Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1862 Page 6
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6 A pr' fllBL WISHES A HJTUATION-IN A dojra. >(aw family t* <-ooa, *aah >.i iron. Call lor !* M M.m Uuk. EM JdaL.frueerj^jtuie. , AIMUrEKIBMt'BU PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES luauou iu a (1-1**1 e inmllj a* Bret rlaaa cook. underaraada k. r Iiwnrn ta all Ilk branch##. a nob aa me# la, aaupa K.I all kla-la *>f ctes?eru; baa eight yam' city nlinaia Una to ama at It* Wea. AAA at. for lAraedaya AU?r ACCUSTOMED TO TUB BUSINESS, DBair>? a wiuauae la a argar atom. Addreaa. with parienlara, Not be Pierce, New York Pom oOre. ATOVNO lJtDY (A SOUTHERNBE BY BIRTH. BUT not a ari-etawataO dealrea to form the arqi-ainune ?f a laiBafcw or widower, witk a 'law to matrimony Addreaa M<ttie Blaa< be, New York Poet olAca. APBOTBNTANT WOMAN WANTED?AS CHAMBER maid; ? he iiadcraluude aewuig and baa )i**d la a 111 i?h4* laaiUr. refercaerk required from her last place. Call a> lb Kokt IX h at, after 11 o clock. t H HOUSEKEEPER, AC-WANTED. A SITUATION, a*. l/jr aladjr.wAo haa had the uiaaagi-uical of a large drat ,*a?* huaraiajj houee in the citjr, ai.d who now wlnliea for a aii'iiarciiMoiiuwt. the lea Ur?t rate hoaaefcreper and warheur, and baa the beat of reference. Addreaa 0. J H.. Onion wtnare Peel oAce A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SMART TilRL. WITH good ret<ewn>-ee, la a private familv, aa chamber'mailt and waitreaa. Call al 107 Baal 1Mb at., between 3d and ltd avenues, (or two daps. A TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A STVUATION; 18 A good waaher and ironer and good pki:u w ok, or is wil- 1 ling to do gen' rat housework. Good ewiereuce. Call at ISA TTit' 17 U. ?t., near Sth av? second door. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESFBCTABLE w ung wudkA, to cook, waah and iron;i? a rood plain nook and aCr-i . ute waaher and ironer; ran tnako rood tue.d and biscuit, is u?a< and tidy in hor bablls and liaa good diy etereuecs. Cos be area at 4 Id Mb av., between Ittkk and Rib aw., lop floor, front room. a TO1 M WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK JV and lo assist in the washing and ironnc; Uahrstolesa i&or. under*,anda all kind-ol |iaatry and cooking; liar tae tMi of eny rafcmnei from liar laat place. Call at l'Jo S4lh at., croud floor, back ro< m. AS OOCK.-A RES MELTABLE YOUNG WOMAN wiabea lo procure a situation as cook in a private lami y; ab? understands roups, game and poultry, and is a good baker; ran prndin-e good city refereuee. Can bo me* n for two days at 17& East 22d aL, room No. 6. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAMbermaid or to do general bouse work in a small tannly; is a good cook aud a lirst rale washer and ironer. I'an be Seen at lllti Weal 34th St., In tba rear. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SMART YOUNG GIRL, as cook, and is willing to assist In lb? wasbing and ironing; good city reference t rom ber Last place. Call at lie West Uat at,, corner of Alb av. A YOUNG SCOTCH GIRL, Id YEARS OP AGE, WISHES a situation as waitress and chambermaid, or to as-nsi in minding children aud do plain sewing; best of city relsrence ea'i be given. Cad for two days at 171 Wast list at., near Mav A SEAMSTRESS WANTS A SITUATION?SHE IS A goon dressmaker, does all kinds of lamily sewing; makes children's clotbes neatly; would wait on s lady or take care uf a growiug child in a permanent aituanoo. Tbe beat of city reference as to capability. Apply tor two days at 184 7th sr., naar Weal 13d at. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS plain cook; Is a good Wctber and ironer. The best o; c?ty rciercnee givra. Please call at 4103d av., between 1.0th I and 31st ?ts., sreond floor, for two days. AYOUNO LADY, A STRANGER IN THE CITY, without means, would take a siluaiion us housekeeper far a widower or bachelor family; no objection to tbe country. Call at U Commerce street, near Bleecker, of Miss Russeil. A8 PROFESSED COOK?BY A PROTESSANT WOman, who understands all kinds of tbe oesl cooking, desserts and puff paste. Can be seen wiib a lady, who will be happy to recommend ber, at No. 6 Lexingt n av., lor two <Wya. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN; IS agoodwaaber and ironer and general bouseworkT; baa three years'referenoe tram ber lost place. Call ul sOJ Ms si 13tb St.. second floor, back room. A HOUSEKEEPER 8 SITUATION WANTED?BY A yoking woman, in a email private family, to In general feouaewurk. Good city reference. Call at 62 Bast Houston at., Ut tiie rear AS COOK. AND TO WA8H AND IRON.-8ITUATION wanted, by a very competent gtrl. with g<"<l city reiepeace. Call during two daye at 223 2bth at., raet of let av., eecond floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU euott tn a private family; la a good oook and an excellent weaker and troner; can make good bread and biacuit. Kiv.Pears' beet city reference If required. Call for two days at So Bad Baltic at., near Hoyt, Brooklyn, top door. A respect a blr YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUa lion aa nurer; la fully competent u> take care of a ctnld; la a good plain aewer, and la w tiling to ua>lat with th- ebam heiwork. Good cup reference. Inquire for two day a at 111 Went IMk at-. In the front basement, near Mb av. Avery respectable young girl, prom the oonatry, wiabee a aHnatloo aa eatnetreaa In a private flamlqr; understand* cutting and flttlng; would tnke tare or one or two children If required. Apply for two days, from M to 4 o clock, at 101 West tint at., between 7th adfl # b nva. A respectable touno WOMAN wants a SJTI Allon, to do the general housework of n atnali t amity; San no objection to go a short distance In Ibe country. Hav nood dty reference. Call at II* West 1Mb at., between gib ?fl 7tb art, In tbemar. An ekpbrienced person wants a situation aa lady's maid or aaamatrrv*. or children's nuree; ia eepablr of Inaiructlag young t nildren; la an excel lent tamlly flMMitrpfli: cbb eul indfit ehildrwn'BBBdmtaaM'c-lothM-. hsit Mj reference. Call at or addreae WO 3d a*., between aOth aad dial eta.,. (Irak Boor, np etaire. 4 bitcation wanted-by a young woman, as A. thanHrntM or waltreaa and to eoaiat In waahtng and Ironing; beat city referrac-oa from bar last places. Call at All West Mtb at., tn the basement. A situation wanted?by a respectable young girl, to Bo cbambarworfc and waiUng, or to aaaiai wM the washing and ironing; underaundt piato aewlng. or la Bo liouarwork for a email family. B??i of city refer* DC* ra. Call far two Bays at 80 Congreo at., below Columbia Brooklr n. ___ WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOU AC PROSTESTant girl, to do general houeework, or aa chambermaid; to a goad washsr and Iroaer. Call far two daya at M Ludlow mL, room Ha. A A SITUATION WAXTED-BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, aa cook, waaher and ir ner, In a nrirata laroiij. Can new* well reconuaeaded. Call for two daye at 100 Butler at., aear lloyt, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do general homework, or chambrrwork and embroidery. Beat of city rate ra oca. Call tor two data at MB, corner ad 8td at. aad Kkh a?. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do cenaml houeework. w a good putiu aoofc, waaber aad irooer; baa no objection to go aa lauudreu; good city reference from la?l pise t. Call for two Bays, It not oiled, at MO Went lBlh at., betwrea 7th aad Mb a?a, in tbe pear, Bret Boor. ATOCNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION. AS ebambermeid end eeauiitr. a*, an i can do embroidery aad make bereelf generally ueei ul; can be aeen tor daya at BB4 4th are., aear jOtb at., aacond door, baca room. toe icity refer* ace A MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN woman DESIRES a aituauon aa nouaekerper. or would a?i?pt oi ?n> em pioymeal aultable tor a female. la ac< natemed to bi a'inra*; alary oo object. Apply at 23u "th a*., hall dooi, foi'Awo oyw 4 YOUNG PROTESTANT OIRI, WANTS A SITUATION; JY would do ebamhar and laundraaa work in a priraie fanatty ; no objection to do general tiouaeavrt. u a rery good aeoa, wnaht-r aad iruner and laundiete, beat r fereme. Apply at lit WeetHth at., lear bouse eecond Boor. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUat ion aa laundreaa, and would be willing to aamei .a ahamberwotk. ehe iuj? uadereuada her bueiueee. Bes, ot alky reference. Appij at 4B M nr. j A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISH girt to Bo tbe houeework of a email lemtly; tea good ptaia ouuk and aa exeeUeal r and Ironer. He* good ally relereace. Can be aeen at ?M1 otb ar., beta ten 2vtb and Win Ml . room No. 8. Avery respectable pp.otestant young wo man, who apeaka good Preach, want* a aituaUoa ae surer: ehe can aew rery well, and win aire the b-?i refi m..? from bar last pi*'-* A' for two du?t at 1X0 Prime A PROTESTANT TOl'KO WMIAI WISHES A BITVA tit r. ma urat claa* waitress. or aa rhamb maid and to da Ana washing and ironiug, good roieren aa girea Call at ltd Watt I Nth at. A GERMAN PROTESTANT OIRLWIBIIE- A MM \ tana is not a ash and iron, or to do general hotiaew.ra to a private family, baa Ida boat of reference. i an M aaen lor too days at ITS AUia)?th at., raar, second floor A respectable roc kg woman wants a niti a- , lion, in a private family namOrrniai 1 and to tin uue waehinu and Honing or a cooks plate . can flu either alius Utni llaa the beat of city r*reran'? froaa nor iaat pla a. Oali at No. 1 Rulhai tord pace between 2d and 3d aea.. in 17th at. Ayouno Woman wishes to obtain a siti a lion aa an., aaitraaa, or <. an. hamb-rwork andjdain sewing Beetrity rtfe,ene Cai fortaodavaat 14 Weet 30th at, in tka raar. AB EBOEEESKD BOOB -A SITUATION WANTED BY a 1'rrtaatant English weain, aba toorvugbly naoeratanda Pranrh and American took lug in all ita oranchoa tin acapti ecabio reiere o. a. Call aa or addraaa M D , to Watt 94tb at, Aral floor, front room. A8 COOE AND LAUNDRBNB OR TO DO (iENEEAL housework.?A very oompeient glr. MN a eiioat.oo at ah?t r >a a good bread and biscuit onkar it a la., willing nod obliging. Piratclaaaaity rataiouaa. Calll or too dart at IM Waal Jdlh at. anaond floor ; iOM room A SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOD NO GIRL, Afi J\ aura* and u> ooatet la < haaborwork or araitnc. Taa boat of my ra fereare ir repaired. call at Of Id ar. front room, flrat floor, * -Mtaa moo.-ram A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN WAMTS A BITI A JY Hon aa aenmnirese and td wait on a^ ntfy;^can eui and ut #*n (ID Wbfflci and Wilton' trwlng itufbin* i ha* I Bo tir?ii I* mbiM with ?*b'ldr*o. Call at Ui ttib *t, be tw?ar Aih and 9th am*. A rKRPBCT GERMAN COOK (TKAI CORDON BLEU A. tnfren<b and Rpanlab aookia*. waata a alt nailoa a 0M, la a brat clan prtrat# family, ainall or larga; brat of cur ralrrct.#* win be (Wro. Apply r*r two day a at N*. 61 tkb arra'M. Abitjiatior wavtbd- bt a nbat. tidt roc .to (Jn, a* Itnrac or waltraaa or aa chambermaid and waitraaa. la a food embroiderer. and willing tomaAa betarlf nee2fL. lifi* 2T gBttl ? bar Tata employer a I*)* J* ""J.4*1 *. between Kb ara. and Broadway, wharr aba -.aa IiTofl lifM v#in I A AIT CATION ^TANTED-BT A RKBI'ROTARI.B ' j/VyoubA woman Mo do ??nerai honeew' rk. < Hy refarrnra Md^ir* Ifc, be eren at a flantan *4. corner of Myrtle A RMANT. ACTTVB QIRL. 14 T1URH Or AO*. J\ wt*h?a to alirnd ebtldran and make hrrtnlf arnarallr ?w 'III: BO wafee ***ad Out a food home and etothlBA R?n; I ra.,?. bbt prraona need apply. CAil At lad Matt at, Ibr In o "I*. / I * a-^ ' l: ' ^ N* SITl' j. A respectable otrl wants a sitoa^ ^ a 1 prlvais :ui> y to do ganej-ul bonw worn, * - a#l>4 c?y ririr?Mi Iroin her last plane. CaU at 41J E*r ^ i<ii? *.. ARBSHjECTABLB OIRL waw fg A BITUATIOJI in a pr.FJle family, i? a good waaher aad noner. is willing 10 make herself geneml . uj lbc t)<wlol- refercaoe van ho given from her last pt? ^ ,'OJ. mrae days at 39d Adolpbi au, Brooklyn Am experienced. iTbV'Kctamje girl, with good tefereneea, wa r.uiniion ?o <lo k.When work or general houvswork, ir 1 ? _1>Tal<. tmuUy, is not a; raid of work and ia willing lo th, expiry. Call for two daya at the store 149 1'ull' ^ ,v Brooklyn. A SITUATION gfAJIYJiD-flY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS cbaritbcrma1 t tu j0 Ane wuahiug and irouing. in private larnily fcrMl of ay reference trout bar ia*. plana where ?he ban ^ H1P1I yearn Call ai .126 Went 1Mb A ASITI'A"/ION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL' lo do ? a^eial liouaevvork in a amaii pi It ate fa mi ly- Man good ieli rroui b?r laat place. Can ba aaen for two daya, at ' A Tntrd ateaee, in ibe at ate AS'm^riON WANTED, BT A RESPECTABLE ynaug gul, aa nuige and chambermaid. or woald do the ?b<ir/t?.o ?,irk and walling and ??, u> children lu a amall fan-Ala it, ti would abo.v to r their it at a. Good city iwleieutO Irronh.-: laat place Can tie wen till suited, at Ml Rivington au, tiriri do, r, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA" tlou to do general bouaework, or would go it" cbamla r maid and lauudrcan, lo willing to uiake bcivelf uaefuL Call at 163 Baal flat su, below 2d a*., far two daya A FIRST CLASS COOK'S SITUATION WAVTED-BY a very re?pecinbia young woutan, who urd< rrmuda ner busiueaa in all ita branches Beet af. iiy reference from ber laat place. Can la- two al 34 lllih ah, between Mb and 6th are., from 1U ml 2 P. M. AYOUNO OIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM barmaid or waitress, or lomind children. Apply at hi Stanton at., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WOMAN WANTS A SIlouti id at cook, in New York or Washington; under aland* all branches o. roups, jellteaand parries. Ui od city relerencea.Call at No. IfMarion place, tirboacn, N. J. A LADY, OIVINO UP HOUSEKEEPING, WISHES TO procure u sit ,u'lou for a good girl lo uo up stair* work or lake care of cbilo ten Apply to Mrs Keren. 2iV Xld bh, between ttib and Vlh avn A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITU A tiou aa chambermaid and waitress or aa latino c t has good city refa ren v. Cailal 124 8tb at . Cllc'.on p'a re. j Otb ar. AYOCNO WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUATION AS SEAMelresa, by the week or month. Can bo seen for two ur ibrer day* at 286 Kant Slth st. A young girl wants a situation as seamaire**, io a private utinlyi can cut and fit for chl-d.en the beat of city refer- n. a giveu; will work either by the day or m onth. fall at 1ISJ^ Amity at., for two day*. A young woman wants a situation to do the general housework or a tradesman * family, understands cooking, washing and Ironiug, and lb a neat sewer. Good lefeteon-s ..iveu. Call at Hi West loth St., between 7th and 8tn atra, in the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUAtion ?a chain be rrnaid ami waitress, or chambermaid and to assist in washing end ironing. Best ol cltv reference from her last piece. Can be seen lor one day at 43U 7th are., between 66th and 37th sts., hrat iloor. back room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUAtlon to cook, wash and uoo. in a private family. The beat of eity relerenee given. Call for two daya at 2b0 lat ar., between loth and 16th sts , top floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ai chambermaid and waitress and to aaslat with the washing and ironing: is willing in make heraelf useful; has the best of refercnoes from the highest iamines in both city and country. Call at 140 Weat 31st si. ARR8PECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUAtiun to cook, waab and Iron, or to do general housework or aa chambermaid and waller in a nice family in the city or country. Apply lor two days at StTKivingion at., r.rst floor. V DRESSMAKER WISHES EMPLOYMENT BY THB day. week or month; can cut and nt children's rloh-s I and understands ail kinda of family sewing. Call at 73 W *al 17lb at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* chambermaid and wollr .ss or laundress; no ohjeciion to go to the country. Good city relerenee. Can be aeen at 81 Weat 28-h at., Iiral floor, back room, for two daya. COOK-WANTED, A SITUATION AS COOK. BY A respectable woman; la a good washer and ironer. Good city reference Irotn her last pis-e. Can be seen lor two day*, ai 128 Smith at., Brooklyn. iRaonHABii?ii,?A * c>nov/n nnw Ani/n xj perfectly every branch of her art, wlsbes to obtain the work, of it in tumiliea, at their own booses; after a trial alie ia sur.- of future patronage. Beat of reference given. Call at or sddrese 144 West Aid St., bat wee a 7tb and 3th ava Housekeeper's situ ati ox WANTED-by A wi dnw lad v, aged 3fi year*. who baa met with a reverae of fortune; la eery active, orderly and neat, qualified and vmpeient to manage any bouaehold, or, having a thorough nuri. neaa uct ann belt g an ezeellent aeametreaa. would not object to a aiiuaiion aa fere woman or ealee woman; is a good matbematli lan. Undoubted testimonials aa regard* < ha racier and quslificallont. Apply at Jft Eaat 29th at.. Dear Madieon av., or addreaa Mm. fc. !>., 113 Pulton a tree t, Brooklyn. Housekeeper.-a young lady, a stranger ix tbie city and without inear.a, would like a situation aa houaekeejoi i or a bachelor or widower. Apply at lfi Com. men e at., near Bleecker. Mlbii DUG LASS Housekeeper's** position desired?by a young widow lady declining housekeeping, in the faintly of e widower. Such a one. wishing neatness, order and comfort, may apply at the third brown stone hottae, north side of street from Broadway, In did at. MRS. WILSON WANTS ALL KINDS OP FAMILY sewing to be done by machine. Maehines sent out by the day or week; competent operator* furnished. Skirts end hats quilled in order. No AW 4tb ave., between 30th and Slut at*., over Mra L. R. Brewer's fancy store. Nurse.?wanted, a situation, bt a vert respertable young girl, as nurse and to assist with the chamber wort, or to do plain sewing: the beat of > iiy referees* *an be girea. Cms be seen for two day* at her present employer's. Hi Sth av. Seamstress-a young widow lady of the highest rvfpectabliity and refinement, desires a situation in a first class family, as reamet rest, I* fully competent to do all kind* of family sewing Address for one week, staling particulars. Mrs. Prank Carter, Herald office. Situation wanted-by a young man, as bar tendnr. Best of city reference given as is boi#?ty, sobriety and ?a|ability Call oa m. d. Campbell, 9lb si., between ava. B and c ror applicant. SITUATION WANTED? HT A RESPECTABLE GERMAN gtrl. who epnaks English, as chambermaid and wallers*, or to do chamberwork and aewing in a reap* viable Aincriian or German private family, bast of reference enven. Apply fur two days at 28 Bergen at., near Court, Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good washer and i rimer andplalri i oo*. cu> reierence from her last place. Addrnsa SU Columbia si , Brooklyn. oituation wanted?as cook, washer and it ironer: has no obiection to an a snort (llstsoi e It, the eunntry. liae tbe beet of diy reference Apply at No. II bib >t., .i?thc rt<r. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE OIRL, to d? general homework, can do plain rooking and it t good waeber and lrnner; good c.tT reference given. Call kt 08 6th ar? near 29th at., rear h"U?e, brat door. rrtwo curls wish situations?one as X fire'. rata cook, waaber aad lroner. tua otarr aai huui barmaid and to aaalat la the washing: the beat or city reft-, ren e Irom iheir laat place. CVI al HM Weat S7lb ?i. TWO SISTERS WI-U SITUATIONS?ONE AS COOK IS an ei'-ellrat baker; baa uo objection to aaaul in li e waalnn^ and imniag; the oiber aa m.rae and ehamornuaid, or to 00 r am' im ork and fine weaning. Hair mm1 oira city reference*, no objection to go a abort distance ,a ibe roi.ntrv. Call at dX Baal lklh at. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE VOPMO (.EKNAN YY woman, arno baa just had her brat child, a alnwiob aa wet nurse Can be aean a; 1*3 Eml Aid al , lop floor. ll'ANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A TOllfU YY Oermao noinaa. who nndrralanda ber business ,?ifecilr ?n<: who baa aerred In flr?t rlaea botela and private femlllea. Apply to Mra. Trott, 317 Eaai Stb at . ac e nd floor. ll'ANTED?A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER IN A 11 aiaali family. Beat of refen ore giren, and aiao reyui ed Can be aeen at tbe flftb bonae aboie 7tb at., In Dlv? an n aeen' e. Wllliamabnrg. for two days W ANTED?BY AN EASTERN LADY, A SITUATION YY aa h lueesteper; la perfectly e >mpetenl 10 (11. ibe pc altion. a widower a family, witb children, pref aired; noot. jartioa 10 ibe country; satisfactory reference g'ten. Addreaa. wnb lermannd reference. A. U. K Brooklyn Poat ofbee. (or one week. Tl'ANTED-BT A COMPETENT PP.RSON, A RITl A m ten aa seamstress; abe la willing 10 no ehamherwork and waiting, la also a tret rlaaneeame'rem ran ?i>< And III all kloda of family aewlng; hue n Wheeler A Wllaou a aewli.g machine. will go wnb or wltbootl'. Ilaa tbe be?t ol cyy reference. Cel. at 271 lat nee., near l*ib at, second flight, back 100m. Tl'ANTED-BT * RESP>. rtBLE MIDDLE AUBO TT Scoteh woman, n aituntloo to wan on an invalid or aa 0 ,rae; la capabta of taking car* of an infant from ita birth, llall ai Weat 17tb at in the con age. near Tib a* WET MP?.?A RESI'ECTABLB TOUNO HARRIED woman want* n altnnlion aa wet nurae. la willing 10 make b- raeif useful. Beat of rnfereo' t. Call for turee lave at 101 Wavt ttti. at., to tbe rear, flrat floor, front room. WANTED? BT A RBflrBI IAVLA IUIJU MARRIED woman, a attuation wai nuraa. Can ha area for two lava at 91 Baal I2lb at.. roam No. E U-ANTBD?BT A RESPECTABLE TOrNO WOMAN. A attuation to waah, Iron and cook Can be a*en lor two In the weak?Tyctdbf and W-daetdav (iood raferenca from la*t plar* Call at M9 I at are \XT ANTED?A SITUATION, BT t PBSPKCI ABLE "T fir' It a food plain nook; vary food wnaber and irontr. or would be willing to do bminawork ta a email family; beat of ritr reference git en Call for two day* at Ml Writ ?Kb at. hetwern nth and 9th area., third Boor W ANTED -A mrrATIOk. BT A RR9PKITABLE r? young woman, to do gmeml hooaawork inepilrate family. (iood etty reference glran. If required. Can 6* aaan for two day* at 13d Atlantlr at., Brooklyn, run Bo. A WANTED-A PITl ATI1N. BY A NSAT. TIDYOIRL. " a* chamhernutd *nd to do plain eewing, or to mind Ihidrrn. and a young girl at plain not. waetier and Ironer flood rlty reference firm. Call atli't Woet f7th at. WANTED?A EITVITICN A I LAIN COOK AND eicelienl laondrrM Mat foot city refer? are I rom her Mat place Cap bo a-en oatil engaged * 1(M Ehbi ad at., ha twtenHo and Letlagtrm art , ta h* Wanted-a situation. by a reap*table girl, to do general bonaewnrk or rhamborwnrk In a amall iHinilj. Bebl or reference glrtu. Call at TA 7th ar corner of 29th at., flrat floor, front room. It ANTED- BT A BR.HPRfTAM.P. YOUNC Wfitl'N A TT ?|| nation aai not; no ohjaaMaa to aaaiat in washing and iiomng; mdertlanoa her bnamaaa thoroughly, ia alto a good mo* and a good bread and blaaolt maker. R, ?t ritr r ferente Call at SM fllh gee., between 21at and 23d ~tt in in* rear. UP AN TED-BY A RRdPECTAHLB HIRE, A SITUATION ? < hatohentiald and Waitre at He?i olrny reierarue iron Call at 30132d at between ?ih and iOtb ava. T* YORK. HHRAlD, TUB! #ST*"UATMNSMWAIITBD- PKMUK8. I "TV A NT1' X>? BY A KWPKCTABI'F *0UNO WOMAN. A Tf situ sflon to 4o jpnerul * m a private faintly; la a rovtk, w urtmr and ironei C?.u be seen lor i?o dayt i *?% jg nve. Bi?g Mil lie. 1 \\[AMTtiU?A SITU ATION. BY A RESPECTABLE WO" m?.u, at cook, fc? williu^ loaso.M lu the wuahing and trouioi.; has the best of city referrn- e. Call at 14b THb t., third door, front room. Can be arm lor two day a. WANTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO (11KI . A si.atwu, >* a good rook, waahef and ironer; would he wll'lng o do plain sewing, also ehaiubcrwork ami waiuns, would go into the country. Can be teen for two Jays at rd Pt*?pect at.. Bio k'.yu. WANTED?SITUATIONS BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls, ene as first elaaa cook add assiat iu tbp laundry If peg aired, ibe other at I hauibeimaid ami waltreaa or do plain sewing and ehawbeiwork; beat of city references. Call fur two data at 366 Waahingtou at, corner of North Moore. AIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUN<1 WOMAN, A VY si uiUon as wet nurse, hue just lost her bub* t nn ntbo old; mod r> fpreoce. Call lor one week at ill) Weal 3bth at, near Idtn eve. WANTKD-BY A RKSPEi'TABLE YOl'NU WOMAN, A eitua.iod to coot, w*sh and Iron iu a private family; best cit) re rrenre. Cull at 17'.' West 13th at., rear boose. Wanted-BY a respectable young woman, a sin at on as wot nurse; bits Mint lost her baby; rood city reference. Call at 67 Won 24ih SL, seeoud floor, buck mom. WANTED-a situation as cook, by a woman who thoroughly understands her business and la capable of taking the entire hurge ot tin- kitchen, no objection to a prlale ("lai il ng house or hotel. Call at or address all tbia week 7b Weal M b at. VITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL, TT a situation as chambermaid and to assist with washing, or aa nurse and waitress. Call at 66 West 28th sL Wanted-by a respectable american girl, a situation as conk und to assist wttb the washing and ironing. Cell at 145 Weit 27th at. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress. will assist in washing and ironing and do plain rowing il required. Can be seen lor two days at 27 Tompkins place, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT. TIDY YOUNG WOman, a situation as chambermaid ituil wailren in a private family. Beat city reference. Call at or address S4 West 2li.'i St., between 6th and 7th avs. WET NURSE -A SITUATION WANTED, BY A YOUNG Woman with a fresh breast of mdk Inquire fur two dave at 2uSWest 20!b at., near 8 b ar , top EOor, for Mrs. Williams. YirANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT aftnation to dorenerul housework; no objections to do up ttairs work or mind a child ; good city reference. Call at 34 Paciltc at., Brooklyn, flr?i Horn, front. TITAN TED?BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL. A TT placr, In a small American family. Inquire at 123 Forsytb st., second ilout^ back room, from lu>4 o'clock. Good references given. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A GOOD GIRL, TO cook, wash and Iron, or would do housework In a amail private family; is a "ood plain rook, good washer and ironer; understands ner business. lias good city references. Call at 314 llicks St., between Amity and Congress, South Brooklyn. Wanted-a situation, by a respectable muriird woman, aa wet nurse in a respectable family. Call for two days if not suited at 306 3d si. Wanted-a situation, by a respectable young woman, as cook; would be willing to assist with the washing and ironing; uuderstadds all kinds of meals roups. B.vh, pastry and game, also bread and biscuits; no objection to go in the country, or io a hotel or boarding house; good reference given. Call at 89 West 26th at., near 6lh av., for two days. WANTED-a situation. BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, to do the cooking and assist In the washing and ironing of a private family, or to do the general housework of a small iamily; is wining and oDiiging; is capatnc or doing an family services sad is a good pastry cook; has no objection to go a short distance in the souotry. Call nl 1100 West 21st St., beiwten 8th sad 9th avs. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Woman, a situation as oook, which she understands in all its brunches; ba-i no objection to assist in the washing and ironing, has tha best of city reference from her last employer. Call for two days at 6hJ? Wast Washington place. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAivon as took and to assist with the wauhinc and iron i up; In a pood baker aud understands all kinds ol paste os; <an give pood city reference. Call for two days at No. 141, col ntr of .lob neon and Nary tls., Brooklyn, first boor. \\TANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A TV siiuatlon as cook or to do geneial housework in a private family; the best of city referenda from ber last place. Call for two days at ICS Beat 25th at. YYf ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA! If lion as general housemaid; good reference (Iran. Cal1 at 287 Myrtle ar., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUAlioo as laundress; und-r* lands ber business thoroughly aod baa the best of city relarence. Call at DOS Sib sr., lor two days. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TV situation to took, wash and Iron in a private- family; lias three years' ret rrtner from last place aod thoroughly tindri stands her business. Call at 20n East 14th si., nsar 1st ar. WANTED-BY A LAUNDRESS, WHO HAS LIVED as laundress fur a number of years in the bast fainiliaa in the city, the washing and ironing ol private families or geuileuien; taken to ner own icaideuce and dona with despatch. Tne beat of city refen nee ran he given. Apply at 4o8 6th are., reer building, room No. 6. YITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT GIRL, TV as'laalion a* couk aud to wash and iron to a small private lutnily; la e Oral rate baker. Has good cay reference fioin ber iasi place. Call at or addicts 10 UummolMi Sh WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as plain cook, washer and Irooert no ub.ei lion to do housework lor a email family. Good reletr'nee given frees her t*M place. Cell at 112 Smith si., Brooklyn. ANTED?A SI I CATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV gin. as chambermaid and waiter or children's nuieo and to do sewing; fire years' good city referent e. Call at the turner of Warn ti aod Bond tie., Biookiyn, over the gioie.y tore. "I\TANTED?A SITUATION, BY A GOOD PLAIN COOK, TV wteuer anu ircner; or nae no objection ;o do general hoi.aework. Can gire satisfactory references. Inquire at her present employer t, 46 3d av. W ANTED-A SITUATION, BY'A YOUNG WOMAN, AS TV teamttirss. ran <uu upu fit i hildren'e enu ladies dresses end do eil kieiia ol laimly sewing; can operate on Wheeler A iiilt.D i sewing machine; has the beetoi city reference, tan do t sambcrwork if required. Can be seen fur two days at 164 3d sr., between 16m and 17th elk, in the ttore. YY'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PROTV teetanl woman, ns cook; underaunds all kind* of aooga anu pastries; has uo objection to stunt wnb the wattling and Lulling; noobjeetloo lo the country; thebo-tof reiereme liom h'-r last place Can he seen lor two days at Ifiti W est ;s2u it, second hoor. back room. W ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aaih.iuitcriiK.idaud loatstsl in ibe ' ashing and ironing; hat good city reietcu-e iruru ber Last place, wuere she hat lived two years Can be seen for twu days at IV Weit 28>b ah WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIKL. A SITUA* TV tion cook, waeliM a. d ironer, or to do housework for a email private fau.ty. go .a ity reference u requlreu. Call ioi two days a; -Sh liickt at., Bruoklyo. UrASIEb-BY A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN. A KITUAV? liou 10 do general ho icrwork, wash and uon In a email Jamil). call lor two days at No. 2 Orchard sh, la the batemeet. 1Y'ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE H young woman, a* cook, wuali^r and ironer, or to uo chaiiibci work aod attivl in washing auu lioning, good city reicirnte.. t an be seen lor two day t at 141 Wee. id in at , iu the haarnient. YY* A.N f LD?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATV uon in do chaintiei work anu waiting; baa no objection to do hue washing and Ironing; best ul ruy leferrnoe. Call lor I wo days at 314 Hicks at , Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A KESl'KCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aiiualion to do general bona, work iu a private family; lea good plain cook, washer and Ironer; noubjicl.on to in" country. good releitoce given, t all at 111 Wea; loin at., ih the rear, top C <or. \1'ANTED ?BY A NEAT, TIDY YOUNG GIRL. A VT situation as cnainrerina'U and rtatirrsa, nr Ui do rtiamberwoia and suiat with the washing su.l trotsibr: she uBuerstaads b-i nutineaa thoroughly auu has the brst or ?sty reieren e from bar last pla e. Call at 74 Vest 12 J at, near ill art., on the an-ond Boor back room. II/ANTED?A SITUATION BV A KESi'h' "TABLE IT young wemao. la a brat rate cook, washer aa-l lioner; abe ran give tbe best oi city lateienoa Irota b*r last |>U< e Call at iitJ Pearl at.. Brooklyn. WAMBI) BY A WELSH PROTESTANT tllRl., A Situation as chambermaid and waitress, or to do (eneral houaawork. I o<l < liy reference Call fur two days at il> East l'>th si. corner ol 1st aee., up stairs, second floor WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A BEAM CTAHLE young waaiau. to do < batata rwork and waiting. 01 10 atieod to Udiea'liaeries. no objechia to the country. Best of rlty references Call at 13 Union court, Unieetalty |>iaee. WA^TF.U-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMtN. re twei.iv.foiir years of ag<, s Mtubttofl as wet ausae. to a reaps, table IbeliIv. Best of rity reference Apply at J4J East 18th at., between later ana ay. A, third Boor, frooi room. W'AHTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE y T young woman, sa |.lain took, waaoer and Irooer, or to do rhamberwork and waiting, bat no ohjee.l.<a to g" a abort dlaUn'O in tbe country. U?t good reference, Call for two days at 131 East JO*h at., thtrd floor, bark rooin. -II'anted?A hituation, by A yocno (ilRL, AH TV Ktion plain cook, can make nice Oread and biso ill; la a good weaker and Irnner; liu the bee; ol c uy refeienor I rum bat last situation. t.all ai /West J41U tl, MleHD fitb and 7tb ars? first Boor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE BNCLIHII OIHt,, A situation as wailr-aa or cbsmbermaM; ta capable of taking barga of a dming ru'im, *o>rt reference gleen. Ap pig lor two days at 17? Elisabeth St., near Mlteeker, Bras door, back room. WANTED?A SITUATION AH CHAMBERMAID AND to do plain sawing. by a respectable youne woman. Oood reference trnm ber laat place. Call at bUHId are., betwaen 41st and 4Sd sta., first tioor, back room. TITANTED?BY A REfiI'BCTABLB WOMAN, A ritpATV Hon as cook, understands all kindsor cooking, has ao objection toasalai In the washing and ironing, is witling and obliging. best of cl?y reference from Iter Inst plaat. ! an be seen for two days at Hfi <*b af? first Ooor. ttTAVTRD-A PROTECTANT HERMAN GIRL WlbHfrs TV n sit nation in a reaper I able lamily, aa chambermaid and to define washing and Ironing. Best rstrrancea. Impure for two days at J. J. Oiebly a, l.\l ?*? 1 st. WANTED'BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN, A situation aa chambermaid and lo do fine wishing. Has the beat of reference, f an 1* Been at 61 East Sfd at. Wanted-by a rbhpkotabj.b young woman, a

stmatlon aa nek, an take ih< entire ?barge 01 the kitchen; brat ut city ran rtrSKfS. I nil l?r two da>s at I JO Wael .fifth si., near 7'b a?. / / 5DAY, FEBRUARY 11, 186 SrTT ATIOHS WAKTCD-FBHALBI. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT~A RESPECTACRS young girl, aa rhanterni.ud and wait* na or ehaahbermaid and to do pialii sututug; undo .-o.bda her bustiieaa perfectly; has tbe beat >>f city and country reference. Call at 49 West Mb au, betwecu dtli and 7lb avda., tint ttoor, front room, ior lao days. WANTED?BY A REM I* ECT A B LE YOUNG AMERICAN Protexlaut girl, a alluatinn u* chambeiinaui or waitram. or would like ihevarc of children, would do the housework of a small family; baa bee years' reference from her laet place. Apply at No. 7 Grand it., Jersey City, two bloclu from the ferry and two doors from Hudson it. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa cook and to aaaiat with the waahiag and Ironing; she understands her business perfectly. Has the very beet of city and country reference. Call at #9 West 30ib St., between 6th and 7th ares., so oud boor, front room, for two days. No ob lection to the country. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as wet nurse. Ie willing, and has the best of city reference. Cuu be seen for two days at 213 East 17th at., near ave. E. WAN TED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waitrtas tn a private family. Best of cliy reference. Call at 438 3d ave. WANTED -UY A RESPECTABLE, TIDY GIRL. A Situation to do cbanaherwork. Can give refereuce to the family wiib whom she baa lived. Apply at 109 East llih si. for two days. VI* ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV gn I, aa brat class cook in a hotel or private family ; understands her business perfectly, und ban the best of city reference as to honesty and capability. Apply at 111 West litb st., near bill av., rear, Unit Coor. TIT ANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE YOf'NO WOMAN. A YY situation iik coog, washer uud ironer in j. private family or in a boarding house; the beet cit> reference given. Apply tor iwo days at !.' New Canal St., third lloor. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yuung girl, to cook, waali and Iron; beet of city reference given. Coll at 186 West ITtli *t. WANTED-BY A YO'/NO (1IRL, A SITUATION AS seams,reus and to as-iyt in the cure of children, or lo do light chamberwork; understands dres* and ladle-' bsirdre*sing; ban the beat of city reference. Cnu be seen for two days at 639 6tii av. IITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS Y Y cbaujlmnnaid or waitress; bod city re: ere nee. Call for two days at 116 West 27th st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation us nurse and, or would do nlain sewing; is willing and obliging: good city reference from lsst place. Qui for two days at 4N west ldlii at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as plain cook: la a good washer and Ironer; best of city reference given. Call for two days at MS 9th av. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG AMERICAN widow, aged 23 years, at seamstress and child's nurse; in an excellent dressmaker, or would lake the entire charge of an infant from lis birth. Good reference. Can be seen at 196 Forsyth St., in tbe store, two doors from Stanton st., lor one week. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waitress, or as chambermaid snd to assist with tbe washing and ironing; the best of cily reference given. Can be seen for two days at 318 Sth av., between 21st and 22d st*., third floor. J HELP AV ANTED?3IAL.ES. Agents w vnted.-you should be on your guard against a NEW IMITATION of our paekage. Unable to effect sales in any other way, they print tbelr package in colors like ours, so as lo DECEIVE AGENTS UNACQUAINTED WITH TIIE WORTHLESS TRASII THEY PUT IN THEM. WE DO NOT SEAL OUR PACKAGES, as others do. because we are not ashamed of tbe quality of their content*. Tbe UNION PRIZE STATIONERY AND RECIPE PACKAGE AND ENVELOPE CONTAINS MORE STATIONERY and of a belter quality, uud a I n t PIECE OP JEWELRY than any package put up In this or any other city. Send lor our circular*, which we will mail free. $6 to $10 per day i an be made. We put In each package a beaulitul and life-like engravwr of GENERAL GEORGE B. McCLELLAN, 6x10. li) vaiOB-UC IU-1 ipes. ? O SOeclS IxWUieS' ouiei.i aper. 6 she-Us Commercial Note # Buff Envelopes. Paper. 2 tine Steel Pens. 0 sheet* Ladies' Note Paper. 1 flrie Pencil. 6 While Union Envelopes, 1 sheet Blotting Paper. in colors. 1 Accommodation Pun Hold6 Ladies' White Union En- er. veiopes. ALSO, VALUABLE PIECE OF JEWF.LRY. RICHARDS A CO., 102 Nas.-au street, Agents wanted?to sell the ? 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WANTED-A MAN WHO CAN SPEAK THE FRENCH ami German languages, aud who Is willing lo make him elf gonerallv useful Address, with references, boi ATX New York Fost oSka. WANTED?IN A DRCO STORE, A THOROUOH AND vuiupcienl retail and peremption clerk, cunvcrssnl with amounts and g neralbusiness One having uo habits , or attachments to Interfere with slrb't and honuvt attention to bnrlneaa will receive a lair compensation. Addreemin hand riiina nf mtnliinnl wilK Bint* r?f?r?*nri>i Ar W H hoi 14 Utrald i?nu*. "tlTANTED?BY A WHOLESALE HOSIERY HOUSE, AN ( VV eijierleneatJ p?'-gar Addteei bot I.VIA Poll nlBoe, elating age, reference!, Ar. "IVrANTED?A HOT TO ATTEND BAR.?APPLY AT NO" TV 7 Mil at , la the (tore. , WAITER WANTED?IN A RESTAURANT; A MAN wl.o thoroughly understands bin buainexs. Apply tbla morning lo Woodward A Potter, 43 Walker at. WANTED?A 8MARf7ACTIYEBOY, TO ATTEND BAR. I Apply to JameaBolend, Atb are.,near Greenwood,Brook i IP" ? WANTED?HI X M P.N KOB STEAMERS. TWO CLERKS for grocery ttores, three portrra, two etpreea drivera, two conductor*. three brakemeo and (trie to travel. p .m. tlona procured for bookkeeper*, entry elerka, Ac Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. WANTED-A MAN Wlin WELL UNDERSTAND THE i pork btiatnese ta all ita branches; alto a aaiiaagc chopping dim. hloe. Addreax J. W., box 184 Herald "Hire. wantkd-a rarmbr and gardener and his V? wife Id art ae rook and laundress, with no children. I Addrraa Biaten I eland, box 175 Herald ofBcr. WANTKD-A BOY. ABOUT MKTEEN YBARB <>r age. U> attend a rape atore and make hlmaelf generally u-rt ill. Apply at tbe earner of 9th at. and 9th ar., at 9 U I Id' k WANTED-TO WORK onaeakm. A T 4 til NO MAN : VV from 17 to 19 yeara of aye. one who haaalreaiy b?en , emplot.-d aa an. h. A Krenehniau or Oermau pieterreJ. Call at lid lil'-rckrrat., from 4 lot? M. j II' ,t N1 ED- A vol Ml MAN IN A PHOTOGRAPH VV t> !erj Phone only ne, d apply who bare been in a gal- , la r before. Call at 7r. Bow.-rr. \\ ,MKD A TOrNOOR NIDI) i.R A OBT) MAN, IN A VV light weening bittinra*. one baring Ir m $.K? to (.0 in iwih ran meet with a find p??ltlon. 4 all to day, irom Id till 4 n i lock, at No 114 Cbtisiophrr it., hail door. Mnalbea good Jddge o( binary A MONTH AND EXPENBBN CLBAIIKD- -mam? 4 JN | ay and female agents wanted, local and travelling, in tr > cotintr in the United Staim and Cnn.tdan. Ap: ybinr ! I tddi ra with a'amp, V. M Browb, 74 Bleei ker Mrtet, corner i el Broadway. N. J. I * > . a vs?. ? .?? M ,, , 2. . hbij ^ A ix FAMILIES AND GOOD SERVANTS WILL FIND A Ik* argent old ealabiiahed Institute at the .or tier of 8th . a* au<l llib at., fur German, English, Irish arid American i women. Mra. Floyd in attendance. Good place J always ready. Small girla wanted in good bomea. A MERICAN, ENGLISH. IRISH, SCOTCH, GERMAN t A and l oiored iwrvanta, with the heal city relarencea, can a he Obtained at No. 7 11th at., near liroaiway. Several good girla are now wanted for tlrat claaa situations. j A PRIVATE FAMILY WANT TWO GIRLS-ONE AS ? cook, the other a* waitress. they niuat underataud their 8 beahiia, Apply from 9 to 11, at Ah 7lh ar. ' A GIRL WANTED?TO DO PLAIN COOKING, WASH- J lac and ironing, in a amall private family; moat tinder- f aland bread baking, be obliging, and willing to make heraelf tiaeful. Good aity reference required. Apply in Washington " av., ninth houae from Galea av , lei t band aide. A CHILD'S NURSE, WHO CAN WASH AND IKON. AND ] bring good city reference (noun other need apply), can I find a situation by calling on Tuesday and Wednesday, lie- ' tworn 10 A. M. and 1 P. M , at the basement door ol Alh West 20'h at. A GIRL WANTED-AS NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS: J one who understands tnkuig earn of an infant ami la ' willing to make heraelt generally usefnl. Good eity rele- I rt ucc*injuin u. Aptuy at U6 East 12th SL, between the hours of II A. .V. and 1 P. M. CIOOK WANTED?AT 01 WEST 9TU 8T., AN ENGLISH* 11 J German or American woman, with good references. " Cook wanted.?wanted, A processed oook who thoroughly understands her business in every re )>ent. Must hare the best of city reference. Apply at Mrs. J Fern undo Wood's, Broadway and 76th st. * pOOX WANTED.?WANTED, A FIRST RATE COOK V> fora sn a l lanilly; none need apply but those who can 1 I uniish goou city reference, at IS Division sL, after 9 o'clock A. V. COOK AND CHAMBERMAID WANTED-A FIR8T rale conk, one who is Willing to assist in the washing and ironina: also a chambermaid ami seamstress. None but thos" who thoroughly understand their business and t an rive city reference need apply. Call at 47 London terrace, West 23.1 si., between 10 un112 ibis (Tuesday) morning. Mrs. m. c. oreens agency for employment, ? East Fourteenth street, first door from Third avenue, hns on band first class situations for suitable help, while and colored, and highest wages. Public palrouage la respeclt ully solicited. TWO GERMAN OIRLS WANTED?IN AN AMERICAN family in Brooklyn?one as good rook, washer and ironer, and the other as chambermaid and child's nurse. Apply at No. 1 Water St., New York, up stairs. WANTED-A OIRL, TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK. Apply at 2o7 Carlton av., Brooklyn, between Lafayette and Green art. ? WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A SMART, TIDY girl, lo do the lamily sewing and chumherwork; must be s good sewer and come well recommended. Apply at 242 Clinton st. WANTED-A COOK; NO OTHER THAN A WOMAN with the I eat of city references as to ability and character need apply at 8d West at., corner of Albany St., up atairr. WANTED?A GIRL FOR WAITING AND GENERAL bou.owork; must have experience and be very neat. No others need spply. Wanted for Brooklyn. Apply at 01 Warren at., up stairs, after 10 o'cluck. Air anted?a nnnn onnir tvn to immiurur VV washing snd Ironing; none need apply without city refersncaa Ironi her labi pla-e. Call at the basement door, between I and 6 o'clock, at 70 East 27th at., near 4th av. WANTED?A COMPETENT CHAMBERMAID AND \ wa ter. Only tboae with good city reterrnres need apply at 12 East 33il at., between 10 and 1 o'clock I*. M. WANTKD-TO GO TO BOSTON, S* OR EIGHT GIRLS i to work on hoop skirts; steady work all the year and good prices paid, aa also travelling expenses; only those acquainted with the work need apply at Nca. 175 and 177 1st at. Williamsburg, third llnor, between two and Ore o'clock P. M [ Wanted?a smart, tidv girl, to do general ? housework; must be a good washer and ironer and plain cook; one who is willing and obliging and kind to children; must have good city reference lrum her last place. Ap- I ply at 1-2 West 43d St., Bear 7th are. WANTED?A NEAT, ACTIVE GIRL, ABOUT FIFTEEN years old, to do walling and light ohamberwork. Apply ! to-day at 31 Waat SO h at , be fore 12 o'clock. I ^ WANTED?A TIDT, COMPETENT WOMAN, AS COOK, J wasuer and ironer, to go a abort dlstanca in the coun- i try. Cair to-day ut 140 West 40tb at., from 10 till 2o'clock. WANTED-A YOUNG WOMAN TO ATTEND A BAKE- < ry; one acquainted with tbe business preferred. Apply | MMMIK I WANTED?SEVERAL RESPECTABLE GIRLS TO AS- . slut at plain sewing and make and trim paper patterna; I those living with their parents preferred. Apply to Kmc. , Demorina Uoodall, 338 Canal at. < WANTED?A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRONER, ' In a private family. City reference required. Call i from 10 to 3 at No. 0 Park av., between 34th and 35th ala. 1 WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK. 1 wash and iron. The best ot reference required. Apply J at 27 Ann at. _ * , WANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY. TWO NEAT, WELL recommended girls: one aa nnrae and seamstress, the other aa cook, washer and Ironer. Apply at 127 Livingston 3 St.. Brooklyn. J WANTED-A OIRL AS CHAMBERMAID AND TO ! assist In the nursery, In a small family. Wages six dollars a month. Apply at 40 West 28th sk, #ar Itb av., ba- i I ween 10 and 12 o clock. J WANTED-A TIDY OIRL (COLOREB PREFERRED) } to do the general housework of a small family; must ] be a good cook, washer and Ironer. One who knows bar business may apply at No. 8 Lafayette ave., Brooklyn. i WANTED-A YOUNG OIRL ABOUT SIXTEEN YEARS ? old, to take care ol a little child. Apply at No. 13 West t 13th st., between tbe hours of nine and twelve o'clock. j WANTED-A TIDY GIBL AS WAITRESfl AND CHAM- 1 berraaid. References from last place required. Apply J at 25 Madison av. a rrUATIOMB WAHTED-HALEr . A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD CHARACTER WISHES A J situation In any respectable ^business, where be can ' lacorrect at figures; high wages not expected. Address J. * Biiuili. 174 2<1 It. A young man or (re8pectability, and who ] can give undoubted references ai to character, wiihea c to ubtaio employment in a respectable oflioe or mercantile * home in the c ity aa collector, or in any way he can make himself useful. Salary not so much an object aa employment; la willing to give one fortnight's time-gratis IT reoulr- 1 ad. Address, lor one week, 8. J.,JOB tth ave. J DRUGGISTS, ATTENTION.?WANTED, A BITl'ATTON * as salesmati in a wholesale drug house, by a young man who has bad experience In the wholesale trade in theWest 1 Addrets A. S. if.. Herald office. I FARMER'S OR GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? 1 By a men with a small family, or would work a fann on J shares. Bast of reference. Call at or address O., 73 Waat ' SO ib st SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MARRIED MAN, ^ O ot good education and ability; has a knowledge of the J routine of business, and Is a good correspondent and pen ' man; will work early and late for a moderate salary. Unde* 11 Address D. W., Herald office. r MERCHANT TAILORS.?WANTED, BY A KIRST ' class cutler, a situation, one that w ho always been on Broadway and has a fins cuatom trade, Addreas Cutter, lietald office. * WANTED-A SITUATION A8 BAR TENDER. IN THE 1 yy city or vicinity, by a youngmau of some experience, f with good re< Dinmen taiions, who nelthar drinks mrrsureke*. ' Address Henry O.. Herald olfli-e. ? WANTED?HY A YOUNG MAN, OP GOOD BUSINESS 1 hab,ts and beet ot relerrnees, a situation as salesman A In some tlrst class wholesale cloth or clothing house; salare not so mu> h an object as a permanent situation. Address for three days B. w? 62 t'ortlandt street. J WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, IN A wb'iesaleor retail store; good reference given. Ad- 1 dress F. A. B.. Brooklyn Post MM J WANTED?A SITUATION IN A STORE OR WARE" 11 porter; has been in the rariientcr business, * ran give good reference. AddreetJ <1 O . 300 7th av. * WANTED?RY A YOUNG MAN OF TWELYE YEAR8 ? experience, a situation as salesman in a first class cloth 1 bouse; has a good city and Stale trade; ealary to suit the 7 tunes. Address J. B. T.. Herald of m -llTANTED-A SITUATION AS CLERK IN A GROCERY 1 yy store, one w ho understands the business |erfectly and * gen give lue beet of elty reference from bis last employer. I Address M. P., .VO Grand el. C WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN FROM THE COUNTRY. Z e s.tuition as clerk In e grocery store; ihoroughly un- H derilsnd the business and la not efrnld to work. Address H- J Msybea, Herald office. ? WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN. A SITUATION IN A ^ YY ahlppiug, jobbing or cotnmiaalon houee, aa entry clerk or atalaiaul bookkeeper, or aa HltlnmB in a nuolraeli or r?- \ tail lial ilore; baa bad eight yeara experience in (b? trade. . rtir beat of reference gtren A'ldrraa Cm, S3 Kalian lana, [J WANTBD-BY A SOBER STEADY, ACTIVE TOI NO " man, a tituathn aa porter or watrhman, or la eot par- _ Ucniar In whatever eapactiyao aa ll la a teed j employment, r Addrra* tienrge R , b<n ITS Herald office. f 11/rA'*T*D-BV A TOUNO KAN, A SITUATION AS J TT light porter In a etore: write* a fair hanl. la willing and not afraid of work. Addreaa J D , boa IW Harald office Q' WANTED?BY A OENTLEKAN, WHO HAN TRAVELlei la all pert* of lb* Slate* and Canada, and la familiar v avlth the hardware, aawlng machine. boot and ahoe and t liquor bnalnnaa; baa no objection to any other bualnen*. An f engairmmt aaaganl, loeal or traaalllng, daairad, baa aoraa . i Addraaa Commend*! Agent, boi I7? Herald office. * THE TRADES. Boiler kakers -wanted. at the south t Brooklyn Hie* in Kngioa Worka, rorn?r of Imlay and .. Summil aia, twenty nraiara Nona but good workman naod 1 ipply. Alao throo or four good Ottera up. H ATTRACT WANTED, BY A VOI NO LAO. TO LEARN I iha hut bnnnaaa, a ailuatlon, he la of reapec able rami- ? ly, about 17 year* of nga. Addraaa Trade, Harald ofloe. TJIIOTOORAPHER WANTED?APPLY AT THE KIM ~ JL ball Uallary, 477 Broadway. ^ PHOTOGRAPHIC OPERATOR WANTED-TO OO TO 1 Philadelphia A (araoa with nral data ybllltlaa and lneicepllonable rffnen'a? ran hear of a good ope.Ing by iridrrnalng 0. W. C , tare of .lobn Terhaun. 175 Canal at. 1TO PpoTO lRAI'IIEKN-WANTED, A EIR8T CLASS ~ ANTllON^yil 'qroatf" l? * ""'^boring oily Apply to E. J lino HAWK WANTED.?A GOOD JOURNEYMAN ft wig maker at 3S6 Bowery. L B ARTEL. NEW PI BI-ICATIOR*. ;<rrtiat'' CURIOUS hook or -city women "?sin. I gular and Intaraatlng akrkeheaof female character in I hi'tily. r-ohl for "id rente, or mailed free fur IW cet>U?bitlf J met. Cloth bliidtagJUIt) page*, DO engraving* *1 M. OAUNTT, Pubiiahrr, W Walkeritreel, up atair*. en ' * ? ffr n ' ?i * HOa???, CAIUUAQE?, ?I. A PAIR Of SPLENDID CARRIAGE HORSES FOR fL *aU?16 hands high: must nail will be told by Thurslay nr.XI to' ball' their value Apply at ft) Mercer street. Billy goat, youno and well trained, with Wagon and Harness. fur sale elieep?$16. Alee a i ne iauny Coat, In kid; price fid. Inquire at Orel private table in Sixteenth street, writ of First avenue. EpOR BALE LOW?A BROWN i'ONY BUILT HORBE. L 13 hau ls both, warrant'd nound and kind; also, Hucka '"7 Carriage; aold tor want of use. Apply at AS Charles, or 0 Carmine street. ClOKSALE CHEAP?ONE BAY HORSE, dNB PAIR ON L hla It Homes, about 10 hands high, young and sound, tlao. Truck and Harness. Impure, before 9 A M., at Nu. 37 Vny a n ct, through the day at 32 Dey street, of P. C. WE8n-IOR SAI.E-A BLACK WARE: IS PERFECTLY SOUND F and kind, ami a eooil aold e horac. Apply at the stalde n ll.a oar of I'M PiflK ......... iJ -- ' MUC, QBllftUW VU AIKUIQCUUI ,ireet. For pale?a brioht bay horse, a full blooilerl Black Hawk, perfectly eound, IS hands high, 7 ' arc oi l; very stylish and gentle; carries a natural head vlttiout martingale or check r In; a flue saddle or carriage loite Inquire ul 781 Broadway, In tee1 It depot. llok SALE CHEAP, CHEAP, cheap?a vermont P M r.nit Horse, 15!4 hands high, seven years old, sound ind kind, un l < au trot a mile in three minutes and liftncn ecuods, or twelve miles w ithin the hour. Is also a superior addle horse. Apply at 118 Bowery. [TOR SALE CHEAP?A GOOD WAGON MARE. AND C four good p toy built cart Horses, hi for any kind of vork. Will he sold cheap fur want of use. Impure at the liable. In Futy-sevcnth surei, one door cast of Second are. LIOR SALE CHEAP?A BROWN MARE, 16% HANDS'I high; young, sound and kind, can trot in three minutes 0 the pole. Also lit,mesa and Buggy, If desired. Call at ,11H Br iadway, three doors above Thirty-ninth street, stable Horses wanted ?one or tWo good carkiagb Horses will be kept in the country, free of charge, for tgentleman's private use. Address J. a B., Herald office. 1 N8TRUC1ION GIVEN IN COLORING AND RETOUCHL Ing Pedographs, Ivory types, A.'. For particulars inittire at W0U1I8 A CO *8 go lory, 383 B-oadway. \tew YORK TATTERS A lls, SIXTH AVENUE, CORLN tier of Thirty-ninth street.?This day, ul eleven o'clock, iticiinn 01 Horses, Wagons, slel the, Harness, blankets. Bells, lobe-, Ac., Ac. See Auction head JLEIGH WANTED.?WANTED, A SLEIOH, WITH bJ jmle, that will seat four or six per-ons. Adtlreas Sleigh, Ierald office, stating price, deKcrtptlon, Ac, SHETLAND PONY WANTED.?ANY PERSON HAVINGJ a gentle Shetland Pony lor sale cheap, may hear of a mrchiuier by addressing Shetland, Herald office, slating lowtst price. 1X7 ANTED?A VBKY FI$E STYLISH SADDLE HORSE, TT live or aix years old, l ay or black, trained or not rained, l'rice no object. Addr--?a U , box 230 Post office. 1x7ANTED?a GOOD HORSE, not over seven It years old; must be sound, kind and able to travel a mil? n four minutes; lor wbh h a splendid cluster diamond ring, ion tabling eleven stotti s, will be exchanged. Address, stating shell and where it can be seen, Diamond. Herald office. r aa sleigh ROBES, from ffi upwards. closing JUUouuhiaweik, at L.J. A J. PHILLIPS', 64 and 66 Broadway. PERSONAL. Arlington-times have chanced since we saw Jubu, but the dog is not dead; on the coutrury, hi# ixhausled energies have been recuperated. Rewan' of the log. _ J Y. A MANDA AND ARAMINTA?WE COULD NOT BE AT fl the place x{>e?Hird on Sunday. Will you write again to .he same address, when we will appoint a meeting. A GENTLEMAN IS DESIROUS OF CORRESPONDING with a lady of refinement end wit. Aa fun, Ac., is the ibjecl, any lady posteaniiig a lively disposition and willing >en, will plenee add re k** Dismal, boi illW Herald oHlcr. A MORTON WILL FIND A SHORT AND RATHER UN* It. impoitant letter. Many, many thanks for yours revived to-day. All's well. Beautiful eyes ?if the tall, elegant looking young lad v, with block doth mantilla, black hair and >lack cy es, and straw bonnet, with black velvet trimmings, vho went into White's lur slore about nine o'clock on M.inlay morning, will favor her devoted admirer with her ad1: ess, please send a note to Don Manuel, box 164 Heral ofBce. &ENERAL JAMES KEENAN, EX-AMERICAN CONtul at Hong Long, if in this city, will llnd it to his benefit :o cell Immediately at the oflire of Henry T. Capen, 43 South itreet, or at the oilier ol' W. M. Evarto, No. 3 Hanover street MKORGIANA?I SHOULD BE HAPPY TO MEET YOU UT this (Inga^ay) afternoon, at 6 o'clock, In Bioudvay, bet.i em Eleventh and Pourteenth streets, and dial iv< r matters as we did In the stage on Frlrtav afternoon. <y motives are strictly honors ole. LOST PURSE. fYLARA, BROOKLYN?PLEASE MEET ME AT THB U last mentioned place, usual hour, Tuesday. GEORGE. EF"?, NO. 43?SEVENTH REGIMENT CONCERT.? Will ths gentleman with black mustache, red sesrf, vho gai e hi# card aud spoke Ui the lady In a block cloth ioak, last .Saturday evening, also on Fifth avenue, Sunday, iddrms Kate G. Schuyler, Herald oilloef EH.?WHITE BONNET, DARK TRIMMINGS; LIGHT cloak, dark stripe. Saw you at Central Park Saturday flernoon. Have you forgotten an old frlendt If not pleas# iddrese through pergonal. Q-T. INFORMATION WANTED-OF CATHARINE GILL L lata or Newport, Rhode 1 aland. When last heard from ived In Boat Thirty-fourth street. Any information regardng her will ba thankfully received by her sister Mary, at 17t tost Twentieth street. New York. rr THE YOUNO LADY WEARING A BILK DRESS AMD L bonnet who walked In Broadway on Saturday at four 'clock, between Canal and Bleecker atreeU, wlahea to form he acquaintance of a gentleraaa who noticed her, aho will ilraaa send her addreaa to M. Mrrcurio, box 180 Herald oflka. [ F MADAM DOM PEDRO, WHO FORMERLY L1VKD L aiKHt Broadway, will arnd a note to John Harvey, Union quire Poat office, stating waere ahe can baaaan, will bear f aontethlnf greatly to her advantage. rr THE QBMTLEMAN WHO RODE UP IN TUB L Ninth avenue atage aletgh on Tnaaday night, and gave he lady the number, wlahea to maka her acquaintance, ha an do ao by addreaelng Maggie, through Peraonal, atatlag rhere and when an Interview ran bo bad. rr THE BEAUTIFUL LADY WHO WALKED UP L Broadway. Saturday afternoon, wearing a Mack velvet I oak edged with white, bat trimmed with purple feather*, nd ermine mulf, will addreaa P. Vlnoent, Poat office, Naaaau (reel, ahe will favor a friend. [ F THE LADY WHO SHOWED A NEWSPAPER AT 1 the windew, an an avanua, and who came to the street loor and (poke of " Peraonala," win addreaa Fred, boa 3,023 "oat office, ahe will confer a great favor. [ NFORMATION WANTED-OF CATHARINE MURPHT, L Oraignamane, county Kilkenny, Ireland When laet irard from, one year ago, ahe lived In Tenth street, New fork. Her brother Patrick, who arrived lately, wit-lies to re or hear from her. Call on or addrcra Patrick Murphy, it). 5 Unlou court, South Brooklyn, for one week. INFORMATION WANTED-OF WILLIAM POWERS, L who left Montreal In January, 1HM2. or hi* slater* Cat heme or Ellen, who are In New Y>rk, natives of county Waterord, Ireland. Should thta meet their eye (or any one knowng the aforesaid famllyj tln-y will hear of Something to I elr advantage by calling at the comer of Twenty.third treet and Siith avenue, Oarlbaldl Home, In tha basement, ly one of the Powers family. rOHN D. HAVBY 1^ KKQUEST8D TO CALL TO MOtttow morning at 22 Fletcher street. P. DOWD. IflSS , w. ELEVENTH STKERT.?I HAVE BREM VI out of town lor ten lays. Inquire at Union square 'oat office for not* addressed to the Ihitlal given In vout ote. _ HARXY TUTTLliBIKN j lyflNNIE?SEE ME AT TAYLOR'S LOWER S A LOOM VI to-day, at one o'clock, without fall. He punctual. CANAL STREET. I if 188 KATE W**?R, LATE OP W STREET, WOULD H. like t>> see Oeo. II. H., at 214 W. street. kTIBLOR THEATRE ?IK TIIE HIIORT LADY, IN \ lilack ?llk dreaa, black velvet hat and pink rosea, who at In th? parquat of Nlhli'a theatre on Saturday night tat, near the orcheatia. in company with acme ladle* and entlemen, will honor one that admires hef with an intertaw, (he can in all confidence communicate with lb? under' igned, ha wishing to cultivate her acquaintance, which will e to her advantage. Addreaa K. Mutual, Illation D, New rork. _ 'CJPRING STREET. '-WILL THE TWO LITTLE BEAITt3 ilea, who Saturday eraniug amlled and then bowed to .vo gentlemen In the abova at eet, aend a nota lo Charles ad Eugene, hoi 119 Herald oltlcef J? GEO RUE, FEBRUARY 11. rHB LADY WITH BLACK SILK DRESS AND HAT green velvet flowers, fur cape and mtilf, wno rode down irnadway to Waahlngton placa in a fourth avenue ttaea eaterday morning at ten o'clock, will confer a favor by adresalng a line to X. V , Union square Post office. JLTllX. THE YOUNO LADY WHO SO KINDLY OffKRFt ad me grace, when I accidentally stepped on her drees i fifth avenue, on Sunday last, allow me to offer any fur* ter apologies In person f If agreeable, pleaee answer >rough this column, ss an everlasting Impression has bean tadeoa CHARLES BYRON. )TH AVENUE, TWENTY THIRD STREET, flfTH ) avenue.?Will the lady with a green silk dress, white hal< nd fur cape, who was accompanied by s gentleman on Runay afternoon to ehurch. In Twenty-third street, addiws (If is acquaintance can be continued) Charles James, Herald Bra. FRENCH ADVKRTISEMKNT8. \N DEMANDE-A LA CAMPAONE, VINOT MILLKS raalt(p?* 1 anglala, pour aoigner da* anfana, if.ulreaaei fee 'let renaclgiiemanta par U port* a A. M. B , Whlta plain*, 'eechaatar County N. T. 'SB PBRSONNB ABEYANT DB PRANCB, Dr.- IRK J una place pour aoigner da* enfant*. on la# Inetmlre <l*na langue f ranealee; bonnea recommendation*. Kadrrwra Ima. Dereta, <W #*me ar. TNE JBUNB nUB rRANCAIHK DESIRE HE FLAJ car dana una famine Americana pour a?*I*iar am annuatparlarla Francala. S'adrttaar pour daui Joura hull km SrT I DAKtlWO ACADKM1BI. i pODWORTH'B DANCINn ACADEMIES, V. No. l"i fnih arenoa, cor. T-vauty Mxth at, New Turk. No. IS/ Montague atraot, Brooklyn. CLASSES?Tueadny* am! Friday* In Brooklyn. CLASSES?Wadneaday* and Saturday* In New York. Circular for term*, Ac., may Im bad at either academy. >HOOKER' DANCINO ACADEMY. .VII HROOMK ST. ) A NEW CLASS FOR TUESDAY. A'l the faehionehla dancer. In one oouraa of leaaona. LADIES m.alTuaadayaand Friday*, 3 to P M GENTLEMEN. Tuealny* nn I Erin/*, 7!< to 10k P. M. CHILDREN, Wednesday* *tid Saturday*, 3 to 6 P. M. LADIES' Primary Cln?i Itia'mcted by Bra. Brooke*. The eclionl I* open all the year. SOIREE EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENTNO. JROFERBOR ROVD'S NEW DANCINO AND HK ATI NO Academy, 7k Vart k Mr-el, op ,i Monday and Thursday Wrnooii* and craning*. Dancing and Skating taught in le courae ol leaaona. J * J

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