fllo LEI?TWO LOFTS. FIRST AND SE C0ND STORIES X and cel'ar of the large lir.ek Store In First street, WIJ liamsburg, oi e minute's walk from the Grand street and Roosevelt street ferries; size of building 25\t> ); stumble for manu acliuing or storage. Inquire of ANDREW HARMAN, corner of Sixth and South Sixth streets, or at the ollioe of the Brooklyn Ferry Company. To let?at greatly reduced rates, the very desirable U>.um a Nos. 211. 213, 25y and 201 West Twentythird street; also Noa. 141. 1st) and 182 West Twenty-fourth stita t. Apply to P. UAIt.ilONY'S NEl'UEWS it CO.. 81 (iieenwkli street, or to A. 1.RAMAN, 217 West Tweiily-tuird street. To let?the old established merc1i \nt tailoriug and clothing store 155 Eighth avenuu, and oocup.ed us such for the last twenty years: is lilted up in good style, with a good showy fruit, a nil is 72 feet deep. \S 1,1 be let reasonable, and possession immediately 11' required. Apply on tit- premises, or to j. W. c jNKLIN, 18 Fourth uv. r'-o westchester county, 18 miles X from th city, on Inn I-laud Sound, a Furnished House, tviti, carnage In ti< , srabh s and eight acree of land. Apply lo F. \V. BURKE, Esq., i.O Nassau street. To cef-the third and fourth stories of a first class !,o tse up town, having all the con\. hlem es for l.ous ket i ing. Inquire of V. VAN ZANDT, at A. T. Stewart & Cu.'s. rjlO LET?THE HOUSE 334 SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR X Dr. AL.blenberg's chur -h, in o mpiete order; gusllxiuree, batii. range, washtubs; suitahl" for a pbysiciun; r ut moderate; | ossi ssfuu fiumediately. Can be seen from 11 to 12 and 2 toApply to S. McCoY. SI Third avenue. rpo LET?STORE 418 THIRD AVENUE, NEAR T11IR X tv-first street, under the Mission Building, wLb Rooms for 1.,'uitly. A tenant who can act us janitor to the buiiding preleneti. Address J. G., box 2,.'i.H6 r.s'.oflice. rpo let?the two story brick cottage house X 17 Hoiatio street; lias Kits, iroton wuter, Ac. possession Immediately. Apply to john koss, 48 Eighth avenue. rLET-TlIK TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK Dwelling House 30 Llspennrd sue t. Possession rnrnpdiately. Kent *5c0. Apply to U. M. 8TILWELL, 11 Chambe-? bticct. TO let-a restaurant in a hotel; rem taken in board: a small hou-r. $20; a Store and Rooms ala > A; artuirnta. tnplyto SMITH, at the hulcl corner ol ! Willi hi; ud Fran:, o t streets. riio LET-A NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS HOUSES, X vrl'ii all the modern improvements. Also tbe doutds Hons-, 4' Q ore street, at low r? nts. Possession Immediately. A piil) to E. 11LUO MER, 141 Broadway. To LET OR LEASE?A FIRST RATE STAND FOR A blacksmith or wheelwright or feed store, just west oi Seventh avenue, in Nineteenth street, north side. Rent low. Apply to JAMES k. MORGAN, 78 D?y street. rp'o LET OR LEASE?STORE NO. 26 BKEKMAN X street, Basement irn I two upper Lofts, building 26x100; possession given trained.a'.ely. Apply to BRl'Gl'IERK A THEbAUD, 51 Cedar street. rr-0 l.KT OR LEASE?TIIE TWO STORY AND ATTIC X brick H iuses. 461 Washington and SI) Watts street* Apply at V7 Water street. To let OR lease-THE HOUSE NO. 4 GREAT Jones street, one door from Bn-a tway, formerly known as the Union House; a most desirable location lor a restaurant o. an linaltsh chop house; itconialnsa numb*- ot fine o nns lor | rivi.te,upper parties, and otherwise well adaptr : lor the a'-o.e purpose; possession Immediately. Inquire oi* J. O. B. 1N.MAN, 694) Broauway. up alalia. 1U1MCKLLANEOUS. ANY PERSON HAYING AN IRON SAFE AND A DESK lo a- 11 cheap can hud a cast nor by addresalng 11. P.. Hers Id oilier. Bible commentaries.?wanted?a complktb band euttiou of the -.hove. Sia e author, number ami si. o; volumes, and lowest price. Address H. Commentaries, station D Post oilier. Brushes of every description at the brush fa- P ry. 329 Pearl street, Hmper's building. All articles at th- lowest lactory prices. Paint Brushes of sou-rior quality constantly on'huml. JOHN K. 110PPEL. BRU8IISS PATENT NAVIGABLE SHIP DERRICK onn raise the stone fleet or any of the vessels sunk In * liat'.erse Inlet. One ball of the putcut to be given sway. Bee New York Herald of the S.l Inst. CTOAL OIL AND COAL LANDS.?PARTIES OWNIN0 J rxiinrl <oal lands In I'cni -y.vanla. i n a isllr Hot, are invlli d to address Cannel Coal, Herald olllre. The alv- illaer has a | seated pcnccas of eilr.iutlng tbe oil for three rente a gallon. HIHBARD'8 FAMILY PILLS AND CARMINATIVE S ilvn fur *a!r by (>. HULL, 278 Pearl *lreei. and by J. A. lllHBARD, Yonkei*. N. Y. Price 26 cents a bot, with a discount by the cio/cu to i euiers. SAVE YOl'R MONEY.?A. PARKER. 296 WASHINGton Htreet, c imcr of Mm ray, New York, *elis choice city augur cured limn*, wai rented, hi 8c per lb.; lent Family 8o ,|\ t?o? 72 un 1 SJ lb*., 5>, ; pure Starch, bo* 10 1' it., 6>*c SPREDK1CX, SOLS AOBIf FOB KABSTRSB* . Pub nt Burner, wed for coal oil, without a rhiinvy. t .hi be ita-d In any pert of the house without smoking. T ? wholesale trade eupplieJ. Direct 231 Canal street, cornel Centre. TO NOTARIES PUBLIC.?I WILL PAY FIFTY DOL. lam ui any notary oi this city w ho will reslf.ii In my fa vor, o.- will give n reasonable flit me to he Informed of a tra i ant,. Add re*-. Notary Public, Hera d olfloe. rilHK AERATED BREAD.?READ THE FOLLOWING J. certificate from Dr. Wlllnrd Parker, East Twelfth s:reet, N. Y :?*'I have lound the A-rated Breed ol superior |ii?ltty lti ai respect*. One dcddimium uttulued In It* manufaolute I - entire dentine-*. So fur i* I have been able to uncertain, It In eminently healhlul, InaSUiucn us it e itiinina none ol the irodu i* uroreaull* of icimentation. WILLARD PAR Kbit Miuuifm tured at the corner of Lafayette place in I Fo ut l street, t or sale verTWhare. TTJ E WILL SEND TO ANY ADDRESS. TOST PAID. A y V fine Engraving or tie irge M afthingtnii. the Fat hi r or hit Country, unu ai*o a Un? Knvravlng ol Benjamin Kruuklio, or rcpordel , at 6-1 cent* cu.-ti. Matthew t. GKKi.ortY A CO., Grcenpout, N. Y. COI'ARTMKllNHIP NOTICKH. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH ONLY SUM CAPITAL; bu* n> ?* light, reap eta'1- mi l full Hadafacimn given that It I* pay ill'; at lent St t'? In glllu per week: none but a tob r man need apply. T. D. t'ASE A CO., H4 Broadway. ADOLPH HAMMER HAS THIS DAY ADMIT I ED AS punncr William T. Hyerwm, and they will c-limine the I bu*l I*< of brewing Ale under tbr hrin of Hummer A Co. I Koituii uremic, IHfUh ami llflhh unvu. llxKt km, Feb. l, i?i;2. \OOOD OPPORTUNITY OrrEK8 TO A BUSINESS 1111.II. with a i>niall capital. to engage In ? l ire paying eaah linai ik-mi. eatabltuhi a ral yearn, mil yielding a hiuiclnunif Inc. me; eaah will he required Ai> lv ?. Hi on.:way. C B. ILiWKS v .'0. PARTNER AND CAPITALIST WANTED?tN SEW1NH in ichltiery, intake the five ol one going io South Ane. Ilea. An flileiynUiris li'iouir n mi l i.Biinclii) partner n.ce?auty. win |>i. mm.' mil iiiiiorr. Pull purl ti lam and expiHiuiiTon will In' gle. ii liy uodn ?*tug 0. 11. A Co., Journal oi' Commerce oOice, Wall aired. WANTED -A PARTNER WITH FROM ?*?i TO WOO. in the Boiler nail Pruviaion liu?'n"??. Any priavti j xvlchltig I urtaeaa , mill a I nitwr euanee. Kent low. I A|'i'ly :.i lift Court ?lrwl, miner Bergen, Brooklyn WANTED?A PARTNER IN A OOOD SHIPPING AND ? f Ci>uitiii*?ioii Bu*liioi?t; muni li ivo from Ut $.',euo In earli and be well eco'lalnl d In ,',n ' Cl,"''ly No ii.,i'iit? i o ic . Aili.reM J. W. B , box 1,708 1 < at Hi e, N. Y C'Ollik WILL PURCHASE HALF INTEi'EST I.N A t il 'iiHHnt i.n.l i ry profitable limine av or n peril 111 tvh'i will lomi tliHl iini'iniii receive ? g>o Hilary hikI 9 emit) fur hU momy. Addrcaa very noon i liarl.a Haytire, t Herald oilier. -rAHTNER WANTED, IN A LIGHT HEN OOUI'i leel Kuaiiieaa, dune cyrlaalre ly Tor null; money i ii io much of an object ax it good reliable bnalneaa man, \r!ily at IdllUrend aired, between 8 andv In the mornlngr ,n a and 4 in the afternoon. ON'J (Will' 'ASH AND ACTIVE PARTNER TO JOIN iJHl.llU V ttio a IverliHi i- In a mannfai tnrlng h i n?aa la , at i lly, which la rgclii'l mui exceedingly profitable, (?,.u'd< ?old to *h" bet ho ei, and for raeb mlr Infill I I'm In ibia elty. and boiuK will or allow n. AdureaeS. j I* i ? 1?? H -alt oil lee j |l,HI -WANTED, A SMART ACTIVE YOUNG /" ". in... i aru i In a .1111111..1 tuiiti m ?| | iieHa? ircinla :al h .1 n-e Adjreae, wliu r ai name, j fpr lw. dny? 11 R. C , Herald office.

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