Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1862 Page 3
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i.iverpool and Qiwittown via Halifax; Br ehrBfil*, Frrry, t ii-nlu* go*. In lite taty two ftiitpn, fo?ir *?*rkn hud four lute. ? 111 ship Creole, Knowles, Loudon; Hr brij" A -udta, Curry. CienfMgos; ?hr? War Eagle, 11 ?lK(lon. Sail in; C W D>Pierre, Deal's Island; Luther Child, Kelley, Bullion, is Kid steamer Baton. Ship Bengal started and uud anchored In N. luskel Kuada, where remains orig Shibboleth. BALTIMORE, Feb 10?Arr srbra Alice Mown, A*k>n?. Mavaene/; ,1 F I'a' ver, RuthHII. Boston. H"!uw brig Mareta (Kr , I rout I'e nauihuen. Cldshlp Perry l'npe (Br), Hugo, Belfast, I; In.;s Two Boys, Conklin, 8l Jago de Cuba; Harriet, Kedgley,' Boston via Cboptauk; schr.s Maryland, Cutb urt, Belfast. I; L E Baylcs. Hay lea; Alice, Davi?: Manila sit. Ward, and Exertion. Lyman, NYork; Julia Smith, O. inodn, llatlcrns Ir let: Lnmariine, Johnson, do via Annapolis. Hid liark Adelaide. Etchbrrger, Rio Janeiro and a ink I. lltb?Arr ship Augutte (Brein), Bremen; schia Kingnsher, t'lavell, tit Thomas: Moses Van Name, Van Name; States uun, llalsey, and Womlar, Hulleck, New York; John Price, baker. Boston: Sea Mark, Bolan (liefore reported asliore on Seven Bo ii Kooll), do. Below Br brig Maries (Br), from Pemambnco. Cld schr L W Birdsall, super, Fall haven va , Chesapeake. BRIHTnL, Feb 11?Sid schr George Falcs, Nickerson (from Providence). Plnladelpliia. FALL RIVER, Feb ??Arr schr Charles D llallock, Pitts, Bliaabethport. 9lh?Arr sclir Harriet Ri an, Staples, Aleiandria. Sid I lib | si'hr W A (initio. Borden," Work. j HOLMES' HOKE, Feb 7?Arr hark Pilot Kisli, Chase, Malan/aa lor Boston: brig T W Lucas. Perkina, NYork for Boston; K-hrn Quickstep, Richardson, Turka Islands lor do; M Bewail, Merrill, Caibarien, Cuba, for do; Ocean Bird, Powera, Jereinie for do. MYSTIC, Ct, Feb 9?Arr scbr Cameo, Pendleton, Newcastle, Del. NEWBURYPORT. Feb 10?Arr achr R B Sumner, Taylor, Barbudos. NEWPORT, Feb 8?Arr sclirs Mora, Harris, Providence for mizaocinpuri, siII, vanmiic iviuKui, nucuu, i ouiurw, -ue, for Baltimore; sloop Neptune, Davis, Full River for NYork. 10th?No arrivals this morning. Wind N, light, and weather pleasant. Sid schrs B K Hough, Sadler, Fortune Buy, NF, tor NY'ork; Buena Vista, Phillips, New Bedford for do; James Freeman, Freeman, Portland for Deal * Inland, Aid; ' .Leading Breeze, Freeman, Boston for do; and other*. Arr ltlth, schr* Canning (Br), Monro, Cornwall!*. NS, for , NY'ork; G W Baldw in, Llnnekin, Provlnretown fordo. Returned schrs ICaroline Knight, Wilson, from Pembroke, Me, for Baliiniore; Mora, Harris, for ElDabethport. lith?Nu arrivals this morning. Wind N, light, and Heath- 1 er pleasant. Sid schrs Canning, Morilla, (J W Baldwin, U M ' Price; aloop Neptune, Davis. Full River for NYork. NEW LOND<?N, Feb 10?Arr brig Julia, Smith, Lisbon via NYork; aloop Rhode Island, Remington, Prov.deuce for NewYork. NEW HAVEN, Feb 11?Arrnehrs Kate Weston, Chase; F Merwin, Poller; Mist, Dissw-way; Vermillion, Avery, and T ' Benedict, tloldaiiiith, Maryland; sloop* Mary Atwater, Damon, EU/ahethport; Suffolk. Ellsworth, NYork. Cid schr 1 tier)rude. NYork: *loop Sophia, do. PHILADELPHIA, Icb 11?Arr *teamer Kennebec. Oarton, NYork brig Francis J King, Kurber, do; si-hrs F F Randolph, Smith, do; Sailh' B. Hatcman, Key West. Cid hark Old Hickory, Holmes, Belfast; schr* Lotus, Clark, Barbados; i II W Morse. Gardner. Alexandria. 1 Lkwks. Del, Feb 11. 12 M?All the vessel* have left the Breakwater, and are Mill in sight going up the hay. Wind BE, light. PORTLAND, Feb 10?Arr Br steamship Jura, Alton, Liverpool via Londonderry; schr Oriental, Collin, NYork; steamer Chesapeake, i'i .well, do. Cid ship William, Berry, Havana: schr Otter Rock, Lune, NYork. PROVIDENCE, Feb 10?Arr schr Mary A Lovell, Kimball, Elizabelhport; sloop Harvest, Corwin, NYork via Bristol. Hid sloop Pointer. Nichols, NYork. 11th?Arr steamer Westchester, Jones, NYork. PEU80NAL. Adoption.? v fine healthy infant, two days old. can be had for adoption by calliug on Mis. John Burton, 302 Hleecker street, near Bank. Any person wishing to adopt a yocng and healthy female intaut can do so by addressing J. B. It., Herald office. Bull run.?three o clock to day, old place down town. BULL RUN. /TAR 30.?WILL THE SHORTEST AND SWEETEST OP thoae three pretty girls who hung up their skate*, ami would not accept seats, on returning from Washington Pond on Monday evening alanit i)? o'rloek. in car 30, Atlantic avenue, Brookh n, please address J. 8., Herald office. CHILDREN TAKEN POR ADOPTION AND ADOPTED out at Mme. Parselle's, 319 West Twelfth street. COUNTRY.?WOULD BE M08T HAPPY TO MEET you at Jersey ferry on Saturday morning at 11 o'clock. BOB. GUSSIE WILL FIND A LETTER AS REQUESTED. PIANOFORTE. IP THE FRENCH GENTLEMAN, FROM * STATEN Island, who called st a house In Qrecna street twice last summer about furnished rooma for a friend, and promised to call again, will address a note to K. R. W , station A Spring street, stating when and where he can be seen, he w ill much oblige the lady he called on. French papers please copy. INFORMATION WANTED?THE SISTER OF MRSAmelia Limoges, of Montreal (Canada), earnestly de-ires to know her residence. If she should be in New York, to address her at No. 29 Amity street. Washington papers please copy. INFORMATION WANTED-OF BARNEY QUINN, CAKpenter, residing In New York In 1831. Should this meet hla eye, or that ot bis heirs, something to hia advantage may he beard of by telling at No 486 Pearl street. N. H.?lie built two houses for hTm?c)f at Yorkvllle or In the vicinity. AM IN TOWN -WILL MEET YOU IN SIXTEENTH street, on Friday evening, at half-past seven. EIGHT CENTS. OSIE?BEFORE YOU GO TO ENGLAND I MUST SEE you. Your withered rose and despairing letter is received with remorse by me. Wiite once more and appoint an interflow. TOM. 1 LIZZIE?WHY THI8 LONG SILENCE? IT BEHOOVES I you to write or villi the friend you saw at the Amor or >n Morton street years ago. A. IBLO'H, TUESDAY NIGHT -AGNES, THE position was too much exposed, under cirennuttan -ea whn It I will explain. Where ahull I write? 1'40. xtvi i rv r itp ill.- TirvvTV.spvi-srii u-riii.-vr JN* please rail for a note in Twenty-second street. Personal. o o o Richard wilson?tub photouraphs"ark recctvcd, and arc good, i'ho other matter la all right. a. b. harrington. The lady who entered a fourteenth street stage on Monday afternoon, opposite the Howard House, wearing a fort-ape and mntf and black velvet cloak, and noHeed the grntlemaii who aat opposite to her, and a lopped at Teuth atreet, will confer a favor by addressing a line to H. B., Herald office. _ The lady who on Tuesday last was re quested to look at the "Personals" ill yesterday's Herald, but afterwards drairrd to rail at the Hroudway Post office for a letter addressed 10 L .cy Ellon, is inlormcd that the letter there aaaralta her. I Widow.?i could not pill my appointment ' to-day. Will be at the same plane n? agreed upon Thuraday, lour 1'. X. STOCKBROKER. 1 WILL THE lady WHO RODE to kulton kerry i yelterday, afoul 2 o'clock, wearing a blank vrlvrl bonnet, heavy Inn-ape and innlt and blank ailkdresv, and who . gave the gentleman who sat opposite her to nndnrsiand ihst his acquaintance would not be undesirmtde, vend bcr address to Kenlth, Broadway Hope bulihy Is better this morning. Should like to prescribe for the dear child. WASHINGTON SKATING POND -WILE THE YOUNG 1 lady. Willi dark hai and nloak, who on Saturday after- l noon rode in the earl to Bond street, correspond vviih tlie i gentleman who stood beside h?-r and so niurh admired lie, gentle manio-rst A response will be kindly received by U W. C.. hoi llj Herald office. ill the gentleman who was standing in 1 front of the New York Hotel on Tuesday alternoon, be- 1 tween 4 and 5 o'clock, and who reciprocated the esrne.t glance of a lady who wa? passing down, address Mrs. Ileberl, 831 Broadway? In responding please state personal sp|>eai - I ance, as this Is special. tin EL MOLLIiThE St) kind AS TO PEACE INDEIt I ff the head of " Personals," In the Herald, niyinlllss ,.r m, uoli.l1n...L<?a ih.l i, iu n.a jS* ?.' drmwuT CHARLkS. < ILL the LADY IN COMPANY WITH AXOfh Kr, J both wearing fur capes, who recognlzrd a gentleman , yesterday morning in Wmi Tenth street. near Fourth ?I reel, . please M-n t her name to I). \V., Herald offlr.e, lie being linpiesaed from the momentary glance that ahe ta a ?ery dear fiend from Florida? f MISIRLIMNEOIS. At daileyn. | During the present and coming week we shall make I ' large addllious to our stock of French China DINNER AND TEA SETS. Al?o Vaaea, Rlai|iie Figures, Bronze and Marble Clocks, and other fancy aitklea for the adornment OF THE HOUSEHOLD. We continue to oiler unequalled bargains in the following { aiHoles, to wit ? ' Silver plated Tea Spoons, the doren ... $1 2.1 Silver platod Table Spoons, the dozen M Silver plated Table Furse, the dozen 3 ? silver I'LATED H E FITclIERS. I $& Largest sl/r, handsomely engrave l $3 ' $3. $3. $3. $3. >3. Silver plated Tea Tela, 8 pieces $13 (in 1 Silver plated Cake Basket*, each SMI I Sliver plated Casters. (> ml bottles.... S3' '' SILVER I'LATED COFFER I'RMS, > Metv styles, beautifully clma-d, $10. $10.' $10. $10. $10 1 Cut glaas Ooblele, the dozen $1 83 .1 Cut glass Dei solera, quarts, the pair t 30 I Cut glaas Deranters. pints, the pair 2 i?i v Colored Bohemian OUs? Hngei Ruwla, the dos-n I Hi Ivory handled Dinner Knives, the dozen t SO 1 Ivory handled Tea Knives, the lozen SOU I IRON SruM\ CHINA. II Ma tdook'a double thica. and decidedly the beat goods tn t, the market. Iron Stone Chins Dinner Pistes, the dozen.... 95e. Iron-SloneChina Breakfaat I'lalea, the dozen ....HHc. "I Iron-Hone China Soup Plan a. the dozea 'J5r. J DINNER SETS. II Large aseorttnent *IH i I.IKKW |SR An Immense choice In Oat Fittnres, embracng everything in the way of Chandeliers, Brockets ge, W. J. F DA (LEV A CO . No. 831 Broadway. ASIIWNIKIItNO CURBS?THOSE IN ILL HEALTH or trouble should at once consult Dr. BI.KKCKKK the celebrated Independent Bedieal Clairvoyant, whose cures ore absolutely startling. He e (amines diseases and pre ecribes lor iheir rent-sly, oom nil nice lea with absent friends and tella o.' their whet ealsuite The names and residence of ? tha (miet restM-e'atife eldzefis of New York anil II<*....L lan ma.. " btYVrs. tjfiiiloil o iri?nlutl'>n?, $1; hiiMnraa ronnnluitlon*, i 80 renin. Burnt IM Coaeonl trrei, aear IM I, Hrnofclrt ' MARRIVE MANTELS-ORKA.T BARGAINS IN M AN ' lets. A large awrll on hand ml ? greui teri'irl on In iirlcii tor an? AiikI order"?i Ihia month. tlall aoon hi A. I KLAHI R s lu.u iil* vi?I'd, 11.1 K.m Eighteenth atreet, wot ut Third avenue. Mmiieli put ufiI ? iiv |tU?? 111 tin- lonn'rjr NKW STYLE DK KEROHEKK OIL Jtl'RNBIIS?I SV' tlirtn mid avoid hretklngrn urn W.d wholume and t retail at rllAPd'KL A I'OOI.'N, l>? V iLop aireet, Hrnnk'yi, ,i VJAVR VOIR MONEY.-A I'AUKEK, 2W WASH I NIL J 0 ton Mrtfl, enr.ier ol'" Morny, New i'orlr., eel cho'i e ^ elty augnr i nr.Ml R?tna, * ' runted, rt A per lb : l???l K*m i ijr r T Smp, In)} 71 un 1 (Wih?., s>?" ; pi i* tftarvh, b(>X Ad IbB.. fi.V CJODA WATER AT/'ARATI'H- TO Ui iTTLEt f, OHIO. ?J gtata and t' >tifert( ".iere.--WII)l?iii Oee. jh" ntl? mam.- A faetnrer w. the patentee*! Iron S ><lu Water Apfmim i" in 'he ? 'ailed Smd ?; Bl?n, i*|" r ttta'hlnea of eve>r Iim r p'i in. f Rend t?> an illoatrat'v.e And rtea tlpijvi- catalogue iwol p ! v li't.atWM (.UK S, ?> H and 7 New Harm Hallraad ,B ilW- i iiigt, onraer ? Elm end KriiiMm utrmlt, N. Y. 'I rpinMl- " HIM.I'CB, C.'.t BROADWAY. OJ'I'OACI'K I' I vi. :k*. ' * J 1 1 >Kt W.M 11 Ml l.llI KM It 'i.I, flfcf.l I'll Tl A L' ' Il'f!K II "n Thiimdir . ruin.', K 1.1 .. .. In , ,r tlie .h .. t airrr' L'liieii Pr-ii>i ii'itdn im-h I'mu ! o i'p T*tditi>rht in lb? f I'hwegi " T: :kt i- ,'j m, j . n hi lb'; door. NE FOR SALE. A CORNER RESTAURANT, OYSTER SALOON AND Bar fur sale.?No heller luc?t!oii on Broadway orvic.uity; private supper rooma and fixtures complete. To he !-old this day Apply al 429 Broadway. C. U. llOWES A CO. An oi.d established skgak btoue for bade? Apply on the premises. 52) Hudson alreel. BUSINESS CHANCE.?FOR SALE?THE STOCK, KIXluraa and lease of the Sewing Machine Store, lSd Fulton street. Brooklyn, having the agency of one of the best matinue?; now doing a good cash busine ss, with machine* enough rented to pay e?uerises; owner has other business m N'-w York. Addles*) HAS. II. l'AUL, luti Fulton SUtet, Brooklyn. *EH>B SALE?THE 0IIEL8BA TEA WAREHOUSE, ESJ luhlished in 18<2, replete wiiU every eoiivenlenee, st-atii engine, Ae. 8 lie* the last year over llitrty thousand dollars. Kent veiy moderate. For partieiilars inquire at 1211 S.n'li avenue, V. Y The above will he sold at a bargain toauash purchaser, as the owner has other business. For sale cheap for cash -stock, fixtures and lease ol a Falie.y Goods and'loy Store, Willi dwell lug Kent $.100. Will sell either stock or natures s parate. Apply i ti the premises, No. 1,249 Broadway or 11. M. Adams. MeiropoliUill Aoiel. IXOK SALE CHEAP?A FIRST CLASS REcTAUKANT slid Oyster Saloon, with long lease and cheap rent. Apply on the premises, :i*i2 Hudson street, corner of King street; oust l,e sold in three days, as the owuer has businese in Washiug'ou. IfOR SALE?THE PUBLIC HOUSE KNOWN AS Kelley's Turlle Soup House, 28s Hudson street; all the I Futures sod all the appurtenances lor the business. Apply after 7 P. M. FOR SALE C1IEAP-A GROCERY AND LIQUOR Store in Ihe Fourteenth ward; is to be sold for less than cost, as the owner is going to move up town Into his own building. For particulars inquire at the oflice of Haddeuhorst A Kitle, 24 Buster street. 1AORSALE-ONE OF THE BEST CORNER GROCEF ries iii the ctiy; large, tinely painted, elegant fixtures, ind is now doing a good business; tine horse and wagon; -heap rent; location, Bleecker street; sickness compels a forced sale. F. 1) RICHARDSON A CO., Kt ana 84 Nassau street. For sale?a small, furnished hotel; good bar, i nrnlmre and thirty rnoms, doing a bar r.tde of at least $20 per day; Inealion unsurpassed, being within thirty yards of ihr arrival ami departure of one hundred borne Lara par hour; rant f 1,0 H) K. D. RICHARDSON t CO., 82 and 84 Nassau street. IjHJR 8ALE?'THE STORE AND FIXTURES, 78 PRINCE 1 (tract, near Broadway, now uaed aa a wine, liquor and Hegar store; a good Inv.-aiment tviih a small capital, the owner having other business. Inquire aa above. IfOR SALE.-TO BUTCHERS OR PORK PACKER8-A ' KiH'-ndid .Market, la'ge Store and Basement, loug b ase, very low rent, stis'k, lizlurri and good will, will be sold low. Apply at 158 Ninth avenue, one door above Twenty. IIrat Htreet. IjlOR SALE OR TO LET-FURNISHED OR UNFURnislied, a Cottage, beautliully situal. il on the alope of Orange Mountain, half a niile from the depot, with 2}? ucrca or more land If desired; good outbuildings; enrden in good order, and plenty of fruit trees. For particulars apply at 48 Nassau street, up stairs, room No. 1. IjlOR SALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED OYSTER AND Drinking Saloon, with long lease. Is situated in one of the best wards down town, itonrenient to the Erie Railroad depot. Terms low, as sickness is thecuuseol" selling. Call aim Greenwich street, near Reade. IjlOR SALE?A PAIR OF LAMP POSTS, VERY ' heavy and nearly new, with a pair of Lamps attached, as good as new. Address P. Roberts, station D Post oHlre. TjHHt SALE?A CORNER LIQUOR STORE; ONE OF r the best III the Four.eenth ward; lilting up cost (SOU; hue English pump, Ae.; must be sold tight away, owing to press oi other business. Inquire of D. BURKE, auctioneer, 135 Bowery. Xj'OR SAI.E-A CORNER LIQUOR STORE, INCLUDING 1? a lease of the boose, lung established, and on on* of the best thoroughfares in the city;and will chalnige competition to hud belter. Inquire of D. BUltKE, auctioneer, 135 Bowery. FOR SALE-ONE 23 HORSE POWER STEAM ENGINE and Boiler; one 10 hotae do.; two 6 horse do,; one 3 horse do.; three Steam Pumps; 4,000 lbs. journal metal for ale by T. K. MILLS. 114 Wall street 1|10R SALE-ONE OF THE BEST BUTCHER'S SHOPS 1 in the Fourteenth ward. Apply at 121 Mutt street, corner of Hester, In the liquor atore. FOR SALE-BARGE CASTLETON, 166 TONS BUR. then, in good order for business May be seen at tho loot of Murray street. Apply to R. E. LIVINGSTON, 218 Fifth avenue. IfOK SALB?IN ONE OP THE MOST DESIRABLE LO' cations in Broadway, the Lease. Stock, Fixture* anil Kurnlure of a fii?t elaas Liquor Store. Apply to LOOKWOOD A OVEKKIELU, lawyers (Metropolitan Bunk Build-. Inga), 110 Broadway, Mew York. IpIFTY SEWING MACHINES?A VALUABLE COPY 1 {right, with $200 worth of prints; a newly Invented Army or Miner's Tent; three Patents; 110 acres of Land and three Building Lots, free and clear, lor sale, all or part, at a t'la llon of vaiue, and all on credit, or will trade for other properly. Apply at 167 Broadway, room 40. CsROGEUY STORE FOR SALE?SITUATED ON ONE i of tne liesi avenues to tho city, and is strictly first Hush; (lie Mure Is newly titled up and the Block fresh, end Is a liargain lor any one wishing to purchase. For parltculsrs apply m52 East Twenty-eighth street, or address S. S? at the same plnee. GROCERY FOR SALE-ONE OF THE BEST STANDS in Brooklyn, choice and well selected stock, rash trade and low rent. Will besoldaf n bargain. Inquire of J. CHARLES, .'17 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, lietween 10 and 4 o'clock. Hotel and furniture for sale very cheap? Superior location, large and eoniBiiiillana, handsomely lined up and furnished; ull in tirsl rate order, doing a lull business and one of the best chances to get in the business and make uiunrv. SOI TIIWICK A WOOD, S-' Nassau street. KSTAUKANT AND LODGING IIOUslTTOR SALE lery cheap?Situate in a busines- neighborhood, nicely liiteil up and fully futnLhed; favorable leuee, and doing a niuiiey making business. or w ill exchange for small Mortgage ira Ui. SOI TIIWICK A WOOD, S2 Nua-aii siren. CJTOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD WILL OP AN OLD ESi? tabliaha d Hat Store, nt IU9 Kiglilli avenue, lietwern Twenty-seventh and Tweuty-cightb streets, lor Bile; terms mo* aerate. STESBoeoornoox for sale?with a set op Pictures lor ail exhibition of Dissolving Views. This plendld Instrument, with pictures, will be told cheap. Apdy to B keith a CO., 41 Liberty str?i. TO BE SOLD REASONABLE, WITH FIVE YEARS, Lease?The Oyster and Refreshment Saloon, No. 832 orner of Myrtle slid Classon avenues, Brooklyn. Satisfac my reasons can lie given tor Helling. Apply ill tho basement. This is a good chance for a business man. I'd bookseller! AND STATIONERS.?FOR SALE at * Baerdice. the stock of a wholesale Stationer and Blank Boos Manufacturer, consiftiug of Blank Books, Memorandum Books, Papers, siailnnery, Ruling Machines, handing Presses, Cuiliug and Paging Machines and other Binding Materials A good opening for any person wishing lo commence ? wholesale husltiess. For irnus, Ac., apply tt 110and 1141*, Will,am street. N. V. UWHOLESALE LIQUOR STORE DOWN TOWN FOR ..1. . I,. .? n,...>l,,r|?n,.i l,,r u-.ll IB. .I...I ?b?.1I?i property; liati a large well e?tabltahed buidnese, a very care. I'tillv aelected St " k Hml nmiT t Iihii ordinary good chante. SOI'UIWICK A WOOD, SI Nassau turret. l>inn ?KOR SALE. A HKST RATE CORNER FOR iiPL"""/. a grocery, with Piilurev, comnria ng gi orery ami epior Counter, Glntt* Case*, Drawrra, Shelving, Ac.; never wen in nar, Apply immediately, corner ol Nineteenth m eet and Fourth amine, Brooklyn. Si L Of Ml ? v t'ASlI r A vino business for sale. Jl'X.WtlU, la genteel. ateadily yielding orer end an lie increased; i? ?orth double the aninuat aaked. None kit cash purchasers ueed apply. Full and satisfactory park'lilara liy inquiring ?if Mr. M1LLEI:, Broadway Pon offlre. VO&9 AIM) rot KO. IOST OR STOLE N-A DIARV roCKBTBOOK. COXJ lainins $12d in Treaaury notes. $2U reward i? offered 'or iti recovery mid no qiieeliOiie aaked. Apply it I'nl ed ?laie? reude/vona, No. 'J Cherry aireet, between I) a. M. and lundnwn. Iosr. \ CHILD'S FIR VICTORINK. BETWEEN J Sevenleenih and Tweiuletli a reela, in Broadway, or in I'weniielli aireet, between Broadway and Sllth arebne. By raving It ai No. t>4 Writ Twentieth atrret, the finder will be iberaily rewarded. rOST-ON THE LOWER POND OF CENTRAL PARK, J on the evening of ilie lltli.onn Gold Hand Bracelet. rhe tinder w ill lie properly rewarded be calling at ruotu 7i> den hanta' Exchange i OSI?ON TUESDAY EVENING, at niblo's GARLi den or in a Tweutytlilrd aireet Mage, a Porteiuinonnale, ontainnu money and pa|>era, for w lih-h a sail.factory reiat d will be given, by arndlng to iii) li-ade aireet, up alalra. i OST?CEKTIFICATH NO. 7,Ml, DATED SEPTEMBER IJ .A, KYi. lot twenty aliares o! the capital aitKk of the Paiaina Railroad Company, ill the name of Frederick Uerual, i ho will apply to and <ompaity fnra new (Crtlliate. r osr. rteat8d or bml8m?fbom M fbabblin li street, a Inark Newfoundland Dog, marked while low, biea-t and enda ol fore feel and tali; anewe ra to the mate of Tony. A liberal reward will lie paid to llwi tinder. if m. A e. A. wiiithltl k A CO.. i an Nassau mroat. Low on tubbdat, run n. a gold watch mai., In the lortn o a hound dog, aet on cornelian ?;<>ne. Tun Inder will be suitably rewarded by returning it to It,'7 lower.*. WM T ALLEN. DRY HOODS. IT VF.HV GREAT BARGAINS, AND WELL WORTH iV atlentiou GOODS BOUGHT AT THE LATE BANKRUPT SALES. Sujisli Ciipeliug. o Icloth, Ac. French Paper Hang nits. Wilidow Shades, Ac. Fine Velret Carpeis, |l is per yard; fln? Bi navels Car|iel?, ./?. ,re. 7- .1, l?. pn IIU'" "Ml i jft?. .Vk. |i-r j?r I; no nt t'?r,teu, U6.- |?r r?td. Also, ijtM uiili very ilink lui? Englifth Oilcloth m S,r. p*t y?rd t ? . I ificli Y . I !,"'l felret r?|ifr, frt per toll: line Tench omiill l*' |?erroll; 6,Ml) pair" title gold Winlow Kliftttrft, $1 pel |<a11 . line gol'l veltrrt Mlialoft, Jf .Atljn-r tft'r All', gill Corn I'M. H'tg?, M?t?, Ac., at 4'MATES', III II ml??n ft!red, ftiiove Spring fttreet. 4T It II M\t:V.< Jill AMI M M\TM AVEM'R. imp iluo-> Konrteetiih ?'r?ft. yon tuiti nlnay* ind a lull ft'<" k of Kibtn>n?, Ilntidkeft lil*r?. Eintdo... ?iir? White (loii'ift, tirir Klftni"*l", Hoii?eheftplng (tootle, 11 t?m Ante ? fttiit M'liltnft. Il <" ert a't l t'n .crw,ar, l>ntlie*' na If ti|t I n.lei tTo'hiny, A'-. N. E.?Tiie tnnifte In hew fork that ?'lift lit'I left' dollar Kid ti.nvet fur Hi cent* (by mail 9cent*J, and ttlwny* a i ttli aftvortnteut ol ?l/e? inn color*. AT Kits. CAYNOR'.s?ORSAT BAKUAl.NS IX OOlt'V fteift ftnil .Si.|p|?. ft.tine if t>ni?e tic*' mtTce, et'ipitly liieit tor $1; H ilii.iir.,1 Skin*, tout yittile ttii.e, $1 atnl I'l iS.ejfa homy. .Ill ?Ki: ftfrt; It Wftt n-l*'? Parlft i'ftteni rotr ?u I'm* 1* mid I Up I'ft i .. m i,j,> (. i.ittlie t nt'eFlft, at pr.eeft n (lilt ill* lltriee ftl't HrttiU ?>, tie, i ?| n .".|iimv N H 'lie be*: timke in Tit p* .Un iit l, llnlMttg .iiiti oilier Tl .Hiotngft tor t udcrganm ir?. IJAItUAl \K MAlu;,M>s, I' MftlAI.VS [> l\ I, A I' h M?tV t IKK I i\ M. I'l II fiMIKE oTOCR. r?V\OKI> BV Till. f.iHTK. MMI I t ' tl 'I nr III h ft il 'till i| iitanittneiil nf l't?k' l )' I'l ' ' 1 'tit. I.let , Mitftllitft. Blanket*, toil 1 !,.e ' > s -. '"II". 11 o?t '<y. IH*rr?. KniSioitle- | ,t?, .t . W K rtvr.t.v, ?,'* Itowei/, hear IJo'ietou fttrtat, j W YORK HERALD, THUb | _ SALES OP REAL p/iTATB. A HAKE CHANCE FOR A SAFE AND VERY PKOlu.tlile investment.?For mW , I,.Mil) w res of splendid Land, in one tiuct, with a Duriob!) rlnr nuilll| through It; a variety of noil, consisting of uplands, o|?*niiigK and prairie bo1 turns, with a great bodv of valuable nuiler, for which there is an in' i-eaaiuj demand; n'ao abundant water power, and facilities; only live mile* iroiu Mctlrcgor, the greatest Wheat in trltet III 1 m a, lis ng at the Mississippi ter ii in us Ol the M !u ini.e aud Mi--is*ippi Itud-oad. Title hut class. Fn };4 2:1 pei a re. 'lei in" ?.t,OOU ash down, balance on time for particulars inquire soon of J. K. LIKHHAKDT, Diinieitb, IlUuois. \ HOUSE T? EXCliANOE FUR (1 ESTEEM EN'S Fl'Rni-hing Hoodsan I II " erv.?A l ug - tin" e - ory. baseuient and suit-cellsr PhJune phla brick House, I.y M feet. Lot 21 Py 112 ieet, on one ol the pi nci| * b ismi as streets III Brooklyn, and one of the best locations either lor dwelling or business, containing all of the modern improvements. Address, stating quantity slid where can be acen, Hosiery, Brooklyn 1'osl ollice. A TAVERN STAND FOR SALE?SIT FATED IN TUB village of Moiiunville, Orange county, four miles irom Newborn, and three utiles from Cornwall Landing, live minutes' walk from the t ail's Gate depot of the Erie Railroad. An excellent business stand, with an acre of ground well stocked with Iruit. Attached is a shed ti0s24, aud stabling for ten horses To he told on the premise.", February 22. 1862, at 12 o'r.lock M. For particulars inquire ot JOHN McL'LKAN, Monouville, Orange county, M. Y. Terms reasonable. A MAGNIFICENT VIEW OF THE HUDSON, STONE House, 20 acres, for sale or exchange. See Herald 7th of January, third page. WILLIAM C. WETMORE, 61 Wall street. AT BELMONT. NEAR FORDHAM DEPOT. HARLEM Railroad, an elegant Villa, containing sixteen rooms, with water closet, Ac., and shout one acre of land, stocked with fruit trees and shrubbery; barn, stables, Ac.; will be sold low. Apply to A. U. CORN, 42 Exchange place. A LOT, 21.10x95 FEET, OK TENTH STREET, BEtween Fifth ar.d Sixth avenues, together with a very comfortable two story and attic House, 21.10x40 feet, l'rice h'W and terms easy. Apply to (J HAS. E.MILLS, 54 Cedar street. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT House, basement and sub-cellar, with all the modern improvementa, on Brooklyn Heights, 58 Columbia street, or* tioslte Colonade row, with a fine view of New York bay, wil be sold very cheap on easy terms. For further psriLuhus apply to or address T. Simpson, 34 avenue D. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SKAT IN WESTCHESTER county for sale or exchange?Five acres, lar; e mausiou house, view of the Sound, land well laid out, plenty of fruit, Ac., or would rent, furnished. STEPHEN A. PIERCE A CO., No. 6 PlMSt. A FARM of 120 ACRES FOR SALE or EXCHANGEA good paying biodnets would hi' taken In exchange; lease of house, Ao. Addrcaa J. A., box 107 Herald utlioc, lor three days. AT A UKEAT SAl'UICICE.?FOR HALE, TWO THREE story and brown stone basement Houses, with Una co .rt v anis in front, n -ar the ferry, in Brooklyn, or will ex( hung for a Farm. Apply at 133 I'eurl street. Agents ueed not apply. Brooklyn.?clinton avenue property, for sale, six Lots, with first class House, 10 by 40, With piazza, furnace, range, gas, bath and closet, stable in rear. Garden has peaches, cherries, pears, and two kinds of grapes, which are not surpassed'in size or quality. Apply on premises, third house southwest from Myrtle avenue, or at 31 Spuee stieet. Now York. Brooklyn hacskh for sale?viz: the two story brick House and Lot (25x90). with tine arbors, vines, Ac., No. 237 State street, near Iloyt (with can-el-, mirrors, Ac). Also 'h". first class three story brick House No. 1 Lafayette avenue; having every convenience. Also the three story brick House on the northeast corner of St. Felix street and Hanson place. Apply on ihe premises or to E. H. NICHOLS. No. 41 Fineotrcet, New York. COUNTRY SEAT FOR KALE-ON OLDFIKLD POINT, Long Island, 30 acres, with English Collage, surrounded by forest trees; all necessary Outbuildings; line lawn; four acres of young Orchard of choice fruit; ornamental Trees, Shrubbery, Vinca, Ac. Good beach for bathing, llshing, Ac. GARDNER S. HUTCHINSON, 3d Wail street. 1 EXCHANGE REAL ESTATE.?PARTIES HAVING CITY I1 Property to exchange tar other Property or for Dry Goods, or Vacant Lota tor Improved property, would do well to call. A. TREADWELL, Agent, 103 Chambers street. Excellent farm-ts aobib, first class improTeiueiita, finely timbered, watered and fruited, choice location, two miles from villuge and depot, in Union county, N. J., 24 miles fromWew York, for sale Very low. ySYMOUK A WHi ro.N, 132 Broadway. For sale?the four story dwelling house, extra large, brown stone front, finished in the best style, all modern improvements, at a large reduction from coal. Apply on the premises, 60 Columbia street, Brooklyn Heiguts. FOR SALE CHEAP?AND ON ACCOMMODATING trrina to a good tenant, the brown aioue tront llousc No. 34 PresHenl street, Brooklyn; it contains ail the modern and desirable improvements. Also, the Corner Lot, partly Improved, next to it. Apply on the premises. t7ior sale or to let-ob would be exciiano cu iur a ivmu^DCR in inn country, ine iioune ana 1,01 No. 211 West Fourteenth street. The lot 1* twenty-five feet wlile uy one hundred and twentjr-tlvo deep. House twentylive l'eet by fifty, with au euelos, it piuv/a ten feet wide, In the 1 rear, running the width of the house. The house is first class, three stories and attle, built of hrlrk, with brown stone trimming, slate roof, a tiled uiurhlc Hi or on the lirst story hall, solid mahogany doors, gus and Croton water throughout, luinuce, Ac.,and all the modern improvements and in complete order. Tnc owner being des.rotisof removing to the country, would take in part pay rnenl a moderate country residence. Apply on the premises, or to T1IADDEUS II. LANK, ;? Beaver meet. I^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?FOR i.MEItOV EI) property, cither two or three lulllaitson Fifth avenue, fronting about the middle ol Central ("ark. Address, Willi particulars, Blown, box No. 2,u71 lYstoflhe. For sale or to let?the first class hkowk stone House.17 West Twriuy-lourlh street, furnished or unfurnished. Inquire on the premises. IJ10R SALE OR TO LET?A THREE STORY FRAME House on highest p.nt of Kilty-ninth street, between Seventh avenue and Bron Iwny, Hunting Ceu;ral I'aik: the best iiuil.iing site in New York; lent *.S0t>. Inouiie ol JOHN MOODY, 18 Wall street, or JOHN T. HCDD, on the premise*. tit a km wanted?on a lease, with ritlmlehe j" of buying, ul alaiut forty aires, near a railroad depot, easy of access from New York; it must have rued hint lliue, choice fruit and soli water, having a water frontage. I lie best of care will be taken of the premises. Address, muling location ail I full particular*, with lowest cash pin e, O S, 'Jo Kaa Twenty.ninth street. N. t. I^OR HALE OR EXCHANGE-A FINE FARM.ACRES* with line house, ten rooms, three miles from Red Bank, miles Irom isiirosd nation and seven from Lour. Impure at bJd Greenwich street. C. MALCOLM. DOI SALE OR EXCHANGE?A BEAC Tl KIL COIN j? try residence, with shout eleven ai res of ground, hale.somely situated, annul Intern minutes' drive Irotu the Hudsou River llaluuad, Yuukers: hull,lings ail in good order; a young untl old apple on liaid. also every vsrlett oi other finits. For particular* address R. II Wiiutieid. Yonkers. N. Y.,orJ. D. w . 4liid4H Water street. New York. I[fOR BALE OR EXCHANGE?PHILADELPHIA BRICK IIoum' and Stable, with Lot .'HI teei by 26 ioei s, No. 207 Adelpbt street, near Dekalh avenue, Brooklyn, wi; h bain, gas, a,., in bue order. Terms liberal. R. A .GAINES, 281 Pearl meet. For SALE?the extra sized house, with rear Ian, 24a Maolson avenue,rain,-r of Kerileih street, ele. gsntly finished an rosewood and black walnut. A spat Ions, perfrtt house. Price $4O.UU0. Apply to E. II. Ll'uLOW, No. 3 Pine alreet, or JOHN II. SIlEltWooD, at the houae. IfOR EXCHANGE.?COTTAGE, THREE LOTS VP 1 town, or house in Fifty-ttiird stieei. to exchange lor house down low ri, worth fi On to $8,(sf). Also house in New York and one in Brooklya for Weneru lauds. Addie-* A. A., Ilviaid otliee, For bale, exchange or to let?country Seat at S -arhoro, near Tarrytown, on the Hudson rin r, ten sere*, n-ar depot. Ai*o, hist ela.s Farm, 140 a, re*, at Sing Sing. Inquire of GEO. Met'OKD, 61 Seventh avt-uur, oral DAVID KEYS, Esq., ."*> Wesi Nineteenth meei. Ij^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A VERY DESIRABLE ' Residence on Stm'en I*.*i,d not far from \ and-i i ut * Lsndiog. impute of JAMAH VAN HI KEN, 12 William si reel. T^OH 8ALB-TIIK FIRST t'L\SS KO('fl STi>RV BROW N F atone House No. 2j Murray 11 ill part. MinrenTulrtt' tifih and Thirty sixth lirrcb. House 25>ru. lot KM I ret deep; built by a g< ntlrnuti lor Ms onn occupation. Foi further particulars apply oil the premises. HioWere ueed uoi app T _ _ _ ijlOR S \I.I. OR TO LET?Tilt! LAKtiE THREE STORY xiiil basement llmne No SI Second avenue, near Fourth alrrrt, in good order and containing ell the modern Improvenienia. 'IVrira lot*. Apply to either HENRY It. t'L'M ill BUS. 31 Nassau atrret; WALTER F. BRUSH, m Fiont atnet; W M J AtitlKK. Jr.. 56 Veaey street. blARM FOR SALE?ON TIIK HACKENKACK RIVER Bergen county, N. J., iinilalnlng over 31 ai res, with a good House ami plenty of ontboiiara attarhrd. For full particulate, trltb tuap ot place, inquire ol VYM. ULAIK, lirj Barclay street. I TOR SALE. EXUIIANUE OR Tt> LEASE?A HOTEL, 1 < annulling about thirty Room*, situated at Rockawjy, L. I., wrll estaollthcd. doing a giaei business and near Ion beach; tee house full of Ice, stable, abed* attd everything re* <|itlred lor the business. Apply at 27 Chryslie atteet. J. IIOOAN. BjiOi: BALE OR EXt IIAN 1B-A YBR1 Nit E CO! N 1 try Resilience in Weatclitalet e moty. lire miuiiiea milk from the depoi on lie Net* llaren Railroa i, Oveiity otie in le? Irom the Oily llall. Tne prenilaea ate very desirable, and In complete ordrr. Apply to J. W. McOI'lKK. 1,261 Broadway. Doi BALE OR KXCHA MOR-TOR A 'THREE 61 KOI K J? a;o y llonee, a la?l on W e?i Fourteen; n atreei. 2.V.IUI feet S Inches. Also the B nldltii 23 Llheity street. Apple to M ARK I.EVY, S3 Liberty atreei I NOR SALE?EBAB BBRUEX I'OINT. ?. J , A SIB' 1 atanllal new atone Ho me, two story and aitlc, with two aiory extension, barn, <am?ge house, Ac., together with tin re a< I es of Oroiiml laid out In lawn and garden, wlib a water fn ni on N"W York hay ol over 2.AU feel. The plate Is very by and easy ! acresa, la in* b?i than one hour Irom hew York. Alao, acres near Hie above, well located, having a very extensive front on the plans mad Applv to CI1AK E. MILLS. 14 Odar street For sale-tiie cheapest iiouhe and wrable lit Hie Seventh ward lor the money; two atones, attic and basement, containing thirteen i noma and pantiles and In good order; Stable ori ream; in:, all brick, together is llli Iseaae, Willi h Is a favorable one, with further rea-wals. Apply at 261 West airetd. LKiu hale-four newt first class four si-uky r biow n atone trout Houses, tt and 47 b.iat Thirty s o enlh *ireel, and two ill Thirty-eighth street, 23sAn, ! ? ween Madison and Founb avenues, with all Ihc modern Itnprovcinenls. inquire on me i'I'Vtii'cv "Lion RALE-TttE PHOHETV HI \VK.<T TWkN I VUKST V *tre?l, flnt Id iroin Kljhlh on.if, T i Vi?l'?n ro'. i*jf 1st \\ ??l Thin* .fymrtli urn 1: ?iv r. iitn*, water an.: tm Inquire of O. HlllillNM, ftX) Ninth avenue. V<?n SALE?A VERY DESIRABLE I.K ISJIIIOU) PROT |wi ty, on Eael Broadway, neat Market etriei, a lour lorv lirl'lt llntiae. At by 65, w rll rented. Terms eaav. Will Of aold nl a b Apply to CHAN,. E. MMXS, Si Cedar Stiff t FKiK S\LE-W')l sE ANO LOT2M EAST RROAlJWAY Tne li.insf. I < eUqMntly titled ap, w tli n indent ttit|?mvi< tuenl" smt in ' i"t litnt order, Can lie ?ren by applying at tia. Alt Rut Uii.ndwjf V?JR SALE t r W AR I'Elt'KS?KOt'R BROWN' STONE F lini.t HoueeaAhlWBMotifs high. hiaemeni ami snbiel. lit", modern Intprnvfm*nls. No" 132, I.'U, 1:16 ,in.| ISA |).'R0 strifl. between linyt and Rutin, near two railroads and the City Mali, in Brooklyn. Krom $^*"1 to B.1,flUiean remain on

tisi'i 'gaga H' deemed. Inquire or HU.f. WiieLf, corner of M; rvie'aid Levis avenues, tlrooklyiv LSD AY, FEBRUARY ]3, 18i ?ALBg ?* REAL ESTATE. tjM>R IAU-THirattE STORY HRI< K Ml SK AND Lot No. :wu Kf ill street (olil number 193). Hoi Hil l ?! ! water, gas. Ae. u iUlre ill lb* basement, from to it o'clock < VOR HALE-HOC MK AS 1) I-Of 243 W1SI TWENTY. A second street, three story, basement and cellar, with al' modern Impro-rim-nt". lot 2i.4 h' WJ.9 Also the ihr-e-t'?r and basiiii nt hom* Mil iioulh Fl'-tn siren, BrooUi n, K. I) , 1 with water and gas; 1. t2l by Id1*, wait Out trees and ginpu- i vine*. Terms easy. t an he seen at any time. J. K. JONES, 5" Ann street, second floor. F0? SALE OR K XC HANOE?TilB BROWN STONE i Twat House No. 248 Fourth sired, opposite Washington i I npiare, a ltan;c j #r ion of the punha-e money i an remain I on hood and mm i.age. II nut sold by Apt .I I, it will be , rented, with or without furnituie. For further paitirulnrs 51a 'if UBr' ?U l'>e Prt'1""";",'>*lole A if. or after "L^OR SALE-A COTTAGE lloCSE, IN JERSEY CITY' I J? well finished; water and eas; tw< nty iniuute* from two i ferric*: price Sl.fluO; rent $JUt>, Apply at No. till John treet, New York. ^ For sale or exchange for unimproved lots i up town?Tbo large four etory Ilouae and Ltd 21 Rutgers I pla'-e. The house ia in excellent condition, replete with all i modern improvements, hue alwaya been iscupied by the ow ner, who has spared no expense to make it a handsome and genteel residence. The lot Is 26 bv llUfeei. Apply to , EDWARD MARSHALL, 83 Bee km,in atreel, New York. ' Forty acre farm for sale cheap?near the city ol .Maduiou, Wisconsin, on the road to Fortate City, aurroitndcd by improved lat in*. Has a neat Collage, of eight looms. Fruit and shade trees, well, cisterns, Ac. Wheat mop 700 bushels, besides other produce. C. II. OLIVER, SI Liberty at, 1 LJ'i'n osut uim?a nrbEKUiu rAiui, ?t ivius, o I in wood, the balance all tillable loam and muck noil, well fenced and watered, niee house, convenient outhouses and plenty of fruit, 4c., beautifully located in a village up the Hudson; pri. e $3,dtiO?Sl.JOO can remain. Address Village Farm, box lift) Ilerald ottice. For sale?$3,750 each, and only $.vx> down, i$c balaiire in monthly instalments or not lean lau $60 epoh?two lb tee story and brown stone basement tirst class Bausae, id Tbirty-lust street, nenr Second avenue; contains All the modern improvements. Apply to WM. KENNELLY, 39 Fine street.. FKOR SALE ftlt TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR sale?A piri class House, routuining all ibe improvements, located on Kroome street, near Btoidway; would Stake a good boarding 1.0 me: is now occupied an a private residence by a gentleman about Laving for Euro|ie. W. 11. KSQCK, 1U7 tiroadway. B>OR SALE-A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT brick House and l nil Lot: beat location in Wooster street, near Prince. Apply to C. B. R., 136 Wooster street. For sale-house and lot, no. 89 east thirty. Ilrst street, ucsr Lexington avenue, $4,IiK0call remain on bond and mortgage. Adurcss R W., box 6"U i'osl oilier. IfOR SALE, EXCHANGE OR RENT- \ FINE FINISHED House in Jersey City, 4(1 feet front by SB icet deep, ground 73 by 150 teet, tastefully laid out, w ith fountain in front, shrubbery, shade trees, Ac.; all the modern improvements, hot and told water, Ac. Apply at75 Worth street, N. Y. LYMAN COOKE. House for sale or to let-in the villace of Stamford, one of the linest localities and most desirable neighborhoods, within live minutes' walk of lite station on the New York anil New Haven ltail-oad; a two story frame House, tilled In with brick and tmished with till the modern improvements; well shaded with line large trees and replete with e,onveuienees, gas and hath room; tine garden well stocked with choice fruit; good ham and i image house on the place. Infinite of 8. W. ANDREWS, No. 3!) West Forty-third street, New York city. Hardware to trade for real estate?with or without the aisuil and lease. Apply at Nc. 303 Eighth avenue. Palisade lands and choice building lots? Front live to liity a' res, in Bergen and Rockland counties, beautifully located, with river or inland views, near tiepola on Northern New .lerrev Railroad, for sale or exchange. SEYMOUR A \I H l'iON, 133Broadwsy. PRIVATE RESIDENCES FOR SALE CHEAP.-A number of brown stone fronts and brick 11'Uisea, south of Fortieth street; prices front $U,UC0 to $10,001); have all the ntodein conveniences and are in good neighborhoods. Apply lo A. SERGEANT, 16 Wall street. ? Real estate for sale.?about one hour . 1 rum I'itv Hall two I'niir.liv Pluoa ,1... 1 ghtl'ul locution*, lor sale. ai a bargain, or would bo exchanged fur a bouse and loi in Brooklyn, or other property. Apply alter 4 P. M. at \ 7 Stain afreet, Brooklyn. TENEMENT PROPERTY FOR BALE.?THE FRONT und rear Building* and Lot of No. 74 llenry at rant lor sale. Impure of the owner, on the premise*, second Hour. rpBK OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFET1MS-TQ ANYONE , .1 who is d< rous of purchasing a first clabH tour story stone Home. between Filth and Sixth avenues, up town. It Is now occupied by ihe owner, and will be sold, furnished or uniurulahed, at a great sacrifice and on liberal terms. Add.e*a Opportunity, If era Id ottice. No agent need apply. WASHINGTON AVENUE, NEAR HE USA, BROOKif lyn.?An elegant House and four or Eight Lota tor sale cheap; house has 1.1 Room* and is Inillt and adorned in the finest manner; has all th t modern Improvement*; built by the owner for in* own occupancy; grounds laid out ami supplied with the choicest shade ami fruit trees and rare plants. This is the uncut section oi Brook)) n. Ii not sold dv March 1, wbl be rented furnished. Apply to INtL.KSOLI., 21.1 South street. fir ANTED TO PURCHASE?A SMALL 8I3BO HOUSE, if ill h good location. Not above Ttiiriy-uith street, w? ht side of city preferred. Price not over $9,1)00. Address J. E. P., box 1,205 Post ofll'.e. IITANTED?A SMALL FARM IN EXCIIAN(TE KOH A IT House and Lot nn West Forty.fourth street. The house is huiit of lu Ik; pleasantly located hui! in good repair. The farm must be free from any incumbrance. Address D. II. L, Herald oflice. WANTED?A GOOD FARM, WORTH FROM $0,000TO $8,000 or a House und Lot, Brooklyn preferred, for a stock of merchandise or the litis ness an established l ?r more than twelve years. Apply to or address A. i)., 'M\6 Canal st. \%r ANTED?A"FTRM'TNTHE VICINITY OF AND EASY f I of wrens from N?-w York, on lak? sCroton t-r Mahopa'-, Of on the Hudson, south of Poughkoepato, having water fr'u.Uige, with Iodise fit in accommodate u large and res|>e *u.? L family. Addres*. stating location and lull particulars, with lowest cash price, box 211 PoatotlW, Brooklyn, N. Y. OA/I FARMS, OOl NTRY SEATS, HOUSES AND LOTH for an le or to exchange; nl*o every dea ription of Km! L?tatr lor sale. If you want to pure use a bouse, farm or country seat, price from $l,UOJ to $^I0?<XN*, apply to A. SERGEANT. 15 Wall street. /MA ACRES OK WISO* 'NSfN LANDS FOR SALE.? I f J' I " F** lands are of good <,utility for miming purpose*, and are well timbered w ith be ?ch and maple; o\\ ners sell ni $1 to fa r acre. Are situated 24 miles went .?f Wansaw, county tow ii of Marathon <ouiity. and 50 miles mirth* wesi from Stevens point, which I* u good lam! agency. Settlement* uploading very lest In that ditccflon. and arc now within live ndiesof said land. These lauds, or any |Mirtinri of in w ill be 00 d lor $2 50 lier a re. All taxes paid to date. Address S. M. SAUNDERS, Hotel Julian, 707 Hnal| way. N. Y. oi7 iuwl -eak.m kor hale, within eleven D I mint of HiKnklyii, on Long It-land; laige modern bulll limine, tliinv ai re* of land under goodcultivation, and outbuilding*. Will inkr improved Ohio property in exchange with eo ne money. Call on or addrrxs Owner, 110 Weal Twenty-lourth afreet, New York. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. Ayocno man ok strict business h.\hits is ue iiruua of tonne ting iiimt-clf a. partner orntrklii ari c*iab|lalied mauuraeturing or men null.-houae; lunfdrnlah brat elavi reference,and a lew llioiiaanii dollaia. to ibu. ae-iirr a permuiient litnatiou. Addict. Muling Innlneav, W. O , box 213 Herald office. A PARTNER WANTED?IN TBI BUTClIBNIKfl y buuneas, with (7.'t to $1011; a young man pieirrred. For p.iiii. ular* Inqulie on the ptetuiai a, corner of Nineteenth atreeiand Hub avenue, Brooklyn. A HOOD BI SI.NESS MAN WANTED?WITH ffii.OUU capital, to join iba advertiser, who will iuveat the aame ftiiionui In a very pleasant monopolizing raah buaine.a, Irom which (30.0111)ran he made annually, Without rlak or i-uni|nlillon. Inqulie before 10 A. M or iiom I to 3 P. M. at 72 Weal Thirty-second atreei. Kelrrem a exchanged. A I'AKTNKK WITH CASH CAPITAL, WANTED?IN V a very proliiabie nuctm-sa (medical beam-ht. Physic-tans or druggists need apply only. Addreae D., box 2,','7# Post Sue. A PARTNER WAMKII-TO TAKE AN INTEREST IN a (lour, produce and grain bufiueaa, dune fur essli and without I irk: caplial required $Vli Apply at 42s Broadway. C. B IIOWES A CO. |>AKTNEK WANTED.-$2.??.-THE OWNER OK A JT clean new stock nf alioea, hating other business. will a-i-ept a partner ?hn will take entire charge, or reli out on liberal let ma Any one desiring a aale ana pleasant w ill do well to call at 437 Sixth avenue. PARTNER WANTED?WITH (ISO*) to ?3)(HH-1'O ENgage In inaiiiilaetiiringCiOlhlug for th<- l ulled Slati a government. The advertiser la now in the ho.hit-*.. |(el> eiice* exchanged. No agents neeil applv. ai none lull principal* will he treated wub. Addles* Cloibuig Con:rail., Herald nllb e. PARTNER WANTED.?AN INVENTOR, WBO H AS A new | Ian for building a ball-proof verael, would Ilk" a partner meant, in join hnn iii the enterprise. Atldri aa Inventor, lit raid office. To exchange brokers-an american, 21 year, ot ane, w nil aunt" know l-ilge of the buMtiet- and a moderate t a-d'ai, I* deairoii* ol emcrliig a? Junior par.ner in a'one established house, speaks lliree languages; of a:rl I iiiicgi.iv, on 1 can give unexceptionable relermuei. Ad lie* box 2.Ml Pom Ollice. mo OBOCKIIS?THE ADVERTISER, POSSESSING J aomc 0ipllal and it Kliowlelge ot lite lioxitira-, wo il 1 lake an inieieai In a taml v gtne-ry bnamea. nlreadv eculiihlied. Any pwrly having a cohcern in a gtaid I nn. n would IIml a favorable opportunity of cxiend'ng th? 'in.,, hex*. Eur fui i her i ouiin itiiraioui ot an InierView address llo.lner*, He aid Ilf ANTED?A PARTNER. WITH ?4 ikxl CASH. Tn TAKE ft an luiereai in u Hi,ller.hip of a line leginuiii, xtalioin-d u Vlrgiula. Reference given and required A ...oil mwn .ut d f im.-i.xvri AAA -JkN HONKaT BNTBRMUMNQ MAR WAKTBD, ViM'i with l!il? .Hiiuiini, In kii iiiilrrlyr Men tiiii Miiniliena, payin< 4<M per relit pnlit. Alio Hirer inhere* e|. kill Imniiieaac wnrw, requlrltiK from $I(MI 10 $vat App'v w CI.IKTA CO.. St9 ('Ann atte t (i||W) ? PARTNER WANTED. WITH TllliA IN (I NT, In a well l? ateil down lawn rlii!Un? mim :,i,. lorjr lor nuvpriiin-iil: n number of tnarbnira in operation; mure Ooeltieea II An ther . <tn attend t > K. P RH'IIAltDiiON A CO.. IU mul Ml Nn*Wi ?ir-qt $oro I'MtiNKK WANTED. IN TUB conrkcJc". Ilfinerjr anil paatrv tmdneea. The eone-rn la 11 nn| h Fair abare of btialaeae, Tlic object of the a tiernaei la lo ivitineei a latii a' reatauraiil Willi Ii, the locitloti b-log tinauritaaai-il. For full partietilara nail at .'WO < 'in <1 n eei. (S>?> nnn -WANTED, a party to ivyrst iliiaau 11 equally wlui tje advertiner in a very t>lua<ani ami liirrollte I'tan nti?loca?. from wliieh a fort line m iv Im inili.'r l In a abort limr. No areata nntineii. inquire before 10 A. M or from 1 te J 1* M. ui Mr. JArKHON, 12 Weal Thlrtvaeeond alreol. RAIUIUAOB. --e. ' ..... . . ... ...,. I HI'PHI IN KIVKIt R AtLKOAD.-TRAIN'S FOR Al.BANY, , Troy, tlie North ann Went, leave rnamlieia aired at 7 ami 11 AM. ami .1 13, 6 ami In IA I' M. N'l-.W VORK,'HARI.KM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. For Albany. Troy, North ami Weal. Winter arrangement, iommenc ny Nnmlajr, Nov. 4, |Vi|. For Albany?IB ;*l A. M , Btprea* M iil Tialn.frem Twentyet?th aireet depot. For All Jocal iralna aeo Time TbliK WN.N Nl Bi liilX, Altaian! Superintendent, 52. HOUNKS, ROOMS, ?C? TO LET. A FIRST CLASS HOI HE IN brooklyn Til LET? convenient to tlio ferric*. Tint bonne i? pertly funnelled mid the reut will be taken out in Board it deelred. Apply at 134 B- rorn street, between liny! and Bond streets. A FRONT AND kkar BUILDING, VIZ., HOUSE AND Simp, 143 EastTwi utjr-lbird atreet, between Secuud and fhird aveiiue?, auitabla tor a pawnbroker or builder, will be et lor one or more yearn, at moderate >eiii. Innulreof E L.H.T BL'KNII AM, 411 lludaoii street N Y \ Three story brick house to let-witii two etory extension, containing thirteen ronmt and all uodern improvements, gas Allures, Ac.; itood nelghbormod, line large garden* will be rented lo a responsible | nam for JnOO. I an be aeeu from 2 till 4 1*. M. at 03 Tlnrd I meet, ucar rf. eond avenue. I A FOUNDRY TO LET?VERY LOW. AT SING SISO, N i\ Y , wlih ai"am enKiue, Ac., aituaird right on tnc river; will be let for other business if deaired. The ground attai bed a aultable for a cual or lumber yard. Thin ia tlie cheapest rent ever tillered. Addreae F., Herald nllicr. fNENTRAL PARK.-TO RENT, A PART OK THE VJ buildlm.-at Ml. Si. Vincent. 101th street, nea. Fifth avenue, for a restaurant, to be kept um er rulea and re- trietiona In be preacribed by the Commiaaioiiera of Central Park. Apply Una Week ai ihe. Properly Clerk s olllie, on the Park, ru ill avenue. op|.okile Sixty-fourth atreet. fTORNEK STORE TO LET?NO. 90 GRAND. CORNER IJ of Greene street, one of ihe beat locations in the city, x (joining tevcral large factories. Abo Dwelling Pert of llonae. Alao a good Stand for a butcher, Aitu a Dwelling House in Broome atreet, near Greene. Rents low lo food lenunta. Apply lo Mr HOWARD, 44 Greene street. Good oiToim mty in anada. ti) hotel keepers. The advertiser hue the best furnished and lineat Hotel In the Province, wliieh he will rent to some . xperieured man w ho has capital to bujMbe furniture. Address J. K., drawer f tU'KMSllED OK UNFURNISHED HOUSE, IN MADI- 1 i?m axcuiie, above Twenty-nimh street, west side, will i lie ranted to a prixale family only. The bona# mi recently built forth'' iiw of the owner, and 1* iu exeellent order I Terms reasonable. Apply to N. C. BISHOP, 111 Broadway FURNISHED HOUSE.?THE THREE STORY BROWN ' alone House. No. 11H Went Furiy seventh street, elefanily and completely furnished, will lie rented fr in May i 10 ilie right aiml of a tenant only. Apply to the owner at Taylor A Brown's, 223 GreeuwIch street. JjlACTOBT TO LET-ON TWKNTY-SEi'i)ND STREET, r 1m*iw< pii Lexington and Fourth avenues, 75 reet front, No*. 71, 73, 75. Impure of J. F. MITCHELL. 02 Wall street. i Hotel to be let-tile well known stevexs House, corner Broadway and Morria street, may now be leased: possession Immediately, the furniture in tin- h nise may lie purchased on most advantageous lerina. The hotel is being painted and repaired throughout. None need apply who have ii< I a < ash eapllal; city reiorences required. Apply to HEWLETT A TORRANCE, 6 Bowling Green, or to HOMER MORGAN, Pine street. Houses to let.-one in ulermont avenue, Brooklyn, three stories, English baseuient, io ,x44 feet. One In Ad< lplii street, three stories and basement, lirli-k, 21x44 feet: gas, water, baths. Ac. Cull on or address John Could. 44 Stale street. Brooklyn, at glass woi Its, trom Id A. ,v. to UK. ami to a p. m. Houses to let-in east thirtieth, thtrttUrst, Thii ty-seeoud, Thirty-third, Thirly-tourtb, Thirtysixth, Thirty-seventh, Thirty-ninth, Fortieth, Foriv-tiftn, Uiilieth, Fifty-first, Kifly-serond. Fifty.third, Fifiy fourth, Seventy-third'. Niuetleth and 124th streets, and on Fourth, Lexington and Serond avenues, all with modern improvements. Relit from $UW) to $251). Come and see. JOHN FETTRETCH, 41f>Tuird avenue. VTO. 22 HOUSTON STREET.?TO LET OR LEASE, AN extra aire four story House, tvith improvements, it. good order: stable in the rear, entrant* from Server atreei. Terms favorable. Apply to C11AS. E. MILLS, 34 Cedar si: eel. OFFICES TO LET-IN THE BUILDING 2S MAIDEN lane, corner of Nassau street, ami also in the boildtng It Maiden lane, well lighted, aad suitable fur any business. Apply la U. J, SMITH, 23 Liberty street. ON BROADWAY?TO LET, THREE LARGE FLOORS. Suitable for the (ablnet or any light iiiaUiiiiiclMriue business. Inquire at 813 Broadway. S. CANTRELL. QTEADY STEAM POWER TO LET?LA KG E AND x' small rooms; well lighted; possession immediately. Apply at 4U9 Water street. OALOON OR STORE AND APARTMENT-' TO LET-77 O Greenwich avenue. The bouse can Ira altered pit lit a private family. Water and gas throiigheuL Rent mode rale. OTEADY STEAM POWER, WITH DESIRABLE WELL O lighted Rooms, to let, in buildings 211 and 213 Centre, and 137 and 13V Klin street. Terms moderale and possession immediately if wanted. Apply at lhaollta k' sitvi I. I rro LET?A FIRST EI.APS SHOWN STUNK FRONT X lluuar, pleasantly located on town: will be Irt lullv nr partlal y furnished, to a private family; prctereiiue given to olio who will lioanl the nccup.inia, ci.OMain.j<>l wiitow lady, two daughters, chillihmU servant; mo objection to one ortwn gentlemen boarderr. Addrcra for eon w-tk l>0X 0.U31 Foal ulllce. f|V) LET?AT < I 111'. ATI. Y 'ir?OOC*b lUTES THE \ KRY X desiiabln lliiute* Not. Vbi, 'J30 ami 26t Weat Tweutj. third alreet: also Noa. IArt axvl !bn Want Twenty fourth alreet. Apuly in I*. HARMONY'S NEPHEWS A CO.. SI tlreenwi " I, or In A. LEAM AN, 217 Vfett Trvrnty-thiril street, fro LET?STORKS SOU. lf,? WATER STREET, SO AND X 82 John 1'fori, 71 l'curl ami lib Stone atrrcu, CI Cortlandl airret, 22 Fletcher ttreot, nml s lot* i Smuh si reel, Curleara Hunk. Apply In E. KETELTAS. 86 Omnarii <li?il. a AO LET?AT YONKKRS, THE YONKERS HOTEL situated al Hie Hudson River Railroad di'|?ilaml hifhiii lanilinra. For particular* lnuuirc of A. li. IIOYT Ynftk.u*. r LET?THE TWO NEW, WHITE MARBLE FRONT" live story Mom, 12J ami I Al Urniiil aired, on the Hi nail way block; will lie rentnl together u. S"pariilr, ai . moderate price. Apply to IIAKDMAN A USHoR1*2 t.ran t afreet rpO I.ET?WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER, THE J. Third Floor of 45 Leonard itMLIMI by 25 fort, v?U lighted mi all Mdea. Apply lo TA YLoK a M il.SON No. 127 Resile at reel. rro let?the t'oru lofts of stoke mi mum X b : s sticet; will be let low to a guO I IMMUIt, The 1Mb tmil la one of ilv beat unit moat central In New York. Apply on (he premise* lo JOHN I>. I.KM'IS. rpo LET?A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT X hoiim', 221 Lexington avenue. inquire on the premises, between 2 ami 5 I'. M. rpo I.ET?FROM THE 1ST OF MARCH, SECOND STORY X Ho '111. .".8x411. IT font eell Jig, we.l llghiihl, good locaii >n for bbname and saloon. To a ISSpou eibla party ayllal would be advanced lo insure am teas Apply at Fotirib avenue, lie. twren Nineteenth ami Twrnllrili *lreet?; !> >, a sma.l lenenieul Hnnae in rear. rpo LET? A VERY HANDSOME SMALL BROWN X alone House, No. 212 Meal Thlrty-aeivuid alien. Coin talna all tin* riira modern improvements; h?a been pi.I in enmplele order. Apply lo ROllERT IS 11 Kit. .lit. 152 Meat Thirty-! nurth a; reel. TO LET-OS THE CORNER OF FOl RTRENTII STRRET ami Eiglnli avenue, a Dagueneaii Uallery. l av lieeu used lor am n lor the laat ten yeara. Incpnr in" K St'l'DDKII. 22 Second alien, or oi T1IORI* a HI DD, next in the gallery. rpo LET-THE FIRSTCLAsS I'O'.T! STORY AND HAsKJ men. Ilonae 177 Eaat Fourteenth at reel, in t-nm|ileie order ami containing all modern Itnpioremenia. I'oaaeaaton uiay be had ibr I at of Mar'li if dcs.ird. Inqoireot INSLKE A. HOPPER, MR Broadway. TO LBT-TI RMSHED OK I NFI HMSIIKD. A .-TORE or Saloon, #14 Rroadway; beat blink iu the atreel lor auch business; It it near Laura Heme a ihealre. Alto fnrimbed Rooint lo let, tecoiid tiory. anil ti .'IT Bowery. rpo let?IK BROWN stone HOOKS .13 BOWERY, X beautiful and pleasant lurnlahed Rooms tingle and ill a.nit. vary rraMatbly. Abo, ai ou Mfaadwtf, MnMi furoltbed Room*. Al -u a 8; and Saloon, ten! low. Inquire on the premises. To LET-MS WHOLE of dwellinc; part of Hnnae 1,217 Bintdway. between Twenty-ninth and Th.rt elb airceta; ?a- and water In tbr house. Bent $' !* a tear. Poa-eiaion Itumediaiely. Apply lo .1. W. COLUNs, I.IKT B iiadwav, near Twenty-seventh all-rat. Alan alwoaioiy Iraine tlouae on Slxiv-bfn: atieei in Int. rent $10 per tnonlh." TO I.ET (RENT TAKEN IN BOARD BY TWO PER I win'?ITnm lai May. ihe four story House pleasantly In ated, No. 4t We?t Ws-bington place, third dour front S xlu I avenue; a private family preferred. Km partvulars inquire ' on the premlaea from It) tu 12 M. and I lot f M. TO RENT IN Sol'TII BROOKLYN?WITHIN A FEW minwtea'walk ol South and Hamilton aianue terriea, a n-at two trory hrp-k high baaement Hau?e. in pei leci onter wlih gai ami Water. Fo?a?anon Ininied ataly. Al>? a corner Store, anl'abl* fur a ehean dry gond< bnatneft. Apply a< 30 South William Buret, N. Y. rpo l.kt Oi: LEASE HIE I ikst CLASS AND VERY X apa' inna lloitte No 41 Hleeekei ilceet liemg In perle-1 onler. Willi all the modern improvement!, aituaied very dealiably, between Bioadwty and Hie Bower). Alao the Cat* yett and Fnrnltitr* will be told at moderarr pneettoihe ir. mini. II de?lred. Can be aeen from III A. M. to 2 I'. M. For erniaappi* to JOHN II HARNETT. No. I Hanover al. 1AO LET-FROM TIIE 1ST OF MAY. THE LARGE three tlory llnuae Xu. 8*1. Mark't plaee (Kidlith aireei). App V In K. A. WEEKS. 58 M all almd. Iroui I In 2 R. M , or at ,4 I'nlveiaji plaie, front It in I'l A M. rpo LET-FROM THE 1ST OF MAY, A TWO SToRY I aille ami baiemeiti Houae. luiated o? Hie north aide of | Hoiiainii. between Bowery and K.uilieih titirl, aiiilablf . u letidanee or bilMuen piirpntea. For parilculaia imil) tt ' A. M. FANNINt>.22<l Bowery rpo LET-NEWARK. N. J.. A VERY DESIRABLE J tlone II nee. w illi live a- ret of l-aml. lie tte.l on I'.ianaic r.ver, una nnld I'rom Mori it and Ktaex Rallioad depot For ptrlhiiUtt and deaiTipiluii apply to W At E. BOORAEM, fit Illktlly all eel. rpo LBI'?COAI.YARD. AS St'CII FOR THIRTY YEARS. 1 No, tbi Cherry aticel. Apply to BLACKWIiLLB A Hi KK. 87 Water atreel rpo LET?TIIE LOWER PART,OF A THREE SlDRV. I modern built hoilte; two i?a?nietiti two pa b.ra iu-1 good pant I lev. Alt. two Rooint on third tin r I'oaaeavloti given on the Hrtt of Mxult. Call al 41'.' Fourth aire*!, near se- ond avenue. rpo I.ET-4T C ARM A NEVILLE. RH KB Sll>E ITOTKL, I. Otm Hmiilrrit ail Kilty ? < >n l ?ti in. m the d.-, < <.r I.if II>i|*<iii Klver RiTruatl. AU . irn <*ue i ll<i?c? .in Irotn ?** ti $?* . hcinlciHiioly eli'iamd. <ir*rlm>klng the lltiilaoti rlirr. Aim, Mori* X<<. M N'wnliret. Inquire ?f K. K. CABMAN. I.JM Hrmlway rnn I.BT-tlOItT NEW KNOI.HII HASEMEAT MOORM I ilMia (< ? in .If rwj L'lly, in Mu?a?* atrrrl. hai?i-rn War ren ?n<l \ mi Voi-kI atrarte. linn arc contain nil ih? mmtfrn lmiir<ivpiiii?:ii?. wlib gaeant water nu aa<hS<i?r Api.iv t? t AM Erf R TIIOMI'nON, Nu, I Montgomery cirfft, ,l?r?f Uilf. rpo LET?THE NEW MARBLE STORK ANDT'.VOCEL JL lire, 47 Wei r-n ilrnpi, *11 lif rented low from M*? I. Inquire <ii V. V VTRNAI.D, IU KuLon atmei. TO I.Er-IN HodoKKN, R0UTNWK!*T CORNER OK II11I<<<11 and >< < < ml alrreia, a teo a ocy ante and bate men! limine, trail Hi* r'ie rlrer (in m<i win- R?m I moderate. l'o?a>'e?i <n Imm-iUateI* II reaunaU. Ap.<ly m I U. H MMITIt. 14*1 Weal turret, up malra. To LET. vuk >ai,fc ok exohanor THE hl-ika MB lour elory blown atone llouaea N..? tJUfi M Thmr fo.irth aiirri in I M? Raat Twen yeiffhth aired Krleea a 11,1 rrnl inodrratr. Apply mjoiin s. kKI.Ao, tt Wlll'sm a?. rpo let-Rooms, n h*h:!mi on is i;im4iini I wltii or wiltuiul Hoard. In ? priTalf la'nilf I in?<< i< llnna'de referericea ei<han|eit ml < Inatrablr a. t <K ai 17 Cornelia meet, brick liouae, 01 * <11 ea?n|i ?< : * lege ?r iiurrhaiinc. mOLET? DKSIKABLI MOINR.M.'KOI .INI'M <- s 1 itnnp, XI Well Kiiro-nfth efrert; ll'O-r r IM rt<<<! arm a reel, naar 8L Luke ehuron. Aim Hi* ttaai Twenty. I aavoiid ?tre?t. raullnW; Immediate po*ae?<|nn ' A. TREADWELL, 111 Chomkar* atr- at. [ 3 HOUSES, ROORXS, AC., TO LIT. rO LET?FIRM SHED. A TWO STORY AND ATTIC Honae, near Washington sipiare to a private family nly If desired, rent of furniture taken in Board. Apply o K M LAKE, 111 Nassau street. N T. ro LET?SMALL STOKES AND ROOM!-, FOR BI S! m ss, societies, Ac . at 819 Broadway and 48 and 22 Kan "welfth -ir. .-t, near Broadway; rent low. Apply u> JNti ?. KELSO, (12 William atrcei, or ai iojui No. 4, 819 Broad* ray, from 11 to UK A. M. rO LET?A BASEMENT AND OFFICES ON TIIK Mcoud, third ?ud fourth lloors of building No-. 4 and t Load street. Apply to J. A E DELLITT. 88 Nassau at. IIO I.ET-IN WILLI AM SKI' KO SEVERAL TWO STORY trainr aud three story brick Houses; also for sale (YK i'aeani Lotaon moderate terms. Applv to 8 J, HINT, 111 fourth avenue, N. Y? or CHAS. FovVLER, corner of North S.1111, and Tim d streets, Wilil.unsl u g. j^o LET-STORES SMS CANAL STREET AND NO. 40} Ntuih avenue. Apply to A. ti. THOOF, Jr.. No 20 Ex .-hange place. rpO LET?THE VERY DESIRABLE. MEDIl'M SIZED A House, No. 126 V\ eat Twenty.second Bin et, twenty-liv* reel front, and haa all the modern improvements; w ill ue le; ruiuishe l il desired, except surne bedroom furniture, Ae. sail t>e aeen from 2 till 4 P. M only. Apply to B. D LE PEVRE, 170 Fulton itreel. VV y ? rO LET?THE DWELLING IIOI'SES NOS. 8 AND l' Wooder street; In good ord w; are well adapted to bust ie?a purposes, being near Canal street anil Broadway. Also he neeond (lour of fc4 Oanal street, aultable lor busiuesa am. mcuiiug, iiama imr uir iweniy year* llso, the extensive premises, well adapted for inanufautur tig, No*. 24 and 26 W ouster street, will lie leased. Aim, the muse No. Sit Wooster ureei. Apply lo MAJOR THOMP SON. 26 VYuoster street. rO LET?AN ELEGANT BASEMENT. IN THE BEST business part of Broadway, near Cunal aircel; size 26 r>> 10 feet; neatly furnished, with low rem. The present ownei mining the army In consequence ean be had on application mmediately. Inquire at 421 >? Broadway, In the scgar spire. TO LF.T OR LEASE?THE DOOR, SHEDS AND ONE hmitired Lota, for lumber, brick, alone yard, or depot lot {rain or provision*, foot of Fifty-fourth street; haa been twenty years a lumber yard. AIho, a Cottage, With thirteen rooms. Pour Lota enclosed. Eighth avenoe car* run day and night. Apply to Mr. M01T, loot of Writ Filty-fourtfc am et, Hudson river. TO LET?THE THREE STORY BRIIWN STONE HOUSE, No. 154 Em; Thirty-fourth street. It will tie rented from May I, liiniialo d, at $;HVI, or unfurnished for $0 0. only to a prompt, careful tenant. Apply to the owner at T. ylor A Brown'I, 2211 Greenwich street. TO LET?FURNISHED THROUGHOUT, THE NEW four story high stoop lirowu atone Imnt House, sooth aide of Forty-sixtit street, fourth house west oi Broadway, rent very low, with immediate possession to a go al tenant. Apply in person on premises or to D. 0. CROSBY, 1511 Nassau street. TO LET?A LARGE HOUSE. ON THE SOUTH SIDE of Walker street, between Broudtvaj and Church street, a very de.-ir-ble situation for a liral class restaurant ami boarding house, the same having heeu occupied lor the last five years lor that purpose. Apply lo O. S. Si'IIEKMER HORN, Bank of Commerce, corner of Cedar und Nassau sis rpo LET?THE MAGNIFICENT STORE 671 BROADWAY, J. adjoining the main entrance of the Lalargc House; lie of store 26x40 feet, with two splendid show windows attached: one of the best locations on Hmadway, and suitable lor a jewelry or gen's' furnishing store, or any other genteel business. Will he lei st a very reasonable rent if <a'le<t for Immediately. For further particulars apply at No. 421)$ Broadway, or ai 101 East Thirteenth street. rpo LET ANC FOR SALE-A LARGE FIRST CLASS J. private Boarding House, ene of the very best locations in the cltv, now filled w 1th first class boarders, paying liheially; from S2.U00 to $3,000 wi rth of Ftiriilture for sale i< r cash or l:s equivalent. Possession immediate nr on the 1st of May. Apply tu l'RU E ? TilliM AS, 575 Broadway. TO RENT, FURNISHED?COUNTRY VILLA AND COTs late, in Westchester county, on the Sound; situated leas than ten miles from this city, and communication by railroad and stcamtio.ithourly; both replete with every convenience, including stuhies, outhouses, ,?c. The situation is healthy, and commands a Hue prospect ni land and water. Terms mi deran. Also to rent, an elegant stone Mansion, wnh groiincs, vineries, *c., Ill a tine stale of Improvement. The house is large and has suiiaide accommodations for two families. This ts an opportunity seldom ottered lo obtain so complete an establishment. Apply lo E. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No. 3 l'nie stieet. rpo KENT?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE ON x long island, seven miles irotu Brooklyn. Curs and stage* run every hour In the d?y. For particulars inquire oi RUFFS SMI Tft. Ifl South William atreer, or JAMES FABLESS, 71 East Twenty-third street, near Fourth avenue. TO LET OB LEASE?THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC brick ]I >use*, 1A1 Wasbingtou and 80 Walla streets. Apply at 97 Watrr street. TO LET. AND FL'RNITL'KE KOR SALE-TUB JIOUSR No. 11 Houston street, nr-ar Broadway; lias been established for ten yearn; now lull of good paying lady boarders. Apply on the premises or al 678 Broadway, Ural floor, front room. r> LF.T AND FOR SALE.?I'HEAK RE.VT8 -TWENTY hous-a in ihe Win improved part* of Yorkvllle, Seventyeighth. Eighty-third nipt Eighty-second streets; well adapted tor reape* -lalde lamllies, al rani* from $2&J to $100. oral prior* lio n 97.500 to $.1,000. Possession of same run t>e had by the Mul March. Apply io JOHN TURNER. corner of Eighty-sixth street and Third iivenue. TO LET OR LEASE?THE ATLANTIC HOTEL, TOR uu-rly known aa llie Wyoming, No. 333 llrecnw ich Rlreet, between Jayand Dunne street*. It ha* accommodation* lor one hundred guests, and la Mtuated near the depot a or the II ndn ii lllvrt Railroad and the Erie Railroad. Apply lo L. DEN1SON, Jr., 13fi Keade at reel, near Greenwich alieel. rpo LET OR LEASE?KOR A TERM OK YEARS, A L gentleman'* residence, on College Point, near 1- mailing. Is L, annul-d on Flushing Hay, with mansion, stable, outh"U-es, icelv use, holhnusca, large grapery and km ben garden, Willi abundHtion ol the very choicest fruft, dwarf pear*, apples, struwbrr.tea, currant*, raspberries, aspaiugus la-da, alt in the viiyleat eondlliou. Lawn of about right a>irs, with splen 11 1 shad* trees, Communication with the ctly a - hi. I sl\ t tin -a per day by rani-oad ami steamboat. Address V. W. II.. Pus .1,791 Post oBiee. rpo l.E tPE?FOR FROM ONE TO SIX YEARS FROM L Hi-- In nt March neit, at'ouiitry Store. Dwelling liouan and Harden. Lumber. Lime ami Coal Yard in eoceesxful ope r.ilu n. s.l iaie m a Ti.l ige on the llarkensack river, N. J., IX ltile* t i i-in New York. The *:o k in store, lumber, lime and coal in yard* will he sold at a <air valuation, and terms made easy to a rrspnnMhlenarty. Al?u. one Sloop and apparel will h old I ii aired. To a j*-i*on of business tact Ibla it agiaidopportunity to make money. The owner u. retire from the liip-inc>(, which In- lias eonducted profltahly lor many year*. Rent for alt the hiiil.tlngs and two aerea of ground. Asm pier annum, without taxes. Apply lo J. J., No. 6 Kerry street. TO LET OK LEASE?HOUSE AND STORE 391 t ANAL -erect, next door to the People a Bank. It wtilt>e let separate If desired, an I altered or put In first rate irpnir for a go-id tenant, w ith counters and ahelrlng. Inquire at the at ove number, up stairs, from III to 2 o'clock. TO LKASK. FctR A TKi'.M uF YEARS-TEN MM OR Oioundon lorty?eeon-l street, fronting on the Eu*l river, with litilkhesd. water thirty feet deep; ta suitable lor it wage, a foiin- ry or the munita-'ture of heavy ma- hu.ery w here good what t ac otiituodattous are required. Apply ai the Cedar depot on the premises. TO PLANING MILLS AND LI'MHER MERCHANTS.? Fur sale cheap, two 1'aning Machines, Ttlton maker, Woodworth patent, 14 and U Inrn planers. Both In gissl order, with beltlna for each. Will be tudd at a bargain. Inquire of II. F. DEVOK, No. 10 Pine strerl. N. Y. norauk AL.HU>.> HOTEL. AM) HOAnDIX# HOI HE, 63b I1U0aou sircar, corner Charles. Rooms hum $1 00 to 93. Hoard an.! Kiu.ini, from 94 to 94 per week, for singa persona; uuil from 97 911 tnsn led. T. I.AM BERT. Proprietor. The patten hotel, 2r7,27# and 291 Greenwich atr al. between War ran and Murray, la now dosed, repairs and thorough renovation. Dua node* a 1.1 be gitcu vl opanlug. POLITICAL. 7TII WARD.?THE DEMOCRATIC COMMITTER FOR I this ward will nirst, pursuant to adjournment, at headquarter*. Msdlson street, on thl* ( evening, Feb. , 1 J. l ull attendance la requested. WILLIAM L. ELY. Chairman. F .1. Exams, Racrctarjr pro lam. MUNICIPAL APFAOH. XTGTH E TO TAXPAYERS?OFFICE OF THE OOMlv mKaiiin-ra of Taxraan.t Assessments, No. 32 Chambere street, New York, January 13. 1862 Notice la hereby glarn Hint iiif u*?e*ement roll* of real and personal eitala of the city of N 'tr York fur the rear ltfi2 am now open for public ln?orctl n, ami will continue open until the 30th day of April it' ll, liu'tuaive. All taxpayer* are earnestly requested to call i. l examine 1 lie same, m order (bat any error* In the'* may he corroded. Also, all person* entitled by In ' 10 rediu'tion of iheli assessment* by renaun of being clergymen or lor military services; and also literary ot c; a'li?lile Institutions, oy law exempt Ironi taxation, are reUiie-ted to mskr applh atlon lor such reduction cr exemption. |trex iotin to the closing of the rolla on sntdSOtb day of April The following section of the act of April 15, 1899, is publ.siietl lor the information of taxpayers:? bntlON It1. the time the hooka shall be open to ptudlc Inspection, as hereinbefore prortded, application may ne m i le Ity any person con?i lenna himself aggrieved by the aeswnl' sloaiton of his real or personal estate, to hate the **nte c ore ted. If such application be msda In relation 10 tile valuation til real estate, It must be mad* In * r ling, staling the ground of objection thereto, and there. ti| on Hie Commissioner* *1*11 examine Into the complaint, and If. In tlie.r judgment, the assessment la erroneous, they shell cvt*e 1 he same to l>e corrected. It such application be tt.sde in relat on to the assessed esluat'on of personal estate, the applicant shall be sianupeit under osih by the said Comrtoss oner*, who shall l>* aulhorlxeil to administer such salh, or any of them; and if, lu Ins or their judgment, lbs assessment It erroneous, they shall cause the same lobs err reeted, sinl Its the amount 01 ?ttch a**c-*ment aa they may Irclt.xe to toe just, and dtcisre 1 heir decision thereon within thirty da*-* after such application shell hare bsdn made to ihsin No reduction shall he made by the Board of Superx 1 si if s ol uny assessment on real 01 personal astaie imposed uitdsr th's set, unless It shall appear, under oath or afire * to ri. thai the |*r1y aggrieved ess unable to attend within the |rn* il pie , ribeit lor ihe mrrcction of taxes, hy reason *xf so in*s. or ahssnee from Ihe city ?Laws of 1899,1'hap'et MM. Re.-itoti* and 10. A. .1 WILLIAMSON. J. W ALLEN. .1 W BROWN, Commissioner* ol Taxes and Assessments. 1411K COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC HEALTH, OF THE Hoar l 0! APIermen. will meet on Friday, lbs 14th Inst . at 2 o'clock I" M.,it> ro ue No. 12 C ty Hall, TEltRNUB PAULEY, 1 Committee CMARI.BS .1 CHIEF, J on ?li . x.' Itl VTitV t Pu 1 ia Uaallk WHE COMMITTEE ON DO.NAT.ON8 AND CHARIT1ER loll* Ho.iril of Coiipi- Iri'-n oi l UM*? on Thundav. FcHmkit It, i>? room No. SOIly 11*11. at 1 o'rfcic* p. M. All IH id? tuviitf buaia?* oalma ii*? < otniuluoe ar* i??it*d t,? m I * i* it it IBBCH. IIKO. A. HARNEY. GEOEUE ROS8. I'mnmlltao on DnnaHrniaand Chariitaa ,\KW FI BbK ATIONR. /illKAT BOOKS?RICH PLATE*. HIGHLY 1NTE tJT rt ? .n? WI.literal' ami rwatl. I?' loao a i#n rani tump lor . a'aioxo" anil (rrm?. Add:<na Jam. a IMai n, A Ui<al|ih, Canada Waal. \IHS II AN kl NS' PAPER 6 CENTS A CORY OH 7? .?l an'a a jrrar. Ellqnain*, Vn< f Hr rutjr. Courting, 80? '. i ir , Oil.lnat Hi ir.t -in in, :,j inli'ieiilnu manor*. 1i a' y i ilHBiah. > (HP' '* V * ! I'"? ofllra 5# Walkar ai, imoP IPWK of "1 'fTY WOMEN -*!* L an ir no 1 in "irai'n< *iMRi?aoi 1*1 laoi ri.i, . 110 .Ml?, nold n Uliaina, Hf I IHi1 fu ?.* Dlk? Ciniti litadluiP .Wo |ian' ?, A" ui irl?.,' R. OAl NT f, Walkri a , . a

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