Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1862 Page 2
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^ p^11111 . ? 2 Arrival op the roaeoke. INTERESTING FROM HAVANA. The Successor of Captain General Serrano* failure of a Portion ot the Tobacco Crop. TEASELS FROM THE BLOflADED PORTS. CUBAN OPINIONS OF THE AMERICAN REBELLION, Ac., Ac.. Ac. The steamship Roanoke, Captain Couch, from Havana cm February 15, at Ave o'clock P. M., with merchandise ad |Ms-engers, arrived at this |>ort yesterday. February 0. oaths outward jxisaage, Joo. K. Kt-eaan, coal passer, died aad wis buried at sea. Our Havana t'orrespowdewco Haviva, Feb. 15,1862. A Xew Captain Genial?Api<roaching Departure of Str' raw>?Hunnesi Affair* in Havana?The Trade Rrporti? Ope ralir Affair*, <?c. The successor of General Serrano, our present Captain Geqpral, baa been appoiuted, and will soon be here. He is Geoeral Dulce, at present Captain Genera! of the province of Catalonia, in Spain, and enjoys the title of Marquis. General Serrano has been created Grandee of Spam and Duquo do la Torre. What more can be possibly desire* Rich, a noble of the tlrst class, honored with high trusts, loved by a beautiful and amiable wife, he ought to be happy. He will leave the island regretted by all. The fashionable world is all agog just now at the grand fancy dre-s ball to be given at the palace on the night of Ilia 2-':<l instant, probably the last which'.ho Ihike and Duchess de laTorro will give in Cuba. It wil' be a magnificent sttair. Where is Jenkins? The Marquesa de los Caslillejos lell for Vera Crux three or four days Since, to rejoin her husband at that City. J The iult in the arrival of vessels from the blockaded poiisoi uw ?um, noticed m iny last tetter, was oniy | temporary. We have had no le--= than four this week? the Alexander, from New Orleans; the Wide Awake, W. Mattoi y and Bell, from Mobile?all schooners. I am told quit*as many, if not more, arrived at Mantnuzas. The j auuive-sary of the secession of Louisiana was celebrated at Naur Orleans with a military parade, Ac. It is said the military pai l of the celebration was very tine, all the regiments giving proof of the most careful drilling. I wut not say all, but a great many here, have made up their minds that the war will never be ended but by c foreign intervention. An {ending of this kind would be certain serration, ti there any use in any one lifting up ^ his voice for at nice and an attempted peaceful settlement. or has there not been blood enough shed as yetv Or it may be'here are some hungry speculators who have not yetma lo'Mi.High to wish the war at an end. Is there no one hold enough to speak out and propose a peaceful adjust- 1 went, beiorc the fleets of foreign I'owors hover on our 1 coasts'?one effort. Just one, on the only basis on which B the South will ever lay down their arms?the utter prosoriptioa of abolitionism?unless the people of th?t??mh " themselves choose to initiate the practaa of mat dor- fi trine. This would reunite the country. All the talk , about (be sympathy of this, that and the other foreign Power* with tlie t'nited States government strikes me as a merebotih. The crowned heeds of Europe would gladly see republican democracy sting itself to death as a [>oliti 3 cal poorer. They bave no faith in its prolonged existeooe, ten dreail :t while it lives. Mr. Pachecho, the ex- 11 amberaador to Mexico from the Court of Spain, and one of * the political philosophers of a new school in K.uropo, in a j debate in tho Spanish Cortex on tlie lOlli of last December, predicted U>e revival and establishment of monarchist!! in Ameru i, "at least from the Potomac to the Pacific.'' No i doubt lbe wish was father to the thought, shall we con i i JUIIU viirw Iiro |I?VJHK^ H-? X?I vwr UW1IJ Wit?nne3, by a noble and generous conduct, or verify our predicted rtuu by pursuing loll;, and a false pride? Tho" rem ily n in our own bauds. Aetna tuea In manibus mois semper. That the cud of the war is fervently desired liy tlie b iH U *; con in nily of tlaiaua may be inferred from (Intra to ioj*?ri published in one ot my previous letters and tho comments ot ibe local press hero. li will be an appropriate appoudix to that n-| ort to note 'the falling of! in the Hivani shipping oi 1801. In that year the number of duty (laying esssls which arrn-B 1 at this (i?rt amount ed to 2.1.14. wind? ;n 1800 the number wan ?a difference o( 1.14 bid ihat i.-- not all; loi I" we inc.tide in .lie tot a1 dilleronce the uon-duty psy ns Spanish vessels, the number swells t" "A.'. '."hen" aga.ii. the tonnage :8 'be former das* ot voxels amounted, m lsdl, to Md.uod. ami lu 1900 to oV7 858?a did-rence of 67J72; and if wr add tlie tonnage of the latter class it make- a difference of 7d,Ht80, which is equivalent to tourtcen por cent of the shipping of 1900. In cooteraplar ng these figures, the Divio at la Marina exclaims, 'Hare wo arrived at tlM cloaa of onr material prosperity, and shall we ud< begin to retrograde? ' There is", besides, of cooi-e? a relative falling off in the trade of other porta of the island, and it is needless to repeat the causa to wtiH h this stale of affaire is attributed. Whilooutlio subject of trade,I iniy mention thai I have been informed by a gentleman just returned from a viait tu the loba-co growing region of the Vuolu A ha jo that tho cro|i thorn liaa almost entirely failed; so for aome tjm? to come we may expect good segars will be acarce and expensive. W? hall havu the Opera for one uiooth more, and ihdh farewii far tediously long tune to the scenic pleasures of this .am world, for with ihe .ent. now rapidly approaching, every plaoc ot amusement will be shut up and given to silence. We bare lieeu favored with an opera which has never been presented to the critical eyes and wars of a New York audience; but no not twi jealous; for wlinu Aro do" shall be put in the Iwards of the Academy i expect there will be a different ' in the maiinci of the doing ' that will throw our perionuanr e into the background. The opera of " Aroldo" is good, tho nio-i. sweet aud agreeable, as all of Verdi's are, with tho uudoubled earmarks of t law author, for -uie recogm/r? here a bit of - Iligoletto," there a little of some other, and so on. The scenic part?the ?>>??? -a-. ti i'fati r mniAoliilMiritli- and iirusiM inuwii-wl rril ii< urrmlil say?is ft'**! vary good, anil the argument vile as Is th fashion nowaday?. [ anp^ow nothing elr>? will go down. I Alas, when shall we become more civilized? The artists iu the principal ro/*? did thflawlrei credit. Ferri was admirable; Tombeai. our host?1 sijr our only? tennr, sans with his usual tn-ie aud fe diog and a constantly improving voice; and Madame Kennrih, who is a tlncr actr-'-i" than stngar. dispUi> M lrrea' ability in the rule id Miua. On Hi whole, "AroMo" is one or Ilia law Mciv'Mi of the O, era -e utou. For ths first time in my life I saw thn wonderful ner foi inane < >f the brothers I fan Ion it the circus the other evening Kvery seat in the building was occupied. I need not attempl u description of what Is so familiar to your readers. What struck me particularly wa? l be ab. owes of everything circus like in the performance. It ares mora like the exhibition of a private gymnasium. Better late than newer t had almost forgotten to men lion that M.ramori returned to Havana a lew data since in her Britannic Maieety'a steamer Phaeton, and ii Is aid intends geirg to Spam >>y the next mail steainor for Cadis. That i* to say, then, that the Knvlisli have !orgjven him hia am.-, against them. My wind for it, Miramon was' Itorn to good lact.'' Business for the last few days is said to have been more active, though in sugar transactions buyers are low No. 12 is now <|noted at 7,','c., and a further decimals exported bp some. Fxchang# on New York today is fr m 4 a 0 per cant discount. I/?a Ion .? tlrmar at Its 11', Tha French squadron is still lying in our harbor. P S?Another arhooner from Mobile has pint corns in. That makes the fifth this w?? k. Feb. 1A.1862. Of*. OdcMTia red (he Spa nil id?Movements of Siemifh DiflUkarxn? Retnl Vermis at .VdrtiTH X P ?The ri'fl Wmr is t'cnaia'fo? Remlvtion in Hindu ran. and As taanwolPm of PrmUent Ovnrditla?A British War Vessel Risnsng the Right of Smirk?Oe*. Biraman in Banana?rmUson and Ininittoot of the Allien in M'riro? The r?l/e?? #W Among the Troops?Fmninff the Btackaie?Ott m laden Southern Vsssol* at Havana rfc. The Dvnrio of the Oth dislikes the appointment or Csaaral Oommgo Ooicourtii, by the Mexican government, as Minister Extraordinary to our capital, and thinks it pravee that Juarez is playing the Allies false. Ob the Oth instant the (ondeaa da Reus and son took thatr departure for Vera Crux, in ber Catholic Majesty* lHWir babel la Catolica. On Prim.Coado de Reus BBi bNS appointed Ambassador to Mexico. Oeneraj fi bpi b succeeded at Tuerto Rico by General Me*, ma, be helag appointed to the Philippines. We here datee from Nassau to the 8th, saying several weencb have arrived, hawing run the blockade. The ntenmer Kate, allaa Caroline, tailed on the 30tb sill, with B part too of the Gladiator's cargo, destination unknown Hie tatter te still at naebor there. The Oldenburg berk Hipbones, from Rawanllb, New Granada, waa loet at Mayguana cargo two hundred and fifty sacks coflbe, en Vrely l<?t and tobacco and sogers, which will be hated Tha Rnglish steamer Klirabetb, allaa Mlramoa, Brrtwed oa the 5th and sailed on the 7lh for Mataaorae (?) | War conuo'i** In Veaatnta. Rwtricllona hart Wt p'acad upon tha liberty of tha prwa llaraaiiar all aditors must ??a lUair nfnatufn* M Um bottom of tbatr articlaa Geo. FraaeiacO Itqp* and many powar'il ctttoena war* irrratorl A frl*btfnl ravalotlon la raging In Hgadnra* it com mmioad at Aaybraak of ilia lltta nK. at 0Mmjragi,a,aa4 h* apraad throughout tba oount; jr. Th# flrat victim |ba 'ant, D?o3anVia Qoariwla, who wu aamnuutin* ft %l bit own dour Tbia cauMd wnk ?citemsnt kith* capital, *km, aUhuog h M fa?Ilk! Senator imnmdi hUiy look charge and toriuad a provisional government, no obedience waa found from Ih* people nor from th* trooj*, who bay* loiaeU I ha umurgcota. K?o*ea? war* being committed iu TrunWo oa lrt bruarv 6. Thi- I'ajaro del uceouo cam* ui uu lli< evening of tba l'dth?ten day a from St. Thomu3?and c >nliriu* the report of au attempt by th* coin ntantler <f a ltritith vessel i f-war to take a seernau who claim to t>? an Kuglishnian fiotn an Amy ricau vessel by force The Iroquois protected tho rights of the latter, and, owiug to a ) Tot eat of our Consul, Mr. F.dgar, tho Governor advised the British comntandar that th* guns of tho fort would aid the Iroquois. Fortunately, the Admiral arrived, reprimanded the totumandor aud dulx apologised. The 1 roqnoi* sailed ou the 10th ult. Th* Quaker City arrived on tho 20th utid sailed ou the 30th. The I'Dited States bark Win. G. Anderson arrived on the '2Sili i v) Wo hare uews iruui Skip Island to the 7lk. all wall. Five shi|>s of I'orler's expedition liad arrived, and two more were spoken outside oor harbor on the 11th inst. en ruut* for that place. We iiave data* from Yucatou (1 have U tiers from Hilda to the 30 th) to the 31st, but ihure Is nothing of inii<ortanco. Mirumon ar.ived on the lllb in her llritannio Majesty* steamer l melon, .m i win leave in lac ula ue uuna to-day for Cadiz. Wc were to'.d that he would be kept a prisoner on l>oard the Phaeton till he nailed (or Spaiu, but thi* stoamer left our port on the tilth , so Miratnou may vet turn up in Mexico. Ilia arrest was uot sanctioned by the Crouch and Spanish plenipotentiaries. A corns pondeut writes tun, under date of 5th, that noitdvauce had been uiatte by the Allies, and there were over 1,000 sick in the hnepitals of Vera Cruz, besides many at Te jena and Medel'.in. The yellow fever haa declared nself to an alarming extent." The Mexican government sWI insist upon the re emburkation of tho Spanish troopa, but that an escort of 2,000 of i hv three Powers may attend the negotiations to be held at Orizaba. The Allies, In replying to Juarez's answer to their ultimatum, say that in all tlio mouth of February they shall ad vance to Ori/aoa, etallouing some troops at Jalapa. General Priui had said ho should give battle at Obito Gordo if he found opposition to his march. On the 8th tho Knglish (f) steamer Victoria sailed for Jamaica, as also her Britannic Majesty's gunboat Steady. l-'eb. 9?Came in rebel schooner Aloxuuder, eighty-two tons, with cotton, sixteen days from Now Orleans; rebel schooner Wide Awake, seventy nine tons, with cotton, ten days from Mobile, and F rench transport L'Avoiaier. Feb. 11?t ame in rebel schooner William Mallory, one hundred and eight tons, with cotton, eleven daye from Mobile: and from VoraCruz, m teu days, Spanish transport Sunrise, wilh ene hundred end (lfty-one sick troops. The French steamer Sevre sailed the same day for Vera Cruz. Feb. 12?Sailed (lie English (V) schooner Heury Travers for Maianiorosand Nassau (?) Feb. Ill?Came in rebel schooner Bell, eighty nine tons, with cotton, live days fi*mi Mobile. Brought Monde 7VtiiMn lo Urn lilti inst. Yon will have heard ils uews, which we know not whether to heliet e or not. of the surroundng by the l'uioim>ts of fort Henry. The Kritfc-h steamer Steady, while going out of this (Mi l. came In coIIlmuii with the coasting steamer ('omandilario. and a as considerably injured: sent in a claim of 12,800; but, as she has sailed, and the Spanish captain wa- not called on the survey, he reuises to pay. The Steady sailed, notwithstanding his protest of her "loaviug till a [iroper survey hud been hold. COCK FIGHTING IN THE METROPOLIS. Wow It la Conducted?Details of a Main Fought between New York and Philadelphia?$15,000 Staked on the Result? The Police Kea, <kr., &c. For a fortnight past tlio sporting fraternity have boeu ?n the ijni I'M" for a cock light which came off in this :iiy Wednesday night , and w hich was a trial for superi" irity bet woen Philadelphia and New York Matlera had leen so well arranged by those having the aflair in hand. UJl llie ikhict. ?u;i an luwir viguaurw [.r;,inn uoi suee-'il in gettiDg the slightest clue to it a occ urrenco. I'pou eadiug lite details given beluw, tb* public will wonder hat sm h things can transpire within the limits of the letropolltan district, guarded by a force of two^housaud acn and at an expunsc of nearly 93,COO,000 per annum. -till mor* snrpr sod wili lliey be to (which tg tho icl) that reck tightg occur regularly two eveuings one'1 reek in thU city, without the slightest obstruction so far s the police are concerned. The tight thai took place ou Wednesday night came off t a well known ' Cricket Court" in tba Bowery. The ?Ode of ingress was peculiar, and had been constructed I ' rilh special Reference to a from the police, 'nss'ng through the oyster sa'.ocn, or eating house, in ront, the visiter found himself in a room, iargo and airy mougli, hut not lighted, tine tveli posted, however, vould turn short to tho right and find a door opening into in intensely dark aud uarrow pas-age. The door closes >chind you quickly, from the force of a spring. To the eft, and seemingly attached to the wall, is a small rope which auswers as a conductor bv allowing it to trail lirough the half opened hand. This passage is some twenty teet in ieu?-th, and termiDMlcs abruptly in a steep tight of ladder steps. At the top of these steps is a very isrrow landing. Should you take three steps in advance rou would he precipitated to the bottom of another flight patting to the passago way going out. At the right of hut lauding n door opens into a room eighteen feet square, ] veil but tint brilliantly lighted. At one side of the room | s a Inir, and op-sieite this a store, around which a paaiy if men are clustered, talking "Chick"." and already ayiug mi.ney on their favorite. At the end of the noin s table, on which are weights for scaling the owl. Over this the twenty-five printed rules for (lie tovernnient of the i ockpit are suspended. tine of these ?ovides that the pit shall t>" at least eighteen feet in iiameter and sixteen inches high.and that the floor of he -?mr -diall tie rsqieted Another that fowls who to not 3' ale within two ounces of each oilier shall not be < nsidcrod as fairly matched. A weigh mast<-r i.s appointed . wli< sr business is to scale the fowls, and whose iloctsion in malti-rs of weight must lie considemd final. As the cwks are waled their weight is placed upon a sheet of paper, fioo? which matches are made up by pairs wlio appruerb near em? gii to each other in this ID UIJ-WT kUf rcquuemeuik in llio rule aDOVC pioi ed. Hio paper'<eifg In ng up, the crowd git tier around, ind lira betting begins, but doei not grow lively for some me, or until the lowls hive lieen well shown iip. White .ack*, te-einbling grim bogs, arc lying about she floor at lifleretit poiotl ol tb" room, the conteuls of which are b? rayed by the -onorina note of ?ome valiant < Irani ii leer indeed ing therefrom, who is an tun is to be out doing tattle with his adversary. Matter* being adjusted the "doormen" cries out, on Itehalf of the "main," "Tli y are getting ready for the ,iit. get your tickets,gentlemen." AH parlies stop out to tho table, except tlnse who are going to 'light the fowls," and pro ore tickets. A very narrow door in the southeast corner of the room dis ulo. es another stoep *ud nai row stairway, wide enough lo a linit only one man at i time. lh;s Ica'.ia up to tliec rk Pit. This latter etnn tine hag a i irrlo about tw.mty-one feet in diauietrr and twenty in'hes high Around the pit were circular seats rising to the roof, for the accommodation of the ' hellers' and other spectators. The row's are bioiiglit in by their re-|ieetivo fighters. and the steel heels, or gads, are fastened securely on in place of their natural spurs which h ive been lemovod. Pl-u ing these gall'" an e ghth of an Inch out of the proper angle puts the chick at ihe me-rv of his antagonist and causes hitn lo ;<>.-c the ttght. S piee/.ing the lowl pit previous to his "toeing the mark" will weaken him several ounces. These luiposii tot* are sometimes practised to enable the knowing ones to bet on the fav orile and win. I he ftgh on Vodneoday evening wa*a "mate" teugtt bettro>n Philadelphia and Now York, and was to be partkupaicd in by seveu chicks ?nd eielii racks a side, making thirty i'owl. or Bfteen maidies tiriv dollar-t-> u. match and gVJO P> the odd or eleventh mat' h were the terma of the light. Hcttmg wis quite lively pre. iocs to tho eirfr- of 'tie flrst match, whi< U wa- made at tcu ininutes before nine o'clock. ' William Bnimmix, Of Philadelphia, against John MulHolland, of New York, both parties agreeing on .laku Simemdyke,of New York,?sjudge and referee.' was ?u titinonorod at the pifte's stepped in and stroked their fowls, preparatory to delivering them at the mark. Five to four ten t eight, twenty to sixteen and forty lo thirty-two were the raids oflered by New York and taken by Philadelphia, as the chickens received their poli?lnng touch andweie delivered .-it the score, "nie tight was short, sickening, desperate?agaui and again Ihe. cruel steel gafl ware buried in the necks of each, until ihe hem's of the fowls wete deluged In blood. and they were obliged to stop from sheer exhaustion. The pltters counted ten, and Ihe birds nuking no move, wete puked up .uid redelivered at the score?one of them wdli boh eyes gone, and the other nearlv blinded. jhev spring together again end inflict terrible punishment. New Y<irk knocking hie adversary clean on h i pins, and theox< dement liecomlng in ten -e "Five to two on Miilholland," slionted a man, well known about Pillion market, wbo occupied a(ront**at, and bad bram betting heavily, "Ten to one, t wemv to on*, fifty to one," he continued, as Philadelphia yiefdod the palm of superiority intl rolled over on ihe "floor of the pit, dead, under the beak of his adversary. "New York wins the tight, nays the judge, an I the audience, soma two hundred in number. and having a more than average sprinkling ofgiay heads, sim iltanoously cotne forward and mingle toguhor to ?attl? their stores, t laim their winnings and cancel their losses fin this match about two thousand dollar* changed ban Is While this business was going forward the pit ten were removing the gaff- from the fowls the scales were brought in. and the winning ravk weighed and declared "airright" by tho Judge From the moment of scaling flfieen minutes were allowed to intervene beiween ilie (Iglita. Tliere wa* no very essential difference in the Scenes that ensued in the twelve successive bat ties that WW fought It wa* what i* designaicd a close Iy eonteet-el "main," involving losge* and gains to the amount of glo.OOU, and was won by Philadelphia, the latter getting sev?a battles out of thirteen. The lighting continued until half past three o'clock in the morning The Korty-fowrth New York Statu Volstnteere. TO THK gPtTOIt OP TBI HUtAI.D. t ine Binnnimn, Hsu. * Hy-i, Va., Fnb. 18, ISM. I see by your paper of yesterday, in giving ah account of a rerauinou-sanee made by the Forty-fourth regiment, a alight mistake, which hae gone thu round of the paparg for so long a time lha' my command wish ine to correct II, una i now las* the opportunity You rail >n tit* hiloworth Bvongorn " W* *r*not. ami norer liar* b**n, the av?Dg< r *f any man. W# lid not volunteer to avongo < otonrl EUaworth'a death: that wm done on th? (pot by young Brownell. Wreani* to aosmt, to the extent of our power, In upholding tbi constitution of tb? t'nited State* and to put down thie rebellion. Our regiment wax formed : upnarpf tbo lamented Colonel KUrworth, ami is known in Saw York fHalejn'd ouukk tbo rmy aa tbo' feoptve ? -worth jf>.' un*rit '' in tho field onr numbor h tit* i.'.rtyfourth rogimont Vow York State Ve'iinte-re By n. the above in rWral .-< l.a|?r you ?i I g'eally oblige lb*fifty fou,tu rcgituottt.^ lb; 'ir,? ro' iM*; r .rty r-?' th r*g n ;u'. N Y h V, 4 KW YORK HRRALD, FKID IMPORTANT FROM MEMO. ! ! Arrival of the Spanish SImmt Alava \ at Havana* I ^v^wv>.w/v.w^ww a fl The Allies Preparing to Advance ' Into the Interior. J a Increasing Sickness Among the ' Allied Forces. J ^ t The English Marines Suffering from v Yellow Fever. * V RAPID APPROACH OP T11B VOMITO SEASON, ? U OgkhiaM PrMMdln^ of Um 8p?1ih J *j lommuHier, Ao.? Ac., Ao. Oar Verm Cm ComipondttM, Ji Vrau Cro*. Feb. 6,1902. Ji We S'atu* Quo of (he AUia?Prrpara'i'mt foe on Ad- J? nance?Death Industrious Among the Allies?High tl handed Proceeding* of General Prim?Depredation* of SpaniardI on Mexicans?Unity qf the Mexican* to Roust H Their Invader;?The Arreet and Liberation of Miramon, W . ol etc., Ok. d Matters here remain Ut etalu quo. The Allies have 'j matleno further dcvelopemenls as to their intentlous- m Their ultinuttum is still before the Mexican government' "J and as yet lias received no attention. The Spanish are busy constructing wagous for trans portntion. The yellow fever has mado its appearance H among the fleet, and the English are suflering severe n ly from the epidemic, and are at work in full force T< making tents for tlieir sick. The Spaniards aro daily re- S1 turning their sick to Havaua. Already have nearly lo eight hundred gore, and still the Spanish have over one 0'f thousand in the hospitals. Matters hero wearauythiiig hula plca^aut aspect; and if negotiations do not soon come to u conclusion the greater portion of th s allied W force will flud a resting place at Campo Santo be fore they receive marching orders for the in- N terior. The ofltcers are very anxious to get thmr s" men aw.iv from here, anil twice have decided to St nnrch f ?r llie interior; but, for reasons best known i*. to tUem.^eJves, their decisions liavo bt-eu cliaaged, p and they etill remain here. The French Admiral, bow. ever, has gison orders for his forces to i>e reedy'to march ou the 23d of 'Ira pie-ent tno.ntb. This city long has been called the City of the Mead. It never was in such a tllthv coudiiiou as at preseut, the.Spaniards tiav. Rl ing voted and stolen all the money they cooU find to furnlsh General Prim's residence, and the city Is the suf. foror; but if theso troops are not soon removed tine ominous name will be too sadly true. The French are w daily expecting reinforcements from Matinnino and j'' Brest, and report says that General Mediation is to assume mm command. 'I he s-pain irde are dally receiving additional r fore s, but in limited numbers?hnrdly enough to cjud * terbalance the number of nick roturuod to Havana. General Prim still rules with e high hand. They bare commenced confiscating Mexican property of whitovor nature and wherever found, without regard to the pro- . lest of the owners and occupants. If an officer is (purliuod in a vacant house, and iluda no furniture, at ha immod.ately informs the Governor, who at ouce issues an order titwn some unfortunate Mexican " citizen, demanding beds, chairs, lights, charcoal A lo cook with, aud vinegar: and the Mexican has got to furnish according to the demand. It ho is not able or rafuses, bis household goods are seized for these noble ea defenders of their country's honor; and these fellows, f||( after having intruded iuto private families, are arrogant, abusive aud insulting to the members, these demands "r and intrusions arc daily mode upon Mexicans,and twice ttn American citizens hive bona victims, notwithstanding the protest of llie citizen or the Consul: but iu uoiustaucu have they disturbed a S|ianlsh resident. Tlie Englishand of Kreucb interiors only iu belialf of their own citizens. One groat loature ol this wonderful expedition is that they occupy this place by suffrage, without any declare- till lion of war, saying to the people we come here not to nia interfere, hut to sustain, and our deportment shall be nuchas to win the love and osteeni of the Mexicans. ari Purely this is a great oxpoditinu. They have been here cei lifty days, during the healthiest jiart of the year, wlucli Lhey havs allowed to pass with out taking one step lo- *'e wards arcompl.shiug the obiect for which they came. Tr 1 lie sickly season is fust approaching, with a severity , that has net been known for years, aud still they are here with no more accomplished than the day they land tlii ed, with an enemy more deadly than any armies daily ?(i destroying their forces,and 81 i!! uo movement. There is something in this great problem or tho nineteenth ou- roc lory yet unsolved and vory mysterious. One thuig is jn, certain: tliey have got to uio\ e from here very soon, or uevor.elive. ph ou tiie other side, the Mexicans are actively preparing w, to meet their foe; facte na and parties are exiiu<d Mexi- . co Is oue grand unit. God, liberty,and death to mvu lers "" the watchword. If the Mexicans woie slightly luind at no Aral at the idea of threo powerful nations coining to whip ,. them, when ltn-y saw the insignifii ant force sen I to accouipllsh the thing, and the evident t imidity of the eue- 21, my, they got bravely over their lrigln. and everyday H1) has increased their strength and dcteriuiiialiou lo resist; and wb<l the allied force could have dotio with teu ibou- Ho sand mcu when they landed they ca- not do now with thirty thousand. The Mexicans have five liuudt <sd women in the Held, (rom Guadalajara, dressed as Zouaves,- P" and armed with the lance and lasso, who, if allowed to several very Out vulustMr compMiM in lb* Urol, win- "" l?>scd mostly of young men of teith wealth and influence. >,v| I lie Mexnwua do uol rompla.n of waul of m ;n or moony. . '1 liev arc m good poKiti<?na, a ltd have lint to reiuitu uriii and wait ilie uioveiucol of I tie Allies, and they will ta oblige this great ex|>?'ditton aod the mentors of it to -a show to the world that either tliejr have made a great ' hi.stake or thai they rei.e I too much ou diplomacy and th too Utile on force, w Mexico and the friends of Mexico lu I hardly begun to congratulate the English upon their happy and sttreesrful III < apture of tha an b traitor Mirumoti when th'-y mere va astonished aod chagrined to loarti that be was lu be taken to Havam and liborateil. Their reason for so P: doing is not known. The English claimed that tbey ar> hi rested Miramon u|>on an order s-ued morn than a year ago by the English goveruinoul. ibal Miramon -iiould l>e taken jtri. oner w Uouover found on board any Kugl ,h ves at' gel or English ground, and thai this ait was done w ittioal any ottinartimi with their present position. If tuis L- true, why do lliev give him upr lie is ceruiuiy III a criminal. They know (hat Miranion is one of ^ Mexico's greatest enemies: that his m - :<<u here -va i? form rut and revolution: re thisconutry; ileal in u iugliw tr with bun. In ags|g| bun in lit- nefarious designs, a party of ellow.s thai have l?een guilty in this l otiuirv of w , :i y crime ever committed by man, und who are here-till 01 waiting hut for their leader: that llm act of ram tiring s? and holding Miramon was of the moat vital importance to . th- ml'-rjsts of Me.xi <-o, and the peaceful a c nnplisli.uent 0 of their own end,, and an art that the w /Id would have Tl Justified. i'tilt, in face oi all tbeec, they have ipiietly ?. placed him n board Iter Hruannic Majesty war steamer 1 I'brtou for llavim where he will lie - tat lih-ity. | If ,nd the result will be that Miramon will he in this conn- : ?, tre before a tnou'li. aud. unless a chati. e is ma le ut l ' matters here, Spain will carry tbe day. M Vice a Cum, K-Y <j. | vtj. j. !> iitli of I'riiti in if'j o?Hit H'i<A to |y Virij or (%( f'rt iil'ttl? AJipmtt h of th? Vftlo-i h'tr*r awl H! tr': ^ Vomit S-'d an?Th' Biiti'h Slroo > I'lv -r. <f - , ,A There i? positively nothing new ?in<e the date of my loiter to the Hmui.n on tbi lat. Tim ailed forcea p.,0. a tinue tbdr prepiralIon* for marching into tbe in'?ri?r ,m and now apeak of getting off from here b.v the loth or n the C)th of tbia nvmtli hot their march will depend ti m 'Cb upon the ?ta!" of the Inlr gu?s of Prim (Jeneral Pi Prim now mikes no ;e.rel of it that he wishes to be d< President Emperor or King of Mei co, and he la laho - ng V w-.ih might and ma.a lo further his designs in tbe inte rtor. ft The game ef the M< at-ana I? to gain tune and try tI to delay act tor. ttnlil the rotnito season when no more European troope can with safety he landed here, and they are corner .en" ly defeat ng the expedition wnb the vanity of ite chief, keeptng htm alire with hope* that ^ b- be ma le mler "I Mm;oi, when in reality be lies CI not ?o moch chance as I hire of arriving at that j>olut 1, Tbe extraordinary part oi the business ta, Sir ( harlot 4 Wyke. the British Minister, te the advocate of i.eneral < Prim and hie go-between. I he follow appears to be per- T fectly mad, aud haa been c >ndemned bv all the English residents of tbe interior, who have iwutioned their * government to hev? h m removed from h?re. e< being an M enemv to their interest*. lh? Krench Hunter la the i only one who ke?pa to a cons.tefbt con ee in ail thin la b'Minane He adberef to the original programme of the Y three Pnwere, and r#fuee4 to bare anything to do wnb tbe intrigues of Prim. Ho yon will eee we have not " much concert here, and will likely have leea when the m I think itcortaia that Prim will be removed from hie I post end the expedition directed by others thaa tb? ' Spaniards. K mm i no* mad* it ia certain to o prova a wret< lied failure. Siofcness baa alreed/ comnion'.ed bare with greet virulence, end a great many? " ay 000 or more Spaniards?are ia the hoepllale. her fi Majesty's eteemer Plover, lately etran led at Alrarado, has been got off. simowhat injuied Ten of the mterier 0 Slates have d* ure-l Tor war au I agvutt ajiy c >tB[iro- R mlee whatever Oar Havana Correspondence, Havana, PaV IA, 1 MX C Arritml of the ftponuk W%r S"owiw diaea?Vic*n?? in I the A find Army?The Alliei Ahnetl to ffm?tihrtivA i I n/ nf I'retidtM Juires, Ac . rfr I | Bisce robust letter to yn.hythi 0?l !?'/?, tbrt i >AY, FflBKUARI Zi, 180 lava bean two arrivals from Www Crai. Ow of Iheaa, Ming bar Catholic Majesty's Hinir tltn, trrind yes orday, with dates to the (Kh toot It woaM appear tha' t? Allies wore preparing to advance, at least a# far aa iriraba, occupying Jala)* alao, and leaving but a small ;arri.son at Vara On*. Sick iioum among the troopa, ia illeged aa a nooessity Tor the movement, and certainly lot without reawui, when wo loam that the S|>amard* lave about one thousand atck, the french ftra hundred, md ths Kugliab one hundred, making a total of oue thou

iaod fit hiuidrod men, or about a drib of the entire aluxt fotce. To save themselves frotn further loss, it ia ivideut. therefore, they must either take to their ihip* and leave the count, or advance beyoud he tierni eaKente; and this latter they prefer doing. It ri said thai President Juarez objects to thw movement, tod that a majority of Uie people are with him. It is ikely ho will object, hut that is all. hi the pre cut eonlitiou of Motion, impoverished and witliuul the active nppirt of aainglu ail) .Juarez ie too wily and politic to leclare war. If there should be a tolliaiun, ho will not >e res(<oosiblo for it. What would It avail him if the ottro allied arm) wore destroyed to morrow? Nothing; or a mui h larger force would be undoubtedly sent in a ory short space of tune. We know vary well that the illios?thai is, thu governments of fiance, Knglaud and pain?never dreamed of armed resistance, or they rould have sent a much larger force, and tho capital rould protmbly liavo been occupiod by this time. No ue ever supfiosed that franco and Kngiarid ontortain ny idea of c.aiquoring tho country. Spam equally projsts against any such intention, and it is not worth rhila msisttug on Uio contrary assertion, because It is uite out of her power, if she have the wish ever so much, hersforo the allied army wsa not aent to wago war, but >aci as an imiuMing poiioe fores for the protootion of tiie Llied commissioners. Arrivals and Departures* ARRIVALS. Havsits?Steamship Roanoke?Bernardo Oallol, khs Sidcy Astiby aud servant, Aaaou Taylor, L Molleabeck, Thos Duffv, Daniel O'Brian. Edward fisher, Willi-1 Rabbin*, tines Molina. M fiivhel. CajA James Ross, OottfrlixTKohr, bo* heahv. David Wilson. Frederick Ollcndorf. ThoaTTay r, Adolplius HallaartOr, A W Krktdl, Nicholas I teuuou, ho? Brooks. H 0 Underwood, P E Carrie. DKPAKTUUB. Livkkpool? Steamship America, from Boaiou?Roe T N askell, Minn Nnnrse, H 0 Wluthrop, Jr, 0 H Hnrtbut, Geo ' Deans, Mih S Park man, Mis*45arkmaii, Master Park man. Boston; P Ohaxe, of Nantucket; II Freeman, of Brewster; Sawyer, of Providence, PB Randolph, of Ultra: Jamea uckland. of St Louts; II H RieliardHon. of New Orleans; eo tV Hale, of Ncwburypnrt; Win Patrick. Jr, Mri Patrick, ins Simmuua, ol Halifax; Major Anaou auil O H Tunming*, F.ugiand. S Selte, of Austria?31. Por Hainan?.1 MrDou. ,1, oi Nova Scotia, K A Hart, U P Da want, J It Coinpton, Rosa, Mrs E Lynch, Mr. 8 R I.indaay and Mr MrDompti, of all fa i. N8; .1 Whitman, of Ronton; A O Heywood, of Oi.uind; tt Dew init, of Mitford; Re* 8 Tupper, of Roxbnry; Mr? A Harden and 2 children, of Bailment'. O Sanderson. of srnioulb, NS J McKay, oi Piclou ; 1 Bench, of Coniwallia. S; Re* DC Moore, wife and child, of Morrislown, NJ?22. i a I 43. Livnarooi.?Steamship Anglo .Saxon, from Portland?J W taw, or PlitiadelpliLi; J t alderwnod, of Vermont; D McO'ilcli apd G Nichols, OI'Boston: J Clianihurd and O Fowler, (tliiratpi; M Nunc, o( New Vork; Mi Harurard suit wife, Chic,no Havana?Steamship C dumb,*?- P J Armour, Win i. Unit, y de Gatmeiuiia, V (; Cartioiil, A D McCarty, Man*icl H ora, Antonio Reynea, 0 W Karritgttnn, Wm J Coombs, J hnchrad. Mad Boris b, Mr Thayer, W H Spragtis, Robert Cane-.John Stevens. Jr. N L Archer, Alfred Lajonehere, iriot M Crn/at, Gedrce K Thortidike, J M dcCnrtatlio, Miss ary O A Tvler, C H llaue. ami lady. Mlvsbl Sa)te. Gde la iMiire, A 1*111011. Mrs Hanxt, arrvanl and two children; Mrs Pluniiey, ,1 Van Praag. taity, etntd an I servant; .1 Kctmiler, B Ealnit. M.timet Bol tuns,' I) i Al'<|iiimbaii, 8 Mot', J W one. Pedio 8 mi die/. H A Allen, P Cadeio. J O Weal and ily. llTalenll. I. D Roberts. I* Williams and ladv, MraG'-o ifliama and child, Mr.C Bisden, Hy ICte'miou I. IrTli.iy, J Ferrers, S Ferrers. Market*. rHII.AIlM.PHIA STOCK BOAUO. 1'iiti Atim.eHi.A, lob. 20. 1862. .Stocks steady. Pounsylvauia State 6's, 8t??; Reading lilroiid, 21s,'; Morris ( anal. 40. l/mg Island Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, 361,,'. Sight exchange on jw York at par a 1 10 i>er cent discount. Piiii Ama.fiuA, Fob. 20, 1862. Hour dull: Mo* 1,200 b!>M. at $6 375; for mipertlne heat (Inn; g.ileft 10,0l)0 linsticla at $1 3'i a (1 40. Corn II at 56c. a 65 ';c. Mes? pork, $12 50 ? $13. Whiskey ill at 26.. a 2Tc. HNANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Thckspav, Feb. 20?6 F. M. Tit* money market continue* moderately active la?t quotations. The brokers are free borrower* 6 per cent. The new bull tnovemeat naturally res employment to a large amount of eapitai. fair Ixtoinpiid iu tiFinir HruiA in 7-!l0 TiMmirv tea at 9t? a Money wilt probably remain ay unlets the United States government enters e market as a borrower. Prom one to t wo bulled thousand dollars continue to be received at ? Sub-Treasury daily ou deposit at five per cent. Foreign exchange fell off agaiu to-day. We hear sales of first class sterling at 113^ a x/t, which considerably lower than leading bankers ask for sir bills. Francs are lie'd at 4.97% a 6.05. The ukct has not fairly opened yet, aud transactions ; limited. Cold dropped this morning to 3 per nt, thou rallied to 3'4, at which figure there ire sales, and finally closed at 3% bid. If the casurv Note bill fails gold will fall, rhe stock market opened with some buoyancy s morning, and many of the speculative shares vam-ed a fraction. Alter the board the upward ivement was assisted by purchases by the leadC speculators, and a further small advance took K-e. At the second bnurd this advance was -II maintained, aud the market closed firm, ougli without any appearance oi outside husiThe Southern State stocks continue to be ely bought on speculation. Tennessee* rose 4 this morning, and 'l more this afternoon: Miami.* 114 in the morning aud I more in the afteron. Tennessee owed before the war #16,000,000, d was well aMe to pay the interest ou this comratively small debt, l ast spring she began to lue war bonds, and no one knows how much finev may have been borrowed in this way. In condition the war may leave the resources the State it is impossible to say. It seem* corin, on the one hand, that it will not have the feet of removing slavery altogether, as may be e caje in Missouri, aud. ou the other, that it ill cause lo-ses to slaveholders rough the escape of slave*. The large adnee in Tenncsaeea to day was no doubt irtly due to the wild rumors of a proclamation .- Govcrnoi Harris, calling upon the citi/.on* of nnessee to lay down their arms. The morning's Ivance was e pial to % in Central. \ in Krie, % Michigan Southern old, % in guaranteed, % in liuois Central. 14 in Galena, '4 in Toledo. An tempt is being made by the speculators in C'en* alto corner the market: but we presume that, usual, it-will merely have the effect of biinging it stock for sale. A) H2?4. dividend off. Central em< dear enough comparatively w ith the price government securities and first class bonds, he Tolling bill, wc understand, will shortly be ought forward at Albany. The corner in Todo is understood to have given way: some of the leculatovs have been selling privately. Pacific ail declined % l,er rent. The business of the inipfliiy is very light: the last trip from ,s*n ranoisco was the lightest ever made since the atnpany was established. It is reported that ie government has notified the company tha* is llaltic will uo longer bo wanted as transport. At the second board the larket was tlrrn? at the prices which iled between the boards. The closing quotaon3 were as follows:?United States O's, rrgistcr1. 1991, 90 a %: do. G's. coupon. 1*81, 00 a %; o. 5's, coupon, 1974, 80 a %: Indiana S's, 75%: irgiuia 6's, 59 a 61; Tennessee 6's, 59% a GO; orth Carolina G's, GO1; a 70: M;ssouri G's, 50% %; Pacific Mail, 93% a New York Cen si, 82% a %; Erie, 35 a 35; do. preferred, 59*4 59; Hudson River, 39 a '4; liarlem, 12% a %; do. referred. 50 a %; Reading. 42% a 43; Michigan entral.53% a 54; Michigan Southern and North rn Indiana, 22% a 23; do. guaranteed, 45% a [; Panama, 119% a 120; Illinois Central, G4 a 65; aleaa and Chicago, 69% a %; Cleveland and otedo, 44% a %; Chicago and Rock Island. 55 %; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 64% a %; ilwaukee and Prairie dn Chien, 20 a %; Cleve,nd, Columbus and Cincinnati, 109)?*a 110; New ork Central 7'e, 1976, 103 a 105; Erie third mortage bonds, 96 a 97; Michigan Central 8*s, first atrtgage. 101 a 103; Illinois Central bonds. 7 e, i\ a 93%. After the second board the news of the passage f the Treasury Note bill through the House and se cheering intelligence from Clarksville imparted resh rourage to tbe bulls, and a further advance a % per cent was realized on the speculative tiaree. Tlit recent victories in Tennessee and North Caroina bare deprived the financial measure# before jonyreH# of the importance they once possessed, f, as we all believe, the rebellion can be crashed Hit in the coarse of ninetjr daya, It mattera very Ittle what coarse Congress may pursue with regard to the ftaancep, When it eccoacd tmewtain 2. ? | ?r whether Ike nr might not Uet twelve or eighteen months, it *u i metier of the first importance to enable Mr. Chsse to pay his debts in a currency which should be bankable. The extremity of the crisis in which the country was plunged rendered a resort to paper money?made a legal tender?an imperative necessity. Whether the recent victories have not to some extent modified the state of the case is a matter which may admit of debate. If General Buell seizes Nashville, and General Sherman reduces Savannah, it is probable that Mr. Chase might sell a large amount of six or seven per cents in open market without too great a depreciation. Vic tory wilt bring foreign capital to our aid, and will strengthen confidence at home. It wonld be better, of coarse, that the soldier who fights for his country should be paid iu the same mouev as the national bondholder. But, after all, if everybody sees the way clear to the suppression of the rebellion and the end of the war, there will be no difficulty in getting along with any kind of paper. Even the stupidest of our bank managers will be compelled to receive Treasury notes on deposit for the sake of having a currency to pay checks in; and, in ordinary circulation. United States Treasury notes, such as are now afloat, will pass aa readily as gold and silver. The possibility of -a disagreement between the Senate and the House on the details of the Treasury Note bill, which seemed so alarming a week or ten days ago, would not now be a matter of grave consequenoe. The Tax bill is the point of importance now. Heory C. Parmer, lata Cashier of the Artisans' Bank, has been appointed Receiver to close up toeir ana in*. The business of the Sub-Treasury to-day was as fol loirs:? Receipts $864,280 80 ?For etiotofiis 176,000 O2 Payments 480,058 lo Balance 6.127,681 4Q The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $18,923,534 89, and the balances ll.0C2.183 36. By the Bohemian, at Portland, ire have advices Bom England to the 7th inst. Consols ruled steady in the London market at 92% a 92%. Lord Palmerston stated in Parliament that it was the intention of the British government to maintain neutrality in relation to the affairs of this country. The eotton market at Liverpool was dull. The sales on the 7th inst. were 6,000 bales, at declining prices. Breadstuff* were quiet and steady, and 1 provisions were duH. The statements of the banks of the three principal cities of the Union for the last week compare with the previous one and the corresponding time of 1801 as follows:? rVfSMi'liI. Sprci*. Circulation. N. York.Fel?.15.$Ul,994,19S 10,430,476 28,115 1M 6,762.506 BOHIou.FFO. 17. 62.587.7S8 22.034.971 8,410,1490 6,466,309 Phils., Feb. 17 . 29.388JUI 18,692,182 6,349,364 2.192.612 Tola I $333,970,824 151,157.631 42.374^W2 14,424.327 Lnglwee* 2:46.119.181 162.464,851 42.635,178 14.884.783 l.?Hi year....... 208,342.979 124,247,386 46,002,229 17^300,004 The Essex County Bank, of Newark, N.J., has declared n semi-anmiat dividend of three and a half per cent, payable March I. The Michigan Southern Railroad earned in the second week of February? 1882 $41,584 1861: * 29.363 Increase $12,222 A comparison of the footings of the weekly statement of the Boston banks with those of last week exhibits an increase of $247,197 in the items of loaus and discounts, and a decrease of $749,735 in deposits, $103,748 in specie and $146,600 in circulation. We annex the principal footings since January 1, with those of the corresponding week last year:? l/oont avA 8p*cie in Circuit tints. Ihtcmtnlt. Hank. DcpmiU. tion. Jan. 6, 1862. .$66,612,997 8,920,486 27,003,839 6,401,687 Jan. 13 64,704,039 8.680,607 25,642.994 6,612,512 Jan. 20 64.409,585 8,588,217 25,441,327 6,049,871 Jan. 27 63,025,191 8.562,175 24,030,776 6,284,268 l.'ah .3 tt-> 7U.1 8 .VM> 4SM 'XI WIS Ml AWMM Feb! io!:;:. o'j'.iUo.wI 8,514.638 22,784/709 eiol^ooo Ket?. IT 02,587,788 8,410.890 2-J.034.974 0,409,309 Kab. 18,1801 63,118,532 4.051,803 17.796,444 6,210,299 Stork Eirhanft. Tw-rsiut. lab. 20, 1802. $10400 U8 6's, '02.. 08t; 6 sha I'ac Mail t-SO> 94 10000 1'80 k,'81c WO 90 50 clo *30 9:: 6000 do 90 180 do 03V lOOOl'SOK'SlOrwl'iy 88 60 do a 10 93,'i 20000 l'S6'a, '74cou 80 50 do *30 93 'J 5000 do *10 80 17 N Y('antralRK.. 82 V 9600Trea 73 lOpcu 99',' 25 do 8>?V 12000 do 99 100 do s4 82 V 4000 Kentucky 6's. 88 100 do s30 821; 4000 III coo bda 76. 86 200 do 82?, 700 III war loan... 83 SO Eria BR prel". .*60 68 V 33000 do 84 678 do ftiji. 15000 Ten a 0 a, *90 . 65j; 100 do sl5 58V 5000 do 66 100 do 68V .WOO do 56 .'? 30Eri4lU< 34 v 5000 do *',0 67 696 do 34V 3000 do 67>? 1000 do U60 36 6000 do 57'J 100 Hudson K RIUj.'.O 38 k,' 5000 do 67', 10 do 3hV 5000 Mi?t?'iri6'?fi30 49'? 160 do 38'. 10000 do 49 ',' 100 Mf-li Caul RIMhiO 54 48000 do 49'; 100 do 53 V 22000 do 49?; 25 Mich 8 4r N I BR. 22 V 30000 do I?10. 49'; 400 do ??; 2000 do UIM 49V 200 do bJMl 221; 1000 Mo6'*i IHOMJK 63', 100 do I>30 22?, 1000Oat 7 a....*00 84.1; r.:,o do 22?: 3600 B'lynkClly wl 100 100 do 1.80 22V 3000 Jar I'lljrwl... 100 12 Mich .So K NI g a 43?, soo .> v oa 6'a.. 'j* ill no 44 H000 N Y (ettP.R 7 s 103 100 J" slO 44 2000 K RR 4 la Ma. 86 200 tin 44'j liDM Har lnliulg Ixls 101 100 Oo b80 44*< 9000 M.cbS lain. tKi.H 91 100 UKauKR.orip.430 62', son Mu llS* 2d mlgc. 0''2"0 On 02),' 1000 N ltidlHl mtge. 891; SO On (H'{ sooo Uti k C'Ul lat ni 100 SO 0 0.1 2000Clevo&Tol?f b? 85 SI Clov 4 IMU Kit.. 10j; 1000 HI Can Bl! bda. 93 <i SO do 16?,' I -"OfOTBfc Alt 1*1 m 01 2OC011I C"n r b acnp. :U? 1 IWHWH IiIMVmi 2dm I* 25 Clo.Col ACtim RR 109 ; 1000 Tnl k W?li 20 in 48 200 (ial ainl (b. Kit.. OS1, 4000 American Gold. 103 115 Oo 8('( 10000 On *30 103 400 Cl? k Tnl RK .... 44?, .'.5000 Oo WO 10?!,' 100 On 44?, 65000 On WO 103200 44?,' 201100 .In 101'; 200 On 4I?; '-'Hi'HI d?...-. ..s30 108 300 On U10 44'; lOOo.) On fit 103 KM) On bOO 44?; 2S slw Mccll Hank... OA 100 On *60 44', 25 rh?ii'< I'ank ss inn On 44', 20 tVitchersHItroHIc 105 lOClii At Ilk Isl RR. M)i 35 Pel k HudCau'lCo 00 lei On 54', 150l'am Coal, prnf... A1; 110 MilAtl'diiCh23|>iof 66 St'COND BOAKO. It ooo f? 6 ?.-si .reg '?0', so .-l. NVr?ni'.r,?o ?2'; 60060 I S 6 s,'81,con. HO COO Krio P.R prol .... 56?; 5600 On U10 90 50 do *10 5*?; 3000 US 6 ?. 02 US1; 75 Harlem RR preC 30', 1000 Trea 7 3 10pro OS', SO 0?1 k Chi RR.b.T) 69 SOOOl'dinO H, 'IV *10 56'; 50 do OS',' 3000 M.s-O'.f i Is... 50'; SO Mich Ccu I'.K.blO 54 14000 do 6T; 100 do sOO 63?; 20000 dn bis 60"; 1<HI do 53?; 5000 dn 60 120 dn 64 1OOO0 JM'sHoHASJR. 65 60M,e.bSu&N*lndRR. 22?; 2000 Kentucky 6'S.. 89 250 Mich So k NI g s 44 V 25000 III war Ii'mh.. . 84 100 III Can 11R so -30 83 3000 NV 6'f,'74.... l'H) 160 do 1)15 83'; 1000 B Ivn city vrl. 100 50 do WO 61?; 1000 M* "Spoliusfcb. 102 1(H) 1 lev* k T P.R.*10 44', 4500 American gold 103'; soo do 44'; 2.00 dn 101', 5(H) do *60 44', 15 ?bs Psciflc MS-Cn ?4 lOOCbi k Rock 1 RR. 66', 25 do 91?; 25 t'bi, A;Q RR. 84 50 do.... 91'; 10 do. 8.1?; 160 Work f>u RR.. 82'; 100 dn 64', 60 do *i 82.* 100 do WO 84 \ ?;ITV CUNHERl'IAL REPORT. THrHHOAY, Feb. 20-6 P. M. A-hk?We have to nolle# no eliaogr m pri >m, wht.e salea were limited at |0 24 for pearls, and at $6 37,'4 for pot*. Bwui'STrrrs?Flour wa* afiln heavy end the demand moderate, while the market, especially for comni m grade*, fell off about 60. per hbl. The sales embraced about 9,000 bbla., closing within the following quotatlone ? 8uperBne Stat# $6 60 a 5 AO Kxtrato fancy Stale 6 HO u ;> 05 Sopor fine Western 0 60 a 5 00 1 'ommon to oholce extra Western 6 77 ^ a 0 is) Canadian 6 77 >1 a 6 So Southern mixed to good aufmrfloe 0 00 a e 40 Kxlrado 0 45 a 7 25 Good te choice family do 7 36 a 7 76 Rye flour 3 30 a 4 26 Corn meal, Jersey and nrandywloe 2 90 a 3 30 ?Canadian floor wae also lower, while tho demand waa good. The sale* embraeed about 1 300 bbla., within the range of the above prices. .Southern flour wta In moderate demand, with sale* of 700 a ?00 bbla.,closing within the range of the above quotation*. Corn meal wa* quiet, with eeles of 150 hbts. at quotation* Rye flour wa* steady at our figure*, wllh aalea of 226 bbla Wheat wa* tuarttre, aud sales quite llinlled,not exceeding 6,000 bushels, lu small lot*, at $135 for red Plate,$1 4? Tor amber long Inland,$1 43 for red Western, and $1 49 a $1 60 for while Micuigan. Corn wa* steady and In fa?r djutau l, TbO *'.*$ ouibrgCfi WW bash-Is, - - ?w I * At eoo. at 02c for Jersey u?w And Southern yellow, TOe for bm> round Jersey, ?X<>- for Wostern mixed, in store, and at 06c. for prime do., delivered. Bye wis steady, with sales of 3,600 bushels at 83Xc, a 84c., on the dock Barley was steady, with wiles of 1,000 bushels State, at thu laUroad depot, at etc. Barley malt was quiet at Dfcc a $1 per bushel. Oats were steady, with sales of Western and Canadian at 30c. a 40c., aud 41c. for State. Corkks.?fJalee of 800 bags St. Dotuiugo war* made, in bond, for export, at p. t.; 800 do. Kio, chiefly common quality,at lB^c., with a portion of prime at 21c, 200 bugs <<f stained Savauilla were sold by auction at 18Kc. a 20c., and 100 do..Lagu?yrsat 2u>,e. CVjitow.?The market was irregular, but a more obeer ful foeling prevailed among holders The salea embraeod about 300 bales, In s<t|>*raU? lots, chiefly to spinners Prices varied inaterl.illv between sales pressed for cuah and on tune. The cash sales, in small lots, wore rnported ut 21>?0. onsh on the spot for middling uplandd, while sales on fifteen days' time were reported at 24XCTransit lots from I.iverpool were heavy and difficult of sale The range of the market on the day's sales (cisU and lime) was from 21){c. a 24 Xc., with little strict to gtKid middling uplands to be had on time at 25c. ITixiciits.?Kates were steady, whllo engagements were moderate. To l.iver|xx?l 260 boxes baoon ware engaged, in an American ship, at 22s. 6d.; 750 packages lard, at 2<to. a 22s. 6<J.; 500 bids, flour st 2s.; ami, per steamer. 700 trackages pro vis km* at 40s. To 1-ooduu 1,100 boxes cheese at 27s. 6d.; 50 boxes baoon at 25s ., and 7,000 bbla. flour at 2s. Jd. Kates to Glasgow aud Havroweroun Changed. lUv was steady, with sales at 35c a 900. for shipment, and 95c. a $1 for oily use. Hoes wero in fair domestic demand for brewing, with sales of 1861 at 14c. a 22c., and of 1860 at 14c. s 16. 1.imk was dull and nominal. Navai. BroKas.?Spirits of turpentine wore dull and nominal at $1 17 X> and common rosinflat $5 76. On,-.?Crude whale and sperm wero uacbauged. Petroleum was selling at 13c. a 14c. for crude, in moderate sired lots, chiefly at the outside figure; retlned was uncbftuged. lmovi.iioNS Pork was in fair demand and at steady prices. The salos footed up about 1,000 bbta , at $13 87X a $14 for new mass, and at $9 87X a $10 for now prime. About 1,000 bbla. uew inoss were sold, for Juno delivory, at $14 25. Reef was firm and In steady demand, with aaloa of 350 bbla., at $12 a $12 50 for plain mess, and at $14 a $14 25 for extra do. Beef hams were quiet. Cut meats were steady, with sales of 87 packages dry salted hams at r>c. a 5 V?c., aud 4,'^c. for shoulders. Prime Western pickled ha ins wero at 6c. Baoon was Arm. with sales of 500 boxes, at 6X0a6)?c. for long ribbed Western, 7\'o. for short clear rlbbod Western, aud 7o. for long clear city Dressed hogs were firm, at 47{c. a 5c. for Western and at 6c. for city, lard was firm, while prices wore without change of importance, with salos of 200 packages at 7J?c. a 8J^c., the latter for choice. Butter was quiet at 18c. a 20c. for .State, and 13c. a 14c. for Ohio. Cheese was at 6c. a 7c. (or Stale, and 5c. a 6c. for Ohio. Sugars?The market was steady with a good demand from ihn trnito. with aaIaa of fkhout OOH hhrln. At tin <1 Mixed quotations; 300 bones si T^c., anil 10,000 bags Manila ou private tonus Whiskkv?^a'os of 500 bbls., in tew were reported at 25o. a 20 Vtc., closing at the inside flguro Movements tn Rent Estate, Feb, 20. By A. J. Bleocker, Sou k Co 4 story brown stone bouse and lot, 23 W. 41st St..$10,411 19 ye. lease property n. w. cor. B'way and Broome 13,014 3 lots s. s. 83d, west 3d ay., 25x100, oach $810.... 2,430 4 story brick house and lot, No. 89 West 20th st.. 5,300 S H IP PING NEWS? 1/1 .... x ai matiac roa nsv rose?mia oar. son Rises 6 481 noon visas morn It M son sars 5 421 high state it eve I 0g Port of How York, Febraary 90,18M, CLEARED. SteamshipColambia. Adams, Havana eta gey West Bestford A Tilealon. Ship Calhoun, Truman, Liverpool?SpoTonl, Titeston A 0*. Ship Milwaukee. Rhodes, Harm?Boyd A Hiackeu. Bsrk Maria, Scott, Cork?Master. Bark .Icaiiuie, Fletcher, Marseilles?J W Blsrell A Co. Bark Barracoota (Br), Cmghton, Havana?TrujiUo A Busdark Hadtey, Mayo, St Jsen?C A E J Peters. Bark Medora, WeUter, BUisbethport?B F Small. Brig Fire 8odskende (Nor), Andreaen, Qneeuatowo, Ao? Fmicli, Meiucke A Weudt. Brig Audover (Br), La pre lie. Kingston?H de Cordova Brig Santiago (Breut), JfcUscuhrook, Port au Plait?0 F A 0 Schmidt. Brig Humming Bird, Pulls, Port Royal, RC?Master. Schr W AGnflJu, Borden, Granada?J W Hubbard A Co. Schr Georgians, Hayes, St Domingo Citr?Brett, Bon A Co. Schr W Sitim (Br), Maxvell, Port au PlaU?Brett, 8on A Co. Schr Georgia, Gilchrist. Matsnraa?H D Brookman A Co. Schr Mary Kuiroa. Ilulac, St CroU?Roche B<os A Coffey. SchrTliraaher (Br), Hunter, Halifax?H J A C A DewoT. Schr Favorite, Deiter. 8l John NB?D B Dewolf. Schr Cerilo, Crowell, Port Royal, BC?N L Mt Cicady A Co. Schr J Forsyth, Apptegatc, Washington, DC?Van Bruat A Slagbt, Schr While Cloud, Lcavitt, Baltimore?Master. Schr Wide World, Adama, Baltimore?J Smith A Co. Schr Ida de la Torre, Jours, Baltimore?U Prtoe. Schr Rescue, Bacon, Baltimore?Merrill A Abbott Schr Cornelia A Crook, Ercrnbam, Baltimore?Vaa Bramt A SlMghl. Schr li C Mulse, Tempton, Baltimore?J Smith A Co. Schr E U Hart, Low. Locust Point?B D Hurlbut A Co. 8< hr A Mason, Douglas, I?ocu*t Point. Schr B D Prince, Ryder, Deal's Island?H Crowell A Ce. Schr S W Ponder, Atkins, Miltou?Master. Schr J Ponder Jr, Dortnan, Smyrna, Del?Master. Sclirll H Batrom, Williams, Philadelphia?Master. Sotir Mate, racemire, Brldgctou?Master Srlir Ringgold, CroweII, Olotirester?Harder. Schr Satan Elizabeth, Smith, New Ilsven?S 0 Htanuaid. ARRIVED. Steamship Bahiana (Br), Orlndle, Liverpool, Jan 20, an I Q'leenatown Kelt ?, with milse, to Napier. Welafnrd A Rankia. steamahlp Roanoke, Couoh, Havana,6dajra, Willi radseand passengers, to Ludlnm A Ueineken. Ship Oen Nowell (at Kennebunk), . Havre, Jan 3. in ballast. to W II Rtversmith. Had strung NW galea the entire pnssac^ Ship Wm KSthbone, Pratt. Ifarra, Dee 10, in ballaat. nitb 26 passengers, to Lawrence, Giles k Co. Jan 38, lat 25 Hi Ion 4'?, ajtoke ahip Jos Hoi met, 30 day* Itotn Boaton for Melbourne. Shin Southerner (of Freeport, Mr). Soule, Genoa, 66 day% in ballast, to Neunith k Son*. Hark Aaia f Br, of Arbroath), Tough, Amor, Oct SO, paaaed Anjiei Not 13, with tea* Ac, to Olyjihnnt, Sou A Co. 1 lit* inat, la< 2560, lou 61 60, spoke achr Ann Pollock, hence for O'.adalcHipe, Hark Iddo Kimball (of Rockland), Ulmer, Utnerick, Ja't 30. in ballaat, to Meteatl' k Duncan. Hark fcveljn (of Stockion), Patteraon, MManzaa, Feb t, with sugar, to Walah, Carver k Cbaae. Brig Halclutha (Hr, of Oreenock), Clark. Rahia, 60 day*, with sugar, lo K Dinwiddle. Brig Daniel Trow bridge (of New Havan), NVal, Poore, Feb 3. with sugar, lo D Trosvbrtdge. Brig K P Sweit (of Balh), Dunham, Mstanzas, J in IR rut Delaware Breakwater Feb 18. with a igsr, to niaa'er. Put Into 'lie Breakwater Jau 31 with Ins* of hatla. Schr O K I (Br, of Cernwallia). Hammond, Jaemel. 16 daya, with coffee Ac, to Kunhardt A Co. Had heavy weatnw on the const. S< lir C II Cork (of Prnvlneetown). Sparka, Taemel, Peh 4, with off,-c Ac to Brett. Son A Co. Htli ia*l, off Cape Nicolai Mole, spoke brig Coaler, from Boa'on for Uonaive*: aama time, oiike brig Bird of the Ware, from Boaton for Port aw Prime. SchrT Raymond, May, Neuvttaa, 19 daya, with augar, loT Owen A Son. Steamer A II Bowman, Clark. New Bedford. Slcatnei Palcou, Williams. Providence. BFLOW. Brig Boieaa (Nor), from Cadi*. IIrig Mj, from Bermuda.?Both by pilot host R Forrest Ship Columbia, Bryant, from Liverpool, Ian It Ship It Robiuaun, Long, from Flushing, J an 16 Aleo, one ship, unknown. 8A1I.KD. Sieamship Coloinlria. Havana. Wind at aunaei NW. American Shipmasters' Aaaoclatloa, a Noa 87 aao 88 MsnrnasT*' Kkcaasoa. The following apurovsd officeia have received oerifloataa of thia association ? Captains Daniel Doan", aelir I. Davis; CIiraOlllelte, arhr Belle; Allied Price, nchr John Prtcn Geo H Pendleton, whip SndluL; I*aar Classon, lark Anliorh; Sylvanu* Motl, a-bi \ 11 hi; David J St Urge., bark Frtrea; Win Campbell, arhr lauta Gertrude! Henry New ton, hmk l'rlseilU; Albion H Mllir-, berk N Boy n ton; John M Hudson, mate ship Mrjiael Angrlo: Patrick Kelly, a hr Rhode Inland: Maatman Cult*, sliio I) Montgomery; Simeon Howard, hark KMrhnltr; rtumne It Tilihi'tia, hark Jamea E Ward; Elijah s McCsrty, brig Cyclone; Wm H Mitchell, brtg Palmetto, Andrew )' Perry, a'.iip M de L in I'll. Miscellaneous. Among the removals recently m.ideof Inipeclors of llio Cnstotpa was I bat of Mi John C Roach, for many year* the polile and ace-immolating boarding officer attached to the Barge Office rt Whitehall. HI* removal will be aenurrcof legict to lila particular ftienlA and among the shipping community generally. I.aiTM'a?A e-aullful Iron alcrmiatp war lacuoiied on the 13th inil ft > > the work* or Mcaara KsaOe 6 I?evy, Philadelph a, by whom the waa built. (In dimenrlon* arc aa foUowa; Ketig'h 17U feet, lieatn IS feet, depth of lower bold II feel, between deck* 7 feet. She la owned by K P Lope.-, Km], a,id Opt I> f. Wlleor, of thlaclly. A* the ahlp glided into the water she w?* chriatened 'General Burnaide." The aleamablp Roanoke, Capt Cotieh, arrived > eater Jay afternoon from Havana. To tba purer of the abip we are indebted loi the prompt deliver/of our crreapondenee. Be*o Ww IT Paaaa, Mr-Alrery. arrived at Uolmea Hole 16th fiom Bermuda lot Bath The W II P waafrom Philadelphia, and on the let of of Jau ?i caught In the great gale whea ..IT Cap Cod, and blown oil to Bermuda, ae before reported. Sran Boat 8 But fnf Belf'iat), Mill#, from Boaton foe Baltimore, err here intli Inet, leaking BOB alnrkee per hour, liavi ?-truek on Cnalham bat nigh! ol 7th; hat rrpaired and in ready to proceed. Pour Ht?m.?t, I'alklind i-lard a. Dee 10?The ahlp Wilbur Klah, of Boetoa befop- reported herewith rudder badly damaged, liar been repaired by banding eo tbat ahe can proread wl'h aafctroe her voyage to fan rrauclvo, By having a atibmariiie diver here the woodloeka were taken out of the rudder, iepelred and replaced. Had there been nodlvor here the abip would have been compelled to land heronrgo, for Ilie woodlo-ka were 10 feet under water, Inatead of being under the ripper pintle.. No damage to American veaaela to report of late. ? ? Vnrrto btitt.r Braaeaa M ataxia*, i Off Ponr Itorai. Inrmance, Jan J7, IH(B. f At a meeting held by the officera of the array, navv, clergy, member*of the preoa and civilian#, pajuwugete on board the r"R' ?'<!'vi'd 1,1 ?t7,n*o"rnnatilmotie iit ti 111" RHm-nxia irantroant we Imve reerlrrd at the b.i. ""Vaplatn^WtWlan. Lle?Jn?. on 0..r toPort ?""*? ? Ai,|Voiiuli portion ofibe rojage baa lieen rendered ,m&asant XtRto** great rlolence and aeeerity. yet our "HT .hi? hu gallantly outrode the temj>?et. and, ujntrr the 2?^lMftdJw*ofSWnd Prorldenre. and the rtitl of Our ?Xm?nd"r wr b?r? the uaar proepect ol reaching oar dealt'"n'^HrrdT'whrn after year* hare come, a llraly an I gr ' ?fannamMT will briag bai* to ne the manly form the knrt reetlnga the prorldenl care, and grnerou* regards m Oipt WilliTin l.leegung Mi>r all who roam the deep for p|easnr* or Ihi(linear hud I" the one to whom they may cnudr lira and property. ceiumandoi equally wot thy ol thair eonft* '''"rteaolved. That we cannot fait to mention the name of'lie nuraor of the M itnnM* J. K. Hueiua, F>| Kit genial inlilta, prompt. attentlra to our pemonal wan'K, tiriuiDe an t cheerful maniiera hare tint only Illustrated the cnltuir and refinement of the true R -nt' man, lint hare also i uilrlhuied In no alight degree Hi render a atermv royaoe move than comfortable?i eel ly delightful. We ehnli (bluish bit memory with bdnrtfi It eifrtltmtc Keaol'/ed. Vat we lie ' i la In thta testimonial Of rcg.nd tho auv t 4j;u'.o odi tyf'.htj ?btv. I?r ur uifa-ig fws<iUVi( tti

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