Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Şubat 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Şubat 1862 Page 2
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2 Bourd at Supervisor*. *HB COMPTROI I. * TO KA1*K MUNIT OS OOTSTT UKW?UK.N."! or biM'IWO AND KKfAIHINO MOU-tHUHIUUiN TO AHNl'Ai. TAX LEVY? ADOrriOM OK TUB TAX LAW? STY. regular meeting of the Board 01 Supervisors was held at noun yesterday?Supervisor Tweed uj the chair, pro tem. j The minutes of the previous meeting were read and ap" proved. A communication was received from the Committee oB Annual Taxes, reporting in favor of authorizing tbaCcmp troiler to memorialize the State legislature for authority to borrow money on county bonds, in anticipaticn of the nellecttoo of the annual taxes. The report wan received and a resolution to that effort was adopted. The Cdhimittee on County OSioers presented a report in javor of taring u.e bill of IVler llone.luiu for repairing and rebiadiug looks in the Begister's office. The bill amounted to$l 436 37. Supervisor Wm-SMAV objected to paying the bill, as he thought three dollars a day for a workman was much too high. Supervisor Bi.rx* objectad to it for the same raason. The bill was unally laid over for further consideration DEHATU OK TUX TAB LBVT. Hie Committee on Annual Taxes protested their report $7,600 be inserted into the police fund for the pay of five police sergeants, that amount having been accidentally omitted. The cum of $100,000 was alao recommended to be inserted into the Harlem Bridge fund,and$0,000 additional be ineerted into the county jail fund. Supervisor Ei.v moved that the ecus of $ 0,000 far Coroners' fees he reduced to (16,000. -Supervisor Wsummam thought that a redaction of $2,000 would br sufficient. Supervisor Stswart offered an amendment that the aura of $72,000 for officers' and witaasaea' feea be reduced to $40X00. Supervisor Bixrvr thought they could very well cut down tne amount for witnesses' fees. He believed if the money were not appropriated, a large number of notices would not be nerved. Supervisor Lrrtut objected to appropriating $5,000 on tha requisition of the bheritf for the purpoeo of furnishing the jail. lio believed $1,000 would be quite euflcimt. Supervisor Twksd said he was opposed to the amendment offered by Supervisor Stewart, as be believed the reduction would embarrass tho Comptroller. It would be merely a reduction on paper, and not in fact. Supervisor D.ivw said lie had seen the Doputy Comptroller, who hail told him a reduction of two thousand dollars might be made. A vote was thou taken on the reduction of the Coroners' fees from $20,000 to $18,000. The motion was lost, three voting la the affirmat ive and eight in the negative. A resolution t? make the appropriation for officers' and witu'isaas' foes $65,000, instead o $72,000, was adopted, the whole number voting inxtu affirmative. Supervisor Kl* moved that the amount for removing incumbrances in the harbor be reduced from $7,600 to $3,000. Supervisor Davis moved as an amendment that the amount bo placed at $5 ,000. Ths amendment offered by Supervisor Davie was lost. Supervisor 8mw*ar then moved that ths amount be altered to $2,000, which was adopted. Supervisor Elt thought that a reduction in the sura of $225.960, asked Tor judiciary salaries, might bemads. He stated that Recorder Hoffman, of the Court of General Sessions, had ordered that hereafter only those officers should be paid who were actually la attendance, and only foe the time they were in attendance; and if money oould be saved in the Court of Gouerel Sessions, why not in all otters? Supervisor Snwtn said ho thought the suggestion of Supervisor Ely very good; he thought they might very easily make a reduction of twenty-five per sent oa those salaries. He said that if Mr. Ely was ready to go into the mai ter iu detail be should second him. In conclusion ho moved that ths sum of $14,400 be strtckeu out, which Is appropriated Iter the pay of eighteen attendants in ths Ceurt of General Sessions, and to rescind the reeoluttua of the Board passed December 14,1867. Supervisor Twain said before the resolution was adopt ed they had better understand that it would only be*a change of attendants, who would be sent from the police quarters, and would have to be paid at the same rate as the present attendants. Supervisor binrr thought they might employ some of the intelligent mechanics at present out of employment, and pay them at the rate of e dollar and a half a day. Supervisor Ely moved, se an amendment to Mr. Stewart's motion, that $216,000 be inserted in piece of $226,950. which would be a reduction of $10,040. Supervisor Stbwabi said the salaries of the Judges being fixed by lew, they could only retrench by cutnug down ths salaries of tie clerks, messengers and attache.*. He would support any measure by which e reduction of either tea, twenty or twenty-five per cent was made: but he thought the matter could not very well be accomplished by lopping off ten thousand dollars from ths whole amount. Supervisor Lrm.s said he was in favor of, first of atl, reducing the number of attendants on the courts, which wee, in his opinion a very greet abuse. He knew (hat there was one of these messenger* et present s member of the Legislature at Albany, legislating for the people there and drawing his salary hero at ths soma time. A vote was then i?k-n on the amendment offered by Supervisor Ely, which was lost?three voting in the afflrinative and oight in the negative. The motion of Supervisor Stewart was withdrawn. Supervisor Bu nt offered e resolution, that ths sum of $14)400 lis stricken out of the tax levy for the payment of the eighteen attendants oe the Court of General See aloes. The motion was lest, ten voting in the negative and one in the affirmative. Supervisor Bu rr moved that ths revolution passed by the Beard on December 16,185", be rescinded. Supervisor Elt moved, as an amendment.that ths sub jocv oo r?mn ? uguHODuim *u Annual aaxee, icr the purpose of reporting to tho Board what roductiou can bo mad* tn tfao number and pay of tbo at toad ant a of tb* various courts. Four voting in tbo affirmative and seven ia the cegatire, the amendment was lost. Supervisor B unt 's motion was tbeo voted on and lost. A vote was taken on tbs tax levy, with tbo shove amendaaente, when all tho mem bora voted in the affirmative. The Bard then adjourned until Monday, tho 17th inst , at three o 'clock. Police Intelligence. Tn Mathcws Staboiiio Amur.?The condition of Pat. Mathews continues unchanged, and whan our reporter called at the New York Hospital laet evening, ha was in. formed that there was no apprehension of any immediate danger. The examination in the case of John Reynold*, Witham Whitson and James Skelly, who are charged with having been implicated in the assault on Mathews, came off before Coroner Ran nay, at the Jeffernon Market Police ?mrt, at noon. The investigation was condrcted in private, and at the close of the proceedings tho represents, tivee of the press were denied access to the paper*. The euppressioo of evidence la such cases being nnprece dented, our reporter remonstrated with tho Cor n?r on the absurdity of the step, when the latter stated that the ends ef justice would be subserved by keeping the mat'er secret. Subsequently we learned that the t-fti mony born strongly against Reynolds, and that he was fully ideutitled as the person who inflicted the wouods. Wbitsou and Skclly ware also identified a ha ing been mixed np lu tho difficulty, but the weight of the evidence fell upon Reynolds. The counted for Mr. Skelly demanded that the letter should tie admitted to bail: but Coroner Ratiney refused foetiterU.n the motion, and decided to commit alt of the prisoners to ciusb muiii'vmeui, to >viu inn resuii 01 naiucwv injuries The court room was thronged with Mathews' friends, who took a (teen inleren m tha proceedit gn. sad when the decision of tha Coroner was annoum ed, man ?their approbation in the most wnmistakaabta manner. Huch a collect ion of gamblers and sporting charactere was seldom s<*en together. Indeed, since tha Occurrence of the Stanwix Hall tragedy, in wlurh Rill pools lout his Ufa, the "fancy" bars not shown themselves in such strength as they have in ibis case. CxTOHim A Tamtam?A shrewd countryman, name' William Mtlbnnk, attended a mock auction sale in Chat ham street, opposite the City Hall yesterday, and bid off * stiver watch far the moderate sum of seventy Ore cut* The Peter Funks tried to get the watch eut of MHbank'e possession, eo as to exchange it for a worthless article, but the latter, who was up to the dodge, refused to part with it. and placing seventy five eents upon the counter walked off. The auctioneers followed him to the street, and tried to frighten htm by giving him In change of a policeman, but the countryman took the matter coolly and signified his will.ngness to go before n magistrate Tho ofticer decided to lake all the parties to the Tombs. Justice Brenaaa was preaiding a ib? tune, and after hoaring the testimony on both sides he concluded to discharge Milbauk. who want on his way rejoicing The Peter Funks were eaceedingly annoyed at th? declaim, ami manifested their displeasure ia a loud tune. The watch was valued nt twenty-five dollars. ilaval Intelligence. A letter bag for the United fttatea gnnbeat Iroquois, oare of the American Consul nt At. Thomas, will be made up nt the ofllce ofMaltland, rhetpt k Co., 45 Exchange place. Mail cleeee et twelve odock, -Saturday, Feb ruary 8. The foiled 5tales steam gunboat Dawn, MenUnsat Commanding A G. Clary,arrived yesterday morning from ron:mi MUUIUC. gu.vv??.? "I""" ?"*" ""'"i it a lint of her officers:? IAmtmanl Commanding?k. 0. Ctarjr Jfeculire Offirtr?f.. Urayloo t'nx/m*il*r?K. Parker. hwyton?J. W Sherfjr. firit Awitlan! Kngintfr?M B Bete rk?rd Xsp, rvwri?D. Teminson Thomas B 0 . Mn?"r-I Afafn?J. K Underbill, J Barren end Obartea M Cooltf. The Twtatjr-Klihth (Irish) Dlaiiatha* MtU Itrglmrnl. Notwithstanding that, this regiment haa barn under marching order for the (>ast week, they are still detained ' on (ioTernor'p Island for the want of transportation. So definite time te fired for their departure to the seat of war, but, from information receirot at the United ?t?teg Quartern laster's office, It appear that the regtmeDt trill Ire forwarded as soon as ths Ericsson or tha Empire City arriros la port to carry them bcnct. NE FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Fkii'AT, Feb. 7?6 P. M. The passage of the Treasury Note bill through the House had a cheering effect upon busmen* cir. cles to-day, though mucli regret wan ejtpre*?ed to hnd the names of several members who were elected as supporters of the government, arid of so prominent a business man as Mr. Erastus Coming, of Albany, in the list of opponents of the measure' side by side with the names of N ullaudighum und May. It is not saying too much to observe tha' I had the bill been defeated the prospect of suppressing the rebellion would hare been aleuder; fur by no other measure than the one which liae passed the House could the government have obtained money for the prosecution of the war, while new difficulties, arising out of the financial collapse of government in presence of an army of 600,000 men, would have rapidly supervened, and aggravated the situat ion to a degree and in a form vrhioh soem to have altogether escaped notice at Washington. The passage of the bill is worth a decisive victory in the field. The money market is easier. Money is offered freely at 5 per cent, and none of the bankers pretend to got more than 6. Qood paper sells at 0 a 7. If Mr. Chase will pnt the audited accounts of his creditors into proper shape they can readily bo shaved ia Wall street, and orach suffering will-thus be avoided. Foreign exchange rose to-day to 114% par cent for sterling, and 4.97% a 4.92% for francs. Gold also ross % per cent, being freely taken at 103%. The advance in both exchange and gold is th? work of speculation, and if left to itself rates will presently decline. There is no reason whatever for a premium of 3% per cent on gold, of which we have very much more than usual in the country, with a diminished demand for it for circulation; and in the same way and for the same reason exchange is unwarrantably high at 114%. In the coarse of a few days both bills and gold will probably fall to more natural figures. The news of the passage of the Treasury Note bill through the House, and the cheering news from Tennessee, imparted confidence to the balls on the Stock Exchange to-day, and prices ad. vanced throughout the list. Governments were the first to feci the effect of the new financial policy: the sixes of 1881 rose % per cent, and the 7.30 notes 1%, closing in demand at 99%. All the speculative shares were active; bat it does not appear, from the reports of the commission brokers, that the public are as yet taking any active part in the movement. The commisMon houses generally say that their customers regard the effect of the Treasury Note bill as having been discounted, and consider the leading railway shares quite high enough. The most active shares on the list to-day were Erie, which advanced 1%; Erie preferred; which rose 2%; Toledo, which, rose %, and Rock Island, which rose 1%. The advance of the day in the other stocks was as follows:?Tennessees %, , Missonris 1%, Pacific Mail %> New York Central 1, , Hudson %, Harlem %, Reading 1%, Michigan Central 1%, Southern old 1, guaranteed %, Pans- | ma 1, Galena 1. The market closed firm, the fol- i lowing being the last quotations of the day:? , United States 6's, registered, 1881, 90 a 90%; ; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 90% a 90%; do. 5's, , coupon, 1874, 78% a 79%; Indiana 5's, 75; Virginia ( 6's, 52; Tennessee '6's, 43% a 44; North Carolina ^ C's, CI a 62%; Missouri 6's, 41% a 42%; Pacific Mail, 99% a 99%; New York Central, 83% a 93%; Erie, 34% a 35; do. preferred, 57% a 57%; Hudson River, 39% a 39%; Harlem, 12% a 13; do. pq|ferred, 30% a 31; Heading. 41% a 42; Mishigan Central, 51 a 51%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 22 a 22%; do. guaranteed, 41% a 41%; Panama, 114 a 114%; Illinois Central, 57% a 58; Galena and Chicago, 67 a 67%; Cleveland and Toledo, 42% a 42%; Chicago and Rock Island, 64 a 54; Chicago,JBurliegton and Qnincy, 61% a 62; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 19% a 20%; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 106 a 107%; New York Central 7'?, 1876, 103; Erie third mortgage bonds, 93% a 94; Michigan Central 8's, first mortgage, 99% a 100; Illinois Central bonds, 7't, 93 a 93%; gold, 103% a 103%. The passage of the Treasury Note bill throngh the House of Representatives by the decisive vote of 93 to 54 may be regarded as securing its triumph in the Senate. It is possible that by the time these lines are read it may have become a law. We congratulate Congress and the country upon the victory of principles which, at the time they were first broached in this journal, two months ago, appeared to meet with innch more opposition than support. Without wasting time in retrospect, however, we may now observe that the country i? fairly launched upon the sea of paper money, and that the ultimate fate of our financial system will depend largely upon the vigor and prudence of Congress in dealing with the financial questions which remain to be adjusted. The $150,000,000 of Treasury notes to be issued will not necessarily cause any great disturbance in values, if they are not followed by farther and larger issnes. If the $150,000,000 now to be anthorized are to be followed by $150,000,000 more in the spring, end as much more in the summer, values will inevitably rise so prodigiously that groat disasters will ensue, and persona with fixed incomes will be mined. It should, therefor", be the business of Congress at once to provide against the necessity for further issues. This can be done by acting at once upon the Tax bill, and rendering a large proportion of the taxes payable within sixty or ninety days. If this is not done in the course of a month or two the Treasury will again be empty, and there will be no mean? of replenishing it except by further issues of Treasury note* made a legal tender. With proper taxation $150,000,000 of Treasurynotes ought to be enough to supply the wants of government, provided they can be made to flow back into the Traasury as fast as fbey flow cat. Hut if provision be not made for their speedy return to the Treasury I through the channels of the collectors of customs ! and tax commissioners, this sum will only carry on I the war for some ten weeks- will leave but a small balance, in fact, afW payment of the present floatI ingdebtof the Treasury. Not an hour should be lost, therefore, in adjusting the details of the tax levy, and putting it through. Mr. Chase ought to be assured of receiving one hundred millions from taxes before the middle of April. The people can pay taxaa just aa well now aa six months hence, and Congress can pass aa good a bill n*-xl week as is likely to be framed after a month's incubation in committee. All that is wanted is a brief measure taxing all kinds of documents transferring, promising to pay, or securing money or property of any kind; all such articles of luxnry us carriages, watches, jewelry and platp;the incomes of foreignon doing bnsinesa here without intending to he* come citizens; travellers In railways or steamships; public conveyances of all kinds; telegraphic messages; real estate and personal property, Ac., Ac., Ac. The tax on these articles should be payable on or before a certain datesay lat of April and should be increased five or ten per cent if not paid by that day. Combined with this direct tax, there should be an excise bill, levying an excise duty on all native whiskeys, ales, tobacco, sugar, Ac. And. lastly, the customs duties on sugar, tea, coflee, iron, lead, hides, wool, foreign silks, ribbons, laccs and other dry gooda should be raised no aa to insure a revenue from customs of at least fifty millions on our present re duced importatiora. If these rneusnres are passed wlthtn a reasonable period of time, no fvnrs ne<>d be entertained of further issues of inconvertible paper, and no disturbance in values will be created by the issue of the tl*>0.000.000 now to be pat forth. The rotintry is bare of circulation; the new issue will bo absorbed without Leiug felt. lint IN YORK HERALD, SAT! every day lost hi debate will increase the danger of a second deadlock at the Treasury Department, necessitating more issues of notes made a legal tender. Mr. will now proceed, we presume, to pay off his floating debt. lie will facilitate the disposal of th# business before him by granting to pressing creditors acknowledgments of indebtedness, payable alter a fixed period. Buch acknowledgments could be readily negotiated in Wall street, and would be a great relief to contractors, business men in New York nud New England can well afford to wait six or eight mouths for their money if they Lave something to represent their claim which, in case of need, tlicy can melt at bank or at the brokers' offices. The Sub-Treasurer received 12,000,000 six per cent bonds from Washington this morning, and handed tliem over to the banks. The business of the Sub-Treasury to-day was aa follows:? Total receipt* t'XSl.040 00 ?For customs 24'J 000 00 ?On account of lean 7,500 00 Payments, including redeemed 0 p. c. notes. 1,006,0*2 84 Balance 4,000,015 53 Bj an advertisement in another column, it will be noticed that Messrs. F. P. James A Co., No. 3? Wall street, offer to cash the first coupon dne on the 7.30 notes at par in current funds. Holders of small amounts will save time and trouble by availing themselves of the offer. We have to thank Messrs. W. T. Coleman A Co. for a copy of their annual San Francisco circular, which contains interesting information with regard to the finances of California. It says:? Besides the payment of intsrsst upon funded indebted- j nssi, nearly $100,000 of tb* principal has been retired by appropriations from tli* sinking fund during th* past year. Tb* following ia a statement or the operations of the Stale Treasury for lbs month of December, 1861, and shows its condition at the clou* of the year:? Balance on hand November 30,1861 $480,421 75 Received from all sources for the month of December 255,389 24 Total $741,810 90 Di3HTicqu>. Redeemed warrants as follows:? Genoral fund $194,727 S3 Swamp land funds 0,627 12 School fund 672 02 Ubrary fund 637 40 202,664 16 Balance on band December 31,1861 $51#,240 83 To the credit of the following funds, viz:? General fund $67,769 08 School fund 31,945 56 Hospital fund 4,815 28 Military fund 803 29 Library fund 2,354 38 Interest and sinking fund, 185T 186,130 00 Interest and sink mg fund, 1800 3,031 T8 Swamp land fund 233.823 74 State schaol fund 18,797 98 Estates of deceased parsons 89 09 Total $539,240 83 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were (15,205,600 77, and the balance $895,067 55. The New York Centra) Railroad has declared the nsnal semi-annual dividend of three per cent( payable on the 20th instant, on the stock regiatered here, and on the 20th of March on that registered in London. Stockholders in this city trill receive their dividends at the banking house of Messrs. Duncan, Sherman A Co. The transfer books will be opened on the 24th instant. The United Stat, a Trust Company has declared a semiinnual dividend of four per cent, payable on the 10th inst.; the Lorillard Fire Insurance Company, i semi-annual dividend of three and one-half per cent, payble on demand. The ca?h capita! o1 the company ia $600,000, and its surplus, as shown by the statement just made ia $92,443 63. The Pennsylvania Coal Company, a dividend of three and one-half per cent, payable 16th February. Stock Exchange. Fmhmv, Feb. 7,188J. $500? TT 9> 6't, '81 ,reg 90 400 sbsNYGen RR.bSO 83); 12000CS6 ?,8l,Orwl>;y S??; 450 do oyg 83).' 2000 U d 5'*, '71 ,ceu 79y, 40 do 83 1000Tr'y7310pen 89'; 200 do slO 83 8000 Kentucky ? .. 7% 100 do bCO 83); 2000 Ky 6 p c 1 bds.. 74 200 Bus RR 34), 1000 III oonp bds,'SO 80 36"0 do 34*4 190 111 CenRRac..?30 OS 270 do 33 00 do blO 37,V 100 do alO 34); too do 57;; -joo do bis 84;; 500 III CenCan bd a:.. 37 750 do 34j; 1000 Indiana 5'a.... 76 1300 do b.30 35 12000Tenn di,'HO... 44 800 do ?10 84); 7000 Missouri ?'e.... 41 >; 100 do nIO 34?; 8000 do 42 10 fladaoa Kivar KR 39 >; 8000 do 41100 Harlem KB 12). 5000 do elS 417; 40 Harlem RR pref. M 1000 do 41V IAN.I Cen RR 122 9000 do b3 42 10? Brie BP. pref 57 7000 California 6 ?.. 81 lrn do sio 67 1000 do 81V 10? do alO 67?,' 4000 Brklyn city wl. lOOV So do 57'; 600 NY Cent St.. 95 1.J0? do bO 67 >; 3000 do elO 96 100 do hlO 57*; 5000F.RR3ra,'83.i50 93 400 do blO 57).' 8000Bof.NYfcElm 77 400 do alO 67'.' 3000 HR RRlm.axin 108 400 do sl*> ST); 6000 Hudson Kiv ofb 102 ICO do -10 67'.3000 M C 8 pc bs. old 97 150 . do 57% 100O Mich so 1 m be 89>; ICO Reading KH 41V 20o00 Mieb So 2 m be 70 350 do 41% 13000 Mich So af bde 86 30 Mich l'en RR.... 50 200?<;o?hen Br bds. 84 100 d.? 50'; 1000 III CehRR bde. 92;; 375 do 60'; 200O ChiftJTW 1st m. 41 300 M cSlMaKft MQ 22 SuCA Tol A W 2d in . 43 50 do. 22 4000 do 48),' 150 do 21"; 1000 Cle AT if bd*.. 84 200 do 21V 90 ahe Bank of Com.. 7T 58 4n iw 21*. 30 Nassau Bank 91 60 Mich88NI(itt 41 *; 6000 Aui gold.>0 103); 100 do 41-, 73.7010 do boo 10;; , 120 Panama RR 113',' lwiOO do -60 w; 340Clere*:Pltf.? l:R. 16'.' 1 370O0 d(t 1W3V 2006al AChicKlt.rflS t'j'i 1600U do SCO 103V 0.70 Clave fc Tol RR.. 42 V 100000 do 500 103 V 800 do 42. 400oo d<> b30 ion :<no do a i 1001'tBBCoelCo.... ?? 200 do WIO 43 20 (lo. 88)6 500 do 030 42V fibt Par.iOc MaU 88Co 99)6 100 do ill) 42 150 do <<10 99 V 100 do 1)10 42 Y 200 do hi5 99V 530 do elO 42),' 100 N Y Con Ri:..|Ac 83 V 50 I hi .V R I RK s30 63)6 200 do opf 83 V 700 do 53',' 100 do .10 83V 100 do l>30 63 Y 600 do pfcr 83V 1 -9 do hlo 33V OECON'D BOARD. $8000 t'R fl'e.'74.C. 7? 138Erie RR pro 67V 60?Tr?a78 10pe u 99 V 100 Hud River RR b7 3?'? ?000 T?ti? 0'a, '90.. 44 TOO Harl <m RR. .bl* 12V 8000 X Y < '?ntr?l 6'i 05}( 200 Mich So* N I RR 21Y AOOO I RRSab ftJ tO 95 V 10 Mich Central RR. 60)6 10000 K RR 6 m b.b80 82 20? do 60 Y 2000 Mich So 2d mtg 7<> 200 .lo .. 61 114)00 Am fold. b30 103V 30 Mich Do le NI g 41V 20000 do 183 Y 100 do 41 Y 09 ?!) Bk of Rapub. 70\ 100 do 41V 80 Chi,Bur fcQu'y KB 61)6 30ranatna KR .... 118)6 60 Pacflc Mail SS Co. 99),' 15 d? 113)6 50 do 99 V I? do 114 inoNYCenRR .bao 8;)', 200 111 Can Ki; ac bu. 57 Y A do. ...p * e 83V 300 do ?30 67J6 200 do opg 831,' 100 Clee * Toledo RR 42', 250 Erie RR 34J, 100 do 42 V 600 do blO 36 168 do I>80 42 V 100 do 36 ?()? do 42 V 300 Krie RK preinrred 67)6 ^ do b30 42Y 600 do 1.30 68 CITY CUMMERCIAl* REPORT. Friday, Fab. 7?0 r. M BBRAi'-TcrvR.?Flour?The market lor Weatern and Flat# branda waa loaa buoyant and active, while extra brand* wera Orro. The tranaactlons looted np about 14,000 bbla.,<:l04iuf within the following range of pricei: Superfine Slate $5 05 B 6 80 Extra to fancy Stale 6 95 a fl 16 SuparTina We ucu 6 66 a 6 80 Common to alio ice extra Western A 95 a 7 00 Canadian 6 00 6 75 Sou I bet n mixed lo good aiiperlioe 6 06 a 8 40 rxtrauo o 4f> a 7 00 Wood to choice family do 7 00 a 7 73 Kya flour 3 00 a 4 25 tern mal.JfW ami Rrandywltte 3 00 a 3 30 ?Canadian flour waa id good requeat, wttb more antlvity and (Inaa'JF. Tto sa'ca embraced eboul 1.200 bbla. witBin tbaabora rang* of prices. Southern flour wae Ai re, with a good inquiry from lb- trada, with aalee of I.HOO bbl* ., during within the rurga of the above qiiotaliona. Kyo four waa in fair demand Tor exnort, With Mlee of :t00 n 400 bbla. at our quotations. Corn tnoal waa unchanged, while aaloa wore limited at tho above llg'irei. Wheat war I' i active, wbile priri-a of go'it qualifier were II m. lufaiior gr.xdca were heavy and <el?e embraced about 30.000 bushels at ft 40 lor red Western, in store: $1 50 for am bar 1/mg T.'laU'l. If ?2,'; af I 44 for ordinary to g >od while Osuada, ft 40 for amber Iowa, ft ;1H Tor prima Mil* wantra club, and ft 32 for common 1 bicagn spring at the mired depot. Corn waa rathar aaalar, but mora active, with sales of about tiO 000 bf.ahel* at. 85)jc. for Western mixed In ?lore, and fler . for do. dalivarad, and at 61c. for raw Noriharn yellow dalivarad. Rya waa s niewhat flrmer, with aalaa of 7,500 bushels at 66c. a ?5 |,c. for .State Barley waa steady at R5c. a 90c. (lata were steady and in talr demand, and prices stiff at 40o. a 4i;,i. lor Woatarn and Canadian, ami at 42c. lor State Cormt.?Sales of 500 bags of Rio wore mad" at 19c Cottov,?The market was flrmer, with more demand from spinners. The sales footed up about fioo bale*, on tba liana of 3<ic. a 31c. for middling uplands. I aa nitta. -To lovarp i'd 2U.000 t.u- ,?)* of rorn wero engaged in bulk at 74 . 22,000 hb!s lie rr 4t 2s .. and per neutial veesel OoO tiercoa lard ai,2 ia ; 1 .one pbia palr i. bum at p. t., and per ateainar 500 tierces lard at Ma. ,210 JRDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 18< boxee bacon by Amer.oan vessel at 25b To London 200 boxee bacon at 25a., and 1,000 bbta. floor by a neutral vessel at 2s. ltd. To Ulsegow j ooo bbls. Hour at 2s. 8d , and 200 Heroes lard by neutral ship at 82a. Oil. Norwegian bark w a engaged for Cork, and order to a port in Ibe United Kingdom to load with 24,000 bushels of corn at tiyd. per 00 bs. to the bualiel. Puoviss-nh.?Pork?'lhr. ma kot waa tolerably Arm.and th j oeinaud continued tie. y. The sales footed up about 1,200 bbls., at $12 K7>; a $13 for nuw moss, $1325 a {13 50 for City prnue mesa, $12 12)4 a $12 35 for old mess, and $9 50 for new prima Included in the aalos were 600 bbla., deliverable in the llrat two wecksof April, seller's option, at $13 26 Iteef wax di m and in fair demand, with sa'es of 200 bbls .nt $12 a $12 50 for plain mess and at $14 for extra, fleefhaius wore inactive at $14 75 u #16. Cut meats were steady, with sales of 50 lihds at 4c. fur shoulders and at 5c. for hams in salt, and 200,000 lbs. rough sides from the block at6yo. a 6yir. Bacon was less buoyant, and closed eat or; the gales embraced about 800 boxes at 6c. a 6ye. for long ribbed Wester*, and liyc. a Cjt,c. for short rib do., 7c for long clear city, an I 6tfo. for short clear Western lire-and hogs were Hnner, w 'h sales at $4 06y a $4 16 f? r Western, and at $4 30 a$-? 40 fur city. lArd was Uim, with sales of 1,100 packag e at 7)?c. a 8J4o. llutter and cheese were unchanged. Rica was quiet at 7c. a 7>.,c. for Carolina and 6c. a 6)4c. tor East India. Sooaas were more active ami ruled yc. higher, with sales of about 1,300 hhda. Cabas within the range chiefly uf 7<gc. and SJ^c., 121 boxes at 7>?e. Sain ot Bsal Estate. By K. H. Ludlow At On. Madison avenue, n. e coruer 32d street, full size. .$23,400 3 bouses adjoining, north, each 10,900 Madison avenue, s. e. corner 33dstreet, lull size.. 31,000 3 bouses adjoining, south, each 19,900 The sale of the marble stores of Bawen It McNameeffen Broadway, nearly opposite the New York Hospital, was mads by llr. Miller, under decree of court, to satisfy the claim of the Seamen's Savings Bank Car $70,000; but the purchaser having failed to deposit tea per oent of the purchase money, the auctioneer gave public notice at thd Merchants' Exchange, In the afternoon, that the sale was postponed to the 11th inst. Family Market Review, A alight variation Is noticeable in the prices of meats and other articles at Washington market, the tendency being in an upward direction. Beef has advanced two cento in the pound, fine quality selling for 12c. a 16c. per lb., and inferior quality for from Sc. a 11c. per lb. Corned pieces bring 7c. a 10c. per lb. Mutton sells as follows:? Legs, 6c. a8c. per lb.; breasts and shoulders, 4c. a6c.; hind saddles, 7e. a 10c. Poultry is in fair demand, as is also shell fish, vegetables and gums. Pork, corned pieces and hams bring lie. a 12c. per lb.; bacon, 10c. a 12c.; aboulders.Oc. a 10c. The bait butter is quoted at 17c. a 32c. per lb. ^ Edit India and China Markets. i Cavro?, Dec. 14,1861. Gray shirtings dull and unchauged. Water twist advancing, i Tea Arm and prices unaltered. The total export, 5l'..'115 .000 lbs. I Exchange on London >;d. higher. Shanubai, Pec. 7,1861. Gray shirtings dull. Tea declining. Hlk active but ! declining. The settlement for the fortnight amounts to 14,000 bales. Export to date, 35,600 bales. Exchange on | London unaltered. Cawtttji, Deo. 30,1861. Shirtings dull and declining. Mule twist 40*.; unchanged. Raw silk quiet. Indigo active but unchanged. Copper?Sheathing and tile dull and unchanged. Exchange 2s. J?d. Government securities?Four per cents, li>?; five per cents, y, discount. Freights advancing. SHIPPING NEWS, aluawac ros arvw torx?this pat. Atrt im.sxs 7 6 I woo* sits morn 2 25

sua sacs 6 KI aiaa water morn 2 54 Ford of New York, Febrssry 8, 1868. ci eared. Steamship Otty of Washington (Br), Brooks, Qusenstown and Liverpool?Jobs G Dole. Ship Anu E Hooper, Hooper, Baltimore?Master. Bark Tlberiai, Newman, Qneenstowa or Falmouth?4 C McArth nr. I Bark Ellite (Br), Ewsri, Qurenstnwa?Jaekaon A Nell!. Bark J Doull (Br), l'aige, Cork?McCitll A Frith. Bark Montezuma, llainmoud, Barbados?T T Dwight. Bark R Denton, Ersklan, Havana?J 1TAR Webster. RarkAbdel If Oder, Eldridge, Cardenas?H D Brookinae AOs. Bart Wilhelmine (Ilan), Dnimmond, Philadelphia?II*gemeynr A Urn tie. Bark Pel res. Sturges, Bridgeport?'Wake man. Dimon A Co. Brig Maria White, Billings, (ioree?Smith, Jonee A Co. Brig Caroline, Porter. Aeptnws'.l?Panama Railroad Oo. unx muu ' or;, or i ici to, mm i?u k su m w?> Wolf. Brtc A Smithf!* (Br), Johnhou, Jaemel?H Beckrr A Grwve. Rrig A D Jordan, Brown, Cardenaa?H D Brookmaa A Co. Brig Vesta (Br), YVatero, Cardnuaa?Met'all A Frith. Brig Kuroak, Downing, Qibara?Owen A Cargie. Brig Maebiaa, Shoppy, Nenvtiae?Owen A Cargie. Brig Frinceaa Royal (Br;, Newbold, Bermuda?Smith, Jonea A Co. __ Bug A C Man-yuan, Oray, Kay Wan?H Beuoer. Brig R'tatien, Too* hacker, Portland?Maa'.er. BrtgOyelone, MoCarty, Port laud?ThompumlA Hunter. Schr Vrauria, O'Domtell, Vera Cruz?I, R Robbma. Hi hr Fhantnu ( Br), McOomgicfc, Antigua?<1A J Knox A Co. S' lir Me?*en?er, Kulford. Key VVeat?K D llurlbut A Co. Bohr A K Glover. Robimoa, Key West? McCieady, Mott A Co. Bolir Fethea, Cooloy, Fort Royal?Miller A Hongh'.ou. Hchr Young Teazer, Morton, Port Royal?Master. Sohr S C Hiitae, Freeman, CUeriyalone?Muster. Schr Pawnee. St Johu. Baltimore?Vao Brunt A Slight. Behr Barbata, Decker, Baltimore?Master. Schr C Javoe, Rowland, Baliimore?Merrill A Abbott. SehrDfi tlirgine, Mathewa, RMttmore? Maafr. Schr Iele of Pines, Kieucu, Baltimore?1'O Benton A bona. Bohr T Butler, Croaby, Baltimore?I, Ken or. Sehr J O Feriu, Buih.Dsal'a Ialand?Masier. St-hr Bra**, Cropper, Deal's leland?Master. Schr A B Jacobs, Jonea, Snowlilll?A C Havena. Sohr If Havens. Roberta, Providence?If S Racket: Bcbr C Dubo Weaver, New Haven?I. Kenny. learner R Sauford. Sanfortl. Philadelpltia. ARRIVED. I' S aiearu gunboat Dawn, Lieut Comma ruling A G Clary, J'nrtreea Monroe, 24 hours. Came for i? pair*. teaataMpObeaapeaka. Crawall. Portland, with mdaaaaA paaaangar%to B B Cromwell A Co. Ship City ol Mobile, Marshall, Liverpool Nov 10, via 81 Thorns a Jan 21 (whriaQabe put in with loaa of anil.*), wilh udee, to llaibet-k A Co. Ship Oram t Brem), Klepper, Bremen, CO days, ia ballast, to E Unkart. Had weat?rlv wlnda rnoal of thi- passage. Bark AlUanch (Br, of Jersey), Do Carterit, Kio Janeiro N?v 24, via Delaware Breakwater 4 daye, wttb t offee, to J L PhippaA Bros. Jan 18, tbe Delaware Br-akwafr, when she look a haavy gale liom NE, and was driven 150 nitlea aouib, and mad? the Breakwater aga.a t!9!b. Jan 28, let 37, Inn 71, ?P> ke ship Kb wood Walter, ben-e for Pott Royal, BC. Bark Medera (nf Boston). Webster, Miragcane. 19 daya, with logwood, to toaster. Berk Elira Bat as (Br, of Bermuda), Cooper, Bermuda, 14 daya, in ballaat,'o Tucs-r A Ligmbo.irn. Feb 2, lat SS, Ion 73, apoke brig C W Ring, fmm Cuba for X'* Tork. Bug Oeaan Wav (of Fall Ktver), Winsluw, Dublin,'51 man, of Bad lino, If I from the lorecaatle deck overheat a and was lost; ;TW, lat 39 40, Ion 5?, jwssed the wreck iit * h'-rm brig ol' about SOU na>it ami ysrda standing, tail* blown away, am! lioats gone: appeared 1? have l*f? lumber laden; saw no person on boarl; Kelts, hit27 4ft, lou 70, passed the forecast!" dark of a larze ship; Feb i, lat 35, Ion 72 10, a, oka Brarlir t stomas, lor llklliav Btig ialilhe iof Haiti more), Ellingtvrod. Palermo Dec <1, passed Glorailar Dec 17, With mill, Ac, to Lawrence, Cile* * Co. Das till lat 37 M. I n 73 04, s)>oke Br brig Alpha. from Jamaica for Maw York, dismasted and under jurymssi. The 1 i.ail tine wea- her. Hoi a heavy rolling sea from the time we let > or pa awl (Jibraiiar until we got to the v. estw* rd of I be B 'lmuda Islam1* on trie g2d: autre that time noiliIt,k but fearfnl gaie? front vur,ott*|i(iiarter?, mostly I mm westward. Which kept the vessel completely submerged. On the 1st Inst, was up in 7 f athom* water, off Bernecat, and was blown o(T; lost lure yard end split sail*. Jau 26. lat 3H 17, Ion 72 lb, tell in with l ark Citizen, Capi fej*ell, of and froin New York tor AspinwaH. in a sinking condition. and took off the captsia and erav. .Ilia all, and brought tbem to thla port. (Bee Miscellaneous below.) Bi ig Julia (of New London). Smith, Lisbon. Dec 26, with Hit, to in??ter. .Ian !7, t'ha' lltiderlleot, aesomn, o( Aitiiria, aged SI yeara, was washed overboard by a aea and Inst. Bria Alliance (Br, of Lirerpool, Nd), Hicks, |Kavana, .Ian 21. who sugar, tot; ft Wheelwright. Has been 8 days N of tbe Capes of Delaware. Brig Marcia (of Bnngor), Hsrrinisn, Ssgua, Jan 25, with stigsr, lo Neff k Merrill. Bug Eliza (of Sydney), Doyle, Nassau, NP, 10 days, will) logwood, to J C Reniiirgs. HcbrS* Limn (of K*"t Lynn), Watte, St Tlinma", 14 days, with sugar, to Smith, Jones A. Co. Been 6 days'N of Hatters* with Debt northerly winds and'-alma. Bchr Ki'.ngrtuu, Oarusichoel, Jacmel, 19 days, whit coffee and lORtvood, to Kunhaidt A Co. Joseph (of Boston), Joseph (late Watts, died at St Ao~ drewa Dec 26), St Andrea a Jan 12, and Old Prut idence 2tlth, with eoroanuts. to order, Scbr Laura (Br, of St John, NB), Barberle, Fortune Island Jan 23, with salt, to Bietl. (to.. A Co. Si lit- British yio en (Br), Clark, CornwalliS, XS, 35 days, with potatoes, to Duryeo A Ilyds. Experienced heavy weather. . Selir F Merwin, Virginia for New Haven, and proceeded. Schr Mist, Viigiuia for New Haven, and proceeded. Bohr Benedict, Virginia for New llaaen, and proceeded. Bchr Alliance, Ireland, Cbineoteagoe, J days. Brhr Eli*al?th Ann, Buntm, Ohinenteagoe. S'hrWio II Smith, Leighton, Baltimore, 6 days. S hi J F Hal tie Low, Mumtord, Berlin, Md. B< br O C Acketi, Perk, Ellzabsthport, and sailed for Stamford. Srhr Evelyn, Palmer. Eliaabelhport, and sailed for Ktamferd. Schr Silas Wright, Seaman, Elirkliethport, and Hllrd for New London. Bchr llsnnsh Helle, 'from sehr Prowess, ashore at Towsaeod'a Bar. Sloop W II Bowen, Providence. Steamer Josephine (ti d transport), (ireea. Locust Point, in hallasi. ff All.Kit. Blh?Ship* ThoaJrtTeraon, Liverpool: Independence, Melhimnii'; Auguatua. Antwerp; hark MuaUng, Bordeaux, brig* Jlulelka, Begun; Hunhurat (Br), Uitmi; Telegiaph (Br), Martinique; Kriipna (Swe). hit Kllta. Wind d'ii Ing the day NW. Hlitfllgntoai. Bin Ctmt'f?Capt Klliugwood, of the brig lanthe, arrived yeaterday from Llnbnn, reporta:?Jan 90, at 10 AM, white under three reefed topaaila and atormwtayaall, during a gale from W. eaw a nark bracing NMW, or rather ahead of na, and ae we arproaehed new he colore art in diatrraa, aha laying to under Ire elrw of maintopaall anil main epeiicer. At 12 M, parted dote under her lee, and found it to be the bark Cltiren, of and from Mew York for Aapinwall. It blowing a gale, could not apeak her. the bark rolling her tea aide all under water, with a heavy llat. Raw that eomethlngwaa the matter, and by giving and pnaalng aignala found the rrew wanted to leave the bark. Alter a very hnrd and harzardoua time, aneeeeded In aavlng the rrew, eleven in all, and brought them to tliia port. They anred nothing from the wreek, (lapt Lovell bring bareheaded, barefooted and in hla ahirt aleevrt a h?-n taken on board, and loatng everything h? had on beard. The Citizen, rapt Lovell, waa abandoned in lat 3-H 17, Ion 72 IA Lay hy the wrrrk all night, but on the morning of the 27th could not are her. flhc wna leaking III much that the pumpa could not keep ber free, and ahc undoubtedly aunk through the night. |The C waa bittlt at Bi aton In 1H14. SflO tone, rated ?, an I waaowned by BUrburk A Terpen, of this city. J The ataamehlp City oT4 Waal, ngton, (tap' Hooka, en la at noon to day for Qoeenatown and Liverpool. 52. 8bip Aur, Wilson, from HtnaUto for Qoeenstowu for orders. touched at Pernambuoo Dm St for a supply of vegetables, and report* having experienced a heavy gala off Cape Horn (no date), and two day* after, nearStaten Land. spoke Dauiah clipper ship Crlmm, which had sprung a leak during Ui* gala; had pnui|? g >u g consUntly. and win throwing overboard cargo; waagrain laden, front 8au Francisco lor Cork, aud asked to be reported. SiifPTiusR, tioweli, from Liverpool for New York, totally wrecked near Waterford, registered 1073 tuns, rated At, was built at Pittatnn, Me, in 1830, where she w as owned by O Lowell and others. Ship Kimofisber?TTigMaud Light, Feb 6, sunset?Shin Kingfisher p mains ashore. Tngooais Rescue and Huron attempted to tow herolf at high Water this afternoon, but she could not be started. Aostriam Ship K FaitDiNAivn Max, Oeitch, lipnee fop Queenstow n, put into Bermuda !0tb oit leaking in iter top works. Br Bask Return, Croebv, from PI llsdetphia for Queenstown, put Into St Thomas tith ult in distn ea, and remained 14th. Br rare form bike, Jay, from New York Dec 17 for Cork Willi 27.37A buthela of corn, has been abandoned al sea (as before reported); crew saved, The C legislated Ml tons Bars j A Hazabd. ashore nuar Squ ui lu'et, has a cargo of 340 ranka aud 160 boxes sugar, Tuey have loaded two ecbrs and commenced the third, end it the weather pro vea gjodCapt Merrltt will have her off in a short time. , Bit Brio Sir Johb Campbell, Davis, from SI Johns, NF with a cargo of Hah, bound to Havana, ran ashore on the night of the 13th Jan, on Silver Key; veaael and cargo a total low. Captain and crew saved. Br Brio J C lloss. Rice, from Port au Prince for New York with a car^o of coffee and logwood, sprung slesk al sea, aud was compelled to run ashore on Fortune Island Jau 13; vea oca i'jmi 1umm j lttlku bfttcu. BnioCiuoLiKi White?A letter from Berlin, Md, Feb 3, to Ellwood Welter. K q, Secretary Board of Underwriters, mayar?The brig Caroline White, or Boston. Jones, from the ialaud of Cuba, with a cargo of molasses, bound to Philadelphia, and consigned to J Maeon A Co, came ashore on ihla beach last oisht. She fa full of water, aud ihe cargo will be very much damaged, if not entirely loai. Veaa 1 and cargo insured in Philadelphia. [The CAW was built at Cohinibus, Me. In 1352,199 tuua, rated A2, and owned by H A Kendall A Oo, of Boston. | Bonn Alios, Cutler, from Philadelphia, arrived at 8t Thomas 12th ult in distress. ScheE K Kasb. Capt Morrow, of Gloucester. aid from Liverpool, NS, for (lloucester about a week ago, and Is now reported ashore near Harrington, a t.dal wreck. The aohr got ashore at the mouth of Liverpool River et-ht or ten weeks ago, and was on her homeward voyage, after being repaired, when wrecked.?1 Halifax Chronicle, Feb 1. Sloop Last Off, nt Statin Island, lying at the foot of Xorth Moore street, N1' was at 6 o'clock yesterday morning destroyed by fire. Site had on board 1.16 bales hay. Haltimorv. Feb T?The steamer Louisiana is ailoat at Halteres. Steamer E H Herbert was abandoned near Haiti ias. Crew saved. 8t Thomas, Jan 23?The following vessels are here in distress:?Bark Theodore Curtis, from Wilmington. I>e), for Frnnee, with decks swept and leaking badly. Ship Western Ooean, from N York for Marseilles, leaking six inches per hour. Ship Philadelphia, from Philadelphia for Olssgoiv, eargo shifted, is leaking hadlv, and must discharge , also several others nol rerirolleeted. (Bv letter to Eltwood Walter, Esq, Secretary Beard of Underwriters.) MrsTvuious Movements?On the 6th of January there arrived at Malta an American bark, the Charles Smith, Sf>7 tons burden, clipper built, under the command of Capt J W Brown", who reported heraecoraiti't from a Dutch port, anil bound to Aleiandiia, with sundry merchand -e. out 41 days, with an assorted crew of eleven hands. I ndopendent of the unusual circumstsnce of not mentioning her precise port of lading (an omission which the po't authorities ought not to have permitted), the master, under the pretext or avoidlug the landing of his papers and taking ont a clearance, and thus avoiding delay, with a fair wind, preferred keeping the vessel in quarantine, giving out that bis object in coining into Malta was merely to get a cask or two of water. She re. turned her voyage after a few hours, without hoisting any flag during her stay in port; but when clear of the harbor the Confederate colors of the seceded States ware displayed, casting a doubt whether she may nut be a privateer on the lookout for several Northerners known to be on their passage to Malta, for orders from Black Sea porta.?Liverpool Mercury of Jan 23. I The vessel referred to is undoubtedly the three masted schooner Charles Smith, of Wilmington, NO, which left that port after hostilities eommenoed for London. She left London Jane 11 for Archangel, but since that time we do not recollect to have seen any report of her. ] Notice to Mariners. The Nun Buoy at Tmndy's Beef, marking the entrance by Cape Elizabeth into Portland harbor, Me, having broken from Its moorings, a Spar Buoy will mark the danger until further notice. Portland, Feb 4, 180. Whalemen. Sid from Barbados Dec 25, brig Eahcot, of Beveriy, to cruise. ISO bble oil. A letter from Capt Cleveland Mate mate) of bark Awasbonks, NB. deled Vaste.NH, Nov 10, reports the death of Capt Marble on the J2d of Oct, at sea, In let 25 03 S, ion 105 07 E. of dysentery, after a abort illness of 12 days. The body had been placed in a metallic coffin, and the hark would sail to erulse and home. Had 150 bble ap and 108 do wh olL [Capt Marble belonged in Fell River.] A letter from on board ship Minerva Smyth, Smith, of KB. reports her bound into Mauritius Nov 7 (since reported eld from M for borne) in e leaky condition, with 180 bbla sp this season. Had been Into Mauritius twice during the best of the whaling seasons to atop leaka. A letter from Cent WordelLof bark Preeident 2d, NB. reports her at Caps Town, COH, Dee 7, with 500 bble ep oil, ell Capt Worth, of bark Ran Francisco, KB. reports har at St Helana Dec S3, full, haring taken 60 sp 2110 wh and 1SU0 bone aines leaving Mauritius?95) ap 400 wb 6300 bone all told; was bound on a abort cruise and home. Spoken, Ac. Brig Amelia, Gorham, from Boston for Havana, .Tan SI, lac SO. Ion 74. Br brig Arabell, from Boston for Port Spain, Feb 2. tat 37 66, Ion C7 49. Foreign Porto. Abdrossah, Jan 2t>?Arr abip Marengo, Doughty, Ltrerpool for Genoa. Bermuda, Jan 2th-Arr ahip E Ferdinand Max (Aui), Oeitnb, N York for Qtieenstown, leaking In top worka. Dkmarara, Jan 18? In port barka Delaware (Br), Steed, for Baltimore in about ten days: Lomplighter, Thompson, for Turka laland in aevan daja; brig Chesapeake (Br), Gwynn, for Baltimore in about ten days; Robt Move, , for Sew Haven In seven days: 'rbr St George. Lyons, for St Thomaa in do. Sid 18th, bark Anna White, Baltimore. Fortumk Islasd. Jan 33?No Am rraael in port. Ltwnrooi, Jan 2$?Arr steamship Norwegian, McXaatera, Portland. Miracoa.xk, Jan SO?Tn port brig Roeklngham, from Boaton ; M-hra Austin, and Hanover, from do. Nassau, Jan 29?In port ateamar Carolina (rebel), from Charleston. arr 23-1, with a sorgo of cotton. Old PRoriDK.vca. Jan JW? So Am vessel in port. Ffshamcoco. Deo 31?Touched, ship Arey, Wilson, from Mssatlan for(Jueeu*town (sea Mlaeel). Rio Jahbiro, Dee 34? In port eiiipa ifoaea Wheeler. Whitmore. from Swansea for Coqutmoo. reng; C.ruber (Dan), Irom San Francis*! tor, do; Danube, Dixny, for NYork; Shamrock, Doane; Caledonia, Drummond; J F Whitney. Avery, and Sir John Franklin, Dcapoaux. une; barks L?urb:on. Randall, from Liverpool, just arr; 7,tugarella. Bunker, for SYork; A C Adaius, Hemingway, for St Tbouiaa, eld and randy; Adrian (Swe), for Unltert S'atea or Br Channel lor order: Abigail, McKarland; F Crenshaw, Mudsod: Anne E Grant. Swain- Campanrro, D.ibetl; Mondamin, Kei-nali. and Marlon, liny;, une; brigs Lavaera, Parker, from Montevideo for (^ueensiotvn, repg. Netveboy, , for Faral; Virginia, Barclay, une; sehra Llghlninf, D.inlels, from Pernambueo, arr 16th. une; Onward (Br), tor SYork; Flora (Dan), for Br Cbsnnel or United States, for order*. Sid Dec 9, bork Catib, Bales (irom Ho-on), Shangbae; 1 It)., ship Greenwood. Stone, Callao; hrtg Selma, Smith, Matanraa; l3t.ii. bark E Glddinc*. Young. St Thomas, achr Ben, H<rkmar. do; 14lh, barks May Stetson, Gray. Rio Grande; 16lb, Sebra Croo'ter, Lancaster. 61 Thomas: liAh, acbra, ElcDor, Townsend, Marulre tput back 17th to repair rlgi'lug and aid again 22d); 18th, burn Flying Cloud, Kirwan, Pcruamlnien to load for Europe; Am Eagle, Dyer, do do. St Thomas, Jon 22?In port ihipa Western (Venn, Simmon*. from SYort for Marseille*, in distress (see MtaceD; Philadelphia, Poole. from Philadelphia for Glasgow, do (see Mlaeel); bark Thondore Curtis, from Wilmington. Del, for France, do; aehi a K W Troth, Johnson, irom Baltimore, arr I9tb; Klngtiaher, Clavell, Irom Nevis for Baltimore same day. In port 21st, ship J W Clark. K.ipperholdt, wig; bark F S Mesne, from l-isbon do; and otbe-s. In port Jan lith, ship Globe. Baker, and Montmerenel, Brown, wig; barks Return (Br), Croaby, fn m Philadelphia tor (Jueeiistim-n, pit in 8th In diatrea.. Mary Elizabeth, Dunbar, for chtr: hri.ia Meteor. Marshall, from Montevideo arrlStb, iln; Maria Wheeler, Whe-ler. do (before reported eondemeedi: Afi ean. Mendall, une; See Fosm, for Hamburg; athre 31 Elmo, Wait, irom SYoik arr 13th, ding; A ids, Cutler, from Philadelphia. nrrWth, in distress 'Hag; Caroline Auderaon. Booker, from Denton. V*, with oak and wood, blown off, arr ?ame day: Ben, lineman, from Bio Janeiro. an' 14th: Amy Chase, distr. In distress. Arr at do Jan 8, achr Union. Young. St Lucia (and aid 10th for guano talandei: 9th. brig* Progreasive Age, Hrrm'iall, iami .1,1 14:h Culial: IHth. Victor il(atn). Ma'siirn, NYcS"." Sid Ttth.bark U K >'sk, 8W|?r, Kerb land; srlirs Montexuma. Wyman, and Missi.sippi, Wyat', Sagua; Daniel Wliiiams, Hopkins, Trinidad. Bast's. Jan 28?In nort brig Jnaiah Jet. Munson, Tor New V. i It 7 days; mhra Dirigo, Cook, fur du do; Now Jersey, for do do. Hr Aepnws. Jan 12?No Am vea?el in port. American Porta. BOSTON, lab 6?I elegrapbed, ship Mary, from NYnrk. Old ship Ocean Pearl, Crowd), Nhlp Island: hark Villafranca Hill. Mnian/as; sclira Kolf'-niio (Mr;, Dunham, nil's. R S Rdi, Mill. Haltltr.ore; Ada Ames. Arna?, do; II A K Keller, belle;, NYork. Mid ahip Flying Eagle, bark C M Hamilton. BALTIMORE, Feb IP?Arr sclir Maryland, 4,'atbeart. Now York: steamer Katiny radw*llaii*r, Plerson, do. Below bark Clifton, Lennon/frnm Qoeenuton n. Old Bremen ship Admiral, Haoaloop, Liverpool; barks Washington. Wanks, Kin Janeiro and a mki; Ltirle Rl.r, Kirs. Bonb-aut; w bra Hat ilia, K'llcy, and .las Ilonas, Bursas. NYork; B N Pot, Pine, and L P Pharo, Crenmrr, Philadelphia; ,laa K Price, Martin, Dsllera* via Atnapolia. Hid aebr Fred Howell, MilIsr, St Johns, PR. tith?Arrabip R C Wln'hrop, Nnrrllle, Marsel'lrs; bark Clifton, Lannun, Dnblla, Irs, trla Kt Thomaa; brig Mnsoossdo iBr). Butler, Dsmsrara, achra Breexe, Brnwn. NYork; pnrrlaaa, PaMnraon. St Johna. PR. Bslow, off Hwan Point, I ship Nsptunc (Brem), Balls, frin Liverpool. Old, brig Roman's, Duncan. Wlndlea; schrs Kullon. Br >wn. Newburyport. II W B?nsdist, Ellis, New llorn Tiff Tangier; Wide World. Adams NYork; Kllrsr Star, llolt, llattsraa Inlet. H!d. hark Waahiiigtdh. Whits, Binds Janeiro and a m.irket. RUISTtlD, Feb 8?Sid brig Osllfornla, Oainm. Mat mjus b'li?Bid s.lir Sarah, Benson tfrnm Nlforki, Now Bedford; Ibh, sloop Rhode Island, RsmiD|ton (from Provldem-a), New York. KDOARTOWN.feb 2? Arr brif Monte Crlslo, Cknrrhill, A'inin, Hi Domingo for Boston. id?Airs'tar A J Bird, Kronen, Ro-kland for Baltimore. tth?In port lbs vessels above reported, and all tti- srrlral reported this morning- The brig reported at anchor near Cape Pose atlll remains there. Wind NNKLCBKC Jan 31?Bid aelir Caroline Knight, Wilson, Baltimore, with cargo government Iron. M ACI11IMPORT, Feb 3?Hid schr Carroll, Crorker, Matan"' fW REDPORD, Fab ?-Atr achr Rarab, Benson, NYork Via Bristol. NKWBURYPORT, Feb 5?Rid sehr Kossuth. Lee, NYork. NKW LONDON, Feb *? Arr Chris Pendleton. Chnroh, NYork Hid 6th, eebrOeroge Walter, Pettlgrew (from Youmien), ProvMenre. NEWPORT, Fab 3?No arrlrala this mornlnr. Wind N, frrah, and weather pleasant. Bid tehrs Lanra May, Billing*, from Boston for Philadelphia; Sea Nymph, Conley, from Providence for NYorlt; W ROenn, Baron, from Boston for nl..b a . . TU thell nr.a. ,n, f?. do; K 8 Downing, Thorn, NYork for Fall Ri. rr sloop K Kpraane, tlihba. Frotrldnnre lor Nr.irk. PHILADELPHIA, Feb 7?Arr barka Pleiades (ndw), Tata* Wlaraaartt; Washington Bulrher, Colllna, Palermo; Major Norton. >lo; aehr .iamaa Nrllson. Burt, Bristol. (lid bark Irma, wm linger, Trinidad; arhra H Matilda, Price, port 8pain; .lan.ea Malison, Burt, Taunton: Allan Dowmug, P.lce, New London; S TOarrlaon, Grace, New Haven. PORTLAND, Feb IV?Arr Br steamship Nora Sootlan, BalImntlne, Llveiponl via Londonderry. Old brig Scotland, Thooira, Cuba. Hid brig Krednnla. PLYMOUTH, Feb 1?Arr aolir Perklna, Ooodrl.lge, Boston for Fort Pickene. PROVIDENCE, Feb#?Arr steamer Wesbhesfrr. Jonea, NYork. Bid achr Oeo Falea, Nlckeraon, Pblladniplilm (and went Into Bria'ol same day). Aiti?Atr steamer Pellrah. .Jonea, NYork; arhra Oeo Wal. ton, Pettlgrew. 8t Manr*. Md; Empire, Cirr, NYork; aloop Bluckatone, Alien, NYork. Hid, rchr Thomas 0 Bunting, Prvor, Deal's Island, Md. (Oh? Arr arhra Fanny Kern, llrigga, Cardenas forBoal.m, Rul in f.irortleri; Phaiterdak, Kinler, Boston for Fortreaa lotjroe; A Hammond. Illg'ilna, and II A R Atwood, Atwood, do fer Baitim .re, Isaa- P Ha/.ard, Wilson, Kllxabrthport for Pea adale, It I. 7 I'M?In port 'he aVive, Wind SK, anowlng, S\N KHANi'I CO. l eli 4?Arr u.v t I) hark Altatralln, y ndwirk I, an la Bid 4th, Fr ahlp ('anion, LrBlane, Hong T,\ UPAT'LIN COVE, Feb 6?Arr bark Ellaa Pike, Howes, Cndll lor Boston. REUGIOim aiumililk _ Appeals to the young.-key b. g brook* will give ilia next Discourse of this aeriea at the Twentieth street Uuiveraaliet Church, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, tomorrow afternoon. at three o clock. Subject? "Lurk and Work; or, the Conditions of Success." Sermon in the morning, at lOXAT THE LAIC.HT STREET CHURCH, ST JOHN's Park. Rev. I S. Kallocb will preach to-morrow morning upon tlia "Death ol Hainan," and in thi . veiling upon "False waya ot escape," Baptism at ihe close of the moraine sermon. He will also preach every eveu.u,; during the week. BE SOMEBODY, OR LESSONS IN LIVE; WILL bk the siib'ect of discourse si Barnum't Miiieum to-norrow evening, by tho Rev. O. O. Uosa, ol" the Curiatian Alii- m unre. Strangers, young men. and ihe pi till'' netallr are cordially thrived. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Adtuis-ilon free. DITEH AND LAZARUS (LUK'K XVI. 19-51) WILf. BK conaidt red hy Rev. Moms Ballon, at the Blcecker i-treet Unirersslist church to-morrow evening. Srriir.cs also at 10X A. M MRfl. CORA L. V. HATCH WILL HoLD A MATINEE Couversatiouale al Dodwurlii's Had. GOj Broadway, us 8unday. February 9, at 10t? A. M. on the aobject o. Spiritualism, In which she will reply to and expound oueUiuue from the audience. At 7X P. M. will discourse oh '-The Mothers of the Republic, its Founders; the Daughters, tie Preservers." * Memorial church, hammond street, cor nee ot Waveiiey place.?file Rev Dr. Orvenieaf. of.Brooklyn, will preach to-morrow (Sunday) etching. Services at 10X A. M.. and il>? ami 7X o'clock P. M. free. PROTESTANT episcopal church ?DIVINE servi :es will be held at Treuer Hall, 65 W.- .t Thirty brat street, near Broadway, on Sunday uexl. Morning aervioo at 10X o'clock. Evening a* rvice at 7dj o'clock. The Rev. K. O. Flagg Will preach morning uud evening. Scats free. Rev. WM. H. Ml LBURN WILL DELIVER A LECTURE on Thursday evening, Feb. 13, at 8 o'clock, tu the Jana elroet United Presbrterhuichurch. Subject?",S. H. Preutl-a, the Thunderer of the Southwest." Tickets tb eenta, to lax had at the door. DEV. IIAL8EY W. KNAPP WILL PREACH AT THE IV. U ... I CI .. ... I-. ?V. .. ? I. I. V.ri.Hl'lk .O...I h...u-a?r. Lexington and Third avenuesjtu-morrow evening and every evening during llie week, except Saturday. STATE STREET CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, STATE Street, near Hoyl, BrooklynPreaching by the pastor, Itev. Newton Heeton, tomorrow, Feb. 9, at 1UX A. M. and 7J? P. M. Evening, Biibjeot?"The Prodigal Sun." Sabbath Scnool at 9 A. M and 2 V M. Lcciurr on Tuesday, and children's meeting on Thursday evenings at 7X o'clock. "fPHE COTTON CITY OK THE POTOMAC ANI> ITS J. citizens."?Tim Kev. ffm. Alvln Bsrtlett will pre ich upon thia subject to-morrow evcuing, at the Brooklyn Tabernacle, on Fultun avenue, near Hurt street. Service* to commence at 10)$ A. M. and 7}{ 1*. M. 4<rrtHE MILLENIUM?ITS NATURE AND PROBABLE J. Comnirneement aiiout 1389, Afier Hie ltd ru of Chilst," will be the subject of a discourse by the K v. M. 1$,ixtcr, iu the Moravian Chuiob, Eaat Houston aud Mutt streets, on Sunday evening, at 7>$ o'clock. The anniversary op the sunday school or the South Buplls church. West Tivouty-fiitli street, oetweou Seventh ana Eighth avenues, will take place to-morrow (Sunday) evening, February 9, at7*< o'clock. Singing by the children. Addresses by the pastor und by Her. \>. C. \ an Meter, Superintendent of the Howard Mission. 2D UNIYKRSAU8T CHURCH, ELEVENTH STREET. Second avenue.?Rev. G. T. Kiand< rs will deliver a lecture ou Sunday evrniug on John Calvin. HORSES, CARRIAGES, 4cC. PIOH SALE LOW?A SIX SEAT RLKIOU, WITH ROBES and belle complete, equal to new, being built to order of tue best materials, lighi and stylish; coal glut). Frio $200. Apply at the stable til Eaat Eighteenth street, near Fourth avenue. For sale-a bright bay house, a full blooded Black Hawk, perfectly sound, IS hands high, 7 years old, very stylish and gentle, carries a natural head Without martingale or cheokrein; a due saddle or cauiagts horse. Inquire at 731 Broadway, In the teeth depot. IHOR SALE VERY CHEAT?one handsome BLACK 1 Mare, ft years old, coaud; can trot in 3:3d; also two Sleighs, two sets single Harness, several new and eeooad band wagons. Apply at Carriage Factory, 37 W ooeter at. For sale?one six seat rookaway, also one four seat Rockaway, very light and stylise, ior ssle at a bargain, at ftft Cedar street, opposite the Post uMce. w. C. edet. Riding academy, fifth avenue, corner or Tnlrty-olnth street.?Mr. DISBKOW has the honor to announce that he has made ..riaugemeuu wt.h Bignor Kale! de 0. Polomino to train horses in the Latin or High School of Horsemanship. Laotes andgenttemen wishing to have their horses highly trained, can do so by applying aa above. NEW PUBLICATIONS. Approved military books. Cavalry Drill, with M engravings, 29a Artillery Drill, with 72 engravings, 25c. Army Manual for Officers, $2. Infantry Tactics, with 92 engravings, 25c. Do. School of the Battalion, 2&c. Do. complete, 137 engravings, 50c. J. W. FORTUNE, 19 Chatham street, n. Y. "rphat" curious book of "city women.'"?sin. JL gular and Interesting sketches or female character is the city. Sold for 50 cents, or uisiled free lor 68 rents?halt price. Cloth binding, 350 pages, 50 engravings. M. uauntt, Publisher, SO Walker street, up stairs. -- HOTEU." CLARENDON HOTEL, SARATOGA SPRINGS.?Till above new oil tirst iUu Hotel will be let, to a re?|>ooBible and experienced party, at a moderate rent. Toe Hotel, together with the Washington Spring and Ground* are moat desirable. Every thing la new and la perfrot condition. One well qualified lor the business can obtain res-unable terms by applying to A. JUNES, 710 Broadway, New York. DCPONT HOUSE (ON EUROPEAN PLAN), CORNER ol Hudson and Lafght alrrets, opposite St. John's Park. This house is well sotted for gentlemen doing business ilowa town. House is newly furnished and rooms will he let tsry low. HOUSES, ROOMS, &C? YVAYTKD. Apartments wanted.?a second kl?or, three or four rooms, on the east side of the Bowery, not abovt DeUtncy street. Addrrss W. B., box IVJ lleiaid office stating rent, location, Ac. Desk room wanted-and sufficient room to show tome samples or a few woollen goods, in l a vicinity of Church and Warren stree'* Staui particulars and low rent, to Wool lens. Herald oltire. The advertiser wishes a moderate si/ed tares story House. Bot English basement, between Ft tb and Eighth avenuea and Tenth auil Tutrtlelli etrreu,; rent not to eiueed $600; Ibe beat of reference* a* to prompt pay and proper cars of houaa. Address, with lull pailiculant K.. Itok Ml Post oflii-e. WANTED?IN OR NEAR NEW YORK. A Bl'II.IHNO, suits bis for s tactory, say KXtiltW feet, lour ?umet; will leaae ?r piirchaas. Address box 1SJ liersld oilier. -|?"ANTED-e?V A GENTLEMAN, WIFE. TWO CHILVf dren and servant,tor lower part ol a two or turer stoey hi use, occupied by a small faintly without children, itetwecn Fourth and Twell'h street* ami Flr*t and Fourth avenues. Pnetesaton wanted by middle of April. Address W. 11., Chatham atpiara Post office. WANTED?BY A SMALL PARTY, WITHOUT CHILdrcn, two or tbr e Rooms, with conveniences lor housekeeping, In a quiet and respectable neighborhood, above Tenth street and bcl w Thirtieth. R?ut sura. Possesstoa immediately. Address, stating kicntin and terms, L. E., tmx liJO Herald offlee. irANTKP-Td RENT IMMEDIATELY, WITHIN FIFTY VT miles of the my, a farm of it) to IIM acre*, of gnox land, suitable for grass, fruit and berries; 11111*1 b wet b ored and In good older, in a healthy anil p ea-unt noigk borhood, near schools and ehun hr*. ami tawul neress either railroad or stesmhoal. Would Itlre )i|. ilegt ol pur rhsee. Addis*-, with full psrtieulaia, D., Union square Poa office. WANTED?A THREE BTORY HOURS, WITH MODItRN Improvement*. tn n pleasant location. with Immo : ate possession, lor which the mm will be uk> n, 1 1 wind- or part In bt aid. Address P. T. H.. Station II, Bible House. Wanted?in south Brooklyn, for a gentle man and lady without children, an uiilurma<hm r un Room and large Bedroom, between CoiUtnhis ami H-nrt atr*eta. Auulv to Jos. Rebuild. IJt) Union street, rtoutl Brooklyn. " WANTF.D-IN THE VICINITY OK NEW york, IN a healt iv location and convenient oi <<'??? by railroad i genteel llwr'ltny House. Willi garden attarlie I. H oil mm be moderate nod In accordance with tb? linin. Ad re?n stating term*, Ac-.. D , boi 1,461 P ml oil. -e. Orni|(, N. J. imlBiinfc WANTED?IN HARLEM OR WEST MOKR18ANIA, from I lie Ut of April. In n good neighborhood, * nlra Cottage Hottao and thorn half to trie of ground, with friii' abrubbery, Ac. Add rase R . hot IH Madlaon squtrr Pott of tiee, stating term* tnd particulars. WANTED TO rkn T?WITH PRIVILEGE OF BI'VINO a small nett Hon**, with room for titbit. In Brouklyi or east tide of New York. Mud be ea?y ot access ?n l ,^>oc location. Rtahlr convenient w ould tttlt. Addrrit, w lib par tlcu Itrt, W. W. L., Uortld offlcc. niSlELIiANSOlN. Attention, chkmi. ts. driiiuirti and apotiik carles.?The subscriber taken Inlt method to inlo-i? ymi that h- wishes til purchase en entire stork "I A ' tliher in New York city or Brooklyn. Any party or pat t'.ei having one to dispose of at a fair value run nMaln a pur rbatrr by mtlw n. e. O. C., lot 92 I'oat ollloe, Brooklyn, elating price, location, amount of business done, Ac. AT CONNER'S. NO. 377 BOWERY, NEXT TO FIFTH a V atraet, promenade Eitenalnn Top Waterproof Hoota (3 .V); prime Calf, tap aole, Waterproof Boola, $3 AO; Burnt rorllremen, atiperlor quality, fi AO to $3 All. Brushes OK every DESCRIPTION AT THE BRUSH factory, 329 I'earl atreel. Hnrper'a building. All articles at (he luwei* lae-ory ptlrea. Palol Bruahea of prtoa quality constantly on baud. JOHN K. IlOl'i'EL. Marble mantels?great bargains in ma* tela. A large clock on hand and n great reduction It prices for any kind ordered thit month. Call ooon at A RUBERS marbla yard, 113 Kaat F,lghteenth street, weal uf Third aietme. Mantela put npln any place i>, the country I>AR,":- NOTABLE TRADRFIXKK Mataon Dai,una, patented by the Empreta and (b* Qtieena of Bngland and Holland. No. A Boulevard dna Capt* ctuea, facing run de la Pali. Silks, India and Kreneh; Casta mere Shawls, latre, Lingerie, Mnitela, Fanry Goods, Werl ding Suits, Court and Ball Dreaaes. Daraauaakr?Malaon Fauvet, No. 4 rue Monara. Tan Haannnkssr* ann Mii.linrrt of Mile Holler. 4Arn? Native Ht. Aitgnstlne, repreaenl ao truly the type of diatim tloa that aeverol foreign court a, by whom ahe has been a p. pointed the patentee, in the moil flattering terma have adopt ed them. Lacb Vlotaan?Every requisite for Wedding Suit", Pr? meiuade and evening dreaoea, Ac., No. 4 rue de Cholseul. Jwt i.i ik to II. M.?Knaaea, 31 rue Neuve St. Augustine; Mo*bbiu sink?f Bronte China and Ancient Furniture). Tit" warertHima are removed to 19 rue de llelder. I Hrvntst'ttttt*?Ch1nn,Cryetals,DiitneiSenrlcrs, Pottllgny, Pnltila Itoyal, flalerle Mnntpenaler, 21 and .12. UoinsatTti AND JlweLl.rlt?Wlese, 4ft rue tie I'Arbrmq near the lutuvre. Prices In known liguics. OAVK YOITR MONEY.?A. PARKER. 2IW WARHIM* t' too air et, e truer of Murray, New York, aella rliOiet ! citjr sugar ettretl llama, wet rente t, at Or, per lit.; It- u Farnll} ap, boi 72 and <W lbs., A>i .; pure Starch, box 41) Iba., o;a?

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