Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1862 Page 3
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? &>% a 66; Hadson River, J?% a %; Har- | 14% a %; do. preferred, 29% a 30", *^4 a %; Michigan Centra), 49% Michigan Aeethern and Northern Ind)anou a y. ,?0 guaranteed, 41 a %; Panama, Vl3 a 114; Illinois Central, 67 a 57; Galena an^ Chicago, #6% a 67; Cleveland and Toledo, 4\% a 42; Chicago and Rock Island, 63% a %; Pnicago, Burlington andQuincy, 1% a %; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 19% a 20%; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 105 a 100; N?W York Central 7's, 1676, 102 a?; Erie third mortgage bonds, 03% a 94; Michigan Central 8's, first mortgage, 99 a 100; Illinois Central bonds, 3*. 92 a 93. The inexcusable dilatoriness of Congress in lc gialating for the financial crisis will very soon devolve upon the Treasury Department a choice between leaving our armies unpaid or issuing paper money without previous authority from Congress. It is understood that the floating debt of the government at the present time amounts to something like $120,000,000, and it is being increased at the rate of a million or two per day. If Congress continues to waste time in listening to the commonplaces of ignorant members, like Messrs. Morrill and Conkling, it may become a necessity for Mr. Chase to issue Lis paper prceweiy aw tnougu the measures be has asked for had been passed. Since the war broke oat the public safety on more than Be occasion has compellcd the President to assume the responsib.lity of transcending the constitutional limits of his authority, and in every instance the people have justified and applauded the act. In this very financial matter, both the government and the banks arc now pursuing a policy in direct violation of law, but which has been forced upon them by imperious necessity. Though a federal law requires the United States to pay their debts in coin, Mr. Chase does not protend to do so, but pays in paper; and though the constitution of the State of New York lot only prohibits suspensions of specie payments by banks, but forbids any authorization f such a measure by the Legislature, yet it is, nevertheless, a l'aot that our banks have suspended specie payments, and arc now in a state of suspension. Laws, in truth, always bend to the hu perior logic of events. It is idle to expect laws to be obeyed in times of great public peril, when Buch obedience would involve general injury. The people of the United States at this moment liavo ene, and only one, object in view, and that is the suppression of the rebellion. Whatever stands in the way of tho attainment of that object?be it law, be it State constitution, or be it constitutional restriction?will go to the wall and be trampled under foot. And, as the great difficulty which at present embarrasses the government in the task of suppressing the rebellion is the money question, the people will hold the Executive harmless if it choose to take the responsibility of acting in this money matter as the exigency requires, without regard to the previous sanction of Congress. Tho anny cannot wait to be paid; honest men, who have sold goods to government, cannot wait until factious members of Congress have ventilated their financial Inexperience. By and by, when the rebellion is pnt down, the people may kavc patience to listen to and refnte the reasoning of theoretical financiers. There is no time now for anything of the kind. It would be far better for the conntry, and far more agreeable to the wishes of the people at large, for Mr. Chase to begin at once to issne his paper, and pay bis debts in it. trustinir to a future ratification of his acta by Congress, rather than protract the present fatal period of delay, inaction and uncert- inty by awaiting the issue of idle and interminable debates in Congress. The Sub-Treasurer at this point received a farther supply of United States notes from Washington this morning. He has now paid to the banks the whole of the 7.30 notes which were dnc to them, and about $9,000,000 of the 6 per cent bonds. Some of the banks are receiving United States notes in moderate amounts on deposit; others refnso them. We notice, by an advertisement in another column that the banking house of Samuel Hallett & Co! agree to take these notes on deposit as money from their customers. We presume that this example will be followed by other private bankers, and that, if the banks persevere in rejecting them, the new business created by the war will pass into the hands of the private banking houses. The N business of the Bub-Treasury to-day was as folfows:? Receipts $1,212,151 47 ?For customs 105,000 00 ?On account of toon 10 000 00 amenta, Induing redeemed 5 p. ct. notes.. 020,916 03 tnce 5,241,130 08 We have received from Mr. Albert H. Nicolay, auctioneer and stock broker, his usual annual com plete abstract of the official returns of all the insurance companies, as made to the Insurauco Department of the State of New York, and furnished to him by said department, showing the capital, profit, losses, surplus and dividends during the year 1861, and also other useful information. Printed copies can be obtained, free of charge, a Mr. Nicolay's office, No. 62 William street. By the Nova Scotian, at Portland, we have advices from England to the 24th of January. The latest price of consols was 92% a 93. The sales of cotton at Liverpool for four days were 17,000 bales, the market closing irregular and lower. Bread iuub imu IUI ujinam KUUCUV/Stock Exchange. W?dx?dat. Feb. 6 1862 99000 U 5 6'a,'81, reg 88', 60Hhs NYCenRK cpg 82% 800U86 e810rwl%y 86% 500 Erie RR 33', 3000 U S 5's,'71, cou 79% 480 no 33% 8000 U S 5's,'74, cou 78 % 100 do bf-0 33J, 3040 Ohio 6'a, I860.. 96 10 Krio KR pr?f 60 6000 HI cou 1x18.1802 > 0 60 do 66% 1000 III cou biis,1877 80,'4' 250 Hud River RR 38 % 90000 l'enn 6 s,'00.. 43 760 Harlom RR.. bOO 12% 9000 N Corollna O's. 62 a 660 do via 0000 Oil largo b?,7'? 80 60 Harlem RR pref. 28 V 1000 California 7>.. 80% 100 do 20 6000NYCen 8 s... 96% 5 NHavooftHar IRR 130% 8000 ErieRK4th rob* 81 400 Reading RR . .. it)a 8000 do 1>30 81;,' 176 Mich Central RR. 48 V 1000 EricRR6thm bs 73 60 do ... blO 48 V 1000 FRR3dmbs,'83 98% 450 do 48% 9000 do 94 160 do bCO 49' 8000 do s30 93>4 100 do L>30 48 V 1000 H R RR1 m ex In 106 V 60 Mlt b?o*N IndRR 21'. 1000C.B*'RRSpcbs 99% 100 MlchSo fc N1 g etk 41 6000 Mi So ikg fil bill 86 100 Panama RR 113 8000 III Cen RR Ms. 92 40 111 Cent RR ecp c 56 1000 Toi A: MV 1st m 40% 175 do.... 67 8000 Tol&Wnb 1st m 75 100 do .. . blO 57 6000 Gal 4k Chi 1st m 100 60 do 66 v lOOOClevfcTolst bs 84 lOO do s.iO 56% 1000 Clov k l'itts 4 m 43 100 do .. . slO 66)4 8000 American gold. 103.% 50 do e3 56 40 eh* Bk of N York 86 10O Clevo k Pitts RR. 16 V 40 Mechanics'Ilk... 90 100 do 16 ?' 20 Merchants' Ex Bk 72 200 Galena k Chi RR. 63 80 Bk of Oommorce. 76 V 300(lovo kToledo RR 41 30 Bk of Republic... 79 1000 do 41% 6 Park Bank 92 ltO do ?30 41' 8 Pacific MSS Co.. 09 40 do 41% M do s.70 98% 100 do b.10 41% 100 do slO 98% 166 Chifr Rk IsI'dRR. 62% 60 do 98% 100 do 62% inn .In x.ert ixrx aAiil.. .. . -7 * ww wu > ni, nuri y km. ni 100 N Y On RR 1)60 82'* 8 N J Central RR 120 800 (to. .. opg 82* flKOONT) POARB. f1U000 U S 6 i',81 ,cou 89* 100 eba ErJe RR . b30 33* 1000 <10 00 860 do 83 V 6000 U S 6'e, '81, reg 89 60 Erie RR prof.... 60 1000Troii7 3 10 pen 98 60 do 66 V 1600 California 7'f.. 80* 10 do 66* lOOOCBAyRRSpcb 99* 10 III Cent RR scrip. 67'* 10000 Mich So A f bde 86 60 do 67 2000(tnl&Chlc 1st m 100 60 Hiidaon R RR. 38)* 8000 N InlAt mtge . 87* 100 Mich Cent RR... 40 19000 AmertoM cold. 103* 60 do HO 49* 60 ehsChlc, B&QKR. 01* 26 do 491* 60 do r60 61* 100 MI-hSi.*Nl?f?|k 41 100 rarlflc Mail 88 Co. 99 10Panama RH 113* 60 do b30 99 60 Clevo k Pitt* RU. 16* 60 do i>30 98 * 400 Clove fc Tul RR.. 41* 100 do C30 98* 400 do 41* 60 NY Cent RR .b30 82* 100 do eio 41* 160 do 01 g 82* 100 do 1)30 42 200 do b.'lO 82* 100 do blO 41* 460 do opg 82* 60ClilC ARork I RR 63* lOOFrtcKK 38* 6 N J Central RR 120 660 do 33* CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Wbox*jimy, Feb. 5?n p. M. liRtAiiwT'jmi.? Flour?'The market, under the inllnencn of (be Nov* Rcotlan'e news became more active, and cloteri at an advance of 5c. a lOo. per barrel, chiefly on tho lower grade*. The ealee footed up about 26,000 bblg., elo-dtig within tho range of tho following qnotnt lone ? R.iperflpt Plate $6 70 a 6 76 I nre to far y Mate 6 03 a 0 06 pj|e<rfti ? Wastern 6 70 a 6 76 l\wm?n Ij ekoioe extra Woeteru., 6 96 ' a 7 00 HE ! 6 H w I BOafarn mixed to good sopirfliie. . t W ft 6 46 tktrcdo ; 40 1 ?W Good to choice family do 7 00 * 7 76 Rye flour 800 ft 486 Ooru meal, Jersey and Brandywinc.... ... 3 00 ft 3 30 ?Canadian llour was moio active, Whilo prices were better, with sal*? of 1,200 bble., closing within the range of the above price*. Hnulhern Hour was in good roquet, with uti improvement in price*. The sales em braced l.flOO bbts , within the raw?* of quotations. HyoUocr was tlimer, with sale* of 360 bbis at our figures Corn meal waa active, and prices a trifle lower, with sal* 8 or 600 a 700 Libia. Wheal waa Unner, but the light, with thu enhanced views of buyers. < he cited transactions. The rules einbiaeod about 40,000 bushels at )1 42 for a nu.all lot of Sautliorn red. on I tie dock, f 1 26 a $1 42 for mrerlor to good red Western, in rtare acd afloat; $1 30 for Milwaukee club, delivered, Chicago spring at 11 3b, and wbitc Canadian on private terms. Rye was in good demuud, and prices were llrtn, with sales of 3 BOO bushels glato, delivered, at 86n. barley vtas in n ate request, though Irregular Hales of 2,000 bus) f State w ere made at I he railroad depot at 80c. a 85c to quality. Corn was in fair demand and pi or firmer The sales embraced abem 30,000 bin o6e. ftOO.'iC or Western mixed, delivered. Hmau nales of Jersey new and Southern at tile. Oats were heavy, with tales of Waste, n and Canadian at 40c. a 42c?tlie latter rato for choice Canada, and Slate at 42. O'cntB.?The market was quiot, and pikes firm, while in tlio absence of sales or moment quotations wcro nominal. Cotton.?The gales footed up about 275 bales, port anown an l.ivei |kxi1 cotton, olosiiig on the name of 30c. a 31c She government rale of Sua Island cotton from Port Royal was held to day by Messrs. Burdelt, Jones .V Co. it drew a large and spirited ut tendance ,.p id the prices obtained wore satisfactory The chiefpurchasos'word made by cotton brokers, on account of spinnors and for ex|>ort, with some lots on speculation. The prices obtained ranged from 1.0c. a 640., chiefly at 50c a 68)40. FTnuoms.?Rates wcro irregular and eiifu cmonls mode raic to Liverpool u.uuo Dusncis 01 wueat were taken at 8d. in ships' bag*, 8.600 bbls. Hour at 2s. a Us. 30 , with 600 ricrces lard nurt 400 boxen buoon at 25s By a foreign vessel, 10,000 bushels wheat, m bulk, 7>4(1. Tj London 3,000 bbls. Hour worn taken at 2s. l>?d. a 2s. 4%d , nail 750 do., by a foreign vessel, at 2s. 7>5?1. A bark was taken up, to load With 26,000 bushels of grain for Antwerp, at p. t., ami 1,600 bags of ceffoo at 5 16rt. To Havre 1,000 bbls. Hour worn engaged at 7Ce.; wheat was at 18c Provmmwr.?I'ork was less active ami buoyant, while prices were unchanged. Tho sales embraced about TOO bblB. at $12 75 a $13 for now mess,$1226for old do., $0 50 fur new prime, and $18 25 a $13 50 for city prtmo moss. Hoof was in fair demand, with sales of 250 bbls. at $11 67a $12 60 for plain mess, and at $14. Hoof hams were steady and prices unchanged. Out meats were iu moderate demand, with sales of 100 boxes long out luglish hums at 7c. Bacon was linn and in fair request, with sales of 500 boxes nt 6J4c, for short ribbed Wostorn, and at 7c. for long clear city, and at 6c. for city Cumberland cut. Dressed hogs wore at 4c. for Western, and at 4c. A $4 20 for city do. Lard wan in fair demand, with sales of 1,000 packages at 7 Vo a 8c for good to prime In tiorcos, and at 8c. a 9% c in bbls. LUCl'lJUKS. American oeoorafhioax. and statistical Society, Clinton Hall, Aster p.ace.?Dr. Wynne's paper on the "Statistic* of Inleinporauoc," on Thursday, Feb 6, at ' 8 P. M. C10ERSE OF SIX LECTURES, TO AID IN PAY!NO > oil' the Uouting debt of tbc Church of the Redemption, In Eust Fourteenth street. Second lecture by .Mr. Stephen C. Mussel. Mr. Mussett, Instead of a regular lecture, wld give various recitations, humorous and pathetic, with songs interposed, on Thursday evening, February 6,1362, at eight o'clock, in the lecture room of the above church, opposite the Academy of Muslo. Tickets 25 cents. May be hud at No. 01 East Thirteenth street, 20Third avenue, or at tho Evangelical Society Rooms, Bible House. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. ADOLPH HAMMER HAS THIS DAY ADMITTED AS partner William T. Kycrson, and they will continue the I.I1.I...U. ,.f l.rn,.,,.,. II.. i.nHn. fl... ll...., .' t 11 ,- He.. Fourth avenue, 128th and 129th gtrectM. Kaklku, F?h. 1, 1802. A BUS JNES8 MAN, HAVING $2C0 TO $00) CASH, CAN Join o party In the general brokerage business; one-half profits or good Molary and security tor investment given. Business established. References exchanged. Addiesa Wall Street, Herald ofllce. AOOOD OPPORTUNITY OFFERED TO A BUSINESS man, with a small capital, to engage in a aure, paying cash business, < tabliahod teverul yea it, and yielding a hundaoine Income. $.I0U cash will be required for an equal interest. Apply at 429 Broadway. O. B. HOWES A CO. A PARTNER WANTED?IN T1IE BOOT AND SHOE business, v;ith irom $500 to $1,C0D euali cnpitnl. A young man, with good address, would lln<t thin a good opportunity, and without rUlt. For an Interview address C., box Ii.l Herald oilier. A PARTNER WANTED?IN A FIRST CLASS DINING saloon. One of the best i tanda in Iho city. Only $1,IXH) c. pital required. Or would sell out, as the owner has other very extensive business to attend to. T. D. CASK k CO., 84 Broadway. A GENTLEMAN OF RESPECTABILITY WISHES A Partner, with from $5,909 to $.-1,000, in a cash paying business. The accuj ation U hi, hly rcmunci alive. gate, and in every conncctlou that data. The reletenccs of the MVMW liaer are unesci puonuble, and the ahununnt results of the business fully warrant lilm in guaranteeing a prollt of at leastsevcuty-tive percent net. No agents uor any but there of undoubted reputation need answer. Address Business, box 2.956 l'ost othce. DISSOLUTION.?TIIE PARTNERSHIP EXISTING UNder tbc name of Blvba A Newiuauu h.ts been dissolved from this date by mutual consent. P. IH.F.HA, Fshritabt 1, Ibttl. F. NEWMANN. NOTICR.-THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXiatine under tbo name, nrm and styleot SoliarHVr k IV.toi m. Las this day been dissolved by mutual cohsent. John J. i e.era la authorised to settle all e alma and demands or the old hrm. P. W. HCHAEPFEK, Nsw Vohk, Feb. S. 1862. JOHN J. PETERS. PARTNER AN? CAPITALIST WANTED?IN A HEWING machine company, to take lbe place of one going to South Amen ft. An etiunptlimglm t-lneaeanU financial pa rim-r necessaiy. The controlling Interest la thelitis, ins* aotlcrc-? about two-thirds. Ag ills will not lie to? ed. Full puriieularaantl explanation will be given by addressing U. H. k Co., Journal ol' Commerce otllce, Wall Buret. The copartnership heretofore existing under the nriu of brecmun, Kyer A Co.. la tbia day dissolved by It* own llmlmuou. New Tom, Jan. 31. 1862. FRANCIS P. FREEMAN, RANDOLPH RYElt, NATH L P. K11Ei*.MAN. Copartnership and Removal.?1T..e undersigned have this uay lormed a Oupartii rship under the lirm uuine of Freeman A Kyer, for Uie Imuorlath n nnd sale of Pari* fancy goods, aiat have rvmevt d from 1.1 Maiden lane to 3D 1 Biuudw.iy, sound block below Canal a reel. New York, Feu. 1,1802. b HANCIS P. FREEMAN, Randolph kyer. The undersigned have formed a copartunship lor the carrying on of iho dry gocda jobbing business, at 101 Chambers street. New Ycrk, to unto from the brat day of January, 1KB, under the firm name of J. D. Lewis* Co. JOHN D. LEWIS. ARTHLlt M. COCK. <tl ?partner wanted, who can have the choice of two kind* ui busiueas or the entire Interest of one will be sold. Apply lit the luiich room, No. 478 Broadway. ?llCn ?PARTNER WANTED, IN THE CONFEC V^isJv/. tlunery and pastry ousim s*; thecunceru Is doing a good business; the object of the aoverilacr la to open a indies' restaurant; tlie locn.Juti la unsurpassed. For lull particulars call at 3S1? Canal > trcct. (jonn -PARTNER WANTED. WITH THIS AMOUNT, sPOI/Vr. In an OHianiiahed mauufncturing bumnrs-, paying large pndla noi mmmI by the bars Mines, Address U. tv. Cnshiuan, station A, Spring street. Agents need not apply. tf?-| nnn CASH and active partner wanted? ?P.L?UUlj In it legitimate i,Rainess, fully catabllahed, and makiug .rum Jtl.tOj toBH^Mltfaeryear; location and association the very best. Addr aa Broker, box 101 Herald olllce. BILLIAKDS. A LARUE STOCK OK NEW AND SECOND HANI) 11IL 11*1(1 Table*, with Phrlun'i Combination Cusbl im. for ule?t briers to mil tiir lime*. PltELAN A CULLENDER, 03 to09Oro*by it., N. Y. BAH8KORD8 BILLIARD KACTORY, 149 FULTON street,?Playing department, Chun. Lord, upper lloor; Farmer Atwood, second lloor, ton tables. Reliable Muiison, largest Oyster Slews, brat lloor. ' BILLIARDS.-FOR SALE. A SPLENDID STOCK OF new and second band Tables lor $79, 0100, $129. $1.10, $2'H), $229 and $290; everything omihue. Tables to let mid Bagatelle Tables for sale by VV. H. GRIFFITH, 140 Ku'.ton street. TO THE LOVER8 OF RILLIARDH.-A GRAND B1L 1 Hard entertalnm. nt will be giv. n at the Stone Billiard Room, corner of Broadway and Twenty-nlnlli street, on Thursday evening neat, February 0. Mcs*re. I'hetan, Knvanogh, White and Gurry, and a number of other (cullomen masters of the cue will be present. DKNTISTIIY. Artificial tekth-beactikul sets on pure silver, only $3; on fine bold and plntina, $29, warranted euual to any work In New York. ? -ogle teeth $1. Teeth , filled and extracted w ithout the least pain. Hup rlor bone or w hite enamel filling, only 90 cents. Ullice 1.10 Sixth arenun, , hetwi en Tenth and Eleventh streets, and no removal. All work warranted. DR. LUTHER, Drutlal. Artificial bone-for filling and prbserv. Ing ileeajed and arh ng leeili.?The piourhuor oi this valuable nlscovery will resunio llie prai line of dentistry at his Cuban Tooth PowdcV, the only harmleoa article known tor 1 keeping the teeth aouttd Mtxl white ami the gums lie.v thy. Artificial beautiful patent "QUMotype'1 Teeth.?Guaranteed tirat claa* dentlatrv. Ex inordinary price*. Hl.ver rata, $#; Vulcanite, SIB; Ho d. $20 Filling anil citractlng teeth without pmn. National Dental <in liny. Sixth avenue, corner Twcnly-aeioud atrect. Eatabllahecl 1*10. Fire premium* awarded. Dr. MANSON, Dcntlat. Dr. c.a. white h improved artificial teethWtmle * t? $B, $?>, 111'. $13 and upward*; Karl-anted in every point. Teeth tilled Willi Bold, 80eonl* to $1. All work at hull the price* cliarpi d eUexvhc re. ODice No. IS Bond atroet and 717 Arch atreet, Philadelphia. Having iiad hix teeth extracted without leeilng any pain whatever, by Dr. J. JAY V1LI.ERS, ms Grand "licit, two block* from Broadway, i take great plraaure In recnnnncii'llimjilm nsniarolul and aklllttl dentint.?Mr*. C. Lynch, Mori iVml i. OCirlalSTB AM) At kin i S. OCULIST AMI) A UKI.sT?DEAFNESS AMD BI IN I). ne 1, the mo-t ho, elc , nr d without ptlnftll operation*; alio, nervnna ailectlnna. the ir iinenl canoe of deaf, ne**, cured by Pr GRAVER, C'unMi'.hi tlon fiee, per* n .Ily or by letter. COJ Brmtdway. XPRKSNKg. AHURNHAM S TURN ITU RNE KXPflEflS AND PACK, Ingcua 'lalnnenl, li t We*, hi enth *trert, between Kl th and Sixih av. nitec. ? II in e. o,d furiili ire boked ami hipped to all part* of the world. Co?i rrd wagon* lor removing furiiltara of fauilllea Furniture atured. j !W YORK. HERALD, iliU 1 ' _ HVS1CAW ^ ^ _ A LADY WI811E8 TO OF?i {jMMONg'ht~MU8IO, J\ singing or a rawing at pupils' residences. Tar>aa 26e. to SAa. a kaaoo. Addragg^y. N O., Piano Teacher, Herald odlee. Around oornek seven octave rosewood Pianoforte for $140, nearly new, made by Uilbert; one ?? ortiire do for only $TTO Rosewood Pianofortes to rent Prince A Co.'a Uelodcuns wheloaiile and retail. 8. T. CORDONS, 7UC Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte fbr t ale, elegantly carved lege and cane, overstrung buss, full Iron plate, lined with satin wood, haa all modem improvements, made to order, been in u?e ecven months, roat $S00, for'$W, Including Stool and Cover. Also Parlor Furniture at great sacrlbce. Inquire at 70 Weal Tw enty ninth street, ncur Kixtli avenue. A TENOR, WHO HAS HUNG IN A FIRST CI.ASS EI'IScopal rhurrh, ie open to an engagement. Address Tenor, tan 103 Williamsburg Pust olllee. For sale-a superior modern finished rosewood Piano, enrved feet, presontlnga apl< udid exterior, of u awert uiid perfect lone, overstrung. Tlic owner - desirous of disponing of the same, at a great aacrlllce, prior lo his departure for Europe Apply to M. SAMEL80N, 166 Heater street. Please call in the forenoon. ORGANIST-WANTED, BY AN EXPERIENCED ORni"t and choir master a position-li, a Catbolic church: bus a quartette of superior voices, and UinI class artists; ?ill accept na> cncageinent from May neat at a moderate salary. Address II. H. II., Organist, Herald oiUce. PIANOFORTE FOR HALE.?A BEAUTIFUL ROSEwood Pianoforte, Chiokcring's mnke; lias all the modern improvements, and if $agood as new: wi.l he sold for $100: has French grand action, rich and pow. r ul tone, cl -eiuii iron frame, largo IIutrd legs, Ac , Ac. Apply at 127 Twentylust street, uear Tliird uicntie. Must be lemovcd immediately PIANOFORTES AT WAR PRICED.?WE ARE NOW selling cur Pianofortes at greatly reduced orlces for flush Purlieu wishing to obtain a llrat class Pianoforte at w ar rates are invited to call. LIGHTK A BRADUURYB, 421 Broome street, N. Y. THE HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MELODEONS and Alexandre Organs, and T. Gilbert A Co. 's celebrated AOolian Pianos, are the tliiest instruments for purler and churches now In ure. A largo assortment nan he seen at tlui new wareroonis, No. 481 Broadway, between Grand anil Broome streets, which will be sold at extremely low prices. Pianos and Mnlodeoua, from sundry makers, now and secondhand. 'o let, and rent allowed if purchased as poi groemenl. Monthly payments received for llm same. Sheet Music, Music Books and all kinds of Music Merchandise at wnr prices. A pianist in attendance will try new music. WM. WIEHB, TEACIIER OK MUSIC. WILL CON llnue to give instructional!) Binding, Piano. Violin uiui Klute, at lil? residence, 141 Wont Nineteenth street, or tlmi of hi* pii| iIh. Lessons gi\ en to gentlemen after business hours if desired. (J>0 l'ER MONTH.?A YOUNO LADY, TEACHER OP ?jpO (lie i'innoiurte, would lake a lew more pool s at tlielr resilience or her own. Address Music, box 111 llciald oHiee. (3> I rj (T?WARPPICE-IORMY PiANOr-1 WILL SELL eP 1- I KJ one ino t splendid rosewood Piano ortn, >evnn oolavc, extra wide swvlo, overs:rung bass, scolloped keys, patent dampers, nearly new. $170 will buy it this wees. C II at 48 High street, Brooklyn. Cost 0.170. Money must be had, therefore this sacrifice. Cull early. j._yi-r lYSTRUCTIOM. AT odowll'8 reporting ROOMS, (103 11road. way?Slum; and writing is uight as usual, day and evening. Persons wno may i ornim nee a course of Instruction at this establishment will ltuve the necessary facility for bccomgliig verbatim shortnand writers. Academy op bookkeeping, penmanship, Arithmetic, Ac., 342 Broadway.?Hfteen years li successful operation. Tliorougli practical iu.stri ct.on, day and evening, upon r"dueed terms. Writing department conducted by Vv. C. Hoi gland, for many years with Ool 'smith. w. j renville. IT 82 SO-WRITING, 20 LESSONS; BOOKKEEPINQ J\ (double entry), unlimited lessons. $10; Penmanship and Arithmetic,three months, 78 lessons each, 910. PAINE S Mercanfile Colleges, t2 Howrry, New York, uml 283 Pulinn street, Brooklyn, have enjoyed a large country as well as city patronage for twelve years past. A SPANISH T.ADY, SPEAKINO THE ENGLISH LAN" guage perfectly, wishes a few more pupils ior the S| an" isli, or n sitnalioti in n s. I.o '1 as English or Sp.iul-h teuclu r* either In Brooklyn or New York. Addre-s for one week N, Dc 07, suition O. A YOUNO LADY, WELL EDUCATED. WISHES TO devote a few hours in the day time to instruct children or young belli a lu the Oerinau anil Preach languages, also on the pint). References given. Addrc-a Teacher, L. V., Herald ottlce. A YOUNO MAN (COLLEGE GRADUATE) WOULD ep. nd a few hours each dry in giving private Instruction either for money or hoard; c..i.ld i.l young men for college. Address A. B, C., No. S3 East Twentieth street. French and ckkman languages.-professor E. TELLEKL.O. 8i'J Broadway (. sia.dished 1862;, will receive applications I?r private instruction .u the alo.e and o: her language?, and tu. ko translation*. Langue An.laise, lhliD and Uicck. (Jrtviumalical knowledge acquired only tliiotgh i omparison. Fort edvvakd institute, Washington county* N. Y.?Best sustained boarding ? miliary in the State seven years established, Brick oulUtings tor ladles and gentlemen, t l.vteen teucliers. Superior to prepare for business, for leu long or for collc-c. M.iuarv drill, $30 prepay* ior toCrrtAtsXi weeks, cummin English hntucln-H, with b aril, i in-I, washing and room, furnished, except carpets and Spring term. March 27. Far cir euiurs or rooms auur.-ta Krv. jos. is. tvlug. Messrs. servatiuS a son, well known in New York tor main years as pro.cksora in the art of fen .lug, beg le?Tr to inform their patrons and the public that iu connection, u itu their academy in New York they have opened a Fen In * Academy in Miooxlyn, at Die Kainlllon BullUiugi, 14 Court street, room 87. 1'urtii ular attention will be given to the instruct on of broadsword exercise and the manual 01 arms. Apply at the Academy, from 'J to 10 A. M. and 8 to 9 P. M. on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. PAMCINO ACADEMIES. ADODWORTII'S OA NCI Nil ACADEMIES, No. 2 4 Ki to avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth st., New York. No. 1../ Montague street, Brooklyn. CLA8.1E8? I'lu sdays KUd Fridays t:i Brooklyn. CLASSES?Wednesdays ami Saturdays iu New York. Circular lor terms, Ac., may be had at either scmleniy. CUBAN EXTRAVAGANCE IN NEW YORK ?THE SUlT ?ri er has rccclvi d a nunilier o: anonymous rules for the preP n n d n guation ot certain s i-cullrd m? lal dsnces in tbb win ler months. He wishes now to l.iqiiire who are the members of this board of pretended directois, which really has no existence, and by what authority they have taken upon themselves to blue such uuueccssarv rol s. a Contributor. FERREKO H DANCING ACADEMY. so WEST FOUR t enth street.?Cla.-tc* Wednesdays and Saturdays snd Monday s ami Thursdays. Quarter i o umences rum the day of entry. I'ia tbiug class far ladles and g< iilleinen every Saturday evening, at 8 o'clo. k. -| t> LESSONS AT MME. SAUVAQEAP'S DANCING Academy, 618 Bnuiilsvay, will enable nn\ pupil to master all the Fashionable Dances and Qua irdles. Numirous refcremes glveu ior sucei ss. Lenkuns giirn every afternoon at 3; evenings, at 8 o'clock. O practice to night. the: ball seami.v. f D.ltiiJ. 1.1 All/ Wl 4 II J. ?? II 'm . > UT end Orphans Fund of Excelsior Lod/c No. 1 . 1. ;.ml A. M., at Irving Hull, Tlmi'sdny evening, February I Is.' Ticket* f I, to b - had of ti*' Chairman, GEO. \V. UAV, 6 and of JOHN K4DDEN, -'all Broad tit. THE MMUK LISDBRKRAltZ WILL BOLD II IN mm: Prnicjr l>ri ?s Ball on Tuesday. Fi b. IS at tin' cpy Assembly Ucom*. Tickets f,2; In lie had of mmiU-r- on1 UEOUOE NE.Mil Aril S remry. CLOTHING. A LARGE ORDER.?$18,000 WORTH OF FAST OFF Clothing. Cm pets, Furniture and Jewelry wanted lor tin- Western nii i California market*, l.n lira and gunllrnirii having any to dispone of ran revive 00 per orut more than b\ uny oi her dealer In the city. Call at or mid re a* It Mint', I'll Third avenue, near Seventeenth ?tre> I. Ladies attended by Mrs. Mint?, li'tl Third avenue. ATTENTION, LADIES AND (IKNTI.EMF.X ? I HAVE just re i ivrd fl,?M) to purchaao cast oil'Clothing, Furniture and Carpet* lor the California market. 1 do promise lo pay the hi .i eat price In tho < ity by railing on or adorcs?ing a note to K. MIKTZ, 13/ Slnh avenue, two doom above Tcnlli street. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Mints. Remember, 137 BixtU armitio. At the californian and western agency 8tore the hlghe-l price can be obtained for ea t olT Clothing, Carpe's, Jewelry, Ac. For Hllk Drosses, from fd to IV; lor CoatM, iroin |2 to Sid; for 1'iints, from $110 to $li. A nolo addressed II. Harris, 3o3 Boivery, opposite Great Joiii-s street, will lie punctually attended to. Luuleb attended by Mrs. Harris. A GOOD TIME COME AT LA8T.?TO LADIES ANB gentlemen.?The best prices given for cast oir Clothing, Carpels, Furniture. Ae. 1 nay aa follows ? S lk Dresses, from $12 to fid; routs, irom $10 to $1S; pants, from $2 lo $J. Please call on or address M., 212 bevenlh avrm.e, near Tivenly-lourth street. Ladies attended to hy Mrs. M. ADEMAND.-fl3.000 WORTH OF CAST orF CLOTHIng, Carpets, Furniture and Jowi lry warned, for ivhlvh the most value can be obtained, by calling on or addressing E. II., 7V Klxih avenue, near Wavcrlev place. Ladies attended by Mis. B. U. Fleaso remember i n l try 70 Klxtb avenue. A POSITIVE PACT.?LADIES AND OENTLEMEN IP you wutit lo get the l ull value for your cant off Clothing, Furniture. Carpet* ami Jewelry, the lien you can dot* 10 call <T send a note to A. IIARRIS, Ml Tnlril avenue. Iielweon Ti.lrt)-'lulith and Tbti ly-uinth atrecta, rail aide. Ladle* attended lo by Mr. llarrla. AT 103 SEVENTH AVENUE, LADIES AND QKNTLKmen <nn tllapoae ol their raat oil Clothing, Carpeta, Furtiliure and Jewelry. I guarantee to pay I'fty percent more than any other dealer In the city, and not to he humbugged by treat puffa atlil falae pretender*. I'leoae en 11 on or addrc*aJ. Aiihali, 103 Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-rtiat itreet*. Ladle* attended by Mra. Anhalt. Aoreat demand for clothino, Pl-RNITURB, Carpel*, Ac.?Ladle* and gentleman ran receive the loW lowing price*;?For adk d remit* ironi 96 lo *4o, for t oat*, from 9* lo flft; for panta, from 91 IoJiV by t ailing on or ail(treating l>y poal M. Abialiama, 311 Seventh avenue, between Twenty tilth and Twenty-alvth at reel*. Ladle* attended to by Mra. A. ____________ At the OLD STAND, NO. Lit seventh avenue.? KKEKIEL guarantee* lo |uit the lollo \ Ing prlre* for ladle* n lid gent*'I'aat Oil Weiiiln; Apparel, Carpet*, Kill. Allure, Jewelry, Ac.?Prom $7 to $."10 lor Silk Dr ?*ea; fiom an to ?VA lor ('onI*, anil Irotn SI lo ?7 tor Punt*. I'arnet*. Furniture, Jewelry, *e.. Rceordfn lo th?>lr value. A note by poil mir.cuiHllT attended to bv K/.KKIKI., 1.14 Seventh avenue, b' lwi'i n Nineteenth and Twentieth mrcet*. Lillet attended H b> Mrh K A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY.?LADIES AND GENtlernen of New York no.I vicinity tan procure ihc litglicat caah ) riee lor their <M?t nIT IMrrtli ,i? . Km nltnre, Carpet*, A.- , by i alilnti on or aiUreaaing Mr*. J. tinh'a'oln, IjH Seventh avenue, Uenll m n attended bt Mr. Gulden In. AT IIAHRIS' ST. I UK. No. l.lfl SE.KNTH AYEMKLndir* end gen'lenicn can reeeivo the following price* for their caat off Cloth ng, Caip la, Furniture and Jcwrlri ? For Silk Drroaea, Item f8 to A'4); 1?. rCooti, Itom $4lo>JU; i'linta, from |i to $S. K. M All III 8, \M Seventh avenue. Lad tea attended to by Mr*, lliuri*. A OUEAT QUANTITY OK CAST OKE CI.OTIIINO wotted. Furniture, Carpet*, Jewelry, Ae., to* ipl elite 1 W I *tt I II market. I pay as follow*:?Kor Ml* I>r. ate*, rout ! SI.' t > $t' '>*ta, from 9ld lo $J<l; Pant*, ft 'in 9.1 loJA. Coll I on or aiblieM A. Duo*a, No. tls Hvenllt at lonto, letwe n i Twettty-lounh and Tweiity-lirth ?iree?. Ladle* nti> tided to i by Mr*. If. j R8DAY, FKBKDABY 6, It SPECIAL HOTICEI. FKBE LIBRARY.?ATTENTION 18 INVITED TO TJ1B Appi, oucch' Library, 472 Broadway. This institute i* well supplied with newspaper*, review*, magazines, pictorials, and also wlU) convcvleut tables u4 testa for raider*. A nvmoer ot new work* bare been recently added. Terms? All persons employed u? appremices by mechanic# or tradesmen, and ail auiales employed by them in their bnaineae, on preventing a proper i-ertitlcate, may have the privilege* of the library without charge. Journeymen, mechanic* or t:adoemen, teacher* or pupil* In eckoofaoraoaJemie*, young men In atorea, the office* of lawyer*, physician*. art UK, Ac., on the premutation of a proper certincate, and the pay incut of one dollar a year. Mankattan widow and orphan ahsukancb Hociety.?Public notice It hereby given tbat (bl* aoclely ha*, by the uiiauimoua coukcnt of ila uu mbcra dissolved, alter appointing a commission to wind up luflnanclal alf&ir*. Any claima against this society have to l>c presented to Mi. A. Kind, 89 Ludlow street, < u or before Monday, the 10th Instant, a* al ter this lime no notice will be taken of them Tiie tiual distribution of the shares due lo the member* of the society will take plane on Wednesday, the 12th luHlaot, at

11 o'clock P. M.. at-the same place. Member* are required to bring (heir receipt In,ok* with ttioin. New Yomt, Feb. 0, idti2. JOd B. PALK, Chairman. OFPICB OP TUB PACINIC MAIL 8TFAMSHIP COM lainy, New Ymi, Pub. 1, 1882.?Notice in hereby given thai Mr. Theodore T. Jobnson ha* been appointed Secretary of Una Company, in consequence of the realguailou of Iho office by Mr. S. L. Merchant. ALLAN McLANB, Preaident. pAPER WANTED. Wanted lo purchase, 20,000ream* of flue Fourdrlnier Priutt in* Pa|?:r, size 32 by 48. I Casfiwlilbe paid on delivery. Apply at the olUco of thla paper^ SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT or rim I NTIW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Amount of as d* January 1,1861. .. 32,004,887 83 Amount of premiums, 'endowment*, annnitiea and policy fee* received durnq 1881 $508,394 77 Amount of Interest received and accrued 102,99683 Net amount of rent*, deducting charge*. 4.66M 11 613,510 SO Total $2,1)17,407 33 DIHUUE8EMENT8. Paid for leases by death $169,369 39 Paid lor redemption of dividends, interest ou dividends and surrendered nnd canceled prtkiea 199,098 91 raidSauitaiy Commission and war conIrihiilincH A 47ft Ml PaiiYfor taxes...........2,68025 Paid for saia Irs ami feet to phyMcinns and trust-as 21,38401 For l'i hit nb', Stationery, Adventsitu, O.iice E.penscs, Express Charges, Ac 10,076 92 i For Commissions, Medical Examinations at Agencies, l'ostagi a, Exchanges Ac 66.563 17 Re.ltie.tiun in value of Real Estate.... 4.UU0 CO All othercxpendUures, In. Imling iltliu1 quent Agents, Ac 2,292 45 470,CIO 40 Total $2,14*1,767 03 ASSETS. Cash In Bank 36,238 43 Invested iu securities created muter (lie laws of the Sinte of New York ami of the tInitial 8.ales 3115.064 2.4 Real Esiate owned hy the Cmiti'iiuy. 146,519 63 Brno h and Mortgages drawing 7 per cent Interest 044,116 00 Premium N.-ti s on existing policies drawing inter st 769,799 33 Quarter y and 3 mi-Annual Premiums, due i-u ise.,tiout le Jan. 1, 1862, and premiums in course of transmisslmx 48,334 42 lot-rest accrued to January 1, 1862 ... 38,340 03 Rents aei rued to January I, 1862 1,703 75 Premiums on Policies iu hands of agents 39,956 43 Do. due from Southern policy holders. 69,155 14 Amount o nil ether property belonging to the company 3,9'3 95 $2,146,767 03 The trustees have declared a scrip dividend of 30 per cent iipuu all | ollcics lor the whole term if lie new in lore, which were ii-sued twelve mouths prler to January 1, 1.3.12, ami a payment e: twenty percent upon divid nils heretofore declared, I'mni If 60 to 1 Oi In -inslce, to be | aid In rash In thorn -i o ding i i lmauss, on and alter lh? lit i>t Monday iu Man It if xt, ijo i presentation ut the Home oflhe; those having n illit ivllt t.e allowed the name upon their notes at the settlement of next premium. TRUSTERS. Morris, Isaac C. Kkndall, John M. Nixon, John L. Hoot us, JoiinS. Hus-uno, John Mums, David Down, Wm. I'atkick. Daniki. S. Millkr, Lohinc Andhxws, Wm. Haiiton, Russell Dart, Wm. u. l>i'-p..vbcrr, Wu. ii. Ai'i'i.kton, John g.**, Roiikiit h. Collins, Gkohuic Ghkkk, I'i.inv Fkkkvan. MORRIS I-'RANK LIN, President. FLINT FREEMAN, Actuary. medical kxaminkhs. Cornklifs R. Rocket. M. 1)., N". 0 Si. Mark's p'.occ. Gkohuk Wilkes, M. D.. 2a Lui In -u eet. 1U1E MEMBERS OP TEMPLAR SUBLIME GRAND Lodge of I'erl'i ctloti. No. 3, are here jr kumnioo ; to meet at tlielr Lmlcr n o nn, earner of C riBiojdier an l Hudson streets, this (Tliur-i ay) evening. mi 7>f o e!oi:k, tor the d: dl anon of their room and the iiisuillattuii of uliicera Ly the Sublime Grand Cminc 11. Bv order of STEPHEN MERUIT!1, Jn., T. p. U. m. JosKrit Grimes, Grand Secretary. LOST AND FOUND. CIA ME TO THE PREMISES OP THE SUBSCRIBER, A J large Dog, on the Ihi Inst. If not i ailed for In iwu dais will be sold lu pay expetiM-s. Call at IC3 S) nog street. Found?within the week, a sum op money. The owner can have the fame i y applying to T. Cannon, 143 Rrade street, and describing the amount and toe particular bills, Lost?an account book with the savings bank in Bleerkrr street, bearing No. 175.410. The tii d r will bo sill til by rewarded h y returning It to 15 South William street, up slsira. Payments on said account have been tapped at tlio bank. Lost-in the third avenue cars, a pocketb o . niuk-d P. P. Randolph, coot.lining about $2.i In nioi i .o- o h lid and other papers of no value except to the 1: tin-hold r of the pockrthook will return the nnti , I'-pei-A .ml look to the owner, 30 to 3# Park place, they may keep the m mey. IOST-1N COMING PROM NlNTII STREET AND SIXTH J avenue to Eighth street, to Warerley place, a Ida g lure Veil. The Under will be handrooirly reward! d by Ion. log n at Park & Tllford's'store, corner of Ninth street and avenue. IOST?A SAYINGS BANK BOOK, 87.487.-ANY PERSON J Who kltO'tld IMS ill pOUSIMeOU of 1L Wilt please return It to the Ream m's Karltigx Hank, No. 78 Wall atn er. I" OST.-CARHXED OFF FROM WAUUM BIN DIRT J In Fulton street, u been I Putnphle* Dr Idnti a Hitiiioii before Tammany Society in 17VI.'' f' *rrt v. ill ixj paid for Its return to 103 OuM street, and no . stlnn* naked. SMITH EI.V, ,lr. IOST?'>S WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY ?. J either at Nlldo's or In n Kilt'i avenue stage, a small Mark Uner.i Glass. The timler will be r. wardu . by leaving It with I'' IIrv .t. I est r, Irej..?lit:in It. . TO8T-0N THE EVENING OP 'IIIE 4TII INST., IN J p ing trom llromne to Grand street, and tioin Grand strict to the Williamsburg fi rry, u grai llutcnutek, wrapped in the llernhl paper. Partite returning the mine to Mr. Ki hter, Ml Elbcrty street, will lie suitaiily rewarded. 1 OSI -ON TUESDAY NIGHT, A MINK MOKE, IN 1 J riding from Walla k's Ihentre In John strert in n Mauls Ti sveittie sleKh. The tinder will lie suitably rewarded by returning the Miifft > Jol.n E. Uonden, Western I Intel, No. 0 ( street, New York. Josrr in prarl street, or near it, a box or J Elates, marked "Fallen llisve," N>>. f?. A reward will he gl cu al 81 Ceutrc stri et. TOST?ON TUESDAY NIG M l-, IN A MADISON AVEJ tine a'agc sleigli, a Mink Mull, supposed to lieve drti)t|Hitl out. tu llroa I way, between Bond and lllitts kor streets, wner.t a lady and child got ou1. Any one returning the sairto to 143 Wait i street will be sultaldy l'ew.. rile.1. IOST-ON SATURDAY. 1ST INSTANT, A HOLE TUBJ tier og. white, with bWck spot on the h ?il, and had on a black leather collar. The tinder will be suitably rewarded by bringing it to SIM) Fourth street. IOST?ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, JAN. W, IN THE J .lane "-tret Methodist I{plam|ial church, or going from the ehurrh til rough the Eighth avenue toTwenty-tliird street, a Mink M If. Anyone returning the same to 247 Eighth avenue, will teecive a liberal rcwar <1 and the thanks of the owner. Tost?on monday morning, feb. s, in going J from Fiftieth street to a lire lii Eighth avenue, a Fire, turn's lSudge, No. 15 of ll.iok and ladder 1<I. The Under will b- rewarded ity returning It to the Truck house, corner of Fiftieth strict nod Iioaingtou avcuue. Los I UN \\ KDM. DAY, I I H.^^oT^n^ROM COBner Wall street and South to Fulton ferry, or on the boat lining to UriHiklvn. a email IVekt LI o->k*. eo'italntng $11 2>?< ne 19 Ml!, tin- rest In $2The llnd?r will he llhr. rally reworded by leaving tho same at Geo. C. A. Baker's, CI South street. Lost?<ri iiik itii inht. is "going luS low mill Btuntoii streets to the Ditlelt Ke nt mcd ohnrrh, In Mat let *treel, it lady's gold Breastpin, of a twisted patb I'll. Anv one returning said pill to Vti Sttnion street, will be liberally rewarded. I" OST-ONE rnt BKAVKIl*SKIN, OS WKDNKsDAY J Neb. 6, In iween Barclay end Wall streets. The titidar will r cetvc a suitable reward by returning It to I. HlunV Itild nery, Sel Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel, up stairs. 1U1UAHBN. (J>,- REWARD?LOST, ON TlIK EVENING OK THE >P?t 41 It Inst., In coming from High lit tdge t? the city, an kirtiw uu gold Eairliut, with earburieln actting and t old Ins?el. The liuder w 111 leave It at 74 Greene street and receive tiie above reward. Q1 RK W A HI).?LOST. ON TUB EVENING OK KEB. vl" S, In going iroui the turner ol Tenth mv> nne and l ull ty-nlvtli street, lliroiiith Ninth avenue mid Hudson street to Hubert street, a parcel entraining two la lies Brea t I'ina, two Urn eel, is p.ilr of gaiter Boots, Handker iilel mid some hell Appait 1. Any person reinniirig them io4l5Tenth avenue, will receive the above reward and the thank-of the owner. E. U. IlKKD PUOPU8AI.8. PROPOSALS FOR UAY.?OFFICE OK ASSISTANT Quartermaster, Pirryvllle, Mil., Kel>. I, lsoi.? Sealed 1 normals will lie received At tfiit offlre until Turn my, Fob. I, tor 3,000 tuiiH prune baled timothy liny, subject to iimpuutlon on dcltvi ry,as follows:? I,it*) t<?>- on or ImioreMlh Folirunry. I/KK) tons on or liefore 1 fith Mnrch. l.tHM) urn., on or Im:ore tOtli Mm li. No bide will b- considered lor lets tlmi 0for ton*. The rropOMl' to lie eiiclmied In envelopes nmi sed "Pi o|io*tls lor ley." En li *ucce**ful bidder will be required to I'lirnleh aanslsetory *, niitjr for the |ierforninnce of lila'contraei nod the tntme* of nnrrlf s most be mentioned In e? b proposal. The Onarti minster reserve* the il^ht to neceiit or reject nil bids. 8YMMBS GARDNER, Cnptnln nnd A?a'nlnnt Quail rinnster U. 8. Army. lti,ST,XI HANTS. KNULIS11 BOAST Hi.El- AND I'H'M PUDDINO KOR DL.NER TO DAY. For sole, EiiRlleh Mutton, Yarmouth is, ILin.*, Bft- I con and Ulicc.-e. T, R'CIIAKDSON, nnent, N Mnlden lawe.ooraer YYtilUtm street, j KIXEIVED AT MHHY'S, NO. 139 FULTON STREET, , miotic r lot of Chile o'rmtun Oysters, N. II ?Tiie Bee t Slews, Fries mid Ro;t?t? In town. Oystei* opened without Clacking. Try the Fancy lionet Mid Boston Stew*. J 162. BOARDING AMD LODOMO. AplkarantVront room to let-with par tiki Hoard al 21 Weal 1 wuuly-seound street A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE GERMAN FAMILY, ] without children, will l<-t a choleeor handsomely furiii-ned Rooms. With Board, at private table. French and , English spoken. Apply at 48 East Bleacher street, uear Broadway. A LADY, A BTRANUER IN THE CITY, HATINO A id e house, would Ilk* Ui find some parti, s thai would advance SAJO lo tdot). and revin 11..aid ..nd iiuu uciiunlu 1 French, Spanish and inuali.' in exchange. or would let a suit of Roouia without Board. sa, with lual uau.e, Mis. 1 C'Uuiaa, Union square Poat i.Ore, for three days. Attention-a gentleman and wipe, or two etuglegcotleinen can obtain very desirable Rooms, with 1 good Board, ha the house of a family fr-un New Rutland. 1 where home comlorls in. y ee realized, i.t prions to suit the times. Apply at IMS h -.t Tweuiy-tUi.d street, between Second and Third avenue.-. A NICELY PURNI81IED HEOONP STORY FRONT Ho.iui to let? to a gentleman and lady, or single lady , Hoard fur lady only: large namry. cas. oath. A?\ An. v at 125 Greene street, "between Friuce and Houston, alter*ten A.Jt. A small private family, occupying tiieir own house, lu a desirable lucalioii, wish to ieut to *purty of two or three it handsomely furnished Stilt of Rooms, with Board. Uarp und stages l';*ve tbecorner ter every pai t ortheclty. Inquire at 72 West Thirty second street. A gentleman and wife can be accommodated will) good B anl ami nice It no ran. Terms $0. A No two young ladles tuheu. To let, w lilt ?n without Hcird. a Hall Bedroom, with gn?. Family small and mc ial. Coll at Renwiek street, between Canal and Spring streeia. A GENTEEL PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING AT 63 1 West Thiity eighth Mr it, wi.l let a second t ry frout Room, beauilfm'y lurnished, to a gentleman an ! any or two a ngle gomlemen, with of without Hoard. Rest references j given and required. Noilmuge latoi Ma jr. \ GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR A FEW SINGLE GEN- ] JY tie men can be accommodated with foil or par'hil Hoard, wncre the comforts of a good home can he enjoyed, bo ne has all the modern improvements. Apply at 7" Mocdongul trout, between Houston and Bleei km streets. ,* T 165 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?DAY BOARD. ' . 1 $150; Ito ini an I Board, $4 to $10 for one, or $7 6010 $13 60 lor two pernors, lire unu gas Included. Breakfast 7, lunch I, dinner (J. A SI'IT OF LARGE, ELEGANT APARTMENTS TO lei?with first chum Board, at 30$ Wont Twenty-third strcel. They arc on the parlor lloor, und liove every convenience lor a f amily. House has all the modern improvements, and finely healed. A LARGE AND : PLKNIMD ROOM ON FIRST FLOUR, una one on Second lloor of 7u3 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth streets, to let, to gentlemen, furnished; house has modem Improvements und lu u pleas tut location. Terms moderate. J A WIDOW LADY, W1TII A SMALL. QUIET FAMILY, would let a back Parlor ami second story Front Room to I ngentleman und lady; full Hoard lor the ludy, and piuilul fur 1 the gentleman; no children. Tcrma low. Cull at 13 Third ; erect. ' AT M SEVENTH AVENUE, THIRD HOUSE AliOVE Fourteenth street, a large Room to let on third lloor, Hoard, to a lady and gentleman or single gentleman; aho a single Room. References exchanged. AT 122 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOOM WEST OF Hio idway, a geutl man and .vil'o or niu.;lo gentlemen ran obtain pleasant Rooms, with Hoard. The house cumulus , the modern improvements. A LADY, LIVING IN TWENTY-THIRD STREET, HAS a few desirable Rooms to fi t. with all the modern improvements, to a lady and, Hoard tor the lady only. Te. ius reasonable. Adorers O. P. y., Union square Post oflle. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM ON THE SECOND FLOOR i it U?!_ glliillhllt f l tP ft itsslkl IMAUI ft nil . hp ?s?r?* nulla. men; aim), a back Boom, lur bousvke. pn; or with pin ttal H.uinl. A iM'.y at 147 Alb u atreet. A FRENCH FAMILY WILL LET A LA ROB TIHKD islo.y furnished I rout liuoin, with largo cioseta, ! re mitt grate, wltti lunt i lasa every convenience. Apply at 1U Weal Thlrie. nib aired, n. ur fifth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A PLEASANT I.o.isc, No. 3 l a.i i htrueili street, near ft: tb avenue, ollVra very ptuasunt Rooms nu<l Bourn to a gentleman ami wi|. , or lo single g utlemuu; neighborhood but class. Refereucca exchange:. I TTENTION IS CALLED TO THOSE LIVING IN 110.1 \ tela ami bo., dm,. s lo an eaiatilishuu-ul op-lied at lil) Macdougat street, Hint fUruLbe.l wlili everything necessary for lions.-keeping. In orvler (bat a family muy iuive a complete home ami lire nt a low rule. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR, ON unonil uoor, togcl.uir With nun or two 11 -..rooms, lo rent, with Uou'-.l, at reasonable prices, tor a.n winter, in Ibe Ui?i class houae No. 3ti ? eat Twi-lHu street, between Fifth ami Btxtliamtm. Dinn. rat..o clock. A SMALL FAMILY WILL LET, WITH HOARD, a large ucai% luruished Ko- m aim a i.nll lluoui. i vims very mminraie to d enable butt-tiers. A la.iy can bo arcommo.laioit wuii Room unit Kcicrcr -. a given ami re.|Ulreil. Impure at 3b Market ate.. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A HANDSOMELY FURmain d Suit of R..oma ou e cou.l i.uor, io let, together or a-, with or without n.ur i, ab o a sl.igte Room. Sornr lir.-i cbtrs rciercticeacxch .ii^r.t, (bill at ij W. a: Hixtcen'h stre.-t, between Fifth und Sixth avenues. A LADY WOULD LIKE T" LET A HANDSOMELY fnri.lstie.t Parlor ami B uroom, to a lady and; lioard for I e la..-; all the num. rn improvements; ainall ami private; locatiuu excellent. Apply at No. 68 East Twenty-hnli air. ei. Board-a private family will let to two alugie gentlemen or a gentleman und wife a large, lian some back Parlor, to be furuiahed aim roue.vood Uirnlture, and u slu ;le Room on ae. mi I lloor, to gentleman, in a first class brown alone boure, contain tug all the modern improv. mrnts. To persona tired of boarding houses, and who dealre the comforts of a home, this oners a rare opportunity. Term* moderate, unit rulerenuea exchanged. Mo. 70 Eaat Tw-mv-;eventh atrret, near Fourth arenu ?. Board.?front room, with board. for man an.uw.fa or atnclr gei.Unman, at 71 Mu-?ouga. aire; t, St. O.i ment x place. Dinner at tt. Board-a large room, for a gentleman and wife; ttliw .1 entailer one, fur a aiu;le gentleman, to let, w Ith Hoard, at 30 East Thirteenth elrret, between Uni; ereliy p are and Fifth avenue. Locntlon .nexc i tamable. Board.?the parlor and third floors of a pilvate houxe, atipcrblj t ui ntxlied, t an be bad, ultb private tri.le. Filth avt nun and Twentieth street. AddrcxaS., F ino.i Ni|itare Po?t unite. Board.-gentlemkn and their wives or bin file irentlenirn I un lie aeeommodated with Parlor and Bi'ilruoiiie or Room*, at I7d Writ N ale; nth alreet. Relenana , Iven and tequila.I. Dinner ut G o ciock. |>OARD.?A PLEASANT FRONT room to LFT, WITH J) Hoard. ;o a gentleman and wile, or our or two amain renilrmcu.loi Sdner aeel>. The. houam uutal.saall Iheinoiarn fatprivemen . Family private. Apply ut 166 Tweuty-aixth atrn t, near E ghlh avenue, BOAItD-A PRIVATE FAMILV CAN ACCOMMODATE tlireeorfour gentlemen vvlili conn ortable ro?mx and good Hoard; the bonne !;u? all Ike inoacrn improv. incnta, and ix lu> ut'il lour bio li aouthwrrt of Filth Avenue Hotel. Dinner at 6. Reierencea exchanged. Ad .r ??, witu real name, L. G.. Herald office. Board.?a family or two gentlemen and their iv I vex lo ii hi he pleamuiUy in coinu.odated with three or four pleuaunt ltooma 11 a private fntiiUi; no other boarder*! taouxc brown xlnne. plca>*?iiily located in Thlriyt'mrrlh atreet. Address K. L. O , Herald uUicc, for three tiAy". _ _ Board-wanted, for a gentleman and ladv; I. Man Inn Let warn Thirtieth nnd Furi.ath nueala an,. Hlth iitul E ghtb uvi inn a: room. ta> m.d lire: |nl e not to cue it I $7 a week. Addrem* J. K., No. Went Tbuly-eiplitli alreet Board?a pleasant room on third floor i on l><- Int.! st 46 VV fit Mnlli ctre?,t. Kiioiii comamn Lirge ( IK, hot hlot cold wnt r. Dinner at ill o t lock. R :cr ?( ("? ex. hanged. Board.-two pleasant and well furnished Kionl Ri iiniK. on thf n-coini and one no the lonrth lioor, ? paiatcl;. or together, with llaml, at bS Clinton place, near Fil th Dinner at 4 o clock. BOARD AT 161 EAST TENTH striiet, corner OF Fourth avenue, one block from Bn> idway ? A pleasant Kionlend Back Pitrlor, on sc-coml lloor, will lib let singly or < together, with full ur partial Board. Dinurr ut six. Re to- < renee* exchanged. Board on moderate tkhms-with a private family, for .1 gentleman and wi.e or two slngl- gentle- J in n. Helen urea exchanged. Apply at 2Ju West Twenty- < second sired. Board wanted.-a gentleman and wife wihii j permanent Board In a private riunlly, located tietwern I We* -rlcy place and Twenty-second street. Two Rooms or a 1 Parlor ami extension on second floor desired. Terma must 1 lie m ale rale. Address, with full particulars, B. C. B., boi 1,976 IV t otllca. Board wanted-bt a single gentleman, in a ? prlviite riunlly or amnll gc- eel tmaiMiiig house. HIlua- ' tlun between Kiktatb and Twentieth street*, on Hie east aide ' of the city. Address, with terms, J. I,. D , lleraid nllioe. c BOARDING- FROM fit TO $t per \\ EE It?well I ut iilslicil Rooms and good Runid, at 19-i Twenty-l'ourtb J aireet, i.urlhcail corner ol' Eighth avenue. N Boarding and boarders provided in the < < Ity or country.?'fh .ae *vunling Hoard, and those who k ran re > |ve single gentlemen or famlllea to board, can be mutually suited by addrcaaing Jonea A Co,'a Board Regtatry, h 336 Broadway. Board in brooklyn-kor one ok two oe.v. 1 Ih nien, in a private family. Referenc required. Ap- 3, ply at (id Hoy t street, lirst lions" lielow Dean street. Board in Brooklyn -two pleasant rooms- 1 together or separate. In the house or a small lannly, p Uatli In the bouse. Terms moderate. Apply at77Clinton ci *.ri at, one door Irmn LvlugMon. ft Board in brooki-vn-at 79 oomtkma htrket. j One Parlor unit Bedroom, on aceood lloor. Apply a* above. Referenee reipilred. Board in hiiooklyn-a gentleman and wife, 1 or ain.le gentlemen, can tind peasant Rooms, with IO0.I Board, on reasonable terms, at No. IDS lit kr> afreet, -| near Join lemon sin et. J Board in Brooklyn, no. is clinton street. A pleassnt apian; Front Room. Also a Room on the krsl floor, and two vacancies for single gentlemen. Terms low. Dinner at 6* * Board in bkooklyn.-pleasant rooms and a Hoard, for single and msme t gentlemen, on vrry mo- ft derate terms. Location first rlasr, and convenient to Wall r street slid Fulton fen b s. Apply at 47 OoimN stri el. Board in Brooklyn-two rooms to lkt, to K<mlleiiii n, with Hn.iitl, in a private innllr, In vIvlnlMr 1 of Lnln>oti? unit Onrlinn venum. Terms $3 AO ami $4. f Rrlrr. in*?Mr. Alirl, 161 Maiilon lane, N. Y. Board in Brooklyn?pi,has ant, neatly fur niahi'il Kuoinn, suitable lor fp-utlpim'n ami (lo ir wires, or ?I mile luloincii; a tlerlrabln locution for nai y oflkcra. ? Apply at PI i-anrl* Hrwt, war Fulton fill i v. BOARD IN fooTit Brooklyn.?ex< ELLENT BOAHD i In i-IIi ll lo I wo or 111r o gentlemen l?v a widow Imljr, X having a small family, wll iani ehiMicn nnil llilnu In ilrsl i f< eta-is style, near tint lerrli a. Term* reasonable. No other bmnl' r?. Address H., bo* 125 lli ralil olll< e. ' TFAMILIES DM'RIMO To I.IVB RETIRED IN \ I'lU I , vu ? uml y, i'Oii't* li * ?1?? . '>*vr ir] 1 tn c ?n I Firtnr, with mo 1 rn roar*tit*1 nee*, and hnnn* Mir m nUiht-tl, Willi privAl* table, fojf calling Immediately at M Wo?l in Twenty necuUii street. bi a BOARDING Alt D LOOGUfG< Furnished rooms-part ok the whole or the Second KI-<or to a ttrat oltm bouse, convenient to ara and Broadway stage*. *111 be let reasonably to one or more gentlemen; breakfast tt d> sire 1. Alao a pleasant Basement, suitable for a doctor's otlke; location very d'-alrtblc. References exchanged. Apply on lite premises, ltd Went Thirty-ninth (treet, near Seventh aventte. Furnished ROOMS?SUITABLE FOR KAMIlie8 ob single gentlemen, can ho obtained, alth Board, in a dei rabl.i location, by applying at 87 West 4*lh at., near Broad* way; house lirst claae; dinner at 6. Reference given and required. Hotel julian. m broadway, oornbk or Ninth street?First ,Itw accommodations for fawllM tudgentlemen at moderate prices: tneala at ail hours, and lervrd to rooms If desired. Table d hole aid, Sundays*! 6 o'chek. Fieucb, Spauiah and Ueriuau spoken. Hotel lodgings.-clean, comfortable, single Rooms, from (1 25 to $1 SO a week, or 28 oeuta a night, at the Un on Hotel, 166 Prince street, corner of Tbompson. Meal* at all hours. Open all night. Highly desirable accommodations can b? ohtaiue I In a new lirst class Holme; unfurnished Apartments, with all modern Improvement* No. M Weal Twenty.fourUi alreei, a few doom below the Fifth Vvrni;# Hole). I ames visitino Washington city, and wish, J lug Heard and Accommodations, ran be auited t y ad dressing L., rare of Mr. Godltey, Union square 1 jat office. MADISON AVENl'B HOTEL?CORNER OF MADISON avenue and Twenty-seventh alien. Family aid single Rooms, wiili or without firm class Board, at rgutKed prices. Lowest price Rooms, fit or week; by die day, $1. Rhode Island landlord. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED-BT A GENTLEMAN, lor himself, lady and nephew; an eutlre .ecoud or bird floor would be required, with a good sized room on the loor above; the locatiou muat bo desirable, west of Malison tvrnue; n private family owuiint iheirown hogse preferred. Address Mr. Stanton, Herald office. COUTH BROOKLYN.?TO LET. a PLEASANT HI'IT OF io Rooms, on second floor, in a haudsomely furnished uw iu inu ?mm icj i v, lor a sinun luiiuiy or a paiij of gentlemen seeking a comfortable home a piIrate laulo ii desired Aiply al lit Congress elrec1, four doors wist of Heury. rpo GENTLEMEN ?a umalt f R1 VaTE family DE1 aire to let, without toaru., tack Parlor with Extension Room, on the first tlour, to ana ji ? . tingle gentlemen. Apply at 12 East Twelfth street, between University place and Fifth avenue. rPG GENTLEMEN.-A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY DEJ. hIm* to let, with .ut Hoar !, to a gentleman, a m ally furuUlied. comfortable Room ami Pantry, wnli ow 01 ba'Iiroom ndjoining. Apply at l*d West Houston street, corner of Mm tlougul. TWO GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN A VERY FINE large Koom, furulalied, with bathroom ad joining, lire, gas, A>'., tvlth Board, In a first class house, for gU per week; also a turnlshecl Room for one gentleman, with Hoard, Ac., for $1, at Its West Twenty-fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenue#. TO LET?WITH BOARD, ONE LARUE ROOM AND hail Bedroom, furulalied or unfurnished a# par.I s may desire. II nine has all (he moderu liopiovemeuts. Terms moderate. Apply at 33 West Twelfth street, between Fifth aud Sixth avenues. \\TANTED?BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FURTT niHio d front Room on first iloor and Breakfast, for with h $3 or $10 per week will he given. A French family preferred. Address Christie. Herald olllce. <J>-| TO $3.-A SINGLE OEM 1'LEMAN OR A PARTY OF V L tl,i\ c or lour can find pleasant trout Rooms in a private family, w ith fire, gas, Ac,, in the above prices. Partial Board 11" required. App'y at 110 Charles street, corner Hudson, over the drug store. f* BE At II STREET.?A LARUE. PLEASANT, FUHNISHO ad Room, suitable for a gentleman and wife; also a ttiiittu tiooiii i >r a single jx-i wm, wiin or witno:i; noani. T??rn?fc moderate Apply an above. 8 WEST ELEVENTH STREET. NEAR HROADWAY ? Furnished Ro uina to let, with full or partial Hoard. nWEST 20TII STREET, A FEW DOORS FROM * Broadway un<l Fifth avenue stages, oouu.e or three Rooms, separately or lot;1t! er, to let, with Board, to a family without ehiluren or geutlcmcu. Rciercncei, required. on WEST THIRTY SIXTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH Zd' avenue.?A Milt of Rooms, hut dHomely furnished, with private table; abo u han.laoii e suit of Roomii. on thlrrl lloor. 11 ou no flrat class. Dinner at six o'clock. Reference required. (It UNIVERSITY PLACE, CORNER OF NINTH ^*T street ?A handsomely furnished suit of Rooms on s-eond ami third boors, with full Board, to let. Also a few single Rooms. Reierencea required. O/T WESl' THIRTIETH STREET.?ONE OR TWO 8E0 4 Irci families and three or lour genii,.no n can now he accommodated with suit* or single Room* in one 0! the moat delightful location* in the eiiy. Ai) UREAT JONES STREET.?TO A SINGLE GENTTAi or two gentlemen, a Parlor and Bedroom, lloor, front. Uas and lire. Terms mouernle. 1 all and 7(1 SPRING STREET, THREE DOOR 1 ?>M UROAOI t7 way.?War price*.?To let, sever h i.daouiriy furnished Rooms, to single gentlemen; location in ar all the first ehisa hotels and nlacx o amusement. r-. r.Fi ro .mnec. Inquire o. ANSON IIOI'SE. 90 GREENE STREET, AHO > E ii i: N . ?,VL>luN ') House ?Elegantly furnished Sui.m ot 1 Ooius. Gas, Croton and every coureuienoe tor housokcepn.g economically. Particularly suitable for small, re-pectah e amides ot single gcntlemeu. Kent low to permanent team t , 1 O'i GREENE STREET.?FURNISHED ROOMH.-TO IVO let, the whole 01 lh- Second Floor, consisting oi front and hack Room, hall Redroom, and hath, communicating, 10 a party of gentlemen, ut $4 per week. Also a large I rout Room, suitable for a physician. mEAST FOURTEENTH STREET OPPOSITE THE Academy of Must ? tine suit 0' Rooms, .dsn three small Rooms, to let, with Board, to 1 ami .lea or tingle persons: alt the modern improvements. Di ner at b o'clock. Proper reference given and r quired. 1 <17 GREENE STREET, BETWEEN PRINCE AND -Lv/ I dpi lug streets, m ar Broadway.?Furttiaued Rooms to let, with Boar I, to gentlemen .ad their witea or single ladles and gentlemen. Term* mod, rule. MRS. BLKNH, 1 J_Q WOOHTBR STREET.?ROOMS TO LET, FUR. ItO mslicd, lor ladlca au.l .cutiem- a. board for ladlca 1 PRINCE RTREET ?ST. CLAIR HOUSE.?BLR* J-tJU gautly lurnia.ed Booms, wnh Hedroouts attached, Willi all the conveniences for bousek cping complete, lucludln? .asand Cro.on water, to let to rarpectalue famlllea or tingle gentlemen. mi BLEECKBR STREET, SIX BLOCKS WEST Of I Broadaay, a new bouae, ulth all ti.a modern Improvements; |1 aaam Rooms, with excellent Board, from |3 25 lo $9 per week. Breaktaat irom 8 to 9; dtnn.'r at 12U and 8. OTA ELM 8TRBET, NEAR SPRING.?FURNISHED ?il\f Apartments lor Immediate <? upancy. Til lowest rents in the city, considering thecon< enicnce* tor economical housekeeping. Beat oea.lng and furniture, with range, cookinguienatla and linen complete; gia and Cmlon. A I Q BROADWAY. PLANTER'S HOTEL ?PERSONS U IO wlslnnii Hoard, will timl eie antlylurnl h. u, with a liberal table, aa above. Prb a-> in ao ordan, a with the tlmt'R. Location unsuipasned. Houae drat claaa. Dinner at all o'clock. jnicbuafibvir At connek'S, no. sn bowery, next to fifth street, promenade Extension Top Waterproof Boots, 13 50; prime Calf, tap sole, Waterproof Boots, $3 80; Boots lor Aremen, anperlor quality, $3 80 to $3 SI). Attention.-officers and mbn will find w bile on duty in the Acid and saddle, thin .-old and damp weather, by w.arlng Meliam A Co.'a Oalvano Electro Metallic Iimolea, w II keen thefr feet warm and dry In the roidrat wi alher; alao those afflicted with rheumatism, gout, ne 11 ri.l|4 la, chilblain*, Ac., will tin I Immediate and permanent n-llcf Irom ih. lr u?c. circular* sent free. Offlce 429 Broadway. Agent fur Philadelphia, J. 8. RANrON, 2,013 Ulrard avenue. Brushes of evert description at the brush fa. t..ry, 3.9 Pearl ttreet, Uai per a building. All articlea it the lowest luctory price*. Paint Biu*hea of anperiog luallty constantly on hand. JOHN K. HOPI'BL. HIBBARD'S FAMILY PI 1.1,8 AND CARMINATIYB Salve for *ale by O. HULL. 278 Pearl street, and by J. K. IIIHBARD, Yonkera, N. Y. I'rtce 25 centaabox, with by the dozen (o Healera. kyfARHLE MANTBI.S.?GREAT BARGAINS IN MANLYI tela. A Uric aux-k on hand and a great redurtloa la jr|. ra for any kind ordered Ihia month. Call anen at A. K LARKR S marble yard, US Boat Eighteenth atrcal, weat ol riilrd a?e..ue. Mantaia put up In any place In the country. PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.-A GENTLEMAN OF In rue ejperlence und good literary reputation, thoroughly L. <|iiHiniad with iba Kngtfrh, French and Spanish languages, indrriakea to make tranalationa, coinpoaa poatlral adrer laamania, aonga, dlacouraaa, valentines, wlttlclaaia, buatnaaa immtini.atl'ina, private lattvra In prnaa or vrraa, or any hlng eloo In which delicacy, tact or literary akltl are reiiilred, without Infringing on propriety. Term* moderate. , lie moat aacred omilldence may ho relied on. Addrcea lentor, Hera.'d o(B'a. JAVE YOt'R MONEY.?A PARKER, 285 WASHING3 ton aireet, oorner of Murray. New York, aella choice Ity euitar cured Kama, warranted, at 8c. par lb.; beat Family oap, box 72 and 60 Iba., 6)?c.; pure Starch, box 80 lba, 8Xo HO T ATM IRS.?WANTED, A CUTTING TABLE, WITH L drawer*: also Counters, (Haas, Ac. Addreaa Tailor, box ,WM New York Peal olUce. no M ritctl ANT8 THROUGHOUT TBB COUNT!*.? L The subscriber, having bail ailenatre aiperlenoe aa a nr. hilarr Ol merchandise for many yaara for the ally and otinlry trade, fee la confident that be can communicate tnonuHtlon of great pecuniary adranUge to eaah and Ural laaa lima buvers lie tnrltca cerreapmidrnce, addreaaad to ila oUice, w hich will b* duly re-pomled pi ISAAC PECK, St Pine atreel. rVANTED-A SECOND HANDED PHOTOGRArHIO ?V 1'icaa, at the Gallery ol II. Kiauae, 75 Bowrry. 100 000 BARRBL8 ?r TUB LoJV MANUFACTURING COMI'ANT f? FOUDRBTTE, FOR SALE MT JAMES T FOSTER, 66 Ion lamlt atreet, New York. The article la the eheaoeai, beat and tnoat powerful fertlller ollcreil In market It ripcnaeropa from two to three rc< k? earlier, la nut dangeron* t# nae. nor ei Imitating In the oil. It liaa no equal In ??r<fen* anil upon lawna, flow-eraand ran* lanil, and more nartlrnlarl* on the eorn oropi The aaeiiu ollabor paja lor the Foinlr. lie ..... Beware of imitation*. None genuine but LeOI Manufacitrlnc UomiatiiT'a brand, "61 or; anal el reel. The Company'* Almanac for 1662, with the ea erlence of lorm e Greeley, Daniel Wobaterand near ]'10f*rm*t* In dlfarenl State* will be aent free to any om applying for tha ante. Addrea. jamra y CareofLodl MitnofactnringCnmpany, 06 Corttandi atreet. New York. SPORTING. "VOOS.?TWO LARGE GREYHOUNDS, ENGLISH AND J Scotch, IuatImportedi will run down a lor or deer In >ubl? quick time. Inquire at Crook'a, 74 CliHtliani atreet. IIENItY DUNN, ,1(111 mi F, A DOUUI.E BARREL FOWLING I'IBi F 1 14 jta ge, 22 Inch barrel, nuidc by ?Jr. ener; coat $120 u? ipirl under the low tnlifT: ha a heen ttaed vary lltte and la I good aa new , will be aold, Willi patent leather n e, el an. K rod, Ac., complete, lor |6t), nothing laa* AddreaaUt truer, j* 216 Herald otlKo.

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