Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 18, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 18, 1862 Page 2
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2 THE NEW CONFEDERATE CONGRESS. A REBEL BLACK LIST. Dlcrtl lu |^lrlimuud Frbruury 18.1464. The Provisional Congress of the 3 mthoru Confederacy, which was inaugurated at Montgomery, Alabama, on the 4lb of 1'obruary, ISfll, c used its existence ycst rday, and Uie new Congress will meet to day iu the oily of itictimond. It will be composed of twenty six members of the Senate, including two frmn en h of the Stales of Missouri and Kentucky i and about one hundred and seven represeulative* in the House, Including also the members from the tw> Mates above nam 'd. The representation from each .State will be as follows, compared with the number of members to which those States are entitlod in the fodo ral Congress:? Rei el F&icral I Utytti utatiiM. RtproeiUatvin. Virginia 16 13 Noun Caioiha 10 8 South Carolina 6 8 Ueorgia. 16 8 Kiortda a l Alabama 6 7 louirian.i 6 4 Texas 6 2 Arlca-isas 4 2 Misri-itiippi 7 6 11 18 KeuUMh.y 11 10 Missouri 6 7 n.tal. 107 83 The rebel apportionment Is ba-ed on the ratio of one member for eve r niaety thousand of population, countJ-~ ll.u. Hill,, trr sluice Tli# following aro llie names of (lie Senators and Representatives elected:? Senate. Those marked with a wore members of the last United States Congress. ARKANSAS.' M7SSOCRI. Charles B. Mitchell.* John B. Clark.* Robert W. Johnson.* R L. V. Peyton. a I.Alt A MA. n iwu carot.tiu. William L. Yancey. George Davis. Ciemcbt C. C'ny.* William T. IVirtch. FUMIIl'A. SO'"TO CAROLINA. A. R Maxwell. James I. Orr. Jaraos M. 1'aUer. Robert Barnwell P.hoit. etoiisu. tkxa3. ft. H Hill Louis T Wlgfa'.l.* Robert Tomb*.* W. S. Oldham. KKNI'l IKf. TKAiXBSTO. Hcn.y C. Burnett. Langdon C. William fcl. Sims.'. Guautvus A. Ileury. LOCIIANA. VIROIXIA. E Iwaril Siiarrow. Robert M. T. Hunter.# T. J. Setninc.:. Wo. Ballard Preston. Miss:ssirrt. Albert Galliilic Brown.* James Phclan. House of KrprtMiitatirci. Those marked with a * were mombers of the last United State." C> ngress. /hst. ARK AN-AS. MISSOTOf. 1?Augustus 11. Uar'.ar.d .f TU mas W. Freeman, f 2?Grandison 1>. Roys ton. George G. Vest.-)3?Felix 1. Patson. John Hyor.f 4?Thomas ft. llauley. Win. W. Cooke.f fContostedby J. p. Johnson. Ihst. kor h Carolina. a!.ai aka. 1?Wm. N. H. Smith.* 1?Thomas J. Foster. 2?R. R. Bridge,-*. 2?W. R. Smith. 3?Owen R. Keenan. 5?John P. Raw is. 4?Thos. ii. McDowell. 4 ?Jaboa L. M. Curry.* 5?A. H. Arrington. 6?L. F' I.yon. ft?J. R. McLean. 0?W. P. t'hillon. 7?Thomas s. Ashe. 7?David Clopton.* 8?Wm. Lander. 8?.lames L. t uth.* 9?B. S. Gaitb t. 9?E. {?. Pargan. 10?A T. Davidson. f1mkioa. sooth 1 a tail.ix a. 1?James B. I.i skins. 1?Joliu McQueen * 2 Hilton. 2?Wrn. 1'orclier Miles.* r.KocuiA. 3?L. M. Ayer. 1?Julian llartridge. 4?Milicdgc B. Bouham * 2?David V.r I,'Wis. 6?.James Furrow. a?nine* noil. 6?\v. w. Boyce.* 4?A. H. Keenan. C?0. J. M'innalj m. 1?J. B. Heir-kill. 6?William W Clark. 2?W. O. Swan. 7?Hubert P. Trippe 3?A. G. Welkcr. 8?luirinn J. Gartrell.* 4?K. L. Gardenhir*. fV?Hardy Strickland. 6?Hotirv 8. Koote. 13?A. R. Wright. ??M. K. Con try. ekxtviinr. 7?Geo. W. Jours. 3?llf'od Royd. 8?Thus. Meuoes. 7!?*i ha \V. I rlr cctt. 0?J. C. A. Atkins. 3?H-iiry K. 10?John V. Wright.* 4?George W. Ewmg. 11?I). M. Currtn. 6?J. 8. Cbrimn&n. tkxam. 6?T. l? Burr. at. I?John A Wilcor. 7?H W Brtice. 2?J. C. Herbert. 8?8. 8 Scoll. 3?Pot or W Gregg. 9?K. M. Bruce. 4??. B. .' orton. 10?Ribort J. Hi eckinridge. 5?Malcolm D. Graham. 11?J. M Elliott. 0?B. H Epperson. MM MAN*. ttMBU. 1?i>. If. Kouiior. 1?Mctcou K. H. GarnolL* 2?Charles Viliers 3?John R. Ch imhli-s. 3?John Perkins, Jr. 3?James Lyon-'. 4?T. W. Conrad. 4?Itogor A. I'ryor.* 6? I hairy 11a. shall. 6?TIuiiiuh 8. Bocookr* 6?Luc on I>u|>ucie. fl?John Goode, Jr. Mi'tuw-iivt. 7?Jam s P. H >lcomb6i. 1?J. W. C'laini. 8?I ran; el C. Pejaruettv.* 3?RHkm DiirM 9?Wra. raith.? 3?Israel vol< h. 10?Alex. K. Boteler.* 4?H C. Ch mhers 11?Jnl.n It BaMw.n. 6?Ot c.' <i -leton.* 12?Walter R. Staples. 6?K. Wi k-rc.a.v. 13?Walter JftctW>n. 7- JoLu J. Alio!, a ? It?A.bcrt i. Jcnk cs.a > m .. u. 15?Robert J..'.irsi n. Ihoa. A. If'ii r'.?--prisoner.f 10?Chas. W. R-well. Camper W . Ik ;;.t TEkftironr or abuoka. A. II. Cotrrov. J C. J. Jonas doirgue. t There n o ' wore ch a in in a body from Gen. Price's re.'iel army, u-rl meculled commissioners. I oiinty Kxprnilitiiics. mroBrasr kkcommenpation ot the mayor The Mayor rrtnmod, approved, to the Board of Super, visors Hi riM >lii i >n of tint body requesting the Gump, tr >ller to m*k. a, plication to the Leg: U'.urj tor the passage of a law .lutborUing lha pAiard to borrow money for 'Uie payment of county expenditures, iuc'.ud tig tho Mo Itopohlaa Police, iu aiititi'uiliau ot U.e colle ton next (all ot the annua', tax a for 1SG2. Accompanying the re turn of the resolution wa? tho following rcctnumenda I Hon:? M vron'sOmT, New Verb, Feb. 15. lid-. To t.i? Hinoramk Tire Bo.'ttn or Hrrnrreofi-c? (iKvn**!*? I < :g:i ihc ? company rcg c.-'olut.i n a ;tho rising yum b Uoiabh- body to burrow in nitk ipntion or the culli tkm of the cmr .il t.n , m. l to ?-<uo county revenue bonds ih r -.or,only In new if thuev tntmgue. eaMty to rsl^mouev bjr tb* nr lo proposed for the uru of the county for the current your. It would a out this annually rec jrrlnj; DC o-ilfy lr wo oonld k?v change of l be law as to the time of collectlog tlw tixu.\ buck as has i>-en repeatedly recoiifncn' >1 by t!i<> Comptroller ill law rk <uM provide for the collci >: a of tl. ta?i at aa early period iu tha year. Tki> would nave the largo amount now potd for mlorest upon tie revenue bond* of which tbo money h is been hcratofcro raise I, ad wh.cli aic tbe means in licatet'iu tb prop -e l law nrcomnenymg your resolution. U would also prevent our boi'iit |n .1 eU, year after year, in the anbe. onui g posliiotiof i borrower for short periods for eurroi.t expenses, while our community is able and to pay the iu* w if rc juirud in time tu avoid any such necessity. I woirid tb Tutors earnestly rccomnun I thai thepiope* step* be taken to procure the change of law ab va sag geeted. GKORQB OPUYK1C, Mayor. Card from tire Crctv of tire llrltlsh Slilp Racer to tur KniTou of THE nrn*i.d. Its Board H. B. M. SI.'.MU, RACBR, I On SiATi-v Tslaao, Bob. 17, 1*62. j But?In couseq uence of the fioquent visits of otir veaei to tbc?o waters, the Inhabitants of .Staten Island have became quite fatmliir wllk our officers and crew, many of whom b<ive Blonds Ml relations in New York and Brooklyn, and in consideration of which our g <el captain gay o orders to the commanding .(fleer to allow us to go a. horo in email detachment* and 'oe our friends. We faVe this method of returning our sincere thanks for tbehindand g otlemanlv treatment we received in New York and rf- inity. In' deed s'u h km iuca i w iowii us was oIt<; r tiier uu aatwtpelo i by u*.and u? |ir v? that the Yunkoe# re not so Mock a? i.iay ore painted. On Wedr.o last quite little exrhAngo of courloay look pi*' ? b?tw>- n our of. e'? ami the army Ulcer* ><n swten |g| ind. The bun 1 or the army *tru' k up "(Jod Have the Quean," when our burnt -.tic* ln?tint1y eVIed on dork Md played "l1* I f)oltitr>'> a ' and different o'bor American national elr*, in '.be gi at delight of the crow Alter which our oflice a int an invtut. m to Uto ermy ofllcor* to come on b< ard, when qu.te a little eorI t Mo tun" w.i* had,and during which iho he lb of th> President and lila army was dftik with nm h cnthneiax to in return the gallant ertny offleote drunk th health of the Quo n and her navy. Itjr insortlng the abovo In your valusblo paper, von will mm h ohli # ' TIIE CRtW OF II M. M. 8. lUCflb Obituary. X-OOVKRNOR r?KKiytlTOM, OF M,IV ARK. We rogret to atato tuel ?v Governor the If- ?. William I'eunttigton, of Newark, late Spcntcx of lha House ef Iteproeeotetlvoa. di-l at hut t irsi lot., e -.irg at -U ' -clr, f'r<m the effect* of .h? runt ' m phine, taken by mistake. The Governor'* bt spp? ruuoo in public wait on Thursday evening ln;t, when ho atteuded lecture at Lib.'try IU1I. lie thou crm| 1*1 .?i of being unwuil, and unlit to he out of the bonaa. Tiie following morning ho apreered to be In fhliiny health, end Dr. Parker, of New Yoik, end I>r. I eniiirgtot, of Newark, N. J., were anmnxmed an! romnlned in attendance upon lnrtl, empl'iying every effort for lilt reat'irntion. || a complaint was typhoid fever, which nt time* atl -ted him *<> aoreraly a* to MOM temporary nbormtion of mind. Gn Sunday morning he appeared to be no bettor, and a prescription vraa wrltion'for quinine and aent to tbe drug atore of T>r <" W Madrer, on Br ad street. (Newark, lhe preacrlp'ton, directing powder*, wa* dispensed, and marked "quinine." Shortly after the powder was administered t > the Govern**. in the court* of a faw minute* It waa discovered tbnt there wn? somotbing wrong, and on eremtnation the po wder a were dl*? covared to h# it. irphlna, eight grain* of wh<-h had b on token. The ecd affclr a 111 be fully Investigated, wbon particulars win be male pubiio. WI MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. Rrcfpllou of Colonel Corioian and Hi* Fellow I'rUoiitrs?Celrhtalloii of Our 1'iaiou Victual*??Out Ow Star Npancleil Banner?Mayor'* Veto in Heft-rcnee to Salting tire Street*. ?k<*? TUo B iurd of Aldermen Laid (Loir usual weekly meet In# yesturday evening. The roll having beou called. snd tiio m unites of the last mooting having bean road, Alderman Fuoautvr offered a resolution to the effect that the reception of Colour I Corcoran and his associate prisoners In rebeldom be rororre 1 to a select committee of Ave to make arrangements for that piir|H>. e. Alderman Wales amended by substituting the Comittee ou Valional Affairs, which true adopted. OI K CNIO.M V1CTOK1W. Aldermen Frohkm olli red a iceolutn n setting forth the glorious i ickTiee which lwd crowned the I'nioii; t ins at Kounoke Island, Fort Money, Fort Donoison, \c., and euggesllug, ih data mark or appreciati >n of the services <.f t.eneral Hurusnle, Cnminciloie Foote, tleuerui brunt and others,a sa'uio of oun hundred gum be flied in thi< city on Wednesday next, under the do eodou of I La.- Oommitle on fundi al AUhlrs, and that the lings on the public buildings uud bote's be di-played from sannso to sunset. Passed. The Committee on Cleaning Streets cubmltled their report, suggesting that the Inspector bo instruct d, on 8ending ui his usual instructions to the Comptroller, to auiiu wliether the contract ha.s he-n performed faithfully or noi; and that, If the contract has not b en performed according in the prescribed rule, the Comptroller shall ba'cd to withhold payment. Laid over. U AVON'S Will 1* CK'.a'I!i N TO SAL. .NO HE SniKETS. The tallowing veto ot tlic Mayor was read:? Mayor'SOvsiok, Nkw Youk, Keb. IS, 1862. To in* Hoitoiuitu tub Hoard or awbrmw:? Gikti-embx?1 ruL'ii n hurt Willi, without my approval, the proposed ordinance prohibiting the us# ot sail in the 6irects oi this city. While I fully couour in the propriety of arresting the general practice in question, lit b ok we should nut extend the prohibition beyond the requirements of m ilitary precaution. lo do this is to impose on the citizen unu evseary expeuse and inconvenience. The ordinance before me* scetim to be liable to this oh loot ion. The Commissioners of ileuiih cf this city, while prohibiting the gene rol use of salt in the stteeli- and on city railroads hive, very properly, I think, permitted the switches oi the>o railioti is to be thus irc d truro obstruction. It is essential to the prompt movement of the cars, as well us lo tho e fety and convenience o.' ti oir num rotts passengers, that these portions of the rail tracks should ho alwat sfrce for lusbiut oper te n. It is well known that it is almost lmpcslble to secure Idns result otherwtso than by the use of salt. It.ipi>eais lo tnu that the considerations which call for the prohibition of she general use of milt iu the streets do not apply with any force to tho trifling area occupied by the railroad switches. As to ar.y effect on the atmosphere, it is evident that it could hardly be {asrcoptiblo; and us to injury U>pedestrians and horse*. it I- difficult to conceive how any serious harm could rc-iult from these small spots ot suited surfaces, which may bo so readily avoided or instantly passed over. Viewing the matter in this light, I am clearly of the opiniou that the safe uiid convenient iruiiail cf passengers over the city railroads will be belter secured by permuting this practice, while it will avoid subjecting to unnecessary bur docs an important into: s>t, wli se business constitutes a great public convenience. Hut another ob.octioc oxists to tho onii'. Ion from the ordinance of this provision as to the switches. It is vc y desirable that there should bo harmony of action between the Cominen Cocncil and the Commissioners of Health. The hitter body, after having first made the prohibition general, upon a caret'1.1 review of tho question, became satisfied of the safety and propriety of making the exception referred to. It'is hoped that a reconsideration of the matter may lead the honorable tho Common Council to the same cesouisi >n, and that they may safely yield the ptoint at issue without hazard to the public health or detriment to other interests. th mid the re urn of this ordinance result in its failure to pas:- iu auv form, tha existing ordinance and the resolutions of the Commissioners of Health, with the action of the City In^pootor thoroon, will, in my judgment, be amply sulncient to proven! tno u*e 01 salt in an casts except oa railroad g witches. uKOKGE OPDVKE, Mayor. Til? nbov* was i'rtCDd on flic. Au invitation was received and acjept"d from the Order of At cre-aa* for the Aldermen to aiier.d the celolirattu.'. of \. a. !i.-.gton'a Birthday (tho 22d) at Ntblo's. The following dmn tl f..iteaioat of the Comptroller was read and placed ua itUn? Balance tebrnary 8 $3, 125.069 25 Roteipu 326,340 85 Total $3,4-"il .400 10 Payments 371,871 22 Balance February 15 $3,070,028 88 AU>. '.manic B/D.LS. A resolution authc. i. :'g the Clock to furnish new badges to the Alderuien having been brought before the Board, Alderman Dayton opposed'it as an unnecessary exjicnditurc of public money. Several members of the Board had been furnished with badges last year, and ho could not s?*e I ho propriety of gottiug up new ones now. Tl., expenses of badges for both bod is last year had be ta $e00. Public hackmon, por'ers and policemcu were C' it polled to wear badges, but the membors of the Comnv u Couuril wore them from choice. The Cunts explained that several of the Aldermen bad called on him mformally and asked him to get up a new design of badge, which lie did. After sonic lurther discussion the matter wra referrc . to the Couiuyttee on Silar.os and Olbcea. Adjourned rn' ' n'>y evening. milha.-y movements. The Till''*' ulh Maine Krgimeut. The Thirteer ..uncut Maine Volunteers, five months ... . ....... .. . ..... I . start this (Tuesday) morning for the seat of war. Their tolocul 18 tho celebrated apretle of temperance, IIou. Neat IK w. The regiment number* one tbousuini] meu? generally stalwart, well educat'd, r ihstantinl citizen* of the "i'iue Tree sitate.'' In live months of camp lie but twelve ca-ei of intoxication have occurred?a d- gr o of temperance quite uu. quailed in any army m the world. They ore armed with Enfield rifle*, bought by the .-'tute of Maine in England, tinough an agent sent thcie for that purpose. The sera of Maine resident in New York are invited to most at the A.lor li<n?e th s morning,at bnlf-pu3t nine o'r! ?:k, to make : 1r.1i15.et1 c. ;s tor th" presentation of a llug to tho regiravti'. <n it- : j-.sngc thro; gh th.8 city. Ihe 1 is reg ilation fixe, -:x feel by six feet four i ' he?, d op blue silk end >eilov fringe." Thcroo'sof nrnn 01 M line and ot the United Stat-s are combined "n the sbio.d iu the centra. Oa the ri?ht is a view of the city and 1. trior of i ortlaud, painted irom . ?k"tch taken on th" spot, (in the f i' u view f -! ! lie Rock l.-lnnd Li lit, in Penobscot*!'.y, and oue of the how gunboat*. Avr.'f S tli" bottom, iu a scroll, are the word* in gold, ' Hurt- nth P.c, Maine Volun''-era, Colonel Neal Row." In thoaamo style, above th? star surmounting the colt' of anus, is the ni'dto of th; regiment, " We trike ur tho Ulii'it aid Man's Btrtliright?Freedom." The following are tho field and stall and hue oltusr-. of tho regiment:? RO&TKK OF THE TniTtTKEsTD B?JtJODTf MAIMJ VOLCNTl.'Ett INf'ASfTRY. r.uu Colonel?Neal Row, Portland. Lieut, nant Colonel?llenrjr Ru f. Jr., Norway. Major?Frank.-1, llesscltiue, iluigor. S'nf. Adjutant?Frederic Speed, liorhatn. Quartermaster?rtavid S. Htlnson, I ou istoo. Surge >n?lames M. Rate-, Yarmouth. Aaaust.iut Sorgoosi?.K< ihC.Gordon, tiorham. Chaplain?ifcary C. Mora, Portland. ffoH-tvm w ivtonad Miff. forg'ant Major?Fd ward II. Wi!ta>n, Cumberland. Q'lartorrimslor Sorraant?Way no W. Hle.aon, T iirrr. Ctmuntsrary 3erg?inU-tieorg? W.Dow, Portland. Hospital ^toward?-nation .V. Evans, try cbu. g. LINK OFFICERS. CJijtaim. Co. A?FredorP 1: A. Stovon.4 Bangor II?William li. ,-n.ll FairlMid. G?Alfred K. Hack I.-wiston. D?Chailoa A. Bates Norridg. wotk. K?tonao K. Qoli?i'?jr W<*tt>ro<ik. F?Onirics R. Mtrcb Portland. <;?Jo^hdji !>. Sawyer Portland. H?Abernetby Ororer Albany. I?Stlllman r Archer < liorryOoId. K?William II. Swan Paris. fi/'d Li*ut-nin'r. 4 ?William IT. IT. Walker Hampden. I*?ivivrard O. I/>rkig N'nrndrpjwock. C?Freeman W. V,'biting Newport. I)?Aim a I- IWnoy Brunswick. K?Merrill P. Smith Milton. F?Waldo A. Blossom T'Tiior. G?Aar< n I. lug Wastlirook, II?A R'l.-'itio W. Clougb ..Portland. 1?Isaiah Kanda.l Portland. K?Amos P. Oo 'dwin Iilddefnrd. Socowl Litutmantt. A?Grorgo E. Moulton Wostbrook. IS?Joseph H. Corson Cananti. 0?1 Jin H. Ilatn Lswistin. I)_fn-rnw II. Withorrll Norrtdgewock. K?William A. flwinard Furnilnglcn. F?John H. .-herb im P rtlan l. ti?William T. Smith Augusta. fl?Pu<< h Factor, Jr K"wry. 1?i l ?m C. Curbing WloUirporl. K? MollyII C. Muscott Read Held. wpremo t'ourf?Mjir? I it I Term. HAS TILS STATU A BtOTTT TO THE W/TGRg OP TBS iiai'ii ir or nkw ron?r Peorp lion. Judge Alien. Fan. 17.?Th Iof the Sin if of .V?w; Port W. Come'<?i FonrterW.?Th > was i proceeding br ight by the late Attorn j (ienoml to rntrilt the d'' <.i.'lant from extending pier No. 1 Nnr'h river, which, It wan alleged, would be pi oitur * chmenl on the exierlor lines of the h.ub ir of N>w York, over th^ vri'nr of which the 8tat0 had supreme Jurisdiction. The defendant clalme bis title by virtue of a grant of theComm n Council. The J'*dge ibis afternoon rendered an il>< at oplnl n, In win' b ho de |iV* (bat the Common C nn il had no pow r to grant the fr.irrl:l?i?: that the defendant * without CWor i ; title, or st idow of right to the lo'i$1n.lw>. Hint the oMtlon of the pier l< wPl.out aut! orily or law. and again-1 the 'tatuia of 1*117, fixing the exterior line of the b'llklwade and i ler* hi the city of N w York, end would, If erente , bo a ??i?enne, Indlriah'e r.n-l removable a* such, and tho plnlnt'Ti ar<- en' iCed to the r I.of demanded, with cosla. SW 1'OKK HKKA.LL), TUE THE PAT. MATHEWS TRAOEBY. Conil'ition of (lie Coroner's Iiii;Ufsi ? Testimony of Alice Gray, Jiimcj l-'it-/.fuiriik and IXhrri?Verdict of the Jary. The Inquest in the case of Tut. Mathews was concluded at tho New York Hospital yesterday by Coroner Ramicy. Tho testimony of Alice ('ray and James Fitipatrick fully corrobjrmo I the end tic# of tlie witness's e.euaii icd on Falurday, und left but little doubt in the tuiuds of the jury as to the person who inflicted the fatal wounds. Annexed will bo found tut abstract of the ovideneo, together with the verdict or tho Jury, and tho subsequent act.on of the Coroner in reh"i n to the disposition of the prisoners}? . .. Alice Cray being duty sworn, dopes; s and Pays:?I reside at No. lki> tins no street: on the morning of thcatb mat. Kato Smith soil myself hired afeletgh ant! went to irnnoyei s,on tic- Bloom.itgdale rood; wu there met Mr. Mathews, Mr. feller and Mr. P'tzpatrick, nut, however, by any agreement; wo stayed .here about an hour; Mr. Mulht ws mditMl tuo to ride buiue with him, slaliuu that Mr. Fi lter had consented to h.ko Kato Smith with hint; I consented,and dismissed my sleigh; wo all started lor New York, Kato Smith riding with Meters. Falter and Fitzpatnck, and 1 with Fat Mathews; we rodo to about Firty-second struct, 1 think, when Kate Smith fell from Mr. Felter's sleigh, our sleign being abreast of tliuirs at the time; Pat stup|>od his horse and 1 got out, and asked Kato if she was hurt; she said tlint alio w as not, and 1 got into the sleigh again; wo drove half a block, porhti) 6, wliou wc hoard so mo one calling "Pat;" Mr. Matbow-s stopped liis horse, and looking back, said, "Those men arc thaw os; iii>* friends arc getting murdered," it is my opinion that il was Mr. Keller who called Hut; Mathews jumped trout the sleigh uiid went bark; I fell in trying to follow him, but soon recovered inyscll', cud ran towards them; 1 saw Mr. Feller holding a man on the ground; Mr. Mathews and the man with the light clothes were standing about two or throo feet apart, but no words or blows pnssod at that time; just ns I came up I saw the man in light clothes draw a kuifo and plunge il into the body of Mathews; he again uttem; tod to st: ike at him, when I rushed in between tliem, and plachg my right hand on Mat bow's shoulder, I reached out my left hand nud exclaimed, "For (todsake, do not kill him;" ho thenthrust the Uuilo into my sido.anl 1 cried, "My God, I'm stubbed;" Mathews "then pulled up his est and said, "I am murdered," and turning to me said, "Watch that man," several times; Mathews at tlii? time was lying on tlio side of the road: 1 eaw the man in light clothes run across the road towards an alleyway; very scon al ter this the police eatno, and placing Mathews in ono of the sleighs, took him to the station house in Forty soveuth street; at the time Kate Smith fell out I suw three, men standing withiusix oi eight feet of her; one of these men was th'one who nt towards stabbed Mathews and myself; when I re! uncd to Mathews' sleigh, uller going to Kato Smith, I saw Mr. Feiter return lor Kate; I recognize the prisoner, John Reynolds, as the man who stubbed Mathews and myself; I do not recognizo either of tlio other lirisuacis; cone of our party were intoxicated except Matbcws. James Fitzpatrick, being duly sworn, deposed as follow, 1 reside at the corner ol .Spring nnd Crosby streets ; 1 have no occupation; about ten o'clock on the evening or February 5, in company with Honry 1). Feitor, 1 left the city for Feunoyer's. alter remaining there a short time, wj went to the St. Nich las llotel, near Manhattanville, where we stayed about an hour, and then returned to I'ounoyer's again, while in the parlor at f'ennoyor's Hat Matbc'vs camo in,and addr-ssing Mr. Felter sai 1, "there are two girls hole, will you take cue of them to the city in vonr sleigh, and 1 will tuko hoo-her in mine;" Felter spoke tor e about it, and I su II had CO objection; v:e then started for thoeity, Mr. ' - r, Kate Smith and myself b itg in Mr. Feller's and Mathews and Alice (Ira;, bon g in Hathew's si.-i fh *vheo we had reached ! ifty-scccud sirort or that ty. .ho Sleigh took aslide and Kate 0111IM1 fell out; Mr. 1 alter stopped his horse and dr </e buck as fast as, lie < ouid to where she was, and turr igr?iind his eingh rcpestoi her to <rl in SKiiin. three . >cn were staudiaa bv talkiud to Kille at iho time; sho saiu tnese men had iDS-ilted bcr? Feltor said "but intr tbe sleigh; slic tliou got in: at tLU time the tbree men seized tho n n on the loft Bide of the t ir?o; I reoogi: -.0 John Reynolds nnd Whltaon r.s two of them; Falter said "Let go of my horse" s<>\e. al timet; but thoy still kept bold, and Fuller struck them over the bead with his whip; Foltor then got out of tho sleigh, when he was immediaiely attacked by Whitscn, but Mr. Foltor got the better of him and held him down on iho ground; I wjs holding the horse, having leit the sleigh; at this time Reynolds, "at Matthews and Alice Gray were scuttling ou the sidewalk; I saw Reynolds strike Matthews twieo; I'at backed him up under the gas light, when I saw a knife in Reynolds' hand, and cried out, "Look out I'at, ho has got a knife;" about this timo Tat cried out, "1 am slabbed, I am killed;" just then the officers came up; bafdte the police arrived I saw Reynolds run across the street; I went across tho street with an officer, when 1 saw Reynolds come out of an alley way; tho othcer asked me if 1 could identify tho man, and 1 said -yes: ' an o.'hcer placed Mathews in a sleigh and took him to the station hjuso; wo wore all sjtier with the oxceptiou of Mathews; Mis3 Smith fell out in consequence of the slolvli striking a hump of snow; wo were going very last at the time, having passed everything on the road;I was ubotU liftcen or twenty feet from Mathews when he war stabbed; Mr. Feller liad perfect control of bis liorse, and when Miss Smith got in d'tur falling out of the sleigh the horse was standing perfectly still, I did not strike or kick any one that night, neither did any one strike mo; I threatened to strike WhlU'.on with the butt end of the whip, but Mr. Foltor sai'. "uo," and I said "all right then ;'M identify the clothing r w shown me as that worn bv Mathews; I would not le - bio *c Identify the knife I saw In Reynolds'hand T do jot 1 vow what object thc?e men had in attacking us v tin 1 - yroljj came out of tho alleyway ho was perfectly ceo', ,'i i-ud notltiag ni-n than "what is iho matter," ho :: a to i.-j ai oinpt to ??i*. I' lioo,.huite tn.g-on if the Kew York Jloso'tal, ttslllod to the celiac of death, which tool; pi ice e sh> vid h ? ilf s ii': rf A .ririLfl trt t fi?? iiik L ?.n Uon death was -. .red by i-.iiB-nn.a i> a or ti e tivav <.n I pku a, cot)*'. , '???? up c tho stabs in <i irrtinn; any ol t;io three shown the wit* ess cwil luvo nvlVtil the wounds the ui?'.'cr of the k uees >v.a u mere speculation, however, and tie d;cUr h.-H sor.i what averse ia givibg any opinion iu relation Ij the subject. .Jacob Fioro, of the Twenty-second precinct police, de|h cd he heard c;km ot murder" ritn! " vatch" od the morning of tlio rilh hut., an t on the corner of froudvvay and Fifty-second street ho l'ocnd that thro was a rtfst urbane* going on, and that -sveral sloiglis were .-topped; ?e he tame up to the crowd he saw a man rtiu across the street, foond that Mr. Folter lii I Isold of Whit son, and at the le-pic-t of the former lie took Whilstn into custody; at this time officer ( lafk arrived, and took hold of Winston ivtse; one ct the girls -aid that tho mau who stabbed deceuod was serosa the street; 1 sent ollitor Clark after him with ttistrocttoea to g?1 him es soon us he could , we thi n put .Matbeus in the sleigh and took him to the . tatlon house. B> bcrt Clark, attached to th Twenty second precinct police, testified to lbs arrest of Reynolds, an J llridiig h ' i in tho mouih of tho all"y way, nearly opposite .I i ?;iot whore tho stubbing occurred; Uyuolde said nothing except ' what was the matter,'' when ho whs arrested; lie denied having stubbed Mathows, and said he had just comi out to see ivlnt tho nniss was about ?h"U he was arrested; Reynolds lia.l no hat on wh' n ho was arrested: ho w is dressed In li^ht clothes; there was some blood on hi* coat and sliirt sleivo, could not tell whether the blood was- fresh or U"t Officer fl<v>. F. Bord testiCed to the arrest of ?kclly vul com eying hint to tho station h e.-o,on ctuu go of being nnphi ateit iu the subbing ol Mathews, l'bue prisoner w is bleeding iroin a cut in the li -ad and upper lip; tho prisimer wi< ui bed when ho was arrested; on the way to the sL it lou house iiea. kedtbe witness where Reynolds vrss; w itness told him he would mioa see him; tho prisoner seemed to be iuioxicatod, hut Wliitsun ami Reynolds appeared to be sober; Reynolds keeps a drinking saloon, nut tha Place has rather a bard remitu11)11 it is a resort for lighting men and persons of low character. never heard uny thing against Reynolds. Officer Henry Mun ay deposed that ho conveyed the 1 r .laimu.nil (n ihn Vmmt Vni'lf llrutfiil ii t<orii"?nt O'Connor deposed to tiaiing a knife in Reynold*' pocket; the knife bad murks of blood upon it, ttud lo-.kod as if it had been ws<he1; I ^onrcUc! Wiiiloon, n J founl knife 00 hi* pet son nl.eo (knives ld?nlil* d>; the largo dirk knit* nhown mo was found on Muthowa' person. Jus. Cook, bakeoper f.?r tho prUner RoynoMji, tsstifled that his employer, Whitron and fkelly had born drinking nercral times that evening, hut they were not .ntoxki'o!, ihoy went out of tlio bar at three o'clo? k, and ho then abut up Ibe bar, knew nothing of tho affray. Robert W. MnuoyiT deposed that Mathews, Koltor and Kit/!|?trick wsro at hi* pbico on the nutu of tho jth waa pr?>?nt when Mathews as-krd Mr. Fetter to tako Miss Smith with him to tho city, tlicy war* .ill Sober with ths i< option of Mutbewa, and ho wxa very mm h intoxlutod. Policeman Foiro re-called?I took Reynold*' cloth s off, aaw mark* of blood on ths cos: sloevo and on ths wri.itband of hi* fhirt; a handkerchief which was found in the pr i.-oner's i-ockot wa3 also stained with biood. Coroner Ratiney here st.i'ed ihat howoull read the aide mo?inn exam nation of the d< ?*cd, which was taken b'fors Inni s on after the slabbing, lbs dying 'era' ion of Mr. Math us was Mien read to tho jury, a* follow I Patrick Mathews duly iworu,deiicxos and says:? I hellers myself In u d> mg r.tate; I re ide at No. uol Creeoo-urcet, to the best of my knowledge I am about tweut> eiyhl y>ars of age, and am a deil*r in homes; I keep a xtanle at No. 00 Merer street; I left my stable on February f?. at nmo o'ctx k P. M.; I went to Goorpe Jenkins', mar Ninety vxth atrest, on the ntnoininad.iio I rent from the: e to Rob i'ennoyer 'e, at dtryker's Boy; t wont from thorn with Jtunos Klt/patrickand Henry Ji. ifolior,to?truckman'e;l wax alone in inysicipb; from ('truckman's wo v. ant bark to dtrykor's Day; oil my return to it iti PeiiDoyer'S I met Alice Gray; when I loft for b' tno I took Alice Gray with me; I was In c >mpuny with James Vit*i>atrlck tind Jlcnry It. i'elter,aud iboy,nl my reijiif. t, tnl k Into their slogha lady friend of Alice Cray's ! think her i.uinn la Catharine Smith; ax we wore ridmg down Blo-'nlngdrlo road Cat barb e Smith foil out I ..Iter's i iri^h-tbev wereuheud of inc. il.nv held un to tike Catharine Into tbouMtfh, ?U't while thejr wero ' H o I Went by lh' "i I'll ! [ I i y li >r?<- Mi returned; aa I turned arnnnd I dlsoov red three men wlio hid Mixed hold of Mr. Feltor * bomo, ther were but a xhort distance from me nt th e tlino, I arkr! Mr. Falter whit war the Ire- hie? when ho cried "|>ollco I watch I" I want up to wh re the r-?rti<i were, arhort man, with striped cr checked pantg, i an toward me a . I gtiibbo I me; I saw the knife In hla han I b-f-ra ho stabl e I inn; tln-ae three men wcro all entire stringers to mo; i no'-or saw tl em to m j knowledge heforo; I rcc giilso Jas. Skelljr n%g>ne of the threo mon: ho wag the ? : -at man, but "ho was not tlio insn who atabb <1 mo, I reogn si the j isouor, Jchn Rejrr.i Ids, the person n ,r pree -nt, irtlM man who ran artor me n-id stibbod me twice; I recognise also Milium Whits m. now

liure, as ono of the men prostnl when i was rubbed; he had hold of the sleigh or k-tne one in the slolgli, I do not know tvMch; John Reynolds, ?t the time he stubbed me, ma le no rema-k whatever, alter lie subbed nieonceh- made a grab for nut diamond ! u, he the i stabbed mo sgim md ran nw.iyj | rwojiilre iSDAY, FiDBHUAttr IB, 181 the knife now shown me u? mine; learned It In my pantaloons i*>cket; I recognize tho dark handle I knife now shown to ino us rcseuihiUik tiiukuile, and It is my opinion that it U the knife with which I was stublted; I sin untitle to statu at what time Ibis morning the occurrence hnppeoed. PATRICK M Al l 11 W8. Sworn to before me, tins OtU day of February, 1862. J. w. RArf WIT, Coroner. Tlio case wits then Bubmittod to the jury, wLo, after due deliberation, rendered the lolluwmg VKKDICT. Wo find that Patrick Matthews rams to his doath from injuries inflicted by a knife in tho hands of John Reynolds, and that Wiliiam \Y lilts on and James Skelly are accessories to the net. Attempt to Run the CJtiurilboot. The slooi) Sarah and Hestor vesterdar tried to run |U?l lliu guardboat at Uie Narrows without living bnarded. Several rifle shuts and a bl.u k cartridge trom the 1 irge gun were tired, to wliieh she paid no attention, whet; tho guard boat slipped her chain and gave cliase. Upon hi aiding her it was found she had no captain or papers on board. This is tho second caso of tho kind within tlib last week. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, Feb. 17?C P. M. To-day's bank statement compares as follows with that of last Monday:? IV?.?A end'ft. Loanr. Sptrie. CiiT .la'ion. Fob. 8. .$143,803,890 28.196,606 6,077,417 110,637,657 Fob. 16. 141,994,192 28,114,148 5,7G2,506 110,430,475 Decrease. $1,803,698 82,518 314,911 207,082 ?No material change from last week, except in the loans, which arc declining rapidly, partly from the contraction of business. Some of the banks are selling their government sixes in open market. It is presumed that the specie average is a declining one; the public were prepared for a larger decrease than is shown above. The great difficulty with regard to specie is that our imports are becoming too heavy again, and our exports arc falling off, a state of things which creates a demand for specie and enables speculators to put up the market. The remarks in this morning's Herald on the subject of call loans on specie meet the approval of our leading bankers. A bank which lends money on call would be capable of selling government stock short, or doing any other disreputable act. The money market continues very easy. Brokers borrow all they want at 5 a C percent, and first class paper sells at about the same rate. Tho foreign exchange market was paralyzed today by the news from Fort Donelson and the decline in gold. It opened firm at 115% lor sterling and 4.90 for francs, but fell off as soon es the uews was received to 115, at or about which figure it closed. The probability that Savannah has fallen was the subject of much comment in foreign bankihg circles. A large quantity of cotton is known to be stored in and about Savannah and would come to market in the event of the city falling into loyal hands. Some sanguine speculators predict a reopening of the cotton trade by the 1st of March. Gojd fell to-day to 3? J a with heavy sales. The speculators were afraid the market would give way under them, and wisely realized their profits. A notion is entertained that gold will rise to 8 a 10 per cent bv and bv. We do not believe anything of the kind. The sucoesscs of our armies, and the absence of any legitimate demand for the gold we have?except for exportwill probably prevent speculators getting the pre. miuiu up beyond five per cent at any thne. The stock market naturally felt the effect of the extraordinary combination of good nows to-day. The leading bull speculators distributed their orders so as to impart an appearance of activity to the market. But we cannot learn that they buc. ceeded in inducing the public to become buyers to any extcpt. Some of the commission brokers re. port tbat their customers are availing themselves of the present high prices to sell their stoc&s; but the general reply to inquiries is, that they are doing nothing, waiting for the market to fall in order to boy stocks. It seems to be pretty well understood at the commission houses that ' a very large amount of stock is held in a few hands, and will come into the market, probably within a few days, to be sold for what it will command. Outsiders who want to buy are therefore generally recommended by tjicir brokers to wait. At the morning board CenI tral advanced %, Erie %, Eric preferred %, MichiI gun Central %, guaranteed %, Illinois 1%, Toledo | %, Burlington and Quincy %. A new demand arose for Pacific Mail and Panama, and they each ro.-c 1% per cent. State stocks were all better. Virginias, Tennessees and Misaouris rose 1 a 1% per cent. The public cannot be recommended to touch Virginias or Tennessoes: no one can tell what may be the condition of the finances of these leading rebel States after the rebellion has been cnushed out. Governments (registered sixes) rowan eighth at the morning board, but fell back afterward. PnrtieB seeking a safo and profitable investment for money cannot find anything on the list eo desirable as these government sixes. At !)? per cent they pay over 7 per cent on the amount invested, and are more secure than any railroad bond or State or railway stock. At the second board the market was strong and prices generally well maintained. Tennessee* jumped up 1 percent without C9u*e,and Virginias 1. Illinois Central rose 2 per cent, and other speculative shares from };' to %. The market closed strong, the following being the last quotations:?United States G's, registered, 1881, 90 a do. G's, coupon, 18n1, 90 a %; do. 5's, coupon, 1874, 79% a %'i Virginia G's, 53 a 50; Tennessee G's, 54 a 55; North Carolina G's, 03 a G">%; Missouri G's, -if.% a 47; Pacific Mail, 90 a %; New York Central, 82% a %: Eric, 35% a %! do. preferred, 58% a %; Hudson River, 38% a %; Harlem, 12% a %; do. preferred, 30% a %; Ronding, 42% a %; Michigan Central. 53% a 54; Michigan Southern nud Northern Indiana, 21% a 22; do. guaranteed, 43% a 41; Panama, 118 a %; Illinois Central, 62% a %; Galena and Chicago, 68% a G9; Cleveland and Toledo, 45% a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 53% a 65; Chicago, Burlington and Qninry, 63 a 63; Milwaukee and Prairis daChien,20 a 21; Cleveland, Cnlumbns And Cincinnati. 107 a lOS; Kptv York Central 7'a, 1876, a 106; Erie third mortgage bonds, 96 a %; Michigan Central 8's, drat mortgage, lOOJi a 101; Illinois Central bonds, 7'b, 93 a 91. After the second board the market we* very strong, and a good deal of business was done among the street speculators at an advance of a % per cent. Tho business of the Sub-Treasury was as follow* to-day:? Receipts $012,408 "4 ?For customs 161,000 GO Payments 0-17,814 27 Batanoa. 4,100,429 01 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $24,79.5,629 01, and the balance #1,176,882 87. The Sandusky Hrjitter says that the preliminary contract between the Sandusky, Dayton and Cincinnati and the Cloveland and Toledo railroads, in relation to granting tho latter company permission to run its trains bctwoen Sandusky and Clyde over the road of the former, signed some two weeks ngo by the officers or the two roaus, is likely to fall through. The directors of the Handusky, Duyton ami Cincinnati (whose approval was reserved) dissent to several conditions of importance. What may be the final rcsnlt we have no uicnns of judging, but fear a permanent disagreement. Tho annexed letter from the Secretary of the Treasury has been received by a bunking bouse in this city:? Twusunr PiirARTMicjrr, Feb. 14,1H62. Oextm!***?I have received your l-'tier informing mo tint u cltlsee of tho Unite I Stains, now in Europe, dosiro I to contribute, through you, oue tliousind dollars, as a gift, toward tilt expenses of the tvaf. The patriotio spirit of your correspondent, so honora My manliesled when many seem to think oniy of the bast irioiln lu which p'.hlic r. ilanijty ran b turned to private gain, Is a welcome proof iJo.'?t the df intvroet'd devotln to tin' country dirplayi^t by onr bruvo soldiers Is miniated by other clllsr-** whine eircimnUncig do not |icr mit tinni to sljere personally Ihoir trills and dangers, llu wish that t>i-, namo may not be made known m.,y bs accomplished bjr your dej ositlag the ?m.ntlowfcd with the Assistant Tr asuror in New York, who will (ire you his certitioute of the dopoolt, as a payment made by you on account of a correspondent In Kurope, who d< sires it to be tendered as a gift towards the expenses of the war. If you prefer some other form of oquivalent expression, the 'Assistant Treasurer will doubtless adopt it. lie pleased to Bend a copy of this note to your correspondent, as an expression of my thanks to him for bis rvnu-mhrauco of our country. Willi groat respect, yours, truly, S. P. CHASE. Messrs. Pahuann A Co., New York. Tlic startling rapidity with which success fol lows success in the war, -and the prospect that in a very few days the contest may be closed by the final surrender of the rebels, arc inducing many to inquire whether the Treasury Note bill, with the legal tender clause, may not now be dispensed with. If the government can raise money without issuing irredeemable paper, it is much better that it should not issue such paper. A few days since it was certaiu that uioucy could not be raised by loans. Is it so still? Stock Exchange. Monday, Fob. IT, 1M2. |20<i00 (Jed's,'81c.blO 90 lOtshsl'acMSriCo.ex d 90 U-WV uu t7\J IGoOO IT 8 6'h ,'81 ,reg 00 % 850 N Y Con llU niu 12000 U 8 5 '8,'74 ,coa 80 260 do 62% ?;000 79% 60 do s30 82% S'.OOO'l'i ea7 3-10 pc 3 ?3 50 do b30 82% 15900 Ohio C's, '86.. 09 50 do s30 82% 1700 III int, '47,... 79 2169 do 02% 1800 Illiut,'00.... 79 100 Erie RR s30 36 6000 III cou b,'77.. 82 60 do blO 35 6000 III oou b, '79.. 82 100 do bl5 36 9000 do 82% 100 do 060 35 16000 III war loan... 78 1C0 do 830 34% 11000 To:.n C's, '90 . 61 1150 do 35 25000 do 60% 650 do 34% 3000 Virginia G'R.. 64 600 Erie KR ass nt?8|> 85 5000 Mo 6's....b30 45% 150 Erie RR prof. ,s30 68% 9O00 do s3 45 000 do 68% 2000 do 45% 260 do 68% 86000 do 45% 150 Hud Riv RR 38' 2000 do b3 45% 100 Harlem RR 12% 5000 do b30 45% 10Second AvRR... 60 5C00 do 46% 550 Mich Con lilt.... 63% 4C00 California 7 8 . 84 200 do 830 63% 1000 Mln 8 p c bds. 9 ) 250 .do 83 53% 1000 do 89 200 do b?0 53% 6000 X Y Oen 6's. 98% 100 do b30 53% 1X000 NY Con RUT'S 1(3 100 do b30 63% 7000 NY U<n7"B. 76 105% 60 Mich SftNIgu. 42% 1000 Erie 2'lraex,79 104 450 do 43 19C00 Erie KK4thmb 84% 20 Panama UR 117% 2000 Hud R Sdmb.. 85% 60 do 117 2000 Ei irR:?3rab'83 96 % 60 do 117% 6000 do 830 96 100 111 Cen RR 8p..s60 60 1000 Harlem lstmb 101 135 do 61 10009 MOSpclmsfVb. 101 60 do bSO 61 4060 111 Cen RR b?la 93 60 do en% 5000 Gal k Chilstm 160% 50 do 830 60% 10000 Gal k Chi 1 ox 101 100 Clove k Pitts RR. 16% 5TOO American gold 104% 30 CIcv.Col &Ciu RR 107% 2! 600 do U30 104% 20 do 107 100JO <lo 104% 600CIev &Tol RR... 44% 26000 do 104% 400 do 44% 10000 do 860 104% 850 do 44% 100000 do 830 1C4 200 do b3J 44% 10000 do L30 104% 60 do 44% 50000 do 1.30 104 % 20 Chi & Rk Isl I1R. 54% 38000 do b30 104% 100 do 54': "17000 do 104% 50 do 64% 62000 do 104 50 do blO 54% 25 slis Fhtnix Rank. 85 25 Chi. Bur & Q RR. 62% 13 Hank Stat# of NY 75 60 do b30 62% 50 PacMSSCoe d.s30 95 60 Mil & Pr d u C RR 20 100 do opg 95% 30 Mil APr duC 2d pf 64 SECOND BOARD. *10000 IT ffl's, '81,cou 90 200 8h>- Eric RR.. b.30 3ft SOOO U Pft'8,'74 am 79* 2ft0 Erie Kit pieler'ed 68* 50'JO L'Sfl's, 23,reg 90 60 do b30 6s* 2000Trc 7 3-10pen 99 260 Hudson Rivor RR 38* 26000 Missouri 6 s.. 47 20 do 38* 600IU War Loan.. 78 2ft0Clii,BAQRR.bl0 63' 6000 do 781* 60 do 63 2u00 X Cirolina 6's 64* 100 Harlem RR 12',' lt00 do 6.. 200 Reading RR 421 * lOOOCVi'. .-ria 7's. 84* 400Mich Coo BR.... 63'* 20001/: .js'.nae'r. 65 60 do blO 6.1V 1200 Buf, VWMm 80 60 do 63* 1000 Chic IX X\V J in 47 150 Mich S & N In RR 22 4 $6000 American gold 103* 115 Panama RR 118 26000 do 101V 100 111 CcnRR 80.8(50 61 * 2?>O00 do 7u 1039* 200 do blO 02'. 90 shs I'M SSCcx.opg 90 900 Clev 4 Toledo RR 45" 50 do sSO 9ft'* 100 do ?10 45 I 7NYCentral KR.. 82,V 300 do 46V 250 do opg 82* 100 do s30 46 200 do h30 825* 215 Chicago St R I RR 55 300 Erlo RR 36 J* 100 do 6ft J* 100 do b30 3ft* 60 do IK* New York City Banks, Feb. 15, 18GS. lie: nit. Lrunt. Specie. Circulation. D p-j.iifs. America. $6,913,821 702,154 70,318 6,704,033 5m. Exchange.. 7,680,835 1,993,965 102,977 5,713,11ft Mlantic 806.293 97,176 95,074 379,6ft0 Broadway 4.114,919 2,042,861 181.377 5,472.174 Butch's&nrov's 1,882,408 222,838 179,521 1,063,640 Bull's Head .3.12,977 62.337 115,362 419,900 Chemical 2,287.542 2,373.875 194.969 4,703,810 Chatham 102.956 100/126 57,946 485,43e City 3,0?3,n09 1,296,76ft ? 3,442.376 nUfos' 829,191 144,629 100,478 632,725 commerc" 15.405,343 1,347,013 1,975 6,381,783 Corn Exchange. 1,890,364 311/146 169,562 1,164,973 Continental 3,486,218 321,866 126.360 2.358,390 Commonwealth. 1,596,391 174.087 28.3.80ft 1,1.34,394 ttryUock 381,467 88,385 98,159 277,354 East River 347,748 46,448 101.339 264,491 Pulton 1.635,083 885,525 125.132 1,603,656 Greenwich 482,512 420 C39 60,447 124 132 Grocers' 610,617 67,425 3$,?tl *65,016 Hanover 1,714,088 156,423 60,1.12 U'i 123 Imp. AtTradora'. 2,7392234 294,072 107,415 2 "114.13 'rvlng 710,535 84,753 86,168 414.960 leather Manuf'a 1,824,144 595,011 87.253 1 Minhattftu 6,563,492 1,816,266 140,319 6,6' Market 1.524,592 220.350 155.886 2 12 Mariue 1,24s 366 165/198 107,295 970.26' Manuf. k Mcrch. 9S.3.378 199.784 83,767 728.65-1 Mechanics' 4.2-24JIM AAAJiflS 10" 71A 9 Slant I Meeh. Bkg.Ass'o. 0 157,007 5.0,715 679,?*M Heel)*, ft Ti ?d s 1.178,563 166,530 138,342 804,685 Merchant*'.... 5,700.0;.5 1,330 321 117.1!# 4.060,030 Merchants' Ex.. 1.038.024 193,149 85,411 1 0 >5,064 Mercantile :i,117,:tl7 470,348 7,674 2,070.260 Metropolitan.... 7.777.372 1,438.749 100.062 6,122,030 National 2,311,044 306,Sll 7S.7K8 1,376,<130 Nassau 1,937 ,633 230,304 7.4,750 1348,330 'rtv York 6 411,250 1,016 914 204 037 4,029.859 Y. Exchange. 324.374 33,880 94,582 247,750 N. Y. County.... 207.876 63,640 63,sVj 204,101 North America. 2 207,306 224,955 63,387 1,725,060 North River 561,372 90,801 51,108 438,284 OceoD 1,907,811 214.640 55,973 1,122,045 Oriental 600,524 101,786 60r872 ?90,316 fa i tic 1,089,901 219,671 112,288 970,355 Turk 0,843,870 1,562,091 147,03.5 6,812,712 People's 618) ,807 94,167 61,630 548.397 1 hcDix 3,244.601 603,803 80.215 2,905.131 Republic 4,7 '5,019 718,764 114,078 3,629.130 St. Nicholas ... 1.327,730 130.807 72,540 714,203 Seventh Ward.. 1.298,870 280,038 99.632 957.265 Shoo & leather. 2,485,381 240,836 187,586 1,507,698 State 4,840,621 653,290 107.236 3,641,618 rr; ie-meu's.... 1,778,313 ISO,717 132,112 1,135,924 Tulou 2,944,14# 9.20,013 112,704 2,183,557 Total $141,994,19228,114,1486,702,500110/130,476 CITY CRMMGRCIAL REPORT. Monday, Feb. 17?6 r. M. Aama.?Tho market stead/, w ith small sales $6 25 for prat Is, isd at $6 37}? for pots. RKKADcTt ns.?Flour?The demand for State and Wok orn brands has hem l?sa active, and prices were rathe,* easier at tho clo?e. The sales embraced about 0,000 bb!s.,closing within the following range 0f prices ? Surerflne State $5 CO a 6 70 Extra to fnncjr State 5 90 a 0 O'i Superfine Western 5 CO a 5 70 Common to choice oxlra Westerns 6 90 a 6 90 Canadian & 05 a 0 00 Southern mixed to g-xrd s apor flee 0 10 a 0 40 Kxtrudo.'. 0 45 a Hi Good to cboico family do 7 15 a 7 75 Rye flour 3 .10 a 4 25 Comment, Jersey nod Hrandywino SAO t 3 30 ?Canadian flour was In lair demand, and prices wore steady, with sales of 1,200 bbls., clo?iug within the range of the above quotation*. Southern flour was quiet and prices unchanged, while the sales were confined to COO a 700 bbls. at our quotations. Rye flour was steady rt our figures, with sales of 250 bbls. Corn meal was quiet at our figure*, with snloa of 150 bbls. Jcrssy nud Rrandjwine, Wheat was Irregular, though prices wore without change of moment, while rates could not b<freely ? flbcted without some cone3 "Ion in favor of buyers. Tho transact!' ns footed up about 25.000 a 10,000 bus hols, In small lots, at $1 45 Tor iron I red Western, in store, at $1 83 for Chicago or Riu Ine sp.iug, 11 CO for imborLong Island, ond fI 40 for amber Iowa. Corn wr? without change of importance, while silos e n Drncod about 20,000 bushels, at 02c. for 5,009 new ye! low, and C4e. a 05c. for Western mixed In stnr? and do liverod, with sale.'of 0.000 bushels prims do. delivered, to fill up c.irgo,at 06c. Ryo was firm and prices unchmg ed Hurley was stoady at 83'jO. a 84c. for Stalo, at tha railway dopot. Oats were rather lower, smell Rules at 40c. for Wostern ami Canadian, nnd at 41c. Inr State. Comot wna quiet, and no aalcs of moment have been reported. Uorros.?The market was inactive, and in the absence ..r n.|?a AteAtil ta email Inl rvr Inn ninxi IIa*itusra initial. rumour* ?Rat."* wore rather firmer, with fair engage mcnlr. To Liverpool 20,000 bushels of wheat were ongaged, In ship * b igs,at 7>?d.; 40.000 do. corn, In buik and hag*, at 8??d. a Td.: 1,000 bbi*. Hour at 2*., 000 bate* ot cotton at |{d., with heavy goods at 20*. a 22*. 0.1, To London 5,000 bushels of wheat wc. o engaged at 8){d., In shtp'8 bags, and 13,000 do. at p. t.; dead weight was at 25s. To Glasgow 200 boxes bacon at 2?a lid., (1,000 bushels of corn wro ongt red, tn h ilk, at 7 VfL lin es to Uavro were steady at 18c. for grain, and at 7'Jo. for Ho r. Hay wn* ill in atJCu. a SOc. for shipment, and 9&c. a fl for city use. lloe* were In modorato rpquost. Sab* of thrt rrop of 1800 wore making at 11c. a22a. Moi.as3KB.? 10 ueroes au.l 00 bhls. Trlnidsd were made at p. t., snd 50 hh Is. Cuba muscovado at 20/^ Navai. Rtokkh were quiet and s>lon l.ihiitod, Including 50 bbls. Rph its turpentine at 11 ?*fchr.d 100 bbls. cwnmon rosin at $5 75. ranvtstoaf.?I "brie?The '.narkot was quite firm, and C'o'-iwl at an alve.ooe Tor new m<;s?. T'.ic Ml.n embraced 1 ?o bbls., In tola, op.^ing for new moss oil the spot at $13 25, niri closing firm at $!;. 50 a $14 asked, with now trfime at r 90 50, afterwards held at ft) 75. Beef was Armor arii ft fair demand, with ealee of 400 bbie. at $12 25 a $12 W 14 for plaiu mesa, and at $14 a $14 26 for extra. I'rime met-e l>c? f wee in good demand, wuh sales of 400 tioreea at $20 for Clovolutid. Beef trims have boon netimi at full prices, with sales of 1,600 btits. and tierces at $16 a $17, the latter llgure for "( rain a city extra." Bacon was in good request and rather Arm, with antes oi 1,000 boxes at 6c, for We te n Ciimbelaud cut, 6)*c. for short ribbed Western, und at 7c. for sh irt elenr d >. hogs were easier, with sales at 4%c. a 4>?c. for Western, aodattj^c. for city, lard was firmer and in g o.l detnand, with sales of 1,600 packages at 7^c. a 8Hc. Butter and cheese were in fair request, and prices unchanged. ltica was quiet, and quotations in tlie absence of sales were nominal. SrnARS.?Tim market was quiet, and sales wore limited to 1U hhds., within the range of 8iturday'e prices. Whisk at.?The market continued Arm, with sales of about 1,200 bbls. at 27Hc. a 26c Tor State and Obio barrels. SH | P PIN G N E W S. ALMANAC FOR NKW YORK?THIS DAT. SUN RISKS 6 &i| MOON RISKS CVP 10 S4 son 6 SS | bum w.ujsu morn 10 66 Port of New York, Febi nary IT, 1864. | .. CLEARED. Ship Marcta 0 Day, Otiose, Liverpool?Walsh, Cirvir A Chaw. Ship Northern Chief, Waste, Liverpool?II D Broofctnan A Co. Ship Queen (Br), Jones, Live/pool?Williams A Gtiion. Ship llenilil, Simmons, Cudlz?J Robinson. Burk Reindeer, Wellington, Marbndo:?HenryTrowbridge"! Sons. ltsrk Tahiti, Davis, Philadelphia?Brett. Bon A Co. Brig Lizzie, Ootlcrel, Cork?Murdoch ,k Sinythc. Brig Bureau (Br), Crtman, 8t Pierre, Marl?B F Small. BiigC E Billings, Tuple)', Point Retro?T H Sanford. Brig Mary (15r), Mahoney, Jaciiirl? <4 Co. Sclir J P Boli a (l)r), Allen, St V Smalt. Schr Mary Porter, Froethy, Key We t?0 Kreue. Schr J Webb, Kldrid/v. Ifaltctns Inlet Bohr Alma, Klderkiu, Philadelphia?Master, fiehr Sahtva, Whitlumnre, Philadelphia?V Talbot A Co. Schr Emilia Furbusli. Kendall, Provi eirc?Maato-. Sclir Gertrude, Hilt, i.'ew Haven?Master. Kolir O C Aoken, Peek, St anford?H Stanford. Sloop Jane Marin, Ward. Norwich?1{ S Kaokctt. ARRIVED. Ship Rnnoh Ten in (of Boston), Nlckerson, London. \t days. In ballast, to iiallett .V Carman. Ilad heavy weather meat of the passage. Burk Zingarella, Bunker, Rio Janeiro, 51 days, with coffee, to Ay mar at Co. Saw going into Kio Jattelio American brig Breeze. 12th Inst, hit IV5 N, lull 72 20, taw a telir showing ree uignal with while hall in tho centre, steering 8KB. Bark Express, Hw-endcen, Ssguu, 10 daya, with sugar Ac, to P V King X Co. 15tU Inst, oil' Cape May, posiu 1 n vessel's longboat painted green, liottoui tip; 16th, olT Absrcum, pasted a jibboum with gear attached. Brig M iry Means, Watson, St Thomas, 1C dsyR, In ballast, to Thompson A Hunter. Brig Ada (Br, of Walton, N8), Greenoogh, Jacmol, IS dnys, via Inastiu 12. in ballast, to P it Dcwoll. Has onboard lot crew of bulk Maryland, lust at Inagua. Brig Marcia, liarrinian, Elizubelhpoit, and sailed for Boaton. Schr A W McLci'sn (Br, of Halilax), McLean, Kingston, Ja. 17 da)s, with logwood, U> IIJ A 0 A Dewolf. Schr J 1! Small, Small, Ponce, Feb 2, with sugar Ac, te II linnet'wood. Had mostly N winds, l&lli inut, off Cape Henlopen, s|>oke schr P B ULtke, from Cuba fur New York, with Isse of some sails. Scbr Sea I ark, Snead, Chlncoteagiis. 2 days. Sclir Poller A Hooper, Brown, Toms River, 2 days. Bcbr Quaker City, Benjamin, Kliznuothport. Selif Ah|uli)/ar, Long. Klizabcthpori, and sailed for Boston. Behr T r Aboil, Bragg. Elizabeth (silt, und sailed for Boston. Bcbr Kusuu A Mary, Taylor, Elizabethport, and sailed lor Peacedaie. Blonp Rhode Island, Remington, Providence, 2<"av*. Steamer New York (U 8 transport), Hunter, Locust Point. In bal ast. Steamer M Sanford, Sanford, Philadelphia. Sloop Aji nl, Daniels, Elizabethport, and sailed for Provi deoce. Sloop Thomas Ransom, Clark, Elizabethport, and sailed for Bridgeport. Sloert Manha'tan, Hamilton, Elizabethport, and sailed for Flash lug. SAILED: From Quarantine?H B M gunlioat Racer. Bermuda. lOlh?ships Spirit of the Times, Anjler; Chancellor, fTIU-le Floyd, and Dreadnought, Liverpool; (Jen Washington, Bath; bark Trieste, Slmnghao; brigs Hants (Br), London; A Hopkins, and Eden L (Au3), Cork; Mary Ann (Br), Rl Jaco. Also, VH steamer Varina, on a c-ruiae; US transport Ellen 8 Terry, Fortress Monroe. Wind at sunset KE, with hall and rain. MlsccH aneotis. Snip Jaeon Houton, before reported loat, was 1> hi at Xewbttryport in 1S60, 1150 Ions, and rated Al. Barb Maurt-.tttn, lo-1 at IttaguA, was built at Ballii-.o-u in 1819, St'i tons, A2, and owned by Green and others, of .'ruckdence (not ns liofore reported). The vessel awd cargo on. insured In tbts city. Bn Brio Crarlm, Wyman?frotn Gonalvea for New York, with a cargo of ISO tons logwood and 300 bags coffee, was lost on the night of 2?th nit, on Little French Cay, 8 edge of the Oaleos Bank. The whole of Hie coffee was saved dry, with a greater portion of the logwood and materials, and taken to Turks Islands, where they were to be sold on the 5th Inst foe the b 'Relit of all concerned. Kcnn D.twtfx IIolmbs, which got ashore on Smith's Point 3th lest, on the passage from Boston to Baltimore, was In Imminent danger of being attacked and burnt by the inhcls at .my moment. After 2 days and nights of hard labor, oaalstod by the ("A revenue s'esmer Hercules, she was got Into deep water. She had a cargo of artny stores, which, with (he eohr, was worth about $5O;0U0t Notice to Mariners. The Lightship Relief has arrived at her station, about 70 miles E.-HJ of Illlton ITrnd, Purl Royal, SC. She lies In T fathoms of water. A brilliant light'is exhibited front bar every night. Spoken, Sr. Rliip Brewster., from Boston Nov 28 for Galle and Calcutta, Gee 80, no lat, Ac (by a vessel arrived in England, which was in lat 3 47 N, ion 2132 W, Dec 29). Ship Longfellow, Moody, from Calcutta Oct 8 for London, Ds n 10, lat 35 H, Ion 29 E. Ship Compromise, from Liverpool for NYork, was passed Feb 10, no lat, Ac. Brtg W.ueclale, from Alexandria for Cadiz, Doc 31. '-* Ion 9. Foreign Ports. Avor, Dee 8?In poi t ship Kate Howes, Patrick, for New York, Mg, to proceed to Foochow to till up; brig Iskaudria, Lu-ieis, ftom Titk-t, arr 6tb, 'inc. Batavia, Dec 11?In port bark Rosette, liaik Agues, King, oheribon to finish ldg for Mel wot (at ?3. or if to R.vilney ?3 fa). Calcotta, Deo 2??In port ships Gertrude, \o.uig, from 11* r, Martin, lor NY'ork ldg; Sarah Nowraan, Oooh, fur Hoan .iilo; Art Union, Tibb-'tls; Mogul, 8;to-incr. and Daring, Hnnonyin, for dodo; Cornier, Stevens; M.iro-luke, l'orter; Kmily Farnum, Simes; Portland, Leavltt; J N CushintL Swop; Cirnite Stnte, Jacobs; Mary Hammond, Aver., and Kloi-n, Salter, for London do; Volant, Bray, for Hamburg do; Kemnore, Craves, for Maurae ilo; Commodore, Oruvdl, lor Mauritius do; (loud Hope, Mill?r, dls,*: Tli wales. Line-in, tine; buiks i'atmos, "Spring," and Liilie, Knowles, for NYork ldg. Sid iron fanror T>-' lit, ships Geneva, Barnes, Madras; Magenta. Janvrfn, San Krnnetsoo; lltli, Cheshire, Keed, London: Union, Small, and Fleet Wing, Kclley, Boston; ItitU, Peerless, Ring. Moulmein. Foocnow, Due 7?I i |*>rt shin Samuel Russell, Wiucliell. and Cnnolanl I Hi ), rihlcll, for NY-irk. Kc.mooth, Ja. Jon 15?Atr schr T S ITardlng (Bv), Norria, NY'oik. llovo ICottn, D?e II?In port ships Charger, Ifivlrli, for -en Fran- loco; Joshna Rates. Clerk, for MelbournelF-tnma, Sir rniun, for tnlo; Energy. KeUey, une; barks R>vt r, Wal-h, r 8h/tngbno; Uur-kslep, Peterson, une. Sid Die 13, aldp Moonlight, Hiee., Hong Kong. II (Taxa. Feb 8?1 n ] ort ship Bun-berg, Wilner, une; l-ark? Merrimee, .strout.forB-xton; Dodo fBivml, llusstnnn, for iVVork; Cliiit-in, Pennell; O :111a, Aahbv; Crusoe, Whiting; II Darling, deals; Hannah Thornton, Johnson, and Money. ick, Smith, une: brigs Cron-tadt, Adams, for Boston; John Pi-rue, Norton (or H-minS'ind); Evergreen, Liltuey; A A chapman, Laurent; Hone, Simpson, a -I M A Pierce, Wy :?n, una; sehrs Virginian. Hawkins, for NYork; W HTI rsey, ?"! ?? k. tor Muiatnoras; K Prsit. Hi l ull Hu m, and Henry Travel-, Merrill, une; and the late arrivals, Jaumm., about Jsn 28?in port sehrs 0 IT Cook, Sparks, for Work S days; O R C (Br), for do next day. Liverpool, Feb2?Arr Kangaroo (s),, NY'ork] Kuwait Troe, do; Bohrmlnn (s), Portland. A-lv 1??, Rolx-int in (s), for Portland fith; Canada (s), for Beaton Mill; Kanuiioo (s), for NYork 5th; City of New York at, foidatlili; Arahia (a),for do lath; tlreni Western, Furr, and Constantino, M mod uck, for d-i 4th: Orient, Hill, for do 12th; Jus Foster Jr. Ab.-el, for -lo ICth: Col Adams, Mills, end B Webb. Re-area, tor d-t with despatch; Ttioearora, Dun w, ior Pblladeiphla Btb, lOM-OS, Feb 1?In port ships By ran Hum, Robinson; Margaret Evans, Wann-r; Yorktown,'Mover; (j II Lnmnr, Urolley; Am Concrer t, Woodward; Hemisphere, Taylor; London, Hurlbut; Adriatic, Moors; Ksn.cmUn, York, sn.l Dan! Webster, Driver, all for NYork; Northampton, E'wvll, for P illsdel|iliia 1 lp; Pioneer, Montgomery, for s e-wl per! and H -lis L" w ..m.uiiu o,..ipvinu. n- ? .. - -.-_ for sale; dhernbfln, Skinner, laid up: Rising Ptin, Hkolliald Witch ol the Wave, Todd; Southern E isle, ; Sainue Ail im?, lluy; J H Rymou, lattham; Cambria, IVrry, Fundi llirusid, Rims: Living Age, Emery; Henry Clark, Tonne Noimn'om Kdwarda; Western Chief, Wording; Crimea Peabody; Trlmottntaln, Pl?ld: Monsoon, Freeman: Zone Fullerton; Valentin. Austin; Norwegian, Musans; Hamarl i u. Stlmpson; Arcole, Crafts: Kate Dvrr, Wilson; K Stew art, Collin; Mont Rhine, Donttell; Star of the Sen, Thonp-on Susan Fearing, Nesrromb; Sparkling Wave, Emery; Cum beilund, Watto; Caravan, Sends, and Sanduaky, l.tiinskln di i;;; Ganges, Evans; Oil I.tint, Moore; Pawn, Reed; Annk Itlrhnrn 1. Rtlnson: Star of I'enee, , end Reporter, Ft owe nn?; balks Aehillee, Onllsgher, for Philadelphia 1,1s. Oasis Creech, ding; I nigs JilUabeUi Waits, Jtryant, fur l'biladel phlo; A B rod show, Flsfc, and M W Holt, Dooge, unc. MrsstNA, Jail 25?Arr berk Jehu, Tripp, Boston. SM 21st Daniel. Staples, Boston. Manilas, Dec 21?In portiltlpPrlneess. Renrse, for Rangoon Macao, Dei; 14? In port ahlp Marion, Groan, from lion| Kong, arr Nor if I, unc. UosTKVinao, Dee 1.1?Arr bark Joa Hale Sterena, Memel. Mostsoo Bar. Jn, Jan 1J?Arr ichr E II Itlchurds, Philadelphia. MarauCKS, Feb 1?In port brigs I, A W Armstrong. Itosm. for Now Haven iievl day; Echo, for lialtimwre; kotoh Corn morce, for Philadelphia. I'd a so, Di g|? |u port "hlpTiov, Kngieston, for sale. 3!,' 11th. ship P intlaro, Jenkins, l'.adang to ilnJali Idg for NYorh (not for NVork dlreei). I'OKCa, Feb 2?in port brlts Neuvltas, Wright., for Netv ll.v veil n lv re-id v, 2 <l.i 1 i) Tr.?v lit I '(' . for do do; I.e. olute from a:. . for NVork, dbg: J VV Woo lis.if, from and fm Phi jledelpliia, do; clir Vol'.u: ei, Iroui Cherrylicid, lor NVork PiO t ' snnn. .la i 12?In port bark Orioket, Wlngate, from Baltimore arr Dee 29. simniMi, Nov MM ship Mnu iiwm, i.ecraw, uoiiai,t Tin Falmouth. Rout:' bata, D > 12?8M shlp i Roarim, TIi-ivm, P . ir can: 1 I" ? \n hn; Oylon, .?,nit|i'< n. do |<> lihl ' I I jtoi tho En ;lt ill Channel for orilor* (Ret* tl !<>' lor til Frits In, i ; ?1 ll t > the Continent). Sh.ii Mary lie.idl'tird. Thome nl7th for Ibis biim iiii , to flni-'t Ida fo" Holland, nt Id lth foi lloi'l.trtd, i.r.ei If to the Continent . t! not aoil lor Holism tiler , ntt Idtlorc reiw rlo.l>. SiMiiPottr. I>. e 21?In I ' snips :UrrM ,V Jt ...o, 1). .vh in fr en 11 "lit! Koti t am lytic tor llo!a'i.iv; .! 'in ,t ,, [lot , NY ik; Uro Wral, Euflt, f r r. f port* to I nl o. lev Itiilnc ry, ).lnii"ll, f f Pillion I r oil.;. I,ion, (' ur Irr rfce ports} liark /4meiia, Frtnch, for limit Knng. Ml' i'itli. .l,t"A Hamlet., 1 ei-r.-.i-. Pi h<"i 'e r- i- i ' t-s ti . It'nI nnnitli); lOlli, Kdivlti My, Wen cm (fr" ri 1 aIiiio'i' ' I. .Con/ K' tw. st Thomas, .Tan '27?To j barks t-;- iral'.tie Oi l-lln? Yiniim. frnn Hlo dPnrlro; f S Hn in, Mrjns, front V d r. ?not Civnls); ht'CT Adrtv ! -Ill, Avery, fro . NY rh. >9 j. At'rlcan. une; M try Means, Wttann, Ir tn Iltirh- it i: .. it* 1 W Troth, .li', front H.ltlmorc, il ?-t;; llni.A.iT, I, f,inn IMfn.atr.ra; Ir, ltlii, '.an'tllll, ti. .n . n I nr.ll.un Un Cobb, from Trimo; and others lie I ore Tpiiot trtl. IIai.T0*T?Frl r.?Hid brrk Bonlla, Taktf, .V-v 2*?Sid hilt' N'tnk n, Pwabv, S'vmtt'iAe * Inside of) t'-'i Mnii'.i N v t-. ?. ri.nt II. I g end FritHm, Web-tor, un . VAit'imtso, Pec ll?Sltl blip M iry Caya, Savory <0r>< Boatrui). Sun rT.UKlsoo. Y MtKiiAoA, No. <1?ArT 1.1.k Ho t .,1 , CirtiTriBl'.i, Ito' Y.rtAvroA, Dr ll-Io |. -rt eh:n* 1;-Upnr, .lo> ,n of. >'V' . k ; Mn "I"t Kit"!, 111,1,1 lli.ii ; K'tv; -ir 9'h; white Fa con, Windsor, laid tip, /|. it i, Nn,i'., .in, rt pjr Amrtlrun Portt. ' nORTON. Frb ID, IM- Yn An It ti fl AlT-ao 1, K?m Tangier, CIJ ship Moniharn Crocs, ll.i<r-a, Fruit'I sr bark Mary Sawyer, Bar tie it, Aspluwill, brm Chatham, Sim

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