Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1862 Page 5
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him from v/asaihstoa. . W AsiUBtno*, Fob. 10,1SG2. OttblCM FOB THI AUUKST UK UK. IVKg. Ordered, That a per.ou ca liti< himself Doctor Ives, a native of a rebel Slate, whose brother, lately iu the uailiury service of the United States, Is now tut officer In the r bel army, and who pretends to be a spec-is' representative of the New York Hkkalo for Washington, be arri-eieit, and bold In close custody at Fort Mo Henry, a* a spy, and for violating the rules and rej;ulatioux of this Department, in this: thul on Saturday* the 8th day of February, I8tl2, against public and woll kuown regulations for the sale transaction of Ton gresaionu' business, ha intruded himself into the War Department, and into the clumbers where the Secretary and bis a??isUats were transacting business with mem bo, s of Congress, for the purpose of spying and obtaining war news and intelligence iu respect In Cabinet consultations, telegrams, Ac., for publication, which he Icnew were uot authorised to bo published; and, having so Intruded, he conducted him self insolently, making threats to an Assistant Secretary, PMar if. Waisou, of the hoatility of the Nsw Yokk Heoin against the administration of the War Detriment, unl'-ns he was afforded special privileges and furnished intulligonce in tho Popat tmeut in respect to Cabinet consultations, telegrams, official commicatious, Bad all news, tho moment it was received by the Department, and in advance of all other papers. m I The War Department U tho place wharo the President, Oommsnder-tn-Chief of the Army and Navy, uud his subordinate, the Secretary of War, and other public of ocers, are ?.irncsuy engaged iniae mis 111 ess 01 overcoming treason end rebellion against the government or th? United Slate*. It is not a place where spies or iraitors> or any person but for public pur|toses, can be sultbrod io enter or harbor. Newspapers are valuable organ* of public intelligence and Instruction, and every proper facility will be aifbrded all loyui persons to procure, on oqual terras, information of t>uch public facts as may ba properly tnade known in time or rebellion; but, no matter bow useful or powerful the press may be, like everything else, it is subordinate to national safety, the fate of an army, or the destiny of tho nation, may b0 imperiled by a spy in the garb of a newspaper agenti Tho nation is in oonflict with treason and rebellion, and may be threatened by foreign loea. Tho lives and for* tunes of twenty millions of people, and the pcaco sad happiness of their posterity' in the loyal Htatee, the late of public liberty and republican government forever, are staked u|>on the instant issue. The duties of the President, his Secretary, of every offl. eer of the government, and especially in the War Department and military service, are at this moment urgent? the most solemn and urgent that evor fell upon men. No nawsgatherer, nor any other person, ror sordid or treasonable purposes, can be suffered to iulrude upon them at such a*i ime to procure news by threats or spy out official acts which the safety of the nation requires not to be disclosed, tor those reasons the aforesaid Ives has been arrested aud imprisoned, and all persou* so offending will be dealt with in like wanner. EDWIN II. 9TANTON, Secretary of War. THR TRBA8URY NOT! BII.L Iff TIIK SKSATK. There is good reason to believe that the Treasury N'ote bill, with the specie clause relative to the payment of interest on the government bonds, will pass tho donate, pro NICWS from MTRXRTPR'" or oh ant's sapkdition's. There m no news from either General Burnsuie's or the Tsnue^ee river to-night mm can be mnde public. If there wax oitber a repulse of victory .It would cheerfully be communicated, but the only intelligence re oeived is in regard to movements which the officers of the government deetn best to keep, Lor a while at least, a a erst. affairs in tbk camp* INWlKlilMA. There is no news of any description from over lbs rarer. The drying up of the mud, under the action of the sua and wind, Is hailad with great satisfaction by the treope, wfao are tired of their inactivity. (I.I.NKS8 OF THR 8CCRKTAHY OF WAR. The Secretary of War was seised with a vertigo to-day, from which lie has suffered severely. He is better tonight, end ex|wets to be at bin post again to-morrow. ABUT APPOINTMENTS CONFIRMED BY TUB SBNATE. The Senate to-day in executive session confirmed the nomination of H. W. Halleck as Major General in the ar inj vn iir vuimu sum, >uu r.'.aau n. mtCBGOCK il?|or i trniil of Volunteer*; also Robert Anderson and James W. Dearer a* Brigadier Generals of Volunteers; Major Kbeoeaer Sibley aa Deputy Quarter man tor, with the rank at Lieutenant Colonel; and, among other military conflrmattonn of leaser rank, WalUr M>-Michael,of I'hiladelpkla.aa Amount Adjutant General, with the rank of depute. CityL ArrOIKTMBNTS CONPIRMKD. The Senate alao oonflrmed George W. Palmer, of New Terk.Cnaaul to Cnadia, and Jamea R. Partridge, of Mary, tand, Miniater Resident at Honduras. PROMOTION OP QR1*. PIT/JOHN PORTIK. Gen. Pttvjohn Porter has been reported unanimously by I be Military Committee of the Senate to-day aa Major i General. There has been no ijueMion In the committee tn regard to hia nomination, which waa laid ever under the rale, and will be oonflrmed at the next executive tn SLAvmtT qvisriox. Mr. Summer will to-morrow introduce leeoluiiona denlnrntory of the relatione betweeu the United States and the territory unoccupied by certain State*, and now tieurped hy pretended governments, without oonstitnvtoaal or legsl right. The resolves declare that the re vol ted Slates hava committed ft In dt is, and their relatieaa, as members of the Unue.i Statee, no longer exiat; that their allegiance h.u been severed, and the federal government owea no obligation to any pre tended .stale government usnrpiug certain territory, that * individuals occupy in- su<li territory owe alia gianoeU the generargovernmeiil ouly, and the genera^ gevemmoal to the indlvldnals; Um-wfore persons hereto'ore held a" slave* may look henceforth to the general government for protection as individual*. AftKKST OP ALI.PtlKb *?:< VSRIMMSTtl. Mblor W. J. Kassin win si rested recently in Kent I eooDty, Mar viand Ho we- an officer in the rebel army. B. H. Jenkins, of Alexandria, waa also arrasted several day* ac?. He had arrived from K < hmond, via Norfolk, and had .? |?a?? sigued by the rebel Secretary of War. Both of tliem ire uow in the old f'spitol prison Jenkins acknowledges that be is a necevstoniet, and refuse* 10 take the on b of ailegiaDCe to the rovernmeat. He ief Alexandria during tho month of Aogoat for Richmond and waM^ssist^d in making hi- esraoe by known ?? sieaiete. AKRPRT OP A Hc' SStOSIIH . /K lady, celling bersslf lira. Morris, a ho came hara (Vein Rirhuiond some time aim:*, alleging tbat she bail beaa compelled to leave oo arcouni ol'expression* 01 ay tn pathr with the North, waa arrvatad to-day, aad locked up 'a tb* Capitol Hilt prison. Ph? is charged with giving information to the enemy regardina tbc position and trengtii of the fedaral tioopa aad KirtiUcailona in and About Waahioglon. Mr. Walworth, son of ObaMsollor Walworth, of New York,clerk ia ta? AdjaUat General a Alee, has alao been arretted aad impnaanad on t bargs or aetlng in cnmpiieiiy witk her. Thie Mr*. Morris, who is a gay, dashing aad sprightly widow, It will be remetnlieiod. eflerad, for on* hundred tbonaaod dollara. to aiptaia lb# r*bel army nignalv I'hie offbr woe not an opted, but far prmieutlal reason* it waa deemed advisable to keep a strict watch upon her. and the reeutt baa been b*r xrrett. which toek place at lour O'clock this morning, while she was 10 bad al be' bnt*V ABRKST or AN tri*lf>f?AI. CLBR?T?AN. ad tnD*i??" '"i inmrru|.m>o m-mareo *e>tordaj 1? 111* nerrice in Ilia Kpi.seophi <-hur?.li in Alexandria R??. Mr. Norton, I he f.aator, who has pari i?m;j lefuaed to irnr flhr the r'les.deul, a* in tha stated fmms of prayer,ra pealed iba ..tuieaion, end war arretted, without heiaR tllowri] to proceed further ftoneiderahle eTei!rm?ot atitendnd the aneet. I ha barf aya.btt him is treason Ha ha? Im> iu mnniilied to pi iron to await eseaination 'rfl(Ht|i.(r or nrttLOVAurr aiiaivkt army mm UIOKS. A M-Hosl Roerd of At my Surgeons hat juat baan ep grunted in rtamina iha subject m' dismissal* from tha 01 m) , on !h? ground of alleged tlpdfbdity It baa been finind thai. gro?* abuse* aital d ihr matter nf Army dla charger, ?nil the abiact. la to datiaa mm*' p'nu wbeteby there rbits' >mr be correct I, and a schema dtvtted to ohTiata the."' rOfhrreece.o future. Tha following surge ?n? lonriitnte Iba boarc Brigade' surgeons I rnuu, W stars and Beat J*ft ami regimental aitrgromf Chur bill, Mn?art and i Jtrew They tiold their (lrtit meeting to-morrow in One ral VWRiehri I'm tor'* division. orrieiAi. m*rorp rrpariiino mi Ht*?iso ar tub mavonu stonr rt.Krr orr in aiii.mto*. "Ota Nava liepartmeet baa received a commonn ation gram fapt Onftont om loalaig Iba report of rommander Vereoit <>a the dieitaaiiioo nf iba teeoid atone fleet font, aiaadi't Parridt states tbal tha remainder ef tha tinea Meat wars got i?l >Jpeslt?ea aad s%?k vn tha fatb alt , U? a' ' '***' ' ' ' . ? h 4 v W. > .%*' y -,n d*te of his report. (oininander Parrott thinks the stone veMe'i are t-sr-* idiugly well plaoed, as they effootually block ? deep and excellent pasoago to tba north of Rattlesnake Shoal. ('apt. Dupout states:?"Tho department ia misinformed, 1 infer, fruui a letter received lual night, on to the leabel getting into Charleston by the main channel, where the , previous Heel was sunk. The obstruction thero is com | plete,and has not been removed by the laat gales, the water breaking clear across. The Isabel got in by Mof | Hit's Channel; and as that portion of it included bs iween Haltlesnslce Shoal and the chore has been blocked up by the second stone fleet, the possibility of getting into Charleston is still more circumscribed, the only channels remaining being the Swash end a portion or Motntt's, and I have never leas than three vessels covering them, and which now ride out the gales at anchor." OPBBATION8 ON THkl LOW KB POTOMAC. As the Stepping Stones wss leaving the lowor flotilla yesterday morning, on her way upwards, the Frooborn and the Kcsolute were starting ?u a reoounoitering expedition at Aquia crock. A boat waa sent off from each vessel, and on nearing the shore lliey were perceived by the robots, who tired several shots at thsm, but without effect. One shot was tired at the Resolute, passing clos8 to her stern. Tbe boats then put back, and tho steamers returned to their anchorage. This morning a solitary shot was flred from tho battery at Cockpit Point towards the Maryland shore, but It has not been ascertained at u.K?* TKaOlaw?!n? CtAltAO nhila T UirifA IV nil har ffilf tt ii?4i. u?0|?{iiu? cm/uvD! nuuv 4 ? -? 0 to WMhiugton, having keen detailed to take tJenersl Sick lee up to the city. Having pieced provisions and email stores 00 board the vessels of the lower flotilla, and supplied officers and men with money, the Stepping Stones castoff from tba Freoboru at Liverpool Point at three o'clock this morning. We passed the batteries without a shot boing tired at us. Win. Moody, seaman and Second Captain of the after gun on the Freeborn, has been appointed Master's Mate, dated February 4. On Friday morning a launch left Malta woman creek, with stores for the Fifth Excelsior regiment. On reaching Stump Neck the battery on Cock Pit I'oint opened Are on her. This was followed up by a continuous flro from the a^ole line of batteries, but though the launch kept the middle of the river, not a shot struck her. On reach, ing Liverpool Poiut, where the regiment is oucamped, they were flred npon from a new battery opposite, but all the shots fell short. Ihis Is the first time Ore has been openod from that spot, and opinions differ as to whether there is a fixed battery there or whether the Are was from flald pieces. OOVKBNMHNT flONTBACTS. Senator Wilsou's bill, reported to day, concerning contracts, requires that all of them shall be exec ited literally and etrictly in accordance with the terms, otnerwise to be abrogated; contracts to be made only with parties actually engaged in. the business of maun facturing or of furnishing articles of the kind contracted (or or ordered; transfers to other parties to work will cause the annulmout of the contracts. OCR CLAIMS AC A INST CHINA. The convention between the United States and China, for the adjustmeut of claims, wilt be publi?ht:d to mor row. It Is eminently satisfactory, and favorable to thiR government. MILITARY ROAD IN TIROINIA. A corduroy road is being bqllt from Hall's Hill, Coin oral Fitzjoba Porter's headquarters, to the aqucduc1 bridge leading to Georgetown. The present im;iassability of the roads, on account of the deep mud, has rendered this step necessary to facilitate trans portallon of commissary stores and the movomeut. of troops of the divisions through which the road passes, should a movement he nccesinry. THK 8TKV1NS BATTKttV. Mr. Kflwln A. Sleveus, of Hoboken, has arrivad m this city, to lay before the Army Committee the facts con nectcd with the Stevens floaiiug battery, lie allege* hie ability to prove to their sa'iefaction (he eulirc predion. biHly of bis buttery lor war purposes. Taw. POST If ASTER AT PIIfI.Ar.EI.PnrA. The ttatamont telegraphed hence that attempts are making to remove I'oatmaeter Walborn, at Philadelphia' is untrue. DEATH OP a SENATE CLERK. John C. Fitzpatriok, for many years pay clerk of the United States Senate died last night, after nevti?I days illness of pneumonia. THE OLD AND NBW 8HIPS-OP-WAR FRANKLIN. The Sseretary of the Navy,in reply to an inquiry of the Senate, says, in refereuce to the ship-of-war Frank! u, the present vessel is not the old one altered and repaired* bat an entirely new one, altogethor different in fiirtn and dimensions. It does not appear on the records or the bureau that any portion of the old vessel was used in the construction of the new one. The total cost of the ship to the present time, is nearly $440,000. With regard (o bar completion, no time has been determined. The plana of the machinery have just been arranged, and its con. structioa and erection will require not lass than twelv* months. THE roHTAI. SERVICE. Two large and influential petition* were presented to fey* one in each House, asking for various assumed greatly needed reforms in postal affairs. These petition, contain over 10,000 names, including those of note in the city and State of New Tork, merchants, financiers, statesman, Arc. MR. ALEXANDER CCMMINUS SUMMONED TO WA8HINO* TON. The Secretary of War, it is staled, has directed Mr. Cuuming*, lata of the Philadelphia Bulidin. and more recently of the New York World, aa proprietor, lu visit Washington. CHARGES AGAINST COLONEL PICK ELL. Charges liavo been preferred ugamal Colonel Pickett, Thirteenth regiment New York Volunteers, sod a court martial is ordered, v.hich will commence Its sittings te morrow. Ilrigadier General jtutterfleld la President ef the Court. CONDITION OP THE* PRESIDENT'S SON. id* report in mierrnce vo mo son or lue I'reiiideiit to night is, thsi ho is still improving, mud I* rsriaiuiv e* peeled to recover. TBI CBLBBFATION Of WASHINGTON'S BIKTH1IAT. The resolutions introduced by Mr. frllteuden to-day, in i efaremce to tbo appropriate celebration or Washington'a birthday, are bailed with infinite natlalartion by the whole people ol Waaluoftoo. They want to aee tbe birthday of the Father of our Coanlry appropriately observed, ton UIJAFP* IN TIE BORDER STATE*. The proposition to reiae twelve months volunteers, to serve enly in tbe border States iu which they are raised, flods little favor ia the Senate, sad will hardly he allowed to pear. TBB COLONKLCT OK ml WBSTBBH BAT BT ATI It KG I MINT. Captain N. A. M. Dudley,of the Tenth United Ststee infantry, baa bsea granted lease by the War DeparUneei to assume the roloaelcy ef the Western Ray State , egi men I, attached to General Butler s expedition. sad i* di. reeled to proceed le Fortress Monroe to jeia the regiment he is to command. Ha ia aa eipertenced and popular offlcar, and will make an eglrieal regiment ef aqy body of men be commends. Sola Horn of the Kief ef Trace. (From the Washington rhroatele, Feb. 9. | Considerable interest has been awakened of late in re> gard to the subject matter of the flag of trace recently eenl by Geo. .tohoetoo, the commander of the rebel army, to Geo. McClellan. From the reel that a number of > ou auttatioo* were held with the different heads ef government It wee auptiosed that the matter to be treated of was eno that vitally affbetad the gueetton of the war. Aitbo igh no official anaouneement baa b?en made we may elate, to quiet the apprebenaioas of the publlr, that the question involved ia oae that In ao maunor relates either I* the rscoynitioo ef the Southern onfaderacv or the continuance of the war. Tha important o of ih* point to be treated ol was oee wholly dependent upon the answer returned. An aaawer has already beea peanec in tbe despatch, and ilia nbove is probably an winch as tbe public. will be allowed to leern of tbe affhir. THIRTY-SRVWSTH CONURIIfl. rtasr sxmion. Senate. Wakoimiiob, Feb 10, IMd. ma 111 aim ur *? losina. or soma cabolma, to a ea*r in ixuvname. Th? Vua ri:s?iorsr presented aconnnuulustioa from the I'rMhtam , CcIopiiij toinmtinlraltoii Irom a meeting uf nti/ena of North t arolina.helil at FTatieraa, Ju. 10,180'i. in rag*"I la the rejection of Mr. fouler m their repre triiaUwe, ami mil mantling no bin right to ba the repre ??ntame of the loyal eltiaan* of North t'arollaa. in* eaTinwat. Tax m **w roan. Mr Kim:, trap ) ?r N Y., preaented reeolutiona from ib* legislature of New York la ragaril to taxation. It pro* Idea that earh State be allowed 10 aai*?s and collet t It* port ien of all rational taxes Tint uATtoaai. nwsva* Mr Kmu alao praeaated a rgpelntiee from the l ham her of Comaaerre #f New York relatire to the onaaree of the oeuatrp. re* rti.or laws Mr. Kny alee preaentad a petition fraaa aaerohaaia. la % j . ' -V * ** l \ % ? : '* , y * _ . IKW YOKK. HKRALD, TU* RurerM and others, setting amoodaieut of the laws in relation to pilots and pilotage. a hmxmulb pirmiw re on uim. Mr. Davis, (Union) of Ky , prsAented petition from ciluaus of Maine, asking Congress to drop the "negro question" anp attend to the business of the country?u> sustain the President and General McCleUau, and to sapport the constitution of the Uni'ed Stutee. mancipation or SL/vm. Mr. Svmmb, (rep.) of Manx ,aiul Mr Tkitmboij., (rep.) of III., presantod several petitions for the emancipa'.loa of the elat es under the war power MTUTAST KOAD SK>M MINNS-IOTA TO WISCONSIN Mr. Run, (opp.) of Minn., offered a reeolutiou that the Committee on Military AITUus be requested to inquire into the expediency of recommending en appropriation to complete the military road from Point Douglas, Minneeota, to Superior City, Wisconsin Adopted A NATIONAI. SOUXOKY. Mr. Wiidox, (rep.) of Maes , gave notice that be should introduce a bill for tbo eetab .sbmrnt of n national foundry. OOVKKNMKNT SVI'IUAMS. Mr. Wiison introduced a bill concerning contracts and orders for government supplies. Ke -rr- U. Tits ueostirrowN /xn wasbipgton haii .iters. On mntinn nf Mr /. ?.? \ /?f ???? ?h* corporal* the Georgetown and W.dilution Kail road Company waK taken up. The bill provide* for lb* construction of a street rail way from Washington to Georgetown. through the varioua avenue* of Washington. The third section provides thai ten per cent of the gross receipts he paw for the benefit of the publio sclno!*. Mr. Hau, (rep.) of N. H., moved to atrUco out tbat section. He thought tbat too high a tug. Mr. Morrill moved to strike out ton per ccut and in Bei t Ave. Mr. Hans thought the common schoals of the district required looking into. The iprveriHrieni at proncut was occupying a magminimous position, taking it large class of citizens who receive no bPimlit from the schools. He moved to amend so as to make the amount p.ttd to the common schools three per cent of the grot,a receipts. Adopted. The bill then passed. tbc boss tiuaites in micro or' and Mtr.rravo The re.port of the Commute? on Conference on the bill to roiso certain troops tu Missouri and Maryland was taken up. Mr. TkcMRmj.. (rep.) of If I., thought the report ought sot to be adopted without the consideration of iiow those man wore rained and how paid Mr. Hkm'Phhov, (ynioti) of Mo., said the men were rained by order of the President last November. He could not claim regularity for ull that haJ beeu none in M igourl. The ru n were raised there to checkmate the rebels, and organized as a home guard. Hie S:uic Convention did all they could to keep three men in the field, hut they had net the same advant (ge* as more loyal Stales, end thu llminecs of the Statu wvro in a bad condition, uiid the arrangement was ma le belwcou Governor Gamble and the President, by wlilch thoy were taken into the United States service. He liopod these troops would be allowed to remain. They were doiug an good service us any troops In tlio coui try Mr. Tbumbcli. aaid be appreciated tho rcms'th of the Senator from Missouri, und also tho condition of the State; yet he thought it was doubtful whether any Stalo would be allowed to have a local militiu to bo paid by the United States, not to be taken out oi tier Stale. Mr. Hknusnhin said they could be ordered out of the Stale for tho defence of tho Stale; and, eveu, ii ueceesury go to New Orleans. Tlio report of the commit tee was agreed to and the bill paani. national ha vinos hank ani> uovkhnmimt ithcal. aukni t. On motion of Mr. Simmons, (rep.) of 11.1., the resolution thai the Committee on Finance inquire into the expo diency of establishing a national institution Cor eaviufes, 1 He smd the rnnoliil loa proposed to edablir-h an agency lo receive deposits of small amounts. If (be curroncy ot the country u to be paper, it must be ou a sound basis. It was proiiosed by this to form an association of (be people lo furnish the currency or the country and to bare the currency bused on gold and silver, which would hums iu any part of the country. Au institution of this kind would be of vast service to the government. In regai d tu the national debt it would also be of great advantage in its inlluence oa the current rate of interest, and bring nut a large quantity of coiu ubw boarded up. High rales of interest and exchange were a great (lanugo to the c wintry. flu wauled the country and people to gel out irotu under such a grinding oppression as Wall street. Mr. Simxonr gave way lo a motion for au executive eossi>11,alter holding which thePenateadjourned. Iloiut of RcpreientstlTrs. Washincto.v, l ob. 10,1682. tux txm nit i.ioh' nv va'.ri not* bu.l rs'dsu. Tho House unanimously passed the Senate bill authorizing the .ssue bf ten millions of dollars in demand iioi?s kmokai. 1xiw.n anions. Mr. Fcnton, (rep.) of N. Y., made a peisoual explanation in reply to the remarks of Mr. Paris on Friday, alluding the oaseof the latter's brother, whosoofficial conduct farmed the subject of inquiry by the Government Contract Committee. Mr. Fonion wished to stale, iu justice to himself, as a member of the committee, tbat no pait of the remarks of Mr. I'avis which bear injuriously on the committee wan applicable lo hint (Mr. Fenton). Mr. Mavis, (rep.) of Pa., said thai it was duo to oh serve that Mr. Fenton had shown every disposition and kmitix*.* to aid him (Mr. Davis) iu obUiuiug the justice which he sought for his brother, Captain Davis. He did not mean to relied on the oilier me tube is of the commit toe iu what he had said. Mr. Dawsk. (rep.) of Mass., and Mr. S.ksi.b, (opp.) of N. J., soverslly said,in cflnc.l. that the committee had ottered every facility to Capt. Davis (e appear and give evidence in his own behalf. Mr. Daws* wished to know whether Mr. Daviv charged that any obstacles had been thrown iu the way of Capi. Davis by the committee* Mr. Davis could not answer that question, as ha did not know what proceedings look place iu the committee. The subject was here dropped. MORCAttlXATIOX OV THK MRDIdtl. IITS rRTWyVT. Oa motion of Mr. At.drub, (rep.) of Minn., it was re olved I fast the Secretary of War l>e lequested to furnish his views and opinions as to the reorganization of the Medical Oet?rtinent, in ordor thai the sick and duniblod of the army and navr may be kindly cared fer. THE ITR1 JCBRATIUJt OS WAXUIfCTOW's rirthiiat. Mr. ('Rime* naif, (Union) of Ky., by iiuanuiious c.ooaeut. Di'esented a netilion from Pliilsdelniiin. nronoutn* that on the !?&! or Krbruary tViiahiugton s Kate well Ad diw be read in on* of Ibo houses or Oongrww, t>y tbo Prerident ol the oenate or Speaker or the llnusa, in Ibe presence o" botb branches, and Hint the President, tbo members of the Cabinet, ex I'reeiilonls of the United Male*,the Judge* ol theSupreme Court. the 0 tin-era of the army and navy and all distinguished citt70U*. be invited to attend. Thai tb? praceediugs nt' the day, including tbo prayer and tbo address, ho printed iu paiuflilrt form and largely dintribnlod. '.bat theadilroea or portions of it be road at tbo huad of the ariuie" and on *lnph?ard,ae I he higher I lur.enlire toour brave defenders. 1 he petitioners also prav that (iongrera iwss a joint resolution to narry the above into oftect. Mr. Critisvpk* raid that this petition was agnail by Ibo present auii two preceding Mayors ol' ltiiladol|ibis, and by tlionasnds of others, embracing tbe first mnn in the city, such as Mr. lugersoll snd Mr. Dallas. Tbtra m one name yd in tbe lend wluchatirserery American heart, and it is tbe nemo rf Washington?a dame which suggests to every mind the virtues of Hie American citiren; a name honored throughout the world, and which eommand* the pride and 1 Mintage of every bonrel heart? mid in this day of our trouble we should avail oniselves of its h ippy influence Mr. Critlsndeu, in conrlusion, ottered a joint reaoiutleo to refer the petition to a eetcet eonimitleo of ' Ove, and that they report lliercon. Mr. fjorajor, (rep.) of III.. proposed,!* an anieadmeiit, that at the same time be reed the Declaisiioii of (Independence and Secretary Stanton'* order to the army, alter the Kattle of Mill Spring. The amendment was agreed to by yeas 77, nayaAT. Mr. Crittenden's resolution, ns (but amended, we* adopted. wkmoriai. Of oeoaos a mhmi*. Mr. IlAWas pvearoied the memorial of l.eoege H. Sioipsoo, accused by the Potter oommitlee of disloyalty, and asking lo lie heard before tlm said committee. ivemmoN or laAseeoais On motion of Mr. Smxmwirs, (rep.) of K T., the House took up and paaeed the Senate joiut reeolutiou, suihoriring a detail of nival oBicers for the service of the War Department, (t aiitbertres tbe detail ef three com peteol oflli era for the inspection of transport vessels and other services, as may be designated by Ibe War Department mk. slua* * ci .aim to a sb a i. Mr. Dawm called up the report of the Committee of Klccttona against the prayer of Joseph Hegsr, asking that lie Ire admitted to a real in the Houaa as a member er the Thirty-aeventh Coogreee Horn the Brat district of Virginia. Mr. DawMosuscdto be irad the report of the com miltee, m which it is said that the only evidence of (be election of Mr. Segar was tba csrtlficaleof tbe judges at Hampton, together with Ibe proclamal ion ef Governor I'ierpoot, declaring him duly elected. Mr. 8egar baaed hie claim on the twenty five votes cast for bim. coateod mg that it wa* a strictly legal election, and that the only inquiry it. did the memoraJiat receive more vote* then any ether candidate' Mr. Segar had frankly slated to the committee that bee idea Hampton the polls could not be opened m orber precincts of the Congressional district, for (be reason that they were in the possession ef the rebel Torres. The commit tee say there was uet a mil compliance with the Vir giniaelection code. They do not, however, rest their objection Nolely on that, but ask , If only twenty Ave per eon* voted tor Mr. Segar?tbe poll* net being opened thioi.ghoul the district to' ilia reason* stated?what svl. dmce nail mey inut, 11 * run rote nan neeo Ulan, there would ant have been *n iiftraMnlit ?otn against him. Mr. Itawo made an explmnal ion. naylng that iblsqueelion involved a prlnrlpla of vital iinporunre in the manner of cboomag repimeniat ivan. I be nlalm preen med ihat voter* had doe* all tbat ?ai aeovaaaiy, the votera of tbe remain in* part ei iba dlatrict knowing uoibing of what tliey waie (hung Tha election waa in no roapact la conformity with tha law of Virginia. Ha (Mr. Ittwael denied the power of tbe I'roviaional Con vent ino to wierfern with tbe law* of iho Virginia Commonwealth Mr. Penan apoke in defence of hie elaim. At tha vary ibreslihnhi lha nueetioa wan ratted wnather loyalty should he atifled and I reason recognized, connlenancod and rewarded; whether rebellion abould drive loyalty to iho wall and there tranalls It, and wbetbar the rebellion < an rob any oltieon of any priviiagee tinder our gionona roBatilntioe. Ae to twemy-Ave votee eoly having been given for liim. be had to aay that not a alncle Rttiarn could bo deprived of hie nghja Ha wae here not In bin own, hut in behalf of that part of hie constituency who, living within eight of the Stare anil 9trl|*a from Fortress Monroe whea lha atorm dashed reuad tbem.elung to lha sbip of state Ha appeared here with I be help of (Hid and a good ronariaace, to vindicate their rlghte. He thee re 'died to Mr. Pa wee, end argued that he waa legally end snbetaalially elected. Ha had hoee a party man, a whig, hut he had been reedy Tram the mm manor meet of tba rebellion to form oorabioetteu with ell loyal mea to '' I ' ' * o ' ' ** ' ? * - I -'uk - - 1 1SDAY, FEBKUAKY 11, ? crush ort the rel* llion, re-t<"'e tbo const!t*tMa of ?if fathers unrt sustain tlm best govorameut evur formed by man lis L >?d that the rote, n a I Ins cas>: was uudisputed and uncontradicted. sad was therefore prima (weir- evtdaai o of his oiecUou. lie caaio bar* under aa original elect ion, under a u?w regit/*, and not only under a new government, but under a uew Governor of Virginia. He did not oome to ail a v oaucy. His preleceanor (Mr. Garnet t) was in the rebel Congress, where he (Mr. s-gar) would not be for all the gold of California or all the honors that could he heaped on man. Messrs. Nosu., (opp.) of Ma.,and Divas, (rep.) of N V., spoke in favor of Mr. Soger's claim to the aeat. The latter said that the only <|iioHtiim with blm waa, "la Mr. Kegar a loyel mau, and whether the loyal people of hie district desire huu to represent them here?" Of these facte he (Mr. Diven) wae satisfied.

Furtner coutiideratlon of tho subject was |>oetponed tilt to-morrow. i-usomas or oorma and ivbaooo bbbd. The H'luso concurred in the Senate's amendment to the bill providing for the purchase of cotton seed, as that $1,000 could al*o be oxpeuded for tobacco seed. Adjourned. M usliiiigloii'e UlrthilajTi A memorial to Congress is now in circulation for sig natures. Tim petition oslta that on the anniversary of the birth of Washington, bis Farewell Address to the people of this country shall be read In one or both housos of Congress; that the President of the United fltatea and his Cabinet, the exPresldcnts, the Judges of the Supreme Court, the representatives of foreign government* accredited to our own, the officers of the army and navy of the United States at the seat of government, and die tlngulshod citizens, be invited to attend. Also, that the Farewell Address, or suitable parts of it, bo read aloud Mi that <Ujr, wherever practicable, at the hoad of the urmies and on board of shipa-of-war of the United Statue, in the fleld and in earap, at sea and in port, by tbroUVcers of each, as the highest incentive with our brave defend era to continued devotion to our glorious constitution and Union. We alao notico by our exchanges that suitable measures have been taken in the large cities of the liniou to get up appropriate celebrations. New York city, however, is an exception; our city authoritiee seem too muoh at> aorbeil in matters more closely allied to ihelrown pri vale interests to pay any attention to the memory of Washington. Never in the history of our country hare wo had so much causa to revare the memory of Washing ton as {now. What [say t lay or Opdyku and the Common Council? Lot us celebrato lha anniversary of Washing ton's birthday in a proper manner, aud from his glorious example emulate and learn patience and fortitude to moot our present dangers from the contemplation of his ca'eer during tin long and dreary struggle of "the times that tried men's souls.'' Ie>t New York he not behind ' her sister cities in this matter. We porooive, however, that the Seventh regiment, National Guard, propose celebrating Washington's birthday by an addrena during the day from ilon. Kdward l'.verett, or some other distinguished speaker, to be fol lowed in tbo ovouing by a collation, at which a number of distinguished guests are expected to he ptcseni. ORstbal Pabk.?It will tie well for the putilic to recollect that all nolicas of skating, or other matches or otber exhibitions on the Park, promulgated by (tie authorities of the Park, are the inventiong?f persons having especial objects to serve. The Park Commissioner* intend to maintain the Park an orderly place of arm.?? uienl and recreation, and wilt see to it that nouo of these unauthorized matclie* or prize operations take plui u, to the prejudice of |vcrfcct order and decorum, or to the in convenience of ltie general public. IN hen any entertainment of special in!ureal to the public.i* cftutemplat ?d. due notice will be givou by tbu proper authorities. MAILS FOR EUROPE. Victorious Progress of the Union Army- Important Success in Tennessee?Attack of the Burnside Expedition on Roanoke Island?Map Showing the Strategical Importance of the laiana?j&uraorea ui uiv ppaui?rn? in Mexico?Tlie Latest Hews, Ate., AtdM &c. Tho C'unard mail steamship Africa, Captain Sione, will leave this purl on Wed for Liverpool. The untile for Euro|ie will cIom in tliia city ?t li?'! paat nina o'clock to-morrow morning. The Eukoi'kan Emtio* or To* will be pub iabed at nina o'clock in ibe morning, and will coulaiu a full account of tba Attack ou and Capture of the i:e?>e( Fort Henry, on the Touncssee Hirer; Tb# Ijca-i Initllig.noa in Rogard to the AMnck of the Rnrneide Fved.i ion on Roanoke Island, N. C., accompauied with a Map ' bow log the importance and defomiee of the Inland; Tbe l .xiii-i Newt from tbe Seat of War iu Kentucky, Mi.iso.iri, Western Virginia, and the l/ne of ttio I'otoinkc Inurnt ing Intelligence in Regent to tlie State of Aftair- ai. ttie South; Important from Mexico? Repotted Buttle and Defeat of the Spaniards near Vara Our,ami ail other iui portent news of the week. Singlecopioe, in wrapper*, ready Tor oimiing. ait cents Sampson Low, Son & Co.. No. 1? Lndgaie ILil. Irimlntt, England, will receive advertisement* and mtbrrripiion* for the nnnaiti. Official Dt'awinga or .Hurra)', Kddy <X Ce.'a Kenlurky and Mi.aimri Stale Loitei if. Knxioukv, Lxtka uoaaa t?< ? Feb. 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I Try II Pint km I lei Tft ru *oi s*J* *M., Krnorinar, and In Prnfglr*. Tra* *?.?ntarah A On.'* Radlral Oar* TniMn*. HkONld*r Rracra aail Or Wadawurth'a I'terln* Kir ralor--* anperinr article. No. i V?a*>- airo*i, a.iur Hon**, nppoaiie Ike eknrvh Itaablnn'a Walnnt Candy, a Hew and nrhiilaaiiiu* Confection. al RI 'HHTON'tt tinn tt"rr. an net of Hioedn.a and Hionna alraai. Branch. No. Ill Aaor ffnna* ! ? ???11 III Ilia and Kever Pan Only He MlVrrtnalW mired lijr Hnllnwiii a Villa. They 1-1 dn?*|?? on Hi* ' ror and oonlala no minemla. I.olrit'a Bloom of Vonlh or Majolat <!auflnti?Till* ?alti?l>l* baaing galona! th. inn t.tthoi.a*n<1a, "I I'M " u?-<l wnn- .tnpriiii Iplctl I prraon inr'h a wnrtklraa antt itnttmlmi ..r th" , imn.r Kaf ikat I ha nart.a l.air.1' la iuini|'nu m lb> |IMr I None otkar i< roiunn. Mill'* Vlolr Dyr, >0 Ctati, Block Or i brown?Infallible nngitent lor aha bait Depot No. | Hat'lay at r*ci. anal > ) all .iru*gl?u Wotkera.?Nri, Wlailow'l Soothtoo Hfiai|i baa nn r<4< *l on earth for jrottr entering rblld. it at ret Inanan llat -ml front pain. nnrreeta aridity of ike atnmeeh rafialatta Bo I'oarnla ??4 luvi(af?i?a Ik* whole ??a'?m \ a ... V. - L - 02. | MAILS FOR THE PAWFIC. Th* Splmdid Itnl Victory in Tmioai Capture of Fort Hoary?Mop of the Position? Ik* Frogro? of tko War?Inter#?tiJ| from tko Sooth?no La toot Vowa from Europe, to The mail steamship Northern Light, Cup'siu Tinkle peugh, will leave this port to day at uuou fur A*piu* all. The malU for Central America and the Booth Pat,lie will olose at hair past ten o'clock tbie morning. The Nsw York Hmam? Kdilioa for the Paoltie?will be published at eight o'clock this morning It will eontatn an interesting account of the Splendid Naval Victory in Tennessee, and the Bsisurs of the Kaiiroad Bridge connecting Columbus with- Bowling Groen, illus traled with a Map, showing ths important .Strategic I'uei lion of Fort Hoary, Additional Particulars of the Recent Fight at Mill Spring; The Latest News from the Camps on the Potomac, and from the Seat of War in Missouri, Wsotem Virginia, he.; Interesting News from the South; An Account of the Grand Presidential Party at Washington; Ths Latest Now* from Kurojie, and a variety of other interesting and useful reading. Single copies, in wrappers, ready for mailing, sir cents To Job Prlaters.?Stereotype C'oplra of the beaut.ful border of the Carriers' No* Year's Addrec* of the Nrw York Herald are now ready Tor sale. The herder consists of twenty-four elegant poitrsus of the most pioiai nenl gent-rala and rlviliana engarcd In the restoration of the Uniou.aitd is admirably adapted to ihn wanUoi job printers. Proof sheets ot the lierder senl In all a im w.-li lo purchase. Apply to Charles Craske, Slereolyptic, 181 W iiluui street, New York. At Jeffirra', 573 Broadway, Ladies' Balmoral Boots, gg and $2 80; Misses', (I 76 anil (I M; Oliddcon's, $1 26 and $1 ST. JKKFKR8, 573 Broadway. Hoarseness Cured by Brown'i Brourhial Trachea, or Cough Lorengen, which are sidd by all druggists. Married. Coram?Ohnn'k.?On Monday, February Id, bv the Rev. Samuel H. Smith, Jambs H. Cos to Mis* Bvsan Ill's km, alt of (his city. Tliursday. February 6. bv the Rev. Pr. Price, al the residence of the DrMe, Dr. H. W. (I vi *v . to M m Ann Hkw-u, all of tltia city. Jrnkinr-?Foiaikk.?la South Brooklyn, oa Monday, February 10, by Iter. Mr Van Oyok, Mr. Kohkici I., .laaaiad to Miss Mart, adopted daughter of Pr. Robt b. Folger Nicholas?Child.?At Mornatown, N. ,f.,at the reai deura of tha brida'a mother, by tha Rev. K. N. Morntt, | l,ao. W. Nhuilas, of this city, to Jank I.aisrlx a, daughter ol the lata Judge Child, of Morriatoiru. Slatrr?Vani-ii r.?Ou Wednesday, February 6, by tha Rev. Pr. Manning, at the residence of the bride, Mr. ItiiUARnSi trra, or Port Hamilton, to MIm Maria K. Vanrai.i ,of Biooklyn. Wallaoi?Katun.?On Thursday, Kebruaiy rt, bj the Itov. Mr. tirecnleal', Mr. J a?ks Wai.iac* to ttiaa Kh.ibcua Baton, all ol Brooklyn. (Ilaagnw ami Craeuock papers plea.-e copy. Died. Anobrton.?Suddenly, at Kurd ha to. on Sunday afterr.oon. February , Pora Ki.i/.ahftu, daughter of Ralph I. and Sarah Ann Andcrton, aged 2 years, f> months and 24 days. The funeral will take place Horn the residence ol her parent-, Huh (Tuesday) allernoou, at halt ia-t throe i o'clock. Cars leaveTwrnty-aixtb alreel al half p?Hl two o'clock. Tlie rtlatives .ttid frioude of the fuiuilv are re sportfully invited to attend, without furl tier notice. IIykni*.?On Sunday. February !?, of conaorapliati. IP IB khrs. native of the parish of Mollabawn, townland of Carrifl,county Armagh. Ireland, agud4" yeais. The relatives aod fi tends of the family are invited to attend the lunoral, from bis late rcaidenue, No. 2411 Ka*l Twelfth street, thin (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'clock The remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for ,< BtHCnRt.i.?On Sunday, Kebriuuy 9, Muk'-hhm,, H-ifo of Nathaniel Hurchelt, lu the '.'Oih year of her age, after ;t loug nnd pa nful illness, which she bore with . Christian patience. tier death to her was gain. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to at tend Uto Inderal, that (lues lay) .MTorooou.'ul one o'clock, from ber Into residence. .No. 160 Fast Thirty lust street, lirart-'econd avenue. Glasgow and Kuuihuig papers please copy. Buxton.?On Monday luomiug, February 10, of mem ihraiieaiii croup, Aura Mary, youngest child of Joseph and Maria Buxton. aged 1 year, mouth* aud 7 daya. The relatives and friend* of the family are invited to attend the funeral, ths (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'clotk. from the residence of her parents. No. s?8'j ; First elterl. Ckawsoiio.?On Sunday. February at hall-past thiee o'clock I'. M., of contention of ibe lungs aud brain, Carolikc M. wife of l.dwardiTawford. The relatives aud friend* of the family are invited >o aCend lite funeral, thie (Titoiday) afternoon, al on* o'clock, from the residence of bvi brut Iter in law. John J. 'lY.iou. No. 31 Bank street. I Ccmikh.?tin Monday,February 111, .ions <'omits. in the I "nth year of hie age. The fenaiet front bis late widow#. So 4'$J (fraud street, notice of which will W gi*en in the rtniiii^ paper*. Cam; ma.?thi Monday, Sebruary io,Ja>*ia Uttxaa,only t daughter of Saiunel I., mid I'bfbu .1. Oarliaa, agad I year and 8 month*. The ft laud* and auqaauiiaut'ts of Iba lant.ljr ara reaixcllullr in* te<t to attend Hit* l.iueial, thia (Tueaday) afternoon, at fmr o'clock, from th# rasideuoaoi bar paj rent*, in lmdworth afreet. mar K.oedway, Brooklyn. t'laaoi.l.?On Sunday, Kebn.ary v, Mchau., oiiljr aou of .lolin and Mary Carroll, aged 28 yea. * and 7 moutba. Tha reiati*?? and ft and* of the family, and thoar of his brolbars-ta-lmv. anil Michael Scanlan and .lolin McCoy, are raapectlu'ly invited to attend Ilia rucaral, from Iti* lair rraidanea, .No. 18.' Vis iron atreat. .lemv t.if\ th * (Tuesday; artsrnooo ai two o'aloek. Iba raI n ?.n* wl ha laltan to -t Pater'* ramaiary fbr laterI Itl'll'. ; f.tvNuta.?Ou Monday, tehruary 10, Johb Cavasaou, 1 anativoof IhiMin. Ireland.aged 40?yearn. I Iba rricod* of lb? laniily ara i-esnectfiilly Inritad lo \ attend tlia fnnarai, froni Rslleyor Hospital mi VTerinra ! it-* afternoon. at two o'clock ! Ctwi i? Sunday,Kehrcary V,, wifr of Hugh | t'-twl, of con* t im pi ton. I ibafriaioinand re:*ii*aeer the are rtmpectftilly hi i it cat to altoitd ilia funri at, front tier lata i endear*, i No. .114 Bowery, at half pest one o'clock. on Mfadneaday IafMo nccti. i tub! 11' |Mf<atK plus* ropy. lhl.Ull.~-' " IfoutMy, fabr.taiy Id, Hicnms liatu*ar. | aoo of Catricl and Ann Doianey, a<ait 4 ream and V nioutba. 'lb* friend# of ih? family ar? rw|ors'ad ui ait*nd lit* ' funeral, i rnm t be refcidem-a of bi* lather, No. *270 if oat j Thirty ninlh atri-oi, this (Tuesday) aTiarnooa, at ooa ' o ctif'k. i fiiaiMu.?On Saturday, Decmnio-r 21, 1881. of roit aompiion, in Iha 2-lth year of bu < . liaain.aaciMKl roe j ol KidieH Mill! Su/itli I .dmOfid, of fin luuood, Va Ksrssiw -4iii Sun'at, t'abnsar* a, .in-acm** only dacghtrr of lam** hoiI tia-gpcet fnsrxsi, acad 6 yrara, j .i x. mil i a sod II' day a. We > at anil watched bar bo om braving. Ann amil* neat to hear bar brraflilug, And i liar# srai a Intra, and aob* . ami mgliiiif. Knr that *w*el ro>ebiid alowl* dying. The frietwh and joqnainlenr"*of lb- family ait ra , ap*i Unit* in. lied lo allciid Ilia Innural, from tba real* ' dcocr of hoc naramn,62 Tandem atreei, thin .Toe-da*) j aftri norm, a' ooa o clock. I be reuia iti* ? .11 t?? laLra to i tircenwiiod lot .nu-rroeiii I Han.- ,\i Wa*liiBi'UHt M|iiare, lli>uip*'.?<i oaSalnr | day, V'rhi na'y 8.1.caa Si wi, srsi . in ilia TO'b yrai of he age. Also, a* Ihe *# # place, Ob Mmxiay. Srnrnary 10. Ass Suai, In# t .'b. in lb* (I8lli vcii o1 an age. 1 The relative# and Ineiid.- cf ihe a.a resias'trnlly I in tiled lontlaud iba fonaial, on* morning,at twrite a cloak , ai lb# Presbyterian etui.rh, Hemp*'end I I. , liaitnas Al Hondo;! .on balmda? ,Sabmary S, ailer . a'inietlhg and ac?tre lltnaai . Ann Fi.aaauan, ag*.| fa . ?e*t?. 1 lit* will lie iMuoghl to New Tfotk fot ut'.er. | 11. ant IIId ana napera c'-aoa nop*. Its*n*.?la Krooklya.mi Monde*, Sabrnai* ill, J..aa | .1. IIsunt,-If.. agad 21 yaaia.i month* and 17 .laya. I ha , funeral wilt lake place from iba residence of biala'her. No. IPO Adama hedne*day at l?i noon. ai I we I o'clock. there'll pi* end trie Mite are 11iend? ir rnaperi'.uHt iiirii'il to aiieod without tnrther invitation Hoi.ttaooa.?At t Image, lit., on fudiy, Vebriiaff T, III <011 lllllpl Kill, JtHM II. Hi'IRNOHH, Mill f.laiaee flei hunk iti the'.luh rear nf hip age I lite i umiiit wpre III Hiuufclva. I mill., mr inter > IIIPCl. ' HrwiMlii.-il pp" Rtrbmond, * I ? Monday , nx ruiur february Jii, Wiuui H., ?nl? nun helmed eon I u( William >1. aim I inurae IL Hefubultiani. aged Jvear, I b month* ami '1 deje too fair a flower fa' ?eiih'v urn thou liar cone taa lipnvenlv ?hme lb" i wi-r i "nit lea' to ? in ahare Ont uappineee lor a nan Hjimiio'p pa pare please copy. Maeis* Al am reknlaaap. PprMi|?il|p|.<lal?o Inland, 1 ?u datnrdat . tPbrnery n. a.'Utr a linger m? illuaaa. 'eenr ? I Maaiaa. mip iif Mai ami tba lalP Jarce* W. Mpaiar. rbe frienda au.l telalivee * ihetaBily are rpapeclfullv I ma >l ail lo attend Ilia fnnaral na Wednesday al I waive o i!o l M., al the raanlani a of hi- mother. Ne lilt fhai an n -traei sew Y?'b Mi4,of*P> ?flu "inula* T nln uerv 9 U?" M> hmtaa, > egrd J? > aaia anil * muuitm i Hip relative and Iriepde, and Home ui hip "bi'iaa.UwaM yfetiovm and lanieeebd Iboma* I'm.i ai* ra<|iaaifiilla ibvited t?> attend the funeral, Iroru the reauletiee of hie rather, RirUard MrOwvera Np ill Wp?| I'w-m? q.ti, ' eiraet.'tbie ( Tueedav i afte'uaon. at ene neiook. OetxTaa.?In Brooklyn, a* Vuiday, l el.ruai v lf> .l"?a j P uppvp*. agrit year*, 2 B>"U'he and IT .lava rhe relaltvpe and ineorte of the lanuly, and the mam bar* of Iba Mnlro|mlnau Police. are lavlted la attend the luaeral irnea hie late remdenee Third avenue, near j .Ninth elreet, thi? iTneeday) afieinooo, at two o'clock J . ..w. ?rwunwrf i v, ?t?r m vrtwt hut aavara illnaaa. la I ha tUi ;NrM|? i(t Minr.nt I'liMMoiiM, Wlla af Win pirot. Bad daaghlaf #f framlaand Mar* Ihaioliro<i|b, f*arun<ilara l<> tunrrnw Ranaoan?0? Manday, tabrnary 10, ? a<>a*uoiyii?i. low Utnaoiir., la tha ftfttb faar of tola afa rtaa Irlaada And ralatiraa of iha family ara raepaailily la rHad to atlaad tba faanral, rraaa tit* lata raaldaoaa, 11* "*BTan*ta araaua, am Wadaaaday aftaraaoa, at half i faai aaa o'olork I Wtar?o ?on Monday, ddbnary 19, * *M t-HWcd ?f 5 Imr son, <7har1ns R Wwiu;), Mrs Smu> Waantu, relist of IudwS Wanug, of Uiver Side, Ulster cousty, M t., la Ui? list ;mt of bar age. Tho funeral ?riH Uko place oo TliureJay afWraooe, at ltar"w o'clock, at Kivor Hide, Ulster county, N T. Her rotative to Una city sra requested to meet si He 374 Ur< euwtch street on Thursday umruitig, at sereo o'clock . Brooklyn, oo Sunday morning, February ? the rraideuce ol her eon-in-law, Alfred l*etremAat, Fultm uremic, near Oraud sveuar, Maktua, re Hot ?f Rob?rt Walker, of Lancashire, ting land, a# ed 77 years aud I* dais. The funeral will take place from St. Andrew's church, comer of Herkimer struct and New York arenuc, thia (TuoKday) twoe'clock. The friends of the faintly are respectfully inritel to attend. The mutants \ will tie interred in the Kvergreens Cemetery. \ MISOELLAIBOUS. ^ MKW CONTRIBUTOR?THE STBONUBHT MAN I* the world.?1? the number el Hie LEIXIKK which le aeW ready, we commence a aeries of articles by Dr. Windship, ' "tbe slroug maa of Boetuu," utew oalled. He ought to be $ called' the etroognrau ol'the universe,'' for never, 'He tale or history." has there been s maa whe oould eqeal him in feats of strength. We oe?r read of gtante, eons of Anak, Samson. Mailmltltan, Sir William Wall*no and ether t% spcctnble people who hh?e "travrliod nu their inuaoie" down the Ii.Ibi of Wine, but not oo? of lliein over liad the ao*hs applied lo his lifts. Dr. Wiudship doe* his lifting In the retool less light of avordupoia, and patent scales at that. There la no chain* for miatake or vaguenea*. Everything U "on (lie square " And in thla uumiatakahle way Ute Doctor liaa lifted two thnoiiiul oue hundred and llfly-aeven pound*. Thia to the tdggeiil fact of the kind on record anion Ike world beg? It laup aiuoogtba elrpnaute. Camel* are uowbere. AaJ yet the Doctor's original 'strength capital" waa aoaall, auuH er than that of moai yvunu men. and even now he weigh* lean than one hundred and hfly pound*. Tina fact make* the matter far more interred ug, for it shows that we stay alt eniulata Samson and the real?that, in fact, where there ih muacie there i* hope. Dr. Windaliip ia going to tell Ah* , reader* of the LEDURK "how to do tl"?01, at leeat, bow be has done it, and then they uiay no and do their beat hk? wire. Ills Oral article appears in llila week'* LEDGER. Aokkat thing. The rit.y rorivulaed with laughter. aa we erpeotad.. THE GREATEST HIT OK THE SEASON. Thegrral demand for thai humorous work. -THE BILLPOSTER'S DREAM," A satire for the tunea. 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