Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 18, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 18, 1862 Page 1
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T | TH WHOLE NO. 929L OA The Relative Positic -COlOMAb'^l si |f flv???-Q^42) ^W?72> 4 J^nton s&fM/I a \]y | Ji Aws?^rn0?A/r^s i 'JOAE^e^^^ ?AB ^-jrrF^J^nr j bl^bsMM/zMia gRgyffij VfrrpisASM^__ \ 1 r fllQHLV IMPORTiM' MR ' Another Glorious Victory of the Union Arms. v I 'Complete Reduction -of j1 s on jooucisuiii The Rebel Generals A. S. Johnston, Pillow and Buckner Captives. i fifteen Thousand Rebels and 1 an Immense Quantity of War Material Captured. ^ < I Escape of Floyd and Five Thousand < pRebel Troops* 1 Tie Flyiig General Stigmatized ? a Traitor ' and Coward by His Comrades. %ii Thonsaiid of the Xmemy Reported Z?ors du Combat. Tie Union Low Four Hundred Rilled and Eight Hundred Weuaded. JNauaes of Some of the KtKed ahd Wounded. Flay Officer Foote Agate oia | the Warpath. t The Mortar and Gunboat Fleet - En 1 Koute Up th& Cumberland Klver. 15 a i Clarksville, Tenn., the Next ^ Point of Attaek. n ) I REPORTED CAPTURE OF SAVANNAH, GA. . 1 TIk Effect of tlie News on the r J Public Heart. | j ^ 1 A General Jubilee in Congrf**, the Camps, the ,, *i ! Cities and Throughout the Country, if Jfcc., &o?i &o? OFFICIAL REPORTS. In '* ... <j hi . _ Hcportof Commodore Foote to th? Skcrc* tory of the IVavjr. F Cairo, Fob. 17,186? ! I I Bon. GiDTOv W*ti w,3orr?t?ryof tho Navy:? ! ,n fh? C?roo<l?l?t Ijm just arrived from FVirl D"D?'ki), ? it A ENE L.PTTJR3 >ns Between that I .AM. Jl. ,JU ' \$ si ^6rt*v T?V*/eiss? ^ 'vtoiox ffo/y wohhs^ ( II 111 ^ ^wt^^scj &/ ^ ?v\ / ^| centeroville 10 ind brings information of the capture of that fori by the snd rrrces yesterday morning, with 15,000 pr'ionora. Johnston and Buckner if ere taken prisoners. Tb? Ion is heavy on both sidee. Floyd escaped, with five '.hoisted men, during the light. I go up with the gunboats, and ps soon at possible wilt iroceid up to Olarksville. Eight mortar boats are no their way. with which I hope o attack C larks v ills. My foot Is painful, but the wound is not dangerous. The army has behaved gloriously. 1 shall be able to take but two iron-clad gunboats with ue, aa the others are disabled. The trophies are immense. The particulars will soon be gives. A. FI. TOOTE, Flag Officer. Report of Brigadier Central Collom to Mojor iweneral MeClellan> Cairo, Fob. 17,1863. "o Major General McCijiijjOI:? The Union flas float* overFcrt Dunelson. The Curon lelst. Captain Walker, bring" the glorious Intelligence. The fort surrendered at nine o'clock yesterday (Sun. lay) morumg. Generals A. S;dttey Johnston and Buukter, and fifteen thousand prisoners. and a large amount f material of war, are the trophies of the victory. Loss ??avy on both Hides. Floyd, the Uaef, stole nway <uurtng the night previous, vith five thousand men, and is denoureed by Ibo rebels is a traitor. I am happy to inform yen that Flag Officer Foote, hough suffering with hie foot, With llio noble charactersticof our navy, notwithstanding his disability, will alts up immediately two gunboats, and with the eight nortar boats which be ? ill <r eriake, will make an imneniate attack ou (Tarksville if the state of the weather sill permit. We are now firing a national salute from rort Cairo,General Grant a late wit, In honor of the [lorlous achlorenieut. GKORGE T CtJLLUlf, big. Gen. Vol. and V. 3. A., ar.dt.h'ef of Stuff and Kng're. DETAILS OF THE BATTLE. *r. Loci", Feb 17,1802. Fort Donelsoa ias surrendered I despatches frvt t General Grant to General Hallock anioucco that Fort Donelson surrendered at nlno o'clock estt'day tnnrn Vj to Ihu land for lee. Tho gunboats rare present at U*o tone. Our army has captured Ufeen (ditueand prinei.ers. includiug Major t.cnaral Albert Mnap Johnston, *Jor General Pillow and Rngadier iensrat 3uckner. At isnn< rots nraoiint of war material* rc amotg the trophic< of the victory. Furtbsr. official advices from Fort Ihmnlima state that kneral fV>yd, with the thouaaud rebel troupe, stolo my during the night,rnd the rebels In tho fort de iO?.iced him*"-" a black Jifui ted traitor end coward. it?i enemy rare knowr to have had thirty thousand roept fifieen thousand < f whorn are our prisoners. Fivo inn sn d oecaued and the Vaiuio-enro reported killed and cum! H , or oihet *iee Uj.-iUat'?1. our l<?ad 'i not ?u?*.rd, hut ti>o slaughter in our ranka it wuitioned M ferrlhi/ revore. 1!.? casual! >h Oil 11* x inbotuwrrrt m follows:? Ot Hit St. JLouis tteie were {h'eo killed, IncludingP. Riley, of I'Jectunatl: k*o wounded, i?"?| ibom Ueu >n*nt Kendall. or, the famlevllle five evict* witf killed; four war* ightly wounded, two severely, each fcarlng l tb arm* tint away. On the raroudeiel four ware killed,fiv ha?.iy wounded, i, ludlng Witllnm Hinton, the pilot, an-lttv:? severely windot, <u the I'Hteburg tun were wounded. Hie gunboat (arondelet line arrived et Cairo wif?'i n ir,D number of our wounded, Many hevo aim beet, ? i; lo llie T'aduoah hospital. The ? *>?'< for Fcrt Onn.-lton hid runetly coino pi, and were located on the loft. GeneralLewiew#l. e, wltli the tee."*"' Viiaourl nnd Eleventh Indienii re root, arrived op Fr'i'ay WIG NEW YORK, TUESDAY, 3 OF F( 'oint and the Most 1 The March of th NFXSjS JEROME ^jsboro ^ X/ ^CvshLv/u.e ' s^.^]Ln >* /to fsmfa '"VfAV /? 'XmaLr^W ^LlyTv? *will? VA mS\V% u NpfeR q^3^?^7/ II mjggjn ^\^CA V?^^p^jri^ CREEN JjL =*?'?&&'" j?OOHE %?CAMP TftOUSOAkB.^ CSVILLEWl^. jf 1/ LA&fay '^^l\a)^^'u/'"/"^Vi i eo V ue/yvor/vAtiE/jiy^r^s ^&>Z 1/VKL//V?{ scAlg OF M jLES ' " *?i, v 40 F? 'r Chicago, Feb. 17,1863. I A epsetai dw-x-tch 10 tb? Chicago limti, dated Fort Donelson, Fslrruary 17, Bays:? Fori Doneleon surrendered at daylight tins morning on- j rondltionalty. We have Generals BucUner, Johnston, Bushrod wd fifteen thou.-and prisoners srd llirce thou sand hortee. Generals Pillow and Floyd, wilh their brigade, rau away on steamers, without letting Geawral Bockaer know their intentions. " Gsceral Smith led the charge on the lower end <J? the works, and was t he first inside the fortifications. The Fort Berry runaways were bugged here The prisoners are loading on the steamers for Cairo. Our loss is heavy?probably 4CC hiHod an it 8tK wound* ?d. We lose r large per rentage of officers;aitsniig them ere Lieutenar.t Colonels Irwiu, of the Illinois Twentieth. White, of the Thirty-first, and Sn.itl^of the Pwty-sigbth, Colonels Jaftin A. login, Lav yer and Ran* in ars wounded. , Major Post, of the Fighth Hltncis, with TOO privates, srs prisoners, snd have gone fo Naahville, hai ing hern taken the night boforc the snrrender. The enemy's loss is heavy,hut not so large as ours, as they fought behind iolrsiiolitu'-nts. We should ha\e taken them by storming on Saturday if our ammunition had not given out in the night. General McClernand's division, composed of Generals Ogleeby's, Wallace's and Vk Arthur's 'brigados,anfibrsd tcrntilr. Thev were com posed of the Eighth, Ninth, Eleventh, Eighteenth, Twentieth, Twenty-ninth, Thirtieth, Thirty first, Forty fan, Forty eighth ami Fortyninth Illinois regiments. General l,?w. Wallace, wilh the Eleventh Tuiliana, Eighth Miseenri and some Ohio regiments, participated. Taylor's, Williard'e, McAllister'*, Schwartz's and Jtecessc's batteries were in the light from the commence maul. The enemy turned our right for betf an hour; but our lost ground was more than regained. General Latitiian* brigade, of General .Smith's dlvMon, wan tho flrst in tho lower end of the enomy's works, which was <lono by a etiarga of boy ousts. As nine tenths of tho rebels were pitted against our .right, our forces on the right wore toady nil night lo recommence the attack. On .aunday morning tliey were met on their approach byawtrito flog, Hon. lluckner having sent early in ths morning a da.,patch to Gen. G rank surrendering. Ths works of the fort extend *?me five miles on the outside. Tho rbbels lose forty-eight tield pieces, seventeen heavy gnus, twonly tliouaaiid ciuad of anus, !>estdoa a large quantity of commissary *tor#3. The rebel troops are completely demoralized,and hare no confidence iu their leaders, as they charge Pillow and Floyd with deserting them. Our troops, fron the moment of the Investment of the tort on Wednesday, lay on their arms night and day?h?U tlio timi w ithout provisions, all tho ttuio without two, and a po-tion hi a heavy storm of rain and snow. THE TROOPS ENGAGED AT FORT DQNELSON. ASdltlumil l\ a lit. a Of Field IIAUtjn and Troop* Knk?k'<I ?t Koul Duntlaon. In addition i) tbo nanufl pubdahcd lu our yoderday'i i"?tm,rre learn 'hnt the fol'owing brigade vr?? trar-fen ?l from <lrn?nil Crittenden*! division, of General Duel!.* department, and.ord?reil loxhe I'niiibci Inii 1. and < ynn Ilia ttvMiini ounimandmi b) Genual J Wallace:? { Acllog Hrlgndicr General rotonel Gio. V.y a,n Aetle# \r*\9t AdJ'l General. .Captain . Volunteer Aid I.i'itern.nt Colnflfel J/kV* <<f Hrrjnrft. Forty third Indiana Volunteer". lVirty-fimrlh Indiana Vt'luuteai*. Seventeenth KenAilcky Volnnt* !?. TwciWy Wlli Kentucky Voluntenre. r?KM> OFPKKKO ?)K I1KVUDB. FORTT-Tuwo wtniUfA voiryirnm. Colonel ......... .Grwre# K. titcnie. I.lciitenaut Colonel WU'iam K. Jt Major Wllltom L. Knrreu. vpirrTroiienr irniniw rori > ?">*? Colonel II. R Heed. I,loiitenant t '< lenol II. .1 Croraw nlf. Major H. .1. fttnughton. gKVH.nnmiTn kkmcrv vni.cxTKniif. 0 eienel John II. Melli nry. 1 w 'itunnnt Colonel ? . MajNf . TWKMTV-Kinil NKtrnU'RY *l>l.l \ Ml v. (V>1or1d\, J *1 Mwrklelore MnileniUlti^lonel ?? ?? RK H FEBRUARY 18, 1802. 3RT DC important Rebel Lo e Union Forces. PsSiSp&f^y LEx??fS f-C%m^'eLO luwii ^ VrV // r / ^7&fV\ ^SPRINGFIELD OANVI LLE^MAf/WA ? JU^?'?*rsyiu? ^sVfT\ iur ^TV^SpQANON , *M vMUfW /VIM^U8 1 STAI\IFORD%^ X4LflflfA r#??iSBeUiV" f^/WLTONVILL?&jj^ t- AMESTOVVN MONTltffuf^^^ Pv \ 1 j^^Kvw&TV itffW^NMtfJV -; * TT" ^ j"^?^tlV ^ / X/ v/V^>$^/lzrN^i^r\^ if ) EJ^Lp i S J v vvn^R^CSP^RTAI/ "" r^ V I # GENERAL Mt.CLEIlNAND'S STAFF. A? I here have been m few rhauges in the staff of the comniauder of the tir?t division since the list lust ptib. lished, we publish in full the g?n?ralerder announcing the com posit'on of the same:? GKNWH.AI. OHUFR?NO. 1. lletn^finTSRS FtWNT TtlVIRl.IV. 1 . Canto, II!., 1Mb. 2,1M2. / The CeivfTnl ('.iir.msiHli'ig I tic First IHvteion, preparatory to the advance mnvemeut ordered tube made, announce* the fellowin? K?(T:? Major Jt. Ilraytnaa, Twenty-iiinTfi regiment Illinois Volunteer*, Acting A?<Utant Adiutsin General. Majcr H. P. Sterna*., Yt. n.,Snrg-on and Acting Aid. Cap*. A. Schwarth, light ArttfVry, Acting t hief e.f Field St sfl'. . C*pt. Warren Stc.vart, Tndryndont Cavalry, Acttng Aid dpt. .tames Ihsnlap. Assi Mmt? Quartermaster and lid. I ient. Henry C. Freeman, Vr.rfcig Engineer arid Aid. Moot. Wui. 11 Heath, Acting Assistant Commissary of Subsistence snf Aid. I.ient. F. 8 hones, TtveiCr-'wIiith regiment, Ordnance KtVer and A<S. Hy order of Ibig. Cen. MOI1N A. MrO.HlNA'ND, 'Commanding First Divtvinn. M. Br ivt Acting Asistan; Adjutant General. ILLINOIS TW001*H AT FOOT DOXEli*ON. )Fri?:n the lllioot State Journal, Feb. 15.) It may Vn intere'Mi^ to our readeis to tea >\v that

aiming the troops imedting Fort Douelmin ore the follow, tug from tblw Stale, viz;?Twenty-ninth, Col Rruf.on; Eighth,C?.I. Ogle, by Seventh, Col. Cork; Eighth, l.ietit. Col. Itkedes;, ?'ol. l-awpr; Thirtielti. l.htnt. C?l.,1teu? s; Thirly ktt,t>l. .lohu A. togiw; Twentieth, Col. MsrflTi Forty eighth, Col. Haytiie; Elerttiih. Col.; Ilart; Forty-liftli,Cel. Smith,Ac Ilnl/torier? erliwat/.'s, llre^sert?.. )'a\lor'a, McAllister's.Richardson ht.WiUard's ... .1 II... >1 . .11 ....I,- 1-.. <'..1 111..L ..... ....... ... -ii i?riy , i^-.-.ij I..II. viv>' eg ' and part of Col. KelloggV r^iwiintii. Cfcp<aiii?i Ste'*, l">llins', 0 krul and ka. uiiciiel'j OOtDjWklM, wltli Oen. tirnni'n body Kuwd, CapL Edward Oahora. Commander in Chief, (Jen. I Iv ..s?-i 8. Oram ;'Oonimandera of Th visions,'lenrralj MtClertnM, SmUfcand Wal la-e. THE REBEL GENERALS CAPTURED. <*KNFRAll W.Hl'irr SYPNEY JOHNSTON'. Si"f. Af-swmnt ^iljatatit iMwiliiUnil. Out. T*. W Ma. kail, voting V-st. A?i,i't Cenoral. ..Kirat l.lant. N. Wjcitliflo. Plviviou gnarinroiantdr Major A. M. Harbour. A sal. It?vivioii gir.irt?.>riiinst"r.Major A. .1. Srintii. l>i vision < 'omiaij'gry captain T. K.JtikMKi. INvk-on Engineer... Hrst l.ieut. Joe. Uivm. Aid-de ' 'iuip .Colonel Unlit. W. .I'd m on. A id-do < .'amp Colotiol T. C. AM <i?iOunp colon, iSamuel fai". Ai-l do (jam p Major 0?o. T. Howard. Aid-dnCamp Ma,or P. M. Ilaydeu. Ant-da Camp -....Major Ed. TV. McmTerd. MA.tOK I IKS KRAI. ITTJAlW. A aislanl fltuoiul..Jda>jr ll-nry. Aid do Cuoip ?'olouel Rurrh. Aid da < 'arup Captain .lackson. Aid de iVmip Cai loin Rethrl Aid rte Cjiiap Uenltnaiit I'lliow. Aid-do Camp Tdeiltenant U>ng. imWAllMlK CKNKUAI. SIMUN IV Bt'<*KNgR. Xtqff. AmlaUut Adjnlaot General. Motor Nl< \andrr Casi-lriy. I Aid deCnirp .Captain Thomas Clay. i llrigade gunnerihbhi'T Captain Itoiiert HicaV. | Couimls.-ul? ol dulimslrnce..Captain Oeorga T. Shaw. > ! flKKTCH <W (iKNNH Af- ALBK11T SIDNEY ' johnston. I Tiia annouaoam-al of Pie iapi<ire of tietw-ra' U'mrt Syiiaoy Johwf on, the rebel rnmiuunder of 'he depart ' meailof Kentucky and Xliaaourl, at Foft IVuielron, will ho { Nulled with delight Ihrimdui'it Ilia loyal Statee, tsing, na ! |i? wa?,'he enior oipoor of lh? rahal i rmy, and U.c raftl 1 iii tlm rclriwi. /lu apture li tu the, more .iiihcM i llama >ul?l lie the ciptnre of halt' a twn ! H?aem?anl?. T'u-lethi hnra* BMiumparimu forak.'lawl diring witli fimariiLiiuluuMi. Ceorral Albert JJ. Jc.hnd>n ?m< burn In M.oon county, k'cutiicky, in lmxi, a~>l lj eonaa^uently tfly eight year.* of .eqe, After tin- u.-il ! fwlMOl tralntng junng Jolai ton w?? .utoptoil hyth?t ulteil Sir'?, aiiti e<kw?t?d it its eipense a;, tho Military A xdetny at Mast Point. u i graduating be eiilcro,i tho } Ul? infantry, and ?v .? ordered to the tVrat. During (be . black Hawk war beac'eila-' tdiulantCoiieral, Prar.itert I ucetn iietns at the a cayUIn of volunteer*. At tlai dree of the war tie ra?lfln?(t hi* '-nnimlaaion, ami reetdrd dint In Xi Mtnurl, ne\t iii Tenia. War breaking out in the latter fta'o, ho ?Mero4 Uio T*xan army aa a private, and | miW tn h'eto diall'ietlne. He afterwirda tilled tlw port of I -Kreury of War. On the anna- it J on of Ter?* to He ! I nited diala? .Johnelwi ra'aed a jartiaan troop, will b lie ' ntMAiitl'i, ai d aecnni|ieai?l General Tailor t> Moute| rry. At the cl- ve it lha Mntivan war he returned to ho | i iihuiUUen, l?ui.,l?oia* in mnbai i** wl i lrcinirlauriei, wan ' i ad to nc ei'i front the t'ntied Mf?te? ihepn-tof pay- 1 a if , wbl.ti aaa nerou: ly be owriT upon lUm by . rrveiit. Ifu er llrt JeOkreen iHvle.then f*?iiih'y-.r War, n vi ,?uhi l?n (okmetuf me nl cavihy, and tie ;l>eC|*iM?tfy meeivril theoenouyrvt <t theffmithweitem Military dbirink At the outbreak of the wsr with 1 tub he wan rfceMO, oyer Muty mon kill, it Wi.ei.v, I*) cenrnaii'l tho expedition whi h orooied tho i ?ire. Hoennttnt:*! Hi' fbet perl? being. in IV I, die ERAI )NELSC cations in Eentuck fe:/ 4^1 % - i r OVVV'^ cuts MULsis^ i 7-4 V-7.MTSTE8UI^,%? WINCNESTES^ jFFFenSgtfwtLe \ f \ / tfAZELCRZCN :H 6 MOf ( URceiNSON isVf4r4^\/i^T %i^MtuurMLifr\ ) ViL ^ k BJkg ?U?iw /jf WARNING sffilNG^ \^y^% TT* \ j (r k\\? \ " ^xkjr \\ f^^Ki^fi *5?'-HJiT-^^I A^c?.i NciJ-^s^r / JACKS JoR0>V/A^;na^^u' ' ./ y $<^Jk MER7 A. OX J^AtANS TAT/ON^ , -- \$pr*^/ a, j? ^ r.i >NT0yjy^/g^b^^>/ J] -/ Ssfel^^^.l^V !S?VJERVjSt\ ^ ^j^^^^lf^YVlLLEX. /V. tutor In the country which ho oo? up.ed?until the robel. lion took place, when ho traitorously abandoned his (lag lie Is believed to h ;ve made energetic attempts to indue* California and Oregon to join the rebels, but to have boor roiled b> the common ten. e of onr Pacific brethren and tli- ,i>.m. " is nio.ixurcs adopted by the government. !,*?? fall (fan. John-ton was p>if in command or uie renei i .lo'.dier* in the department of Kentucky and Missouri, and inverted with I'inutiiofentiary authority to control all 'to military operation* in (he Wert. Hi* Kentucky nut!. Vlly and his thorough knowledge of th# Western country, coupled vrlth liia great ability, rendered him an especially appropriate selection to the important position whieli ho hold at the time of hi* capture. Hen. Johnston ib at* feet oue inch lngh, of large, bony, sinewy frame, quiol and unassuming manner*.all conspiring to form ? person of imposing and sMrwtivo address. His brother, Jo Kiah fltoddprd JohturfOb, rvlin was blown upon a steam boat on th- Red river, Iji. , and killed, was at the time it the fulled State* Senate from that State, w*s the seconi of Mr. flay In hi* duel with John Kando'pti. and was i manof th* most eminent abilities. MAJOR TCNKUAL OIOIOON t. VILLOW. This lndlvMl"fll cotiMiiands the rebel garrison at For lKmcloo. W> cannot call U) mind avian whose nam' has boru nvrn before the public than this fellow Pillow who is lers in-titled to con-idaration. ilo is a native o Tcnttessee. Ill* military career OomRteneed during th war with Wexico, having been appointed to a brigadlc gcncralor by his cousin. President Polk, lie first dtstin gulahed (?) himself ?t the Mexican riling* of Cnmargr where be was ordered With hi t command to erect bionsl i work* for the defence oT that place. In throw ] ing rp th*-.* works he built hi* ditch I the '.nterlor of the parapet?a raci ini crnM tnncli merriment among the troops < hi* Command. At tlw liable or Corro Gordo ho cor nmadet a lirignde of Veuneeivnnla troopa. He was o d-ref to operate on the Mexican right wing. He a tMUtwlbla command to wiliiu gnnahot Of the enemy line tril then sheltered fitrnee'f behind a nw k, until 1 wan reproved hy hi* "ftkere for hit cowardly couduc when i-bame obliged liim lo faco the eaemy. By lb time -ihielda' brigade had turned the enemy 'a left, ai thts erred PUlow'g hrigedw front probable defeat. At ll break ig out of the pre: "at rebellion ho was apixnnb Major Generalof |Jw Venue- ee? Slate trropa. Uncollected i p ?? several thousand b.oc and proceeded to the Missi "ipp. r ,-ei . in the \ (entity <if Memphis, where ho eraeu serosa batteries. He subsequently went to Colombo Kj"., or I there connnetiovd Lie- fortification of that plao but bet oe the work *?< -omploted he aa succeeded b tu-l.o| I'olV, who was appointed Mi^ir General in U erov a unl army of toe rebel States. I'.'llow was old%i 'te.aeemue a nhordUiate p??ien. which wna not rat flrwn j. to h* van'iy. Aboiitnrte month ago a ditto n rjf mil e Ji in reg -r' loamy matter arose betwee 1'iitvw a- d I't s wLirb resulted in tho ret.ignation of tl I former *i ne Jllle ?nr*, liowossr. waa adjusted throng | the SB'dt .tlon of frlonda. ntlrw withdrew hie resign: thai, and t .vti k or tw agoaei 'imed the cocnmaud of tl j rebei gamo ami troops near Vrrt l>t nels<jc. I BHIt'iAI* KR (iRN'KKAL Hiy<>V B. HfTCKNEI I fin Oneral Simon B. Buokner, who coin ntomta a < r gadr at Kort Humlsmi, Is a native i Kttolueky. 't teldom fall* w ihu lot of a 'irnaili to Dn ntkiM liatneof a man wl.ris surmuaded wit | inot< lufero; tieechciy mill falsehood than Siaio I ?'. mitkiinr. 4f Kentucky. Since the inauguration < t m-rlleinfe n Kmt'-.cky he has openly tli > chef lurce cl '>? rebels |ln Southern Kentucky. t I Jawverhy pcuM-don, bn hue hitherto been tleemadneeai Ofltir.ibilily. l>Mtber nt th" bar nor uperi the etuM| ha- i iTTur i-alilbl ? ! any pailicul.u-brlghtnussorpowiN | Krr thin civil wur broke out he wae a prominent mem bar V the KntghU of I lie linldeti PI role?Indeed, th n?o?t jMowlnetit In KSflUicky. There eeeme tin* Meal* | bnl litiir doubt ibet, while tne object of these knight wee prV> *H'J an ?*pitslt!?n ufterriMry upon ou e ?itli? !?. !'': frontier, their purpose wae to coceoll date and or; nllee an ora?al*ailou for the die nipt ion ? ?k* I ntra, ami the e?tel?l!ehment of a greet Southeri n'eve empire. This nttlbvale purpose was not understock lav the ecuiri'?" the Order, only the chosen and Wil thereof , ilia t,H?nii>era of the Inner olrole, who had gra befoul tin oilier |Wi?'bwW? of the circle, fhr en night I gai t with contempt Ibe blind devotees worshipping ti tiw trstlbuln. Ueneral Ihtclaier wae one of lb mjiiiie u?< rdaks lu.nidarmg ut Ibe higher allar* With I 'II Tlew to I he end be Uae at temple to raeah, be b >me .?d)tilriil tunarul of tho mate t ruler n i ij?nl ly tevfaed lew, SngvaitM b] (bo subtly parrcrke <|u|ettm * i.f .Ted,a 0. Breckinridge lit' ru w.i* II mini try h .?rn ni , ior in? nttirnai VI.-psr)M<"? of ?r|'iul*tn(( uvlninnng 11m militia of th< f -< . N?na lwl io-Mn monitor* ??r tha iJnMonClnli b?i iti. li.ifti.iicr? <>f ft. ftcner&l nuckuar mi iU fa>lo it* h?*'i. A graMmaa of Tt o*t Vi-lnl, long in th.< mgular aar vi -t?, i?iio wavn'M for (nltnnt Mihtt In Mmica, ht* i(.initu.'4(l'j|)N an "iltcfr ati?l liU poiaonal cotiiaga ma n liok* <l"nhtt'l. M<* to a y uog wun.of iD. PHICE 1W0 CENTS. m )X. :y and Tennessee-' pj ' JACK ^r-? tJSP3l5 ^4/^A -W&Sjr\ ySLAUREL M T ft . '^C^^mAOES *#0g3gs^i ^^Fir | ?p%\ ^v*\v^i-._J;e^ -ci* J S#X#W1 Jpl^^^SOGEI-S V >^*rtEfSV<?4*nu^M ^3^'^ I ?1/1 about thirty mv(d ycnre of age, and, we regret* /; native of Kentucky. A little above the medium he;glita i hi- sparines? given to his figuro an appearance of ullneeo i which does not belong to it, and lend* to It a commendI log appearance. In hil manners he partly affect* a eertain suavity and urbanity, Hia influence is consideiah'# I with the inexperienced, and when hern diapered his , Btyle Is ospeol;?Ily charming to untutored men. Hi? I lack of houe?ty is pateut to the country, aud lit atauds before it divested of all the attributes of honor# , truth and integrity, which honest men so tenaciously cting to. In July hurt he rtsitcd Washington city, repre* rented himself thero as loyal, ingratiated hitnnelfl into tteneral Scott's confidence, obtained pertniaeion M> ins{>ect ah the fort ideations in that vicinity, made tho i Hon. Robert Mallory and others believe that he wished to lake service in tho army of tho United States, re") turned to Louisville, and remalued for a brief perk# t without giving the slightest public Indication that b# 1 contemplated any disloyal movement; and yet, at tb? \ very tltne, during that very sojourn there, be hel# secret conferences with tho coueplratora there, and do* signaled a military commander to bead theoi in the outbreak that had been agreed on. Kentucky nisrlefl ( much from him, aud, like a true mother, p ithed an# 8 Hided her son on lu many successes an*t oenccv : uui w r turned traitor to htr soil, f ; THE SCENE OF THE VICTORY. The Slratrglral Valnt ofthc f*ortlllMl alt inn Captured?Tbe Cumberland Hi" l~ vcr, Clarksvillr, 4ie. I The capture uf Fort Honelaon bring considered of pw| n value, In ono way at leant, if not in other*. wo give th<? il day a nup tho whole of the State of Ken'uckyand large poiti. u of llio State of with the border? " of adjacent State*. While the repulse of our troop* ag r" that point wouid not have materially affected the generel plan of the campaign on our tide, it* capture will great!# * ' dlgcoocei t, crli'ple and hem in the enemy, and UK rear? >n their pre* nt oonatcraation into e terrible rout od all l' rides. It wlH be seen by our map that tho tak tug of thi# m fortified porttlon t pens up tho Cumberland to Clarkav'it1ea uhaut thirty miloadiMtaul from Hover, and, aiter papain# '* that point, to Nashville, about fifty milee further up lb? *' river. A* ocr reports atate that Commodore Foote ha? 1 * gone op tho Cumberland to tho Aral named place, a iborg s description of it may act be malapropoe at the pr.een| * time. "> futrrcn op clarksvilm. Clarkevllle le a thriving poat village In Tenrcftee, and ' le the capital of Montgomery county. It la located < o "* the right or north aide of the Cumberland river, at th? d point where the tied river emptier itrelf Into the forme* y streem. H le ritum'ed at aliout fifty milee to the nerlba r" went of Nirhr 111.-, the capital of the State. In .1* pr?w * perewa day* H had a population of between three an# - Ave fliourand peraonr, and had con?lderal>ie trade, * There were atone time two good bank* eMai l rhed i? k tho place, and four or Are newapaper oOkeg On th? te ...1?u ....I..., Ik, ..,.11 .. gave great promise of being a rteiog place, but at thd , j recent tune it epic are to have greatly retrograded. DU-KNCKO. natviul and artifuiai.. In the nulgliborhood of (larksvllleand for eoine>1 Man farther up tb? rirer a ? a number of blult", aoaie of which h are pracipitoua and difficult of accea*. Tbeue ha\ t-eea n made u?a of for Uio |iurp ?? of forttQcation, and eit*n^ aire and formidablo rebel worka bava been in the e>>ura? # i of conatruotl? there for two or three month*. A large K 1 number of hnovy guna are reported to have be? n rhippe* n ; t<> thi* point, for the purpone, ao it a an tawl, of proteetp ing the railroad bridge and the communication ebb the . i na, Mai of the State. It ia alao reported that ten thousand men left Rowling Oreen two or three weeka ninee to ret # inf >r?:e thin point, and further, that ?*n*ral Hardee wag t to oommaud of the poet. The railroad from 1 ouevilie ? Tla Bowling (Jreen and Ruaaellville paaeee through the r vwJage, and it cri aeee the Cumberland at thia p?oot by valuable bridge. What troop* may recently bare been at theee two laat named place* har* doubt le?? ere thlg ^ been neat forward to flark?vine. da Row ing <.reen Ml now iu the banda of the Union trooje, a road ia now open t<> CtarkevlMe along the railroad, by which ,1 it not at all ' unlikely our troop* may march from (lenora BueJI'e da" n partnient upon th* rebel rear at that place. (j Tint omin mrottttt pointw iw th* ii*r. J At about the centra of the map lal- cated Howling Or?*?f r recently lahna pwaoeeioa of by the Colon for. ee. By il I glancing at tba ro?p it will b? aeeo that a direct r* i- oad k I connect a it with Naebtillo. Thia road cnmtM lnt portent rlrar, and. therefore, cannot be in, Jnm?t aa a marching road f>tr onr troope. Thna not only la?Tarha?ilfe Uircateaad from thia point, by th. ona rail. t road, but Ntwhtille ia in Jeopardy by tho otb? r. I FJoeen ratio* south of Howling ?rwn, aloof ti.e raili road track, ie a am all etation known by the name of Woodbnrn. At tbta point the brtgadea of ttonerel* Preofe. I fori If* und lllndman were located on Thnreitvr 'flat bul i havaaltwa been reported m hav ng no : > IWtwbillla! ON'UNl Klt OH KWITH t'MHLi

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