Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1862 Page 7
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SALES AT AUCTION. Am. b. chapman a cc>., auctioneers. . Over tlil.'M) worth of AI'PKRB FIRST CLASS HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, '.lutings, Statuary, Bruti/ex. Pint- mot Mantel Mirror*, emuoidrred Lace Curtains, SJIverw nre, Ac.; rosewood aeven w lave Pianoforte, rosewood Drawing room Suits, rosewood 1 ud b:?l walnut Chamber Furniture. at public auction, Una ,-la.T t Thursday. Feb. IS), at the elegaut tlve story brown stoue e?id?iiue, 4S Wcat Sixteenth street. between Fifth and Sixth tvenoes, commencing at 11 o'clock?Velvet Medallion Cur" ta, Bronze and Ormolu chandeliers, Btegerei, Centre Thdea. Kiieoigmires, CablneU, Lady's Work Table, embroiderd I.tce Cortalna, superb bronze clink, runs one month; Dresden China Ornaments Mantel and Pier Mirror*, two i oil suits Drawing Room Furniture, covered in blue, and gold |>ml green and gold brocalel; artistic Bronzes, representing llamlct, Esmeralda, Crusaders. A'-.; MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE KOSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. veraU'ttng hitsa, four round corner*, made to order, cost B'iOO; Stool, Cover and Canterbury; Extension Table, Sideuoard, China, Glata and Silver Ware; Table Cutlery, Conches, Arm Chairs, Clocks, Engravings, Ilatatands, roaewoud aud mahogany Bureaus, Armoire-a-0lace. BedsteadA Hair Matreasi-s, Keatlie, Beds, Klatikcts. Rockers. Sofas, Chairs, cov. - ed with haircloth; Sofa Bedsteads,CuuiioihIc*, Toilet Sets, stair Carpets, Oilcloths. Also tha Ftinilturc of servanti' tpsr'mauts, Basement and Kitchen Fttrnllure. N. H.?Parties wishing to alteud this sale take the Fifth svetttie and Broadway or Sixth avenue aUgss and ears at the Astor limine, St. Nicholas and Metropditan Hotels, w hich will bring them u ithln a few doors or the house, corner ol Sixteenth street. Competent peraons will l>e in attendance to pack, ship or cart the goods, at reasonable charges. Auction notice. D. D. CAULK1NS A CO., Auctioneers, office Mi Broad way Executors' sale of MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Rich French Pter ami Mantel Mirrors, UPEKBLY CARVED ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, JSLiKUANT ?L\KK rijATK. AC.. AC., purchased at a coat of over $lfi,000. On Thuraduy, February lSl At the elegant private resin-nee No. 21t) weat Fourteenth street, near Eighth avenue, Commencing at 10}j odock A. M. precisely. The sale comprises the eniiro contents or the house. The egaut Parlor Furniture was made to order, and la In solid rosewood. The whole will be sold to the highest bidder tor <a-h. offering extra inducement* to purchasers, as the entire Furniture of the house is new, having all been made within en months. Elegant rosewood seven octave Pianoforte, with all modern improvements, overstrung lotas, Ac., cost 2600; rich rosewood Stool, covered In satin, and embroidered Cover; three elegant full suits of rosewood Parlor Furniture, in rich brocade and satin; rosewood Btegeres. splendid and costly Parian Ornaments. rich Vases. Ac.; also a magnificent collection of rare Paintings rosewood Turkish Easy Chairs, In tine reps; rosewood ifentre and Side uiurble top fables, richly curved. Chamber Suits, in ms-wnod and mahogany; Bureaus, carved B-dsteada, Waehmands, Sot's Beds, in fine haircloth; ten pure Hair Mattresses, 'ruin forty to fifty pounds, made to order and in excellent conddloti. Dining Room Furniture consUls of fine oalc Extension Table. Silver Ware, rich China, Ivory and Silver Cutlery, Forks, Spoon 4 Ac., with heavy cut and engraved Glassware of everv description. Attractive sale of first class household FURNITURE, At public auction, consisting of over $12,000 worth of brauiiful rosewood, oak and mahogany Furniture, magnificent Paintings, Ac. RUSSELL W. WESTCOTT will sell, this (Thursday) afternoon, at 2 o clock precisely, the elegaut Furniture and Works of Art contained in the residence No. 102 West Twenty first street, nesr Seventh avenue, the whole com) rising a very large e n! < only collection, in perfect order, worthy the npcclal atte .no- m parties In want of superb Parlor, Chniuber. Diuii K< n oud Library Furniture: as the entire catalogue -. old trictly without reserve,among which are rich la - tiy nun ingrain Carpets, In fourteen rooms; ti, parlon - i Hi-hi d throughout in solid rosewood; elegant Pian.ti-tti i . superb Parlor Suits, Etegeres, Centre nud i'lni 1 ih '-H, Paintings, rich Vases, Att, with handsome rosewood aid mahogany Chamber Furniture of every description. eleven Hair Mattresses lljds and Bcddinfi, rich China and Glass Ware, Silver Ware, Ac, No postponement, i utalogoes at bouse. Deposits required of purchasers. Albert h. nicolay. auctioneer REGULAR SALE OF STOCKS AND BONDS. ALBERT II. NICOLAY Will sell, this day, (Thursday >, Feb. 13, At 12k o'clock, at the MERCHANTS' EXCHANGE, Regular Sale. ?0 American Coal Co 23 20 Knickerbocker Ice Co. .100 25 Ptienix Bank 20 10 Wash'ton Mar. Ins. Co..100 40 Arctic Insurance AO Si German la Life Ins SO AOAdriatir Insurance 25 40 No. Western Ins 00 40 Irving Hank 60 30 Harmony Insurance... SO 20 Naaeau Bank 1(10 $so:i Hi- hlgan Southern 7 per cent Assented Bonds, 960 Mercantile Mutual Snip of 1838,1800 and i860. 4000 North Carolina State 6 per cent Bonds. - 4t)00 Atlantic Coal and (Jll I'o. ti tier cent Bonds. 1U00 le.gan Cn Mining ami Manufacturing 6 per cent Rends. J***) (treat Western (III.) First Murtgnge 10 per cent Bon da. Next regular sale on Monday, Feb. 17, at the Merchants' Exchange. ALBERT U. NICOLAY, Auctioneer, Heal Estate and Stock Broker. Auction notice.-the property op dr. james B rally, at No. 1SS Waverley place, between Washinginglon square and Sixth avenue, will be sold at public auction tins day (Thursday), February 13, at 2 o'clock precisely, consisting of besutitul rosewood and black walnut Parlor Furniture, Sulla, covered in brocatel, reps and hair cloth; ro?ewood Kteger, a. wt.h mirror hacks and doors; Li' iaty B okcase, Centre aud Pier Tables, rich China Vases, Parlor Ornaments. VI day Bronze Clock, Paintings, Curtains, Shades, rosewood and mahogany round corner Bedsteads, Spring and Hair Mattresses, Blankets, Bolsters, Pillows, Bureaus, Washstands, Toll, t Sets, Lounges, cane seat and spring seat Chairs, Sofa Beds, Rockers, Corner and Book Stands, Tea-and Extcn-uou Tables, Class, China and Silver Ware; Table Cutlery, rich Brussels, Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets; Oilcloth, Chandeliers, Ac. Sale positive. Auction notice -damaged eartiienware-by E. T. WILLS,auctioneer, VU crales White Granite and Open Good*, for au? mint of whom it may coucern,on Friday, I4lh Inst., at II oM .ck, . i 47 Murray streel. Edward sciienck, auctioneer. CLOSING SALES OF ELEGANT FURNITURE, By EDWARD SCHENCK, at U o'elo ik, Ti.i-s day. February IS, at his salesrooms,No. 13ft and 157 Broadway. Closing sul.- of elegant Furniture, consisting of degant solid carved and plain rosewood Parlor huus, iu various coverings; elegant bn.ek walnut Libra ry ami Dining Room Suits, iu reps; magnlltcent rosewood, round cornered Beds eadsaud Bureaus; ditto in b s-k walnut, tliiished in oil;, cle ant b.a ;k walnut Secretary Bookcases, elegant rosewood En*,ere*, curved nalnut Huf* letaand Extension Tallies, walnut Hull Hack aul Chairs, and other elegant Furniture. Particular attention is requested to these sales, as all the Furniture will h? positively aold wiihout reserte. By order o: J. B. Freeman, assignee. Engravings at auction.?henry w. van ant WERP t CO., st> re S8 Haiciay a reel, will .ell, this day at 10* " lock, a assortment o. French an I English Co- I lored Ertgiaving*. Term* rash, bankable money. Iil COLTON. AC< TIONKKR ? LAKtlE SALE OF 1 Il ni ehoM Furniture, Piano*. Carpet*. Billiard Table, irror*. Sofa* Bureau*, * .?To morrow (Friday). Feb. 14, at lo>i o dock, at 113 Fulton street, near Nassau, the entire Furniture of a Louse removi d from Brooklyn, and will te "Id by catalogue. There U almoet every article r quired In the line, together with one roecwood Pianoforte anil one Billiard Table. More lull paltinularaon Friday morning. /1EORUK TOOK, AUCTIONEER.?MORTO AGE SAI.E \_X of very elegant H lusehold Furniture, by OKOKOK 4!OOK, to-morrow, at atore. 111 Broadway, at if o'clock, removed for convenience or ? ?le, being one of the fltieat stock* til Furniture ev r ottered at an-itKin. The cataiozue^wlll contain ?U|?*ro Parlor. Library and Dining Room Suit* of new and elegant d< us, roaewoo i Eteeere* of the style of Louis XIV, also Secretary anil L.hrarv Itookcaaea, Ai moir*-a-Glae*, elegantly carveu Sl ieooarda, Extension Dining Table*, superb ro-ewood Medste el* and Bureau*, Lounge*, chair*, Ac. For |*rtlciilara please see ratal igue*, to which the uutlce of huyeia i* respect; uliy called. HARDWARE AUCTION NOTICE.?HENRY W. VAN ANTWERP A CO.. as Baiday atreet, by BENJ. 11. hfclXAS, a liouccr?Will *.-11 tbi* day, at 10 o'clo. k. a large ataaortmeul ot Ame.rieau. En Ti*h and (jrrm.'iii Hardware, Cutlery and Fancy Uooda, comprising Hand, Panel and Kip haw* (Tayloi ? Hon*'make), .Slow Pim-her* and I'liu-hera, Screw Driver* and Tenter Hooka, Bolt*, Currycom' a. RBris, both copper and Iron, bra**. copper and tin Oiler., 8- row Turner*. Door Knob*, Mincing Knivra, Shoe, llorae and Scrub Brtishe*, and Table Knives, In do/on and on cards, I'ercuaamn Cap*. Sine- Knives, .Butts, Back Flaps and other Hinges. Bencn Axes, Shingling and Claw Hatchets, Gun Flint*, O.mlct*. CiilaeU, frame and mortice, File* and Kaap*. Ac.. Ac. Tct m> c.iah, banks. ie money, Ac., Ac. HKNRV W. VAN ANTWERP A CO., 68 BARCLAY ST , will Inc una in their sale this day two ton* ot damaged Wire; al*e a Urge iinolce oi Table Hint Po.-ket Culler}, on ram*and In dox-ti: aiaosn Inrolee of Kauri Ooo.i* (Yankee Notionai; also 40 or. uC 8 Hand, Panel'and Rip Saw*. <J lllni A Co., R sib.a en. Terin*ia*h, bankable money. JOHN II. HI KLEY. Al t HONKER-WILL SELL TH18 day, al 3 o'cl ? k. at 444 Canal attvet, a large assortment ?f niaro e top .lid Other Hur -uus, Solas, Sola He a, centre and o'hrr Tjulea, tt ar .roles, maliogaity and other Bedatcads, Hatracs*, thr e ent melled Suits; pier, mantel, bar and other Ola. ? ?; . '< I ires, m ihogauy rocking an > oilier Clialre; marble lop Sa'onn Table*, 13 i rtirr Lamp*; Brussels, threelily ami oih.-r Carpet*, Oilcloth*, hair and other Manic.*e?. r'.-aih' Bel*, Table 1.1 lien, sheet*. Blanket-; earthen, gl ..* mi nin ni n ware. fOTHiiaiinrnonnwpiU|. PAWNBROKER'S SALE-THIS DAY, AT In,'; O CLOCK I n lil aell, witiinut reaeree, at BELL'S nuctimi room* Hi Nc 'tin-. .y. 30n |.?? Udl-a', men* and ot i r t'.otlnri;, Heddinsi. Vmlt.H, a nn I n? of (pilil and allvet Wa'chea, Ilialuim..* I. ril \, and many < "!* |ne U,ed lor Iwrlvn n. dilli*. II MKEtfBACH, Lien ted Pawnbroker. 433 (Iran d at. PAWNBROKER'S HALE.-JOHN MORTIMER, AlV. tin .i" r will aril till a day, al IS Ea>t Broadway, at II o'clock A V., a larac lot ?' Dicaare. Women a W> irlnn Apparol an.. Shora ily order ol Pecare A Co., 1J7 (Stand at. O HERMAN, AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL ON FRIDAY, t3? llic I llli ill it . ai II o cinok, at No. Id Bnwary, countable a ?|. I ii t- I r 111 II.I lit . trir. Pea to-r lteda, Boiateule, He.ldirr, C't 'n, Watnatanda, Crockery, Warjrulwa, boreaua, St.. . Kltcliru I lentil*, (Slate and China War,', Ac. By order ol jOIJN FORD, Coiiaiablr. SI.I.UM I'v AUCTIONEER?WILL HF.LL, ON SATCR. . .1 .y, 1.'/, at 11 o . link, at No. Sts I'carl atr ot, the ?|,H k Ol .. .. *~.11 i i..1;'ci -1-1, at.out 4,1*111 natloiM Hem i and I rruoh Winor, 6,(JW) fallout Willie Wine Vlftrtai : ,.a ilco s.: I m no i rtpty Catkt, In i{nod order. To he told forraali. t*.( oi:t reaervc. g HERMAN, AUCTIONEER WILL BELL ON mi OAT, 0? It h met., at II o'c'oek. at IS Bowery, a iienoral aarort nento' W.nai, l4>piora, dMiceriea, Ac., vl*: Bourbon and h on h Wn t*. r. I' rt and Hhetry Wince, Hramliea, dm, ? m. ap. Can diet, t'i k..-a, Oliee*. Oll.Star h. T , .,;ir, (e Ac. by order ol THOMAS S. ML'RPIIY, Deputy dhet ill. t A .t ROC ART. AUCTIONEERS.?SATURDAY, FEB. i'i. ?t 1(1*. o.lo k ut the auction roo iik No. I North V ill In at ? >e- Itoii-cliolit Furniture Sol at, Tablet, Clitlri, Iioe-.I*. Ho'lkcaara, Hedtteadt, Re. a and Bedding, Kirhrti 'nroioirr, tnoilile and Hir.jjl" Harnett, Ac. W'll.l* IIF, SOI.D AT IM TIRO VI) STREET, N. Y? ON 1-eK 14, IMS, at 4 oh lock I*. M , a lot of llouachold I nriiihi , to Itrnclotin * ii?ort(!?gW. L sTLKPER, No. I W?li aireet. It'*! .Virri.KS, AI CTKINKKK-WIIJ. REM, 0? Flit Tf -v. t I '}j o'cIwk, ?t 178 (Iroene street. "II the genteel *nrn . r- ?r ihi* home, I'erlor Suits Mirrors, t'rntrp, Ulnlng u ! I i ' ml. Tnj'i rrr, rim< i'l other at pets; (.Ml- I tilths, innhoi mf And other M?|tr.'?eis, Hnts, leu (hi Puit. Hiia, Waalielun t*. Tolm, i hum, ulasa ami Slier '* H' ? AtAI*o. tno ltou?e? to ! ', and the Furniture or to let. NPOHiTtJIG, OiiK SALE?KOI R B1.AI K TAN DOtlH, VMRY BV tl.L, * an'l ot the purest Ireeil. four nUek tun Ptip?, uv King lui'l. - Soatilei I'tipa, Its I atian 1*1 Is. ; in, , ui. of the ptirntl l.r .I n mi oa . oh - "lit, laivn t.ilor anil | i, ! Also a P i nhei i't til.' larye.t St. H"tnord nail Men I. oil.m I ! "(,? e I 1'i.lei "I lh- Mum ?t...-K It... s . I 'It I, \.|.|r. s-i II. I. ifl ' ..'"tii" "i Hn . ;?.a* i n.I F,f. ' ' _ _ i A.'It .-At.E-A LAM.I. Mr.VHil .Mr ami D'?U It Appljr at 2U >Vater nr i, AtiKhAi.r. iPNi?ut;i.ti:< i' PL\t k M:\VK(II MP ; ' in lit. Hn a oM I''!# $l."> ?l 177 ll-i.ter. j, ?.rm sU??t, t 1 . .... .. . STEA vr nvsic&L. AMAflNiriCKNT 7 OOTATS ROSEWOOD PIANOtnrte for aale, rlegaiulv car.ed leg" and caae, overatrung baaa, full Iron plate, ltued with aatla wood, baa all modern luipmveiiirula, made to order, been 10 uae aeven moulba, coat *000 for $200, Including Stool and Cover. Alao Parlor Put till lire at iitenl aacrlflrr. Inquire at 70 Weat Twenty viith atreel, near Siitb avenue. A FEMALE TEACHER. OF EIOHT YEARS' EXPE Heme, doairea to give Music Ia-asonn in etchange for Board. in a unlet, genteel faintly. Address Mnaie, Cbatubera' Piano Wan-rooms, Fourth avenue and Aalor place. A LARUE SIZE MUSIC BOX FOR SALE.-IT IS A very Hue lone, In perfect order, play* twelve airs. Would ej. hinge for ? good tirover A Buyer's aewing tuacliine. Addres* A. E. C., Ntation U. C1IIEAPEST PIANOS EVER OFFERED IN THIS CITY / Splendid roaewood 7 octave Pianoforte, round coruera iron Haute, overstrung hasa, for SIR); all modern Improvementa. Alao a au|terior toned 7 ocUve for f ISO; abort lime uaed; coat wbcu new $300. McDonald a co., JM Bowery. MI SIC- S2 FOR EIQHT LESSONS ON THE PIANO, with privilege of daily practice, on a pleasing and thorough method. Pupil* attended at their reaidencea; $10 to *12 per quarter. Apply at ISO Twenty-sixth atreet, near Eigib avenue. MR. J. R. THOMAS. TEACHER OF 8INOINO, BEOS to announce Hint be baa a few leisure houra to devote to new pupils Kesidetiec, 123 Amity atreet. "VTKW MUSIC.?THE "COMMODOKE NUTT POLKA," X> c mi|nme<i by Thomas Maker, will be published iu a few duys, with a correct portrait of the little Commodore, aud Inscribed to P. T. Barman, K-q. Price 35 cents. HORACE WATERS, 481 Broadway. PIANOFORTES AT WAR PRICES.?WE ARE NOW selling our Piauofortes at greatly reduced prices for cash. Parties wishing to obtain a first class Pianoforte ate war rales are luriled to cell. 1 LIUUTE A BRADBL'RYS, 421 Broome street, N. T. PIANOS, MELODEONS, HARMONIUM^?FIRST CLASS, for sale, to let or sold on instalments, on furorable terms. I'elouliet Harmoniums, one, two or three banks of keys, $1.15 to $4C0. Cottage Pianos, fully warranted, 6)? aud 7 octat e, $151) to $250. J. M. PELTON, 841 and 843 Broadway, N. V. SECOND HAND PIANO WANTED.?A GOOD SECOND band Piano, seven octave, to cost about $100. Address box 1,789 Post olllce, slating name of makers, description, price and where to be seen. THE HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MELODEONS and Alexandre Organs, and T. Gilbert A Co.'s celebrated ? Pianos, are the tineat instruments for parlor and churches now in use. A large assortment nan bn seen at the new II a mi BOTH. No. 491 Broadway, between Grand and Broome an eels, which will be sohl at extremely low prices. Pladoa and Mclodeona, from sundry makers, new and secondhand, to let, ami rent allowed If purchased as per agreement. Monthly payments received for the same. Sheet Music, Music Books and all kinds ot Music Merchandise at war prices. A pianist in attendance will try new music. INMTUICTION. A COMFORTABLE HOME FOR A FEW LITTLE girls under 10, iu a family residing near the Cypress Hills, I,. I. They would have motherly care, and be laughl such -todies as they are capable of learning; music and drawing if wished. Apply to J. WEEKES, 62 John street. New York. A SPANISH LADY, A NATIVE OF MADRID, SPEAK lug the French. English and Spanish lltieutly, would like to instruct in the three above languages; also Rooms to let, with or without board, furnished or unfurnished. Apply a 138 Great Jouea street. AT $2 50?WRITING, 20 LESSONS; ARITHMETIC AND Penmanship, 78 lessons each; or Bookkeeping (lessons unlimited.), $10. 62Bowery, N. Y., and 283 Fulton street, Brooklyn. As a splendid penman and skilful teacher Col. Paine has no superior.?Newport News. A CARD.?GOLDSMITH'S WRITING AND BOOKkeeping Rooms, 335 Broadway, and No. 8 Fourth avenue, below Eighth street. Bookkeeping, $5 per month; Writing, $2 50. Private Instruction at either place, day or evening. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. IjlLOCUTION TAUGHT AND STAMMERING CURED ? !i The liesi insiruction given in Elocution and Calistbc. nics. Vocal diseases treated, aud persuus ot delicate health, with consumptive tendencies, restored. The most perfect Highest reference given. Call Ou or address Protessor, 1S6 East Tweuty-thlrri street, N. Y. Elocution in every department and for any profession, thoroughly taught by a first class professor. Apply at No. 23 (twenty-three) Irving place. IilRENCH AND HERMAN LANOUA3ES.-PROFESSOR ' K. TELLERINU, 819 Broadway (established 1S52), will receive applications for private instruction in the above and Spuntsh languages. Largne angla'se uux strangers, Oreelt; Latin; Translsting; (Jramiuar. Keluiettco* first class. Fort edward institute, Washington county N. Y ?Best sustained boarding srmmary in the State seven years established. Brick buildings for ladies ami fenllemen. Sixteen teachers. Superior advantages to prepare or business, for teaching or for college. Military drill, $36 prepays lor lourtoen weeks, common English branches, wiin board, fuel, washing and room, furnished, except carpels and breakables, Spring term, March 27. For circulars or rooms address Re.. jos. E. King. INSTRUCTION IN FRENCH, MUSIC AND ALL THE English branches will be given to pupils at their own homes, by a eninpeteiit teacher, on moderate terms. Best references given. Apply to Miss 8., teacher, 63 West Fifteenth street. Lessons in french and translations-by an experienced teacher. Addreas A. V., box 143 Herald office, (II- apply al 198 Clinton street, Brooklyn, WANTED?A PROFESSOR ABLE TO DRILL A COM" pnnv of young b<>rs. Also, a good English teacher. Ad" dress Professor, No. 6 Tryun row, room No. 2, i ^ gPgCIALNOTICCE. ~ Notice -all persons are hereby forbidden to negotiate an acceptance of the undersigned fur fifteen hundred dollars, dated December 16, 1H6I, at four months, payable at the Metropolitan Bank, New York, the saute having been mailed to Langdon A Dlveu, Washington, D. C., and lost. Pat ment has been stopp d. R. W. ADAMS, 116 Wall strset. Office of the pacific mail rtkamship compatiT, 88 Wall street, New York, February 11, 1862. Notice la hereby given that the Board of Directors have this day declared a dividend o> five (A) per cent of the net earnings of,the last three months, payable at Uie office of tiic Company on Thursday. RUl Inst. The transfer books will cloae on the 16th and reopen on the 22d insl, Br order of the Board. THEO. T. JOHNSON. Secretary. pAPER WANTED. tVnnted to purchase, 20,000 reams of fine Fo irdrluier Printing Paper, size 32 by ?t>. Cu-hwillbtf paid on delivery. Apply at the office of this paper. Taxes of the town of newtown, oueens county, for 18181 and 1861?The Collector will receive taxes at John Murphy's, 236 Water street, tin Wednesdays; and on Saturday s at the odlce of Kelidall A Andrew, No. 6 Tryon iow, until the 1st of March, from 10 A. M. until 3 P. M. N. B?Taxes of 1960 not paid before the iihh of February WlBbsIlllll'Stl C. It. MORRIS, Collector. ITMTSD STATES LODOI NO. 388 L O. O. F.?THE ) loenihers of litis lodge are ret|tteat?d to attend the regular inecilng ni 127 Bowery, this evening, at 8 o'clock. on liu?lnrs? of importance. Punctual ntlt-nduo , is desirah e By order. CHARLES L. MYERS, N. O. xj. u. v aurnurm, sot rcvarj. FINANCIAL. Any AMD NAVY PAT COLLSCTBD.-CLAIMS UPon ever) dr|s?i linen: of tins govern incut promptly adjusted Htlfl cashed. JOHN B. MURRAY, Army and N'av, Hanker, No. 3'J Nassau street, N. Y., oppo-dte the Post ofllc. AMERICAN t.OLD AND SILVER COIN BOUGHT * premium by JOHN 1IOOPK, 271 Bt ?J vaj, curi i" of CWiMWII MM yiN AXCIAD-BANK CHARTER.?WANTI)f) To IV ... J1 cease a Hunk Charter. Address, atnti' wneru ati interview may be nail, bo* 3,770 New York Po 1 oSiee. GOI.D AND SILVER COIN PUKCNASKD AT THE i premium, by K. P. JAMES A CO., 3d >' , ireet. TIME UNDERSIGNED BEO TO No I IKY THEl j rnatoioera ami the nubile generally t nat at their H >r . In* Homv , United States Treasury no are ei'd will eon nue to lie received on deposit a- to BauViiut H ouse of SAM I ELL II.VLLETT a CO., 5? 11 ji r street, New York. TIT ANTED?SECOND AVENI'K AND SIXTH AVENUE VI Railroad Stocks, by ALBERT II. NlCOLAY, NO. 62 William street. 7 and v10ths february and august united I State* Treasury Note*. The first coupon due on the almve notes will tie cashed at par. Ill current funds, liy P. P. james A CO., mTsII atrwet. til l I (WW) UtlAN ON BOND AND Ml'KTOAGK%d)u,vM't' 111 sum* of ,000 .ml upwards, on real ea tan In this city or Brooklyn. Also, Msde Mortgages cashed. Apply to A SERGEANT, 1.1 Wall street. All 7 IWWl vo DO AN?ON FARMS, IN THE NEIGHtji I i""'U lairing isiuntlea In this state, or on ttn proved K-sl Ksts'e in thisclir Apply to W. h WOOD, 06 Wall street. ___________________ tJj.Jtl 11(1(1 TO LI>AN ON BOND AND MoRTOAOR ?ylaw " on (lrst class real estate In New York elty only. Apply to ALBERT H. NICOLAY, 61 William street. AC/1 |||1|| MALL CTTRRMCT TO SXCHANOI tP?""?""' tor Treasury Notea at par Gold and al'ver bough' at the highest premium. A NICHOLAS, 90 Wall street. LOAN OFFICES. Ar NO. J V It AMBERS STREET -MONEY Tu L? AN to any amount on Diamonds, Watches, ,lew"lry, Ac., oy the Well knowu and old established ISAAC, broker and com. mission met ban , No V Chambers street .V B.? No bust, neaatr tnsarte l on Saturday. VT 77 ILKKCkER ATKKKT-MON'EY UHF.RAU.T advanced to any Ainn'itit on Diamond*, Watche*, Jowelij, I'lami*. Aejuir*, Dry (to'eli/Ac. N. B.?Pawnbroker* Tte'.i t*hous it. 11 NK.WioN, 77 Bleeck ir ?ti. t,up*talr? A T W N \SSAI STIlF.Er-A ITON HI MAX, DIAMOND /V. hrok?r, make* lltirr it advanreaou Dianioii ! , Watchr*, ,le?elij, An., or li'iv, th*m full valua, *i hit private oilier, ?? N i**a niee;,i y , >' op ?uir?. It cjnAdetilUt. 1 \T ii IISitVijWA -HKNRT IIYMAN ADVAN' KH ON . Diamond*, net iset, <ir buy* the s.tme tor ea?h; tlw ? t.air r? on Ma'-h- ' l rr flu e?: ( all IVr* ?l Fruper1!. It I.N HY UYMAN, irk Hrnadwav. DIAMONDS ho CUT -Kin II RAT PR It K PAII? FOR ' DiAlliOl.J* At II mil ? N**mit aticel. Oilier h-'-ri It 11 til .HH KAMI' ITJ \- OB tt EPAE stiirkt.-ADYAROEB NAM : J. In time ' > "Mil "11 tVatene*, Diamond*. Sliver Plvr .ci.t I niter viltiah per?trn properly, or bonfthl lur cash, am! ,i 1 ii.r prior t ilt!. It v ?? v-i irtly roiiflili'nt'al r IBRRtli tDVvNOF.S MADE OM DIAMOND* I li Hut 'ie?, Pln'.-an I Jettnlry. " bo uht, .'t,r . s?h tu. the ! I'uhe.i ill I' t'e 1 It* harllia o?1 U I'll <>. Silver I sell ,-an. till 'I'l r tb in call "II LOPIS ANIlK'il, 713 il'oadyvay |)F<tir V T'AtO FiSt 1)1 A lIONPS AN" OTA lv it I' I I # 'iy -Apply ooly I'roni 0 till 1(1 A.. M .eint'i III s F d H f'tilJMH I) i ond Brotie St' R kdtvav, .ppo*l St. N . tins Iti'lel A tew the ?' t'J trll of r>\ n ml Je-velry for <?le t otrfttin V YORK HEKALDj THURi SHIPPING. Notice-by order of the secretary- of Stale, all passengers leaving the Untied Stales, are re quired u> provide themselves with Pasaiwtrts, directions for ohWlnitig which maybe had at the Company's Oitlccs, 15 Broadway, New York. JOHN tl DALE. Agent. S 1 am weekly to Liverpool, totiehing at Oueeualowu, (Cork Ilarhor.) The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Sieim htp Company intend despatching their full poareied Clyde built lrou steamships as follow* ? CITY OK BALTIMORE Saturday, Feb IS. ETNA Saturday. Feb 2d. KANGAROO .Saturday , Mar-'h 1. and every succeeding Saturday, at noon, from piet 41 North river. iTE.a or rssssoit. Firat cabin $751 Steerage $'W " " to L >ndou 80 ! " to Loudon SS " to Farla MS I " to Pari* 38 " " to Hamburg 851 " to Hamburg 85 Passengers al-o forwuriled to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam. Antwerp, Ac., at equally low ratea. Rales from Ltvei pool or yueenstown?First cabin, $75, $MS ami $105. Steerage from Liverpool, $40. From (Jueeustown $30. Tickets can be bought here at theae ratea, enabling people to send for their frieuda. Tlioae strainers have superior accnmmodationa for passengers; are alt ougly built iu water tight Iron lections, and cat ry Client lire unnihflulors. Experienced surgeons are attached ca' h steamer. For further information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM INMAN, agent. 22Water street; In Glasgow to ALEX. MALCOLM. No. 5 Si. Enoch square; iu Ou-enslowii mC. A W. D .SEYMOUR A CO.; in London to KITES * M At IKY, 81 King William street; in Paris to JULES DECODE, No 5 Place ile la Bourse; In Philadelphia to JOHN O. DALE, 111 Walnut street; or at the Company's Others. JOHN O. DALE, agent, 15 Broadway, N. Y. The north gkrman Lloyd's steamship hansa H. J. Von Santen, commander, carrying the United States mail, will sail from pier 30 North river, foot of Chambers street. on SATURDAY. February 15, at 12 o'clock M., FOB BREMEN YIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking pass tiger* to lon&on, havre, southampton and bremen, at the following rates:? For the first cabiu, $100; second cabin, $60; steerage, $35, For freight or passage apply to OELRICHS A CO.. C8 Broa ' street. Steam to londonderry, glasgow and liver pool.?The Mon'.ml .Steamship Company's first class full powered, Clvde built steamer NOVA 8COTIAN. Captain BsUtuliiie. earning the Causdisu and United Slates mails, will sail trout Portland next Saturday, Feb. 15. Rales of niasane f on Netv Vorlc ? k'.rst i-lna ?,v?r.liiui to ?v.,m mo. datlou, $no ami $66; steerage, tuuuil with good provisions, Certiliratea taaued for i'ringing oat passengers from all the principal towns in Great It italn nnd Ireland at very love rates. For passage apple at 2.1 Kr t I way, New York, SAMEL A SEARLE, General Agents. Hamburg American packet company. Steam to London, Hamburg, Havre and Southampton. The favorite tlrsl class uml elegant iron mail steamship TEUTONIA, H. Tsub?, commander, carrying the United States mail, sails from pier 21 North liver, foot of Fulton street, positively oil Saturday, Feb. 22, atid takes passengers lor London, Hamburg. Havre and Southampton at the loilowiug rates:? First cablu $100 Second cabin 60 Steerage 115 The Borussia will succeed the Tenlonla on March H. For passage npplv exclusively to _ J^B. RICHARD '* 80AS. 151 Broadway, N Y. FOll LIVERPOOL.-THE CELEBRATED i l l. PER ship DREADNOUGHT, Captain Samuels, having made the passage in IS nays, will sail on Friday. February II, at 12 o'clock For passage, lowest rates, apply on board, at pier No. 6 North river, or to P. M. DEMAREST, 40 South street. PASSAGE TO OR FROM LIVERPOOL OP LONDON, bj Tapscott's line, sailing weekly, at the lowest rates, Also drafts for any ainouut, payable on demand in tnv part of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Apply to TAPSOOTT A CO., 66 Booth street. REMITTANCES To ENGLAND IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES SIGHT BILLS ON Union Bank or London, National Bank or Scotland, Hkltast Bankinu Company, Iueland, IN SUMS FROM ?1 UPWARDS, i.-aunD by TAYLOR BROTHERS. Bank lifts, 247 BROADWAY, corner of Murray street, 76 WALL, corner of Pearl street I" HOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. . " A first class steamer will leave New York on the 1st, litli and 21st of each month, except when these dates fall on 8nnday^when the day of departure will be on the Monday folFor freight or passage apply at the only ofllre, No. hBowiug Green. D. B. ALLEN. Agent. For Havana, -the united states mail sieam ship COLUMBIA, R. Adams, United States nm-y, c on mander, will leave pier No. * North river, on Thursday February 20, at 12 o'clock M., precisely. Paarengert are i n quested to procure thetr puasports in-fore going onboard For freight or passage apply to SPOFFORD, TILESTOX A Co., 29 Broadway. DENTISTRY. Artificial bone filling for. decayed Teeth.?Mere shells run be tilled and preserved by the discoverer, at bis rooms, HW Broadway, where may be had liu celebrated Cuban Tooth Powder, the only haimlesa article anewu for keeping the teeth clean Artificial teeth.-we continue to extract teeth in two sev.itiils, without pain, with OUTb numbing llutd. No extra charge for ieuiiwrary sets or extracting. Teeth inserted without extracting the roots, on our unproved atmospheric pressure pistes. We invite all to call and examine our specimens bel me going elsewhere. We have chemically pure chloriform had ether which are perfectly harmless totake. Dcs. Dl'KKIN A ROUSSEAU, 373 Canal street, opposite West Bro .dw.iy DrTcTaTwHITE S 1 mi'rov'bd ARTIr'ICIAL TEETII. Whole sets, $5, $6, $10, $15 and upwards; warranted in every point. Teeth tilled with gold, 50 cart? to $1. Ml work at half the prices chn'ge.l el**wh?ra. Odices Id Bond street, and 717 Arch street, Philadelphia. AVINO HAD ONE TOOTH"EXTRAfTE!) WITHOUT feeling auy pain, whatever, by Dr. J. JAY VILLEN. 155 Grand atreet, two doors from Broadway. 1 clieeri i My insert th.s as a recommendation to those sultertnz Imui aching teeth. Miss HALL, tii Mulberry atreet. ^ ASTROLOGY. ASTONISHING.-MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH daughter, lias a gut of foresight; tel.* how soon and how often you will marry, aud all you wish to know, even your very thoughts, or uo pay. Lucky charms free. Her equal is not to be fouud. Her Magic linage U now In full operation?1M Ludlow *t;eel, bciow Houston. Price 25 cents. Ueulleuien not admitted. A BONA FIDE ASTROL<>013T,~THAT EVERY ONE can depend on. is Mme. WILSON, who tella the object of your visit as soou as you en'er. She lells tl>e past, p-e. sent and future of your life, and warns you of dangers, aud brings success out ot the most perilous undertaking*. N. B.? Celebrated magic charm*. No. Ida Allen street, between Houston and Stanton streets, over the bakery. Charger for ladies aud geuileinan, fit) cents. Astounding mures and\ti.?n.s.-ihose in ill Ueal'ih or trouble should at one consult Madame Uliil'ord, the celebrated American clairvotsnt and medicine woman, whose ttrn and divinatious are absolutely ..bin ling. She eianiiues diseases, prescribes f >r their remedy, conimuulcates w ith absent friends, and tells oi their whera about*. In bullae** alTair* Iter upiu una are Invaluable, Ruumi 107 Dean afreet, corner or lloyt. South Brooklyn. Mr.iicai mmmumKm f i. butMN tatervw* , 10 onto; aminat'ons by letter, enclosing hair, $2, BY REQUEST OK "SOMK OK ilElt NEW YORK friend's, the celebrated Kurt me Teller, Mad mi A B KKANl'IS, of nalcui. Mass., ha* taken rooms at 407 (anal Direct, near Hudaoii, where she e in br consulted on all m tilers relative to phrenology, physiognomy and paliiiintr.. Shr le-ls coundetit of glviug full turn to all thine w lio may U' or her wi'b a < all. Ladles 2i cents Oentien.eri ,'sl rents. Hour* from 9 A. X. till 9 K. M. For a short tuu only. CORA A SEAMAM, INDEKE2*I)ES'fi LAIRVOYANT~ Medical and business coiiaoltaiion* day and evening. Tlie science she unfolds so aat islaclorv la all, it Is ittiiiresM aary to give illus:rations ot tac aston.siiiug result* that contlnut. AW Division street. Madame ray, 3Bo seventh avenue, nk vktwen". ty-seveuib street, surprise* all w bo vise lo r. The hi. Ii. troubled and un'.ueky shonul tu*t her power.*. She tr,.? y. ir very thoughts, lucky numbers, louses. Ladle*. 25e,; gentlemen, sue. tPKl'LY WONDERFUL.-* HO WO! LD NOT i ONtfl i l 1 the relebrated Madame PIERCE on, pr-seiii and future events of life, at H9 Concor l * re st, our door from lliidsnn avenue, Brooklyn; Fee 1!A cent*. nrtHB BEAUTIFUL CANADIAN tirSY. MISS DA > la, A ran be consulted, at J71 West Twelfth stieet, on all business Lurky numbers given, conQdenilal letter* written an I busifi s*attended to i barms for l>ve or bu-loess. Loins '2Scents, Ueuileuien 40 cents to $1. Her predictions are positive. WUO WOULD NOT 00 WHERE FORTUNE HT-UO *v ye. see Miss W ELLINGTON, the grea' English Kropnetcas, the best of all, and cannot he ravelled. Cm I roousuited, |iersonally or by letter, life, cor. einIng law suits, journeys, absent friends, hive, enu. dup, marriage. health, wraith, and who ran reclaim drunken and infaithful husband*. Miss W. Is the only person In this city whitotas the genuine Kotirtn and Arabian lallsm.ins lor love, i good lues and all business affairs, atilar- guarantee* for lite Delay not to consult this nsturslly gifted and beatotliil ; young lady. Lucky numhers given. Il'ghlv r *;s < table my ; reference. Oan be seen at her residence, lill Slith avenue, I pporHe Eighth street IptC BOWERY, NF.AR BROOME STREET.?M ADAMF. Al>? J WIDtiER. < laiiv .yaiit iti.l gifted bpsiiMh la ly, ,riveils the mjaterirsot fulur.iy, love, marriage,absent friend . si knees; prescribe* medh life* fur all disease*; I d's lucky niimbert, properly lost or stolen, Ac. 4,": BELLI VAN STREET.?MRS. BOEDER QIVKSTRUE t ami wonderful Inftirmatton on <'i sifair* through life, and gives lucky numbers for the lotteries She Is the only true seer and palmtsl In this rlty. Remember her residence, 44 Sullivan street Mrs. 11 Roeder gives tree and < orreet Information of health, wealth and marriage, lore ,*r Hi *, j.iui n-ys, lawsuit-, diflle'iltr In business, nbsen, sickness, Ar. Tioii. sands of vlaltera can wltn. s>i,e truth of her correct revelation*. Beware of imposltloo Mr*. Roe.;,-- is the ssine lauv who formerly reelded for mi'BV years In \\ . .e'er alr -ei, near Amlty, soil late ..f Chrtstophn street, Reu uiber her : ealdenee, 44 Sullivan atreel, near Iti oome. , NKDIIAL. A REMINDER -DR HARROW, 194 BLEEi'KEK ! airae', four door* Horn M sedou gal, N Y, Olllee hour* > Irom II till '2 and from i till S, T \R It (I. OF.ISSNMl TREATS ALL DISEASES OF , lilted at I27.S Liberty afreet, V V. Doctor hcmtir iiimnllp-tuk physician who I the Hum* Inn Ditpensiury, Mn 11 j>ivimon alrert, New York oily, in H>4, m On eomuilleii Imm SAM until 10 y'cluck hi at Ui" old ollice. Pr.vtie entrance. TAR. WARD, Y SUV lESSFl'L LONDON PHYRUTAN 1 f unit Suriietin nun lie ronanltiM ? i:?u?l Oil|.? |j L.iii|lit Htract. Privatu entrance. Ilmim trotn t \. M il.r.l I*. M., iiHi'y. DR. POWERS Tin-: A l e M.I. DISKAHBS Of PHIALS* ' wit i unparalleled gtir. i lie rru Un cwtau ml mil taught Hireet. Attend*rniiiinuiiMjr. T\R OOOPKR 11 D' ANK -TRKKr. MEMBER OP TIIK JLe College. ul l'li> i in i itni Mm. ruilH in jHiivr Yui'K, ui.iy be I'onHiilteil ilniiy lit Ua olii \ trjra 1 In the uiormng until 0 . in the evening. T RALPH, M U-Ol'lfi fv ID CRi.sllY- S1KKET, cm iht ol flmlili ii. Ili/ ira II -ill d mid 0 till 1M' M MT.YRMONT, PARI* AND LONDON, PHYSICIAN urn Auriti, BIT Run lwa>, up -Mir*. i nnaultaum i Hum!) V M iii 0 P M., SutnUyi ejn'i'iili'i!. pROPESMOR KKHTKLL. IC'CH VMIIFR* ATRKET. CAN 1 he oiiHiiltel mi iiatutl. Ye inte, IJI'i Liberty at reel, N. Y. In Brooklyn, 17ft Pulton H.rmtt. UtOHHBTT M !?., CAN BF. lONCLTRD AT HIS lire, 20 I litre Htreet, iCiWri . Il l I 1.111 K unlr, having A pi It at* n ranee at N?. Si'ltjr Mall plai r. N. I.? Are In ( 'h dlpiiliiH In hi* olflm ? it a Member ol Hie N"* York llnlveirlty M lie*'. College t. in lajrl from 11 A M. I) IJV. I*. .?!. j SDAY, FEBRUARY" 13, 188 AMUSEMENTS. x imams garden. \ tienrt c. jarrett i sixth week ok ti1e cheat artistes positively last n1uht ok mr IIAI kbtt, who will appear iu hit a-.rld wide r??n.iwn**d character of ? . _ sir john kalstakk Mr Jiiari W Wsliack. ar Hotapur Mr. Will. Wheatley a* Prince llal Mrs. Julia B Harrow* . Ladv Percy N THIS (THURSDAYt EVENING, kkb 13, ISM. 8hak?pere'? historical Ida jr. In live acts, of KING HENRY THE FOURTH, terminating with ilie BATTLE OP SHREWSBURY W i.lli hi DEATH OF HOTSPUR oi The play will he pr.? uted with It* GRAND COM lilN ATION UAHT To-inorrow (Friday) evenln h.-nelU of B mk. e. l. davenport, when will be presented D THREE BEAUTIFUL PLAYS, c. TIIE WIFE FAINT HEART NEVER WON FAIR LADY, Fi ami JJLAl K EYED SUSAN D See apenial announcement. D on Monday evening next?'the colleen bawn, with u Mrs. John Wood and Mr J. Collins. l Admiral.>n (to nil parts of the house) V) rents a Secured Parquet Stall, 76 cents Vi Doors ojkhi at 7; comnienoe at 7)?.. D

Laura keene s theatre 1 ti1k WORLD famous COMEDY ii is received nightlv witlt O shouts of laughter AND uno easing applause. every night till further notice, our american cousin. our american cousin. w our american cousin. OUR american cousin. our american cousin "l our american cousin. " our american cousin. " w ra tap touowiug pouertui rui;- u AHu Trent-lurid, a live Yankee Mr. John T. Raymond Lord Dundreary Mr. Levirlt Kinney Peter* 71 Ooyle Burnett K Aiel Mutrott .J. U. Kloditirt R Sir Edward Tretichard Marlow e ? Fred Yemen H.F.Daly "1 Cant lie Knot* Rieburritum ' John Whicken Btlhy Hnddlcombe Dillou Rasper Smith Florence Trenchard Mrs. J. IT. Allen Mary Meredith Mr*. Chanfran Augusta Ml?*Tone Hurke Oeorgiana Mr*. Lotly Hough Mrs. Mouutchessingtun Mr*. Mariner w Khiirpe Mrs. Dillon Skillet Mine Everett In active preparation, and tvill shortly he produce a ueIT h three ad Irish drama, by LAURA KEENE, entitled the a MlCittTHT, OK, PEEP () DAT, Which will be presented with new and powerful scenic v eil'ecta, uud a cast ufextraordinary strength, embracing ALL THE PRESENT FAVORITES of the establishment, und in w hich the crest actress KItS, EMMA WALLER Will make her first appearance here a* c NELLY HEADY (THE KAN CAOINTHR). THE MACARTHY MR. WALLER MARY KELLY .. MISS LAURA KEENE Her flsrt appearance slnee her i\cent severe lndl-jtosl'ion. I NEW BOWERY THEATRE. ! Sole Propretov*.. Me**rs. O. L Fox and J. W. Lmgard i THURSDAY, FEB. 13, 11S2, The grand lcgeudary drama of ] THE EARTHQUAKE OR. THE SPECTRE OF THE NILE. Favorite lan e Mis* Louisa Browne The Petlle drama or DOMINIQUE THE DESERTER, And the Hiberu: tu drama of SHANDY MAOUIRE. / TREAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, It uHiiiriWAY STILL TRIUMPHANT. STILL TRIUMPHANT. ANOTHER TREMENDOUS BILL. ANOTHER TREMENDOUS BILL. MORE NOVELTY MORE NOVELTY The Strongest Programme ever preaen'ed. The finiDii'it Programnin wr preaeuted. MARK TI1E LIST OK ATTRACTION. FATTIE STEWART, FATTIE STEWART, FATTIK STEWART, EATTlE STEWART, FATTiE STEWART, The greatest ami most original Online .Singer and versatile ' Comedian In America, In Ins gloriouily funny Comic Song*. MISS ADELAIDE PRICE. MISS ADELAIDE TRICE, The Beautiful premier Danseu-te, in Lev exquisite -Spanish and French Dances. II. B. HARRISON, The renowned Extemporarvou- Sinner. THE ClJF/OBD SISTERS, In their charming Songs and Duets. K 21. CARROLL. j in his great Pas D'Eihiope or Canlcrhurr Quickstep, < ASHTON AND ROUEkS. as the comloa m their graceful gyuiitas.u feats. ! THE DELEVANTk BROTHERS | In their perilous Trepczo and daring Ladder Gioupiuga ! W. N. SMITH I iu his famous "champion" Hone Solo. feYRON CHRISTY ' I in his new Stump Speech, "De Way lings Stand." MLLE. KATKRINE j in her delightful pas La Ziuganlla. MONS. LEHMAN 1 AND THE CANTERBURY TKOl'Ph OK PANTOMIMIST8 i? nip. grand K.WEL tantomime. PAUL BF.ROLIt, WM. ROSS, FRANK SPEAR AND T'ftft CAM'ERBt RY MINSTRELS in the following mirth provocative Comic Aits ? MISS LUCY AT THE SOIREE, RIOOINO A PURCHASE, THE INTRUDER TKKSI'ASSINQ, CAN'T SHAKE HIM OFF, and FLAT FOOT JAKE The renowned EHnop'an anlsts, BILLY HIKCtf. BEN CO (TON, and J. A. HERMAN are engaged, and will appear on Monday nexl. ROBERT POX, Agent. MELODEON, BROADWAY, BETWEEN SPRING and Prim* streets. PIONEER CONCERT HALL OP THE WORLD. NEW ATTRACTIONS EVERY NIOHT First week of anew Ballet Pantomime. Including FORTY YOUNG LADIES. Read the names of our performers, and ilo not he gulled hy len {-win led advertisements of agonl* and others, who change their ".actic.r" every otb?r day:? Secoud week of J. 11. HARDEN, the great perfonner of Art and Strength. 1st?The Prestidlcilaieur; 21?The Veiitril xiuiii; Sd?The Balancer, 4th?The Solo.1t; 5th?'The Modern Hercules?in allot' which heiutllenycs bis competitor*. MISS FVNNY FORREST. MISS FANNY FORREST, MISS FANNY FORREST, MISS FANNY FORREST. MISS FANNY FORREST, MISS FANNY FORREST, N. L. SIMMONS, N. L SIMMONS N L. SIMMON*, N. L. SIMMONS, M MoKENNA, DAN HOWARD, .?A?vE budd. ADELE CALLA, 1 EMMA WILSON, } DF.NZKR BROTHERS, Toge'her with thi eutire Wimmnth Company, numbering 1 orer ONE ULNDKBD PERFORMERS. Fira! week. - "* Miss NELLIE Howard. MISS NELLIE HOWARD, MISS NELLIE HOWARD. MISS NELLIE HOWARD, Mi-.s shi.LiE Howard, miss nellik. Howard. MISS NELLIE HOWARD, MISS NELLIE HOWARD, MISS NELLIE HOWARD, KISS NKLf IK HOWARD, The Iinriv:i!> I female Jidibnippr On Mondcy brut Will bit prodn?eit A new local pier*, entitled "WHERE WAS MATSELL BOR.v?" tntr- I icing thi- moral ?iltior?T* and the grr i, immoral itdvertiainR of th? Ureal Mogil. Alan will lie iuIi educe I in 1L1 h tipw piece tin- celebrated FEMALE MINSTREL SCENE, in wlileh aUIpi- i ... nr. ladlca will tppetr, And aiii.ingat other novrUlea will r-?'l. f'?r the edification of Hip nndlrn.-e, some of th * uior* In i i f.-"i wltih appear* In Hie "ClaieUe ' weekly. SCTirLVRI >M VF.RsTs WAITER OIRLS. 1 LAW VERSUS I'.E AI IY. ( F.sst RE V. ilKKK IT IS DESEUVINrt. Legal gpin mm fr >in the Utsip <>i .Saratoga are I reepertiull} p<i . - I I" ? ease delivering hono pi aim prea! ri t? to iji I'o fly W i 'or Citrl*. p? p)i! torn gli ? kindly dl?position, anil not Willi .in inteutino I ? In volt In them :i w iv to minor f'oii pr ll-i i? Bitw in amoi* thean learned jn tl.-rnen ill irr 'lion it is latum it Vuiu, for they ?op well saltstl?I wiili Uii pt-aont i . "itl mi-l-i fact mi runlcniP'l tlml i tlipf actually ijturganl tti -I trot injunrilnn 'No io tell Lea" Wr'ahal1 "way- In- proud In mia-ire theiri|iiarter " d..:'ar?at the hm nfllne, brwayol a.tin ss mi f , Rt'T i ARE A WORD OF ADVK'R A* soon is j' ?plh|p ri'iurn in your country client*, and avoid the mm i fiiptiior I'm,. Pit If 's tl l? a bua nets yen do not'll .1 Avnlii tlio trap, us a mil ?? pi.mibte, by I noiiibo ing the old ail.iv , 'Viniliiug tan foi." MISS ADAH ISAAi s MENKEN. Tin. MoS'l S11 ESsl'UL STAR OF THE Allfi, la playbill the tv. * of In i on<a.eiiietu in Albany to cr .<* ini h i i p- I'r.or o her d MMtrtuin lor Eor >pp ehe n ill 1 i . uii Coliiuib .n, 8t Loula, Loit.atllle, t'la iiutatl ard Filabnrg. 1 IIAM" LNN'O and JIH DAM (NO .l> taiitbt by J. HIlii.lN, lis East Houalnn alrpat,. ornpr ol Si'i'Otiil a imp. In Ibp inualc a . Ha. Jim of auperldr quality on band. Single IcaauM flOeealat in linlrt fnl $11 i Til) THE LOVERS "F HARMON! - MESSRS. BLAND A j I Si rods' lakr * biMiPiit Irtla e,ruing n K..'*rt Smtih'a, 2.1 We*' Hi >iat n air. t. "evi rat ol tbp in si popular ,lnarra j in Now York have aolunHwrril llrlr aorviopal'oi lb- ?-. pa|?n Robt. Sin I'll v ill bo iti bond In itc-. Ills frlonls, aurt play ? aouit* of Ills popular alra. Lome and en joy the in at, wvwLamvmm. A BEDROOM SLIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE for (24, In all color*, of warranted inaniil'aeitira, alao 1 aoild ciiesinut CnaintM r Snua plain and oruainenial. at II F. FAKKlNiiTON S., Jot. I anai alieet, opposite VTooatar. I E*tatills|io.| in isid ij'BAJir.i.i.r.u Ml I TM ur M KM IT ISK, IN Hi nil color* Kill! ??*!' ?. >1 whon Hale .m l n ull, at %J> unit T apwar.U. AI?o, Maltr?-nar? ami Pallmeara W WtHKN W AKI), 177 U?u*t Ureal, four iloor* e*?: nf Broaivajr (l TjU'KNITl KK-A FAMILY DRSIROl'S OK IMMEDIATE f r hiniacKi'vjilnn, want m porch* ?i ? qiinntliv effurnl- I turr, 0'iinpriauiK r'rr.ylliihK iv?pii.-.'? 1V1 the aaini AliV " one wUhliiR In sell reasonable for each wilt pku** addrea? T. i L U. Wilsou, motion A, Hptmg afreet. J ipl'rnitt'kk ?i'asii paid FOR El'OJfl) IUVDH B ' nltun\ MIrmr* flirt i'an?H*. Country -alUi?f(-**w:???| tn t; Addrra* Kui niturp Siort, 660 Hmliion *trwi v, n<t> d mahv gunjr PI \ nipt on 8*crrlarjr hflftcad for wait' chenj?. * n I/l'RMTFUK BOUOHT.-ALL KINDS OF HOI Sl,HOLD h " Furnlln re bought ??rt a good pro gtvi it. at >7 i * avenue. nem Thirty-fourth i iml. All eills promptly o' ri tini.bil to, ?r addm** Furtut r, aU n .rnhn ,N If -\ T goo.l assortment ot aerotnl luiii'i Furniture lor * 1<*. | is5k) iww1 ? iioi'skdold kfhvitfri- wanted-i tJP^S.v/''v". will pay r.-li l..r nb<>ut Iuhi r e.Mmd a -rili nf plain Furniture, auttablo lor t lar.r I .T- lln h ms* An; family about hieeklng tip may aend a lin* io n. m Co Mm ujt, Herald office 2. V ALL AC Ed NEVER ACTED HERE ANOTHER SERIES STAND A K [M'OMEDi ES DIFFERENT PLAY EAt'll NIHHV , THIS KYKN1M) , A papular play, by Mr~ Centltvre, , 'io be produced wuli EW SCENERY <i>? Ixli.-r vuod), NATIONAL COSTUMES, SPLENDID APPOINTMENTS. CAST WITH THE STRENGTH OF THE COMPANY. THURSDAY 'ill be perlormed, tirat tuncat this establishment, the uelcAted hi e act coruody (with an unusually alror.g distribution all the characters.) rifled thr WONDER, A WOMAN KEEPS A SECRET, y the authoie?s of the "hnsv Body," "Bold Stroke for a Wile,1' Ac on Fell* Mr. Lester Wallarfc alonel Britou Mr Charles Either I NWiM Mr Reynold* ou Pedro (lather to VioUnte). Mi. (ieo. Holland on Lopez (father to Don Felixi Mr. Hiowutt Ibbetr (aeriant to Colonel Hriton) Mr. Norton laardo (servant to Don FelU) Mr. Young lguar.ll Mr. Parkea ssquez Mr. Par*loe ouna A'ioUnte Mi*. Iloey atwlla (slater to Frederick) Mum Henriques lora Miss Mary Gannon >>s Miaa Crocket , peratiu selections by the orchestra, uuuducied by Mi. j S toe pel. FRIDAY, 1 SECOND TIME HERE. Bourctcaull's very p >nulsr comedy of the IRISH HEIRESS, hlch attracted a eery crowded and delighted audience on Wednesday. Due notice will be giveu or the ue*t representations of She Stoops, t# Conquer," "Cure for the Heartache," Rosd to Ruin." "Love lor Love," "School for Sranual,' London Asaurauie," "Speed the Plough" and "Town and oonirv." Hm hook now open. NOTICE.?boor* open at 7; performance commence* at Li, ami terminate before 11. arnlly Circle ilc. Orcheatra Stalls $1 ox and Parquet 31K-. Private Boxes 7 JOINTER HARDEN if Oj>en at (Pf*. commence at 71*. ? CROWDED HORSES. CROWDED HOUSES. CROWDED HOUSES. Thirty-ninth night of the engagement of NR. J. S. CLARKE, MR. J S. CLARKE. Mlt. J. S. CLARKE, rho will essay, for lite fourth time, the character of AMINADAK SLEEK, AM1NADAB SLEEK, l which hu ii nightly received with the moat genuine ROARS OF LAUGHTER, HOARS OK LAL'GIITER, nd every manlteslatioti of iinqnaliiied approval. THE BEAUTIFUL CUBAS, THE BEAUTIFUL CUBAS, THE BEAUTIFUL CUBAS, rhose peculiar ms* iiiatlon and INAPPROACHABLE DANCING invariably create THE WILDEST ENTHUSIASM THE WILDEST ENTHUSIASM ivcr heard within the walla of a iheatie, will appear. THE UPROARIOUS COMEDY or THE SERIOUS FAMILY. THE SERIOUS FAMILY n conaenuence of it* extraordinary success. v? ill he given EVERY EVENING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Mr. AminndahSleek Mr .1. s. r u-ke. 'uplain Murphy Magniro V Barton HiU. Mr. Charles Tot ron* Mi v . ihivennnrt. Mr a Uliai lee Tin i one .Ml Ada Clifton. Widow Delriiaino Mr*. Skerrett. Emma Torrens Mi so F tnny Browne. L ttly Creamier Mm Wnlrot. In the hall room scene the celebrated Serious Family l'olka will lie danced, to which will he added, for tin* first time, an EXQUISITELY HUMOROUS AND EXPRESSIVE HYPOCK1TIU COMIC DANCE. Introducing the following charaetei s:? Mr. Straighthalr, nephew of Mr. Sleek Mr. W. Daridge Mr. Scruples, i friend* I Mr. Jeffnea Mr. Smooth. . of I Mr. Saphori Mr. Cauls dl, i Mr. Sleek, ( Mr. Evan* To be followed by a n 11 r bt firvFuTr^nuewT iii which the brilliant nnd BEAUTIFUL CUBAS, assisted by Don Juan Xitmnes ami a full nnd perfect Corps dc Ballet, will appear in IOTA ARAOONESA, and dance tba celebrated nat ual dance, LA OALLKOADA. To conclude witu th? mauiiHicent Soenic Spectacle or the NAIAD QtEEN, which will be presented, with i'a gorgeous scenery, pictnra tuo poaea and brilliant daucea and uiarchea. Iu the second act, the Beautiful cuban will appear for the Ural lime in THE MADALANA. The performances combining, on the same evening, STANDARD COMEDY, BRILLIANT BALLET AND MAGNIFICENT SCENIC SPECTACLE. FRIDAY, Feb. It, BENEFIT BENEFIT OF THE BEAUTIFUL CUBAS. CyjBAB. TAriNTER GARDEN. W BRILLIANT ATTRACTION for tlie BENEFIT OF THE BEAUTIFUL CUBAS and LAST APPEARANCE IN NEW YORK, FRIDAY EVENING, Feb. 14. 1861. On Which occiision she will apear III THREE URAND NATIONAL DANCES OK SPAIN, FRANCE and hungary, Supported by DON JUAN XIMENES and the SPANISH BALLET l OMPANT. The origiaal American comedian. Mr. J. H. CLARKE. In one of hit talented and laughable characters. Bo* book now open. Brooklyn athen.kum L. M. WOTTSOHALK'S ONLY ONE GRAND CONCERT IN BROOKLYN. THIS EVENING, FEB IS. Thaaal* of tlrketa commences lui? morning, at the music stores "f Messrs. Pros, 314 Fulton vwi, and Rose, 143 Atlanm street, Brooklyn, and lihaU'a Wall street. MISS ISABELLA IIINKLEY, BRIGNOLI. MANCUKl, SUSINI, HENRY MOLLRNH ACER. RICHARD HOFFMAN, the favorite pianist, baa kindly roliiiiteeretl to assist Mr. Ootrsclialk on this wnilun. PROGRAMME?to KT mkst. 1. Aria, "Jeruaaletn" BUSINI 3. Duet. "Belisario"... HKIGNOLI andSUSlsl 3. Overture, ''William Tell,1'arranged tor two niatni* L. M OOTT8CHALK. performed t.y RICIiAKU HOrFMANand tit- A' THOU 4. Caratltia, "B*tly" MISS IIINKLEY 5. Swedish Melndtea S Unartntte, "D >n Pastptale" MISS IIINK1.I.V HKIGNOLI. SUSINI ai d MASCIIs! 7. Trauseiiption di Bravuri of the yuai'-itenf Rigoletlo, c uuinsed and perfortnv 1 by ... ...L M.GOTTSCHaLK hut 8 Fan1 uti-' rapree, by Kmni-ier M0LLEN1IAUER K>) Hantirfllo * Cttvallrru fnMran. r>mi?<?s<?<l and |*?rfot L. M. VgOTTSt'HALk 11. "Wlllllll a HHP or Edilll" . MlHft HINM.KT 12. Romania, "D m Paainale" IKS. NANOUHI 13. Trio, "Lunrrrla Bnr !?, ' MISS 111 s KI.EY HRKJNOLI and SI'SIXI 14. Bf cmieral requat, "Tlx Hanjn' L. V OOTTSCIIALIi Mnalcal Dlrmtor and Conductor. MIX MAKEI'&EK O^or* oyu at ?; ?.wfrj Academy of music?Brooklyn. LfMfr anil Manager. . ..IAS. M NIXON THURSDAY EVEN INC, FEB 1.1. Third night of the engagement of edwin forrest. Tii' Orr*tc?i giving Tugcdun, On wlil ii oecaxtoii he 4*111 appear In flliOIMITS. Supported l?v a i-oinpieio and taleuted campari .r. Mr ^imor'nengnrriiient tJllmliel lion more pecormaiD ee-only. Friday >V!i. M. KICBEI.IEU. Monday, Fob. 17, DAMON AND t'YTil IA> WiMfiOadat. Eel. Id, META MORA. Tlioraday, Feb. ?, OLaPIATOR. Fr! 1 ay, Fen. 21, macbbth. Box uillce open from s A. SI. till j p. m a', the.Academy of j Mttslr, where aeal* may be vrured in advance for either of llip nil perlnruiahree. I'KICEs 0? ADMISSION Ad mixtion 5ftp. Keaorved Senta, axtra. .. 50r. nrtraia Bote* ... $4 Prnneenlmn Hoiea (holding twelre pen-nix $12 Family Ulrcle and Amphitheatre .Me. Dnora open at a quarirr brfi re 7 o'elot k, lOitotinance* to imminence at 7H o'cloc k. Bowery theatre Mr. S. P Sili kro y hapnilr antl<noe?4 THE POKITVE API'E VIIANCE. OF DAN Rll I. TO-MlIHT Ala > the Ho ,nd DAN RICK'S HEN KMT TO MORROW lafurJay, Benefit and Laxi Appearance of Mm' Totirnaire. Bo we it v THEATRE Tim Clmtrnian >f the Commute* of CITI/.KNV OF NEW YOKK Who hnv" agreed to tender to dan. kice The Eminent Xmerieaii Hum ?n?i, A COMPLIMENTARY OVATION. ieg? rexpectlully ,o atate thai FRIDAV NICHT. FEB. 14. Ila* l?''ii d voted to l1! pnrpote. DAN. RICE laving recover*! from lit* Indiaponpion, Wli.I. PI.AY NTRODL'CE T,IE BLIND IIOKal. and the* mi lks. The laatelianre but on? to -re DAN'. RL E. Tirketa "an be pan uaxe 1 in *!' public pin ? I itVI v. 1I AI.L I Holre* rram not r?rry T?*,l?y. ' .fnignat. Leaaeo j Cotncllex, PrnvefHe* VFnballl'i, Mini tl Interlude* flctrtl of adiinaa'OO. with amired aii.fl" veil To l?e ha I a'. H DAKD< INYtl.LE.l *u?rr, nil Broadway. ,nd at the door of the Hall on ih" rrenin* of porfnrniaiu e VALENTINE'S KVE. > COURTSHIP AND MARRI.ACE Mr. De C rilova will peaitoi i-UM tii r.1.1 nir. nn n tht? rttv. tan |?iputar and liiiontwi* ! tturc < ?>(,UTSHM' AM) MAKRIAIlll, Itlort '.tit ,V.-1 tn tllf LI A otl?. mi THURSDAY BVRMKU, fFHllUARY 13, l*JZ. at I'MNTON HALL. 'lefcala... W) tnia To tii had at Hit? Library, boo* tuM muait atorea ami *1 t.lio nor un Hie evMtlnf of the lecture. k|K MTKI'llhN ? AMSKTT. W11UKK \nmu\i l.i. VI Reading*. I'nmit I Una' ratlm ami In- I'nl HnS.h 1 rrm M(ntiiiitliiil(a?i]t wrlifil at IIir leeim i rmini in 'tin luirchot the K"demi> i"n, I .a?t Kd'irtuan'li irrel.nti .i?t b iradny rvminf. will flirt n utw and varied Kntertnlnn.'-nt M'inn<l nd ??*t *trie*i *1 tlir borert-mn,onTimr-wdtt* ig nol. the l.l'ta tna?? al It ti H:k, id alii <>l I he boating rl.-ht r aatd church. Ml. VI A.iKl'.TI will, among other tilings lot m lii -v Hint In N. w Ynrk, n n il?? "Voting litnyheail." tlifi Hujr and lilt Holy Image," ll.r Miieet ;iw?e|,er," I<f?ldt4 rcml Comic Im t it|..ii??|nclinl' ig ta - eele'-i ; o d nrlji al akm h o, llm "B. .llslunan In CallCm nig.' loyetlirr wllti i a (Ml ifliat of tin- "CharRa of MM Light Hug* I' in lilth, by tnr nniU'imma Dpiii'nn of Hit j rea*, h la unV ll'"d ITHO lit mTiukm ~ r* In II AnUlta'N* will) I* AI Mill N* Will) 1(4 A DM KM w ii" tn aim < :>r MTII > IM ADRIKM W'10 ' M VO'llfcNl WHO IM ADRISM r AMlllENKairs AC.tDt.MY OK MUSIC.?MATINKE .SATURDAY. FEBRUARY IS DOORS Ot'KN AT IS?MATINEE AT I rHf <u>4l!|Mrt?i?f u??- him Be ' T prevent i4??- ru?h ?t tbr do-.r and to *- cotuuiudAitf " > t i t y it? audicntj?f-AU ! ?' iIi h i> n ,??u ?riiv can tx *?uir.A without klra i hargp at the A ademy of Muaic, Bio?? ?ii???, 701 B- ,a<iwuy and Hi hull's Wall trw* Prit alt- bo ifa tut-ordltig to ihr *1tM M.OKAU raapmtUoUy min ium .- tin l>y universal it H'li-at ot till* patrons iif tli. Opera Milaiie., D*- .11.1 unci (.It'll in mve. net Salul'da,, Krb. i,. ONE CI! AND i;Ai.A M ATISICR nn which uecasiou will 1m* pn lined MARTII\ ,M a* 1 A it I,, mine Keilosk a I .i|i|iear i it her Ail mli Abie rote of l.ady H.-in ietla. Aline. Nirak ian Nau > ; llr gnoli, l.yonel S1 milli. Pluiikel, Barll, Trie.mi Musical Director nn.I Condi,- t.c Mat Mareliek. la. M GO'lTSt IIAI.K. SI ll.iI S SALOON * At S u'i , ndi A. M? !'" I nfti - I' tie li ia?e!i?l* OwiMfM will lie opened at HperA S AI'TUitr'ii, laiirncMsorsto HreiisitiiO, itll Broadway, and : ' e I s Wall slice:. where seals tyili i#o se1 tired for Mr (lottsrhAlk's Cnnrrts the i'rlf'k UK admission has been fixed at the usual snttirturd oi ft u> all pails of the house, anil 50 rents ev'.ia for reerved seats, ill'. Urnil reapectfullv aminiilit ea thai MR. i.oTTSi || \i k s third grand concert will tske place ou Knuay, Ke u iarv H. AT 8 SALOON, assisted hy Mis-. HmUev. Brig,on . M uictisi, Stulni, Molten liauer and Richard ilolfiuaii wIn* hsve kiu ny volunteered to Mr. Golisrh* a on tut- ?v m on. PROGRAMME raicr I. I?Aria, Lucres!* Borgia Stisinl t -Rumania, L Ktoti du N'ird Briguult S?Grand Fantasia on the Misere. Trovatnie, oum ousel and performed by uottaouais 4?Polsci*, Purl ant Miss Hinklsy 5? Barest ola N spelean Manual 6?Ojna Ortolan Duu/.a, tor four hands, composed by liollsrUalk, and performed by 7?Ter/.elln Aula llinklev. Brgnoli, 0uuai Uott man and UoUaelislk PAur if. 8?Eautaaie Caprice M.iUenheuer #?DnrUiun, Kruani Hrtpnoli and llinklejr 10?A, The lataf llopr, < fuy reiiueslirclltious mcditAtioe, B, Murmurea Euliens, i composed and performed by GotiscUalk 11?Duel, Don Ptiaquale . .Maacuai and Sustul 12?II inio taaiiro Brtgoolk IS?Kallhcn Mavonrnenu Mtaa ri inkle* U?The Banjo, composed a id |H'rforiued by Golt-tehalfc Musical Director and Coodtic or, MAX MARET/.BK BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. UNPARALLELED CROWDS. NO ABATEMENT IN THE EXCITEMENT. GRAY 1IKAD.S ANll YOUNG HEART! Are alike rharnied and delight".!. THOUSANDS, YEA, TENS OK THOUSANDS LADIES. CHILDREN AND GENTLEMEN Daily Hiring Hie ntun rutin ball*, Inn tj telly the levees of COMMODORE NUTT. The celebrated and wonderful AW,1)01) NUT, The inoal man eiloi a hi og in existence THE SMALLEST MAN ALIVE. IS YEARS OLD. ONLY '-'J INOIIES ilKiH. WEIGHING BUT 24}., POUNDS, the mere.'t pigmy of huuiuuitv, and at 111" name tune THE MOST PLEASING AND CAPTIVATING. He is on exhibition AT ALL HOURS, DAY AND EVENING, in the character and costume of a Commodore, and at Intervals, and on the btago during the dramatic performances, he appears in SONOS AND DANCES IN CHARACTER, aud In varioua uiltilaix and other performance*. HEAR THE EDITORS WHO HAVE ?EKN HIM Commodore Null is doubtless tne smallest grown man in the world.?N. Y. Tribune. This interesting miniiue of humanity U smart and intent. gent, is leas in stature th.iu Tom Thumb wss on Ins hrst exhibition, and more vivacious and glib of tongue,?N. Y. Com. Adv. Btirnnm pays the Commodore $30,000 for three yearic heme MR. NUTT COSTS ABOUT ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS AN OUNCE ?N. Y. Worid. lie is really a born comedian?the But ton or Jefferson of the Lillputians, and guile a pocket edition of Hamlet ? N. Y. Eve. Post. He is the smallest dwarf now tiring, and certainly the greatest curiosily, in his peculiar line, erer bromht before the public, is handsomely featured, well formed and tnleUl gent.?N. V. Sun. The levees of Commodore Nutt, at Barnum's, are drawing the town. He is really n very extraordinary specimen or miniature humanity.?N. Y. Herald. The young George Washington Nutt is to Tom Thumb what Tom Thumb is to a man.?Courrirr das Ktats Unis Grown people of ereqrage and condition are, to nc rtain extent, Nutl-uiad. Nor is this extraordinary when we ooae eider that the Commndor Is the smallest specimen of aalaciplent man of wliT a we have, any record.?Morris A Willis's llonic Joiirnt 1 At Barnum's Museum, the little Commodore is theprtae clpal attraction, and draws prodigiously.? N. Y. Times. Commodore Nutt has a good mind, and displays a good share of ready wit.?Christian Messenger. He is leas in stature than Tom Thumb was on 1 la irst exhibition, and his manners are really pleasing.?. . Y. Bk press. We would heartily advise all amusement seek, i a t gfva the Commodore an early visit.?N. T. French A me iraai Messenger. A greater living curiosity was never beheld ? N. T Dispatch. We predict a greater success for him than wa*a< 11a' (1 by General Tom Thumb.?Sunday Time*. 'He csnuot t ail to meet more smiles than any the aanl full cruwu men.? A'das. Tlie Courier -peak* of lilni as " a prodigy of littleness, thn only one capable ol' putting Tom Thumb's imse out of joint." Bsrnutn hs* got another Tom Tbumb bargain in uio still smaller Commodore Nutt.?N. Y. Mercury. He is a bilglit and graceful specimen ol miniature humanity.?New Haven Palladium. lu addition to this wonderful prodigy may also be -e m thk uunu hippopotamus, tub great living whale. The twelve beautiful tiny Sea Horses, eight large Specs lod Brook Trout, Bailing in the Grand Aquaria, which contain heautil ul and rare living Fish fruiu all quarters ol tna glolie. every afternoon and eyenino at .1 and 7% iVIock. will be performed, by urgeut request of thousands of Museum natrons. THAT OKBAT FAIRY PLAY, ONDtNAi OK, THE NAIAD QUEEN, with all its unparalleled and hrilllaut scenic spectacle, its rorp* of Amaron Warriors, in their FASCINATING DRILL AND EVOLUTIONS, and the gorgeous closing mechanical scene THE BOWER OK BEAUTY, which has never been equalled in New York. Admi-sion 2 > cents; children under ten, ISocnta. BRYANTS' MINSTRELS. Mechanics' ilsll, 47'd Hroadway, above Grand street. Monday evening. Feb. 10, and every night during the week, s. 0. CAMPBELL, the popular rocaliat, with Fowler, Gould, Leslie and UlUou, in new songs, choruses, Ac. Blacksmith's Jubilee. Dat s What* de Matter HORN, FLORENCE, NEIL AND DAN BRYANT, the popular Ethiopian comedians, in anew burlesque sketch, 4 II 41. Also, first tune of a new burlesque by E. Boweia, Esq.. entitled ye old folks concert. Old Daddy Hemp 'ye aneiem conductor.. Dan Bryant Doors opcu at tiS, curtain rises at T)?. Tickets, 26 nents. Ht> I LEY'S MINSTRELS, fiau BRUADWAY, OPPOSITE Itoml street.?Continued success of Orifllu V. II iwaril'a aeu-a'.ion tragedy of JANE ASHORE. On. Tan Row *r STurvasajrr Hsi.r. Jane Ashore Charley Foi I Alicia Rollio IlowarC Lordll*stingB.U.W.H.Gnffln | Duke of Gtoster E J. Melville Original song and dance, "Nsiicv Fai ' Dave Reed Grand lingers scene from "II Trovatore".(ioeardaatI Rcevee HHi'iwiy Allen's Cruelty to Johnny. Ac., Ac. Doors open at hi*; to commence at 7)a Ticket* 26 crata Academy of music GRAND MILITARY FESTIVAL. TO EVENINGS, " ITT'i ssn EIGHTEENTH OF FEBRUARY, .&* The members ot tne ,. thecomma) t of Colonel Contoi. p,occctorate of General MrClellan, will give, in behnlf 0 Ihflr orijani safion, -* -I TWO SI'I,EN DID S'JIREES. The rtist one \A<4 itlthe iOT.ormsn-v iTThe atirriug military drams, entitled Tli* Uvlltjh Ep.ymmrnt: or. The B? talJ'JB ol the Enfanis Perdu*.1' That p!?y Iraq been perform eil in the Crimen by the Zooit'-'e AmaleuFs, aud reprodue-d stklv times M the Cirque Imperial, in Pans A enriia'e mo. - rlally roinpneert tlila Mui iD, n ill he sung by 3111) Eulania IVMil", in full unlf rm Tlie xenon l rii^ht will becntiaeoralfttl toadreaa ball, in gieat atyle, with milnaty tivnltiiiuu* a <i iU military rh irua, anit various *.>ngx, rwntwl .t>l?braleil a.tiau, wh? linve Kiuilty r?!'i Ueere<l thair vivlrm. Prler of ailmtaainn ib nli night* i tOTKPHK.N MASSBTT?TO-NIGHT, A r THK I'HHRCO lil nf the Redemption, ill K.rxt Imiui teenth street, reads lh? Tlirilliug Sketch til the "Vo nig Uray'.ievl." Fai' tint t?> hear him STEPHEN MASSETT TO-NIGHT RECITES ' TlfK Oll.irg' if l ie 1'lght Hrltiailr " In this Mr Msasfttt ia acknowledged to be with ?. i a rival. UTKPIIEN M A iHEI r ill VE v TO-NIGIIT. ?>' PARTI O nil' it .|.-strn, hi* trig'"! anil Intensely ludicrous .mil si la aplltting Cum. Sketch of the "Englishman in California," the most " ft tta-or-dl nary tiling in the wo-r-l-d I" fl* ear'y if ymi ?!?h a ?-?t. M the 1 rillre room, Cluirch of lh? Keltrinpth 111, East Fourteenth atreet. F?U null 1AI KA K .HIKE'S THEATRE, KFHRl'ARY II, IM; J fh 'tnoilela nf lb# aren >i r to D naeil in the new pla* "I THE MAOARTHY. OR PEEP O' D\Y, at Him theatre, lire 111 v i* ork t rerelved from Mas I ntra Kee ie a written description nf Ihr atanary aha required, and availing myaeir I anrli anggnailiina s? might be derived published prtnta f Irish subjects. I mmnnsed anil eieruvl this arene ry, ami any onu drstnug *o ua- my designs mna' apply to M a l?tnra Keene, ah iae property iliey have now iienoine M IN ARI> hKWIrt The pridb ani> ot.ory ot tht* magnificent city lathe vo-l 1 famo a 'PARISIAN CABINET (IF WONDER AMI) ANATOMY(At ItKOAIiWAY, fneit ilno't,i Had, Btai ii A Ca.'s) A who value wisdom, amusement, knowledge ati I iwvtr ah'iul I at nmw viali ,uf ,y KXCITINM. KoBT WONDKRFUT-, EXTRAORDINARY. HAXVIhLOUI. THRIUil Nil, UN.dl'ISPAjHABI.K, mfrmut. ibvahuria INMTRlMTfVK gnrRNrr pica"'n hti re n.? m Op?n for ?entlrmen unlv. fi ?m u?i til' .on AdmlMiM Atvltt TADIKit A Mil OBNPLKMKM OF At'K MOWr.FlKJKtt J tal,-:il. leai"nu? of fiipekemonta I" Nr 1 York, an J|iiil? lo .? <7. rO.iTKR. Old K '.verjr fb. auV nlREi-'Il'Jls AJIi) M tNAOBMKNT OK At'tUfcMY OK Mumi' ? lirnilemea? I tru?' th? >ni wl'l brln no ini?rl hiUurn V 1 in teitln< I'll-A< 1 I'tnjr tjy ?I|1 fi % W.di M thai ?d.lrr?wid m jrou In frairulay A Herald. Mr 1' aitlami m-ama ? > Im ?*-?* 'If th? K'Wi 'anaii '? blunt* U.uvj?T tatm of th ? -uo prime parliir en' rfai- -netra ?rl-.r Pm lemur Artrlen, tin- j-in*- nf m -4i t*oh, pTi.irmr and am lilt! Iftf '< '"I *'<' ' ' " tno .1 -Mm-1 it'liea, ae-t rnl ? at lra?t tbret?men of the Obttr<*h of England, ami a ni'inhrri'f f!it',nm-iid? nf liinllw It ard-l.inntl n 11", n-ryr Iv " " I, I ;<:il \ 1 i i?- . vaa Wi?:rlerf ill and I?I |i<h -d a I l?jr i'? m?l .li-fc* il!,ii,.)iia, (V , not * nil ,if i.njwll'iti Indeed. I'r ?t*w, Him t?pu ?nt, iwm Dent* fra, \* . I , a?id he hi.ii'd that \l l"ii ? '1 Id via (be Weak Indira ere be went to Kuitiiw, and ( Irn ? raw of tua parlor nrtle-taltitiiAfllii. I think yi 1, ren.iemen, knew, ?n?| Mi. Midland wl fml mit, that -it' on- won' attv European ?"?? 1 here vtnrd otir aitralaor ?; >* our ltH--nt"a If *|r. Mai Hid tloea n ,t approve ot Ad 1 en < Inloilla'd p tonn a,i' U* ninl iiot ?"?lid 1'ien , bnt, au-eljr, lie m-n 1 then . IV to depriva 'there >f an h ? finnl nl emiaamaal ml in. at,I'll inn T am nor 0' tin- up* -miori 01 .U? 1P 1 enter tali , nient named bp Mr Mri-la Saw Yoai., Feb. IS, Wh? a

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