Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 10, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 10, 1862 Page 3
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? ,im 11 1 ' * *"] government mart insure tie return to the Treasu- | rj, through the ohannels of tax eommiSHioners, of the bulk of the Treasury notes now to be issued within a few weeks. In other words, taxes mu*t he levied at once, and made payable in April at latest, or there will be another deadlock at the Treasury within ninety days. The uew regulation) by which Treasury notes are received on deposit t the Pub-Treasuries, will prove nsefnl to souie stent. But the relief afforded by this expedient will not be adequate to supply the wants of government, if the collection of taxes be unduly decayed. Mr. Ciaco cannot bops to get over ten millions at most on temporary loan, and in the event of a disturbance in the money market the new plan might embarrass instead of assisting the iovernment. It is to be hoped, therefore, that the Committee of Ways and Means will remember that speed is of more consequence, in the present emergency, than exactness of detail, and that a scheme foT a system of direct taxation will he laid before tbe House this week. The whole subject has been so thoroughly ventilated in the newspapers that no member can pretend to be unfamiliar with its bearings. Everybody knows what articles wil; bear taxation, and every competent statistician ean form an opinion as to the amount of revenue they will yield. Every one is agreed that taxa- j tion?copious, searching aud thorough taxation?is the true remedy for the cane. Let there be no time wasted, then, in such idle discourses as were delivered on the Treasury Note bill by the opponents of that measure. Members of Congress may surely be assumed to know something; it should not be necessary to review the whole science of political economy to enable the House to decide whether a stamp tax should be % or */% P?r cent, or whether railway passengers should or sbould not pay a small tax on their tickets. The five minutes rule should be rigorously applied, and when the debate opens an hour should be fixed for taking the vote. Congress may rely upon it that the paper money scheme will not relieve the Treasury if the Tax bill be delayed. Members may likewise feel perfectly assured that no measure is so certain to protect the United States against foreign intervention as the passage of a tax bill securing an ample revenue to the government, and demonst rating to the foreign world that our people are thoroughly in earnest, and capable of bearing on their own shoulders the cost of the greatest war of modern times. The traffic of January on the Galena and Chicago road shows an increase of about $9,000. The figures are as follows? 1SC2 $100,110 IM1 97,263 Increase $8,927 We read in the Albany Evening Journal of February 3:? From the quarterly return* made to the Superimer 4 t of lb; Esuk 1 ejmrtmsut of this State, we have coin plied the subjoined summary, showing the condition 0tbe barks in this State en the morning of the 21st of September end the 28th of December, 1841. XII the banks in existence, now numbering three hundred and a.A MtMeteil in */>ene<ien..e nith Uw ike Brhsnecady and Steuben county banks, whose charters tnuder the safety fu id) expired the lit of January .1862, nd which hare reorganized aa banking associations, retaining their old uamei, and also including the Bank of Rema, Bank of Sallnaand Euex County Bank,and alio "safety fUnde" whose charters also expirad January ), IMS, bat hare not reorganized. The Bank of Of ego' , a?, ociation) made ita Brat report. The Uukm Bank of Mrdina, though baring tiled Ita papera aa an association, had not ao far organized aa to be able to report ita com! >tien en the 28th of December. The Artisans' Bank, New Terk, and the Marine Bank of Buffalo, hare giren notice of winding up:? Jkaott/rii. Sept. 21. Der. '2M. lioanaand diacounta 8176.066,848 191,083,141 Over orafta 388,023 368.780 Due from banka 14,169,276 18,793.709 Due from directors* 7,797,808 7,306,286 Due from broken* 1,264,068 2.197,816 Keel eatatef 8,107.361 9.219,788 pecte 38.089 727 29.102 716 Oaah items 14,206,499 18,996,773 Stocks and promissory notea 40,203,019 66,278,069 Bonds and mortgagee 7,202,203 7,067,826 Bllleof solvent banks.... 1,816,612 2,119 620 hllla of suspended banks f. 1,437 2,278 loei and rx'penae account. 800.811 1.810.617 Add for cents 649 ?:<o Total mtarcM $302,063,980 334,765,668 LidbilUttt. Capital 9100,082.334 100 403,379 Circulation 28,010,748 30.603.020 ProBta 13 007,027 14,162,167 Duo basks 28 211.772 34,431.616 Duo individual* and corporal loan other than hanks and deimeitor*.... 1,626,222 2,601.200 Dae Traaauror of tlia State of New York 2,764,416 2,018,070 Dua depositors ou demand. 111,698,016 126,178,934 Amount dM not included in either of tha above hoada 6.681,083 14,618.777 Add for cent* 602 601 Total liabilitiet 9302,083,980 334,766.668 Tha whole of this item, and parte of the items marked 9, do Mt go into tbe general aggregate or total Collating the pra.-ent with tha last roport (21st Septum bdr>, we And aa increase In "loans and discounts" of 916,027,29.1; '-rash item*, ' 94.789,274, "stocks and pro mtssory note*," 96,076,040, and a decrease or ' specie of 99,967,012. Over and above what may have he, n an ordinary loereaco or decrease, in either or these items, it to ftraad that the New York city banks and some or tha oountry banks report, nnder the first three Unas, the amount of demand and tbft T 3-10 per ceat United States Treasury notes held by them under tbe action of the landing bankara in that reaped, and tha decrease in "spneln" ia thus easily aaeoontad for, ss thers have been * no exports or moment. On tbo other hand, there ke an increase in the "amount dua not included," Ac., of $7, 97,724, which is made np principally by tha amount due the Treasurer of the United States, under the arrange went made with the federal government, aa above referred te, and so increase ef circulation of $2,637,172. demihdad by increased winter traffic with the anrroundiog oountry and tbo times. Hi The earnings of th# Cleveland and Pittsburg V Railroad for December and January are aa follow*:? For December. 1861 9106,120 For January, 1862 84,888 yor December, 1860 A3,080 yor January, 1861 62,208 ?Showing an increase for the two mouth* over the corresponding months of last year of $63,790, The business of the Reading lUulroad for the month of December was:? 1*61. i860. JUceivsdfrmn coal 9302,693 70 189,607 89 Merefcan.ilse. 44,468 12 32.889 34 < travel, he 81,067 69 20,664 82 I , Total $278,219 41 249,032 06 "Traaaportath,roadway,dump II, riumai nui? ?u? hi sharfts 85 190,610 40 Kel proOi for th? month ... $165,433 60 120,412 60 The annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Railroad <7?mpany was held at Philadelphia yesterday. The business o(,tbe year 1861 was thus reported:? * roan pasa?B(ers 11.400,011 ajovainmeiit troops 146,168 0 ciu<! States malls T4.;tOM Cjfwresa 76,190 1 vcigbt 6,398,026 iasellaasoos aourcee 201 3*0 ? 17,300.000 UpSDSSS of cond ust'c transpor tstlon. 91,190,131 Mm4ts power 1.102,400 MainUuanc* of way 1,011,077 Maintenance of ears 270,826 tssrnl aapsaess 00,02a 3.063,003 UMaaraiass *3,046,938 - F<xbtt>iting an increase in gross revenue over that of 1W? nmonntlng to *1,307,299 47, and ia net receipt* of *1.360,63* 79. Omitting receipts from | transportation of government troops, *146,158 14, ? WWHK .<?? 'CI ? 9*1 I'/# 9U Iw than 18*0. rrnr comnbiicml report. s?Tr*DAT, r?b n?? p. h HuiDmw.-Plaar?Commoa trade* of State aru" W Mtrru itara bear p and rat bar aaaiar, alula food te p* ima Ma of axtra wara firm at yaatardajr* pricaa. lb* aaWi foatad up about 12,000 bbli , cloaiof withfo tba fal lowlnt ranpa of pricaa ^ ipauRna State ft AO a t 70 j t'tta w ftn?.? Stata aw. a a ml Pit^arftoa Waatarn {1 f.0 a 6 70 ' ? noKnoti to clioico rstra Waataru & 00 a 7 no t uoatOoa fi ot a e :o aioiitban. nitpo'i to good luprrflaa 0 10 a to Oiurado.",,, ? to a 1 }:. ( led to oketeVjjinily do 7 26 a 7 7ft Ttre Hour 3 oo a 4 2 . torn u.aal, .'array aa<l Rrandawloa 3 00 a ft 00 '.4 ouadtaL flo'.r waa )e^* firm and actlva. wbll* thatfalaa ocail about f.oo bbl?. witbla tba raaga of tba abora yuatatiou*. Rantbara flour Wk? laaa activa, wbila pricaa arara oaobarifad, tba traaaactiOoa ambraead about Too Ma *jth:o tba raiifa of tbc abotf <i<iata|i<ir* lira N: *** ?- ? flour wu firm and in good request, with tales of 260 bbls' at our tfurea. Corn maal waa steady and In fair reqnoet at our figures, siUi sales of 360 bbls. Wheal waa quite firm for good to primequalitles, while common to inferior grades were heavy; the sales embraced about 40,000 bushels, at $1 40 Ittr while Canadian, fl 42 a (1 46 fur common to good red Western, $1 40>4 for aniber Iowa. Milwaukee club was unchanged. Rye was Arm and sales limited, at full prices. Barley was m moderate request at 86c. a $1, accurdlug toqual.ty. Oats were steady and in ir.ud< rata demand at <tO>?c. a 41 '.c. for Canadian and Western, and at 42c. a 42^c. lor Male. Cot-ma.?1 he ma. krt was quiet and prices unchanged. A sale of 060 bags St. Pomingo waa made in bond, for espoi t,al p. t., and 1,400 do. do. were also sold in Boston in bond, fur expert,also on privats terms. Ootmv.?The sales embraced 360 a 400 bales, closing firm on the basis of about "0o. for middling uplands. The sales were chiefly made to spinners. Fkkwhis.?To I.iverpool 20,000 bushels of oorn were engaged in bulk and ship's bags at ?V<> * : 100 bbls. flour ai 2s., witli a small lot reportsd at Is. 11 t4d.,and 600 da. by a neutral vessel, at 2a. 3d.; 14,000 buehels whe,it at 7ii. a 7 j?<l., in bulk and ship's bags; 100 bbls. park and 800 bbls lard at 22s. 6d. and 100 do. at 26s.; 60 boxes baron at 24a. 6d.; and by ateamer, 6,000 buabala corn at ,in staatner a bag*; and by Amerioan vessel,50 bhdx. tallow at 22*. To Glaagow 100 packages grease at 27a Od., and 6,600 buabala of wheat at 8)jd.t In abip'a bags. Kates to London aad Havre wara unchanged. Fish.?The market was steady, with a good shipping demand. Fry coil were in good demand, with rales of Bank at (3 60 and small lots of St. George a at $4. Mackarat were flrmly held, while sales were limited. Herring were doll and sales light. Fai n.?The market was somewhat mora active, while prices wore steady: aalas of a Tew hundred boxea of layeis, new crop, waia made at (3 40 and of bunch do. at $3 20, with tales of old crop at $3 16 for layer* and at $2 00 for bunch. Dried apples and peaches wer* in good demand: sales of old dried epplae wore made at Oc., and unpeuled peaches In balraa and quarters were sold at 7c. a 8c. Har was in gootl request, with sales at 86c. a 00c. for sh ipment ,<apd at 96c. a $1 for city use. Hoi's.?The market waA steady, with a fair demand from the trade, wiib sales of new or 1801 at 17c^ a 22c. Iron The market waa Arm, while transactione were limited, liealera appeared disposed to await lb* action ot Congress in regard to the adoption of the revenue laws. hjui> was dull, with a tendency towards lower prices. Sales oi foreign were mado at<J\c. n?> eaafe. Bar was quiet, at 8c., end sheet and pipe at 8>;c. I .1Mb?Roc a land continued dull. The sale was made at 60c. for common. MoLxhew.?A tale ef 40 hdds. Porto Rico was made at 40c. Natxi. Storm.?Sales of 300 bbls. common rosin were made at $6 70, and 60 bbls. spirits turpentine on p. t., said to have boen within the range of $1 37 a $1 40. Oils.?Crude whale and sperm were not actire, while prices were steady. Sales were mnkirg at New Bedford at $1 40 a SI 43 lor the latter, and whale at 63c. Linseed was irregular. In small lots of city it was held at 86o,, with sales at 83c. e 84c., while in large parcels of American It ranged at 80c. cash, and at 81c. for old English. Olive oil waa Arm, at $1 30 par gallon, and la boxes at $3 60 for pints, and at $4 for quai ls?four months. Crude petroleum was dull at 16c. a 15>?c. Sales of light Western were made at 26c. a 26c. Good white was worth 30c. a 32c. Kerosene was at 36c., and naptha at 12c. PmovwoirR Pork?The market was less buoyant and active, while there was some inquiry Tor future delivery. The eales included 1,000 bbls., embracing a portion lor delivery in all April, at $13 26. On tbe spot old mess was $12 12); a $12 26, for new moss $12 87)4 a $13 and $9 26 a $9 50 for nfw prime; city prime mesa I at $13 26. Beef was Arm, with sales or 200 bbls. at $12a$12 60 for prime mes*,end $14 a$14 12}? for extra Tbe government contract for 2,500 bbls. of extra wss taken cbieOy at $14 76. Beef bams were Arm end nominal. Bacon waa heavy. 200 boxes were sold at 6),c. for short ribbed Western. Dressed hogs were rrom $4 12),' e $4 26 per 100 lb*. Lard was steady and in fair demand, with sales of 1,000 bbls. and Heroes at 1}{c. a 7Xc. State butter was 18c. a 20c. for good to prime; Ohio 13e. a 16c, and Stats cbeese at to. a 7c. , and ObloatOe * Ricx?A sale ef 400 bags East India was made at SJic. 8 6*C. SvuxiiR.?Tbe market was steady, with a fair demand from the trade. Tbe tales embraced about 600 hhds., cbieAy Cubes, within tbo range of 7Uc. a 8)|c.; 122 Salt.?'1 be marital wu firm aad tales light. Holders ware awaiting the action of Congress in regard to the proposed increaaa of dntiea. Sannrrw waa in fair demand, with sales at 12c. a 12>?c. for ICaat India, four months. ?sk>.?There waa some export demand for clover, with sales at 7c. a 7j?c., and of timothy at $2 12 }, a$2 25. Hough flaxseed was firm at f2 a $2 25 per bushel. Sales of 1,000 bushels Calcutta wore made in Boston at $2 00. Tallow was dull, with sales within three or four days of 175,000 lbs. pfime Washington and city at 9}(e. a PJgc., closing heavy. Ti* waa quiet and prices were unchanged. Dealers were awaiting the action of Congress regarding lbs taritv. Wiiikkiv.-The market was firmer, with sales of 400 a 500 bbla. at 24?^c. a 24 So. SHIPPING NEWS. iUt?iC ior m w voaa?this dav. son nisr* 7 00 1 woon otj morn 4 06 (OR saw 5 29 | BIUH WATKR uiorn 4 51 Port of New York, February 0, 1809. ARRIVED. Pieetnahip fr nun (I N tmiiaport), Cole, Key Wi-.-t vie Vortre** Monroe and Ann*poll* (where she towed laik John Truck* from ?ea, * before reported). Ship W.illec- (of, 1 jioc, London, 45 dav?, In ballHst, to W*l*h, Carver A Cha"'1. Bark Luzon (? !' Bath). Scoti, Barcelona 50 dnjs. UiUaltar 43, In hallaat, to C C Duncan A < 'o. Bark Dundalk (of fit John*. NH), Kiernan, I.imei.ek, Ml day*, lit b*!la*i to Thoe Wallace?U anchored at Quarantine. Berk J A Ma/aid. lantni, M.vimu.o, 18 day*, with angar. to I-" Bell. Sd ln*t, 8V4 PM, during a thick .now atorm, went achote Oil 8(|uan Reach, and reiuatnrd uiilll Ihc evening of the Nth, w henahe floated off alter dtecharglng cargo, lies not received any malarial demure, ami ia perfectly tight; wa* towed Into pert tht* morning by the eteamtug Acliilf'*, Capt lieiin e*ey. Bark K Sherwood, Halt, Qnee. town, 44 day*, in ballad, to Siurges. I lewttnan A Co. llal henry Weairrly wuntber Brig Conrad (I'm*), Itan' e, (il'iraliar, 66 days, wiu wool, to Konflh. Melir-Se A Wenilt. Brig Elizabeth (of Camden, Me), Trimble, Caidene*, II ley*. with tnol.inara. t<i master. Brig Tornado, Titibett., Walan/aa. 15 day*, w nh*, to ir,a*te.i. Ha* heco (days N of Hatter**, with heivyN UaGUUM. S--I r Ada Frances. Coombs, Y'ienuit. Md, 6 days, btsauic: KrtUoii. Williams. Pruviiifncf. Wind during ike bar W8W lo MIWWaktl AnwrlcM Milpmaatera' AssoclatIon, Nos FT lip 88 Mshcssms Eicsixc.s The following approved u flics i s have received cerlAi'iles f this association:? t'sptw.n* John Thompson. brU Palestine; Ficil J1 North up, late of ship Baltimore; Edward Coombs, ship Empire; Kdword lien irk, bark Udd Follow; fcinoch II Siordcrant, htig Nerla: Jas M Brjer, ship It I. I-anc; Mark Dtaosway, s hr Vapor: llenry P Conner, ship Chatter Oak; Willairi S Hig sins, bait S II Hnotv ; Manner S Crosby, bark < has lleddlrj Olivet K Briggs, brig Baim ?-t; Peter C Hannemau, bn?(IT Wsrd, l.rvl 1* M ortnn, a- hi Young Tcarer; Joseph K Hollo- I way, brig He Is of the Bay; Oanl ItraiUorJ, at hr Marls llall; .tokn K H?n nine, -hr Karnak; James J Laprclle, a.-hr Aitdover. Win Brand, bark Tegsna; Jeremiah Ohsdwlck, Isle of bark Hippie; Jss M J)*vls,late mate or abip Wellflee,; Nathan P PutVm, bark t'la-a Harsll; John K-ti hum. brl? Kale Heath: Win Mablinaii, brig Angostura. Male U V Btearus, bark Tabiii. Miscellaneous. Snip Boa-row (of Hn- onJenkins, from Basaeln (Vt 23 for Hoog Keng wlib rtne, wentsshoro on Algiroda Keef Ort 28, snduetame s wreck. All hands saved. Capt Jenkins was tu return liemo vta Calcutta; bis protest baa already reached Boston. The E was built at Medl-nd In I8M, 040 tons, rated A3, and owned by Wm Perkins A Co, of Boa^n, where sba is I nan t ed. Snir Ktsert?WK??Pmvincetown, Feb 7?The ship Kingfisher was moved aliont 100 feet to day, lias been pumped on' drv, makes no water, lies easy, 100 Ions ballasl taken o it, and ha. a fair t ltsuos of coming oB to-morrow, Pair fttwtu, Mark, at fios'ntt, reports 2d Ins', bit 3730, |on "1 SO.saw a hark ab?n loned; nail double topsails, b it the weather being dark rould not ascertain her name. Baas J A ItiSARD, before reported aahoreat Btjiian, has been Boated off sml towed to this city. (Boo port arrivals.) Bs Bntn heme. f,.t 1 .eghoru, baa been taken on Hie marine railway at Stnriington to repair damages recelred while ashore on Watch lillT lleef. Brww CTBtsra, of Clou ester. has nol yet beea heard Iron, and all hope of bee return lias been given up She left ui >uresirr Deo 13 foi a ti Ip to too -i n Banke. She ? aabuit at AnnW<]uam In I8?>, P4 tons, '.owned by Capt llnn'sr and brother, the baUim by David W |,ow; Villained in Hie Marine Co of G hue water tor $Zg?. and '? la Bo kport for ffloun. It Is supposed shs wss lost In 'he pal* of Jan 1. There wre on board Capt llnnter, Daniel hiiMb, Klet Sier MrPPerson. K Ws ten 'all man .eii l,?w m Httnier, Murilorli Mottl e, aim. D-irld Mai tin. A. b bald Blark. and Calvin Colin Campbell. Sibr Her.ry Pet kins (of Boston), Condrldge Is loading oak wood at Plymontb for the simply of Foit Pickens. The Ceorgee fleet si Glou ester are now busily engage lit fitting out. and about 20 of th-- vessels bars sailed durlna the ( sat week. During tbeyesrlOKl her were do arrivals St Sin FrsnrlsCO from New York. Tie- at eiago lime was lAi ilsss ? hours. The short-st run was made by Ilia Andrew Jackson, in 1(8 days?the asms vessel hariiig in the preceding year made Hie run In w# days. The following Uhlo glvas asummsrynf the vessels in tha harbors of Neu- York, Boston. Bslliinors. Chat lesion, Savannsb, New Orltans and Oalrsston. at the lalssl accounts from esrb of those ports ? rtaw ton*. BlssmsklpS It Brigs ,,)4l Bki|is i-'l ft boo tiers |M B? -1- 173 _ _ 1MT0J?. S<?amabtr* I Brig* Htiipa 24 Mcbooutr* j oj B* ?? 25 iZZ ruWI IT I All ??>? . ftiaAmahlpa !l Hiif* |j Bhlp? 7 BcliooMN M B?rA* * ' TMI J5 caiMJMoa. 3 i Bbl|>* 9 to-lionntra | I * a. ... (AVAJAKAM. 5la?l?*lljjtt ft Brlr j 5??? 2 B'biMMn | raraa I ' lo'*' 10 , aiw o*i aa<<*. i ? Atn.ahtpA.,,. J) fl.lga j KlSE! '2 $cboori?r*. In Barfar, a i Total \....... IIMm.Mpa a ""T Brit _ "rkV::": ::; ::--\ - *^ 1 Tuia) \ si Itmtlce tit UlAiinrri. Tta Mpar B'tor martlng ll.A KHU R*cb an* tha pprovlt to rmiMMOVtfc bAttmr. baa bioVV Oom ita mo?ri(ia* anlaona A.lrlft A tbr -?n>* fcia^l "III b* a-i '.TmArfc lhA ?tauf?r a* *oon A* i*t?1bl?. ' Byordai ef Iba Light hni*>> ? a t' t. a < inV/at I 'gLthnnar rii* rariiAbil, f eb 5. 1552 WliAlaman Bf' raAPIiall Broian, r.iggtna, Atui R a.i.g v in, *1 k#r*cr a <r ?ly !. from f,uvini rK? ?> torm a* BW "YORK HERALD, MON | The lit officer of aMp Petrel, Fritter, NB, report! her off Norfolk Iilitid Out 31, with 1600 ?p 100 wh. _ Capt Potter, of ship Illinois. NH, roporti her It ean <Vt 12, 11136 30 8, loo 174 Ml 15, ill m?1L oil not lilted. Brian la at Feejee Inlands In Aug thipi M nnt Wullaiton, Cofliii. NB, 1200up; turn Qull, NIcuola, and Empire, Miuoiuber, NB oil not slated. Cadi South, of birlt heme. NB, reports bur It the Buy of Islunda Out 18, ill well, oil not staled, wis ifitly to alii ou i cruiio. Cart I'ennfman, of l.irk Minrrra, NH. reports bur at sea Be pi 13, no lit Ac, oil ai before. Sunt 13 ?| ohe OH kl Seine, Smith, NB, 200up; Three Brothers, Swain, Nan', 300?p. Spok. n?I)eu 24 lal 17 30 8, Ion 34 30, ship Nortbaro Light, Tiber, NB, oil not allied. Bpoltrn, A(, Sltlp Win 11 Praacoti, Baichelder, man for Boston, Dec 6, off Shoal. Foreign Ports. Bonaar, Deu27?In port snips Typhoon, White for Lirerpool: t'hampit.n, Biit ee, and Panther, Harnett, for Caleutta; Sii Liott, Alexander, for do vli Kttmrhee; Obs II Lord, Siultli, for Rangoon and Ureal Britain; WJ Morrli, Jeckaon, for Cape Negiaia ami do; Challenge. Thorndike; Continental, Johnson; Clara Wheeler, HtlU; Dioiul Sliaip, Cushinc. II B Mlldmay, Webb, and Protector, Clark, tine. Ilaiir.x, Feb 7?Arr ateiniahip Kutopa, Anderson, Boston for Liverpool (Hid eld at 6 I'M). LivikrooL, Jan II?krr abip Ulentilrn, laimont, Portland. In tbe river outward bound Jan 22, abip Crusader, for Cal. cults. M ataxiai, Jan 24? In port Harry Booth, Chlpman. for N York lit 15 days: Andes, for Portland in 2 duya; brig Isabella, Jewell, for NYork. The U S steamer San'lago, bound on acrulie, and bark Pilot Pish, for Portland, aid 2Mb ult. American Forts. BOSTON. Fob 7?Arr .nip Miry, Hrtdgro. New York; hark Island City, Keller, do; brig .Motile Criaio, Churchill. A<iuin; acbrs liayllower, Henderson, Cboplnnk Kiver; B 01 Buxton, Tiicomb; Clilzan. Jameson; Agricola, Herriek, and Hiawatha, Ingraham, Elirahelhport; Courier, lllgclti*. NYork. Old briga Sinners, C'auliield, Africs; Marshal Dutch, Burgsas, Cardenas: acbrs Leadlnc Brae/e. Freeman: L W Slaccv. Wiley, and Winged Racer, Paine, Deal'a Island; G L Green, Cobb, Philadelphia: J W, Faulklin, NYork. bid brigs Orotinibo, B Q Berry. 8th, AM?Arr steamer Saxon, Matthew*, Philadelphia; ship Scioto, Mack, Trapaul; echr Prince of Wales, Ilolbrook, New York. Signal for 1 hip. Old barkBvlnh, Junes, Goree and market; Dutch brig Cayenne, Drysdale, Surinam and Cayenne; schr* Almon. Baker, Baltimore; Wild Rover, Hamilton, Pocomoke. Sid ships Idaho, Ocean Pearl, North American: bark Villafranca; brig Marshal Dutch. BALTIMORE, Feb 7?Arr Brem ship Neptnn, Bahle, Liver, pool; subrs Era, Bcdrtck, Bolton; Ueorge S Adatni, Crowell; Banvard, Walling, and Ann D, Newton. NYork. Cld (hip A M Law reuce, Claypule, Havre; schra A R Welmore, Edward, NYork: R II Vermilyea, Oinitz, do via Northampton; J Fish, Blckmore. do via Vienna; Sam Colt, Buell, do via Salisbury; Ocean Wave, Price, do via Chesapeake. Sid Brein ehlp Adral, llaesloop, Liverpool; bark L Rice, Rice, Bordeaux; brig Romance, Duncan, VVIndiee. BUCKBPORT. Feb 3~Sld brig New Globe, Pbilllpe, Havana. EDGARTOWN, Feb 4?Arr schrs Geo Glover, Thomas, and Georgia, Bucklin, NYork for Salem. Sid 6th, schr A J Bit 1, French, Baltimore. flih?Sid schrs Eiuellne McLaln, Anvil, Ilatlle, Tnmah, Geo Glover, Georgia, and Coiner. No vessel in port tbl* evening. Wind SW. NEWPORT. Feb 8?Arr lohrs Thrasher (Br), Hunter. Halifax for NYork; Narciaea, Lewis, Beverly for Port Royal via Fortresa Monroe; Win 8 Baker, Pierce, Boston fur Deal'a Island. 7th?No arrival* this AM; windNW, weather pleasant. Sid schrs N arc lean, I P Hazard. In port 8 AM. bark Reindeer, repg; hrlgs Wabash, Bigley, for Kort Pickens Ids wood; schrs Charier Oak, Butler, truin Boston for Fortress Monroe; A Hammond, 11 iggins, and It A R Atwood, Atwood, from do for Baltimore; Fanny Peru, J Parker Br, II D Grindle. Edward, W E Bird. NARRAOANSKTT, Feb 7?In port schrs Wakefield, Caswell, for NVork first fair wind; Jabez L White, on railway, receiving new deck, Ac. In Dutch Island harbor, srhre A S Simpaon, Churn, from Providence for Ycomlro; TC Bunting, Pryor, front do for Deal's Island; C L ilulse, McUar, from do for Cold Spring. PROVIDENCE. Feb 7?Arr steamer Falcon. William*, NYork; schr J M Lane, Poole, South Am boy. Sid echrs A S Simpson, Churn, Ycotnlco; Kedron, Groves, New York (and went Into Newport). BAN FRANCISCO. Fab O-Arr ship Bunker Hill. Lunl, NYork. SALEM, Feb 6? Sid brigs J A H Crowley, Chsilena, and X Stevens; schrs Martha Nlckals, Abby Gale, Saxon, Citizen; and others bound E. 8TONINGTON, Febt-Arr schr Susan. Smith, NYork. THE BALL SEASON. Bam. costumes.?a labor assortment op the uewtit Pari*, Berlin end Vienna Hall Costumes, Fancy Dresses, Opera Claake, Ac., on hand, at 4th) Broome atrcct. The iin.lrrelgnad, Mr*. A. 1IINGST, begs leave to draw the attention of her former patron* anil the public in general to tlie above ndvertieement. The oerman liederkranz will hold its anuual Fancy Dreea Ball on Tueeday, Feb. 18, at the City Aeeembly Room* Ticket* $2; to he had of member* only. GEORGE NEMBAC1I, Secretary. ClaOTHIMO. ^ A LARGE ORDER.?$13,000 WORTH OP CAST OFF Clothing. Carpet*, Furniture and Jewelry wanted for the Western and California market*. I.a.lie* and gentlemen having any to dispose of can receive 60 per cent more titan by any other dealer In the city. Call at or address B. Mini/, 179 Third avenue, near Seventeenth ulreet. Ladie? attended by Mi?. Mint/., 179 Third avenue. A GREAT QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHING wanted. Furniture, Carpeta, Jewelry, Ac., to aupply the Western market. I pay a* follows:?Fur Silk Dreaae*. Ironi $12 to $4D; Coat*, from $10 to $20; 1'ant*, front $3 tu$8. Call on or addr?aa A. Ducaa, No. 218 Seventh avenue, between Tweuiy.fourih and Twenty-litlb streets. Ladies attended to by Ml*. P. 4 GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING, FURNITURE, j\ Carpeta, Ae.?Ladles and gentlemen <*n reoelve the following prtcea :?For ailk dresses trout $ti to $40, lor coats, front $2 10 $18; for panl*, front $1 to $6. by calling on or addressing by poat M. Abrahams, 233 Seventh avenue, between Twenty filth and Twuuty-sixth streets. l adies aileudcd to by 11 i s. A. AT TIIE OLD STAND, NO. 134 SEVENTH AVENUE.? E/EK1EL gnaranteea In pay the lollow ing prices lor ladies'and gems'Cast oil Wearing Apparel, Carpets, Furnlinre, Jewelry, Ac.?Prom $7 to $36 lor Silk Dresses; from $ to $00 far Costa, sad from $11* $7 for hole Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac., aeeordin^ to their value, A note by post poiicoially attended to by KZRK1KL. 134 Heventhaveiiiir.iieiwecuNtnctrei.tb and Twentletb sirueU. Ladies attended to hy Mrs K. A DEMAND.?$12,000 WORTH (-F CAST OFF CLOTHIng, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry w. oted. for tvlticb the ntoa. value ran he obtaiued, by calling on oi addressing E H., 79 Sixth avenue, near Wavei iey place. Ladies attended hy Mrs. E. H. l'leaae remember and try 79 Sixth avenue. AT THE CA LI FORM AN AND WESTERN AGENCY Store the highe t prior can be obtained for ca-l olf Clothing, Carpels, Jewelry, Ar. For Silk Dresara, ironi 38 to $33; lor Coats, Irout $2 to $18; for I'ants, froiu $1 30 to $tl Annie addressed H llarils, 333 Botvery, opposite Great June* street, will br punctually aucn led tu. Lailicsatlt-itded by Mrs. Harris. VTTENTION, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.?I HAVE yn*l received $1,1*8) lo east oil Clothing, Furniture snd Carpets lor the California market. I do promise to pay the highest price in the rtly by calling on or addressing a note toE. MIN'TZ, 137 Sixth avrr.u*, two doora above Tenth rreei. latdic* attended to l>y Mr*. Mint*. Remember, 137 Sixth avenue. AT 182 SEVENTH AVENUE, LADIES AND GENTLEmen ran diapoan of itifir can oil Clothing, Ciir|*ta, Furniture ami Jewrlrv. 1 guarantee to pay fcfiy y r cent more than any nthrr nealrr in th? city, and not to Le huiubuajc <1 uy grrat pull a and lalar prriaudrra. call on or addrAta J. Anhalt, 162 Sevrnth avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-lira! aireela. tea attended hy Mra. Auball. mABTIBMUXP XOTICKH. TMuunr.i'Tmv 'rur cmpa ktm i* im ii 11* viRilRTft. u tore riwuqj iiu<1"r ihi' num ?nd Dim ul Jtuin Taylor A Son* Is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Edwin Tav. lor retiring from'said film. 'The buriueas will be root.lined by the undersigned, under the uame and Arm of .lames Tuylot A Son, at the same place as formerly, No. 127 Attorney street, by whom llkewi-e all incaont outstanding a< -cunts Will be settled JAMKS TAYLOR. Nats' York, Feb. 7,M63. JOSEPH TAYLOR. PARTNER WANTED?WITH FROM $tiOO TO $AUt>. TO take the place of a reft ring partner, In a business which for the last Qve years has yielded a cleat profit of oyer and above $4,11)0 a year; one who speaks Herman and of gentle manly appearance preferred. Apply le Dr. COX. 16$ Bowery at nflire hours, or between 2 and 12 at No. IS Bedford street. , llARfNER W \NTED WITH $SOHO;OOMMISSION BI SI X arts do $2.SU0; do., $4tlU; $2,SOU, In a Country Store; $2.MU, in a Foundry; $1,200, In a Hotel, furnished, and several good t hanes fur Investment. F. D RICHARDSON d CO., B3audM Nassau street. ?-im - PARTNER TIMED, WITH THE ABOVE JltJUW. rapital. to Invest In a Hght msnufacturinc business yielding quick returns. Address, in petson or by truer, Partner. 2891 .orluier street. HAH rAS" AND ACTIVE PARTNER WANTED? tpltUUu In a lljlil, genteel and very prefitalile Office Business, fully established and ran led en without risk . will be associated with an unesreptionablr and rtspjusiblc parly. Address Cashier. but 103 llsrald "fil e. NlNlfiLLAWEOUR. AT CONNER'S, NO. 377 BOWERY, NEXT TO FIFTH sliest, promenade Ritrnslou Top Wateiproof Biota, $3 M); prime Calf, tap sole, Watei proof Hoots, $3 00; B'tuia lor firemen, aupstlor quality, $2 X) to $11 Mb BRI NIIKS OF KVF.RY DESCRIPTION AT THE HRl XII fartory, 329 Peail street. Harper s building. All articles et ill* lowest lariory pines. Telal Biusbca of sop-nor quality constantly on Band. JOHN K. HOPPKL. HnWOVIPR otLERIE DM roiTvan AND Mason Hsgalia lb pot, 162 Canal steel.?Bel Masque Costumes ot the most elaborate. eb'KHtit and railed loirs, for urpilae end costume paniee. to hire and made to oider. Dialogues written and I'lays arranged (or psi lor eutrrtau ineuta. Regalia. Swords and Jew els, for societies, ef sup*, rhrr luanu actors. Uoda s- nt to any part of tho 1'ulteil Stair* or Canada. Marble mantbi.r-oreat haboainr in man tela. A large aiuck on hand and a great redurtloa In pri es Inr any kind ordered Mils month. Call aoon at A. KLtBKK A marble yard. 113 East Eighteenth street, west of Third avenue. Mantels put up in eny place in the rounny SAV E VOL It MONEY.-A. EARNER. Ibi W A8IIIM1ton slrael, c.irner ol Murray. Nsw York, sella nhoire city sugar cured llama, warranted, at ft per lb. j l>est Family Mean, bos 72 and 90 lbs., fttle : Dure Htairb. bos Sit lbs f,'.c To GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR*.?ORIGINAL hnliloi* of i autractft for iirma to hr munHlacinreil in dm t;nilnl >Ui?? ian Aii't a oaali pun haaor. wbu baa thofaoiltUra for nairjrinjr tliom out. A>ldi-r>a, glvinc lull nan>? (and iu> oitarr will bo uolload) and prira aanitii, D. U, bui 2.S33 Poat oB, a ySSmA ?a.O^W " UN RIVALLED A PAR I MLMT Row IIoj.Ii. Dou r rOHOET VOVK H0I.D1KR LOVER*. Reap tbtr courage ' p BiUi a rouaing Valeiuind. All Pricra. *JX CENTS TO PIVE DO],LAR8 EACH. RTRONOH VALENTINE DEPOT, m NASSAU STREET. HESTAi liAIV'TS. fcU'LTON COPPER HOLSB, 144 Pi'I.TON STREET.? J1 Oenflemen'o Lunch CoitRUrAr d Ladles' Dining Room always tuppl od wlih the boat Iferjterbot aflorda. Ladlna I will Port ibia one of lb* baft pjm* lo town to pro, a o 1 Rreakfatt, Dinner or Tea. Oratari (fepA'd by aloarn ai ?Ii itours. Try una "d'enm.'' * * ~ UIVK1 AND EIHl OR.f. <>\VEK DROP ' QIN.?IMPORTED J* < Ab<:s CON ' V taming nil# fUjirn rc?e juf*. It* , aara. no# 'amtiitf e? ahtp Hedif. fram Railarfhw tar a?le P? Joun r K it t , I <*;<> A ? .V., ar^lfiipnorb, H W?i?i |ijw?t ' I DAY, ^KBRTJABir 10, 1? FOR 8ALB. A FIRST KATB STAND FOB THE RETAIL CI' 'I H lug buaiiiom. to lot, A^flv *1 I Oh si J Lb tvruur * RAKE CHANCE.?FOR RALE OR EKCHANOK, A feuiee. Every latnily wauls iii? article, adords a iaigv profit. C..II and ?? what II will do. Hi cm Second avenue, third floor, t'ruiu. ALIgtdH STORK FOR RALE-ONE OF THE BEST corner atoms down tow n. now iloinK a gooi business;

food lease Hi d cheap rent. No agent* need apply Audi * William, Herald oflioe. An old established kegar stoke for bale Apply on Ho- premises,h2i) lludtxn ? reel, or ol T. case a co., 84 Broadway, room No. 8. Broadway restaurant, oyster saloon and Har for tale, situated on a prominent business corner, with supper rooms; private entrance from tw o ?! rests. Tiie owner living out of Iowa will eel! at it ca rlftee. A i p.y at 429 Broadway. C. B. HOW LB A CO. t Drug stoke kok hale-long established well slocked and doing a good buaiuaaa. Good location for a physician nr a pereou commencing liualueaa. Apply at 306 Seventh avenue. FOR RALL-THE CHELSEA TEA WAREHOUSE. EH labllahed in 1892, replete with every convenience, at>am engine, Ac. Sale* the laat year over thirty thuuaaud dollars. Rent vent moderate. Tor particulars inquire at 129 Nm'h avenue, S Y Tue above will be sold at a bargain to a cash purchaser, aa I he owner has other business. FOR SALE?ONE HUNDRED BARREL8 OT CIDER, pure juice. Addreea A. B , Cold Spring, Ct. For sale?the laboe and well known brlabltahuient?I'helan'a BHItard Room?corner ol Broadway and Tenth street. It contains twenty seven first <-laee billiard tablea with complete furniture, Ac., and will ba aold at a low price, aa Mr. Phelan will in future devote his whole time lo the manufacturing department of hia business. Apply to I'll ELAN A CULLENDER, <7 Crosby street. For sale?parir made electrica l mach i nert, Duboaqoe Electric Lamp, Galvanometer* for quantity, lnten-ity and dcllrais electrical testa. These instruments will be sold below coat, and arc well worth the attention of students In electricity or of educational lnstituiions. On Wednesday, 13th lital., in the afternoon, eiperiuients will be made at the subscriber's manufactory, exhibiting the electric light. CHARLES T. A j. n. CHESTER, Mauolaciurert of lalegiapbic apparatus, lot Centre ?t. FOR sale-FURNISHED hotel, SIXTEEN MILER from city by railroad, opposite the depot: a paying bouse, ptoperly kept. Satisfactory reason* forsHliug. J. S. CALDWELL, 24 1'iue it-set. 1,1 OR SALE?SEGAR STORE AND BILLIARD 8A1 loon, doing an excellent business, and aitoated in a grand location. Rent low. Matiafaetory reasons lor selling. Address Oscar, lleraid office. FOR RALE CHEAP FOR CA8H.?STOCK, FIXTUBK8 and lease of a Fancy Goods and Toy Btore, with dwelling. Kent Will sell either stock or tixtnre* separate. Apply on the premises, No. 1,249 Broadway or 11. M. Adams, Metropolitan Aotel. For rale.?a saloon, with a restaurant in the basement and Club Room (already let) on the second floor, in a central location. The place is completely and elegantly titled up, and le in perfect order. The owuer is desirous of quitting tbe business, and will aell out cheap. Apply to WM. II. VANDERBURGH, 03 Wail street, office ot Ga Nun, Jordan A Bain. For sale cheap?tiie lease of the terrace Saloon, now doing a good biieim-v*. corner ol' HtxlySevenih I'reetnnd Eighth avenue, tbe terminus of the Eighth Avenue Railroad, and main entrance to ihe Skating Pond on the Central Park. Apply on the premises, or at 711 Eighth avenue. For sale ok to lbt-a butter, cheese, ego and Mitk Stand, in a first class meat and fleh market. kino upper pan 01 ine i-nup, tor k uainer or any otnnr ngnt business. Apply it 324 Eighth avenue, corner of Twenty, leventb (treet. For sale.?stock, fixtures and good will, with long lease, very low rent, of k nrat class Market Store, 20i76; luwement the >ktne; mutable for picking pork. Apply on the proutine*, 108 Ninth avenue, one door above Twenty-flr?t street. For sale-at a low price, to a cash cubtourer, the Tolel ind Fancy Uoodi Store b64 On ad v. ay; tbli ii in unusual opportunity for iny person wishing to commence i business kin? avtaldlshed tl6 year#!, with itock and (lore fiitures complete. Inquire u above. 1,1 OH SALE?THE STOCK, LEASE AND FIXTURES OF ' k neat little Grocery and Liquor Store, situated iu the best lioiinei* part of Pearl street. Rent cheap. W II be sold at a bargain It called for thia day. Alio, a Saloon in Bleacher treet. Apply to K. F1TZ8IMMON8, 12 Centre atreet. Grocery or liquor store for sale-any one having a Gr.icrry or Liquor itore. for rale, if they will take in |iey a ub-e lot up town or a loot story bouse in Brooklyn, or a nice lot in Brooklyn, free and clear, oi BhtiO mortgage, ei,-ht month'1 to run, at 7 per cent. Any one who ha* a plat ? to Mill and w ill trade for any of tbia property, apply to FAYIKM, MtDtartaaw iiraai Grocery for sale-one op the rest stands in Hrooklt it, choice and well elected 'lock, casta tt .idr and low rent. Will he wild at a bargain. Inquire of J. CHARLES, 217 Atlantic atrcet, Brooklyn, between ill and 4 o'clock. Meat market-lease. FIXTURES, ice boxes, Horse, Wagon and erert thing complete ot a superior located stand, una good corner and pr.ncipai avenue, tor sale at a great aarrltb'r SOUTH WTt'K A WOOD, S2 Kaiuii street. TO DENTISTS.?THE GOOD WILL AND DENTAL FIYtorea of a Dental Other, doing h?i?uie?a of (3,tJlk) a t ear, for -ale very reasonably. The r> avou for selling, is the ill health of the present owner. Addreaa Dentist.. Herald otlice. (J?rik ?FOB BALK, A ('ASM MANl FAi TURING Hl'SL tpt)II, ties, paying large protita; a rare rbsnce for a man r i ll small means; too ready stock nloue amounta to (130. Apply from ti a. M. mi 8r St. ?t 105 Put street, ham meat. <Js A 4\fW\ ?A CABH rAYING BUSINESS FOR SALE, WTtUU'L established and (rilMl, uuw ytidug over (3,(11X1, and can he tin raised. None but casn purclins rs m en apply. SatiafaeHpy partleuUra by addressing Mr. Miller, Broadway Post nflp e. Ill health lite cause of se'lin;. fUAMUUa a kmy and navy pay collected.?claims cpjf\ on ri rji of the government proiupily adiii?ted inilrubnt. JOHN H. Ml KRAY, Ann* and Navy Banker, No :tV Neman ?ir< "I, V V , opposite the Poet office. /WNTRtCToRR- BILLS ON THE NAVY, ORDNANCE I. auU New York Uuarirriiierwr*' Drpirlnicme purchaaed by JOHN B wl'llKAY, Army aim Navy Hanker. No. 3 ' Naeaau vtreei, N. Y. Heirs OK rRAMF.N ok the united stater ship Levant, Inat >n Hoil. and hfire or eeameii who invM froui IMA to IMAJ In California. can obtain eitra pay by railing oti THOMAS L BKAYNAKD. 81 Wall etrrct^ HidIIEST I'KEMiI M PAID rom GOI.D AND R1L\ Ell Coin, in kitnik of lit e dollare and upward*. by K. P. JAMES A CO., 3b Wall aireet. Or pice ok the assistant treasurer or the I to'" '1 Sum, Ni w York, Feb. 8, INU.?The no b reign- d In authorized. lor the Recietary of ihr Treasury. to rrv If on deposit United State* note*, a* a temporary loan, for wtil -h initMl at tli* rata of live ri) par cent per annum will lie paid, logclher w ith tbr principal, iu like currency, on iltunand, afti r ten daya' notice. JOHN J. CISCO, A??le!?nt Trei.aiuvr, llnitau S la tea. rrilE UNDERSIGNED HEO TO NOTIFY TI1BIR J. malotnera and the public generally thai at their Bank Ing Home, United Hlatea Treasury noleaare and will continue to he received on droned aa money. Ranking llouee of RAMI ELL IIALLETT A < O., M Beavar atreet, Maw York. 7 AND S-10 FEBRI-ABY AND AUGUST UNITED State* Treaaury N?te*.~ Tb* r.r?t coupon due on tha abot e noiea wili ie curbed at par. in current fund*, by K r. JAMES A ( U..36 Wa lelreet_ Arnn WANTED IMMEDIATELY-TO BRING OUT A JJV )Ulf new artlrla for army anil ether uaea; aecurlty and a liberal bono*given. Nnanawere wauled but from part lea In earneat and having the taah on hand Aganta nut noticed. Addreaa, with name, Morgan, boi 2M Herald office. Jil' imDTO loan on bond AND MORTGAGE if loi'"'v on Keim> in the neighboring ranntiea in thle Stele, or on improved Real Ealate In thiarity. Apply to W. 1J WOOD, Li Wall all eel. _ fc-fk nnttto loan on bond and mortgage, ?t)U.UUU in on* or more auma, on produrtiye Real Relate in Ihia eity, alao email auma lo lend In Brooklyn. Apply in the Peop'e'a Mre InauraDce Company, to JOHN r. CON KEY, 66 Wall emeu. LOAN OKPICKfl. AT 77 BLEKCKKH street?MONEY LIBERALLY adtaneed to any amount un Diamunda, Wauhe*. Jewelry. Piano*, Segaiw, Dry Hood*. Ac. N. B.?Pawnbroker* Ticket* bought. H. NEWTON, 77 Bleerker etreet, upalalra. AT. J. 11 BARRINtlBH'S, COMMISSION BROKER Thi? eld mtahltehed ofliv advanrea the htghrit aitrna ?>n. or buy* forraah, diamond', art ?r nnaai. watrhea. raarle, ?laip. fura, inrrrluiutilw'. optical inalrutnenla, Ac. No 2U roadway. MM IS, lyitlW, AT NO !? CHAMBERS STREET -MONEY TO LOAN to any amount nn lllatiiunda, Wal-hri. Jewelry, Sr., by the a*?'ll known ami old eatabltah'd ISA AC, broker nnd i nti. mleelnti n>ei< bant, No # Chainlwra street. N B.?No bnaJiii a?lruii?a ted oi, Sat unlay. AT fid NASSAU STREET-A HONIOMAN, DIAMOND broker, make* liberal advancrann Diamond*, Watcher, .lew airy, Ac . or buy a litem at f nil value, at bla prlv ata office, fit. N^aau stre?i, room N? 2, up ataira. Bualnc-a confidential. AT ?) BROADWAV-HBNRT I1YMAN ADVANCES ON Diamond*, art or inaet, or buys the aame tor eaah; alao advamea oi. Waub' a. Silver Plate and all I'erannal l*r< p at it HENRY IIA"MAN, *AOBioadway. IIREHAD ADVANt KS MAUK ON DIAMONDS J Watrhea, 1'lat" aud Jewelry, or hou(ht for caab at the hiahert price. 1'arwitia liav in* old Mold or fillyer to ael) cannot no better than cat) on I.tH is AN ItM'H, 723 Broadway. CdAU i 10Al. OI'AI I TY WHITE ASII, $4 fiU I ) St I'FRIOK ul A 1.11 V RED ASH, $\ k modish canned. PER chaldron, 111. Coke. $3 a chaldron. W. I*. TREA HWEl.l., 3*3 Bowery. Cioai..- BEST QUALITY WHITE ASH, t*?0. J Rt'PI KIORUI Al.riY IIEO ASH, 84110. KNOLISH canned, PER cIIaIDRON, til Coke. B3a"baldron. K. C. CLARKE, N >. fi ttn'. Kle'.enlb il.,Mat Broadway. <j? i l/|-4 AM N"W pBUVSEINQ A SUPERIOR P t. x"/? qoaltiy of Cistl ,or family uaa, well aereened. at S*40 per ton of "OtV uo.tndt;, t> a . Inttdtun. aimi Liverpool and Co tiro I Coal. No. 130 Weal Eirreuib alt-ret and lil Eighth avenue. A. 1IEAJITT. u> I ,1 /t .1 AM NOW DKLIVKRIHO A SITKRIOR AH; HU. irtkla )f luiU} rntl, <ctMM4 mil fiaafiom ilaW.<11 R4 40 p-r t"B of )h?., from jriwil 1 K) Warerlcy : Parry and Wrrt ?trr l?; Plrior'n rmiM llor?, No Md roaiwar, and ? Wall xtraet. A. TREA 1)W ELL. Agent. RAILKOADf. HDsON NlVtCtl RATLROAP -TH * 1N h I ( R A LP AN V, Troy,tha North and W??l, laavr t'bambcra all''el at 7 AP<111 A. and ri l#, ftanl ID 1ft P, X. VTEW VORK, HART em AND AIBANV RAILROAD IN Pol Albalay, Troy, North anil Wrat. Wlr.sar rr?ii)trir.-ot, ninnirnHtig Monday, Nno f, 1/y.i Kur Albany Id ,1U A. M , Eipraae Mall Tr?ir, from T*?til> tilth aireet dapot f ?r fell otal tialntter Time Tahle ;VU/? Bt ACilJiJa, 4AA*|ht>l P 52. | MUSIC A*. I 4 MAUNiriCBNT 7 OCTAVE ROUE WOOD riARtT 1 ji forte tor **1*, elegantly carved ieg? and rati**, overstrung J ! bane, full iron plate, lined with aatlnwood, baa all modern U Improvemeat*. made to order and been In nae xcven months; coat $600, fur 9*40, Including Ktnol mid Oover Alxn Parlor I Knrniiiii?'ai a groat UM-rlfi'lu?Auira at 70 We. i TatniysixUi street, near Sixth avenue. ATE NO It, WHO HAS HUNG IN A FIRST <'LA**8 EPItfcopal church, it open to an engagement. Addreaa Tenor, box 101 Williamsburg IVst office. AUKEAT NA< KIKltE.?SEVEN OCTAVR KO8RWO0D Piano, H;. oi Cover, $10 worth Mu*i< and Iusiruciiori | Book, price $lVi ' Broadway, room No. I, on Monday. ?n 1 T!rn-!?j?, before IS M.,>? ami b.lurdaya duilu. we uay. CTllEAl'ENT PIANOS OFFERED IV THIH C1TV FOB J cM.ii?Via one icvnwltca rosewood, lull .even O'tave Iron (riiinc, overstrung haea, round mi ner.. scolloped key a, modern improvements, $140; i wuiivnni u| right pl.uofnrte, $dn, nMl Mnuu.^i? $136 lit IHiNAlji A OU.,3art Bowery. CIL'ITAH AND RINGING.?NAPOLEON W. GOl'LD, T On i to i?t, front I he principal conceits, Mechanic. 11.11, dr., enable hi. pupil, in a few humhoi to a?-rouipanr .on., and i lay effectively. Jual arrange*!, neiv aoo>ta, and "Southern Retreat," "Dirge," Ac Addrea.HS Foiiptli avenue. INSTRUCTION O.N THE PIANOFORTE.?A YOUNG Jad> of eaperieuce In teaching would take a few utore pupils, at their residences or her own. Particular attention paid to beginners. Terms $2 p?r wouib. Adureae 0 Teacher, but 114 nerald aAoe. d PIANOFORTES AT WAR PRICKS-WE ARE NOW " selling our Pianofortes at greatly reduced prices tor i essh. Pari les wishing to obtain a Urn claaa Pianoforte at a war lates am invited to cmII. 0 tlOliTK A BBADBUItYR, 431 Bioome street, N T. PIANOFORTE FOR 8ALH-A GOOD 6? OCTAVE _ Plnio, In perfect order, will be disposed of lor $85, as it g mmt be removed immedUiely ; boa French anion, v. ry { weetand powerful tone, baa thr. pedals, harp, loud, and , foliar, and ia ?! table for jailor or concert ball. A)|>y ?i . 137 Twenty lull street, near Third avenue. THE DAT SCHOOL BELL -21,000 COPIES ISSUED.? ] A new Singing Book fur Day S. hnola, ealled the DAY \ SCHOOL HELL, ta now reauy, It l oiiisiua abnni 200 pages .. of choice 8ong?, Rounds, Catches, Duets, Trios, yearn-tea and Choruses, many of tlieiu writteu expressly tor (his tY.irk, _ besides SI past' s of the Elements of Music It will be found to bribe bust book ever Issued for summaries, a.-adeurlus , and public schools. A few sample pages of the elements, I tunes and songs are given ill * circular. Send and get one. ,t It is compiled by HORACE WATERS, sutlior of "Sabbsilt Bcbool Bells." Nos. 1 and 2, which have had the enormous I sale of 856.000 copies in 38 moutha. Prices? Paper eovers, 3D cents, $15 per ldD; bound, AO cents, $22 |>e? 100; cloth bound, , embossed g.ll, 40 cents, $30 tier 11)0. 25 copies furnished st * the 100 price. Mailed iree at. the retail price. ' mi RACE WATERS. Publisher, No. 481 Broadway, New York. W?. WIF8E. TEACIIBR OF MUSIC, WILL CON- A liiiue to give Instructions in Kinging, Piano, Violin and A Flute, at bis residence, 181 West Nineteenth street, or that of bis pupils. Lessons given to gentlemen after business hours if desired. A 2 CENTS A PAGE.?FOREIGN MUSIC OF EVERY 1)E- I Hcription. Our catalogue lor Piano music is ready. Catalogue of oilier music will follow in eight days. Prt'e Scents; botblScents; post free. Over a million or works at only two cents a page?below cost. P. A. WUNDBRMANN, 818 Broadway, publisher of Foreign and American Music. ^ ft 1 7 C-W'AR PRICE?FOR MY PIANO.?I WILL SELL 1 pi I l f one most splendid rosewood Pianoforte, seven octave, extra wide scale, ovcrsiruug bass, scolloped keys, patent dampers, nearly new. $175 will buy It this week. Call ' at 48 High street, Brooklyn. Cost $375. Money must be bad, . therefore this sacrifice. Call early. j HORSEN, CARRIAGES, diC. IjAOR SALE LOW-A BROWN PONY Bl'ILT HOR8E, " 10 bands high, warranted sound and kind; also, Rockawsy Carriage; sold for want of use. Apply at 43 Charles, or M) o? .nine street. FU OR SALE?50 BLEIUIIS; 100 Wagons, all styles and kinds; Robes. Sleigh Bells, Ac., Ac.: 40 Horses and Ponies, At 10 Nevbis street, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. For sale chkap-a good wagon mare, and j four good puny built cart Horses, fit for any kiud of 1 work. Will l>e sold cheap fur want of use. Inquire at tba stable, in Fifty-seventh street, one door cast of Second are. ^ JfOR BALE CHEAP?A BROWN MARE, I-V-w HANDS J 1 high; yuong, sound snd kind; can trot in three minutes to the pole. Also Harness and Buggy, if desired. Call at ' 1,401 Broadway, three doors above Thirty-ninth street, stable. ( 1.AOR HALE?GROCERS' AND EXPRESS WAGONS' I? new snd second hand. Alto, double seated Carriages. . Impure at ,No. 94 West Tweuty-uinlh street, b'T.-een Sixth , FOR BALK?A BEAVTIFV'L FIVE YEAR OU) IRON , Uray Mir-*, soluble for a grorer, milkman. Lutein r or ; baker; also a handsome Canadian pony built Mare, and a Une bioo l Mare, price (30; also nun of the han tannic) Stallion* in this city, price (300, worth (SUO; also a L (til Wagon, Spring Cart ami Harness. Apply at 135 Canal su-eel, near tin; Bowery. PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS FOR (2M)0!X> ' CENTRAL PARK IM 1 provciinnl Kutul Stock of 1X70." I 8eal. il proposals w ill be received at the Comptroller'* of- I Bee until Monday, tbe Willi day of February, 1982. at two o'clock 1'. M., wb?n the lame wlll'oe publicly ajwneil, lor tbe whole or any part of she sum of two hundred ami tifty thorn amid dollar* of tbe "Central Park Improvement Fund Slo k, 1 autlioi i/.< d by bapter&S of tiro iattva oi 1980 and by au Ordinance of il.e Coiomon Couurll, approved by the Mayor, October 17. ItSil. The sold i'-ah will bear Intercut at the rate of tlx percent per annum, rmvahte quarter *early, and the principal will be red< emable November 1, 1876. The preputial* will atate the amount of atook deaired, and tbe price per one hundred dollar* thereof, aud the persona whose proposals are accepted will be required to deposit with tile t'huiiiie'rlelu of the city, within ten days alter the opening of the bids, the mims awarded to them ret|>ectlvelr, Including tin pre.ileitis on the Hainr. On presenting to the Comptroller the receipts of the Chamberlain lor Such ilepoaita, the parties will be et, Itled to recetve icrttb atealor equal amounts of the par value ol' the am- k, bearing Inierest from the dales of payments. Each i ropuMimn should lie seal, ?l and endorsed "Pro|ioSals fur Ceniial I'ark lnqiruv - incut Fund Sink." and the aaine eneloS'-d in a second envelope, addressed to the Contpt roller. The right I* icaerved to reject any or all of <he idds If eonshlcicd nec-sMcry to protect or prmnoto the mt"rests of the city. ROBBICT T. HAWS. Comptroller. CUT or New York, Dii wi.ras.ST or Eisskck, Cotnptroler's Office, January W, 1862. PBOI'OhALS FOB HAY.-OFFlcK OF ASSISTANT yuartertra?ler, Perryville M l.. Feb. I. 1882.?-Sealed r reposals a ill lie received at this office until Tuesday, Fab. I, tor 3,180 tolls prime baled timothy hay, subject w lusjiectlon on delivery, a* follow*:? l.UUti toil* on er before. J8lh February. 1,060 ton* on or before 151 h March 1,000 tons on or he lore SOt h thb-h. No bids ai l be omsidared tor less than Any tons. The pr?qsv?els to lie enclosed in envelopes marked "Prnposuls for May." Ei h sue. eseful bidder w ill be required to furnish I satisfactory w in itjr for the performance of his contract and the u.imes of sureties lnuat be rm nlioned In each proposal. Tbe Uuait" imaster reserves the right to accept or ic|ert all bids. RYVMKS OaRDNKK, Captain so.I Austen, Quartermaster U. R. Army ANTROMItiY. ASTtM'NPINtl CUBES AND DIVINATIONS.-THOSE la ill beahh or trouble should at one- consult Madame i iliioru, 11)6 * eicuraie'l .sulci an tuaiI * oTNill ami 111* UK inn ?om?n, *bu? cuifl and divinations are absolutely aurtHng. Rhs rnmiD'H diseases, pmaftftbaa for their rem-dy, eomoiuulca'es with absent friends, and telta of their wherhabaiua. In bssn.e>s affairs h?r opinioua am Invaluable. Rooms 107 Dean sired, corner of Hoy t, Mouth Brooklyn. Medleal connilut'ona, 91; business iniat views, #0 cents, cxaminations by letter, enclosing hair. 92. V8TRO LOGY.?MADAME MEYER, LATE OP NO. 219 Eighth a senile, haa returned Irom the country sad taken up her residence at U9 Seventh avenue, second floor, flhu I'untinne.a to tell past, present and future eseuts Madame MEYER ronrcrsea in trench, Engl.ah aud tie ma a. and plsea warrantae for her art. \BONif FIDR ASTROtiOOTST, THAT EVERT ONE ran depend on, ia Mme. WILSON, who teUa the ahjret ot your visit as soon as you enter. She tellatha past, y reaciit and futura of your life, and waroa you of dangers, aud bringa surreas out of the moat perilous undertakings. N. B.?Celebrated magic, ehartna. No. IDS Allau street, between Houston and Stanton streets, over the baker/, Charges fur ladirs end gentlemen. SO rem a ASTONISHING -MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH daughter, has a gill o( foresight, lens how toon and bow often you will marry, and all you wlab to know, even yourveiy thoughtA or n? pay. Lucky charms free. Her ei|uai it not lu lie found. Her Magic Iu>*ga Is now In full operation?1H4 Ludlow at;ret, below Houtton. Pilch M oente. Genilrmrh not adinilled. /IOR* A. "RAMAN. INDEPENDENT CLAIRVOYANT1; Meiiirnl and busm sa eonaiilthtthna day aud evening. The s-lrnc.r she unfulda is so sauna- tury to ail it la nnnereatan to give illustrations of the aatonlsbiug teauita, but couI in lies at X'?9 Division ?tre>t. /NOME AND SEE IMF. BEAUTIFUL CANADIAN \J ifipsy I'slmlti Ml" UA VIM. wt o has juat ?r rlred. Her pred! Untie ate wonderful. I.u-ky numbers *iveii Ailvlrc as to love at business. Receives Indira aud gentlemen atgfi West Tweu'ifl sireei. Madame ray seventh avenue,xfartwey. ty .evr ulh street, surprises all who visit her. The m. Ii> triiiiblrn sad unlucky ebnu.d tasl her poaeis. She tells your very thoughts, lucky numbers, losses. Ladies, JJc.; Ronilemen, V)c. The GREATEST wonder in the world n the young and act omplishe.t Madame BYRON, frntn Tarts, whoean ne consulted with the strictest itoiiidenrn on all affa rsof life; restores drunken Slid unfaithful husbands; hss a secret lo mske you beloved by your heart's Ideal, anil brings together those long separated Ladles 25 eonta. Re. iidt'hre 90 Third avenue, above Twelfth street. HOTBU. (VLARENDON HOTEL, MARAT?KJA fll'RlNUS,?TUB J above new aud first eiaaa Hotel will be let, to a responsible and ejreru need parly, at a i node rata rent. Tbs Hotel, together with the Washington flpitng and OrnumN are moat amrarir. r,Tf ryiiiing in nrw aim in f ritct niiioiuim Una wrll nimllflril for r?l? obtain iym imHi torma by applying lo A. JOMRM, 710 H roadway, Maw Turk. NKUHAL. DK 1IKMRV, MEMBER NEW YORK MEDICAL COL Ie?r, m?) I* rtiiirn i?<| ?t bit private nOica, Nu. 8 (iretnr. itr*?f. ina 9 to II M and 3 t? 10 P. M. DR. WARD. A Rt ccwovrl, EONDn* PHYkD'tAW and iurf"i>0. ran IX lo.ii'iund A? urmil. nth. ? 12 l.'.iaut irrrt Prits'r 'Biabre Hoi.r* font A A M. ll'lOPiw. dally, DR II. (? UKlkSNKR TREAT* ALL DISIMWR* OP feoiitlra n ,ln am oi t|- >n b- onu otter] it 177)4 Ltbr rtjr rtrrr-t. IS. Y. OR. COOl'BR, 1? Dl'AME HIRER r, MMJI1I 11 OP TUB Collars "7 rhyal-lana and Hurr- -n of Nr-? York, may broorriUrtltioi'yaih.ioflif-, fruin 3 in ihr morning .iiitil* lo tho otratng. IMPORTANT fO KEMAI.ES-DK. TUlfiKH CAR HI ronniiltnl i111 'tin latpi >iIhi", al 2!M Wo I Ihli iy not ra It atrrrt, Oflar Eighth av#t T K AI I'll M I' ?<11 i h I faO ORuHBl 01R 1 tl > aoitirrnr Hoii'ton. Ilonr* II Oil 7an.l a t IIK M. MLARWONT, PARI* AND LONDON. Pit MJ 01 All ! and Rurgrnn. M7 Headway. npaialr* Cnn?"Halt'?n | fn in ? A M. to 0 T M., H .udaya * }JU( KI.SVOR RI'*M It, I0S llll AMRKltk HI R E ET, CAM I IX ounaultad a? uaual. Aaenia, Mi'] Dirty atrort, I ) )?|(yv*y* t|)riu)f|^ptov i 3 SPECIAL SOTICKI. 1 Lt a meetino or"mrgnr citizens or kbtport, N J., held at lb* bouse of Andrew Campbell K?| , uu i '*> lull., the follow.i.a reaoluUoa* win adopted ? Wnerea* Captain T. V Arruwsmllh, of tl.e eteamnoat leviort, did, In the moil praDewmfby manner, tnvit* a 4 naive lulu bla houie, ano|itve tl.e attention o. himialf aint emlly to our ouutryrnan,John Sha'iahan. duriua hi??ever? .liieu. winch Uiuii.-atiu fatally on tin 5th of Fenruary, S62; ito lelorc. Ken..veil, Tliat we lender our alncera thank* to Captala .rrnwsmllh aud hi* family for Ihla unprecedented act of Indneaeaiul humanity to ouruiuiiiryman. and that h* ha? Hereby earned for hlmaall our iaatiuii gratitude. It.wind, That we appreciate thi* kiudnea* on the part of 'il'laln Ar.oweinllh, that hia name ahall e?cr be reiuemred by ua with all tenon and eaterm, and we earueatly hope hat He who approved of the deed, or the Good Samaritan nd who haa raid, "I wan tick aud ye winlelared unto Die, * '111 reward hint for lb" fame. It -solved. Tbat a copy of three reanlutiona he *ent to Capam Ariowautitb, and puhiiahed in thi New Turk Bun and ierald. hfOJNT VERNON TAXES.?WAHIIINGTONVILLB, LTA Fleetwood, Wake held. Central an I Weal Mount Vernon. lc., tale* are now due, and It nut paid the lot* will b**Ol? tnder the new tax law, at the Fourteenth Ward Hotel, corv of Grand and Kli/*Ab?'ih ?t recta, on Monday, February ?*iS??8 VORKKjUeneral Coll#, tor. School Collector*. ATOTICB.?THE MEMBERS OK THE INDEPENDSNT Ll Liquor Dealer*'Chili are reaped i nlly i educated to at and a general meeting at Montgomery Half, 7# Print* street, u Tuesday evening, Feb. II, at 7K o'clock precisely By orf, A. tilMM, President. U., Financial Reeretsry. 3FFICB OP THE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM. pauy. New York. Feb. 1, 1S42.?Notice is hereby ghaa list Mr. Theodore T. Johnson has been appointed Secretary f th.s Company, In consequence of the resignation of the flic# by Mr. 8. L. Merchant. ALLAN MoLANE, President. 3N AND APrER MONDAY, FEB. 10, 1882, A LINE OF stages will run to and from Harlem Bridge to Manaatvn, CarinansTltle and High Bridge, connecting with Third venue car* and New York and Harlem boats. JJAl'KR WANTED. Vented to purchase. 30,000 reams of fine Fourdrlnler Frintjg Paper, size 82 by 4t>. Cash will he paid on delivery. Apply at the office of thie a per. rjELllAMVILLR TAXES?TAXES.?TOE COLLECTOR L for Pelbamville and Prnapeet Hill will receive tales at ae Fourteenth Ward Hotel, corner of Urand and Ell/.abeih 1 reels, on Monday, February 10, for the last time, from 9 to o'clock^ A. PENDLETON, Collector. SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT j or THE NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. 112 and 114 BROADWAY. l mount of awts Januarv 1, 1861 $2,004,867 88 iiuouni of premiums, endowments, annuities and policy feea received dur.ngis?l $800,924 77 ttuuuut of interest received and ae' rued 102,896 82 let amount of rents, deducting charges 4,888 41 <12,64980 Total $2,617,40733 DISBURSEMENTS. aid for loaaea by deal h $169,389 J$ aid for redemption of dividends, interest on dividends and aurrendered and cancelled policies 199,098 61 Paid Sauiiary Commiaaiun and war contributions 8.27608 Paid for taxes 2,68021 Paid for salaries and fees to physicians and trustees 21,38481 Vor Printimr itmf>rv AttvMrLflU In?, Office ' Ex penics, Express Chai gen, Ac 10,070 83 For Commissions, Medical Examinations at Agencies, 1'osiages, Exchanges Ac . . 7 77 66.688 17 Reduction in value of Heal Estate.... 8,000 00 All other expenditure*, including delinquent lAgcuts, Ao 3,282 AS 470,44010 T?"' -mm rath in Rank 30.238 40 [nveated in aecuritlca created underthe lawa of the State of Mew York and of the United Stalea 808.004 28 Real Eatato owned by the Company.. 140,019 03 Bonds and Mortgagee drawing 7 per cent interest .77....77. 044,110 00 i'remiuin Motea on existing itolklea drawing interest 760,718 33 juartcrJj andSeml-Annual Premiums, due subaeuuent to Jan. 1,1802, and , . premiums in course of transmission 48.334 42 'Merest accrued to January 1, 1882.... 88440 00 tents accrued to January I, 1862 1,708 70 Premiums on Policies in hands of amenta 30.966 42 Do. due from Southern policy holders. 08,166 14 imuur. total! other property belonging to the company J^LVl40.707 08 The trustees have declared a scrip dividend of 30 per sent ipou all i olicies for the whole term of life now in foron, winch were iaeued twelve months prior to January 1, MOB md a psyment of twentv per cent upon divld-nde heretofore ( :clar?d, from 1MS0 to Itfetl Inclusive, to he raid iu cash to hose holding certificates, on end after the first Monday in March next, upon presentation at the Homo offi'-e; Is000 Having credits will be aiiowed the same upon their notes at Lbe settlement of next premium. TRUSTEES. Morris Franklin, Isaac C. lexer to, John M. Nixon, John l. Kociks, John K. Bitssinq, John Mains, David Dows, Wh. Patrick, Danisi. 8. Millie, Lorino Andrlws, Wh. Barton, Kussrai Dart, Wh. C). Dushnmrt, Wh. h. ArrurroR, John E. Wialiahs, Robkkt B. Coaajns, Ororoh Gjucxh, Paint Fsrxhan. MORRIS FKANKUN, Pres.denL PUNY FRSRMAM, A-tuary. HKUll'AL KXAHINKRB. CoRNRAitTs r. Bocrbt. m. D.. No. 6 St. Mark's piece. Gm-ruk Wiaecs, M. D., 28 Laiglil street Taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes.?cnionport, Wakefield. and Olinvlile taxes msy be paid, for the last time, on Mondav, February 10, at the Fourteenth Ward Hotel, corner of Grand and Elisabeth streets. GEORGE COOPER, Collector TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.?THERE APPEARS TO be son e wil so cunts from vesseis tbnt hsv# been sailed for grain st this port, homo of them were lost, with nil hsnds on bosrd, end sonic returned with pump# choked, and being foreign vessels h?d no Inspection; therefore were not ceiled >i they should be, and to ,*ve $8 or $10 by empluying those w ho do not nndcrstnnd it. Those who wish to have vessels r-tied for train at should b* can have them done by calling at 168 Maiden lane, and make arrangements to suit their ..i.k r v fvsvtu.ij THJB HUBELUOR. IM.MiS! FLAG8I FLAGS of all sites constantly on hand and for sale, at low price*. Flan* repaired. Bunting, Ac. HENRY 1 OBI Ad, Manuiacturrr, 383 and 330 Hudson llwt. LA (IS, BANNER* AND RKOIMBNTAL COLOR*, 1 Start's, Mounting*, Trimming*, Eagles, Spear Heads, Ac. Ornamental painting and embroidering on Mk. 110JER A UBAHAM, $7 Duane street. HURRAH FOB THE WAR?RISE BOTH, VP AND at them?Now it jronr only chance to n to the teal of war and gain distinction (or. yourselves and families ?A few more able bodied men wanted to bring the gallant Thirtyslith regiment New York Volunteers, tinder command of Cul. Charles H. lanes, to the maximum standard require* by the United States government. This corps ranks with the highest in the Held fer eBeianc* In military tactics end discipline. The Commander-in-Chief, ea well en other military critics, hare expressed themselves highly pleased with tha physical appearance of the men composing this corps. Pay. clothing and transportation furnished on being mustered into tho servico, ao well as relief given ve sololer'e wires from the Aid Committee; $100 bounty paid at the expiration of the war. Tot further particulars apply to Lieut JAMES <1 RANT, Recruiting OBeer, 8$ Centre street. rpAMMANY REGIMENT TACX80N GUARD)?FORTYJ. Second New York Sl.-.'o Volunteets.?A tacaney exleta In this regiment, which enables it to scrept one full company, xtiih itaodlrera. The "l amniagy roglir.ont forms pert of the division of Brigadier General Stone, and Is loealedal Poole#, vtlle, Md. It was engaged at Ball's Bluff, and the vacancy is caused by looses In that battle. OBcora having omnpealeeor dee ring to talre onr. will find this an opportunity rarely met with, furprooeedtng at once against the present rebellion. Application may be made pereonally to A. G. SEAMAN, City Ineper'or * Department, N. Y , or by letter In Bdmuao C. Charles, Colunel Tammany regiment, roolesvllle, Md. WAP. -WE WANT THE ADDRESS OP BVBRT SOLdier In the Union anay. Wa wlah lo sen*to every aaP dler so'oethlng that will Increaeo hi* comfort. Also tho ad drt ic uf every sutler and dealer In goods for the soldtor. W. H. CATBLY A CO., HB Nanau stroot. ANTED-POR COMPANY A. UNITED STATES EN gin,eis. able-bodied young mon, mechanics preferrod between the aces o( 18 and U Pay from *13 to $M per month, with the usual alluwanoo of clothing, ratloaa aad medical attendance. For further particulars Inquire at Ne. 6 Bowling Urean, third Boor, between A. M. aad d P. M. OA MEN WANTED FOR COMPANY B. SECOND RE?'J gl'nenl Jackson Heavy Artillery, Captain Kliaa Com be ?Ki'ra inducements are offered?y.-od qoartera? plentv ef goo I. w hoi- a -me food?handsome uniform and warm uadar clothing. I'ay commences from the dey of signing the ml'. M-n will slwsys he In comfortable barracks, Instead of tenia. This branch of tho servico Is preferable to Infealry or Light Artlileiy. The duty ?III be Inside of fortiaeatlons, In our harbors, or en the front c-a of 'he Slate. Recruiting or ,-i lu* South street and Tent In the I'ark. 7QT1I HIGHLANDERS?RECRUITS WANTED, FOR I O tho gallant Seventy.ninth regiment, now statlosed el Benufort, South Carolina. Apply to the recruiting oBcera, at tho Moreer U< use. ooraer of Mercer end Broome aireeta Capt. WM. M tNHON, Company A. I.! !??. WW. HIiLUTT, UOmpHf 1. ~ " rVHRlTVRK. ~ A BEDROOM BUTT OR FXAMF.I.I.KD Ft RlfrrVRJ for $24. Ill All r?|oii>, Of warranted nMnufariurA; Alau solid ctminul Chamber Hull*, plain and ornamental, At H. F. FARKIKOTON B, i*U Canal alrast, opposiia Wooaler BatAbll<<Aad In 1MB ALtROBj ASSOB1NKVT OF FIRRT CLASH HOPBBhulrt Fiiraliura aI private saleataaaerllke.?SeTesoolarr Pianoforte, richly earnd, rwat will ha arid for MM, liK'I'i.iing Hionl and Tort rj Fa riw Hull a. rot! $01*', for |IM>; K>r-rr?, Hook raw, OtrMa Palmlnc*. Statuary, Vama. n? wood Bureaus,, Matnoe.e*, l.itanalon TaMa, Buifat, Ac. Inquire at No. 7# Weal Tweaty-BiUl straw, mm Hlxlli areiiua. AI.L RIM 8 OF FLRMTl RB. LOOKING 0LAMBS, Bc'rt'ng, Ac.. Mow em" on i?i w?, warrantad and <?# Imrr.l lire. ?Jail wk ad. W NM.nhX'*, Ml Bswery, hatwteti Plant n a, d IIoca an rtr*?'( anil yon will aara moor-. Moii-ikeniim'x lANAMltLLM) 1'IIA.MM.It Ml 1TH OK FVRRITl RB, IN .ri all tutors and alrl> - at Vruhlraaie anrt retail, at fin ami IM.oa-.le. Aleo, Matti a .. .,| Pslbaatfa. WARREN W.tftP, 2ii <) *! frntr r'.onr* r??t of Brotdwajr. RMTl'llK.-.CAHH PAID FOB MNCOND HAND Fl'R iiil'iia, Mimit* au.1 i,ur|.e.a. Country <*l)t .lU.iiiied ta AH 'r*** Furniture Ntote, W1 II ,ii!e?n air?et. A rood mnlio gaii) |-... n pton Be jratary H- , Wad for aati ifccip L'I RMTI UK HOl/UUT.?ALL KIN0H OK IIOI HCIIOLD 1 Furnltura bought and n K'h-.i prl. o a!'en, ?tt7* Third aicntir, Tulriy.tour, h a real. All call* promptly at* |r on art to, or tdnreei riirrillnre, abo* nnm'we, f! E ?A guurt see..idtn.-nt ol ?eoon I harnl riridium for aala. 1[V RMITRli, C AHI'El rt, BOOKS, AO.. Bill UHT FOR 1 ready money, at IS Wltk avaaue. kamtea Mink and

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