Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1862 Page 3
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MMDnsjiro Looeiiio. Ahmalj, family would let, together or n separate, A suit of neatly, furnished Roorna ou the tirsl J tr teouml floor, to gentlemen, with i*rtlal B- ud, if demr d, H leruiH moderate. Apply at U Wed Eleventh Sir eel, uear ? Fifth aveuue. l?< A LADY, HAVING A SMALL, NEATLY FURNISHED H bouse., and linug atone, would uie to Irl two Rooms, J with board, to ladies, board in advance lu lieu uf reference. u Vail at 37 Marlon i-lreet, near Spring. j? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFR OR BINULB GENTLE men ran obtiiu neat Rooms, with good Board, In a pri- m rats family from New England. This Is a good opportunity J to secure a uulet couifoi table bouie .it a reasonable prtee. Ap- 11 ply at 1M Bast Twenty third street, between Beuoud and Third avenues. -a a 8mai*l private pam/ly will rent to a genJ\ Ueiiurtr, a very neatly furnished Boom on Second floor. f, Apply ntlt Amity Street. M A few nicely furnished rooms, gas. water. Ac ?To let, with Hoard, lu tne lust elass Home. No. M 1 Fourteenth street, between Unlvmi y pla-e and Filth ate- w sue, dinner at A. References required. - A A GOOD AND PERMANENT HOMB WANTKD-BY A ^ voDiic man, in a pnv.tie family A k'?n>d Hooui, w ilb ? ?MUll flhil ta/IlK AS Li, 1.S...S ?,! to. I ..toul inn a from Amity to Sixteenth street (west aide). Terms u> suit the tunes. References exchanged. Address J. M. J., hoi 75 f. Herald o.bce. ,j AT 154 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?FURNISHED ? Room* fur gentlemen seeking couitort sml e< ouomy, at $4, 97 or910, Willi board; Are and gas for um or <7 SO, $10, <or $ Id 30 lor two. Br.iak I a-it a 17. Dinner at IS. | A RARE CHANCE IS OFFERED TO A RKSPECTA- p| bin lady seeking the ooniforu of s home In s priva'e A sinily, where luiil of the board will be taken in --swing. Cull al 103 KuslTbuty-Second street. A good loeation fur a r dressmaker. t A LADY WISHES BOARD. AC., IN EXCHANGE KOK h dally instruellou in niusie or elementary English, In a hi sinily or school, f lease Address A. M. V., station p, New s A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR ONE OB TWO SINGLE at gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms, ni with or without Hoard, at 42 West Fifteenth street, betwi en Fifth sad Sixth avenues. -i A PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY HAVE A HANDSOME- w ly furnished auk ol Rooms, on se>ond tloor, to let, to- lo ether or separate. Also one or two single Rooms, with or sa Without Board. House Unit class. Terms moderate. Reft- J renc.'n exchanged. Call at 49 West Sixteenth street, between -l FU th and Sixth avenues. J[ A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN ^EST TWEN- A ly*third street, would accommodate a family with plea- el sanl Rooms, good Board, and oninlorta of home, at moderate terms. Good furniture taken in payment. Rderences ei 1 ebanged. Address S. II., station B, for one week. No May X mo v i ng. w AT 229 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?GENTLEMEN si and their wires or single gentlemen enn b<- acimniiiodated with pleasant Rooms, with Board. Terma moderate. C Dinner at 6 o'clock. References exchanged. Z Any gentleman desiring a very spacious, m well lurtilshed Parlor with all the modern improve- eis tenia, and willing to pay a lair price, can call at 26 Domini, k street. Also, one room at per week. ^ A YOUNG WIDOW HA8 A FRONT SECOND 8TORY tl< Room to let to a gentleman and lady were tiiere are no vt other boarders; board tor the lady only; gas and Arc; $7 ? tor week In advance. Call for two days at 104 West Houston fl street. V; ? K A LADY AND GENTLEMAN OR TWO SINGLE It ladles, can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms snd = Cd Board, plenty of closet room, gas, bath, Ac. Apply at Greene street, between Prince and Houston, after 10 A. M. v A 8II ALL FAMILY IIAVB TWO VERY PLEASANT T Hall Rooms to lot, with Board; the rooms are lront and w wmj iicbumuir, wim kbs ana nam in tn c name, lot; nagw 2* puu the bou?e. Apply at 96 Macriougal ?tr?eu d', A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING THEIR * own brown stone house, In a most desirable Incaiion, ? wlik W real to t purl/ of three or four, ( kanitaumcl; fur- t lahed anil of Rooms, with Board. Cart and stagca leave r the corner for over; pat t of the city. Inquire at 72 Yt eat te Thirty-secondsircet. Kj AOBNTLBMAN AND WIPE OR TWO SINGLE OKN- u tlemen can obtain pleasant! Rooms anil good Board. i Rooms furnished or unfurnished. Ai'idy at 107 Euhili si., f between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Dli.n-r at 0 o'clock. a? A FEW SMALL FAMILIES, DE. IROC8 OF CUR 'h', tailing their expenses for the winter, can obtain nrwly furnished Booms, with all conveniences forhousikeeping, at r tba private faintly hotel, 110Macdougsl street. f" A lady, living in a pleasant LOCALITY, WILL let furniobed Rooms u a Udy and gentleman; Board lor tb* lady only. Apply at 46 Waal Twenty-bub street A gentleman and wife wish to obtain an f unfurnished Room, with Board served In room, cither In Great Jones or Bond street, near Broadway. Annwei a ? will not be noticed unless particulars and price at e stated, n which must be moderate. Address A. B , Union square Post r) affioe. bi Avery pleasant suit of rooms on second ?e or third floor, with Board, for families or tiugle genSemen; terras from $0 per week; boose tint class. reccuiiy taken and newly furnished. Persona of respectability wishbtg*flood Board are requested In call at odea at No. t Brevoort fltaee, Tenth street, nt ar Broadway. (\ A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM TO IJir, WITH ? Board, at No. 7 Hubert street, opposite St. John'schttrch, 11 to a family or a few quiet gentlemen, at $S SO a week. A lady will be accommodated who wouM teach a little girl on h the ntaau, iu part payment. Reference given and required. ?No moving in May. j Tkhian DVWBit. ntrmist innuo nn?u ? JD lyrt^MKo. M CUaloD place, near Fiftb avenue. Dlu- J ??? ... <ia Board.?persons dbbirino a hood home can x" . obtain U at 3$X Renwlck street, between Ciuial and Spring. A gentleman and wife, two gentlemen or two young _ Mieaeaa be aorxunmodaled. Family small. Terras very L moderate. A Board.-a gentleman and wife, or two sin- 5s fie gents, eaapbmln a neatly furbished Trent Koom and I": Bedroom, on the third floor, with Board; also single Rooms, wiihBoard. at No, West WaahtogWnpiaoe. _ 11 BOARD-141 MULBERRY STREET, NEAR GRAND ? JJ Aocommodatlons for several young men, from $3 60 to V" IS per week. Alae room for two joong ladle-, hi $2 per w i rr poard.-a widow lady, uyino alone and 1 i JJ retired, In the vicinity of Fourteenth and Twentieth n" streets, between 81 lib and Eighth arenuea, would let ton J" gonllrman and lady, full B ard lor lady, a fine suit of r?' Rooms on second Boer of a house containing all the modern . Improvements. Addreaa Home, Station K. Eighth avenue. j?' Board.-to let, with board, at no. 137 second avenue, between Eighth and Ninth etreete, two nicely faratebed Rooms, suitab'i for gentlemen and tliclr wives or gentlemen. London very ilesfrahle Reference* exchanged tj Board up town.-a private family will let, ev w.{h Board, a pleasant suit of Rooms, on aecoud Moor. be Also a Room on third floor. Terms moderate. R'fcrencca tin given and required. Apply at 124 Weut Forty.secoud street, sir sear Hroadway. a t Board wanted-in a private family for a ??< gentleman, wife and young son, with a front Parlor and '? Bedroom on second or third flours, between Kourlb and Hlaih ? trenne, and Ninth and Twenty-fonrtb streets. Addicts box 11 U?7 l'oei office. V Board wanted?for a gentleman, wife and i"( voting son, with a front Parlor and Bedroom on second M tblrd floor, between llenrv and Court sireets, and _ lent street and Third place, Brooklyn. Address bot 2,387 Sk New York Post office. jjP Board wanted-for a gkntlbman and wife, ?*.: a second or tbird story front room. Permanent fur the 1 mmmer. if suited. Location between Fourth and Fourteenth streets, and Fourth and Sixth avenues. Terms alHiul f.'O aer month. Address for three days II. Wilson, hoi 184 Herald ?P jfl'.'c vl Board wantf.d-by an american YOUNO lady, Is 1 111 a genteel boarding house; location between Tenth 3f and U.encaer streets; Urine not to exceed $3 01 $3 60 per week, including lira and gat. Address C. 0. P., Herald <*? ?fiiuc: Jp Board wanted-for a married lady, in a *!: quiet, respei table family. London near Caual street m, preferred. Terms mutt he moderate. Address It. R., box f,u Bo Herald o(Di r. j 1 Boarding ? furnished room wanted. with it breakfast only. Address, stating terms, wbtcb must Ik; Sk low, 8, C , box 12d Herald office. Board in bkooklyn.-two plearant rooms, j'?' together or ?rpa ate, In the house of a ami,II tainily. V. Bath In the hour,;. Terms moderate. Apply at 77Clinton treat, one door from Livingston. Board in Brooklyn ?a private family or two single gentlemen 1*0 nnd n hnnilvmu ly 1 nrmshed tu Back Parlor, on first floor, with Board, at 221 State street. is 1 Pleasant location. Terms very low. ?i> Brooklyn roard wanted by two young mr. tic men, in a private family, revkdlnj convenient 10 Wall street or flonlh ferries; a Piirttrr with two Bedrooms adjoin- v. tnir would be preferred. Highest refm enoes given. A use era tj will be ennsldered strl. tlv confidential. Address, stating lo- H nation, terms, Ac., K. J. C., Brooklyn Post office. TJROOKLYN HEIGHTS-OVERLOOKINtl THE BAY, } private family, may be aeeured by applying at ifrt Columbia v. atrift, about midway, and within ttye tiiiunlra' ?? ulk of Fill- Ku tun and Wall street l?rrtca. ?? Brooklyn iikiohts.-pi.kahant rooms, with ??i Board, at .17 Cranberry atrm-t, brtween Willow and Cm fit himblu atrn ti Hiliiatlou dean able, five mlnutea of Wall 1 meet and Kuiton ferilea. rei Brooklyn Klliiinh-40 lkt, with bo\ri> to 1 a gentleman an J wife, or two gentlemen, two nicuf.vot to. < Rooms, In n ornate family. Call at 27 Poplar etreei, three I mlnutea' walk front k"ultna furry. Reference Sknhanged. (01 COUNTR* HOARD ^1ANfHI)?ON TUB HUDBON river preferred, tbodcli not particular, b\ a liulv, riaucb- ' tar and aon. nil crown, from Hut tat of April through the aum ??f mer, mutt If of navy eceaa by boat or rail, and not more bit than about IS mils* from the oily of Hew York; would like. If powtble, a house without any olber boarders, though hai would not be objctlonabla. Addraaa for one week, rating ?K oweat terma, lm ation and name, Trio, Herald office, N. Y. ha ELBQANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO I.KT-FOR fl' gentlemen, at P9 Prince alroet, one block tveat of Hioau. a? way. M FA HI LI KM DKRIRINO TO LTV II HRTIKRO HI A PRI val* family, limine fit at alaaa, oan havs ee ?atlre Se xmd Fluor, with modern convenience", anil hnndwinoly fne S alebed, with private labia, by calling immediately at 31! Went ,, rweuty-aeeond ntrwet. ^ GOOO BOARD AND LOW PRICBH.-AT M WB T an Tweniy.eighth atreet, aeeoml Floor to let, furtllahed, in with or without Board; alao double Room, aultable for two, ?5 SO each; lares room for two, tx to fill; hones finely lm til modern ImprovemfnU. with n |Vw gfnt?*r) boArii*r*; (it well adapted for onmfnrt and reaps aabllily Heat of referenee given. Apply Immediately. ITOTBL laODOlNnfl.-OLBAN BINOSR BOOMft. FROM n? III SI 80, S< 2ft and SI per werl, orkftr. per n'ghl, at the Manhattan limine, 29 Centre street, una binek iioin t lly hi Hall park. Strange re will find Ihlg a quiet, eumforlahiV w place to aton at. w pARTIV' BOARDWANTKD-RV A GENTLFMAN IN " X thn hunaa ?l a private lautiljr (Engltah or Freru-lt p r. Serred), near Dn.on ?i?are. Addreaal, Swindon, Herald ' flpottf TO UIT-WITI1 BOA lit). AIM'I.Y AT NO. tt I I lv Burt TliUMfalfe tKincst Vfc.T??it,r am > iW wTvl*p " [ hK BOARDING AND LODGING. fV) GENTLEMEN?A KM V LL PRIVATE FA MIL* OCrU L py"K O.eir own bo.iee, will tot a rail ol r?iriil?he< noma, toOTtlii r or aeparate, witb one of bi.Ui, to gtnltoiuen ltlioul Board. tfouw Oral ctaaa. with all the modern im row menu. Torino rraaonabiu. Apply at 114 Waw-rtoy pie'? HO GENTLEMEN.?A 811 ALL PRIVATE FAMILY DE I orr to lft to a gentleman, without Board, a matty fur iabed, oomlnr-able from Room, witb um of Ua.n room, adnulna. Apply at 118 Weal Iloualon aireel, corner of Mac uugld. fO LET-A W ELL FURNISHED KRONT l'ARI<OK, KOf 1 our or iwo Ma^le grnileuicn, witb or without Board, a) B Waverley place. OLAMAKTINK ri.ACE, WHHT TWENTT-NIXSTH street, beiwseq Eighth and Ninth avenues?Til'- se mil floor through to let, in >ult or singly, with Hourd, nioolj iruisbed; hot and cold water in rooms, at very uiodeiaU inns. Location unsurpafcs d. Dinner ul 8 o'clock. 5 WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEAR BROAD way? A orally furnished Front ltoom on second Moor illi or without B-arii; with Hoard 13 per week, for two Iso a few gentlemen can obtain comfortable Kooms, witli rod Hoard and home comforts, for $3 60. Family small 1 tie location. References exchanged >r AND 37 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWKE> Ju Broadway and Filth avenue.?One or two aolrci milieu and two or three gentlemen can now be accounno sled with suits or single rooms, elegantly furnished, and ir oe of the mo t delightful locutions in the city. Table lrrsl lass. References exchanged. rQ SPRING STREET. THREE DOORS FROM BROAD" O way.?1To let, liandromely furnished Rooms, lA uiugU oilleuicn The location is near all the mat class hotels ant lares of amusement. Healing room free. Inquire oi NSON HOlSB to GREENE STREET, A ROVE SPRING.?ALSTOJi /?) lloine . Klugauiiy iurulshod suits of Rooms, gas. roton and every convenience for housekeeping economical r; partlruiarly suitable for small, respectable families oi ingle gentlemen. Rut low to permuncnt tenants. 17 ST MARK'S PLACE.?GOOD BOARD, AND WELt ' I furnished Roouis, for scntlcmun and their wives, oi ngle gentlemen, from |sl <o (I per week. House has all uilem linprov, tnenta. Dinner at 6. A7I GREENE STREET, BETWEEN SPRING AND " / I 2 Prince street-.?Elegantly furnished Rooms to let, ith good, substantial Board, lor ladles and gentlemen; good cation, near Broadway; terms moderate; an interview will tuiy BLEKrKEB STREET, OPPOSITE DEI'AU UvJ row-.?A handsome front Room on third floor, furshed, with Bo ird; hot an ! rold wuter, gas, large closets. Iso other Rooms. House brat class. Rctoreneea exlunged. ro PRINCE STREET.?ST. CLAIB HOU8E.-ELBl)l) gantly furnished Rooms, with Bedrooms attaciied, ith all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, includes gas and Croion viator, to let to rer peccable families or ngle gentlemen. VIA Vf.M STREET NRtR HI'RT Nil FITRNTKHET1 :iu Apartments for Immediate Occupancy. The lowest uts in the city, considering the convenience of economy In mat-keeping. Best bedding und fitriilttire, with range, cookig utensils and linen complete; gas and Oroton. [A p; AND 047 BROADWAY (CLINTON HOUSE). OVER I 1U M> tide's Silicon.?Elegant suits of Rooms for genemeu; now furniture, tied* and bedding, and all the con. iniencea of a first class house. lift BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTIETH AND 'J.VJ and Twentj-flrst stieets.?Two inrnlshed front noma to let, to gentlemen. Price SI 20 and SI SO per week, iqulre in the dressmaking establishment, 916. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. jiOR SA1J2 A NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS WORK Horses, with or without Carts and Harness; also a Mare, till colt to Ceo. Al. Pulchen. Tlie mare has trotted in 36. One line Colt, 21 mini'he old, and one Mare, a splendid iver; a tine Milch Cow and Calf, three weeks old; nil o( hiehwlll lie sold at a low price. Inquire of C. DEVLIN, n ner of Fifty-seventh sit eel and Second avenue. flOR SALE?A FINE, LAROE BAY HORSE, SIXTEEN 1 and a half hundn high, seven years old, weighing fouren and a half hundred, suitable for cart or track: will be ven oil trial. Sold lor want of use; price $165. Apply al 7 Washington street, near King. jfOR SALE?CHEAP. CHEAP. A VERMONT BLACK hawk Horse. 16', hands high, 7 years old, very handme, sound, kind ami rati trot close to three mlnntea; is also le oi the heat Saddle Horses In the city. Apply al 9tl iirrrv. i*OR SALE FOR CASII-A OROCERV, HORSE, Wagon. Ar. Hoiel, tuieiy located, well fin nlshed, about 'rooms. A Commission Business, long established, 9300; id several other good Business Chances. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 82 and 81 Nassau street, TRNITURE SPRING CART AND HARNESS FOR aale cheap tor cash; been used very little. Inquire at the iCttaM store 43 Washington street, llobokeii, N. J. POWERFUL HORSES-JUST FROM THE COUNTRY 1 from 6 to 7 years old, from 16 to 17 hands high, pony tilt, flt for coal carts, trucks, stevedore, express or any kind down town work; warranted sound and kind In every spat l. Inquire at 641 Canal street, N. Y. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES." . GENTLEMAN, WITH A CAPITAL OF FROM $6,001 I to $6,000, would hare a cl.aucc to inve. t as partner in n e nod w ll paying bitsiums ny addressing B. A., box 101 i aid ofllce. , N UNUSUAL. CHANCE FOR A YOUNG MAN TC L commence business in in established mercantile cash ide: F2.0W capital required. No patent right. Address x 4,59S New York Post office. AM ABOUT PURCHASING A RETAIL GROCERY Store, now doing a good rash trade. In Brooklyn. A rtner, with $.S0J or $400, wanted, Who is not airald to work, is Is no humbug. Agents need not answer. Address for ur days Grocer, 161 South Ninth street, WlUJamsbttrg. IARTNER WANTED.?ANY PERSEVERING MAN. having $1,000 at command, ran secure hair interest In a od paying Flour, Feed. Grocery and Provision business. IdretsC. B. A., Herald office. N. B.?No agent* need apf. . 0 IL 5 KAD.?PARTNT'". WANTED, WITH CAPITAL. TO h IriugoutaCai .on, Bomb and Roardiiit: Proi.f Man-of?r. Plan apptored .hy scienlith- engtnei ii. Address for ed. 'O CAPITALISTS-THE ADVERTISER ITAR A MTU.. within afew miles of this city, In gnod working order, inufartni-iug ivoo'len goods, and desires to make an ar iieruienl with a party who will advance $26,000 to $30,000 r the porjiose or Blocking thr mill, who can control the >.-k and have itie lulling of the goods. To a good parte en iueement will be given. The mill la capable ol mamlracr.ngall kinda of woollen gooda, and can pro luce in fin icd gooda from $150,000 to$7tj0.0'0 per year. Adttrcaa oollen Manufactory, box t.'MS New York Poet office. IMF. 80I.E PROPRIETOR OP THE EXCLUSIVE PRI vih-gc gr.i.iteU by the Venezuelan government lor the tabliahtiient of all telegraphic linea of eummtitiicalion readier to be constructed in that irpublic, and at the Mime tie the II .1 Tie. of moat all the lines already ealabliaheri, deng to devoir hia attention to aome oilier boat urea, wishes inrtner to take charge of the Vene/.uelan entcrprlae. A mil amount of c?sh will be required. Address or apply at e office of the Vene/uelaii Consul, 26)1 Broadway, N. Y., >ra 1 to 4 P. M. if ANTED?A TOOm, ACTIVE MAN, TVITII $5,000, AS T part Iter in a manufacturing buaineaa, in which a lorlie can be made. Address, with real name, Slnvet it jr. 1 rsld office. 7 w TO $100.-A THOROUGH RUSIJIBSfl MAN OP I <J I in 111 -, t means, wishes a party to invest $75 to $100, improving a neatly titled up restaurant. In decidedly the it hamlioji. ''an dear $3 a day. Keuuton Restaurant, '*K Centre atreet. 27K -partner wanted, in the course I o. tlonrry and paatry biistnray. The above amount ,11 pur haae one-half of ike inteiest of a ilrst clnas innn. now dolnfi a fair business. The oh feet of the advertiser in c.i inn ret a ladies' restaurant. For lull particulars call at II C.innl street. I nnn ()R W.000 wanted- for entire on one l.UUU bull Interest in h newly stocked Shoe Store, ai, for laic very i-heiip. a U tune on Twenty uttli street, st aide; one on Fortieth street, one on Forty-eighth street, il one in Itrooklyn; or will eartningr for merchandise or rnltore. A|i|ily to 1*. 0. ANTHONY, Sl)i Pine street, from to 3 o'clock, > nnn -1 WANT an active oentreman to Invest thin amocBt rash, equally with me In yinu out one of the laiyo?t Invitation- on HihiiiIhny, to be l<l lor )o,llfi an iieconnt of 111 health of principal, net pru? monthly. Add rem V, nation A, Spri. g sheet, m York. C AAA -PARTNER WANTED IN A HIOHIiY /.v/VVT. lucrative inariulacturing business article lit at dent ind. No one need reply unless the amount wanted ?t immediate disposal. Real signatures, appointing time tl pla e of Interview, directed to Handera, Herald office, II meet due intention. PUOPOSAL9. fORWW WANTED FOR THE I N1TKD STATES U0L veiutneni. Onto or Tna Samoa QcAnrsnaasTsn, \ Anav or nit I'orouac, Worn niton, Fi b. II, ltktt. ) ten led proposals lor the delivery m Washington City of utirutaiiy mid aitillery llorsea, lor the t.nited go. i nninnt, will l>r received at the office ol Colon it D. rl. irkrr, Department yuai ternuub r, In thla city, until 12 M.stvittuny the ."Id Inst. I'l e?e borai a will lie pu.tcbaacd In kits not exceeding 200 rb. and no bids will lie entertained for a greater number mi any one perron. No bul will lie entertained that la not endorsed by two tionail-le persona, who will guarantee that the bidder II comply wllh Ills proposition, If u should lie accepted, rwi lit. live rlnys will >M' given from the opening or the is for the completion of thn delivery of the horse a. Dflbe above horses, MM are required for cavalry sad ISO r artillery. _ DESCRIPTION OF IIOR8F.R REQUMtBD. CAVACRT HOURS.*. ro be from lAio Iftbauds in height; between ft and A years age; ol dark mlors. well broken to the middle; compactly ill and iree from all delis ts. .tHTii.i any in a as. ro be ?M; to Id hands In heiabt; bei wren ft and 8 years of e, of d.rk colors: irt'U ftoin all defects; wall broken to mesa, i,nil tu weigh not less than 1,1(10 ptt||nd*. I'be hotses will lie in son led by a tmnrd ui oOlcers detailed ?rn tKo reijlnienti! requlrtnfl thi m. tlx' underauned r orrr* the privilege 01 r?jecUO| wn d every old, ahoold he mnnlili r Ibiit th" Inteih-at* of the r\ice iequirc iL HTIWAl.t VAN VLiKT, Urtfl.wllcr Oetiefal >4*1] Quit wnniilWr. KJkl.ED PROPOflAL* ARK INVITKD TI1,L TIIE I loth cay 01 M?i r ,, iMta, ut pi nVlo k >1., fur mimdytnit t United ntair? Hobalatencc Dnpurtmenl with U.' OO In ad of >e 1 Cattle on the hoof. The c.uile to be delivered at Waaliln;;tnn City, anil each mml toarerMgi! I.itt*) pound* flfo.-a wlaht; no animatedUtctl which WciflUa baa iIimii l.uutl pound* pi una. The <*l'lo to I* deliver. ,1 ui ?ooh time* ami In inch quanlc? tie llio unvnrnmnit inny require. No cmiito will bo rallied under thl* contract before ihe In day ol April, I8tti. Ilcitera nnd butloefla not named. A bniiil, a I1I1 flood and mifllclent aocnrlty, w ill be required. Covermafltit rea rvea *1 k? ll'the i >nhl to pay In Tie.iaiiiy No'bld will Ite entertained when pot in hy nontraetora who ive orcvi cody failed to comply with their entwrncta, or here ih- litddcr 1' not prceenl to cec| ond to 1111 i.!? . Hula to tie illr> clod tu Maj. A. Hen*with, C. U, U. S. A,, a.-liiniiton. 1>. 0. roua or tun. I A TV. do hereby propoao to deliver to the ro Triornt Kid tioef 'utile 011 Ho- I oof for?|>ei keMn4 nnifll naawrtrht; the catllc to be delivered >,ta .,-rdrifl to 1 teroiaof the eiichcrd adveriia"Wi"n'i tl.J ,. to t o eiflhnt ou the nvih end lh" w . t .? . r.nli .1 tube e pir haw we tld. 1 xc-eby 1 to Mfltod and tit I'OIKI ler Mm I iluui . ?l i ?e. , kuiIIviii -? JitMtir ttiU? 10 payintht.of tber?'tle W YORK. QERALl), WEDNI ^ SALES OF REAL ESTATE. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE AT A SACRIFICE-NEAR the ?tv, two rnvry llouae, Harn, Fruita, Shrubbery, , A'. M l'V|*r Morriainia; < ost J3.ail0; orb e 01,9011. Teruie . ?WJ. (J. W HITCHETT, WtMckexU-r L>?nd oBoc, corner Chatham and Chambers afreet, soet'B I tlnor A LOT, 21 10X96 FEET, ON TENTH STREET. BFtxxeen Filth ami MMti atenurt, lo^rlbi r ?iu a"'i/ cunjfoi table lau glory and attic Hvn??", 21. MHO feel. 1'r ' '* low and irrma > any. A^p.y to Oil AS. K. BILLS, M C?u?r i aiivet. ' A FARM IN WERTERN NEW YORK, OF 1M ACRES, 1 J\ wnli good liu lid I n a, w<li waU mil, two mil' a from a BouriHl l' i< i tllagi; at d an an-duny, to cxrhaoge for men cumber d i rod m il va r.-al ratate or merchandise. Addraaa ' A. M. C., b >a 126 llerald oilier. I A FARM OR COUNTRY SEAT OF FORTY ACRES. J\ new hutldln;;*, art joining tlie Hi; llmlta of Hln-'hainion; eoiumaiidaa view of ibe city, county, river* and ladroad*. Alao, a Store on Sixth avenue, and 28 laitx In llrooklyn. To be aold forthwith cbaaii, or may bo cxclu'ie i. ) J. M. BARTLKTT, *73 Broadway. A CHANCE.?FOR SALE OR EXCIIANOE, A VALUAhle Hnn.m In P. ..n-alv..,!. r... r l?.. -?I I mg. Call a I 7 i Goriiaadi uireat lor Informal ion. J O. B. PARKS. | Central d\vellino property, eligihly lo- ' rated between Fourth sod Sixth avenues. A Hume for l axle on West fifteenth at $13,000 Etat Eighteen'h at...$16,000 W**Bt Sixteenth st i6,mi0 Ea.-t Nineteenth ki 111,000 WesiSeveMUo nJi at.. 10,000 hast Twenty-mat ?t... IS,unO I i Weat Eighteen,U at 10,000 Kaat Twenty-Hflh at... 2i,l)00 I I Weal KUveuth at 6,MX) East Twenty-eighth at. 8,000 r WestTwenty-flratst... 22,000 East Tweuli-nlulh st. 2t,000 W eat Twenty-second at 20,000 East Thirtieth ft 7,MX) WeslTwcuty-ioiirthat. 10,000 East Thlrty-tirst st H.JOO I West Twenty -sixth Ht.. 9,000 East Thirty-fourth at.. 19,<XW , West Twenty -eighth at. 8,000 Eaat Thirty-seventh at. 20,000 West Thirty-lira! st.... 14,000 East Thirty-eighth at.. 11,000 p West Thirty-second at. 18.IXX) West Forty-fourth at... 7,000 Weal Thirty-foul that.. 116,000 Weat forty-tilth at 9.0 JO Wi.-atThirty-seventh at. 22,000 West Forty-sixth st.... 13,000 , Weat Thirty-eighth at,. 13,500 Weat Forty-seventh at. 11,000 f Weat Thirty-ninth at... 1H.O00 I C. G. PRATT, No. 32 Pine Hired, room No. 9. COUNTRY STOREHOUSE, DWELLING AND SEVEN acres of excellent Land In a flourishing village In Now I Jersey, for aale very cheui>, on moat accoaimtxluting terins, or exchanged for desirable elty or Hroeklvn property. 1 _ SOUTUWiUK X WOOD.'Kl Ni isttu street. For exchanoe?a cottage and two lots up <otvn, or a House in Fil iy-!irsi street, for a house down town: also a Cottage and ten Lots In Brooklyn to exchange; . uIho Houses in Brooklyn and New York for Western laud. Addrvi-s B. A., Herald otlloe. For exchange?one op the finest -rfri- i dencea, two acres Lund, Outbuildlnga, Ac., lour ml.ea from this city, for 71.000 lit cash and well selected Western land, or Gooils suitable for a Western trade. P. D. RICHARDSON X CO., 82 and hi Nassau street. Farm for sale-on the hackknsack river Bergeu county, N.J. .containing over 33 acres, with a good House and plenty of outhouses attached. For full partlculara, with mup of plaoe, inquire of WM. BLAIR, 102 Barclay street T7IARM FOR SALE. EXCHANGE, LEASE OR WORK J? on shares?At Hempstead, L. L, eight minutes'walk from railroad depot; 61) acies more or less, a good house and outbuildings; tirat rate land, all In good order. Apply to J. STOUVENKL A CO., 28and .06 Centre street Farm for sale or exchange?for property< In New Vork or vicinltv. An excellent dairy Farm, and lor general crops, being on line of New York and Erie Railroad. Spacious Dwelling and large Barn and Outbuildings, Sawmills, with Crops, Tools, Ac.: oll'ered cheap. SOUTHWICK X WOOD, 82 Nassau street For sale?the four story dwelling house, extra large, brown stone front, Unlabed In tho beat style, [ all modern improvements, at a large redaction from cost ! Apply on the premises, 60 Columbia street Brooklyn Heights. ]?or sale?the dwelling iiou8e and grounds-. , r No. 2 Grace Court, directly on Brooklyn Heights; build iim* uu ui ore a uuu stone, uuin in m? xuoai suasion us i man' ner; house 62x70 feet, three stories, complete In all its appointments, billiard room, A>\ .Situation unrivalled, com1 mantling inaguiiioent view h of the ha; and city ol New j fork, combining both city and country, within three minutes' walk of the Wall street ferry; being all thai is required for a first class residence, pure air, ample grounds, handsomely laid out in terrace, garden, vinery, greeuboure.eoiiservato.y, ' stable, coach and coachmun's house, da If not sold will be 1 rented or leased lor a number of yearn, furnished or otherwise. Inquire of JOHN II. PREJCITCE, No. 1 Grace court. Brooklyn. w For sale?the propety km west twenty-pirst street, first lot from Eighth avenue. To let?Part Cot- , lace 13d W e.->t Tiuriy-fourth street; sis rooms, water and gas. Inquire of Q. I1IGGINS, 620 Ninth avenue. ? W * ' * For sale?a beautiful house and three seres of hind; all the modern Improvements; well stuck- , ed with fruit and ornamental trees; neighborhood first class; within forty minutes of the city by railroad every hour. Terms easy. Inquire or U. HOAO, 76 Pine street. FOR 8ALE?THE EXTRA SIZED HOUSE, WITH REAR Lot, 268 Madison avenue, corner of Fortieth sucoi, elegantly finished tn rosewood and black walnut. A spacious, perfect house. Priso $40,000. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW, No. 3 Piuc street, pr JQUN. H., SHJsUWOOD, at tho house. For sale-a bargain?the desirable stone House r,M H 'Hi Forty-eighth street,near Third av nue; i elegantly tiuiahml plate glass, one in each oaoh; whole front, Ac. Open in daytime for examination. Apply as above, or at 201 West Fiftieth street. For sale-three or four well built three alory and liaaenient Houses, in Thirty-lhiid. Tblrty-Ql'th and Thirty-sixth streets, with all tho modern Improvements, at very great bargains; term* easy. Also a very One plaoe. well stocked with choice fruits, at Mount Vernon, at a great deal less than cost. Will exchange for good city property. App'y to WM. BEDELL, 177 West Thirty-third street. FOR 8ALK?ABOUT FOUR ACRES OF LAND, fronting on the river at Kdgewater, near Fort Lec, N. J., within ten minutes'walk of the landing, affording sites for cottages thsl would command a One view of the Hudson river. For farther particular* apply to A. O. BOOEHT, 100 Bank street vmu our tuv war PMTTD arnavesnws omn !? high slnop UnoM, 86 Writ Thirty-fourth street, end four vacant Lotsadjoining, together or separate. Also the small House end I<ot KM Weal Forty-fourth street, b 'tween Broadway and Sixth avenue. Inquire on the premise*. obo. w. Campbell. IpOR SALE?SEVERAL BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCES IN ' Hrookljn, with Irom two el ;ht lots. Fru-eslrom *6,0 X) to $lh,000. Also a number to rent. A Farm of fifty attree on the Hempstead tnrnpihe, near Hyde park Railroad depot, for sale cheap. Apply to BREWSTER A WOOD, No. 7 Court street, from 9 A. M. to 19 M. FOR 8AI.E?THE HANDSOME FOUR STORY BROWK Munit tront lluuse No. 26 East Tw enty-tin t streeh near Bi '?dw?y; 28 feet front by 70 deep; lot h?lf the block; has *11 I*' modern Iniprurementa; payment may be made to suit the purchaser. Apply to E. H LUDLOW A CO., 11 Fine stn ei, or lo WM. * JNO. O'BRIEN, 99 Wall ?lrnet. _ I7IOR SALE?THE FIVE STORY MARBLE BUILDING " 21 Liberty street, between William and N.utsau. Also, for ml* or excltunga, a Lot on Fourteenth street for a House and Lot desirably totaled. Fur particulars apply to MARK LEVY, 23 Liberty alreet. FOR RALE?A FARM OF 73 ACRES OF FIHRT CLAS8 land, ta Un town of Weetpurt, ia.rt.cid connty, Connecticut; mile plcus ire ground, xralcd level, from 4(1 to HO feet wide, pro|*-r turns; a delightful dilvc for pleasure or for ever. i,m j hor*e*; It wan Intended fir# two tnile esla rv liialdennd ouulde of the pleasure ground. Apnlv to H. W tKKMAN, 93 Market street IjlOK SALE IN BROOKLYN?33,20)?A NEAT TWO ! and a hall Story Collage House, in the moat healthy and convenient pan of Brooklyn. It la well mm tgagrd, requiring but a small amount of money, of ivhtch part would be tai.rn in a go al vacant lot or a valuable horse. Address O. A. T., hot 946 New York PoUolllcc. FOR SATE NEAR SOl'TH OKANOE-A TASTY AND wellh n ; J'i?u?e, with about one acre ol land. Apply to .). W. SlltiLiDEN, 303 Bowery, homer of Fourth street. T30K SALE CHEAP?TI1E THREE STORY AND BASK l" menl House and Lot I'M South Filth street, Brooklyn, E. D, 21x14.", with fruit tree* and vines; water and ga* in house. Also House MS West Twent.v-ierond street, 92.4*98.9, with all modern impiovement*. Can he seen any lime. Terms easy. L F. JONES, 89 Ann street, second lloor. TcAOU HALS CHEAP?AND ON ACCOMMODATING I* tivmi lo u good tenant, the brown stone front limine No. 34 President stfo- t, Brooklyn; It eimlnlits all th- modern and desirable improvement*. Also, the Corner Lot, parity to*. proven, next 10 11. oppiy on me premises IflOH SAI.V., ITKNIBItKD-A FIRST CLASS FOUR ' siory full elied l>rown rtone house, el turn a I tin it wide tirrru, one blork from Fifth avenue. Tbr location in tlrel class, anil the house In handsomely furnlehed from lop to bottom. Thr whole will bf> sold at a tlgnre below the value of the house alone. Apply to CHAM. C. MILLS, 34 Cedar truer I. Ijion SALE, IN OKEkNPOIXT?A SMALL GOTHIC 1 Cottage anil two full Lota, convenient to flu- ferries and city earn, A "pan ol pood hor??a wtU N- taken In part payment if deatred. Addreaa D. G. Eaton, IIS Joralrtnon street, Brooklyn. i , For hale or exchange-castle eden, west Morrlaaauia, Westchester county; twenty minutes hy rail ftrom Fony-arc ond struct; seven minutes'walk from Melm?e d"|>ot, Harlem River Railroad; (live A'Tta of tec aimple and four Seres of teased property) are high, handsomely laid out and lernuad; abundance ol Irult.ihade and ornamental tyres; scenery and health Musurpnascd; forllttlra within fire I eiluutcn' walk for boaitng, bahlng nad liallung; a large man- I ainn In theOnlhie Ittrreted style, havlng'the mod.m Improve, menta; aln> carriage, gns and summer houses. In every way 1 suitable for a iti-ntleman to lire In; accessible to rhurrhea, J rhuala and stores; possessing the advantages of a city real- 1 denci', without lla later. A photograph of the the house tnay I b? seen Apply at the uiBoj of U. MuMAHON, I 271 Bio.olw ay, rooms 12 anil 13 FJIOR SALE OR KXOHANOE-A IIAVWLOOOR ] ' tty resilience, with about eleven acre* of ground, hand r nomely situated, alanit Bftern minutes' drive (rum the Uud- t eon River lUltiuad, Yonkera; buildings all In good order, a fining and old apple orihaid, also every variety of other "I rulia For partleulsrs address R. U. WliltflrliLAfoakors, N. J Y.. or J. Ib W , 4M and ISM Water alreel, New York. IrioR HALE OR EXCHANGE?A 81'PBRIO* BOtTBB ' ' with Urnpery, 34>10A, ooennlod by owner, centrally In r iled In Eighth ward, would eiennnge fm a amnll houae in New York or Brooklyn; halan. son mortgage. Fnfparll.n 1 lara Inquhe ol K A DICXINHON, 30 Berk man street. T?V)R SALE OR F.XCIIANOE?KOR HOUSEHOLD FUR* I P nltiire, a bur Maro feen trot In thro* mlnutea), ll.;b toad wuiiii, llarnraa, Blanket*. ai. Aii)>ly at the L.?li 1 Hon**, ffiulforil armor, near Out'*, Hroolvn ifior RALE OR i:\ciianof.- koi i: three 8tory 1 ' brick llmiara, nttuvt>-(l near Ba tlmor* d*| ol, . tty of I PMInilelnl la. or * (arm or other r- tl rrtai* n< r Now fork cit}'. Aifdil>?* Kt hum!*. Nil DO dera il oilier, for nrn-week. 1 F^OR HALE, EXCHANGE OR TO LET-A OOENTRY I 1 Meat, at Hoar bum tub. near farryt aa tea . r*? on Uir rlvrr; Ian,* honao, ,%. , ?|. in goo riln: n imrslon Inv J mediately lni|ti re of OKOKUE MtOORD, 4.1 Murray tlrcet, front 10 to 12 A. M i I .ion BALM or to LRT-A NEW, modern BDtLT- , 1 Hon*. , *uh lour Iota n( Mrotmd, atablr and cow anml, | hi Clinton Avi n11 , Brooklyn; boner :Vi- 40, heated by n|r mi, and mntaina all the modern improvement*. Orminua ?u?i ! i with euolro fruita. View of the bay, Btatrn and derive);

thirty minute* from the Men-nanta' B< -ban go, Now | York It not -o il by tin-IMIi ol March will ba rented. AO j drt aa Lewla Wraeti, No. 9 Naeaau atrmt, aorner ot Pine, over Hun an .?Ibtrmaa * talk. -j H'lilt KAI.E OR to lkt-at i liktov PLACE, HOUTI1 I Boi o, N J , the I ru|icrly of lh" 'ate John A Ityrri n. I nandlm; in ten Iota nf Land, it ail 'initial two at. ry niul ' in in lltniao. fla'ahoil In g ltd "trie, ivl h mirble mmi t a t.orriafo IIman ami Htaola, fruit trace and -brultiiry, <i I in ijooil otili i, oil In iiU v.o'r of N-ivYoik b.iy, Al i y 3 ' malllda kybuavh, v> the preiiutea i 5SDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1 SALES OP REAL ESTATE. FOR HALE OR TO LKT-IOS8EMJION IMMEDIATKly. Ike luuae 7M Broadway, corner of E> bib ?ir> el. long and far* r.iMy ki on u aa Sinclair'* I Intel. T'te bar and reat-uir inl are " I iiat Uy til ed up fi.r purileuta-a apply to C II KINO, en tbe p euiuaa, or lo H. Y ENi.8, 131 Kron tree I. Ir?ok hale or to l;:r?fuhmsiikd ok onpur' uislied, the ihree aloiy L I fc House 113 Weal 1' ft 'bird aireel, between Broadway and Eighth avenue; houae 1J by 18. lot KM) feet; in perfect order, decorated parlore, luinaoe, water, aaa, Ane beck plaz/a. Belgian pavement, Ac. Teruia rbeap end eeey. Apptv on the pr. mlai. T.10K KALE OR TO LET. IN BROOKLYN?TWO .STORY. P alii.-, baacineni and under cellar llouac, No. lb' B ud idreet, eoraer of Liviinol ?n, only a Tew doom from Kulion avenue, coiiveulcut to fcrnua, wilb modern Unprwveiueuta. Title perfect. Terms to aornmmodate. Y?r apply to Dr. HUMBERT. loom 22, Bible Iloua', corner of Kourtb avenue aod Actor place, l'rom 10 A. M. to 3 Y M. From ten to tuirty-kivk acres by tiie jjepot at Metucblu, N.J.?New and elegant building*, a , ommniullng prospect, ground* neatly laid out, plenty of rhoiee fruit, and everything des rable. Apply to GEO. If. KNaPP, Jr., at Van Vises s Banking tloase. No. 4 Broad treet. GREENWOOD CEMETERY.-WANTI D. AN EUGI ble and well lo< aled Lot. Apply to G. W. DITCH ETl\ brown atone building, corner of Chatham and Chamber* >tHARLEM.-A MANSION AND GROUNDS KOR 8AI.K ' on Eighth avenue. for $30,000; Swoilil at enne, (10.' 00; 114th street, 82,1*10 ' 10th atrecl, $>,<"?: "7tb street. with large plat. $7 (Ml; ll <th street, 74 .00; 1X11 street, $.1,600; 127th treet, $2,600; i29th street, with lota, $6,000. C. U. PRATT, 31 Pine street, room No. 9. HOCBE AT BBLLBVIIXB FOR A A I,B OR TO LET? Very nicely Incaied, three milca from Newark, two lorles, baneinnut and attic, with four hits fronting the liver. House in good order. Apply at 41 Water street. Rent $126 House in Brooklyn for hale ok to let.?the three story high stoop frame House, tilled In, with gas, chandeliers, bain, heater, range, Ac., centrally located, corner Fourth avenue and PnciOc street. Cars to Fulton, Wall and South ferries, near the door. Term* liberal. Inquire at II Water street. Residence at south bergkn for sale?conMining ten room*, with six lots of ground band* irm ly laid out with fruit and ornamental trees; two nubs from Jersey Cltt, on the line of the horse rail load. Apply at 41 Water street. TO EXCHANGE?SEVERAL DWELLINGS IN BROOKlyn. well located aud rented; will exchange for good vacant Lots, or for a Dwelling not quite finished, In Brooklyn. Some ensh put In If required. Address Owner, box 313 Brooklyn l'ost olllce. TO EXCHANGE.?A BROWN 8TONK HOUSE, ALL Improvements, chandeliers, Ac., in an improving location up town, weal aide, will oe exchanged fur auv desirable well rented property la thlaeily or Brooklyn. Apply to Wlf. W. I1EBBERD, No. 4 William street, up Malm. WANTED?TO EXCHANGE, A VERY DESIRABLE Uountry Seat, on the North liver, containing twentyfive aerea, within about one hour of New York, for a Jobbing itock of hardware or Vankeo Notions. Address J. H. M , box 16S3 New York Post olllce, stating amount of slock and where a personal Interview may be bad. WANTED TO EXCHANGE FOR A SMALL COTTAGE Uouae In the central part of Brooklyn, a briek three itnry and basement Tenant nouae, stone stoop and iron railing, containing HI rooms, filled with good paying tenants. Addreaa M. A., Herald oflice. WANTED TO EXCHANGE VOR A HOUSE?FOUR full Lota south of Thli tyseeond street, belweeu Ninth end Tenth avenues, Incumbered about $6,400. Address box 2,797 New York Post olllce. WANTED?TO PURCHASE, A KARM OP ABOUT SO OR 00 acres of H"0<1 Lund. with B t tidings, near New York, with water front. Addreae, stating price, terma of payment and improve me nta, Agriculture, Herald oflhe, WASHINGTON CITY.?FOUR LOTS ON THIRTEENTH street and Pennsylvania avenue lor aale. Addreaa box 1,790 Poat olliee. fl>7 Kfin ?'OR SALE, A THREE STORY BRICK tp I ?*Juv. llotiae, attic, baaement and counter cellar, No. j8 Filth street, near Second avenue; gas and water, in coo I order. tl.fltOcnah. if not soul l> . M tn h 1 will be let. Inquire at 42 Fifth atreet, or ol' BKEKMAN, 17 Bowery. ~ ~ FOR SALE. Altare chance for hotel keepers. The Furniture and Lease ol' a ilrai elaaa Hotel for aale. The houae la doing an excellent buaineaa. The present proprietor wishes to engage in other business. The hotel ialoratedina Western city. For partlcularsinqulre of CURTIS JUDSON, at the Gramercy Park House, New York city. A DRUG STORE?IN A GOOD LOCATION. WELL etonked and lone eatabliahed, unliable for a phyaleian. Bold on account of a loaa and physical diaabllity. Stock and llxturcs $1 ,900. Rent very low, $390 only; by purchasing the 14 years' lease, $290 per annum, house and store. Apply to C. E. FROST, corner of Front and Fulton at recta, Brooklyn. ASEGAR STORE, OF NINE YEARS* STANDING, FOR sale t heap.? Satisfactory reasons gircn. Inquire at 197 East Broadway. AN OLD ESTABLISHED SEOAR 8TORE FOR SALE? Neatly fitted up. Will be sold at a bargain if applied for Immodfattly. Kent $20 per month. Apply on tha premises, 920 Hudson atreet. A rare chance fob a second hand dealer, to go into an csta'dialied place, either to buy or fell. Tlc lceia well )o ated for any Ola- Duslne-s. A fine Stieeund low rent. .For further particulars inquire on tha p i mines io the store, 393 Bowery, Date aen Third and Fourth sua us. Dining saloon for salb.-thb lease, stock and Fixtures of a Saloon, now doing a good paying business, in a good location, will be sold low. For particulars apply to A. HOYT, 37 Park row, room 17. T7IANOY GOODS STOKE FO?HALE, AT A SACRIFICE, JP on Fulton street, Brooklyn, doing a good buaineaa. Sold on account of the owner wishing to give un business. Will be sold cheap to a cash customer. Apply to W. M. LITTLE. 13 Court street, Brooklyn, or address ooa 31$ Brooklyn Post pjce. Fob sals?tub stock, fixtures and leaks or a first class Oroeery, on one of the bent avenues tn the dtv. Location every way desirable. Kant low. W1U nil reasonable to eaah customer. Address Grocer, 220 Bast Thirtieth meat. * For SALE?a coal oil factort, in good workingordrr, located In Bomb Bergen, about one half a mile from Jersey City; together with Store llouae, Stable and the AIipar.itua now In use for refining Petroleum. Inquire o&A. BRETT, 83 Nasaaa street, up slatra. IJtOR BALE?A WELL AND LONG ESTABLISHED ? bolesale and retail Flour, Feed, Grooerv and Prunslon business; good lea as and low rent. Tlie owner baa toother business that requires hu attention. No agents need apply. Address A. B. C., Herald office. Foksale-an old estal1riied pish and oy8ler Market, situated on one of the beat avenues In the city and adjoining a butcher shop. Katisfacto y reasons tor elunr;. Apply at 81 Heventh avenue, ono door above Hitleenih atreei. IjlOR SALE?TUB STOCK AND FIXTUKK8 OK AN ' ealahliahed Oroeerr and Bhip Chandlery Store, neatly lilted up, in one 01 the beat locations. Apply for three days at 164 South street. For bale-liquor store on east thirty second street, -l"...uiilv lo-tied, and now doing a large and line lmslneae; will he sold for innrh less (han ita value; the Dwner IscompeUed to sell on eccouiit of other business, Apply to TflOB. HALKELD. IWl Bust Thirty w-ond afreet, first Boor, this week. For SALE?liquor store on rast thirty SE ond airret, elegantly located, and now doing n large and Sits* business: will be sold fur much less than lis value; the iwucr is compelled tn sell on n vounl of other husinesa. Apply iwTIIOB.Ba1.KELD, 171 Bast Thirty-second street, brat llour, this week. For sale-a butcher h stand, with all the flvliirea. In a first elasa market Also a Fl'e Knife sauMge Chopper, two Boilers, Ac , An, rtaliafacniry reasons liven for selling. Apply at No. 13 Fifth aireel, or at 161 ivniun n. F30R8ALB-AMEBICAN TOOL CHRKT8, FOR GENTS an 1 youths, by H. ft. r. VKRELL, 71 Bread s'rcct. Also ,l>e pitent Camp Candlestick*. 1710R HALE?A CORKER LIQUOR STORE, DOING A r Rood business; will be sold cheap lor c.i?h, ss tho proprlHor hn? another business to attend to. Inquire of 8. 'OI.E, 203 Washington street and 413 Green v. ivb Mrsct. 1AOR BALE?A NICE LITTLE GROCERY AND LIQUOR r Store, writ tilted up. with the Lease of the Bull IIiir. at I very i heap rent, located tn the best baaines* part of 1'earl itie-t, w.tli or without Htoek at a low bgurc. Possession mined lately. ApplytnF. FlT/.HIMMOJlg. 13 Centre ne i taor hale-tiie stock, fixtures and lkahr of 1 find dire family Urocerjr, n?w dnliiK a large rash bustless, In a goo I l.e-atioh; will be aold nt a hareain for eash inly; this la a ran -opportunity fora good business toao. Knr liarileulais apply at 81 John street, In the lamp store. For hale-tiir lease, stock and fixtures of a Grocery and Liquor Store of Hit It ret quality: a rapual hancefor a small capital; Ore years lease; will he sold tha ip. Kor particulars apply at 80 Lewis street for ons WKT _ _ noBSAI.E A NICK OFFICB BUSINESS THE INTK r rent of a retiring partner?established sti years, paying iti.HlO annually. Aasocia' una unexceptionable; $800 cash, tduress J. It W.. box 138 Herald oltlce. LTOR SAI.e T1IK STO< l, AND FIXTURK8 OF ANTAP luioery, Booh and Fnnej Goods Htore, nnrly ha-alcd la Cotitlb aisinie, and now doing a good business. Terms easy, lon.t but principal* treated with. Iaqnlre or J. STONE, 4n (roadway, room No. ?. ______ [AO[l sale-IINK OK the rest markets IN the P city; large More and laisement ; long l?*ee; very low ent, Block. fixture and lease will lie sold low. Apply on he preuils. s, 1SH Ninth avenue, near Twenty-.irst street. noB SAIE AN UP TOWN TIAKRHV, INCLUDIKO P Hints., btuip Bakery. Hiable, three Horses, two Waging llelglis, and oil i sils, Au., connected with a snc-'esslul bakey, using at oilt 40 hlds. Iter week. Ill, QUO; 96.000 can remain in inort age. or will exchange fora Farm. t'.li. RICHARDSON ICO , Klsn.l Ml Nassau street IAOR 8ALR?VERY LOW for CAHII, THE STOCK ON P hand and good will of a well known Truss business, shl'-h pays very tarpe prouiA Address A., bo* 194 Herald mice. hlor HAI.Ii-a butcher s shop and veuf.tablr ?tsad, on one of the l.ost. orn u s In tbs city, together . Ith sit the lixlure.., horse, wee n and harness. Apply to ' <1. I'OI.IIA BUS, 423 Grand street, or to ZEULIO HAST' M ik. u i' mi etrx m EVIR SAl.K- AN OLD KHTARLIflllBD OYSTER AND P UrnikiiiL Saloon, with iOIIK I''"" , I" ?Unato4 in our ul the son wanla down tow n, csinvfnlent to tin- Erie Kallrrm.l <|rx>t. Term* low. as alrai i:w IB the cauae 01 a>'illiig. Call at (H Orf-nwtrh alrvt, near Keaile. U?frR RAtK-THT! TtoUSB KNOWM AS KELLY 8, Sffl I ItoilMn irant, Soup ami Oyalr r Sa < . Ap>lj a* above before 10 A. M. or albt 7 1*. M. To lie hait right n a kooiI ii tmnt. LTf|RS.\T.E AOOODOROi KRY AND l.igi OK STORE I lie, 1)1 for cash, ill a Dili k.y pnpnlatoil Ire-', neigh i orllooil. {out of "torn noil dwell, nji <13 per m >nih. Apply at 234 4 HI atreet, i.rit floor, Ironl l'i.TEIt MONTAGUE. hSOR HALE?A FIRST CLASH PROPELLER 8 TEAMInr, lis Wins hiirth- n. riimrl'ln; will Isi sold heap For wrtieulara inipilre of On 11. FERUELL, Ei io Hotel, or at 20 i frankrort atreel, New V rk i.'?Roir map FOR a.-'M* with tut WITHOUT I si. .1 a fined l,tv or H re and (Y Har, w i'h over |h so .ear* Iiii-o ,r.f .ife jo ti, -!*ih ?ard. Ai i y or tt r lava to WILLIAM AHHUTT, No. 4 Kaal Un mlaiif 862. KOR SALE. /TROCERY FOR SALE-ONE OK TIIK BEST STANDS VT in Brooklyn, i butro and well rit ual stock, oual. trade unci low rent. Will be sold at a hargala. Itinulre of J. < IIA KLKb, 217 Atlantic avert, Bioo.,l>u, between llauci t o'clock. HARDWARE TO EXCHANGE MM UKAL ESTATE, wllu or without the aland for a uuiuber of yearn. A |i|cly at No. 303 Eighth avenue. Hat store - stock, fixtures and r.oon will I an ol>i iwuiblialied Hal Store, at 34U Eighth avenue, bet wren Tweii iy'-aeveulh and Twenty-eighth ntreela, for vale cheap. IIQUOIt STORE FOB HALE.?ONE OF the best J corner atoiea in the Fourth ward, on a good thorough- { fare, now doing a good btiaineaa; la welt titled up. A good leaner tor a man with atuall capital. No ageula need apply. Addrera Ward, Herald other. Meat market-lease, fixtures, ice boxes. Harm?, Wu.nnK and Tools, all rompiete and iu gated shape, superior location, on a |>roinineiit corner and Ihoronglilare, for aale at a great aaerlliee. The owner ha* gone to the war. A rare chauce ani.iiinii/i\ A wtnJU, nx nassau strrei. T.) HINTING BUSINESS FOR HALE -THE STOCK AND J. lisluroiof an o'd est tblished Conipo^ud Room to bo disponed ol* uo the inn*l advantageous terms to the purchaser. A nf tin; premi - s lor two yam from May next anil a renewal guaranteed Terms ana t articular* may be known by addressing A. B., bo* 170 Herald oilier CUIOI' FOR SALE?ABOUT 50 TONS, LIGHT DRAFT. O well louiiil and In ,;ond order, will be .-old cbea, Ad' dregs bo* 1,0,So I'oat olla c. SLOOP FOR SALE?ONE YEAR OLD AND IN l', ia to Inns burthen; aid airy 23. will la mid very cheap for rash. Abo, a large sized (Tat Boat, suitable for an uysu'rman, now lying In Kult-n market slip. K?r fuilhrr purtu ul.m ' l'H|Uir>: at McCLENNONS' oyster Halooti, 12 Ful'.ou street, N Y. rKXOHANGE-A CORNER STl 'RE PROPERTY n ur Ca harinc ferry, for a Dwelling lluise b low Ualul street; coruer preferred. Addreaa H wT, witli full par lieulara, 93 Market alreet. TO PRINTERS.?FOR SALE?AT LOW PRICES, ONE Ad.una Press, double medium; one Hoe Cylinder, muilinm; one Gordon Card Press, ull a*good aa new. Apply to ASA L S.IIPMAN, 3,'i Ami street. TOGOLI) AND SILVER MINERS.?' ORNISH CRUSHER for sale, a 1 complete and nearly new. adapted to < rooking ore* ot all kind*. Apple to or addreaa W. K. Biuodguod A Co. 76 Cedar street, New York. TO PLANINO MILLS AND LUMBER MERCHANTS ? For Mia cbeup, two Planing MaehineH, TilPio maker. Woodworth patent. 14 and 22 inrh planer* Both in good order, with belllne for each. Will be wild at a bargain. Inquire of II. F. DEVOK. 10 Piue ?treet, N. Y. WHITEWOOD LUMBER FOR RALE CHEAP.?IfldOO feel of good ineh ; 10,1)00 feet of good two ineh. The above lumber i* dry and iu good order. Apply to SMITH A II RIDLEY, foot of Twenty-second street, North river. WASHING MACHINE CHALLENGE, AND PATENT Right for naln.?I hereby chall.n ? any utun In tl.e world to wa*h two shirt* with me In hot water with soap, or cold water without aoap, for $100,1X10, and I make no exceis. lion*. My challenge washer ia all wood and lately patented; no iron to mat the clotliea, nor friction to wear them out; It washes eight towels, a sheet, table loth or shirt in ou minute, and then wrings them out?all for $0 a piece. Any smart man, with from $50 to $1(10, ian make from $200 to $3d0 per month by buying counties and selling town lights, or manufacturing the machines. For circular, with wood out, addiess, with return stamp, Pierre 1). Van Ilo'sen. 67 South street, New York. N. B.?Machines en cnhiblthin at 72 Henry street, ncur Market, between 2 and 3 and after 6P. M. fltrinn -THE RToCK, FIXTURES AND GOODWILL ?bfcxjlj, of a Dining Room, situated in a leading thoroughfare down town, dolus a good paying business. Reasun lor selling, the owner is leaving the city to attend lo other business. Adaress Fell*, box 120 Herald ollfce. HOUSES, ROOSIS, At'.. TO LET. AN ELEGANT COUNTRY HEAT TO LET, FOR SALE or exchange?On the Hudson, one hour's ride from tbo city and live minutes' walk from depot Splendid Mansion, carriage house, Ac., with tlx acres, finely shaded, and mag IIlllceIII view ot the river. WIN be let lor a tlret class hotel or firm class boarding house but a private family preferred: or will be sold much below lis value or exchanged for first clans city property. Address W., Herald office. AT NEW BRIGHTON-THREE VILLAS TO RENT. ON the heights, modern Improvements, hot and cold water, llower and vegetable gardens, fruit, lawns, handsome grounds and uremics, carriage houses, stables, Ac.; view unsurjuis*cd, live minutes from ferry; brick baildlncs, and first class. Apply to T. BOND, 13-' Broadway, room No. 6. J^ PARLOR TO LET-AT 38 UNIVERSITY PLACE. COAL YARD TO LET OR LEASE AND FIXTURES for sale?Or would let It for other business. Inquire on the premises, 709 Washington street. FURNI8HED HOUSE TO LET?41 EAST TWENTYeighth street; also one in Twrntv-srrond street, near Fourth avenue, to private families only; both three story, high baaement, with the Improvements. Apply at 68 East Twenty.second street, from 1 to 3 P. M. FFURNISHED HOUBE TO LET.?TUB THREE STORY brown stone House, No. 118 West Korly-ervcnth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, completely furnished, will b" rented low from the first of If sy to a desirable tenant. Apply to the owner, at Taylor A Brown's, 223 Greenwich at. Furnished house to let?in west fortyfourtb street, between Sixth avenue and Broadway, from 1st of May until fall, or for a year; handnomely furnished and In complete order. Rent 176 per month. Address H. C., box 3,369 Post office. House to lbt-286 west twenty-first street between Ninth snd Tenth avenues, opposite the open App,yl?R0BERT B Large basement and sub-cellar, with vault*, at 142 Kulton street, to let, suitable lor a saloon or storage Also, a few small Workshops, W/-I1 lighted. Apply at 142 Fiilion atreet. A. FREEMAN. T OWER PART OF HOUSE TO RENT?IN GOOD ORAJ der; all improvement*: high stoop, extension parlors; good basement and two rooms on third floor, at 133 West Twenty-second atreet. Now vacant. NO 23 HOUSTON STREET TO LEASE OR FOR 8ALB.? It la a four story brick House, in hue order, size 26*S0, with extension. There U a tine black stable In the rear, 22130 feet, entrance from Mereer street. Terms very favorable to a responsible party. Apply lo CHARI.BS B. MILLS, M Cedar atreet, OFFICES TO LET-IN THB BUILDING M MAIDEN lane, corner of Nassau street, and also in the building 14 Maiden lane, well lighted, and suitable for any buainesa Apply to U. J, SMITH, 23 Liberty street. PRIVATE DWELUNU HOUSE TO LET-NO. 17 ST. Luke's place, Lcroy street, four stories, brown stone front, with all the modern improvements. Rent 9780. Apply lo A. FREEMAN, 143 Fulton street. SALOON OR BTORR AND HOUSE TO LBT-77 GREENwlrh avenue; will be altered to suit a private family; water and gas throughout. Rent moderate, STEADY STEAM POWER TO IJST?LARGE AND small Rooms, well lighted steam hoist way. Possession Immediately. Apply at 499 Water street. STB AM POWER TO RENT LOW?TWO ROOMS. 80*70. lighted on all aides. 1 immune. 1 'H per ti nt. Alao, lor aale. a aecond hand bltcen horse power Engim-. Applr at 643 Water street r LET-TUB DWELLINQ HOUSES NOS. H AND 10 Wooster atreet; In good ord-r; are well adapted to business purposes, being near Canal street and Broadway. Also, the aei ond lloor of 384 Canal stmt, suitable lor tiu-uicsg uud duelling; has been a paper hanging store (or twenty years. Alao, Ike extensive premises, well adapted for raaniifaeturIng. Nos. 24 and 18 Wooater street, will be leased. Also, the house No. 39 Wooster street Apply to MAJOR THOMPSON. 26 Wooster street. fltO LET?THE TUUEB STORY HOUSE. NO. 8 ST 1 Mark's place; possession immediately. Apply to JAMES citlJIh.slIANK, 88Broadway. rLET-THB TWO STORY HOUSE, NO 50 MONTOE sural; also OlUues in Nos 7H liroadwuy, and 8 and 7 New street. Apple to JAMES CRI'IKHIIANK. 88 Broadway. TO LET?THE FOUR STORY HOUSE, NO. 9 LAFAYetlo plan*, furnished or iinrnrnlshed; also the throe upper stories of bulldiog No. II iAfayette plnce, corner of Fourth street Apply to JAMES CRUIK8UANK. tt Uruad TO LET?THE THREE 8TORY, HIGH BASEMENT Ilo .se. 143 West Tivelfth steel, between Sixth snd j Seventh avenues; In the best condition, with all modern Improvements. Item moderate to a responsible tenant. Apply at 47 Murray street, up stairs, IIO LET?THE STORE NO. 840 PEARL STREET, NEAR Hroadway; also Loft* In the iattic building, and also In e rear, suitable for storage or some mechanical business. Inquire of F. A J. E. HEALTH. 12J{ Chambers street, from I . to 3 o clock. r I.ET-IN WILLIAMSBURG. SEVERAL TWO STORY frame and three story brick llouaea; alao ror sale tkU Vacant Lois on moderate terras. Apply to 8. J. HUNT, 112 Fourth nvenue, N. Y., or C1IA8. KOwLER, corner of North Ninth and Third streets, VVIlilarashui p TO LET?FURNISHED, A THREE STORY BRICK j Mouse. Contains all the modern iinproveiu nta and ts . well furnished throughout. Rent low. Apply at No. 108 Mae- i doitgal street. TO LET-AT GREATLY hEDUCED RATES, THE VERY i desirable Houses 281 and 3ti3 West Twenly llitrd street; alao. 18H and 170 West Twenty-fourth street. Applv to P. HARMONY'S NEPHEWS A CO., 81 ttievnwlch street, or to A. LEAMAN, 117 West Twenty third street. TO IJ-1T , Oil A TERM OK THREE TO FIVE YEARS, several vacant Lo's of ground. In the vicinity of lionsi<in at r?agsi Mini Sr ntitl av<>rau?* auitnJili* for Ri'JImI VATiI. An ply to 8 ('I .AHKHON, It* and 160 Klirahietb street TO IJtT?A 8M ALL GENTEEL THREE 8TOHY IIIUCK lloiim*. gas and water In the house; near the Pe k Klip fi rry, Williamsburg Rent low to * good tenant. Hoiim In perlia t order. Inqulie at 2M) Front stiect. New Y.irk. TO LET?A FIRST CLA8.S FOUR 8TORY BROWN stone English basement House, with ell the modern improvements, to a drst class tenant, no reason aide terms. Apply on the premises, 4ft West Ninth street, between the hours of 12 and 2 o'clock. r LET?FROM 1ST OF MAT, T1IE HOUSE AND store 4d(> llrand Street; a good location for bn-lnrmhouse 2.M44 feet. Tsrins moderate. Impel re of BllY AN MAK28N. :<J0 Madison snort rLET-l'OUBKBBlON IMMBDIATBLY. A SMALL House in Twculy-thlrd street, near Second avenue, with all modern convenience*. Rent moderate. Also a four story House In Fourth street, a few doors from Rrosdwav. Also a four story House In Fourteenth street, between Blith end fiiveiuh avenues. Apply to A. LIVINGSTON. 19 Becktuan St r) LET-FOR OFFICES OR MANUFACTURING 1'IIRposra, with or without steam power, tiart of prvmlaes 17 John street. Inquire of PUCkllAM, MERRILL, K1TOH A t()? l9John street. rpo LiT?rooms on rroadway, in pacific 1 Bank end Insurance Building? The enHre second story Floor, suitable lor almost eveiy kind ol business, and liouita, wBh vkyluilit, on fourth stoi.v, now used a an nrtlst's suidfo. Inquire for particulars at the Hank or Insurance Company, 470 Hrondway. 1V> IKT-TIlK LARUE ANI1 CONVENIENT DWBL ling 49 West Thirtvjirst sired, northeast corner of Broadway, rntranen nti Yhlnvllrst sitret, wilh or Without the adjo nlnii Uons> nn llroa wii), n lib which It ronitminlc ,ii . The |remi i nre nrtw oesnp'eil as A Itrsl r'sss family | lii >k lotusTim t wtv t a taint v would reutii , tin tils tnd h<t?rtl Ap| iy on the f> emlsrs, IY' ir 2 to I r w , | li 17 W illiain, cornel i fd?r uo t. 3 HOUSES, ROOMS. *c.. TO LOT. rl.lcT?FROM THE FIRST OV MAY, THE FOLLOW tug Houses . ? Two "Lory utile- and basement House, 76 Eul Houston street. near Hi.' Uo> cry, suiiab e lor a saloon or d welling. Also. 3 -t 'ry House, 81 Kast Twenty eighth street. 3sior. House, 1*1 West FortjHfoiirtli it reel. 2 story 1!oum>, with extei * on,95Tho- px>n street. 3story II.oiw .ind Store, Ell tV'c-i stie.-t. 2s?oiy Housu, with u ieiudou, i'2U Sullivan street. 3 story Hour*-. 2-2 Stanton street. 4 good O.ittag *, .Uvtilc avenue, Brooklyn. 2 two story Houses on First avenue. W ar Eiglity-fourth Intel, anil other bouses and pari* of Union.* n this ciiv and Brooklyn Tor full parii.mlar* inquire of A. M. FANJCINQ, 226 Bowery. TO IJ?T-A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH TUB CONv.-n.cnte of gas and n.nbrooin on name floor, with the use ot a handsomely farm n-n mirier and pl.iuo if required. In a la hlona lie iiart of the cuy, at u2 West Eighteenth street, oetween Fifth and Si th avenues. TO LET?THE DWELLING HOUSE NO. 3 THIRD street, near the Bowery; ?!/.? oi hour 2.1.3, with htrue yuril. lyaulMtMteulroiullo i .oh A. il ui I ...?? ? T. M. 1 o terms, 4c., apply to A. J DKLATOUR. 25^ Wall street. TO LET-IN YONKKES, A LARGE DRY GOODS torn, in tbeoenlre il lie t dUge; the oldest Uin.l in the puteo. Stock ol quotli-on hand w .i -old c-iiutp I! r:<i..i.ed. For particulars inquire of a. il. liOYT, Y.u.k i n. rpo LET?THE FIRST AND SECOND STORY OH X building lU3u;id l'JS Bank sin el, lor a wot.. ?nc,i. Inquire on the prenns *. rpo LET?THE FIK-T ST'lRY AND BASEMENT Ot N X taming seven rooms and nine pannier, l-lei .-.anus and i; .s fixture*, sin.plied wiin net and void water throughout, and rooms In the tlnrd siory, of house S2 Bank street. Inquire ou the prcmiws, tY? in in A .VI. to 9 F. M. Rent fcGhO. rpo LET?THE DESIRABLE STORE BASEMENT AND X Cellar of 18 Spruce street; has the modern improvements, Willi tireprool rant under sid nas. Capital focatiou for leather. paper or u.h?r trade. ll**iu moderate A|> pi., to JAMES PRICE, 2t*i Hudson street. TO LET-TUB SECOND FLOOR, CONSISTING OP live large uiry Ro un-, e rh gas, hot and cold Water, In n deslraole lueaiion, heln. a corner house ; ail the r -emi* ! ronl a ivui ly wuh no small rhtluruil preferred. Jui| at (it Weal Twenty-second a-met. TO LET?A FURNISHED HOUSE ON MURRAY wrTJR No. 24 Wi ?t Thirty-sixth street, between Fifth nnd nivth avenues. to a small tituiily; it will be rented on v. r, reasonabic taring. Apply to P. K. WlflKINS, No. 1U Pin treet. TO LET?NO. 116 COLO Mill A STREET, BROOKLYN Heights, aiihiti :iv. minutes wain, o! Kioto vo l W ill street ferries; also, u medium ore, luree story b , k House on Cllutoii avenue. Apply to G. A. SMITH, 'JU7 Broadway, control Pulton street, New York. TO LET?THE FIRST CLASS K1VF. STORY ENOUSIl basement House 1 .248 Bron I way, m ar Thirty-' !-.'I street, partly furnished or not as desired. Possession miMedmP'lv. Very Uesirable to let in sum's, or loru larje private Iaruly or boarding house. Apply on the premises. rpo LPT?(KENT TAKEN IN BOARD KOK TWO PER. A soils) from 1st o! M iv, a private family preterred, the four story House, pleasantly lucaleilal 14 West Wash'mfti n p arr. Apply on tuo pruiuis :s, lrom 10 to lk A. M .tod ? lo 4 P. M. TO LET-A BAR AND DINING ROOM IN A HOTEL! rent taken In board. Also a 11 ohm' lor a saloon, 1 0 per month; a small llou -e, S3U; a Husem-ml .Store on llroudway, $8. Apply to SMITH, 175 BrouUway. TO LET?AT NO. 50 WEST TENTH STREET. NEAR Waverley place, west 01 aveuoe, a liner .tut;, b.u a House, high stoop, with all tie muilern improvements, chandeliers, Ac.; convenient to market and care. Possession immediately. R'it'(151 a year. For farther purlieulars Inquire at ti2 Wost Ei^hieeuth street, between Fifth and BIklU TO LET?A OOOD STAND FOR PISH, OYSTERS AND greens. Apply at the (jaruluildt Market, 1,271 Broadway, between Thlrty-sneond and Tiitrty-thinl street. TO LET-THE THREE STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE. No. 154 East Thirty-fourth street, with aaa lulhrts; will be let lo a good tenabt lrom 1st of May lor $0UI1. Apply lo the owner, at Taylor A Brown's, ill Oreenwich tro t. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY. THE UPPER PART of the House 37 Domini, k street, near Hudson, gas, bath room, ike. Inquire on tho premises. IIO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT FURNITURE, THE HO. tel known as the Fowler House, at Port Jervls, suitable for a hotel school, rollo ;e or other public iuslitutiun. Also a splendid Mansion House, suitable for like purposes or private residence. Address F. B. Wallace, 37 Bxehange place. TO LET?SMALL 8TOKK8 AND ROOMS FOR Business, societies, eluba, Ait, at817 and 819 Broadway nnd 48 and 52 East Twelfth street. Apply at 81? Broadway, n o n No. 4, from II to HJi A. m.. or to john a KKLko. 02 William street. TO LET.?A PRIVATE PAMILY, WITHOUT OHILJ re n, will lot 10 a respectable physic* i s front basement Room, well adapted Tor an ofllee snd p-rtly furnished, if desired, a Bluing and Bedroom, with or without portlal Board, may be had also. Apply at No. 68 Weal Elgh.eculh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. r LET?THE COTTAGE HOUSE NO. 137 WEST Thirty-fourth street, containing an the mo lern Improvements?water, gas, speaking tubes, furnace, Ac. May be seen between the bours of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. Rent $790 per annum. Apply to B. 1'. BABBITT, 70 Washington street. New York. TO LET?THE WHOLE OP THE BUILDINQ 1*7 DCane street, except tbo two upper Loita. Apply to C. KNOX, lilt Broadway, oerner of Pulton street. r LET.?THE POUR LOPT8 OP STORE 101 GUAMbers street will be let low to a good tenant The location is one of the best and most i-entral In New York. Apply on the premises to JOHN D. LEWIS. mo LET?THE WELL KNOWN FIRST CLASS KESTAU J. rant northwest corner of Broadway snd Fourth street; fitted up in line style. Apply lo the owner, 331 Fourth street mo LET?IN BROOKLYN, A NEAT, CONVENIENT JL U llage, containing thirteen rooms, In a desirable part of the city, near Clinton avenue, eouvenient 10 the ferry by the city cars. Rant low. Apply Ui S. a EATON, 116 Joralsmun street TO LET-A SPLENDID SALOON, WITH STAGE, GAB fixture*, furniture, Ac., wiil be sold. The saloon is located in the Bowery, and in the best busine-a locality. For particulars inquire at 169 Canal street, at Hairdressers. rLET IMMEDIATELY?PLEASANT, WELL FURnlsbed Rooms in brown s one house 33 Bowery; wall furnished, single aud iu suits. Also at CM Broadway, Rooms and Saloon or Store. Houses well kept Apply en the promises. r LET OR FOR SALE-THE IIIOH STOOP BRICK House, 109 West Twenty-second street; rem $800. Appiy on the pwmlaes, between 10 and 4 only. No agents need apply. The furniture lor sale. rLET OR LEASE-A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, NO. 1$ West Thirty-seventh street near Flftr avenue. Rent low to good tenant; two very desirable Houses In Yorkrllle In thorough repair, with all modern Improvements, rent $400; a small Cottace House, No. 10 Horatio street; rent fehfiO per year. Also, several parta of Houses, sud several Slores in Broadway, near Twenty-right street, will he let low to good tenants. Apply to A. P. 8TURTEVANT A I O , 13 East Twenty-seventh street rLET OR LEASE-NO. 146 EAST BROADWAY. A three story brick House, with all the modern improvements; will he rented to a leapeetAble family at a mode:ale rent. Apply to U. SOLOMON. 98 Chatham street. rl.ET OR LKA8K-TIIE CELEBRATED OAK HALL Clothing Store, covering loor Iota, and having an ?n trance on two Streets. This is a rare chame for i lolhiera. as it is <>ne of the oldest and best located stands in (be ciiy. Apply on (be premises, 84 Fulton street rno LET OR LEASE-HOUSE AND TEN LOTS ON 1 110th street, near Tenth avenue; suitable for s milkman, butcher or gardener; rent cheap to a choice lenam. Apply to E il. BROWN, 121 Nassau street, I rom 1 tod P. N. TO LET OR LEASE?THE PROPERTY 31 AND 33 West Thirteenth street, consisting of one two story And attie bid'k llnu-c. lOuUining eleven rooms; one three story and attic Ir k Hons , fifteen rooms. slso ths three story brluk Building in l?? rear, extra lint arret.s botn Ion T ie prop-rly will be reuse 1 Id whule or In purts. Inauire at 40 Stone street, up stairs. rLET OR LEASE?THE DESIRABLE STORE AMD Dwelling llouaa 131 Spring alreet; 1 do on lldr.d reel, near Broadway. Al?>, two twualory. alt.c and liaaa ho*nt bric't llim?ri; onr un Waal llonamn ainud, the other oil Amity Street. Will tin renled low to u?X)d tenant*. Apply l.. A SKKUEANT, 15 Wall .treat. TO LET OR LEASE, LOW-A FIRST CLASS STORK, on the <ormr ol Btoadway and Twenty-ninth timet. Apply to A. T. STUKTEV AST a I a, Ho. U Euat Twentyaevcnlk alreet. r LEASE?THE ENTIRE MARBLE BUILDING 814 Broadway; a oro 110 by 2.% feet; t re aiorie?, with Nuenirnt oi.under haaotneul; would nuk> a line aahein; or r.nji Uoo' aepnialrly; i?o upper lloora hare la-en titled up lor lodge riNinia. Inquire nf H. OALRRAITll, Eaq., 127 Fullou alreet, or A. EaGLKHON. 738 Broadway. TO RENT AT ASTORI A?A tXWNTRY SEAT FIKBLT altiialcd, training on tho rirer; contulna eleven room*, la rurnlihed with range and furnace; crowed 100 feet on the rlrer by about 4io iret deep; well atockid with pear treea and giape rtnea. Will lw ranted on reasonable term a. Apnlv toll WIllTrEMOUE. Aatona, or IM Liberty alreet, N. V., aorond Moor. TIIK CORNER STORE SO. 187?A l.OSO KSTAHllahed, and la one of the beat lia-atnma in the rily lor n trorny or liquor atore. AJao the corner of Mo'I and Itarard alj-eet. Alao the atop- No. 120 Firal avenue, to be let. Apply to D. O'CONOR, 42 Wi lt Seventeenth atrocL Those wanting rooms and steady steam row. er at greatly red mid rent*, can be well muted in build. Inga21lanri213 Otttltre, and 1ST and is# Blm atreet. Tho rooma am well lighted and ver?. daalrahla tor aluioal any matiuf.iettirmg bualneee The ateam ? . wer tl alwaya rteadv ami ninalile, aupplled by a Coillaa ami Milium ale 150 hone engine T?rma rry low an t inwaeaaloa ItnUMullately, If wanted. Apply at 'he udlce, 213 Centre atreei. r GROCERS.?TO LET OR lease. t11b OLD ER. tat Raced eorner known ? Wo. 40 Greenwich etreet, car ner ot Mori la. Inquire on the prcmiaea. liWTiiTii -UN CAN A I. STREET. SEAR BROAD *5 way, runnlne ih rutuh to Llvpenard Hi.hi and sullahlalora wholesale mil tiiTj ?r linn hualu? in. Apply on the premiers, at KM>. COAU ~ OUMBEKI AND COAL-NOW [ll.HC'HARCJINO AND IN yard nn ler imA, Red A?h, lsddt,h ?lid White Aali Coal. Wood by the riinl, load'or boi. AmKL tl ABBOTT. iiCri MOr Wi Abbott A Laitne, *83 Orenowloh alreetaiid 00 Hem li meet. COAL?AlKNUINB PEACH ORCHARD. HED ASF1. tee 11*1 Mountain, Broad Mountain, llmeK llealh, >n(| other celebrated White Ash C.u*, Ih; roughly, i'Teened, nt jowret market prior*. JU0. < DON A I. D, yard* .1*1 Bevnth avenue, comer Thirty fourth steel, and (out of Twenty iiih street, north rtrer. > il HI-I ? WOW pKt.tVBPTNO A RTPBRIoii" ' p'Jr/i V. qii?ll'? ol t Iial Mr iiuully IIMI. well Hemmicd. at$2?|i*r Wti nrl.Oiip potmil'j Cwlt , isactiaMrvin. V!*b Llvei uiK I and CauiMi Coal. No. tud Weat Eleventh it teal and 1.M Kl*hth avenue. A. HEABTT '5' mn F.I.N. WA w.Vt Ihsr W ?.?* ?, J I MUCIN UOTftL AND HOAHDI NO ROt KB, MrJlVD ' JI son etraei, mrtier acbarha -l>l> imnnt at..t,n?#4 luni. u nifhe t llooina, ?Mliable for married nr alitcie rfriiiieAi.t, Jlrt me feidli |l Mlt. *t, Hoard an.l NeneiH i, .faJlhiN J*d rf. per e i h lor'ti>|ie p. non>, end Ci m If c> til !> marrieH. ' T. l^NHtlt^WUFHklw

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