Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1862 Page 3
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I I lewsiil and bis assistants, In their graceful and prompt atautlua touur triiipor.ii> wauls. Resolved. That a copy of lhn-e resolutions be sent to the New York Herald, Tribune. Times, World and Ghrisiiau Adtocste and Journal. Rev. J. U. NOBLE, Chairman. bleot Fked A SaWT**, Forty-seventh regiment N. Y. v., Secretary. Ship Crystal Palace, of New Bedford, now at Boston, hat aot been engaged for tlie Butler expedition, as stand. She baa been chartered tor Melbourne, and uaa one-third of her argo on board for that port. Bark Mublon Williamson, 420 tone, built at Wilmington, Del, In 1864, was sold at auction 18th Inst for $11,000, cash. la aecordunoe with the order of the United States District Court, Kan Francisco, the Br ship Bella Marina, tutul to he worth fllO.Oftt, wna to be sold by the V 8 Marshal on the 14th Iult, to satisfy a $10,100 judgment obtained against her by Charles F Lott. BuirsDinoiKd at Ct?There are two propellers im the stocks In the yard of Charles Mallory tho. at Mystic. I t, oue of about 269 tons, and drawing six t'net of water when loaded, and the oilier a magnificent vessel of 1100 tons, built after the plan ol the gunboat Varum, wliieh was lanoi h' d from the same yard. Both are constructed m serve aa gunboats. if the government desires to purchase. The smaller vessel, which is now ready for launching, is tost the craft for the shallow waters along the Southern co ist. M r Mallury has already rompteted six propeller gunboats since the beginning of the war. There is not much doing at preseut at ther yards, except at that of Messrs Maxun, Fish A Co, wbere the new iron clad steamer is being iwpidly finished up. Wfcalemexi. At 8t Helena Dec 2D, bark Kan Francisco, Worth, of and for New Bedford, ie.idy for sea, but wig mulls fruiu United State*?oil as before reported. A letter irom tne urn oatoer ?i siun neinw^r, ntjnor, n, report* her in Magdalena Bay Dec 3J, all well, 00 olj since leaving Sandwich Inland*. Foreign Porte. Boxes Atkbs, Dec28? lu port ships Minerva, Bii-a, for NYork, ldg; Leuuidas, Wood, and Carolina, Mm ford, do, woe; Brie, Preble, for foreign porta, in ballast; Areinede fkiow, Morrison, from Cadiz, air 19th, do; harks Uraiin, Craig, for NYork. ldg; J ? Williams, Wiison, to leave In tatlast:Eioma Cushlng, Carter: Brothers, Adams; N 8 Potter, Tapley; Winslow, Davis, and Malum, Bonner, uncf Am bio. sine (Br), Lork, and Sangeen (Br), Wright, for New York; Christian A Eiise (Ham), Rose, for do; Edward A Kli-e < Ham), Amonaeu, for Boston; Thurlow, from Montuvid<o, arr 16tn, do; Joseph Hale, Stevens, and Pyrmout, Oliver, for sale; Archer, Lewis, from Portlaud, air 21st, anc; l.a Plata, Orowell, from Cadiz, air 23d, do; Our Union, Kent, from Glasgow, arr21st, do; Atlas, Knowles. from NYork, air 24th, do; biigo VoianU Botsford, for Brazil; Aroostook, At. wood, from Bangor, arr 2lst; Hounoke, Long, fr.nn Bnhia, arr 26th; Belle Barnard, Coombs, from Cadiz, arr 2ftth; lido, la, Whittenioro, for NYork, ldg; Neptune (OJd), for do, s Smithsonian, Davis, from NYork, arr 201b; Hany Mayhce, Culver, for Uraguay, to load tallow for Liverpool at 38c per Ion; 8 J Waring, Smith, for NYork, ldg; Queen of : lie Smith, Week% for London, do, to return to Buenos Ayres, g* is $1900 for the ruund. Sid Dee 14, brigs Ella Maria, Merrill, foreign ports; 19th, Hidalgo, legal], Valparaiso. _Cardkx4S, Jan 11?Arr harks Young America, Collins, and R Churchill, Gray. NYork; brig Reliance, Mrliitle, Havana; 12th, bark Moneynlck, Sinith, do; brigs Bachelor (Br), Way. vote NYork; ]2tb, Lillian, Swascy, do; Rio Grande, Greenleaf, Bath. 81d 11th, brigs Thos Connor, York, Kail River: 12th, (Br), Nelson, Portland; 13th, schr Mississippi, W; all, Cape Cod. CiEitruECOS, Feb 9? Sid Br brigsLuckuow, Anderson,and Exemplar, Noel, Havana, Feb 12? Arr Karnak (e). Le Measnrler, Nassau; 13lh, Ralph Post, Brewster, NYork; John Baleh, Whalcy, Newport; Beile (rebel), Steaper, Mobile; 11th, Sarah. Blunt; Open Sea, Babhidge, and Schiller (Brcm), Bahrs, NYork; Manzonl, Searsport; Chicopee, Ttiikham, Portland. Sid 12lu, Phobe, Morrow, and Dodo (Brcm), lluisman, NYork; 13th, Virginia, Hawkins, and M A H oiton, Rev nobis, do; Martha Anna, Chase, Cardenas; 14th, Crusoe, Whiting, Saouo. Old I2th, B Cashing. Small, Portland; 13th, O CClarv, Philbrook. Clenluegos; 14th, Constadt, Adams, Boston; David Nichols, Biirke, Sierra Morena. acnee, rtoi?bo Am vessel 111 ]>ori. Montevideo, Dee 14?Arr schr Target. New Yot k; 30th, brigs Anna Wellington, Jackson, anil Lagiange, Kim. ball, do; aclir John Roe, Morris, do; 23d, bark a Kedrtm. Far* 11, Baltimore; 27th, Wave Crest, Harmon, New York; 3(hh, Willard, Atkinson, Portland. Hid Dec 2, bark Linden, HoweJK New York (so reported); brig Kentucky, Carver, United States, Matanzas, Feb 13?Ait bark 8t Jago. Berry. Portland; brig Maznllan, Lewis, do; schrs Starlight, Pettengill. and l>a/<In Smith, do; J Mansfield, Clark, Philadelphia; Celestina tiebel), Ryan, Charleston, hid lllb, brig Lauraetia, Brown, Philadelphia. Rio Janeiro, Jan (5?In port ahtpa Dannbe, Dittey, for New York Idg; Shamrock, Doane; Sir John Franklin. Despeanx; J P Whitney, Avery, and Caledonia, Uorton, tine; Havclotk, filing, from Boston arr Dee 29, do; harks Chase, Re lite, for London Idg; Mary Hyler, llyler, from Newport arr 3d, tt.r Rangoon; Cricket, Wmgnte, from Baltimore hit Dee 27 <not 39), unc; Marlon, Hogg; Fannie Crenshaw, Mnnsott; Ann R Grant, Swain: Virginia, Barclay, and Abigail, MeFarlainl, unc; brigs Abby A Elizabeth, Martin, from Rio a, r 3d, do; Jas C Coale, Linden, from Philadelphia arr Dec 30, do; Lanzaruttc, Harrtman. from Scarsport arr Dec3t?, do; Breeze, Onterbridge, from Philadelphia arr D-e28,do: News !?y. Smith, for sale; Anna Catharine (Dutch, Jausen, for Sandy Iloolt Idg; schrs Kate Stewart, Ma'her, from Lisl on arr 1st, unc; Pritzsnton (Brem), Keamp, ibr San Idg. Sld Dec26, barks Virginia A Kstellina, Wilku.s, Kl Thomas; 28lh, Campanero, Dubel, do. Surinam, Jan S3?In port bark Sarttnac, for Boston 10 days; brig Iris, for do 12HAOIA, Feb 8?Arr brig Jacob Dock, Bell, Havana; 9th, barks M E Trout, Ames, NYork; "Bahia," Havana; brig W <; Clark,; nchrC 11 Rogers, Lnngley, do. Hid8th, brigs Ben Nevis (Br), Boston; Ltierelis, Brown. NYork; schr W L Springs, Huffman, do; 11th. brigs S P Brown, Hammond, Newport; Elinlra, Boston. 12th, bark S G Adams, Carver, NYork; brig J M Sawyer. Bradbury, do. St J ago. Feb 6?Arr brig p m Tinker, Carlisle, Boston. Trinidad, Feb 7?Sld bark Mary, Gibbs, NYork, bt ig Wappoo. Wilkinson, do. [P*R STSAMS Ri r Bon EM i AN, A t portla.v d?tglg g RA r b1 r.) (The Latest via Londonderry.) Arr from NYork, Golden Eagle, and Luet", at Havre; Sweden, at Dublin; Florist, at West port, leaky. American Porta. BOSTON, Feb 19? Air steamer Saxon, Matthews, Philadelphia; ship Mongolia, Ensils, Havre via Sandy llook; luu k M B Stetson, Jordan, Cleiifuegos: brigs John Bell illr , Archer, Clenftiegos; Thistle (Br). Anderson, Inag'ts; scbm Austin (Br), Cook, Miragoane; M S Haihuwur, Haitian-ay, li.i/abethport; .1 M Taylor, Pcrinc, NYork. Signal lor a t rig. In 1he bay, 2 barks and 8 brigs. Cld barks John (lilptr, Whiting, Cape Town, CGH; Lady Snilblk (Br), A.'lcii, Foil an Prince; brigs George Amos, Ames. Mntan/as Stromness (Br). Marwlck, St Johns, PR; schrs Prince of Wales, Hoi brook, Jacmel; N A Hammond. Paine, Philadelphia; Boxbury, Crowcll, NYork. 81d steamship America. FhipAuto. erst Start, d, and am hored In the Road*. CHARLESTON, 8C, Feb 10? In port steamships War. ley, Swasey, from Nassau, NP, wtg; t'aiuwl n, H a lt ham, /or Koy West and Havana, do; ships Joiin Kavt t el, .(ones, and Mackinaw, Hammer, from Liverpool. do; hatk, from do, do; brigs Marv Wright, from NYo-k, do; Emma Bger, Brooks, from Philadelphia, do; John W h o, Swan, from Savannah, do; Louise, wtg. ELISABETH PORT, FebT9-C!d brig Lincoln, Means. Bi s ton; schrs Henrietta. Nhkeisou, and Protection, Lav s, do; sloop Frances Ann, Olmstcad, Brldg?poit. GLOUCESTER, Ft h 17?Arr schrs Oil ton (Br), Rt John. NB. for NYork; 18lb, Clarlnda, Baker Boston l'oi no. HOLMES' IIOI.E. Feb 15?Arr bark Tejnca, Rio Janeiro for Portland; brigs Woocamaw, Nichols, Mm e video via St Thomas for Boston; Speedwell, Cul-a :<a do; 16th, W H Parks, McAl very, Bermuda for Path; . h i East ?rn Light, Surinam for Boston. NEW BEDFORD. Feb 19-Shl schr Meteor. D?> ?, Work. NEWBl RVPOHT, Feb 18-Sld schr RB Sumner, Tailor, Barbados. PHILADELPHIA, Feb 19?Below, brigs Loai go, fu.m Ml Jsgo; St Marys, from NYork. Cld ship Niagara. Limn:, e, Liverpool: brig Madeira. Morion,Barbados' schr* W Paxsor, Corson, Matanzas; R II Shannon, Mar's am! W G Hartlett. Connelly, Port Royal; Alliance, Ireland; Adelaide, Young J L Hess. Webb; C Williams, Guiding, and Crisis, Kim-hi, Hatterss Inlet. PORTLAND, Feb 18-Arr ship Great Rep .blie. l.imekiir ner. New York; hrlgs Speedawsy, Alherton, Maun /a* via Wood's Hole; J' W Drlsko, Drlsko, Fortress Monroe . P R Curtis, Gregg, NYork. Cld schrs Dragon, Ellingwood, I'uba; Armadillo, Young, Washington, DC; E F Lewis, Wgi e, Philadelphia . MAN FRANCISCO, Feb 17?Sld ship Gcoige Lee, Bsihow, Hong Kong; bark Emperor, Shaugliae. WWT AND FOUND. LOST?CERT1FICATK NO. 7,341, DATED SEPTEMBER 3, 1839, for twenty shares of the ''anltal su> k nf the Panama Railroad Compauy, In the namo <>; Fristrrkk Riim,l, who will apply to aanl company for a now enfc,. ale. Lost?on Wednesday evenino, on ooinu in the Red Bird line of stage*, frnin Thirty-second s:re?i to dan non, between Stanton and Houston sire. is. ar<l limn there to 113 Lewis street, a Stone Maiien M ,fl The CnCei will be rewarded by leaving at tbe above number. joshua brown. Lost?on Tuesday, February 11, a promissory Note for S2UU, made by t. J. O'Ocn :uet . endoised l y Snow A Co. All persona are wanted against re clung or ne(otiating the same. LOST-ON THE JOTII INST., A MINK MUFF, IN ooIng from Catharine ferry, through ("atliar ne sires', through the Bowery to Fifth street. The f.ndci w ill be s' it* bly rewarded by leaving it at 37 South street iSlirpton A Cfapp). REWARDS. Three dollars reward.?strayed, from m? West Twelfth street, an Italian Grrv humid (answers to the name, of Silvey), on the evening of the aith last., about J or ( o'clock. The reward will be paid on return rg tier to the above number. BQ reward-an EMBROIDERED pocket i1and V** ken-blef lost, probably In Broadway nr Wr. N< \ *,. menlh street. Tbn ttnder will please return it to !? Weal .lngton square, west side, and receive the r?Wsid. AC REWARD.?EOHT, IN OOINO FROM TWENTY VP'J Diath street to Vssey. two brass Siore K< ys, on a steel ting; one key with steel wants. The tinder will re else the above reward and the thanka of the o? ner by ifa\ u.g item at the store of Wm. H. I.yon A Co., 17 Co. tlandt sti'ev #|| "-ip/ci i, i inn, ni'W t,n i, ?> r,.A i w Di,r<E,> iv r. I? <tri>pt. a Pn.'krtlMHik, confining * >m?'l rim <: in.mey ami a certified check on the Pernio Bunk. :? ? ?. December 311, 1M1, for live hundred dollar*. ^ J. M ff Altim'KM., RlOhamhe.aMreet. WI1UM AID IWIWII, ALE, ALB, AM. ALB, FOR MIDWOOD S AI.LHe ua It old, new, dark and UH ? , Twenty-flvn.different kind* or ale, MW Cbamberaetreet. N. Y. Free Lunch liom to6. 1 Kft CASE* FINE OLD "HHNNBSsY ANI? "OTARlt. luv Dnuuy A Co." Brandy. lUu 76 rate* ,.id 'Do I r Diamond" Sherry tW In* (each cane containing U unart t?' ilea), for aale Inhmor aniall lot*, at B.1 n <*?e. not ? thlrtla of It* coaL 1'beae good* worn packed up lor a I r?t i-lau Southern drugglM, but owing to ilia entire ? i?perivn?> of trade with thaTaection mtiat now bo auld at thrac lt>? price* to pay advanao". Tom* i.ei taab. Apply at III 1 in arty atreet, irp utaJr* COAL. rOB-HALL LUMP .CANNEL, FOR FAMILY l'SF. FOR aala to the trade orfoMiimrr* low OKO. O.KAHRili, No 43 Pino ?tre?t; 73 S^ooetoratreot; Ninth street, con.or . I Htnjweaeiil, and font*! We?t. Twenty-third atreet. in - I A* NOW DSLiVBiuira V MTf'El t I f t ^r\". otialliy of r.oal for family ttee, well ?< rtieifd et B4 40 per i?ml 2,1am pomMl*. l.'akc (ft* chaldron; LieuSoJand Oantiel t'oaf,at IB5 Weal Elereitdh ?tr"t em! im ght arenw* A. HEART! ti in?TlTk~iid# muverino a superior t 1U. Article of family Coal, ?rr?.rnod and free from alate, at f4 40 per ton of 2,<m lhe., from yard 140 Watrerley PfcKA; Perry and Wd*t Htreeta, Flare*1* tants'" an re, No .040 Sriirlway, and ii Wall etreel. A. TlUCADWftLL, Ak*i<4. RXPltEHEP. ~~ A T BWRNfTAM'H FURNITURE EXPRESS AND FAfKA log Aatubllahmetiit, 113 Wcat Eletcnth atreet, between Fifth and MUth arcniMje, Household furniture boir.l end ablpiietl to all parts of that world, foyerad wacet" lor ie weeing fhrnfinro ot famWoe. Furniture alrr -d. ~ OCUJLIRTS AID AUHIST*. OCtfLMT AND AURIHT?DEAFNEPH AND PMNJj. ne?a, lhe moat bopctenecaaeeitiired withonl i,I ope. ration*-, aleo Nerroue Affection* and lialarrlj. il>* henuent eatine* of deafne**, enfhrt l>? Jlr <IHA V Fp* CPhHultA'lon *i?", penonaily or by Irltof Hf Enatfe ay. PROPOSALS. AlisV 8UHPUBH. " OrricK or Aiurr Clotbiko ahd Kootraaa, ) CoHMiuor BkOOM I^AWDJ)R?KJC^3TK>.KTII^ | Sealed proposals are invited and will be received at this oBiec until 12 o'clock ou Tuesday, the 4th of Kerch next, win n they Will lie publicly opened, for furnishing hf contrast he following armv supplies anil materials, deliverable ul the Depot of Army Clolhln; and Equipage in thU city, coruer of Broome and Oreene streets'? UtyOU yards bin k Silesias, 36 inehes wide, bat quality. 20,tMlyards Mosquito Netting, liueu. 211,000 forage (lap Covers (glazed), 10,000 pieces colored Bed Sack Binding. 10,000 square fleet I.esthi r for chin straps for cape. 60,000 Till Canteens, with eork stoppers, 3 pints, to weigh 11}J <n:wiinoui mi? stopper; to SB corerPU w nil ciotu alter an inspection has in en made of tbeiii. 40,00(1 An Handles, best hickory. 2,01.0 Hi inn II' ads, bailer. tOO Urma IIi'iuIh, snare. 2.000 act* of Drum Snares. SI*) Hospital Tenia and File*. The lento lo be 14 feel long, 15 feet wide, 11 feet blub, with a wall 41, feel, and having on oue cud a lappel, so as to admit of two or more lenla being joined and thrown Into one, with a continuous covering or roof, lo be made of durit, thirty inches wide, and weighing ounces per yard. The Sy to be 22 feet 10 incUee long, and 14 feet wide; to be made of duck 30 in he* wid", aud weighing 16>a ouncesjper yard. SOU si ts hospital tent pules. li.UOO hospital (ent pine, huge. 10,(R)0 hospital lent |iine, email. AM the above mentioned artifice most conform in every reaped to tbo sealed standard patterne in Ihia oOlce, where they may he exam ued aud additional information received conferning them. The articles imiet be of domestic fabrication. Bids from manufacturers oi regular dealers will be preferred, which must be made for and conform to such articles only, in iiuallty and ill scription, as are required by the advertisement and the samples in this office; butcoutructs will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder who shall furnish saiislsctury securities for the faithful performance tii creof. The manufa lurcrs' establishment or dealers' place of buslncss must be distinctly stated in ihc proposal, together with the names, addrtsr. aud responsibility ol tw o persons proimsi d as sureties. The sureties will guarantee thai a contract shall be entered into within ten days after the acceptance of said bid or proposal. Proposals w ill lie received for any one of the articles sriiaratcly, and for any portion of each. The privilege is reserved by and for the I'nited Stales of rejecting any proposals i hat may lie deemed extravagant. Ail the articles must be delivered wltbln twenty days al ter the nccepn nee of the propo uls,. except the Tents und Tent Poles and Puis, of which iinr-uiwrtcr of the quantity contracted for must he delivered in twenty days, and the re. maindrr iu fifty days front date of acceptance, or sooner if practicable. All articles will he subject to inspection by sworn Inspectors, appointed by authority of the United Slates. It is to be distinctly understood that conlracts arc not trnnsferralile without the consent of the proper authority; and that any site, assignment or transfer, without such consent 1.aving been obtained except under a process ol law), will las regarded as an ubandotueul of the contract, and the contractor, and his or their secuitieg, will be held responsible lor all toss or damage lo the United Hiates which may arise therefrom. Paym uits wl'.l be made on each delivery should Congress have made an appropriation to mc< t litem, or as soon thereafter as an appropriation shall be made for that purpose. Ten per cent of the amount of each delivery will be retained unlit the contract shall be completed, which will be forfeited iu ibe United Slates In < use oi Ucfulratiou on the pa, t of the lontractor. Forms of oronostils and ffitarn nice will lie furnished iinnn application i?? ihiis office, ami uoue will be considered that do not conform thereto. Proposals will bo endorsed, "Proposals for Furnishing A in. v S .i'i li- a," and bo addressed, 1.JKUT. GOL. D. H. VINTON, Depniy Quartermaster General l!nite<l Siat? ? Aimr, Bo:: 3,298 Font office. Horses wanted for the united states Government. Of;ick or ike Senior Qcartkrmaster, ) Ann* or tijk Potomac, Washington, Fob. 11,180-'. f Sealed proposals lor the delivery in Washington City of 1,160 cat airy and artillery Horses, lor the United States go. vet n men I, will lie n ceived at the office of Colonel D. it. Ruckor, Depai linen i Qnaitcrmaster, in this city, until 12 Mon Satuiuay rue ICM Inst. These horses will bo purchased In lots not e*eroding 20J each, and no bids will be tnienained lor a greater number iToin any one person. No b d will lie entertained that Is not endorsed by two responsible persons, who will guarantee that the bidder w ill comply with his proposition, if it should be accepted. Twent) -live days will be given from the opening of the bids for tbc completion of the delivery of the horses. Ofihe above horses, SUU are required for cavalry and 960 for artillery. DESCRIPTION OF HORSES REQUIRED. cavalry horses. To be from 16 to 16 bauds In height; between 5 and 8 years of ag"; of dark eoisrs: well broken to the saddle; compactly unlit and free from all defeett. artillery horses. To be 16t,' .? ig hands in height; between 6 and Shears of age; of dark colors: free from all defects; well broken to harm ss, and to weigh not less than 1,100 pounds. The horses will be inspected by a board of oUlcers detailed from tbc regiments reipiiring them. The undersigned reserves the privilege of rejecting each and every bid, should he consider thut the interests of the service require it STEWART VAN VL1ET, Brigadier General and Quartermaster. SEAT-ED' FROrOSALS ARE INVITED TIIX THE lOlh day ol March, 1802, at 12 o'clock M., for supplying tbc United Slates Subsistence Department with 6,000 head of Beef Gattle on the hoof. '1 he cattle to be delivered at Washington City, and each animal (n average 1,300 pounds gross weight; no animal admitted which weighs less than 1.000 pounds gross. The cattle to be delivered at such times and in such quantities as the government may require. No catile will here(pined under this contract bclore the 1st day of April, 1862. Heifers awl hullo 'ks not wanted. A bond, with good arid sufficient security, will be required. Government rea"rves to itself tbc right to pay in Treasury rotes. No bid will be entertained when put in by contractors who bave previously failed to comply with their contracts, or where Ihe bidder is not present to respond to his bid. Bids to lie directed to Maj. A. Beckwith, C. S., U. 8. A., W a-hincton. D. C. row* or Bin. I, A B, do herchy propone to deliver to tlie government pood beef cattle on Ule InxiT for per hundred pounds gross weight; the cuttle to be delivered at , a"cording 10 tli>' terms of ihe enclosed advertisement; the cattle to be weighed on tbe st'idc", and the weight so detormined to be the purchase weight. I hereby agree to give a good and suHicient botidfer the fultiluieut of the contract, und to rece.w Treasury notes In payment for the cattle. M1SCK L.L. A \?OUS. ^ LAROE ASSORTMENT FANCY PAPER LANTERNS ILLUMINATIONS. For sale hy |strasbttroer a npiin, fJ> Maiden lane, corner of William street. * i OLD KNK KEPOINTED F.OI AL TO NEW. fiN THE v)T ii c ip. of-o cents in stamps or otheiwise, fluid Pen aiididlvci uim .fi All; bank Pen and Il'dder, fI '.'51 Warranted iii'Ve y particular. Ordi rs by mail promptly a tended to. K. S. JOHNSON. la Maiden la i'. MAKB1.K MANTELS, ORRAT BARGAIN IN MAN i> Is.?A large stock on hand and a great reduction in pries fin any kind entered ih's month. Call *?in at A KI.ABEK'S maible yard, lilt Ea-.t Eighteen; h'-i, west of '1 bird avenue. Mant> la put up In any pla e in the country. PERNOT BROTHERS' CELEBRATED SEW I NO MAchine Needles, for all kinds of machines. General d? pot MB Canal atrti t, i orner of Elizabeth. A1 Needles war-i ranted. Save yocr money.?a. parker.;:>5 washing ton street, corner of Murray, New York, sella choice ity'sugar urcd llama, warranter!, at Ac. p< i lb.; beat Family Soar, box 72 und 00 lbs.. \ : n ire Siarch. box 40 lbs., 61.c SODA WATER COOLER DBAI'iJHT TUBE WANTED.? Parties having one to dlapoaa ul' will find a each customer by applying to it addressing 2.TI Bridge street, Brooklyn. 11J1E RLOAT ELLIPTIC HEWINO M AC II IN US?SALES toouia M7 Broadway. Agents wanted. A. H. SUTLER. Til K RAM. SEASON. 1MIE UKAND ANNUAL BALL or THPt YOUNG MEN'S EXCELSIOR LITERARY AND SOCIAL UNION Willbeheldln rnminentoralion or Washington's Birthday, ibta i Friday! evening. February ill. at the Apollo Room*, 4i(l Broadway. Titheis, $1. may be obtained at the door. DENTISTRY. ARTIFICIAL BONK FILLINO -ACIIINUTKETILOLD root* anil tin re shells < en bo 111 In.I ninl preserved, by ihe (lis. oven r. at Ida rooms, 8ft# Broadway, whetc may be hud the celebrated < than Tooth Powder anil Lotion, the only harmless nriHcs known Tor keeping the teetb white and the gums healthy. TtR C. A WHITE'S iMFROV ED ARTIKICIVL TEETH IJ Whole en. $0, $10, $16 utid upwards. warranted ,n every point. Teeth P'led wllh gold, AO < entatn$L All work at hall Hie prteea ehargS'l rlaeivhere. Oflie* 13 Bou.l street, and 717 Atrh tree!., I'n'l.irielplila. HOINI. HAD ONE TOOTH EXTRA' TED WITHOUT cling any pain whatever, by Dr. J. .IAY VILl.ARS, IWCranil street, iwo tdoeka from Broadway, I eheerfttlly iiieen 11, is as a lotneiidiitloii to those stifleting 11 ami no nmli' Wiss REBECCA OAIBII, 7(1 E rttnk fort attret. WHY THROW AWAY VOI R MONEY ON PRIVATE TT i . i, hen yon .an get i> slllielr the vt i y beat ttl'l ul Teeth and aavi more than half your moneyr Our T'etli l.ave takni preinliiina In nearly nil the State* and ill K ro|ie. Ri a ilifnl Seta Tol' $.*i. Amelican Teeth t'omiany Iteotisia, IIM R..w' ry. We have eleo the Hole agent y In the lim ed Btalea i's.r Pi of. Brine's Tooth Ache Drops, a anre and aj r. it> ure 'in Ms terrible malady, and neuralgia In Ml most t gg.uv. ie<l Hums sen' by mall on receipt of price, 26cents; ( i s hi e 4 . "Ola. MATRIMONIAL. A Vol'Ml SOLDIER. OK UNI V PL AC HA RLE PI? A. in it-r g4 yeara of age, wlaliea to corrrtipoiid" with mine I )>> ii y la<iy, iici vi' i 94 ymra of age, u IMt a view to mattirr ni.r Ben i'v la not indlaprnalble. TI.e Miborriber Intends in 11iiv*' ? to lough in atew iwrkn.tml having ineanaenough at l i? rviiitnntld, will ttail, If .ign "able, the young lady Ht her hone The annan iber I* alnerie Addiraa all rnmmitnlca;mi.? in i- mllm-p, "inpiiny i", Thlrfenib i'giinrnt, Maag.i I, ? ilk \ o.Miit'-rtP, W illl?ii,f|?iri, Mil , whhphotograph, if IVfivenlent. As ameuh'an or.vrr.EM as, twenty nine tears i.f up- Whore home lain Biarll, and who returns abo-it ih" ! -. ol Ma) I'll, in dealroua of taking a wife with him, iiot over twenty live years of age, and of pleasing manner*. Add ma* K. T. Kmriion, hoi 1W llmal I oflte. A UBS II KM AS OK WK\KTII AND EXPERIENCE, J a timt' rate, prudent and frank, of good business capa Iiv and liahtik, very fond of travelling, aonld nolle hla ilea itg with a hfrliil, confiding and prudent eouipaalon. to emwhocould and irnnld ahare equally with each other's iiaiauooii*. Iti'i'i i iia and pleasures al homo or abroad, with ample moan a to support herself Any lady, la oily or t-onatry. drutilngan tniotvlow, ploaar address 8. V. Jewry, Nl *' wi Ih'Oi tilllce. general delivery, to Insure Immediate and ImtwniiV attention, A Vol SUM AN OF 25, LATELY PERYINO PNDEIt l.ailbaiiM iii Italy, well educated anil considered mod ockint', and pi?acs>>tr k a naim and manly heart, woulalikn to t nd aa alfe ^loiiato.iiid trite young laity who would In Willing to marry a |wn?u|eas young man, and place horoelf in tin Irtearpte. npg and Irtte love. Addrooa, In ttrlcleit cot fidrn'e. Wallife, Herald <.(!>< e. ? TO! Nt; WIDOW Of Of riWOIklHIIItl J\ npi?aranoe. Willi an Income tail) dent lor her own support wah'-am make the acquaintance of a gentleman with an< W to matrimony. Addre-a V I'. O., elation A Postoflhe, TWO VjUlJNO HENTLF.MKN, WITH INIMPRACIl" ah.e rrhfai t^re, ate dealrooa of inAking the acnugtfilin ,-e of hum pretty vouny laillra, w,|h a v|ow tp mnti iinoa*. Wealth BOobject. Addreea villlord, *tgti?i, jj p,JM , gj.j,. Kn.iOee t>< ?>t gcwit'le. rBW YORK HERALD, FBI BAUDS Of RBUi BITATi^^ A BEAUTIFUL FOUB BTOEYTSHOWN STONE FRONT House, burm?nt ud mib-ccllar, with all the mudnn improvements, uo Brooklyn Height*, 68 Columbia etreet, oppoalte Colonade row, with a 3ne riew of New York bay, will be sold very cheap en eaay terms. For further particulars apply to or address T. Simpson, 34 avenue D. _ kTk5t~ratk country heat, in rockland county, twenty-eight acres, $3,600, eighty acres, seventeen miles in New Jersey, opposite Yonkers, near depot, $8,000; seventy-two acres, water front, at Hackeuesck. $0,300: eighty-two acres, hi Bergen county, at $7,000; would trade lor city property. W. H. HELIUM, 407 Broadway. A WESTCHESTER FARM-EIGHTY ACRES, HOUSE, Barns, Orchard, to line order, two and hulf mile from Tarrytowu, one and a quarter Irom Kenslko depots. Terms easy. G. W. D1TCUETT, Westchester land office, corner of Chatham and Chambers streets, second Poor. A LOT, 21.10X93 FEET, ON TENTH STREET, BEtween Fifth and Sixth avenues, together with a very comfortable two story and attic House, 21.10x10 feet. Price low and terms easy. Apply to Cll AS. E. MILLS, 34 Cedar street A HANDSOME FARM AND COUNTRY SEAT OF M acres lor sale cheap.?Good house, with lofty celling", Acv. large barn, roach house. Ice house, Ac., nearly new: large Eu'den, with fruit and vegetables of every kind In abundance, wn, shrubbery snd shade trees, sloping down to the water; bshing, boating and bathing; land of the highest quality; distance about 40 miles, four hours by or rail. Address D. 8., box 2,449 New York Post office. No sgenta need ai'p'y. Beautiful residence in morriktown?one of the liiiesliu New Jersey; one sere, haudsomely arrauged; all in lirat rote shape and order; splendid view; abundance of fruit; for sale very cheap or exchanged for city property or merchandise. KOUTHWICK A WOOD, 81 Nassau street. COUNTRY 8E\T FOR SALE AT A GREAT 8ACRIlice.?Very valuable place, in complete order, near liie eity. Fine yacht accommodation. For particulars apply to HOMER .MORGAN. No, 3 Pine street. C3EMTRAL PARK LOTS?ON FIFTH avenue FOR J tule or etchunge for good improved properly. Address bos 3,381 l'oal olUec, staling particulars. CALIFORNIA FARM FOR SALE.?T11E MAONIFH'F.NT ranch known as Yi< tona Ranch, sil.iateit edit miles from Oakland, opposite the city of San Francisco, 10 which accession lie bad acvcral times dally by a ferry boat (taking 43 minutes lo cross), and consisting ol about ^,000 acre*, is offered for sale. The buildings an- all first class, new, and erected regardless of expense. There is nn abundance of wood and waicr on the place, am! a mineral spring powM'M-ing treat medicinal virtues. Soil very rerllle. Title perfect. Stocks of the banks of the city of New York takcD at par in part payment. For further Information apply at St Barclay street, up stalls, I t out 10 lo 2. FARM FOR S.AI.E-ON THE HAOKENSAI'K RIVER Bergen county, N. J., containing over Si a res, with a good House and plenty of outhouses attached. For full particulars, with map of place, Inquire of WM. HJ.AIlt, 102 Barclay street. Farm for halb-of ss acres.?large new house, barn, Ac., pleasantly situated on L'Utg Island, about two hour's ride from Brooklyn, and a few minutes' ride from the station: land well fenced and in good t oinlilion ; healthy neighborhood, with churches anil schools, more land can he had if requited. Terms easy. Also 115 acres, with fruit of all kinds, peaches, pears, Lawton berries, cranberries, Ac.; well watered. Inquire at E. A. t'OKI.INli'rt wood and c oal office, Atlantic strciu, above Smith, Brooklyn, from 2 to 6 P. M., or address box Hit) Brooklyn Post office. Farm for sale-or would exchange for a Grocery stand, stock and fixtures, in a respectable portion of this city, doing a good cash business. A beautiful Farm in the vicinity of Grange, n. J., 2>? milaafruuv Newark, containing 30 acres, with a good house, barn, anil fair supply <Sf fruit; well adapted for a gcutlcnufi's residence or for gardening purposes. For particulars inquire of J. ADAIR, 351 Fourth avenus, or address X., Grange, N. J. Farms for sale or exohane-for s?;fiooner or city properly.?33 aires, new house, good loam soil, 37 miles from New York, on long Island; one SO of acres, with buildings. Apply lo E. W. ARTHUR, 177 Fulton Country Market from K to 12 this day, or address Northporl Fostoflice. Farm or country residence wanted?within 30 miles of the city, in exchaugc for a full size dwelling House and Lot ib'ar Uuion square. Address, with full particulars, (I. EXGXAN, box 1,394 New York Fust office. Farm wanted?not over forty miles from New York city, in Westchester county preferred, worth from 94.0U0 to $10,000. low for cash or tlrat class city property. Address or apply to H. FOWLER, 82 Cedar street. Farm wanted?to hire, for two or three years, with the privilege of buying, not more than two miles from the landing; in Westchester county preferred. Any person having such can call on or address T. It. McDermolt, 38 Commerce street. TTiOR SALE?THE DWELLING HOUSE AND GROUNDS-, J? No. 2 Urscu Court, directly on Brooklyn Heights; buildings all of brick anil stone, built in the most substantial mannor; house 32x70 feel, three stories, complete in all its appointments, billiard room, Ac. Situation unrivalled, commanding magnificent views of the bay and city of New York, combining both city and country, within three minutes' walk of the Wall street ferry; being all that is required for a first class residence, pure air, ample grounds, handsomely laid out in terrace, garden, vinery, greenhouse, oonservsloiy, stable, cosch and coachman's house, Ac. If not sold will be rented or leased fur a number of -years, furnished or otherwise. Inquire of JOHN 11. FRENTICE, No. 1 Grace court. Brooklyn. For sale?the tropety m west twenty-first Fti eft, tirat lot fro in Eighth ?vi:nu?. To let?Part Cottage 133 West Thirty-fourth street; six rooms, water and gait. Iu<|ulreor (J. H1CGIN8, 620 Ninth avenue. For sale-three or four well built three story and basement lions k, in Thiriy-ihlid, Thirty-tlflb anil Thirty-sixth Streets, with nil the modern improvements, at very great bargains; terms easy. Also a vary line plare. well stocked with choice fruits, at Mount Vernon, at a great deal less than cost. Will exc hange for good city properly. App'y to WM. BEDELL, 177 West Thirty-third street. FOR BALE?ABOUT four ACRES Of land, fronting on t he river at Edgewater, near Fort Lee. N. .L, within ten minutes' walk of the landing, affording altes for cottages that would eommund a line view ol' the Hudson river. For further particulars apply to A. tJ. BOUEKT, 105 Bank ata et. For sale?the handsome four story brown ston? front lions" No. 20 Hast Twenty-first street, near Broadway; 28 feet front by 71)deep; lot half the block; has all the modern Improvements; nayinein mav be made to suit tho purchaser. Apply to K. II. LUDLOW A CO., II 1'iue street, or to WM. A J.NO. O'BRIEN, 2!? Wall sire. For sale ?to rent pavers.?$i,'*io will buy a new two stc rv House, with a full I Alt, live vooniSBnd cellar, on" telork from the ear*, running to three ferries; let title trom $lt It to $000 cash; $8' 0 e-an be paid in inslalmenta of $11) pe-r month. without interest. Al?ee a one und u half story Cottage vv 1th three full laets, prire $I,tedO; terms nearly as above. A!?u u two stoiy brick Store and Dwelling, on Fifth avenue. A'sea munl'v r of other Houses; prlees from $1,000 lu $3,600; all on easy n i nes. Apply at Ihe oihee ol D. C. DANIELS,-, inert.: I'oui teen h street and Fifth avenue, Brooklyn. "J.nor SALE?TIIKKE STORY AND ATTIC Hit; It J? stoop llouse*. -'tl.Ml feet. 12 Doorman | lace, Thirty.third street, between Eighth and Ninth av. uue?. ln.piii u t.i W VI. L. TAYLOR. 7t> W all Km I. FOR 8ALE?THE EXTRA Sl/.KD HOUSE, WITH REAR Lot, 238 Madison avenue, eorn-rof Fortie th sliest, eleg.eittly tiliished in rotiewood imhI bin -k walnut. A spacious, perfect hoti-r. Price- $411.not). App'v to K. II. I.IIDLOW, No. SPiae street, JOHN H SHERWOOD, at the house. taor sale?a baroain?tub desirable stone X' llouae las Emt rorty-elgfctlt atreet, near Third avenue; elegantly finished plate glims, one in >u h aaxli; whole front, Ac. Open In daytime for eve ruination. Apply ?? above, or at 2UI Weal Fiftieth street. FOIl SALE?SEVERAL BKAIT11CL HRSIDKXt'KS IS Brooklyn, with Iroin two loeiplu lotx. 1'rh ex from *0,0X1 to $16,1100. Also a number to rent. A Farm of titty A'Traou ibi! Hempstead turnpike, n -at- Hyde park Railroad depot, for rale cheap. Apply to BRBW8TKK A WOOD, No. 7 Court atreet, from OA. M to 12 V 1NOR SALE? A VERY DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD 1 property on E tot Broad* >v ooar Vaikct itrart; a Bar ainry Inirk Homo, 26x06 feet; well rented. Trrtna e*sj. Wilflv wild n a I'fciga'r. Apply to ? HAS. E. Mli.LS, || t'odar III ret. LIOR SALE?AT HARLEM, L?TH STREET, BETWEEN I1 Fourth and Fifth avenues, a large House, xxltligaa, water and furnace, and four Iota of ground: newer In mi ret; good neighborhood : price PS.SUU; terma ea?y; no trade. Apply to E. II. BKOWN, 121 mis-t. i mm 1 to 3 I'. M. FOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN, A MOTEL AND THREE and one-fourth Acrea of In ml. known aa Btewart'a llnnl, on the tnai Hilami/ed road, ihire tuil-airnm Williamsburg and near the Colon Rare tYinrae; hoitae three atory and 60x60, In good condition, terma easy ? R. IH ikR, 14 chamber* atreet. IjlOR 8AI.E-IN IBRREY CITY, A THREE STORY ' high hiiaemeni lloimr, wiiluii ten inluutea' walk of the terry. The Home tr. in ej.vllent -endtilmi, replete with modern improvement, and haa h>rn oe, upied hy the pree<nt owner for the la-t fire yeaia, and well eaknlated fur two familiea. Will be aold eery low and on foxorahle teim*. For further part titular* addre'-a A. B . Hera'il ulTn r. J30R SALE IN BROOK 1.3 N -*3,20J-A NEAT TWO 1 and a ha'f atory Cottage Honae, in ihr moat healthy anil convenient pan oi Brooklyn. It i* well mortgaged, rei|itlrIng hut a amall amount of Money, op w hich pa I would be taken In a go al vacant lot or a valuable linrv . AddreaaO. A. T., box #46New York Poatolll-e, 130R SALE OR EXCHANGE A M CERIOR TIOCHE 1 wiili Mn-p-ry, tfxUl.V'ed In owner, eenli ally In cmed in Kirhlh waul: Would exein tige ini a amall houaeIn N'-w York or Brooklvn; ha lane* m. mortgage. Forpatileulata lni|iiliv of I A DICKINSON, 30 Reekniaii atreet. IAOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A BEM'TIFI L OOI'S J? try residence, With about eleven here* of ground, hand toineiy alluated, about fifteen iiiiuulta' drive liom the Hudaon River Railroad, Yonker*; hni.dtnga all 111 giwul order: a voiing and old apple orehaid, alao every taiiety of other frulta. For parthuilara addrea* R. H Wliitdeld. Ynnkera, N. Y., or J. D. W , 4S6 and 48H Water atreet, New Yxirk. IjAOR SALE OR LEAHE-KOR A TERM OF YEARS, A " Bay Shore Karin, on ihe anitth -hie ot Long lalunil, Itlty milea from New York, adjoloing the greai eoutli hay, in a pleaaant and healthy iia-allon, near the Tillage of Sayvllle and ad joining other farma; eonalaiing of about eighty aerea of p'.augh land and meadow, and annul eighty aeira wood Intnl. Haa gmul buildlnga. a two atory houae, with twelve room*; ean have atoek and faimuig utenalla, Ac. I'osaeaalon enn he had 16th March. Apply to Dr. II. STODARD, at the WeMi healer Hotel, N. Y., or to S. T. GREEN, on the (arm, at Say vllle, Rnll'olk county, fa I. TJ30R BALE OR TO. LET-MARBLE, BROWN STONE X1 and brick llouac* or >11 aire* and modrrn Improv, mcnta, *1* In Thirteenth atreet, two of them furnlahed, In lllRtand iJM atreet*, between 8econd and Third avenue*: two In In Twenty-aeennd atreet. between Lexington and Uhlrd avennea; two In Twenty-third and Twenty-fomth atreeta, between

Seventh and Eighth avenuea; one In Twenty-eighth aiveet, between Ninth ami Tenth avenue*; one In 8t. Mark'* gaee, between First avenue and avenue A, Ac. Apply lo T. . HERNANDEZ, 127 Went Twentr-flisi atreet, from 8 to 10 In the morning and I rom S In 8 In the afternoon. y*OR SALE OR TO LET?IN BROOKLYN, TITO L atnry aitl and basement Hnuae No. 20 Bond atreet, corner of Livingston. with under cellar, heater, hot and cold w if r. gu*. ehandelleia, bay window, range. The eara from Fulton lev y pa** Bond atreet every two minute*; title perfe-t; term* to areommodate; Unuveean be *een from 10 to 3 1'. Mnnt 842ft. Dr. Hi'MBEKT, mom 22 Bible Hnuae, corner of Fourth avenue and Aator place, New York. Aator plaeneauraace N. B.-No bill on houee. ' 1.30R SALE OR TO LET?Fl'RNlBIIBD OR CNFOR X mvhed, the Ihree atory brlek llouae 143 We*t Fifty.third etreet, between Broadway end Eighth avenue; hnuae loby 4S. lot MO feet, In peifei-t wder; decorated p?ilot *, furnace water, g**, tine back ptai/a, Be'glan pavement, de. Terms ' heap and easy Apply on the R.emi?? ?. CMMI SALE OR lo LBT-TIkE DBSIRABLB RRSI J1 denre on Myrtle avenue, rurnet er Hamilton street, be. twern Clinton and Waahington avenuCx Brooklyn; in: ftn>|22 feet; tilled Willi the r hoiee?t fruit irrea 'For terms a|>plv en the premises, or lo I t'. CCRftLYOr, A Npiuae rirtrl. New Votk I PAY, FEBRUARY 21, 186 ^, ?ALBg 0> HEAL JC9TATE._ FOR SALE, TO LET ORLEASE^ON REASONABLE term*, a two story brick Kinlorjr, 30x10, with steam power, and four Lots of ground, situs tad on Graham avenue, Wtl lams'.mrg; also, three Lots on Montrossavenue, two Lota on Union avenue and one on Broadway. Apply to GEO. W. kelhev, 122 Grand street, Williamsburg. Great bargains.?kor sale in west thirty sixth street, No. 113, near Eighth avenue, a brown sione House, with all the modern improvements; also the two Houses 121 West Thirty-tilth street, near Broadway. Terms to suit the times. Inquire of M. EISEMAN. No. 1.3d Eighth avenue, ooruer of Thirty-third streets or at No. 177 Bleeoker street, cf D. STEVENS. House for sale or exoiianue?brown stone, high stoop, 23x95, lot 120 feet, built in the best manner, three rooms deep, French plate windows, furnace, gas. water, all modern Improvements, with three lots ad joining; beautifully laid out, with flowers, fruit, plums, peaches, apilots, grapes, Ac.: situated iu South Ninth street, Williamsburg; will sell for cash or take a small House in New York or Brooklyn iu part payment; small amount of cash required. This is one of the most delightful places to live in and has every comfort to make a mime pleasant. For particulars call on 8. DINUEE A co. H 1'inc street. House at belleville for . > let? Very nicely located, three tulles inrk, two stories, basement and attic, with four uutingihe river. House in good order. Apply at 41 W ret. Rent $123. House in Brooklyn for sale or to let.?the three story high stoop frume House, filled In. with gas. chandeliers, bath, beater, range, Ac, centrally located, corner Fourth avenue nuil Pucilie atreet. Cara to Pulton, Wall and South ferries, near the door, Terms liberal. Inquire at 41 Water aircet. House and i.ot for sale-in Williamsburg ; a tlrst class two story Cottage Frame House, with extension. in line order, filled'in with brink, has alley way and in good neighborhood, convenient to all the fcrrine, itaa gag throughout, also water, grapevine in yard, lot 23\SO, price low. Inquire on premises. No. 11 South Second alieet. House and i.ot.?three story basement and sub-cellar Brick llouse; gas, marble mantels, Ac.; on one01' the healthiest avenues In Brooklyn; one bio k front Pulton avenue cars. Price $4,000; hair cash. Apply at 18 Green* avenue, Brooklyn. Residence at south reiigen for sale?con> tainiuc ten rooms, with eix Iota of ground handsomely laid out with fruit and ornamental trece; two mlh e from .leraey Cit v, on the line of the horac railroad. Apply at 41 Water street. To exchange?a nice little piece of land* in Wisconsin, witli cash, for a Diamond Ring; also, a good unimproved Farm, in the West, for a good, young, kind Span of Horses, with carriage or without. Inquire of WHITE A CO.. AS William street, N. Jl^room No. 5. To exchange-seven houses in brooklyn, free from encumbrances, xvlth other property, for a good large Farm; also a euug little place of AOacrca, twenty miles from the city, 1A minutes I rotn depot, to trade for city or Brooklyn property. Inquire of WHITE A CO., AS William I treet, N. Y., lO ini No. 5. THE ADVERTISER HAS A BEAUTIFUL DWELLINO House and about oue and a half acres of land adjoining the sunte, with Shrubbery, Fruits, Ac.: also a line large store Building, all in the best of order, In a growing country village with chill- beg, schools, good si c ely, Ac. The Tillage, now contains about live hundred Inhabitants, in the western part of this State, and near a railroad. Free and clear title and no incumbrance, lie will dispose of ihe entire property at low prices for cash, or would exchange for good merchandise. The owner will bo at the Park Hotel for a few days, where a line addressed to W. will reach him. WASHINGTON CITY ?FOUR LOTS ON THIRTEENTH street, near Pennsylvania avenue. Address box 1,759 New York Fust ofllce. WANTED?TO EXCHANGE FOR A FARM OR OTHER property, in the vicinity of this city, a good 250 horse .power low pressure Engine. Balance will be paid In cash. Inquire of TODD A FOND, No. 7 Wall street. WANTED-A TWENTY FOOT LOT, IN A FIRST CLASS neighborhood, below Twenty-fifth atreet and between Fifth and Ninth avenues. Address E. H., box 1,511 Post office, with location and very lowest cash price. "TXTANTED?$26,000, IN MERCHANDISE OF ANY TV kind (except liquors); dry goods preferred, for which one half will be paid for in cash, balance In unencumbered real estate, near this city. Alsoapariner wanted, with some capital, in a business established in Washington. Principals only need apply. Address box 3,878 New York Post office, or after three days box 583 Post office, Washington, D. C. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A THREE STORY nOUSE, with all the modern improvements, by a responsible party, between Fourth and Twentieth streets, and Third and Sixth avenues. Price not over $7,000, which would be paid in instalmen'* monthly or quarterly. Address with particulars R. V. L, Herald office. WANTED TO EXCHANGE FOR A HOUSE?FOUR full Lots south of Thlit.v-seeond street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, Incumbered about $6,400. Address box 2,797 New York Pott office. ffiOAA ONLY.?FOR SALE, IN BROOKLYN, A tpOUU handsome three story brown atono House and I.ot, containing all the modern improvements, near Fulton avenue ears. Only $00) required; balance on mortgage. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, 52 William street. (Kfvnn ONLY.?FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE, THREE tpUUU nice brown stone Houses and Lots, in Thirty-Ufth street, containing all the modern improvements. Only $500 cash required; the balance on bond and mortgage. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, 5? William street. <J?7 /rnn ?FOR SALE, A THREE STORY BKIi'K tjl I ,oUUi House, utile, basement and counter cellar, No. 8$Filth street, in ar Second avenue; gas and water, in good order. $1.0(0 cash. If not sold hv M treli 1 will he let. . Inquire at 42 Fifth Street, or of HEEHMAN, 17 Btnvi ry. nnn ?would exchange a first class city, for a wholesale stock and Uus.ness. either dty good*. Yankee notions, groceries and nqunrsor hardware. Also, for sale, a desirable Country Heat. Address John A. Jones, Herald office. FOR SALE. * SUGAR STORE, OF NINE YEARS' STANDING, FOR A Kale cheap.?Satisfactory reasons given. Imp Ire at 137 East Broadway. Bunn a loohrooM rangb and fvemacb Manufueiory Ifor sole. al halt Its value, coins ipj* of sli range Furnace and other patterns, Stock, Tools and K tup's, Ac. Apply at No. 8 Ka.-t Nineteenth street. Butcher sump and markbt for rale.-thr Hhnp&ftf Eighth avenue, tietween Fortieth ami Forty li st street*, east side, for sale cheap, as the owu t is obliged to on It the business. The Fixtures, worth about $ KSI. will lie sold cheap, and on favorable terms. Apply to LEHMAN A RROR v. 1,335 Broadway. BUTCIIF.R SHOP AND- FIXTURES, WITH FOUR tears' E-mso, for rale cheap. 4tfc! Hudson sir. et. BUTCHER'S SHOP AND FIXTURES lOlt HALE? Cbeap, doing a fair trade, lntptlre tu the lh|itoi store. 4ft! Hrootne street. Bakbries for BAia?ZOOAT8D OR il l. THE lead tug avenues. Also Grocery S ore-, l.ltpto Stores, M. nt Shop and Market. Drug Stores and Restsuiant. for stile at MITCIIFll.L S Agency, 77 Cedar street. Parties who want to purchase or to sett out their business, would do w ell to apply as at>ove. / 11TV EXPRESS LINK FOR SALE?TOGETHER WITH V' Horse, Wagon and llarne-s. Apply to ISAAC N CASE, 440 Broome street. T.10U SALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE OF r allrstelsssOroeery.on oneof tin l est aveunes In the city. Location every way desiralde. Kent low. Will sell reasonable to a cash customer. Address Gro -er, 2'JU East Thirtieth street. FORHALK-AN OLD ESTAL1SHED FISH 4ND OY8ter Market, sit tuned on one of the best at ones In the city and adjoining a hotehec shop. Satisla to y reasons for selling. Apply at 81 Seventh avenue, one door shove Sixteenth street. I ROB KALE-LIQUOR STORE ON EAST THIRTY-RE' cond street, elegantly located, and now doing a large and hne business; will be sola for mm b less than its value; the owner Is compelled to sell on se ount of other business. Apply to TIIOS. SALKELD. llll East Thirty-second street, lirst floor, this week. FOR BALB-TIIB HTOCK AND FIXTURES OF A STAtlonary, Book ami Fancy Goods Store, Imely Itemed iu Fourth avenue, ami notv doing a good budnraa. Te i ma e.iay. None but principals treated Willi. Inquire of J stunk, 42tf Broadway, room No. 6. For sale?the house known as mxrs, m Hudson ?rr. !; Restaurant, Soup and Oyaier Saloon. Apply hi above iK-toi* 10 A. M. or alter7 I'. M. Tu In- luul right to'a good truant. Ijtor 8are-t iieap for cash, the stock and FUturraln Dry Ootid* 8 tore. No 317 Suth avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth etrrct*. Applj to J. s. CON KLIN, No. 1U6 Broad ?lreet. For sale?an old established grocery and Liquor KloiT. Location exeellent; * good a buaiin as eorner a* any In the city. Will ha sold rhi-aonn ni-nuiituf ntiknrM, A cniitl leoac at low rent. Apply at 170 Chatham alraat, nauonii floor. J F. TKAVtiK. Ijtor sai.e-the stock AND kixti res ok A 1 aril km wii j. <|iior and Grocery Store 4,'i II-tr< ', nun- lining a good hoMiir**; tha ran win lor railing la nit ountol III health. For particular*apply on the pietnlaes. ijior sale-**) cords of dry maple and ashr ttnoil; will driller w hare wanted. Km sale, o would exehaurr fur a Kaim worth J.t.Ukt, a llnnw In Brook It n win th $i,OHO. W. II MELIUK. W7 Broadway. |?OR SALE?A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE, TIIE r ftnaat mora iu the ?lrrrt, ra* and water In the atotv, mo k xaialt; will br sold vary h up; lant only $IJ. Apply after o'clock at 27S Wa?i Tnlrty-ncrcuth atrert. lh)r sale-a first class grocery and liquor r Stora, In a good naigliborliood, Will ha nold raasiinuhln to a aa?h cualomar. Itli|iilrr at 703 Washington utrart, aoi ner Parry No agent* nerd apply 1NOR SALE-ONE ok TIIE bestl'ornkr SALOONS In llir rlty, naar Broadway; *tylr and pla- e of bnalnr-* excellent; itip'iier room* and prlvata entram-r atlaelied. Vitat be ?old at Auction on Monday, il not ?o!d before. Inoolr ol' P. BURKE, U? Bowary For sale-one of the best paying houses In thl* rlty, located Id the central part of the Bowery, now o,t nDlrd a* a laccr bier and billiard aaloon on firaL Omir private nipper rooms nB second, club room* on third, bedrooms, Ac., on fourth, with the l?Bee, (lock, furnaces, furniture, bedding, two excellent billiard table*, fixtures, A-', t'heap rent. Sickness the onaee. Term* eaay. Apply to F. F1TZBIMMONB, II Centre treat. TTtOR sale?a FIRST CLASS bakery, including r Houee, Store, Bake Hon**, Stable, three florae*, two Wagon*, two Sleigh*, lUrne**** and all the Tool*, Fixture*, Ac., of an e*tahllibni?nt of tblf kind; or would exchange for A Farm. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., SI and 84 Naanau ?treel. For- sale-an up *own ladies' and gents* Saloon, completely furnlxhed for both, perfectly con anient for fexnllieet aleo an old eetabllehed Commleiion Buetneee; grand opportunity with $800 caih; no trap*. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 83 and 8t Naaaau Street For pale -a ftne corner up town grocery", Horae, Wagon and good Stock, doing a fair business; cauae for *clllng, *lckness. Also a chance to buy the Furnltuie and Fixture* of a choice little Hotel. F. d. richardson A co., 82 and 84 Naaaau atrect. 1.10r SALE- FOB $100 CASH, A NICB LITTLE BUT' tcr, Cheese and Egg Store; rent $10 ?mr month; all bills paid to aatc. A number of Chance* for Busineea, with from '00 to ARDHON A CO , 82 and R4 Naaesu it reel TTtOR SALE in BBOOELTN?THE HOUHEIIOLD FUR. J? nlture end good will of a (lrit Boarding House, lung eatabllahed and well flllad with Imarder*. Term* mode rate, ? the pertle* occupying are to leave the city. Pounce, a.on gi-en Immediately It desired. Inquire of JOS. IIE'IB MAN, auctioneer, comer Willanghhy and Peat) nreet*, near btCilf 4 2. FOR SALE. FOR SAJ.B CHEAP?THE STOCK AND PIXTCREs'oV KB excellent and well eetabliahed liquor 8iore, on tbe east side, the only one on ibe four corner*, In a thickly settled locality, doing good bualneaa. Apply to T. UAFFNEY, Auctioneer, 170 Chatham atreet. FOR SALE CHEAP FOR OA8H-WITII OR WITHOUT Stock, a good Liquor Store and Cellar, Willi over three years' lease, located In the Sixth ward. Apply for lour daya to WILLIAM ABBOTT, No. 4 East Broad.' ay. Grocery for bale-one of the best stands in Brooklyn, choice aud well acleetcd stock, cash trade and low rent. Will be sold at a hargulu. Inquire of J. CHARLES, 217 Atlantic aired, Brooklyn, between 10 aud 1 O'clock. Kindling wood factory for Boiler, Splitter, Belt ami Shafting and everything complete; will he kohl in whole or part. Cheap for cash. Apply to 8. BARCLAY, No. <1 Bridge atreet, Brooklyn, betweeu 9 aud 4 o'clock. I EASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A GROCERY J and Liquor Store, in ihe beet location in the city, 323 First avenue, one block from the gasliouse, will be oold cheap for cash, a* the owner 1* gotngfn the country. ONE 19-HORSE POWER STEAM ENGINE, WITH Holler, put up new at 15 Leonard street. Is for sale, with a Lease on a three etorv building, 2.1x100 feet. Rent low. Inquire at TAYl-OK A WILSON'S, corner of Reade and Hudson streets, or at 224 West Thirty-seventh atreet. PATENT FOR RAI-K-A GREAT SACRIFICE, OP AN _ exceedingly valuable invention; of great uae and nere??ity; cheaply made; yielding extremely large profits; simple and easily comprehended, and more than usual good chance lo make uionev. SOI Til wick a WOOD, 82Naagan otioet, pESTAURANT AN1) LODGING HOl'SF. FOR SALE? At, very cheap; favorable lease; good neighborhood; neatly titled up an 1 furnished, and doing a full, piulitahle husim *a; or will exchange for n lot or imall mortgage. Price SfOU. Araiccbence (o make moncv. SOUTH Wit K A WOOD, 82 Nassau atreet. QLOOP FOR SALE-ONE YEAR OLD AND IN l'ERC? :e.-t order; is 16 tons burthen; will tarry 23; wlllbcsdd very cheap for cash. Also, a large sized Cat Boat, suitable for an oyaierman, uotv lying in Fulton market slip. Pi r further particulars inquire at McCLE.NNONb' oyster saloon, 12 Fullou street, N Y. sTEAM ENGINE FOR SAKE-EIGHT TO TEN HORSE power, With band wheel and pump uiUcfyqd; near.y new and in perfect order. Can be seen at the factory, 10.) Hoi alio street. rpo PLANING MILLS AND LUMBER MERCHANTS.? A For gale cheup, two I'laning Machines, Tlltoii maker, Woodworth patent, 14 a id 22 inch planers. Moih in good order, with belting for each. Will be sold at a bargain. Ju1,1.ire of II. F. DKYOE. 10 l ine -.reel, N. V. rpo butchers and PORK packers.?for sale, a JL splendid Market Store, 25x75; basement umu size. Lang Imw. Very low rent stock, Fixtures end Ifnft will be sold low. Apply at 158 Ninth a. cnno. "ik/ihtewood lumbf.r for sale cheap.?10,000 v T fret of good Inch; 10,000 feet of guod two inch. The above lumber is dry and in good order. Apply to SMITH A G RIDLEY, foot of Twenty-second street, North river. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. AT NEW BRIGHTON?THREE VILLAS TO KENT. ON the heights, modern improvements, hot and cold water, llowcr and vegetable gardens, fruit, lawns, handsome grounds and avenues, carriage houses, stable*, Ac.; view unsurpassed, live minutes from ferry; brick buildings, and Urst class. Apply to T. BOND, 132 Broadway, room No. 6. A THREE STORY, HIGH STOOP, BROWN STONE frout House to let and Purulluru lor sulc. This Is an excellent opportunity to commence housekeeping at a small expense, as the Furniture will be sold low to a . ash customer. For further particular* apply to JOSEPH BATES, 19 Wall street, up stairs, BROOKLYN.-TO LET OR FOR RALE, A NEAT, TWO story Cottage with extension, 15 minutes' walk from Fulton ferry ami near the lines of two railroads. Also.a good corner sio.e, also in Brooklyn, with Apartments our the store, either together or separately. GEO. W. MEAD. 237 Broadway, room 14. (lOTTAOES ON STATKN ISLAND TO LET?TWO J Dwellings now being erected on Tompkins avenue; location unequalled for beamy and convenience. W ill be ready for occupation by the middle of April. N. L. A Q. ORIS WOLD, 71 South street. FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT IN BROOKLYN.?A handsome three story and basement House, thoroughly furnished and having all the modern impi overtu rns. To be rented to a < arcfnl tanant. Kent (00 per month. Apply at 27 Wondhull street, or to Mr. HAYES, Herald office. House to let in brooki.yn.-the handsome three story mid basement brown stone House, .'KM) Pacific street, with gas fixtures, hot ami cold hatha, Ac., adjacent to city cart and ferries. Kent low and inaiespoe!a ilc lo ation. .'p.tlytoE. AUKKHAt.'II, 87 Powers street, Brooklyn, anil No. 7 Gold street, New York, tip stairs. Large basement and sub cellar, with vaults, at 142 Fulton street, to lei, suitable lor a saloon or storage. Al-o, a few small Workshops, well lighted. Apply at 142 Fulton street. A. FREEMAN. VTEW STABLE TO LET OR KIR SALE?SITUATED 2.1 in Thirty-first street, 150 feet! below Sixth avenue; lot 25x147 feet. Apply lo E. D. 1. VWRENUE, 1,251 Broadway. No 22 houston street to lease ok for sale ? It Is a lour story buck House, in line order, mxe 25x50, with extension. Tliere i? a line br ick - able in ttic rear, '22x"0 feet, entrance from Mercer sired. Terms on i.ttorablc lo n responsitile par.y. A|tply lo I'll tit! ES E. MILLS. 31 Cedar street. J\ mm, mid F irnlttire iunl Fi\::tn s inon-isi'ng el tiiu.-k' t ra ks. looker-, ,ke.). for -tile. All in lint hit order. Inquire of JOHN W.nBAflS, room 14, 41) Ex ilninge | in -i*, belxvei n iie hours f I ami I I'. M. 01"KICK LOFTS TO LET?AT 1U."> PE AliL ST11KET. Apply in ill office, tip stairs, from II A. V. lo 3 P. .V, PRIVATE RESIDENCES TO LET.?A TWO STORY bHwuu'ni unit Hill'- bii'klloiw, on Amity street; orie ilitlo on W?sl Houston street; hImi :i lour sloiy s.oir and dwelling, on Bond street, neiir Hrend'xax : rent hex, A. SAHUE ANT. IS Wall street. PRIVATE DWKI.i.INO HOUSE TO I.ET-NO. 17 ST Luke's pl.e e, I.uoy sir el, fnlli stories, brawn stone front. ? nil all tl.e modern Improvement*. K oil *75"! Apply to A. FREEMAN, 142 Knlion sire . CTKADY STEAM POWER TO LET?LAROE AND k7 sninll Roe ins, well lighted; steam boistxvay. IV-s ssioii immediately. Apply ?t 4l?0 Water street. STEAM POWER TO RENT LOW?TWO ROOMS, ah70. lighted on all Hides. Insurance I1, per erut. Also, lor sale, n second bend fifteen borne potior Engine. Apply at Hit Wn'er street. riio I.ET?IN WILLIAMSBURG. SEVERAL TWO STORY J. 11'ame and three story brick Houses; also for sale ti ) Vie aul L'dson mo ( rate in ma Apply to S. J. Ill NT, 112 Fourth avenue, N. Y., or ('II AS. SOWLKR, corner of North Ninth and Third streets, W tl iamsbn g. TO LET?FOR A TERM OK IIIRI.E TO FIVE YE kits. Mirers) IS'ant Lu.aof grin nd, in the vlelnlty of Houston street and Se ond avenue, .suitable foraeoal yard. Apply to S. t LARK SON. 148 and l.V) Eh/ahcth street. TO I l.T-FOR OrnCB OR M tNFKAi'TI'RINll PFR poses, with or without steam power, part ol premises 17 Johns reel. Inquire of l'E< lvllAV. MERRILL, FITCH * CO., 19 John street. To let?fror the rnurr or mat, the roilowinp House* Two story attic and basement House, 70 East Houston street, tr-ar the Bon-?ry, vi.uab'e lor a saloon or dwelling. Also, 3?t try llnuit. 81 East Twenty eighth street. 3 atory House, 89 Went Forty-fourth street. 2 story House, with eitenston,96 Thompson atrcet. 3 atory House and Store, till West at i eel. 2 story House, with extension, 120 SutltTnn street. 3 story House. 2t2 Stanton street. Apood Cottages. Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. 5 two story Houses oil I'lr0l avenue, n?ar Eighty.fourth street, and id her houses anil par a of htxiasa In thia oily anil Brooklyn. For full particulars Inquire of A. M, PANNING. 220 Bowery. r LET?THE TTBST AND SECOND STORY OF building lin and 100 Bauk at reel, lor a work shop. Inquire tilt the promis e. To LET?THR FIRST STORY AND BASEMENT, CONtaming sewn rooms and nine iiuntrlee. pier glasses and pas fixtures; supplied with hot and cold water throughout: and rooms In the thiid s'ory, of house 52 Bank rtreet. In quire on the premises, from 10 A M. to 9 J*. M. Rent $0flO. TO I.FT?iRENT TAKEN IN BOARD FOR TWO PER sons! froin 1st oi May, a prltato family preferred, the four atory House, pleasantly located ai 44 We-t Washington pin- e. Apply on the premises, Horn 10 to 12 A. M. and 2 to 4 P. M flXJ LET.?TI1E FOUR LOFTS OF STOKE 101 CHAMJ. Iters stro'-l will bo le: low to a pood tenant. The I en. tlon Is one of the best and moat leninu InNewYmk. Apply on the premises to JOHN D. LEWIS. To LET?A VERY FINE STABLE. 109 NINTH STREET tlrst door from Second avenue. Inquire at 40 Bend atrpo LET- AN ELEGANT COUNTRY SEAT, 81 Tl ATED Jl In Cullege I'm lit, en the Fa d liver, near Flushing, L I., whit liai i. St tides, and all modern improvements; laigc plot e' giotilt'l and piivll -re of lath hello on Hie a.iore. Adcl.cs B.. 18 Pine sue t. eflt t i, . fTO LUT-HOl'Sll 257 WEsT NINETEENTH STREET; J three stories. 1,1 .li Ap|dy to A. N. llhN.MAN. loot i I West Twe t.etti s. i. t, . to H e i tenin^at 21.1 Wesi , Tnentltli street. rpo LET?THE THREE elORY HKH K IIOI'SK NO 25'. I Wis, Thirty out It S..e t, With ail the uio.:eru improvements; will b" rentid low. Apply at 243 West Thlr.fourth street. IIO I.ET-A IIOISE AND ILAUGUTER HOC8K, 3*5 and 327 ft< at Slxienilh street, huwneti Eighth and Ninth avenues. Inquire at?' and 711 Wasiilnpton Market, or 74 Barrow street. TO LET?A TWO STORY AND ATTIC IIOCSE, IN Ninth street, pear Third avenue. In perfect order and with every convenience also, a small English Basement House, In Twenty-thli I street, near Second avenue, nt a moderate rent. Apply to A. LIVINGSTON, 19 Rpckuian at. rl.KT.-A SMALL FAMILY WOri? KENT THEIR Ilouaa. a brown ton* from and handaornely lurulahod, on Forty-seventh atteet, between Fifth and Seventh avenitee, to a private family onlr.and would board for the rent If de Irod AddrMa MS 8.Ml raj Ofllee. TO LET-THE THREE STORY BRICK IIOVKE 423 Fourth alreet (Albion pin.*), $800; alao, the Homo 02 Columbia alreet, U.ok'yn Hefghu, MOO; and the two amry Collage Hot)no <9 South Third atrert, Wllllumaburg. 2A<r Apply ?t IM) Weill Ki?nteenth afreet, M Y r LET?WITH PRIVILEGE OF PURCHASING, A Trio king nnd Ornu Farm of 80 noma, about 40 arable, near Keyiiorr, New .Teraey, having two Dwelling lluuaea and ! ?h? neeeaaary oulbtilldlnga; all In good ordnr, balf a mile I from rhitrchaa, schools and atorea. t'oaaea-d.ui given Imme. ! dlately. Apply to C. W, BARTLETT, 14 Ann atleet, from 10 ' to IX TO 1 JIT?TIIE COTTAGE HOUSES KOA I1? AND 1ST I Waal Thirty-fourth street, containing all tlie modern lm- , provamanta, watar, gga, apeak I ng tnhea, turn arc, Ae. Apply to B. T. BABBBTT.TO Washington street, New York. | mO LET?ROOMS ON BROADWAY. IN PACIFIC j X Bunk imd Insnr.inee Bttlldtng?Tha entire aecon I story Floor, aultabla for almoat every kind of business, and Ho >ms, with skylight, on fourth story, now ttaed aa an artist's atudlo. Inquire for paitlcnlars at tha Bank or Inauranea Company, 470 Broadway. TO LET-IN TONE BBS, A I.ARtlE DltY GOODS autre, in the centra of the village; tha nldaat aland In tha Llare Htoi'tt of goodson hand will/be_aold cheap If required, roi particular* inquire of A, B. UQVT, Yonkvra a 3 rpo LET?THE nHUT CLASS FIVE 8TOKV ENGLISH 1 basement House 1,218 Broadway, ur?r Thirty-inn street, partly furnished or not as (tesirad. Possession Immediately. Very desirable lo let In suites, or for a large private family or boarding house. Apply on the premises. TO LET-TO A RESPECTABLE PHYSICIAN, A BASEment Ro'.iu, well adapted for an offloe and partly furnished ; if desired, a Milting .md Bedroom, with or without partial Board, may be bad alao. Apply at 68 Weal Eighteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth aveuueg. TO I.F.T?POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY, T1IE UPPER Part of 04 Spring street, corner of Klin, amiable for a respectable boarding house. Rent $100. Also the two story aitlc and basement House No. 04 Marlon at reef, near Prince. Rent $40i). Apply to W. H. JARVIH, 221 Canal elreei. TO LET-IN NINETEENTH 8TREET, BETWEEN Seventh and Eighth avenues, a plot of Land, about M by 75 feet, now oc-upied by Audruaa A Darrugb aa a mason's yard, amiable for maaona, expressmen or others requiring room, Good stables, lurse uheds, Crotou water, paved, Ac.; enclosed entrance; 10b West Nineteenth atreet; hey at 105. For terms, Ac., apply lo B. C. WANDELL, HONinth avenue, or No. 3 Pine street. TO LET-ST. ROMAN'S WELLM-A HANDSOME COUNtry seat, b cated i>n Long Island, at the heail of Fluahiug Bay, adjacent to the witter and very convenient for bathing and all aquauceiijoym"UU>; a Urge new double house, stable*. earrtnge house, cow stable and sheds, lee house, gaa house und bntli house; 1,500 feel of water Trout, and a beautiful grove of 12 acres, commanding n view of the bay and country In all dirnctlooa lor many miles, ami otfly a half hour's ride irora the city, 46 minutes by the railroad. I hour l>y the boat, tire hundred yards from the boat lauciog, and less than one mile from two depots. For hotel pi.rp >aea or a private residence this plsoe has few if any equal. For par tieulars Inquire of or address Mr. GOuDKKSON, No. $ City llall square. TO LET?THE MODERN TWO STORY ATTIC AND basement House 51J0 Hudson atreet, near West Taith, in all eleven rooms, with gus and bath, line yard, and in uice order. Kent $MX). Apply at 61], one door above, to E. THOMPSON. rilO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE MO bb J. Puwera atreet, HmoMyn. Kent $250 per annum. Apply lo BADE Al*. LOCK WOOD A CO., 227 Washington street. New York, TO LET?FURNISHED WITH EVERYTHING KBQUIslte for In qsekeeping,three nice Rooms, with gssand water, in a good and pleasant locution. Term*$]<tper month. Call at 65 East Tnirty-Orst i treet, near Fourth avenue. TO LET?THE HOUSE 331 SIXTH AVENUE. NEAR Dr. Mulilciiburg's ehtirch, in complete order; gas natures, bath, range, wash tubs; suitable for a phyrle.ian; rent modelst1; seen irom iOto 3; possession immediately. Apply to*S. McCOY. 31 Third avenue. TO LET?THE UPPER PART OF THE THREE STORY brick bouse 179 Henry street, corner of JefD raon; seven Rooms, water end gas; bral class location, occupied by tbe owner. Call as above. TO LET?THE TnKEE STORY AND BASEMENT llonsc 1S9 Tenth avenue, between Tweuty-emud ao<t Twenty-third streets; modern improvements. go ?l order and Rood neighborhood. Apply 11 Mr. CHASE, 429 Fifth avenue. Rent $"nJO. .Suitable for one or two families. TO LET?A NUMBER OF SMALL HOUSES IN THE vicinity of Fourth avenue and Twenty-fourth street, and Lexington avenue anil Twenty-fifth street; alto in Twentyeighth street, near Lexington avenue, from $SOO to $G -0, also annniler of nice Apai tinente. J. K. WILCOX, 1.15 Fifth avenue, corner of Twenty-third street. TO LET ?TO CARPET DKAI.ERS.?A LA ROE STORE, with the fixtures complete, on Eighth avenue, well locat ed for the above business; also, a valuable Cornel S ore and Basement, on Eighth avenue. A list of ilo ,si t. parts of Houses, Store?, Ac., ean be seen by applying at the oBiee of WILLIAM n. ROOME, 188 West Tweniy-nmt auect, troui 8 to 111 A. M. and 2 to 6 P M. TO LET LOW?A COTTAGE, CARRIAGE ROOM AND StaMe, with nine. Lots, containing fruit trees, summer house, Ac. Possession given immediately. K ju not in betid until May 1. Call at 103 West Forty-.iftb -treat, after 4 o'clock. rpo LET ON STATEX ISLAND?SF.VKR..L NEWLY J erected Cottages, in Fiedler's Park, on Castielon Heights, with n fire minutes' walk from iho first lainlinc. Tin; park Is about 12 aires m extent, with line and extensile views or the surrounding bay and country. Apply to ERNEST ! ') ED I.Eli. S2 Brosdwyr. TO LET OR FOR KALE?THE HIOH STOOP BRICK House, 109 West Twenly soeond street; rem $800 Apply..,. the premises, between 10 and 4 only. No agents need apply. The furniture for sale. TO LET OR LEASE?THE PROPERTY SI AND 53 West Thirteenth street, consisting ol one two story and attic brick House. < outsitting eleven tonus; one three story and attic House, fifteen rooms, also the time story brick Bui ding In the tear, extending across both lots. Tor-properly will be rented In whole or in pints. Inquire at 10 S;oti street, tip stairs. TIG LET OR LEASE?THE CELF.PRVTED OAK HALL . Clothing Store, covering four lots, ami having an enti'inpf An l\vn lain ?ra Th'g Ik ? pjh i? pIiwii. p fm* . I.i! iiioit* u? it is one of the oldest aixl h.??t l^cuted ?tuul8 in the ry. Apply ou the piemi*c>*, 84 Pulton street. rpO LEASE?TEN LOTS OP GROUND, SITUATED BEL twr.en ! o iy s-and Forty-third trout uj ??n the K*?t river; bulkhead, with water thirty fed de p. In suitable for ?'!> ;i;*e, a fo'iinlrv or the tnanufue ore of In avv ii n hineiy, where good wharf accommodation* arc reqol eif. Apply at the Cedar depot, on the |iicrolNs. ffO LEASE?THE ENTIRE MARBLE BUILDING 814 A Broadway; s:oie IM hy 2.?f?"*t; fjy^iftorc*, with u^ment and under baeeuicnt; wnnld null* a t.n hu'ood; or ih h l!? or *? pa.ftU'lv; two upper lloorN have !> en I'led up for lo lr ? rooms. Inquire ??f H. (1 \LBItAlTII, Ks?,., 12/ Fultf u street, or A. EAGLE.-ON, 7.18 Broadway rpo UK NT?TWO FIRST CLASS HOI FE^MU \TEDON I I. tig 1 Gaud Sound, otic hour's ride fnou ;he city; with n?rd n, ht?hl>*k, Ac ; Ix.aiug privilege*!, nea baa h, A?\ Addr mm pox 40, Post o c i, New Kochelle, N. Y. rpo RENT?A NEAT AND CONVENIENT COTTAGE, AT A Eli/ah* th. N. J., with one acre, barn, A : ul*o for a the Furitil'.r In mine, mostly new, cheap for coaii. Imp die of G. C. A M GIBBS. 2)7 Broadway, in of M Whittlesey, real ? s.a;o agent, at Kit/ah *th. , mo RENT?THE STORK CORNER OF WA\KKiY J pla .uid Broadway, under the New York Hole!. App.y It. M. .MoKCAN A RON, 37 William nn-et. rpo Huxr at AsrouiA?\ country seat finely 1 nitue'ed, frontlug on the K??*t r;v<ar; ' ont oin < h-ren ro una, iMfurai-hed with ran.*c and furtive.. uo-i ni luu leei on tile river by about 4'HJ ' et d? ep; well slo k-V. \r ih pear treesainl grape x lies. Will it ivm*-d on r mk. nanle inn.! Apnly to H. WJilTTKMORE Avtoria, or ys L.tx-.ty !Ji??,t, N. Y., Mf oud t!u ?r. rpilOSE WANTING ROOMS AND STEADY STEAM FOWJ er at greatly rents ran be well suite.! in buildings 211 and 2ld* i outre, and 1.17 ami Id J Lin. 'tr??u The roomi &! e well li jitej and very desirable to* any manufacturing biiMin s. The etenru power m always *tnady and reliable, supplied by a Corliss ami Nlghnnab 'flOhoi* engine, 'JVrms very low and pu .somuoii tmn ?!ul*l), If wanted. Applv at the o|!l e, 213 Centra stvret. The corner store, no 117 avenue a-j.on*; Established, and Is ou of the be*i locations in tie eii> |nr a grocery or liquet 'toit. Al-:?> the corner of Mutt ? ml ha) a d street*. AUo the atore N?? I'Jd First avenue, to l>e i* u Apply to D. O'CONOR, 42 W? at Seventeenth street 3 LOFTS Tit LET?OX CANAL 8TRRKT NEAR IIHOAl) way, running through 10 Li-ptnmrd nU'fL, u fp^uflul light and *uitabtaTor a Wboleaalr mll.r.rv TO - >iw b'talnem. Apply on 1 li? preiuiaea. at Hid ('anal ai re< - t. ?in TO $1.V. ?TO I.KASB. FROM ONE TO TEN iptu yenri, oerrral Honor*, nlth ronrt yard an.: verandah Irani*. Alao Lola to loam, on Filty-lirat. Fifty-u ond and Kltiy-third atreela, and Kl'ibth Nlnih, TVntli and Flt'traili avenues. Two hundred (aim, already buili on, l"**ed unlive to ten year*; rent MO to gdO a rear. Inquire i. Ueneral STR1KKK or hi" agem. Ftfiy-aeramd i'iwI, i.eai Klfrnth avenue. Eighth and Ninth Avenue earn pa a* errry few mtnutea. FIHMTIRE. t BEDROOM SLIT OF ENAMELLED H'RMTDRR ? A lor $21, in ail,eolor*, of warranted mun da lure, al*o solid ulteauiut Chamber Holla, plain and orunmeo al. al H. K. FARKINOTON'8. | IriH I'anal atraet, op|<o>nr Woo?i?r. Established In 1048. ?m * AM EXTRAORDINARY OITORHtNITY FOR III CSKkretiersand the trade ?The rlriant llo'iaeho'n Furniture of Mir. Thom|>ron it lira! elast boarding h?i w\ 12? and ISO Warerley pla'-e, MM of Huh ai'Diir, will l>e mpd al pulilie aiielion, this day. February SI, al 2 o eli% r pietoal), conaialllif of handsome Bruaaels end Ingrain I'aipeta, Olaar, I' and NllverWare, Table Cutlery, OiMgh*. fli.ii.dr IL-r?, roaewood and innhogany ninflr and dnnbl. Hedate*. a, II ,lr Miiitresaer, Beds and Bedding. Blanket*, Hleeis, B r*ana, tio-ita, m?'<, i.nruin*. sonars, nma wen-. ixi 't>ite?. Spring Seat Ohali*. Ar. KI.KUANT I'ARI.OR HJKNIIIRK, In mills, covered in gieeibpluab Ml.i Inurehi b. Marble lop Centre and Side l'uh|e?. msewo<*l e e e c, i'or. tier end Book Hiamli, large oval Minora, Damani and Ian* Cuiialiia. rich China Vmee, i n rd Table. R'lllri, Rinnan.n Table, Roukcaao, n loi of Km hen 1 urn lim e, Ar. Sale po?. live. l I. A Ron \ S -OHTMENT OK IMI'SF. 1IOI.O VI'RN| J\ lute mi private ?.i le, at a auorUjre?Hevan inane ?o*eWou.l Pianoforte, HP?t fNO Inr 92.'i(>, !lli l|.l|i|; sun.1 end rot er. Also Parlor Hall, eoai J.'KKI fo' 9140; Etrgr.ra, Hi ok e ,?e, Ctirtaina, Clock", Oil I'nlntlnga, Hrim/e*, marwood I'h'illtbrr I'lUllilUtc, Heddlng. Ae? af I. llum bull voat. |n. quite at Wea' Twctiiy-alith atrr.d, near 8 rib i.renne. KNAMEM.RD Olt AMDRR REITS OK KPRNITI'RK, IX ull color* and itjlea, at wholesale and retail, at $"i? and nptvarda. Alan, Mattmasea and I'alllaaaea. WAKRKN WARD. 2~i~ Canal airei t, fnnr door* cast of Broadway. 1/LRNITI'BK.?CASH PAID IOR SECOND HARD El R r tillnre, Minor* and Cnrpela. On miry oallatended to Addreaa Knriillliie Hlore, fife) lliiilaon atree'l. A i<awl mabo ga n y Plympton Secretary H- dalead for aale iheap. Fl'RNITCRF, CARPETS, ROOKS AKD I.IHRARIKS bought for ready money, at 123 S.ith avef. between Ninth and Tenth atreeia. FURNITURE.?.A SMALL. FAMILT. DKMROt'S OK houaekeoping. would putch.nw fr >m f.VMo 9>?i worth ot Fnrattnro, cempr.aiac everything re<|itlaiie ;or the aaine. Parlor, Chamber and Rttrlirn. Parllra hailog li.a aame rhnap for oaab will |tlrear add i en H. E P., Slalom A, Hpi ing i tree t. Furniture for SALE?A ROSRWOOD PARLOR Hull, heavily carved, green and orlnnwn brwateli aeren tdeeea; cost 938(1; will be sold for fill AN" a maewnod aeren wUie Planofoite; opt $31*1, will be wild lor ISO. For particular* apply al Ifl Oreene alteet, after HI A. M. tlfANTED?TO HIHK A HRT OF ROSEWOOD PARLOR Vr Km nil me foi one year, conai.ting ol (Ma, ban a, Ta hire and Pier Mirror. T > partlea who bare no nan for a good net of fnrniture thi* trill be a good opport niltjt of haying them well eared lor. Addra? 'toting wheiw the. eon h* een, teni.a. At'., A. P. la?\ 3 0-1 New York l out oil o. MILITARY. The veibran corps of the war ok mm. will aareinblr at Ihe Mr leer Honae, c.?rnei Breed* and Mi leer atreetg, at II o'clock A. JM., In full uniform, on Maimdat Fcbmarjr tl, to eole?trat" ihn birthday of tV Father or iinr cottnlry. Uenarnl Usrji Washington The B-cokitn, L p ( ui'.e H am 10 in- \rFriin' ny mi union, ana lb* dram corn* ol' lb* fortyaeTeiilli NflMnt, Brooklyn (Imvf, li?\" klndlr volunteered tlarlr aorvleea on the otvaa on. All Ihn Veteran* In Ihla and the adjacent roomie* are rvrltHlfnllr Invited to i >ln with na In th? . etebrattoo. By order " 11 RAYMOND. Hriaadler tJeireral. ABR M DAti.V, ""owl. IiaacM. !*??? Adjutant. rkntavrahti. T1IE CHK8111RR CHKKfK DIM Nil MW*)N. 1%'William atreet, corner of Liberty, > l.JyJilWlHlOnf. Hot JoInU from 12 to 4. Celebrated llooi* mad"- HiiddUite and Pl??l real t'hekhlre Cb?t?. and Ale e? <lren?bt, > Bl<n4Jd etadiiiiw.

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