Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1862 Page 2
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2 ARRIVAL OF THE EMNBIRG. TWO DAYS LATER FECI EUROPE. THE AMERICAN QUESTION IN ENGLAND. Earl Russell's Neutrality Circular Endorsed by t!ie People. Intervention Condemned by All Parties. T&f Nashville Ordered fr*m Sciithuinj.tJU, but Saved from the Tuwarora. AUSTRIA ACCEPTS TUB TIIHONE OF 31E\IUO. FRENCH REINFORCEMENTS FOR VERA CRUZ. Preparations for the Meeting of Parliament. THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH PROJECT, &c., &c., &c. The ste.tmship Ediuburg, which left Liverpool at midnight on th>' 3d, and Queenstown on th? 5th of February, Attivv4 at this (x>rt at half-past eleven o'clock A. U. yesterday, with thi passengers and cargo transferred from the Etna?that vessel having returned to Liverpool to repair the damage sustained in bar collision with the ship Cheviot off Holyhead. The advices by the Edinburg from Liverpool are little mora than one day later than those received by the Asia; but by way of Queonstown they are three days later. Cabinet councils were being frequently held in Ijondon, reparatory to the assembling of Parliament on Thurs* lay, Feb. 6. The Madrid journals say that Marshal Serrano instate on being relieved from his command in Cuba, but government was unwilling to accept his resignation a1 tba present juncture. A dee patch from Paris of the 4th instant says ? The Indrpmdance having asserted that Count Walewski had declared in the fifth bureau of the Senate, in the Km peror's name, that at the moment when the Pope's Nuncio left for Pane a lormal and written engagement nod been givea by the Emperor's government not to withdraw the French troops from Rome, and in the Emperor's opinion the definitive solution of the Italian question was only to be expected from the action of time, and must be sought elsewhere than in the Roman question. The Moniteitr, on this, declares that the statemont of the hujU-pentlavc* is doubly false, and says the statement is completely incorrect that M. Walewalci speke in the terms reported. M. Bast, the great French chomist, died on the 3d inst. The government functionaries in Paris and in the provinces have been requested to give as many bolls as possible, in order to provide employment for the laboring classes. It is, in fact, the operatives employed in the manufacture of articles of luxury, such as jewelry, boll dreasea and carriages, that are suffering most at present. A great sensation had bean ereated la France by the trial at Bourg of a miscreant charged with enticing female servants into secluded by lanes and woods for pur* poses of abuse, murder and robbery. A number of eases of murder hail bean proved agaiatt him, and he had bean sentenced to death. Public demonstrations were made at Florence, Italy, on fhn M instant hafnM t h* aAtai of tha panAtinnar* innp. I (Mia fl Camm*rci? and II Oontemporamx; bat tba authorlUm prevented any serious disturbance There wan (Feb. 4) a monetary crista at Veoelia, and tba for or n moot has decreed a forced circulation of the saw money. Disturbances hare taken place at Verona and Mantua. The London Gaastte of the4lb inat. publishes Mr. James M. Marshal, Consul at Leeds for the United Slates of I at scire Mr. H. B. Hammond Is to be Consul at Dublin It appears frem statistics just published at Bom# by lbs Osasrel of tba Jesuits that tba total aumber of members of the Order at tba and of 1861 was 7,331, of whom 8,303 were Frenchmen. The London Put of tba 34 Inat. says.? The recent arrangementa made for the departure of hie Royal Highness the Prince of Wales here been altered It is now intended that the royal yacht Victoria and Albert should be ready by Tuesday, the 11th inst., to embark the King of the Belgians and the Prince of Wales, and proceed to Antwerp, from whence the Prince will proceed on a riait to tba Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Prussia, and than continue his lour. The royal yacht will remain at Antwerp, as it is expected the Crown Princess (Princess Royal) will return in her on a visit to her Majesty. A commemorative testimonial was presented, in England, to the Right Honorable T. M. Gibt-on, for his ser vices in connection with the repeal of the tax on the press. A public breakfast was gi von on the occasion. The lose of (he gold ship Empress of the Seas, by flr* shortly after her departure from Melbourne, Australia' for Liverpool, urea telegraphed on the morning of the 4th 'nstsnt from Alexandria. Gold =aved. Additional despatches from India, in anticipation of the Bombay mail of January 13, had been received in England The exportation of saltpetre from India, except to British ports, had been prohibited. At Bombay cotton goods were dnil and declining Exchange, 2a. >fd. At Caleatta (January 11) shirtings were dull and droop aiico ?win? uiui vui> mivimuj-ni, i>iui|v ?i wjnug Exchange, ** %* The Cork Herald of the 5ih inst. Mfs The Cunard mail iHMMr Canada, from Boston, arrived 1ft our harbor about half 1*0.1 two o'clock yesterday afternoon, having been due tinea the previous Saturday. The cause of this delay appear* to have be. n that the 1 atiaila encountered a dense fog between Halifax and Bustoe, which detained her a whole day, and a further delay of aeven boura wee occasioned near the harbor'l mouth bv a similar cause. Having landed two paaeengera, with eighty seven mail sacks,she proceeded for Livery eel Ail wail. The hrigantin" Fanny Lewis, from Charleaton, S. C., oe tne 1st of January, arrived at Liverpool, February 4, with cotton and roaln. A dee patch from Queenatown of the 4th inat. says ? The atearastup Hammonia, from New Tork, arrived at Southampton on the 3d inat. The steamers Kangaroo and Bohemian arrived at Liver pool and the Bremen at Southampton on the 3d met The Bremen tumke down ia her machinery a day or two before she reached Southampton, and tuga went to her assistance and towed her into port. TEE AMERICAS WAR CRISIS. The People Proclaim Agalait Imterweattea. fFrom the London Koeeomiet, Fab. 3.) e a e e e e e We are not only disappointed, but are even dispoeed te rejotce. at tha rnmov that it la not the Intention of Ministers either te recommend any " comprehendvo meaauree" in the Veen's speech, or to Introduce very numerous or very Important bills themselves. There ia no reeaoa to anprebead that Mr Madstone'a budget will he aa " ambitioni" one. There ia no reason to dread that ear " organic" reforms will be either proposed or listened to. There la no expectation that ministers will daclare their resolution W> stand or fall by the "revised eode," though, of course, the debates on this auh}eet will he long and fierce. The <meentneri on inAteh the rrmntry u anmuiut In hear the itatemenl of the Cabinet?'he the only matter, indeed, whirh maker u? fee I any uperia! in tend so the Sterfiegef Parliament at all?it the 4mere,m new. We are inrunie te hear them derlart that n;Uur they, nor, they hope, Qtier imperial ally kav any 1 n'en'wn afhrealnna tke Unrkade that, however, they will watch sedulously ever British p-tfbto, and will tolerate no infringement of them, thai they tee r*a?m ta twpe for an rnrly termination of (he dieadmut eew/ltVf,- and thai they will 4a all tiMCUM done by ii^irnl.* to brin; it to * Hon*. If Ibof will ff?ok Mtu/arirmIvan Ifwi?i/.?_*r?l wDwmMI t*at Ihty can?w tkall gUuilf tromrutr In frtm (MOT great amount UgieUvuwi, //rop?,|i, m ?'ML fVrom Um London News, Mb. 3 ] aa aeoeee Minister* hare nothing to apprehend on t.ho *<or* of their policy toward* Atnoflca, no (tut and Impartial, to t uorouahly pervaded bjr a aanne of what 1* d ie to the dignity and reputation of Kngiand, aava the noci-celty of li?tinir<0 to a long nj*ac\ on Of "UorJtrnW from a Qtn-'U?i"? rtudngnitM for hit Parlinm. niary/ailurm Public opmwn in ?spr?w<l Uttlf w i-L-arlf ami nnon\mr*u)y o?.im-l any intcmentvm, such al a forcible broach of the b ockane would be and that even in quarters wbore it had boon etpocled tLe moat eager dnair# for such a mea aura would hara prevailed. that the government runs no riak of batcg ouarcad into an art which would lower tha t country In tba consideration of tha world. Moreover, the intanttoo* of tha American government, ta which we referred la gaoaral term* )**t Tbirnoay, deprive Mr. I.indaay'a motion of Ita political mtereat; whila aa to rordnarr.ial intaraau, it lawrll underatond by tbo?a moat engaged m them that Hit mi fht rnitinf nj the blahids but the termination of fho wrr tt hirk wmld rtHerelhr di* npt pr*ea(/#??e (M oar dUtrtcb. The tnm .NEt Mffrto hroogh' lhi?Tr?ot affair to an osry and soccviwfol oon.'li.8i.>u may be trusted to watch ovur & iu?h rights in the Gt.lU of Florida and Meaico. The Sumlrr Ntill at Gibraltar. A Ma lrid diwpalch of the Ail iusU says Uiat ilia |>ri?a er -lumur still continued at Gibraltar. The Nathville Lravri Soutliaiapton. A Bill I l?H ntlGATK phkvknts thk tua*. akoka mo* ATTACKING tlKlt. Tim rebel steamer Nssbi ill* left :x>uih.unploo on the 3d mat. 'die iMtod the Union gunboat Tusctrort off Co wee. whore the latter was anchored. The Tusearora atouined up to start in chase of the Naslprilie; but the frigate Sli.uiuou waa alongside to pre vent lior departure for twenty four hours. The last soon of the Nashville waa that she was steam ing down the cbauuei with all S|a?ed. Unglsuil's Application of Her Neutral Kulc. [from tho London Tunes, Fob. 3.1 ? ? *00 We do not allow our own llltlo boys to disturb the thoroughfares w ith sputa anil crackers on the Filth of November, and wliy should wo submit to be annoyed with tho two guns ot the Noshviiie or the "Columbians'' of the Tuscarora, eager as these inuhiy men-of-war may be to make thorn elves noisy and disagreeable in the neighborhood of Osborne* Th > rule of international law o I-IUI11 r.ytMJ UJU..I. I?W IU1 I 1*111, it r-MC . I n, of giving hospitality u> tliu slit|? of war oi either or b<th the belligerent Power#, and she may sulbr them, or either of them, to bring tu their prizes and submit them to her admiralty courts. But every nation has also the right to exclude them altogether, > unless where such exclusion would be contrary to the gen-ral dictates of humanity. Our goremment has made its cht/ice, as v>e think, very vastly, and has excluded b- lh parties. Karl Uussoll in this State paper nioasurts out equal measure to ships of war and privateo'S. lie excludos both from all ftritish ports for all warlike purp ses. If th-v come into our watere oxc pt in distress, they are t > Ik> worncd away, and to depai t ia twenty four hours. If they be in distress, they are to go as soon as they have obtuiued the repairs and supplies necessary to enatde them to sail homewards If any hoe tile shi<>s or me chuutinen that might be made their prey, are in the same harbor, they cannot follow them out until twenty-four hours' "law" has been allowed to the fugitives. All this is old law, which has been ulready enforced within the French ports without any public de1 claratiou such as this now mado by our Foreign Office. The comparatively recent appliance of steam to war ships has mado tlw question of coals a novelty in our In'einatumal taw of Xeutrals. lite obvious idea of supplying a suip-of-war with only coals sufficient to lake her to the nearest home port would not meat the present case, for she v>intd spend these coals in a cruise andoime hark for more, Iteina again in distress. Karl Kussell meets this difficulty by a provision that a ship-of-war or a pri meer shall not oUatn co il within the British it m inions. even t> take her home, more than once in three months. We hope thi3 will put an end to the annoyances that occur in Europe fruin these transatlantic quarrels. It would appear that war steamers which must leave our ports in twenty-four hours, and ean only come and c>al once in three uvnths, cannot be so troublesome. The fbiht in the New- World may be mighty, and terriQc, and sublime. It may be the real battle of Armageddon for aught we know. It may be like the shock of hostile earthquakes. We are ooustantiy being told how terrible it is to be when Cenoral McClelun gets well and his army is ready. We are content to believe or disbelieve it; but, as it comes to us in the Old World, it is like a war of frogs and mice, and ia simply a small nuisance. Our friends over the water ought to remember that we nave not the same reasons which they have for enduring such disturbances. The revelations made by Mr. Da wee In Congress apply to America, and not to England. It is pretty clear now ?K.> Ik, I hffl (alnrol <ll,lu ia Irani ?v> V. w . ?, tious public enthusiasm, founded upon the squandering among a small class of political contractors and agitators of two million* of dollars a daj. We have great faith in the purity and disinterestedness of the inhabitants of Southampton and Portsmouth, and we are quite sure that they will urge the government to execute the regulations thor have put forth. We hope, therefore, that, after this notification, we may see no more of these ferocious penny eteamer* ia our tranquil waters. Character of the Tnscarora In Port. [From the London Post (government organ;, Feb. 3.1 ***** The Nashville, a Confederate privateer, having put Into Southampton for repairs, the Tuscarors, a federal war steamer, entered the port and waited patiently till her adversary would quit her asylum. From the first day when the Tnscarora took up her position, the captain has committed a series of irregularities. He sent some of his crew on shurs, and actually stationed them in the dockyard to signal the departure of the Nashvtll*. He repeatedly moored his vessel, slipped his moorings and went to sss, and afterwards returned to them again, in direct violation of international lew. A* rule u mere dearly eUabtiehot than that a belligerent reuel which entert a neutral port is not entitled to lent* inch port if a newel belonging to the other belligerent I'ower it alto there, without giving the latter the option of leaving firtt ; nor can the then follow her before twenty four houre have eJapeed This r.u", tbea, the captain of this Tnscarora baa repeatedly violated Our readers are doubtlessaware that since the arrival of the Tnscarora, an English frigate has been stationed in the Southampton water to enforce, should it be necessary, respect for the British territory end obedience to our jurisdiction. Had Ae Nashville left Southampton dock, and had the Tnscarora attempted to pursue her, such rl would have be?n regarded by us as an act of hostility, and our frigate would have at one* interposed. At any moment, therefore, during the past few weeks, we might have been placed iu very awkward relation with the federal State* of America through the intemperance of a naval officer, whose general conduct idc? hn arrival bare baa not baeo aucb aa to imprest ua wltb tb* idea that h* entertains unlimited respect for international law. The government have felt it to b* their duty to relieve the sent* of tinea*mesa which thla condition or thing* haa occasioned, and. aa prevention is better than cure, they have accordingly man if ee led their determination of enforcing certain regulations which, whilst it will put an end to the blockade at preeent existing at Southampton, will prevent the recurrence of a similar state of ibinga. Tie* Victory at Mill Spring Reported Abroad. The Cork Daily HTald of the ->tb met. Is at hand by tb* Edinburg. Th? news of the battle of Mill 9,>riog was announced there. The Aratf, in commenting ou the oewe, s lya ?Although the result* of the battle sre conArmed from aeveral sources, yet the aceounts being exclusively Xortborn, should be obviously received with some reserve. THE INVASION OF MEXICO. KKrOr.tkd accept a sl'C of thv. thp.o.vk bt acbtkia. The iiondon I'ntt renew* the report that the Arch Duke Maximilian will aecept the throne of Mexico. Vicuna,Feb. 4, 1442. Antlna wil l or. -p> Iki throw of i/tjriro for U>- A rrh-Dubr Maximilian. but will not iede Venctia id oxihangc. 1 The Inn lou Heral l t Paris correspondent savs, under date ot February 4, that iu aildillon to the troop* already ont ofr four more batteries of artillery have received orders to hold themselves ie readiness to start at ah hour's notlca. [From the Pans Patrte, Feb. 4.1 The allied troop* ?re to advance ou the City of Mexico early in March. There will be no nominal commander-in chief. 'Ihe military commander* and the admirals will act according to the decisions of a council of war, aa in the expedition to China. Ihe Ixmdon of the 4th Inst . remark* that while Great Britain will adhere to the more limited constitution in the Mexican convention, ihe would.of course, be glad to see a tonnd. orderly and erpnrou* pnirmmrnt ft 'aMluMr-1 in that country to ble aed by nature and eo cursed by man. [Frua the I/mdon observer, Feb. 3.] There ie raaaon 10 believe I bat an attempt will shortly be made to connect KnglanJ and America nnce more by the electric Megraph, and this time with greater Increased prospect ol permanent su< ceee. Kecent occurred es have impressed the governments of Kngland and of the United Hi a tee with the enormous importance of such means of communication, and ibe ITsaident and government of the Untied States have decided on giving every support In their pewer te any well considered project of that kind The government of the United Mates hava, in a liberal manner, offered to subscribe one-half of the sum which would be required for making the cable, end give the use of vessels >4 their navy In assisting te lay It, provided the British government will (rant the remaining portion of the sum Mr. Cyrus W. Pield, who took so active a part in reference to the former Atlantic telegraph, has, we are informed, undertaken a mission te this country for the purpose of inducing the British government to act in s spirit of ejual lib*rsllty, and cooperating with this friendly offer on the pert of the United States. AS further evidence of the rrieodly spirit which has actuated this offer, the government of the United States are perfectly content that the telegraph should have its terminus on Rritl'b territory, am 'bat will affhrd the nearest point of communication with Kngland or Ireland. Any arrangements thaw would he entered into between the two government* would, ef course, p:*vid# for the efficient working and uae of the tine, and would guarantea its protection by both cnentrten In the event of hostilities. We are at a lose to see upon what grounds our government can refuse t* reapend favorably to the offer, which, if not already made, wtll shortly be submitted to its consideration The cost of the cable, calculated with the greatest smount of rare, end with every Improvement, would not be greater tbaa that which was expended on the lie* I f-otn Malta to Alexandria, and which waa wholly dafraysd by the government. Onr Interests with the American continent are not lent I Important than those with India, end even if greeter Im | )*>rt*nre were to be attached to eur eastern poeeensloun, it would only render still more necessary a line across the Atlantic, seeing that with the telegraphs which already exiet on the Americas continent, and wbiah now extend to the I'acillo coast, It would sffbrd a means of rapid and valuable communication, from the West, with china and our Indian F.mpire. rkVLU'i if w I* VAT a yunii vwu a / hi rn oa??a Tbo Hart* Mimitfir of Kahroary 1 publishes a lattar fr< m Vara f'roa, s'annc that tha oxcitomanl of tha M*xic m? was b?i[1nniii|r to suitable. Tha l<laa of an arrange meat waa no linger r?J<-oud a priori .<? rraaaon a^am-t tha nation. Thers ware serious rndicati 'n? that a party wm formtnf ohwb wandisposed to repudiates Rovers mant which had boon so fatal to tha rountry. 1 lio anhstitenrd inhabitants did not winh for war, sod tha a"in l th.nkirn? t irlion "f tha population dsmintled tha unit jr of the country under an ludepwident ron-tilutionsl monarchy. A for<\7\ firinre v*i?ld do'itAUn rally all tyrnfmUhrj Tha tlliw j Ik mil t ike e.-ire rot to put l>>rth any pretenai"i.? on tho?r ows Seoiunt, which, on ilwy would |ira rlw to I has of conquest,oould not fall to wound tha national self resp . ?. THi rHFwrn *ri??ion<;iui*.vrs ?oa xeiico. I Pari* (Keb I) enrrespondeso* of l/rndon Timaa 1 Tha director of tha manufactory of ni.litary wagous at V YORK HKRAJjD, WtiD Vernon hu received orders to construct fnr the troop cnr.doyed iu ibo Mexican <'*int>.ii(n three sets of ligli carriages, with military cheats and harnesa completeone for the mlaniry, one for the c ivilry, and ouo for th stuff officers. sh ills are to be fitted to tho flint two seta end by eu ingenious contrivance two mules n ay bo yokei in front or in tandem. Tne lltird set ire to be drawi by a single or double |>eir of aiules Ureal activity ore veil* at present in ell the military carnage mauufac tones. Advices from Cherbourg, dated on Thurfday, staU that heavy gales, which had prevailed for tho last tw< or three days on that c >ast, liad prevented the depart ure of vessels of war for Mexico. However, the steuu corvette Forfait, with (<enora< do I/irem y and his stal on board, had lukou advantage on th- aftornoou of th '2.1th, of a slight luB, and h id started for Vera Crux. Tht other vos? -'a were to follow as a on as possible. A I..I I,,., fr, .... >, r, a( 1?.......... A.nOinl tho following account oi' ihaooeratlons gaunt forward jj that port ?The secuid act Qf tin} Muuim fMrrttditloii W ifl idlicTudoJ to-Jay la tho port of Tou on by 'tlio do pat lure cf tho steam Trlya'cs Asmodeo and Can a la which took ?ith tltam the first battalion of riflemen and theeugmocrs. 1 say the second act, because all the ac count* received frotn ! aria socm to confirm tho per ma oent oeo opal ion of Mexico by the allied forces until a regular and firmly established government shall have c-inpietoy rouiovod all traces of the civil war which u laying waste that unfortunate count-y. Wo must therefore expect fo so? frequent cxiieditions of tro >ps and military stores to suj>piy the array of oocupatiou and the lied. [Krnm the Courrler du llem inche, Feb. 1.] The idea of creating a royal thr- ne in favor of the Archduke Maximilian is of a loss recent date than may be generally suppisod. Lien beftore making preparations /or thr Mexican expedition. the Cabinet of the Tuileries soundod the mien ione of the Court of Vienna ae to the eventual rec ftion which the offer of the I krone of Mexico to an Austrian prince mioht blikely to meet with. The Cabinet of Vienna did not show itself very eager to close with the offer, although groat caro wns taken at first to say nothing about equivalents. It is only within the lust fow weeks that it has boon sliadownd forth in a very delicate man ner. The idea of a coonexity between tho transoceanic extension of the Austrian power and the excision of some of its possessions in Europe, it will be ruudry understood thai this confirmation of suspicions previously entertain ed was ill calculated to remove the objections at Vienna, and the offer made to the Archduke Maximilian continued to be looked u|>on very coldly. The idea ttion art sc of finding some further compensation for Austria in E irope. It was bjlievcd on good grounds that Turkey would not be altogether intractable if a good pesuuiary indemnity and other advantages were offered against the cession of Herzegovina, as a conducive to tne peace of Kuro|ie. There was certainly a chance at one tune that this combination would have had a chance ol success at Vienna. But the litest news leads to the sup |K>siti<>u that grsat difficulties are in the way. The Cabinet of .S". I'e'erdmrt], which seriously took t heart the litiU affair of Suttorini, would never content to tuck important territorial change' on the Lower Danube; and it does not appear that I'ans and Vienna have made up their minds lc g<> against Riusia. We may add as latest news that, according to a dosratch just received from Vienna, the Archduke Maximilians privy councillor, M. Scherzoslecbner, has just started for Mexico. The Opinion Satvnale. which is very much against the whole scheme, mentions a report that not only Archduke Maximilian'! secretary, but the archduke himself, u about to proceed to Mexico. The O'Shta Bank Failure* in Madrid. [From the London Tunes (city article) Feb. 3.] The advice* from Madrid confirm the impression thai the failure of Messrs. O'Snea, the bankers, will turn ou very unfavorably. The house does not appear to bavi enjoyed much credit among the leading commercia classes, their clients being chiefly private individuals including many Englishmen, persona engaged in publli works, Ac., a large number of whom will be entirely ruined. It is alleged that the case presents feature! similar to those in the London house of Sir John Dean Pan k Co., as the partners are accused of fraudulent!} disposing of securities intrusted to their care. Tlx proximate cause of the failure appears to have been tin extravagant expenditure of Senor Jbarrola, ono of th< directors, who is stated to have made his escape. Th< other partners are out en bail. A meeting of creditors ii called for the 12th inst., when it is expected that crimi nal proceedings will be ordered to be instituted. It ii also reported that the bank has been insolvent since 1847 in which case tho property left by the Into Mr. O'Staea, ai whose death s year ago a considerable amount of capita was withdrawn from the concern, will become subject U the claims of the general creditors. Mr. u Shea, it ii new said, had failed on two previous occasions. Commercial Intelligence. LONDON MONEY MARKET. Livbkpdol, Feb. 3?Evening. The funds ere without material variation in London Consols closed on Monday, 3d mat.. at a %. Money contiuues easy and abundant. LIVERPOOL MARKKT8. Lttbrpuol, Feb. 3?Evening. Gorton.?Sales to-day 6,000 bales. including 3,000 ot speculation and for export. Prices stesdy. No market at Manchester since the Asia. BRXADnrrms. ?Messrs. Wakefield, Nash k Co. oak wheat and flour exceedingly quiet, but prices nnhltered Corn also quiat at Sis. a Sis. 3d. for mixed. Paovsuoas.?Beef and pork dull and still declining Bacon steady. Tallow and lard quiot. Punned Sugai dull, and 3d. a fid. cheaper. Rlci steady. Coffee inactive. Roein without change. Spirit! of turpentine quiet but unaltered. Ashes, no sales r* ported. LONDON MARUT8. American wheat in fair demand at late rata*. Sugai quiet. CoRbeArm. Tea steady and in fair demand. Riot Arm. Tallow Oat; Y. C. 40a. 0d a 47a. TOT LATB8T MARA ETA. [bt raar.mra prom uvai?>t to qt-aaaaTowv.] Liverpool. Keb. 4, IMS. Salea of cotton today 8,000 hales, including 1,600 U speculators and exporters. The market cloaed quiet ai unchanged quotations. state or trade at Mi witester. Tlie advices from Manchester are unfarorable, thi market for goods and yarns being Inactive. Liverpool, Feb. 4,18M. Beeidwttto ?The market is quiet and steady. Provisions ?The market la dull and generally easier Bacon is steady and unchanged. The transactions in the produce markets hare beet email, and the market is generally steady. LONDOM MONET MARKET. Ionoon, Feb. 4, 1M? Consols cloaed to-day at SL-'V a 91% for money. America* -totes. The latest ssles were made as follows ?Erie Railroad 58,<* a 29lj. Illinois Central, 44 a 43 discount. THI PARIS BOURSE. Basis, Keb. 4?3 20 P. M. The Bourse opened very firm, but wu subsequent inanimate, llenus closed at 71f. 40c., or 6c. lower tba yesterday. Inciting; British Soldiers to Desert. The Mammy t'rrrman of the 4th of February, publisl ad at St. John, N. R., contains a lengthy report of tl local polka court relating to tbe attempt of Philip Moot and Miles Corrigan to induce eoldiera of the British arm; and te|>ecia]Jy of the Kusileer Guard, to escape and deeei to ibe United Slates. Corrigan was tried Arst. Job Miii ray, a sold tor of tbo^'uslleer Guard, deposed thai t knew ttaa prteouer (i.'orrtgjn), and continued ? I saw him at bta bouso In Carleton on Wadnaadaj nifl last; It waa before eight o'clock: Thomas Krazer, also soldier. was with ma; we staid thara three or four hour wo asked to light our pipes; we talked about soldiei making their escape to the United .States; he said h could take us to Eaetporl in six or seven hours; be sai it would be better for us to Join the American armj that we would get better paid?get about $3 a month, and would not have to light, be to drill the soldiers, and when we arrive at Fast port he would take us to a boarding hous and maae arrangements for us, and if the wind woul change wa could go that night; I commenced telling that tales about thed'rimean war; we left and came over i the small boat about ten o'clock, wa went down aom rocks to gat to tba henna, hie son directed ua how t find bin father's house; the next night I went to Corr gas sand took two avfipod ablrts. one pair of socks an one pair of woollen gloves, 1 had these concealed abou mo; Fraxer wan with me. I saw Corrlgan; he gave m a veal and be Ufld ua that wa must take tba stripe out c our trowaem, 1 gave him my waist belt; ha recotr mended tbe/ wa should leave that, night, gat into aom bay and xhchor; wa objected to that; we got our la and wortt to bad la a small room; wo were taken out c (baboons by the police; tbe socks, belt, pelr of creepers two shirts, sealskin gloves and woollen gloves, now pre duced. are regimental necessaries belonging to the Que* and whteh I gave to Corngan; Corrlgan wan arrsate that night; 1 did not knew anything of Corrlgan untl Moore teld me; I was not deaerling; my obgact waa t And out who it waa that was deooying the troops sway the Colonel did not name Chrrlgnn. Tba cmnwaxamineueo of tbe witness, as well as th examination in chief of Themes Fraaer, already allude to. did not elicit any mora facta than that tba aoldier had no intention to denert, but were only working b; direction of their colonel to And out the names of thi men who wrs aagagad in tampering with British troops After a careful investigation and the examination < several witnssesa, both for ngaa and Moore were see eared to pay n Ana of (100. in accordance with th British statute to that sflt-ct. There wae another charg against them of receiving soldiers' clothing, which, ben ever, waa net proceed The Frtman aays that this action of the colonel of th Fuel leer Guard was' 'a splendid stratagem," and ha think Ma aoeceaa la a great triumph over the American agent who would encourage deoortioiia. Coroner's laqaeat. Plant ihom ah Ovimmmb or Linun i Marls Bskei a native of I/onj Island, aged sixty Ave yoare, died I No. 6 Ridge street on Monday njhi, from the effbeta < an orerdose of laudanua. Deceased, It appeared,ha been In the habit of taking the poison lor the lai twenty two years. Hbe commenced with ?mell doses i ftrat, but gradually increased lh"lr eire until at Isat ah was able to dispose or a tablcspoonful daily. On Wodne day last decease! took a spoonful before breakfast, an almost immediately after breakfast look another Th quantity proved too much for her, however, as she ana beams Insensible, and never afterwards rallied fori eer nollin held an inquest upon the body yiaterdai ? hen the pity rendered a verdict in accordance with tt above facts. The America Outward Roand. Bohtov, Feb. 11, 1<m2 The malls per the Ambries will r.l we at nine o'clor to-day (Wednesday) moralng, but she will not take h< d?pi."lure for Halifax and Liverpool until about noon.

Fire at Frmnkfhrt, Fa. I*tnt*n?i.ein*, l>eb td, IMt. TV machiae eU >ps of Lue Fraakfirl Arveaai are en rtr NKSDA Y, PKBKUAUi 19, J ; FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. a Tivsday, Fob. 18?6. P. M. l The following ia a comparative statement of the > exports from the port of New(York to foreign port* * for the week ending February 18 and since Junu' ary I:? > 1840. 1801. 1803. * > 'For the week $1,330,043 1,278,003 3,865,129 - Previously reported. 8,7*1,344 16,096,907 16.314,376 r Since January I..$10,033,186 18,376,689 18,100,406 This is the best export return we have had for some weeks. The leading items are, as usual, corn. ' wheat, flour aud provisions. We notice a small i shipment of cotton to Liverpool, and a rather hoary shipment of tobacco to Gibraltar. If we once [ begin to open the ports iu the Southern States, we shall soou have plenty of Southern produce to send , abroad. Military successes on our side will soon > develops a (Jnion sentiment among the rebels. Tuo money market is fairly easy at 6 per centi The demand from the brokers is more lively than 1 jt was some time since, but they get all they want at 6 per cent, and sometimes at 5. Business paper 1 is very scarce; very choice names pass at 6 a 6 a 6% per cent; ordinary good business paper goes at 7 and upwards. Seven-thirty Treasury notes , are active at 99 a % a %. Exchange fell olf to-day; the leading drawers reduced their rate to 114% for sterling and 4.92% a 93% for francs; but the bills of these same houses were Bold in second hands at 114% and 4.95, and at the close the best bid was 114 and 4.97%. The report in a Philadelphia paper that Savannah had really fallen had a tendency to depress the market. If Savannah falls there will certainly be a supply of cotton bills in this'.market before thirty days elapse. Gold was rather better to-day. At the first board there were Bales on time at 103%, and > 103% was bid afterwards; later in the day it sold ! at 103%. If Congress will mature the Tax bill gold will soon fall to or near par. It is maintained ; at a premium simply through the efforts of specui lators, aided by some of our banks and bankers. The speculators on the Stock Exchange attempted to realise profits to-day, and the market gave 1 way in consequence. At the first board prices were pretty well maintained on State stocks; but 1 the leading speculative shares, New York Central, [ Erie, Erie preferred, Pacific Mail, Toledo and Rock island were all % a % lower. The prospect or the opening of the Mississippi at no very distant date operates injuriously on the price of the stocks of the roads traversing Illinois from west to east, as such an event would divert from them a part of their present traffic. It benefits Illinois Central from the same reason, and that stock has already risen 6 per cent since the recent decline. Toledo is hurt by the news that the recent arrangement with connecting lines is not likely to be carried out. At midday the rumor that Savannah had fallen imparted fresh courage to the bulls; but soon afterward doubts thrown upon the authenticity of the story led to a reaction, which was further assisted by, despatches from Washington intimating that it was doubtful whether the recent successes would not obviate the necessity of passing the Treasury Note bill. At the second board the whole market was lower. It closed steady, the following being the last quotations:? United States 6's, registered, 1881, 90 a 90%; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 69% a 90; do. 5's, coupon. 1874, 79%a79%; Indiana5'a,75 a?; Virginia 6's,5G a?; Tennessee 6's, 65 a 55% North Carolina 6's, 66% a ?; Missouri 6's, 47% a 47%; Pacific Mail, 94 a 95; , New York Central, 82% a 82%; Erie, 34% a 34%; do. preferred, 58% a59; Hudson River, 38% a 38%; ( Harlem, 12% a 12%; do. preferred, 30% a 30%; Reading. 42% a 42%; Michigan Central, 53% a 03,%; uicmgan aoumern ana wortnern Indiana, 22% a 22%; do. guaranteed, 43% a 44; Panama, 118% a 119; Illinois Central, 62% a 62%; Galena and Chicago, 68% a-68%; Cleveland and Toledo, 44% a 44%; Chicago and Rock Island, 54% a 54%; Chicago, Burlington and Qoincy, 62% a 63%: Milwaukee and Prairie do Chien, 20 a ?; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 107 a 107%; New York central 7's, 1876,105 a 105%; Erie third mortgage bonus. 96 a 97; Michigan Central 8's, first mortgage, 101 a 101%; Illinois Central bonds, 7*s, 92 a 92%; gold, 103% a 103%. Public opinion is growing more and more clam1 orous daily at the non-action of Congress on the subject of taxation. The Sub-Committee-of Ways and Means, of which Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, is chairman, are inflicting a fatal injury on the best 1 interests of tbe country by postponing their report. These gentlemen mast remember that the passage of the Treasury Note bill will aggravate instead of relieving the evils of the crisis if it be not in" stantly followed by an adequate tax bill. Mr' ' Chase already owes nearly the whole of the 8150,000,000 of ready money which he would obtain by the Treasury N?;c bill. As fast as the a engravers can supply him with the notes he will pay them oat, and -by the time the last batch reaches him the Treasury will again be empty. !>. Congress must bear in mind that after a resort to e paper money, made a legal tender, the public credit re will be far more sensitive than before. If the r. Treasury is allowed to remain empty, and creditors rt are compelled to wait for their money, after gov10 ernment has issued $150,000,000 of paper money, '* the depreciation of public securities will be enormous, and the public credit will be irretrievaa bly shaken. ?; The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows ie to-day:d Receipts ft,SOS .MS 00 r.i Hl,nw IIU 6 Payment* 1,1041,816 10 Balance 5,167,877 82 The aUtementa of the Philadelphia banlu for the last two weeka compare aa follows: ? F*> io. /?. IT. Capital atock 111,070,100 11.070,100 T/moa 20,074,700 30,.188,544 Pee.1686,156 Specie 5.02.1,874 5,840.264 Dee.. 74,630 Doe from other bka. 1.687.481 2.062,081 Inc .464,650 Due to other banka. 4,800,268 4,661,442 Dec. .228,846 Deposits 10,032,686 18,602,182 Dae.340,408 Circulation. 2,101,467 2,102 612 Inc.. 1,066 The exchanges at the bank Clearing Honse thi* morning were $17,269,798 73, and the balances $1,096,996 86. By th? Edinburg wa have later advices from England. The London money market on the 3d instant waa easy. Consols 92% a 92%. The sales of cotton at Liverpool on that day were 6,000 bales. Prices steady. Breadstnflb were qniet. Now that the condition of the war has enabled the President to release politieal prisoners and stop arrests for political offences, would it not be \ welt to abandon the passport system, at all events i. to far as the California passengers are concerned? * The tax of a dollar or two which emigrants to Call' s fornix are now obliged to pay for passports is an * onerous tax on poor men, and an obstacle to legitimate travel from one part of the country to * another. M The Assistant Treasurer received from Washington to-day another million of the new iasne United States stock. There are now three millions on r hand, which will be delivered to the banks when ^ they are prepared to receive them. f The earnings of the Cleveland and Toledo Raild road the second week of February were:? ?* ISM ,m * 1801 17,715 e __ * Increase $0,657 m The Chicago 7Vih?ne of Saturday says:? u There was a fair business done at the banks. Curren? cy was not quits so close as yesterday. Money is la fair r, request New York exchange is very abundant. The >e banks t ike it from customers at par, and the nominal selling price la K per cent premium, but the demand Is hv no means equal te tbs supply The market for gold has been unsettled. The Cincinnati ffrwfte of the aame day rek marks: ? ?r We have no change to notloe In the money market Currency la plentv, good paper scarce, and rates or Interost 8 a 10 per oent, the laslde figure for ver^tbolce stg natures and the latter for the general rua of good names. Note it lis landing the ease of the money market, there is no disposition to lend largely to any one or to inreit in e ether then undoubted securities Richaaga works est? LBtTA with a supply and demand about equal. Daalors Mill allow v, preiniiini in some eases. but par in the more gene ral buying rate. Hackers' check* are premium. We quoto K'llil a premium buyuig and 4 premium selling, with very little doing. The Board of Army Auditor* of Tllinoia have sent to the Constitutional Convention, now in session at Springfield, III., the following statements of the amounts allowed to the different railroads in that State for the transportation of troops and munitions of war. The following are the principal items:? Tarro Iiaute, Alton and St. Louis Railroad,... $7,Aid 8s Chicago, Alloa und St. Louis Railroad 52,777 0? Great Wostern Railroad 36 202 1? Chicago, Burlington and Quiucy Railroad 4,110 5? Ohio and Mississippi Railroad 10,030 0? Logannport. Pooria and Burlington Railroad... 7.636 8J IllinoisCoutral Railroad 100,433 34 Stock Exchange. Tvksdat, Fab. 18,1862 $35000 USA's,*81, reg 90 25 alts N Y Cent RR 82y% 21000 U-8 6's, '81,cou 90 125 do pSio 82>? 1500 USd's810rwl>4y 88 200 do.... bJO 82S 3500 Trea 7 3- lOpc u 90 ? 60 do s30 8211 3000 do 00 30 do sl5 82% &000 Kentucky 0'a.. 86% 2j0 Erie KK. 31% 1000 111 war loan... 79 160 do blO 34% 7000 do 79 % 300 do 31X 12000 do 79 % 60 do......b30 34% 101)00 Toon fl u, '90.. 63 50 Erie RR prof.... 58 % 6000 do 65% 600 do 58% 28000 do 65% 260 do blO 68% 10000 do 030 66 % 60 do 58% 45000 Missouri 6s... 47% 36 New Jersey KR.. 125 ?0Q0 do 034 47% 150 Ilud Riv KR. .000 39 4008 Louisiana 8'a.. 07 100 do 630 88% 1000 California 7's.. 85 60 do 33% 7000 City 6 s, 1878. 08 60 do slO 38% 6000 Brook City w t. 100% 10 do 83% 2000 liudR RKlst m 107 % (0 Harlem RR prof.. 30% 2000 Harlem 1st m b 101 200 Reading KR 43 1000 M So 2d m bde. 69% 400 do 42% 1000 N la 1st m.... 89% 160 Mtcb Con RR 63% 3000 Rich Soef bos. 87 60 do 63% 6000 TH ft Alt 1 in. 02 100 do *30 63% 7000C A N W 1 m.. 46% 200 do b30 64 3000 Tol A Wab 1 m. 77% 370 do 54 4000 M APduC 1st m 89% 100 do 630 54% 600 do 90 25 Mich 8 A N I RR. 22% 2000 N J Cen 1st in. 106 420 do 22% 30000 Am gold.... 830 103 % 60 Mich SAN I g d sk 43% 51000 do 103% 60 do 43% 80000 do r60 103% 160 do 44 6000 do 600 103% 100 do 44% 46000 do 630 103% 10 do 44% 86000 do 103% 60 Panama RR 118% 30000 do 103% 686 111 Cen RR scrip.. 63 6sbsBkorCom.... 77 66 do 680 63 71 do 77% 60 do fc'SO 62% 5 Am Ex Bank 81 6 Clev.Col ACiu RR 107 10 Metropolitan Bk.. 86 25 Clev A Tol RR... 44% 6 Continental Bk... 72 200 do s60 44% 32 Del AH Can Co... 97 420 do 44% 60 do 90 740 do 45 60Cumb Coal pref.. 5% 100 do b46 45% 100 do 5% 650Chic A R la RR.. 55 50 do 6 400 do 66% 125 P M S3 Co e d. s30 96 % loo do b30 65% 60 do aio 95 V 50 (10 600 55V 90 do opg 90 100 do bOO 6ft V 60 do opg 95 V 10 MilftPduChien RR *20 100 N T Cen RR... alO 82 V 6 Mil4PduC2dpref 60 260 do .. ..opg 82 SECOND BOARD. $2000 U 3 6's, '81 ,reg 90V 100 ShuHar RR prof. 30V 110000U S0'8,'81,cou 90 200 Roadlng RR 42V 9000 U S 5'a, '74,cou 79# 200 lllch Ceo RR.b.30 64 1000 do 79\ 100 do 63 X 9000 Tenn 6's, 90.. 66 200 do <0 63V 6000 do 54^ 25 Mioh So & N I RR 22 V 25000Missouri . 47V 69 do b30 22X 8000 do b30 47V 50 do 22 V 10000 do 47 V 60 MicS&Klgatk.bOO 44 3000 Illinolawar loan 80 126 do 44 40000 American gold. 103 V 66 Panama RR 119 10000 do b30 103 V 250 III Cen RR sp. b30 82V 60000 do 360 103V 150 do 1.30 62V 1200 do 103V 60 do 62V 60 sha Hud "Kir RR. 38 V 60 Clara k Pitta 11R. 16V 100 do bflO 38 V 360 Gat It Chi RR. blO 68 V 100 do 38V 250 do 68V 150 do b60 39 100 Clav fcTol RR. 1.30 44 V 100 Pa Mail S3 Cuexd 95 V 100 do alO 44V 60 do alO 96 200 do 44V 60 do alO 94V 100 do alO 44', 100 do b30 96 100 do 44V 50 N Y Cen RR. .opg 82V 160 ChiiRklalRK. I>30 64?. 262 do....p4c 82V 100 do b30 54V 60 do ?60 82V 100 do 330 64V 360 Erie RR 84 V 100 do alO 64 V 26 Erie RR praf.... 68V 100 do s30 641, CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Tuwdat, Fab. 18?6 P. M. Anna.?'The market waa aleadj, with amall aalee a $6 37 V for pota, and at $6 26 for pearla. BuaiKrrcm.?Flour?The market waa leaa active ant uuujauk, ?ppuiauj t? oovoi u auu omiq vnuui, ?uu cwijw at a decline of 5c. par bbl. Tba demaud was chiefly Iron the domsstie trade. The aalea embraced about 9,00 bbls., closing within the following range of pricea Superfine State $5 55 I Mi Extra to fancy State 5 90 a 6 0! Superfine Western 5 55 a 6 Ti Common to choice extra Western 5 111 a 691 Canadian 5 90 a 6 6t Southern mixed to good auperflne 6 10 a t 41 Extra do 45 a 7 2! flood to choice family do 7 25 a 7 71 Rye flour 3 30 a 42J Com meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 190 t 331 ?Canadian flour was in fair demand, while price* wer< steady within the atwvw-quotatlons, with sales of abou 1,700 bbla. Southern flour was steady at our figures, with a moderate demand, while'aalee embraced abou 700 bbla. Rye flour was quiet at our quotations, wilt sales of 125 bbls. Corn meal waa in fair request at ou I Suofattona, while the aales embraced about 200 bbls ersey and Brandywine. Wheat was inactive, and priceirregular: inferior and common grades were neglected while prime quaiitiee were scarce and Arm. The saiei embraced about 20,000 busnela in Iota, at $1 32 foi Chicago spring, $1 43 for red Western, |1 40 for ambei Iowa. $1 40 for mixed Stale and Western, and $1 05 foi unsound Southern white ia store. Corn was heavy ant easier, while the sales embraced about 40,000 bushels a 01c. a 02c. for new yellow and 631 <o. a 65fjc. for Wetten mixed in store and delivered. Barley w is steady, wilt aales of 2.000 bushels State at 84c. Bailey malt wasquie at 95c. a$l. Rye was steady, with sales of 1,500 bushel: of State at 84c.. taken at the railroad depot. Oats wcri dull and heavy at 40c. for Western and 41c. for State. Comm.?The market waa steady, while sates in stnai Infa fnoiMi tin dImiuI WlO h:iff< rnmmnn if% fair mtntitw Us/ I 10c. The following, from Messrs. Scott At Son'* clrcu lar of today Riven the movement and stocks in thil market for the week andiog to day:?The stock of Kit and Santoa on the 11th February, 186:1, waa 01,068 baga received aincn to date, 7,000; total, 08,068. Sales f?>l consumption estimated at 2,186 Stock of Rio. and San toe on the lHtb day of February, 1860, waa 96,H88: Java mats, 18.476: government bags, 800: Ceylon, mats 2,600; Maracalbo, bags, 13.680, laguayra, 2,600. St Domingo,2.000. Ceara,4,010; other description*, 3.320 Total mala and bags, 146,068. The quotations wero Rio, prime, 21c.; good, 20c.; flair, 10c. a 10^c.; ordi nary, 18c. a 18>?c.; fair to good cargoes, 18 V- a 10! jc. Maracaibo, 22o. a 24c.: leguayra. 22c. a 24c ; Java, matt and bags, 26 a 27c., all four months; St. Domingo, 10c a I0>je., cash. The stock of Itio on February 16, ai Baltimore. was 27,000 bags; Philadelphia, 3,300; 18lh New York, 06,883. Total, 126,184. Cotton The market was irregular, though closing. I anything, with mora stamina on ths part oi the heaviei class of holders. The sales embraced about 300 hales, u small lota, closing nominally at about 25c p*r lb., will some smalt Fits reported at a figure lass. Famous?To Liverpool 12,000 bu?hola of corn wen engaged in bulk at 6Vd., 1,000 bbla. flour at 2a., 90i package* lard at 20s. a 21s., 2,500 bushel i wheal at 7>?d ia ships baga, and per uentral vessel 100 boxes bacoi and 264 package* lard at 26*. To l/indon 800 bbla. flout at 2*. Id . and 300 boxes cbeea* at 27a. fid. By nautra vatsal 1 ,fifi0 packages baron and lard at 22s. 6d. and at 26s., 80 tone of logwood at 26a., 100 tons oil cake on pri at* terms, and 260 tiercea hoof at 6a. To Glasgow MX tterraa lard at 27r fid. Kates to Havre steady at >.c. foi lard, and at 18c. for wheat, and at 70e. for flour Hat.?We hare no ehaago to notice in prices, whil? the demand waa steady, with moderate sal** at 86c a Mc. for shipment, and 96c. a 81 for sity nee. Mousssna?A sale of 20 hhds. clayed Cuba was madt at 20c. Nivai. Stomss.?A small sale of 26 bbls. spirits wai mads at 81 1TX per gallon; 300 bbla. strained rosin won old fit 88 86. Oils.?linseed was firmly hold, whilo sales wero Itgbt The followiog review of tho Now Bodford market for tlu wook ondlngth* 17th mat., ia from the Whaleman i$Mp prnf /.t'af ?We hove no chonge to not* In tho market foi eporm, which io quiet The tranaactiona|iaolude aaioa oi 220 bbls. at 8140; 126 do. tn Fairhaveo (all there ii tborr) at 81 41 per gallon In Naatnckot 400 bbla. soli to a Now Tork house ot. 81 88 per gallon. Whale is ox eoodingly quiet. The only transaction is a sal* of T< bbls. at 60c. per gallon. Pale* of wbalebvae for lb< week, 18,700 lb?. South Sea at prlcoa not transpired. PaovsioNN.?IWrk?The market was firm, and the ad vane* of yesterday was sustained, with good inquiry foi mture delivery. Hale* ?r 600 bbi*. were made at |i. $7y, a $14 far new meu oa the spot, and 2.000 do. foi June end July delivery, pert at $14 26 and part on prlvat< term*, old mew waa at $1.12ft; prime waa at $0 60 a $! 76. Reef waa firm and in lair demand, with ealea of 90< tibia, at $12 a $12 60 for plain men*, and at $14 2ft for ex tra. Tierce beef waa quiet at $20 a $21 for prime max* and at $23 a $24 for India me*#, Bee' heme were let* ar tit#, but quite Arm, with ealee of 260 bbi*. al $14 a $17 the latter figure for "Cralgan'*extra." Cut meat* wer? quiet, and rate* war* unchanged Bai-ia wee m fai demand, and price# Arm; aalo* of 600 boxea w?r> mad* at Tc. for ihort clear Western, ?c for rum berland out V? extern, and 7J?c. fur ahurt cleei oily. Dreaeed hoga ware gelling at 4'^c. a 4 .Sc. foi Weetern, and at 4&c a 4?<r for city. Ijtrd waa Arm, with a moderate buaineea doing for future da livery Sale# of 1,600 bbla weremadeat 7t*c a 8t*c. and 8 Sc. on lime ulw. ltutter and cheege were in tne derate demand, while prleea were unchanged. SrdAM wereatcady, with aalea of about 800 hhdn.; to eluded in the aalea were 100 Porto Rioo at He a 8>?c. 1h? remainder eonaiated of Cuba* at Or for refining goida and al 7J40- a tot grocery grade*. Memra. K I. 6 A Stuart bare fo day eatabllalied the following prhioe foi their refined good# ?Itext quality loaf cugar, 101tr- pei lb.; be*t quality cruabed sugar, 10Hc-Per lb., circle A ernebed augar. 10?{c. per lb., granulated augar. I0!,c per lb .ground augar, 10,','c. per III.; white augar A , O'ga Iter lb , yellow augar C,0>*c. per lb. Wrnamtv ?The aalea embraced about 300 a 400 bbla In Iota, al $$e.,al whieb it dragged at the clue* Tonaono la in moderate requeat,|aeeorlment* not faror able for operation#. The ealea embraced A3 hlida Ran lucky at lie al6o,4IJ bale# Vara at p t,liV2caeei teed iear at $Kc. * 7a. _ IJBCTIIRES. _ A~ N ENOMSHMAN'S VIEWS ON THE WAR.?REV J W. M uliama, I ale a Oh ipiam in the Brituii aary, wl" da liver a lecture We ,n-aiav ereu: n February 19, at Waal tiiKHxi Hal:, Wll am buig. During the en-Ding aeveral p > ?? o uuosl n.uaie ? 11b |?: ->ed In line young genii mem p.pila I I'm aaor luwrigbt, of New Turk. Lecture at 7? r. haM !& oeuta. M C10URSB Of SIX LECTURES TO AID IN PATINO I off Uic floating debt ol ihe CUURCH OK T1IK REDEMPTION, In Baal Fourteenth alrvat SIXTH AND I .A ST LECTURE Of the Courae will be auper*>-'led by a mlied entertainment con -dat ng of Houga, Saruea, ReeiUUoiia and Imitations. m great variety, by thai a^llsl, Who will 1m aaalated in the musical part* by Mlaa Bennett, a auigrr of em < nance. Til UK-DAT KVRNINO, Pub M, 1*2. at 8 o'oloek. In the I."?at? Room ui the above church, opposite the Aoadeiny o: Muam. Ti trURenU. May be had at 91 Baat Thirteenth atr-et, 29 Third aaeii. e, or at toe Evangelical Society Rooms, Bible Ron. litKEE LBUTUIIB BT KLIUU BURRITT.?BLIHB ft U.?witt t la m 1 I -s?n rndH UI unk ami Ik " u/ < 11 U?tllau Iwf/um Ury nit, Sir illun, P? k*rJ A Penn'e Commercial College, tin* (Wednesday) evening, at room No. 19 Cooper Institute, ou the "KieuieuU of Commerce." The public are rrapeet 1 uiiy tuviiod. BltYANT, STRATTON, PACKARD A PENH. persoiiaIU " Any person wishing to apopt a male ciiiia, tire mouth* old, oau do *o by addressing A. C., Station A. AO. H.?PLEASE CALL AT THE SAME POST OP . fio> on Wednesday for the uote, before or by hall-pea twelve o'clock, and oblige Mr. 8*****. A DDIS AND nettie, NEWARK, N. j.-ooott8 chalk concert, on Friday evening. We will be there, and hope to aee yon there alee. c.AM. AG?CAM.?GLAD TO HEAR TOO ARB BACK. Brown envelope la excused. bay Wednesday at S o'clock, same plaoe m Eleventh. CHILDREN TAKEN FOR ADOPTION AND ADOPTED out to good home*. Address Mute. Parsellea, 319 Weal Twelfth street, or Stsllon C, New York Poet offloe, corner at Fourth and Troy atreet. Clarence?all is well call and see me ae your trlend's. CLARA. For adoption?a fine healthy male infant hit week* old. Can be aeen lor three day* by calling a or add resiling 346 Bast Tenth street, third door. Florence jackson, lately arrived prom I'arm (France), U desirous to lmd bar mother (now Mr* Jones), who resides somewhere in the Stale of New Jersey. Any information thankfully acknowledged at 60 William street, basement. 1 NFORMATION WANTED?BY BARNEY WOODS, OB 1 hia slater Sarah Ann. The last heard from uer was ai out eleven years ago. She waa acquainted with a Mrs. Ha uihoi n. Any intormatlou regarding her will be thankfully received oy her brother. Address Barney WoodA Knatewood, H. J., oare of John Tan Brunt. JESSOP.?INFORMATION WANTED, OF thomas Jiaaop, of Swineahaad, Lioooloshlra. Ha arrived la New York April 8th, 1860; is now SI years old. Last heard of at Oinoiniiati, Ohio. Hie friends are very anxious shout him. Any information will be thankfully received by THM 1 ODORE J. PEARSE, hfiSBixth avenue. New York. JAMES?THE PARTY IS POSTPONED TILL NEST week, aa we are all going to the Light Ouard Ball Uset us there. ELLA MH.-DO LET ME HEAR FROM YOU. YOU HAVQ . often furgiven me; you shall now find ma as gsn rnuawhatever you nave done. Believe me. Slate some plana where you will get a letter. "LITTLE NUISANCE.** MISS W.. OF UTH?THERE IS A PLOT. ANSWBB to no one. White opera glass has not been out af tow% Dtd not address you since his first THE PERSON WHO LOST OR MISLAID A SUM of Money at the clothing atore, No. 0 Fulton market laat week, may tind the same by oailing at the store, proving ownership, ?nd paying expense of publishing. The lady who rode yp town in a third ays. nue ear on Saturday, February 1, during the snow storesabout U o'clook A. M., who, on leaving the car at Twenty, sixth streat, would uot accept either the eaoort.or umbrella of a gentleman who, although not personally known to her, ta well acquainted with her sad history, will find a sincere friend; one who would deem 11 a privilege to be "allowed ta relieve her necessities," by addressing a note at her "dhriieat convenience" to his real name andplaoe of business, stating time sud plat* for an interview. He baa Vied In various ways to make her acquaintance, but fwithout auccesa," aa4 sincerely hopes she will comply with this request j The lady i saw while btahdino at the bum ofllce on Friday, about 5 o'clook r. m., and again down Fulton street, snd who entered ths United States HoUA ? building, will pleass communicate to aaid gentleman, Wna. Dupont. Broadway Post ofllce. I rno LAURA. ON FERRY BOAl?ADDRB8S MOTE. 1 staling when and where aa Interview may bt had, J. T., Hobokea Post ofllce. 1 WILL MR. JOHNSON. WHO WROTE A LETTER T0 1 TT a lady on Friday and Saturday, please meet the lady at (he same time and place on Wednesday, u convenient, or cm Thursday, at a quarter past Ave o'clsch. ) . .... , , Will miss emma hardinos, before lbayimot favor the public by a dtseoune on bar developemeoi J into, and her present condition m, a medium or traaea ? speaker. ^ a btranorr. J ~ ~ MHCELLiiraOlJS. } 4 NEW AND SPLENDID TRUES JUST~INVRMTE? -. A snd patented.?The inventor wishes to sail the right for the United State#. For particulars sddresa Bryan, National J Hotel, fort landt street, n. t. ' A N OLD BROKEN 00NO WANTED.?ANY ONE HAT. I A ing such, can And purchaser by tpplyliw to 0. WHITE, , 444 Broadway, between 12 M. and 11. M. Large use Qoaf preferred, with a piece broken out oC the centre. 1 /^?LD BENS REPOINTED EQUAL TO NEW, ON THE 1 tj r>e'<p or?.'i?-ut. in -tampt or < thrrwwe Gold Pen r and silver . sec. $1 60; bank feu aa I H'Idor, $1 25. Warranted in rwiy particular. Order* ?y it ail pr unj tly a'tantfs J edto. E. E. J0H580N, 10 Maiden Use. VfERO HANTS?AN EXPERIENCED COLLECTOR. AN lvX attorney. about to start on a toar through the Western 1 Slater, including Missouri and Ksesas, will collect and seeiUW ' claims entrusted to him on most reasonable terms Best r reference* or security given. Address Oeo. Monroe, Herald 1 office. 1 Vf ARBLE MANTELS, GREAT BAROAIN IN MANi lvX tela.?A large etock on band and a grrat reduction In prices for any kind erdered tola manth. Call anon at A. KLABKK'S marble yard, 113 East Eighteenth direct, west of . Third avenue. Mantels put up la any plaoe In Ihe country. PERNOT BROTHERS' CELEBRATED 8EWTNO MA. chine Needles, for all kinds of machines. General de' pot 153 Canal street, corner of Elizabeth. All Needles warranted. > p I1E1TMATISM.-PERSONS APPLICTED WITH BREW; XV matism, gout, neuralgia, frost bitten feet, chilblains. Ac., r will find Immediate relief and pernssnent cure by wearlnn METTAM A CO. S Patent Oalrano 8 lectro Me aUid Insole*. They keep the fret warm In the coldest weather Office, tig Broadway. Agent for Philadelphia -WOHN S. SANSON, 2,U13 Girard avenue. Send for a oirru lar. New Yo re, March 12,18M, ( No. 1W East ( ighteenth street ( Mrrraw A Co?At Tour request I hereby cheerfully staiw that your Electro Gslvano Insoles hare, within the pass month, cured me of rheumatism in th e back of liftern yeans i standing. Until I obtained your lowSea I never waa free ' from It during that time. Now 1 conn.der rays. It completelB . Jiured. Tours respectfully, JOHN R. LEWIS. SAVE TOUR MONET.?A. FARCER. 296 WA8HINOteu street, corner of Murray. New York, sells chow* r rily sugar cured Hams, warranted, at Sr. per lb.; best Fatally . Seaii, boa 72 and AS lb*.. 5){c.; pure Sutrch, bo* 40 Iba., 5fgt ! C1ECOND HAND SHELVING AND FURNACE WANT O ed.? About 110 feel of Shelving, in good order, aultaMa for dry goods. Also a Furnace sutDcient to heal a store. Amply by note, giving description and whel e to be ?een, to C. m. A., bog 311 Herald office. The bloat elliptic sewino m achines?salbb rooma &f7 Broadway. Agenta wanted. a h. 8uplkr. rHOOP SKIRT MANUFACTURERS. For aale, superior braided Cord, wldte and colored, Bi lotato suit, Apply at the braiding factory. northeast corner of Twenty-fifth at reel and Pirat avenue, up itulrs. HEM RY THOMPSON. r PRINTERS.?WANTED TO PUR0HASB. 0011 pot rode, more or leaa. Hmall Pica Type, and same *1' Nonpareil Type, togethar with a lot of Brass Rnle. Typw must be in flrat rata condition. Add re SI, giving l<?w<-at cash price, Wm. L. 8. Harriaon, Job Printer, rad and 83 Duane aa. TXT ANTED?from TWBIfTT-PIVE vo PIPTT small TT aecond hand Drnwara, aueh aa na -d by drugglata or Xocers; atao, one a mall Connter. Muat be In good order, pplg at 11 Weal Broadway, corner of Kwade atreet. f FUHBITURB. ~ ~~ A BEDROOM 8UIT OK KNAMKU ,RD FURNITURE for $34, In all color*, of warranted tnaaufaciura, atao solid o!iasinut Chamber Bulla, plain and ornamental, at BL P. PARRlNtiTON'B, | Nt) Canal street, opposite Wooatar. Established in 1MB. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP HOUMlCHOLD PURNI niture at private aale. at a aanriflcr.- -7 octave roaewood Pianoforte, corn $600, for $2S0, Including Stool and Cover. AL?c> Parlor Bull, coal $30n, for $140. 1 .tegeree, Bookcaae, Curtaifia, Clocks, Oil Paintings, Bromea, i roaewood Chainbe? Furniture, Bedding, Ac., ailees then baU oust. Inquire at 70 Weal Twenty aiath atreet, near Sllth nt enue. Enamelled chamber suits of furniture, in ail nulora end alrlaa, nt whotoaaia and iretail, at $30 and upwards. Alan, ITaUresaes and Pallia uee. W a Kit en ward, 377 Canal street, four doors na.t ?i Brand way. lVtURNITURE.?cash PAID FOR HBCt iND HAND FUR JT niture, Mirror* anil Carpets. Country caiL attended ta Addicsn FurntUira Store. 000 Hu lann atrc I . A good niaho gauy riympton Secretary B. dsirad for aale cheap. Furniture bouoiit.-all kinds < ?k household Furniture Ixtnght and a good price gh rn, at ?Tll Third avenue, near Thirty-fourth atreei. Alt a alia promptly attended to, or address Fttrnllnre, above in nnber. N It?A geod assortment of aeeond hand Furniture , or aale. TORAOR OF FURNITURP. MAT HB HAD IN THE spacious bailldlnge 327 and .130 Fourth a venue. Apply to I J. THOMPSON, on the premise*. OCULISTS AMD AI HI STS. r /-\CUU?T AND AUKIdT -DEAF.NKlW AND BLIND. \J new, the mrwt hopele?n.-a??-? o ired wlA iout painful operation*. alao Nerrotu Affeotlbrt* and Catirl! i, tne frequent * of deafneaa, turfd (it Dr. UftAVKi t, Conauiteiloa freo, personally or bv letter. ?!9 Itrorulwar. BILLIARDS. Billiards ?cob sale, a mclrnii id htooi oi new and aeron d bond Table*, and Tab lea to let. Or ' 1-r* bf mail attended to Hojr ito!! Tablet for ml" oh-no lor 0M > W U. URIFKrru, lift, rtUMtt street.

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