Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1862 Page 1
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BOMBARDMENT OK ROANOKE ISLAND, BOMBARDMENT OK ROANOKE ISLAND, BOMBARDMENT OK ROANOKE ISLAND, 1 BOMBARDMENT OK ROANOKE ISLAND, BOMBARDMENT OK ROANOKE ISLAND, BOMBARDMENT OK ROANOKE ISLAND, BOMBARDMENT OK ROANOKE ISLAND. THE NAVAL RATTLE NEAR FORT PULASKI, THE NAVAL BATTLE NEAR KORT PULASKI, THE NAVAL BATTLE NEAR KORT PULASKI, THE NAVA'L BATTLE NEAR PORT PULASKI, THE NAVAL BATTLE NEAR FORT PULASKI, THE NAVAL BATTLE NEAR PORT PULASKI, THE NAVAL BATTLE NKAK PORT PULASKI, THE NAVAL BATTLE NEAR PORT PULASKI, THE NAVAL BATTLE NEAR POUT PULASKI, THE NAVAL BATTLE NEAR KORT KULA8KI, 1 BURSTING'OK A RIFLED CANNON IN KORT HENRY, BURSTING OK A RIFLED CANNON IN PORT HENRY, BURSTING OF A RIFLED CANNON IN KORT HENRY, BURSTING OK A IUKLED CANNON IN PORT HENRY, BURSTING OF A RIFLED CANNON IN KORT HENRY, BUR8TING OP A RIFLED CANNON IN KORT HENRY, I BURSTING OK A RIFLED CANNON IN KORT HENRY, , BURSTING OK A RIFLED CANNON IN KORT HENRY, 1 BURSTING OK A RIFLED CANNON IN FORT HENRY, t BURSTING OF A RIFLED CANNON IN FORT HENRY, , BURNSIDE ON THE BULWARKS GIVING ORDERS, 1 BURN8IDE ON THE BULWARKS GIVING ORDERS, BURNSIDE ON THE BULWARKS GIVING ORDERS, BURNSIDE ON THE BULWARKS GIVING ORDERS, < BURNSIDE ON THE BULWARKS GIVING ORDERS, BURNSIDE ON THE BULWARKS GIVING ORDERS, BURNSIDE ON THE BULWARKS GIVING ORDERS, BURNSIDE ON THE BULWARKS GIVING ORDERS, BURNSIDE ON THE BULWARKS GIVING ORDERS, BURNSIDE ON THE BULWARKS GIVING ORDERS, PORTRAIT OK COMMODORE GOLDSBOROUGH, PORTRAIT OK COMMODORE GOLDSBOROUGH, PORTRAIT OK COMMODORE GOLDSBOROUGH, > PORTRAIT OK COMMODORE GOLDSBOROUGH, PORTRAIT OK COMMODORE GOLDSBOROUGH, PORTRAIT OK COMMODORE GOLDSBOROUGH, PORTRAIT OK COMMODORE GOLDSBOROUGH, PORTRAIT OK COMMODORE GOLDSBOROUGH, PORTRAIT OK COMMODORE GOLDSBOROUGH, PORTRAIT OK COMMODORE GOLDSBOROUGH, PORTRAIT of YOUNG BRITTAIN. KILLED oil tbc ESSEX, PORTRAIT of YOUNC BRITTAIN, KILLED on the ESSEX, PORTRAITof YOUNG BRITTAIN, KILLED on the p:?SKX, PORTRAIT of YOUNG BRITTAIN, KILLEDon the ESSEX, PORTRAIT of YOUNG BRITTAIN, KILLEDon the ESSEX, < PORTRAIT of YOUNG BRITTAIN, KILLEDon the ESSEX, PORTRAIT of YOUNG BRITTAIN, KILLED on the ESSEX, PORTRAIT of YOUNG BRITTAIN, KILLED on the ESSEX, PORTRAIT of YOUNG BRITTAIN, KILLED on the ESSEX, PORTRAIT of YOUNG BRITTAIN. KILLEDon the ESSEX, AND OTHER WAR MATTERS, AND OTHER WAR MATTERS, AND OTHER WAR MATTERS, AND OTHER WAR MATTERS, AND OTHER WAR MATTERS, AND OTHER WAR MATTERS, AND OTHER WAR MATTERS, AND OTHER WAR MATTERS. AND OTHER WAR MATTERS, ' AMD OTHER WAR MATTERS, Be., Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac. . Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac., E, Ac.. . Ac., Ac, Aa, Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac, Ac., Ac., Ac;, Ac., IN ? mANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER. ' PRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER. PRANK LE8LIE8 ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, i PRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER PRANK LESLIE'S ILLU8TRATED NEWSPAPER. PRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER. FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEHfAPKK. PRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEIHpAPER. FRANK LESLIE S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER FRANK LESLIES ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER. READY THIS MORNING AT ALL NEWS DEPOTS. READY THIS MORNING AT ALL NEWS DEPOTS. HfiAUI J Kilo jnuRiiim* a auij iicno vcii uir*, READY THIS MORNING AT ALL NEWS DEPOTS. READY THIS MORNING AT ALL NEWS DEPOTSREADY THIS MORNING AT ALL NEWS DEPOTS. READY THIS MORNING AT ALL NEWS DEPOTS. READY THIS MORNING AT ALL NEWS DEPOTSREADY THIS MORNING AT ALL NEWS DEPOTS. READY THIS MORNING AT ALL NEWS DEPOTS. THE VICTORY OK ROANOKE ISLAND. United Nats* Ktkambr Stabs and Stwipks, ) Hampton Roads, Feb. 13, ISO.'. S To Frank Lf.slik, Esq.:? Dkar Sir?Knowing that vour artist, *s well as all the other art mm, were left behind at Roanoke Island, I preaimed that you would be anxious to get some ulpa of the naval battle. I drew some rough sketches, wbieh I send yon, knowing thai tbey have the merit of being eorrect. The sketches I send you, the only ones sent to sny psper, god probably will be the only ones sent forward for a week or more, as there is mneh doubt of there beirg sny eommunleatlon with the North again for several days I should like to hoar from you whether any future sketches would I* acceptable. If so, 1 will take the trouble to send theoi ul the earliest mumeut. Very respectfully yours, B. MARSHALL, Rnrgeon U. S. Gunboat Stars and Stripes, Hat terns Inlet. The aketabee sent bv Rueceon Marshall, the only nulhcntie ones which have reached New York. Illustrating the Great National Victory and Naval Engagement at ltoanuke Island, asnear THIS MORNING, IN FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER. It will be seen from the above letter that all me artists lor the dilferent Illustiated Papers were left at Roanoke Island, and that coiisr>]ueiilly no authentic sketches have been received in New York except those of Surgeon Marshall, who was on board the Stars and Stripes during the action, ami which will appear in FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER. THIS MORNING, Country subscriptions as follows:? One Copy 17 weeks $1 00 One do I year 2 HO Two do 1 year 4 Ul Threa do 1 year li Ul Five do 1 year (to one address). 10 Ul And An Extra Copy to i he person sending a Club of Five Every additional subscription, $2. Address FRANK LESLTR, IV City Hall srpiare. New York. JjpRANK LESLIE'S PUBLICATIONS. Frank. Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper; weekly. Price 0 cents. Frank Leslie's Illustrated; weekly. Price 6eenis Frank Leslie's Monthly (a beautiful magazine). Price 25 cents, . Fiank Leslie's History of tbe War; semi-monthly. Price f. : SB aents Frank Leslie's Budget of Fun; monthly. 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ALL ON ONE SHEET FOR SIX CENTS. FRANK LESLIE'S WAR MAPS: I A large sheet, containing a arm a of aiiteen general and a pedal mapa, Including une of ibe entire Border nnd Southern Biatea, with the position! of the national and rehel forces . nnd the blockadlnipmd eapedltionary squadron*, alsoplher* nnhibltlng the operation* of the Port Rn?al, Burnside and TBnller E?pertttlana, and the pooition* of the armies on the .Potomac. Thl* 1* an Invaluable companion to the Dewanaper. To be b?U at aU flWM depots. Price 6 rent*. FRANK LESLIE, WCIt; Hall square, New York. ' * 4. E N EIMPORTANT FROM TENNESSEE. 1 Evacuation of the Rebel Forts ; at Clarksville. THE ENEMY RETREATIN6 TO NASHVILLE. I Additional Details of the Fight at Fort Donelson. : Napoleonic Order of the Day from General Halleck. fhe Time and Place Selected for ] Another Battle, | he*, &?? Ac. General Hallcck'e Order of the Day. 1 St. Lorn. Feb. 19,1802. ? The following will appo;rr in the morning papers of to- i morrow:? hxidqcawnms Dki'ahtmknt of Mienoriu, 1 Sr. Lotik, Feb. 1U, 1862. i The Major General commanding the Department congratulates Flag Officer Foote, Brigadier General Grant mil the bravo officers and men under their command, on the recent brilliant victories on the Tennessee and Cumberland. Tho war is not ended 1 Prepare for new conflicts and new victories! Troops are concentrating from every direction! We shall soon have an army which will be irresistible 1 Tbe Union flag must be restored everywhere, and tbe enthralled Union men in the South must be set free 1 Tbe soldiers and sailors of (he Great West aro ready and willing to do this 1 The time and place have been determined on 1 Victory and glory await (be brave 1 By command of Major General HALLECK. N. H. McLkxh, Assistant Adjutant General. Additiomil Particulars of the Capture of Fort Donelson. Chicago, Feb. 19, 1862. The Chicago Tribune's correspondent, in giving a description of tbe battle at Fort Donelson, says that when Colonal Craft's brigade, which had been ordered to reinforce General McClernand, came up in the rear of the Thirtieth and Thirty-first Illinois and Twenty-fifth Kentucky, these regiments were lying down and firing over the cnett of a hill. They rose, and net knowing whether the force in the rear was friend or fos, the Twenty-fifth Kentucky, supposing them to be rebels, poured an a volley, which did terrible execution, and was sufficient to throw tbe entire brigade into disorder at once, which was almost a panic. Somo threw down muir suds uuu equipments tuu uca mimeuiaiciy. une roads were filled with stragglers?some even fled to ffcrt Henry. The enemy improved tbe opportunity,and advanced upon Schwann's and Dresser's batteries, capturing five guns and taking possession of Gen. McClernand's beadquarters, driving our forces nearly a mile and a balf. Jn stead,'however, of adhering to their supposed intent ions to escape, tbe rebels resolved to follow up tbe advantage by pursuit. At Ibis juncture General Wallace's division was thrown in frocl and look a position on a ridge, with Taylor's battery in tbe centre of tbe road. The rebels formed on the ridge which General Mct'lernand had occupied, and flushed with success, moved forward. As soon as ifcay came in ranee, Taylor opened on them with grape, canister and shell, causing the rebels to quail arid come tan bait, and as the infantry advanced they began to fall backo.nd recover the grouud previously lost. A large number of rebel prisoners were brought down yesterday, who belonged on the Cumberland river, and as Utey jiassed their homes they looked wistfully for some face they might recogm/o. Many were under the impression that they would b? paroled; but when ibny found utcy were to be sent North tbey were ready to tukoany oath. Two-thirds of the prisoners manifest a desire to return to their allegiance, and some acknowledge thai they had been humbugged into their present unfortunate position. Six thousand prisoners have already arrived here, aqd other; will be brought down as soon as transportation can be procured. Kokt Posxlsox, Feb. 17,1862. The great fire which was seen up the river from this point last night, was caused by the burning of the Tennessee Rolling Mills, four miles from here, by our gun boats Tbe works bad been used by tbe rebels in the inanu'aclure of shot and shell and other war material. It was an extensive concern. General Grant has promulgated a most stringent order again*, plundering irum ine innaoiiuuis, aiso against stealing property taken in battle. Before surrendering tho rebels threw most of their late mails into the river. Colonel Mnrkland, postal director, however, succeeded in seizing a number of mail bags and some outside letters, supposed to contain important information. Floyd's brigade, fearing they might be taken, threw all their arena into tbo river. The crews of the gunboats are now engaged fishing them out. Captain Dixon, the rebel Chief of Artillery, and the engineer who constructed the fortifications, was killed in the bombardment on Friday in one of his own batteriers. The following is a special despatch to the Chicago Tribunt:? PotT Donktoov, Feb. 18, 1RC2. Two more regiments were captured to dsy to thu east of the intrenshnicnts. A number of rebel troops havs come in and delivered thcmeelveu up. About l?.0?0-slnnd of small arms have been taken. Many of the rebel troops destroyed their arms, and largs numbers were thrown into tht river. There are two water batteries to the fort. The upper lliV I.Ulf ft IRWV7 fiuru |UU, 11111 II'IWU |K"IUU UUT?, BUII two thirty t>wo-pounUer caronadss. The lower battery contain* eight thirty two-pounder*, and one ten inch counted in embrasures. Twelve hundred baits of beef and a large amount of other proviriowi have &I*o been found. All of today has been occupied in embarking the prisoners, gathering up the stores and munitions, and burying the dead. Tl.ere are a great number of dead rebels still unhti riod. Captain Iayone, aid tofleneral (Irani,goes toClirtacrine to morrow, under a Sag of truce, with the bodiec of two colonels, and to effect the exchange of wounded prisoners who beoc been sent to Nashville by the rebels. Taylor's battery was charged on Bre times on Satur day,and each time the enemy were repulsed with treat slaughter. It is currently reported that Governor Harris, of Tennessee, bss ordered all Tcnncsseeans to lay down their arms. ditto, Feb. IP, 1862. It ie believed now that a portion of tho renel prisoners will be eent to Alton, and others to Chicago, Fort Wayne and Detroit. Troops aro coutiuually arriving and departing for the eat of war. It ie believed that, if permitted to does, many of (lie rebel prisoners would gladly take up arms on the side of the Union. Numbers of the privates dhclare that thty have seen enough of secession The officers, however, are generally very tnorose and b.ttsr in tholr expressions Iglimi mo iMorio. In addition to the trilled and wounded rrevlouflyre portad are the Forty fifth Illinois Commissary and Per" jaunt Traverse, killed; l.ieutrnant Colonel Malby, ball In Hi# leR Lieutenants Beyce, Cornelius Miay, uoorge Tappletcn, wounded. 6t. Lone, Feb 10,1862. About nin? boadrcd Fort rcnelaon prtaonara, including W YO NEW YORK, THURSDA1 wine forty officers, arrived to day, end will be forwarded to acme point beet. The sick and wounded from Fort Donelsonwill be returned to their own States as fast as possible. Quite a number arrived here to day, and were sent to the Cen tral Hospital. EVACUATION OF CLARKSVILLE. Cairo, Feb. 19, 1882 A despatch from the Cumberland river says Clarltsville is being evacuated and the rebels are going to Nashville. IMPORTANT FROM VIRGINIA. Ex-Minister Faalkatir'i SmMth Deelnrlnir the Rebellion ft Failure?Reported Desertion of Rebel Troops, die. Fmoksick , Md., Feb. 19,1802. On Saturday night, at a complimentary dinner tendered to Bon. Cha8. J. Faulkner, at Martln.sburg, Ya., that gen. Lleraan in a speech, said in effect that the policy of seces ion as it had been earried out was a failure. It bail been accompanied with unnecessary wa.-to of life, tlio bent blood of tbe South, and immense sacrifice of property. If thia course wa? continued in it would pile ruin on ruin. The public sentiment of Western Virginia was opposed to It. Be also intimated that he bad no affiliation with those who wished the present war to continue. His remarks were ae. ipiieeccd in by the large audience present, and he had no doubt I it they reflected the true sentiments of nmelouths of the people of the upper counties of the Potomac. Reports from usually reliable sources say between three and four hundred of the Berkley county inilitia hare deserted in a body, and are en route to cross the Potomac and join our ranks. THE UNION VICTORIES IN THIS CITY. Grand Display of Bunting on the Houses? Salute of One Hundred Gnat In the Park?General Appearance of the City and the Shipping?Illumination of the City llnll at Night, &c., Ac. Yesterday, havingjbcen set apart by resolve of the Common Council as a day whereon the people of the mctropo1 is should indulge in general jubilation over the late brilliant achievements of our arms in Kentucky, Tennes see, North Carolina and Missouri, was duly signalized by a patriotic outburst on the part of the people. The national ensign waved triumphantly in every part of the city?on hotels, theatres, public offices, private houses, and on the forest of ships moored at our docks?vividly recalling the early days of the robollion, when such a tremendous flag mania pervaded every class of the community. All this was in compliance with the expressed wishes of our City Fathers; but it needed not their prompting to stir the loyal heart to patriotic ardor, or to impress the mind of the masses with a realizing souse of the important character of the late Union successes. The conduct of our gallant soldiers was in everybody's mouth, and each individual man, foeling himself to bo a perfeet strategist, freely discussed tbo movements Of our army, the inevitable consequences of the same, and the rapid blows which would shortly follow up and overwhelm tbe rebellion. The impression is evidently in the minds of tbe people of this city that tbe days of the Southern rebellion are numbered; and tho people are right; for that monster anaconda, so often and feelingly alluded to, bos doubt less commenced the interesting operation of coiling, and will not stop until bo has mashed into smithereens every vertebra m tbe spinal column or Kctreldom. Tbo popular enthusiasm was freely given vent to, ami everywhere you turned per: ons were found to rxprt ts the most unbounded delight at the welcome news which has thrilled the hrarts of all true loveis of the Union, and proved the impregnability of our institutions as a free republic, against the assaults of foreign foes or do mestic traitors. It was truly gratifying to the American heart to wit. ness such evidence of loyalty?old and young, native and adopted, vielng with each other ns to who would ho most prominent in displaying his zeal for the Uuion. Tins was most vividly displayed yesterday for Paddy, .Vein llerr and Brother Jonathan were to be seen everywhere, but uiore particularly in the Paik, in front.of the City Hull. i Business in theeily was neglected to a great degree, and when the one hundred gutus were bred from the < ity Hull Park, at. noon, an itntneoHe crowd gal berodgthere, in order, by cheering, to swoil the general jubilee or a nation's rejoicing. Powder may express tins feelmg. hrongh an iron month; but when a popnlat eJ^Ka forth its thrilling notes from lungs,, the of a heartlclt gratitude to Provideui.e caunoi taken. As before remarked. bunting was display nHHTi tasteful profusion from the shipping in ilie harbor, otic , from Windows fluttered thousands of red. while and bine ! ribbons where the proprietors of the house could not . aflurd to display the more coolly up|?iKiage ef iho nn tional Hag. sevcrul rosettes, w Inch were worn in sir-li laigc quantities at the breaking out of the war. wore to ' bv seen pinued over I ulies'bosoms; and the gentlemen I, in some cases, displayed this print of then integrity j to the Union cause. Ou the City Hull were displayed four flays?two representing the United Sales,one the stale of New Voih. and one the city. The roof of lite Ball of Record* w as decorated with one large flap and eighteen small ones. The ditl'ereul tenia in the l ark were also adorned with their beautiful ensigns. On the old l>em<*;i'aliu Wigwam, y reach's Hotel, the Aineficnu Museum, Asior House, and, in fact, nearly every house round it.e Pari.. wuh aeon proudly waving the insignia of liberty. Indeed, the scene presented us the eye ranged,round (he Park look*! more Ukn that of u (beautiful rainbow alter a severe rain alorm than anything else we could pn lure. The salute of one hundretl guns in the Park took place at noon, and wsb much the same as salutes general.v eie,so far as hading and Qring are concerned. Hut in other t e sperts the salute of ye?tcrday wss decidedly novel I he gunner's post was no kid glove ariuiigenient, no ho amy amusement. His positioo was one of danger ntid difli eulty, and Anderson himself in Kort Sumter never had ?< Stand a thicker siorio of balls lliau did our old 11 lend Capt. George Mowbray \ eslerrh.y. beside Ins pi ellv brass Ctcldpiecc, the Gen. Morgan. The bcinpol cnmoaiivi ness wus so strongly developed yesterday among the senators. about five thousand in number, and the emulative spirit for .military glory showed IIself so intense, that u splcndid.sugugemriit was improvised for ti e oeeacasion. First it Itegan by some young unions, who, stationed at a distance, fa iled an occasional snow ball with inipunitv at the unfurtuuaie cannoneer. Hut the trick became >oniagious. and idler a while young und old took |>art. sliowcrmg about the heads of the- gunners a storm of rather lough snow and ice halls, cornet uri*. with telling affect upon the noses, sometimes upon ibe lists, and not unfrequeully against the florid chops of the artillerists. The work of loading and firing Is came decidedly hot. and bei ame hotter and hotter, w hen an enterprising leader of the snowball brigade conceived the brilliant idea of causing u formidable engagement, which be executed ma twinkle, by dirts ling a lew well aimed balls at some inactive but amused Spectator* standing on the esplanade ol the City Hall. In an instant the aforesaid spectators l>e< oine excited participant., in til* battle. Jnstinctlwely the prople ranged themselves on opposite sides, and a desperate struggle fiu victory ensued, t'uats flew off, sleeves were rolled up anu Icy missives manufactured with a celerity which was only equalled liv tho energy exhibited In discharging them at the heads of ih< ir antagonlri*. The balls Hew thick as hail, and many a sUiwonb lei low bad his peepers ckjsod or the blood sent squirting copiously from the nostrils. Tho parties wi rt ranged, the one on the City Hull esplanade, and the i itier po- led Id the rear of waruuigtoi. s uri.wi stone amine. happened thai one pariy bad Justice on its m e, typified by the figure ou the City Hull cupola, while the oilier had the Father of hie Count!y before them with immovable gesture urging them on, "to do or die.'' *' tb justice on tb* one side and ririuo and a more plentiful supply of

enow on the other,bow culd the contest well be'decided? 'Hie light raged fieri ely for ten minute- nnd ; thirty seconds, wlien tbo City Hallitcr, dttet niineil on a grand effort, supplied themselves a .tli several rounds of balls and niada a brillinnt i harge on tbc Washington lane, driving them back aovaral yards, nnd almost terminating tbe struggla. Rut tli? Wushiugtonian* rallied anil re pulsed tbs enamy splendidly repulsIrtg was repaated seme hatf dozen tunes, when tbe sud .dan cry of "Lay low'' broke forth nod the belligerents scattered in every direction?It heuig rumored Ibai n solitsry piUiccniau was contemplui mg the violation of municipal dignity with an eye that boiler) no good. The rumor proved true; for tbe nest instant?to use a James i*m--tbe stern anil solitary Metropolitan might liuve been seen walking in front of the City HaII, while pro found silence prevailed. Thus ended the celebrated en gsneniont of tbe Snowball Brigade. In the evening the City Hull was illuminated but owing to the extreme Inclemency of the wcutbnr very fow were enabled to witness tlie brilliant picture which the ball presented. It is almost impossible to exp'am the (lux/ling efleet which the lights, numbering some .1,600, prodt.oed in their reflect ion on tbe snow and iced trees It was a truly grand sight, hot withrtandlrg ibe torrents of rain, which flooded the streets everywhere, many were on bind, but wero obliged to leave suddenly or be drenched through, uttering regrets for such nn unforeseen altera) ion in the weather. the morning being so fine. There wers .many, however, whe were more lortijnate, as tbey bad secured places in the windows of flie houses in Broadway and Park row, who remained until the last moment. The doorways of every house in the vicliuty were also crow-led. There is no doubt, hod tlm weather been favornble, the Park and vicitstty would hava Wen crowded with Jheueatids of our I'rinOi loving people Thus ended the tH^lnmng of a rejoicing t? er the valor of our soldiers. which must soon bring lose end the present unholy rebellion, And gisdrovs to every true American heart. n 17 it Jv Jv JJ. r, FEBRUARY 2<T, 1862. NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. PROCLAMATION OP THE PRESIDENT OF THE h UNITED 8TATES. ' Washington, Feb. 10,1802. 1 BT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. 1 A PROCLAMATION. It is recommended lo Ibe people of the United States, that they assemble in their customary places for public ^ solemnities on the 22d day of February instant, and cela- ^ brate the anniversary of the birthday of the Father of his Country, by causing to be read to them bis immortal f FAREWELL ADORE?*. t Given under my haDd and the scaiof the United States, at Washington, the 19th day of February, In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, s and of the independence of the United Stales of America lilt1 eiguiy sixiii. jtmtAn.tiu i.iiii uii.i. ^ By the President?Whim* H. Seward, Secretary of ^ State. j PREPARATIONS FOB TM! CELF-BIt ATION OF WASHING- , Tt^t'S BIRTH DAY. The preparation* for a grand celebration of tbe approaching anniversary of Washington's Birthday are ' everywhere progressing. Not only tho officials aud ill? military, but tho people geuerally, w ill join in the cclebration. lu the various caiujis tho soldiers intend to observe the day with due propriety. At night all the public building,-;, end to a considerable extant tho private resi deni es, will be illuin.nated;at least those of loyal citizens wilt Ware with light in honor of tho recent Union viclo" ries. OFFICIAL. WAU BULLETIN. CHARGES AGAINST COLONEL AMKANZKL. . Warrington, Feb. 18,1862. Complaint having been made by Genera) l ander of the misconduct of an officer under his committal, and the matter referred to tho Secretary of War, the following instructions were given:? i If Genera! lander is satisfied that Colonel Ainsan/el was j guilty of cowardiceor misbehaviour before the enemy, be maybe tried on tbe e]K>t, and if found guilty, the sen tenet of death may he czecultd on the spot, or he may be cashiered by his commanding General at Umj bead of his regiraant. The former course is recommended as the preferable one. Cowardice in an Officer, exhibited on tbe field of battle, should receive the swift punishment of death. EDWIN M. STANTON,Secretary of War. Waii DnPARtliRNT. Feb 10,1862. GENERAL NEWS. t Wamijmiiox, Fob. 19,1862. The Senate wu chiotty occupied to-day in executive session. A number of military appointments were acted upon, but only three of importance?Generals Grant^ Garfield and Shields. The nomination of General Grant us Major General was confirmed unanimously in compliment for his success at Fort Donclson. Brigadier Gcnoral Garfield was similarly rewarded for his services in dispersing the rebels under Humphrey Marshall on the Big Sandy river. The only case in which there was any contest was that of General Shields; but the charges against liiin were satisfactorily explulned. *Iho promotion of General Grant to n Major Generalship gives lum a superior command to Brigadier General Uuell in the same department. About three hundred nominations of subordinate officers were confirmed. A number which were reported were passed over for future consideration. Two were rejected?Dr. Illinois, as Lieutenant and Commissary, and Stokes, as Major of the Eighteenth infantry. A disposition has been manifested in the Semite to pass over most of the nominations lor brigadier generals \ for tho present, and lot the nomini es win their stars by galiantry and efficiency iu the field before they are con lirtncu. A nron<i uno or uim inonou ims ooun to i?w 11 m the Senate between officers who lounge about the hotels or dawdle in drawing rooms, and those who dovoleuhcir attention to the Improvement of the efficiency oHreir commands or in active duties In the field. Whenever there comes up tho nomination of one against whum or in whoso favor there is nothing particularly to he said, by common consent it is passed ovcrjto await the future conduct or the candidate, and let him prove bis merit by his deeds. The Senate is m Mi dlsp. ol to withhold the confirmation of brigadier generals already nominated ^JUd keep vacancies o|um for rewards of meritorious mux ices, as in like manner a number of vacancies in the ranks of second lieutenants in the regular army have in en lell as rewards of merit to noil commissioned officers and privates who may distinguish themselves in action. Among the natal confirmations are the following, to be lieutenants:?Mired T. Malum,Goo <\ ltemey, Alex. S. Mackenzie, Norman I!. >'nrqttchur, Samuel P. Greenei.'barb s H. tiwasey. Theodore t . Kane, lu-aity P. Smith, Cornelius M. Sctkonnmaker; Roderick Prentiss, K. S. Mc. t'tsik, Gilbert c. Willze, Thog. S. Hpencer. To oe Chief engineers, Charles H. l.oimg, Win. H Ruiberfnrd, Kdward D. ltobie, Thomas Williamson, Wm. B. Brooks, V\ m. 11. Clubman,Charles 11. liukur and Philip G. 1'ellze. 'I'homas Riddle, of Pennsylvania, was loufirinod as Secretary of legation to Kra/.il. '1 he follow iug named geiillcmen were confirmed as Consuls to the places reflectively nrieutinno.l:? I hoimis P. Howard, ol Pennsylvania, i onsul lo San Juan uci sur; t-runkltn Webster, of Illinois, lo Munich; Noah I.. Wilson, Indiana, to Tabasco; W. J. Slillman. Massachusetts*, to Homo; Win. II. Howell*, Ohio, to Venice. (liarles D. C leveland, Peiinsy Ivanui, to Acapulco; Hosniicr .lolitisou, ( ulitornia, to Acaoulco; W m. Rlanchard, District of Columbia, to Melbourne; .lobn lie lat Montague, New Voik, lo Nantes. Thomas H. bud ley, New Jersey. to Liverpool, m of Heverly locker, recalled; Charles S. Ogden, Pennsylvania, to Quebec; Allen lianas, Illinois, to Victoria, Vancouver* Inland; William Irvin. Pennsylvania. to ttabiu; John Y. NVai, Kaon..*, to Kingston, Jamaica; James H. Arnisby, New York to Naples: Charles >. l)e Vivaldi, Kansas, tea, Iheodore Canusius, Illinois, to Vienna; John Young Indiana, to Reliant; Frederick Whippet mann . Mil 11 tola, ' to Maracaibo; Marcus OMeuboutg, Wisconsin, to ilic j. ciiy of Mexico; Hen Jamin Lindsay, Massachusetts, I 10 St. Catherines: Jehn Bigelow, New York, to t'ariie ! Lucius II. ('handle.-, Virginia, to MuiaiiHts, Ylico. p. Ki j wards, Kentucky, lo Hennuara. Horace N. cougar, I New York. 10 Hong Kong, Henry B. Stacy, Vermont, to ! Revel. Israel S. Dicble, California, 10 Balavia, Warren ('.Foster, Connecticut, to ( arthagctia, Charles W. God dard, Maine Consul General to Constantinople , | I Hk ABOLITION ASSAl'I,TS ON GKN. M CI.EI.1.AN. The persistence of the shrieking organs in proclaim tag 1 lie General Con.nmnding de| used from the com inane, of the whole army, excite here inore ridicule than wdlgnaliou. The administration nttd General Mct'leilau ate unmoved by these petty assaults. nortuw CONDITION OK THE rilESIUENr'H SON. The White House is still overspread with Mi# gloom of tbeexpected death of the President's second son, who iB reported more fcasy to day, but no hopa of his recovery is entertained. Tha I'resiuent and Mis. l.iucoln art overwhelmed with grief. THE HORNPIPE EXPEDITION. The delay of General Burnside at Fdeulou excitns no surprise here. SECRETARY STANTON*8 RECEPTION. General and Mrs. Banks were present to night at the Secretary of War's rtgolar Wednesday evening reception. REWARDS POR BRAVERY. The iidnt resolution introduced by Senator Wilson to day tor the presentation ef medals to the enlisted men and volunteers In the army, navy and marinocorps, wlio have or may dislingulfth themselves in battle during the rebellion, proves that an amount of money bo appropriated tor the purpose of having prepared medals of sliver or other suitable metal, with appropriate emblems and devices, for presentation by Congress to lbs nou-vominisriousd olllcera and privates of the volunteer and marine corps, and the warrant and petty offlesrr acid seaman of the navy of the I'nlted States, who have or may hereafter dtstin- < l nguish themselves by any set of gallantry cr bravery during the present war against the rebellion. CArTl'KB OF THB HKEFT. GBNBKAb FHIOB. It has l>eeB ascertained by desptlches re, eivcd at head, quartan, that the General Price Udten prisoner by den ERAI raJ Curtis is the brother of Sterling Price, the notorious sailer of ibe rebel guerrilas in Missouri. CONTENTION OP RAILROAD OFFICERS. The Convention of railroad managers, convened at the quest of the Secretary of War, to arrange an equitable anff for the transportation of troops and munitions o' rar, will meet in the concert room of Willard'S Hotel omorrow at noon. HE REPORTATION OP SHIP TIMBER?8H1P CANAL CONNECTING THE ST. LAWRENCE, THE GREAT LAKES AND THE ATLANTIC?THE BANKRUPT LAW. Mr. Ward, of New York, presented in tho House tolay a petition of the merchants and ship builders enaged in the sale arid manufacture of ship timber, conurred in by the leading shipowners and underwriters, equesling (ingress to adopt some measure to prevent he exportation of ship timber during the coMiuuunce of be war. -Also the memorial of tho American Geographical ami 'la tie lira] Society, asking the HHercessmn of Confrere in efercure to n ship canal, connecting the river St ljiw- i ence and all the great laken ou the northern boundary i vith the Atlantic Ocean, in the Bay of Ncwr York, in any uture adjustment of the commercial relatione between he United States and Great Britain. Also several petitions in favor of the passage of a ;enernl uniform bankrupt law. OFFICIAL ADVICES FP.OM ECTlOrE. The Inst advices from Kurope are of dittos previous to ho receipt there ol' the news of tho first of <'iir iO.ica of victories; hut the .Secretary of State says re sees indications of a satisfactory reaction in favor if tho United States in great Britain, ns well as .hroiiglioul the Continent; and especially eutisfac ion is expeiienced over the congratulations upon ,ba settlement of the Trent aflair received from Russia md Italy. It is said they are not only generous, hut ;vi ii touching appeals to the American |ieoplc to restore' viuiiitain and preserve the federal Union. The settle iik lit of the Trent atfair is regarded as the bow of promise i>f peace, and freedom of commerce. 1'AYMKNT OF CLOTHING CONTKACTOHH. The committee of Boston tuercbahls?Hon. Marslial l\ Wilder, John Stetson uml Joseph S. Fay?arrived licre this evening. The object of their mission is to urge tiic giivernm' nl to prm ulu for the payment of clothing on" tracts, amounting to several millions, due iu Boston, which have been unpaid since October 14. Au etlurt will also bo made by Ibe committee to procure the | ay inout of interest upon tho indebtedness. The delay of these payments has embarrassed some of ihb Boston merchants. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. Capture of Brigadier General Price and Other Rebel Officers?Mot Parsnit of General Sterling Price's Rebel Army? The Stars and Stripes Waving in Arkansas, Sic, Sic, Ht. Lot is, Feb. 19,1862. To Major GwnmAi MeC' av? General Curtis hus captured Brigadier General Trice, Colonel Horsey, Colonel Cass and Captain Judge, of General Trice's staff. H. W. HAl.l.tCK, Major General. liliuiu. Mo., Feb. 19,18(12. Brigadier General Pi ice, a son of Sterling l*rice; Colo yl I'billips. Major Cross ami Captain Crosby, were caplured near Warsaw on Sunday night, and brought to Ibis place. The prisoners were captured by Captain Stubbs, of the Kighth Iowa regiment. They had sotno oOO recruits with them for Old Trice id charge, but tliev bail just crossed the Osage riser, and as Cnptam Stubbs had but a small loree he did not follow tboin. Bfiu.vgfield, Mo.,Fob. 16,1862. General Curtis has driven the rebel aruiy beyond tlie Arkansas line. At ten o'clock on Sunduy night we were sixty-nine miles south of Springfield. The federal Hag now limits in Arkansas. Several skirmishes had taken place in the dollies of the mountains. We had Six wounded, und the enemy sixteen killed and a large number wounded. Wo have bagged a largo number of prisoners. A messenger says that we are only n short distance be hind the tnaiu body of Gen. Trice, and we would chase him up the next morning. tl There is a great abundance i r forage and proviso na on the route, except flour. A tram of scgur und twins sts- ia forward finm here to-night. Sr. 1 m is, Feb II), 1862. in order Willi Homing may " 111 10 mar uiu pleasure ui the contemplated celebration of Washington's Birthday, l)i<< Proiust Marshal ha- ordered that all dntikihp saloons bo closed from sunrise of Saturday till sunrise of Monday. Iho I rovost Marsha! also orders that no pig or line lead shall he shipped from this port lo realtee without gpecial permit from his office. About live thouiaud infantry, two or three butteries of artillery, a large number of mules and wagons, an immense quantity of tores, Ac., left to-day for the Cumberland. Geo. Pope and staff left this even ng for Cairo. HEWS FROM FORTRESS MOSROE. Fontssss Mn\t;og, Feb. 18, 1S62. A bag of truce carried sevenal passengers to Norfolk th s looming . but no news was brought hack. Getieiul Burns"lo s (ores still t ceupv Fdenton, and have thrown out pieketa stirne six or eight tniies. No meniieu ig of any further advance. The steamer Slat a and ^tripes sailed for Hat term this forenoon. with u full cargo of ammunition. 'I he m In oner f xeri ion is also i< ailing w ilh m n, and will prol.ab'y get off ,n the morning. The steamers Tin mas Jefferson and Falisnmre have sutled lor Halteina?the latter with a cargo ol ammunition l he Jersey Blue soiled this nfternoon with two hundred and tifty trnope rem Annapolis. Meeting of tli* Nam off ton nerd* at. A meeting of the Sobs of Connecticut wus held last evening ut the Fifth Avenue Hotel, l<?r the purpose of muklr.g arrangements to receive with a; preprints rete monies, the bodies of Colonel Mussel 1 ?:id l ieutenant Stillman. who weie Willed at the hatllc of Koanokc Island' K. H. Met i.rdy occupied the chair, lhe following preamble was r?ad anil ordered to be placed on the- book* of the aes?.elation? The Son* or Connecticut in New York with grateful satisfaction make the r?i ord that in llie recent bat lien at I'ort Koyal, at Roanoke Island. at lort Hi m y and at Kort Imtiolmli. the Connecticut soldiers have Uoue their whole duty. At I'ort Koynl Colonel Terry and the Seventh Corner t lent w ere the tirst roldiers landeu uti the ' aacred aoti'' of south (atollna At Kort Houry nud Kort Dotielaon t'omtnodore Kooto, uniting groat experience nud srleniiBc skill with mi* daunted murage. Iiae written Ins own leu til. and ft ir viver to receive a nation a gratitude. At Rout oke Inland each oflicoi and private of the Con neriicut Tenth m.ircbed as coolly to the rebel batteries and longht aa bravely aa if the weliare oi theeowutry depeuded on bis single arm. I.ieiiU'tianl Htlllman. at lor port in the ranks of hie company, anil Colonel Russell. in hi* proper place, literally at the head of his regnneut , as they charged, dad ou ibe battle held before the shout ol victory lied gone up from the army of freedom. And every one who died there left us a noble example; Tor The ntlest place for man to die la where be diet for man. We contramlate Colonel Terry and hie regiment on having the pistol honor at I'ort Royal. We tender our thanks to commodore Foote for iharc. cent daring, skilful and decisive vlctoi let, already too well Itrown to require daecrlplion. by which the aucoeaa of the artn? ol the I'uiou on the w hole held of rebellion Is assuri d and we unanimously elect Commodore A. II. Koutr an honorary member of the association. To the tiefeaved and daaolated families of those who died martyrs in the holy cause we tender our most respectful and sincere syrnpaihy, mingling our tenrs with theirs over the new made graves The memories (if Ru?aell >M JHIliman Will live ever tread and fragrant id iUc beirta of all whore homes they have defended hy the sacrifice of their own lives; and of each of them we cud truly ray? That though too soon attaining glory's goal, To us his bright enrear too short was given, Yet In a mighty cause his phamix Soul Ituse on the llamas of victory to Heaven. Mr. Cnas. Oooi d offered the following resolution , which was unanimously adopted:? Resolved. That a committee of eight, of which Mr. John H. Aberry bo the chairman, he npi ointed by notnlnation to receive, and with appropriate ceremony attend to transmitting to Connecticut, the bodies of Conaeclicut sohiieis who fell in the battle of Keauoke Island. A motion was also made that, en t he arrival of tb<> flrrt battalion of the first regiment Cornocia ut cavalry In this City, they be invited to ntt?nd a breakfast to be given by the Sorts < f Unnectscut at the later ilvuatt. jD. PRICE TWO CENTS, IMPORTANT FROM PORT ROYAL Progress of the Expedition Against Savannah. One of Tat nail's Rebel Gnn. boats Captured. EXPECTED SPEEDY CAPTURE OF THE CITY. 119?f *?., kx. The United States steam gunboat Connecticut, Con. mumlcr Maxwell Woodbull, arrived at this port last night from Key West, and from Port Royal on tbe Ifitb instant at noon, via Fortress Monroe, bringing a large mail and about 176 passengers, among whom are Commander Henry French, late of the United States sloop-of-war Preble, and the crew of tho schooner Major Barbour, from Havana, captured by the Lie Soto in Borrataria Bay (a prize crew put on board); also Lieutenants John Hnrlhut and John K. Colvillo. Sergeants A. J. Spalding and D. C.Smith, Corporals \V. S. Hartley and S. . Titlierty, from the N"li>ety-Orst N.Y. S. V., on recruiting service, and twenty-11 vo prisoners from Cedar Keys and 1 latter as Inlet. The Connecticut has also on board tho body of Lieutenant Maroy,Captain of the United Statos ship Vtn" councs, who was accidentally killed at tho Southwest Paps by the recoil of a howitzer wliioh he was tiring. When tbe Connecticut left there were rumors to tbe effect that Savannah would certainly be capturod in two or three days; thai the federal forces had taken posses, siou of the Island de Florian, in tbe Savannah river, upon which a battery war being erected; that our gunboats had so far succeeded as to cut off communication between Fort Pulaski and Savannah, and a rebel steamer belonging to Commodore Tatnall's fleet bad been captured. All the gunboats and smaller vesseis-of-war bad )er( Port Koyal for Warsaw Sound. Tbe attacking force for tbo Savannah expodllion confists of 18,000. The greatest anxiety was felt in regard to the expedition's movements. The condition and health of the troops at Port Royal and proximity wore excellent, and their camps and apart-' in cuts were in a very good sanitary slate. The army telegraph, constructed by the Union treops, was working well, communication is now held between ail the federal camps. Tho steamer Mayflower, Captain J. O. Phillips, recently went on a reconnoissance up the Savannah river. On returning she was tired a', from a rebel earthwork, sink Hip Hie UMBl UUiir lilt' W IICVIUWU^C, UUIU^ l/?? n? >?* * MW?H??PW. Tl>? following is a lint of officers attached to the Con neotloot:? VoMuutMirr?Maxwell Woodhtill. Kitjuiie Oftiur?Bush wood B. Taylor. Artimi Makrn?C. I'. Marsbmun, T. J. I.c.nneken and G. K. Hill. Ait it/tin t Surgnm?S. D. Klapg, Jr. Acting AfiulutU I'uyiuaAcr?i'. W. Ar'i.-ig First Kn'jintn?Alux. McCU'hM. Ac'iruj Thiiii AssishaU Hn/inters?J. 11. Ann*, Kltaha Marten kud M. Oollus. Paymadtr's Cleik?I). I.. Mead. Ac'iny Mailers' MaU *?John Haly.W. H. Mead, H. IX Welmnrc. .1. Roberta, A. B. langworihy and J. P. Jones. Artimj Cargtnltr?J. V. Farter. Gartner?ti. A. 1'urktiurst. REBEL ACCOUNTS FROM SAVANNAH. [From the vavaiinub News, Feb. 12.) We hoar that six Inderal largos were in ihe Vavannah river yesterday, betwo u Venus' l'olnt ami KoitTuiaski. encaged iu taking sounding* in tbc iniiu channel. Kight iedcral votuto!.*, occupy lug very nearly tiio;r former p< silions in Wall's Cat, could l>e seen yesterday from il.e battery a ith lite naked eye. Wo learn that the (olographic wires between this city and Kort Pula ki liuvo boon cut several times siuce the appearance of tlio Yaok.e fleet in Wall's Out and Warsaw Sound. Thoy were cut yc. terday in ths VKinity of St. Augustine creek. As the Yankees have free ingress to tin river try their small boats, we presume it wi I be im. possible to keep up our telegraphic counecl.ou with the fort in ich longer. Aromas, Feb. 17,1MB. Th" s'avanrah /?<pu'.hWin of this morning says that tbs steamer Ida, wliilc going to For t Pulaski on Friday, was firod on by Yankee barges. Ou .Sunduy loreooou the flay hp .imer Savannah went to the aid of the Ida, and was tired upon. Com Tutnal! loplied. The Ida arrived safely on yesterday at Savannah. Twenty-live federal vasso.'s were at Wnrsiw. Two armed iransjHU't*, With troops, arrived there on Friday On Friday last four coasters, loaded with rice, were attacked iu Pull's Kay and burned or sunk by federal I launches. The crews sneaped. IUDHDTANT FDflM PAIRrt IIVII wn ni? ? iiwm vniiiv* RcroiinoltKanm Down the Mlsaieatppl? Heavy Firing In tH? Direction of Coin in b a??Probable Evacuation of tbo Place by tbe Rebels. dkc. Cuicioo, Feb. 19, 1862. A special despatch to tbe Chicago 7\mes, dated Cairo, February 18. says ? Colonel Hufunl. witli a email force, went down tbe river on a rei- nnouering expedition to-day. When within lour miles of Columbus heavy cannonading waa beard, not. however, with any regularity. (in inov .ng "crisr the river, where be could obtain a view of the place, he discovered u beavy cloud of smoke covering a arge spare. Colonel Pu o.-il believes that tbe solution of the affair t? that tbe rebels are dtemwiniting their guns and blowing up Iheir inn pa; .lie. preparatory tw evaluating tbe place. Onr Lonltvllle Correspondence. |, Kv., Feb. 14,186Z tmjm'sm' ntrf Sim mm on the Ohio Rirtr into the Goirm mmf ftrr i t?I.aryr Rein for-rmmt* En Rtvir for Kin'v ky nn-l Fh Route?Tke Rrme of ft* Tautj*?t FlotUla, <fe. It will be remembered that a Pittsburg paper lately rti.l-i! thai the Asshtut t Secretary of War, Colonel Scott, had mode arrangements for the rapid transportation of Mi .000 troops from the J'otomic to the armies in hrtitinkv. It was also rtated that the government off ce's in 'he West had orders to press into service all the strainers nt Cincinnati and Ftttaburg, that they may rendezvous at lhc latter city for tl.e purpose of trannportivt. thta force to Kentucky. It waa c?kmUted Unit it wo id require from eighi) to one hundred mi camera to transport fbe i.mi.her named. Kmnor line boeu busy ' with ihc sinfemem and It la ann ttnceil thnt a fleet of ' one hotolred vessel* will arrive I tore in a day or two. riu- io'iiM ille and Nashville Railroad m Imaiiy engaged picpmmg 'c move a Urge number of tr>o|? towards j bowling i.ri en. fn the meal time an influx of Ohio troops baa been pouring Into the oily. Since the l'Jth Instant the follow.tie fortes and bonis have arrived and departed from Una city ? n avr or onto mvrut-raisan ar *TvA?rri<*. Jacob St ratler, Telegraph So. 3, N. W. Tbomas. Monarch, tpioen of the West, Madison, Diamond, t'nlversc, tlgrees, stephen keeatar, Im-tor Kane, Kmina luncan, Inland, Champion, Aragn, lel.ation. Havel Doll, otno si>ac?a m transit. COlh Ohio regiment infantry. Colonel Whittlesey. 4flth chio ri glmeiit Infantry, Colonel Worttungtcn. 4stli Ohio regiment infantry, Colenrl Sullivan, fidth tin to regiment infantry, Colonel Kinaev. hstbohio regiment infantry,Colonel Raunaenweln. flsth <?hlo regiment infantry, Colonel 70th Ohio regiment infaotry, Colonel Wood. TStli Ohio regiment infantry. Colonel (filbert. Pat Ohio regiment < aralry, Colonel Zalim Five batteries 1st Ohio rog arlillory,Colonel Ttarnett. The Skating Carnival. to the bditok op tub hkralp. You have Rtatea in your w? * lauirn Ruling match tame off at the Central Park, and that I obtained the prise. 1 Ml 10 ,t*w lhjl' never engaged in any coolest of any kind. I visited tba pond daily for my own annulment, and on Wednesday last Mr. Walton sent for meant pranenled rac wjtli a very handsome pair if skates. I kuew nothing of any match until 1 saw it id vour paper. 1 certainly should not have engaged la II if i bad. f'laasa give tbin an insertion, and oblige. remtvtfully .yours, JKNN1K BiSllor. Mr. John f Raroy, tba great horsotarasr, will feavg to Uay for Batata is tba steamer Columbia.

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