Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 15, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 15, 1862 Page 3
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hi* un'y Wt) doult not, ihougb It to a Iff wntrlbutMn '41^11 war, Ult it id nMl? In the tru# spirit of el / T,t* 'jbulcnant roloMi.F. A. (inborn, pfHim high qualilicaiiou*, and. In fact, ail U<? officers hive mi thon uglily schooled that it would be difficult to 'tank 1- comperlaoue. The ijuarte uiaKier, Wm. V. Mulchings, la a gentleman well known bo'h lu Vew York and Boston, and hid name a a-yii"tijm fir comfort and good tiring, and his tact and ability in bia depai linent are nniverFally acknowledged. The men bare been carefully picked, and caution baa been taken to ham a clean bill of health for them all, in regard to which the excellent surgeons. Dm. Green and Bur lie, have been most purticular. The captains and M tenants bare all b"?n metnhera of tbo parent Com ( any, and are at! sons of the meet wealthy and respect, able merchants and cit i n? of Ronton end ta vicinity. Of the line officers ?,u u a Sum er have screed with die lliiie montnun : m. , u 1 a tuln IfnrtiD. Of f!oi. " (may B. wua the Aral tu tender tbe service* ef bis cornm:i; <1 to the Governor of the (flat*, and it is related of htm thai when be heurd 'he President's proclamation ha was in the slaughter house (bia buaiDeua waa that of a b-'tcher). and, xtiddonlv becoming flrcd with patriotiam, be thicw aside the impieinonts ot hit trade, and, donning ids uniform, got bia men In readiness te atari. TWKNTY-HBVENTIl MAHPACH Ut-KTT8 VOLUNTEER*, 0>loocl Horace C. lee iaa native of Massac huseue, and eras connected with the milita-y some seventeen years, dering Ufteeu of which he held a commission. Bia last p sition was that of Colonel of the Twelfth regiment of Itasrach setta Volunteer Militia, and acting brigadier tier: era) of the Mixth brigade. He was iataly city Clark of * Gpnagfteld. Lieutenant Coioael l.yman waa also counocted with the military for a number of years, and, previous to the war, waa captain of the Northampton Artillery, which waa eat)?o.r ontly reorganised as an talnntry company. Major iiartbolomew, a brother of tbo celebrated sculptor, has seen flvo years' service in the regular army as sergeant la General (then Captain) MoClellan's company. f.'hai lain Miles Sanford belongs to North Adams, and Is pastor of the Baptist church of that place, from which be obtained leave of absence to accompany the regimentHie ?<u is Captain of Company H. t?n- g-on George A. Otis, of this regiment, has been most ant emitting lu hie labors for the welfare and sanitary condition of the 00r,>K, and it Is good evtdenoeof bis skill and devotion that the sick list has been very small. TENTH CONNECTICUT VOLUNTEERS, lieutenant Col- nel I'rake is a lawyer by profession, and resides at Hartford. Ha wan engaged with others in re ' railing one 01 we urst comj aiut* teat tecaereu tnoir krvices to the government when the PreMdcnt iuued his proclamation. This wni Company A of the First Coonee Meat Volunteers. He was chosen its First Lieutenant, end served with distinction in .the three months campaign. Soon efter the mustering out of the regiment ho was appointed Major of the Tenth, end wss subsequently promoted to the lieutenant colonelcy. Me)or Pettlbone, of Wins ted, wss a teacher of an eleasentary military school in Connecticut, and was appointed Major to All the vacancy occ asioned by the promotion of Lie; tenant Colonel Drake. Surgeon A. T. Douglas wss in the three months campaign as Surgeon of the Second Connecticut Volunteers, luring n lucrative practic# to accept the position. II# served with distinction, and for meritorious conduct at tho Battle of Bull run received honorable mention in the report of General Keyea. Upon the return of hia regiment he was tendered hia present position. Assistant Surgeon Newton was on the medical staff of the Third Connecticut Volunteers in the three months service. Adjutant Colt was Second Lieutenant of the First Connecticut Volunteers, and for distinguished service in the three months campaign had been promoted from the ranks. Returning boms, he wan appointed Assiatan Quartermaster General of the State of Connecticut, which eflce he resigned to accept his present position. Of the line officer*, Captain Leggett vu color sergeant In the Second Connecticut Volunteers, In the three months service, and distinguished himself at Bull run, receiving a medal from his colonel iu token of his gallant conduct. Captain Wells was orderly sergeant of Company A, First Connecticut Volunteers, la the same service, and fought at Bull run. Captain Jepaon waa eaptaln of the Wauhoucee Rangers, under General Jim Lane, in the Kansag wars. Captain Hoyt served in the three months campaign as second lieutenant, and was at Bull run. Captain Breach waa also in the same service, and participated in MM battle ef Bull run. Lieutenants Brewster, Qninn, Oils, Perkins and McJtew likewise saw service with the three months men, and fought at the battle ef Bull rua. rwBNTT-riMT MAaSACHUfURTB VOI.UMT*EBS. Colonel Augustus Morse is a native of Worcester, and shout forty-four years ef age, and previous to the break tog out of tho war was engaged In bueiners in Leominster, Maw. In a military capacity bo baa held ovary rank from private to hta last i melt km of Major General of the Third division of Massachusetts State Militia. Lieutenant Colonel Maggi was lately aargeant major of (ho Third Massachusetts Volunteers, now at Fortress Monroe. He is an Italian hy birth, sorvod on Garibaldi's tUff, and reoentiy kept a fencing school in Bedford. This regiment was organized principally in Worcester eonnty, Mass., and weat into camp at Worcester city wHh 400 men. On the 23 I of August the regiment departed with 1,027 men for Annapolis, tho Naval Academy and neighborhod of which they garrisoned autil the expedition left. The regiment also rendered valuable aaetmance in guarding the line of tho Baltimore and Ohio Bailr- ad, between Annapolis Junction and Washington. Tba flank companies aro arm-id with the Harper's Ferry rifles, and the reet of the regiment with ine Fnllsld Lieut. J. W. Fletcher, of Company I, was secretary of the poet at Anaapolla while the regiment wea there. FlFTT-riRST I'EKNiYLVAXIA VOJ.UNTKRR8, Colonel John Frederick Hart ran ft is a lawyer by proieesion, a native of Montgomery county, Fa. and about yeare of age. He is a graduate of Union College, and a member of the Stg ma Eht collegiate fraternity. He connected him aelf with the military la 1844, at which time be wag elected rolooel of a regiment in the Second dlviaion of the Pennsylvania militia, and baa served continually ever since. On the 16th ?f April?the day aucceoding the Pre. al(loot's proclamation?be tendered hie command, eoo slating of seven companies, and they wars Immediately accepted. The regiment being subsequently reinforced to the full etrengtb, the Colonel took possession or rerryvwe, wnsre no reaaeroa emeieni oertIco in repressing tba symptoms or disloyalty which manifested themselves In that port Of Maryland. In May he rssthed Washington, where, with lis men, ho waa aoni to Alexandria, wbero they aaw oon Iderable aetivo service m skirmishing. Tho torn o; ssrvice of tho roginont having oapiroo before tho battla of Ball ran, Coloaoi Harirenfl attached himself to tho Mff of Cotonel rrankiln, artiag Brigadior General In General Holntaolman'* rtlvielon. and served with gallantry daring that aavoro ongngomt nt. Returning to l'enn. ay Wan la ho at nnco, with many of hta officers, com manor,! tho organttatloa of tho Fifty-drat Voluntoor rrglmant. Ltontonant -Colonol Thomas Sloan Boil is also a lawyer fey pr?t ration, and a not wo of Peaosy'vania. and provtous to tho war waa auacbod to tho nun of Major Gonaral flchaofor. Bo ooroad in the tferoo months campaign in tho capacity of Adjutant of tho Klnth Pennsylvania, which waa part of tho brtgada that trat croonod tho 1'pper Potomao. Bo woa promoted to tho rank of Assistant Ad|nunt Gonaral of the brigade, and, though not a pnrtlcipnnt In any sorlcua rntagamr-nt, aaw considerable active service In picket lights and ekirrniahes. Major Kdwln Scbali ia a graduaU of the Partridge Military School, of PannsylT?nia, and waa with Ouleael Hartraaft In tba thrao months service. Of tbu lino officers, several have boon In the Mexican war. rimr-ruurr intw rou vomtwtkkr*. Colonel F.dwsrd Ferrero la a native of New Vnrk city, and about thirty-one yeara of age. He comes of a military family, his tinole, Colonel I-swta Kerrero, having boon In tho Sardinian serr Ice, both In the Crimean and In tho Italian c impsigt s, attaining no little distinct ion on (Ka hnlfla As?lrfa >if (Kaca avanlf nI anncha Tlia anhUrl itf the present eketc.h war ?!* jrcart Maff mhI Held officer of tho New York State f'orcee. end Mill bolde the pnaltlon f Lieutenant Colenel of the Eleventh New York Militia^ ht? resignation from which floTcrnor Morten refnee<l to accept. He la one of the beet officer* In the eipedltlon. Lieutenant C?lon?l Robert B. Potter la * ion of Bishop Alonro Potter, of Reonerlvanta. and nephew of RlahOp Potter, o( New Yo'-k. He Is a native of Boston, gradn tod ah Unlcti Collage, the rreeldeot of which?the Her. Pr. Nott?Is hi* grandfather, and, prevlons to the war, we* practising law in :f#>v York. He has acinlrnd a good know ledge of ft li'ierfv dotlee from a long conn*'!<>a fsr iotne time i ? the oapoc.ltjr ?.f pirat Lieutenant of the woll drilled organization, the Now York Rifles. Jit.,or I bai lor to Gmdreia* Krer.cbmen. and an en _TTIT^ ' 1 " " - -T-w NE^ gineer by prof' avion. lit :h * impac t .v ha waa '.ately cop ; * ctvd with ? me m.: U* lfteroiit m Mi .?wi Adjutant Aug. J Cayttm is an excel i*i?t iShrer, and w-?/ I Sorvtewub Hi* Ui'mklyu thirteenth regiment in it* ! i three month- cuK alin. The chai'lahv, Kev. Owes N. Rerfin, war lately <*sl>>r i of tbo I'rosbyierian church at At a^ai hiii, Tt?*a eninty, N. Y His influence and j opuarny in that oom e.'ulioa have bean the maaua offurnishing large v'uuiitiea of comfort* for th? regiment, in tha way ?f donaiioaa of clothing, fu:. NINTH NEW TO** VOMTNTKMH. Colonel Hawkins, Colonel of tbu New York /auavee. Ninth regiment Now York Voluataera, ) a native of, and only about thirty years of age. He caine to this city prior to the break ug out of the Mexican war a poor and apj arrntly rten diets boy, when be eulieted in tba volunteer forces, and was subsequently transferred to the command of Colonel Uardeo. After bin return to tbe city he commenced tba study of law, au'l after being admitted to the bar associated himself with Dexter A. Hawkins, his cousin, In an office in Wall street. During that time he mar nod a very wealthy lady from cnoet the qralMance of some of the first families in this city. 'When the Chicago Zouaves were hoie on a yiait last sum mer their i>?ou!>aj" drill aud free and easy manners captivated many of our young men, and not long after several companies were organised on a slmi!ar plea. One of these companies?the New York Zouaves? having their headquarters on the corner of fourth and Thompson streets?Colonel Hawkins associated himself with, and on the promulgation of the President's procla. malton calling for seventy-flve t^ousaid volunteers, the Zouaves, through Mr. Hawkins, offered their services to Govorner Morgan, were accepted, and elected Colonel Hawkins to command them. 8inee the regiment has beun in Virginia it has been stationed at Newport News, at which time it holonged to the brigado of Brigadier Uenerul Phelps, and afterwards was i despatched te garrison Fort Clark, on Hattsras Island, Colonel Hawkins enjoyed the confidence of Major Geusral Butler, and was the President of the General Court Mar tial established for the trial of all causes coming under the jurisdiction of the court. The Ninth Volunteers is i cne of the best light infantry regiments that has left j this city. being made np chiefly of young men below the j ageof twenty five. I Lieutenant Colonel Betts is the son of Judgs Belts,of ( the United States District Court of this city. Ho held at i one time the position of United States Commissioner liaior Edgar A. Kimball is an old army ofilcsr and ha* saw active service under General Pisrce, la the Mexican war. He is a native of Vermont and was appointed Captain of the Ninth infantry on the Sth of March, 1847. In August, 1848 he was breveted Major for gallant and roorh tortous conduct in the battle* of Contreras and Chorubusco, bis brevet dating from August 20,1847. He wee also distinguished in the battle at Chepultepec. He left the army when the regiment was disbandsd on tho 20th of August, 1848. Hs was engaged in civil pursuits until the breaking oat of the present war, when he joined the regiment. EIGHTH CONNECTICUT VOLUNTEERS. Colonel Kdward Hsrland is e native ef Connecticut, about twenty-eight years of age, a graduate of Yele Col* lege, and a lawyer by profession. He was captain of e company of the Third Connecticut Volunteers In tho ' three months' campaign, fought at Bnll run, and on re' ' turning horns organised a company for the war, from the ' captaincy of which he was promoted to the lieutenant 1 colonelcy of the Sixth Volunteers, end eventually to hie 1 pretest position. Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Terry Is also a native Of ' Connecticut, anuut imrty-eigni years or age, and recently was engaged in business in TerryvlUe, Litchfield county. Previous to bis promotion to his present position he was Orderly Sergeant of the Fourth Connecticut Volunteers. Major Appleman is also of Connecticut birth, a lawyer by profession and about thirty-tra years old. lis was in the Second Connecticut Volunteers In the three months' campaign, and on coming back raised a company, from the captaincy of which he waa promoted to the major abip of the Eighth regiment. . Of the line offlcere, Captains Hoyt, Ward, Upbam and Jackson were in the three months service with Cooneoti. cut regiments. ELBVKXTH CONHHCTICCT VOLUNTKBM. Colonel T. H. C. Kingsbury was born In New Orleans but has lived recently In Franklin, Oonnecticut. He la about fifty-four years of tge, and of considerable military xperience, acquired by hia connection with the mibtla forces?in wb icb he held, upon resigning, the rank of Colonel?and by a short period of study at WeaS Point. He was Lieutenant Colonel of the Fifth Connecticut Volunteer* before being promoted to hie present position. Lieutenant Colonel Charles T. Matthewson is a native of Connecticut, ana About forty nine year* of age. Ha ttm previously connected with the militia forces, In the capacity of Quartermaster of tba Eleventh regiment. Major Uriffln A. Stedmaa is of Hartford, and abont twenty-four years of ago. He graduated at Trinity Col. logo, and was recently studying law in Philadelphia. Pre tons to his promotion to his preeont rank, he was cap tain of a company in the i ifth Connecticut Volunteers. The t iapintn, Rev. George Soule, is pastor of the Congregational church at Hampton,Conuoctiout, from which he received loave of absence to accompany the regiment. Adjutant Jared E. Lewis was in the Third Connecticut Volunteers, and fought at Bull ran. He was recently en. gaged in business in New Haven. ElOHTT-KntTH NEW YORK YOl.T'NTEKRR. Colonel Harrison 8. Fairchild is a native of New Yerk, and bar had considerable military experience us Colonej of the Fifty fourth Militia regiment, of Rochester. He is about forty-flve years of age, and wss a member of the New York State Military Board of Inquiry. I. cuteuant Colonel Jacob C. Roble, who ha* been virtually in command of the regiment, owing to the absence or the Colonel, is a native of New Hampshire, add about fifty years of age. He ban held the position of Colonel of three different regiments in New York, and has been connected with the military some twenty years. He resides la Ping ham ton, where he has been connected with the administration of lbs city government, and has two sons officers in the United States Navy?one Chief Engineer on the Mohican, and the other on board the Saginaw, in Chinese waters. He was recsntly engaged in business in Binghamton, and, though the regiment was raised by his almost individual efforts, be magnanlsoously resigned its cemmand to Colonel Fairchild. Captain C. W. Burt was e short time in the rebel army, ne owns some property in Missouri, and on going to look after it when the war broke out was seized end impressed ' into Trice's forocc, but took the trst opportunity to desert. Of the linn officers several have served with the three mi.tiiha volnntporn. FOURTH RHODR TBI. 1ND TOlCfflBM. CWonel J. P. Rodman la a native of Kingston, R. I., and la now about thirty-eight yearn of aga. During tba thro# monthn camimlgn ha bald the |>oaition of captain in tba Second Rhode Inland regiment, and w* map hare Data that bia command waa tba flrat detachment of the Union force* which nngaged tba enamp at Rail run. Returning home, he waa promotad to the lieutenant eolonolep of tbe fourth, and whila It waa In ear tic* in Virginia, to bia I res -tit rank. lieutenant Colonel George W. Taw la an officer of ronaidcrahie military experience, and waa for fourteen paari captain of tbe Newport Artillery, an arganlaatloa which datvt hack to the pear 1741. Ha waa captain In the Flret Rhoda laland Volunteara, of the color company, whfch at > Bull rnn loat three color ecrgeanta in enccesaion, when be I kimultiaiMt the banner and carried It for anma ttme I He wont out again la tha Fourth u Captain, and waa Sue cosslvely promoted to tho rank of Major and Lieutenant Cnlouat. Ha la a natlva of Newport, and about thirty one yaara of age. Major John A. Allan waa horn In Wonnsocket, R. T., and ia about thirty-Are yaara af age. He served In tbu thraa month* campaign aa aacond llaulenaot In tba Second Rhodo leland regiment, and fonght at Bull ran. Prevlou* to his praaant position ha waa captain of a company In tba regimaot. Adjutant Joseph b. Curtis la a brother or George W. ( Curtis, tha celebrated leeturar. Ho waa formerly captain < of th? Engineer Corps, New Torh Ninth Militia raglmont, y and waa promoted to hla praaant poaltlan therefrom. Ha , la a satire of Prov Idenoe. Major Clark la wall known aa Professor of Chemistry In i Amherst College, where his seat is still rttalard for him i The Chaplain, Her. George S. Ball, Is pastor of tha ( Tnliarlsn church of Upton, Mass , and received tears of I absence from his congregation ta go with tho eapsd I tlon. PirTM RUOPK ISLAND VOI.IINTHJRa?Ft RUT BATTALION. Major Jolin Wright is a nattre of Providence. and about thirty si* year* of ago. He has heon connected with the militarr upward* of thirteen yaara, aud previous to Uia V YORK HKRAI..1), SATU Oar held ibe ^-aiiiouof Kri/adlif " of th> louiih b' igji?V <{ .-in, (ie istu i MUltU. Ho a short tlm< atueo held a captaincy to the-<e<s?>nd Rhode lean 1 Volur.U>o,s, a' d before eaiw-eUng htmaelf wiUi the army waa a iaer ' haul to I rovidui u?, Ttau Chaplain, Rev. McWolter B. Noyaa, waa .at* pastor ef Ail - ii t>' K tocopaJ church at Ncwimrt, at d to a I ativa of C ba, b t rrtldad a great part of bie life to North fa oltna. Ha ma graduate of Brown University, and to eWlegtinn it may ba tntara ting to state that ba to a Membar of the The la Delta Chi fraleru..y BVgNTII RHODR IBLAND RATTER*. Caplan Bulger to a native of Khode Island, and about thirty yaara of uge. Ha baa been m the regular artny some tan years, tin ring eight of wbicb ha held the rank of rargaunt. Thta latter jvmltton ha occupied in Rickott'a battery, and with that corps fought a' Bull run. Lieutenants Pope, Fluid aiid Simpson served with the First Rhode 'aland battery, and took part In the engage meal al tiuli run. THE NAVAL SECTION. OOMMANDU-IN-CBUr. FLAIi nmilR. L. M. COr.DSBOROT'UH, Commanding. Chief of Staff Commander A. L. Caoo. Staff Medical Officer Am. Surgeon 8. 0. Jones. Acting Signal Officer M. B. G. Fisher. Secretary to Flag Offle-r....Henry Van Brunt. Clerk to Flag Officer E. C. Meeker. Commander of let < olumn. .Samuel K. Hazard. Commander of 2d Column... Stephen C. Ho wan. THE GUNBOATS OP THE EXPEDITION. THB HANSKR. The Ranger Is one of the newly purchased vessels. She has been engaged In the towing business on the Hudson river. She is a propeller of eight hundred tons burthen) and eince her purchase by the government ehe hu boon entirely rebuilt, sheathed, diagonally fastened and braced and otburwlee altered to fill her new position. Her engine is a low pressure condensing, with a cytindar of thirty-six inches and a stroko of thirty-six inches. Her engine room Is supplied with a blowing and pumping englno. Her dimensions are:?Length, 100 feet; breadth| 34 feet; depth, 24 feet. Her armament is as follows:?On gnn deck, two of the Parrott thlrty-two-pounder*, rifled, ?nd two of the Wlard eteel twelve-pounders, also rifled On the upper deck ehe carries two Wisrd swivel twelvepounders, rifled, and one mountain howitzer, also rifled making a total of seven rifled guns?a vory heavy and effective battery. She has accommodation for Ave hundred troops en hoard. The following is n correct list of her officers:? Captain?John Bos ton Chllds. First Officer?John Arbacan. Master's Mate?Edmund H. Thomas. Chief Engineer?Andrew laglis. First Assistant Engineer?William H. Hooker. Second Assistant Engineer?William Granam. Gunner?A. P. Emmerson. Ordnance Officer?Solomon Kyes. Commissary Officer?E. D. Waters. PIONEER. The gunboat Pioneer is a propeller of 400 tons, sad was also used on the Hudson as a towboat. Her dimensions are:?Length 160 feet, breadth 30 feet and depth 8 feet. She has a low pressure engine, with a cylinder oT twenty, tight inchts and a stroke or eighteen inches. She was recently purchased by government. She carries four guns, as follows:?One thirty-pounder Parrott gun and one twelve-pounder Wiard field gun en the stain deck, and on the upper deck she has one twelve-pounder howitzer and me twelve-pounder mountain howitser. These gnna are all rifled. On beard there Is accommodation for four hundred and fifty men. The following are her officers;? Captain?Charles G. Baker. Lieutenant of Artillery?E. C. Bowers. First Officer?John W. Griffith. Bceond Officer?William Hathaway. Chief Engineer?William H. Scott. First Assistant Engineer?Michael Morgan. Second Assistant Engineer?Elijah WilsonPilot?Holder Almy. SENTINEL. The gnnboat Sentinel was formerly a propeller running on the Hudson river, but she was bought by ths government and transformed into n fan boat. She was rebuilt, refastcned, a new deck built, and new sheathing pot on her. She is 160 feet long, 30/eet beam and 7 feet depth of hold, cylinder, SO inehee; stroke, 80 Inches. She carries od the main deck one thirty-twopound riled Parrot! gun and two twelve-pound Wlard eteel rifled guna; oa the upper deck, one twelve-pound howitzer. There ie accommodation on board far five hundred troops. Her ofllcera are:? Captain?Joshua Oetliard. Lieutenant of Artillery? - Eaetmaa. Firet Ofllcer? Aaale R. I.udwig. Second Officer?William Shaw. Chief Engineer?Frederick Keller. First Assistant Chief Engineer?John Pack. Second Assistant Engineer?Morgan Irvla. Gunner?Oliver Sweeney. Ordnance Officer?Samuel O. Garland. Pilot?Richard Xlckerson. LANCHL The lancer in a propeller formerly used on the Hadnon. Like some of the others, she has been rebuilt, and otherwise altered to ault her present purpose. Her dlmenlione dre:?length, 1W0 feet, bread tli, 92 feet; depth. 0 feet. Engine,lowpresaure;cylinder,34 inches;stroke,34 inchea. She carries on the gun deck one thirty-two-pound rifled Parrott and one twelve-pound howitzer. On the upper deck, two twelve pound rifled ateel guns, one of which, a swivel, te at the forecastle, and the other, a howitzer, is placed at the ate.n. She baa accommodation tor fire hundred men. Her officers art:? Captain?Barylllai Morley. Lieutenant of Artillery?B. H. Ian*. First Officer?John Babrs. Second Officer?Lionel Decker. Chief Engineer?William Johnston. First Assistant Engineer?llarvey Wilson. Second Assistant Engineer?George Pnrdy. OBAMEUB. The gunboat Otasseur ia a very powerful prepsller, that was purchased by the government and rebuilt to suit the present purpose. She used to run on the North river. She Is supplied with a double propeller, hariug the fan on aach Ride of the keel, near the stern. Thla ankbl> a the va?sal to atuin a great height of speed. The anginas are low pressure; cylinder 30 inches, stroke 3d inches. She is 170 l'ect long, 30 feet wide, and 0 feet deep. Her armament will consist of four guns; on gun leek two thirty two pound rifled Parrott guns, and on the upper deck two six-pound howitzers. She has ample ao~ com modat ions for four hundred men. The follow lag Is a correct list of her officers :? Captain?John West. Lieutenant of Artillery Voorhies. First Officer?.V. f. Hnyden. Second Officer?Kdward Smith. Chief Engineer? Mexander Yager. First Assistant Engineer?Kdward Phinips. Second Assistant Engineer?William R. Burroughs. Gunner?T. H. I.yman. ordnance Officer?E. T. Goodrich. Commissary Officer?Edwin K. Keen. Pilot?P. W. Koff. rtmrm. The Vtdette is a propeller, formerly In one oh Uis Hndion river, Since her purchase by the government she las been entirely rebuilt, refastened and otherwise hanged Into a gunboat. She is 274 tons burthen, and Is >r th# following dimensions:? length, 123 fset; breadth ? feet; depth, 8 feel engine, low preseure; cylinder, 28 nchet; stroke, 20 Inches. She has accommodation for hree hundred and fifty men. She carries on hsr gun leek one thirty two-ponader Parrott rifled gun, and on Mr upper deck two guns?one twelve-pounder Wlard steel -a rA.0aa>lU anil m Wltaoe nl thn nlwaw U?. )lllcer* are:? Captain?Vacancy at pr**ent l.leutanant of Artillery?William Baxter. Klrat officer?P. A. Vara. Baonaii officer?P. A. HH*ln*. Chief Vaglnaer?Abraham B. Crapaar. Flrel Aaolatanl Kngiaeer?John C. I'eet. 8eo.>nd Aealrtant Kn?laaar?Layl Crapaar. Ordnance Officer? Pafe. Pilot Newbury. ? HVMAR. The propeller Hoaaar, like the ether* mentioned above, taed to ma on the North river before aha waa trana ormed Into a (iinboat. After her pnrchaae by the United Itnte* government ahe waa rebuilt, Ac. She la SAO tone lurthen, and hor dlmenalona are aa follow* ? Imigth, 170 'eat,beam,.10 feat; depth,0 feat. Englnebtgh praaaure; lyllnder 26 inc.he*, etroke ?4 Inchee. Shn earrlaa on her nalndnck two thirty two poonder rilled Parrott gun*, ind on the upper deck two *1* poonder Wiard brae* [una. She ha* accommodation on board for 460 troop*. Her officer* arc:? Captain?Ferdinand f rocker. of Artillery?Jame* A. Heddan. t hat officer?.Ice* Waul. Sc. olid 0,!'cv?O'lvrr Molaey. Chief I nglnoor?.l?o b Schmidt llrel A**i?tunt I npi: cer?,h hn Snyder. Sec n I Amistanl Fnidnoer?John UcAllaeter. c- moiiera. y Officer?v bai lee II. Cray. KDAY, VKBKUAJt'Y 15, t$> THIS ruiLAi*io.ruiA. Tl a gouh"at >'hi!a<ie:ph>? ?r:ut Ui? ta^fbip i< ik'niw - 'J dura G.r'ij l?. rough for m ni'> lim*,aa w il? i tck -l. !>h? , <. of tha chart* rod iuviix * tlw guv eruuvmt m umug at ireauut. KIij is ighliy armed, curr> u>g only go or.u puuader. The following * *lial wf bur Ai 00 oere:? Acting HiMor?Silas ReynoMa. loaiieoani-.Lomond J- IUI:t**a

? bull Eug o*> r?t harlee \. Norria. Irirat Aaeiataut EDglnee,?I'hua. K. Joyoo. *? ft'floud AbciMjujI Kngiti.'er ? A. J. H jpklna. W Acliug I'uraor?rtKiinaa 1 burn ton a>| TUB OKKBK1L PI TNAM. t , Tha General Putnam la a aide-wheel steamer of 149 j,, tons burthen. She belonged to New York, and was pur ch& ad by tho goverrunuu' In last October for naval pur" poaaa. She la 103 faat long, 33 feet wide and 1 feet deepShu currlea two (una, one fore and one aft. Tha follow, lug are her officers:? Acting Master?Wm. J. Tfnskis*. Master's Matae?Henry Hoik urn, A. P. Kirkham. Chief Engineer?James Osborne. Aaaiatant Engineer?John Henry. THK YOUNG HOVER. The Young Rover la what la termed an anxillary steam hark, and she has been tu tha service for some, bar in lug bean purchased by tho United State* government as of far back as laat July. She is a Boatoa vossel; Is 418 tons pt burthen, 141 fact long, 26 feat wide and 17 feet deep. *'!' Fho earriea five guns?one Pahlgrun pivot gun and four til sixty-eighl-pounders?making a heavy armament for a w Teasel of hor size. The following is a list of her ofli- in cars:? * f Captain . Acting Mantel- (r mmsndlng)?I. B. Studley. ot Exec live Otlicer Eldridge. Railing Muster? ? Williams. Purser Stone. ta Surgeon?l>r. smith. w Engineer?.lumen Patterson. Master's Mates? ? Dodge, ? HowArd,?? Ryder. TBI LOUISIANA. M The gunboat Ixinisiana in a propeller of about tOOt'iia burthen. She is a Philadelphia vessel, and has been in service since July last, having been purchased at that tl time. She is 143 feet long, 27 feet wide and 8 feet deep. gl Kho Is at present supplied with four guns?one eight inch to columblad and three thirty-two pounders. The following is a list of her officers Captain Hooker. Lleiitenaut?A. Hopkins. Acting Master?Alex. Murray. Gunner McDonald. 1 Chief Engineor Lay. First Assistant Engineer? ? IfcTarty. m Second Assistant Engineer Huxley. .. Third Assistant Engineer Daniels. TDK STARS AND STRIVES. The Iters and Stripes is a propeller of 407 tons burthen. She belonged to New Haven, Connecticut, but was purchased last July for government uae. She is 147 feet long, 34 feet wido and Ofeat deep. She carries five t; guns?four eight-inch and one twenty-pounder rifled pi- -( Tot. She is commanded by the following officers:? C( Lieutenant Commanding?R. Werden. Acting Masters?u. Asunury, u. a. a*iay, l. w. mil, S. L. Clapp and Hamilton. Midshipman?R. S. McGoolc. Acting Paymaster?J. J. Pratt. a Acting Assistant Surgeon?B. Marshall, First Assistant Knsrlneer?J. Briggs. Third Assistant Engineers?W. D. Forbes, J. J. Coffee, n and J. Lyman. 11 Gunner?I). Dunmore. _ Master's Mate?H. B. Foot. ^ THE VALLEY CITT. a The gunboat Valley City is a screw steaaaer of abont 200 tons burthen. She belonged to this eity, but was ^ purchased by the government In July last. She is 127 feet long, 22 feet wide and 7 feel inches is depth. She * earriea four guns, and the following is a list of her of?eers:? * Lieutenant Commanding?J. C. Chaplin. n Acting Master?F.. Crowell. u Master's Mate?J. A. Brooks. E Second Assistant Engineor?P. Short. r Third Assistant Engineer?J. Hitch soak, ? . Paymaster?George Wilson. B THE rNDBfWKITKB. The gunboat Underwriter was formerly a tewboat in the narbor of New York. She is very powerfully built, t and is a capital sea boat. She was purchased by the a government last August for naval purposes. She is a aide-wheel steamer, of about 3SO tone burthen, nod the f following ore her dimensionsLength, 170 feet; breadth, T 23K feet; depth,8 feet 10 Inches. She carries two guns, h and is commended by Lieutenant Jeffries. t THE DEL A WAKE. p The Delaware is a Philadelphia aide-wheel steamer, of I EST tons burthen. She was purchased for naval use in 'i October last. She is ISO feat long, 27 fast wide and 0 r fast deep. She carries Ova guns aa ber armament, and is <i commanded by Lieut. S. P. Queekenbush. ii THE 8HAWSHKNE. Tb? gunboat Shmwshene ii a elde-wbeei atMMr, of 180 1 tons burthen. Ehe belonged to New York, but wu pur- ' ehucdl-y the government teat September. She la lift feet lone, 22)4 feet wide and 7 feet deep. She eanriea two 1 funs, and Is commanded bp Acting Heater 8. O. Wood- 0 ward. 1 THE LOCKWOOD. a The Loekweod waa formerly a towbeat In our waters' r but wu bought by the government about teat August. ii Shots a side-wheel steamer, of 180 tons burthen. She a carries three guns, and ie commanded by Acting Master ft O. L. Graves. t TBI CBRXS. t The gunboat Ceres is a ecrew steamer of 144 tons. She t is a New York boat that hu been bought. She la 170 feet long, 22 feet wide and 8 feet 8 inches deep, gfco hu two guns on boerd, and her commander is Acting Muter J. McDermaid. TBI MORSE. The gunboat Morse wu formerly one of the Brooklyn ferryboats?we believe the Marion. She ia a vary strongly built veeael, and is comparatively new. She ie, of course, a eide-wheel steamer, 613 tone burthen, and of the following dimensiona .-?Length, 143 feet; breadth, 33 feet; depth, 12 feet. She wu purchased test November; carries two guns, and her commander is Aetiag Muter Peter Hays. THE t. V. BETMOnt. The J. N. Seymour Is a side-wheel steamer of 133 tone burthen, bhe ia a New York vessel, and we believe wu engaged In the towing busineM; she wu purchased about four months ago, and transformed into a gunboat. She is 102 foot long, 20 feel wide end 7 feet deep. She carries two guns, and Is commanded by Actlag Master P. 8 Walter. THE HBNBY BEINCKNEB. The gunboat Henry Urinckner la a propeller of 108 tons burthen, 91 feat long, 22 feet wide and feet deep. She is a New York vessel, and wu purchued test October ; for the use of the government. She la supplied with one gan, and Acting Muter J. C. Gid dings commands her. THE HntCHEACK. The gunboat Hunchback is a side-wheel steamer, lately purchased by the United Statu government. She carries u an armamont one one hundred-pounder Parrott rifled gun, long range, and thru nine inch rifled Dablgren gunsShe carries tlx large launches from the frigate Roanoke. tt Thoy will each carry a twelve-pound Dablgren boat p howiIter, weighing 688 pounds each. The boats are r under the charge of Midshipman B. H. Porter. Hhe hu g also on board Company B of the Union Coast Guard. The following ia a correct list of her officersp Lieutenant Commanding?K. R. Calhoun. Executive Officer?Richard Pascal. Selling Master?James H. Hardlsty. " Chief Engineer?R. R Urown. of E'tret Assistant Esgtneer?John Wall. u Second Assistant Engineer?W. R. Armstrong. i master's Steward?James H. Hathaway. w bee tor's Ma tea?Robert p. Bom, Char I m Weber, Wll- ai llaai Weber. .. Chief Boatswain's Mates James Ritchie, George WU- . 1 tains. THE COMMODORE EARNEY. *1ia Prttvi mrulnrn T7n rnaw ( n fallmw Asa llaa " o4 Morse, being one of the Williamsburg ferryboat#. She la almost new, eery strongly built, end wm purchased by Ihe government ImI October. She ia Alstons, and J' ber dimensions are M fyllowa:?143 feet long, S3 faat T wide and 13 feet deep. She carrlaa two gun*, and la commanded by Acting Lieutenant Commanding R. D. 11 Renabaw. c' rn? commodoki rmtar. w The Commodore Perry waa purcbaaad at the aame time tv aa the Harney, and belonged to tbe aame line, She ri retain* har old name. Her aire la tba aame aa the Barney " and the Morae. She aleo carrlaa two gone, and ia under the command or Lieutenant Cbarloa H. Hussar. bl mi RRTntt. The gunhoat Hetiel Is one of the ?I earners lately pur. chaaed by government and turned Into gunboats. She (n carries two guns, one forward and ona aft. She la under a the command of Lieut. ilcury K. Iiaveuport. ^ THR SOriHFIBI.D. The Seuthileld was formerly one of th" Platen Island C ferryboat a She i* a large aide wheel steamer, and ca. pableof ? cnmmoilatirg a large number of persona. she R waa purch uted a short time ngo hy the government. She r3 mounts four g ins, one oue hundred-nound rilled and three f 2. u#- u. ij gullll. t-U, ir t miuJi.dt.J t>j Acl?' g VuioBW-ur Ox uttnant C. K. H. Behiu. 1 (>?, THK OBAVIT*. Tha gcntw at Cranita is a smalt ft- uner tarrying on# to no. tUiilv-lw . ml o*. lino. .-liu uiuauiU.: l>y n tillg Master L. i oom ". . t.k 1UE PICKET. H< Ih.' gmboat 1'ickot h a propeller, o< m? ckii? class ird " liearuiice at. the i.tlie;*, aiid he armament . .pout lb* *> me. The guns arc as follows -1?" l? i o i-j .??!? Wl ia. d sioel rilled gnus,one iw. lv?-|>ouuder b' at how it .x r, xr d una twelve pounder nio .ntam how it/or. "the cut W? ' but m.vkea ku eice lout attaching boa.,, owing io ki marneut. rbe tmtowing are her officers:? 'aptaln??Ib"maa I'. Tvea. rl> First utticai?Edward Miller. Sooond Ottice?fh irles St: oug ( (iiinnor?James Harrison. t'hi Engineer?lohn Hoimac. First Assistant Fngmeer?i nouns Wtl'er. Second Assistant K.mrinoer?l Iuh Ikm K McDonald. c Pilot?Janice H. Wiekas. tr THE FLOATING BATTERIES. In eddltl' n to the gunboats mci.ttouori above, here are ^ the expedition live ll"atmg bat tortus, constructed or t the strongest bulla Unit could bo procured for ibe pu ' ' mo. They have tvou firmly braced, Ac., to res at the I li'Ct of shot, and have been divided into Ave eater- \ ve i;bt compartments. While they are in actum the bur . arks will bo covered with large baea of wot iut> , louv g apurturcs at convenient li.-tancos for the handling <1 | i" gun?. Tliis soakod hay affords a splendid protection i the gunnore from rllleand musket balls, le.iv.11g thorn ily the larger shot to fear. The boats thenuMv<? lie sry low in tho water and present but a poor ma t iH fA rgets. When once brought on the fluid of action they 111 be placed In poeit:.jn and anchored. ' Tho folli wing are the names and description of the (ll itterles. They are under tbo command of Masturs' ( atcs Edward Staples and James lake:? ^ THH SIIRAPNIL. u The Shrapnel la, if she may be e callod, the flagship of battoriee. She carries an arinaniuut of three y> uis, twelve pound Wiard steel rifled, and eightosn noon g>J man them. Her olftcers are:? Commander?Edward Staples. First Ofllcer Riley. THE ROCKET. b< The Rocket is the same as the Shrapnel, carry, y g the same number or guns, three of Wad's steel hi fled eannen, and a sufficient number of experienced u on to work them. The second officer In command of {., >is small flotilla commands this vessel. Her principal ue Beers are:? u Commander?James I-ake. fu First Officer?J. A. Wilson. h, THK CKKNADI. d ThsQrenade also eai' .es three of Wlard's steel guns p velve-ponndcrs each, and eighteen men as crsw and gun- p era. She is one of the strongest ot the batteries, and t* p Mntnaiided by Commander W. B. Avery. THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. The Medical Department of the expedition Is under the ), uperintendence of Major William A. Church, M. D., of ^ eneral Burnside's staff, assisted by the brigade and regp (l lentnl suigeons. When the troops left Annapolis the ma- ? gnant cases of sickness?which we may say. en pauant, ere comparatively few?were left behind In the general _ oepital on shore, while those convalescing or laboring ^ nder diseases of a mild type were transferred to tho t HOSPITAL SHIP RECRUIT, v . vessel whose name Is peculiarly and curiously appro- j, riate to her pressnt purpose. She Is under the command f Captain George Coggeshall. The hospital arrangements L re under the management of the medical ruff? Dr annuel F. Green, of the Twenty-fourth Massachusetts; H ir. Theron Tempi*, of the Twonty-fifth Massachusetts: \ r. Strong, of the Twenty-third Massac has tts; Dr. 1 lodge, of the New York Fifty-first, and medical oadat 1 iamusl Apple-gate. I iiu runxwn wuuut. | A newly patented bridge, of the kind exhibited some ( ime ego in the City Hell Perk, ia one of the numeroti, f ppliancea texen along with the expedition. . When ran aeroes the weter it la divided late sections ( wty feet in length, end entirely coupooed of wool. ( he weight of en entire section la 8,470 lbs., end it eon a made reedy for launching by experienced engineers In he a pace of Ave minutes. The chief point of excellence ertelning to the bridge is the moans adopted for sup' | wrtiog it, which consist of wire trasses, about two nchee in circumference, Interlacing one another as they s un. When placed perpendicularly along the bottom that c legree of strength cannot be arrived at which the inter- a seed trusses guarantee. 1 A trial of the bridge was made in the harbor ef Annepo- < Is before the sailing of the fleet rrom that point, and re- l lulled in the-most satisfactory manner. ] In addition to the pontoon bridge# there are alto 1 i number of flat bottomed and very buoyant seows, >r rather a* lift, accompanying the expedition, Inended for the purpooe of eaeiating in tho crossing of mall rivers, creeks and shallow streams. They are nr. I an gad with a portion of their sides straight and parallel, 1 natea.t or ma usual curve, so utai wnen piaoea side i>j> 1 ide, and connected, they form a solid and unswuy irg < jundatlon on which plank* may be laid transrersly for < he safu transport of troops. Thsy are also eon trlred for 1 he adjustment of wheels, thus rendering their tranapor- 1 at ion on land comparatively easy. 1 i SUMMARY OF THK UNION GUNBOAT8. 1 S'timsi ikuH'nan/lm. Gum. i 1?Briikne r Aet. Mas. M. J.C.GIddlnge.... 1 2?Tere s Act. Mas. S. A. McDermaid.... 2 3?Chasseu r Lieut, u rn. John West 0 1 4?Tom. Harney Lieut. Com. R. I>. Rensbaw.... 2 6?Com. Terry Lieut. Com. C. H.FI sser 2 6?Delawar e Lieut. Cum. S. T. Qua kenbush. 3 7?Granit e Act. Mae. K. Boomer 1 t R?Grenade Commander W. B. Avery 3 f 9?Ten. Putnam Act. Mas. W. J. iloskies 2 < 10?Huzza - Act. Mas. Kred. Crocker 4 11?HiiD'-hhan k Lieut. Com. E. R. Calhoun .... 4 c 12? lietzel Lieut.i'?m. H. K. Davenport.. 2 t 13? I. N. i^eymonr Act. Mae Y. S. Welles 2 14?Louisian a Acting Master Hooker 4 15?I/ockwoo d Act. Mae. 8. L. Graree 8 18?lancer Act. Mas. B. Lor ley 4 17?Mors e Act. Mae. Peter Hayes 2 18?Philadelphi a Act. Mas. Silas Keynolda 1 10?Pioneer Act. Mas. Chants 8. Baker,... 4 10?Ticke t Act. Mas. T. P. Ives 4 11?Rocke t Act. Mas. James I ako 8 12?Range r Act. Mas. J. B. Chllds 2 13?Stars and Stripes..Lieut. Com. Wari er 6 14?couthf)el d Lieut, t orn. Behm 4 Ifi?Shawshu ie Act. Mas. T. S. Woodward .... 2 18?.Shrapnel Lieut Com. Ed. Staples 8 17?Underwriter IJeet. Com. Jaflbrs 4 !8?Valley City Lieut. Com. J. O. Chaplin, ??Vldett 4 10?Whitehea d Lieut. Cora. Krench 1 11?Toung Borer Aet. Mas. I. B. Htudley 8 Total guns 84 Sketch* of the NaYftl Officers. FLAG OFFICER L. M. GOI?P8BO ROUGH. Flag Officer Louis M. Golds borough, commander ef the aral part of the Burosido expedition, was horn In the Istrlct <>f Columbia. Ha is a citizen of the State of Ma fland, but received his appointment in the United tales Mar t fr >tn the District of Columbia. Hla Aral entrance into the navy bean data Juna II, ' 112. Ha baa consequently bean naarly fifty yean In p M United Slate* earvtce, aver eighteen of which baa paaand at aao in the various gradee r tba naval aarvioo. Among othera be commanded p te Marlon, thi ty eight guns, In 1M2, at the time abe j" aa attached 13 the squadron of Commndorea Rldgely M id Morria, at Uracil. In 1M7 he commanded the Ohio, A iventy four gun*, and afterward* commanded the Cumerland, forty four gune, and the Levant, eighteen guna, ' I the time thoaa veaeala war* attached to the aquadron t ' Commodore Sllaa H. Strtngham, la tba Mediterranean- t be Cumberland wee the flagahlp while under hla aoainnd. Hi* time of aervlca en ahora la about twelve ? vara, and be baa been off native duty about eighteen tar*. c The date of bla preaant commlaaion la Septawiber 14, G lib. H* lately commanded tba United Btataa frigate * tngraea, from wbicb poeltlon be waa appointed ta com j i an J one half af tba Atlantic Blockading Squadron, I ipervading Commander Slrlngham, who waa formarly In immaod. HI* flagahlp waa tba Minnesota, and bla atton.for aome time, waa Fortreaa Monroe. Although ( le lata act relatlv* to officer* In th* navy place* 1 m nominally on tba retired Hat, having been 1 rer forty five yeara la the aervloe of bla eonntry, c si < omm<i(iore iroiasnorougu, ni? many ouiar aid omctra the navy, It, a man of too much exporlonoo ami onorgy ? > ho allowed to rotlro upon hie lanrela, and ho baa now p plendid opportunity offered lum to oarn and dooorve a w ill higher reputatiou among hi* countryroon. OMMANDBR SAMITRL P. HAZARD, 0. 8. ft, H Com. 'iamnel F. Ilarard, U.F. J*.,wa*bnrn In Newport, In . I., in 1H04, '-mured the tia\y n? ml.lehipman in.ianaa. r, 1833. and hat horn In the * rvioo about thirty Ight p, sani, of which o?or nineteen wore incut at aoa. Im l.ig It 3 * VfUS bo WOO .S?tiOBd Lieuleiia.I 01 tllOlYrt, <vi, fr. m whl h he wan dtUiW by I'oeMnMore rry a. e umiaut and Ball tto pnee ** "' el Monato ir.b.veo, m itw bombardment an : red icthHi ot' wh h link pa i. lie Imh heeo aitacumi t? ail tuu y'"il ii'|un<1<Hl? with the dtceptiou ui toe Rtotihdiai i nans u ...maud . iuoowively of lint naval mnVa as aiiU tUe i'i urivia. *lu|i Ohio at Boston, for Utroo tt' i, .m l in it c . i-c n:ly w .? i? ooumian I of an?i at sen tti the % out >. IttMuruiute frun iti" Oulf in Kebi . y , ISol. he La* once Ihjoii o nno led with tin ifudWU 11 i'i. st. U'iiia .? wMutl In command, and *iu a abort re nil duty at tbe dip rUpn, ne tr Wor n *. Ho * non < > ' nv.ed talus s?n tor Nathan Ha/arti,and toualn i loiuti uiiler Oliver Hazard Perry. He has .rut 1.1.0 nit el 1 vnimahdur in ihr Navy since I8f>6 OMMANDF.H STEPHEN C. HOWAN, U. S. N. Cctumaiiiier titephen C. Hi.w m, mho Lan < omniettd >{ . . nd o uiun of tlie uavai imrtlou of ib i'.nriu e jnhUO i>, is a natoe oi IreUud, but viinu to t.'nn coon y tvbi e young. Ho received h.a apiriinim'-m. tri m lite ut.' ol otjj which State he Is a citizen. Hi* ..rigmal it>y niUi tlio service l>eara date February 1,inert H? K MiiiHiHini'iitlv burn iust lliirlvm tears in Hi.- an 00 Tbe date of Mm |irtoeti < omnium u ir-a-ton.'m, \ht 6 till* I tal sorvh? at sea is about amutrou aim, -in chore abo'I seventeen years, aud he waa ur lpioytd nearly seven years He as boen attached to a O'd arte I)e|>a; tineut at Nov/ York. He Jin a so ten "iiu-otr l la ti e |> eseut blockade, and commanded e P; wuce s< u>? hL rl time ago. COMMANDER A. L. CASE, U. 8. N 1 < nmian .IT A gusli. L. Ouse, the chief of the Fluff of unuiudoie ticldsbmough, is u native of New York lie lb-red <he United Stales Navy In Apjil, 18J8 The ('.alo ' 1 ie prose .I commission is tiepwmliei', 1 v6.'> Under it ? has seen ihree > en h ami Ave mom ha' sea kurvtoe. 11U al sea service since be entered tlio navy if mxWen inrs and live iiiont. e be aervud seven years on shore el si?:? al duty,and waa nine ycaia unemployed. H a Ft sea am vice, prior to the present expedition, wae in ay, 1869. which was ou board tbe steam Irigato Hume la. He stands No. 70 on tbe list of euininuiiders. LIEUTENANT R: ED WERDEN, U. S. N. List tenant Reed Worden.tbe Commander of the gun tat stars and Stripes. s a citizen of Ohio. When ijuite ung bis family removed to Ohio, an/, from that State x was appointed to the United Stales Navy i>. January, 134. IMa present commission as :ie tenant m dated xhrua. y 21.1849, and under It he has aeen upwards of iven years'sea service. HI* total see service ih four >en yesra and three monthe. He waa onshore duty r over four yea-s, and was eight years unemployed. He us been over twanty one years In sea servtoe. Inime iately after the capture of Fort Ha tiaras ho wan placed i cmnm.ind of the naval lleet on the la and North Can na consi, and bold that position nutll the arrival of the urnsido fleet. His number In rink of lieutenants w 6* LIEUTENANT J. C. CHAPLIN, U. B. N. l.ioutenant J. C. Chaplin, the commander of the gnn oat Valley City, Is s native of Pennsylvania, of which Uliw UG u* uuw a. tiiixGu, tuiu 11wiu nuaii mw vuiui?u nto the United Slates Navy in M60. Hih present oom airaton Is dated November 18,1818, end aoder II be luw een ten mouths et see. His total sea service is sis ears and seven months. He was three years on sit re seven months unemployed. He was last a, ea, prior to assuming oommand of the Valley City, in 18M>( then he was on board the gunboat Pawuss. He ranks 00 In the list of lieutenants. IEUTENANT 8. P. QUACKENBU8H, D. 8. N Lieutenant 8. P. Quatktnbush, (be oommander of the lelaware, Is a native and a ettlzen of the city of New rork. He entered the United States Navy February 11. 840. The date of hla present commission is September, 86b, and under It he has been three years and ton months it ssa prior to the present rebellion. His total sea eer rice fourteen years and eleven months. Within this >eriod he was two years and tve months on shore duty, ind three years and six months unemployed. HM iota) ervlce has been ovor twenty-ous years. Prior to assumes bis present command be was an board tba frigs<a ongress. Bo ranhs No. M on tbo anunrtod Ust of Ike. tenants. LIEUT. CHARLES W. FLU8SER, U. 8. H. Lieutenant Charles W. Flnaaar, the commander of the pinhoat Commodore Perry, Is s satire ef Maryland, but it present a citisen of Kentucky. Ho an Wed the United its tea Navy July 19,1847. His present commission lates Sept. id, I860, and under It he ban been four years ind tan months at ssa. Hla total ssa sarvloa has baen m years and ton months. Ho has boss an share duty 'no year and a half, and one year unemployed. Hla lotal service extends over a ported of fourteen years. Be was last at sea .prior to tbo protest rebellion, In December, 1880, en the brl*n?lphta. LIEUTENANT H. K. DAVENPORT, U. 8. N. IJeutenant H. K. Davenport, tbo aom mender of tbo pinboat Hotsol, Is a native of Ueorgla, of which State bo s now n citizen. Ho entered the United States Navy in fobreary, 1839. Hi! prraont NmmtMMn la dated It* winber 10, IMS. Under II 1m has bean three yearn aa.I ileren months at sea. Hie loUl m* aorr lea In the earl iu8 ascending gradre la four lean ywus and flee months. Ta was on ahora duty flva ytam and Mas months, an<l raa two yeara and eight months unemployed. Bis total err ice extends over a parlod of twenty-three years. >rior to aaaumtag command of the Hatzal hawanes x>ard the ataam frigate Susquehanna. ACTING MASTER FREDERICK CROCKER, U. B. N. Anting Master Frederick Croaker, tba commander of ho Hnsaar, la one of tba temporary efleera of tba nary, le was formerly and for many yeara ana loyed Is tba oi them coasting trade, up and to April, 1861, w.ia la ommand of the steirashtp R. R. Cwylor, In lbs trade boween Now York and Bavannab. THE REBEL QARRISON AT ROANOKE. fator General Commanding It. 0. HILL. ^rlgwllar General H. A. Whs*. GAKKIPON. tmner'a Light Artillery, Captain Homer, tklimond Hluea, Captain O. Jew. Ings Wiaa. wira'a lboioh. Finer u nnT. 'olonol R. 8. Rwall. I.ini lanant Colonel J. H. Rickardaaa. d ijor Tbnrnns K. sods. heeterflrld Gnard, Captain William B. Ball, lover nnr'e Guard (Richmond), Captain J. 8. GebsB. lanover Volunteers, Captain William 0. Wlckam. ftenrioo Volunteers, Captain 2.8. Mm ruder, kmelta Voluntas a.Captain 8. S. Wersegsr. ion bland Guard, Captain Julian Harrtans. decklenhsrg Volunteers. Captain W. B. Jones. 'tttsylvanla Volunteers, Captain fl. K. Flee may. Vimburland Volunteers,CapUIn Henry R. Jibnais. "barlotto Volunteer*, Captain John G. Smith. MKOVS Rwutfnrr. 'oilxiel Traderlak HeaatagMB. .leutenant Colonel Frank ARlSraM. lajor l mm, liwdaaippl Rangers,CapUtolmbodaB. tlabmond rtluea, Captain Lewis. 'nlrortlty Company, captain Crane. ? Company, Captain McCMnaa. ykatown (Mlaa.) Rangers, CapUIn MaDanaM. ? Company,' aptain Fartsh. ? Company, CapUIn Bmeed. TRIED aar.llRNT olonel J.L. llarta. leutenant Colonel Clarkaon. a)or ? Bason. djutant Pearsa. Irst Company, Captain Pnmmea. acond Company, Captain Pollock, htrd Company,capum Jonas, ourth Company, CapUIn A. R. Ooortaoy. SBTKNTS FORTH CAItOt IRA iaoMi. olonsl t-kaw. lajor ? .P. Hall. Mar inn t amyany, i apiam n im, Iray'a Craek Company, Captain Manfc. ine Foraatara, Captain Raj. oli.mbua Guard, CapUln J. W. EPia. JaUfan T.lyht Infantry, Captain W. R. Papa, lub.m Klttpa, Captain tbomnai. Kaaaaa. Ink City Guard, Captain W. H. W(k. lullford Gray a, CapUln J no Sloan. twam-nioini OMMM nramrt. Clonal MoMIHaa. ,iai. tenant Coloeal ?? ^andara. l^or. U-..R *. MoMnllaa. llada Guard. Captain Pnola. IcMillan Guard.CapUln I'ortar. laooifaa a Voluntaara,Captain laonard. * k mat'Guard, Captain Conn rant. auk a Volurtoira, Captain Cliandlar. 'hlw Markaman,CapUlnflumter. idaprotlanl lltuaa. Captain Maltot. wiw*>fa RtTTAUnM. nrtk Ca-o'lna raglmant,Colonel Jorrfna. faniry batiahun, I.lautet.antColonal Gtbba. i:ai try battali"u, l.lmNnaaat Colvaal Pattaa ifantiy UiUalion, Major iHiKtald. faatry lat.nli a, t'a.ior su> itrd. if nlrjbilia ion. MajorM wry. ifatilry battalion, Ma/ r It u.*borcu#l>

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