Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 15, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 15, 1862 Page 2
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r 2 ;ua haioa <t yt nrlrtu *m *tary, aaua i?at. n* U?e great aucoaaa tlui bar thua lar aitaaCa tha aapadume lot* tha ?tUn of North <Va:i-a, )?ara rhua. vatfc thta n? rii.tkg and I "it- t*e > tha aatur of :La Pr-ai lt-il, to ban* 70a far tha aarriae 70c ?nJ tba b. ava tuar 40a aeaux! with jau bar* raadarad tba country Tbaaaauacaaaful whtaaaaiauta our uavy and army <n Norm Carolina si-no 1.0 **<?!> tha current of chtoriot iltiufa 'bat main 'raia iha Waal, wfcara tha gallant Koola, with his doiilln, bar co-npa ' ratad witn tn? ar'ey 1a a awcaaafii. danon etratton agaian tba ribal forcaa la Taoneeaaa , Our brave and pat-iMio mna oe thr eoaat and intna inta nor ara aatninr a debt of luting gratitada trora tbetr i 30 intra The haarta and uaal wi-haa of tha nation hare 1 hean with you through tba icng trial* aou baaa audtired | ?nc luoat amcaraly do we rajoica with you ua tba aucca** whiafc yoa hxaa ehtr Bad v lmuwl the (apart went world also attend eoagralu i iatioiu teGdneral Burestde and the trmr! J. in reeueelfuily, year obedient .lervinl. GIDEON WELLK. re Cog uflrer L M GouMSGaorau, commanding Narth Atlantic blockading squvlroo OKNBRAL ORRBR OP MAYOR OPDTDR. . MA you'a Orr'i, Mow Yo? Too Mayor eoflcratulatae lb* cittrivia of Nov. York on L&<! brilliant surreal cf the cation J aims In tho capture ? of Kuanake Inland, Elizabeth City, Fdpr.teo *n 1 Fori Hen* ry, and the hearty welcome of tba Tag of the Union along the bank* ef the Tennessee to tha head of ita navi;abie ' waters in tbo State of Alabama. In poblir recognition of tha importance of these events j it U director that at no a on Sal' ritay, tha 15th mat. one hundred guns be flred freoi tha Raltery and from Mad> i eon square, and that during that day tha flags, or raised | upon tha pdbli,: buildings. It ia alac requested that the j owner* and masters of vessels in port and the er-uupanth , of private buildings will, wherever practicable, display I She national banner. Given under my hand at the fity Hall, In the eity of New York, this 14th day of Fsbrnary, A P. 1882 GEORGE UPDYKE, Mayor THE HONORED DEAD dkatrhat of Colonel Chnrtes Lambert Rata sell, of tlae Tenth Connectlrsv ! Volunteers, and LlentesaM Colonel Vl|<ncx <te Montdl, of the K'fty-ihlri New York Volunteers. Among those who f?ll in the glorious attrna up>>n Roanoke Is lend we find the hemes of only two field oilers the letter of whom merely occur e i e valuntsry p<?s tini., as the regiment he bed beea formerly connected with ve: returned to Annapetia. The 'oKowujk ere brief sketch it of those off ere ? COL. erasiLi. Colonel Chi*'e* Tnmbert Rusaell wite e natives' Cot necttcut, end lately e reeident of Birmingham. where he I wee engaged in hueieeee He wee connected with the military of his native Stetefor ran fourteen yeere, holding every poeltion from privet* to captain of engineers 'Resigning thie iat'or position. he accepted the ed.i'itsntr.y of th^.Second Connecticut Militia regimen', from which he wee appointed Adjutant of the Second regiment of Vo' intoera. end In that capacity served ir. the three months campaign, flrrlng which he saw considerable active service, end at Pe'l rue dieting lsheu htrnself in n manner thnt elicited hoooreblo commendaticr. from Gen. Rsyeai both ongthe battle field end in hie official report- ! <?a arriving at Washington he was ta.en ill, end was tin- I able to assume active charge of hi? duties; otherwise j there is very little room for doubt be would have heid as j important position Is one of the earlier formed three i ynara volunteer regiments (Tt may be well here to state j lbsi lb* Crst three volunteer repiir*nte of Connecticut were orgncired to serve for three months The remainder are for the war.) On his eon raleseiace ha raued a company for the Eighth Volunteer, nod from ite captaincy was promoted to the Ita itosanl coloaetc* ef the Truth, to whleh bin com pen y was shortly after transferred its members haing unwilling to part with th'elr commander, so much ao tiiui they even entered te increase his '?j ''rem their private purse to that of his new rank, pro rid ed he would remain with them. No colonel had ever hsea appointed to tbn command of the rsginsent I anil Coionei R-ssvii. having won for himself the highest -agarisae a actdjer an.: olBc.r fmm the ?l?te aulh'iriliet, was prometc'l lo hie present poriticn UBUT. COL. visum HI XOSTIIL. h.eut. Cel. Vlgiber de Unnle:! was forr-arly conreeteo i with tae dTCjiineuti Zouaves, or r.'ty-tbirt New i'crr Volunteers. pome trouble existing petwaan him ar 3 his regiment, ana that Ihv initer was to be or. ared ' ana to Aanajiolia, ue ieft it, and putoed forward a< a ' volunteer to fight for th# hsror and jnt.~gr.iy ef the ' Called dlatee. Bs an formerly an o.Tcer of u: tillery la Fraaee, In which eartu-a he ?*? - mpioyed iVm e.ttrn j fairs. Ha wae ; '-<??* m ou of the warg with i Ueileo, un<ii- Frince d? dole. tlla, and *11 present at the ' ufctug of the ierta nf San Juan O'T.'iio* Tba raaloration of iba Napoleonic dynasty ca ?ad ; ? Moofe.J to ,e*ve France, whica he did from political tart: vet, after the . aoloriooR covp a'euu of I-ouis Napoleon He then -sine ! to America, and baa ever xirn -r*i:.led in th,s country Be in due time bream* a naturalixed citizen of the Unite 1 3ta*ee, ui t cow has forfeited hie lifo ta the defense of the flag ef hia adopted country. ADOiTiOHH REBEL ACCOUNTS. -? DUR NEWPORT NEWS CORRESPONDENCE. , Caw Bt, Newt- kt Stwtt, Va.. Fab. 13, ltfj NorfrAk lMgprwphie ftctpi'rht* tn IM Hict-mim-i Oupiitcn j Huon t Islamd ^ iDtwr t on titfufip, <4r. ter;<aoi Jrmoe Bail, of <"om:>anT fl, F'lret reirnritit New York Volumeara, reuowne". in camp for his daring and aucceaeful vnut-ng excureioo*, went y-eterday tip to Watt'a creek. ?ix milee above our camp, where a rebel picket is stationed. He found there that the pi. ket guard had been large, y ipc ea*ed. twenty man ceed to dog iird duty thi-re, while tow vnev seemed to be at leaat a hundred eirong Seigeact Fiell eucteadeo ,n procuring a copy of tba Richmond Otepaick of February 10. from whien 1 eopy the laliew sg telegraphic d~epatrbee ? THB VKRg L4TBKT. r0aaoks is th? fl > l)aoi rvfst. CttfTt'ss or a1a.OXTB TFCXJl-r ex?er -we* firs? iT/l.y n rv-r*c? WtSS obtau.t W'l *'|||.? f, nut . .cm | t1i> [Special d'epatch to too K?bm nU Depatrb) No t, Va., Fab a, IM'j. Tho ffw Lag><4b, with few osce, lion* ?u<t ttw ba!a-.r? of tha Kourin Ungado of lliia department, vers captured oa Roanoko Inland yortrrday by *u overwhelming forc?, a'inr two day*' hard fighting Cap lain* Goto* and O Joamnga Wim arc noToroly wounded and nra reported kill ad Major Lawwrn, of Colonel Heaningaoa'e ragunfit, ia wonndod ood a erimoer IJouteoaot Mi or. of tbo laokaoo Guard, i* .hot through tbo ahotlMer General Wine wao eooflned to hil bod from pnouroo aia at Kag'a Head Ho and hi* atalTare nafe OdIudoI Rirbardaoa ia alao aafo. Major Fry, Captain , Wallaoo, Captain ricttnoon, Lieutenant Carpootor and I.ioutoaart Rigger aro prtar>oera Captalat Fan lab and Burr and Laey, of tbo Klehrnood Light laraatry BViea, aro oaf a Frank .lohaa'.n. a priaooor unhurt Dr. W.O Shepberdnen. anil known aa "Bohemian orreepoodent of tbo Oitpmtch w?a captured Colonol H*nntngooa and hio artillery aro safo at Eiiaa >o*h City All our guna n tnr hattrrirt woro apikod befbre our adoring to tbo Tankoaa ' or looa la killod la tLgbt, that of tboonoay to vary | hoarr T H PC ARCS i iFroaa tho Norfolk f a? Bonk too il l ptrbTRKB ratrM oca 'ttr Aa oAoar nf our lie-1. who waa ui aurh a pot it, on at w a able him to aoo all that waa ireueiiring amaad Mm. , jraiahee o? with Uta following account ?f Uia eiit*ga oont ? a rba adoaaao forcaa of tho enemy, of twenty, wo largo aMamera and on* tugboat, basan tha attack .jon the laiaad at half-pest tea o'clock oa Friday mem .? Tha battla continued throuah mi ii? - . uIimeror our aioaioora drew near la lead aaaifttaare, tbo <h?l* of tbo eaernp'i Aotilia, ex. api ng thro* ta abore, w.oe-ntratod Ibeir dre opna Ibetn. Aiwnil four a'c.ock ta iba afternoon tbo Cur too wv. cabled by a nhul! from tbo obmji.' , ond wae compel ed make for (heal water, wnoro dhe sunk ilaiina tbo eanaonad n| tbo oaotnjr wera buelly em nH>roc i* landing their troop* bolow Pork Point battery *o <>' tb*U ateamrni ran loto a amngli in the neighbor 1 > d and r i' GOOdod u> covering their landing, the one Kir c yitn ued the attack T'tl ehoot dark, oh' they ? tbdrew A little after Pour o'clock the ammunition of oof ituadrou rotting application for a a prly to the ij?par battery, hot ibe ofltaar eou d ap>"e r.-i'T about tea obargaa A# It ?M Maaotie' that am NE1 MuiultM be tiad, ftftd m ttor* Mi ? to be ubtoOMu ft cm (k? tellerKat, a sto?ni-r W'V.? tai l I* 111* upgar teller), With ft d* ep?. b u> the (Beer ,a ooaamaad. ift'nrtoiftc tea that tte ttoel w.i* auini .anion, nod that il won d re ;alr u> 1 i'? -?.h <'ity?thirty live nulee dl*l?nt?I"' 1'< pur). ?<i of obla uiuf a aupply , and that It would rut irft ? bom daisy. Previa,,* to leaving reeei'.fto by the tiuel !ioo? C?pl. lay loo. of the navy, wbo htu bean at Pork Point better) dunut the day, thai the) had only eae killed eaa three weuftded,ftftd there wee very ration t neiieve tr ai the) would be ab,e te bold , out J the rear of the t ?.teriea waft ftot turned. The float rea> Heft JT /ebeth t'it) oa Salurlft) mming, ftad (li.e D? very little ammunition lb re sent an express to Norfolk for <i Ou Sunday aflernooa, bavin) put al* | toe ammustion and fuel wbieb oouid be obtaiued ou board the .suaoir l and Appomattox, the*# two eleamers ware eent tor ward to Koauoke Island. On arriving at the uioutb of the nxer they wet's boat and laarned Ir< m it l! at ihe leiand nad been aur.ende e<!, aud ebortly afterward discovered hve of the enemy's guuboau standing fur Pae-tuoiank river They returned im nedi.-loly te the e*iury at Cobb's Point, about a ( rails and a half below Kli/ah tb I'lty, and a'ler I eel ling au et'iraaa 10 Gene al Hnauinjsaa, dKtidbuled j altlb- atnm . . ti n erao:.,; roar etea aora a ij ? sen mw, r and form Ik mo jiikl above the ha.tarv. A c-O'nva: * ' hai r?ce.. data.led tbe day previous for duty ai tin* I Btlery.and the abject of the den wm la co-operate with ' them Shortly afl?r oayllgbl th? enemy appeared in *yhl ar ' a rata ?a^er on aeut rror iba 'I el 10 -accriaie -tie , condition of the battery. Kiptting omy aevan men there, ana supposing .bat the euimv wonld Aral alia k the j ban* y, the ifficoM and crow of the Be* Xort wvre a?. 4 . aati 'ro in man 'wo of Ibe puna ?then* being mam a* Uwy bad ammunition to sunply The Beaufort waa eei:t lo Iba mouth or ibe eatai. whom tba Raleigh had been pre iuosly aenl tnainjoiiont warn given by tba Commodore ut tha commanding offli erg >' ail tba raaia.s thai whan all meau* of reaiatacce failed, and lb< y found them.'e.vea una hie lo ?e< '.p* they > bo i Id run into ihoal water, ael the an no 9 re tod rain 'haircrawa. The a hod enetnenccd at forty-Sve nun la* paal aaveo ib ibe morning, anil recalled ra tbo enemy | aseing Iba baltary and ovai whelming the Sasb.rd and Alien. The last maclKuied vaeels ware tba only oca known to hieu fallan into lb* hand* of the enemy. Tba waa burned by bar commander, and it a Appoin ..oa ta baileeeu to hive escaped up tha river The Forraal waa oa tba way# at Kliraheth City repairing darvr.igea, and if tbe informal on ?? received yealardav > fce correct sna too w .a burned, to p, teen1, har ''ailing into j tt? ban .% of tba enemy Aa far at known tuera were only aix killa and three wounded a'.ioag lha entire naval force which we bad ia ti)? action ,-n ttad tr raent.un tbut tba t inaatCobh ? battery were all nuked bef. -a be ng poei-need by tha en "my The Con' ode rata eieauirr Ra.eigU, one of (helteetan | igad at Riaooke Uland, made har eppetrai)C* u oaf I wa.ari yaa'.a. day afternoon *ha procee lac to the II?apita.' wharf, where ana landed Midahipman Camm. who loat j? arm in tia engayuneut WHO WON THIS VICTORY ? Iktlcbti of the IVUltar? and IVavtJ Often Enract 4 To 0<t Katlle. Now who von th a im-irtani victory* v7# auawar the queation u part in tha following sketched. Rut wa enly give tha names of tba naval oflicerg and the gene rale and the ataffi of tbe military part of our force. It ? our duty > see that the name; of tU ia ga ant apinta wbo are v-gegeu under B .ravida and Goldaborc ugh arn recorded on tba page at hiitory. THE MILITARY SECTION. mi-TTABY CO OtlNPANT c-- TlltC KXTX-. 10*. Act.tig Mv'i <>aneitl.brig. Uet.. AldllROrtKE. BJKNSdfiit RTlfP.' aia! ?ian* Adji tant I i aptnh Lcwir Rlcnajor.a j Engineer rtiJ Tilef .. .. Cbpt*u? Cher.e-, H Tie,well \ Division Qu-i: ti rniui? .1 vntk v. ii-rrnnr. Bifgs Aim tt. Dir. (Jul .ieu ..Captaib ffiliiaaa Cnttibg. | At* . !> v Qua-terncroa. .Captaiu T C. Slaigbt Div.t.oc Ooi.^i'.n tary . ...Captain Jaiaar F. 1'v Wolf j \rt mvi> ?r ? rtrawwy. .Cnptair F R ijhvad-'.h. ft.""". ^.rbwoh.M D ' I.'IV .-1 D .SUIgetll ... J Uifla.a. e oftuu .Ltc-tMkai J- W. Fligiey Ai.1 Ueutinart "unean C. Peli. | Aid-rt? t'am. ... !J*ut?n*.rt >}?o K Peering N'avri Of car Haxard, U. S. N. | Tbe military fu -cM ?t.gas*i ia tU* *.ittle itiatta Of ; iiio following rog!m<?Bta? j Hiwlnrk ragtm Bi C?lon? l,aw<rlTw N?* ?Yr? . e? .uaa:. C >Iobo. New Y.-s ?':<l.iT-ni ilh " | loiwl} r.lrcliild lew Jertey-Nrr-th rag'tr^nt. ...... r t. Col. Hecktnan. Peun*> :?inta t ' y-fl -it i .. kiwi Hartraafi. iii*i?MCaUA*U|l Twenty ?i? * - rr- ^ . j. nan, l-.ree UMMCliutelt*T.?r*nt/ it d rviu.eDt. " loDvi r.jrti. ' i b" ?"tt* Twent r fn -i*s 1%'t. . ' InnV ,H??01*01. WA*sacliii.->eUaTweaty-Qft.i r?c.:nant r>. loo*) Upion. MaMac!v-i.*ei. a Twenl.t ?e -j.;.a rag't.. I /it. u? Corr.f iicji i jfhtfc ri^iir .t . f>n* rfnnaod | roaar tici? Tenth retime: . ..... Or or* ln*?el! I fount" tie t h '??nih .eg lent ...t 01 Kitwebmy Kboiie i?l*o.l > >urlln?fc . ....( 01 r. Ko'lroui j R? *la I?ian<l >'ifth reji't .'l,.; bAttaVn).' j? Wr.ght 1 .- ??? **. a or/anirvt ir > tl.rae brigr t *. rrnli.g a 41- j viK'Ca, undjr Acting Uuv Gene-ai B'.rv-i..e, am'. aratt* ' etu.-?iT* of the f--isee held iarata- e.aad oot actually in j tU'. .1(01 the r. v-r ewjATii lac catil.ted l'y tb# urv. cf '.lie fo.w .ai; rejitrarta i ji.u>: Hr.g diur General i G ?-?ter ? , .,1 l( v v?? V.. unlf:*a On .1.' hi Rjrt* ii h w'l Va ?. V nr,*3t>\0ri ' tj.? 1 -Heventor .'fill eg t. Mar? VolUi.lP***. !' ?'' r ! f ? In !"; ton STiureir't Ma??. V' lun: ."t.O'loo*-! t<? ace ' . law lOtb rog i. t ou. \-.1 .u r* Cii a L. Rimrll THi1. h. OND -.itil-.r "1 la f. in* by the itioan it # i of tnaf diewmf regiment! : . Liiar fir ^aJier Gensi . J. L P.r.w - .:1st r"g t Mu. s Vn'uu era. .Coke . / More*. 51 ? r g'l. iVu' a Vo'.r. ' . ->n?l .1 f Hartranft 51 t o-tr't *? Y Vol'ir ei Co- *> I Iwa I Fetrero ! tl. re?'t Y l..r*?y W . li'g it < ..o ri C. H llerlciliac. btlutg iN Y. Voluoutra.. .ido.nael .. C. Haerluna. TK- '.'HIE? BKlU ttlK '"on :ate -f the folio* bg lr?c^a, uo ?r Bnga' (.eaera i J G. Park*:? 8th rcg't. Corn, v ur.. *. a fYilone Alward IlarUnd. 1 I'-h ve t (inn ui>''.?-' " "loni r M i; Kiniiavir? I AJtb r?r l N Y. ""'innWarn i U'lij H .". Ka.rnlil d 4;b r g t. H. I. V- 'u??.r? Xo:at ? KikIoiae ttli rm: t to.'lo irsii it.) W.ij" .'i hti tVnght 1KTII I.Kit' P.hO'14 Island Bt. -or*. . ( ?; I iia Hulg?r p'iRfT BRHIA j2. 00?'KAMT<m or HI 1' Ilk 0 AM. C?nii?l .. .. .Jul 3. J STAfV ij.r. Aflutiot 04ii4ral i a 11:3(11 * 3 Tinlm*. R-'e?4? (.} ;?-'4rTnA?t.'f !*? ."Ti lm is' M<tsa*ngcr Hnirnd* duri. *oo I' ..or H i .ur-b !triB?t4 Sur^^^e ... . ...M.jtr J'lhii . 1 boiupaau I'-rigad* Ct yni? -ary .C-i'a'O F . dK I'?ti?r Aid. .. .?-.|'.UUt?Pv f W Ha don Aid . .?'it';n?r 1.,'r-in r. Anderson j Volunteer Aid . , ?.i U to. l'eodletox Volants* Aid .. .... l.ieuto&Aut >. N. btrenjt. rw jlljr .HIHI SKSbf.J -OLIKTKIMA AVli ir.l X'tiP Unions Jofcn Kert*. I,i?ut? i4iil??loorl .. .lenry rfrrrltt M.ijor Andres/ w#l|. Adju'snt .... John , 'li?iob?ri (fli*".erfB?st?r 0 Ooldtbwnn MSgMa talll i A*i ttaal 9urg? u .<;l? * R;i>uo (hAiitnin P -so CI? a Vgsdllt Me)n- I>. II .Inlm-on If (junrt -rn.Mtfr Sarg?A.,t.. .stepi *n i". Irissr. (Amr.iitoftrv >. rfc/ecl i.joii. .a C. < ' ' dAifc. Bonnite! 'towArd.... .Crorgo R rirniiA Bk'd Hester Henry C Tlri wn Tint C M ~t> Ot. Cnpfawu Tim 3?vw' ?? 4--F A.l' liretrntsrCknn. Bkuiertca Gorge A lub?li?K V. Martin Tlio* Ru.-shII. Jotir u ?d m a, jt 0?Addison Center K A Story K ! Kib*.n It?C Rowland .Jr Hertvei C H*rl An tkony L* ( (i? W.ii.A.stsc.ier .Otis iv.g.TA T p. Atwo >d. K f). M. Whipp.e. Ctm II Hate* C. A I raraerioa. 0 ,1 W R*yt. oO'J H Wor'bury ') W Mr-1 trend, H--W r Sawyer W If K"Ot P H Vie* l--J?lio !! ?b? W.J. Cnawtr HPH.ttr K rarlos A Hart J. A. Uulefleld. H. F. Barter* nrmrrr poi'sth MAMACHVMrra vcunmns fxri'i and Ht \ff Colonel . Tn-miar. <?..' >#v?-)iwn l,i*'iL?r.vil< o -nel Fran ,i* A. 'xtxrn. K H tSierene a A 'jiitaat . ... ,ohn F. And*'roo. yiierterni .iter ...... Wm V >f'itching* Surgeon -nmwl A. (ire'A Aevttant Surgeri HVl Curtl". (tiapiain .. ..... W K.O. Mdlen Ft r^nant Me'or F W | ?rlng iju?rt?rTn*?t?r S?r??enl . Jaiaea Ttnmtww f/iBirnleeerjr P. K Wbneler H'?| ital Htxeard .1 >hn H \|n,r gor. War* Master .. .. tA# i;?mln H Venn Hand Me<f?r I' S Otlro T* Mo ttf/ntn, (e CitfAfU first /nutria*, Ae?i l.tntUnatUt. A W t Ked'l ng .1 II. Turner M .larri*. H?' y A "tin George Uedn?? i>. fare* JT ( W rn I'rell .!* II Mel! N s Rvetow ji?i. T. I'rln.t',Jr.J H Pertridge ll?o? m sweet. 1 -T, H II ' ),or A. F'il??m iHnie) <ergci,t r..-15 /r Clerk 0 B Atwnrr I 0 Jooee.Jr ft TOK 11L UAL l>, 8ATU] H? <* Uaiaii.t. 'nines H. Kf-hete. H. U. Wee<i. I I?l>'?te^Unn^^ie. lna. a. Ke'lUus. W. L. Hortoo. K?J 0. Maker, Mam* A. let. TL.>mi?jr.ljdasai>d.< Tewrv-rirrH MAshaohi'Mtts vou/WTKICMB. AWd and fbleuel Melu l'|i( n e l iei?aut C lunel Aagurtu* II. K. A.ragiie. II > r M I, Mr e't?- ly. Adjutant j. , mi, a. Herktiees ; t?imu? WtirUtn O. ur?w. 6 rs*->n ..J litre < Kn?. ?i"?ujtt ' ui jeoa Tierou Temple. Cbapieiit K \ h r*c< eiuafl. lh'?: itimnt M%ji?r Chu ? H. I'?itm?. Cuarte'tnavei 3*;.aui t eapi .A. Itrown. i >muiie?.;y Sergeant K b : pti. WetkUU. .'I ie|-iia steward.; -autuu' K a*'. Tkrunt tin,or .....i H. B-mjena. I'*' d Unl r Wm K . >.i.inure. Line OfKcatCo. CipreriM. First lifiitnanU. HwmJ Hii'mon'r. A?!<wi ih nkelt. F. K. oordwtu Ike > ul B li* *er B?Vk iieidc ark. la. titery. Wm. r. 1 >.*j.K?r. * ?". (5. Allwno< I. Jemee T oker. Mimck i' -oi tjr. II?* H Kotler H. C.m|'be l. ( Hpaubi'ng k?Thmaa i> N ei.Wm. l"aly. He'.rjr Mo h>?i, > K?C.H.I -e. evl Lawrence. J. II JUckar<timi. ( i.eule Wogele/. Henry M. Rt-hter. F*edu k."Wi?gend II- Drum Mculton I?. M Woodward. N. il I'oeter 1- -Vl'arkhuret. jtucl H. Smith. Aui i* iiiuie. K?AT l>eiiiiy Saiu'1 Himujlon. Jarn all. Drcnna* This ret menl waa sugar; 'J In Ike attack upua the ma-Kid hateries after'be Len'ingof tbe Bret bod j of troops. The repnu 'nl aulfered bear ily TWH>Tr-SVTK>TH MAAAAOlIirHBTTS FOMfMTUM. KtUi on.1 Staff. Colonel.. ilorairC. Lee. J.Hi Gulune 1.1c Lymaa. Major Win. U. B.t tuototassr Mliutanl Geo. W. RartleU. f5 g. t! C-w. A. Otis. Avir inl .-u*g* >a S mi #1 Camp, lltt|il>ig ... Miles SanCor 1. or. M >r Ira II. Sampan*. lii'-p:U' steward G<f>. K. (filler. Quailsrni.i-ler . .. Am. H. Tylur. UWUrinultr .> rc4?nl Ge?. W. Kmrker. Co:nmi.*-ary isergeaiii Ju 'ik* J. Kills. nun Ativ.s>ud. Line Office, t. On. Cac'atiu. First Liewenants. Scmd Lieulcnti'.. A?"sam I ('. Veuce.ll. H. Spaulvimg, fc. twin ?. < a; a , "B?Ml. W nrwrll p. M. YU'Mau is. Lu.el H. Hurion > i Ifv l.Wa car . H. Kf in-. Ww F. Barpell. i>- ,ii. W. air. A. R. lev is n. Jotiu M. Aiicbseon j E- 'is .1. Km tin W. T -fton. 1 mliti* J. Bra llsy. < c . J im W . ,i , i?. H. K >w'*' G?K. Ki;>. Swifl. Petsr ?. Baney. Fred C. WiigUt , H- i'snilford.Wni. H. H. B ikrs.H. c. I wirbl J?H A. H il'urW. I'Mwsril K. Wilcox.Cyrus W Goodml* i K? U. K. I'ljoley. G??.. \t.iinnr W. Cba Hum Ibis reg nistu also was id the Attack upon lbs ktlto>-N. i IBJ-'TH CONNECTICUT VOLUNTBEM. /VJd im' Staff. . Onhn.-I fliarias L. Kuwait (killed). ik *i .atC oel Albert W. Disks. Ma,..- IraW I eit.boos. Ail utstt Geo. M. Cult. Quartei niAAtnr Royal A. Fowler. forge-*. a. I". Do glas. if tart-urge.n M. f. New toe. > bspluir . Rcor. IIjui j L. UaU. .-jergeam J. B. Elevens. Comitiitssry serijaa-t H. K. Parsons. Q isrisrBi.s eriwrgeact .! B. llauxtiurst. | Hospital s.sward J. U. K-IU'prg. 1'ruru Moj r Anson Chaffiss. Line < ffici t. Co. Ca t.'xn'.. F.-ti Lir-t-rnntt. 3*ond Lieutenants a?B. *. Ptrdso. ???. Hjr. M. -ttillxnan L?J. 1.. Otis. Char. Wiley. C?fc n.S.GoodyourE. S. Greeley. Hy. Jennings, i D?I ewiA J odd. Char. Hurlb .A. 8. U. Pa'mer. E- Hy. A. Wallas. C C !irowstar. Geo. .Met ear. F?Io?. W Branch fuss. Gdtewsrd. Jaa. Kinesb ry. 0?3 I.. Hey I. T. R Vead. J. 0. C< B ( H?Robt. Lege-rt. H W. Q'unn. Wm. W arkms 1?IX N. Mead. i O Ciosa. H. W. Camp K ? H.iy. Jepaoa. G H. Atbertoa. S. II. fmitb. T'nr. regiment saiTered sersraly In lbs attack apoa the batter las ott'RoaaoIca Island SECOND IRIfiADR. 1 COMMAP?KK OP SECOND BIUOADS. Rrigndier Genera; a-aa L. Kaao. Staff. " A-?i?taBt Adjutant Ganarai. Cnpt. Blw. N. Nelll. 'in*'tar ins tar < a tain J. N. King. , Brigade Juartsrmas'.ar Capl. ' baa. U. Luring Aid I.iaat. *. Rano. Aid Liaut. Juhn A. Morris. I rriKiT i 1KST kAbSACHTSRTS BMIMIbT. Fidd. C lose'. August'is Morse. . ? iteiisr.tColanel AibartoC. Major. wm. s. citric. Siqf. Surjaon. (Alain CutUr. Avljtaut SnrjpfW Orw Warr?-a. a I MM Tharon K Ha!l. Qomriannaav ... a u k. i t < m *<?. i V,/ > mm in r. d ._Vim, 11. Y Uouliaa. Quartarma-iAr H#r<*ts- l. ./iaiiry t'. Holbrodt t Oiuliiif.'al^ l-arfouit., Ma maoa A. Mora*. Hot-pila! Steward In. Vf. OrM? Lint ilfvtrt. IX. Capiat u 9irtl LiculetnmU Sfian ' Li--a i A?Gao. :*. Hawiu.C. 8. D*Tii John iirooius, r. w?T r w?m wniAfd. 3. w Hoptin. C?J.M RiotardaoiiW T. Harlow. Ira,'. heiion I>?J. S. V"'?'?r C JJAricor. E. T. Hot wood. E?P. Bradford S. Her/ay. W WlMiiaacr* jr?0, f. Rogora. S O lAforaat. ? . ft?A. A. Wi?:kw*. A. i. Oatia 8. A. Taylor. H -i. 1 IVc*. J l> Krtrtr. S. C. Shutnwtf. i?ILjt K :r.I'W(5scnF A S'.atf n. J. W. Flit char K V Parkhurat. J.b Williams Ihl- ragimeat iiiand m lha alUct upor ill* r-uttkod fca'.trria?. , , Tivrr riHAr i?*hn?7ttamia voi.inrr*K?.j Fitid and '"'if ( Calonal.. John K. Harirtuifi, M niannat Colon *1 ... Tbmaa. h?ll i M.qor KJw.n Scball , Adjutant I' r Bibla ij:, ir TmafUr .John J. >ri??Ui>. - ( ?b.v :aio ... . . Ear. I? (i . MalJarjr 1 Svc*or. ... ^..JohnF Ilrtacl. . j Aaiiitict Surr.ooa 1. 1'. Noble -ark* i'ih Major .. . .1 ?"? 1 od?ll. ine-r iarter r-ergaaot Wiilium I, lonaa (.?i:n!.aoy-raaant San re! 1' Biaphona. H' ^ ^lt-Uward Martin 11 Htinn Ha ul 11 stor 1 leoi'jfe w. Arnoll Gin' Oficen i Co. C-tpuxi'if. Firy- f w VviuU. Sacrvi L- tulsronl* A? W .1 B lioii. J K Bolton. A. Ortlip. B?1 W i'ail. J H '.antiiwr l?. Nicholaa C?W wUbiu'. !i. l? li' iiHicker T. R. Lynch. P?1 dwiir'1 -irhall. L Mailman S Fair. F (!.H H i*-<n)p!ag.l. A M -rrm W. P.. Pnatat F?R l J'vjlor !. > H>rt J. C. Reed G? a. I;. SnvJi- W li Clair P. A OatiliD. H?J KlLrur C -ha Iclay ,T. Q. litivar. i?(1, ii ! ai-eliln. (1 W 'iitfliiui; W. Schali. K?f E. Xitua. J Kollp. 1. V. BialP. ' imr-HWI NEW TOliK iTATB VOLUMTtBSS. ' Fi'.ld txr.d S'jt{f. I Colon*! . .Edward Harraro Lientaoast Colonal. Robarc 1(. Pottar Ma.n- ......C)iA? leaenilra Adjutant Augustus J. Bay ton. yuartei master . luuiiei tT. H<-rton Sur/Mh E W Hur.k Aj* aunt 8urg?"n John L. !>wtge Cnaplain . V. 0 Beaton. Mil Ury Secretary I'tatHp R. Roberts, Jr Sergeant May* '**gr4sT,, ^kltmaa Brum Msr-r Josapn itandr. plf Head l4:vl-i ... J 8. Knlloirg C?nirnl?> , ..... Hicham W Fowler. yuarl?ri! <si?i Sa-t>-ai.t Wm (.'ah*wall Hoe) .tal S'ewerd. "... Be -all Blrja Litie "fhrrrr. Oa. Cap -it* Mr* l.i"demtmtt fcrrrw IfuUna*u A Jt >,0*r tcht .1. .1. J? hnjiou U H M.-Kibhan P ? v h?.?a 1) T Wright. F W. Trveii Cw-Wn Camnbi :i. J m Molar A W vtrHae ' rV_ Morr i H ,.ard H W. Francis J. H Marsh, g?'1 W kierritt. Geo A Porter J. T K.ipsija F?John M art A l? Fowler ? Co.ldinrton. (1?? H Sicmaa Wrp Cuff Wm. H lUrker H?R t Mitchell H H He'ibrda J, O tloodrklge I?It. R Johnson a It. Al an W H. l/onsrd K?A Ptnllipe. W W. Cbapaaa C t rtprtnaweuer Thi> regiment it also metlinned aa bum* eagegeu la .ha attack op I ha bailor n? after the drat leading ef tha treepi ninth i*?w ikuit rni.rHrmts Field and Slaf. Colonel .... ? I.'a'itanaat Co)?ual ram sing 'liaries H lleekmaa Mi^or .lair-Hi Wilaoa. Adjutant A Kabrlskie, vinariamaiiar ... .Samoal Kajaa S'ugeon ?- i. . /a*.statu Burfoot P. Rrewn, Chaplain . Thornis [truth -wrgaeiit Major .. W A Uullok , guartermastar Sergeant lahn I tain fur d Oemn.isaary fr-ria-ot .lahn HMabeek nc Op C-jptami hf KievSiMnh f -iMrr n(* A?F. Reyae. F ..iger. S Milburn. h~ C Caatner 1. ?* thalimiew C H. Snfield C?C.P. HopktnaoB F llama J, Cltrt 0?T Uiddletoa. Geo Gnu* g Ki*-*an R?17 r*a Hart H At'la A B"ach F? W B Curlia Aug Tairnipann J V. Gibson. (J?G. P. R tt' T. W /jmmermsn, C W (Vtntoa ft?J J. Usury T. Jr J Iswrenre. I ? R F ' bow 3 Hu'ty 0 Pinker K?B. J Brake W. Arh ithnot W. Tosnler. Ir?C. Kit*. Uaiuold -? Adiar. M?J M Mi <Tio?n?jrT smitb A Cmim

NINTfl KBW VOM VOL' VTKBA? ( A AWSINS* iOOA I'M) . Pi'M 'j vi Slnfr 'Vil'dia Kiiti C Hawk inn Liamaniuji Coionsi ... ..Gt'imaK belt* Mftjiir I dfkr A. Kimball. Adjutant .!?m?a w Kvtm ?/i.*rt?rur<?.t?r Ilanry II Klltxtt.Jr Sur*aon Ileo If Hutnphray Hur^o n.. mtan I'. I vVMtt. 'Imlaiti ... P-. T W Conway l.itb latitat K H M'irria* < tyrrrt 'V Cnftmnn* Ar< //MW*nf* Iwmil i \nnma nij j A?A. 8. (?-ahnm. C. CbtldH H B udcli B--W M*rnail d. A C tturniil 1 tartl <>'?nia?r W Parian W H Ktinla Oao. H Hwh?r; w p aw .wit J.I Ian > ->? J. K Par In*. ].?A I a Bairn V. Klta*s-"'?lir C (Va'p V - W H Batnma!' H C Pmlt* J A (Jraw. ID AY, FEBRUARY 15, 18i li?K. larduie. A. i'. W.S.ASUraWkH J 0. K? n-vneetL Genii? . R itaKachin. I 1?J R. Wbilii-N *. H 11 ?aU. J. 11. nouoog. R?|^ n Buruard. 9. A. -diva. 0. W. I> TVs m I Jiont i? ittrtiruiai ly apnkeo oT|Ter the g . I'aut inkM^r iu whu h Ihev dia ge l ii|?ni ibe roo<l I?.itt tnaa and .dung , uud r ? 1 vy (Ire. I lie eaea-?ay aaa liuif * lime long. )at lb* n?l.aiii gtldlare Mvf lal tared, And their ai.rtuud recL.o<k thar^e struck euch t<-rj rnr to ihe heart- it the r?beu that tbty Hod peuio stricken, i??? ing everything <w>biud UiMi. TniUI) BKIOADB. COUMANl/hU Ot T.-tlUJ) LRiiiAl* Brigadier Gaueiol... J U. > iKXK. mo/ A-jl?ik.nt Adjutant Gru-ral..<.?pi Gardner. Aid ].,? teim It - - Hal Volunteer Aid Lie .tenant }'. I.j Jig. Miiuru CON*K> ltOI'T VOLC<NTK*>tA. /Vi?l md Siaf. Co'onel fcdward Harl nd. lieutenant Colonel An tie* Terry. llajor Hiram A|>;?ieman. Adjutant ..Cberlen M. Con,. (Juarienparler 'oc.-nh 11 Alexander. Surgeon Mrlanr.tliou st<r:-e ?a.ata&t Surg-on ...ituritt Galhroj. islam Su'gaon J V naj-rlngton. (Tlia. 'am l ev .i, ! Wuhey. Sr-ce-u lltjor. M. A. Hill. () a t? i.raster Se <?anl .. . liavid Clark. Comai?*a.-y .Sergeant ... Horace 1* oatea. IMM (JJfkwri. Ce. Oaptamu l.i,., *udi. .Second r,xM<ttarUt I A?H. M. Hi-yt w.f Mn sti. W. Wait. K?P. M. It It'll A W. -tcoil V. n. LooHllS. U?Li ? u n II III. urine r>. uiwn I>?T K. Ward J K. M'>01'? C. A. Bread. F?M K. Smith. H. N P uce L. Wa Uiams. F?K. Y Sm.l* E T Maine T. She.-pard. C??? J. 1). Sheffield 0. Megan. H -li. Kowler. J L. K isell T. Wm*i T?K \V. Jackson 9f. J. Roberts. I A. Neariug. K?G. L UpButii N. P lve< R W. Ford KLBVRMTU CONNKOTIC'UT YohtWMBa. ft ciii and Staff. Colonel T. H. 0. Kingsbury l.ieulenent Colonel Char va MaUhownoft. Ha or .. Grifliu A. Steduiali A.tjUian: 1 r. IA.wm. iriermester H W. Rb hmond. M.rgeoi. aoisk IV Witcouib. As* taut Burgeon, Charles Rogeu .'harlnin George .-joule --erg-ant Maw- , K P MatlhowsoB. Jtiar'armeater 8e g-ar.t..... Davis. imtniaerv Sergeant Jo eph 8'iuioor Koa.'ltol Steward ' A. Uigelow Di'im Major Jainas F. Ruder liar (Winer* Hit. Cartami. Piril /.ieulr>tant4. Ssc./nd J.tsulenant*. A?-v;VTr-ai ibrnaydS <i Hailey Unas H. While. IV -1 I ,'i b .aon Wm. Hortnc. J. 11. '"oiir(irM Z?W m Milling. A. Dietrich. F. Sclbaehler. I>?% Ijef C. R Hertford. H. T. Marahail K? l;. ?? l. J. M. Ptorpont. 8. C. Baroutn h -V,m Clapp J. kios J. Kami*II ; -Wm K-vdo F. M 8prag-ie M P Rray H?A. E. Darnels J. H Norri? Geo. W Waroer I? D. Oris*i.Id P. C. Camming. Wm R. Sarkett K?R.C S, Daviion J. A Wm A Koyca iocrir-mNTn nbw vonr vourtiYUtKA. fhid and Sfaff < C-lonel Harrison a. Fairobild Lieutenant Colonel Jacob C Ruble. Ugjw. Ran.u' T. Everts. Adjutant John E. ShopirS Quartrrinaeter ComeliuH M Webstar burgeon '.Truman H Squire Assui;an'. Surgeon William A Smith. Chaoinin %... .Nathaniel E. Pierscn Sergeant Major .Oerrit Van Ingeu ljuarterma'lerSergeant ... . Edaar.: Caffsrty Commissary Sergeant ... . Hottbkm Lint ftffirAri Ci Captiiru. ftr.d Secmd I a "AttnomU A?N. Coryell H. l'ratt, W Oahili. B?T rlazloy N. A. Newton C. J K"?d. C?C W. Burl. A. M. Hi igtiam Vacancy. D?J Mor-.tun J. Ketmngton Vacancy B?W H.Guernsey.Ceo Rillou. H. Room*. F?R. Rrown M. Puffer. W N Hsndect. (}?S. I: .ludd. K I. Hloomar. V. Davenport. FT?J. B Vanname.W. M. Kewii A. Morris. 1?T L England. H R. Cm mack. J 8. Rout K?K Burt O. P. Hardirg, J. Tremaln This ragimout Is familiarly known as th ? Dickisson iluard, andean raised in the vioinit}' of Binghamton, H1C ll"niB V *1 >a. muivi Vj UVIUL. uvwja w LachedtoGen Burns ide'a expedition It wm stationed dm: Washington. at the Rladeajbarf tojl gate fourth hbgimbst Kiior* island toluntibbBv fir Id and StaffColonel 4- V flMmin Lieut Ooionel Geo W.Tew Malor .Rmn A Allah. Adj'it*Tiv lusoph B. Curtis. Quhrti'maoter Charles Sidney Smith Surgenn.. Henry W. Ri7sr*. Assistant Surgeon Robert Miller. Chaplain. Alonzo H. Handnrn, Huh tnfiemrt Ck Oapt&im. JFirsi Lirntmnvit. .Irettvi Lvaumani*. A?Tm, drr. s. Cb trios .Tohnson jas. W. Lyons. II M Charles H Greene. Albert H Burdlek. cv !:-. Calvin q. Cshooce Kreetns Josiyn |i--v .Welter A Reed Otis A. Rakor B_V. n . r>. Ja* T P. Buckiin. Q V. Srrwrning.shi'ld K?Lev k K-'i. Was Hail George'K dirt's G?T. It Mop?. . (lies. W. Monroe .Teoev. V. Smith FT-Ti Tflltogfcvt Caleb T Kgtus W Harhack. I?F. P Lapham. K. Welter West. Zerafc B Sinnh K-Wn. 0. W'eod. Vrent a. Cast H I. Starkweather FihVR bbodb islam* VOLUHIitthS, p1k3t bat TAtilON. ffuiii ami St-ff Mejor Commanding Joha Wright. Adjutant. Charles II Chapman Quartermaster Monro H. Gladding. Aasiutai tSurgeon Albert l'otter. Chaplain. Iter. McWalter B. Ayree Liflr ' iifflcrrs. Ob. fhptuins first Li-uUr>anU. S"smA T.istdtnaHi: A?Jon'n Wh?eler. D. 8. Remington. ? . Ft?A G Wright Wrr W. Hall. Wm W T>iog1ak. r?.Tea. M Fdiiy. John K. Seow. Geo G. Hopkins 1)?Ceo. H Grant. He. Ft. Pierce .Us Itorsr B--.lob Arnold ???. 'at. M. Wbeaion s1tbmth (f) rhod* tbi, ini> t at1rrt. rii.s battery is a portion of the First ray meut Rhode Island artillery, ami wae lately oixamped a' Camp Gaii- > 'orn.a.a fo.rmiler beat# Ai isnrtr.?, ia Generel Sum j ear's division It 13 attached to General Barastd# ex I >ed .nonary forces an a light fluid battery The following | are ita fllcnrt:? Curt' n ' ... Jaiuor Belger First Lieutenant Charles H. !'.,r>e. F rst Lieutenant..., (.? rge W. Fi.dd. Second Lieutenant Thomas Sim jon Second Lieutenant. Wlluatn A. Arnold. Il addtti m it numbers eight sergeant.*, twelve eorpo nl < two buglers, two ai tinier* mo one t,.,n lrod end ten | privsw-s The battery consista of four ten pound Parrot! guns and two twelvo-piuad howitzer* THE SIGNAL CORPS. Perhaps on* of the null important feature* of tae ex^i lit en It the Signal Carps, ao organltatioa that is now ibout to teat, for the seaond tint* during the present campaign, it* availability and usofn nest In furtheriD( , he operation* of an army. To dig-egs a little from otn {deration of the present corpi, it una; he interest tag to relate something of the h,story of sigutl in connee.toG with the United States ariar. Mtjor Myer w.4 the Jr?t we believe, to Introduce It a* a moan* of .-.emtcenl tattOD between dllfi-rrnt detachments end ho pave It nany practical trials In tbn wars with the Indians in the Rent and Southweit Time and thr exi^enc-os of the yresrnt strife bare brought east Improvements in hi* iyst?n> of signal telotrrnphiof and it n now on* of the Most ingenious yet simple moans of military eorr#-:;>orid inr.e J'lieh a device ia very r.ereeaary, when it Ik taten r to consideration tr what dangers of death, delay or laptnr# the aids dt camp ea a battle field are liable m the transmission of orders, whose non attainment ef thei* deatlnatioa may Invoiva defoal er disastrous rout It will, In fact, do away such bawdnua duti.w on lbs part or aide, while rendering the orde?s not th? lens tellifihl* or eipllet. Hajer Myrr is new attached to Uenrral Mei'lellan'* sUf a* signal offleer of the army. A trial was niadfl of lbs powers of the inventc n e abort Lima since or the Upper Potomac, aud a message was la telll gihly truaemilted it distance of twenty fir* mi's* in thin particular -tee. however, uaueual advantage* were added <n the way of clear weath er ana a powerful j |Ui, u\l? ?Itll mr wiihw; U17k?'.U.? ?> wuon BlgR*.* j iu b? transmitted I* from tea to twelve or fifteen miiM The Rt?? of the Big la, of oetirae. in.reeled in proportion ' to th? distance, and ill colon art tboaa most e.uil* .lie rrrnible U? i tprdlonrr was "re'l toat?<l in Rliermio r expedition ?nd In tho vicinity of Tort Royal, and it it intonded to organza a carp* in each divU.on of tho army, ondar c.nm;i?Tnnt offieera of tirtructioB. A bil' it a. prcaoiit before Congrats to oaaka the fnal rorp* a Ait tinel b'tn: b of tho earvlca, Ilka enginapr or artillery corpa The present rytttm will alio ba improved ? ** toemhran raunterelgr eigne'* between reg inantn, 41* uins;' shing friend* from enemies, though tho letter mar, ?* ?a* tha rata recoP'.lf at Drarejvil)*, at-rrnpt an an triproent by falaa tolor* The eicnal rorpa jf tha aipa 'itlon wag erganWod under the aaperall'nn of t.iaut FrMcar,of tha original eorpa, and l? composed ef twenty fire officer* and flity man-two of 11.a for mar and fa or r.f the latter helng selected from e i 1? n!" the flrnt e?ir,pi atr.g the dla'oion The aigr*'* tbcmeelye* art Indicative of eartain rynliara ; or sytn iole and combination* thereof, which ir torn In- i 4ipr . latter* word* end aontencao; an<* yet rich S i? It* facility of ebaoi;e, without destruction j .f tha prinolp'n* on which it i* foutidad, that <ib tha a rent of traar.hory It r.ay anally b? ranr tinned end rendered perfect'* iipln'olVgihie to u!l ozoept lha nlt'eted The fin r pflaafae attached ?o each appo 62. r.UU Mw. witrk K, MM vM< er? only nyMf"?M4 u tu\^> il noMr?c"iv. 1 k. .tftt.1 Be to-Mtqpi.ri.ea or Um ?M(.i w.i * r#U' i9>.<! *t Aiid.)k>!u< dii' tag u.? Of iii* '.?? of ilia oxpjMittoM tl'.re, .ad do-ly Mbui-iu a -Win. *ie?ll -ill ttl? drill. 111 ?hr V ICIUity. A rottliar Mil p of iniutu. '.i iu it i" I" ost.bliiliod .1 Ui* point or loiigu' mvnt. l'uo follow ir? .r. tiia * OFPUtHS Of "THiE CC Bi'S FirM I.irut. Joeo, h Kruikor,8tli f'MiB TuL, H C ,oom'g. j J .u'wiU /HortK'iiri Second l.ieut. T. K. 11. n. tn .i J? Second L. out Tli"in.i. K m*i, btli eon. Vol , R. C. j 4 .Vv""< Socond l4.nMn.ia >u j?r, rati* Twenty fl'th M &?. OIKi i.lOliUiUOUt il ??J| ( Uwla. IlllAutW 'fwni. 1 Oflh Boooud ltt'Otui Keu. p-Biiaji Itmi''i ?fi. Urst 8 ..ootid i.iaitionntDeao.r, t'etiuiy Kifti Hi"' 1 aeoond Il.uictuuil Vmi Burnt, N.w Y 'U Fifty third. Mocoid 1 r.oiilon, Now York Rif.y third. |, .Jo -md l.iout. DACt, Umiaib uioiia iiTtb. Second Lieut. o.iit i.lley.Mi <.ub a?u- 2'1'h "o-.'"0d li uofkiua, m- anna-' uk first. Srt..ond Li<mtoum,t suuu.w>jr. Me ttuh notta Twenty-Bret. | So i'ti'11 Bi? , Co..u<icti? it I .jjLth St..odd Iaoi.touitpt, i onnarlici t Sao aid LMuntnntit i .liner, i c Tubth. loouti'iutut MmUi foBue T'-nth. See aid Lieutenant Ml. ?, M .sai ln..-ott? T*- id< 'Bird. Second 1. e tanent 1.. g. Vara.chua uui twenty third j Kecond Lieutenant J.rvs*. Fluaeacbi'iieita Twe.ity -fourth. Second Lie. tenant HnrMow Mafuuu h. uutn Tw n.y fot. tth j Second Li .' ii.urh, New York Kl"> flr.i. sin 'iid Lieutenant Barker, New Y"-k Fifty .i hi Serund lacc'uii.Dl # true.., Connecticut K;? youth. Second Li.uli SchU. b -?r, < ounce lie at 1! vinib See n I Lir.iiuiiunt Lfdd, ConB#.'t|ent M.voalh The.oipy w qunrtered oo the achuouar l alcmoi ; Saitorlay, M.d u Hipn.l odlorr ia .ttiultoil to Mub of ItM | II- .hn- -r Hi- II?I Sketches of the Generals, Engineers-inChief and Principal Staff Officers. GENERAL AMBROSE E. BUTINSIDE. Tho CouKiiiuidcr u> Chief of tho expedition, Ururadler General Ambrose Kve'itt Burnaide nu born at Liberty, In Uuion count;, Indiana, on tbe 23J of May, lb'?4, ?nd it cotwfc j teal y now In bit thirty-eighth year. In 1 Nil he entered the West Point Military Ac# lamy, and graduated in 1847, with iba runic of Second I.if.tenant in the Soeond United Statne ari l %rj. la September <>," ike Mine yeahe was transferred to tbe Third artillery, and w?# at Uchcd ut the rebel General ftben c?i tain) ilrsgg a tuna pany, with which he marched in lha division of General Patterson to the city of Mexico, and there remained unli' the close of hosiliiUee. With thie company he wan : engaged tor three or four years in the Indian border wars of New Mexico, distinguishing hitnaelf in an en counter with the Apa.iht tribe, in August, 1849, near Los Vetraa, where he completely routod them, eigb teen and taking on e prisoners besides capturing a number of horse- For bis gallantry on this occasion he was brought to tha not ce of the President and ( ougress, and in Heceintier, 1851. wan promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant In the commission appointed to suttle the boundary lines between the United States and Mexico after tho war between the two countries, General Bumride served as Quartermaster, and in 1361, in tbe capaci ty of bearer of despatches ' rOa Oolonol Graham to Pre anient 1 lllmore, he traveraed a distance of twelve hnti drod miles across the Plains, from the Gila river through the Indian country, attended by ah ascoi t of but three mm, in seventeen day* Subsequent to this he was Slatioued at Fort AUama, in Newport harbor, and retired from service in October, 18611 In the interval to tbe out breaker the present troubes he occupied himself in the civil walks of life. Short!} after h is rsliromult from the arniv he turned his attention to the man ifacture of a breecb-loading rifle?well known as the " Ilurnside rifle"? 'evented by himself, and possessed of peculiar and superior merit J>uriog the administration of Buchanan itwas submitted to Secretary of War Floyd, who gave aa j SuranecA that it wou'd be adopted It transpired subse ; quentlv, however, that Floyd had nsido a bargain with another inventor, with whom be wne to share the profits, j and General Burneide, who had incurred considerable ex-1 perms in bringing his weapon to perfection on theetroigth 1 of Floyd's promises, was consequently involved in wne pecuniary difficulties, from which au uprignt and honorable character and persevering industry have since en tlrely relieved him. Be acid the establishment in BrU to-, where his rifle was manufactured, to his brother in aw, who has since carried it on and furnished a coi.side rabte quantity of tbe uras to tbe government He was, subsequent to this transaction,connected with tne lilinols Centra! IUi!road, in company with Gen. McClelian His position was that of President of .the Land Office Department, sr.d be was tbe Aril to reduce to a system the present lime ubls arrangement Tor railroad trains. j While in Rho<l? ]?laM he took up bis residence In Bristol, anr st?? olactod Major General of the military forcoa, therefore holding the highest ranlt is the State next to the Govortvor, who :i ex offlno Commander >a-Chlc! During hi* stay tcere be became acquainted with and married a muut eat. mat le lady of Providenee, named Miss Buhop, with when he romored to Chlrago when appointed tu the position in the railroad company above referred to. Having been elected treasurer of tlie company, lie re. moved tp Now Vorlc, where he had bee:. but a short time wlien .ummonod by Gov Spragua to takw coir.maad of the V'iret . egiment Khude Island Volunteers, with whii h he took part nt 'he batiio of Bull during the engagement as Brigadier General of the Second h lgwi.e <f the becoud divis jD. It may be interesting to mention in tiu cunnectiou thai the K.rct company of hm rrgunent was irmed with the "Burnside rule"?a weapon thatdld good execute n iu the i-attia in revenging the wrongs its Inventor upon the corebele of the traitor Floyd. Colt Burnside'e skilful generalship oi this occasion brought him to th> immediate notice of the at Wash ingtou, Mid on the Oth of August last he was promote,; vo a lull Br gad!or Genera). Personally Can. Burnadc is a ntau of fine appearance with a lofty forehead, oi deep penetration. Hip manners are very winu.i/g end pleasing, while l,je same time his features denote a Ormne's a'td d? ris venesa of character eminently appro priatc to the importaut position which he accupiea, if# js. withal, a strict dmiplinarian, a moid implacable ?ne m/ to military Irregularity, and jot a mout popular man with mery one. Indeed, next to the young ? oicfta.c of the L'nion srmins, n- ge eral enjoys mots fully the ei teem ana aToci on of hu <>iTicers and met tie is lioiued by bis troops, and is truly a lewder to lend a firu Even to the d 'loet peasant 1b b .7 camp. B?.TOAT?IFR GENERAL JOHN* 0. FOSTSE. ctrigadier General John G. Foster coin maud ;ng the First brigade, was born in Ne t Hampshire fn 1824, graduated at We>t f'o nt ia 1846, glancing rmmb r feur la t n elaaa, and wn* bra?aled Saon i l.irutanant of Ka ginaoir in tha conpiuij of which the rabnl Ganorai tPiItn?u* W Sm.lh wna than an 1 Oeiaral Me Clallan Firat l.lautm.anl op lha 20.h of August, 1B<7, ha waa hrakwiftd Firal I.urn tenant for caltanl and niaritorleo* conduct in tha battl?<t a' Ontrerar aid Char .tunc Ho wnawith tix ttoriririx part? an'..?^d at KI Molitio (la. R??, In wh>ah nng?n*iu"ut ha wac ?^araiy aeiindnd,an far hia gallant itcd irantonouaro.itor.t while a this battl* oanw braramd (aptaia, Mi tcmintari'iu baar n>, daw Paptaintiar *, 1H4T Ha waa Ataitlant Profanncraf r>. Rinaanaf at tba Milliar? Acadamy during tb-S*. and in April of thai rear waa mada a full Firm Idcutanant of Kngmaara On tha lat of Jn'y, Huto, ba w*t aoada a fill Captain, at lha aama t'raa b Iding a bravat higher rank. Ha waa alaa ona of tba bra?? faw who ao lo c and a< ;al lantlf dofepdnd Fort ft'imta' tgamn tba el 'ald.asy of Foutb Carolina Sine# bin ratnrn frota l: at fort oa haa haan actiaaly *?fagcd in ;ba rupa nton< mr.a of tba for titration* at Sandy Moor, end I ao tba'a ahown forth aomaof hta ar.i/inaartnif ;urilflca'.iona In cor.. (deration of bin Milltar? ' apaclt-e and atoariano* b* waa craataa by tha Rraa.dant a Brtynrtiar fiaaaral of Volunteer*. liiUUArUEK GCiEftAL JF.9SE I- RENO Briged ar (warm Jaaaa K-'in, comnand.iig tha ^eeend brigala, ava >oru in Fannaj Irania m 112.' .grailn a'.ad at Want Pols * ih IMS. ntandtc.g numbar aatan o tin Clam, and waa t'a*atc?l yacon<l Lieutenant of Outran-a Ha toot part aa cmmao'iar of a battary in t.i* Una.can wnr from tba period of tba bombardment of Vein Crur, and for "(*ilant and maritorlnu* conduct at too naft.aof Carro Oona" wan oraralad Firm i.ionlaneiit April IK' 1?4T. Vor brarnry tin tlia battio Bald af Cbepultn p?, ehara ha wan wounded, ba waa Pratatad Captain, September 13, IM7. Whan hmtilltie* nan ad ba wna appointed Araletent rrofecinr ofraMhumatica at Waal Point for sonm an month* and ?,*.? ii\en annelntad scrretar* ef tha hi* mm.*, . ! position ba bald about months, during much he was an****'! to testing ih? relative mants of heavy eM u.mcn and e< mpiiing a work nn beavy artillery laotiea Ba wan subsequently connected with '.ha Ooast Survey service, and unon withdraw my want out tVuot with a Oorianf Topographical l.ngineera, and wsistod iu tba eM struct-"!! of a military road from tha til; SbruitoSt Paul. II* was ani-aged iu this work S"me .welva month?, | ami Ibrn (in 1M4? wra star weed at the Krankfnrt ^ Arf oai, where he ramainad about I'.rea years, and th-n , aic' tn'-an *d i?enaral Johnston in ha atpedittoa to Utah .1-ii dr> in, a*:;. <1. P.atnralug i? IhWi, be was ordered to | the Mount Vernon Arsenal In Alabama, ami racsully w? j H?IMW I* Ada*** rtb, tlr IIHa# p- uudl II itf-utllr Oaa-rat ?f Voluuteera Nv-uube it led PJU.GADIEB <1EA.KB A|, JOHN 0. PARKE. HngMdicr liouTai J- fai< O I'arkv, o< ia< the Thud brigade, w.ia burn to Penny y.'tau,. in ltftlT. gie 0i>at?4 at VVnut lotni to 1Mb, and ?? breveted 9ao?ed Lieutenant in the Corp* of ropograpbiua fcuguie- rs. Bit dut:ee hava nuwo pritvcii-al'* 10 tho Wr.uaad Northaaral la New Mexico He - t for soma me ou the aiaif of Oai Monroe, who wiruneiidod tun military de|>artmeat of thai iTeriinrj, tuid ptavin- ily had Uaid ic eucianaion |Im ?-retaryabip of the I,i* tube-it-i cud River and Bar but linprovamanta Hoard. lie hav c/ofRed lis* Plain thrm times. accoiuyanied a roc- urtoltring )>erty of Capi. NK j greaves' expedition to California, and in 1S4T eat r.taie. aairuiomer act eurveyor of the North weal boundary c -:niui**i"0 Ha we* engaged _ in ibut work . principal!) i la tho neighbot hood ef l'ugst Bound and Vtuu-oover't,I, until Augiml ianl, wbnn ba ni road to Wi?hit>{ ton and waa promoted to a captaincy m ..ia Corps of Kc> giannra Almut the name lima lie vie M-fyunted tu captaincy io the ricont / nrgaenteo Thirteenth rep?m?ot of regulars, and <>n the 2'VI of November Let to a brt^t dlar genara-ahip of volanteei* Tna ENGINEER-INCIHEF. CHARLRS U HA SWELL. Tola oHloer, occupied a vary important poaiUcn lath' expedition. We give a eheceh of him, la ooanootioo wiU of tba rxpaditioDary le.derj ' Captaic CtiniW-e II llaewli ?rn In N'- w Yor* tt ' idbb, and early raoaivad a ulaamcai education, aa hfe p trtinla contemplated devoting him ta a proleae-onel ? rn-r. but at lb a ago of fourteen lie evmoe-.' a dai ided altitude for engineering puraniln, md he entered ic 1KB the odtobiiabmeut of .'aiaer 1'. ddanc, a wel! known oca truotor or aleam machinery The young engineer ad vunoad rapidly in hu profession. and wa.c sn'-x-led e 18;<* to nuperint od th-i oonstruotm.-i of tbe ctgiao.1 and boiler* of the United Stales alens or Kulti u, thru cu let h toe ice. On the complet. -a of thi* 'no.oi lir. 1.. wis id lacbad to bar us chief ecgtueec, and in lidU he wa m . jaciod aa one of the Hoard of Navrl (Juicer* und 'i gmeore to whom ijtu cummtseioo of plai the .Me.xe f i*at-s Missouri and Mlssiasippl w..s gives. He joini/d in 1843 the former vessel an chief engineer, but on re timing from a cruise in lb* Weal ladles waa Attache ' fur lbs purpose of designing the machinery of hevtirvi propeller eteaineie. Such was the oA?rg>. ability end euecvae of Mr. (now (lepiaia) Haawch. that he was ra.eed in 1842 to the position at Engineer-in-Chief of the Navy of Uve United States Itw duties of .this o'tlce are of the highest importance aa we'd oa exceehugly laborious, consisting in w general a ipervt gion of the entire range of naval science besides the re gular draughting and planning of th~ nioch'nery of war ateainers. IP-youd his official routine, however, Mr. H.a well always manifested a warm interest in tha ot ocsan steam navigation, and his zealous laborseo >tr't?ul 4 ittiio alight degree tu tha enactment of 1848, undo- whtefc theGeoige law. Asptnwell aud Collins linee of tteanierg were oatablished After eight years or unremitting ?p plication, Mr. Harwell was removed from his office by President Fillmore, in I860, on political grounds Toe letter or removal was accompanied by ?n offer 01 an former position its Chief Engineer with the seniority ta the corps, whieh he accepted; hut meeting with furtow unjust treatment, and finding kiefboaltb giving way. i#? Una wall resigned his position in tho naval service oat commenced a practice on Uis own account in practical and civil engineering. Tie wia in 1S58 elected fer tiu third time to the Board of Counoilmeu or this which he has also hetn chosen President, and his oourat in the milk investigation gave evidence that he considered his position in the municipal governmout should It hum only ror me nonrni or nut renew ciuxenn. tie ?u the measurer of the New York Yacht Club, .? which capacity be wra wall known to oar citisecj Hi* persouel appearance ia rather favorable, ha being tali toe teomawbst good look ing. PERSONNEL OF TK2 STAFFS. Captain Ixwls Richmond, the Assist-ini Adjutant (lent re! of General Tnrnsida'a staff, i? k uativo or Provides^*, aDd lately a rreiileut of Bristol, R. ). He was engaged in busiossa for soma tint* in Providence, and war * I member of Company C. Flret Rbol?? la Land reg'-iuur | than under tho command of f'olonel fGenorai) Burnatee ! and. with the rsgimeat, v.aa in aarrtce and fougiit at th? baitla of Bid! rub. Mouteuanc Duncan A. Pel), serior Aid-da-Camp v Canaral Hurnstrie, is a native of New York city, and u than mnucerinent of the war left hie ecu,Ilea at Brew* University fin hit sophomore rear) to partir pate In Iht trurgli He oinel Company A ef Colojel Bumalde-reytm?nt, and with it served m Virginia, and toatc pari In the battle of Hull run. Ha ia a gradueto of Mauncsi military school, and possesses a good knowledge of roth tary ticllce Hia father, Duaoan 0 Pall, Esq, Mews'} knowu clttzrn of Newport, .* also trot unknown in the? eity, and was, a few years since, e candidate for Hover nor of Rhode Ulan i. Captain Southard Hoffman, Assistant Adjutant Goearsd on C?-nera' Ko?ter*c ataff, la a son of Judge Ogden Hod" tnin, of Xsw York Oapta'r. E M. Nelll, Aaslstant Adjutant Owners! ?. General Reno's staff Is ? native of the city of New Tort and a grandson of ex-Governor .looej b C. Yates THE REGIMENTAL COMMANDERS. Sketches oC the Colonel*. LlttGtnaa1 Colonels, Majnra and Other Officers o? the .Ullltbry Ferret In the Ixptd*. tioo. Air. TwrSNTY-pirra MABSAca.swrrti voLuim.taa Colonel Upton, the cozninsndor of this leg.ment, h.-b?e connecter. with the military of bie net. . Blair ' . thirty years, sad utlely he hi the position of lolotie. u l'i? Vlulh regUieat. He ia about ibrty six yean oi ag a, mas at our I tree a :n?ra.>er of the UnreachuseUa lngir? ture, and )iai< ?en rendtit of Fitcbbjrg, wiiarehi hill N'f<Tti -j.?il jHinittiiu*, -nil wan amort priininrs' and highly nope. ta*>le ctUMd. At the ereakiug o> t of ll? w*r he roeiyned position it the Breton i.-wtotu It ramc tlie rogiioeut which he aow communal, Lieut Cci. Spi'tfuote about thirty lour year* of e*?, end has been for *Omd Mill "ee.'* ?torch??t in the eity 1 of W ore "tier U* wee oou.-cted wiii '!? piliUry ?9m; e'Teoteer year*, holding rank euccraaiTely froth # *. lieutenant to biigad* inspector uader General Lion* who in iw Citonel of the Thirteen!! Maarachneeiu Voiantere When the f -eaident laauod his pro-; .areata*. rntheTJtb of April laat, he waa elected Captain of the tvnroer er Citr Cnard, aotl, with hie commend, eerred ?c the three mo ,the campaign, during . te greater porta* ! ai" wh h he garrisoned "ort McHenrg." I Maj jr Mt/'aflerty ir a lawyer ty profession, and al*s eerred In the three mo.itba He had boon pre t <>u?iy rucuected wita the rotliurr, and re en *<hc?e officer. Adjutant Harknew ia a native and raaldeat of Womee te'doiuitv, Maaa .fr >tn which the regiment wee prim pt.lf organised. He waa connected wttii the military and nerved in the three months campaign ae Ifc-uteoam of Lieutenant Oiljnel .sprague e torai at y?a pnilion he rntgned to youe the voluntas-v Previous to the war he -,?a? connected w.ih una ef tfco moat prominent hnalnea heueea of Worceeter. Of the line offieere, Capteuit Pickett, Moulton, O'Ke* end Wageley, and several of lb# lieutenants, wereebn rrvmbere of Lieutenant Colonel Snregno'e omiwny, aac other rorapanira of tha aaa e battalion, m the three I mnntha campaign TWtWIT THIKB MASAACIf'**KTTR TOI.nmr.lWt. Colonel John Kurt* ta a nati/e of itoston, and oaa Peon ' OOMMWtod with tha wrt tit of Maaaachueatta fi r twenty j Are art, in avery ..-.apaoiiy, from private to Major Wb^n lb* war broke fit! ho roiaed a company, which war attaihdto the Thtt teoath regtmoul of V? :anto?m,and whUn y*mat K-ederiek Junction, M<1 arraat<-u vhm ? ' *hr Maryland meet leglalotore Hoon *ftor OovariHu ?nd'?w recalled blrn and appointed bun to tbo eolonelcof the Twenty-third Voluntoem IJeutonant Onlonel Homy Merrttt la from Salem, Maaa and praviom to tba war hold a pnrtr>a no the ataII & Ooneral Amlrow . Major AwdrawWlwelt la from flloueent ?r Mam , and , .,cd In tbo three nanntba campaign ae I.loutonnnt Colonel of tho Flghtb MaaaaC oaotla r-glmeot -la bar been previuiialy Major of the aaina log m?mt. TWMKT.T-ronarm maosACRiTor.TTit vor "WTumui. The A< mmandar of th e apl-Di'id reglmont l? Th>ma? n Stovirnon ?nn of Hob J. Thnmar s:evet,ein. of floo too He 1a young, bat admirably edited to hla pontile*. I avlnr the tnat ?o rare of cnmaanding tho reap?ct and |ova el bia uien, tigethor witb an implicit and willing obadl nor to Ma order* Tlinee oho know themrcol lar.ce and pfOilaton of dlaclptlne the New Fng anil Huard urrlvod it under hla thorough training nood have no fear* but that h i regiment will equal, If not anrpeaa, any of tho nolnaleoi* reg manta ia the Oeld I The MtjU* ia another aoa of Mr. dtotraaaoo. They are

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