Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 15, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 15, 1862 Page 1
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I I TE WHOLE NO. 9288. ME INTEMITY OF THE UNION. 4 The Brilliant Events in Pamlico a Sound, on Pasquotank River, and in Albemarle Sound. OH! ACCOUNTS OF THE BATTLES. ADDITIONAL REBEL DETAILS. CAPTURE OF EDENTON. Official Reports of Gen. Burn>side, Flag Officer Goldsbotough and Com. Rowan. The Wild Statements of Our Loss by 'he Rebels Contradicted. Only Fifty Unionists Rilled and One Hundred and Fifty Wounded* COLONELS RUSSELL AND DE MONTEIL KILLED. Death of the Rebels 0. Jenninrs Wise and Commodore Lyneh. Three Thousand Rebel Prisoners Sn Route for New York. Roanoke Island, Elizabeth City and Edenton Occupied by Unionists. Splendid Achievements of Our Troops. SPIRITED ORDERS OF THE DAT. WHO WON THESE VICTORIES? IXZTCHE8 OF OUR HEROES, Jfce., As., As. Os ths morning of the Sth intt. the Burn tide ex pod I. ties left Hattoraa nail at once proceeded on their way to the point of attack. That night the w bole fleet anchored off Konapy retnt, and tbo east morning they went to toe entrance 01 iroioo nouno vommooore woiasoorottgu ImM| the w?7 A rnmmmum mi made en Friday Morning, after which lie aitacc was eommtneed by Commodore Goldeborougb, wbonuoa board of the South eld. She ltd ibe ganboat Underwriter opened lire pen the rebel lerte and batteree at eleven o'clock is Ike morning. The gunboats and veeeels of the robe's were attacked by our boau and wore riak or destroyed The Fanny, the little propeller that was taken from ua some short time ago by the rebels, was in the light and was burned. Our boats advanced to the attack mi three columns?the ret being led by the gunboat Stars and Stripes, under the command of Captain Warden- the second by the Louisiana, In chargt of Captain Euunay; and the third by tbe Bstzel, under charge or Captain Davenport Tbe gunboats tbat wsrs nearest to the forts and batteries, wsrs tbe Ceres,Putnam, Vsl. ley City,Commodore Perry, Broker and the Whitehead, nil tbe others were lu tbe immediate vicinity, but tbe above named boats were tbe c.osest ,n One of tbe shots of the etemv took street In Its bow ?r the Louisiana, but no one was in tbs .test injured by it Ths Retzel lost one man she burst one or he.* nfied Parrott guns. Some splendid firing was mads by tbe gunboat Hunchback, and the grostss was sbower ed upon ell for ths indomitable courage displayed upon the occasion At aiz o'clock In the evening tftcr hard <lay? Agbt tag, Commodore Goideborougn a gcaiied car ? '. from hie flagship to ceaaa Bring, and to w'tnirew 'or tna time being, which order waa * one* compile! w'th. In the meantime the eoidierv were being iended on Roanoke Ialaod, and, ae the o.ghi advanced, mere wee Union foree of neariy eleven .neueaod aeidiera landed en the inland, the renew naviog 'abaa beea Behind in grenchaaenta on the centre ef the .auoi. aoout four er Bra at I lei from the ehore The Brat pointa attacked were *he ?orte, which returned eur Are with hearty good will, and with a ceurage and ? determined pereererancv worthy o. a better cauee out they were at laet compel.ed to give way from the terrific force of our united Are. the ground in the vicinity having the appearance of newly ploughed iaud rrotn the thou mode of thelle that bad burat and Mattered eewaaiatioc everywhere within their 'each. On 8aturday morning eome Are or aiz thousand men .were landed tn addition to tboee that were alrrady placed on the ehore. end ekirmiabere were at once deployed to reconnoitre, end the result af their march wen the dtico very of e meeked battery, mounting three gene. Thia wae at eoce attacked by the (lawkini leaevea, flanked by the Twenty Arit and tba Twanty Afth Knaeacbeeetie reglmenta it waa carried at the point of the beyooet, and a more aelleot and eucceeatul ebarge tree eeldem wltneeied The breve fellowe rushed at It determined to "do or die. The reglmenta that tillered eaoet were the Twenty fifth Maasacbasette and the Tenth Connecticut, who loet eeverel men during the charge ItM eondlct wee hot, the possession of the battery being hotly contested by the rebate, but after an boar or dwe they were obliged to yield to the proweaa of the gTnten troops, and the battery wae abandoned. Our men fallowed them closely, and surrounding them held them a prisoners. Among the ethers who re'.i on eur tide in ghle engagement wae the lamented Colonel Russell. the Tenth Connecticut regiment, who was killed while t the head of hie men,cheering end leading"ihem on to victory, and 'Lieutenant Colonel Pe Men tell, of the TVRplneull /euavee, who ha<l nobly volunteerod bte ervtcee for tblo occasion. No other officer of rank was klltod who hold a rank above that of a lieutenantOonoral Wlao'a ?on commandod tbo robe la at the lim* 0! the attack by tko Zouaves and others, and roalated th* terming portion bravely 11 nIII, owing to a wound that ha received, he had to be carried off the Dell, bla com maud retiring a ahort dietaries, when tbry laid down their arms. The total number supposed to be killed and wounded on tbo part of the Union troop* la about two hundred, of which number armo fifty were killed. We took aomo Iweniy-eight hundred prisoners, together with every thing belonging to them. Among them are aeveral officers of very high standing in tho rebel army. After thie glortoni victory on Saturday afternoon, a fleet of fifteen of our gunboata was despatched towards ?1 Isabelh CMy. and, upon arriving within range, th.. city wan shelled; but this waa almcwt uniioeeennry, aa the iuhahitanta, or at least eoine of them, upon hearing <>r the eppronch of the Union forces, applied the firebrand to t liferent port tone of the city, and la a short time it was [E NE THE B] Scene of the Grea borou I ALB e WEST El FOBSfiTS*m O FISHERY JP V CrtDT rABsirerlf VMED ST ON r w? ? ' j%Emwra|h|!! MA//9 LAND jF OF J? M>cAj?ozif\r/ym ROANOKE MA A Witters #$071/* . wrapped is flames?far more terrible in their destruction than any attack could have b<cn. It was evidently the work of others than the residents of the place, as an appeal was made by seme of the citizens to our naval officers to send on shore a force to assist tbem in battling with the (lames; but an order had been issued to the effect that se person should be permitted to land, so as not to give the people of the place an oppor. tunity of saying that the torch of the incendiary was applied by any hand but their own. The place was about half burned at the time it was occupied by the Union troops. Shortly after, the gunboats proceeded to Eden, ton, whioh was taken possession of by Commodore Golds borough, without tbe least opposition having been offeredEdecton is quite a flourishing little town of some one thousand seven hundred inbsoitants. It is a post town. a port of entry and capital of Chowan county, North Carolina, and is situated at tbe head of Eden ton Bay < which opcos into Albemarle Sound, a little below the mouth of Chowan river, one hundred and fifty miles east or Raleigh It is one of the principal town* in the northeastern part o( tbe State, carries on considerable trade, and is only sixty six miles south of Norfolk, Va. In June 18*2, one thousand six hundred and forty to is of shipping were owned and employed In the coast trade, ind during that year three schooners, with an aggregate burthen of two hundred and fifteen tons, were builtEdenton was settled in 1710. and contains a splendid court house, a jail, two churches?one Episcopal and one Msibodist?an academy and one printing office issuing a wscsiy aewipapcr. Edenton is the key to the road around the Dismal 3<vamp,over which our troops can march to Suffolk. Suffolk is the junction of the Senbonrd and Roanoke Railroad and tbe Norfolk and Petersburg and Richmond Railroad. Suffolk once oec-jpied by our troops, will isolate Norfolk from theoo places by land, and give us possession of tbo junct'on of three impcrlanl railroads?ihottca hoard and Roanezc Railroad, asJ tbe Norfolk and Peters hurg Rai.road. Th s a?wi was recs'vsd at Roanoks '.aland on Monday evening and upon is recaption ibe gunboat Star* and Strlpaa was at once dsspatebsd to Fortrss* Monroe with iba weicomt inteiliganca, where it waa rcaetvad w:tb ibu greataai .oy, ana at onca tent off to New York OUR SECOND REPORT. Tbo expedition left Bstteras on Wednesday morning, the bib net , and entered Craatn Soun d ear ly on Friday morning the \lb. Flag Offloar Gold (borough s fleet in ada nan When abreaat WPork Point, about midway between Ibe Point and Roanoke ia.aod, a ten inch gun battery opened on the fleet A -ecunno ~eanee by the Underwriter ahowed that the enemy had obstructed the paaaagt by ainklog vessels and driving piles the enure width of troatan Sound, that abot* Una barricade ware eight gunboete, aad tbat in addition to the battery on Pork Pont, named Fort Bartow, were Fort B.aoehard, four guns and Fori Hugerou Weirs Point, four guna, and Fort Forrest, eight guns, on Red atone, ea lbs wast side of the Round, opposite Weir s Point e.i at wbicfa bore so ae to play on eur fleet abould it attempt ? i*?e tbe barricade Ybe Seat immediately adranceJ in tbree columns to attack Pal Point battery and tbe rebel cunboai# At bair ;?#i a.evaa iba engagement became general, and in icea tban an boar lite rebel fleet retired , the Curlew hoing g? much d.esbiod that the waa rtto aground under Fort torreet. Our fleet now concentrated It* lira on Fort Bar tow, at a range of three qusrters 10 one mile, wblcb wae as nesr ss the wster would tllow our boats to approach At first the fort replied vigorously, but gradually slack ened its fire. Tbe rselstsn a was, however,stubborn Tbe flag was shot away, tbe quarters set on Ore, and lh? work ploughed up by our shells. About two P. M General Burns ide s forces commence I landing at Asbby's Harbor, about two miles below Pork Point. A rebel force of 2,000, with tbree pieces, wis si > Honed In tbe woods to oppose them. Our gunboats shelled the woods and scattered tbo rebels In all directions. Our men wers taken In small steamers and launches as near matt hmd to wade, Fink in* to the middle at eeery stop for upward* of a qnartar ?/ a mil* Between three and four o'cloek the rebel fleet returned to the attack vlgoroualy, and an engagement enturd be tween It and aavernl of onr gunboat*, while the remainder kept up the Ore on Fort Bartow. In an hour the r> bel gnnboata retired tho eecoad lime, eevtral of them disabled Fort Bartow fired but seldom now. At ail o'clock Flag ?fflcer neldsboroogh signalized our fleet to withdraw,after an action of seren or eight hourc. Many of our gunboata ware struck, hut none of them *< rkraaljr damaged. The caaealtlea were three killed a:i eight or ten wounded. Meanwhile the land fore rootlnueg the debarkation r,nd by midnight had a force of nearly 11,00# men on R 1W YO NEW YORK, SATURDAY, HLLIANT VIC t Success of Geners igh- Roanoke Island ? J o it.Ai mag Hi ^WHlREtRgBELSkfeto*. \m M 08URP?/VO?R?0*m^ O -y A3HBY*t HARBO^f* EDENTON AND E Hap of Boanoke Island, Alben Edenton and Other ] aS2i4fisiifi enoke leland. The enemy were intrenched on the centre 7 of the . lend, four or Are mile* diet ant. c At an early hour on Saturday morning Goncral Forter u commenced a forward movement, followed by I he entire t force under General Reno and General Parka. At about c half paat eight Gennral Foster came up with the enemy* ' defended by a three gun earthwork, Hanked on both h aides by what waa deemed an Impeccable morass, the iiuly approach to which wae a narrow cauaeway, on I" which their guns bore. In the battery and vicinity were " rrotn two to three Ibouaend mee. f Our artillery, which constated of aix ptooea fretn the naval launchee, waa pieced la front by Gen. Foeter, who r bad the Immediate command, Gen. Rurnelde being at the point of landing. * Tho infantry and artillery opened on botheidee with 1 vigor. Our reinforcement#, ee they arrived, were placed h >mi the view of peoetrating the morawaon both sides, ao 1 is to flank the battery. u Our inao steadily advanced, closing around the on t , my, under a hot fire from nil sides, nnd suffered se I ternly. t /.t about eleven o'chnlr the New YerkNiith, llawkins RK H FEBRUARY 15, 1862. TORY AT RC il Burnside and ( and Its Rebel Bat & DUCK ISLAND 0% WILES ^ LEABETH CITY. iot*1a flAiind. Wienhftth f!it.v. ' Important Points. HP* ^ KotE CHARLES ^ 3NR0E t"Y %M"E HENRY l ^ [X BR. 11 ^ r//iM v ^ . iinckAANM H LE J VTL L Imitm, received (ho order to chage, and under lie fire >f the enemy < liarged up Hi- Mneuny, a distance of ipward of half a mtlo, yelling themselves and cheered in he wildest manoor by the entire force. The enemy be a me panic stricken, ?uu aa the Zouaves cotered they

rent out, fleeing precipitately, leaving everything be lind them. As anon as possible Hen. Reno took up the pursuit, fol. awed by Gen. Foster, who kept up the pursuit 01 the ,.r >K? ..i.u? .. .. ort Hugcr, wbore a body of rebeln bad (lad. At the sumo lima Colonel llawkloa waa wni with his agimant to tha right. In tha direction or Shallow hark Bay. The enemy In tl|eir Bight etrcwed tha road with gurs, qiilrmante, and everything that ibey could throw away, ha panic and ront wore complete. When cloaaon their ieel?, and near the tipper pert of tha Ialand, (iunaral Foeat waa mat by a (lag of truce from Colonel Shaw, da uandti g tar ma of capitulation. Ueoeral For tar replied hot it?o em-render moat tie uiicondiiionnl and imiuadiate. he?e term* wore accepted, and about 1,'iOtilaM down hair arm*. Meanwhile Ocneral Reno came up with a body of 8()0> ERAI > A JOKE. Commodore Goldsteries. ' i '"ri i > i I o ? point M a*Mr"wac' under Colonel Jordan, who surrendered unconditionally. Colonel Hawkins found the battery at Shallowbaok Bay inserted, bet took auroral nrisonere. Captain 0. Jeaaiaga Win *u illMptlBg to make hi* escape In a boat, whan he waa abot la tbraa plaeee, and diad next moraine. Tha forta wara alt occnpiad by our forcaa that night. Tha rabala tha aame evening blaw up Fort Format. Tha obstructions having baan removed, oar Heat aatarad Albemarle Sound. On Sunday Flag Officer Goldaborough daepatehed thirteen gunbaata, under Captain Rowan, to Elisabeth City, where tha rebel fleet had fled. On Monday morning eur fleet attacked them, and deatroyad the rebel gunboata, running them down and hoarding them in tha moat gallant manner. Elisabeth City was flred by tba rabala. The city waa entirely deserted, and the greatest panic imaginable pre vailed. Our boats were ta scour the Sound for what boats migbt ba hid away. Our killed does not exceed forty in all, and about two hundred wounded. Assistant Secretary of tha Navy Eos haa received a private latter, In which It la stated that the number of kilM of our navy it about twenty, and qf (Ac army about thirty. later rebel accounts state that Commodore Lynch hat not yet hetn heard from. He toot probably drowned during the Jtght. Norfolk and Richmond papers attribute the Ion of Roanoke laland to the blundering Inefficiency of the navy. They still persist In asserting that one thousand federals ware killed. Tbey also charge some Roanoke Island farmer with deserting and piloting the Yankees to the only point where they could effect a landing, the Island being Hanked on all sides by an extensive marsh. ANOTBER ACCOUNT OF THE AFFAIR. Alter the cannonading of the enemy's batteries by our naval forces a landing of the military commenced abeut half past four o'clock on Friday evening, nt Ashby 'a harbor, about two and a half miles below tbe rebel Fort Bartow, of nine thlrly-lwo-pounders Tbe landing was effected under cover of the gune of two of our gunboata, the Delaware end Morse, which. wiui isnrapnai, arsve away ana dispersed two rebel regiments that were stationed there with 1 three leld pieces to oppoae their landing. Our men were up to their middles in mud aud water in J landing. When on shore they found the three rebei I pieces in the nveraes. By nine o'clock P. M. that night General Barnetde had landed six thousand men, and con; tluued landing them through the night at the rate of one thousand per hour. The land movement against the enemy'a batteries was commenced early Pntorday morning, the Oect meantime engaging and silencing a shore battery ogMte It. Our I'orree advancing In the direction of the battery in the centre of the island, tho rabeia wsra soon drlvan be hindt their intrencbments. Here they resisted. Eight mortars were landed from the fleot to serve as our army s fteld artillery. About mid any the Hawkins Zou ares and the Tenth Connecticut regiment, under the command of Gen. Foster, made a dashing bayonet charge upon the battery commanded by young Wlee, wading knee Aeep through mud and water, to get at tba fort, and yelling like so many Indians. Meanwhile a detour was made en the right by General Reno, and ou the left by General Faster This attack from three sldee decided the fate of tbe day 1 The rebels fled from their Intrenchments before the array of cold steel brought to bear against tbem. Tbe Haw kins Zouaves leaped the front defences, bayonet in ban t, as the rebels fled. Young WkM was eoi woundsd here, as reported, but received his wound In endeavoring to escape from the Island In a boat from shallowbaok Bay The host was tired on, and be received four woundsHe was made pr oner, and died on Sunday morning of bla wounds. , After the rem lion or the battery In the reittre of the Island, Uene Reno ami Parke took a force of men, and wool down to Fort Harlow, Hen Hill In oomtnand. an<l took undisputed poaeeaaton of it. It had been thepnuolp?| point of two dare bombardment by our nary. At a quarter to live P.M. of Saturday the American flag woa displayed from the battery General poster's men pxirened the rebel* to the north end of the Island, wbera was aleo in camp, or drawn up, a Virginia regiment, that had been towed down lo all schooner* from the mainland early Saturday gnornim General Foster approached, and had an Interview with the rebel commander. Colonel Shaw, of North Carolina' who aeknd him what terme ha would exact. General Foeter replied. "An unconditional surrender,1' end consented to give h m time to return le hia camp lo I decide, i r not to a rede to the drmsnd, The rebel officer hardly reached ble men uhtn (ht ,D. PBICE TWO CENTS. MauachuirtU Twenty-fourth, Uumino milk tmpakmee, tprang forward in the direttion of the enemy, when OiUmd Shaw immediately raited a white handkerchief at a signal that the rtMt had concluded to twrender. The rebel* had proposed to cut off our put sage up Croa tau Sound by a chevaux de frire of stakea extending from Mi# main land entirely acroea to the head of Roanoke Island, but out gunboats forced their way througb, anil commenced the impetuous pursuit of the enemy s fleet which bad been drawn up behind this barrier* THE OFFICIAL REPORTS. THE CAPTURE OF ROANOKE ISLAND. oenkkal, bl'rdsldk TO MAJOtt uknkkai. u'ci.ellan. Hbadqcaktkm, Dcpaktuknt ok North Carolina, ) Roanokk ial.-no, Feb. 10,1862. J To Major General Geoiigb D. McClilla*, Coniniluding United States Army, Washington:? Csnsral? 1 hare the honor to report that a combined attack upon this island was commenced on the morale of the Tth by the naval and military forces of this expedition, which has resulted in tlio capture of six forts forty guns, over two thousand prisoners, and upward* ol thro* thousand small arms. Among the prisoner* are Colonel Shaw, commander ot the Uland,aad O. Jennings Wise, commander of lh? Wise Legion. The latter was mortally wounded, and lias since died. Tho whole work was finished on the afternoon of the 8th mst., after a hard day 's fighting, by a brilliant charge in th* centre of the island and a rapid pursuit of the eno my tcTttie north end of the islaud, resulting in the cap ture of the prisoners mentioned above. We have had no tune to count them, but the number i* estimated at nearly three thousand. uur men rougut nraveiy, ana n&ve enaurea mom manfully the hardships incident to fighting through swamps and dense thickets. It is impossible to give the details of the engagement, or to rnontion meritorious officers and men In the short time allowed for writing this report, the naval vessel carrying it starting immediately for Hampton Roads, and the reports of ill# Brigadier Generals having not yet been hauded in It is enough to say that lbs officers and men of both arms of the service have fought gallantly, and tho plana agreed upon before leaving llaiteras were carried out. I will be excused ror saying In reference to the action that 1 owe everything to Generals Fester, Reno aud Parks, as mors full details will show. I'am sorry to report tho leas of about thirty flr? killed, and about two hundred wounded, tea of these > probably mortally. Among the killed are Colonel Russell, of the Tenth Connecticut regiment, flpd Lieutenant Colonel Vietor de Moo toil, of tho D'lipeneuil Zouaves. Both of them fought most gallantly. 1 regret exceedingly not being able to send a fo'l report of lh? killed and wounded, but will sand a despatch in a day or two with full returns I beg leave to eaoloee a copy of a General Order issued by me on the 9th Inst. 1 em moat happy to say that 1 have just received a message from Commander Golds borough stating that the expedlton of the guaboats, against Elizabeth City and the rebel fleet, baa been entirety successful. He will, ol course, send his returns to his department. I have the honor to bo. General, your obedient ser vast, A. E. BURN SIDE, Brigadier General, Commanding Department of North Carolina. FLAG OF PICKS GOLDSBOROCOH TO KCRBTAST VILLI!. Ultimo StAtn Fi-ag ptkamxb Philaijxlfhu. 1 Or* Roanoke Island, Fob. 9,1862. j Roanoke Island is onrs. The military authorities strock to us yesterday. Their means of defence were truly for midahle, end they were used with a determination wer thy of a better eause. They consisted of two elaborate1v mnitrncUd works. iDOuntinr toirathAr twnnlv tvc heavy |um, three of them being 100-pounders, rifled, four other batteries, mounting together twenty gone. largo proportion of tbem being nleo of large calibre, and aome of tbem rifled; eight ateemern, mounting two guna each, and each baring a rifled gun, with the diameter of a 32 pounder: a prolonged obstruction of aunken reeaele and pilea to thwart our advance, and, altogether, a body of men numbering scarcely lean than 6,000, of wboaa 3,000 are now our prisoners. The fighting commenced on the morning of the 7tb Inat., at about eleren o'clock, and waecontinued till dark. The following morning it wan returned at an early hour and lasted until well in the afternoon, when, by a bold charge by our army, the rebel flag waa made to auccumb and our own waa holated everywhere on the island in its place. No attack could have been more completely executed, end it waa carried out precisely in accordance with the arrangements made before tho expedition left Cape flatteraa Inlet. A detailed account of the operationa of the nava. branch or the expedition will be forwarded to the do part men t hereafter. I beg to aubmit berowitb a copy of a General Order te be read on lha quarter deck of each vessel belonging u that branch of the expedition. I am, very respectfully your obedient servant. L. M. Gol.DSBOKOCGH, Flag Officer, Commanding North Atiantio blockading Squadron. To Ho.v. Gideo.v Secretary of the Navy. GENERAL ORDER. Your effbrts of yesterday and tho day before against the enemy were alike worthy of yourselves and the sacred cause our glorloua flag upholds. I thaalc you for them, and congratulate you upon th* results achieved. No Commander in-Chief could hav? been more gallantly sustained, or could have desired a more gratifying display of coolnasa, skill snd discipline , We have yet more work of the kind to accomplish, anc will soon deliver another blow to crush the hydra of rebellion. From what I bava already witnessed I am aura that you will do it well. L. M. GOLDS BOROUGH. THE CAPTURE OF ELIZABETH CITY. FLAG OFFICER GOLPSBOKOUUII TO HECRETABt WELLS. ' USITED STAT** .STKAMRK PlllLAO?LPniA, \ Ors Roanoke, Feb. 10, 1862. J Ron. Gideon Wellhi. Secretary of the Navy:? Sin?Just as I closed my despatch to you of yoaterday 1 received reliable informatiou that the rebel stoamera which eacaped from bora had gone to Elizabeth City, snd thereupon 1 immediately ordered Commander Rowan to take thirteen of our steamers under bis command and go in pursuit of them, and also, if practicable, to execute another eervice, rix., tho destruction up the North river of a link of the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal, lie dashed oT with a whole hoarl at his "?m, "? ?"/ "" ?'-?/ ^.iifiLirai mi first part of it bn owu preliminary rejiort, a copy of wblch I h.ivo herewith to euctoae, will inform you. I have decided to eoud tbo Start and Strtpca off to Hampton Roada tomorrow, to bring mo ammunition from there without deity. Sir. Van Brunt, my nonrotary, will go in her and procmiI to Washington to deliver to you my despatches and two of tbo rebel llaga wo bava taken. I am, ro sportfullf .your obedient aervant, t. M. OOI-DSUOROUOH, Rag Officer, *c. commander rowan TO flao officrk uoi.dhbohoi'ob L'mrsn St/to* Snu**k Pimw^m, I Orr Kiizarrrd Cmr, fob 10, lfMtf. f Sta?1 have the happinese to report that I me> the enemy off this place this morning at nine o'clock, and after a very lharp engagement succeeded In do Stroytag or capturing his entire naval force, and silencing and destroying bis batwry on Cobb's Point. The only veaasl saved from deetructkm la the Kill* Captain J. M. Cook, who is wounded and a prisoner os board thie ship. 1 have other prisoners. 1 am happy to my that our caanaltles am few, eon sldertng the warmth of the enemy a Are?say two ot three killed and some wounded. 1 send th' Kilts in yon under command of Acting Matter Ctuase, of this ship, who I b?t e you wtlt confirm la ths command Tho conduct of the jisllnnt men 1 have the honor tt COirnvmun > wuruiT A detailed kmhI wil'furnished when 1 hnae IIm I am happy lo ?ay that none of our aaweta ate Nnr* ' I'aia'naava li're a email force and a tail the caoala aaa take a l*'k ,h* "titer i'laraa before 1 return. I have the honor to be. aery respectfully. your ob* dient aeraaut, .I.C.ROWAN, Commander United Slat en Na ay. ORDER OF THE DAY. THANH OP at< MTTAHT WRI.UCH TO Pt.AO OPPMB aoi.ostotcmi.H, ntruw ant> okkwr. Natt t 'tram aaxT, Keb 14, 1112 Em?Your deapntchen of ma 9ib and ldtb Mt.aot, b1

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