Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1862 Page 2
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2 TIE CAPTUBE Or FOIT HElfBY. The Official Report of Flag Officer Foote. INTERESTING DETAILS. NAMES OF THE KILLED AND WOUNDED, Jkc-, <kc., it. Washington, Feb 12. 1862. The following :s en official copy of the report of Flag Officer Foote to the Navy Depart moot relative to the cap ,?f Port Ho., .-u Canto, 111., Feb. 7,1842. St*?I have the honor to report that on the ethinyl., at half past twelve o'clock 1*. M , I made an attack on Fort Honry, on the Tennesson rirer, with the iron-clad gunboats Cincinnati, Commander Stembel (the flagship); the Essex, Oimmaa ler 1'orter the Carondolet, Commander Walker, and the St. Louis, Lieutenant Commanding Paulding, also taking with me the three old gunboats Cones toga, lumitanant ommandtug 1'helps the Tyler, Lieutenant Commanding Gwinn, and the Lexiugton, Lieutenant Com nianding Shirk, aa a second division, in charge of Lieutenant Commao ling Phelps, which took a position astorn and in shore of the armed boats, doing good execution there in the action, while the armed boats were placed in the first order of steaming, approaching the fort in a parallel line. The flro was opened at one thousand seven hundred yards distance from the flagship, which was followed by the other gunboats and responded to by the fort. As we upproached the fort, slow steam ng till we reached wi'h iu six hundred yards of the rebel batteries, the Are both from the gunboat.- and the fort increased in rapidity and accuracy of range. At tweuty minutes before the flag was struck the F-ssex unfortunately received a shot in her boilers, which resulted in the wounding ind scalding of twonty-nino officers and men, including Commander Porter, as will be soon in the unclosed list of casualties. rho Kojev t' n uj ??sari!y dropped out of line astern, entirely d:~ ib'.c I an 1 unable to continue the fight, in which she had .-.o gallautly participated until the sad CAt-istroph*.. The firing continued with unabn ed rapidity and cfi'oct upon thitli' co gunboats, as they continued still to ap proach the ort with th>ir destructive fire, until the rebel (lag was hauled down after a vary sovero and closely contested action of one hour and fifteen minutes. A boat containing the Adjutant General and Captain of uiKiiiruui t^iuu at ici IU? U?|( WAS IUV\C:?U, ?UQ reported that General Lloyd Tilghman, tho commander of the fort. wished to communicate with the liag offlcer> when I despatched Commander Stembel and Lieutenant Commanding Phelps, with orders to hoist the American flag where the rebel ensign had been flying, aqd to Inform General Ti ,hman that I would see him on board the flagship. He on board soon after the Caion had been 8'ibstitu'od "or the rebel flag on the fort and possesion ukon of it. I received the General and his stall and some sixty or seventy men as prisoners, and a hospital ship, containing sixty invalids, together with the Tort and its offer's, mounting twenty guns, mostly of heavy calibre, with barracks and tents capable of ne rommortatto/ 15,000men and sundry articles whic?, as I turned the fort and Its effects over to General Grant, commanding tho army, on his arrival, in an hour after we had made the capture, he will be enabled to give the government a more correct statement of than I am enabled to communicate from the short time I had poeaesaioo of the fort. The plan of the attack, so far as the army reach.og the rear of the fort to make a demonstration simultaneous with the nary, ae frustrated by the excessively muddy roads and the high stage of water preventing the arrival or our troops until some time after I had taken possession f the fort. On securing the prisoners and making the necessary preliminary arrangements, I despatched Lieutenant Com manding I'helps, with his division, up the Tenne&seo river, as I had previously directed, and as will be seen in the enclosed order to him, to remove the rails, and so far render the bridge of the railroad f,.r transportation and communicat'.oa between Bowlirg iji#?n and Co! mbus useless , :?ud afterwards to purau' lite rebel its and se cure their capture if possible. This being accomplished, and tho army in p-,: session of '.he fort, and my services being ind;ap< < able at Cairo, 1 eft Fort Henry in the evening of the sans day, with the Cincinnati, Essex and St. Louis, and arrived here this morntng. The armed gunboats resisted effectua'ly the shot of the enemy, when striking the casemates. The Cincinnati, the flagship, receive i thirty-one shots: the Essex, fifteen, the St. Louis, seven, and the Caron lelot six, killing one and wounding nine in the fiinriiin.iL and klliir.v onp in the Planar while I he e? on*! tie* in the latter fr >m steam amounted to tweiity-oight in numhor. The Carondelet ???t St. ?? with no casualties. The ~t<iamer? were admirably ntn.uied by their com oaanders and officer! prevai ling only their hew guns to the eusmy, u> avoid the exposure of the vulnerable parts ?f their vessel#. Lieutenant Commanding Phelps, with his division, also executed my orders very effectually, and promptly proceeded up the river in their further execution after the capture of the fort. In fact, all the officers nmt man gallautlv performed the duty, and, considering the little experience they have had under fire, far more than realized my expectations. Fort Henry was defended with the most determined gallantry by General Ttlghman, worthy of a better cause, who, from his own account, went into the action with eleven p ins of heavy calibre bearing upon our boats, which h'- fo gbt until seven of the number warn dismantle i or otherwise rendered useless I have the h uior to bo, very respectfully, your olelient errant, A. H. KXffc, Flag Ofllu-r Hon i.iLaaos Win:as, Secretary Navy, Washington. THE KILLED AND WOUNDED. ON BOA:;!! TDK iVCLVNATI. I'viTin Star is I'la . dntiXMt . romr, I Kail ff, IMid. / Sit?I have ilio hnn'T to report that th* tu-ualti-" on board thia vescei during the hoin'-ardmeut of fort Henry, 'run thee" cu of the cnenn - tire, wero ?1L1 od, one wounded, uiaa. Total, ten Itespecif .'.ly. it N STUMBKL. Comman ler, United Siaies N'uvy. r. A n F<>crrg.Commanding Xavai Force* .fcsfara Wa tlT- ? S b?Afl Captain Poftar 1.* tnabla t" writs, Un bis i viand mo to s<*nd you a list ol kilteJ. wo :t !e i % .d niW? ing on thin venae; ? W I). Porter. contu uder. seal le.t .T II. pav matter. *. tided T P ivrry, lb r t mm or, aca! "ml badly H B. Bulimi, >te, kills 1 b;-V i nun abnf MrHrula, pi'. t k n- d by , v William II. Ford, i (lot, w.; i '.iy scalding. John Matthews. uiurterin is'- i " bully ?i-i' Md A 1' Waterman, captain f'.rvi-ai-lW. in. :u? It'-nry (Jainpor, ttrcinau, n. in?. Hammd t layer tirormn, scalded badly. John Kinlz, fl'oiran. mi am a Jaroe (< 0 y. seaman. killed by ab) ng N II irty, oiim.i, Mn aed. M Hn ,001mA' raided I'm.! Wilson, seaman, Ubcl by ?t? l.ny lion Harrington, eaati an, .*c*ld? l badly. ?0i <? K>b it,soatiutu. * > ded badiy. Th<.? M ilbn, saatnan, j < ''lotl ?!ighry W H. M i*< y,-"oinan, .? i'bvl in ly r. Sullivan .man. scaldou badly, las Hodmd, 'arnau *v?l.-r.lnn. ; p pe-rn.ii-%w*o, koloJ by -t tl-1 <g tnhn o Hara.seatnnn 'raids! John' notolio. aaaninn, acalda I i J Phillip* n'tiiMii. acslled II Ion a,aeatMn,scalded. i ;:crnotds. wimin mission J tines Arena, ari iumii, ?CHldaJ t'',omas MulKMt, seaman. badly scalds I ,n to tb" ibov# wo had olnntaen soldiers i rod >f ?h h 'cvnral liave ainra died. Vary reI r. J'uor fits: J t MTVUDt, . Oiit ltr It. RIl.fcY, tx-0(Bcar t*. S. gunboat Km*\. ICIA' I?"I'OUT OF (IEX. ORAM. Il? ' trntMV, flloTMI^r Uf CxIHO. > Four HavHV.Tonn.. Fab. H.1MJ3 / '[vtrra, A'f-u.'.ant Adjutant ral. Jjrpai tMo .ftt.Oi"Ir.Mu _ * ?O.relov i i ?4'id vou my ordi r f ,r (lie n'faek ii ileirj . (lain to dropu'('tin* r"roved front Mi *a Hali.-i.k. and corrolioruiiu^ ml-intuition aired that ilio enemy wera rapidly i-more atlt it . nrst itir dy nrc??'a-v tint ilm fort rr i? i to day. My Torre* w< re not up at ton m mUht shen my unlet was aritien, literature 1 i . leotn It pra.ticit>;<i ?o ?ai an earlier hour than . X to day to commence th- invesirmu t Th i i .triad op at the same hour In uommanra the i ai gigntbo ati'-my at not war six hundrad I 10' ovr ' t. Ii" ir all lbs halt rlea ware I It!" f art Suf r?di'l T'?d at dlar ration t'? Fla^ t . I) i'rtbf ua ab tl.; - fnn?, camp and f'lrriaon ( WJ? *' Tha prisoner*. taken art Cenara! Tilghm in and (ilad. Captain Taylor and company. and tli? tick j Tin' garrison. I itiiuk, must bar* cotnm*ao*<l th*.r r* I treat last uithi. or at aarly hour thU morning Had I not r*lt it au Imperative necessity t* attack Fort Henry to-day. I should bav* made the investnien' j complete, and dc.ayed until to-morrow , so a< to secure ; thejarrison 1 do not believe. however, the result would I bav* l>eeii any more eat Ulac lory The gunboats have provao themselves well able to i resist a severe cannonading All the iron clad hoots reI cuived mora or less shots- the flagship some twenty eight?witho t an* sariona damage 10 any, except the Fatten This i easel rete.ved one shot in her boi . (hat disabled her. killing and wounding some thirty two men, ( aiusin Porter among the wounded. I r< main your obedieut servant, V S. GRaNT, Brigadier <.en*ral, FIELD ORDERS -NO 1. hxaiktrartkus District or Canto, ) Cast'- s Field, , Kokt ih.MiY, F"b. S, IMS. J Th* First Division, General MoClernand commati ling i will more at eleven o'clock A. M. to morrow under the guidance of I.i*ut*nant Colonel Mcl'berson, and take a i ! p. sitiou on the toads rroin tort u?ury to uoiieisou aai , Dover. It will be tbe special duty of this command to prevent all reinforcements to Kort Henry or escape from it Also. ! to be helil in readiness to c bar no anil take Kort lleary by | storm, promptly on the receipt of orders. Two brigades of the Second division, Gen. C-F. :tamh 1 commanding, will Start at the same hour from the west bank of the river, and take and occupy the heicbts com inandiiig Fort Henry. This point will tie held by so much j artillery as can be made available, and such other troope i as, in the opinion of the general commanding the Second division, may be necessary for its protection. The Third brigade, second division, will advance up the eaat bank of the Tennessee river, as fast as it can be securely done, and be in readiness to charge upon the fort or move to the support of the first division, as may be necessary. All the forces on the west ba"k of the river not re. quired to hold the heights commanding Fort Henry, will return to their transporta, cross to the east bunk, aud I follow the first brigade as fast us possible. The west bank of the Tennessee river not having been | reconnoitered. the commanding officer entrusted with taking possession of the enemy's works there, will pro' ee.-d with great caution, and Ruch information as ran be gathered, and such guides as can be found in tna time intervening, before eleven o'clock to-morrow. The troops will receive two days' rations of bread and meat in their haversacks. Oue company of the Second division, armed with Titles, will be ordered to report to Flag Officer Footo, as sharpshooters on board the gunboats. By order, U. S. GRANT, Brigadier General Commanding. MORE DETAILS OF THE ENGAGEMENT. [Correspondence of the St. Louis Democrat. 1 Cairo, Feb. 7, Hffil Three of the gunboats, the Cincinnati, the Essex and the St. Louis, having returned from the capture of Fort Honry, and having obtained al! the particulars from olfl cors and men, I hasten to write you tho details which I was unable to transmit by te' igraph. HOW Tint ATTACK WAS COWPCCTKP. The attack was begun yesterday noon, the first gun fired from the federal fleet just after twelve o'clock. Only four of the gun t?.;ats were engaged?th<? Cincinnati (the flag ship), tho Essex, the Carondelst and St. Louis?these moving up towards the fort abreast?the Conestog*. Ty'er aud Lexington remaining behind, h it i within easy hail. The ordi r of the approach was, the Essex on the right, next to her the Cincinnati, and then the St. I/IUI3 and theCar.iadelet on the left. This disposition of the boats commends itself at once as an admirable stroke of Commodore Foote's undoubted naval genius. The object was to bring to bear the bust guns of the lleet, and at the same tune to prevent the exposure of the broadside o! any of the boats to the enemy's gutis. Had there been such oxposure, it is easy to imagiue the destruction and probable failure which would have occurred, for the boats arc extremely vulnerable in their after parts. This order of approach having been assumed at the beginning, was preserved throughout the eugacenient, the tire opening at the distance of about one inilo, and continuirg w ith terrible effect until the suTsndar, when tne fleet was not tuore than five or alx hundred yards from the fort. Commodore F>x>te, it seems, pursued the same tactic.; that rendered him so famous in his attack upon thr China forts a few years since, the English tiring at a long distance, and suffering sever ly, while he rsn immediately under the gnus of the Chinamen, and poured such a hot and affective (Ire into their wooden walls that the" inflicted b;.t little damage to his boats, and were quickly and completely disabled an>?beateu. General Ttlghman, the rebel commander of Fort Hom y, upon his capture, promptly testified to the splendid manner in which the attack wa? inducted, saying that when l?e discovered the purjiose of the Commodore bis chief object was to disable the flagship, aud, by get ting tho Flag OfVer out of tho way, to disconcert the other boots, aud erthje him to pursue lus tiring with bettor offset. This amounts for Mie huarty manner in which his compliments wero paid to the Cincinnati, she having received llnrty-one shots out of about fiftv. of which the while fteul bear the mark- Tim Commodore complimented Oners! liljt.nun uoon his gallant defence of the fort at th?: same time a.-'sunuz h.m that he would hare pursued tlio purpose of his attack evon to the landing of His boat at the very hank under the fort, and that the < mcinnati, had the flghi continued, should have kent head on until tin1 eras sunk. Another reason givoa by the robot General for the concentration of fire upon the flag-ship whs the tact that she seemed t" have got a better range than any of the other boat*, and that bur Are, just before the surrender, whs most territti-. Th? Cincinnati liears many honorable scare Several shot.- ha. a left their ma k.-ou her iron p'ate-1 sides, showing ia oaob u*s--a shallow and raking dent, (me of her large*; guns was struck on the right side of its nvu/./le tho .-hot chinping out a piece nf the in:tai as large as a man's two hands, and actually-.piit tiug the mil//'- eighteen inches down from the mouth. This wilt disable the gun eat rely. Another, gun?a thirty two-potuder, I believe?bears a deup dorit on its side, about eighteen inches from the mouth. Ju-t behind the forward port gun, and where the sides of the boat aro not covered with iron, several shots hove gone e'', rhroigl) tiie bulwarks. One of these comp: dely de.iapirau* I one of tho gunners. Another passed through tiie bulwarks scatteriog the splinters right su l left, glancing aim g tbj timbers over the m.v hiner-, itud passing into 'he whee,, tin' not doing much damage The most tarr.b effect of the enemy's Ure upon tas Cincinnati is seen on her upper works. th? deck spemirg to have ;>.-en swept villi tindestructive nitssiles. too nm-i'.-i stacks pierce.) in-eve ra! piao a an . the - nil b"i'. -iddle l and tltnost destroyed. One !?rg" -hot -.truck the run p'ated pilot bouse, leaving an ugly tuark doing uo damage. The concussion ? a vi< lvnl ami described by tho pilots a surprising th.< Commodore snd hem into a very decided grin.t. But one men wa? kill- : o tright on the? in- n uati A f?w were wounded with sp'iots-s, wl?iv names Ihste -ent you. < 'nptalu i'.att was Italy hurt by a c ?nt halt strik .tig hi* leg. The men describe the crash of tic balls through the timber--n the e-??' \s * t*rible souud b ii no:u of tlu-ni flinch-J s.iy their officers but the parly manning the gun a: wh oh one if tite r number was heocaded. At the ghastly t ;ht they gcat t-ro 1 and ft I b.ntor ?nu>n n il but iinmc.l alihy rall ed and st-.>"1 their ground. The (."lncinnai anie into pirt with'lie irge rebel dug flying the st;lr? a;,.| -tripe*, her oar.ujC1 N-up greeted with ii.uiiy ctio.-:.s did oongrnt . a'lOti- ?h?rg tho persons uu the loves. Tho Fssc-. wh ch ha- aha ?- ?dtwi in infort III It boat. n- iw . in ' ;r,?iu? t lion-vith her and the s-ltnirabie i a- ii and ft: u>* u-m!.t es of bur?' utiMatidei Captain W I'ort-r and hi.t toatil. < ?* , was -?rv uti lucky in th ? engagement. For lie,' sn hour -he bore lur part in tin-n' st unrst g < in v !e-r ma-niflcuiit arms menl playing with feirful i flu l upon i.b? tort, whan she received :t tm -t fearful -hot uinu hately ovar ?ti-r w i'd port g- n Cant am ; n r at tin- nt mo nt v i , imp. rig out of th* porthole wo; lung the effort ,?f b s IK ig Mid n roneg mm nam ! Y fin ? n -r In Br.ttain.of \ew V'-rk ci'y. was -tun In- o hi* - ie, his ban I on th . 1 tna s vta .-lu'O*. The lis I d. vide i h head. roinuH-le i uarrt uu; away its crown and scattering bis bruins ipon t! e ior-" u if a paymaster -alio was standing '<\ h - le Ih ? teri i*>l? nu-.-seng'sr if death Hew along t mthroujh the hu'kh -id* v'lilch wore to nrute t [i, n li ! ery Hie '?>at. at,i1 "rnenml nit" th riuJil! 'to.' it Immediately with a niching < iuil, the amldlm; 'Jim Mini Iivory pari of the veaaol. The two : . t both west kii wni in .*i. wh > wer<* iii'liiv^ nobly at th i.r work, ?o iIko-M, i' it h?-met. tn the.r duties that they had tiagl cted ' ? the trip door which ? from lielnw t? their hum . w<ra envelope I by tue ti i-ter ; " ii 'n l at ,1 -! r "!v scalded to death. Hi > jii.i ? teapotsta rn -;i? to not <?t tLep.t i *.. -ini :* their ant" thrtotth the lookout ii . !>* whtch ware nut la,-git rno"tli In pm- their bndiea. and v iln'. . etrit ieg to get men ' -ail? thru- -;h fur 're*h ur The tut * h had ?t ill in jja rl!;. to tlicir gun* ? i|.|i?t>ii at 'in. new ?n'l bi?o;iemy and many r 'lieui we'r co to h' >w tie i e.*e? tnil of the |mri|io|?* ml i th" river. ( .f'tu i Pun -r ?i, h*!!y v Jid.i I n the l?i r and baud*. At Mil* '.?r t,?< however, hi* won itl* i) viilit to tic ti"t *n had i ? i?Itrn anticipated u t h a ii ;a.<tnr '.ha K.*ocn i.?- it >. '.U-i md ').*?un Inl.iit hi"k vhtch ' omm aJorc K'?ut? , >.?>! ng *a* for tin moi.i. nt m>i , i-xed. He P. "iii'it fl-'t of failing lit' '* with liar, an 1 la.iaomg to In 'if n her again uto Iiiii thi ... end thought ilcniitad h to to ;ct her go ami pro-aing more eagerly forward we h tic < ii moill, urged on by Mi |i< a in iifiicccilv nf eh ?* and 'Icuparati' fighting mre wo ntcin ihe fort with a liar frontllian 'vr, honing , * nieiwaiigera 'tl death ana de*iruet;on w rapidly noon t i an- toy , that all iti tan i*ji im:?o and Ihcy wire I nulled to I'aptl llate llie St. lotn* and arondelet til apietelid worlt. bit hi! no *eein to rei uivn *o much attention from tha * i tiMy are marked < neural phM|WlMM a a man < itnniil'ra K ?.tn infirm hie .lial but eleven of tha . ib? four lioat were . led, anil tharahal officer* r?|iri-iaD' th?!.< ' /! n aniecn guna with wheh tha r i wm m ini-' h it i-1- .in w*r? brought to b< ay upon bo.i -an tha m> *<ii.?r tge no ho cla med hy either , ; Vhegnuao the fort !? a allot heavy calibre, the inrg. it "Oil tjh pnnn lar ? 'io*ijin'i||jv tlriiahod p:oca, f in the f o'l ..T iVorkl a! Ifrhinoo.l 'ihcy had Me oileti antion. a thart. \ t.vo p tiler, which hoi at luring (I eii- / II- I ml b'-i.aoi- tteitlere heir gtltia ware mo- AiHin') handled, and a r oil: era give them tb : v."' of a n .iga' nit ami del" i.ti-i .!? . n, n of tholr fort. i:?'- i - w t , - -ii., n;^ni >r V'H r ti< i lu"nnnt?*r '? [., , out* i* riuvv-to be II1" ! ' > r ii'l 'liT* 1 r ' > ibly t>? iij tlib |'lu< to !.? or l"-iuorr . < ?i n ' ; (Ja?' r the fin t wt* nut ?|.nM f tk .11 n..I of .?iI he 1> 'hi ami C .mm.'dura Knot* dii ] ii< |cn' w .nil i irk "? i nV Ml t . In- | ijr i| u|x>n I hirn so U't.l n'ot f'ir afn* nnnitln-, waiting full ? iln-',nns ?' -ion * inn. wlilti' y.?? p,|. out from tlm ful l. inning tin ifE -r , .ml on np I raw I. . " ' . ' . i kllwl by Ma im Hoal p.nfi... -i i.i I ' i- * a iiinfiT. ( wtli tin Hag ofllrnr. ttkicb wn.4 at I'til; a gtan'nl them. Olio of <>.ir . >*l lii i.i pit oil fi. Iho fort, soul tin.1.1 < npt.m t n, In-' < I 'lis i' n n .i'i, ami ('not* I'lirlp-t, of IV i iii'tto t? *b h boat liii'l now come up to th.- r?'inf . f notior lot ion tli fort they lmmodi it , r**r?1 tli* .tin. man r'.i.g n i l lir gbi o.l IY> robot ll*t <i"iiarni Tigh man an I l.fl'lhln in< IB Iron .1 the Clncinnat io?I *<k-dto ii? .onn i i onir" 1m? i oou. At Wnj ju'arv ?* the I W YOKK HERALD, THUK fiwtrt! <l??ir?l ta tn?* the terms of the surrender, to which the Oimmodor* replied. "An unconditional ?ur rsu ler," sud so it was accepted Too mount of army plunder w hich fell into our hands is represented as very large, cons is ting ol Th? nifantry forces. eut-amped outside of the fort, whose riumoers are variously estimated at troni three to Wo IhaiMJiU, quit their position before and dining the tight, getting <11 iu audi a hurrv that much valuable property was left t.eaerai (..rain, with an advance guard took |MM?eeaion of th" fort about an hour al ter the surrender, Commodore Koote turning everything over to him. Ttie gunboats Tyler, Couestoga and l.exiugtoa passed up the river to wards the railroad bridge The steamer Colden State ia .lust in from I'alucah, ami bring-, uo later news than that brought by the gunboats. though a boat war hourly exported down .he Tennessee. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wkpnksdat, Feb. 12?6 P. M. The money market is, if anything, easier. Money seems more abundant than it ever was. We hear of sales of short paper, very choice, at 5 per cent. Strange to say, however, the deposits at the SubTreasury to-day, at 5 per cent, were less than $200,000, considerably less than the average of late. The brokers are generally paying 5 a 6 per cent for money. There was nothing done in exchange to-day The bankers are holding firmly at 114** a 115. Gold advanced to-day, and was active. At the close 104*4 was bid for large amounts. The Canard steamer, which sailed to-day, took out $618,000, and large amounts are expected to be shipped on Saturday. As it does not pay to bay gold at present prices and ship it against bills even at 115, it must be presumed that the parcels of specie wliich are now going abroad have been held here for some time for foreign account. Stocks were active to-day; but there was no such advance in prices as the accumulation of good news might have been expected to cause. With few exceptions the commission brokers arc doing no business. The public are not buyers of stocks; uiue-tenths of the purchases at the board?except in the case of first class bonds?are by a few speculators who buy to resell at a profit. Hence neither the success of the Burnside expedition, nor the cheering news from the Tennessee river, nor the prospect of the early passage of the Treasury Note bill through the Senate, produced anything like the effect < :i prices which, in a different temper of the pnMV mind, would have followed much less consp ous h biccts of congratulation. Compering the prices c irent this evening with those of last evening, wc note a decline of % in Hudson River, of }<? in Harlem, of J?? Michigan Southern old, and of Yt in Illinois Central; and an advance of in Tennessees, % in Missonris. % in Pacific Mail, % in New Vork Central, yt in Erie old, yt in Reading. % in Panama. x/t in Galena, Vt in Toledo and % in Rock Island. The market closed steady, the following being the last quotations:?united states o s. registered, 1881, 00 a %; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 89% a %; do. 5'a. oonpon, 1874 , 79% a 80; Indiana a's, 74 a 76; Virginia 6's, 52 a 55: Tennessee 6's. 45%' a %: North Carolina C's, 63 a 64: Missouri C's, 43 a %; Pacific Mail, 09 a %; New York Central, 80% a %; Erie, 31% a %'< do. preferred, 57% a %; Hudson River, 38 a %; Harlem, 12% a %: do. preferred30a%; Reading. 41% a %; Michigan Central, 57 a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 21% a %; do. guaranteed, 41% a %: Panama, 113% a 114; Illinois Central,56% a %: Galena and Chi-ago, 67 a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 43 a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 53% a %: Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 61% u 62; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chfen, 19% a 20%: Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 107% a ?; New York Centra! T*s of 1876, 105 a ?; Erie third mortgage bonds, 04% a 06; Michigan Central 8's. first mortgage, 09% a 100; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 92% a %. It is understood that the Senate will pass the Treasury Note bill to-day. It will not be a day too soon. The banks are all refusing to receive demand note* on deposit to-day, and they are selling on the street at % and 5-16 discount. Unless they arc made a legal tender within a day or two grave inconvenience will ensue. The Senate Com" niittee on Finance has amended the hill as passed by the- House by restoring the section requiring the interest on the debt to be paid in coin; by formally authorizing the sub-treasuries and depositories to receive United States notes on deposit at five per ' ent. as they are now doing under the act of July last, .mil by specially pledging, lor the payment of the interest on the public debt and for its ultimai- extinction through the medium of a sinking fund, the entile proceeds of the revenue from customs duties, public lands, the eonfl: cation of property owned by rebels. If these amendments are concurred in by he Senate, the bill as amended will have to go back to the House for concurrence in the amendments. It is to be hoped that no delay will be thus oi mown. i>o sounn ontccuon ran or raised tfcaiiict the Senate imendrnents: the utmost that ran be said against them is-th it they are hurplrin" :tge. The interest on the debt would always be [mid in sold, whatever the law wa-< if pat ties dcsir I t. for the simple reason that a roiusal by gnvet n" merit to pay :t-* interest in gold would imoutit to a warning to foreign capitalists :tot to inve.,t in our securities. The deposit system is already ia full Mid Huee?.'s.sful operation under existing laws. As r. Mi" spc at pledge o, specific revenues for the .'.lymerit ot the :: torest an I *.h? e.-uim t on of the punrifial of the public lebt, it is to lie presumed t!ij>t the entire re-ciittes of iiie government are Mr id;, in tact ptedged to its i reditors tor ail that it owes, ami, unless it be proposed to commit nationil su'ride, the. wdi be used hi paying the [iiililic l*bt. principal md interest, a Mi or with > ape. . ml p'edg-s. At the ann? tit t Mtive enactments in r--card to the p iyu -nt '* the Interest in i oir. \nd specific ph*dg s of revenue, will probatil iiiitia. t additional vain* to our p :hle < rurities i i the markets of the .vorld am! er'ninU .can I no no harm. It is therefore hoped tl,at the iiouse i of I'ej escnta'ivcs will n-it refuse to con- nr ,n ' the-c Senate amendment*. l'he main point jus*, now i + to pass the bill without delay, ami tuk up the j Xhx hill. Every day. every no r ousted in debate I js a stall at th lib'ot the not m. Mr. CUsse owes over a In :i Ire J millions of past due debts: if > more time * aste-l our army may begin to 1 feel nervo do -,t it- riay It is -arnestly hoped j ths: the Committee ' Wa and Means may be I able to get the Tax bWl in hIcito- ;,ir presentation ! to the Flo *sir this .voce. Tic correspondents of foreign baaioT > l,c ? vri'.e from Europe that the pa <age of an il sj mx Ml', "id a reasonable pronihility taat taxes woul I .? paid by the people of the United States, wo ild v a stream ot money flowing to the ;id" com Eur >p which would very quickly balsi-ee ti:c '-xcess -t our impor'i -iver OUT *v\p<>r*^. j\h ? - ? t*> iMtiii irin^.i "irpf; anm iot* of Am"> ' in * urlties borne for -tale. State and fed' mI b< adr. railway bonds and stock arrive hero it ''.fia'e of millions per woik, the sellers alleging an ;> " rscn for selling t! .t Hie nation is plunging into bankruptcy through tears of j taxation. H w 'dig will the Committee of Ways and Means -ulTor these impntat one la g" ! nnrefuted1 tnoiher million dollars of the S)x p? r rent bonds < is- r?rc " Iron' " Wellington to-day on account of the hanks There s;e no.vtfvn tuilli'itrs in the hands of t!,e Hub-1 r.- isurrr The ex< langes it the Bank (,'leaving House this morning were fl i,112,970 61 arnl th? ba'.inces 11,026,6?1 49. Tlie N:h gatnek (Uiln . i f vmpariy hav* <le. (lared a divided "f fi*e | r tut, pajabt" on the insr. rho London T'nw* of January 30 thus notices and rpiotes Ameriean seruritina: Oreai Wsstern f snsda Impro*-*'! tolt'^sjf and (.'r?nd i'riink to 21 a > V Amsrtca sesuritfm Imve ?a?m hsan ra'l dull "soslisn fi?* ^o? - siif? t >s? ; i t SUAV, KEBKUAKY 13, 18I rn!?fl Stains 5'ft, 1374 <W * <W Virginia fla 41 ft 44 Atlftiilir an. I (.real Wealern, Nftwr York ftftc., let mortgage, 1880, 7 |*r c?nt AO ft 65 Ki i? ?li?rea 2S',aa9', ik>. 7 per cent prelerftiioe 48 ? 49 IV. ftsses>m?ut scrip 1 'i 2 New York ftiid Kri? 7'?, 1867 90 * 92 IK) do 2d mortgage, I860 .85 ft 90 IH> do. 3d mortgage 1883,assented 7* a .7 i Do. do. 4th 64 a 66 Illinois Central 6's, 1875 74 a 76 Dm 7 s, 1875 77 a 79 I)o. $100shares,$65 paid du 14 a 43 Ik). all paid 52 a 54 Michigan Centra! 8 *.eon , 1869 70 a 81 l>o. do. sinking fund 8's, 1882 60 a 83 New York Central 6'*, 1S8S 76 a 78 Ik) do 7 *, 1S64 84 a 86 Ik). do. 7 '8. 1676 85 a 86 Do. do. 7 8,1876 84 a 86 Ik). do. $100 shares 69 a 71 I'anama l?t mortgage 7's, 1865 97 a 100 Do. 3d mortgage, 1872 97 a 100 Pennsylvania (eulral 6's 80 a 82 l>o. 2d mortgage 83 a 85 lio. $50 shares 28 a 33 Philadelphia and Reading 6's, 1870 ? a ? Ik) $50 shires 14 a IS Stock Exchange. Wkdmbshat, Feb. 12,1862.. $10000 l'S6's,'81rega5 90 60 she I'ac Mail SSCo 99% 20000 13 6'S,'81.. t>30 90 300 do a60 99 6000 do 90 23 do s30 99 1500 rS6sSl<)rwl%y 87% 75 do blO 99% 1000 Illcoup bda, '79 80% 333 do 9914 9300 111 war loan... 78 75 do 830 99% 2000 do 773? 50 do blO 99% 21000Teon6's,'90... 43 20 V Y Central RR.. 80% 40000 do U15 45 150 do bSO 80% 1000 VirginiaO'a.... 53 760 do 80% 500 do 62% 400 do b30 81 31000 Missouri 6'a.... 42 100 Cler ,Col kTin RR 107% 5000 do 42% 5 Cat & Cbi RK.... 66% 10000 do b30 42 % 200 Erie RR 34% 15000 Mi6's itoHA'SJR 40 100 do s10 34% 8000 California 7'e.. 81% 100 do bl6 34% 500 do 81% 100 do b60 34% 1000 N Y Central 6's 96% 50 Erie RR pref.? 67% 2000 K RR 3d m b,' 83 95 100 do b30 57 % 2000 Hud River s I hs 102 10 Harlem RR-. 12% 5000 Hud RivsrS in b SO 60 do 12% 5000 Mi'8pcb,old.s30 9* 200 Harlem RR pref.. 30 % 3000 MC8pclmafcb 100 300 Reading RR 41% lOOOC.B&QRRSpcb 98 50 Mich Con RR. b30 51% 1000 Mich So 1st m b 89% 10 do 51% 1000 T Haute&Al 1 m 90 50 do slO 51% 7000 l'RR7'8, g byMo 38 250 do 51% lllOO III Con RR bds. 02% 300 MicbS AN IndRR 21% 3000Chi&N'West 1 m 41% 100 MicbSAN Ind gs. 41% 2000 do 42 23 Panama RR 113% 2800 ToIJi Wab h 2 m 44 50 III C RR scrip.*60 56% 5000 Chi A Rk Is bds 99 150 do b60 57 2000 CI ATol s f bds. 83% 10 do 56 MOW) Americau gold 104% 300 do 56% 1500 do 104 50 do sOO 56% 100(H) do boO 104% 50 do b30 56% 10000 do b20 104% 50 Cleve At T?1 RR.. 42% 1 1000 do hi5 104',' 400 do......blO 42% 2)000 do MO 104% 700 do b30 43 2 000 do a30 104 1600 do 42% 850(H) do stiO 104 300 do 43 10000 do 1)60 104% 100 do si 5 42% 8 -hs Am Ex Rk.. . 79 50 ChARklsldRR.sBO 53 17 do 80 100 C,BurAQyRR.b66 02 19 Del A Hud Can Co 94 65 do 61 % 50 Pac MailSSCo.blO 99 33 Mil APrduChKR 20 SECOND BOAKL). $10000 L*S6's,1831 ,cpn 89% 130 sUs Erie RR prof. 57% 10(HH) do 89% 100 do s30 57% 880(H) do b30 90 100 do *15 67% lOOCO Tonne's DO.blO 45 100 Reading RR 41 5<MK> do 45 10) do 41% 6000 Missouri 6's.. 42 150 Gal At Chi RR.b30 67% 1000 lJS6's,1868cpn 90 25 Mich Cen RR 61% 8500 US6s810rwl % v 87% 60 do sOO 51 20000 Trca 7 3-10 pen 98% 100 do 51% 5000 B'lyncity wr 1 100% 50 do s30 51% 5600 American gold 104%' 60 Panama IIR 113% 12000 do 104% 250 111 Cen KRsuriu.. 56 5000 do bito 104% 50 do b30 66% 10000 do btSO 104% 1(H) do 1)60 56% 50 shsPscMSSCo.sOO 99 800 Cleve ATol RR.. 43 75 do 99 % 200 do 815 42% 215 do 99% 50 (10 42% 60 do sd? 98 VJ 200 do 4274 100 N Y Cpm RK-.kIO 80?* 100 <lo SlO \'V/t 100 do b:;o 31 lOOCbii RI RR.... 53'; lOOEriaRR 34 S SO do bl5 53^

100 di VAV, 100 do s30 53**' 100 do t>30 34 X SO do b3 63>4 100 do ?30 34'.; CITY COMMRRCUL REPORT. WabKCSDAT, Feb. 13?8 P. M. Bp.FAOHTrFFH.?Flour?The market was steady, with more tone, at yesterday's prices. The sales mnbracod about 12,000 bbU.,closing within the range of the following prices:? Su|K>rflne State $6 50 a 6 65 Extra to fancr State 5 85 a 0 00 Superfine Wostorn 5 50 a 6 65 Common to choice extra Western 5 30 a 0 00 Canadian 6 00 a 6 60 Southern! mixed to good superfine 6 00 a 6 35 Extrado 6 40 a 7 26 Good to choice family do 7 25 a 7 75 Ryo flour 3 00 a 4 25 Corn meal. Jersey and Brandywir.e. .. ..3 00 a 3 30 ?Canadian flour was in fair demand, ciosing steady within the range of our '(notations, with sales of 1,100 bbts. Southern flour was in fair demand within the above range of quotations, with sales of 000 bhls. Cora meal was Arm at quota, lions, while sales embraced about 60 bbls. Rye flour was unchanged, while the sales included 150 libla. Wheal was quiet and .sa!-s unfilled to some 12,000 a 13,000 bushels at $1 45 f"r common Western red, delivered, and $1 3flti for Milwaukee club, 111 Ft.'ire. Corn waa steady and in fair demand, with .'ales of 40,000 a 60,000 hrsheii at 65c. for Western mixed, in store, and at Ofle. do. delivered. Rye was flrm, with sales of 4,500 bushels at ?5c., delivered. Barley was steady, with sales of 11,000 bushels ol .State, at the rvilrual ilefrot, at 64>' Barley malt waa qutet and sieady at 05c. a 91. Oats wore p'onty and prices heavy, with sales of Western and Canadian at 40c. a 41 V.r . and State at 42c. Comer ?Th~ market continued quiet and sales limited. A sa'e of 50 bags of I'.m was niado at 21c., less 3 per cent, and 1 f 50 bags do. at lOt^e. (Vimis.?Tho market wc.t steady but less active, with satis of about 130 bales, on the basis of 29c a 30c. for middling upland-. V trn.irr-.?To Liverpool about 24.000 bushels of wheat were engaged, in hulk, at 7d .and 24,000dm corn at 6\*d., flour was js.; 800 boxes bacon wure engaged at 22a. 61. In tieulial vessels flour was at 2s. 3d To lamrion flour whs at 2s. 3d., w I toe I at 7d. in bulk, while engagement* were light. Rates to France wore steady at 16c. for wheat and 70c. for flour Pkdvi-1" as.?Porfc?There cent itiue.l to be a good do ncind for future delivery, with sales of 1,000 bhls new nuns, deliverable in June, July and August, seders' option, at (13 25, 011 the spot Sales footed up about 1,000 bhls., including new mess at (12 67', a $13, $12 a $12 25 tor ok I do., $9 .60 for new prune, and st $1.126 a $13 371? lor city prime mesa Beef was firm and in fair demand, with soles f 1.2' 0 lib!' , reported at $12 ? 912 60 for plain mess, and at |I4 a 111 lib| for extra Beef bams were lirm at. (14 75 a $175') Cut meal were moderately active, \vPli -ales of no lilids.. it 4c. tor sh uilde sand lit > for hums iu dry fit Bacon wat steady th" ?i Is-s acti-.e. sales of 2ii0 boxes we e tnndu At (tc .? for long ribbed W- stern. Dre-sed hogs wore li: e quote \V"?'?rti at $4 371, < ft >0, nud citv a* 1 1 d wu- Arm and in 1 nr demand, with s "W htit? and t.orces at 7'-,c. 1 4 >0. Butter 1 -or iitiehatigetl sioatis?Tlie sales embrace 1 7'm 1 4. . . mveib' Cubn. che fly within the range of 7c . 0., an! 1", hhds . ttic ado at p. t. d IJ I Q I M C vii C LA/ O g n i r r i ii vi , v. ?v ? 4IH4NAC tOR MVf V ? ..,? 7 111 DAT. i <i :?|4! i V? o r* morn 6 f'2 i;n ?*kt r> ^ ?ti ? watkk. .mora 7 27 Port of New York, Febmrry I'Z, 1*84. CI XAKKD. S'rantaliip .liibn B-i| ( ':), Sin I, l.ivi?p n.:?Williams a O-il.'ii Si, i> Mi.lmehi Hi" . H,i Frainw?R H <*?> i ee. S lip <''irii' I: i* Orlnti"ll, nenm, Londni ? iiie'.I Mmturn M ( ' >. Shi, Aiiinnni, H<i?ey, tioruion?K K Vnr^.in A Wd?y Shi' An love **y, 'llaagn'V?W Neimili A Hn1 i Ml!,. Ureal Rppiih!'[.i'lieum-iier I'm1I?A. A In* 4 Urn. II it' Ia 'ih i Bri W!i.':Vr. Queen,! iwi. ?I < MeArthn K i.'k Si B ii'i iril i ilmi i Dell Jen It- tl?"? lain?f . .in; iim Alia* le* i Hiem), H'ililm?uii Flula lelpUi ?Knprh lit A F .rr.tner Brij Uan'A (Br), !'o? pf LniKlnh ?Fundi, M'rfka A W?mt>. H. 14 Kim I. tnat, 1'' ? :>.. ii, Cor* n F.i'.inimth?K . ich, Mi iii 'k' A v, an It. Hi :s 1 W (Br),?'r . Curb?H . A tlit.ek-ti. Knit Vn in 1> r -lie*'* r < B- MeDormai , Havan i-UTi P We'iOer. h> 14 Kenahiiw, Firree Ma a ima?,1 E Ward a Cm :Vhr Kr 1 laeknt, Fat < >? . ; Wni- Meiea'.i A li nran Schr 'iltn I T-rrv, II ill. 1 Inlet?N I. KcDrriilJ A l!u. t Hrlir Aln ' Win' I B illiniore?M,*?! i Si 11 r S K.I I. Fatten Hi. morn?Van H, A S .if'jl S. In He!!e i' iiilM'ily, Haliiimirp?I W W. Kr? .S. in 1 II V ia Name, U 1 famr, Deal' I,land s. lir \ Sr 1, Tni.V -r, Il -?l a Inland?V t.ier Si Iir \ s Hiinpaan. I'hiirn Yemiicn?Ma "i . s. h. a ini'irp, I . land. i'Ml tdrlphla?T <) Benlno A M >n*. S"itr W A tin 1 ,li,k? . KiiMbnthn .r??M??'er. S'dir In'.- I*. K i' KIi' B-nli n?t>*y'..n A Mr t ..I.. .:!<?, si, 1 .1! i'ciiwIc' ? B S Kit. .\ nr. iv ed. Sirtfii-di'P M ' Uln*K?W) BicrnilcbA, Antwerp, .1 in I 111 ' 1.1.1 1 1 laiijiH i I 1 M(i*Ian I A A?|dn v ' I. II < i-lpm"! . 1*1 li my Vf fjilet durlt.4 the entire steal rilpT n? t am (''S tranapor') llamiltrr, Forr?n? Monroe ilOhfiiira Pi latitat* Hlramahlp Fa! i . (Fit tranaport), n*?iir. Bal'lnr r, | ID '*11 itt. S i irra un K- f. .t fun D B Mantoa, I'.nt Royal, ; .. 7 daya. ' k .III San' >1 ' ,1 llfrs, Uditt '..Visa! tntnai j t it' 1 In" .1' " Id (jo j|' si hai a U .ldisi Kra, in.." i <1 11 li Klin1... 1 (t rear Saiake, Br? nm, 40 da .-a, - 'ta' ltK, c. i; ii'iiii." -hip riilv of Hi'h I Bi'ir. fa'nry, Olhral'a Mdavt,!' hai a'' III'' ! |? I.'. . IOiii mil, Ul M, i ni 7t.W, A b.n 7i-rea i. hein,.'fi>' M irannlbn. Shu Sh.i i <> li'S'tmn immi Ottiiir l s; vii cim t IT, Jnn >0, in b I' i h ( Ivhiimii ,t (in Hark I i4rI ? I?%lt urM. < ?iit, I<1-?rpool, HO * itl> iml, l<i maV-r. I'm' (i l\ | .? 71 St | <>k irlg ) H ilmlmtr iy, from York ii |i r?n ?. It rk !( ">ii Bo" hi" (l*i !?i, S> "/, < '?" fl<!?', < in l>ll 1.1. ' f ioh, Mrlti' ko t W? n |i. U il -tarn , '"I'l, jBwi-'.t, I" > "rjnn, <1 on ?, pvtarii illlir i t f I lor is win frilt Jk': iR Wn .1 A li i ij-ih leit (ll?l), Ooilora, ..?au%, [ ?i?o<l (il Ti i ,:li fruit * to or lot H p P. 'Ii ?"! 'Of N" " I, "D. W' llirfi.r I' irl -ipo ii, 2 i . >? 'U > 11 ia\) I :{ ? ,< 'I 11 t! 27, 52. Ion 71, *|>oke Br brig Volunteer, from St Jolir, KB, for (I.* TaUtt. Bark Isaac R Davis i of Philadelphia), (laud, Cardenas, Feb I, with sugar, to master. Hark Charles Keait. Swan. Port Royal, SO, 8 days, in ballast, to MrCreadv, Motl 4 Co. Passed going tu, UH steamer Hartford Brig Water Lily, TUtou, Berwick-by-Tweed, E, 55 days, in ballast, to tie<> Smith. Brig (Jrare Worlhiugton fof Belize, Hon). Stevens. Retire Hon, 20 daws. with mahogany, to F Alexandre. J so SI, la t 2S53, Ion 79 15, spoke selir A S Cannon, fr m Matanras for Philadelphia; 6th lust, la' 56 21, Ion 75 15, hark Detiry. 49 days from Palermo for New York; 8th. 1st 56 81. Ion 7550. was boarded from US gunboat Oliuska; 9th, lal 37 59, Ion 74 15, aignulized a brut bound N, showing a Spanish flag n ith iettpr H In It. The U W has had atrong N gales Ihe eutire passage; a) lit sails, A,\ Brig John Butler (Br). Powell, Antigua, Feb 1, with sugar A<'. to master. Brig Santiago (Hrem), Blsenhrook, Port an Piatt, Jan 27, with hides Ac. to llOil K Schmidt. 5,1 ins,. 1st 88, Ion 73 25, spoke the Henries (Spj, fiom Port au Plait for New York. Brig Excelsior (Br). Talbot, Bermuda. IS days, in ballast, to Mct'all A Ft ill Sailed iu coin, any with Br acbr Empire, Doe, for New York. Schr Xilele (of Boston). Snow. Palermo. Dee II oaa9, I fti brnltar 26th, with brimstone Ac, to J Wheelwright. S. lir Ajinecr (Br, of Cornwall!*, NS), Hall, Cardenas, Jan 31. with sugar, to 1) R Dewolf. Srhr t hus A Herksclier (of Philadelphia). Stubbs, Cardenas. Feb i, with sugar, to McCtready, Mott A Co. Srhr B K Hoiiub (of Gloucester), Sadler, Fortune Bay, NF, 10 days, with fish, to master. Schr M Fleming. Shaw. Wilmington, Del, 3 days. Srhr V Sharp. Hill, Philadelphia, ddays. Srhr Kit 'hard BuUwtnkle, French, Elizabethport, and aalled for Gloucester. Schr M S Hathaw ay, Hathaway, Blizabethport, and sailed for Boston. Schr Sarah Elizabeth. Smith, New Haven, 3 daya. Schr Norma (wreckeri, Weeks, from the ship Arkwright, ashore S of the High lands. Schr Ariel (wrecker), Blair, from the bark Agnes Gardner, ashore at (juogiie, LI. Schr Ringgold (wrecker), Merritt, with materials from the wreck of Br brig Lois, at Soulhnuiptcin, LI. Sclirs Manna, Longstreet; J A flrnwn, Bailey; Farewell, Poland; Glide, Gwe; Wm W Cook, Curtis, ami Columbian, Jackson, sll from the bark J A Hazard, recently ashore at Squan. Sloop Pierre Van Cortland;, Bradley, Elizabethport, and sailed for New Haven. Sloop Thomas Ransom, Clark, Elizabethport, and sailed for Bridgeport, Sloop Pluenix, Sliepard, Elizabethport, and sailed for Bridgeport. Steam- r Fanny Cadwallader, Pierson, Baltimore. Steam* r Thus Sparks (U S transport), Green, Locust Point, In ballast. Steamer M Hanfnrd, Raoford. Philadelphia. Steamer Petrel, llaker, Providence. BELOW. One brig, unknown. SAILED. Br steamships Africa, Quueustowu and Liverpool; John Bell, Liverpool. 11th?The following vessels passed the U S steam cutter Tiger to-day, outward bound:?Ships C -llert (llain). Bristol; Robena, Glsaow; bark TU Bertram, Dublin, brigs .MacUias, Barbados; Humboldt. Havana; schr Palmetto " denas. Wind at sunset WSW, very light. American Sli I pm? si era' Anort. Nos 87 a NO 88 Mxkcmants' ImM The following approved officers have reriBcatW of this association ? Captains Mi - ael Conklln, brig Two Fovs Geo IY.t-i .mn, shiu Julia Howard; Nnthl PinkhMn, hrigTI ;-e K I- Wm P O'Brien, mate of ship Dreadnought; lli-nry AC nutate of bark Linwood; John A HeDriques, male of iu-t 'j'lirk; Wm C Dunham, -liir llaihd; John If Luther, h.-.rk Jno Fyie; Edw A Mix, late of ship Tartar; I ncius L Butler, into of ship Bro ikltne; John Hanson, mate ol hurkGem: Clias Uaiuea, late ol sl.ip l-'alriiouth; Merrill Sew?lt, late .if ship Flyaway; Ebon F Llneklri. bark Qulncy; Alt red L Spec r. ship Chancellor; Geo W Edge, late ?f ship John Oarvt . Wm Ttiom|e sun, late of bark Maria Morton; Jus Blankeuship, ship Marmion; J unes Auld, ship Sebasmpol. MLci'llnnvons. The Cunard steamship Africa, Cap! .Shannon, sailed yesterday for Qiieenstuwn and Liverpoo'. Snip IlattvesT Qiiu x, BatcheMer, from Oetioa for New Tork, put into Gibraltar 17th ult, having struck on a sunken rock in tlie Straits and unshipped tier rudder. Snip C D Mbuwin, Merwin, b.-fore reported at Gi'iralta1" leaky, was discharging her cargo of grain on the I8lh ult, to repair. Snip City op Mobtrf-az., from London for Boston, put Ihto Liverpool 29th ult, leaky. Ship Wi stob Mkrriit, from Liverpool for New York, put back 29tli nil, with cargo shifted. Snip Ki.nupis iitR remained ashore 12 h, having been moved about lSttfectolT-horc. Bark EilZAnrrH (Br, of Dublin!. M'Nutt, from New York for Dublin, w'tli wheat, had n stronggs'o from N W on Dec 12. At 2.SU AM next morning, having g< ne about 128 miles, pumps were again sounded and 22 inches water found in Unwell. At daylight same day found a quantity ol wh> at routing up the pumps and one puinp bavin? no water. Continued working port pntnp, which was partly choked with grain, crew getting niurli exhausted. At 7 AM found four tcet walcr in the bold, gale raging fearfully, with tremendous sea running, which ins le a complete breach over the ship At 8 AM observed a sail aalern. Tho crow refused to p imp any longer, as Hie ship was in a sinking condition, having then tire t'eet water In her hold. At K3U AM spoke brig Janet Kid a on. of (torniviillia. NS. from NYork for Plymouth. E. and requested them to r -main bjr the Elizabeth. The request was complied with, and the crews continued laboring at the pump* until noon same day, wlnn thev found 'he waicr had gainrd eight feet in (he hold. The Elizabeth evidently sinking, and the gale raging fesrfullv, put out lis* boats, one 01' whirh ?'ti stm e in. At 1 I'M, on 13th Dee, a'aadouMl the vessel, the water then being above the forecastle deck, and the ba"k laboring hard. At 3 I'M, same dav, go. onboard thejnnel Kidaton, having saved nothing. The mast *r and crew had been on the,! K nhoiit ha t an hour when the Killaheth went down, In lat 39 31 N. 1 ?n 70 21 WT. nil HRIU 1.013, ashore at ffouthumtitoii, LI, lias bilged, aud the contractors have now abandoned her. She was to have been sold on the 13th, as rtlie lies on the beach, lor 'he benefit of all concerned. Schr Scioto, before reported run down and towed%> Newport by steamer l'etrel. WM Struck OS the pol l tow, which is all Rone from deck to keel is far lurk ns the foretnnar; ,?iw. sprit broken oil close to the stem, loreoa*' deck ripped tip, and the windlnsa and bills thrown Wk against the deck load. In fact, the whole forward part of the v es*?l h? far liaci a* the fortmast appears lobe twisted to alarmm d. The scar will ?e discharged and a surrey held up n her It . I, but it is thought she will not be worth re;<ai mg. as > he ,? nearly 13 yenr? old. Her cargu of shooks and heading will Ot reahipped to New York. Schr Ska Nr*rn, Bnlan, from Boat n for Baltimore wi'.h a cargo of potatoes, la aahorc on Seven foot Knoll. Bristol (Pill), Jan 23?The Mountaineer, Wiisos, for Thomaaton (previouaiy reported sMi, put ha It yesterday through sircrts of w eather. Tb- Golden Eagle. McDowell, fr'im New York fwe Gloucester, hvl a aevcrc time betwein iui and Lundy, aul had binnacle washed overboard. I ti warks and bouts store. llKSMt Rii tra s, Jan 27?The Iler/.ogln t on Brabaul, of Bremen, irotn New York, Is on shore ou l.anglutjeusAiid, below Weddewarded. t"a?ntr?, Jan JS?The W A Brown, American brigan'ine, from Newport for Monterideo, has InnmJei ed 30 mtlrs W of Lundy. The crew were landed here llu? er.-ning by the Corintbian, Danish ve?a- I. tiAtroTTA, Dec 23?The ahip Magenta, Janvrln, fnr8,.n Krsncisto, with general i argo, gro oled in the mn? Hanks Kullab Channel, but floated ahortly sf erwards, and proceeded. Fai.anovn, Jan 27?The schr Ctar, Hammond, fr an Rio Grande, whr li arrived here to-day, is leaky, having struck on n bar in towing out of Rio Grande. I'm in, I he Elisabeth, Nepperus, from AmUcrdara for New York, with loiB of bulwarks, boa's. sails, Ac. OKrtam'K, Jan 2d?The ship Mauritius, wan, of this port, 2, davs from New York, arrived lo re on Sunday, icponn d m 3. lat 3d 39. Ion M 23. she encountered n hurrican from W, with a Iremeudous sen. While lying to she ibipts d a sea which smashed the port side of the long bout aud washed away the bulwarks on both aides, with -'-veraI spars and wa Ier ra?ks. She ex; erienced very severe weather throughout the passage. Oai.wAT, Jsn 22?Tlox xiramttiB !'ll?' left here to-day t'd VM lor the pillpos> of lowing lip 'he Nor bark John, fi n N.-w York f r V'leeiistown, w inch is lying to an anchor in Balt'nsU I Kuv. having sustained aoine damage to her steru, ,md loss of -ails. IIavrr, Jan 27?Tlie brig Village Belb\ -.nil. of and from Yarmouth. NS, for Tojnblad (timber), ?ni I'ilien in w.'h Jan C. full ol water and with inasta cut a war, hat oa been thro \ n 1 11 her beam ends during a violent gab Jsn 1. and the crew taken olf hv the Tronic, Nowell, arrived at lltrre from New \ oi k, which reports having met with very heav v w ithcr on hrr passage. | iriiculariy on the 1st. during w hich she at oue time had 11 l'i?t of w at-r to low bol-i. Iloaii Koso, Hoc 14?The Maury, Hutchinson. arriyed here 4th tuvt fr uii Bangkok. Willi seb eral bin split and oth -r dsmeges. having experienced vary heavy galea ft >'u II N up lo (his port. I.tvnieooi,, Jan 28?'The t'ltv of M'ti!ie?; pip inhere this day from I.ninb-n for Bosmn, b -r.' up from Is I'd. Ion 1.', w ill darks swept on I |eakv : csp'aln ill The Tiger, hence for Boston, ashore at T. nnhlll. is nil to piece i, her floors only r -nmiiiiiig: some 1 > -.< col'on has coin on shon and abou t" boxes oi this ami ion of i, - lis ni? : cHtp-r.-d along the tieach. The Sunla, Willi.uris, fiom New York, srri' I 2> h, with I is* ,f longboat, b"iwarks damaged, ,tc, having en emterc I violent gale on the 1st. 30t:??The Ktua (ay hence for New York. * put int.* Mo. l"head frith fm-e compartment f ill ??f water, from collalnn with the Cheviot. Tin* Ivii'iburg <a> ii?ro?lii totikfioi waH f up-! and pa^sen^era In nine of need. litu kick, Juu H?The hfttk Stfttlr.i, Bomn, while lying at Heigh Caatle. waiting for water to mum to thi-? port, drove from her anchor* niul went ?m aboc at tie* mouth of Clare Kiver, w h re ahe lies and Ml"* wit:i t!?# tide ftf'i.roND, fnn 17?Put in TV!, hark Come*, ?m BYork !<>i I' liitrili R ie before lepotted;, with loanol IN, w hr?'| broken, cargo ahlfted. and tmen injured, !.i?s tug ii:id heavy galea, ..n>t made jettlNnti of caig ?. Ae W.n f cut pellet! to anchor in th?- | o* linn *hr did, ft', the low part of thia haven. ?"i account ol the* wind an ! tide being tgalnal !.? ? $4th inat, *<*nt down topgallant yat !*, tu.i^Is mid top mi yard", hi ml nr.: tbe ?hip feat trivia* oti almre m Ot? 't ? Matle Held, wax obliged tor ' away the ruaat* in 01 ler tci a?v? tlie whip, 'artr- and live A tbout f? I'M. the Fury a ranting eat . ? hert in? c, ed both ? t m? .ind got eafeiv up ? ft WFford Town, and he following mocuiny loiidir i at the b mjr* Pkk*amuuco, Jan 11?The ??i ultt :ie-, from Callao for tli* Channel, alrurk on thoBo.-h J-m 3, md aonk; maater and par if t-rew ye* imaalng: * ami eight men here. The Atnerhati bai k (1 'i . nn i'.inrc' , from Rio Grande, foundered at a*- , n*? i d *, .. ?tven. QwrrrtaTow* Jan TV? \ reed the lie iwlg llHtneruretv from Wen Y?u- with loai oi i a, bulwark .ind itai.e ?i ?tte< having ex|* nerrH heavy g?V? ?n the paa ige. 14?Arr tie A uerVan ahlp Melleapnnl, Kb n nard, arrive I h? *e from Ma Ir.v . an I jh Muvit to g.? iqio do \ to ascertain *h< ther ?he haa vi?talned an. d image, hat in .-eeri on ah* tor upward* of iwnd*)* on ' it? Harngue Cat in tiuil of Mutabrati Sti>tB.aM.i-, Jan S'.J?Ari'fe !. the Mai gar * Fludlay, frot ffew Yorx tor tilo'b e ter with ft intc'v cargo thr..wc oeerboa: I ati?l lool < no m in md b.ihvarka :in<! atanrhi ?t>a WATI Rl ttRI>, J-tn 2^-The \ -gel. , a itti'lio. o (ll tlfM from Ne-.v York t N?woa rr.tin). u ah??re Indde ol k*re<1rn Ilea 1. WK4iPi>ic"? J?" J7? ipt Wi. i?%, o. 'in T^abeihi ( I . ..i ti), fi on v V/?? \ . irr'f tbi' "ug Qnw}?h.*/r ! aiic ha* etp-i dun ea tcry ten re w alto i und loal jmi f of Uei ! Ucnlwurk* La?vCHi e - \t B-th. TVS 1 ni *he ynt>' f f p Vorae the Mti frt" AI ?.?* * u' - i , i mi i ii ii (oti^, owiim Ii*.1 I' Mm * I' i > I .V \V i i Kn'li hi'i* li.i* bwn tV I5ll? Maim- rrgi uu-nlt'i HlitpJslamt. W It ?lrinrii. % Muirfrun ?'?i Hrn'lim, ul N* i * M>|iiirl mi J -I .V in 'US, l?n ?|V 11 1! Vila *|i oil. Split- 1?, t\it. 111(1 .{ill .'i V<l nil'.,, l?? 7 for Sum From c I at I * .* i i*.!, ' -it 'i : \ N. o, I i ,i Iwi'mllN 'J,. ' ii I ran, i? uM Ifnrlini (in..., > ,1 IVI > ?, I M' i[? i'nniyt < m * , '' I.'t,ikh.i fir MYnrk Jnii 'ill. I S i.i 1*1. rtliip.l K l"*i'i- I ' mi I, I ,!1 in H m J in 11 1*1 .14 I ' H Sh e l ii lll lip, Ci an I, , | ,r I v# i, Jnn 'JI ml I. in *, Ei, I. r|ll|, <i| i 'I .1 , ivi r ' i T <?.i|pa, 11 ii 19, la Inifc T-? .turn. ii*. Il l in II fn, S : :i Fiaiiri*'ii,' I) f ? nit 1KB 1 VI H- II.- .1 i Mi, Fi ll lls< in . EE fm n W ' I, , , foreign Port#. \ ?D' HI,'.- Ii - u,' l#l ' WO' NY' V, Jan 51?Arr \V K m'iiiii: |i. Set , XV ?k; 26llt. St Maik, I'oMpy, clallao, Jlltlt, Dolphin, Kettles, X York. Ait at Pltiahitii;29th, Kaimy Klivhtter. lunge NYnrfc Alios, Jan 21?Arr Island (Jiieen, Holttbo, tiulina. At.itxa.NDUU K. Jan 15? Sid Mnlhe M. '-ca.:, Snoootau, Liverpool; Holiart, Jordan, Falmouth, R Iu port Jan 17. Loyal grrahtou. L"Wd?n; Sunny, Jones, and Lilli. Kr.incU. ior Falmouth, K. Ida; Hannah Secor. Brooks, for London do Ancrimini), Un B?ArrTJ Rnirrr, Day, ("ardtlT lor Loudon; Slat, l'aiestliie, Stevens, Madias ior do. At.not BaV.rOH, Nov 24?\rr Jeddie. Reed Rio Janeiro; 26lh, Ciood IIo|*\ Gordon, Boa ton. Auiiift, Hot 25?Passed liy, Ka?t Indian, Lrrraw from Saiiiaiang for Holland; Miletna, M Down II. Iroiil Ainoy fot NVork; JlVh. Mercirv, Htihbard, from Singapore for Mauri tilts Dor 5, Dennis Hill, Atkiua. from FoooUow lot NYorlt; 7th, Mirage, Roberta, front do for do. Hkutoi. i I'llll. Jan 25?1)17, William Mlira. Dando, from NYork; ?tth, Hampden, P ndli-ton, from s> Joint, NB (Iweyo. Norton, from NYork (and all aid 2Stlt tor Bristol) 291 li, Moiiutiiiiu'or, Wilson, for TUomaaton. 1 HKi.raar, Jan 27?Arr Prank. Suttwood, Philadelphia. I Hakculoma, Jan U?Arr Brilliant, Cultiuru, New castle, B | Sid Ibtli. (ten Knox, Small, Cadiz. Brouwkrhii arm, ,1(?ii 24?Air aiargarei tie, naomiy, New York; 25th, Ocean Ranger, Averlll, i?l Domingo; 28lh, Ca but. McGregor, and Jubilating Kiiiiine, NYork. Riikmkriiavkn, Jan 26?Arr Encrgie, ficmnlnl. Baltimore. Urkmjik, Jan 27?Arr H roil Bi'ubuut, New York; Juliann? Louise, dn. ratavia, Deo 1?Arr Wild Rover, Crowell, Indramayoe, u Ariel'ldg ldg for Holland. SKI Dei; 4, Ague*, King, Sydney NSV Stan* ?. l)ec Si)?In port W .1 Morris, Jackson. for Akyal to lonk rice at ?3 15 for Great lirltain, and ?4 5 if to the Con tmeut; Continental, Johnson, at ?3 15 for London, ?3 10 fix Liverpool, or $13il to the United Stales, at shippers' option Bukno.S Amu, Den 2?Sid Burlington, Sawyer, M.tulniain. Cowa.a, Jau 23?Arr Eaatoru Queen, Hancock, from Havrt for Cardiff. Carpi re, Jan 23?Arr Young America, Poole. London; 25th Baron de Castnie, Sanders, Gloucester; 27ih, Naibl Thomp son, Dickman, Bristol. Sid 22d, Pleiades, Wlnslow, Ri< Janeiro; 25th, Poinsett, Hill, Havaua; 26th, Hudaun, Ham mond, London. i'uxhavkr, Jan 25?Arr Borussia (?), NYork. Cadis. Jan 19?Arr William Chamberlain, Jennings, Hew York. Sid 15th, Kate Merrill, Wicks, Montevideo; 21st, Sara toga, Mathews, and Muskingum, Taylor, do; Roslyu, Drum mer, NYork. CoNSTAHTinOPi.*, Jan IS?Arr Sarah Metealf, Bell, Newcastle. E (and aid same day for the Black Sea); Kleber, 81 gelow, do. Colobso, Dec 17?Sid Berkshire, Williams, Akyab, to loai rice at ?3 136 a ?4 2 6. Oai.chtta, Dee22? ArrT B Wales, Lincoln, Melburne; 23d Gertrude, Young, Madras. Chartered?Ships Mogul. Spooner. for Boston at 212; 8outl (Br), for Havana and orders for aiKu t in the United Statei at ?412 6. The Shakspeare, Noroross, eijiected from Bom bay, would lovd for Loudon si ?3 111. .Sid from Saugor Jan 14, Cheshire, Reed, London. Cakdssas, Feb 2?In |mrt sclirs M E Smith, for NYork Ida; Henry S'utt, unc, wig cargo; M P Hudson, do do; and others' In Feb 1, brig Rainbow, Stevens, for NYork few days; schr dsn. Barrett. wtg. I >rt Jan 31, Br brig Billow, for Boston, ldg; and others not recollected. Caiiiabikji. Jan 25?In port bark Nazarene, Petera, foi New York; brig* Sarah, Peters, do; Mary Elvira, Amea, do Deinarara, ldg for Boston; Waltliani, Clnrk, and Condor, Allen, unc; lurks Edwin, McNuger, and Welkin, do. Oral, Ja i 30?Arr Guy Maunering, Dollard, NYork foi London (and proceeded); London. Hurlbut, London for N York (an I proceeded). Dublin, Jan 26?Arr 8 D Ryersou, NYork; 27'b. Nnmmer Ems, Broehseh, -lo.; 2'th, Fornjot, Molback, NYork. Sid 23d, St. Bede, Ileslop, NYork. Falmovtii. Jan 2.'?Arr Fanny Fern, Lawrence, M.mlmaln fa . I was ordered to London); George Arkle, Ruwr, NYork; 29lh. Wiilte Cloud, Gardner Hosam for Charleston E. Union, Davis, from Havre for NYork. Sid 27th, Waredale, Corning Grantham; 26th, Fanny Fern, Lawrence (from Maulma. n i, London. In p irt, 26th. wind bound, Elizalietb, Nepperus, from Amsterdam for NYork. Foocbow, He- I?Arr Samuel Russell, Wtnchell, Hong Kong. Sid Nov 26, Mirage, Roberta, NYork; 2Mb, Cossack, Gray, do; SPtb, Kate Hastings. Kingman. Shanghai-. Glouokst; r, Jan 23?Arr Margaret, Finley, NYork ; 28th, Golden Eagle, McDowell, do. Sid 23<1, Baron de Caatine, Gi.asuow, .Tan 27?Arr Alexander, McNeil, Philadelphia; Martha'a Viuey trd Weaver, N York; Mauritius, Cowans, do; 29th,Greenock, C ttijdo. 81(1 25th. Sunderland, O'Brien, and Maid of Orl. us, Dennis, NVnrk; 27th, Mary Clover, Howes. Boston, Ciledonia, Clark, NYork and Portland; Seth Sprague,Tyaon. NYork. (ikkkmock, Jan 24?Arr Reciprocity. Marr. NYork. Sid 25th, United Kingdom (Br), NYork; Flying Eagle, Button, Ardmssan. <lAi, Jan 25?Wind bound, Ann Augusta, Lovitt, far NYork. Gibraltar, Jan 18?In port shins Harvest Queen, Batrhel<ler, from Genoa, arr 17lh, for NYork, put in with rudder unshipped: I K Chapman, Chapman, (or NYork Urst fair wind. C D Merwln, Merwin, discharging to rrpalr. In port J.m 2 >, hrlg Royalston. Eaton, disg, unc; and Others, inost of which were preparing to leave, as the wind was changing to the eastward, and the Confederate steamer Sumter would hsve to coal, Ar. Hid 23d, brig Sitka, Elliot, and schr Sardinian, limn ball, NYork, both took steam. Gillk, I> o 20? In oort Uriel, Walker, for Maiiltuain. to load with rice at ?3 17 0 If to Great Britain, and ?4 7 G If to the Continent. II iTKK. J?u24?Arr Windsor Forest, Delano, and Ruthvon. Williams, NYork; 26tb. Tr>plr, Nowell, do In the RosdaZd'h, an American ship name unknown. fid 34th, Flora Southard, Woodwortli, NYork: 27th. William S. Lindsay, Patten, and J. Morton Gilley, do: Hough- . ton. O iver, Bsth; 2ith, Rufux Cboate, Rich. Boston. Sid 22tl. Germanla. Townsend, NYork; 37tn, Bavaria, Warren ; Rattler, Almy; M R Ludwlg MHler: Union, Davis; Brilliani, Il.igur, Essteru Star, Nealy, and Chapio, McOrillla, NYork. Hklvovt Feli22?Sid R R Allen, Baker, NYork. In the Seegat 23d, Vasro de Can.a. DeUmot, from Boston. Uoncj Koso. Dec 4?Arr Maury Hutekinaon, Bangkok; 6th, Magnet, King, San Francisco; ?th, Rover. Walsh, Sbanghae ; Otiicka'ep. Peterson, Bangkok ; 14th, SwnrdHivh, Crandall. San Knn dsc >. Sid Nov 30, llad ling ton, Brown, NYork; De- 4, Harriet A Jessie, Tleshon, Bombay; 6th. Benefactor, Coming, Baa Franeiseo; lltb, Lebanon, Hamilton, do; 12th, FrieQy, Martin, Ado anle. Halifax. feb??Arr schr Ljrnnflatd, Amos, New York; 3d, brig Charles Barke. . New Y rk;srhrs Sea Slipper, Gnoui, and Julia, Cox, do; 6 h, brig leu Williams. Doaue, Clentnegos: aehr Ninth of June, McC? bin, New York. Arr at <1-> 2ilth ult, scbrsOapray, Card, Philadelphia; Janel, Cmwell, H'lttimore. JiBhaiic. Jan 16?In port schr Starlight, Cook, from Ma chlas, db-g. bivxHroot, Jan 2S-At Frank Lovett, Horton, NYork; T.iaiiia, Pidsoiu, St Horn n o 24th, James Foster, Jr. Abcel, NYork; Ns ilea, Percy, Somhrrro; 25th, Simla. Williams, NYork; 2dt i. Bucephalus, Bakrr, do; J7th. Asia (el, faott, do; Ilolyhe. I, Coir, Philadelphia; Pelltinnis, from Calcutta (was reported std for Charleston>; 2Stu, Arctic Hero, Heppie, NYork. Sid 21 at, Tiger, Lowell, Bosion; 23d, St George (e). NYork; C mrjer, Wyatt, Naaaau; C u-ud r, Green, ( aleutta; 28th. . senator, Walsh. and Mancl-n,, r, Trask, NYork ;Elh n Stuart, Lvona, Cal< utta; 27'h Weston Merrill. Robinson, NYork; 28lh, Jttdah T.ui; o, Ilan- 'on. >, Philadelphia. Cld S&th, Wellington, Barsmw, NYork; 27th, Belle Wood, B...i. .(.. ml. Wo..w..,.i- If H...KU1 H ! ' SK'twr Cinn. Cienfnpgii*: Klizabetb, Lamb, M?Uu/aa; Jennie Heal*, Crocker, NYork Knt for : lgZfd. L D Carver, Damim, for Cadlt: Hamilton (Jrmv, Young. NYor< (changed from Halifax): ifih, Cele*. ilit; Empii< . ther-e, Hoaton . Klt'abcth Kimhill. Hat riant, do; J Baker, Allen, anil New llamimhlre. Lord. I'orllaml; Metropolia, Kemiev, St John. NB; Z/th, Aaia (*),iinil Kbrrwnrft' <?-, for NVnrk; t'oiiRma*. Maboroy, I'liiladelobUt John C Irea, Armatrong. Bordeaux, Tlio-nlon, t'ollina, NYork. M.irnalia* Welib. lfowea. it<> (changed from Philadelphia I. John R'rhnria, Churchill, Yarmouth; J9th, (tor London, Mating, Uenoa. Vlv iWtli, Canada (a), forBnaton Kel>?; A*u ( ), for N York Feb I, Kangaroo (a), fordo. 5th; EJinburg (a), for do 5th : (hina' oitine, Mucodiick, an I Ureal Weatrm, Forher, for Jottli: ( U A 'aun, >1111*, fordo; Ttiacarura, Dunlevy, for Fhiladelpl.ta IZtli. l^ifnoN, Ian ?Arr Tliomaa Wblloej. KMlry llnatnn I an.I rn'ered out 'J4lh for do); I'r.nee of Wale*, Hunitp, NYot-k; Jit ., El'en Srewnrt, Colli' , and Crimea. Feabod), Fhlladclphia; 35th, Lord Clarendon, Flnrarh. N York: (lib i 111 nr. Durham, Boamn; Z7th, Fathliiidnr, <-mar. N York, :-8th, Mvni \V Holt. D -dge, Falma, A Bradabaw, Flak. Fo maion. dr. CM STlli. London, Hiirlhnl, NYork Entered out ?>ih. Hi-thlaoder, <)*ierrn*n. for Work: T7th. John II Ky?raon, Lnlh un, do; Zdth, Adriatic, Moore, do. Arr at (irnvearnd Jan 28, Zephyr, Fryer, and Itoweua, PI, NYnrk. SM 24th, Detroit, Harding, NYork; 25th, 0 V I'Mttoti, Hill, Sunderlnud ami CJ?*n* :?; 27th, Olamoo, Sic vart, I* irtlnnd. In the Do* n# 27th, S K AJ2env Baker, from Rotterdam for NVdk LoviMTiiTftT. .Inn 2*2?Arr M C MarHner, Marrincr, ami Pariiis%im, K 'C >r\ NYork. Lit* mm, Jan J.V?Arr Hfatirl, Bourne, Troon. I.?anon* an 24?Arr Bernard, Hubhard, Hruo.i M ttMMi J n, Jan 22?Arrrimyutfote. Went on, Boston; Reolut it, Wi' H, N?w York; t'almurfc, Johtt?on, do; Au^lo Saxon, S *h?o rV, Pinhole}.hia. <4?h, MnjeHtic, Neweotnb, NY". {, Md I'Jiii, Hebrei?U"d<lf?r 1. Hunt, M \i/ta Ian 24?An Maiibntt.'Ui, DhVos Alexandria. MmiffA. .Ian H ?Arr Ha 1 WfMmter. Ryder, Bnn<or, Me. Mim. Dr 2?In i ort ba"k Sea hanger, Dow, Providence rln Zanzibar, *rr N-?v 27, tim% ?i .intra.* D?c 22? Art <ien<*\ ?, Barnes, Paleutta. M ai.xais Not 24?Sid A II Srevom, Tntbot, and Orion, e?, Kalinorth, E: 29lh, Sunbeam, Odell, Holiday 20tli, ||i- m-, perk ?, t'adlz: Dec 11, D C Yealori, Pole, Pal. month, I* Ib r 4- Si?1 liidianola, Tideman. Falmouth, Eng. M<i5Ti:'.*fT)K(- The 16? Arr Joarph ^rrportrd Anierirau), Mr r.el. S! i Dec 7, Ada, Dliadltiiriu*. England. .'l uuvnz Jen 22--Tn twirl ketrh f*<iinnie v . for Philadelphia, wtg rnrco; . v i uA- \V Arnmtrf?nT. for New Ha en d'?; Ne* ?it . . <:?. ; , Retiaon, loi Rattiinore; nclirn Miranda, for IVoi k, Alire < Br), for no Ni wca riv, ,f h i .6?Entered out. Atom Eve, Nirliolaun, and 11 in! ill. , ilardy, Cut bn tr VYishitigt m, Binhon, N York. .Ni wi*oi;t Jan Ul? Arr Walte. Ralei . * , Phillip#, (hrnifhi; 26th. rhar!< f' >?uShort, Hn<ooi. s i 2?d, S'l-att Ifink1*, Aiwond, Maiia; 25th, Wm A Brown, Jlaiutnond, Montrvi i? (see A'l 1 I) S KWRT, Jail aD?Sid R< hert Tre?|, IIuMitmn, NYork. Nat fan 111?Ait Eastern Hiar ArkU r, Mar**Hie*. I'ai t.Kva, .1 . 'Arr Uo.'ir ? , Talh'-t, Mir*Hll' x; 191 h. J MID Ur4-rtre, r#-:ho-i;Wh. 1 ?r A Nu-kelv Por-f, I,i< t'n; 2>t, H'? r -n Holahkiae, Betfe. Maraala SI i 19th jfjort ivr, Tny? Pniladi Iphta. I'.nifti. ' > { 27?Arr Korke Sa it?|? r-, P ntnff ( tndlld M'lvjo H'm.'ini. sid y?. lit iuii*, rati, r, ny(.iK ff ism, TV- -1?BW HaiiMah'i, Jp-ik!ii?, >Yoi'k K hit M'?ix, I in -I? No Ant i'??i I in i-.irl I'llKl* A t'l I'M. Jail J7-?Nt. Am '. ?I' . i*l : I'T Oci?F\an?w.i. Jan 2A?A.r Mi-m? flumm?iyrrn, NYnrk , ' JMIi, llcrm, ft* Mi. Flillmii Ipliin . Hiliiana (at. Inrargwiol I 'or nYum (i.uli li'iiara ?. I . -?fi n. 4l?v>-); J7ih. Sy'lv \ik--l?. Ili-ilfrot, ??!...* .? |<! ? '.'i? > it l-aim S"it?, an 1 i1i?'a? hy?-|>u. 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