Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1862 Page 2
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r' I ! _ , of U( C*otr?l Pork CNUlf rimer*. BOARD OP ALl'RRBKN. This Board met Mat eveeiug, i'rsaidunt Henry in the chair. ' A rwoiuUuB was offered by Alderm io Aixsv to appro prow f1.000 each for the portraits of Our. Morgan uud Thomas Jefferson. Latil over. A oomraimicatioa was receive 1 from the Major, staling that he had conveyed to Captain R nggdd, of the United States ship Sabine, a copy of the complimentary resolution# adopted by Ibis Board in relation to hia saving the crew of the ship Governor. It was ordsred to be printed in the minutes. A report of the Committee on Public Health wns presented, interdicting cab proprietors from conveying (un dsr s penalty of $200) persons suffering from smallpox, fever and other contagious de-eases in tha vehicles ordinarily used by citizens. I Aid over' under the rule, and subsequently recommitted. r?i>rt or ma oomaMonm ovths crntral runic The rejiort of tho t'ommL-si oners of ttie Central Parle? a very voluminous document.?waa receivod and 1,000 copies ordered to be printed. The follow ing is a synopsis of the report:? Owing to the national difficulties In the spring of lHfll, it wag somewhat diGlcnlt to determine, iu a work employ, mg a largo number of men, upou the wisest measures to be adopted. A la"ge diinunUion in exi>oaditures was reeolved on and effected. It would not tiave done to stop the work, for mu'h of it was in a condition requiring oompietion to prevent damage by action of the weather. The meu were gradually abso. bel in other vocations. In 1860 the expenditures were $878,3."4 In 1801 tho expeuditiu as ware 479,103 A reduction in 1961 of $399,191 A further reduction in expenditure will tako place this year. The average force m I860 wag 3,579 The average toroo in 1961 was 1 Total a, 079 Statistics of work done are given at length. Four bridges commenced iu 186i? wore completed; throe commenced and completed in 1m31 The number of trees and shrubs planted was 52.743. of | these 9,710 were evergreens 43,03" were dec.duous. The water system, separate from that of the Croton Aqueduct Board, but drawing water from the reservoir, te nearly ( Oin ilete. It is over ton mites in length, And so i arranged that, by affixing it to anv one of nearly five hundred hydrants already act, the lawns, the shrubs and 1 trees, roads and walka may be effectually irrigated. Urinals, of several designs, havo been orectad, and more of these conveniences will be constructed during .the year. Over live miles of agricultural tile drain age was laid in 1860. The whole exi-n i of this drainage laid is shout forty miles, with tho rcqu. $ ito Silt basins. The Manhattan Gas Company has at its own expense, ' and by permission of thus Hoard, laid its pipes through iransversc road No. 1, and the Croton Board, by consent of the Park Board, has also nearly cjmplelod the laying , of its mains from the new reservoir. Seven miles of carriage road are now open for public use. the only portion remaining unopened below 1024 < Street being l hot of tho grand reservoir. There l? to be a walk about 'he new reservoir; also a horseback ride and a drive, and so arranged that at different points the expanse of water can be seen. The necessity of eavinx Fifth avenus as an entrance to the Park is urged. , Th* drainage of the neighborhood ( alluded to, and certain sewers specified aa required tor Park and olber drainage. The Park below Seventy-second street is mainly complete, except as to the enclosing fence, the plan of'which ie not definitely settled on. A piece of wall proposed as an enclosure has been erected on Fifty-ninth street. The broad walk along Fifty-ninth si reot has been graded, gravelled and mainly planted with maple trees. The discontinuance of the proceedings in I860 for adding tha land between 106th and 110th streets te the Parle 1 has occasioned delay in the work there. New proceed togs' are on foot to acquire this land. The oosu of the former proceedings were reduced by the court in asumover $40,000 from the amount originally i claimed. The Improvements of the citv have almost always been conceived on a scale which subsequent experience demonstrable to be inadequate. The attractions of the city, in libraries, la museums, la galleries of art, and in scientific gardens, have never been equal to its relative position among thpgrssi cities of tho world. They all attract business here. The New York Historical Society has appliad to tha Board for its approval of an act to author tie the establishment of its gallery on the Park , thia the Board hopes may Become the nucleus of aa establishment similar to the British Museum. The Board" has concurred in the wish of tha Historical Society. Mrs. Crawford has presented a collection of the casta or all tha works of the lets Thomas Crawford. Per the maintenance of the Park fur one year and eight months a sua lase hy $100,000 than that authorised by the law has been called for. The Park is thoroughly patrolled by a force of park keepers, whose duty it is to warn persons uiiml violations of the rulea and te i-lualr oCmaoem, and in tht exercise of their position they are called on to be vigilant and discreet, sad no excuse is admissible lor tha omission of any efflce requisite. An account kept at each gata shows that daring the put year 1,863.263 padaatriaaa, 73,517 aqaaatriana and 467,868 carriages hart antarad tha Park?a total of 3.4M.6M; mora than thraa timaa tha number of people of thiacity. ThaalatUtica of tha pant four moat ha ahow tha nombar antaring Um Park at each hour of tha day. Tha musical antartaiaaaenla not given at public expense and tha abating are apokan of, Tha boata on tha lake carried 19,885 persons during tha year. A revenue in derived from these beats which, with other lK-OB?es, goes towards the expense of maintaining tha Park. Tha Board hope, without interfering with the freedom of its use to visiters, to make it, at least in P?rt. self sustaining A list of tha music days and the skating days is given. The general disposition is to obaerve tha rulee. More slight offence* occur from thoughtlessness than from ma licioua intentions. The subiect of out ef door physical ex?rciee It tre?'?d at some length, and extracts from document* of the Board of Education of thia city, ahow ita necessity for children. The Pa- k Commissioners propose to have the boys and girls of ths public schools accommodate 1 on eoci" systematic plan, with facility for regular exercise, under judicious persons to overlook It. Sunday school organizations may also aid much tn the establishment of a system which will give alt children an opportunity Tor this exercise, and the liltle ones are to be provided with a place of am isement especially intended for them. The Board adheres to its intention to maintain order at the Park.and to preserve it from any influences to which exceptioo could justly be taken by those who value purity in mora'* and manners, or the beautiful in nature. A list of the d< net tons to the Park Is given, which includes tb> beautiful statu* of Flora, pr uented by R. K. Height, Esq The Street Commissioner sent in a communication, nommating Mathrw K. Conyer* to the offlce of City Surveyor. The spjxMntment was confirmed. Adjourned to Monday next, at Ore o'clock. VTmlAsisa ^loua.l* /* ?-A Bofora Hob. Judge Shipraan. CUSTOM HOU81 CMABOK8. VMS. 10.?John M. Ca Mini n?. Auyvitm JHUO.?-Th.S was nit brought against tha ex-Collaotor to recover half storage char?** for sugars imported by tha plaintiff in 1807 and 1 V?9 from < ardenas Havana, tc. Tha counsel for the plaintiff contended thia charge waa illegal, though usual at the Custom Houaa. That tha facta of tha oaaa ware, thai tha law required tha Importer to store hta goods in bonded warohouae, for which ha waa charged one mouth a a tor age. though the goods remained there but a single day ; and If tha importer ehoae to leave bia goods on board the veaaal, and take them thenea without any trouble to tha government, the Collector even than exacted the stnrageVor half a month. which waa an extortion and illegal, and which waa tha fact in this instates. The Dial net Attorney contended that the warehouse regulations were legal, and that if tha merchant left the goods in the veaael it waa his own choice, and the arrangement to pay half storage waa voluntary on hia part. Tha principle involved ia of great importance. Messrs Dalafield Smith, United States District Attorney, aad than Allen, Aeaiatant ITnited Statue District Attorney, for the government; Messrs Oeorge Feckbam and Wan. Beiee, counsel for the plaintiff Dspartars off tha Fire* Rsglmmt Hew Tork Heavy Artillery. This regiment, encamped nt Fort Richmond, Staten (aland, Per seme time beck, took their departure yeater day afternoon for the sent of war. No march waa made through the city, but it proceeded at onee to Am boy in tha steamer Kill Von Kuii m route to Waabingtoa. The regiment numbers about 800 good and well diadpimed men, who cannot tail to render effectual eorvtce to the eamfieign they have embarked In. A list of the officers baa already been published in the Hanaij>. On their ar rival In Waabingtoa they will be supplied with their artillery pieces The Adjutant, from ill health, remains be hind for the preeent. The principal offlcars are Olooel fhomaa I.. Dnubleday, Lieutenant Oelonel H. H Hall, aod Major Thomas Aiooek C??rt Cmlamdatr?Thia Day. Sarmtios Ootnty? Part 1.?No#. 100, 230, 043 , 347, 2061, 707 , 370 , 381. 380 , 306, 330, 833, .138, 613, 561. Part I.?feat. 1013. 3100, 3403, 3684 , 2770, 1360 , 3602, 35,66, 33M, 3818. 3363, 2033, 82. 110, 130. Onusnw Pits*?Part 1 Not. 880 , 867 , 738 , 780 , 873, 371. 878 , 974 , 876 , 878 . 870 , 880 , 430 , 083 . 068 Part j ?See 500. 666K. 531 Si. SOS. 007. OSS. 400. 304. 007. IHJO. Mo, Ml, 1M4, 1M7, IMS Stirma Covai?Ctaccn ? larora dtaeharfad til Mob lay dm*. iilarkiti. pnn.ADn.raiA rrocr hoard. PmLAotuiiiA. Feb. 10, JW3 RtOCki aMadjr. PMMyltrfen SUU 5?,?l?<?RMdiDt Raiiraat, ?, Morrl* Gaaal, ?o, Lot. Iilmad Railroad, 10H, HMMflPMia Railroad, MX- Wfkt xchanaaat par m oa.taatb par oral dtad'.uat Hrblamipiia, p?i, lo.lvtt ^ a |i far atlra, and * a |A 74 aatira whita, ?1 if, rid, |i 31 a la#, Ma. fVHRi. arm Rf, ,t ion a 11c., aad Ucua/ra a* Mr Proriaioaa nor* acMti LMd, k. Whiakay?Ohio, Mc L N CMtarn Houm Duiiacit. TBS Hiua EATBS OK DUTY?CUAKACYKR OK THB IMPORTATIONS?UMVITAL OK BU-SINAUS?bAllUK K&CN1PT8 OK DI'TY, MTU. The high rates of duly were not levied any too aooo on sugar, tea and coffee to answer tho object Iha government had in view. LHirti.g the past and present mouths large quantltiee of all theee articlea have arrived at this port, and have In many caeca been placed ill warehouse on account of the large amount of duty which it is necessary to pay before obtaining possession "r the goods. This remark is especially true of coffee, of which many oargoes have lately arrive!, it being uo uncommon thing for s single invoice valued (eicl laive of duty) at $100,000 to be placed in boud. The high rates of duty now levied on this ind the other articles named above bid fair to increase the revenue derived from duties on foreign goods to a sum exceeding that hoped for when the new duty was levied. The business of the Custom House, since "? fc fc " I ""V" "J 6'V? "o ?" encourage those who foe: ed for the revenue The sums received have been as larjre in many casoa as m ihe must proejiorous times, amount tng to from (100,000 to (COO,000 daily A larger sum the last Darnel baa, in tacl, been received once or twice within a w>ck. Those sums, too,arc mostly donvod from the duties on articles which are either necessaries of life, or which have coma to be regarded as sucb, like sugar, tea, codec, blankets, kr. Tbe im|>ortersof dry goods have bom, during the last year, abstaining from the importation of articles in their line of trade, drawing for the supply of consumers on the goods already on lite market and those in boud, of which latter th re was a largo quantity at the outbreak of the rebellion. They arc now beginning to irarort a little more freely than for s nw months, o wing to n supposed scarcity of foreign dry go'tis in the market. Tho goods, however, which they now import arc of the more useful descriptions, such as blankets (of which largo numbers have been imported by privato indlvid' als), foino woollens, a few cottons, worsteds and worsteds and cottons. All of these goods are imported much more sparingly than in other years. Such goods as laces, embroideries, line linen, ombre lered muslins, Ac., which are imported in large quantities in times of peace, now rarely find entry on the Custom H utso books. The men who lease and occupy bonded warehouses h ive been quite indignant ever since the action taken by the Collector in appointing assistant stun keepers at their expense, and the announcement male i a Sunday's Hkralo that tho justice of ihur comply,nts had been acknowledged, and that tbe olllce was to be discontinued whore it was not necessary, givoa them great satisfaction. They complained ihst tho appointment of men to offices of w hich th-?re was no need, at their expeuso, at a time whan everything had been done to injure the warehousing busiuoss, was exceedingly unjust. City Intelligence. Otkrationk ix thk (Ttt Nspkctok's Dkpartmryt.?The weekly rejiort of Mr. Thora;t3 N. Carr, Superintendent of -anitary lnspoclion,gives the following account of the werations during the w eek ending February 3:?Barrels if oflal removed. 4.800; loads of night soil removed. 109; lead animals taken from the city, 310; unhealthy mci's loi/ed, 77J lbs.; sinks aud water closets cleaned, 39; iuisaace.1 abated, 68. Ft as ik Fifty-fifth Strsbt.?Bet ween six and seven Fc'.ock on Mouday morning a fire broke out in the oakum nanufactory of Ceorge Klliott, in Firty fifth street, near second avenue. The flam's extended to the roof of the building, and before subdued it was noarly destroyed. Hie damage to stock, machinery and building will be about $1,500, insured in the St. Marks and Williamsburg City Insurance Companies Nsw Havkh, N'svr Lokdok akii Stokiwutok Railroad.? The New Haven and Now London Railroad has beou placed in the hands ef trustees. for the benefit of the h indholdors, by order of tbe Superior Court. Henry Hotchkiss, of New Haven, and Charles Buckingham, of New Tork, are the trusloos. and they are to take possession on the 1st of March, unless satisfactory arrangements can be made FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. diondat. reo. xu?1> r. ?i. To-day's bank statement compares as follows with that of last week:? HVk ending. Lo-im. Speeie. Circulai'n. DeporitiFeb. 1. .8144.675.778 27.479,MS 6.404,951 112,057,003 Feb. 8.. 1X5,903.490 28,196,666 6,077,417 110,637,557 Dw... $871,888 ? 327,534 1,419,446 Inc... ? 717,083 ? ? The actual amount of specie in bank la leas than is here shown, in consequence of the heavy export? over a million?on Saturday. The bullion brokers predict a continned export of gold, as they say the country is bare of goods, and, whatever the tariff may be, people will buy silks, ribbons, flax and woollen goods, tea, coffee, sugar, iron and lead. To pay for these foreign goods^we have nothing but bresdstulfli?of which the export is declining? and gold. The decrease in deposits is unexpected; that of loans is less than was expected. The banks have now reduced their circulation abont three millions since they suspended, and all the banks are still calling in their notes and declining to reissue them. In a short while great embarrassment will be felt here for the want of small notes. Money is abundant. On call the general rate is six per cent. The Sub-Treasurer sllows five on deposits of United States notes, and some lenders succeed in getting seven per cent. First class paper sells at 6 a 7, and ordinary to good business paper at 8 a 10 a 12. Foreign exchange closed to-day at lM1-^ a 115 for bankers' bills, and very few bankers were willing to sell under 115. There is very little demand for Kill** hilt tho snnnltr id Avon loaa than tho mand, and bankers put up their notes in order to be able to ship specie. Gold rose to-day to 103'4, and a sale was made this afternoon at 101, buyer sixty. The shipments of specie last week were as follows:? Spanish doubloons $304 .842 Gold bars and sovorsigaa 071,393 Gold bars 316,523 Gold and silver coin 128,050 Total $1,420,408 Stocks opened to-day with a better feeling: but the absence of orders caused a decline in the market as soon as the speculative list was reached. The decline was aggravated by the receipt, shortly after noon, of the America's news, which foreshadows a probability of an early interference by Prance in our civil war, and the market looked very gloomy in the afternoon. The average decline waa % a % per cent on the speculative list; bat Illinois Central fell ofT 1 per cent, Pacific Mail %, Ac. The market closed heavy, the following being the laatquotations:?United States 6's, regis, tcred, 1891, 89 a %; do. C's, coupon, 1881, 90 a 90; do. 6's, conpon, 1874, 79% a %; Indiana 5 s 74 a 7<k Virginia 6's, 63 a ?; Tennessee C's, 43% a 44%; North Carolina 6's, 63 a 64; Missouri C's, *1%* Yt' Pacific Mail, 98% a %; New York Central, 79% a %; F.rie, 33% a %; do. preferred, 56 a %; Hudson River, 38 a %; Harlem, 12% a %; do. preferred, 29% a %; Reading, 39% a 40; Michi' gan Central. 48% a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 21 a %; do. guaranteed, 40% a 41; Panama, 112% a 113%; Illinois Central, 65% a %; Galena and Chicago, 66% a 66%; Cleveland and Toledo, 41% a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 61% a 52; Chicago, Burlington and Qnincy, 60 a 61%; Milwaukee and Prairie da Ckien, 19% a 20%; Cleveland, Cohimbns and Cincinnati, 107 a ?; New York Central 7'e of 1876, 104 a ?; Erie third mortgage bonds, 95 a %; Michigan Central 8's, first mortgage, 99% a 100; Illinois Central boads, 7's, 92% a %. The America, which arrived to-day at Halifax, hrinm new* to the 28th. Iinvincp been detained ten days by running aground in Qneenstown harbor. As the Emperor'a speech was delivered on the 27th a synopsis of it shoold consequently be found in her news. From the fact that no intimation of ita tenor has up to this hour been transmitted by telegraph, and nothing said about French intervention except "vague rumors" of an application said to have been made to (Jreat Britain by France, it ia inferred that Mr. Thurlow Weed's predictions of an announcement by the Emperor in his speech of a policy hostile to this country have not been confirmed. The Illinois Central Railroad Company have called for an additional assessment of $A a share. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? Receipts 11*2,310 *0 ?for custom* Ti coo oo rsfmsnts 1.242,077 M Balance 3,4**,403 22 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were HI,082,791 80. and the balances 1,343,218 84. The Board of Control of the State Bank of Ohio met at Columbus last week and unanimously passed a resolution recommending the branches of the HYf YORK HERALD, TUBS ,State Bank to accept the provisions of the act recently passed by the Legislature authorising a suspenttion of specie payments. The State Treasurer of Wisconsin reports that there is in the treasury $29,323 of the bills of discredited banks of the State. Of this amount $12,708 is on banks which have been wound up, and on which the Comptroller is ready to pay a little more than 67 per cent, or $8,69118 in the aggregate. Should the balance come in as well, the loss to the State on the whole amount will be about $9,000. The Mobile Advertiser famishes the following comparative statement of the receipts of cotton from the 1st of 8 -ptember to the 1st of December, I860 and 1661:? 1860. 1861. R-coived at New Orleans, bales 901,076 1,T?9 Rote i veil at Mobilo 326,370 22 Received at Savannah 33,300 130 Received at Charleston 1(1.308 4,604 Received at Ucmpliis 70.310 3,328 Total 1,483 003 9,883 Tbe Chicago Tribune of Friday thus notices the exchange market at that place:? Now York er.cliaoge la still abuudant at former flgur -s? via* liar thn bovine ni\>\ W nttr rftit nrnmiom n* tho selling rate. Round lota are often Hold at vory near the buying price. We ksw a. low as 1 18 accepted to day. The detri&nd appear* to be anil far below the supply. Gold is firm, but sales are limited. The prico is regulated almost entirely by the Now York market, and not by any special demand here. Rales to-day are 2* buying and 3* per cent selling. The Milwaukee Sentinel of the same day sayB:? Money matters continue to work smoothly. Exchange is plenty and rather dull. There is a'so a tendency to greater case in the money market. We have no change to ma! e in our quotations. And the Cincinnati Gazette:? Tho money market continued easy, with very moderam offerings. For good istpar ton per cent is the outside rale. Exchange, owing to the unsettled condition of matters in New York r< garding the demand TioaAy notes, was stiffcr, and bankers were not free sellers at * premium, while they |>aid par for all that was offered. Boston checks aio considered more valuable than New York, as iboy command a premium in tho latter market of *c.? coiisoquoully smno of the dealers refused to draw on Boston at premium. Philadelphia and Baltimore are the same as New York. Gold firm, but quiet. The Boston Daily Advertiser of Saturday remarks:? Thero has been little movement in tho street during the past week, and monetary affairs h ive experienced no change of importancs. The supply of unemployed capital has further accumulated, the demand for business purposes being light, and trade still in a very quiet stale. It is to be hopod, however, that the cloud which has hung over the fluaucval horizon during the past few weeks will soon be dispersed,aod money and business matters will assume a more cheerful aspect. Bank specie $4,431,100. The earnings of the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad for December and January were:? 1660-81. 1801-62 December $63,080 105,120 January 62,203 84,858 Total $126,18$ 189,078 Increase 63.790 Of the St. Louis, Alton and Chicago Railroad for January:? 186 1 $31,581 47 186 2 67,609 79 Decrease $13,921 88 Stock Gichangr. Mrgfu.iT, Feb. 10,1882. $1000 r;S6 s.-67 90 2r>shaKri9RR..bl6 34* 3000UP6s,'8S, cou... 90 50 Kris RR pref .... 58* 22000 US6'*..'81 cou. 90* 150 do 58* 2000 l!S5s,'74 cou.. 79 50 Hud RivKR..blO 38* 10000Trea73-10pen 98 200 do 38* aooOOhio 8's,'88.. 98* 50 do b30 38* 4000 III cou bds,'77 . 80 * 80 do 38* 3000 Michigan 6's,78 80* 100 Harlem RR pref. 29* 4000 Michigan 8wbd 80* 10 Panama RR 113* 10000 Tann m 0'a,'90 44 100 Reading RR 41 10000 do 44* 100 do *30 40* 2000 NT Con RR 7'a 103 190 Michigan Cm RR. 49X 2000 Mich SoifMi 06 100 do 49X 1C00l'aR7's, g by Mo 38 19 do 40'4 2000 III Con RR bda. 92* 10 Mich 80 k N I RR 21 15000 Ch k NW lat m 41* 60 do 21* 0000 do .7 41* 50 Ml 80 A N 1 g aik 41)4 1000 Tol & Wab'h 2tn 44 190 do 41 16000 imgold.. b30 103* 100 111 Con RR acp.aSO 67 5000 do b20 103 * 200 do 0 57 4000 do 103* 1000 IUCmCu bd aep 30 10000 do b00 103* 30 Cler k PUU RR.. 19 10000 do 103* 100 do 16* 15 aha Ilk Now York 86 160 Gal* Chio RR .. 96* 40 Chatham Bonk... 70 1400 Clor k Tol RR.. 41* 15 Continental Bk... Tl* 10 do 42 50 Pac M S3 Co. .b90 00 20 do 41* 15 do 00 200 do b4 41* 50 do a30 08* 100 do b30 41* 700 NYC RR ox d.p&c 80* 150 Chic * R to RR.. 62* 6 do 80 * 360 do alO 62* 50 do b60 80 * 60 do bT 62* 200 do 810 SO GO do blO 62* 430 <lo....p*c 80 50 do 62* 060 Eria RR. 34 60Cl?i?,Bor*QuioBB 81* 100 do bSO 33* 10 do 91 60 do b30 84* 88CON8 soAID. 115000 U* 6 a.'81,rag 89 100 aba Pao M 38 Co.. 98* IT<3 M'a ?ut m? m <m i4x kin nu?' 20001*8 5'a, '74,oou. 791 60 do 98 k 8000 Tr 7310 p c d. 981 160 Buf h State L RR. 121 4000Teun6a, '90... 44 6 NY C RR. .ex 6ir 80 3000 III Canal re* be. 79 60 do 791 1000 Mtaaouri 6'?. . 411 100 Erie RR S3* 2000 C.Bk QRR 8pcb. 98 260 do s30 331 3000 MCSpelmtfcba. 991 200 Mich Cob RR 49 15000 Ch A NW let m 411 200 III Cod RR icrip.. 601 1000 T H * Ait lit m 891 &0 do 1)30 681 2000 Harlem 1 m bs. 100 700 Oar A Tolado RR 411 10000 Amariean (old. 1031 200 do 4t1 40000 do . . ..bOO 104 100 do 411 4000 do 1031 200 do s4 411 10 iha Bank of Com 78 1 60Chic A R I RK ... 62 k 60 I'astttcM rBCo.slO 981 JUw York City Banks, Feb. 9, 1S69. Lonru kpfdt Cirrul'n Drjovrit* America $7,191,637 727,107 76,322 5,883,080 Amorican Ex... 7,611,479 3,001,836 109,728 6,689,067 Atlantic 831,829 98,284 99,367 368.913 Butcb k Drov 1,916,700 222.024 181,887 1,138.171 Brcalway 4.046,016 2.166 062 181 913 6.468,736 Hull's He-id 404.306 63,753 122,022 403.236 Cltf 2,891,364 1,247,270 ? 8.364,806 Chemical 2.194 348 2,340,424 200,337 4,607,207 Oom-r.arre 15,626,7*1 1,308.425 1 975 6,318,911 Chalh im 786,865 106,078 63,162 617,686 Clt;?;iii?' 863.017 144,892 117,517 663,398 Corn Exchange . 1,966.619 319,568 180 392 1,161,931 Continental 8 506.989 405,692 132,407 2,506,543 Commonwealth. 1,602 060 239,359 286,778 1,191,733 Dry Dock. 385,0:? 87,070 107,073 274.971 hail Klvar :166,284 45.429 102.594 229,235 Fulton 1,600.440 398,091 133.637 1,470,694 Greenwich 483.982 408.633 64 998 640,169 Grocere' 627.601 68.042 35,319 376,273 Hanovor 1,772,947 1.56,286 64,016 954,303 I-ving 723,193 86.491 89,076 467,214 Imp A Tradar*' 2,678,767 269.490 115.202 2,267,919 Laather Manuf. 1,786,502 420,605 93.664 1,432.906 Manhattan 6,588,394 1.806,431 162,122 5,406,618 Merc ha :ila 6,155,722 1,278.915 129,484 4 206,709 Mechanic' 4,184,402 666,622 206,864 3,197,347 Mech. k traders' 1,202.886 167.966 149,845 887.540 Mercantile 3,277,879 416,036 7.951 2,700453 MatropontaB.,.. 7,e46,473 1,434,437 183,028 0,049,267 Market 1.600 306 220,239 162,317 1,018.548 Merme 1.274,736 161.209 114,964 933,068 Mecb B g Asa'n 901,111 166.183 66,709 696,937 Man * March... 999.089 182,146 92,402 724,0.50 Merchants'EX.. 1,961^72 194,788 89,766 1,089,653 National 2,670,333 396,488 86,016 1,627,668 New York 6.266,490 961,823 310,710 3,821.388 North America.. 2.234,061 216,324 62,907 1439,424 Na* sail 2.066,H9H 291.666 84,200 1,419,089 North Rirer.... 029,641 91,477 64,121 449,969 New York Ex 323,068 30,878 94,919 267,326 New York Co... 302.110 72.015 06.848 271,284 Ocean 1>14,637 210,720 63,000 1,091.366 Oriental 600,407 102.462 66,073 892,739 Park. 6,790,994 1,600,836 161,686 6.834,472 I'bemx 4,127,462 644,478 88.233 3 406,788 Paoplaa 698,096 96,066 66,990 662,343 PaciOa 1 136,843 209.386 110,779 966,841 Republic 4,693,706 769.271 126.9U 3,686.306 Hi. Nicholas ... 1,362,038 133.100 77,919 729,896 Phoa h Leather 2,416,289 242,128 191,081 1482,066 Seventh Ward.. 1407,367 266,466 1U490 966,867 Ptate 4,732,771 740,702 112,696 $466411 Tradeamea'e ... 1.669.728 174.798 141.176 1.129J11 Union 8,198,603 600,014 1U,7M 2.331,209 Total $143,303,39023,194 MO0,077,417110,337,337 C ITY COHWRCIAI. REPORT. Mosnir, Feb 10?0 P. M. Am-'W#hare BO change to not.e? in price*, while alee *K( confined to noma 80 n 30 bblt. BnsAoerme.?Flour?Coder Um influence of tb? Ameri et i newt the market woo henry, end cloo#4 at 6c da. cllne, especially on the eommoa end medium (redeeof Bute end Western. The big her cleaa of brenda were elee earner The chief buileeee doing wee confined to the local and Eastern trade. The transaction* footed up about 3,000 bble., cloeing within the following range of prices:? uperBae State $3 50 e 3 30 Rxtra to fencr 9taU 5 00 a 0 10 Superfine Weetorn 6 60 a 3 AO Common to oboloe extra Wee tern 6 36 a 7 00 Canadian 6 93 a 0 70 Southern mined to good euperfine e no a 0 33 Eitrado 8 46 a 726 Good to choice family do 7 26 a 7 76 Rye flour 3 00 a 4 26 f5>rn meal. Jersey and Brtndywlne .. 3 00 a 3 30 ?Canadian flour was retber earner, with a moderate de mand from tbe trade, while tbo eale* embraced 430 bble., within the range of our quotation* .Southern flour wae duH, and price* ferored purchaser* Tbe ealet embrace) 000 bhli .within the range of the abt?r? flgurct Rye flour <* te needy at tbe above quotations, with jales of 3D AY, FEBRUARY 11, i8( 230 lib's. Corn meal was steady at our figure.*, with n w of 100 bbls. Wtieat?The market was less buoyant for common grades, while choice qualities were scares and firm. Thu sales cmb seed ab >ut 41',000 bushels at $1 44 a $1 40 lor red Western, $1 33 for Chicago spring, 31 36 for go>>d Milwaukee club, $1 60 for prune timber Jersey and Michigan, port in store, and sons choice Michigan, in barrels, was reported at $1 6TK Corn was t-nsier, with sales of 26,000 a 30,000 b shete at 60c. for damaged, and at 06c. for Westa n mixed, in Btore, uud at CSWe., delivered. Kye was in fair request, and prices were firm, wi:b tales or 3.500 bushels of State at 86c. a 8614c., delivered. Rsrley was in fair request, with sales of 3,000 bushels of State at 86c. Oats wore firm and In fair demand: sales of Jersey, Chuadlan and Western at 40c. s41)4e.,aiid State al 42c. a42>$c. Corum was quiut. Peelers were wsiting fbr (.he fur titer sction of Congress in relation to the duties. In Hie absence of sales of moment, quotations were uominal. c >tton was inactive, while the Liverpool news tended to chock operation". Tho sales embraced about 200 bales, including psrcols known as "Liverpool cotton," at 20c. a 30c. for middling uplands, with litUo to be hod in store under the latter figure. hnom?To Livernool 3.200 bbla. flour were engaged at 2s.: 12,000 bushels wheat, In bulk, at 7d.; 600 pack age* lard, 22a. 6!.; by neutral tpfboI 3,COO bbls. flour at 2a. 3d.,and by steamer 60 bags clover seed at 40s. To London 8,700 bbls. flour at 2a. 3d., ana 200 tierces boot' at fla. 6d. To Glasgow 600 bbls. flour were engaged. in an American ship, at 2s. 8d., and 76 package* lard at 27s. Od. Rates to Havre?Wboat was steady at 18c., and fl air at 70c. Hay was steady, with sales at 86c. a OOe., for shipping; and r.t 06c. a $1 for city use. Molakus.?His market was quiet and sales anim(>ortant. Naval Rtoris.?Common rosin was quiet at $6 76. Provbhmr.?Pork?The market exhibited no change In pricos, while the sales footed up some 800 a 000 bbls., at $12 2.1 for old moss, $12 87)? a $13 for now mess, $13 26 for city prime mess, and fO 60 for new prime Reef w is still Arm with snlea of 260 bbls., at $12 a $12 60 for plain mess, and at $14 a $1412for fair extra, reef hams wero quiet at former rates. Cut meats were quiet; sales of 60 hbds. were made at 4c. fbr shoulders aud at 6c. for hams in salt. Dressed bogs were flrraer, with sales of Western at $4 26 a $4 37K- and of city at $4 60. Bacon was tolerably active; the sales embraced 1,600 boxes at 6l?r. a fl^'c. for short ribbed Western, end at 0K1"- for long clear, lard was steady and in good doniand. with sales of 1,600 packages at 7 '4'c. a 8^c. Butter and choose wore quiet and prices uncharged. Ric:r wns steady, while prices were Arm, but nominal for Carolina at T tfc. a 7V?c. St'OARS.?The mai ket was steady, while the sales om braced about 400 tukle. Cuhns at unchanged pi icos, and 81 boxes at 8e. Wiusxsv.?Sales of about 600 bbls. wore made at 24>{c.

a 24 ??c. Closing at tiie iuswlo figure. SHIPPING NEWS. ALMANAC TOR NkW YORK?TIT1S DAT. SUN risks 6 60 I moon skta morn 4 44 sum arts 5 30 | niuii 6 48 Port of Near York, February 10, 18611, CLEARED. Ship Research (Br). RverM>n, Liverpool?Boyd ft Uinckeu. Ship Robens, Martin. Olasgow?T Dunham. Ship Orotic, Wood, Bath?Nesmith A Sons. Bsrk Sylph ide (Mori, Beck, Cork or Falinouth?Punch, Mehicke ft Weudl. Bark T B Bertram, Nichols, DuWlu?Sturges, Clearrasn ft Co. * Bark Lord Pslmrrstoa (Sard), Fehrslrom, Qiieonstown? Fuiicli, Meincke ft Wend^ Brig Harvest Queen, Hdlll*. Hsysguex?J V Onslavla. Brig Robert Reed (Br), Witlingsle. Mlragoane? H Becker ft Oraeves. Brig llumholdt, Bryant, (Isvana?H D Brookmsn A Co. Brig Luev Darling f Br), Souper, Nassau?Jos Eneas. Srhr f-idv of the Lake. Hilt. DemararH?Middleton A Co. S<-lir Dwiua (Br), Morton, Port au Prince?J F Whitney A Co. Schr Palmetto, Bragdon, Cardenas?I iTAR Webster. Schr J B Myers. Cobb, Port Royal. 80?N I. MeCready. Sclir Ellen, Leland, Baltimore?J W McKrr. Schr Snerir, Pinlard, Baltimore?Master. Sehr Maria Jam-, Aaa, BalUmorr?T O Benton A 8oo?. Schr Herachel, Birdaall. Baltimore?N L McOreaay. Sehr Free Wind, joncs, Baltimore?Van Brunt A Htaght. Sthr M Bedell, Ryder, Baltimore?M BedelL Schr 8 M Atltiui, . Milton?Maater. Schr 0 Loowr, Lawa, Philadelphia?J W McKee. Sehr Franklin, Runncll, Calaia?J Bovnton A Son. Schr M Langdnn, Plnkham. Boston?lletcalf A Dtiocaa. 8-hr America, Reynolds, Providence?L Kenny. SchrSl Elmo. Walte. New Ijondon?Maater. Steamer Keunebec, U art on, Philadelphia. ARRIVED. Steamship Royal Brlle fBr. of Bristol), Hmith, Cardiff. Nov 16, via Bermuda Feb 3, with eoal, to Howland A AspinwalL Put into Bermuda in consequence of having lost itlli, Bsrk Hamlet (Ham), Hogetnan. Bremen, Dec A, ia ballast, to Roger Bros. Bark Southerner, Campbell, Marseille*, ST days, passed Gibraltar Dec 36. with salt, to C A E J Peters. Bark James K Ward, Tihbetts, Marseilles, S3 days, passed Gibraltar Dec 18. with mdse. to J E Ward A Co. Had heavy weather; lost and split sails, Ac. Dec 16. off Cane de Oatt, spoke brig L M Merrill, fiom Malaga for New York. Brig Village Bella (Br, of St John. NB), Bead, Sisal. 26 days, with hides Ar, to PI Nertus A Son. Has been 10 days N of Hat tares, with NE gales. Brig Lincoln (of Boston), Means, Havana, Jan 28, with aplrita of turpentine, to B P Uuek A Co. Brig Walter Howes (of Bangor), Pierce, Cardenas, Jan 26, with mots sacs, to H D Brook man A Co. Ballad ia company with brig Chas Miller, Brewer, for Boston. Brig Three Sisters, Pinkham, Elixabethport far Aapinwall. Schr Pilot's Bride (of City Island), Coker, Bermuda, Jan SO, with hides Ac, to S W Lewis A Co. Sailed In company with brig W H Parks, for Bath, passed going In, schr Jaa Brophy. from NYork. with steam pumps and riggers to take ship Devonshire to New York. 9th inet, Abeaeum bearing NNB 6 miles, spoke schr Nerlasa, from Boston for Fortress *8cfrThraaher fBr), Hunter, Haltfai, 10 days, with Ssh, to master. Schr Enterprise, Lewis, Chlncoteagne, 2 days Schr Gertrude, Freeman, Cbineoteagno, t day Schr John Tiltan, Jester, Chinaoieagiie, 2 days. Schr Kossuth. Lee, Newburvport, 3 days. Schr Empire State, Smith, Gloucester. 3 dan. Schr John Wesley, Cooper, Pmvtnretown, I daye. Schr Ellen Louisa, Snow, New Haven, 3 days. Sloop I H Borden. Collins, Fall Ktvrr. Steamer Ellen s Terry. Chaptn, Wilmington, Del Steamer Joaepdine (U S transport), which arrived on Friday last from Locust Point, la commanded by Cent Crumley, and not by Capl Green. BELOW. Schr Chief (Br).?By etesmtng Townley. 0 8 bark Forward, from Delaware Breakwater. Brig Alice (Br), irons Porto Rico. SAILED. 9th?Steamer Alice Price, Hatters* Inlet; ships Ales Marshall, Liverpool; Electric (Ham). Hamburg; Roland (Brem), Philadelphia: barks Jeverland (Oldrn), Liverpool; Teresa. St Thomas; Abdel Kader, Cardenas: briga Angostura, Cadis; MiloiBr), Martinique: A C Merryman, Key West; Empire, Port Royal. SO; schrs Mystic .Valley, Matamop>a; Ann Leon aril (Br), Rama Mw'.a, K J (.urninj, hey ?nt. hsther, Port Royal, SC; Red Eag'e, Locust Point; and 19 srhr* for domestic porta. Wind at sunset SW, very Ught. HlMelUncou. Br Smr Plastacenkt, Juiiimvii, bence Jan II for Uverpor>l. with a rsrgo nt grain, put into Bt-rmuiia 3<1 mat. leaky and with pump* cbuked. WHALBanir l i-KMATis, Watroos. of New London, ha* been lost on 8t Chriatoval, on* of the Bolomon Ornnp, The folPoring telecraphic deapatrh war received by the U R Consul at Rydney, N'SVV, from Munton Bay, whe re the veaael with a pirt of the crew had put In for provisions:?" Nor 3D, 18(51? The raptain of the American ahip I'lematia haa reported her loaa en one of the Solomon Ialamla early in jtepi last. for t on ol Ihccrcw brought here by IMOHMlMj MmNthfl on the ialand without provision*. Thia government haa no wean.* of affording relief. Tbe captain proreeda to Rydney per Coquette. D* sires to here Ihia inrormallon on hir am ral. and will make application through you for assistance at the hand* of the government of New Rouih Wain " The Cequoita waa hourly etpecied at Rydney, Nor 21. The Clenqana v aa laat reported with 430 ap HO wh on board. Ship Kwarigera remained aahore 9th. In about the lame condition aa at laai report. Br Sen* Eurasits Ann?Schr Thraaher. at Newport 6th inat (or a harbor, haa on board aa passenger* Capt Andrew J Bunker, master. and the male of achr Bllrabeth Ann, of Cornwallia, NR. from Aricbat tor Philadelphia, which went aahore in a,anow storm Ian 12, in three Paihotn Harbor, >0 mi lea east of llallfai, and bilg-d. The cargo, consisting of 3800 bushel* of potatoee. waa a total loea. Veil"! and materlala sold for $200 Crew aarnd. Sena Mart laud, from Port rtpain, Trinidad, via 8'Thomas, In ballaat, of and for Baltimore, waa fallen in with la a sinking condition Jan 3J, lu lat 34 04, loo 72 19, by tbe bark Washington Butcher, which ve?ae| took off the captain and crew, and brought them to Philadelphia. Son Scioto, from Sacofor New York wlib a cargo of heading, war towed Into Newport 3th Inat by uteamer Petrol, have Ing been run down The eehr waa very badly damaged, and Inat a small portion of rnrgo overboard: had how cut down to water'* edge. The achr mowed no light. Tun Cauroeina Pt.*rr?Coleman's Han Francisco Marine Review any* ?The average run of veaael* from domestic Atlantic port* for 1361 varies but little from the figures of the preceding year It is a better eihibit than that n( I he three that weat before. The shortest passage waa again made by the Andrew Jackson, In 102 days This vessel Boats with a Rood grace tbe Commodore's broad pennant, having taken be lend for four successive years. Nineteen other vessels have made tbn passage in leas thru 120days, vis:?Prom Nsw York.the Reporter, UB. (treat Republic. 104: Black Hawk, 197, Twilight, 103. Mary L Sutton, 110; Oolden Eagle, 110; Talisman/>11 Hlerr* Nevada, 114; David CroeketTlM; Flying Child era. 114. Morning Star, 113; Challenger, 118; Don Uuitotle, 118; Plying Miat, 113 days: and from Boston, the Romance of the Sea, 106; 8p ttire, 107, Ringleader, 113; Plying Dragon, 116, and Storm King, 118 days. r.urtee* other vessels (front New York) averaged 11254 days. The average time In 1860 was L3S54 day*; *horte*t, 80 days Average In I860, I3$K days; shortest, 102 day*. Average In IflM, U4 day*; Shortest. In*. Averse* In 1MB, 116; sborteM, 81. Avar age in 1866,131; ahor'est,34. Of th? quick pa?age*, that of 1*86 wa* made by the Hweepatake*; that of 1867 by th* Ureal Republic; and that of ISM, 1863, I860 and 1141 by th* Andrew Jackson. Prom Boaton, I* 1831. tber* war* 83 arrival* direct. Average lime, I37K days Shortest, by the Romanes *f the Sea, In 106 daya. The average time In 1860 waa 141 8-8 day*; borteat, 37. Average in I860, I40K days; shortest, 112. ahorteat, 101. Average la IMg, 111; ahorteat, 104 daya from England we Bote tbraa very akort paaaagea, vii ? The Panama, m 111; and the Oracle, la 111 dajra, Irom Liverpool; aleo. tbe Equator, In US daya, from London. Tha othera worthy of remark were tba Benefactor, from llong Kong, In M dava. II W Aim/, from Sydney, In SVdaye, Achillea, from Newcastle, Saw, In M daya; and Comet, from Honolulu, In 10 daya, If houra?the letter the ahorteat on reoord, we believe, from that port to dan franclaco BlilpOeorge Waahlngton. ISM lone, and the Ureal RenubUe, put down on the reoord aaSSM tone, with (he name riling, have been chartered by the government tor the uae of the Butler eipedltlon, and are fitting out with all poaalble despatch The Ureal Republic, even alnee ahe waa cut down a deck, le aa imraenae abtp; ah# la to oarry MlOmen, 400 horaea and 1000 tone of ooaL The brig Lincoln, from Havana, arrived yesterday, brought 100 obla spirits of turpentine Ship Abby Brown, at Boston, 547 tone, built at Keoaebunk In Idas, has been sold at sometllng leaa than $40,000. Bark R L Sara tow, of New Bedford (lata of Mattapolaett). 20ft 'una haa been purchased by Josapb B Macy and othera. of Nantucket, and will bo continued In tba whaling huaiaeaa from that port, under command of Copt C'harloa w Heaaey, late of echr Watchman. Rark Ramoal Motley, Jr. which waa salted at New London on account of n portion of her being owned at tba So-ith, waa acid at auction on Saturday Meeara Rnaaell, of Pembroke, Me, have two veanela of abnttl three hundred t na each on the atocka, one of which will be la inched thin week, and tke other abont the flrat of Man-h Whalemen. Cnpt Wlnagnr.of ship Jullao, NH, arrived at home 7th inat having left hit alilp n> Acapuiooou account oi arku n. fhe 12. ?- ? ' i hip aid Jan IS in charge of Use mate for home direct?oil aa reported at San Prauoiaro. The whalemen Cougiena and Reindeer, of NB. were at Magdaleua Bajr, Lower California, 10 days ago. The Cougreaa ia bound liouie urlih 300 i bbla od. A letter from Oapt (lifford, of ship Hope, NB, dated Bydpejr. NSW, Oct Si, ray* the ahip had oeen into dry dock, bad bottom caulked, ahealhed and coppered; would crutae between Sydney and Nitenluiid until nettepring, and be atHilo next fall to bit up with freight for home. A ahurt ttuie provioua to arriving at Sydney, Kraok A Warren, the oaplaln'i nephew, waa stubbed by a Creek tailor and li?ed but 3 days. Aa aoou aa lha act waa commuted the murderer drowned himaelf. Spoken, Ac. lou elf ^rora bt Tluun a tor Loudon, Jan S3, lat 26, Poreign Ports*, Jan 14?Arr alup Riga. Kreeto, 14 day* from Clou,cater, K?aaid to be the ahorteat paaaagr ou record by a ha lm ' vessel. BcKMona, Jan SO?Sid Br brig Penguin, Couyent (from f.'York), Barbados; Br echr llound, Pcarinan, l>ubliu. with cargo of barb K l.euvilt, from New York; 27lh, sclir Castor, Hoo|)ci' (from NYork). Sierra Leone; 30th, brig W II Parks, Mcllvey, lialh. Going iu 30tb, aohr Jas Biouhy, from Ndork with steaiu purapa aud l ingers to take alilp liot ouatnre to NYork. In port Jan 30. ships Devoneblre, Anderson, and Mohawk (Br), Puller, for NYork; barks Kli/abcth Leai'Ut, Hailett, ror do next day; Record (Br), and Barrilla (Br), from New York for Liverpool, diag and n pg; Louisa B'iwi, Lonr. do; brigs Gyra (Nor), for NYork ready; Magnet (Br), for do do; Ocean Traveller, Sargent, for Neuvitaa lddavs; achra Lone Star (Br), from NYork for Jamaica, bote down; U H Whlldiu, Neal, and O C Morris, Artis, from and for PhiUdelph a; Ktnma de Knave (Br), Neal. from Havana lor NYork, n pg, ultered to a brig. Iu port Keb 3, Br ahip PLinlagenet, Jobuson, from NYork for Liverpool, in distress. /?.uu. .,u ...u I.. I 'J T .. K., rtu M It Ut..>Ia. .Inn for Boston Idg; Glenfuegos, Cole, and Brother*, Mariner, lor NYork do; Mary (Br), for do; brigs NuritiiSket, Dunbar; L'nh Lomond, Siiute; Kan Aulonio. Know, auil .1 D I.inoln, Webl?r, for Beaton Idg; Tiberias, Lecocq, wig cargo: gcbrs Joo A Oriflin, Foster, aud Jus Aldrrdire, Stiles, lor Philadelphia; John 8 Lee, Corson, and A I. line Town send, Totvnscad, wig cargo. (farana, Jan 28-In port bark T Cashing, Harriman. from Boston, disg; and others not rerollactrd. MKi.aoor.nk, Nov 21?Sid ship Otenbrldge, Berry, Baker's Island. Bikai? Jan 15?No Arn rossel In pan. Valkkcia, Jan t<?Arr ship Chad Spi-ngue, Pike, Orrenook. [Pen Steamship Ahkkica, at Haukas?Tblkgbaihici Arr iroiu NYork 22d. W F seiuniilt, m trie Belieidt; Fr.tice of Walts, at Deal; Mary C Mariner, a: Londonderry: 8M. Margaret, at Gloucester; 2Mb, Crank Lovetl, and Jas Foster Jr, at Liverpool. Arr from Baltimore 22d, Thos Whitney, at Deal. Kid for NYork 23d, Mountaineer, from Pill; 2tlh, C Baker, from Deal. (Latest Qiiernstown.) Arr from NYork, Resolution, and Catmurk. at Marseilles; Isjrd Clarendon, at Deal; Iledvig, al Quccuslowu; .Simla aud Bucephalus, at Livnoni American Porta. ANNAPOLIS, Feo u?act snip opovtsiuan, Thompsou, Boston. 9C hours. H()8T< >N, FVb 8, PM?Cld brigs 81iib'K>!etb, Morton, Bar bados; Laitrillla, Boltou, Cape Uaylicn. Sid ships Idaho, Ocean Pearl. North Amerlea; berks Sicilian, Villanfrnnea. Kylph; brigs Marshall Dutch, Cayenne. 9th?Arr ship Wm II PreacoU. Haoheldsr, NYork; brig Chatham. Simpson, Cienfuegos; schrs Telegraph, Iliggiiis;! tj Curtis, Newcomb, and Mary B Dyer, Purvere, Tangier; I H Horton, Freeman, and Kuuke P Newcomb, Kemp, Yoomloo; 8 IS Lewis, New comb, Deal's Island. Below ship Bullion, from Ship Island (at anchor in Lighthouse Channel); l?rk Lysander. from Cicnf uer.os; sclir Carrie M Rich, from . Signal for two ships, a hark and a brig. Nalhing aid. EASTPOKT, Feb 2?( Id harks Rival, Hammond, Liverpool; C7UI inn, Mahoney, Dublin (both from KtJohn NB). EDGARTOYV N, Feb 4?An-achrsdeorgla, Bucklin, NYork for Kalem: George Glover, Thomas, do for do. 81d 5th, schr A J Bird, rreacb, Baltimore. GLOUCESTER, Feb 7?Arr schr Harriet, Rogers, Boston lor NYork. HIGHLAND LIGHT, Feb 8, PM-Passlng in, ship Gurnet, Bradford, from NYork; pasaiug out, sbips Idaho, Ocean Pearl, and North Arocricj. 9th?Passing In, a ship. Wind NW. LUBEC, FcbS? Arr achr Sarah Matilda, Armstrong, New York. Sid sehr Caroline, Wiisnn. Baltimore. NEW BEDFORD, Feb 8?Bid schr Btieua Vists, Phillips, NYork NEW HAVEN, Feb 9?Arr schrs Mercer, Martin, and C Dubois, Weaver, Klisabetbport. Cld schrs John Wesley, and Sarah Elizabeth. NYork. PHILADELPHIA. Feb 7 a 8?Arr steamer M Sanford, Sanford. New York; Prusship Arnold Bouinger, Haahageu, do; Br brig Keoka. Burns, Cienfuegos; s-hra D 8 Bluer, May, Boston; J Ireland, Bowen, and S V W Simmons, Godfrey, NYork. Cld brig II Leeds, Grant,Boston; schrs J R Plater, Candy, Kagua; Kan Juan, Hughes. Kalem; Eben Sawyer, Tracy, Boston; Jno Dorranoe, Rice, Providence; 8 V W SimOnHl't.. .1 1... I, .,1 H.ov.n and Washington Slmllh NYork. Sid tip Frank Uoult, Liverpool. Linens, Feb 8, 8 PM?The bark Wilhelmlna, and brig J F King. both from NYork for Philadelphia, are anchored Inside the Brrakwaler. A SE enow etorro now prevail*. PORTLAND, Peb 7?Arr bark OB Hamilton, Chase, BoaIon; brig.* CastiUan, M.-trwlck. Matanats; J A H Crowley, Driskn, Cardenas via Holmes' Hole, Salem and Gloucester; Oharlena, Parker, do via Boston (not as before); Dragon. Etlingwood, Klwabechport. Old ?' hra Annie Bell, Bowden. Matanxas; Ellieoit, Duncan. Cardenoa. Sid. tvind W, brig* Sea Foam. A J Boss, AD Torrcy, and Scotland; and others. dAN FRANCISCO. Feb 6?Arr brig Ida D Rogers, Marebouse, Kansgawa: 7th, bark Kenka, Taylor, New Bedford. Sid 6th. ships Hare, Holmes, NYork; 8th. Derby, China. SALEM. Fob 7?Arr stshrs Georgia, BuckUn, Elizabethport; O W Glorer, Thomas, NYork. J RAILROADS. Hudson riveb ratlkoad.?trains for alba.n y. Troy, the North sno Went, leave chambers atr-et at 7 and U A. M.. and d .13. h and to la P. M. New YORK, harlem and albany railroad. For Albany, Troy, Nortli and West. Winter arrangement, < omnia net ng Monday, Nor. 4, 1861. For Albany?10.30 A. M., Express Mall Train, from Twenty tilth street depot. Fur all local trains see Time Table. JOHN BURCHILL, Assistant Superintendent. "37 MATRIMOWIAIa. A YOUNG NAVAL OFFICER, OF EXCELLENT FAML ly and associations, m desirous or entiring tn'o a correspondence with tome young lady in a similar position, with a view to a nearer and dearer acquaintance hereafter. The lady must be pretty sod possessing s go ai education, and bleaeod with a gentle and loving dlspoeltou. Address w. DvL'on, U. s. 8. Minnesota, Hampton ttoads, Va. Irish or German aristocracy need not apply. A GOOD LOOKING, AFFABLE YOUNG MAN. WHO baa lust completed a large and profitable government contract, Is dssirous of forming the acquaintance oi a young lady who U willing to share the proceeds aud bis lot with bigg. Address Lueiut P., station G. Ft/RNITURB. A BEDROOM Ht'IT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE for $21, in all colors, of warranted uilutifaciure; alsu solid el,es?uut Cnambei Suns, plain and urnaiueutal. ai H. F. KARKINGTON'S. . 3&S Canal street, opposite Wooater. , EatabUshed in I Mi. Enamelled chamber suits of furniture, in all oulora and style*, at tvholenale and retail, at $20 and upwards. Also. Mat'res-ief and Palliasses WaKREN WARD, 377 Canal street, lour doors ea t uf Broadway. Furniture?a family destrousof tmmedivte housekeeping, want to purchase s quantity ofiurnt lure. oompr aiug ftTrrymini rcquij" lor llie miiip. Any on* wtahuig to Mil reaaaoabie for ca?h will ph-a* adilreaa T. G W'tlaou. a'H'.ion A, Spring atreet. IpURNlTlP.B.-CASlI I'AID FOR second H AND FUR 1 uiture, Mmum and Carpeia t.imntry calli attended to Addle** Furniture Store. 630 Hudson ?trn I A <>od utaho 1 any Plympton Secretary Br..*(< ? J Tor rale cbesp Furniture bought -all kinds ok iioi sehold Furniture liought ami a good price given, at 47;t Thud avenue, near Thirty-louitli Greet. All calla promptly at. tended to, or a I'Iimk Kurmture, aliovc n> mber. V ll ? A g.iod aa?ortineiil o( aeconil hand Furniture nr air. DENTISTRY. Artificial bonk filling for decayed Teetli.?Mere shell* can be lilleil and [re-erved by til" discoverer, at hi. rooms, SM Utnailnajr, where may e It d his celebrated Cuban Tooin Pnntur, tneoii.r harnilCM article Known lor kicplug the tee to clean. Artificial bone and painless tooth color ad enamel tilling for tenner teeth, M em*. Beautiful acta Artificial Tech, ?a tanted unaurpaa<cd by any, $7 to %? Teeth attiacted really wltliont any pain. Office removed to 104 Easi Twenty-aeeond street DR luther, Sr.. dentin (SO reaisl. Artificial tksth.-w* continue to kxtraiit tee'b m two aeinn la, w.thunt |>ala. with our le-nuniii|tig fluid No e,ira .-barge for euporary seta or Teeth Inaerted without eatracting 'lie roota, on our Improved atmospheric pieaanre pates We invite all to call am! eiamtne our specimens heiore going elsewhere. We have chemically pure ohloillorni and ether which are perfectly barnileia to Lake. Dra. DUKKIN A ROl sSI'-AU, S7.1 Canal atreet, opposite Weal Broadway, DR. C. A. WHITE'S IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL TKETHWhole tela $5, tt. flu. $16 and upwarda; warranted in avery point. Teeth filled with told. 80rente to $1. All work at half the prices charged elsewhere. Office No. 1,1 Bund tract and 71/ Arch atreet, Philadelphia. Having had two roots extracted without pain by DR. J. J AT VILLER8, IM Grand atreet, two blocks from Broadway,! cheerfully Insert thla at a recommendation to tboae suffering trom toothache. MART JBNNINUS, US Weal Thirty third atreet HOD EKE, ROOMS, AC.. TO LET. AN IRON FOUNDRY TO LET-VERT LOW, AT SING Sing. N. T., with a team engine, Ac., Glutted right on the river; will be let for other purpoeea If deatred. The ground attached le auliable for a coal or lumber yard. Thla (a tba cheapeat rant aver offered. Addreaa Foundry, Herald office. A first class tenant DESIRES A GOOD HOUSE In the neighborhood nf Twentv-st tth atreet, Broadwav and 8tlfb avenue. ALao $6,00U to lonn on bond and mortgage. Inquire nt 47 Weal Twenty-aaraoth atreet, near Bitth avenue A LOT?Sl.lOxM FEET, ON TENTH STREET, BE fween Fifth and Sltlb avenuea, together with a very comfortable two atory and attic houra, Il.lOiP) feet Price low. and terma enay. Apply,to CHAS. E. MILLS, MCadar atreet. Adknirablk plot or ground to let or leaae? Having 88 feet on Watt atraet, corner of J ion, running ni fMt np Jane atreet, long occupied u a coal yard, for which It la admirably adapted, and la alao wall calculated for a lumbar, brick or (ton* yard, or for any purpoae requiring considerable amonat of vacant ground. Apply to HENKT REEVE, corner Canal und Centra streets A rare chance por a first oc.a88 milliner ? To let, a front 8how Room aad part of the bonaa V h.aat Ftturternth atraet, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. Inquire within. Avert desirable house, with all the mo dern Improrementa, to laL narpota, window ahadea and gaa flitnrea lifted to the houae, for aale low for < aah. Apply on the premleea, X*) Greene atraet, or to B. M. HODOEri 111 Pulton atrret, from 10 to I A HOUSE AND STABLE TO LET OR LEASE-NO. ? Houeton aireol, rear Broadway; four atory brick Hmiae, with Improvements, In good order. Apply to CHARLES E. MS LL8, M Cedar etreri /10TTA0E TO LRT AND FURNITURE POR SALE-A \J large garden attached Rent, IIII), and ptioe of furniture, $860 Addreaa Cecil. llarald ortlc* CORNER STORE TO LF.T?SUITARLE POR A ORO eery or Drug Store. Tcrma moderate. Alao nliv Apartmenta "?neittlng of four Rooma. with four cluaefa, on the aeonnd door Inquire oi Mra EASToN, 848 Hudeoa atraet (1ENTRAL PARE -TO RENT. A PART OP tllK y hulldlng at Mt St. Vincent, lOllh atraet, uaar Fifth Iv?. n >e, for a revUnrvnt to l>e kept under rulea and reatrictpma to he prescribed by the OanmlMlonrrt of Central Park. Ap ply thla week at the Property Clarke ? " , on the Park, fifth avenue, oppoaite Staly lourth at real ^jK 1 " " " IT. aopigg, Eoow. mc* to k ^ laHTRNISUED HOUSE TO LET.?THE ftR8T OU ? I three etory high sloop brown ilm Uoum Mo. 118 w*Forty-eevemh utiwt, elegantly bail completely furnished, be rested f rom Mm 1. low to t prompt and enrefal IsnadF Apply to the owner, si TAYLOR * BROWN'S, MSSUtBea wioh street. L'URNIHIIED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSE. IN MADE* A' SOB bvenue, above Twenty-ninth street, weft aide, WIS b? rented to s private family only. The house was recently built fur the use of the owner, bud is to exoeltont orde* Terms reasonable. Apply to M. 0. BIKHoP, 114 Broadway CTOOD OPPORTUNITY IN CANADA. * . TO HOTEL KEEPERS The adToriUer has the best Turn tubed and li nest Hotel la the Province, which he will runt to some experienced mac who has capital to buy the furniture. Addreas J. K.. drewet No. 32 Brentford, C. w. Grocery htorr to lrt?corner op myrtle avrnuu an I epotmer street, Br. oklyn; Immediate ikms session can b>- ban, .he present owner retiring to the ouua try. 1h < It a urst rnts opporiuuity for a thorough busiueei man. Apply on the premises. Hotel to be let.-the well knownstevenb House, comer Broadway and Morris street, may now be leased; possession immediately i the furniture in the house may be purchased ou uiost advantageous terms. The hotel is being painted aud repaired throughout. None need apply who huve not a eaali capital; city rcic.retires required. Apply to HEWLETT A TOKRANUK, 6 BowlingOreeu, or to HOMER Millt'JAN. Pine street. ctkady steam power to let-la rob and u small rooms; well lighted; possession iuunedibtely, Ap ply at l'J9 Water street. rno LET?NEW ARK, N. J? A VERY DEKIRABLI X stone Qou b. with live seres of Land, located on Passat, river, one inile from Morris and Essex Railroad depot. Pot particulars and description apply to WM. E. BOO BAKU f?9 Liberty street. rpo LKT-A FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE FRONT X House, ptoassutly located up tuwu; will be let fully at partially furnished, to a private family; preference given u one who will board the occupants, consistingef widow lady two daughters, fhildand servant; no objectiou to one ortwc gentlemen boarders. Address for one week box 6,021 Pod ufllce. , rpO LET-AT GREATLY REDUCED RATES, THE ver1 L dean able Houses Noa. 215, 25'J anil 26J Wot Twenty third street; also Nns. 146 and 168 weal Twenty fourth street A)>piy to 1'. HARMONY'S NEPHEWS A CO., 81 Oroenwtct street, or lo A. LKAMAN, 217 Weal Twenty-third street. TO LET?STORKS NOS. 122 WATER STREET, 80 ANB 82 Job it street, 71 Pearl and 38 Stone street*, 43 Oortlandl Hiraet, 22 Fletcher street, and 8 lou oa South street, Cortearl Hook. Apply to E. KK.KLTA8, 86 Leonard street. rpo LET?COAL YARD; AS 8UC1I FOR THIRTY YEARS, A No. 60 Cherry street. Apply to BLACK WELLS A BLUR 87 Water Hrewt. mo LET-AT YONKERS, TOE YONKKRS HOTEL J- nitu..led at the Hudson River Railroad depot and ateana boat laiidlngs. For particulars inquire ot A. B. UOYT Yunkors. TO LET?THE TWO NEW. WHITE MARBLE PROMT live story Stores, 122 and 131 Orand street, on the Broadway block; will be rented together or separate, at a moderate price. Apply lo HARDMAN A OSiSOKN, 182 Orand street TO LET?IN WEST THIRTY THIRD STREET, A COfringe House, with all the modem improve men is, and psriiy tuinished if desired. Apply at 88 West Forty diet street. TO LET-PART OF TUB HOUSE 27 EAST FOUB teen th street, near Broadway, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. Inquire within. TO LET?THE LOWER FART OF A THREE STORY, modern built house; two basements, two parlors and good pantries. Also two Rooms on third floor. Possession given on the lirst of March. Call at 448 Fourth street, nana Second avenue. * r LET?WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER, THE Third Floor of 48 Leonard street, 1U0 by 28 feet. weM lighted on all aides. Apply to TAYLOR A WILSON, No. MM Readc street. mo LET-A DOUBLE OFFICE, NEWLY FITTED UT A with every couvenleuce; suitable for lawyers or any ligM business, situated at 19 Beckuiau street. Apply at 19 Bern man street, Omt tloor. TO LET?THE HOUSE 334 SIXTH AVENUE. NEAB Dr. Muhlenberg's ohoruh. In complete order; gas fixtures, bath, rauge. waahtubs; suitable lor a physician; reut moderate; possession immediately. Can be seen from 11 to 12 sod 2 to 3. Apply to S. McCOY, 31 Third avenue. r LET?THE FOUR LOFTS OF STORE 101 CHAMbars sti eel; will be let low to a goet tenant. Tha toon lion is ons ol the best and most oentral in New York. Apply ou the premises to JOHN D. LEWIS. rpo LET?A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT A House, 221 Lexington avenue. Inquire on the premises, between2 and 8 P. M. r LET?FROM THE 1ST OF MARCH, SECOND STORY F.oim, 38x40, 13 foot ceiling, well lighted, good location for billiards and saloon. To a responsible party capital would be advanced to insure success. Apply at Fourth avenue, be tweeu Nineteenth and Twentieth atresia; also, a small teat uient Houae in raar. rLET-A VERT HANDSOME SHALL BROWS atone Houaa, No. 332 West Tiiirty-aeeond street. Contains all the extra modern Improvements: haa heen put la completeorder. Apply to ROBERT USHER, JR.. W Weal Thii ly-ioui th street. r) LRT-TQK STORE AND DWELLING NO. M Orand street. Alan, the tttore and OwaUing No. 3*7)4 Broom.' street, and the Stores and Bakeries No 85 Kldge street and No. 20) Rtvlngtoe street. Inquire el 300 Oread, oorner ot Kldndge street. r LET-ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, A NICE TWO tory and altte House, in complete order, with modern Improvement*; haa a dining room on the parlor floor; ean be rented with or without Furniture. Apply at 135 Willow street. TO LET?AT OARMANNVILLR, RIVER 8IDK HOTEL, One Hundred and Fifty-second street, at the depot of the Hudson River Railroad. Also, ten other Houses, rent from 5300 to $500, handsomely situated, overlooking the Hudson river. Also, Store No. 53 New street Inquire of r. CARMAN. 1.3M Broadway. r LET-EIGHT NEW ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSES, situated In Jersey City, in Suasei street, between War reo and Van Yorsl streets. Houses contain all the modem improvements, with ass and water on each floor. Apply U JANES B. THOMPSON, Mo. 1 Montgomery street, Jereef City. r LET?THE THREE STORY BROWN 8TOMB HIGH stoop Houae No. lot East Thirty-fourth street, nearly new; flrst class House and location; will he rented from Mqp 1 to a eareful t usnl at the low rent of EflflU. Apply to the owner, at TAYLOR A BROWN S, 333 Greenwich street. r LET-ON TUB CORNER OK FOURTEENTH STKESE and Eighth avenue, a Dagucrresn Oalleiw: haa beea used tor such for the last ten years. Inquire of E. SCUDDBK. U Second street, or of TUOKf* A BUDO, next to th* gallery. TO LET-TUB FIRST CLASS I OUR STORY AND BANK nn'iti limine 177 F.a*l Fourteenth street, in complete or iter and containing all modern improvement*. Kosseseioe nia> be had the 1st of March if desired. Inquiro of 1NSLKS A. HOPPER, 43$ Broadway. rLKT-Fl RNF3UBD OR UNFURNISHED, A STORB oi Saloon, All Broadway: best block In ibe street foe such biisinisa; it is near Laura Keens's theatre. Also for m*beri Rooms to let, arcond story, and at 33 Bowery. fpo LET?IN BROWN STONE HOUSE S3 BOWERT X h-'sotdul and pleasant furnished Room*, single and In suits, very r-asouahiy. Aim. at 6U Broadway, desirable uiruiwi iwuui". .?! '? a oiorc uiiu ?Aiuua, rvlil luw, ill qui.* nn Hi# promisee. TO LET?THE MEW MAR RLE STORK ANDTWOCBL lata, 47 Warn-n mrv>-i; 2j\76; ? tU be rooted ! ? trout May I Inquire 01 F. J* PI'KNALD, lift Fulton street. ' PO I.ET?SEVERAL FIRST CLASS FURNISHED OB 1 unfurnished lioiirea, between Fourth nod Thirty-aitth atresia and S.eond and Eighth avenues, with all th# tncxlara Improvements, at rents to ami tue lime*. Apply to T. KNIGHT A CO.. 820 Broadway. rfO LET?ROOMS FOB TIIE STORAGE OF FURNI1 lure, at low raiea. Apply to J. THOMPSON, S37 and IN ourtta avenue. rRKNT, FURNISHED TILL MAT 1, OB LONGER? Three lianiLom# Houses, well loeaied, at a Ion real. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 1 Pine atrect, neaa B roadway. rpo RENT*-A CONVENIENT HOUSE. AT THE FOOT 1 III Eighty-srglh atrect, Bus. liter, theaaai house, twostolira and aitle, it by 43 feet, with modem conveniences, Croton water, Ac. Rent $3UU per aunuiu to a genteel family. Poaaeealon glvrn Immediately. Apply neat door, or at Si Beaver at reel. TO LET?A FIRST CLASS ENGLISH BASEMENT four ato ry brow n atone llouae, 146 Weat Thirty-fourth atreet Will l? lei with furnlmra and gas?natures all complete?or v Ithimt, to aull the par tie a. Apply to W. J. HOWELL. Kalobow Hoial, Beekaan atreet; or FREEMAN DERBY, 67 Walker atreet. rLST, OR FOB BALE OB EXCHANGE?AN RLEgent Country Bent, on the Hudaon, one tiour'arlde from the elty by Hudson River RaSroad. and Ove mlnutea1 walk I rom depot. Splendid marble Maualon. SOtOO, wltb ail nrrea finely abaded and magnificent vlow ol the river. Will be let lor a Brat claaa hotel or drat claaa boarding houae, but prtvala family preferred, or will be eold much below Ita value or eaohanged for firat claaa city property. Addreaa W. A. P.. Herald office. rLET OB LEASE?THR TWO BTORT AND ATTIC brink Houaet, 461 Waahington and 8U Watla atresia. Apply at 97 Water atreet rLET OK LEASE?THE FIRST CLANS AND VBET apaeioua Hoarding Houae and Hotel 41 Clinton plneac corner of Unlverally place. It Is at present occupied aaaboew and baa a good patronage. Apply to J. U. BROWER A CO.. 41 South atreet. rp? LET OR LEASE?THE ATLANTIC HOTEL, FOBi merly known aa the Wyoming. No. MB Greenwich atr.-eu between Jay and Duane streets It hae eoodtn modal Ion* ior one hundred gueaia. and la altualed near the depots ol the n uuaon niter nanroaa ana ins arte naumm. "I'r'j " u. DSNI80N, Jk, 1M Reads street, near Oreenwlcb street. rLRT OR LBAJB?FOB A TERM OF TEAM. A grntlemsa s residence, on College Point, ooor Flushing, L I., situated on Flushing Bay, with maaaiun, stable, ouihoiissa, teahouse, hothouses, largo grapery *n<l hltohen gar> dan, with abundance ol the vary choir, at I roll, dwarf peara, apples, atnawberriea, currants, rnapberriea, asparagus beds, all In the very bait eoadltlan. Lawn of about eight acres, with splendid shade trees. Communication with the rtty about sis times per day by railroad and steamboat. Addreas C. W. E., boa 8.7W Fast aMcm. rLRT OR LEA8B?HOUSE AND HTORR Ml CANAL street, nest door ta the People's Bank. It will be let separate If desired, and altered, or put In first rat^epalr for a good tenant, with counters and shelving. Inquire at the above number, up stairs, from 10 to a o'eloek. r DBASE, FOR A TERM OF YEARS?tEN LOTS OF Oround on rortyseeond street, fronting on Ute Baal river, wtth bulkhead, water thirty feet deep, is suiia de lor storage, a foundry or the manufacture of heavy machinery where pood wharf aarommodations are required. Apply at the Cedar depot on the premlaea r LEASH?FOR RUSINHSS, HOTEL AND RBdTAU rant or manufacturing purposes, the Ave story building 01 William street, ids lit. with It rooms. ran make Hi room* or more. Apply to JOHN S. KRfcso, ft William street. THOSB WAffTfNO ROOMS AND STBADT STEAM FOW. erat greatly reduced rente can be well suited in buildings 111 and IIS Centre, unrt 1ST and IM Elm street. The rooms are well lighted and very desirable for almost any manufacturing busineta The steam power Is always steady and reliable, supplied by a Corliss and Nightingale ISO horan engine Terms very low and potaeasion immediately if wanted Apply at the uBce, SU Chairs Wrest. . s

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