Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1862 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9284. IMPORT ANT FROM EUROPE. The America at Halifax and the Jura at Portland with Eight Days later News. Napoleon's Speech to the French Chamber. Important Declaration as to the American War. Reported Decision of Napoleon to Assail the Blockade. England Officially Invited to Join Him. n&e London Times Again Ad vises Her to Wait. Arrival of SZason and Slidell in England. I0UM1NTS OF THB SUMTER AND TUSCARORA Tlie Nashville Ordered to Leave Port. Honored Regulations Respecting Belligerent Vessels* What Spain Proposes to Accomplish in Mexico. Address of the Emperor of France to the Hnneio of the Pope. imnu m mm, cheia aid jatar, as., as., as* Tte smap America, which left Liverpool at tw* P. M. en the 26tb, and Qa**n*town on the 26th, arrived at Halifax on Sunday evening, at Biz o'clock, and sailed ngala for Bo*ton at midnight. Th* America was aahor* on n mad bank in Queans to wo harbor for five hoars, and, in consaqaanc* of a heavy gal*, did not sail until nine o'clock on Tuesday morning. Altbimgb virtually thre* days later than the Nov* Sootian, it doe* not appear that any communication wan had with, th* shore during the thirty-six home she lay Queenstown htuoor, and her latssi*advices include only those received from Liverpool and London by telegraph on Sun day. This is to bo regretted, as it is Intimated by our despatch that the Emperor Napoleon was to have delivered his Speech on Monday, which might possibly have bean obtained. Th* America has twenty-six passengers and ?2,400 in The steamship Jura, which left Liverpool on the 30th and Londonderry on the gist alt., arrived at Portland at fteen minutes to twelve o'clock last night. Pamsr Nswlans reports 7th, n Add of ice, ninety miles sast or Oape Race, the largo amount of which prevented the landing of despatches. Passed n steamer on the 8th, bound cant. Thn steamer La Plata, with Messrs. Mason and Slidell on board, arrived at Southampton on the 22th. They were taken to St. Thomas by the Rinalde, an she was unable to reach Halifax. They were received at Southampton courtsonsly, hut no demonstration was mads. Both pesesndsd to Loodoo, where Mason remains. Lord Lyons is gaaatted as a Knight of the Grand Crosa of the Order of the Bath. Th* Etna, which left Liverpool 22th, put into Holyhead the earn* night, with for# compartment full of water, having been in collision with ship Cheviot. Th# steamer Kdiaburg was coaling at Liverpool to take forward the Etna's past!sogers end cargo if necessary. Th* American ship V. 8. Gamble, from the Rio Grande for Queens town, foundered at sea. The steamship Asia, from Now York, arrived at Qoeoastown on Um 26th of January, THE AMERICA* WAR CRISIS. Hapoleon'i Speech In the French Chamber on the American War. Napoleon opened the French Chamber on the 27 th ult. In a apcech he said The civil war which desolates America has greatly compromised our ooromerclal tnterasta. Um long, huwever, as Ike rights of neutrals art respected toe must conjIne ourteloe fO expressing wishes for an early termination of these disssi* MM. The apeech refer* to tho pacific relations of France and recapitulates the financial programme of Fould's budget. 8ome English Journals construe the allusion to America into something liko * throat, and as significant that France is impatient, and when the occasion appears to demand it will Interfei e. The Hours# was higher. Rentes, Tlf. 30c. Knuaoretl Derision of Napoleon to Interfere with lite Ulot'kndc. Tho London Shipping Qasefte says that a rumor Is current in circles, supposed to be well Informed, that a semi-oilluial uote but been adHiswd to the Uritish government by Franco ro porting the blockade of tbo Confederate ports, to tho oiloo.t tlial llie 1 m|>eror cannot longer allow French comnierco to be Injured by rcspoc:ing the non-eflcctive blockade, and that bo will shortly make on <ffirial demand to the I've/link pcrrrtiment to f in kirn in raising the Ww?ode, ami that in cast o/non-itmpliance he tcill late the initio/its'. 1 ha French papers conclude, from the attitude of the F.n IFh i>ro"S, fAul the Ticnt qjjuir was onty a pretest for nor, and that linn/and toun .i to for,x thebl dusde. of the Southern port*. iho i'arls 3k*;? in replying : > tho .insertion that tho blockade of tho Pouthorn ports Is lno:\clivo, recalls that lomo Russian ships ran tbo blockade of the Hnltic In ISM, as now happens nt CharleMon. Tlio Ofnnum r>*!i no" oi.uin a uio semioiiM.iai rrencn paper* for lltelr liMtlen Southern sympathios, and nay* hat fnnltuui would licoome flauj,orouii to Franc* if Aiuo. i lea wore weakened. Kni|lan<l (an AIToril to Walt?Mho la Reromnirniled to ho Kiitinnii II y Con - | atxt ent. U<LnMnn Amo In an eUltoriat aajra:?IFV n cdnot 1 t vigor lo fn"'<( '* wt/Jt Awtetitutt ajfuiit. This Ian tiruo <ir av:i itlng, onrl wo cm nlP rd to wait unite m easily iti ho North and South can afford to ho looking acrnvs thn ol' tnau nt tbo cost of two nil'llone sterling a wook each uf tliom. If 11 tore d'ton ontuc any rmi ta nr of cm/laint < t will toll all tlio tuuru fur our p osci.t p.uiunco ujkI forsearance Tlic 1/mtloB ( lob* editorially remarks (lint tlio maritime "o vef* fSnnot ho erpeeteii to rcrpocl th* federal hlm-le. lilo i n.or* really effective Then minor** of the world jannot suffer Itself to lie deep .led for an In tcfloltr pork rt antler the hum a j tper bl clta !r. Aa to Iti.arten' n, ?y* tbo Olafr, wo mny i?o invited | L i\ . . *?.???.? . t i ;e ne r offered to intsrvsns, but our ff'eat ?a <*u? be to prt serve cemitlenty wiM eur ?um yruuipU* TIm London Timet, ^n u characteristic article, calls for something dtcisivo m America. It says unpleasant conpi i aliens must iriM if the present state of alftura continue much longer. Mr. Seward's Opinion of the Stone Blockade at Charleston. Another despatch gives Lord Lyons' conversation with Secretary Howard on the Charleston blockade, llr. Seward atated that the plan eras not dev.sert to injuro the the harbor permanently hut merely to aid the blot ?.adcIt would be the duty of iho government to removo all obstructions as soon as tho Union was restored. The harbor of Charleston was not rendered inaccessible. Mr. Seward was not prepared to say that us on operation in wur it was .OjiiKliUublo to dtslioy the poiioancnl bar hors of the eni'iny. Karl Russell's Reply to Mr. Seward's Argument on the Trent Affair. Farl Kussoll, in a (iec;)atch dated January 38, to Lord I yctis, says lho English government differh entirely from Mr. Seward's com liimoun on the question whether the persons taken from tlie Trent, and their supposed dee patches, were contraband, lie argues the point at length, und jaunts out the injnrtous conscquereos of such a law. For instanco, according to Mr Seward's doctrine,a packet carrying a Confederate agent l'rotn Dover to Calais, might bo captured and token to New Yet k, and in like manner the Confederates n ight capture a Cunard steamer bound from Liverpool to Halifax, on the ground that she wus carrying despatches to Mr. So ward from Mr. Adams. Tho British government would not acquiesce in the capture of any British ship in circumstances similar to those of the Trent, and tho fact of its being brought for adjudication before the I'rizo Court, though altering the character would not diminish the gravity of the offeneo. The despatch concludes with reference to Mr. Seward's declaration, that if tho tafoty of tho Union required it, it would have beau right to detain the Trent prisoners. In reply to this Earl Russoll says:?"Great Britain could not have permitted the perpetration of that wrong, how .ever flourishing might hove been tho insurroctiou in tho South." The London Times, in an editorial on Mr. Sumner's gpeecb, protests against any suggestion that England has budged one step from her former position with respect to her rights, either neutral or belligerent. What sho agreed to at the Congress of Paris she still stands by, and what she hod before limited only by thoso concessions she has still. The case or the Trout has in ado no new phase whatever. Secretary Seward's Reply to Smith O'Brien. In a letter from Mr. Howard to Smith O'Brien in re. spense to the letter's recently proflercd advice. Mr. Howard urges Mr. O'Brien, If ho would promote the cause nf America, of Ortui Britain and of humanity at large, to speak and act in evory case, and without qualification for the American Union, ltr. Howard's tone >e highly patriotic for union, and friendly towards European Powers, in regard to whom ho> is determined to stand always, not only in the right, but upon the defensive. George Thompson, the Abolitionist, In Favor off the North. George Thompson had again been lecturing at Manchester on American atlhirs. His remarks were mninly iu rcrjjuur.w iu it win Bpeccu vj air. *1UHsey, at Salford, whose statements he branded a* absolutely false aud a grievous injustice to the North. The lecturer said the breaking of tbo blockade would be a wicked and ?/$idisk act, and no greater crime conld be committed agaflM any country. He had faith, however, in the pacific neutral policy of Earl Russell. TUe Blockade of tbe Nashville. It was rumorod that the government had ordered the Nashville to quit Southampton, but extended the tlrao for her departure, owing to danger from tbo Tusca rora. It was also rumored that the government will prohibit armed ships of either party remaining over twentyfour boors in any British pert. The commander of the federal steamer Tuscarora publishes a denial oT the report that he anchored off Osborne, and was rebuked for his violation of good taste. It was reported that the Tuscarora was about to quit ^Southampton. Tho destination was kept secret. The Privateer Ha inter's Crntse. REPORTED SUCCESS OP THE I'RIYATRKK OFF ALGIERS?WHY THE SPANIARDS AIDED HER AT CADIZ. A telegraphic dnspatch of tho 22d nit., from Algiers says:?On Ucndsy a prolonged cannonade was heard here, proceeding apparently from a distance of about six tniles from shore. A vessel was sighted this morning, which "V peered to be the Sumter. It is supposed she sunk her adversary. IM abovo Is considered doubtful, as an Algiers telcgruphlc despatch of the 24th ult. says the Suinter has been seen in Genoese wuters, a few leagues off the port of Genoa. It was rumored that tho vessel which the Sumter engaged off Algiers was the Iroquois. There was no news of eiihor. The Gibraltar Chronid* says:?TheTnlted States Consul at Cadiz protested against (he assistance given the 8uinter at that port. The authorities, however, considered themselves bound to uflbrd such aid as was indisien-'ablo, the Sumter having sprung aleak near her screw. She was permitted to effect tho necessary repairs in tho aisenal. THE INVASION OF MEXICO. fVliut Spain Demands and Proposes. Ihc Spanish Minister of State has declared in Gmgress that Spain would demand reparation from Mexico on account of tho war of Independence. It was statod that Spain had received no official communication respecting any further resolution. of Krai.ce and England in rofereuco to Mexico. He con* eluded by saying Spain would fittingly support the interests of Mexico. Tho I'aria Camtilutiimn I of the 2.1th ult says that the Mexican General A'monto Is now In Helglum. pursuing a nog ti'U on lor placing tho Archduke Maximilian on tho thrum of Mexico. Ccnerul Alumute will accompany the French OKpcditlon to Mexico. Them were cio.lrn.lietory rumors of an enlarged French expedition to Motif., Great Britain. lord Palmerst. n had issued the customary circular to his supportors iu Parliament, soliciting their attendance oil the open in v on the Br h of February, us mutters of considerable ImiHirlance will he discussed. He and other Parliamentary lenders hud also issued invitations to buntpicls prt >r to the commencement of tho session. A mooting had been called in London to consider tho pro, rlety of forming a tlrttish-Amerh-un Association. A royal warrant roguiatiug tho nmaigainutlon of tho Royal and India armies Is published. More foars wore realized rolativo to tho accident at the Hartley coal mine. Not one of tho hurled minors was found alivn. There has been very stormy weathor in tho Irish Chan ucl. Tho'.) were several shipwrecks and sumo loss of life. Thero woro no Important American dis-whors, but s >mo verse Is returned to port with slight damage. Franco. The dissatisfaction w ith M. Konld's budget was uppa Napoo n, in officially receiving tho Papal Nunc In, aid; uliolln ? Iiuh already add roan <1 word* to mo tin hUone.ul . on, wl.ich havo deeply to ichnd lit". 1 fdt.i always wic inly llio dutiou of it *ov leign w.'li mjilo Hi iloly Father. I do not dntiht but that your nominal) ..ill contribute' to render morn iiitliuitio tho relation thai aro no <<i?t*itfa| to tho wcli'aro ot re li;lon, tieaeo aiul Christianity. llio I ondoti ui ooiiBtr'ii H tho Emperor's remark i Into a mam natation that his relation* wnhltomeuo not hnrmntifcvm. It l? .-iwrtod that Frsncs has sunt (ho Strongest roG-nnncndstloim to tl ?j Pvnttflcel government to accept terms ior the retir.rtrTttlnu 01 ihn temporal power, lu order that Frcuch occupation may cauoc ?..d the pr<w?iii alii tln n b9 sndsd. it in usdeir l< oil that the Fops's rr|> y shows no disposltmnto yield. Tho diplomatic. corrcrfpoodMiM bc?w?in Franco and horns hoi V n p<H>i|f.ti d. Franco rcenmnomt .1 t a llhllnn tv.fh 'he' Omu l df Turin. Ahionelll absolutely rcfi I all t. TUri ,ti now l'm t I ho Knell h imports Inl<> Franco ti? ftl v I r c III. i?i"'v* Ml- ovF a y-nr. ti.ol^ie) y lk?f ? *. li*t tl.i) Id I :?r Mm actional \ W TO i NEW YORK, TUESDAY, conversion of (he four per cent stock Into three per cent stock tan been submitted to the council of State Deanutrk. ConoMuaxs, Jan. 30,1862. The King h road wen opened with a royal speech. He J hopes that the tie between Holstcin an J other perilous of the kingdom will be renewed, although he bad failed to eflbct this up to the present time. The accounts of the resistance <>f the Holstein and federal Diet to the negotiation concerning Hoietein continue satisfactory and a solution of the question is shortly expeoted. Slileewig is to 4 obtain tree dovelopement when the danger offereign intervention passes away Prsasata. A bill had been introduced by government legnlating 1 ministerial responsibility,accordmy to which the r.ghtof impeachment can only be exercised by hoth|hous?e conjointly. A rupture was anticipated between Ihe Prussian . government and the Archbishop of Icbcu, ?bo, iu a loth r to the Minister of I'ublic Worship, drfemle the national altitude assumed by hm countrymen. Russia. M I'MimmcKit, Jan 26,1st 2 ' Ao imperial tftose is published, permitting Jews (o enter ovury branch of tl;o btale service; permitting Jew l?h merchants to reside anywhere, anil grouting other ccnucssious to the Jews. , Turkey. A decree has been mimed, announcing the publication of tbe budget continuing fufl |>owors in lead I'aohu an Grand Vizer and Minister of finance. The ox Minister of Finance has been deprived of bin decoration uud ie to be tried for malversation. Kaupha , Jan 26,1802. Tbe iiu.urgei.te have iejected tbo atone; ty offered thom by Oma 1 aohu Hostilities have recerumenced in couaequeaoe. - < India and China. Tbo Calcutta and China mailt) left Malta for Marseilles 1 on the 220. Additional despatches liavo boon received. Cai ' c'Tta, Dee. 30, 1862 Fncilitien lave been afforded by tho government for opening out Indian export and cotton trade. Phlrtings dull una declining. Indigo active but unchanged Exchange,^ %<1 Freights advancing Canton, Dec 14,1861 Shirtings dull and unchauged. Twist advuueing. Tea Arm and unaltered. Exchange )ail. higher, t'miton ie I'cautuiug its former importance as a place of undo. Siiani.HZ.K, Doc T, 1861 Alarm ie no longer felt hero on ui count of tho rebels Ningpo is reported to lie invented by them. , Tea declining. Hilk active, hut drooping Exchange unaltered. Cochin China advicce nay that tho Freuch hud taken poem union of Keilo Caudoro Japan. Tho Japan newe .h satisfactory. Financial and Commercial Intd%?il6(< LONDON MONEY MARKET- JAN. JO. ttonsols closed, fur money, on Thursday, at 92%. AMKRIIUN fiTVi Kg. Illinois Central shares, 44a43 discount, Frio,2ft% a 26%. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET?JAN. 30. The Bales of cotton for three days were 28,060 bales, including 12,000 bales to speculators and Vxportcrs. Tho market was (Inner, with an advance of 'yl. per |>ound. MANCHESTER TRADE REPORT. Tho advices I rout Manchester a, o favorable, tho market for goods and yams having an upwaid lcudcncy,but quiet. LIVERPOOL BREAD8TCKP8 MARKET -JAN, 30. The market Is generally dull, with a slight decline, except for corn, which is steady. Messrs. Richind son, Spenca k Co., and others, rcDoit Hour heavy aud declined 6d. per barrel. Wheat dull and declined Id. a 2d.; red Western lis. n 12s. 2*1., red Southern 12s. 3d. a 12s. 5<l., white Western 12s. 6d. a 12s. 0d., white Huuthorn 13s. a 13s. 3d. Corn steady; mixed 31s. a 31s. 6d. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET?JAN. 30. The provision market has a downward leu.'ercy. Beef declining and quotations have recoiled 2s. 6il. I k nominal. Bacon declining. Lard very dull. Tallow nominal at 4?s. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET?JAN. 30. Ashes quiet at 36s. for pots. Sugar dull, C01*eo inactive. Rice?No tales. Linseed oil flrm at 35s. R sin quiet; common, 18s. (Spirits turpentine steady at 71s. a 72a. LONDON MARK KTK. Breadstuff's dull and all qualities slightly declined. Sugar quiet and steely. Co the Arm. Tea Arm. Rico dull. Tallow Armor at 47r. 9d. THE LATKBT MARKETS'. Consols closed to-Pay (Friday) at 02% a92% for money. Tho woekly return of the Bank of KugUnd shown a decrease in bullion of ?70,000. AMERICAN fWOElTIB). The latent sales wars?Krle sharear28k ; UlineisCco tral snares, 44 * 43 discount. New York Central, 00 u 71. Ijvkbpool, Jap. 31, 1M-. Tho Rrokera'circular reports:?The sale* of cotton for the week have been 40,000 bates, including 14,600 to speculators and 7,000 to oxporlers. The market ruley firmer, with an advance on the week of ijd. Tho sales to-day (Friday 1 reach 6.000 bales,of which 3,000 were to peculators a:id exporters,the market closing quiet, but steady, at the fqllowing quotations:? Fbiir. MvMNng. Orleans ltd. 13d. Mobile 13>id. 1234*1Uplauds 131, d. 12*gd. The stock of cotton in port is emanated at 640,000 bales, of which 215,000 bales are American. Preodstuirs.?The market still hai a downward toutoncy. Wheat Is more steady. Corn quiet. Provisions.?Tho provision market rules dell. Shipping Intelligence. Arrfrmn New York, Kiraulay, and l-ydis, at Genoa; Olencaru, Aberdeen, J Kciimidl, Juhuiin Louise, and It Vou Hruhant, at Bremen; Dolphin, and Fanny Kirt-hm r, at Flushing; Ore nock, in the Clyde; Isabella, Westpuri, Kly^oer, ami Lyngurn, at Mueen?lown; (toy Munnariug, at Arr from Baltimore, lEnergie, at Bremen. LaconiNO Gas Exmamos at Coorsn Iwrm'Ti.?The large basement hall of Coo|<er Institute wan crowded last evening with a most fashionablo and select audience to witness tho comical effects of nitrous oxide, or laughicK gus, upon the human subject. It being the first exhibition of tho kind for several years iu this city groat interest was m luifested by tho audience, and Dr.G.Q. Culton's method of administering the gas left no room for disappointment. Everybody went with tho Idea ol having a good laugh, and everybody retired mailing from the hall alter a few bourn innocent mirth nml enjoyment' The entertainment was, in fact, a decided success. A strong railing was erected on tho stage to prevent those under tho mflui nee of tho gas from coming in contact with tho audience, or of doing injury to themselves by falling. Dr. Colt u prefaced the exhibition by u fow humorous retuaiks, exphtimug the harmless otleciaof the gas, and also the elements of which it iscomt" soil. . The nilpous oxide, be said, dillors from tho atmosphere only iu tho proportion of tho c ill-tit cents, there being much more oxygen in tho laugh ug gas than in the air shout us. Tho exhiliratirg ellect pro..used WW owing to > the Immi'Mu quantity of oxygon inhaled, the himx| being 1 oxygenated much more rnjiidly than by tho Air. Dr. | Colton tlico proceeded to lllusirnle by inhaling tho gait 1 himself. l'Uo oflfcet was Almost instantaneous, Dr. Colton I lairly Jumping with pleasure and lougmng timet heartily. The oxpcrlmeut waa next trlod on several young and old men, *omo loan and Homo fat, M'lin* eiiiall nud route tall, the ollei t being ulnmsl tho same in overy case?provok lng the lngb"st ecstacy and developing tho lending traits in the varioue character?. Some exhibited very strong affliction, others showed light, one shomod "Thrco i:hcors for .fctf. Davis," another danced aud pirouetted aro ind the stage in u most extraordinary manner, uud ono vory lean sob met win Iced and jumped end twisted himself a1- i most Inside out with merriment. Tho exhibition was priced* d by an excellent concei t by the Seventh regiment band, and will be repeated this evening. Personal Intelligence. Prefeeenr Agassi/ aud wife loft the Kxerett IIouho yesterday, fur their homo in Cambridge, Mass. Edwin Forrest, the tragedian) J. J. Kar< y. the horse tamer, and Colonel Igun.ol Ilia Moxart regiment, are atopping at the Metrop< Itinn liotul. Dr. II. Ljron, and J. K. t<a>rett. of Boston; l.lout. W. Smith, I.lout. Brown, W. M. Coleman, and J. H. tillphanl, of I ho Ui ited States Navy; J. H. Burton, of Cm clniatl; K. A. Forsyth, of New bug; K. K. Hoot, of Hartford; M. ft. Bfcmnsll, or Now Jersey, and L. K. Uigliy,of Detroit, are stopping at th> Aster House. f. Witisliip, of Connecticut; I., and C . Follott, of Vermont; J. Rod's and wife, of Pittsburg w. w. Sawyer, of Maino; John H. Reynolds, of A hnny, s. K. Wood worth, of i'aiiforn.a, C. M. Whluiey. ol llosb n; P. Filch, or Syracuse; 1.. M. Roneck and wilo, or New; Robert Ui av, of Springfield, and II. Ml>iey,ur Roolisstur, are stopping at tlm St. N icludis Hotel. Captain Nil rs and E. D. Wait, of the Called States Army; A. Fred man and C. K. Cody, of Ht. I/ntls; K. II. Buckingham, of Boston; J. Barron ami .1. Walah.ot Clove land; C. H. Cornwall, of Washington, J. F. Winchester, o( Mnsriaoh'ieeita; W. W. Roberts, of Iftitford: II Stdkcs.of Toronto, and R. Edge, of BmTulo, aro stopp ng at the Kit I li Avunu* Hotel. Tasm/ivt Sonrtv?Btjmionof a Crash Saotxm?Istron t/ST llwr 'The efflce of Urand Sai hem of the T im many Society has remained unllMod sln?o the dea lt of IMInni'l WIIIHin >, iMinwn; , .... ...... ,,,. trMay Ibo Council met?pio.ont, P.ich ma JoflnKo'ly. 1 II. \n. B. Connolly W|1b n cnull. |Hm 1;ui i tjr or, x. .1. Water bury. la-iao Hell. .Rimes ['. Ni lei on, iiht"!' I'nldwionnl f!i >in?i Dunlap?r <t ft tc i ,iig. 1 ."( I'n.. -otn- roii'i! n b HincM, elected II n. .NV. ou .'. ft At rb.iry tlraml ilach in. f.nt gn I'lrt ni lira lit font. C. W. R : nm>, C. \V., Tob. 10, r u. T in earshots of Iho It. :.alo an I l.'k > Huron RiHronl Unto burn ml yesterday. I 11"0, el;?, wMrit is covered by insnr.ui'6. RK H FEBRUARY 11, 1862. IMPORTANT FROM TENNESSEE. 'to Movement* of the Union ami Rebel Force*. Additional Details of the Brilliant Affair at Fort Henry. WHAT THE REBEL* THINK OF IT. Vawes ?i the Killed and Wounded in the Action. V i?oroi?H Preparation* fer Future Opeiationn. rerrible Panic Among the Aefecte in Tenaessee, a.r.:, fcc>, kt. nrmifKXSlHi OFFICIAL DOCUilBNTH. * bj 1 IRIIH, Feb. JO, 1862. Tike following despatches have been received at head4'ifcrUiB WAsnsutON, Feb 8', 18C2 Fnjor GonerAi Hj^Piok , 81 Louis ? Your energy ami ability receive tho strongest cornmendatiou ef th 0 depnrtmeut. You hnvo my perfect contl Once, and yon may rely upon my utmost support in your undertakings. The pre.*tiro of my ctigai.cmcnts has provented ino from writing you, but 1 will do no fully in a ilay or two EDWIN If. STANTON, Secretary of War. The following hoe alar lioen received ? Thank (Jen. Grant, King Officer l'oote and their com" n,:iudn for uve UFO. B. MuCLELL.VN, Cominauder-ku Chief. Two despatches received by Gen. Hal leek state that Hen. Curtis, couth Of febanou, had taken twonty-nine prisoners, including two corpoi uis and a imnrteruiaster. r.'.so a <|unntity of Hoar. movemenae op the union and rebel forces. St Iahjis, Feb. 0,1862. The ArpnNiean'r special despatch says (bat tho enemy is still encamped near Fort ilenry. and preparations for further moyeaaentn go rigorously forward Tho river in high, and apart of Fort Heury overflowed. Five more regiments were expected to arrive from Cairo in a tfcw days. An bntlntshed fortification, called Fort Hermann,opposite Fort lfenry, hits been taken possession of. Tho nan id was so extensive in Tennessee that the river is consideted open for Union Herts to Its bead wateiu.

Tho Uto garrison of Fort Henry have taken refuge in Fort Deueicon, making the force there between eight and ton thousand A Southern mail has been captured by Captain logon. It contaiued a letter from some high officers, speaking of the 11 demoralizing effect of the defeat at Somerset." another that " Fort Henry would ho almost irreparable.'' The rebel steamer Orr, being chased by the gunboat Conestoga, won fired by tbo crow and abandoned. Several oibur steamers are rau 10 navo lauen into our nanus. The t oncstoga and I.e\ingtou havo gone up the Tenneesou river, and wilt probably go as far as Florence, Alabama. Sr. Lot;is, Feb. 10,1803. The Democrat hne a special despatch, dated Fort Henry to-ila y, which says that 300 ot I ho Second Illinois cavalry, while oh a rocunnoltcring expedition thin morning, met a company of the cncnyr's horse, charged on them, killed four and toolc twenty-live prisoners, their captain among tb m. Only one of our'mcn was wounded. In cowcipietioo of General Smith's appointment not having been confirmed by the Senate, that officer transferred tf'.o command of bis division to Goneral Wallace, and will leave for Paducnh to-morrow. Generals Grant and McCIernond telegraphed to Washington, vouching fir Smith's loyalty and cflli ency, ami urg'ng that thoSenate reconsider its action. General Grant and stuff made a reccnnoissauce in the vicinity of Fort Donolson to-day. The steamer W. II. H. hits returned from tho railroad bridge, with a lot of horses, wagoos, commissary stores, &c. NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS. fDet.putches to tlie Chicago Eveniug Journal. ] Kokt IIsnrt, Feb. 0,1803. Tho land forces under General Grant, on tlie cast side ef tho Ten .essue.Ioil Camp Hal leek at two o'clock this mo niag. Tbu land force under General Wallace,on tho west sldo of the river, started at thesaiuo time. The gun I ant ailgct uuder weigh at fifty minutes post ten A. M. and steams 1 directly up the channel west rf l'a other Is'and. Action was amitiii iiccd at thirty-five minues post twclvo by the flagship Cincinnati, the fleet being at that time at tbc head of tho island. The Caronde.ol followed. Tlie St. I/juiS at thirty six minutes past twelve fired two forwa'd rllles. Tlie canurnado was kept up with scarcely an intermlbsiou cntil tcrty minutes pusl one, when thetobele struck their colors. General Tilghman s :rrendered to Flag Olllccr Foote. The Adjutant General and the officers in cemmuud of the batteries are .-urn-tig the prisoners. The idiet inf.inirv bad run early ?u tho fight. Our gunboats took sevonti en arte guns, a large number M..ubaia u lorun mmii.til nl nmmiinU m t nil ilinir tents and camp equi|*gc. Iho land force did not roach tbo fort in time to partici puto in the action Iho victory is splendid. The Kssox was disahlod by a shot thro igh her boiler. Th<' two pilots were scalded to death. I apt. I'i alt, master's mute of the Cinrmnnii, w ill lose bis leg. (Special Doepalih to lhe Chicago Tribune ] Caiko, Feu, 7?12 M. The gunboats Cincinnati, St I/>uIb and Ksrex have Just returned from the rebol Fort Henry,on tho le .nessee nvor Tho Rlnra and Stripes uow tloat over p'ace. Yesterday, at 12:88 I' M., the gunboats t.'mcini an, St. Louis, Carondeletaud Krsex?tho 'laylor, (< ne-u. ga and Islington bringing up the rear?advanced boi dy against the iclicl works, go.ay pi tho right of Painter Crclr Island, issuing ;il>..\o which, <<u tho east shoi e of the river, Htanils the fortlfl ntions and keepingconaeipinntly ntf range till at tbo head or the island, and within a mile Df tho enemy, passing tho islund in full view of th rebel guns, wo sie,oil y advanced, ovo:y it quarters, lively tar strained to catch tho Ling uftlccr'a signal gim for the commencement of action. Oar i:tio "f battle was on the left, the St. I/mi* next, the fa-on clot next; tho Cincuinati, for tin tune being tho flagship, having on board flie Hag offi.atr, a. H. Foot", sum next to the right of the h/aex. V. o advanced in line, the Cincinnati a boat'a length in n tvnnrn, when,at linlrpaat twelve tLo Cuxhnnutiopened the ball, nnd i in mediately tlio tlireo accompanying bauta followed suit Tbo enemy, not backward, gavo admirable response, and tho tight raged furiously tor half an hour. Wo steadily advanced, receiving nnd r.-turntng norma and shell, when, getting within .'100 yardaof their works, wo come to a stand and |mured Into ttiem right and lofl. It wns mxgiuPcenl?tbo wliistling shot, chnga of the solp-seit h. and tbo cbearing of our men as our .thorn took evident effect. lu tl.o moan tlmo tho Kssox hod been disabled and drifted away from ibe scene nf il o engagement, leaving the Cincinnati, far n'lclet sml St. 1/ uis cngiged. At l"ngth, ?t prec.sely forty miiuitat puat one, the ei omy atruck his flag, and snch oheering, such wild oxcit i! ei't as snlren tho throats and srms and eaps of the 4<Ki or 60D sal ore <>f tho gunls atv?well, iningn ? it. After the suri sudor, which was inado to King Offlcnr Footn by the rebel i.tmoial LloydTftghtnan, wlto defended liia fort In a must determined m nber, ws i.oud th lllio tube I Infsetry, enoimped. to tbo number or soma A.000 or 8,000, eutsldo tho lOrtitl'-ath n, had cut an I run, leaving tlio rebel artillery company in command of tin tori to th. tr fate. The fort mounted seventeen guns, mo-tly thirty two an. twenty-four pounders; one, however,n ma titfliont t.-n Inch colural lad 'Hi y cdnni to have had but olnvcn olie'lVl) gt'If.wi K' <i "T miy our niei;, non, 11 n me hi inhor. all ?<il<l,i?( our prlrnni re. Our tli' ih liivl iimiiKMintoil two of their gtini, driven tha enemy from their eiubaakjornia and pl.r, o . annuli with tliern tP" u :tll) . 'Ih y lent ftv.'kll'ad and rnmn Ion badly wo"n<M. Ona of tlMtr rblod guii.?,a Hi poiimia: . buret during ih' aue lyeuuit, badly wuitUdu g 011c of their gunnem, bu. killing India. < ir tutu Tnrlnr, of Nn'hvil'e, rebel cemmapdo of tbe fnrtartilb' y'romiamjt? iow our prlaoner? fay tl li .,g | 0 'In IT U the gUU tout (II I their Clile'l lie. , \sn ih form . 'y ri..e! nM,iui i f M.i n cnonijr, Kf.j?>f4ha tlrm of Wiir* t olb irn, * h ihelr ortln n bil? . I. . <>r, r. 'I he let mtry i ed f oin lie I i|"Ri tor , n i .ug bag w>d ha gu, . A to I il I "f I'f .i'di r 1i f u o i hite our hi k.iiiat a i. 11' . ...I \ i i ' !u ?i . l.y of onl...i i.o tli rm. t oo. Ti ghirta i. I. it I Mil i. .1' no of the hit I 'it rtg h oe. 'I li ir''U'l .lit it i : f'..?; i if cr. tho rebel Ouar 1 io n*ik?d ?''lain la.lto a m en I r to ?o gallant an oln "i'." Iii',1 ",* 'ITiCb , I' t , . lie':--' V. do p't rlil I. ''r, in irr? n-1 i t b it t n I. !il n.tve bin |. ) lHMt.0 oil' iff. n be re ? v iv '-lens ereii ' Jr.,11 '> tlwikiul vrouulr ( ina.J of ueneial to .at a.a ERAI I l_ net arrive at the fort till after the rtbele had aurrendered end their army eecaped. Our gui.boata did uplendld lighting. We can make ee dattiuuivne. The Cincinnati, however, waa in the lead and hying the flag officer'a penant, the chief mark. Flag Officer Foole and Captain Btoiubel crowded herdedau(ly into the teeth of the enemy'a guna. She got thirty one ahota, tonus of them going through and through her cuv cx|>?uGf>?i one nunurea ana ten hduip. Pnngle Carrudiue, Mtm?n, of Hamilton, C. W., ?H | killedoutright, Win. Lakeinau, aeawau, badly wounded; Martin llussey .George Masm-y. Wm. Curtis, Mi' haei Dal ton tuid K. N. Artlla, all seamen, were slightly wounded; taptuin D. H. Pratt, Second Heater of the boat, wan lightly wounded. The Kss"x was badly crippled. When about half through tho fight, and orowding with a splendid heroism steadily against the em my, a ball went in ut her port aide forward port, through ono or her boilers, the oeeapiug steam scolding and killing several of her crew and badly wounding many more. Captain Porter, his aid, P. P. Rrltton, Jr., and Paymaster lewis, were standing on a direct hue of the ball's passage, Briltou being in tho centre of tho group. The shot struck poor Br itton on Ue top of tho bead, scattering his brums and blood in every direction. The oscapiug steam went Into the pilot house, quickly killing tho two idiot", Ford aud Mctiridc. Many of tho sailors, at the rush of steam, jumped overboard and were drowned. Hero ,s the complete list of the Essex dead, wounded and missing This casually to tho Essex has cast a gloom over our fleet, and somewhat dampens the oulhusiusin of our victory. Killed?V. IT Ford, Jan. McPride, pilots; S. B. Uritton, Quartermaster's Mate; David Wtlseu, cap ain of gun, J. Coffey,Jasper P. Urease, souuicn. Wcwld'd?"onunaudcr W.D.Porter, Tbeo. P. Ferry, third master. Stamen Wcumbd (badly)?John Mathews, N McCarty, Peter White, (I. E. Nnhols, Sanmol Boy or, H. ilarringloi , Wm. O'Brien. iSeuiikrn WpimdrU (slightly)?John Rodgers. Francis Wilson, Harvey Hogan,Thomas Mullen, W. H. Maxloy, T. Sullivan, John O'Hara, John Castcllo, J.J.Phillips, H. Holln. Jfiiitay?A. D. "Waterman, Jno. Larrlso, Henry Ualper, Henry Reynolds, Jas Bedord. A detachment from one of tho In l.una regiments, taken on board tho Essex, just before engaging tho enemy, to net us sharpshooters, under command of Daniel Trot lor, lost some of their men, as follows:? Ktiled?Charles Mocker, lewis Gantz. OcaLLd?Lieutenant Trotter, (Tiarlos E. Rrb,J. Lump. Viftiii,?William (PNonl and Benjamin Lub'c. LioiHeiiuni Trotter is now on tho, and said to bo badly scalded. David Wilson, tho gun captain, being mortally wounded, worked his guu ufior the iccidout. There was no casualties on board tho St. Louis or Ca rondclet, though the shot and shell poured upon them is rain. Tho bt Louis was under the command of Captain Iconard Paulding, who personally stood upon ths inuin dock mid directed tho guns to the last. Not a man flinched, and with cheer upon cheer we sent ihoscip-Seipe among tlm enemy. The St. Ixiuis received seventeen shots and cxpendod 106. I have not been upon the Carondelnt, she yet being at the f< rt. 1 cannot say what damage is done her. Sho was near to our bout, however, and stood sploudldly up to the work. Captain Walker's shots were neither fsw nor far between. Cimo,Feb. 7,1862. 1 arrived from Fort Henry on tho gunboat St. Louis this morning. We left the fort at nine o'clock last night. Our gunbuau touk one 1?8-pounder, one twenty lour rifled 42-poundcr, ton 32-p>uiiders, one twenty-four siege gun, two 12-poundcrs, ono 6-poundor caisson in the furt. A rifled shell was flrod directly into the muzxlu of the 128 pounder. Seven guns were disabled. Thirty-one slat s struct the 'incinuati, seven struck tho St. Louis, aud fourteen struck the fceex. llio (Tucliiuati, Curoudelit and St. I/)uls were within thi ee hundred yards of the rebel batteries when tho llag was hauled down. On the St. no one was Injured. Tho St. Louis is as gotd as new. She fired 120 shots during the engagement; fllty-tbree flvo second rule seven inch shells, weighing eighty pounds; eighteen ten second ruio seven inch Hhei.s, w i hing eighty pounds, two fifteen second rifle sevou-inch shelis, weighing eighty iHiuuds; scveutecn fivo second and eight ton second oighlrln<'h shells. Tho Cincinnati fired 130 shots. Tho Fssex fired 65 shells. Tho Essex was disabled by a round shot that entered a forward port, passing through a heavy bulwark Into her bofler. she reports twenty-six killed, wounded and missing. Her pilots, Marsh Ford, of Pittsburg, and -James MeBrlde.ofClnrtnnati, were scalded, and died. Captain Porlei's clerk, S. B. Br it ton, wus killed, a round shot taking off bis head. Two were kUlnd on the Cincinnati. The Second Maxtor, Hewitt, lost a leg, but will probably recover. Our prisoners are Brigadier General Lloyd Tllgbrrau; Capt.H. L. Joues, of Kentucky, acting Quurterunastcr; Otpt. J. H. Hnyden, Chief of Engineers; Cupt. John Mclaughlin, Quartormaster; Major W. L McComlco, Assistant Adjutant General; i'apt Jesse Taylor, commanding garrison: Liouts. J. Ormsley, Watts and E'red. J. Weller, and rapt. G. R. R. G. Jones, and sixty privates. Inthoereulug three six-pounders aud live rilled field pieces wore recovered that had been takou Into the wnofi K The Lexington and Conestoga went ud the river, it was supposed, to destroy the bridge of the Clerksville sod Memphis Rail read, tat night. Cen. Smith, on the west side oT tho river, has captured the whole camp c iuipagc of two regiments, and ,as was believed, a ni mber or prisoners. At least six hundred shots wore fired (luring tho engagement. It was a meet lerriflc caunonnile. 'ihe guns were well served. I saw six dead rebels. Their loss could not bo ascertained, tho dead having boon taken hw.ijr. The scene inside of the rcbol intreuenments was terrible. in three rows of thoir log barracks not one escaped, shot and shell having torn everything to E]>l Inters. On tho Cincinnati one was killed, P. Cassldy, of St. Catherines: eight wounded, one of whom, Wm. Isikeuiau, will die. Cnpt. Pratt may save his leg. Our and lorees on the east side of the river encamped at Fort Henry last night. ACCOUNTS VIA PADCCAIt. PaDt'tAH, Feb. 7,1803. Fort Henry fell yesterday at two o'clock. The gunboats opened tire on tbefortat forty minutes |iasl twelve. High waior prevented the land force from participating in tho evgagi inert. The rebel force at the tort wan about 3 5U0 to 4,000, having been largely relnlorcod within the lost tew days. Have not learned the enemy's loss-in kilted and wounded. General Tiighman and stuff and sixty men were taken prisouers. The rebols left everything and a'0 in full retront. General Smith on the west ^.n>' ticneral Grant on the oast aide of tho rivor. Intliee.i ly part of the engagement a g m was tired Irom the foi t, and the shot entored a oort of the Esse , cutting a plate in cue of her boilers, killing and wound.' g by scaldiug thirty two tnon. Comniodore Porter was badly scalded m the face and hands. I his is our princi. pal loss. OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS VIA KPKINQ FIELD. S uiM'.r.Ki.n, Fob. 7,1802, Cairo official despatches Iroin the Tennessee ri\ er slate Fort Henry was capiured yesterday by the g.iubuals uioiie. ine lead forces did not reach the point to which they weru ordered in Line to participate in the engagement. The rebels slainioxled, and nearly all made ilie.r escape. I he rebel Commandor Tiighman and his stall, with about one hundred others, mostly officers, were taken prisoners. Tho gunboats Essex and Cincinnati received the hottest of the enomy 's Are. A shot entered one of tlio how i or. holes ol the Essex and passed through one oi her boilers, scalding seven persons (atally.and soma othc s m ire or less severly. This was all too leas on our side. Commn. (lore I'ortor, who was on board the Irsix, was slightly scalded. No other oillcers hurt. The only liyury lo the boat is supposed to have been tho destruction of the holler. U was reported and credited by some of ourotliceis that the rebel troo|*i at Fort Henry were not true to the rebel cause. mul tookadvantaf c of ilnop|>ortunity ode.ed by tho attatk, to run away from a fight ilia' was distasteful to them. There is no doubt that tbo Are from 6ur gunboats was terrific. A third dtspnloh Just received from (jeunral Paine say* Uio gunboats attacked fori llenry yesterday, and at halfp .alone P. m. tieneral Tllghuian, commanding. surren rime!. In ouc hour and twenty minute* we bavo taken a large amount or cannon, camp equipage and storo". Our Infantry took no part In the light. Tin- cam unading was larrlUc. REBEL ACCOUNTS. THK ItKHKI.S ANTICIPATBD IIKFUAT. A rorres on.tent of tho Memphis Ap>eaJ (fiOlh nit.), a. e.iklng 01 the antleipatod attack on porta Dutivla n aui Homy, saya:? Tort iKinolsnn. with its 3,000 hero**. wi!l be hell ngainst all i>| position. Mom solicitude is felt about Fort Ilenry. In the first place It I* built In a low place, which I* raoly coinniandod from n high hl'l on the O] p * o ami. That hill '* now in the po*?a6si n of our forces, nnu if wo ki*o it Kort Henry cannot long hold out, th men thai o are p ovi?MMia?noo.;h thorn to lost our fortes for month*. Tlu io in pos es. Ion of Fort llonry Itavo resolved to light oiits'rtc the intrcnrliTneiits. 'Ih> water at tho fo-t I* * ltd Pi ho within a few feet of our m* iz n< *, and within sir fret ..f our largest gius, and ul lust account* tho river was atlllr s g. (From the Richmond Ifisnatch. Pab. #.] UAt'Tt/iUC OP FOKT IlKMtY. The capture of Port Henry, although mnrh to be regrelted by the Heath, wa* n foregone Conclusion wliou ever the enemy should lit nk proper to bring a largo fori e of men aud aulllory to bear upon it. it is a structure tlmt has boen thrown up since too b glnhl ig of the w ir, a rl.ort tlmtance within the ionnoaeee line, on the Ten bearco i Ivor. It was d< signed at llrst as a ib-tence against ma'an Hug excursh na ot the enemy, and was never exp cu d to roaiat a heavy Ix tnlm; ilmont,or assault from a l.iri c land farce. To haio manned It wlUi a very largo lore * of i tir own. #nd to have ai mod it with a suillciout i mber uf heavy gun* to It to bo held under nny sea mil, would hive rn(|uli?d too gr at a dlsslpnlioii o our rlrerg'h ami ?xtoii*ion of o ir line*, rim enemy ha* taken thl* lort, a* ho will nil . II ? tmat si: cu?,h in oil Uery uutl lu k?\n li in tli ' |imv''P In iln so. Htr*o thi fr*i wo c rnotw, 1 l I. I??l wuen Im in irclios against oaon ilry land, i U ?n j. o r op. inluuivy uiid tin n our occ u-l?n fur punishi g Mm|r Tt > . Hip 'livilr ell li Of tho ro'roid li Mrp which pro-red ll,i ipup Btu i ivo , i in t ilenry, lu,ui. h proi.'oaivo ii s iiiio iucoiivi ui, in p, m not It mat or of any gi cat ctouliiu ot t lour in,aiu is. Tlio wltboi t the hrfiiga will . 1.1 bo avnllub o lor st i natii i'f our Hm* on eltUor hnioor th i river: through cmi oc.oa. oxic.d for moro i | Vet i- npo. In. inn a miliar of Infi r'or impm t?n;?. 11 hijio I wu'il hnT< hoi'rt n Ovli PC! of lively gralift -ulrm i lias pa i I'll el.p 'lilt Hp rjr, Its lun 13 UOt a aitktci Ui mm* * ay mvi'ioim owiiu u .D. | PRICE TWO CENTS. THE BURNSIDE EXPEDITION. The Fighting at Roanoke Island Still Going on at the Last Accounts. One or Two Rebel Gunboats Sunk, lie*, fcc*j k(i I'OKTRKHB liOJTBOS, P#h. 9,1S62. The j'reat topic of the day * tUo operation of the Burnaide expedition, and the intoiligonce brought bore yeater U.iy by flag of truce that lighting bad already commenced created the greatest possible excitement. The flag of truce which brought tho answer of the rebel authorities in relation to the Commissioners gives us the intelligence that the battle at Roanoke Island was u terrible, fierce ami hotly contested affair. The flighting lasted from early momin;* on Saturday and continued all day, ending only temporarily by iho close of tho day. The rebels admit that on- or more of their junijoats had btrmunk-. It is th. ughl here that rather "m ro" than one rcbol craft is now lying at tho bottom. From thoss ccounts it would appear that tlio navy Is doing aH the worlc, but when the ofllciai result'from our side is re ccived we will undoubtedly bear of some daring coup de main on the part of the troops with Gen. Burns i o. Tt;e lady who came from Nor'oik, mentioned in ths telegraphic despatch sent forward to day, statos tha' while in Gen. lhiger's olfico in Norfolk,at 11 o'cl ck this morning , a courier came in In great haste ami brought tho Inte.ligc. ce that Gen. Burnside hail a! tacked Roanok i Island. Tht! rebels tcere twice rtfu-'std, and <t larger force was brought against th-m. Gen. Burns de has undoubtedly conquered the rebels and is now in possession of tho islan 1. home later news had boon received at Norfolk, but it was not communicated to tnc truce boat. The Kastern s'tate returned to Ilaltrras to day. she took a largo mail and an accumulation or express matter here. The steamer Albany, from Annapolis, with quarter muster's stores, has sailed for H&tterss. NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS. [From the Richmond Dispatch, 1'eli. 8.] TUB BUKN8IDB FLEET?ROANOK R ISLAND?DESTINATION OF TUB EXPEDITION, ETC. We have been permitted to make tbo following extracts from a private letter, whtcb may serve to throw some light upon the intentions of the great Burnside armada:? Beaotort, Feb. 4, is?j. The Sa'oty Committee here sent down a m s- e.:, er a few d.ys since io ucracolcu for the purpose of chaining Intelligence of the inevcmi nt of tbu fleet at Hotteras Inlet. The messenger reached Ocracoko on the 2d Inst. He report that he was at tho Ocrac ke lighthouse, distant tweivc nuies from Hatteras Inlet, < n catur sy, the 1st insi.,and could sec distinctly witheglass. Ho < bserved that there were fifty vessels over the swash, and in ramlico Sound there ween thirty three steamers and seventeen sail vessels. In add tlon to these there were about fifty vessels lying inside the inlet, including seven large steamers. This statement is corroborated by the niluta at (icracoke. He also states that he saw two ctioonSri and ono st< amor south of that Inlst, and running 'own the boach towards Katterns. We have no doubt of the truth of this statement. Thin name morsoiger. who was down at Hnttcras soma days airo, conversed With eight Ooracke pilots who were offered inducements by the officer? of the fleet to act as pilots for tho federals, but refused to do soupon any terra?. These pilots were taken on board the Commodore's vessel and examined, apart from each other, as to thetr kncwlcdgo af t'roatnn Sound- This was the flrat question asked each one, and from this fact, and the additional fact that tho Ocrac kc pilots are well acquainted with the navigation of t'roatan, Albemarle and Chowan Sounds, and uot acquainted with ihe navigation of the Nense, we are induced to belinvo I bat tho fleet Is not at present destined for any other point than Roanoke Island. By this curse the enemy will put himself In position to get Into the rear of Norfolk and < ut off oar supplies, Ac. Our lorcesL Newborn is very large. Thoro are many bat'cries on the south side, and navlipttion is obstructed on the west. Burnstde will meet with a warm reception If he goee there. It> tn!'iiain tone/' art. howrrrr. fttnr hr may land bHam JVrti ber.'i, at'? or Adam*' trerlc, and lake up hit ma >a toiioUtte fbrf M-vrm; for I runnot ennreivr that Xrwbrn can be of any adoentape to the enemy, rarept to grt Port Storm. I doubt that they will make a sea attack upon Fort Macon, even If thev succeed tu this. I cannot see what advantage the fort and harbor can be to thorn as thoy could not have an Inland navigation for then- steamers through Cove Bound, because they would bo una bio to get oat on account of the shsllownees ef the water. A few days since three Yankee soldiers came to rtcracoke unarmed, and stated tbnt they had been wrecked at llatteras. They said that eleven hundred federal troops were encamped on the beach, at the wset side of llatteras Inlet. NEWS FROM^FORTRESS MONROE. OUR FORTRESS MONROE CORRESPONDENCE. loaranei Mixbok, Va., Feb. 9, liifla. Our Committumer* to the Sttdh laser from thr Rrtrl in tir yard to IVw?Thr. T iclory in Jenntttre, <f". This morning a rebel flag of trues came up, bringlt g a iingle despatch.which undoubtedly is intcuded for Cumii.irsloners ex-Senator Hamilton, Fish and Bishop Ames. On receipt of the despalch, General Wool mm. ' muni'd tho Commissioner? and was closeted with them i for seme time. The contents of tho despatches are, as a 1 mutter of courts, a secret. From privutca sources f 1 -i> that a very bitter feeling exists in the minds of the r ds Against the Commissioners, and If they ars al1 wed to eater the rebel demaias, they may be exposed t . peated Insults at the hands of secession mobs unless !,.r poTly prelected. The victor) of < ommodoru Foots, in Tennessee, has been known here for two daj s |uu<t, from rebel sources; but tlie manlier in which the Confederates spoko of it, ap pcttrcd Bui o like a contemplated evacuation than a cum. pulsorv surrender. The details, an pub licked in yesterday's UnulD elicited gre,;t ralisfncti-in. The Right Rev. Bishop Anion preached au eloquent sermon this morn! g in tli< p st cbaj el, insido of the r >rtrees. A large assemblage wai. (assent. mong win m were a large number of indies, wive* and daughters ol olllcers. Ma,or General Wool, accompanied by hir stall', a .in present, and the ablo discourse o the Bishop was listened Pi very attentively. Major be tirand B. Cam.on, otio of Major General Wool's tad , lias been promotod to a colonelcy. Yesterday m rnlu,; the General received Major cannon's com mission, and at once summoned bim to his room, nnd Irrjiertcd the Inteibgenre oi the promotion, nnd bunded htm h-scornuilsslon. "dajoi Cannon was taken l>y Surprise, inasmuch as be knew nothing of hi- pref'-nitenl until not ifird thureor by t?\e general. The follow mg general order, promulguting the announcement, was published to the department yesterday .? (HtS'KRAL OR I'Bit? *n. 7. HKAIiqi AMTBSS, lis AMlMtXI OS VlRUMU, > Kin-iiu-'* \toM.?m. Va.. hell. R. lHC.i j 11. I, the I'res dent ?>f the I tided Mutes having appoint-d Lo Grand l>. Cannon (late Minor and AiU-dtCam.i) Aid <dc Camp tu Major tioneral ,i?hu K. Wool, to rank us Colonei from llto 1st day ol February, iRfij, he is announced as such to the department, and will be obeyed and respected accordiugl v. ly i - imnand of MAJOR GENERAL WOOL. Vs. D. Wtupris, Assistant Adjutant General. The com muss tou appointed by g-neral ordure No. 6, oouslitnl d of Coloni 1 1. J Crum,f olon 1 l.o R. Cann-in and Major Win. P. .lone--, to inquire Into tbe rondttion, treaim-nt, hc.,of the fugitive n? g.oos m.der iho ---iprwmo ciia-.o oi i Ntcf Quartermaster (a-tam Urtor l'almadgo, | are pr scenting tbeir lab-re with great nblgBMO, Aa ' tinmen e umount of testimony his already been takon. Yesterday the commissi->n examined tbe bm-ka of Mr. Henry H. Marsh, who ha- cha-ge of all ih? piarticaladI ministration of the business ronnocted with tho fugltivo I n -tr-'on under the Imm- l aie ntt| er> laien or t hief ijunri tortnaatarTaimadge, and found the aocminta of clnthlnf ; utnl money in admlreb o .order, and elicited gi ont naHnfaction from tho romnilfelnn. The "teamer Argo, iptn n Pavld on,of Benton, arrived this afternoon, bhe In to run between Washington and Hudd'n f orrjr. The b.irk Kerna&dtna baa arrive I from the blockade elf W11itiin ton. V Hi hnngn no new*. Aeirtunt Adjutant lien-nl bterenn and f.len'on-int y. hBr it, rocn tly common Hi g tne signal Po "irtment h tp. proceed to New York to in ill on leave ol ab?nnee. The Koftrene Moinoo do-pitnhot Friday < t in 11 an error in rolereni o to tho tloiitha on board theSiwanoo, Tlvoro worn"nly tw > daaHi? on Hi" par- 'k" from Hut.ran Met, mi l but one n' lh' ne wh > die wan b rte nl ana TI.e latter died >hortly a. tor the ve-eel Intl the Inlet, mi l tin Kplec pal biirt 'i aei vteo wan re-id ovr t oe re inn inn befo-eeoarmttllrw the to nan The >H-.o who ln..|\tai bnf ied by ii la comrade# nt llattovua. Tb corrects n In law - to toilet tlio fo oi .? frlmv'n tit th'd( c< a- ?<!. Newi from San Kranelwn. * Ka Fw t.\( i it. Feb. k. 1M2. Klvo hundred pepsengera nailed by the a amor f > to V III II I ' I venieidnjr, being 'b ui mem e in m of wh ' gpectod to bo an nnp oocd iitod spring em I, .1 to iho u. ? n aid British I'uhftublj nold nit tie ilad, rlilp Be by, for t hina. / I