Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1862 Page 6
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81TV ATIOMK WAHTtCD-riEMnKI. AKKHI K. TAHTE (IK It MAN WOMAN WANTS A KlInainui a*. ..ok uKr* York or Washington; under lands all l-iau. be- ... a. u|>, jeiliee and paaulft liuod . ny i6iK?ait? ( ail at Vi. i VofioB pla *, 'I >-boki n. X.J AKITI ATIO.N W ANTED?JiV A KL>TE< I Alii.K \t> Mi HUWA1. i? ?U evellrnt ouk an.I bak'r ami vijuld awi.i in lie wu.nlw* awl ir.<uiug. H >i o: ci y e:.? 1 mm, < an In* auen I or .wo .ia?.> ul I >. .'.Alii at , ay out: pair of aa r?. ('?. ? loom A hem e. ahi.k younu okkma.n oikl wants a tai 4t.-h.tni erauiiorio u.tnd .mildi-eu; can do ai.v k.i .1 <* ?-?*..Irn.irk li.., . .(.1 M oai ui> krf 74 ttlumig i.. betwei ii lir an., lir.. ml. (<>|> dour. AVIII N.i WIEKl' A.N WIDOW I.ADY WOUI.DTAKE a aiioatiuii at I.o.lo.n per loi ui.lower or bab h -or; u< obje.-i ....a i.i wu.ild i,o to llic . o.inily. Addreaa M Tboiupsou, ? alion K, AUS 3u ate. AVdl'Mi IADY WKvriNU A DISTINCT HAND, a.ab. in profile muiii* oopjiujt. A iur -at <?uUinx pui Urularti Wylii , Mad l ton 1.11la: t I'.isi oili.-r. AblTI ATION WA.NTKO-BY A RES1-E1 TABLE vunnt! a.-uiaij, aa .-..ok, la an ?\.elleiii wnehrr Itouei, or at rbaaibttrruaid and io do due v. aalinig and ir.mIII* Cai. lo- n-ru at hti preaelit plate, M'i W est tfih at., between Sill and ?th ava a SITT A IT ON WANTED?HY A RRttPKt-Ta Rl.K J\ yi.uiig ?nmiD, u in .1 rale i iiok, waUi r >ud irtmi r, first rale Tiy references ' roui bar last places for five or sir )?tra Can be ?ffu for iw.. day* at 212 Waverley place. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MI1>db sgrd woman, lo do general housework or aachani. be mailt; en y reference. Apply lor <wo days ai 316 ei. beiw en t'ougieeaand A ui y, Brooklyn AV1II Nil MARRIED I.A1'Y WISHES A SIT! ATiON a* housekeeper, in some respectable Apply lor this week 10 Mrs. Campbell, 140 Orchard at. ASlTI ATION WANTED?BY A RKSPElTABl.K yi.ung girl. u> doibamoei oik ami assist in w ashing and .roiling or waiting , nndera andl plain sewing; best of ctiy references given. Appy lor mo daye at 210 Allanuc el l Brooklyn Ayuim; crl wishes a situation as chajila-rm iid and waitress; bus no objection t > a?si-t in tlie washing and imniiic, or to take .are ol children; ran give beat..' ity reference. Call lor iwo days at her ast place, 187 Henry at., Brooklyn. AYlil'NU WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK and lo assnd In washing and Itomug; is a guoj baker ; or as < nanibertuaid, and lo <io tine washing ami ironing; has ihe be?i of ruy reference; .an be seen tor two days. Call ai 2S2 7ih ave., between 27'b and '28th sis., iliiid Wo'or, front luOfifi. A SITUATION WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do the housework in a small private family or to bo chaiuoerwoi s and assist In the wsshlii.' ami iiouuig. Call for ?wo days at ldb East 2.1:1, st Good city relereurecan he given. \ SITUATION WASTED MY V RESPECTABLE young woman, as hamb-riuaid and waitr ??. or to as. met with the washing and ironing. B ?i o. references Irom the highest families, bo.h in the ciiy and country. Call at Jdtl Weat Sist st. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS oorse and seuniatress; >an cut and tit children's clothes ui the neatest manner: tiest o! city reference. Apply at ltd West 26th sL, rear building, upper rooms. AYOI NG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM hernial.! and waitress; will a.sis: in washing and iron ing and do plain sewing If r*<(Oired; has good reference. Apply at No. 12 Sydney place, Brooklyn. A MTU AXIOM WANTKD- BY A YOUNO WOMXN.TO do up siairs work auk iniml children, or up tuns work and aseist with the washing and Ironing; tlie years' city reference. Can he seen for two days. 1,236 Broadway, between Slat aud t'2d sis. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GERMAN COOK wauls a siltiaiiou in a priviue Uuiily, has goo.! cigy reference. Apply (or two davs atlu7 6th av. corner of 21 si St., the grocery. ARBSPKCTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A 81tuation sa wet nurse in a r< spcclable iamiiy, Apply for three days at 63 Grand at. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS a good plain cook, washer and ironer, or would do geueral housework in a small respectable private family. Call till engaged ai 166 Dean si., Biooklyn. Good referem e if rr?oired A RESPECTABLE YOL'NO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITCatlon aa sesuiiiresa; rao cut Hud tit; uu objection ton*, aiet to cbaraherwork; knt of reference given. foil at her fureeent employer's, No. 2i East SI si at. A SITUATION WANTED-BV A YOL'NO WOMAN, TO cock, wiah ami Iron; good city rrlerence from la at place for seven years. Call at kill 42dst., between and Sthare. _ A DRESSMAKER, OF LONG EXPERIENCE, WOULD give a ]>oi lion of time, to the satisfaction ul any icatiectable lady, lor a home; the will cut and make ladles' anil children's dresses according to faahion. Ke.ereuce satlsfactory Call at illltiili av . uue door above U5tii at. A SUPERIOR WOMAN.-COOK'S SITUATION WANTed, by one who understands all kinds ul French and English cooking; supper and d nner | a tie* seived In ttw neatest inanner; i* a auperiur pat ry cook; nas lived in scire of the lirm families for a uuuibor ol year*. Call at 181 Eaat 17th at., lliia week. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION ASUllOD plain cook and exereltenl Waaler and nonet; would do housework in a small private tainilv ; i> w lllilig and obliging, uoobje, Hon to go tu the country. Three year*' ciiy reiervnre. Call for two days at Hi Mulberry si A YOL'NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM* bermaid and wail iT*a Call lot two days at 47 6tn St., between ist and 2d a vs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO no general housework In a mechanics family; underaland* cooking, washing uid ironing, la a good baker of bread; wages moderate. Reierencn given Apply lor two da)a at 240 Weal 16.Ii at., between 7ib and Bin a-a., in tbe rear. A FIRST CLASS COOK S SITUATION WANTED? BT a very respectable young w oman, who un icr?tan la her boeineM in all lis branches. He*i of city ielerem e fn,m her h? plat e Can be *een at A4 lotliSt., between bin and bib av.-., i ruin 10 till 2 P. M. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHER A SITUAtiou aa chambermaid and waitress, or to take care of children, or as seamstress; no objection to ilo llglil house, work or go to thi iiurury yi od 'i:y re.ereii. e given. Call lor two days at 2*S Weal .Vln ai.. between yih and Iblli av A* .A liAi rrn^j i I* i>> ?A m>p?*ciAbtr Pioie%i*ui woman vinu .i ait-iaitou u? cool; one who iboroug iiy undrmutnd* her bnainr**; she can prod'ice tin- beet r ir-^r - fY , the : r?t la.inlira tii Ibr rily. Alac a laundr*-**. lu^nly <h.oruri;r ruled from Ln laat employer. Boih yap be wen or iwo dnja at 147 fcaai llth at., in *!# caudy Sore. ' k IWMTABU YOI V I GIBE WISHES A silt A -7 Y tk>u ? chambermaid, a,hi r*n ito |> an. eu 111;, or to do jfoDeral houaewotk. in ? rwpectuble private imu.IIv iu (bit ei.y. Haa the best or city r'-ierrn e Coll at 111 Sutler >t.. Brooklyn. A DRESSMAKER WISHES AX ENGAGEMENT BY the nay, area or IlioUk... * ? comp?l-ul p?i uiti, ttud .u<WkU.nil? tier butineeii tboro , i t. <'.in give the Drat Of reirrence. Call at or add re** ~V ff?t Uith ?t? nei.t 6ih uv,, lor two ay?. A~~*" 8 GOOD COOK AND TO HELP AS LAI N DRESS ? A munition nanti-d, by u neat, comprint! e ou b woman, with food te'errtiMe nude t tutu t turut?. iwulltyan ! ra'wir, win pa, parry an !%-a1, ^'O n-r lt> e d >y? a1. LIS Kat-l SHiro, !>! '.^Lie to ioTry. A SITI ATHiN WANTKD-RY A YOLNU GIRL, AS J\ cook: u willing to do geneia: hotuewurk noohsf. tioD 10 a private boaiukug honer We?t of c.ty relcrenoe Call at It U'an at., B ookiyn second flom, front room. ASITl'ATION WANTED-BT A REbPE' TABI.E.MAR rted woman, u *? unrw. Can be re-n tor'.wo daya at 57 41at at., takrl lloor, .runt row n. ARBsPfcCTABI.R TOlNil WOMAN W ISHES A S|tl atlon *s Inuodres* ane ltu> ougui.t uooeratanila her hn ainaoa. aud h?? mitafa-ury i-lrrei,-. t an be < n toi wo day* at At W e-t llth at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A KESPEcTABI E HIRE, to do general honaetrora. Good ckljr reference. Ca , tar two daya at S6 K-n*)tk at. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO <lo general buusow ork. or wunl t uo cba.u -er work and aeatat in the waalimc an 1 irui.ti.;. gooi re< iminentia tivaa. Call for two daya at S4 Alien a . near tue eoi ner of Bro nnio ?l. A SITUATION WANTEll-BV A RES PR* TABLE YOUNG woman. to do fM.iaIn- %t*w.*<k in ? ?uia. priv* . Un.i. ly; tfl a giN<ti j t*iik a* iul?i r?' r?>wr?mn , -on , uo rn?E#? 4,000 bread aud hi? ml. Can b- u ?or i w > .lay* at 4lh?nii uv.. bpi*>?n % h a?u CPi * . A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A sITf A tb?n a* chain he;ma d and ? aitrr??. 01 to <! ? i hatiiU-r wt.i * aud t.ue ? a?hing and Ironing-. I a- im n >jw<dun to tfi.iid r.!?? tlrwii. brat nty rrtrraii -a Irm. b*-r uat p 4-e. Pali ai .W4 7ttt ; v.. in brtw* en .12'! an tti 4 YOU KG WOMAN LATELY EKOM ElK'PE WLsHE^ ! A a altdntbin aa nurar an 1 arainat i eaa, nr (*an a? t aa n' : % 1 rt envrrnraa. baa brrn a?*cn?tm?ri! iu rluidirn: ia oill n^to | n.wfcc briaeif uarful. w#,m ho ihyrrl. Pa.I at or 4(i??ir*? ' 47v 2d ?? f , urar Mib at . top floo r. 4 YOUNG G1KL WISHES A SITUATION AS A EIR^T ' w"\ rate Wj?;,cr a ! n* .Ik.*r bra! ?if C \ n?>iv!..'d i Iiom bar iMt place. ' iti I>? ?reu for two (J?>? al i'V) >Vfll ! I?i ta at. ;. 4 fOCN OIBL W1MUM A MTUATfOB CHAMBBB* _r!\. mat . mi l . aanat it u^. m <11 ,r?e ai.U ? m MMI; he?t If 1 lly r?fI .,1 M'T .ft | lir.' < :>.!? a??n lariwuila*. l.M W 26 b ?' AHEAMSTABM WOULD LIU T<> SO 01 ! iiv TUB rtajr. *-ei <r nntith. ii)v *, at ?>n.|... family aewia*. rlnlrtran ? ' l .?l all I liienriteii .,: i lion lo ( a* liimaebee.ilr <1 I r?^ i ?rilh I Ui K ? r I" I are fare. Ciil al 0. m 1 ir?lll* lib ' hal1?'"ii no M I t C, I or 1WO llHTI. A MTU A Ti ON WANTED ?KV A I'KMhMAM . ><; i lintlli, a? -'Kill .u t p i I'.a | 4rii;'_. ... ra . a .*.| Ing In *11 III l'r?itfli?? > : >1 g . ai'la i. I a,. ? family. H?? c ty rrfareii till ir?'ilt?? fin *.. tan I IS West filth II. a rrscei-taklk "into wants * am ation as i JV llfatratai-aik ara?liei a.i unit' . I? . .1. g l.eiaelf gei.a'allT uaci'ul L' m'l i i M 8-at if r-t-r* ,<-r call ac m> W?at?S<l A LADY. ClIVINU UP HO SKKBRIMMi WHHBS 1<| m ulu a I H 'llf 'l?f h"' ham ! m? a> d ..r.. i u I I* Mrillit.a iaaaaia in H' aaalilig ??IIiu mii: p-r.m-i iiitjerai.nmli either. <5bO St am-n itiilll a tg> ; t | HV?.--t b?in at \ SITUATION WANTED-BV A KE.-I E TAIIi.E , J\ j. una ,i?u aa ria.fc and i?'i0?1re?e In ? ainal ma I . I* .u i i-iij ten ?ii.** Can al I if Knl.i n a:.. K -?aIV , I ..i (I j lliaif \KIKST CLASS COoK WANTS A SITUATION -ONE wini tin. i i ill . 'tvlerw inda ha: hn*liieaa ami .-an gire ' Ilia ba?l ui rit ralrran.-i-trim her l<al plaaa I ail ba ?a?n inr tarn tlaya .? In iih *v , ac.we. i isjiii an i IShlt ata , aeomd ft.eir, front mom. \SITUATIi>N WANTED?BY A VOI'NO (illlL, To Do aim | eew ttgur eaii.ns. ha* e> , le.fl' ftferi-lire 1p.m h?r la-l place tail f. r no. ilata, ' 11?.ill 10 A 11 lit- i P II , a' h r lea ei.t-. ,.4r i 14 K.'.ai IStb at I SITUATION WANTED?lit A VnCNO WOMAN AS 1 _/\ ihainl.erii.anl and aaiitaaa; i? willing to aaalat lu ibg eaah n? and (r i.ln*; bA< ? n^ ,Wy r f. .a . . ,t | ,- I A ..1 JJlh at., b?ot*tu iai and 1.1 an., lot twu da a. L ' : ai KIT! ATION* WAITED-FKWALES. \KESPK?TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ...... - . u seam " "v pi ivau- iu?tiil3 ; iu b?r ?urk; wtliasaui in the nut a?r> or ia tine washing; is very upab.e of taking a 1-iuti drc?uf | U?-e Lit <i Kood and obliging family: f <>d city refe ivnae fit ui her last place. ('an t?e ect-ii . or two days ? Thu.a nay and hYtday) at W6 2d av., between M*i and .'<2 ?b* a situation wa m'ed-hy A person kl'lly com i *\ pernt. toeui and adies' and e.'Uidr* n dres*ea c j the la teal a:\le and all kind* of family sewing: * pernianem v ' n?L?i.n. | et inoutii. Call for two d.?ya at 2So 1st av. j neai!7tbst. i YOUNG WOMAN \\ ISHKS A SITUATION AS ? OOK J~\ untie rotund-h? r buhiiteaa periectl> ; w ill with th< I u asSiiu*; and mining if i cuuired . the be- u. city reatrence, I rail .41 iter aiu /..a ? , 2.% L-?l 3l?t at.v i* iwctu 4th aud Madi sou av*. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPBCTABLE young ,tri. a- wa re-s. or would do chain her work anu wanking; fMa ihe br.-t ol city reiereuoe frmn Uer ia?i place, Call tor two ?ia> - at 1M 7tb a*., beiwveu 22d and 23u si* . toj floor, front me.n, \UOMPETKNT AMERICAN GIRL WISHES A KITUA lion m? chauibe; tuai i and waitress urns chambermaid and j-.tin ?<am-iivss. Apply to-day and Frmay at 365 6th av.. third fl?e?r. \ HEALTHY YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES .? - tin .?* vvel aurse; Will make ber-elf useful. A?>j ly a: t>r a idi-est I t one week 366 6th av . between J2d and 23d eta., thud four. \ situation w ted?by a smart. indus. trimis servant girl, is a good plain cook: experienced in housework, and .111 excellent washer and ironer; neat and ?e liable Wages moderate f<?r the city and count: y; references unexceptionable. Apply at 113 Atlantic at.. Brooklyn \ RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, AN AMKK1 < an. with a fresh breast of milk, w uld like a child io wet n ir??* at her own house. Call for three days at Weat 32?1 street, third floor. Good references given. Hoi 8bkss! ib 8 position miir8p?ky a yo nr. tntellig< tit widow lady deelmtn^ housekeeping, in the fatnilv of a widower of neuDu; u a one wishing neatness, order and comfort, may apply, ihia day, at the third brown stone west of Broadway, north aide of CM *t No 127. House e rbper ? v young. intelligent, pbbpo ?-? >* rx^: American widow lady, !' capability and / <'. tinemeut, is willing to take entire charge of a g luleman s house, a widower'* family preferred; reference given. Ad dresa E. II. .1 , nation C, statin-w hen noil where an intrrview rait tte had. HO(?iirbrs.-i young widow, of one Op the phi families iu :h>s city, reduced in circumstances, w,.-hevtoa i In that caparitr to > geuin nan: hasnonb;ee Don* to go to the country. References gtvrn unit re?|ttlred. Address, tor one week, Ice*, Madison square Foul ollice, atatinn where to call. QITI AT10M VAITID-B* A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O jetrl. at up stairs kill, or 10 do plain sevvitigacd take care of children. Best of city reference ran be p, odm ed as to character and capability of emplojm tit. Any re-pedal le fannly in want of such will please call at or address store southeast corner of Rat mood and Bolivar ats.. Brooklyn, for three day*. orruatiov wantkd-by a respectable. tidy O ttirl. to do general housework ,n a small private fanttlv, or to do chamOnrwork alone; ia very kind toehtldrsu; the treat of refetem? given. Can be seen at ber p.eaent place, 33 3d av. QITUATION WANTED-A (HOD GERMAN GIRL v h ishes a sit nation, in a small American family, as chain, bertnaid. Inquire at 64 avenue A, loom No. 8, alter 1 o'clock P. M. WET NURSE -A RESPECTABLE YOU Nil MARRIED woman wants a situation as wet nurse; is wilin g to rake herself useful. Best of reference. Call for turee davs at 101 West 25th at., in the rear, first ttoor, trout room. V\TANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL. A tV ailuauou to do general housework; Brooklyn pieferrt'd. Address 193 West 39tb st. WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION AS chatnlvermaid and to assist in washing, or to do general housework ; bsa good city reference. Apply for two days at 96 Butler st.. near Hoyt WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMANa situation as cook, which she understand! in all Ita branches: has no objection to assist in the washing and lion'fg. no objection to go a short distance In the country: has the best of city referenre irotn her last employer. Call lor two days at 367 Eart 30th at. Wanted-a situation, by a young married woman, with a fresh breast of milk, as wetnurse; food relet ence if required. Call at No. 36 Ridge at., fur two days. nriimt ft situation, by a young girl, to TV do up Salts work or general housework in a small iaII!Py. Call for two days at No. 5 Debevoia at., corner of Fleet at..Brooklyn. \Vasted-by a respectable young woman, TV a situation as - hildteti'a noise and to do sewing; chainbei work if requited; good c.ty reference. Call tor two daya at 84 West 30th st. llT ANT"ED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU A TV i loii as cook snu to assist in washing and ironing if required: it capa'-le am! uudeistands her business; good reference given. Call at 344 0th av., between 16th and 16th ats., rear building, second floor. AIT ANTED?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN I.ADY, A SITUvv ation at seamstress, no objection to iravl with a iady. Can be seen st 336 3d av.. between 2.Vb and Sitb sis., third floor, front: oom. TV"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A 6ITUATl tiou as chambermaid and waitress, or as chambermaid ml toassist with the washing or sewing. Call lor two (lays at lib Eust 37th st. \\'ANirn-A SITUATION. KT A RESPECTABLE vv Pro estaut wouisii; it a good plan cook, wasb-r and ironer, and a rood baker; or would do housework for a smsil private family. Good eltv reference. Can be seen unul engaged al 473 Canal St., third floor, front room. IXTANTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, vv a i>i.ui.tlon to do chaiuberwork and flue washing, or cbamberwoi k or fine sewing; no objection ;o take rare of children; has four years' reference. Can be seen for two d-ysai le't Ell/ahetb st., near Spring. WASTED-A SITUATION, BY A KI R>T > I. A IS BOOKIt keeper ami accountant; hat no ohjei lion to coin:: out ol the city. i.est of re| treiices given. Address J. \V. Saniii, 173 Forsyth st. Wasted-\ SITUATION, A- POBTEBokSHIPPING ft clerk, by a Prntcs'aut married mm with good city rrfereniT, i* not afraid to work, anrk iron Id he willing to make linutei; u-eiul in any w.-y. AdureM for two usya Potter, b-'* 21s I iris, d otlive. 11*ANTED?BV A R :SI'K('TAHLE MARRIEDWOMAN, it acfmd f?i w?; iiunw; ilk* jiul lost l.-r own. n-rertoc*-. In-n iie i.jt mo d?jr? ai I7p WVn tint ti. fl*ANTi:n-A SITUATION, BY A VOl'NU <iIRL. AS 1? wmiirr-is, in a privu o tamily, ?i. ell; irle uiu from li?r last |.->cr Cia.l a! 39 U < ?: l:tib at. WANTED?A SITUATION. AS HOUSEMAID OR C >OK TT b) .i re*|w j 'It young worn. n, who t? ea|?ricn e?i in ttoib. lu'a itajj-.table fatnilj. CwlA a ' n !or two day* a; III WaaUuiitoQ at. U'OKK WANThD-BY MISS KEEEY, AT DRESS makrui >a a g'Wiii uittr aint gu?k uitl bTthkdk.v, 7i l*i- tit; or $A [?r ? ?? Ua'.l a: 149 East 2J at.. r.?o:n N >. I. Wanted-a bitcatiom, by a last, a> Mlia' II nikkar, in :i p at* tamili; or would go nut ?> ilia wa.-k or raotithi ^ll^rALl <L vWld?t?'? clathiuf. Addre^ Mia. >1 oEFft V ?'. oWce. U'Axrr.r>-A niTVATrov, by a bkbpectable y w'iog fill, Ai ' lutuiwi a<aid tn?1 waiter Be*l oily rale* reucegra Apply at 7ih a*. \lf ANTED?A *ITlATtOK, BY A RESECTABLE Y? %onng gin, i* utw ruber maid and waitreaa. or would do ^utr*' udti^wnik u a a mail ftnli/i good refaienr.-a g ven ?? to boncM.v id1 v.?paMlity. Ioquiit for two day a ?i 4b7 aih a?.. ?irer 'u-- diy %,o >dg aiore. II"ANTED-A SITUATION A8 FIRST CLA8U cuON YY thoroughly tioi'taiatida her b*itinea*: cat* give >u? oe?i of cRy r?!^r?-u'*?: n?* objection to go a *hon distance m ta<* country Ca:: at or a Mr en- 107 Kail 13th a\. ^"wfn 3-1 and 4th At?. i'iu he jor ihre* days j| no engaged. I\"ANTKD? A >ITl ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO" le* am g rl. a? i iiamt?erroa:d, aod to iimii ?Uu the washing or p a n aewitig would go ?? waRieas in aBaia 1. fatrniy. i all lor two -lays ai W ?t> ' dibit., n *.lih rem oae?iit*n?. WANTED~* SITUATION, BY A RFSPKCTABLS Y? > a wdiiiiu, atutfok; uodmatari la on i? iMneea .a a . i * ora lies; an get u|? diaiiea tti Amen -?ti <u French trie; loauii and ur'.ing h an l *ol bead aud ncit ?.?aer <jo**i ?l:yr?'anea ,-e So ?# ?>n i? t t ? i tryo 4. ;? ue hoi'i ung hO't* Can ' ? f'?i !\v.?.U)?a if it >r \l'El aM'RoE?MTCATfON WANTBD. BT A RBAl'Bt YT ia*-> ! ; 1 wet uit?e H*?i < tvir' in givea. Ap^w lb' East Uiii ei.. net p e?? a ? ' rh?a.1 U'ANTrO-A SITUATION HY A Kl> PF.? 'TA HLK If ig i[,r , t?i tl ? getter al (|?> >? <#j ?, vi in, * ill) im.J tiou o j ub|e? t|?n t?? ?f?? a nun dth'im.- tue ir* Cilia* t??. uu ro*? n N . (in ifti ?d . ataterioe U" A N T r D - V SITUATION t- LAlNDIth-* BV A l.iilul il vro uiti wii?> our > girynu.teM in n t ujt | One rtkiiaart* ail Kr?- i b ? .,* . to, ren -e Ap,?iy A. i\ i -'iWft-ii I an mil ti . *t* UrANTBD-A HITUATMB. BY \ KL^I'FTABLI y>< mg eoi?<?i, an no a * #*V* iri i . .m> o' too gener.. n ?** . ?; h tin ha it., HuriH yn. f ?? . ? %? an \|"AN1T O-AS! r All')* I > A * MfK. T ? B1.K t A Ml f T t? 4 ?ir. mn i b r 4-1,-1 do oiai hi lialu fi> A(v'/ ,r * ii??? ?t > 4' ll?iirj ??. u-tMI.D Ji \ Kk /K'TiHi.K Pf:orRyr\M A ff ti i in ? *lr?t ??4 . . k -ft. . ii 1 .in i? i butlun.4 I I hi* l'? ?awn II "? ? ? mrntnif 'rn .4" i i ai ,V> v Ka-i .* .? . '|i 11 'f nw I M I * tl'Pi'f.i HPI S flKM ' V\ i I i,i i jam ? 4ii wanr4?? u nil 11:144 1.1 '.'I |!l|J*l- 'It l-i ^11 .4 ||4 i JllUllj | |M I *. II 1-4 r I II I 4! U<: j'i4 * i j ' a1 I. ? ! 1144a I Ifi4# .1 ajr- ? W -4. jii.I ? ini MI 'i iN 4*11? I?I*. A N'T: D?A IAlit?N A- i:U"K IMI Tn A<-l<1 ?4 III t.i M 14 *>l III il'illf. ill' '1 4i|i4rt*l?l" a mil i 1 r I4 . I 4 Ii 44-1 tl*4 I'll' I? ! if l? 14.41?!.1*4. Al'lH. at I ii VI 4. A 1 4* , 1- 44 1 Uih an. 7'i ?r? U'AVTH'I-A AIITAMnN HV A RKMI'RA'TABM 41 11 i:*j a ? ?4 11 hi 111 a amall ihiiiiiV 411 gi<< tnc 11*4, i>l -ily 1,-.4 1 i- 1 11 Uar ,aa inai*4 a Ii it4 ?- Ita I ' * I 41 i.W i.4laye,:a a.. ?? 'nal i|hi an ol inn put a" Br io .ij 1 W ASTRB-HV A vocMi iitti.. v irruAriuv T( ?' in a4n. ia, Ini ,4-wnra, n ii.. 4|,| .4,. 4 ioi ail:n( 1 4.1 rn |4 4I-IM4 tin. ? liar u?i in 4 ri| 1,11111,d.iija nlii Tiiiarj 4 . . 01 1' 1 nf fIui ? rn .14 , H. 1..4 1 U'AVTKH -HV A KKHI'Rl' I A Hi.! AVMMAN* A filTlfA nun 44 4 I Iiii'i n iiia. I t ml aaui444 I a? an ,.J iWcnn ? Call >if?W?i lilb ?. lirANTBD?A SIH ATION, BY A YOt'hU <JIRT *!< f con ??r an hmt-*wurK for A tin *11 family. <? . ? r? -rrri? ?U it J? Wifrtn it., nt?r Mtcftn. Br<*.kyn, t! ih* mwiwii. tl'ANTF.D-BV A COWrKTKMT. TIDY (> IRI. A Sill', ?? linn *? nifw W ihlmliermiM Mil :??. i v f ki '1 tmd of ehldrtti, li?? ?i alltnt it? Mltr*r > l ?llfor two 'IkT* at **t Dtlwwewy ?t. rtar it ur.d Pool u la if. ?W YORK HERALD, THURS HELP WUVTEH- MALES. . AGENTS WANTED.?YOU SHOULD BE OH Vol R t 1 A guard a?aui?i a NEW IMITATION of our package. Tumble to i-ffsa!c? in any other way, tbev print their i package tu coloia like onrs, an aa to DECEIVE AGENTS IN ACQUAINTED Willi THE WORTH LESS TRASH TllEY I'l l IN ITIKM. WE DO NOT SEAL Ol K PA* K , AGES, aa tubers Jo, lecau.-e we arc not ushawt'd of the , quality of tite r foments. The ; UNION PRIZE STATIONERY AND RECIPE PACKAGE ? t N D ENVELOPE CONTAINS MOKE STATIONERY j atiu of a better 4'ieluv. uhdafa-r : PIECE OP JEWELRY I than any package put up in this or auy other rlty. Send :o: our cfivulara, which we will mall free. $.1 to $10 pe, day i an be tut'dc. We put In each package a beautilul and liie-llke ire. of GENERAL I.El 'ROE B. MoCIJIU.AN. A\10. , ' 7A valuable Rei ipea. 0 the ue L.i.t.eC Billet Paper. 6 ahe ta Conuner tal Note A Bolt'Ent c.opea. Paper. 2 hue Steel Pena. Cabeeta Ladies' No'a Paper. I fine Penc il. A White Union Envelopes, 1 aheet Blotting Paper in colors. 1 AeroinmoJation Pen Hold; A Laiilea White Union En- er ' velopea ' ALSO, A VALUABLE PIECE OP JEWELRY. RICKAKDS A CO.. 102 Naarau Mreel, | A QUITS WANTED?TO SELL THE MCCLKLLAN PORTABLE W RITING DESK, the tno?t neetctl arttele for ihe aoldier eter invented. , CAN BE CARRIED IN THE KNAPSACK, AND FORMS A COMPLETE WRITING DESK. Contains everrtning ueeeaaary for writing eighteen letters. T1IK .MUSI SALEABLE ARTICLE ' for the soldier now id hit. Price 25 centa Agents ?>n ?d everywhere. Send stamp for a circular. W. H. CATELY A CO , l(>2 Nassau street t Agents, dealers and meki Hants ; Wishing to sell the best 'PRIZE PACKETS ' OK STATIONERY AND JEWELRY Should buy ours. W> engagr :o give MORE 1 OR THE MONEY And batter satisfa. ttoii, because the 1 QUALITY OK THE GOODS Cnn always be guaranteed a it 1 relied on. Cirv ma.s tree. HASKI.NS A CO., 3d Beekman sc. N. Y ^ Agents wanted?in every state op the Unn n, to sell D slin g improved C; Oil Burner, l'or Kluid J .am pi i retails tor 121, eenia: require! no ehiinenev; over 10U pel rent profit to ugenta. Add reus Joseph Lfodin, 22 Dunn' street, near Chatham stieet, n. Y. Boy wanted?in a real estate office. who i wriies a g'K)d hand and iesid< s with bis parents. Apply ' at 27114th av., oetwem 11 and 12 o clock. ' Drug clerk wanted?a thoroughly qualined apothecary wanted immediately at K. W, Gardner's, 229 Newark avenue, corner of Cole street, Jersey City. 1 . I CMREMAN.?AN EXPERIENCED FIREMAN FOR A ' X1 hotel wanted; only a w.lltng and civil young man. accustomed to the business, need apply, at Sl'SSMAM A SM AIDE'S Employment utile", 176 Bowery. Stationery?wanted, a young man from 16 " to 21 years of age; must reside with his parents. One having some knowledge of the business preferred. State salary expected. a o diess Stationery, Herald ofloa r AGENTS.?THE WASHINGTON WRITING CASE, ' something entlrelv new slid beautiful, designed for the 1 million. It is made ol' Wood, and naatly covered with bean- f tlful Watered Paper, is in the sha|ie of a perfect Desk, and I a splendid present for young ladies or any one, and just the ' ariK-le any soldier needs. Is inches long, wide, 1 inch deep, and ro'ilains as lollowa ? 6 sheeis flue White Not* Paper. K Envelopes lo match. ? 6 sheets Union Note Paper. ' 6 Envelopes to match. 1 sheet Blotting Paper. 1 1 Inkstand ami Ink. 1 hue Peubolder. 1 fine Lead Pencil. 2 line Steel Pens i Calendar, In ? t Retail price 26 cents. Large discount lo agents and deal- I crs. Circulais free. JOHN H. T1NGI.EY, Bookseller and Htaiiouer. 1521, Fulton street, N Y. i DTANTED?FOR A GENTLEMAN'S FAMILY, A SHORT t 11 di tame Irom Hie cliy, two men?one as coachman t and groom; the other as valet; lolorrd prelerred. To suitable parties good wages will be given. Apply Rl 378 tith av., between 23d and 24th sis. N. B ?Bring your reference. ^ WANTED?IN A LONG ESTABLISHED DRY GOODS \ importing house, a smart lad, who writes a good baud, iacorreet at liguresand understands the German language; he must be robust, reside with h.s p.ireuts, ami give satisfac- , lory references si lo lils honesty and respectability, stating name, residence, ago anil previous occupation, or whether J mining <1liact from the rcbool ro >m. Addi e?* box 1,192 Poit oflbe. 1 WAXTED-TWO GOOD SALESMEN IN A WHOLE I ale'-atli Yunkrr Dull m house, one of which can in- n fluence a liberal amount nf i-.iah custom. Address, with rel'e- a kbsm, W. C , Herald uOoe. T1TAKTED-A I'LEttK, IN A WHOLESALE CROCKERY YT store; also an auoataut lo.ibkeepcr and corresponding c erk, and an outdoor salesman. 131 Kull .ii street, ? Merchants' Clerks' Kr 1 *'ry ollice. hitnaUom pranrM for ' respectable parlies. P.. IVretire to first class buuset. Kstab- " lisbed 1850. Y1TANTED?A COLLECTING CLERK. FOR A KIRr-T 1 IT clars rectifying diatllicrv; nium bavc the vaiy best reference for sobriety and honesty. Address, with ieference and experlenea, Distiller, t>ov SOoRtnuom, I WANTED?A CCSiOM CI TTER, AT 11IB CLOTHING 1 ature 87 Pike St.: none need apply hutu good. roller, . neady man; constant siicniion and good salary. Cal! to day, bctivi eu 8 and 1 o'c ool, al 8T I*iL< ft. WANTED?AGENTS TO SELL A NEW ARTICLE* ? every Lonwkeeprr need*. Alan, a perron n i1 h fiJoO cash. in a tirofilable ea?h business. For parilcuUis apply to J. EDWARD IRELAND. tV. N.i-MU si. 1 VianM MEN POR STEAK ERR, 2 CONDI CTORR, Tl 2 brakeiiien, - drlt era, 3 cierae, 3 patters, 2 b>.ys lor trade*, 2 express driveia, 1 entry elerk, a valet to go to ! Krauoe. Pistons procui ed for Dookltepcra, Ac. Apply at I No. 7 i lbs I ham fco tare. | ! TIT ANTED?AN OPKICKR'R SERVANT; ONE WHO J I I? uadtfiii'tndi Ukllg is: e " horarfl mm > <> < fb i * j 1 tiiuiprmnli onglily. Noii?* otli.r need apply .ai K /. 6 I # W?i?; *i., Thursday in on lie, be. ie 10oVl<>, k. ? * - - . 1 YYANTLD-A YOUNG nit MIDDLE AGED MAX IN A ?T II4U1 ? v?'i in^ liiifliif-RK, On? having t lotii $311 > $30 in i, O.ish DM III***' U I' 1? M good puHliOl) <hII lo-tJ.lV, i it in U to | 3 oVln i% mi 114 fmiMophci mrrrt. Musi be a good jud^eo* money. AN 11 A YOUNG MAN TO ATT*N5 A PI8H IT Kit Hikltd, niHAi um.t-rxtaud the b:i*ine * ? thoroughly and come \v. !| m-omui 'tided. Apply at 4.fc? i?;!i . a v., id ttie nor , alter li o clO'-k. " I TITANTBD?AN AMERH v. OR SCOTCHMAN^ as I I T? g.uunanuto Um -itML I'aiu atuf'K; a vnb !*, inditK- * | tnom ui.i t. mi.o can i fMii-j w 1! i >mm**ii4ied,?an tiu?i a : good *Uii*ii-*u by applying at -4k Broad at., ttout oilier, up I I ;.vr?, '.f .M cu 0*<nil 10 o ik k A. M. oa Friday. J i <*111(1 ? Al.ENTS WANTED TO OPEN AX OKltOK \ i PlV/'^a and iakr th* win 1'*141 ngency, iti e\erv Mute, tor Nil ?il L <?yd a divbi M: i iiy M^|w, uv 1 <?y o ir i'om- i man Tio* cbcup n nt*| i ? the tvorld. A 1 tune < ar? l??* made ot? maj> iu ra U S'eit**. Thr? j , Million < pie* oi one of lnyin.ipn a?v nlrrady been l j A'vi a man to go to fall ?< nta E u s-i l and t'. ?a Ag? ui?> jtlao wauled in eV'-ry conntv. Sen i r ?la 4 .1, T. I. IM hruadwar. d./'(|(| WANTED -A M \ N V. . I.OA.N Til IS ' ftOMMint, on s? uiii,. i. naV" a per.i aii' tit ' aituatiou to .?nn?-1, al f ItJ pei w? ^k.?nd eip-uaea paid. A|? " ply at F? inT?li ? i ?.t t r?rn*r Otlfi t fo? rth floor, room I. ' SITl ATIONiS WAMKP-JIMES 1 AVtil SG MAN 01 ROOD CH AR.VCIER WISHES A Miuatton id any t*?pe table wbere he ran make It in v?IT *-fal ;"fiinver?ea In togliau and Gerti en. ant I*ro-Mi at figure*; n.gli vagej q<m expected. Aduie-f .f. * Smith. 174 ?d at. AVOUNO MArtHIEDGKKM <N WISHES A SITUATION a* driver o* to take t bntg< o: boraee. Call a1: the Ikmk* I inmrr p ?n ? # r u.tvii vivm; n. QITVJkTlOR WANTED-KNOIMSlt, f? KUM A O atattniiar* engine: ran run nt'.t make n: enyli."*; iia* MfourjMra gpei *. ? AMrrMlHfHMVii, qitimtion wanted-a yolnu man. who mas ; | 0 Keen go ' -I iine.| 10 'he routine >f limine** tup eight j yrai* want* a ?llt.?i:? In * 01 v nT?e herlnare i 1 ti'fe wkem luilmiM aa I *0'iiiri? no l<> mc-i aviib in?r i. ] A permanent ai' aii '.i. i* ibeebiaf object el rue adroit i*er. AeJre " 124 Hr n I oUn e. fTO TAILORS.?a fl'lTER. Ill MKASl'P.E OP. PAT- | 1 tern aii't a *o|Mr.o ('.iter, waai* a ailiiaii'Ni. A.Jdrea* ' . N N , tlerald nfl -e. ll'as fBD?M4 a VOl Mi 41 4.N Eit< ?M r?i K orxritv, ?? a* I 'a* ton aarlerlf magi t-rjraiore: tuori'igliti on lei ,i.,iul ibe buatnea* .u i * no; atranl to * >ik A>M:e*-II 41 a*lire, H'la'i' ..3i e. U- ANIH' A OARDEKETA StTl'ATIOS it 4 MAR rird lli VI, ?? ? flr?t ?oti* 4t. ! t'.tviri* tlir Utt* ! ?.* tn .1'i : j? if: iiicl) ?. Tu* '?? ! >' if>ipii ? fiwu bl? U*l ! 41.?J ftfimfr *m|?.n/ ?! *. Nan* ' ?:? % p"^u I need ap|f.y. A?l:rr ?A <? . 1I'l ll\K' ?. i #.L. ' \\'AN I K!'? H\ A V'.t'MI SAN A . fc I) I a" ~T~< t ri A i ft t on ?* ah..'! ng -ei?. lr .in' i oi in * wl a;e?i' honae. Wage* no 0'ije i. A Plfe** It. 0. O . Her ! onh e TIIK TRAUKA. vol no man m ania a .situation as harem an mi ma i A ea*e?, in nllleorgat * nil n*t i: no ' e t .t|. In ; n, i.n* .' in <y Ailtlraa I ,r llli.'i- da;, a i Hi*":, bur 124 M*rV.t oh UOtl.EK MAKERS-WANTR0. AT THE S.jl TM j II 'H.a.yo s r.i ii Ki.g ne W . ?*. in, in ul Imliy a i ' S mm.- - iweim rnei?r?. N >-.e n i go ? ! no.ka.en nee i j a['j.i> A n tinee nr i i nr g in l n era u|. I - . N'oth k tn amhr ltypfhs -wanted, ,\ luf late ope . . In i .aTel l l MA- li t. ,V inr n -i I a; ) 'jr j e|.i |N Ik nil annar e.rrtblris I i nrm" 'i 11. v ch ' V' ,; !*. ta .in. e, i i e houri ' J I' M .ill A P U . *1 ,i K ' N ii t. a II I. e .-n. *ti * in - *?--i.t > ill fl'ei' f- "i r'.ni I'l iru I) NK:i,. A la *in'.. i |"*rt*- *.te im*f?. In lip mfi i r Mi : 'pn photographer. -wanted, a oikid ope II ra > .ui . pen* op ?> i.i g a.* an 1 i>iT"'' 4pr.r , i.i Tic i- ' ROCHE. as. j sp.i i.?iltk> l.A.ri,;t PITIES* WANTED, ONE WHO | I I ?* 4 4411 - 1 V * It? Ji|f 4 km ,4 (|| V%'I n ; Ailg'l va j* i \?rui'iir ot>r iHf * t < <> e 1 U'AMKO-A Ulfl'fiH AMI f.A' 'KKkKR ON HRAMH I ff |(M iA-up> *t 21! < n i!r si., . p 4 ?.r*. RKWAKDH. I L'lKft DoU.AK - KK A' aIJM. -Sfot EN PROM TDK I r an'i* I * * 4 i .' a e,| i.ay ||., a- ;<n , I , *?*ri n fK vi" irf ,111'hm !?' .'I in i-'iir m (| ui . I lurrj'Mi 4- ''Oly nici 'vi-m l.? ui ?? , *l?* ?hd?r<C A en > r tium i tn*rof?r? vlvi*? tauu l* o *oif i .??vn, ?-* ( w??f . VV? h)H'1 I?y * n*?u liiii.t Iifix-five y???r? uui. T *#ntr .] ?ll?v* fkl i't pu t la' tM I'r-'iVMjf'H lit# |?tv I trij, *u t tw?ntjr :lv I ? *'* >*fjn the an*in ftmi <vnvic i a 4 l?| in? Hi. ' (HI.VtmB # .?AltVIJt. IT; ftrr?n*lyr, 4.r RftWARD ? UfT. ON TUtsOAY, A HI.A'IK KKW foun.ilanA l? >g w??r.i?ft iir?M < .IU< im.irimn",. mm> of Whocv-r wi,i r*i urn (am* to II. MrO:u i , hnr*' utiwr, iN B?hi Nitirlranih ?ir?* , will receive ih? ? >, ? rrwari J>|ik ItK'VArtl) MTOf.KN, rKOM IN ION R4I.I. I IpIU ' ? I >? ?'M"? onitialltli lost , A ?r?? CaimO t Y ion* 14 .'? A-m.l* tffli. w li""t will r turn lh? in., , l i >| | - iri n t i nan. 12 i ?l?MI?t 4 ri rt, Will ri t.'olTf III * > , iflwn I 4 ' T IN nip ROWBKV N I. 41'. HI HP IH '

>Ti.'l. ?n- i p-wkn'-li Hid, .nainag t moai, * ,r j | DMI'v ail'l . " ifli l r hf?* on in- Ph.Im Bn,? tfniaj |tr- I u cemor: J; l.4#l, lor n?i! li.ju.1r?U ii' lliirr ' ' M. WARilWELU W l*AAUiten?tr?fi, j 'DAY, FEBRUARY 13, 18 HELP WANTKD? FEMALES. 4 li. families and good servants will find J\ the iargeM old rsiaeiisl.eo the corner of bill av ami lltn ?t., lor Groan, English, Irish and American wuwro. Mil. Floyd lu attendant*. G<-nd places always irmly Several Protestants > anted. American, eni.lish, ikish, scotch, oekman ami noted <> i vant* with the best city referenc s, an If obtained at No. 7 llth St.. near Broadway. Several good gins an Hoar wauled lor Ural alass situations. \ SMART, tidy GIRL wanted?in A small fbi * ate family, up town, to do the usual up stairs work so I Like i >rt' or two grown children' a girl ?vho s|>enk* Spa tush or From u and who can appreciate a good situation pie fi rred Apply al lt>3 Broadway , in the store. A l'BDTESTANT WOMAN WANTED? AS CHAMBERj\ maid; >int whs understandsaewLagand has lived in a private family; references required from her last place. Call at 18 Eaat 24tl> *L, alter 11 o'clock. Laundress wanted?in a private family; iiniki be eoin|>eient lo do line washing, muslins and tlut' ing; a colored person preferred, or I'rotektanl, if white . good rity references iudispensble. Inquire al 44 Cedar St., between I'd and 4. VyCKSE AND SEAMSTRESS WANTED?ONE WHO it rau cut and lit, to take care of two children, live sod three years old. Apply for two dsys, at room No. ill Oratnerey Park Hotel. OCOTCII, ENGLISH OR GERMAN GIRL WANTEH?OF O steady habits, use i to taac < are of children, and van do their setting; lair wages will lie given. Good eiiy reference required. Apply al No. 2 Livingston place, between 14th and tilth sts. IV"ANTED?A KitW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN TO f T learn a very profitable bus.nets; will pay (l.i to J2U a week at least, with very little, la'ior; is warranted steady iiumner and winter; terms low. Please apply to Dr. R. Love k Sou, inventors, 411 Broome st? corner of Elm, second iiory. YI^ANTED?A YOUNG GIRL, FROM 14 TO 1? YEARB OF T V age, to ussist in the work of a small family and the care if i hUnpen. Apply al 183 East dm ii st. YY'rANTED?IN A FRENCH FAMILY, A GIRL to do TT elianiberttork, make tires and wail on the table; good eferences required. Apply at 98 Ea.l 22d St. WANTED?A FIRST RATE COOK, WASHER AND ironer. None others need apply at 222 WM 28th at. IVTAXTKD-A MIDDLE AtSED LADY, WILLING TO YY ifaiile in Cuba with a re speitable laiuliy, as teacher ihielly ol the English and French languages, naiural and inmii drawing. Nunc but am h us are fully qualified need iddrrsa box 4,164 Post office. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY A NEAT, INDUSirimis girl, to do general housework; inualbea good vastier and inm r; none bill a w ilUng and good worker need ipp.v at Ml 4th at., Iieiween avenues H and C, I n m 11 A. M. o I V. M. IVtANTED?A SMART, TIDY, RESPECTABLE GIRL, yy 12 to 14} cara u! age, tu a mm at in light work in u small irivateCpnllp Apply, with reference, at 88 East 41st si., irat atone front honee front Lexington av. IVr ANTED?PERMANENTLY, A MIDDLE AGED. YY widow woman (American preferred), without incumirance, lor general auperintenuenee and a-sis.anne in a annly where only one IVmaie a. rvaut la kept, and help to ake care of three children. Unexceptionable reference as to liaracirr and disposition are required. Good wages and a deaaunt home will be received. McKeunec's Palace of 'ashlons, 200 Sixth avenue. I1TANTED?A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, TO DO GENERAL VY housework; must be a good plain rook, good washer md ironer, williug and obliging. None hut Pmu-sunts need ipply. Cull to-day, from 10 to 12 o'clock, at 251 West 22d si. ITirANTED?AN EXPERIENCED WAITRESS. APPLY YY ul 17 East 32d si., between 9 and 12 A. M. IXTANTED?A WOMAN, WHO IS A FIRST RATE Y Y washer and ironer and can do plain looking; she must omc weil recommended. Apply at 13J Eu?t 44th at., near .exinrton ax. nrANTED?TEN GIRLS, TO WORK IN A TOBACCO YY factory as strippers; none need apply but those accuuumed to Uila kind or work. Apply at 80 Front street, lieween 11 and 1 o'clock. IVTANTED?A~WOMAN AS NURSE AND CHAMBERYY uiaid in a small lamliy on Sialen Island. Apply at <o. 9 East 22d street, to-day, between 11 and 1 o'clock. IITANTKD?A NEAT, TIDY AND TRTSTWGRT1IY YY young lady, aa a ompamou for my daughter, any one rilling to do a Utile housework would in return receive be comforts of a good home, together oilh a annul comlensutiou. Call lor two days at 1ft Goerck at., between 4 and I o'clock. It/ANTED?AN AMERICAN. FRENCH OR ENGLISH Y Y woman, as coos in a first class private 1 o irding house: mist be a first class cook and must understand all kinds of nent, vegetable and pastry cooking. Wages liberal. Apply .t 19 University place, basement door. iVtanted?two atrnvK. neat oTrTTs, with good ft reticences, an waitress and laundress, mual positively le e.ithf r American, Englis i or Oennan; wages lmetal. situdioo permanent. Apply at 19 University place, corner of 9th it., basement door. iywanted?a protectant woman, as waitress ft ami seamstress; i lly references required. Apply ai 13 iMt?2! at., between 9 ami 11 o'clock A. M. WANTED?TO oo TO bobtom, nx ok kioht gibl8 to work on hoop skirta; steady work alt the y--.,ratul [iki I prices paid, as also travelling expenses: only those aepia.nted with the work need apply at Sua. 175 and !77 1st at. IViiliutnatmrg, third floor, between two an 1 five o'clock p. m llr anted?A S.MAliT, TIDV dike, AS NCR SB AMD ft ncainstreta, in a prit ate family; must ajietik i'rcllid, tnd c >me with unexceptionable references. Apply for two lays at room 70, Alben arlc Hotel, between 111 anil 13 o'clock. iy ANTED?a SMART, CAPABLE WOMAN, TO DO ft housework for two In family, living out of town; mual lean excellent washer and trotter and bake bread and plea. Oldress Help, Herald IBM, horsb8, cahrugbi, 4mu MOl pi; ROCKAWAY bob SALE FOR $*?.?A FIRST 19 c'a vehicle, nearly new, htiilt to order tor the present iivnir s us-; ha-shifting front ami panelled ipiarters; haa e-i n luit little used, and is In excellent condition. Can lie iceii at 119 Broadway, first floor. I .NO II BALE?A PAIR OK CARRIAGE HORSES. A HE ; in good condition, soauilaiid kind, very s yli?h In appearmce and faat travellers. Apply at the aiable in rear o l-f 'iftL avenue, entrance on Eighteenth sliftet. F'OR SALE AT A BAUli.WN- V STVI ISH BAY S \I?. die, eight years old, 1-or lurumr particulars ipoly to Coachman, coruer of Tweniy-seveuib street and In adw.iy. t.'wR SALE?KOl'R MI LES; LMtOK, STRoNfl. SOI'ND [ and kind Apply A. N. D.t loot of West Twentieth treat. ['OR SALE CHEAP?A HKOWN MAKE, 15', HANDS I high; you nr. sound and k i.d . can trut mi three mlnuiea II the tinte. Also ll.irnesa and Muggy, i desired rail at ,tdl Bion-lway, ihr r doors above '1 niriy-uintb (tree'. vtab.e SEW fLIB STABLE TO LET OR FOB SALE.-LOT 25xlf7. in Tlurtjfthiai street, 150 feet I.eloW Sixth ave me. T.-mis liberal. Apt ly at 1# West Twenty-first or at 109 earl street. Key at I .'Jill Bioniway. Ponies FOR SILL.?THE ADVERTISER HAS mlye i at 3 let html Ponies which he will sell ai a bargain. Apply ai the arable in learof 1st Fifth avenue, entrance on t.giiteenth ft reel. TO ICE DEALERS -THE ADVERTISER WOl'LD CALL the attention o: hia nulna on* patrons and the puolti; ii nerallv to hisehoe? a??i-ri mailt |fd ready made Wagon*, bitct tOiV AMD PR1AL, 18 Ninth avenue, corner ul iVrfioilh street. U'AMEO-A PERFECTLY SOUND HORSE, ABOl'T TV 15 hands high. In fn-hsctft for a go d Lever Watch an t I'haih oi .leaelry. Audiesa 11 M , box i SI Herald ofth e. WANTED?t LTC.HT ONE HOKSE TRl'CK. ADTV dreaa, staling livma, A., box gift li -tald oihcc. tuiriiino. x POSITIVE FACT-LADIES AND tlENILKMK.V IF gV iml Want t-ige, the fit ! value lor your failoO Ouilttl-ill, knrnftute,s'arpels aud Jeweliy, lue i.i-et jmi 'an do is to :*!! Oi aeud a u t? t" A. II ARRIS. 531 Third avenue, between Hi rtx -eighth and Tj.t'.y nlntli v.reels, cad side. Ladies at ,-u.ted to by M s Ila. r s \T F2 NINTH STREET WEST OP BROADWAY (LOCAllmi en rat), a ueaiiy furnltbed front Parlor, on se-oud i.. r aiihiii w.iuoui He'iicom adin.nin' Willi If.tar1.for .rnti'Hoan mid aim Hall *nd tnl??*r H oiim lor l-ui^uit-n. D 11 a* ?U o'ctoci. I'tievi ep;n?n*b ? rrle. j2n ho ?r?tf r -mitrd. \OltKA1 DSMAKD TOM CLOT)lfKO fCMITURB. t A? ? Lmmihv ;,nil genHcinrn An inn t?#U I- wmc |?ii' n ?for p :1k ironi $.*> >o $* . for ?uii?, 2 r>?u $'} lo tH. J?m i" $f? ?t ?*! riff on or art* rii.tuji iiv po?t >1 Ato2.51 tfrr**iitli ovhi?ii . T* "t t \ il i?; m l T* ?r?t v-mtU a i recti. Ladiei attcndf 1 to bv M A i IIUKAT I'Mfi* VICTORY lb OAIND -I.ADTES AND rot. -!!? n u Iia* !> ?, v.riot iouf iii bettic pronounced by h, n.*or. that H Mint/, o: 17*1 Tuird iventif, ha* Iwn i i . ' .ii- 'i.ptiie for ?*?t o.l i'j. f'.?r ft??n i ;r1 .n l menua to con mi ?? n ? i y ?u will Ihvoi mm w ;i .? - -?r >11, Iff mil :? a liwmbutf'tln* ? mnni'tinty b? > : n; $t'H /Ilk ire**?*, $? ?lor r??l? or$7 .01 pant* n l.. "y tHl.T d?ai* ?; hM ?! * +* to | hv t r> t m 1 value iir???<* .* i?i? fji i:,?h Plea** fine inner ih h . :! wtn w n .1 r i Ml.NT/., of 17# Itiiicl aientie, n* it Srv*nte*nth nt 1 !" I* "iitii av"ihh . I..iii*** tcrnten l?y M;?. Mini/. i DK> AND.?SHOW WORTH OK ('ART OFF CLoTH U l .il'jti t f I li.lliiv 4?i?l .I'Wi li v w -tttlftl. ('ir w !| I II ini m??-' vh hi Im' obtained by ?./?Uiti?; on oi ani-ire* i K li ?'. Siktii iwinn1, n<f?ai W?\enfv | >i:i ! i iii"i h> Mi?. E. II. Pmi' r?*mr itioer .ut ir/Tf* alb ! I \ S A rON!.-lliM<l rA??T?TO I.AUltS AND OKNTMi j\ oi n ?. . .i .ifit?" *o t?,?* tiig0f*%i p'-fi-" ?>l mtf iMi ei it iff. o.? Cluihiri./ K?ii until*, t wrj#*?* Ar fra I on Utf* M <URv*? ti:li !#H'li"? ?Ht*nd?d I r M a M AT THE HALHORNIAN AND WK.ilERN AUK NTT a\. S'or** lb** tiiyl*H-l \>* ij-u iiitiMl |?ir ra?l ojf t'i-i ti ii I arpf . i v, A< I*' 11 S.Ik D.fMfS. i rotii pin i V# .oil 'At-., irom |. t i$Sv I >i P.r.iis. itmii $1 Ml l) $i. \ ii i'r ? ft lUrn*, 3.VI Bofrrry, '?? } onltf i.i? h J on' ? ttr-f., Hlii Of ptiin nmly aiif n i??:l to. I alif ul? U by Mr* flarti*. Vtilntaun, i.ainf;- ami ( ? i havr. ji.?; ia I lied f A *) ( > pun h.iac caal '#'1 Chitoui/, Klirm t : r <n I t or, j (or i tiv I nla InarAel. Id' pi miliar In p?? the lUKiirat IT.' ' IT. fi?? '|ty tn ca l'm ?n "r Inr?a?ili8 .1 ? to K MINI/.. 1.17 Sti'u avenue, two door* nOone Tenth I r"*'. lAdi.-a alien led to hv Mir Mmtr K?iin?.nl>"r, 117 SUiii arm r AT IW SEVENTH AVENUE, IIADI B - AND UBNTLF int'ii ma dl4|n ?ae oi their cam oil UlittUiin, Carpet!. > . rnlntf? an I Jrwetrj I uunrnntee to pay (Afty |wr win more than any other c??!?e in' t.ic i ty an I not >n nr At .m tni|?eii iiv ureal | .,1i utid talae |i|?'r|ilfii. Pica*' cat' on or aiurena.l. Antia'i IS.! Seventh aernue, Dmween Twentieth and TwriMj -rat iic.ela Ladle* Attended lav Mra Anna '. At tiib new .stand ar. third avenue?i.adtes an:! ^entl.'in n ran eecore '.ha f ill Rail." lot man CRIt u:t cloth 'tip, I?y ml HA on or a.liraia *14 .IA' DBA, Tell Third avaoii?, beturm Twenty I'm I atia Twanty-lo.irih aliaaia iJAdi-a attended by M s I . Jacn'ta. AUREAT ylTANTITT OK CAST (IKK CI.OI III.Nil w anie I, Ewrnltnre Oarpeta Jewelry. A , in supplr in# VI rataln mal>'l. I pay a* fnllowa ? Knr Silk Drraec- from $lf'n$4(i. I'oat*. from $1" to Mi, Pano. from f.l tc $?. ' <: 1 >n or aditrraa A Dl'i AS. 214 H-rrnil, avennr, between r.teiiiy.fntirili ami T.venly-ufih treata. I.adtra anen.ind to . Mr?. (I . a SI'liEXDlD OKf'OKTUNITV-t.ADIKH AND URN. , \ tb-inen of 1?'. Vol and vicinity can procure lha ?- ' " h pri.-a 1 ir ih"t. c.nt ?T Clothing. Kurnl urr.Dirp it .p , "j < ' 1 1)4 1 01 a : !""? ? t.? Vra J. riOLDRTRIN, IMSerenth a'-entic. Uanilpiucii .im <, til by Mr. Ooiiifieln, 62. BOARDIKG \\[) I?OD(;iKCL Animbkr ok pleasant single booms ro with Boar?i, suitable for gentlomen, at 22 Went Fourt??nb street, between Fifth and Bixth avenues. AT M EAST TWENTY EIGHTH STREET?ONE lakg E and small Boom, well furutaiied, on third lioor, and wnh plenty of pantry room, to let, with Hoard, <?u very reasonable terms; also, a nit of Room* on lirat U? 01 ; hoi ms Lr?t das*. RiTerence? exchanged. A;GENTLKMAN AND FAMILY OR SINGLE GENTLEinen uan have Kooma oil ill - rirsl or aecoltd Hour, luinuhed or unfurnished, with full or purtlul Board, in .1 bouse newly painted; in every respect desirable. Inquire at 1US Eighth ktr? et t'liutou pl.uv. A handsome St it of rooms ok BINOI B rooms to let to a few gentlemen or a res |?ee table ininiiy. t. riu* very low. Dinner st *11. Apply a? ItM Hum T\v< utylirst street, Gramerty park. ATiIMI HANDSOME FRONT BOOM,WITH BOABD lire and gas included. Also two or three single ;:cnoe men can be accommodated with Kooiuh and Board, on very r?noniblc teimi, hi 921Christopherstreel. cornet of Bleecker. Am I>I./we, rAMJLI HAVE A HANDSOME SUIT OK 1 Rooms, on iirst and second iloora. neatly furnished, lo rrnl, with Board. Family select. Terms reasonable, Reterenee required. Apply it MlLexington ?w?w. , A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MOKE ROOM 1 than they require, will let one or two Room* to gentlemen, with or without partial Board AimD at 321 Broome street. 4 SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING TIIKIR 1 al oh n hrowu stone house, in union desirable ioti, wisli to n ut to a purty or thr. e or four, a bsmlanur lv furnished suit of R.sims, with Board. Ours and stages h ate the corner for every part of the eity. Inqune ut 72 West i Thirty-second street. ! A PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, NO. 57 HIGH street, Brooklyn, within five minutes' walk of Hie Fnl- : ton ferry, or the United States Navy Yard. Terms restunaul. . ' A PLAIN AMERICAN FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO olitain a gentleman to BourJ or lodge; terms moderate. Call at 1S4 Charles street, I A PRIVATE FAMILY OK TWO PERSONS, LIVING IN West Twenty.third street, having more room than they require, won't! accommodate a family of two or three persons with handsome Apartments. The very heat'of reference (lven uod required. Addie-S L. P. R., Herald oilier. APSIYATB FAMILY WILL LET, WITH BOAKD. A Suit if Hoonts on the second floor,making pleasant I apartments for gentlemen or a gentleman and wife. Also, a Room oil the third lloor. Location No. 3 Last Thirtieth street, net: fifth avenue. AOENTLEMAN AND 1118 WIFE OR TWO SINGLE j get::man i an he aw otnmod no I with Board in a private faintly, where there are no children or hoarder-; house oontains all modern Improvements: location very pleasant. | Terms, $ti a week. 100 Letuy street. near Hudson. A'GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR ONE OR TWO single gentlemen, may lie accommodated with pleasant Rooms, with or without Board, at No. 42 West Ftltuenlh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. I AT 155 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. DAY BOARD, i $3 50; Room and Hoard, $4 to $10 for one, o. $7 50 to $13 for two: (ires aud gas included. Brvakla.-t at 7, lunch ' at 1, dinner at 6. , A FEW PLEASANT ROOM8, WITH HOARD, CAN BE had at 85 (/'Union place, near Fifth avenue. Dinner at six. Only a tew boaruers taken. | A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR-ON second floor, to let, with ha ud. The boose eouiaiiiB the 1 modern improvements. A qsiet home realised. Location eligible. References exchanged. Apply at 23 Grove street, between Biceekerand Hudson. AniOHLY RESPECTABLE GERMAN KA.M1LY, ! without children, occupying a first < lass house, ?111 let a choice of neatly furnished Rooms, Hoard o: private table. French and English spoken. Apply at 48 East Blerckei street, near Broadway. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH PANTRIES ' and Bedroom, on second floor, front, to let, with full or partial Board, to one or two cetitlenien or gentleman an I , wile. A good table. Termsluw. References eichangi d. j 'H Fourth street, two blocks west of Broadwsy. j A SMALL FAMILY WOULD LET, TOGETHER OR j separa ely, a suit of neatly furnished Rooms, on the first or second boor, to gentlainen, wilb partial Board if de- , sired; terms moderate. Apply at 91 Wt si Eleveoth etreet, near Fifth avenue. AT 122 NINTH 8TREET, A FEW LOOKS WEST OF i Hrouduay, a gentleman arid wife or Dingle gentlemen can obtain pleatanl Rooms, \?Rb Hoard. The bouse i-nniath? ibe modern improvements. A GENTLEMAN AND FAMILY OH SINGLE GENTLE j men nn have Koum* on the hi nt or wound lioor, i nr. nlnli. d or i.m urniah.d, with lull or partial Hoard, in a nonee uewly painted; In every re.-pea desirable. Inquire at 107 Eighth street, Clinton plare. AVOI'NG AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, HAVING j Ml with a if verse of eircitiunlanreH, would like to make the acquaintance of a party of gentlemen, wlHi means, wito would arsist her in taking u house. Furniture given for seeiirity; or ?111 Board th? above. For further partirtt- , lara address Mrs. Duval, Bioadwuy Fost oflice. A PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY HAVE A HANDSOME- ! ly fumiahed aim ot Rooms, on second floor, to let toMtlMrtr Ifiiy*. Alan, * single Room, with or Without Board. to gen.lemen only. Hour firm chut. Terininoilr* I rate. Re:*-rentes exchanged. Call Ml 46 Weal Hikleinib ( street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. AOIKTLENiX WISBBS BOARD FOR HIMSELF and family, in a desirable location, above Thirteenth i and below Thirtieth streets, went ?ldw of the city: an enure i s.'cond or third Hour would be required; a private family preferred ; beat reference* required. Address Jackson, Herald < olll o. A8UT OF VERY l'LEASANT ROOMS, ON 8K<;O.W> 8 orthrd boor, front, with Board, for families and .-In- ' gift gentlemen, at $.r> per week; house first tlasi, recently taken and new ly furnished. Location unsurpassed.* 4 are requested to all immediately at No. 5 Brevoort pla e, Tenth street, tbite doors west of Broadway. Reference* re* 1 Board.?to lbv, win board. at km bbookd av ni.e, between Eighth and Ninth, two nicely J furnished Rooms, uitanle. for cer.tlemen and tin ?r w ives or gentlemen. Location very desirable. References exchanged. BOARD.-GKNTI.EMEN AND THEIR WIVES OH FIN- J t>)c geiitienien can be ae. oinmot'atcd with Pa lor and 1 Bcdromis or Rooms, a> 178 Wen. Fourteenth street. Tmius moderate. References given and required. Dinner at 0. BOARD4?A ran 111 FAMILY WILL LBT VO TWO single gentlemen or a gentleman and wile a Intge, 1 hau tome back Parlor, to be furnished with row wood I multure, and a >in;le Komn on second floor, to a gen*lemati, in a first cots* brown stone hou.-e. contain.og a!! ih< modern tin- 1 pro* raenta To pert ma Un4 al boa ruin | bousec, and Wuo desire the comieri* of a home, tHi* oi? tea rare op|?o;-tunity. . Terms modern*', . nd references e\clmnged. So. 7 ) La. 1 Twvutv-M'venth Mce", near Fourth avenue. I Board?two front rooms, on the second floor, and one on the lourth floor, tog? ther or *< j *iiU?1v, j with llov-r i, st No 83 Clinton place, near Fifth j Boamd a small fromt room, or firri FLOOR, eaa ba bad, w|.h Board,on moderate terms, at IU>i Mutecnth street, neat Tnion S4|uare. T ie house is fine ) Icon ted; hue gat, baths, but and told water, Ac., 4c. Dii n'*r at j aix oYlo k. , Board?a private family, matiho two i n oc ttpled hoome, would ac oinrnodate a gentleiiiMii and wife, >?i two or three tingle gentlemen, with fu 1 orparttal Boiird, where all the <*omforls of home may l?e o named. i Apply at ItmTw enty.slitli aireet. near Eif h h aveti ie. , TIOARD.TO LET. WITH BOlTFD ONE MiifiU .D unable l'>i a K'lilleman ami ?i>; terina ?lOp<-i ??< ? ..' 1 Alxo Iwnrnd Ro ma, auitab e tor anye rDllrmm; t*rma i $1 per wet k ; ilmner at 6. At p'.y at Xu. 10V Eirat Fool ieautli rltii't. Rtii-rrra required. ( Board?viTNtsiiED front rooms on the be. fi u I floor to l*t. wini Ruaid. II nine modern: luvai.nn good. d nn*i art ecu k Iteierenrea exchanged. Apply j at 81 B em Twe oly-xDlh ai-vet. Board in the city or cocktry?parties 1 Icnkiiig lor B'tanl will In- dtre.-tert without marge. Tnree having art OfnOindatlone lor 1 oardera can be provided for aceeptably by adclineing partlciibra to a. C. Junea a IV, M lit nawraf. BOARDING DOCKS, NO. 19 1" MVF.RSITY PLACE, (oriieruf Ninth aire-l, to i rut Inquire at No. ti I niteiai.y p.ace Board wanted-kor a gentleman. wipe, sku rant an I bane, in a amall lamly: juration lalnrrn Twelfth aurt twenty-eighth aire*ls. Tney wiab mo nl rl I in nUlirii Ruoma. adiuinlng;a tun. I rloac't ami Proton anler III nnoi, a yintl l?lt|? an! ailt iitlain r. lire and lluli -t lo wlilt h tney w P. |.?y $14 pei we'k. Addrea*, by rqail. A. l'., Engineei (till e ( ro'ou Board. Eaai E ghiy-alx'ib airrri, TlOAItD WANTED?A FPKNlsigED SECOND STORT A# inn i Rmuii, by an aideily widow lady, with lull dinner a I o't liv k. in a i.e? table In atom Heat of referel,'.t ? re. qnired. Atl'lrt ?* I II K. Il>'1 nllii e. Board waniED-i ok a gentleman. wipe and da njlit.-r, al*tt lady and * It. location trnin Tent*, ttuiiet to Thirtieth, in a an it iv private faintly. Tno*e wmh.n* to retlnct evpei.a a and apleiatln httine n|j a itlreaa T. IV. m , Inn HI Bro i*lJli P' at ?IUl? llouae and location in'.at be tip top. 1I0AKD WANTED-A HANDSOMKI.Y H'RNIsllED II Rootit ami Bedfuim, ronnee nr. with drat r,,., Hirtl r ir a rfHl!*miiti ami wlie, wh?ie th*\ .mi en tot the nun lort a ?. nrt home Irea'ton ?itove Eighth Mre."'I and he. lae n Ktmrih an I tt venlli avenue#, ieniM lie veiv mixieia'r Addreaa, with full partuolara, Board, Inn 1(H) Heialtl o I ce. Hoard wanted?kok a gentleman. wife, in latil. aeriai.t, and ala ? a lauy. E.I winui l-Tinriieoth a d Thirtieth alreeia, in?.?i Fmir It and Beirnthav-nnaa A Idreaa, wi o pyrin iilare I. . box MM New York l'oai i Sice Botrd wanted?for a lady, is a private lamer, web in - aim was. pit e n n to exceed $t? per week Ad tie-aW II. H , Herald office. Board wameo-hv a voi no lady; board not In a\' eed l?" Vfck a private ami 1 *!?? taniily I : hi romfori* a hum* may Wa had. A<i <lr*a? Var.a ny Friday, i*?* IU Herald ofT? ?. BROOKLYN S'S.I.K OERTLSXSK OR OEXTLR turn #n?l their wirrfl, <i?nritic Board and pi?:a?ai?t wr?ni-. ,11m m.rir ??-,? ^"J' J ' "r ?tli|?T IV|i le<i ? of a home, ran have Ihe Mine OJ applying hi IKICuiigreat atrert between Hivkaanrt Henry, Brooklyn board?nf.cord story front room couple; alee Room* lur egentlemen; terina mwleratn location Rep.ginfui, and wnU'n three minute" walk "I -o Ith or Wall ali-net terry. Apply aiM Harden alreot. Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn -a orntleman and wife aian two ? n?le iiil-nitu, van Oe aecnniitioMated u ilb I pleaaant Room*, mi niaacd or tinfnrniaheil, l.y appi. I ic at .Hi j mate atreei. live uimutPs litom e iher tl.e Montn or Wall i elm -i ferry. Dinner ni ill nYhu'k. The lioiae ha? Ibe I modern ImprivemeBlk HOARD IN BROOKLYN .?TWO OR TKRM FLRAMAKT Roon.a atntatde fm aiimb- gentlemen, may beooiatneit ! by Applying at M ConnM atreet. The hm.a* la reph-te nub the modem Improvements and In au eicellrnt I >ca Wit. Con tenleat to ib inirir-a HnAIIR IN BROOKLYN - A LADY AND OKNTLF.M VN nr tan amgie gentlemen ran obtain j-leHMin K ami mi l Hoard in a email private lamili, at M Rial* ?'reel, w .thin Ave mln ilea' walk of Mouth and Wall at reel ferrtea. Dinner at ft* o i <>-b. IJHOOKLVN BOARD.?FIRST CLARK ACCOMMODA!D lion lor a gentleman and wife or >wo nr three venue. I.. -ah aiienilon >or mforl; a front Room,a--cond aiory, fniBithed or not. lernia ?> ty tiioilerate Apply at 77 Blatc atreet. opposite E.iiiiey p.?*. New two fernee . BOAHI>IXG AND LODGING. Brooklyn board-first glass accommoda. t.uiik f. i- a gent ennui and wife aud lour or live yenOauiuu. with every .uieuiuui to roud'oi i; Frontand Ba k Roou^ on aeroud and ihird atory, and Hail Bed rooms, all handsotna ly toi uialo'd Term a moderate. Applyat 1(14Carrol atieet. Board in Brooklyn.-two pleasant rooms i .get In r "t seiia.?ir, iu tin* houar ol a small laiudy' Baili in ilio liouae. 'I*'runt moderate. Apply at 77 Cliiitoa a reel, on-- dooi iroui L.nuiiaLia. Brooklyn heights-a pleasant furnished P.irior in i flit, with B urd, to yrntletnen, or a grot lemon .and ui; .iLo a Ko<ioi lor a aincln gentleman. eligible Im atiuu, is V\ iiluw airect, witinu three minutes walk el' Kolton let r ,. IIU'RNISHED ROOMS TO LET-TO UKNTLEVEN. IN a small private lamily; entile sto ned floor; three room*, with lies - -rrules and ai. Terms, let together, $.' per week ; separately, gg Hall on or addreaa Joliu Rons, IIousei A*ent., 4s Eighth avnime. TjU'RNlSHED ROOMS TO LET?SOME as LOW as ? I" perweik. Kire uud Breaitlaatcau lie had if required, ti 1H0 Mott alt eel, three doora ubova Broouie. S U. pen and I cars ciinvriileiu In ail purtaof theelty. I E^LTNIallKD ROOMS TO I.KT?WITHOUT BOARD, IJf I F a hreueh private amlly; house eentalna all the model n improvements. Apply at 35 West Wa-hlugton plaee, neat I NklktMMh I XJIl'RNISIIED ROOMS TO LET-TO GEMTLEM EN ON I A ly?.6S Broadway.?One large bark Purkir, on II rat floor, an.I u large front side Room on sei-ond floor, with all luodet u improvements. l.o within pleasant. Furnished booms to lbt.?a pleasant front Room ami Bedroom, ueallv lurniahed, with conte nienre* lor housekeeping, to let. Apply a: ill Wert Twenty roiinli street. near Ninth avenue. FBENCH BOARD?FRENCH LKSSo N s.?a OOOO OF pjrluuity to learn French by practising and living in (be him*.- and among the family of a Paiit-lau French teaohtr. Apply at 98 E..*t Twenty-second atreet. CIOOD BO ard AND 8UPBBIOB ACCOMMODATIONS A ill a large modern house witli all i'nprovetnenlr, with a am all family (no children, no snooping around), may I.e l.atl In a i|Ulet, genteel neighborhood on rea-unable terms he a lion between Bicecker and Eighth Mieetaund weal oi Broad, way, for a l.idy and gciitieiuuti. No better sc orm/UM.a,l.,na in New Turk. Imutoir. Adrireaa 8. O. B., Herald aflka, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR CBN TLBma 11 and lady, Board for ituiy only; also Board lor a ingle lady, at SJ East Fifteenth strech Mra. E. CARLTON. Hotki, lodgings.?clean, comfortable sin git Rooms from $1 25 to $1 A!) a week, or 25 . eats a light, ai the Union Hotel, No. 1<>6 Prince street, cornet of rhouipa.'ii. Meals at all hours. Open all night. ONE or TWO GENTLEMEN OR LADIES CAN OBlain Board in a private family at 53 Grove street. Rrfe rences exchanged. Rooms, with boarding?at 17 Lafayette place, for two amall lainili-s. or three or lo ir -lng-l* persons. Permanent boarders are Invited to (call, i.s Hie situation is desirable. Teruia moderate and accommodation* ;ood. Dinner at tf o'clock, TO LET?A FURNISHED ROOM, THIRD SIORY* without board, to a single gentleman. Impure at 21 Twentieth street, third door east of Broadway. rO LET?WITH BOARD, ONE LARGE BOOM AND Bel room, t.iifnri.l-hed. Any gentleman and wl.e havnj (uniltine will find it to their advantage to call at once. T.-nns according to the times. Apply at 38 West Twalliii street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. r THOSE LIVING IN HOTELS AND BOARDING houses ?There is an establishment opened at 110 Maclotigal street, and furnished with everything necessary for housekeeping, in order that a family may have a coin piste home and live at a low rate. To GENTLEMEN.?A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY DK sires to let, without Board, to a gentleman, a neatly tor lushed, comfortable Room and I'sutry, with use of bathroom adjoining. Apply at 148 West Houston street, corner hi Macdouga). To GENTLEMEN.?A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, oc eupyittg their own house, would let a suit of I urnlshail Rooms, together or separate, to gentlemen, without Board. House first c lass, with all the modern improvement'. Term* reason,hhle. Apply at 114 Waverley place. TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR TWO OR three single gentlemen can be accommodated with very pleasant Rooms in a small private family; house first else*, with all the modern improvements. 134 Amity street, Brooklyn, three minutes' walk front South ferry. WANTED?BY A LADY OF REFINEMENT, A WELL furnished Room, with Board, with agreeable parties tnd whera thetc arc but few or no boarders. Mum be ?e 1 n utted, an t in the upper part of the city. Addreaa i'. K., Herald other. WANTED?A LADY, WITH MEANS OR FURNITURE* til rttlvM And take charge of a lira! claaa lad ice' board' lug hottae well laa ed. Houw la four stcrlea, with all im" lirovemeuta. Addreaa Hantmry, box 188 Herald ofllre. WAN TED?FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD, BY a centlcnian. wife, infant and nttrae, a Parlor and Kedro on, with large clnaeta. on second or third Moor: pan itid bath indiap-'naahle; lo atlon between Fourth and Tlnrleth atrncta aad Fourth and Seventh areuuea. Terms ffiC i-r iiti'D'li. Address Randolph, atatiun (1. ( REACH STREET.-TWO OR THREE PERSONS CAN I) lie a uommoria'.ed with pleasantly furnished Rooms, sillier with or without Board, by applying aa abovr. I ft EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN BROAD' 1*./ way and Fifth avenue; newly and handsomely tur* jiahed Rooms to let, In tails or single. Hottae haa all the -undent improvements. .)/? GREENE STREET, NEAR CANAL.?FURNISHED uU Rooms lo let to gentlemen only. Rooms from 76 cent* 'i &i per week. House baa gas, Oroton water, Ac. Alan, Itmllar Kon.rm and Kami tor housekeeping, at No. 1 Monroe u ree t,oornei of t.'atharine. , J ft liONO STREBT.-SPLENDID SUITS OF APART T U menls on a coud and third lloors, lo let, with or with nit Beard. I 4 WEST TWELFTH STREET .-BOARD.?A VERY TT plenautit front Bedronni, on the ihtrd Hour, lb let, villi B Mid. at 44 West Tweillh street, between Fifth and sixt h uveniies. Reference! exchanged. C'4 FIFTH AVENUE?TWO LARGE ROOMS. HANDI )"T" aoincly l urntshed, u> let. to single gentlemen, with or Witnotil breakfast served In their r<?>ma, Tfk SPEIXO STREET, THREE DOORB FROM BROAI? I *7 way.?'To let. hatidanineiy liirnished Rooms, to ample teiitleiin'ti. the liaatloo is nearall the first class hotels and l>ia e- ot acui.vnirnt; reading room free. Inquire of Anson House. QO OREEXK STREET, ABOVE SPRING?ALBTON vU House.?Elegantly ftiminhed anus ol Inm) gas, rooin and ever< o invenlenoe foe kowaekenytng mntmiaallv; pkrllc tut ly suitable lor * mall irsperiablr tainilies or ami! e k'n'h men.' Kent low in p rmanent tenants. IH7 GREENE STREET. BETWEEN SPRING AND i." ' I Pi luc . ?Elegant Iurniaheu Rooms to let, with I od uheiantt 1 Pnaid. for geiiileiiicn and ladies. Boaid for ladtraonlv. Good loratinn, near Broudivi y. An interview Will ealofy. 1?n THOXrSOK STREET.?TO LET?FI RNISHED O" " P. oina, suitable li.r boon 'keeping, and at very low r n -lea* than halt the esiial pit e>?to respectable peraona im . Single rouiii* fl and upwards. 1 Kti PKINCE STREET.-ST. CLAIR HOUSB.-BLE* lu') gantlyfurnished Rooms, nub Bedrooms attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, inclitdin< gas and Croon water, to let to respectable laniitiea or ingle gcutteuieo. 1 ?P WEST FIFTEENTH 8TREF.T?FRONT ROOM, IiJU second lloor, H* droom attached, with Board, to let to a and wile, or two single gentlemen, at $t pet week. Third l.'s.r 68 per week. Also other Rooms Furnace, hot aud cold water. 17/; ELBECKBE STREET, SIX BLOCKS WEST OR 1| I) Broadway ?A new houa>' with all lite lotalom Impr*. Pleasant Kiioina, with excellent Board, from Id "di to $6 per week., Breakfast trout <10(1 Dinner at I!IX hud 6. mn ELM STREET, NEAR BPRINO.?FURN18IIKD Zt\.*' Aparfmruia for imnieuinte oeciiyam y. The lowest rsi,is In iha , iit <: nat 'ertna the cntirriiieuec for e< onomii al housekeeping. Beet bedding *n l fnriiiture. with range, rooking utenslla aud liuan oosnp.eto; |U and Crolou. 0 jO HROADWAT?PLANTERS' HOTEL-PARTIES 'nO in want ol permanent or transient Hoairt will hod elegantly inrniah-'l Rooms, lor families or single , entiemrn, a*above; k"iiw lirstclaa*; loeatiou unsurpassed; lei ma re a- i sonaMe; good table; dinner al ail. ; THK REBELLION. j tnlags, rankers and regimental colorr, j r Sun*, Mounting*, Trimming*. Eagle*, Spear Honda, Ac. 1 Ornamental i>ainilux and una on alia. HOJER A ORAIIAM, ?7 Duanr Mrwt. I nor mi: navy-wan rr:o, POOS FIRST CLASS ' Bremen, inecuatib* preferred; also aratnen. ordinary ?-am.'ii and landsmen fall early t'.l* nioiiilnt at the Nortlt run irn iiwoua. 87 West street. mer or Albany, upstairs. IILNRY .FAMES, Aiimi. Hurrah pur tiie war-rise hoys, up anf? at them?Now la your only chance to m> to tbr-eat or wai an I gam distinction lor ioiiim In a and fautiMra ?A Ira mote able bodied men wanted to bring the fabant Thirtyem!! regiment New York Volunteer*, under command *?r Col. Oliarlea l(. Inne*, to lb' lunxlinuin atandard required brtne I'aille 1 Siatea government. Tin* enrpa ranks w lib the highest In Ibe field for e(II. lencv In mllliary tactics and dleip in -. The foinmatidei in-Uhief, a* well as Oilier inllltaiy emits. lisve eiprea.ed ih- iiihcIt. ? highly pleaaeil with the physical app-arance of the men mmpo-lnx this mrpa. I'ae, eioihitix snd iran-porla'lon rernialied on I* log mu>lererf Into the aarviet, ue well a* relief given to minler'a wirra from the Aid Committee; SUM) bounty paid at Ibe elpliaMon of the war. For further particulars apply to I Lieut. JAMES GRANT, Recruiting Officer, fWt'entre sireet. KECRCm WILL BE PAID T() EACH RECRUIT. Atipl\ tn Major A. C. Caul*. headquarter* Seventy etqhtli regiment (Cameron, fid fourth atreet. Cotn|ntiio* or |iaru< of contimme a are Invited to attach IbMlrlrM I'hia regiment will not lot voneo.idated. WAR.-WE WANT TIIK ADDRESS OK EVERY fOIr v? dter in the Union army. We wlah to ai nd in every ml Iter aooielliing that will Imrcaae hl? rornloit Alan the adUteaa of every euller and de*lei In gooda lor the anldlrr. W. II. CATBLY A CO., 1(12 Naaeau ?tteet. TOTH HIllHLANDKRS-BEORUITS WANTED, POR. I ?7 the gallant Seventy ninth regiment, now alatlooed at Heanfort, South t.'artillaa. Apply to the recruiting oflcera. at toe Met *t H'liiae. corner of Mrrret and Krooute airoeta. Capt. WM. M aNSON. Company A. Lieut WM. ELLOTT, Company I. WINKS AND LllitORI. Bourbon whiskey-prom the "Daniel boonk' Itlatlllerlea, Hotirl on county, Kentucky, amiatanlly on hand lor aale. In liarrela, far raaii, by the aole agent of caul otalllleriea. C. EDWARD MILES, IM Maiden lane. WHISKEYS?FINE OLD SCOTCH WHISKEY 92 PER gallon and tllty cenia per lw>itie; rltulce old Bourbon and R e Whtakrra limn ?l n $2 per gallon; old Jamaica Rum irom 91 to 92 Iter gallon, at AM Eighth avenue, northoeet corner Twrnty etith alreet CO A la. /lOAL.?<;RNI INK PEACH OP-IT A FID, RED ABH \J Local Mountain, Bto.d M-iootno, s ?. k ttealli an<t other cr lebrated ?hite a ah Co, m .ghly ernened at I,.weat nun-ad price#, ,lt?S M IhrNALD Varrta No .VI Seventh a, inner of Tier j-to r h glrtet. ard lav' of I wentr anth atreet. Nurih lire*

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