Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 5, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 5, 1862 Page 3
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f 1860 to 18C0, inclusive, payable in cash on the flrtt Monday in March. Stock Eulian|?? Tu&dat, Feb. 4, 166k ?1000 U S 6e,?61, reg 88* 100 aha NY C KR.b30 t?2?, 2000 IT H 6'a,'81, cou 80 100 do oj-jj 83 >, 10001:86'a810r wl*y 8?'i 200 Erie Kit pr- f.... 65;, 1000 li 8 6 r. 1106.. 86* 60 d. 661, 1000 HI coupb?lBl877 80',' 26 Harlem KK 12', 1000 111 war l<on.... 77,? 30 do 12,', 1000 Mich O n 80 100 Erie RK b30 33 6000 MichStuteSwbs 80 100 do ?30 82', 1000 lenn 6 a, W.. 43 160 do 33 2000 Cal largebds7'a 80 100 do ?30 33 1000N YCen 6'a... 95* 160 do 33V, 3000 N Y On RR 7 a 102* 360 do 33', 8000 lltld Eiv8dml)C 84 100 do blO 33', 3000 Ilnr let m bda. 100* 100 do bCO 33>, lOOOMCOpcliuirfcb 210 Mich Cauirul KH. 49', 3000 do 00 100 lliSo&N IuKR.s30 21 1000C,B?QKK8|>cba 99 400 do a30 2l? 1000 MichSoUtnitba 90 50 Mi So * N 1 guar at 40?, 11000 Mich SHfbdH . 84* 100 do 40-, 8000 111 Cent RK bo. 93 60 111 Can KK sc. b30 67 4000 laCrAMil Idgtb 18* 100 do b30 67 3000 Ibl&Wablet nil 76 200 do s.(0 57 6000 To) &Wab2dmt 48 800 do .67 7600 MilfcPrduCblm 89 50 do elO 67 1600 American gold. 10314 10 Cteve Ik Pitta RR. 16;, 14000 do 103*4 50 Galena A Chi RK. 657, 26 sbs Metropol UK. 86% M() a" nn 36 Commonw'lth Bk 70 100 *lo *15 60 60 Canton Co 10% "20 CIoto to Tol Kit.. 40'., 18Penn Coal Co.... 88% 360 do 41 36 Pac Mall SB Co... 98% 660 do 40% 160 do blO 98', 100 do *16 40."; 60 do *10 98% 160 Clilc & Hk 1 RR.. 62 . 60 do 98% 100 do 1-20 52', 300 N Y Cou RR.pic 82% second BOARD. $1000U8 6's,'81 ,Cou 89 26 shs Hud Riv RK. 3H'i I 1000 U S 6's, 67 89 100 Harlem RR pref.. 29% 1000 Tenn #'?, '00... 43 5 MHAPrduChilsip 73 3000 Missouri 6a... 41 60MioUCeuKR 48'; 1000 N Carolina 6 b. 62 60 do 48% 1000 M C8 pclm s'cb 99 % 60 Mtch Bo k N 1 RR. 21 26000 American gold. 103% 100 Mich S h N 1 g etk 40% 76 Hhs Pac M SS Co.. 98 % 60 Panama RR.. t-30 112 100 do 99 60 Oal & Chicago RR CO 60 Erie RR s30 33); 200 Clev & Tol RK *10 40'; 60 do 1)16 33); 300 40% 60 Erie RR pref.... 66 % 400 do 40% 100 Hod Riv RR.. b30 38% CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Tcksday, Feb. 4?6 P. M. Abdkp.?The market was quiet, and sales light, at (6 25 fer pearls, and at 36 37% for pots. Brbadstupfs. ?Flour?Tho market was firm, with a toady demand in part for export, while prices advanced about 6c. per bbl., with sales of about 16,000 bbls., clow tag within the following quotations:? 8uperfflne State 96 60 a 6 66 Extra to fancy State 6 86 a 6 95 Superfine Western 6 60 a 6 66 Common to choice extra Western 6 86 a 6 60 fauadian 6 76 a 6 mi , Southern mixed to good superfine 6 90 a 6 35 Extra do fl 40 a 7 00 tieod to choice family do 7 00 a 7 75 Rye flour 3 00 a 435 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandywinc 3 00 a 3 40 Canadian flour was active and Arm. The galea embraced about 1,100 bb'.s. within the above range or price*. Southern fleur waa in good request, and prices were 5c. better, while the aaloa embraced about 1,200 bblg., within the range of the above quotations. Rye flour was steady at quotatione, with salee of 100 bbls. Corn meal was steady, with sales of 200 bbls. at our figures. Wheal waa firm but leas activs, while the salee embraced about 44,000 bushels at 91 36 a $1 30 for Canada club, and de Hvsred,9l 35 far good Milwaukee club, $1 40 for amber Michigan, and 91 42 a 91 60 for amber Long Island, ami prime red Jersey was quoted at 91 40. Corn waa Arm and in fair requset, with salea of 40,000 buabels, at 41c. for Jersey now yellow, at 44c. for Western mixed in in store, 06c. for do. delivered, and 08c. for old round and flat yellow do. Rye was firm, with sales of 2,000 bushels at 85c. for State delivered. Barley was quiet but firm at 84c. a91?according to quality. Barley malt was firm and in demand at ?6c. a 91, with limited cupulas. Oats wars heavy at 40c. a 42c. for Canada amf Western, and at 42c. a 42)?c. for State. Cocoa.?A sale of 20 bags Caracas was made at 34c. Cornu.?A sale of 120 bags Rio was made at l?J*c. Holders continued firm, while transactions in all kinds were light. The following statement from the circular of Messrs. William Scott k Son gives the movement* end stock on hand for the week ending to day:?Stock of Kio and Sautoa coffee on the 28th January, 1802,44,602 bags. Received since to date, 21,708. Total, 84,400. Stock or Rio and Santos on the 4th day of February, 1842. 84,400; Java coffee {mats), 18,535; do. (government bags), 800: Ceylon (mats). 2,500: Maracaibo (bags), 12,025; I-agnayra, 2,857; St. Domingo, 3,868: Ceara, 4,810: otbor descrip lions, 2,242. Total mats and bags, 134.337. The quota lions were; for Rio, prime, 21c.; good, 20e.; fair, 18c. a ? 18 fcc.; ordinary, 18c. a 18),c.; fair to good cargoes. 18 ??< . a 19Xc.; Maracaibo, 22c. a 24c.; Laguayra, 22*. a 24c.: Java,mats and bags. 24c. a 27c.; all four months. St. Domingo, 18)?c.a20c., cash. The stock of Kioou February l,at Baltimore, was 27,600bags; I'hiladolphia,.1,650; 4th, New York, 86.400. Cotton*.?The panic in the market, with a softening in prices, brought some spinners Into the market, and the ales reached 600 a 700 bales (and reported by some parties as high as 1,000).closing somewhat nominal on the bAtifl of ale. A 3'2c~ for middlinir unlnndM Kmxn.iirx.?Rates were steady, while engagement/ were light. To Liverpool 12,000 bushel* of corn were engaged at 7tl. in built, and 0,000 do. of wheal at 7,!*d. in bulk ami 8d. in ships' bags. Flour and provisions were unchanged. Engagement*to I/union were light and rates nominal. By steamer to Liverpool ISO boxes of bacon at SO*. Kates to llavre were unchanged. Hav was Arm and iu good demand, with sales for shipmen 85c. a ?0c., and at 96c. a $1 for city use. Mol/sse* was quiet and sales limited. Navai. SroRX-i.?Sales of 600 bbls. coinmou rosin were made at $6 76. Spirits turpentine was quiet end nominal atjl 40. Oils.?City liuseed was selling moderately at Me. a 6c., in casks and barrels. A small sale of crude sficrni waa made at $1 41. Crude whalo was quiet and nominal at 61c. a 63c. Petroleum waa in fair export demand at Mr. a 17c. for crude. Refined was unchanged. I'alm oil was last sold in quantity at 9c. PnovnioNS.?Pork?The market waa less active, while prtcee remained firm. The sates embraced about 1,000 bbls. at $12 87>4 a $13 for new moss. $12 2'? for old mess, $9 50 for new prima, eud a'. $13 25 a $13 50 for city prime mess. Beef was quite Arm and in fair demand, with sales of 300 barrels at $12 $12 50 for plain mess, and $14 for extra. Tier.? beef and beef hams were quiet. Cut meats were in moderate demand, with solus of 70 hints, at 4c. for shoulders and a 6c for hams. Huron was Arm, with sales of 700 a 800 boxes at Ac. fur city Cumberland cut, and Af,e. a 6'^c. for Western long ribbed, 6 vc. a for short ribbed, 6J?c. fordo, do. clear, and 7c. for city long clear, and 7>?c. for city abort clear. Dreeeed bogs were heavy and prices unchanged. Lard waa rather Armer and more active. The -ale* >u braced 900 a 1.000 bble. and tiercea at 8c. aS.'^c. Mutter waa inactive at 18c. a20c. for State, and <>bio at 13c. a 10c. State cheese was at 6c. a 7e., and ftbiO at 6c. a He. Bice.?Sales of 20 casks Carolina rice were uitde at 7 'rc. Hrswe galea of 1,000 mate cassia were made at 37; $70 piculs of wild caeeia and 400 bags pepper at p. t. Scoaa#.?The ealis foiled up about 1.300 hhds. Cabas within llie range of 7c. a 7>ic. for refining goods, and 7\n. a 8?gc. for prime grpcery grades, and 29 b >xcs ait 7c. Taa.?'Tba bualnes* waa moderate, while price* ruled ery firm for all dancrlptlone. Tim waa firm, whtl# priori wirr unchanged. Wnmtnv.?Balsa of 300 a 400 bhli. wrre made *1 23 \c., with aaalaof lOObbls. prima at 33);c. " ^kctijreb. ^MH'ROK OP MX LECTURER, TO AID IN PAYING \j off the floating debt of the Cbnrrh of the Redemption, la Bart Kourtrrnth street. Second lecture by Mr. Stephen C. Barret. Mr. Mrrtett, In need of a regular lecture, will Ire various rcitttlona. bumorout and pathetic, with song* interposed, on ThurMUy erenlng, February 0, ISf?.', at eight o'clock, in the lecture room of the above church, opposite tbe Academy of Murlc. Ticket* 2A rente. May lie had at No. ot Boat Thirteenth street, 29Third avenue, or at the Evangelical Society Rooms, Bible Houae. *1BW?WBLIC AT,0%N. J" '"TtHAT" OURIOfS BOOK OK "CITY WOMEN. - -IV X gular and Interesting akctches of female character In the city. Sold for iOcents, or mailed free for tlS cents? Id if priee. Cloth binding, .ISO-pages, DO engraving*. M. (1 AC NTT, Publisher, M Walker street, up ataua. . 4 UUilAHDt. A PINE ASSORTMENT OP BILLIARD TA?fLF> WITH bis newly Invented patent cushions, m| erou to anv uow In use, will he found at the mnnufartory of W.J. -LI AH I', ltd Pulton street. Also a tow second hand tables. BAK8FOKD8 BILLIARD FACTORY, 140 LCLTON street.?Playing department. Chan. Lord, upper (loot . Parmer Aovood, second tloor, teu tables. Kellsble Buuson, largest Oyster Slews, ttrat floor. B1LLIARDS.-FOR RAUE. A SPLENDID 8TOCE OF new and second ban t Tables for $75, $!<?>, $125. $150, $510. $225 and $2(10; everything complete. Tables to let end Mags telle TaMoa for sale by W. It O.'tlKFITII 14(1 Pultun at Mi fpo TllE JaOVERR OP HIIA lAltDM?A GRAND HJL J. Hard entertainment will be given at lie Rtone Bllllanl . Room, corner of Broadway and Twenty-ninth street. *>u / TlHimdAV rvenLiff u#lL t ebrtu$r* ? Mm.u, ? u... J .uftfht Wbllfc uad Ouri'y, and a oumbrr ?i' other gentle jnrn mast era of the cue will he pr*?rtit. 1 WAiytHEB AK9 JfiWJOJRY. /'AMU PAID FOE DIAMOND*.?APPLY ONLY I KOM \J ? till 10 A M. a ltd 2 till 3 1'. M. B. V. PLUMB, Diamond Broker, 512 Broadway, oppoaite lbs tit. MclirJan Hoii-I. N. B.?A number of ?ruclea of Diamond Jcwi-lrjr for ml* hi bargain WANTED-IOS t'AHII, A OOLD WATCH RtNTINO T* Chop, l'aient L ver, 18 MrAddle** J. K. M., ul? N miaou atreet, italii\K m*k?r'a name, price aid audrea*. \ tPOETISd. ' KoOa-TWO LARUB OBBTHOUNOB SlrOMMI ABA J/ Mcot-h, jual Imported; will run down a lot or deer 1 u double quick Uuie. Inquire at Crouli'a, 74 L'batliani air < t. HEX BY DL'NN OT IIKHNAHI) BfTCII, 8EVEN MONTHS OLD. FOB O ??le. Add I era K. O. 8 , Ult 18 Port etllre EXPKK8NR8. ABI RNHAMM FL'RNITI RK KXPMBNR AND PACK* ti"'aldlahimnt, 113 W> at E;< ventli elrret, between Kiflh ana Rlaih aeeriima.?HmiaehoM l'liriillnre noted und topped lo .ill parta of the world. C oered wagona for rewo'iut fwaltur# W and freal u>< wuju/, t uqgjivu^fivfpd. - ' ' . \ NEV nucellisboya. \RtMiRK..nii MEDICINE. HYATT H UK K BALBAM. sill. H iulill*. Bull Rheum, Ac , Ac. flYATT'8 LIKE KA L AM it the moot certain bad safe remedy fur the muni painful and p.otracted forms of these discus* a. Alto, old ul. era, fever aures. etvslpelke, the worst rwa of impurity of the btuo<l, liver and kidneys, general debility, dyspepsia, Incipient consumption, pile*, Ac. Principal Depot, 240 (.mud struct. Beveniy-Eve cents per bottle. t r i-ovnkk'b so. %rr bowery, next to fifth I* street, uuenade Extension Top Waterproof Boots, At "ill; prime Half, lap vole, Waterproof R<a>ta, $3 90; Boots lor bremeii, superior quality. $2 90 to $3 9ll. tlllll.DKF.N TAKEN FOR ADOPTION?AI.BO KIT I beautiful children, uitlc and female, ready lor adoptlou to good home*, HI Mute. Parrelles, 319 West 12lb tt. / toXHDKNTIAL LETTER IVIHTINtl, COPYING. Ac., *7 by Mr*. EVELINE MORRIS, at Iter private residence, I'tSGr-i ne street, Ural door above Hons oil. Gentlemen. SI; ladies, 90 eeti'* Otflee hours from 10 A. M. till 4 P. M. N. B.?L"gal do< uineitis copied with or uraey And promptu cos. COAL OILB.?100 barrels, WHITE and straw colored, of the beat quality Western Illuminating t'oal Oil for in ? at W, 29 and 30 cents, by CHARLES SCUM ITT, depot No. 93 Maiden Liute. FAY'H SPANISH IIAIR GLOSS?A CLEAN. WHITE AND elegaut chemical preparation for promoting the growth, lumriance and beauty of the hoir.For areas! ug the hair, keeping it muiat and in place, and Imparting to n a rich, silky softnees and bis'hly beautiful lustre there la nothing equal to It. It la mtliktg any of the alcohol and oil prepm attnna. Sold at 29 cents a bottle, by all the priiiclpal retail druggists. Wholesale Agents, Kitchen. Tyler A Co., HI Chamber* St.; Dixon, Eraser A lla'le't, 141 Chambers street. Very liberal discount to dealers. Terms rash. Orders from reliable Itou-es, addressed to C. P. KAY, Chemist. Neiv York city, will receive attention. HIHB.IKDS FAMILY PII.LH AND CARMINATIVE Salve for sale by (?. 11 I'LL, 273 l'cail street, and by J. A. HIKH.VRD, Yonkers. N. Y. Price 29 cents a bos, with it dttuuuni by the dozen to dealers. SAVE YOUR MONEY.?A. PARKER, 295 WASHINGton street, eonier of Murray, New York, sells choice city sugar cured Hums, warranted, at Be. per lb.; host Family Soap, box 72 and &) lbs.. 5>i<v; pure Starch, box 40 lbs., 5>?o TO NOTARIES PUBLIC ?I WILL PAY FIFTY DDL' lars In any notary of this city who will resign lit my la. vor, or will give a reuaoitable f gure to be informed of a vs. cancy. Address. Notary Public, Ilcrald office. rpiIE AERATED BREAD.?READ THE FOLLOWING 1 certiorate from Dr. Willard Parker, East Twelfth Street, N. Y.:? 'I have found the Aerated Bread of superior quality in all respects. One desideratum stlniued in ii* manufacture is culire declines*. So far as I have Iteeu able to ascertain, it Is eminently healibful. inasmuch as It contains none nl the products or results of tctm'-iilaUon. WILLAKD i Aimr.ii JHaiiiiiarvnrvci ai die corner vi urtmjinc poo <i and Koiii tla Htrcrt. For sale everywhere. rilHE PATENTED TIME REGI-TKK AND W kfCH A controller?A uew, highly useful invention for cunli'AIlug watchmen sinl winknu if in large and smell Uiaiiiifac'.oi ion. WM. E. FISCHER, 78 William Hireet, agent fur the Inventor. WANTED?THE ADDKE8K OF EVERT SOLDIER IN Iho Union armv. Wo wish lo send lo ?rrry ho Idler something that will Increase bis comfort. Also Ihe address of every a tiller an.l dealer in good* for the soldier. W. II. CATELY A CO., I02 Nassau street. COPAIITNKUSH1F NOTICES. Adoli'u hammer has this day admitted as partner William t. Kyerson, and they will continue the lupines* of brewing Ale under the firm of Hammer A Co. Fousili avenue, 128th and 129th streets. Hjbi.BM, Feb. I, 1882. t PARTNER WANTED?IN A SAKE AND PKOFITAA bie cash bitslnedb, well establlsho I, to take the interest of a minus partecr?lhc business requiring the attention of t"o Interested partners. Apply to T. OAFFNBY A CO., 170 i 'balhara street. V GENTLEMAN WHO HAS A THOROUGH KNOW ledge of the real estate business, and been established - years up town, wishes to join ? person w ith a small onplial. Address E. B., Herald ofliue, staling where an interview can he had. PARTNER WANTED?WITH FROM $A,tKW TO ?10,0u0, to take an interest in a very valuable patent for an improvfunent in the propulsion of vessels or eanal boats by steam. For vessels much greater speed may be obtained with <he same power than with the common screw. For canal boats anv required speed may lie run ? Uhout producing a swell in advance of the In at, and consequently no Injury lo tUe banks, and without grounding at the stern, ss the wider Is kepi comparatively level in the canal. For interview afid particulars add i ess box 1 ,.101 I'ost ofllcc. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $4,000, TO COMMENCE A profitable manufacturing business, aei mod with patent; sale of produce unlimited and safe; profit large. Address liov 2.S73 Post ollice. fpHE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING I under ihe name of P. W.ct.ham A Co. Is this day disjo'ved by mutual consent. I'EKRY WICK1IAM. Nkw Yotur, Feb. 4, 1SG2. jan. A. BESSEY. The settlement of all e',iim? against the concern will ho iniiile by the uudcrsigned. PERKY WICK.1IAM. WANTED?A PERSON WHO HAN A SEWING MA chine, to go in p.u tuci ship with a lady who has plumy of work; alio four ladles who wish to Jesrn making pantaloons. Apply at .14 Vatidam St. ~\\J VNTKD?AN ACTltB, VOl'Sd BVSINK3S MAN, YY with $1,1*10, as iwrtuor tn sm MinblUln-'l Manufacturing Hindoo; miiic tie?il apply except tlioar williiiK to dovote llialr undivided attention to hiixinam. an the man In wanted inoi? lliHii money. H. KEKUUUON, 17 Wall mreel. wanted-a mnctmu! and icmi maw, to T? join the Advertiser in selling, on omnilsnjon and at auction, real and in aerial property. To the rivliC man a good and permanent hmtne** i oiinecJon ht offered. Address II. Bonait, bo* 19 U- r ;?M offl< o. ^ -FAVTN8X WANTED, O# PLKASIKG AI> ?J | ? ) dress, to assist in a ttrstchis-i business now pa\ ingou the average over $10h day 'leav ?n e\|>eij>i *. ] want none but a good penman, of American or English Mrth. No attention ) .?i?1 to others. Address Active, hoi 141 Herald ofiice. fefcaa to fl,00?.- an acttvb man. with this J amount, can invent it .securely and profitably as a pinner with the advertiser, in manufacturing an article I'or i|?e tt*e of st.Kliei>. M< u y can be made, and Lho invesier? an onirol I:. Hall belore 12 M , at 315 Sivtli uroiine, private entrance. PABTHER%A!ffRb, IV \ M4NU Pw?v''U, factoring business established for eighteen year*. The above amount, with an hones*, industrious man io do the. outdoor business, ? < wanted. Address C. T., No. 78 Attorney street. (f?Q AAA TO $10,000.? WANTED, WITH the above amount, to establish a munufacf nr. iii|( IiiisIiichs lor which a patent right li.vs been granted. Tint goods luamit'aeiiired are r.o Yankee i.oUorm, hut. a real staple are:te, of every ilay use, ana will yi. i i S.) per'-out. Addtv-s o^all for Mr. B,, cure of lax-kwood A Ilw,JiV, 112 Br,,.i,' vw(', a lid they will exp'niu t!i<: online of the bis'iirte*. OKXTISTHY. e a KTIKM IAL TKETH-BEAUTIKl'L SETS ON I'liHK /v ilver, only $S; <>u tine gold an.I plmina, fi'i, wri ist.ti d n h.iI lo any work lu New York. Single lortli (1. Teeib tilled and evtrarled without the lour piin. Superior bone or w hiie enamel tilling, only W rent*. e 1.18 Sixth avenue, betwieu Tenth and Elevenih mveet*. and no removal. All wort warrauts.l. DR. 1,1 THKK, Dentist. ARTIFICIAL BONE?FOB FILL!NO AND PRESERVin,; de-ayed ami aelung leeth,?Hie proprietor ol this valuable discovery will ruaotne the practice of dentistry at his roonia, 899 Broadway, tvhrro he w 111 Intro,lure the celebrated Cuban Tooth Powder, the only harmless trlkls kiionu for keeping the te^th sound and white and the puns healthy. AMTI I'D'I AI. BONK ob KNAMEL FTLMNU POkleu,lev teeih (without pain), ft'l neuta; boat artlGrtal I eih (warranted), ?Ner. $i; vulcanite. $10; pl.ujnw, $19: ' gold, $20. EatraeMug really without pain. Office removed lo No. HM Eiiat Twe ity-sei orid street. 1>M. LUTHER. Mr., Dentist (*0 years). VhR. r. A WHITE'S IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL TEltTII? It Wnole arte $.1. fli. $10, $19 end upward*; warranted in every isiint. Teell tilled tilth gold, fitleeni* to $1. All work at halt the i,lire* iba-,fed eltew her*. Office No. 13 B'lld street and 717 Arch street. Pmiadetpha. Hauno had si.\ teeth extracted without lec'.ing any pain whatever, by Dr. .?. J AY VI LI.E lit, l.diCraiid utirrt, two l lo 'iis lion. Broadway, I take great pleasure In recommending ldm aa a ear fill and skilful <l?ntiat.?Mta. 0. I .each, Morrisania. \B. HRIKKIN k UltOTIIBBM, DENTISTS, 2)7 Fl LTON street, Btooklyu, anil 3SR Orntnl street, opposite Lord A Taylor *, New York (formerly ;t7(i), have the largest and , heaped dental establishment in dm world. The) ore Inserting Tie h on their improved ?'.iiio?nlierlc plates without extracting the toots, full *cta on platina or gold, $?>; silver ?> robber, $10; partial aet* . n gold, $?.'; silver, $1. RKmCSAXTli VNEW IDliA?-?'r# AM KD OYSTERS -VARIETY IB lli?' apipr ? ?" life, l ?! wlmii 14 reaponalM* party introdu p* iniu Nov Yoi k >;liv, atit great ?jmn. flil? delicloua modp of rook uitf oya'pra, it In no*. I hi dmv of bogua conwi n* looflrr hot oyeter" i iHr public attd rail" thrni atrampd oyat?ra. Klip Amity Hoiiar, mi ner of Slilh avpiiup and Amity aurrl, anil ihP Amity M'..i N". J Broad afreet, haetUranlr I'illbl lo Hip Waalilnv'mi paten' lor thk? rlty, and oyetPta rook* il by album I'l It a'ir|| (annul bp obtained at an) oilier albb. I . B.?Cill an ) tie iliem lorlunc'.i. II M. HAMBT RECEIVED AT L1HHY'*, MO. 139 Kl'LTON STREET. another line lot ot (hlnrotoaittp Orelcra, X. H.?Tlib llne-l Blew -, K'nci and Roma In too n. Oyaiera oppnod a Ithoiil I no kink. Try tlio Ennry Ituaol and Boatnn Strwra. 11,'IIEN, IN THE I'OURBK OF HI MAN EVENTS. IT V? bpinniP" np'-p?*?iy to rat or iliink. jnal rail at No. 1 HaiyllT an-rrt nop. ait' iIip A?tor llo'iar, onp door from Biuadnay. SI'ENt'EK. WIN KB AND LliiUOBA. BOt'KHON. HI Alt ANTKED TO HE 17 TEAKS OLD. AT $4 i" r ballon French Brandy, intpoi tp*l at the present Uar. cannot la- ?o|d lor !<" * Ihun It |?-r cmJIoii, and la of doublfnl cliaiai t r a' beat. I olfnr nap Whlakpya, dlallllod froio.aplori. il Kraln. with e\erv cmBdeaoe In thplr ixirity and ronocqnant w holraoinPnaa*. and at prima In hcpoi .lance'with aao. Sample hot lira of r\.r||rnl qlmltty at 8?e. caeh. U. E. MKSDVM, Broadway, corner Cedar afreet. / 'E.vriNK PII'BB 1IE/DSICK ?I AM ENABLED TO AJI at'll tin" tv, II know n burnt of wloe at the old prion, via: Sit prr iw-kp'. I bare a'ao on hand JoH" lota af Imported tTiaiupaifiira frori $7 I" $12 per bucket. U E. MEND Hit, Broadway, cormrr Cedar "treot. COM.. BlVCKHHJT/l.x > OM. r<)lt S;. I.K LOW -OF.O. 0. I AMI: Mi. 73 M "o?i?i itvpci, Ninth turret, corner of t>mvrf?Hut, fool .>i Wt?l Tornty-t/llnt ?n>l Ti?cnt>-foulill turret*. CIOAU?ORNlTINt PF It'll ORCHARD, RRD ASH. > Lot out Mixttitciii, iiii>a<l MonniiiUr, Block Heath tint! other -lohruu-ii tvhlti- tt?h <thonM'ghly ?croen*d,at Itntt si ina-knl ptI ? ? _ Jim. Mi-HtlNAIiD. vnnl?.'HI Heir nth avenue. tviriier of Thlilv-iViuh rtrrrt, till' f tot of Tnrnfy. *l*ih street, North rlrrr. 4,1 J.H AV NOW DKLIV'BRINO Avftlfl'ERIOR P J "t". 'piallt v of Coal for family nao, tvet'l crcrnrnt ?< |l 40 p< r ton ?l 2UV lb* ; Otke l3aab?Mron; al'o Liver, ritol rffill 4 J? la net Coal, I ?."? Went Kh'+rntb atrerf Aud 151 Kiahtb ?venne. A rili4j.1TT. (ft A (Wl-BEST RKD ASH OOAI, ?p4. >* ivmrij At.if foat RoaH'li r*ntwl *11 pert haldion. Holtl by |; c iT A l.l.K. JIq. 6 Wem Jtarmtft new ??/. V YORK HERALD, WED1 , MUSICAL. u A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for sale, elegantly carved legs uud ctMt, overstrung bats, full lion plate, liued with sallnwood; bun all m?. a. u Improvements; made to order; been in una sevcu mouths ico^l $500, for $290, Including Stool and Cover. Also Parlor Furniture at great saeriiice. Imp-lire ai 70 Weal Twenty-sixth a tree I, near Sixth avenue. ALADV WISHES TO iilVK IWKHM IN MI'NIC, sluging or drawing at pupils' resideucee. Terms 26c. to 35c. a lesson. Address W. N. O., Piano Teacher, Hrra.d office. Musicians wanted.?a band ok musicians wanted for the New York steamship Richmond. Apply at the United Stoles Naval Rendezvous, No. II Cherry at. PIANOFORTES AT WAR PRICES.?WE ARB NOW selling our Pluuufortes at greatly redu?*d prices for cash. Parties wn-liing to obtain a lirst class Pianoforte' at war rales are Invited To call. LIU1JTE * BRADBURYS, 421 Broome street, N. Y. PIANOFORTE FOR 8ALB.-A SPLENDID ROSEWOOD Pianoforte, seven octave, round corners, lion Iraiiie, large fluted legs, Freuch grand action, sweet and powerful Pine; In perfect order; must be disposed f immediately. Apply at 127 Tvveuty llrst street, near Thud avenue. Will be sold for $1110. PIANO FOR SALE.?A SUPERIOR, FINE TONED, SIX octave rosewood Piano, nearly new and in complete order, will be sold at a great bargain Address A. B. C., box 174 Herald ogee. THE HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MEI.ODEON3 and Alexandre Organs, and T. Ullbert A Co.'a celebrated iEolian Pianos, are the finest instruments for parlor and churches uow in use. A large assortment nan be a en at the new warerooms, No. 481 Broadway, between Ursnd and Broome streets, which will be sold ut extremely low prices Pianos and Melodenus, from sundry makers, new and secondhand, to let, and rent allowed if purchased as per agreement. Monthly payments received for the same. Sheet Music, Music Books mid all kinds of Music Merchandise at war prices. A pianist In attendance will try new mmlfc $Q PER MONTH.-A YOUNG LADY, TEACHER OP O the l'iauoforte, would take a few more pupils at their residence or her own. Address Music, box 111 Herald ollice. <j?-l H ??WAR PRICE?FOR MY PIANO.-I WILL SELL ?3>X I tJ one most splendid rosewood Pianoforte, seven octave, extra wide scale, overstrung bass, scolloped keys, patent dampers, m arly new. $175 will buy it this week. Call at 48 Illgn street, Brooklyn. Cost $373. M ouny must be had, therefore this sacrifice. "Call early. INSTRUCTION* ^ \T O'DOWD'8 REPORTING ROOMS, H58 BROADway?Shotthaud wiitlug is taught as usual, day and evening. Persons who may ?ommenee a course of Instruciion al tliia establishment will have the neoessary facility for bccoiiigjng verbatim shorthand writers, A SPANISH I.AIO', NATIVE OK MADRID, SPEAKING the Krone I), Spanish and English tlueully, would like to instruct iu the above languages. Call at 38 Great Jones st reel. A PROTESTANT FRENCH LADY. OF GREAT EXPErience, just relumed lo New York, where she has taught many years in some of the beat families, wishes to make some <4tgagemrnt either as daily tcaeher or as resident governess in any oily uf the Union. She Instructs in Freneb, German, music, drawing, and the English branches. Would teach two hours a day in exchange for a comfortable home iu New Yurk. Best references given. Apply at Br. Christern's bookslote, 783 Broadway. A YOUNG MAN (COLLEGE GRADUATE) WOULD spend a few hours eaeh day in giving private instruction either for money or hoard; eon Id lit young men lor college. Address A. B. C., No. 63 East Twentloth street. A CARD.?MR. GOLDSMITH WILL RECEIVE PUI1LS during this week, at the nominal charges of f2 fit) for Writing and 93 for Bookkeeping, at No. 33a Broadway and No. 6 Fourth avenue. Private instruction given at either place. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. FORT EDWARD INSTITUTE, WASHINGTON COUNTY' N. Y.?Best sustained boarding seminary in the State, aeven years established, Brick buildings lor ladles and fentlumen. Sixteen teachers. Superior advantages to prepare or business, for teaching or for college. Military drill, $-'W prepays for fourteen weeks, common English brauchcs, wlili board, fuel, washing and room, furnished, except earpetsand breakables. Spring term, March 27. For circulars sr rooms address Rev. Jos. E. King. S1ERM AX-AMERICAN INSTITUTE, NO. 300 WEST VX Tueniy-second street.?The annual public examination of the pupils will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, February o anil 0, from 9)j A. M. to 8 P. M., in the Mathematical Lecture U< out of the Cooper Institute. The lower classes will be examined on Wednesday, the upper classes on Tbui "lay. As a new somi-annual term will begin on Friday, February 7. all parents who think of trusting this Institute with the education of their children by assisting at the publie examination will have the best opportunity of getting an exact idea of the character of the school and the adopted plan and method of instruction. Cirru'ars containing full particulars may be had al No. 309 West Twenty-second street, or during the public examination at the Cooper Institute. II. GERCKE, P. D., Principal. Lessons in frenoh and translations by an cxpci ioncad teacher. Addgpss A. B. ., box 143 Herald oU.t, or apply at 198 Clinton street, Brooklyu. Messrs. servatius a son, well known in New York tor many years at professors in the art oi fencing, I?eg leave to inform their patrons and the public that in connection w ith their academy in New York they have opened a Fenuing Academy in Brooklyn, at the Hamilton Buildings, 14 (.'ourt street, room 37. Particular ulleution will he given to tlie instruction of broadsword exercise and the manual of arms.. Apply at the Academy, from !> to 10 A. M. aud 6 to 9 1'. M. on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. fPHK BEST LETTER OP RECOMMENDATION IS THE JL one you v. rite yourself. A lady la now siring private instructions ! n tills vuliiable art on terms to low at to still Ulnae of the most limited means. Address D. V. C\, Herald office. DANCING ACAMUUBa. A noDWOKTH'S DANCING ACADEMIES, .'V . No. 7U4 Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-stub at., New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. OI.AHHKn?Tuesdays aud Friday* In Brooklyn. CLASSES?Wednesdays and Saturdays In New York. Circular for terms, Ac., may be had at either academy. vbuoiau ~ A MORTON?I EXCEEDINGLY KECKEC NOT REA> reiving your note till too late. Won't you please name another early opportunity, with a little more notice? I write to-morrow. VpRNANf.?IF YOUR "PERSONAL" IN THE HERALD i ol January 115 and 2<Uli, I.SC2, was intended for the gentle* man who visited Myth, on the Merrlmar, tlien a wrong person answer, d yon. Would you make a new "Personal" and sign with a name which I shall recollect. OPERA. INLKVRNTII STREET AND UNIVERSITY PLACE, TOl i day, sum and hour. Don't fail. C. M. INKED. -LETTER FOR F. I. IN GENERAL POST OF ' flee. ALICE. / vEOROB?COME DOWN FEBRUARY 5. i Nformation WA.VIKD-OF ll.t.IA SEXTON, WHO I married it printer (name imkuown), in London, uu-l came In New York a yeai and a hall' ag-\ and Inquired at ibe cmite-H m Mulberry'htr -ct for bcr|lster Satah. llcrslatet will be thankful lor any WarMiMI!u regard in hrr. Adureas Lux 174 York wile I'nst olllee. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN MAOUIRK AND ha wife Ellen, who came 10 this tnuniry about lout year* ago. Any Information will be thankfully receive.: from them by addressing a lew Ituea to Mary Cougban, ol the |iari*b of Tb Islam ram, county Ualway, Ireland, in lb. tare of Robert Br >wn, No. A Elisabeth street, N. Y. "VTARTE?WHERE WILL A LETTER REACH YOU 1 1*1 Am anxious to *?" you; new* from the "Boy." W? le.ite the i lly stion. Anawerin ibo Herald. BABY. Minnie?was oct ok town; did not receive your 1-tter In lime. Call at same hour to-day or Thine day. . CANAL STREET. ONE BOOT?I HAY E WEEN YOU TWICE LATELY, and hop r Rlcnard la himself again. I too hare t v trouble, and wain to are you. Will you be at the aalooii on Saturday! If not, answer, stating when I shall seo yon. _ OLD RASCAL OF I?. PRIVATE ?WILL TIIE LADY WHO, ACCOMPANIED by two children and nurse, In passing up FllttiaVe nue, near Thirtieth afreet, yesterday (TnraUn. . un-ruing about 11 o'elork, please rend her address In tin ;; lali-man ahe noticed iw-sing on the opposite side of the avenue, and oblige Morrrau, Union square Post ofliee. RE. H.-NOTE RECEIVED YESTERDAY, ANSWER rd to-day. Union square Post olbc- A. II. SAN FRANCISCO?THERE 18 A LETTER IN THE Broadway l'o*t i'Bl r for yon. FLORENCE M. rpilE YOU NO LADY WITH A DRAB DRESS, WITH 1 purple crinkles and purple polka sp.d?, baring a bundle iu a newspaper, who rode dow n Id a Third avenue car, about Vo'clock on Saturday morning lust, will oblige the gentleman who oirered to pay her fare (to whom she replied that she had "paid above"; by sending her address to Charles Watson, station O. "TTNIVBR8ITY OF NEW YORK."?MONDAY EVE. U Ho ilH.?Card?"See'Personals,* Ac." The donor sincerely hopes Miss Fanny will think favorably of the psups rltlon. I have often heard and admired those duel* and eolca, and alneerely wiah to make the acquaintance of one who ii io prottctent In an art of which I am a devotee. Will you pleaae lend me your addreaa; at the name time give me the privilege of calling on you, or tell tnc how a uute will reach you? You hare my reel name on the card. Addrcsi tne at 89 Ka?t Thirteenth atreel. 11TILL THE LADY WHO RODE DOWN IN AN Tv Eighth avenue car, on the 41b of February, w Ith a purple and black plaid dress, fur cape and muff, black hat, wltn red tlowera, nnd got Into a alago and got out at forilaudl ilreet, pleaae let the gontleiuau who paid In t f ire, made her acquaintance and walked down to the fern-, have an Intel view with her abe will ronler him a favor. Addiesi 0. W. C., Herald oI11ce,or aniwer through Personals. WILL THE TALL. ELEGANT LOOKING LADY, drevaetl In bla"k, who, with hcrlriend. went down Fulton aired (rom Hroadway, on Mouday alteruuon, at hairI a?t Ave o'clock, and who aeparale.l from her f rlend al Nassau. and went down on the upper aula or the aireet as far an William, where ahe aaaln Joined her friend, honor the gentleman, who walked ahead of her while ah" was alone, w ith her acqnalntaoee? A note addressed lo Mr. F. W II., liersld oHee, will lie gta'elolly received. WILL THE TALL AND HANDSOME POLICEMAN, who so fo'illcly handed a lady out of a stage near Stewarl'a, on Saturday, and remarked thai It was a "lovely morning," allow her to thank hint In person and to make hit heitcr acquaintance? A note addressed to,f. F. D.. New York Post office, will receive Irnmedlate attention. a7fl ' -MEET ME THIS DAY, IF FAIR, IF NOT, I U? lust fair day, at 12 o'clock precisely, on ihe coruei Of tlrect appointed last summer. - "27." MATRIMONIAL. Any interesting, accomplished i?rb hand tme youm; lady, wl.hlng to lorni llu" uc|naintaim-o ?t * young man endowed with aitnllar wmtfliridable virtue*, with the view to it matrimonial alliance, ran do au hy aildimr. log Henry Lcland, Sot 1,0-1 N. Y. Post other. Ayoi'iw lady. aokd 24, op l'RHrOAflEHUlXtl appearance nttd loving disposition, wmiM like 10 tin m the acquaintance "f totni' tentlrman id tn-sini, wlllm view to matrimony. Aililresa Clara MorrI*, station A, Rnrlii< st Matrimonial.-a YOUNO GENTLEMAN DEBIRINO to inatiy. tale* this in, ihod of making It known. I' is destrad that m'ulolurr* alnutld a company romnitvuli ntlnns In answer In this, au i omniiinlOBllona "tilcily cvntWeilltal. Best of retcr n c* given. -Aildrcae Albert Gregory, drntror bos 46 Marietta, ohm IV'ANTKD-A WIPE. by A DISAGREEABLE GROAN Ty fellow, ol 21 or U, wIth l)? money, noneiiit, no'litng hut oood lock". ?ny yo ing tady1 v,l*%lng to n>irir?po|)d tvi'li mv b.m addi?M U, J, t., Midtjf toWPf f**w York. * vTESDAY, FEBKUAKY 5, it LOST ASP FOUND.

BADGE LOST.-ON JANUARY 28, BADGE NO. G8, Twenty-one Engine. Th? tinder will please r< t ru the uiue to the Chief Engineer's uilloe, il Elizabeth pmil FOUND?A 00 AT THE OWNER OAK I1AVK HER BY proving property aud paying expenses by apply'"8 at ik2 Tenth avenue. Lost on si noay, kebr aiiy 2. in south Seveuth at reel, or Jersey avenue. between Graoe church and Bunk Secoad alreel, Jersey lily a lady's Gold Wai< h and (Alain. If the finder will return these articles to. the owner, 1UP Jersey ovenue, he will be liberally rewarded. Lost?on Saturday, February i, three notes, one diawn by B. Sheridan, dated July lit, 1861, at tour months, tor $95 63, endorsed by B. Sheridan; one note drawn by E. R. A T. W. Sheridan and endorsed by them, dated July 13, 1881, at twelve months, for $135, and one note drawn by K. R. A T. W. Shi-ihUn, end endorsed by them, dated November 13, 1861, at bve lnontba, for $254 37. The public are cautioned against negotiating tor the above notes. Lost?certificate no. 7.941, dated sept. s, isau, for twenty sharea of the capital stock of the Puuuina Railroad Company, iu the name of Frederick Bernal, who will apply to said company for a new certificate. A Lost.?on scnday evening. February i, a linked gold Bracelet, between 111 Orchard street Slid the Methodist church in Norfolk street, near Broome, or at the church. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by returning It to No. 181 Orchard street. I08T-ON BOARD THE STEAMER CONNECTICUT J Jan. 31, a Packet of Letters, containing a draft of fill*); utyirn nt has been stopped. The finder will please return to w. M.O., Lovejoy's Hotel, where be will be suitably rewarded. IOST-AN ACCOUNT BOOK WITH THE SAVINGS J hank In Bleecker street, hearing No. 175,656. The rind r will be suitably rewarded by reluming it to 15 Soutb William street, up stairs. Fsymeuts on said account bave been stopped at the bank. I 08r?ON SCNDAY, ON OR NEAR THE FIFTH J avenue, a Buckskin Glove, covered with fur. The fintlwn will he amply rewarded by leaving the same at 34 Union sipiare, southeast corner of Slxleeuth street. LOST-IN THE THIRD AVENUE CARS, A POCKEThook, mnrkeil 1'. K. Randolph, containing about $25 in money, notes o' hand and other papers of no value except :o the owner. If the holder of the pocketbook will return the notes, papers and book to the owner, 30 10 36 I'ark place, tbey may keep the money. T; OST?OR LEFT IN A WRONG PLACE BY MISTAKE. A J cast Iron Tube, about fifteen inches long, with machinery inside, being a model of an improved feed motion for a sewing machine; also a roll of drawings and a written apo rntlfttttnn Tlipau uro nt* r?r? na<> tucpiif (n lh? nivntir A rul leward will ho paid fur the return of the name tu I. M. Singer A Co., 4M Broadway. TOBT-IN GOING FROM SIXTH TO FIFTH AVENUE, J In Tenth street, a black thread Lace Veil. The timier will receive a unliable rcwurd by leaving it at 43 Kant Thirtieth Street". TOST-IN COMING FROM NINTH STREET AND SIXTH J avenue to Eighth street, tu Waverley plane, a blank lace Veil. The tinder will be handsomely rev* arded by tearing it at Fark A Tllford's store, corner of Ninth street and SLih avenue. OPERA GLASS LOST?LAST EVENING, BETWEEN No. 19 West Twenty-first street and the corner of Fifth avenue aud Twenty-second street, or In a Fifth avenue omnibus. The opera glass of mother uf pearl. In a ease. $10 reward will be paid uu return of the anuie to 19 West Twentyfirst street. __ REWARDS. A REWARD OF $10 WILL BE GIVEN TO THE PERsou wlio will return to lliu owner, at No. 232 Fifth arenue, the Mull' left at Hope Chape), Tuesday evening, January <8?C REWARD.-SLEIGH ROBE LOST, ON SATURDAY IP?J night. In the neighborhood ot Sullivan and Canal streets; large half-circle, dark brown color, with black i border. Inquire at 318 Washington street, corner of Franklin ?i root. REWARD.?LOST, A POCKETBOOK DIARY, CON<PU taining ten tickets and a letter of no use to any one but the owner. Ths finder will receive the above reward by bringing It to Virtue A Co., 2ti John street, up stairs. REWARD.-LOST. ON MONDAY NIGHT, THE PaJ 3d Inst., a white Horse Blanket, with red stripes, on ; the road between Iloboken and Hackensack. N. J, The ' above reward w ill be paid if left at John Waldron's livery stable. In Washington street, between First and Second Slrect.H, Iloboken, N. <1. 1*1 <) REWARD.?LOST, ON TUESDAY, THE 4TH INST., froin 12 Bond street,* two Dogn; a fawmolored Italian Greyhound; answers' to Ibe naine of Dulte;hnd a small Watch Dog, with a black spot covering one cyo; answers to the tin me of Tip. Ten dollars will be paid forthe former, and two dollars for the latter, by returning them to the above number. (fton REWARD.?LOST, FROM IM WAVERLEY PLACE, on Friday afternoon. Jan. 31, a small black and tan Terrier Slut; bad on a red and white worsted collar or band, knitted; oars cut close, rat tall, and nicely marked on feet and breoat with tan: weight about nine pounds. Apply as above. <8?OC REWARD.?LOST, ON TUESDAY MORNING, I about 10 o'clock, a brown morocco Pockctbook, containing $130 in bills. Any one who will return it to Ml Eighth avenue will receive theabove reward. HOITNKN, ROOMS, Ma TO LET. ! A STOKE TO LET-IN BROOKLYN. WITH AI'ARTI J\. inents or separate; formerly kept as a grocery: titled ,n I in the best manner. Kent low. Inquire of T. fiEASLEY, corner of Broadway and Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. A PLAINLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AND BBDi'V room to let, with convenience for keeping house. For terms apply ut 283 West Twenty-fourth sti-eet, near Ninth nvenue. IiH'RKLSIIKD ROOM AND TWO BEDROOMS TO LET? J? on second tloor, front, suitable for housekeeping; a Rood opportunity for those tired of boarding. Terms only per week. Including gas. Cull at '.Hi West Tu cnly-llflh street. JilOR RENT?THE TWO STORY*ATTIf! HOUSE NO. 121 Houston street, between Thompson and Sullivan streets. In complete order, with all the modern improvements. Piesession Immediately. Apply to UDOLPliO WOLFE, No. 22 Beaver sin et. Handsomely furnished apartments.?aprivatc family liavo unexpectedly the Second Floor to rent, the party o copying It for tbe last eighteen months having decided on housekeeping. For particulars apply al No. Ill Lexington avenue. References required. Hotel to be let.-the well known stkvens House, corner Bniadwa and Morris street, may now be leased; possession Immediately ;tlie furniture in the house may be purchased on uio-t advnntngeoi a terms. The hotel is being painted ?n<l repaired throughout. None need apply tv ho have not. a cash capital; ultv relerenees required. Apply lo HEWLETT A TORRANCE, d Bowling Green, or lo HOMER MORGAN, Pine street. House to let.?tiie first class three story brow ii stone House l.v> East Thlriy-fourth street; wide alreel and good location; will lie rented from Mar 1 at the low rent ot gout. Apply to TAi LUU A 11 now N, No. -? Greenwich street. House to ijst-in eighth street, between Filth anil Slyth avrnura, to a private fa-nilv or for [ boarder*, with immeiliate poaneaalon; hottar four atoriea with ?U modern Improvement a, acil recently put in complete ! repair Iht oujliont. Apply to JAMES NEILL, IIS Fourth , atieet. STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET?laROE and small ruouia, well lighted. Potsaeaaion Immediately. Ap| ply at 499 Water street. STORE, BASEMENT AND CELLAR OP NO. 18 SPRUCE atrcot to let, each lloor aliout 90 feet deep., with ttrc-proof vaults: Jo.-atlnn very doalruhle for p iper, leather or other trade. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 899 Hudeon atreet. rLEf?TWO LOPTS. FIRST AND SB OOND STORIES and cellar of the huge brck Store In First atrrut, Wil Itamnhurg, one uilnuLe'e walk from the Grand atreet and Rooaevelt atteei rert lee; eDe of building 2Si6t?: auibibte for manufacturing or atorage. Inquire of ANDREW IIARM AN, corner of Sixth and South Sixth slreeta, or at the offlue of , the Brooklyn Ferry t'onirany. a TO LET?FOR A TERM OF YEARS, THE MANSION Hnuxe of General Striker, with one or five acrca of laud, ! allua'ed on I lie hanka of the Hudeon itvcr, at the f'C of Ftfty-accnnd atreet. The premtaee are beautifully coveted with line ON foreat tnea. Inletauetaed with romantic toada and pallia, and u large garden filled with the flneat and rareit flownra end cbotceat irult*. Be hauaa te eSoekWililklng nineteen bedroom*, kitchen, bathroom, Ac.; on the preuilaca are all the nereeaary outhnuaea and grrenbuuae, bathing hoitae, Ac. The Eighth and Ninth Avenue rara run to the pretnUea every lew idniiira, day and night. The place la well calculated for a boat ding honac or lager bier fab on. Inquire ol General STRIKER, Or Ma agent ou the premlaea, Elny-eeeontt alreet, aear lludaou river. TO LET-STORE 419 THIRD AVENUE, NEAR T1IIRty-firat atreet, under the Matot Building, with lootai for famtlv. A tenant who can a' t aa janitor to the building preferred. Addn a? J. O., box SJM ruet office. fPO LET?THE TWO STORT AND ATTIO BRItIK X Dwelling lloiiae 311 Llapenai d etreet. Poaaeaawn ininie. dlately. Rent9.H0. Apply to B. M. STILWELL, II Cham[ bera atreet. TO LET?AT NO. 10 ELEVENTH STREET. FOUR doora writ of Broadway, a Baaement auliable for a pity1 aielan: alio two litrnlabcd Roonia on the pecond floor, with ' or without Board, with nil the modem improvement*. TO LET-FIRST CLASS SToltF,, 371 PEARL STREET, or ran be naed for manufacturing purpoaea and ateam power hud ll required. Apply to D. HAW LEY, 42 Pine atieet. TO LET-ON ONE OF THE GREATEST THOROUGHfurra in the city, a neut little Store, adapted to uny Hal.I hnalnean, wilh Dwelling attached; Baaement alao If dcalted. Rent to anil the llmea. Inquire of McCAULEY, money broker. .Yt Chatham it reel. TO LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT houae, 189 Tenth avenue, cotitalnlng modem Improve. ' nient", excellent neighborhood, juat painted anil in good order, between Twenty-an ond and Twenty-third atreetg. Poaaea-ion Immediately, suitable lor one or twufamillea. Apply to L. B. CHASE, 429 Fifth avenue. ItO LET?THE FOUR LOFTS OF STORE NO. 101 CIIAMbera alreet; will be let low to a good tenant; the location la one of the beat and moat rentral in New York. For tirma inquire on ihe pn mlaea, of JOHN D. LEWIS. TOLETORFORSALE-A LARGE LIQUOR STORE IN the Fourth ward; first late stand for ameer* and liquor. Apply to Titos. UAFFHKY, 170 Chatham street. TO LET OR LEASE-A FIRST RATE STAND FOR A hlneksmith or Wheelwright or fed more. Just west of Seventh avenue, In Nlneteenili slrret, north side. Rent low. Apply to JAMES K. MORGAN, 78 Dey street. TO LET OR LEASE?STORE NO. 2.1 HKEKMAN street, Baaemeiu and two upiwr Lolls, building ftxlUO; pov?"?-lon jilven Immediately. Apply to HUUUI'IEIIE k THKHAl'D, M Cedar street TO LET OH LK.VE?THE TWO STttRY AND A1TIO briek Humes, iftl Washington and 8t? Walts streets. Apply at 97 Water street. TO LET tut LEASE?THE FOUR STORY BRICK Hons', with Stnl>lc<, No. tfJ Houston street, near Broadway. In perfect order and with modi rn Imriovetnents. Apply in CHAS, E. MILLS, MUoilsi street, rpo LEASE?FOR A TERM OF YEARS, IN A FASHIONJ. ahlr aim central location, a lint rise* double, SO l-y (ft, well ada|ue>l for t? rluh or anv puldle Institution. Address J, W , by* 119 IInralrl oflh-e, tor ,en daj s. rpo RENT?THE THIRD FLOOR. IN ROVBB RO M ,'-'otirlll avenue, near Thlrty-sq-oul sirei I: I a'li, g*s. 4- , 0. l it?'re Mrnt.. AyiyW^VtlH'U 111, U H Itiuisul ,<v . 4 162. BO\RDinO AND I.ODUINO. A PLEASANT promt room to let-with PAR- V tlai Board at 21 Writ Twenty-second street. J A FEW SMALL FAMILIES, DES1ROIs OP -lit 1 tatlins their eipoii?--e tor the winter, ran -team now y j furnished R >*ouis, w 1 li all out,.nieuces for housekeeping, -?l the private family hotel, llo Mantongal street. . AT 122 NINTH STREET, A TEW DOORS WEST OF ; Broadway, a gentleman and wife or angle gantleui.u / ran obtain pleasant Rootna, with Board The bouae coulaiua the modern iniprovemeuia. A FEW HINOLE OR MARRIED GENTLEMEN CAN ^ have full or partial Board in a private family; a deal table location lor business men; itanvt -ulent to and weal of Broadway; refercuoca exchanged. Apply al 124 Spring I artel. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY OR TWO GENTLEMEN ' can rind Rnorna in a email private family, with lull . Board: house convenient to all ear*, ?iage?, bin a step Hutu Brttudw ay. Apply at Ad Weet TLlity-scroud alreet. A PLAIN AMERICAN FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO ! obtain a gentleman or lady to Board or Lodge; there are no other hoarder*. Tenna moderate. Call at Mr*. BOSENDALE'S, 131 L'iiaiieaatieeL A SUITE OF WELL FURNISHED ROOMS TO Utt. wnii full or partial Board, to fainilie* or eiiigle gentlemen, in a lamlly where a few boarder* of the tlr*t respectability are taken, lmiulre at 160 Eaat Fourteenth alreet. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR SINGLE GENllenicn. ran have nicely furnished Room* with Board I In a private house. Dinner at six o'clock: houae ilrat < laa*. Reference* exchanged. Apply at 122 Ninth alreet, between Univerally place and Broadway. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE AND SINGLE CRNlleniru can be baudxoiuely ac-'ouiinodated at 64 West ; Eleventh hirert, helwei-u Uulvcrally place and Fifth avenue. ; Location and Room* very deairahle; Hi at class. Reference required. ' A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE GERMAN FAMILY, without children, will let a choice of handsomely fnr- i iiUliod Hiirniit. with Ilniartl st m-ivitu* (nhl? n. h <?..?! ' English spoken. Apply m 48 East Bleecker street, ucar Broadway. A LADY, A STRANGER IN THE CITY, HAVING A nice house, would like t.i llnd some parties that would advance $200 10 63tO, and receive Board nud Instruction In French, Spanish and music In exchange, or would lot u suit of Rooms, without Board. Address, with real name, Mrs. Claiisa, Lniou square 1'ost office, tor three days. Artrk tly private family would let a furnished Room, Willi Board, to one or two goutletnetl. Apply at ill East Eighteenth street, near Third avmue. I FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN FIND PLEASANT A Rooms, (villi Board, in the lirst elans house, No. lit! Fourteentli street, between Fifth avenue and University place; dinner at ti o'clock; references required. ATTENTION?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR TWO J\. single gentlemen ran obtain very desirable Rooms, with good Bourd, lu the house of a family from New England, where home comforts tuny he realized, at prices to mul the times. Apply at 156 East Twenty-third street, between Second and Tnlrd avenues. A WIDOW LADY. LIVING ALONE, WOULD TAKE A gentleman and his wife to Board, or two young ladles. Apply at No. ti Prince street, near Bowery. A FURNISHED PARLOR TO RENT-TO ONE OR two gentlemen, at $2 per week, tire included; or would rent a Parlor and bedroom to a gentleman and wife, at 92 .HI. House private, no boarders. Grand street. East of Boivery. Address M i s. Cnrucnder, station B Post ofilce. A FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR TO LET-WITII Board, to a lady or gentleman, or a front and hack Parlor, with all the modern improvements, lu a private family, at 68 King street, near Varick. A SMALL PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON THE SECOND Hour to let, to a gentUman, with or without Breakfast. Family small and private. Call at 47 West Twenty-seventh street, near Bn a lwuy. AT NO. 6 BREVOORT PLACE. l'ENTII STREET, three doors weat of Broadway?Very desirable K< o ils, en suite or single, on the lirBt and second floors, with Hoard; house recently taken and newly furnished, rontiining ail Imptovements, Terms very reasonable. A call Is solicited. ttererencea required. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM, IN A PRIVATE bonne, to let, to a respectable party, with or without Board. House lu a central location, having gas, Ac. Apply at 398 Broome street, near Broadway. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, WITH BOARD, AN elegant suit ot Rooms,with or without pr.e lege of kitchen, to a muall genteel lamily: loc.llou good; house with modern improvement*. Apply at No. 'Ml West Twelfth alreet. Reference required. A PLEASANT PARLOR AND SIDE ROOM, ON second door, at 763 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth street*, to let, to gentlemen, furnished; house bus modern Improvement* and In a pleasant location. Trims moderate. A NICELY FURNISHED SECOND STORY FRONT KOom to let?to a gentleman and lady, or tingle lady ; Board for lady only; large pantry, gas, hath, Ac. Apply at 125 Uroune street, between Prince and Houston, alter ten A. M. A LARUE FRONT ROOM, WIT1I BEDROOM ADJOINlug, furnished, to let, together, for $1 per week or separate it denied. They have urge pantry, grate can, Ac.; family small and private. Call at No. 17 St. Luke's plan-, Lero.v street, near Hudson. Dentist. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYINO THEIR < own house, |u a desirable location, wish to rent to a party of two or Hit-o, a handsomely furnished Suit of Rooms, with Board. Cars and stages leave the corner for every jWrt of the city. Inquire at 71 West Thirty-second street. Board -a private family will let to two single gentlemen or a gentleman and wife a large, ham'aome back Parlor, to be furnished with rosewood furniture, and a sin-tie Room on second tloor, to a gentleman, in a hrst f!w limn n none house, containing all the modern improvement*. hjenouHMltf boarding homes, ami who desire the comforts of n limine, thi* oHVisjt miu opportunity. Terms Tnodcrate, .mil rpfercneeo exchanged. No. 70 Ea-t Twenty.seventh street, near Fourth avenue. Board-front room, with boiriv for man ami wile or slngl.- getith man, at 71 Macuuugal atrei t, 8\ Clement's place. Dinner m ti. Boaiid.-a lady wishes to find a person who would loan lit r $100, for which security will lie slits mil a mo rl gaga on fqrwilwnii loeMtM pleasant, aaar the Bow hiy Bo ird very cheap and good. A man and wife, wiih odd or two children preferred. Address box 171) Herald oliice, Board.-a second story front room (Kitrlilslfc-d) to be let, with Hoard, at 47 B ut Eleventh street, between Fifth avenue and I'niversiiy place. References exchange,h Board.?handsomely furnished- rooms, to let, w lib lire and gas, at low prl?s. Board tor lailic* only, at XFI Sulliven street, r.eer Aiullv. Board in twenty third street?a front Room, wilh Bedroom adjoining, for two, $S; one, $t>. single Boon, $5. Family private. Apply in tne bakery, 135 Ninth avenua, lictween Ntiieieentli and'twu ntietli streets Board in twenty-third street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues,?One or two gentlemen who desire a plcesanl l.otoe c.iu liavc excellent acenminodallons in a private family. Addtrst O. w. C., box 3,31)7 Boat office. Board wanted-a youno gentleman and wl'o desire a lurniahed Room, wilh Board, Ore, gas, .te., with a family where there arc tew Imarders; the geutlemun will be absent from dinner (at aix) three afternoona each week; terms about *? par wick, paid in advance; locii- I lion between Ninth and Twenty-third street* .and Third and Sixth avenue*. Addles*, wilh partkulars, Kenton, Herald ottl'-,,. Board wanted-by a yovno lady, in a pri. vate family. Teims not to excaed $3 per Week, Location ceutml. H lettuces exchanged. Address M. l., station D, Bible Home. _ Board wanted?by a gentleman and wife. Location must be between- Twenty-sixth and Thirtyeighth Miet-U and Madi-an and Slsth avenues. No objection hi a private raniily. Address A. B., Herald office, staling terms. llelerences exchanged. Board wantbd?for a gentleman, wife, child (l?o J oat s old) snd servant, a Koouv with Bed loom adjoining. Item t en Fourteenth and Twenty eighth streets; alto a Boom for a gentleman and wife. Address A. H., I ox 160 Herald office. Board wanted-by a you no lady, in a privaic family, widow preferred, location between Bleaeker not otrei $4, tin lading Are rt cuntj' and Hundaya. Addrrea H. I.., box I0U Herald <>Ui- e. Board wanted in Brooklyn-south ok mon(ague 'lied, by a JOMM man; i -nu- tntt?t be moderate. Addreaa, giving lull particular^ bieakfaatand dinner hour*. M. Chtiivnill, Biooktyn I'ua' olBee. Board w asted in hrooklys-by a young gbkileniun, In n | rlvatc laml'y, convenient tv Pnlt<>n or Wall street retry. Ban of reforr nca given and required. Addre * for two daya,aiming termr, win- h unit be mode i ate. Ptallo, Herald ofltce. Boarding?from *1 to (i per w bex-well Inrniahed Kooma and good Board, at ISA twenty-fourth ItTWt, ooitbraar . gqgf || Eighth MMHU. Boarding.?a cmrbrfcl front room, either with or wlibout a bedroom attached, ran be obtained, ai a reasonable pi ice, at No. 61 Weal Twenty-eighth atra't, I*. tween Broadway and Sixth avenue. A!?o, a good alzad alngle Ranin. Brooklyn board.?a handsomely furnished second e lory front Room to let, to a couple, lor $12 per week; aI?o third atory front Room foi IP; geiitiemrii $;t JH tier week. llotMd atrhitly Oral olaaa. Lo- alien rt,nrentent to Wall and South ferrtea. Add real A. P., box I ,#37 I'oat ?fll-e. Board in Brooklyn?at 79 Columbia street. One I'arloi and Bedroom, on aetoud iloor. Apply ai above. Seierenrn required. Board in Brooklyn?ror one or two gentlrmen, in a private latnlly. Bafen-uar re,|ulred. Apply at 6l' Hoyt at reel, Bret honae below Dean atteel. Board on Brooklyn iikiohts.-a few pleaeant Rimmt, with lire and g#?, can be obtained by applyIngat sb. 4 Willow atrret, near Fulion and Wall -trert fen tea, Tet ma moderate. Brooklyn hi;kin is-to let, with hoard, a very plca'aut Irou. Room and Bel mom on i-ond Hour, In a gentleman and wire ?r lo alngle gentlemen, at No. 8 Pop. lar atreet.wlibln throe tniniiiae walk of lutou Carry and eight if Wall alreet. Brooki.yn tiEMtirs?tuo Columbia street, river ide.?A geiilu man mid wile or iwu tingle gemlemen ran b^aoeommodntcd with Hoard and Kooma, tingle or In anil, in one of Ilia lineal :o 11 Inn a In Brooklyn, between* Wall and Piillou ferrlet, Dinner at 6 o'clock References required. Brooklyn bbiohtb -to let, wtm board.two |ilr??ani rootna, in a gentlrniau and win- or two gentlemen. family in.all. lex .nioii pi-Meant, Call al V T1' |-'Ar rrert, throe intitule*'walk iront Kullo'n lerrr. Refer" >:M etahanged. IAIRST CLASS BOARD?WITH ROOMS. PURNI8HED or it nl in n alied, can in- o'euin-d foi a ueiitirmau mnl hla \\ Ifn or two aiiigle genii men at IM Weal Tw elfth at reel, near SIMIt Hventie; tiie ia newly fmn sited and neighborhood li lit clnas. I n-'X- option title refarettee given and required. IiH RXIStlED ROOMS-PART OR TIIK WHOLE OP . ilir .sn tiO'l PIum iti >t Hot ?!? ** (Mtjvcttlftii "? < m* aifvl Hri-triiray ma?*4, ntll h>* l"t frMoimWr fo or ini?it? ; bnuklAH li "?|1 H ociK'iiL, Aultftbw lor I no. lor a oDht; Imnlliin tery shir. Apply on tho 140 Vkto UltJRVfS usHi^tlWHtflMmt 3 BOARDING AND LODGING. b-UMILJKS DESIRING TO LIVE RETIRED IN A FKL 1 va.e family, bouae drat elaaa, cau have an entire bo >nd Floor, with modern cunvenieucea, and handsomely f.t*. ilslied, with private table, by calling Immediately at id Weal * 'w.nty-aeooud aueet. LNRENTH BOARD?FRENCH LESSONS -A c.OOD ?P P p.rlunity to b arn Kivm b by au<l living in tba ion. itu.l among the family uf a I'.iririau French teacher, ipply at <J8 Eaal Twenty sec .ml atreet. IJU KNIdUED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN, HEATED F AM Broad w. y Opposite St. Nicbob Hotel, (i to $3 per week. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?80mb AS LOW AS tl iier week. Flie and breakiaat can be bad If required. it ISu Mott .tree), three dn.n a above Broome. Stage, ami ar? convenient to all part, of the city. Furnished rooms to let?without board in a private Frem h family; bo ae eon tan a all the imk ieru improvement*. Apply at 3d Weal WuabiugCou place, hear Sixth avenue. lilUKNIHIIED KOOMS TO LET-TO LADIES or oem. A Uaaaaa,atdt7Canal aticrt. Apply tor three daya* Furnished room ro let.?a la roe room thaT would atr-nnimodate two .ingle gentlemen to be let, wltli or with .nt Board, at 61 Bleeeker aireei. Bath, gaa, Ac. Kelereu. ea required. /^IPNTI L'Ul'W TIPn /an vitnun ..natmr niitvu ma* innLt UMiLE>i.n UM U be accommodated with pleasant Roomsand goo.I Boat<?, by applying ut l&l Whit.- street, one dour cunt of Broadway. Terms reasonable. References required. Hotel julian. 7?7 broadway, corner oh1 Ninili street.?Kirat clans aecointftodatiuna for fkinl.e* and gentlemen ai moderate prices; meala at ail hours, and terved In room* If desired. Table d'hote at 6, Hun'layi at & >'clock. French, Spanish and Gorman spoken. Hotel lodgings.?clean single rooms, prow $1 At), $1 29 and SI per we ek, or 29c'. per night, at tha Uanhat'.un House, 29 Centre street, one block front t htj Hall park. Strangers will Uud tlila a qu at, eomfor'.ablfl ,'lace tO tdop St. Handsome furnished rooms tolet?togent!< men und their wives, or to single gentlemen, In a prM rule house, suitable fur houaekerning. Inquire at 90 Princd treat. M. STEPHENS, House Agrut. Neatly furnished rooms may be had either with or without Boatd, at 116 West Eleventh streets between Filth and Sixth avenues. Neatly furnished rooms?suitable for Htnglo gentlemen, or married couple keeping house] gas, bath, Ac.; terms low. Apply at No. M Third avsuue, he* I ween Tenth and Eleventh streets. Now vacant?a parlor, on the first floor, with ?T without Board, for a lady or gentleman; terms moderate; alao Hugh- Rooms; all the modern Improvement*; in the house of a widow lady. Apply for one week a! 32 Went Houston street. Rooms, with board?for a gentleman and wife or for two gentlemen In the ftrst class English basement house, No. 1.2-13 Broadway, between Thlrty-llrst and Thirty-second streets, having all tfie modern Improvements. References exchanged. Apply us above. South brooklyn.?to let, a pleasant suit ok Rooms, on -econd door, in a huudaoinely f mushed house, close to the South ferry, suitable for a small family or a parly of gentlemen seeking a comfortable home. M private ta>ds If dt sired. Apply at 96 Congress street, four doors west of lleury. To gentlemen.?a small private family de tres to let, without Board, to a gentleman, a neatly Iurulshed, comfortable Room and Pantry, with u>e of batlx room adjoining. Apply at 148 West Houston street, corner of Macdougal. To let?a furnished room, suitable for A tuau and Lis wife or two single men, at 45 KlringtoD street, third lloor. To let?with board, a handsomely furnish. ed back Parlor, first Moor; also, front Parlor, with email Room, on second Uoor, and single Room on I bird floor, at 117 West Houston Street. Reference exchanged; first class house . ii'all street ferry.?an agreeable private m famtlv deriro to let, furnished or unfurnished, two Rooms, Willi Board, to a family or single gentlemen. All modern improvements. Charges reasonable. Apply at 4H Joralctnon street, Brooklyn Heights, near Wall street and South ferries. WANTED?A COMPETENT PERSON TO BOARD TWO children, need two and three tears. Terms must l>a very moderate. Addiess M. M.. Herald office. ?1 TO $3.-A SINGLE GENTLEMAN OR A PARTY OP PJ_ three or four can find pleasant front Rooms fll a pre vale family, with tire, gas, ge? at the above prices. Partial Board If required. Apply at 114 Charles street, corner Hudson, over the drug store. 6 BEA< H STREET.-A LARGE, PLEASANT, FPRNTSHed Room, suitable for a gentleman and wifefal?o n small Room for a single person, with or wltl o it Board. Terms moderate. Apply ua shove. n WEST 2GTII STREET, A FEW DOORS PROM Broadway and Fifth avenue stages, coup e or three Rooms, separately or togetl er, to let, with Board, to a family without children or gentlemen. References required. 07 WEST THIRTIETH STREET.?ONE OR TWO Si: Of leci families and Ihree or lour gentleini n eau nou bw accommodated with suits or single Rooms in ono of the ii.osS delightful location* in the clly. 7Q SPRING STREET, THREE DOORS FROM BROADf t7 way.?War prices.?To let, several htndsiiingly lutniahed Rooms, to single gentlemen; location near all the lint elasa hotels and places of amusement; reading room nee. Inquire of ANSON HOUSE. (to GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING.?ALSTON e/O House.?Elegantly furnished Sulla of Rooms. Gas. Croton and every convenience lor housekeeping enaemka'ly. Particularly auiiable for amall, rcupwiuble famines m-lngle getiilemeu. Rent low to permanent tenants. 1 G/l PRINCE STREET-WASHINGTON HOTEL, NEAR .LvMJ it roadway. Fonlhed Rooms to let, lor gent.'f. nu n and their wlvea, or single ladles or gentlemen, wuh ot without lioard. Terms modern'r. F. SPIER. | ?LL> PRINCE STREET ?ST. CLAIR HOUSB.?RLEXtJU gautly furnisoed Rooms, witli Bedroom* attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, including gas and Cro:ou water, to let to respectable families or single BLREOKER STREET, BIX BLOCK8 WEST OF ) Broadway, a new house, with all the modem tm- < proveinenia; flaunt Kmnia. with excellent Board, Loos f.125 to $.1 per week. Breakfast from 8 to9; dinner i t 125? sud 6. m G ELM STREET, NEAR SPRING.?PUHNISHKfS Alv Apuriments for Immediate occupancy. The low-si rents In the city, considering the conveniences tor economical housekeeping. Best twfldlng and furniture, with range, cooking iiicnsila and linen eoinnletet aas and Croton. POLITICAL. Notice.-a meeting of tub members of tito People*' Union A?wx iatliu of the Nineteenth war I will be held at Robert Huwuc's real estate office, 731 Third in nine, near Forty-ninth sireet, on Wednesday evening, February 5, at 7 o'clock. A full and punctual attendance ta requested, a* business of Importance will cutne before 11,u meeting. By order ot the Kiecauve Committee. 8. newell, Chairman. Of ST WARD.?A REGULAR MEETING OF T1IE Dl'.NOoil eratlc Republican Want Committee, of the Tweu'yHrat ward, will be held on Wednesday evening, Feb. 6, !?(& at o'clock. Ky order of H. r. CARR, Chairman OkOBCC RrAMDOM, I R. C. UKaatm. > Secret arlea. CLOTOUFO. A LARGE ORDER.?$14.0110 WORTH OF CAR* OFF 1V. Clothing. Car|*t*, Furniture and Jewelry wanted foe the Western and California markets, Lad lea and tanlirase.t having any to dispose of can receive 80 par cent more lhaa by any other dealer In the city. Call at or address H. Minw, 179 Third avenue, near Seventeenth street. Ladles a'*aa<!e4 ? by Mrs. Mint/, 179 Third arcane. AOREAT QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHINt* wuuted, Furniture, Carpets, Jewelry, he , to supply th<i Western market, I pay aa follow*:?For 811k Drases*, iwnu $12 to $011: Coata, man $10 to $*) Fast*, from $3 tn$k Ca'l on or address A. Ducas, No. 218 Seventh avenue, between Twenty .fourth aad T? enly-flflh streets. Ladles sttended to by Mrs. D. Attention, ladies and gentlbmen.-i have Just received $4,000 lo purchase cast off Clothing, Furniture and Carpets for the California market. I do promise to pay the highest price in the city by calling on or addressing a note to K. MINTZ, 137 Sfith avenue, two doors above Tend street. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Mats. Remember, 111 Slit It avenue At the californian and WESTERN agency Store the highest price can be obtained for ?a*l off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. For Silk Dresses, rn>m $8 in $'15, lor Coats, from $2 to $10; for Pants, from $1 AO to $e. A note addressed H. Harris. 353 Bowery, opposite Orchi. Jon? s street, will be punctually attended lo. Ladles at'.end< I by Mr*. Harris. A HOOD TIME COVE AT LAST.?TO LADIES A Nil gentlemen.?The best price* given for cast off Clothing Corp*t?. Furniture, Ac. 1 twy as follows:?B lk Drome* f runt $12 to $4't : coals, Iroot flu to $15; pants, from $*! $'* Please cull on or addrra* m., 212 Seventh aveat a, near Tarn ty-uttr in mrrri. Ijiuiv iiripin-11 m vj airs. m. A DEMAND.-fli'VO WORTH OF CAST OFF CLOTH iuk, < ?r|n u, Koran hit and Jrwrlry wanted, for whl.-li ihn mnii valor an !? obtained. by tailing on oraddrraalm K. II.. 711 Slxili avenue, near Wivnif) place. ladln a> tended by Mr?. E. II. FlcaOr rvinembor and lry7fSI*'li amui. A POSITIVE PACT.?LADIKS AND OKNTLEMBM. D rnu want to get the full valor for/out caat off t'lothlnr. Piirnltu^p, Carpcta and Jewelry. the be.t you aiu 4o la 'a rail or lend a note to A. IIAHKIS, ,WI Third arenue. between Tlilrty-eighth and Thirty ninth Mr.t la, raat aldo. Ladlcoai tended lit Uy Mr. Hani*. AT 193 SEVENTH AVENUE. LADIES AND OBNTI.F mm ran ritapn** ot tin li t aw nil Clothing, Carp*)*, Pnrnlnirc and Jewalry I guarantee to pay flfty par on mnr.t than any olhrr dealer in tin* tit*, aud not to oe hut bugged by n-eat puff* and f*l*e I mender#. Pkaee roll on or aiclrri* J. Anha't. IA'2 grveulh art one. Oelwe.n Twentieth and Twrniy-Orat atreeu. Ladle* atlrndod by Mr*. Anhal*. AI.KEAT DEMAND FOB CLOTHING, FURNITtTBB, * Carprt*, Ar?Ladlr* and gentlemen ran ra?**ire lb* lolInwIngpiiiT* ? Kor allk dreaae* from $9 to SOU; for toal?, from g. In $19; for pani*. from $t l > $0. by calling <*n or ail drrMing by poet M Abraham*. *11 Son nth areaue, betwonv Twentr-Bflh aud Twenty-aiuh alfeetr. I<adla* aitcndod to by fern a. ' VT THE OLD STAND. NO. 194 SEVENTH AVENUE KZKKIKI. aimr.itilt" * ' ? r <> 'l" l?*'!o Ong prleoo for ladle*' and fruu' Caat Off Wearing Apparol, Carpeto, Pit nili.rt*. Jewelry. Ac.?Plum $7 to fftft rttr Mth^ Dreaaeai from Mtnttlor Irom fl to ror rants. ?,srp*$?t Ktimlttim. Iry, Ac., A*"Vf? }$$* *51"*- A not# by l>,ot'mllt' lieniletl to l?? fcABKIfcU, 134 Seventh at.. lino, Vtween Nineteenth ?nu Twentieth elree!*. Lhdler hI tended to bjf Mr?. It. A SPLENDID OPPOKTrNITV.-LAOIBh AND OP.N t'emen "l New York ond rklnlty ran procure the hhtheM re eh | r r lor their an off Oullita/, Put nitnre, Outnt?, A' . hv "tiling on or inMreenln* Sr?, 7. Gnttgteln, M Seventh *ti nitc. Ucntl m n attended by Mr. 44oI<IkIi In. ? , II IKRIN' STORE, BO. IN NF.\ KNTII AVRJttB? /\ L?db ? ? '! cewleeiStt call reeelee the foUnttlng pne. ? In* the i' i ?ft off t In h iiu.t'u p I*. Furniture and Jewelt, l or Silt Drrnenr, |n til ft to ? (I; for I'oeit, from ft to |JU; I'm!,, Irom $| io fit. | , II VIIIIIS Kid Bctenii lv< aw', letdle, itlti mled lo h> Mr*. lluiria. \ T TilK SEW STAND. TX\ THIRD AVENI'E, LADIES JV ?n I (reiWIetnenriin iteeiire the full mine forth* Ir ??t oil O.ntliluit, bjr calling on or addreeein* t,\ JACOBS, fed Third iividm**'1 <Bt;-f9UfTh flrvejf e

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