Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 18, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 18, 1862 Page 3
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to, CienfueRoe, achre Sarah Burton, Atoms,Portau Prince; I WrtgbUngton. Thaeher, Philadelphia; Bar State, HaRett, ITY?rk; William H Atwood, Poster, Deal's Island, Md. Ski Stephen Oterer, Malhon, Calcutta rta S?. nilena: City of Boston Bears, Liverpool. In the bay, a bark. Sid, wind WSW. ILht, ships K WParley (with Sceinpauies New Hampshire 8th regiment), and Lincoln ^ 'oark Pilot Pish: brlc Elbe. (iLOCCKo lEK, Feb It?Arr sohr Amy lis, OookiA, NVork for Boston. KEY WEST, Feb 8?In port bark U W Hall. Potter, from 8h>p Island, arr 3d. CaptTotter had gone to llvana to:obtain a ii right NEW BEDFORD, Feb 14-Arr ?-hr Dolphin, Shearman, Havana; 1Mb, brig Alssander MUllksa, Flab, \ey West. SM 1Mb. sch T 1J, Keller. NYork. NEW 1IAVKN, Feb U a 16-Arr schrn Miranda. Ward, Mayiignes; M 1, Wrduiote, Shepherd; M 1'iinllli, ItrtswerUi, I and C Tl omas, Ttilllu, Maryland. Old nebra Mereor, Aab >v: raliih. A llsnn.h. Kllzaiiethuort: <lerlrv.,ln PHILADELPHIA, Feb 15 a 1?-Aif ships John Leslie. Ponginx, and MoroCastl", Itoss, NYty k; Until l.ark Aristiles, Knhln anu, do; brigs St Mary*, Brevoor, do; Billow, Hodgdon, Bobbin; solirs A 8 Cannon, Nourell, Majeaans; J?o Btroap, Lake, Sagiwt. Cld stefttnerLainn, Matthews, Hasten; ship Hobl Cushinan, Otis, Liveritord: hurk On delta, Roberts, PeriMtmboeo and u inkt; sehra K, Oilflllan, 8mitk VtapidliiyUen; S A Boloe, Holer, Kurt RoyyJ, 80': K Coram, illglt, and E TAiwnsend, Mr iltisms, Huston. I.ktvks, Hub 15?The ships Atylauta, aad Clyde.for'D'indon, wont to sen thin mnrntng. PORTLAND, Fob 1-4?Arr brig Oyolono, MtoOarly, NYork; Mhr K J T.tlboi, Amsbory, #t>. Old harks I.aOtepirna, Hasty, Havana; O H Uaanllon. Chose, Cardenas; hangi Charlenn, Means, anil J A A Crowary, Drisko, do; whc- Ihtnolug Wave, Bennett, Cuba., -POKVSMOOTIl, Feb ?l?Arr brig Mode*. Dow, Matan/as fori land, p it in <ia'account of head wlwi. WOOD'S llfllJi, kVb 14^-Arr brig 8r?>dMW?, Atherton, M&tanzas lor Portland. aa?M??aaa?a??^wai^?? HI 1 A RDI Ati A\D kOD6l,V?. I \ TTEYTION IP CALLED TO T1WW 1}W VINOIN 1Mb J\. ti ls and nonfiling liunaes to an etkabwsii in< nt opened ul Hn. 110 Mi c 'ouga street, sail fnrniwlsett wllh every thing noeer sary Tor hmmcaeeisn,', in order ttewa A luily may benia : aumplele homeeinl live a: a low rate. A'LADY AJO GENTLEMAN,MjStltrMO HANDSOMEly furnished Rooms (Bound for the lady only), ,please wall at o3 Wen Twenty-hull straeL A PRIVATE GERMAN PAWILY *XVOlJLD LEX I T? aueoawnolule a family ?n tow single yrntl-wii \vM -pleasant Hi .mis, good Board; mfl the uemtTyis ol b**ne; m< deaate house and ncfcghbnrhodd Urstaclass; htaiatdd In west Twenty third street; IXnJieh nn& French spoken: use hf p ane; no May moving, n ier tnwi exchanged. Add" -s Mereharr, station K, Tor aste'veek. A S* ALL FAMILY WOULD ?*.KT. TOUBtfKKF. OR ?* urate, a suit ol' naady fuWdshed Rooms, on the nrst orswWnl lloor. togenUanvsa, with/oar Hal Hi ard, if dew.r.-d; terms moderate. Apply -til iil Wi.i Eleventh aireot, near Fifth*.veuue. AVLADY, HAVING <4 AMAH-,'NEATLY IFIJRIWSHEO homo, and livviifi<'ttnuc,',w>iul<l liku lu lot Vwo Koouis, with boar.I, to lodleajlboard'ln-advancc In liairaf reference. Call ai 37 Marion tlfwU, ?c?r tip "inn. A PLEASANT KtlirWISIUBD. Oil PARTLY -FPfSi-N 1KIi HO front Room ?ptl lleii room. in a sin.ill jprtvan lain ;i trims moderate, relVren es' ? changed; latuscwtlb modern ''toproveiucnts. Apflyat 17k*Wost Thirty-lVtrtfc street. A WIDOW WOULD'LIT' A LARGE, SICKLY FURn shed front Mo >m "ou s rond Hour, in -a gentleman, or gentleman uu.lkuiy i Boanrl for III'' lady m ly. Ilonse has aH moduin lni]nw; omenta. Address A. A., -teix 137 llrrald ? oflne. A GENTLEMAN A? > 'WIFE OR KOCILE GENTLE nu n 'an obtain neatRooms, with good Hoard, in a private family troiiiYlcw England. This lsarqoo.1 "|>|siruimty to secure a quiet comfortable home at a reasonable price. Apply at 136 Eaat T.vea ty-tbird street, between Hecond and Third avenues. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SllfV 111' ROOMS TO In?On Brit llnor; also an elegant Room on sceond lloor, with superior Board, In a very duatinbli! locality; plicate family; atonae lirst elasa. Trrma moderate. Apply at 160 West Eicvunilruroul, near Sixth uvowue. A larue, I11AND80ME front fnom, fire AND fas included, mill Hoard, suilubletar ugentleman and wife; nl?" two or three single gentlemen r?n be at'oinmodated with airc'Rooms nnd Hoard, on very reasonable terms, at 02 Chriktophov street, corner of llleeelte.r. A^rn T 126 NIVTIl STREET, A FEW LiyHfS WEST OF Hina iwny, iiNj .1* of Rooms on the third (lour, trout, sonsiHting ot Poller and two Bedrooma?*"* would be divided. The best ol references given and reiinlred. APLEAHANT, OTWMKII FRONT ROOM, ON scci D l boor, to let. to a gentleman and wile or two single gentlemen Also a Fiont Room anil Redrooin, on third oor, to e , to a rtna'l family. Apply at 60t Broome street. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY, LIVING IN IIOWfortable cireuuiataaces, desires to take tiro or three young hnlies to Hmr.l, tvllh the comfortsof home. Terms eery moderate. Inquire of Mrs. Ubapin, 671 Eighth avenue. Board.?large rooms on kkgond floor, suirable far ? gentleinun and wife or laei or two single gentlemen, In agrrivau-'fiimily, at 241 Hroadrrny. whete they can have the coin) oils of a ho no. Gas, hath, Ac. Board.?several pleasant rooms, with Hoard, at NivtfiH'Umon place, near Tiftb avenue. Din er at fljo'cieelt. Board.?centleman and wife can be acuomm<idatod within front For or and Bedroom, on the rerond Boor, at 178 Weal Fourteenth nipert. Ala two hall Bedtoome. Referen.esgiven and required. Tcrma moilerate. nioiw * at at* Board ? persona desiring a good home can obtain it nt 29)6 licniviek street, between Canal and' Spring. A gentleman and wife, two gentlemen or two young hdiri cm Bo accommodated. Family small. Tvruii' very Moderate. Board or mown.?a private family will let. With Board,.e .pleaaaut suitoi Rooms, on sc<oml ll'.vr. Also a Room on third Boor. Term* moderate. References flvrn required. Apply At 121 Weal Furl) second atrcn, oear Broadway. Board wanted?in the country t>n nbw York, ter an invalid old lady (purelytic), with a p ain, ?especiable family. Address or apply, with terms, Biust be very moderate, 113 West Twentieth-street. Board wanted?'For a <voi;no lady, with gout accommodations, in .a small or prirnle family, where lew or no boarders arc taken. Terms not toexiC'd A' easily respectable parties need address D. Q , Herald dice. Board wanted? for a gentleman and wife, in a private family only; not dllll-nit to please, and' will be |srinasiout mat place that emit*. Lo.alion preferred, est of Broadwntv, below Twentyithird street. Terms must' fee moderate. Address box 1,574 P at ottiec. Board wamteb-by an elderly widow lady. furnished second story front Room, with lull dinner at , noon, in a desirable lo atlon. Address, with full partleulars, U. 11.8, Herald ollice. BROOKLYX.?AT 117 STATE tiTREKff, CORNER OF Clinton, two pleasant front Rooms, with good Board, are offered to the e vi.o prefer substantial comfort to stylish aorommo.lallfitie Baih, furnace, Ac., in the houte. Near the South and Wall street ferries. Board in bkikskxyn ?y private family ok two single gentlemen tan Hud a handsomely furnished Bac k Parlor, on llrsl Boor, with Board, at 221 Shoe street Pleasant location. Terms very low. Board in mmoin.- koom to let, with Board, at 4'J Core ord street. lloa?e contains ull the modern improvement*, and is convenient to Fulton ferry. Rcfeicnee reqmrnd. Roard in SOOTH BROOKLYN.?a lady having a r three gentleman ? very reasonable term*. linnet tltv 1ft*". r eir the fri.inu. Address A. H. C., Iltrmil ollire. Board in houtb Brooklyn.?comfortable Itonma, furnished or nnfiirnlshed, with fralelaM B urd. wy t> o KM! In the mnveiur.iily Imiij iu> ? N Qm grees ilrrrt. 'Mm k"U?e is new andcomuina ibe uioil' i n co , *ci<i nor*. Dinner ai'6. Brooklyn board.?sboond btory front room to lot, to a couple; alto linoum for itgle tfiitlfinfli. Point moderate; location delhthll'til, itr.d within il\r> wiltitileiP walk of 8 mthoir Wall atract fctry. Ap$i)y at 2i 9.1 r im street Uroothro. Brooklyn hoarp ?single gentlemen and gentlemen nnd (lioir wl> c< desiring good board and tie onifurt* i.nd privili p?ofn boiim, cm bav<> (ho tamest I. .moderate p he, by applying at 9J Congress ati eel, between . Hukaano Homy. |11 ROOKLYN BOARD WAKTED-BY TWO YOUNO GEN D II' m<n, In a pi Iraae Inmtly, rokidlnr enliven ?nt '(sWull tut''n South feiries; a Foeliir with two Modn. uns silp It mc would be preferred. Highea; reference* given, Answers < 111 bo considered atricliv uonliihiMial. Address, statinc lo. aatinn. iormft. An., K. J. C , Brooklyn Foot olli e. Coi'ntry board WAN?ED~ON the iivdn9v rivor preferred, thouiii' not particular, bv a lady, dangd leranilmn. nil crown, tm?ii threat of April Ihr niehtnr sum mrr; must b? of reav aocees by iiiat or roll, and not more thini about IS itilie* trotn tbeaiUy of How Yolk; would like, If; poi'il lM bo me ivltboiit say other Lonrdcre, though the i .Would not be objei tloi.Hole. Addiea* for one ? eok, (t'liij; | low< at tori a, hxation and name, Trio,, N. Y. ard.-to a party or gentlemen of re rp ' Iftk. lty, who would pnoler a homo to hotels <> hoardnui I o. *. a w idow lady, hsuiitt; a ipiftr My of fr t a f ornituft', enough lo furnUdk a handsome modern hoio-r would r ill llie 'omr on llbrml b rrna. and, bring an A N". I fccuseki ei>cr, w ilt Inkn charge of Uioir lkiiiHr',c.<p|ng. Tint da it rare nppmtimlty lo ?r uro u comfortable brute; nr.doubled trstlimaunl* as regnr a uaMtldl atMiiR nnl n. specs , btbt". Addiwer^tra. K. K., box lSd Herald oB:e, oraUlion B.iUlfMb atrewt. New York. TV\Y BOARD R.ANTKD-BY A YOd'ng man.ioqwn J./ jown; the noiflilrorliond of 81. John's twik pinf-rred. Pay In advanro ir d* lmL Address A., box KM Hemldqfl . FAMILt/CH desfr'ng to UVI RETIRED IN A pri vale family, botiao bmt class, can havo on entire Ka me! Fleer, with modwtu conveniences,aa*d li.mam nv iv fur MaWd, wltJi .trlvab tab.-, by calling Inuuwdiaiolyet dHWctt. tnali'MRk I at reel, Tj1Rt*J?:H Bi dRD?FtTlNCIT LP.HSONB._A OOOD OP A. t?/innii) it main men oy pi Kcuani* aa?u iivn -j in in, bouaeaad nr. 10in the farvtly or a IVrM.m Irren<h U ? be . Apply ax W Baal X'wenvy tntinil atreet. Furnished RtOMS, WITH board, WANTEBWOH two a<Miilrrirji and thar wlvea; would pief. r a ar nn door. Ana* , ri wilujot lie no<4 uatoaa prt.-r and par?. r lara are allied A<:d. ( ? Ici tlit ;c <ltt}? Two Gculicmcn tit Verona, llauCd rutlee. FIERMHIFJH ROOM.T TO LEV-SOME AS M?W AH ft cerwoajfc Fircanr Bit tkliitt can bo had If required ?t 1M) Moll fHoff, three dnora alo.o Broome, tttafaa an<> Art convenient to all pa rir of tht civ.. Fl'RNI IIKD JU.VMS '1,0 LET?dVITHOlT BOARD In a very ainolf, ,,nlrt l.anily, what" there are but tw, peranv". no children or hoar.Tera, withal modern Imjirure mriita.'jith, pna, Ao JVrnia liodrrat*. Al'fv nt 4i Wta Thirteenth alrrot, lietwoan Klfak and Sixth .avenue*. Furnished rooms to lit-or second floor of 7tllBroadtvny, between Kahili mid b'uiih tirr i?, i,??P'atlni:of foili Rome; t > let, ec> .nMy 01 tucelhrr. I> .rentlrinen onlpj hnnae ha* all modcta luipiovaata nuand . j 0 a pir.iMiut It alien. jfTANDSOMKLV riMlNIBIlED ROOMS. WITIt JI.VIII XH gaa, A'"., 'U I't? partial Bonrd If tletlred, In ,t pi tjyaie lamjly, at 12 St. .Mai lt a pluo-. Ki? noli i|iokrii. JXfEATLY FI'KNISIIF.D ROOMS, EITHER WITH till il without BoariL n ay bi lin !at lid Woat Kltrenlh tire, i Jbetwren FlI'Mi ??'l ?0*lh an nil. o Ifl'O III',MUi'l'.N - \ SMALL I VIVVTE KAM11V HE i I or ml. t on Without Bt a d. n ncaily I n . 1, ' . v. .. " 1 "Ell I -I'll r |. , > .ominx. Apply nl IK MtW HouiIod fDtwl, corner Of Mj.-dci-K?L | NK r ^ BOARDING ABD tO?GIW?.^ rl^-WITHBOAKD,ONE DABOB ROOM AND Bedroom, unfurul-hed. Any geullentaa and wile lun- . lag furniture will Qnd It to tfcelr ad vnium to call at once. I Terms aocordieg to the tunes, Apply at 38 Went Twelfth I street, between fifth and Sixth avenues. \ IITANTBD?BY A BB8PKOTABL* WIDOW LADY, A >T clu d to Board, white It will have a mother's care Apply aldCB West S3d St. WANTED?A L1TTLK CHILD TO BOARD, fOK CO*- | puny, by an American. Inquire at 324 Moor e aa, secMd lluor, t root roesu. WANTKD-WTWOL'T BOARD, OR WITH PRIVATE table, a ooralortahle Apartment lor an elderly tuun. Room uud private tul le not so exceed y, a wwA , room, wltu 'out hoard. U"t toexceed $1 ? week. Addiea*. with parti'U 1 lain, U.u nq) .i, box lid llertild olhoe. WANTHD-BOARD, BY A OKNTLKWAN, TV A PHI- 1 vale ifvmily, where there are no other boarders. Address J. It. K., lli raid i/rlre. ill?O "? WEEK /. OR A PIUfTtW.Y NUKNISIIKD ' ?PO Boesti, with rerl Board, to a piUnmsii And wife, laeludiag and gait. Also one lor %t r"' week, lor a genllemus. flstiie Urai cfcss. 1GI West Tw?tly-<tit'.i sticet, ncur Eighth ironic. QC AND 37 WKil' THIRTIETH WilliET, BETWEEN v tn" Mroadwey mid fifth avowee;?One or two s. 1 ?* ' faiutlicii and twtror three gciilleenon crfta-now be aocomni*) Inted with hu.Ii* ar single rooms, ole.aialy furnished, and to One-ef the mow dell; Intel InuaMoos In ire city. Table Irst dtp", Referent ,csexchanged. ' (AO (MUSICS STREET, AWJVK I I III III].. 11 d?W h.J House. Elegantly fnruished ??*.* ui ltoo s, us (Irotoii and W. ery conveiiiris-. ifer hoo iekeepiut; oo uomihwI 'W; particularly suitahle for small, -rev pec tabJs famUles ?ir ir uuiu gentlemen. 11 tut luw ta perimtHcnl p-nattta. "1 Z.L' r* NCE 8TKEBT.?8fT. -OiAIR HOUSE?WlfB I Willi oil u><; onvniiiencaufwr housekeeping eomplelei, ",rhidlnyyasaa I Crmou watiuytv let to'Mepectable fawi'iwa or I II wiptlrt'JttMlli 1 mn ELM STREET. NEAR WRING.?KUR*-TKfIKI) 1 *' Apartments i?rovniocdifc.n ocopaiicy. Toe routs to lite uily, <u>ii?Mcclng the' tjnnvonleni e of ceaaumy 'It house* telling. Hi) t liotlHing iitdf I arillllire, w ilb 1 Wage, ryyp i lug '?v tiHilH anil linen nbmplete; jr ig and Ci-uton. t.KCTDllES. T\T CORDOVA'S UNNUAl/fOUitSE OEWUMOKOUS XJ Lectures at Uliutou Hull. No. 1. "The Hull is Up," a i.o? humorous lecture, with in introduction wi verse, on Tuesday evening, Cnk-U, nlio'i'luuk. Tickets kobeh/ui at all music and Ouukietorr* ami at the door. IfliWNKAM. OF N.VTH? S?CLINTON iMlM , i STOR 'JfS place, r cbrnw. y 21. At tin" requeslot nomci'dus trlmm* llr. Iiurls r willd-dlver his'h i liire on the "INWhi'iiU of NaKnn*" (i ?pe-lalhv the repulil'i ?), on Monday cvef ing, Peli. riinry 2i, at 8 o'clock, ill the M rcaulllo Library lecture ro.Hu, f 'irki'lH y> cent*, miay be-obt lined of the L torariku, at most ?.f the music starua, ami at the iccluie roourton the evening of the lecture. "L'lUE UtOnjkM BY THE "LKAWWtP IILACK J Hiuitli."?A 'public Lecture will he delivered b lo.e i lirvaiii, Straitou, Packard A Pcnn s M' IVhiiM' College, at i riM.m lb Cownr.r Institute, by Elihu BufWu, Eai|., on Wednesday evening, the 19lh inst., commencing at hall peat i even o'clock. H object?"The Element!) ?el Commerce." Ladies and in lU'rninn are respect! ally InvliUd. RRYVVNT, STRATTON, PACK* ltl> A l'KNM. REV. A. A WILLITS WILL DELIVERS LECTURE, INif, ' the Reformed Presbyterian chunk, Dulln Id turuct?,| ' Brooklyn, ?b?s (Tuesday) owning, alAoAo -ek. Suij et ? "The Age, mi tbc'Mun I'or It." Tickela,-25 cent". To bo | had al the fenr. MOW I'llll.K AT'lO'VS. A,I Its. H.WKINS' I'AI'KR?6 CKNTC A COPY OB XI ivl leiun a year. Etiquette, Arts of ihmnty, Courting, So i cial Game*,1 Original Stmica and many kilercatiny mailers. i Totally ua^i"' other papers. Publication"Oillc 82 Waiki r at. i That "cinuouR-' hook ok city women, ai.vcu Inr and interesting sketches of female eharactera in New York. Oha'tji edition published this week lor 2.? oeiws , Mailed, post paid, 30 cents. by M. OAIJNTT, 09 Walker street i FINK ARTS. cg/T/iii ? nm halk, *;IIKI?I <<;ituw^r,u WITTII t]ptJV/U* Thorns, by Sains, Madrid. To is ?pl*?mk'il ' painting, by Sains, is a true ana p'rfect eopv of the groat original now at Home*; richly trained,* size 7x5^ f?*et. HTM ? ho m>1c1 or exchftuged greatly below its tralno. ('ait be seen at i>2 Broadway, near Wall street. Suitable for church ort>yt? * Vits we. J Inquire of J. I* CHISEBBMAN. , * IIOIISKS, CAUIUACtOS, ?fcC. AMMtaHiRt.Y rUK PAIR OK HOUSES MS 3 Jnat arrived. They art; sl\anil seven yearn old, ' sound, grand anion, and very fast; tliey eland Mv?aun<n ; bands k'gh. To ho s en for a few days ai Nuiris' Ar -udc i Btaldea, 116 Clinton place. fMJl SALE-A NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS WORKj 1 Horses, with or without Carts an I Harm ax; also a Mare, with cat io Ueo. .M. I'ulchcn. The mare Iiuh trotted ir" 2:2K. 'One line Colt, 21 immihsold, and. no Mare, u sptaidid driver; ? line Mllcll Cow and Calf, three weeks old; all of which will he sold at a low jir.c. Inquire of C. DKY1AX,. corner of Fifty sevcnlh street and Second avenue. LKMt SALE?A TetJXO BLACK BASHAW MUK; r wnuul, kind and ?pecdy; near 10 hands; would make a splendid Mtiari Innate; tine in till harness App.yatMr Brown's Clnii Siahlc, corner of State anil Boerum stiwcM, Brooklyn. IMHt RALE?O'm LIGHT PORTLAND 8LBTOH; PRICE B20 One swell body All any, In line order; | $.10 One handsome two seat, only l.e m used four timet; ove.t tl.SU, prion $8R Apply at 27 V\ OOBter street. INORSALE AT A HAUOAIN.-'TWO FAST PONIES AND a gentle Sn idle llorse will be sold cheap, the oh nor having lull the city. Apply to or add res Mr. channel, Herald Ollae. tlUR SALE LOW FUR WANT OF USE-A BROWN pony built Horse, J,", hands high, about eight years id I, warranted sound aitd kind. Apply at 13 Char.?a street or it) ' atrttl. NEW YORK TATTERSALLS, SIXTH AVENUE, COR , . ner of Thirty-ninth street.?Tuca.ay, Feb. IS, at II o'clock, auction eulc ol Hor.ce, Wagnne, s.c g ie, Blankets, Belle, llariieae, end ll e nenal variety of property Hold weekly at the Tattertalls. S *e auction bead. 'J HORSES FOR SA-Itl..?ONE BAY HOUSE, SIX YEARS ?3 ,ohl. I f" en han le high; can trot in .1:15: price $12.1. One Etpress Horse; prrejflU. One Home, allle yeais old, eiutahle for a i ar. or wagen.; price $M. Can be seen at 52 Weal Foelylirst mill, aeftr Seventh a. cone. 6 POWERFUL nnSSSS HTflfPROM THE COUNTRY | from ti to 7 y? ar* .eld, frjm .13 to 17 Land* high, t - uy . built, tit form a ?*.rt?, trucks, stevedore. expvcMS or nny kind of down town work; warranted sound ami kind In every respect. Inquire at 541 <Caxi*l street, N. Y. , COPAHTKKR^IIIP ioTVCKS* J i 1\AlfTVVU U'l VTL'U iWV ITIKLVnUVi! . U(V J ,Inline $I,0IU ui command, can secure huli iuutltklin> Hood pa;, inj Ki??i?r, Fred, (ry ami Provision hnsim-va. Addi- sii C. H. A., UeruAd idhco. >. B.?No .merit* in e 1 apply. . . pARff.xKK WANTl.D?WITH . A <11. TO ENL K*?c tytk inn advcrllaer, with Ihe -uino aiunnni of means,In Hie WnO'.esalo iirocir.v Business a man of e?peririiN preferred. Address K T , box 1(1) Herald other, staling where an interview can lie had. 1 >j\ IITNKU WANTED?IX A KKTAlJ. CASH Hi Si i J. .ness, Ui one ol iho heel lucatiuna in inn city, with one who on 1 r-ianda all Ihe detail* nf the lin-ni ?.. Apply al ilrn hut store und -r French'* llo cl, opposite City Hull. rpilK I'OPABTNKR.S1111' HERETOFORE EXISTING \ 1. iiinlnr the Drill ol L>. U r-idcti JtCo. wan illnaolved on the 111h Inst , by mutual eons. uA. 11. HKK.tlEN, KMT Feb. 17, WO. D. W HUSKIES. J IITAXTKO \ rMlTNKK. 01001 DRUG MTOBM, J YY till in n tt>hi.I jobbing business can bo conn; a very r? Mm opportunity leMreraa te ifmi man tha' understand* the Inisiio is unit hus| but a mnaii uapital. A.'dress J. H., lleralii.nRtre, Ihln w,ek. , toefl ?partner wabxbb, in the corfbt- j Vu'/l'. llonnry and pantry Onatno-n, the .onriu is 00111^ n Tnu hu ntss, iho o rjec; of the a lvertln-r In to entiurrt a ladle# restaurant. Tin-*> nlbm Is unsui passed. K.II' f ill iiarlloiihiricall ill uHtl Canal sueet. <1 AAA_AJ* OnUMBMC xi in fOI THIS pX V.'XiM//. amount can buy u half Intereat 111 u re ,|,'< tuIdr nnd -tiic bitnl,ie?n, ulr any s.urtod, in a nelghboilu< cltjr. Call at IZ'J Hroa.lwuy, basenwuit, bclweeu <1 and 11 oYloc*. A. M. 6?1 mi/1 to iwmj WOUiaP JJK INM.Sfi.IilN I III. 'PlJ.o W !' purchase of the whole or part of mi Eunn luhi il Business, iii siiceo?af ul -operation; Hotel or Keutauranl prelim-ad:-or would rent some large building In the v1- ' clnltyof it.? Nw? Yore I'oet ollac. Anew ore given, with lull particular*, won tint required, Ai w ill recelt e nil' nlion ui.d ' be i oneidi-ied roiilidential. Address Y. (>. 1> . Hera tl oil ice. ' $i) ?/Wh.CAHII AND ACTIVE PAWN Kit WANTED? i rj.tJUl/ .To join the advertiser, r. lio will Inveai the UK, an,,on,I, in a permanent biantieea, with sales lor i aeli , oulv and at Urge > nulls; assoclaikui uueuvp: tollable. Ad- i M SAW, Ou> '01 Herald olllee. PROPOSAL*'.. UOKSES tYANTED FOR THE DUPED -HTATES CiO vei uuiCC. Oprig* or tne Samoa rm* iitsk, ) or Tin 1'onvAe. IVjimiimimmi. Fi b. .11. ISiSf. > ' it*tied prn|?naiis fin ihe delivery it H ashiiigmu l i'v of ' I,if) cavalry and ailiU?rv Horace, lor Uv- United hue s go. v- wxmeul, w.ll bo ivtaiyed at tlic .flier ol Cci-Hiel D. II. Itwker, D -panmet- iju-rnimasir, la tkia city...anil It! M,-n Kiiiuuny mo .f'd Ui-i. IT* * hfiraea will lie piiMhasaJ In l-ita ant axce'rtlng 310 1 Hast, and no blue will la. o/.ui lain"J lor a jreatflrantmber j from Any otto person* 1 Not I will le entertained (h it la not etojoraei! hy two r- ?|Siiu'Llo person*. who will guarantee thai Ihe bidder ? I'l: ouply iv.Ih hi- piopuahmn. If II ehould Iw acrrpu j. Twenty tiv- day* will lie (.yen trom the ofs-ningc; the bids lor Te completion of Uietfehv. ry of the lava <. I Ol lie- a'.ovc horsi a, -VW ari teipilrcd lor cavalry end 1A0 ? lor in tiller: . _ I Bfirii-RIPTION OF HOUSES REQUIRED. I (ITAlUY UbiNb*. I To be frorv IK to IC hand* In lieiylit; In t wen 5 onil * years J of age; of doth colors; wellbrofc'iuto the saddle; compactly Unfit entl ,'reo from all delects. , AHTIIJ.hHY HOI"**. ! To In* IS,1? f0 V< liaii 'm In height; bptween S an.I * year* of ' age; of (I i'k etUini 1 rve from all iWeferlaj well broken Lu !mi?' **, ami to iwlih not leas tliao liUO uonud*. Tli hoine* will l " In*p'?tn1 by a board of oflicera detailed J Iroio V'" rpRlinentf r>'iulilnfl tin nt. \ The nnOnral riied jvatior the privilege of rcjerltng each i nl piiyy lid, ptiuulS he conalderthat the tniereaia of ilie i * iwhe : tiulru it. KTKWAil I' V AN \ 1,1 KT, 1 Bilfadirr UeneralMd Qnaiterma*tcr. j CKALKIi ritopoivu ARB INVJfljW TILL THB 1 O KRh nap o! Miuv't, IhW. at 13 o'eloelc M, for aitppli ln? / nic llnitril ftvai.* f nbio;t,j. p Detail imi nt wlib <,WJO In iol of J Meet V line w the hoot. , Int) caltlu to be ilellvn d gt AVas'tlnglon CjfA and each , aolwaal lo arera^e 1,800 po intta yro^a we alit; no iwilmal n,t- . in It'* <t which '.* iglia Ira* than J JMW pound* v Tbr rattle t > he delivered al an*h time* and In auefi qnan- . titles ?* the gureiniaonl may retpure. No t attle will lie tit 'en thla contract be fort !i,e 1st tl?y of April, 154 i. lit Ifere and bttllo- A* not named. A bond, nllh Rood anil sufficient security, will be required, r.ovenment n a rvca 10 Itaelf ihe i igln to |tny In TreaatM jr notes. .... , No hbl n id he enletfaloail when put la hr eomra bus who i have previously foiled lit comply with their contracts, or where the bidder ta not present to teapond to hi* bl.t, H ,ds lo be dlnetod to MaJ. A. Beckwltli, C. 4., t, 8. A,, 1 Wl litiUioD, P. 0. J * row* or bio. . f I, A B, do hereby propose to tlellrer lo the roTrrnment f rood neaf eatile on the hoof for ?per bundled potted* neiehl; lheeahle to he ilnltrered at , e .i>.-.fin? to 1 it,- terms of tn? rftclorad adrci liaen.ent ; Mm is'tle lo lie J tveigh' (I oil the Sense, an Itha welclit ?o drt< ruined lo he i i 1 y e . ag".i ? .,1 / a-.r'i Ii ni loi I u.llloi nt Of the r. nlr?.;f, fp i |o I' / ccItc Ti cMury uutct in j^aymenl for its cauls. ? s <vr YORK QKKA.LD, TUKI ^^JULES ?? MBAIi MTATE. A BEAUTIFUL FARM?71 ACRES, WATER FRONT, twelve miles from N< w York, at llack< it?ack, i'J.&OU; ?d*, opposite Yonkcr*, mar deiHJt, $8,1-00; ld6 do., thirty 1 Ji'iSiiuJ"l;w Jersey, $5,000; a ?! >., in Rockland county^ vT" AH mentions and prices for sale or exchang x " MKLiCii, 40/ AFORTUNB FOR AN ENTERPRISING MAN,?FIVE bundrwi *?iij twenty ic v< 01 choice Ura, Luke Michigan, near a oounty seal, ior sale, or trade* ior < ty probe ty or a small farm in tke river cnuniiM, Apply m No. 1.98 West Thirio ntn street, sk the Li kern. VaPev coal-Aim e, TltOB. T. STORM. At morrif.ania- for hale ok to let, a conven-lent two alary, attic ami br-rsim ot \lmjble Cottage Houses with a large garden altndkcd, in a healthy ami pie iuiDltooatlori and May of access. Apply tothe owner, r. K , Villa W?u ", comer ol George street. in Mlf-iin, town ol Moriihoaia Wi-i-t he^er oonuty, or ? No. *7 Vt eat Twenty-sixth strwsi, w.w York. A-envoi(IE FARM OF 21V At'lOiN 175 IN TIMBER) twelve tail, a from the Hml/on river, to ovuliunitc ? HiioH Iriiik, rtiildings, fences, wun-r and neighbors. i rioe $12;090. If this do s not su.I, we have those that will. STEPHEN A. PintCE ft CO., No. 6 FlYte street. \ URK1T HA HO t IN,?FOR flALK OR EXCHANGE, a?. Ihtw : lirsl cla.-s Houses, wc'l loc ated, witu line eosrtyards hr- routj well ren*-<l, paying leu per cent p i atmum. /ill exrtange for a latri, if WeR located. Iinpiiru at Ne. i'J HeirlW.nti. Agents weed not-apply. TJWSOKLYN HOUSK.S FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN.? 17 No. 1 Lafayette ..ivctino a first close bred; llouvc, with every modem iinprWYemeiil and cooveiiionoc, aiill'u cotuplbte order. Also the two story brick llou-sj No. 2.17 Stale * ret, near Ifoyl, with line arb< i s vine*, c-ujho.ii, mirrors, A>s, If desired. Atoo the three story lire-k flense on the nw-theast corner at' St. T'Hlix street und ttan.-mnpu"'-; w ill be so'd very low sntl on (Vvorabl i terms. Apply to WM. B. A- iCIIOI.S, No. W PI no at rcct. New York, or and r. eniagsal No. 19 LalMyi tie avenue, Hrvoklyn. /TENTRAL PARK 1,'ITS.?A LARUE AND BEAUTIFUL v plew of cfil onntl r.n ti e Fifth awvne, Iretilin ; the Para and opuoHit*) ouc of ta-o prim inal i iitr*ric.rH,-*o*;|'er?d for sale, for ism, orafMirtion of tho Lots wcr.ihi be-exchanged for a good Uoiisovi!, tlte'rl.ft!i avium- or Vic lit is*. The pri)|sirty w.litre inaitrfrer. -of in uinbrancc, ami WtniI-1 be evcliau.e.1 on'y for po'pi-rty'Y>te or lightly ?tof'S-geil. Address bo* b.ini foaMliM, tottta, full partleali rs. /TUOICE 'BIlUniNU SITES F(>?: SALE OR KX-.j] yJ chiUM^?tttii'Hi on tho Hudftot^rrom 17 i" 8ft lums w4th ' riMtr fit^ thirty viiIIcb from city ^tugutli^oiit view*ot' J \h<> 11 wh*m; \tlil b#? Hold muck tluur vain*, ore*- j ok4iig^l oor'ilM ilasM city pr-r*cHy. A?lUr???bii C.. \ poow-in'^'t )KK IlOl'SK, '>\V'P?; ,IN(1 AN I) 07 \o:#tr.s \J 'Lnjd, nn <t ihtivmc vibuqc twenty inlk-w froin uimvir , in no-v jersey, ior "am '<n very u<cotimioiRit : tf Irrq^^Mfdmp. I-in,I exreHentpssd qood buslnwn iti'is-.e. 80UTHWICK .v 1WQP,aigiHM 1rMt. /BWJl'Art-K V.ND GROUND WANTED?BY A I'RVMA\ J *lonl lenent, at low lew. Mutt be easy of oi'Cssiu all hgkiro. Address, statinp humi iesi, i > nt ami (lesoriPitom "V. 3., npiMS IJMtsJd o.i o . IJW HN.?A NIOE KAR*, 'T*WTVACKKS,?>( A> 11SAUM' til uMs#e on ijonj; hours from 'ili??fu ; rood 'hone roomsj, bum, oxrotienl garden, tlne-A illituif, noe ing, idwr.iiiig, A<at a bargain. AApOiee- Vomer, tn livwnM mm. KlilMVtt SAI.K-CN IB IIAtlKENKAfi*" RIVER 0.' Ifwn npnnty. W I fnnnintm nmr It irti. with a s"od ll?i* 'aatl plenty<riP"-nVoin<i's attacked. I* foil pnr? irlm-a, ?/illi in..j ?| uh*r inouin: ul VH.41.Allt, l lZ KIIK SAUt tV* - HANOI', LBASW OR WORK an- hi i*h?At tAeunistead, H.. i., eiplit at.nutes' walk (nun oil ro u| dep.*. JjOyi'i;a iooiv or l?*. i. wet house and svitlniM iiiis; first rtftedanil, all hi goud-artier. Apply to J. HtQUm in JtL a ?l)t ,Bi?nad IW Oenti*wirekt. r>H? ULB-TRG rf>" I SItiltY tWIUf. ,'i; 11'lUSK, ?? m Urge, brown W' ne Trent, tisiRliril'd 'he bent style, all model n liiiprowinfir h, at tl 1.1 rye. re i lev n 111 from cost. Apple oo Ike iwraitf 1, lid (ViliuoOiiu am yet, It rook h n M TDM. SftI.R-11 -NTt : LITTLE 1WV.' CONTAINING 'I thlr ty-lne iu*. s,di- ndy ui thutniy, inf.Nl-.v Jersey; i'ioiI How* i ui id Kern ifHw $IHW; |i?n t i imti.-uc lanrr al mx imr omit. li jfkMiBW; tenwicb stMel. k". MALCOLM. I UU-Pim*VYKLL.INU ilWJDW NO HROUNDS I 1? No. ,2 tjiuer'fiottM illici tly on ifmnWyn Heights; ill.lid- ' tiiXsuil Of fcjii-kanuki inne, built Ui'tkowi**>- . hist-, hi si?e fiE?70 foe , three start! *8, rofisplele inall ils ?;> poiotm mii-i, Idkuiv.p otu, ft-. *il;mr!er. Miirivnlleil, our imvidii *1 iougatiiu*dt views of itkr. h*yon id efty o. New York, i onikmiiiK ho*t' -Ity end owii?ry. wdtAlu three minutes' u alk o * ike We II ami l Terry; beery; ill >bs( is required lor t ' first el |*e tee Ml Mice cure nir. a.mpte pr< ? lids I a iilsonielv j lokd ou tie unttyiev.-pi iden, 1111*151 greeufi sise.eoiisei'iulci y, siuide, eoarihauutvai. huiun s Muse, fcej Vf Ml sold will bo ! rented or knewsti f?r n numberof vmv *. oroeihed or other wise. laayotK uC#l UN 11. l'IUE?niCai,Uo. 1 tiroce tintsi.! Hrooki fo }r?oit ?.UJE-'ntitt PKot'ErriBMiv/jB- twenty rnt??r; 1 st, li't tout, lot "roni Kikktli avenue. Toilet?Part (tote tunc Id I WenTnntv Tmirtti stmtt -six row is, prater and gun. Ini|iiit fnf iQ. Jiltfi INS, XatiiJu kvuiiU' . 1MB [gll? *mVABM or fl5 UMBS iT Miff DC. 1 <1 fine.. awurrff 'ot, plenty*!! fault, ..vifliia ale it >u? quar-. ry and posit:ariablaCnilltlinga. Iful.-iiUtt ; jS.O.0 miy re-' main < pan nwrlMi. e; or wwitM isunu?? > !?r n limine in I Bro.ikl ai. nwit la- unenrunt'anert ir. l>< ot ?smd tM"'' Ml*. IE iHLli; ,\AU it >7 Vest T'?i?U.tyd oail.fc sir VI. T.10R BALB-Tt* {EE STOErillWH-^lXlf ANI> IV.J 1 Ur.,tir?i?iissi? rid extru inn* . hrnwwt nais front Hoimoi tone yee r msl*i,.-sti rainl on EWi.givel tilth sa .a-iaN. Y. $fU*X\ xt-iYMObR A \V1I1T?N tfcTBroadwa* j For bBmt iwybs mows raaai city hj le (We nejwwtnr.eouiiiy), a iuat'l?iitB|t S'ot. one are." lino ganli r, char it*. 1 -nil, xhutte, niirublirryai ir. A li in pectrt' ! older. Nitir cImu-i'Ik-k, rchool?.ti >1 depot. -JEVMODK * iC II If ON, 132 15 roadway. For balb-j. ?EAi'Tircfi. no. -mr and thraii' urea ol iuml;.A.! the moiejji improv -mint*; i refl mock 1 oil with fruit and om-amentul irees; neiglsb. rhooit i ln?l elans; witliin loriy mle.ii*-* of the nLy by mk oad ev try leuiir . j Terma ??*v. Iiiquuv of 11 HOit), 75 I'm* tire I. For hale?a tale vhle; nd?s- i Madison street. .betwi eu Jiiihaoii and Scam mi I, alum ' no fee- square: wlli Jj" aoiil nt a biugiiu Apply to A.J BLKEOKltR. SO.V A < O , II P:>*r rtn *t. DOB SALE IN BROOKLYN- JT.50'?A NEAT TWff \ F and a half atm y OellugB House, III tile *11*1 health j aunt; nusrenieiit pari ol Kriwklyu. It la well mortgneed, r wpr-ielug but a sin.VI amount of money,of nbnA |urtuo. mtan in a go al vacant Jot or a valuable horse. Addn atil i A . r , I o\ IMS Nov York fowl olo Farm in tester county >nik sai.e or by j <-Mango for Brooklyn properly- an .exet In nt lai n, lor I lairy orrro|ia; line building*, food fence' and very pro. W- ' live; near M-hoolf, churches and small village; an excell tat. i 'arm kcncially. 801 THWICK A WoOtO, b2 Nassau atraei. _ j MOR SALE CHEAP?THE THREE STORY AND BASE L m nt Hoiim* an 1 Lot I 14 South riflli street, Brooklyn a K O, 31x14", n ilh !rott ir.-es an I Tinea; water ami gat In ? Otis . Ahu 11 oiive 213 West Twenty-wuuul street, ?L4s98 9, n itli nil modern Impn.rcment*. Can be Men any lime. I'ej'tna easy. I. K. JONES, 52 Ann rtn e', se< no t lloor. ' IAOR SALE OK EXCHANGE?A VERY VALUABLE r Mill Property. sitm t'd at tlreen Bty, W.scons'.n, xvith twenty el* Building Lot* and I.MD* ins or latntl. with | c m-j .:unn re p la i tor u> n? n ir.rge ntit'iieaa wnn in" mm. An rtetianie will Ini ma'n for ilim!>er lira! Urate iit Xnv let-any or New York. Erne for (b< whole,SOVUJU. Till'1 |*-rloot: tin AI-? to 1' I, * Loll, aulmnle lor n&ona nr tor mercantile (n.ieur ?, In ihe building l'J5 Knlon alreet. Ker (annulare impiue ol J'. L. VAX Dli VENTER. No. Ivft fuiwu stre.l. DOS BALK-OR UCHADOK- run a uorsr. AND LOT ff ?l equal nkH In ilir at , a riming IMM,m naStlng of J large n it it c iinph-K: rfortmei.-. ol I'oni position, i in r large r I ii lor I're* e-, oii>- Suiirrr< y 1 Enable kf?illuin, >}? II tio'lirx; oin: hoi.'.2 i?rhi?e, oi.e,Oordnu l'ap I'.r. ?a ono <} vit 1'rcaa, nil hot iho Imai tiled Inr Iteam power. Ii la favorably Painted It: this o ty n lilt t.r Id i? O'uried t work nt mi hiinr'a nouce. Addieas lb uj. l r* ? r, iflO Kul'.OO *tr o N. Y. tXUR BALK OR KXl.'li INliF.-AT fiMl.THToWN. 1- I . a Kurin of lorty acre*. liond Will, well Ion. od, c< oil fruit, la r huildlnjr, ivatrr, .to. Near tho haiieli and aloop law IiiiK. Uri at balling, fowling mat hna'il ? . Nr..i miinola tliilchurahe*. K. HLAKK, 14 Olniinbera Mitrl, TNOR RALE OR KXCIIA.NUE?A TURKU STORY BRICK Hoiiao, lirowa atone ima inenl, au to np!e|e order, anil inplet,-n uli all (lie iniKlern improtewieni*, Wi li or mil,nut mi ixhllttin n' vnmiit lot; I'ltt i u and In urn tiniiodUiii aic.ility of Waaliliitflnii Part, livooKl/D. In many re*p -la a morn desirable Uaailnn for a |>li> *o law ?or ?ny I' ram i n11' lug u private amble could not bo fouwd. Addi"-a b >* 1,11 i N. 5'.il*oai olllre. Foil MltBiOR KX? UANQE?OA sri.!-. BOW, WBNT MorileeanJt, Weati-heatrr county! Iw. nty in mile* by roil from Euriy-aeeond atrial. seven uti.i uloa'wnlk i-oni Mr|. r.w do|Kit, lliiiletri Itivrr (lliva rot of !? .simple ai d loin oeroa of lr?e il pioperiy) arr 1 it h, Panels, jut). UKl nut ".nd terrined; abundance uf I run, Abide ami oru mental trena; kccnery and benPh d; fa. llillrs w ill jn nilnuiea' Walk lor boating, bailing and twilling; a largo in.Miaion In the (Inlhlc I arreted atylr, having'4ie in.ap rn i? r. ve. lie it?; nlso rarriaw. gat and aiiniinor be art. Incur, nay auiUhle for a gentleman to live in ; ?' ? a blr to rlin . h. ?*. M lion's .n,|t stores; |ai-ai ??inff Ihe advauUg e* of a Ity resiiltvuio, without ila lute? A photograph ol the ilie ho.iaa, nay It*-team. Afl'ly at ilto nilc: ol I) Xr|I AII(JY. 271 Hroidaay. luouia liana .1.1 FVS^ALK Oil KXtJl AM1K l ull UKhlCilANDlRC.. 1 J'liai line I,1 tlnl-y b'uire XA Water atrx.l; laitnrr' rale bu'lneaa nr i|?irty, a'anit worm uf gov I (inula .a o. u*"!. Apply iuA'i W?t< r?nreel, to ih< o??ew, Iroin ty. U- i I any day FMJU 4'ULE ?R TO IjBT-THK PKNIBid'I.K RUM- I ilem.g ji Myril, avenue, earner or llaiMiUaii at reel, la*wee? cllininn and w,ahlngti,r an nnea, r.r>iokl(.p; lot Wit 12# 'j n ttUed wmh lite elem e-l frml ire a Koriernap apply i o be preaiiaes.ntr lo I'.#'. OCIR/KLYOI", 29 IpiiO' ati'cel, M"W Yerk. FOR HALE Uf. TO Ll'T?A >EAT TWO K2W.Y AND Illicit lioiitg, on iho Mintli aide of i Jgkly llrtt meet, belwe' ii .Vaand laid TitIea* avrnneat kn i'.'tli'l.ft; louse 2ti3C fet lj Hi iiaoi.a and in good nnlei , will U' aoid heap ari l on Invar.lile tiiw Apply lollHAS II JMRKITT, Thlnymill au.?n, or lo Mr. TlluUfsoN, innae agent. Third??*'im?, Leuaeen Btflily-lliirland E'gfjtyourlh nr.*et?. j>OK HAI.K OR T(>~RBNT-A TJIRY'R STORY A*P Ii* haaoini'tii hruwn apntr llona'*. hlth rlti' u. aoiuli mile of riill-ty fonil'1 aireet, No $IB, iirxt U> tiir ruram of T fllli i. ?e- I utr, llnlahml in the v rjr beat innnnrr. AIre/Airo l.otj In Ilia far, fronting on Tenth at ntnr, JtxlOfl Irnt ?*'h. Alan, a ':roe rnnr brn k Honae, Ugh stoop, on the aantli ante of rhltty-el ,hth aireet. No. Iill, In-iw.-rn Herentli apil Klr.hth ivriinrs will lc aoM al a pi rataacrlficO. Ap -ty I/; JAMES ilrEAlHIII.l.V, (VJ7 H xth avenue. W' A NT ED?TO Bt'V.A HOUSE AND EOT, N'OToVBrt one lionr'a travel Irmn the Oily Hail, New York, ma ;i?mI orlnhliorliooil, nn'l ala lo.v price. Aililntaa War i'i mx 11 1 llrrnM oilier. fel fUHk -K'lt BALK, a Ht'l'liKIOIl i II \ M R PiiUUlf, llo-K" (alnte mo') nn I Inrf llnrOrn; plenty if ilioler irnlt; ?.n,t'., I a ml, In the vifta^o of Home inilia, Houwraet tmnUr, Niv Jersey; im Irnail ilrpot near; 'a-e aetoally worth SiLllCO. Apply in J. H. I: loll All DKON, 190 Hei.ibunia' roar, W<at Washington Vark-t, i, r two la> a. fliLUARMt i LAIUlK STOCK OK NEW AVO SECOND HIND V Itllllarii Tables, \v 1111 I'Uelan'a Combination Cushions, or anlr it ??t i < s to snjt the times. I'IIULaN a COJJ.KN l?BK, 03 lo 09 Crosby ?t., ft. Y. Il.t.i.viTiyV.?Poll sack. a hkeksdTd hmm k or iirw.inila hetul r iPle?, an I 'fool-a to in. Orlora

litr mall atirnrlrit in Jt >antelle Tn'ila for rale c'p tip or ?Mlt. W If. OKI KEITH, llti Kill Ion street. [K Tor WISH To ENJOY AC AMI- nv ntl.r 1AKIIH o.V L Bliarp'a laWra, and )-r 'lie nhtilri orb r of |.1 rem. nil in at 1.19 J-niton at,roe I. TaylflKA H..IH Albany Cream lie, M ??ev, Ci llliia A Co. ? Phllmle.jftuA Air, on lira >i|M. ill ether W tier, l, ,-iOi i in.I s- i -ia "i 'In in a1 -pia ity, c- nlantly on band. Hot Joiptb from U till L CjVC n? a tall, 31)ay", february is, ist FOR . I A RAKE CHANCE FOR HOTEL KEErERS. The Furniture ami of a in hi i kn Hotel for auli. T :?s 1 Loose m living an excellent hugiMMg. The pri'H' l pmprleV r v. i-diee W? en s 'in oth r nnsine s. Th* l ot* I igloni.'Hna Wttltra rity. for purtloulgrsintiuireio; HUKTUi Jl'U.iUti, i iti thu OraaieNjf Park Ho mo, N iw Yuk city. A FIRST CLAliS DRKSfhiAtlNU AND MWAJNERY B isinegs for sain.?IIks ! v u established tenr years; I Han a well class of >ui r ; now rank nig money. I 1 h # th tin* only canr id* lug. A rare cha n eio g t i into mfe buaioega. PRICE A THOMAS. 5T5 Ifnmlway. A FIRST CI.ASS DRl O 8T0RK F iR SAI.E-LO ' oa'.i'd on a leadtwe lynnn, now d. tnuwwry linn bntl j ncBin 111 be tolii tit a i/W pine. For lAitiiilam apply at I MtTOIIEI.Ii S Aviv y. VV Cedar itMOt, uorlna A GROCERY sTOi H F< R SALE Ci.F.AI'-NOW ! dolli' a good '?-h business. Als i f1 r ol , a Veil t Hi op: will bo sold Xvry low. Alf iseytral veiy i i a Bakeilea for sale, tu g-Ofiil miriness Inritteas. For p..rll .Jur* apply ut MITCHELL S Agency, J7 Cedar gtr ut. OAKERY FOR RAISE?THE WOI'.OKEN CITY ?>.. I J kery, OS Washington a.r . i,. slob Islic.i o. or ; iura ling every iwnvenlence for doing a large i> sines*. inquire at 3H3 Washing*. *> a reel, or ol II. Ui-filiLS, iA> li ioie iinl street, itorncr of Washington, N, Y. Druustowk- one (if tp'.. (il.i)l>t stdrin in tbeeity, will be exi'hniiged ifer gund city or Keattklyn lota, or p >h, or will be g tidCor rash on eu.-y t una Address A. E. X., Herald cilice, tlCa ivi eg. D I NINE tiAI.IKlN Full SHI. I! E \!'- Wl~ i \ ,Y little-nigh down. Inq uire on tbe premises, St Ann si. T.WR SALE-A FIRST CLASS RE'TACR - NT AND I1 Dining Saloon, well eftr.bli.ihed, neatly tilted up, in ono o. ibe'be-t locations down tewn, now doing a u""<l iiusiii' *r. S*. 'istltetory reasons for o-rin .'. Apply at 111 ff' An at eat. i|W?S SALE?THE SIC" K AND ITXT1P.TS OF A FAN' ?y floods Store, lix nt*d in Koiu in nvt nils now doiln: a I'opli fui'.lneas; ono having a small rspitalwi.l be tix-atml Wth. Terms easy. bill primv als 'lAVotlnteil with, ol II, OAltlT.KS, 12.1, ro> to No. i?. L*QH SALE?THE SWOIC, I IVTURBf. AND LEASE OF L u ilrgtclaaaUr.uie< y,oneii" of iho pesiTLieiiiieg in ih"ci . \ Location everyyway P Kent low. Will sell r 'ino'it tide to a cash enst-Mncr. Address Urardr. 220 East 1 In.It ih street. F0r8ale?A?06A] oil ooodwowkiu't order, feinted in Smith Bergen, al out on" Ktl n mile I'l urn Jersey <1 ij logi'i Iter w KIi >Aure. House, Sin Ido MNl the AnraruUta now tn use for return a Petroleum. I? ??, 1 c ?f .V. 15iUSTT, S3*Nf .pail Street, urMt rs. liTOIt SALE? * WELL AND f,ONli ESTABiJSTTKD ' I.' wholesale ar-l ret tl) Kloar, Vr >1, Orooeri ami Provision business; root'. ieu' 11 and low rent. The owner hn" , .-Mimiier husiniTs thai i-mpiires li>- attention. Mo agrwts need -| Apply. AsMrOM I. B. 'V, Her ok? I lire. IpOR RALB-A VERY 1LANP TOME STEAM BNHINE, ?i*hu mr none1 power: 4a?"i lloilrr anil 1*1101151. t.'iin ft seen at386'Borery, corner 01H vision Mtreet. IjAOR SAT.* THE LKAMC.'-TOHK AND KITTORlifrW . a hue tj.ucery and 1. nun. Store, water iu, v*an hxtures, in s??4 01 tie*. now iln 11 a lie basin* "?; sloe* small; cluu p rem; no-other store; nulilMr- hart'uln. loi-al"din West'Mmty-sevoiiihtftt-eei. Apply UrT\ FIT/si \l HONS. 12Centre >l~ "LMMt HtfuK?AN Old) H*TALlSIIl-:i) Ilstl AND ?YSJ* ter Mr'ket, nituaiel.w one of the bin ;iv,nuts th the dly and adjoining a butcher shop. i-'ih-kV ki y reason* for aeinim. Arp:ynt81 Seenti h iivem e, owe door above Sisterm in etiwi. I7MJRIWIE-AT A O* ".AT SAfUIlTrE, KOit CAHll, theW-'-usa au<l Flittf-is of a Smelling iloirae; cjrlplele, tniMaltlet r soap, oil -or eundles; wosF.if-nlao bumiv r fur n h.-di'uu'ft lat bouse. Ap y iroin IU T. to'4 P.*. at 126 nft'T. IMMMALE?TIIK I.K ASE ASD fMXTUIIHM t'V THE ! ip.-vlllasl eorner 4 quor Sitiro in Wo.tolteii, with a!,11 to'MweMtnd garden; nil yearn' lean'., Item nidy ttiliI; free Horn all tixi'h. Aioft. to J. U. t-:TL'EKJ.UIN,-4?M,'halliaiu ] street, ?p siairs. , XAtV. SALE?THE STOCK av.v FIXTlHtBS OP AN I it 'tftt'illtlwdUrti 3ry ami Ship t Tmwllrry Sure, unity itltn-il up, 111 one of <l'u bent locations Apply TS. throe days at ftOCBoulh ftritftt |W!t HALE?A T >KSIRABLE GMJUOK I'WHtli, S1TI7'1' -uted III the virility of inuwtlrh- unil w?11 (utniiiiz -il; /' hiMidsomely lilted .111 and h ih .4nH-.1l scueli'Mi. hand. In 1 i]?Ary will bo naiMed that it is a^n i*J pkrwef business. In- f ' j-irtofU. KUtfiK j, auctioneer:, HPS Itnwery. r?R SALE-.* NICE CORVEE MP TOWN HROOERV In completer iter and well sicv-scd: -Horse and VVa^o.a -Sicknesscompote'a forced tain. O 'Itlf-HA KDaON Am and 81 N.irtna street. 1MB SALE- \ SMALL IWTOJJ L,'OY-VhBOUT TllIKfY 1'.' rnotno, latrly turn t-hc-ii. dsiBt; a T'- d lim-iness, te tr settle of ubniu. f3t) |a>r day. ('nil eaah, rwrt to remain. ' Pi D. BlTilABOlSOM A a'i amveir Nassiiu atrcsL isniru SALE- -TIIE PUKNfndRi: A?A; ETXTHRKS'.IF ti1 the (ieui'eiiii n's lioat'itla^' dlons-; S'? 1 Sullivnn street, seeotid door lioni Cuiuil. eftnd.'isheil in "nv. iity years; It eilM'ivlu* all hie aissiiiiinisUMiiu-t ml a Pit elaks house; sold h n of a deaui ?\ .ib<* wop^'r sTainily. Ib-m Mow*; a flvti year*' lea*? (an 4*i*fca'f. App'v on iho ?>Yemin?*?. ! :IPOH PV.E?A SKUAB ATOffcK -AMTTf BAH AND I l.F ltilPui 'I Table* atlnihnC, >vell lo* "d ami doing! good j bnrtneax; * III Ik! ?oltl at a iu.y.-;o:i if apo* > | tor immediately. , iApgly ?l 431 Puuil street. rot apply. 11"IT* HA .K-i.iguciR nouno* KAST UHRVYSK J1 oondA-tieet, elegantly le<rTaJ,aiu>?.uv doing a-.'argeaml II fine bnslnc**: win be Kali] f ir nviiili Iwi ilmn |i* value; ihe j uwan <*eompelloil U) wllau rcoounti fsither Inminei-r. Apjrplv tn VN'tS. SAKKKDD. itPIK ot Iflii j s-eucdftF. I, Hi at i Scsuylihls week. I rrricr,t- .i:\l.E AT A (iKvr-nu niiN tm ItOISE 11" -pcwer Stettin En.uw, muaW' by Jte.nlc i. onnplele. with Ji t'utwi K, haati'r, regulator, i .,-411 as. go4 t.s new. AdJiem j.-bov. IWCf" N. Y. Poet oilier ITOOR^AI.K AT A aminw guiiim,< IRKBSK ! IF ? ; n<i Pora Bland, in am ?:l' aiie bettumarkeH in Biook. I .i ii.'' I or particulars Imjiatee-at 13-k tlamic mat-lot, bc-loro : MM uMW k. I IID<3P r AI.K OR TO i.arr- nr WAIVT. at* PAPER I -1 if tiT, together Willi the'-Lust- . ??, Ill thirteen year* "iHmtjMks nr the above pnrw,irty wit' 4>r on hanyed lor a well | itrpirve.i Parai near the?r?y. Aililrtat B. Ninth ave| . nuey4a two weeks. ' :TAO'~ IKXCHANCJK?A WDMHSI. ??F- MH.OONP, ORO? if? ttt-r-, Ac Abo u n tnnhiTM/-f ?t?twl bu*in??* ?ham e*, from $?m t SS.Ok.. K'.tl KIi.'MAHDNAoS A CO., ;i.'Sluikf-. Ka?tatl street. 8maa?itT w?mi <?wi nut B1 r STANDS ] '"Y ilr. trlpvoklyn, ehol * iw: will eeleeteil ?to. A. '-aah traile .a-.ll Jew r.'"t. Will lie ?IW ni a korrjf.'o.i. Ttf ulre of J. ! HtJAHLd S. 217 Atlantic t kt : Hi" tljn, laiv enn 11 anil 4 I ?.a r:r--oui:-?T C2, mr li AWD na d WILL <itix ola establiKlieUKa: Stor **t IM'JJ-'igltth veiiue, UoivvewtS'laventy seventh mud'Q.wcr > igbth.siie re, for atle ii a?pp TI:iVl? STORK iOR +IA. Of' 71 K BEST IL. ?umc.-: stores in the f em in I, on ! ..: thoroughliMi!, ucw A log u P'iiiI law tier*; ivy-e ll htle-l i.|i A good i Wau e.fdr * man wllh ?m,,l,.|( oal. V i agji'ti ? eil apply. Ac '.ilresaW t <1, Herald olla e. TIBiSllvJ D HXTr ItKlf i OR vALL^OP A.': OYSTKR yj t SuUmn .r':h<nip Tor r*?li Tihiii mimim f<u ->'i;inu out R-i-f't".u l*?? liiH uthri l.urlti* tlu uilci it". ' Viquiie nt to i ij-?ini ail's utrcet, rotnr v*>n?i. \P-AiT .*.< FISH MAtt&KT HA I L ? HEAP; j Wiir,?tIi'k J I<1 liiinvilUlHy.. ;ui iiAvyc In h'.tii' II. ttitii I" th" triipnmiiuup .. nrrionr !'r ? ui?"' m tot ' of lleillorit trwui.i, It* ..nklyi . UtsT*lfci;A r ATfD UllWliKI HO .HK FiQI ?Al.K? V. .-t . < iiiw, iii a huMni-M i' Wil'- ?>.?. it: in. !>:'.! nl up nml fcn???i.!.?il ,< 'MVuriihlr lo.,?n. nprni il t'.x u I". I. f 'Hllnl.lit III ill toPtpor ? .. PVrhuiiEM Ui.iXu.u. *. 111 MulU A Colli fcntMi '1 to n> iIim iiionn sfc.iUTUWItK A WOOD.* Xmwum,, ? < !. 1)RI. ?l!?r,1.: INFSS For tMOL-W **04* AND tl> V f * f'f.WI n'(l i ttibliiUil I t"iip? mini: J'.II.IIII II 1.11 diaposiM.Vt" -Of IBV I'liitt lull ?r :? !? it tin nvi- < llir purrhi *i?r. A Iimm* 1 ih f T-tn t m ? tor two ) ??* I rum liny ii<'?t,.M il ? vntinal ?.:i it'llr* Term* out |* llntiJAva limy lie w..iwn by ucl'lrr Vug: 4,fc Ihx 170 jtluxv CTBAMI*%??<r Ft/.'' SIM! i'HKAP?IX iTBT O "t IO"iVt:t.!il?t;?ni. ill Ini'h '-yllndit. Il II PVftiokr. Aip'v l.? ruil'll .InffttffiS. a'"' , . irniT of Mi/ ' t, nni> nut* Bfcniili ntrrol*. or to SIEi'ilh.S ItVIUiUIS Jt1 iii uui ?tn I" .^il^puiiil tin p. tilLOOF FO.**AI.E, ABOI'T SO TOXS, XdOKf DRARTi r?T w .-il io n 4 ahiI .V k" iloritoi ; will t# M id t lra/. Ail i .1m?- l?>* l.tW iF'rfl.idliM rrv*. f'RINTKl*?->K|t?3AI.R?AT l.O* PRUHX. OHUi { JL Mtumt rn,-%r?J?'i'U'u n ullum, <nr Unr ( j UuA< r. mr-" ri.oni " tio'il'? i in I I, i ph. nil at go<>d .it ti'U. April I" I ASA in- 8 11 I'M .VP. WJAw mn I. rivi HtlNTKRH -ISO XI*" sMMAj 1'IOA Fog gAXE, I ?' iljr.o nt*; *nn?ll feo'ii.!' tig 1'ilnw r unit Ivm ; li>',.( J on , FiiiiMtHikttii *oml Tyi?.I'bu *. Oompoinu . aruf. A> Ai'O [ urn' llung't'H' bllllicint Preu. aK I ply *i 21 Fil 1 ton m -.-t TO Bt'S- HERB -FOR 84XA . A BIlOP AND FtXTi'llBS Imijiiiw At 71J Orttenwiih, oiirnerof 1'liurlrp pipfi. Tri i totcntr tka ajid imvor mauw-imi Mii?', 11 jpuy ktorag'' nml mil iill""*, 2j hnlf cb ?!? u llipon Tin want;? Ilywili), In tilpinnl |>nrkat?*, tllpM y ilaiiiagi il: ujur #5 iiblp. of III * o 4 t jnrl nn Win* try. Sold III li>U lomntfiiwibApri i. Apply ui iU? Ornrrul Agi-r.ry oilier, 41'.' Rnnulwm>. ir'i *tntr*. To nVtM BUTHtMl MARWM_rOH BAta 4(1 NEW A'l\ in- Mxd.i." Fnunaa, nil hMDA-Xii oxrnpi till)In tupn, 4J R2 aptoiT; niw. Aft) Krcilcia, rbeap. Ayjily to S. S MR 4DY, gaxirrinn *tr?!Pt, F Y. Bit Y (JOODft. \fl |l. If. >1 \?V k, ill AND it HI SIXTH AVKNIE, Vpo iloort Ifloo Fun I'm n li ?rri. ).-?il trill utw*v* timl i' stv 1 ?i??ck of Liiti *, II:ii>.tk< |- Jil'-tn. Eirhru;dri Irs, V h'to Hood*. Ini* Flannel", lliiiiselirrjiliii; Oao.!". ('initt(ii;I<rs? and Mnalins fjo'lrryand l!in>nri#r, Indies' made up I ?derClntlnnp, A< N. B.?Tkr only liiwiu' 111 Ni !W York lUiit arU* lailli ? dollar Kid Olovcs fi r I'd ootiu (?>y mail OOi ' iiu ), a lijjliv-iy" u I'ill iwaoiMm ol ot birrs and wdura. A MA I.I I f , I'KTlinUw place, near Roadway, lias riwived. per utoamer A rj -a, a now' iny.drrt of WRKATHS, FldrtVClW I'llimilE*, HKFAKFAST AND PRBv'.d i'AI'ft, and o<l;ci morrlllcs, II of whl.ih ant i>r Hi* f?t*?t l'.irl?l in faatiion. JDKKSS OOODN ~ ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A 00, Will open at retail on WON DA V, FEUKl'ARY ,7, A choke selection of TRKNi II AM) " Rlin 1S1I DREiS liijoiw, Of this arn'im * ImpciriaU- n. _ CANAL 8TRKKT, ~oKNKR OK MERCER. 1~JlNK CI.OAKti I III A l?, 'INK 'li> IKS CUE W, KINE i l.OAKS CHEAP. at ;*n ANI? .MM t'ANAli STREET. 3U4 AND .100 CANAL HTKKBT. Gl.oKuB CABF.V. EXPRlMKfl. \BI'I: If HAM'S Fl llNITI'iUi F.XPRl'SS AND PAl K. t itu Hialilialntionl, 113 Wrst Kli'votiiu ilicct, m> o Hull ainT Blxih am,iui'?. Iloum-ifld FiunHiit hosed and ' shipped In *U parly of Urn world, .'ortnod * .ijoi.t lor m- | ii 'f'Kfin plluro cf families, Furniture I'.oitO. 12. HOUSES, ROOMS, diC., TO LET, | \ FRONT AND REAR IMJILDINO, VI*., 1IOU8B AND I ri Shop, 1*3 K??l Tiveuiv-thlrd struct, between S. and I 1 Third Mi'UMn, ..i-tab e for pawn roker or builder, will Ita I wi let for one or mo. e year. at inoleraio lent, lop.ireof K. ut D- .? 11. T. BUKNll A.M, ?ll lliMloon nr. er, N. V. la. ? - - ? as 4 FOUNDRY TO LBT?VERY LOW. AT SINU SIKO, M. I J\ V , gri i h a .i eu In , to 1 . . .1 i i/i i . e rivers f| will he I t for ther bu?iiieaa If dea:r. d. Ti e grou atlarh-d | J. I* an I .'do tor ? o >al or lumb.i vard This in t;,u heapeat " l* ut over odered. Addrean F., H< raid "Hi < . in b A N EI.EtiANT COUNTRY SEAT TO I.KT, FOR SALE I pa jV or exrhan?On iho 11 daon, ouu hour'a rid . ITom Ilia ! eity and live nil-iiitc.'v ulk f|xiw depot. Splendid Man ion, fl earr.age huuae. *.e., tvl.b six n rua, niiuly anndi d, and mng- i bllF. lit view of l!i river. Will be let :or .1 :n4il .si l.uu l K or tir-telae Ismrd up ho use, but a private family pro i rr. d; l? or will be sold much blow Its value or ex.:!.allied for I.i'at r I y prope ty. Andreas W., Herald ulli te. m ? ?? at A FACTORY AM) WARRKOOM TO LET OR LEASE? t ? U.e lory lIuLiiln ; Woi. 5! iiud Yd Franklin sn n'lj f| No . 0 Franklin > r.-n run t Ihrotieli the 11 ?< k io 77 Whits J tre. i, eori.e o Cortland alley, first door of l.vay; 1" well dup e 1 .r any kind ofimiiiil.cliirinv huxinev. and In ware room; well ly to I on all aides; also the hve alory t m ir. lu front:! ore 72 VI, 7d Walker at reel, lirat dear e . i of It ' .ulway, amtablu for any kind of b ibiu. an. Apply al 7i Fl Walker at reel. to AT NEW ERIQHTOlt-TI!I BE VILLAS TO RENT! ON the height , ? .. hi, I otiin-l . old ua er, fj 11 1. er nod vritftaUc ;:ar.!e a, Irui , law iik, h tu.poion r.eiiuii A and aveii.;ea,carr-ago ii'ioaea, utai 1 .. v.e -. . i;a r| am- ill ed, hve mdioinx lea i feriy: bil .n her.'l ..a, end Prit lu. a. re A ply t T. ROM), Id II uauway, room No. e. A 11 ANDS.i.'Jfi FOUR STORY HIOH s; ?.: 1101 '1 in mind otu? r,i7(j i?n>t Kourtee: th ntn ? t. bet vf?n i*\ ut u. ami 8iu und hW.;iui;?; nxtiti s, lmi and o dd v. ti'-r, an l ,k 1 o, the n?o torn in?|To.cii.nut.<; lorinerU t lor $1.2.5; villus U t tow loan) i 1Foi ...... x in ri quire at 108 Ui'oudauy, up a utrs. 1 ? ? . . ?* x ATIIFTHJ 3TOKY aND MSEJiLNT HOUSK, i&l W I . -T St sum-nth sir* <u: i throe vtory and Ku. 1 k'i baa ire:it Ho to, 'liO Wo*> :Vixu ath >tT?vt; a 1 ir > t .r bh?. . .? nt fl M*mis ','Ji laAtiiart''?? p u?e. \Y? t Twenty ir.nth r ; ?. ?.a J lahiinK rvih!? ru li:?inoVA HX?rs aa?l iu ; ooJ oid? r, to let. Ill* m qutiv ji - 310 \V?'st t..r?'et. w /^i:24VKY SR NT TO l/.T- AT 3TAMKORf>, ON Till? Nrw I'av- n K;iiho.?\ within thrrcmiisu < >' walk "t ho n t.ufs/M ; will i;? rented mi it tin* tiim-fl. Hon e. 1?:kiv.p1v? | f! .?"flub ro inf, \?Uii ;? s, fi : \ o s .id ? . an I ai ij ;?c -m n is j?* lor;nrdo'jlm'. Aj^'v t*i h'hOCK A MlLLKlt. i'ulton etjitjt, oi to II. Mll. /Iat, liy n i .Scvt lUUi'titli ;i:r ;nt. feJ^URNISilKD WAJSE TO I.KT--11 EAST TWENTY- 1 eighth fitrwt; VImi uno in Tvv* nty-sscoa I kuvui, m ar ? Hnnrth avirnuc, in* families ?jnl>; uolh tlini * k i?ry% t H-ch hiiH rncut, v.'.lii the improvctnnuii. A n?ly at 53 ! .ust Y. epty-saeon4 mr-.-t, from 1 to 31'. M. r| ClUBNIiOJBD^R I NFI I NICHED nOVSE, r.l MrfH. 0 1 von ini-Ntti, nb v Twemy iuuth : t;vet, v. hi side, wtii n l)?: r-'ntrd lo ?" j'ar.11 v o:ilv. Th Uoi.mj r' ? ?ntly N l' t ll f. 1-Llm ?1 si in 11111 o'a iu p. hi.ii is in ?.? ui\.rr li lva^Hfi ble. Apply to N. t?. BISHOP, 111 1)roadway r; VO 22 IWPJ8T0N STREET TO LEA. IS OK KOH SAM?.? i J.N li is n f*wr til ly brick House, iu no oul? r, size 2.>v.U, T w iih **xU-inSon. Tin re is a line bnck ? able in li*.' r? ur, 22x I) e feet, entr;* .u Horn Mereer atreet. Terra* \ crv favorable to g a ivsj otiKp.le party. Apply to Ci!ARI ES K. MUjRS, 34 i' < mm -t. r Ofkx0628 to let IN tub building maided lane, corner of N ? -win ntn ei, and also in the bo i id lilt; r 14 lane, well Lighted, txnA e ii' hie for any butuuets. ? Apply tr U. .1; SlllTli,2J Liberty olroet. ' c ? - c STKJf.)Y STEAM I'OWKR TO I.ET?LA ROE AND t all Uo(>;iih, well lighted; ate im h? i. tway. l'o s ; on ' imttrtfc iu.tdy. Apply at 499 Water Mired. i OT^KES AND OFFICES TO LET?MAIDEN LAN!', 1 0 4 Lore No. 7b; John dbrcel. No. VO, ?oi i??*r of Hold hir? el; I William btreet, Store anlliaiument No. 172; OlUceh hi ".7 utt't .VJ * btrect. Aipfytott.B. StMlIK/FKLIN, 170\Y;L ' liwm itmt j KAM POWER T > RTOF1' LOW? I WO ROOMS, S0k70. ' KJ lighted on aii .lit'iliuiuv hT f" ill, Al*o, icr ' at le. a mccoiuI band ai t mil'homo power Engine. Apply at isS Water street. 1 ftk) let?thj5 dbwcwffo houses .no>. a am) 10 1 A Wto iter *ti est; in go Ml tnlr; are well adapted io bu-t' aes* pur, omi'h, beioy ei' iir Oanal street and !?;o njv.iv. A Do. | 1 he second Poor of 3a4-C Mivet, HUitahD lorhu- n h.nd d etliug; bar? Iiitt n paper landing store I or twenty year . i 1 Alio, the e.\(<-ti* vej?r? oisen. well adapted for liu;nr.fa-1 .ri:>g. Nob. 24 and 2) 47* v;tr: ?ore"t, will ler A!*o, the ; Iioiim* No. 3y WoriNter .ifrecL Apply to MAJOR illO.MP l SO N. 20 Wrr af ee t. rpo LET?TUB ffflKRB STORY HOUSE. NO. C ST. * A M.u k'm pUoeppoMs.v-inn immediately. Apply to JAMES < CRU(KSlL4NK,lfe?r<MMlwuc. - f TO LET?IWB TWO-STORY HOUSE. NO. 90 MONROE MtlHet; ? so Oriiees ill No*. 7S J'.roadway, and and 7 i N. w street;. Apply *o JAMES URl'lKSIl ANK, 54 ILoadnue. * TO LKF-4DIIE HfttUJl STORY HOUSE, NO. 0 LAFAY- f ette pletc,?f?}iuilsh? 1 or unfurntaiied; mI*o the. ?h pper stork"i ?lt* luviMiug No. 11 Lalaye tr piuee. e?.n?f*r ??l j Fourthrt9^. Aj Uyio JAMK8 CUi IKSli AMC, A^liroalway. 1 To LVMT1IS .THREE STORY, HIOII UASREBNY lUil?, 14ST/est T. idfth m leet, lu twfen simh ?tc.M 8e.veiitLaiv*.tues; .in the l??'>t ?onditmn. with u'.l tiUK*4!??44lnin-ovriitente. Uurtmo42t rate to a roaponalhl': t< i.ant. Apply at 17 M"mt'RB^nrrut, op atairs, rpO MtTUmKTTTlRES STORY AND UA-SSKEM L bf i'*k Dwelling llousei ?9\t2 eneh. No . 42 > !?.. 44 faiiUi a *>Utitil4d?. tnaaPiratf No. 42 Will Ihui re i to a nlore. if re?*?i red U H. LUDlJ>W, No, J l*<ne ??re-H, or to.I. ?C?. VJlinE, 1*3 W<'?4 Jwenty- imt rnoairr-rrue stfiur. no. 546 pearl stree:*, near A RromhUi^y; al-o LoU? tn th?* pnme boild'uu, an 1 .v4?o in tlieiH-jr, Na ^bl? lor '*Coi?g - o:* mine nu*<.al l>?aliie&e. 1 n >!'. A J. EuHI VLTH, 12)^ Cbamtier# street, I rem l- (" oi ?i j%. f|baiv4k w1llia518buro, 8e? braltwo ctory A !runi?fc? *.i?i three.siurv brick iiouaes; lor s?J.j ?6H Fmktlh MfrWlf, N. Y*,inx?"ii A8. FOWLER, <aoru* r?f Jioriti Ntuth a mil bird il.latnMhuiK. ri>; OiJK*- niRyilHf>, A THREE STORY WOK A llj?:.HPrt.? t oni4iiii? tiii' tii? modern tin pro vein- ate and 14 u-fll ninftijl it throughout R tit low. Apply at No. ]iN5 M*eiloug:<i Mn*t:. r'ur *f.i CKEATL1 REDUCED RATES, TUB VERY . ?c!r?tii?,tu<a 2M 4 i 1 2 ft Wmi Twenty-thirda uac. Itvinnt 170 W?*M Twenty-fourth alrtwt. Apply to il*. HARMONY * NEPHEWS A CO HI Uremiwhh kiM, or 10 . A. IJEAM A^. 217 We?lT?? ity third aim u r? liftT.-gCUR A TERM C F T1IUEB TO FIVE TEAR*. ?( mal >tA it lit l.o v i>p>uiii|, in tin! vi? Itiitv l ton tieoi ami he onil Hvrtiw miiin ?le foracoal }* ?? ipplyioS ( V Ilk SON. 11."> utr 1 l;41 Klimbeih ati*"t. fIHj iLBTWgtffe STORK |ND DYKUiKO 273 OtfRRIT 1 .un h Htm r. ni'ur Mortar * |wr:i:?t ??r together; oir..^ 11*4 vii yi Mt? *a * i iMi'iliim Iioum). App'y at J. , I AIaEN $,U* Wiiahin (ti>D Mtrt-ol, to ur Fulton. ffW .l.FiTn, V MALL UKNTRSL THREE STOKY BKICIt I RIhuhi*; po ami ?rat t in |M* liuune; m ar ih# P?* k Mip ii'try, \Viiliitin<*lnirg. K nt lm\ to a ipmmI u*ii< n tiou?e .<i |?rlr<itoiikr. /.Tn<(uirta Ml 3M1 nt *ti? at, Xe^ Y< rk. mo AJBflB . THREE StOKI BOUSE, AV lit: TITO I amy extj u i"it. i otttnnm, OiirP en room*. itt' ti* riiiiu* prov?unmitf rn.'tm1talii'in Ac.: S rge garuen. M'i^ttUirliiHil k?Hiti if ?tu uhI- ?aju?. t.'an be 4 "U Irotn 2 till 1 1*. M., at ti2 T..4ivt atferi. rpO |fT?ArflMT CLASS # OUR STORY MOW* 1 *UC? J5j IltiiM; w it'i all the i. oJ?a: n tin pio ruutuL-, i",f. LKi rl.i*-* ti tiHtu, on lism?. Apply or il?o pirnii ? *, 4"i West >44 I Mtvei, between tbi limit ' o! CJ ap't 2.i i'uek. mo LIT- THE W?'.KE STORY HDK'WN STONE HOI FE. J 7rt Ei?t. i^lrtyi i^lltii 2 urt, Mtftav 10 1 Unit Ainu. tiii! three rtoiy f.iipeiitei Imp, Id* Elm *tr? -i; rent $12 f> r month. fl'oMe slnii nf 'Lsp nniae .lat'dy. Ap ply at Jt/i Rut Mrt yl. f|H) UT 4 njqn so RY IHOUBTOOr Kocra; IN L c*i ii.pi?4?\ v| I 1 ij a go.?d lii hIiil.iivc mluiitcH w? W from tin* S<auU l?'iry. HN a?**HH|on iniui?*dbit?ly. For im?t'.?;u1.tin .iKjtnrcillc; o>vcti. , at 10 N ::<huu Kti v'M, room No. .V HEOIUAE SKIHMOKE TO LF.T-fBOM LMT OF MAY, TIIF IKM'SK AND 1. nton* 2*W Airumi km h'-. a t locnil t!! lor tu?iiu>K; lio.iH? JL. \ U fit I. T? inoUrrati*. lmi%,tic of Uil\A.N M IRTIW,.> . I son ?ti? t. m 1 LET- ruml IrtllRP M2D I'.NPI RNISfl&D HOUSES, A AilUNt'iiat St'tv itn.^'Un. Stilrti I Ma it 1 furti)? r iiiloiillation applf.tuW. jti. AVI!11*I EMOltE. iStlj L\> banae jWRR TO LBT- IN PEMF.rCITY *SfX NEW ENOf ISJJ BASE1 A niftnt lloiiaeM, WHiaUnl ui Jiua*i*x atrcat, btprjtr n War1-en and Van \ntw. THr liotiMfi run tain all thrifty I'm irripr?rofiM?iitn, raa an4 Abater on Hour. Aplrtu.'AMKS rJK) I.KT-TIII: U"! *!-; SKHA-iT J0NEHS1RKET, AF1 ply at 1 ?? in Mi. V Sin k<M Jiank Huiluln^, toner of 1* 'K 1 mt and reurl airemits. rr .> LET -CNFCRNIKffKD, A LADIES 11OAKDLY0 i ilouer, cent,ally its-iaeai. It Isa line bouse, in good or < itir.jii'l Inn turn in mi*' r. *f?l o;*?#tlo:i tor ti.e png al( yerkn. l>lit iow nn.i .0:14;? ii c to a 4t>u 1 : Address -Mi * . I"n l/Vl. 11 1 lit olUna. rno UT TWO FlUMSMFD IIOC'FKS, IN WEST A Jbiriy iotirili street; one do , l/'nlvrr?t; pla e; one tin , 1 r?Ihirl ?ti? t, and a laiv iinmLti < 1 unfurnished liunsi", mine unliable lor boai'dlnz booses. Apply to K run (KM A FIERCE a CO.. M.>,ti Fins ? I < < t. fftO LRT~FKO.M THE FIRST OF MAY. THE FOLLOW I 1 In .- Ilonse-, 1 Two atory attic Mid l>,?enient House, 76 East Houston street. uear the Bowarjr, snluib a lor a saloon or Also, Sal ry House, 81 Fast Twenty-eighth street. .1 story Hou?e, Hit Weal Forty-fourth street. 2 story House, wit It exier.s en, lift 'I'ho upon street. 3 story House ?ll<t Stor , 4t>l West stin t. 2 stoiy, with extension, 12-1 Sullivan street. i 3 atoij Home, 2 2 Man ton aim I. 4 good Cottage*, Mutl -avenue, Brooklyn. ? 2 two story Houses on First avenue, near Rlgl'ty fourth |, Street, slid other |>ou ?in and parr* ot houses in this Itr and 1, llmn.lyn. For Hilt pnr<)-nines inquire of A. M. FANMNU, ,".y Boivrry. 1 ffO I.KT-TIIF. IIOCSE M FIXTH AVEM'R, NKAIt A Dr. Mulilenl'erg'acfiiit li, In complete order, pas fixtures, I1 hatli, 1 tnge, waslitubs. suitable fur a physician. Kent mode, rate. Mi > 11 Iro'n 10 to ;t I'oaie -salon mine diat -ly. Apply 10 F. .McCOV. 31 TM1 il avenue. rpu LET?rOSKKSHION IMMEDIATELY, A SMALL A House In Twenty-lb li d atreet, near Front,6 avmie, with all moilern eonVeulciii-i-n. Knit moderate. Al.-oia tour story Ilnnse In Fourth street, a lew doors from Broadway. Also a four atory House in Fourteenth street, between Hlsth atnl u, \ 111 h avenues. ^pply to A LI VI.NORTON, 19 Becktnan st rpt) LET- roil OFFICES OR M ANCFA<"IUHIN<J FIR A posea, with or without steam power I ail of premises 17 John street, ltopilreul FECKHAM, MEltKII.L, Firctl A CO., 19 John stn el. TO LET?FROM TIIR 1HT OF MARCH, THE FIRST i Floor of 364 Can 1 street, which, lor the last let, ye,us i ren '?. ii|n <i n a lamion.tDin < o*i ?i. i . 1 inn!. Inqulia in ihe sugar atoin. r rro ir.r tiik ke-tu r\nt and n\it, on thi X fnniloT.eonifclott witu iho Crnnkfml Homo. H i, iiikon In board ol lirljr. I; nuiro ai ilro H"l? l nlllce, up etan* iJ8 William ?uuct, <umi 01 i'lankloit street. q*n i,hr - a n rnmriikd kront room and beo ' X room, wild all ihe' ouvonlonwii l'<?r hM*ekoi-piag; ni?' n few bnnrdti tab n. 1 n<kuir for iwo daja at No. fj Bom! *110 111. q-o t t-.T IMMKMATKM Pf.BAf ANT ItfM 1 : I X HIhIhmI Mm hi* I r> vti ? o i * l.o " <1 *' ' f HI II 111 .1, ,11... 111. I 1 Mill". A. H..I III 111: 111 . !> ami BaUon or B.o.C. Ilo iiig well ?qt Apjl/ 11 no f id i?c?. V 0 3 HOUSES, ROOMS. CC., TO LIT, 'O LET ON STATEN ISLAND?.SB VERA I, NKWLT ?' t d< (iiug>'i in Fiedler's Park, ?u Ci?tl*ion licigitis, lib n bvi iiuiiui'k' wa.k from tin: Int lauding. The park U I ml I- .a ir* in * .ten', with lib'1 and eslai.slvc views of the rrotind m; buy and country. Apply to ERNEST KIKI)L?tt, Broadway. AO LET AND FOR 8ALE?CHEAP RENTS -TWENT* nice in k k una fin urn li on Seven; I'.UUi, Eighty* I O ld Jnd El biy-tliird .treats: wall aduptcd for respectable milt ?, 11 r nttt fro n tu lV8.-< -.s'i ti of I wo eould 1 ad by'lie l ,i M n- li. Apply to JC 11N I'llRNKR. at the 1 ut more, corner of El rlily-suait atr el and Third avenue. lO LET (>lt LEASE?THE DOCK, SHEDS AND ONE in rut red L*h?, for lumber, brick, stone yard, or depot lot am or provision*, foot o.' Fifty-fourth street; bus b < a fcniy yeum a lumb r yard. AUo, a OulUgr, with Uurleca iniir. four L').s u'-li>s?'iI. Fi,.lith itreni o inra run daj id night. Apply lo Air. ACOTT, foot of W ut PVly fourth i ? wlI ud .mi river AO LET OR LEASE?A FIRST CLASS IIOUSE, NO. Id W?'si'fUiriv n'h htivct, n#?ar Fifth avuijiie. R*i?t W tu yotui ivituu ; t\v?? viiiy iie*jrable IIoi.aeH in Yorkville, i fh?Tot r pair. with ail inodrrn Improvement*: reol M'-O; a MUiUi lio.itic, No. 10 Horatio at rent; mul km !?'i i?r. a <>, erai paria or llonta,*, and wvarul <>re? in Hiuatlwuy, ini-r Twruty-eWlii s rem, will pe |,.t ,ow li. i>l ten mu. AMny lo A. 1'. STURTKVANT* i 0, 1J a l Tw nly-s'Vi i.Ill sirtel. i(l I Bf OK MUSiV-NO. 115 EAST BRuaDWaY, A iJir.'.- Hii.i-y (n i * iioiiMi, wiili atl iua nio ern improve. Kiitii will i k reiiici |.i a iesp. table lauuly ai n mulcitll lit. A|'l>ly to II. SOLOMON, 1W Chatham at rocU IO LET OK I.I'M E?A LAKOE STEAM SOAP FACTO ry. aviug hu, ucu aoi y, wit . ..11 the iiioaeru Improve eul*ami lliturc.. con p ete: n< tli n; wamiii ! to con.inci.ct Kriti. ns. ISAAC A. IIIOOS, 73 Naaia.i mreirt. >0 LET OR I .EASE, LOW-A FIRST CLASS STORE uti tlie io.'ii i' ... II ouilwuy ami Twenty-moth atie-t, |>!>ly In A. IV Hi'CllTlxV ANT A CO., No. 13 E .at Twentyvki.hi street. |M) l.KT (lit TO LEAHR-A8 A BOARIHNO HOOSH l or IioikI, the Urge, omuiuoilioua Tour >k.ry building cor. i;r of Ji.y and tliecnwi Ii street*, n per..*, I older, with i.ter,/;.i.. i an. i, ,vc. K n. low p ,m neaaion given imiuo* i.ilcly, Call on J. O. JiOKIi, uu toe pr.m. sen. no I or (111 LEASE?T1IE PREMISES 207 HEROES L Mi. t. a Iao a oi'v runt alula lour htm, r. ar ...nt ill.. I i.i'! nu ll a o I Willi i;a?. Rout to m .it the Mines. |i I) in S i. v/ v.'< lT ii lily- e'veiilh s i ki.. no I.KT OR lease sine (IE tub Rest ANU WELL I liyuiril Wurk-I.ui.s III tin' city. To rarver*. pilar-ut ivi11 r- ihi- r. lit will I) lakti in ui ik, ti.lnl Hour, No. 1 iliatLain s jtinii'. |?i|iitrc In the Lan p Stun;. ro i.eask-the six lots cn the west shie op I Tootl. avmiue,. iiruer of Fourteenth airoi t. baring Urn k II.c \ a ali o -hi ' enliven lentn for lumber or c i nnlM. His .uik 1/ t. an In I a I in ih-' rear. A|" ly to R. H. LI.'L)LOW, ie. 3 l ino I'.ici, or 10 JOliN C. WHITE, 13 W.-st TwentyI Hi ( lin t. rO LEASE?THE BRICK BliILDINOS cOVKRINtl tliur lotson tli* Hi'iMli Mileof Fourteen!Ii street, weal of k' 'cnth avi Hue, anllahlc ior a foundry, finvery or any u.olumbal pui-noe, Applv to K. 11. LCO-OW", No. 3 Pint tree!, or lo J. ('. WIliTK, 13 Went Twenty-Unit iiieit. FO LK \f.E?I OR KRO.VI ONE TO BIX YEARS FROM tli lit of M.urh lie i, a Country Store H.< ailing llu.iu nil Uuriieii, Lumber, LiiQk hh 1 Co il In '"ik km nil opei tli n. rltuii'" '.n i V:ll I til! on the Hack naaek river, N. J., 12 iiiIkh i Nctv York. The ato k in store. lumber, line anil "ill in yards will lie aolil ai a air valuation, mul terms made any to a responsible parly. AIho, one Sloop ami upixircl will i-iolil i ilenlreil. lo a jiciaoll of business u:el (Mum a good pportiitiily to n.nke money. Tbe owner il. *i km io iciiro rom tlie OnsiiiK r Which be has conducted proilbu ly for nany years. It. ifor nil ibe buildings hu.I two ae.iei of [round, par annum, without taxes. Apply to J. J , No. 9 >! iy street. jiQ LEASE?LOTS ON FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR in ei.:ie it, o a teem of years, suitable for mauikac* Hiring purposes or tenement bonnes; will be on favoritiic terms. AI-.. ina la I on 11 App'y loj CODD1NUTON, 17 Wall street. rpo rent?a fine HOUSE ON murray hill. for 1 tin Ualnn e of liie m hi- e p. For pilceand furtier par 1 aiilars..paly to E. il. i UI'L JW A CO., No. 3 P.<e * reet. TO kent OR FOR S ALE-THE THREE NT. iWY BRICK 1 li. ii-. lull West TiM'iity.'ecoiid Mtre [, .'oiiiAiuIng the modern liiiproveiiieiim. Hi lit $ *<). Tli Feruitvre for aite. A; ply Lii.'lvvocti 11 it ml 3, on t c I'lrmisi s. ^ rIlO 1'LANI.VO MILLS AND LUMBER ME 1*011 ANTS.? A F??r Hiilo rlwai), i\v? 1' Machine*, 'fltion maker, lV?M>dworili | ale it, 14 and 2J inch planer*. BoiU in k??o<I with 1" 1 'I'll* 'or each. Will he .sold *?IA bargain- luj.iirool II. l'M>EVOE, N<?. 10 I'ioc Hircct, N, V. ro ARCHITECTS?to let, ROOMS AND suits Of Room*. wo I It.hud, In the tilth etory ol S o m Buildi uh, Nos. 8 iiml lit fine street. Inquire ?l rooui II, weoM toi \, oil tbo pM'nti.seH. ItllE corner stork no. 157-ia I-ONll iis TABJ lixhed, mid Is on : of the best lnraKclM In the city tor a 'ineeiv in liquor mure. Also the eornrrof M itt. nd Bma-d *tr A'?ti i'h u i-n'n un Flrat aw-nue. to be let. Aipiy hi 1). O'CONOR, til Wee; S ventecntb iilrert. pkhsoikau ARK (XltlMUXIOATIONS ADDRESSED TO BOURB IK, if raidojbc .ereeu f. two ok hearts. Blekcker street stags satcrday evening.? "One fflove." You hoiu4 Eighteenth street AddrcM l)u Tidal, micou Heroine ?would bk pleased to make your U'-|i.? ii lain n. If airceab!e, in. et me Tuesday evening, hull-past nix, hi 121, not 8 IT., ir ?litres* ash fee. oeneko.'s OPINION, it-T-d. IK FORMATION WANTliD-BY BARNEY WOODS, OP .1 his Meier S trail Ann. The lnet he.iid from her wee adorn ehiren year* sun. Shu win erqiiainted ivub e .Mr*. Hartshorn. Any Infor.nallm n gerdlnfj her will be thankfully reerin-d ny her broth 'r. Addivce Barney Woode, Eii|,lewnoi|, M. J., e ire of John Van Brunt. f f mr. admirer (with fixe capl. in ykstbr1 day's Hern il. reference In the jruuint lady who erusaej Fulton ferry ia|i|iirunily) a'one, on Sn nr.lay areolar, ami torn a car to Tnlaty street, hs 1* ree e ttu'ly nut ned that hi* attenii-uiK ? re aiivthliiR out agreeab e u> the laily in queauuii. llis inndu't was hed on the oo-iamn, nod e mm near p-uiti; h m Into trouble. IK THE SMALLER OF "THE TWO" LADIES, WHO pureed up Fulton street frnui the lorry at about two ii'. leak yesterday atlrmnon, and who salute I It.r nuin O't the i-uriter O! Pearl street (who unfortunately was compelled lu meet an eUL-a.'eiiient). wishes to form au ran do eo by .u iimiiiilentliia ihio igh " I'eisunale" or byndtlreasliu; Harry M n ioo, Chatham eipiare Post oilier. JOE.?YOUR LETTER t'AME ALL RIGHT. P. If, _ MBS. MARY THOMPSON WHITE-T< RMERLT OF A'isiimiih, late 11 iluiiiin;ton, leinq ls|, r.m>po* d to be in liroosly n will hear of a ime bins to her a van.uco ly.alliii 'ally a. flsver. Kll.'ARDS A CO.'S, 01 Wall tree . n. y. Mary f-addkkbi dr. f. l. le kwitii, station I), AN MKS M. K WHITE.?THERE IS A LETTER for . jo i ul Htet.on II. FRANK Miss lizzie mti.ler, late ok h. street, near i;*--- - r ei. w II ul lice l er trlen l J-t . M i.v n>n.i. Inra note to J. >1., l'o? 1-0 Herald other, Mamg wb*-re on interview tiny be i it i. MOI.I.I E?CAN T CuME Till RSDAY 1 WHAT AKS ilit; Miiannst Voii ki o v. Addis** CiJAttf.UY. Ks. t.-yo lis of TUB urn rs i:t:? eivkd. Ifi 1* nop. nvina: ah ill remain .11 o mi all wtumr. Addie .* tin' H.UIM'. 1 In pe in lo yo i are brtu r. I'l- ana write fti n ami miHge ?? ?? ? COMFTHISO IO DUE Ml ABOIT.?tiKi.AM OK MB, i7 It.r I luiv ' iir miii of oi mnllnuii ujr. S iiil#? evening. S.I'U mi n ' ear, t mi U 30. Forty tliir.l elrei i. ulaia juriil iiu! my bout s . A eou-aiiilnweit tu 1.7.1 llraid Hi e li.alluK Hiii'ii- a m l" 11 lay hi' ail.I rami), M i.l !? h lieat for JONATHAN U V Kll A KI). rrilH liRNT WHO AKItlVBD AT TftKJtiO.N ON TUB L N >? York ten o'clo. k morning train would be plea* <1 to inaatt the a.?i|i',a nt-incn o< llio laiiy woo ai rivril in *atnd train, ami ml - wltn lilm nlone in the o't.nlbi s f o n thd fmi on lloii'l tat Smith 'I'm num. on Maii iav, ltd m>iant. If .1 m a .I" Hie young lady tv.ll pli ate answer through Kenano a!. dating wdiei-e a i lm.-rv*.. way be tad, about AiUi met., mnl inni li 1.blige hi r ailinfrer. JAtKH'JN. TO t'AUHIK.NIA PASBBNUBRR BY TDK STEAM BR X 01 ll.e gist 1.1 Fa I nary.?Any pa*?eiiger going to Sao Kia'tclaeo by the ateanvr of above date will hear or Mimes 1 In tig ui then ml \ .ullage by addressing Immediately to X. Y. box ISO Hi ral. mBee. rilHURSDAY KVKSINO, FF.BRI'AIIY 1A H'RPItlvB 1 fatty. Stranger* taxed lit 1 y rent* p. r brail. Rather mall fotaioi's on the ptri of the knight. Amw*r through personal*. FI'IX OUKKH. WILLtAM ROBIXBOX. William JtiibliiKi'O. lata of Liverpool, in theenunly of lain aaier. In England twiii of ICirhard Kolinan, of ihe ity .11 t'11 title, In England afortaald, weaver, di . a*e 11, who leit I.lverjiool a* nut rleteu year* ago nml went to reside at New 1 nrk. and n lieu last heard of he wa* Hading In eea'b hi lb- Pennsylvania fat al, I* r?i|tie?ted 10 *pply to Ibe nnlUrotentl. neti. w ben he may hear of sninatlilng 10 hi* trivanage; of. il dea I. any is r,nn living proof of Ihe aame will to rework d iiu application to Mesara. STOt'KLKY A WIUUI.KY, Hoi lilt or?, Idi'asile (treet, Liverpool, England. ??, 11.1/ 1'. nil"' mo i.r. r i lim ifif b ASIt IM.AK m little clilldroii in i he grratiat mil row hikI auvuiv, ""If mown bla vihi r about* to miim of her relatione in Kiulanil. *hri* ehc now ir, J. A. J , J. SI., Sr., J. A. It., Jr. 11TILL THB TALL AMD UHACKfUL LAI>* WIIO YY pe?B"d up fiiam'vra etreet to Mlewurt'a, uliont IIU I'elock )ea e 'l?y (Monday) inornlng, make th>- ai-qnaim ntiroof tho gentleman whom admired her and tipped hie l aaohe ootr-l Biewert'k. I'leano do, I., addrcmong Kib rani Irwin, atniinn D, appointing en Interview. llfilJ TIIB LADY WHO WA.S LAHT JtVKNINO.Tf YY nvu oV.ork, In a h'nltnn aireet ferry auge, and for thorn h ( opine J the window, ploaao Arret mmo nea 10 M, K. 0.. Broadway Boat office, atating wlo-re an ln> riirw can bo bail. iV OK WI:sl MYVKNTH-KTKEBT?TU VKM roR YY the dlirlmtlivo t.ole. Hear amw< ro.t to lb* on our Uoorplate to I'oal bllke, station A, lib Si ring street, ioaae call for II. HOTBIaM. ~~ Vl.HlON HOTKL AND BOARIHNd HOt HK. fll# HUDaon atroet, nurinir of CLirlea?lioaaant and well fur* 'ahed Kiwrna, an.table for mnrrleit or alnrliWcontlemen. looms from $1 U) u> $3. Board and Kooma from to ft ?r week lor ilngm i? i-aona, and from |i to fll for imitm-iL T. 1,AMHKitr. l'r.|ii|etor._ V| MHStlN A> I Ml. Iloli I. O KM-.i: TtV K.N TVVI. ai-trnili atieel ami Mailimii ar.niw hastily and -In I Roo m a, with I r without lir*t . law hot. Boar.',..( rc lined u'Wa; One at lo.ation la the city. Loweat pi ? ? rooms ?0 a rrek. "^TANVVIX if\Mi. GoRVKK fK BNOAO^AY AND ^ Maid,'., tag... All.a?,> V .at thojuuo.joi,the N, W lark Central, It'll-.II Blrrr. N Hihrin a. Kaaotn R.. limit*-WtASCIS I: I III. It lonncily ol t?n#t 1'ivnt ami itore recen tly of the St. tlermaln, * w York, and Pavilion, tork iw.iT Lone l-l iinl, rcaptaifully annouaooa to hlafriend* ml the li'rtbKo Ihrt I'V has taken Die shore wo.I known trl and hoped l y eaal lt liy twi'l alt ullon to rnoi It n eon'nuance of lt>n< pmrett. e lie ltd* hlthofln an Ilia rally on\ed The hotiao la undergoing r ndilr ruble imp.or uncut, n.i Will I?I tondt Ced O 1 <:;? mi?| liberal a nle, Meal* at all o'.ra foaijt the arrival and dO|<ntlure of III r.u*. ! ho loIitiou, It v 'l he otiaervod, la the ii oat central in the City. Otl'I.IYTk AMD AI'RYtlTM. viTMflT Ail A' tlD f-TlFAPNt-SS A*ll Pl.t Milt III- !|u> moil III*, oil a-ca-nic II1M willn'1,1 I>d!lilt.l ope. it ; a Will f* AiTm l-i Hi I fit iifh. tie I reoiei.l ?( of H ill.,--, "II 1 IV 111. tmtVJ H. O 't rtlumu ??:, perdu nnHgr or by letter. tk? Broadway.

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