Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1862 Page 3
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federal government of America have resolved to persist in their scheme ut' Hooding their country with paper. The Australian gold shipped to Koglaud during the south of December amounted to about ?700,000. [From the I/>ndon News (City Article), Feb. 0.] There was an increased demand for money yesterday; 2>? ]>er cent was asked in many quartere. livfrjtpool cotton i.ivkriuol, Feb. 6?a. M. The market It dull, bat Fridav'e price* em steadily maintained. The sales yesterday (Tuesday) were only 3,000 hales, including 1,600 to speculators and exporters. Home authorities call prices the turn in favor of buyers. Trado el Manchester keeps quiet and unchanged, hut occasionally prices favor buyers. BltKADSTDFKS market. Messrs. Richardson, S|ieuce k Co., Bigland, Athya & Co. and Wakefield, Nosh k Co. report:?Flour slow and a shade easier, but not quotably lower: sales at 20s. a 81s. M. Wheat in moderate demand at previous rates: red Western, 10s. lOd. a 121. 2d.; Southern, 12s. 3d. a 12s. 6d.: white Western, 12s. tid. a 12s. Od.; Southern, 12s. ad. a 13s. 3d. per 100 lbs. Corn quiet: mixed, 31s. a 31*. 3d. per quarter. PROVISION MARKET. Beef dull aad easier. Pork also dull and offered at 2s. 3d. reduction. Bacon in fair demand at low rates. Ivird almost nominal at 43a. 6d. a 46s. Tallow dull and neglected: Butchers' Association, 46a. a 46*. produce market. Ashes rather easier: pots, 33s. 338. 8<fe; pearl*, 33s. d. a 34s. Sugars dull* Collee steady. Rice inactive. Unseed rather lower. RohIu quiet: oilers at 12s. 6d. a 13s. for common. Spirits of turpentine?No sales: 70s. fleted and refused. LONDON MARKETfl. American wheat firm, but flour dull and difficult to ell. Sugar quiet and rather lower. Coffee a shade higher. Tea firm. Rice quiet but steady. Tallow dull at 4f?. 6d. a 4fis. 9d. Unseed oil, 33s. 9d. TOE LATEST MARKETS. UvKKPooL,Feb. 8,1862. Cotton Salon for two days 14,000 bales. Including ,000 to speculators and exporters. Tbo market closed quiet and unchanged. Rkkadwkkh.?The market is dull, with a downward tendency. Provjiuon*.?The market ib dull. London, Fob. 8,1862. Consols.closed at P2*? a 92}(. American securities are quiot and steady. HOtSES, ROOMS, AC., WANT1CD. A comfortably fpunished iioi se Wanted? From 1st of May, for two or iliree ve irn, by a ou ul lamllv: located bet wee ii Fourteenth and Thirtieth streets, end Third and Sixth avenues. Kent uol to exceed >1,200 per annum. Address D., box 2,866 Post office, A MODERATE SIZED HOl'SB WANTED?PLKAsantlv situated, in the suburbs or within about one hour from City Hull; rent must be very moderate. Address, with full particulars as to price, locution, Ac., K. 11. li., box 'AS lierald office. COMMISSION BAKERY WANTED?ANY PERSON having an established Commission Bakery, In one of the leading avenues, and willing to dispose of it for '-ash, or any one basing a Store suitable for the above business, may tufdrext J.J. B., box 1,810 Post office. Must state iocaiiou and pr;c . 1JIPRNTSHED HOUSE WANTED?BY A YOTNG MAlf A rleu coii| ji?, where a portion <>l tlie rent would be takeu In board, tv<th the. privilege of taking a few firm elasa boarders. Must be in a good neighborhood and ni< < ly furnished. Will be well taken care of. Best of reference given. Addiess Furnished House, Herald ofllee. House wanted?for a small family of grown persons, located above Fourth street and between Second and Sixth avenues. Would prefer to lease for term of years. Address L. C. Williams, box 1,076 New York Post ofllee. House wanted?a small one, with garden, near New York, at very loiv rent, the price must, be named or no notice taken. Also, would exchange unincumbered property at Sing Sing lor such house. Address A. B. C-, box ISO Herald other. NOTTfE to DRUGGISTS.-WANTED, A DRUG store in the country, for which cash w ill be paid; 10 to 40 ndles from the city preferred. Address, statin,; full particulars, R. R., Herald ofllee. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED?BY THE 1ST OF MAY; seven to eigut rooms, with all the conveniences for housekeeping, in a good neighborhood, with a respectable quiet family, for four adults; location betw een Seventeenth and Tweuty-seventh streets and Second and Fifth avenues. Address A. B. 0., station F, Third avenue. Bent not to earned $375. Rooms wanted.?a douple~of unfurnished Rooms, suitable for housekeeping,wanted by a lady and ' her daughter, a musle teacher, where the rent of part would he taken in music lessons, witli I he privilege of pianoforte if desired Pupils need not come to the house if objectionable. Address Teacher, station 0, Post oilice. STEAM BOILER.?WANTED, A TUBULAR LOCOMO. live Boiler of about three to five horse power. Address atat'rifl particulars, price, sl/.e, Ac., L. Id Oliambers street. Unfurnished house wanted-in eighth or Ninth wnrd; rent not to exceed 9400. Apply to WILLIAM F HOWE, counsellor, IS Centre street, N. Y. Wanted?to purchase or hire an old1jaroe from 1(W to Lfl) leetloug, suitable to lie at the hock for a receiving barge. Apply on bourd uf the barge Milan, foot of Murray street, N. Y. Wanted?at new brighton, by a gentleman and bis w ife, a neatly furnished House, w ith stable. Possession required In M ireh. Address A. B , New York Hotel, stating locality and terms. WANTED?A MEDIUM SIZED HOI SK, WITH ALE the modern Improvements, west of Kllth avenue end below Twenty-third hired; rent not tu meed Ad' dress, with lull pi rtlculars, J. K., box 2,211 New Vurk Post ollice. TITAMKD-A FOUR STORY HOUSE, WITH ALL tt Hindi rn improvements: location Fourth u> Fifteenth tree:*, between S> t ottd and Sixth avenue*. Address, staling prlre, hoi 4,221 Post olllre. "TATAN'TED?A FIllSTCLASS RESTAURANT, IN A CENT V teal local inn, w lib cheap rent, a go-d lease and a gentle man lorn landlord; no other need apply. Adur.-as U. F.J., box 190 Herald office. TV"ANTED?A SMALL. WELL FURNISHED HOI SK, TT for one or two years, bv a reliable tenant, without children or boarders. Address, suiting lull particular*, rent and location, ,S., box 863 Foil OlliCC. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, A SECOND STORY, tin -ly ftirntshed Room; ftirna lies:, gas, use of bath, breakfast 111 room, where there are no other hoarders, and HO quest Ions asked. Location not above. Thirty-first or below Tweniy.thud atreot, not more than one block front Broadway. Addresa Barton, Madison square t'ostolllce. TV'AN'I KI>?A HOOD SIZED, PARTLY FURNISHED TT House, in good order; one preferred where pat i of the rent would be taken iu board. The moat aatiafnetory reinvent* given. Address Hat ting a. box Kg) Herald oiliee. Wasted-a bakery, located is one of the a TT leading avenues ul tbla euy, or a houae btiliable lor a bakery; corner house prelcrreu. Addreas A. b., box 197 Herald - WA*TBO~IS BROOKLYN, BY A 8MALL FAMILY Tt (three je snnsi, the upper or lower pari of a house, with at b ast one baaeineut. Addresa, auttlug terms, At-., J. b.. Herald office. , WANTED?PART OF A PRIVATE HOUSE, CONTAIN" Ing six Rooms, with gas and water, between Grand and Fourtoenlh street*, eaat side; rent not exceeding $2D0 yearly. Addresa P., No. 8 Cooper Institute. \\J~AV1ED-TIY A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS, A ?V sitting Kooni and iwo Chambers, unfurnished, suitable for housekeeping, on the second lloor, In a Mm with the inod-rn Improrenieii t?, either In the city or within ten minutes' walk of the Brooklyn terries; terms moderate and must be sta id in the answer. Address E. O, Herald oOiee. Wanti:d-a high uroop three story hoi si:, with dining rnoui on parlor floor, dumb waiter, Ac., gsa hot and eold wnter throughout the house; location between Fourteenth aud Fortieth atrretf and fourth and Seventh art nue?; relit 9~'0. Address box 2,248 Port office. WANTED-A LOCOMOTIVE OR UPRIGHT BOILER, from elitht to tllteen horse powei UN an Enmne, frooi Ave to ten borae i<ufler. Both muat be In good order. Address, am ling price aud full particulars, Msuulsciurer, Herald ofllce. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, BY A GENTLEMAN ANN wife, without ehildreu, a amnll liouae. In a reaperlablu neighborhood, ea y of access to Fulton and De Kalb areutie ratlioads. If stilted, would bko to leaae. Kent to be moderate. Addn as with full particulars, M. A. P., box 1,407 New Tnrk Post office. WANTED?BY TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR wives (tm children), two furnished ISoouie, with conVeuieticeH lor housekeeping. Location below Gland street and between the Bonny and Hudson street Rent not to exceed 94 fsl per week. Address Pei matiom Tornuit, bos 1611 Herald ulhcc WAN TED-IN BROOKLYN. FOR A SMALL FAMILY, a sued llotl-e, i.c.i.-aiilly tOSBfll| one W4U| Wl lot, preferred; gas and water, rent not to exceed %?lj good care taken of the premise*. Address Burnable, Herald olllee. yyANTKl>-A planing MACHINE, NEW OR wed, What principles, a hat boree power need* It lo lie worked; ought to work in oak wood: weight, volume, price, Ac. Addree* t'hari t Kolide, bo* ifolli raid oOlce. "IITAN'TKD? TOR A DRtTllttlCT, A GOOD HEOOND ?T hand i muter, about 20 feet long; alao gla * Slut* 1,'iim , Seek In:; and tin, a Lorn. Addrees Retail Druggist, box 20 Herald oil! . "117 ANTED IN BROOK LYN-HKVBNTIl WARD. NKAR ? rnllon avenue, by a young mill! and wife, part i| * Hon?e, wimpled hy only one other fai uly. A roe|??iahlr r- llgtoua family, having a next ptuasaiil iiuuw, w i-hlllg to re. dure rent, ran ohialn a reliable tenant by nddrrvUng jf? Brooklyn Coat otilre. TITANTED INMKD1ITBLT?A PRIVATE RTANIJC y? With llirao or four stall*, lo. ntrd between I'umiri nth And Twenty-fourth Streets, ami llreadwaj and Seventh avenue*. Adurrvs P. II., H< raid offlen. Wanted to hire?from may i, * moderate Kl/ed llnute, with all modern Improvements, suitable for a small prliaie family. Tlie neighborhood m i*t I* good, ami the liK'ailon between Klglitli and Thirtieth street* and ileennd ami Si Tenth avenue*. Rent not to eteeed $t??i Ad (trail, ? nil psi'tlml*!*, l>o* 4,IK5S Post olhoo, "tlTANTKII To HIRE?TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS,' V ? in a genteel Iiouk? oecutded by a respectable family, for a ib'tith'tnaii and wile without children. Address Mr* Jans, I!nl in a piare Poa'. oltlee, for three day*. Ilentlow, Wanted To illRK? FROM TIIR 1ST Of APRIL next, a House, Garden and one or two acre* of Lund, with a alabb ailaehed aoBlolenlljr large for a boras and wagon. situated on or near tint salt water, and wlllilti two or three lioura traiel oi thla ntty. The house must be large enough to accommodate a fanillr of right person*, i?ml the iiric moderate. Addreaa or apply to Mrs. M. P. MILLER, 127 K?*t Nineteenth street, N. I. -\\TANTED TO HUNT IN BROOKLYN?BY TIIF, 1ST OK r f mu%, * two story and twnm?nu r.otla?o or !>rit k llnusr, by ufinal! family of grown pcr.wtiR. Hoium* uiuft be within walking <lhtHn, o of tnn frny or near rare running thereto, ^ny on<* Invinc; iho tihovo will And a prompt paying tenant b\ nddn sin.; w iih lull |>artimilnr8, rent, Ac, CoarW box 1M Herald office. MbUAliXh A A' " / Vi:!;T:- rA?'vKN AT BK.O'l'nKT, ? f\, -** *1 HmhIoi I Milliard Ho itn, nwond Moor, now occujini by Its <iwn<T, ATVVOODiI'lialnn's timk?, In prriscl iiriier fur plmjlng.' Ilie g?wi cm U\? It t>jr j syli.g eip?nm % M 1 IIORSEfl, CARRIAGES, &C* For sale a young black bashaw ma re ,i MUMLkiad and ?p-edy, near lb hands, would muti* a splendid officer a horse; fin# in all harness. Apply At Mr. Brown's Club Stable, comer of Slate and Boeruw street*, Brooklyu. _ _ For sale-a bay mare, about is* hands high, sound ar.d aiud. juet Iron the country: 7 y-srs old this coming sprung. lu paire of J. ODELi., 113 East Eighteenth street. fAOR SALE?A LIGHT SINGLE HARNESS, MADE BY Lowden. It has been used a abort tune Also a Kobe. Will heaold at a bargain. Apply at No. 8 John etreet, op stairs. IfOK SALE-A Sl'LENDID DAPPLE GRAY HORSE, eight years old, round aud gentle, ahoot ieventeen bands high; baa been used In a coupe. Apply at stable, IP) Greene strtet. FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN ?TWO PAST PONIES AND a gentle Saddle Home will be Hold cheap, the owner having left the ciiy. Apply to or address Mr. Channel, Herald office. Horse wanted.-must be sound, gentle, and able to travel a mile in Hour or live minutes in single harness, for .vblrh acluater King, containing eleven fine D.alnonds, will be exchanged. Address, stating wiieu anil where tbe animal can be seen. Motieta, box '?!i Brooklyn Post office. PONIES FOR SALE?ALL SIZES, WARRANTED broken In Cor rkdole and harness. In Knrt.v-seoond alreet, between Fil th ami Sixth avenues. J1KNKY bl XN. THE HORSE'S FOOT AND THE EFFECT OF ITS EXposum to sailed streets.?'The undersigned Would respeiut ulljcall the attention of ull owners of horses to his Ointment for the protection of the footlrom salt ami snow, and refers to Mr. Wallare, foreman for Adams A Co 'a Express stables. For sale by Wood Uibson, Broudwav, N. Y. R. S. GREENE. Wanted?one or two shetland ponies. not over forty ire-hen high. Address hos 8W 1'oat offic e, with nil tin- |'ai\1cukirn, color, ago, price, 4c, or apply to J. P. Hugttius, Liiwjtf'iHotel. "IATANTKD?A BLACK MARE, 15,'?' HANDS HIGH. ? ? long mil. young, showing bloo?l. antiud. kind ami a giio.l traveller, 10 matili nun 01 above description. Apply 10 UNDER 11 ILL a FLEET, 38 Lafayette place. TUB BALL SEASOV. ARION SOCIETY.?'THE GRAND ANNUAL FANCY DRESS HALL ot the above Society w ill toko place AT IRVING HALL, OK FRIDAY, Feb. 21, at 8 o'clock. TIIK GRAND I'KOCESSSION will Uikc pla< e precisely at ll o'c.oak, un which oer.u*too "PRINCE CARNIVAL," In acknowledgment ot bis mam. 0 1 sen um to bis (adopted) country, will ic rive tin; free Join of the city 01 New Yon. Pre dentation of the City Hoard ami prominent eit gaits of the Empire City, Ac. All those present are inv Ited to joiu this procession. AT 12 O'CLOCK (For the lirst time In America), SN UFFEttlLAEROSTAT ION, the most wonderful and HSluniHhing exhibition of the age, 'Tickets $2, tor one geutlcmnn and ladies; et.u he had from all members of the Society, ami namely m O. Antahutz, 197 Tw. nty-hrst street; J. Inner, 103 Grand street; C. lSttshbeLtor, 8+ Forsyth Street; II. D. Slefkrs, otf Maiden lane; T. Bam;, I08F11I1011 street, corner of Broadway; J. Saltig. 204 Hruudwuy; II. Glauseuiti*. (W Broad street; II. Sietiiwav, Fourth avenue, corner of Flfty-thinl street; A. Kieltho , Murray street; F. Ft ey corner ol Fifteenth street and Fifth avenue; F. Trlncee, 112 Dunne street; A.Goetxc, 19 Spruce strei t; Dr. AVi ik'r, .'4 Broad street; It. Westerman, 4l0 Broad way; Dr. Wuhcliu, So Sevegtu street; 11. Will, 23 Duane street. HOTELS. STANW1X HALL, CORNER OF BROADWAY AND Maiden lane, Albany, N. Y., at the junction 01 the New York Central, Hudson River, Northern and Eastern Railroads.?I'KANCIR RIDER, formerly of West Point mid more recent.y of th- St. tlet mailt. New York, and Pavilion, liockaway, lamg Island, respectful)) aniiouuees to his friends and the nubile that lie lias taken the above well known hotel, and hones by assiduity and attention to merit a continuance of that patronage he has hitherto so liberally enjoyed. The house is undergoing considerable improvement, and will he conducted on the most liberal scale. Meals at all hours, to suit the arrival and departure of the ear*. The localiuu, it will he observed, is the most central in the city. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. A PARTNER WANTED?IN A SAFE AND PROFIT A" hie business, now in successful operation ill tbis.-ily. An energetic .yuuni; man who can invest twelve or ufteen hundred dollars may uddress Partuer, box 181 Herald other. A PARTNER WANTED?IN THE WHOLESALE Liquor Buslnesr. The proprietor having an established trad*, wishes a business man to take charge of It, with a small amount of capital. Apply to T. UAFFNEY, 170 Chatham street. An unusual chance for investment.?a giant business man wanted as euual partner, with $.1,0t!t) capital, In a very superior monopolising cash business;every satisfaction given by Inquiring before 2 P. M. at O KI and StiS Broadway, room No. 6, up stairs. Partner wanted-with j.too, in an establish. ed I'rodip e Hur.upas, doing n good trade. Tbeparvis wanted to take the entire charge of business uptown. Can enter as partner or on salary. Apply toC. B. HOWES A CO., 41'9 Broadway. PARTNER WANTKD-TO TAKE THE PLACE OK A retiring paitnrr, in a light ttitsli business, pay ing from to $S per day. Call on or uddivss 0. M. Brown, 74 Bmeeker street, New York, n|> stairs. TITANTED?IN A CASH DRY HOODS .IOBBINO BCSIIt liens, a partner who eau eotmitand about $.'I,IHM. The biisilie-s can be settled up ill six tnouths if it is found desirable. Address C. H. B.t box 147 Herald oilier. $07 e ?PARTNER WANTED, IN THE CONEECt ?, I ttonery and past 1 i' business. The aboveaatoab, w ill purchase nnr-nalf iIip Interest nf a lint class concern now doing a fair business. Tl.o object of 1 he advertiser is to connect a lailies'restaurant. For full particulars rail ut M9 Canal street. -THE INTEREST OK A RETIRING PARTnor in a nice oilier Business, established six year*, paying annuallv; associations unexceptloiiaTCr, Address, lor three duys, W. 11., l?i West Twciily-srcund street, Now York. <S>9 A|in TO ??.?? WOULD BE INVESTED IN THE Jl^svUl.' purchase of the whole or pan of an Est't>llslted Business. In sueeesBfitl operation; Hotel or Resuni. r.vut preferred; 01 would rent some large building in the v|. clnltr of the New York Post office. Answers give.1, with full particulars, anionut. required, An., will receive atp tit on and he considered confidential. Address Y. 0. I).. Herald officii. q AAA ?WANTED, AN ACTIVE, ENBSQEnO partner In iti"- seeond hand furniture aiietlon business, to lake ebarge of the indoor department and nuances, w Uh mm alf-ady established; a com potency 'an bo made In a few years; knowledge of the business not so necessary asy 1 business bait.ts and salesmanship. Address Bonatide, bo* 210 Herald Olllee. (J?t> AAA OR fM$R?A TOO NO BCUMBM MAN, * with the above amount in cash. would like to luvi at as partner in sonic good sale paying business. Address Charles W. Wldis^l'usi office. Qlt) (Win to $15,1100.?WAntf.D, A PARTNER, ipl4j,''UO either ailent or active, with ibe above amount, fur an established manufacturing business in thia city, the success of which is s> cured by two |uitent i li-hts. A prolit of 25 |*t cent on the capital invested can be yuaraittoed. The lirtu lias, all told, about $7,000 liabilities. The assets amount to (MMMR TMamount required for theimtthcne monthe iloea not exceed $5,'MO; the balance ntay lie furnished in eipial insulinoma up to Nov. 1. Address, with real natne, C. D., Ilerald oilier. MISCELIiATEOrs. Anew and splendid tress jest invented and patented.?The inventor wlsliea to at II lee right for the United Nt*1r?. For particulars address Brj.,t:. Na.ouai Hotel, Cortiauill atreet, N. Y. Agency for renting.?having a large and Intnrable rlty nod country Heipniintanee, aod line of property to rout, i offer in* sendees |n that lite . ILrn", Country Ream and Karma References undoubted. oR'-eof Hoiilbwirk A Wood, A2 Nassau street. Pfcl'RR 1>. HAY. Bkes1ik3 ok every description at tiie HRI'hii faetery, 322 Pearl street. Harper 'a building. All articles at the loweat fuctory prices. Paint Brushe* ol ?cp-rior quality coualnmly on haml. JOHN K. IIOPI'EL. Bmouourau, a perfect mirww kor plri's of ititricntlne. RvhAed by the Kreneh prooas, l,y K. G. \ ELLEN, chemist. Used by drttuttNla, pal iters, rubber workers, Ae. Orders ree. hed at the New Tork City Otl Company ami Ch' iiilcal Works, depot 7M Maiden lane. CTRt'TrllES AND CANES FOR THE MILLION?AT J the manufacturer'*, 1'IXXELL, No. 2 CorileiuUat. Ciopyino, letter writing, ac.. by mrs. eve J LINE mokris, 753 Broadway, r.coud Moor, whernaim will he glad and grateful lor tin* continuation ol her tri-*n<U Hiol former (Hulolitri (. Ocntli HUM,, ladies, .W. B.-Lc .'iil document* copied with mitnoin and accuracy. JTARMEIL?WANTED TO WORK ON SHARES > PARM ' lroin 75 to ItW aerea. Addict* M W. O., Jamaica, Long Inland. / u>LD I'ESS KKPOINTED EQl'AL IO NEW, i N THE VT i, r"i|v of t!, tvnlv In at imp* or nth'rwin liold I'en And m',i , i inc. $ I a?, hi. nk I'm aud Holler, $1 'J/i. Wmrnn'edlu i?. j i .ii .1 t i?i. Order* ) mail promptly .vtmidrd to. K. s. Johnson, ij .Maiden lane. Marble mantels, cleat baruain in man tel*.?A largo niii k on liand nud a great reduction iu pri.'. ? for any kind entered till* mouth. I'ntl chid at A. h L \ HE It's tin11 IS" yard, I Id Lot Eighteenth at reel, west of Third avenue, Matilda |>ih tip In any place in the country. ])! !; I BROTHERS' CELERRAJED SKWINH MA ii1.'Xeedlea, for all kind" of loaehlne*. il?nml drool IM t alial lici t, comer ol Ell/ahetli All Needles warrunted. OAVK Vol I. MONK I -A 1'ARKKR, U3 Wl?IIIMI. ij ton atreet,corner ol Murray, Now York, aeil* choice Hi*''"lien Ilaiu*. warranted, al Sr. per lb.; Ileal Family Soap, t ot 7-' and tr> Ibf .pi' .; pure Stutcii, box 40 Iba., at,': rniin si.ovt ELLirric sf.winh machines sales 1 romaa tklf Hroanway. Agent* wanted. A. H fl'PLER. WIVF.s, BIY TlltM FOR YOt'K HF8BANDS.-I hare reeriv. il from Doctor I) ibinln, of Vienna, a few of th ,?e eelehrated Talhuiian*, which created ao great an excite, m.'iil during the Into war between Austria and Prance. Tlie oriKlual descended front on high to the Emperor Constant Cue, while a' the head of til* army. Tlirjrare worn upon Ihn right arm, and arc a sure protection In buttle. Mudotrom lu I do due, I 111,1 l,.-i,rl.,,i ,,,i r. d , ,.r.l-ol fulfil Thee will t>" n"tilin-in.vl <>n the iii-npitii Jl. Adifri *? U. Beurent, M. 0.. 123 hlvltigtori Street, New Yn X. 100 000BAKKEI,rt OK Tlt* LOl>I*MANl FACTI KINiTTTTmPA NY'S POUDUETTE, FOR SAIili BV JAMK8 T. PONTES, (Ml Corllandt street, New York. The article I* the rlieapc.t, bet met most powerful ferltllu r utTareii tu market. It rlprtia crops from two to three week* earlier, la n il dangerous to nee, nor exhausting to the Mill. It lias uo equal in wardens and upon lawns flowers and wra** land, and mom particularly on the corn crop. The an v mil 'f labor pays for the Foiidrette. Beware td Imitations. None genuine but Lodl Manufacturing C om|wny'? brand, 66 Cortumlt street. The Company a Almanac for ItM, with the experience of Horace Greeley, Daulel Webster and oyer 100 farmer* in different fates, will be Mat free to anyone applying for the erne. Addrt*. JAMES T. PORTER, Care of I/odl Mannlaeinrlng Company, Hi Vt-rWoHdt ilrrei, jigw fvrk, :w YORK HERALD, THU BALKS OK REAIi KSTATB. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE AT A SACRIFICE? NEAR thcoiiy; (wo mory Honae, Hum, Fruits Shrubbery, *< ., at Upper Mnrrlsanfa; i ost $1,500: P"'* $1900. Terms faff. G. W. D1TI HETT, Westchester Lai d Office, corner Chatham and Chambers street, seen I tloor. A FAP.M IN WESTERN NEW YORK, OK 164 ACRES, w..h (j.nid buildings, wi ll watered, two miles rrnni a iiourittiiiig vll.age and au acudemy, to exchange for unencniiibei'i d iirudnctive real estate or luclchauiiue. Aildreaa A. M C-, box 126 Herald office. A FORTUNE FOR AN ENTERPRISING MAN.?FIVE hundred and twenty acrca of choice Land, oo l.ake Michigan, near a county seat, fcrgule, or trade for j rope ty or a small farm in ihr river cuuniica. A|.nly at So. fJd Weal Thirteenth atrcot, at the 1-ykcus Valley coal oil) c, TH08 T. STORM. A RAKE CHANCE FOR A SAFE AM) VERY 1'RO ft table investment.?Fur sale, 1,660 acre* ol allien li I J-aml, in one tract, willi a uavigable river running through it; a variety of anil, cuimmlng of uplands, openings and prairie IxHUmoi, with a great body of valuable timber, lor wliirh there ie an increasing demand: alao abundani water power, aud steamboat tueillticg; only live miles from M- tSrr.gor, Iho greatest wheat market lu Iowa, being at the Miaaiixippi termiiiiiw of tho Milwaukee and Mi-t.iss'ppl Railroad. Tltlh lirHt ehiKis. price $4 26 per acre. Terms $3,ODD cash down, balance on time. For particulars Inquire miou of J. K. L1EUHARDT, Duuloilh, Illluoia. A FIRST RATE COUNTRY SEAT, IN ROCKLAND county, twenty-eight acieg, $.1,600, eighty acrca, seventeen miles in New Jer,ey, opposite Youkers. near depot, $8,l)0U; seventy-two acre*, water front, at Hackuuau *, $9,300: eighty-two ncreg. In Bergen county, al $V.<*i0; w ould trade for eity property, W. II. ME LICK, 407 Broadway. A LOT, 21.10X95 FEET, ON TENTH STREET, BE tweeu Fifth and Kivtli avenues, together wltliavery coinfortable two gtory niul aitic limine, 21.itlx4d fee'. Ern e low ami terms easy. Apply to CM AS. K. MILLS, 31 Cedar atreet. \ SM.M.I, NICE 11 ROWN STONE HOUSE. NEAR >K no money wanted. Also a part or all of 'JO hot* for Halo, vv lib a builders loan. STEPHEN A. PIERCE A CO., No.? Pine street. A WESTCHESTER FARM?EIGHTY ACRES, HOI SE. Barns, Orchard,in tine order, two and half mite from Tarrytown, oue iiu-l a quarter Irom Keus.Uo . i its. Terms easy. tJ. W. DITC'IF.TT, West.-'hosier t.?l hire, corner ol Chatham ami Chambers streets H'-couii His A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY BEFIDENOB (V THE CITY of New Yuri; to let, paitl.v furnished, suiToiiniU-d by seven seres of highly cultivated laml. fruit t ex, .v.:. mated on n high blutf overlooking lb- Eas- rr r and lame Inland, lietween Forty-ninth and Fifiy-lir-l sir. ets, First avenue, ami East river; entrain* lor carriages on*: street. Fur parllciilur* and terms apply to WM. 11AKYEY, 1511 East Fiftieth street. \ VERY CHEAP THREE STORY ANI> 111(1)1 RASEV ment brown stone House tor sale, on Fony -eighth street, between See.-ml and Third avenues; price about $ti.UOU, and terms easy, it the location suits you need nut wait a moment, .<u ti e sooner It is bought the lea- it a ill rost. o. G. PRATT, 32 Pine street; room No, 9. A HOUSE FOR SALE, BETWEEN THIRD AM) Fourth avenues, on Filieeenlb street, for {15,(Ml): Sirleeuth street, $12,590; Twenty-first street, 111,1*)); Twentysecond street. $13,iak); Twenty-third street. S12.t0); Twenty sixth street, $7,flK); Twenty-ninth street, $12,0 *); Thirtieth street, Jti.tiiA); Thit iy-s< coml street. $.1.2.'i0; I'lilrty-lounh Street, $14,001); Tblriy-llfth street, $:l,tK)t); Thirty-sixth street, $y.(iiKt; Thirty-eighth street, $i2.ou0; Thirty-ninth street, $.-y)(|i>; Fortivlh -if ct, $.'i,AC0; Forty- irst sT-et, $8,GOO; Forty-11 flit street. $-,000; Forty-seventh street, $8,501); Korlyninlh street, $9,(lot); Fifty-Aral striet, $3,500; I" Ity second street, $3,800; Fifty-third street, $9,000. u. PRATT, No. 32 Pine street, room 9. (1HKAP BROOKLYN LOTS FOR SALE?A PLOT, CONJ taming at"uit t.irtv Lots on Troy avenue and Hutler street, four feet above the grade, which can lie i.nely terraced fur residences; oil "red cheap to a cash customer; ulsn, eleven Lots on lJegraw street, lietween New York ami Brooklyn av enues; a i-hohie neighborhood, impure of BENEDICT A C'OIT, 2b Pine, street, (lOI XTRY SEAT FOR SAEE AT A GREAT SACRTJ lie-.?Yery valnalde plan", in eompiete order, near ihe eitv. Fine yacht aeccuuuiodutlon. For t-arii uiars nrpiy to HOMER MORGAN, No, S Fine sired. IM.EGANT HOUSE AND GROUNDS?WASHINGTON 'J avenue, near D-lvaHi avenue, Brooklyn, anil tour or elghl l.ots for sale, at a great haigaiu. Terms easy. House has fifteen rooms, all the modern Improvements, built by the owner lor his own oeenpanry. Grounds lanl out in the meat manner, shade and fruit trees, rare, ilowers. This 's on--.u the linest jilaees in the best seetlon of Brooklyn. If not sold by Maich I, it will be rented, furnished or unfurnished. Apply from 3 to 4 P. M. at INOEHSOLE'S, 243 South street. 1 EXCELLENT FAR ?-8K VEXTY-KJVE ACNES, TO ST !i class improvements, hn-ly timbered, watered and fruited. Choice locution, two miles from village and depot, Union county, N. J., and one mile and a quarter from city. For sale at a bargain. HEYMOI'K A WII1TON, 13(1 Broadway. Farms, country seats and residences, of all sl/es, qualities, locations anil prices, convenient to the e ty, near depots, schools and churches, in good buildings, fences, order and cultivation, for sale very cheap and exchange libers 11 v. BOUTHW1CK A WOOD, flt Nassau street. Farm for bale-on the haokeksack river Bergen county, N. J., containing over 3i acres, with a good House, and plenty of outhouses ulta bed. For full particulars, with map of place, impure of WM. BEAIR, UJ Barclay street. rwiv aAi<n wn. r?-i? riA^??r.??;r <#? a? nr.r, 1.1 r New Jersey, 5*# mile* from depot, 21 miles fioiu New York; tonal) bouto*, I Ail* outbuilding*, v?ll t'ri?lt#??l, watered and fenced; 10 acreH wood; well adapted lor tlx) fruit and milk huaiiu *s; would ex, badge loi a, *innllerj>ia< e near dopot, or h house and lot worth from $'1,000 to $4,f;0d. 1 mjuiro ai 'Jti'J South street. IjURM WANTBD-NOT OYER FORTY MILES PROM ' New Yurkiity, in WeKtrhetter rounty pr? .erred. worth from $4.0?M to $10,000, low for ash or lost !nnt ?*Sty property. Address "i apply to H. FOR LRU, $1? dar sti < TAA KM WANTED.?I WAXY 10 REXT OR LEASE A JP F irm, of forty aero# or upward*, ot good furming land, for two or nix years; must be near railroad The test of rare will be takrn of said farm, and the ion paid in a?t\xi -e if r?*|uired. Addre** 1\ M. F., S otrh Plain**. N, J., Hinting lowest priee and lull particular*!, fur one wr? k. yOK SALK?THE DWKLTJXtJ IIOISK AND HKOLNDK 1* No. 2 *. amn'owr?, ?Ure? tly ot Brooklyn IMigh's; ootidiii^'s all or b:i k and atone, hutlt ut tin* most huIxtadiUI manner; house .r>i!v70 feet, three morion, eomplem in all i^i appoint menta, billiard room, ?* . Situation ' itr'val^Muuo mumling mugniiie*iU views of the bay and efy^^^Wew York. onihiiiitiK both rityattd eoimtry. ihri-'R^VS*-*' walk of tint Wall *lr?'?*t ferry ; heir .. .*1! tl?a?. ik r ?<piiretW?? r a tii>t i ia?'M if aid ue?, pure air, aiuple grounds, ha ul* one! laid out in lorrm*, garden, vinery, t;rn nbouMVon nervate y Htabie. eoaeii and o.i hntans bouse, Ac. li not mold will I*' I rented or leased for n number of ya -. f r-.M 'V orothrrwts*. I u . 111. of JOHN l! PUKNTICE No, I Uraoi Brooklyn. FIOll - liR-THB PROPRTY 1M WENT rWMXl - FIRI r *tre o. firm jot Irotn Might It ie nun. T? e? -I'ant'oI uik** Ll'i Vi e-t Thirty-fourth sun t; six rooms, water ami gas. Inquire of d. llltiGINS, flJO Nihtii a vim .e. IfOK KU.E-THKEK OR KOI R V. KM, HI ill 111 OKI! JP miry Mdlum Homti . riilrtj tblid i; Jin11 Tli:riy-<ilxtb a tree; , with all the mo I, rn lmpro em; 11 , nt vitj ?i ?t luir^aiiit; terti.a e??y. Alniu o n lino pltos-. n oli s n itli oinii 'o fruits, nt Mo mt Vorno i, at it prea', Hon; leas tliuii inn. Will oji-liaujio f?i foiiil m'i properly. App.y to WM. HKDET.l., 177 W 1 at Thirty-thir 1 afreet. IfOR SALE?ABOUT KOI R ACRES OK LAND, 1 from iup on the river at Eilpew nler, near Fort In o, N. J., willilti ten minutes' walk of the inol'iip. .ifli i i; -eg foreoti?;;eathat woulil enmmand a tine view of ilio 11 ml-oii rivor. F'or I urllier particular* apply to A. 0. HOtiERT, 100 Hunt atrt el. f'tiR 8ALE?THE handsome KOI B sroio BROWX a ton - front Hotl-I- So. 2b Ear! TaeiPy-lirst Bin et, near Hrojirtivay; 28 feel front by 70 (loop; !o> half the block: bus all Iho modern Inippivemr n I a; pnvmeir ma; bo made matin tho purchnaei. Apply lo E. II. LUDLOW A CO., 11 I'li.e at root, or to WM. A J NO. O'BRIEN, 2'.) Wall at too,. VHffl 1UE-TVO KAIIJIS ON I.OM: ISLAND, CHEAP. J Oneol Its) ami one ?if 1M acres, near lloiitliiptun, on easy tornia; plenty of lruit anil a!1 necessary btiilil:u?a; some tntde win be takes. II. FKBOt SON, 17 Wall atreet. F^OIl HAUL?TO RENT riWA- UJB Wll.l, Mill A netv iwn atory llouan, with a full Lot, Ore rnotnaan<l cellar, one l bs-It from the oar*, miming to three terri-a; lei his i roiu $lt*i 10 ffiOU cash, b at, lie paid in hisialno nta >> * t uper month, wlihotrt interest. ai--> and a naif atory Cotlaite, with thr> e full Lcta: pn 81.biW terms nearly a? above. .Also a two story hrlvt More ami D?' Fifth avenue. Alma number of other Houses; price* from ai nai to $3,900; all on en?v i-rtn*. A"ply?i Un oiweoi |i. 0. DANIELS, corner ul I'i.urleenih street ami Kil'ibavcuue, Hr-aiklyn. IfOK SALE?T11R FIVE SliiHV WAKIU.K ID ILDIM} ? 23 Liberty street, beta ecu \A llllam ami Nassau. Al?o. lor sale or cxrtiungc, a Lot on F'i<m I'eutU sin-- ' for a llonao and I,-it i|e-irnhly ha-moil. I' r luetict ar*apply ti, MARK LEW, 23 Liberty Buret. I foil SALE?A VERY H1'*IIT A HI.E LEASEHOLD ' property oil Ka?' Br-viUv,jn M ik mm: a lour a-nry bllvk Jlouw, 2.'ut2> 'en ?< :! r?-nj Ir, is etu-y. Will la- sold ?t a harsehi. Apply lo CHAM. E, MI I.LB, lit Ceiiar street. If OR SALE-THREE STORY AND ATI 10 llliill I* atoop ilou? , 2II?."AI le?-t. 12 K< orman p! i- R, T-ilrty-il iul rtrect, l*-t\v< "it Kixlith and Ninili at-nip- . I.i-plr-t.i At i L. TAYLOR, 7li Wall Street. Willi SALE A COUNTRY ItF.-HDl NTJ", lb II,:.s p Iroin Me* York. Ajiply to tiFiH At. A1|,XDJ-.Li., io"? Ninth area ue. If OR SALE Ol; EXCIIANCE-CVSTLE EDEN, WEST F MorrHiutii*, -i ?t>; imuty i v rail from Fori,' .ar^ond ntn i1',, mlufii* -walk I'ro'n Mrf. pn?r d"|KK, )lart?*Ut Riv* r K.iihoii; tliveu- iM ul f?V* aiiplr iM.fl lu<ir Acri'^ ??f 1p.? 'I priip^rt; ) p?e h1 h, liiiti out an-' tin m 1; ib iq?Uix ? <?f i -i?, iba !' andornJMn<eniiil BTner) And !?* ?lih u?mu*v<iwi|; in ? within Urn iiilaiuiex* walk fur I'OntiiiK. U^hlni: Wtliine;; n \Higv limnmoil In tnr^t^it nt?l?*v birringth? in??il*rii improve, inrtiu; kUo wiri i? ? . ' inimnkouMH. In cv?r}'way tulUNe T",' m 'i.tti t" |h v In. a ill*- ??i. )i ,ir?, hi *, pt'.hmiIj* nud H'. 'ir-; \ . nig ilt?? h<Ivnn'agr * ot a fJty ?lrnci\ witiiout il* .< i? . A | hoto^i.?nh of ilu* i!im Iioum majr nrra. Apply ?t iUo <>Ui<* Of l>. Mf'M % HON, 271 BiiMtiwuy, I'2 and IS Fop ML! OR i \ ii \ M.f \ ffi PKRYOR HOI with Ur.ipciT, 'MtlOa, In ownf?r, ifiitral'y f?? I r.-\ti?d in Kiglitn ward: wouM eiriianga for a ntnili Iiomm' in \civ Vnil or ifrookU it I l?'iiaii r* nil niortvn .f Km imrii-'ii. j luri< iin|Ulre of I. A. DICKINSON. 30 Bookman airaol. IjlOK 8AUS OR EXCllANtiE?KARMH, CITV AM) r Comilry Rrsld'-nu'a, all prh i on I location*; Northern Now York. Main' aim IVatuaru l.mi As, al%.< konio good H'laln**" Chain *s. F. I). MOIIAttllSOV 4 CO . O?o* ?4 Vr.'*u i 1JH)| UU OS UUlAMffi A FA M or oru OKB F hnndrad hcmm, nlinut spventy-livr nnl>s fr.nn N. ?r York atnl Iwolv* n>il*? front M'llilletown, Orator* Owinly, N Y., Iminadlateljr on 111* lm* "I lh* Hudson ami [Iriinirr rannl, t? Ithlo "Ha null* of i? larf* riling*; hnlhiiitg* good; Would !>? ?l?<h?ngPd lor a (Woil houao In Kiookiyu. lur [ pnrtlcdlara mMrrnill. O., but 119 (lorald ofllu*. FOR rai.K oit RXCffANQR rnr vrii'-'UNPisr:Tbal lln* liro floryHinr* M Water alr*?St; l? > hrai rale [ buafnaaa prupi rtj: about f 10,"00 wnMh.if (nog UondalHi*nutred. Apply a? 6H Water atrfet, uMhn ir\vn*r, frnui 2,'j to 4. any day. I NOR HAMS, EXCHANOE OR TO LET?A FIltS'T ft,A Sit ' bro* n atnn* ftnuar, four rtnrb-s hbrh m, >).. Hnus* is handsomely ttnlah*d, mid rnutnln* all lb* Impnivwun'ts, n situated near Fifth arrnu*, lltlJn nbore M. tbon r.piaro. Will eii-hanga lor utei.-bAutiirr. Address Oa'tp-r l>u> 4i'i Post Office. For kai.e or to eet-atoJiIkton pi.acp. soi th Bergen, N. J., the property of th* lata ,lohu A. Ryerton, coiisKtlm; of ton lota of Ictnd, a suhat.-mtial two Hory .,nd fcAWBirnt llotm, Unl?h*d In good etyl*, nllta marbla manIris; a (Virr ?** Mouse ami stabl*, fruit ir*o* and shrubbery, all in fowl oalar, and In fall Ylaw of Now Tart hay. Apply wWAJ lU'A XTJMjlJOf, VK (lir pi'.wi";,.

RSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, : SALES OF REAL ESTATE. FOR SAI.K OR TO LET?FURNISHED OR PNKURUlshed, the three story brl k lluuite M3 Weal Ftfi)-thir l street, between Hi idwny and Eirhth avenue; house 1.) by 48, lot 100 feet; iu perftv t orde di'Uuntni |) irlom, lurnMii'', water, gas, fine ba k plana, Belrlnn pavement, Ac. Terum ibeup and .any. Apply on I lie preUilaen. TjH)R SALE OK TO LET?TO ^SESSION IV MEDIATE1/ Iy, the bourn 754 Brtiadway, < rner of Ki^litb street, long and favorablyknown aa .Siuciair'a Hotel. 'lne bar and renin irant are elegantly titled up. For p irtteii'ars apply to C. H. KINO, ou the pieuii.en, or to S. F. ANLH, 131 Frou street. Ill OR SALE OR TO LET, IN BROOK t.YN?TWO STORY. . attir, baaeuieul and mid r retlar Jluuee K . 2" It i l ?t?. ?t, corner of Living.t >n, only a few doors Irom Knltnn Aveuue, con lenient to ferritin, w ;tl> modern In. pro'.ennuis. T.tle perleot. Terms to aneniumodiile. Fur pailunilara apply in Dr. HUMBERT, room 22, Bible House, Coiner of r inn avenue ana .\nor place, irom iu a. m. to .> r. *i. GGREENWOOD CEMETERY.?\V ANTFD, AS KLIGI I* Me ami well located la t. Apt 'y to G. W. lilT^HKTl', brown wows bulldim', oru r of Chatham ami Chambers M. (^ARI)KN LANDS FOR GOODS.?120 ACRES I'MN. X cumbered, add hi n Jo a \V? stern 'tyand ? o u ty u"Hi; |M.?rf(Pct *11If, at haif price for goods; neci>stiv cntiijiti*. Audreys immediately Indiana, boa 1% Herald . TUB ADVERTISER HAS A BE AI ITFFL DWELLING House and about one and a half u< ten of land adjoining tho same, u ith Shrubbery, Fruit*-. A -.; alaoxiUnc Inrg?* si. h Building, all in the . a .>f order, in a pi owing nuniry l'a o with Wi;,relies, schools, poed c ety. A?\ The vi lug-* i???w contains annul??v 1. uh lred iinriiii^. in '.In? m1 em p ai : of thiu Suite, and <c. Ibon*' !*/ * andtitle a ud no inc.Jinhranee. He will u:s,?o*e ?>i the entire propei t u* low pre* f,>r cavh, or v. o i ti.u; good n o hnu line. The owner ?. a n#? t . < I'arU lit . i. r? lew u.iy.*, v h?*re a line addte -. n , >\ . ve.i. n nur . rno EXCHANGE H'UiW\ MONK UOlsE, ALL .1 blip. oven ei a Laa<??t? 1 ?#-? -, Ae.. m HI) Jinp: \ ng l-?:v tlon uptown, w uide, will ne exchanged j'.?i any desirable wt -i. e. i )<m:> in tiiiaelty or RrtH'klyn. Apply to WM. \V. HFKBKRI). S). i William lit reef, upstair-.. Vi*''A? MISGTON i TTY.?FOUR LOTS ON TlIIKlEKNTH < et, near Pennsylvania avenue. Aud ? *? nux 1,7M, \ rx Post ofli'-c. U,rES rEKX FARMS FOR SALE ?ONE OF At'RES. in Crawford county, P?i., (near Hie ? aloilre ion): 76 floi'ca in Ashtabulacounty, Ohio; H) a ten etch in K? nw and f<uLi counties, Mi lin ; much in llu -k ounty, W)ncoiuin; 11") h? res in \VAHh?n;,t4?n ? ?.uiity. 1 w# a?i unincumbered. Titles perfect. App.y to 1)k GKO< > P% 373 Broadway, Nev. York. \I/ANTRD?TO EXOMA.VGE F<Ht FARM OR OTHER V property, in the vicinity ?u* iM?u-ity a ?;oo ??. in ? i c.ver low pressure Engine.. Bahu. will he ii?a-li. Inquire of TODD A FOND, No. 7 Wall street. FOR fi)ALE* \ RAKE CIIAKCK FOR A HOTEL KLEFKRS. Thq Furniture and Lease, of a hi nt ia** Hotel for Tlie hnnMMH tloln^ an excellent bnstnehH. The present propiietor wisheN t?'?".i",aj{e hi oilier iniwine'H. Tl. ho . u m aie.i i\i a W'estOi eify. F??r purtienlars inquire Ol lifj.S Jl DSO.N, at, the Grwineiv.y Fark Houfie, New Yn i It;. VREGAR STOKE, <?F NINE YEARS' STANDING, FOR ale. dieap.?H.'.tlhfactory rea?ons g'V4,r). /nqui: ai 167 Plant Broad way . BUDD A JiOOKWOOD'S RANGE AND Fl'RNACE Manutui lory for at half its v.i! .e. t'<uusiatln^ ?f i?ix raru-e Furtuo'eand other pat tarns, Strv.k, T- -o!h and FixtoivK, AApply at No. 8 Eaxt Nia ue? iuh .street. BIT< HER SHOP AND MARKET FOR FA I E.?THE Shop 664* Eighth avenue, between and Furi>flrKt ktreem, eant side, for Mile eheap, n? ttie ow te r is obliged to unit the buKiness, The Fixtures, wortii about $ UK), v. hi he Hold e.beap, ami on favorable term 8. A pp.y to LK1FMAN A BROWN, 1,266 Bruadway. BETCHER"Q SHOP FOR SALE?IN A GOOD NEIGH* borhood, doing a fair bnMiun*. 1,'ali at 476 Un ome -i. BFvCG STORE FOR SALE?IN BROOKLYN. NICELY .iiLt d op and sioeked, now doing a good trade, |o ate 1 On the brut avenue in the city; would exeban^e foraeood mortgiqje or ptopcrty in ;hc city. Aj ?> > a 11/ Fort Green place. 1/10R HALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE OK r a brbtelaKHGrocery, en one oi 'he l?e?t ei.uen in the city. Location every way desirable. Kent l??a. Will m 11 rensonablt: to a cash customer. Address Grocer, 220 Ea>t Thirtieth street. flOR SAL&IAN OLD ESTAL1SHED FISH AND OYti lev Market, situate 1 on one of the bent uven u-M in ihe eity and adjoining a butcher shop. Sa'isla .o > r?-a. ons i *r seiong Apply at 81 Seventh avenue, one door above Sixteenth street. FOR SALE?LHJEOK STORE ON EAST THIRTY-REeond sti :?:?, elegantly lo tiled, and now doing a largeand due business; will be sola for mttcb iaas tliau its value; the owuar i -r.?inh? 'led to s^U ?.n ticouutof other business. A|i jay 10 ' uurr r "rnij.i/. r.'i j uii ;y-vfeouq st/C'.'l, IlrEl floor, this wet. For 8 ale-the kiock and kixti rks of astationdry, ii >?*k an<l Fnivy coodh s:<?r?. finely in Knu iti iu?nue, und now doing a uotai b lvineas. Tin m* o*kv. nuum Out tmaU.d with. inquire of J. ktoxk, a2\* < Hro&dv a\% mom No. rt. tjldk sale?the house known as kk1.1.y s, -sg J1 tiiidMOn htr?#?t; H'^'aurani, Ko t|? and Oy.iN-r Ap. ply hh uimsvn of io?r 10 a. m. or after7 p. m. i o be bad ri^hi to a good ( Uaiif. t?or "alp-agood oho lry and liqi'or stork ( 0?'Hp foicndi, ir. .i t hlfki.v j?ojndwf? d Trim neighborhood, Itei.f of Htori? and (LvHliio: $lii per m > nh. Apply n( J'M ai??tt ?!?' t, tirn;tlooi, IroiUron. j'l lKK mostmiuk. tj^uk sal.i:?a first class propeller stl am1? tug, hm tons burih? n, comi'lt f/': will hi? sold ''ohmp. For rartu.'ida* s linpiiir ot t'.ipt. biikkkll, Erie Hotel, or ut 2ti flunk foriutrrnt, Now y?r*. iaok fciakk?b|ik.\p pok cam j. 11 ik stock a Nil f Kixii'.n k n d; v Ooodn Hmiv, No .117 Mxth uvioi* . 0 ti Nio? ntiu T\m ueriL R<rooU. Apply to .1. S, conki in, v i.6 j': " .i - . hmjk s\ll an old established CKOfRltY am! f i.pior Lo?*:itl in e*re|!*?nl; ; *! a ht!pip'fe? ttM urr 4.M any in ttto . \\iik .o il < i.< up oh a ouoi o| m ki i>?. a i:? >d jf.iso at low rout. Applj ' 170 chmhinij Mreet, *?M ona door. j iv It: O Kit. 771 or sale?the stoi'k AND riml liKS of a J? up" hXi i'.w Li<piOl and oi'o ;> NiufO 4'? llrni y *l;v?rl cow ilrl i; ii|;o d bnsln'ft*. ll.e u -? ? lor *? l!h * r ae < oiiiit ?>:' *r l"?.,..h, \ p.irri- u'a . apfily on the pi< misp*. iaor sale the stock am) i t\Tt"hl> of the 1 o* , vhi-.i-???- i din lug ??:?! l' o.mi 41:' f?iirr!i a\ ? line, whit .eusn i of true \-ar*. for p.irticilniM ajipiy on lh? pr. mlv s. i'. i'. lvik fale?tape i.ooms. apply at .ji2 lh.iiTll r .ivffi' or lw2 Ninth i \t nut*. Fu)k ai.e ilik lease, sto k and it xtl'uks of a i.1'vy and IJonor more, . ;> town, in . lirst etas* in u!d?? uo. ?d. Vpp.y a'. No. li'j hovi'dih awhile, eoinei kliliile* il* \ ATT* 1/ h >al?. dukssmakixo and millinery Bl't'd ft m*? i; been i>h''d f*i i-ye ; ''oil >.%> a fit?t 'laws proLiable ir vh*; good lo-at but. Mb- ill tin* on y ??.hm ;oi m i.ltif*. Ko.' |i.uiu''.!?'is liHjiiiiti o. I'Uh'K A t'llOMAS, Brnaow ;?y. V!*' :ri? n ?rd not apply. "li^OR SALE IN FA<T, CJIVKN AWAY?FOR $100 r Killer, I'lhioj*, Mu?k*:i*, Target and Kb tore* 01 ;? Salont, I'iatol Oallrry atid SkitMe* Alley; v.Mythiiu; minpleie f.?i the Ui.HiiM sfi; ' Hi.tbliHb il three. year*. Vl?pl utibtFuhwi, i.treef, Brooklyn, basement, alfr ft ??:l<v s I'. M. Ti^Oli SALE?300 CORDS OP DitY MAPLE AND ASH JP wood; will deliver wli^iv ni'iu-d. Kcr mil#*, or wmiM ciihitiue tor a Farm worth $S,t?V, a Hutiw; HiBro.klyr worth $ W. II. MELH'K, 407 Broadway. T.YOB SALE?Hoft>A WATER APPARATES, NEW AND P wennd hand, of ovary rt| ii n Drug?' t?, Coulee* tlotier* and Bottler* M'nd tor on ftllnttiiwtien. and dew*rlptl\6 catalogui) and price ifsi, ai \% 1LL1AM ORE'S, Xon. ti and 7 New l! r en Railroad Buildings, r-oroerof Kin) wild franklin sh-eeta, 5?w York. 12K>R saL8 ft UHOCKEY ami UQI OB ITQIS, ffll JP r,ih-M tor initio atr>*et; 'usuitd wai?v in the sum-; ?tn k small; ill Mild very > k ap; rent only $12. Apply alter Ho clock u.t Ifi'.l Wont Tnirty- r,? nth *trret. VOlt HALF-TUB LEASE AND KIMTRKS OP TOT P boa! umh'I' Li<ju<n Mora In llot>"Keii, a Ith a ilico IJoufh1 and garden, Kii table for a hoarding house. Si\ your* leuM*. Kent on,y VIM' No ta*e?. Apply to J. U. STI'LKLLIN, 4i< \ : hatha .1 sfivef. IpOlt SALE- TWO NEW COXNKt "TIXO RODS. SEVEN P |e? en l?? luu Iuiik, with Ium^m Hoipi; two three inch ;;U?h?! \jfcL?fK. forty new Sewing M.itlilne Tallin Phillies eoinpleie, cxrejo tatde top*. Pri'cs low, Inquire of J. S. BKAI>Y , *19 ??ri rite * res t. UOU SALE-IHE STOCK, EIXlTUhS AND Bl SINKS* P of * r? 'ail fancy Hood* rto! Ifosi t> Store, aituitrd In a proniln nt b.ieiio'ns locality, whhuri excellent inn ol fnu.) y ?-ii?to > and nu-r wvi'tiyfHM > . ubilnheii; will lieeoiil only for . *h; $V"0 required. .Addrrs* Vn ^n'. HcruM ofv e. iiiou sale oieap-a kkuar stork on hil1 Ilwi .I Saloon, hi i'ompi* te n .q r and dulfif; a t??od bu.-iif"-, i >n< it : i ; i iftail areio L^AAf a. HMitlS. 7H Nii?'an street. yoil : VLK CIIK VP FOR ?-ASII?WITH OR WTTIfOl'T I" * a i id l.iqiitr mi ore.? tit'ellai*, wrli ov- ribi-**" years' l-wa-, |. ?|e.t mi th' Mill* ward. Aim y for lour dw> ^ ? WILLIAM ABBOTT, No. 4 8a<4 Broadway | I 'Ol; SAI.K OR KXfHANtlK?A KIN 11, Wl'.I.L I I KJ." niniiiMl K'i. i^h 4?ti?*nJfii?*? lot kmiM'. k- ?? w %*ll p. for both ?4U> im; n*'W hottri. .j touu; rrii? i or * mh)?? K l? RICHARDSON A CO NlanrtM Xii-m. ?i*rl. lCOU NAUi f>lt EXCIIAMili?AN OLD BKTAMJSIIF.D J? li-hlltX hll^lll' *', ? lilt ?ll lll? Net*, I'outl.l- M ires, I'oira. Kettle*. HoaiN, ac.. a", Tti?* tvlinle will hi toMcnenp tut I'livll ttr *'n *1 leal f.| i' It. KIOllARHfto.N A CO., KJanilftl Xmhaii street. Cutookuy kob xalr-onk or tiik rest >ianus r In Brooklyn, ebolai; Antl e.-rll vein l? t - to-h*. toe. , tt., i,? and low r'tit. Will If eoltl at :t bargain, Inn lit. ,t J. iTIMlLEN, #17 AtlantUi nwil, HrooUjii, between I I aui! t o'rlm k. Hat stork-stock, kixti*i:k.< and <ioot> wiu. til All olrl t'ttltlblifth.'U Uat Mint1, al .,411 E";.ith afetitie, tie, wnen Twenty wveulh ami Twenty riithtli et.ert*, loi uv t'ht'ap. KINOIil.NO WOOD FACTORS FOR * U,t?- KM. IN K Hoiler, Aplill'tr, lie 11 ami Shading ami etcr;iitliti( complete; *\ ill t'f add In wliol" or pun. t'lieitpfo' . , !i Apply l iH. BA|U;|,A1, No. I) Hrldga licet, Minnkljm, la . ineen SI anil I oVln a. ONE 1.M10R.NE POWER bl'BAM KNUINR. Willi Hnller, put up hew at f> 1 -tpei't, I*furaale, with a liCaae on i ilircc etory lititlilliiR, 2.?*Hltt feet. Hi nt In v Inipilre ai TAYLOR A WILSON'S, onmer ol II ?i..l II iiil-nn at roe'-, ?r at 224 We?t Thirty aetenih airewt pATI NT FOR SAT.R VKHY CHEAP-or AN I X L trcmalv valualth Invention, m' great uwt ami tieree-ip. cheaply itftnp, j teli] hi* eery large pi aula, very aitnnv an'i welly uml?r*tiHi<1, aml'tinnnnn) food chance In make wtnrn t SOlTIIW ICK A WOOD, it Namaii .net. CtOOP KOIl SW.E-ONH YKAR ODD AND IN PKRn n>ctoriler; l< l?i inn* burthen j will (' ii/X'K ?in i t t< ry rli?*p fnriw-h Al?n, ? large nucd i;?t B,>m, for iui oyaiornmu, n .? lying In luRnn markvt dip r'. r fnrihrr |unirul*v* tnrjuln- at M'tfU.KNNONs' ojrater miio-m, U Kulton uttint. N Y. OTRAW-H VT MANTV Al'TORY, SO. A1? Et'T HOl'H O Inn "triwl, tor aale rhc2p, ac.i-eunt of 111 heallh. 1> .? fitted np, haa a gom! clnM of eii*t,>mrra, and l? good eliance for a |x>r*on wishing to In Ihe biixlne**". TO PLANUW WILLH AND M'MBKR MERCHANTS ? Koi aaln i'tiv?|>, two Planing Machine*, Tillou maker, W.iriiwnrlti patent, 14 nr.fl 23 It h p'am r? In g.mi order, with (telling for ea<-h. Will Iw amid at g hiuain, i?. 'jnirt of 11, r, ?V 1'lUt lllftl, N *, I 1862. r ? r nm BAJjR. r PHOTOGRAPHERS?AW EXTRA 4*4 NEW CM\ I ii ifi ifeuli 4, 4li'i 4xi J. il. WnUiH C*llieHH. Bo^tUL Holders and iron Bland lifty per ceut below a*., at No. 10 1 < Spring street. | i WHITE WOOD LUMBER FOR HALE CUEAP.-16.U4) ff6t of good Inch; UMWO feet of aood two inch. The I above lamber i* dry and in good order. Apply lu SMI I'll A ORIOLE Y, fool of Twenty-aeeood street. North river. iinmsiAii liquor rtoki mw tout* fob tt hate or exchange lor Brooklyn Property.?W?U . *wb'f*hel; choice stock, carefully aeiected, and doing a lai gc, ilrat ciamf. uroliiable businm*. SOUTliVVli'K A WOOD, S3 NV-?sau atroet. (Mlft WILL PURCHASE A MANUFACTURING i and mercantile busine-*. In one of theism stands hi the city; will be sold at a large sarrihee. the priti .>jI ha. .ng oth'T uuaines* to at end in. Address V. L., Herald ofllcf, mating where au interview may la; had. IWWt ?For sale, a well established w liolesa] business In a staple article, deuling w uh ?AM ?io ra, in su.* -si ul opto at ion, and haviug a strictly cash trade. Address A. B., box 127 Herald office. IIOI SKS, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. VT NEW BRIGHTON?THREE VILLAS TO RENT, ON the height*. modern improvements, hot and cold water, How er and \ .-gctaMc gm de .s, trur, lawn*, handsome grounds and avenm-v, rur. i.up' bouse*, stable*, A.-.; view uua irpass! < (I. hve iiiiuut<'< iro n t: \; i ii. k buiMifip, and lu st class. Apply tj T. BoNi). 1"VJ B i 1 way, ro.uu No. A j t HANDSOME l'i?i R M iRY HIGH STOOP HOUSE, v hi r. 1,'i.Jv i- '.in th LiViM. between Fi*at no >? . ? xl .? *; s t t >., hi*! ami ?l?t water, and a 1 t o ."'i n ' .v is iiu rlv i..r will be it-t.'iw ( ? .i i .. iinnm lor a&X). K??r particular* iiiquire at 1U ' I'vay, upstairs. 4 MI! l < I / M HOARDING IIOUSK. PILLED WITH g?-?. ii-nnlfi'u cr ?pt? from which amount to $176 a \v.'? k t i? i d ih i mil ire tor sain. T<? a .it panic pany wi.L 11win.s i i vi af- oii'isual ludtu'eni'>utK. III! UHiKY .v. WARNER, 40 Union square, i FIN-' JM S' IT .lM.i: FOR A DOCTOR'S OF.? la 1? in At I.U'J Broadway, between Twcuty-Kixi b ai; .'I ?j inli mi reels. i COV sls'I'lNO OF TWO ROOMS, BED- ' 71 roomajM i.l t !>, i?? let \cry* cheap. at ll'i Hivingtoii street. i LODGE ROOM I'O LET?TO ONE OR MORE SOCIE2 l iKcli in ;!.? t? . Term* t'oi one night, per week $76 p<*r > ! ! ; or w.U "f i < whole to one party, any six nights. i i) Hie pivlit ud?-r 1? i. :g lor per y ir. Tii" r? mi will he iii?-r!) ; cr-daiid repainted by 1st ui Jiiay next. Apply a' X7 Bow. | BASEMENT AND RUB-CELLAR, WITH IJ vaults, at 142 Kulton s' !, to let, suitable lor a salo-m or Ht< rage, ANo. a lew vu ail Workaho) s, w* II .i^htod. Appl.v ?'i 12 Fulton street. A. FREEMAN. V i 22 HOUSTON STREET TO LEAKE OR FOR HA LE.? J.- is a four Morv hi klfoune, in line order, ^i/.e 26\.'?0, with extension. There is a brick s.alile in tlie rent, 22x <) fe? t, entnui"4* Iro?u M r?,e? st"""t. Timrns ve.rv favorabm io a re.' ponsibbi parly. Ajiply to i'llAUl.ES E. MILLS, 31 Cedar s'rcfL \TEW STABLE Ti? LET OR FOR RALE?SITUATED in Tbirt\-liivtt, 160 1'ceti lu-lnw Si>ih avenue; lot 26v 117 !i : Ai.olv l.i K 1) I AWUKNi 'I' 1 ''lit Brondx.av. PUIVATK OVVELLINi1 HOUSE TO LET-NO. 17 ST. I. Luke's place, L iu,\ Kii tii, tour stories, brown stone front, with all tlio Hinder.: improvements. Kent $700. Apply to A. FREEMAN, 142 Fulton street. STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET-LAKCIK AND Hiiml! Room-, well lighted; steam hoist way. Possession immediately. Apply ut 4M Water street. STEAM POWER TO RENT LOW?TWO ROOMS, 50x70. lighted on ah suh*s. Iiisuriinei. percent. A 1*0. for sale, a second hum. iifiueu horse power Engine. Apply at Mil Water street, QT0RE TO LET.?8TORE 277 GREENWICH STREET, W 2.'>xt)0, notv nee.ipled as a dry goods ator?, will be rented l or one or mor -years iroin 1st of May next on reasonable to ina. Apply to (LARK A (.OLID A ED, 83 Cedar street. CTORE TO LET?57B SECOND AVENUE, NEAR to Thlriy-tltth street, in line ureter, and with pleasant back . ooiii uitsehed; rent $Hftti. Apply at 109 Pearl street. riV) LET?THE STORK NO. MO l'EAKL STREET, NEAR J Hrnadwuy: alxo laifta in the tame building, and also in the rein-, suitable for storage or some nierhanlral bu-tnes*. linpiireoi' K. A.i. E. HEALTH 12}jCiiauiliersstreet, from IS lb o o'c'ock. rpo LET?IN WILLIAMSBURG, SEVERAL TWO STORY A Iraine unit three story brlek Houaf.s; also lor sale O'.to Varan Lots on moderate lanns. Apply to S. .1. HUNT, 112 Uourtli avenue, N. V., or I'll AS. FOWLER, corner of North Ninth and Thud streets, Wllilamsbu g. fio LET? FOR A TERM OF THREE TO FIVE YEARS. L several vie nn' Lots of ground, in the vieinity of llouatou street unil Se out! avetrue, suitable lor a coal yard. Apply to ( LAKhhON. MSun.l 15M Elizabeth street. rpo LET?FROM 1ST OF MAY, THE HOUSE AND i. store Ml viisiol street: a Bond lisatlun for himtnena: hoii-i. 2.1x44 f ' ). I'mris model Inquire) ol BRIAN I ,M WST1N, :?li Miulini'ii num. '|M> J.KT? FOR OKVICE.4 OH MAX I KACTURINtI 1TR A iio-j'h. wiili oi- without ?i.aii?rHHMT i an of pr<oni?i.H 17 .' >hn street. luqitlreul I'h'i tvl I All, 1KBKI I.I., HITCH A CO., Ill John streiM. 1 rpo l.KT-KHOM THE KIK.-T OK MAY, THE FOI.I.OWJ ing IloiiM'S Two hjoi v ?!.,' .ml Hutuo, 76 Enat Houston kIijrar tin* Uois-iy, -'111;??. ? lor a *aloou or dwelling. Also. ;w iy Miiiio', ,J1 Ka>? Twenty-eighth Mtivet. ,'l s'or, lin e ? , 8SI Km iy-fo?irin Mtr?*ef. ( li-?i u v lion-.., w it!i xn'iiK.mi. ?.'? riiomp>oii eireet. .'{ht'.rv lion ! and Sior , 4GI .stici. 2 Mory Huiim', w Mi <tension, 121) Su Hi vat) afreet. 3 aiury Jloiw, 212 Stanton HtJWI. 4 gooM ! ?! Mgos, Mi i ? j?i a\ i'nii'% Brooklyn. . 1! two tdory ilonai-K ou Flint uvt-iitie, War Eighty-fourtll alive t, ami oi in-r hon^'rt aud pa rot of lioua *h in ii. an I | J Brooklyn. For full panicuiaro Inquire ??i' A. M. FANNING, [ 22:* How ry. rpo F.F.T TIIK Firt^T AND SECOND STORY OF X building itKl and lOo Bank n;ivet, lor a wor* thop. Iu1 <juir? oil i.. pi'nn.K rpo LET?THE Kill T STORY \NO BASEMENT. CoNI laimng \ n r m.j,i* .?i ?t y iMiv |d.-r g.a- d , cmh fhturr^: supplied wTrh Hot mil eold water throughout; .nit! riMiiinlu ii.? child b'ory, of hoiiac Xi Hank, stre? t. In* qehv on tli- pivnp-py, from 10 A. M. to P P. M. Kent sfOnO. rpo I.KT-Tlli; MK 'K.VBLE STOKE, 1! ASK VENT AND X ColUi ?d ! ) S. j ?ireot; ha* Him mod'ru improve, men! . with rt^ptoof mh.'. under ?M a k. iO?.*?tion for t.'u iioi , i or oin?*r trado. K?*in moderate. .Apply in.lANiKS PKli'K, iTta? ll.nlKon Mttvri. Tfl KKT-\ FI'kNIsllKD HOI'SK ON Ml RRAY lUUi. I No. 24 \V< *: '?liti ly-.ixv'i st. .'? !, nenM-'-ii Fifth and si - tlx | viiM"". tax jviyiaII i 1 i \ ,t will be rent* Ion vert ammJible mi 11in. Ape y i ?l\ I* V\ i KK INS, No. 10 I'iue *f. of. rpo KIT? UK NT TXKKN IN KOVUD FOR TWO PERI. mm* from 1m o<, u pri\ *tc faintly, the fmir i*iury lion-o, nlcNNHiiiiy hk'ated at 44 West Washington plane. Apply on the |'Vhiis-K, from 10 to 12 A. M. and 2 lo I 4 P. M. rro I.KI\?YI1E FOUR I.OITS OF STORK 101 CHAM k J. will k Ipj l*?n to a pood tcnmit. Tm4 ! *mti< ii im nui* i ti?' iifit uud tn?mt ? !?!rui iu New York. A;?i>ly on th pr*n?tM? to JOllTf D LRWIM. rro I.Hi?A SPLENDID MSAOS. W ITH STACE; OAS 1 J Hsiiiiis Mruituir, Ac,, will l>" Mild. Til'* -a.mii Is li.iMtn i in lli>' Bowery, mid In Itic 0e?i One nn-s J,**al ty. Fin- p.>.-tl"iil*te inquire .ii IjP ami Mird, at ll?udir?wr>. rj'o I.' r?the Mor.i; A.M? nwiiM.iNi; .7.1 X w mil ?ii ii?*??i Murray, separate or lugi ther; dwelling <i "Hi . il lust. i"n yum m? u lamming house. Apply at J. J.AtoKN S, 1!H) M a>hiugtim afreet, m-ar Fulton. ri'i) LET?IN JERSEY C1TV, SIX NEW ENlil.ISU BASKX moot IluuMia,aittiated in 8m \ Mreet, between Marr?u imil Van Volet. The liou.ea inmaln all lltft Modern iiulimvi'Tiii'iii , act* and water on ?*a"h nonr. Apply to JAM EM K. tllO.Ml'iiO.N, No. I Munlgninriy atree!, Ji Key City. ; rpo m;t-a very eixk stable, ho nixth street1 X liru ilnur IVniii Bunlirt avenue. Inquire at 40 Bund at" rtlo let?an EliKOANT cn1cntrt seat, im tTED X iu College I' uiii, uii Hi" Knit rlTi-r, nrar J'luiluug, l<. J., Willi B? n, stable**, iiint all modem Impiovt menta; la an pint hi ground and privilt rn ol halo liouee on lliu abort*. And nr.-a H., 18 l*ilie Street, oflitr ft. rpo eft?the three story kltomn STONE hii| sk, X i'8 I'lftii Thlll/-irl*nill ii re t, on Mlll'ia* Hid. Kent $WA>. Also, ti e three c'nrj' Ciirjentei* Shop, 140Kim afreet; rent $12 p *r month. l'u**e*aloii ut a bop imnii nbttelr. Apply in III/ M on aim'!. JUli.N M. HBoWM. mo LET?THE E4KOK FOl'R MToKY DM KLLIXO. 41 X ti'uui alive:. uetvr.'ii 1 in . and hitlli art ii'iea. Small* mi Him nih at tret, near Fifth avenue, (or aale Ion. inquire si SO William aim ', liri*"n;i*nt. rpo'fK is; ? i>t mnktef.ntii street; i -Si >, ill It M'oh to A N. Ilk. S.MAN, I,,. u, .i I weum in a .t, i, oi in ib : "venlin, at Weat Twentilli atpeet. Til I.ET-TUK TillM I. mURY Jiltli h. Hoi sH .No. 2SI | X Mis: Thlrtv-fonr'h atro t, ? 11 h all the niode.n Inipnirr; nieiil*; tvill b" it'll:'d Ion. Apply at JU Hni I nil y lum tb a. reel. j rroi.Ei ioi'k story Horse ami stoue. no. Mr j X Si Oh avenue; p.a (, "* vtii * ? ; t *or> u*pl noua oua'tifsa In Himii at Hi "o'nft'y J'iPi Ion; i or" lift lael dorp; I Miiiabl" lor t toti ", uoti *r>. it ' i-ioaltl. At'. j rro Ei r v nm si: t.\n i. viidi.n at orakoe, n ' I J., nltliln nlaiUI >( " loinui s' \.nik ot ill" iDtlroad a'a| tinii, lii a very pl> nami1 1, * itiuu l|i*0 t<> " E. BABIi, liii ' Hruailm y. | rpo LET - THE BEroNO EfdM?K,CONSlSTlNl? OF TWO j X Parint m,l la*o Btairo, n?, nil* pmitrlaa, go*, Use of I lot tli. An, nniiirnlfitol, to a palty ol aonU'iiou or ? amnll fa' in i y vrilooii , ...,r * , | oi ion t an In* liatl iTiimetlUtrly; I I'lt'Vautiy aitoii'ed. near I aioa ? pian.'. .J'oi liirtlirr particnI ii.r? intpiire a 1.17 Fourth at'Mr. q^O I.ET?AT M. J., A 1 HIST CEASS X t <>'!*( JIuMtr. is. Ui ulttii tilteeii rt* ni , |,aa (pi*, inr a i. tan o . A" I cround M*tatu||jr laid out In garden and laait, n nit a .o ot i "i ,,itn.*e of fnni and altadn |rre>. an I ! ?i I * M ." i n r *t, :tiH>u' ten ntin il. - * ] ?a.s It loato . ?lai*r o a , rytt.ou, and tak<* lull (urtrI ii-" a' i' to ' dial .el. Mm Mil or lei I It,rat ,in?ljcar? I |,.iut.Uniailtiu ur addrexWU. m iiay, l? lacnaetote | - To l>f * d tU. odru OD ROOMS FOR Bt'STne ? 4 . *t at. a. t sip HrnatJirny and I I* ii I I ' Apply at dtp Hrt adveav, ruotn JUll a .* klXSU, 02 \\ 11I iiaa. '(** m i"?' ? t*n i.kciiHTER norsB, *? I a * > i.. atf.t, laitaetn Elablii and St - dWarni ,"0 * abiugtttii Mnrket, or ; a - TO Mr* riiVHhs * ? 'art ..? an nn.t |*.*Ur fur ' * ' '' 1 ' .1 IV ?i lih ( r mih.ut ? # ' * '* <* Aiv I' at yi W??: hi,l.-.friiUi Hrt' , n ??> lit Ii(h4l>iilli mmira roll I . it ?l\ ?<i\rii?l K n.M, CofHTKV ItKSIJ *? i. ? >. i > i ?, S J , tw o mrrra, tuniUnaa of f'ifnti i fl.?> |?i n.onih. I ..r kaIc, a *o#>i li,tm ..| -i a,',' .?.? ik? alih ickM builalliui*. W""l4n< cl?n Hi trinltrm. An .j iu ii. rt \ l I.T, XI ?><Im am- i. TO I.I.T-A TWO HTOKV AND ATTIC HOI'HR, IN Ninth nIii< ! imar Thlnl aTrtni*, In |>"rf<"T nrdrr Ail I Hith i-.Mjr -ihkmiI <i ; al><>, a "mull KnclOh H?"'rrn nl 11 ? i In T?r?nlJ ill.'.l ?ti rot. n-Ar H" .mil AV.'nii", At a Miv<l?nn . 19UI. AJ-pt/ IV A. J*iv JN?HTV>| IV Itel-nw ?. 3 HOUSES, HOOIIS. AC., TO t.BT. TO LET.?A SMALL FAMILY WOULD KENT THEIR il?uar, a hrowu mioue liuii; au.l tA c|> ftxfiusheu, )u Foi-iy-?.:n ritli elf' ,, between Hi lit and S' chili avcaaee, lo a private iAuiily motr, and would board tor ibc real if do dred. Addreis Lux a,021 Foul oilice. TO LET?A FINELY SITUATED FIKST CL VHS FUIl ni-i jd Houm:, u> a {uituie .auiiiy ouljr. Broitora need liut UJipl; . A.Mrrss II., 1st* <ISl Fuel ofllc . r LET?OH Ml'Ki:AY HILL, A THREE BTOKY liruwn stone House; ri at gtiUU. A!?o a furnished House, neir Union .up. are, and a uumoer of very desirable DureI.La*, Allow reuU. littlfTIN A BANNISTER, No. 3 JUtor place. rpo LET?T1IE COTTAGE HOUSES NOS lto AND 137 A \\ e?t Thirty -ourth street, t.ouuiinlng all the iuod<-rn in. .I.viitr. n.1,1 I, nnr?, * |)l li r. | I g lUUf.-, I'll lira r, nil". to B. T. BABBETT, 70 Washington street. New York. TO LET?IN RROOKLYX, TO A KM ALL FAMILY, A 2'i *?ory and ba-.?uu nt linage, 237 Washington direct, eight imnuuV walk from Fallon or M ull street ferry. Board foi u whIow holy ami her .?n uh an euimaleut for the rem. Apply to K. B. t'HL'K< 'II, 92 t'mirch at root, New York. TO LET IMMEDIATELY?PLEASANT, WELL PURmMied Room* in hro vuHOm hon*' .'13 Bowery; weit furnished, t-.iii.le ami in Haiti. Aim)at 611 Broadway, Room* ami Ntiooii or Store. JloutifM well kept. Apply on the premise*. r LET OB LEASE?A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, Wk 1Weai Thirty-k?:veuih idive.t. near Fifth avenue. Ren _ low to good tenant; two very dcMru >le il<?ue* m Yorkviil? In thorough repair, with all modern iBi]irovein?iit?i; ren $400; a mini! Cottage, No. lti Horatio h tree I; rent #350 per year. Al*o, several part* of Iloi)^*, ;uut ?< veral Store* in Broadway, near Twenty-eight * reet, wiit l??? let low to g. oil n-nim*. Ai'p > to A. P. STUiiTEV ANT A t'O, 13 I.'??int Twi'iity-Heventh street. mo LOT OK LEASE?HOLSE AND TEN LOTS ON X i 10th si reef, Hour Tenth aviiue; suitable for a milkman, l?uteher or gardener; rent cheap to a choice tenant. Apply t?> E II. BROWN", 121 .Nn stu street, from I to 3 P. M. rno LET OR TO LEABE?Art A BOARDING HOl'SK J er hotel, the large, r.iiiimodioMM f?>ur fctory bulldb ? corner of .Is,y and Ulei'iiwi *li street*, n perfect order, wit'u waul. , gas. range*, Ac. Kent low. P w?aiou given imuedia e'y. ('.ill on J. CJ. DOUit, on the premise*. rp() LET OK LEASE?A BAKERY. IN V GOOD BUSJA ii#*s-. ji.Hie, on Pint avenue, between Piftv-niith a ad Blxt'Ctii xLvci*. liepiii- oil t i prexnbvaof T. RklLLY. rno LET OR LEAKE?THE STORK OR WHOLE t laiil ling No. SB I Soring Htreet, opposite the market; jl good locution for any 6a>niC8a.|Cither wimVpale. orretally low rem: poaacasi* n 1st May. Inquire at 301 Broadway, in basement. rpO LET OK LEASE. LOW?A FIRST CLASS STOKE, X on the ?oruer or B ?,ii!way and Twenty-ninth street. Apply to A. I*. STL'KTEY ANT A CO., No. Id Kant Twentyset ruth htreet. rno LEASE?THE ENTIRE M lit RLE BUILDING 614 I Bi i.idwav; or? 110 > 26fe t; ?6 aiorie*, with basement mid under basement; would in ike a Kaloou; or earn !! or separately; two upper Moors have been h'ted up for lodge room a. In pure It. OALBRAIT11, Esq., 127 Fallon .sti re', or A. EAGLE*-ON. 738 Broadway. mo BENT AT A8TQBXA?A COUNTRY SEAT riNLLY J HiiMBteil, front ing on the East river; contain* eleven rooms, in furnished with rang** and furnace: ground 160 feet on the river by about 4'i0 " etBeep; well stocked with pear # tree* and grape vim s. Will i ? rented on reasonable terms. Apply to II. WltlTTEMOKE. Astoria, or 98 Liberty Htreet, N. Y.', second l uor. rpo KKXT OR LEASE?A LARUE STEAM HO \ P KAC. 1 lory, villi all the modern improvements, and a full and u-uiplete assortment of tlixturi-s, with everything ueuessar for Immediate operation, w u out deloy or expense, on liberal terms. 1HAAC A, BIGG8, 73 Nassau street. rpo GROCERS.?TO LET OR LEASE, THE OLD K8X labllsl i-d corner known as No. 40 Greenwich street, oornet ol Morris. Inquire on llie premise*. rpo TAILORS AND MILLINERS.?TO LET, THE X small store777 Sixth avenue, uear Forty-filth street; rent SIS per uioutU. Apply ul 100 Pearl street. SHIPPING. vrorit E.-BV ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF J.1 Stale, all passengers leaving the United State" are to provide themselves with Passport*, directions for obtaining which may bo bad at the Company'* office. 19 Broadway, N. Y. JOHN U. DALE, Agent. Slciim weekly to Liverpool, touching at Q.n-evislown, (Cork llurbor.) The Livei-pool, Now York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend despatching their full powered Cltde built iron steam shii bJhh follow":? KDINBIRO. SATI ROAV. FEBRUARY 22. KANGAROO, .SATURDAY, MARCH 1, ETNA, SATURDAY, MARCH ti. aud every succeeding Saturday, at uoou, trum pier 44, North river. ItATKS or PAMIUGR. First Cabin $761 Steerage $30 Do. to London SO I Do. to Loudon fill Do. to Paris 86 I Do. to Pari* 3K D<>. to Hamburg... 85 | Do. to Hamburg? Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam. Antwerp, Ac., at equally low rates. Rates from Livei pool or Uueensiown.?First cabin, $78, $ss and $106. Steerage from Liverpool, $40; from Queensiown, 930. Ticket* can be bought here at these rates, enabling people to send for tlielr friends. These steamers hare superior seeommndatlons for passengers, are strongly built in w ater tight iron sections, aud carry patent tire annlliilators. Experienced surgeou* are attached to each steamer. For further information apply !u Liverpool to WILLIAM IXMAN, Agent, 22 Water street; In Glasgow to ALEX. MALCOLM. No. ."> St. Enoch square; itl Queen-down, U) C. ,v W. 1>. SEYMOUR A ft).; in London, to K1VKS A MA CKY. 01 King William street; in Faris, to JULES DECODE, No. "t pl.tre de la Bourse; In Philadelphia, lo JOHN G. DALE, 111 Waliiul street; or at the Company's uilice. JOHN G. DALE, Agent, 15 Broadway, N. T. STEAM TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BELFAST, LOHuoinieiry and Dublin for $110.?TlieAl powerful Clyde built steamship UNITED KINtiDoM, Captsiu Ural;, wilt ??il from ph-r .id North river, mot of Chambers street, on Tu-wlav, l c-li. 25, at 12 o'clock noon. Thlss eamshlp tsftited in t lie most approved style, to nsure the comfort mid safety of passengers. Rates ol pa-* :?Cabin, $60; intermediate. $S5; steerage. $60; im-luuing t t utuiudanl supply id guokM provisions. Ap. lyto FRANCIS MeDONALD A CO , No.4 Ho-vling Grei n. The steamship, Caletionla, fa 'am James CI irk. w ill sail Tuesday, M iron 25. OTEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVER, c p.>ol.?The Motiti-oal Steamship Conipsny's i-rat . lass, full p ii/er-d, Clyde bull: steamer JI RA, Caption Alton, rar rytng the Cstindtsn nnd United States mails, *t!' -ail front I'lCttand next Saturday, Fen. 22. Ra'es ot p?--.igc from New York ?First class, ar mdiilg to neeounnodstioit, $SI? sod Juki; steerage, fatind with good provision*. $30. Ceni-ie it. ism. ed for bringing out passenger i from a 11 the principal towns iii Great lit Rain and In-hind at very low rales. For passage apply at 29 Broadway. New York. SABEI. A SKA RLE, General Ag'-nt". Hamburg ymkrican packetcompany. Sr. nm to London, Hamburg, Havre an-t Southampton. The lavoi-ite nr.I ilas an I elegant iron iiuul su-siuship TKtTOXIA, 11. Tanbe. eotiitnandei earn ine the T'nltei! States s.i s from pier 21 North river, loot of Fulton street, frostily* ly on S iturduy, ! "? !?. 22, and takes jaio'ligers for London, It unburn, llut re and Southmiptoii at lb-- loilonim- Wii-> first Culun $1U) .v. coml r.iliiu fO Htrrmc* 3& Tho Bo. tissia will sun roil tlx? Teutonla ou Man-h 6. For passage tipplv exclusively to U. H. llit HAHU X BOAS. 151 Broadway, N. V. LKiR LIVERPOOL.?GUARANTEED KIKKT HIIIF. J1 Tho splendid clipper slop ANTART1C, Captain Stouffer, will p's lively sail If r iar\ 22. For passui: v. at !ow*r rate* tliaii hi y olhi'i* ship, applv ou boart, pin-11 East river, or to P.M. DEMAKLnT. HI South street. TJASSAOE TO AND FROM UVBRPOt'L BY TUB .1 Klark liali line of packets ?The ship NEPTUNE sails to'ino row. For passage apply to JACOB WILSON, 10B South aireet. rpAPSfOTTS LINK LIVERPOOL AND LONDON FACE1 Krs REMITTANCES TO ENOLAND TRET.AND. 4<v PASSAGE TO OK FROM tiUKAT UK T \IN OK IRELAND at tin- lowest ratea. anil DRAFTS, payable on ilrm.uul anywhere throughout tin* UNITED KINODOM, can ho obtained as heretofore. at TAPSCOTT A CO., Hti South street. Australia?kaniiaroo line-for Melbourne. carrying >-co oul class passeriners at losr rates?1'arliet for April I.?Tb- magnificent clipper ship ATLANTIC, I,#011 toni bur:ben. with rleiraut and romny accommodations, will be drsjuit died as utKive. Apply on Is aril, pier IU Kest river, or to >1 Ai LIiEK, LORD A gCEKKAU, KM Wall (li cet. UOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. J1 A bret class strainer will leave New York on the 1st,lllh and 2lal of each month, eirept when these dates fall on Jusday. w heutbe day of departure will be on the Mou day frtlOWtllft. a Fur freight or passage apply at the only nfllce. No. S Rawing Urcru. " D. B. ALLEN. Agent. LIOr.IUVAXA.-THE UNITED STATED M AIL STEAMJl ablp IIO.AXOKE leart-a pier 1.1 North river, for llatan* duvet, in. Saturday, March 1, IMA .it IS n'rloek. LVOI.AM A IIEINKKEN. For Havana?tite rxiTEn states mail rtkam alrpiOM MBIA. K A lama, lulled state*Nary, ena number, will li-nif pi'T No. 4 North rlerr, on Thuraday Februaiy 20. at 12 n'rlock M prr<-in^ljr. raa?enK*r? are re qu< ?ti d (n procure their |.Mn.p.>rt? before jtotnit onboard I or tr. I:ht 01 |>a<sa,;0 npply to FPOFKOtU), T1LENTON M Co., 21 Broad* ay. TjlOR HAVAN A VIA NASH AD. N. P. r The Mrnl?h and North America" K"yal Mall Steamfhlp KAFNAK, <'apt. Ln Leaimrler. will sail for the above porta I rout the rotupany'e wharf In Jeracy Olty, on Tuesday, Janiiary 7. IMS. Monday, March 3. Tuewlay, February 4. Saturday, .March 2!). P.i*?ii).i' money to N taaau $45 " " to Hat ana 59 All perron* leartna the tutted State* arc required to haea p:i?*|Hirta from the aiithorltlr* of thc|f reapeetlre counirtca, ..untrri- ittird by the HcTe.ary of Htalo at Waabifif ton or by tb. iiaaaiiorl ai'< lit at the (mrt if embarkation. For freight or paaaagr apply to g ci'N ARD No. 4 Bowling green. NOTK'K.-THE HTKAMHBIP KANOAROO, FROM Ltrer|*Mil, will eommene* dlachargitig, NnBer general order, ou Saturday, Fair. 2*, 1%2, at 7 "' !o k A. M, JOHN O. DaI.K, Agent. KIKNITVRR. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE tor Ml, in all colore, of warranted manufacture; ai*o aolld eheMtiiit t'haniber Multa, plain anil ornamental at H. K. I arkinhton'8, k9H ?'anal atroot, oppoMla Wooater. Eatabllahed 111 1.448, A I .A RUB ASSORTMENT or noCSKHOID rrRKI tnrr at nnvati' <aJ", at u rl h *nfn octavo llv?W'??l l*tam>fort*, coat $1*10, for Including Htooland IVter. Ai*> I'arlor Mull, < "?l $$AA f"r $140; hiraerra, Hnnlciao, Curtain*. 01 oka, Oil Painting*, Rmtifra, Tina* V(cn| Climnbi-r ?"nrolnirti, Moulin4, An . at Icaa than tiall rout. tri.i'ilr* at Iii*>'t Tw*nt>-#l*lh atrr?t. Hoar -44". JMAIRUOCUaMB SI ITS or KIRNTTI'RK, m 'J xll. r? noil ?t*i? ?. .a whulraaif ami retail, at $.11 ami opwanla. Alao, Maiircaara and Pailiaaaaa. WARREN W AHP, mUaaal atrecl, four dooraraal of Broadway. Pn Rtiri nr.-cash paid for skcoro hasp ri ? nitnrr, .Atiri i*-h ami i arpnta. Uonniry ralla attrodad to AiMi' v* K i iitiii" Stiiir. 6?) II'mU iii tr's't. u,*ho ganj riympton Hmfiry Hclatrnd lor aalc 'b?ap. TAl'RMTIRE Rol'illl r ?ALL KINDS OP IIOI SKHOLP r Furniture Imnght and a good price glvii, at ?7s? Third avrnor, nrtir Thirty-fourth atreet. AU call* promptly attrmlrrt to, or aitdrrAH Furniture, above number. N II ? A aa?n intent of aecnmt han.l KumUuro lor #al?. ITM'HNITI RR TO HIRE.-SOUR rARl.Oll ASH RED J room Knmllnrr to hir*., u? a r 'apotnllilaps tT Ad-livia 1 Mr*, lluut, nation A. Spring mreet, ior turte <t?j a,

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