Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1862 Page 7
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T] mE8 AT AOOTIOII. Tivfr.RT MOHTrUT'U VlRtl KIN A CoITTpOTIOM. A ?!!*. BAUNIKll'K.NT llOUHKHOLD KURN1TUKE. Pruning, 8uuu?i> tail uitav ruir uud o?Uy Work* ul Ari, AT PCBLTO AUI TION. Sfcla commencing on t Is itujr (Tuctlay), February 11, at 11 o'clock. *t tli? art ?lorv bio?a ktone rc?.douc<*, 4B we*I hit Coejjktyjel, between Fifth ?nrt Ritth avenue*. rowwood ^o.oru,.^ and walnut 8uiu> Brouao and ormolu^^^^ ^ S^rea and Dn-den ChlUA Ornament^ ^ ^ Amlmoidered Laoa Curtain., ^ txieul<M Table, Bookeate, Bteferea. Centre Tables, tlliina, 01ai??nd Silver Ware, Sheffield Table Cutlery, Tuble Linen, Rosewood ?o l walnut Ohimber Furniture, style IjO its Xir. Drawing Room*? Rnnrwood Suit, covered iu blue aud gold brocatel; one do. gn nanl gold, Tetu-n-Tete Sofas, Armchairs, Reception and oval ba> k Chair#, ro#ewood r.iogeres, slati ary uiaible top Seen a and Bookcaf-e, lined with I eutlnwood, plate giant* doors; En < oignurea, Cabinet#, C nlre Table#, Mantel Mirror*, six light bronze and ormolu CuaudeHer?, elegant embrobiere i Luce Curtain#, Gon#ole and Card Table#, magnificent Sevivh China Vaeea, superb isron/e#, representing Mercury. Cnuwd re, Chevalde Marloy, Hamlet, Rembrandt; two match Paintiiu*.#?Scene# on io?- Hudson, by Cole; A##umption of t' ? Virgin, by L'card; Murine view#, original, by i>i#bolt; Krnoh Liue Engravings, Brouze Clock, ruu# oue mouth: mag i ? eni aevt-n octave rosewood Pianoforte, four round corner#, made to order by city makers; Stool, Cover and Canterbury; b*ack walnut Hitiatand, Velvet Carpet#. Ac. Clmmb.-rs-Brus* 1# Carpm#, nxsewood and mahogany Dressing By oiuniiM p, Miimnu it a, lvwuug ?, .-aiiii * ijiauo, nv/, \,u<?*i r., aovered with balr.lutb, Spring and Hair Matty *sses, Feather Beds,Blankets. Counl.rpancH, Oral Mirrors. Dining Ro n:? Oak Bullet. Kxtun.-lon Table, China Diuuer ami Tea Seta, elegant seta Buliy and Crystal Glassware, Parian marble Punch Bowl, Bllver Diunur nini Tea Sen Ice, Salvors, Table 'Cutlery, Napkin Rbigs. Also Furniture of the sen ants' apartments, and Basement unci Kitchen Kurnlture. N. B.?Pai tics wishing to at'end this sale nan take the Filth avenue and Broadway or Sixth avenue stages and cars, ul the Ast ir House, Su Nicholas and Metropolitan Hotels, which will bring them within a lew doors of the house, cornsr of Sixteenth street. Auction notice. D. D. CAULKJNS A CO., Auctioneers, oflloe 339 Broad WSJ. Executors' sal^ of MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Etch French Pier inn! Mantel Mirrors, SUPERBLY CARVED ROSE v OOD 1'IA.NOFORTE. ELEOANT SILVER PLATE. Ac.. Ac.. Purchased at a cost of over $18,1.001 On Tuesday, February 11, At UM elegant private re id"nee No. '21-I West Fourteenth sited, near Eighth avenue. Commencing at 1 bjj n :oek A. M. precisely. Therale rompris's the , n .re contents or the house. The elegant Parlor Furniture was in ute to order, and Is In solid rosewood. The who!" will he sold to the highest didder tor oaah. oiteriug extra lndueeiueuia to purchasers, as the entire Furniture of tho house is new, having all been made within six months. Elegant rosewood seven odav Pianoforte, with all modern linpro. en e its, overstruug lines, j-,, co t $<0t); rich rosewood Stool, covered in su In. and embroidered Cover; three elegant full suits of rosewi o 1 Parlor Ftu nlture, in rich brocade an l satin; rosewood Btegeres, splendid and costly Parian Ornaments. rich Vases, Ac.: also a magnificent collection of rare Paintings, rosewood Turkish Emy Chairs, in line reps; rosewood Centre and Side marble top fables, richly carved. Chain1 cr Suits, In roi'.ood mil mahogany; Bureaus, Tarred 1! Isteads, Wishs ends, Sola Bsll, in line haircloth; tea pure Hair Mattresses, 1 rum lorty to fltty i ouuds, made to ordcf and 1U excellent coud.t ion. Dining Room Furniture c. nslsts of line oak Extension Table, Silver Ware, rich China, Ivory and Silver Cutlery. Forks, Spoons, Ac., with heavy cut and engraved Glassware of everv Aescriptiort. A N EXTRAORDINARY OPTORTUNITY FOR HOUSE" j\. fcsepersaud boarding house keepers.?All the handsome Furniture ol a tirsl class hoarding house, 12.1 Waverley place, between Washington square aud Sixth avenue, will be sold at nubile auction, this afternoon, at 2 o'clock precisely, to the highest bidder, without reserve?Consisting of Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, one black walnut Parlor Suit, covered In green reps, ora arising one Sofa, one Arm. one Reception and four Medalliou Back Chairs, with half arms; rosewood Ktqgere, with mirror buck ami doors: black walnut Library Bookcase, marble tup Tables, Card Table, black walnut Tetea-tete and four Chairs, covered In hair clolb; three Lounges, toverod in damask reps and morocco; black walnut Bookaaae, with writing desk: Corner and Bo ikslnnds, Cui talua. Sadden, Vases, Clocks, rosewood ?nd mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus, Watbstanla, Toilet Sets, Hair Ma'trcsse*, Feather Beds, Bolsters, Pillow, blankets, Sofa be la. Mtrrora, oak Extension Table, Dining Clslri, spring -eat Chairs, Roekera, Tm and Kltch-n Tablea, Class, Cblna. Silver and Iron War?, Table Cu-lery, Kit h n Furniinre, Stair Carpets, - Oilcloth, Chandeliers, Stair Rods, 4c. Sale positive, r .in or ah inc. A SSIONBK S SALE OK HANDSOME FURNITURE. A Elegant Landscape and Pastel Paintings, With the entire beautiful l'arlor. Chamber, riolag Room and Library Furniture of the house. RUSSELL W. WE8TCOTT, auctioneer; will sell, this Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock, the above elegant Furniture, at the reiljeme 102 West Twenty-tlrst street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, the whole comprising a very large and costly colleclon, in perfect order, worthy the a pedal attention or bouse keepers and ihe trade, as the entire catalogue will he sold strictly without reserve, among which are rich Tapestry and Ingram Carpets, in fourteen rooms; the parlors are furnished throughout In aoiid rosewood, elegant Pianaforts, two superb Parlor Suits, Etrgarra, Centre and. Pier Tablea, Paintings, rich Vase*. Ac., wltli handaome rosewood and mahogany Chamber Furniture of every description; eleven elegant Mattresse-, Beds and Bedding, 'dob Ohiaa and Glass ware, Silver Wsre, Ac. No po?t;ouemeat. Catalogues at house. Deposits required of purchaeors. Auction sale of household furniture, carpeta. Mirrors. Ac.-DANIEL A. MATHEWS, auction?er, wlH sell, at hie salesrooms. No. 79 Nassau street, this day {Tuesday i, at 1U% o'e.ook, the entire Furniture of a large Rouse, removed for convenience of sale, comprising In part three Parlor and Reception Suits. In French satin brocatel and fauoy reps; Centre Tables, Cottage Suits, Wardrobes, Dressing bureaus, Wasiistniuls. Hair Mattresses, Feather feds, Blankets, rosewood and walnut Secretary and Library I Bookcase, Sofas, Sofa Beds, Lounges, Chairs, Roekera, several Velvet, Brussels and other Carpets: French plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Ac. Teruia cash. Deposit! required from all purchasers. Auction notice.?m. doughty, auctioneer, will sell on this duy .Tuesday,) Feb. ll, at 10}? o'clock, at No. 369 West Thiriy-flfth "licet, genteel Household Furniture, constating In part of mahogany Pianoforte, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, mahogany Tete-a-Tntes, Arm and Parlor Ch-U UiF>.? I ln.ui n rf UiiFranii (VuiOiitanrfi RMiimiIi Hair Mattresses. Feather Beds, Bedding, Crockery, Glasswarr, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. The whole to be peremptorily aoli t? - he highest bidder. < h OS notice.?tou can but all kinds of ;1 r dture, Maltre.nses. Bedding, Ac., below auction I jii . i> anted abd delivered free.atu. W. SN EDEN'S, 363 B<> . between Stanton and Houston streets. Call and eat - tuutiuy. Note the Bumbef. A S. RICHARDS, AUCTIONEER.??00 CASES BOOTS, Shoes and Brogana at auction, by RICHARDS A WHITING, on Wednesday, February 12, at 1#X o'clock, at store 44 Cortlandt street, comprising our usual assortment of seasonable goods. Catalogues on morning of sale. Auction sale of crochkry and olars. HENRY O EVANS wtll sell, iu lots to suit city and country buyers, on Tuesday, February 11, at 10H o'clock, at 85 Maiden lane, a well assorted stock of White Orunlte and all kinds common Ware, Glass. Britannia Ware, Ao. Sale positive. Ooods well packed for shipping. Auction sale of horses, carriages, harn-a>?On Wednesday, at 11 o'clock, at salesroom 343 Fulton street, Brooklyn.?One matched team of Carriige Honrs. long t.itl. ays, sound and kind in single or double harness and unde?| the raititle: oi.e parkPhaeton, Double aadniog:i' Harness, Blankets, Ac. Auction notice-wm witters, auctioneer1IENKY l'AI.MER w ill sell this day. ut 10 u, at ibe New Voi k Tattersallx, Sixth av nit - and Thlrty-uinth street. Auction notice.-ii. wilson, auctioneer ?by A I). OAI.E, <4 I?ey etrept.?Bout* undBboes?#41 cases prime U-mkIh, 90 cal * stock Goods, at '.'X o'clock A. M. Sold without reserve. Also prime Goods hIwu.vh at private sale. A J. BLKECKER, BON A CO. WILL BELT. AT Al'C.i|ui. this A at I-'o'clock, ?t the Men-hams'Exchange by or lcr of r oe.ver, one Lot on wc?l rid" of Nineteenth street, between seventh mkI Eighth av lines, Hroiklya, Auction sale.?4:8 uroome street, keb. 11, at 12 o dock, seven Trunks, bums' and y nlbriirns Wear- < 1"? JU'.I rel, UrciM a, Costa, Pauls, Ac. By order of M. I IloPKI SS, mortgagee. Advance., made on const .iimeuis by OKORGK LBV1E, auction'cr and commission merchant. DAVID D. EOAN, AUCTIONEER.?MORTO AGE SALE. nt 4.1H < lansl street, this day, at It o'clock, consisting of -Carpet*. t,' m <>i tables, Mat lnc, Rugs. Mats, mshorany and black walnut Extension and Dining Tobies, Chamber Furniture, Bureaus, Waahatan la, Tct -H-tCles, black walnut l'artor Furniture. Reception Chairs, Writing Desks. Uaa Fliturea, and a quantity ot Kitchen Fumiiure. EDWARD 81 HENCE, AUCTIONEER. CLOSING BALKS ?> r EI.EGAM' s URN ITU re, By EDWARD SCI1ENCK, Oils day, February II, at 11 o'chct. an t on Thursday, F bruary i3, at tils salesruoma. No. IM and IA7 Broadway. tale of elegant Furniture, consisting of elegant solid tarred and plain rosewood Parlor Smia, in rarlous coverings; elegant block walnut Library and Dining Kootu Suits, in reps; iiisgnitlcent rosewood, round cornered Beds dad*and Pit: eaus; ditto in back walnut, finish d in oil;, da, ant black walnut Secretary Book' ases, elegant rosewood Elevens. carved walnut Buftets and Kvionslnn Tabb a, walnut Hull Rack and Chairs, and oibti elegant Furniture. Paritcular attention Is tecjuestml to llies* aiil' S, na all the Furniture will be positively sold wrhoui reserve. By order ot J. B. Fn-eman, assignee. tn h. ludlow, auctioneer. jm. champagne at auction. B. h. LUDLOW a CO. will sell at auction on Wednesday, February 11 1862, at 12 o'clock, at the salesroom, No. S Pltie street ? CHAMPAGNE ?In pur-uanre ol a stipulation made Jnne 21, 1861. betwe.-n Adolph and Peter Go-ley., will be sold nt auction, in lota to suit purchasers, 60 cases Champagne (Oeil de I'erdrii), red Ml. Great sale of tools, machinery and patterns. Over OJO Iota of Tools and articles of Machinery, and all the Peuerns of ike matteawan machine company, will be eold In pan els, on the premises fermerljr of said Company, In Fiahklll, to close a trust, on THURSDAY, THE l.'tTll INSTANT, at 10 o'clock A. M. For particulars, see catalogues, by applying to T. J. B. >.ka_.b Vaw llallauaan luhti.T Vt ftnt'l i Ken Vutpl.iiew or il? Maiden lane, N. T^or to the nnderalgned,' K. W FARRINUTON, Racelrer, Ao. If iwaTTRO, Feb. 4,1*62. George cook, auctioneer. ASSIGNEE'S HALE OF ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. By O. W. COOK. Ih.K d.i v, nt 11 o'clock, at (tore 141 Broad ray. Thia amok amatol* or l'arlor, Chamber, Ll: rare and Dining K'lom Htilta. rose mod Ktekcrea, Haoratarlea, Centre and Work Talilea, Centre and Fanny 'fable*, roaawood Arnioireaitla.e, Uonhle Door Wardrobe*, Buffet*, Eitenalnn Dining Talilea, Chalra, Lounge*, Ac. The whole to be positively aold by order of tne assignee. Henry b. iieth, jr.. auctioneer. PEREMPTORY 8A1.E. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. HENRY WOOD A CO. WILL hell ON TUESDAY, February II, at 10k o'elne*, at IS King atreet, a One aaanrtnienl of Household Furniture, comprising rnaewood and Mahogany Bedsteads, Humane, Waabatanda, Heda, Bedding. Oil JPalniInge, Engravings, Crockery, Ac. Terma -aah, Catalogue* at aale. MORTOAQE SALE.->JOHN II. BURLEY, AUCTION, ear, will Mil, tlda day, at I o'clock, at 444 Canal atreet, Bureau., Bedstead*, ( hair*. Waahalanda, Picture*, Eatenglon, Centre and other Tables; Ho aa, Sofa Bed*, Pier, Bar and other allaaai a; Waidrobna, Enamelled Suit*, Hat Kai ka, Bookatmda, one Iron Hafe, Hruaaela, Three.ply and other Carp. t. llclntha, Hair and o'har Matireaai a. Feather Beda, SHowa, Bolster*. Bedding, Blanket*, Curtain*; China, trtben, Ola** and Kltcnen Ware. By order of Jama* Whltin.. attarney. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER. OFFICE NO 4 K**| Broadway, will aed, on Tuesday, at lo)4 o'clock, tb* eon lent* of tlia liquor atore, Nn. 6 Water atraet, corner of '? Moore?Walnut Counter*. Ic# Cheat, teg*. Table*, Chalra, jfc ?? ; | % " ?! AT AUCTION. i I -?_wrftr CS"?u> at public I \T0B'AJA0E 8 ijii, Inst., at the store north- I IVl aectf^. 01 T..*?'*'lBl'?* - willy third strata, thr entire I Wst corner at Thirtfi?v?'? "m - - af Um Hn , . Ki tureu o a Grocery ?g?ri CMMiatiua ^V*' Co inters Scales, Hbosv sdhe'V,.*?-. u<1 Sav I Bcggy Wagon, with top. TIPaHILL A CO., Mortgaged#. i CI A J. BOGAKT, AUCT10NBKK8, WEDNEHDAV' J5? February 12, ut I0)? o'clock, at tb<? auction rooms, No. I North William tutl, by virtue of several executions, a large asaoiinieiit of Hotel rurnitnreMahopany Bureaus, enaniellrd Wes.aiands, Cottage Bedstead*. usue bottom and oak ^Inlug romn Chairs, Arm Chairs. Waitresses, tjuilts, ahuets TT.ipklus. Toilet Crockery. Looking Glass, Toilet Tables, Decanters. Demijohns. Dressing T? files. Iron Hair. Liquors, Ac. DANIEL KB! KL, Constable. St J. BOG ART, AUCTIONEERS -THIS DAT, AT 11 o'clock, at the auction rooms, No 1 North William street, Cons abie's sale:?One oak Billiard Xtble. with marble bed, Balls and Cues, Markers. An. Also a large lot of Law Booka, Senate Documents nod Illustrated Works. WILLIAM HEPBURN. Constable. ' Also, Constable's sale:?Due pine of Holland Gin. V. COLLINS, Constable. 1 Also, on aoeount of whom It may eonnern, to pay for binding and expenses, a lot of Miscellaneous Works. Also, a lot ' of Household furniture, fancy Goods, Ac. j SALE OF STEREOSCOPES, AC.?CHAMBERS A FAIR- , CHILD, Auctioneers, will sell, this day, Kooruary II, j at 11 o ( lock, at their salesroom, a uuantlty of Stereoscopes, , Views, Portfolios and other funey Goods. Also, for account , of whom it majr concern, 2 Guns, I Revolver (12 shooter), 1 | uaiuuiciiri| a v;uj// & irw, nui/uri mniwi, nuuuci wuiuv, av. SHBRIFF'8 BALE OF DRY OOOD8. C11AMHKR8 A FAJROHILD, Auctioneers I Salesroom 113 Nuwtuu stieet), will sell on Tuesday, February 11, at 10>{ o'clock, at their , salesroom, u quantity of Detain en, Calicos, Utughauia, RugHub Beregea, Tioktug, Sheeting, Flannels, Paper Cambric, Clothing, Spool Cotton, Linen Handkerchiefs, Vesting*, Ac. Ase. JOHN KELLY, lalo Sheriff. Wm. HOLLINGSHEAD, AUCTIONEER, WILL 8EI.l, ou Tuesday, Feb, 11, at 10)^ o'clock A. M., ul the store / ol J. T. W hit-house, 2.i Cortiandt street,# Menses second nttality Rubbers, together with a large variety of Bnota a id j Sho.-s, adapted to the city and country trade. Catalogue* | ready on the morning of stile. MUSICVL. ( A MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOforlc tor a.ile.?Elegatilly curved log* and case, over- ' strung baas, lull Iron plate, lined with satlnwood; all modein Improvements; maile to order; been in use seven months; coat $600; will be sold lor $h'M, including Stool and Cuver. Also, Parlor Furnit ure at great sacrifice. Inquire at 70 Weet Twenty-sixth at reel, near Sixth avenue. A FEMALE TEACHER. OF EIOHT YKAU8' EXI'Kricnee, desires to give Music Leasona in exchaugc for Board, in a quiet, genteel family. Address Musle, Chambers' Piano Warerooms, Fourth aveutie and Astor place. J A LADY ACCrSTOMEl) TO TEACIIINO WILL GIVE | least n i in French and Music in exchange fur boutd, or ! would go as visiting governess. Address, lor one week, M. I M., 15 L.vmgaton place, near Seventeenth street uud Second avenue. A TENOR. WHO HAS SUNG IN A FIRST CLASS EPIHcopul church, la open to au engagement. Adure-ss Tenor, box 103 WUUamaburg Pout office. CHEAPEST PIANOS OFFERED IN THIS CITY FOR cash?Via: one seveuoctare rosewood, full seven octave iron frame, overstrung baaa, round corners, scolloped keys, modern improvements, $140; also mahogany ut right pianoforte, Silt J; also seven octave, $13#. McDONALD A CO., 3o8 Bowery. Depot of the Alexandre organ. For Churches, Chape!*, Schools and Drawing Rooms, JU3 Broadway. sole medal of honor a' the Universal Exhibition of 1855. This magnificent instrument (patented in the United States May 3, 185V), which the brilliant performance of THALBKRG, YILANOVA and MLLE. WE I. LIS have rendered as popular in America as In Europe, has been adopted by the greatest at lists and composers ol both con tlnenta. OOTT8CHALK. LISZT, B08SINI, MEYERBEER, Ac., Ac. The Alexandre Orcan la celebrated tor the aolidity and pre- ' clainn of Its mechanism. as well as for (he fullness and power of ita tone, and the remarkable quality of keeping perfectly in tune in ull climates. Prices at the depot, *40, $30, $100, $100. $185, $238, $200, $300, $340, $400. : A descriptive ciroular sent to any address on application to . E. FABRKGUETTKS Jr., 2U3 Broadway, { Importer of Ruason Accord eons. Vlolina, Vtoiln Strings, Ac. INSTRUCTION ON THE PLANOPOBTE.?A YOUNG ' lady of experience In teaching would take a few more 1 pupils, at their residences or her own. Particular at- J tentlon paid to beginners. Terms $2 per month. Address ' Teacher, box 114 Herald office. 1 TkyfR. J. R. THOMAS. TEACHER OF RINGING, BBOS J lU to announce that he baa a few leisure hours to devote < to new pupils. Residence, 123 Amity street. PIANOFORTES AT WAB PRICES.?WB ARB NOW selling our Pianofortes at greatly reduced prices for cash. Parties wishing to obtain a Oral class Pianoforte at war rates are Invited to call. I LIUHTE A BKADBL'RYS, 421 Broome street, N. Y. < PIANOFORTE FOR SALE.?A SPLENDID SEVEN OC- \ JL tare ro-ewood Piauol'orle, but a short time fn use, will be disposed of for $121), as the owner hss no further use lor ' It; has round corners, Urge IIuled legs, iron trams, French grand action, sweet and powerful tone, tine cover and stool, Ac. Apply immediately at 127 Twenty-Urst street, near Third avenue. j THE HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MELODEONS ' and Alexandre Organs, and T. Gilbert A Co.'a celebrated J .Rnllan Piauos, are the llnest Instruments for parlor and churches now in use. A large assorlmeut can be seen at the 1 new wurerooms, No. 481 Broadway, between Grand and Broome streels. which will be sold at extremely low prlcee. Planoe and Melodeons. from sundry makers, new aud second hand, to let, and rent allowed If purchased as per sgreement. ' Montnlv payments received for the tame. Sheet Music, Music Rooks and all kinds ol Music Merchandise at war prices. A pianist in attendance will try new mualo. ^ WM. WIESE. TEACHER OP MUSIC, WILL CON- } tlnue to give Instruction" in Singing, Piano, Violin and Flute, at hta residence, 181 West Nineteenth street, or thai of his puplU. Lessons given to gentlemen after business hours If desired. WANTED?BY TWO YOUNG LADIES, TOGETHER OR separately, situations to instruct in the English branches, music and the rudiments of the French and Latin; either aa governess in a family, or in a public, private or district school. They have no objectiou to reside In any of Rhe .States or to travel. References an be given of the highest ehararfr. ' Address for three day4 Miss E. Montgomery, Brooklyn Post 1 office. 2 CENTS A PAGE.?FOREIGN MUSIC OF EVERY DE- 1 scriptiou. Our catalogue lor Piano music la res ty. Catalogue of other music will follow in eight days. Pri<e 8cents; both 16rents; post free. Over a million ol works at only Iwooents a pagi?he low cost. P. A. WUNDERMANN, HnaS?v nulilisliep of Foreign snd American Music. ' " INSTIllCTION. Acard.-goldsmitii's writing and bookkeeping rooms, 335 Broadway, corner ol' Worth aireot. anil No. 6 Fourth avenue, below Eighth motet. Bookkeeping. (."> per month; Wilting, $2 AO. Private instruction at either place, day or evening. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. A spanish lady. a native ok madrid, speak Ing the French. Engll-h nuil Spanish Uuentlv, would like to Instruct in the three above languages; also Rooms to let, with or without hoard, furnished or unfurnished. Apply at 38 Great Junes street. At o dowd s reporting rooms, ?5s broadway, 8hori Hand Writing Is taught as usual, day and evening, where persons who may commence a course of inetrue. Ion will hsvu the necessary laeUities for becoming verbatim Miori hand writers. At paine'S mercantile colleges, 02 bowery, New York, and 283 Fulton street, Brooslyn?Students Iromcltyor country receive 3 months, 78 leseOus, each, in Penmanship and Arithmetic, or double entry bookkeeping (leoaons Hie.II,lied im J]u. Lull, V Writing. S2. 2d tSSSoM. A young episcopal clergyman, AOCUHTOMXD to teaching, sn 1 who hu? unexceptionable tesi.mouials, desires an cngagemunl as private tutor In som fainity. Ad dress, fur one ? eek, Geo. J. O, in. lite, New York Post uflice pucmoi.-tu aotuiuii wishes a few Pi scholar-V> instruct in mad ll{ and elocution. Call ou or adore-1 Ml -a V., No. 2 Twciuy-hfth stieet, corner of Bnuduij, loom 22. Elocution taught and stammering cured The l>est inaruellon given lu Elocutltdi and Calisthenics. Vocal diseases treated, and persona of delicate health, with consumptive tendencies, restored. The most )?rftct developstnnnt given to the \oesl and respiratory organs. Highest r-fereme given. Call on or address Professor, 156 last Twenty third street, N. V. Fort kdward institute, Washington county n. Y.?Best sustained boarding seminary in the State seven years established, Brick buildings lor ladles and fotitlemen Sixteen teachers Superior advantages to prepare or busluess, for teaching or for college. Military drill, 36 prepays lor fourteen weeks, commo* English branches, I with board, fuel, washing and room, furnished, except rarpeta and breakables. Spring term, March 27. For circulars or rooms address Rev. Jos. E. King. rilfAlVCIAlf Army and navy pay collected -claims up on every department of the government promptly adjusted snl cashed. JOHN B. MURRAY, Army and Navy Ranker, No. 39 Nassau street, N. Y^ opposite the Post oflce. A YOUNG LADY OF REFINEMENT, BRINO REdueed to poverty, wishes to meet with ageotleman who will Isnd her $3U0 or $400. Those who are sincere and who are willing to grant the request may address France, Union sqfnosw fwt 0mm. I /SOLD and SILVER COIN J't'RfJIASEpjtT THE VT tl|Ult premium, oy r. r. <uaii m W.,* wait nrrn THE UNDERSIGNED BEG TO NOTIFY TilKIK customers and the public generally that at their Bank Ing House. fulled Slates Treasury nolea are and willrooti ttue to he received tut depoalt aa money. Hanking House of SAMUKLL IIALLETT A CO., sb Bearer atreet. New York. 7 AND 9-I0T1I FEBRUARY AND AUGUST UNITED Htalea Treaetiry Notes.?The first coupon due on the above notes will be cashed at par In current lunds by F. P. JAMES A CO., M Wall street Ojcn nnn to loan, on bond and mortgaob, jpuU.UUU In one or more auras, on productive Real Estate In this elty; also small sums to lend in Brooklyn. Apply In the People's Fire Insurance Company, to joiln r. CON re Y, M Wall street. loam offices. AT NO. 9 CIIAMBER8 STREET.-MONEY TO LOAN *? ?ny amount on Diamond*, Watrhe?,.Iowrlrr, Ac., by Uie well known and old raubllahcd ISAAC, broker and coinmisEtMti merchant, No. 9 Chambers atriwt N. B.~Nobuil. nree(ranrat ted on Saturday. AT 77 BLEKCKER STREET-MONEY LIBERALLY advanced to any amount on Diamonds, Watches, Jew. Sir7, Fleoua, *>"nu?^><wKla, Ac. N. B.-Pawnbrokera Tickets bought, fl. NEWTON, 77 Bleoeker street, up stairs. ATM NASSAU STREET-A. HONIOMAN. DIAMOND A broker, makes liberal advances on Diamonds, Walobes, Jewelry, Ac , or bttye them at full value, at hla private offlce M Nassau street, room No. 3, up Main. Bualneaa eotitldenllal. AT 480 BROADWAY-HENRY HYMAN ADVANCES ON Diamonds set or unset, or buys the same far cash; also advance* on Watches, Allver Plate aud all Personal Property. HENRY HYMAN, MO Broadway! T IBI.RAL ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS Jj Watches, Plate and Jewelry, or bought for oaah at the hefhest price. Persona harm* oi l Gold or Silver to sell . an olds better IhaAeaUe* LOUISANRICH,7VBroadway. EW IOKK^HERA.LU, to! gHiPPi 1. -N hTIL T7BV ORDER pv TfTF 8 Rbit. *, MP >? uiiir.^V*' " P"*?n?"r< IrtiPfSf the United . ^wctioua ioi 'Wu'- "" mtnlvea wlfti P.ot-'orta, d.. Slirce, 11 jnninu* wbidh may ba bad at the Company* t. mut. B>vad..ay, Htiw V?k, JOUb U DALB. Afc "ark B.ratn Wr kly io Liwcool, Um Inn ; atU"eenatowii,(t,v ? llaroOf.) Thu Liwru.**, New York and INiiUdelphitt Hte.uu blp O mnany intend deapat'biug their full powered Clyde built iron Mramahtpa a* follow* ? city ok Baltimore .saturday, rob is. KTNA Katun law. Kelt. 22. K ANOAKOO Saturday, Mart b I. and every nuuueedinif Saturday, at uooo. Croat pier AC North river. ?tm or faavaok. Eirat oabin *76 I Steerage $*> " to London HI) ' to London.. 33 " " to 1'ana. 86 j " to Pari 38 " " to Hamburg... 86 | to Hamburg 34 , r- ais.i iornunit-,! la mvre. Bremen, Kolterdam, Antwerp, Ac., h) equally low rates. K '-ie? I i'<>n| Liverpool or Quaeustown?First cabin, $75, $85 and $105. Steerage Iroin Liverp.sil, $40. From yuceuatonn, $30. Tickets can be bought bore at Ihtae rales, enabling people to send for tbeir frieuda. Taesc steamer* have superior accommodations for pasteiilers; are strongly built in water tight iron aectiona, anil carry pa'ent hre snnlhllutors. Experienced sprgeona are atlacbeil to ? h Hteainei. For further information apply in Liverpoollo WILLI VM INMAN.ageut. 22 Water street; in Glusr.ow lo ALEX. MALi OLM, No. ft 8,. Knoch square; in Queenalowu to C. A W. D. 8EYMOIB A CO.; in Loudou to KIVK8 ? MAt KY, til king William atreet; in Paris to JULES DBCOUE, No. 5 Plane dela Bourse; in Philadelphia to JOHN U. DALE, 111 Walnut atreet; or at the Coin pane's Olllcu*. JOHN 0. DALE. agent, I ft 11 road way, N. Y. Royal mail steamship africa, por liverpool?The africa, James Shine, commander, will mil from the company's dock, at Jersey City, tvllh the mailt md pnrgengera lor Europe, on Wednesday, the 12th in-t. ^ lbj*?eugeiH are requested to be on board by 1IX o'clock The ASIA will sail on the 26lh mat. E. tH NAKI), No. 4 BowliugOreeu._ The NORTH HERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP HAK8A II. J. Von 8anlen, commander, carryiu: the Hailed stales mail, will anil Iroin pier 30 North river, foot of Chainaere atreet. on SATURDAY, February lft, at 12 o'tloolc H, ros bremen via southampton, taking Passengers to LONDON, IIAVUE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN It the. following rut s:? Ft r ihe first robin. $100; second cabin, $00; steerage. $35. For freight or passage applv to OKI.KM IIS k co., 68 Broad street. Hamburg American.packet company. S'"am to London, Hamburg, Havre and Southampton. The Invorito first* and elegant iron mail steamship TKUTONIA, H. Taube, roiiinundcr, catrying the United States mail, tails from pier 21 North river, foot of Folton sires t, posipreJon 8 '.turday. Fell. 22, and lakes passengers lor Loudon, iimburg, Havre and Southampton at the tallowing late*.? first cabin $100 Jeeotid cabin 00 Iteerage 35 The Boi ussia will succeed the Teuton iu ou March 8. For passage applv exclusively lo C. B. RICHARD A BOAS. 151 Broadway, N. Y. JJTKAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVER J pool.?The Moutiad Steamship Compant's first class till powered, Clyde limit steamer NOVA SCOTI AN. Captain J ilanilae, earning the Canadian and United States mails, sill sail from Portland next Saturday, Feb. 1ft. Rate* of isasage lYuiu New York?Pirbt class, a'cording to accominolalion, $80 and $00; steerage, found with good provisions, 120 Certificates issued lor bringing otu passengers from all he principal towns lu Great Britain unci Iie'.auu at very low -ales. For passage applv at 23 Br< a'.wny, Now York. 8 ABEL A SEA rle, General Agents. For Liverpool.?the favorite packet ship ELLEN AU8T1N, at pier No. 5 North river, sails Feb nary 12. For passage from or to Liverpool, or drafts on Iresnd, apply al the oUice of THOMPSON'S Black Star Line, !75 Pearl atreet, FOR LIVERPOOL?THE CELEBRATED CLIPPER ship DREADNOUGHT, Captain Samuels, having made ,he passage ill thirteen days, wilt sail Feb. 13. For passage, oweat rules. Apply immediately to secure berths, ou board, it pier No. 6 North river, or to r. in. ufi.nj\nAOi, w .toum sirwi. For california via panama. A flrst claw steamer will leave New Turk oil the 1st, ilth ind 21st of each mouth, except when these dates lall ou Sunlay, when the day of departure will be on the Monday folFor freight or passage apply at the only office. No. 6 Bowng Green. " D. B. ALLEN. Agent. FOR HAV ANA.?THE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM" ship COLUMBIA, R. Adams, United Stall Nary, c unnandei, will leave pier No. 4 North rlrer, on Thursday, 'ebruary 20. at 12 o'clock M., precisely. Passengers are reluested to procure their passports before going on hoard, or freight or patHa^e apply to SPOFFORD, TIIJSSTON A 3o., 29 Broadway. DRY GOODS. At R.11. MACY'S, 204 AND 206 sixth AVENUE, two doors below Fourteenth street, you trill always Ind a full stock of Ribbons, Laces. Handkerchiefs, Embroi. leriea, White Goods, line Flannels, Housekeeping Goods, Curtain Laces and Muslins, Hosiery and Underwear, Ladles' nale up Under Clothing, Ac. N. B.?The only house In New fork that sells ladies' dollar Kid Gloves fur 63 cents (by mall Kl cents), and always a lull assortment of sties and colors. A T MRS. GAYNOR'8?GREAT BARGAINS IN CORii sets and Skirts, some of those beat styles, slightly Killed, for $1; Balmoral Skiria, four yards wide, $2 and (2 26; extra heavy, all wool, $3 60; R. Werrely'a Psrla patent ivotren Corsets ana the Paris made Coutille Corsets, al prices ,o suit the times. 843 Broadway, near Union square. N. B ? Hie best make in Txtten Crochet, BuUliug and other Trimuings tor Undergarments. Bargains, bargains, baboains. ON MONDAY, THE 10TH INST., (Vc will offer OUR ENTIRE STOCK, DAMAGED BY THE LATE FIRE, Consisting of [".leaks, Shawls, Draw Goods, Linens, Muslins, Blanket*, Quilts, Table Cloths, Laoes, Curtains. Hostury, Gloves, In. hiolderies, Ac., Ao. w R PEYTON, 274 Bowery. AITHOLOGY. Astounding cures and divinations.?those In ill health or trouble should at ones consult Madame Clifford, the celebrated American clairvoyant and medicine woman, whose cures and divinations are absolutely startling. She examines diseases, prescribes for their remedy, communicates with absent frieuds, and tells ol their whereabouts. In business affairs her opinions are invaluable. Rooms 107 Dean street, corner of Hoyl, South Brooklyn. Medical consultations, II; buduess Inteivlsws, 90 cents; exxniinmtions by lettar, enelosing hair, ft, A8TROLOOV.?MADAME MEYER, LATE OF NO. 236 Eighth avenue, has returned from the country and taken up her residence at 149 Seventh avenue, second floor. She continues ts tell pasi, present and future events. Msdame MEYER converses in French, English aud German, Slid gives wuiranlse for her art. i s-rnvrviiivi: -ViniSK uitttRiiur -it viath A daughter, baa a gill of foresight; tells 'how noun and" bow often you will marry, and all yon wlah to know, evrn your very thoughts. or no pay. Lucky charms tree. Her equal Is not to be tound. Her Magic linage Is now in lull operatioB?1M Ludlow ?t;eet, lietow Houston. Piice 36 cents. Gentlemen not admitted. A BONA FIDE A8TROLOUIST, THAT EVERY ONE < an depend on, is Mmr. WILSON, who tell* the object ol your visit us soon a* you enter. She tell* the past, pre wiit mid future of your llln, and warns you of danger*, and bring* am era* out of lb1 must perilous undertaking*. N. B.?Celebrated magic cliarins. No. 1119 Allen street, between HnUHtun and Sum ton streets, o. er ihe bakery. Charges for ladies and gentlemen, AO cents. T>Y REQUEST OK SOME OK HER NEW YORK JJ friend*. the oelebraled Fortune Teller, Madam A. B. FRANCIS, ot -Salem, Muss., has taken rooms at 467 Canal street, near Hudson, where she can be consulted on ill mat. tor, relative to phrenology, physiognomy und palmivtrv. She feels confident ol giving full -atlsiaetton to all those wlio may fat or bet with a .all. Ladles Ji cents. Geutlcu.uu M ceni*. Horn s from 9 A. M. till 9 1*. M. For a shot' time only. CORA A. SEAMAN. INDEPENDENT CLAIRVOYANT? Medical aud bMia - rouaultation* day and evening. The science she ittilnlils is so satisfactory to all it la nnneeessary to give lllttsirations of the astonishing results, but continues at ~iil Division street. Madame ray. aft) seventh avenue, near twen, ty.sorrnth street, surprises all w ho visit le-r. The kicktroubl-d and unlucky shonul test her powers. She tells your very thoughts, lucky numbers, losses. Ladies, the.; gentlemen, tl)c. The greatest wonder in the world ie the young aud aeeomidlsheit Madame BVRON, I nun Paris, w ho can be consulted with the strictest confidence on sli alia rsof lite; restores drunken aud uiiiaithful husbands; ha* a secret to make you beloved by your heart's ideal, and brings together those long separated. Ladle* 26 cent*. Residence 90 Third avenue, above TtftSflk Mil. WHO WOULD NOT OO WHERE FOBTl'NE ISf-OO ye, sec Miss WELLINGTON, the great Bngliaii Prophetess, the best of all, and cannot be excelled. Cau be con*ul ted, personally or by letter, on all affairs of life .concerning law suits, Journeys, sbsent friends, love, courtsblp, marriage. health, wealth- and who ran reclaim drunken and unfaithful husbands. MPs W. la the only person In this city who has the genuine Roman nnd Arabian talismans for lore, good luck aud all buatues* affairs, and are guarantees for life. Delay not to consult this naturally gifted and beautiful young lady. Lucky numbers given. Highly respectable elty reference. Can be seen at her residence, loi Biilh evenue, opposite Eighth street. A !Z SULLIVAN STREET.-MRS. ROEDBR GIVES tt) true and wondcrrul Inlormatlon on ell sffsir* through life, and glvra lucky numbers for the lotteries. She I* the only true seer and palmist In Ibis city. Remember her rests denre, 46 Sullivan street. IPC BOWERY, NEAR BROOME STREET.-MADAME I'll) WIDGEK. tilairvnyant and gifted SpanUh lady, unveils the mysteriesol futurity, love, marriage, absent friends, strkneas. prescribes medicine* for all diseases, telle lucky n,imk?n nroneriv lost or stolen. Ac. MEDICAL. DR. HENRY. MEMBER NEW YORK MEDICAL COL lege. may be cnnatiiled at bla private oOice. No. 8 Greene atreet. from to 11 A. M. and 3 to 10 P. M. Dr. ward -a successful London physician and aurgcon, can I* consulted aa tiaual. Ofllce IX.alght atreei. Private entrance. Houra from HA. M. Ull 11". M. dally. Dr. barrow." km bi-eeckkr street, four doors from Macdougnl atreet, New York. OlDca Uoura from IIIIU i and Irotn 4 to S. Doctor hcntkr iiimski.f-the physician wliii eitabltabed the lluuterlan Dlapenaary, No. 3 Dtvlalon atreet, New York etty, in 1834, can lie consulted from 8A.M. ttnlll 10 o'clock at night at the old office Private antra nee. Dr. powers treats all diseases oVfemales with iniparalled aucceaa. lie can he conaulled at 1J Lalght atreci, near Canal. Attdnda all honra. Dr. r ii. ueismnkr treats all diseases op females Willi unparalleled aucceaa. Ha can be con iilleil at li7H Liberty atreet, n. y. DR. COOPER. 14 DUANK STREET, MEMBER OF THE College of l'hyalclana and Surgeons of New York, may be conaulled dally at hia offlce, rroin 8 In (be morning until i In tho evening. MLARMONT, PARIS AND LONDON. PIIYSIOIAN and Surgeon, 1*47 Broadway, up stalra. ConaullaUon from A M. to P. M., Sundaya excepted. Professor rrhtell, l?l chambers street, can ba conauUed aa uaiutl. Agents, U7t% Liberty atreet, N. T. In Brooklyn. 173 Fulton atreet. RCOBBtTT. M. D , CAN BE COW81 I.TED Al HIS nlBee, 10 Centre aireet, between Chambere aaid Readc, bavin,1 a pn.ale < ntran e at No 6City Hall place. N. B.? 8?c Dr ?Va diploma In hia olllcea aa memhrrof tbe New York University <M' Ileal Collate). Sundays lioiu II A. M o US P. m. KH1&Y, rtl^CTARY li, K | AHUSKMISNTS. j *"<W8 OA EDEN. ' 9""i*crr Bi>i\nO JArrott, ll r?NAHY I'KllQRArtMfc. 1 .. - prevented manj fio?? *tteuu?. ?r^| ha* roiueuled to rpj^Jh UA.U?? T'lRKK POPin.AB CHAKA0TRR8 re ^ctvea on that cm-?h?:, with vnthudaatlo aonUiuna .Mr.JfAQKgTT ? an IRISH DOCTOR. Mr RAOKBTT aJ a FRENCH QE.NKUAL. *irb ^A;'KETT ? ? WAY KENTl'OKIAN Tl. 18 (TL'ESI)AY) BVffilN'O. Kit 11 11, !??. _ ? HIR I,AS?T IjKQR; , <R. BxrauMKNt* I? MiuaicBiaif. O'Caltafhaa, an* Jfubiaan of gontiu Mr. Hackett After irhich

L'ONSIBl'R JKALLBT; Ok, -A J'tmt Orncn' M.1"***; Won-leur Mallet, au Ckf.oiX (ft uerul <>f Napoleon the KirM Mr. Hackatt To conclude w.ih Mr. Hacked! < roArln ?-ketch, iu otto act, of A KKNTUCVIAN IN W16- . dol. Nlmrod Wildfire *. Mr. Hackett On Wedneaday '-renin;, Feb. If. WW. WKfcNKB and M AI1) OK MttHITKR. Krldav evening? Ben?llt of Mr. E L. OA fBNPOBT, TUB WIFE, KM NT HEART. and BLACK EYED SUSAN. ON MONDAY EVENING Nh.tT. The great ?poo.a.ulHi I. u na <.r THE COLLEEN BAWN, ? In wbk-h Mr*. JOHN WuOA uud Mr. COLLrN V win appear. S'-uta ran t>e ar med (or tlie COLLEEN B 4WN three (lava In advance. A>triiiH?ion (to all partsof the house) v.80oenta Secured Parquet Stall* 7Sct-nta Doors ojieit at 7; commence at 7>f. VfRLODEON. .V19 BR'W \Y HE. SPRING AND PfeTNU?. ITL ORKAT CONGRESS OK ARTISTS. WONDERFUL CONCENTRATION or TALENT. Second aeek of HIO. J. If. BAKDEN. The great |>erf<>rmer o( Art und Strength. First?The Preatldigilaienr. Second?The Ventrilonmet. Third?The Halaaeer. Fou h?The Silolst. Fifth?The Modern IlrTcuiee. In all of wht 'h he challenges tiia comp -titGes. READ THE NAMES ? MISS FANNY KOHBEST, MR. L. SIMMONS, MR. McKENNA, DAN HOWARD. JAKE BUDD. ADELK CALIiA. ROSA SIKORIST, MATILDA ROBERTS, EMMA WILSON, DENZKIt BROTHERS. PROF. NICHOLS A SON, Together with the entire Mammoth Company attached to the Melodeon, nnmberlnii ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. First appearance Ot MISS NELLIE HOWARD, I In her great CliHmptou Jig. PROGRAMME KOK THIS EVENING. Overture Orchestra Double Danoe Ma* a Korbca and Marah CLASSICAL GROUl'INOS, PROK. NIUHOI.LS AND SON. Dance .Ml** Emma Roaa BREAKNECK ACT, BUDD and HOWARD. J. II. BAKDEN In hia great act of Exeelalm Balancing, Ouitar and unparal leled Drum Solon. Danee. Kreneh Vivandiere Roai Slesriut Song. "Do They Thiul. of Me at Home" Kantiy Korreat Danoe Mia* Forte a Banjo Solo L. Snnmuoa CHAMPION JIG. NELLIE HOWARD. Danee Adele Calla SCENES AT PHALON'S, BY THE KNIGHTS OK THE CORK. FLYING TRAPEZE, BY THE DENZEK BROTHERS. Song, "Annie Llate" Kanny Forest GRAND BALLET DIVERTISSEMENT, Introducing Polka Bv the Corpa de Ballet Waltz, Prima Donna Adele Calla and ltoaa Siegnat Gallop, Finale Corpa do Ballot WALK AROUND Bv the Moke*. J. tl. BARDEN, In his Marvellous Koala of Strength. I?Exercises with a Dumb Boll weighing USA pounds. I?Two 66 pound weight*. 3?Holding 1,200 pounds iu a posturing _ prudtion. i?Walking with hi* men on hia sbotildi-ra. D.inoc roroea CHALLENGE DANCE. Sim Dipeoy...Mike McKenna | Geo. Uuberson.. L. Simmon* Referees Howard aud Bndd Dance Kota Stegrist THE ROMAN GLADIATORS DKNZER BROTHERS. Song. "LuUt* Oone". Faanr Forrest Abraham's Daughter L Simmons ESSENCE OK OLD VIRGINNY, M. McKENNA. J. II. HARDEN, as a magnificent Ventriloquist. All bis tricks are performed without assistance or apparatus. To conclude with HOLIDAY IN IRELAND, Introducing song, C. McMillan, aud the Donnybrook Jig, by the whole company. SKiNOKINA ANNETTA GALLETTl, the greatest Duncer in the world. MISS EVA BRENT, the tweet Vocalist. SAM SHARPLEY, the Ethiopian Delineator, aud JAMES LA MONT, will shortly appear. The above troupe are now creating a great sensation Hi tho neighboring cities. Adm ission IS cents. Orchestra Scats.. .'16 cents. Scats in Prirste Boxes. .60cents Reserved Seats.. .SOcents. Proscenium Boxes $1 Great canterbury music hall, flB6 Broadway. UNABATED SUCCESS. Rivalry dead and hurled beyond hope of reeurreetlon. WE SAIL WITH THE TIDE OF PUBLIC KAVOB. and devoto all our time, energy and attention to increasing our attraction, engaging new iiertormers. inventing uew features, securing fresh novelty and maintaining*. THE HIGH REPUTATION or TOE OREAT CANTERBURY. We never degrade our managerial misalon, insult our patrons and make fools of professionals, by engaging fourth-rate perfwi mere, and arter vainly endeavoring to Impose upon the public by aalUng them''stars," peddle (hem through the country as one might peddle matches or wooden nutmegs. THE dREAT CANTERBURY THE HOME OF LEGITIMATE TALENT. Mark the glorious bill (or (his week. A. M. HERNANDEZ In his wonderful and daring IMPALBMRNT PEAT, la his great scene, MISS LUCY AT THE SOIREE, And as Marlou. in THE ORAND RAVEL PANTOMIME. FATTIE STEWART, w. ARLINGTON. W. B. HARRISON, MISS ADELAIDE PRICE, THE CLIFFORD SISTERS, ASI1TON AND ROGERS, toe DELKVANTE BROTHERS. W. N. SMITH, K. M CARROLL, WM. ROSS, BTRON CHRISTY. PAUL BKRUKR, PRANK SPEAR, MLLES. KATARINA, SARAH AND HARRISON, WITH THE FULL CORPS DR BALLET. EVERY NIGHT. UHMU HAIinitfi UK nAlUHlJAI. ROBERT fox, Agent. NOTICE. The renowned Ethiopian Artists. rircu, ben cotton And J. A. HERMANN, Are engaged, and will appear on Monday neat Notice ?harmony, harmony, harmony -tiik public are res|<ectfully informed thai Robert Smith's Mammoth Harmony Meeting ia held to-night, at the Hoiiae of Coin mi inn. 26 Wont Houston street. The I ollowlng proprietors of the diQi'ient harmonic meeting!' will sup|<oi t him on this o. -anion ?,lum|iet Michaels, of Brooklyn (With bis celebrated troupe; I/.zy Lazarus. Ned Hidct and Joe Brooks, all the way from Mnnehester. Liken ise the following celebrated artists will enliven the proceedings of the evening, Willi their rations talent:?Albert llrahain, Roudlmit, Melville, Donnelly, Connelly, Gray, lLanii, Byron, Re. Conn- all and enjoy the rarest treat this seu-on. Mehcrs. (terudge and Hpauldlug will slug their beautiful duet*, Robert Smith will keep all alive wttbhis cornet play Inc. JUMPER MICHAELS, Chairman. NED BIDET, Vice Chalrmau. fjor. Tiiai.sirc, Pianist. UlT Lazaavs, last, but not least, director. OCULISTS AND AUHISTST' 0CULI8T AND AURIST.?DEAFNBS8 AND BLINDness, the most ho|iei< "S . asea cured without painful operations; also nervous airectlons, the frequent cause of deafness, cured by Dr. GRAVER. Consultation frna, personally or by letter. Wl> Broadway. THE REBELLION. Ci amp ledlie. palace garden. J BATTERY M, THIRD ARTILLERY. This Company will lake a few more good, respectable men; and as this ia the last company of artillery fur field service to be organised It Is a fine chnnee for any one who desires to join. Wanted?Two Germans as buglers; also three Germans as ""Apply to J. J. MORRISON, Captain Battery M, Third Artillery, Now stationed at Frederick, Md.. General Bsnks'dirtston. I.11,AOS I FLAGS! PLAUS ' of all aiaaa constantly on hand and for sale, at low prices. Flags repaired. Bunting, Ac. HENRY TOBIAS, Manufacturer, 2M and 930 Hudson street. Ill LAGS, BANNERS AND KEOIMKNTAL COLORS, 1 Sill (Is. Mountings, Trimmings, Eagles, Spear Heads, Ac. Ornamental painting and embroidering on silk. ' flOJBR A GRAHAM, 97 Duana atreeL_ Hurrah for the war-risk boys, up and at them?Now Is your only rhnoee to go to tba annt of war and gain distinction lor; yourselves and famlllea.?A tew more able bodied men wanted to bring the gallant Thirtyatith regiment New York Volunteers, under command of Col. Charles H. Innns, to the maximum standard required by the United Slate* tonmmni. This corps ranks with the highest In the field for efficiency In military tactics and discipline. The Oommandet lu-Cblcf. as well as cither military critics, hare expressed themselves highly pleased with the physical appearance of the men composing ibis corps. Pay, clothing and transportation furnished on bring mustered into the service, as well as relief given to soldier's wites from the Aid Committee; $100 bounty paid at the expiration of the war. , For further particulars apply to Lieut. JAMES OR ANT, Recrutliug OUioer, HO Centre street. Recruits-*3 will he paid to bach recruit Apply to Major A. C. Car I la, headquarters Seventy, eighth regiment (l ameion Killesj, 24(1 Fourth street. Companies or purls of companies arc Invited to ntterh themselves. This regiment will not he consolidated. rpAMMANY KEOIMBNT (JACKSON .(ICARD)?FORTY 1 Second Hew York Slate Volunteers ?A vacancy exists In this regiment, which enables It to accept one full company, with its officers The Turn many regiment fyruis part of the division of Brigadier Orneral Htone, and la located at Pontes He. Md. It was engaged ut Ball's Bluff. and the vacancy Is caused by losses In thai bailie. Officers having companies or drs ring to ruise one, will Hud this an opportunity rarely mar Willi, for proceeding at once against the present rebellion Application may be made personally to A. U. SEAMAN, Cfty Inspector's Department, N. Y., or by tetter to Edmund C. Charles, Colonel Tammany regiment, Poolesvllle, Md. WANTED-FOR THE UNITED STATES NATT, SEYEN first class firemen, seven coal heavers, landsmen, lioys, seamen, ordinary seamen, cooks and stewards. Apply at the Noftli Rlwr Rendoxvous, 97 West street, corner ot Albany, up stairs. HENRY JAMES, Agent. TTAR-VVP. WANT THE ADDRESS OF EVERY SOL?T dier In tlic Union army. We wish to send to every soldier something that will Increase lua rnmfhi". Also, the address of every suiter and dealer In goods lor i he soldier. W. H OATELT A co., 102 Nassau street. 7QTH IIIMILANDBRS-RECRUITS WANTED. FOR I >7 the gallant Heventy ninth regiment, now stationed at Beaufort, South Carolina. Apply to ihe recruiting officers, at the Mercer Hung*, corner of Mercer and Broome streela. Capt WM. HANSON, Compaay A. 1 Lieut. WM. tLLOTT, Company I. toi \V-lXiACIDH ? Hit fllBN 8TANI)ABI>?COMKf>IM. _. _ NlliUTCT CUAWUB rroduoed with t_?L,? f'*n' 'X- Dr?d*?, Incidental Muatc. fOAtrr with the kinx STRKkoiu or Tub company. TUESDAY *V "" third Umr, the popular comedy. In Ave ac la (a" ""J ** Aj.ii a honored on Satin day by acrow dad audit, uoe, ik J drew forth continued burata ot applause), eeUUuU TOWN < AND COUNTRY, Written l>* M o ton Mb.!?oref "gdhod the Plough," "8?creU Worth Marrie.C" *01 be repealed, witli the following OR" and efl^"?'1" dUtrtbutluo of thi- char,icier* ? , . ? . Bonbon Uleuruy Co.-oy.... ? Mr.Bleke Captain Olttnruy * ...... ^ .- JJ1"Trot -Mr. Geo. Holland Plaatic' .'J.7.' Mr. Kloyd Owen ON (troy .... .Mr. Moor? Jackcy Itawbuok Mr. J0""* Arinclronu wife Parkee Koa* Jit. Hrowoe Etati. . . . tki . Concern Waiter .7.7.7. ....Mr. tharlea Roanlie Soiner. Mia. HrLViquee Honorable Mr*. Glenroy Mr. Jfoey Mra. Moreen Mr? Vtwnon Mr*. Trot Mra. JohuBefcon Goody Hum buck Mlaa Carman TalBlne (with the ballad of "Brmlit Kyee,")... Mia* Oreoker WEDNESDAY, (first tlmr linn BoarcioauU'a very popular and tpruetive comedy or the IRISH 11 li lit ESS, moat powerfully rast. Mrs. Ccntlivre'a cbnruilng comedy, , THE WONDER. . I On whirl) ploy the u timet care and atl.ntfon haa l?eea beetebred i? III DrrD.iration. It will h? innatsalsuilidlv mounted. NEW SCENERY, NEW PROPERTIES, NEW APPOIW-TMBNTS. New, beautiful and correct NATIONAL COSTUMES. Th? cut cum|Miki!>K tlx- most BRILLIANT TALENT, will to acted for the nm tun.- in this theatre THURSDAY NEXT. Due totico will be given of the next reprcacuullena*' SUE STOOPS TO CONOUKH, CUBE PGR THE HEARTACHE. . ROAD TO ruin. LOVE FOR LOVE, SCHOOL KOR SCANDAL, AND LONDON ASSURANCE. And SPEED TUB PLOUOH. BOX BoOK NOW OPEN. Notice?Dsarsopett at 7. Performance* commence at 7)i and ipi initiate belore II. Family circle. 3flc. I Bote* and parquott* 00c. | Orclieatra alalia $1 Private boxen J Bowery theatre RB-ENOAGEMENT OP DAN RICE, the eminent American humoriat, "KOR ONE WEEK MORE." EVERY NIGHT. WEDNESDAY an I SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, THE BLIND HORSE. EXCELSIOR Jr., COMIC MULES. _ STICKNErS NATIONAL CIRCUS. BAKNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS of that wonderful prodigy. COMMODORE NUTT, COMMODORE NUTT. Tint fAMOOR Rill,000 NUTT. RW.UUO NUTT. Thit moit extraontinai y MAN IN MINIATURE, the smallest of hia age ever aoen in any part of the world, 18 YEAR8 OLD. ONLY 29 INCHES HIGH, WEIGHING BUT 24X POUNDS, U10 SEEN AT ALL HOURS, DAY AND EVENING. In the character and costume of the Commodore, and at intarvala, and on the stage during the dramatic performances, ha appears in SONGS AND DANCES IN CHARACTER, and in rarioua military and other performance*. HEAR THE EDITORS WHO HAVE SEEN HIM. The New York Dally Tribune of Jan. 31 s lya CommodORk Nott, who Is doubtlets the smsllest grown man in the world, is the person for whom Mr. Barn urn offered Rt 1,000 if he could hare the privilege of exhibiting htni lor three years. Ths same paiierof Feb. 4 says ? He is quite as diminiitireas he has been represented, but, unlike mo*t dwarfs, la uprightly, intelligent and evidently bant upon making a figure In the world. He la one of the lion* of New York, thousands flocking to his levee*. [ Prom tbe Commercial Advertiser of Jan. 30,1883.1 cobmoposk Nutt.?This Interesting minim of intslligant humanity is->m*rt snd intelligent, with more of mind and geuiiia than ts generally possessed by dwarfs. He. Is less in suture than Tom Thumb was on his first exhibition, sod more Vivacious and glib of tongue. 1 Prom (he New York World of Psb. L] Commodore Null is a very little shrimp, indued. He is a UUIe taller than a champagne bottle, and not so tsll as a demijohn, it is necessary to measure him b uh way* up ward and downward, and then add thr two distance* together, before gelling any result worth speaking of. lie is so little that it is diAcult to illustrate his lilllraea*. Standing beside Bsrnutn, he is, in dimensions, like a gaaetle beside a moatadon. He Is i? glib and sprightly conversationalist. Estimating the Commodore's weight at twenty pounds, for the use of which Barnum pays J.iO.HW for three years, MR. NUTT COSTS ABOUT A HUNDRED DOLLARS AN OUNCE. This is more than Luc alius paid for peacocks' tongues. The New York Evening Poet says :? Tom Thumb had to be must laboriously drilled into all the little performances with which he delighted the public; but Commodore Nutt learns with the greatest aptitude, and takee Seaaure in learning. He is really a born comedian?the urton or JeU'erson of the Lilliputians. His walk la worthy of J. 8. Clarke, and withal there la such u pleasing and grace ful dignity shout the little treasure that he is at times quite a Kcknt edition of Hamlet in his phtlosopblc moods, or of r. Ptokwick when in one of his most placid hours of serenity. The New York Sun speaks of him as "the smallest dwarf now living, and certainly the greatest curiosity in his peculiar litis, ever brought bsforn the public, and notwithstanding his miniature proportions, is handsomely featured, well formed and Intelligent. The Now York Herald of Feb. 10 says:? The levoee of Commodoie Nutt. at Baroum's, are drawing the town. He is really s very extraordinary specimen, both physically and mentsily, of miniature humanity. The Courtier das Rusts I'nia says ? The young George Washington Nntt is to Tom Thumb what Tom Thumb is to a man. Morris A Willis' Home Journal says:? Not only are the little ones greatly ex si led sbout Commodore Null at Jtarnum's Museum, and dock in crowds to mske his acqnsinunee, but grown people of every arc and condi* tloo ore. to so rtsln extent, Nutniiad. Nor is thiscursord nary, when we consider that the Commodore is the smallest specimen of sn Incipient n an of which we have any leeord. The New Yor* Daily Times aay* ? Ai Bartium's Mine- m the iltle Commolore is the principal attraction and draws nmdiooualy 1 The New York Christian m .so -gei-sayi ? Coiuniodore Nutt is not * tall as T im Tliumb by eleven it clies. is well buili, husagood inlnd. Is 1'i ornpt in converts lira, and displays a good share ol ready wit. The N. Y. Express say*:? Commodore Null la less in stature than Tom Thumb waa on his tirsl exhibition, and ht* manners are really pleasing. Al-o may be seen at all hours, everv day and ei ruing, THE LI VI Nil IIIPFOi'UTAM L'8, THE OKEAT LIVING WHALE, The It BEAUTIFUL TINY 8EA HOUSES, 8 LARGE SPECKLED UKGGK TKllL'T, sailing in lb'- Grand Aquaria, which contain beautiful and rare living Kith Irom ail quarter* of the globe, Ac. EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING, at 3 and 7>i o'clock, will b<- performed, by urgent request of thousand* of Museum patrons. THAT OKEAT FAIRY FLAY. ONDI.VA; OS, TflE NAIAD QUEEN, with all Its unpsrsllnh d and hrtibsnt Scenic Spectsi le, its Corps ot Amsoin Warriors In their FASCINATING DRILL AND EVOLUTIONS, sad the coegcou* rinsing Mediant -ai Scene. THE BOWER OF HEAUTY, wlilrh has never I* en equ illed in New York. Admission 25 cents; children under ten , 16 cents. Academy or music. GRAND MILITARY FESTIVAL. I TW(I KVK\'INn>4 17TII AND EIOHTKENTIl' OF FEBRUARY. 1*3. Tho members ol' the Regiment des Enfant* Ferdus, under the command of Colonel Con Tort and the special protectorate -f ii..M,pni llei Tialimu. will cive. in behalf ol their orasnl /a: an. TWO SPLENDID SOIREES. The flrat one will be the lierionnance of the stirring military drama, entitled "The Helliah Encampment; nr. The Bettallon of the Enfant* Perdu*." That play ha* been perforin, e.t In the Crime* bjr the Zouave Amatctira, aud reproduo d xixty time* at the Cirque Imperial, In Paris A can tat c. ap< claliy compound for tht* oocaaioo, will be sung by SOU Enfant* Perdu*, tn full uniform. Toe >*cond night will beoonaccruted toadr*** ball, in great tyle. with iiillitaiy evolution*, a grand military choru*. and vartO'i* rongt, executed by aever.d celebrated arttnu, who have kindly volunteered their aen ices. Price of admla*lon (both night*) $1 HOOl.EY'S MINSTRELS, ?M BROADWAY. OPPOSITE BOND STREET. Continued anectaa of Uiiffin and Howard a ariualiou "Tragedy, jank ASHORE; Or. THE ROW AT bTUYVEMANT HALL. .lane A*h?r* Charley Pox I Alerla tlollin Howard Lord ilaounga.O. W. II. tlrtdn | Dukeot Olootor.K.J.Mehrille Original Song and Daooe, "Naucv Pat" Dave Reed untrft Zengara noene from "II frovatore" Howard and Reeraa BAEBARY ALLEN, CRUELTY TO JOIINNY, Ac.. Ac. Door* open at U> commence at 7V Tlekata St cent*. VALENTINE'S EVE. COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE. Mr. De Cordova w ill repeat, lor POSITIVELY THE LAST TIME In thia eity, hi* popular and humorou* lectin*, courtship and marriatlk. Before the Mercantile Library A*??iation, on THURSDAY EVENING. PKBRUARY 13. ISO. CLINTON HALL JSeenta To be had al the Library, book and music ii >ru and at the door on the evening of the lecture TTtoR BALE AT A GREAT BAROAIN-A DIORAMA OP P Auttrnlia, all remplet*, ahowlng the gold nylons, f I rest* plant*, bird*, wild animal*. Ac., making ? good exhibition. Will eicbange for merchaulae or real eatate R. KLAKK. U Chamber* "treat. For sale-to speculators and showmenA rare and valuable Property, affording a genteel pleasant and profitable bualnea*. Inquire of P.NOB A HASKELL, No. 37 Park row, room 10, for particular*. BW YORK, FEB. 0. IS? e. P. wilis, e?| ? ''"n'anawer to your communication per New Turk Herald, aa tn whether I would make an engagement, I beg toaay that, having re? Ived a great number ot moet urgent sollciiatioua to give a few entertainment* prevluu* to my departure fur Europe, I will receive a proixadtlnn. provided yon aerure the 1 Academy of MuMc. W. P. ADRtEN, Profeaaeor, Ac. N?? Toal, Feb 10, IW Prof. A nana, *o., ke **To* naweir lo your favor of the 1th ln?t., I beg to any that I ahal' be happy to arrange with yott lo give a few of your in ImltaMe (Maglral tlluaioha) euterlalninenta at the Academy of Muate. I will aee yott thta evening. Re?g>eU"alljr^^^ AMATVUM WANTED-A PEW tlPNTIiEMRN TO complete the roll of a Itral rlaaa Dramatic Aaaoclation. Oentlemen deeirouanf becoming memhera, will pleaae rail on, or addreaa Thomaa MrUornteck, tag Weat Thlrty-flflh I reek L" BARM TO DRIU. -A WW MORR MRMBRRS WILL be admitted Into the third military olnaa atllanrtW Hittb avenue, thta orentngt Temaa 91 pee month OrtU elghta Tuendny and Friday Frew age 7 ^ miuum. Laura kttnk s TUEATEB. . TUB WOULD KAM0U8 oombdt ttl?GOiv*d nightl. With SHOUTS OK LAUGHTER AJI1> >*.?. PWCEASINO APPLAUSE. Every night till kuktukk notiok. ol)r American cousin? ocr american cuuhim oik american cousin. our american cousin. our american cousin. our american cousin. our american cousin. Wit? the fodenrlag powerful cao4.? r*"*11,9 Y"uk|,e- Mr. JohnT. lUrwi?? ?*<1 Dundreary mtos* n,,?u A' el Miinuti .Burmatt Sir H'lw.ird Tianei.ard'.*""! Kind Vernon ?Vr{^* Au*uata Mini. lone Kurka UeoralattB. Mrs. Lolly Hough M re. Mouuioii - amiiigtna M re. M iirtoW Sharpe Mm. D.llaa Skillet i?i? ErrnS In active preparation, and will about/ be produce a uew 111ree M I nab dram?, bj laura kebne. cu tuled the KMtmr; KEEP o*' DAT. Whirh wtft lie pgpaented vdtb new nod pomerfal eeeaM eUccU, uul a real <>! extra.rdinary htrenyth, embracing all the present kavor1te8 ot the establtebim-ni, and in which the ureal aclreae mrs. emma waller Will make her Brat ap.<eanuice hnre km NKI.LT BRADr (THE BAN CAOINTHK). THE MACAKTHY ? MB. WALLER AMD MARY KELLY MISS LAURA KEENS Iler Bart appoaraare aiuce her receakaevcre ladfepoaitioo. WINTER garden. Open at 6V 0 onuenor at V4. SBVENTU WEEK or the engatpaaeat of tto ertRna America* Coinediau, MY. J. S. CLARKE Wbo haa bow plate.I far THIRTY.SEVEN NIOffTR with a (t'cceis uapnralled at thiaara?on. RENEWED TRIUMPH or Taa BEAUTIKUL CUBAN. Wbo baa revived the wild kurore hat attended her lirat uunearHnoe In New Yodt. Tina evening (Tuaeday), the llth. u. i a CI.IBV* will appear ill the character of am1nadab ble8k, in the glorious remedy of THE SERIOUS FAMILY. Received last night, on im revival for the Urct Hh la Mlg vrurii with the MOST UNBOUNDED ENTHUSIASM ash MERRIMENT. Mr. Aminedah Slock Mr. J. 8. Olarhe. Captain Murnf.y Maguire Mr. Barton HiU. Mr. Charles Torrens. Mr. A. H. Davenport. Mrs. Charles Turreua. Mian Ada Clifton. Widow Delmaine Mr*. Kkrrre.U. Emmu Torreuii MUe Fanny Browne. Lady Creamley .Mm W alone In the ball room scene the celebrated Serious Family PoUns wtU be danced, 'o which will tie added, for the ttrst lime, an EXQUISITELY HUMOROUS and bxpbbsbivft HYPOCRITIO COMIC danoe, Introducing the following characters:? Mr. Stralehthair, nephew of Mr. Sleek Mr. W. Dnvtdge Mr. Scruples, i friends L Mr. JeErS* Mr. Smooth, ' of { Mr. llanMuit Mr. Canlwell,) Mr. Sleek, f Mr. Evans To be followed by a HALLET DIVERTISEMENT, in whtoh she brilliant and BEAUTIFUL CUBAB, a assisted by Don Juan Ximincs and a full and MrfNtOags de Ballet, will appear In J OTA AKAQONB&A. and dance thO celebrated national danoe, LA OALLBGADA. To ooactnde with the magnilioent Roeuio Spectaeieof the NAIAD QUEEN, which wtU be presented for the last night, with its gorgeo? soenery, picturesque noses and brilliant dances and osrehea In tha second act, the BEAUTIFUL CUBAS will appear for the tlrst time in EL-OLO. The performances combining, on the same areola*, STANDARD COMEDY, BRILLIANT BALLBTAMW MAONIF1CKNT SCENIC SPECTACLE. Academy of music?Brooklyn. Leasee and Manager .JA8. M. KII9B WEDNESDAY Evening. Feb. IX Second night of the engagement of EDWIN FOBMSST. The Greatest Living Tragedian, On which occasion he will appear as JACK CADE. Supported by a complete aud talented oompnay. Mr. Forrest's engagement la limited to seven more perfmw mances only. Thursday. Feb. 13, VIKlUNIUS. Friday, Frbv U, RICHELIEU. Monday. Feb. 17. DAMON AND FTTH IAS. Wednesday, Feb. 19. MeTAMORA. Thursday. Feb. OLADIATOR. Friday. Feb. 21, MACBETH. Bot office open from 8 A. M. till S P. M. at the Academy of Music, where seats may be secured in advauoe for either ef the seven performances. _ _ PRICES OF ADMISSION. Admission JM Reserved Scats, extra *? Private Boies , JBJ Proscenium Boxes (holding twelve persona) -V* Family Circle and Amphitheatre Ho. Doors open at a quarter before 7 o'clock; performs noes to commence at 7)? o clock. 9 New bowery theatre. _ _ Sole Proprietors... Msssrs. O. L. Fox and J. W. Usgud, TUESDAY. Feb. 11. ISO, A Grand Legendary Drama entitled JHBJ^RTHGUAO: UK, ina orr?viKft ur i nn niu?. Favorite Dance ..Mies lamias Browaax The reeling Comic Furre of TilB PICKET OUARD. And Ihe Nautical Drama of YANKEE JACK; OR, THE BUCCANEER OP THE OPLF. LM. UOTTrfCHALK.?NIULO'S SALOON. SALE OK TICKETS. Notion.?A branch ticket oUtoe. at Sibel'a, No. 13 Wall street, will bo opened, where *e?U can be eooured fbr Ua N w York end Brooklyn Oouachalk Concerts, To-day, at 8 o'clock a. M., the box odtoe of the Oottoohalk noocerie will be opened at Beer A Scblrmer'a (euoroaeora I* Breuaing). 701 Broadway, where aeau will be aeourod fbr thw Aral and second ol Jfr. GoUachaik'a Conoerta. THE PRICE OP ADMISSION liaa been died at the uatial atandard of 91 to all porta of tka house, and 50e<nt* extra for reaerred aaata. The free Hat, with the exception of the public press, will ha enurelv aitapended. Mr. (Iran baa the honor to announce that the flrat and second of Mr. (lotiaohalh'a Grand ConcerU will take plaoe onto.lay (TL KSDaY j, February 11, and to-morrow (WEDNBir DAY), February 13. at Nlblo'a Saloon MR UOYTHOHALK'S RENTREE will lie attended with AMPLE AND COMPLETE ARRANGEMENTS for the amusement and comfort of hta natrons. All the principal ar ista of the Academy of Music hare boa* engaged, to give Brat class prominence to the vooal department MR. MAX MARBTZEK will assume 'be entire mualral direction. In Ihe firat aud aecoud concena Mr. GoilachaUt will ba aaalated by Miss Isabella Hinckley, Brtgnoll, Maac'isi, Snalni. RICHARD HOFFMAN, the favorite pianist, lis. kindly voluuieared to aaaiat Mr. (iottachslk on Unsocs-don. And Herr Mollenbatier, the violoncellist. Tbc nrnmrai" for each roncrrt will be entirely changed. PROUKAMME FOR TUEsOXlT r akt riiLST. 1. Aria, ".leniwtlcm" . ti-tii SPMMI 3 lire, "Brllaario't .BltliiNoLI and SUS1M1 3. overture. William Tell," arranged for two _ _ pianos L. M. GO n S' H ALE !wrformed by RICH. HOFFMAN and the AUTHOR. __ 4. Cavatina, "Bctly" MldM H INKLE Y 5. Swedish Mclodlea, i>eriormed on the 1 hoLLENHAUEE 8 ^l*ttHINKLE 1\*HRlaNOL,, Sl'SINI and MAMCUEt 7. Transcription di Bravura of the Uuartette of RigolcltLcompoecd and prriormeJ by 0<m>0HAIX rant sicond. ft, Fantaaie caprioe, by Kummer. MOLLENIIAT7BS t. Romanes "Loaibardl" BRIO NOLI 10. to.) Murmurea Jtollane < b. i Paaiofallo e Cavaliero fabtean. . _ . _ Composed and performed by L. M. OOi ioCHALK. 1L "Wlthloa Mile of Kdtnboro'' MISS IftMKLET 13. Komanza, ' Don Paaquale" SIO. MANOUSI 13. Trio LucreiUR^-da^^T, BBIONOLIigdSUSMr It. By pneral request. "The Banjo,". L. M. OOTT9CHALS M uaical Director ?nd i on doctor MAX HAlaiaU " BROOKLYN ATIIENBIM. L. M. uOTTRtlHALK'S TWO GRAND CONCERTS IN BROOKLTN. THURSDAY AND SATURDAY PER IS AND 19 ^ The aale of ttanaia I or the* two roneeru cotamaaota tki* mornmc. mi ike inwtr *i?rot of Mowtr* Pro*, 114 PulluM treat, and Wm. Roar, 143 Atlantic street. Brooklyn. wMWVAtffflt Ml M IT It K fall 15 Mechanlca' Hall, 471 Broadway, ahoro Oread afreet. Monday areola*. F--b in and erery night during the ml, H. C. CAMPBELL, the popular Torallaf, with Fnwier, Oonld, Lealte and Hilton, la nnw aong^ i homara, Mr. Hlackaiallh'e Jtibllee. Dat a What* da Matter. HORN. FLORENCE. NEIL AND DAN BRYANT, the popular Ethiopian c<>medUaMa anew burtamtue sketch. Also, Bret time of a new burlesque hp I Bowers, Baa., antitlad 'YE OLD POLES CONCERT Old Daddy Hemp Jr ancient conductor.. Dan Blfaaa Doora opra at eurtaia rtaaa at 7K- Tickets, Scenla. The pride and olort o( thla raacntflrent rtty la the -vorld famoua ' PARISIAN CABINET OF WONDER AND ANATOMY." 8SA BROADWAY. (aett door to Ball, Blark A Co.'a) i All who ralue wisdom. amusement, knowladga and pawaa ahould at ooea nalt thla lN^f|^ p MONT WONDERFHU EXTRAOR Dt NABY% MARVELLOUS. THRILLtNO, VNSVNPAMIABM. Sl'PBRB, INYALUABIA INSTRUCTIVE JCIENTI PIC* "INSTITUTION One* for aaatlameo only, from tan Mil Ian. ^ Admlaali'ti ? cents 1RYINO HALL?SOIREE FRANCAISKS . 1 esff^rao. Comedie. In ^^h^L II^I^DM O, MlM galambar (bar ttrat nppraranca In Now Torkfc ' Maa?ra. Rldnlk ana Rilfnrd, L AMOUR DANS LB KARRIAOI. Vaddavtlla, by Mr Klotrtar TtnkaM of admtaatoo, wlih aarurad ?enU. $1; to ba f* en rod at H Dnrd<n??tlla'a at?ra, Ho <03 mad war, *?" <* tha daor an tha aT?nh>a of tba aarfonnanne Ooorato ba opanad at f^^onT th-j pUT to cowwwMl gggpS^^SS ,