Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1862 Page 3
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THE HAIJ. gKASOB. _ I 17XCKLS1oVilOP.-THlPriR8T GRAND BMKL8IG* ?J Hop will lake plaaa on Tuesday eveuiag, February 11, at Transr1* Dan-lug Academy, northwest corner of Broadway aod Thirty-fourth atreai. Ttckeie 92; W ha had at tba door on that evening, or of WAHRKN J KM K IMS, Prss.deuL /WURMAN L1KDBRKRANK. VJT GRAND FANCY DRESS BALL. Tbe above aociclywill bol.l lu annual Fairy Drraa Ball, on Tuesday evening, February 18, at the City Assembly Rooma. Moll's double band will pai form ball uud promenade music a ibis occasion. Urpal preparations have been made by Urn Committee of Arrangements to represent ehar.ioter* of all nations, especially those relating lo the present tliiicr. All Baa other arrangements will b<-perfected in iiirb a manner aa lo sustain too high reputation tbe balls of ibis society heretofore enjoyed. A limited number of tickets at 12, for one gentleman and ladies, are to be bad of members, only, vis:? Carl Amauu, 106 Wall street; A. U. Wood. SI Wall street; Hugo Wearadiink, 90 Broadway; Fred. Kapp, 122 Broadway; Carl Durr, SB Ann street; H. Stum, 92 Wt.liam street; Hlgisaaund Kaulfmanti, 9.1 street; Cbsa Pauselt, 69 Ann atroet; O. UU- ndorfer, 17 Chulbam street;!,. A. Gruaae, 320 Greenwich street; f>. H. Prerfelder. 90 Warren street; 11. Key en. hi While strut; U. Klein way. SB Walker street: Louis Burger. 68 Bowery: Win. .lellinghau*. Cooper Institute: Ott? rne-,<2 Bowery;l)r. A. L. Boss, S3 West Fourteenth street; O. S-itkersdurfT, 479 Third avenue; E. Schuberih,fla Spring ??~i I... wr.?1 e.M sru|. I? II Or,.? I ft Oricne street: Cb*s. J* Doige, 84 Columbia street, and, Nu ticket* will be eold at the door, and non: will be recalved which do not liear the name of the gentleman Introduced and tbe member Introducing. These tickets arc not Vai afe' ruble. Members will plcaae call for their tickets at Pythagoras HaD. every evening from 8 to 10 o'clock. GEORGE NEWBAOH, Secretary. " CLOTUISG^ A LARUE ORDER.?816,000 WORTH OP OAST OFF Clothing. Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry wanted for tbe Western and California markets. 1.utiles and itentlcmeu having any to dispose of can receive 60 per cent more then by any other dealer In the city. Call at or uddreaa B. Mint/, 179 Third avenue, near Seventeenth street. Ladies attended by Era. Mints, 179 Third avenue. A T THE NEW STAND, 293 THIRD AVENUE, LADIES and gnntienicucHU secure the lull vaiue tor tut ir off C.otiilny,,by calling on or addressing C. JACOBS, 2J3 Third avenue, between Twenty-third uud Twenty-fuurlb streets. Ladies attended by Miss V. Jacobs. 1 POSITIVE PACT.?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IP you want to get the full value lor your cast oii Clothing, Furniture, Carpels and Jewelry, the best you can do Is to all or send an te to A. HARRIS, 661 Tblrd avenue, between Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth streets, east side. Ladies attended to by Mr*. Harris. A GREAT QUANTITY OP CAST OPF CLOTHING A wanted. Furniture, Carpels, Jewelry. Ac., to supply .the Wesii rn market. I pay as follows:?For Silk Dresses, I'ruin 912 to $40; Coats, lrom $10 tu $20; Pasts, from $3 to$8. Call on or addrt ss A. Dnctts. No. 218 Seventh avenue, between Tweniy-iourth and Twenty-lii th streets. Ladles attended to byMra D. A GREAT DEMAND POR CLOTHINO, FURNITURE, Carpets, Ac.?l adles and gentlemen can receive the following prices;?For silk dresses lrom $5 to $MJ; for coals, from $2 to $18; for pan is, from $1 to $8, by calling on or addressing by post ,M. Abrahams, 283 Seventh avenue, between Twenty-filth and Tweniy-siath slreeta Ladies attended to by Mrs. A. AT THE OLD STAND, NO. IM SEVENTH AVENUE.? KZKKIKL guarantees to pay the following prices for ladies' and gents' Cast Oil' Wearing Apparel, Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac.?From $7 to $35 lor Silk Dresses; lrom M to $26 lor Coats, and lrom $1 lo $7 for Panta Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac., according to their value. A note by post punctually attended to by E&EK1EL, 131 Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. Ladies attended to by Mrs. E. _ __ _ _ A DEMAND.?912,000 WORTH OP CAST OPP CLOTHtug, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry wanted, for which the most value ran be obtained, by calling on or addressing K. H., 79 Sixth avenue, near Waverley place. Ladies attended by Mrs. E. U. Please remember and try 79 Sixth avenue. AN ASTONISHING FACT?TO LADIES AND GENTLEnien?1 guarantee to pay the highest price of any deal er for left off Clothing, Furniture, Car]ieis, Ac. Please call on or addreaa M., 212 Seventh avenue. Ladies attended by Mrs. M. ' ' ' AT TUB CALTFORNIAN AND WESTERN AGENCY jl Store the bigbe.-l price can be obtained for cast off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. For 811k Dresses, lrom $8 to 996, tor Coats, lrom $2 to $18; for Pants, lrom $1 60 to $6. A note addressed H. Harris, 358 Bowery, opposite Great Join s street, will be punctually attended to. Ladles attended by Mrs. Harris. Attention, ladies and gentlemen.?i have lust received tl.OCO to purchase cast off Clothing. Furni ture and Carpets lor ihe California market. 1 do promise to pay the highest price in the city by culling on or addressing a note lo E. MINT*/, 137 Blith avenue, two doors above Tenth street. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Mini/. Remember, 137 Muth avenue. A T US SEVENTH AVENUE, LADIES AND GKNTLBf\ men can dispose of their east off Clothing, Carpets, Pnrnnuro and Jewelry. I guarantee to pay hfty per cent more than any other dealer in the city, and oot to he bum/ Nagged by great puffs and false pretenders. Please call on or address J. Anhalt, 162 Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-iirvt streets. Ladies attended by Mrs. Anhalt. /GENTLEMEN'S NEW AND LEFT OFF CLOTHING VJ purchased for the Western market, In large or small lota. The full value will be paid, without haggling or seeking to Impose. Call at the store or address Thomas D. Convoy, 44 Centre street. . ... LECTURES. ~ ~ A LECTURE WILL BE DELIVERED ON WEDNE8day evening, Feb. VI, before the General Aid Association, at Calvary Baptist church, in Twenty-third street, between Fifth and Blith avenues, by JAMEB GILLETTE, Ssvcnty-Brst regiment New York State MiUtla, returned prisoner of war from Richmond. Vs. Subject?"Five Mentha with tba Rebels." The Droor.eds to be appllad ro eh an table purpos-s, inetudlng the relief of Ihe prisoner s of War. Doors open at 7,'s o'clock; lecture t? commence at 8. Admlltanoe 25 oenta. A BLACK MAN'S VIEW OF TUB WAR. FREDERICK DOUGLASS Will lecture at COOPER INSTITUTE, Wednesday evening, Feb. 13, At 8 o'eleek. On THE WAR. Admission 25 cents. RRV. J. W. BONHAM. LATELY RETURNED FROM Europe, will delivar a lecture on the "Revival In Paris," la the chapel of the FTflh avauue lUpilel church, on Forty lath street, on Tuesday evening, Feb. II, at 1% o'clock. Admittance free. The public are oordially invlieu. TISV WM. H. MILRt RN WILL DRLJVER A LECTURE iv on ThurxlH} etrning, Feb. IS. al 8 uVJo k, in the Jane I enatt United Presbyterian rlravch. Subject?-H. 8. Prentiss, the Tbundarcr ol the kouttwciL" Tickets 2ft cents: to be bad I the door. OOP ART IV KIl SHIP 1TOTICKI. AOOOO BL8INK..P MAN WANTED?tVITII ft". ,000 capital, to Join the adver ilaer, who will Itivaal the une amount in a very pieaiaul muuupoUxing caab business, froui whtrh gflO.niffean be made annually, without rh-k or comiictilloo. Inquire before 10 A. M or 1 torn 1 to 3 p. M. at 72 Weil Thirty-second eureet. Referents exchanged. A PARTNER WITH CASH CAPITAL, WANTED?IN h very prullteole huainr-.t (medical branobj. I'hy<lri.-ia? or druggists need apply only. Addreae D., box 2,V76Pcat A OBNTLEMAN, ABOUT TO LEAVE THE CITY, DE JX Kirea to meet a party Who will puicbaac bta interest in a safe an t pun-It cash Business, reputable, reliable ami long etabliahed. To a uian ol ainall nirana thla oilers a rare 0|>portunitv to at onee engage in a paying and atierreirul boatMass Addreae for two dayt Jamea, box 206 Herald olio-. COPARTNHltSHir?WANTED, A MAN WITH (ftiOOl five hundred dollars, to engage In a flour and produce basinets, with a party who haa a Targe acquaintance and a full knowledge o' tbebualneaa by practical experience. Apply to U. b. Howes A oo., 429 Bread wag. IVISROLUTION.-THK COPA RTNKR8HIP HERETO f for- exlatlng under the nrtn - and arm ol Jntues Taylor Bona .a thla day diaaolred by mutual consent, Edwin Teyler retiring from aald nrm. The bualneea will he eontluued by the undersigned. under the name and Arm of Jatncs Taylor A 800, at the aame place a* loruiorly. No. 1*27 Atiurnry Street, by whom Itkrwi-e all preaent outstanding accounts Will be ae tiled. J AM EH TAYLOR. New Tons. Feb. 7.1*62. JOHEI'H TAYLOR. Good chance for a tounq man-who hah from >76 n $I(V>, to ion the adrertertlaer in ambrot.rp tag aud pliologiaphlsg on the Potomac. He haa all the apportenanore. ft la not neeeaaary tor the appllrant to nnd-iatand the bualneaa. Cell al Columbian Gallery, 624 Columbia eg, Brooklyn, ibia morning. Partner WANTED.?a temperate AND 8TKICTly houest man, with a lew hundred dollars, to join the advertiser in an old established, profitable and cash bualneea, fur the sole purpose of mending the same. Address B. iJorley, Herald ofliee. PARTNER WANTED?IN THE OROCEKf, KLOl'R and reed buetnea-; an nterprudng man, with from fthOU Is fil.UWcapital, will find thlaa good opportunity; the pieneni owner haa other business to attend to and wanta a pat taar V> taka charge. Addreap B. A., Herald oiftcs PARTNER WANTED?IN AN OLD K8TABLI8HED, light. rente I lun-inca-. done exclusively for cneh. An enterprising Intelligent man, who writes a good hand, ran now have an op|>ertiinliy of investing a small capital advantageously. Apply pt 149 Orand at. f|N) BXC1IANOK BROKERS -AN AMERICAN, 21 YFARH X of age, with sntne knowledge of the b'lalneaa, and a edarate eaptial: ts dealreua of entering aa Junior pan-tner In aome established house 8peak' three languages, ol atrlet Integrity and ean give uneieepilonal references Addreae hoi M?iJ'ost ofliee. Wanted-a partner, either active or hi lent, Willi fl,(M) or gl.lMO In cash. In en unexceptionable business, now electing over BMW e month. Por Interview address H , box 161 Herald "flee. Afirn -PARTNER WANTED, IN THE CONFRCC^OtL tlouery and Pastry bualneaa. The concern Is doing a fair war buslne-a; the nbie-t ol the adverllaer la to onnr. I a ladles' restaurant; the location Is uniiirpaisrd. For fall particular call at 38fi Caual street. #1 nnn cam. with activity and personal W>l.Uvfl/ attention, will "retire a pannrrahlp that for aafety. reapeetaldlllv aed proiu has no equal; association and location the vrry beat. Addreas B. B. B., box 108 Herald Moe. d><) nnn ?wanted, a party to invest IaiUUU) this sum equally with the advertiser In a very {peasant and lucrative cash l-tielm-aa. Irotn which a fortune taay be reull/ed in a short time No scants noticed. Inan I re before 10 A. M. or from 1 m3 P. M. or Mr. JACKSON, T2 West Thti ty-ercond ah ect. """ UrtTNfCIPAIs AFFAIR*. THE COMMITTEE ON DONATIONS AND CHARITIES ol' toe Board of Couucllmen will tn-rt on Thursdav, February IS, at room Ne. ft City Hall, at 2 o'clock P. M. All parties having business before tbe committee ere Invited to el lend. A. H KKKt'H. t'KO. A. BARNEY, CYCOftUB ROUP ommitiefl on Donation* an<l Chantlsa. aiU]ARM IjAROIt BTOOR or JfHW AND ntOOND HAND tlliaad TaWa?. wit a I'baiaa'a rombinatioo Cnahlona, faraalr aipt !< < ? lo rult thr 'imoa a rmilLm * coowpm, uu?v.n*b, n. t. AVINK ARBORTWFNT ON Btt.MARD TAJII.RR, WfTH bla?fwljr Invenie-I,in, alitor, >r k> ?n? now ?, #111 b? I'OIInA at Iha manufactory of w. J. HIIARf, " UooAWMt. AR?a a law aeooad band ta?l*a, I . iui W V* V* x: for tuu*r? A liquor storb for hale-orb of 'aTk rest corner it oral down town, now doing a ry^oi business; goou lease ar.d cheap rant No agenla need Address William, Uersld oflfca. ~ BiQBM fob 8alb? locatb> on all tiir leading avenues and on other a>*td business streets; sign, several Groceries and LI<|Uw{fR,,raa and noma eighty oilier good buatnem Dlaei'iA at pj,deea lo auil U>e tnnea. For particulars apply at mitt'heixw agency, 77 Cedar street, near Broadway. Bl'HINRHH OHANCR.-POft HALE?THE HTOOK, FIXliirea and Irara of the Sewing Machine Htore, 156 Fulton an not, Brooklyn, having the agency A one ol the beat machine*; now doing a good cash business, with machines enough rented to pay sinenses; owner has other business in New York. Address CHAH. H. PAUL, 156 Fulton street, Biooklyn. Brewing utensils for sale.-a copper ketile (been used three tunes only), Mksh Tub, Under Back, Cooler, Barrels, Wagon, Ac., all in working order; will be sold together or r paralely for less ihau half their value. Can he seen on the premises, which are to h i. Harlem Smelting Works, U6lh street, between Third and Fourlu avenues. Butter, oueese and pork stand for sale? Very cheap, in one ol' the bi st markets in Brooklyn. For iwr iculars inquire at No. 13 Atlantic street market, Brooklyn, before oue o'clock. DRUO STORB FOR RALE?LONO ESTABLISHED, well slocked anil doing a good buslMSS, situated in ihe best pa-t of the city. Apply to T, KNIUIIT A CO , (BO Broadway. For sale, at war prices?a billiard, drinkIng and Scgar Huloou, handsomely lilted up; doing a good business and a elieap rent, on a good avruue. Will sen low. ISAAC A. BIGGS, 73 Nassau street. FOB BALE?THE CHELSEA TEA WAREHOUSE, Established in 18VJ, replete with every convenience, sU-sm Ren i very moderate. For particular* Inquire nt 123 Ninth avenue, N. Y. Tue nbovu will be nold at a bargain U) a caah purchaser, a* the owner ha* other business. For bale?the stock and fixtures of a first clan* Scgsr, Wine and Liquor Store, with a good bar. In one of the be*: loratloua down town, corner nlore, anil in a great thoroughfare. Permanent lease can bu bail. Selling remains death in the family. Only caah buyers ami no agent* need apply. Address h. C., Herald oliice. IIOH SALE?A SPLENDID BAKERY ON SEVENTH avenue, new, with two qood route*; Mill be sold without or together. For information inquire of THOMAS l'.EILLY. auctioneer,2i'8 Ninth avenue. FOR SALE?OR EXCHANGE FOR A FARM, LOT8 mar Mount Prospect park, Brooklyn, free. Iri'arnii* incumbered eorieHponding mortgage, or improved property in New York or Brooklyn, partly incumbered. Address C., for one week, box 164 Herald oilier. For sale-a first class restaurant and Dining Saloon; well established, neatly titled up, in one 01 the best locations down town, now doing's good business. Will be sold at a great sai rl'jce. Apply at llO.iohn street. IjlOR SALE?ONE HUNDRED BARRELS OF CIDER, ! pure juice. Address A. U., Cold Sprtug, Ct. Itorsale?the fixtures of a splendidly fitted up Liquor Store, in one of the liesi paying neighborhoods in the city, doing a nrat rale business at present. Satisfactory reason given for selling. Rent very moderate. Apply on toe premises, U.}% Mulberry at. For sale?furnished hotel, sixteen miles from city by railroad, opposite the depot: a paying house, properly kept, batisfuctory reasons lor silling. _ J. 8. CALDWELL, 24 Pine street. For sale-the store and fixtures, ?8 prince street, near Broadway, now used as a ivinc, liquor and segar store; a good investment with a small capital, tb* owner having other buainta*. Inquire as above. Fob sale cheap for cash.?stock, fixtures and lease ol a Faucy Goods and Toy Store, with dwelling. Rent SHOO. Will sell either stock or fixtures separate. Apply on the pi onuses, No. 1,24b Broadway or U. M. Adams, Metropolitan Am el. For sale?a millinery manufacturing Business, with ruche machinery. $500 wiU buy the stock. M. B., box 1,339 Post otBce. For sale cheap?toe lease of toe terrace Saloon, now doing a goon business, corner of Sixtyseventh streeiaud Eighth avenue, the terminus of the Eighth Avenue Railrcud, and main entrance to the Skating Pond on the Central Park. Apply ou the premises, or at 711 Eiguth avenue. For sale or to let-a butthr, cheese, egg and Milk S and, in a tlrat cists meat and Qsh market: also upper par; of the Shop, for a burner or any other light business. Apply at 324 Eighth avenue, corner of Twentyseventh street. TTIOR 84T.F.?Tmnn STORE IN BROOKLYN -TOR f Drug Store Mo. 132 Pulton street, comer of M dd&gu street. For |?rliculara inquire on ibe premises. For sai.e-a:faint and oil and and sion Fainting biud tier*, establisheu over six years, with a complete assortment <>f Block and all tbe necessary Tools anil Fixtures. A splendid opportunity for a painter. Por particulars Inquire ou lbs premises, southwest coruer Canal and Hudson streets. TTtOR SALE?THE STOCK, FIXTI RE8 AND GOOD X? will, with long lease, very low rent, ot a first else* Market Store, 118x75; basement same size; well adapted for purk packing. Apply at 189 Nmtb avenue. Tj30R SALE CHBAF?THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXr lures of an rid and wt ll estannrhed Liquor Store in tbe Fourth ward. The owner bat ing other business, must sell or rent the store. Apply to T. UAFFNEY, auctioneer, 170 Chatham street. IAOlt SALE OK KXCIIANQ8?AN ENGLISH SHADES, 1 located up town, Uaely furnished, fur both saloons and family, all ready to open, fl.UCO, la exchange; a great bargain, lorcasb; rent $300. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., IB and SI Nassau street. / 1ROCERY OR LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE-ANT ONE U having a Grocery or Liquor store for sale, If they will take in pay a nice lot up town or a lour elory bouse in Brooklyn, or h nice lot In Brooklyn. free and clear, or $501) mortgage, eight mouths' to run, at 7 per cant. Any one who bus a place to sell and will trade for any of this property, apply to FATTEN, 98 Diviaon street, Grocery store for sale-situated on one of the best avenues in llie city, end is strictly first class; the siora Is newly titled up and it>c stock (res a, and is a bargain for any one wishing to purchase. For particulars apply at 86 East Twenty-eighth street, or addrem 8. B.t el the same place. HOrS ? SIXTV-TDItEE BALES TRINE NEW WESTem hops, for sale oy W8I. B. TOOLE A CO., 170 FnL Ion street. Homeopathy.?for bale or exchange, for real or peiaonal property, a speciHr homeopathic concern, which pays weil. 'f ne owner obliged lo leave the country the only reason for selling, Address, appo.nting an Interview, J. L. S., box 113 Herald olD< c. MOSS?200 BALES LOUISIANA MOSS. I .A ROE AND email bales, lor sale by WM. S. TOOLE A CO., 170 Fulton street. Restaurant and lunch saloon for sale.Tlie well known cstsnllahiurni, 143 Broadwav, hnw.en Cedar and Liberty streets Apply io W. H. Wh.LI.KK, Broadway, mine:' uf Twenty-tilth -treet, or on the premises. TTPHOLSTERERS AND CABINET MAKERS.-A LOT L/1 of UerntMn Urot-atcls, Flush and Reps lor sale at li-sa than importation cost. Fart iuruiiurV will be taken. Address J. Henry, - lit Bleeuker street. Sample* will be sent. fl.,4 AAA ?A CASH FAYING BUSINESS FOR BALE ?5>'x.UU\f. Is genteel, steadily yielding over fi ,iwu, >ad can be Innruafed, la worih uouble the a nouni asked. None hut earh purchar-' rs need aptdv. Full and aatisfs luiy particulars by inquiringut Mr. MILLER, Broadway Pop: uflire. ^ C-/tf\A WILL liUY A CORNER GROCERY AND ijPOU" Liquor Store; low retitand longeatabilabed; will sell at valuation $u.i win buy,'a lop Urogery Wagon, good AEtil.IO a HASTINGS. ??> nun mi. a well established ipO.UUU. wholesale aire lly ruth bnainoo In a Mapie article, having a very rxtrnnve aale, and nnwd>altng woh otrr <51X1 pro ra. Bonne*# In lis belt condition. AdilrraaA. B., box 1*7 Herald otli< e K \ I'KKSSICS. ABCHMIAMS FURNITURE EXPRESS AND PACK, Inn E-iat'li'liin. u'. lis Waal Eleventh etcert. between Film ana Sixth avruuee.?Ilouarhold Furniture boxed and abirpril to all parla of the world. Covered waguna l?r removing Fiirnltnia to and froui itir cuudlrj. Furniture aioreu. L(?T AND FOl \U. I \QQ UMT IN III USON STREET. ON FRIDAY ITBI J " tnfi Ian, u light coF-red tan trriier I'up, wnh U'rnun Mirer collar, lined with leather, anawera to the name ol Tip. A liheial reward will le paid fur Ha return toX27 Uudaon etrret, and no qn?atlona aaaed. DOO F il'ND?CROSSING T1IK ATLANTIC KERRY. Tin a.lay week. Tho owner rau have him by paying or thla advrrilremrni and expenaea. If not railed lor will be Buld. Call at Joarpb I rrrta, No. JU7 Ulcka atreel, South Brooklyn. LOST?IN BROADWAY, NEAR BLKECKBR 8TRKET' or in Foul tramh atrrat, on Wednesday, Februaryfi, a )>alr of Infant'a Armlrla, enamel and gold, eat wlih a single pearl. Any peraon finding tb>m will b* rewarded by leaving tbern at No. 21 Weal Fourteenth atrerl, between Fifth and Sixth aaenitea. LOST-A DARK MINK FCR V1CTORINE AT THE CON cert of the National Oiaid Band, laat Saturday evening. The Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving the anrae al No. 4 Waal Twrol) liral atiwt Lost?on hatkhdat horning, in fourth avenue, near Fourteenth street, a plain Oold Brauelrt The finder Will be rewarded by returning It toM Eaat Twenty third aireet LOST-ON SATURDAY MORNINO, BETWEEN IS AND I o'clock, a For Half Cape, nunc from Idfi Allen to if) Hi ootn* street. The Under will be aulutbly rewarded by jwflll KuM llHW W* ] L~ OST^KATURDAY BVBNIRO, IN OOINO FROM TIIK i oraer of Plkt and Water to the corner of Cherry and Market straeta, a Caumah'a Ala Receipt Rook Two dollars will Im paid to lb* prrvon rcturniM ihd b00* W David Jooos, 1A8 Rlsth street. Lost-certificate no. 7.W1. dated September 3, MR lor twenty rharna of ihe . apllal sto k of tbe Pk. nimi Railroad Comi any, In the name of Frederick Hemal, who will apply In m.i<I company for k o?w oertlllcata. _ ^ REWARDS. AO RBWARD?LOST. IK FROKT OF AMOS CLARK * ?DO atom. JMM and 40U Bowery, oti Feb 8, k Receipt Rook' or no possible vkluo la amj ?n? eiropi lh? owner. The above reward will be paid and no aoaellona a?ked by leaving It with the owner, Amor Clark, M and *00 Rnwery. AC REWARD.-LOST, ON HATCRDAY, TUB 8TII. A iP'J private Memorandum nrCaah Book, with brown W iner cover, and baring an elastic band or tautening; auppowd to have been loat either in the Hlitb avenue care or In eome street or odtoe down town. The book and It* eonlenia are of an value eieept lo the owner. The shops reward will Im paid on lie delivery at the publication ofllce, 54 Raid all net. or at lb* house. lit West Thirty-fourth street. AC REWARD?LOST, A SMALL HLACK AND TAN tPv ) Enellah terrier Dog, answering to the name ?r .lock, on Thursday evening last. Tbe abeve reward wtll be given on 1 returning the same to lOHKeat Twelfth street Aim ?LOST ?IN TUB BOWERY, NEAR Rf EE' HER aZU. atreet^a pocket-book, robialnlag a email emu of money and a <\ 'led rh??k <?n the Paelfl, Rank, dn'g i De. cetuber SO 1*1. Inr Jive hundred dollarir J. M. WaRpWBLL, at < band era etreet. EW YORK HERALD, TUEI I lAUia OW EIU. kbtatbl ^ AVAQNINCKNT VIEW OK THBHUDSONj 8TON8 Home, 20 acrea, for sale or exchange. See Herald 7lh an nary, Ulid pw. wTlUAM 0. WBTMOBB, 41 Wall street At bklmont. near korihiam depot, harle* Railroad, an elegant Villa, aontainiac sixteen rooms, with water elosul. Ac., and about one aero or laml, stocked with fruit trees and shrubbery: barn, tab lea, Ac.; will be old low. Aptly to A. M. CORN, iJ Exchange place. A three story brick bouse, with two story extension, containing tbirtecn rooms and all modern improvements, ana futures, Ac., good neighborhood, flne large garden. *111 he rented to a lesponsihle tenant for $000. Can be aeen I'rom 1 till 4 P. M. at U Toird street, near Second avenue. Brooklyn bouses kor sale?vie. the two story brlrk House and Lot t^ftxUU), wdb bne arbors, vtueij, Ac., No. 2S7 Suite siren, near lloyl (with carpet-, minora, Ac). AUo ih tirM class three atoiy brick House No. 1 Laiayeite avenue; baring evenr convenience. Alio the three story brick Holme on the northeastcorner of St. Kelts air'in an<l lianaoo place. Apply on the premises or to K. H. nichols, No. 41 Pineatr et, New York, Brooklyn lots <ss)?'well located, or con' stuntly increasing valiw, lying haodosmeJy nesrib' a at recta, fur aale on very liberal terms, or will exchange tor Weatern lands, larm or mill propertv. south wick A woot), h2 Nassau street. Farm-in ulster county, n. y ., roB sw.b. or will exchange for a moderate priced hoi a- In Brooklyn. An excellent dairy farm, or for general cmpr; fine buildings, good fences, Ten pniduullvn and near school*, churches, Ac.: mall village. SOUTH WICK a WOOD. i<i N issau street. Farm for sale~on the iiackensack river. Bergen county, N. J., containing over Si acre*, with u good House and plenty of oukhoiises attached. For full particulars, with map of place, Inquire of WM. BLAIR, 1J2 Barclay street. Farm for sale?situated on south bhoub road, 2>, miles Iroui Milford, and 73a miles from New Haven, Conn., containing about 75 acres, 55 plough and meadow, 2d woodland, line apple and peach uichards, good frame dwelling house, barn and outhouses, and having a never failing stream of water running through It. Apply to JOHN 0. SWAN, 96 Seventh street, Williamsburg. For sale?four new first class four story brow n SLune l roul Uout-ca, 11 and 47 Last Thirty-seventh street, and tivo In Thirty-eighth street, 25x60, bolweeu Madlson and Fourth avenues, with all the modern Improvements. Inquire on the prendre*. For salk-in Brooklyn, a three story and baacmunt high sloop House, with all the mojern unprovemems, luiilt by day's work. Inquire of J. B. SEELEY, on the premises, 7H Eon Green place. For rale?a farm op sm acres, in s^llivan county, $12,WW; 15 aeres in New Jersey, 21 miles, $7.Ox; 211 ai res in New Jersey, 21 miles, $1,900; a number for exebunge; also a number of good business chantca. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 82 and 84 Nassau street. For rale?a beautiful farm of 20 acres; good buildings and plenty ol' fruit, a tine view and good water, alao some improved and unimproved Western lands; will be sold low and ou easy terms. Inquire at 11 Spruce street, second tloor. For sale?tiie propety 194 west twenty-first sti eat, first lot from Eighth avenue. To let?Part Cov tage Did VV e-t Thirty-fourth street: six rooms, water and gas. Inquire of G. HIOG1NH, 520 Ninth avenue. For sam?-on fifth avenue, an elegant, new, first class, extra sized llouse, ou Fifth avenue. There Is no belter house In the city, and It Is believed none can he had cheaper. Address Proprietor, box 100 Herald oilier. No brokers need apply. For sale cheap?and on accommodating terms to a good tenant, the brown stone Iront House No. S4 President street, Brooklyn; it contains all the modern and ocatrable ftnprovemenls. Also, the Corner Lot, partly improved, uext to it. Apply on the premises. For exchange-three houses, with stoker, on aveuues in this city. Alao, three small Houses In Brooklyn; will exchange for other property?lots, lands, merchandise, stores, any thing you please. What bare you to ofiert Addr ess X., Herald eillce. For sale?a farm of forty-five acres, in ihe township of North Hempstead, Queen's county, belonging to tbe estate of tbe lata Christopher Heiser. Ii la pleasantly situated 011 tbe shore ol llempatesd harbor, nearly opposite Cien Cove, twcntv-slx miles from New York. On the premises are a dwelling, tcifsnt nod bath house, barns, Slid other outbid.dings. For terms. Ho., apply to W. M. WEEKS, Glen Cove, or to M. 8. IIKISF.R, 17 Slate street, New York. Possession given Immediately. For sale or to let?or would be kxcuanu?d for a 1 evidence lu lbs country, tbe Uoiist and Lot No. 211 West Fourteenth street. The lot Is twenty-live feet wide oy one hundred and twenty-hvc deep. House twentylive fed by fifty, with an enclosed pisxsa ten l'eet wide, In the rear, running the width o! the house. The. house Is hrat class, three stories and atile. built of brick, with brown stone trimming, slate roof, a tiled marble floor on the first story ball, solid mahogany doors, gas and Crotou water throughout, furnace, Ac., and all the modern improvements and in complete order. Tbe owner being desirous of removing to the country, would lake In part payment a moderate country residence. Apply on tbe premises, or to THADDEU8 a. LANE, 76 Beaver street. For salb or exchange-fob improved properly, either two or three full Lots on Fifth avenue, nonting about the middle or central r*rk. Address, with pst-.iculara. Btown. box No. 2,071 foot oflice. I .TOR SALE OR TO RENT?A VILLA RESIDENCE AT 1 Clsremont, N. J., 2k miici from tue lorry; lot, 60x120; bdimi (imme, filled in wlih brut), 23x28; wing (half-storyl, 16x22. Torre singe Hues dam ?erv nesr M> tlio ho it. Apply to A. J. BLBKCKER. SON A CO., II fine slrrot. FOR SALE?$5,750 CASH, AND ONLY $500 DOWNthe balance in monthly instalment* of not less tan $50 each?two three story and brown alone basement lirsl < !..*? Houses, in Thirty-tirst street, near Second avenue; modern Improvements. Apply to WK. KENNELLY, 20 Pine street. For sale-a farm op 73 acres. 37 miles on Long Island, one mile from station; buildings good; plenty of fruits, Ac.; about 60 srres under cultivation; pleasantly located. Price $60 per acre. MELL1CE, 607 Broadway. Farm wanted?to lease kor one or more yea's, with privilege of buying. Farm within $0 miles of New York city; Now Jersey preferred. Address K. K., Herslti olbce, 1aor sale?or exchange for a par*, three 1 Low on so Improving avenue In New York; prooerty now pays ten per cent Interest on outly. Address K. b. D., Hers id office. For sale-the superior dwelling house and lot (in Ire;, No. 84 street, Brooklyn. Kor sale or to lei, the House. No. II Monroe place, Brooklyn. Apply at J. II. BKOHEB A CO., 45 South street. T,tOR sale OR TO LET?THE FIRST class BROWN r atone House 37 West Tweuty-lourth street, furntab<4 or tint urnisbeit. Inquire on the premise*. Lion SALE OR EXCHANGE?A BEAUTIFUL UOU.V X1 try residence, with about eleven acre* of ground, handsomely situated, auout in teen minutes' drive from the Hut on River Railroad. Youkera: bull.ling* all id good order; a young and old apple oreliatd; also every variety of other fruits. For lartliriiLre adure*? R. H. Winifleid, Ynnkers. N. Y., or J. D. W., 486 and 488 Water Street, New 5 ors. For alb-bomb and lot, no. so kast thirtybrat Mreel, near Letinjton avenue. $4,500 ran remain on bond anil mortgage. Adurrs* K. W , box 6e0 Post offit e. TilOR SALE?HOCSK AND LOT2F1 KAST BROADWAY Jr The bullae ia e>gu,Ity tilted up, with modeln improve nirnta and in rxi riiHot order. Can be seen by applying at No. 285 E.irt Broadway. LtOlt SALE?A HANDSOME THREE STORY PHI LA. r drlphU brirS Dwelling House in I>exingion avenue. PriceS'J.UtiU. $2,000 >??b only rn|mred, hsisnce on mortgageAddrcaa Edward T lasb, 62 Broad street. 17IORSALE OR KXCIIANGL-12 LOTS IN THE NINTH 1 ward oi Brooalyn, level with the road; would ekri auge fur cottage and one or more lots, either in Brooklyn or SuoitrbK iii New Yevk. Ademi J. k Unaid oitii r, FARM FOR bale-CONTAINING THIRTY ACRES OP land, a large two story liouae and ouibiiiluiiiiia, vary desirable for lis healthy Ideation, tllleen miles trotn New York and within ihn-e minute*' walk of a railroad etailon. For pai ik-ulaia address 11. C.. Heraid office. Yi-lOR SALE OR EXCIIANUK?PHI LADKI.PH IA HIIICK X limine anil Stable. * mi Lot .TO Irri by *6 ieiH b, No. M Ad-|bi ami,Mar Dekalb Brooklyn, with Outli, t??, ai , in dor oni?r. Terma IMteral r t i m m- -it i'.t.i . k c. t IjHlIt HALK?THE RXTRA SIZED HOUSE, W1TII REAR Lot,SJ6Madtoen trvRM,( iMrif Fortieth attvot, firganily limshed In rosewood and clack walnut. A apa -lotia, pfifi' t liuuae. Price ttu.uou. Apply In E. H. Ll'ULOW, No. 3 Pine alreet, or JOHN II. SHERWOOD, at the bauae. I/O It HALE-A VF.RY DKHIRA I.LR LEASEHOLD PRO1 perljr, on Kaat Broadway, nrnr Market street, a lour tory brl-k Houae, 16 by #' . well rented. Terms eaav. Will be anld at a bargain. Apply lo CUAH. E. MILLS, it Cedar street. UOR SALE OR EXOIIANOE-FOR NEW TURK OR X* Brooklyn prop rtv.or Ji-raey City m anywhi-r* In tbe vicinity of Near York, 711 acres oi good Land, about 10 or II acres cleared, the real wood and ol M yeara' growth, Inoaled In Albany county, about two nnlea from New Baltimore and ten in lien Irom city ol Albany. Addreaa A. B , lleiaid, FIR BALE?THE FIRST CLASS FOURMToRY mow N tone House No. lit Murrey Hill park, between Thirtyfifth and Thlrly-eiith llreela. I lunar kft>70. lot 1U6 : eel deep; built by a gentleman lor hla own ocrupatlon. For further particulars apply on the premises. Brokers need not ppy rR SALE-THE CHEAPEST HOUSE AND STABLE In the Seventh wan! fur the money; House two s.o* tea, aula and basement, containing thirteen rooms and pantries, and In good order; Ruble on rear of lot, sllbrick, t'^etbrr with le ase, which is a favorable one, with further renewals. Apply at 2ol West atreei. EIRST CLASS COUNTRY HOUSE FOR SALB-AT Platbuab, L. I., tour miles from Fulton ferry; a mansion ae. with tour acrea ef land, large barn, ' arrlage house, green house. Be., all In parte*I order, for particulars address H. B 8.. Herald olhce. FOR SALE AT WAR PRICES?FOUR BROWN STONE front Houses, three eturtes high, basement aad suburb lara, modern imurovetuenta, Noa. 162,164. LIS and lis Dean street, between lloyl and Bond, near two railroad* and the City Hall, In Brooklyn. From $it,AU0 lo JBAUUcao remain on mortgage If desired. Inquire of WM. T. MILLS, corner of Myrtle and Lewisarennea, Brooklyn. ___ I NOR SALE?A HANDSOME t OTTA.IE AND TWO LOTS 1 on Klfty.aeeond aiiect and Striker* leue, near North river, half a mile Irom Oenual Park; fronts on two streets country neigluMirbood; thare are I' n rooms, water, gas and bath; loom lor stable, garden or lor anutliar house. Pius $4,M0. Apply loJAS. r. TRAVKKS, 46 Beakman atreei. InoB 8 A l,K?THK TIIREK BTOKi BRICK H9I HK AJB ' I?ol No. .tail Fit Hi atreol (Old nnmbof IM|. Hot ami > old wntrr, sua, A . la pure in iha !>??< mrnt, I roB 6 to 8 o'c lock TBOtl SAM5?FURNISHED OK UNFURNISHED. THE r four n'.orr, high aioop. brown atone Houw K ?. II Went Thlrlt-iilutn ntirrt, north alur. Apply to I'. H. KTE YK.MS K William it., or nn lb* premiere. IPOR RALE-NEAR BERGEN POINT, N. J., A RUBf a tan tie I now etunr Hony, two atory and atth, with two gtory ntrn "on, barn, oairf-m hong*, oft oil naornonry ontbuilitnge. logrthrr with thr. t acrea of itn t lata out In l?wn and garth n. with wntor front on Now Vork Buy of orer 2fltl loot - thr plat r to rery health) and may of a< Oesr, bring long titan <>nr hour from the HtJ. Alro, gRK arrr* of tlruttnd, nanr tin- gh"?r, wall lecalod, with a trrr r*trn*lTr trout on thrPlonk II - fl. Apply to t^llAS. E WlLl.H, M O-dnr gl. (.ton SALC IN HOBOKKN-A TURKK RTORY ANfl

r hggrnt ot I nch II' nnr, marly n?w, wltn all thr modern tinprjveno lit*, water, gna, b?'h, rungr, hratrr. Ac , InelmUn l rin pr'? ga* Alton k- , HI th prrfr. t order ?nrt in lltr mn?t iliairanh' iirigtiburuoO'l in 11"' ohrn. For parti man, in turn In thr paint itorr corner of Canal and II miaou atreeto. 9 3DAY, FEBRUARY II, 186 SALES OP REAL ESTATE. J7?OR SALE OR BXCHA NOB?. A BBAUTlF l?L VILLA P on Staien Ialand for xaia < hup. or will exchange lor a bona* op lawo or a .lock of merchandise. For further particular. apply to T. A. HOWLAND, 18 William alreet. LIOR RALE OR EXCHANGE-A LOT IN FORTY 1 third atr>-et, between Niuth aud Tenth avenuea, aewerert, blo k pavement and god neighborhood: or want. tl.Aiu on loan, also premises III West Klitho emit airrel. Inquire of D. BEDfOIU), 1-9 Weal flui ty-iouith aired. FOR SALE OR EXCHAKUB?OIIOIPB EOMM sites, the nue.i on the iiudaou, from 17 to 16 aeiea, with river front, about S i mile, from the city: uiiuiniAceui view of the Hudeun. Will be sold much below flietr value, or exchanged lor first claaa cliy prop. rty. Adilreaa C. E. V., lie raid ofiire. TpOIt SALE, EXCHANGE OR RENT?A FINE KINISI1BD Ar llousu In Jeracy City, 41} feel front by 66 Icel deep, ground 76 by 160 fret, ta.irf'illy laid out, Willi fountain in from, shrubbery, aliaile rreea, Ac.; all the modern improvement*, hot and cold water, Ac. Apply at 76 Worth atreet, N. V. LYMAN COOKE. For sale or to let-tuetremisbs nok. and 24 White atrorta; the r'-ur building la n a ibaiaiitiul brick building, Willi a oa-eiiienl r>), foet; the second alory ia i"4 feet high; well suited for a factory, carriage repository, u Ituaaiiin hatha eatnb'.ialimrn t, or I or any other purpose; ia 3d x6i>; the lot ia 60 loci flout aud rear ny 100x11 inches. Inquire at No. I4d Kant Seventeenth street. IflOR SU.K OK I'O LET--THE !. IRGF. THREE 8T0RY allil bosemcui House N?. 61 Second avunlle, near Knurltl street, in good order and containing nil the moil'-in luipr.V'rnenia. Terms low. Apply toelthiT HENRY B. CUM MINUS, 81 Nihshu street; VYaLVEJR K. BKl rill, 36 Kroul atree'.; VV M. J AGGK K. Jr., 56 Ve.xey at reel. la'OR HALE OR EXCHANGE?A LOT ON WEST fourI? teenth street for a ihtee or four story hi ;h anion Homo. Alan, the four aiory luarble Building, 28 Liberty street, between William and Nassau. Apply to MARK LEVY, No. -3 Liberty atreet. IilOK SALE OR TO LET-IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, THE 1 j two atory and basement brick liouae 81 Euat Balt.o S'reei, nour Court. It is furnished witb gas and water. Address O. I'. , tins 209 llerald office. HOUSE KOK BALE IN SOUTH BROOKLYN.?THE two story and atlli: bouse ami lot 11 Doiulnac street, i orI'lulled witii gas and water. Also, two Lot* adjoining. Th y will be sold together or a .qiaiute. Term a ea<y; only uue-Uurd eaalt required. Address O. 1). C., box 209 Horn Id office. House for hale or to let-in the villaoe of Stamford, one of tbe (inert to alliics and most desirable neighborhoods, within live miliums' walk ot tue station on tbe Now York and New Iiaveti Railroad; a two story trams House, Idled In with brielt and tiutsbed with all tue modern improvoineula; well shaded with tine large trees HDd replete with eonvi nlencsa. gas and bath room; Que garden well stocked with cholee fruit; good burn ami carnage bouse on the place. Inquire of 8. \V. ANDREWS, No. 89 West Forty-third street, New York >ty. House.-$5oo cash will buy a fine four story llnii-e mid Lot, in Hrooklyn, with a tine store; the balance mi remain on mortgage, which will lie only $2,500, as lou as you ph-a>e, or will trade It. Apply|lo I'AY TEN, 95 Division street. House for sale-the first class house no. 118 Weal Portv-S' ieutb atreet, between Sixth and Seventh avennrg; three storks, high stoop, Lroiyi alone, in perfect order; one of tbe beat locations in the city. Will be sold with or wUhoul the Furniture, at a price in suit the limes. Apply to the owner, at TAYLOR A KKOWN'H, 823 Greenwich street. Real estate for furniture.-tiie entire furniture for a suit of parlors (three rooms deep), very handsome and very Hash condition:?Hay mirrors, carpets, curb-ins, gas llxtures, mantel ornaments, cabinet furniture, articles or virtu, *r., for which uneoicumbered Newark city lots will be given, and ntuuey loaned on a mortgage on them. Tbe furniture may ran,a n till 1st of May If tbe party prefers. Address G., bos 1,384 I'ost office. TO EXCnANGE-AN IMPROVED FARM, IN INDIANA* 80 acres, within one mile of a village and near a railroad, for merchandise or any other properly that can be made use ol in the city. Apply to HILTON, 11 Hpruoe street, N. Y. WHO WANTS TO TgADEf?WE HAVE SIX HUNT v died and forty acres of good farmlug Lands?psrt timber and pan prairie?entered several years ago, which we would like to trade for a stock of dry goods, groceries, liquors, drugs or sny other kind of merchandise; a given amount in cash will be paid when we think tbe trade de.-draole. Also 80, 160 or 320 acres of Laud within fourteen miles of Toledo, and two miles of Michigan Southern Railroad; price Minnesota land, $5 per acre; Lucas rountv land, $15 per acre; titles perfect. Address A. M. Blake, Toledo, Uhto. Ql ACRE FARM IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEAR Ox Scarsdale dejxit, free ot incumbrance, to exchange for a class dty residence. Also a twen y-hve feet house in Brooklyn, worth $10,(X>0. mortgaged for $2,0u0, lor a farm. Apply to M. H. FOU LER, 82 Cedar atreet. A*> 7on ?FOB SALE, IN UABLEM, SOUTH SIDE ipOi I vu. ol l23u street, between second and Third avenues, a neat two story end basement brick House, with Croton water and gas; $2,210 > an remain on bond on mortgage Inquire ou the premises. <*1 AA AAH WORTH OF LOTH-ON THE CENTRAL iJllvU.vUU Park or upper part of the island, well located, tree or moderatelv rnctimoered, wunted in exchange for flint ( las* Stores, below Kulion su-eei, near Broadway, noen< iitni err.d. Address Merchant, box loO Hr raid office. No broxrrs need apply. ~ rkstaukamtir ~ T^CLTON COFFEE HOL8E, lift FULTON STREET.? JP Gentlemen's Lunch Counter eud Louies' Dining Room always anppl ed with ton brkt the market affords. Lac tea will tlnd tlila one Oi. Ibe best places In towu to prutu e Breuklast, Dinner or Tea. Oysters cooked by steam at all hours. Try ooa 'steam.'1 IIOIHEM, ROOMS, * ., WASTED. Bank" charter wanted.?wanted, to pirchase, a Charter lor a hank. In operation or to be started; New Jersey or Pennsylvania preferred. Addrraa, stating where an interview can be had, Oox 8,170 Post office, New kork. House wanted to rent?a high stoop pour store House, between Madison and Sixth avenues and Pom teeni'h and Fortieth streets, by a good, responsible tenant, without children. Address box'ASftl Post office, giving location sad lei ias. House wantkd-with stable and coach house attached, In thr vicinity of Fifth avenue, and betn ren Twentieth ana Tntrty-flith streets, for a family of lour alulu?no children. Audreas S., box 3,67i New York Tost office. House wanted-from tup. ist of hat, a high loop, modern built House, location beiweeu Madison and Lexington avenues, and not above Tniriy-flitb atraei, A party having aurb may hear of a good and responsible tenant, for oua or more years, by addressing, staling terms and when toe bouse can ho aeen, C. C. C., box 80ft Herald office. House wanted?on lease of three or five years, by sr mall private lamiiy; location not bi-low Twentieth street, in a respectable neighborhood. R annual below, as the autrrtiacris responsible. Address box 1,606 Post office. SEWING MACHINES WANTED FOR FAMILY USE.? Two second hanu sewing machines (Oruver A Raker a or Wheeler A Wilson's), with latest improvemsnts and out little used. Apply at 154 Weal street. tit"ANTED?IN HARLEM OR WEST MOKIilSANlA11 from the Ist ol April. In a good neighborhood, a nice Collage House and about half an acre of ground, with fruit, shrubbery, Ac. Add revs R., box 18 Madieon squire Post office, stating terms and peril -ultra. TIT ANTED?IN OR NEAR NEW YORK, A BUILDING TT auiiaoie lor u la-lory, sat iiKixlU)Icet, lour storkia; will leas* or pur base. Address but 1X5 Herald ollice. WANTED?A ROOM, SUITABLE FOR THE MILI.Inery buaiticit. In Broadway, between Bleockcr and I Tenth streets, wrat aide. Address C. O. W., Broadway Post office. ^ WANTED-BY A OKNTLEMAN, WIFE, INFANT (S TT months old) and nurse, a Parlor and Bedroom or one Urge Room, with i spurious closet. on second or third flour, wita ail modern conveniences; location not above Tblrtieih street or halo ,' Fourth street, and between Font lb and Seventh avenues. Terms not to exceed fiftt) pot monin. AdUrcte Randolph, aUlinn G. TIT ANTED TO RENT?WITH THE PRIVILEGE OF TT buying, a small lot of Be.ti- nm Furniture, Bedding, Ac. Address or cull on J. I . WARD, Collins' Uoitl, loot of Canal llteei, 10.' two dale. WANTED?FROM THE 1ST OF MAT NEXT TO 1ST o; Ociobrr, lor a amad tnmltv. pari of k llouae or a r.micr, with ground attached, on the Hndron rlerr, not above Yonkrta. Addrea* J. H., hoi 18 foal ofltre, at aim* loalun and In ma, which mud he rrrj moderate. \irANTKD-(l,OUO OK $l,aU>, ON A PROPERTY WORTH IT $4..IK), lor three or bra yaara. Addteaa M. H , box 118 II amid omen. TiTANTED?AT WAR PRICES, BY A RESPECTABLE TY physician, <>n lb* lat of May. two Kooma, an suite, In n respectable heat Ion. niliahle tor an afl|.-a. near Broadway and hJtwien Hlre.-krr and Ponrteenth streets. P urn la had (plainly) preferred. Addrraa Medioua. a la Hon E, for one wank. TIT ANTED?FOR HOUKKKEEPlNll, FURNISHED IT Apartments), fur gnlleman, wile and elitld. Iielow Kliiblh at reel. Addreaa, slating locality and price, or no noU?a will l>e taken, II. H.. box lit H'raid odice Wanted?A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED Hons-, between Third and Sixth aeenura and KltihUi an.l Twentieth streets, with all ilia modern Icnprur. m-nta. by a good, responsible lenani. Addrraa O., Union equate Poet ultra. SPECIAL NOTICES. * AMERICAN OEOORAPHICAL AND STATISTICAL SOA < lety.? CH AK .U.H (IOHLU, Esq., will mad n paper tiefore the aorlety, at an adjourned meet in* at Ita rooms, Clinton Hall, Aatorplare, on Tuesday evening, February II, nl 8 ' o'clock, on "A National Bank a* n nnbniiluta for the Independent Treaaury." WM. COVENTRY H WADDEI.L, Recording Sarretary. OFFICE OF THE PACIFIC MAID STEAMSHIP COM pany. New Tork, Fob. I, I8B.?Nollee la hereby klren thai Mr. Theodore T. Johnson haa been appointed Secretary of Una Company, in iwrqucnee of the resignation of lb? ofli.e by Mr. 8. L Merchant. % ALLAN MdLANK, Pmaldent. pAPER WANTED. Wanted to ptttrbaae, 20,000reama of flne Fntirdrlnler FrlntIng Paper, alxe 32 hy 4c. Co h will be paid on dellaery. Apply at Iba ofloe of thla paper. Relief fund-sixty ninth rkoiment new York Stale Militia?The following auma hare been ret etred and dlaburaed hy Richard O Oorman, Treaanrer of the Fund in Aid 01' the Wldowaand Orphanaof Iba Htny.ninth regiment New York State Militia, atnea January In, IMS, when tin- laat report In thla malhr waa made Ralim eon hand January 1.4. I ?2. $1,7(1 (0 Dlaburaed Mnee January 14, 1 62 IM) DO '.Inner- nn hanil February It, IB** |lr*n SO CIIARi Bs P. DALY, Chairman. Rrcnaan O'tiotiMan, Treamrer. Wu. J. Kan., flat rotary. OFFICIAL. TnKiaunr DerinTuenT. Feb. 4, 1B42. II.>1.1*, . of l ord* of the United tiUta*, dated Annuel l?. | gol ... ;,.T. i? throe year* from ilate, are hi ri by nMiRod that proelaton le made for tho payment of thawupolla of Mint anneal Internal whiob b r oine due on the I9lh Ionian!, I Inioin, agreeably to their tenor, by the Treaanmr of thn i Unit'd 8laie?, at WnehiDitton, or hy either of the Aantalant Trnaanmraat NeV York, Bo?ton end llhiladelphla. All ninth con pone, logelber with nchi dtilea ahowini lh? nnmhor nml nimint of earh eon pun ane the n,*rr irate an in of eanli parr ?l, nm-n he nreaented lor aiaininainiit ami Terhbation at lenet ihi < mil bu.inea*nay* bef-ru payment. I H. P ClIAoK, Ha- retary of Ibe Trcaaory, 12. BOAKDUIO AMD LOOQINO. A LADY WISHES TO GET A CHILD TO BOARD OR nurse; Ii um<I to children; will have a good home and a mother1* can. Location healthy. Call at or addrcja by nutn 77th at, oetwean Sd and din av*. Mr* A. MILL A NUMBER OP PLEASANT SINGLE ROOMS TO LET with Board, suitable fur gentlemen, at 22 Weal fourteenth street, between fifth and Suit avenue*. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A HAND aouie modern house, In a tine location, dealt* to let the Second Floor, furnished or unfurnished, to a ?iu*ll faintly or jutrty or gentlemen. Apply at 2U7 Weal Tweniy-Heooud street, near Eighth avenue. AN ELEGANT PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON THE tirat uoor of an English btt-cmtni bouse: also a line Suit or Rooms on the third floor, to let. with Board. Koouis handsomely furnished, and term* reasonable. Apply at KM Last fourteenth street, near Union square. Dinner at an. A SMALL FAMILY WOULD LET, TOOETHEK OB 8Eperate a suit ot nuutly furnished Rooms, on the itrsl or *c on I floor to gentlemen, with partial Board if desired. Terms uio U rate. Apply at 91 West Eleventh street, near Flft h at en tie. Avery fine room, with extension, on seeond floor, to let, w itb Board, and one .Ingle Room, on fo irth Hoar, at 11*. S ond avenue, between .Seventh and Eighth a. reels; houst ..ud table t.rst class. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR ON second floor, to let, with Hoard; house , ontains the inodern improvements; a quiet hotne reallz-d. Location eligible. References exchanged. Apply a; 23 Grove street, between Blo cker aud Hudson. ? ivunw care i niuu rinn A liAKUC, HII'M'I J\ 1111 nlshed front Room, with Hoard, in the house of a young willow, living quite alone; no bomdeis In Ihe ho ne; gas, Ac. Apply at 175 Greene street, a few doors below Blceilkrr. A FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET? . Separately or together, wltb partial Board, In a smail family, at 21 W est Twenty-second street, near Fifth avenue. Batti room adjoining. A desirable suit of rooms to rent?with Board, to a gentleman and wile, III a first class houte, 1'ar'les desirous of a quiet and genteel noma nan apply at 57 Thirty-first btrent, near Fourth area he. References required. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR ONE OK TWO SINgle genlleun n, may be accommodated with pleasant Rooms, with or without Hoard, st 42 Weal Fifteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. AT 125 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET.?HANDSOME)y furnished Rooms to let. with urst class lioard, .n a smail quiet family; location pleasant and genteel, witu cars and stares convenient. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING THEIR own brown stone bouse, In a most desirable location, wish to r nt to a party ol three or four, a handsomely furnished suit of Rooms, with Board. Cars aud mages leave the corner for every part of the city. Inquire at 72 West Thirty-second slrret. A SUIT OK HANDSOME ROOM8 ON SECOND FLOOR to let, with Board at 40 Eaet Twenty fourth street: house first clans, containing all modern Improvements. References exchanged. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY WISHES TO LET a I in ntshed Bedroom to one or two single gentlemen, w.ih or without Board. Cull at 261 Elizabeth street, near Bieecker, lop floor. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO ACCOMMO Ulc a family or lew single gentlemen with pleasant Rooms and good Board, with all the i omforts of a home, on very moderate lurms; also, a protrasor of musician be accommodated; lessons taken in pait payment; house and neighborhood first class, situaieu on West Twenty-third street. Address for one w-ck Merchant, stall,inG. Apartments, consisting op four large rooms and three small ones, hot and cold water, pleuty of closets, Ac., to let, with Board, suitable for gentlemen and their wives or single genilcmen. Tcims low. Call at 21 Seventh avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. A PRIVATE FAMILY WISHES TO RENT A NEATLY luruished back Parlor to a gentleman and wife, or one or two single gentlemen, with private table If required. Apply at 191 West Twenty-seventh street. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING MORB room then needed, could accommodate agenlleraau and wife, or two single geutlemen, with Board and pleasant Rooms, at 114 East Eighteenth street, nesr Irving place. A GENTEEL PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING AT 53 West Thirty-eighth street, will let a second story front Room, beautifully furnished, to a gentleman and lady or two single geutlemen, with or without Board. Best references given and required. No change 1st of May. AT 82 NINTH STREBT, WEST OF BROADWAY (LOCAllon renirul), a n-ally furnished front Parlor, on second Hour, with or without Bedroom adjoining, with Boardf lor gentleman and wife; also Hal! ana other R aims for single gentlemen. Dinner at six o'clock. Unexceptionable references given auu required. _ A COUPLE OP GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMOdated w ith a very nice Room; also, a Hall Bedroom lor a single gentleman. References required. Dinner at six. Apply at 46 Bieecker street. A FAMILY OF TlfilEE ADULTS ARE DESIROUS OF renting a furnished or partly furnished llouae, the real or part cf it taken In Board, with the privilege of taking a few first class g< utlemen. References unexceptionable. Address for one week L. V., s'atiun G. A gentleman. with a small family, derihen Board with a prlvat- family, on wi at aide of tow a, below Twentieth street; unfurnished Roomi, on aecond or Ibirtl tioor. Unexceptionable references required. Address A. X., Herald office. Board.?to let, with board, at no. 1s7 second avt nue. between Elguth and Ninth streets, two ni alv furnished Rooms on third floor; location vary desirable. References exchanged. Board.?twenty-third street, near ninth nvenue, front Room, with Bedroom for two $8; single Rooiua, at 96 60; family private, Apply In the baker), 13ft Ninth avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth turrets. Board.-oentlemen and their wtves, or single gentlemen can lie accommodated with Parlor and Bedrooms nr Rooms, at 178 West Fourteenth atrrct. Terms I moderate. References given and required. Dinner at fl. Board.?one large room, second stokyfionl, at 47 West Eleventh street, between Fifth avenue and University place, suitable for two gentlrmrn or a gentleman and wife. Referenoes eichangetL Board.?pleasant rooms, with pull or parUal Board, at Iftft Hudson strsst, opposite St. John's Park. References exchanged. Board -wanted, apartments for a oentleman and bla wife, also a single gentleman, between Fontteenth and Tweniy-thlrd streets and Filth and Sixth aventiea. A private lamily preferred. Address bos 1,39ft Post ofllce. Board.-two parlous to let, on the second floor, with Board, lo gentlemen and their wives, or single geutl-mrn. where there are but few boardera. T.:e house contains all the moderm Impruvementa No. 37 East Eleventh street. Board.?two pleasant and well furnished front Rooms on the second floor, and one on the fourth, separately or t g-ilier, with Board, at 83 Ciintou place, near Fi.tb avenue. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Board to suit the times?single gentlemen. $lf 00 end 98. A ten good Itnoma for gentlemen and their wivea, at Mr*. A. Taylors hSl Ureenwlcb street. Board wanted-por a gentleman and wife, laughter and lady and son. In a private family; well lo. rated, between Tenth and Twenlv-nlnth streets, weal of Broadway. Tbe whole of second floor, furnished nr unfit:nlahed. ral lies desirous of reducing Ihelr expenses and at RMM time making Ipleasant home. Table wrll fuiniahed. No bosriling housekeepers need answer. Looms lo be occupied about the middle of April Adtlreet, with full particulars as lo price, Ac., T. W. M., box 91 Brooklyn Poat ntflce. Board wanted?a gentleman wants a fur nlahed Room, with grate and gas, and Board, In a fa. mily, where be can have pleasant so'lety; below Fourteenth street prefenrd. Adtlress. atatlng terms and particulars, C. H. D., boa 179 Herald oflire. Board wantkd-by a ladt, including room 9re. light, Ar.; wltb a widow preferred; terms 94 SO to 96 per week; will pay in advance It required. Address J. O., box 190 Herald otbee. Board wanted?in a private family, by a lady and gentleman; board for the lady only; wltb a widow preferred; pi rues having other boarders need not answer Address Mrs Cross, Madison square Poat office. Board wanted?in Brooklyn, in the vicinity ol Washington avenue, for n gentleman and wife. A private family preferied. Address, with full particulars, b m. t . box M Herald office. vv>nnri vii_inian >ivnn nv a atanir ntv. 15 tlemao, within Ore or ten minute*' walk oI Mouth or Wall atreet feiry. State tcrma, wbleh muat be moderate. Addreaa B M., Herald ufflee. Brooklyn board.-a handsomely n rnished around etnry front Room to a<ouple lor $13 per weak; also a third 11017 front Room for $9: gentlemen $3 BO per work; houao alrictW Brat rlaaa: location marenirnt to Wall at reel and South ferric*. Addrraa A. P., box 1.W7 Poet otBre Board in Brooklyn-a oentlbman and wife, or a young gentleman, or two Toting I ad lea, ran obtain Board, with plraaant Room*, good table aad a pleaauat hotnr, at a eery moderate price. Oaa and water through the bouee. Care paaa the door. Inquire at 316 Bridge etreet. Board in Brooklyn ?to lrt, with board, to a grntloman aad wife, a large front Room, eecond atory, with Hall Bedroom. The houee baa all the modern lmpr<.Tenant*. Inquire at 100 llenry aireet, between Stale and Atlantic at reft a. Board in Brooklyn-two plbasant rooms together or eeparatc, In the honae of a amall lamlly, Bath In the honae. Term* moderate. Apply at 77 Clinton air?et. one door from L rlngalon. Brooklyn heiohth -to let, with roard, a Tery aleaaant Pront Parlor and Bedroom, on aeeond B001, at No. & Poplar atreet, within throe minute*' walk uf Pullon ferry, and eight of Wall etreet Brooklyn iieiohts.-to let. with board, to a gentleman and wife, or two etngfe gentlemen, a Ro m; family email, location good. Call at i7 PopUr atreet. Three minute*' walk from Pulton ferry. Reference* eirhanged. BWUKblH HOAIUJ-riiMi lb* *WU?UUA liona for a gent aniati and wlf# and four or lira frail* men, with every attention to romforl: front and Bank Room* on aeoond and third lory, and Hall Bedrooma, all handaomely fnrnm-rd Term* moderate. Apply al MMCarrol ?tpret Board in brooklyn-por two okntlemkn with llirlrwlvea, or a few atngle gentlemen. In oo? of the flneat illuatlona on Bedford avenue. Addrea* Bedford, Hiooklyn Po*l ofUee. . Board in Brooklyn -married or single gen. tlemeti ran he accommodated With Board and pUuaant Room* at 47 Coneord atreel. Neighborhood pleaaaot aad < ..nvenlent lo the fen lea Brooklyn hrmhtn.?a pleasant rurniiiied Parlor to rent, with Hoard, lo gentlemen, or a gentleman Mid wife; alao a Boom tor a ahigle gentleman. eligible Inratlnn, 1ft Willow aireet, within three minute*' walk of Pulton ferry. FAMILIES DESIRING TO LIVE RETIRED IN A PRT vale lamiiy, hotute llrat elane, can have an entire rta mikI Kloor, wHii ftodrrvi ront*ntonro*, md hanrt?on?Hv f ir ni'h?Ml, with prlvitn (able, by culling Imnifdlft'el; ?l VI wnt Twont) -anrond snort. LAOWIll It AVENUE, NEtR MADISON SO PAREr Vrrv dfftinblr llooinf, *ith Hoard, ifisy Nt ?btAineu in i? prttsio lanvly rrsiding si 417 Fourth nxriiue. UtuiJfr In Ihr ni'dit c ?r tr.o day. ' f, - -a # s 'T * ( 1 A. * fc . ? ! 3 BOAEP1MO AID IsOPOTMO. urnished rooms to let?to 0bntlembltok 1 1 jr?TO H road war ?One large bank farlor. on urel floor, and a large front and aide Room do aoopnd dour, with all modern improvement!. tjtrbbom BOARD ?on k OB TWO OBNTLBMBN cam I be acoomtntdaied with well furnished front Rouma and Board, in the beat style, in a Nrench family, occupying a modern bonne, at SO West Twelfth street, bntw"en Kit tb and Smth avenues. Spanish, German and English spoken. Fl'KNIKHKD BOOMS TO LET-TWO NKATf.T SUJtnUbed R >oms to a :eni|em?n and wife, with privilege of cooking, or witli Boaid.or to single gentlemen, In a house with h small family. Apply at *17 West Twenty-fourth alreet. n?ai Eighth avenue. Furnished rooms to let-home as low as $' od 5T *'r?and BreaKlaat can be bad If required, at lr*0 Moit street, three doora above Broome. Stupes and cani convenient to all parts of the city. |1WU I1UAKU 4B1) t'HOK l! ROOMS FOR GENTLE """n ?nil their wlvc?, at 211) Second aveuue, between 1 wclflh and Thirteenth streets, m ar tit. Mark's place. Alio, lor two single gentlemen, or two ladies, who will room together. Uuum, ueignhorbood and table first class. Din nerut ill o clock. Handsomely furnished rooms to let?to ladles and gentlemen, board lor ladies only. Also a a lew young ladies can be accommodated with uanilsoine Rmiius, Please call at 11 East Eleventh street, near Fourth avenue. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY WHO HAVE NO BOARD era.?A w ell Furnished Room, with large closet, lire, gas, bathing room, Ac., Tor single gentlemen. Hmakfaet served in room if ueilrt d. Apply at lit West Eleventh street, between Broadway and Uuivaraily place. XTO. 7 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, ON MADISON J_> square.?A single furnished Room to let, with tire and S? PLEASANT AND NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH nr-t i la a, for a gcutleman and wife or two single gentlemen, at 124 West Twelfth street. Reference given and required. Private BOARD.?A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCI'PYIngafpur ftorv home. No. it West Thirty-sixth sweet, between i ifth and Swlh at en ties, oiler Board and well furDished Ronnie to lnuiille" without children, and to single g nilornen. Terras reasonau.h m desirable boarders. Refe reti a-? exchanged. Pheasant rooms, with board. Can be had at 36 Cllulon pla>e, near Kutb avunue. Dinner at 0. Only a lew boarders taken. TO GENTLEMEN.?A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY DB sires to let, without Board, 10 a genUemsn, a neatly fur nlshed, comfortable Room and Pantry, with use of bathroom adjoining. Apply at 143 Weal Houston street, corner of Macdouga). rpO LET (P.ENT TAKEN IN BOARD BY TWO PER A sons)?from 1st May, the four story Ilousn ph'SKiutly located. No. 44 West Washington place, third door from Sixth avenue, a pilvate family preferred. Fur particular*inquire on the premises lroui 10 to 13 M. and 2 to 4 F. M. TO LET?A ROOM IN THE ATTIC, FURNISHED, FOR two genllcmrn or a gentleman and wife. Rent (A per month, In advance. Also one Kmut and Back Haeeniual. Kent fd per month, in advance. Inquire at G2 Sixth uvenue. TO LET?W1TII BOARD. ONR LARUE ROOM AND Bedroom, unfurl I-bed. Any gentleman and wire having furnitui c will find it to their advantage to callatouce. Terms according to the times. Apply at 38 Weat Twelfth street, between Fifth slid Sixth avenues. TO LET?FURNISHED ROOMS, WITHOUT BOARD Apply at No. 1 Amity street, near Broadway. TWO NICELY-FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS TO LET? To a guntlemau and wife; partial Board for gentlemen. Terms moderate. Apply at No. a 9 Amity stieit, near Broadway. rVO YOUNG LADIES CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with Hoard, in a small private family. Apply at KM West Twenty-fourth street. TWO YOUNG GENTIJ5MEN ARE DESIROUS OF OB' taiuiug Board, with good accommodations, in a well fur' nished house, h.ivin : all ihe modern improvements. Loot" lion ne.u' Broadway. between Tenth and Twenticlh streets. Dinner at six. Address, mating terms and accommodations, Chan. R., box 1S7 Herald oillce, for two days, TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR TWO OR three single gentlemen -an be accommodated with very pleasant Rooms In a small pi ovate family; bouse first class, with all the modern Improve inents. 134 Amity street, Brooklyn, ihree minutes' walk iroin South ferry. TWO GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN A VERY FINE large Room, furnished, with bath room adjoining, fire, gas, Ac., with Board, in a first class house, for $9 per week; also a furnished Room for oue gentleman, with Board, Ac., for $4, st 148 West Twenty-fourth street, between Seventh end Eighth svenues. \\rANTED?BY A WIDOW LADY. A CHILD TO IT Board, from three to six years of age; would lata front Bedroom, furnished or unfurnished, to a single person. Inquire ut 113 First avenue, third floor, frpat WANTED?TWO WELL FURNISHED ROOM8, IN A private family, by a gentleman and wife without children, for light housekeeping; west of Broadway, north of Twelfth street desirable. WIB pay. for suitable rooms, lea pleasant locality, about $14 monthly. Address 3, box 4,097 Pniii nfllf'R WANTED?FOR THREE ADULTS, TWO ROOMS AMD two Bedroom*. In * genteel modern hiiuu, from Filth 10 Twentieth street, and between Second avenue and Broadway; rent not lo exceed $12 tier mouth. References undoubted. Addrets J. P.. <8 Bait Houston street. WANTED?IN HARLEM, BY THE LAST OP APRIL. Bnnrd lor a gentleman end hie wife, In a strictly private family. KeiVrenoes given and required. Address for HueHays C. C? Harlem Poet otOoe. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIPE, Board In the Seventeenth ward. House uiuet be first class and well located. Address Secretary, bos 190 Herald odiie. OA HT. MARK'S PLACE.?LA ROB HANDSOMELY OT Ittrnlshed Rooms, en suite or single, to let. with full or partial Board. Unties Ural class, and a limited number of boardrrr taken. Best of reference* given and required. t*Q ST. MARK'S PLACB. EIGHTH STREET.-LARGE, UO pleasant Parlor and extanaion on first Boor, lo let, with Ri.nrd, to a gentleman and wife, or single sen Or men. Also a s.uge room on tbo second story. Dinner at 6\. 7Q SPUING STREET, THREB DOORS PROM BROAD I <7 way ?To let, bairdsemely furnished Rooms, to stag)* gentlemen; the location Is near all the first eiasa hotels and plains of ainusemenl; reading room free. Inquire of Anson House. HQ GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING?ALSTON t/O House.?Elegantly turnlvbed suits of Rooms; gas, I rolon nnd every ounvenienfe for housekeeping economically; particularly suitable lor ?uiell respectable fOMtUWer single grutlrmrn. Rent low lo permanent truants. 1 HQ GREENE STREET.-FURNISHED ROOM8 TO 1' FU let. sA line front Room on first Hour, suitable for a pi i v slcls n's office, and Chamber, very cheap. Also, a Front Room, second floor, $2; and hall Redroom, $1. At 28 Greene si!ret, front Basement, unfurnished, with attic Rooms. 1 Aft NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.?GENTLElUv) men and their wives or stngla gentlemen can be accommodated with good Board, on moderate terms, by applying at the above number. Dinner at 8 o'clock. Reference required. 1A7 ORKENB STREET. BETWEEN SPRING AND iU | Prince.?Superbly furnished Rooms to let, for ladlce and gentlemen; Board for ladies enly; an Interview will salisly; good location, near Broadway, and good hoard. 11A MACDOUGAL STREET, NEAR HLBBCKKR?IS J J.U now qpened as a privut" family hotel, or tbo re- sp li.n of single genii) men or small families, tlrcil of boarding. Parties desirous of houarseeping ean find every oonvenleneo at the above establishment 1 ft r BLEBCKER STREET, OPPOSITE DEPAO ROW? JLUU A handsome front (third story) Room furnished, with Board; hot anil cold water, gas, large closet; slee other Booms. Hons* first < !**? Re forme sttxrhan.el. 1 PRINCE STREET.-St. CLAIR HOUSE.?RLElull gantly furnished llo-ima, with Bedrooms aUaened, with all the conventenoes for housekeeping complete, including gas end Oroiou water, to let to respectable famllleo or Mnghg?Ueaion. 1 If* BLEECKER STREET, SIX BLOCKS WEST OP 11 U Broadway?A new house, with all the modern Improvements. Pleasant Rooms with eiorl.cnt Hosed, from is 38 to P? r wee k. Break last from 8 to 9; dinner at I2>t and fi. 1 QQ BLEECKKR 8TREBT.? FURNISHED ROOMS TO LXf?l let, aultahle for gentlemen or respectable tamllles. with or without Board, rrom $2 to $fi per week; huuec bao all tbo modern Improvements. References required. ill M ELI BTUfiT, I*BA? DrMnu^rviun^iiriir JJLXJ Apirt menu tor immediate occupancy. The loweet mil la the city, oonaidcrlilg the ronventeaoe tor MOiMlril housekeeping. Bant twitting and furniture, with rang*, rooking utensils aod IInan complete, gas and i roton. MISCBLLARBOtl. AT CONNER'S, MO. S77 BOWBBY, NKXT TO FIFTH A etrrrt, promenade Ki tension Top Waterproof Boota. BS SO; prime <?nlf, tap aole. Waterproof Boota, IS It); Boots lor firemen, superior quality, tJ 50 to $S DO. A 8TONI8IIINO CURES?TIIOSE IN I LI. nP.ALTH OR _/\. trouble ehould at once commit Dr. SUlBKLk. tbe celebrated Independent Clairvoyant, whoae rnrra are abaoliitelr aiartltng. lie eiapilma dlaeaora and proaaribea for their remedy: rommunteetea with abaent frlenda and telle of their whereabouts. The namaa and reatdence of the moat respectable residents of Brooklyn and New York can be gfren. Medical eonaulntluna SI I business do. SO tenia. Room a 113 Com ord atreet, near Hold, Brooklyn. pONWDBNTIAL LETTER WniTINti, COPYING, AC.". V> by Mra. Eveline Morris, 159 Ureene street, lust borne above Houaton alroet, west aide. Ladles, M oenta; grn'le men, SI. OIRro hour* from 10 A. M till 4 P. M. A. B.? le-gal documrnta copied with aocuraey end at Ihaehertrat nouce. 8EYMOVV?~aAl.KRTK DB8 COBTUMK8 AND ? Maaonie Itegalie Depot, 1IU Canal atroete-Bal Marque Coatumta ol the moat elaborate, elegant and varied rolea, for surprise and eoatume pari as. to hire and made to order. Dialogue* written and rlaya arranged for parlor entertainment* Regalia, hworde and Jewels, for societies, of superior manu acturv. O >oda ami to any part of the United Hlatea or Canada. MARBLE M ANTEI.8 ? URKAT BABOAIN8 IN MANlele. A large etorh en hand and a groat radwetloa In priori for any kind orderrd this month. OaII ?oon al A. kLABER 8 marble yard. IIS Baal Eighteenth atreet,_eeat of Third avauna. Mnotal* put ujiIn any paoa m ^b^ roaafrf NEW STYLE OP KEROSENE OIL BURNSR8?IJBR them and avoid breaking !itmaya. Srid wh^raala and retail at CHAPPKL A POOL*. 44 Pulion afreet, Brooklyn. ? - r paRKBK. ibs WABHINOk SA:* .7.. r ,nirr If tort. Mil* abotM ViiXi "tfALBHTINB ' UfKlV ALI/El> APARTMEHT Now Rrwlt, dont forget yovr U fiol.DIER LOT ERR. Keep their courage up with a routing Valentine. SIX CENTS TOAMrBWD??LLAR8 EACH. - A. ? . SRUAHH AND TQRACCO. CKOATIS VERY OHEAf.?THE XsSIORRE. AT 1*0. IT O Kr<>* I wot, I* offering greeliaduceAruie to c*?hhut re. In Hevh a,Tlonvell ?niTO?i wtn StgATe <"?lt *"A I at cK an.i pric-e. ; . r; \ i \ - t 1 - ->

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